Fueling the ideal marketing with articles

: It's that time of year again ... pages of backpacks, notebooks and back-to-school clothing fill every circular that hits your mailbox. And you're off to the races ... the races being the mall, plus every other store in between.You're in the same spot you were last year this time, getting ready to head off to work while your kids head off to school. Back to hugging them goodbye in the morning and seeing them just long enough in the evening to say I love you and tuck them in.Wouldn't it be fantastic if the easier schedule of the summer lasted all year long? No more spending all your hours away from your kids just to earn enough money to cover the essentials and pay daycare?Take it from someone who knows both sides of the deal here and believe that there's no time like right now to make the transition from the regular grind to working from home. As the proud Mom of a 2005 honors graduate who's heading off to college soon, I know first hand what a major impact working from home has had on his success.When my son was very young, I worked a full-time job away from home, plus at least one part-time job on weekends.

This meant that my son was in daycare while I worked. As a single parent who didn't receive child support (for years) though, I had no other choice. A few years later in the 1990's, I decided there had to be a better way so I started a part-time medical billing service from my home. This allowed me to give up the outside part-time job and gave me the practical means of earning the much-needed income. Best of all, it gave me the priceless opportunity to take care of my son while I worked. I quickly saw that I was onto something great here ... what a concept!

I moved from the east coast to California with my son in 1995 where my first full-time job was with a consulting firm co-owned by a professional speaker. After some negotiations with my boss, we entered into an agreement by which I would work mornings in the office, leave to pick up my son from school in the afternoons and work from home the rest of the day. It worked out incredibly well ... so well in fact, that in 2000, I decided to leave the consulting firm and start my own full-time home based virtual assistant business.Starting from scratch, I knew that gaining exposure for my business was essential if I wanted to be successful in my new venture. I also knew that traditional forms of marketing are very expensive and quickly gobble up the profits, particularly in the early stages. However, I also remembered a technique that I used successfully for my former employer.Besides being a consultant and professional speaker, he was also an author, so his goals included increasing his number of speaking engagements and selling more copies of his books. He hoped to accomplish these goals by establishing himself as an expert in his industry, which meant having his work published by every major magazine in his field.

Committed to accomplishing his goals, he gave me a list of those publications, so I drafted a query letter based on one of his story ideas and e-mailed it to the editor of one of the magazines. The editor responded in short notice and offered my employer an article assignment. They published my boss's article soon afterwards and featured it on the cover of the magazine, producing an onslaught of calls to the office!Writing and submitting that one article produced several paid speaking engagements. This new marketing intrigue fascinated me, so I fine-tuned my article submission process creating logs and checklists, and within a few months, my boss had accomplished his goal of publication in every magazine on his list! Even online and in-print publications we hadn't contacted began calling and e-mailing in request of articles. The results of writing and submitting articles was so successful that we put other major marketing techniques on hold so my boss could travel to his paid speaking engagements.As my interest and experience grew in this area of marketing, I knew that if it worked for my boss that it would work for other professionals as well. Soon, I was earning over half my income handling article submissions for other professionals.

Then I realized that if this technique worked for other professionals that it would work for me too in building my own business. And it has worked for me!This same marketing technique, which I call marketing with articles, has been the success behind my own business. I've used it to expand my client base and build my virtual assistance business into a solid income-generating company, which has allowed me to work full-time at home for the past five years. As my son is getting ready to leave for college, my personal goal now is to help other parents be successful in achieving their career goals while living the dream of staying home with their children.The concept of marketing with articles does not require a professional writer. Anyone can be successful in building their business and gaining credibility as an expert in their industry or area of expertise by writing and submitting free reprint articles to online and in-print publications. The key to success is in reaching your target audience with resourceful information that is valuable to them.Editors of both online and in-print publications are in constant demand of quality content for their readers. They have a continuing need to publish content that appeals directly to their target audience, which is where you come in. By writing and submitting free reprint articles to publications that reach readers in your market, you have the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert and gain a generous amount of exposure for your business.

True, you aren't earning money for actually writing the articles, but you are earning a huge payoff here. Not only do you establish your credibility as an expert in your industry or area of expertise, but you earn significant exposure for yourself and your business. Most editors will include your byline with your articles, which gives you the opportunity to include your name and contact information, plus the URL of your web site. Readers come to recognize your name and relate it with certain topics. The more articles you write and submit, the more exposure you gain!

The marketing with articles technique helped turn my dream of working from home full-time into a precious reality that has made a positive impact for both my son and me. As he goes off to college, he'll be leaving with all the benefits of having had a mom who found a way to support him financially without the high cost of being away from him all day. Me, I'll have the benefit of knowing that the bittersweet wind I'm putting beneath his wings comes from my deepest desires for his complete success! (c) 2005, Davis Virtual Assistance. Reprint rights granted to all venues so long as article and by-line are reproduced intact with links made live.

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Your guide to towing know before you tow

If you love to camp, hike, fish, water ski and enjoy the great outdoors; chances are there will come a time when you want to tow a boat or camping trailer. Know before you tow with this guide to towing. Here are some terms you should be familiar with and what you need to check. The Base Curb Weight + Cargo Weight + Passenger Weight = GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight. The GVW + Loaded Trailer Weight = GCW or Gross Combination Weight. The GVW must not exceed the GVWR which can be found on the safety Compliance Certification label. The GVWR is the maximum weight allowed on a fully loaded vehicle. This includes passengers and cargo.

