Hey buddy watch where you re pointing that article

by Ken Nadreau and Hubert Daul Article Marketing has really taken off lately. Virtually thousands of articles are written and submitted every single day. This is mostly due to Google AdSense and the search engine's keen interest in relevant content. So everyone's creating high yielding content for their AdSense sites and building significant back links by submitting their articles to high ranking article directories. Profits are being made, people are being instantly turned into experts in their field, and the search engines are totally loving the constant flow of new content they can show their customers. But there's one definite way you could completely "blow" the whole thing for yourself, and unfortunately far too many people are doing it lately. You see, the key factor that makes all of this work is relevance. The search engines want to know that when someone does a search through their system, they'll get exactly what they're looking for. It's what all this talk of changing algorithms are all about. The search engines are on a quest to find the best way to provide the most relevant material for any specific queries put in front of them, and so they keep changing their algorithms to fulfill their goal. All we have to do is make it as easy as possible for the search engines to find this specific relevance on our sites and in the articles we write, and we have a marriage made in heaven. Now when we speak of relevance, there are a number of factors involved. Sure, if you're hoping to get your site listed a the top in the search engines for "baking cookies," your site better be all about baking cookies, and you'd better have a lot of content about it too. But there's more to it than that. Even the links on your site should be about baking cookies because the search engines take those into consideration as well when they judge your site's over all relevance. In fact, if your site is about baking cookies and you accept links from sites about car parts, you're actually hurting the relevance of your site and lowering your page ranking. Keeping this in mind now, there's a seriously unfortunate habit a lot of article writers have gotten into. There are just so many articles being written and submitted to the article directories, that many aren't paying attention to where their articles are being posted. Most article directories have category choices that separate the content of their sites into specific groupings. These groupings are seen by the search engines as individual "mother lodes" of content. But this true only if these groupings or categories are actually relevant to one specific topic. Which is why article directory owners have to work so feverishly to maintain the integrity of their categories. So if you're submitting articles to them just for sake of submitting, you're not only giving them more work, but you're actually wasting your time and working against the intended purpose of article submitting in the first place. If your articles get posted into the wrong category, it won't help you because your back link will be in an unrelated place. Plus the value of the category will diminish due to your article about "car parts" being in a category about "baking cookies." This problem has reached a critical point. Either those submitting articles will have to work at being more accurate in category choices, or the article directories will have get smarter so they can catch irrelevant articles before they ruin things for everyone. ====================

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How to make great tickets

: Creating tickets and raffle tickets is easier than you might expect. There are many Ticket Printing websites and services that can help you make great tickets it is just a matter of finding the one that best fits your specific needs. Things to consider before having your tickets Printed Before you start looking for the best way to produce your tickets it is best to spend a few minutes and collect the information about your event. This information can include:

  • Event Title Information
  • Event Time, Date, and Location
  • Ticket Price and Number of tickets needed
  • Artwork or logos to be included on the tickets
This information will make it much easier as you proceed through the following steps of designing and printing your tickets and will give you a good idea of what exactly it is that you are looking for in your ticket printing endeavor. There are three ways to easily and quickly produce event, general admission or raffle tickets, they are:
  • Design and print tickets using an online form
  • Have custom tickets designed and printed by a professional for your event
  • Use ticket design and printing software to create your own tickets and then print them on pre-perforated ticket stock from your home or office printer.
Design and Print Tickets using an Online Form Many online sites now offer pre-designed ticket templates that can be customized for your event. TicketPrinting. com, as an example, has over 100 designs for different types of events. Once you find a template that fits your event you can customize the tickets by placing the text that describes your event on your ticket, some templates will even allow you to upload an image or a logo to the ticket giving it even more of a custom look and feel.

The advantages of these pre-designed tickets are that they are less expensive than custom tickets; they have a quick turnaround time if speed is a requirement, and you are able to see the proof of your ticket immediately. Have Custom Tickets Designed and Printed by a Professional for your Event Companies are more than willing to help you design tickets for your event. Most of them will even include the design as being free with your printing order. With a professional ticket designer, you will talk directly to a person who will ask you about your event and what you would like the tickets to look like. They will then create a ticket proof that you can approve before the tickets are printed.

Custom Designed tickets take longer than pre-designed templates do to process because of the additional design time, averaging 3 days to 1 week for the tickets to be printed. They are also more expensive due to the fact that it you are also paying for more human interaction in the process. The cost is worth it many times when you want a great looking ticket that matches exactly the theme of your event. Ticket Design and Printing Software Printing tickets is possible with programs that are currently installed on your computer if you do not need any variable data, such as a ticket number or a seat number, but it is much easier and faster to use a program that is specifically designed to print tickets. Most ticket editors have an easy to use interface that will allow you to drag and drop text, images, numbers and other items onto your tickets. You can also buy pre-perforated ticket stock that is safe to use in any home or office printer providing a professional feel to your tickets. This option is great if you know what you want your ticket to look like and if you trust your artistic ability. The downside is that it often takes a fair amount of time to print the tickets and then separate them from the sheet that they are printed in. There is no right or wrong way to have your tickets printed, but you will find that one of these options probably will fit you and your organization more than the others.

Once you decide how to have your tickets printed, you will be close to the end of your quest. Raffle Tickets Printing Raffle Tickets is not any different than printing event tickets in most cases. While most raffle tickets have a detachable stub and space for the purchaser to enter their own contact information, the printing is the same as they require a serial number. You will find that some Ticket Printing Companies will either print raffle tickets or event tickets. These are generally smaller companies that print tickets on a pre-printed background that is set up to be raffle tickets or event tickets, but not both. If you find a site that does not have what you are looking for, keep looking as most needs can be met by the major ticket printing companies.

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Online shopping for motorcycle accessories

When shopping for a certain item and material, the way to do it is to shop like a woman. Who else knows how to shop till they drop but women, right? Isn't it that husbands, partners, spouses and lovers often complain about the amount of time and the energy given to shopping by their women even for just one item they need? But who else gets the most of their budget, and takes home the item of high grade quality at the least price possible? Women.

