Geothermal power as alternative energy

Geothermal Power as Alternative Energy We should be doing everything possible to develop geothermal energy technologies. This is a largely untapped area of tremendous alternative energy potential, as it simply taps the energy being naturally produced by the Earth herself. Vast amounts of power are present below the surface crust on which we move and have our being. All we need do is tap into it and harness it. At the Earths' core, the temperature is 60 times greater than that of water being boiled. The tremendous heat creates pressures that exert themselves only a couple of miles below us, and these pressures contain huge amounts of energy. Superheated fluids in the form of magma, which we see the power and energy of whenever there is a volcanic eruption, await our tapping. These fluids also trickle to the surface as steam and emerge from vents. We can create our own vents, and we can create out own containment chambers for the magma and convert all of this energy into electricity to light and heat our homes. In the creation of a geothermal power plant, a well would be dug where there is a good source of magma or heated fluid. Piping would be fitted down into the source, and the fluids forced to the surface to produce the needed steam. The steam would turn a turbine engine, which would generate the electricity. There are criticisms of geothermal energy tapping which prevent its being implemented on the large scale which it should be. Critics say that study and research to find a resourceful area is too costly and takes up too much time. Then there is more great expense needed to build a geothermal power plant, and there is no promise of the plant turning a profit. Some geothermal sites, once tapped, might be found to not produce a large enough amount of steam for the power plant to be viable or reliable. And we hear from the environmentalists who worry that bringing up magma can bring up potentially harmful materials along with it. However, the great benefits of geothermal energy would subsume these criticisms if only we would explore it more. The fact that geothermal energy is merely the energy of the Earth herself means it does not produce any pollutants. Geothermal energy is extremely efficient—the efforts needed to channel it are minimal after a site is found and a plant is set up. Geothermal plants, furthermore, do not need to be as large as electrical plants, giant dams, or atomic energy facilities—the environment would thus be less disrupted. And, needless to say, it is an alternative form of energy—using it would mean we become that much less dependent on oil and coal. Perhaps most importantly of all—we are never, ever going to run out of geothermal energy, and it is not a commodity that would continuously become more expensive in terms of real dollars as time passes, since it is ubiquitous. Geothermal energy would be, in the end, very cheap, after investigation and power plant building costs are recouped.

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Understanding trailer brake controllers

An electric trailer brake controller is a device that supplies power from a tow vehicle to a trailer's electric brakes. There are two types of brake controllers on the market today - Time Delay Activated and Inertia Activated. While the controllers operate differently, they are very similar. Both types have the same wiring configuration. Both allow the driver to adjust the amount of braking power and both have a pressure sensitive manual override switch that can be used to apply the trailer brakes independently of the tow vehicle. Time Delay Activated Brake Controls Time Delay Activated or "solid state" controllers are enabled by the depressing of the brake pedal in the tow vehicle. Once enabled, time delay activated controllers apply a gradual voltage to the trailer's brakes using a Time Delay Circuit. The advantages of a solid state brake control unit are the inexpensive cost, low profile, and they can be mounted at any angle. The disadvantages mostly pertain to Hazard Flashers issues. In most applications the digital display will flash with the hazard flashers and if the gain is set aggressively, some pulsing of the trailer brakes may be felt. Hazard Flasher issues can be resolved by using a Pulse Preventer that will isolate the brake control from the vehicles flashers, thus eliminating the pulsing. Inertia Activated Brake Controls Inertia Activated Brake Controllers or Pendulum Style controllers are enabled by the depressing of the brake pedal and activated by a Pendulum Circuit that senses the stopping motion of the vehicle. The Pendulum Circuit applies a proportional voltage to the trailer's brakes. When the Inertia activated brake control is properly adjusted, the trailer will decelerate at the same speed as the towing vehicle. A result of this is increased braking efficiency and reduced wear on the brakes. Advantages of pendulum style controllers are efficient braking under a variety of braking conditions including adverse conditions. They also have a smooth braking motion. Pendulum style controllers have a few disadvantages also. They tend to be larger than solid state controller. They usually more expensive and they must be mounted in a level position. Tekonsha's Prodigy controller is an exception. Due to its innovative technology, it can be mounted in almost any position. Whether the brake control is Timer Activated or Inertia Activated, the gain can be adjusted by the user. Both feature a pressure sensitive switch that can be used to apply the trailer brakes independent of the tow vehicle. Most importantly, both styles achieve the same goal safely and reliably. Visit http:// trailerbrakecontrols. com for more information.

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When to replace brake pads

Worn brake pads can adversely impact your ability to bring your car to a halt. This can be especially dangerous in an emergency situation when adequately working brakes are a must to help you stop your car promptly. There are some telltale signs of pending brake problems; do you know what they are? Awareness of a problem is the key to avoiding potential harmful consequences; let’s examine some well known warning signs. Signs of pending brake trouble include the following: Squealing brakes Pulling of the car from one side to the other Wheel grabs Brake pedal pumping Sudden and hard brake pedal Spongy brake pedals Grinding of the brakes While some of these problems may necessitate you replacing other brake components, an inspection of your brake pads should reveal that they are worn and are in need of immediate replacement. Your next course of action depends on your expertise, your time, and on your wallet. Most garages offer a free brake inspection and this can be a wonderful opportunity to have someone else inspect your system to confirm your findings. Ask your mechanic for a complete diagnosis of your brake system and an estimate on what parts and repairs will cost you. A good garage will give you a print out showing a fairly close estimate of what your costs will be. Throw in your local taxes and the price quoted should be within 95% of the final cost, barring an unforeseen additional problem being detected [for example, brake master cylinder failure]. If you feel reasonably confident that you can do the work yourself, you stand to save yourself plenty of money, at least in labor costs. You can save money with parts, too, by shopping around; the highest prices you pay will likely be through your dealer’s parts department. Prices at a national auto parts supply store should be lower, while prices through an online wholesaler should be about the lowest available as they purchase directly from the manufacturer. If you decide to purchase online, only obtain parts from a reputable dealer selling parts from trusted manufacturers. Be careful of those sites selling generic parts from overseas merchants. Make sure that you can return what you purchase, if needed, to address in based in the U. S.

