Effective classifieds advertising tips

Classified advertising is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your product or service, so it's a great option to consider for small businesses. However, if you're not careful, you can waste a lot of time and money on ineffective classified ads. There are several factors to keep in mind when writing classified ads. If you keep these factors in mind, you can run an effective classifieds campaign. 1 – What are you selling? Before you decide to run classified ads, you should determine if your product is well suited to classified advertising. In other words, are the people reading the classified ads likely to be looking for your product? For example, if you sell used cars, classified ads might be a great way for you to go, because people do read classified ads when they are looking for a car. On the other hand, you probably won't sell many Ferrari's with classifieds. 2 – Where are you running your ad? How many people will read your ad? Who are these people? Are they young or old? Rich or poor? Are they likely to be interested in your product or service. 3 – Writing Your Ad When you write your ad, remember what you are trying to do: A. Catch the reader's attention, so they will read your ad (that is the job of your headline) B. Convince the reader that you have something they might be interested in (that is the job of your ad body) Get the reader to contact you or otherwise respond to your ad (you should have an clear idea of what you want the reader to do – call you, visit your website, etc.) 5 – Test, test, test Once you start a classified advertising campaign, you should rigorously test your ads and methods to perfect them. This is one of the most important parts of any advertising project – removing what doesn't work, and improving what does work. Happy advertising!

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The fifteenth amendment

The Fifteenth Amendment When the Civil War came to an end, it was important to take the big accomplishments and transition them into the law of the land before any ground was lost as reconstruction returned the nation to one country rather than two warring parties. The upheaval of society that the abolition of slavery represented and the massive surge forward for black history was so important that it was important to make it permanent with amendments to the constitution so the gains made during that bloody battle would not be lost again. The work that needed to be done to change a nation from one of slavery to one of equality started with three important amendments to the constitution. The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery forever and the fourteenth amendment reversed the negative effects of the Dred Scott decision providing equal protection under the law for all citizens of this country regardless of race, color or creed. But the fifteenth amendment went further than just establishing the basic human rights of the African American community. It made a change so fundamental to how America works that its ramifications were sweeping and far reaching down to this day. The text of the amendment is direct and elegant… The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. This was a tremendous leap forward for the black community when this amendment was ratified on February 3, 1870 because it finally meant that the African American population in this country could stand up and be counted and start making a mark on politics and with it how decisions are made in this country. It was a proud moment when the very first black man to cast a vote came the very next day when Thomas Mundy Peterson voted in a school board election in the town of Perth Amboy, New Jersey But like so many other great advances in black history, earning the right to vote didn’t automatically make it easy to vote. There was staunch resistance to actually allowing blacks to go to the polling booth in many communities across the country. The Klu Klux Klan engaged in intimidation tactics to try to keep African Americans home from the polls. In Louisiana, the mob attempts to stop the institutions of a legally elected and integrated local governments had to be broken up by federal troops sent in by Ulysses S. Grant. Probably the most serious threat to the actual workability of the fifteenth amendment was the introduction of the poll tax and other registration tricks that were used such as literacy tests and voter qualification tests clearly designed to deny the right to vote to African Americans. This practice became such a problem that it instigated the passage of the twenty fourth amendment which outlawed poll taxes which were only designed to usurp the rights of African Americans to vote. But these desperate attempts could not stop the march of justice and democracy to assure that voting rights were available to all Americans. Before long blacks were occupying positions of influence and decision making in state legislatures and even at the federal level. It’s been a long struggle but even in the last few decades we have seen positions of high honor and influence held by qualified African Americans such as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. And if Barrack Obama wins the democratic nomination, that will be yet another break through for a proud man and a proud people. PPPPP 603

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Canada internet merchant account

If you knew that a Canada Internet merchant account could dramatically improve profits and reduce overhead costs, would you get one? Well, the good news is that it can and you should! A merchant account conveys a host of benefits that can help your business expand to meet the demands of today’s time-conscious consumers. To apply for your merchant services account, simply follow the following easy steps. 1. Apply for a Canada Internet merchant account through a reputable banker, loan agent, or financial underwriter. You may be able to work with a banker with whom you have already established a business relationship. Or you can shop around for a better deal if you feel your bank is asking too much money for too few benefits. These accounts can be quite competitive, so it pays to browse a host of providers in your town or on the Internet, where financial offers are waiting for your perusal. Just do a search for merchant accounts or merchant services, and you will soon find that a number of potential lenders will pop up on your screen. You also may want to get the names of other financial institutions from colleagues, friends, and family members who already have successful merchant accounts. 2. Check out possible Canada Internet merchant account providers by running their names through a business checking service, like the Better Business Bureau. While this is not a comprehensive background check or a certification of the lender’s ability to meet your needs or keep its promises, it does provide a starting place for ensuring that the provider is not a total fraud and may be somewhat likely to live up to its promises. You also can check out online testimonials or ask for references. If the company has a longstanding history of providing merchant services, there is a fairly good chance that it will work out well for you, too. 3. Browse available services offered by Canada Internet merchant account providers. Perhaps the most sought-after benefit is the ability to offer credit card payment processing services to clients who shop at your Internet site. Find out how much this service will cost through your choice of Canada provider, and determine whether the benefits are worth the asking price. You may end up paying some of the expenses yourself, such as a domain registration and site-hosting fee, but this is to be expected from just about any provider. It is important to compare fees among various lenders to get the most affordable package. Some underwriters will ask for an application fee or an annual membership fee, as well as several other types. Look for the lowest available costs before deciding on the provider you want to work with. 4. Find out which services will by covered by your choice of Canada Internet merchant account underwriter. Some companies may provide free monthly statement printouts while others charge for this service. You also need to check service rates, which typically are billed by a few cents per transaction or via a low monthly interest rate. Set up your company budget and evaluate your customers’ buying patterns to figure out which billing method will work most in your favor. Finding the right underwriter will help you to maximize your Canada Internet merchant account.

