Faces of multi functional posters

Both theater and posters make us cry, hilariously laugh, somewhat reflect and perhaps learn from them. They perform different roles. These roles can be convincing while some may not. Nonetheless, they hit us! Look around you. From the espresso shop you’ve entered a week ago, to the bus stop, to the cinema, down to Mr. Smith’s grocery store, there you can find posters. Practically they are indeed everywhere - as far as your eyes can reach! That is the proof measuring the popularity of posters. In addition, movie promotions, product launching and opening of new businesses will be incomplete without posters to boost them. Posters have multiple faces. A face is equated to an emotion or feeling. The feeling of an overwhelming joy can reflected in bursts of laughter. The feeling of melancholia and frustration can be manifested by rolling tears down the cheeks. Posters can hit us in our soft spot. It can pinch our heart in agony, inspire to our heart’s satisfaction, draw out desire, sigh in dismay, moan in relief and calm our distressed mind and soul. Posters are so powerful. What do you think is the reason? The infallible fact is that – visual appeal is an effective attention-grabber. That’s where posters printing’s significance comes in. Digital advertising through plasma display panels, computer monitors, liquid crystal displays, and televisions are used to enhance this visual appeal. In fact, in connection with posters printing, the use of digitally-generated images is common nowadays. The transformation was amazing. Those jaded and overlooked posters are nowhere to be found. What replaced them were potent and head-turning posters. This phenomenon wipe away idle posters athat were considered ‘waste of money’. Commercial printers are easy to contact. You can go to their place personally or just go online. All you have to do is click your mouse or tap your keyboard – that easy. Modern day posters printing is a catalyst to yield quality and worthy posters in an affordable price. Its versatility opens various doors of alternatives, opportunities and explorations to succumb the greatest impact in your marketing approach!

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Allergy and mental disease

The following will come as a surprise to most people, including most medical doctors. Most mental disease is caused by unsuspected brain allergies! This fact was illuminated for me by Dr Marshall Mandell in the early 80's. He appeared on the Phil Donahue show, and had videos of persons with mental problems caused or worsened by allergen testing. He was the first to name such as "brain allergies". In 1982, Dr Von Hilsheimer introduced the first End-Point-Titration allergy testing into Florida, and I worked with him at an allergy clinic in Orlando. We amazed several MD allergists in that clinic with depression and many other cases being solved. During that time, I studied allergy/sensitivity extensively. I found a list of mental diseases caused by allergens that surprised me. None of my previous experience with psychology had prepared me for such. If was the following: Schizophrenia, depression, hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD), Emotional instability or hypersensitivity, Insomnia, Chronic fatigue, crying jags, stuttering, excessive daydreaming, anxiety, panic attacks, withdrawn, listless, seizures, aggressive behavior, anger, irritability, silly, tense, restless, excited, agitated, behavior problems in children, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, poor comprehension, confusion, impaired attention, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behavior, feelings of unreality, disorientation, false beliefs or delusions, hallucinations, suicidal, feel like hurting self. While giving a 4 day orthomolecular seminar in Soviet Georgia in 2000, I was introduced to the latest EEG biofeedback therapy of raising the amplitude of the brain waves just above Alpha, in the range of 12-15 Hz. In the discussion, I remembered that list of mental diseases caused by allergens, and proposed the theory that raising that brain wave somehow changed the affect of allergens on the brain. When I returned to the US, I started the first leasing of EEG BF equipment for home use. As you can imagine this did not endear me to the clinicians who were charging up to $250 per half hour for the service. The actual operation is so simple that anyone with a high school education can easily learn how to do it, although the learned clinicians will (as usual) protest the necessity of a professional approach. (This in spite of no harm being done to anyone, and no license being required to practice this simple therapy.) In 2001, Dr Jiri Tyrl of the Czech Biofeedback Society listed papers about EEG biofeedback that showed the following mental diseases as being either cured or greatly improved by this feedback: Epilepsy; ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Academic-Cognitive Enhancement; Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Hemispheric Asymmetry, Anger, Addictive Disorders, Brain Injury, Stroke, Coma, Spasticity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Dysfunctions, Headache and other Pain, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Parkinson's Dystonia, Tourette's Syndrome, Autism; Cognitive Decline with Aging, Asthma Hypertension Dissociative Disorders, Creativity, Optimal Functioning, Criminal Recidivism. This list was further proof (to me at least) that allergens were involved in much mental more mental disease that was suspected, and that this particular EEG biofeedback (now known as raising the SMR brain wave), DID somehow relieve this allergen susceptibility. In 2004, one of those comic light bulbs went on above my head, and I realized that it should be possible to do the same thing - namely raise the SMR brain wave - by use of subliminal messaging. I put out a call for volunteers, and got over 20, who sent me weekly emails. Most were various types of ADD/ADHD, with a few depressives and insomniacs mixed in. The results definitely showed both that my allergen theory was correct, and my subliminal theory was also correct. In 3 more volunteer tests since that time, we have shown that this therapy (named Neuroliminal Training) is at least as effective as EEG Biofeedback (aka Neurofeedback) for ADD/ADHD, depression, insomnia, autism, and epilepsy. We're going even further with a current test that includes Alzheimer's cases, PTSD cases, OCD/anxiety and other severe depression cases, autism and epileptic (longer testing), and even some anaphylaxis cases. Anyone interested in this test should contact me at the website below. Dr Bate is the retired orthomolecular psychologist who invented Neuroliminal Training, the affordable way of changing brain wave amplitudes. http://drbate. com - Phil@drbate. com

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10 easy tips for arthritis pain relief

