Why you should consider an herbal colon cleanse

Colon Cleanse Colon cleansing uses natural health & herbs to help your body to heal health problems which are often related to a colon which is not functioning as nature intended. More and more people are suffering from health problems, including pain, constipation and lack of energy which can be related to a dirty bowel. The most important cleanse to do is colon cleansing, because if you have a dirty colon with impacted fecal matter, this will create extra toxins which the other organs then have to continually cleanse and detox. The #1 CANCER AMONG MEN AND WOMEN TOGETHER IS COLON CANCER. The person on a typical Western Diet holds 8 meals of undigested food and waste material in the colon. Everyone would greatly benefit with doing a full Colon Cleanse at least once per year, with ongoing colon maintenance when necessary. It is recommended that Parasite Cleanse be taken at the same time as the Colon Cleanse. For optimum health, our objective should be to cleanse not only the colon, but all of the vital inner organs as well. One of the most frequent bowel problems that people experience today is constipation. Constipation is generally attributed to a low fiber diet and lack of sufficient water, which cause our fecal matter to become condensed and compressed. A good cleansing program should always begin by removing the waste in your colon, the last portion of your food processing chain. If you attempt to clean your liver, blood, or lymph system without first addressing a waste filled bowel, the excreted toxins will only get recycled back into your body. The longer your body is exposed to putrefying food in your intestines, the greater the risk of developing disease. Even with one bowel movement per day, you will still have at least three meals worth of waste matter putrefying in your colon at all times. On top of all this, your system can also become continuously self-polluting by the poisonous gases that are caused by foods you don't tolerate. These poisonous gases can enter your bloodstream, irritating your organs and joints. Bran and raw vegetables are so rich in fibrous bulk that they cannot get through the tiny holes remaining for passage of feces in most colons. Instead they back up, fester and contribute further to the problem. There is only one good way to clean yourself out and that is by cleansing your colon. Natural Cleansing Products Herbal colon cleansing may decrease the risks of developing certain health problems. Many people who are affected by a health condition have found that cleansing can help their body rejuvenate itself naturally. The body's immune system is the first line of defense against almost all infections and diseases. If your body has a strong immune system you will be less prone to infection. The immune system is made up of a vast system of lymphatic channels and lymph nodes. Detoxing your body and your colon with the right herbs and supplements is an all natural way to remove unwanted toxins and heavy metals from lymphatic system improving the overall immune system. Toxins from air, food and water tend to accumulate in your body over time. Your liver, colon, small intestines, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and lymph nodes work in harmony and in balance to eliminate these toxins. Cleansing with Fibre Fibre plays an essential role in maintaining the health of the digestive system, and adequate fibre in the diet has significant value in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other ailments. Fibre cleanses the digestive tract and enhances its function. Metabolised by intestinal bacteria into substances that prevent colon cancer, fibre dilutes and speeds the removal of carcinogens and other toxins in foods so that they spare the delicate lining of the GI tract. Fibre helps achieve optimal blood sugar control and cholesterol levels by slowing digestion and maximising cholesterol excretion. Benefits of Colon Cleansing and Liver Detoxification • colon cleanse and liver detox products increase energy • colon cleanse and liver detox improves digestion • colon cleanse and liver detox result in clearer skin complexions • colon cleanse and liver detox improve circulation • colon cleanse and liver detox increase mental alertness • colon cleanse and liver detox support weight maintenance • colon cleanse and liver detox balance the function of vital cleansing organs • colon cleanse and liver detox strengthen your immune system

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Maui wedding you desire we fulfill

: Many people desire of a Maui wedding. Very few of them actually make it reality. The basic fact or behind such failure is that people think Maui wedding to be difficult to plan, too expensive, and just too much burdens. However, it’s not like the way people think. Maui weddings can be easy to organize and reasonably affordable with Mauius. com. We know wedding happens once in a lifetime and everyone want it inn their own way. Mauius. com ensures your wedding experience to be spectacular by arranging Maui wedding in an amazing and inexpensive manner. When it comes to arrange Maui weddings, among all the name Mauius.

com has occupied the top slot. We have designed a perfect wedding planning service which will bring you sheer joy while enjoying your Maui wedding ceremony. This design is capable enough to leave an indelible impression on the mind of your guests. We help couples in planning all the aspect of Maui wedding from the ceremony to the reception and everything in between. Wedding video, photography, limo hire, cake, reception and more services are waiting for you to make your Maui wedding incomparable. To help couples celebrate their Maui wedding Mauius. com ideas has added many new flavors for real marriage success.

We arrange wedding ceremonies at some of the popular Maui wedding destination such as Hamoa Beach, Maui Tropical Plantation, the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium, Makena Cove, Wailea Rock Point, Kamaole Beach Park, Lava Point, Kapalua Bay Beach, the Kula Botanical Gardens, the Tropical Gardens of Maui, the Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens, the Oluwalu Plantation Estate, the Keawakapu Estate, and several Maui wedding chapels. Specialty of planning memorable Maui weddings in the most beautiful tropical locations is the key story behind our success. href="http:// mauius. com/">mauius. com

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High quality a c system parts keeping your toyota cool and comfy

Cars are undoubtedly one of our daily necessities. We use them not only for our everyday transportation but as well as in hauling loads, carrying cargoes and many others. Through the years, they have been greatly improved, Including Toyota cars. Not only in terms of performance, safety and style but as well as in terms of comfort features, just to catch up with our growing demands. Power operated auto parts became commonplace. Almost everything functions with just a push on a button. Today, almost all cars come with an air conditioning system that keeps the driver and the passenger cabin comfortable even during the hottest days of the year. The introduction of the air conditioning and heat system was indeed a milestone in the auto industry.

