Condo s no longer the cheaper alternative

Expert offer advice for real estate practitioners navigating the expanding condominium market. The choices for today’s condo market are filled with more and more options. From the ultra luxury $2,000,000 plus penthouses that equal million dollar single family homes, to ultra-luxurious hotel condos, to 600 sq. ft. studios. This diversity of residences allow the growing condo market to offer many choices for every level of home buyer. The word condominium actually describes individual ownership in a multiunit structure, not the architecture of a property. In the 1970s and ’80s, condominiums were thought to be a choice only for first-time home buyers and retirees. For Dana Berke, director for the Ultra luxury Condominium Division of chicagosbesthomes. com, Chicago, Il., that ownership centers around a specialized buyer looking for a high-quality lifestyle, stunning views, top-notch locations, and world-class amenities and they are willing to pay for it. From new money rich baby boomers to retirees, luxury condo living is in demand across the country. In addition to Chicago, luxury condos have strong growth in all the major markets, including Las Vegas, South Florida, Scottsdale, New York, and Pittsburgh. According to La Jolla, Calif.-based DataQuick Information Systems, California recorded 1,677 condo sales in the $1 million category last year, up more than 90 percent from 879 in 2004. These luxury dwellings often include a doorman, concierge service, 24-hour monitored security and security staff, maid service, luxury spas, pools, tennis and racquetball courts, state-of-the-art fitness centers, designer appliances, top-of-the-line fixtures and lighting, marble floors, walk-in closets, wireless Internet access in all common areas, owner’s lounges, business centers, wine rooms, movie theaters, and valet and underground parking. But luxury costs. Price per square foot can start as high as $600, Some areas are starting at $800-$1000 per square foot. The Luxury Condo-Hotel market can start as high a $1250 per sq. ft. The other costs are the monthly assessments that can cost as much as $1,000 to $3,000/month. 9/11 seems to have had a hand in the booming luxury condo market. People have decided they no longer want to wait till retirement for that condo by the ocean, or that downtown high rise. In addition to all the luxury amenities, people also want more room. The 2000 sq ft. 3 bedroom condo is no longer the norm, people want 4000+. Of course, a condo doesn’t have to be new or luxurious to be desirable. Recognizing the need for affordable housing, and increased building costs and land restrictions in many markets over the past 15 years, developers and investors have been turning attached rental apartment into condominium communities and the movement to convert has never been stronger than in the past year. Even at this end home buyers, looking for a small 1 bedroom or studio, people want choices. Granite, Stainless Steel appliances, hardwood floors. No longer are they willing to take whatever is available in their price range, they seek out new developments where they can make their own choices. Many developers are building condos in this price range, they can sell them out quickly and go onto the next protect. According to New York-based research firm Real Capital Analytics Inc., nationwide sales to converters increased to more than $28 billion (representing 182,742 units) in 2005 from more than $11 billion (representing 77,193 units) in 2004. Some of these conversions are truly stunning. What starts as an old apt. building is transformed into a showcase condo building. The homes are completely gutted and replaced with hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless steel Appls. The literally replace everything in the common areas, carpet, window treatments, ornate facades & beautiful landscaping and even sometimes adding pools & spas. They usually will offer existing renters a discount to stay in the building. Condominiums are no longer a cheap alternative but a “Lifestyle”. Many condominium owners cannot imagine any other way to live.

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Social engineering the real e terrorism

One evening, during the graveyard shift, an AOL technical support operator took a call from a hacker. During the hour long conversation the hacker mentioned he had a car for sale. The technical support operator expressed an interest so the hacker sent him an e-mail with a photo of the car attached. When the operator opened the attachment it created a back door that opened a connection out of AOL's network, through the firewall, allowing the hacker full access to the entire internal network of AOL with very little effort on the hacker's part. The above is a true story and it is an excellent example of one of the biggest threats to an organisation's security - social engineering. It has been described as people hacking and it generally means persuading someone inside a company to volunteer information or assistance. Examples of techniques employed by hackers include: Unobtrusively observing over your shoulder as you key in your password or PIN. Calling helpdesks with questions or being overly friendly Pretending to be someone in authority. Social engineering attacks can have devastating consequences for the businesses involved. Accounts can be lost, sensitive information can be compromised, competitive advantage can be wiped out and reputation can be destroyed. By implementing some simple techniques you can reduce the risk of your organisation becoming a victim or, in the event that you are targeted, keep the consequences to a minimum. Make sure that all staff, especially non-IT staff, are aware of the risk of social engineering and what to do in the event of such an attack. Conduct regular security awareness training so that all staff are kept up to date with security related issues. Implement a formal incident reporting mechanism for all security related incidents to ensure there is a rapid response to any breaches. Ensure that the company has security policies and procedures in place, that all staff are aware of them and that they are followed. Put an information classification system in place to protect sensitive information. Conduct regular audits, not only on IT systems but also on policies, procedures and personnel so that any potential weaknesses can be addressed as soon as possible.

