Chinese food therapy brings natural healing to the body

In your quest to find more natural healing methods and natural supplements to good health, you’re well advised to consider the ancient healing methods of the Chinese. Chinese food therapy, also known as Chinese nutrition therapy, dates back to as early as 2000 BC, though proper documentation about its uses was found around 500 BC. In essence, Chinese food therapy involves the use of certain foods to aid in the healing of certain body ailments or assists in keeping healthy other bodily functions. Followers of food therapy believe in the concept of yin and yang in food; the yin foods are believed to lower the body’s metabolism, or decrease the body’s heat, while the yang foods are said to increase the body’s heat or increase metabolism. The Chinese believe in four food groups, which are grains, vegetables, fruits and meats. There is no classification for dairy products, which are considered unsuitable for humans. The Chinese believe a balanced diet will consist of the following food combinations on a daily basis: 40 percent grains, 30 to 40 percent vegetables, 10 to 15 percent meats and the rest of the foods should be nuts and fruits. In Chinese food therapy, foods are then further classified by taste. The tastes are defined as pungent, salty, bitter, sweet and sour. Each taste is believed to have a direct effect on a body organ; when consumed in moderation it benefits the organ, but if over consumed, can cause detrimental effect to the organ. It’s fair to say the Chinese and followers of Chinese food therapy truly believe you “are what you eat”. One simple example of Chinese food therapy is the remedy for a cough. The Cantonese cough remedy required apricot kernels, watercress and dried duck gizzards. The ingredients are slow cooked for several hours, and a bit of pork can be added for flavor (though you can’t add beef or chicken because both will nullify the healing effects of the watercress). The watercress removes the excessive amount of yang in the body, while the duck gizzards are added to balance the yin yang of the recipe. The apricots target the lungs. Take the time to learn from chinese healing wisdom - you may just be surprised how it benefits your health.

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Article marketing 101

By now you certainly have had someone tell you that article marketing is a great way to promote your new website. But what are article directories looking for to approve the publication of your articles? As the owner of two article directories ( Links are in the footer ) I can tell you what I’m looking for when I review the articles submitted to my article directories. First of all, please be sure you are submitting original content that you OWN. It’s perfectly fine to employ a ghost writer , but make sure that when you pay someone to write your articles that they are unique and that you own complete copyright to the article. If they are selling the same article to hundreds of people I do not want it submitted to my article directories. ORIGINAL is the keyword that you should place in the front of your mind. There are tons of sites and pieces of software out there today that are scraping content and then using word replacement on someone else’s article.

Let me be clear about this. It is plagiarism. It is STEALING. Any good copyright lawyer is going to sue you and win if you use these methods to generate articles. You must actually produce original content to be successful in article marketing. Period. Another big no-no in my book is ’cut and paste’ articles. Do not submit articles that are simply cut and pasted from some other source.

I get submissions all the time that are obviously taken from wiki sites, dictionaries, and professional glossaries, and these articles are denied immediately. Every single day someone submits an article to me that contains a ’glossary of terms’ for a certain subject. Give me a break. Please submit an actual article. Once again, produce and submit original content. Period. Don’t try to be sneaky with your articles.

This includes writing articles titled ‘My article, Part 7’ , in the hopes that the surfer will come to your site looking for the rest of the story. I now delete all ‘series’ titled articles unless the entire series has been submitted to me all at once. I even CREATED a special category for series articles. Your title is important. Just like a newspaper headline, you are trying to quickly grab the reader’s attention.

Be short and concise. Be sensational! Be creative! If you have a mile long boring paragraph for a title like “The Technical Wording Of Router Design As Designated By Cisco In Their Corporate Interoffice Memorandum Circa September 2004’ or some other long gibberish, I’m going to delete it. Title your article with something that is going to actually get them to read it. They actually have to read the article for your link back to drive traffic to your site. Plus, other webmasters are not going to reprint your article if you don’t keep it short and sweet. There’s much, much more that you can consider when marketing your articles, but these are the basics. If you would like to learn more about ethical article marketing I have setup a forum where webmasters are discussing article marketing and more. You are more than welcome to join up and jump right in: http:// affiliatewebdesign. com In closing, if you get anything at all from this article, please let it be ethics. Anything you do in business should be moral and ethical. It’s you that has to face yourself in the mirror each morning. It’s you that has to look your children in the eye. Unethical marketing of any type may pay off in the short term, but will eventually kill your online business in the long run. Stay ethical and create original promotional content. It will take you to the top. Till next time,

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Affordable car finance from personal car loan

Always wondered where you could find affordable car loan even in the absence of collateral. Set right go, on a four-wheeler of your choice. You have a dream and secured personal car loan have affordable loans to fulfill it. Grab on the right opportunity to drive your sports car home. Before deciding on any car loan consider the various options available to you. There is a variety of car loan options to choose from. Secured personal car loan Lease out or hire a car Unsecured car loan Used car loan A tenant or a homeowner, good or bad credits, collateral pledged or not, you still qualify for car loans of your choice. No lender will restrict you on the car dealer you choose the car from. A security attached to a loan reduces the risk faced by a lender. It is this factor that compels the lender to offer you car loans at a lower APR. On the other hand an unsecured car loan is made instantly with no collateral pledged. But the rates are not the same as in the case of secured car loan. The choice is open to you. Based on your convenience and availability of collateral you can either opt for a secured one or an unsecured car loan uk. At the same time, don’t feel bogged down looking at the lower rates for secured car loan and you have no collateral to pledge. As lenders have an option of offering you a car loan based on your car itself. You don’t really have to have a home, property or any additional collateral. Your car purchased by it self holds good. Isn’t it cool….. Your collateral pledged reflects favourably on your car loan rate! Look at how these factors affect your car loan rate. With a huge car loan size your interest rates will be reduced, with a positive credit score and equity value you surely have a better chance of winning a cheaper car loan. Whatever be the case, your bad credit will not handicap you from opting out for a car loan. Finance a new car, or an old one, hire it or lease it out, the choice is yours. Key factors that contribute to your car loan rates are your car brand, as it obviously affects the loan size, repayment period, credit record and your collateral are the other factors. Do not forget to get a payment protection cover for your loan repayments made. Get protected in case of any inevitable events.

