Autistic forms of teaching and tolerance

Autistic Forms of Teaching and Tolerance Understanding how autistic children learn is key to teaching them with the same intensity as you teach other children. This may seem like a straightforward idea, but autistic children learn so differently that understanding autism itself is a must when you teach autistic children. By becoming educated in the disorder, teachers can effectively learn to deal with autistic children and adults both in and out of the classroom, creating a more understanding world for everyone Autistic children are often visual thinkers. Thus teaching by speaking will not be entirely effective. Teachers should combine pictures with words for the autistic child to fully comprehend the lesson. For instance, if you are teaching about the animals of the world, you should have a flash card with the word "mouse," say the word aloud slowly and clearly, and show the child a picture of a mouse. Perhaps even bring a live mouse in for show and tell. Nouns may be easier to teach autistic children since verbs require action and can be more difficult in illustrating. If you are teaching autistic children words such as "sit" or "stand," you should complete these actions when you teach the word. Also, because of the tendency to be visual, autistic children are often unable to follow long sentences. They cannot decipher the sequence and become confused. Thus, writing instructions can be very helpful when proctoring tests or quizzes. As visual thinkers, autistic children can often fixate on a particular object or picture. If this is the case, try incorporating that object or picture into lesson plans. If the child likes planes, try using planes for visuals wherever you can in the lesson. For example, when teaching math, create word problems about planes to interest the child. Autistic children also tend to be artistic or musical, producing highly original drawings and showing above average abilities with instruments or voice. Set aside time in the day for the arts and encourage activities that the children enjoy. Autistic children may also have trouble writing because of the control over their hands and movement. This is frustrating for both the child and the teacher. To reduce frustration, allow the child to use a computer. If you can do this, make sure that the keyboard and monitor are close together as the child may have difficulty remembering what he or she has typed recently. By being open to teaching an autistic child to the best of your ability, you are not only giving him or her the best opportunities in life, but you are also being a good role model to the other children in the class. Do not allow an autistic child to ruin the learning experience for others, but rather incorporate his or her oddities into your lessons as much as possible. Creating a more prejudice-free classroom is the best gift you can give this child.

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Should cars have high end audio cables

For years it has been well understood in home audio that cables can have a tremendous impact on a sound system, both good and bad. Choose the right cables and you can expect a system to come to life. Choose poorly designed cables, and you may forever be wondering why you can’t get your system to come to life. Car audio however, has been a different story. While many companies still offer coaxial interconnect cables, most have come to realize that the basic twisted pair design offers far better noise rejection in a vehicle. And then… Nothing. That’s it. Innovation seems to have hit a brick wall at the shielded twisted pair interconnect in car audio. This begs the question; Should Cars Have High End Audio Cables? To begin with, let’s briefly go back to home audio.

After many years of fighting an uphill battle, the idea that cables make a difference has become a mainstream ideology amongst audiophiles. But it isn’t just audiophiles who can hear the difference. In fact, in our own testing, the differences can be heard by just about anybody, even on very modest audio systems. It just takes a willingness to discard any preconceived notions and actually listen to some music. So, if cables make a difference in home audio, is there a reason why it shouldn’t matter in car audio? The quick answer is no. The following outlines some of the reasons why cables matter just as much, if not more, in car audio. - Cable Length – Longer Cables Generally Do More Sonic Damage Many people are under the impression that car audio uses shorter cables than home audio, and therefore does not need to bother with high fidelity cables. This is completely incorrect. While the typical interconnect length in a home audio system is about 1 meter, vehicles will frequently use 5 or 6 meter interconnects to put amplifiers in the trunk. In terms of speaker cables, car audio almost always uses cables longer than the 6-8 feet used in most home audio setups. - Environment – Cables Are Affected By Their Environment Vehicles represent a far more challenging environment for cables than home audio systems. Two typical sources of noise in cables are Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). In vehicles, the entire chassis is frequently used as the ground return path. This allows noise from car components such as the alternator to be inducted into the audio cables via EMI. In terms of RFI, unless proper shielding is used, the longer cables in cars will act as antennas and pull in more noise. A third source of noise in a vehicle is vibration. This is of course far worse in a vehicle than in a home system. Pear Cable is the first company to bring out a car audio cable that virtually eliminates the noise caused by cable vibration. The TRIBODeadФ technology present in the Comice Silver Interconnect is an electrically conductive plastic layer that prevents static electrical charges, caused by vibration, from building up in the cable. - Is Quality Sound Just for Home Audio or does it have a Place in Car Audio Too? Some people feel that a car audio sound system will never be as good as a home audio system, and therefore high fidelity cables are a waste of money in a car. This is a faulty conclusion. The experience of listening to music in your vehicle while driving down the highway is unique and cannot be replicated in the home audio environment. The bottom line here is that many people spend more time listening to their car audio system than their home system, and they want it to be the best that it can be. The characteristics of bad audio cables (listening fatigue, poor realism, overly bright treble, or general noise) will all still be audible in a car audio system. Just like home audio, the wrong cables in your vehicle will kill the listening experience. At the end of the day, many people want quality sound in their vehicles. If you are installing an aftermarket system in your vehicle and you care about sound quality, you need to care about cables. If you are only interested in having the loudest car, without regards to accuracy, then high fidelity audio cables probably aren’t for you. Otherwise, it simply doesn’t make sense to shell out good money on amplifiers and speakers, only to hook it all up with mediocre wire. Car audio enthusiasts are every bit as serious as home audio enthusiasts, and now there is finally a cable company that is serious about serving their needs. Adam Blake Pear Cable, Inc.

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Gm extended warranty whats in it

An extended warranty is a contract between you and a service provider. Many people purchase extended auto warranties to shield themselves against the costs resulting from mechanical breakdown or failure to their vehicle. The extent of coverage, benefits, and terms of payment are particular to each individual contract. An auto extended warranty give you're the right level of coverage. Although the main advantage of obtaining a car warranty is to avoid high costs of automobile repairs, many plans come with additional benefits. You can buy warranties that are specific to the manufacturers. For example, you can buy a GM extended warranty. All GM cars and trucks have a full manufacturer’s warranty for a term of 3 years and 36,000 Miles. The GM Warranty is transferable at no cost to an unlimited number of owners.

Roadside assistance is also provided during the basic warranty period. If you want more protection than this, you can get a GM extended warranty that covers your vehicle after the manufacturer’s full warranty ends up to 100,000 miles if you choose. A GM extended warranty covers almost every major component on the vehicle. Usually, a GM extended warranty will also include roadside assistance and rental vehicles. Another feature on a GM extended warranty is that it begins the day you purchase it, not from the original in-service date.

