Part time business with free online auctions qxbid com

: There are several easy ways to make money using online auctions websites. The first is to start cleaning your house from top to bottom. Never before has spring cleaning been so profitable! Everything that you would have given to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill has the potential to make you some extra cash. Start piling things into a corner and once your cleaning is finished you can start photographing it for an Ebay listing.

If you find that you have similar items in the pile (sort by size, brand names and style), another of the easy ways to make money using auction websites is to sell your stuff in lots of two or more. This way when you enter in your item description, people looking for either item will be directed to your lot. Also, it takes the hassle of having to deal with shipping items separately out of the equation. When there's no more cleaning to be done and you're out of knickknacks that have been cluttering your house for years, you can start sorting through thrift stores and antique stores. If you have a good eye, there are treasures to be had just about everywhere! Usually, you can buy a winter coat at a thrift store for less than $10. When you take that item home and place it on Ebay, especially if it's a recognizable name brand, it'll sell for several times that amount. Speaking of easy ways to make money using free online auction websites, make sure you keep your eye out for sales of all kinds.

Garage sales are fantastic places to pick up potential treasures, as are closeout sales in local clothing and department stores. Also, make sure you keep an eye out for estate sales. By keeping up to date on where potential finds are, it's easy to flip the items you purchase and make a ton of money.

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How to choose quaint bathroom accessories

How to Choose Quaint Bathroom Accessories Image a room filled with berry red walls with compliments of motif poppy and stylish slipcovers to offset your quaint bathroom. Throw in a few layered fabrics, such as curtains for your shower to enhance the room. Floral shower curtains are idea for quaint baths designed in berry red wall designs. How to choose bathroom accessories: Choosing bathroom accessories is easy if you have your design laid out. Artisans often recommend that you make up a blue print before re-designing your bath even if you are adding bathroom accessories. You want to scope out the area first to consider what accessories would look best in your area. For quaint baths, you want to keep in mind that you are choosing bathroom accessories for old-fashioned or picturesque rooms. Of course, you want to choose charming items, yet you want to keep it on the traditional level. Sometimes traditional rooms require a twist of odd and peculiar items that make it appealing to the eye. When designing quaint environments, why not consider braided rugs? How to choose braided rugs: Braided rugs include the handcrafted rugs made from “sweatshirt fleece.” The rugs are easy to make, otherwise you can find the rugs in any craft store. How are the rugs made? From narrow pieces of wool: You can use soft fleece from sweatshirts to make the wool. Choose the high-fiber cottons, since the material is easy washed. In addition, the rugs absorb better than other materials. To create traditional, try using a variety of fibers. How do I choose materials? You will need fleece from sweatshirts to create your braid. Choose a variety of colors, unless you prefer plain. You will also need a sewers mat and a pair of rotary cutters, as well as thread designed to hold up to heavy material. In addition, you will need Braidkin, or similar lacers. How do I choose the needle? You should consider the large-eye needles, such as the craft needles with round and blunted ends. You will need common craft thread and needles as well. Do I need anything else to finish the rug? Sure, you will need clamps to hold your fabric in place. In addition, you will need clothespins, which you can use to secure the ends of your braided rug while adding lace. The last item you will need is a non-slip mat/pad. You want to slip the pad beneath the rug once you are finished. How do I get started? Getting started is easy. You merely cut 2-inches into the fleece, and strip it transversely over the width of the material. Take 2 strips of the fabric and bring them together, bringing your fleeces in union, and on the bias begin stitching. You will need to trim the seams making allowances at ј or Ѕ inches, depending on your volume. To open the seam, use your fingers and press. At the raw edges of our material, fold it until it meets with the middle region and stretch our strip until it faintly rolls the edges inwardly. At the edges, fold, bringing your 3rd strip to the middle of the cloth and fold it again in half. Make sure the sides are open toward the right of the fabric. Next, at your strip, insert your needle and thread, layering it until the strips join, starting again with the first step, leave seam allowances, and fold the strips to join in half. Enclose the end of your third strip, and finish by stitching the rug together. Now you have the bathroom accessories of the century created by your own hands.

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Smashing the myth of the press release

A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a manner that moves his listeners to tears. He records a demo tape and sends it to record labels. He gets a contract and becomes rich, famous and adored. The lesson: demo tapes are the secret of becoming a famous musician. Wait, you say, the demo tape was just a tool, just his way of conveying his talent. It's his ability as a musician that got him the contract and made him famous.

You're right, of course. He could have become just as famous if a record executive saw him in person, or heard about him from a friend, or as a result of a variety of other events. Which brings us to the press release. Somehow, the press release has taken on a magical reputation as the alpha and omega of publicity. Wanna become rich? Send out a press release. Wanna become famous? Press release.

Wanna get on the cover of Newsweek? Press release. Publicity "gurus" are springing up all over the Internet touting the press release as the answer to all marketing ills. Just knock out a release, mass e-mail it to journalists, sit back and wait for Oprah to call. It's a cruel joke. Here's the reality: the press release is no more important to your potential of scoring free publicity than the demo tape was to our musician friend. If he had no talent, if his songs sounded like garbage, the best recorded demo tape in the world wouldn't get him signed. Ditto for the publicity seeker.