It afforded users the same comfort levels they enjoy at home or even at the office. At the heart of this system is the Toyota AC Condenser. This part is the one in charge of dissipating heat absorbed from the car's interior. It works on the same principle as the Toyota Radiator, which on the other hand cools the engine.

Usually, the air flowing through the a/c condenser is supplemented by the Toyota Condenser Fan. Other vehicles, especially the rear wheel drives take advantage of the air drawn by the engine's cooling fan. A faulty A/C system means great discomfort on your part so if your Toyota A/C system isn't functioning due to damaged auto parts, make sure you replace the defective part or parts immediately to avoid inconveniences. Especially when you are using your car on long drives, replacing it is necessary. A long drive can be very tiring and annoying; but with an efficient A/C system you are sure to arrive at your destination more comfortably. Of course, you can't control the weather, the heavy traffic and all other factors that affect your comfortable ride but you can do something on your car to make it more conducive for any driving situation. Replacing your faulty A/C system parts with high quality replacement Toyota parts is a way to make your ride enjoyable. For your A/C condenser needs, you can go to Toyota Parts Online. This auto parts store offers a wide variety of Toyota parts, including Toyota Headlights and Toyota Wheels. Purchasing new and high quality auto parts for your Toyota car can be more advantageous than buying Toyota Parts Used. Old and used parts are usually harder and more expensive to maintain and thus, they can drain your pockets in the long run. Toyota Parts Online is a top Toyota Parts Discount dealer that caters to almost all your Toyota auto parts needs. Like Toyota Parts Used, parts available in this store are priced to fit your tight budget; however, when it comes to quality and performance, they are comparable to OEM parts. Great Toyota Parts Discount deals are offered on old and new Toyota models like Toyota 4Runner Parts, Toyota Highlander Parts, Toyota Land Cruiser Parts, Toyota Corolla parts, Toyota Corona parts and a whole lot more. Visit the site and start looking now for the parts that you need.

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Should you make the switch to natural make up

Should you make the switch to all-natural make-up? There are plenty of companies, advertisements, and “experts” who could probably give you a very convincing argument either way. Dr. Roberta Palestine, who did her residency at the Mayo Clinic in dermatology stated, “Natural isn’t always better. Synthetic isn’t necessarily worse. Poison Ivy is natural, but that certainly doesn’t make it good…a chemical is a chemical, what matters is your skin type.” There are certainly a lot of skin types out there, and you can bet for every type there’s a number of make-up products for that particular kind. Women who suffer from allergies and have been limited on their choices in make-up now have more options as more companies come out with products that are gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic.

It should be noted that “hypoallergenic” has no medical definition, as it is yet to be determined what ingredients reduce allergens. So are natural make-up products all that they are cracked-up to be? A quick look at the ingredients list will tell the consumer what the main ingredients are on a product because they are listed in order of volume ratio. Often times, the ingredients will be listed on the packaging the make-up came in. Often women will be allergic to a product and not even realize it. Over the years, women get used to dry, irritated skin that comes from repeated use of the kinds of make-up they wear out in public and to work. Women who wear a foundation make-up to even out the skin tone on their faces will dry out and aggravate their skin so each day is a little worse. Women with sensitive skin should avoid products with fragrances, mineral oil, formaldehyde, and alcohol. These chemicals will all dry out the skin and cause irritation. When switching make-ups often times the skin will have to undergo an adjustment period. So women who are thinking about switching to natural cosmetics should go with it 100%. By doing this, the skin only has to go through the adjustment phase one time. If you are thinking about making the switch, it is important to consider the ingredients in a product that claims to be all natural. Do some research before trying out a new make-up line to see if it is a reputable company that uses quality ingredients and stands behind the products they produce. So should you make the switch? It’s a matter of personal choice but if you think the products you currently use are affecting your skin, at least consider it.

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Jollibee franchise in the philippines

When I think of Jollibee Franchise in the Philippines, usually all I can think about is the mouth watering Yumburgers or ChickenJoy. But in reality, it takes so much more than just food to make Jollibee. If you’re curious about business operations for both the Jollibee Philippines division as well as Jollibee International, then hopefully this article will help out a little bit. Acquistions in the Philippines The corporation is actually known as Jollibee Foods Corporation. Oh and if you thought that Jollibee was the only fast food chain operated by this coporation, boy are you in for a surprise. To me, it seems like JFC owns a majority stake in all of the Filipino fast food niches. Do you ever eat at Chow King? I know I love the halo-halo there, but did you know that in the year 2000, JFC acquired Chowking! That’s right, all the delicious oriental style fast food from Chow King is operated at a high level by the same corporation as Jollibee. Oh and that’s not all. Seems like Jollibee Foods Corporation has the idea that diversification is key to its future, and I think they’re on the right track. JFC also bought out the popular fast food pizza restaurant known as Greenwich Pizza. Additionally, in 2005, Red Ribbon Bakery became part of JFC. Keeping with the baking theme, JFC acquired the French cafe and bakery known as Delifrance. The division of JFC that handles business inside of the Philippines is known as Jollibee Philippines. Acquisitions outside of the Philippines JFC has holdings in several other Asian countries including China and Taiwan. There’s a Chinese fast food chain named Yonghe King in mainland China (based in Shanghai) that is owned and operated by JFC. Another Chinese restaurant chain named Hongzhuangyuan was acquired on September 21, 2007. This chain has 33 locations in Beijing and was purchased for the amount of US $50.5 million. Wow! I sure was surpised when I learned about all those acquisitions. It’s interesting to note that when I walk into any of the chains above that they’re owned and operated by the same corporation. I’m glad that Jollibee has a great track record with the Filipino community and that in addition to the amazing Jollibee stores in the Philippines, they can offer us a variety of different foods ranging from pizza, oriental food, coffee and baked goods. Yum!

