Catalytic converters quality and performance in one

Even before the Acura came into being, automobiles that were manufactured and crafted in Japan were primarily economical and were actually seen as reliable vehicles above all else. And when the Acura came into view, it was then that it started to change Japan vehicles’ identity and reputation. Acura is a Japanese brand that is used by Honda in the United States, in Canada, in Mexico, and in Hong Kong since March of 1986. It was primarily used to market luxury automobiles and near luxury vehicles. Each and every part and detail of Acura vehicles are known for its strength and durability and, of course, quality. One of the most interesting parts that Acura has manufactured as part of their top-of-the-line luxury vehicles and automobiles is the Acura catalytic converter. The Acura catalytic converter is a device that is used to actually reduce the emissions from an internal combustion engine. It is commonly used in an automobile’s exhaust system. Acura vehicles use this for their engines to have and provide an environment for a chemical reaction where unburned hydrocarbons are not completely combusted.

Catalysts are a part of the whole system that we call the Acura catalytic converter. These catalysts are commonly platinum, or palladium and rhodium. It works quite well because no useful energy is extracted from the engine because it works with the combustion, or redox, process continues outside the engine’s combustion chamber. Oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, reduction of nitrogen oxides to nitrogen, and oxidation of hydrocarbons or unburnt fuel to carbon dioxide and water are the three simultaneous tasks that the Acura catalytic converter undertakes.

It is at the stoichiometric point that these three mentioned reactions are most balance. This point is actually the mid-point between the rich and lean operation. So as to provide a good and quality performance, the Acura catalytic converter is made up of several components. The first part is the core, catalyst support, or substrate. Most often than now, this is a ceramic honeycomb, however, there are also other manufacturers who use stainless steel foil honeycombs instead of the ceramic ones. Another part of the Acura catalytic converter is the wash coat. It is a mixture of silicon and aluminum so as to make the converter more efficient. When this is actually added to the core, it forms a rough, irregular surface which has a far greater surface area than the flat core surfaces. And the last part that makes up the catalytic converter is the catalyst itself.

This is often a precious metal, although platinum is the metal which is widely used for most catalytic converters. However, platinum is not quite suitable for all applications because of unwanted additional reactions and/or cost. If by any chance a replacement catalytic converter is needed for your Acura, quality and head-of-the-class Acura catalytic converters are found at http:// fastbodyparts. com online store. Each and every part has passed through the standards implemented by Acura in crafting Acura parts and vehicles.

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Cosmetics are you using them carefully

We think of cosmetics as something that will make us look good and young miraculously. We forget to remember that a cosmetic is made of many chemicals. Any of theses chemicals can cause problem to our skin rather than repairing it. A cosmetic now days contains so many ingredients that it is becoming difficult for a user to find out what might have caused the problem. The problem with any cosmetic results in dermatitis. Let us find out how to prevent dermatitis because of cosmetics use. Dermatitis types- The most common dermatitis problems that may be caused by cosmetics are allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. Irritant contact dermatitis is caused by the contact with any substance that hurts the skin. On an extreme side think of getting burnt by any acid or alkali. That is irritation due to contact. But even substance such as water may cause irritant contact dermatitis if the contact remains for a long time. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused when you are allergic to any substance. The allergy need not show immediately. It can show even after using the same product for years. For example, you love using a product and are using it for years with great satisfaction. One fine day you may find inflammation on the skin and to your horror, you find out that your favorite product is causing that now because of allergy. Cosmetics - safeguards against dermatitis Try to use cosmetics that contain very few ingredients. Try to write down what causes reaction to you and avoid using that. Slowly you will be able to prepare a list of products that cause problem to you. Cosmetics are there to help you and not cause more problems. You spend money to look good and not to get itches and red patches or blisters. Safeguard yourself. This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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How to prepare an herbal bath for therapeutic or beauty purposes

For centuries herbal baths have been used for therapeutic or beauty purposes. The Egyptians made good use of a therapeutic herbal bath. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk and the flowers from herbs to keep her skin smooth and moist. Romans had community herbal baths, the forerunner to the modern spa. In strict Jewish faiths, women use a communal herbal bath to cleanse their bodies after menstruation. There are many benefits to taking herbal baths for therapeutic purposes, but the added benefit is that an herbal bath is relaxing too. Here are some guidelines for taking herbal baths. It is best to wait two hours after you have eaten. It would be great if you could take it before breakfast but since our lives are so busy it is more practical to take you herbal bath before you are going to go to sleep.

The temperature of the herbal bath is important. There is no single temperature that is right; it depends on what you prefer. Never have it too hot or too cold. As you soak you can add more hot water as needed. Make sure you are in a well ventilated room that has no drafts. It is best to get out of the tub after the water has cooled a bit. Set the mood of the room by lighting candles and playing some soothing music. Once you have dried off you can go to bed and get a good nights sleep. Try to take these therapeutic herbal baths at least three times per week. It is not recommended that the frail and infirm use the bath tub. If you have trouble moving your joints it is not advisable to use herbal baths. Herbal baths are good for many ailments including arthritis, tension or stress, constipation and gout. There are many aromatherapists that use essential oils instead of herbs but there is no proof that one is better than the other. There is also no hard rule in what kind of herb you use. I am including a standard recipe but feel free to experiment with your own recipes and herbs. There are two ways to prepare an herbal bath. One method is to make an infusion; simply steep about one half cup of the herb or herbs in two cups of boiling water for ten to twenty minutes. The second way is to fill a porous bag or use an old stocking to put the herbs in. Hang the bag over the spigot so that the water will flow thru into the tub. For a stronger bath you can use both methods. Use fresh herbs for the most benefit. Another beneficial idea for baths is bath salts. But don’t buy the expensive gift sets, make the salts yourself. By making them at home you can save at least fifty percent and in some cases even more. Have fun experimenting with your herbs and take advantage of the benefits of herbal baths. Copyright © Mary Hanna, All Rights Reserved. This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this entire article, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.

