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I don't want to SELL anything. That said, how do I build my business? That is the beauty of our program. YOU don't sell anything, WE do all the selling for you. Just enter the names and email addresses of the people you know personally online, and we'll send a personalized email to them, from YOU, which directs them to a fully personalized, dynamic flash presentation. If you prefer, you can alternatively send them directly to your free WebSite. ws Affiliate WebSite, which will be identical to the one you are looking at right now, but tracked to YOU, so you get the credit for all sign ups. How can I see who signed up under me and how much commissions are owed to me? You will have 24/7 access to REAL TIME REPORTING on all hits to your agent WebSite, all trials placed, and all active customers, as well as complete downline reporting, selectable by layer (1 through 5), and all current and past commissions due to you. You will also have contact information for your UPLINE SPONSORS, so you can email them and learn about their successes, as well as contact information for your DOWNLINE (network) members, so you may email them and tell them of your successful experiences. As an Affiliate, do I need to send in any paperwork? Yes. The required simple documentation can easily be accessed from within your account. However, you may begin building your business immediately. What is the "Invite" section, and how do I use it? The Invite section allows you to send customized emails to prospects, which must be people with whom you have had prior contact. You can also purchase opt-in email lists in the Leads section of your Members Area. Please note, we will not tolerate Spam of any kind from our affiliates. Violation of our Spam policy will result in immediate and permanent deactivation of your account without reimbursement. What is an "Upline?" Your upline is comprised of the people through which you were referred to our company. Your upline can be a valuable source of information for networking and brainstorming ways to increase your revenue. What is a "Downline?" Your downline is comprised of the people who were referred to our company through you. The people in your downline represent those for which you will earn commissions for purchases they make. Information in your downline is updated in real time so you always have the latest details available to you, 24/7. How can I use the banners? Banners allow you to place advertisements on your WebSites promoting our product offering. You will earn money whenever purchases are made with us by people who clicked on your banners. How do I earn commissions? It's simple. You earn commissions for any sale referred through your affiliate link up to five layers deep. How often will I receive commissions? Commission payouts are sent on or before the 15th of every month provided your commission balance meets your selected minimum payout amount. The lowest minimum payout limit you can select is $10 USD. Commission totals less than your selected minimum payout amount will be carried over until such time as your balance meets your selected minimum. What methods can I select from to receive commissions? We currently offer commissions payments by mailed check, bank wire, or PayPal. Where can I change how commissions are paid to me? You may update your Preferred Commission Method and Minimum Payout Amount at any time from within your account. Simply click the Preferred Commission link along the left edge of our WebSite.

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Auto insurance policy assets and customer assistance

One morning a friend of mine was running late for class at school. His wife was throwing together some kind of breakfast while he gathered his laptop, notebook, and picked out the books he was going to need for school that day. He zipped up his pack and ran outside to warm the car up. Except, there was no car. It had been stolen. My friend ran into one disappointment after another that week as he first found the insurance company wouldn't pay for a rental, then that the damage the thief did to the car would only be covered up to the deductible and that somehow he was going to have to come up with the 500 dollars before the car could be fixed. He had supposed he had done due diligence by going to one of those car insurance quotes sites and finding the lowest priced quote. He had thought by getting cheap car insurance he had beat the system somehow. In reality, his cheap car insurance turned out to be crappy car insurance. His problem stemmed from a lack of information about his car insurance.

Before you buy your next auto insurance policy be sure you know all of the facts about the company's service policies. Cheap car insurance is only cheap if the product is as good as the more expensive car insurance. A good place to start is with a free car insurance quote, however obtaining an auto insurance quote is not going to be enough unless you know what kind of service you expect and whether or not the company quoted will provide it. The two A's will keep you straight. They are, Assets and Assistance. Assets You want to make certain that your car insurance quote includes every asset you could want or need in an emergency. When you are high and dry without a car, will your insurance cover your transportation needs? Check to make certain that the company you are buying car insurance from will provide you with an auto rental if something goes wrong. If your car is stolen--as my friend's was-- undrivable, or in the car repair shop for a few days you want to make certain that a car will be available to you. If not, you will be forced to call your in-laws and give them one more reason why you aren't good enough for their daughter. Check that you have road-side assistance, some variation on lock-out service, and towing service provided by some insurance company. Remember the car insurance quote is only low if the car insurance product is good. Assistance Find out what the auto insurance company's customer service is like before you buy from them. How do you find out something like that? First, there is no way to know for certain what type of people you will end up dealing with, but there are ways to know the probability of having a good experience. First, there is the low tech way of asking your family and friends what their experiences have been. The lemon auto insurance companies will immediately pop up in a network search of that kind, but let's say that you are a hermit and have no family or friends, or like one friend of mine, your family is all from the catskill mountains without cars or running water. If that is the case then you will need to try the high tech method: use the internet. One way is to make use of the Better Business Bureau's search engine. At betterbusinessbureau. org you can find if any complaints have been registered against the auto insurance company in question and whether or not the company has resolved those complaints. I have checked the auto insurance companies that have treated my family poorly and they all seem to have a complaint--not made by me--against their name. Another way to check the customer service of a company is to find a claims telephone number on their website and call it up. If their claims people are nice to you, the likelihood of the customer service being a positive team has just raised. After you have assessed the courtesy level of the auto insurance company's service department, then politely thank them for their time and hang up. No explanation necessary, they will just move on to their next call without giving you another thought. This technique is based on the theory that there are two kinds of companies: the ones who stock their sales teams with friendly people and put all the low-paid mean folks in their claims departments and the ones who stock both with friendly, professionals. Usually, this simple test will tell you the type of company with which you are dealing. If the quoted auto insurance policy has both the assets you desire and a high quality of customer service, then the quote is a true quote. Remember if you think you might end up actually using the car insurance--which we should all assume we will--then check these two things before running after the apparently low premiums.

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Jaguar xk 150 roadster extreme