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Why not a cold air intake

Squeezing more power out of your engine is not as difficult or as expensive a task as you might think. Performance chips, performance exhausts, and sport air filters are all easy to install parts that can help your car achieve greater horsepower and torque without sacrificing fuel economy. In addition, a cold air intake can go a long way toward helping your engine perform better without costing you a mint to install. Let’s examine why a cold air intake just might be the enhancement your car could use to achieve a greater level of performance. So, just how does a cold air intake work? I am glad that you asked!

A cold air intake is designed to decrease the temperature of the air entering your car to take full advantage of your engine’s power. Colder, denser air acts like “food” for your engine, giving it the extra amount of power that it needs to perform optimally. Are there other benefits of a cold air intake? Yes, namely two: a cold air intake enhances the look of your vehicle's engine bay and it produces an awesome sounding “throaty” intake noise. The intake noise is what tells everyone that your car is not some ordinary stock car, instead you are making a statement that the noise coming from underneath your car’s hood matches the power and performance that they will see on the street. Depending on the manufacturer you select, your new cold air intake is available in an assortment of colors including red, blue, silver, and chrome. Let’s just say that the colors developed are meant to draw maximum attention to your engine bay when you pop the hood for everyone to see! When shopping for a cold air intake for your car, there are several things for you top keep in mind as you narrow down your selection. The following list can help you determine the cold air intake that is right for you: Manufacturer – There are many companies producing cold air intakes, some are better than others. Injen and K&N are two that are preferred by the aftermarket crowd. Look for those intakes that come with a reusable air filter for the best value. Performance – Claims for outlandish increases in horsepower should serve as a red flag to you. Modest increases of 10, 15 or 20 horses are certainly reasonable depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Guarantee – Higher quality intakes carry a warranty that will likely outlast the life of your car. Some even give one million mile guarantees! Retailers – Prices are literally all over the place. The best prices can usually be found right online with a wholesaler such as The Parts Bin. Shop only those companies who can provide to you online support, free shipping, a toll free number, and a clearly stated price list. Watch out for off shore operators who promise low prices on parts that might not be genuine. In all, a cold air intake should provide the performance edge your car, truck, van, or SUV needs without taking away from fuel economy. In fact, a cold air intake can actually increase your fuel economy as your engine “learns” to work more efficiently, thus needing less fuel to run.

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Making money from personal collections

Most people have some sort of collection, or at least have had at some point in their lives. Some of these collections are very basic and were designed to be something to help pass some time, but others are quite in-depth and show all of the dedication that the collector has put into arranging them. One thing that many people overlook with their personal collections, however, is the fact that many of these collections can be used to bring in some extra income and might even pay for new interests down the road. If you've ever thought about how you might be able to use an old collection to make a little bit of extra money, then read on… the information below is designed to get you on the right track toward realizing your dreams. Choosing your collection The first thing that you need to do when looking to make money from your personal collection is to decide exactly which collection you're wanting to try and make money from. Ideally it will be a complete collection that is in good shape, though some money can often be made off of partial collections or individual items from a collection depending upon what the item is. You'll want to try to choose a collection that is popular and that there is likely a market for… if you decide to go with something obscure instead you may have quite a bit of trouble finding anyone who's interested. Appraisal Depending upon what the collection is made up of, you may want to get it appraised so as to make sure that you don't sell for too little or ask too much right off of the bat. An appraisal likely won't take overly long, and in many cases won't be prohibitively expensive… it will also give you an idea of exactly what price range you're likely looking at for your collection. Finding a market In order to get the most out of your collection, you should consider some of the more modern ways of getting products in front of an audience... websites such as eBay and Yahoo! Auctions can allow you to list your collection with a minimum price of your choosing in order for others to bid upon them. It's important to remember that you'll be responsible for any seller's fees that are related to the listing and sale of any items online, and that you'll also have to factor in shipping and a few other costs if you sell to anyone who isn't in your locality. You will have a much greater number of potential bidders online than you would at a standard auction, however, especially if the listing is for several days. Getting your best price Getting the best price for your auctioned collection is largely a matter of doing your research and finding out what the collection is likely to sell for and carefully wording the auction listing so as to present the best possible true picture of the collection and the condition that it's in. You may also choose to set a reserve price if there's a certain amount that you refuse to accept less than… some bidders will not bid on auctions that have a reserve price set, however, so you should take this into consideration when deciding upon a reserve. It's also important that you have a variety of different payment options available, so as to allow the largest number of potential bidders to have a chance to get the collection that you have up for sale. You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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Buying bespoke mens shirts the benefits and what to look for

