The benefits of press releases

: So you have a new and bright web site that you will be putting in circulation very soon, you will need advertising for this site to make a big splash on the market. How does one go about writing a big press release for an impending site introduction? You are not alone if you are unsure on this, but there are a few pointers to get you started, and are successful at it at the same time. Keeping in mind that you are going to need the public’s attention, on this media release it is important to remember the fact that the news sells. What you need is very persuasive communication to get your point across. If an editor finds material that makes false promise of nonsense claims that are just not reasonably accepted, they will trash the media release. Some of the most common are one of a kind, changing the face of the planet, or everyone wins. The entire premise is to act and think like a reporter to get the word out in that media format.

If the release is not in a journalistic format, it will not be taken seriously. A good measure would be to make the title around ten words, keep it short to grab attention. Brief summary or the information should be in the headline, and should be dynamic and bold. You are trying to reach mass public; it should be as broad as a roadside sign or billboard. The best way to get a good review is to have the editor notice your release above all others, this can be done in just a few words. Just like all good journalists know the most potent and important part of the release is always the opening paragraph. This can be referred to as the summary lead. It is always the most important facet of any release that you incorporate the common 5 w’s of journalism, not excluding the single and ever important h. who, what, when, where, and the single how are the mainstay in quality information that everyone truly looks for when reading a release.

It is imperative on this note to include them. This is the beef of the information with the introduction and the closing statements surrounding this bulk. It is the introduction that leads the readers down the path of craving more on the subject it must be powerful. This opening paragraph is what is known as the hook. This hook not only has to grab the audience’s attention but the press and the editor as well. Not always an easy task.

The hook in every sense of the word is strictly fact and not a method of persuasion to the masses. Properly written and distributed press releases bring in traffic for weeks or months to come and build valuable one way in bound links. Reputable newswire distribution services are strict standards when it comes to press releases. It is better if you have never written any press release to use services from professionals. Myself, I use services from a company called Just Articles. They guarantee that their press releases gets accepted and even given high ratings by the chosen newswire distribution service. Have a look at their offer in the CopyWriting area of their website, and start sending huge amount of traffic to your websites : internet-marketing-springboard. com/PressReleases

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Og article marketing 16

Proof that Article Marketing Works Advertising is one of the vital factors in order for your website to gain huge web traffic. From the colorful and blinking commercial banners posted in well-known sites up to the different freebies, advertising is considered to be a must to attract potential clients. One of the popular advertising schemes around the web is the article marketing. The expertise in promoting a certain site is translated into a written article and distributed it to sites that offer free article posting to highly endorse a certain product or service. It is also achieved by using blogs and direct agreements with webmasters and editors of these free article sites to publish your article. In return, they will provide you a direct link back to your website. What makes it very popular among online businessmen is that it is free. All you have to do is write your articles then submit it to free articles posting sites and the rest is history. If you have posted it in content directories, other webmasters can get it and post it to their sites. Once read by your potential clients and finds it interesting, then they will be likely visiting your site in quest for additional information. How true that article marketing is working in favor of the individuals who availed it as part of their advertising strategies? Are they really getting enough web traffic from this form of advertising, or they are just wasting their time and financial resources hiring article writers? One real estate agent once posted in his site that before, he prefers advertisements to inform his buyers of the properties that he is selling. However all he can add to that ads space in a particular search engine is the general description of each property and his contact web address and phone number. His clients, especially those of neophytes in real estate acquisition, always inquire how to avail such property by means of mortgages or other payment plans. When he heard of article marketing, he once tried it by writing an article about acquiring real estate properties by mortgages. Then after he have posted it in free article sites, the web traffic inside his site started to grow, until he decided to write more articles with regards to the different aspects of real estate. The potential of attracting customers is there. Not only a single person can view your articles—it can be thousands or even millions of viewers. Another is that most of the buyers are tired of looking into the sites that just showing the appearance of their product, a brief description, and its retail or wholesale price. They wants complete description of it—a blow-by-blow account, if possible. Looking for another proof? If you will be visiting a free article site, check how many categories that they have. Under these categories, there exist thousands of articles. For instance, in a certain free article site, they are offering 40 categories, and in each category, they are having around 10,000 articles. Imagine having 400,000 articles in that site. It will not expand unless article marketing is just a bluff, right? Try to visit a popular search engine and type in the search box the word “article”. What will you notice? All the related searches in the first page will be pertaining to different article sites. If you are still unconvinced, try another diversion. Think of a service that you want to search, for instance, you want to know anything about credit cards. Again type in the search box the words “credit card articles”. What will happen? It will give you the list of sites that offers articles about credit cards. Take note that you are not directed to companies that are offering such service. Once you have accessed for that articles, there is a link box that will lead you to these companies. Now you will not be empty-handed of the basic information about credit cards. There are other proofs of the effectiveness of article marketing. Remember that each of us have one thing in common—information. Even we are looking for details regarding a certain product or just a student looking for vital information about his lesson, articles are important. Now, who says that article marketing is just a bluff? No one at all.

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Workings of a motorcycle muffler suspension

Motorcycles are becoming more popular because of its convenience and relatively inexpensive cost compared to automobiles. They are capable of the same speeds as cars and can also be licensed for use on public highways. Owners and drivers of motorcycles opt for these motorized, two-wheeled vehicles as transportation because aside from it being an inexpensive alternative to cars, they can be easily maneuvered and they deliver higher fuel economy. In addition, they take less space for parking. No wonder a lot of Asian countries have more motorcycles than cars. And for drivers who love speed, motorcycles are great vehicles because they can accelerate more quickly than an automobile. Nevertheless, motorcycles are not for everybody.

Riding and controlling this vehicle requires skill and extra caution especially during difficult maneuverings on wet or slick surfaces. But when you do get the urge to ride a motorcycle, you would want to learn a lot of information on the vehicle, like "Where do I start?"; "How do I start my motorcycle?"; "Do I need to shift gears?