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Student debt and student loans

The statistics show that more and more students are graduating from university with significant debt. The debt levels are growing year on year and many students will be paying them off for years after they graduate. It seems that the consumer addiction to credit and spending has effected the student population just as much as every one else. The fact that most students are not earning anything, and are living either on funds provided by their parents, or on money borrowed, they continue to spend millions each year. These costs are spread over a variety of areas. Accommodation and other living expenses represent the largest portion of the expenditure.

Added to this is travel to and from university, holiday and summer travel expenses, and entertainment. While students are generally financially responsible and not as out of control as many patents would have you think, they do continue to spend a huge proportion of their money on entertainment and socialising. Employment Many students will also be working part time during their studies. There are a lot of jobs available and finding one is not a problem for most students who genuinely want one. Employers recognise their flexibility and willingness to work unsociable hours and also that they will generally be happy to accept minimum or close to minimum wage. Therefore, while the jobs are there, they generally pay little, and students who work more than 10-20 hours a week are probably putting a serious strain on their studies and risking their future chances of success. Most student debt is comprised of student loans. The student loans company based on eligibility criteria provides these. These loans are cheaper than credit that is available on the market from high street banks and have other significant advantages for students. Firstly, students will not have to start repaying the loans until they are earning a set minimum amount, currently around the Ј15,000 mark. Then there is also the fact that loan repayments are calculated according to earnings levels and are therefore always reasonably affordable. Students are giving as much time as they need to repay the loans and the interest rates, as said before, are very favourable. Overdrafts As well as these student loans however, many students will also have other forms of debt. Most banks are offering interest free student overdrafts of up to Ј2,000 and there are not many students who do not use this up pretty quickly. Then there are bank loans, store cards and credit cards. All of these represent a significant amount of debt that most students are living with.

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Recruiting and training fundraiser volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of your fundraising group. They should help you motivate and inspire people to participate in your cause and help you organize your event. But how do you approach a new volunteer and convince them to become involved with your group and selflessly give their time and effort? Below we have some tips that will help you recruit new fundraising volunteers. Where to Recruit Fundraiser Volunteers There are a few tactics and different places to check out for recruiting fundraiser volunteers. You can advertise in your local newspaper or simply by using word of mouth. An essential part of all fundraisers is networking and talking to people - you can use this same tactic when recruiting volunteers. Talk to supporters at your events and ask them if they’ve ever thought about supporting the cause with time instead of money. Talk with current volunteers and see if they have friends or family who would also like to get involved. You can also advertise at places like high schools and colleges. Most students are very eager to have volunteer work on their resumes - it’s a win-win situation for both of you. Some cities have volunteer bureaus that match up volunteers with volunteer opportunities. This is a great way to find potential fundraiser volunteer recruits. After You Have a Few Interested Volunteers After you have met with a individuals that are interested in volunteering, it is important to explain to them exactly what they can expect from your group. You should explain your fundraising plans and how volunteers are essential to your fundraising success. Ask for their feedback - it will help you learn more about what participation level they would like to have and their knowledge about fundraisers in general. Volunteers should be energetic, motivating and full of useful information. Training Fundraising Volunteers Training your new fundraiser volunteers doesn’t have to be hard, but they should be on the same page with you. Start by showing them your fundraising plan so they can see the big picture. Then allow them to ask questions and fully understand how they fit into your fundraising expectations. Tell them about your past fundraisers and what your new goals are for this fundraiser. All volunteers should have a specific task they are assigned but it would be a good idea to train volunteers to do all tasks so jobs can be switched and backed up if needed. Remember most importantly to praise and thank your volunteers for a job well done. They need your appreciation and thanks as much as you need their help and support.

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Consulting business

Useful Facts about Consulting Business There are many kinds of businesses that you can run nowadays. Surely, all wants to own a unique business. To give you an idea, I will present you with one type which you can consider: The Consulting Business. Consultants need not have superb expertise to be into this business and succeed. Consulting businesses have become one of the fastest growing industries during the 90’s and it is expected that the demand for consulting services will continue to prosper for the next years. Why not be engaged? Here is an article that will surely help you learn more about consulting business. Business Consulting is a cost effective and professional management consulting services for the information technology, industry and business communities. Their usual engagements include analysis and design, information systems planning, operations process, performance improvement, workflow analysis, business automation planning, computer software and hardware evaluation, project management, selection and implementation, web design, financial and manufacturing processes, contingency planning and a whole lot more! With the wide range of services provided for by a consulting agency, it will be impossible if you are not yet entice to engage in it. You can offer your special consulting services and be profitable at it. According to the Harvard Business School research, about 100 billion dollars are generated by the business consulting industry. This is from the annual revenues gained by consultants solely in the United States. Consultants are really needed by companies in a slow economy to assist them in cutting their costs and increasing their revenues. There are many things that you should know about consulting business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to have the guts and proper information to get you to the right track. Profit will not be the sole source of fulfillment when you’re in consulting business. As a business consultant, you are relied upon and respected in every industry and in every country. Being a business consultant, you will be admired for both your independence and expertise. The bottom line of business consulting is to help organization leverage their business performances to produce viable results. Among the services that can be offered by business consulting are: - Improving productivity. You can assist your clients to work more efficiently or redesign the work processes. You can also institutionalize and design metrics for process enhancements. - Optimizing workload and applications. You can help clients align applications for business strategy, plan internal resources and prioritize critical work requests. - Ensuring effective outsourcing. You can also ensure the outsourcing suitability of the organization’s infrastructure and applications. You can also help them design governance structure that will lead to better management of relationship issues and organizational change. You can also choose to specialize in other different areas such as: e-business consulting, marketing consulting, small business consulting, communications consulting, organizational development consulting, IT consulting, strategic planning consulting, HR consulting and any other areas that need professional advice. With all the expertise gained by a business consultant, it’s no wonder that they are one of the most highly paid professionals. On a recent survey conducted by Association of Management Consulting Firms, it was found out that entry level consultants earn an average annual income of $65,000. Senior partners on the other hand earn as much as $300,000 annually. A self-employed consultant can earn $35 - $400 an hour depending on the market. If you have the desire, engaging or having your own consulting business is one sure way to be profitable. Just remember that hard work and perseverance equates the profit and fame that you may acquire from this business. Believe in yourself and your motive and successfully run your own consulting business from now on!

