How to make money online with affiliates

: To make money online you do not need to have a website. You will just need a few good products - affiliates that you promote and are paid for promoting them. Choose the Best Affiliate Product You must have heard about commissions that people earn when they sell a product of a specific brand. What we are going to do is similar in context only our product will be Internet based. Digital products are the high value products that generate much higher commissions that any other products. Electronic books or e-books and most Internet software's today are classified as digital products as they can be directly downloaded after purchase. "Commission Junction " and "ClickBank " are some of the websites that offer such services. You get a unique affiliate link that has your reference ID as soon as you sign up for a product that you find interesting. The reference id on the affiliate link will allow the commissions on each sale to be tracked correctly and assigned to you. Go one step ahead and make your affiliate link look Genuine by buying a Domain name (.com) Get a domain name to redirect/forward to your affiliate link. You can easily register a domain name at a very cheap price ($7.99). Therefore, when someone types in your. com or domain name in his or her browser, it will go to your affiliate link. The visitor will obviously see the website with the product that you promote, and the commissions will be tracked correctly.

An affiliate link looks very weird eg. affiliatedoman. com/product? refid=mmhaas compared to the domain name which you will be registering. For eg: If you are selling a digital camera photo software like photolightning then your domain name can be something like photosoftwaresale. com etc. A domain name masks the affiliate link look like it's your own website. Therefore you have a website for free :) as well as a product to promote with large commissions to earn.

The winning formula: Higher Traffic = Higher Sales If you are a good writer then write an article promoting your product and a link at the bottom to your website. Articles are the best ways to spread the word about your product and generate traffic. If you are not a good writer, get an article written from some freelancer. In order to make high commissions from your sales, you need to get traffic to your website and thus the affiliate website. Start an advertising campaign, make sure you do not spend more than you earn. Make a definite plan of action about the amount of money you will be spending on advertising. Many article directories and websites will readily publish your article free with your links.

You will be generating money without spending a dime on advertising if you follow this method. This strategy is simple if you have a good article people will read your article, if they like what you describe they will click your link to buy the product, generating commissions for you. Repeat this step for other products and you will definitely be earning money in a few months and all this without a website.

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Legitimate part time jobs

Why do we fall for these things time after time and why are some people getting rich from these schemes at the expense of broken dreams and life changing decisions for the worse? In the next several paragraphs I want to warn you about these so called “part time jobs” lies. First, before I lose people, there is such thing as a legitimate part time jobs but compared to the vast majority of these so call “opportunities” they are very few and rather far between. I mean sure there are people that because of the internet can carry on their job remotely from the location of their choice, but this is a far cry from the claims of many of these scams that offer you wads of cash for a couple hours of work per day and with no experience or training required. This is absolutely ridiculous if you think about it and that is the problem people would rather believe lies than face the cold hard truth that you have to work hard for a living.

Second beware of multi level marketing claims. They will claim that they are not a pyramidal system, which is illegal, but they are for the most part. They will talk to you about passive income all from saving you and your friends lots of money on products that are available to you at reduced rates. They will guarantee you a certain level of income with a specific number of team members.

They will give you a “reasonable” time period for which this can all be accomplished. Basically what they are doing is feeding you a lot of bull about their “once in a lifetime” part time jobs. Now I want to make it very clear that this is the vast majority, which means that there are legitimate chances to make a decent income while at home and on your own schedule but you must be ready to work hard and you have to be good at what ever you do. This will inevitably mean that there is a learning curve to any part time jobs, and that the rewards will increase according to the amount of effort that you expend. The saying “good things are worth waiting for” can’t be more true than when applied to the legitimate chance to make an income in the comforts of your own home.

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How to install car speakers

All cars have their own unique type of car speaker installation issues although installing speakers is a relatively simple process. Most speaker installations can be finished in about an hour or less. The intricacy of the installation will vary depending on the vehicle. And again, depending on the vehicle, speakers may be installed in the dash, doors, or rear deck. Most importantly, remember that safety should be considered when installing speakers. Damage can be caused by not installing speakers properly – this can impose added cost and even possible injury. Protection for hearing/vision should be used as necessary. Here are fundamental steps to consider for installing speakers. Remember, some vehicles may require extra steps. Although the location of the speakers in your vehicle may vary from the mounting locations noted here, the method should be comparable.

For installation of dash and door speakers, you will need to ascertain if the vehicle has speaker grilles that are removable. If they can be removed, take the grilles off utilizing the appropriate tools, remove the screws holding the speaker in, disconnect the speaker harness that was attached to the speaker, connect the speaker harness to the new speaker, plug the speaker harness which is connected to the new speaker to the harness in the car, set the speaker in the opening and reinstall it using the screws for mounting, replace the grille and repeat with the other speaker. If installing speakers in the door, make certain the depth of the speaker will not interfere with the window operation after installation. If the grilles cannot be removed, the dash pads or possibly the door panel will have to be removed. Be sure to keep an eye on any screws/clips removed should this be the case. Next follow the same steps shown above except you will need to reinstall the dash pads/door panel. If removing the door panel, be aware that screws can be mounted in the armrest or inside the door latch space and may be behind the trim panels. After all the screws are removed from the panel, raise it up so you can disconnect any wiring harnesses.

If installing rear deck speakers, you must determine if the speakers are top-mounted or bottom-mounted as this will determine your steps. If top-mounted, remove the grilles, remove the screws holding the speaker in, disconnect the speaker harness, connect the harness to the new speaker, plug in the harness connected to the speaker to the vehicle side of the harness, place the new speaker in the opening and mount with the screws, replace the grille and repeat with the other speaker. If the speakers are bottom-mounted, reach in the trunk and remove the screws mounting the speaker. Then follow the same basic steps as above. Eventually, you’d have to turn on the radio and check the operation of the new speakers.