This means you get use of the GM extended warranty for the full term represented. A GM extended warranty can be used at any GM dealership or licensed repair garage. A GM extended warranty provides you with comprehensive coverage that gives you the peace-of-mind when driving a GM. You don’t have to worry about your GM vehicle if your original warranty is up. Say you are driving your GM for four years, it overheats, and your original, 3-year warranty is up. If you have a GM extended warranty, it’s not a problem! Just take your vehicle to a GM dealer or a GM-licensed repair garage, and your car will be worked on and fixed under warranty.

The small cost for this added benefit is nothing compared to the peace-of-mind you will have knowing your vehicle is covered.

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Paid surveys outline and review

: There are many companies searching for people to get their opinions to help improve on products and services. A survey is a means to gather opinions and receive more information about a certain product, service or just basic information about a group of people. For example, a company can conduct a survey to gain a better profile of their customers - their gender, age, occupation, incomes and so on. Most surveys take from 5 to 15 minuets to take. Another example is the common surveys for usability of certain products - in this case, customers are asked questions about the product that will help the company to improve it. Government & Agencies… In certain occasions, the government or another agency will perform a survey in order to receive the opinion of the nation about specific question. Surveys can also be performed by statistic agencies to gather statistic data (when there are elections coming for example). A common way of gathering people's opinion nowadays is the paid survey. In this case, people are paid to participate in a survey.

The company who needs the information can conduct a paid survey or a third party that is doing it on behalf of different companies can conduct it. Paid surveys can bring you extra income. Payments vary among different surveys - you can be paid from $10 to $200 for completing a single survey, or participating in an online focus group. In general, the remuneration depends on the survey type and its length. If we assume you complete five paid surveys per month of an average of $50 you can see that you have made $250 quite easily. Well, if you're like me, it sounds interesting and tempting so far. Now you are asking yourself, how do I get into this paid surveys thing? The quickest and easiest way is to search the internet.

You will quickly find hundreds of web sites offering paid surveys. However, do not jump at the first offer. Check each site carefully to see if it is genuine. Unfortunately, there are many fake companies offering paid surveys and later you may discover that there are no payments at all. You should first look if the site looks credible, if it shows a contact address and phone number, are there testimonials from other people participating in their program. Some sites may ask you to pay a set up fee upon registration. It is an application fee for your enrolment in the site's database.

It may sound fair enough for you however, this is the easiest way to be fooled - they can just take the money and forget about sending you surveys. Find discussion groups or forums dedicated to paid surveys - you will not only find the best sites for paid surveys but you will see peoples recommendations and suggestions about how to make the most out of this opportunity. Finally be very careful to whom you are disclosing your personal information. While some paid surveys are genuine and conducted with research purposes, others might be used for unsolicited mail shots or email spam.

Call the web site and ask for explanation to see what kind of personal information you will have to give them and how it will be used. This is always a good idea before you commit yourself. I will be posting several reviews over the next few months on various sites. Come back from time to time and check. You can find a link at the top of this site for a paid survey site that has had proven success. Feel free to visit all of my sites Paid Surveys and Online Surveys

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How can i tell the differences between all of the home loans on offer

There are literally hundreds of home loans available but lets just look at the three main categories. There are the Purchase Home Loans, where you are looking at buying a new home. You have the Refinance Home Loans where you could already be in a home but want to find a better deal. And you have the Home Equity Home Loans, where you want to tap into the equity you have sitting in your home that you can use for something else. Some things to think about when looking at home loans is the amount you want to borrow, the amount of monthly your repayments, whether you have good credit or bad credit history? Do you want an interest only home loan? What about being self-employed? You might need one of the no doc/low doc home loans? Here’s a list of the types of home loans available but you’re best off getting more advice on them to understand them all completely.

Fixed - Rate Mortgages, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Two-Step Mortgage, Convertible adjustable-rate mortgages, Balloon Loans, Graduated Payment Mortgages, Reduced down payment loans, Buy down Loans, Bridge Loans. The information in your credit history helps mortgage lenders decide how much credit and what interest rate you are eligible for, and then match it to a bad credit home loan. The better your credit history, the more likely you are to qualify for the best credit deals. The first step is to understand if you are considered a credit risk. Most lenders will consider you a higher credit risk only if your credit report states that you have more late and slow payments than what is shown below: Revolving credit (i. e. credit cards): No payments 60 days or more past due and no more than two payments 30 days past due. Installment credit (i. e. car loans): No payments 60 days or more past due and no more than one payment 30 days past due. Housing debt (i. e. mortgages and rent): No payments past due. This can be proven by providing (borrower's) canceled checks for the past 12 months or a loan payment history from the mortgage service. OK, so you have bad credit, but how bad is it? The very first step to obtaining a bad credit home loan is to obtain a credit report, along with your credit scores. There are 3 main credit reporting agencies used by the mortgage Industry and they too will usually pull a credit report. Then the credit score contained within the credit report is used to determine your credit worthiness. And all this will determine which of the bad credit home loan products would suit you.

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Pay attention to trademarks and copyrights

So you've put all this work into your business: you've got a name, you've made some marketing materials, even written some things for your customers. If you don't want your competitors to be able to take what you've done and exploit it, though, you're going to need to take some steps to protect yourself. What's in a Name? Your name is one of the most important assets your business has -- it's how your customers identify you. Knowing your name is the first step to trusting you and recommending you to others. But what can you do if you're afraid that someone else might start using your name, or simply start another company with a similar enough name to confuse people? The answer is that you can register a trademark. A trademark is a word or logo that distinguishes one thing from another, and you have the right to register any names or logos your business uses, in order to stop other people from using them.

