Acne does sunshine improve it

Acne and treatments- Acne has many treatments. Being a very common problem, people have found their own ways of treating acne. Some of them don’t cure acne but may further damage the skin. Many of us believe that acne can be treated by getting exposed to sun, but is it true? Let us find out the truth. Acne - causes Once we know about what causes acne, we can find out if sunshine affects any of them. The causes of acne are very simple. Because of hormonal changes and sometime pressure or chemicals, body produces more sebum. The gland keeps on producing sebum, but the gland opening gets closed with dead skin. This makes the gland expand like a balloon. The bacteria P. acnes infects the gland and inflames it. This gland forms the acne. If the infection is not severe you will call it black head or white heads, otherwise pimples, cystic acne etc. Acne - treatments- Every acne treatment tries to address one or more of the causes of acne formation. Sunlight does not address any of the causes. What it does is to either burn the skin or tan it. With tanned look, acne looks less apparent and we believe that it is going away. But that is not true. Rather sun damages the skin and may cause early wrinkles, aging and even cancer. Please consult your doctor about acne treatment and stop believing that sun can cure it. This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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Tips on dealing with auto fraud

The auto industry and their dealers are rife with scams and fraud and the potential buyer needs to be armed with the knowledge of how these scams work and how to avoid them. There are many dealers that run reputable businesses and can get buyers into a vehicle without using fraudulent means, but there are always those individuals or companies that are looking for ways to take consumers for a ride. The state of California, San Diego and Los Angeles in southern California in particular, is home to many of these scam artists. Even smaller states like Oklahoma have their share of fraud cases and attorneys there are as busy as lawyers in the larger California market. If you are fortunate, you won't be a victim of one of these disreputable dealers, but it is wise to be aware of potential scams before you head to the dealer. Here are some tips on dealing with auto fraud. People with bad credit are often the victim of fraud at dealerships. They are easy prey, often due to the fact that they believe they cannot get financing.

The worst offenses usually occur in the finance office, where the potential buyer often lets their guard down. One way to lessen the chance of being scammed is to show up with no trade and to have your financing done through your bank, with a bank draft in hand. One of the most common frauds committed by car dealers and one that attorneys see frequently brought to them is the advertising fee scam. Dealers slip into the contract an advertising fee. Often times the advertising fee is on the factory invoice. Dealers add in a second advertising "fee" which becomes pure profit for them. The way to avoid it is to simply ask that it be taken off the contract. If the dealer tells you that the factory doesn't charge them an advertising fee, have them show you the invoice. If there is no fee on the invoice, which is unlikely, it is okay for the dealer to charge between 1% and 3% of the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price or MSRP for an advertising fee. If it does not appear on the invoice, then the fee is completely negotiable.

If it does appear on the invoice, then that is a case of dealer cost and is not negotiable. If you feel you are the victim of auto fraud, the best way of dealing with it is to contact a lawyer and learn what your options and rights are. If you have a good case, a lawyer will have no problem presenting your grievance to the court.

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Panama quality and cost of living

Introduction - Mercer Human Resource Consulting has released their 2007 findings. These are surveys which rate cities according to certain criteria they elect to use. They use New York City as a baseline with a rating of 100 for their surveys. Cities coming in under that are worse and over that are better. Mercer is a well-respected source of this information. Panama Standings for Quality of Living - Mercer uses 39 criteria to determine quality of living. These criteria include social, economic, crime, police, banking, currency and related controls, censorship by the government, personal freedoms, medical facilities, doctors and pharmacies, education, transportation, public services, weather, climate, and other criteria. It is not based on the number of bars, restaurants, ballparks etc although these are factors in the equation. It is not a surprise that Baghdad is the worst city in this survey with a score of 14.5. Zurich hit the number one spot for quality of life with a score of 108.1 and Geneva comes in close with a score of 108. Vancouver and Vienna follow with a score of 107 tied for third place.

Panama comes in with a score of 82.9 situating it in 92nd place. So mercer feels that there are 91 better cities to live in. For a frame of reference Budapest came in with a score of 90.2 giving is 74th place. Detroit came in 64th place with a score of 96.1. Pittsburg came in with a score of 99.7 giving it 52nd place. The craziest thing yet is Los Angeles, which came in with a score of 98.3 giving it 55th place. Detroit, Los Angeles is extremely dangerous place. Their homicide and violent crime rates are through the roof. In certain sections of Los Angeles the police go on calls in groups of four squad cars. They have awful smog. Their cost of living is insane with many homes selling for over three million dollars. Their traffic jams are world class. Their public schools are beyond bad, they are not safe. They have police with metal detectors in their schools. Then we can get into drug addiction, gang violence, and on the list grows. How in the world could this be a nice place to live beats me. So what is Mercer thinking anyway? Panama Cost of Living - Panama has not made it into the top fifty most expensive cities to live in. In 2007 Panama ranked 124 out of 143, which is fairly low. San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were the most expensive cities in Latin America with positions 62 and 63. Asuncion Paraguay continues to hold place 143 as the cheapest place to live. Following closely is Buenos Aires in position 139, Montevideo Uruguay in position 140 and Quito Ecuador in position 141. Mercer does this survey using 200 different criteria such as cost of husing, food, medical, transportation and so forth. Discussion - Panama is going through a housing boom. Most of the new homes are not yet completed or occupied. This would mean they are not yet included into the study. If one puts a deposit on a home paying $3500 a sq. meter this is not a completed transaction and thus would not be included in any statistics concerning real estate prices which are based on actual sales, not based on deposits. When these new projects get certificates of occupancy then we will see the cost of living spike up sharply. Housing is the largest expenditure one generally makes. This will then rack Panama up there in the cost of living index.

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Paid survey an overview

: A survey is an effective tool to gather opinions or receive more information about a certain product, service or just basic information about a group of people. For example, a company can conduct a survey to gain a better profile of their customers - their gender, age, occupation, incomes and so on. Most surveys take from 5 to 15 minuets to take. Another example is the common surveys for usability of certain products - in this case, customers are asked questions about the product that will help the company to improve it. Government & Agencies… In certain occasions, the government or another agency will perform a survey in order to receive the opinion of the nation about specific question. Surveys can also be performed by statistic agencies to gather statistic data (when there are elections coming for example).

A common way of gathering people's opinion nowadays is the paid survey. In this case, people are paid to participate in a survey. The company who needs the information can conduct a paid survey or a third party that is doing it on behalf of different companies can conduct it. A paid survey can bring you extra income. Payments vary among different surveys - you can be paid from $10 to $200 for completing a single survey, or participating in an online focus group. In general, the remuneration depends on the survey type and its length. If we assume you complete five paid surveys per month of an average of $50 you can see that you have made $250 quite easily. Well, if you're like me, it sounds interesting and tempting so far. Now you are asking yourself, how do I get into this paid survey thing? The quickest and easiest way is to search the internet.