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Three quick tips for airport parking

I bet you're a lot like me. When you go to the airport, you don't want much hassle. Get on your plane, get your destination, and finish your business. The last thing that you want to do, is worry about airport parking, and what's going to happen to your car while you are gone. During the last few years, the airport parking situation has gotten a lot better nationally. However, it still can be a bit annoying, and you can definitely get ripped off if you don't watch what you're doing carefully. Here are my three quick tips for getting the best value, you can out of airport parking.

1. Economy is your friend. Parking in the economy zone can be a great way to save a lot of money when you're traveling out of town. Where I live in Houston, there is an economy zone that allows you to park every day for a substantially discounted rate. Most other cities have economy zones for parking. It's usually a little bit, far away from the terminal, but it can really make a difference if you're going out of town for a number of days. 2. Compare prices. There is not a monopoly on airport parking. You can park in several different commercial lots in most cities and the prices will be very comparable. Shop around before you park, or even call around and try to find the best deal. Shopping for airport parking is not rocket science and it really shouldn't be that hard to find a good deal. No matter what city you are in. Also, check online. Many different airport parking companies have web sites where you can compare their prices. 3. Just because it's close doesn't mean it's cheap. The best airport parking generally is right across the street from the terminal. However, this is often the most expensive. It's usually by the hour parking, which gets very costly on a long-term trip. Find out the race before you park anywhere. If you don't do this, you could end up with a very large bill. Who knows how much this could end up costing you the long run. Believe me, you don't find out. Overall airport parking is just another shopping experience. Do your homework, know what you're buying, and make sure you're not getting ripped off. And by the way, come check out our web site with lots of airport parking information.

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Thousands sucked dry by hard money parasites how to avoid the loan leech

There are creatures that prowl about the lush, green hard money jungle that ignorantly kill 99 out of 100 deals…and the chances of you ever finding a real lender with them are slim and none. Now I'm not talking about respectable brokers, agents or middlemen that have direct access to the money and treat their clients with respect. I'm referring to the ignorant leech who has absolutely no connection to a real investor at all, and leads the innocent, sometimes desperate client into a black hole of false hope. They are despicable, not because they don't want to secure funding for their client, but because they don't know the first thing about the real world of private lending…

They are in it for the hope of big broker fees and don't really care about the myriad of candidates vying for funding! They don't give a flying squirrel about the client, their particular circumstances or the massive amount of time that will be wasted. They set their hook and then proceed to drag their unsuspecting prey into a daisy-chain jungle, hoping that someway, somehow, someone they find will fund the deal (throw enough wet spaghetti against the wall and something eventually has got to stick mentality). This jungle leech calls every person he can find, other leeches, quasi-brokers and the like, hoping that someone will know someone who knows someone's rich brother-in-law. This fishing can take days and sometimes weeks, and, if they ever get lucky enough to find an interested party, they simply sit back and pacify the unsuspecting client as long as they can until they find a way to the cash. Now, if the interested party is another leech (and 99% of the time they are) you can see how this daisy-chain can quickly grow into an anchor that drags the deal into the shadows of the jungle. Many deals never get funded because there are too many hands in the cookie jar…"a plethora of parasites" if you will.

If one leech senses he won't get his cut of the profits, he can and usually does, kill the deal so NO ONE gets paid. And the sad thing is, a real hard money lender doesn't go near a deal that's been picked over. It doesn't have to be this way. There are simple indicators you can learn to help you deal directly with the real private money lender. If you follow these basic rules, you will save yourself considerable time, frustration and heartache. Rule No.1- If they ask for an upfront fee, laugh, scream "leech" into the receiver and hang-up the phone! Who knows, maybe you'll freak one out and he'll change professions.

Rule No. 2- Real hard money or private money lenders know EXACTLY what they are looking for and will tell you (always during the first phone call) if your deal fits their criteria. If the agent or broker is not sure, staggers a bit and has to check, again, hang-up the phone! Rule No. 3- Don't throw out your deal for everyone to look at. Go at it one investor at a time. Remember, real lenders know when a deal has been handed around…picked over deals are already dead! They won't even look at them. Rule No. 4- Do a web search on the company, group or individual to see if there is any derogatory information floating around about them. If you don't find anything at all that's OK. There are only a handful of real investors in every area and they generally are very private individuals or small groups. Rule No. 5- Try to deal with someone local if you can. It's easier to check them out and get a good read on them.

Rule No. 6- Most genuine private investors and their representatives are pretty laid back. It's the over exuberant or hyper individual I would stay away from. Rule No. 7- With bigger deals, like commercial developments, know what documentation you need to get together for your package by checking with your financial advisor or banker. I sincerely hope this article helps you in your quest to find a real lender who can fund your deal and avoid the hard money jungle altogether! Why not just take the easy route and visit me? That's what I do!

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Why invest in stocks

Have you ever wondered why investors behave the way they do? For example, why do people invest in bonds or stocks or not at all? Since I am an advocate of stock investing, let me make the case for stock investing. So, why invest in stocks? No, I won't just invest in any kind of stocks. There are goals associated with investing in stocks. For starter, stock investors would want to be compensated more than if they put their money in the bank.

Anything else? Yes. Stock investors would want to be compensated more than the risk free interest rate which currently yield around 4.7%. For your information, risk free interest rate here is the 10 year Treasury bond which is backed by the United States Government. These bonds are deemed to be free from the risk of default. Therefore, when we invest in stocks, we would want a return in excess of 4.7%. How much more? That varies within individuals. Some wants a 5% return.