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A guide to investing in real estate

With all of the investment opportunities available these days, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is right for you and your money. If you find yourself trying to make a decision about where your money should be invested, you might want to take a few moments to consider investing in real estate. While real estate investment isn't right for everyone, there is a rather significant potential to make money if you handle your real estate investments correctly. To help you to decide whether or not real estate investment is right for you, here is some additional information on investing in real estate for both resale purposes and rental purposes, as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of investment. Investing for Resale One common method of investing in real estate is investing for the purposes of resale. This method uses real estate in much the same way that other investors use stocks or similar investments; you purchase a piece of property and then attempt to sell it for more than you invested into it. Investors who buy and sell real estate in this manner will often use the money made from one piece of property to purchase another, keeping some real estate on the market as much as possible and keeping the excess money that was made from the last sale. Investing for Rental Another common method of investing in real estate is investing for the purposes of owning rental property. Instead of putting a house or apartment building back on the market after purchasing it, the rental investor finds individuals who are interested in renting their property and then serves as landlord. This type of investment doesn't yield as much at one time as resale investments, but has the potential to bring in a somewhat steady return for months or years to come. Advantages of Real Estate Investment The advantages of real estate investment are much like the advantages of any investment… there is an opportunity to make money, sometimes large amounts of money. Resale investors can often purchase property that needs minimal repair, fix it up, and see a significant increase in their profits for not a whole lot of money. Rental investors can make even more over time, because as long as their property is occupied they're going to be making money. Years down the road, they can also choose to sell their rental property for additional profits. Disadvantages of Real Estate Investment While there is a great potential to make money with real estate investment, it's not without its disadvantages. For resale investors, they may not be able to find a buyer as quickly as they'd like, or the real estate market might drop after they'd made their purchase… either scenario meaning that they aren't able to get the money out of the property that they want or in some cases not even able to get back what they put into it. Rental investors have to deal with the people who are renting the property, as well as potential periods when no one is renting it… and are responsible by law for certain amounts of maintenance and repair even though it may be the tenant's fault that the repairs are needed. They also have to deal with non-paying tenants, and those who are quick to threaten legal action even if it's not legitimate. Both types of investment also require payment of property taxes and other fees. Money can be made with real estate, just make sure that you're ready for the drawbacks as well. -- You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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7 ways to promote your business free

1. Free Classifieds: If you have the time to post you ads on classified sites , then this is a good place for you to start. Placing classified ads does work, but this method of advertising will take some time before you will start to see results. You will need to continually submit your ad to these sites , so your ad will stay near the top of the pages of these sites. Not everyone will get the same results with free classified advertising. The results I may get , may not be the same as the type of results you may get. It will depend on your ad title , how long your ad has been running , and what type of ad you are using. Simply search the web for free advertising sites. The list will be long , you will need to find sites that will work for you. Free classifieds take a lot of time, and effort. Results will show , but you will need to work at it hard , and on a regular basis. Here are a few classified sites listed: AZ Free Classifieds Ad Listings http:// freeclassifieds. com/ 1 Stop Free Internet Classifieds http://classifieds. bmi. net/ Free Classified Advertising And Promotion http:// adlandpro. com"/ Free Classifieds - USFreeads. com http:// usfreeads. com/ Free Classsified Ads http:// a-better-way. com/classified/ Alberta Rose FREE Classifieds http:// albertarose. com/ Money-At-Home. Com Free Classifieds! Place Your Free Ad Today http:// money-at-home. com/classifieds. html Ablewise. com Classifieds - The Online Classifieds Solution http:// ablewise. com/ Home Business Opportunities Work At Home And Make Money Online http://bigmoolla. com/ Business Opportunities Classifieds Online - Small Business http:// boconline. com/ 2. Free E-zine Ads: most ezines give away free ads to new subscribers of their ezines. Since the ezines have been requested by their subscribers , this is another good place to start. Here are some E-ZINES listed: The Free Directory of Ezines http:// freezineweb. com/ A list of 500+ free ezines! E-zines and on-line newsletters publications http:// powerpub. com/zinelist. htm Free Ezines Directory http:// readers. freeservers. com/ezinedirectory. html 3.Writing articles: Writing articles for distrubution in other ezines , newsletters , etc is a great FREE method for sending traffic to your site. This gives you the opportunity to write about something you know , and will give you free advertising in your resource box. Lots of people are looking for new content for their ezines, or newsletters , so getting published will provide free advertising. 4.Include your URL on everything , like business cards , stationary, etc. This is also a good source for promotion of your business. Some good places to leave your business cards are: local stores , banks , restraurants, etc. 5.Flyers: Print out some flyers advertising your business. Post these flyers at shopping centers , grocery stores , laundry mats , local colleges , apartment complexes , car window , etc. There are so many places where you can put flyers , you just need to be creative. 6.Reciprocal Linking: This is where you will look for other sites that are similar to your [work at home sites , business sites , etc] and you will set up a link exchange. You put there link on your site , and they in turn put your link on their site. Be selective about which sites you put your link on. Most of the time , these sites will exchange links with you. This method of advertising can get you listed in major Search Engines and give you a good web site ranking. In my oponion this is by far , the best free method of advertising 7.E-mail Signature: Install a "Signature" in your E-mail program. This method can help you get people to get in touch with you , and want to know more about your business. Most E-mail programs such as , AOL , MSN , NETSCAPE , and OUTLOOK, allow you to add a "Signature" line at the end of your out going e-mail messages. It should only be 6-8 lines. Company Name , Address , Phone Number , URL, e-mail address , and a small description. Look for examples on e-mail messages that have been sent to you.