You will quickly find hundreds of web sites offering paid surveys. However, do not jump at the first offer. Check each site carefully to see if it is genuine. Unfortunately, there are many fake companies offering paid surveys and later you may discover that there are no payments at all. You should first look if the site looks credible, if it shows a contact address and phone number, are there testimonials from other people participating in their program. Some sites may ask you to pay a set up fee upon registration. It is an application fee for your enrolment in the site's database.

It may sound fair enough for you however, this is the easiest way to be fooled - they can just take the money and forget about sending you surveys. Find discussion groups or forums dedicated to paid surveys - you will not only find the best sites for paid surveys but you will see peoples recommendations and suggestions about how to make the most out of this opportunity. Finally be very careful to whom you are disclosing your personal information. While some paid surveys are genuine and conducted with research purposes, others might be used for unsolicited mail shots or email spam. Call the web site and ask for explanation what kind of personal information you will have to disclose and how it will be used. Come back to check out some of the post that are going to be added to this site. There will be many reviews for sites that have great offers but be care full in which ones you choose.

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Get pr off the bench

Please feel free to publish this article and resource box in your ezine, newsletter, offline publication or website. A copy would be appreciated at bobkelly@TNI. net. Word count is 895 including guidelines and resource box. Robert A. Kelly © 2003. Get PR Off the Bench Something that results in your most important outside audiences doing what you need them to do should not be warming the bench. But that’s exactly what’s happening at organizations that allow their public relations people to play games with tactics like newsletters, press releases and brochures instead of aggressively pursuing the major benefits PR can provide. If this describes your public relations program, why not give real PR a chance, especially since you’re already paying for it? Tell your public relations counsel you want to see the plan for how s/he will take advantage of the fact that people act on their own perception of the facts before them leading to predictable behaviors about which something can be done. Ask her/him how aggressively s/he will create, change or reinforce those perceptions by reaching, persuading and moving-to-actions - you-desire those important external audience members whose behaviors really affect your organization? That’s the fundamental premise of public relations and you should be getting your share of that action. Fact is, this sequence can help you alter the perceptions, and thus behaviors of your most important external target audiences making achievement of your business objectives much easier. This is good news for managers like you because, when the behavioral changes become apparent, and meet your public relations program’s original behavior modification goal, your PR effort has succeeded. Done right, that’s when you’ll notice customers making repeat purchases; prospects starting to do business with you; community leaders seeking you out; businesses proposing beneficial joint ventures; and legislators and political leaders viewing you as an important member of the business community. And that key target audience is just for starters because other external audiences of importance to you can also be monitored for perceptions, behaviors and corrective communications as needed. Now, while there’s more than one way to peel an orange, here’s one high-impact, problem-solving sequence that can work for you. Start by listing your most important audiences whose behaviors affect your operation in any way. Rank them by how severely their behaviors impact you, and let’s work on the target audience at the top of your list. Of course you should be continually aware of how members of that key target audience view you by taking the opportunity to interact with folks who make up that audience, and ask questions. Have you heard of us? What do you think of our products or services? Listen carefully for signs of negativity and, when you hear them, probe a little deeper to find out details. Stay alert for inaccuracies, mistaken beliefs, rumors or misconceptions. The answers to your questions will quickly coalesce into your new public relations goal – i. e., the specific perception problem and, thus, behavior change you want. As examples, neutralize that hurtful rumor, clarify that untruth, turn around that misconception or correct an important but inaccurate number. As of this moment, you have a goal and no strategy. But, for perception and opinion purposes, there are three strategies sitting on the shelf ready to show you how to use your new PR goal. You can create perception/opinion where there may be none, change existing opinion, or reinforce it. Fortunately, your new public relations goal will indicate clearly which strategy should be used. The message you send to members of your key target audience is vitally important. After all, its mission is to alter people’s perceptions or beliefs which you hope will lead to behaviors that are more helpful to your organization. Clarity, believability and persuasiveness are the important ingredients of your message. It must present the truth credibly and, to the extent possible, make a compelling case. Now you trot out your “beasts of burden” – your communications tactics – to carry your message to members of your key target audience. And you have an embarassment of riches in this regard – consumer meetings, emails, press releases, facility tours, speeches, special events, brochures, radio and newspapers interviews, and many others. Progress – “Are we making any?” – will rear its head at this juncture. Best way to find out is to go back to members of your target audience and ask the same questions as before. Only the big difference now versus your first perception monitoring go-around is, you are now looking for signs that your message and your communications tactics have combined to alter perceptions, and thus behaviors in your direction. Should progress be too slow, you may need to use a broader selection of communications tactics as well as increasing their frequencies. Also, revisit your message to determine if your facts were persuasive, then adjust as needed. This is the way to Get PR Off the Bench and into your battle for the hearts and minds of your key target audiences. By altering perceptions and behaviors in this manner, you take a giant step towards achieving your business objectives. end

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Gear up for summer style with fabulous apparel jewelry and fragrances

Summer will be here before you know it, so it's time to start thinking about the fabulous apparel, jewelry, and fragrances that will make you shimmer. This season, it's all about the perfect glow - inside and out. For frolicking in the surf - or simply sunning poolside - bikinis are back, but with a twist. You still have time to get your body toned for the season, but when you're ready to shop, you'll find a variety of styles and prints that complements your figure. Look for variations on red, from petal pink to fire engine red to deep burgundy. Basic black is never out of style, but consider stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing colors and patterns. For example, UjENA bikinis incorporate prints ranging from stripes to bold florals to fanciful conversation hearts. If you're not quite ready for prime time, tankinis are still in fashion, but pass on the boy shorts. And don't forget your pareo or sarong for those trips to the beach club. After a day in the sun, you'll be ready for a night on the town. This season, cocktail dresses are always solids, but you can go beyond the all-purpose "little black dress." Coral tones will be hot again this year, and brown is the new black. As for style, go above the knee, but opt for cocktail dresses that reveal "something" rather than "everything." For inspiration, recall classic red carpet looks - a backless dress with a high collar, a plunging neckline with a full back - and go for one rather than both. A woman's allure comes from the aura of mystery that surrounds her. Remember to keep them guessing! Accessories will play a huge role this summer, with diamond jewelry once again taking center stage. When selecting your diamond jewelry, however, go one or two steps beyond sensible and on to memorable. Earrings, necklaces, and rings that pair diamonds with other precious or semi-precious gems make a statement. So look for diamonds and sapphires, diamonds and amethysts, or diamonds and topaz. A woman's style isn't complete without her signature scent, and summer is a wonderful time to try new designer fragrances. Give Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gio a whirl, or take a whiff of 24 Faubourg by Hermes. Chanel and Givenchy are classics, but try Ungaro or Max Azria for some fabulous fun. But even the highest fashion, the best jewelry, and the most sensuous designer fragrances can't hide parched skin. For a gorgeous summer glow, take advantage of the wonderful products that are available. Exfoliate regularly, use gentle cleansers, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The same goes for your hair. Your tresses get dried out in the summer sun, so make sure to regularly condition those locks. Beauty always comes from the inside out. During the summer, your body needs plenty of water and fresh foods to look its best. And don't forget to nourish your soul as well. Indulge in good friends, great books, or whatever replenishes your spirit. When you do, you'll know that your fabulous apparel, jewelry, and fragrances simply showcase your exquisite inner and outer beauty.