Bespoke shirt tailoring is undergoing a surge of popularity in the UK as more men realise there are options beyond designer labels. Bespoke tailoring gives the opportunity to specify every aspect of how a shirt is cut, and allows the wearer to experience the feel and look of a perfectly fitted shirt. The following is a guide on what features you should expect from a quality bespoke made mens shirt. Obviously, the main benefit of a bespoke shirt is that it fits the wearer perfectly; after all, the shirt has been made specifically for the wearer. Signs that a shirt is fitted well are: * A bespoke mens shirt should not feel tight or appear baggy across the shoulders, chest, stomach, or seat. The cut of the shirt should follow the contours of the body, without being too close or restrictive a fit. A fabric allowance of about 6 inches on the chest body measurement, 5 inches on the stomach measurement, and 6 inches on the seat measurement should give good results with average body dimensions, although these allowances are variable depending on the wearer's build. * The sleeves of the shirt should be long enough so that the cuffs do not move up the arm when the arms are raised above the head. Similarly, they should not be so long that when the arms are hanging by the side of the body, there is a significant excess of fabric on the sleeves near to the cuffs. * The collar of the shirt should leave enough space to insert your thumb comfortably between the collar and the neck when buttoned, and should not feel tight or hang loose around the neck. * The length of the shirt should be long enough so that the tails hang just below the seat when worn. This will ensure that the shirt does not become untucked during use. * The cuffs of a bespoke mens shirt should be just too tight to slip over the hand when buttoned. It should be necessary to undo the cuffs when putting on the shirt. Aside from the fit of the shirt, there are a number of other important features to keep an eye out for: * Fabrics - A bespoke mens shirt should only ever be constructed from pure cotton fabric. Cotton affords the wearer far greater comfort than man made fibres, and give a classic Jermyn Street look and feel to a shirt. The count of the fabric should be as high as possible - the higher the count, the finer the fabric. Popular fabric weaves include poplin (a plain weave and the classic English shirting), twill (a heavier, diagonal weave), fils-a-fils (a tiny graph paper check that appears to be solid colour from a distance), and oxford (generally, the heaviest weave). * Collars - The collar should be hand made, and can be either fused or unfused. A well fused collar will give a smooth look with no puckering, and should use cotton interfacing materials. Collars should have removable bones to keep the shape of the wings perfectly straight when inserted. * Stitching - All stitching throughout the shirt should be single-needle stitching. This technique is more time-consuming than commercial methods, but gives strong seams that are significantly more pucker-resistant. * Pattern matching - When using striped or patterned fabrics, pattern matching should occur wherever possible. * Sleeve plackets - Where the sleeves meet the cuffs, traditional packets should be used. Highest quality shirts do not provide placket buttons as these are uneccessary in a well formed placket. * Split yoke - To ensure a perfect fit across the shoulders, a split (4 piece) yoke should be used. * Buttons - These should be cross-stitched onto the shirt by hand to ensure that they do not become loose over time. * Tails - The tails of the shirt should be rounded and strengthened by a gusset. Please visit curtisanddyer. co. uk for more information on mens shirts.

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A brief history of tetris

Tetris was the first computer game that involved falling tetromino pieces that the game player must align in order to create an unbroken line which subsequently disappears in order to free up more game play space. If the player is unable to make an unbroken line, the game play space quickly gets crowded until the point where no more space is available and the game is over. The game of Tetris was first programmed in 1985 in the former Soviet Union by Alexey Pazhitnov. It ran on a machine called an Electronica 60 but was quickly ported to run on an IBM PC in the same month of its initial release. One month later and the game had been ported for use on the Apple II and the Commodore 64 by a programming team in Hungary.

The game quickly saw interest from a software house in the UK, Andromeda, who released it in the UK and USA in 1986 although the original programmer Pazhitnov had not agreed to any sale or licensing agreement. Nonetheless, Anromeda managed to copyright licensing for the game and marketed Tetris as ‘The first game from behind the iron curtain’. Tetris was an instant smash hit and had thousands of people hooked. A new company, ELORG, took up negotiations on behalf of Pazhitnov and eventually the licensing rights were granted to Nintendo in 1989 for a sum of between 3 and 5 million dollars. Nintendo quickly exerted their corporate strength and forbid any other company to market the game that Andromeda had given license to, including Atari. However, Tetris had become the biggest selling game on all formats at that time. Today Tetris is still hugely popular, with versions running on all formats, and still managing to get people hooked through its simple yet addictive game play.

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Music in the digital age

We are on the brink of a major change in the way the music industry operates. Digital music will not just change the way people purchase music, but it will also change the way musicians approach creating albums. Digital music gives people the opportunity to instantaneously purchase a song they like – without having to purchase the rest of the album. Artists and executives are both going to have to look at how music is released, and if it is worth producing an entire album if people aren’t going to buy it. Piracy of course is another major issue that the music industry will have to look into and examine. Currently, it is so simple to download a single song - everyone does it and doesn’t feel that what they’re doing is illegal. Laws are being put into place in an attempt to stop downloading illegal music, but technology always appears to be one step ahead of the law. Some companies have found success offering music downloads for a price, but this practice only enforces the concept of downloading one or two songs from an artist, and not buying the entire album. This trend may force the music industry to change the way they package music to the masses. People’s tastes will become a larger factor and will affect the finished product. Personalized CDs and play lists will have a larger influence. Instead of artists creating new albums, they might focus their attention on one song, or perhaps executives will look into theme compilations – give a number of different bands and artists one theme, and then release that music all together. Whatever the music industry decides on, the next few years are going to revolutionize the way we view – and listen – to popular music. The music industry will never be the same.

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Buying spy gear

There are many different people who make use of high quality spy gear. Private investigators, law enforcement personnel, bounty hunters, and the military all use spy gear to perform their jobs. But this equipment is not just for the professionals anymore. It is possible for regular citizens to purchase spy equipment from various dealers. This is making it more possible for regular people to become amateur spies (and then professionals who can work for hire), or even for them to perform their own surveillance, without having to pay someone else to do it. Spy gear comes in many guises. Some of it is in the form of cameras that can be hidden from sight (either in commonplace objects or actually on the body) or cameras that are visible. Other types of spy equipment allows you to listen in on phone conversations that you might need to hear, and some of it allows you to observe others discreetly from a distance. But no matter how you use your equipment, it is more than possible to buy what you need relatively easily, and for less than you might think. The Internet is full of Web sites that offer spy gear. Some of it is not terribly practical, nor is it effective. Some sites, however, like spyassociates. com, have been in business for quite some time and offer professional grade equipment at prices that most people can afford. But there is plenty of effective surveillance equipment out there, and most of it is accessible, no questions asked, if you have a computer with Internet access. Some spy gear is expensive, and may be out of reach for those who do not use it professionally. But there is usually a less powerful version that costs less that works very well for the regular person who just needs to glean a little extra information from somewhere. In fact, most of the spy gear that regular folks need (nanny cams, cell phone trackers for their kids, vehicle tracking, outside surveillance) is affordable and can easily be bought online. When you are serious about finding information to protect yourself, all you need to do is get on the Internet and invest in some spy gear. (c) 2005 Copyright spyassociates. com. This article is about: Spy Gear.

