Acne remedy what worked for my acne was the drug free way part 3

Welcome back. I have discussed the internal aspects of acne treatment and now we shall be going over the external factors of treating acne and its symptoms. The internal and external factors of this drug-free method of acne control do go hand-in-hand so needless to say; ensure that for your success at this acne treatment regimen, you take the necessary steps to keep both methods working together to ‘zap those zits’ naturally. Okay? Acne Remedy: Tips for External Acne Control *Don’t repeat the use of a pillowcase in 2 days; always change them nightly so get 7 clean ones. *As much as possible, keep unwashed hands off of your face for long periods of time. *Try to sleep on your right side. *Wash your hair with a mild shampoo every night especially if you use greasy hair products, or use a wrap-around nightcap that covers the hair and ensure the cap is washed every morning. *Steam your face by putting boiling water in a large basin, immersing your face to about several inches away from its surface and allowing the steam to open up the pores, all the time ensuring that the head is covered with a towel. I will recommend using purified water instead of regular tap water, to avoid inhaling the toxic chlorinated by-products it is notorious for. Perform this step for several minutes to induce heavy and effective perspiration. *Massage the face regularly as this not only aids in cleansing the face, but it firms up the skin and alleviates unwanted signs of aging such as crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, lines and wrinkles *Engage in some form of exercise to aid the body in detoxification and metabolism. *For my male readers; if you are of African or Hispanic descent, most barbers recommend you use electric clippers to shave. For Caucasians & Asians, I have observed that using razors might not be a problem although if you prefer, you can use electric clippers also. This completes the third and final installment of “Acne Treatment: what worked for my acne was the drug-free way”. It is my hope that you can apply these methods and take the steps necessary to see a successful cure for your acne naturally and permanently. Good Luck my friend.

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Sharpness of the acura tl

Superseding the Acura Vigor in 1996, the Acura TL is a midsize entry-level luxury car. It is manufactured and sold under the Acura brand, which is under the automobile manufacturer, Honda. It has become quite popular in its own way and received a name for itself as the best selling luxury sedan, after selling more than 79,000 units in 2004. In 1998, Honda introduced the Acura TL-X concept car. It featured a preview of the second generation of TLs that would make its public entrance after a year. This second generation TL is now called as the 3.2 TL. It has a newly-designed 3.2 liter 225 HP SOHC VTEC J32 V6 along with a four-speed electronic automatic transmission with SportShift. The only option given to this vehicle was a hard drive based navigation system. Changes continued to roll in for the Acura TL as the years went on. This vehicle sported changes like a five speed automatic transmission with SportShift, that gave way for a slightly better fuel economy and acceleration. Other changes included the addition of side impact airbags for the front passengers and a change of format in its navigation system. Also done in were a DVD based navigation system where a driver could theoretically drive from one coast to another with this new navigation system installed.

The system had stored the maps in zones and there were five different zones for the United States. The vehicle also sported a new faзade with its redesigned tail lights, a great-looking and beveled front, and a wide, yet powerful stance. The gutter at the beltline of the vehicle sported a tough, extruded shape that could make one recall the blade of a hunting knife. Also added were an in-dash CD changer, firmer seats and suspension for the year 2002. Come the 3rd generation Acura TL, it became the first car in the U. S. market to have a six disc DVD-Audio system which had an output through an 8-speaker system.

This system was engineered by Panasonic, and it also plays back normal audio CDs along with DTS audio discs, CD-audio, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. It also has a Bluetooth HandsFree Link, or HFL, system that is integrated with the audio system itself and this HFL system allows drivers to use their cellular phones hands-free. By simply voice-dialing the number that they need to contact, drivers can have the entire conversation over the Acura TL’s built-in audio system. The Acura TL makes drivers feel great when they are behind the wheel for Honda has certainly kept in mind to consider ergonomics. With the Acura TL, the driving position feels perfectly natural. The controls carry the feel as if they belong in a performance car. It also has notably short-stroke brake pedals that lets drivers modulate the new four-piston Brembo front brakes with a precision that could be considered as complete. If Acura TL owners want to maintain the superior performance of their Acuras, http:// carpartswholesale. com would be perfect for them since it is the leading supplier of Acura discount-priced Acura car parts that are made from the finest quality materials.

For Acura parts demands, Auto Parts Discount offers electrical parts, fenders, floor mats, hoods, headlamps, door kits, and more.

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Baby sign language communication before speech

Prior to mastering the art of speech, your baby has great difficulty in communicating his needs to you. This can cause frustration for you both - yet there is a solution. Baby sign language is rapidly becoming popular as a means of recognising - and responding to - a young baby's needs. Babies can be taught sign language from any age, but they really begin to take notice of the signs from around six months and may begin using them from as early as seven to eight months of age. As many parents will testify, babies understand an awful lot more than they are able to communicate through speech at this stage. Some parents fear that using baby sign language may hamper their child's speech development later on. Research into this subject, however, shows that children taught baby sign in infancy go on to develop superb language skills. In some cases, they may learn to speak earlier and often have an increased ability to learn a second language.

There are other benefits to introducing baby sign language - studies indicate that children who sign often develop a higher than average IQ. The major advantage for parents, of course, is to be able to identify their babies' needs and respond appropriately - easing the frustrations that can lead to tantrums. Once this channel of communication is open, many parents feel that a deeper bond with their child is formed, creating a great sense of harmony. There are various methods by which you can learn to sign with your child - no prior knowledge is needed, so learning along with your baby is part of the fun! It is important to remember to say the word when introducing any signs to your baby and to use the signs consistently - both in the home and outside it. Also, try to familiarise anyone who cares for your child with the signs they are using. Some people like to invent their own signs to use with their babies, whereas others prefer to use conventional signs based on formal sign language - the advantage of using these is that they are recognised by a wide group of people. There are many books, DVDs and flashcards available, based on formal signing, that make learning this new skill both simple and enjoyable. Taking into account the benefits that this simple communication can bring, it's no wonder that more and more parents are using baby sign language - and achieving a fascinating insight into their babies' minds!