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Microsoft great plains dynamics on pervasive sql 2000 data repair overview for database administrator

Up to the version 7.5 Microsoft Great Plains, and if you are looking to version 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0 or 4.0 - then it was Great Plains Dynamics were available on Pervasive SQL.2000 or Btrieve. I am confident that majority of database administrators know how to do data repair via Transact SQL query if you are on Microsoft SQL Server 2000/7.0, but I would like to help these ones, who have to support Microsoft Great Plains on Pervasive SQL.2000 or Ctree. Some introduction into Great Plains Software products, now Microsoft Business Solutions. Microsoft Great Plains becomes more and more popular, partly because of Microsoft muscles behind it. Now it is targeted to the whole spectrum of horizontal and vertical market clientele. Small companies use Small Business Manager (which is based on the same technology – Great Plains Dexterity dictionary DYNAMICS.

DIC and runtime DYNAMICS. EXE), Great Plains Standard on MSDE is for small to midsize clients, and then Great Plains serves the rest of the market up to big corporations. If you are database administrator who is supporting the version on Pervasive SQL.2000/Ctree – read this and you will have the clues on where to look further. 1. Microsoft Great Plains Tables Structure – Launch Great Plains and go to Tools->Resource Description->Tables. Find the table in the proper series. If you are looking for the customers – it should be RM00101 – customer master file, account master file - GL00101, Sales Header Work file - SOP10200 - and you got the idea. 2. Use Microsoft Access. Lunch Microsoft Access and make a link to Microsoft Great Plains tables. This will allow you to do data modification/repair. Some people are trying to use Pervasive control center - we do not recommend this - MS Access does job better. 3. Locked batch repair – unlocking the batch, which was interrupted in posting. The tables: SYoo500 - batch header - you need to change Batch Status or Marked for Posting field 4. Activity table - If you have user locked in Great Plains - just ask all the other users exit and delete ACTIVITY. BTR (Pervasive) or ACTIVITY. DAT (Ctree) 5. Crystal Report link to Pervasive/Ctree - you have to install Pervasive SQL ODBC driver from Great Plains Dynamics CD. This will allow you to deploy ODBC connection to Great Plains database 6. Sometimes you have to rescue to Great Plains Dexterity - when you need ongoing data import and you do not own Great Plains Integration manager or when Integration Manager doesn't have the object to deploy. This is proprietary Great Plains Software tool and development environment and you need some time invested, before you can do programming. 7. Complex Data Migration - use MS SQL Linked Server - you can create linked server to Pervasive/ctree and then you can create the cursor, coming through all the tables in your migration set - we usually recommend reading tables schema in MS SQL Server (it is the same to Pervasive) and pull the data from Pervasive database using EXEC statement in Transact SQL. Happy data repairing! if you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

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The speed of life can wireless data keep up with us

If you are a part of the modern information age today, you would have noticed that everything these days is moving at a blistering pace. It wasn't that many years ago that we were tethered to our walls if we wanted to talk to someone that wasn't within earshot. These days you are hard-pressed to find a place that average everyday users like you or I would go where a mobile phone will not get coverage. If we indeed do happen to find such a place, we are outraged at the inconvenience. It is surreal to think that something that sounded like science-fiction such a short time ago is now so ingrained in our society today that we seemingly cannot live without it. Well brace yourself for Round Two, because Internet connectivity is about to come of age as well. Wireless routers seemed to enter the market place without too much fanfare.

This may have been in part due to their slightly less reliable nature in first incarnations, or the fact that people just couldn't see the use for wireless connections in the home. Why have wireless connections when for years we have become used to the fact that if you have a computer in your house, there will be a phone line next to it? Now that we are on the move more and more, wireless connections are starting to make a lot of sense to the average Internet user. To cope with our new thirst for data-on-the-go there is a new wave of 'hotspots' springing up. These are places where people can take wireless compatible computers and connect to the web with minimal fuss. Airports, hotels, and bus stations were the first logical places for this type of connection but they are now spreading to places wherever people use computers.

People have even begun to list free hotspots at sites like http:// wififreespot. com/. This is great if you are traveling across country and need to check your email or send photos back to loved ones. The games-makers have also realized that this is a booming area. Nintendo have just partnered with McDonalds to start bringing consumers wireless gaming via the Nintendo Dual Screen ( nintendo.

com/systemsds) handheld console at selected restaurants across the country. When I connect wirelessly to other people in the world and race around a track in Mario Kart, there is barely time to reflect on how amazing this technology truly is. There are also certain Internet service providers who now have begun to offer 'unwired' services to their customers. This type of connection requires no physical link to the end consumer. Traditionally you would have your wireless router plugged into your existing land-line connection and then you could connect your computer without the use of a cable. Now, the only requirement is that the consumer is based within the large hotspots that the service provider has created. No more hooking up to the phone line. With all this data flowing freely through the air at ever increasing speeds it is hard not to get carried away thinking about what could actually be done with this sort of technology. Your DVD collection could be stored anywhere in your house and available on demand to any one of your displays, be it in the kitchen, lounge room, or bedroom. The same thing would apply for your music. You could even have a small chip stored in your shoe, clothing, or wallet that linked your personal ID to your play lists. As you moved from room to room in the house, your data could follow you. Ovens could have a direct stream of your recipes for easy access. The trusty alarm clock could wake you at any time with only the day's News that you want to hear. There could even be an in-depth weather report from your closet as you get dressed. Removing the constraints of 'where' we can access information means that rather than slowing us down while we gather it, information can be fed to us as we need it. As these hotspots grow you won't even have to leave your data at home. Even the traditional act of sitting down and watching television could be tailored to your personal needs and streamed to you at times when you are able to watch it, such as bus trips or waiting at the dentist. Doing the shopping could be as easy as picking up an order that you mailed ahead during a lunch break. To some this all might sound like information overload and to an extent, you could be right. There is however an upside to packing more into the small, unutilized spaces of our day. If we can get small jobs done while we are commuting or waiting at the dentist, rather than having to go home, sit down, and log on, it frees up a larger chunk of time for us later to go out and enjoy life. Just don't forget to turn your phone off so you won't be interrupted while you do!