Jaguar is known for its vehicles that have been crafted with graceful style coupled with a superb and excellent performance. One of the vehicles that run under this brand is the Jaguar XK 150. And this vehicle is a roadster and also has been made with several versions like the fixed coupe and the drophead coupe. The roadster version, however, appeared ten months after the introduction of the other two. As per the Jaguar XK 150 roadster, it was essentially designed so as to be the right kind of vehicle that would tackle and spin through the hot and sunny months. This new vehicle holds proper wind up door windows as well as door handles. It also has an improved hood design. Some people say that the Jaguar XK 150 is much more civilized and more appealing than the earlier roadster vehicles from Jaguar like the Jaguar XK 120 and the Jaguar XK 140. Equally impressive and highly durable Jaguar auto body parts, performance parts, replacement parts, discount parts, and accessories are available at Jaguar Parts and Jaguar Auto Parts’ online store. When you need parts like accessories, mechanical engine parts, exhaust system parts, and fuel injection parts to name a few, first class quality products like these are available at http:// jaggparts. com. Each of these will put you on top of the race due to its strict quality control measures. The number one provider of the best Jaguar parts online also offers Jaguar XK 150 parts and other Jaguar parts in great discount prices. This vehicle actually replaced the Jaguar XK 140. And it has existed from 1957 up until 1961. The Jaguar XK 150 sports a different look. It is shorter and could only take in into its cabin a maximum of two people. Despite that, the Jaguar XK 150 holds a longer bonnet and a revised front scuttle panel. This kind of change has given the Jaguar XK 150 a more rakish and sleeker kind of look. It is even more modern compared to the other two previously mentioned Jaguar roadsters. The differences between the other roadsters and the Jaguar XK 150 is that the latter uses a one piece windscreen. The wing line also did not dropped that much over the doors. The bonnet was widened and opened down to the wings. The bulkhead was moved to make it around four inches longer. A wide range of color choices were made available for this vehicle and the list includes Red, Pearl Grey, White, Indigo Blue, Claret, Cotswold Blue, Black, Mist Grey, Sherwood Green, Carmen Red, British racing Green, Cornish Grey and Imperial Maroon. Just like the Jaguar XK 140, the Jaguar XK 150 also held a 3.4 liter DOHC Jaguar straight 6 engine. It could actually produce some 180 bhp at 5750 rpm. Although, through the years that it was manufactured, this roadster had several other engines equipped in it so as to produce more power and be able to produce a much more superb performance.

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Choosing your first outdoor barbeque grill

Choosing Your First Outdoor Barbeque Grill There are thousands of options available to you when you are purchasing your first grill. It may seem overwhelming, but knowing the difference it each type of grill will help you may an easier decision. Charcoal Grills Charcoal grills are one of the most used types of grills. Charcoal grills utilize charcoal and lighter fluid to heat up and cook your food. Charcoal grills come in all shapes and sizes, and vary in cost. Charcoal requires you to buy charcoal and lighter fluid each time you cook with it. It must also be cleaned out each time. Charcoal grills come in small sizes, which are ideal for apartment dwellers or people with small homes. Once you have used your charcoal grill, you can clean it, and store it away. Propane Grills Propane grills are also useful for someone in small areas, since they can come in smaller sizes. Propane grills use propane gas to cook your food. If you want to quickly cook foods while still maintaining a grilled flavor, you may want to consider Propane grills. Natural Gas Grills Natural gas grills are a little more complicated then smaller grills, so they require more room. Natural gas grills are meant to hook up directly to your home’s natural gas line, and can cook meat in record time. Smoker Grills Smoker Grills are used when flavor is the number one priority. Smoker grills use wood to slow cook your meat. Flavor can be controlled by using different types of woods. Things To Consider When Purchasing Your First Grill A couple of factors should be consider when you go to purchase your first grill. Remember, each type of grill comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so you must weigh your options and decide what is right for you. Cost Barbeque grills can range from extremely cheap to very expensive depending on the type and features available on it. If you are looking for a cheaper grill, then you should probably consider a charcoal grill. While larger charcoal grills are available, smaller grills can be purchased for as little as $10 to $15 at your local department store. Propane grills are slightly more expensive, starting around $100 dollars. A smoker grill is slightly more expensive then a propane grill at about $130 each. Natural gas grills on the higher end of cost. Typically these types of grills start at about $300. Multiple fuel grills are the most expensive at about $450 and up. Multiple fuel grills allow you to grill using one or a combination of fuels. Flavor If you are concerned with flavor, you first choice should be a charcoal or smoker grill. Both of these grills allow you to replicate a true “smoked” flavor. Smokers are especially nice because you can also control the flavor by changing the type of wood or wood chips you use. This is good if you are wanting to slow cook your meat. If you are wanting to cook something a little quicker, you may want to stick with the charcoal grill. A Charcoal grill will cook quickly if you want it too, and it will still provide a good “smoked” taste. Space Finally, the space you have available should be a consideration. When you grill is not in use, you must have a proper place to store it. Charcoal and Propane grills are ideal for smaller areas such as apartments and city homes. If you have a large amount of space available, then you may want to consider the larger options. (word count 593)

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Third party hardware maintenance vs manufacturer s warranty what s best for your business

When purchasing computer hardware for your business, system availability is a major consideration. While you hope it will remain reliable, you need to manage the risk that at some time a critical system component will fail, calling for hardware maintenance. Such failures often result in the system being unavailable to users until repaired. This ‘system down-time’ can be very costly when users sit idle and unproductive. Many assume that the standard manufacturer’s warranty will adequately protect them. But the ‘small print’ of standard warranties can result in less than satisfactory hardware maintenance results for businesses. Even expensive warranty uplifts may not deliver adequate protection against these costs. RESPONSE TIMES One of your systems fails, so you call the warranty-provider’s telephone hotline and speak to an operator in a call centre -- perhaps overseas -- who simply takes a message. If the failed system is under a ‘next business day’ telephone response arrangement for hardware maintenance, then your staff could be unable to do their job for a day or more before the warranty provider even gets around to diagnosing the problem. And with a ‘best effort’ onsite response, it could be several days before a hardware maintenance engineer arrives. If the system loss has company-wide impact then the implications are even more serious. Standard warranties only cover you for hardware maintenance during working hours -- so a failure on a Friday afternoon could leave your business crippled well into the following Monday. Businesses that can’t afford this sort of downtime should look to specialist third party hardware maintenance providers that maximise system availability by tailoring support arrangements to meet your specific business needs. Look for hardware maintenance service providers who offer short, defined response times -- such as a guarantee of a response to your call within ten minutes from a trained hardware maintenance engineer who will solve your issue, and on-site response within two hours for critical system failures. Also look for organisations who will assign a hardware maintenance engineer permanently to your account. This ensures that they become familiar with your IT environment and personnel -- a factor crucial to ensuring speedy response and resolution of critical system failures. PARTS HOLDINGS Hardware maintenance response times are irrelevant if you then have to wait for parts to be shipped from interstate or overseas. Equipment manufacturers generally hold replacement components for warranty service in a single location nationally. As a result, you may be waiting for 24 to 48 hours while the part you need is shipped, delivered and installed. A hardware maintenance provider which is focussed on maximising system uptime holds spares locally to shorten delivery times. Ask potential service providers for an explanation of their parts holding strategies and methodologies. Find out what ratio of spares are held against systems under contract and whether these parts are regularly tested. With sufficient local spares, hardware maintenance engineers can attend site with the appropriate part in hand to further speed the repair process. BEYOND HARDWARE 'BREAK-FIX' A standard warranty will only cover you for the repair of your system, including the delivery and installation of replacement parts, and provides no guarantees as to when your hardware maintenance issue will be resolved. A hardware maintenance service tailored to maximise systems availability, however, offers a lot more, including: - taking ownership of the ‘grey’ areas -- such as operating system issues and other causes of hardware problems. - a first-call fix rate of over 95% -- which means you won’t have to wait for multiple engineer visits before system functionality is restored. These superior service levels meet the operational needs of businesses which are dependent on system availability. Ask potential hardware maintenance providers for customer testimonials and references to substantiate their service levels. SO, IS A STANDARD MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY REALLY GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOUR BUSINESS? A standard warranty service might be ‘free’, but having staff unable to work -- or customers able to contact you -- could end up costing your business heavily in the long run. Even expensive warranty uplifts do not completely mitigate the risks. The good news is that specialised and highly-focused third-party hardware maintenance solutions are available to solve this problem. Your hardware maintenance agreement can be tailored to meet your specific operational needs and risk management strategy. Paid on a monthly basis, they offer you better cash flow and operational flexibility -- for around the same as a manufacturer’s warranty uplift. But most importantly, they can reduce system downtime by many hours a year -- saving you many thousands in lost productivity and revenue.