" "If so, how do I do it?" And most of all, any beginner would want to know first the makings and basic parts of a motorcycle and how they work. One author wrote that to give steps on how to start a motorcycle on a hill involves a tremendous number of motorcycle parts. And it doesn't matter if its aftermarket motorcycle parts or OEM, once a new rider begins to learn to ride it, he or she must also be able to identify which part is which, or how to operate the basic procedures for riding a motorcycle. One of the most important and popular part of a motorcycle is the muffler. Other than the tires, the body, the most well known part I believe is the muffler.

The motorcycle muffler includes all pipes and baffles needed to reduce, if not quiet, the exhaust noise. It is also used to match with the carburetor jetting. Most often than not, factory mufflers are changed to aftermarket pipes to tailor to the specifications of the user according to sound and performance. However, not all motorcycles have the same parts in the same places. Each motorcycle, whether they have aftermarket motorcycle parts or OEM, has its own names for its parts and even the way that the parts are interconnected may be different. It's up to you, the rider, to identify these parts according to the model and brand of the motorcycle you're going to use.

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Virginia workers compensation for the injured worker

What to you do in Virginia if you suffer an injury at work? First, you should report even trivial injuries to your employer immediately and make sure a written accident report is filled out and sent to the employer's insurance company. Second, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim with the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. If you have medical bills or lost time and the insurance company has not sent you an agreement to be filed with the Commission, it is your obligation as an injured worker to file a Claim for Benefits with the Commission. Third, if you claim is disputed by the insurance company, then you need to contact an attorney preferably an attorney who is experienced in Virginia Workers' Compensation Law.

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Starting a jewelry business home parties are a great way to sell your work

Home parties have been used successfully to sell everything from cookware to naughty nighties; most of these small businesses are part of a large, organized national franchise, but the home party concept is also a perfect way for local crafters to market their wares. If you'd like to try home parties, you need a plan. First, take a look at your inventory of jewelry; do you have enough pieces, in a large enough variety, to hold a party? Think about having coordinating pieces - necklace or pendant, earrings, rings, and bracelets, in five or six different designs. Have enough pieces of each so that you can sell the items individually or in sets.

Once you've decided what you want to sell and how many items you to need to have for sale, set a timeline for yourself, based on how long it will take you to craft the items, and then schedule your first party. If you have a friend, family member, or coworker willing to host a party for you, that's great. Otherwise, put up flyers, along with copies of your business card, and send a press release to your local paper. Fill your hostess in on how you plan to run the party, and make sure she lets her guests know that you plan to have the items for sale at the party. You may want to discuss her responsibilities; most home parties have light refreshments, and she'll need enough seating for all her guests, plus a clear tabletop for you to use as a display area. During the party, make sure your jewelry is displayed attractively, and have inexpensive but attractive door prizes so that guests have an opportunity to win a small handcrafted item. It might be enough for you to display your work, but think about working up a presentation for each collection, and show it around to guests. Another good idea is to display a portfolio of high quality, color photos of more complex, expensive gifts for special ordering. And don't forget to collect the names of guests who are interested in hosting a jewelry party of their own! You'll want to reward your hostess for having the party, so be sure you have a thank-you gift. You may want to allow the hostess to choose her favorite piece from your jewelry collection, or you may design a graduated gift selection, with the hostess gift based on the amount of money you make at the party. If you know other crafters, consider offering to sell their craft items at the party for a commission. You may even want to create a small home party cooperative with several crafters, so you can each sell your own crafts and collect a commission on everyone else's work. Certainly more traditional selling venues - flea markets and craft fairs, gift shops, even eBay - should also be pursued, but giving a series of home jewelry parties is a great way to connect with enthusiastic customers and possibly develop a real following for your jewelry.

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Finding capital

Starting a business requires funding in the form of start-up capital and initial operating costs. Although personal savings and loans may be adequate to start a small business along with a great idea, some businesses require a lot more capital that can be borne by savings alone. Of course, with greater capital required comes a higher risk level as more sales and revenue would need to be generated by the business in order to support the repayment amount as well as to produce a healthy return on investment percentage. The second option to obtaining capital would be from people that you know, such as friends, family and relatives. Equity financing could be obtained from there sources, or just as a low-cost loan payable over a certain period of time. This will be a great benefit to you as you won’t have to adhere to conditions and the higher interest rates imposed by financing intuitions or other stakeholders. The most common source of financing would be from lenders such as banks and credit unions.

These organizations are in the business of providing financing and will impose a particular interest rate on your loan. Apart from that, they may impose restrictions on conditions on repayments and even on limitations on the usage of funds provided to you. This type of loans are normally known as debt financing, as obtaining capital from these sources increases the debt of your company. Equity financing can be obtained by other shareholders or venture capitalists. Capital obtained from venture capitalists are regarded as an investment into the company and not as a loan. As venture capitalists are very selective in the projects that they fund, as they want to ensure that their investments pay off multiple-fold. Therefore, venture capitalist funded projects are subjected to scrutiny from venture capitalists in terms of management, decision making and accounting procedures. The U. S. government has realized that the importance of funding to fuel the growth of small businesses and thus have launched the Small Business Administration organization for this purpose. There are various loans offered based on the nature of the business, the amount of financing required as well as the repayment period. Apart from that, certain types of loans are funded by lending partners of the SBA, with the SBA acting as a guarantor for the loan.

This way, a longer loan repayment period can be obtained, with a lower risk on the lender. There are also many other capital sources that can be obtained by a small business. This would be a loan from a credit card, employee stock ownership, home loan refinancing or even purchase order financing. All of these are just glimpses of the various ways in which money can be obtained to start a business, each of them with varying cost levels. Therefore, it is up to the business owner to decide on the type of financing source would be most suited for the business. Once you have determined your financing source, you will then need to develop a business plan that you will propose to your potential capital source. This requires expertise in producing a viable and impressive business plan, and therefore needs to be as comprehensive as possible in provided business information, forecasts and budgets.

