Advertising on celebrity fan sites

Online advertising isn’t quite the same as advertising anywhere else. On the web, ads are everywhere. In fact it is safe to say that the Internet is one gigantic billboard. Online advertising also differs from regular advertising in that glitzy, gimmicky logos or images or even taglines don’t cut it. Usually, the people who use the Internet are looking for specific items of information and just tune out the various gimmicks that companies use for their commercials. This may be because when the net was young and still mostly dial-up, the ads were banner types which were pretty but really heavy. Though broadband has now replaced dial-up, Internet users prefer ads that are light and easy and preferably unobtrusive to their research.

What is the same, whether you advertise online or offline is that people connect with people. In general, they respond better to ads that appeal to their values or feature something they can relate to. They relate better to commercials that feature people. For example, if your product is about health care, they are more likely to respond to a doctor than to anyone else. If your product is about basketball shoes, they are more likely to respond to a basketball player. Basically, you choose a spokesperson that your prospective buyers will believe or listen to. The only exception to this rule seems to be celebrities. For some reason, people will believe almost anything celebrities say, whether or not they themselves are suited for the product or not. Now, hiring a celebrity to endorse your product can be a really expensive thing. Most celebrities charge high, after all you are trying to ride on to their popularity. Their manager will make sure that they get the most out of being your commercial model. Unlike regular advertising, however, there is a way to cash in on the popularity of celebrities without having to pay an exorbitant rate. They are called celebrity fan sites. These are sites about a celebrity that may or may not be owned or maintained by the celebrity who is featured. Usually these sites are run by a fan of the celebrity, hence the term celebrity fan site. Here is a truth that artists who last long in the industry know. The fans control their world. The acceptance of the public of their image, their composition, their design, their performance determines how much money they will earn. The fans are also the ones who search the Internet the most about information about their favorite, and some not so favorite celebrities. Celebrities are among the highest searched items on the net. Over 40 million queries about them are made a day. Thanks to search engines, these celebrity fan sites get quite a bit of exposure. They talk about their favorite singer, actor, model, or athlete. They have interesting information that attracts even more fans of their favorite star. That’s a lot of traffic that businesses can utilize. All the companies need to figure out is which ones of the many celebrities will their target group be likely to visit. This will help you get the necessary exposure that your product needs. One way to look at it is as sponsorship. A lot of TV shows or segments are sponsored by various companies. They allow these TV shows or segments to stay on the air. In exchange, these shows flash their logos of their sponsors during commercial breaks. Online advertising has an advantage here. Unlike TV where the sponsor has to wait for their commercial spot, online advertisers have their ads constantly on the page on specified areas. Visitors can see them all the time as they surf the celebrity fan site. Depending on the agreement, some sites will even allow the advertiser to have their ads on various pages of the site, so no matter where they travel on the actual site, they still see your product on display in a prominent area. Putting an online ad on celebrity fan sites is a lot less expensive than paying for airtime on television. The cost is a lot lower and you get more exposure since you are not limited to just your national public. Keep in mind that the Internet is on a global scale. These celebrities have fans all across the world. The celebrity fan sites, being on the net, have a global reach. If your business caters to the international market here is another reason why you may want to place your ad on a celebrity fan site. People like to be in touch with people. They like to know what’s going on with their favorites. So of course, they will look up news on their idols and voila! When they visit the sites about their favorite star, there’s your ad. Isn’t that great exposure? People often idolize celebrities because they see something in these people that they would someday like to achieve, whether it is a physical, mental, social or maybe just a financial thing. They long to be as beautiful or as smart or as attractive to the opposite sex. Some may just long to be as fit or as skilled an athlete. Whichever aspect it is that they admire in these stars, if your product is something that can help them come close to achieving that goal, they may just click on your ad. You will need to do some research to find the best celebrity fan site on which to place your ad. You do want to get the most for your money and there are hundreds of celebrity fan sites out there. You are looking for the one that attracts the most number of fans who are also part of your target market. If you find the celebrity fan site you like, make sure to check out the contact details of the site owner right away. Most of them will have a link on their site marked as “contact us”. Once you get in touch with them, you just need to negotiate for a prime spot on their site. Don’t wait too long! Other businesses want that spot.

Online Advertising on celebrity fan sites

Finding the right mazda dealer

How do I find a Mazda dealer that is reliable and located in my area? We all have our preferences, and mine is Mazda vehicles. So for my next car, I want to visit the best Mazda dealer I can to get what I need. However, I need to figure out what the best way to locate one is. Turns out, there are several things you can do to find a Mazda dealer in your area without just driving around aimlessly. The first place to start a search is in the yellow pages. If you go to your local yellow pages and open it up to automobiles you will likely find it is a huge section. Generally the dealers are listed in the section based on alphabetical listings by dealership. Mazda dealers will be in the “M” section.

If you live in a larger metro area, there will likely be several Mazda dealers, so write down phone numbers and contact information. You can also go to your local yellow pages online and type in a search f “Mazda dealer.” Another way to find a Mazda dealer in your area is to check out the Mazda website. Most car manufacturers list affiliate dealers on their site along with contact information. The good thing about this method is that you can probably browse some of the vehicles on line before heading out to the Mazda dealer. When you have an idea what you are looking for, shopping for almost anything becomes easier. You can also find a Mazda dealer through word of mouth. As people you know who have a Mazda where they got it. Also, ask them about their experience so that you will know if it a dealer that you would enjoy dealing with. Finding out which Mazda dealers are reputable and easy to work with is also important. As people you know have worked with them for their opinion of the service, experience, and people who work at that Mazda dealer. The other way to check out the reputation of the dealership is to check out consumer websites online. There are consumer sites that will review the actual Mazda cars, Mazda dealers, or sometimes even specific managers. Do your research to make sure that your Mazda dealership experience will be one you enjoy, not one you look back on with spite. Once you have found the Mazda dealers in your area, and once you have checked out their reputations online and with friends and acquaintances, you are ready to make a decision. Choose your Mazda dealer for what you find important and with what seems like will work best for you. If you do that, you should end up happy with your results. Most everyone has their own car preferences in terms of manufacturer. If Mazda is your favorite, there are some steps you should take to make sure you find the right Mazda dealer for you. First off, take some time to find out who is in your area with the yellow pages either print or online. From there, ask around about the Mazda dealers you are considering. Do they have a good reputation? Then, simply make a decision that you feel like makes the best sense for you.

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Why quot good enough quot isn t

About a year ago, I had an opportunity to have dinner with the CEO of an engineering startup company in Pennsylvania. As we discussed engineering design matters over Chinese food, he took a few moments to talk about his business philosophy. "As far as I'm concerned," he told me, "if a product is good enough, then it's perfect." He explained that in his view, product improvements should only be performed with the specific goal of increasing sales. "Anything else," he said, "provides no benefit to the company.