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High gas prices can be countered with smart use

The price of gas continues to climb, and with continued uncertainty in the Middle East, they will probably continue to do so. In California and elsewhere, prices for some grades of gas have long passed the previously unthinkable threshold of three dollars a gallon. Granted, that is lower than the inflation-adjusted prices of early 1981, but that doesn't make anyone feel better when they've just paid nearly $100 to fill the tank of their sport utility vehicle. In a previous article, we offered some solutions as to how the average consumer can either save on gas prices or use less gas. These tips included using credit cards with cashback rebates, keeping your car tuned and tires inflated, and keeping the car washed and waxed, which reduces drag. Here are a few additional tips which will help ease the strain of filling your tank. Empty your trunk. Some people drive around with their trunks nearly full with things that just don't need to be there. Sure, you need a jack and a spare, but do you really need a toolbox, golf clubs, and that pile of old clothes you've been meaning to drop off at the Salvation Army?

Any extra weight you carry requires additional energy to make your car or SUV move. Lighten the load and your engine won't work as hard or use as much fuel. Drive efficiently. That means accelerating gradually, rather than speeding out of an intersection. Your car uses fuel more effectively when you gradually accelerate. Once you achieve your desired speed, keep it steady, using cruise control if you have it. Speeding up and slowing down only uses more gas. Take mass transit. No, it isn't sexy to take the bus to work, but it can save a lot of money if your commute is more than five miles or so. If you can't take mass transit, you might consider a carpool. Shift appropriately if you're driving a car with a manual transmission. Shift at the factory recommended shift points, rather than running your tachometer all the way up before shifting. Your car runs best within a fairly narrow RPM range. Each of these tips offers a small saving in fuel consumption. When combined with others, they add up and can produce significant savings. If you can increase your fuel consumption by just two miles per gallon, you can save $30-40 on a 1000-mile trip in your SUV. When you're paying $3.09 per gallon, every penny counts.

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Lotus notes domino and web application development tips for programmers

Beginning with Domino version R4 it has integration with the Web, and the server itself becomes a HTTP-server. The next releases of Domino Web-server add new functionality (for example servlet managers, supported JVM versions upgrade, etc). To give you general picture and abstracting from details we’ll talk about two major Domino Web-server functions: Domino Web-server is the full-featured HTTP-server. In other words, it can provide static (or conditionally static) files as the reply to HTTP-browser’s requests (including HTML, image, JavaScript, applets, etc); During the browser’s requests to Domino dynamic resources by specific URL, the server can create in passing HTML-pages, making the Domino object visible. For sure, it is reasonably simplified model (we mentioned that, for example, Domino Web-server supports servlet technology), but this model allows to discuss the major issues in creation of Web-applications based on Lotus Domino technology. Following the major problems are: in Domino-based Web-applications creation developer is strongly limited to use built-in program languages’ possibilities. Thus, from 380 inbuilt @-commands of @-formulas language nearly 40 are supported in Web. LotusScript is supported only in three types of Web-agents, etc; application security problems. The standard authentication, authorization, coding, digital signatures, etc. mechanisms are simplified in Web or do not work. So SSL + x.509, etc. certificates are to be used in such cases; applications efficiency. HTML-pages generation in passing surely takes the server resources, so if the application is poorly constructed, it may cause the server failure. For example, if the first page of the site is generated by an agent, then concurrent request from rather big number of users may cause the service failure situation. Developers are to take care themselves for loading balance putting into different parts often changed and more static data; result of HTML-pages generation in passing from Domino resources is not every time obvious. Often such a procedure issues appearance in generated page «additional» by developer point of view tags (for ex., , , , etc). As a consequence, most developers put on Domino only those features which can not implement themselves. If look through the codes of full-blown Web-sites, designed on Domino technology, then, for example, in Domino forms we see only fields, all extern design is based on DHTML. It is not so bad. There are a lot of sites, supporting large number of users, accessing Domino data. Domino technology from release to release offers new possibilities for Web-design (for ex. JSP custom tag library, inbuilt HTML-editor, etc). The author himself used Domino to create portals with requests with more than 2000 visitors per a day. Summarizing the own and my colleagues experience in Domino Web-design field, I can recommend the following: Before creation of Web-project on Domino it is necessary to evaluate the whole Domino infrastructure in frame of concrete organization. If the Domino infrastructure at this company is on opening or initial stage, than Web-design based on Domino is hardly appropriated. The fact that Domino Designer is the environment for rapid application development (RAD), including Web - applications, can not be the reason to create Web-projects on Domino; as far as possible allowing to Domino transfer in passing only objects, which can not be or hardly implemented by using other Web-technologies (so-called HTML-design is to be developed by programmers). The author thinks that, if a site needs to operate with Domino data, then to view them it is necessary to avoid the use of standard URL working with Domino objects. In this case exchange of data between site and Domino can be done by using any integration technologies supported by Domino (ex., XML, CORBA, JDBC, etc). In other words, Domino will play a role of data storage and their viewing is to be done by other mechanisms. Implicitly, the issue is confirmed by IBM. In R6 Domino Don't allow URL open feature may be assigned to databases , so the usage of standard URL Domino is protected in Web-applications; attention needs to be paid to Web-application security. Even when your site does not allow non-authorized access to information via Internet, you can expect hackers out there challenging your web-site security; only the tested by loading technologies are to used in Web-applications; minimize as much as possible the traffic Web-server browser. In Web-design the issue is to be considered that Internet channels are usually narrower than local channels Domino Lotus. Good luck in your system setting up and contact us for any help in USA: 1-866-528-0577, Germany: (0177) 8349 806! help@albaspectrum. com