Others are satisfied with 6% return. Personally, I would want at least 7% return for my stock investment. There are reasons for this. Stock investing is relatively volatile and full of uncertainty. Interest rate goes up and down which will hamper our return as stock investors. For example if interest rate rises to 8%, would aiming a 7% return for your stock investment worth the risk? Probably not. In this case, most people prefer to put their money in the bank and enjoy the higher return. Having said that, we need to know how much stocks have given investors historically.

For the US stock market, the return for the last century has been in the neighborhood of 10%. That, my friend, is the sole reason to invest in stocks. Not because you want to own a piece of corporate America. You invest in stocks because historically it gives you a better return that other investing alternatives. No other investments boast that high of a return over the last century, not even real estate.

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Who else wants to know brian tracy s secret key to double your income

Brian Tracy, the most listened-to self-help expert on earth, recently revealed cutting edge time management and personal efficiency secrets that will skyrocket your income. In an interview for the List Crusade program, he shares powerful, proven ideas and strategies that you can immediately use to get more done faster. What will you do with the two extra hours of free time you'll gain from learning just a few of his simple tricks? As the best-selling author of 17 books and over 300 audio and video learning programs, Brian is definitely someone you should listen to … (Note: To access Brian Tracy’s complete audio interview for fre^e, see end of article) As you *read every word* of this article, you’ll be amazed at what these simple tips will do for you … According to Brian, people who have used his secrets come back to him and say, “I’m making ten times more today than what I was making when I first met you.” What is the key to these amazing results? According to Brian, his secret to success can be summed up as: Do the right things Do more important things Do them better You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the tremendous timesaving and productivity that you’ll see by using these principles. I can hear you asking, “How do I figure out what are the right things, the important things, and how do I improve on those tasks?” Brian suggests you use what he calls “The Law of Three.” First, make a list of everything you do in the course of a week or month. Next, ask yourself if you could only do one thing all day long which one thing contributes the most to your Internet success. Then repeat this by asking yourself if you could only do two things, and finally if you could only do three things. Brian has found that on, an average, these three top tasks contribute to 90% of your success. So he advises that you spend the majority of your time on these. Spend less time on everything else. Anything that you don’t necessarily have to do personally should be delegated to someone else. As you sit there learning these techniques, you are getting more and more excited about what you’ll be able to accomplish in the next seven days by using Brian’s secrets. In the List Crusade interview, Brian also revealed: What one skill do all successful people have in common and how you can quickly learn it The two core qualities that will absolutely guarantee your success How to simplify your life, lower your stress, and increase your income A ten minute simple system to pinpoint your top priorities, leverage your time, and skyrocket yourself beyond your competition Take these secrets from Brian Tracy’s interview and use them to get more done today. The more you use them, the more you'll find that your income and opportunities will expand at full throttle, and the more success you’ll have in life ...

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Mortgage chattanooga

Are you a resident of Chattanooga searching for a mortgage? Finding the perfect home loan used to be a daunting task. There are so many options like fixed rates, adjustable rates, interest only, balloon payments and many more. With the power of the internet searching for a loan is a simple task. There are many ways to apply for a loan such as contacting a local mortgage broker, meeting with your bank or applying online. Contacting a local Chattanooga mortgage broker can be time consuming. You have to first locate possible brokers and contact them one by one. Sometimes it can be a pain to get a hold of them and then follow up with a quote. Meeting with your bank is a better option because you can sit down for a meeting and they will tailor a mortgage specific to your needs. When dealing with a bank, are you sure you're getting the best deal?

Do you really want to go from bank to bank meeting with the lenders and selecting the best mortgage deal? Unless you have nothing better to do, I'm guessing that answer is no. That's where the internet comes into play. You can simply visit a website or 2 and fill out an application in about one minute. Then all you have to do is wait for lenders to contact you and they will compete for your business. That's right, turn the tables on them and make them compete for you mortgage loan.

Lenders want your business and they will go to great lengths to get it. If you submit an application online, you may get a call from say 4 mortgage lenders the next day. Armed with that information you can quickly and easily compare which lender is offering the best deal and move forward with them. Or what if you really like you local mortgage Chattanooga broker and want to stay local? You can simply make an online application to confirm that your local broker is not taking you for a ride. What if your local broker quoted you 7.7% APR and you thought that was a great deal, until you applied online a realized lender B was offering 5.7% for the same terms.

That 2% difference can save you thousands of dollars in future interest payments. That's quite a bit of savings for taking 5 minutes to apply online to verify your getting the best deal. Not sure where to apply online? Start with The Loan House. They offer a quick and easy application and you will be contacted by the nations top mortgage lenders with competitive quotes.

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Cobra radar detectors do cobras really work well

Cobra is considered as one of the top producers of radar detectors. One of their most popular products is the ESD 6060. This model is undetectable to police radar and will give you enough warning to get your foot off the accelerator, even at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. And this model is identified as the least sensitive in the market. The Cobra ESD 6060 radar detector is cheaper than all other radar detectors. This can be bought for around 50 dollars in some stores. The following are the features of Cobra ESD 6060: • It has a small size • Its price is low (25-50 dollars) • It is easy to use • It cannot distinguish K from Ka • It has an adequate performance, which may not be acceptable for 'power' users. Many would say that if you have budget restrictions the Cobra ESD 6060 is an adequate radar detector. Another Cobra product is the Cobra PRO 9/80 radar detector. This is the most featured-packed Cobra radar detector unit - it includes an aluminum carrying case, hardwire and a cigarette lighter splitter. The Cobra PRO 9/80 provides voice alerts and 8 point digital compass - extras which make this model an improvement on previous Cobra models. This unit is set up with an alpha numeric display that allows for far more detailed detection and more complex signal strength indicators. This will also automatically mute the detector based on your speed. A piece of advice: if you are planning to buy yourself a radar detector, choose the most expensive one that you can afford This will give you greater quality and higher performance. Do not mind the price; just think of the satisfaction and peace of mind it will give you.

