Your guide to online audio book rental

Online audio book rental is so easy that we simply can not understand why some people are still buying audio books. Online audio book rental service offer the best deals on the audio books world today – Unlimited rental, No due dates, an enormous variety of downloadable audio books, cheap prices and much more. Follow the following steps to start renting audio books online immediately: 1. Write down your expectations from the online audio book rental service: The type of the audio books you are looking for – Fiction audio books, children audio book, business journals etc. The amount of audio books you wish to listen to each month (or the audio book rental frequency) The amount of money you wish to spend on audio book rental each month. 2. Go over the audio book rental plans at the main online audio book rental services and find out the proper plan that meets your expectations. If you are unsure with the plan you have chosen, don’t worry because most rental plans have a free trial during which you can cancel it and get your money back 3. Sign up and enter your personal and payment details. In most of the rental services this procedure is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. In this phase you will choose the plan and select whether you wish to rent audio books on Cd, books on tape or downloadable audio books. 4. Prepare a list of the audio books you wish to rent. In most online audio book rental services you will have to check which of the audio books is currently available. However, in some audio book rental services you could enter the list and the next available audio book will be send to you. 5. Get the audio books. Download them or get them delivered to your house in two business days. Enjoy listening to the audio books while exercising, driving, cleaning house, hiking, running marathons, dropping the kids off at school - Wherever and whenever you want.

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Special rules for selling software on ebay

Computer software is one of the biggest sellers on eBay – after all, everyone using eBay has a computer, don’t they? There can be problems, however, if you try to sell certain kinds of software that eBay doesn’t allow. Used software is a minefield, and you could end up buying something dodgy to resell without even realising it. Here are the various kinds of software that you’re not allowed to sell on eBay, and how to spot them. You should always try installing used software before you sell it, as this might give you a few clues. Pirate Software. This one is reasonably obvious, but pirate software can be hard to spot. The biggest things to look out for are auctions that don’t have pictures or only have pictures from catalogues, unrealistically low prices, and come with no manuals or documentation. Microsoft software comes with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’, which you should check. Software that is on recordable media such as CD-RWs is usually pirated. If you see software that offered for download only, it is often pirated – but not always. Some small software developers allow download licenses for their software to be resold on sites like eBay. Type the name of the software into a search engine, and go to the manufacturer’s site to check. Remember that software you download is very unlikely to come with resale rights, though. Beta Software. Beta software is pre-release software, issued by companies for testing purposes. Companies generally do not give permission for their beta software to be sold or redistributed, as it won’t be as good as the final product. Do not buy anything that says it is ‘beta’, and return anything you receive that says ‘beta’ or ‘not for resale or distribution’ anywhere on the CD or during the install. Academic Software. Some companies sell special ‘educational editions’ or ‘student licenses’ for their software, which are designed to make it affordable to students and teachers. You can only sell this software if you are a licensed educational reseller for the company, and your buyers are educational users. Academic software will usually say somewhere on its CD or in its installation what it is. OEM Software. OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ – this is software that is only supposed to be distributed with a new computer, as it came pre-installed on the computer. The licences for this software usually stop you from selling it without also selling any hardware. Look out for the message ‘for sale with a new computer only’, or similar. Note, though, that it’s usually fine to bundle any OEM software you come across with computers that you sell on eBay. If you sell any kind of software that isn’t allowed, then eBay might shut down your auction, or your sellers might realise what they’ve bought and leave you bad feedback. It’s not really worth the risk. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, how about we try to get you a few more customers for the items you have that aren’t against the rules. In the next email, we’ll take a look at the real power of eBay store newsletters.

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Mazda rx 4 luce rotary different names same vehicle

In Japan, the Mazda RX 4 was known as the Luce Rotary. Despite different names, though, the Mazda RX 4 and the Luce Rotary was still the very same vehicle from the Mazda Motor Corporation which has its headquarters mainly located in Hiroshima, Japan. The Mazda RX 4 has had other contemporaries, equals, and peers that also are under the Mazda brand’s line up of vehicles. Each of its peers are rotary powered. Contemporaries for the Mazda RX 4 include the Mazda RX 2 and the Mazda RX 3. The former was based actually on the Mazda Capella, as with the latter, it was actually based on the Mazda Familia. Comparing the Mazda RX 4 with the two vehicles, the Mazda RX4 2 and the Mazda RX 3, the Mazda RX 4 is still larger than both. Despite that, the Luce/929 chassis that the latter holds is the very same one that both of the other two vehicles use. The Luce/929 chassis actually replaced the R130. This replacement was done in October of 1972.

Originally, the Mazda RX 4 was made available as a hardtop coupe and also as a sedan. Come the year 1972, this vehicle make was then made available as a station wagon. The station wagon was introduced so as to replace the Savanna Wagon. When it was first introduced, the Mazda RX 4 held a 120 horsepower 12A engine. However, later on in 1974, this was replaced by the larger 13B engine. This was made for export purposes. This new engine gave the Mazda RX 4 the chance to be environment friendly for it was what Mazda called the “AP” version.

“AP” stood for “anti pollution”. The vehicle also used a strut type independent suspension in the front part as with a solid axle in the rear. The brake discs were mounted in the front and the drum brakes were installed in the rear. The vehicle held a curb weight that could get as low as 2620 pounds. The most superior in Mazda performance parts, OEM parts, replacement parts, and aftermarket parts than anywhere else on the World Wide Web can actually be found at http:// mzpart. com. It has in stock hundreds of Mazda parts and auto parts at better prices than anywhere else.

Made available 24 hours a day, interested parties, Mazda owners, and Mazda aficionados can visit the online store anytime they choose to. Included in the stock are brakes, clutch parts, cooling system parts, electrical parts, electrical engine parts, suspension parts, and transmission parts just to name a few.