The first section of the business plan would be on the background of the company. Here, details of the name of the business, the physical location, the amount required for the startup and information on the business owners are provided. Then, the next section will be a holistic explanation on the nature of the business, its uniqueness, the long-term potential as well as the sustainability of the business. A listing of key success factors as well as the strength of the business idea would be ideal to be used to support the business plan. After that, a listing of the management team of the company, their background and credentials as well as their stake in the company is drafted. Information on the industry and market of the business will follow, where the maturity and opportunities available within the industry is highlighted. Finally, critical financial information, incorporating forecasts and budgeting are listed.

This would be an area of utmost importance to anyone evaluating your plan, and thus needs to be done with accuracy to create a positive impression. Copyright 2006 The Powerful Promoter

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How to take advantage of public relations

Please feel free to publish this article and resource box in your ezine, newsletter, offline publication or website. A copy would be appreciated at bobkelly@TNI. net. Net word count is 760 including guidelines and resource box. Robert A. Kelly © 2003. How to Take Advantage of Public Relations Decide once and for all to do something about those outside audiences whose behaviors affect your organization the most. When members of those “publics” of yours perceive and understand who and what you are, and like what they see, the behaviors that flow from those perceptions will put a smile on your face. Good things happen like converting sales prospects into customers, convincing existing customers to stay with you, or even toning down activist rhetoric. Even internally, productivity often increases when employees conclude that you really do care about them. It’s all possible when you commit your organization to confront head-on those key target audience perceptions and behaviors. Easy to do? Well, it’s not so hard when you have a roadmap to guide you. Right at the top, try listing, say, your top three outside audiences whose behaviors can really affect the success of your organization. Let’s pick the audience at the top of the list and go to work on it. Can’t take any chances on being wrong about what they think of you, so now’s the time to start interacting with audience members. Ask a lot of questions. What do they think of your services or products? Is there a hint of negativity in their answers? Do you detect the evil effects of a rumor? Are their facts inaccurate and in need of correction? What information gathering like this does for you is let you form a public relations goal. It could be as simple as correcting an inaccurate perception, clearing up a misconception or spiking that nasty rumor. Your goal might even have to take aim at a widespread belief that’s just plain wrong. With your goal set, how will you actually affect those perceptions? Of course, that takes a successful strategy. But when it comes down to really doing something about opinion, we have only three ways to go: create opinion if there is none, change existing opinion, or reinforce it. Just make sure the strategy you choose flows logically from the public relations goal you set. What exactly will you say to the members of your key target audience? Well, that depends largely on what changes in perception and, thus, behaviors you want. Your message must be clear as a mountain stream and, above all, factually believable and persuasive. It should be direct and as compelling as possible. Might help to try it out on one or two audience members and get their reactions. Dare I call this part fun? Communications tactics, I mean? There are dozens available and they all will reach members of your key target audience with varying degrees of efficiency. You could use personal meetings, emails, letters-to-the-editor and brochures, or you could try open houses, speeches, radio interviews and even a news conference. There are many, many more. But now, you can’t avoid this. You must once again interact with members of your key target audience or you will never know if your goal, strategy, message and communications tactics ever worked. When you again meet with these individuals, you’ll be asking questions similar to your first opinion monitoring session. Difference this time is that you’re hot on the trail of altered perceptions because you know they will almost always lead to the change in behavior you really want. Does it look like you were successful in cleaning up that misconception? Or in rooting out that wrong but deep - seated belief? Or shooting big round holes in that mischievous rumor? If you’re not happy with your progress, consider altering the mix and frequency of your communications tactics. And don’t forget to take a hard look at your message. Was it REALLY clear? Did your facts and figures support your contention that the rumor is not only unfair, but hurtfully wrong? Finally, as noted at the top of this piece, when members of your key audiences really understand you and your organization, good things usually happen. Things that really will put that smile on your face. end

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High blood pressure in children

: Hypertension is not only a condition for adults but it can also affect children, kids and even infants. When you see high blood pressure in children, the basic cause is either heart or Kidney. But it has been seen that children do have high blood pressure even though they have no heart or kidney problem but there's a family history of high blood pressure and an unhealthy lifestyle - a bad diet, excess weight, stress, and insufficient physical activity. Though it is estimated that 4.5% of kids have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is very common among adults but it is also increasing in children these days, a trend that researchers link to the increase in childhood obesity. The only way to know whether your kid has hypertension is to get it checked regularly. Doctors usually start measuring blood pressure during routine check-ups when a child is about 3 years old. If it remains untreated, high blood pressure can eventually lead to damage to the heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes. But if it's caught early, monitored, and treated, a child with high blood pressure can have an active, normal life.

Long-Term Complications of High Blood Pressure When a kid has high blood pressure, the heart and arteries have a much heavier workload. Heart has to work against great force, The heart must pump harder and the arteries are under greater strain as they carry blood. If high blood pressure continues for a long time, the heart and arteries may no longer work as well as they should. Having high blood pressure puts a child at a higher risk for stroke TIA, CVA, heart attack, kidney failure, loss of vision, and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Though child may not show symptoms of high blood pressure, it still affects the body and puts the child at risk for those long-term health problems. In rare cases, severe hypertension can cause headaches, dizziness, nosebleeds, heart palpitations, visual changes and nausea. If your child has severe high blood pressure and experiences any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. When you go to a doctor with your children, It's not unusual for a first blood pressure reading to be high because the child is nervous, so the doctor will likely take three or four readings - and use an average to determine whether your child has high blood pressure or is at risk for developing hypertension. Causes of High Blood Pressure The causes of high blood pressure differ, depending on the age of the child.