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The historical scoop on body kits

Initially, body kits (formerly known and sometimes referred to as ground effects) were produced as a result of the need to reduce drag on racing vehicles. The idea was that the ground effects would lower the profile of the car, and create less wind resistance, or more efficient aerodynamics. This worked by deflecting the air to travel around the car instead of underneath it. Furthermore, with the improved aerodynamics, the car became easier to control as it reduced lifting effect at high speeds. A man known as Jim Hall was one of the first scientific pioneers to experiment with car aerodynamics. Prior to Mr. Hall's place in history, aerodynamics had been engineered mostly for the use of aircraft.

Hall's ideas and projects began in the start of 1961, however, the benefits of his improved, aerodynamic designs were not discovered until much later. In 1970, he eventually helped manufacture a car to compete in the Formula One races. Unfortunately, however, Formula One banned the use of these "aerodynamic cars" that same year, as they were believed to have an unfair advantage. After Hall, other aerodynamicists and designers took stage attempting to produce a car similar to what Hall had envisioned. Some notable contributors included Gordon Murry, Peter Wright, and Tony Rudd, amongst others. Eventually these aerodynamic cars were allowed back on the race track, however, a well known racer known as Gilles Villeneuve, died in a horrific car accident from a similar (aerodynamic) vehicle. As a result, the design was again banned on the race track in an effort to keep vehicles at limited speeds.

Despite these events, car enthusiasts have still continued to improve on the aerodynamics of their vehicles. Whether they are looking to improve the styling and exterior appearance (with body kits) or attain benefit from the improved performance of an aerodynamic vehicle, it seems to work.

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Love messages

Love, the very word brings forth feelings of warmth. Love, a relationship, which makes us whole. A companion with whom we share all our emotions, our life, our thoughts, our body, our everything. That is love and lucky are those who fall in love. During the initial phase of love, there is a tremendous passion and a desire to keep on sharing everything. Keep on telling about how one loves their beloved in so many different ways. In this phase, lovers speak of flowers, stars, moon, and so many other objects that one can find to define love. All of us have our own style of sending love messages.

Some write their own poems. Some send small notes. Some send very long letters and some search for poems that can reflect their emotions. Searching for gifts, and sending messages, meeting, enjoying life together, and so many other such activities mark the initial phase of love. Love is indeed mysterious because you will find poems being written by those about whom you had never suspected this. Your most ordinary looking practical gardener will develop dreamy eyes and start sending love notes after falling in love! PG Wodehouse wrote about this in most of his stories with great fun and understanding. The best part of love messages arrives after many years.

Show a lover what he/she did many years ago and they will themselves not believe that they wrote all that gibberish. That is love.

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Selecting diamonds 403

Selecting Diamonds Diamonds are graded for certification by laboratories using grading criteria. Four of these criteria are critical to understand when making a diamond purchase or investment. Known as the “Four C’s” these criteria are: color, cut, clarity and carat. Color is the result of the composition of a diamond and it does not change. When a jeweler is describing the color of a diamond they are referring to the presence or absence of color in white diamonds. Because a diamond with no color allows maximum light to pass through, colorless diamonds are preferred for their sparkle. Cut refers to a diamonds reflective quality. Most diamonds are cut with 58 facets. The brilliance of diamonds is heavily dependent on the cut. The different angles and the finish of a diamond determine its ability to reflect light and cause its brilliance and fire. Remember that the cut of a diamond can have an impact on its durability as well as its beauty. Some cutting faults can make a diamond prone to breakage. A diamond that is cut too thin can also cause light to leak out of the back and the diamond will lose some of the sparkle and appear not to shine. So, as you can see the Cut is probably the most important of the Four C’s. During the formation process, inner flaws, or inclusions occur in most diamonds. The number and size of these inclusions determine what is referred to as the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are clear create more brilliance and therefore are rarer and highly priced. To be considered “flawless”, a diamond must have no surface or internal imperfections visible upon being viewed by a skilled diamond grader using 10 power magnifications. Carat is the unit of weight by which diamonds are measured. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. A carat is divided into 100 segments called points. 150 points would equal one and a half carats. When you go to the store to make that all important diamond purchase, do not be shy! Ask questions, get the answers needed to make an informed purchase. Shopping for certified diamonds enables you to make an informed selection. Knowing the “four C’s” allows you to comparison shop and purchase the best diamond at a fair price. But, before making a purchase, shop around and decide what shapes and styles really appeal to you. Enjoy your diamond for years to come! (word count 403)

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Using dvd and video in your esl class part one