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Choosing the right keywords is of the utmost importance

Know what words your customers will use when searching. You might know what your customers search for. If not, find out. Is it a description of "pants" or "jeans?" One may be searched more often than the other, but why not target both? How about "executive gifts?" Maybe "desk accessories" will broaden your web site marketing strategy. Ask all kinds of people. Get advice from people in all walks of life including management, employees, customers, vendors, friends and family on how they would search for effective search engine positioning keywords. Ask them how they would search for different products and services. It's really not about what you think they would search for, its about what they think. Believe me, they can many times be two totally different things.

Once you have successfully harvested a meaningful keyword list, remove any keywords that are too targeted or not to specific. Also remember that keyword placement is important. Try to put as many keywords as possible in the beginning paragraphs, and of course the title line. The higher the value of the keyword the more competition you will have. Every SEO utilizes tools similar to the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool and also know the value of a keyword. The lower the value of the keyword the less competition we will have.

We don't want to aim to low but we also don't want to aim to high. We need to find a middle ground. For you that may be a keyword with a value of no less than 1000 and no more than 10,000. It will be up to you to determine what you deem reasonable. Also, the keywords should appear regularly throughout the opening Web page. It is especially important that they appear frequently in the opening paragraphs. However, resist the temptation to overuse keywords. The search engines can spot it and will reduce your page rankings.

Tools are available to help with optimal keyword density. However, avoid software that writes the site's pages. Search engines can sniff these out, too. A good rule of thumb is: Never sacrifice quality of content for keyword placement. This will affect your page ranking. Most importantly, your site won't appeal to visitors. For a FREE EBOOK detailing the fastest way to the top of the search engine, visit: http:// ride-to-the-top. com or http://1stepsystem-premier. com

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The key to a successful business

Where would a business be without a business plan? A business plan sets the course for the future of the business. It gives the business owner or manager a sense of direction, listing the objectives and goals of the business from the outset. Writing a business plan requires a lot of time; a successful business plan cannot be a rush job. Once an idea for a business has been developed, researching the many facets of owning and operating a business is the next most important step. Your local county council should be able to assist you with accessing the required information of a legal nature, as should your local business enterprise center. The rest of the research will be up to you! You will need to research products for your business, at the same time as researching other enterprises that may be in direct competition to you. Furthermore, you need to research the market to determine whether there is a need for your business product or service.

With the research out of the way, sitting down to write a business plan requires focus. Your business plan will become the bible of your business for at least the next 3 to 5 years so it is important to make it clear, concise and comprehensive. Most enterprises will complete a SWOT analysis to determine their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business. Whilst the business is in infancy, brainstorming would be the most accurate way of performing the analysis, as the business would not yet have customers and profitability would not yet have been experienced. However, it is very important to remember that a good business plan is flexible and can be changed as your business experiences growth. After completing a SWOT analysis, you will need to determine your business name if it has not already been decided (and register it), as well as your vision and values, your business goals and long term mission and how you will achieve all of this when the business is up and running. Writing every thought down regardless of how minute you feel it is will allow you to collate everything pertinent to your business for easy reference in the future. Who knows, the thought or idea that you have today may well turn into a million dollar idea in a years time! Maintaining good records and following a strong business plan is the key to a successful business!

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Escaping finance

Personal finance is a scary subject for some people because it conjures up all sorts of personal fears about budgeting, managing investments and buying Vs renting a home. Fear and anxiety are common responses to the topic of personal finance regardless of an individuals level of education or experience in other areas, particularly business. As a result, many people avoid dealing with their personal finance issues until they are almost at crisis point and in serious credit or debt trouble. But before you can make any decision about your personal finance or take any action regarding your finances, you should obtain a firm understanding of your current financial position. Surprisingly, many people have only a vague idea how much income they actually bring in each month and then how much they actually spend each month and whether there is a positive difference between these amounts that are in you favor. So the first thing to do is assess you financial situation. Gather together all of the information and documents that will give you a picture of your financial position. Tally your net worth, including real estate, superannuation, monthly income and all other assets. You may be pleasantly surprised by the total.

Then, set yourself up a budget by listing all of your expenses. Be completely honest and dont leave anything out. If you cheat on this you will only be cheating yourself. List everything including luxury items such as take out, cosmetics, magazines and movie tickets. While a budget is absolutely the first step to taking charge of your personal finance, this is by no means the only step you will need to take. You can investigate other services in the marketplace, such as electronic bill pay, investment counseling and seeking out hints and tips for financial health. Electronic bill pay or BPay as it is more commonly known, is particularly useful for people who tend to be disorganized or who procrastinate on keeping their bill paying in order.

