Acne treatment products

When talking about skin problems, nine times out of ten you will discover that the topic is acne. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, mostly in teens but also with adults, acne can prove to be a very serious problem. One of the products that have been swiping the markets is acne soap, almost every cosmetics and dermatology company that respects itself has some kind of acne soap out there for the public to use, many soaps may cause irritation to some of its users, some soaps are scented and some users are irritated by them too. Soaps have become the number one product to fight acne. These anti acne soaps come in two different forms, in liquid or in classic bar shape, most of the soaps have a similar version in bar or liquid so it is really the preference of the user if he or she likes this form or the other better. Cleansers are used to fight and remove oil and dirt from the surface of the face thus cleaning and “opening” it. this is not a one step procedure, the cleaning is a first step, allowing the active topical acne cleaner to treat the acne and decrease it. One major problem with teens using these soap and anti acne treatments is that they are too eager to eliminate their acne that they overuse the products, this may cause other problems, as the use of soap on the face skin creates dryness and irritation. In this case there should be a regular, and steady use of the treatment products, and not an acne blitz to try and eliminate acne immediately, this simply does not work. Another important factor is the kind of skin the user has, it is important to know and understand what kind of skin you have before you even buy your acne treatment products, soaps or cleansers. Dry or oily skin require a product that will treat the face skin accordingly, otherwise the user may make his problem worst than better, this is very important, and this should not be left for the salesperson to deiced. Users with dry skin should gentle cleansers and soaps, as they will feel an aggressive one immediately and it would not help their condition. Synthetic detergents are sometimes recommended for dry skin, they should not be used often and have been known to work well on that skin type. One skin type that needs to be most careful of all is a sensitive skin type, if you have sensitive skin you should be very careful with what you use, try and make sure well in advance that the product is fro sensitive skin and that it will not hurt your skin face, try not to use any products that require scrubbing or aggressive washing, look for gentle soaps and liquids, cleansers and special sensitive skin products. It is important to know what you are shopping for and what kind of skin you have, before you even go out to the shop. You should put some thought into the acne treatment that you are going to use, and think about a long term fight against acne and not a one day effort, find a product you like and that is good for you, and use it every couple of days, always read the instructions and use common sense when looking for new products.

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Moving back to the nature through aromatherapy skin care

In the mid east, there is the custom of wearing hijaab among women. It is a kind of veil that covers the entire face. Though it has taken many a connotations with time (largely controversial), the very basic purpose of it was to protect the facial skin from the sun. Skin care, as can be seen, has been accorded wide importance at all times. In addition, it has been an ubiquitous phenomenon as no part of the world is unaffected with the concern for their skin. Skin care with herbs and plant extracts is finding growing popularity in recent years. This is termed as aromatherapy skin care. Aromatherapy skin care is not a recent concept. Only that we were so engrossed in artificial and synthetic products that we forgot the huge resource of our nature. Artificial skin care products are easily available. This was the primary plank on which these became the order of the day. For the natural remedies for skin care, one had to visit their source, i. e. the forest. This was an impossible task for a common person. So, artificial moisturizers, artificial lotions, artificial sunscreens, and several other artificial skin care products almost enveloped the market. It was because of constant research on the subject that people understood the adverse effects of artificial products. Now, people who are concerned about their skin and are willing to spend that extra buck for the correct remedy for their skin, have voted for natural skin care products and aromatherapy skin care. If seen from the point of view of cost, then aromatherapy skin care will turn out to be the cheapest. If one wants then he can prepare an all-natural skin care preparation at home. Does this demand time? No! Devote your weekend to skin care (your skin truly deserves that). Many preparations last for a few days to certain weeks. So, one may keep them for use during the weekdays. This will ensure that you do not get late for office while readying your skin for the day. Simple techniques are involved in aromatherapy skin care. While taking a bath, sprinkle two drops each of lavender, bergamot, and cedar wood. This will keep you refreshed all day. If you are feeling nervous, then use of essentials oils of geranium and basil is recommended. Similarly, there are baths aimed at relieving people of insomnia or fatigue. If using a skin softener, look for sweet almond oil in the product. Being rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6, your skin will glow. Exposing ones skin to steam is also helpful. This helps open the pores in the skin and thus prevents skin inflammations. A cleanser too works in the same manner. It helps keep the skin clean. Always use a chemical free and soap free cleanser. One may have a vast choice from natural cleansers available in the market. All these attempts to keep your skin healthy and glowing will go waste if you are stressed. Stress shows on your face (unless you are a master deceiver). Go for a spa and rejuvenate yourself.

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Practical aromatherapy anti viral properties of essential oils