It's just over-engineering." In a way, I could see his point; after all, a company should avoid spending too much effort to develop features that nobody cares about. In most companies, time and manpower are precious commodities that must be invested wisely. Nevertheless, his statement left a rather sour taste in my mouth, and here's why. First, his choice of words suggests that the customer's needs are relatively unimportant, and that profit-making is the only thing that matters. To my mind, this is a false dichotomy. It's true that a company has to guard its bottom line, and that its resources are limited. It's true that it must avoid making extravagant promises to its customers. At the same time though, a company that adopts a lukewarm attitude toward pleasing its customers is unlikely to engender a great deal of client loyalty. A successful company is one that understands the importance of customer delight. Second, this perspective treats "good enough" as though it were some clearly identifiable goal--a distinct line of demarcation, separating the unsatisfactory from the unnecessary. In reality, this boundary can be quite fuzzy. Often, customers don't know what they would consider to be satisfactory--not until they have gained more experience with the product. This means that a company is forced to guess at what constitutes "good enough"--and if they underestimate those requirements, they may have a lot of unsatisfied customers on their hands. That's why it's important for a customer to set its sights a little higher. Third, and most importantly, one can expect this perspective to promote a corporate culture of mediocrity rather than an attitude of excellence. If employees are told that they should only strive for what's "good enough," then that's precisely what they'll deliver-not just to the customer, but to the employer as well! A mediocre attitude will result in mediocre products, which ultimately benefits nobody. That is why I maintain that "good enough" just isn't good enough. People need to take pride in their work, and companies need to strive for excellence. Companies do have limited resources, to be sure. Still, that should not stop them from seeking to delight their customers, or from producing work that they can brag about. To put it another way, a company may not be able to deliver the moon, but it should always reach for the stars.

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Ceos and boards are locked in a spiral of doom

American CEOs are dropping like flies. Boards, armed with new federal rules and stock exchange requirements coming in the wake of the corporate scandals of the past few years, are getting rid of underperforming CEOs at record rates. This trend is all the more notable because it's happening during an improving economy and stock market. However, the real reasons for the CEO bloodbath are being overlooked. Analysts pin the bloodbath on the CEOs. But it's not just the CEOs who are failing. Boards are failing too. Working with thousands of leaders worldwide for more than twenty years, I've learned that there is a "spiral of doom" in the relationship between many company boards and their CEOs. Most boards are clueless as to what leadership skills are needed for CEOs to succeed. So they hire clueless CEOs.

Clueless boards hiring clueless CEOs -- it's the classic spiral of doom. The reason boards and CEOs misunderstand leadership is that recently there has been a tectonic shift in leadership skills CEOs need to succeed. In the 80s and 90s, the autocratic CEO reigned supreme. Many companies were like slow-moving ocean liners with autocratic captains giving orders to mates and mates giving orders to the crew. But today the combination of globalization and new, differently-manageable generations coming into the workforce is creating the need for new kinds of leadership. CEO leadership is no longer like piloting an ocean liner but like white water canoeing that calls for flattened organizations that can change rapidly and accurately, decentralized decision-making, motivated employees, and inspiring relationships. The era of the autocratic leader is over.

Yet most boards know no other way of leadership but autocracy. Here are three things boards and CEOs can do together to stop the spiral of doom. (1) Be aware of the crucial differences between autocratic leadership and the new leadership. It's easy to spot autocratic leaders. They come with a "my-way-or-the-highway" attitude.

They're long on order-giving and short on listening, great at micro-managing and poor at motivation, great at caring for the company's results and poor at promoting the welfare of the people who must achieve those results. The new leaders, on the other hand, ask a lot of questions. They consult with people rather than command them. They have a passion not only for achieving results but for promoting the well-being of the people who must achieve the results. They listen well. They have the courage to allow others to fail. They challenge people to be better than they think they can be. They are continually enhancing the leadership skills of others. And they understand that rewards and punishments are the lowest forms of leadership. (2) By all means, don't hire autocrats.

Select CEOs who are skilled in the new leadership. This means taking great pains in the interview process to have candidates talk about their leadership philosophy, ways they have manifested that philosophy, and ways they intend to manifest it as a CEO. (3) Continually monitor and evaluate CEOs on how they're carrying out the new leadership activities. Boards and CEOs must put into place comprehensive and systematic leadership processes. They must hold themselves accountable for those processes. Board meetings must be consistently devoted to leadership issues. When CEOs report to boards on the state of the company, they must also report on the "state of leadership" -- showing how leadership is getting results and how the leadership capabilities and responsibilities of their senior leaders, middle managers and small-unit leaders are being constantly upgraded. Autocratic CEOs are maestros at getting the wrong results or the right results in the wrong ways. Boards who bring them on buy a ticket to ride on the spiral of doom. The time is now for boards and CEOs to get off the ride and bring in CEOs who recognize that the best leadership is not about what leaders do to people but what they do with people. 2005 © The Filson Leadership Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Cash back

How good would it feel if every time you spent money you got some back? Well that’s what most credit card companies are offering you at the moment, as the big credit card company’s battle out the customers can only benefit, most credit card companies offer an incentive when you open an account, including 0% on balances and purchases for the first 6 or 9 months, which is great but know they are offering Cash Back. Cash Back works by offering customers money back (typical rate of 0.5% -1%) every time they make a purchase using their credit card, this money is usually put into your account at the end of every month, how good will that make you feel knowing every time you bring your plastic friend out he is making you money. There are some great offers by credit card companies including American Express Blue Credit Card, they have a great introductory offer of 2% cash back for the first three months, then the rate reduces to 1% this is a great offer from American Express, you could really cash in with this offer. A typical example with American Express Blue credit card, say you spend Ј1,500 a month with cash back you will receive Ј30 for the first three months then Ј15 for every other month. Other credit card companies getting in on the act include Halifax, Egg, Stanley Morgan and Alliance and Leicester they all offer Cash Back, at a typical rate of 0.5% -1% the only requirement is you spend a certain amount throughout the year.

The only think to watch out for is make sure you pay off your balance when you receive your statement, if you don’t you will lose all the Cash Back money that you have earned, and you’ll be charge more interest and end up paying back a lot more, so you really have to watch that what you’re spending every month you can cover. As with all credit cards when you’re applying for one make sure you read it carefully, I know we always look for the great benefits that they offer us, but remember a lot of these offers only last for an introductory period, so make sure you check the interest rate as after the first 6 or 9 months you could see it jumping up dramatically, so what could have started out as a great offer turns out to be a nightmare, and leave you in debt for years.

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Staying cool when the job heats up

Jobs are heating up. We're all feeling the pinch of hiring freezes and information overload. Workplace stress is increasing right along with the workload. Headaches are turning into migraines; back pains are driving us to the chiropractor, and minor irritations are causing tempers to flair. In addition to our personal reaction to stress, it is taking its toll on the bottom line. Stress is driving up the cost of health care, and we can see a huge impact in things like tardiness, absenteeism, personnel turnover, and accidents.

The annual price tag of stress in corporate America is more than $150 billion. While forecasters tell us we can expect more of the same, we need our jobs, and we need to find ways to control the stressors that are taking a affecting our health and productivity. Here are 11 ways you can keep your cool and minimize the impact of stress on your life. Do your own job - When poor the work habits of others create stress, remember why you're there. Pay attention to your own job. You will not be rated on the performance of others, but the boss will note the quality of your work. Stay focused on the job you were hired for, and let management deal with improving the department or the company.