Women are known to have the intuition for great sales and wonderful bargains just because they give time and effort in looking for the item at the best price. Same thing with motorcycles. When you need to buy performance motorcycle parts accessories, we know that our local motorcycle parts store is a great place to begin with. Aside from being near our home, our familiarity with our local store will help reduce the time it takes to choose the accessory most suitable to our requirement.

However, as any woman would tell you, your local store may not have the item you need, or it may only have a limited number of stock items on hand. And worse of all, you might just be getting more than you bargained for just because you want the easy way out of shopping. So the next step would be to go out and hop to stores that offer performance motorcycle parts accessories. Or you could try doing it online. Shopping for performance motorcycle parts accessories online is the most ideal means of making sure you get the best selection and the best possible prices, all in the comforts of your home or office. You don't need to use fuel and get stuck in traffic just because you need to have the item for your precious motorcycle. With so many vendors in the wide world of the internet, from here to Timbuktu, chances are, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for in no time. Plus, internet retailers often ship to any location in the world. You just have to pay extra charges for the shipment costs.

No worries. It's better than endure the traffic and pollution, and the migraine you're sure to have when you do it on foot and in every store you could find. And just like a woman, you'll be able to shop till you drop; the only difference is you're doing it all over the state, country, and even the world - all in the comforts of your home or office. And just like a woman, you'll definitely end up finding performance motorcycle parts accessories online that you never even knew was available in the market. There are a lot of items in the internet if you just know where to look.

With the vast access of the internet, you'll be able to get a wide range of selection from which to choose from with just a click of your fingers.

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10 things to know before buying a used car

Here are 10 things to keep in mind before you sign the dotted line on a used car. 1. Before selecting a used car you want to buy, read some reviews and check if the car has a good track record in terms of reliability. You may get an unreliable car cheap, but it'll likely break down. Spend a little more money on something more reliable as repairs are still expensive on cheap cars. 2. Find out the fuel economy rating of the vehicle(s) you're interested in, and how much it'll cost to insure. If this is your first car, insurance will be high especially if you're getting a sporty, 2-door vehicle. Staying with a 4-door sedan will help you get better insurance rates. Also, with gas prices on the rise, fuel economy is becoming even more important. 3. Once you've selected a vehicle, make sure you know the history of it. There are a variety of companies that will run a history report on the car by checking that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of that vehicle was not reported in an accident, stolen, flooded, or repossessed. Most people are not up front as they want to sell the car. Do your research and stay away from anything or anyone you're suspicious of. 4. Find out the used vehicle value. Check online, local newspapers, and the Kelly Blue Book for what the vehicle is worth. Keep in mind that the 'book value' is not always the best measure for what the vehicle is worth as it just gives you the average value. Knowing what other people are asking in the area will help you negotiate and determine if you're getting a good deal. 5. Have the car checked by a mechanic. Sure you'll know if the car was in an accident through the history report but a mechanic can tell if the car was properly maintained. It would be a shame to buy a car and then realize that it needs a $1000.00 repair. A mechanic may find something that you did not notice and it could save you thousands. 6. Always stay level headed when looking at a used car for sale and try not to go alone. Having a second opinion is very important. 7. If you decide to take the car on a test drive, make sure to try everything out, including the a/c, radio, and power features (windows, mirrors, locks, etc) if so equipped. Drive the vehicle on a variety of roads and go to an empty parking lot to test the brakes and handing. But remember, this is someone's car so be respectful. 8. Stay away from older cars that have a lot of electronic gizmos. These are often costly to repair and are not as reliable as vehicles that are more basic. 9. Although a lower mileage vehicle is great, a vehicle with a lot of highway miles is not bad at all. Highway driving is very easy on the car. Stop and go driving is much harder. The condition of the car is more important than the mileage so long as the car was properly maintained. 10. Stay away from ex police cars, cabs, or rentals. These vehicles are traditionally driven very hard and sometimes not as well maintained. They're cheap, but risky to buy.

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Planning a backyard campout

Planning a Backyard Campout: What You Need to Know If you are planning a backyard campout, you are not alone. Each year, millions of campers head out to their local state parks or other public campgrounds. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy this type of camping. Instead, many individuals and families make the decision to have a backyard campout. One of the many benefits to backyard camping is being close to home. Despite this closeness, you may want to avoid your home. This will help to make your backyard camping experience seem more lifelike. To prevent your backyard campout from being interrupted, due to multiple trips inside the house, you are advised to devise a plan. That plan should not only include camping equipment, but toys, snacks, food, and drinks. The best way to develop this plan is to pretend that you aren’t camping in your own backyard. By imagining that you will not have access to your home, you can better develop a camping plan. When it comes to camping, whether it be backyard camping or not, one of the first things that you need to consider is your sleeping materials. Many campers use tents, while others use nothing, but a blanket. If you are planning on sleeping in a tent, you will want to make sure that your tent has all of the needed pieces and equipment. It may also be a good idea to setup your tent in advance. This may help to ensure that you can repair your tent or purchase a replacement, if needed. If you are interested in sleeping under the stars, instead of using a tent, you will want to keep a close eye on the weather. Despite the fact that you will be camping in your own backyard, you will still want to make sure the weather is appropriate for sleeping without a tent. Regardless of whether or not you are sleeping with a tent, you will need a sleeping bag or blanket. Additional sleeping equipment may include pillows or an air mattress. In the event that you do not have these supplies, you can purchase them from most sports stores or department stores. After you have decided how and where you will sleep, you will then want to prepare for other aspects of your backyard campout. What many campers enjoy about camping is eating outdoors. If you wish, you may also want to incorporate a backyard barbeque into your camping adventure. Simply by moving your cooking grill near your other camping supplies, you should be able to create the illusion of a campground. The type of food you cook should all depend on your preference and the preference of the other campers. If a backyard cookout is not possible, a pre-made picnic can be used as an alternative. In addition to a full dinner meal, you may also want to think about having snacks on hand. There are a large number of snacks that are ideal for campers. These snacks may include, dry fruit, chips, pretzels, cookies, and other dry foods. If you are able to start a small fire, don’t forget the most important camping snack, smores. Although it may be easier to keep your food, drinks, and snacks inside your home, you may want to store them in outside ice coolers. This will not only help to keep your food fresh, but it may also reduce the number of camping interruptions. Finally, depending on the length of your backyard campout, you may want to consider brining along outdoor toys. These toys may include water guns, water balloons, a kickball, a Frisbee, baseball equipment, or other similar items. Even if these items do not get used, they are still nice to have on hand. At times, even in your own backyard, camping can be a little boring. Having a fairly large selection of outdoor activities to choose from will help to ensure that boredom is a thing of camping past. Word Count 652