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What to look for when getting a loan

You need to make your choices wisely… especially when it comes to your finances. One wrong move and you could be wiped out! But don’t worry. I’ll show you how you can work from a position of strength when you’re looking at the possibility of getting a loan. But you cannot just go select the first loan that comes your way. There are three things you should look for when selecting the right UK personal loan to add to your financial portfolio. The first thing you should look for is the amount of money you need.

By shopping around, you may be surprised at how much money is available from lenders to people like you who are looking to add some muscle to their money. You should look at your budget as well as the amount of money you need to help you determine how much of a loan you should get. The next thing you’ll want to look at is the repayment frequency. Is the loan supposed to be paid back every week? Every two weeks? Every month? For some people, the best option is to match the loan repayment with their payday schedule so that they can be assured that there will be money in the bank when it’s time to pay the loan down. One option some people are choosing is to set up a monthly repayment schedule but put more money down (perhaps once a week) which will get applied directly to the principal! Often, the repayment frequency will determine the amount due with each payment, so that may be a factor in helping you decide the repayment frequency. Perhaps a large, monthly payment is more difficult to make than several smaller payments in a month. You’ll have to decide the best option for you. The last thing you need to consider is the interest rate. Many people simply ignore this completely because they feel that they have little control over prevailing rates at the time of the loan. However, with a little work and wisdom, you can manage your interest rates quite well. For example, some of the things you can manage when it comes to interest rates include the risk level of the recipient, the amount of money borrowed, and the period of time in which the money is expected to be paid back. Prevailing interest rates will determine the window of interest rate available. It’s up to you to find the best rate for you. Now that you know the three things you need to look for, it’s time to go out and find the right UK personal loan for you. Be sure to shop around and you choose wisely from the selection you find.

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Consolidating debt how to get the lowest interest rate on a debt reduction or consolidation loan

To get the lowest interest rate on a debt consolidation loan, you need to research terms and rates. Lenders realize to remain competitive, they must offer low rates. A difference as little as a quarter percent can save you hundreds a year. The type of loan you choose can also have significant financial repercussions. Picking Your Debt Consolidation Loan You have two options for a debt consolidation loan – secured or unsecured. Secured loans are backed by property you own, typically your home. You can choose to refinance your mortgage to pull out your equity to pay off your bills. You can also use a home equity line of credit to consolidate your debt. With both types of loans, the interest is tax deductible. Unsecured loans, such as personal loans, have no collateral, so interest rates are higher. You can expect to pay a couple of percentage points higher than prime, depending on your credit score. You will also need to have a steady source of income. When you pick the type of debt consolidation loan you want, consider all the financial factors. A secured debt will involve fees. You may also find that interest rates are higher than when you first received your mortgage. However, you need to remember their tax advantage. For large debts, a secure loan usually is the best choice with a longer period to recoup the cost of fees. Unsecured loans are ideal for those who don’t have property or have smaller debts. Finding Lenders No matter if you are looking for a secured or unsecured loan, the principles for finding a lender are the same. Start by requesting quotes and terms from several lenders. You may be surprised to find a lesser known lender offers far better rates than national financing companies. Also, use the internet to speed the process by requesting information online. Besides rates, request information on fees – both up front and any early payment fees. This information will help you determine the true cost of the loans. Once you have found a few potential lenders, investigate further for discounts and customer service. You may find a lender who offers discounts for applying online or being a first time borrower with them. If all factors are the same, select the lender that you feel most comfortable with and is easy to contact.

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Don t wait for tax time to look at the bottom line

A curious thing happens to entrepreneurs in the spring of every year. They wake up one day and realize they had better figure out how much money they made last year so they can pay their taxes. But wait, shouldn't a business owner already KNOW how much money he or she made last year, last quarter, or last month? If you don't keep track of how much money you're making, you have no idea whether your business is successful or not. You can't tell how well your marketing is working. And I don't just mean you should know the amount of your total sales or gross revenue. You need to know what your net profit is. If you don't, there's no way you can know how to increase it. If you want your business to be successful, you need to make a financial plan and check it against the facts on a monthly basis, then take immediate action to correct any problems. Here are the steps you should take: Create a financial plan for your business. Estimate how much revenue you expect to bring in each month, and project what your expenses will be. If you need it, get help from business planning books, software, or an accountant. Review the plan monthly. Even if business owners take the time to prepare a financial plan with profit and loss projections, they often let it sit in a drawer. It's not enough to have a plan -- you have to review it regularly. Remember that lost profits can't be recovered. When entrepreneurs compare their projections to reality and find earnings too low or expenses too high, they often conclude, "I'll make it up later." The problem is that you really can't make it up later: every month profits are too low is a month that is gone forever. Make adjustments right away. If revenues are lower than expected, increase efforts in sales and marketing or look for ways to increase your rates. If overhead costs are too high, find ways to cut back. There are other businesses like yours around. What is their secret for operating profitably? Think before you spend. When considering any new business expense, including marketing and sales activities, evaluate the increased earnings you expect to bring in against its cost before you proceed to make a purchase. You can often increase your profitability simply by delaying expenses to a later month, quarter, or year. Don't be afraid to hire. Retailers and restaurateurs wouldn't consider operating without employees, but many service businesses limit themselves by being understaffed. Almost any business can benefit from hired (or contracted) help. Business owners can often better use their talents for generating revenue than for running errands and filing. Pay yourself a regular salary. If you are incorporated, you may already be doing this. If not, allocate an amount to owner's compensation on a monthly basis. Each month that your business meets its profitability goal, pay yourself the full amount. When you miss your target, dock your "pay" and when you exceed it, pay yourself a "bonus." Writing yourself a monthly paycheck will give you a strong incentive to keep your business profitable. Evaluate the success of your business based on profit, not revenue. It doesn't matter how many thousands of dollars you are bringing in each month if your expenses are almost as high, or higher. Many high-revenue businesses have gone under for this very reason -- don't be one of them.