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The rise of condominium developments

Condominiums are no longer for the retiree and well-to-do. Whether a first-time home buyer looking for a safe place to raise their children or the young professional looking for luxurious living, the growing market of condos offers another option to buyers of every kind. While most may consider condos to be new or extravagant, the fact is condos do not have to be. There is a growing trend of reconstructing rental units into condominiums and the market is taking it in stride. Condo conversions are, however, causing a decrease in the rental inventory in major cities, such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami. This is not stopping developers, however, as the condo conversions are priced affordably and are being snatched up by first - time homebuyers everywhere. Developers are purchasing run-down apartment buildings in properties that are close to jobs and schools, converting them into affordable condo units, and refurbishing them with more extravagant upgrades, such as carpeting and stainless steel appliances. They then will revamp the common areas and put them on the market. To help them sell, many are including incentives and even offering to pay the closing costs for buyers. Many first-time homebuyers and retirees are purchasing them as they feel more secure. Luxurious condos are also on the rise. While the ownership of these are centered more around a buyer looking for a quality lifestyle, extravagant amenities, and great locations, there are many that are willing to pay the price. In Florida last year, a 4,800 square foot condominium was sold for $4.65 million dollars. In 2005, California experienced a 90% jump in condominiums priced over one million. There were 1,677 condo sales, all in the one million dollar price range. Many of these luxury condominiums are located in areas of wealth and many have top-notch views. Amenities in such luxury condos may include quality furnishings, such as appliances, granite counter tops, and window treatments. Many luxury condo buyers like the fact that the properties are secure and feel their items of wealth are protected in this type of environment and they don’t have to pay the added cost of security. Condo hotel developments are on the rise in larger cities, as well. This type of luxury living affords one the opportunity of living in their own condominium with all the amenities of hotel living, such as room service, maid service, and concierge service. Research shows the average condo hotel buyer to be between the ages of 35 and 50 years old and many simply are purchasing them as either an investment property and vacation property. The 576-unit condo hotel, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, sold all its units during its preconstruction stage within a two month period. In other areas, such as Florida where the first condo hotels were developed, sales are doing well. In many of the areas, such as Miami, there isn’t any undeveloped land available. Therefore, developers are simply taking advantage of the market in any way they can. These condo hotel sales are hot and when they are not on the water, they offer luxurious living at an affordable price. There are several reasons why many prefer condominium living over a single-family dwelling. Many consider themselves to be living in a community within a community. While there may be strict regulations or rules in the condominium development, most find themselves feeling safer, as well as more involved, than they were when they lived in a single-family dwelling. Condominium developments generally charge a monthly fee to all owners to take care of the outdoor maintenance, as well as security of the building and upkeep of the common area. This allows the condo owner to simply enjoy all the amenities of condo living. The fact is condo development is on the rise all over the United States and Canada and will continue to do so as long as there are buyers. These condo buyers are simply looking to purchase the lifestyle of condo living. For many, feeling more secure in an affordable home, being pampered by a doorman, and living close to the city is what condo living is about.

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You don t have to be sick to get better

Hi there, I’m always amazed at how disorganised most businesses are. The huge amount of opportunities that fall by the wayside due to poor management. Let me tell you what happened to me recently. The Car Dealership I stopped off at my local dealership as I was interested in updating my current vehicle. This dealership is very well-known and spend a fortune on advertising trying to attract more buyers. I walked in to the new car division and was greeted by a saleswoman. I made some general enquiries and at the end of our conversation decided it wasn’t worthwhile purchasing a new vehicle at that time. The salesperson didn’t know what questions to ask me and relied on me asking all the questions. She obviously hadn’t been trained in selling. When I left she didn’t even ask me for my contact details. I then walked over to the Used Car division. There were two salesmen filling in the afternoon, chatting about the cricket. I had to interrupt their very important conversation to get some assistance. I then asked all the relevant questions (remember I’m the buyer here, not the seller…it should have been the other way around) and I looked at a couple of different cars. Not once did the salesman try to point out the benefits of the cars. All he did was watch me. When I said “thanks very much for your time”, he said “have a great day”. Again, there was an opportunity to sell me and he did nothing! The Real Estate Agent I went to a seminar and heard a well-known agent speak about how they have successfully built their business and how much they really look after their clients. A couple of weeks later, I rang one of his agents as I was interested in a particular development. I left a message and mentioned that I was seriously looking and to call me back. I had to ring three days later as the call was never returned. The saleswoman gave no apology and was in fact very unfriendly. (Possibly because it was a Sunday). I asked her a few questions and it turned out there wasn’t a suitable apartment in the block that would fit my scenario. Instead of asking for all my contact details, she just hung up! What Should Have Happened? First of all the owners of these businesses should have their people undertake regular training on selling and communicating. Not only that… and this is a big one, they need to learn how to follow up. These ‘salespeople’ should have asked for my contact details and had a system to stay in contact with me. At some stage the right product to suit my needs could become available and all they had to do was call an already ‘hot prospect’. What Can You Do To Increase Your Profits? Train your people…constantly. You can’t be an expert in everything, send your people out to conferences, seminars and workshops so they can gain valuable skills and utilise them in your business. Make sure you go as well. At many of my public workshops on “How to Have Less Mess, Less Stress and More Success”, quite often business owners and managers send their staff along. Their people gain great benefit from attending, although without a doubt, the staff’s biggest challenge is management. It’s the management who need to attend the most as they can influence change. You Don’t Have To Be Sick To Be Better Two weeks ago I attended a Bob Proctor Seminar entitled “You Were Born Rich”. A key statement that I picked up on was “You don’t have to be sick to be better”. I interpreted that statement as you need to be proactive. Don’t wait until your business, your health or your personal life is falling apart, always look at ways of improving even when life is going well. 3 Key Ways To Get Better Learn how to get organised and manage your time. Business owners are generally too busy being reactive and don’t spend time developing themselves and their people which in turn will develop their business and ultimately make them more money. They’ll also discover how to have more work/life balance. Invest in the services of a business coach. A good coach will have ‘the rungs on the board’ and should also be a good role model of what they do. They’ll show you how to work smarter, not harder. Before signing any agreement, check them out. Speak to other people they’ve worked with. Don’t be afraid to invest money in this area. If you can learn how to develop your business so that it runs effectively and is more profitable…why wouldn’t you do so? A business coach takes a holistic approach to help you develop your business. They’ll show you how to have more time, more money and more life. The benefits you gain will far outweigh the investment you make. Get fit and healthy. You’ll feel good, look good and be more productive. The Final Word What are you going to do differently this year so that you can be better? What actions have you taken so far? And if you haven’t done anything yet… what are you waiting for? The results you achieve in your life whether at work or home are directly down to you. So take charge of your life now. Time flies by so quickly…and before you know it, Easter will be here. Have a great week! Lorraine