Antiviral Activity of Essential Oils The body of evidence regarding the effectiveness of natural botanicals against a great variety of viruses is growing. Over twenty years ago, German scientists found extracts of more than 100 species of the Lamiaceae family to have antiviral effects. This discovery lead to and increase in the examination of essential oils in Europe for the treatment of viral infections. Essential oils from many plant families have now been demonstrated to have antiviral properties. Interestingly, different plant families exhibit varying degrees of effectiveness depending on the virus strain. This is due to the particular molecular structures found in each type of oil, which penetrate physical entities to varying degrees (different tissues, cell walls, mucous membranes, etc). The effect on each virus strain depends also on the virus structure (enveloped, non-enveloped, molecular symmetry, etc.) Certainly, one of the reasons for oils' effectiveness en vivo is their lipophillic character - essential oils are easily absorbed into mammalian tissues, where they may produce the greatest results. In fact, when studying the anti-viral effects of essential oils, researchers found that normal cells seemed to acquire a special resistance to viral penetration, though the mechanism for this effect is not yet known. Melissa and the Herpes Virus One of the Lamiaceae plants studied, Melissa (Melissa officinalis - also known as Lemon Balm), was shown particularly efficacious against the herpes virus (HSV). Doctor Dietrich Wabner, a professor at the Technical University of Munich, has even reported that a one-time application of Melissa oil led to a complete remission of HSV lesions. A cream medication for Herpes outbreaks, who's active ingredient is an extract of Melissa, is now sold in Germany under the name Lomaherpan. Use of Melissa essential oil itself may be just as effective - the oil can be applied directly to the lesions (or diluted to 10% in carrier if sensitivity is noted) to speed healing. Further occurrences can be prevented by applying oil to the area when sensations signal an eminent outbreak - repeating this protocol 3 or 4 times has been reported to cause total remission in some individuals. Other essential oils found effective against the Herpes virus include bergamot, eucalyptus, lemongrass and tea tree. Related to HSV is Herpes Zoster or 'Shingles', another common virus-mediated skin condition. Application of a 50/50 blend of Ravensara essential oil and Tamanu nut oil has been found extremely effective for reducing symptoms by many people. Antiviral Components of Oils The list of essential oils exhibiting antiviral effects is extensive: Melissa (as above), tea tree, juniper, eucalyptus, thyme, palmarosa, lavender, rosemary, clove, laurel, cinnamon bark, anise, rose, lemongrass, geranium, neroli, bergamot, clary sage, and dill. The antiviral effect of an essential oil is due to particular components of the oil - some oils will work just as effectively on a particular infection as another, because they contain similar amounts of a certain component. The components of essential oils showing antiviral activity, and the oils in which they can be found, are as follows (from K. Schnaubelt, Ph. D. - Advanced Aromatherapy, p. 36): Anethol - found in Anise Alpha-Sabines - found in Tea Tree, Laurel, and other oils Beta-Caryophyllene - found in Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme Linalool, and other oils Carvone - found in Dill Cinnamic aldehyde - found in Cinnamon Bark Citral - found in Melissa, Lemongrass and other oils Citronellol - found in Rose and Geranium Eugenol - found in Clove Gamma-Terpinene - Found in Juniper, Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Tea Tree and other oils Linalol - found in Lavender and Neroli Linalyl acetate - found in Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot and other oils Limited In-Vivo Data Good studies of application of these essential oils in cases of illness are difficult to come by, as infecting people with viruses in the laboratory to subsequently be treated with aromatics would be a difficult process at best. The oils and components above have mostly shown effectivenessin-vitro, though tests also indicate that the anti-viral effect should occur in-vivo as well. As with Melissa, it has been HSV that has been most thoroughly examined, because of the relative simplicity of doing so. But there is nothing particularly special about the herpes virus, and proper oil/pathogen paring should prove as effective. There are some noted case studies by professional aromatherapists. Of importance in these studies is the oil/symptom relationship. Essential oils from plants of the Myrtaceae family - notably Eucalyptus Radiata and Tea Tree - and Ravensara (also high in Eucalyptol) seem to have helped in cases with respiratory symptoms. For the lower respiratory tract, Hyssop decumbens (from the same plant family as Melissa) has been of interest. Essential oils for such cases may be used either in a diffuser, being taken at regular intervals, or through massage, diluted in a carrier oil. Conclusion Because of the difficulty in many cases of illness in determining the exact virus type involved, more specific application cannot be given. Certainly, in cases of HSV, Melissa has been shown effective in a number of studies. For respiratory infections, Eucalyptus and Ravensara have been used with success, and can be safely used as an adjunct to regular medical care. These oils may support one's recovery on a physiologic level - essential oils also play a part in uplifting emotions, which may also speed healing, or at least improve mental outlook during the healing process. For such instances, one may simply find the essential oil or combination that one finds pleasant, calming, and/or uplifting. PLEASE NOTE: In no cases, however, should self-treatment with essential oils be used in place of professional medical care where signs/symptoms of infectious illness are present.

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Teaching your child magic tricks

When it comes to fun family entertainment, consider teaching your child old fashioned magic tricks. This is a great way to kill time while waiting for an event to start or to stop those annoying questions of “are we there yet?” while driving in the car. Consider bringing clever magic tricks with you on vacation or camping trip so you children will have no complaints of being bored. You can find magic tricks at any specialty store or even your child’s favorite toy store. Many magic tricks do not require any additional materials, besides the old standby of a handkerchief or a bright, shiny penny. One fantastic option for individuals wishing to teach their kids magic tricks are the Klutz series of books. These books teach kids, “tweens,” and teenagers all sorts of things, from different ways to braid hair to how to perform a variety of tricks using an old fashioned wooden yoyo. In addition to in depth instruction especially for the younger crowd, these books include several accessories that are necessary for performing the task. From their instruction book on magic tricks to their instruction book on card tricks, the Klutz series are perfect for any individual of any age looking to learn magic.

A quick trip to your favorite bookstore or local library will result in a plethora of books that will provide you with step by step instruction when it comes to teaching your child magic tricks. From classic tricks that are sure to elicit a chuckle to in depth slights of hand, magic tricks, and illusions that will wow all audiences, you are sure to find out how to perform each task with in depth step by step instructions that anyone will be able to flawlessly follow. Consider bringing some necessary tools for teaching the specific magic tricks along on a long plane or train ride so your kids can do something more productive than mindlessly play video games or argue. This is a great idea if you are traveling to a city with a renowned magic shop, museum of magic, or show that features world class magicians.

For instance, if you are traveling to Las Vegas to see the fantastic Lance Burton, teach your kids a few magic tricks along the way to make the show hit closer to home. Magic tricks are great for school or club talent shows in which your child wishes to participate. Quite often, children are left at a loss when it comes to participating in talent shows and may feel left out if they cannot think of a talent that has not been chosen. Everyone sings or dances on stage at a talent show, but few children can don a magic hat and cape and perform astounding tricks of slight of hand or illusions. Learning magic can boost a child’s self esteem, especially when he or she finally gets the gist of the trick and is able to flawlessly perform the trick in front of an audience. Who knows, your child may be the next great magician and they will only have you to thank for showing them basic magic tricks!

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Cleaning wheels properly

Have you ever bought a wheel cleaner from your local auto parts store, only to have it bleach out the finish on your wheels? It happens all the time. Here are 9 steps to properly cleaning your wheels. 9 Steps To Wheel Care 1. Wheels should be cleaned with warm water and mild non-detergent soap, using a cotton cloth or soft sponge applicator. 2. Do not use spray wheel cleaners, which can contain caustic chemicals that could stain and/or spot the finish of your wheels. 3. Let the wheel cool down completely before applying any cleaning product. Failing to do so may result in unwanted spots or stains. 4. Do not use tire cleaners containing harsh chemicals (any acid based cleaner), which can also stain or spot wheels. 5. Use only 100% cotton cloths; this avoids scratches caused by synthetic rags or cloths. 6. Always use a quality wheel polish like Metal Madness (available at Metro Wheels). 7. Carefully polish with the grain of the wheel. Baby powder in the final wipe down will remove fingerprints and oils left from polishing. 8. Occasionally clean the back side of the wheel to remove road grime, road salts, brake dust and grease. 9. For the final finish, apply a thin coat of car paste wax. Allow to dry and wipe off with a cotton cloth.