If you don't have a story to tell, your press release is utterly worthless. I'm not knocking the press release -- it's an important tool. But it's just that: a tool. It's not the first thing you need to think about when it comes time to seek publicity. In fact, it's one of the last. And it's not even absolutely necessary (I've gotten plenty of publicity with just a pitch letter, a quick e - mail or a phone call). If you worship at the shrine of the press release, it's time to rearrange your priorities. Here, then, are the things that are MORE important than a press release in generating publicity: A newsworthy story. This is the equivalent of our musician's talent. It's the very basis for your publicity efforts. Without it, your press release means nothing. To learn about how to develop a newsworthy story, take a look at http:// publicityinsider. com/questions. asp and scroll down to "Is my company/website/life really newsworthy?" Learning to think like an editor. Oh, what an edge you'll have in scoring publicity over all those press release worshippers once you learn how to get inside the head of an editor. Give an editor what he wants in the way he wants it and you'll do great. I've got an entire article on the subject at http:// publicityinsider. com/freesecret. asp Go there now and absorb it all. Trust me, it will make a world of difference. Relevance. Tie in with a news event, make yourself part of a trend, piggyback on a larger competitor's story, but, by all means, make your story part of a picture that's bigger than just your company. Stories that exist in a vacuum quickly run out of oxygen. Persistence. Sending out a press release and waiting for results is lazy and ineffective. If you really believe in your story, and you believe that it's right for a particular media outlet, you need to fight to make it happen. Call or e-mail the editor to pitch your story BEFORE sending the release. If one editor says no, try somebody else. If they all say no, come back at them with a different story angle. Getting publicity involves so much more than just sending out a press release. Treat it as seriously and with as much respect as our newly minted rock star treats his craft and you'll be well on your way to success.

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Three quick tips for airport parking

I bet you're a lot like me. When you go to the airport, you don't want much hassle. Get on your plane, get your destination, and finish your business. The last thing that you want to do, is worry about airport parking, and what's going to happen to your car while you are gone. During the last few years, the airport parking situation has gotten a lot better nationally. However, it still can be a bit annoying, and you can definitely get ripped off if you don't watch what you're doing carefully. Here are my three quick tips for getting the best value, you can out of airport parking. 1. Economy is your friend. Parking in the economy zone can be a great way to save a lot of money when you're traveling out of town. Where I live in Houston, there is an economy zone that allows you to park every day for a substantially discounted rate. Most other cities have economy zones for parking. It's usually a little bit, far away from the terminal, but it can really make a difference if you're going out of town for a number of days. 2. Compare prices. There is not a monopoly on airport parking. You can park in several different commercial lots in most cities and the prices will be very comparable. Shop around before you park, or even call around and try to find the best deal. Shopping for airport parking is not rocket science and it really shouldn't be that hard to find a good deal. No matter what city you are in. Also, check online. Many different airport parking companies have web sites where you can compare their prices. 3. Just because it's close doesn't mean it's cheap. The best airport parking generally is right across the street from the terminal. However, this is often the most expensive. It's usually by the hour parking, which gets very costly on a long-term trip. Find out the race before you park anywhere. If you don't do this, you could end up with a very large bill. Who knows how much this could end up costing you the long run. Believe me, you don't find out. Overall airport parking is just another shopping experience. Do your homework, know what you're buying, and make sure you're not getting ripped off. And by the way, come check out our web site with lots of airport parking information.

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Commercial real estate addition to tyson s corner

Tyson’s Corner Center, already one of the nations largest malls, hot bed for real estate and the regions largest has proposed a new development plan that will expand the shopping mall into its own "self-sustained" city. The proposed plans will double the mall in size by adding more than 5 million square feet, or more than twice as much as the Empire State Building! The project is a mix of mid-rise buildings containing hotel rooms, commercial space for offices, retail space and condos. Northern Virginia is planning to add 2 million square feet of office buildings, 600 apartments, and a 120-room hotel and a few shops adding to the existing market for commercial real estate in Northern Virginia. The project faces at least two obstacles to the addition of more Northern Virginia commercial real estate. First, it must win the approval of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The Board would like to create a traditional downtown at Tyson’s Corner, and this plan would move that vision closer. The plan would also merge the now separated buildings into something more like a city block. However, they will have to face vehement opposition from homeowner groups about traffic problems and the effects of even more buildings, cars and people. By adding more commercial real estate and increasing the traffic it will create an even worse situation in Northern Virginia. One resident of McLean, Virginia commented on the proposed plan and said “We’d like to be able to drive from McLean to Vienna in less than a day!" The plan would add some community aspects to the Tyson’s area including an outdoor ice skating rink. Currently there is no place to sit outside, only commercial office buildings. The second obstacle is that only about a third of the project can be built before funding for the $1.5 billion Metro rail expansion from West Falls Church through Tyson’s Corner is approved. Members of the community are invited to attend the planning commissions meetings.

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The credit agency a guide to credit management debt collection outsourcing uk credit reports for business