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Book review the bottomless well why we will never run out of energy

: For anyone who has any interest in energy, its cost, future and the political debate over this precious resource - The Bottomless Well is a must read. This book is an intriguing insight to the other side of what most of us have been led to believe on the environmentalist monopoly of the subject. The Bottomless Well makes the case that most of the things we think we know are mostly myths - because we really don't understand what the essence of energy is in the first place. The book demonstrates how a better understanding of energy will radically change our views and policies on a number of very controversial issues. The Bottomless Well also explains why demand for energy will only continue to increase, why most of what we believe is "energy waste" actually proves out to be a benefit for all; why more efficient vehicles, engines, and light bulbs will never lower demand, and why the earth’s energy supply is actually infinite. The Bottomless Well goes on to point out that that the cost of energy has increasingly less and less to do with the actual cost of fuel. With roughly five percent of the world’s population, America consumes over 25 percent of the world's natural gas, 43 percent of its motor gasoline, 25 percent of its crude petroleum, 23 percent of its coal, and 26 percent of its total electricity production. But the book points out that most our energy consumption isn't for locomotion, lighting, or cooling. What we use energy for, mainly, is to extract, refine, process, and purify energy into ever higher states of efficiency. The more efficient our technology, the more energy we actually consume; not save, because the cost to reward ratio is so positive for the consumers of this highly refined energy.

The book also point out that the competitive advantage in manufacturing will soon be shifting decisively back toward the U. S.: the human demand for energy will only continue to grow and is indeed insatiable; raw fuels sources are not running out; and America's relentless pursuit of high-grade energy does not add chaos to the global environment but rather restores it to order. Indeed, expanding energy supplies mean higher productivity, more jobs, and a growing GDP. Across the board - energy isn't the problem, energy is the solution. While the conventional wisdom holds that energy consumption is the problem and certainly some would disagree from an environmental impact concerning (at lest fossil fuel) energy consumption, The Bottomless Well argues that from an environmental perspective it also makes sense to use energy in an ever more efficient state. For example America, unlike most of the poor developing countries, is a net carbon sink. That is, despite all the pollution produced in America, there is more CO2 PPM upwind of America on the Pacific side then there is downstream of it over the Atlantic. This fact is undisputed, but although the book does offer some anecdotal reasons why this might be the case there is no definitive evidence to explain this unexpected phenomenon. I would strongly recommend The Bottomless Well to anyone, no matter where they might stand on the issues of energy, the environment or politics.

The book breaks the mold on many of our conventional views of energy, how we use it and why. At very least The Bottomless Well opens the door to another school of thought, not to mention a healthy debate about energy policy and our future.

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9 things you must do to maximize your chances of obtaining a small business loan

To get approval for your small business loan application, you must be able to meet the lending criteria set down. Some organisations are more risk averse than others, and will therefore have more stringent criteria. To vastly increase your chances of a successful funding application, you will need to present the following information: 1. The reason for the loan. The lender will be looking for something that fits within the normal range and expertise of your business. The amount may cover a number of items, so you will need to cover each. 2. The amount required, and the repayment term of the small business loan you want. (e. g. $10,000 term 5 years, payable quarterly). 3. Details of how you will repay the amount borrowed. For example, “From the increase in profits of reduced running costs of the Whizzbang Go4It” 4. Details of security you will be able to offer to the lender. This will act as reassurance for the lender. If you’re not prepared to put up some aspect of security, then why should they? 5. You will need to include your business plan which will serve to answer essential questions relating to management capabilities, information about the market you operate in. What kind of business you are in etc. 6. 3 Years financial statements. You will need to present quality financial information from your accounting software, preferably signed off by your accountant or tax advisor. 7. Latest Set of Management accounts. Again produced from your accounting software. 8. Accounts receivables (debtors) and payables (creditors) ageing reports. 9. Principals financial statements. – Particularly required if some form of security is necessary. If you are a new company, the emphasis is going to be on your business plan , and the security (also called collateral) you or your business can provide against the loan. You must take the time to practice presenting your case to the bank or lender to iron out any glitches. Practice on your colleagues and family (you never know, they might be so impressed, they'll invest or lend!). It may help to role play the lender and come up with as many pointy questions as possible. The more time you take the better your chances will be. (But remember, don’t fall into the analysis paralysis trap!) Good luck!

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The branded customer experience we never say no

