Make the online poker industry work for you

If you have a little initiative and a desire to earn a little extra income from a readily available source, then you may wish to consider a role as an online marketing affiliate. There is no easier or more effective way to earn a revenue from the online boom, without having to invest vast sums of money in the process. It is a simple marketing formula that works as well for the huge online industries as it does for the average Internet user. The affiliate program works by rewarding website owners with revenues and big businesses with valuable customers. The premise is simple; the affiliate program site offers the potential affiliate all the marketing tools, including banners and text links for free, in exchange for a small portion of their site space. In return the affiliate has the potential to earn a commission based revenue from some of the largest online industries.

The affiliate-marketing program is a unique advertising opportunity, which has allowed many industries and individual businesses to flourish. Few have gained like that of the online poker industry. The potential of online poker may have seemed a little limited before its inception, however now it is one of the leading contenders in an online gaming revolution. Now generating millions of dollars in revenue, the industry has largely grown out of a successful network of affiliate marketers. By introducing as many affiliates as is possible, the poker sites are able to access a huge range of people from the global market that is the Internet. On their part the affiliates are rewarded by the success of the sites that they represent by earning a portion of the money generated by the players that they introduce. This commission-based revenue offers the affiliates a chance to earn up to 35% of all the money generated by a player, throughout the duration of the life on the site. Therefore the parallel industries work by encouraging further growth in each other. The affiliates must first attract and then forward on customers to earn their revenue.

When they achieve this goal they are rewarded with a generous proportion of the money generated by the players. In turn the poker site gets the added bonus of extra players and the subsequent word of mouth advertising and income that they produce. So without ever having to risk a single penny, poker sites can reach a vast audience and expand their market share, and an affiliate can earn an unrestricted amount of money just by hosting a few advertising features.

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Air freight rate

Factors that Affect the Air Freight Rate As with all expenses, air freight rates change all the time. This is because of the fact that many factors affect the pricing of various services and resources used in air freight. Learning about the different factors affecting the air freight rate could help you anticipate changes in the rate. This means that you will be able to maximize the costs of shipping. What factors affect air freight rates? 1) Demand – demand affects the prices of everything. The more that people want to obtain a certain service, the higher the cost is going to be. This is the basic principle of economics. When the demand for certain shipping services rises, the air freight rates rise with it. Demand determines the willingness of a company to part with its product. Demand determines the price because hey, if people are willing to pay more for your product, then you would be willing to sell it at the highest possible price, right? 2) The containers – the shipping containers, also known as the Unit Load Devices are designed to protect your cargo from the damages caused by the journey. Different items require different containers. If you are looking for a special container to protect your items, it could add a bit more to your air freight rate than what you anticipate. The containers used in an air freight service are usually suited to different types of cargo. This means that the type of item you are shipping will affect the air freight rates. If you want to include additional security measures to protect your cargo, then you would have to pay more money. This is often applicable if you are shipping pets, livestock, or works of art. 3) Manpower – the amount and specialization of people required to ship your products will also affect the air freight rate. This means that the type of service you require will change the air freight rate. Do you wish your items to be handled by experts who will take care of your items, then you might need to add some cash in order to cover the additional manpower. Manpower also includes the various people who will handle the paperwork of your cargo. Obviously, it will take the expertise of more than one person to make sure that your cargo remains as safe as possible. 4) Speed – this factor is second only to demand on its effects on the air freight rate. It is often the case that companies have different air freight rates based on the speed by which they can deliver your items. There are companies which offer faster delivery services for additional charges. There are companies who can deliver your items in one day, and some companies can even deliver your goods within a few hours. The speed of delivery is very important because it is often the case that customers stick with an air freight service because of the speed by which they can get the job done. Of course, there are many more factors that affect the air freight rates charged by various companies. These main factors, however, should prove to be enough information in order to help you save a lot of cash. When you study these factors, you would be able to budget your money easier and thus, maximize your resources. This means that you can ship more goods at lower air freight rates.

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Baby shower food

яюKeyword: baby shower food Word Count: 459 Keyword Density: 8/1.74% 5 Ideas for Great Baby Shower Food Are you planning on having a baby shower? Have you given any thought as to the food served at the baby? It is quite possible to prepare a quick meal that guests will enjoy the look and taste of. There are five relatively easy items that you could include in your party spread. These include chicken wings, pizza sandwich fingers, tuna on Ritz, beef stew with a French loaf or salad. Chicken Wings Simply marinade some chicken wings in a large bowl overnight. This could be marinade that you purchase at the supermarket or that you make from an old family recipe. Once you have this all mixed together, simply seal the bowl and put it into the refrigerator overnight so that the marinade seeps in. You can then either bake or grill the wings for a wonderfully simple baby shower food. Pizza Sandwich Fingers In order to make this baby shower food you will need to take a few loaves of bread and cut each slice into 4 strips. You will then want to put coarsely chopped, bite sized pieces of salami, capsicum, button mushrooms and tomatoes on each strip before sprinkling cheddar and mozzarella cheese over the top. Then all you have to do is simply grill this baby shower food in a toaster oven. Tuna on Ritz This is probably one of the easiest baby shower foods to prepare. All you need is a box of Ritz crackers. You will then mix a can of tuna with a can of cream of mushroom soup before spooning half a teaspoon of this mixture onto each cracker. Beef Stew and French Loaves If you are looking for a filling baby shower food, then this is what you want to make. Here you will want to make a stir fry out of 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 chopped onion, 3 minced cloves of garlic, 1 kg of beef cubes, 3 large ripe tomatoes, 3 large diced potatoes, 3 large diced carrots, 2 stalks of celery and a box of button mushrooms. You should also throw in a handful of oregano leaves, a sprinkle of crushed black pepper and a pinch of salt. Once this is done, simply fill the pot with boiling water and allow it to simmer for 3 hours in order to draw out the flavor. This should be served with warm bread. Salad Here is another easy baby shower food to serve. All you need to do is chop up 1 large head of lettuce, 1 bunch of baby spinach, 3 large ripe tomatoes, button mushrooms, chick peas and your favorite veggies before chilling it. Of course, you will want to offer a few choices of salad dressing.