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Choosing and using pheromone cologne the non chemist s guide to personal chemistry

Introduction Have you ever met someone who seemed to have ‘that certain something’, who ‘radiated confidence’ or ‘oozed sexiness’? What would it be like if you suddenly found yourself more attractive and appealing to be with, getting more positive attention from everyone you interact with every day? How much would you enjoy that kind of positive change in your life? That is what you can expect when you are using pheromones. But, are you afraid you need a degree in chemistry to understand these products? Well, you don’t, because here is the non-chemist’s guide to personal chemistry. I will explain all you need to know so that you can have fun finding the magic formula that will take your social interactions to the next level – right now! What are pheromones and how do they affect others? Think of them as fragrances that are designed not only to smell good, but also to affect people in a subtle and unconscious way - the same way you would be affected by being close to a very attractive person. The kind of pheromone products you will decide to buy depends on the signals you want to send. There are many formulations on the market, that can generally can be categorized based on their desired effect. Based on this, they fall into these groups: o Sexual stimulants and attractants (make you more sexy) o Warm and fuzzy (make you more approachable, huggable, people want to get close to you) o Man of the house (dominant but not necessarily sexual) o Trust in a bottle (create trust and rapport with members of either sex) That’s right, although pheromone effects are more pronounced with members of the opposite sex, they do have a non-sexual effect on members of the same sex as well. The net effect is that others will perceive you as being more attractive and pleasant to be around in a number of ways. And since the products mimic natural body chemistry, these reactions are quite natural and unconscious on the part of those people who are affected. Some of the people you meet will be more ‘tuned into’ the pheromones. I have found that a lot of younger women in particular are affected and attracted to the products. Nice to get that kind of attention, isn’t it? By the numbers Here is how pheromones will work for you: Let’s assume that you are a woman that guys might rate 7 on their attractiveness scale. What would it be like for you if you are suddenly perceived as a 8 or 8.5? What if you were a 5 and could suddenly be perceived as a 6.5 or 7? Or, if you are a guy that is always ‘just friends’ with women - what would it be like to suddenly be perceived as sexier – someone they just felt compelled to hold, to touch and kiss? Maybe you already come across to the ladies as sexually aggressive – maybe too much so. Won’t it be nice to be able to radiate the trust, comfort, and warmth that lets them feel safer around you? Can you imagine the difference this would make in your life? It might range from dramatic to subtle to not at all, depending on the particular person and interaction. But you know you will feel more confident, interesting and attractive and have lots more opportunities and choices in social situations. What they won’t do - a reality check So, will people be drawn to you like a magnet from across the room, or crowd around you just to bask in your presence? Maybe, but not likely. Will every member of the opposite sex be hopelessly drawn to you? Not necessarily - some people just can’t handle being around a very attractive person. Their reaction may be to ‘freeze or flee’ because you are just too hot to handle. Overall, a nice problem to have, don’t you think? Will you see a dramatic improvement in your love life? Probably, but that is largely up to you. But, you will have lots of opportunities to improve it using these products! How they affect you One of the more interesting and unexpected effects will be the change in how you feel after you start using the products. Because the pheromones affect you at the same time and the same way they are affecting others, and you will find yourself feeling more attractive and appealing – not a bad side effect to have going into a social situation. When pheromones go wrong - overdose? Will it make a very sexy person sexier? There are situations where a little is good and a lot is not as good. (Happens with regular fragrances, too, doesn’t it?) If you are already an ‘alpha’ male or female, adding pheromones to your chemistry may intimidate some members of the opposite sex or bring out aggressivenss in the members of the same sex as as they unconsciously react to the challenge you present. Who uses them, who should use them By now you have figured out that pheromones are not just for dating and sexual attraction. You may already be aware that psychological studies have shown that attractive people are more successful in all areas of life. Anyone who is in sales, or has a lot of public contact will benefit from using pheromones. And, the advantages to someone who is dating and socializing are obvious. Or, you might be thinking that you want to rekindle the flame and add some excitement to your existing relationships. How to get started Experimentation is the best way to find out what works best for you. Everyone’s personal chemistry is different, and your mileage, as they say, will vary. Fortunately there are a number of samplers and beginner kits available and that is where you want to begin. Experiment and have some fun. Try using the same product for several days in a row and pay attention to the reactions of people around you. Try it at the recommended application level, then vary it – add a little extra, don’t use quite as much. Then try another product for a while. And, most good pheromone suppliers will have lots of information and advice in on-line forums and discussion groups. Bottom Line Do they work and are they worth it? Absolutely!!! copyright 2006 Phil Billitz

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Home equity debt consolidation loans 3 things to know

