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Booker T. Washington As you travel this great nation, it is no accident you will see a lot of schools given the name of Booker T. Washington. That is because this great black educator and leader set the standard and carved out a new path in the years right after the fall of slavery to lead his people to a better way. He showed his people a way of education, accomplishment, achievement and the prosperity that naturally comes with those goals. In 1901, the biography of Booker T. Washington was published with the fitting title Up From Slavery. Washington’s struggle to rise up from the limitations of a slave’s life to be come one of the most respected black leaders in America is one of the reasons he is revered in black history as one of the greats who really made a difference for his people. When Booker T. Washington’s family was freed from slavery in Virginia, young Booker immediately began pursuing the path where he would make his mark, in education. Achieving success at Hampton University and then at Wayland Seminary, he was soon to pioneer new achievements for African Americans in higher education, becoming one of the first leaders of the Tuskegee University in Alabama. But it was more than just academic success that marked Washington’s career. He became prominent in many areas of leadership becoming a spokesperson for post slavery black America to the powerful and influential in this country. Book T. Washington lived the concept that the pen was mightier than the sword and was an early voice for moderation and learning to excel within the institutions and customs of America rather than deal in violence. One of Washington’s great strengths was finding partnership and coalitions between leaders of many communities to improve the opportunities for education and excellence for the African American community of the time. One of the most influential speeches of black history was given by Washington and became known as the Atlanta Address of 1895 in which Washington, speaking to a largely white audience instigated a profound change in way economic opportunity and hiring was done in America at its time. In that one speech he… * Called up on the black community to become part of the economy and industry of America thus beginning the healing process that was so necessary at the time. * Stated without reservation that the south was the region of the country where there were the greatest opportunities for black employment. By bringing together the strong black labor force with an economy in the midst of recovery from the civil war, Washington may have been one of the chief architects for the recovery of the south from the ravages of that war. * Introduced to the economic institutions predominantly run by the white citizens of the country that it made more sense to take advantage of the large resident black population for reliable workers than to look to immigrants. The outcome was a boom in employment for the black community that was a huge leap forward in the struggle to rise up out of slavery. The Atlanta Address of 1895 propelled Booker T. Washington into national prominence becoming a healing voice and a powerful catalyst for change in this country. Using his sophisticated network of supporters from every arena of leadership including political, academic and business leaders, Washington worked tirelessly to provide hope and new opportunities for black families trying to make their way in America. His work ethic was profound and produced change at a rate that was phenomenal by any standard. But it took a toll on Washington who died relatively young, at the age of 59 from exhaustion and overwork. But this too points out the tremendous drive and devotion this important black leader had to use all of his talents, his intellect and his contacts to better the lives of black people and speed the road to acceptance and integration across America. We all owe a Booker T. Washington a great deal of gratitude for being “the man of the hour” to lead all people forward, black and white, to find ways to work together in partnership rather than with distrust or violence to achieve a better America for everyone. PPPPP Word Count 710

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What do you need to know about business greats

Great men are born once in a while. Men are great not because they are born with some attribute of greatness but their deeds make them great and remarkable individuals in history. Such people thus are not born overnight it takes one’s whole lifetime to achieve that success and fame that one only dreamt of. The article throws light on some of the great men who brought revolution in the business world. Their achievements not just brought tremendous credit to their name but are largely beneficial to the multitude. • The Tobacco Industrialist Washington Duke (1820-1905)- the personal life of this farmer from North Carolina was a sad story for both his wife and son died of the same disease. Adding to the disaster, his cotton crop too failed at the same time. Btu Duke did not let this stop himself from proceeding in life.

His life was full of struggle he even became a prisoner of war during the Civil War. Finally the big break that changed his entire life came when he manufactured the popular product ‘tobacco’. The Union Army that was staying in the North Carolina had a great liking for tobacco. Duke’s manufactured tobacco which came to be known as ‘Pro Bono Publico’ was a brilliant sensation that won the heart of all the tobacco lovers very soon. Later Duke also manufactures cigarettes under the name of his company W. Duke, Sons and Company which too was a big hit. • The inventor of the reaper Cyrus McCormick (1809-1884) has his own place in the B-world. McCormick was the son of a blacksmith who had influenced and helped the people of Shenandoah Valley with his exuberant skill in making agricultural devices. The father made the reaping machine that the son modified extremely and took it to places. The McCormick’s designed inventor was a huge success at his birth place and even when he went abroad. McCormick went to Chicago in 1847 where he opened a factory named the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. The factory scaled new heights despite massive competition. McCormick’s device that he had invented and built drastically shrunk the labor and time required to produce grain. Where in 1830 it used to take 20 hours to harvest an acre of wheat, it took just one hour to do so in 1895…all thanks to the great mind behind it - McCormick. • The industrialist Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) needs no introduction in the business market. He was a man who had strived hard against poverty during his childhood. He worked as a bobbin boy and as a telegrapher and also as a superintendent for the Pennsylvania Railroad. His petite savings that hye invested in oil, iron and steel during the Civil War fetched him a turning point in his life. in 1880 Carnegie had brought a lot of companies under the Carnegie Steel Company. By 1990 this company produced a fourth of all the steel in United States. Known to be one of the richest men of the world then, Carnegie believed that rich men act as trustees to their wealth and they must administer it in the favor of the public. • Thomas Edison (1847-1931) perhaps is unknown to none and has his own coveted place in the history. Edison was the man who had about 1100 inventions in his name that have unbeatable use in the world today and then. The man who spent few hours in school, worked as a railroad newsboy was the first to start of a publication typeset and printed on a moving train. The other inventions added to his list are an electronic vote recorder in 1868, quadruplex telegraph in 1874, phonograph, light bulb and a Dictaphone to name a few. But many of these were mere improvements on what a team or so had manufactured and at times he helped others in creating devices. For instance the Dictaphone, working motion picture system that synchronized pictures with sound and the stock ticker were prepared by others under the help and guidance of Edison. He also formed a company that later became General Electric. • Apart from these the glorious men like George Eastman, Henry Ford, Madam C. J Walker, Joseph Pulitzer and many others have made significant contributions that has greatly helped mankind every now and then

