Acid reflux surgery

The Two Most Common Acid Reflux Surgery with Quick Recovery Did you know that unhealthy eating habits can cause acid reflux? Based on scientific research, anyone, even infants and young children have a tendency to have acid reflux. This disorder is most common in infants and young children but in time, disappears. Acid reflux known also as gastro-esophageal reflux disease can definitely affect adults too. This is a disorder that could happen anytime especially to someone who had just had a large meal with lots of acidic foods or even someone with history of acid reflux, thus, having recurrences of the disorder due to unhealthy eating patterns. Unhealthy diet and an inappropriate eating schedule can cause acid reflux. As a person consumes a heavy meal, full of acid foods, an abnormality in the stomach can occur like bringing back the food induced to the esophagus and throat. Acid reflux is unexplainable to many because this condition can occur anytime but are most likely to occur after several heavy meals or unhealthy eating habits. Many people with acid reflux can control their condition by means of medical treatment and even appropriate diet. Some people with a severe condition of acid reflux should consider surgical procedures because for most people, acid reflux surgery is the best solutions for this disorder. There are several surgical procedures that acid reflux patients can choose from. The most effective and safe acid reflux surgeries are Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery, also known as Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication and Intraluminal Endoscopic surgery that most patients encounter. Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, or fundoplication for short, is the most common form of acid reflux surgery. This surgery is performed by tightening the walls of the esophagus in the area next to the stomach then adding pressure to the lower esophageal muscles. When the pressure increased between the stomach and esophagus, this medical procedure prevents the content of the stomach to go upward inside the throat and esophagus. Another method mostly considered by other patients with acid reflux is having the esophageal valve tightened in order to seal the esophagus and prevent gastric acid to enter. Intraluminal endoscopic acid reflux surgery is another acid reflux surgery that most patients prefer. This surgical procedure has the same procedure as the fundoplication except that it involves a small optical, tubular instrument that is needed to be inserted in the body and at the same time, view the inner parts of the body that needs surgical or biopsy attention thus allowing an actual biopsy or surgery to be performed. This is possible through the so called endoscope. Intraluminal endoscopic acid reflux surgery is quick and has minimal risks for the patients. As such, a post-operatory treatment is not required but allows possibly fast recovery for patients as well. Because of medical advancement and millions of modern treatments, acid reflux can now be treated. Patients who wish to rid of acid reflux can do so because of the options given to them through possible medications, proper diet or surgery. Likewise, surgery is most recommended to people with chronic acid reflux but is now available to patients with less serious conditions of acid reflux. Henceforth, surgical procedures have been the most common way of getting rid of acid reflux completely and permanently. In mind, patients that are considering surgery will have quick recovery after the surgical procedures and will no longer have acid reflux.

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Learning the tricks rope tricks

Rope tricks rely on the illusion you give to your audience that you're doing something to the ropes when you're really doing something else. You need to be deft with your hands and to practice your tricks you have mastered it. You should also try to find videos of this trick being done. Here is one classic rope trick that never fails to amaze children and adults alike. It's called the 'cut and restored' trick. Basically what you will tell the audience is that you 'cut' a rope into two pieces, say your magic words and 'restore' it back to one piece looking as if it wasn't cut in the first place. It will sound impossible and because of that, finishing the trick efficiently will result in more applause. You will need sharp scissors for cutting the rope. The rope should be about 2 meters in length.

You might also need to practice what you will say while doing your trick. Sometimes that will help you distract the audience more than the trick itself. Show your audience your rope. Start telling your story while passing it around. Tell a few jokes perhaps to get things started. Then double up your rope and then triple it. You will end up holding three sections of the rope. If you could come up with some story for that too, then do that. You should do a cat-shank knot on each end. If you don't know how to do this, just put one end of the rope through the larger loop and then around itself and put it down through the small loop that resulted with what you've done. Try practicing this bit at home as it is the most important part of the trick.

Tighten the knots in place and show to the audience that you have divided the rope into three sections. Tell them your story again. Just make them laugh while preparing the most anticipated part of the trick. Now you can tell them that you will cut the rope. Now here is where the illusion starts.

Yes, you will cut the rope but what you're cutting is the small section of the rope with the knot at the end. This will result to 2 new ends. Grasp this two ends and pull the rope tightly between your two hands. The knots will stay in place if you managed to remember to tighten the knots earlier. If you have done this correctly, your audience will just think that you've cut the rope and is eagerly waiting for your next move both because they think it's impossible to make or probably skeptical that you can do it. Say to your audience now that you're going to repair your rope. While grasping with both of your hand, you will now cover your left hand with your right hand and slide your hand from end of the rope to the other end. You will notice here that as you slide along the rope, the knots will slide easily with your hand. The remaining trick to do is hiding the knots in an unseen way. You could do this by either pocketing it or letting it drop to the floor if you're hidden behind something, preferably a table. Remember that part of the illusion in this trick is the story you are going to tell. Once you have your audience enchanted by your story, you will have an easier way to complete your trick. This is one of the traits of a good magician, to be able to tell a story while doing a trick. Another tip is to research more variations of this trick. This trick has been done for a long time now that most people will find it boring. One advantage of that dilemma is that you will find out that other magicians have found different ways to do this trick. What you need to do is inject more life to the old ways to make your trick seem original in their eyes. This could also be helpful if your audience asked for you to repeat that trick in the hope of catching how you do it. You just show them a different variation and the secret of the trick remains.