Think you can't stop that arthritis pain? Great news! You can act now. Get 10 super easy and effective arthritis pain relief tips from arthritis experts and make your life with arthritis a little easier now. Protect your joints. Don't keep your joints in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Balance your rest and work throughout the day. Use the strongest joints available for the job. Stretch it. Stretching should be part of every arthritis patient's daily routine. A good stretch helps prevent injuries by warming up muscles and tendons which are more limber and less likely to tear. Spend at least 10 minutes each day stretching, and work each major muscle group. Cool it down. Stop physical activity. Rest in a cool/shaded environment. Spray with a mist of cool water or wrap an ice pack or cold compress in a towel and apply it to reduce arthritis pain and swelling. Get moving. Exercise can help reduce joint pain and stiffness and increases flexibility and muscle strength. It can also help with weight control, stress management, and make you feel better overall. The Arthritis Foundation also offers water exercise and other classes. Get a massage. Massage therapy can relieve your pain, soothe stiff sore muscles, reduce inflammation and swelling. Make sure you use oil or cream on your fingers to make it mroe gentle. Work the area for five to ten minutes a day if possible. Keep your weight in balance. Being overweight, even just moderately, impacts weightbearing joints and can increase the pain of arthritis. Studies have indicated that losing extra weight lowers the risk for developing osteoarthritis of the knee. Losing weight can help slow the progression of arthritis too. Get a diagnosis. If you are experiencing symptoms like pain, stiffness, swelling for more than 1 weeks, you should consider seeing your doctor and getting a diagnosis. Remember that there are more than 100 types of arthritis. It is important to get the specific diagnosis for the type of arthritis you have. Take your medication the right way. Don't stop taking your medication just because you feel it is not working. Check with your doctor first. You need to understand that it may take several days to several months for a medication to become effective. Look out for new options. Recently FDA has approved some new drugs for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritis diseases. If feel that the current medication doesn't work well, check with your doctor about possible new options. Keep educating yourself. It is important to learn something new about arthritis. Find some good websites online and subscribe to their newsletter if they have it. Join one of two active online arthritis communities like forums or bulletin board. Never hesitate to see your doctors and ask questions.

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Tips for avoiding malpractice

Malpractice has been in the news lately because of the rising costs in malpractice insurance for doctors. Some doctors have even had to close their practices due to this issue. For doctors trying to make it without running into malpractice problems it can be frustrating. However, there are some methods that can help to prevent malpractice problems. Many doctors follow a process called SOAP. This process outlines simple steps to ensure the patient is fully aware of their situation and that the doctor covers all points necessary.

There are some additions to the SOAP procedure that can help to further give the doctor and patient some security. The following list explains some simple steps a doctor can take to make the patient feel more comfortable and reduce the chance of a malpractice suit. - Include the patient in all decision making. Doctors need to fully explain all options, outcomes and risks to patients. - Keep clear and complete documentation. Many times documentation is a key element to malpractice suits. Keeping clear and complete documentation may help to save a doctor when in court. - Double check important information.

This is especially true when the patients condition is unclear. Checking and re-checking things like vital signs and keeping them documented will help the doctor treat the patient better. - Protect everyone during a sensitive exam. Always have an assistant present when conducting a breast or genital exam. Have the assistant note in the documentation that he or she was present during the whole exam. - Clearly state opinions from facts. Patients should always understand the difference between facts and opinions when making statements about diagnosis, etc. - Make sure patients clearly understand about medications. Patients should know when and how to take medications prescribed as well as the name of the medication. This helps avoid many problems. - Spend time with patients. Do not rush through exams and be ready to answer any question the patient may have. These suggestions are just some of the ways to help avoid malpractice or if malpractice occurs to help get through the following matters. Malpractice is not good for anyone. Doctors pay and patients pay due to malpractice suits. Avoiding malpractice is in everyone’s best interest. Taking every possible step to ensure patients get the best medical care and feel comfortable is the best way to avoid malpractice problems.

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A business franchise philippines success story

A Business Franchise Philippines Success Story In the Philippines, the term fast food is pretty much synonymous with the Jollibee brand. It took more than just one man for it to become that way, but all it took to start was a man name Tony Tan Caktiong. The humble beginning for Tony was working with his father to operate a kitchen in Fujian, China. In 1975, Tony began his entreprenuerial journey with simply a pair of two ice cream parlors in Cubao, Quezon City. Despite his success with the ice cream parlors, Tony didn’t stop there. He looked around the world and saw the kind of success chains like McDonalds were having. Instead of opening a franchise for an existing fast food chain like Burger King or Wendy’s, he decided to expand with the opening of his own chain of hamburger-serving fast food restaurants named Jollibee in 1978. Since McDonald’s hadn’t yet entered into the Philippines, Tony capitalized on this fact by establishing his brand among the Filipino people. Instead of trying to learn everything from scratch, Tony traveled to the United States to learn the tricks of the trade from the already established chains such as McDonalds. By implementing these tried and true business practices back in the Phlippines, Tony’s hard work began to pay off when his business began to rapidly expand. The division of Jollibee Philippines really tries to serve the specific needs of the Filipino people and its culture by focusing its product development as well as its marketing and advertsing to target the unique and traditional Filipino family. Today Tony Tan Caktiong serves as a success story and a role model for entreprenuers around the world. This was solified in 2004 when Tony was voted the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. The chairman of Ernst and Young, James S. Turley said, “These awards are about celebrating global entrepreneurship and the desire to continually innovate and expand. Tony’s story is a truly inspirational one, on both these counts. We are delighted he has been selected to receive this year’s award.”

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Isn t it time you started to fly

I am going to begin this article by sharing a shocking fact…. Did you know that if you opened the door on every single budgie cage around the world (and we are talking a lot of cages here...) fewer than 5% of our imprisoned feathered friends would actually embrace the window of opportunity provided and fly away! Hard to believe I know. Most would choose to do exactly what they've always done.

Spend a bit of time moping around on the swing, maybe the odd moment glancing into the mirror and the rest of the time keeping a close eye on the rise and fall of the bird seed. I bet you could just imagine the dialogue being squawked around the enclosure as well. Chances are you'd hear priceless banter such as 'There is no such thing as being as free as bird….squawk' or 'Those sparrows have all the luck…squawk, squawk' or from the really disgruntled budgies…. 'it's all my parents fault that I was born inside a cage….squawk, squawk, squawk!' So what has this got to do with leaving your job and starting up your own business I hear you ask? Your Cage Door is Always Open! Well the most important thing for you to realise is that the door of your employee cage is always open. Whether you stay or whether you fly away is completely your own choice. It has nothing to do with your boss, nothing to do with your irritating co-workers, customers or suppliers and everything to do with you. You have to accept responsibility! This will not only make you feel a lot happier and more empowered, it will also provide you with the seeds of your great escape. Start Taking Day Trips Outside of Your Cage! If you have made the decision that you would like to leave the confines of paid employment, experiment with leaving your cage on day trips. Don't worry, you don't have to fly off for good just yet! Take a day off here and there (a sick day if you have to!) to experience what it would be like to be your own boss for a day or two! Spend time planning your new business venture and start taking the small steps necessary to make it a reality. Experiment with the piece of mind that you can always return to the safety of your cage, bird seed and water at the end of the day. Make the Decision to Leave Your Cage for Good! Return to bird seed I hear you cry! But I've just spent the entire day eating these delicious, wriggling worms that I pulled out of the ground all by myself! Chances are when you start to experience how good it feels on the outside you are not going to want to go back to your old way of life as an employee! If this is true for you, start making bigger plans that will help you leave your employment cage for good. Freedom is a mindset! It is important to understand that Freedom is a mindset. As soon as you make the decision to be free you will be. Similarly, it is important to understand that being an entrepreneur is also a mindset. If you make intelligent use of your free time, find a hungry market for your good or service and develop the confidence necessary to go out on your own, soon you'll flying, singing and eating worms to your hearts content. Copyright Damien Senn 2005. All rights reserved.