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Small business computer consulting additional qualifications for the sweet spot

To find the ideal clientele for your small business computer consulting, you want to target small businesses by their number of PC's, (10 to 50) as well as their revenue. Generally, companies that have anywhere from 1 million to 10 million in revenue are the sweet spot of small business computer consulting. In this article, you'll learn why you should target this type of business. {Tip: Of course if you're located in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, or any of the other more than 21 nations around the globe where our training has been adapted, be sure to convert this to your local currency. (See )} Beware of the high end of this range Once small businesses get to the high end of that revenue range, where they start having substantially more than 50 PCs, or substantially more than $10 million in annual sales, often the small business owners lean towards putting a real, salaried IT person on payroll instead of using a small business computer consulting professional. That's when you start running into some tough competition. At this point, your client will add up your services invoices and try to figure out if they can do it cheaper or more efficiently in-house. Look for clients that need a “real server” Another important aspect is to find small business clients that are big enough to need a “real” dedicated server. Once small businesses need a real server, they need a ton of other professional services to go along with it. And it's very unlikely they can handle it on their own, with just an internal guru. Bingo-you become their outsourced IT department! Multiple locations are a bonus Sometimes a sweet spot client has one location. A lot of times there's a main office and some branch offices. The branch offices present a big opportunity for your small business computer consulting because there's usually a HUGE need for sharing data in real time among employees in different locations. The Bottom Line about Small Business Computer Consulting In this article, you've been learned more about how to find the sweet spot in your small business computer consulting business.

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The role of customer facing operations with crm

The Role Of Customer Facing Operations With CRM Customer relationship management is a strategy focusing on the customer making their experience excellent with the business. The customer facing operations aspect of CRM is vital because these are the individuals the customers have direct contact with. People can be the customer facing operations portion and provide the experience the company desires when they work in positions as customer service, sales, or any position that has direct contact with. When you have direct contact with a customer and you are polite and courteous then you are creating a good experience for them and it makes them want to come back. This includes answering any questions the customer might have and if you don’t know the answer then finding someone who does. When you are rude or discourteous to a customer then you are creating a bad experience and potentially losing a customer for life. Computer systems and other forms of technology might be the responsible for CRM also. This might include data terminals in a book store you use to look up books, public computers at a library, or the wireless access you would like to use in your bedroom. If the equipment you offer to a customer for use doesn’t work then this too is creating a bad experience which may also cause you to lose a customer. Especially, if you offer wireless Internet in a hotel room and it is not working. This is because many people will stay at your hotel because they need to be able to get work done while they are traveling. You will lose them as a customer if your equipment isn’t functional. CRM is a strategy that focuses on every aspect of the business to create an outstanding experience for your customers. The customer facing operations is the portion of the business that has the most contact with the customer.

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Will i be debt free after taking part in a debt relief program

Many people want to know if they will be debt free after taking part in a debt relief program. This is a common question and concern. While it is important to note that individuals who successfully complete such programs will be able to overcome their current debt, it is also important to note that individuals may not be entirely debt free at the end of the program, as the enrolled individuals will often be allowed to continue to take out loans throughout the course of the program. Individuals will only be as debt free as they allow themselves to become and many people will have to have some debt on their record. For many people, there is a common standard of living which requires loans. This may include a loan on a vehicle or a home.

While there are a great many debt relief programs that are available within the United States of America, most of these programs do not take care of an individual's secured debt. Some examples of secured debt include car loans, home loans and mortgages. As a result, many people will need to incur a car loan or a home loan in order to allow themselves a car or a home. Cars and homes are necessary for individuals to have jobs. Vehicles get them from their work and back, while homes allow individuals a place to rest and get ready for their work day. Individuals also have the freedom to choose which types of debt and accounts that will be included in their debt relief program. This means that if they have three credit cards, and only choose to enroll two, they will still potentially have debt on the third by the end of their debt relief program. The program in which the individual is enrolled is not responsible for the money and debt that the individual chooses not to involve in their debt relief program. When an individual enrolls their credit card in a debt relief program, the account is closed. Since many people do not enjoy the thought of having no credit card options available to them, they will choose not to enroll one or more of their credit cards in order to leave those financial avenues open to them. Any debt that the individual constructs on these un-enrolled cards will still be there when the individual finishes up their debt relief program. This does not mean that people cannot be debt free when they enroll in a debt relief program. For individuals who make it a priority, it is possible to be debt free by the time they complete their debt relief program. However, this requires that the individual not have any home loans or vehicle loans, which can be made possible by owning a home, renting a house or an apartment and owning their own vehicle. Since this can be difficult for some people, it is important for applicants to be realistic about how debt free they will be as a result of enrolling in a debt relief program. They need to examine their own situations and priorities in order to determine how debt free they may be able to become after graduating such a program.