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Incorporating science into your next backyard adventure

Incorporating Science into Your Next Backyard Adventure Your backyard is a great place for your child to get outside in play. In addition to swimming and playing outdoor sports, your child can also use your backyard as a science experiment. If you are interested in helping them achieve this, you may want to familiarize yourself with some popular backyard activities, especially those that have a focus on nature and science. Exploring your backyard is not only a fun activity, but it is also educational. There are a large number of living, breathing creatures that can be found outdoors. All children love exploring nature, but there are some who may enjoy this exploration more than others. Those children are likely to be toddlers or elementary school aged children. Since young children may need your assistance, you will want to pick backyard activities that you will also enjoy. One of the many ways that you can incorporate science into your backyard is by studying the plants that can be found in your yard. While all backyards are likely to have a number of different plants or flowers, yours may have more. For the best type of environment, you are encouraged to explore areas of your yard that have yet to be mowed. Your backyard is also likely full of a number of different insects. Like plants and flowers, your child may enjoy examining these bugs. It is not only fun to see what bugs live in your backyard, but it is also exciting to learn about how they survive. There is also a good chance that your children may leave your yard with a new pet. In addition to the living things that can be found in your backyard, you and your child may also want to examine the weather and the impact it has on the yard and everything inside of if. Backyard conditions change as the weather changes. By examining your backyard after a rainy day, your child may find that many of the plants, flowers, and bugs have either changed or retreated to safer grounds. Examining the effect the weather has on the things in your backyard is not only fun, but educational. To make the most out of your child’s next backyard adventure, you may want to consider purchasing them some science supplies. These supplies may include, but should not be limited to containers, butterfly catching nets, magnifying glasses, picture books, and resource guides. If your child is planning on capturing a few insects, a small cage or breathable container may be just what they need. These supplies, along with others, can be purchased from most retail stores. These stores may include department stores, home improvement stores, and toy stores. To keep your exploration focused on education, science books and nature resource guides may be a nice addition to your child’s science collection. Many books and resource guide have a focus on insects, birds, plants, and flowers. Many of these resources will provide you with information and pictures. For a large selection of science and nature books, you are encouraged to shop online or visit your local book store. When examining the plants, bugs, and flowers in your backyard, you and your child may want to document what you see. This can easily be done with a notebook or a camera. By taking pictures, your child will always be able to remember their exploration adventures. Those pictures could also be used for other crafts. Scrapbooks and collages are a great way to turn traditional photographs into something much more. Whether your child plans on exploring your backyard or they do so without intending to, it is likely that they will interested with what they see and learn. Incorporating science into your next backyard adventure is just one of the many things that you and your child can do outdoors; however, it may be the most beneficial. Word Count 641

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If your resume is the cake your cover letter is the icing

Cover letter writing is almost as important a skill for a job seeker to learn as resume writing. The cover letter accompanies the resume at all times as the primary support document. Whether you use traditional mail, email, faxing, or another type of electronic submission, this should always be sent with the resume. There are, of course, other tools you’ll use when job seeking. Your cover letter and resume come first of course, followed by follow-up letters, thank-you letters for after the interview, reference sheets, salary histories, and job acceptance letters. If you have good cover letter writing skills, and good resume writing skills, the other written tools should be a snap to compose. Your goal in this is to get the attention of the hiring manager, just as it is with resume writing.

The method and format are a little different however. Your resume will cover all, or most of your professional career, and will be from one to two pages. Your cover letter will be a very brief page serving as an introduction to the resume. Cover letter writing style must be direct, to the point, and able to grab the attention of the reader quickly, with a goal of making the reader want to read the attached resume. Many people, when engaged in this type of writing, have a tendency to say too much. Good cover letter writing is short and punchy, and will take two or three key points from the resume and emphasize them. The old adage “tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them” holds true in both resume writing and cover letter writing. As an example, let’s assume that you are a materials handling manager for a defense contractor, seeking another position.

In your line of work the buzz words are MRP, lean manufacturing, ISO 9000, and cost savings. Your writing efforts should reflect these buzz words to show your value to your current employer and any future employers. Your resume will go into more detail about how you accomplished these goals. The cover letter will simply point out to the hiring manager that you accomplished them. An example of this would be two bulleted paragraphs in the body of the letter that say…. • Experienced in quality assurance and quality control, MRP, ISO 9000, QS 9000, and Lean Manufacturing. • Demonstrated results in saving significant money for employers through cost savings, inventory level reductions, and on-time supplier delivery. The hiring manager, according to many surveys, devotes only about fifteen seconds to each resume and cover letter he or she reviews. With that in mind your writing skills need to be top notch to get this person to look at your resume. Your resume writing skills need to be just as good to get the reader to want to grant you an interview. In turn, your interviewing skills need to be excellent to get the hiring manager to offer you the position. This long, and hopefully positive chain of events begins with good cover letter writing skills and ends with job satisfaction and a nice paycheck.

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How to leverage your expertise with tips booklets

I first heard of tips sheets and tips booklets from the author of Making a Living Without a Job, Barbara Winter, http:// barbarawinter. com, a completely delightful writer and entrepreneur who aspires to have everyone create an inspired business. I then attended several teleclasses by the woman I consider to be the tips booklet queen, Paulette Ensign, http:// tipsbooklets. com, where I fully understood the idea of how a tips booklet could help you leverage your expertise. Ensign describes a tips booklet as a pamphlet-like publication that serves to educate a target audience with tips, techniques, or strategies. They typically have a fairly simple design and minimal graphics, usually measure 3 Ѕ" x 8 Ѕ", and typically contain 16 to 24 pages. If you've been thinking of writing a book, and feel that project to be overwhelming, a tips booklet can be the vehicle to become a published expert, instead.