The younger the child, the more likely the high blood pressure is due to some other condition. High blood pressure among infants most commonly occurs in premature babies. Some newborns have high blood pressure because of problems with the heart, or vascular system, kidneys and lungs. Often, these problems are due to bronchopulmonary dysplasia, an immaturity of the lungs in premature babies, or problems of vessels like coarctation of the aorta, a narrowing of part of the major blood vessel that transports blood away from the heart to the body parts. Among school-age kids and teens, hypertension is usually linked to obesity. Over weight is very common among school age children these days. In some cases it's due to a problem with the kidneys, although other conditions - like abnormalities in the blood vessels and hormonal disorders - can also be responsible.

Some medications (such as steroids or oral contraceptives) can lead to high blood pressure, as can over consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs. Diagnosing Hypertension in Children As high blood pressure usually doesn't produce any symptoms, diagnosing the condition in children can be difficult. The only reliable way to find out if your kid has high blood pressure is to have it regularly measured at routine check ups. So it's important not to miss those appointments, particularly if your child is obese or if there's a family history of hypertension. There is also a new test called ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in which a child wears a blood pressure cuff all day. Some consider it more accurate than blood pressure tests in the doctor's office because the child is less likely to be affected by any stress from visiting the doctor and blood pressure is monitored over a considerable period. Treating High Blood Pressure If an underlying illness is causing hypertension, treating that illness may be enough to get the blood pressure back to normal levels. For example treating coarctation of aorta can significantly improve blood pressure. If there's no underlying illness, your child's doctor will try to control Blood pressure with natural measures and he may recommend weight loss, increased intake of fruits and vegetables, decreased salt intake, increased exercise, and even relaxation techniques.

Kids with hypertension should also quit or never start smoking, which can worsen the long-term associated heart problems as smoking is one of major risk factor for heart attack. Most doctors prefer not to prescribe medication for children with mild hypertension. However, in cases in which lifestyle changes do not improve the condition, then doctor may give medication . Doing Exercise and participation in organized sports is encouraged for all children whose hypertension is not severe or is well-controlled.

In fact, staying fit is the key to both weight and blood pressure control. If your kid is overweight, an ongoing weight-loss program monitored by your child's doctor and a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day may play very important role in controlling blood pressure. Kids who have severe hypertension should not, however, participate in weight - and power-lifting, bodybuilding, or strength training until their blood pressure is under control and a doctor OKs it. Remember, earlier you get high blood pressure, earlier you will face its complications. So try to control your blood pressure with in normal limits to stay healthy and enjoy normal life. If you want to know more about High Blood Pressure in children Visit our website.

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Credit card cashback offers

Cashback is a popular incentive offered by many credit card companies. What it means is that for every dollar you spend, your card issuer will give you back some money, usually in a single payment made once a year. The amount paid back is calculated as a percentage of your total spending. Percentages vary, but typically range from 0.5% to 2%. Some card issuers pay higher rates for purchases in some categories or made through certain retailers. The Discover® Platinum Card, for example, offers up to 1% cashback normally, but 5% on purchases made from selected merchants in their Get More Program.

Cashback is obviously an attractive incentive, but if you are likely to leave a balance outstanding on your credit card, it should not be your first priority when deciding what card to pick. For one thing, many card issuers only offer cashback as long as you clear your balance every month. For another, if you are paying interest, the cost of this will probably far outweigh the benefit of cashback. In such instances, your first priority should be to pick a card with a low APR (annual percentage rate) and/or a long interest-free introductory period. If you are confident you will be able to pay off your balance every month, cashback is certainly one feature you may want to take into consideration when picking a card. There can be a few surprises lurking in the small-print, however, so before applying for a cash-back credit card it’s very important to read this carefully.

In particular, you should check the following: * Is the headline rate paid on all purchases, or only those after a set amount of annual spending? The Discover® Platinum Card, for example, pays just 0.25% on your first $1,500 of spending each year, and 0.50% on the next $1,500. You then earn a full 1% of each purchase made after your total amount of purchases exceeds $3,000. * Is there a cap on the total amount of cash back you can receive in a year? * Is the cashback payment made by check, or is it simply a reduction in your bill? * Is there an introductory bonus offer (e. g. a higher rate of cashback for your first six months)? If so, check how long this lasts, and what happens to the cashback rate afterwards. * Is there a scheme offering you the opportunity to trade your cashback for bigger discounts with selected merchants? If you are likely to spend money with these merchants anyway, this may have added appeal. * Are there any hidden costs, e. g. an annual fee or a fee to redeem your cash back credit? In recent months some card issuers have been cutting back on their cashback offers, reducing the rates paid or in some cases abolishing it altogether. If you want cashback, therefore, it’s very important to shop around, and not simply respond to the first offer that drops unsolicited into your mailbox. Credit card comparison websites such as finest-credit-cards. com make this easier by displaying all the best current offers, updated daily, alongside unbiased advice on choosing and using a credit card.