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Why you should use a virtual assistant

Nearly any type of business or industry can benefit from the services of a virtual assistant. Both online and traditional businesses can find great value through the use of a virtual assistant. Any size or type of business can increase manpower without the expense of a full time employee. There are no taxes or benefits to consider and the virtual assistant, being dependent on steady customers and referrals, will give you the same loyalty as a salaried employee. The need for temporary employees and outsourcing is eliminated. The virtual assistant will be there when you need them and will provide the services you need at a reasonable cost.

Virtual assistants are less expensive than a full time employee and can assist a business with basic office support or in specialized tasks such as web design, marketing, and many other areas depending on the particular skills of the virtual assistant you choose. Generally speaking, a virtual assistant will be skilled in the use of computers, hard working, reliable, and have a wide range of skills. From tax preparation to bookkeeping and data entry, a virtual assistant can help any business complete tasks that traditionally must be handled by a full time employee. Businesses do not have to pay an hourly wage or salary when hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is paid per job or by the hour, but only for the time you need them. There is no expense for benefits, taxes, holiday pay, or office space because the virtual assistant works out of his/her own office and uses their own office equipment. Virtual assistants are the perfect solution for a small business owner who needs administrative support but cannot afford to hire a regular employee. Large businesses and individuals can also benefit from a virtual assistant. Word processing, scanning, incoming phone calls, and scheduling for special events can be delegated to the virtual assistant, saving the business time and money.

A virtual assistant can perform many of the routine tasks that normally require a full time employee, but perform the task for a reduced price and from his or her own office. Qualified virtual assistants work either independently or as part of an organization that matches the virtual assistant with clients, depending on the needs of the client and the skills of the assistant. There will be no taxes for the business to pay in hiring a virtual assistant and the business will only be billed for the actual hours spent working on the requested tasks. Virtual assistants have usually worked in a high level administrative capacity in the past and can be depended upon to provide professional, top quality services at a reasonable price.

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The importance of a resume and how to get started to get noticed

Copyright 2006 Emmanuel Segui Studies show that the average hiring manager spends approximately 20 seconds looking at your resume. Facts say 10 seconds. The truth is, you have minimal chance to get noticed and get the interview if your resume doesn’t stand out from the crowd. In the past five years resumes have changed dramatically thanks to the Internet. The electronic resume, one of the newest resume upgrades, has changed the application process and resume writing as a whole. An effective resume in this decade must be written with scannable keywords in mind, as it is commonly scanned into a job board or publication database where thousands of potential employers can view it and then download it. The response the candidate receives from their resume writing is no longer assumed to be a phone call - it may in fact be an e-mail. If the candidate is applying online she or he is often able to upload the resume she's writing in a word processing format such as Word, or cut and past it to the online application. There are even templates the allow job candidates to write their resumes from scratch right on the site. Keep in mind, as you are writing your resume, that the simplest and most common format for saving a resume file is with the help of a word processor like Microsoft Word or Open Office. These software will capture the various bolds and fonts, as well as italics and indentations. Resume writing, though in a very different version than is now used, came into being around the 1930's. Prior to that, candidates filled out an Application for Position that most resembled the curriculum vitae used by professionals today and in Europe. It was used in conjunction with a cover letter, with work experience noted in chronological order. It also included much personal biography. In the 1930's the theory from hiring professionals and educators was that applicants should not look conceited by bragging about their accomplishments. Up until the late 1940's a resume was expected to include your age, your weight, your height and your parents country of origin. You were also to include a photo of yourself in professional attire such as a suit. It wasn't until the 1980's, however, that books and periodicals really started to talk about resume writing. Now there is a lot of advice out there in print and on the Web, not only about resume writing but resume writing specific to your situation or industry. Competition is fierce and resume writing has changed. You don’t need “resumes” anymore but “Attention Grabbing Resumes”. This is the only way for you to get noticed and get the interview, fast, without sending hundreds and thousands of resumes throughout the country. You must assume as you write and design your resume, that it will be scanned as well as manually read. For this reason your layout should be clear, without lines or borders, with large top, bottom, left and right margins, on white or off white paper and your name and contact information should be centered at the top of the resume. Further keeping in mind the current electronic processing of resumes, you should be always cognizant of keyword search, making sure that your resume is replete with the skill words that are required for the job. That’s the first step.

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What do your business emails reveal about you

I am a huge fan of email. In fact, if you do business with me the bulk of our communication will not be through the telephone, but via email. Email is quick. Email is convenient. Email takes less time than long-winded telephone conversations.

Most importantly, email gives me an electronic record of my communications with clients, employees, partners, and vendors; which makes it easy for me to refresh my quickly-aging memory by easily referring back to our electronic conversations. As someone who receives and sends a couple hundred emails a day I have to tell you that I am constantly amazed at how poorly written and unprofessional most business emails are. I receive emails every day from fellow entrepreneurs that don't even contain full sentences. They are often rife with spelling and grammatical errors or typed in all capital letters, and sometimes, are virtually illiterate. One email I recently received from someone trying to sell me an expensive piece of equipment actually read, "tom-- what you think -- ready to buy?" First off, the name is "Tim" and secondly, what I think is: I will take my business elsewhere. Thank you, drive through. Why should you worry about how your emails are reviewed by their recipients? Because in business, you are constantly being judged by your customers, your employees, your investors, your partners, and your peers.