Once you have this information, you will be able to figure out what size trailer a vehicle can tow. There are two different types of hitches on the market. A weight carrying hitch is common for small to medium size trailers. Use a good weight carrying hitch that properly distributes the weight. You’ll find a label on the hitch that provides the weight carrying and weight distributing capacity of the hitch. Don’t exceed the rating. The weight distributing hitch uses a hitch platform to distribute the tongue load to all the wheels of the towing vehicle and trailer. It is the required type of hitch for most Class III and IV trailers. This type of hitch is welded or bolted to the frame of the vehicle and it has equalizing arms that are connected from the hitch to the trailer’s frame. Besides the GVWR and the correct type of hitch, you also need to make sure your braking system is adequate. If your load is more than 1500 pounds, the law requires a separate braking system. There are two types on the market. Electronically controlled brakes provide both automatic and manual control of the trailer brakes. The tow vehicle needs to be equipped with a controlling device and requires some wiring. Surge brakes are independent and are activated by a master cylinder that is located at the junction of the trailer tongue and hitch. Make sure your braking system conforms with all legal requirements. The trailer will also need to be equipped with trailer lights that meet government regulations. Do not connect the trailer lights directly to the vehicle’s lighting system. They need to be installed with a proper wiring harness. See your dealer to ensure you have the correct wiring harness for your vehicle. Safety chains should always be used when towing. They provide a connection between the trailer and the vehicle should the hitch fail. Cross the chains under the trailer tongue to stop the tongue from connecting with the ground if the hitch fails, and leave only enough slack to allow for a full turn. A trailer is a great investment. It will take you from the mountains to the valleys and from the river to the lakes. If you haven’t towed before it’s natural to feel overwhelmed about choosing a vehicle and trailer to tow safely. This guide to towing will have you confidently towing in no time!

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Making old faces young the natural way

Making one’s face look younger is everyone’s dream. There are people who resort to different methods - even the most expensive ones - just so they’d get that “look young, feel young” atmosphere. But to those who can barely afford it, the “attempt” is considered a vice. Most of the time, you’d hear from these people the line, “Why would you interfere with nature’s course?” But those who want to preserve the youth as they add up years would say, “Why not age with grace?” Yes, why not? You may think it is too late to do so especially if you were once abusive of your body (e. g., too much sun-bathing, etc.) when you were younger. Most of the time, it is the reason why people acquire the old-age look (even before they get to that stage) since the body was not well taken cared of. The tell-tale signs of old age are the sunken hollows of the cheeks and around the eyes, sagging of the chin, wrinkles on the forehead, the “rumpled” and the total haggard look. But there’s always hope. The moment you realize you need to take care of your health is never too late a time to do so—whether you are 30 or 60. It’s been proven that rejuvenation of the face through friction and massage are the best ways to look young and feel young. Realize that the main reason your facial muscles sag is lack of muscular exercise. Like any other muscle of the body, constant exercise can make these facial muscles expand and develop, effectively removing the sagging look. Wrinkled skin, on the other hand, has been proven to be made elastic again through regular application of friction. This does not only apply to women who are known to be vain in nature but for the men as well. How is applying friction on the skin done? With the help of some lotion to minimize irritation (not too much lotion, though, as there will be no more friction), work on the areas which normally result to sagging, such as the cheeks, the throat, the chin, the forehead and around the eyes. Start as though you are polishing a pair of shoes: with a slight, circular friction on the surface areas, which should gradually increase in pressure but not too vigorous that you will end up abrading and irritating your face. This process will progressively restore the elasticity of your skin and smoothen out the wrinkles. To exercise your facial muscles, use your palm heel. With enough pressure, massage your cheeks and other parts of the face in circular motion. This process will build up the muscles and fill those “hollows”, those sunken areas around the eyes and the cheeks. Do this also on the chin and throat. Make sure you apply equal amount of pressure to the entire face so that the build up of muscles will be uniform. Do these exercises a few minutes everyday--even while you are watching the TV-- and you will soon see the “miracle” of a younger looking you. The process of looking older does not have to be as fast as it is now. With the right determination, and knowing the proper techniques, you can almost stop the advance of the “aged” look, no matter that your actual age is unstoppably moving ahead. It’s been proven possible and there’s no reason you can’t achieve the same.

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Wrinkles stop them and look young for a longtime

A small wrinkle on the young face creates fear of aging. As we grow we get wrinkles. Most of us get wrinkles first and then rush to get costly and painful treatments done to remove them. How about preventing them? I agree that all of them cannot be probably stopped, but some can be for sure. Let me tell you how? Wrinkles On Skin - How Do They Form? Sleep on one side for many years and your face on that side will develop wrinkles. Can we not change our sleeping position after every few days? Do that and find out. Smoke and you pull your muscles near the mouth. You will develop the typical wrinkles of a smoker called smoker lines soon. Stop smoking and stop that. Moreover smoking also forms more free radicals that damage the healthy collagen in the skin and make your skin sag with typical signs under the eyes, cheeks etc. Go out in the sun and let the UV strike your face. It will damage the skin immediately. Your upper skin will become thin and the lower supporting skin will become thin. This causes more wrinkles as the support goes away from below and the skin sags. Protect yourself from sun. Wear wide brimmed hats, sunglasses and apply a sunscreen of SPF 15 regularly. Make more gestures with your face and you will get the lines that will become permanent forever after sometime. Make less gestures and expressions with face and stop those wrinkles. Use antioxidant creams. Use moisturizers-stop skin from drying. Eat healthy food full of Vitamins and antioxidants. Use formulations prepared for boosting collagen production as you age. Take these preventive steps in your youth and the old age may never come to show on your face. Avoid the costly and painful procedures for getting the youth. This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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Stop living paycheck to paycheck

: What would happen if you lost your job today? What if you needed money for a medical emergency? Most people would be in trouble. Living paycheck to paycheck has become a way of life for most Americans. You do not have to live this way. Saving money is easy if you just follow a few simple steps. List Your ExpensesIf you do not know where your money is going, you are in big trouble. It is impossible to save until you write out your monthly expenses. Look at your past months bills to see where your money went. Chances are that you will find that you wasted much of your money on unneeded expenses. Did you really need to buy those movies for $20 each when you could have rented them for $5. How many days a week do you eat out? If you do not have receipts for all of your expenses, estimate what you spent.