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3 benefits of home tanning beds

Some people love the idea of owning tanning beds. A bed in your home will allow you to tan whenever you want, day or night. You won’t have to drive across town or rush to get to the salon before they close. Although they can be expensive, if you tan regularly, the investment may be well worth the money in the long run. 3 Things to Look for in Tanning Beds The Style of the Bed You basically have two choices in the style of your bed: a traditional horizontal bed and a standing booth. Unless you have a room or large space to devote to a horizontal bed, you may want to consider a standing booth. These take up less space in your home and can be placed in a corner. Basically, your preference and the amount of space you have available will dictate this choice. The Bulbs Used in the Bed The type of tanning bed bulbs used in a bed are the most important feature. Beds use either UVA and UVB rays or UVA only. There is controversy over which bulbs are safer for your skin. There really is no safe way to tan, and you should take precautions to protect yourself from damage to your skin, regardless of the bulbs used. You need to know exactly which kinds of bulbs are used in your bed when it is time to replace them. Bulbs aren’t interchangeable and you need to be sure to buy the right ones. Also, look at the placement of the bulbs. How easy will they be to replace? You will most likely be performing this task yourself and you want to be sure it will be easy to do. Extra Features The best extra features to look for include a face tanner and a cooling system. The face tanner will help you get the ultimate tan all over your body. These have specially placed bulbs in the facial area that direct light to this area, which is difficult to tan for some people. A cooling system is important if you get easily over heated inside a bed. The cooling fan will keep your skin from getting too hot. Make sure you don’t overdo it in the bed with this feature. Just because you don’t feel the heat, doesn’t mean you aren’t tanning. Staying in the bed too long contributes to over exposure and can be dangerous for your skin. Choices in Home Tanning Beds Most home beds are traditional tan beds. These use typical bulbs that resemble fluorescent tubes. Another choice in beds are known as High Pressure Beds. These use high pressure quartz bulbs, rather than the traditional lamps. They are called high pressure because the gas in the bulb is slightly higher than the pressure in the atmosphere. These beds allow you to tan on only one side at a time. You will need to turn over half way through your session. Many people find these to be more comfortable than traditional beds. These are normally found in salons, but you may come across one if you shop for used equipment. Purchasing Used Tanning Beds A used bed can be an affordable option to an expensive new home bed. In many cases, you can find a high quality bed at the price of a cheap bed. There are some things you should consider before purchasing a new bed: o Make sure the bed you are considering meets the current federal and state safety regulations. These change often and you want to make sure the bed you buy is safe. A tanning salon owner is a good source of information regarding safety regulations. The internet is another good source of information, as most states post regulations for salon owners. o Find out how often the bed was used. If it was originally used in a salon, it has probably gotten quite a bit of use. Sometimes beds that have been purchased for home use end up getting very little use. These can be great, giving you a little used bed at a substantially reduced price. o Compare the price difference of the used bed with a brand new bed. The bigger the difference, the better for you. o Ask about the working condition and any repairs that have been done. Also ask when the bulbs were last replaced and about the maintenance that has been done. You want a bed that has been properly maintained. o Ask if there is any time left on the warranty.

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Legal issues about trademarks and domain names

Trade marks are a name or symbol that are used to distinguish the goods of services of a particular company from others. Similar to copyrights and other signs of intellectual property, the effects of the trademark system is territorial. This means, that each country has its own trademark system. A brand name like Machine Head may be owned by one person in the United Kingdom and by another, totally unrelated, person in the United States. The domain name system, which is putting most of its emphasis on the. com title as the international domain, does not really jive well with the trade mark system because of the latter’s fundamental definition of “ownership.” A case in point is the Prince vs Prince suit. Prince, the US-based manufacturers of sports goods, challenged the use of the prince. com domain name by a British computer consultancy company. The said company registered the domain in good faith and have been using it. The Prince sports goods company, which has no registered UK trademark, threatened to sue the British company for US trademark infringement. The latter counter-sued in the UK for the unwarranted threats regarding trademark infringement. They eventually won and the US company had to contend with just using the domain name princetennis. com. Alternatively, a different scenario where the trademark owner will most likely prevail over a domain name holder’s rights is in the case of Marks & Spencer vs One in a Million. This particular case was elevated to the English High Court in 1997 when various trademark holders, including the world-famous UK retailer Marks & Spencer, sued One In A Million, a company who accumulated a number of domain names under the well-known trademarks like Sainsburys, Virgin, Marks & Spencer, and Cellnet. These domain names, and others, were bought with the express goal of selling them again to the trademark owners. The High Court decided that One In A Million be required to relinquish their claim on the said domain names. This decision was further upheld by the Court of Appeal. The One In A Million company’s basis of argument was that domain name registrations were first come, first served”, thus, the trademark owners do not have any rights to the domain names. Based on the two actual court cases we can build up a clear picture about the interrelation of trademarks and domain names. In general, domains that have no trademark significance can be acquired by the entity who registered them first. Continuous use of this non-trademarked name will allow the holder to build a reputation on the name. When the situation is between to legitimate companies who have a right to the name then, as with the stipulation of most laws in most countries, the first person who registers will get the domain. However, a registrant to a domain that is also a subject of a trademark and who does not have any entitlements is going to be forbidden based on the laws of most countries. For more information please visit http:// dolphinformations. co. uk.