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Preparing to outsource

It's important to understand when to add individuals to your business model. Adding a new team member should be an easy transition - that’s where organization comes in. Clearly defined processes such as workflow, workspace, filing system, and other key functions in the business should be identified. Structure is one of the most overlooked aspects of business success – especially time management and documentation structures. As the business owner, you have to be disciplined in order to allocate and delegate work to someone else. If you’re not disciplined, focused, and organized - how can you expect for your new team member to function efficiently? Don't forget the most crucial ingredient; you must have something for them to do and it must not interfere with your workflow. If you don’t know what tasks you want your new team member to handle, how is he or she going to know how to help you? So how do you get prepared for adding new team members? Here are some quick tips to get you started: Begin by planning time to work on your business each week. This time should be focused exclusively on your business without interruption from the phones, the Internet and e-mail, or appointments. You have to be disciplined in order to allocate and delegate work to someone else. This focused time will keep your business in line with your vision. Identify what you need in the form of a bulleted task list detailed for each business function, i. e. marketing, accounting, administrative, operations, management, production, distribution, sales, web site maintenance, etc. Define the skill sets and personality types that best fit your needs. Don't try to clone yourself; it doesn't work. As part of the outlined tasks, have specific, measurable goals within each business function. Side Bar: I remember when I was interviewing for a corporate job years ago, I had to interview with six people in sequence. Each gave me a different description of the job. Although I figured that the manager had the correct job description, I realized that the company had some challenges and I decided not to work there. Detailing your goals for each business function will ensure you get the right people on your team. Do your homework to determine what it will cost you to add new team members. You may only need a virtual assistant to get started - just do your research to make the best decision. Start by reviewing your budget for the year. You could hire someone to work just 30 hours a month at $12 per hour to provide support. Be creative with your budget and enlist the help of contractors or collaborating with other businesses as an alternative to hiring employees. Be sure your communication tools (email, phone, mobile, palm) are in place before you incorporate new team members. You want your new team members to use your company's communication tools as they communicate on your behalf to ensure a consistent image. Once you have team members in place: Communicate – Be sure your team members understand your expectations and understands the steps he or she needs to take to meet these expectations. Be patient and expect to hit some bumps in the road. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Flexibility is key during the learning process. I recommend being up front in the interview in order to set the expectations on the front end vs.. waiting until a mistake happens.. Appreciate – As Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden write, “Contented Cows Give Better Milk.” Your team members will be more motivated if you regularly demonstrate your appreciation of his or her hard work. Good Luck!

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Forex capital markets and foreign exchange transactions

Forex Capital Markets are foreign exchange markets where the currencies are been bought and sold continuously for profits. The capital markets of forex are present globally and transactions are non-stop in this forex cash market. Whether its Sydney or Tokyo, one would find aggressive forex dealers and brokers peering into their computer screens and on the telephone for minor changes that might affect this currency trade. The forex trade is carried out for profits that can be gained by buying and selling of the currencies. Currencies are always bought and sold in pairs. Let us take an example to clarify the forex deal A trader trades in Euros/ Us Dollars. (All figures are samples only) He purchases 10,000 Euros on Jan 1 when the EUR/USD rate is .9600. Then he sells these Euros at the market rate of 1.1800. On August 1. Therefore he gets 11,800 USD. Thereby making a cool forex transaction profit of USD 2200. Since all currencies are bought and sold in pairs, one needs to decide the pair of currency that you would like to do your currency transactions in. In this example EUR is the base currency and the USD is called the quote or the counter currency. If you have bought Euros (simultaneously selling dollars), then you have based your decision on the fact that Euros may appreciate in the future. Therefore by selling Euros back into dollars you would be getting more dollars and thus making a profit. If your assumption is that the US market is going to appreciate, then you would placing a SELL Euro/USD. Therefore you will sell Euros while (simultaneously buying USD). This USD may be sold at a later stage to book a profit. Operating in the financial and forex trade, its important to understand that there are many factors, which affect the forex dealing. The business market conditions, the political scenario, threat of climatic disasters or impending farm output increase. All these factors play a crucial role in the forex markets. Forex dealers trade on forex trading platform or a session. These are sophisticated software's, which provide the forex dealers with real time news and analysis on the currencies that they are dealing in. On this they execute buy and sell orders and well as stop order. Of course these are also linked to the forex margin account. Thus it gives the forex dealers ample leeway to make transactions with a small investment. The forex trade is competitive market where more credit worthy that the institution or the dealer, the better their source of information and quality of data is. Therefore this helps them to make better deals in the currency transactions and make better profits.

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So you want to be a consultant 4 steps to take on the pathway to success