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Mortgage brokers the nuts and bolts

Using a mortgage broker to shop for home loans can make the borrowing process a lot less stressful than doing it yourself. Here are the nuts and bolts on getting a good broker. Competent Mortgage Brokers There are a couple of obvious situations where going with a mortgage broker makes perfect sense. If you have less than perfect credit, a mortgage broker is going to be able to open your eyes to numerous loan options a traditional bank would never tell you about. If the idea of handling the mass of paperwork involved in the loan application scares you, a mortgage broker is definitely going to be a savior since they will take on that burden. Still, how do you know if you are talking to a competent broker? The first issue to address when considering whether to use a mortgage broker is scope. Scope refers to the number of different lenders the mortgage broker works with in home financing. Generally speaking, the more lenders the broker works with, the better mortgage options you will get and, ultimately, the better financing. A good mortgage broker should have at least eight different lenders they work with and be able to go find others should your particular situation call for a special financing package. If the broker identifies only two or three lenders, you need to move on to the next broker. The second biggest issue is the mortgage broker’s knowledge of the lending industry. By knowledge of the industry, the broker should be able to identify multiple lending programs and the various lenders and options for each. For instance, you might ask the broker who he works with and the loan options available for a person with a 580 [poor] credit score. Further, ask the broker if he has arranged funding for such loans before and the specifics of the loans used. If the broker shows a depth of knowledge and starts rattling on about options, you’ve found the correct broker. If they don’t, you haven’t. Broker Fees Mortgage brokers are paid upon performance. If they don’t get you a loan, they don’t get paid. The positive aspect of this is you can be the mortgage broker is going to bust their tail coming up with a solution for your problem. The negative aspect is you need to make a determination as to whether the options give to you are good loans for your situation. The commission of a mortgage broker is typically paid out of the loan proceeds, but costs such as appraisals are your responsibility. The broker should have no problem telling you their commission rate on the loan. If you don’t trust banks to give you the best deal or have been turned down by a lender, mortgage brokers are a great way to find good deals. Understand the nuts and bolts of what they do and you are on your way to getting a loan.

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Female business leaders becoming the norm

: Anousheh Ansari, Abigail Johnson, Martha Stewart & Oprah. What does all these women have in common? They are successful entrepreneurs. Leading the group of successful female entrepreneurs is Anousheh Ansari, founder of Telecom Technologies Inc and Prodea Systems. Anousheh has sold multiple companies, her first being TTI Inc – she is now onto Sonus Network Inc. Anousheh Ansari is also an avid supporter of the sciences, not only having been to space herself but also setting up "the X Prize", a contest which helps finance companies looking to perform private space exploration. Many female entrepreneurs entered business through a husband or family member, but then rose to outshine their significant other. Abigail Johnson for example runs Fidelity investments, a company her father originally setup, but she grew to be worth over twelve Billion dollars.

Similarly, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler has grown her husbands business in Germany to over six billion dollars. It is hard to discuss financial successful women without mentioning media icons like Oprah - the daytime talk show host whose media empire's worth has exceeded a billion dollars. There is also Martha Stewart who (when she's not in jail) also runs a home making tv show, magazine and book series which has a book value well over a billion dollars. Examples of smaller businesses founded by female entrepreneurs include henderson bas , and online marketing firm founded by Dawna Henderson. Dawna also recently led her company to be partially acquired by multinational conglomerate MDC partners – more information about the acquisition is available at the New York Times article: MDC Partners acquires stake in henderson bas. Many women still face discrimination in the workforce and business though.

Women statistically earn less than men; this decreases their ability to walk away from a job to start their own company. Many people still maintain age old stereotypes that women are inferior to men in performing specific tasks, making it difficult for women to start businesses in male dominated fields. Nevertheless, there is no question female leadership in businesses is growing: Women are now 2x as likely to start a new business than men are. In other words, women are becoming the powerhouses of new economies, creating money and jobs all over the world.

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Convince yourself that you re worth selling

"Selling" is often considered a dirty word in the world of ADD Coaching. Many people associate sales with smarmy guys in cheap suits who see dollar signs instead of people. But selling is not about deceiving people, and it's not about taking advantage of them, either. Selling your ADD Coaching services is not unethical. Selling in ADD Coaching is about communicating to your potential clients how you can help, and why you're the right coach.

Believe In Your Product, Believe in Yourself Any good sales person knows that the first rule of selling is believing in your product. When you believe in the product and you believe that it's a good fit for a person, you sell the product to that person. In ADD Coaching, you are the product. So if you lack self-esteem or confidence in your coaching, you're in trouble! Convince Yourself That You're Worth Selling Rather than weighing yourself down with what you think you're lacking (not enough training or not enough clients), start focusing on what does make you a good ADD Coach. Make a list. What are your skills in coaching? What coaching experience do you have? (Note: you may have been an ADD Coach your whole life without knowing it!) What life experience do you have that relates to coaching? Who have you helped and how? Use this list to convince yourself that you and your ADD Coaching services are worth selling! Refer to it often. Remember, you'll never get all the clients you want if you're unable to communicate how you can help, and why you're the right coach.

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Cessna citation x 1 for private jet charters

: As businesses internationally are seeking out ways to cut costs and streamline their activities, business air charter service providers are making modifications to their fleet in order to cater to the demands of their customers. As a result of this shift, the super mid-sized category of charter aircrafts is quickly growing as the preferred business jet category. The super mid-sized category has been recently introduced and was developed to offer many of the benefits of the bigger heavy jet category of aircrafts at more economical price. Many of the benefits businesses offered by the super mid-sized category are: the extended range of the aircraft, its increased seating capacity and high speed. One of the fastest growing business jet charter aircrafts in the world is produced by United States based company Cessna.