Don't get stressed about things that are not your responsibility. Organization - Regardless of company expectations, you can alleviate a lot of your stress by organizing your work space and getting a firm grasp on the work that must be done. Even if you have to pay for it yourself, get the tools needed to organize your effort, e. g. files, furniture, PDAs, software, and training. Work with your boss to prioritize projects and routine tasks. Only get concerned about unfinished work if the boss gives it a priority. You'll never get everything done, so pick the most important and file everything else in an easy to reach file drawer. Communication - It's important to maintain your supervisor's comfort level, so meet with them as often as necessary to keep them informed of projects and progress.

Give them updates the way they want them (email, memos, briefings, etc.), and persist in getting the feedback that is so important in reducing stress. Use this same strategy with those who give you information or products to do your job and those who depend on what you give them. Good communication is essential for good stress control. Interruptions - Avoid stressful interruptions by controlling your schedule and your communications. Establish times for meeting with those who want information from you and hold them to it. The more persistent you are, the more organized they will be. Handle phone calls and respond to email during specific times. Develop a list of people and events that disrupt your job and work with each until it is under control. Family Time - Family situations are among the greatest stressors at work. There's an old axiom that says, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." It's true.

Avoid future problems by prioritizing family time on your schedule and stick to it. Get professional help if you're unable to resolve sticky situations. Exercise - More than 80% of all doctor's visits are stress related. Those who find time to exercise reduce stress, strengthen their immune system, and improve their well being. Do a little research and talk with the experts to find out what fits your needs. Make the exercise part of your work schedule if possible; don't let it cut into family time. Regular exercise can add years to your own life and make you more productive for your employer.

Nutrition - Proper nutrition is a key to stress control. The US Army recognizes proper nutrition as a critical element in controlling stress among combat soldiers, and you must admit, your job is sometimes as stressful as combat. Use the Internet or get information from Human Resources to improve nutrition. You'll have to make some deliberate changes because our eating habits are affected by our culture, the expectations of others, inadequate knowledge about what makes a proper diet. Learn what is needed and make a plan. Rest - Take charge of your sleep habits in the same way you work on your eating habits.

Sleep deprivation is a major stressor by itself, and it adds to the problem with other stressful events. Cut out the late night television. Quit taking work home from the office. Change the pattern of your weekend parties.

Get some new friends. Do whatever is necessary to get back on track with seven or eight hours sleep every night. Studies show that twenty minute power naps make us more productive, so use part of your lunch break for nutrition and part for a short nap to control stress. You'll get more done. Discussion - Tell people what's on your mind. If you can't ignore someone's special talent for bugging you, talk it over with them.

There's a good chance they are unaware of the offense, so you don't need to get up tight about it. In a friendly tone of voice, let them know what gets under your skin and be ready to make some concessions yourself. As you now know, their irritating habit is probably magnified by other stressors, so make sure you've done what you can to control stress before challenging anyone. Education - The more educated you are about your job, the less stressful it becomes. Even if you've been on the job for years, there's always more to learn about the upstream and downstream impact of what you do. Stay up to date with trade journals, books, and other research.

Become the expert at what you do and coach others. While some companies do not pay for this type education, your own investment will make you more valuable to your company. What you know is portable - and it looks good on a resume. Volunteer - Helping others has an immediate impact on stress levels. Build in some family time by volunteering as a family once a month. Build rapport with supervisors and co-workers by organizing a once-a-week lunchtime volunteer program.

Lead a food or clothing collection for needy employees or families outside your company. Create a support-the-troops letter writing campaign so everyone in the company communicates regularly with GI's away from home. In short, doing something for someone else takes your mind off the stressors that bother you most. Each of these stress relievers works independently of the others. Find one that's practical for you and put it to work. Friends, family, and co-workers will all notice the changes in you and thank you for making the effort. For a free article about the top ten workplace stressors and how to tame them, send email to TopTenStressors@CourageBuilders.

com ---Sidebar--- 11 Ways to Keep Your Cool Do your own job Get Organized Communicate with the boss and others Control interruptions Schedule Family Time Exercise Eat right Get 8 hours sleep a night Let others know what bugs you Learn new things about your job Volunteer to help others Copyright 2005 - Dale Collie

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Finding loans with bad credit

Even though it may seem like it at times, having bad credit isn't the end of the world. While you might think that you'll never be able to get a loan that you desperately need because of your credit score, with a little bit of persistence and some careful preparation you'll find that there are a variety of different loan options available to you. The keys to finding a loan with bad credit are keeping your options open, having the right collateral, and shopping around to find the best interest rate that you can get. The information provided below should help you to find the best loan that you can, and even provides some advice on what to do if the loan you apply for is denied. Considering lender options The first step in finding a loan with bad credit is considering a variety of different lenders so as to find the one that's right for you and your loan needs. There are a number of different lenders out there, so don't limit yourself to simply checking one or two banks in your area for loan rates. Keep in mind the various finance companies, loan offices, mortgage lenders (if applicable), and online lenders that might offer interest rates and loan terms that are comparable if not better than those that are offered by the banks in your area. Choosing the right collateral Once you've figured out some of the lenders that you might request a loan quote from, you need to determine what you're going to use as collateral for the loan. Collateral is essential for a bad credit loan, since it serves as a guarantee to the lender that they'll get their money back no matter what and helps to convince them that you're worth the risk of lending money to. It's best to choose collateral that has a higher value than you're attempting to borrow, especially if the collateral that you're considering is an item that would be easy to find a market for if necessary. The higher the value of the item and the easier it is to find a ready market for it, the greater the chance that you'll not only get a loan but also a good interest rate on that loan. Shopping for a loan After you've decided upon what you want to use as your collateral, it's time to start shopping around for a loan. Request loan quotes from all of the lenders that you'd decided upon previously, using the same collateral as the basis for each quote. Compare the interest rates and loan terms that are offered by each lender, finding the loan quote that's best for you and applying for that loan. What to do if you're denied a loan If you get turned down for a loan, remember that there are still other options available. Go back to the quotes that you had received previously and apply for the next-best loans… if you're unable to get one of the next two best, you might want to begin your search again and consider a few additional lenders that you hadn't previously. You might also want to attempt to get a pre-approval from a lender, which means that they review all of your information as though you were submitting your actual application while you're still getting your loan quote. This can save you time and frustration, since a pre-approval means that should you apply for the loan that you're pre-approved for you'll be already approved for the loan at the quoted rate. You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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10 days to making more money