Colin Shaw urges you to ensure that your branding and marketing activities are aligned with your Customer experience. I work with a client in the North of England. Whenever I visit them I always stay at the same hotel. At this hotel their slogan is “We never say No”. All the employees wear badges saying “We never say no”, and there are even posters and flyers in your room saying the same thing. So ask yourself this, do you think the people “never say no”? Of course not! This is marketing hype, and so far from reality it’s ridiculous. The marketing people have sat in a darkened room and come up with a great slogan that is totally impractical to implement on the shop floor. The contrast is vivid. You talk to an employee who is saying “No” to you about something and yet their badge tells you that they “never say no”. You hear customers point out the inconsistencies - “I would like a non-smoking room, are there any available?”. The employee replies “no, I’m sorry they are all gone” - and inevitably the customer says “but I thought you never said no”?. The employees get into games saying everything but the word “no” like “not really” or “that is not possible” to avoid saying the word “no”. When a customer points out they are really saying “no” I’ve actually heard an employee say, I didn’t say no, I said “not really”. It becomes like the game show where you cannot say the words “yes” or “no”. It made me think, “what are the brand values of this company?”. Given the scenario above I guess they maybe: 1. Create and expectation that is not fulfilled 2. Treat customers as if they are stupid Now clearly these are not their brand values. But why have a slogan that is so obviously incapable of being implemented? These examples are all around us. Only this week I wanted to buy some travel insurance. Therefore, after seeing an advert on TV, I decided to call this company – their slogan was “Quote me happy”. The images portrayed on the advert are of customers rolling around the floor laughing, and being very happy, with a telephone glued to their ear as they receive their quotation - and of the company’s call centre staff happily dealing with the customer’s enquiry. SO I thought I would give it a go…………….. The first thing I was greeted with was an automated service! The message said that when they collect my data to give me my quotation that they would use this information to send me further information about their products and services! Does that make me happy? No it doesn’t. The message also says that if you don’t want this to happen that all you have to do is tell the agent, when you do get through to them, and they will take you off the list. Do I trust that will happen? I eventually got through to the agent and asked for travel insurance. I explained that I didn’t want to give my details as I don’t want to be mailed with 20 million emails or letters and that I simply want travel insurance. Their reply was they couldn’t provide it to me as their process is to collect the data before the quote. Does this make me happy? No. Were the people really friendly and happy? No. Were the messages happy? No. So why do marketing sit on one side of the fence and the people who deliver the reality sit on the other? The creative people in agencies and marketing have great fun in creating marketing campaigns without any thought to how these actually get delivered, and the subsequent impact on the Customer Experience. In my experience, most employees do not even know what their companies brand values are. These are something that marketing do. They mean nothing to the people in the front line. Therefore what happens is that an expectation is created by marketing which is then not fulfilled by the people who touch the customer. I would urge you to ensure that your branding and marketing activities are aligned with your Customer Experience.

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Houlihan smith serves as exclusive advisor to grocery shopping network on first round of financing

Grocery Shopping Network, Inc. (”GSN”) reported today that it has completed it’s series A round of venture capital funding with Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc. (”Houlihan”) acting as exclusive financial advisor. The $7.0 million equity financing was led by VantagePoint Venture Partners, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Dick Andolshek, Chairman and co-founder of Grocery Shopping Network, reflected on the capital raise process: “I was fortunate to know Richard Houlihan, and when I called him regarding the capital raise for GSN, Richard was accommodating as always. Houlihan Smith & Company immediately assembled a team of consummate professionals who understood our technology, market positioning, and business model. We worked directly with Bob Susskind, a Managing Director at Houlihan and benefited from his 25 years of experience in the technology sector which include stints at 3com, Palm and Nortel.

The firm worked tirelessly with our team throughout the preparation and marketing process. Ultimately, Houlihan’s broad contact network enabled us to reach the attention of David Carlick of VantagePoint Venture Partners who has joined our Board of Directors and will be an active participant in our company’s growth. Our fund raising process was a resounding success thanks to the collaborative teamwork of Houlihan and Grocery Shopping Network’s people.” Bob Susskind, the Houlihan Managing Director who led the account team stated,”GSN is at the forefront of online intelligent ad placement and consumer tracking for the massive food industry. Working with GSN’s senior management team has afforded me an inside view of the future of online consumer packaged goods marketing: GSN is that future. I believe GSN will become the ‘platform’ provider of online intelligent ad placement in the food and grocery market and the source of the most accurate and relevant consumer intelligence ever seen in this market. With GSN’s highly sophisticated software platform, intellectual property positions, consumer packaged goods advertising contracts, and partnerships with major supermarket chains and prominent online marketers DoubleClick and Coupons Inc., I think that GSN is in the best position to capture the bulk of the multi-billion-dollar pent-up demand for focused advertising in this market.” About GSN: The stated goal of GSN (http:// groceryshopping. net) is to serve the consumer by making it easier to shop their favorite grocery store and, at the same time, helping them save time and money as they plan their weekly purchases. GSN does this by providing retailers with a suite of proprietary software products that integrates shopping list building with relevant content that allows consumers to seamlessly shop their store, review all items on sale, access and save recipes for the items they plan to purchase, and utilize the many discount offers made available by brand manufacturers. The result is that consumers plan their shopping trip better, take advantage of more discounts, and are more loyal to a single store. This means a higher ring for grocery stores that employ the GSN system, increased savings for consumers using the GSN powered retail site, and targeted advertising messages for brands. About Houlihan Smith & Company Inc.: Houlihan Smith & Company Inc. (http:// houlihansmith. com) is a specialized investment banking firm that provides financial advisory and financing services to public and private businesses. Founded in 1996, Houlihan is recognized as a leading provider of financial opinions, financing, merger and acquisitions advisory, and other...(read the full article at the link below)

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Carpentry career competencies

Carpentry Career Competencies A carpentry career takes work and planning. Competencies and skills have to be built following a certain period of time. And just like any other career, success in this field also depends on the core competencies developed as one starts on the job. This is aside from the skills that are required to become a competent carpenter. Certain competencies need to be developed as each carpentry task in different areas of work can be somewhat different. But usually, most of them involve the same basic steps. Most jobs in carpentry initially involve working from blueprints or from just instructions given by supervisors. Carpenters may also need to do the layout of the structure which now involves measuring, marking, and materials planning. Carpenters should also put into consideration if the layout fits in accordance with local building codes. After the initial layout, carpenters may proceed with cutting and shaping wood and other associated materials. And during this time, carpenters may already be adept in using hand and power tools. Joining the materials together with nails, screws, staples, or adhesives comes next. After that, carpenters would then do a final check of the accuracy of their work according to the blueprint provided. This would require the use of levels, rules, plumb bobs, carpentry squares, and measuring equipment. If there are corrections, carpenters should also know how to make the necessary adjustments. Just by going through the basic process, it can be understood that certain carpentry competencies can be important, even in entry level jobs. For future carpenters, there is an important need to develop entry level competencies from the very start. Before one can become a well-rounded and experienced carpenter, there might be a need for a student to take the job as a carpenter's helper. Entry level knowledge and competence usually involves learning about basic helper duties and how to perform them. As a carpenter helper knowledge about the use and care of basic materials might be needed. Entry level carpentry jobs may also require knowledge about basic interpretation of drawings and blueprints. Safety considerations on the work site as well as in the use of tools are also essential for developing entry level competencies. After getting through the entry level carpentry basics, would be carpenters may need to equip themselves with additional developmental knowledge and training. This level would allow the carpenter to have the skills that would be required to perform standard construction and repair jobs. Carpenters in training would go on to learn about how to work using sketches and blueprints as well as following work orders. Setting up and operating standard tools and equipment as well as learning how to work independently performing standard construction and repair tasks would already be practiced and performed at this level of competency. From the basic and standard construction tasks and knowledge, the more experienced carpenter will now proceed to learning about more complex carpentry career knowledge. Learning how to interpret and perform more complex blueprints and drawings to exact specifications is learned at this level. Carpenters now would know how to develop and implement working schedules as well as becoming more adept in selecting and using appropriate materials. Knowledge of advanced shop mathematics is also important since working with precision instruments and equipment are also being tackled.