The Cessna Citation X is dominating the mid-sized jet category and for good reason. The Cessna Citation X is the fastest aircraft available for charter and offers business and private aviation users the benefits of non-stop cross country range. In less than 4 hours, a Citation X is capable of flying ten business executives from the executive airport at Van Nuys (VNY) in Southern California to Teterboro Executive Airport (TEB) near downtown New York and Manhattan. The extended range and lightning quick speed of the Citation X allows it to cruise internationally as well. International charter flights from New York to London at one time required the charter of an expensive heavy jet like a Gulfstream GIV or Challenger 604. This is no longer the case. Not only can the Cessna Citation X fly across the pond; it can do it fast! The typical 6.5 to 7 hour flight can now be flown in just under 6 hours when one chooses to charter a Citation X. The advantage of the speed and range provided by Cessna’s Citation X not only provide businesses travelers with valuable time savings, but also does so without sacrificing the comfort of a large cabin. The 24 foot long stand up cabin offers a spacious interior that can be configured to seat up to 12 executive travelers. The advanced avionics and aerodynamic design features of Cessna’s Citation X also allow it to utilize a larger number of executive airports than any other large jet; as it is capable of landing safely on a 5,000ft runway.

The ultra high performance statistics of the Cessna Citation X are very attractive selling points to both businesses and air charter providers, but the greatest and possibly most valuable asset this business jet has to offer is the low acquisition and operating costs associated with owning or chartering a Citation X. The purchase of a new Citation X aircraft can be purchased or financed from Cessna for under 20million and can be custom configured to suit your needs. Compare the price of a new Citation X to that of the order of a new Gulfstream G200 at up to 25million; one can instantly why the Citation X is so attractive. The lower acquisition costs of the Citation X translate into lower operating costs for air charter service providers. The impact of low operating costs on the Citation X has fueled the demand for this aircraft in the US business and private air charter market. Cessna Citation X has led the way in defining luxury business air travel by constantly innovating and improving aircraft design and by providing significant value to their clients.

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The shortest way to professional education

: Every professional sooner or later faces a shortage of specialized knowledge required him to making a career or in the management his own business. Where to get such knowledge? Market is full of training centers and consulting agencies proposes that offer many educational programs, seminars, trainings and courses for specialists in various fields of business. How to find and choose what is really needed? How not to spend the time and money wasted? Often participate in training related to the interruption of the business process. The answers to these questions helps to find EVENT7 - a business events and educational programs directory where you may find marketing, management, finance and accounting, IT, HR, self development and other trainings, seminars and courses. By selecting appropriate training or seminar, you get a full description: information about teachers and coaches, event agenda, venue info and other. Then you can book event online - just fill an order form - no phone calls or e-mails, event organizer's representative will contact with you himself to clarify the order details. Now is the best time to think what opportunities takes new knowledge to you, your career and your business.

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The cheesecake factory inc revolutionizing cheesecake dining

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.: Revolutionizing Cheesecake Dining The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. is probably the most renowned cheesecake restaurants in America and even the world. The company is located in the United States and currently operates 139 full service and casual dining restaurants in major metropolitan areas in the United States. The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. is also characterized by their extensive menus, large options and lavish decors. The Cheesecake Factory offers a casual dining experience, complete with lavish decorative floors, limestone floors, hand-painted fabrics, cherry wood trimming and contemporary lighting. Their menu contains 200 selections of food and 50 different cheesecakes and desserts, which includes their trademark Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. Humble Beginnings The early beginnings of the Cheesecake Factory started with Oscar and Evelyn Overton. They dreamed of opening their very own business where Evelyn, always known as a skilled cook, created cheesecake recipes liked by her friends. During the late 1940’s, Evelyn decided to open a small cheesecake shop in Detroit. However, in order to raiser her to two children properly, she chose to extinguish her dreams and gave up the shop. She then moved her baking to the kitchen in her basement and continued to supply cakes to a number of local restaurants. During the year 1971, with their children all grown up, the couple decided to move their cheesecake business to Los Angeles. Carrying only what is left from their savings, they managed to open a 700 square foot store and called it the Cheesecake Factory. The early years were extremely lean and very difficult. The couple even worked at 18-hour shifts. Oscar concentrated on selling the cakes and establishing new accounts while Evelyn managed the office and baked the cheesecakes. Luckily, the people of Los Angeles liked their cheesecakes, which made the reputation of their restaurant grow. In 1975, they have improved their bakery and Evelyn created over twenty assortments of delectable cheesecakes and other desserts. Oscar started purchasing delivery trucks, expanding their cheesecake distribution, hiring drivers and developing additional out-of-state customers. The tireless effort of the couples to provide innovative and quality product development eventually gave way to the foundation of the Cheesecake Factory’s success. In 1978, their son David then founded the Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Beverly Hills, which was a milestone for the company and made them even more famous. Expansion and Successes Owners of the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas asked David Overton to establish a casual and upscale restaurant for the hotel. In order to do this, David traveled to Europe in order to study the architecture, cuisine, design and dйcor of traditional Italian trattorias, pastry shops and grand cafes of Vienna. David eventually created the Grand Lux Cafй, which is known to merge the luxuriant European cafes with the sensibilities of an all-American restaurant. The establishment offers cuisine from cultures, like Malaysian, Caribbean, Thai, aside from European style food. More so, it is located in several locations, including Houston, Long Island, Paramus, Florida, New Jersey, Miami, Chicago and Denver, among others. The main emphasis of the Grand Lux is the bakery on the premises, which offers baked-to-order cheesecakes and other desserts. However, they also offer baked food products at counters for take-out. Currently, the company operates thirteen restaurants in several locations. The Cheesecake Factory also offers online services. Within this venture, the company offers cheesecakes that will be delivered to customers in dry ice. Truly, no company has ever achieved cheesecake revolution than the Cheesecake Factory, Inc.