Have you ever wondered how to use movies in your ESL classes, without just sitting your students down in front of the screen, hitting 'Play' and sitting back to watch? Here are a few ideas to get you started, using very short movie extracts to present and practise new language and develop communicative skills. 1 No picture Choose a short extract (2 or 3 minutes) with plenty of sound effects. Play it with the screen covered or turned away from the students, and ask them to write down what they hear. If two of the sound effects are birds singing and a baby crying, you could use the extract to present or practice any of these language points (and I'm sure you can think of more): Some birds are singing / A baby is crying Some birds were singing / A baby was crying It must / might / can't be birds singing or It must / might / can't have been birds singing I heard some birds singing / I heard a baby crying After playing the extract, have students compare what they heard in pairs, and then elicit the language from them. Remember to show the extract with both picture and sound at the end of the activity to satisfy the students' curiosity! 2 No sound Here's the opposite idea. Show a short extract (again, 2 or 3 minutes is enough) with a lot going on, or where the characters convey a lot of emotion in their expressions, but play it with the volume off. Students can then do one of the activities below without having to worry about understanding dialogue: Describe what happened using narrative tenses Describe the scene Anticipate dialogue or reactions Arrange a cut up dialogue which you have given them. Finally, play the extract again with sound. Having done one of these tasks, your students will be able to fit what they hear into a context much more effectively than if they had viewed the extract initially with picture and sound. 3 Jigsaw viewing You may have done jigsaw reading activities in your class, where students have half the information, and share what they have read with another student to recreate the whole story. You can also do this with short video sequences in a number of ways: Half the class watches with no picture, then the other half with no sound (you'll have to take half the students out of the class in each case). In pairs they then question each other to recreate the scene. Half the class have picture and sound, the other half just have sound. You can do this by sitting students in two rows, back to back, so that only one row can see the screen. The half who only had sound then question the other half. One student listens with headphones, while all the others view without sound. The student with headphones questions the others to recreate the scene. 4 Viewing on rewind Choose a short sequence with a lot of action. For example, a woman enters an apartment, picks up the telephone, listens, looks terrified, runs out of her apartment and down the stairs, and runs off down the street. Movies are, of course, a great source for this sort of material. Play the scene backwards to the students (DVD gives more flexibility than video with the speed of playback) then have them reconstruct the story in chronological order, using narrative tenses, or future tenses, or whatever you want the linguistic focus to be. Finally, play the sequence normally so students can compare it with their version. 5 Pause / Freeze Frame If you use pictures in your classroom for introducing new vocabulary, or for describing people and scenes, you can add a new dimension to this with the pause/freeze frame button of your video or DVD player. Hit pause when a character has an interesting expression on his or her face, is about to react to something or answer a question, or when there is a lot of colourful new vocabulary on the screen. Have students describe the character/scene, or anticipate what the character will say or do next. Release the pause button to allow students to compare their ideas with what actually happens. Video is a motivating and effective way to bring variety to your ESL classes. Using short, sharp sequences with a clear linguistic focus, your students will go away from your class with much more than if you sit them down in front of the screen and hit 'play'.

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7 tips for fitness women

Would you like to be a fitness woman? Or are you a fitness woman but would like to be effective? Here are 7 great tips on how to become an effective fitness woman: 1. Get a program that will best suit you. Every fitness woman is different. You may have surgical history where a program may not be suited for you. Always consult a qualified trainer to make sure that the fitness program will not hurt you. If the fitness program is not for you, it will only be a cause of frustration and injuries. 2. Set realistic targets. Wouldn't you be frustrated if you set your mind into reshaping your body in month? Make sure that the body you prefer in a period of time is achievable and realistic. The program should also be practical and will not give you false hopes. It is important to be aware of the blocks you encounter in your daily living. This will help you know what program is satisfactory. And once a program has been reached, then you can set goals and timelines that are realistic. 3. Exercises should work on the parts of your body where muscles are. The reason mainly is, when you develop muscles, you burn more calories and then you lessen the fats in your body. Multi-joint exercises and weight lifting are recommended. Learn what exercises work on certain parts of your body. Multi-joint exercises are also said to be effective but time saving. 4. Be systematic on working on your muscles. Your muscles should be working harder over time. Repeating the same sets of exercises and same weight without getting your muscles to work harder will not give satisfactory results. You can record your daily results and make the progression based on your previous data. A daily log will also motivate you since you are able to track how far you have gone. It builds confidence since there is a written proof something that was successfully accomplished. 5. Perform a set of exercises in 10 repetitions. Every number that was accomplished is called a repetition. Try to make every repetition with less momentum as much as possible. The lesser the momentum, the harder your muscles work. And the harder they work, the bigger they become. To check if there is much momentum when lifting, see if the arm is floating. If the arm does float, then there is much momentum. 6. Be flexible and perform a variety of exercises. Every exercise program should have a variety. You can change your exercises, goals and sets every month to keep you motivated and on the go. Doing this will help you prevent being bored and losing energy physically and mentally. 7. Be Motivated! The best way to keep the energy levels of trainees is to allow a healthy competition and allow them to have a sense of control. Having control is having the sense ownership where everybody gets a part in implementing a program. To do this you also need to be consistent in demonstrating your skills. Not all programs work for all types of people. There is no workout that is best for everyone. But you learn from experienced people. Learn to acknowledge blocks and demonstrate self-discipline, keep yourself motivated and work harder everyday and add variety. Doing these things, you will discover that a lot of programs will work for you.

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Canine infectious hepatitis

What is Canine Infectious Hepatitis? The word hepatitis refers to an inflamation of the liver. First reported in 1947, Canine Infectious Hepatitis (CIH), is a caused by canine adenovirus. Almost every dog will come in contact with the virus at least once in their life time. The virus may pass through the dog, causing little to no adverse effects, or the virus may be so severe, the dog will die within hours of initial symptoms.. CIH effects the liver, lymphoid system and blood vessel walls. How Can Canine Infectious Hepatitis Spread? Most often CIH is spread through direct contact with the virus usually through urine, feces or saliva. Though direct contact with an infected dog is the most common transmission of CIH, bites from mosquitoes, fleas, and tics are also know to transmit the virus.