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Savings bonds

Savings bonds are a great way to save money for your future. Either purchased yourself, or given as a gift, savings bonds ensure you that you will have at least some amount of savings later on. Although you may already know a little about savings bonds, either owning them yourself or having given one as a gift, you may not know that there are different types. Each type has its own set of rules and also different ways that they can be used. I Bonds are saving bonds that are low-risk and also a liquid savings product. During the time that you own them they earn interest and also protect you from inflation. I Bonds can be purchased at just about any local financial institution, or also through payroll deduction. What are they used for? I Bonds savings bonds can be used to finance education, supplement your retirement income, or also given as a gift. With I Bonds, you are guaranteed a real rate of return since they are an accrual-type security. Each month interest is added to the savings bond, and that interest is paid to you when you cash in the bond. They are sold at face value. For instance, you pay $50 for a $50 I Bond. You must own an I Bond for a minimum of one year, its interest-earning period is 30 years, and there are early redemption penalties. Interest earnings are tax-exempt from both State and local taxes, but they are subject to State and local estate, inheritance, gift, and other excise taxes. Interest earnings are subject to Federal income tax, but they may be excluded from Federal income tax when they are used to finance education. Another type is the EE savings bonds. They are safe and low-risk savings bonds that pay interest based on market rates. As with I Bonds, EE savings bonds can be purchased at just about any financial institution or, if available, through your employer’s payroll deduction plan. EE Bonds can be used to finance education, supplement your retirement income, or even given as a gift. Any EE/E savings bond that were purchased between May 1997 and April 30, 2005 are set to earn a variable market-based rate of return. Those issued May 2005 and after are set to earn a fixed rate of interest. EE savings bonds are also an accrual-type security, having interest added monthly and paid when it the bond is cashed in. However, unlike I Bonds, EE savings bonds are sold at half of its face value. For example, a $50 bond is purchased for $25. There is a minimum of one year ownership, a 30-year interest period, and also early redemption penalties. The Tax Considerations for EE savings bonds are the same as those for the I Bonds. Lastly are HH savings bonds. Unlike both I and EE savings bonds, HH are used only to supplement retirement income. They are available only in exchange for Series EE/E savings bonds or upon reinvestment of any matured Series H bonds. As with I Bonds, HH savings bonds are sold for its face value. For example, you pay $500 for a $500 bond. HH/H savings bonds pay a fixed interest rate that was set on the day it was purchased. The interest rate will change to the current HH Bond rate on the 10 th anniversary of its issue date. You must own HH savings bonds for a minimum of 6 months, and the interest-earning period is 20 years. Interest earnings for HH savings bonds are exempt from State and local income taxes. However, they are subject to Federal, State, and local estate, inheritance, gift, and other excise taxes. Its interest earnings are also subject to Federal income tax.

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Web 2 0 tag based forum

: Web 2.0 generally refers to a second generation of services available on the World Wide Web that lets people collaborate and share information online. Web 2.0 application often use a combination of techniques devised in the late 1990s, including public web service APIs, Ajax and web syndication. They often allow for mass publishing (web-based social software). The term may include blogs and wikis. Lately, a new Web 2.0 application has launched called SayOutLoud. SayOutLoud is an interesting and new approach to your average discussion board site. It's not a discussion system that you download and install on your site, but a one location where anyone can go and discuss anything at all. It uses tagging rather then using forums and threads to organize content. The system is extremely minimalist and is designed in a way that anyone can get in and start a discussion. A tag is a keyword which acts like a subject or category. A keyword is used to organize webpages and objects on the Internet.

Each user "tags" a webpage or image using his/her own unique tag. An image or webpage may have multiple tags that identify it. Webpages and images with identical tags are then linked together and users may use the tag to search for similar webpages and images. When you submit your story to SayOutLoud, it notifies several other Web 2.0 services including Del. icio. us and Technorati about your post. Because these systems also support tagging, hundreds of users watching a the tag(s) you posted to will immideately discover your post.

You can have the experts reading whatever you had to say out loud in minutes. SayOutLoud also features your average discussion board functionality where you can search posts and users, manage your profile, and post new threads. Although the main difference is that everything is organized with folksonomy so when searching for users and threads, you can search by tag. Because of this, it also makes it easy for me to find people with related interests and to follow their discussion simply by searching for users on a specific interest tag. I type in "AJAX" and I get a list of members that are interested in Ajax. Same applies to threads. Furthermore, you can also view a tag cloud so you can find new and popular discussions.

References SayOutLoud - http:// sayoutloud. com/

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Horse racing betting system designing a simple system

Putting together a system is not as difficult as it may sound, even for a beginner. The important thing, and with any betting, is that you write down every rule and follow it for at least 100 bets. You do not need to trade real money, paper trading is best at first. If after 100 bets it is in profit, you can then give it a betting bank and start gambling. Starting an untested system with real money, and packing it in on its first losing run, putting it down as failed, will only cost you more and more money in the long term. Being patient saves you money. So let us get down to starting a system eh? I’ll show you below how simple they are to put together, this example is profitable, so no reason why you can not follow it with a betting bank, but its yearly profits are not huge, but have a go at your own, always making sure that you understand way a rule works. The system below is designed for National Hunt racing.