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Isp features

Internet service providers are becoming more and more present as the internet makes its way into more and more homes in America. This is making it harder to decide which ISP to subscribe to. In fact, most of them have a list of benefits to entice customers into subscribing from their ISP. Here is some information on the basic features that should come with a good ISP. First, is of coarse security. With new viruses circulating the internet everyday, you can’t be too careful. That is why it is critical for ISP’s to offer virus protection. However, they are now offering popup blockers also. These troublesome ads can become so frustrating that they too can be considered harmful to your computer. This is why ISP’s have started furnishing tools to speed up customer’s computers and create a more enjoyable internet experience. They are also protecting children from the net by providing blocks controlled by parents to block adult material on the net. Another, feature you want to have from your ISP is multiple e-mail accounts. In fact, many ISP’s provide between 5 and 10 e-mail accounts to one subscriber. This allows every member of the family to have their own e-mail account. That way a father doesn’t have to put up with the cutsie forwards his daughter receives, and she doesn’t have to put up with her father’s daily stock tips. This is the best way to go if you have a family. The more e-mail accounts the better since it is best to have a professional e-mail account, and another for less formal messages. If you want your own web page posted on the net, you may be able to get one without the unwanted ads. This is because ISP’s are now offering free web space. This space is limited in size, but does not always have the ads that come with other free web spaces. In fact, your ISP may also provide a template or special tools such as counters to place on your site. You should check with your ISP before placing a business site on the web space provided by them. A lot of ISP’s will not allow that kind of use. Your ISP may also provide for use from multiple computers in your home. This may be free or may cost you a small fee. However, with multiple access you can have the freedom of completing your work assignments online, while your son is researching for a school paper. Whatever you are looking for you may find it. The key is looking around and comparing the features with more than one ISP. This way you will find just the right features for you and your family.

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5 great tips on how to get girls

Among the many emotions that man was destined to experience, it seems that love is the best emotions ever created. No wonder why many people are wishing to find their own true love to be happy and live a life that is full of contentment and satisfactions in spite of the many trials that life has to offer. According to some surveys, most of the people would want to marry some day, that is why each of them are willing to go out on dates. In the U. S. alone, nearly 53% said that they have dated more than one person at the same time. However, the concept boils down to the fact that even if dating seems to be the ideal ways to start develop a great relationship founded on true love, still it cannot be directly concluded that the activity is relatively easy. Take for example the idea of getting a girl. Many boys are having a hard time finding the best strategy to get girls. This is because many boys also have their own fears, especially the fear of rejection.

So for those who want to know how to get a girl and ask her on a date, here are five ways that will surely make you get one and have fun: 1. Create a dazzling personality According to some statistical reports, almost 30% of the adult population in the U. S. who are engaged into dating activities stated that the most important attribute that they are looking for in a guy is the personality. That is why most girls insist that the looks are not that important, what matters most is the personality of the person. So if you really want to succeed in getting a girl, try to create an impression first that you have the best personality in the world. This can be projected through your sense of humor, confidence, and the way you carry the conversation with wit. 2. Be cool The key to getting a girl should not project an air of desperation. Even if you have not dated a girl yet, try to be cool and create an impression that you want to get the girl because you like her and not because you are in desperate need of a partner. 3. Be ready for rejections The problem with most people, especially guys, is that they have too high expectations when it comes to dating and relationships. In fact, almost 62% of those who are into dating have asserted that the people’s probabilities and expectations are very high these days. Hence, it is a must that people must learn how to face rejections, especially men, so that getting girls would be easier. Keep in mind that girls can still say no even if you have the best car, good looks, and dazzling personality. If in case you were not able to get the girl that you want, try to reflect what might have been the cause why she had rejected you. Also, there are still other girls out there that you can turn to, so do not be despaired 4. Consider the “No” of the girl There are many cases wherein a girl might say “no” for two possible reasons: one is that she does not like you, and the second reason is that she wants to go out with you but not tonight. These are two different situations that must be clearly understood. The problem with some guys is that they take it personally whenever they receive some forms of rejections. So it is better to analyze the situation and the intention of the girl by saying “NO.” 5. Be casual The best way to get a girl is to make her feel that the date would be very casual and would not necessarily involve a conventional date or anything that would imply romantic involvement. What matters most is for the girl to enjoy her time with you such that if both of you stand a chance of having a good relationship in the future, the memory of your first date should have been vested on good recall. The bottom line is that guys should never make the girls feel pressured in saying “yes” every time they are being asked to go out. What matters most in getting a girl is to make it sure that the person concerned will be comfortable and would feel that she will be in good hands.

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How to look your friends in the face