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Be prepared when you apply for a credit card

Getting and having a credit card can be a beneficial thing for most people. You will have a big advantage when you have a credit card. A credit card can be especially useful when you want to purchase items remotely. Think how much easier it is to make purchases online, and reserve plane fare or hotel rooms over the phone when you have a credit card. It can also come in handy when you just don’t happen to have cash when you decide to make a purchase. However, there is a flip side to having a credit card! A credit card can cause several problems if you don’t watch your spending habits closely.

When you get and use a credit card, you should recognize that you have taken on a big responsibility with some very serious consequences. Following the simple tips below can keep you out of trouble when using your credit card and allow you to enjoy all benefits: 1. A charge on your credit card is the same as taking out a mini loan! Keep track and make sure you don’t overcharge on your credit card, as you have to be able to pay back all whatever amount you have borrowed. 2. Watch the balance on your credit card and keep a record of the balance from month to month. Keeping track of what you have already spent will help you make the decision of whether you can use your credit card for any additional purchases. Even the small $5 purchases you make here and there can add up on a credit card if you don’t watch out…and then the interest will also add to your balance owed. 3. Keep your credit card receipts until the end of the month and compare them to your monthly credit card statement. This practice will allow you to catch any incorrect charges, or sometimes you may catch a purchase you never made! If you do find discrepancies between your receipts and your statement, call your credit card company right away. 4. Neither a lender nor a borrower be! That is a good motto when it comes to your credit card or credit card number. Don’t give these out to anyone! Even though you may trust your family and closest friends, you cannot keep track of purchases you are not making. 5. Make it your habit never to charge more than you can pay back. When you do charge more and don’t pay it back, it can hurt your credit rating and will affect your future chances of getting credit approval. This can include important purchases you may make in the future, like car loans, home mortgages and other kinds of loans. 6. Pay your bills on time! When you pay on time, you will save on accruing interest and extremely high finance charges for late payments. If you miss a payment, finance charges and interest just keep adding up, making your balance get higher and higher. 7. Try to pay all of your credit card balance in full each and every month. Put credit card payments into your monthly budget, and don’t purchase more than that allotment each month. 8. Remember you are responsible for $50 of any unauthorized charges on your credit cards. 9. Keep your credit card for new purchases only. Don’t pay off other household bills with your credit card. This will inevitably lead to more charging and higher balances.

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Citibank s citi simplicity card now you can avoid late fees

Citibank recently launched a new credit card that takes away an important sting felt by many consumers: late fees. In an unusual move, the bank is now offering consumers “permanent forgiveness” for late payments and will no longer assess the customary $39 late fee when a payment arrives after the due date. While the offer sounds great on surface, if you dig a little deeper you will soon learn that there are some things about the new Citi Simplicity card that can cost you more money in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at what this credit card issuer is really offering with its new card. The Problem Consumer advocates have long cried foul when it has come to credit card late fees and penalties. Not only would you be assessed a one time late fee ranging from $29 to $39 if your payment arrived late, but your interest rate could be permanently increased to the default rate, typically as high as 29% annually. This “double whammy” further made it difficult for you, the credit card holder, to ever pay down debt. Citibank’s Solution In a bold marketing move, Citibank – one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the world – came up with its Citi Simplicity card in response to criticism levied by consumer advocates at the industry and at the bank personally. The new card, with no annual fee and no late fees, is designed for card holders who have been bitten by the late fee bug. No longer will you, as a card holder, have to worry if the check you sent off just before the payment due date arrived on time. With the Citi Simplicity card, a late arriving payment will be credited and no late fee assessed. Taking a Closer Look Within Citibank’s offer are a few things that you should understand before you make the switch: 1. A late fee will not be charged to your account, but your interest rate may surge to the default rate. The default rate, in this case, can be as high as 29%! That’s bad news for you especially if you had a fixed low rate previously. 2. You could also get a false sense of security by incorrectly believing that paying late regularly doesn’t harm you in some other ways. For instance, consistently forwarded late payments can become part of your credit report, thereby negatively affecting your ability to purchase a car or a home down the road at a favorable interest rate. Important to note, a higher interest rate can add thousands of dollars to the purchase of a new home. 3. Finally, Citibank will waive the late fee only if you promise to continue to use the card. This is bad news for you especially if you are trying to reduce your balance each month without having to purchase something new, which simply adds to your balance. In all, the Citi Simplicity card has much more to it than what meets the eye. For some people, the new card is a welcome change especially if you are one who pays off his balance in full each month. If you aren’t, the Citi Simplicity card may cost you much more in the long run. Should you fall into this second category, it would be better for you to keep your existing card or shop for a new card with other features and more favorable requirements. Copyright 2006 Ed Vegliante.

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Searching for a low interest credit card