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Musical themed paintings

Musical Themed Paintings Musical themed paintings can be fun to find and fun to buy. I have a musician friend that recently purchased a new home. She bought new furnishings and asked me to find a new painting for her. I found her a fabulous creation by Osnat. It was an enormous, gallery size painting. My friend’s new furnishings were very contemporary and the Osnat musical themed painting I bought for her was breathtaking when all five parts were mounted. The musical staff ran the length of the painting with musical notes painted on it. The painting had pretty shades of yellows and oranges. It looked so elegant. I found a still life musical themed painting of a guitar to buy for a friend. He always has had beautiful pieces of art in his home and he wanted to change some of the pieces he had grown tired of. The abstract piece that I found really struck a cord with my friend and he ended up buying another painting from the same artist. I found a painting that was called Music of Fire that didn’t really seem to have a musical theme. I showed it to a friend and she told me that the flames looked like they were dancing. She told me that I was using a very narrow definition of musical themed paintings when I was buying art. Abstract guitars really seem to be my favorite musical themed paintings. I like to buy them when they jump out at me. There is an artist named Slazo that is very prolific with his musical themed guitar paintings. He has had a lot of exhibitions in Florida. A friend of mine asked me to find artwork by an Armenian named Aram Koupetzian. I was able to find a musical themed painting called Rondo by this artist. It was really intriguing. I’ve never purchased a painting in the Cubist style before. The exact style of this musical themed painting was Synthetic Cubism. I liked it a lot. There is a lot to look at in the painting. A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree. He had a double major of music and education. He got a job as an assistant band director at a middle school in Austin. As a combination graduation and new job present, I bought him a musical themed painting. The musical themed painting that I chose was painting by Tilo Rothacker that depicted a jazz musician playing a trumpet. It was so very colorful and it felt a lot like New Orleans. My friend and I had visited the French Quarter several times together. This musical themed painting celebrated his life changes and our friendship perfectly. My younger sister is quite the accomplished violinist. She moved to New York and went to Juilliard. Her path changed after a couple of years in New York. She stopped pursuing the violin as a career, but her love for her music never waned. I bought her a musical themed painting when she bought her apartment. It was a contemporary abstract with brilliant rich jewel tones that depicted a woman violinist. I was looking for musical themed paintings one day when I found Melody of Sunset for sale. I’m not sure why this painting bothered me so much. The woman was playing the piano, but she seems disembodied and strange. Her eyes were closed. This musical themed painting just did not strike a cord with me and I did not buy it. My favorite musical themed painting in a long time was The Sound of Jazz. It was painted by Sarah Kinan and it is gorgeous. It is hard for me to not smile when I’m looking into this painting. The background looks like confetti and the foreground is filled with musical instruments. This musical themed painting can be described as feeling like a party. 655

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Make artistic graphic designs

Are you a student of graphic design? If you have taken time in extra reviews and put “graphic design” and “drawing” into any search engines, you’ll get almost the same result = descriptions of graphic design programs at many design schools. Baffled? Well, it’s like this: As a student interested in graphic design, you have to take drawing and not actually a degree in fine art. The truth is, you don’t need to be able to draw sensationally, but your skills as a graphic designer would edge out if you have drawing abilities. Still it is possible for you to be a designer without having any drawing ability. Putting art into your graphic designs can be done with your actual ability to draw. Here are several reasons why getting into a good drawing class can become a significant part of your graphic designing career: Opens up your eyes to all details - Drawing does not only entail the creation of beautiful art, it also triggers in us the ability to really look at a subject in a realistic view. Through drawing, we could look at the negative space and the positive space of our creations. It enables us to look perceptively at the white space in a design, its texts and graphics. Makes you become sensitive and attentive to details – by getting us to really look at our drawing or design, drawing also awakes in us a certain sensitivity and attentiveness to particular objects that will truly turn out to be interesting subjects. Teaches you about composition – getting into a good drawing class draws out knowledge about making good composition. Principles in good drawing compositions apply also to graphic design. Gives you knowledge on color – drawing will teach you about tones and shades, even if you draw only in black and white. You’ll also learn some color theory that you could put to good use in creating graphic designs. Gets you to distinguish good art – a single or couple of drawing class can never make a great artist out of you. But, abilities such as being able to distinguish good art can be honed in you after taking up a drawing class. As a graphic designer, you may eventually have to hire an illustrator and this ability of yours can be put to good use. Don’t give me a line about some people that can never learn to draw even as they have the graphic design skills… Early on as kids, all of us have expressed ourselves by drawing anything. So now that we have the complete and matured mental faculties, all of us can learn how to draw. Time and practice are all it would take. Great talents and skills are always the result of never – ending practice. By learning to draw, we could also get the most essential elements of creating artistic graphic designs.-30-

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How to save the world is an example of an individual person s blog that could open people s eyes minds and hearts

Recently I have been having a look at a list of blogs that a colleague gave me, all of which have links to RSS feeds. This means if you download RSS software off the Internet you can automatically receive new posts in your Reader from the blogs that you subscribe to. Most subscriptions are free to read, as people generally would basically like to communicate and share their ideas with others. The particular list that I have is focused on blogs that ranked highly in both Google’s page ranking and Alexa’s ranking of how many visitors come to a site. Well, the first blog on the list was called ‘How to save the world’ and is found at blogs. salon. com/0002007 or http://blogs. salon.

com/0002007/rss. xml for its RSS feed. Scrolling down through this blog’s latest posts (journal entries) I came across one on July 17,2005 entitled ‘There is no justice’ which caught my attention causing me to subsequently read onwards. Although the writer is obviously intelligent and went to quite a complex depth in his analysis of peace and justice (or lack thereof) in the world, I was simply impressed by the reason for this blogger’s writing in the first place. They want to help the world.