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Three steps in applying a face tanning lotion

A sunless tanning lotion is the one you apply all over your body to produce a darker skin color. However, note that when it comes to the face, you cannot apply the same one that you have applied on the other parts of your body. When it comes to tanning the face, you should apply the face tanning lotion. The face tanning lotion is the one specifically designed for your face because it offers the essential nutrients that your face needs. For one, it contains nutrients that maintain the health of your skin and the proper moisturising ingredients. Hence, the face tanning lotion is not out of the question when you consider tanning your whole body. To properly put on the face tanning lotion, here are three steps that you should follow: Exfoliate To properly apply a face tanning lotion, you should check if your face does not contain any traces of makeup, face powder or any other cosmetics. If you still have some, remove them with a makeup remover. Afterwards, do not forget to exfoliate your face. Exfoliation leaves the face perfectly refreshed and clean. Moisturize Should you want a more moisturized feel, you can mix a light moisturizing face lotion with the face tanning lotion. However, make sure that the moisturizer is only mixed in small amounts as it can affect the results of the tan. Big amounts of moisturizer can affect the concentration of the face tanning lotion, and thereby make your face appear significantly lighter than the rest of your body. Apply The next step is to properly apply the face tanning lotion. The face is the hardest one to apply, and the one that needs most attention. With this, you have to make sure that the tanner is applied evenly throughout your face. Use your fingers to rub circular motions on your face and neck, but make sure to not run your fingers across the eyebrows and the lips. To address this, use a cotton swab to apply the skin near the lip and eyebrow line. Applying the face tanning lotion on moles and freckles can make them appear darker. It might be impossible to avoid every single mole or freckle, but you might want to at least minimize the effect on the larger ones. Hence, use cotton swabs to avoid the large moles and freckles. Lastly, some of the tricky parts of the face involve the back of the head and ears. Make sure that your hair is fixed upwards through a ponytail or a shower cap. You might want to ask a friend to apply the face tanning lotion at the back of your ears and neck. These three steps can bring out the best results when followed religiously. So, after you have perfectly applied the tanning lotions to your face and body, head outside and show-off that flawless, sun-kissed tan!

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These remove objections and watch your ebay auctions fly

Objections are those points, sometimes small issues, which make a bidder or a buyer think again about going for your offering. In your auction description you need to remove as many of these objections as you can. These are the kind of objections which your prospective buyers will have. Objection 1 Is the seller trustworthy? The buyer usually doesn't know you. If they're serious bidders they will check you out. How will they do this? a) A good Feedback Rating will be one way they assess you. Be determined in getting your feedback up, and making it all positive. b) They might also click through to your About Me page. This page gives you the opportunity to convey your personality and your honesty. One of eBay's standard About Me page formats lets you display your recent feedbacks - always useful - and also your other auctions, again useful. This is in addition to anything about yourself which helps to show what a sincere and genuine person you are. And finally, if you have a web site from which you sell products or services, you are allowed to place a direct link to it from the About Me page. This is in marked contrast to your auction description page, where eBay does not allow direct links to web pages. So, create an About Me page and incorporate the points mentioned. c) A prospective bidder may wish to ask you a question. As you will know, there is a standard eBay facility whereby a bidder can ask a seller a question. You should really welcome questions. Why do I say this? Well, if a bidder asks you a question, first of all you know they are interested in your offering. They wouldn't have wasted their time on typing out their question to you if they weren't. So, by asking you a question they are qualifying themselves in as a real prospect. And you now have the chance to directly influence them in your reply to their question. Depending on the nature of their enquiry, you have the opportunity to convey your integrity, honesty, credibility, fair mindedness, helpfulness, expertise, knowledge, other appropriate products etc. So, if questions are such good things, why not make it easy for the bidder to ask one? Always have some text in your auction description offering to answer any questions, with a link to your email address. If you have a little knowledge of HTML coding you will know how easy this is to do. It is far better than simply relying on buyers finding the standard "Ask the seller a question" link provided by eBay. d) You might consider a moneyback guarantee, if it's appropriate and you can "afford" it. Why would you or should you do this? Well, when you think about it, in online auctions, the buyer is normally asked to take all the risk. They usually pay the seller up front - before the item is delivered to them. The risk is all theirs that the seller doesn't perform. To some buyers, particularly on higher value items, this risk is so high that it can cause them to have second thoughts about bidding. You know you are trustworthy, but they don't. By offering a moneyback guarantee you are offering what is known as "risk reversal". You are taking the risk off your buyer. In effect you shoulder the risk. I know this works, because I use it myself. In thousands of auctions I've run, I can count on one hand the number of people who have invoked my money back guarantee. If you can practice "risk reversal", it will help your auction success rate, and it is vital on Dutch auctions. Objection 2 How do I pay? Always maximize the number of payment options you will accept. You should provide different types of payment options for your buyers: PayPal Nochex FastPay Cheque Postal Order Banker's Draft Bank Transfer Cash You can accept credit/debit cards on your auctions if you open accounts with relevant payment processors. These enable buyers to pay you with a credit/debit card even though you aren't a business, and you don't have what is known as a Merchant Account. As you probably know, PayPal is owned by eBay. Therefore eBay make it really easy for you to take PayPal payments from your buyers. But don't forget other payment processors, like Nochex and FastPay. It might just be that you’re interested buyer only has a Nochex account, or a Fast Pay account. Opening accounts is free. Paying anyone via PayPal, Nochex or FastPay is also free - which is why so many auction bidders and buyers use them. There are charges for you as a seller, however, and these are incurred when you receive money and/or when you transfer money from/to your PayPal, Nochex or FastPay accounts from/to your own bank account. Check out the respective fees via their web sites. In my experience, the rates of charges are reasonable for giving you the significant advantage of being able to accept credit/debit card payments on your auctions. Objection 3 Is delivery expensive? Always fully describe your delivery details within your auction description. Be up front about delivery costs. If bidders or buyers aren't given this detail within the auction description, they may become suspicious that the seller is hiding something, and therefore decide not to bid. There have been occasions where sellers have sold items at what appear to be cheap prices, but have inflated delivery costs to compensate, or even over compensate. Never do this! There is no reason why you cannot say up front how much P&P will be. You can find out the real delivery costs of the company you plan to use. You can get these details from their website. Once you have the postal costs you can add the appropriate handling and packaging costs, and there you have the figure to let your buyers know in advance that you're not hiding anything. You have just removed another doubt in your prospective buyer's mind. Objection 4 What happens if the item arrives damaged? In your auction description you should cover your policy in relation to damages and insurance. If you're selling higher value items you may wish to consider using a delivery service which includes insurance. Remember, even though the buyer has paid for it, the item is your property until it is accepted by the buyer. So if it is damaged in transit, this is your responsibility. You will have to arrange a replacement or a refund, and claim your costs back via your insurance. Don't forget, if you do need to have enhanced insurance cover, it is perfectly reasonable to include this is in your delivery costs as shown in your auction description. Objection 5 How professional is someone who has multiple spelling errors? It is very unreasonable for any bidder to overlook your auction just because you have spelling errors. Isn't it? However, they may believe someone who won't take the trouble to get their spelling correct might be equally unprofessional elsewhere. You and I might consider that stance to be unreasonable. With spell checkers available, however, there's no reason to have any spelling errors creeping through on your auction page. So, spell checks your auction description page - please. Objection 6 What do I do now? You should always "ask for the order". In other words, suggest to your prospective buyer that they make a bid today for this valuable, rare, stunning, limited edition item! And remind them that when they win the item they will be enriched by the strongest benefit you have already identified to them in your auction description. Objections - Summary If you spend time removing these objections, you will be repaid handsomely. I can guarantee you will receive more genuine bids for each of your auctions than if you had left these points hanging for the bidder to ponder and make assumptions