If your emails give the impression that you don't put much thought into the composing of the message or that you're too busy to be bothered or that you are a total idiot who can't even use a spell checker, what do you think that says to the person on the other end? Email is quickly becoming the business correspondence medium of choice for the reasons I covered above, and if you don't take the time to learn how to effectively use email in a professional manner, it will come back to haunt you. There are rules that should be followed when sending business emails. The website Email Replies gives 32 tips for email etiquette. Culling from that list and adding a few of my own, here are Tim's Top 10 Rules of Email Etiquette that every entrepreneur, executive, and employee should follow. Make It Short And Sweet An email isn’t a letter from camp, so don’t drone on any longer than necessary. Keep in mind that reading an email on a computer screen is harder than reading printed communications, so keep it brief and to the point. Use Proper Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation This is not only important because improper spelling, grammar and punctuation give a bad impression of you and your company, it is also important to make sure your message is not misconstrued. Emails with improper punctuation (a comma and a period every now and then would be nice) are difficult to read and can sometimes even change the meaning of the message. And, if your email program has a spell checker do everyone a favor and use it. Include a Signature Block In Every Email A signature block in an email is the same as the signature block you would use to end a letter. You should include your name, title, company name and address, telephone number, email address and website address. Reply Quickly This is my number one pet peeve: people who take forever to answer email. Fast response is especially important if the email is from a customer or contains time-sensitive information. Customers send an email because they wish to receive a quick response. If they did not want a quick response they would send a letter or a fax or talk to your voicemail. Each email should be replied to within at least 24-hours, and preferably within the same working day. If the email can't be answered in full immediately you should at least send a reply saying that you have received their email and that you will get back to them ASAP. Read Every Email Before You Send It There's no better way to embarrass yourself than through a hastily sent email. A lot of people don't even bother to read an email before they send it out, as evidenced by the many spelling and grammatical errors most emails contain. Apart from this, reading your email through the eyes of the recipient will help you send a more effective message and avoid misunderstandings and inappropriate comments. Do Not Discuss Confidential Information Sending an email is like sending a postcard. Once it leaves your computer, the end user can do whatever they want with it, so if you do not want a documented record of your comments or the information shared with others, don't send it. Moreover, never make any libelous, sexist or racially discriminating comments in emails, even if they are meant to be a joke. There have been court cases where email correspondence was used as evidence. That's a road you do not want to go down. Don’t Use ALL CAPS In email terms, IF YOU WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS IT SEEMS AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING, so please tone it down. ALL CAPS are hard to read and can trigger an angry reply if the recipient mistakes the intention of your email. Emails should be written in standard sentence style. Turn the Caps Lock off and back away from the keyboard. Avoid Abbreviations and Emoticons In business emails, try not to use abbreviations such as BTW (by the way) and LOL (laugh out loud). The recipient might not be aware of the meanings of the abbreviations and in business emails these are generally not appropriate. The same goes for emoticons, such as the smiley :-) and his depressed pal :-( . If you are not sure whether your recipient knows what an acronym means, it is better not to use it. Don’t Use Backgrounds or Silly Graphics I actually received an email from a fellow entrepreneur that had an animated smiley face waving a gloved hand in his signature block. If the email had come from Walt Disney I wouldn’t have been shocked. Coming from a small technology company, I had to wince. Not much to smile about there. Remember That Email Is A Formal Business Communication You wouldn’t send a formal letter to a customer that lacked a salutation, a well-thought out body of text, and a signature. You should use email in the same manner. A proper business email should be structured like a short letter. It should have a salutation, the body of the message, a sign off, and a signature. Next time we’ll discuss email issues that should be a concern to larger companies. If your company doesn’t have a formal email policy, you should. Tune in next week to find out why. Here's to your success,

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Real estate forms

Anytime you spend your hard earned money to buy something, you should always have it documented. When you purchase smaller items, such as items at a convenience store, you'll normally be given a receipt. When you purchase larger items, such as televisions and furniture, it will involve a bit more documentation. In exchange for your money, the seller will give you a receipt and in most cases a warranty that will protect your investment. As you may already know, buying a home involves a lot more paperwork than furniture or even an automobile. Whether you are buying or selling a house, you should always have each step of the process documented. If any revisions are made, they should be recorded as well.

Although buyers and sellers can prepare the documentation themselves, most choose not to due to the number of revisions that a single document can have. To help prevent consumers from these types of headaches, ready made real estate forms were introduced. You can get a ready made form from a real estate agent or download the forms right off the Internet through a real estate website. Ready made real estate forms are easy to use, as they cover virtually all transactions you may encounter - from buying homes to selling them. There are forms that cover just the basics, which are ideal for those with no experience. If you are looking for a more legally binding form, there are also those that cover legal requirements and those that cover disclosure laws as well. You can choose to purchase these forms on an individual basis as you need them, or buy an entire set instead. Individual forms are ideal for anyone who is involved with short term leases, such as rental property or homes that have been leased out. If you are planning to sell a home or buy a home, you are better of purchasing the entire set of ready made forms.

This way, you'll have all of the documentation you need and you won't have to worry about purchasing more. Unlike other types of real estate forms, ready made forms are assured for their accuracy, legality, and even their contents. Manufacturers of these forms spend a lot of time and a lot of energy verifying their documents, and making sure that they are perfect. Although these forms are normally up to date, you should still check with your local law and real estate offices to see if there are any updates. Real estate laws and regulations aren't revised that often, and normally tend to stay the same for a long period of time. If you aren't sure about what forms you need, you should always ask a real estate agent. Even though ready made real estate forms are easy to understand and use, there are a few types available.

If you are selling a home, you certainly wouldn't want to use the same form as someone else who is buying a home. There are also ready made rental forms as well, which are ideal for those who are renting out property or leasing. With ready made real estate forms, the process of real estate transactions are easier than ever before. By using these forms, you can do everything yourself - without having to forego realtors. You'll save a lot of money as well, simply because there is no realtor involved.

The next time you are buying, selling, or leasing out your property, you should look into ready made real estate forms and see just how easy they make real estate transactions.