You can even arrange for your bills to arrive by e-mail rather than through snail mail. You then pay them electronically, by direct withdrawal from your bank account and the transaction gets processed straight away. Once you have assessed your budget and established a regular and efficient bill paying mechanism, you might feel that you are then brave enough to investigate other areas of personal finance such as investments and stocks and shares. Once again, the Internet can be an invaluable resource, allowing you to thoroughly explore all of the different options and strategies available. You can find all sorts of useful references about investments such as term deposits, managed funds, purchasing stocks and shares and participating in share clubs. You might like to start simple though and merely open a short term savings deposit account so that you can deposit from your pay check each week or month.

This way, in no time at all you will begin saving for your next goal whether it be for a car, holiday or some minor surgery.

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Online dating web sites

Having a hard time being single? Online dating web sites could well be the answer to your dilemma. With millions of singles worldwide using online dating services it must be difficult not to connect with someone. Whether your looking for someone for love, a good time, or even a playmate there’s something for every single. No race, religion, or body shape is ignored either. There are online dating web sites for pet lovers as well.

You have every opportunity to meet someone with whom you think has the perfect lifestyle for yourself. All online dating web sites have free trial periods so you can test as many as you like. This gives everyone the chance to find the most comfortable online dating service before they hand over their hard earned money. If you’re single, and own a pc with an internet connection you’re already half way there. All you have to do is find an online dating service, and fill out a few details about yourself. Make your dating profile sound as attractive as possible, and before you know it you will be getting some attention from an online admirer.

All online dating web sites will give you the option of uploading a photo of yourself. This now though isn’t just an option, it’s a must. Uploading a photo on your profile will get you up to ten times more responses, and give you more interaction while using your free trial. Singles who don’t upload a photo generally don’t get any attention. With so many choices of online dating web sites available it also increases your chances of success by choosing the right one for your lifestyle or religion. If for example you are a devout Christian, by joining a Christian online dating web site you can feel free knowing that your passion for Christianity will not get in the way of your relationship. Once you have found the right online dating service for yourself the cost is nothing compared to going out to a club to meet someone. Most monthly usage rates are very close to one night out. If you decide to pay for three, six, or twelve months the monthly rate comes down.

Basically the more you pay for the more discount you will get. So if you’re feeling lonely, and are indoors with a pc you have nothing to lose looking for some online romance.

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Press releases free adv

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These publicity stories are generally"shot-gunned" to all the various media: local newspapers, radioand TV, and trade publications. Problem number one is getting the people to whom you've sentthese publicity stories, to use them - publish or broadcastthem. And this leads us back to the "right way " of writingthem and sending them in. In every case, send a short cover letter addressed to the personyou want your material to be considered by. This means thatyou send your story to the city editor of the newspapers; thenews directors of the radio and TV stations; and the managingeditors of the various trade publications. It will do you nogood whatsoever, to send your material to the advertising, circulation or business managers - describing how you're along-time advertiser, subscriber or listener.

The mostimportant thing is that you make contact with the person who hasthe final say as to what is to be published or broadcast, and atthe bottom line - this person's use of your material willsomehow make him a "hero" to his or her readers, viewers orlisteners. The cover letter should be a short note. Go to a paper supplier - tell him you want a hundred or so sheets of good bond paper -8 1/2 by 11 preferably in a pastel color such as blue or ivory - and that you want this paper cut into quarters, giving you agrand total of 400 sheets of note paper. "From the desk of..."note sheets are too elaborate until the people you're contactingget to know you - first time around, and until they use yourmaterial, don't use these semi-formal note sheets. On this note sheet, begin with the date across the top - skip acouple of spaces and then quickly tell the recipient of thenote that the attached material is new and should be of realinterest to his or her readers, viewers or listeners. We advise ourdealers and distributors of MONEY MAKING MAGIC - our regularpublication for serious wealth builders and extra income seekers - to send the following note to the editors and news directorsof the media in their areas:"Here's something that 's new, and for a change, truly helpful, to people trying to cope with inflation - the soaring costs ofliving - and those engaged in building extra income businessesof their own. This should be of real value - interest - to yourreaders. Please take a look - any questions, or if you needmore info, give me a call at: (503) 666-5824..." Then, ofcourse, you skip about four spaces, type your name, yourbusiness name, and your address - sign your name above whereyou've typed it, and staple this note in the upper right handcorner of your news release. This note should be typed anddouble-spaced.

So now, you've got a cover letter, and you know who to send itto. Type up one such note and take it to a near-byquick-print shop. Have them copy the note 4 times, paste these4-copies onto one sheet of paper, print 50 to 100 copies, andcut the paper into individual notes, all for less that $10. Donot try to save money by photo-copying or Xeroxing - aphoto-copy is a photo-copy is a photo-copy, and will not do thejob for you...Now you need the actual publicity release, which also must be"properly" written if you expect it to be used by the media. Above all else, there's a proper form or style to use, plus thefact that it must be typed, double-spaced, and short - about ahalf page in total length.