I know that by now on Earth there are probably millions of online journals with people talking about anything from their daily activities, to specific interests, to the meaning of life. Blogs are a chance for people to express themselves to the world, to let anyone, anywhere know what you have been thinking about while you have been here on the planet. The fact that some people are writing blogs like ‘How to save the world’ is very encouraging to me as it telegraphs the idea to others that we are not alone in the world in wanting to improve living standards and social justice. It also gives society an opportunity to comment and participate in discussion with others who are on similar wavelengths. Most importantly it stands as an example of what anyone can now do on the Internet. No one needs to be part of a faceless mass anymore, as we all have the chance to be identified and connected with others through meaningful relationships. This blog stands as an excellent example of intelligent dialogue coupled with the incorporation of simple photos, graphs, quotes, and links to other sites to give the writing more substance, credibility, and relationship with other people and organizations.

As well as within the text, on the side of the blog is a huge list of other blogs that this person reads as well as lists of recent posts, personal essays, a biography, and multiple categories differentiating topics discussed so the visitor/reader needn’t have to search for the content that they are interested in. As for whether or not we can save our world, whether or not you feel it needs to be saved, and the question of peace and justice in society, I’ll let you read the journal where you can leave a comment for the rest of us to ponder over. Just to give you an idea of the International basis of blogs, let me tell you that this blog’s author is from Canada, he quotes and has links to speeches from a famous Indian writer in Australia, the piece is based around US political policy, the Iraq War, and he uses relevant examples from Northern Europe and France’s social systems. There is no doubt in my mind that blogs, vlogs (videoblogs), and podcasts (audible communication files) are just the beginning in a new era of human interaction giving voice to both minorities and the individual in a world where the power of nation states and corporations have often resulted in the ‘normal, average person’ feeling unheard and disconnected with their fellow brothers and sisters of the human species. By Jesse S. Somer Jesse S. Somer is an individual voice amidst the cacophony of opinions that bombard us all everyday. Won’t it be a better place when everyone has a chance to speak, and to be heard?

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Hitachi 55 plasma tv delivers five star performance

The Hitachi 55 plasma TV 55HDM71 HDTV Ready model can handle over a billion color display gradations, and produces the highest blacks and deepest saturation of any plasma tv unit due to Hitachi's newly developed ten-bit image process. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and resolution at an amazing 1366 x 768, this Hitachi 55 plasma TV display device is unsurpassed. The Hitachi 55HDM71 uses high-efficiency panel technology, dynamic false contour redirection, contrast and color enhancers. Other standard features such as split screen with dual image control and picture-in-picture (PIP), 20 watt audio amplifier, a monitor ID bit, screen saver, and life extension mode put this plasma TV in a class by itself. This 55 inch plasma tv hardly takes up space in your room. You can mount it on a stand or on a wall, it is only a little over four inches thick. For the best picture view it at a distance of 14 feet or more. You'll be able to view it from anywhere in your room because this plasma screen boasts a 160 degree viewing angle. There is no curvature, thus distortion is eliminated.

Did you know that plasmas make up more than 99% of our visible universe. "Plasma" in science is known as the "fourth state of matter". Other efficient features of this Hitachi 55 plasma TV are three language screen display, night and day memory, input and sound adjustment buttons, and many input/outputs for digital imaging friendliness.

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Express yourself to the max with hot myspace layouts

Being a member of MySpace, you should not be laid back when it comes to the look of the profile. There are millions of users out there, and you should definitely try to be as different as possible. If you are not different, it is highly unlikely that anyone would want to look at any information about you. This is not something that you would want. Thus you can begin to use the power of images through MySpace layouts to express yourself. By expressing yourself, you will make it known to others that you are looking to make new friends. You can express yourself in many ways. There would be a lot of themes that you could choose from. You can choose any good image that would speak about your interests.

There are plenty of categories to choose from, so what exactly should be stopping you? There would be a lot of creativity to the profile once you begin to choose the right layouts. MySpace layouts can be changed often, because you do not even need to be a technical expert to do this. All you have to do is copy paste a code on to your profile. Since the process is so easy, there would be no need for you to panic about making the profile look different. Making the profile unique is also a good idea, and it is very easy to do so as well. If you have some particular interest that you are trying to showcase, then it must be done accordingly. This will speak volumes about you. You need not even write much. You can of course look at various other profiles before customizing your own. Taking time to pick the right layout is also very important. If you express yourself the right way, then it would make sense when others begin looking at your profile. They would know instantly whether they could be friends or not. You can use text and graphics besides plain images. This will be even more exciting, but just ensure that they load quickly on to the profile. This would be important as no one will want to wait for a long time when it comes to accessing someone’s profile. You can also say so many things about yourself with MySpace layouts. A lot of mileage will be given to the profile if the MySpace layouts are used well. Choosing at random will also not help in any way. It will be about choosing the right ones so that there will be a different look and feel to the entire profile. There would be possibilities to even create the layouts of your choice. This can be done if you have some unique concept with your profile. This is also easy to do and will create a lot of buzz around the profile.