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Buying rental properties some tips

Buying rental properties can be a great way to build your wealth. However, as in most real estate investment, it is sometimes difficult to know if you've found a good deal - especially the first time. Here are some things to look for to be sure that rental is a great investment. 1. Location. If traffic is heavier, rentals are easier to rent. A sign will often pull more response than an ad in the paper. If it is a nice locale, it will usually rent faster. This is also true of places close to amenities. 2. Numbers. Run the numbers. Get every last expense figured into your calculations, and be sure that you will have positive cash flow from the start. 3. High home prices. Look in towns with high home prices, as this creates rental demand. What do people do when they can't afford to buy? They rent. 4. Low maintenance buildings. Avoid cedar-shake roofs, and wood-sided buildings. Look beyond current expenses to how much maintenance the building will need. Low maintenance means less headaches and more profits. 5. Good rental history. Ask to see the rental history. Note how long residents are staying on average, and how well they pay on time. 6. Below market rents. Buying rental properties with below-market rents means you get to raise rents. Raising rents means you imediately raise the value, because rental property values are based on income. 7. Complies with zoning and fire codes. Have it inspected, and ask local officials if there are any problems. 8. Less than 20 years old. This is somewhat arbitrary, but if you limit your search to newer buildings, you will be less likely to have building code and maintenance problems. 9.Owner/manager that is out of state. These properties are often the best deals, because it is tough to manage a property from far away. An out of state seller is often more concerned with a quick sale than a high price. 10. Neighborhood is stable or improving. Stable is okay, but if you can buy in a neighborhood that is improving, you'll rent the units more easily, and therefore get automatic appreciation in value with time.

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Using seminars to bump up sales

Many of my clients are turning to speaking at chambers and other networking organizations to generate business. This is a wonderful method of building credibility and gaining free advertising, especially when you are in a creative business that often needs examples and samples to get people to hire you. Seminars are a great way for potential clients to "test drive" your services with out fully hiring you. Often, once a potential client sees you during a seminar, they are so impressed and convinced that you are the perfect person to hire, they can't wait to hand you a check. Wedding Planners could do seminars for couples or brides on how to plan the perfect wedding. Interior decorators could present a program on window treatments and decorating accessories. Artists can do programs on painting murals in theme rooms for children. Web designers could promote a seminar on creating websites that turning visitors into customers. Graphic artists could present on branding for businesses. Sadly, however, having a great topic and getting lots of people to your program isn't enough and many people don't utilize this golden opportunity well enough to actually turn attendees into clients. Here are several ways to increase your attendee to client ratio after your next speaking engagement. GET INVOLVED WITH THE MARKETING Find out ahead of time how the organization plans to market the program and get involved with the marketing. Offer to write articles for their website or newsletter. Write a program description filled with BENEFITS of what the attendee will get by attending the program. Send a notice to your contact list inviting them to the program. Add information about the program to your website. Use this as an opportunity to invite potential clients as your personal guest to see you in action. Encourage the organization to mail at least one printed item about the program to its membership, in addition to their on line marketing efforts. MARKET THE WHOLE TIME There is a big difference between delivering an infomercial and subtlety marketing from the platform. Be sure not to blatantly deliver a sales pitch during your program. You still need to provide VALUE to the attendees. Be sure your contact information - including website and phone number - is on every handout and every piece of information given to attendees. During seminar, give examples by telling stories of other projects you've done. Of course, you don't have to disclose sensitive details about your clients, but real life examples not only help the audience to learn, but it helps them understand the types of products and/or services you offer. PLAN FOLLOW UP Encourage the organization to do a post program mailing - even if it is via email - with an article written by you that helps tie your seminar up and gives additional VALUE to attendees. Mention during the program that you are willing to send attendees information on a specific portion of the program if they give you their card. Tell them to write YES on the back if they want the additional information and to be added to your mailing list. Tell them to write YES/NO if they want the info, but don't want to be added to your mailing list. Send the promised information within 48 hours of the program. Call any attendee who requested information or spoke with you after the program who seems like a potential client and invite them out for coffee to learn more about their business. By putting more thought and effort into these no-fee speaking gigs, you will maximize the number of attendees you turn into clients and help make these engagements more profitable. Now get out there and make some money!

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The red phone management consulting in 30 seconds or less

Modern business faces complex problems; management often calls upon highly-specialized consultants to help them address these difficult problems. If you're ever called to help identify these most pressing issues, one of the easiest and quickest ways to start is to talk about the "Red Phone". You know which phone I'm talking about -- it's the red phone that sits on it's own special corner of the desk. Lights flash when it rings; when you answer it, the person on the other end isn't in a good mood, he's not pleased, he thinks everything is your problem and he wants you to fix it! (And ... he's right! It is your problem and you do need to fix it!) What I want to know is -- when this phone rings, 1) Who is it on the other end, and 2) what are they upset about? This tells you a managers hot spots, his points of pain. These are the frustrating tribulations that vex his day. If you can identify who's on the red phone and what they're calling about, you've identified the most pressing problems a manager deals with. Of course, there likely isn't a real physical "Red Phone" -- but people know what you mean when you talk about it! Find out about these calls -- and you'll cut through all the clutter to identify the areas you should address. Spend your time and direct your efforts to solve these problems -- or even just ease them some -- and you'll have the greatest chance of success.