Write a BudgetList your necessary monthly bills and budget a set amount for variable expenses like entertainment. Be sure to include savings into your budget. One or two hundred dollars a month will add up over time. If you have credit card debt, budget higher than your minimum payment. If you only pay the minimums, you will never get out of debt. Set GoalsSet a series of savings goals. Make them realistic, do not make your first goal to save a million dollars. Set a goal to save $2000 dollars, then to save $5000, etc, etc. You will soon see that saving is addictive and you will enjoy watching your savings account grow.

Automate Your SavingsYou cannot spend what you do not see. If your company offers it, have them deduct money from your check and put it into savings. If they offer a 401K program, take full advantage of their matching contribution. Put Unexpected Money Into SavingsIf you get a bonus from work, inherit money or make any unbudgeted cash, put it into savings. You don't need it to pay your bills so put it up for a time when you do need it. Put Away The Credit CardsPay cash for purchases. If you cannot afford to pay cash for something, do not buy it. Credit card fees will eat you alive. You could very well end up paying for that pizza for 5 years. Know How Much Money You HaveBalance your checkbook daily.

When you think you have more money in your account, you tend to spend more. Be careful with checkcard purchases. It is easy to forget to record them and they do not always show up on your online banking statement immediately. By following the steps above anyone is capable of breaking the paycheck to paycheck routine. It doesn't matter if you can save $500 a month or $50 a month. Eventually you will get there. All you need is a little patience and a bit of discipline.

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The psychometric profile a useful recruitment tool

Personality profiling is increasing used by employers to assess potential employees. In an article that appeared in The Times the British Market Research Bureau stated that “Nearly three quarters of UK companies now rely on psychometric profiling when recruiting.” It is now commonplace for employers to use psychometrics to understand, enhance and improve personal and team performance. Because there are many psychometric tools from which to choose it helps if you are clear about exactly what it is you wish to measure. Based on a recent on line poll the most popular uses of Psychometrics profiles falls into three distinct areas: Recruitment and Candidate Selection - mainly to provide insight and reduce risk. Employee development – to ensure employers retain and make the most of existing staff. Team Building - significantly improve communication and productivity both internally and externally. There is no doubt that psychometrics can provide insight in these areas and generate measurable improvements. Yet this trend to use psychometrics is not a modern phenomenon as the basics of personality profiling has been around for a long time. You may well be familiar with the widely used Myers Briggs Type indicator test that was developed in the 1950’s and is still popular now. This was based on the work of Carl Jung in the 1920’s. The lineage of personality profiling can be traced back through the centuries, right back to Plato around three hundred and forty years before the birth of Christ. Surprisingly the basic nature of all personality profiles has remained static in all that time. They measure an individual’s psychological attributes using one of two different styles or instruments: Tests:(like me) or ‘wrong’ (not like me) answers. They are constructed to measure a person’s ability or aptitude. Some tests gauge someone’s verbal or numerical skills and are used when a particular skill or aptitude is required to do a job. So, tests tend to measure “hard” skills. Questionnaires: Typically there are no right or wrong answers because questionnaires consider someone’s characteristics or how they prefer to behave. Questionnaires measure “soft” skills. So whilst it is true that a psychometric profile may take the guesswork out of recruiting and give you confidence in making the right decision and perhaps appoint the right person. They are not always an objective mechanism to short list candidates or eliminate those individuals without the right temperament. The problem with profiles The issue is not the process but the nature of how the information is gathered. Both test and questionnaire based profiles used word based questions to drive the profile. And these questions, or variations of them, have been around for a long time. People who are exposed to them are becoming used to the style, pattern and content. In fact you can by books and attend courses in how to answer the questions in a way that changes the profile. It’s not that hard, even without the ‘inside knowledge’. For example the question below was taken at random from a widely used and popular test. Does interacting with strangers (a) energise you or (b) tax your reserves? Now it doesn’t take much understanding of psychometric profiles to realise that this question is measuring your preference for social interaction. Most popular profiles would define this as Introversion or Extroversion. If you have a basic understanding of personality profiles you could predict the employer’s requirements, modify your answers and alter your profile. As familiarity with the questions and interview coaching increase the effectiveness of profiles can only diminish. This is a growing concern for employers. New challenges require a fresh approach Increasingly psychometric tests are emerging that record the subject’s response to non-verbal stimuli. This questioning technique works at a deeper more unconscious level, which makes them much harder to predict or second guess. There is even a suggestion that the answers given are more accurate, eliminating the other issue with traditional profiles which is the number of questions that need to be asked. Instead of spending ten, fifteen or thirty minutes often a visually based psychometric profile can be completed in less than sixty seconds. If words and questions are being replaced by images and preferences, perhaps this will make psychometric profiling not only faster, fun and more accurate, it might appeal more to a wider audience, rather than just being the preserve of business. In the future it could be that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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A guide to wholesale beads

Wholesale beads are designed and developed by each and every wholesale jewel maker, and they are considered to be one of the most important works in the jewelry industry. Designs and patterns of pure metal or gold are topped with various kinds of beads. The list of different kinds of beads include swarovski crystals, cat’s eye, Czech beads, glass beads, magnetic beads, trade beads, seed beads, cabochons, natural beads, pearls, Venetian beads, bicones, acrylic beads, European beads, and sterling silver beads. Wholesale beads are most common in a circular form with a customary hole in the centre. These are designed in various shapes and varieties of beads.

Long cylindrical beads are one of the popular beads. There are also rectangular or square beads, 6 faced or flat beads and also heart shaped beads. Wooden beads that are made from carving the finest quality wood pieces are used to make wholesale beads of various shapes. Seed beads are very popular kind of beads, which are made from long hollow glass tubes called canes. These canes are chopped at varied lengths to get the desired kind and shape of wholesale seed beads.

They are made of a blend using two different kinds of glass materials. Wholesale beads are usually purchased in strands. A cat’s eye bead, which is of size 4 x 6 mm and 16 inches long, can range around $2. A glass bead can cost you $0.91, whereas tube beads can cost you $1.35 a piece. The kind of glass used for making beads easily determines the kind of bead. Wholesale beads made from Murano glass are very famous and are developed by well experienced craftsmen. Usually, the glass which is used here is melted in the open air in order to develop more attractive beads.