About an inch from the top of the paper, with an inch and a halfmargin on each side of the paper; from the left hand margin, type in all capital letters: PRESS RELEASE: Then, underlinethese words. Immediately following the colon, but not in allcapital letters, put in the date. Always set the date forwardby at least one day after the day you intend to mail the release. On the same line, but on the right hand side of the page, and inall capital letters, write the words, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Underline this, and immediately below, but not in all capitalletters, type your name - your phone number - and your address. Skip a couple of spaces, then in all capital letters - centeredbetween the margins - type a story headline, and underline it. Skip a couple of spaces, and from the left hand margin, all incapital letters, type the words, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fromthere on, it's the news or publicity story itself. You can write the headline before the story, and then a story tofit the headline - or the story before the headline, and then aheadline to fit the story - either way, it's basically the sameas writing a space ad or a sales letter. You attract attentionand interest with the headline and fill in the details with yourstory. Here's an example of the headlines we use on publicity blurbsfor MONEY MAKING MAGIC:HELP IN MAKING ENDS MEETNEW PUBLICATION FOR EXTRA INCOME SEEKERSNotice how we continue to sell or involve the editor - His or herreaders are always looking for better ways to make ends meet, and he/she specifically interested as to what our promiseinvolves... He/she wants his/her readers to "think well" of him/her forenlightening them with this source of help, so he/she reads into thestory to find out who, what and how. Suffice it to say that your headline, and the story you presentto the editor, must sell him/her on the benefits of your product orservice to his/her readers.

Unless it specifically does this, he/shewill not use it. You must sell the first person receiving yourmaterials. Keep this fact uppermost in your mind as you writeit. The person you send your press or publicity release to, must quickly see and understand how your product or service willbenefit his/her readers - thereby making him/her a hero to them - and he/she must be assured it will do what you promise in your headline. Come right to the point and say your product is lower in price, more convenient to use or in what way your product or service isuseful to the people in general. It's also a good idea toinclude a complimentary sample of your product or an opportunityfor him to sample your services. Remember, the editors receiving your information are fully awareof your purposes - Free Advertising! They are not in the leastinterested in you or your credentials - If you've sold them onthe benefits of your business to their readers, and they wantbackground details, they'll call you. That's why you list yourtelephone number and address. These people are busy people.

They have not got the time northe interest in reading about your trials and tribulations orplans for the future. They want only "a flag" that alerts themto something new and of probable real interest to their readers. Sell the editor first. Convince him/her that you've found thebetter mousetrap. Show him/her that your product or service - thatyour business - fills a need and/or will interest a largesegment of his/her readers, his/her viewers or listeners. When an editor uses your publicity release, always follow-upwith a short thank you note. Never, but never send a publicityrelease to an editor and then call or write demanding to knowwhy he/she didn't use it, use it as you wrote it, or only gave you aquick mention. Do this once, and that particular media will"round-file" any further material received from you, unopened!

If your first effort is not used, then you should review thestory itself; perhaps write it from a different angle; makesure you're sending it to the proper person - and try again! As stated earlier, these people are busy, with hundreds ofpublicity releases passing across their desks every day - Theyonly have so much space or time - therefore, your material hasto stand out and in some way, fit with the information they - the editors - want to pass along to their readers, viewers orlisteners. Regardless of your business, product, or service, you must build your press release - write it - around thatparticular angle or feature that makes it beneficial or interestto the readers, viewer or listeners of the media you want to runyour press release. Without this special ingredient, you'relost before you begin! The timing of your press release is always important. Try toassociate your press release with current events in the news. Astory on job lay-offs and increased unemployment carried in thenewspapers, on TV and radio would prompt us to get a publicityrelease out to all the media on the help and opportunity offeredby MONEY MAKING MAGIC!

Say there's a deluge of chain lettersand pyramid schemes making the round - the media picks up on itand attempts to warn the people to beware... Within 5 days, wewould get a publicity release out, explaining the availabilityof our report on chain letters and pyramid schemes - a reportthat explains everything from A to Z - who're the winners andwho're the real losers. There's another kind of timing also to keep in mind...Publication deadlines. For best results, always try to time itso your material reaches the editor in time for the Sundaypaper. This is because that's when the papers have theirgreatest circulation; the most space is available and thepeople, the most time to read the paper.

For articles you'd like to appear in the Sunday paper, you'llgenerally have to get your release in at least nine days priorto the date of publication. If you're in doubt, call and askabout the deadline date. IN SUMMARY:Choose the media most likely to carry your press release. Select those that carry similar write-ups on a regular basis. Always use a cover letter of some kind. It pays to call aheadto find out the name of the person you should be sending yourpress release to. Use the proper press release form, complete with a headline thatwill interest the man deciding whether or not to use your item. Be sure your press release is letter perfect - no typo's ormisspelled words - and don't photo-copy - always have eachletter or press release individually typed or printed. When your item is used, send a thank you note or call the editoron the phone and thank him/her for using your press release.