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Online mortgage quote tips on getting a mortgage quote online

Getting your mortgage loan on the internet has many advantages and benefits, although, it is not a good choice for all homebuyers. Online mortgage loans are both quick and convenient. The application process can be completed in the privacy of your home, at your leisure. Applying for a mortgage online takes much less time to receive a reply when you apply. You can receive and compare the rates of numerous lenders almost instantly. Online shoppers are able to receive estimates on closing or settlement costs at the same time they apply for the loan rates. When applying for a loan in person, lenders are not required to provide a “good faith estimate” until 72 hours after receiving the loan application. The amount of time you will save from not having to contact lenders by phone or email makes online mortgage loans very attractive to applicants.

Save Money by Applying Online The process of completing an online mortgage loan application is less costly for the lender. When an application is filed online, the customer does not need to visit the lenders office or meet with an agent to fill out forms. When the cost of business is reduced, the lender is then able to give the customer a better rate. By applying online, customers are often given a discount on interest rates, loan origination fees, and closing costs. In general, customers who apply online tend to have more knowledge of the loan process and often have a good credit history. The less likely you are to be considered a risk, the more likely you are to be approved by the lender. There is also a great deal of competition among online lenders. In order to be successful, lenders must be able to offer rates that are competitive. Applying Online is Safe Many people are cautious about applying for an online mortgage loan because they fear their credit information may be stolen. However, your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft are just as great when you apply for a loan in person. The vast majority of online lenders use encrypted transmission to send your loan information. After you complete the application, the text is changed to a secure code, which makes it difficult for others to obtain your personal information.

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Invite a best selling author to your book club

In an attempt to provide readers with a unique and compelling experience, author John Shors is making unheard-of efforts to connect with book clubs across the country. Shors is the author of "Beneath a Marble Sky," a work of historical fiction based on the remarkable story behind the Taj Mahal's creation. "Beneath a Marble Sky" has been hailed by book reviewers as a "work of art," is being made into a major motion picture by Hollywood and won a "Book of the Year" award from ForeWord magazine. For the past two years, Shors has been asking book clubs across the country to invite him to participate in their meetings. By his count, he's spoken (via speakerphone) with about 200 book clubs.

Says Shors, "I grew up reading several books a week and after finishing many works wanted to ask the author questions. Unfortunately, I only had a few such conversations, usually at a book signing with a roomful of strangers. Feeling that readers deserved more, I promised myself that if I ever had a novel published that I would go to great lengths to connect with readers." "Beneath a Marble Sky" was published as a hardcover in 2004. As his book hit best-seller lists, Shors created his book club program, through which he called into book clubs across America. Clubs needed to simply contact him in advance and have a speakerphone handy. Shors promoted his program via his Web site ( beneathamarblesky. com) and was soon chatting with several book clubs a week. "My book club program has been extremely enjoyable, both for me and readers," Shors says. "Readers are able to ask me any sort of question about my novel, the publishing industry or the process of turning 'Beneath a Marble Sky' into a major motion picture. They get to talk with me among their friends and in a manner that is extremely casual and open-ended. Most every group, as our call winds down, tells me that this has been their all-time favorite discussion."

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Caribbean christmas

9. A Caribbean Christmas In the tropical islands of the Caribbean, the temperature is above 75 degrees from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, which means that it is warm and pleasant during Christmas. The Christmas season in the Caribbean is also pleasant because it is far removed from the rainy season, which usually occurs from late March to May. During Christmas time in the Caribbean, the temperature is also more temperate and tolerable compared to the searing hot days of the summer months. As in many parts of the world, family, merriment, gift-giving are among the many activities that the people of the Caribbean enjoy during Christmas. Families often live in fairly close proximity to each other however. But what makes getting together at Christmas so special is that it often involves intense and laborious preparations that are not done at any other time of the year. In many homes, an intense cleaning is done in the two or three weeks before Christmas Day. All furniture is moved and may even be rearranged and new and fancy curtains put up for the season. The best bed linens, tablecloths, cutlery and dinnerware are also used in entertaining any visitors during the season. It is a common occurrence for visitors, including people from the neighborhood, to stop for short visits during the season. During those visits, guests are entertained with certain food and drinks, many of which are made only at Christmas time. These include fermented drinks such as sorrel and mauby, as well as the alcoholic drink rum punch. A special type of cake, called Black cake or fruitcake, is also made at Christmas. It is made with raisins and other dried fruit that are minced and placed in wine for several weeks. This cake is the traditional dessert for Christmas dinner. The main menu of a traditional Caribbean Christmas dinner includes baked poultry, roast beef ham, boiled and steamed root vegetables, rice with peas, seasoned rice or rice pilaf, with sorrel, rum punch or mauby as the beverage. Caroling has also been a tradition, although its practiced has been declining in recent years. Small groups from churches or schools will walk through neighborhoods singing Christmas carols or, will drive from house to house to sing carols in neighborhoods primarily in rural areas where houses are not always found in close proximity. Two Christmas traditions that are unique to the Caribbean are the practice of Jonkonoo and having a grand market. Jonkonoo consists of a group of masked revelers who take part in a parade dancing to the beats of drums, shaking tambourines and improvised instruments. The group also include stilt walkers who appear as tall as some trees and single- story buildings. Jonkonoos perform various antics to amuse onlookers and to give candies and treats to children, especially younger children who may seem scared of any of the Jonkonoo participants. Grand market is the big outdoor market that takes place the week before Christmas up to Christmas Eve. Outdoor markets, found in the central points of regional towns, are common in the Caribbean as a place to get fresh fruits, vegetables and produce that are grown by local farmers. But at Christmas time, they also become filled with assorted items that can be given as gifts and they bustle with activity even after nightfall. It is a special treat for children to accompany parents to grand market during the Christmas season. Since Christmas falls during the high winter tourist season in the Caribbean, Christmas is also an opportunity for many school children to perform for tourists. Many hotels take advantage of the fact that most schools and churches will have singing and dramatic groups that perform the Christmas story and sing carols and Christmas songs. These groups are often invited to provide local entertainment at hotels and guesthouses during Christmas.