Copyright © 2006 The National Learning Institute During my career as a manager and since I myself became a consultant in 1987, I have had many colleagues and acquaintances move into the consultancy profession. Sometimes this move was by choice as a genuine career move. In the late 90s however, the proliferation of consultants was exacerbated by the downsizing of organisations and so, people who had been “cut” and who were unable to find a similar role in another organisation tried the consulting path – often with little success and a great deal of pain. The following suggestions on becoming a consultant have been developed as a result of my own experience, my advice sessions with colleagues starting out on their consultancy career journey and the lessons I have learned from watching people either succeed or fail to make the grade as a consultant. My belief is that there are at least four things that one must do to develop a successful career as a consultant: Firstly, decide on an area of expertise and "research it to death!". Become a real "expert" in your chosen field. Organisations are looking for people as consultants to fill a gap in their skill base, knowledge, expertise etc and that's why they go to a consultant (otherwise they would find the expertise internally). When starting out as a consultant, it's tempting to be able to say "Yep, I can do that" when a prospective client asks for help, even though you may not have a great deal of expertise in that area. Sometimes the need to keep an income coming in can be a very tempting reason to take these type of jobs. I have a colleague who eventually became quite successful, but in her early consultancy career took these type of assignments because “There must be a book published on that – I’ll read up on it”. My observations were that she was in fact already an expert in a particular field, but at the time was not aware of it. Her area of expertise? Process management, and so, reading up on a book merely gave her the context for her area of expertise. However, over the long term for most of us it does no good to take on assignments where we are not the true “expert” as the client will most likely not be entirely happy with the outcome (even though you may learn a lot in the process). In the consultancy business, you are only as good as your last job. Some suggestions for developing your area of expertise? Write articles on your area of expertise, speak at conferences, seminars etc, and join professional organisations that focus on your area of expertise. If you are that way inclined, join the committees of these organisations. You can always start your own website or blog on your area of expertise as well. My own area of expertise is management training, and in particular "hands on tools for new managers", so you can see the results at “Tips for New Managers” ( nationallearninginstitute. com/index_files/Leadersandmanagestipsforsuccess. htm) Secondly, find a mentor who can assist with your development over the longer term. These people are not so easy to find, so be patient. They must be experts in your chosen field of expertise and be willing to pass on their knowledge and experience freely to you. You also need to develop a good personal relationship with them. I've been lucky enough to work for one many years ago (Dennis Pratt author of "Aspiring to Greatness – Above and Beyond TQM", Business & Professional Publishing, Sydney, 1994) who became my mentor and who has remained a mentor for me ever since. Thirdly, find a coach. This type of person is quite different to your mentor. Your coach is someone who will be able to help you in developing your skills as a consultant (as opposed to developing your area of expertise). These people you must find very early on in your career as a consultant, because they are very good "process" managers (as opposed to "content" managers, content being your area of expertise). They can often be bosses you work for (so choose wisely) or business partners with more consultancy expertise than yourself. Sometimes your mentor and coach can be one and the same person, but this is rare. One of the differences for spotting a coach from a mentor is that your coach will have a commercial interest in your success (boss, partner, business associate), so he or she is committed to you for the short term. Your mentor on the other hand, will not necessarily have the same commercial and vested interest and will become your mentor because of his or her willingness to share their knowledge and the extent to which you build the relationship with them, and so will be committed to you for the long term. Finally, gain experience. This generally only comes with time. When I say experience, I am not so much referring to your experience as a consultant (although this will come), but your experience IN your chosen area of expertise. For example, let's say in my case it's "hands on tools for new managers" - I really do need to be a new manager before I can offer other people advice on their own development. This will be particularly important to your client prospects. Sometimes experience is hard to get and as I said before, takes time. But you can speed the process for example, by taking part time jobs (or full time if you have the opportunity) or by volunteering to work in your chosen field, or working with another consultant who is considered an expert in your chosen field. Keep in mind, your client will be employing you for your expertise and will want to see evidence of that expertise. In writing this article for aspiring consultants, my hope is that the four steps I have outlined will help lead you to a very successful and rewarding career as a consultant. Enjoy!

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Leading window graphics company renowned artist headline automobile news

When you think of automobile news, you may not expect to read about a renowned artist. However, a recent automobile news release contained just that. An artist, his talent and an innovative company looking to change the way you look at windshields is the current focus of much media attention and automobile news. In an automotive news announcement made, Window Canvas, the leader in Exterior Applied See-Thru Window Graphics for cars, trucks and SUVs, confirmed an agreement with well-known artist Jeff Wilkie. The exclusive contract was signed with Persistence of Vision, which gave Window Canvas the license to represent the art of Jeff Wilkie on their vehicle graphics. If you have ever noticed a rear windshield with an impressive, and colorful, image covering the entire back glass, then you are already familiar with the concept of transparent window graphics. They prevent viewing the interior from the rear, but allow the passengers and driver to see out. Window graphics are often quite detailed and beautiful, which is the concept behind Windows Canvas and their new artwork license with Jeff Wilkie. "Jeff's breathtaking artwork is the perfect addition to Window Canvas and our image library," commented Bianca J. Hennings, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Window Canvas.

According to the recent automobile news release, Hennings concluded, "We are very excited about his imagery being displayed on people's cars all over the country and even the world." Jeff Wilkie is an accomplished artist whose collections include both ocean and marine life images. Among the many depictions, Wilkie portrays an artistic image of dolphins, seascapes, whales and other wildlife. "I am very happy to have my artwork added to their line of products," Jeff admits. His work has been licensed for a variety of products, including greeting cards, puzzles, t-shirts and computer mouse pads. To add even more credence to Wilkie's art, his images have been offered as part of the fine art prize category on "The Price Is Right" televised game show. The products featuring Wilkie's art are constantly ranked number one in sales. Beginning in the spring of 2006, his art will also be featured on checks, checkbook covers, address labels and wall murals throughout the United States. Window Canvas is the recognized leader in exterior applied see-thru window graphics for automobiles. Their website features more than 2,000 images, including patriotic, flags, sports, personal expressions, nature, military and camouflage scenes. In addition to their many options, Window Canvas also offers website visitors with an opportunity to customize their own rear window graphics using a patent pending technology feature called "Create Your Own." An artist who loves to create images and a company who loves to incorporate them into windows have come together to generate widespread automobile news attention. Websites and various industry publications are sure to be among the first to report automobile news and especially when it's as beautiful as Wilkie's artwork.

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The evolution of web technologies

With the evolution of web technologies, free games have become something one can’t imagine living without. Software such as flash allows developers to recreate the best moments in gaming history such as Tetris, pac-man, Mario, sonic and more. While some might think of this as piracy, others enjoy the benefits that online gaming has to offer. There are thousands of website that allow you to play free games online. This has spawned a whole new market for game developers, it’s called “casual gaming”.

It is a multimillion industry that focuses solely on non-gamers that kill time mostly during working hours in front of PCs. The causal gaming market can be divided into two categories – downloadable games and free flash games. The first are mostly half-free, as you usually get to play a limited demo of the full package instead of a free game, and the former are solely there for your enjoyment, with money generated through advertising on the sites. The free flash gaming market is now sort of like a dйjа vu of the gaming business 30 years ago, when people made games in garages. That market evolved into the current hardcore gaming market (with the current generation consoles being the Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii) and left out small developers in the wild. But with free online games, anyone with the right skills and knowledge can make a game and publish it online. While the game would be free, the developer could generate profits from advertising within the game or on the website where he publishes it. This makes even more sense as it’s rumored that the next versions of Flash technology would include 3D support, making the jump from 2D to 3D in web-based apps, much like the gaming market 15-20 years ago. But while we wait for it, you can still enjoy reborn classics such as Tetris completely free and without having to download anything. All you need to know is the correct website.