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Getting started on improvements

Getting Started On Improvements When starting a new home improvement project this is a time to rope the whole family into it! So what if it is just a new coat of paint on the walls, this is the time for friends and families to get together and have a good time. Yes you can have a good time redecorating! Home improvements can be carried out by anyone, male or female, young or old! Obviously don’t let children do too much work; otherwise you will get done for slave labor, and yes I am only joking. You will get complaint after complaint after complaint from everyone when asking for help, and no doubt you will hear the most ridiculous excuses of all time but just play the guilt trip on them and they are sure to come around. A home improvement project is a big task and you will need lots of help, and you should not have to pay the extortionate rates that some professionals will charge. Your friends and especially your family should be right in there helping you along! A home improvement project can be anything, from a simple slap of paint or a full blown heating system exchange! All home improvements are a big job no matter how small and should all be carried out with care and consideration for everyone living in the home. All projects should be fully talked over with all members of the house, unless of course you couldn’t care less about what they think! Home improvement is a very serious topic especially if it is a large project that needs a lot of money invested and a lot of work done. When choosing help for your home improvement projects slackers are not an option, neither are people who do not agree with what you are doing in the house, all they are likely to do is slow down or mess up what you are trying to do. A project should only be carried out when you have a free few days or however long it is going to take, there is no point embarking on a home improvement project if you are not able to finish the job. Also contractors should not be brought in unless you are going to be able to pay them! A home improvement project shouldn’t be something that bogs you down, it should be something that lifts your spirits! Word count 403

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The most effective body hair removal techniques

If it's within your budget, the fastest way to remove unwanted body hair is by undergoing laser treatments. Although this is the most expensive approach, laser hair removal is the most effective at permanently eliminating body hair. Unlike electrolysis, where each hair follicle must be dealt with individually making the process extremely time-consuming and painful, laser therapy can impact several follicles simultaneously, which greatly speeds up the process. It's great for removing hair from the back and chest, arms and legs. As stated already however, the costs are extreme.

To do an area as large as the back will cost several thousand dollars, and that's per treatment. Several treatments are necessary because the laser technique can only impact hair that is currently in a growing stage. Also, there will be places where hair will regrow and although it will regrow finer and lighter, in order to be permanent, the hair follicle needs to be rendered incapable of growing new hair. The next best method of removing body hair is waxing. Far less expensive than laser treatments and even electrolysis, waxing works by extracting hairs out of their shafts. Because the hair follicle is not specifically and purposely damaged, hair will regrow, but it will take several weeks for it to reappear. Repetitive application of this hair removal process may ultimately affect the follicle and cause hair growth to cease, however, this is not guaranteed which is why waxing cannot be considered a permanent hair removal method. Waxing, or sugaring if you're sensitive to wax or prefer an organic solution, works by applying a layer of cold or hot wax or a sugar-based mixture directly on the area where hair is to be removed. After allowing to harden it is very quickly peeled away from the skin, in the opposite direction of the hair growth and viola – the body hair is pulled free from that area.

The process is repeated until the entire body surface is free of hair. It is possible to do this at home, but since most of us have a low tolerance to self-inflicted pain, you'll get better and faster results if you leave this type of work to someone else, at least for the first few times.

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Personal training 5 easy steps to sanity on the road

If you have been a personal trainer for any length of time - or any fitness professional, for that matter - then you know what it's like to spend a lot of time on the road. For trainers who work with their clients in homes or a geographic mix of local fitness facilities, you especially have some serious time behind the wheel on a regular basis. Regardless of where you train your clients, most trainers spend a good deal of time driving to and from training sessions, seminars, and other work-related activities. For most people, that time ends up being "dead time", during which you really can't be very productive. Listed below are some great ideas for making the most of that time, and making it time that you even look forward to! Audio Learning Audio learning is listed first in our list of great ideas because it is VERY powerful on many levels, and there are numerous resources available for this productive practice. The basic idea here is that you listen to any number of audio learning resources while you are driving. You don't have anything else to do, and you can't effectively or safely do anything with your hands, but your EARS are just fine, so put them to work! Here are some of the educational and motivational items that you might consider listening to, and many of them have resources geared specifically for fitness professionals: Self-help programs, Audio interviews, Recorded conference calls, Recorded radio programs, Career enhancement tools, and Motivational recordings. As you can see, there are enough ideas for things to listen to while driving to fill up endless hours of time, and if you know where to look, there are literally more things to listen to than you will even have time for. We won't get into too many details, since it would take a large amount of text, but here are some great resources to get you started. Self-help, motivational audio, and recorded conference calls are items very specific to your individual tastes and situation. As for the rest, here are some fitness industry specific resources: Audio Interviews: http:// personaltraineru. com Recorded Radio Programs: http://philkaplan. com/thefitnesstruth/RadioShowMENU. htm Career Enhancement Tools: http:// fitnessdestinations. com/fitnessinfoproducts. html http:// fitnessdestinations. com/sixfiguretrainer. html http:// fitnessdestinations. com/personaltrainersecrets. html Planning Workouts Driving time is a perfect time to work on the training protocols for your clients. If you are doing the same workouts week after week and month after month, both you and your clients are going to get bored doing the same thing all the time. A great way to keep your own motivation up while also keeping your clients from hitting plateaus in their training programs is to change up the training routines on a regular basis. Think about all of the muscular and cardiovascular training principles that you are familiar with, and come up with new and inventive ways to put those resources together in effective training routines. Also, for specific clients, you can spend that driving time thinking about their individual workouts, and ways that you can make them more intense, or fill them with more variety. This is a valuable practice, especially if you have long-term clients who need things to be changed up on a regular basis. Working on Products Another trait shared by many successful trainers is that their actual training wages make up only part of their income. They also have many products that they sell to their clients, through their websites, and via their newsletter distribution lists. However, just as with training, the same products can only be utilized so many times, and driving time is a perfect time to think up new product ideas. Whether you are talking about "information" products, such as books, e-books, CD's, DVD's, manuals, etc., or if you construct actual training equipment, use that dead time when you are driving to think of cutting edge product ideas that will not only help your target audience towards their goals, but will also make you a nice residual income in the process. A great example of this is the Ultimate Complete Personal Training Business Kit. This kit was constructed simply by taking the experiences and knowledge of one trainer, putting it all together in a downloadable package, and making the kit available to others in the fitness industry. Learn more here: http:// completepersonaltrainingbusiness. com. Making Phone Calls As most trainers have realized, phone work is an integral part of keeping a steady flow of clients. Contacting and following up with prospective clients is a sure-fire way to keep your training schedule packed from week to week. In addition, you can call your present clients to check on them. See how they feel after yesterday's brutal leg workout, or find out if their sore shoulder is feeling any better, or maybe check in with them to ask how their job interview went, or their anniversary dinner. TALK to your clients! When they know that you care, they will keep training with you! Nothing! One of the most effective things that you can do as a busy personal trainer when you are driving is NOTHING! Just let your mind be blank. Pay attention to the road, obviously, but otherwise, just enjoy some mental down time! You spend hour after hour every single day training, motivating, and educating countless people. Sometimes to the point that if you tell one more person the proper way to do a push up, you just might have to SCREAM! Let those mental energies have a well deserved break! Listen to some relaxing music and (safely) let your mind wander. Crank out some hard rock and sing your frustrations into the wind. Plan your next bout of Karaoke - whatever! The point is that you are doing anything BUT putting your brain on overdrive. Conclusion Your time traveling from place to place is YOUR time. Use it well and you will find both your success and your sanity under control, and keep both headed in the right direction!