Never, but never call or write an editor demanding to know whyhe/she didn't use your press release, why he had it rewritten or cutit short - just try, and try again!)›3паhb фhb фCJOJQJaJhb фhb ф5ЃCJOJQJaJ)*h©кпр+ l © д P Q ’ Т K‰Ккл(dЎ»јэ9эээээээээээээээээээээээээээээ›3ю9x·х0kЈд%_›¦§и(g¦ж'd—?ШQ–УSpэээээээээээээээээээээээээээээpq±р/p­й"_ќЩий([›ЩOЏћџЭ[љµ¶чэээээээээээээээээээээээээээээч5s±р23tґт23sІс/bc¤д$c¤«¬кэээээээээээээээээээээээээээээFG‰ЗIЋіґф8 ~ ѕ э :!{!В!""H"‰"Д"#&#'#h#Ё#з#%$эээээээээээээээээээээээээээээ%$e$ѓ$„$В$%@%Ѓ%‚%Б%&?&y&z&·&ч&5'z'·'ч'4(r(Ї(°(л(*)i)§)е)#*эээээээээээээээээээээээээээээ#*^*џ*а*+4+5+s+ґ+ф+3,t,І,т,1-p-®-м-..<.|.·.с.,/U/V/”/У/0эээээээээээээээээээээээээээээ0*0+07080s0±0І0с0/1A1B1ѓ1Г1Д12;2r2s2ґ2с2т213v3љ3›3эээээээээээээээээээээээээ';0APBP°Р/ °а=!°"°#ђ $ђ %°њH@сяHNormal5$7$8$9DH$_HmH sH tH DA@тяЎDDefault Paragraph FontVi@уяіVTable Normal :Vц4Ц4Ц laц(k@фяБ(No List›+Hяяяя)*h©кпр+l©дPQ’ТK‰Ккл(dЎ»јэ9x·х0kЈд%_›¦§и(g¦ж' d — ? Ш Q – У Spq±р/p­й"_ќЩий([›ЩOЏћџЭ[љµ¶ч5s±р23tґт23sІс/bc¤д$c¤«¬кFG‰ЗIЋіґф8~ѕэ:{ВH‰Д&'hЁз%eѓ„В@Ѓ‚Б?yz·ч5z·ч4 r Ї ° л *!i!§!е!#"^"џ"а"#4#5#s#ґ#ф#3$t$І$т$1%p%®%м%&&<&|&·&с&,'U'V'”'У'(*(+(7(8(s(±(І(с(/)A)B)ѓ)Г)Д)*;*r*s*ґ*с*т*1+v+љ+ќ+?0?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђm;0Ђ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ›39pч%$#*0›3 !"#›3р8р@сяяяЂЂЂчр’рр0р( р ррB рSрїЛя ?рќ+(коl—днU[’ёKaКйdiђ•qwЈ©k?›ҐQ † ѓЉ/?@юяяяBCDEFGHюяяяJKLMNOPюяяяэяяяSюяяяюяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяRoot Entryяяяяяяяя АFPѓоЗџЖUЂ1Tableяяяяяяяя%7WordDocumentяяяяяяяя)HSummaryInformation(яяяяADocumentSummaryInformation8яяяяяяяяяяяяICompObjяяяяяяяяяяяяjяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюя яяяя АFMicrosoft Word Document MSWordDocWord. Document.8ф9Іq

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5 easy ways to save and build wealth

1. Pay off high-cost debt. The best investment most borrowers can make is to pay off consumer debt with double-digit interest rates. For example, if you have a $3,000 credit card balance at 19.8%, and you pay the required minimum balance of 2% of the balance or $15, whichever is greater, it will take 39 years to pay off the loan. And you will pay more than $10,000 in interest charges. 2. Buy a home and pay off the mortgage before you retire. The largest asset of most middle-income families is their home equity. Once these families have made their last mortgage payment, they have far lower housing expenses. They also have an asset that can be borrowed on in emergencies or converted into cash through sale of the home. 3. Participate in a work-related retirement program. Many employees turn down free money from their employer by not signing up for a work-related retirement program such as a 401(k) plan. If they did participate, with a dollar-for-dollar match they would likely receive an annual yield of greater than 100% on their investment. 4. Outside of work, save monthly through an automatic transfer from checking to savings. These savings will provide funds for emergencies, home purchase, school tuition, or even retirement. Almost all banking institutions will, on request, automatically transfer funds monthly from your checking account to a savings account, U. S. Savings Bond, or stock mutual fund. What you don't see, you will probably not miss. 5. Calculate your risk and return. If you earn 4% interest, your money will double in less than 15 years; at 7% it will double in about 10 years and at 10% it will double in 7%. Use Asset Allocation to reduce your overall risk.