Leaded glass or crystal is used to make various varieties of crystal beads. A high amount of lead oxide is used in the raw glass material making it hard and brilliant. They use high technology in precise cutting and polishing tools to produce wholesale beads with a great style. Pearls are another famous kind of wholesale beads available in the market. They are shiny organic gems produced from oysters. They are classified into natural fresh water pearls and cultured pearls.

They are available in various colors like white, cream, pink, blue, black and beige. A strand of fresh water pearls can range around $1.75.

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New or used boat 405

New Or Used Boat Similiar to cars, there are a few pros and cons to new and used boats. Even though there are hundreds of used boats available, you should look at the newer ones first. New boats With new boats, you'll know each and every piece of history with the boat and the motor. If something happens to go wrong, you'll have a warranty to fall back on, so you don't have to focus on restoring or repairing your new boat. This way, you can get out in the water immediately. When you finance a new boat, you can usually get a much better interest rate as well. By shopping new you'll also get a better idea as to which type of boat is best for you and your family. Just like a car, the depreciation value is the highest in the first season of use. Used boats Used boats can be a great option, especially for those who don't know what they want to do with the boat, or those with tight budgets. Even though you may be planning to buy a new boat, it's always a good idea to shop new ones first. Attending boat shows are a great way to see the boats that are out there, helping you to get an idea of what you want. You can look at the many used boats that are there, then narrow your list down as to what type of used boat you prefer. Whether you plan to shop for your used boat online, through the newspaper, or by visiting one of the local boat dealerships, make sure you get a marine survey of the boat before you make the purchase. A marine survey may be a bit expensive, although it's money well spent. Often times, structural defects or mechanical problems with used boats that weren't cared for properly will be quite difficult to detect. A marine survey is similiar to a home inspection, as the surveyor will inspect every inch of the boat, from the engine to the electrical system and the hull to the steering wheel. Depending on the results you receive, you can use the results to get a lower price, or just stop the deal altogether if the results are that bad. The marine survey is the smartest way to buy a used boat, as it can save you a lot of time, headache, and even money - which makes it well worth it. (word count 405)

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What makes composting worthwhile

What Makes Composting Worthwhile? If you’re into organic gardening you probably know by know about compost and how it works wonders to your garden patch. But for the first timers, creating a compost pile is not really on the top of their to-do-list. The question of is composting worthwhile usually comes up and not knowing enough they usually arrive at the easiest answer and course of action. And that’s a nope, I don’t have time for making my own compost. I will settle with the commercially available organic fertilizers and stuff. First things first, composting is the process of decomposing organic wastes, which can be household wastes or plant remains or a mixture of both, and making them into a dark, earthy, and loose or crumbly substance. Because compost is rich in minerals which most plants need, compost can be made to replace your garden soil.

Most often, however, gardeners use compost to enrich their garden soil. When compost is added the soil, the overall structure of the soil improved allowing it to hold more water and letting air circulate within the soil. Contrary to some of your perceptions, compost is quite easy to make and is especially easy to use. There are several methods that could be used when creating compost. The following guide shows how easy it is to create it on your own backyard. I would suggest making your own compost bin to make everything confined to one place. You will avoid making a mess in your backyard if you do so. Plus, temperature and moisture can also be regulated if you construct a compost bin but allow the organic materials to be composted touch the soil.

You need to allow your earthworm buddies and other organic microbes help out in the decomposing process. Although, almost all organic materials could go into your compost pile, a good combination of “greens” and “browns” would be better. The “greens” refer to nitrogen-rich organic matter like fresh grass, leaves, and your scraps in your kitchen. The “browns”, on the other hand refer to organic matter tat contains a lot of carbon such as those dried leaves on your backyard, straw and, of course, wood chips or shavings. A good combination of “greens” and “browns” can dictate how fast you will have a finished compost.

Admittedly, you will have an edge in this area if you have piled up your experience in compost making. Why? Well, for starters you would probably have timed how fast the final compost is created from the different proportions of “greens” and “browns”. Some, however, would suggest that the best proportion would be 25 percent of your compost pile is made of “browns” and 1 percent is made of “greens.” Take note that if you have a large part made up of “browns” the compost pile will decompose rather slowly. On the other hand, having too much “greens” on the pile could cause some serious smell. Other elements that you should always consider when making compost are the air and the amount of water your pile will need. It is best to keep your compost pile damp. This will help in the decomposing process. Air is also needed so make sure your pile is properly aerated.

If you do observe that no air is coming in, just turn over your pile. Observe and continuously aerate your pile every until you can already “harvest” the fruits of your labor. It takes some effort in creating compost, that part I have to agree. But the results of composting are really worthwhile.

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World of warcraft where the challenges keep coming