Decided to consolidate your debt with a Home Equity Loan? That may be a very smart idea! Consolidating your debt allows you to make just one monthly payment, and home equity loans tend to have low interest rates and tax perks too, which could save you money. But before you borrow from the equity in your home, remember these three things: It's not available to everyone. Just because you "own" your home doesn't mean you'll be able to get a Home Equity Loan. The equity you have equals the value of your home minus the amount you still owe on it. So if you only purchased your home recently--or home values have fallen in your neighborhood--you might not have any available equity. Moreover, a lender will also assess your credit and financial situation--such as your credit score, current employment and income--before approving your loan application. Although it's a lot easier to get approved for a home equity loan than other types of loans, some borrowers may not qualify. Your home is at risk. With a Home Equity Loan, your house is collateral for the loan. So if you have problems making payments, the bank or lender can actually repossess your house. In general, you should only borrow from a home equity loan for debt consolidation if you're absolutely certain that you'll be able to make the monthly payments. You may not save as much as you think. People assume the interest they pay on a Home Equity Loan is tax deductible, and in most cases they're right. However, there are some states in which Home Equity Loan interest is not tax deductible, so check out the rules and regulations in your area before you sign up for the loan. Also, watch out for fees, charges and other extra costs that may be attached to your loan. Paying lots of points and fees could mean that you're not saving as much as you think with your Home Equity Loan. Although a Home Equity Loan can be a smart, low-cost way to consolidate debt, make sure you carefully research your decision--and weigh the pros and cons--before signing on the dotted line.

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Texas hold em folding with any hand

If you know any basic strategy in Texas hold’em, you know that choosing you’re hand is very important. Many beginners will play , bet and lose with every hand. The key is choosing the hand that ill give you the wining outcome. If you bet and play every single hand you will lose money every time you play. There are some basic starting hands that are the “ultimate” hands for in Texas Hold’em. These hands include pocket pairs, which are any pair. The best of which are aces. Getting a starting hand of 2 aces is the best hand in the game. The reason for this is, when the flop and river come, even if nobody on the table gets anything but a pair, you still win. In addition, nobody can have a higher pair than you. The fact that this hand is the best hand would make everyone think that this hand should be used at all times and you should bet all you’re money in. This is not correct thinking. First of all, when you get this hand, you don’t wan to bet too much money at first because you will cause anyone who knows even a little strategy to fold causing you to lose out on a few more bets. One of the people that you caused to fold might have thought that they had the better hand with a pair of kings and raised for you, which would have meant more money for the pot. You want t o keep that pot as large as possible and you want to cause as many people as possible to lose. This can easily be done by luring them out. Luring out players is very simple to do. If you have a semi - decent hand that you are sure can win, try not to cause you’re opponents to fold by betting low. Thik of it as a backwards bluff. You bet lower then what you’re cards are worth to create a safe feeling for you’re opponents. Then When the flop is down, you can start to raise and finally with the few people left you can go all in and try to eliminate someone while giving yourself the top position. In a tournament, It is it more important to you that you win or is it more important to you that you can stay in the game and try and win in any place and receive a prize. In my opinion, its more important that I get into any place rather then not place at all. Lets take this into what I wanted to discuss, which is sacrificing great hands for survival. Imagine that you had a pocket pair and you folded. You would never do that right, that would be an impossible reaction to a 2 aces. What if I told you that it would be wiser to throw them away? If you where in a game with 6 people left, Player1 - $210 Player2 - $156 Player3 - $90 you - $70 Player5 - $30 Player6 - $18 These are the current statistics of the game and you have just received 2 aces. You would wan to go all in and take player 5 and player 6’s money right? Well chances are if you go all in, they would fold, thus causing you to lose out on there bets. They know that you probably have a great hand and you will win, so they fold. Now there still in the game and you have a chance, at this point, of losing with nothing in with the next hand and you probably made only a minimum win with the aces. If you folded then what? That would have made a much greater impact if you think about it. If the players with more money in the top spot decided to bet $20 or $40, players 5 and 6 would be out if they lost. You would still be in at this point with $70. If the next bet went up to $90 player 3 would be out to if he lost. Now if instead of going all in with the aces which would have won, you folded, you would still be in the game and in the number 3 spot entitling you to the third prize if you lose right there. Of course you have almost no money left and might lose unless you get another good hand. This is better then getting a small gain and possibly losing in without gaining 3rd place thus getting no prize and losing all money.

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Indoor bonsai tree caring

: It is essential to care properly for your Indoor Bonsai, but by simply following a few growing procedures, you can grow some really beautiful bonsai trees (for example like Japanese Maple Bonsai). If you just keep these few basic tips in mind you should have no problem growing the indoor bonsai tree (also spelled bonzai). The first thing you should keep in mind when growing the indoor bonsai tree is choosing the right growing environment. Your bonsai tree should be kept in a room that is just the right temperature, which is not too hot and not too cold. Furthermore, the room should have a source of natural light. You should to keep your indoor bonsai in a room with plenty of large windows to allow your tree to receive as much indirect sunlight as possible. Another factor, which is important, to growing your bonsai plantis using the right soil. Not only do you want the highest quality soil available, but also you may need to use different types of soil for the various bonsai trees. The best way to find out which soil is right for the type of indoor bonsai that you intend to grow is to visit a gardening store and ask them. Make sure that you inform them exactly which type of bonsai you need the soil for. Not applying fertilizer correctly can be devastating to your indoor bonsai tree.

This is a common mistake for beginners. The indoor bonsai tree needs to be given a water-soluble fertilizer at various times. It is also important that the fertilizer be applied only when the soil is wet. Moreover, it is recommended that you use the highest quality fertilizer available. Another, and one of the most important elements of growing the tree successfully, is watering your indoor bonsai correctly. If you don’t water enough the tree becomes dehydrated and soon dies; watering too much drowns the tree with a similar result. A good rule to follow when watering your bonsai is to wait until the soil begins to dry out but is not completely dry. At this point you want to add enough water that it saturates the soil and seeps out the bottom. Don’t water again until the soil begins to dry out. Pruning your indoor bonsai tree is also important to successfully growing these trees.

There are two different steps to pruning the Bonsai Tree. In the spring the branches of the trees should be trimmed, leaving only those branches you wish to keep. Root pruning should be done when the roots have bound up in the pot. Once you have learned the basics of caring for the indoor Bonsai Tree, you will find these to be wonderful plants for your home.