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Advertising made easy

How You Can Make Advertising Pay Big Dividends (source: chetholmes. com) McGraw Hill once commissioned an extensive study to determine what marketing weapons make a company famous in it’s market or community. The study went on to show that advertising created more product, service, or brand awareness than all other marketing weapons combined. The fact is, we know that Coke is “The Real Thing” because Coke advertises, not because it has good salespeople or does great direct mail. Advertising stays in front of your prospects when you can’t be there. While a handful of salespeople can only be in front of perhaps a hundred or so prospects per month, advertising can reach thousands of potential buyers each and every month, week, or day. Studies also show that advertising inspires confidence from your current clients. When current clients see your ad, it reinforces their belief in you. It makes them feel like they made the right decision to be your client. But advertising can also waste money if you don’t use it properly. To avoid wasting money, keep these three tips in mind. Don’t spend money on an advertising vehicle if the majority of its listeners/viewer/readers will never buy your type of product or services. For example, let’s say that you own a commercial real estate company or a business bank. In both cases, you are only interested in business people. Broad-reaching television or radio stations or general-interest daily newspapers base their rates on how many consumers they reach. An examination of their audiences may easily show you that a high percentage of their listeners or readers are not business people, yet you will have to pay to reach all of them. Conversely, there are more specialized advertising vehicles that target a far greater percentage of your potential buyers. A business radio program or a business publication will offer you an audience comprised mostly of your potential buyers. If you do advertise, do not expect that a single ad, or even a few ads, constitute effective advertising. Effective advertising needs to be consistent and steady. However: If you don’t have the budget to take a full advertising schedule, I often recommend that my clients buy one, well placed ad in the ideal magazine and then use that piece for years sometimes with a banner that says: “As Seen In Industry Today.” This ad then works very hard for you as a direct mail piece, promo piece, or even a hand out at a trade show. Don’t spread your advertising too thin. Some years ago, a corporate training company launched its services by buying a few spots per week on seven different radio stations. Since it was not on any one station long enough to give its message a chance to take root, the advertising was a total failure. The company should have taken its entire budget and sunk it into one or (at the most) two primary vehicles. Each advertising vehicle has a loyal audience. You are far better off having a heavy schedule in one vehicle, where you have a chance to break through the clutter and get noticed, than to take a few spots in a half-dozen vehicles in which you get lost in the commercial clutter. Today, repetition and concentration are the keys to successful advertising. Another important point along the lines of advertising smart is that cable TV today can virtually change your life in a week. I know a fellow who has an electronic repair business. He would fix VCR’s, TV’s, Toasters, etc… and he also would come to your home to hook up your entire entertainment system if you needed him to do that. The name of the business was Mr. Tim’s Home Electronic Repair and Installation Service. First, on my advice, he took an insert in the newspaper. (An “insert” is a flyer that is printed separately and “inserted” into the newspaper as a loose piece of paper). This is generally a very good way to go with B2B in a trade journal or B2C in a newspaper. These are good because they fall out of the magazine or newspaper onto your desk or kitchen table and they are less expensive to buy than printing your ad right in the vehicle of choice. When I ran magazines and newspapers, we discouraged them because we NEEDED ads in the magazine/newspaper, but when we had a client we were going to lose over lack of response, we ALWAYS recommended the insert because they almost always worked. So Mr. Tim’s Home Electronic Repair and Installation Service took the newspaper insert in the local newspaper and bought, specifically, the major neighborhoods where he felt they have more time than money. That’s the other beauty of newspaper inserts is that you can generally buy a small piece of the circulation to test the idea or to concentrate geographically. This worked for months for Mr. Tim, as people kept the insert around until they needed him. But one of the people that spotted that insert was the local cable salesperson who told him he could make him famous. Mr. Tim thought TV would be WAY too expensive, but, as it turns out, in some markets, you can buy just a neighborhood. You can buy by zip code. So for $200 per week, Mr. Tim was on TV like 60 times per week, spread all over 50 different cable channels. It was amazing. You’d be watching re-runs of Seinfeld and there would come this Mr. Tim’s Home Electronic Repair and Installation Service ad and his phone would ring. It worked great. Then one day he walks into a bike shop and someone recognized him from his TV ad. He was becoming famous from this mere $200 per week. Not for everyone, but if you sell B2C, look into local cable and concentrate with a lot of spots. Every business action requires some kind of cost justification. Does the effort justify the cost? Company X advertised its professional educational materials. When it seemed as though the advertising was not working, the company was going to cancel its ad campaign. Then it discovered a startling correlation between its advertising and its direct-mail efforts: Its direct-mail response went up by 30% in the months it advertised to the same audience. This is typical. The more penetration you can get to the same audience, the better the possibility that you will get noticed. In the ’90s, getting noticed is everything. In today’s commercial clutter, you get noticed only by continually reaching the same potential customer with a consistent theme, message, look, and feel. If you advertise in a print medium (magazine, newspaper, etc.), you will find that most publications will rent you their mailing lists. This means you can direct mail to the same audience to which you are advertising! This is a very smart usage of marketing dollars. Look at the lifetime value. If you have an inexpensive product, your advertising has to deliver a high number of leads, or every lead has to turn into a repeat customer. For example, say your average customer spends $25 with you. If you are spending $1,000 per month on advertising, you will need to attract 40 new customers per month to break even on the ad, not counting any of your other costs, such as product costs and overhead. If those customers are one-time buyers, then you have to find a way to make your advertising more effective or less expensive. If they become regular buyers, then you can accept lower response rates. The key here is to look at the “lifetime value” of a customer. A customer who spends $25 a month and comes to your store only once is only worth $25 to you. But if you can get that customer to be a repeat customer, then that customer is worth $300 a year, or $1,500 over five years! Most business people do not understand the power of advertising; they do not realize that each new $25 customer is potentially a $1,500 customer! Advertising brings in the customers, but it is your job to keep them buying from you. Advertising promotes word-of-mouth Often, a loyal customer will see your ad while with a friend or business associate. Your customer will show your ad to the friend and say, “Hey Joe, now this is a really great company/product/service.” Joe will come into your business, and you will ask him how he heard of you. He will say that his friend referred him and never think to mention that it was your advertising that prompted the friend to open his mouth in the first place. I headed up a Neilson study that tracked hundreds of ads and the response rate each ad generated. Each month, a computer printout listed the ads and how much response each had generated. The first printout came and it looked like this: X Company…………22 responses Y Company……...….20 responses Z Company………….23 responses K Company………..223 responses J Company……….….26 responses In the midst of all the other ads generating responses in the low 20’s, one ad was generated more than 200 responses! Turning to the ad, we expected to find some totally new or unique offer, product or service. Instead, we found that the product advertised was nearly identical in price and features to four or five other products in the same publication. Thus, it wasn’t the product that made the response jump so significantly, it was the ad! After a year of tracking the highest response generating ads, we learned that, for the most part, the ads that pulled the greatest response followed four primary rules: Rule No 1: Is it distinctive? You must design advertising that is so distinctive looking (or sounding, if you’re on the radio) that it pops out of the clutter. In print, the first goal of high-response-oriented advertising is that it be visually distinctive. On radio, the audio must be distinctive. Naturally, TV has both visual and audio possibilities. I ran a TV spot advertising a free seminar I’m doing with Jay Abraham. Among other images we used in the spot, I put a shot of me throwing a double side kick (I have 23 years of karate training) to the head of a business owner (we’re both in suits). What’s the point of that? One point. It makes you want to find out “what the heck is going on there?” Today, 70% of TV watchers are muting out the commercials. But if you see something really intriguing, you will UN-mute just to see what the heck is happening there. There’s a spot running right now where this kid sprays his mother with a squirt gun and she pulls the hose out of the sink and nails the kid with it. I saw that spot several times and it finally got my goat. I wanted to see what they were advertising. So make your ad distinctive. Something that makes it STAND OUT. Rule No. 2: Tell me what you want to tell me. If you page through a magazine, you will quickly notice that you do not read the ads that make it difficult for you to figure out what they are selling. “Clever” is only better if it is “super clever.” Clever headlines that do not tell you what they are trying to sell are simply not effective. Most ads in most publications today don’t have headlines that tell you what they are trying to sell. In the information age, don’t hint around; say what you want to say, right in the headline. A good headline follows these four criteria: It tells you what the product or service is. It starts with the word you or your (not always, but mostly). It contains a benefit to the reader. Most companies brag about themselves, rather than talk about the benefit to the reader (prospect). High-response-oriented advertising focuses like a laser beam on the benefit to the customer. It makes the consumer want to read on. The headline is the ad for the ad. If the headline isn’t good, no one will read the rest of the ad. Responses to ads have jumped ten fold by simply changing the headlines. Rule No. 3: The body copy should… Be curiosity driven, unfolding the story you want to tell. By highly benefit oriented. So many ads talk about features, when it is benefits that motivate buying. Give you a reason to take action now! Can you offer something for free that will help you engage the potential customer? Rule No. 4: Ask for the order. Too many ads do not give explicit instructions as to what action you would like the customer to take: “Order today and save,” or “Call us today and receive this free….”. You must always ask for the order! Summary Advertising is a powerful tool for becoming a well-known player in any market. Even if you take a small schedule and a small ad, by consistently letting it run in an appropriately targeted vehicle, over time that ad will have an impact. People will see your logo and it will register. Advertising supports everything else you do in your business. But it is only part of a total package. You must have other marketing, and you must make sure, ultimately, that you are treating the customer like gold. Happy customers will spread the word faster, and advertising will help facilitate that. Happy advertising! Chet Holmes is President and CEO of Jordan Productions, an international training firm that helps companies accelerate growth using Chet’s proprietary techniques. See chetholmes. com to attend a webinar about Chet’s concepts.