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Understanding the os

Understanding Operating Systems Every new computer that's brought home from the store has an operating system installed onto it. But what most new computer users don't realize, is that without an operating system, that computer would be a simple shell of possibilities. A powered computer lacking an operating system wouldn't display anything more than a bunch of confusing text messages that describe the computer's boot process. At the very end of this process, the computer looks for an operating system and if not found, it will prompt the user to tell it where it is. Earlier computers didn't have an operating system and if you have experience with the computers of the early eighties, you'll remember that most to them didn't even have a hard drive! These old computers booted an MS-DOS type operating system from drivers stored onto a floppy disk, and in order to use a program, users would remove the boot floppy and then insert a new floppy that contained the program. The floppy not only stored the program (word processor, spreadsheet, etc.), it also stored the drivers that the program needed to communicate with the computer's hardware. As you can imagine, the cumbersome process of switching from floppy to floppy prompted the birth of the operating system. An operating system is a software program that controls how the computer's hardware (and installed software) works. It manages the activity of every component and then displays that activity as a user-friendly interface (GUI). It keeps track of where things exist on a computer's hard drive as well. But perhaps most importantly for the end-user, the operating system is responsible for translating commands issued with a keyboard and mouse into binary code (010110101 stuff) that can communicate with a set of speakers, a printer, a scanner, and more. With an operating system installed onto a computer's hard drive, users no longer need to boot a computer with a floppy disk, nor do they need to run programs from a floppy disk. All the drivers of a program are stored onto the computer and used whenever a program is started. Apple's Macintosh computer was among the first of a couple systems to establish a user-to-hardware relationship through a user-friendly interface. Today, we have quite a few operating systems. Some of the more popular ones are Windows Vista, Mac OS X, ZETA, IBM, Unix, and Linux. But even still, operating systems have extended onto to non-computer devices such as game consoles, portable music players, and PDAs. Regardless of the device, the operating system installed onto it serves the same purpose across the board: to enable user-to-hardware communication. When you think about upgrading your computer to a new operating system, be careful to make sure that you have the necessary hardware components. We tried to upgrade one of our Windows 98 machines to Windows XP, but we were cautioned that the former may not be hardware compatible with XP technology. Apparently, the Windows XP operating system requires components that weren't developed at the time Windows 98 was distributed and if we were to install Windows XP on this machine anyway, the new operating system would look for hardware that the computer didn't have. And that would be an instant recipe for failure. Also be careful about installing operating systems that are incompatible with existing hardware. The hardware of Macintosh computers is extremely different from the hardware of Windows computers and under no circumstances will a Windows operating system work on a Macintosh machine! Word count 581

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Several common ways that viruses spread

In addition to the common methods of spreading through email attachments, boot infections and program infectors, there are other ways by which viruses spread to your computer. These include: Infection by Disk(Floppy, Zip, CD's, Tapes, etc.) Floppy disks, though not as commonly used as in the past, are still a very common way viruses being spread from machine to machine. Anyone with an infected machine, using a floppy disk to copy and save files, can also copy and transfer the virus. Any use of that same removable disk, by any user, at any time in the future, will most likely contaminate, or re-contaminate the any computer it is used with. The only way to properly clean an infected floppy disk is to perform a low-level format. The normal Windows(tm) "format disk" is often not enough. With CD's, all the above holds true with the exception that an infected CD can never be cleaned. To get rid of an infected CD, you need to put it in the trash and never use it again. Infection from Networks Peer-to-Peer network, Local Area Networks (LAN), a Wide Area Network (WAN), Wireless Networks, and the Internet, are all computer networks. They all have the same basic purpose; to share software, and information resources between two or more computers. As with anything else that is shared between computers, networks let users share files, and wherever files are shared, viruses can be shared and spread. Most network virus/worm/Trojan activity is like what we described earlier, although more and more examples of automatic mass mailing attacks, system resource attacks are being found. Recently many attacks are designed to specifically target major corporate interests (Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, major Banks etc.) in an attempt to disrupt their online services. Very generally these are called DOS (denial of service) attacks. The way they most commonly work is by secretly infecting thousands of local user computers (like the one you are using right now), and then at a specific time, launching a combined attack from all the infected machines against the primary target. As you can see, your computer can be hijacked without your knowledge and then used in a major attack against an unsuspecting company. However with up-to-date virus/firewall protection, your computer will be immune to such hijacking. Other ways by which virus spreads Other sources of viruses have been found to be the result of software downloads available over the Internet. Software patches, drivers, demonstration software, from reputable companies, generally carries little risk. However, the Internet is also filled with "unofficial" software, pirated programs, and low-budget software from questionable sources that may be intentionally or unintentionally infected with viruses. Files downloaded directly from the Internet (either through file-sharing programs or direct download from websites), are among the fastest growing sources of computer virus infections. Email, with its nearly universal availability and ease of use; chat rooms and messenger systems, not only make communication simple and quick, also make the transmission and re-transmission of infection simple and alarmingly fast. Creators of newer viruses, and internet worms specifically target these systems because they are widely used, and are often built right into the operating system and used with default settings making them much easier to attack and exploit. As a point of reference, Internet Explorer, and Outlook/Outlook express email clients are two of the applications most targeted by Internet viruses and worms. Why? Because they are installed on more computers around the world than any other software, and they are installed 99% of the time with default settings (which means virus programmers have an easy blueprint to follow). If you use an email system or instant message system that is installed automatically with your computer's operating system you need to install and use current antivirus software. You also need to learn how to turn off certain default settings that can leave your system open to very easy attack.