Most of us overcomplicate things. Selling is pretty simple. True we need systems in place, support materials and a contact manager, but when all is said and done what stops us from selling is usually in our head, not in our office. There are 4 actions when taken everyday for 10 working days with unswerving commitment will increase your sales and put more money in your pocket. Guaranteed! 1 - Set Your Intention There is absolutely no substitute for knowing what you’re going after. Research clearly indicates when we set an intention or a goal we subconsciously as well as consciously align our actions and resources to attain that goal. What some folks find as lucky and coincidental is actually the power of intention at work. Few things are as powerful as our thoughts and if our thoughts are not aligned with our actions our thoughts always win. When you set a strong intention it gives your actions a path to follow instead of the other way around. How many prospects will you contact each day? How many sales will you make? It is important to keep your intention clearly in front of you throughout the day. Don’t worry how all the details will come together just keep focused on what you want to accomplish. Intention does not take the place of action, but action alone can often result in activity and no sales. A tip, set your intention so it is a stretch but not impossible. If you are contacting one or two new prospects a day, set an intention for 4 prospects. Once you’ve become successful at 4 increase to 6 and so on. 2 - 10 Referrals In 10 Days Each day call a current customer, someone who is willing to advocate on your behalf and ask them who they know that they would be willing to refer you to. This exercise is not an exercise in selling as much as an exercise in asking. The world of selling is made up of unlimited networks all of them crisscrossing and intersecting through relationships. Selling is mastering the art of relationships and learning to ask for an introduction to the right relationship(s). This exercise is an essential component of more sales and more success. If you are a master at asking for referrals then ask for really high-end referrals. If you are new at this, then simply learn to ask. The trick is to do this for 10 days without wavering. This is called “Mastering the Ask”. Most people in sales think the most important ask is asking for the sale, it is not. The most important ask is asking for the referral. Master the Ask for just 10 days and watch your sales explode and your income grow. 3 - Work From the End Result Forward Don’t wait until you’re successful to act successful. Act as though your success is actualized; you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to accomplish. Place yourself in the future and work from a platform of success. Don’t indulge self doubt nor your negative thinking habits. Your job is to live in a platform of success for 10 working days. Whether on the phone, face to face or in the exchange of email you are to come from a place of pure and certain success. This is not arrogance and this is not pretending to be something you are not. This is setting your intention for success 10 working days in the future and moving your mind and your actions to that place. This will be by far the toughest part of your 10 Days. Remember… actions follow thoughts and behaviors align with intention…..if you’re living success you’re thinking success and if you’re thinking success it is in the bag. 10 working days of working from your end result…….SUCCESS. 4 - Celebrate Every Chance You Get Most of us are mesmerized by rejection (that’s because it allows us evidence for the validity of our negative thinking). Give it up. Celebrate every success large and small (especially small if you’re just starting in this great business of sales). Celebrating all your successes trains the mind to allow success. Many folks fail in sales because they train their mind to look for evidence of failure. With more failure there is greater resistance to selling and with resistance you’ll talk yourself or worse work yourself right out of the greatest job on earth. For 10 working days celebrate every success that comes your way. Revel in the emotion of success, brag to your friends, send off emails to your coaches, and let yourself feel what it feels like to win. Tip It is important to do this for 10 working days, then adjust intentions. 10 days in enough to set a pattern, learn new behaviors without overwhelming yourself. Keep it fun, celebrate the success and find a partner to work with. We find in our coaching sessions that our clients do much better when they have a buddy. Copyright: © 2005 by Lori Giovannoni Web Address: lorigiovannoni. com Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter, on your web site, or in your print publication provided you include the resource box at the end. Notification would be appreciated but is not required.

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Christian tee shirts what statement are you making

Clothes make the man, or so the saying goes. There's a certain amount of truth to that-- the clothes you wear do make a statement. They tell people a little about the way you think and feel, and it's definitely part of the first impression you make when you meet someone. If you wear all black, that says one thing; if you only wear bright colors, that says something else. So what if there were a way to make a conscious statement, a way to signal your faith in a trendy, cool way. Well, now there is with Christian tee shirts! Christian tee shirts have come a long way in recent years and many really cool shirts are now available. Some of the coolest Christian tee shirts display actual verses from the Bible. There are also other great Christian tees that are based on Bible stories and events. The bottom line is that there are a variety of styles and colors of really neat Christian shirts to choose from today. So now the question is, why would I want to get a Christian tee shirt? Probably the best thing about Christian tee shirts is that they're a great way to show your faith, and get people talking. And that's just what you want. After all, is there anything more important than sharing your love of Jesus Christ and how to get to Heaven with others? FYI, Jesus Christ will not come again until the Gospel is spread to the ends of the world. Don’t take my word though, here’s what Jesus said to his disciples when they asked him if he was going to restore the kingdom to Israel, “It is not for you to know the time or dates the Father has set by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:7-8. If you’re now wondering where to get a Christian tee shirt, I have good news for you. You’re not limited to buying Christian tee shirts from just one place. In fact, there are several stores where you can get really cool Christian tee shirts! You can find a large selection of Christian tees at Family Christian Stores and at LifeWay Christian Stores, which are respectively the largest and the second largest Christian retailers in the United States. Family Christian Stores has over 320 locations and LifeWay Christian Stores has over 120 locations across the United States. To find out if there is a Family Christian Stores nearby, go to http:// familychristian. com and to find out if there is a LifeWay Christian Stores close to you, go to http:// lifeway. com. If neither Family Christian Stores nor LifeWay Christian Stores is nearby, there is probably some other Christian retailer close to you. Christian stores are popping up all over the place because of the popularity of Christian themed merchandise. If, however, there are not any Christian retailers close to you, don’t worry because you can purchase many great Christian tee shirts on the Internet. Good luck in making the right statement with your Christian tee shirt and positively impacting people!

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Msdtc exe

If you hit CTRL +Alt + Delete, you will launch your task manager on your Windows Operating System. With task manager open, you can choose from several tabs including; applications, processes, performance, networking and users. If you click on the processes tab, you will usually see dozens of processes running. While some like WinWord. exe are easy to understand, others like msdtc. exe might scare you into thinking that you have a virus running on your computer. If you see msdtc.

exe running, you should not be alarmed - it is not a virus. What is msdtc. exe? Msdtc. exe stands for Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator; it is obviously a Microsoft file. The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator is a transaction manager. The manager permits client applications to be compromised of several different types of data from various sources. This executive process coordinates the transactions across all servers that have authority to engage the transaction. It should be noted that all MS applications do not use this file, however some that require server features do. Two MS programs that require msdtc. exe are Microsoft Personal Web Server and Microsoft SQL Server. What To Do if you See msdtc Running If you notice that msdtc. exe is running, the odds are that it is required for specific applications to function properly. You should not end this process prematurely. To do so may cause problems with the main application from running properly. Is msdtc. exe a Virus? It is highly unlikely that the msdtc. exe process running is a virus. However, you can check where the files are running from. If a non-Microsoft. exe file is found to be in the C:Windows or located at C:WindowsSystem32 folder, then there might be some reason to suggest that a virus, spyware, trojan or worm has infected your computer. For more information regarding this file, please visit Microsoft. com.