How to look your friends in the face, during divorce When it comes to divorce, it is hard to tell your spouse, it's even harder to tell your friends and family. If you have been thinking about divorce and you have taken it heavy to heart, then you will want to tell your spouse and then your family. The timing needs to be right. You shouldn't announce at thanksgiving dinner that you would like a divorce and hope that your entire family listening so you don't have to repeat it. You should arrange a time like luncheon to tell your closest family. Take your mother out to dinner and tell her what you think and how you feel. It's okay to vent. Your family will be completely understanding, and if you don't think that someone will be, let them hear through the grapevine. You should speak to them with calmness in your voice. You can imagine how some of your family will react, they too will be shocked, and especially if they didn't know that the marriage has problems. You should never tell your family on the phone, in a letter, or on the answer machine. If you don't think you can face someone and tell them, then don't tell them at all. Wait until you have had time to accept it and when you are in a good state of mind. Let the shock happen. Once you have told your family and friends they will begin to ask you questions. You have the right to answer and the right to decline. You don't have to justify anything to them. As for showing your face up to family events, You may want to pull away for a couple months because they are going to be a lot of ignorant people who tell you that they are sorry or comment and if you aren't ready for that it's okay to pull away from certain events, but you can not isolate yourself. It will help you to face your friends and family once you have someone on your side. You may want to tell your sister, your brother, a close friend. This way you will find strength in numbers. The most people to understand your situation, the better you will feel about it When it comes to telling the children, you should do it together. You both should remain calm and just tell the children that you would like to try it apart, but make sure that the children understand that they aren't losing a parent or both. Counseling has helped a lot of people deal with their failing marriage by lending some support. You should discuss some of the arrangements that you need to figure out and how you feel going through the process. Therapy would also be a help when it comes to announcing it to someone who may not understand. You will find courage and strength in the therapy. You may feel uncomfortable announcing your spit, but you need to remember that this is the time that you need to lean on someone. You need to find comfort from your friends and family. How else will you find comfort if you do not tell them; as soon as you are ready you can make a phone and invite some friends or family over and tell them everything. Don't leave anything out. Your friends will validate your feelings and will support you so do not fear their response. Divorce is hard on everyone, but telling the friends and family should not because they love you. They want you to be happy and will be there for you regardless of anything. They are your support system and should be allowed to give you the support that you need.

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3 tips for becoming an outstanding online instructor

Distance Learning is a popular choice for many college students these days. After all, what could be more convenient than taking a college course from the comfort of your home (or dorm … or office …) computer? While distance learning has grown tremendously over the last few years, it is still a relatively new means of instruction. And teaching online requires different skills and expectations than teaching in a classroom. Many faculty members are hesitant to learn these skills. But simply putting a few notes and other materials from a classroom does not make for a very effective online experience. What are the 3 most important skills that you need to be a truly outstanding online teacher? 1) You must communicate frequently with the students. Frequent communication does NOT mean that you must be online every hour of every day. But it does mean that you need to be in contact with students frequently. How frequently? At least every other day. Rather than teaching in 2-4 hour blocks in a single day, like you would with many college classes, spend 15-45 minutes a day answering emails and monitoring your online course. At the end of the week, the time spent teaching online should be similar to the amount of time spent teaching in a classroom. 2) Be organized & be clear Let students know from the beginning exactly what is expected of them. And set the ground rules for the course. Let students know how often you will be online, so they don’t expect an immediate response regardless of the time of day. Explain to students how they will be graded, how quickly they will receive feedback, how they should submit assignments, how they should contact you, etc. The more students know ahead of time, the less time you’ll spend responding to problems. 3) Engage the students in the learning Lecturing and testing are standard in many campus classes (not they there necessarily promote effective learning, but that’s another story!). Teaching online offers the opportunity to reach students in many different ways – projects, discussions, comparing ideas, sharing knowledge with other students. Use as many different ways as possible to engage students, and promote active learning. Without the confines of time that are present in a campus course, and with the ability to share and discuss ideas online, not making good use of these opportunities leads to lost “learning moments”. There is no better way to learn how to teach online than to learn online – so, before you decide to teach online, take an online course yourself. You’ll understand what it is like to learn from a distance, without an instructor standing in front of you. You’ll understand what it is like to have to wait for answers to your questions. And you’ll learn more about how the technology can HELP you teach. You certainly DO NOT need to be a technical expert to teach online. But you should be: • comfortable with the Internet • familiar with sending and receiving email • ready to spend some time setting up your course for the first time • aware that becoming an effective online teacher takes some time (often several courses) • excited about learning a new skill that will help you! Some will say there is no substitute for seeing the student’s faces. Others will realize that many students will flourish because they have more time to prepare thoughtful answers, and won’t be fearful of speaking up in front of a large group. Teaching online can be very exciting, and very rewarding, as long as you are prepared!

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10 steps to save your retirement

Many of the brightest and hardest-working marketing and advertising people in the country are obsessed with getting you to spend money and, if necessary, to go into debt to do so. Absolutely all the media that reach you every day are designed to get you to spend money. In order to save money in this environment, you will need determination to withstand the constant pressures to spend now. What is it that separates those who are successful from those who are not? Successful individuals have a strong personal vision of what they want and why they want it. That vision gives them the strength to stick to their strategies even when doing so is uncomfortable. It gives them the determination to persist when they are discouraged. This is the same characteristic of women entrepreneurs and is the reason their new, small businesses are successful. The 401k Plan Today, the 401(k) plan has become the main investment vehicle for working women to save for retirement. But many don’t take full advantage of their plan, and this could leave them with a lot less at retirement. Here are some steps we believe you can take to improve and eliminate any retirement worries about whether or not your retirement will be pleasurable or public charity; or whether you will have all the free time to spend with your family or friends. 1. Increase your contributions to the maximum that you can manage. Many women contribute just enough to take advantage of their employer’s matching contributions, and then they stop. By adding more to your account, beyond the matching contributions, you’ll end up with more in retirement. 2. Invest at the start of each year instead of taking a little bit out of each paycheck. Nothing in the law says you have to invest in a 401(k) plan a little at a time, from each paycheck. By investing early, you’ll put your money to work sooner for your benefit. 3. A few years ago it was reported that more than 30 percent of the money in 401(k) plans was invested in money-market funds or similar accounts. For investors nearing retirement, that may be appropriate. But most workers in their 40’s and 50’s need growth in their retirement investments. Put more of your investment fund in equities and less in money-market funds. 4. Research indicates that over long periods of time, small-company stocks outperform large-company stocks. Since 1926, In the equity part of your portfolio, shift some of your money into funds that invest in small companies. Don’t put your entire equity portfolio in small-company stocks. But consider investing at least 25 percent of your U. S. equity investments in that fund. 5. Numerous studies have shown that value stocks outperform growth stocks. According to data going back to 1964, large U. S. value companies had a compound rate of return of 15.1 percent vs. only 11.4 percent for large U. S. growth companies. Among small U. S. companies, the difference was even more striking: a compound return of 17.4 percent for the value stocks vs. 12.1 percent for the growth stocks. Don’t put your entire equity portfolio into value stocks. But if there’s a value fund available to you, consider investing at least 25 percent of your U. S. equity investments in that fund. 6.Rebalance your portfolio once a year. Your asset allocation plan calls for a certain percentage to be invested in each of several kinds of assets. Rebalancing restores your asset balance and allows for the possibility that last year’s losers may be this year’s gainers. Diluting your diversification actually increases risk in your portfolio over time, which is a result that’s just the opposite of what most investors want. 7.Without compromising proper asset allocation – use the funds in your plan that have the lowest operating expenses. Choose funds with low turnover in their portfolios. 8. Don’t borrow or make early withdrawals from your 401(k) unless that is the only way to respond to a life-threatening emergency. Furthermore, if you take an early withdrawal before you are 59.5 years old, your withdrawals will be subject to a 10 percent tax penalty (in addition to regular taxes) unless you are disabled. Just don’t do it. 9. If you leave your job, you’ll get a chance to roll over your 401(k) into an IRA. Take that chance. In an IRA, you have the same tax deferral as a 401(k), and you’ll have the flexibility to invest in virtually everything you can get in a 401(k), plus much more. 10. Here’s the most important thing you can do to maximize your 401(k): Keep your contributions automatically payroll deducted, and make them no matter what. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. Half of the households in the United States have net worth of $25,000 or less. In a typical year, about two-thirds of U. S. households do not save money. Remember, to be successful, first, imagine your early retirement; the Caribbean condo, the yacht, the new Lexus. Luxury and pleasure as far as your eyes can see. Create a strong vision, and then don’t let go. The power of a clear, strong vision applies to more than just your retirement savings. Let your vision shape your life, instead of the other way around, and all of the time in the world can be yours. You won’t be spending your Golden Years working at the Golden Arches.