The publication of a tips booklet will help you promote your product or service, distribute value-added products, generate additional revenue, or become an established expert in your field. How do you decide on your topic? Here are some questions you can ask yourself: 1. What are the biggest problems that your clients report having? 2. What are 10 solutions (or more) that you can write about which would help them deal with these problems? 3. What issues/problems do you commonly help clients with that appear to you as "common-sense" but in reality aren't? 4. What result, or benefit, do you want the readers to experience as a result of reading your tips booklet? 5. Are there ancillary markets in the industry who can also benefit from this information, like manufacturers, suppliers or other kinds of distributors? 6. What kinds of stories or case studies do you have that can support your tips? I think people learn much from the stories we tell. Now, how can you begin the writing process? First, start capturing those sound bytes of information that you tell over and over again to your clients over the next few weeks. You can jot them on a pad or note them in a Word doc in their raw state, or use a very cool outlining/notetaking program that I love called Evernote, http:// evernote. com. Once you have written down a collection of tips, begin to organize and refine them. You may want to divide them into categories and elaborate or rewrite some of the initial tips you jotted down. Then you can hire a graphic designer to typeset the booklet for you, and you can make a decision to distribute it in PDF format electronically or have it published as a soft cover booklet. Who's going to receive your booklet? You can give it to or sell it to members of your target market, or send it to the media in a campaign to establish credibility with them in your target market. Your biggest bang for the buck, however, will be in licensing the content to corporations, associations, publications or any other group that might want to distribute the booklet to their client base. Any time you sell a large quantity of books, or license the content, you'll be reaching a much larger audience than you could on your own, as they are also marketing your business with every booklet they distribute. You can sell an electronic version of your tips booklet at Paulette Ensign's site, http:// tipsbooklets. com. Here's the info on a great booklet of a client of mine, Certified Retirement Coach Lin Schreiber, http:// revolutionizeretirement. com/tipsbooklet. htm. Lin has completed a media campaign and distributed the booklet and an introductory letter to members of the media who cover retirement issues. She also sells the tips booklet on her website, and we're currently working together on a booklet licensing plan that will create a multiple profit center for her business as well as serve as a phenomenal marketing tool for her coaching services. Become known an expert in your field by publishing a tips booklet. It'll be a short-term project that will result in long-term rewards for your business. Copyright 2006 Donna Gunter

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Ford bronco ii shining through despite criticisms

Sold between the years 1984 to 1990, the Ford Bronco II was built and manufactured to be a compact sport utility vehicle. It was actually built to be a compact complement of the full sized Ford Bronco. It was also targeted so as to be the direct competitor to the Chevrolet S 10 Blazer and the Jeep Cherokee. This vehicle held a 94 inch wheelbase that was very similar to the Volkswagen Beetle. The mechanical parts were very much similar to the Ford Ranger pickup’s mechanical components. The first models came out equipped with a 2.8 liter V6 engine which was very much similar to the 2.8 liter engine that was used in the Ford vehicles marketed and sold in Europe. Come the year 1986, the Ford Bronco II came introduced with a 2.9 liter EFI V6. It has been said that this engine was doomed from the beginning with design flaws. This engine often suffered from premature cylinder head failure and loss of valve train lubrication as well. This happened when the valve train lubrication was not rigorously maintained.

However, Ford was able to see this flaw immediately and it acted upon changing or correcting this flaw in the soonest time possible. Come 1989, this mistake was already corrected. However, the Ford Bronco II had already accumulated unattractive comments and a not so good reputation to potential buyers. These buyers were concerned about the safety of this vehicle. This vehicle has also been reputed to tip over during some situations because of the high center of gravity. Later on in 1991, the Ford Bronco II platform underwent a major redesign and was released to be wider and longer. However, despite the bad kind of reputation that this vehicle received, the Ford Bronco II still continued to be actively sought by customers and patrons who are looking for a cheap, solid and compact sports utility vehicle. Of course, these buyers would have to do some work on it but the replacement parts and engine could be found easily for the Ford Bronco II could have an engine swap with the Ford Ranger.

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Corporate gift

Simple Rules on Giving Corporate Gifts to Your Employees Give gifts to everyone and don’t play favorites. – This means that you have to give gifts from your assistant to the utility. Treat them all equal. If you plan to give different items to each of them, the value should only be within a couple of dollars. If you are giving gifts to selected few, be discreet. – If in case you only plan to give gifts to a chosen few like your assistant, few clerks, and the receptionists, do not tell everyone about your plan. Keep it silent and hand your gifts when no one else who can see; it may be out of the office. You can be charged with favoritism if you are not careful enough. Be fair to everyone and consistent. – A personalized gift to one employee means personalized gift to all. Do not give special gift to someone and a uniform token to the rest. Doing this will create negative feedbacks against you. Choose appropriate gifts – There is a thick line that divides the appropriate gifts from the inappropriate ones. However, even if it may seem so hard to cross this border, there are still some who want to test the un-chartered terrain. Leave that task to those who want to take the unnecessary risks. For your employees, make sure that what you choose as a corporate gift suits the person. Be safe and use common sense. You know very well that the gift items you can give to your wife/husband are different from the gift items you can give to your employees. Also, your diabetic employees should not receive chocolates or cookies; your overweight employees should not receive clothes that will not fit them; and so on. Avoid gender discrimination – Of course, you will choose your gift according to gender but make sure that you treat each of them equally. Do not buy a $50-gift for men and a $10 gift for women. Keep it equal. Better yet, choose an item that will suit both men and women and give it to all. A gift is different from a party – Do not think that once you have given your employees a party, you have already given them your gift. A party is a party; a gift is a gift… plain and simple. Take gift returns easily. – Receiving returned gifts may be quite an embarrassing experience but make sure you do not go ballistic that would end that employee an added figure in the unemployment rate. You will only scare everyone if you do that. Keep them comfortable and appreciate their honesty. Take into account the important matters – Do not just give what you want; give what is right. Consider your employees' religion, ethnicity, health, personal ethics, cultural background, etc. Make sure you take note of these things so that you avoid hurting your employees in the process or having your gifts returned. Work related Gift items should be avoided – Any corporate gift item not related to work is very much appreciated since your employees are not compelled to use it at the office or where you can see it. Don’t give double-meaning gift items – "Idiot guide to counting from one to ten correctly", "better understanding about work and professionalism", "easy guide to lose pounds", "book on Labor Code", and anything of the same sort can insult anyone. These items must be avoided at all cost.

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0 balance transfer credit cards will not last

Have you ever been attracted to a credit card because it promises you an outstanding interest rate that seems just too good to be true? Most of us have at some stage jumped for one of these attractive offers. There are a growing number of credit card providers out there that will offer you 0% deals on either balance transfers or purchases, and sometimes they just seem too good to resist. Particularly if you have a large outstanding credit card balance that you are currently paying a lot of interest on, these offers will be very tempting. In fact, many 0% balance transfer offers will save you hundreds of pounds on interest that you would otherwise have had to pay on your credit card balance. But no matter how attractive such offers may appear at the time, you should only ever take on another credit card if you have taken the time to review your finances and are satisfied that it is the right financial move for you at this time. To look at a typical example, suppose you have one thousand pounds outstanding on a credit card that charges 10% APR. This means that over the course of a year, this balance will cost you 100 pounds in interest charges.