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5 tips to keep happy even in wartime

The world is going downhill faster than an Olympic skier. Terrorists lurk around every corner. Climate change will soon melt the tundra and turn Iowa into a desert. Frankenstein foods are flooding the market, cleverly masquerading as innocent potatoes and beets. And everybody is planning a war. Sadam wants to unleash unspeakable biological evils. George Bush II wants to unleash unimaginable military might. Germany and France want to just unleash. North Korea ... need I say more? India and Pakistan want to run a nuclear relay race, and worst of all we won't even know who the good guys and bad guys are supposed to be. And I know why my Israeli friend moved back to New Jersey. Just when we thought it was safe to sit back and take comfort in knowing exactly how bad things are, some fool has to come up with five tips to keep our spirits up in uncertain times. And that fool is me. So here are the tips: Count your blessings. We have so much to be grateful for. Iraq's dime store missiles cannot hit anywhere too important (defined more specifically as "where I live"). Then, of course, there is all the "stuff" we have, like the flush toilet (I would not want to have lived 500 years ago!) and the remote control. We can be grateful for all the variety, such as 32 flavors of ice cream on every corner and at least a dozen flavors of tooth floss. We can count our education, our knowledge and our opportunities. And we have soooo much more freedom than our ancestors. Geez, with all these blessings to count, it gets hard to enjoy living in terror of the big, bad world. Smile at a stranger. If the world shows us a threatening face, why not paint that face with smiles to make it less threatening. Let's face it, if I smile at you, you'll smile back. The more I smile, the more people will smile at me. The more you smile, the more people will smile at you. If everybody follows my advice, at least dentists will be too busy to fear world events. Learn a new skill. Imagine the sense of accomplishment and the power of mastering a new skill. Like mesquite cooking. Like whittling. Like pterodactyl breeding. Oh well, two out of three. And if you learn that skill in a classroom setting, full of other energized new-skill-masterers, you get the bonus of seeing that positive face of the world, complete with smiles and busy dentists. Study history. Bad things happen. Good things happen. That's history. Today will one day be history that somebody reads about. So don't sweat it. (Editor's note: If nobody is left to read about it, scratch this tip.) Volunteer. One of the scariest things about the world today is not just that it seems to be going downhill, but that we feel powerless to stop it. Worse still, politicians and diplomats are in charge. But we CAN take control and send the world uphill right in our own neighborhood. We can help the local animal shelter. We can work at the food bank. (That's my personal favorite, and NO you do NOT get free samples.) We can help little old ladies across the street. We can make a difference right in our own communities where the politicians and diplomats won't interrupt. Sorry about those five tips. If you wish to ignore them and return to the regularly-scheduled misery-wallowing, please go ahead. After all, in wartime nobody really wants to be happy, do they?

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Alpine living air classic taking a closer look

: For more than a decade, Americans have been becoming increasingly aware that the air that they breathe in their homes is generally not of good quality. Between cooking and pet odors, mold, mildew, the widespread use of plastic materials, and carcinogenic cleaning products, many feel that their inside air has been compromised. What do consumers do? Purchase an air purifier. In 1998 I was given the gift of an Alpine Living Air Classic machine. It has been touted as an ideal solution for problem air. Let’s see if the product lives up to its billing. As far as air purifiers go, the Alpine Living Air Classic [now sold by EcoQuest International] is neither cheap nor does it look cheap. Weighing 19 pounds, the “Classic” is housed in a wooden cabinet available to consumers in four colors: dark walnut, light oak, putty, and black.

It is a solid unit with a thick six foot electrical cord. Claiming coverage of up to 3,000 square feet most homes could operate with just one unit although a second one might be needed if your house is large, indoor air pollution is high, or you have high humidity. Prices currently start at $549 so it is no cheap investment. How does it work? The unit produces ozone which coupled with an active fan it reproduces and spreads the clean, fresh scent of a thunderstorm throughout your home. Okay, I am parroting some of the marketing material...

I had to because it isn’t that easy to describe. So, does it work? As far as producing the ‘thunderstorm scent’ it certainly does. As far as getting rid of pollutants, odors, and the like I cannot tell you for sure that it does.

Indeed there has been plenty of controversy and government rulings against the reported claims of air purifiers over the years by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency {EPA}, Consumer’s Union [they produce Consumer’s Report magazine], and the American Lung Association. The EPA has this to say, “whether in its pure form or mixed with other chemicals, ozone can be harmful to health. When inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs. Relatively low amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and, throat irritation.

It may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma as well as compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections." They go on to say, “some studies show that ozone concentrations produced by ozone generators can exceed health standards even when one follows manufacturer’s instructions. Many factors affect ozone concentrations including the amount of ozone produced by the machine(s), the size of the indoor space, the amount of material in the room with which ozone reacts, the outdoor ozone concentration, and the amount of ventilation. These factors make it difficult to control the ozone concentration in all circumstances." In conclusion, the EPA states: “Available scientific evidence shows that, at concentrations that do not exceed public health standards, ozone is generally ineffective in controlling indoor air pollution.

” The concentration of ozone would have to greatly exceed health standards to be effective in removing most indoor air contaminants. In the process of reacting with chemicals indoors, ozone can produce other chemicals that themselves can be irritating and corrosive. As you can imagine, I no longer use my Alpine Living Air Classic. It sits in my office, unplugged, and working well in its new role as a coffee cup holder while I work on my computer. Frankly, the claims made against this unit made by the federal government and others are certainly frightening.