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No deposit home loans

A few years ago, many of us would have had a light chuckle to ourselves if someone mentioned that you could borrow money to buy a house with only the promise of solid future earnings. But today this is a regular occurrence. Many of the industry’s non-conforming lenders are selling these financial products to many happy consumers, with most of the major banks avoiding this riskier route. Ideally, the individuals set to gain from this product have high incomes in industries with high job security. With this loan you are presuming that the benefits of immediate ownership and debt outweigh the costs of renting. This may not always be the case however.

The risk to the lender is greater and so you will pay a premium interest rate for the privilege, usually about 2% higher than the current market rate. With this is mind, it may be time to clean the dust of the old mortgage calculator and assess the long term financial gain or speak to a financial consultant to establish whether this is a sound option for you, and for many people it can be. Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch and strictly speaking, no deposit means “with enough money to cover initial expenses” such as stamp duty, loan fees and mortgage insurance. If you are lucky enough to be eligible for a government first home buyers’ grant, you may have most of these expenses paid for you. The main point with this type of loan is that to really win you are betting that your salary will be increasing steadily over the term of the loan. This income will then be able to be ploughed back into the loan to build some equity. In many countries, such as Australia, no deposit home loans are becoming less attractive due to the state of the market. Lenders are becoming more stringent with their loan acceptance policies, indicating a potential interest rate rise and thus much greater risk to those with no deposit home loans. The lender may also have harsh exit fees, running into thousands of dollars so read carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Many lenders also will only lend for specific types of property, leaving well alone riskier properties in regional areas and places with no established resale value. Here are a few tips to help you manage your financial position. - Allow for higher interest rates when budgeting for repayments over the next 2-3 years, - Ensure personal debts like credit cards and car loans are under control before committing to a property loan, and - Make extra repayments where possible to reduce your exposure to higher rates and falling prices.

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A couple of killer internet marketing techniques

There are many simple, infallible ways to earn income, and one of the surest ways is through marketing your business on the internet. When you learn basic internet marketing techniques, you'll wonder why you haven't already jumped on the bandwagon. When you think about it, the only things you'll need to make money is a vision of what you want out of life and the wisdom and energy to put your ideas into motion. Basic internet marketing techniques can teach us how to acquire wealth, and an important factor is to provide something the public needs (or think they need) whether it is a product, a service, information or something else entirely - there are many choices. Every business has a goal of making money, and every business has something to sell. You will need knowledge and a product before you begin your internet marketing. You may need at least a small amount of capital to start your business, although the outlay could be relatively small if you are selling information or services as opposed to a tangible product. You will need to develop a web site for advertising and informational purposes; if you have the ability to do it yourself, so much the better. If you don’t then consider one of my business partners Plug-In Profit Sites, they are an excellent way to start out in online business.

Like any other business, internet marketers need sales leads. Retail merchants who set up offices or shops are able to buy lists of potential customers, or they may ask their employees and acquaintances to provide them with lists of names to get their business started and begin making sales. The world of internet marketing utilises marketing leads, which you can purchase from reputable companies. Internet marketing is a very competitive market, and a large portion of your time should be spent generating new marketing leads to drive your sales. You can generate these through your own advertising or by growing and developing an opt-in e-mail list of potential prospects to which you can send your offers.

New services and products are introduced over the internet every day as fast as a speeding bullet. Some of the reasons for these new developments can be attributed to market conditions, new technology, improved search engines, or totally new concepts or products. There are services that will help you develop your internet marketing leads and attract new clients, but use them with caution and always make sure your leads are double opt-in to avoid any potential spam complaints. One of the most common ways to attract new customers is to develop an email list. Although email marketing may not be as effective as it once was due to software that filters out "spam," it does still work. One of the best features of email advertising is that it is a free method of getting the word out that you're in business. The response to emails is still good when it does reach the intended party. Incentives such as freebies of reports, programs or products entice potential buyers to read the email.

You can see how I do this on my website http:// asuccesfullhomebusiness4u. com. I capture signups to my newsletter through a signup form and this produces me a list of targeted prospects to which I send my newsletter and any hot offers I decide to endorse. An important part of email marketing is that it can be repeated again and again. You can start out with a small list of marketing and sales leads for your online business, and then build from a few email recipients until you have established a loyal clientele. In addition to generating email marketing leads, you may want to consider a couple of other methods of "getting the word out." Another internet marketing technique involves utilizing pay-per-click (referred to as PPC) advertising, whereby participants bid on keywords and pay a varying sum of money every time someone clicks on you advert. The two biggest PPC services are Google Adwords and Overture, but it’s definitely worth your while investigating smaller services as the competition is less and prices cheaper. A click is click, as long you hyper target your market it doesn’t matter where it comes from. An excellent way to inform others about your business is to join one of the many forums related to marketing. You can post information, ask questions and receive answers from other internet marketers, it is also a good way to gain name recognition and credibility within you niche market, which in turn will gain you extra traffic to your website and should increase your sales. When you begin your internet marketing endeavours, be sure to establish enough marketing leads to sustain your business and make it profitable, develop a good internet marketing strategy early on in your planning stages. An excellent course on how to market your business online is Cory Rudl’s #1 Training Course and provides everything you need to know about marketing your business online. (Feel free to use this article online and in your email newsletters as long as you leave it intact and do not alter it in anyway. The byline and biography must remain in the article.)

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What smart advertisers are doing about the tivo problem

Broadcast advertisers, who use television, are seeing dramatic reductions in their ad results because of a four-letter word -- TiVo. In some ad agencies one can sense that TiVo really is a four-letter word in the most derogatory sense. This reporter decided to follow the actions of what such advertising giants as Ford Motor Company and Shimano are doing creatively to solve the TiVo problem. What is the "TiVo problem?" It is all about consumers who fast forward through the commercials associated with television shows that they watch and capture in their TiVo systems. Madison Avenue refers to this as "ad avoidance." Advertisers call this their worst nightmare. Another term used for TiVo is DVR, which is short for Digital Video Recorder. Nielsen Media Research predicts that DVR ownership rates could reach 10% by the end of 2005, and explode to 41% by 2009. These numbers beg for an immediate and radical solution if broadcast advertisers are to continue using television as a promotional medium.