Now suppose you find a credit card that offers you 0% on balance transfers for six months. Well it is pretty obvious that 0% is better than 10 and if you were to take up this offer, assuming there are no balance transfer fees, then how much will you have saved over the six month interest free period? The answer is 50 pounds. However, what will the interest rate revert to once the interest free period has come to an end? This is something you should be thinking about before you opt for the credit card, and not when the interest free period is about to expire and everything is more urgent.

Suppose, for the sake of our example that the interest rate reverts to a rate of 25%. This means that over the next six months you will pay Ј125 in interest. While this is a very simple example, it illustrates an important point when it comes to 0% balance transfers. In the example above if the customer had stayed with his 10% card, he would have paid Ј100 in interest over a 12 month period. In the same period, by opting for a 0% balance transfer for six months that then reverted to 25%, he ended up paying Ј125. The point to remember is that just because a credit card offers you 0% does not mean it is the best deal out there. Look at the long term rates that the card will offer you, and compare these to the rates you are already getting from your credit card. If your existing rate is better than the rates that you will get from the new card once the introductory offer expires, then maybe you should remain loyal to the card you have.

So while this is going on you will not be spending on the new credit card, but you will be safe in the knowledge that you are saving the interest payments on the old debt.

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Fluid pneumonia

Pneumonia, is when the lungs fill with fuild, and in turn prevent oxygen from reaching the bloodstream. This is a medical condition that can have result from severl diseases where the tiny, air-filled saces in the lung, which are responsible for absorbing oxygen from the air, are filled with fluid. Many different types of pneumonia exist. The most commony types are results of a bacterial infection of the lung. Several other things can cause pneumonia, such as viruses, fungi, and parasites. Another type of pneumonia occurs as a result of chemical or physical irritation to the lungs. A common sickness, pneumonia, occurs basically evenly among all age groups. Caused by infection in most cases, pneumonia, will often cause difficulty breathing, coughs, fevers, and chest pains. Antibiotic Medication is normally used to treat pneumonia when it has been caused by an infection.

Victims of pneumonia will often have a cough that produces green/yellow sputum. This is one of the leading symptoms of pneumonia as well as a high fever followed by shaking chills. Pneumonia is usually diagnosed by health care providers observations on a patient's symptoms and discoveries from various physical examinations. Pneumonia diagnoses can be difficult for some people. This is especially true for those who have other illnesses at the time of examination. Often times physical examination by a health provider may reveal low amount of oxygen in the blood, low blood pressure, an increased respiratory rate, low body temperature, a fast heart rate, or a fever.

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Rediscovering love and intimacy

Wendy started counseling with me because Terence, her husband of 14 years, had just expressed to her that he wanted to end their relationship. Wendy, terrified of being alone, was panicked. Within a few minutes of speaking with her in a phone session, I understood exactly the underlying cause of their relationship problems. Wendy, coming from a family where she experienced much neglect, had a deep abandonment fear. In her family, Wendy had learned to be a caretaker, giving herself up and taking care of everyone else’s feelings and needs. Wendy had learned to put her own feelings in a closet, hoping that if she took care of everyone else, someone would care about her. As an adult, she continued in this pattern, taking care of her husband and children but completely neglecting to take care of herself. As a result, she was often very angry at Terence and her children when they didn’t listen to her or approve of her. People often end up treating us the way we treat ourselves. Because Wendy was treating herself as if she was unimportant, Terence and her children also treated her as if she was unimportant. Because Wendy didn’t listen to herself, Terence and her children didn’t listen to her. Her fury at Terence and her children for not seeing her or listening to her further alienated them from her. Terence had reached the point where he was no longer willing to be at the other end of Wendy’s anger. Rather than take emotional responsibility for her own well being, Wendy was making Terence and her children emotionally responsible for her. She was abandoning herself, just as her parents had abandoned her, and was expecting Terence to give her what she never received from her parents. Terence was also not taking emotional responsibility. He had spent much of their marriage trying to make Wendy happy while ignoring his own feelings and needs. He vacillated between compliance and resistance. When he complied, Wendy felt better but he felt terrible from the sense of loss of himself. When he resisted, Wendy felt rejected and became enraged. Terence ended up feeling like he was a victim of Wendy. He blamed her for his misery and felt he no alternative but to leave. I ended up working with both Wendy and Terence. Through working with the Six Step Inner Bonding process that we teach, Wendy learned to attend to her abandonment feelings herself rather than go after Terence or her children when these feelings came up. She learned that she was being self responsible rather than selfish when she took responsibility for her own feelings of safety, worth, lovability, happiness and joy, rather than making Terence responsible for making her feel safe and worthy. She learned that when she embraced the responsibility of listening to and taking responsibility for her own feelings, she no longer felt abandoned or angry. Terence learned that he had another option other than compliance or resistance. He learned to take responsibility for his own feelings by telling Wendy his truth when she yelled at him or blamed him. Instead of being a victim, he learned to stand up for himself and set loving limits on how Wendy was treating him. He learned to say, “I don’t like being yelled at. I don’t want to be with you when you are yelling at me and blaming me for your feelings. If you can’t treat me with caring and respect, then I don’t want to talk with you or spend time with you. I don’t like being with you when you treat me this way.” At first, Terence was reluctant to say these things to Wendy. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her his truth. He felt his truth was harsh and that he would be unloving if he said these things. However, when he was willing to take the risk of speaking his truth, he found that Wendy was actually grateful to receive the truth. Rather than getting angry and hurt, she appreciated his honesty, and told him that he was helping her to learn and grow by telling her his truth. Terence ended up not leaving. Over a period of a year of doing their inner work, their relationship completely changed. In fact, he and Wendy have achieved a new level of love and intimacy in their relationship, beyond what they had when they first fell in love.