So, how do I achieve clean air today? Again, by visiting the EPA’s site I have learned that there are 3 common approaches to reducing indoor air pollution: Source Control: Eliminate or control the sources of pollution; Ventilation: Dilute and exhaust pollutants through outdoor air ventilation, and Air Cleaning: Remove pollutants through proven air cleaning methods. Of the three, the first approach -- source control -- is the most effective. This involves minimizing the use of products and materials that cause indoor pollution, employing good hygiene practices to minimize biological contaminants (including the control of humidity and moisture, and occasional cleaning and disinfection of wet or moist surfaces), and using good housekeeping practices to control particles. The second approach -- outdoor air ventilation -- is also effective and commonly employed. Ventilation methods include installing an exhaust fan close to the source of contaminants, increasing outdoor air flows in mechanical ventilation systems, and opening windows, especially when pollutant sources are in use. The third approach -- air cleaning -- is not generally regarded as sufficient in itself, but is sometimes used to supplement source control and ventilation.

Air filters, electronic particle air cleaners and ionizers are often used to remove airborne particles, and gas adsorbing material is sometimes used to remove gaseous contaminants when source control and ventilation are inadequate. If you are intent on purchasing any air purifier, I recommend that you first do plenty of independent research apart from what the marketers tell you. By following the 3 methods stressed by the EPA you should be able to achieve acceptable indoor cleanliness without resorting to purchasing expensive – even dangerous – air sanitization equipment. For more information please read: The EPA’s Position: epa. gov/iaq/pubs/ozonegen. html Some Air Purifiers May Produce Dangerous Levels of Ozone:http:// ewire.

com/display. cfm/Wire_ID/2456 What is Ozone Air Pollution?http:// alaw. org/air_quality/indoor_air_quality/ozone_generatiors. html

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Games as entertainment for your friends

Gaming has become the best way to entertain people where friends play with each other trying to prove their superiority against one another. Gaming has become the favorite pass time for any and ever one. If you would go and have sneaked in the amount of changes gaming industry has had made in this last decade. You will be amazed to see the amount of reforms that are brought to these lively games. The gaming graphics have improved tremendously also the game sounds and effects. Many new features have also been included such as the online gaming experience.

Earlier if people had to play together they had to meet at a place with their video games and play. This was not convenient for friends to meet up each other every time they had to play vs. game mode or even together. But now people are able to play with each other irrespective of their location they are all set and ready to write each other off. in this new world of online gaming. The best of the online games are the hot favorites of today’s generation, people love playing but it is not that every one plays this for fun many people choose this as their profession. There are many tournaments taking place around the world where players are competing each other. These hardcore gamers are all about playing online games against their counterparts from all around the world.

There are millions of people around the world playing online games. There choices are vast every one likes different kinds of games. There are many games for them to choose from. There are many fun games. One of the most popular games is Tetris where people have ranked this as the best game and has the maximum number of players playing this game. These games are not difficult to play as any one can play such games.

There are many levels that can be played as the game is quite long however if you want to continue with the game later you can save it and play it later. Tetris also has much different kind of games for instance the older version is kept available on the site even if a new version happens to be released. This you can download from the site at a low cost or some versions are made to be given away as free downloads. Arcade games also have a very great demand.

People love these games and there is also high demand for such games. Free arcade games have been put online for gamers who like these games. There are a no of arcade games to choose from single player, multiplayer as well as the classic ones are all under the free arcade games. There are also many fun games that you can choose from. Fun games are normally played for fun meaning that people who do not take gaming seriously and play it just for fun. Any one can play these games as they are very easy.

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10 basic wow gold farming tips

1. Its really easy and should be done right from the start of the game. Grab the 2 primary professions, mining and skinning. While you're out leveling yourself you can easily skin the animals. You're bound to eventually enter a mine which will have many minerals. Be sure to mine those ores. You can easily sell off the extra items to merchants or players. 2. Make sure you grab quests every chance you get. You can easily gain additional exp, gold, items and faction while you're leveling. You may even complete some of your quests with out even knowing because they normally require you to kill off mobs or require you to travel/speak to other NPCs. The quests of World of Warcraft are more player friendly than other MMORPGs. 3. Don't spend any money buying World of Warcraft items, equipments and other accessories early in the game. Low level characters from 1-40 are not gear dependent. Along with that fact, you'll get a nice load of items from just completing quests. 4. While you're out leveling, there are certain monsters that has better drops than others. An example would be humanoids. They tend to drop more gold and items than any other creatures in the World of Azeroth. 5. This is the advice I give to friends. When setting up your character, be sure first to read about the characters plus, and minuses; then set up for the strong and weak points. Take in consideration how the character supports himself and how the character can keep going and keep on track to level without losses. 6. Don't spend money on items at the auction during the first 10 levels of your character. Almost everything you will need will drop to you from the quests. Keep your activities balance in the amount time of questing and making products. Then, as you gain money from making and questing you will see your pocket grow. 7. The usual, your character does by the skills he has, whether it is mining, leather, or tailoring. You make and sell your products. This is how you gain, the more you practice your trade, the more gold you have in your pocket, when you sell the items. The higher the level your character is the higher the prices in the prices of your products. 8. Resale, this happened during the holidays. I know of a character that went out and bought snowballs and after collecting many, was selling them at a higher price to others. Later, bragging about the profit. Take advantage of this. 9. Once you level some you can charge others to guide them through lower quests that you can whiz threw. There are many ways to make money, for example you can protect and kill for lower characters. 10. In the group playing, be sure to express your wants and needs, to keep the character going. Drink and food on hand before; so your character can keep going till the quest is completed.