‘The NH High SR Non-Handicap Fav System’ Rule 1: Non-Handicap races only. This ensures that we do not include handicap races, which are more difficult to get profitable systems out of. Although when you do they are more profitable than non-handicap races. Rule 2: Forecast Favourite only (if joint VOID bet) Just to make sure we have one clear qualifier for our non-handicap race. Rule 3: Forecast price must be odds on. I know that the lower the odds the more likely it is to win, although the lower the odds the smaller the profit for a new bank. The first 3 rules of any systems I quantify as the main system rules, they ensure we have the main set of qualifiers we are looking for. Those rules after, I regard as filters to take out any facts I know are not profitable long term. Rule 4: Horse age must be 6+ This is because in the UK, horses are not generally full wound up for jumping until they are at least 6, so those of a lower age have erratic results that do not prove profitable, so no use including them. Rule 5: Horse must have finished 2nd or worse on its last run. Horses that won last time out usually go off at lower odds than they should, so an edge is taken away. Rule 6: Must be a gelding. Geldings win the majority of races over fences, and are generally have the most consistent and reliable form. Rule 7: Going must be Good-Soft or better. Any softer than this and results can get a bit random. That is it. Over the last 10 years it has produced a 48pt profit even at those low odds, and a 63% SR overall. It has had 3 losing years in that period, the worst being 5pts, but using the betting exchange prices, they would also have shown a profit.. There are around 100 bets per year. So you can see by this example, it does not profit every year, but long term it still shows a profit, and it is long term that any professional gambler will tell you is the only time span that matters.

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Golf fitness helps generate more speed in your swing

The golfing industry speaks about clubhead speed constantly. We see advertised in the golf magazines all the time. We hear about it on the Golf Channel endlessly Clubhead speed is more a result of what you do with the golf club than an entity of its own. A driver is not going to generate clubhead speed on its’ own! Someone has to swing it! Clubhead speed is contingent upon swing speed. Swing speed is directly related to the person swinging the golf club. So the question to really ask is: How Do I Develop Huge Gains in My Swing Speed? Another term directly related to swing speed and clubhead speed is power. More Power = More Swing Speed = More Clubhead Speed Bottom line is we are looking to increasing the power outputs of your golf swing. This will allow for an increase in swing speed. An increase in swing speed translates to more clubhead speed. So how do we increase the power in our golf swing? Two aspects require tuning and development of you wish to improve the power in your golf swing. § Number One: Improve Your Swing Mechanics § Number Two: Improve Your Body Developing optimal swing mechanics is the first part of the equation to great power. The golf swing is one of the most difficult, finite, and complex athletic movements performed. As a result, it requires time spent on the refinement of the movements involved. Any athletic movement, the golf swing included, can be performed efficiently or inefficiently. An efficient golf swing allows for the highest percentage of power generated by the golfer to be translated into the club, and delivered into the golf ball. An inefficient golf swing decreases the amount of power delivered to golf swing. Efficient Golf Swing Mechanics = High Power Outputs Inefficient Golf Swing Mechanics = Low Power Outputs A pretty simple equation if you think about it. Now how do you develop efficient golf swing mechanics? Through a process of proper instruction, proper practice, and time. The body can learn either the correct or incorrect way to swing a golf club. In order to learn the correct way to swing a golf club, proper instruction is required. Secondly, the body learns through repetition. In order to learn efficient golf swing mechanics it is necessary to practice the correct way to swing. Finally, this process takes time. The body will not learn how swing a golf club correctly in a day. It takes consistent time spent on the swing. Putting it in math terms, the equation for efficient golf swing mechanics is: Proper Instruction + Proper Practice + Time = Efficient Golf Swing Mechanics Unfortunately, efficient golf swing mechanics is only one-half of the equation to increasing clubhead speed, swing speed, and power. The second half is your body. The golf club cannot develop power on its own. It is a combination of developing efficient golf swing mechanics and a body that can generate power. A Body that can Generate Power = Increased Clubhead Speed Your body swings the club through the mechanics of the golf swing. In order to perform this efficiently and powerfully requires the development of certain disciplines within your body. Generating power in the golf swing requires your body to be: § Flexible § Strong § Powerful The development of these three disciplines within your body allows the foundation to swing the golf club with more power. If your body is inflexible, weak, and powerless, generating clubhead speed will be very difficult, let alone performing the mechanics of the golf swing correctly. How do you develop such a body for the golf swing? Quite simply by implementing a golf fitness program. A golf fitness program will develop the required flexibility, strength, and power required of the golf swing. It comes down to this equation: Efficient Golf Swing Mechanics + A Flexible, Strong, & Powerful Body = Increased Clubhead Speed Put in place a plan to develop efficient golf swing mechanics and a powerful body. The swing speed and clubhead speed you desire can be a reality. Remember; proper instruction, practice, time, and golf fitness training are the keys to more power, more swing speed, and more clubhead speed. Sean

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7 surefire strategies for fat loss

1. Weight Training. Building lean body mass (muscle) will speed up your body's metablism. Muscle is "active" tissue, meaning it takes calories to maintain. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. You build muscle by doing resistance training exercises. Simple enough? Let's go on... 2. Reduce Carbohydrate Intake. Say what? I thought you need a lot of carbohydrates for fuel? True, but an excess intake of carbs (please don't call them carbos) can and will be stored as body fat. 100% of all my clients who reduce their carbohydrate intake for fat loss succeed. I can't let all my tricks out of the bag in fairness to my paying clients, but a good starting point would be 1 - 1.25 grams of carbohydrate per pound of lean body weight per day. 3. Eat Frequently. I know you've all heard this before and it's true. Four to six meals daily has its benefits, especially on a sub maintenance calorie diet. It allows for a steady flow of nutrients to the body which creates a favorable metabolics environment for muscle growth and fat loss. 4. Eat More Protein. That's right... The building blocks of muscle are amino acids, and you get that from protein. I've found that many of my clients consumed too little protein. Now that I've taught them these nutritional tactics, they're on their way to losing fat and getting lean! Isn't that what you want? 5. Reduce Intake of Saturated Fats. Notice that I was specific in saying saturated fats. Saturated fats are the ones that cause the most problems, healthwise. There are good fats and there are bad fats. There are a group of fats called Essential Fatty Acids (or EFAs) that are just that. They are essential to life. The body cannot make them so we must consume them though our diet. There are certain fats that I recommend to people to help them lose fat! My clients know, but do you? (Hint: F??????? Oil) 6. Water. Drink, drink, and then drink some more, not necessarily in that order. An adult can probably survive several weeks without eating food, but only a few days without drinking water. Need I say more? Water regulates body temperature, rids the body of waste, lubricates joints, and provides a medium for chemical reactions that occur in the body. 7. Know What You're Doing! Get with someone who knows or better yet - Get a personal trainer! Do you know when the two BEST times are to do cardio (aerobics) for fat loss? Do you know how many sets and reps to perform for a given exercise in order to MAXIMIZE your goals? Do you know how to use free-weights? What are macronutrients and how can I manipulate them to enhance and hasten fat loss? If you don't know the answers, be efficient and get a personal trainer. It'll save you time and money in the long run. Copyright 2004 By Richard Rigor