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Dear expats are you ready to take up the challenge for the new year

It is that time of year again. Xmas is just around the corner and then a week later we will be toasting in the New Year. Streets, offices, and coffees shops are already buzzing with all the talk of the resolutions we plan to start on New Year’s Day. However, more often than not, the 1st of the year rolls around and we are still too full of the joys of the season to bother with our resolutions, but we resolve to start our plans in the new week. Unfortunately that date is often not adhered to either for a variety of legitimate or not so legitimate reasons. What do we do? Well most of us almost literally take a club and beat ourselves up for our half-hearted attempts. We manage to pull off a few weeks or months during the year where we take some form of action in trying to reach our goals, but don’t really get anywhere and then all too soon New Year creeps up on us again. It seems that the expectations we set ourselves up for at this time of year perpetuates yearly cycles of self-defeat, loss of self-esteem and entrenched beliefs that we are weak and cannot trust ourselves to make promises and goals and stick to them. I feel that if approached differently we can turn this around and get to see the self-confident and goal-oriented individuals that we are. Why do we need to set ourselves up for failure?

We know that more times than not most New Years’ resolutions are not adhered to. Lets face it, just how practical is it to start that diet on the 1st of January when all the delicious leftovers of the season still fills our fridges? Even more ridiculous is the idea of climbing on a treadmill when you are still full of the celebratory champagne of the New Year’s Eve function the night before. I am going to suggest you be bold and step out of the self-defeating mould that we set ourselves up for around this time of year and TAKE ACTION NOW! Whatever it is you want to achieve, there is no time like the present to start making your dreams come true. If you are prepared to wait until after the new Year, maybe you need to rethink your goals and check if it is something you really want or not. What better motivation for the New Year than to already be 2 weeks into your New Year Resolution by the time the 1st January 2006 knocks at your door? You have time now to ask yourself: “Is this really what I want?” Are you that interested in making your dreams become reality? Have you considered what a difference it might make to you if you not longer put off what you can start today? I challenge you not to wait until the morning of the 1st January 2006 to start your list of resolutions.

Take up the challenge and start today. Don’t worry about doing whatever you want to do perfectly. Just start it! You can always make changes along the way. The idea is to take action. It is much easier to take action when you don’t expect precision. Then, obstacles will not frighten you. Being flexible is part of the learning process. Expect some hiccups, be prepared for them, and know that action, perfect or not will bring results. Why wait until the New Year knocks at our door? Quote of the week “Action conquers fear.” Peter Nivio Zarlenga Powerful question for the week What New Year’s resolution are you considering that cannot be started tomorrow or the next day?

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Beating adware the sneakiest software

Promoters of adware, software that shows advertising on a user's computer, use some cunning tricks to get you to install their software on your machine. Here's what to look out for. Adware is, by definition, something reasonable people don't want on their computers. That's why malware can't just come out and ask people to install it. Often, the computer owner is completely unaware of it being installed. But not always. When adware doesn't want to sneak in through an open window, it will try to trick you into letting it in through the front door. Don't think you could be tricked? Don't be so sure until you've checked out these most common ways people have been tricked into allowing malware to be installed on their machines. Adware Installation Trick 1: Piggybacking • How it works: malware may come bundled with a legitimate piece of software the user actually wants, such as a game or emoticon. The malware is merely labeled "companion software," without any indication of what it will do. • How to fight it: be very suspicious of any software that comes bundled with other software. Don't installed software that comes bundled with other software unless you know everything that the bundled software does. After all, if the bundled program has anything to do with the program you actually want, why couldn't the software developer just get both programs' functionalities into a single piece of software? Software developers are now very sensitive to malware concerns and will provide a lengthy explanation of just why the bundled software is necessary, in the cases when they actually do need to use bundled software. Adware Installation Trick 2: Bait and Switch • How it works: since people are getting more and more suspicious of bundled software, the malware's developers may simply label it as valuable software, for instance, a browser plugin that supposedly accelerates web browsing (but in reality only shows ads). • How to fight it: again, a suspicious mind is useful in avoiding malware. Ask yourself some questions: o What will this software actually do? Malware often comes with very fuzzy claims attached. Sure, it says it will improve your browsing experience, but how? Often, this improved browsing experience just means a browsing experience with more advertising. o If the software is so great, why is it being given away free? Most commonly, software is only given out free in two cases: if it's OpenSource (designed by a community of developers and not proprietary--OpenSource software is always clearly labeled as such)

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Developments in the barcode tags and scanners industry

The emergence of technology in transportation, communication, computer and entertainment has long been observed by people. And with the development of these high technology inventions, the need for safety and security arise. Technology has also seen this need which led to the development of barcode tags and scanners. A barcode is a representation of information. It is readable by a machine called scanner. The barcode is printed on a small piece of paper called tags. The barcodes are printed with dark ink usually with a white background.

This is done to create a high and low reflectance allowing the scanner to convert the code into binary language. This way, the scanner can read the code. In the past, barcodes were stored in the spaces of paralleled lines. But technology made it possible to store these data in different shapes and patterns. Barcodes now have become an important part of people’s lives. They have entered the business world as diverse as transportation and telecommunication. Businessmen find barcodes the most cost-effective aspect pf business and management. Barcode and scanning system uses several symbols to make the conversion of bar codes into the computer's language making it possible for scanners to read the code.

Some most common symbols are code 39 which is now used for data security. This is an efficient way of securing the data as it has the self-checking property that out of 70 million characters scanned, only one error is expected. UPC, another most common symbol is now found on non-food goods sold in the market. This is used for a more efficient and easier price look up without increasing the printing cost.

2of 5 Code was also created for warehouse inventory handling and airline ticketing. Codabar is used to process airway bills and are now very common in freight forwarding companies and custom brokers. Plessey Code is commonly used in grocery stores. This type of code is the one that are put in items and the cashier or teller scans for price look up and computation of the bill and Code 11 is very effective for telecommunication components labeling. With the development of different symbols for barcodes comes the development of barcode readers or scanners. Barcodes transmit information and the transmission depends on how the bars and spaces in a code are arranged.