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Is low carb really the way to go

The latest trend in the area of weight loss is low-carb diets such as the Atkins Diet. With so much conflicting information out there on nutrition and weight loss, it’s difficult for the average person to not only find out what works, but also understand how to apply it. In order to help clear the air, I’m going to dispel some of the myths that are floating around and give you some facts backed up with real science on how the human body actually metabolizes food. First, let’s talk about why the low-carb approach is so popular. There are a few reasons, but the most common is that people are finally realizing that the low-fat/high carb approach that has been promoted for decades now just doesn’t work! Not only is it making us fatter, it’s also responsible for dozens of diseases and illnesses. It’s true…..most Americans eat too many carbs and are deficient in the healthy dietary fats. However, it seems that it has to be one extreme or the other with people in this country. So now many people are cutting carbs and avoiding them like the plague, which is just as bad. But wait… say that it works? Maybe you or someone you know has tried the low-carb approach and noticed significant weight loss. Yes, cutting carbs will cause you to lose weight, but not much actual body fat, if any at all. So, why do most people lose weight so quickly? It’s because the human body holds 2.4g of water for every 1 gram of carbohydrate consumed. Cut the carbs and all you do is hold less water! This artificial weight loss is the main reason so many people are going low-carb. So, not only does following a low-carb diet cause you to lose water, it also depletes muscle glycogen which leaves you feeling sluggish when trying to be active or workout. Remember, carbs are stored as glycogen in the muscles and glycogen is what’s used to fuel your muscles. Another problem with severely limiting carbs is that the brain uses carbs for energy and without enough carbs, you won’t be 100% mentally. While I agree that people are different and that some people do better on lower amounts of carbs, most people will feel like crap after a week or two with no or low carbs. But all the fitness and nutrition ‘gurus’ say that carbs are stored as fat, right? WRONG! Any excess energy (food or beverage) can be stored as fat – it doesn’t matter if it’s french fries or salad! Extra is extra is extra! To my knowledge, there has not been but one study that actually measured body fat of individuals following a low-carb both before and after to see exactly how much body fat was lost. Plus, this study was funded by a grant from Dr. Atkins! Also, there is quite a bit more research that shows that carbs are not only ok to eat, but that they also contain vital nutrients that can’t be found in other foods. A recent study done by French and Canadian researchers found that consuming carbohydrates in small amounts did NOT inhibit fat burning and only approximately 4% of it was stored as fat. This was in individuals who were not exercising. They also assessed the effect of carbohydrates in individuals who performed light to moderate intensity exercise and found that the small carbohydrate meal resulted in no fat being stored and did NOT inhibit fat burning. Plus, even the large carbohydrate meal had NO effect on fat burning and all of it went directly to the muscles to replenish glycogen and repair tissue. Just imagine what happens when you do a hard workout! So what does this mean in plain English? Basically, carbs are fine in small to moderate amounts (even if you don’t exercise) and on days you do exercise, the carbs are going to be stored in the muscles and not as fat. So to all those people out there who think that eating carbs will result in them being stored as fat and it ‘shutting off; the fat burning, I’ve got good news for you….. You can finally have that big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs you’ve been craving! So how can you apply this to your eating and fitness program? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 1. You need carbs – just the right amount and the right type So what are the right types? Focus on eating carbs that are high in fiber such as vegetables, beans, fruits, and whole grains. 2. Vary the amount of carbs you have based on how active you are For example – on days you don’t exercise, eat less carbs and maybe vary the types. 3. The one time you can go carb crazy is right after you exercise For example – if you want to cheat and have ice cream the best time would be right after a hard workout. Focus on eating balanced – carbs, proteins and fats; and again, adjust the amount of each based on how active you are and plan to be. I also recommend you do so research yourself and learn as much as you can about human metabolism and sound nutrition. Here are some great resources: http:// westonaprice. org/nutrition_guidelines/whats_wrong. html http://philkaplan. com/thefitnesstruth/atkins1.htm http:// chekinstitute. com/articles. cfm? select=42 You can also find some great resources and articles at my website here: http:// achieve-fitness. com/free_resources. htm I hope you found this article informative and I wish you the best. Remember, the more you know the better off you’ll be.

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low carb diets on the way out taste is back

To see the “low carb” diets on the way out is a somewhat reflective process, not that I was an advocate of ketogenic diets at all unless you have Adolescent Epilepsy, but bringing the “low carb or ketogenic diet” into the forefront of our American Society meant that more people were being educated about obesity, food and eating. This acknowledgment about food was astounding and became overwhelming , causing restaurant chains and some farmers to really suffer from these trendy diets, people have lost farms that have been in their families for years , businesses that lend job and economic stability to an area, have gone out of business or lost business, all on a dietary whim, with no research done on the side-effects of “not eating” what these diets restrict. “What side effects?” you ask. Okay, so you've lost a bunch of weight by eating tons of meat and fat, maybe your cholesterol numbers aren't out of reach, but, have you had your bowels checked lately? You know, eating that much meat and fat can only do one thing to your intestines and colon, and that's putrefying products in the bowels.

Pretty disgusting, huh? As you grow older, you lose the ability to digest food like you use to when you were young and had lots of enzymes . Sometimes, that comes from just age, but sometimes it comes from disease and antibiotic use, the point being that, the low carb diet's started you out on food that you may not be able to absorb anyway so you haven't been absorbing the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to start, process or finish some important tasks. “So what's the harm in that”, you may say, “I've lost weight and feel great, and I don't feel sick”. You probably wouldn't. There are illnesses that you never see coming until it's to late. One of the leading causes of Colon Cancer, is eating an over abundance of meat and fat, and not having the ability to digest that protein and fat in the system. When enough damage is done, you don't absorb minerals and vitamins like you are suppose to, and you start to develop other problems, more serious problems, like cancers. I will have to admit, that the “Atkins” type diets do advocate not eating the processed and manufactured foods that break down so fast into sugars you can almost hear run into the veins! And that is still true, the human body was designed to do the work of breaking down complex carbohydrates into a more simple usable energy. The break down of a whole grain, fresh vegetable or fruit product also take a certain amount of energy, so not only does your body use energy to break this healthy food down, you also have the benefit of a lot of fiber, which will keep the intestines and colon clean and functioning well. So, what's the next trend, I think the next trend is going to be the “old fashion” weight loss plan. This is a tried and true method of weight loss that anyone can do and it tastes great. This would involve healthy, low or slow absorbing carbohydrates, counting and burning calories, and exercise! A balanced diet, along with knowing how many calories you need to eat per day, to either maintain your weight, or lose weight, and an exercise program to give your bones and muscles a reason to stay strong, not a trendy type diet, but a healthy lifestyle that you can live with for the rest of your life, that still has room for an occasional treat now and then. “Low carb” is out, the new trend is “healthy and better tasting proportions”.