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Move into the top 1 of all ebay sellers accepting the best methods of payment

eBay is becoming a more competitive environment to make money these days. As such, there are certain things that you can do as an eBay seller to separate yourself and distance yourself from your competition. As you set up your eBay selling systems, make the commitment to accept all methods of payment. If not, you’ll lose out on potential customers. The following short list should be considered your preferred method of accepting payment on eBay: 1. PayPal Paypal, owned by eBay, now has over 100 million members and is the most accepted payment method online. While some sellers don’t like the 3% PayPal fees – remember that 97% of something is better than 100% of nothing. PayPal is simple (and free) to set up – you are only charged a fee when there is a transaction. PayPal makes it easy for every seller to accept credit cards safely online without the time and expense of setting up a typical merchant account. Many people shop on eBay for convenience. PayPal provides the simples and most convenient way for a buyer to pay. You can register for a free PayPal account at: http:// paypal. com. 2. Money Order or Personal Check Some sellers don’t like accepting a personal check for fear of the check bouncing. 99.9% of all checks are good. As long as you follow the basic strategy of not shipping your item until the check clears you have nothing to lose – even if the check is not good. Remember that there are some buyers who don’t have a credit card. If you make them go to the bank to get a money order, they may simply buy from someone else who takes a personal check. I would suggest NOT taking checks from International Buyers as it simply takes too long for the check to clear. Reminder: In your payment terms in your auction, you’ll need to disclose your payment policies – and be sure to specify whether you’ll accept a personal check or money order from an International Seller. 3. Cash While it’s not the best method of payment, some eBay sellers do accept cash payments. It’s not likely that a buyer will send you cash for their purchase. 4. Escrow For a high-ticket item (car, real estate, jewelry, etc.) escrow is a safe and secure way to accept payment for the simple reason that the escrow service will guarantee full protection prior the close of the transaction. NOTE: With escrow, the seller has to wait for the confirmation that the buyer has received the merchandise prior to receiving payment. Safe Payments Policy Recently, eBay instituted a “Safe Payments Policy” in an effort to continue the safe and secure transactions on their site. eBay evaluates various payment methods to insure that transactions are safe within the eBay marketplace. As such, their recent policy states that sellers may accept the following methods of payment: -PayPal -Direct Credit Cards (for those sellers with a merchant account) -Bank Wire Transfers -Personal Checks, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks and Certified Checks Not permitted on eBay. com: Sellers may not solicit buyers to mail cash. Sellers may not ask buyers to send cash through instant cash transfer services (non-bank, point-to-point cash transfers) such as Western Union or Moneygram. Sellers may not ask buyers to pay with Stormpay, Greenzap. com or e-gold payments. Finally, sellers may not request payment through online payment methods not specifically permitted in this eBay policy.

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What is a trading signal

What Is A Trading Signal? Forex business is a very competitive business. It is no longer the monopoly of big time traders or any other financial institutions. It has become popular even with small investors or unknown individual traders. Thus, the necessity of knowing the condition of the forex market every moment of the day. There is a need to be updated about the stability of the most traded currencies of the foreign exchange. In view of this, you need to subscribe to a forex firm for forex trading signal. Forex trading signal is a paid service presented by certain brokers and forex analysts who are independent.

The signals are known as entry and exit signals for the dealers. The firms will check and evaluate the market situation for you. You will be provided with the data through email, sms, pager and desktop alerts. The forex companies will do their homework by doing some careful research and the currencies are analyzed. Say for example, the company will give the entry and exit signals at a certain time placed in real time. These will be valid for a short span of time only after which they will be different. The information for forex trading and other data will be given by the forex dealers and some experts to all their institutional clients and individual investors.

This will include the forex trading signals. Of course, the investors would like to subscribe to forex dealers and firms who are credible and deserving. They are sure that the data and information will be real and more correct. As a matter of fact, the forex dealers are so enthusiastic to get the information before the other markets receive the same information. The forex indications or the forex signals are given to the dealers of forex via forex trading platform or the center. They are actually the specific entry and strategies for exit. Hence, if you are going to enter the trade of currency where you will be buying currencies with a lower price, you sell at a higher price, then you can be sure of obtaining a profit. When you know that the dollars will appreciate, then you are going to buy dollars and later on sell them for more profits.

Usually, the forex dealers will be able to get the data and information from the email or direct from their computer. The decision will be done by the forex dealers whether to sell buy, or the currencies are hold until such time that new information will be given. The contributors for the data and information on dealings with currency are the foreign exchange dealers situated on major financial markets of the world, hedge managers, professional stock brokers, managers for finance and some finance professionals. It is their business to examine and relay information and collate them so as to be utilized by forex dealers in buying and selling or the forex is withhold.

Therefore, the firms for forex must take extra precaution and care most especially in sending forex trading signal for the dealers of currency. The forex signal services normally offer signals just some of most traded pairs of currency such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY. GBP/USD, USD/CHF. There are some occasions wherein you will be able to find services that offer signals for the least traded pairs of currency. The forex signals can be very expensive. However, you will save more time and have more profits. Word count 572

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Analysis of cat behavior

The most important thing to remember in analyzing the behavior of your cat is that your pet is not a human. Cats are not rational beings and their actions are not based on emotion. Changes in his behavior are not stemmed from any repressed anger with you; your cat is not trying to get revenge on you for being away from home too much or bringing a new baby into the house. Negative changes in cat behavior are typically cause by stress or anxiety for the cat. It is easy to see why pet owners tend to conclude that the cat's feelings toward them are causing the behavioral differences; it is human nature to correlate two unrelated events. In reality, there is a missing link: your behavior may cause the cat physical anxiety, thus the cat's behavior alteration is based on physiological changes in his body. One common complaint among cat owners is that their cat has suddenly chosen a new favorite place to deposit wastes instead of his litter box. This could be a result of a few factors. First, it may be a medical problem. Cats are prone to urinary track infections that make it extremely painful to urinate.

Cats then associate the pain of urination with the litter box, so they do not like to visit their designated urination station. If your cat has stopped using the litter box, your first step should be to take him to the vet and have a thorough check-up run on him. Cats also have natural preferences for certain textures and smells, so if you have recently changed the type of cat litter you use, the cat may be showing that he does not care for the new feeling or smell of his litter. In avoiding the litter box, the cat may have become attached to new textures and locations around your household, perhaps the soft living room rug or bedroom closet. The best strategy is not to punish the cat; he will not understand. Rather, have a medical check up, switch litters, and continuously reintroduce the cat to his litter box. Reward him for using it, just like he was a kitten again. To relieve any anxiety your cat may be feeling, carefully analyze any changes that have occurred in his life as of late. If a new baby or roommate comes into the house, your cat may feel threatened, so be sure to give him extra attention. If you suddenly have to spend more time away from home than normal, consider getting a second cat so that your cat does not spend his days alone. Although the cat is not having emotional reactions, his body feels different due to changes around him. Be in tune with what may be causing your cat to feel anxious, analyze the situation, and do the loyal owner duty of relieving his stress.

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When morning sickness is good news