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Data protection and recycling computer hardware

We've been running online computer resale, repair and recycling companies for a number of years and throughout the whole period, the most important (and I can't stress this enough) part of the operation has been the protection of personal and corporate data/ information. This cannot be stressed enough. Everything from replying to emails to surfing the web and recycling/ disposing of your computer exposes you to fraud and identity theft. The most overlooked portion of a computer's life is that of it's disposal and the protection of the data on it's hard drive. Skipping or binning your computer without first thinking about the safety of your personal information is simply crazy. It's like throwing your credit card in the garbage bin without first cutting it up. Using a professional recycling service isn't always the best solution. Similarly, the local municipal recycling center will not be the best place to just take your old computer. You need to treat the hard drive or remove it first. Professional services will ensure your old computer does not end up in landfill, but they usually don't guarantee that your data will be removed. If your used computer ends up on the Ivory coast, it's data will probably be accessed and your personal information stolen. Paying for recycling does give you some surety in that there's a form of contract in place and monies have changed hands for a service, but always check first to ensure that data destruction is included as part of the contract - and always insist on a certificate to say that the hard drive has been wiped or destroyed. Wiping your own data is the best option and software like dBan offers the best and most secure way of doing this. The other option open to you is to remove the hard drive and take a sledge hammer to it. For corporates, computer recycling usually costs money and if it doesn't, the service most certainly involves resale for export, where information may be accessed on other continents - well outside the shores of your parent country and the laws that protect a company's rights. Remember, if in doubt, ask. Look for a level of professionalism and a service from your chosen recycling company designed to ensure client retention.

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Neck pillows what s all the buzz about

They’re invading the homes of consumers everywhere. You see them on the television, hear about them on the radio, read about them in the papers… Stories abound about how they’ve miraculously healed numerous ailments. So what is the real story behind the increasingly popular neck pillows? In reality, it actually comes down to basic science. In grade-school we learned all about the different parts of the body, including our spines. What we didn’t realize back then was how the parts of our bodies affected by the spine would ail us as we grew older. Millions of people sleep with improper spinal support, resulting in a population that suffers from severe neck, back and shoulder pain. This in turn, causes fatigue, irritability, and even depression. Fortunately, the remedy for this malady is simple – getting proper spinal support while we sleep.

A number of sleep and neck pillows have hit the market over the past years, and their increase in popularity isn’t a coincidence. Luckily for neck pillow manufacturers and retailers, word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way. When one person starts talking about an improvement in their physical condition thanks to a product they’ve purchased, everyone else is desperate to try it in hopes that it will relieve their symptoms. Even doctors who know the benefits of neck pillows recommend them to their patients. Even though neck pillows are recommended by health professionals across the globe, it is important to remember that not all neck pillows are created equal. When the popularity of neck pillows began to rise, opportunists began to create cheaper, lesser-quality imitations in hopes of turning a quick profit. As with all things, you get what you pay for. These imitations just don’t provide the support that neck pillows are known for, eliminating the benefit of owning a neck pillow altogether. Knowing how to tell a quality sleep pillow from a cheap imitation is important.

Perhaps the crиme de la crиme of the neck pillows are those made of an innovative visco-elastic material, or in layman’s terms, “memory foam”. These pillows are made from a material that was developed for NASA. Because of their molecular structure, these neck pillows offer unsurpassed support to the head, neck and shoulder region, perfectly aligning the spine and relieving chronic neck, shoulder and back pain in those who use them. When thinking of purchasing a neck pillow, if quality counts, make sure you look into purchasing one made of this cutting-edge material.