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Keyword ownership what it is and where it s headed

Have you ever got one of those silly emails that offers to let you own a keyword? Silly question. How many such emails do you get every day? A number of such services regularly email me offering keyword ownership of premium keywords for $300/year. They say that anyone can type the keyword I bought in the address bar of Internet explorer, instead of typing in a URL, and they will be sent directly to my site. In total it seems that there are about 2% of Internet users worldwide who have enabled one type or another of this system, spread out between a few competitive services. Data shows that between 4% and 7% of search queries are performed by entering something in the address bar. By default for IE users, these searches are automatically routed through to MSN search. Many of us however have installed so much software over time, and unknowingly, some of this software has re-routed these search queries to other search portals, such as iGetNet, or others. This often happens if you've installed any file sharing software. We have all heard / read about how many extra 'features' come with programs like Kazaa. This means that your default search from the address bar may no longer be MSN, and may have been rerouted elsewhere, but the basic principle still applies. Of the queries that are actually run from an address bar, at least half of them are unintentionally instigated by people mistyping the desired URL. This means that between 2% and 4% of Internet users actually search via their address bar. So how exactly do these address bars work? There are many of these companies offering this kind of service, with each one of them selling the very same keywords to different and sometimes competing companies. To make things worse, the keywords you might buy will only work with the issuing companys proprietary address bar plug-in. Then, to actually offer search capabilities from the address bar, each of these service providers needs to get individual Internet users to download and install their plug-in, and remember to run searches from the address bar. How effective can a marketing strategy of this nature be when the various tools are not interchangeable, there are numerous competitors selling the same key words to different companies, and you are targeting only a small fraction of Internet users? If your ad is being displayed because its similar to the search query, are you paying for irrelevant results? This can happen; If there is not a perfect match to a search query, the next closest match may be displayed. Competing with these companies is any search engine that offers its own toolbar. You can download a toolbar from any number of engines, and run searches on any key word or phrase quickly and easily. You then get the search engines selection of closest matches, from all the web sites they have indexed. They offer more than just one choice, and dont cost anything Who Started This? Started in 1998, Realnames was the first company that tied searching via the address bar to a web browser. At the time, it was touted as a value added solution for businesses around the world who were attempting to get their products found quickly, but didn't want customers to have to wade through a sea of Web addresses to reach their destination. In part, it was deemed necessary because so few web site operators were search engine savvy, and fewer still knew anything about search engine optimization and promotion. What the Realnames solution did was allow a web site operator to buy a keyword, and then when any user of Internet Explorer would type that keyword into the IE address toolbar, they would get directed to the web site that owned the keyword. The company hoped to profit from businesses which wanted to reach Internet users who would type keywords into their browsers address bar instead of remembering the url, or going through a standard search interface. Unfortunately for the company, the service was entirely dependent on Microsoft; and when Microsoft stopped supporting the technology in May 2002, the company was forced to close. The reason it was so totally dependent was simple; Unlike the new companies on the market today, Realnames did not depend on an end user downloading and installing a plugin, instead it was essentially integrated into Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Therefore everyone who used IE automatically had the plugin. The Legal Question Each of the companies offering these services has a policy designed to ensure that a web site only buys keywords related to their content, and their review process is designed to keep cybersquatters from hijacking popular names and products. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that any one of these keyword ownership services adheres to any naming standard, or even ensures that any purchaser has the legal right to any of the terms they are buying. This means that the rights to copyrighted material like "Pepsi" or generic words like "business" could end up in the hands of the first buyer. While Pepsi is a well known brand name, there are millions of copyrighted and trademark protected terms, covered in multiple jurisdictions. It would not be cost effective or practical for these services to police copyright and trademark infringement. In the summer of 1999, the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, denied Playboy's request for an injunction barring a search engine from selling advertising based on the terms playboyand playmate. In the precedent setting ruling regarding keyword advertising, Judge Stotler of the United States District Court in Santa, Ana, California, dismissed a lawsuit brought by Playboy Enterprises against the search engine Excite, Inc. and Netscape. The ruling limited the online rights of trademark holders, as it recognized that a trademark may be used without authorization by search engines in advertising sales practices. Playboy claimed that the search engines were displaying paid banner ads from pornographic web sites whenever "playboy" or "playmate" were used as a search term. As the owner of the trademarks for both terms, Playboy argued that the use of its trademarks for a third party sales scheme was trademark infringement and branding dilution. In the ruling dismissing Playboy's case, the Judge found that Excite had not used the trademarks "playboy" and "playmate" in an unlawful manner. This was because Excite had not used the trademarked words to identify Excites own goods or services and therefore trademark infringement laws did not apply. It was further determined that even if there was trademark usage, there was no infringement because there was no evidence that consumers confused Playboy products with the services of Excite or Netscape. What about within Meta Tags? Is it illegal to use trademarked terms in your meta tags? Sometimes. The problem occurs with how and why you are using the terms. Web sites that use the tags in a deceptive manner have lost legal battles. However, legitimate reasons to use the terms have resulted in successful defenses. In a case involving Playboy, the firm was able to prove trademark infringement, based on use of their trademark in meta tags, url and content on the web site. The case was filed by the firm against web site operators for stuffing their web pages with the words Playboyand Playmatehundreds of times. Furthermore, the defendants were also using the terms Playboy and Playmate in the site names, URLs, and slogans. In this case the Judge ruled for Playboy, as there was a clear case of trademark infringement. In the separate case, Playboy vs. Terri Welles, the court refused Playboy's request. The reason was simple. Terri Welles was Playboy's 1981 Playmate of the Year. She had used the terms "Playmate" and "Playboy" on her web pages and within her meta tags, and the Court felt she had a legitimate right to use them to accurately describe herself, and to ensure that the search engines could catalog her web site properly within their databases. Playboy's appeal was dismissed on Feb. 1, 2002. In Summary It is clear that if you have a legitimate reason to use a trademarked word or phrase in your web site you can. You may also rent their ownership from one of the keyword ownership companies. Be careful, though, it is possible that may get sued. Does the technology work? Yes, but only for some of the approximately 3% of Internet users worldwide who have installed any one of a variety of competing plugins that enable this type of searching. I stress a fraction of the 3%, as you would need to buy the keywords from each individual vendor to ensure reaching all 2%.