The most intriguing aspect about the whole TiVo issue is that the solution involves the continued use of advertising, but in the shows themselves. Television show product placement is at the heart of this solution and both Ford and Shimano are using the same award winning national sports show, Inside Sportfishing ( insidesportfishing. com) to complement their traditional advertising campaigns through extensive product placement. What do I mean by product placement? It is the creative placement of actual product IN the TV show itself. Done in such a way that the products become an integral and important part of the storyline and show itself. The Survivor reality show is known for its rather blatant attempts to promote certain products, followed closely behind by Donald Trump's hawking of the goods and services of those companies that advertise on The Apprentice.

Many consumers are turned off by product placement that is clumsily done. Michael Fowlkes, founder and Executive Producer of Inside Sportfishing, developed his show over a decade ago, and decided to use the entire format to gently, yet persuasively, promote the shows sponsors. "I went to Ford initially because their trucks literally sold themselves," states Fowlkes. "All we had to do was figure out ways to showcase the F series trucks in action. It wasn't all that hard because fisherman drive trucks.

" Fowlkes went to see Richard Landfield, a 20 year Executive Member of the Southern California Ford Dealers Advertising Association, and pitched him on his concept. Simply put, Fowlkes told Lanfield, that the F series trucks were the perfect vehicles to tow his fishing boats around. From running down the rugged Baja peninsula and Central America, to hitting famous fishing holes and bass lakes across the American heartland from Texas to as far north as Alaska. The fit was a natural for Ford, whose trucks are consistent leaders in nearly every truck study concerning the toughness of a truck. Landfield took the concept to Dailey & Associates in Los Angeles, the agency representing the SCFDAA. They jumped on board and haven't looked back since. "I was worried about how Inside Sportfishing would integrate the trucks into the series," concedes Landfield. "After I saw the first program, you could see how Michael was proving our trucks were Ford Tough." Landfield went on to say that Ford's whole advertising campaign was based on the slogan "Ford Tough." During his show Fowlkes would run the trucks through the harshest terrain, which drove home the point about the trucks being "Ford Tough". "When someone watched one of our shows, and was even remotely interested in a truck, he was talking to the nearest Ford dealership after the show was over," says Fowlkes "Dealers love the show because it works. It helps them sell trucks." Fowlkes then steered his attention to another major player in the sport fishing arena, Shimano, which is well known for it's rods and reels, bicycle, and snowboard products. Once again, Fowkles vision for Shimano was to showcase the reliability of Shimano's fishing gear but to do so in a non-intrusive manner. The President of North American operations for Shimano, Dave Pfeiffer, quickly jumped on board with Inside Sportfishing's program the minute he learned about Fowlkes' promotional philosophy. "Placement of product within the content of the show has been very effective for us," states Pfeiffer. "Michael has a great understanding of how and why we make products the way we do for certain techniques or markets and he instinctively is able to portray them just the way we want. He makes it a point not to be too obvious about it though, so the product really is weaved into the total experience." Pfeiffer has also been concerned about the TiVo challenge lately. "There is no doubt that TiVo presents a problem for advertisers and promoters alike," warns Pfeiffer, "we know our products will be a major part of the action on the show." Pfeiffer knows that one must develop alternative advertising strategies but didn't necessarily consider sponsorships at first. "Shimano does not tend to go out ‘looking' for sponsorships," says Pfeiffer, "But, we know a good fit when we see it ( insidesportfishing. com) and then pursue building the kind of relationship that works for both of us." Fowlkes is now building yet another strong element to his overall programming presentation. After meeting Rachel Gershwin, Director of Marketing & Development of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego, Fowlkes was immediately drawn to the concept of helping out not just one child and family, but an entire group of kids and their loved ones. "It is amazing how many kids and families are interested in fishing wishes," Gershwin says, "Michael's idea of having a boat trip for a number of children and their families was a brilliant idea." The idea was received so well by the Make-A-Wish Foundation that they expect to make copies of the taped show, and plan to use them throughout all their local chapters in the U. S. "The more we talked, the more I fell in love with the project," Fowlkes says. Fowlkes is in the process of negotiating with additional sponsors who've expressed a keen interest in becoming a part of the series. Considering the content and nature of the show, sponsors should be lining up to get involved. With new advertising challenges cropping up, seemingly every day, led by such new technologies as TiVo, advertisers have to get involved with creative programming. Product placement, particularly the type of product inclusion that "blends seamlessly into the shows is the key to success." Selecting the right programming partner then becomes the most critical action to be taken.

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Resume a showcase of your skills

A resume is the first and the most important step in the process of job seeking. A resume consists of a brief account of your qualifications and experience. It basically showcases your skills and experience. The whole idea of a resume is to put you in such a light that the prospective employer finds you perfect for the job. A resume should contain personal details such as name, address, telephone number, email ID and date of birth. Educational details are next. An important thing you should keep in mind is to start from the latest information and then move backwards. Start from your recent education and mention the subjects studied at your college, school, courses, etc. Similarly, start from the latest job responsibilities you are holding. Mention your job profile and what all you learned at the job instead of simply mentioning the job-title and employer. It is not necessary to write exact dates, a simple mention of months and years is sufficient. There are various formats you can work with. The chronological format includes a job-by-job listing of your experience. It proves effective for the people who have careers moving in the upward direction. Another format is the functional format in which you highlight key skills and knowledge. It widens the scope of people who have been changing jobs often, as they can talk about responsibilities, projects and skills learnt from each job. Then you can also use a combination of the chronological and functional formats. Such a resume will mention the job-by-job experience alongside accomplishments at each job. There are certain factors you must keep in mind while formulating your resume. The resume should not ideally go beyond more than 2 pages. Try to keep the information as precise as possible. If you have some 30 years of experience, it is not necessary to enlist all of it. The details of the last 10 years of your career will suffice and the rest of the information should be provided in a very concise manner. Use more of action verbs such as: supervised, organized, learned, contributed, etc. The freshers in the industry can highlight their responsibilities at the college/school level. Mention the extra-curricular activities that you have taken part in. You must also mention your achievements. Be careful to tailor make your CV according to demands of the employer. Use an Arial or Times New Roman font; do not go for very decorative fonts. Do write about the skills pertinent to the job, making you fit the brief perfectly. List out five or six key attributes the employers are looking for and prepare your resume accordingly. It is important to format your resume since you are being judged by the way your resume looks. You can choose to exclude certain details such as hobbies if they are totally unrelated to your profession. However, if you are applying for a Public Relations job and your hobby is making friends, then it is sensible to include it. Do not give reasons for leaving your current job as it has a negative impact. Leave such tough questions for the interview. It is advisable to inform your references beforehand and hand over a copy of your resume to them. Last but not the least; keep updating your resume regularly.