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Infertility a national problem

Sometimes fertility treatment doesn’t work and you may need time to recover physically and emotionally before thinking about tying again. A doctor should be your first ‘port of call’ if you are looking for the reason for your infertility as there are many possible reasons for the problem. It is just as important to know which partner has the problem as it is to know what the couple can do about it when they see an infertility specialist. Figures for America show, for instance, that about one in every nine couples have an infertility problem leading to childlessness. A full physical examination is only normally carried out when a couple have been trying to conceive for over a year and their doctor needs to assess their general state of health ad discover if there is any reason for the infertility. Many older women convince themselves mentally, after listening to or reading misleading information that they are to old to conceive.

Your emotional and mental condition can also dictate the chances of becoming pregnant and many couple have convinced themselves so completely that they won’t get pregnant that this attitude destroys any attempts to cure the situation. Another infertility problem is known as Secondary Infertility and is characterized by the inability for a woman to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse following the delivery of the first child. For many males, it is the sperm that is causing the infertility problem. This is often caused by high levels of oxidative stress and it creates a problem with the sperm quality. Clinical research suggests that by reducing this oxidative stress that the quality of the sperm will be improved and increase the chance of conception. Fertility can also be enhanced by the use of natural vitamins and supplements to improve the overall health of the body and it won’t harm any infertility treatments you are currently undergoing. Another aspect to this is the cost, as staying healthy and improving your chances of fertility with vitamins and other supplements compared to that of infertility treatment, and medical procedures, is low in contrast. If your infertility problem is stress related you may want to try acupuncture which helps the release of endorphins and other chemicals that help reduce stress.

Fertility treatment isn’t always covered by your medical insurance although you could claim that it is a necessary and legitimate medical procedure. Fortunately, infertility treatment is tax-deductible if you are unsuccessful with your medical insurance company.

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Important acne information

And the good news, fried foods, and chocolate do not cause acne! Acne, or pimples, usually starts in the early teens when the oil glands in the body start making more sebum (oil). Approximately 85% of teens and pre-teens - along with many adults get acne. It is so common that it is considered a normal part of growing up. Acne predominately appears on the face, and sometimes on the back, shoulders and chest. Acne can be heredity, and girls usually get it at a younger age than boys. Teens get acne because of hormone changes that come with puberty - not because of what they are eating! However, acne is not uncommon to have in your 30's and 40's. A 'whitehead' results when the hair follicle, or pore, gets plugged up with oil, dead skin cells or germs. If the pore remains open the air touches it and turns it black - it then becomes a 'blackhead'. A blackhead is not caused by dirt. Acne can be exacerbated by: menstruating; stress; contraception pills that contain male hormones; oily cosmetics; working in hot humid places or with oil or grease; some types of medicines; or hormone changes during pregnancy. Having acne can affect one's self esteem and body image. This can manifest in numerous ways including: the person growing their hair long and keeping it over their face; by avoiding eye contact; always keeping their body hidden; taking sick days - and missing work or study. Acne can bring on loss of appetite, lethargy, mood swings, crying and sleep issues. There are lots of acne treatments - some tried and true - and some not - these include: benzoyl peroxide; a course of antibiotics - for severe cases; for some females who may be producing excessive hormones - birth control pills; retinoids eg Retin-A - via prescription; acne creams and cleansers; laser treatments and herbal treatments. With most of these it can take several weeks before you notice any change. Acne scaring has in the past been of a major concern to a lot of people - there is, however, a new laser treatment for acne scars. The laser treats the damaged skin - resurfacing it, leaving healthy skin unaffected - the laser goes deep into the acne scars - causing collagen remodelling. The procedure is a walk-in, walk-out treatment. It usually takes 4 - 5 treatments for best results.

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Vacuum cleaners how would we manage without them