Sales Ledger Management and Credit Management Department Outsourcing - Getting to Grips With it and Learning the Do's and Dont's from thecreditagency. co. uk How many businesses can say that all of their invoices are paid on or before their due date, and they have no bad debts? Statistics say, very few. The likelihood is that your business, too, is losing out on the benefits of higher levels of working capital. When any business examines their longstanding or ‘aged' debt reports, one of the first things they look at is the bad debt, and, in particular, debt over 90 days old. These are generally considered to be the areas of concern, and so they are naturally the accounts that are first chased for collection. Chasing the old accounts first (dependent upon value) is, indeed, the correct action to take, but surely it would be better to prevent accounts getting to 90 days, 60 days, or even one day overdue in the first place? Next time you take a look at your aged debt report, don't just look at the value of accounts over 60 or 90 days old, but calculate the value of all overdue accounts. Think for a moment how much better off your business would be if that money were at your disposal. Consider what could your business achieve with it. Unless you are a finance house, you are certainly not in the business of lending money, so why let someone else hold on to cash that is rightfully yours and benefit from it? But, you say, how do I prevent a debt an aged debt occurring? The secret is, start chasing payment much earlier in the credit cycle and get the credit processes started even before the sale is complete! Let's look at this more closely. Before even completing the sale, you should conduct a credit check on your customer (dependent upon value), particularly if they are new and an unknown quantity. Granting any form of credit is going to expose your business to credit risk (such as a defaulted payment), so it's clearly in your best interests to find out who your customer is and whether they have the ability to pay the value of your invoice. (You can learn more about reading credit reports, and can order them at online-credit-reports. co. uk) So, your sale is complete and you now know from the credit check that your customer definitely has the means to pay your invoice. Now all you have to do is collect the money outstanding! As mentioned before, the best way to reduce your aged debt is by operating early in the credit cycle. This is where an outsourced credit management service comes into its own as there are more steps involved in the process and your time is precious. Firstly, you need to confirm that your customer has received their invoice well in advance of the due date and ascertain whether the invoice is to be queried in any way at all. If a query is raised, flag it up on your sales ledger management system. If this is something that cannot be achieved on your accounting systems, this is already an indicator that your business is one which would benefit from outsourcing to a collections agency that can. By tagging queries/activities against all invoices, you are readily able see if there are any issues that may result in late or non-payment, thus highlighting whether process improvements are required within other areas of the business. This is a useful tool for any business! At this point you – or your outsourcing provider - can work to resolve any queries, or resend copy documentation (thus removing all valid excuses for non-payment). Once all queries are resolved, a commitment can be obtained from your customer as to when and how the invoice is to be paid (and they can be reminded of the payment terms). This results in timelier payments across the sales ledger. If you outsource this process, remember the quality of service is going to affect your reputation for good or ill. It is crucial to select a provider whose staff are well trained, preferably with Institute of Credit Management qualifications and have the appropriate skills. They will then contact your customers on either a confidential basis (in your name), or a disclosed basis. The sole role of a good collections team is to contact your customers, flag up any queries, and to obtain commitments for payment . If carried out politely, firmly and efficiently, the results can be outstanding. The efficient collection of monies owed to you means that you have to rely less on outside funding sources. This in turn may enable you to negotiate discounts with your suppliers as you are now in a position to pay them more quickly. Outsourcing has an additional benefit, too, allowing the size of your collections team to be increased or decreased according to your busiest or slowest periods. This allows you to reduce costs when you don't need staff and only pay for extra help when you have increased sales. Many companies who have not yet reaped the benefits of outsourcing the credit function will say they are concerned about the communication issues or the collectors' perceived lack of industry-specific knowledge. It is important to therefore outsource to a provider with industry-specialised teams from which individual team members are assigned to manage your accounts on an ongoing basis. A provider should be able to demonstrate to you that that industry-specific education is a key part of their staff training and development programmes. Effective outsourced credit management is all about efficient communication between organisations. You need to ensure that you have a dedicated account manager who stays in regular contact with you (at agreed timeframes) and conveys the information to you in ways that you will easily understand. In addition, look for a company that can provide access to a whole range of information on your sales ledger in real time through the use of a secure web browser. This ensures that you always know what is going on! The benefits to outsourcing whole, or part of your sales ledger are considerable, not least it enables you to concentrate on what you do best. Your 10-Point Check List to Better Sales Ledger Management: • Chase the oldest accounts first – depending on value • Start chasing payment much earlier in the credit cycle • Get the credit processes started even before the sale is complete • Carry out a credit check on the customer, especially if new • Check the invoice has been received and if not, resend • Tag queries/activities against invoices • Flag up any beneficial improvements to linked business processes • Resolve any queries • Obtain commitment as to when and how the invoice is to be paid • Reminded them of the payment terms if necessary Your 5-point guide to what to look for in an outsourced service • ICM-trained staff • Industry-specific collections knowledge • Dedicated account managers with regular staff training • Regular contact at agreed time intervals • Real time access information access via a secure web browser [ Submitted with ArticleSubmitter Pro - http:// proxylate. com/article_submitter_pro. shtml ]

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How a closet carosual can help you get it organized

How a Closet Carousel can Help you get it Organized Do you have storage issues with your closet? Do you want a way to have everything you need in a place that is easy to access? A closet carousel is very convenient and it gives you more closet space then you could imagine. Most of them operate with a button that you push to turn the items on the carousel around. Some of them are round in shape and others are oval. You will find closet carousels in a variety of sizes to fit the dimensions of your closet. Some closet carousels can get you storage for hundreds of outfits, using only ten or twelve square feet of space. A rotating closet carousel helps you get your closet organized by offering you a place to hang your clothing. Each outfit hangs on an individual hanger. As you press the button, your clothing slowly rotates around for you. Stop on any article of clothing you like. If you don’t like what is before you to wear that particular day, just let it keep going by. To get the most out of a closet carousel, select one that comes with a clothing rod as well as storage shelves and containers. You should also select one that has adjustable shelving. This is a great way to ensure it will continue to work for you over time. Most closet carousels are made out of plastic and aluminum. They are very durable and can hold your heaviest objects. Some customer closet carousels are made of wood. These models are the most expensive because of the cost of the materials. You have the option of having a closet carousel installed by a professional, but many models on the market are quite simple to install on your own. This is a great way to get your closet organized at a much lower cost. It helps if you have someone who can assist you. Look for a closet carousel that comes with complete instructions as well as customer support in case you experience any difficulties. Some of them come with ceiling mounts and others offer a floor mount. Both work well so it is your own personal preference. Some people prefer the floor mount because they can have the closet carousel at a lower level. You can choose a closet carousel that plugs into a wall outlet or you can choose one that operates on a battery. On average, you should be able to install any closet carousel system within a four hour period. Treat yourself to the luxury a closet carousel offers you in addition to organization. This is a great way to pamper yourself. Since we all live very busy lives, why not indulge yourself in a luxury you can use each morning as you prepare for your day? Who needs the stress of searching for an outfit? You can access your wardrobe quickly. This is also a great way to help your clothing last longer. Cramming them into a closet that isn’t customized to fit your needs can result in clothing getting wrinkled, snagged, and torn. A closet carousel may be the perfect solution to your cluttered closet. You can purchase one online or from a home improvement store. They are simple to use, easy to install, and very inexpensive. Don’t let the opportunity to have a customized, organized closet pass you by! Use a closet carousel by itself or partner it with other closet organization products. These products include hanging rods, drawers, baskets, cubbies, shoe organizers, and shelves. Some people have even decided to place two closet carousels in to their closet. One for their casual clothing and one for career clothing. You can turn that open closet space that you haven’t’ accessed into great storage space with the right accessories and a few hours of work. The internet is a great place to find closet carousels that are available as well as to compare the quality and the pricing. Word Count 666

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Whats all this i hear about firewalls

At this point, if you've got the whole "turning the computer on" thing down; you are ready to learn about firewalls. Whether you use your computer for business or pleasure, it is important to have a firewall. If you use a high speed Internet connection like Cable modem or DSL, you are at a MUCH greater risk for someone to hack into your computer, ultimately giving them free rein to meddle in your files and your life. A firewall basically limits access to your computer from the Internet; it does not protect your website (that is the responsibility of your webhost.) When you first install a firewall, it will alert you many times about possible threats to your computer. This means that an automated robot or someone who needs a life; is attempting to gain entry onto your computer.