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Top talent drives the global economy

The ability to make good "people" decisions is today's most important source of competitive advantage. All factors of production are easily available and accessible to all organizations but what separates the best from the rest is the quality of human resource a company possesses. Top leadership talent has always been hard to attain and this has only aggravated in recent times due to globalization, growing worldwide competition, aggressive headhunting practices etc. With growing demand and limited supply top level executives are so much in demand that companies are paying extravagant salaries, bonuses, perks whatever it takes to attract the best brains from across the world. Newly developing economies such as India and China are also giving fierce competition to business leaders who can now earn top dollar working in these countries as well. Companies are in need of capable leaders who can steer their firm steadily into the future. Here is where the role of executive search firms comes into play. An executive search firm is a specialist talent acquisition service provider who enables companies to get their dream candidate on board. Executive search firms have come a long way and are today considered crucial participants in a companies recruitment strategy.

Also it’s not the big boys of executive search who are in the limelight but also small and efficient firms such as Servnet which is a specialist firm helping companies hire top talent from India. Normally a smaller firm is able to devote more time and resources for a search assignment resulting in faster and better results which are critical to business continuity and growth. Author: Udit Bhandari Servnet executive-search-india. com

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Rumination on the ps3 game and console

PS3 games have been long awaited by its fans. With the expected release of the PlayStation 3 console in November, 2006 approaching fast, gamers are enthusiastic about the new experience it offers. Sadly though, the new experience comes together with the PS3 games itself and not the game console that offers backward compatibility. Ergo, it is the new format of the games that is much awaited and not the actual player. Just what does the new format of the PS3 games offer? Well due to its being written on Blue-Ray Discs, the gaming experience would be parallel to HDTV in terms of its quality. This is because of the ability of the disc to store 10x as much data as the DVD. Having the ability to store more data, it means that programmers are able to incorporate more features that would enable it to deliver high picture and interactive quality. Given that, how much quality do we really need to enjoy a game? Gamers in the early 90s were satisfied with the picture and gaming quality of the popular Pacman game from Nintendo, the level at which people of today are satisfied with the quality of their gaming experience has always been in accord with the developments in technology. PS3 games would expectedly offer picture quality that is unmatched by any of its competitors.

After PS3 games, then what? Well, one would think that developments in the next decade would definitely grow at an exponential rate. It would not be unreasonable to expect that developers would come up with some gaming console that would enable its users to literally be in the game. Considering that virtual games are now present, continued research on the technology would probably yield devices that can be hook to our nervous system, and would function somewhat like holograms.

It is, I guess, only our human imagination that truly limits what we can come up with in the next couple of decades. So what are the potential problems that could arise from this advancement in gaming technology aside the declining academic performance of children? While PS3 games would definitely give out optimum performance, another aspect that grows in accordance to developments in technology is the cost. The production of the game console, which is actually more than just a gaming console, as well as the PS3 games would most probably be only affordable for the high-end consumers. That is, during the first two years of production. Fortunately, the prices always go down after a couple of years. That is the only time when children, as well as adults in the lower ranks of society are able to enjoy a magnificent gaming experience. I guess that's how things really work in this society. Oh well.

But nevertheless, PS3 games and all the others that will come soon will always be appreciated by the consumers. They would not really manufacture these things had there been no demand for it, won't they? So enough with the ranting about its costs. PS3 games and others will remain and will continue to develop. So long as the technology is available, people will always find ways to apply them to whatever they could think of.

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Basic diagnosis guidelines for your pc

Simone is exasperated. She has to work on her university assignment but her PC is not working properly. For example: She would like to open a single Internet Explorer window but a whole series of windows are opening up. Simone is not alone when it comes to this sort of problem. As a matter of fact, most of us will come across these kinds of problems in our life. When you fall sick you go to a doctor and he/she asks you a couple of questions as well as taking a look at your case history before giving any medication to you. In a similar way you have to find out what’s wrong with your PC before treating it, if it’s working in an aberrant manner. This article will help you in finding out what’s troubling your PC. The first symptom that shows us your PC has got some problem is an error message. For example you get a pop-up box on your screen, a Window message, asking you to send an error report and says the application will be subsequently closed. Error messages just tell you that something is wrong so that you can then work at getting to the cause of the problem. When you get an error message try to analyze the situation in respect to what you were doing when you received it. Write down the error code. At times error messages can be very bewildering. For example: you want to open some file but it’s saying some other application is using that specific file. If you do get error messages like this then it is time to question some of your recent activities such as: Did you install any software or hardware recently? Did you install anything from the Internet? If you have installed some software and after this your PC has become unstable, by using System Restore you can remove any system changes that were made after the last time your PC was working properly. It automatically creates restore points (or system checkpoints) when you make a change to the system. If your PC has become unstable after you made some changes, open system restore, choose a restore point, and return your computer to its previous stable state. To use the System Restore utility: Click Start Point your cursor to Programs. Point to Accessories Point to System Tools Click System Restore and follow the instruction on the wizard. If the error messages or the recent history of your PC doesn’t provide much information to you, you have to explore your PC in some of the following ways: Scan you system for viruses, Trojan horses, spywares or other malwares. Use a Process Explorer (freeware program) tool. Windows Task Manager shows which processes and files are currently being used and how much memory they are using, but some process names aren’t clear. Process Explorer not only gives all this information to you but also tells you which application started a process and which resources that particular application is currently using. It also has a potent search capability that quickly shows which processes have particular handles opened or DLLs loaded so that you can close any unwanted application. Process Explorer works on Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003, and 64-bit versions of Windows for x64 processors. Go through the error log file created by Dr Watson. Dr. Watson is a program that is used to help detect, debug, and log errors that are encountered while Windows or Windows programs are running. It automatically creates a text file when an error is detected. When running Windows 2000 the error is logged under the file "drwtsn32.log" or "user. dmp", and when running Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or ME the file is logged with a. WLG file extension and stored under the WindowsDrwatson or Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsDrWatson folder. If you are having a networking-related problem you can use a Network Diagnostics system utility tool. You can run various tests using this so that it can collect different types of information. It scans your system to see whether you have network connectivity, and whether or not your network-related programs and services are running. By going through these basic procedures hopefully you will find out what’s troubling your PC, and once that is known you can commence treatment. Source of reference: microsoft. com