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Mexican steroids cheap popular among bodybuilders

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Top 2 ways to lose weight

If you Really, really want to lose weight, You'll need to do these 2 steps. Most people only follow 1 of these. If you are frustrated with Your Weight loss efforts then I can Assure you, if You read this article, You'll feel why results are not what you were expecting. Lets start with overview of How you can lose weight. You should know the basic formula of losing weight. It's Diet + Exercise.

Right... But this is only Half of the story. I am also surprised how most experts forgets about the other half of this puzzle. I infact haven’t found anyone else preaching what I am about to tell you. Diets and exercise is necessary to lose weight. You might have read lots of article how You need to boost your metabolism to lose weight. In fact It is the truth. You should always design the Routine format which elevates your Metabolism even when you are not working out. So Lets get on with Top 2 Ways. 1. Exercise : With a Twist. This is a no brainer thing, you know it, right? It doesn't matter what kind of diet you follow or How motivated are you, If you really want to put your weight loss efforts into overdrive. You need to Exercise. Exercise will elevate your metabolism and Help you lose weight faster. But here is the kicker. You are still doing exercises the wrong way. Even I used to preach cardio + strength training methods to lose weight. And they Do work. But When I found much better methods I was astounded by the results I was getting with my clients. This method is very common in Martial arts circle. It is like jacked up, High Power HIIT(high intensity Interval training). This method is very simple Yet difficult to do. Let me give you overview of this method. You'll only workout 20 seconds and then 10 seconds rest. and Repeat this for eight times. You'll be done within 5 minutes. If you think this is easy, Please try it. I suggest you try it with Skipping. You'll be amazed how this 4 minute routine can do for you. After just 6 weeks of testing, a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity along with a 14% increase in V02Max is found in trainees. If you are still not excited about this method which can be done in 4 minutes. Then I guess No one can help you lose weight. This method is not only saving you time, but also will increase your overall fitness and Lose weight. Anyways lets go over to Next Tip. 2. Cleanse : If your goal is to look young, feel vibrant and energetic, then this is the way to go. This is not exactly a secret for common man. If you are not following a cleanse method with Exercise and good nutrition, You are setting up yourself for bad results. Seriously whenever I have introduced Cleanse methods in my clients routine, Their results almost doubled with the same amount of efforts. But the kind of cleanse methods which are popular, they expect you to follow certain plans for 28 or more days. These methods doesn't gell with our exercise routines and Proper Diet. If you are active with my exercises methods, then You might feel lethargic and tired while following cleansing diets. So I always advice to do cleanse on daily basis for the rest of your life. Can You guess how much time it takes? About 5 minutes... That's it. Its not only easy to follow, but also result oriented. You'll notice the difference by just following my cleanse method. But the thing is Its so much hyped by experts that people try NOT to do. There are methods and diets which'll help you cleanse in like 30 days or so... It's All well and good but What will do after the cleanse? Do you again let your body build up waste matter and toxins? That's Why I am asking you to do cleaning on daily basis. There are 2 basic methods that I teach. One is 3 day cleanse which eliminates most of toxins from your body. Second is Everyday Cleanse, This method helps you get rid of all the waste matter on everyday basis. Both of these methods have their roots in Yoga and Ayurveda. If you are not experienced in Yoga or Ayurveda You might have not heard about these powerful methods of cleaning your body. How to do cleanse method on daily basis.. I am going to give you very simple method even simpler than I described in my report. Here's What to do. The moment You wake up in the morning, Drink 2 glasses of Luke warm water. Then walk for 500 steps while breathing deeply into your Diaphragm. That's it. In less than 5 minutes You'll feel bowel movements. In my Free report I am expanding on both Cleansing methods. I suggest you to use these two tips from Today onwards and See the difference Yourself.

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Do i look fat the top five reasons to say no

The question is asked by your wife or girl friend every time you get ready to go out right. Well let me tell you something and you better listen up and listen up good. If you like having a wife or a girlfriend you will say no. Not just when it is the trust but when it is a lie too. Here are the top five reasons to say no. Reason1: Your wife or girlfriend trusts you Let’s face it cave brothers the women like us to like the way they look. Now for a man that lives with ridicule and trials everyday of his life the truth is all that matters right? Well not all the time. Your wife or girlfriend trusts that you love her for who she is not what she looks like. We all say it, but do we mean it? You had better because of not she will start to lose trust in you as her support system. Sometimes the truth hurts and this time it might be you. Reason 2: People believe what they hear about themselves Humans are social beings. We crave interaction from one another. We love to hear that we are beautiful, smart, or sexy from another person. It makes us feel good. Well that is not all this feedback does. It can also shape the way we see ourselves. No matter how confident your wife or girlfriend appears to be on the inside repeated verbal conditioning about her weight and the way she looks can contribute to obesity and lethargy. Reason 3: Diets are hell (For everyone) Do you like that inevitable crankiness every woman exhibits toward you on a regular basis? Do you want to amplify the effects of this type of behavior? If you are wise you will do everything in your power to avoid dieting for your wife or girlfriend. You not encourage anything, but healthy portions of good food coupled with exercise. It is proven that we get angry when we are hungry. It is a primal response to hunger. Why in the name of all that it holy would you intentionally set loose this primal urge upon yourself and the outside world. Reason 4: Men need love and support too As men we like to pretend that we are on top of things and that we can live all alone with no one helping or loving us right. Yeah right. Men need more attention to keep our pretty feathers from fading than women do. We need affirmation of our ability to lead, support, and yes please the women in our lives. If we did not feel this way we would not love our mommies. How many men can say that they do not ole their moms? Reason 5: It is just mean Did anyone you really loved ever break your heart? The answer for most of us is yes. Were they ever really mean to you. I am talking about the tear out your heart and throw it on the floor mean. Spit in your eye and kick you in the groin mean? If the answer is yes, then remember how it felt before you open your big mouth and ruin your wife or girlfriend’s day. See more at http:// absdiets. com This article and one-way link advertisement provided by LinkAcquire. com