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Dvr digital video recording what you need to know

The Digital Revolution is upon us.... In fact, it’s been sneaking up on us for a long time with devices such as calculators, digital watches, and many other consumer goods, not to mention the devices we actually use but see very little of. Such devices are common to us in "the first person" in the form of many automotive controls in our car, and indirectly common to us if we fly.. things like aircraft engines, etc. But the first area possibly to have a major impact in terms of comparison has been in the cameras we use. This effects us both in camcorders and in the still cameras. While the purist will probably always win the argument that the film camera gives greater quality control than the digital, there are those who would argue against this principal very vociferously. Now, most Americans who own a TV are about to experience first hand another upward leap on the scale of digital technology as our televisions will be mandated to use digital transmission and reception technology within the next few years. Yes, for many years our current televisions will still work.. possibly with adapters, and the upgrade is not too unlike the upgrade from the old AM radio to FM, or if you are a "ham" from AM to SSB. Sometimes we have to wonder if progress takes place simply for progress own sake.. or to justify some new selling point or to create obsolescence so the engine of progress can march on. Without going into a technical discussion of digital Vs its predecessor, analog, and going the comparisons of an analog watch (one with hands) to digital, suffice it to say that in this case, the move to digital technology in most cases DOES bring substantial benefits. Clarity, use of less power, higher resolution when it comes to video.. these are but a few. However, it is not the scope of this article to lead into a technical discussion which could fill pages, but to "segway" and introduce one to the subject of DVR: Digital Video Recording. The DVR is on the way "in" and the old recording devices are on they way out at about the same speed as your old 33 1/3d and 45 RPM records.. and the VHS tape you use. Probably half the of reader base of this article owns and has used a DVD player by now, and you see the many advantages of not having to contend with tape that gets tangled in heads some times, must be rewound, and has limited audio and surround sound capability. Recording with the VCR has always been a challenge, particularly if one wants to record multiple programs at multiple times, or do an extended recording. Instant and simultaneous replay is virtually impossible. With DVR, which by the way not only applies to the entertainment area, all of these things become things of the past, and options open up that were not previously available. One can either own equipment and record on site, with the most commonly known device being the TiVo.. although there are devices now made by virtually every known electronic manufacturer. The only question in buying one of these is, "Will this become obsolete in 36 months?" A web site referred to in the resource block goes further into evaluating this. The other option is to let a outside source do the recording. Many of the TV cable providers offer this as an optional service now. You don’t have to buy a thing.. only be a subscriber to their DIGITAL service (which we all will be eventually). In the meantime, the only question is, "Do I want these benefits now enough to pay the cost for them?". That’s an individual question. In the meantime, this article gives those who have come across it some general background, and the opportunity to prepare some questions before wondering into your TV and Electronics dealership. We suggest you prepare by doing searches on terms like HDTV; "digital ready", "digital TV converters"; "Digital Recorders". Ask about the total number of inputs; the total recording time; Ask if you can make a copy of the recording onto a CD or DVD, and will it play universally, or only on the machine it was recorded on. Many questions.. but in the end, all of us will soon be in the DVR owner ranks.

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Poker the stars and their following

Texas Hold ‘em is a poker game that has taken the world by storm. So what is it about this particular poker game that created such a sensation? There are several points that play into the popularity of the game, including the “star status” achieved by some of the professional players. Add to that the fact that the game is fairly easy to learn for anyone who has a rudimentary knowledge of poker – instantly allowing groups of people to gather to play in games and tournaments that mimic those World Poker Tours as seen on television. In the largest cities and smallest communities around the country, people are meeting up to play Texas Hold ‘em. Though some don’t limit their poker playing to only this one game, many groups are holding Texas Hold ‘em tournaments as their main draw.

Words like “river,” “flop” and “pocket pair” are bandied about during these poker games, just as they are during the major poker games being televised. And while the folks who play in those local tournaments aren’t likely to ever be the stars of their Las Vegas counterparts, there’s no doubt that some of the winners (and losers) are taking their cues from the World Poker Tour stars. Phil Helmuth is arguably one of the best-known poker players on television today, but it’s not only because he has won so many poker tournaments. It’s also because Phil is such a character. He’s been known to throw a fit (on television) when things aren’t going his way. He once made the comment that he’d just been beaten by someone who couldn’t even spell poker, and that those winning at his table simply weren’t playing right. Despite his attitude (which even he admits is often childish), he’s very successful and has written books on playing poker.

Mike Madison is another of the poker stars, also a winner but also a very vocal player. “Mike the Mouth,” as he’s known on the professional circuit, often spouts off to other players at the table. Both Madison and Helmuth are often chastised – both by officials and by fans – for their behavior. But it isn’t the game that makes these men noisy and obnoxious. There are some true gentlemen sitting at those same tables. Doyle Brunson is often described as a “poker legend.” Brunson is older than many of the professional players, has won some impressive tournaments, and never ceases to be professional and polite. Whether it’s on television or gathered around a table in a home in rural America, there’s no doubt that Texas Hold ‘em poker has become the game to play.

Even if it’s only in your own home town, you may find yourself being labeled the next “poker gentleman” like Brunson, or the next “poker crybaby.”

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Custom poker chips

Casinos have long been using custom poker chips for their clients playing pleasure. Custom chips are not only for gazing upon, the customization serves a purpose. When a casino opts for customized chips, they are not only branding the chip to their establishment, they are also protecting themselves from thieves. The type of chips used, which are usually clay composite chips are nearly impossible to duplicate in themselves. Adding customization to the poker chips makes them a much more secure playing option, which thwarts most of the would-be chip counterfeiters. The cost of these secure chips is a little more expensive. However even with the increased cost, the combination of the higher end composite chip plus the one of a kind logo imprinted on the chip makes up for itself in the money saved from those who would try and make knock offs of the casino’s chips. Without these precautions, casinos around the world would go bankrupt virtually overnight. With the variety of custom designs available, casinos can insure that they have a one of a kind chip which appeals to the players and provides the needed security.

Design options are only limited to the imagination. Of course, casinos are not the only ones who are opting for personalized poker chips. Many players have found that the customization of their poker chips gives their games an added appeal, playing with flashier pieces that cater to the owner’s sense of style. If you’re looking to get customized chips for your weekly poker game, then you’ll be pleased to find you have several options, which range from inexpensive to extravagant. On the low end of the monetary spectrum, players can make their own customized chips by simply placing stickers on existing chips. Next up the chain, players can opt to use a graphics program to create one of a kind graphics then print them off using an inkjet printer onto sticker paper. You may also purchase chip labels from an online poker supply store.

If designing and applying your custom logos, you can purchase a set of 500 composite clay chips with recessed centers for around twenty five cents each. Look for specials at poker supply retailers, and at online auctions. On the high end of chip customization, you can order your chips brand new with either hot stamping or a custom label for up to two dollars per chip.