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Download free ipod video games

There is quite a bit more to downloading free Ipod Video games than is immediately apparent. Ipods have become very important in the modern age, so obviously there are a lot of ways to pick up some free games to put on it, but more than a few of them could harm your computer or Ipod or worse. Here are some tips for you so that you can make sure your Ipod stays healthy when you search for some free game downloads. Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 1- Don't break the law. There are literally thousands of torrent sites which give you just about anything as a free download, but did you know they are strictly against the law? You are taking a huge risk by using sites like these, as it is easy for law enforcement to find your address and other details. If the authorities decide to hunt you down, they will. Of course there are also moral considerations. A lot of the people who develop video games are not exactly rich. By stealing their produce you are helping to drive them out of business. Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 2- Use a genuine download site. The internet is absolutely riddled with sites which offer free downloads of this and that and anything else that’s popular. Many of them are not reputable, with lots of popups and ads which can coerce you into clicking them just to leave the site. There is nothing clever about this. I don’t trust any site with popups as they prove that the site which uses them does not value or respect the visitor. Use caution and common sense when assessing download sites. Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 3- Try to find a site which has a neat appearance, without too many ads. Sites like this are usually run well, by professionals, and a professional site makes for safer downloads. When we find a professional site, we can have confidence about the speed of the download, and that the file will work. With some of the poor sites, you can wait a very long time for the download, only to find that the file doesn't work anyway. Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 4- Be prepared to pay money for a quality product. Although we are here to discuss free games, it is often necessary to pay a one off membership fee to ensure the best download speeds and quality. More of these sites are coming online all the time, and I’ve found a few very reliable ones that I use all the time, and you can find a list of them at http//: ipodlowdown. com. Although I was reluctant at first to pay up front I have found that I have downloaded far more than the value of the fee I paid, so it’s a win-win situation. If you’re interested in finding out which free sites are the best ones, please check out the links below. This article has given you the best tips for downloading free ipod video games. It can often be difficult at the start, but once you have found the professional and high value sites you will get far more out of them than what you pay! If this article has been useful why not refer it to a friend using the link on the top right?

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Credit reports your free report could cost you

The growing prevalence of identity theft and increased concern about good financial health has led many consumers to seek copies of their credit reports online. Doing so is certainly laudable; the more you know about how potential creditors and lenders see you, the more prepared you can be when it comes time to apply for a loan or credit. An added bonus is that consumers can obtain one copy of their credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus once a year through the official Web site set up for such purposes at AnnualCreditReport. com. Unfortunately, there are still many Web sites that exist for the sole purpose of tricking consumers who are seeking copies of their free reports. A quick Google search for the term "free credit report" today turned up no fewer than twenty four million sites in the search results. There certainly are not twenty four million Web sites that are going to provide copies of credit reports for free, so what is this all about? It's about money. Aside from the "official" site, the others are there to profit, and they can profit in one of two different ways: Sell you something - Some of these sites actually belong to the credit bureaus; they have set them up to give you the credit report while selling something else to you in the meantime. These sites will offer the "free" report in large letters, while telling you in smaller ones that by accepting the free report you are agreeing to buy a credit monitoring service, which can cost you $10-15 per month. The credit bureau-owned sites will also tell you that you can get your report for free at the "official" site. That is usually stated in fairly small print near the bottom of the page. Steal something from you - Unfortunately, there are still many unscrupulous crooks out there on the Internet who see the interest in credit reports as the ideal way to steal personal information from people. Their sites will offer a "free" report, and perhaps some other services for which you can pay. But when you fill out the application and provide your name, Social Security number and credit card, you get nothing in return. Instead, the operators of these sites use the personal information to borrow money and take out credit in your name, leaving you to pay the bills. If all you want is a free credit report, the best way to avoid this problem is to obtain it from the official Web site at AnnualCreditReport. com. Alternatively, you can call 1-877-322-8228 to receive your report by mail. That way, you can avoid being victimized by the thousands of Web sites that might cause you to pay dearly for your "free" credit report.

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What you need to know about viral diseases

There is a very long-standing liaison between human beings and virus that wander unreservedly in our environment. Virus has a long history of disconcerting people. A virus is a microorganism that is not visible to the naked eye. It is highly contagious and communicable. A virus attacks and clips to a living cell of the human body. It then discharges its DNA or RNA, which smashes the original genetic material and functioning of the cell.

But before the victimized cell expires, it leaves or releases more of that virus. The virus multiplied in such a fashion impedes the growth and working of other healthy cells too, so much so that sooner or later the entire body comes in its grips. However, the immune system of the body endeavors its best to brawl the viral attack. But it does not succeed in all the cases. Due to this reason, the doctors and dieticians prescribe a healthy diet rich in nutrition that strengthens the resistance of the body. The Residence and Transmission of Virus - there are different types of viruses known. Some infect humans, others animals and a few affect both. Viruses are everywhere in our surroundings.

They can be transmitted via the food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink, sexual contact etc. Some common Viral Infections - there are some well known viruses and the diseases caused by them. · HIV virus is one that destroys the cells in the immune system of our body. It is therefore named as HIV i. e. Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV takes the form of AIDS at an advanced later stage. HIV virus reaches the human body through several ways such as - via sex with a partner who is already living with HIV, though infected mother’s milk to her child, through human saliva, HIV contaminated needles, syringes and so forth. Thus, one should be very cautious regarding all these factors. Completely safety should be observed to avert lifelong HIV infection especially because no adequate cure is yet available to eliminate the effect of HIV. · Hepatitis is even caused by virus. Since different kinds of viruses are at work, there are different types of hepatitis. These viruses harm the human liver, which results in its burning or inflammation. Hepatitis A and E spread via the food and water of the infected person and through anal sex. There exists a vaccine for hepatitis A but not for E. Hepatitis B is caused by unprotected sex, childbirth and contact with infected person. Vaccination is available for hepatitis B and it is better nowadays to get vaccinated against it. This sterilization also ceases the threat to be caught by hepatitis D in future. Hepatitis C virus is transferred by the way of contaminated blood and is cured through medicines. A possible prevention to hepatitis is to maintain hygiene and vigilance in matters of sex and contacts with other persons. · West Nile Virus is known for causing diseases in animals, birds as well as humans. In humans the WNV reaches through the bite of an infected mosquito. Once the virus enters an individual’s blood, it can get transferred to all those who come in contact with it though blood transfusions, organ transplants, breastfeed and so forth. In order to prevent oneself from the WNV, check the population of mosquitoes in your area and near your house. Don’t allow water logging, open bins, unhygienic sanitation, open pits etc. in your vicinity . Medication through drugs and no vaccination per se is present for WNV. · Mostly the Asian and African continents encounter the threat of Polio Virus. This virus can result in a minor to complete paralysis. The poliovirus can infect person of any age. Due to the lack of hygiene this virus comes in the air through human feces and gets circulated. It enters the human body through his mouth and makes its way to the intestines. This virus particularly damages the legs of the person. The paralysis in legs due to poliovirus cannot be cured. It also destroys the respiratory system by making the breathing muscles immobile. Most often polio hits the infants. Polio drops and vaccines are available everywhere. People should take them and give these to their kids too.