Chances are good that big time hackers will not bother with files belonging to someone with a small business, but the 8th grader down the street just might. Begin by downloading a free firewall; you can visit http:// firewall. com/ for more information. I got my free firewall at http:// zonelabs. com, and it provides a decent amount of protection for beginners. As your business grows you will need to upgrade your software.

Many sites sell firewalls for a fee, but I think you’ll agree you’d rather pay the cash than lose your hard drive.

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Read read read

When I was growing up I remember my mother and father reading. We would go to the grocery store and my mom would always pick up a copy of Women’s World at the check out counter. As for my father, I think he has every copy of the Louis L’ Amour books ever written. I remember him going to small book stores in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles trying to find some of these old books. That habit, of course, boiled over into my life and I am an avid reading. I can’t say that I was top in the class growing up, but it did instill the importance of education and learning in my life. When first child was three years old and was reading at a beginning first grade level. I would tell people and they would be so impressed with his reading skills, while I didn’t see anything extraordinary. He had enjoyed reading books at a young age. When I was reading my books, he would get a book and lay down next to me. Soon he started to question what the marks on the pages where and had a continuing interest in learning.

It was around his 3rd Birthday that he was able to recognize about 50 different sight words and knew almost all the sounds of each letter. Showing children the importance of reading at a young age will set the foundation for their education the rest of their life. The First Step in Reading towards Helping Your Student Succeed is to Develop GREAT Reading Skills. This is the most important teaching tool you can give your student. Since that is the case, this will be the LONGEST chapter in the book. In order to crack the parental code, the parent needs to read to their student daily. Whether it is the parent reading a book in front of their children or the parent is actually picking up a small book and reading to their children, the parent has to place a strong emphasis on reading being fun! When speaking with a veteran father about the importance of making something fun he depicted a story about how, as a parent, you made things fun. He went on to explain that he owned a Valet Parking Service and would often bring his older children with him to help direct the cars into the parking lot. All of his children enjoyed helping their dad work, but LOVED to help him Valet Park cars when it was raining.

This father explained that parking cars in the rain was not a fun thing. It was cold and you would get really wet, but his kids still loved to work with their father when it was raining. His secret was showing the children both verbally and physically that it was fun. Teaching your children that something is fun really depends on the presentation set forth by parents. I did speak with his older children about this matter, and they did indeed still love to Valet Park cars in the rain. What is the moral of this story? You, the parent, are responsible for setting your child’s attitude towards reading. Reading is the first step in building forming a foundation in a child’s academic career. In order to raise an extraordinary student, the parent has to read, read, and read to that child.

Heidi, mother of 4, was reading to her oldest daughter when she turned and noticed that her infant daughter was carefully watching what she was doing. Heidi could see in her young daughters eyes that she liked what was being read. Though the words probably didn’t make any sense, the impact of hearing the mothers voice will place an imprint in the mind of the child. Starting at a very early age, reading to your children can have an impact on their academic success. “Language is the most utilized form of communication. Children who are introduced to books at an early age are more prone to grasp the variances in phonics, which in turn affects their language skills and cognitive abilities. Studies indicate that children's familiarity with books is taught by their mothers who tend to typically be the main care giver of a child” (Importance of Reading, 2005). It really doesn’t matter who the typical caregiver is as long as parents are placing a heavy emphasis on their children being read to on a daily basis.

Heidi youngest daughter is now in kindergarten reading at a second grade level.

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Where will your online degree take you

: There are many online degree programs offered by online universities, but not all degree programs are equal. The degree you earn through online may directly impact your career in future. Your options depend a lot on what kind of accreditation your school was granted. If your purpose of earning an online degree is to advance your career by getting a better position and better pay, then you should make sure the school will meet your expectations and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. When an online university is accredited, it means that it has passed or surpassed a set of nationally recognized standards for its teaching process. Many employers are more opt to hire graduate from an accredited online university. Comparing the following options will help you make the choice that is right for you: 1. Accredited By A Proper Regional Agency Regional accreditation is the highest level of accreditation a university can obtain and is recognized throughout the United States.

If you earn a degree from an online school that is accredited by one of these associations, you can be assured that it will be as valid as a degree from any regular university. Most employers will automatically accept your degree. Most schools will accept your credits through transfer if you plan to further your education at other university in the future. 2. Accredited By Distance Education and Training Council If your school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, your degree will be accepted by most but may be rejected by some. As online education becomes a trend today, more employers are beginning to accept online degrees. Hence, you should be no problem in applying a job using your online degree.

But there were students graduated from an online university which is accredited by Distance Education & Training Council facing difficulties to transfer their credits to other institution. You may need to prove the legitimacy of your degree to others. However, this is still a valid option. 3. Accredited By A Professional Organization If you are pursuing your degree at online university that is accredited by a professional organization, such as "The American Library Association", your degree will only accepted by employers from specific profession. In term of credit transfer, some traditional colleges will accept your credits, but it really subjected to how the school looks at the professional organization which accredited your online university. 4. Not Accredited Or Accredited By Illegitimate Accreditation Agency If your school is not accredited or is accredited by an agency that is not accepted as legitimate, your degree will be rejected by most employers and schools. Most employers will not view your degree as valid or legitimate.