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Plasma flat screen television

The plasma flat screen television was invented in the 1960s, and although it made a brief appearance in the market in the 70s, it did not quite catch on. Nowadays, the plasma flat screen television is defining what a home theatre should be, and most people who pride themselves on having a fine home theatre own a plasma flat screen television along with other high-tech innovations, such as surround sound speakers. The plasma flat screen television truly gives one the feeling of sitting in the cinema, and, if mounted on the wall, it can save a lot of space. Although the price was once out of the range of the average consumers, plasma flat screen televisions are slowly moving into the range of affordability. A plasma flat screen television uses technology that is quite different from the typical cathode ray television. Neon and Xenon gases move between two flat panel glasses.

These are inert gases and are not dangerous. The result is amazing color; the typical plasma flat screen television produces 16 million unique colors and provides great contrast between dark and light. The screen has a “perfect black” that gives it a cinematic feel. Although the plasma flat screen television is much larger than the conventional television, with all of its devices, it is usually no more than four inches thick. This allows one to install a plasma flat screen television on the wall to save space. Although the cost of a plasma flat screen television keeps decreasing, you should take into account the amount of power these televisions can use when you figure out the cost in real terms. While there are many energy-efficient models, a larger plasma flat screen television uses a lot of electricity. However the technology of the plasma TV is being developed and improved constantly, and, before long, using a plasma TV will conserve energy. One advantage to the plasma flat screen television is that it has a relatively long life; the typical set has 60,000 hours to half life (half-life occurs when the screen quality is reduced by half).

When you purchase your plasma flat screen television, ensure that you have an excellent warrantee and that you can have it serviced for free or at a low cost. One thing to be aware of with your plasma flat screened television is that it is quite delicate, and the slightest bump can cause problems. For instance, if a child throws a ball at the screen, hundreds of individual tubes can lose their ability to glow, and repair for this is expensive, if it is possible. It is therefore a good idea for parents to install their plasma flat screened television so that it is high enough to avoid such interference (and don’t let your kids play ball in the TV room!). There are tilt wall mounts that allow you to install your plasma flat screened television at an angle if you store it high. Along with the plasma flat-screened television, you can purchase plasma furniture or special cabinets and stands for your plasma television.

If you prefer the classic, hardwood look, there are home entertainment cabinets specially designed to hold plasma flat screened televisions along with other equipment. For a more contemporary look, you can find metallic curved stands with simple glass shelves or just a short stand to place on top of an existing cabinet or table. An important tip to keep in mind when choosing plasma flat screened television furniture and supplies is that they should be well-tested for sturdiness, since a plasma TV cannot handle a bump, much less, a complete fall. Make sure that all surfaces and mounts are sturdy enough to hold your set or more weight, just to be on the safe side.

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Serious bodybuilding

There is bodybuilding and there is serious bodybuilding. Serious bodybuilding encompasses training sessions, competitions, and strict regimens of diet and supplements. People that seriously build their body have bulging biceps, titan triceps and glutes of steel. Serious bodybuilders take what they do extremely serious and every part of their mind body and spirit participates in activities that promote elements that solely benefit their ultimate goal. Ultimate goals can vary within the total realm of bodybuilding. There can be intermediate, moderate, and totally serious participation in bodybuilding. There are guidelines for women and guidelines for men, with each guide being helpful in different parts of the bodybuilding scene. Supplements, vitamins, and protein drinks are a large part of the bodybuilding lifestyle. And it is a lifestyle. When you are serious about bodybuilding you create a lifestyle where by you eat differently than other people, you exercise in a more dedicated fashion than other people and you also include resting your body and recovering your body from the old ways far more than other people.

What exercises and how much is totally up to you as an individual. The level of weight training and the amount of time you spend under the weights is again a personal decision. However with serious bodybuilding there are serious consequences to being a slacker. You have to be committed to a daily routine that includes all aspects of bodybuilding success in order to see results. Diet can’t be neglected when bodybuilding is a goal. Choosing foods that fill the natural needs of your body and being disciplined to steer clear of foods that are wasteful or harmful is a key step in any type of bodybuilding regimen. Sometimes that takes a person on a personal pathway they have never forged before, but hopefully there will be a knowledge learned on this path that will carry mind body and spirit throughout the rest of life. Rest and recovery is key to a embarking into a bodybuilding lifestyle. Getting the proper rest for your mind and body should not have to be explained.

Yet there are people out there who neglect the idea that getting correct amount of sleep improves the activities of your day. The time you need in order to feel consistently rested may vary from that of your spouse, siblings, or friends. Recovering from pushing your self too far, recovering from old habits that resurface, and recovering from a bodybuilding competition are part of the recovery process that generates happiness in life. People who don’t understand serious bodybuilding may have predisposed ideas about steroids and general unhealthful practices in order to gain recognition as an over bulked, under brained champion. When the opposite is true.