One of the most emotional times in a woman's life is when she learns that she is pregnant. The realization that a life is growing inside her womb may initially make her feel confused, but eventually she will rejoice in knowing that she will be bringing a new life into the world. But it may be very different for a teenage girl who is not ready for the consequences of premarital sex. Fear and anxiety are normal reactions to have if you are a young, unmarried teenager who suddenly becomes a soon-to-be mother. She will not know what to do. Unwanted pregnancy can be a frightening and threatening situation for women who are not prepared for it. In contrast, those who are really planning to have a baby find motherhood as the ulitmate fulfillment and real essence of being a woman. Once a woman has conceived, it will take about one week for the fertilized egg to be implanted in the uterus. From then on, it will now be possible for a woman to experience one or more signs of pregnancy. For the newly weds, or those who are really planning to have kids and welcome the joys of being parents, pregnancy is good news. But along with it comes several pregnancy symptoms that will probably make a woman feel sick for at least the first trimester. During this period, hormonal changes begin to occur, and a woman's body starts to react to these new hormone levels. The following are 10 common signs of early pregnancy: 1. Frequent Urination - one of the most common and very early signs of pregnancy is having to urinate more frequently. Changes in the hormone levels produced by implantation of the embryo, especially the hormone "human chorionic gonadotropin" (hCG), is the cause of more frequent urination which can be experienced even before a missed period, usually from about 7-12 days after the temperature rise at ovulation. 2. Light Spotting – is a condition that occurs when implantation happened before the menstrual period should begin. Pregnancy bleeding from implantation is not heavy and appears pinkish or brownish in color. Normal menstruation should start with a light flow, become heavy, then taper off again towards the end. 3. Elevated Body Temperature – during ovulation, it's just normal to have an increase in body temperature. When the basal body temperature stays elevated after ovulation is completed and remains elevated through when the period begins can be one of the very early signs of pregnancy. 4. Missing a Menstrual Period – it is possible that a missed period may be due to other reasons such as illness, stress, hormone imbalance and reactions to foods or medications. But if the menstrual cycle normally occurs on a regular basis, missing a period can be a sign. 5. Fatigue – though tiredness can be difficult to distinguish from other forms of exhaustion, it is usually related to the change in hormones in the body, which usually disappears as the body adjusts to the new hormone levels. 6. Cramps - during early pregnancy, moving around, exercise and orgasm can trigger uterine cramping or contractions in the uterus. 7. Nausea – is known as morning sickness during pregnancy. It's a sensation of vomiting, though sometimes actual vomiting may not occur. It can happen throughout the day, and it can last throughout your pregnancy. 8. Tender Nipples and Breasts – this is one of the very early signs of pregnancy but such feeling of tenderness go away as the body gets used to the new hormone levels. 9. Darker Areolas – as early as one week after conception, the area around the nipples begins to change in color. It becomes darker and the bumps on the areolas may appear more prominent. 10. Constipation – expect a change in bowel movement during early pregnancy. The intestines may relax and function less due to changing hormones, leading to constipation. Beginning around the 6th week of pregnancy, more than half of pregnant women may experience nausea or morning sickness which can occur at any time duirng the day or night and may stop around the 12th week of pregnancy. Morning sickness will not harm the baby or the pregnant mother. However, if you experience too much vomiting and cannot keep your food down, you may have hyperemesis gravidarum. which can be harmful to both the mother and baby if severe and left untreated. Hyperemesis gravidarum can cause possible lack of nutrients and electrolyte imbalance. As soon as any of these very early signs of pregnancy are experienced, confirm the pregnancy with the use of pregnancy test kits such as a blood pregnancy test. It can be accurate as early as 8 to 10 days after conception while a urine pregnancy test can be accurate as early as 10 to 14 days following conception. Most pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate so be sure to do test again after a week. Always consult health care provider when these symptoms appear and discuss possible options for treatment.

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What is a comic book price guide

A comic book price guide is a great tool for determining what your comic books are estimated to be worth in the market today. The going worth of individual comic books can range all over the board. Some issues have been known to carry a value of six figures, while other issues aren't even worth the price you paid for them. A comic book price guide can go a long way in helping you determine this kind of information. Action Comics #1 (the introduction of Superman) in mint condition has been quoted at being worth $650,000. A pretty tidy piece of change. Then Weird Science, issue #13, in near mint condition can command a respectable price tag of $5,750. There are also multitudes of back issues purchased at a newsstand price of around 5 bucks, that are now worth even less than that. The ability to determine the actual value of individual collections is not an easy task or one to be taken lightly. Comic book pricing is a highly perceived value and will vary quite greatly, depending on which opinion and which comic book price guide you choose to follow. By all means, if there is a reputable comic book dealer in your local area that you are comfortable dealing with, get his or her opinion. But in all my research so far, it seems that "The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide" is the bible of most active comic book collectors.

I have my copy in electronic format, reachable from my desktop. It is very handy. If you truly want to understand what your magazines are worth, the first thing you need to do is to determine the physical condition of each comic book. Is it raggedy ass poor with pages missing and in need of a paper clip to hold it together?

Or has it never been opened since being purchased and appears to be in mint condition? Even brand new comic books may not make the grade of mint or perfect condition. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide gives a very detailed description of all the grades and sub-grades used in the 0.5 to 10.0 scale. This grading system is generally accepted by all comic book aficionados.

If you follow Overstreet's physical condition explanations and grading scale, you will get a pretty good feel for the conditions of your own collection. The next step in your comic book pricing exercise is to then go through the myriad of pages in the comic book price guide to find your particular issues. Along with your now determined physical and grade conditions, you can find your issue's current assumed value. The comic book price guide also has tips on collecting, preserving and storing your comic books. And it defines the various ages (Golden Age, Silver Age, etc.) that comic book history has moved through. I guess if I had to mention a drawback to this guide, it would be the fact that there is soo much information to go through, it could take you quit a while to devour the whole book. Once you get well acquainted and comfortable with the comic book price guide though, you could consider yourself an expert in your own right and help your friends out with their collecting and comic book pricing questions. I do believe this guide to be an invaluable and inexpensive resource to have and I don't think you will be disappointed with it. Heritage Comics seems to be the top dog for delivering an electronic version of a comic book price guide. You can visit Heritage at http:// comic-book-collection-made-easy.

com/CBPG to learn more about the guide. While you are there, you may want to surf around Heritage's site. There are some very interesting subjects there. They also have on of the biggest on line comic book auctions on the Net. If you have never seen Heritage Comics' site before and you really enjoy it, just remember where you heard about it at (ha, ha). Of course if you would rather have a hard copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, I am sure your local comic book store would have a copy and I hope this little review has helped you with your pricing questions. If you are serious at all about the monetary worth of your comic book collection, then a comic book price guide is a valuable tool to have. There are several available and even a few for free. But if you want some of the most relevant and up to date data, then the "Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide" has developed a superior reputation over the past 30 years.

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Christmas eve games

Christmas Eve Games You don't often think to play games on Christmas Eve, but playing a game or two can be a lot of fun. One fun game is ideally suited for anxious children, but could also be for adults, if you want to add some fun for gift giving. For children, this is a way to make that "open one gift on Christmas Eve" rule a little more exciting and make it last a little longer. You create a hunt with clues, so the children have to follow the clues to find their gift. Instead of the gift being under the tree, for example, you might put it somewhere else, but the children will follow clues to find it. For this game, you can use anything to write your clues on. You could use Christmas cards in their envelopes that you had extras of, you might cut out Christmas tree shapes for this, or you might want to use ornaments. Whichever method you choose, write a clue on each of your items and leave those around the house. You start by handing each child the first clue. It might say, "you sleep here every night" and the children will run to their beds. On their pillow you have placed another clue that might say, "mom's eggs taste better with this" and the children head to the spice cabinet, where they find another clue on the salt. The final clue (and depending on the ages of your children and their tolerance, you might have only 5 clues for this game, or many more) will be the gift itself. To make it extra fun, have the gift be under the tree. Your children won't see that coming! If you have a large gathering on Christmas Eve, try a circle game. Have everyone get in a circle and the first person will start with, "in my Christmas stocking there is an apple" and the next person will add, "in my Christmas stocking there is an apple and a boot". Each person will continue on, remembering the previous items and the adding one of their own, and all in alphabetical order. If you miss an item, you're out of the game and the winner is the person who successfully remembers all the stocking items over and over again each time they have to recite the items and add to the list. Looking for a little physical activity on Christmas Eve? How about a rousing game of musical chairs using Christmas music? This one can be particularly fun if you use upbeat and well-known Christmas music. Use songs everyone knows and require they sing along and dance while they run around the chairs. This adds a fun element because you are likely to have at least one person who gets so caught up in the music and dancing they don't realize the music has stopped. This game is played like any traditional game of musical chairs with the loser being the one who doesn't get a chair when the music stops. Since the big event on Christmas Eve is Santa's arrival, play a game of "where's Santa"? In this game, everyone sits in a circle and one person is chosen to be Rudolph. That person leaves the room for a minute. A Santa is chosen among those left in the room. Rudolph returns and begins hunting for Santa. Rudolph should stand in the center of the circle and try to figure out which person is Santa. Santa, meanwhile, winks at other people in the circle. If someone gets winked at, they yell, "ho ho ho". Once Rudolph figures out where Santa is, another Rudolph and another Santa are chosen and the game continues. By Christmas Eve, your Christmas cards have been on display for a few weeks, so maybe it's time to play a game with them. Have someone set up a laundry basket, or a gift box a few feet away (the distance depends on the age of your players and ability). Have them try to toss the cards into the box or basket. This sounds easy, but different cards of different weights and styles will react differently and can be harder than expected to get into the box or basket. Word count 705