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A case for cases ipod cases that is

Have you recently bought an iPod? Or are you on the verge of buying one? Take a look around next time your out and about. iPods are becoming as prolific as cellphones. Of course they are! The iPod is such a great gadget! Do you know the first thing you must do after buying an iPod? You need to protect it! Most people don't. Even though the iPod owner spends as much as $30 - $60 USD on iPod accessories. That's 30 to 60% of the original iPod price. The majority of people are buying fancy accessories such as fm transmitters, docking stations, wireless remote kits. Don't get the wrong idea these are great gadgets BUT the first accessory you should be buying is protection for your iPod. Get the basics before getting the fancy goods. iPod skins and cases come in a huge variety of styles and quality. Whatever your style - there is a case for you! By purchasing a Skin or Case you'll be protecting your iPod from these common problems: * Click wheel scratches * iPod screen scratches. * Mirrored back scratches. Despite the superiority of the Apple iPod, it still suffers from some major issues. Being easily scratched and short battery life. These issues lower the resale value of an iPod. This may not seem important but if you want to trade in your older one for a newer one, these things will matter. Aside from that, who wants their own pristine, beautiful iPod all scratched up? Every time you take your iPod out of your pocket it causes microscopic scratches! There are many accessories out there but most do not fulfill the basic needs of your iPod. Protection. You need to protect your iPod before anything else. Make sure you first equip your iPod with a good quality case, skin, or sleeve. The most popular iPod cases are as follows: Cellphone sleeve converted to a case. This is the most common and are most easily available. Unfortunately the mirrored back of the 3G and 4G iPod are easily scratched by the sleeve as the rub against it. If you can afford a 3G or 4G iPod then you can afford not to go this route. Protect your purchase and buy something specifically for your iPod. iPod Silicone skin. This is the most common case today. They come in every shape and size, color and texture. Be aware though there are mass produced low quality cases produced in China with questionable materials that tear easily. The cheap silicone skins also pick up dirt and lint easily. You can find better and branded products from the USA or Japan. iPod Leather Cases. iPod leather cases are also extremely popular. Unfortunately people have reported that the Apple branded one scratches the mirror back and does not have a cover flap. There are many quality leather case suppliers on the web. Check the stitching on the case for good workmanship. Belkin and Digital Lifestyle are a few that come to mind. Water and Shock Resistant Cases. There is an increasing need for these types of cases due to our active and mobile lifestyles. There are a plethora of cases in this market also but be forewarned that a case can only be water resistant not water proof. Water resistant means it can withstand water splashes certainly not to be immersed in water and definitely you would not bring diving! There are many aluminum cases available that offer superb shock resistance. With the new knowledge you have, you are now ready to find the case that best fits your needs and most importantly your style! Happy case hunting.

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Get the most from your cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware is an old fashioned form of cookware that still has a place in today's world of modern cooking. You will find all types of cast iron pots, pans, skillets, tea kettles, and even large dutch ovens. Those who routinely use cast iron swear by it's versatility and durability. I personally think that a good set of cast iron cookware is hard to beat. There are a few conditions that you do have to meet when using cast iron. One of these is seasoning the new cast iron items that you buy or maintaining the seasoning of the ones you already own. Seasoning of cast iron is required to promote a non-stick surface on the cookware and make it easier to clean. Another consideration when dealing with cast iron cookware is maintaining the items in an environment where they will not begin to rust. Rust is one of the true enemies of the otherwise durable product.

If these two conditions are met, then the cast iron cookware that you buy today, could still be in everyday service a hundred years from now. The first aspect of seasoning cast iron is to start with a clean pan. Take the newly purchased item and remove any adhesive from stickers, and any other foreign material that does not belong. Washing the pan with warm soapy water and then drying it completely is normally sufficient. Next, pre-heat your oven to about 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The next step is to use lard or some other animal fat like bacon grease to start the seasoning process. Avoid vegetable oils as they tend to get very sticky and can ruin a brand new pan. Coat the inside of the pan with the lard and place it into the pre-heated oven for about 20 to 30 minutes. You will want to keep an eye on it to make sure the grease doesn't get too hot and start to smoke during this process. Once time has passed remove the pan and get rid of the excess grease inside the cast iron pan. Then, put the pan back in the oven for another 20 minutes or so to finish the seasoning process. A new cast iron pan may require several treatments like this to establish a good "layer" of seasoning. What I mean is that you may have to do this a couple of times before the pan starts to become really non-stick and easy to use for everyday cooking jobs. Afterwards, you can use the cast iron to cook and it wouldn't hurt to use it to fry bacon or something fatty every once in a while to help maintain good seasoning on the pan. As mentioned before, rust is one of cast irons true weak points. Rust can quickly turn a beautiful, well seasoned pan into a useless eyesore that you aren't quite sure what to do with. Preventing cast iron from rusting is simple if you remember a few guidelines. Always store your cast iron in a dry place. Do not keep it under the kitchen sink or hanging above your stove where it will be exposed to a steady supply of steam. Never put your cast iron away without thoroughly drying it. An easy way to dry cast iron is to place it in a hot oven for about five minutes or put it on a stove burner on high for a minute or so. This will burn off any excess water left over from when you washed it and will almost guarantee the avoidance of rust. If you do discover that your cast iron treasures have become rusted over time, there are steps to reclaim them. You may even come across a beautiful historic piece of cast iron at a yard sale or flea market and decide to revive it. Check out my article on restoring rusted cast iron cookware for more tips on reviving your rusty cast iron. With a proper knowledge in seasoning and caring for cast iron cookware, you can enjoy all of the benefits of cast iron without all of the drawbacks that are inherent to it. With the proper care, the cast iron pans that you buy and use today can be handed down to your children and grandchildren for them to enjoy.

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What does equal credit opportunity mean