Coca-Cola, for example, is a trademark of the Coca-Cola Company -- if I start selling my own drink and calling it 'Coca-Cola', or even something like 'Cocoa-Cooler', then they have grounds to sue me. Making Your Mark. You can trademark both your business' name as well as the names of any products you sell. The only condition is that they can't be too similar to names that someone has already trademarked, and you can't usually trademark words that are in common use. It costs a few hundred dollars to register a trademark, and you can do it through the patent office. It can be a waste of money to trademark too many words, so you should only bother with it if you think one of your names could be threatened by competitors. Once you get your trademark, it's yours -- you can do whatever you want with it, including giving others permission to use it or selling it to them. Remember, though, that your trademark usually only applies in the country where you registered it -- you will not usually be protected from competition where foreign businesses are using your trademark. Also, your right to use the trademark will only last for a set number of years (usually a decade from the date of registration). After this time, you will have to pay again to renew it. Don't Copy Me. Copyrights are similar to trademarks in terms of the kind of protection they offer, but different in how they work. In almost all countries, ownership of copyright is automatic, and costs nothing. The moment you write (or draw, or record) something, you own the copyright on it, and can take action against anyone who makes a copy of it without your permission. This article you're reading right now, for example, has the automatic copyright. If you decided to copy it without permission and put it on your own website, then that would be illegal. Not that you would do such a thing, of course. It is possible to own the copyright on almost anything that exists but isn't physical: music, graphics, writing, computer programs, and so on. It does not, however, cover physical things (that's patents), nor does it cover names (that's trademarks). A copyright lasts longer than a trademark: typically it lasts until you die, and then a set number of years after that, depending on your country and the kind of thing that was copyrighted. After the end of this time, the work becomes 'public domain', free for anyone to use. Of course, copyright is a right, not something that you absolutely must go along with. If you want to give people permission to freely use and redistribute something you've made, then you have the legal right to do this. You can even give up your copyright on a piece of work altogether, simply by writing on it that you no longer want to own the copyright. Since you're in business, though, the chances are that you'll want more protection for your materials, not less. Look into registering your copyright at the patent office, as doing this will give you an even stronger case if you ever need to use it.

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Making money the old fashioned way or what

So, what's the big deal? What's everyone talking about these days on how to make money of the Internet? If you are a webmaster or a web site developer, the answers to these two questions may get you heading in the right general direction, but there is much more to it than this. It's one thing to know the "what," though product selection is important, yet an entirely different issue to look honestly at yourself for the "who." Long gone are the days on the Internet where you could pick up a product from a supplier or wholesaler who did not have a presence on the Internet to sell their products. These days, virtually all companies, literally selling any and every type of product imaginable, have some form of web presence, from limited to grand-scale. Even the "mom and pop shops" do regular business on eBay...and are making a LOT of money. This has given rise to the advent of what I term "the easy Internet." Just about everyone is eeking out some form of subsistence on the Internet by pitching this or selling that. This dilution of opportunities has made making money on the Internet a little more difficult for one just starting out. Making money, and LOTS of it is still very "do-able." Take heart, press forward because the answer may be in front of your eyes...right now! Not just in front of your eyes, but, more importantly, behind them as well. I am surprised at the number of people who are seemingly "satisfied" working their 8 hour days for a small percentage of what they are really worth in financial terms. I call this the "matrix mentality." In this view, we are born for a specific career purpose that is controlled by someone other than ourselves, and we accept this "purpose" and live our lives according to some list of expectations that are placed upon us. We remain, as it were, in the box, contained, pre-destined, dry...and then one day, some of us wake up to who we really are and begin developing some basic financial goals and seeing what our own personal earnings potential might be. Worth, in this case, may be summarized as follows: Worth, financially speaking, is the amount of earnings potential that resides within you given your unique set of interests, skills, and abilities, regardless of what you believe about yourself, whether from internal or external sources, from past to present. There is not a day that goes by that this idea does not challenge me to accomplish even greater things with my online businesses. A consideration of personal "worth," aside from sounding insincere and crass, and notwithstanding one's personality and humanity, confronts the very core values of both the intellect and motivation. Truly, it does! Much has been written about this topic in recent years, so without digressing too much, this writer leaves the heady research and resulting capitulation to the self-proclaimed experts, their ghost writers and assistants. The core values of intellect and motivation guide us through our daily lives. To prove this, ask yourself a few of the following questions and physically journal your answers. Who am I in my career? Do I have a career purpose? What is my career purpose? Am I discontent with my present earnings? Am I committed to doing what is necessary to obtain a better career with better earning's potential? Am I willing to commit to changing my career path to make better money? What product or service do I already know about that could be an idea with which to make money? Through this simple exercise, you may learn volumes about yourself. The answers, for many of you, may not be easy. You may even be tempted to respond to them with a matrix mentality. I encourage you to spend some time with this exercise to determine what is important to you and/or to awaken at least a small desire to have better understanding about who you are and what direction you may want to consider on your path to higher earnings. So, where should you go from this moment? By the fact that you are reading this article, there is at least some desire for you to better yourself and your earnings. If the answer(s) for you were "easy," you would already have something implemented. Right? Before picking a product, take some time out to determine who you are and how your earnings potential can be influenced by a proper understanding in this area.

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Why should i train for a microsoft certification

Microsoft certification is a vast combination of rich and varied spectrum of job and responsibilities. To successfully perform the critical IT function we should earn a specific credential providing objective validity of the ability. One of the most effective ways to reach a long-term career goal, which is even embraced by industry professionals worldwide, is Microsoft certification. Advancing with long-term career goals Microsoft certification has helped countless IT professionals work more effectively. Individuals have started quoting their valuable experiences during the Microsoft certification course on the websites available. The professionals of Microsoft certification course are very different from the IT counterparts. They not only keep on fighting the challenges of IT field but also have keep themselves a step ahead from them by developing and improving their skills. These certification processes gives one a kind of knowledge to know how to get recognized in any field.

The professionals of Microsoft certification are called at the Microsoft certified professionals or MCP. For the this Microsoft certification they have to pass current Microsoft certification exam which will proved a reliable and valid measure of professional and technical expertise. The validity of a current exam is only considered and not which is retired. Microsoft certification exams reflect how Microsoft products are used in the organization. Microsoft certification exams are developed from the inputs received from the IT industry professionals.

The independent testing organizations administer these exams. There is one very big reason why IT professionals and developers become Microsoft certified professionals is that they all know that their clients, peers, employees and the IT industry shall acknowledge their expertise in working with the Microsoft products and technologies. There are various steps towards obtaining Microsoft certification. Firstly, one should decide which Microsoft certification is correct for the person. As Microsoft offers a vast variety of professions within the IT industry one should understand which course would be the best for him. One should also get handy with the Microsoft products, which can be done only after working in the IT industry. Experience should be expanded with training by taking advantage of the training resources. For obtaining Microsoft certification, it is also better to know what to expect in the exam. Previous question papers or taking consultation from those who have appeared or cleared the test is always a good choice.

Taking helps from the help guides for Microsoft certification exams is also an added advantage. These help provide guidelines and suggestions to the person appearing for the exam. It is also suggested to take trial tests before appearing for the final exam. The test center should be selected from the worldwide locations. Also certain details like area of study, testing program and region etc should be mentioned. Even after polishing our skills set Microsoft certification provides other specific advantages. They are like the recognition of our knowledge and proficiency in the industry.