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Recent studies show how our bodies fight disease

**Obese people less likely to survive colorectal cancer According to a new report, people who are physically inactive and are obese around the middle have poor odds of survival after a diagnosis of colorectal cancer. "We have now shown that modifiable lifestyle factors that were known to reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer can also reduce the mortality in cases diagnosed with the disease," Dr. Andrew M. M. Haydon told Reuters Health. "This strengthens the argument supporting the public health message of 'healthy living.'" Haydon, from Monash Medical School in Melbourne, Australia, studied records from more than 40,000 patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer between 1990 and 1994. Patients who got regular exercise before their colorectal cancer was found were 31 percent less likely to die from the cancer than were non-exercisers, the investigators report in the medical journal Gut. In fact, 73 percent of exercisers survived at least five years, compared with 61 percent of non-exercisers. Such an improvement in survival "is at least as large as" as is usually achieved by add-on chemotherapy. A greater percentage of body fat, bigger waist circumference, and/or greater weight were also associated with worse survival, according to the report. **Study shows short term sex life improvements in prostate cancer survivors It is well known that many men who undergo prostate cancer treatment (surgery or radiation therapy) have sexual dysfunction. A recent study of 84 prostate cancer survivors attempted to determine the impact of post-treatment interventions such as counseling sessions. The study found that a large percentage of those who completed four therapy sessions reported better sexual functioning 3 months later. Counseling sessions focused on better communication between partners, ED treatment options, and methods of enjoying sex in spite of ED. Both partners reported improvements in their sex life for up to 3 months later. There was also an increase in the number of men using ED treatments such as Viagra. However, after six months the improvements began to wane. The researchers speculated that couples tended to revert back to old habits, and there also might have been greater reliance put on the "magic pill" solution. Drugs such as Viagra tend to have a lower success rate in prostate cancer survivors, so when these drugs stop working couples may adopt a defeatist attitude. **Vitamin D helps fight cancer, report claims A research team from the San Diego Moores Cancer Center headed up by Dr. Cedric Garland recently concluded that Vitamin D deficiency is often associated with various types of cancer. Dr. Garland now advises people to increase their intake of Vitamin D through diet or a vitamin supplement. The research team reviewed 63 studies conducted between 1966 and 2004 on the relationship between vitamin D and certain types of cancer. The report concluded that Vitamin D deficiency was a factor in several thousand deaths due to colon, breast, ovarian and other cancers every year. The report recommended increasing Vitamin D intake, either in the form of supplements or by eating certain foods such as fortified orange juice, yogurt and cheeses. This is especially the case with people in northern latitudes where there is less exposure to the sun. African Americans are also more prone to a Vitamin D deficiency because the their skin pigment reduces the amount produced by the body. Observers welcomed the University of California study but also warned that kidney and liver damage could result from too much vitamin D. The "natural" form of the vitamin, called D3, is normally produced in the skin after exposure to sunlight, but is also obtained from certain foods such as oily fish, margarine and meat. **Resveratrol found in grapes helps fix our aching joints Researchers at the American College of Rheumatology in San Diego, California have found that resveratrol found in red wine appears to halt cartilage damage caused by osteoarthritis, and speed up recovery. It is thought that oxygen-rich particles in the blood cause severe damage to body cells similar to the way rust rots a car. Resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant which seems to function as a way to prevent this kind of injury. The research found that resveratrol resulted in a reduction of between 50 and 90% of the production of chemicals that cause inflammation in the joints. It also enhanced production of specific proteins that are part of the connective tissue in joints. Red wine has other beneficial effects on the body. It contains polyphenrols that reduce the amount of bad LDL cholesterol in the arteries. It also increases the amount of good HDL cholesterol. Tannin and resveratrol, the anti-oxydants found in red wine, help to guard against cancer and slow tumor growth.

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Email marketing the end is nigh

Consider if you will the resources, the time and the financial investment given to attracting new web traffic. Banner advertising, link exchanges, search engine ratings, affiliate schemes and the list goes on. Yet when it comes to retaining a customer’s future business or even a return visit, we simply hope that they will opt-in to a newsletter mailing list and everything will be okay. Of course the truth of opt-in email marketing is far from okay. For a start, people, especially private individuals, frequently change their email address. For many people, email addresses are a disposable accessory, which should be replaced every few weeks when the Spam starts rolling in. I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble keeping up with the email changes of my friends and family, let alone a list of a few thousand customers and potential customers. Typing “email marketing” into Google will return literally thousands of software products and services all promising to make your email campaign more successful and slick.

Of course it doesn’t matter how much or how little you expend on your email newsletter, it will still be one subject line of possibly hundreds, all screaming for attention.  Average email click through rates fell from 5.4% in 1999 to just 1.8% in 2003 (Source eMarketer)  27% of emails never get opened and of those that are opened only 23% are read thoroughly (Source: J Neilsen)  Average open rate for B2B emails has fallen by 42% since 2001 (Source eMarketer) Although such statistics make grim reading, worse is yet to come. Some industry experts are predicting a total collapse of the email infrastructure within the next five years due to the shear volume of traffic. A technology dating back to the 1960’s, email was developed as a means for geeks to communicate with other geeks, about something they had seen in the alt. freakygeek newsgroup. It was never designed to cope with the demands of mass marketing which have been inflicted upon it since the arrival of the So with that in mind, it is something of a miracle and a credit to the technology of yesteryear that it continues to work at all. Recent research commissioned by Yahoo revealed that the average British PC has nine “sick days” a year, two more than the average for human workers. Six of these days are lost battling against Spam, while a further three are taken up combating viruses. The Yahoo findings went on to reveal that nearly half of British computer users find dealing with junk e-mails more stressful than traffic jams and the majority want service providers to act. But I’m no Spammer, I hear you cry! No, but your legitimate email is going to have to share the same inbox as the volumes of Spam and with only a Subject Line to stand out from the crowd, is it any wonder that email is becoming so ineffective as a marketing tool? Clearly, alternatives to email marketing need to be developed. One emerging technology being pioneered by three software houses in the UK is that of One-2-Many Broadcasting. Already employed by the BBC, Visa, and many other blue-chip Net companies, One-2-Many Broadcasting offers a far-improved method of communicating with customers than opt-in email marketing or newsletters and already being hailed as the THE next big marketing tool. One-2-Many Broadcasting involves the customer downloading a small client onto their PC. The customer can filter and influence what information they receive from within the software client. Once installed the website can then communicate directly with that customer by broadcasting information in a wide range of formats, all of which is attractively presented directly onto the customer’s screen. Sounds frighteningly, intrusive doesn’t it? Well, not according to the millions of people who are already receiving information from the latest news through to film clips of the latest movie releases. One London based soccer club, Arsenal, has reported a phenomenal take-up of their One-2-Many Broadcasting Service, with over 100,000 subscribers in the first 12 months of operating. So will One-2-Many replace email marketing? Who knows, I suspect that over the coming years a variety of marketing alternatives will appear, of which One-2-Many will hold a share of the market. In developing alternatives to email marketing one of the major factors will and is that of price; emails are extremely cheap. Any alternative therefore, if it is to be successful, needs to be competitively priced and rich in unique features. To date, One-2-Many Broadcasting has been relatively expensive and financially not an option for most small to medium sized businesses. As the concept of One-2-Many marketing is developed, more and different software is likely to emerge, which will in itself introduce competition and hopefully lower prices. For more information and reading on One-2-Many Broadcasting: skinkers. com edesktop. co. uk desknet. co. uk To experience One-2-Many Broadcasting: http:// sky. com/skynews/article/0,,70061-1109118,00.html - Sky News Alerts http:// arsenal. com/Userincludes/desktopwenger/InstallDesktopWengerNT. exe – Arsenal FC