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) ensures that all consumers are given an equal chance to obtain credit. This doesn’t mean all consumers who apply for credit get it: Factors such as income, expenses, debt, and credit history are considerations for creditworthiness. The law protects you when you deal with any creditor who regularly extends credit, including banks, small loan and finance companies, retail and department stores, credit card companies, and credit unions. Anyone involved in granting credit, such as real estate brokers who arrange financing, is covered by the law. Businesses applying for credit also are protected by the law. When You Apply For Credit, A Creditor May Not... Discourage you from applying because of your sex, marital status, age, race, national origin, or because you receive public assistance income. Ask you to reveal your sex, race, national origin, or religion. A creditor may ask you to voluntarily disclose this information (except for religion) if you’re applying for a real estate loan. This information helps federal agencies enforce anti-discrimination laws. You may be asked about your residence or immigration status. Ask if you’re widowed or divorced. When permitted to ask marital status, a creditor may only use the terms: married, unmarried, or separated. Ask about your marital status if you’re applying for a separate, unsecured account. A creditor may ask you to provide this information if you live in "community property" states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington. A creditor in any state may ask for this information if you apply for a joint account or one secured by property. Request information about your spouse, except when your spouse is applying with you; your spouse will be allowed to use the account; you are relying on your spouse’s income or on alimony or child support income from a former spouse; or if you reside in a community property state. Inquire about your plans for having or raising children. Ask if you receive alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payments, unless you’re first told that you don’t have to provide this information if you won’t rely on these payments to get credit. A creditor may ask if you have to pay alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payments. When Deciding To Give You Credit, A Creditor May Not... Consider your sex, marital status, race, national origin, or religion. Consider whether you have a telephone listing in your name. A creditor may consider whether you have a phone. Consider the race of people in the neighborhood where you want to buy, refinance or improve a house with borrowed money. Consider your age, unless: - you’re too young to sign contracts, generally younger than 18 years of age; - you’re 62 or older, and the creditor will favor you because of your age; - it’s used to determine the meaning of other factors important to creditworthiness. For example, a creditor could use your age to determine if your income might drop because you’re about to retire; - it’s used in a valid scoring system that favors applicants age 62 and older. A credit-scoring system assigns points to answers you provide to credit application questions. For example, your length of employment might be scored differently depending on your age. When Evaluating Your Income, A Creditor May Not... Refuse to consider public assistance income the same way as other income. Discount income because of your sex or marital status. For example, a creditor cannot count a man’s salary at 100 percent and a woman’s at 75 percent. A creditor may not assume a woman of childbearing age will stop working to raise children. Discount or refuse to consider income because it comes from part-time employment or pension, annuity, or retirement benefits programs. Refuse to consider regular alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payments. A creditor may ask you to prove you have received this income consistently. You Also Have The Right To... Have credit in your birth name (Mary Smith), your first and your spouse’s last name (Mary Jones), or your first name and a combined last name (Mary Smith-Jones). Get credit without a cosigner, if you meet the creditor’s standards. Have a cosigner other than your husband or wife, if one is necessary. Keep your own accounts after you change your name, marital status, reach a certain age, or retire, unless the creditor has evidence that you’re not willing or able to pay. Know whether your application was accepted or rejected within 30 days of filing a complete application. Know why your application was rejected. The creditor must give you a notice that tells you either the specific reasons for your rejection or your right to learn the reasons if you ask within 60 days. Acceptable reasons include: "Your income was low," or "You haven’t been employed long enough." Unacceptable reasons are: "You didn’t meet our minimum standards," or "You didn’t receive enough points on our credit-scoring system." Indefinite and vague reasons are illegal, so ask the creditor to be specific. Find out why you were offered less favorable terms than you applied for—unless you accept the terms. Ask for details. Examples of less favorable terms include higher finance charges or less money than you requested. Find out why your account was closed or why the terms of the account were made less favorable unless the account was inactive or delinquent. A Special Note To Women A good credit history—a record of how you paid past bills—often is necessary to get credit. Unfortunately, this hurts many married, separated, divorced, and widowed women. There are two common reasons women don’t have credit histories in their own names: they lost their credit histories when they married and changed their names; or creditors reported accounts shared by married couples in the husband’s name only. If you’re married, divorced, separated, or widowed, contact your local credit bureau(s) to make sure all relevant information is in a file under your own name. If You Suspect Discrimination... Complain to the creditor. Make it known you’re aware of the law. The creditor may find an error or reverse the decision. Check with your state Attorney General to see if the creditor violated state equal credit opportunity laws. Your state may decide to prosecute the creditor. Bring a case in federal district court. If you win, you can recover damages, including punitive damages. You also can obtain compensation for attorney’s fees and court costs. An attorney can advise you on how to proceed. Join with others and file a class action suit. You may recover punitive damages for the group of up to $500,000 or one percent of the creditor’s net worth, whichever is less. Report violations to the appropriate government agency. If you’re denied credit, the creditor must give you the name and address of the agency to contact. While some of these agencies don’t resolve individual complaints, the information you provide helps them decide which companies to investigate.

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What are debt management plans

A DMP alone is not credit counseling, and DMPs are not for everyone. Consider signing on for one of these plans only after a certified credit counselor has spent time thoroughly reviewing your financial situation, and has offered you customized advice on managing your money. Even if a DMP is appropriate for you, a reputable credit counseling organization still will help you create a budget and teach you money management skills. How a DMP Works You deposit money each month with the credit counseling organization. The organization uses your deposits to pay your unsecured debts, like credit card bills, student loans, and medical bills, according to a payment schedule the counselor develops with you and your creditors. Your creditors may agree to lower your interest rates and waive certain fees, but check with all your creditors to be sure that they offer the concessions that a credit counseling organization describes to you. A successful DMP requires you to make regular, timely payments, and could take 48 months or longer to complete. Ask the credit counselor to estimate how long it will take for you to complete the plan. You also may have to agree not to apply for — or use — any additional credit while you’re participating in the plan. Is a DMP Right For You? In addition to the questions already listed, here are some other important ones to ask if you’re considering enrolling in a DMP. Is a DMP the only option you can give me? Will you provide me with on-going budgeting advice, regardless of whether I enroll in a DMP? If an organization offers only DMPs, find another credit counseling organization that also will help you create a budget and teach you money management skills. How does your DMP work? How will you make sure that all my creditors will be paid by the applicable due dates and in the correct billing cycle? If a DMP is appropriate, sign up for one that allows all your creditors to be paid before your payment due dates and within the correct billing cycle. How is the amount of my payment determined? What if the amount is more than I can afford? Don’t sign up for a DMP if you can’t afford the monthly payment. How often can I get status reports on my accounts? Can I get access to my accounts online or by phone? Make sure that the organization you sign up with is willing to provide regular, detailed statements about your account. Can you get my creditors to lower or eliminate interest and finance charges, or waive late fees? If yes, contact your creditors to verify this, and ask them how long you have to be on the plan before the benefits kick in. What debts aren’t included in the DMP? This is important because you’ll have to pay those bills on your own. Do I have to make any payments to my creditors before they will accept the proposed payment plan? Some creditors require a payment to the credit counselor before accepting you into a DMP. If a credit counselor tells you this is so, call your creditors to verify this information before you send money to the credit counseling agency. How will enrolling in a DMP affect my credit? Beware of any organization that tells you it can remove accurate negative information from your credit report. Legally, it can’t be done. Accurate negative information may stay on your credit report for up to seven years. Can you get my creditors to “re-age” my accounts — that is, to make my accounts current? If so, how many payments will I have to make before my creditors will do so? Even if your accounts are “re-aged,” negative information from past delinquencies or late payments will remain on your credit report. How to Make a DMP Work for You The following steps will help you benefit from a DMP, and avoid falling further into debt. Continue to pay your bills until the plan has been approved by your creditors. If you stop making payments before your creditors have accepted you into a plan, you’ll face late fees, penalties, and negative entries on your credit report. Contact your creditors and confirm that they have accepted the proposed plan before you send any payments to the credit counseling organization for your DMP. Make sure the organization’s payment schedule allows your debts to be paid before they are due each month. Paying on time will help you avoid late fees and penalties. Call each of your creditors on the first of every month to make sure the agency has paid them on time. Review monthly statements from your creditors to make sure they have received your payments. If your debt management plan depends on your creditors agreeing to lower or eliminate interest and finance charges, or waive late fees, make sure these concessions are reflected on your statements.