One can also be accessed as MCP member on the websites and can obtain various offers and discounts on products and services. One can also get career information and simultaneously get invitations to conferences, special events and training sessions. A Microsoft certification shows technical leadership over other peers as well as ability to successfully implement Microsoft business solutions for any organizations or clients.

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Uncovering the gmc canyon

: The available trim levels for the GMC Canyon range from the Work Truck to the SLE 3. It sports two doors and has the capacity to take in a maximum of three passengers in its cabin. It is a compact pickup. During its introduction, this vehicle has been made available with a standard 2.8 liter I4 engine that could produce some 175 horsepower and could achieve 20 mpg in the city as well as some 27 mpg during highway driving. Made standard is a four speed automatic transmission system with overdrive. For 2006, the GMC Canyon comes with updates and changes. These changes include an addition of a passenger sensing air bag system. The list also includes a ZQ 8 Sport Suspension package, as well as the SLT Package.

The GMC Canyon’s traction control also includes a new locking differential. The previous OnStar system found in earlier models had already been updated for now, this system provides a hands-free capability. Added to its choice of colors is the new superior blue metallic exterior paint. There also are changes in engine options that now includes a 2.8 liter 175 horsepower in line four cylinder engine, a 220 horsepower 3.5 liter in line five cylinder engine. The rest of the features for the GMC Canyon include a fleetside body, power front disc brakes, an F & R anti lock braking system, air conditioning, a digital clock with radio, two cup holders, power door locks, a driver’s information center, a keyless remote control entry system, an automatic headlamp control, two power outlets, power windows, a four wheel drive drivetrain, a 100 amp alternator, a 4.10 axle ratio, an HD 690 cca battery, a 19.0 gallon cap fuel tank, a tachometer, an electronic Insta-Trac transfer case, chrome F & R bumpers with rear step, a front underbody shield skid plate, small F & R wheel flares, carpeting, a floor console with storage, rubber F & R floor mats, a steering wheel wrapped in leather, daytime running lights, an RH visor vanity mirror, dual power mirrors, a dual front air bag restraint system, intermittent W/S wipers, deluxe cloth seat trims, a flat fold rear seat, bucket seats, an AM/FM stereo with CD and MP3, a power steering, and aluminum wheels.

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Digital terminology

Digital Camera Terms To Know It helps when learning to use your new digital camera to also know what some of the more common terms mean. Below you will find many of these common terms defined.. Automatic Mode — A setting that sets the focus, exposure and white-balance automatically. Burst Mode or Continuous Capture Mode — a series of pictures taken one after another at quickly timed intervals with one press of the shutter button. Compression — The process of compacting digital data, images and text by deleting selected information. Digital Zoom — Cropping and magnifying the center part of an image. JPEG — The predominant format used for image compression in digital cameras Lag Time — The pause between the time the shutter button is pressed and when the camera actually captures the image LCD — (Liquid-Crystal Display) is a small screen on a digital camera for viewing images. Lens — A circular and transparent glass or plastic piece that has the function of collecting light and focusing it on the sensor to capture the image. Megabyte — (MB) Measures 1024 Kilobytes, and refers to the amount of information in a file, or how much information can be contained on a Memory Card, Hard Drive or Disk. Pixels — Tiny units of color that make up digital pictures. Pixels also measure digital resolution. One million pixels adds up to one mega-pixel. RGB — Refers to Red, Green, Blue colors used on computers to create all other colors. Resolution — Camera resolution describes the number of pixels used to create the image, which determines the amount of detail a camera can capture. The more pixels a camera has, the more detail it can register and the larger the picture can be printed. Storage Card — The removable storage device which holds images taken with the camera, comparable to film, but much smaller. Also called a digital camera memory card... Viewfinder — The optical "window" to look through to compose the scene. White Balance — White balancing adjusts the camera to compensate for the type of light (daylight, fluorescent, incandescent, etc.,) or lighting conditions in the scene so it will look normal to the human eye.

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You will find yourself receiving thousand ofreplies and you can be sure these independent salesman will do aterrific job of selling for you, as they make money oncommissions only. Another way is to contact "Wagon Jobbers"A wagon jobbers is someone who takes any number of products fromdifferent jobbers or manufactures, puts them in the truck orstation wagon and travel along his "route" selling to people whomhe knows will buy from him because they are his customers. They are excellent salesman, and when given a decent commission, can do a terrific job of selling your products. The best way to contact them is to rent a "wagon Jobber" mailinglist from a mailing broker, and then write a detailed letterdescribing the product you want to sell and what kind offinancial arrangement or commissions you are offering. The more people you get to sell, the larger your profits will be. 02EпаСhБJchБJcCJOJQJaJhБJchБJcCJOJQJaJhБJchБJc5ЃCJOJQJaJ12n†‡Й L M N ` u Љ ” Є И Я ш щ 4 s і о /fээхххххххххххххххххххххххххх$a$gdБJcEюfxyЈд!cћџаRЏИяBEчччччччччччччччччч$a$gdБJc';0APBP°Р/ °а=!°"°#ђ $ђ %°њH@сяHNormal5$7$8$9DH$_HmH sH tH DA@тяЎDDefault Paragraph FontVi@уяіVTable Normal :Vц4Ц4Ц laц(k@фяБ(No ListE>=яяяя12n†‡ЙLMN`uЉ” ЄИЯшщ4sіо/fxyЈд!cћџаRЏИяBG?0?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ Ђ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ ЂEfE E р8р@сяяяЂЂЂчр’рр0р( р ррB рSрїЛя ?ряя»л`#МOјл`#$Й~Ѕл`#tdЦѕл`#йСїл`#мј…Ал`#јжБл`#мљЂВл`#D—Гл`#¬'СДл`#Dµ~Ел`#њЖл`#ДQ†ccxxЃ„ЛЛввптG ttѓ‰‰ЮЮнсччG 9*Ђurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsЂStateЂ9 *Ђurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsЂplaceЂ8 *Ђurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsЂCityЂ;*Ђurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsЂaddressЂ:*Ђurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsЂStreetЂ>*Ђurn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags ЂPostalCodeЂ Gn…fwаG3333GGяя еэ"&БJc†fBGя@hp psc 1200 seriesNe02:winspoolhp psc 1200 serieshp psc 1200 seriesseries,Local!@ЬmЯЂBѓe‡€€RLdArial8ВtBѓe‡МЪєМЪє\REMShp psc 1200 series,LocalOnly,DrvConverthp psc 1200 seriesseries,Local!@ЬmЯЂBѓe‡€€RLdArial8ВtBѓe‡МЪєМЪє\REMShp psc 1200 series,LocalOnly,DrvConvertЂ?[к\Eа@яяUnknownяяяяяяяяяяяяGђ‡z ЂяTimes New Roman5ђЂSymbol3&ђ‡z ЂяArialC MS Sans SerifБР $§F $§FпVпV!„ҐАxxЂ24BB3ѓ„яЯH(ая?дяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяБJcяя0HAVE 5,000 PEOPLE MARKET YOUR PRODUCT IN 30 DAYS юяа…џтщOh«‘+'іЩ0x€ђМШдр 4@LX`hpд1HAVE 5,000 PEOPLE MARKET YOUR PRODUCT IN 30 DAYS.0AVE VEVENormal0 rm2rmMicrosoft Word 10.0@FГ#@T1щѕџЖ@T1щѕџЖпVюяХНХњ.“—+,щ®0hp|„Њ”њ¤¬ґјщд 5BA 1HAVE 5,000 PEOPLE MARKET YOUR PRODUCT IN 30 DAYSTitle юяяяюяяя !"#$%юяяя'()*+,-юяяяэяяя0юяяяюяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяRoot Entryяяяяяяяя АF@&ХїџЖ2Ђ1Tableяяяяяяяяn!WordDocumentяяяяяяяя)SummaryInformation(яяяяDocumentSummaryInformation8яяяяяяяяяяяя&CompObjяяяяяяяяяяяяjяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюя яяяя АFMicrosoft Word Document MSWordDocWord. Document.8ф9Іq