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Hip s the full story

Home owners will soon have just three months to sell their homes or be forced to re-issue the seller’s information pack at an estimated cost of Ј1000 for the average semi-detached home. This would be in addition to the original Ј1000 paid out for the original sales pack. Much has been written about the Home Information Packs (HIP’s). Here we aim to examine the final details, just released. From June 2007 it will be compulsory for all sellers to produce a dossier containing certain basic facts regarding the sale of the property. Ministers estimation of the costs of this survey are Ј776, a figure that the experts dispute. They say the figure is much more likely to be Ј1000.

These figures are based on an average semi. The information given in the dossier includes searches, deeds, description of the property and an energy efficiency rating. However, it appears that there are some rather worrying exclusions in the list. For example, there is no reference to rights of access, ground stability, natural subsidence or effects of mining. Risks of flooding are not included; neither is contamination from radon gas or other substances.

Telecommunication links seem to have been overlooked too. Despite this cost to the seller, it appears that if a buyer is borrowing in excess of 80% of the property value, they’ll still be expected to commission and pay for valuations. With regard to the three month time limit on sales, it appears that mortgage lenders will refuse to advance cash to buyers where the HIP is over three months old. Also, if house is taken off the market for over 28 days within those three months, a new HIP will have to be obtained. Where the reason for the property being off the market for 28 days was connected with a sale, the rule would not apply. Where a property is marketed for sale on a private website or even by a for sale sign in the garden, the failure to supply a HIP will result in a fine of Ј200 per day. In reaction to the announcement of these regulations, a Tory spokesman was quoted as saying the packs were “expensive, deficient and dangerous. The refusal to tell families whether the back garden will be safe for their children or of potential flood risks, delivers a serious blow to the credibility of these packs.” .The Law Society are concerned that there may be significant defects in the scheme in the there is no provision in the regulations for information within the HIP to be authenticated or confirmed by the seller. They are of the opinion that there should be a warning that reinforces to the buyer the risk of taking on substantial liabilities and commitments. When you take into consideration the fact that the VAT alone from these packs will bring in Ј111m per year into the treasury you realize why the Government has been accused of yet another stealth tax implementation. So there you have it. It appears to be that, for better or worse, HIP’s are here to stay.

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Five tips for buying a home entertainment system auto recovery

Looking for a new home entertainment system? Here are five tips for choosing the best model for your home environment. 1. Choose a system that can be expanded. Most of your music collection may be on CDs, but with the growing popularity of DVD audio you don't want to be left behind. Even if you are only interested in stereo sound make sure you buy a system that can be adapted to new technologies. This includes video as well as audio mediums. Buy a stereo system for now, but make sure it has surround sound capabilities. Also consider whether you want your home entertainment system accessible in different parts of the house. An expandable system allows you to place speaker systems and playback modules in different rooms so that you can enjoy home entertainment throughout the house. 2. Buy a system with enough power. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip. Don't buy a unit which has just enough power for your current needs, but rather, think about how you will be expand it in the future. Surround sound speaker systems require more power than stereo, and satellite speakers systems installed in other rooms also require extra power. Dedicated power amps for different parts of your home entertainment system can make a vast difference in the quality of sound. For example, a subwoofer amp can take the load off the rest of your system will providing massively deep bass sounds. 3. Choose a system that matches your entertainment preferences. If you are mainly interested in DVD video a surround sound speaker system can add amazing authenticity to your viewing experience. On the other hand, if you mostly listen to classical music, divide your budget so that you can get a good set of stereo speakers. If you like rap or hip-hop you should choose speakers designed for bass heavy music -- a subwoofer is a necessity. 4. Make it backwards compatible. Many people still have a sizable collection of VHS tapes and vinyl records. Rather than throwing out these valuable sources of entertainment, make sure your new entertainment system can handle them. 5. Buy the best you can afford. It's a waste of money to buy inferior components for your home entertainment system. You will quickly become dissatisfied with them and end up ditching them. If you have a limited budget, divide it up wisely. Rather than starting with a full-featured audio and video home entertainment system, concentrate on a few components. As long as your system is expandable, you can continue adding new features as your budget allows.

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Smoking why people start and why they should stop