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Today s supersized windows call for innovative fashion solutions

When building a dream house, today's homeowners want more than a room with a view. They want lots of rooms and bigger windows to maximize the view and let in more light. Recent statistics from the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) indicate that new houses continue to get larger and so do windows. They show that a majority of Gen X'ers and Y's prefer nine-foot or higher ceilings-and soaring rooms often incorporate enormous windows. NAHB also reports that baby boomers, in their well-established tradition of defying convention, are seeking diverse housing solutions. But whatever their choices, they want an abundance of natural light and therefore larger windows in their new homes. The trend also applies to remodeling homes. "As homes age, many homeowners need to replace windows. When they do, they often upgrade to bigger windows or trade a few small windows for a large one," said Joan Stephen, President of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The trend holds for apartments as well, where realtors report that loft-style apartments and new glass towers are gaining popularity over traditional apartments.

One window covering manufacturer is keeping pace with the need to dress all these big windows while recognizing the consumer preference for diffused light and a wide view. Hunter Douglas has introduced Quartette™, a four-inch vane size in Silhouette® window shadings. This innovative, light-transforming window fashion, with its soft fabric vanes suspended between sheer panels, was previously available in two - and three-inch vane sizes. In the new style, the shadings make a dramatic architectural statement at the window. Silhouette Quartette combines the look of shutters with the softness and elegance of a sheer in sizes up to 10-feet wide and 10-feet high. Yet it also boasts superior UV protection and provides the maximum view-through of any Silhouette vane size.

"When you have huge windows, you want something heftier," said interior designer Elaine Griffin. "The four-inch vane size brings window dressing to a new dimension." Available in 24 colors in two popular fabric styles, Silhouette Quartette softly diffuses light while providing the big view today's consumers crave.

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Interior design

Interior Design Interior design is the design of aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design. A person who designs interiors as part of their job is an interior designer. Interior design is the creative practice that redefines the interior of a structure using decor. There are many aspects and areas of interior design, and a person going to school to learn interior design can specialize in any one of them, the types are only limited by the imagination, willingness, and bank account. With an open mind you can open yourself to a whole new world. Interior design can improve quality of life as well as work surroundings. Many businesses that open hire an interior designer in order to make their business more aesthetically pleasing to both employees as well as clients. Restaurants also use specialized interior designers in order to draw the customer in and make them think they are hungry. Interior design can also be used to make life easier for the elderly and the disabled by incorporating user-friendly aspects into the home or environment. Interior design elements can be drawn from anywhere and anything. Many people choose an interior design based on region, religion, or simply on their personal taste. While choosing an interior designer to decorate your home, you will be losing the personal aspect of having a home that feels like your own. There are numerous books and classes available on interior design, so you can familiarize yourself with the aspects of interior design and have a home you can be proud of.

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How sms works

SMS, or Short Message Service, is the technology behind what we often refer to as ‘text messages’ or ‘SMSes’, as well as what allows for news alerts on cellular phones. In recent years SMS has ballooned to over a 50 billion dollar industry and is quickly taking the communications world by storm. Short Message Service actually refers to a framework that uniquely allows computers, or in this case phones, to communicate with each other without the need of a central hub. With SMS, phones can find each other, send short packets of information back and forth, and do it all without any central computer to guide them. But because the system does not rely upon fixed lines like a land based telephone system does, the amount of information that can be sent at one time is limited in size. This depends on the language spoken, but for English letters this typically means around 150 characters (Chinese and Japanese letters are limited to 70). Quite recently, however, new developments in the technology have allowed for even longer messages to be sent. Long or Concatenated SMS is a development that allows multiple messages to be combined to form a single message. In effect, what happens is that your phone actually sends out a few smaller messages and then the receiving phone simply compiles those messages so that for users on both ends, it appears as though the message were cohesive. While there are some limitations, the brilliance behind SMS is that because there is no need for central hubs, and thus the system can be expanded indefinitely without any concerns of it slowing down or becoming more expensive. The most common form of SMS is ‘texting’. This usually takes place with a cellular phone in which individuals use the letters behind the number pad on their phone to spell out words and phrases and then send them out. Because many companies charge by the word, individuals have come up with a sort of ‘texting slang’ to cut down on the amount of words required to convey a particular message. For example, ‘gr8’ and ‘BTW’ mean ‘great’ and ‘by the way’. In addition, other words have just been shortened, such as ‘lata’ to mean ‘later’. Most users simply pick up the lingo through frequent use, and although some slang is widely understood and used, other shortcuts are developed within circles of friends and family. The major advantage of SMS is its price. The price is typically $0.05 per message, a significant cut below that of traditional telephony and cell phone per-minute charges. The savings of SMS has its roots in the nature of the technology. Short Message Service, like SIP, is modeled on a peer to peer model and not a cog and wheel like traditional communication systems. This means that instead of having to route a message through a central hub, your text goes straight from you to its destination. This has radically cut down on the cost of SMS implementation and led to its overwhelming popularity throughout the world. Short Message Service (SMS) has radically changed the face of the communications industry. While the practice has become quite common throughout the world, it has only recently become popular here in the United Stats, a growth partly predicated upon, surprisingly enough, its featured role in the show American Idol. The fact that ‘texting’ is quickly gaining both in popularity and recognition in the United States is not surprising however, due to its ability to offer users a cheap, quick, and often fun way to communicate with friends and family.

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