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How to remember things

What's the biggest problem with memory tricks? Remembering to use them, of course. There are many memory techniques that work well, but you'll forget them when you need them most - unless you make using them a habit. So when you take the time to learn a technique, use it until it becomes automatic. Here are some to try. Using a Story-List I went to a party as a child. There was a game that involved looking at a table covered in 15 various items. After a few minutes, we were taken to another room, and each child was given paper and a pencil. We had to write down as many items as we could remember. I recalled seven or eight, but one boy won the prize by remembering all 15 items. Years later I learned why he won. His father taught him a simple trick that none of us other kids knew. The technique is to tie the items together in an imaginative story. For example, what if you want to remember a list of the following things: Soap, milk, honey, fork, and flowers. Start a vivid story in your imagination, adding each item to it as you go: At the sink, you reach for the SOAP. The soap dish is full of MILK, so you wash your hands in that. Then you comb HONEY into your hair with a FORK, and finally pick up a bouquet of FLOWERS and smile at the mirror. Say each item while mentally reviewing your "movie," and you'll remember all five things, even the next day. Some Other Memory Tricks Tell yourself to remember. When you learn a person's name, for example, tell yourself, "remember that". This signals your unconscious mind to rank this input as more important. Know WHY you want to remember something, and HOW you'll remember it. To remember a person, for example, ask why they'll be important to you in the future, imagine where you'll see them next, and connect that to anything you notice about them. Seeing the importance of remembering really helps, and additional associations (where you expect to see the person next) set the memory more firmly in your brain. Do you ever forget where you put your car keys? You've probably tried retracing your steps, at least doing it in your imagination. This can work well, but even better is to prevent the forgetting beforehand. When you set the keys on the chair, see yourself walking in and setting the keys on the chair. You won't forget where they are. There are many more of these memory tricks. If you want them to be useful, though, don't just read about them. Make a memory technique or two into a habit, starting today.

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Using a low interest credit card

Most credit card companies have low interest credit cards. Usually these will come with a low or no interest rate credit card for six to twelve months. On top of that, these cheap credit cards will go to a high fixed rate or high variable rate card at the end of the free period. These are great cards if you can play the debt off in the specified time; if you can't then they will cost you plenty over the long haul. They are also good for some purchases. Let's say your washer or dryer goes out, and it will cost more to repair than to replace. You can get this type of credit card to purchase your new washer and or dryer from any store you wish, and then have six months to pay off the $300 - $500 dollars instead of renting or waiting. With this type of card you will have to be willing to part with it once your time limit has expired, after that the rates are like the junk cards you get in the mail, upwards of 18 per cent interest.

A few will say different, and be as low as 10% if you have perfect or close to perfect credit rating. If you have missed or were late in the last year, it could jump as high as 25%. There are a few people that want to use these cards as account transfer holders. It sounds good to put a 5 to 30 thousand dollar debt on these interest free cards for six months to a year. There are many downfalls to that type of thinking. If you think you are paying way to high of an interest rate now, then if you are a day late with these cards, you will find yourself at 21-25% interest right away. They make their money on you missing a payment or being late with one so they can take away the interest free for the rest of the time period. This brings us to how they make their money. The card is only interest free as long as you are not late. You can call in and make arrangements on these cards, but what you won't hear is that next month they will charge you interest right away, you broke the agreement with them. So your free card now has a 18 per cent or higher rate the rest of the six months to one year period, making it almost impossible to get a decent rate on a new card. These cheap credit cards are what I call "throw-a-way" cards. Use them once for a small purchase, then cut-them-up and throw them away. Remember even on your small purchase you cannot really make arrangements or be late. The key to using these low interest rate credit cards successfully whether for a down payment on a new car or buying a spa is to make sure the payments are within your budget before you actually use it. If there is any reason at all to not be able to make that monthly payment on your low-interest credit card you are out of luck. However if you are one of the lucky few that can make those payments on time for your new purchase, then by all means get the card now and get the things you want. Remember whether it is six months or twelve months will make a huge difference as well as begin able to make your payments. If your credit rating is good, there is no need to go without the things you want right away. Use the link below to compare different cards that you may want to have. Try not to go overboard; one card at a time should do you well. By getting one card every six months you basically get something above average for yourself or family a couple of times a year.

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Digital cameras a guide to buying

Digital camera sales are going through the roof. As the quality of images from digital cameras improve they are becoming much more affordable and the sales are simply not surprising. Consumers are also becoming more comfortable with the whole idea of taking of photographs digitally. In choosing a digital camera take into account your basic needs and what you plan to use the camera for. Digital camera types It doesn’t matter whether you're shooting film or digital images there are basically three types of cameras. There are point and shoot cameras, prosumer cameras and professional quality cameras. 1. Point and shoot cameras operate automatically. They do everything for you except for framing the subject. Exposure is decided by the camera as well as whether a flash is needed or not. All you need to do is to point and shoot. 2. Prosumer Cameras. This camera is a step up from your typical point and shoot because it allows the photographer not only to shoot in a fully automatic mode but also to have control over various aspects of the exposure. They typically have various modes including portrait mode, a close-up mode, action mode, and landscape mode. Resolution It doesn't matter what sort of camera you decide to get you will have several decisions to make regarding resolution of the camera. The salespeople of most electronics superstores are quick to tell you that the most important thing to consider when buying a digital camera is how many pixels there are. Now while it is important it is not the end all of digital image quality. Pixels are tiny squares and in some new models they're starting to use other shapes as well. The more pixels you have in your image the sharper the detail of the image will be. Most current digital cameras on the market today will produce an image with more than 4 million pixels. That's enough resolution to easily print images up to 8 x 10 with good image quality. Is not likely that you will print images larger than 8 x 10 and so most of these camera should meet your needs. Try various digital cameras before you purchase There is a wide selection of digital cameras on the market with various image qualities even though they may have the same number of pixels. There are different kinds and sizes of image sensors, which is the chip that actually records the picture. It is recommended that you take a memory card into the store with you so that you can put it in each camera and take sample photographs that you can then take home to view on your computer to compare. The technology is constantly improving and digital cameras will be constantly changing. Don’t be surprised if several months after you purchase one there is one that is new and better with more pixels. If you take the time to choose a good quality digital camera which makes good photographs you'll be able to enjoy digital photography for a long time in the future. If you do make the move into digital photography remember this. Many people using digital cameras simply put their photos on their computers and never actually make prints anymore. It is easy for these photos to get lost and therefore it's recommended that you print special photographs for generations to enjoy.