These days, people need to very carefully consider what type of credit card they will carry in their wallets. There are so many options out there, and each individual has different needs. Some of us tend to carry a balance, so we need a low interest credit card. Others pay off their card each month and so don't pay any interest. They are more concerned with having a credit card that has no annual fee. These days, with so much competition between credit card companies, you can get so much more. You can get 0% introductory APRs, free balance transfers, and a whole host of exciting credit card rewards: travel, shopping, even points toward college tuition! You get credit card offers in the mail every day. And you do need to make sure that you are using the credit card that is best for you. Instead of sifting through all those credit card offers in the mail, why not go online and check out the incredible offerings of credit card reward programs? In addition to getting the best credit card for you, as well as any perks that come with the card, you will earn a cash reward, just for signing up for your favorite low interest credit card online! Credit card reward programs allow you to easily view and compare all of the best deals that the major, top of the line companies have to offer. And, when you decide to complete an application, you will receive a cash reward or free merchandise through the reward programs! You see, in exchange for connecting consumers to opportunities to do business with them, credit car companies pay their affiliates a commission. Credit card rewards programs pass most of those commissions on to you. In return, you might enjoy the great deals offered by the rewards program on a regular basis and you may just refer your friends! The bottom line is that with credit card rewards programs you get the best low interest credit card for your needs, a generous cash reward, as well as opportunities to get free merchandise, other cash bonuses and really spectacular discounts and bargains. The process is really very simple. You create an account with a rewards program, and in most cases you'll also get a cash bonus just for signing up. That's in addition to the cash reward you get for filling out a credit card application. Once enrolled with the rewards program, you will be able to browse the excellent deals available from well-established credit card companies. As you do so, note the cash reward you will receive as an incentive for signing up. When you make your choice, simply apply online. When you receive your credit card, the rewards program will credit your account for the amount of the cash reward. You can redeem your cash reward or free merchandise by simply verifying your reward program account (usually by phone). Soon you will receive your cash bonus or free merchandise and enjoy your new low interest credit card! You can learn more about getting credit card rewards at our credit card rewards section: http://1st-in-rewards. com/credit-card-rewards. html

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How to increase your sales with audio

Audio increases your sales. Point blank. Period. Recent studies claim that audio can increase your sales up to 300%. Independent studies by Terry Telford, from The Business Professional, have shown sales increases of 163% on one website and 79% on another. Both tests were run over a 3 week period. Regardless of your expectations for adding audio to your website, it won’t hurt your response rate for whatever you are selling or giving away. In most cases it will increase it. One possible reason for the increase in visitor response is the human factor. We’re social animals and like to interact with each other on a personal basis. Audio on your website is similar to picking up the telephone and talking to the person “live.” There’s something about hearing another human’s voice that instils a certain level of trust, even if it is a very small amount. It brings us that one little step closer to each other. The next question in your mind should be, “How do I get audio on my website?” You’ve got several choices; the majority are covered in The Definitive Audio Report. You can download the report for free from http:// thebusinessprofessional. com/theaudioreport. htm Very briefly, audio comes in two flavours. You’ve got the vanilla download or streaming strawberry. The download version is very simple to configure. You upload your MP3 file onto your website and point a URL at it, like http:// thebusinessprofessional. com/mp3files/webintro. mp3 When you click on the link, it automatically opens the audio player on your computer and you hear the recording. The alternative to downloadable audio, is streaming. Streaming is useful if you want your visitors to listen to your audio without the ability or need to download it. Setting up streaming audio is a bit more complex than the download version, but offers your audio a more secure environment since visitors can’t download it. To set up streaming audio, you need an MP3 file and software that can hide the actual location of your file. The software also needs to create Flash buttons for you so your visitors can push a button to listen to the audio. The simplest software I’ve used to stream audio is Sonic Memo, from Jay Jennings. It takes all of 5 minutes to set up the software and then you can create unlimited streams on your website in 30 seconds flat. You can get more information about Sonic Memo from the info sheet at http:// thebusinessprofessional. com/sonic. htm Whether you choose the download or streaming option to add audio to your website, the bottom line is the same. You add a touch of humanity to an otherwise cold computer screen and you increase your response rates. It’s worth a listen.

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What is ram

RAM is a moniker for Random Access Memory. It acts as a short-term memory much like the human brain to store a wealth of information. The RAM is accessible through the computer's brain called the CPU which stands for Central Processing Unit. RAM has the capability of being retrieved only while a computer is on. When the computer is turned off the RAM is no longer accessible. ROM chips along with BIOS (computer boot firmware) allows the RAM information to be retrievable when the computer is rebooted. RAM size and Location on the Computer System Most computers come equipped with 256 million bytes of RAM already on the computer. Additional RAM can be placed within the system. However, there is usually a limitation placed upon just how much RAM can be added to a computer system. RAM is not random as its name would lead one to believe. The RAM is highly controlled and the storage can be directly ascertained. There is a decisive method that RAM utilizes to make its memory available to certain areas of the computer system. Forms for RAM RAM is what is known as discrete microchips which means that it is separate. An additional form of RAM is modules which attach into outlets in the motherboard of the computer. A network of electrical pathways to the processor allows the connection to spark for the RAM. Why is RAM Important RAM serves the very important function of retrieving information that must be accessed in a quick manner. This operation is very similar to the human brain's function in retrieving necessary facts from short term memory. Open files and the utilization of applications on a computer systems requires the assistance of RAM. Users that play alot of video games with detailed graphics or keep alot of folders open while on their computer, will need the use of additional RAM. This will allow them to better access the information they need when the time comes. RAM is held onto a limited time, but it allows the information to come up quickly and without much fuss on the part of the computer user.

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An apple on your head relationship physics