Vacuum cleaners are an absolute essential home appliance these days. We rely on our vacuum cleaner to help keep our homes free of dust and dirt; but how often do we go about our cleaning, without giving much thought to how efficient these machines really are? Before electric vacuum cleaners were invented, home cleaning was a major task. Floors had to be cleaned with brushes, brooms and mops. Rugs and carpets had to be removed from the floor, hung up outdoors, and beaten to remove the dust. These methods involved a lot of time and effort, and also caused health complaints. The early invention of non-electric floor cleaning devices made home cleaning easier. People started looking for ways to improve the efficiency of these machines, and all kinds of contraptions were invented. Throughout the 100-year history of electric vacuum cleaners, there have been many improvements. The first electric vacuums were produced in the early 1900's. In 1908, the Hoover Company built the first electric vacuum cleaner that used both a cloth filter bag and cleaning attachments. During the years that followed, many different models and designs were created, each varying in size, weight, suction power, and other features. Of all the designs however, the upright vacuum cleaner remained the most popular. The latest upright vacuums available today make cleaning a lot easier. They are much lighter and versatile, and come in both bagged and bagless designs with handy tools to help remove dust from drapes, upholstery, and tricky, hard to reach places. Owning a bagless vacuum means you don’t ever have to buy vacuum bags. When it comes to emptying the dirt container, it can be emptied straight into your garbage bin. You'd want to do this outside in the yard or on the street to prevent dust going back into your house. If you're an allergy sufferer, you're best to stay with a bagged unit. The dust remains in a sealed bag, and when full, it can easily be removed and disposed of. There are many other types of vacuum cleaners available including the canister, the wet and dry vacuum, portable hand-held units, and robotic vacuum cleaners. When buying a vacuum cleaner, it's important to choose the best vacuum to suit your home cleaning needs. You'll also want to think about what you have in your home. Do you have carpets and rugs, wooden floors, or perhaps a flight of stairs? Are you an allergy sufferer? Do you have pets indoors? If you spend a bit extra on a vacuum cleaner with stronger suction, consider it a good investment. Vacuuming regularly with a powerful vacuum will remove grit from deep within your carpets, and prevent them from wearing out.

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Mahogany s beauty and durability makes it ideal for deck construction

A couple of years ago I had the chance to tour several newly constructed Adirondack homes. One of the areas that particularly stood out for me while touring these homes were the decks. All used Mahogany lumber for both the decking and the railing systems. The red color and the general beauty of the Mahogany wood was unique to anything I had ever seen before in decking material. After completing my home tours I went out and researched Mahogany further. First, there are several species and colors of Mahogany, supplied by various countries around the world. Not all are the same, however.

It is the species known as American Mahogany that has the rich red color that I had observed. American Mahogany comes from the West Indies, Mexico, and Central and South America. It is generally viewed as a harder wood that is extremely durable and resistance to moisture and insects. Also, because it is a hard wood it has a tendancy to not split, twist or check. So be sure to ask about the species, prior to buying Mahogany. Note however, Mahogany is a little more expensive than pressure treated decking and railing systems, however it is well worth it in terms of quality, looks and durabilty. Since discovering and researching Mahogany, I have built two deck systems using this material. As I had indicated earlier, it is a hard material that as a result, requires a little more effort in its installation.

Fastening the Material First, use stainless steel nails or screws on both the decking and railing systems, as other types will not penetrate this material very well. My preference was the stainless steel nails, however pre-drilling holes is mandatory if not using a nail gun. Even with stainless steel nails, they will bend trying to simply nail them into the wood. I found that with the stainless steel hex head screws that they chewed the wood going in and left somewhat of a ragged finish on the surface of the wood. Second, when installing the decking material, I found it aesthetically most attractive to create a frame on the outside perimeter of the deck surface using long Mahogany boards. Once the outer frame is installed, the main Mahogany decking boards can be simply installed within this outer framework. The result is a cleaner line when viewed from a distance or standing on the deck itself. Regarding the Railing system, screws and bolts should be used exclusively as the material use in this part of the deck is typically thicker and requires more rigidity. Painting, Staining or Sealing Mahogany takes paint and stain well, however I have preferred to apply a clear sealer. The clear sealer enables the natural red color of the Mahogany to shine through, while still providing a layer of protection from the environement. Typically I re-apply the clear sealer every year to continue to preserve the color. If you do not, the Mahogany will bleach out.

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Microsoft crm connector lotus notes domino communigate pro postfix exim oracle collaboration suite groupwise

Microsoft Business Solutions is promoting its own CRM – Microsoft CRM. Microsoft CRM is gaining market share in small, mid-size and even large companies CRM market. For large enterprise clients email server is often realized on Lotus Domino or Java/Unix platforms. Microsoft CRM standard messaging works through Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2000. Considering the fact that large number of companies are committed to alternative email server, we decided to develop Microsoft CRM Lotus/Domino connector (first release – April 2005), which works similar to MS CRM Exchange connector and will have improvement in comparison to standard connector in release 2 (June, 1 2005 – target date) How does it work. When you send email from CRM object (Lead, Contact or Account) – the connector takes over, appends GUID to the message header and forwards to Lotus Domino for delivery. The reason for such a primitive solution is simple – Microsoft wants to be sure that all email systems, deployed from mail recipient side (Lotus, Unix or Exchange) will keep GUID in the response header (usually appending re prefix, like re:…..GUID) and on the way back to MS CRM, connector will take all the messages with GUID in the header and will try to match their GUID with objects GUID and append these messages to their originating objects. Restating in direct words – if you send email from specific contact – when recipient responds – RE message will be attached to the contact. Improvements. If email is sent from Lotus client – Lotus Domino server will analyze if MS CRM any contact, account or lead has addressee email and if so – it will attach closed activity of email type to this object. If message is received by Lotus Domino server without GUID in the header – server will analyze if any MS CRM object has addressor email and if so – it will attach closed email activity to the object Technology – MS CRM Lotus Domino connector uses Java agent on the Lotus side and web services to address MS CRM. Pricing - to be announced - it will be based on Lotus or other email server Licenses Connector has standard core working with MS CRM and platform-dependent plug-ins. It will support following email servers (check with us on availability): Exchange (Win32, Win64 (upon the arrival)) Lotus Domino (Win32, AIX, Linux, Solaris Sparc) CommuniGate Pro (Win32, AIX, Linux, Solaris Sparc & x86) PostFix (AIX, Linux, Solaris Sparc & x86) Exim (AIX, Linux, Solaris Sparc & x86) Oracle Collaboration Suite (Win32, AIX, Linux, Solaris Sparc) GroupWise (Win32, Linux) If you feel that you need such a product and use Lotus / Domino in your company, feel free to call us: USA 1-866-528-0577, Deutschland (0177) 8349 806, Moscow (095) 918 3314, help@albaspectrum. com