World of WarCraft (WoW) is an MMORPG -- a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is the 4th game in the Warcraft series, not including expansion packs and "Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans" which was cancelled. The Warcraft series of games are set in the Warcraft Universe. This universe is a fantasy setting that was first introduced in "Warcraft: Orcs & Humans" back in 1994. The previous release was "Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne." World of Warcraft takes place four years after the final events in Warcraft III. ** Rise to the challenge or die If you are looking for a game that will provide a serious challenge as well as hours and hours of enjoyment, WoW is perfect for you. Some people claim it even makes you smarter, sharper and quicker on your feet because it is so demanding. WoW will keep you busy for hours on end because there is almost no limit to the tasks and objectives it challenges you to perform. You may be surprised to find how open-ended it is. So if you like games with a definite "conclusion" you may be disappointed by World of Warcraft. Reaching the 60th level is about the closest you will come to completing the game. But getting to that point is not easy. Very few, relatively speaking, have accomplished that feat. ** Breaking into World of Warcraft The early levels in WoW are fairly straightforward. They give you the opportunity to get to know the game and to get a feel for how it is played. That means the learning curve is not as steep as with some other games. WoW's difficulty factor progresses gradually, and soon you will find yourself confronted with new and more difficult challenges. Each level of World of Warcraft has many quests. Completing or fulfilling one quest often leads directly to another. For instance your quest may be something simple like gathering items and then transporting them through a series of obstacles to a previously unknown destination. That may then lead to something more substantial such as solving a mystery you find when you get to your destination. ** Learning to overcome your opponents As the name implies, World of Warcraft has its share of warfare, combat and fighting. This often involves overcoming an unending string of monsters and opponents of various shapes and sizes. Your skill as a warrior improves as you learn what works and what doesn't. But your opponents also grow stronger, more clever, and more devious as you progress through the game. They do not just come at you with their weapons and brute strength, but have other ways of defeating you - through curses, or even infecting you with deadly diseases. Each new challenge requires skill and resourcefulness on your part. That means that a successful player must develop many skills as he or she goes along. And these skills will vary depending on your character. They include such things as the appropriate use of magic, tracking opponents and beasts on maps, launching missles at opponents, and creating portals so you can move yourself out of harm's way. Give World of Warcraft a try. Like millions of other online gamers, you will probably find it exciting, entertaining and challenging.

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Bad credit auto loan financing should you arrange private financing

Should you arrange for private auto loan financing when you have bad credit? The simple answer is yes, if you want to save money. Relying on dealership financing makes you the victim of high rates and limits your car buying options. By securing your car financing before you shop for a car, you get the chance to find the best available car loan. Limited Options With Dealership Financing Dealerships would have you think that there are very few financing options if you have poor credit. They let you pick a vehicle at what you think is a reasonable price. Then they turn around and charge you excessively high rates and fees to finance the purchase. Dealerships make thousands with these poor loans. With dealership financing, you don’t have the power to negotiate a better deal on your car or loan. You have to take what they give you, which isn’t very good. Take Control Of Your Financing To get the best deal on your auto loan, check out private lenders ahead of time. Use the internet to search across the country for lenders who are willing to work with your adverse credit rating. You can also request car loan quotes, so you can better compare lending companies. Without hurting your credit score, you can ask for estimates on a number of loan terms, helping you decide what is your best option in regards to loan terms. Getting pre-approved for your car loan also gives you more control during the car buying process. You can go to any dealership or person to purchase your car. Sellers treat you like a cash buyer since you have a blank check ready to sign over to the dealership or individual. So not only do you get a better deal on your loan, but also on the car’s price. Quicker Results Online Shopping for car financing only takes a few hours. And the loan application just takes minutes to complete over the internet. In just a few days, your application can be approved with a blank check and contract express mailed to you. For the savings you’ll see, time spent searching for online car loan lenders is well worth it.

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American idol betting odds when will you american idol fans start listening

: Everyone snickered a month ago when there were still 8 singers in contention for the coveted American Idol crown and at 18-1, I must have been the only person in the world that suggested you plunk down so hard earned cash on Elliot Yamin. Yesterday highly touted publications were predicting the demise of my main man. I mean even one of my own employer’s followed up my so called perceived ridiculous statement, with a rebuttal from another writer. Hey, to each his own and it’s like I am bang on with every one of my predictions. Let’s turn the clock back to April 14, 2006: AT 18-1 ELLIOT YANIN WILL SHOCK THE WORLD! Okay I admit I have hit rock bottom as I am about to write an article on American Idol, but on the flip side, you have to admit, this show has power! I have in this competition sat on my couch with my wife who loves the show and in this particular competition have seen the contestants twice. The first time I saw Elliot Yamin sing he was doing a Stevie Wonder tune called ‘If You Really Love Me” and I said then and there that the competition was over. This guy blew the competition out of the water and even Simon had to admit the guy has the chops.

This past week I watched the competition and it was the show with the “Queen “theme and this is not an easy group to imitate. I was stunned they did the voting and he was placed in the bottom three which meant there was a chance he would get eliminated. BS I cried out to my wife, but then it call hit me like a ton of bricks, the guy is short and ugly and the superficial callers, could not get past this issue. I can't be the only one to notice that Elliott Yamin has the worst teeth on American Idol. But could his dental dilemma be due to diabetes and not poor hygiene? But Elliott's teeth aren't the only unusual feature on the 27 year-old contestant from Richmond, Virginia. His Abe Lincoln-style sideburns make him look like a cross between an Amish farmer and street gangster. And sometimes he even looks like a leprechaun cautiously coveting his pot of gold. But seriously, Elliott can use his weirdo/outsider/creepy look to his advantage.

Think about it - if his confidence continues to grow (and it should if Simon keeps stroking Elliott's ego), he could be the unlikely long-shot that is the next American Idol. American Idol sells the sizzle that anyone can win this competition and what better way then to select a Diabetes sufferer from a poverty stricken family to be the next winner. Believe me folks American Idol will by the show Extreme Makeover and send Yamin there and he will come out looking by Brad Pitt. I gave you the White Sox, I gave you Mickleson and now you have an 18-1 longshot! Now I don’t want to come across as some pompous you know what, but this whole American Idol is no different them betting on pro sports. The Phoenix Suns were buried by the public after game 5 of their series against Lakers and everyone was talking about the great Kobe and Phil Jackson for coach of the year. After game 7 it was all Steve Nash and his posse. The Suns then took apart the Clippers in game one and everyone was talking about all the unsung heroes on the Phoenix team.