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To teach business english

Mid-career crisis? Have you got what it takes to teach English for business? Teachers often ask me what direction they can take after a few years of teaching general English. To continue as an ordinary classroom teacher seems like stagnation, so choices have to be made about how to develop both professionally and personally. Specializing in English for business can be a fruitful move if the teacher is able to transfer existing skills to the business context.

Let me deal with the prospects first. Teaching business people is recognized as a specialist field and the teacher often has to be a program planner and materials developer as well, so salaries are generally higher. The training can take place in dedicated centers, often residential, in-company or as a special program offered at a traditional language school, but wherever it takes place, the teacher will have to be able to deal with the people who are sponsoring the training and is thus answerable to a wider range of stakeholders. But by engaging in the corporate world, the trainer may find many opportunities to widen his or her range of training skills: interpersonal communications, written communications, cross-cultural communications and ultimately consultancy work in the communications field. However, the prospects will only open out to the kind of teacher who can adapt from the world of pedagogy to the corporate world.

The clients are usually highly motivated and work in small groups or as individuals hence the teaching dynamics are quite different. Business people do not wish to go back to the classroom as they already have the professional expertise they need. What they want is someone who can help them communicate effectively in the global business world. The trainer needs to slip into the role of facilitator, working with clients to understand their learning styles, to discover their specific needs and immediate objectives and to help them set achievable targets.

I have seen many a hopeful business English trainer fall at this hurdle. They cannot throw off their accustomed teacherly approach. So who can become a successful business English teacher? It is certainly helpful to have experience in fields other than teaching. However, although it is very useful to have experience of other professional domains, or of the commercial world, it is not essential. On the other hand, it is necessary to be interested in the world of business and to understand how companies are structured and to be familiar with business terminology. Regular reading of the business pages of the daily press can help you build awareness of the field and of the latest developments.

The business English teacher needs to have an international perspective. In dealing with many different nationalities, and with clients who have to operate in the increasingly globalized business field, the teacher needs to be aware of the implications of cross-cultural communications. Clients, who have to use English--which is not their native tongue, to do business with other non-native English speakers in another country--have several layers of cultural information to deal with. First they have to acknowledge that their own national and company culture is not necessarily shared with their foreign counterparts or even understood by them, and secondly that nobody's culture is intrinsically right or wrong, better or worse. The teacher may have to help them understand the nature of cross-cultural interaction.

The qualities needed by a business English teacher are thus different in many ways. They need the confidence to play the role of instructor/trainer/facilitator with people who may occupy senior company positions. They have to be adaptable and not have rigid ideas about how to conduct training sessions and what the content should be. And they need to have an understanding of how English is used internationally as a lingua franca among people who may never meet a native speaker. They need skill in giving feedback and must be robust enough to take feedback themselves.

And they need to be clear and precise in describing what they can offer clients and in their post-training debriefing. Clearly, therefore, that this is not a field for someone new to teaching--it demands a certain maturity of approach and confidence both personally and professionally. However, for teachers able to make the transition from classroom to the world of corporate training, the rewards and prospects are excellent.

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The benefits and drawbacks of buying designer kitchenware products

If you are in the market for kitchenware, you may be considering making the purchase of designer kitchenware products. As you debate the purchase of designer kitchenware products, you may be wondering what are some of the pros and cons to making the purchase of these types of products in this day and age. As with so many things in the 21st century, there definitely are pros and cons to making the purchase of designer kitchenware products. Of course, for many people, one of the downsides to making the purchase of designer software is the price. In many instances, these types of products can be rather pricy. Indeed, depending on what type of product that you are considering making the purchase of, when it comes to the designer brands, these items oftentimes can be budget busting propositions. By shopping around -- including surfing around the Internet -- you can (on occasion) save at least a bit of money on designer kitchenware products. Many people in this day and age have found themselves living on very restrictive budgets. Thus, if you want to attempt to save a bit of money on designer kitchenware products, you will want to spend the time shopping around.