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Oakley sunglasses the brand identity

Sunglasses are now a must-have commodity for all age groups of people starting from tiny tots and exuberant youth to responsible middle-aged adults and retiring old citizens. Thanks to the phenomenon of global warming and some other climatic changes, the world is becoming hotter and hotter day by day. As a result, harmful sun rays and other chemical substances in the atmosphere have an adverse impact on your eyes. To deal with this crisis, Oakley sunglasses offer some innovative and breakthrough products that have taken the fashion world by storm. The uniqueness of Oakleys lies in their suitability and adaptability to various extreme conditions like extremely cold climate of high altitudes, sultry conditions of deserts and dusty metropolitan roads. Oakley sunglasses are created with outdoor environmental factors in mind: high levels of light and probability of impact. When engaging in Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking, Oakley sun glasses meet the mandatory demands in eyewear such as shock resistance, anti-scratch, anti-fog, polarized lenses and flexibility in the frames. For minimum glare Oakley’s sunglasses can not be beat. You choose your lens color that will ultimately improve depth perceptions and clarity in the outdoors. Its products lead the industry standards in creating optical protection wear for world-class athletes. That same optimum expectation is produced for the rest of us who are active in the great outdoors.

Celebrities from around the world, especially film personalities from Hollywood have been strong advocates of Oakleys. Gaining an access to these elite products has been made possible by the leading online shopping site, Demon-clothing. com. It offers range of Oakley glasses at comparatively cheap prices. Oakleys have the reputation of selling costly glasses. So customers will be amazed to come across such resonable prices for these exclusive brands. In addition to Oakley sunglasses, you can avail so many other designer garments like t-shirts, jeans, jackets etc. So immerse yourself in the shopping spree at Demon-clothing. com.

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Swap magic for slim playstation 2

Recently my Japanese PS2 that I got way back at the Japan launch died on me. Seeing as I need to have a machine that plays Japanese PS2 games I went looking around at prices for a new one and unfortunately found the price tags to be in the $180 range. With that in mind I set out to find a more cost effective method of playing import games. I’ve always been fond of tinkering with my consoles which is evidenced by my blue see through modified Dreamcast and the mod switch on the side of my Gamecube, so I looked around at the current PS2 mod options since I already own a Slim US PS2. I’m absolutely terrible at soldering and I’m not a fan of the PS2 modchip scene seeing as it’s rampant with piracy so I didn’t want to install a modchip. After searching a bit I came across the Swap Magic product. It looked interesting but upon further inspection I realized that it required opening up the console to install. I looked a little further and found a new version of the product which required zero modification to the console. This looked to be the solution to my problems. Luckily I had the PS2 version it supported, the Slim PS2, so I took the plunge and ordered it up from ModChip. Com. Then I got to play the waiting game. I waited for weeks for this thing to be delivered before I finally gave up on it. I also tried many times to find and e-mail the staff of this website store but their support e-mail is so well hidden, if existent, on their website that I could never find it. So with one scam under my belt I looked for a more reliable store. I found that store at modchipstore. com. It took less than three days to arrive and the product was in perfect condition. With the import enabler in hand, I set out to play some Japanese PS2 games on my US Slim PS2. The kit comes with a CD, for CD based games, a DVD, for DVD based games, and three small plastic parts which are to be inserted into crevices under the popup cover of the Slim PS2. There were no instructions included in the package so I headed over to the website in search of directions but came up with only a dead link. After about a half hour of searching the web I finally found a PDF with instructions that were very detailed and contained great pictures of the installation process. With instructions in hand, so to speak, I give the installation a try. The first thing I had to do is install the three small plastic pieces. The first plastic piece required that it be pushed into a small hole. My fingers alone didn’t do the job so I had to grab a screw driver and shove it into position. After quite a bit of fiddling, it finally stayed in place. The next piece had to be slid in between a latch of some sort and was somewhat difficult to make stay in place. The third piece slipped into place easily. With all the plastic pieces installed the physical work was done. Unfortunately I dropped the PS2 after this and all the pieces flew out. I tracked them all down, reinstalled them, and was ready to go once again. When all the plastic pieces are in place the next step is to go ahead and boot up the swap CD or DVD. The game I was testing with was a CD so I popped in the swap CD and turned on the PS2. With the plastic bits in place you don’t have to keep the flip top closed, so I left it open. A flash screen appears followed by a second screen that allows you to adjust the video mode. If you are using a US PS2 set the video mode to NTSC and not the default “Normal” mode otherwise it won’t boot the game you’re trying to play. Playing Next the swap CD or DVD will stop spinning and you’re ready to swap in your import PS2 game. With the import game placed in the PS2 all you have to do execute the load command from the menu on screen and the game will start up spinning and load. Once I had the game loaded it played and looked perfect. Another big plus is that you don’t have to buy another memory card just for import games due to the fact that you can save all different regions of save games on one memory card. Swap Magic for Slim PS2 has allowed me to play import PS2 games for a fraction of the price of a new Japanese PS2 and I have to say it works great. I have yet to come across a game that doesn’t work using this product. That said, it’s not something for the lazy out there as it does require swapping discs every time you want to play a game. So if you’re short on cash and already have a USA or PAL Slim PS2 then get this product but if not and you have the cash go ahead and grab a Japanese PS2. Pros * Relatively Easy Install * Low price Cons * Requires Some Effort * Requires A Slim PS2 Overall Score 9.2

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Online free sudoku puzzles are a great way to pass the time at home or on the go

Without a doubt, Sudoku has become an increasingly popular pastime over the past few years. Emerging from simply a cult style game, it has since usurped the crossword puzzle as one of the most popular pen and paper games of all time. Most commonly you can find a daily Sudoku puzzle in your local newspaper, but thanks to the internet, you can now enjoy online free Sudoku challenges from the comfort of your computer. Many popular online free Sudoku websites offer excellent puzzles that range in both size and difficulty so that anyone from a beginner to an expert can pass the time with an enjoyable puzzle. One very excellent online free Sudoku resource is Fingertime. Their website offers a daily free Sudoku game of average difficulty. Their high tech Flash based puzzles are suitable for anyone and relieve you of the hassle of having to scramble back and forth between using the mouse and the keyboard like many online free Sudoku websites. All you have to do is simply click an open space and select the appropriate number you wish to place there. Furthermore, this website also gives you a timer so you can see how long it takes you to solve the puzzle and it automatically removes any duplicate numbers so you will not get through the entire puzzle and suddenly realize that you placed one number in the completely wrong spot.