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Some retirement strategies for all ages a to do list

A successful retirement depends largely on the steps you take during different stages of your life. Here are some moves to consider. Note: Investment portfolios shown are illustrations only. You must decide what percentages and investments are right for you. Your 20s and 30s (Early Career) Contribute as much as you can to IRAs, 401(K), Keoghs and other retirement savings while meeting other goals, such as buying a home or starting a family. Keep your debt from credit cards and other sources manageable. If you don't already own a home, consider if this is a good option for you. While a home purchase can be expensive, it also can be an excellent investment and source of tax breaks. Given your years until retirement, you probably can afford to be fairly aggressive with your investments. Possible portfolio: 60 to 80 percent in stocks or stock mutual funds and most of the rest in certificates of deposit (CDs), bonds, bond funds or money market accounts. Your 40s and 50s (Mid-Career) Continue putting as much as you can into IRAs, 401(K), Keoghs and other retirement savings accounts. Once you reach age 50, you can make "catch-up" (extra) contributions to IRAs, 401(K), and other retirement savings accounts. If you haven't bought a house already, consider doing so as a source of equity and a place to live in retirement. If you have a mortgage, periodically compare your interest rate to current market rates. If current rates are better, consider refinancing. As you get closer to retirement, consider reducing stock investments and adding more conservative, income-producing investments. Possible portfolio: 50 to 70 percent in stocks or stock mutual funds and most of the rest in CDs, bonds, bond funds or money market accounts. Your Early 60s (Late Career) Ask the Social Security Administration, your accountant or your employer's personnel office to help you determine how much Social Security and pension income you'd get if you "retire early" – and how much you'd lose compared to holding off on retirement. Discuss with a financial advisor when to withdraw money from your tax-deferred retirement accounts, such as employer-sponsored retirement plans and traditional IRAs. After age 59 Ѕ, you can withdraw your money without penalty but subject to income taxes. Under IRS rules, you must withdraw a minimum amount from 401(K), traditional IRAs and certain other retirement savings plans by April 1 of the year after you reach age 70 Ѕ and each year after that. There is an exception to the rules for someone still working for the employer who sponsors the plan. Consult with your legal or financial advisors about estate planning – organizing your financial affairs so that your money, property and other assets can go to your heirs with a minimum of costs, taxes and hassles. You may need or want to buy health insurance or long-term care (including nursing home) insurance. Consider the need for disability (wage replacement) or life insurance coverage. Reduce your consumer debt as much as possible and consider the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage early. But if you think you'll need to borrow money during retirement, determine whether you want to refinance your mortgage, take out a home-equity loan, apply for a credit card or otherwise take out a loan before you retire. You might have more options for getting a loan when you still have employment income. No matter what loans you have or how old you are, it's important to keep your debts manageable. Consider reducing your stock ownership and increasing your conservative investments. Possible portfolio: 30 to 60 percent in stocks or stock mutual funds and most of the rest in CDs, bonds, bond funds or money market accounts. Your Retirement The rules governing retirement can be complicated. So, about a year before you plan to retire, discuss your situation with a Social Security Administration claims representative. After you decide on a retirement date, apply for your Social Security benefits and other pensions about three months in advance. If you plan to work part-time, find out how this will affect your Social Security income or taxes. Arrange to have your periodic payments, such as Social Security benefits, directly deposited into your checking account. Ask your personnel department or financial advisor about whether to receive your 401(K) money in a lump sum or periodic payments. Reduce your debts as much as possible. Be careful before taking on new debt, such as a home-equity loan or a reverse mortgage. Lean toward conservative, income-producing investments, but don't rule out stocks or stock funds. Possible portfolio: 20 to 40 percent in stock or stock mutual funds and most of the rest in CDs, bonds, bond funds or money market accounts.

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How to properly winter a native bonsai tree

Many people do not realize that most bonsai plants are outdoor plants. To properly cultivate and maintain most bonsai trees they should not be kept inside but should be outside year round. There are a group of what are called indoor bonsai trees. These are from warmer climates and are usually non-traditional species such as palm trees. Because they are from a warmer climate they do need to be kept indoors in most locales. However if you are keeping traditional native bonsai trees in the US then chances are that tree needs to be outside. Most people do not realize how important it is for these trees to be wintered outside in a natural climate. For your tree to have a healthy and natural growing cycle it is critical for it to have this period of winter dormancy. To give your plant this necessary period you will need to winter it someplace outside. The best way to accomplish this is to remove the tree from it’s container and plant it in your yard.

In most native trees the roots are the part of the tree that is most sensitive to the cold. Most plants will start experiencing root damage at about 23 degrees Fahrenheit. To help avoid root damage you will need to take the plant out of its container and then bury it in the yard or garden. If you bury the plant so that the bottom branches are just barely exposed this should help keep the roots below the frost line.

You should bury it in a shaded area. During the winter days the sun can cause the plant to lose it’s water and the frozen roots will not be able to replenish it. If you do not have a yard to plant the tree in for the winter you can use a large container. A large container about the size of a vegetable crate should be sufficient. You bury the plant in the container just like you would in the yard. And set it somewhere outside where will be exposed to natural elements. If you use a container it is very important that you monitor the soil moisture closely and do not allow it to dry out. You can also winter your tree in an attic or garage as long as it is not heated and has windows. Be sure to place the plant where it is exposed to the light from the windows. You will still need to water the plant almost daily if you choose this method. If you plant is a conifer you will want to rotate it about once a week to so that all sides of the plant will be exposed to the sunlight. You can prepare your tree for it’s winter storage as soon as the last leaves have fallen off. At that time the plant is dormant and ready to be moved. In the spring you can remove it from the yard and place it back in a container as soon as you see the first buds appear. If you allow your plant to winter indoors they will bud early. When they bud early the days will still be too short for proper growth and the leaves will have long gaps between them.