Again, keep in mind that deals that might be available in regard to designer kitchenware are to be found both in cyberspace and in the brick and mortar world. You will not want to limit your shopping to only one of these two important shopping venues. Even considering the price issue, there are many benefits to be had by purchasing designer kitchenware. The greatest benefit to be had through the purchase of designer kitchenware is the fact that you will be able to stylish kitchenware products in your own home. Because the kitchen really is the room that most people spend a great amount of their time, it is important for many people to have attractive and appealing kitchenware included in their overall kitchen dйcor. If you are such a person, you definitely will want to take a close look at the purchase of designer kitchenware. Finally, one of the benefits of designer kitchenware is the fact that these products usually are of high quality. While you will end up spending a bit more for designer software at the outset, because these are well built products as a rule, they will be around for a long period of time.

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What is student loan consolidation program

: You are getting a few student loans to support your study. After the graduation, you need to start repaying these student loans. These student loans come with different interest rates and they have different repayment due date for each month. You may find it difficult to manage your multiple student loans and any late payment or miss payment may hurt your credit rating. Student Loan Consolidation Program is a loan repayment program for college students and graduates with multiple student loans to make their repayment easier.

However, before signing on the dotted line, it's important for students to understand some basic facts about consolidation. What A Student Loan Consolidation Program Does? The student loan consolidation program allows you to combine all your outstanding student loans. For example, if you have three separate government student loans, you can consolidate them into one single loan. Technically, all three of those loans will be considered paid in full and a new loan will be started in their place. The basic concept is you are getting a new loan to pay off all your outstanding student loans; which mean instead of having 3 student loans with 3 repayment amount and due date, after the loan consolidation, you only have one loan with one repayment amount and one due date. It will enable you to manage your loan easier. How A Student Loan Consolidation Program Will Help? By consolidating your outstanding student loans through student loan consolidation program, you basically can enjoy at least 3 benefits: 1. More Convenient With multiple student loans, you will have to make multiple payments every month; that means there are more paperwork and due dates to keep track of. There are more chances that you may miss one of them and cause you to make late payment. You can get rid of this hassle by consolidate them into single repayment and make you easier to keep track only one payment with one due date and one repayment amount. 2. Save You Some Money All loans come with interest, so do the student loans.

Although student loans normally have lower interest rate, student loan consolidation program may be able to negotiate a lower interest for your new consolidation loan than all your current loan rates and save you some money on interest. For example, you have 3 outstanding loans may be required to make $150 payments each month to all three lenders. That is a total of $450 per month. After consolidation with only one payment is required and that payment is usually much less than the combined payments from all of the loans. This can be huge benefit to you especially if you are new graduate who are just getting started in your careers and who don't have the income necessary to cover large loan expenses right away. 3. More Repayment Possibilities Consolidating your student loans may open up additional opportunities for you. You may be offered with deferment choices and/more repayment possibilities.

These offers can come in handy if you wish to further your education to another level, struggling to find employment in your field or experiencing financial hardships. In Summary Managing your multiple student loans are not too hard but you can make them more convenient and easier by combine them into one through the student loan consolidation program and enjoy the benefits it can offers. However, before enrolling into any of the student loan consolidation program, you need to understand the details and ensure the package is really inline with you financial needs.

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Credit card debt consolidation loans dig you out of the payment grave


If you have money in your pocket, you can spend only as much as you have, but there is no such limit when you are a credit card owner. Most people cannot resist the temptation of buying new cars, clothes, furniture, jewellery, etc., once the credit card is bouncing in their pockets. As a result, credit card debt is head and shoulders above all other debts and is acting as a constant drain on many families and individuals budget. Once you find yourself caught in the web of credit card debt, effectively the only way out of that hazardous financial crunch to regain your footing is, opting for a Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan. Because of your negligence, first you bear the pain of paying a high interest for availing credit card services and then you pay a severe rate of interest for repaying the Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan. Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan will help you out in the following ways:
  • It will save you from the humiliation of turning bankrupt.
  • You will not face harassment at the hands of your creditor.
  • Instead of paying too many installments, you will be paying a fixed monthly installment.
  • The rate of interest you will be paying will be comparatively low.
  • Paying creditors on time will improve your credit rating.
  • It will lead you to a road of more healthy personal finances. Availing a credit card debt consolidation loan is comparatively easy for homeowners, as they can take advantage of soaring property prices and can offer the same as security to obtain secured credit card debt consolidation loan. They shall have to pay a low rate of interest, because the lender is assured of his borrower’s repayment. But no such safety net is available to people living in rented accommodations. They have no option but to go for unsecured credit card debt consolidation loans. Such a loan will also carry a high rate of interest. Adding to that, if you have a poor credit history, getting an unsecured credit card debt consolidation loan becomes really difficult, unless the borrower is ready to offer some kind of an asset (say a vehicle) as security. No doubt, a credit card debt consolidation loan helps you in reducing your payment amount and sets you back on track, but too much of credit card debt may nullify the effect of this magical pill.

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    Bipolar disorder

    Do you know someone who is sometimes almost manic but at others seems depressed? Do their moods shift from a “high” to a “low”? If you do, then you might know someone who has what has been diagnosed as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a serious illness that can affect ones relationships, careers and self. People with bipolar disorder swing between manic moods like exhibiting high energy, becoming very talkative, restless or reckless and becoming depressed exhibiting sadness, crying, lack of energy and sometimes sleep problems. This disorder effects over 2 million people and occurs equally in men and women. Although the onset of bipolar disorder sets in during the early 20s there are often symptoms early in childhood.

    Some people have found a connection with BPD and ADHD. Because BPD and ADHD symptoms are closely mirrored, BPD is hard to diagnose in young children. It is equally difficult to diagnose adolescents as this is typically a very unbalanced period in our development overall. It is difficult to discern if the adolescent is portraying normal behaviors or if the mood swings are symptoms of BPD. In adults, there are other problems that will most often occur in conjunction with BPD. About 60% of men and women also have problems with drugs or alcohol, seasonal depression and anxiety disorders. Doctors are not completely sure what causes bipolar disorder. There is evidence however, that it is genetic and runs in families. There is also growing evidence that lifestyle and stress are contributors to BPD. Overall, medical experts have come to the conclusion that BPD is related to the chemicals produced by the brain. When the productions levels are higher, people feel a sense of mania. When levels are lower, that is when the lows, or depressions, set in. There are ways to treat BPD. The most popular ways are with mood stabilizing drugs. These, combined with psychotherapy have proven to yield positive results. A few considerations need to be taken into account when taking medication. Children and young adults sometimes have heightened suicidal tendencies while on mood stabilizing drugs. Medications should be used under extreme caution or other measures of control should be put into practice for younger people diagnosed with BPD. Another thing to consider is that even though one may feel as though they have been “cured”, continuous therapy should be used. A medical doctor, teamed with a psychiatrist to prescribe appropriate medications and a psychologist to assess mental health should provide a qualified team to affectively monitor and prevent the illness from worsening. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent BPD, especially since there is so much that needs to be learned about this illness. The best way to prevent or treat BPD is to be familiar with the symptoms. Symptoms of BPD include: -Excessive happiness or hopefulness -Restlessness coupled with a need for less sleep -Distractibility -Racing thoughts -High sex drive -Inflated self-esteem -Tendency to make larger than attainable plans -Tendency to make rash or poor decisions such as the decision to quit a job -Sad, anxious or irritability -Lack of energy -Increased need for sleep -Insomnia -Change in appetite causing weight loss or gain -Thoughts of death or suicide -Suicide attempt If you feel that you, or someone you know, may have BPD, then it is important that you note the severity of the symptoms listed above and how long they last. The most telling symptom of BPD however, is extreme mood swings of extreme highs and lows that do not follow a set pattern. BPD is not an illness that should be self-diagnosed however. If you suspect BPD seek medical attention as soon as possible from a psychiatrist or psychologist.