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Proven 1 best home based business idea

To drive your Home Based Business Idea to success, you need to know the secrets, tips, and tricks of the Home Based Business, and once you learn them, you need to handle your Home Based Business Idea in a way that can be duplicable, in order to have a downline that does the same that you do (if you belong to a MLM Network). Most of people haven't got a clear Home Based Business Idea and know nothing or almost nothing about MLM Networks, they just like the idea of having a second income stream, and many dream with saying good bye to their boss and become their own boss, and that's why they would like to give their Home Based Business Idea a try. HOME BASED BUSINESS BUILDING STEPS * First you have to decide if you want to have Your Own Home Based Business or join one of the Best Home Base Business Affiliate Programs on The Net, and most of all you need a Good Sponsor * Then you have to create The Best Easy Home Business Site you can create * Choose The Right Price for your products or services * Learn How to Manage Your Home Based Business Idea * Write the best Headlines for your promotion campaign * Learn how to use Words That Sell * Write The Best Ads, ads that sell! * Put Free Classifieds Once your Home Based Business Idea is built and working, start joining new members to your downline, and Follow Up your prospects until they become clients * Finally Build and Train Your MLM Downline and affiliates and teach them to repeat what you have done! As you can see is all as easy as to read all our web pages, and once you have your own down line, tell them to do the same. IMPORTANT TOPICS TO REMEMBER YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEA MUST BE WORTHWHILE AND MUST BE YOU! Your idea of a home business will be a good Home Based Business Idea when you choose something people will pay for, but your work at home must be something you love to do, if you choose it just because it's a good business, unless you're a very cold blooded person, it won't be easy. If you enjoy your job, not only will be a good Home Based Business Idea, it will be a hobby! So "What People Will Pay For?"... That's easy to answer, they will pay for what they need! And how can you know what's people's best Home Based Business Idea?... You can't know what everybody needs, (unless you plan to teach how to earn money), but you know what YOU need! So just focus on your needs and offer to others what you would like to find as an easy Home Based Business Idea. This won't be good for everybody but will be good for people like you. And you'll be working with an easy Home Based Business Idea built with the things you like and believe. So your Home Based Business Idea should be something you love to do (AND you know how to do), think in your hobbies and interests and you'll be in the right truck. And if you don't feel so sure in anything that you love, you only need a little help to discover how to have an easy Home Based Business Idea with YOUR knowledge! YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEA SHOULD GIVE YOU AS MUCH AS YOU DESERVE! So you worked a lot to offer the best Home Based Business Idea there is? Then don't sell yourself short! You deserve to charge the right price! Of course no one automatically knows what to charge; but as a general idea: You must put the price that makes it the best and easy Home Based Business Idea for you, and... You must put the price that makes it the best Home Based Business Idea for your customer You will always try to charge as much as you can, and your customer will always try to pay as less as he cans, so you both must meet the best Home Based Business in the middle. But how can you find the middle, how can you find the best price that will be the best Home Based Business Idea for you and your customer? I can help you with some ideas: * Your price must both be appropriate and competitive. * Can someone currently obtain this product or service elsewhere? If you are the only one and your product or service is really the best Home Based Business Idea of it's kind, there's a wide range of prices that might be right for you. * How much do your competitors charge? * Which price is enough high to give the idea that your offer is the best Home Based Business Idea? * Which price is so high that you will end up without a sale? * Which price is low enough to make your offer a bargain? * Which price is so low that customers might get worried for an inferior quality? So you must choose a price that gives a good perceived value, but you mustn't sell yourself short. What are the pricing formula components? * Direct Costs * Overhead * Profit Your Price is the result of adding the three of them. Direct Costs are the costs you incur in doing your job: your time, telephone calls, postage, gas, printing, and your salary. You must assign a salary to yourself (time is money). In your salary remember to add enough to cover the hours of un billable time you spend marketing and administering. Overhead are the general costs of doing business, like: office supplies, software, equipment, utilities, administrative costs, advertising and marketing expenses. If you are not sure you can multiply your hourly wage by two or three to cover overhead. Profit is the amount that goes over and above Direct Costs and Overhead. Many experts say that once you have calculated all your direct and indirect cost you can add 15 to 20 percent or more. Of course after this guide you are still guessing, so if you really want to go professional for your easy Home Based Business Idea you must Choose a Price That Sells YOU MUST GIVE A PROFESSIONAL HOME BASED BUSINESS IMAGE! Image building is not so much a matter of big budget but an attention to details attitude. * Create your own custom designed logo (avoid choosing one from a standard catalog) * Use your logo in a consistent way, use it on your business cards, e-mail, faxes, invoices, stationery and any other visual communications elements. * Use top quality paper for letterhead and your easy Home Based Business Idea cards. * Pay attention to the places where you meet with clients. If they come to your home, avoid having them walk through personal or family areas. If you can, meet them at restaurants or hotel lobbies. * Use professionally written ads. What's the use of spending time and money with ads if they don't attract customers? They must attract traffic to your web site.! * Use a professionally created Home Based Business web site design. What's the purpose of attracting lots of visitors if once on your web site they go away. Your web content must induce visitors to believe that yours is the best and easyest Home Based * Business Idea they can find, and become customers! * Use a professionally created name for your Home Based Business and your web site. Does your Home Based Business name and your web site name give a clear idea of what you're offering? When I use the word professional, you mustn't understand that for earning money with your Home Based Business Idea, you need to hire professional services, what I mean is that you must learn how to Sell Like a Professional, and if you agree with this idea read this: http:// easy-home-business. com/improve/internet-home-business-opportunity. php Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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Bottle feeding the benefits for mom and baby

Deciding whether or not to bottle feed your baby is not a decision that is made lightly. Society and the media don't make the decision any easier as they make bottle feeding appear to be a bad choice compared to breastfeeding. Many mothers that make the decision not to breast feed or cannot breast feed for some reason, do not need to feel guilty about choosing to bottle feed. While nothing can replace the whole, natural benefits of mother's milk, using baby formula also has several benefits for mother and baby. Baby formulas of today are created to be as close to mother's milk as possible. These baby formulas are just as nutritious and many are fortified with iron, a key ingredient in helping to prevent anemia in infants. Another great benefit is portion control. With bottle feeding, you know exactly how much you are feeding your baby. You won't be left wondering if your child has eaten enough or has been overfed.