The barcode scanners are responsible in scanning and reading the information converting it into the binary language then transmitting it to the computer attached to it. Using the light detector attached to the scanner, the amount of reflection is then converted into an analog pattern. Different kinds of readable machines or scanners have been developed to make the scanning more efficient and accurate. These scanners come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. Checkout scanner is the most commonly used. These are found in many supermarkets. Light pen is also one of the most commonly used as it is portable and cheap.

Another type is the barcode slot reader which is used to scan moving codes. This is used in airports to scan the codes attached to the luggage. Laser barcode readers use the laser technology. It deals with light in small powerful beams.

These readers can be used in freight forwarding to track the progress of shipment. It is one of the most expensive scanners and many freight forwarding companies and custom brokers invest on this to ensure an effective and safe transporting of goods from one place to another. With the latest technology in security and safety, barcodes and scanners are now part of people’s lives. Numerous benefits and advantages are seen with the use of these security and safety devices. Nowadays, almost all stores such as grocery, department stores and merchandisers use the barcode systems. This is very helpful to track prices without having confusion especially with large purchases. It also helps in making transactions faster and more efficient. In big offices and companies, document management is a management now being used to manage the hundreds of documents.

Several tools used in the management model use sheets with barcodes in separating the documents. Custom brokers and freight forwarding companies use barcodes to track the shipment and movement of items. Biological science now makes use of bar coding technology to track reproduction of insects. Airlines, stadiums, theatres, car rental companies, and other establishments that give tickets have barcodes on the tickets to verify the validity before allowing the guests to enter. In the recent years, the decline in production of many factories and manufactories has been seen. This was due to less effective, costly and less efficient manual labor. But with the development of barcodes and scanners, this situation was gradually reversed.

This is also true for some who encountered problems in their business. Investment is always a part of one’s business. Try to invest for the security and safety of your own business. It’s gearing towards a risk-free path.

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Website copywriter tips write web copy for people not technology

: Every website copywriter faces a trap – Search Enginitis. Writing web copy with technology makes sense, but writing web copy for people makes the sale. Here are two ways to connect with people across broadband and create web copy that sells. Your website looks great: solid words, easy navigation, graphics just so, and maybe even a bit of flash with some multimedia. But customers are not buying. The Technology Trap You wonder if it’s the web copy itself. How can that be? You remembered the two key mantras of powerful web copy - “write for the search engines” and “write for the medium.” Your web copy used appropriate keywords to help search engines find you and traffic is up. Surely, customers enjoy reading your content because your web copy is laid out with the internet in mind using:

  • short sentences
  • brief paragraphs
  • bullets
Customers might be reading your words, but they still are not buying your product. Chances are your web copy has been optimized for technology not people. Even on the internet, selling is still about connecting to people. Selling on the internet means writing web copy for people not technology. So how do you press the flesh across broadband? Start where brick and mortar relationships do – trust. Why not become the trusted provider in your marketspace?

Your web copy can use words to raise your credibility in at least 25 different ways. Here are two ways to craft web copy for people not technology:

  • write the way customers speak
  • replace your pitch with a theme.
Write Web Copy for People not Technology Step 1: Write the way people speak. People instinctively trust strangers who speak like them. If you find this article useful, how would you tell someone? Are you really going to say, “I read an unusually amazing web copy article that fundamentally increased my sagging sales”? Not likely. Weak web copy, not everyday people, uses too many modifiers.

“Amazing,” “fundamentally,” and “sagging” weaken trust. How’s your site for modifiers? Give your web copy the finger test. You might not want fingerprints on your screen, so I suggest printing a copy of your homepage content.

  • put your baby finger on the first modifier you can find.
  • put your ring finger on the next adjective or adverb.
  • repeat until you run out of modifiers or fingers.
If your page is a handful, you’ve got too many modifiers and your web copy is hype heavy, not trustworthy. In addition to giving readers web copy that matches how they speak, it helps to give them time to get to know you. Write Web Copy for People not Technology Step 2: Replace your pitch with a theme.

Customers need time before they trust. They will get used to your site in tiny steps, so hold off selling; buy some time with thematic web copy. Have a theme for your site, introducing your offer only after your customer feels comfortable. Themes are a subtle form of repetition because they continually reinforce a single concept.

Repeated exposure to an idea usually makes it familiar and safe. Remember the first time you used instant messaging or the family car - not so scary now. Let’s say your site sells dental floss. Here’s how your web copy might handle it. Instead of listing the benefits of DentaThread, you could tie the presentation together under the central idea “Some people have nothing to smile about.”

  • The opening section could point out how the discomfort of Gingivitis wipes the grin off a person’s face.
  • Another segment of the web copy would show how ugly cavities make someone too self - conscious to smile.
  • Yet another piece would reveal how the high cost of root canal causes an individual to frown.
In this way, the web copy offers three versions of one idea to help the site grow on the visitor: one idea, three versions. Does your homepage have a theme? How many chances does your web copy give visitors to get comfortable with you? In this article, I tried to use the two key elements a good web copywriter uses to write for people not technology:
  • the language of my readers
  • a central idea, trust
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Understanding the ins and outs of nyour credit score

: As recent as a few years back, the term "Credit Score" was not very commonly used in our society. While there were who understood the term and its purpose, the mass majority, although realizing that there was a system out there that their credit, they did not have a term to stick to it. Today, however, due to a number of factors such as increase Identity Theft and mass media marketing campaigns there are very few who are not aware of the term Credit Score. The goal of this article is to add understanding on the personal to the recognition of that term. A Credit Score is a number between 300 and 850 based on a statistical analysis of an individual's credit activity. It is used to represent the credit worthiness of an individual. How likely that the individual will pay his or her debts. A credit score is based on their credit report information which is typically sourced from credit bureaus and credit reference agencies, typically from the three major credit bureaus. Lending institutions, such as banks, finance companies, mortgage lenders, and credit card companies, use an individual's Credit Score to evaluate the potential risk posed by lending money to that individual.