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    How to find a good inexpensive hotel

    When going on vacation somewhere you have never been it can be hard to find a good quality Hotel working on a budget. So here is a guide to help you find a good place cheap, so you don’t have to worry about where you will stay. In my life I have done a great deal of traveling, and I have many nightmare stories about the things that have happened to me in some of the cheap hotels I have stayed in. I remember once I was ok a ski trip and half the floor in my room actually dropped about 6 inches. I woke up and my head was lower then the rest of me and was confused for several seconds before I managed to come to my senses. Lucky for me the room was on the first floor. On another trip, the police raided the hotel looking for illegal immigrants, and there was noise all night long. It was probably quiet the next night, but I did not stick around to see. Finding a good inexpensive hotel should not be a gamble. The best way to find a good hotel is to go to a place you have been before, but assuming that is not an option the next best thing is from someone who has been there. If you know someone who has been to the same vacation spot as you are planning on going, ask them about the place they stayed, the worst that can happen is they tell you they hated it or that it was too expensive. But what if no one you know has ever been to where you are going to be? Unless you like to gamble, you can't just make reservations anywhere, if you are looking to gamble on something play blackjack or poker in a casino, but don’t roll the dice with the place you are going to use as your home base for your vacation. Use the internet to look for hotel reviews. There are many websites that have reviews from people who have stayed in the hotel. Now one mans hell may be another mans heaven, but at least this way you can see that 5 people stayed there and said it was fine and two said it was not good maybe these 2 people were the exception. Or maybe the two that did not like the hotel were in town for business in an area popular with tourists. This can be an annoying situation when everyone around you is partying and you are trying to sleep, this is one of the reason why no business is conducted in Daytona Beech during Spring Break. Talking with a travel agent is always a great way to assure your happiness with your lodgings, and helps keep the gambling in the casinos and out of your room. A good thing to do is to make sure to ask lots of question on the phone with any hotels you are considering staying in.

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    Should you get plastic surgery

    These days, plastic surgery is often much maligned, and while the apparent levity with which it is sometimes undertaken and its almost epidemic-type spread can seem rather worrying, the benefits of plastic surgery can easily be overlooked. While there is an overwhelming array of various plastic surgery horror stories reported in the press, the quiet stories of success often remain untold. For the right candidate, plastic surgery can truly be a life-enhancing procedure. It would be wonderful to live in a world where everyone is truly accepted, regardless of their physical appearance, and while this type of world might one day evolve, these days, being different is undeniably difficult. For those people who suffer under the weight of a single feature that seems to swallow the rest of them whole, plastic surgery is simply the door to a new life. One of the first things that many patients notice after surgery is how the correction of this feature can bring a sense of balance to their whole appearance. For the woman with big breasts or the man with prominent ears, the hated feature can dominate their self perception, and its alteration to a state that blends in more easily with those of others, truly allows the rest of their self, both physically and spiritually, to blossom.

    The most important element of the plastic surgery picture is the surgeon who will perform the procedure. A good plastic surgeon will first evaluate the patient's suitability for treatment, both physically and emotionally, and will help them to approach the surgery with realistic expectations. A good surgeon will adapt the problem feature to match not only the patient's physical appearance, but their personality also, allowing the person who has been hiding behind the perceived imperfection to really shine. Because this is what plastic surgery does, at its best - it does not have the power to change the way a person feels about themselves, but in changing something that has been oppressive to the patient, it allows them to find their confidence again.

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    Damage done by overdosing on tricyclic antidepressants

    Tricylcic antidepressants are used to treat depression, as the name indicates. There are some that may be used as an effective treatment for varying degrees of anxiety, but for the most part, doctors don't stray too far. They have also been known to be useful in treating a variety of other conditions, apart form depression and anxiety. Primarily, they can be considered alternative treatments for migraines and neuropathic pain. However, as useful as they are, no sane doctor is going to prescribe amounts of tricyclic antidepressants that might be considered too high. This is because these medications, in high enough amounts, have been known to cause fatalities. According to statistics, nearly 2% of people who had overdoses of antidepressant medication died from an overdose of tricyclic antidepressants. There are a number of signs that signify that someone has overdosed on the aforementioned medication. Most people who overdose suddenly find that their bodies have become lethargic, with a heightened sense of agitation also being a common sign. The muscles are also adversely affected, with various areas of the body undergoing involuntary twitching, seizures, and jerky movements. Low blood pressure and heart rate have also been associated with overdoses of tricyclic antidepressants, though these usually occur in the more advanced stages. Disturbances in the heart rhythm, sometimes to a potentially fatal level, have been known to be common if the problem is not addressed early enough. It should be noted that all of the above can be overdose signs of other drugs, though a simple blood test is often enough to identify the source of the problem. The approach taken to dealing with anyone who has experienced an overdose on the above medication is the same as the approach taken with anyone who has overdosed or been poisoned. As such, the initial procedure is to stabilize the vital signs of the victim. In the case of an overdose of tricyclic antidepressants, this step usually involves low blood pressure and the use of intravenous liquids to rectify that problem. Breathing could be a problem at any stage of poisoning, though it is most difficult to start and stabilize if the overdose has caused the victim to enter into a comatose state. Some also use muscle relaxants in treating overdoses, particularly if the body is convulsing or experiencing spasms. Sodium bicarbonate can sometimes be used to prevent the effects of the medication from reaching the heart, though there is no pharmaceutical means to counter the other effects. Most people should realize that in the event of an overdose, people may not appear ill at first. However, the effects can rapidly appear and will quickly become life-threatening if not subjected to proper treatment on time. Interestingly, most cases of overdose of tricyclics are considered to be intentional. Alcohol has been known to increase the intensity of some of the side effects of the medication, and should not be taken with such. Some patients have also reported becoming depressed in connection with an overdose. As such, once the physical treatment has been completed, most doctors recommend that the patient undergo some sort of psychiatric evaluation as soon as they are physically able to.