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Focus focus focus

The success of your online business relies on you making sales, actually selling your product or service to paying customers. The more the better. To get those sales you need to communicate well with your potential customers and make a good sales pitch. What you say and how you say it are therefore very important and can make the difference between your business succeeding or failing. When you sell your products and services online, you communicate largely through text. What you say in that text directly influences the customer's decision to either buy or not buy your product, in the same way that a real-world sales conversation would. Your potential customer wants to hear interesting and important information that will help them make that decision. That decision begins from the moment they arrive at your website.

Lets imagine you are looking to buy a particular product. You learn that the product is available on two different websites. You visit each site and read their text. This is what Site A says to you in effect: let us tell you about us, here's some very basic product details we feel we should give you, here's an inadequate photo of the product we had lying around, this is why we are in business and why we think we are great, yeah we know we've made it difficult for you to use our site. We didn't want to make the effort to find out what our customers want, this is where we are located (usually accompanied by a picture of their building). Site B says: yes we sell the product you are looking for. here it is..., let us tell you all about it, here's some good reasons why you should buy it immediately, here's some good reasons why you should buy from us (and not our competitors), Its easy for you to buy from us. Just do this..., Let us know if we can serve you better or answer any questions you may have. Which one is going to get the sale? Obviously Site B will get the sale. Why? Because they clearly show they understand their customers. They: Focus on their customers! Focus on their needs! Focus on their priorities! They provide information that is useful to you in making your buying decision. They are focused on you the customer, not themselves. Their text is all about "you". They work hard to ensure all this and demonstrate it on their website. They make it very easy to interact with them and that also gives you the impression they will be very easy to deal with too. Site A, on the otherhand, may indeed have some useful information on their webpage but its not there in quantity and for your benefit. It can of course be useful to know where a company is located. But, if they are going on about it or its the first thing you see on arrival, its more likely there to prop-up their over inflated ego and demonstrate how successful they think they are. Their focus is directed entirely on themselves. You are not their number 1 priority, they are! Don't they realise that customers can read between the lines and spot this easily? In addition to focusing on their customers, there's also something else that Site B does very well. Its not as easy to spot but has a dramatic effect on their sales. Its the way they deliver their information. They know its vital to keep your attention and interest. If they lose it for a second they may lose it forever. They've noticed that other sites write paragraphs of text that grab your interest in one sentence and lose it in the next, because the information provided is not relevant or important to you at that point. It should either be removed or replaced. So they have made a conscious effort to hold your interest at all times throughout a paragraph or piece of text. Their paragraphs say exactly what you want to know and in the order you want to know it. They hold your interest throughout with useful and valuable information. They don't tolerate any irrelevant or unimportant information whatsoever. This is the ideal situation for your company to be in. To have customers who are keen to listen to what you have to say and trust what you say. They know you are focused on them, their needs and their priorities. They are far more likely to listen to your recommendations and make purchases based on them. You will build stronger, equally beneficial and more rewarding relationships with them. Those relationships will be hard to break by your competitors, especially if you keep that focus and continuously improve your offers, products and service. Questions to ask? Are you focused on your customers? Are you providing the right information at the right times? Do you keep their attention and interest at all times? Do you distract them at anytime? Are you getting maximum sales from your website? Action to take on your website: Concentrate on selling more products. Concentrate on selling them well. Remove any distracting, confusing or irelevant text. Try to keep the readers interest continuously. Remember: Focus on your customers! Focus on their needs! Focus on their priorities! Good luck!

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Technical staff challenge them

Encourage your technical staff to learn about higher-end networking solutions. Remember, higher-end solutions are generally worth more per hour. Most of your technical staff will have the skills to set up small LANs, do troubleshooting, cleanup jobs and desktop rollouts. But in this article you'll learn why you should also start booking up some of their time to work on higher margin projects that have more long-term potential. Professional Gratification Keeps Your Technical Staff Happy By moving your staff into more advanced networking projects, your technical staff is going to get a lot more professional gratification. “Techies” really like to work on things that tax their knowledge. Your technical staff members find it very frustrating to come back from studying for a certification exam and feel like all they're doing all day is rescuing the lost Microsoft Office toolbar, or telling people to reboot, or to disconnect and reconnect. Challenges Lead to Retention Your technical staff will get a lot more gratification out working at their true technical peak and being exposed to greater and greater challenges. So, in many ways, training becomes a great retention tool. The flip side: if your technical staff is constantly working on projects that they feel are “beneath” them, you may start losing staff to competitors. Complex Networking Projects Lead to Longer-term Client Relationships. Developing long-term client relationships is also a lot more gratifying for your technical staff. They get to work with clients over an extended period of time. Your technical staff gets to know clients real well. They get to build relationships. Your technical staff gets very attached, and that's generally a good thing (as long as your technical staff remains even more loyal to your firm). The Bottom Line about Technical Staff In this article, you've been introduced to the importance of challenging your technical staff. Copyright Notice: Copyright MMI-MMVI, Computer Consultants Secrets. All Worldwide Rights Reserved. {Attention Publishers: Live hyperlink in author resource box required for copyright compliance}

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