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Computer forensics tools

Computer Forensics Tools to Uncovering Lost Data Generally, computer forensics is the procedure of computer system investigation by means of gathering and examining all information and proofs related to computers. The process is done to find out the illegal use of the files and system in any crime or deceitful activities. Through time, computer forensics tools have been deemed useful by the various agencies like the law enforcement, military, intelligence and other businesses. Since the process is not only tedious but is also recognized to be a way of uncovering certain wrongdoings, all of the gathered evidences are required by the court. Aside from recovering all computer data, computer forensics is likewise concerned with digging out all possible angles that may point out the so-called rascal contractors or employees who have been greatly involved in the act of leaking out certain information, company projects and plans to a third party. Only the computer forensics specialists can put in the techniques of uncovering fraudulent actions and crimes into materialization. With its application being widely used in almost all fields, company employers nowadays concern themselves in tracking down the best computer forensics professionals so that they can be assured that their properties are safe at all costs. Moreover, only these professionals are the ones who are entitled and knowledgeable to apply the computer forensics tools. The investigators nonetheless make use of computer forensics tools as they collect the pertinent data from the system yet without changing any of the information keyed into the computer's data bank. The computer forensics tools are held to be very important since the original data must not at all be changed or else the purpose of uncovering the malicious act will be defeated. Originally, it is very difficult and almost impossible not to alter any of the stored data but with the tools that the computer forensics experts use, they can ensure than no alterations will be made as they scan through the saved data. In fact, even the simple act of shutting down the computer's power system may cause some slight changes to the system's databank. However, when done by the expert, the originality of the information is kept intact. To do this, the computer forensics professional often creates an authenticated copy of the data. The process is referred to as imaging and is thus presented as the subject for scrutiny. Another wonder that the computer forensics tool can make is the possibility of recovering any deleted data. As the professionals put it, any deleted data is not at all erased from the entire system. What is usually wiped off is the reference to its location. The data, therefore, still exists only that the operating system is no longer acquainted about it. With imaging and seeing through all of the information kept in the system, it is by all means possible to recover any intentionally or accidentally deleted data. The computer forensics tools are not limited to a specific task just like a hammer is intended for hammering a concrete nail. They are by nature multi-functioning. The experts in computer forensics know which of the tools from their toolkit they should use to tackle the problem at hand. More so, the costs of the computer forensic tools vary. Most of the commercialized tools amount to thousands of dollars. Again, it is the intensity of the problem which will determine the right tool to utilize.

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The computer desk an important essential

More and more people have become technologically savvy and purchased home computers. In many homes, a good desktop computer is now considered a necessity, which hasn’t always been the case. One thing that often goes overlooked, however, is the computer desk. When you purchase your computer, you should spend as much time looking for the right computer desk as you do looking for the right computer. There are many factors to consider when purchasing your computer desk. You should keep in mind how often you plan to sit at the desk to use your computer, the location it is going to be in, and whether or not you plan to use it for other purposes. If you are an avid computer user, as most people are nowadays, you will probably spend a fair amount of time sitting at your computer desk, so it is important to make sure it is comfortable for you. The desk should be high enough so that your body isn’t in any kind of strain or uncomfortable position when you use it. If the desk is too high, it would make looking at the monitor and using the keyboard uncomfortable for long periods of time, same thing if it was too low. You may also want to consider a desk with a built-in keyboard drawer, especially helpful if you intend to do a lot of typing. Your comfort should definitely be a high priority. Another key factor is where the desk will be located in your house.

You should try to select a computer desk which will blend in well with your existing dйcor, especially if it is going to be placed in a high traffic room, such as a den or family room. Some computer desks are made so that you can close them up, hiding your computer from view when it is not in use, making it particularly good if it is in a plain view area of your home. It is also a good idea to match the wood or color of the desk to what already exists in the room. Measuring the space will give you a good idea of what size computer desk will fit your room, making it easier to adjust before you actually purchase a computer desk, bring it home, and find out it is too large for your space. For those of you who are trying to set up a home office, you should also think about other uses of the computer desk. If you plan to use it for other than computer purposes, you should try to buy a larger desk with more room to better accommodate your needs. In all the excitement of purchasing your home computer, it is easy to overlook the importance of a good computer desk. You should research different types of computer desks so that you can make a well-informed purchase, one that will suit your needs for years to come.

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When a family member stuggles with fear and anxiety

Do you have a family member who struggles with fear and anxiety? It can be difficult to sit by and watch the person you love struggle while you are unable to do anything. Enclosed is a list of things that you can do to help the person overcome his or her own battle with anxiety and fear. The first thing you need to do is to get the person to seek the services of a professional and/or counselor who can lead them in the right direction and give them the help they need. Even if they disagree, getting help is the first step in getting better. Be understanding and patient with the person struggling with their fears. Dealing with depression and anxiety can be difficult for the person. Do not add more problems than what is already there.

Learn as much as you can in managing anxiety and depression. There are many books and information that will educate you on how to deal with fear and anxiety. Share this information with the person who is struggling. Education is the key in finding the answers your looking for in managing your fears. The person struggling with the anxiety must realize that managing anxiety and fear takes practice. So when experiencing an anxiety related situation, begin to learn what works, what doesn’t work, and what you need to improve on in managing your fears and anxieties.

As you do this, you will become better in dealing with your anxieties. Remember that there is hope. Eventually you or the person who is struggling will eventually get better. Give it some time and be persistent in finding the answers that will help the person. As a Layman, I realize it is not easy to deal with fear and anxiety. When a family member struggles with fear and anxiety, get them to seek help from a professional.

The key is to be patient, take it slow, and not to give up. In time, you will be able to find those resources that will help them with their problems.