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Contact existing customers to increase business sales

One of the best ways to increase your sales and one that won't cost you a lot or take a huge amount of time is by selling more to your existing customers. This can be a lengthy process and expensive to win over a new customer. between advertising, sales calls, and approvals. With existing customers the process can be much quicker, smoother, and less costly. Existing customers already know you and what you can do. Your challenge is to learn about additional opportunities within your company, and go after them. If the cost of sale for an existing customer is so much lower than for a new customer, why don't small companies go after their existing customers more aggressively? Because they have been conditioned to grow their customer list, and because they simply may not realize the potential that exists in obtaining repeat sales from existing customers.

Bringing in new customers is sometimes more exciting for sales people than expanding sales to existing customers. Don't interpret this to say that small companies shouldn't aggressively go after new customers. The purpose here is to suggest that substantial growth lies in repeat sales to existing customers. Stay in touch with existing customers to learn their ongoing needs. Inquire into their challenges so as to discover needs they have that you can fulfill.

It may be that someone in another department has a problem that one of your company's products or services can solve. It is only by being in touch with customers that you learn about such opportunities. Try to find up selling opportunities. Not only more of the same, but larger orders and new features.

A satisfied customer is a great candidate for expanded sales. The customer has respect for your capabilities and ability to deliver. The customer will listen to your pitch and likely tell you about possible obstacles. They will probably tell you about their limited budgets or opposition from another department.

They might slip you some information about the existence of a competitor. You are then in a position where you can help solve the problem. Perhaps by offering a quantity discount or throwing in some additional service that will convince others in your company that you should provide more of your products or services. Let existing customers know when you come out with a new product or service.

Regardless of whether they buy, they can provide feedback and may become buyers for the new product down the road. Seek out leads from existing customers. They can often provide referrals to others in their companies or to individuals associated with other firms they do business with. It always helps in soliciting a prospect to be referred by someone the prospect respects. Existing customers represent a potential gold mine.

Not only for the present, but for helping expand your company's future. Copyright © 2005 Abe Cherian You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on your web site as long as the byline is included and the article is included in it's entirety. I also ask that you activate any html links found in the article and in the byline. Please send a courtesy link or email where you publish to: support@multiplestreammktg. com

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We are the five people we associate with most

Last month I was invited to participate in a charity golf tournament in Las Vegas to celebrate the life of the late dancing legend Gregory Hines. The event was held to raise funds and awareness of the tragic disease that took this entertainer’s life. Although we were focusing on this serious matter, it was a true pleasure to meet all the celebrities and people whom I would not normally have the opportunity to meet while living here in San Diego. However, what really left an impression with me the most was a conversation I had with Gregory Hines’s father, Maurice. I went up to him and simply asked this question: "What was it about Gregory’s upbringing that made him such a leader in his art?" "Well, it’s like this," began his proud dad in an authoritative manner. "All we did was watch what he loved to do and then encourage him to continue doing it. You should’ve seen his eyes light up when he was only a child dancing for the family. When we put a ball in his hand, he didn’t share the same passion so we simply took it away." "That’s it?" I asked in a surprised tone. "Yes, it’s as simple as that," he replied. "You see so many people try to push their kids into doing something that they themselves want, rather than supporting their children in doing what they want." Which brings me to this topic. Where could you be right now—or even better, where could you be tomorrow — if you surrounded yourself with a network of positive support to assist you on your journey? There’s an old saying that goes, "We are the five people that we associate with the most, and our income is an average of those five people." If you don’t like the path you’re on, I suggest that you take a look around you to see who you’re associating with. After all, water truly does seek its own level. "How do we change this?" you ask. Here’s what I did, and I invite you to do the same. A few years back, I looked around and noticed that all I did was hang around with other salespeople such as myself. Realizing that I wanted more from my life than to simply sit around talking about the great deal or the money I’d made that day, I sought out a new group of people to associate myself with—people who could help me on my new journey to become an author and motivational speaker. I ran ads on the Internet and in the newspaper seeking new people to associate with and "soak up the success" with, so to speak. When I couldn’t find such a club, I decided to create one of my own. I called it the Influential Men’s Group. We met once a month and discussed our ideas and plans to make them become realities. Most important, we supported and held one other accountable to see those dreams come true. As I write this now, I think to myself how grateful I am for all the wonderful people who’ve come into my life this past year. Due to this great group of people, I’ve gone from a business owner/salesman, to a number one best-selling author. I’ve been published with my heroes and industry greats such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Tom Hopkins, Bob Proctor, Peter Lowe, Cynthia Kersey, Steven E., John Assaraf, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and the internationally acclaimed artist Wyland, just to name a few. I share this with you not to impress you, but to impress upon you to be careful of what you ask for. You may just get it. In closing, I ask you once more: Where could you be tomorrow, by surrounding yourself with supportive, like-minded people who truly want you to succeed? We are the company we keep. Choose your company wisely. Best wishes, and keep smilin’! ************************************ You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated - send to: GregReid@AlwaysGood. com

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Lease purchasing is the perfect home based business

Some call it the 30 second commute. We call it wonderful. What are we all talking about? Working from home, of course. There's nothing more satisfying than operating a successful business from your own home office. Believe us, we know.