The incubation period of the virus is only a few weeks, however, CIH can be passed through the urine up to one year after infection. What Are The Symptoms Of Canine Infectious Hepatitis? Depending on the severity of the infection symptoms can include Minor symptoms loss of appetite pale feces fever nasal and eye discharge coughing temporary corneal opacity “Blue eye” Severe Symptoms abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, edema (subcutaneous fluid swelling) of the head and neck jaundice Are All Dog At Risk To Canine Infectious Hepatitis? Yes. Most adult dogs with healthy immune systems can produce antibodies that can fight the virus. However CIH can remain in the dogs system up to one year after infection. Since the CiH is an infectious virus, a known infected dog should be properly treated and quarantined. What Is The Treatment For Canine Infectious Hepatitis? At this time, there is no cure for the actual virus which causes CIH. Treatment mainly consists of controlling spread and severity of secondary ailments such as, vomiting, diarrhea and fluid discharge. In most cases the virus runs its course in a couple days. In severe cases treatment will involve antibiotics and liver treatment. Is There Any Way To Prevent Canine Infectious Hepatitis? Have your dog vaccinated!!! Pups should be vaccinated at 6 weeks of age, and re-vaccinated every 3-4 weeks until 16 months old. Adult dogs should be vaccinated every year. Like most contagious viruses, prevention is often the only viable solution. Due to mass vaccination of domesticated dogs, CIH has decreased dramatically in North America, and therefor has become less of a hazzard.. Ths website only provides BASIC information about canine distemper, your veterinarian is always your best source of health information. Consult your

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Muscle building workouts build muscle and fitness the right way

Does this sound familiar to you? You have goals for your muscle building workouts. You follow a regime that allows you to achieve those goals. You're doing everything right. But, you fall on your butt. Then you find that you get back up and start the whole process working on your muscle building workouts all over again. Only to find that you keep falling down, getting back up again and repeating this over and over. You do this until you think that you are never going to achieve anything here. You think that this training lark isn't for you. So what do you do? Yep, you give up. Why does this happen and what can I do about it? You've probably asked yourself that question many times. But you may have found that you never came up with a real answer. You blame the muscle building workouts and everything that led you to it. So what is the real problem? It seems that you have the right muscle building workouts. You may have goals in mind of what you would like to achieve with that training routine. Maybe you're doing one, or more, of the following: * Having bad, or no, warm up sessions. * Not eating enough. * Not taking enough fluids. * Training too much. * Lifting excessive weights. * Not getting enough sleep. These are all very common to all muscle and fitness workouts, no matter what sport you do. These are easily identified and remedied. Just go through each one of these and see if they apply to you. If so, then identify why this is the case. Having done that, you need to find the right solution to fix it. You do this in a systematical manner, until you have fully identified what is wrong, the reason for it going wrong and the appropriate solution for it. For example: Lets say that you not experiencing any growth in your biceps. Ask yourself some questions of your muscle and fitness workouts: Question: What is wrong? Answer: My biceps are not growing. Question: What are the possible causes, and why? Answer: The exercise may be done too quickly, or maybe I'm cheating in my training, or maybe there isn't enough weight on the barbell. Question: What can be done to remedy this? Answer: Improve my form when doing this exercise. Reduce the weight so that I don't cheat and to keep me more strict. Or increase the weight on the barbell to promote more growth in this area. So you see, you need to identify the problem first. If you don't do this, you cannot fix it up. Then you must identify what the possible causes are so that you can offer up appropriate solutions to remedy the situation. Just go through each solution, one at a time, until you are satisfied with the results. This requires patience and dedication. Most people will not put in the time to find out why they're going wrong. Instead they spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time trying out different solutions. Whereas, what they should have done first was to seek the answer within themselves. Then seek the appropriate solution elsewhere suitable for their muscle building workouts -- only if that solution is outside of their grasp.

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London builders bathroom right choice

What makes a good bathroom. How to choose the right bathroom suite from all the variety we have on the market? What is it necessary to consider when choosing a bathtub or necessary equipment? Well chosen and successfully placed bathtub and equipment will make them comfortable and easy to use. To start at the right time. It is necessary to choose needed bathroom equipment (including a bathtub) before the new bathroom installation works start. Having decided on the arrangement of bathroom equipment, it is necessary to work out water-piping and drainage system, in case new layout differs from the existing one. A selection and a number of pipes and fitment required (connectors, fittings, branch boxes, etc) shall be chosen in accordance with the configuration plan. In case the existing layout is preserved, it is necessary to decide whether old bathroom pipes need to be replaced. New bathroom units installation starts just before the beginning of finishing works. Where to start with when choosing a bathtub. When choosing a bathtub, it is necessary to following criteria. A bathtub needs to be of comfortable size and form, to fit to the size and interior of the new renovated bathroom. The bathtub should be solid and resistant to mechanical damages, resistant to solvent action of water (wooden bathtubs or Ofuro, also known as furo a traditional Japanese bath, normally associated with a steep-sided wooden bathtub). A new bathroom installation system shall correspond to the existing water supply system. In case drainage accessories (waste traps) are not included in a set, it is necessary to buy a bathtub and a waste trap at the same time to provide compatibility of constructions. All of the bathtubs are supplied with the openings for overflow which are structurally connected with a bath trap. It is recommended to choose mixers when purchasing a bath as well. It is important to know that installing a new bathtub, it is necessary to allow a comfortable space near the new bathtub to make your bathroom safe to use. Also it is better to choose a model with anti-slip coating on a bottom which is provided by adding quartz granulated material or rubber droplets. For convenience of using, fashionable bathtubs are often provided with different types of elbow-rests, headrests, comfortable chrome-plated or gilded handles, housing for soap dishes, etc. Many manufacturers produce baths with the backrests of anatomic form which follow human body curves. Depending on a buyer's predilections and general bathroom interior design, it is possible to choose a bathroom suite of nearly any color. Usually, most of available commercial bathroom suites are of white color. More refined colors are supplied to order. Timing of orders differs. What does a price of a bathroom suite depends on? Manufacturing material (in increasing price: steel, cast-iron, acrylic), a size (bathtubs of standard sizes are cheaper), a form (rectangular bathtubs are cheaper than angular and shaped ones, at other equal descriptions: manufacturing material, class, setting). Also the presence of additional functional details: headrests, elbow-rests, seats, handles, shelves, etc. A class and design of a product defines the price range too: "practical", "first class", "super de luxe". For example the "super de luxe" rectangular cast-iron bathtub is more expensive than the “practical” shaped acrylic bathtub). What is not recommended. Buying a bathtub in case there are even insignificant chips or cracks on its surface. Choosing a bathroom suite supplier it is better to buy a bathroom suite of the known bathroom manufacturer, which guarantees quality of material and coverage: thoroughness of surface treatment before enamel application (no gaps, no knobs, nor crumbs or sand are allowed under enamel), quality of the bathtub enamel and its application. Identical colors of different bathroom suite suppliers can have different tones, therefore, it is better to buy a complete set of bathroom equipment of one manufacturer.