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Too good to be true

The whole thing had started about a week earlier when I was paging through a pet catalog and came across a section devoted to dental supplies. “Simply squirt into your pet’s mouth and the specially formulated solution goes to work immediately to kill bacteria and improve dental health,” said the description. At that moment, one of my cats — who was sitting on my lap — turned his head in my direction and yawned. A few seconds later, a blast of kitty breath which smelled like rotten tuna fish hit my nose. “Right,” I said, as I paged toward the back to find the order form. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that the dental solution sounded like an excellent idea. After all, it wasn’t just for cats. You could use it on dogs too. And what self-respecting pet owner doesn’t want her cats and dogs to have clean teeth and fresh-smelling breath?

A few days later when the box arrived in the mail, I opened it immediately. “Gently holding your pet’s head, squirt the solution along both the upper and lower gumline,” said the directions. The bottle was one of those where you could snip off the top at various points (like a tube of caulk). But even if I only cut it off at the very top, it still looked like too much solution would come out. I decided a medicine syringe would be easier to handle, and a few seconds later, I was ready to go. “Come here, Pixie,” I called. My Shetland sheepdog raced into the kitchen. In her experience, good things have always come from the kitchen. Moments later, she was gagging and spluttering as she ran out of the kitchen. Since I had only managed to administer half the mouthwash I’d put in the syringe, I followed her — and then spent the next five minutes chasing the dog around the house before I hit upon the idea of yelling “Sit! Stay!” so I could squirt the rest into her mouth. “There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” I asked, as she slunk away, casting dirty looks over her shoulder. Pixie’s reaction should have given me a clue, but it didn’t. About 20 minutes later, not only was the dog still giving me dirty looks, but so were the cats. All seven of them. They had been so deeply offended by the dental solution that I couldn’t even walk past them. Slit-eyed, they would watch my approach and then scamper off in the opposite direction. And not only that, but now I had to go around the house and mop up little puddles of mouthwash where I’d either missed entirely during the ensuing struggle, or else the cat had promptly spit it out. Not to mention that maybe I ought to find some bandages for the cat scratches on my hands and arms that were still bleeding. I picked up the bottle again to look at the label. “Gently holding your pet’s head…” GENTLY? If my animals were any indication, the directions should have said — “With the help of three or four strong people, pry open your pet’s firmly-clenched jaws…” I still had one dog left to do, and I figured the animals might as well be unanimous in their belief that I was not to be trusted. “Charlie,” I called as I stepped out of the house. Charlie, our boisterous springer spaniel, is about as good-natured as any dog I have ever seen. He bounded over to me and sat by my feet, tail wiggling, ears perked, eagerly anticipating “the treat” I held in my hand. “Everybody else hates me,” I said, “you might as well too.” Of course, all along I had been hoping that maybe one of the animals, at least, would be thrilled with the idea of fresh breath and clean teeth — but alas, it was not to be. A few seconds later, Charlie was slinking away as well. Curious to find out why the animals all acted like I was trying to poison them, I went into the bathroom and squirted a little of the pink solution on my own teeth. To tell you the truth, it didn’t taste like much of anything. Not even the peppermint that the label said would give my dogs and cats “fresh breath.” Four years later, the eight-ounce bottle of pink pet mouthwash is still sitting in my bathroom cupboard. I suppose I ought to throw it away, but I'd rather not just yet. It helps me to remember that old saying: if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Too bad I didn't remember that BEFORE I spent $20 on pet mouthwash. ************

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Discover what to do when your credit worth is damaged

: The good thing about bad credit is that you can fix it. If you start now, over time, your bad credit can turn into good credit, and you could qualify for the loans you want at the rates you want. The most important aspect of rebuilding your credit after it has been damaged is showing lenders and creditors that you are serious about repaying your debt and that you can be a reliable borrower over a significant period of time. Negative account histories remain on your credit report for up to 7 to 10 years, depending on the type of action. Bankruptcy can stay on your report for up to 10 years, and collections drop off after 7 years. Advice varies widely as to the best methods to rebuild your credit.

Some points most experts agree on include: • Starting small - Don't be intimidated by large debt amounts. Even small payments, made on a regular basis, will improve your payment history and, eventually, your credit score. • Spending less than you earn - Borrowing money to finance a lifestyle that is beyond your means will only land you deeper in debt. • Paying your bills on time - Building credibility as a borrower involves meeting your commitments to pay, early if possible. • Keeping your balances low - When using your healthier or newer accounts, keep the balance that you owe between 25% and 50% of your line of credit.

An average of 30% is suggested. • If your credit is damaged and you need more information about the three major credit bureaus, go to apscreen. com Other tips might not seem related to your credit score. Staying at least two years on the same job demonstrates steady employment, and you appear more stable to lenders. You can also open an emergency savings account. Contribute to the account a little at a time on a regular basis. This will not only appear as positive activity to lenders, but also will serve as reserve money to keep you from charging unexpected expenses. Finally, stop borrowing for a while. Certainly avoid borrowing more money from home equity or other lines of credit to pay off credit card debt.

Shuffling the debt does not make it disappear. When establishing new credit, it may be necessary at some point to open a new account once you have paid down your existing ones. Credit unions usually offer the best deals to people with damaged credit. If you are unable to qualify for a credit card, try a smaller company, such as a department store or gas station that might offer you a line of credit. You may want to look into getting a secured credit card.

Offered by several banks and credit unions, secured credit cards are a positive way to show lenders that you can pay bills on time and be trusted with credit. To use a secured credit card, you will deposit a sum of money into a savings account and pay a small yearly fee to the institution offering the card. If you deposit $500, you will have a line of credit up to $500. Using your card on a regular basis and paying it off monthly in full could lead to a traditional line of credit. Once the bank or credit union sees that you are capable of maintaining your secured account, they may extend an offer to you with a fair interest rate.