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How to deal with muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are temporary contractions of the muscles and they usually appear during physical effort. The sensation is similar to the one you have when you feel a strong, involuntary tightening of the muscle group that you can't control any more. There are many causes which bring about cramps, but they happen most often because of insufficient warming up before training. Good and correct warming up has two stages: the general one (cardio), for increasing the body temperature (running, cycling, etc.) and the specific one, during which the main joints and groups of muscles which will be involved in training are warmed up. It is enough not to give, from different reasons (rush, superficiality, ignorance), the necessary time or importance to one of these stages, and cramps can become a current phenomenon. As important as warming up is the relaxation stage after the training.

This has, like warming up, two stages: a dynamic one (aerobic) and a static one (stretching). It is meant to 'calm down' the body and to eliminate the muscular tension and the catabolic products resulted from the training. Lack of relaxation can slow down the process of recovery of the body, having often as result cramps during the next training and sometimes even during repose. Cramps may also appear because of electrolytic misbalance, which can result from massively losing electrolytes through abundant perspiration. Recovering hydro-electrolytic balance is a priority and it can be realized through balanced and varied nourishment, rich in vegetables and fruit and completed periodically with nutritional supplements, poly-minerals and poly-vitamins. When muscular cramps appear during training, the first thing you must do is stop the effort which produced the cramps. Massaging the affected zone is a good idea. This will intensify blood circulation in that group of muscles and will remove faster the catabolic products resulted from the training.

It is also the moment for light stretching, from which will benefit not only the affected zone, but also the antagonist muscles. This exercise is meant to put again in place the muscular fibers, in their usual alignment, contributing to the relaxation of the muscles, but also to elongating and making the muscular group affected by cramps more elastic. Another benefic element could be a warm shower, which will contribute to bringing the tensed muscles back to normal through peripheral vascular dilatation. Ignoring the cramps can have as a result more or less grave situations, from muscle tightening to muscular rupture.

Besides the physical effects of the cramps, the sportsman can also be affected psychologically. He will not dare intensify the training any more, being frightened of these casual contractions. He can even become hypochondriac, suspecting any common muscle pain during effort or post-effort to be a symptom of cramps. Experience in sport will provide the best prophylaxis for these situations, the practitioner being able to make the difference between the real situations and the false alarms, contributing, this way, to increasing the effectiveness of the training.

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Gas prices hurricanes and a madman

Did you think the non-inflation adjusted record high in oil and gas prices form hurricane Katrina last September was just a blip on the radar? If you did, you may be in for a very rude awakening. Directly below are some very compelling reasons why this may be the case. In the late seventies and early eighties automobile ownership in China was virtually non-existent. China's roadways, once synonymous with packs of bicycles, are experiencing an explosion of car traffic driven by the nation's ever growing consumer class. Last year, automobile sales in China exceeded 5 million units. China is now the world’s fastest growing auto market. However, even with this recent surge of automobile ownership in China the market remains virtually untapped.

At present, its estimated that significantly less than two percent of China’s population, 1.3 billion people, owns an automobile but with cheaper models and a growing used car market, auto ownership in China is steadily increasing. The oil production decline rate, sometimes referred to as Hubbert’s production curve or peak oil, at several major global oil fields has been considerably steeper than expected. For example, the U. K. has now become a net importer of crude oil and its production is dropping fast. Presently, crude oil production in the U. K. is below 2 million barrels per day and has appeared to reach its absolute peak of 2.9 million barrels in 2000. Shortages of unleaded gas could potentially occur this summer because the U. S. ethanol industry can't keep up with the demand for fuel-grade alcohol to mix with gasoline.

Imports of ethanol could possibly meet demand but are currently subject to a 54-cents-per-gallon tariff. The current standoff between the United States and Iran, OPEC’s no.2 oil producer, over Tehran’s nuclear energy ambitions also applies upward pressure on the crude oil market. Although Iran has claimed in the past they will not use oil as an economic weapon that could change at any moment. Iran recently has officially gone nuclear with the first successful enrichment of Uranium. So the whole Iran situation is tense at best. AccuaWeather has forecasted the 2006 hurricane season, which starts June 1 and runs through December 1, to be more active than normal.