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Cardio exercise

Cardio Exercise Everyone has wondered at some point in time which cardio exercise is better. To put it in simple terms, both low and high intensity exercises will help you to burn off body fat. The question here is which is the most effective to burn off more body fat. When scientists first discovered that during intensive exercises, your body burns glycogen, which is a form of stored carbohydrates that are stored in your liver and muscles for energy. During low intensity exercises, your body will burn a lot of fat. If your wondering whether or not it works, the answer is no because there are so many obese people still around. Even though they are working out with low intensity routines, it still makes you wonder how it can be. The scientists were right when they said the human body burns more body fat during low intensity exercises like walking or swimming. During a high intensity exercise such as running, the body will burn a lot more calories. Even if some of the calories burnt are from glycogen, there are still many fat calories burned as well. To put the icing on the cake, when your store of glycogen gets low, the carbohydrates from your food you eat will later get converted into glycogen to fill up the store and won't be converted to body fat when they are left unused for energy. High intensity cardio exercise will juice up your metabolism even after you have completed your workout. What this means, is that your body will continue to burn body fat hours after you have left the gym. This effect is nearly non existent in low intensity cardio or aerobic workout. Accumulatively, your body will burn up more and more calories during and after you have finished a high intensity cardio exercise that it will with low intensity. You can inject high intensity exercises into your cardio workout by introducing some interval training. You can walk for 5 minutes or so, then break into some jogging for another 5 minutes or so. Then, walk briskly again until you have caught your breath and then sprint for a minute before you walk again. From this point, simply alternate your running and walking for the next 15 minutes until you are finished. One of the best things about cardio is the more you do it, the more energy you'll have. Cardio will help you to burn calories, although its more useful for keeping your energy levels high. If you've never tried cardio before, you should give it a shot. If you like to exercise, you'll find cardio the best way to boost your energy and keep in top shape. If you are just starting out, you'll want to go slow and keep your cardio exercise in track - as it is very easy to over exert yourself. (word count 474)

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International adoption is it possible to triumph from tragedy

In the early hours of Dec 26th 2004 the Western world awoke to the unfolding horror that we came to know as the Asian Tsunami. Those of us still recovering from obscenely large amounts of food and drink from the previous day sat transfixed as we watched a horror story of biblical proportions unfold before our very eyes. The United Nations estimated that the Asian Tsunami left more than five million people homeless, including about 1.5 million children most of whom became orphaned. The outpouring of emotion from around the world was of mixed benefit as far as the region was concerned in that yes we all dug deep into our pockets and yes we all lobbied our Politicians to something about it and yes bizarrely this tragedy may have had some knock on effect in the movement to alleviate Third World debt and poverty but the blessings were mixed as far as the people on the ground were concerned. Since the disaster, adoption agencies around the world have been fielding phone calls from well-meaning families wanting to adopt a child from one of the countries hit. Adoption experts say the best thing people can do is to donate money to causes that directly help the children. They say it's wrong to take a traumatized child away from the environment that they have grown up in. "Adoptions, especially inter-country ones, are inappropriate during the emergency phase as children are better placed being cared for by their wider families and the communities they know," said the charity Save the Children in a statement released Jan. 6, 2005. International Adoption needs to be well planned "The last thing they need to do is be rushed away to some foreign land," said Cory Barron of Children's Hope International, an American adoption agency. "We have to think of the child first." Adoption by some well meaning couple in the west flying half way round the world bearing large sums of money to whisk the child away to a life totally alien to everything it has known isn’t always what is in the best interests of the child. It is worth bearing in mind the following facts after any tragedy like this: • Children will be experiencing an immense sense of loss and grief. • They will need to know what they feel is normal and that they're not going crazy. • They need to be with people they know and to feel as safe as possible. • They need to establish a daily routine as soon as possible to reduce their fears. • They should play with other children to have time away from their fears and allowed to have creative expression such as materials to draw. • Those separated from family members need to be registered as soon as possible and reunified quickly. • Putting children in a temporary care facility or an orphanage should be the last resort. Around 200 children were orphaned and many more lost one parent when the Tsunami struck the district of Nagappattinam in Tamil Nadu state, the worst-affected region in India. The local administration has handled scores of queries from individuals and organisations wanting to adopt the children. But fears of human trafficking have made the government tread with caution. The emphasis now is on rehabilitating these children in the local communities. Suryakala, a district social welfare officer in Nagappattinam, says many children they talked to preferred to remain here rather than move out of the area. The local administration has asked those interested in adoption to send in applications. But they are in no hurry to move these children out. Around 60 children have been put up in an orphanage run by the Zion Church in Nagappattinam. Parvathi lost her parents but has returned to the school to take her examinations. She visits her relatives once a month and says she prefers to stay in Nagappattinam. Local charities and social activists have lobbied hard with the government not to "give away" these children for adoption. Aftab, a young activist, says he learned a lot from the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquake in 2000. He says that in the past two months there have been several instances of representatives of organisations trying to "forcibly" take away orphans. Nagappattinam was one of India's worst-hit areas" The local community objected and expressed its willingness to take care of such children," says Aftab. "None of these children want to be moved out," he says. The local administration, Aftab says, is still not clear about what it wants to do with them. He has met representatives of different villages who back the idea not to move them out. "Why should these children be sent to orphanages and homes far from here?" he asks. Efforts by individuals like Aftab seem to have had an impact. The local administrator's office has decided against any hasty decision. One official summed up the dilemma faced by the government: "The issue of children is a delicate matter in any community... one wrong step and we will invite the wrath of the people." Adoption experts are hoping the outpouring of interest in adoptions from the tsunami disaster might translate into adoptions elsewhere. The real tragedy is that the tsunami doesn’t even dent the numbers of orphans worldwide, the real numbers are unfathomable. Most adoption specialists say the number of orphans globally may be somewhere in the range of 40 to 60 million—13 million in sub-Saharan Africa alone due to the AIDS crisis there, and many more in Russia, China and Latin America. Only a fraction of those children are in official adoption pools. “We are hopeful that the tsunami-affected countries will eventually have an open mind to international adoption,” says Thomas Atwood, President of the US National Council for Adoption. “But we’re also hopeful that parents will look to adopt children in other parts of the world. There are thousands of children available for adoption right now. For those whose hearts have been tugged by the tsunami, perhaps this is a step in their journey towards another child.” So perhaps even after the darkest and most terrible of tragedies there can be some positive long term benefits and these are that whilst a large number of people may ignore the need or desire to adopt from within their own communities in favour of adoption with an International dimension this raising of the Adoption Profile and the inherent potential problems may well bring some of those new to Adoption back to considering Adoption from within their communities. The other benefit that can be taken from this whole affair may be the overall increase in the awareness of the concept of Adoption itself. If this in turn leads to more children being partnered with Adoptive Families then that can only be considered good.