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Syncope or sudden fainting

Syncope is a common disorder of temporary loss of consciousness and posture, described as ‘fainting’ or ‘passing out.’ It’s usually related to temporary insufficient blood flow to the brain and annually affects six per cent of elderly persons and accounts for 3 per cent of emergency department visits. Syncope is an important heart problem, is disabling, costly, may cause grievous injury or may be the only initial sign before the sudden cardiac death. Evaluating cause of syncope is difficult as brain, heart or some metabolic abnormality could be responsible for the same. The probable cause of syncope is established in only 75 per cent of cases. The annual cost of evaluating and treating patients with syncope in United States alone is a staggering 800 million dollars. The common faint or Vasovagal Syncope Most of us remember that in our morning school assembly, a student would fall on prolonged standing. On lying flat on the ground he would recover promptly and such episodes were more common during sunny days. This was actually vasovagal syncope or the common faint. This is more common during emotional stress, pain, after a hot shower or in warm environment. It is seen mostly in young women and is more often than not associated with warning symptoms such as nausea, blurred vision or light-headedness. But there are many more forms of syncope, with many causes, apart from the vasovagal syncope. Tilt table testing and other tools The gold standard test for the diagnosis of the common faint is tilt table test. This is a simple non-invasive method for recognition of this condition. Keeping the patient in upright position for 30 to 45 minutes at an angle of about 70 degrees performs this test. The test is done on a special mechanized examination table with safety belts and footrest. Sometimes an additional drug is given to enhance the positivity of the test. The positivity of the test is defined as development of syncope or slow heart rate with drop in blood pressure. The syncope observed is usually reversible on making the table horizontal or after giving additional drugs to the patient. The test is generally performed in a susceptible population where recurrent disabling syncope episodes or a single episode has occurred. But in presence of organic heart disease the test is contraindicated. Other investigating tools for the diagnosis of syncope include careful history taking, holter monitoring, echocardiography, stress testing, signal averaged ECG, event recorder and electro physiology testing. A proper neurological examination completes the appropriate workup for this condition. The Treatment The treatment depends on the cause discovered and may include appropriate patient education, increase in salt intake, discontinuation of an offending drug, starting a new drug, pacemaker or AICD implantation and catheter ablation. The latter modalities are performed in specialized centers and are expensive. Cardiac syncope has a poorer prognosis than other forms of syncope. The one year end pint mortality rate has been shown to be as high as 18-33 per cent. Non-cardiac including vasovagal syncope seems to have no effect on overall mortality rates. Patients with syncope should be instructed not to drive until curative treatment has been done.

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8 real life energy bursting secrets you can use today

Energy – the natural resource in shortest supply, especially for the 100 million Americans who are suffering from chronic or incurable illness. Just thinking of everyone who needs you can sap out what little energy you have left. Maybe you feel like you can’t possibly get it all done. But you know you HAVE to. People depend on you everyday. Your family. Your friends. Your coworkers.

Your clients. Even your pets! To meet the demands of life today, you can’t afford to have your energy depleted. So here are some ways to easily boost those levels right away. 1. Aerocize. I was speaking with a friend yesterday who has Lyme disease. He is so ill he literally cannot exercise. He was depressed. I suggested he go out his door (get as bundled up as necessary) and close the door. Take in deep breaths for 10 minutes. He could not believe how much better he felt. If where you are is smoggy, or if there is no way you can get outside, get an air purifier and you will have the benefits of the negative ions anyway. 3. Exercise is the energy creator. Move your body, no matter how little. If you cannot even move your ankle or wrist joints around in circles, imagine yourself doing it. You know you need it, so why fight it? Take a walk, even if it is winter. If you can't walk outside, walk in a mall. Stretch. Elongate those tight muscles. Dance! Put on your favorite music and move around (again if you cannot move even minimally imagine yourself doing this.) It feels so good. If you’re bedridden or for some other reason can’t exercise today, at least visualize doing it in your mind. You all know the story of the P. O.W. from Vietnam who was imprisoned for 8 years, never exercising. Every day he visualized playing golf, stroke by stroke. The day he got home he got the best score in golf in his life. The bottom line is we are meant to exercise. The nervous and endocrine systems need stimulation to release endorphins (those feel-good, energy enhancing chemicals). 4. Pump up your energy in your attitude. Think of life as a school. When you quit learning, you begin dying. Open your mind; learn something new every day. Make it a game! Write down your new find in a spiral notebook – nothing fancy. It’s fun to look back and see how much more knowledge you’ve captured over time. 5. Clutter – The silent Energy Sucker. You’ve heard it before – what’s on the outside is a reflection of what’s on the inside. Surrounded by clutter? It has a real physical effect on your energy levels. Don’t worry. I’m not going to ask you to clean out your garage or over-stuffed closet all at once. Set a timer and just take 15 minutes a day to de-clutter your space. It’s all about baby steps. 6. What goes in shows on the outside. Keep your water intake high. Studies show lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue. In fact, a mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page. Thirsty yet? 7. Let it go. There is a direct relationship between buried anger and your energy levels. Holding onto a grudy or not moving on in your life hurts you more than it hurts anyone else. It only helps you physically and energetically to acknowledge that people have their limitations. If you were hurt, you don’t have to trust that person again. Ritualize it instead! Write his or her name on a piece of paper. Pour all of your painful thoughts into that paper. Now destroy it. Burn it. Drown it. Rip it up. Don’t you feel better? Forgiving and letting go is a selfish act you do to make yourself feel better. Be a little selfish! 8. Money can’t buy you happiness. But most people refuse to believe it. If you find you are doing things you find unpleasant just for a paycheck, you can be assured your energy is depleted. If you dislike your job or if you have not been able to work because of your condition, try this exercise. Scan the newspaper for 10 jobs in 4 different fields you could do. These don’t have to be jobs you WANT to do. Just ones that you COULD do. This exercise is meant to teach flexibility. It reframes you in a light you don’t normally see yourself. With this expansion of possibility, you’ll feel less trapped. More hopeful. More energized! Once you see something you might like to do ask friends if they know of a way to do this in the amount of time you have. There is a map to wellness. Other people have trod the path and gotten well. A Quantum Reach was created to give you the tools you need to recover your health, no matter the cause. If medical doctors have not helped you so far, there are other answers. Read Diagnosis Unknown by Randy Smith. Don’t fool yourself into thinking these tiny things won’t make a difference. Each little step you make will help your body in powerful ways. These suggestions are just a beginning to discovering more energy in your life. Author, seminar leader and chiropractor, Charlotte Anthony is the CEO of A Quantum Reach, a revolutionary company founded to put the heart into health care, one person at a time.. A Quantum Reach seeks to create better healthcare outcomes. Our focus is on empowering patients to become personally involved with their care by listening to their intuition, partnering with their doctors and raising their own energy levels. A Quantum Reach shares information on the healing process through traditional books, e-books, articles, and reports. It is also the parent company of the renowned Vital Transformations seminar series. For more information, visit http:// a-quantum-reach. com Stay dialed in – sign up for our monthly e-zine while you’re there and receive your free copy of 101 Ways to Increase Your Energy Now by Charlotte Anthony..