We tried enough home-based businesses to write a book about it. Come to think of it, we did. Seriously, imagine getting up in the morning and knowing your commute to work entails nothing more strenuous than walking down the hallway to your home office. You open the door, sit down at your desk and your work day starts. No more wasting two or three hours per day in the car or on the train. Think about how much more productive you can be. Think about how you can turn that extra productivity into additional income. Think about how much more refreshed you are. No tension from driving next to or sitting next to crazy commuters. Think about the extra time to spend with your family, being able to make those school plays, little league games or being there for a skinned knee. Think about it. Now you know why we call it wonderful. We are not strangers to the home office concept. We were in the beginning wave of home office entrepreneurs. Never have we had a home-based business like Lease Purchasing. What makes Lease Purchasing different from other home-based businesses we've operated? Simply the ease with which this business adapts to the home work environment. In our opinion, this is the ideal home-based business. Why? To operate a successful Lease Purchase business, you need a telephone, fax, computer and Internet access, all readily available in today's modern home office. Operated correctly, you rarely have to leave the house. You can prospect for sellers through the use of the telephone, fax and e-mail. You receive calls from tenant/buyers from ads you've placed by phone. You do consultations telephonically. In this business, unlike others we've operated where the more successful you become, the more time you spend out of the office, in Lease Purchasing, the more successful you become, the more time you can spend in your home office. It becomes a positive cycle. You'll have more people call you, you'll do more consultations, you'll spend more time in your home office, and so on. Few other home-based businesses we know of even come close to the freedom and flexibility of Lease Purchasing. If your looking for a business which allows you to maximize your income to time ratio, Lease Purchasing is it. We wouldn't trade our business for any other, which is why we call Lease Purchasing the Perfect home-Based business. Copyright 2000, DeFiore Enterprises

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Smart choices how to hire the best

Your organization’s continued growth and success depend on making smart choices and hiring the best. Today’s economy is exploding with talent, allowing you to be selective about the staff you hire. Yet, the crucial step to filling a position is finding the right talent for your organization - someone that has the skills for the job, easily blends with the culture, interacts well with the team and believes in your mission. In his best seller, Good to Great, Jim Collins writes, "In the good-to-great transformation, people are not your most important asset. The right people are." To help you learn how to hire the best, it is important to learn about effective hiring and selection skills. Conducting a job interview looks easier than it is. And that’s the problem. According to studies based on the employment records of thousands of management and line employees, little or no correlation exists between the positive reports that emerge from the typical job interview and the job performance of the candidates who receive those glowing reports. However, this correlation goes up dramatically whenever interviewing becomes a structured, well-planned process – one that’s integrated into an organization’s overall staffing practices. Over the years, I have conducted numerous interviews and trained even more managers on effective interviewing and selection techniques. And I have gone on dozens of interviews. How the interview is conducted tells me a lot about how the company operates and the position. If you are the one doing the interviewing, effective interviewing and selection needs to be a structured, well-planned process. Here are a few tips to get you started. Before the interview: Know what you need. You can easily miss this step because you've got other responsibilities. Determine the key competencies required before you interview. If you are hiring someone in sales, for instance, create questions that will tell you whether the person has good interpersonal and organizational skills. Advertise the position. Don’t just advertise in your local newspaper - cast your net even further! Look at what works. What personality traits make someone a good fit for your culture? Is your organization laid back or formal? Do people work 9-5 or round the clock? Ask questions that will help you determine whether the candidate will adapt well to your organization’s culture. Schedule multiple interviews. Conduct 15-minute telephone interviews to screen out inappropriate candidates. Have key people, those who will be working with the candidate, interview the top candidates, and ask for their feedback. During the interview: Ask the right questions. Dig deep to find out whether a person is more comfortable with details or the big picture; is a self-starter or an order-taker. Create questions that will give you the answers you need. If time management skills are required for instance, you might want to ask, "What is your method for organizing your day?" Compare what each candidate says to determine who is strongest in this area. Close your mouth and open your ears. Too often interviewers turn an interview into a grocery list of their wants and needs. Ask focused questions and then listen carefully. Take notes. Go with your gut. . If you did your homework - that is, determined the key job requirements and asked questions that would ascertain the skills required - the hiring decision should be a natural next step. Sometimes, however, you can't put into words why someone is or is not clicking with you. If you aren't sure whether to trust your intuition, delay the decision for a day or two. Here’s a final tip. After conducing all the interviews, I recommend that you use a simple grid to help choose the best candidate. Simply put the names of each candidate horizontally and put the job requirements or key competencies vertically. Then make up a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating. Rate each candidate from 1 to 5 on each of the job requirements or competencies. The person with the highest ratings is probably your best choice. Above all else, consider input from each of the interviewers and trust your collective judgment. Put aside any and all stereotypes and select the best person for the job.

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Real estate advertising your own home

"House and Lot For Sale! Direct Buyers Only!" -- These popular ads can be found everywhere, including the internet... Many people rely on the internet to sell their property because it's a great way to advertise. There are a growing number of websites that allow posting of "for sale by owner" ads. These websites target buyers from all around the world. Internet ads are also being proven worthy of consideration because of their cost-effectiveness as compared to other forms of advertising. Taking a sneak peak at lists of properties which are for sale by owners on the internet can help you gather indispensable information. You can also access handbooks and other sources of information that are available on the internet.

Every day, thousands of people become potential buyers of products and properties that are for sale by owners. They go through newspaper ads, banner ads, search engines, billboards, and other sources of information to find what they are looking for. If you are planning to sell your own property, be sure to advertise where perspective buying are looking. Who knows… you might just be holding on to the exact perfect product a prospective online buyer is looking for! The "for sale by owner" method can save you from unnecessary expense, take away your need for an agent or a realtor, and help you save time on deciding where to advertise. With the "for sale by owner" concept, you can get maximum exposure and hit your target market of prospective buyers DIRECTLY. The main goal of selling your own home is to promote your property straight to buyers. One of the best places to do this is a website called ForSaleByOwner. com. This website is one of the top providers of homes that are for sale by owners, and is very innovative in terms of marketing and the information they provide. They bring buyers directly to you the moment you apply and register your property on their list...a very quick approach for advertising. Don't forget another great source of advertising on the internet which are the lists of people or "leads" who are trying to sell their home. List providers usually present a complete database of those who frequently use their listings and help customers find properties in both local and international markets. Selling your own home can save you the expense of having to pay a realtor, providing you do your homework and make informed decisions. With the power of the internet you can find a million ways to advertise, so why not give it a try?