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Offsite backup advantages

Offsite Backup Advantages Creating backups of your data and files is a very important way of staying on top of disaster and missing data. Both small and large businesses, including individuals, always look towards a backup of information to keep them going in the face of disaster. Even though backups are a great way to keep your data safe and protected, there are some flaws with the traditional methods. When you create backups of your data, you must store them somewhere where they can’t be damaged or someone else can access them. For businesses, offsite backup is a well known and popular way to backup files. It offers you several different advantages when compared to other ways, such as CD, DVD, external hard drives, and even servers. One of the biggest advantages to offsite backup is the fact that the backups aren’t stored in your office or business. Offsite backup companies store your data in state of the art safes, to protect them against fire, flood, and even prying eyes. This can be extremely beneficial if unexpected things have a habit of occurring around your office. Another great thing about offsite backups are the fact that they can be used as stores for your data. You won’t need to rely on online space, as you can easily go to the company who is storing your data and go through it anytime you wish. You can also use online space with most companies as well. You simply upload your data to their online storage area, then go back anytime you wish and view it. This is a very handy feature, similar to a hosting company. Another benefit of offsite backup is the fact that your data will always be protected, and you won’t have to use CD or DVDs to do it. CD and DVD storage is great for individuals, although there will be quite a bit of them for most businesses. This can get somewhat costly, but more importantly, it will use a lot of space to store the backup files. They can also become damaged or lost, unlike offsite backup storage. Offsite storage is also great if your business is in a bad area. If Mother Nature has a habit of bashing your area with floods, fires, or hurricanes, you should look into offsite backup storage immediately. They have ways to protect your information from harm, including anything Mother Nature can dish out. There is no need to worry about natural disasters, system failures, hard drive crashes, or data failure with offsite backup storage. Even though you may not realize it, the data will be available anytime you need it. Online backup services are available anytime, day or night, and can be accessed anywhere you are. Most are easy to set up, and offers you very impressive security measures. They are also fast and very efficient, which is great for those who need to access their files immediately. When it comes to offsite backup, you can store virtually any file you need to, such as text files, e-books, contact record, pictures, music, and anything else you can think of. The storage for online backups are virtually endless, capable of storing everything you need. All in all, offsite backup storage is ideal for any business or corporation. You can store your data with an online offsite backup, or choose to do it physically in an offsite safe. The choice is entirely up to you. No matter which method of offsite backup you choose - your data will always be protected, and best of all - it will always be there anytime you need it. (word count 599)

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Get a little education

There are a lot of things to be learned in the world. You could begin right now reading book after book during every minute of the rest of your life and you could still not read all of the books that have been written. The amount of knowledge that is possible to learn is literally endless. However, just because you will never learn everything there is to know does not mean that you should not make an effort to always be getting an education from life. Be committed to increasing your knowledge and to education does not have to be hard, tiring, or boring. On the contrary, education can be as fun, exciting, and diverse as you make it. One of the first things that needs to take place before you can begin to throw yourself into learning new things as an adult is a re-defining of 'education.' The majority of adults cannot think of the word 'education' without immediately being flooded with memories of the first two decades of their life. Suddenly we remember all of the good and not so good parts about being in school and we give up any desire or attempt to continue our education now. But getting an education or deciding to be a lifelong learner does not necessarily require that you return to a classroom or even that you pick up another textbook. Continuing your education with consistent learning is simply choosing to never be satisfied with what you already know. One of the main things necessary for education or learning to be a success is curiosity.

What are the things you are curious about? Is there anything that you have always wondered about but have never taken the time to figure out? If so, these are the very things that can be the start of expanding your education. Let your curiosity about weather patterns or the Chinese perspective on marriage drive you to do an internet search or find a knowledgeable source on the subject. Begin making a list of the things you wonder about or would like to learn.

Then begin slowly, one by one, to do what it takes to learn about each item on your list. If, for example, learning to knit is at the top of your list, let yourself take a few months to add this skill. Don't rush the process of education and learning or it will become stressful and unappealing. Don't worry if it takes you longer to learn to ice skate or to research about Italian history than you had planned. The fact that you are learning new things and increasing your education will be the most important thing.

The ability to continue our education long beyond our days of school is truly a gift. Accept this gift and use it wisely while you can.

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Students 5 ways to improve your memory

“Oh God, tomorrow is exam! Will I remember what I have studied?” This fear haunts many students. Now, don’t fear friend. You can remember what you study. Provided, you use those study methods that help your brain to remember better. Here are five ‘Brain-friendly’ study methods that help to improve your memory and remember your study lessons easily: 1. Study with short breaks Take short breaks while studying. Do not study continuously for more than 30 to 45 minutes. Give a break of five to ten minutes in between two sessions. Such short breaks give rest to your brain and help it to reinforce what you are learning. This will make it easy for you to understand more and remember better. Do not read any new information during these short breaks. Just relax or walk around. 2. Explain to yourself Explain what you study to yourself. Pretend you are both the student and the teacher, and try to explain the chapter or study topic to yourself. This kind of ‘explaining’ automatically helps you to learn the subject in detail. Hence you will remember it clearly. 3. Discuss Discuss important study topics with a willing classmate. Holding such discussion will jog your memory. This is like another form of revision. Also, you will become aware of important points about those study topics. This will help both you and your classmate to learn more and remember more. 4. Sleep well Yes, sleep cosily. Good sleep is essential for good memory. Recent research has shown that lack of sufficient sleep interferes with memory function. Because during sleep and rest period, our brain processes and consolidates information which it records during the day. So do not skip sleep; especially during the exam days. Sleep for at least six hours. Eight hours is best. 5. Eat Well Now what has eating got to do with remembering more? Simple. What we eat affects our brain’s performance. Poor nutrition leads to learning and memory problems. So make sure you include nutrient-rich food items like--whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and milk in your diet. This will keep your brain healthy and happy. The above five remedies are easy to follow. They definitely help to strengthen your memory and achieve more success in your studies.

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80 s theme party ideas for a sensational celebration

Ah... the 80s. Big hair and all, it's a decade we won't forget. Celebrate the punk 80s with a theme party sure to please all your guests. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. You can create your own invitations by drawing 50th birthday theme such as "50" or over-the-hill gag themes. Invitations You can also create your own invitations by drawing 80's themes such as sunglasses, punk styles, leg warmers, mezpahs, etc. Costumes/Dress Attire Give each guest a pair of sunglasses to remember the old Corey Hartt song, "I wear my sunglasses at night." For a disco or punk 80's style nightlife effect, add plenty of glow products. Wear jelly bracelets and punk wigs for a great 80's theme. Games & Activities An easy choice of games is to play a game of 80's trivia. There are several available including Trivial Pursuit 80's edition. Jeopardy became a big hit in the 80's, and can be a fun trivia game. Play clips from 80's TV shows or movies and competing teams guess first what movie/show the song was from. 80's karaoke is lots of fun and gets everyone laughing. Popular drinks for an 80's theme are Corona beer and wine coolers. Be sure to have soda on hand for the non-alcoholic set as well as water for all. Complete the evening with break dancing and Rubik's cube contests!