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Vitamins for female hair loss prevention

In today's image conscious society, physical appearance is more important than ever to a woman's self-esteem. Imagine the heartache caused when a woman notices her hair thinning? It is estimated that over 25 million women experience thinning hair in the United States. Many are genetically predisposed to the condition. Most wonder if there are any natural remedies to help or prevent their female hair loss. Several vitamins have been found to be very effective in supporting female hair health. Of course, many factors may contribute to female hair loss but proper nutrition can help prevent further thinning and more loss. Vitamin A has been found to support the healthy development of tissues and cells in the body and also supports healthy hair. This important vitamin promotes healthy hair follicles by keeping the root of the hair lubricated. Vitamin A can be found in green vegetables, particularly the leafy ones, red, orange and yellow vegetables, liver and eggs.

Many good multivitamins contain the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, so don't take additional supplements without a physician’s supervision. Overdoses of vitamin A can be dangerous. A healthy scalp is also essential to healthy hair. Vitamin E supports a healthy scalp by helping to increase the oxygen supplied through the blood. Americans rarely suffer from a vitamin E deficiency, but increasing one’s intake of green leafy vegetables, fortified grains and cereals and nuts can help ensure that this important nutrient is adequate. Vitamin E supplements are also available for this matter.

The B vitamins are also important for hair health. Regulating the amount of iron in the blood, these vitamins also help oxygen flow through the lungs to the tissues. Of course, a B vitamin deficiency would damage the hair and scalp by limiting the amount of oxygen that these tissues receive. B vitamins are available as supplements and in several foods, including proteins and soybeans, cereals, nuts and wheat germ. If a proper nutrition that involves essential vitamins and minerals helps in hair loss prevention and a good healthy scalp, then paying extra attention to the food and supplements that you eat is well worth the time and effort!

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Healing the hidden self by examining the mind

Deep in the cavities of the mind is your subliminal channel that circles the subconscious, conscious and unconscious mind. In this region of the brain is the area where the psyche resides and holds hidden messages that when explored one can discover answers. Using learning techniques you can extract from this area of the mind and have it assist you with discovering messages from your past that you can use to put the pieces of the puzzle together that will make you a whole person. Some of the popular techniques that can assist you with exploring the subliminal mind are meditation. One must learn these useful techniques by practicing. Practice will push your mind and body so that it can adapt to changes that will occur during subliminal learning process. If your body and mind resists some techniques then you will need to use some strategies and perhaps other techniques to adapt to meditation. Some people find meditation difficult. However, by learning some guided relaxation techniques, it can assist you with meditation.

Practice is the key, since it will cause your mind and body to adapt to delving into deeper thoughts, or mediation. Practices of meditation are a process of directing the mind and body to relax. Upon the point of relaxation, one can delve into a meditative state of mind. Learning meditation by practicing will make it easier to probe into subliminal exploring.

When you find it difficult to meditate, practice some guided relaxation techniques first. How the process of meditation works: Effective Meditation to start, one will need to find a quiet area. Remove all distractions from your setting. Get in a relaxing position, reclining on your back in a restful area. Close your eyes once you have relaxed. During the process, you want to use your visual aid tools or mental pictures and some self-talk. Start the mediation process by visualizing your toes. Use your images and awareness so that you can focus on your toes and the reactions occurring. Continue to move up over our entire body while focusing on each sensation your body expresses. At one point, you will tense the body. Let it go and resume relaxing. Breathe in and out while you focus and relax. Let each breath come naturally. Continue to regulate your chest activities as you work through the breathing steps. Continue to focus. Notice your thought patterns. When you notice, your thought patterns getting out of control, instead of repressing the thoughts, continue to encourage relaxation by breathing naturally while keeping your eyes closed. Let your thoughts roam. Go into a world that you would like to visit. For instance, picture you standing on a lovely mountaintop and off to the distance you can visualize natural surroundings with pure waterfalls in the backdrop. You can go anywhere you like. Focus while you feel the sensations of nature flow over your body. Visualize until you feel at ease and then take a deep breathe,

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All you wanted to know about menopause and its prevention

Menopause occurs when a women stops ovulating and her periods ceases. Most women reach menopause between 45 and 55 years, with an average age around 50. But about 1% reaches it before 40, which is known as premature menopause or premature ovarian failure. For women in their teens and 20’s the loss of their fertility is devastating. They will also experience a long period of postmenopausal life, and hormonal replacement therapy may be advised. Symptoms: Ш Menstrual cycle changes Ш Changes in the bleeding pattern Ш Hot flushes Ш Sweats Ш Urinary problems such as incontinence or increased frequency of urination. Ш Dry vagina Ш Mood changes Ш Weight changes etc Are some of the basic symptoms. Prevention: We can prevent early Menopause, by preventing unwanted surgeries, of the uterus or the ovaries unless there is strong indication for their removal. Such Surgeries can lead to autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disorders. Conserving even a single ovary can help in preventing the onset menopause. Urban women have access to information or counseling, but unfortunately the women in rural areas of Asia have no such knowledge. The good news for those who would like to rule out doubts about the onset of menopause will soon be available in the form of LH Kits ( Leutinizing hormone ) to check their ovulation especially used with infertility patients. While stress cannot be over emphasized, it has a role in temporary or prolonged cessation of periods. Treatment: Generally early menopause too is treated in a similar way as menopause itself, through HRT ( Hormone Replacement Therapy ), life style modification, calcium and good nutrition. HRT – It must be borne in mind that an extensive study shows that HRT is not a protection against heart diseases as was believed before and infact not quite the “happy pill” – that women had thought is given up to the age of menopause.