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Allergic rhinitis

Rhinitis is what is described as a condition that can cause swelling, reddening, and irritation of the nose and eyes. This condition can be caused by allergens in the air particularly dust particles, dander from animals, or even pollen due to certain plants if people are allergic to them. You can also have Rhinitis and not be allergic to anything at all it can be caused from blockages in the nasal passageway due to injury or from birth. You will know when you have Allergic Rhinitis when your eyes begin to water and itch, your nose begins to run and itch, you might start coughing or sneezing, and it will all be accompanied by nasal congestion, or, a stuffy nose. If any of these symptoms last more than two weeks, you need call a doctor. There are a few ways you can treat this, there are nasal sprays, anti-histamines, decongestants and allergy shots. You can also try taking a wet rag, placing it over your face and breathe in and out through the damp cloth or a humidifier. To treat Allergic Rhinitis altogether though, it would probably be best to avoid situations that promote allergies. Most of the problem is pollen, dust and animal dander. Sometimes cigarette smoke can even be a factor if you are not used to being around it. The best way to prevent Rhinitis from occurring is if it is spring or summer; try to stay inside—especially if someone has just mowed a lawn.

If it is because of pets, keep them outdoors, or if they are inside animals make sure they are bathed and brushed often. Don’t let the animals on furniture. If it is because of smoke, it is best that you wash everything including yourself after you’ve been around it. Stay away from places where there is heavy dust. Look into purchasing an air filter of some sort. Allergic Rhinitis might not sound like that big of a deal, but if it is present long enough in someone it can lead to a sinus infection which affects not only your eyes and nose, but your ears throat and head as well.

If this happens in younger children, it can lead to having to remove the tonsils, it can affect their speech, and hearing, causes them to snore, have insufficient oxygen levels. True, these are the worst possible scenarios—but it is what can happen if Rhinitis is neglected. It is also encouraged to drink lots and lots of water, and get plenty of rest. Resting is a time for your body to fight off any sicknesses it might have, and lack of rest will weaken your body’s immune system, letting whatever viruses take over.

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Cardiovascular disease and women

Cardiovascular disease, also known as CVD, is the number one killer of men and women of all ethnic groups in the United States. Cardiovascular diseases include such ailments as high blood pressure, arrythmia, valve disease, congestive heart failure and stroke. Though worries of more "high profile" diseases such as breast cancer are on the forefront in many women's minds, the hard truth is that one in four women are affected with some form of cardiovascular disease. Risk factors for cardiovascular diseases are things such as high blood pressure, obesity, abnormal blood glucose, and even the use of tobacco, among other factors. When caught at an early age, these risk factors can be muted to help prevent manifesting themselves as cardiovascular disease later on. Altering your lifestyle can help to lower your chances for cardiovascular diseases. Such alterations as eating a diet that is low in fat and cholesterol, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, drinking enough water daily, and exercising for half an hour a day are all ways that physicians suggest can assist in lowering your chances for cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are known as silent killers, as they often have no symptoms. If you think you may be having any symptoms of heart disease, you should speak to your doctor about the many tests available. Doctors often begin with simple tests, the results of which can lead to tests that are more complex. In connection with cardiovascular disease are "extra" heartbeats, which typically happen when there is an irritation in the lower part of the heart's pumping chambers. They interrupt the normal heart rhythm, which can feel like a missed beat. This can actually be a harmless "quirk" of your body's functions, or can lead to problems that are far more serious. If a woman has these palpitations or any other symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, or shortness of breath, she should contact her doctor right away. A complete medical history, physical exam, and other tests will be run to determine the cause of these behaviors, which can be anything from stress-related behavior to something far more dangerous. The advice and consultation of a physician where heart disease is concerned is the only way to go.

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It s all about the calories and exercising

Like most people when I was younger it seemed I could eat anything and not really ever gain weight. Well now that I’m in my forties it appears that those undisciplined days are over for good. After doing a little research I’ve come to the conclusion that my lack of activity and slowing metabolism is to blame. Wanting to lose some weight I went out to look for that magic weight loss plan that would offer a painless process for losing weight. After reading and trying several programs I realized that they all seemed to have the same common theme – lower your caloric intake and get off your butt and do something. If you need to lose some weight, I recommend that you pay close attention to what you eat during the day. Go ahead and count up all of those calories you take in and calculate how many minutes you exercise. It won’t take very many days for you to figure out that you take in to many calories and don’t exercise enough.

Use the information below to help you figure out where you want or need to be. Calorie Requirements Resting Metabolic Rate represents the minimum energy needs of the body, for day and night with no exercise. Sedentary includes occupations that involve sitting most of the day. Light includes activities, which involve standing most of the day. Moderate may include walking, gardening, and housework. Active includes an occupation that requires manual labor and/or participating in a daily exercise program. Daily calorie allowance: Men: Resting -- 12 per lb. body weight. Sedentary -- 16 per lb. body weight. Light-- 18 per lb. body weight. Moderate -- 21 per lb. body weight. Active -- 26 per lb. body weight Example: I want to reach a weight of 180 lbs, to do so I plan on being moderately active, so my daily caloric intake should be 21 x 180 = 3780 calories per day. Women: Resting -- 13 per lb. body weight. Sedentary -- 14 per lb. body weight. Light -- 16 per lb. body weight. Moderate -- 18 per lb. body weight. Active -- 22 per lb. body weight Example: If you want to reach a weight of 130 and maintain that weight and plan on being moderately active, then your caloric intake should be 18 x 130 = 2340 calories per day. Lastly, no matter what you decide to do go ahead and engage in regular physical activity and reduce sedentary activities to promote health. Good luck! Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

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Pills can recover your sex life