Lenders use Credit Scores to determine who qualifies for a loan, at what interest rate the loan is issued, and what credit limits are determined. The use of credit scoring prior to granting credit is a trusted system throughout the industry. Credit scoring is not limited to banks, however. Organizations, such as mobile phone companies and government departments employ the same techniques. While there are many others, such as NextGen, VantageScore and the CE Score, The most widely known score in the United States is FICO, which is most widely used in the mortgage industry. FICO is an acronym for Fair Isaac Corporation, the company that provides the most well-known and most widely used credit scoring system in the United States.

The FICO score is calculated by applying statistical methods, developed by Fair Isaac, to information in one's credit file and is primarily used in the consumer banking and credit industry. FICO scores show how likely it is that a borrower will default. No public information is available to determine what the scores mean in terms of statistics. A separate score, BNI, is used to indicate likelihood of bankruptcy. As stated, banks and other lending institutions use Credit Scores as factors in their lending decisions.

Whether credit is denied or approved, what interest is charged, what income level and asset verification is required is all based on an individual's credit score. The FICO score actually uses slightly different scoring methods to rate a consumer's suitability for three different types of credit; mortgages, auto loans, and consumer credit. Each reflecting the different credit risks of these various types of lending. It is not unusual for these scores to differ by as much 50 points or more for the same borrower. There are three major credit reporting agencies in the United States. Although often times inaccurately referred to as "credit bureaus", these agencies; Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, also calculate their own credit scores. These additional scores differ depending on what they are meant to predict, what statistical methods used to determine a score, and what information is used and how it is weighted.

These additional Credit Scoring Systems are numerous and are agency specific. For example, Beacon, Beacon 5.0, Beacon 96, and Pinnacle scores are available only from Equifax. Empirica, Empirica Auto 95, Precision Score, and Precision 03 are available only from TransUnion. And, Fair Isaac Risk Score at Experian. These various Credit Scores are developed for the different agencies by Fair Isaac, each differs and are periodically updated to reflect current consumer repayment behavior habits. The NextGen Score is a scoring model designed for consumers. In an effort to make credit scoring more consistent across the board, in 2006 the big three credit reporting agencies introduced Vantage Score.

Vantage Score uses a different number range from the FICO score. It ranges from 501 to 990 and also assigns letter grades from A to F to specific ranges of scores. A consumer's Vantage Score may differ from agency to agency, but the difference would be entirely due to differences in the information reported to the various agencies, not due to differences in scoring systems. Since FICO is still widely used by lenders, the agencies continue to offer FICO scores (or their closest equivalent) as well. Most credit scores use a multiple-scorecard design. Each version may use individual scorecards, and an individual potential borrower is typically compared with other previous borrowers. In other words, a borrower with one 30-day late payment will be scored against a population with some similar delinquency. A borrower with two 30-day late payments will be scored against a population with like credit faults. The individual is then graded according to which variables indicate a risk within that group.

Nearly all large banks also build and use their own systems for credit scoring purposes, and are often times in conjunction with outside scoring formulas. The systems used to generate credit scores are subject to federal regulations. The Federal Reserve Board's Regulation B, which implements the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, expressly prohibits a credit scoring system from considering any "prohibited basis" such as race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or marital status. It also stipulates that credit scoring systems must be "empirically derived" and "statistically sound".

In addition, if an adverse action, a denial of a credit application, is taken as a result of the credit score then the specific reasons for the denial must be provided to the individual denied. The statement "credit score not high enough" is insufficient. The reasons for denial must be specific; "too many delinquencies 60 days or greater" and such. Credit scores are designed to measure the risk of default by taking into account various factors in a person's financial history. Although the exact formulas for calculating credit scores are closely guarded secrets, the Fair Isaac Corporation has disclosed the following components and the approximate weighted contribution of each:

  • 35% punctuality of payment in the past (30 Days Past Due)
  • 30% the amount of debt, expressed as the ratio of current revolving debt to total available revolving credit
  • 15% length of credit history
  • 10% types of credit used
  • 10% recent search for credit and/or amount of credit obtained recently
These percentages offer a limited guidance in understanding a credit score. For example, the 10% of the score allocated to "types of credit used" is undefined, leaving consumers unaware what type of credit mix to pursue. "Length of credit history" is also a murky concept; it consists of multiple factors two being the oldest account open and the average length of time an account has been open. Interestingly, although only 35% is attributed to punctuality, if a consumer is substantially late on numerous accounts, his score will fall far more than 35%. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, and judgments affect scores substantially, but are not included in the very vague pie chart provided by Fair Isaac. A FICO score generally has a max of 850 and a minimum of 300. It exhibits a left-skewed distribution with a median around 723. The performance of the scores is monitored and the scores are periodically aligned so that a lender normally does not need to be concerned about which score card was employed. Because the three major credit agencies have their own, independent databases, each of us actually has three credit scores for any given scoring system. As these databases are independent of each other, they may contain entirely different data. Many lenders will check an applicant's score from each bureau and use the median score to determine the applicant's credit worthiness. As a result of the FACT Act (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act), each legal U. S. resident is entitled to one free copy of his or her credit report from each credit reporting agency once every twelve months. To guard against inaccurate information or fraud more often than yearly, one can request a report from a different credit reporting agencies available on the net. This information is available from a number of websites across the net that offer an free credit report and use of their services for 30 days. After which, there is a monthly fee involved. The fee is nominal compared to the necessity of protecting your credit in today's highly technological society where identity theft is becoming more prevalent. In a time where identity theft and credit fraud in on the rise, the fee these firms charge seems like a small amount to pay to protect your credit and your good name. Having a good Credit Score is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Here are a few examples of how: In September 2004, TXU (a Texas utility company) announced it would begin setting individualized electricity prices based on credit score. However, due to negative press and pressure from the Texas Public Utility Commission, the plan was not implemented. Credit scores are often used in determining prices for auto and homeowner insurance. Recently, some of the agencies that generate credit scores have also been generating more specialized insurance scores, which insurance companies then use to rate the quality of potential customers. These scores are unavailable to consumers. Many employers reserve the right to do a credit check of job applicants, in the same manner they reserve the right to drug test potential employees. the fact is that your Credit Score is important. Rebuild-Credit. us is a sight committed to providing consumers with quality information concerning credit, how to get it, and how to maintain a quality credit score. It is recommended you take the time to visit them and read through the numerous articles and reports there.