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Detect like a private investigator

Detectives are domestic spies mostly providing surveillance on a work for hire bases. To be a detective you must acquire a license legally. Like spies detectives are a popular choice for heroes in movies but like most of the stories to come out of Hollywood it is not as flashy as in the movies. The stories that Hollywood gives to “work for hire detectives” to solve the murder or any other kind of story is realistically given to police detectives. These professionals solve the cases while non police detectives get the uneventful surveillance jobs. The jobs of many detectives is to find out if someone is cheating on their spouse, then deliver either the pictures or recordings to prove it to the client. They collect their payment for delivering this information as their job. People hire detectives because they are trained to be invisible. If people don’t think that they are being watched then they will have no problem doing the deeds that they are out to do which will surely get them caught. The most common tools for a detectives like bugs, GPS trackers and hidden cameras. All of the tools that a detective needs are available at spyassociates.

com. This website offers all the tools a detective needs to do the job at very reasonable prices. © 2005 Copyright spyassociates. com.

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Beware gambling can increase your debt problems

Are you the type of person who likes to take a gamble from time to time on things such as the result of a horse race? Would you say that you have an addiction to gambling? Do you lose more money than you win when gambling? Are you in debt? Are you hoping to reduce your debts by gambling? In this article, I write about a friend of mine who tried to gamble her way out of debt, however she was not successful and ended up with an even bigger debt problem. My friend is called Emma. She is not exactly what you would call good with money and I am often amazed at the amounts she spends when we go out shopping together. Emma earns a fairly good wage but many people would probably expect that she earns three times this amount by her attitude towards money.

If there is a store card available, Emma will sign up for it. I have often tried to advise her that she could find herself in a nasty position if she does not take more care with her finances, but she would never listen and thought that I was just too careful and even tight with my own money. About a year ago, Emma confided to me that she was in quite a large amount of debt. She had bought a lot of items on her credit cards and had been unable to make all of the repayments. Emma also had a car loan which she also found hard to pay back, she of course had to drive around in the best car. Emma said that it was not a problem as she was looking into ways of reducing these debts and had read many debt consolidation articles on the internet, which had provided her with some useful information. Six months later, Emma confided in me again. She now stated that she was in too deep and that she had been stupid as she had tried to gamble her way out of debt.

I could not believe it, however tried to remain positive for her sake. I asked her to explain what had happened. She replied that she had started to play poker on the internet. Originally it was only for a bit of fun and in the first two months she was up around three hundred dollars. Emma then thought that this was a possible way to help her to reduce her debts and started to play for much higher stakes. Her winning streak was not to last and she ended up losing a lot of money. Emma is still finding it hard to pay back all of the money she owes various people and companies, but has realised that gambling is not a form of debt solution for her.

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Whats going to be the video game news for 08

Even if the PS3 came out with a bit of a slow start in 2007 don't let that fool you... the PS3 is just gearing up for a great year with some expected hot releases. Here's a rundown of three games coming out in '08.. EA's NFL Tour, Free Radical Design's HAZE, and Konami's Coded Arms Assault. NFL Tour Coming from EA Sport's BIG division is what can be considered a bit of a spin-off of their hit series NFL Street. They've gotten rid of the streets and beaches in favor of larger spectacle arenas. No more playing with barrels and street side walls, you're playing in front of huge crowds with pyrotechnics and the whole 9 yards. There are some advancements in gameplay as well - if a player initiates contact you are given an opportunity to break through the tackle, trip up the receiver or give your hit a little extra "umph". Street players will see the familiar "Gamebreaker" power-ups, and much of the game is left unchanged otherwise but an upgrade on the look of the graphics. This game is expected to drop on January 8th so get ready for it! HAZE Playing as a recruit of a corporate army owned by a large supposedly peace-keeping organization Mantel you are expected to play this game through atleast twice. Why twice? Well once on both sides obviously, this is because playing on Mantel's side your realize that you along with your fellow soliders are randomly pumped up with a drug called Nectar, but this leads to some unexpected consequences. The other time through you take the side of the rebels you so viciously were fighting. With some great looking graphics and AI that apparently doesn't feel useless... this gem is being released stateside January 18th. CODED ARMS ASSAULT Konami released a game on the PSP early in the system's lifetime by the names of Coded Arms and after receiving success with the title they've gone ahead and made another in the series for the PS3. Like HAZE, Coded Arms Assault is a futuristic FPS with you playing a solider. Apparently your character is a young hacker who gained access into a system they shouldn't have been in and is placed in a virtual warfare. Bullets are replaced with hexagons, and enemies vaporize. With the game running off the Unreal 3 engine expect some gorgeous looking graphics to go along with the "digitized" effects. This game doesn't have an official release date yet, but just from the looks of it you'll hear about it when it's released.

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Nutrition supplements for aging americans