Considering the current fragile status of refining capabilities within the U. S. any potential damage to those facilities from hurricanes this summer could have a dramatic effect on prices. Due to political instability and rising violence in Nigeria, oil companies have suspended the production of over 600,000 barrels per day of crude oil. Don’t expect any quick resolutions to these long-term problems in Nigeria. At present, over 20 percent of Nigerian production remains at a stand still following attacks by militants. Crude oil demand is rising at a very fast pace. At present, it’s increasing around 1.75 million barrels per day. Even with Saudi Arabia's vast crude oil resources the market will be unable to cope without some drastic measures. Furthermore, the water content is rising in the old supergiant oil fields of Saudi Arabia. Referred to as the water cut, there are rumors now circulating that water content is over 50 percent. When it reaches 80 it’s for the most part game over. Of course the water cut is considered a State secret in Saudi Arabia for obvious reasons. Many of the world’s major oil fields are very old and potentially are nearing or have already surpassed their peak in production. There are about 120 oilfields in the world that produce half of the world's crude oil supplies. The top 14 fields, which make up 20 percent of global supply, are over 50 years old. In Saudi Arabia, which contains a quarter of the entire global oil supply, there are only five major fields producing 90 percent of their supply. It was estimated after the Iraq invasion that this area would produce close to 5 million barrels of oil in future. However, plans to develop Iraq’s infrastructure have been scrapped because of relentless insurgent attacks as well as the threat of potential civil war. Although, even with a peaceful Iraq, the two oil fields that comprised about 80% of their crude oil production in the past are in very poor condition. Crude oil prices recently broke out of a long-term bullish symmetrical triangle trend continuation pattern. For those without a working knowledge of technical analysis this is a very common type of trend continuation pattern. All of these points really lead to the potential “perfect storm” in regards to oil pricing. Petroleum is utilized in many of the products we purchase on a daily basis. There are some people that agree with our predictions and believe that we should just turn to alternate sources of fuel. This is a good idea but it is truly logistically impossible to just stop using oil. So how does this affect the ordinary person? The only way one could potentially deal with such potential calamities, as any of these many scenarios will pose, is proper preparation. I am afraid just driving a hybrid will not cut it.

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Weight watchers and soda

How many weight-watchers use 20+ TABLESPOONS of sugar in their coffee or tea? I guess the answer to that is zero. Why? Because all weight-watchers know that sugar has a high calorific value and is therefore detrimental to weight loss. Also using that amount of sugar will create liver problems eventually. So my question is: ‘If high levels of sugar are bad for us, and we all seem to know that is true, why do we drink soda that contains 20+ TABLESPOONS of sugar in each can?’ It is hard to assess how many people ruin their weight control program by drinking soda (carbonated water, fizzy drinks or soft drinks, depending upon which country you live in, are all forms of what I refer to as soda), judging by the sales of these drinks I guess the answer is most weight-watchers fall into this trap. A young man that I know was heading down the road to obesity in his early twenties and being an accountant he was aware that his job didn’t include physical exercise that help burn off calories. Like most twenty something people he didn’t like the idea of going on a diet so he decided to cut soda and fast foods from his diet. Result, in less than six-months he was 26 pounds lighter, feeling healthier and looking trim. That was eleven years ago and he still remains trim today, he eats well but adamantly refuses to go back to fast foods or soda. It doesn’t matter what brand of soda you drink, or whether it is labeled “light” or “diet” they all contain massive amounts of sugar and are unhealthy. Finally we should not leave this article without taking a look at hyper-activity in children. There is little doubt that high sugar dosage is often the cause of children becoming hyperactive, it also leads the behavioral problems. Consequently it is advisable to take a long, hard, look at what your child’s sugar intake is particularly including soda. The healthiest drink is water; it will also quench your thirst better and for longer than soda, and it is also rated at zero calories, which should make it the weight-watchers drink of choice. For your children you may find it beneficial to make them smoothies using fresh fruit as an alternative to soda. This article is copyright © David McCarthy 2006. It may be reproduced in its entirety with no additions providing it contains a link back to recipesmania. com.

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7 simple steps to beginning bodybuilding part 1 of 2

When I was 16, I asked myself this very same question that I received from a frustrated 16 year old. It went something like this... "A Little Help Please! I am 16 and I am VERY skinny! I don't have much fat on me so... you could almost see my bones if I am not wearing anything baggy. I only weight 105 lbs and I know I am tooth pick mainly because I don't eat too much." - Frustrated and Skinny You have NO IDEA of how close that cry for help sounds like me. When I was 16, I took a picture of myself in front of the family Christmas tree. Somehow I convinced my sister to take the picture and I flexed with all my might. For those who are curious to see what I really did look like, the picture is at: http:// beginning-bodybuilding. com Scroll down. You'll see it. It's 100% un-edited. I didn't even remove the glow in the dark plastic eagle necklace I found somewhere. Anyway, your question was the same thing I wondered myself. I was 16 and tired of being skinny. I thought I did everything I could to gain weight but I was wrong. And I'm going to give you 7 simple steps you can do today to get on the right track to healthy weight gain and make that cry for help, a shout for joy! If I could get into a time machine I would go back and hand myself a small brochure called: 7 Simple Steps To Beginning Bodybuilding This would be written by me for me. But I'm positive the next few steps will apply to you as well and any other 16 year olds out there who are frustrated but are in a position to waste a lot of time if they start down the wrong path. Please don't be confused... these simple steps are for anybody, no matter what age, male or female, who might be looking to start off on the right foot and not waste a lot of time. Okay, so what can you do? Let's go step by step and figure this out. Pre-Requisite - Body building isn't just about getting massive. It's not just for men. The word should actually be two words all the time so there's no confusion. You are building your body. That can mean anything to anybody. So the first step is... 1. Pick A Goal No matter what, if you don't have a short term and long term goal in mind, you'll just wander around, like a zombie with your arms out, going to anything in sight. And 5 years later, you'll wonder what the heck happened! Having a clear goal is the ONLY way to start. If you want to gain, maintain or lose, that is a goal. Know what you want before you start. You'd be floored to find out just how many people are frustrated with their results but when asked exactly what they are trying to do, they have no idea. 2. Figure Out How Many Calories A Day You Need In your case, you say you are skinny and tooth-pick like. But in the next sentence you state you know you don't eat. [Snap Rubber Band On Wrist Here For Behavior Modification] When I was 16, I didn't eat either, I skipped many meals (especially on weekends) and I tried all kinds of protein powders and supplements when I was clearly failing at nutrition. My mom would cook big meals and I'd barely finish my plate before running off to do something. All the while wishing I was bigger and not so skinny. There's so many simple ways to calculate your calories. That should be your very next step. Once you know what you want to do, you need to know your nutritional intakes in order to obtain that goal. It's not going to be hard at all but if you don't know, you cannot possibly get anywhere. In other words, if you don't know how many calories a day you need for a certain goal, then don't expect anything different. 3. Figure Out How Much Protein You Need A Day It's the building blocks of muscle and it's also the only way you are going to build more muscle or keep the muscle you already have today. Even for burning fat, it's proven that getting enough protein will actually make you leaner. Again, there's very simple formulas for this that do not require a degree from MIT to perform. And once you know how much protein you need every day, it's really easy in Step 4 to find out if you are getting what you need. These steps will be continued in part 2 Copyright 2006 Marc David