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Supplements how to take them

It’s unfortunate but many people have digestive systems that find it hard to break down food and absorb nutrients – this can be caused by poor levels of stomach acid, toxic substances in the gut, insufficient production of digestive enzymes among other reasons. This condition can of course be dramatically improved as nutrient intake is increased slowly. An organic diet is of course the healthiest you can use but you may just need to compensate for any shortfalls and take some supplements. You don’t need to visit your doctor to take supplements they can be self-prescribed once taken in small regular amounts, which can be ideal for treating any minor health problems. Taken Supplements in large amounts for either nutritional support of server pathological conditions have been found to be therapeutic on their own or with conventional medical treatments. Always remember larger doses should be taken under the supervision of your physician or nutritional therapist. When To Take Supplements The best time to take supplements is with meals the body can absorb it best when your digestive system has been stimulated by the presence of food. Time-released formulas should be taken with food as to make sure they travel through the body at the correct speed and for efficient release at the appropriate place. Water-soluble vitamins quickly pass through the body, so basically taken them twice or three times a day is often the best practice. Fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed if taken with meals that include some fat. Almost all minerals work in conjunction with vitamins and should be taken along with them. Some minerals can interfere with the absorption of others so make sure to take them at different time to your multiformula. If you multiformula contains antagonistic minerals there will not be enough to conflict with one another so you don’t need to worry. Vitamins A, D, E – Should be taken with meals which include a little oil or Fat Vitamin B-Complex – This should be taken first thing in the morning to give maximum energy, but can of course be taken anytime especially if taken with whole grains. Vitamin C – Taken with meal if possible, can be taken on an empty stomach if you don’t feel like eaten because of a cold. Take two or three times a day. Time-Release – Take with your main meal of the day. Iron – Best absorbed with food. Calcium – About 30 minutes before bedtime. Magnesium - About 30 minutes before bedtime. Multiformulas – These can be taken anytime but best with small amounts of food. (c) 1st-vitamins-n-supplements. com Reprint Rights feel free to publish this article on your website but you must agree to leave all active links contained within 'About The Author' intact and "as is" and NOT hidden behind a java or redirect script.

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Global dumbing

I am beginning to wonder if scientists have been getting it all wrong. All this time, people have been worried about the Ozone, or a giant asteroid, or some breakout of a bio-hazardous agent by a terrorist organization being the doom of mankind. We have spent all this time looking outward instead of inward towards ourselves. The latest studies have identified two startling facts: 1 - that the whole in the Ozone layer is getter smaller, and 2 – that the brightness levels on the earth our getting dimmer. Does this all mean that Global Warming is all just a sham?

Does it mean that the corporations who continue to abuse our earth with reckless abandon have been right all along? That tree-hugging hippies have had their brains melted from too much LSD? Scientists seem to be getting dumber in direct proportion to the grants given to them by governments, which are lobbied. of course, by corporate interests. They have looked at the new Global Dimming phenomenon and said, “It can’t be getting warming with less sunlight!” And no doubt that as this new story makes it rounds about the Ozone getting smaller, they will point to the great job done by their benefactors at reducing Green House emissions and say that the Ozone must be replenishing itself. Statements like those should be judged as criminal, just as tobacco companies should be held accountable for the deaths of all their consumers. The population must be made aware of the truth behind their corporate agenda. We, the working class, are the ones that can control our future, and dictate to those Ozone depleting companies our new terms. We demand clean air. We demand that pollutants stop being poured into our waters. We demand our forests not be cut down faster than we can replant. We demand alternate, safer energy sources to heat our homes, and power our vehicles. We demand all this because our Earth is dying before our own eyes. The whole in the Ozone layer has gotten smaller, but at the cost of thinner protection worldwide. We are not just talking about a gap over Antarctica. We are talking about more harmful radiation being let in on a yearly, monthly, daily basis. We used to be able to send out our children to play outside all day. No one needed any sunscreen with special UV protection. Now, one has to only go outside for 20 minutes before feeling the sting of the sun, while sunscreen industry has become big business. No one will react until research tells us 15 to 30 years from now that cancer has reach epidemic proportions. The warning signs are there already, we are just choosing not to listen. Global Dimming is the best example yet. Scientists have started to look at how it has become increasing dimmer on the planet. Sunlight is not getting through as it once used to. It is only normal to think that whatever is keeping the sunlight out, must be keeping the heat in. And whatever is keeping the sunlight out is not necessarily providing us with a layer of protection. More likely, it is beginning to coat our planet with more harmful cancer causing radiation. While I do not profess to hold a degree in science, I do profess to hold common sense. All science has done is identify several situations, but has done nothing to confirm how we got there, and what we need to do to get back to where we were. My belief is that there may be too much corporate interference for any decisive action to be taken. And for the companies who will continue to pollute our environment, that is equal to victory. The worst thing that we can do as a population, is to add Global Dumbing to the list. Get smart, take action. You may not be able to make a difference individually, but together, you can effect change. We may always live in a world that separates the rich from the poor, but that does not mean that we have to accept how those in power secure their wealth. Take public transit Buy hybrid cars. Create the market and force companies to move away from their alliances with Oil Companies, and forge new ones with alternate energy sources. Get more active, in physically, with your family, and in your community Read labels and ask questions Write to your representative We have the power as consumers to change our purchasing habits. Force companies to hear our plea by talking the only language they understand: net profit. If we take away their profits, they will hear us in volume!