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Technology and the whistleblower

As the meeting comes to a close, your boss smirks with an self assured arrogance. He then says that you should seriously consider his offer, because he has it on good authority, that there may be a very localized downsizing in your department. Wouldn’t it be nice to smirk back and just say “no thanks”. This scenario plays out more often then most people realize. With all of the recent business and government scandals there were a lot of people who knew that books were being cooked, laws being broken and the health of the public being put at risk, just to keep profits high and investors content. Many people felt that there was nothing they could do against powerful executives and corrupt bureaucrats. The credibility of a low level employee compared to that of a ‘successful’ corporate executive is a huge hurdle to overcome. Also, corporate lawyers are there to defend the company, even from internal hazards. So, once a person decides to speak up, they must be prepared to have their credibility brutally attacked and the onslaught of legal preceding from an all-star team of corporate lawyers.

Just the thought of legal proceedings can stop a person from making the ethical choice. It’s easy for people to be vilified by their employer, at which point the credibility of the person speaking out is destroyed. How is possible for a single person to fight a company or government with infinite resources? Many years ago, it was practically impossible. However, the “digital revolution” may have changed the balance of power.

For a “whistleblower” to be effective they need proof of wrong doing and a method to communicate those issues to the public. The availability of compact electronic devices such as digital audio recorders and digital cameras allow an individual to document many of the issues and bring the power back to the whistleblower. The first piece of technology that should be in every whistleblowers repertoire is a digital audio recorder. These devices are so small that they can be put in a shirt pocket without being noticed. Once you decide to “blow the whistle” you should start recording all of your conversations. Keep a log of the items discussed, so that you can refer to the appropriate recording when needed, otherwise you can spend hours going back over the content. The best part is that these devices are not expensive. A digital voice recorder costs about $100, or many times MP3 players have a microphone built into the device, so they can be used to record conversations.

Another device that is very handy is a voice modem with telephone recording software. This will allow you to, hook up your phone, and record any conversations that occur over the phone. If you get fired before you have all the evidence, sometimes telephone conversations, with the people in power, can help to document important facts, because people very rarely think they are being recorded and say things that they probably should not have. Make sure you check your local laws regarding conversation recording. In most places it is legal to record with one-party consent. One-party consent means that if you are involved in the conversation, you do not need to notify the other parties that you are recording the conversation.

In Canada, one-party consent is the law. In the United States it is a little more complicated, as some states have their own regulations. You can refer to this recording law chart (http:// snakeoil. ca/docs/recordinglaw. html) to determine what laws affect you. If in doubt, speak with a lawyer. The third device every whistleblower should have is a digital camera. Many times the violations are in manufacturing or packaging, which could be a public health concern.

These can be very hard to document and prove, since the paper records may be manipulated. A picture says a thousand words though, and will help authorities uncover doctored documents. When taking pictures be very cautious as most companies prohibit camera’s on their premises. Many cell phones are now equipped with digital camera’s, so they are easier to conceal.

Take as many pictures as you can and try to prove the date you took them. Some camera have a date stamp feature, even though this is easy to manipulate. The best option is to take a picture of the daily newspaper beside the offending subject. This is very hard for lawyers to argue against and disprove that the violations did occurred on that particular date. The last piece of equipment needed is a computer. When the authorities begin investigating your complaint, you will need to produce your evidence such as documents pointing to the issues.

Most corporations are moving towards a paperless environment, which means that these documents will only be accessible by a computer. The other important part your computer plays, is to backup all of those images and audio recordings. Make sure your computer has a CD writer or DVD writer. Take these backups and put them somewhere secure, like a bank deposit box. One area of concern is the removal of corporate documents from the office. This can violate many legal agreements you may have signed. If you are worried about this, there is a very simple solution. Backup all of the evidence files at work and stash them somewhere in the office. In the ceiling or in duct work is a great place. Basically, anywhere nobody ever looks. When it is time to produce these documents, simply tell the authorities that you have stashed them in a safe place at the office. The evidence is kept safe and you haven’t violated any agreements, a win-win situation. In the future, companies may begin banning digital devices from the workplace for the exact reasons being discussed here. However, if were are persistent, it may go the other way and corporate behaviour may change, which is the ultimate goal of being a whistleblower. The days of “plausible deniability” and “disgruntled employees” are disappearing quickly.

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