I warned you that the spread of Suns -4 Ѕ was too low, but the guys with all the money in Vegas, knew that betting is 90% public perception. The Clippers mauled the Suns last night! American Idol attracts millions of viewers and wants to continue that trend. They sell the American Dream that anything is possible, plus they want controversy at the water cooler the next day! Elliott Yamin is the Steve Nash of American Idol that suggests that it is alright to “Dare to Dream”! Online Sports Betting

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Why you should quit smoking

Smoking is a highly additive habit, and most people who smoke find it very difficult to quit. The reason that it is so difficult to quit smoking is that the addiction is multifaceted: not only is there a physical addiction to the nicotine, but there is also a strong psychological component to the addiction as cigarettes are both legal and in many situations socially acceptable. One of the greatest indicators as to weather your attempt to quit smoking will be successful is how mentally prepared you are. You have to truly want to quit in order to be successful, and if you try to quit without this mindset it is unlikely that it will work. A good way to motivate yourself - to get yourself to a point where you really and truly want to quit smoking - is to think of the health risks involved, and the many benefits of quitting. The health risks associated with smoking are well known, but if you are trying to quit it is a good idea to revisit them. By smoking, you greatly increase your chances of lung cancer and heart disease. As well as the increased risk of a premature death, you will also, as a smoker, be plagued with breathing difficulties.

Another thing you should consider is that as a smoker you are putting others at risk through second hand smoke. It is a well known fact that second hand smoke can be very detrimental to the health of your loved ones, especially over the long term. Now, if you smoke there a good chance you're aware of these factors, and the knowledge can be fairly sobering. All is not lost, however, and in order to motive yourself to quit your should think about the immediate benefits involved if you stop. Almost instantly you'll notice that your sense of smell will improve. Smell plays a crucial role in the taste of food, and therefore your taste sensation will improve considerably, and you will find yourself enjoying food more.

Also consider the money that you will save. Depending on where you live, cigarettes can be very expensive, and the general trend is that the price will continue to increase in the future. Even a fairly generous assumption of $5 a pack means that if you quit a pack a day habit you will save almost $2000 in the first year. A great technique to motive yourself when you first stop smoking is to put the money you would spend every day on cigarettes into a jar, where you can see it steadily accumulate: even after the first week you'll have $35 - enough to treat yourself to a nice meal. By constantly reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting smoking you give yourself an important mental motivator: think of not only your own health benefits, but those of the people around you who suffer from second hand smoke.

Add to this the amount of money you'll be saving, and it becomes hard to justify a smoking habit. Quitting smoking is a win-win situation, and thinking of it in this way will provide you with an important mental weapon in your attempt to quit.

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Do you know if you are dehydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important to your health and you need to know the warning signs of dehydration so you can take action, especially if you have a very active lifestyle. Your body needs a minimum of 64 oz of water per day. That’s at least 8 glasses of water and you could probably drink more. If you live in a warmer climate then you may need to drink more than 8 glasses. If you active in sports or have a hectic stressful lifestyle then you may also need to drink more. You should: 1) Start drinking water soon after you wake up. A squirt of lemon is a good idea for your first glass of the day. 2) Take sips rather than gulping down water all at once. 3) Drink steadily throughout the day especially if you are active. 4) You can also get some liquid into your system by eating fruits and vegetables which contain anywhere from 70% to 92% of water. Here are some signs that you are dehydrated: 1) Fatigue 2) Flushed skin 3) Dry mouth 4) Dry lips 5) Cramps 6) Headache 7) Sunken eyes 8) Stiff Joints 9) Dark Urine When you wake up in the morning your urine should be clear with no odor. This is a quick and easy way to tell if you are dehydrated. You can alleviate many physical problems just by drinking the appropriate amount of water per day. This is especially true if you have difficulty with constipation. When you drink water it gets into the intestines where some of it gets into the bloodstream to nourish all the cells of the body, some goes to other major organs such as the kidneys, bladder etc., but the rest is utilized by the colon to remove fecal matter. You would not expect your toilet to flush properly without water, it is also true for your body. You will not be able to flush sufficient fecal matter without enough water in your system. As you start getting older you can lose some of your ability to recognize if you are thirsty so it is especially important for the elderly to drink water through out the day. So many physical problems for the elderly stem from being dehydrated. Dehydration can be a serious problem but it is easily handled. Pay attention to your body and learn to recognize the symptoms and drink, drink, drink water all day long. You’ll be glad you did.

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Fish oil

The research in support of dietary omega-3 fatty acids (such as in fish oils) continues to flood the scientific literature. This is perfectly predictable given our genetic roots. In the wild, eating natural raw foods, we would be consuming large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids daily. But today, on processed, grain-based diets, we get little. Instead, we have dramatically increased the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids.

Although these too are essential in the diet, their excess results in a pro-inflammatory response that lies at the base of a mix of modern degenerative diseases such as arthritis, autoimmunities and heart disease. The natural diet should have a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 of about 1:1, but today is more like 20 or 30 to 1! See a problem? Certain fish, algae, some vegetables, grass-fed meats, wild meats, high omega-3 eggs, seeds such as flax and supplements help. Variety is always important. Any food may contain toxins, so varying the diet gives the body an opportunity to detoxify. For example, fish can contain the toxins methyl mercury and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), both by-products of our industrial age that gravitate into water.