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An effective resume

Your resume is your sales person. Long before you personally get to meet a potential employee or have an interview your resume will be fighting your corner on your behalf. It is essential, then, that you create an effective resume. Your resume will be one of hundreds, if not thousands, that employers will see so you should ensure that it really stands out and promotes your services. The exact approach your resume will take will depend on you and your circumstances. School leavers and graduates will not have very much in the way of work experience to place on a resume. If you fall into this category then you should pay particular attention to your academic achievements. Point out any other facts pertaining to your school life and the rest of your life that can be drawn on when you get a job. If you successfully completed work experience then include this and give details of the tasks you performed. On the other hand if your experience has been gained in the work place and you have little in the way of formal qualifications then you should use your employment history to your advantage. Talk about the roles in a little more detail and describe the tasks you undertook.

The more advanced or the more trusted a particular role was, the more you should draw upon that in your description. A highly effective resume will also include an accomplishment section with each qualification or job section that is relevant. You can include graduation, or you could include particular work related accomplishments. Remember, there is a chance that somebody else has equal skills or qualifications to yourself but by using your accomplishments as your main benefit you will still stand out and make a positive impression. As well as your covering letter your resume is the most important thing you have in your bid to win a job.

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Melanie slade the latest footballer s wife

Melanie Slade is the girlfriend of Arsenal footballer Theo Walcott and the latest addition to the real “Footballer’s Wives” stable. She first met the England squad member outside the shop where she worked at West Quay shopping mall in Southampton. Melanie was outside with a basket in her hand when Walcott's friend announced "the basket is for phone numbers". Cheeky Theo scribbled his mobile number on a scrap of paper and tossed it into Mels basket and his friend did the same. The romance had begun and Melanie Slade and Theo Walcott have been an item ever since. Walcott said they are not a typical "footballer couple" and would not let the media attention affect them. He said: "We haven't been to any footballer parties at all. We're not people who like to party." Walcott has told the media he and Melanie made a bet as to who could pass their driving test first and Melanie won, as Theo failed his first test and Melanie passed hers at the first time of asking. There were no hard feelings on losing the bet and Theo spent Ј20,000 on a white VW Beetle for Melanie, affectionately known by as the 'Love Bug'. Theo even registered the private number plate T4M symbolising 'Theo for Melanie' for his girlfriend. Melanie shot into the media limelight when 17-year-old boyfriend Theo became a shock selection for England’s 2006 FIFA World Cup squad even though he had not featured in club Arsenal’s Premiership campaign and manager Sven Goran-Eriksson hadn’t seen him play. Melanie has since become a firm tabloid favourite and there was little surprise when in May, a leading UK tabloid newspaper reportedly offered her Ј160,000 for a topless photo shoot. She accepted the offer and appeared topless in the newspaper although she did preserve her modesty by covering up with her hands. She is using her new found status to support the 2006 Race for Life event organised by Cancer Research UK but has also asked for privacy whilst she revises for her exams. Melanie is also the daughter of a now locally famous man. Her father, John Slade, recently became the 784th mayor of Southampton at a ceremony at the city's Guild Hall. However, she missed the ceremony as she had jetted off to Portugal to join Theo’s World Cup preparations. Melanie has stated she will not make any further decisions about the various media offers she has received until after the World Cup, although she could be a permanent fixture in print and on screen over the next 12 months.

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A college degree is worth millions

: “And once earned, a college degree is forever, as the payoff from higher education can never be erased, broken, or laid off.” It was estimated by the US Census Bureau that a bachelor degree holder earns approximately $2.1 million over 40 years of his working life. The drastic truth is that a college graduator can expect to earn nearly a million dollar more than his school-educated neighbor does. This sizeable stretch and notable disparity of lifetime earnings raised demand, boosted popularity, and consolidated American firm faith in the value and significance of higher education. According to the survey conducted for the Chronicle of Higher Education the American nation continues to have a confidence in the value of a college degree, with more than the half of respondents saying “it is essential for success.” The fact that college education is rewarding financially and economically to the individuals and the entire country is not a secret for anybody.

An economic value of qualified and competent specialists is notable and reflects as a weighty factor, which has a great impact on the rapid economic growth of the country. Benefits you can reap of higher education However, there is a number of benefits you can get from getting a college degree: 1. First, college degree is your guarantee of financial independence, stability and secure future you can enjoy, having a steady profession and being armed with a set of practical skills and sound knowledge. 2. The world is changing constantly, so no one knows what to expect tomorrow. Therefore, we should be ready for everything, having a solid ground under our feet. Higher education is your solid ground, which can provide you with a confidence for future, and immunity from economical drops. 3. Higher education can give you an opportunity to master a profession with good job opportunities and skills, which are in demand.

After all, education permits you to have steady and gross income. 4. A college degree gives you a great chance to be a master of your own life. Educated person has much more leeway and freedom of choice not only in the respect of career opportunities, but also in sense of moral and spiritual values. 5. Higher education can provide you with a possibility to be a free thinker, to see obvious in hidden implication, to analyze, generalize, and make conclusions. In a word, it uncovers the essence of being and helps increase the understanding of the world. 6. You can realize the most cherished and precious dreams of yours, to become a pilot, to have a gorgeous house on the seaside, to have a chic expensive car….Education makes your dreams come true. 7. Higher education expands your knowledge base, sharpens your critical thinking, and consolidates your confidence.

8. “Your college experience can be both life affirming and career enhancing. The classroom and the coursework expose you to diverse people and ideas.” Overall, it is practically impossible to enumerate all the opportunities you can get with a college degree in hands and acquired knowledge in brain, though you should remember the only one thing that the world higher education opens before you is boundless and versatile. Education gives you something that can’t be measured in terms of money that you can earn. It is impossible to place power, freedom, and independence you possess being educated on the same footing as material benefits you can enjoy.