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An Introduction to Bidding and Buying on eBay. Have you noticed that whenever you open a newspaper, watch the TV or have a conversation, people seem to be talking about eBay? If you've never used it and you've no idea what it's all about, then the chances are that you're starting to feel a little left out. But don't worry! This email contains everything you need to know about the basics of bidding and buying on eBay. So What is eBay?

eBay is an online auction website - and not just any auction site, but the biggest one in the world. If you know how an auction works, then you already know how roughly eBay works. Someone adds something they want to sell to the site, and then buyers come along and place bids on it. The highest bid wins the item! It's that simple.

eBay being an online auction makes a big difference, though. Buying and selling are not reserved for any elite. eBay accept almost any item, no matter how small, and will then advertise it on their sites all over the world. It's a powerful combination of an auction and a slightly chaotic marketplace. What is Bidding? Bidding is when you say how much you will pay for an item in an auction.

Bidding on eBay, however, doesn't work in exactly the same way as a normal auction, at least in theory. On eBay, you tell the site what the maximum you are willing to pay for each item is, and then eBay places the bids on your behalf. That means you could say you were willing to pay up to $100 for something and only have to pay $50, if that was the highest maximum bid anyone else placed. It's not as complicated as it sounds - the best way to get used to it is to give it a try. First, the best thing to do is to go to the eBay website designed for your country. If you don't know the address for it, just go to ebay. com and it will tell you there. Now, on the front page you should see a big box marked 'search': just type in anything that you'd like to buy there. Wasn't that easy? Now you should have a list of items for sale in front of you, along with how much people are currently bidding for them and the time when bidding ends for each item.

If you click one of these, you can read the description, and then - if you're happy with the item and happy to pay more than the current highest bidder is - you can bid! How Do I Bid? Go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of an item's description page, and type the maximum you are willing to pay (your maximum bid) into the box. Then simply press the 'place bid' button - you will need to sign in once you press the button, or go through a quick registration process if you don't have an eBay username). If someone else's maximum bid on that item is higher than yours, then eBay will tell you and give you the opportunity to bid again. Otherwise, you're now the new highest bidder! All you need to do now is wait until the end of the auction - if someone else outbids you, then eBay will email you and you can bid again. All sounds great, doesn't it? But by now you might be wondering whether a site as chaotic as eBay can really be all that safe to buy from. That's why the next email in this series will be about your rights when you buy from eBay.

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Article marketing the bad the unsightly and the good

When most people think of Article Marketing, what comes to mind is usually how to write the article rather then how to market it. But there is anthor way and I will show you in this article. The latest rage seems to be Article marketing and with good reason. It's by far the best free means of promoting your business and increasing your sales and opt in subscribers. By submitting your articles to article directories, article announcement lists, and ezine publishers, you achieve several things. First, you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Readers are more likely to listen to you if they feel you know what you are talking about. Second, by attaching a resource box to your article, you are giving the reader a link to your website. If the reader is impressed with your knowledge, they will probable click on your link to see what it is that you are offering. Third, you increase your search engine page rank by providing a non-reciprocal link to your website.

Search engines seem to give extra weight to non-reciprocal links in their page rankings. But many marketers are not comfortable writing their own articles. They just do not understand how to put their thoughts into words. Or worse yet, they do not have any thoughts merit printing. That is why private label articles are in such high demand these days.

There are several of these services available and more seem to be popping up every day. Therein lies the problem. Depending on how these articles are used, the results can be good, bad, or downright unsightly. The Bad: A everyday mistake made by marketers using private label articles is getting lazy. They merely copy and paste the article and submit it, as is, with no personalization. At the very least, you should change the title. Most article directories require that your article be approved before they are posted. But do you actually think they read every article that comes in? Not likely. They get dozens, even hundreds of submissions every day, so it's unlikely that your article will really be read. But most directory software will automatically search their database for duplicate titles. If the title of your article matches one in their database, yours will be rejected. So do yourself a favor and at the very least, change the title. It might also be a good idea to change the wording in the first paragraph. The unsightly: Many marketers load so many links in their article that it becomes one long ad. This will not only get you rejected, but ultimately banned if you do it frequently enough. The Good: As stated previously, private label articles, when used correctly, can give the non-writer a big superiority over other marketers. They can increase your traffic, sales, and opt in subscribers. That is good. A good article contains useful knowledge to the reader whether they buy your products or not. Present to them good content and you will increase the chances that they will click your link in the resource box. Private label articles are a great tool, but do not get lazy!

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Rays of light how they can be harenessed by greenhouses

Every day, the sun beams down huge amounts of warmth and light onto the Earth, in the form of light waves, or ‘rays’. However, most of these rays are wasted, as we still have few effective ways of harnessing and storing them. Greenhouses store these rays by using a very simple piece of science to their advantage. Basically, if you make a structure out of glass, then the sun’s rays can pass through the glass to get into the structure, but then get trapped inside. This happens because of the unique structure of glass that allows light to pass through but not air. When the sun’s rays get into the greenhouse, they heat up the air, soil, rocks, plants and other things inside the greenhouse, which then retain the heat. As the heat that has been absorbed into the air and objects cannot simply escape again, the greenhouse gradually gets hotter and hotter because of the amount of heat that is being trapped inside. One hot day can keep the inside of a greenhouse warm for several days, and even a normal day will be good enough to keep the greenhouse warm overnight. By using the heat that is stored in the greenhouse, the plants inside can grow and make food for themselves, even when it’s cold outside. As the temperatures in greenhouses will rise far above the outside temperature in warm conditions, they allow you to grow plants that would usually only grow in a more tropical climate than there is where you live, such as exotic fruits and flowers.