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How i cured the temptation to binge

I decided to tackle this subject because until quite recently, it was one of my biggest downfalls. I suspect that it might, and I do repeat the word might, be a problem which affects women more than men. After all, we do tend to deprive ourselves more than men, and being totally realistic, although men nowadays are much more concerned about their weight and health, they do not take it to extremes as a general rule. Women are much more susceptible to mood swings, mainly caused by hormone imbalances, and are much much more sensitive in terms of what people think of them. There are many more pressures on them to look good, or to measure up to the latest fashion trend and so on. What man I ask you would continue to read any magazine that told him that he really did not measure up, or was the wrong shape, height or weight etc. Women strive for perfection, and sadly perfection is not possible. We can only make the best of what we have!. So women go to extremes (yes we do, if we are honest with ourselves), and in pusuit of this unattainable image that we strive for, we deprive ourselves of so much that is necessary for good health. In fact if the truth were known, we often starve ourselves, which is totally fatal, and leave ourselves craving for all the things that we miss out on. The consequence of this often leads to a full blown binge! Any one who has ever been on any diet, will know all about the disasters that binge eating causes. Straight out of the window goes all the hard work that you have done to lose your excess weight. A binge strikes totally out of the blue, crumbles your resolve and leaves you feeling a total failure. Well let me tell you that you can control your impulse to binge. What it all comes down to, is how you choose to act. In other words it means controlling your behaviour. Perhaps you find as I did, that negative emotions like depression, anger, anxiety, and feelings of failure can all spark off a binge. I must stress however, that for any severe eating disorder it is always best to seek professional help! Do not despair though, there are many self help steps that you can take to prevent the occasional indulgences, and stop periodic binge eating, from becoming a habit of constant over eating. You will need to map out a plan to prevent you from starting a binge in the first place, and if you have given in to one, the steps to take to cope with the effects of the aftermath. So watch out for the triggers that can set you off on a binge! Sometimes it helps just sitting quietly by yourself, getting in touch with how you are feeling, and deciding which is the best way to cope with the temptation. You will learn that your feelings are not all that scary, it isn't actually so terrible to have negative feelings, such as frustration, confusion, or even jealousy or hatred. We all suffer from them, and to have such feelings is certainly not unique to you. If we are not eating enough food when we are cutting down on our calories, we can find ourselves being drawn to binge eating. Your body needs a certain amount of calories just to function, so if you are constantly feeling unsatisfied and hungry, this will most likely lead to a binge. I suggest therefore, that you bulk up on plenty of vegetables, fruit and high-fiber foods, and by drinking plenty of water with your meals you will feel much fuller. In turn this should stop the desire to binge eat! When you do have a craving, sometimes it is best just to give in and indulge in a portion of what you are craving for. Otherwise, before you know it, you are eating everything else in sight, and most probably whatever it was that you were craving for as well. This in turn will make you feel absolutely lousy and a total failure. You will have tripled your calorie intake in that one binge, whereas if you had eaten what you craved for in the first place, your calorie intake would have probably been less. Remember do try and stop and analize what is triggering you into wanting to binge. Is it just that you are hungry, or are you angry, frustrated, bored or just lonely! Could your body be lacking something perhaps! The more you analize, the more you will understand yourself, and be able to cope with why and what makes you binge. Keep these five steps in mind:- 1. Determine why you want to eat so badly right now! 2. Try hard to delay your response (are you hungry because you have skipped a meal). Really take the time and think about it! 3. Try and distract yourself for about 15 minutes. If you are at home, have a shower, give yourself a manicure, (with wet nails you will find it hard to binge!) If you are at work, take a break, go for a walk, or just freshen up in the ladies room. The longer you delay the binge the more likely it is to pass. 4. Distance yourself as much as possible from temptation, and do not surround yourself with foods that you tend to binge on. 5. Decide how to handle the situation, it is up to you after all, you have the choice and it is only you that controls your behaviour. Consider what you are doing, understand why, and realize the consequences. If you have done all of the above and still given in to temptation, "do not" I repeat "do not" feel dispirited. Just go back onto your normal eating regime and please do not beat yourself up, (what's done is done!) Many of us can let a binge totally destroy our diet, and just keep being out of control. Please do not let that happen, forgive yourself and always try and understand the reasons why you let it happen in the first place. You will feel much better by just starting your normal eating pattern again. Look at the good qualities that you have, and also your achievements so far, and focus on them, not on the negative feelings after a binge. Keep telling yourself what a likeable and worthwhile person you really are. Do not waste another second on the negative aspects of it, just keep on being positive.

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Testing for stachybotrys mold you will most likely smell it first

Testing for Stachybortrys mold is what professional technicians test for in homes and buildings. This is because the Stachybortrys mold is also called black mold and cane be very toxic. This mold is a greenish black slimy mold that is most often found on cellulose products, such as wood and paper. It does have a strong smell, so one clue you should do some testing for Stachybortrys is the strange musty smell that you get. You can do you own Stachbortrys black mold testing by using a special mold testing kit. This will save you a lot of money that professional testing for Stachybortrys mold costs and you do the same thing. In the testing kit for black mold, there is a petrie dish containing a disc. You won’t have to touch any black mold when you use this kit, so there is no danger involved. You just expose the disc to the air for about two hours and them close the lid to let it incubate for 48 hours. When you open it after that time, if there is a fungus growing on the disc, then this means that you have mold. It may or may not be black mold. The main thing you have to look at when testing for Stachybortrys mold is that if you can smell mold you do have a problem. It is not enough to do the Stachybortrys black mold testing and to clean up the mold. If you have a problem with black mold, it means you also have a problem with water or moisture and this needs to be addressed. If you don’t look for and solve this problem, the mold will only come back. Testing for mold is only part of the solution. You also have to do testing to find how the water is getting in. Sometimes the testing for Stachybortrys mold is only easy to solve. The problem causing the black mold could be condensation building up on the pipes in your basement or it could be the result of not having enough heat in the basement. However, there are times when the Stachbortrys black mold testing calls for extreme measures for you to get rid of the mold. If, for example, the source of the black mold is the underlay under the carpet, this means you will have to take up all the carpet and throw it away. Just testing for Stachbortrys mold will not help you get rid of the toxic mold in your home.