You can’t buy it for any price, but can easily get with higher education.

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Understanding the os

Understanding Operating Systems Every new computer that's brought home from the store has an operating system installed onto it. But what most new computer users don't realize, is that without an operating system, that computer would be a simple shell of possibilities. A powered computer lacking an operating system wouldn't display anything more than a bunch of confusing text messages that describe the computer's boot process. At the very end of this process, the computer looks for an operating system and if not found, it will prompt the user to tell it where it is. Earlier computers didn't have an operating system and if you have experience with the computers of the early eighties, you'll remember that most to them didn't even have a hard drive! These old computers booted an MS-DOS type operating system from drivers stored onto a floppy disk, and in order to use a program, users would remove the boot floppy and then insert a new floppy that contained the program. The floppy not only stored the program (word processor, spreadsheet, etc.), it also stored the drivers that the program needed to communicate with the computer's hardware. As you can imagine, the cumbersome process of switching from floppy to floppy prompted the birth of the operating system. An operating system is a software program that controls how the computer's hardware (and installed software) works. It manages the activity of every component and then displays that activity as a user-friendly interface (GUI). It keeps track of where things exist on a computer's hard drive as well. But perhaps most importantly for the end-user, the operating system is responsible for translating commands issued with a keyboard and mouse into binary code (010110101 stuff) that can communicate with a set of speakers, a printer, a scanner, and more. With an operating system installed onto a computer's hard drive, users no longer need to boot a computer with a floppy disk, nor do they need to run programs from a floppy disk. All the drivers of a program are stored onto the computer and used whenever a program is started. Apple's Macintosh computer was among the first of a couple systems to establish a user-to-hardware relationship through a user-friendly interface. Today, we have quite a few operating systems. Some of the more popular ones are Windows Vista, Mac OS X, ZETA, IBM, Unix, and Linux. But even still, operating systems have extended onto to non-computer devices such as game consoles, portable music players, and PDAs. Regardless of the device, the operating system installed onto it serves the same purpose across the board: to enable user-to-hardware communication. When you think about upgrading your computer to a new operating system, be careful to make sure that you have the necessary hardware components. We tried to upgrade one of our Windows 98 machines to Windows XP, but we were cautioned that the former may not be hardware compatible with XP technology. Apparently, the Windows XP operating system requires components that weren't developed at the time Windows 98 was distributed and if we were to install Windows XP on this machine anyway, the new operating system would look for hardware that the computer didn't have. And that would be an instant recipe for failure. Also be careful about installing operating systems that are incompatible with existing hardware. The hardware of Macintosh computers is extremely different from the hardware of Windows computers and under no circumstances will a Windows operating system work on a Macintosh machine! Word count 581

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Choosing the right credit card to avoid debt management troubles

Choosing the right credit card to avoid debt management troubles Credit cards are considered as a blessing to those who can use it properly. But to those who are having debt management problems because of undue usage of credit cards, it can be an excruciating curse because it can also give you a bad credit history if you don’t use it well. In order to avoid debt management problems, people must know how to choose the right credit card for them. The following tips can help you choose the right credit card, which can veer you away from debt management problems. If you are getting your first credit card or you would want to avail of another, you must always: - Consider interest rates. In most credit cards, interest rates come as "fixed-rate" or "adjustable rate". If you opt not to choose low APR credit cards, you may consider choosing fixed rate credit cards. Many people—especially those who pay off their balance monthly or those who only use cards for small purchases-opt to use cared that has a fixed rate. Even if the rate is a point or two higher than the usual, it ensures that they can pay off their loan quickly without even noticing the difference. - Conduct an extensive research on credit card fees, transaction fees, and other charges. Fees can be considered one of the bloodlines of most credit card companies. Since numerous companies are infamous for charging their clients fees that add up quickly, one should make sure to check the fees section of the credit card disclosure section before fully indulging into it. Some of the known fees collected are annual fees and cash advance fees. - Check the length of “grace period.” The term "grace period" or "interest-free time" refers to the amount of time between the date of a purchase and the date interest starts being charged on that purchase. Majority of credit cards offers a standard grace period, which means that as long as the person pays for his/her bill monthly, there will be no finance charges. Since not all credit card companies offer a grace period, be careful not to choose them because they might charge interest immediately on every purchase you make. - Avail of other benefits. Aside from convenience, other the additional benefits when one applies for a credit card include insurance, credit card protection, discounts, rebates and special merchandise. Other benefits also include rewards programs that lets you earn points that can give you cash back, free gas, gift certificates and free plane tickets. Before choosing the right credit card for you, you must consider whether or not these offers can make positive impact on your financial management. - Take note of the credit limit. Basically, credit limit is defined in dollars as the total amount of credit a credit card holder is authorized to use. Apart from clearly identifying credit line and the size of the credit line, credit limit encourages and helps the holder to decide how reliable he/she can be when it comes to paying on time and keeping him/herself under the card's limit. - Make sure to understand all necessary and additional terms. While it is very important for you to identify first your credit card needs, it is equally important for you to understand almost all the underlying terms in credit card application and acquisition such as "amount due," "minimum monthly payments," and "prime rates" because many people are having a hard time managing their debt because they did not take time to fully understand these simple terms and its underlying conditions.