Web Sudoku is another great online free Sudoku provider. While it is not as user friendly and lacks the timer that you get on Fingertime, you do get a much larger variety of puzzles on a daily basis. When you visit their online free Sudoku site, you will be presented with the easiest puzzle of the day. From there, you can select other difficulties such as Easy, Medium, Hard or Evil. This variety makes this website great for any Sudoku player, no matter how much of a problem solving pro they are. Furthermore, you can find a link on their website which will take you to a variety of jigsaw style Sudoku games. Modernized in vivid colors and brilliant animation, the jigsaw Sudoku puzzles are a nifty new way to enjoy America’s new favorite pastime. An Australian online free Sudoku website takes the classic Sudoku puzzle and adds a few extras to it. Firstly, you will notice on their website that there is a little chat area so you can converse with other Sudoku fans from around the world about the current puzzle you are working on. It brings a nice, group atmosphere to an otherwise individual based game. Also, this online free Sudoku website gives you the option to place numbers in squares with a little tag so you can easily remember whether or not you are completely sure about its placement.

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What is eczema and what causes it

What is Eczema? Eczema or as some people call it dermatitis, is a skin condition that can strike males or females of all ages. The disease varies greatly in both the area affected and in severity. Common symptoms of mild eczema can include dry, hot and itchy skin but more severe forms of the condition can result in the skin becoming raw, broken and bleeding. Contrary to popular belief, eczema is not a contagious disease in spite of its often unsightly appearance. There is a range of treatments available for eczema but the affected areas will always be prone to inflammation in the future. What Causes Eczema? Firstly, there are several different types of eczema and accordingly there is a range of causes and triggers. Atopic eczema is considered to be genetically related and is therefore thought to be a hereditary condition. Most forms of eczema are at least in part, due environmental factors to which the body overreacts to. The condition is an auto immune disease in which the immune system produces and excessive response to harmless allergens or mild concentrations of chemicals and detergents.

Case of eczema in children is not adequately dealt with in this article but it is further explained at http:// eczemababies. com . Cases of eczema that occur later in life are sometimes caused by a lack of circulation and some experts believe that stress may play a part in the recurrence of inflammation. What are the different types of Eczema? There a several different types of eczema, including: -Atopic Eczema -Allergic Contact Dermatitis -Irritant Contact Dermatitis -Infantile Seborrhoeic Eczema -Adult Seborrhoeic Eczema -Varicose Eczema -Discoid Eczema How is eczema cured? There is no cure currently available for eczema but there are a range of treatments aimed at minimizing the symptoms of the skin disease. Topical creams and skin care products are useful but the key to managing the disease is the identification of chemicals, allergens and detergents that exacerbate the disease. By identifying these irritants they can be avoided or eliminated from daily life. In the absence of a cure, the limitation of exposure to irritants can be an effective preventative measure.

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Panic attack symptoms

Panic Attack Symptoms There are many symptoms that are commonly associated with panic attacks. Some of the most freqent symptoms include: dizziness or a feeling of being faint lightheadedness increase in heart rate numbness and tingling in face, extremities, and body feeling as if you are short of breath increased perspiration shaking and trembling sensations of choking hot flashes and or chills nausea or abdominal discomfort fealing like you are in a "dreamy state" Panic Attacks can have many different symptoms. You might experience several of the symptoms, all, or only a few during a panic attack. Some of your symptoms can be more severe than the others. If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms it would be best for you to consult with your physician. Some of these symptoms can be seen in other medical conditions. It is always best to consult with a physician to rule out any other medical conditions prior to assuming that you have a panic disorder. If your tests all come back normal you can assume that you are experiencing panic. If you have been diagnosed with panic disorder and you are looking to help stop the panic attack symptoms, then you should definately read this book. This book will give you the knowledge you desire to help reduce and even stop the symptoms of your panic attack. I highly recommend this book as a great place to start. I have been a panic free survivor for over a year now and started with a book called Panic Away.

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Death of the windsor retaining wall

My father asked me the other day, what question did I get most from my landscape and lawn care customers. The answer: How much does it cost and what kind of retaining wall can I install? Customers and potential customers alike are always amazed about the high cost of landscape design. Cost may not always be about the materials used, but it is always, about the time involved in the design and installation. Labor is the key component of any project and any business.

If you doubt me, just call for an estimate on an in-home computer repair. The second question is one that continues to evolve. Not long ago, when a customer wanted a retaining wall installed at their residence, the choice was simple; you get pavers or Windsor’s. That is certainly not the case today as Windsor’s are rapidly becoming extinct as the dinosaur. Here are few tips when thinking of installing a retaining wall: 1. Materials: When choosing materials, select the type that is best suited for the desired result. Many long-lasting materials are available for landscape use including flagstone wall rock, Xeriscape rockery, railroad tie maze, regal stone, Pyzique stone, Windsor stone, and framed fence. Also consider recycled concrete paving treated timbers, vertical poles, pre-cast concrete modular units, poured concrete, and brick veneer. 2. Type of wall: The type of wall you choose should be determined by need. Decide if you need a poured-in-place concrete "structural" wall or a much less expensive "dry-laid wall" consisting of stacked, open-joint material. 3. Determine design or on-site placement: Planning ahead will help you avoid the expense and time it takes to relocate a wall or to modify retained areas once they're installed. 4. Drainage: Most retaining walls fail because of pressure against the wall caused by water or soil-moisture build up behind the wall. All walls should provide for the back-of-wall water to freely drain down and away from the wall. This is accomplished with gravel backfill, or manufactured drainage blankets and drain pipes. Structural walls require "weep" holes to allow water to drain from behind the wall. 5. Foundations: A wall is only as good as its foundation, and all retaining walls should be built on structurally sound, compacted foundation sub-base material. Leveled and compacted earth or gravel fill are acceptable. The foundation material should extend at least one foot beyond the front and back of the base width of the wall. When building dry-laid stone walls, place the largest, most stable stones on the bottom of the wall, and be aware that the base width may need to be as wide as the wall is high. 6. Cant or batter: Walls are more stable and structurally secure if they slope back or "lay back" into the retained slope. This amount of variance from true vertical is called "cant" or "batter". 7. Anchors: Timber walls and other walls of solid horizontal materials usually have "T" anchors extending back into the slope into undisturbed earth. This helps walls resist pressures that force them forward, or cause them to pivot on footing material. A good rule of thumb is to provide at least one anchor per 16 square feet of exposed wall face. Installed wall costs generally range from $20 to $35 per square foot of wall face for dry-laid materials. Cost will vary considerably depending upon materials used and overall wall height. Structural wall costs may range from two to ten times that of dry-laid walls.