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Products to sell on ebay

Products to Sell on eBay: Sell Anything You Want… As Long as It’s Not Illegal There are a lot of websites in the Internet but only few of them are popular worldwide. Among the most popular ones are the search engines like Google and Yahoo!. But when buying and selling over the World Wide Web is the main concern, only one website stands out, and that is eBay. com. With over 147 million registered users in 30 countries worldwide (estimate as of March 2005), eBay is undoubtedly the largest online auction, garage sale, shopping center or whatever-you-may-call-it site on the Web. With this large number of customers, it is understandable why a lot of businessmen, newbie and expert alike, would want to sell their stuff on eBay. This is aside from the fact that selling products on eBay is extremely easy and, according to successful sellers, extremely profitable. Before starting an eBay business, businessmen are often faced with the question: “What product would I sell on eBay?” Well, this is the easier question to answer. The more difficult question would be: “What product would be extremely profitable if sold on eBay?” Now, let us answer the two questions one at a time. What Products to Sell on eBay Actually, everything that can be sold locally can also be sold at eBay. For a general idea of the kind of products a person can sell on eBay, you may want to visit eBay’s website and in its homepage, find a section labeled “Categories”. In this section, one will find product categories like Antiques, Art, Books, Cell Phones, and Collectibles, among others. If you’ve got a product that can fit on any of the categories, then your product can be sold on eBay. But just like in any other shopping center, online or offline, eBay also prohibits some products to be sold. Among those products that are listed on Ebay’s Prohibited List are: • Airline and Transit Related Items • Animals and Wildlife Products • Alcohol • Catalog and URL Sales • Counterfeit Currency and Stamps • Counterfeit Items • Credit Cards • Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia • Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries • Firearms • Fireworks • Gift Cards • Government IDs and Licenses • Human Parts and Remains • Links • Lockpicking Devices • Lottery Tickets • Mailing Lists and Personal Information • Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid, and Matrix Programs • Plants and Seeds • Postage Meters • Prescription Drugs and Devices • Recalled Items • Satellite and Cable TV Descrambers • Stocks and Other Securities • Stolen Property • Surveillance Equipment • Tobacco • Travel • Special • Real Estate Aside from these prohibited products, there are still other products that may be prohibited by eBay based on certain conditions. These products are filed in eBay’s Questionable List and would include: • Artifacts • Autographed Items • Batteries • Catalytic Converters and Test Pipes • Charity or Fundraising Listings • Contracts and Tickets • Electronics Equipment • Event Tickets • Food • Freon • Hazardous Materials • Imported & Emission Non-Compliant Vehicles • International Trading - Buyers • International Trading - Sellers • Manufacturers' Coupons • Mature Audiences • Offensive Material • Pesticides • Police-Related Items • Pre-Sale Listings • Slot Machines • Used Airbags • Used Clothing • Used Medical Devices • Weapons & Knives • Wine • Potentially Infringing • (copyright & trademark) • Academic Software • Anti-circumvention Policy • Authenticity Disclaimers • Beta Software • Bootleg Recordings • Brand Name Misuse • Celebrity Material • Comparison Policy • Contracts and Tickets • Downloadable Media • Encouraging Infringement Policy • Faces, Names and Signatures • Importation of Goods into the United States • Misleading Titles • Mod Chips, Game Enhancers, and Boot Discs • Movie Prints • OEM Software • Recordable Media • Replica and Counterfeit Items • Promotional Items • Unauthorized Copies What Products Would Sell Profitably on eBay Now, this question is a bit harder to answer than the first one. Even eBay experts would disagree on what type of products would sell well on eBay and what products would not. As an eBay newbie, however, analyzing the eBay market before selling anything would help you much. One thing to analyze before deciding to sell anything on eBay is the popularity of the products being sold on the auction site. In general, eBay experts would advise newbies to avoid selling products that are “hot” or very popular. In most cases, you’ll have a great number of competitors in selling this product and as a newbie, you may end up in a disadvantageous position. But as you avoid selling products that are too “hot” for you to handle, you must also avoid selling products that has become too cold. These are the products that don’t sell well either because they are out of season (like jackets and raincoats during summer) or because they really just don’t sell well over the Web. Although there would be fewer competitors if you sell products like these, the chance of eventually selling it on eBay is also very slim. By avoiding products that are too hot and too cold, this would leave you selling products that are positioned in the middle of the popularity scale. As a beginner, this should do well for you. Should you decide to sell a more popular product and to compete with big time eBay traders, better do it at a time when you’ve already got much eBay selling experience.

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Who needs to take vitamins

Do you need vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements for your health? If you do, which vitamins should you take? Most of us are willing to concede the necessity of having a good balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in our daily diet for good health, but many of us wonder if it is necessary to use vitamin pills and other dietary supplements to do this. Can't we get enough of the vitamins we need from our daily diet? I suppose that some of us might be in good enough health not to need additional vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements, but IF YOU FALL INTO ONE OF THE GROUPS BELOW, you might want to consider adding at least a daily multivitamin supplement to your diet. If you are a woman: Women are possibly deficient in such minerals as magnesium, folic acid, zinc, calcium, and in some cases, iron. If you are pregnant or using birth control, you may require additional vitamin or mineral supplements for good health. If you diet for weight loss or follow a fairly limited diet or restricted nutritional regimen: Important vitamins and minerals are scattered widely across a broad range of nutritional options (i. e. foods), and if you are limiting your intake by volume or by type, you are likely limiting your intake of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients vital to your health. If you eat the normal American diet: Actually, the normal American diet is not very normal, nor is it good for your health! It is, however, terribly lacking in the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, and other nutritional elements a healthy body needs.