Having been completely depressed for over six months, John didn’t want to work in the morning. He and his wife couldn’t recover their sex life. This problem took place when he had lost his job with an advertising firm, they were undergoing financial problems and he was the first of many to go. He had created the best financial strategies for his company with great imagination and flair but this unexpected loss had destroyed his confidence and after a month of searching for a new job, he had surrender to depression and low self-confidence. His spouse on the other hand had climbed positions in the company she worked for and was earning more money he earned in his previous job. He did not need to find a job immediately she had told him to wait for the ideal thing to appear but he felt hopeless and unnecessary. As a result he had lost his previous attraction and was mouldering away at home, eating donuts and feeling lousy. The final straw had been his failure to maintain an erection. As far as he was anxious, he was at rock bottom; weakened and miserable. His mate didn’t love or esteem him and he couldn’t be bothered to try and work it out. that was his evaluation of the issue in fact she was very anxious and concerned about his medical condition, but whatever she tried to aid him seemed to turn out wrong, he would feel humiliated if she tried to give confidence him to make love to her and if she mention work, well, he made her life hell. What could she do to rediscover the man she had lived with since so many years ago and still loved very much, however complicated he made it? She started solving his self-assurance problem. She knew that if he could get a erection, he would gradually be able to renew his work abilities and get back on his feet so she looked into the Internet and found out about generic Viagra, this led to another site about generic Cialis and she knew they could have an opportunity. But if she told him about the terrific qualities of generic Viagra and how it could support him to hold an erection long enough for sexy moments then he would feel that he hadn’t supported himself. She left a magazine on the coffee table that had a tiny article in it explaining in how fantastic generic Viagra was in assisting users with low self esteem to regain their manhood. She had no idea if he had got the information, read it. Then she made sure that he saw a documentary then she rang the home phone from her mobile and left the room to take the call. She heard the TV go back on and laughed to herself. Some days passed and she was thinking in trying to make him discover the great medicine when she noticed that he was dressing better and seemed to be looking for work again. “I wonder…” she thought. But she didn’t have tospeculate for long. That night she arrived back from work to find aromatic candles in the dining-room and candles lit in the living room. “I got your message” he laughed. “Not very delicate, but I knew you were doing it for me and it made me realise how much you want me and what a fool I was being. Not only that I realised how much I need you… so I got for us a present.” He showered her the blue lozenge and said,“now, we just have time to eat this meal and then……”

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Saving difficult relationships through communication

Admit it or not, relationships with others are important to us as human beings. Relationships with parents, siblings, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, professors, roommates, and classmates can bring joy and takes on added significance in our lives. We learn that it is often in or though intimate relationships that our romantic, companionship, and intimacy needs will be met. It is no wonder then, that we find ourselves preoccupied or consumed with pursuing, maintaining, ending, and recovering from the loss of such relationships. While each of these stages of relationships can be difficult and challenging, it is commonly when relationships end or “don't work out” that we struggle the most. Whatever your age and experience, a relationship can bring you new and demanding challenges. Being able to handle conflict and deal with differences is important in maintaining healthy relationships. Everyone who is in a relationship or cares about their relationships may need assistance at some time to help them deal with problems or difficulties in a relationship, learn how to from or improve relationships, cope with a relationship that has broken down and help to change a relationship where there is violence and abuse.

All couples experience problems in one form or another --- it's part of sharing your life with another human being. The difference between a healthy relationships that work, and those that don't, is how well couples deal with the challenges and problems they face in their life together. There are reliable tools that can be used to create a healthy relationship, many of which have not been taught in our culture. If you want to have a really healthy relationship, follow these simple guidelines. · Do not expect anyone to be responsible for your happiness.

Too often, relationships fail because someone is unhappy and blames their partner for making them feel that way. Make yourself happy first, and then share his or her happiness. · Forgive one another. Forgiveness is a process of ending your anger or resentment towards another individual. It can have the power to transcend all offenses, great and small, and learning to forgive another takes patience, honesty, and respect. When sincerely given freely in a relationship, forgiveness may heal relationships that are suffering.

Forgiveness is an act of humility, not one of haughty feelings. · Do not do anything for your partner if it comes with an expectation of reciprocation. The things you do for your partner must always be done because you chose to do them and you wanted to do them. Do not hold your “good deeds” over their head at a later time. Keeping score in a relationship will never work: a person is less likely to notice and value all the contributions of their partner as much as their own. · Be Responsible. Responsible means that you have the ability to respond. It does not mean you are to blame. If you've been rude to your partner, own up to it, and get try to think of ways how you might do it differently and in a positive manner next time. If you are unhappy in your relationship, make an effort to learn how you might create a better relationship for yourself rather than try to change your partner. · Approach your relationship as a learning experience. Each one has important information for you to learn. When a relationship is not working, there is usually a familiar way that we feel while in it. We are attracted to the partner with whom we can learn the most, and sometimes the lesson is to let go of a relationship that no longer serves us. A truly healthy relationship will consist of both partners who are interested in learning and expanding a relationship so that it continues to improve. · Appreciate yourself and your partner. In the midst of an argument, it can be difficult to find something to appreciate. Start by generating appreciation in moments of non-stress, and that way when you need to be able to do it during a stressful conversation, it will be easier. One definition of appreciation is to be sensitively aware so you don't have to be sugar-coating anything; so tell your beloved that you love him or her, and that you don't want to argue but to talk and make it better. Research have shown that people in supportive, loving relationships are more likely to feel healthier, happier, less stress and satisfied with their lives and less likely to have mental or physical health problems or to do things that are bad for their health. People in supportive, loving relationships help each other practically as well as emotionally. Supportive partners share the good times and help each other through the tough ones. Talking and listening are probably the most important skills in a relationship. There'll always be tensions and disagreements, but if you can communicate well, you can overcome almost any problem.

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Find a wood flooring professional installer

Want a new wood floor but either don't have time or just don't want to install it yourself? How do you find a qualified, affordable, reliable contractor to install it for you? You can ask people that you know or take a look at a few reputable places on the web for advice. First, you should know what to call them, floor installers or floor layers are professionals who will come to your home and install your wood floor from start to finish. They come in, go over the entire floor and fix imperfections so the wood floor has a smooth, solid foundation to sit on. The measure out the space they are working in and ready their materials and cut the wood before beginning. When the installation is finished, you will be sure to have a solid wood floor that fits tightly into the space. This type of full service can be rather expensive but if you don't have the time or will to do it yourself it is the surest way of getting an floor installation that you won't have to worry about except to clean it. If you already have a wood floor that needs to be refinished you can find a professional for that as well. These people would be called sander and finishers. They come in and use specialized equipment to smooth out old floors and apply a finish to it to make it look younger than it actually is. This is more than cosmetic though, the finish on a wood floor protects the wood from stains and other permanent damage. Getting a stain or scratch out of a finished surface is a lot easier than getting out of the underlying wood. So, if you don't the have time to be a do it yourselfer, and many of us don't, you'll find more using the web than your local phone directory. Use the terms above to search for and find a professional wood floor installer in your area. You can usually get reviews from other people who have used the service online as well.

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