While America has given birth to the song “Young at Heart”, and the phrase “you’re as young as you feel!” can be heard from coast to coast by millions of people, demographic trend point firmly toward the other direction: aging. Currently, the 65+ population comprises slightly more than 12% (35 million) of the total US population. By 2030, this percentage is predicted to almost double to just below 20% (71 million)[i]. In other words, within a generation, an unprecedented demographic reality will exist in the US: 1 in 5 Americans will be older than 65. This is indeed news worth celebrating, because it means that more Americans are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. Yet this trend also presents some very real health-related problems that American society must solve. Various sectors are frenetically trying to position themselves to deal with this aging demographic inevitability. The dental care field is loudly lobbying to increase awareness and resource-support for age-related ailments such as defective denture and reduced saliva-flow conditions[ii]. At the same time, the allied health care field is similarly trying – and admittedly struggling -- to develop the immense resources, such as many more doctors and nurses, who will somehow absorb the imminent and overwhelming old age-related demand for surgical procedures and other health care commodities[iii]. Yet while the dental and health sectors strive to adjust to this demographic trend, the nutritional sector has not kept pace. A quick look at any health food store shelf will see energy bars and powders that are (according to their marketing images) suitable only for high-performance (e. g. young) consumers. Similarly, the nutrition sector has not done a good job at destroying the myth that macronutrients such as protein are essential parts of all healthy diets – regardless of age. The nutrition sector’s general neglect of the senior community is something that is just barely beginning to show as the population ages, and as the “baby boomer” generation of 76 million strong moves towards retirement[iv]. However, it is inevitable that this service gap will become larger as the future unfolds. Essentially, tens of millions of seniors are going to need to find new and innovative nutrition solutions possibly for the first time in their lives. The prospects that face a 65-year-old searching for a nutrition solution are in some ways much the same as those facing a 25-year-old: there are an array of promised solutions on the market, including energy bars, drinks, and supplements. However, this is where the similarities between the average 65-year-old and 25-year-old end because while the latter may be able to get away with experimenting, the former cannot. In other words, a 25-year-old consumer may add energy bars to their eating regimen and realize in a few months that they’re really eating glorified, calorie-rich candy bars. A 65-year-old consumer does not have that same luxury to try, and possibly err, when it comes to making nutritional choices. His or her choices must be wise and relevant from the start, particularly since older people tend to suffer from diminished appetite, and often have poorer access to balanced nutrition than their younger counterparts. This is a serious problem that the nutritional sector must accept and take ownership of. This means that more than simple awareness is needed actual tangible solutions are required. The basic fact is that senior citizens – like all other age groups – require balanced nutrition, and for many of them, the best and most convenient way to access it is through nutritional supplements. This much-delayed awareness does seem, however, to be abating. There are currently innovative companies that are creating nutritional supplements suitable for all ages, regardless of physical activity. This suitability is the result of a carefully balanced protein blend that captures all essential amino acids. Since many seniors continue to lose nitrogen and thus protein as they age, it is incredibly important that seniors access ways to compensate for this gradual loss. These low-calorie, carbohydrate-free, fat-free nutritional supplements also help seniors avoid adding unwanted body fat that would weaken muscle mass and destabilize body strength and energy levels. Furthermore, the ideal product would be available in liquid form, allowing seniors with dentures or other tooth concerns to easily ingest a serving without anxiety. The fact that America’s population is aging is just that: a fact. It is not an opinion, an educated guess, or a possible expectation. It will happen, and it is essential that America’s seniors be provided with the solutions that they need in order to continue living full, happy lives. The dental and health care fields are already hard at work positioning themselves, as best that they can right now, to absorb this unprecedented demographic change. Thanks to a very small – but hopefully growing number – of senior-friendly supplements, there is finally a reason to add the nutrition field to this list as well. References [i] Source: “Public Health an Aging: Trends in Aging – United States and Worldwide”. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). http:// cdc. gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5206a2.htm [ii] Source: “Caring for America’s Aging Smiles”. Healthfinder. http:// healthfinder. gov/news/newsstory. asp? docID=521247 [iii] Source: “Aging Population Creating Higher Demand for Surgery”. ANNews. http:// ama-assn. org/amednews/2003/08/25/prsc0825.htm [iv] Source: “Baby Boomers Envision Their Retirement: an AARP Segmentation Analysis”. AARP. http://research. aarp. org/econ/boomer_seg_prn. html

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Scent or no scent that is the question about good skin care products

With all the skin beauty products available in the market today, one tends to wonder which products really work and which ones do not make good on their promises, as advertised. Another major concern, especially among women, is the possible presence of harmful ingredients in these products. Most women really want to know which items can be considered as good skin care products. They also need to identify which ones should be avoided in order to minimize if not prevent skin damage due to harsh chemicals. Most skin care products contain these ingredients: propylene glycol, mineral oil, and petroleum. But most users of these products don't really bother to look at what's inside the bottle or container. The decision to buy the product is often made after one is exposed to advertisements or if one finds a particular product to delightful in terms of its fragrance.

The smell of the skin care product is an important factor to consider not only for the sake of one's nose. The fragrance of the product can actually harm one's skin especially if the user of the skin care item has an allergy to certain chemicals used in making perfume. A research study was done some years ago on a certain brand name of a perfume and has found this brand to contain 41 different ingredients that are known to be carcinogenic. The said fragrance was also found to cause respiratory tract infections and other ailments. Researchers say that even if the product label says that it is merely a “fragrance”, the product could still have been made from various chemicals, of which only 20% could have been tested for safety by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. If a person has sensitive skin, then “fragrance” of any kind should definitely be avoided. Skin care products with harmful chemicals could potentially cause more harm than good if one has sensitive skin. Other products that are used daily should also be reviewed carefully to determine their potential as skin irritants. Perfume or fragrance is found in shampoo, conditioners, hairspray, make-up, shaving cream, deodorants, soap, baby care products, and just about every household cleaning or laundry product found in supermarket shelves.

Just to be safe, always choose products that are marked as “fragrance-free” or “without perfume.” Do not choose a product that is labeled as “unscented” since that usually means that another chemical was added to mask the scent of other ingredients and chemicals. In case one is not willing or able to totally give up fragrances, there is one good skin care product that is a must-have --- a shielding lotion. A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a protective layer that keeps out chemicals. It can help prevent the absorption of the fragrances and prevent uncomfortable skin allergic reactions.

Indeed, beauty should be more than skin-deep. In the same manner, women should also be more discerning or choosy about the products they buy and use. Being 100% convinced by television advertisements or getting the urge the buy a product due to its packaging or scent may cause unexpected harm. The best advice would be to know if one has a skin allergy and identify which products are safe for everyday use.

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Weigh yourself daily in december

Nearly every diet advises you not to weigh yourself too often and there's a good reason behind that. Weight fluctuates (sometimes by as much as a pound or two) during the course of a day or from one day to the next and this often has nothing to do with how much fat you've gained or lost. You may find you weigh less in the morning than you do at night - this doesn't usually mean that your body has been releasing pounds of fat while you slept but that you have lost a fair amount of water! Weight gained or lost from one day to the next is generally due to retaining or releasing water too - either due to monthly hormone fluctuations or because you've been eating (or not eating) foods which are high in sodium. If you take too much notice of the figure on the scales you can get unduly depressed by a high reading or overly confident by a low one. But you're just registering the differences caused by the amount of water in your body and not fat. Yet I like to weigh myself daily and here's why. 1. I know that my weight will fluctuate by a pound or two so I don't let small amounts of weight gain or loss bother me. I just carry on weighing myself every morning before I have my shower. 2. I have a magic figure in my head over which I will not let myself get without doing something about it. This is fixed at 2lbs over my ideal weight (2lbs gives those minor fluctuations a chance to balance themselves out). 3. I never have to do much to get back to my ideal weight. I just become a little more selective in my food choices, move a bit more for a week or two and that's it. Losing a pound or two is never as much effort as losing twenty! 4. It has worked for me for the last seven years..... But what if you have a long way to go to your ideal weight. How can daily weighing help you then? Well, it's a great strategy whatever your weight to avoid a backslide. And given that the Christmas season is coming up it's ideal to avoid piling on the pounds in December. Typically people put on between 5 and 10lbs during the party season. You don't have to be one of them! Just note your weight at the start of the month and don't let yourself get more than 2lbs over it! If your weight slips over the 2lb mark, cut back on treats and drinks and make a determined effort to eat healthily and keep up your exercise every day until you're back to where you were. Daily weighing not only gives you a reality check when you've started to indulge a bit too much, it also reminds you every day of your weight loss goals and gives you a reason to stay sensible during the season of festive feasting. And how lovely to wake up in January ready to go forward rather than bitterly regretting how much you let yourself go.

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