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Seven reasons to take acai

Acai (pronounced ah-sy-ee) is a berry grown mainly in South America that has a number of nutritional properties, and has even been known to prevent certain diseases. There are a number of reasons to take acai supplements or drink acai juice on a daily basis no matter what your health needs are; here are seven of the great qualities of acai juice that everyone should take advantage of. Antioxidants Antocianine, one of the main substances in the acai berry, is high in antioxidants like Vitamins C and E and helps the body fight of free radicals in the environment. Harmful substances in the air like smog, cigarette smoke, and even the damaging effects of the sun can be significantly reduced by drinking acai juice. While there are a number of other fruit juices that fight off antioxidants, none of them come close to acai juice. Acai berries are up to six times more potent than noni juice or mangosteen, so a daily intake of acai could protect you from contracting colds or the flu, as well as give your skin a healthy glow. Calcium Acai has a significant amount of calcium, which can help prevent osteoporosis, especially in women. Calcium helps to strengthen the bones and prevent fractures, especially in the hip, spine, and wrist, and in addition with the right diet filled with other calcium-rich foods and Vitamin D, osteoporosis can also be effectively treated. In addition to osteoporosis prevention, women with extreme menstrual pain can also benefit from acai juice. Calcium-rich foods tend to coat the lining of the stomach and uterus, and reduce the pain that comes from cramps and bloating. Helping to develop healthy teeth and gums is also another characteristic of calcium. For a whiter smile and stronger teeth, as well as the prevention of gingivitis as well as other gum diseases, try adding a serving of acai juice or powder to your normal dental care routine. Lower Cholesterol Levels Acai berries can help to lower cholesterol levels due to their high fiber content. The high fiber in content can also help to prevent colon cancer, since the fiber in the acai berry helps to move substances through the digestive track and arteries. The berries contain Omega-3 fatty acids as well, another substance that lowers cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids can also improve the health of your skin because it improves circulation and increase the level of protein in the body. Macro minerals Macro minerals are necessary minerals that are found in both foods and supplements. Most people need high amounts of these minerals, so acai juice is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you get the necessary amount of macro minerals per day. Potassium, sulfur, magnesium and phosphorous are some of the main macro minerals that people don't get enough of. Sulfur can help to improve acne, magnesium can help women with menopausal complications, and potassium has been known to improve heart health. Low glycemic index Another benefit of acai is its low glycemic index. The glycemic index is the ranking of carbohydrates based on their effect on blood glucose or blood sugar levels. The quicker carbohydrates break down during digestion, the higher the glycemic index. Carbohydrates that breakdown slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream, have low glycemic index. Foods that are low in glycemic levels are slow to digest and be absorbed into the body's bloodstream and cause the body's blood sugar and insulin levels to rise slowly. Low glycemic Index diets have been shown to improve both glucose and lipid levels in diabetic individuals. They also have benefits for weight control because they help control appetite and delay hunger. Low glycemic levels can also help individuals who are trying to lose weight, since it keeps you fuller longer, and can even prolong physical strength and endurance. Increased energy Because of the acai berries ability to help fight off diseases and sicknesses due to its high level of antioxidants, a higher energy level can be attained by drinking acai juice every day. High antioxidant levels boost the immune system, and people have reported having boundless energy and endurance as a result of taking an acai supplement daily. This is also due to the high content of vitamins and minerals in acai, which can help to maintain a healthy diet by providing part of the daily allowance of certain vitamins. Acai juice constitutes a serving of fruit, so the more you consume, the more your body will be cleansed and able to run properly, and fatigue will be eliminated over time. High celadrin levels Even if you exercise regularly and eat well, you may still experience the effects of aging and constant physical activity. This can have an affect on your bones and organs over time, and acai berry can help to regulate your stress levels, and even to repair your body. Celadrin, a natural anti-inflammatory compound of fatty acids that is derived from bovine tallow oil, has been known to promote healthy joint function by lubricating the membranes that cushions joints and bones. Glucosamine, a substance that works well with celadrin and is also found in acai, helps to build healthy cartilage in the body. Once you decide to take acai on a regular basis, be sure to talk your doctor about your new diet choices to discuss ways to maximize the benefits of acai in your diet. Making certain improvements to your eating habits, exercising regularly, and taking certain prescribed medication as instructed can all help to make acai one of your best dietary choices.

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Natural hair loss treatment the lost art of hair repair

While there are certainly a number of medical treatments that offer great results, experts say that natural hair loss treatment can yield some of the best benefits for anyone concerned about the health of their hair. Most people choose to treat their hair loss with medications or surgery, such as Minoxidil or hair transplantation. However many people fail to realize that medication and surgery are costly and may carry some harmful side effects and risks. The safest and most cost efficient form of hair loss therapy is natural hair loss treatment, which includes healthy dieting, herbal remedies, exercise and proper hair care techniques. Natural hair loss treatment has become the “Lost Art” of hair repair and is often neglected as a form of treatment among the very pricey alternatives. A fundamental principal in natural hair loss treatment is that the same foods that are good for your health, are good for your hair. Although hair loss can be caused by many other variables, lack of proper nutrition will cause hair loss in most people. Foods that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and have reduced fat content can help in maintaining healthier hair and preventing hair loss.

For example, essential fatty acids, found in spinach, walnuts, soy, tuna, sardines, sunflower seeds and canola oil, are important dietary essentials useful in keeping hair healthy. The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in maintaining healthy hair. Insufficient levels of these essential fatty acids could lead to quicker hair loss. A deficiency in vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 can also lead to excessive hair loss.