And most universities will not accept your credit transfer. If you are planning to use this degree to apply for a job, you will be at the losing edge when compete with other job applicants for the same position. Unless, your goal of online degree is simply to learn for your own enjoyment, then accredited and not accredited will not be an issue and choosing a non-accredited institution may be a fine option for you. In Summary Many people have difference goal on getting an online degree, know yours. Your career after you graduation will be affected by the accreditation of your online universities; hence, check to make sure the school will meet your expectations and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

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Successful childhood learning starts with reading aloud

Popular theory in the world of education has long been that a young child is an empty slate, just waiting to have information poured into them. That theory has promoted the idea that learning by rote will make a child smarter, and thus more likely to succeed. But studies of the last fifteen years or so have turned such thinking on its ear – the new thought behind early childhood development is not to shove a book under their noses and say “learn,” rather, it’s to show your child how to learn, by reading with them, and forging not just an interest, but a real pleasure out of what the printed word can bring. Let’s looks at an example: “The filibuster is a strategy employed in the United States Senate, whereby a minority can delay a vote on proposed legislation by making long speeches or introducing irrelevant issues. A successful filibuster can force withdrawal of a bill, and filibusters can be ended only by cloture.” Pretty interesting, huh? No? Well, to be honest, we didn’t think it would be. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t have a passion for politics, a piece of information about a political process will likely go in one ear and out the other, even if you’re forced to read the passage more than once. You could read it two or three times, memorize the words, and even be tested on them, but will you still remember that information next week? How about in a month? When your child goes to school and is told to read several pages in a book that doesn’t interest them, they’re going through the exact same thing you just experienced. If there’s no inherent passion for reading, and no passion for the subject matter, then there will be minimal retention at the end of it all. A study of 74 schools by the UK National Foundation for Educational Research found that “fewer youngsters believe reading is difficult, compared with 10 years ago. However, there is a substantial decrease in pupils reading for pleasure. 65% of 9-year-olds and 73% of 11-year-olds said they did not think reading was difficult, compared with 56% and 62% respectively in 1998. Just over 7 out of 10 of the younger age group enjoy reading as a pastime, compared with 78% five years ago, while for 11-year-olds, the proportion has declined from 77% to 65%. Children said they preferred watching television to going to the library or reading. But the biggest changes in attitudes were among boys. In Year 6, only 55% of boys said they enjoyed stories compared with 70% in 1998.” Why? Perhaps other statistics in the same report might have some insight: 24% of children under the age of 4 had television sets in their bedrooms More than 50% of children over the age of 4 have their own TVs 28% have computer games in their rooms 8.5% of under-fours have a VCR in their rooms The Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) recommends that parents read with their child for at least fifteen minutes every day, all the way through third grade, stating, “Before you read each book, read the title and look at the cover and pictures inside. Ask your child what [he or] she thinks the book may be about. After reading the book, review [his or] her predictions. Was the prediction right? If not, what happened instead?” The object in such an exercise is threefold: You make reading an interactive experience that a child can enjoy much as they do playing in the yard, you give the child an opportunity to ask questions about things they don’t understand, and you promote creative thought within your child, where they learn to assess what they see, critically appraise it, and think beyond what they’re seeing on the page. The FCRR advice goes further, recommending a weekly trip with your child to the library, and rhyming games that make your child think about how words are put together, all of which are intended to show your child that reading is just as much fun off-the-page as it is on. The ultimate object is to convince your child to open a book for fun, in their spare time, and thus begin a lifelong enjoyment of the written word and the information that books can bring. This doesn’t just help them at school - according to the NCREL, readers “have self-confidence that they are effective learners [and] see themselves as agents able to actualize their potential.” It’s important for every parent to realize the value of literacy in their child, at the earliest age possible, but it’s even more important to understand the value of comprehension, and how you can help that seed take root.

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Bartending pro tips part 2

This article is a continuation of Bartending Pro Tips Part 1: How to Make Money and Have Fun With a Career In Bartending 8. If there is trouble or violence try, at all costs, to avoid coming out from behind the bar. Raise your voice and attempt to take control verbally, while you are dialing 911. Many bars do not provide security. A personal friend of mine came out from behind the bar and hit an assailant with a full bar bottle since the assault was against a woman. That bartender (who owned the bar) is still in prison not because the bad guy died days later, but because the bartender “came out from behind the bar.” 9. Tip jars are sort of an optional thing, depending on the type of bar. If you follow the sort of relationship-building techniques I have suggested, then when your customer is cashing out it should be a face-to-face, handshake-to-handshake experience They are a lot more likely to deal with you fairly (maybe show off a little bit too) than if they can sneak a few quarters and a dime into a tip jar when you are busy. If you have waiter and waitress staff, one surly server can easily cost you a considerable amount, and that is only if you ever even see their tips. Tip and bar/service accounts should, in my opinion, be kept separate and are in many establishments. 10. That naturally brings me to keeping the other staff happy! Their ability to make money has to do with how well the drinks are made and how quickly they can deliver them, so there is a delicate balance between your bar customers and the table customers. Keep an eye on your own customers, and try to anticipate when they might need another drink. Take care of it, in advance, and if you you are filling table orders (very important) always acknowledge your bar customers and let them know that you noticed. Assure them that their drink is coming right up! 11. Even if it is not within your job description, help the table staff clean up and flip the chairs. Support them any way you can. The only time I would ever advise coming out from behind the bar would be in defense of the staff, and, even then, yell loudly, several times (to staff mostly), for someone to call 911. They will need to know that they have your support (even in if your place of employment has bouncers), so just always do what you can to protect their sense of having a good place to work because, in spite of all your efforts to provide a fun atmosphere for your customers, unhappy staff can detract from that. 12. When you have time, spend time talking with your customers. Don’t sit on a stool sipping a coke and obviously trying to find some time alone, even if you are “on break.” You can be on break at home. Talk news, talk about local folks and interesting places, but more importantly try and get them talking about what is important to them. They aren’t in a library, they are in a bar, and maybe they want to talk, a lot more than be talked to. It’s easy to walk away when you get busy; they can wait and, if they can’t, start gauging their intoxication level. 13. Thank every customer for having spent their time there with you and, if possible, shake their hand. That sort of thing means a lot to people and will keep them coming back. Look them in the eye, particularly when they are cashing out. (Tip Time) 14. If that moment isn’t available, because you are otherwise involved, when you see them rise to leave (and you are sure the bill is cleared), just yell over your shoulder “Hey (name) thanks! Be careful and come back, OK?” 15. Study any bartender’s book on mixed libations carefully, but it’s just as important to watch your co-workers mix drinks. It is a craft that can be learned from experience. If anyone requests a drink that might be from their local area, or by a name you are not familiar with, don’t be ashamed to say “Hey, I don’t know it but I’ll make it right now. Teach me!” They will usually be proud to. Some bars are just crazy some nights, or are just always that way, and you might be one of four or five bartenders with very little time to employ some of these techniques, especially with loud music or live bands. I know, I have worked in them as well but, even so, you will have brief moments when you can utilize these suggestions and, believe me, they will pay off. Even with multiple and busy bartending situations, customers will seek you out, try to sit near where you are working and, when you aren’t working, they will ask when you are going to be working next. By the way, once you have a “following,” changing jobs is easy! Bartending is a fun, interesting and lively job! I have made up to $50,000 a year bartending as a second job! Find a place you enjoy living, a bar you like and ENJOY work for a change!