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Effective golf fitness equipment

Golf fitness equipment is designed to help a golfer build strength in certain muscles so as to improve their golf game and lower their scores. The problem is that there are so many different golf fitness equipment in the market these days that it is difficult to identify the really effective ones and the duds or inappropriate ones. The situation is hardly helped by the fact that clever marketing is usually put to use in promoting a vast majority of golf fitness equipment. The result is that many disappointed golfers have ended up with loads of the stuff in their garages that has hardly improved their game. In fact you would find some who would confidently tell you that their game has gotten worse rather than better. Golf fitness equipment that I have found to be very effective is the weighted club. This is a very golf-specific piece of equipment because one ends up going through the exact same motions you do with an ordinary club but with more weight. This greatly helps in strengthening and conditioning all the relevant muscles used in the golf swing. The inside approach is another great golf fitness equipmentto help improve any golf swing.

This particular device is extremely useful for slicers and helps deal with this problem fairly quickly. As golf fitness equipment, exercise tubing is very affordable and yet very effective. The strength of this device is in its’ ability to break down the golf swing into as many different phases as you would like to focus on for the sake of improvements. It offers specific resistance training for each phase.

Golf exercise balls are the sort of golf fitness equipment that any golfer with a bad back should have. There are almost countless different stretch exercises that you can with it. And what makes this golf training aid even more attractive is the fact that you can do your exercises in the office or at home when you have a moment. Simple dumbbells can also be very useful golf fitness equipment to have around.

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Combat stress

Tips To Ease Tension We all know what it feels like to get emotionally mangled by the weight of day to day struggles. Our bosses yell at us, our spouses yell at us - it feels like an endless circle where getting ahead at the office can leave us with so little energy for home that home turns into battlefield that leaves us with no energy for work. Is mere survival all you can ask of a hassle-filled world ? No. Stress, in fact is not only something you can beat, but a force you can turn into an advantage. You don't have to run from it, and you don't need any special stress management. The following tested tips show you how to combat stress - and win. Work On Your Attitude. The most important point you can make about stress is that in most cases it's not what's out there that's the problem, its how you react to it. Changing the way you think can change a life of stress and discomfort to a life of challenge and excitement. Think About Something Else. Distract yourself - to break the thoughts that are producing your stress, you must think about something else. Anything will do, as long as it breaks the chain of bad thoughts. Think Positive. Thinking about a success or a past achievement is excellent when you're feeling uncertain, remind yourself of all the good things you've achieved in the past, and tell yourself that you're going to do the same in the future. Take A Mental Vacation Imagine yourself lying in warm sand on a beach in the Bahamas, a cool wind blowing off the ocean, the surf rolling in quietly in the background. It's amazing what this can do to help you relax. Take Deap Breaths Belly breathing is what some people call it. It's an old and useful trick for defeating anxiety and nervousness. The basic idea is act calm, be calm. When your experiencing stress, your pulse races and you start breathing very quickly. Forcing yourself to breathe slowly convinces the body that the stress has gone, whether it has or not. The correct way to breathe is abdominally - feeling the stomach expand as you inhale, and collapse as you exhale. Stretch A lot of us respond to stress with muscle tension. Ideally, we'd prefer to eliminate the cause of the stress, but stretching the muscles at least reduces the sensation of stress - the muscles relax, and we feel less tense. Take A Hot Soak Hot water works by defeating the stress response. When we're tense and anxious, blood flow to our extremities is reduced. Hot water restores circulation, convincing the body it's safe and that it's ok to relax. Cold water must not be used because it has the opposite effect, and will increase tension. An office alternative might be running hot water over your hands until you feel the tension starting to drain away. Excercise. Regular exercise will burn off some of the stress chemicals tension produces, and exercise will tire your musles - a tired muscle is a relaxed muscle. Listen To Music Music soothes as perhaps nothing else does. You can use it in two basic ways - to relax or to inspire. New - Age music is very relaxing. I trust these points will be of benefit to your wellbeing. Thank you for reading my article. Author John Moore

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Generic medications basic information

As stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - a generic drug is identical, or bioequivalent to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. In other words, pharmacological effects of generic drugs are exactly the same as those of their brand name counterparts. Generic version of the drug has the same active ingredient with the same chemical purity as the brand name drug. However, trademark laws in the United States do not allow the generic drug to look exactly like the brand name drug. So other ingredients such as tablet fillers, binders, coatings, flavors, or colors usually are different. The major difference between brand name and generic drug is the research process required for the brand name company to discover, design, and develop the new drug. This process includes preclinical testing of a new drug in laboratories, several phases of clinical studies in volunteers and people who have the disorder being studied and finally FDA review and approval. The whole process usually takes about 10 years and on average can cost a drug company about $500 million. The FDA grants the innovator company a patent that gives the company an exclusive right to a drug for 20 years.