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The illogical puppet of iran any chance of getting the little guy a better script

First, we learned to say and spell the puppet’s name: Armadinejad. Not exactly Smith. Then we watched him perform upon a crafty mullah’s knee. We have been patient, like any fair-minded audience, but the more we listen, the more we realize that the puppet has a script that just doesn’t make sense. He raises one hand and, without the mullah appearing to move his own lips, practiced ventriloquist that he is, little Armadinejad threatens to “wipe Israel off the map” and blusters against anyone in the audience we disagrees with his absurdly unachievable goal. No sooner does he do that than he raises his other hand and announces that he has the right to nuclear technology but only for peaceful purposes. The audience is finally beginning to lose patience with the nonsensical but dangerous show.

Some members of the audience have become so alarmed that they’re stamping their feet and demanding a new script. A few have even said if they don’t get one they may decide to knock down the little puppet’s playhouse. Poor little Armadinejad. We certainly wouldn’t want such a tragic thing to happen to him and just because he hasn’t been given a good script. In fact, all he can say back to the threatening audience are dares based on fragmented variations of his nation’s name, as in “I ran? You ran? Who ran?” So we must turn to the troupe of turbaned puppeteers who have provided the script. We assume that they’re allowing his illogical performance to continue because they think the survival of their anachronistic theocracy depends on demonizing the West and thereby distancing their own people from the truly beneficently revolutionary ideas that would upend their rule, generally, enlightenment, freedom, democracy, and a hot nightlife, where men and women actually go out together. And little Armadinejad is, with consistently provocative bravado, doing an extraordinary job for them. We can understand their urgency. They’re living in a world that has, especially in the West, managed largely to emerge from the overhang of The Dark Ages. Yet the dominion they have imposed over their people depends on the tenuous preservation of a medieval mindset. Meanwhile, their darksome enclave is being continually and very annoyingly impinged upon by unwelcome flashes of modernity, such as the sometimes substantial content of the Internet, the frivolous baubles of the Hollywood road show, and the general conduct of free nations. We assume that the puppeteers are, in fact, so pleased by the puppet’s performance that they have decided the he’s doing just fine with an illogical script. Are they concerned about the most explosive consequences? To a degree, of course. But we also suspect that their excessively life-negating belief that they’ll all be in Paradise if they do manage to self-ignite the nation is exerting its risky subliminal influence. Since distance makes the mullah’s feel more secure, what, we must ask, is the likelihood that they will provide a new script for the little guy and perhaps cancel his appearances until they do? Knowing the depth of their anxiety, we cannot be overly expectant. So we turn to the people who finally put up and have agreed to maintain the show, the Iranian people. Since they have been under the dominion of darkness for decades, and are now inspirited to feel that their pride is confounded with the puppet’s blustery bravado, what hope is there that they will demand a new script or close the show? Are we just telling ourselves a fairytale by hoping that someone in the terrifyingly mismanaged nation will take over the show before the provocative puppet provokes the audience so much they do bring the house down? If the past is prologue, of course, we are. And what a sad outcome for ourselves, for Iranians in general, and even for the ill-fated puppet and his intensely paranoid puppeteers.

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Latex foam and memory foam mattress ideas

Have you ever considered a latex foam or memory foam mattress? There is a great percentage of our population, probably more than 50% of people, who are somewhat afraid of change when it comes down to certain life issues. People have been sleeping on spring mattresses now, for centuries, and there is nothing wrong with that. Don't get us wrong, spring mattresses have come a long long way, and most of them are extremely comfortable, but there are arguably far superior alternatives such as a foam, memory foam or latex foam mattress. If you suffer from back problems, sleep disorders, you toss and turn or you just want a fantastic night's sleep every night, a memory foam mattress or a latex foam mattress may be just what you need. Those are just two examples of mattresses made of foam available to you. If you are unfamiliar with a latex foam or memory foam mattress, as most people are, here's a little basic information as to what they actually are, and what makes them different from a spring mattress. One thing that should be clear is that there are several types. One type is the memory foam mattress, which is a polyurethane foam that is both pressure and temperature sensitive, and has the ability to form to the contour of your body and slowly return to its initial form. Another type is the latex foam mattress, which is made with the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis, which is a rubber tree. We won't get too far into this, but this type of mattress has many qualities very similar to the memory foam, and it also has many hypoallergenic qualities. These sleep systems are great for your body, spreading evenly underneath you causing absolutely no pressure points while you sleep deeply. Before you go out and buy one of these memory foam or latex foam mattresses, make sure to try a few of them out, and try not to fall asleep in the store. Buying a new sleep system can be a big investment with many advantages, so you should be alert and pay attention. Don't be afraid to ask the salesperson questions, such as the different categories of polyurethane foam and the difference that could make for you. Foam density levels also make a difference, so it's mostly a matter of trying as many out as you can, and finding which one most appeals to you. One thing you should ba aware of is that once you own your latex foam or memory foam mattress, you will not want to sleep anywhere else but at home, so spoil yourself if you will, but please don't say we didn't warn you. Here's to a better night's sleep.

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