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The new cuisine african food today

Today, African food is the most diverse cuisine on the planet, a true "melting pot" of foods and flavors. Africa's history is rich and so is its cuisine. With influences from so many other countries, Dutch, English, Asian, and Indian, Africa's new cuisine is the newest global food trend. The Mediterranean has a place in African foods with its influence of olive oil, olives, and pasta. Rich African stews are infused with elements from both the East and the West. Using little meat, but an abundance of vegetables, African stews have become a gourmet trend. Southern African cuisine is reminiscent of the East with its sosaties, which are like kebabs, bobotie, which is a curried minced dish, and bredies, which is a type of casserole dish. It's all about spice Africa is all about spice: hot and spicy seasonings characterize the African cuisine. Close your eyes and you'll be able to recognize the Ethiopian seasoning mix, Berbere, which is a combination of chilies, chives, tarragon, coriander, cardamom, fenugreek, and garlic. The unique flavors of the African new cuisine are dependent on the abundant use of various specific aromatic plants and other spices. Fenugreek, for example, is used a lot and has a bittersweet flavor. Cassava is a starch root and is used to thicken stews. Bambara are African peanuts and are used in various dishes. Similar to cardamom, grains of paradise are strong pepper-flavored seeds and used to flavor stews. Other seeds that are used for flavor include the Egusi seeds. African spices are often mixed. Some spice mixes, such as the Ras Al-Hanout includes over 25 different ingredients, such as rose petals, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and grains of paradise.

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Signal mirror over the shoulder go

Recently I have read an interesting article about SMOG. SMOG simply means Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder, Go. This is the step that we should use when we wanted to change lane on the road during driving. However most of us are using the opposite practice which is MOSG. MOSG means Mirror, Over the shoulder, Signal, Go. When we wanted to change to the next lane during driving, we normally try first to make sure that there are opening for us to move into the lane, then only we turn on the signal and move in. If there is no opening on the lane next to us, we don’t even bother to turn on the signal. This is exactly what I did when I drive. But in actual, if you signal first, the cars on the other lane will normally leave out an opening for you to move in. I suddenly realize that what I was doing - MOSG is indeed a reactive way, where SMOG is a proactive action.

In SMOG, you create the intention on what you want to do, let people know about it, then you achieve it. In achieving what we want in life, are we using MOSG or SMOG practice? I think most of us are using MOSG practice. For example in our career, we normally just pick up any tasks that comes to us. We seldom go and think about what we want to achieve in our career. Bear in mind that the tasks that just comes to us are normally urgent task that don’t help much in our career development. For example if we want to become a manager, then we should plan our time accordingly to improve ourselves like reading on management related materials, take up professional courses or academic courses like MBA and so on. Instead of doing that, most of us will just starting to complain that there is no luck for us. Ordinary people will believe it only after they see it. But successfully people aren’t doing that. They believe it, then only they see it. Many of us do want to be somebody when we are a child. But when we grow up, we start to forgot about that intention. It is not that we purposely doing that. It is because that most of us think in MOSG mode, we cannot find an opportunity for us to be that somebody, so we forget about it. Think about what you want to achieve, made up your mind, write about it, read about it and imagine about it. Then sooner or later opportunities will come to you.

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Cancer diet the role of fibre

This article in the series on Cancer Diet explores the importance of fibre. Fibre's role in the body is to assist in the timely expulsion of waste matter from the bowel. If this waste matter stays put for too long, the body starts to reabsorb the antigens and toxins from the bowel bacteria through the gut wall. One of the easiest ways to tell if you are getting enough fibre is to inspect your stools. Sounds most unsavoury, I know, but all you need to do is see whether they float or sink in the toilet. If they are floating you are getting enough fibre, if they sink you are not. The reason a good cancer diet will address the need for good elimination is that as the body fights the cancer it produces even more waste matter. This puts a very heavy load on the elimination systems. If the bowels are clogged up as well, then the body struggles under a highly toxic load. This in turn takes much needed resources away from healing functions. Of course, if the patient is also having chemotherapy treatment, good elimination is even more crucial. In a well managed cancer diet, there will already be a good proportion of raw foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. These raw foods are one of the best sources of natural dietary fibre. Other much touted remedies such as psyllium husks can be very helpful, but it is preferable to get your fibre directly from your foods, which also contain other elements such as enzymes that help digestion. Water is also absolutely critical for good bowel function, assisting in the flushing of the bulk material and the toxins that accumulate there. Absolutely no point in upping the fibre content then depriving the body of water so that it all becomes a big plug! Many medications can cause constipation so be on the lookout for this side effect when starting any new ones. Also high levels of calcium and low thyroid hormones can play havoc, so if you continue having constipation after increasing your fibre and water content, make a beeline for your doctor. Constipation has far too many negative side-effects to allow it to continue too long. Just a quick PS - every cancer diet should include pears, as they are full of fibre, water and highly nutritious to boot. If you are constipated, a full ripe pear on an empty stomach first thing in the morning followed by a glass of water has a very good chance of doing the trick!