Online Testing for stachybotrys mold you will most likely smell it first

Does the american government see its citizens as its children

In Americas 230 year history the government seems to have forgotten that there job is to run the government as the people see as best and not the government telling the people what is best for them. The most recent example is the Internet gambling Ban signed into law last week by President Bush. The bill makes it illegal for banks and credit card companies to transfer money to casinos for the purpose of wagering on sports or games of chance, like roulette, blackjack and poker. These games are harmlessly enjoyed regularly by millions of Americans everyday, but some people become addicted to these games so the government is telling all of its citizens that no one is allowed to play these games in an online casino. This is not the first case of the government going against the wishes of the people, in the early 1900’s the government decided that the consumption of Alcohol should be banned, because some people were developing health and mental problems related to drinking too much. So rather then educating the people on the ill effects of prolonged Alcohol abuse the American government banned Alcohol. But instead of reducing the consumption of Alcoholic beverages it increased, and because the government was not allowing the production or importing of Alcohol, organized grime got into the moonshine business, and eventually the Government saw the error of their decision and repealed the law. Another great example of a failed policy to protect the people is the war on drugs that the government has been aging since the early 1980’s Billions of tax dollars a year goes into the war on drugs, but what are the results? The price of drugs has risen, and to support their habits many drug addicts have had to commit acts of robbery and murder to get their drugs. The American prisons are packed full of people whose only crime was possession of these illegal drugs. Instead of being an industry that is regulated and controlled you have people selling these drugs to kids in school playgrounds, and shooting each other to protect their territory. Had the government decided not to criminalize drugs but make it a heavily controlled industry, they could use the tax money for social programs like schools ad to give Americans universal health care. Please do not misunderstand me I am not in favor for legalizing hard drugs, but the current system is not working at all, but I am all in favor for legalizing online casino gambling. If I choose to play some hands of blackjack or poker from the comfort of my home what rights does the government have to tell me not to, and what sense does it make that I can not play in a casino over the internet, but I can drive down the street to the local casino and play there. To enforce this ban millions if not billions of dollars of software and computer hardware will be needed to monitor all of the banks transactions and that money will come from taxes instead of the government taxing online casinos or even having all the online casinos government controlled then they get all the profits to be used to improve the lives of the American citizens, millions of which are bellow the poverty line if not homeless. The American government needs to start re-thinking its policy of treating its citizens like small children, or the American people need to demand a new government.

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Media center driven home theaters

Media Center Driven Home Theaters Today's personal computers are being called upon to do more diverse tasks than at any other point in history. In fact, the use of personal computers as an integral part of a home theater is becoming more and more commonplace as technology progresses. There are even operating systems designed upon the idea of a personal computer being used as an all around media center rather than merely functioning as a personal computer. As a result, I see the growth in this treatment and use of computers growing in popularity as well as possibility in the future. With more and more people incorporating their computer use into various aspects of work and play it only makes sense that we now bring them one step further in their entertainment functions and capabilities. The technology however isn't entirely new, what is new is the growing number of people putting this technology to use on a regular, if not daily basis. Media Center personal computers are computers that essentially act in the capacity that a receiver would normally act. They accept the information and send it where it should go. These PCs allow you to listen to music through the speakers on the computer or through those that are part of your home stereo system as well as DVDs, mp3s, etc. You can also use these systems in order to watch television programs on your computer monitor rather than a television set. This means you can also use your computer hard drive in order to store digital recordings of your favorite television show. In addition to these great features, you can also create slideshows with your digital photographs. While a few years ago you would have been mocked for the notion that your home computer would prove a valuable resource for your home theater, the use is becoming more and more widely accepted and practices. We will only see greater instances of this occurring as technology evolves and advances to a point where personal computers may one day become a necessary component in any really good quality home theater system that is sold on any market. By taking the time now to learn to use this technology to your advantage you are setting the stage for even greater things to come in the future for your home theater system and to increase your personal enjoyment of the space that is your home theater. As technology advances we will see improvements of functionality of media center PCs as well as ways to expand their current capacity and bring more features to them. For now, they offer the greatest combination of function and entertainment I have experienced within my lifetime. I am looking forward to see the things yet to come with media center PCs and the combination of home theater technology with the efficiency and control that computers allow into the mix. If you have not yet considered the additional depth that combining your personal computer with your home theater can provide there is no time better than the president to check out what it can do for your and your current configuration. While you are at it you might also wish to check out advances that are being made on both fronts and how they complement each other when considering future purchases or upgrades for your current home theater. 560

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How to monetize a 1 000 page site in 5 min or less without violating google s adsense policy

As webmasters, writers and authors we all want to find ways to maximize the profitability of our content. We employ a variety of methods such as Adsense, Yahoo Ads, links to affiliate products of all types but there are a couple of problems. There is the sheer time involved in creating these links and then keeping them updated to the most relevant and profitable products. To avoid a Google penalty you must use text-based affiliate links, as noted previously this can be a monumental task. Keeping pace with the fast paced changes of the internet can make it time consuming, difficult and expensive to keep all of your content optimized for profits. What's needed is a breakthrough technology to make it just as easy to keep a website optimized whether you have 10 pages or 10,000 pages of content. Well, the future is here!

Michael Fortin and Sylvie Charrier have just recently unveiled what may be the single most important innovation for webmaster since Adsense. While still in beta stage this new breakthrough is already beginning to turn heads. With just a simple snippet of code installed in the footer of a thousand page website, any group of keywords can be targeted and "automatically" converted to live links to the most profitable affiliate products at Clickbank and Amazon. Also you can target your own or any other product by designating which keywords, again even if there are a thousand instance of those keywords, once from the control panel. What's even better is that the program updates the targets regularly and follows the most profitable products without a single edit on your part. If the hottest selling weight loss product at Clickbank is outdistanced by a more relevant and more profitable product, your links will now be directed to the new profit leader. Similarly if a product is eliminated or removed your links never die, they just move the next most profitable one. Can you imagine the work and expense of going back into thousands of webpages, ezine articles, ebooks and manually changing the links. Please! And can I go back to a typewriter too! Michael and Sylvie's new software is going to revolutionize the web. As this is still beta you can expect a few glitches as it is being refined and tweaked. The early birds already there. Remember the day you first heard of his software as one day you may be able to recount to others that you were aware of this before it became really big. I know I though Google's IPO was sort of high and I would wait to pick it up went it came down. Currently Clickbank and Amazon are "plugged in" to the system but close on their heels are Commission Junction, Digital River, PayDotCom. com, even eBay. All your content can now be working for you, night and day. The possibilities are mind boggling for a few visionaries legends will be told.

Online How to monetize a 1 000 page site in 5 min or less without violating google s adsense policy