Another option is to have a friend or relative co-sign for a line of credit with you. This step is risky because you are not only gambling with your loved one's good credit, but also with their good faith. After a few months of good behavior, order copies of your credit report from all three credit agencies and check for improvements or errors. Be sure that negative information that you have remedied has been removed. File any complaints in writing and check your report again in a few months to ensure that the changes have been made. Repairing damaged credit is time-consuming but well worth it, both to your peace of mind and to your pocketbook. For more information about credit reports, you can visit

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Ping wedges

Ping has been providing both serious and recreational golfers with golf products of incredible performance and quality for a long time. Their wedges are made with the same care and attention as their irons, drivers and putters. Wedges are clubs that are specially designed and modified for the short game, it is all well and good that you can drive great distances from the tee, but this will not help your short game. The loft of a wedge and the groves on the face of the club both work together to produce a spin rate. The loft of a wedge is a way of measuring the angle at which the club hits the ball, which determines the trajectory of the ball and the amount of roll it produces. Ping has created some incredible wedges and Golf Buy It Online currently stocks a wide selection of Ping Wedges. This range includes Ping Golf Tour-W Steel Wedges, Ping Golf Tour Wedges and Ping Golf iWedges as well as many more.

The Tour-W Steel Wedges are designed to increase the moment-of-inertia for forgiveness and will benefit golfers who seek a high-performing, versatile option around the green and from the sand. Ping’s Tour Wedges offer increased versatility and higher spin rates and have minimal offset, making it easy to for the golfer to align the clubface. Ping Golf iWedges include superior technology that enables the wedge to get under the ball quickly in the sand or on turf and prevents digging. These are just a few of the many Ping Wedges available from Golf Buy It Online where you’ll be able to find out more about the wedges themselves as well as being able to take advantage of our PGA Professionals’ golfing knowledge to help assist you with your purchase.

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Oral chelation what can it do for you part 1

Due to amazing advancements in science and technology men have increasingly become dependent on machine and artificial ways of things. As a natural corollary, massive biological disorder of most of the human population has become a global phenomenon. Some of the advanced medical researches have established a direct link between many modern day diseases and the excessive toxification of human body. It is like slow poisoning that damages the body beyond any cure. The dedicated studies in this field have confirmed the benefits of oral chelation therapy as an effective and efficient way of fighting out this slow assassin. What is oral chelation? In simple medical terminology, oral chelation is the name of the therapy that aims at cleansing your system off the toxic substances like harmful metals, minerals, or other chemical toxins and help to keep the toxin level in the body within its endurance level.

Researches in the areas of detoxification have proven the curing powers of oral chelation especially with regard to the cardiovascular ailments and some neurotic disorders. Like diet - control and exercise, oral chelation also is an excellent preventive therapy. Along with the consumption of plenty of filtered water daily, a systematic adherence to oral chelation regimen ensures a long and healthy life. The need of oral chelation: Due to the phenomenal increase in the use of industrial products we are constantly exposed to the heavy or toxic metals in the environment, which are consumed within the body through the air we breathe, through the food we eat, through the water we drink and even through the absorption by our skin. Heavy metal toxicity invites neurological and cardiovascular dysfunctions. They can also badly affect the enzymatic, hormonal, reproductive and urinary systems. They also cause impairment to the detoxification canals like liver, kidney, and colon. If taken regularly, the oral chelation helps to prevent these diseases. How does oral chelation work?: Some metals like, iron, zinc or calcium are naturally found within human body in a low concentration. These are the trace metals that are absolutely safe and even useful. But when they acquire a very high density, they are no longer beneficial for human body and become highly toxic. Not being metabolized by the body, they start getting accumulated upon the tissues. If this accumulation takes place at a faster rate than that of the natural detoxification process of the body, it brings permanent damage of the whole system. Oral chelation means the consumption of some chelating agents through mouth. The Chelating agents are capable of forming chemical bonds by encircling the ions of the harmful metals. The oral chelation agents first form bonds with the toxin elements and then force them out from the body through urine and excreta. The oral chelation agents contain anti-oxidant properties and prevent the movements of the free radicals. Lactic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid and acetic acid are the commonest form of organic acids that can be found in the food and can be consumed as oral chelation agents.

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Fire sprinklers can save lives in a home fire

One of the best ways new homeowners can protect their families is by installing a residential fire sprinkler system. There is no better tool at saving lives and protecting property than fire sprinklers. Nearly 3,000 people perish in home fires each year, more than all other natural disasters combined. The National Fire Protection Association recently revised its Life Safety Code to require all new one - and two-family homes constructed in the U. S. to include a fire sprinkler system. Tyco Fire and Building Products, a world leader in fire protection technology, recently introduced Rapid Response ( tyco-rapid response. com), the industry's first branded fire sprinkler system designed specifically for homes. Roy Marshall, a retired state fire marshal and president of the Residential Fire Safety Institute, says: "In 30 years of fire service, I have never pulled a lifeless body out of a home where fire sprinklers were installed.

I urge homeowners to ensure the next home they build has a fire sprinkler system. Your family's safety depends on it." Still, fire sprinklers fall victim to some common myths: Myth #1: The entire system could go off accidentally and ruin my house. All the sprinklers in a system do not activate at once. Only the sprinklers closest to the fire activate, and quickly suppress the fire while it is still small. In 90 percent of cases, fires are controlled by a single sprinkler. Myth #2: Smoking or burning toast can set off sprinklers. Fire sprinklers are activated by extremely high temperatures, not by smoke. Only a threatening fire can generate enough heat to activate a sprinkler. Myth #3: The water from the sprinkler system will create more damage than a fire. The average property loss in a fire contained by sprinklers is $2,200, while the average loss in a home fire without sprinklers is $45,000. Myth #4: Smoke detectors are enough fire protection for my home. Smoke detectors are excellent at detecting smoke and alerting homeowners, but they cannot suppress a fire, as sprinklers can. Myth #5: Fire sprinklers will ruin the look of my new home. Fire sprinklers are less obtrusive and no more noticeable than light switch plates. Myth #6: Fire sprinklers are expensive. A home fire sprinkler system costs roughly 1-1.5 percent of the cost of building a new home, or less than $2 per square foot. Systems often pay for themselves in home insurance discounts over the life of a mortgage. More families are opting for safety and are choosing to install fire sprinkler systems in their new homes.