Foods containing B vitamins, like liver, chicken, fish and soybean are important to healthy hair growth and natural hair loss treatment. Both vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are found in protein rich foods, which are needed to maintain natural hair growth. B vitamins are very essential to one’s diet in order to prevent excessive hair loss. Certain vitamins and nutritional supplements are often necessary to restore protein levels which in turn, are useful in preventing hair loss. Increasing vitamin B intake in one’s diet is a successful way to prevent or treat your hair loss naturally. Alongside the concept of healthy eating of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are also the use of herbal remedies that are effective in preventing hair loss as a natural hair loss treatment. Among the herbs making medical headlines is Saw Palmetto. Although most studies of Saw Palmetto have been for the treatment of prostatic disease, more recent studies have been conducted on its effectiveness in treating hair loss.

The herb has been found to work in fighting benign prostatic disease by lowering levels of DHT, which is a known cause of androgenic alopecia, the medical term for male or female pattern hair loss. While there are no clinical trials supporting this herb’s usefulness as a natural hair loss treatment, there is some reliable research proving that it can slow down androgen activity within the hair follicle. Nettles, usually taken in the form of Nettle Root Extract, has shown itself to be effective in preventing hair loss as well. Nettles are rich in vitamins A and C, that are beneficial in inhibiting DHT production and promoting hair growth as a natural hair loss treatment. Other traditional herbs that are useful as natural hair loss treatments are green tea, licorice extract, horsetail, ginger, psoralea seeds, apple cider vinegar, rosemary and sage tea. Research is constantly discovering modern forms of natural hair loss treatments. The list of treatments summarized in this article are only a fraction of the available natural therapies for hair loss. Everyone has some hair loss from day to day. In fact, it is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. However, some people lose a lot more hair than expected, due to genetic reasons, disease, medications, stress, injury, or an unhealthy diet. Regardless of the cause of hair loss, natural hair loss treatment, involving changes in diet and lifestyle, is the safest form of preventive hair treatment around. Catching your hair loss in its early stages and treating it naturally is among the best lines of defense in preventing excessive hair loss and the safest method for treating it.

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Glimpses from history of steroids in bodybuilding

: The history of steroids in bodybuilding is often linked with the idea of bigness, which in bodybuilding just means big doses of anabolic steroids. The idea of bigness was responsible for bringing up many out of control steroid freaks in bodybuilding in the Seventies. The criterion of bigness was actually created by IFBB for adjudicating winners of the international contests, such as Mr. Olympia. Arnold Schwarzenegger is perhaps the most prominent name in the history of steroids in bodybuilding. Arnold got on steroids when he realized that he needed to bulk up his body when he lost to Frank Zane in 1968. Arnold, now the Governor of California, is honest enough to admit that he was using steroids during his years as a champion body builder. Actually, steroids were viewed totally different in the 70's. They were considered as supplements, and they were not illegal at that time. The bodybuilding celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Haney are believed to be linked with steroids, however presently they speak against steroid use. One of the most notable cases of the recent history of steroids in bodybuilding is Ronald Dean Coleman, popularly known as Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie, who equaled Lee Haney’s record in Mr. Olympia, has been named in investigations involving steroids. During the BALCO investigation, track star Tim Montgomery testified under oath to a federal grand jury that Victor Conte had bragged about getting Ronnie Coleman to use Winstrol, an anabolic steroid. An ongoing investigation by a New York State grand jury into online pharmacies also indicates that Coleman allegedly received fraudulent prescriptions for steroids. Additionally, there are persistent allegations by fitness enthusiasts and natural bodybuilders that Coleman and most other professional bodybuilders are using anabolic steroids and/or human growth hormone.

In an interview, the Austrian-born seven times former Mr. Olympia said, "I have no regrets about it, because at that time, it was something new that came on the market, and we went to the doctor and did it under doctors' supervision." Arnold did admit the use of steroids, but also pointed out that steroids were not illegal at that time. He said, “We were experimenting with it. It was a new thing!” However, Arnold does not encourage the use of steroids in the present times. Arnold has urged bodybuilding officials to crack down on steroid use and suggested calling a summit of the sport's leaders to discuss the problem.

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Exclusive luxury bedding

: One of the pleasures of having your own space is the enjoyment of providing luxury bedding for your sleeping arrangements. Luxury bedding means different things to different people, but at the very least it means having something special to sleep on. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Luxury bedding can simply be a texture, color or style you enjoy. Some people consider the feel of silk sheets to be the ultimate in luxury. The natural fiber against the skin gives a sensation of elegance like no other. Silk sheets as a item of luxury bedding needs about the same level of care you provide your silk blouses and scarves. It’s definitely not something to throw in the regular cycle of the washing machine with hot water. Silk sheet sets come in a variety of colors and weights and are often sold as part of complete bedding set including sheets, comforter, pillow cases, shams and perhaps even a dust ruffle. Other silk sheet sets are more tailored in appearance, relying on color and feel to set the tone of the luxury bedding. Other people choose luxury bedding of Egyptian cotton in Italian designed linens.

The heavy cotton sometimes relies on woven patterns in the fabric to add texture and richness. These may take the form of stripes of regular and satiny texture in a white on white pattern for example. The warmth and durability of the quality Egyptian cotton means you can have luxury that wears well and can stand laundering without special handling. At a minimum luxury bedding will have a high thread count. Ordinary bedding will have a thread count of 180 to 200. Luxury bedding might have a thread count of over 1200. Obviously the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the look and feel of the sheets. Luxury bedding for many people is satin sheets, They claim to sleep better because when turning or moving on these sheets, they don’t pull at the clothing and skin as some of the regular bedding does. The drawback to some satin sheets is that they require more care when laundering than do cotton bedding. Part of the enjoyment of luxury bedding is the wide range of colors available now. You can find bedding sets in almost any color you can imagine from neon to white and with flowers, stripes or solid colors.

Theme bedding is available if you want a bit of whimsy with your luxury. This article was published using Article Submitter

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Tips on getting your mortgage loan approved

What is important to lenders? Not every applicant is approved for a home loan the first time he or she applies. For a variety of reasons, even after a lot of hard work, sometimes a loan just can’t be approved. It may have to do with the applicant’s credit or savings history, employment stability, debt structure, or the value of the home. The good news is that a denial is merely a detour, not a roadblock.