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Foods to fight disease

When it comes to food, we can't ignore the facts - or the science. You need a healthy diet for a healthy life. Research shows a healthy diet could help or prevent a number of health problems, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. And that number keeps growing as researchers learn more about how nutrition affects your health. What You Should Know Adopting a disease-fighting diet is easier than you think. When you shop, choose fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains, such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread. Avoid foods high in sugar and fat. Here are some tips for arming yourself against disease with good-for-you foods: Follow the Food Guide Pyramid This guide tells you what foods to include in your diet each day and in what portions. It shows you how to have a balanced diet by eating foods from all the basic food groups: milk, yogurt and cheese (two to three servings; one cup of milk or yogurt would be one serving) meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts (two to three servings; one serving would be two eggs, Ѕ cup of tuna fish, or about Ѕ of a skinless, cooked chicken breast) fruit (two to four servings; one serving would be a medium-sized apple or banana, Ѕ cup of canned fruit, or ј cup of dried fruit) vegetable (three to five servings; one serving would be Ѕ cup of raw or cooked vegetables or one cup of raw, leafy vegetables, such as spinach or lettuce) bread, cereal, rice, and pasta (six to 11 servings; a slice of bread, Ѕ bagel or English muffin, or Ѕ cup of pasta would be a serving) Think colour When it comes to fruit and vegetables, eat lots of deep-coloured produce. Oranges and dark berries, like blueberries and cranberries, are especially rich in natural plant chemicals that can protect you against diseases like cancer and heart disease. Orange and dark green vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach are also rich in these plant chemicals. Remember fibre Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will give your body extra water and fibre, which will help keep your digestive tract clean and healthy. Beans, bran, whole-grain breads and brown rice, and high-fibre cereals are also good sources of fibre. Make good bacteria your friend Fermented foods like yogurt are especially good for you as you get older because they contain "good" bacteria that keep your digestive tract healthy. Check food labels for these bacteria.. The good bacteria in these foods also fight the bad bacteria that can enter your body through spoiled food and make you sick. Eat fatty fish Your body needs some fats to stay healthy, and the fats found in fish like salmon and tuna are good for your heart. Fish also provides a rich source of protein without the large amount of unhealthy fat you get from red meat. Try soya Eating about one to two ounces of soya protein daily can help lower cholesterol and unhealthy fat in your diet and protect you from heart disease. You can find many different soya products, which come from soyabeans, in your food store. The most popular are tofu, soya milk (in different flavours), soya burgers and hot dogs, soya ice cream, soya nut butter, and soya flour. Drink plenty of water To stay healthy, drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Pay special attention to drinking enough because your thirst decision dulls with age, and remember that if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Don't abstain if you don't have to Beer and red wine, in moderation, are another rich source of plant chemicals. This means no more than one glass of beer or red wine a day for women, two for men. Following a healthy diet, along with regular exercise, will prevent you from gaining weight, which is important for good health. Losing 10 percent of your body weight, for instance, could be enough to lower your cholesterol. Choose healthy foods for a longer and healthier life! Don't lose out, watch this space for regular updates!

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5 lessons i learned about building a home based business while watching a master violinist

Have you ever been in moment where you realized that your perception of something would never be the same? Well that's exactly what happened to me when I attended BB Kings Restaurant to hang out and listen to a violinist for an upcoming CD release. Much to my surprise I walked away with 5 lessons that I could use to take my home based business to the next level. Within moments of world renowned jazz violinist Karen Briggs (formerly with Yani) taking the stage the quote from Tony Buzan rang my head. "Whatever your discipline, become a student of excellence in all things. Take every opportunity to observe people who manifest the qualities of mastery." Here are lessons I walked away with that you can use to successfully create a business you can work from home. 1. Change an idea or business by 10% and you can be a leader in what you do. Ms. Briggs is not the only violinist but she is one the first to become known as a "Jazz Violinist." She took traditional classical music and put a jazz twist on it and made it her own. She created a fortune by doing so. You can do the same thing. Find a work at home business you love, add your unique slant and become an expert. 2. Give your customers more than you can expect and you will create raving fans. We were told the concert would go 90 minutes. However, when Ms. Briggs surprised us with an additional 45 minute jam session it blew everyone away. When you under promise and over deliver you will create screaming fans that will tell others about your business. The ultimate form of flattery is a referral. (By the way, I highly recommend you see her). 3. When you are operating in your unique gift it will appear effortless to others. Ms. Briggs was one with her instrument. As a former violinist myself, I know first hand that it is not an easy instrument to master if you don't have the aptitude or attitude. However, when the talent or gift is innate your presentation appears organic and effortless to others. Most people spend their life looking for the "magic bullet" to create wealth. And the truth is if you were to look at the gifts and talents you have, your million dollar idea is innately a part of you. If you are not sure what it is think about what are the things you do that appear easy for you and difficult for others. Your unique talent harnessed with discipline and commitment will be unstoppable. Unleash your talents and discover how to turn it into a profitable work at home opportunity. 4. When you are a master at your craft people will pay for it and you can name your price. Being an expert in business is much like a top paid artist. When you have specialized knowledge or a skill people are willing to pay a higher price to have access to it. 5. Surround yourself with talented and supportive people and you all can go to a higher level of success. Ms. Briggs had a band around her and with their support her talents were showcased even more. No one creates success by themselves. Make sure you have people around you who support you in your business. Consider a Mastermind Group. If you are starting or currently building a home based business take one or all of these lessons, implement them in your business and watch it grow. I am always amazed how lessons about being successful are always around us if our mind is open and our ears in tune. These lessons if implemented will sound like music to your ears.