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Drinking water filters

: Nowadays everyone wants to live a healthy and happy life and for that they can go to any extent. They take various precautionary methods and steps just to ensure complete safety and sound health. This applies to water filters too. Water is the basic necessity of every human being and they largely depend upon it for the entire basic requirement. It is not only used drinking but also for cooking, washing, bathing and many more to mention. Currently if we see drinking water filters are ruling the roost and are the hot property mainly due to growing health awareness among the people. Majority of the companies in town are in race to provide and introduce the best drinking water filter due to which at the moment you can find water filters equipped with various features and benefits. Drinking water filters are generally equipped with the filter paper or cartridge which not only restricts the dirt and impurities but also removes the bad smell and odor from it. This makes you get clean and pure drinking water. Today’s modern water filters are very advanced as they are outfitted with sensors which inform you in advance when to go in for cartridge change so that you can get clean drinking water.

Many companies now sell the water filters with an additional cartridge so that it can be replaced as soon as its life expires. According to the latest market analysis it was revealed that reverse osmosis filters are the best as they provide 100% pure drinking water and that too with its nutrients intact. Second most popular drinking water filters are distillers. They are programmed in such a way that they simply boil the water to the steam removing all the impurities. It is the traditional way of removing the impurities which is still used in 21st century as it is still best way to remove it. The next is carbon filter which is best and the trusted drinking water filter. It is the best filter which is used for removing the smell from the water and makes it drinkable. Its filters are so powerful that they clean the water which is very impure and full of dirt and also removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and many inorganic components. This makes this drinking water filter a hit among the public.

So just choose the best water filter suiting your needs and install it. For more information on water filters and drinking water filters, please visit http:// quality-water-filters. com.

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Diabetic eye disease can cause blindness gives no early warning signs

Annual Eye Exams Crucial to Early Detection and Treatment (ARA) - Loss of eyesight in people with diabetes is a national health problem. People with diabetes are 25 times more likely to become blind than those without diabetes, and diabetic eye disease can cause as many as 25,000 new cases of blindness every year, according to the National Eye Institute (NEI), one of the Federal government's National Institutes of Health. Nearly half of the nation's estimated 16 million people with diabetes will develop some degree of diabetic retinopathy, the most common form of diabetic eye disease, and the leading cause of blindness in American adults. Diabetic retinopathy damages the tiny blood vessels in the retina, the light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye. The disease does not have any early warning symptoms such as pain, and vision may not change until the disease becomes severe. "This is one of the most frightening things about diabetic eye disease," says Dr. Paul Sieving, director of NEI. "People with diabetic eye disease do not realize that their eyesight is slowly deteriorating." The only way to diagnose diabetic eye disease in its early stages is with a dilated eye exam. Using eye drops to enlarge the patient's pupils, a dilated eye exam allows the eye care professional to see more of the inside of the eye to check for signs of the disease. People with diabetes need to make annual dilated eye exams a priority. Ignoring the importance of an annual eye exam could lead to trouble later on, when diabetes begins to affect a person's eyesight. Vision lost from diabetes cannot be restored. Yet in about 90 percent of those who would otherwise become blind, the early detection of diabetic eye disease, combined with laser surgery when needed, and appropriate follow-up, has helped preserve vision. Laser surgery can shrink the abnormal blood vessels caused by diabetic retinopathy. Sieving notes that "the longer a person has diabetes, the more likely it is that person will develop diabetic retinopathy. However, studies have shown that people with diabetes who keep their blood sugar levels as normal as possible slow the onset and progression of diabetic retinopathy and lessen the need for laser surgery. This may also help reduce other complications from the disease, such as kidney disease, stroke and nerve damage." Individuals with diabetes are also at risk for other eye diseases. Studies show that they are twice as likely to get a cataract as a person who does not have the disease, and that cataracts develop at an earlier age in people with diabetes. Glaucoma may also become a problem. A person with diabetes is nearly twice as likely to get glaucoma as other adults. And, as with diabetic retinopathy, the longer someone has had diabetes, the greater the risk of getting glaucoma. Much research is being done to learn more about diabetic eye disease. For instance, the National Eye Institute is supporting a number of research studies in the laboratory and with patients to learn what causes diabetic retinopathy and how it can be better treated. This research should provide better ways to detect and treat diabetic eye disease and prevent blindness in more people with diabetes. A free brochure, "Don't Lose Sight of Diabetic Eye Disease," is available by writing to Diabetic Eye Disease, 2020 Vision Place, Bethesda, MD 20892-3655. NEI's Web site, nei. nih. gov/health/index. htm provides additional information about diabetic retinopathy.