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Car insurance rate the best versus the cheapest

: The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you'll find that the subject of car insurance rate is certainly no exception. Looking For the Best Car Insurance Rate? You don’t need to go places, meet lots of agents or drop by headquarters of different car insurance companies. Traditionally, you will have to ask your trusted agent/broker about the best rates that can be offered to you. It somehow works, because the agent handles multiple accounts and affiliations with various insurance firms. And past experiences from other clients make him/her more knowledgeable about the car insurance gateway. For sure, direct contact or transaction to car insurance companies will save you more on premiums. Why? Because middlemen are eliminated and so are the commissions paid to them.

But you will surely find the task a very tedious activity. Online processing of car insurance applications proves to be a wise move if you are after convenience and savings on gasoline and transport expenses. This mode will surely get you the best of the best rates across the Internet within seconds, and at your fingertips. Online, you will find a lot of Web sites offering services that scout for cheapest car insurance quotes from insurance firms. The services will give you freedom to exercise your freewill and choose the car insurance company that offers the best quotes and rates for your needed coverage. How to get the best car insurance rate?

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture. To get a cheap car insurance premium, you will have to invest, first of all, in clean driving records. Speeding tickets or traffic violations you have committed for at least the past five years will directly affect the rates you will automatically get for your car insurance policy. If you already have tickets, adopt a self-policy that ‘it is still never too late.’ Start practicing some disciple when off the road. Get a higher excess charge or deductible.

Deductible is the amount you are willing to personally shoulder in case of accidents, repairs or damages. For example, if you set a $500 deductible, the insurance company will not cover any expense if the cost of repairs from a damage will cost less than $500. Suppose the cost of repair reaches $600, you will pay $500 and the insurance firm will take the $100 bill. The idea might sometimes be misleading. Some people fall through this trap by setting very low deductibles to make sure the insurer covers most of the expenses for repairs or accidents. The catch? Lower deductibles equate for higher premiums and vice versa. Personal and car information are variables you cannot do something about.

But they are the primary factors that get evaluated upon the processing of your car insurance application. Don’t lie and sweeten your facts. Be honest. You may not get the best rates by doing so, but you will surely get the best and real quotes available for drivers of your classification if you will be open and inquisitive. The best versus the cheapest Best car insurance rates are not necessarily the cheapest. Best, still is a relative term, even in the car insurance jargon. For most of the industry insiders, best car insurance rates are attained if the coverage and policy purchased are comprehensive, broad and practical, even if the premium that comes with it is not that cheap. Likewise, the cheapest car insurance rate may not be the best because certain coverage or policy clauses make them less compared to others. The cheapest car insurance rates usually lack certain provisions for various situations and accidents.

Sometimes, hitting the bottom is not that ideal, especially if there are other more attractive options out there. If you've picked some pointers about car insurance rate that you can put into action, then by all means, do so. You won't really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge if you don't use it.

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Voip sometimes not an easy choice

Previously I wrote that VoIP was a good choice. If naked DSL or DSL without phone service is not an option for you, then VoIP can still be a good choice for your second or even third phone line. It sure comes in handy for your teenage children not to mention a home office. I recently sold service to a gentleman who wanted VoIP specifically for the ability to have a virtual number. His daughter recently went off to college in another state. He purchased VoIP service and signed up for a virtual number. He got a virtual number in the same area code that his daughter was in. This allows his daughter to call him at local charges vs. the long distance charges she would normally have to pay. Kudos’ to him for making his decision. Just another great benefit VoIP has to offer.

This weekend I was speaking with a friend of mine who recently purchased a home computer. He knew about my business and wanted to know his options for internet access. He also knows that I'm not just a big fan of VoIP but that I myself use it. His primary objective was internet access, secondary objective was VoIP. Here's where the choices, for him, weren't so straightforward. First off, his current phone provider is the local cable company. He doesn't use cable TV, rather he uses satellite TV. This current scenario meets his needs. He's a huge sports fan and not about to give up his satellite TV because of the sports packages. Do you know anyone else in this type of situation?

I told him that 'normal' DSL is out of the question. Our local RBOC won't allow DSL access without phone service. What about naked DSL? Yes, my company has recently signed up a couple providers offering naked DSL, but the price is a bit higher. About the same as cable internet access would cost when you don't have cable TV service.

In both cases, naked DSL and cable access, the monthly fee was more than he's willing to pay. Well then, that was our dilemma. His existing setup won’t allow for either DSL or Cable without him spending more than he wants per month. A switch to cable TV service with cable broadband access won't work for him either. He just doesn't want to give up the satellite TV sports package. So what to do? His options, as it were, are limited. I asked about his phone habits. How many local and long distance minutes do him and his family use? His child is fairly young and his wife’s family lives in the area, so long distance minutes don't come into the picture. That leaves local calling. I have a bundled service I could offer him, but guess what, YEP, the RBOC 'will' allow a competitor to offer local service BUT the RBOC will 'not' allow that competitor to offer DSL. He was trying to avoid the local RBOC, which is why he switched to cable phone service a few years back. Now, although he does have choices, the only thing to meet his budget is to cancel cable phone service and go back with the RBOC. Once phone service is active, then I can get him DSL access. DSL access from the local RBOC’s is really dropping in price so he can get his first 6 months at a very reasonable price. Even after that 6-month period, the rate is reasonable as well. This solves his primary objective to get high-speed internet access but doesn't solve his secondary objective to get VoIP. He has no use for a second phone line so that's not an option. Since the FCC has mandated that RBOC's need to offer naked DSL in roughly 3 years time, that's actually going to work for him. After that 3-year timeframe his young child will be in high school. He'll have more choices in just a few years. So, for this case, he doesn't get everything he wants at the budget he can afford. Rather he solves his primary objective of internet access for now and will go for VoIP once the prices of naked DSL come down. Although this is doable, it's really a shame. It may be rare and it was the first time I've personally run across this type of situation. Phone from cable, TV from satellite works great for him, but because the phone companies and cable companies don't play well, he looses. I will show him how to make his long distance calls from his computer, but for VoIP as a primary phone service, he’ll need to wait. Sometimes the decision to use VoIP is not such an easy choice. (For now)