Additional patents can sometimes be filed to extend the patent life. After a patent has expired, other companies are allowed to manufacture and sell a generic version of the drug. For the healthcare industry, generic drugs offer significant savings to consumers. According to the Congressional Budget Office, generic drugs save consumers an estimated $8 to $10 billion a year at retail pharmacies. Potential savings are even greater. American consumers could have saved $20 billion in 2004, and even more could be saved in 2005 and future years, says a report released by Express Scripts Inc. Generic drugs are less expensive because generic manufacturers donТt have the investment costs of the developer of a new drug and so they can sell their product at substantial discounts. Also, when multiple companies begin producing and selling generic versions of the same brand name drug, the competition among them also drives the price down even further. Today, almost half of all prescriptions are filled with generic drugs. Before generic drugs can be marketed, they must be approved by the FDA. To start approval process, generic company has to submit Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) to the FDA. The main stages of the generic drug review process are the following: Bioequivalence Review - this process establishes that the proposed generic drug is bioequivalent (within a few percentage points) to the brand name drug. Generic drug is bioequivalent to brand name drug if both the rate and extent of absorption of the active ingredient of the generic drug fall within established parameters when compared to that of the brand name drug. Bioequivalence of different versions of a drug can vary by up to 20%, because for most drugs, such variations do not noticeably alter effectiveness or safety. However, actual differences between FDA approved generics and brand name drugs are typically only about 3.5% on average and rarely exceed 10%. Chemistry/Microbiology review - this process provides assurance that the generic drug will be manufactured in a reproducible manner under controlled conditions. Among areas that are subject to check are manufacturing procedures, raw material specifications and controls, sterilization process, container and closure systems. Request for Plant Inspection - Upon filing an ANDA an establishment evaluation request is forwarded to the Office of Compliance to determine whether or not every link in the drug production chain is operating in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. Each facility listed on the evaluation request is evaluated individually and the Office of Compliance makes an overall evaluation for the entire application. Labeling review - this process ensures that the proposed generic drug labeling (package insert, container, package label and patient information) is identical to that of the brand name drug except for differences due to changes in the manufacturer, distributor, pending exclusivity issues, or other characteristics inherent to the generic drug. Based on the results of bioequivalence review generic drug receives a two-letter therapeutic equivalence evaluations code. The coding system for therapeutic equivalence evaluations is constructed to allow users to determine whether the FDA has evaluated a particular approved product as therapeutically equivalent to other products (first letter) and to provide additional information on the basis of evaluations (second letter). Drugs are considered to be therapeutically equivalents only if they contain the same active ingredients, are of the same route of administration and are identical in strength or concentration, and if they can be expected to have the same clinical effect and safety profile. The two basic categories into which drugs have been placed are indicated by the first letter as follows: A - drug that FDA considers to be therapeutically equivalent to other drugs. If there are no known or suspected bioequivalence problems, the generic drug receives one of the following codes: AA - Products in conventional dosage forms not presenting bioequivalence problems AN - Solutions and powders for aerosolization AO - Injectable oil solutions AP - Injectable aqueous solutions AT - Topical products (creams, gels, lotions, oils, ointments, pastes, solutions, sprays and suppositories) AB - if actual or potential bioequivalence problems have been resolved with adequate evidence supporting bioequivalence B - drug that FDA, at this time, considers not to be therapeutically equivalent other pharmaceutically equivalent products: BC - Extended-release dosage forms (capsules, injectables and tablets) BD - Active ingredients and dosage forms with documented bioequivalence problems BE - Delayed-release oral dosage forms BN - Products in aerosol-nebulizer drug delivery systems BP - Active ingredients and dosage forms with potential bioequivalence problems BR - Suppositories or enemas that deliver drugs for systemic absorption BS - Products having drug standard deficiencies BT - Topical products with bioequivalence issues BX - Drugs for which the data are insufficient to determine therapeutic equivalence B* - Drugs requiring further FDA investigation and review to determine therapeutic equivalence If the generic drug is placed into B category this does not mean that it is not good or is of lower quality. It simply means that if you started using that generic, you should not switch to the brand name or vice versa especially if that drug has a narrow therapeutic range (some antidepressants, corticosteroid tablets, antihypertensive drugs). To ensure the quality of generic drugs, FDA inspects facilities where drugs are manufactured about 3,500 times a year. Both brand name and generic drug facilities must meet the same standards of good manufacturing practices. FDA does not permit drugs to be made in substandard facilities. Manufacturers of generic drugs have facilities comparable to those of manufacturers of brand name drugs. In fact, with the potential to lose millions of dollars to a generic companies, some brand name firms have either bought smaller generic companies or created their own. FDA estimates that 50% of generic drugs are produced is by brand name companies. They frequently make copies of their own drugs but sell them under the generic name (e. g. GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer produce generic versions of their own drugs Paxil and Neurontin). Not all brand name drugs have generic versions. Sometimes a drug is too hard to duplicate, or there are no adequate tests to prove that the generic drug acts the same as the brand name drug. Sometimes the market for the drug is too small and there is no business sense to create another version of a drug. You can search for all generic equivalents of brand name drugs by using the "FDA Electronic Orange Book".

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Understanding your electricity bill a glossary of terms

If you're shopping around for the cheapest supplier of electricity in your area, there are some terms that you need to be familiar with. Below is a list of the some of the commonly used terms. 1. KWh (kilowatt hour) - The standard unit of measurement for both gas and electricity consumption. 2. MPRN (Gas Meter Point Reference Number) - Your MPRN is the unique identifying number for the gas meter at your property. It's a ten digit number, commonly referred to as an "M" number, and can be found on your gas bill. 3. Unit Price - a variable charge dependent on your level of consumption. The unit price will be applied to every kilowatt hour (kWh) of gas or electricity used. 4. Standing Charge - A fixed daily charge for the supply of energy, irrespective of your level of consumption. 5. MPAN (Electricity Supply Number) - MPAN is the unique identifying number for the electricity meter at your property. The MPAN is commonly referred to as a "Supply Number" or "S" number, and it can be found on your electricity bill. 6. Economy 7 electricity tariffs use different pricing structures according to the time of day. For example, the night rate is cheaper than the day rate. 7. Ofgem - the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, is the independent regulator of the gas and electricity industries. 8. Electricity Association - The representative body of the major UK electricity companies. 9. Green Tariff - based on the purchase or generation of energy from renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, water, and waste, or in funds being allocated to fund conservation and environment protection projects. 10. Energywatch acts on behalf of the consumer, as an independent watchdog for the gas and electricity industry. 11. Dual Fuel - Most suppliers these days provide both gas and electricity known as "dual fuel" deals. This means that you receive gas and electricity from the same supplier.