Unfortunately, mother's who breastfeed still have to deal with the stares and sometimes comments they may receive when they decide to breastfeed in public. With bottle feeding you eliminate the frustration of dealing with ignorance. You no longer have to stay indoors to avoid the embarrassment of wanting to feed your child in public. Many mothers may also worry about losing the bonding that can come with breast feeding. Bottle feeding can still bring the same type of mother and child bonding that breast feeding does. You are still close to your child and able to talk and spend quality time during a feeding. Don't let the worry of bonding play in your decision to bottle feed. Another plus to bottle feeding is that moms can get back to living a normal life a lot sooner. Breastfeeding alters a mother's daily life due to certain factors that must be considered, primarily in the case of medication.

Mother's who are prescribed medication must remember to check with their doctor before taking them. Medication can be passed through to baby during breastfeeding. Bottle feeding clears the way for things like medication as well as oral contraceptives. Having the choice to take an oral contraceptive is a concern for many mothers who do not desire to have another child right away. Bottle feeding is also much more convenient. Baby formula can be stored easily and makes traveling a lot easier as well. Ready-made baby formula requires no mixing.

You can feed your baby its contents right away which is a time saver. Bottle feeding also allows others to help you out. You can have others feed your baby when you are busy or because they want to share in the experience such as dad helping out during a feeding or grandparents. This can be a huge help when you are burned out from the day's activities and need to catch a nap or are not feeling well. Mother's who choose to bottle feed should never feel like they are making a poor choice. Just like breastfeeding, bottle feeding holds many benefits.

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Small dogs with hyopallergenic fur

Small Dogs With Hypoallergenic Fur Are you a dog lover? Do you live in an apartment or small home? Do you have allergies? A small dog with hypoallergenic fur might be the answer for you. “Hypo” is a Greek suffix meaning less or below. A hypoallergenic dog might still put out allergens, but at a much lower level. A few dogs that take up less space, making them better for apartment living, are the Silky Terrier, the Havanese, and the Coton de Tulear. These dogs are all considered of the “Toy” size by the America Kennel Club. The Silky Terrier was developed through a cross of a Yorkshire Terrier and an Australian Terrier in the late 19th century. Even with these early dates, it was not fully recognized as a breed of its own until 1955 as the Australian Silky Terrier. These dogs have terrier qualities such as enjoying activity and a very sharp alertness. Their hair is long, but the Silky Terriers do not shed. This long hair also is partially where their name is derived from. It has very soft and smooth qualities. The dog does require more than average care for this silky coat to stay in good condition. The terriers can get along with other dogs and children, but will get aggressive when provoked or teased. Proper education should be given to as well as the people around the animal as well as the dogs themselves in how to act around one another. The Havanese were originally developed by the Spanish from a now extinct breed called the Bichon Tenerife, making them part of the Bichon family of dogs. Grooming isn’t a worry with this breed, even with Havanese that are shown in competition. They are meant to look playful and friendly, much like their temperament. These dogs are great around children, other dogs, and people in general without becoming overly possessive. Their sturdy frame makes them that much better around curious children, unlike most fragile “Toy” sized dogs. Although they love playing and winning, they can be easily calmed when spoken to sternly by their owners. One of the major downsides to owning a Havanese is that they seem to suffer from many ailments such as cataracts and hip dysplasia. These are actually uncommon, unless the dog is adopted from a less than reputable breeder. A Coton de Tulear is another dog with Spanish roots from the Bichon family. Its actual home is Madagascar, where it is the official dog of the country. This intelligent breed is extremely playful, and when pure bred, is white in color. This white coat, while hypoallergenic, does shed more than that of their Havanese cousin, so it requires brushing once every week or two. The Coton de Tulears love people and enjoy playing with them, going on daily walks, and can even keep up on longer hikes. They get easily attached to their owners and suffer from separation anxiety at times. Overall, these dogs are very healthy, living anywhere from fourteen to eighteen years.

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Young entrepreneurs

Adolescence brings with it many challenges - for both parents and kids. Young people, still new to the world, are embarking on a journey to discover their passions, joys, and authentic self-images. More often than not, however, their journey more closely resembles an elongated stampede of enraged elephants than it does an innocent soul-searching endeavor. But no one said growing up would be easy. And there are young entrepreneurs out there who see the world in a truly positive light.

Sure, they have their ups and downs like most teenagers, but they are motivated, focused, and want to make a difference. Who are these kids? How were they raised? What do they have in common with one another? At the risk of making some sweeping generalizations, I will paint the picture of the young, confident entrepreneur - with the knowledge that this over-idealized portrait often comes in many colors and hues. While entrepreneurship was never common in my family, many young entrepreneurs had experiences early on in life that lead them towards an entrepreneurial path. In general, there are two possible ways young people feel compelled towards entrepreneurship: inspiration and avoidance.

Both can act as powerful catalysts for taking action. In the case of inspired action, the young entrepreneur most likely grew up in an environment where individuality, responsibility, and financial literacy were encouraged. Even if the parent made little money to support his or her child, the underlying message often centered around taking initiative and following one's own path. On the other hand, in the instances where avoidance is the primary motivator, the child usually wants to avoid becoming like their primary caregiver, who was most likely a negative influence. Friends of mind who have exhibited this type of motivation often have a very strong drive to succeed, yet, in part, base their motivation on what they don't want to become - and must overcome even greater adversity in life.

In order to facilitate the spirit of entrepreneurship in your family, there are many steps you can take. While these steps are particularly geared towards entrepreneurship, they apply toward creating any harmonious relationship between parent and child: -Teach your child in creative, 'outside-the-box' ways. In a recent article with 19 year-old CEO Cameron Johnson, he told a story about how his parents gave him stocks - literally, shares in a company - in his stockings for Christmas. There are many ways you can teach your child about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and individuality. -Make self-awareness and wealth consciousness the highest priorities. This entails a significant amount of soul-searching. And while many adults are adverse to the concept of change, often letting go of fear and facing your demons can be the most inspirational model for your child. I have a friend who, after years of living in a fear-based reality, she learned to let go and allow herself to forgive and love others. She has never enjoyed better relationships with her children. -If your kid acts up, stand in your truth. Don't beat around the bush or overreact. Of course, you want to be sensitive to your child's feelings and come from a place of authentic compassion. But when it comes down to it, tell it like it is - they'll appreciate it in the end. -Give your child ample opportunity to discover independence for him or herself. It's critically important that your child learns the process of creating one's own experience of reality from a first-hand perspective. Sometimes this requires being more firm or lenient than one would like. Yet remember that you grew through making mistakes and so will your child. If you see your child exhibiting entrepreneurial behaviors, make sure you show your support throughout his or her growth process. And if your kid is struggling to find motivation, don't worry - as long as you follow the guidelines above, you will instill the characteristics of greatness and, in due time, inspire the leader within.

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