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Shocking facts about updating your pc operating system

From "ignorance is bliss" to "surprise attack and disaster" - how many thousands of Internet users have experienced this frustration and grief? This raises the obvious question: "Why haven't they prepared to avoid it?" The startling fact is that there are many long term Internet users who have never even considered updating their Operating Systems and protective Safe-ware. Perhaps the complexity of it all contributes to what might be described as User apathy - or indifference and a lack of enthusiasm toward the following: The news of yet another vulnerability or patch process. The potential damage to computer, personal information and reputation - i. e. the "It can't happen to me" attitude. Their own abilities - i. e. "I'm too old, too dumb, too whatever - to learn how to fix a computer without breaking something." Updating - i. e. "My computer came with an anti-virus program, so why does it need to be updated now?" The sad fact is that the lack of confidence people have in their ability to build a defense often leads to a reluctance to even accept the reality of Cyber Threats. Some of the lesser-experienced Internet users rationalize their lack of action with pessimism, even defeatism. Human nature often supports these excuses with defensive attitudes and mis-beliefs like: False sense of disaster support - "My nephew, neighbor, son or whoever, is a computer whizz. They'll be able to fix the problem if anything ever happens." Scepticism - "All this talk about viruses is just so the "news people" will have information for publishing, and so the software manufactureres can scare people into buying more of their products." Ignorance (of the extent of deception, skills and sophistication that the malicious hackers have attained). Disbelief (that personal computer might be infected and used by others to spread malicious viruses and worms). "My computer seems to be working ok - a little slow, maybe, but it is getting pretty old." Overwhemed (too many choices with firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, Trojan removers). "Why do I need all of these and which ones should I use?" or "Do I really need to update my Operating System, my anti virus, spam, spyware stuff?"...I'll just never learn how to do all of this. Expense (How much will all this cost and is it really necessary?) Fatalism - "Hey, if it's going to happen, it will, and I'll just junk my computer and get another one. Mine's getting kind of old, anyway." Here, then, are the Shocking facts about updating PC Operating Systems. There are many unaware Internet users who have been online for years, but lack in these ares: They don't know what "Updating" really means. They have never responded to the popup message associated with the icon in the Task tray that announces new Windows Updates. They have never clicked on the Windows Update icon in the Program Start menu. They have never visited the Microsoft Windows Update web page at http://windowsupdate. microsoft. com. They have never updated their PC Operating Systems. Even if they have been able to navigate to the Microsoft Update webpage, many just throw up their hands in despair at the overwhelming number of choices and unknowns, such as: Choosing what to update from the long list of options. Waiting for Windows to check the registry for available updates. Deciphering the Update descriptions (and instructions). Selecting or Removing the necessary options. Starting the download. And oftentimes, many people have never even used the Windows Help information to find out how to update their computer Operating Systems. How many self taught or untrained computer users are going to persevere through all of the hassle described above? Is it any wonder so many computers become infected? The criminal Hackers building their bot and zombie armies have nearly an open and undefended playing field; many are using it every day to steal money and identities. So, what is the solution to this problem? If individuals with computer "understanding" would help and assist others with less knowledge, there would probably be less of a problem. Nearly everyone who has faithfully kept their PC Operating Systems and Safe-ware up to date surely has family members and friends who could benefit from an hour or so of basic instructions. This would make it much more difficult for the criminal Hackers to compromise another persons computer. Hacker's would eventually be faced with a growing number of adequately protected computers, educated Users and hopefully would finally give-up trying!

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Stay in touch with your iphone

Stay in touch with your iPhone One of the biggest things that people desire when they purchase a cell phone is simplicity. They want to be able to access their phone books easily and quickly so the connect in an instant. Apple knows what adults desire, and they have created the Apple iPhone with this in mind. It is hard to believe that Apple has packed so great number features into one small device, but the company also knows what customers are looking for in their cell phones. Playing around with the iPhone is so much fun. It is easy to stay in touch with your iPhone. We communicate faster and more efficiently than ever before. Cell phones, IM, email and text messaging are all an integral part of daily life in today's society. For those who were born into this communication revolution, they expect instant contact with others and information. This is where the iPhone comes into play. Staying in contact is where the iPhone shines. It makes calling and keeping track of your contact lists a breeze. Applications such as Facebook make it possible to connect with your entire social network with just a few taps of the screen. Once speed dialing was the fastest way to communicate, now with your iPhone you can connect with just a touch or two of the screen. This is how you can stay in touch with your iPhone. One of the ways you can stay in touch with your iPhone is to create lists of frequently called numbers. Creating these lists is very easy to do. It makes no difference what your age or your status is in life, you are going to love the simplicity and the handy setup of the iPhone. It makes organizing your contacts easy and completely free of hassles. The Apple iPhone takes all of the guesswork out of making a phone call. With just one finger, you can make a call to any of the individuals on your list, either by selecting their name or their telephone number. Do you need to make a conference call? It is very simple to merge two calls that you are on so that everyone can talk at the same time. Nothing could be easier! Whether you are someone who has had a cell phone before or you are a first time user, you will find that the iPhone is everything that you could want and more. Take a look for yourself and see what the iPhone can do for you to make your cell phone calling experience a bit easier. Once you see that the iPhone is effortless to use, you will be convinced. Do you love YouTube? Many of us enjoy the videos on this website. With your iPhone, you can watch and save a video from YouTube and then send it to all of your friends with just a tap or two of the screen. You can stay in touch with your iPhone by sharing everything that you love with everyone that you love. It is quick and simple. You can even conference call. Experiencing iPhone woes? There are many forums and blogs that you can turn to for expert advice about how to use your iPhone to its maximum potential. You can find out more about how to stay in touch with your iPhone on these forums. This device is one that manages to combine fashion, form and function into a single unit. word count 578

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