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    Home business success

    For people who dream of making a comfortable living at home, the best rated home based business is, in my opinion, one that allows him or her to work on the world wide web. This is simply due to the fact that for most entrepreneurs, their best rated home business is one that gives them the flexibility to work their own schedule, make a quick profit, expand their profits virally, reach the geographically largest market, and make the most money in the least amount of time. While there are many sharp marketers who offer others nothing but a song and dance about being the best rated home business when they are nothing but a scam, there are far more legitimate Web businesses, and business opportunities. There are many, as well, that don't just offer a best rated home business for sale, but are consultants, authors, educators, marketers and other online money making gurus that sell or give away the information about how one can start her or his own best rated home business. We looked at one such consultant, an accomplished Webpreneur himself, and author of an online newsletter on setting up a profitable home business. What he teaches others online is how to design their own best rated home business. He offers a voluminous, comprehensive, but easy to follow and understand guide to earning a good profit as an online merchant. This e-marketing expert teaches the basic fundamentals of Internet business, starting with a glossary of words the new Webpreneur would need to know to try to create his or her best rated home business. He helps budding entrepreneurs identify their niche and their target audience, and determine which online business model is best for their business venture. He teaches in step by simple step how to start a profitable online business, how to create a dynamic Web site, how to gather and write content that is keyword relevant, and how to optimize search engines. To develop a best rated home business, a new business owner would do well with the guidance of this guru who can help create viral marketing, design a newsletter and summon subscribers, set up a merchant account to e-commerce, enable the firm's site for online payments, and to promote effectively by way of the right search engines. For those who want to work from home as online merchants the best rated home businesses are those that make them the most money in the least amount of work hours, so they can live stress free lives with more family and leisure time. For most, the ideal way to a best rated home business is with the growth of an online merchant business.

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    Save money by renting construction equipment for your renovation project

    If it is time to renovate your home, consider becoming your own contractor and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars! If you are capable of completing the work yourself, bypass the costly contractors and finish the project on your own and under budget. For a larger project, hire individuals directly to work on each specific part of the renovation. Hiring sub contractors directly will still save you a great deal of money and allow you to better apply your budget to quality materials. One major problem individuals have when beginning their renovation project is their lack of construction equipment in their stable. Renting this equipment is an excellent choice for anyone who needs the items on a limited basis and does not have the funding to purchase the often costly equipment for themselves. Construction equipment can be rented at a variety of places. Look in your local yellow pages to find a specialized construction equipment rental business in your area.

    These businesses are usually prevalent and are capable of renting everything under the sun, from small tools to tractors or caterpillars. You may need to call or visit different rental companies to find out their rules, costs, and the equipment available before you make your choice. In order to limit hassle and aggravation, choose a company that has all requested tools and equipment instead of renting from a variety of shops around town. Usually, shops will strive to work with you regarding renting equipment for a large job, often providing bulk pricing and long term renting contracts.

    For smaller jobs, consider visiting your local home supply store. These ever popular equipment laden depots regularly rent a variety of tools and other construction equipment on a daily basis. Stores such as Lowes and Home Depot regularly rent a host of power tools and even vehicles for hauling materials, but may have a more limited selection than a firm that specializes in renting construction equipment. Furthermore, these stores generally have a shorter rental time, making them perfect for smaller projects, but inappropriate for larger endeavors. Before you agree to rent everything, be sure you fully understand the rental contract. You do not want to be penalized at the end of the day and forced to pay expensive fees because you did not completely understand the rental conditions before you signed on the dotted light. Ask for a deal in either the price or longevity of the contract. Often if you are renting a great deal of equipment from a specific store, they will work with you on either of these items. Also, speak with your subcontractors and be absolutely aware of their timeline.

    No one wants to rent construction equipment before it is actually needed and having the tools sit unused for a period of time. This can be a costly mistake and should be avoided at all costs. Renting construction equipment is an excellent way to have the tools you need on hand for your home renovation project. Do not purchase expensive and bulky tools that you may never use again! Find a reliable rental agency and rent the right equipment to get the job done.

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    Sobig f virus promises i ll be back

    On 21 August 2003 Symantec Security Response upgraded the W32.SOBIG. F threat to a category 4. It is the sixth version of this worm. SOBIG. F follows a computer worm known as "Blaster," or "MSBlaster," which infected at least 500,000 computers all over the world only a week ago. The “Nachi” worm which is designed to protect pcs from “Blaster” caused its own havoc including infiltrating unclassified computers on the Navy-Marine intranet and the collapse of the check-in system of Air Canada. Associated Press has stated that 1 in 17 emails sent around the world has been infected. According to Paul Wood of MessageLabs it took anti-virus companies at least 12 hours to release updated software to combat the worm. W32.Sobig. F@mm is, in fact, a worm, not a virus. This worm sends itself to every email address it finds in files with the following extensions: .TXT .WAB .MHT .HTML .HTM .HLP .EML .DBX The “SOBIG” worm is found in emails in your inbox with the following subject headings: RE: DETAILS RE: THANK YOU! RE: YOUR APPLICATION RE: YOUR DETAILS RE: DETAILS RE: APPROVED RE: THAT MOVIE RE: WICKED SCREENSAVER I have personally received emails with all of these subject headings on a daily basis. The body of the email simply refers you to an attached file. It is absolutely critical that you DO NOT open this attachment. It is this attachment that contains the “SOBIG” worm. The “SOBIG” worm is attached to files with the following names: Movie0045.pif Your_document. pif Thank_you. pif Document_all. pif Details. pif Document_9446.pif Wicked_scr. scr Application. pif The last day on which the “SOBIG” worm will spread is 9 September, 2003. Although this means email address collection and mass-mailing will stop at that date a computer infected with the worm will still try to download updates from master servers even after this date. The worm affects Windows 95, 98, Me, Nt, 2000 and XP but leaves Unix, OS/2, Windows 3.x, Macintosh and Linux unaffected. Thankfully Symantec Security Response has created a removal tool which is free to clean an infected computer. To access Symantec’s free removal tool visit: http://securityresponse. symantec. com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.sobig. f@mm. html For a free virus scan visit: http:// stop-sign. com This past month’s computer attacks follows a historical trend – virus activity surges when college students have free time on their hands in the summer. However, there is a suspicion that these kind of virus attacks may be driven by profit motives because worms such as SOBIG. F place a “trojan horse” on infected drives of unsuspecting pc owners which allows spammers to quickly distribute millions of unsolicited emails around the world. Poorly designed software is declared the main cause of increased virus activity by computer designers as software is often distributed without appropriate amounts of testing. Microsoft last year announced its intention to slow down software development so that software can be made more safe from infiltration. Regardless of the cause, here is the reality: Sobig. A was found on January 9 2003 with no expiry. Sobig. B was found on May 18, expiring May 31 2003. Sobig. C was found on May 31, expiring on June 8 2003. Sobig. D was found on June 18, expiring on July 2 2003. Sobig. E was found on June 25, expiring on July 14 2003. Sobig. F was found on August 19, to expire 10 September 2003. The spread of the SOBIG. F worm is being hailed the fastest ever. History, therefore, tells us that Sobig. G is, in fact, just around the corner, faster and stronger than each of its predecessors. As Sobig. F nears its expiry on 10 September 2003 I can almost envisage its evil grin as it declares, “I’ll be back.”

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