These are lipophilic (fat loving) and thus are present in fish oils and then tend to accumulate in our fat depots when consumed. This is a consideration for dieters since the lipophilic toxins in fat stores that are being rapidly melted away can flood the body, potentially creating a toxic shock. (Not an excuse to not lose weight here, just a caution on radical weight loss or repeated yo-yo dieting.) This is also of particular concern for pregnant and nursing moms since these toxins can transfer to and accumulate in the fetus, increasing the risk of abnormalities, disease and weakness. Increasing the amount of omega-3s is not easy and requires a purposeful shift in dietary habits. Official dietary agencies are recommending about 0.65g/day of omega-3s (EPA, DHA) for pregnant and lactating women, and about 1g for people with cardiovascular risk. (These are conservative. In the wild we would naturally consume much more.) To obtain the 1g/day level, 210g of canned light tuna in oil would need to be consumed or about 50g of farmed Atlantic Salmon. Fish type is important, with the cold-water species having the highest concentrations of omega-3s. Other fish such as tilefish, swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tuna steaks increase the risk of mercury exposure. One can estimate that PCB intake parallels fish consumption. Omega-3 dietary supplements vary widely in omega-3 content, ranging from 50% to 150% of label claims. Supplements can as well contain mercury and PCBs. Omega-3s are very fragile and can easily convert to toxins themselves when exposed to heat, light, air and water so supplements should be chosen carefully and stored properly. My feeling is the risk from the toxins is less than the risk of not increasing omega-3s in the diet. For example, the concentration of PCBs in supplements ranges from 2% to 43% of recommended safe levels. If fish are eaten as the main source of omega-3s, variety is what will decrease the risk. The wise course is to follow the Optimal Health Program™, which will help you return to your dietary roots, including, wild-type foods, raw and fresh as much as possible and appropriately designed supplements. Shop for high omega-3 food options and keep your intake of antioxidants high to protect these fragile oils when they are consumed. Supplements should be chosen carefully, be oxidant protected, properly packaged in light - and oxygen-barrier packaging, and kept frozen until consumed. In the end, omega-3s are not a new scientific discovery. They are just part of the diet we are genetically programmed to eat. If we had not veered from that design in our eating habits, the omega-3 “discovery” would be meaningless. This is yet another lesson that paying attention to our natural design provides the best hope for prevention and optimal health. *Further Reading: [The Wysong Optimal Health Program™] http:// wysong. net/optimal_health_page1.shtml

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Optimism and your heart how being happy can protect you against heart disease

Take a few seconds to close your eyes and imagine that you are putting a slice of lemon into your mouth and chewing on it. Did your mouth water? This is just one example of how the mind can affect the body - simply thinking about something can trigger a physical reaction. If your body reacts just thinking about chomping on a lemon imagine what happens when you experience chronic, negative emotions. It’s time for a heart to heart. Did you know that anger can increase a man's risk of coronary heart disease?

Specifically, full-blown, outward and uncontrollable expressions of anger, aka "losing it" put men at risk. If you are a woman, you don't get off the heart hook. The risk for women is more subtle, indirect expression of antagonism. Hostility, defined as an attitude of ill will and a negative evaluation of people and events is another set of emotions that puts us at risk for heart disease. Pessimism is also associated with heart health.

People who constantly blame themselves for the things that go wrong and believe that nothing good will come their way are more likely to develop heart disease that people with a positive attitude. The mind set of pessimism is linked with higher levels of anger, anxiety and depression which are other risk factors implicated in heart disease. Take heart! There is good news. Positive emotions like optimism may be a psychological vaccination against heart disease. Studies show that optimistic men were half as likely as pessimistic men to develop heart disease. Now that’s a lottery with good odds!

Developing a positive attitude does not mean that you can forsake all of the other methods of staying heart healthy: nutrition, exercise, no smoking – you know the drill. The other piece of good news is that optimism can be learned and you can have a change of heart. It is a matter of replacing your negative thoughts and evaluations with positive ones. Start by choosing a chronic negative thought that runs around like a manic hamster in your head. First write down that negative thought and then write down the opposite.

Learn your positive thought by heart and repeat it over and over. Don’t worry about not believing what you are saying. Just focus on the positive thought and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I trust that you will take to heart that being optimistic is good for you. Wishing you an optimistic attitude and a healthy heart.

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Deauville lamagnifique

: Les grands hфtels de Las Vegas, Macao et Monte Carlo font tout pour obtenir le privilиge de les faire jouer. Ils sont la source assurй de gros profits car statistiquement, ils vont perdre. Les hфtels n'hйsitent pas а mettre а leur disposition un avion privй pour les faire venir ainsi que leurs meilleures suites. Quant on est en mesure de perdre des centaines de milliers de dollars, tout le reste peut иtre offert. On peut dire en franзais "un flambeur". Mais pour nous, simple debutant ou joueur non encore confirmes, je vous propose de decouvrir le casino a la francaise: DEAUVILLE. Le Casino de Deauville est l’un des premiers casinos du groupe qui comprend entre autre les casinos Barriиre de : Besanзon, Ribeauvillй, le Palais Casino du Touquet, Carnac, Dinard, Enghien-les-Bains, l’unique de la rйgion parisienne, Chamonix, Cannes, Sainte-Maxime, Biarritz et bien d’autres rйpartis entre la France, la Suisse, la Belgique et Malte. Depuis 1990, le capital de l’empire est rйpartit entre Barriиre-Desseigne, le Groupe Accor (34%) et Colony Capital (15%). Le chiffre d’affaire du casino de Deauville s’йlиve а lui seul а :215,3 millions d’euros en 2004. Dйcouvrez а la fois le luxe et la sobriйtй du Casino Deauville! Son immense palais blanc vous ouvre ses portes sous ses prestigieux tapis moelleux et une architecture incomparable, pour mieux vous faire vibrer au son des cliquetis rythmй des jackpots, les tables rutilantes, ses bars et ses restaurants toujours avenants… Dans cette ambiance festive et chaleureuse, venez retrouvez au Casino Barriиre de Deauville tous vos jeux favoris. Casino Deauville c’est 325 machines а sous rйparties en 3 salons, 6 tables de Boule, sans oublier ses Machines а Rouleaux et Vidйo Poker de 0,10 а 20 euros Entrez dans la salle de la Boule. Vous y retrouverez 6 tables avec mise minimale de 2 euros. Le Casino Barriиre de Deauville porte l'hйritage de la splendeur du passй. Dans ce dйcor somptueux, vous pouvez varier les plaisirs а chaque instant. Vous y retrouverez les jeux а mise minimale d’un euro : 2 tables de Roulette Franзaise (mise minimale de 5 euros), 1 table de la roulette Franзaise (mise minimale de 10 euros), 4 tables de Roulette Anglaise, 10 tables Black Jack, 4 tables de Stud Poker, 1 table de Punto Banco, 1 table de Craps. Mais Casino Deauville, c’est aussi ses spectacles tels le festival swing et ses loisirs tels le Golf. Celui-ci, situй sur le Mont Canisy, а quelques minutes du centre de Deauville, offre une vue exceptionnelle а la fois sur la mer et toute la campagne environnante, dans une tranquillitй absolue.