However, because of the way greenhouses work, you need to be careful about how often you go in your greenhouse. Every time you open the door, a huge amount of the heat will escape, and if you’re going in there every day then the greenhouse will be next to useless. However tempting it might be to go in and look at your plants, they will do much better if you plant them and then leave them alone (look through the windows if you have to!), only going in very occasionally to water them.

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The non diet diet

Diets don't work. If they did the U. S. of A. would be the thinnest, trimmest nation in the world, with over 40 million Americans spending billions each year on weight loss products. In fact, the opposite is true. The Center for Disease Control claims that at least 65% of adults are overweight or obese. With the growing list of woes associated with obesity, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, the weight problem in America has become a serious concern.

Yet we continue to look to fad diets as the answer to this serious problem - as if living on bacon and eggs, cabbage soup, or low-calorie meal replacement drinks could ever be construed as a healthy solution. A review of popular diet programs conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, stated that most weight loss programs offered little or no proof that participants were successful in loosing weight or keeping weight off in the long run. The U. S. Federal Trade Commission has stated that of the millions of people that diet, less than 5% of those who actually loose weight will be able to keep it off in the years to come. It has been surmised that a dieter may shed approximately 100 pounds in the course of a lifetime, but gain back 120 lbs. One benefit of weight loss organizations, however, was group support. Dieters who joined support groups appeared to loose more weight than those who decided to go it alone. Fad diets themselves bring with them a plethora of health concerns. Restrictive low calorie diets can be self-defeating. The body's metabolism slows moving the system into energy conservation mode and holding on to every calorie for future use instead of burning it. Precious muscle mass is broken down, and low lethargy occurs. Low carbohydrate diets can result in dehydration and constipation. The risk of heart disease is escalated due to the increase of bad cholesterol found in animal fats.

When nutritional integrity of the body is threatened due to the elimination of a particular food group, the dieter is at risk for many health problems including osteoporosis, certain types of cancers, immune system issues, electrolyte imbalances, and eating disorders. And with diets, as opposed to permanent lifestyle changes, the probability of gaining back what you have lost, and then some, is high. In a culture obsessed with physical perfection perhaps we must evaluate how we think about weight in general. Are we dieting to be healthy, or just thin? If the later is the objective, then further investigation into dieting motivation may be necessary, but if health is the ultimate goal, then looking at lifestyle changes may the place to start. Are you an emotional eater, have a compulsive sweet tooth, or someone who eats out of boredom? Do you eat fresh foods or only things that come in a box, bag, or through a drive-up window? What is the overall condition of your health? Is your lifestyle sedentary or active?

What type of physical activities do you enjoy? Questions like these help you build the foundation for creating a customized Non-Diet Diet - a common sense plan for living that will result weight loss, elevated energy levels, and improved health and well-being. Quick fixes usually result in long term failures, and while the answer to America's weight problem may not come in the form of a magic diet, it need not be extremely complicated either. Maintaining a sensible meal plan, including complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, good fats, fruit and vegetables, and sweets in moderation, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy attitude regarding the weight/health connection may be the simple answer you've been looking for.

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Why to register md domains

What is. md? .md is the web address that identifies you, your company or your organization with the healthcare industry. Thousands of professionals and companies in the healthcare industry are already utilizing. md for their branding and marketing efforts, including some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical is a valuable and unique asset that can be used as an intuitive and dynamic communication tool. .md is the perfect web address for medical professionals and healthcare companies .md is a permanent professional address .md is a dynamic communication tool and distribution channel for participants in the healthcare community .md may be used to protect your brands and trademarks to prevent international cyber-squatters from purchasing your domain names and using them for other purposes .md may be used as a unique, intuitive, and available promotional tool to market prescription and OTC drugs .md Focus: Healthcare We are developing an Internet domain for the global healthcare community where participants in the healthcare sector can acquire valuable. md domain names that correlate precisely with the marketing of their core business practices and new permits corporations and individuals to establish a unique Internet presence that carries an automatic, intuitive association with healthcare and other medical services and applications. Growth of the. md Registry Since becoming operational, there has been significant interest in the. md TLD. The wide adoption of. md, prior to launching a formal. md marketing campaign confirms the need and desire for a top level healthcare centric domain. The number of. md registrations continues to grow exponentially with this exposure. The leading adopters in the. md registry are: Physicians Medical Schools Private Practices Health Clinics Drug Development Companies Pharmaceutical Companies Health Insurance Companies Medical Laboratories Additionally, Fortune 1000 companies have adopted. md as part of their global brand marketing strategy. These include companies from the following industries: Telecom Banking and Finance Entertainment Media Consulting Automotive Travel Insurance Retail Technology Hans Peter Oswald https:// domainregistry. de/md-domain. html

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Farmland near slough investors paradise

: According to a recently published report from RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) the price of farmland near Slough continues to rise as demand outstrips supply. In the North-East alone farm land sales prices have risen on the first quarter of the year at an average of Ј2,650 an acre to Ј2,125 an acre. Demand for commercial farm land has increased in the first quarter of the current at a swift rate since the RICS began the land price survey back in 1999. The farm land sale in North East of UK, particularly near Slough is reaching an upward growth. An important fact to note is that the buyers are not particularly farmers but individual investors and developers. Land as a whole in UK is very difficult to own. In such a scenario one can find more available farm land for sale than any other types of land. This has resulted in people opting for more farm lands even if they do not intend to farm.

One can find farm land in North East and particularly in Slough being traded at an enormous quantity be it in small plots or large plots. A recent research report shows that in 2001 UK population grew by 236,800, in 2002 by a further 215,000, and growth from mid-2002 to mid-2003 was 232,100. The UK as a whole would need over seven million more houses over the next six decades – an increase of 28 per cent in the housing stock compared with 2006. This is equivalent to more than twice the number of houses in London in 2003 and 163 times the number in Slough. With the ever increasing head count, the demand for space to dwell is increasing. Farm lands can provide a definitive answer to meet the growing requirements.

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