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Travertine information

Travertine is a compacted form of limestone that forms in rivers and hot springs. Water, especially river water, has a lot of minerals in it. Sometimes these minerals become deposited on the river bed. These wet minerals then dry out, and combine in compositions at the chemical level. When the minerals deposited are calcium and carbon, sometimes they form a stone that is known as travertine. The chemical composition of travertine is CaCO3 which means that there is one part calcium for every three. Travertine is known for having bands of vibrant color running through it. This is caused by chemicals becoming caught in this structure of the stone as it forms, usually iron... These colors often appear as bands or lines in the face of the stone. The variations in the stone are numerous and it comes in a huge number of colors. The other common names for these stones are calcareous Tufa, and occasionally onyx. It can be solid or semi transparent.

It is most often used in floors or counter tops due to its hard surface, ease of cleaning, and beautiful colors. It is also used in many home furnishings and out door applications. Certain chemicals are often used on the stone to seal it from gaining dirt deposits. These chemicals also tend to bring out the color in the stone.

These chemicals are known as sealers or finishers. A slightly less effective way to treat travertine is to use olive oil to finish its surface. This was historically a very important stone for ancient architecture. Travertine today can be quarried in turkey, china, the U. S. and europe.

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60 000 mugging

I was referred to a prospective client recently that had their website redesigned. They paid $60,000 for a site that really does nothing for them. It is a simple brochure site that provides visitors nothing and it certainly does nothing to convert traffic into sales. Since all their budget went to design, they have no money left over to properly market the site. Mistake #1, don't pay $60,000 for a branding exercise. A corporate website is about supporting the business. The beauty of the Internet is there is no guessing. You can measure pretty much anything.

What are you trying to accomplish? Increase traffic? Generate leads? Increase sales? If it is yes to one of these questions, then a $60,000 investment should get you another $600,00 to your bottom-line? Can a brochure site deliver a 80-95% ROI? Web design is a commodity today. The cost of design should represent about 25% of your total spend. Design costs are competitive today, so spending more than you have to should be the last thing you do. There are excellent open source Content Management Systems (CMS) that give you the power to manage your own content. The cost of the software is $0 to you. We recommend using either Plone or Joomla. Both of these platforms provide you with Web 2.0 compliant back-end at low cost for setup and maintenance. The value in web design is working with companies that can properly market what you do. To properly market the site, you should be spending 10-12x what you should spend in design. So, it is possible to get a Web 2.0 website at an affordable cost. If you are a small company that is spending $4,000-$8,000 on a basic website, you should plan over 12 months to spend an additional $30,000-$80,000 on marketing. The dollars spent on marketing brings the traffic to the site. Simple rule, more traffic through the front door means more business. Unlike other advertising, you can control your spend and measure your ROI pretty quickly. You can turn your marketing dollars on and off depending on the performance, it is all measurable. DeFabis Photography is an example of a client that went through the redesign process. We built a Search Engine Friendly website that allows him to manage content on the site. Prior to working with us, his website was not listed in the top 100 on Google for the popular keywords. Since working with us, his visitors and page views have increased. But most important, he has doubled his bookings from this time last year. And, he did not spend $60,000 on his web design. If you need help in evaluating a prospective vendor, here are some question that may help you understand their knowledge: 1. How do capture visitor traffic off the Internet? Can you track their movement through my site? If so, how? 2. How do manage pay per click advertising dollars to ensure I am maximizing my spend and not wasting money? 3. How do you measure whether my site is friendly to my users? 4. How many page views would you estimate my site would get to determine the right level of hosting? 5. What things will you need to change on my website? What things can I change on my own? 6. If I want to change the look, does it require changes to the backend scripting on the site? 7. What will it take to add a new page to match an ad we are running to the new site? For instance, I want to advertise a special and build a page specific for it, what will it take for us to do this? 8. What do you anticipate the average cost per lead for the website to be? 9. Who owns the source code to the site? So, think about your objectives. Think about what you want to accomplish and spend your money according to the results you want to achieve. A pretty website just does not generate the type of results you should and can get using the Internet. Don't get mugged for $60,000. It's bad for your business.

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Internet marketing tool known as a blog

This Internet Marketing tool known as a blog is changing the way we receive and view information on line. I am writing this document in my blog now. My blog is a Word Press Blog and it is pretty cool because within a few minutes, I purchased a domain and installed the blog on my server directed to the new domain. This is totally cool. People who read the posts in my blog can rate them and leave comments. I have noticed blogs becoming more popular than your standard basic websites. Search engines love blogs and every time someone leaves a comment it is looked at by the search engines as new and fresh content. You will notice that on the home page of my blog, there is even an opt in form for building my mailing list of subscribers for my newsletter. Wow. Is the blog idea a cool Internet Marketing Tool or what? You can comment, ask questions and participate in the conversation right on the blog and you can even opt in to my killer newsletter. This article will be submitted to the major article directories as well so if you are not reading it on my blog and would like to check it out there, check the link in my bio. The other cool thing about having a blog as an important Internet Marketing Tool is the fact that you can place links on your blog to direct traffic to other pages. I set up a blog under the domain poolbilliardssupplies dot com back on January 4th. I posted in the blog about 17 times over the following 30 days. The blog had over 11000 hits in that first month. I accidentally uninstalled that blog when installing a new one and lost all of the comments and feed back. I did have all of the posts however and I just finished getting them back on line yesterday. (Minor Set Back. LOL) This was a valuable lesson and I will not be clicking on uninstall again. The biggest draw back is that now my oldest post is in Feb. instead of January 4th. On a good note, I was checking my stats last night and I made money with Google AdSense, eBay affiliate program (Commission Junction) and Click Bank last week. There has been a large increase in percentage of income since I started posting to my blogs on a regular basis. Well I guess that’s about it for this post. To Your Success, Ted

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