Attempts to describe the differences and similarities of men and women have been made by philosophers, church leaders, and day-time TV. All have failed. Our ancestors lived in trees, then we evolved. Sort of. After centuries of development men still tend to hunt and gather. Men still consider their role to be the provider, to bring home the clubbed furry thing for lunch. Do women still select their mate for his physical prowess? "Him big, make good hunter." Women still tend to nurture and play their supportive role in our homes made of sticks and stone. It is women who have this unique ability to bear more hunters. It is women who still prepare the dead furry thing by combining it with organic matter plucked form the earth. Do men select their women based on physical child bearing attributes? "Big things, make good mother." Anthropologists have offered indisputable scientific proof that men and women are different, and have evolved according to some kind of physical law and cultural rule. They tell us men and women have behaved much the same since the beginning. So by now we should have it all figured out. Men and women should live in their cave and form a bond, based on their primitive need to please the other and to protect their symbiotic relationship. If it were so, then how do we account for the divorce rate? How do we account for the thousands of unhappy marriages? Sir Isaac Newton, a 17th Century scientist, might explain it using his laws of physics. 1. "An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." Soccer mom drives the SUV from field to field and will continue to do so unless she is interrupted by a stationary object called a post. Cooking and cleaning mom tends to continue cooking and cleaning unless she has to rush to aerobics class, or pick up the kids. Working man tends to stay at work unless he is interrupted with a request to show up before the diner is cold, and bring home a loaf of bread. TV man tends to stay at rest unless the game is over and has to use the sandbox, or is out of beer, or both. 2. "The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object." Most people think of this as dropping bricks and feathers from tall buildings. It's really a reference to the relationship habits of man and woman. See, back in the 17th century, and anthropologists will agree, women were considered to be objects, and men were the force. If you read the 2nd law again it would be: She moves faster to her mother or to her lover when he pushes her harder. Or, he pushes her by doing nothing at all, especially around the house on weekends when he claims that he needs to rest so he can continue to work and earn money so she can have the SUV to take the kids to soccer and ballet and swimming and rush home to cook and finish the laundry and be ready for sex when he is finished playing on the computer and gets an erection. 3. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This simple writer firmly believes and affirms that Sir Isaac's third law explains just about every relationship thing between man and woman. This physics law, this law of nature, this universal man-woman law, explains what is going to happen to him when he forgets her birthday. It also explains why she get's him exactly the right colour cover for his golf clubs, or the right size shirt with the button down collar that goes with his pants that she gave him last month. The third law also explains why she reacts the way she does when he brings her flowers. Or phones her when he will be late. Or doesn't forget her birthday. Or takes her to dinner, or takes the kids to soccer so she can have a rest. Or gives her a hug. Or stops what he is doing, or not doing, and simply listens to her. Or says, "I love you" and means it.

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Periodization training for golf

The idea of periodization has been around a very long time for athletes at all levels. The concept is simple. If you started with the goal in mind, let's say it was to win the Club Championship or place in the top 3 in your next Amateur event, then you would plan accordingly. Generally, an annual plan is used, although it is not uncommon to use longer periods of time especially when working with a younger developing athlete. Periodization occurs when you break down all of the segments into actual manageable parts, always keeping the long term goal in mind. Your master plan may be broken down into which phase you are in, for example, are you in your competitive stage or pre-competitive stage? This information is then used to determine which strategies offer the most benefit at any given point in time. If you use a holistic approach to golf improvement, then you also periodize each important component as in the physical, mental, technical and strategic side. While this many sound like a lot of information to track, this is the very point of periodization. Breaking down all of the important parts into simple tasks you can complete daily and/or weekly which fit comfortably and naturally into achieving your long term goal.

What is the real payoff for you? Well, just like the pros, when you prepare in this manner you leave nothing to chance. You have less margin for error and a higher probability of meeting or succeeding your goals. To give you an idea of how to periodize a program for golf, first consider your competitive season, then employ the following ideas. Phase 1 - Restoring optimal flexibility or range of motion in hips, spine and shoulders. Phase 2 - Choose adaptation exercises where the main objective is to involve many muscle groups while preparing joints, tendons and ligaments for the work ahead. Build a solid base of support through stabilization exercises. Phase 3 - Build strength. Consider increasing your loads, time under tension and create an opportunity for increased force production.

Phase 4 - Power production. Not you can convert all of your previous efforts to completion of the process where all energy is stored and transferred in efficient movement patterns for the benefit of your golf swing. Phase 5 - Active recovery and rest. Don't forget that every body needs a recovery period so it can maintain gains made throughout the year while protecting the body from injury.

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Close kept secrets to weight loss lesson 21

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #21 You deserve everything that is wonderful! Do you know how extraordinary you are? Let’s spend a few moments writing about you and defining the relationship you desire with yourself. Let me give you an example that I use for myself: Tami’s Life I am spiritually minded I am financially responsible to me [the family.] I am free to be me. I respect myself. I exercise each day. I meditate each day. I express gratitude each day. I laugh…..wet your pants laughter….each day. I use affirmations each day. I use RET and EFT each day. I have tons of fun. I eat nutritious food each day. I take fun vacations. I play each day. I shake my booty…..WAHOO! I forgive myself and others. I do deserve everything that is wonderful. I say I’m sorry and make it right with others when I’m disconnected from God. Now you write down the relationship you have with yourself. Remember to express as if it is already occurring. Act as if. You can use some or all of what I wrote or create your own. Remember love is a verb so when you say you love yourself, what action steps do you take to show that you indeed love yourself. What do you do each day for yourself? Believing and receiving what you deserve is still the #1 issue that my clients all have at their core. When you have “I don’t deserve” at your core, you will sabotage things that are wonderful that come into your life. Sabotage is very powerful and you don’t even recognize that’s what you’re doing. It becomes such a pattern of behavior that is difficult to change. As I’m dating, I have had this come up for me. It took a wonderful man to help me work through it. For you see I had been the giver in my former marriage and didn’t know how to receive. I had learned “I don’t deserve” in childhood. Thus, it had carried over into my adulthood. Can you relate to this? I’m much better at receiving but that has taken daily work. Yes, I have to do energy work and the daily activities I describe because I have stuff that comes up. There are times when I have to amp it up like during this dating process. I have a great energy session focused on sabotage. I have done this session with clients and it is very powerful. You get the release you need and we discuss a daily plan to focus on your goals and transform your life. You also get to be part of my weekly support calls to help you. This is intended to get to the root of your overeating habits. Do you think you have “I don’t deserve” at your core? If you say yes, I’ve got the answers for you. Check out my website at http:// tamiclose. com and you can take part in an energy session. You might also want to check out http:// closekeptsecrets. com where you can hear a recorded message of my voice. This website is focused on the Isagenix products that I use as part of my weight loss program. Now, ready to have some fun? Repeat after me. I put everyone before me. I like being last. I like struggling. I like disappointments. I like having no control over my life. I like feeling frustrated. Now, was that really fun to repeat those phrases? I don’t think so. These are some of the emotions that are underneath your weight. Don’t you think it’s time to clear them to become all you can be? Make a commitment to yourself and give me ONE HOUR; you’ll see a huge difference. Now let’s repeat the following with excitement and enthusiasm. Jump up and down and really get that booty moving and shake it all over. I do deserve! I do deserve! I do deserve! I do deserve! I do deserve! I do deserve! I do deserve! I do deserve! Feeling great, aren’t you? You were born to deserve everything that is wonderful. Remember this. It is your birthright. God wants it for you. He’s been very patient in waiting for you to get it. Aren’t you ready to please Him? ONE HOUR—think about it!! Love and hugs, Tami http:// tamiclose. com http:// closekeptsecrets. com