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Home business system

Are you good with computers and considering a home business where you can utilize your computer knowledge? You may be interested in starting a computer tech business from home offering support to the millions of Americans who own computers but often times become very frustrated with them. If you are planning this type of business with your spouse and have children carefully, consider this venture before stepping into it. You will need to be able to manage your time and have an excellent ability to communicate to each other. You do not want your partnership to turn into a power struggle or both your marriage and business can become at risk of falling apart. Starting a home business takes investment both financially and emotionally so weigh your options carefully before jumping into the arena of home-based businesses. It will be important to divide the responsibilities within the business. Look at the strengths that both of you have and divide them up that way. If both you and your spouse have great skills, when it comes to working with clients, one of you may prefer to do a different part of the business. Your business will succeed when you work together utilizing each other’s strengths as opposed to getting into a power struggle over who should work in which area of the business. Just as in a corporate environment, you have those who work in the forefront working with the customers and managing the day-to-day operations and another who work behind the scene generating the paperwork, payroll, and other office duties.

Any large financial decisions should always be made together. You do not want to be screaming at each other when differences arise so decide on a plan as to how you are going to handle disputes that arise and they do arise in all businesses. Again look at how businesses are run, have weekly meetings or even morning daily meetings to look at what you are going to accomplish that day. If you start your business but never, take time to communicate with each other as to what is happening your business will fail. Having weekly or daily meetings will lessen the chance of something happening that is unexpected and you will be more able to handle the little things that crop up. If you have, children in the home consider hiring someone to come in and take care of the kids while you are working. It does not have to be all day but maybe for a few select hours when you know that you and your spouse need to concentrate without interruptions. Although one of the reasons you probably wanted to start a home business is so that you can be home with your children you will not be very effective if they are demanding your attention all day. Your children will have to adjust to the business being in your home the same way you and your spouse are adjusting.

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Oreck vacuum cleaners can you believe the hype

Oreck vacuum cleaners can’t help but inspire confidence with a tagline like ‘if you don’t love it, you don’t keep it’. In a consumer world where sales people try to palm off their wares, whether they are vacuum cleaners or other items, before you have a chance to think about your purchase, Oreck vacuum cleaners provide a breath of fresh air. Offering customers the chance to try Oreck vacuum cleaners in their own homes for a thirty-day period, you have to believe that the company are selling a quality vacuum of which they are mightily confident. The manufacturer of Oreck vacuum cleaners is, of course, bound to say good things about their product, but what do Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews have to say? Many ordinary consumers, it seems, are actually put off a little by the in-your-face advertising of Oreck vacuum cleaners but find that once a purchase is made, the cleaners turn out to be easy to use and efficient. In fact the only real down side that Oreck vacuum cleaners reviews report is the vacuum’s relative lack of style. In a vacuum world of brightly colored cleaning devices, Oreck vacuum cleaners do look a little old fashioned. A little lack of style, however, pales in comparison with the vacuum’s other advantages, including the ease with which a replacement Oreck vacuum cleaner bag can be purchased. This is no small benefit – with many manufacturer’s bags being difficult to track down, even with the help of the Internet, the easy availability of an Oreck vacuum cleaner bag is a decided advantage over other vacuum makes and models. Oreck vacuum cleaners are priced at the higher end of the vacuum market, but most Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews express the sentiment that these vacuum cleaners are a great investment.

Even professional cleaning services recommend Oreck vacuum cleaners for their durability and their cleaning power. If Oreck vacuum cleaners can take care of busy corporate environments, then you know that they will make looking after your home a breeze.

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Comments from your vacuum cleaner

I know, it’s disgusting to think about. But that’s what I was born to do and I’m proud of my accomplishments. I am your vacuum cleaner. If they made quality TV shows about home appliances I’d be featured on Dirty Jobs. I get to make a lot of noise and eat a lot of different stuff, but most of that stuff is so gross you wouldn’t feed it to your worst enemy. Yet you give it to me and expect me to be happy about it. Good thing for you its built into my circuits to take your gross dirt and fuzz and really chew it up. Sometimes I get sick and cough out some residual dust. But we all take ill sometimes, so just give me a good cleaning and a little medical repair and I’ll probably be back on my rollers in no time. I carry around a lot of heavy baggage. “The Old Bag” hangs on my back all the time keeping my hard earned dust piles off your floor. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff in there. Missing a wedding ring? Why not try checking the old bag first? There’s probably money in there, too. Hollywood tried to have a human emulate me once. Mrs. Conehead seemed to be doing a good job sucking up the dirt with that vacuum hose, but she did a horrible job of containing the dust. She spit out the dirt and hair with a subtle cough that nearly made audiences around the world throw up in disgust. Listen, if you’re going to try and do my job for me, at least do all of it right. Keep that stuff to yourself or discard it in the proper manner. I’m just your average vacuum, but I’ve got a powerful older brother named Dyson and a pet vac named Roomba. It fascinates me that Roomba can do a pretty decent job of cleaning your floors without even need assistance from you. Just let him go and he does his own thing completely without supervision (ok well maybe a little supervision). Dyson does a good job, too, but he certainly has a lot more power than I do. He has a powerful suction that I wouldn’t recommend getting in front of. He’ll suck the wind right out of your sails. I almost forgot my younger brother Oreck. He’s a tiny little thing but has a powerhouse suction, too. I’ve seen him hold a bowling ball in his mouth (younger brothers will do crazy things). Speaking on behalf of vacuums everywhere, we would like to request that you pay us some attention, quit sticking us in those dark stinky closets and get us a checkup once in a while to keep our parts working right. Give us fresh bags, praise us for preventing you from having to pick up the crud by hand and don’t complain when we make a little noise once in a while. We’ve heard you be louder on football weekends with your buddies. Sheesh.

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