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Fashion tips for women online

A noted philosopher and politician Aristotle once said, women are the best creatures of god. And for ‘you’ creatures that are bold, beautiful, gracious and smart, wrapping and carrying yourself is of utmost importance. According to the varying shape and size or body shape and colors, etc, here are few wrapping and carrying tips i. e. Fashion Tips For Women. But before jumping into those tips to make you smarter, beautiful and bold definitely you would like to know What is Fashion for Women, especially if you are a bit extra cautious about your looks and appearance. Fashion For Women Women are directly linked with fashion. It would be right to say that the word fashion is synonyms to woman. It is something more than wearing clothing. If you are an urban beauty, the fashion trend and style should go well and that too in advance with you. Few of the factors that define your fashion statement are body frame, skin tone, level of comfort and personal attitude. So beautiful ladies, come on, lets have a feel according to your body frame, skin tone and after all your level of comfort. Body Frame - Are you a plump women, if yes, try avoiding sleeveless cuts. Choose dark color clothing rather than lighter shades. Or prefer over a range of dull colors like dull blue or dirty blue. If you wear small prints and vertical line prints, you will look slimmer. If you have extra pounds in you, avoid kota sarees and cotton sarees and stick to Chiffon and Georgette Sarees. Choose beige and fawn colors, if you have a medium structure. In case of blouses, try on nets as these are of great help in disguising physical flaws. Thin women, cheer up, you will look gorgeous in all the color ranges. All the colors and shades will suits on you. You also can try on sleeveless, deep cuts and strapped blouses. Skin Tone - If you have fair complexion, gold with a blend of copper will make you cool. If you are a medium / wheatish colored, prefer mix shades of white, beige and bronzy golden. If you have dark skin, prefer to wrap yourself in golden copper shades. Personal Attitude and Level of comfort - Your attitude and level of comfort is very important along with your appearance and clothing sense. If you want to maintain a cosmopolitan outlook but do not feel very much comfortable with western wear, try Indo Western style. A blend of Indo Western style should add an extra charm to your personality. A boat necked saree with a squared necked blouse is definitely for a shy and introvert women. Bold ‘n’ beautiful should choose from sleeveless, deep-necked blouses and may be straps. So no matter what is your body frame and skin tone or how bold is your personality, fashion is for you, LADIES.

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Golf swing weight training a new approach

Golf swing weight training is as specific as you can get in regards to golf training to improve power, distance and iron yardages with every club. Wouldn’t you love to add 10 yards to every iron? Instead of a 150 6 iron, you’re hitting a consistent 7 iron the same distance. This alone will greatly improve your “greens in regulation” and getting more shots closer to the pin. The end result is a much lower score. Golf swing weight training shouldn’t be new to you. You’ve heard all the pros train for their game. So why shouldn’t you? Here’s one secret that can add a quick 20 yards to your driver in less than a week or so. Swing a weighted club! This is not revelating stuff, but I’m here to tell you it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase your distances with all clubs. The benefit is developing the exact golf swing muscles from a strength and flexibility standpoint within your golf swing. You'll improve your backswing and follow through range of motion, as well as your power through the hitting zone. In all my dvds, books and websites I preach the importance of a balanced routine of both golf stretching and strengthening exercises for all your golfing muscles. This is critical for your long term success. I am an advocate of this approach, and strongly suggest you be too. There are many muscles swing the weighted club don't hit that can be affecting your game. Like the hamstrings, lower back and even abs. But how about a little shortcut along the way? Golf swing weight training is something I’ve personally been doing for over 10 years and I’m fortunate enough to say I can consistently drive the ball over 300 yards. I don’t say that to brag, but to say this type of training and approach is effective and works! Because I’m not a big guy like all those long drive competitors, golfers are surprised when they see me hit a drive. They all seem to ask how can I do that? Immediately I go into my golf trainer mode and precede to tell them the importance golf swing weight training and working on the “machine” to hit longer drives. Within a couple of holes they are hitting me with a ton of questions they want answered. By the time I’m done, I wished I hadn’t told them what I do for a living. No I’m just kidding. By doing a golf swing weight training program that incorporates strength, flexibility and weighted clubs you will see the quickest results that last long term. Your golfing buddies might think your crazy, but you’ll get the last laugh. The winning combination is swing technique and golf swing weight training!

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10 tips to maximize your metabolism

Metabolism basically means the count of calories you burn per day. Repeatedly you have might read from the articles about accelerating the rate of metabolism. The most common reasons are consuming highly nutritious food and performing workouts. If your metabolism rate is slower, it shows you are burning less of calories. In order to increase the rate, you must follow the below tips: 1) Do not observe fasting because you burn too many calories at once, which is really harmful to your body. In this process your muscles turn weak and you face dehydration rather than minimizing the fat content. 2) Dine about 6-8 times a day by consuming nutritious items such as fruits and vegetables. 3) A heavy breakfast is a key factor in increasing the rate of metabolism. Since you are awake for the whole day, the rate of metabolism is fast. 4) There are many kinds of healthy fats available such as nuts, fish, olive oil, and flax oil. They can be the substitutes for processed carbs. 5) Consume less of sugar so that the insulin production is regulated and you will thus burn calories easily. 6) Eat about 1 gm of protein per pound because the excessive fat content will be drained away. 7) Remember that alcohol is uprightly harmful for the people planning to loose weight. It prevents fat burning and contains almost 100s of calories. 8) Green tea and water are the best forms of beverages that do not affect the metabolism process. So use them instead of tea, coffee and alcohol. 9) Night shifts are normally not advisable, but if you think they are unavoidable then follow the above-mentioned tips carefully. 10) In order to make your metabolism process effective use the Turbulence Training manual that provide you right instruction to perform workouts. If your metabolism rate is slower, it shows you are burning less of calories. Remember the above points for a healthy life.

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Dealing with social anxiety

A speech in front of a hundred people.... but an audience of millions watching on national television. Sounds scary right? Absolutely. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are so many people who are totally terrified of standing in front of a crowd. Being shy is a normal human reaction to meeting new people or standing before a crowd of total strangers.