Vous y retrouverez les parcours а 9 ou 18 trous. Des compйtitions y sont aussi organisйes. Alors pourquoi attendre plus longtemps ! Rejoignez vite le Groupe Casino Lucien Barriиre а Deauville !

Le seul Casino а vous offrir en plein cњur de la Normandie le plaisir des jeux mйlйs au plaisir du sport !

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What your kid really wants for christmas

The day is long gone that all any kid really wants for Christmas is their two front teeth! Chances are that high on the list will be a new cell phone, a PS2, iPod Nano or one of the many competing MP3 players, a digital camera, or indeed the latest clutch of computer games. The choice of gifts seems to grow each year, with even a three dimensional pool table making an appearance this year! For those whose kids can’t be pried away from the TV maybe the new OC in a Tin board game may be the answer, or even The Price is Right interactive DVD game? The sheer range of gift ideas is staggering and tracking them down in the store is a real chore. When you couple this with the truly fickle nature of kid’s crazes and the ever present peer pressure factor, then trying to select what is right for the kids in your life can be a daunting and expensive process—nevertheless, did you know that you can get online coupons that can help you cut down on the expenses this Christmas?

The one thing you can count on, as the Christmas season progresses is that the retail toys as well as games and electronic stores will increasingly resemble places under siege as hordes of desperate parents wander aimlessly around trying to find the latest “must have” item. To preserve your sanity and temper why not consider what millions of other sensible shoppers now do and take advantage of shopping online? What’s more, you can take advantage of online coupons and save yourself a hefty amount of cash. That way, from the comfort of your home or during breaks at work, you can have a hassle and stress free shopping experience with the additional benefits of generally being able to buy at lower than typical retail prices because you utilize online coupons. Also, you can benefit from direct delivery.

Indeed, you can usually specify delivery to a third party location, which is an ideal method of sending the gift to other family members who are located further away from you. So whether your kids want to lock themselves away with a hand held Suduko game, their own DVD player or even head outside with a new football, the places to shop with ease is appearing in increasing numbers online. Further, with each place you find online to shop, you will find a growing amount of Internet businesses that accept coupons online. Save yourself the time, trouble and stress of heading for the mall and fire up the pc; a whole world of potential gifts is just a click away along with serious potential savings with coupons. Whether your kids will actually use the gifts beyond Christmas Day is always down to fate and fashion but if you want to give your family a stress free family environment this Christmas, then shopping on the Internet and saving yourself a few bucks with coupons online is the perfect solution.

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Make household chores easier with softened water

If you find yourself spending too much time on household chores and not enough time with your family, there's a simple solution that can make your life easier. The answer is to use softened water. Dreary tasks such as washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning up the bathroom and kitchen are easier and less time-consuming with softened water-and softened water brings added benefits such as softer skin and shinier hair. Hard water forms when naturally occurring minerals enter water sources. It is also very common in this country. Eighty-five percent of the U. S. geography has hard water, according to the U. S. Geological Survey. As our population grows and becomes more diverse, many homeowners may be feeling the effects of hard water without even realizing it. The naturally occurring minerals in "hard" water make it difficult for soaps, detergents and shampoos to lather, which in turn forces you to scrub harder when cleaning your home. In fact, the term "hard water" originally referred to water that was difficult or hard to work with. Installing a water softener in your home can greatly reduce the natural hard minerals found in water. Inside the water softener, salt pellets are used to charge thousands of tiny resin beads with sodium ions. As hard water moves over the resin beads, the minerals are replaced with sodium ions, creating soft water. While the joys of soft water greatly outweigh the maintenance of a water softener, one task most people dread is changing the softener pellets as instructed by the manufacturer. Carrying bags of salt to the water softener was a chore that hadn't seen much improvement in a long, long time-until now. Diamond Crystal® water-softening salt now comes in a two-handled bag. When compared to other brands' single rigid handle, the two-handled bag makes it easier and more comfortable to change the salt. Simple instructions are printed in English and Spanish, and the product works in any water softener. After all, wouldn't you rather spend more time and energy on family fun than tiresome household tasks?

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Website marketing strategies one way links

One of the best website marketing strategy is having great search engine positions in all major search engines. Every webmaster's goal is to have thousands of visitors every day. And the best way to receive targeted traffic is trough search engines. Today, it's well known that link popularity is a very important factor in achieving good positions. So any webmaster that has a site, want's as many inbound links as it's possible. There are two kind of inbound links: one way links and reciprocal links. In this article I will try to show you some advantages of one way links and some good tested methods to get them. First of all you should know that any link that points to a website is like a vote from the search engine's point of view. 1. The best method to get many optimized one way links is to write great articles and submit them to article directories. You'll just have to place a link to your site in the end of the article or in the resource box. The great thing about this article based one way links is that they all come from only content pages. The article will be related to your site and it will contain your desired keywords. Increasing your link popularity with this powerful links will give your site great search engine positioning and also lots of targeted visitors. This website marketing strategy will bring you amazing results. 2. Writing articles is the easy way to get one way links. The more difficult way to achieve them is to ask for them over the net. You can spend some time looking for sites that are related to yours and sending an email to the webmasters. If you can convince them that their visitors could be interested in what you have on your site than the webmaster will place link on his site. This method could be really time consuming but it can bring you quite good results. 3. If you have great content on your site or a useful tool webmasters will link to you to offer their visitors new information and utilities. 4. Another method would be writing testimonials for services that you used. If you used a product, read a book, you can send a testimonial to the website owner and place a link to your site in the end. This method is quite useful because it will bring you lots of traffic. The visitors that are interested in buying the product usually want to know more about the person that left the testimonial. All in all, if you are looking for a good website marketing strategy, than one way links will satisfy your needs. This links will boost up your search engine positions and will bring you tons of targeted visitors.

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