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Real muscle real fast

Adding muscle seems to be a mystery to most, yet if you pick up a copy of any fitness or bodybuilding magazine and you’ll almost always see a headline like this: “Gain 15 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks.” If it were so easy you’d have millions of muscle-heads running around. Even though building muscle tissue can be a challenge, I’m going to outline some very specific principles that can pack on the muscle faster than you can throw away that copy of “Muscle and Fiction”! Before we get started though I want to clarify a few points. The ridiculous claims made by most fitness and bodybuilding magazines are only there to get you to buy that issue – nothing more! If you are serious about strength training you need to be reading books and NOT cheesy fitness magazines Ok… here we go. In order to add muscle tissue you must force the body to add it. Your body won’t just add a pound of muscle just because you followed a 3-set workout that you read about in Muscle + Fitness. You need to give the body a reason to make improvements – in this case add muscle tissue. You have to provide what I call a “stimulus”. This can be done in many ways and I’ll address a few in just a moment. Basically, you need to force the body to add muscle by subjecting it to levels of stress it is not used to. Some methods are more obvious than others but all can work. Here are a few examples of how this can be done effectively. First, the basic and common methods: Increase weight or resistance Perform more repetitions Perform more sets Move the resistance slower Rest less between sets and exercises Now for the more advanced methods: Pre-exhaust (perform an isolation exercise first and immediately continue with no rest on a compound movement. ex. chest flye and then chest press) Static holds (hold the resistance in the hardest position of the range of motion. ex. the top position during a leg extension) Partial reps in weak range (perform a portion of the rep where you are weakest. ex. the top half of a rep of leg extensions) Strip-set (after a warm-up set, perform 3 sets back to back with no rest while starting with the heaviest weight possible and each time strip off some weight to allow you to continue) 1 Ѕ reps (perform one full rep and then on the second rep only perform half the normal range of motion and then return to starting position to begin the next rep. ex. one full rep of lat pulldowns, pull second rep all the way down, resist weight back up but only half way and then pull back down) These are just a few examples of methods of increasing intensity to ensure progress. The key point to remember is that whatever you do it must be progressive in order for it to elicit a physical change. This is even more critical for those looking to add muscle size. Although this article is geared towards individuals who are interested in gaining muscle size, the principles can also be used for individuals who want to build strength, increase metabolism, or tighten and tone muscles. Here are some general recommendations for different goals… If your goal is to tighten and tone muscles: Focus on increasing reps, decreasing rest, and changing exercises frequently Train each muscle group twice per week Perform fewer sets of many different exercises (1-2 sets per exercise) If your goal is to increase strength and power: Focus on increasing weight Train each muscle group once every 7-10 days Perform multiple sets of each exercise (2-5 sets per exercise) If your goal is to increase muscle size: Focus on shocking muscles by changing variables frequently (exercises, set and rep schemes, rest time, etc) Train each muscle group on a variable schedule (experiment by training a muscle group 3 times a week and then once every ten days) Perform multiple sets for a while and the perform single sets for a week or two Some final reminders: The recommendations above are general and of course would need to be adapted and adjusted for your personal goals and experience. For those of you who are advanced and may be thinking there’s no way you can build strength by training once every 10 days I challenge you to try it for at least 4 weeks, or those of you who think that you need to stick to the same basic movements like bench to build size I challenge you to try shocking the muscles by changing the exercises you perform each week for 4 weeks, and those of you with little experience I hope that you’ll throw away the fitness magazines and learn what really works. There are some great books on these subjects and for those of you who are serious about strength training I personally recommend you check out the books “APEX” and “No Turning Back” by Brian Johnston. You can find them online at iart. com If you have any questions about the techniques described in this article please feel free to contact me. You can email me at jesse@achieve-fitness. com I wish you the best!

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Cause of primary pulmonary hypertension

It is strange but true that the exact Cause of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension is yet to be ascertained. However, researchers in this regard suggest that certain diet drugs (appetite suppressants) can make a person more prone to developing this fatal condition. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension is basically a disorder of the blood vessels wherein the pressure in the pulmonary artery rises above normal levels, thereby posing a life-threatening risk. Several diseases or causative factors, largely unknown, may lead to the malfunctioning denoted by the term Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. Research done in recent times point out that A mutation in the gene denoted BMPR2 Causes Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.

Researchers have sensed that other genes may also possibly lead to causing Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. It is also probable that other genes can contribute to the development of the disease in people, together with the known mutation of the BMPR2 gene. The disease is thereby inheritable via genes. Most cases of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension are, however, found to be not inherited as a result of traits in genes. Cirrhosis of THE liver, stimulant abuse and H. I.V. infection are often closely associated with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, though no cause of the disease has been specifically delineated. Conclusive evidence has, however, been found regarding a direct correlation between the usage of appetite suppressants (diet drugs) and the risk of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. The names of Pondimin and Redux, commonly known as Fen Phen, are important in this regard.

These drugs were recommended by hospitals and health centers from the 1970s to late 1990s. The manufacturers and the people prescribing it (doctors and the like) did not have the necessary diligence to discover the severe risk involved in using the drugs. Their ignorance has, thus, been the cause of thousands of people either suffering from the disease or potentially at risk to fall prey to the deadly condition.