But there are those who are extremely shy that being in a social activity, group event, or a simple party is a no-no. Even just being around people and the thought of being watched by other people gives them butterflies! According to the Social Anxiety Association, people with this disorder are often misdiagnosed as having a condition called schizophrenia. Others think that extremely shy people are suffering from manic depression or some other personality disorder. But people with Social Anxiety Disorder have a much more serious condition that just having the feeling of having flying insects inside the gut. Ordinary people experience shyness and some can actually fight off their instinct to clam up and shut up. Others have it better like extroverts who thrive on social interaction. But for people afflicted with serious social anxiety are often misunderstood, ridiculed, and resented by other so-called normal people. Genetics, social and cultural influences, and psychological factors also contribute to social anxiety. By knowing that a person has this type of anxiety disorder, or any other anxiety attacks for that matter, the immediate solution is often to ask for a doctor to prescribe anti-anxiety medication. People dealing with social disorders can resort to the use of prescription drugs, coupled with counseling sessions. Anxiety medication is most effective when it is followed by one-on-one discussions with a therapist who could provide valuable information and tips to manage the symptoms of the disorder. To recover from their problems, people with anxiety disorders need to gradually open up through therapy, consultations, or group psychotherapy treatments. All these will help out in dealing with their status, to start being open to other people. Eventually, patients in therapy would learn how to manage their feelings. Exposing them to proper group discussions, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other effective anxiety medications can help them cure themselves without the use of drugs. Being socially inactive is really based on your personality and how a person sees himself in a positive manner. Anti-anxiety medications, however, must be taken only with the advice and approval of a doctor. The unregulated use of these medications may lead to serious side effects. Each of us is unique. Being afflicted with social anxiety disorder is not the end of one's life...there is hope. Confidence, self-esteem, and good old-fashioned guts will help people with social anxiety go out of their shell of extreme shyness and insecurity. By taking steps to get healing and help, even the most socially-averse individuals can get treatment that is necessary to restore their lives and allow them to pursue fulfillment in their everyday relationships with people.

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The healing potential of art

It is often said that art is an imitation of life. Art is a form of expression and a channel through which we convey ideas and feelings. It is a medium of expression of one's creativity. Art is a product of human activity that stimulates the senses and evokes different types of emotions. It is the mind's interpretation of what it perceives, and expresses it in symbols, words, drawings, music, dance, plays, etc. It comes from the mind of its creator. If art imitates life and is an expression of human activity, then art can help us understand an individual's state of being through his works. Throughout the centuries, many artists have used their art form for aesthetic as well therapeutic purposes.

Many artists who understood the connection between art and healing based their assumptions on principles of human development, psychological theories, clinical practice, spirituality, multicultural and artistic traditions. Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art by people who experience a variety of challenges in life, such as stress and emotional problems, anxiety and depression, illnesses and other health conditions. It is also for people who seek personal development and fulfillment. Artistic creation and its processes increase self-awareness and the ability to cope with struggles in living which include coping with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences.

Art therapy helps to enhance cognitive abilities and provides life-affirming pleasures. In art therapy, creation may start with an urge to make a doodle or sketch, or with a certain feeling, dreams, memories or just a plain idea. The next step is to give it a physical form with the use of a clay or paint or any tool one would like to use for his creation. This is a creative play that provides a means to express something that has no word, or is not yet understood.

There are a number of reasons why people come to art therapy. Most people who are grieving the loss of a loved one, undergoing anxiety and depression, trauma, sexual abuse, and drug or substance addiction find relief and courage through their creativity. Others who are mending broken relationships, exploring their dreams, or seeking for renewal and meaning in their lives have found the depth of art therapy to be very helpful and effective. Art therapy can provide a deep sense of safety as it becomes a trusted place where one can show images or expressions that a person considers to be private. Paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art offer a kind of nourishment, healing insights, and a fresh respect for one's creativity. There are people who prefer to work in silence. But there are also times when a unique dialogue between a client and a therapist takes place. The finished art work remains a source of further reflection after the session. For art therapy, the creative process and experience are given more emphasis than coming up with a beautiful product.

A drawing of an ugly picture can be an important expression of suppressed anger, anxiety and depression. Just the act of picking up a crayon and making a mark can be a powerful expression to some people who have not done any art since grade school. Engaging in artworks can evoke feelings and relive memories of those days. Art therapists are trained professionals in the field of aesthetics and therapy. They are experts about the healing potential of art. They use art for treatment, assessment, and research into psychological and emotional disorders. They provide consultations to allied professionals and work with people of all ages: individuals, couples, families, groups and communities.

Services are provided individually or as part of clinical teams in different locations and big settings that include mental health, rehabilitation, medical and forensic institutions; community outreach programs; wellness centers; schools; nursing homes; corporate structures; open studios and independent practices. To experience and to regain creativity can be empowering, as well as pleasurable. Connecting creativity with therapy greatly helps in exploring the struggles and challenges of daily normal life.

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List your local business for free on google and yahoo

: As a local business owner you wear many hats and you have countless responsibilities. Consequently you’re not always able to follow-up on opportunities that could advance your business. It is the nature of running a business. Once an awhile an opportunity comes along that you absolutely should not pass up. In this case it is a business listing on both Google and Yahoo local. Not only can it generate targeted traffic in your area, but the listing is FREE. And here is another reason why you need to jump on this, it doesn’t matter if you have a web site or not, you still qualify for the free listing. Why would you want a free business listing with Google and Yahoo? Because they are the two largest search resources online, and account for approximately 78% of the total search results. But even more important is the fact that your customers are searching for local products and services online in greater numbers. In some surveys it is suggest that as much as 25% of all Internet searches are local in nature. Your customers are turning away from the cumbersome yellow pages. Instead their utilizing the content rich resources of the Internet.

You have to ask yourself - if you competitors are listed and you are not, when a prospect searches online which business will most likely end up with a new customer? How hard is it to list your business? It can be done in less then an hour. Below are the two locations: Local Business Center - https:// google. com/local/add/login?

hl=en-US&gl=US Yahoo Local - http://local. yahoo. com/ (Click on the “Add/Edit a Business “ link at the bottom of the page) The Benefits of a Local Listing Besides the excellent exposure, you get to list important details about your business, including:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Web address
  • Payment methods accepted
  • Brands carried
  • Products/services offered
  • Specials
  • In addition to company details, Google and Yahoo both provide an interactive map for locating your business. I’m sure most of you have utilized the mapping service of either of these search engines and know how convenient it makes finding a business. Not only can customers find out who you are, but they also can pinpoint where you are. As I mentioned, neither of these services require a web site, but when you combine your listing with a link to a killer web site you are in position to do so serious customer conversion. For those lacking a web site, Yahoo offers a free 5 page site. It allows you to get a basic web presence until you get the real thing up and running. At this point few businesses are cashing in on local Internet marketing. For those that are the results show a higher ROI, and an improved customer conversion rate. The future of your local business will depend on how effective you are in reaching your customers online. Getting a free listing on Google and Yahoo Local is an excellent start.

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