Additionally, if your diet does contain all of these in optimal quantities, you are probably eating way too much food - Catch 22! If you smoke or drink alcohol often: Smoking and excessive drinking (roughly more than two drinks a day - which is GOOD for you), depletes certain vitamins and other nutrients. If you are already NOT in good health, physically or mentally: Your body may not be processing the vitamins, minerals, etc. that your are providing in your diet. Also, the EXTRA vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you provide with supplements may have a positive affect on the condition. It goes without saying that an appropriate supplementation program MIGHT HAVE PREVENTED or lessened the impact of the health problem in the first place. If you love junk food and it tends to be a major part of your diet: Once again, you are probably not getting the dietary balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements necessary for good health. Sadly, many of the constituents of these types of food, particularly refined sugar, actually leach vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from your body, or prevent the effective use, tranport, or absorption of these nutrients. If you cannot afford a steady diet of the foods that you realize are most valuable to your health: A multivitamn pill costs only a few cents a day, and without changing another single fact of your life, can contribute significantly to your health and well-being. If you are over 65 years of age: You have specific deficiencies and needs, as well as a possible array of health problems. Odds are that you are lacking in B-12, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, folic acid, zinc, Vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals. As our bodies age (I'm 60, so I can talk), they become less efficient at processing nutrients of all types, so even if your typical diet contains all the nutrients you need, your body is probably not getting the complete benefit from them. I mentioned some possible deficiencies above. Let's look at only one - Vitamin D deficiency - as this is very common in folks over 65. This vitamin deficiency may contribute to some forms of cancer (including breast and colon cancer), muscular weakness, joint pain, and the well published one - osteoporosis. Again, a daily multivitamin can go a long way towards promoting health in the years both before and after age 65. OKAY, WHO'S LEFT! If you are male, under 65, in excellent mental and physical health, exercise regularly, have a nutritionally rich and diverse diet, do not smoke or drink, and are NOT QUITE CERTAIN that YOUR DIET contains all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements necessary for good health: You MIGHT want to tilt the odds in your favor with a good daily multivitamin supplement. EVERYBODY ELSE CAN LEAVE! Your health is fine. You don't need to supplement your present diet with vitamins and minerals.

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Acne talk for teenagers

Acne is painful - on the inside. We live in a culture where not just youth, but beauty is worshipped. It's everywhere and you can't escape it. The results of having acne can be emotionally devastating for teenagers as they are extremely conscious of their appearance and their image. Even though they feel they suffer alone, they don't. The fact is that approximately 85% of the population in the United States has at some point suffered with acne, and approximately 17 million people have acne. You are far from alone. Acne in teenagers is caused by the action of hormones on the skin's oil glands. During puberty both boys and girls have an increase in the hormones called androgens. These hormones cause sebaceous glands under the surface of the skin to enlarge.

The sebaceous glands in response produce excess oil. This excess oil mixes with bacteria and dead skin on the skin's surface and blocks pores. Inside these pores the bacteria multiple and cause inflammation. Acne is usually genetic, so you may not be able to avoid it. However there are things you should know, an things you can do to help you deal with it. There are many myths surrounding acne. The most well known one is that chocolate and greasy foods cause breakouts. Over the years dermatologists have discovered there is no evidence of this claim. However, if you find you do break out more after eating certain foods, avoid them. Although it may not have an affect on your acne, eating a healthy diet complete with fruits and vegetables is a good idea. Another myth is that acne is caused by poor hygiene. This is not true at all. As mentioned above acne is caused by overproduction of oil, period. Myth three advises you to scrub your face several times a day. Actually, over washing your skin can cause it to become more inflamed. Also, if you use drying products to excess on you skin your skin may rebel by producing more oil. Whatever one of the literally hundreds of treatments you decide to choose remember that acne takes time to disappear. Overnight or miraculous results don't happen. It takes six to eight weeks to see results from treatment. Once acne has cleared continued treatment will needed to prevent it from recurring. If an acne treatment takes more than six to eight weeks to show a significant difference it probably won't work. Try something else. You really should see the advice of a dermatologist. With the number of products on the market, how do you choose? What might clear one person's acne might not clear anothers. Your skin type and lesion types must be taken into consideration. Before you spend a bundle of money on an unknown treatment see a dermatologist. He or she can plan an individualized program based on your skin's needs.

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Hydrogen fuel cell for cars of the future

Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Cars of the Future Last March 6-16, 2008, a car convention was held in Geneva Switzerland. Car enthusiasts are mostly concerned in finding out the hottest news in the motor world. The auto show revealed different car concepts from popular car manufacturers all over the world including that of Pininfarina’s Sintesi. The car was designed to discover great ideas and possible solutions for future cars. Man is free to take advantage of technology and this is one way to develop new ideas that can further benefit mankind. The car featured in the auto show was designed to disseminate intelligence. The sources are from various cross-media about security and traffic. The car can continuously dialog with the city, other vehicles, and the road without restraining the autonomy of motorists. The outside appearance of the car is similar to that of today’s sports cars but the aerodynamic exterior makes it very much different. It has a unique concept called ‘liquid packaging’. What caught the attention of the audiences are the four fuel cells. The manufacturer called it Quaddrivium Fuel Cells. The hydrogen cells were positioned near the car's wheels and each wheel is then powered with 20kw. The car also has a distinctive electric motor, additional battery coming from regenerative breaking and solar panels. The complicated electronic architecture uses modular power which depends in the driving condition. The dashboard is translucent and it displays various pieces of information. The dashboard lights up when an important matter requires the attention of the driver. The headlights of the future car are equipped with radar and tele-cameras to ease information processing. The design of the car is too much for the audience and most of them still think that it was definitely a car for the future. They can’t imagine a sophisticated car like the Sintesi to roam the streets of today. But if you try to analyze it closely, the entire car concept was based on available technologies and so it is not impossible to use the Sintesi today. If ever the various automakers can produce cars of the future that makes use of hydrogen cells, people can expect safer streets and better traffic flow in the coming years. A lot of motoring publications covered the Sintesi, whether on the internet or in local publications. If Pininfarina can create a future vehicle, then so can other automakers like General Motors and BMW. In fact, news has it that these two car manufacturers are already designing a car that makes use of hydrogen cells. BMW is currently testing hydrogen powered vehicles in Germany and General Motors is going to follow. Perhaps, future cars will soon be roaming the streets of rich countries. Well of course, the sophisticated cars will definitely be very expensive and only the rich people can afford it. However, as the years pass and the production of such cars become stable, even the ordinary individuals can afford it. Now, you can just dream that you own a future car. But who knows, perhaps in the near future such cars will be sold in the market already. So start saving money now so that once the future cars are launched for the public, you can afford to buy one. Many years ago, future cars like the Sintesi was simply a dream that is very hard to reach. But now, it is within arms reach.

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