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Jobs for stay at home moms

We see many searches sent to various search engines looking for jobs for stay at home moms, best jobs for stay at home moms, online jobs for stay at home moms, stay at home jobs for stay at home moms, work at home jobs and there are many more. Stay at home Moms are looking to the Internet for stay at home opportunities so that can take care of their families, make some extra money or simply want to work from home so they can take care of their children After doing much research there are many ways moms can work at home. Here are just a few: * Data Entry from Home * Type at Home * Rebate Processing from home * Online paid surveys * Telephone Answering * Medical Transcription and more and more. Most web site owners such as myself have researched and even put in place a specific web page for Moms looking for work, because of this huge demand. There is minimal cost in getting your work at home project up and running and you need the very minimal of equipment to perform any task necessary. You will need a computer, Internet Access, Word Processor, Spell Checker and a printer. Other than that everything else is a bonus. It's important to select the right companies up front otherwise you will spend allot of time and money for nothing. As in anything there are some companies that are not as reputable as others and you will simply waste your time and efforts. Don't get discouraged. One quote that has always stuck with me is "Behind every successful person is allot of failures" . I cannot tell you the businesses I had tried over the years before being successful. It was worth the wait. You have to be willing to do your research, select the opportunity that is right for you, Join the program, have some patience and work at it to create success for yourself. It takes time and effort, but it can be done and it has been done time and time again. Most people simply give up just about the time they are getting ready to see success. I suggest finding one of the many web sites that have done some research for you. Once you have found one email or talk to the owner of the site if necessary and remain loyal. I know I appreciate and look forward to feedback from my visitors. Your feedback and loyalty is important to me. You will need to remember it takes a person with a certain discipline to work from home with no one watching over you. It is also important to note that you will have to WORK at HOME to get paid. Having said all of that there are many moms doing quite well at home utilizing many of the above programs. It is more popular now days simply to operate out of you own home. You can earn some nice money, create a lot of free time and enjoy life a whole lot more should you choose to do so. Please feel free to read more of this article by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.

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Are bunk beds easy to put together

: The term “easy” is relative. What is easy for one person might be hard for somebody else and vice versa. Most bunk bed assembly requires only very simple household tools to be able to put your new bed together, such as a screwdriver or a wrench. If there are any tools required that are not considered “household,” they will be provided with your bunk bed purchase. If you do not know what a screwdriver or a wrench is, or what they even look like, you might want to consider getting some help. Although these beds can be put together with one person it is advised that you have a second person. That additional set of hands will make assembly a lot easier. The first thing you want to do when your new bed arrives is to lay everything out onto the floor and read the assembly instructions carefully and thoroughly, at least once through even before you start. Make sure that everything in the documentation is included such as rails, headboard, etc.... and all of the hardware.

What I mean by all of the hardware is bolts, washers, and screws. The last thing that you want, and I've had this happen to me before, is to get almost done and find out that you're missing two bolts. And at 7pm on a Sunday evening, there are no hardware stores open where I live. So the best advice before you begin putting together your new bunk bed is to make sure that all the parts have arrived and that nothing is damaged. Once you have verified that the contents are complete, start with step one. Since bunk beds are actually two beds one stacked upon each other, I cannot stress the importance of putting the beds together correctly. Please take the time to read the instructions before you begin. I know the temptation to look at the pictures and start putting together the frame is high (and I'm guilty of this myself with certain projects), but bedroom furniture, especially heavy bedroom furniture, needs patience. So for the safety of everyone, please read the instructions. So, how easy are bunk beds to put together? For the average person with average household skills the installation is relatively easy. The first thing you will likely assemble is the actual bed frame to the footboard and the headboard of both beds. Sometimes you will actually assemble two beds and then lift one on top of the other. For this type of assembly it is imperative that you have a second person, as lifting one bed on top of another is something most people cannot do by themselves. There are many bunk beds that are assembled as a whole unit rather than two separate beds. Some of the loft designs and certain theme bunk bed styles are put together as one unit. If you have any reservations about having bunk beds delivered to your door and being overwhelmed at the thought of how they will be assembled…don't! Help is always a phone call away, every reputable seller has phone operators that can help with instructions and assembly. Don't want to even attempt this yourself, or just don't have the time? Local handy men in the phone book can perform this task with ease. So, get out there, choose your style, get the beds delivered, put them together, you can even make a nice family event out of this, and have fun.

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Microsoft crm modification overview for it specialist

Microsoft CRM is now on the scene and it is increasing its market share, due to the Microsoft Business Solutions muscles and marketing strategy. It is tightly integrated with other Microsoft Business Solutions products such as Microsoft Great Plains, Solomon, Navision. If you are programmer or database administrator who is asked: how do we modify Microsoft CRM – read this article and you will have the clues for further research. 1. Microsoft CRM SDK – this is software development kit with C# and partly VB. net code samples – it is supported by Microsoft Business Solutions technical support. It is based on web service calls, if you are C#.NET developer – you are excellently positioned to do this type of customizations. This is the preferred modification scenario and this should be easily upgradeable customization. VB. Net examples will be available soon. 2. Legacy SQL Data integration. This is also easy and safe. If you have SQL database, sitting on the same or linked SQL Server – you can create ASPX. Net application and simply integrate it into CRM. You can place it on the navigation bar or menu in isv. config – please refer to MS CRM SDK 3. Legacy ASP integration – this is somewhat more sophisticated. You have to deploy HTTP handler to be a middle party between CRM which is. Net based and ASP which is legacy IIS. The trick is – you have to have INI file with security settings to penetrate into MS CRM with proper credentials, calling web service. 4. Microsoft Exchange Programming. Microsoft CRM has Exchange connector – which moves CRM incoming email to MS if it has GUID in its subject. You can alter this logic (for instance - move email to CRM if it doesn’t have GUID but it is from the sender who is contact or account in MS CRM). Refer to MS Exchange SDK onsyncsave event handling. Then simply apply some MS CRM SDK programming - you need some COM+ objects creation and VB programming experience. 5. Direct SQL touch – in #4 above I described you the scenario with MS Exchange handlers – this would be ideal world if MS CRM SDK does the job. But – in real world this is not always true – you have to do direct flags correction in CRM database (like making Activity closed, moving email attachments/octet streams, etc). This is not supported by MBS technical support – but you can rescue to this technique if you have to get job done. 6. MS CRM Customization tool – this is rather end-user tool and we don’t describe it here – read the manual. We’ve described above the options to use when this tool doesn’t do the job 7. Crystal Reports - feel free to create Crystal report - tables and views structure is self explanatory. Try to avoid the temptation to create your own SQL view or stored procedure in MS CRM database, instead - create custom database and place your view and stored proc in it. Happy modifying! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

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