Purchasing a home takes planning, discipline and hard work! Follow these tips and with our assistance, homeownership is not out of reach. Establish a consistent record of paying bills on time. Before making a loan the size of a home loan, most lenders will want to review how you have handled your credit in the past.

This includes all credit accounts, including utilities, revolving debt (credit cards, etc.), and installment debt (car loans, student loans, etc.). It is critical for you to bring all overdue bills up to date immediately and begin paying them on time in a consistent manner. Establish a consistent record of steady employment. Lenders are more likely to look favorably on an applicant who has been in the same (or similar) line of work for generally two or more years. If you have been working steadily for less than two or more years, expect the lender to ask why. There are many acceptable reasons, including: You recently finished school, vocational training, or left the military; Your work is typically seasonal and gaps in employment are customary to the industry You may have been laid off from your job; or Frequent employment changes are normal in your line of work (sales, contract work, etc.), but you have been consistently employed and maintained a consistent level of income over the past 2 years. You may want to pay off some debt to lower your debt-to-income ratio. This step will make it easier to qualify for a mortgage loan if your debt ratio is high. Chances are good that if you’re already paying rent, making a mortgage payment will be a smooth transition. Along with the mortgage payment, you’re also responsible for real estate taxes and insurance, and if required, mortgage insurance and homeowners dues. Work with us to determine the monthly payment you can afford based on your income and the standard debt-to-income ratio guidelines. Establish a consistent savings pattern. Saving money for a down payment, and still having enough reserves left over to cover two months of expenses in the event of an emergency, is typically the most challenging part of buying a home. While sometimes it is difficult, this is a necessary step to ensure you are financially ready to take the plunge into homeownership.

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Closet organizers

A closet is that place where you are most likely to put so much stuff, all those things you don’t want seen in the rest of your house. A closet can become overwhelming and in need of organizing fast. The closet can be an important part of your home. You can expand the use of your closet, and the usefulness of the space way up and below shelving with the use of organizers. Here are a few of the common materials you will need to get started: a tape measure (so you know how much space you have to work with, a paper (to draw out what you are going to do in your closet) and a level (to mark where you want to put more shelves, drawers and goodies such as that). Closet organizers come in all types of shapes and of materials.

You can find plastics, wires, wood and mixtures of these materials. Choose shelving that is all ready cut or a package that is going to fit in the space that you have drawn out on your paper, the prefab pieces will work just as well as board and materials that you have to cut and assemble yourself. Your drawn out paper is going to help you when you go to the home supplier nearest you. You will find at least an entire aisle of things you can choose from. Remember if you want to paint your closet, you should do this before installing any new shelving so you have an easier time of it. You can paint the walls and ceiling, and then touch ups after will be a breeze, no problems at all. Creating that organized space in your closet is generally a one-time thing, so you want to take your time, plan it out well, and make the most of the space you are going to use. A few tips about organizing your closet: one the tallest portions of your closet you can include many smaller shelves that you can store boxes, sweaters, or items that are worn only a few times a year. On the top most portions of your closet you want to be able to see, store, and then get those items if needed, so be sure you get a stool or steep stool for your closet to reach these top most portions of your closet. In incorporating any closet system into your own closet, you need to be sure that if you have doors on your system, that your closet is deep enough to allow doors before purchasing them. On the drawing, on your plan, you should include information about how much space you have between the shelves and the wall, the door that closes on the closet to ensure you have enough space before putting additional doors on your organizer. For more info visit: http:// internetorganizer. org/

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Review wacom intuos 3 tablet

Drawing or making any work art through a computer is a very tough job, especially for beginners. Using the mouse in forming shapes, changing thickness, changing colors, erasing and switching from one command to the other is lot of work and needs more time. To decrease the time consumed and to eliminate unnecessary efforts, a tool was invented, the digitizing or graphics tablet. A graphics tablet is defined as an input device, which consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or a stylus pen that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. One of the leading makers of graphics tablet is the Wacom. Wacom has invented different tablets for different users who use different programs.

Wacom has already introduced their latest technology, the Wacom Intuos3. The Wacom Intuos3 consists of a tablet, a pen and a five-button mouse. The USB-based tablet is a flat screen where you make your drawing using a stylus pen. It represents the screen of the computer. Every point on the tablet has a corresponding point on the computer. The Intuos3 Grip pen is used to control your drawing.

It is pressure-sensitive and has 1,024 levels of tip and eraser pressure sensitivity for an easy control. It is a cordless and battery-free pen with programmable DuoSwitch for comfort and productivity. It includes three nib styles; standard nib, stroke nib and felt nib. The Intous3 five-button mouse is a cordless and battery-free mouse. It is ball-free and optics-free for a smooth and accurate tracking. The purpose of this mouse is to prevent user from repetitive motion. It can be used as a replacement for the pen if the user gets tired of using it. Wacom Intuos3 contains eight chordable express keys and two finger-sensitive touch strips. This can be used for scrolling, zooming or can be programmed to perform custom functions. It also includes software like Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, Corel Painter Essentials 2, nik Color Efex Pro 2 and Wacom Brushes 2 for more choice of brushes. Driver software for intuitive interface, customizable pressure curves, tablet and device settings, pop-up menu and flexible mapping options are also included. The best thing about Intuos3 is that it is ergonomically designed. The tablet is designed with sloping, contoured palm-rest and an acrylic overlay. A mouse was provided so that the user is prevented from injuries caused by repetitive motion. It has enhanced electronics that doubles the resolution to 5,080 lpi. It has an 8 ft. cable so you can work freely. There are three available sizes for you to choose from; 4x5, 6x8 and 9x12.

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