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Web directories general introduction

Having a web directory is becoming increasingly popular these days. It can bring many benefits such as delivering an increased amount of new visitors and providing a steady income. Google, Yahoo and MSN contribute heavily to its algorithm. Many webmasters are attracted by the fact that they can get traffic from such directories and would pay a small fee or put a reciprocal link to get their website listed in these directories. These benefits will ultimately improve the promotion of the website. Webmasters are also very interested with inbound links for improving their PR (Page Rank) with Google. A good PR gives better position in Google’s search engine results. In theory the more quality inbound links you get, the higher your PR will go. Directories give a good solution for all webmasters. They also prove to be a good addition to existing web sites. We can differentiate 3 types of directories: free, reciprocal-link and Pay for Inclusion directories: 1) Free directories are by far the most interesting for webmasters as they can give a high PR without having to spend a penny. However you’ll have to spend some time submitting your website to all of these. They don’t usually give you much traffic either as there is an over abundance of them on the internet. 2) Reciprocal-Link directories require placing a small link into the webmaster’s website. This can be dangerous if the directory has been black listed by Google. 3) Finally, Paid For Inclusion directories can deliver very good results as they usually give better PR and have more traffic than free directories. However, not all directories will give you good results. Many use a redirect function for linking to your website. Your website won’t benefit from such links. You’ll need a static outgoing link from directories to gain weight with search engines. Many of the directories do offer you deep-linking options which mean that they will allow you to submit more than one URL from your domain in order to get your internal pages more traffic and ranking. So keep in mind that directories are wholly beneficial for your websites as long as you take the time to carefully plan the submission beforehand by checking if they are not using tricks (redirects, reciprocal). Also, don’t forget to submit your website to the most relevant category on the directory and to read its description!

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Organization a key component to your online business success

Believe it or not organization is one of the most important elements for success when it comes to making money online. I’m a kind of guy who likes things to be in order anyway, but I’ll tell you about a few key secrets that I believe will contribute to your success online. First and very important it’s an absolute must that you keep your business finances separate from your personal finances. I recommend having 2-3 credit cards that you use for business purchases only. Yes I’m a big fan of credit cards as long as you pay them off monthly.

If you don’t plan on paying off your business credit cards monthly, then you should plan for many headaches. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Get just about any book on responsibly managing your finances from Amazon or your favorite bookstore and the author will say the same thing. Paying off your credit cards every month is just as important for your business as it is for your personal finances. I also highly recommend getting some type of financial software as soon as possible. I started out with Quickbooks about 4 months after I started my business and have loved it ever since. I also recommend some kind of Quickbooks for Dummies or Bible type book to help you get started.

Many people complain about the complexity of Quickbooks, but hands down I believe it’s the best program for online business accounting. If you can’t afford Quickbooks then use a spreadsheet. There are a couple of other tools that I believe are more important before you buy Quickbooks. Whatever you do, try to keep business stuff separate from personal stuff, including your time. This isn’t an article about time management, there are plenty of those out there, but just do whatever it takes to schedule time to develop your business and schedule personal time to do other stuff. When you’re scheduled to do business stuff, don’t go searching on ebay for that widescreen TV you’ve been wanting. I also highly recommend getting some type of filing cabinet to keep track of your records. Some people think that there's not much to keep track of if you've got an online business but that's just not true. If you sell some type of product in your business then you're going to need to keep track of orders that customers have made for you as well as orders that you've placed with vendors, as well as credit card and bank statements and several other miscellaneous items. Even if all you do is affiliate marketing then you still need to have a filing system to keep track purchases you make like an autoresponder, web hosting, software that you purchase like SEO Elite etc. If you plan to have a successful business then it's very important get these organizational issues in order. Everything doesn't need to be done right away but I would get it done as soon as possible. Organization will take some practice and diligence and not being too hard on yourself when you mess up, but you can do it. Don’t give up.

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03 spend wisely to save money

Spend Wisely to Save Money Have you ever noticed that the things you buy every week at the grocery and hardware stores go up a few cents between shopping trips? Not by much…just by a little each week but they continue to creep up and up. All it takes for the price to jump up by a lot is a little hiccup in the world wide market, note the price of gasoline as it relates to world affairs. There is a way that we can keep these price increases from impacting our personal finances so much and that is by buying in quantity and finding the best possible prices for the things we use and will continue to use everyday… things that will keep just as well on the shelves in our homes as it does on the shelves at the grocery store or hardware store. For instance, dog food and cat food costs about 10% less when bought by the case than it does when bought at the single can price and if you wait for close out prices you save a lot more than that. Set aside some space in your home and make a list of things that you use regularly which will not spoil. Any grain or grain products will need to be stored in airtight containers that rats can’t get into so keep that in mind. Then set out to find the best prices you can get on quantity purchases of such things as bathroom items and dry and canned food. You will be surprised at how much you can save by buying a twenty pound bag of rice as opposed to a one pound bag but don’t forget that it must be kept in a rat proof container. You can buy some clothing items such as men’s socks and underwear because those styles don’t change, avoid buying children’s and women’s clothing, those styles change and sizes change too drastically. Try to acquire and keep a two year supply of these items and you can save hundreds of dollars. [Insert Your Resource Box Here] (Words: 338)

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