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Cleaning trends and tips from the pros

According to a recent survey, spring-cleaning is not just done during March or April. More than 50 percent of those who responded to a recent cleaning trends survey conducted by Levolor Window Fashions said spring-cleaning can be-and is-done all year long. The survey also discovered that quite a few people will happily pay someone else to spring-clean their homes. The job is so resented that 33 percent of respondents say they are willing to pay someone else $50 to $100 to do it for them. Cleaning window treatments is a very unpopular part of the job. More than 30 percent said this is their least favorite cleaning job. If you are among the 30 percent of people who don't like cleaning their window treatments, here are some tips to help make the job easier: • If you don't have a brush attachment to clean blinds, try wearing a pair of cotton mittens or socks and running them over your blinds. • By tilting slats down on window blinds, but not closing, you'll be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat. • Cellular shades can be cleaned with a feather duster. • Faux wood blinds can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. • Make sure to test a small area when using water and detergent to clean fabric shades. Choose a spot that is not in main view. • Wipe your blinds with a sheet of fabric softener after you've cleaned them. This will help prevent dust buildup for the next cleaning. Your hard work will pay off when your blinds are dust-free and allergen-free and refreshed for another year.

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Tips for buying a new mattress

If you wake up each morning feeling more tired and sore than you felt when you went to sleep the night before, the culprit may be your mattress. A bad mattress can really take a toll on your health. Before you buy a new mattress, though, you may want to consider a few of these mattress buying tips. After all, a new mattress can be just as uncomfortable to sleep on as your old mattress if it is too soft or too hard. 1. Size matters – If you wake up clutching at the edge of your full size mattress because the kids have climbed into bed with you again and are lying sideways, then you may want to consider looking at larger beds. However, if you’ve never had a king size bed, you will want to be sure you have enough room for one. One way to do this is to grab two of your children’s twin size mattresses and place them side by side in the area where you want to position your king size mattress. Since a king size mattress is exactly the size of two twin size mattresses, doing this allows you to really see how much room that big bed will take up. 2. Remember Goldilocks – Some mattresses really are too hard or too soft. If your partner likes soft, cushiony mattresses while you’d prefer to sleep on very firm mattresses, you may want to take a close look at mattresses that allow you to adjust the firmness. For couples that just don’t have money in the budget for high tech mattresses, a good compromise is to buy a very firm mattress and place a piece of padding on one side. 3. Don’t judge a mattress by its cover – While a quilted, plushy mattress cover feels and looks nice, it is what is actually under that cover that matters. Ask the mattress salesperson to show you a model of the interior of the mattress. There should be a strong interior structure. Look for sturdy springs and a stuffing material that can spring back instead of permanently compacting. Finally, once you decide on a mattress, don’t forget to ask about special offers. Some mattress stores will deliver the new mattress and set up your bed for free, and some even take your old mattress away for you. Other offers to look for are a free bed frame or a discounted price on bedroom furniture sets with the purchase of a new mattress.

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Investing vs trading who cares anyway

The mutual fund industry requires customers that buy their funds and never sell them. So naturally, they disseminate a lot of editorial decrying any trading, market-timing or re-allocating that includes selling their mutual funds. This non-selling concept gets more ridiculous and hypocritical every year as scandals continue to trickle into the news regarding brokerage firm and mutual fund behavior. It turns out that the professionals running the mutual funds do a lot of trading, market-timing and re-allocating everyday, but somehow if you do this on your own, you’ll ruin your portfolio. Since an unfortunate vestige of mutual fund sales material is: “you need to invest for the long-term.” and “That it is OK if your investments are going down because these are long-term investments.

” These phrases and beliefs destroy portfolios and compounded returns. To me, investing is simply day-trading in slow motion. In my view, when people don’t have an investing plan they use the excuse, “I’m investing for the long-term.” But, I find that all the successful trading rules that apply to a professional currency trader with a leveraged $250 million position also apply to someone with $25 in a mutual fund. If the mutual fund owner calls it investing, he thinks he is immune from all the decision-making required of all ownership; ignoring the fact that every structure require maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at maintenance; look at a home – everything but the dirt needs to be maintained. Time, weather, and events take their toll on the floors, appliances, roof, windows, landscaping, etc. The same rules apply to owning a rental home. And the same rules apply to owning a strip mall, or an airport or manufacturing plant. The same rules actually apply to every business; the building, the equipment, the employees, the vehicles, the marketing plan, the product design, and the websites.

Now if investing or trading is a business (or you are trading or investing in businesses) what makes you think your portfolio doesn’t need to be maintained just like everything else? I am here to tell you that it does need to be maintained. In spite of long-term investing theories and cautions from your stockbroker or magazine headlines, most of the time you spend on investing would be considered maintenance. How I define maintenance is continued review, evaluation, and action in alignment with your investing goals. Now the maintenance that they need is continual review. Is it meeting your expectations? Maintenance means information review: changes to your market view, interest rates, inflation, recession, the industry, a new federal law, an inter-country trade dispute, etc. Maintenance also means portfolio review. For example, , if a run up in real estate has unbalanced your portfolio, you may want to sell off weaker real estate holdings or, instead, sell off the strongest real estate holdings if the market prices are starting to fall back.

Maintenance is also the mechanics of setting up alerts if a stock has fallen too far and you want to place a stop-loss order to get out, or an alert for a profit target that is about to be reached. Maintenance could simply be a monthly review to evaluate whether the stock is still above its 200-day moving average price. Whatever the manner you want to address investment and portfolio maintenance, you need to start building your own trading rules, checklists for what to do before you enter a trade, and what could possibly trigger your exit of a position. Keep a journal to see how your rules are growing your account to notice which of them needs to be changed, eliminated, or updated. All of this is the maintenance required for the $25 mutual fund investment – so that it doesn’t become a $0.25 investment from neglect. To the axiom: “A fool and his money are soon parted”, I would add this corollary: “An amateur investor and his long-term investments are soon parted.

” Amateur investors that are not willing to perform the ongoing duties required to grow their investments rarely perform well. While a professional trader who carefully analyzes and executes his trading rules can count on the continued successful growth of their portfolio.

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