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Is it time to change your cars hydrogen fuel injection

Is it Time to Change Your Car’s Hydrogen Fuel Injection? If one wants to squeeze out the utmost fuel efficiency and power from the car’s engine, you will need accurately functioning fuel injectors. This is the only way to run your vehicle flawlessly. But there is a problem - just like the other car parts, they also wear out. Car owners on the other hand can choose among the wide selection of fuel injectors in the market. If you need to change your car’s fuel injection, that is not a great problem because with a bit of research you can find the fuel injectors that you need at a reasonable price. Before anything else, you should first check the car’s fuel filter. If the filter is clogged, you need to change it every 25,000 miles. If you want the car to give you continuous good performance, you have to purchase branded gasoline that contains cleaner additives for fuel injection. You’re already aware that the price of gas is soaring high but that should not discourage you to purchase only the branded gasoline. If after you’ve checked the fuel filter and purchase only the best gasoline the car still wouldn’t run smoothly, then the fuel injectors might not be working properly. Remember that you can replace only the defective one. There are many brands of fuel injections in the market and you have to make sure that you buy a good one. Changing only one injector will give you better car performance but if you want maximum performance, you have to change all the fuel injectors. Bosch is among the leaders of fuel injector suppliers in the world. Way back in 1967, the company introduced the first system for fuel injection that contains an electric high-pressure fuel pump. If you’re after quality, superior, and original fuel injection, Bosch is a name that you can trust. Most of the vehicles sold in the auto industry nowadays are equipped with fuel injections and the cars are performing quite well. Aside from Bosch, Nissan and Ford are also offering top quality fuel injections. The fuel injections should be good; otherwise, the cars will not run smoothly. Like other educated consumers, you should shop around first and try to compare the existing fuel injections and their respective prices. If you can shop locally for the fuel injections, then you may do so. However, most car owners prefer to shop on the net because they have a wide range of choices. Not only that, they also get to compare the various prices with ease. Therefore, the car owners can choose the best deal that they can get. There are even some online stores that offer free shipping. Check if the seller or distributor is reputable and if they don’t get negative comments from customers. This is the only way to get the best fuel injections online. While you’re still wondering why your car is not running smoothly, check first the fuel filter and make sure to purchase branded gasoline. When it’s finally time to change the fuel injections, you have to be a wise shopper. After reading this article, you are now ready to shop locally or even in online stores. Be guided in all your actions so that you can get the best fuel injections that can make your car run flawlessly. This way, road safety is not compromised.

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Web servers and firewall zones

Web and FTP Servers Every network that has an internet connection is at risk of being compromised. Whilst there are several steps that you can take to secure your LAN, the only real solution is to close your LAN to incoming traffic, and restrict outgoing traffic. However some services such as web or FTP servers require incoming connections. If you require these services you will need to consider whether it is essential that these servers are part of the LAN, or whether they can be placed in a physically separate network known as a DMZ (or demilitarised zone if you prefer its proper name). Ideally all servers in the DMZ will be stand alone servers, with unique logons and passwords for each server. If you require a backup server for machines within the DMZ then you should acquire a dedicated machine and keep the backup solution separate from the LAN backup solution. The DMZ will come directly off the firewall, which means that there are two routes in and out of the DMZ, traffic to and from the internet, and traffic to and from the LAN. Traffic between the DMZ and your LAN would be treated totally separately to traffic between your DMZ and the Internet. Incoming traffic from the internet would be routed directly to your DMZ. Therefore if any hacker where to compromise a machine within the DMZ, then the only network they would have access to would be the DMZ. The hacker would have little or no access to the LAN. It would also be the case that any virus infection or other security compromise within the LAN would not be able to migrate to the DMZ. In order for the DMZ to be effective, you will have to keep the traffic between the LAN and the DMZ to a minimum. In the majority of cases, the only traffic required between the LAN and the DMZ is FTP. If you do not have physical access to the servers, you will also need some sort of remote management protocol such as terminal services or VNC. Database servers If your web servers require access to a database server, then you will need to consider where to place your database. The most secure place to locate a database server is to create yet another physically separate network called the secure zone, and to place the database server there. The Secure zone is also a physically separate network connected directly to the firewall. The Secure zone is by definition the most secure place on the network. The only access to or from the secure zone would be the database connection from the DMZ (and LAN if required). Exceptions to the rule The dilemma faced by network engineers is where to put the email server. It requires SMTP connection to the internet, yet it also requires domain access from the LAN. If you where to place this server in the DMZ, the domain traffic would compromise the integrity of the DMZ, making it simply an extension of the LAN. Therefore in our opinion, the only place you can put an email server is on the LAN and allow SMTP traffic into this server. However we would recommend against allowing any form of HTTP access into this server. If your users require access to their mail from outside the network, it would be far more secure to look at some form of VPN solution. (with the firewall handling the VPN connections. LAN based VPN servers allow the VPN traffic onto the network before it is authenticated, which is never a good thing.)

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