The epidemic of smoking-related diseases is one that only the potential victims can abolish. Smoking is among the most common habits in the Western world and this dangerous habit will kill a large number of those who engage in it. It is amazing to think that people would continue to smoke after their first experimental cigarette which causes coughing and nausea. However, the majority of smokers enjoy the taste and smell of tobacco smoke and so they continue on with this potentially lethal habit. Sometimes the ritual of smoking creates pleasure and relaxation itself. For some people, it is a social habit and makes them feel part of the crowd. This is particularly so of people who are shy. Having something to do with their hands when in company helps them to appear more in control and self-confident. Smokers say that smoking settles their nerves when they are stressed. Some say it also stimulates them and, in both cases, there is some truth. This is due to the nicotine or more precisely, the dose of nicotine as well as other factors. There is also a genuine physical addiction to nicotine so that when the person concerned is not able to get the drug, he or she suffers from withdrawal symptoms which are relieved only by having another cigarette. A person can have a psychological addiction to smoking as well as the physical addiction. Although the person does not really need that cigarette, he or she misses the perceived enjoyment it used to bring. It has often become such an ingrained habit that the smoker lights up automatically without any thought about it. In recent years, public opinion against smoking has resulted in policies to restrict the areas where smokers can engage in their habit. Many hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and workplaces have become no-smoking zones. In many places, governments are claiming damages from the billion-dollar tobacco industry to finance the ever growing costs of healthcare for smoking-related diseases. There is definitely a strong correlation between children’s smoking and the smoking habits of parents and older siblings. The family bond and the desire to be like their parents is the likely cause of this. As young children, many are very disapproving of their parents smoking habits but by the early teens, their thinking begins to change. Often, these young people identify drinking and smoking with the ideal of being an adult. Early studies just after World War II, concluded that the main cause of lung cancer was definitely cigarette smoking. After comparing a number of variables, it was concluded that only one in two hundred male lung cancer patients were nonsmokers with a similar level of statistics found among women. Other conclusions were that the chances of dying from lung cancer increased with heavier smoking habits. More recent studies have shown that smoking is also a contributory factor in diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and coronary heart disease. It has also been shown that smokers generally live a shorter lifespan than nonsmokers. . Many people are unaware that it is the toxic substances in the vaporized tar that causes the damage to smokers rather than the nicotine. These tars contain thousands of toxic chemicals, some of which are known carcinogenics. Other interesting factors include the fact that smokers are twice as likely to die before retirement age as nonsmokers. There is also some evidence that filter-tipped cigarettes reduce the risk of disease minimally but not enough to consider them a safe option. Another area of great concern is that of passive smoking. Studies have shown that the cigarette smoke drifting from the burning end of a cigarette contains twice as much carcinogenic tar as that inhaled by the smoker. The risks to an unborn baby of a smoking mother are also something of which people need to be aware. These mothers have a higher rate of miscarriages and stillbirths than do nonsmoking mothers. Giving up the cigarettes is easier said than done. There are many products available which may help but, ultimately, it is a battle that the smoker needs to fight for him or her self. Resisting the temptation to have a cigarette, particularly in times of stress, is crucial. Many people give up over and over again but end up back on the smokes. For this reason, it is important to have a plan and to decide, once and for all, that it is the time to give it up. No one is saying it will be easy but millions give up every year so it can be done. Copyright 2006 Anne Wolski

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When good people go bonkers

We all go nuts sometimes. Even someone as sublimely well balanced as myself goes off the deep end once in a while. When this happens, the bizarre behavior of the suddenly wacko can bring damage to themselves, their business relationships, and yes, even their furniture. Why do we go bananas? Sometimes we allow frustrations to accumulate without releases such as "talking it through", physical activity or masturbation until we boil over.

Sometimes a situation pushes a button in our psyche which releases a gusher of emotion stored from long-ago pain. This eruption can come seemingly from nowhere and usually scares the piss out of everyone in range including the eruptor himself. At Evanston(IL) Hospital Outpatient Psychiatry, where I spent a six month internship bringing better mental health to scores of afflicted suburbanites, it was openly discussed that more people would flip out during the full moon. I believe the term they used was "we have more patients in crisis". Is this human response to the 28 day lunar cycle the etymology of "looney"?

Perhaps not so coincidently, another 28 day cycle which can bring occasional bouts of wackiness is the so-called female cycle, which is not to be confused with a Vespa motor scooter. This caused some UFO theorists to opine that women might actually be aliens not from Venus as originally believed, but rather from the Moon, come to disrupt the football games and bank accounts of men. Some say that men have a similar cycle - not to be confused with a Harley Davidson - but men are either too complex, or more likely far too simple and random for a true pattern to emerge. Whatever the reason, when someone you know goes apeshit, do the following: 1. Get the hell away. People in the throes of a psychotic episode can have superhuman strength. They experience something similar to the legendary adrenalin rush which allows animal activists to lift cars off pinned-down pussy cats, a frequent sight in my neighborhood. Nutcases in full bloom can easily turn your head all the way around - remember Linda Blair in The Exorcist? - by grasping it lightly between thumb and forefinger. 2. Stay the hell away. When a person goes beserk, it can last a few days. During that time he will be manically obsessing about whatever insult or injury they perceived to have happened. He is not negotiable yet; don't even try unless your idea of fun is bashing your head repeatedly into masonry. 3. Watch (from under the desk if necessary) for the real person to return. After such an intense outpouring, Dr. Jekyll will crash from exhaustion. When he emerges, he might be in the sheepish, "What happened?" mode. That is the time for love and support. Try saying, "Wow, you really went through something there, didn't you?" If he says something normal, like "yes", you are making progress. If he snarls or throws his mouse at you, revert to #2 above. 4. Have some sympathy. Remember, you have gone daffy yourself. Remember what it was like. It came from pain, didn't it? That's what happened to your psycho, he had a tsunami of pain. Remembering this will help you be sympathetic. You might need this help if el loco stabbed you in the eye yesterday with a letter opener. 5. Let him talk and offer only gentle guidance. If a person talks enough, he will eventually realize that they got "out of line", but he will need some space in order to realize this. If you offer this insight yourself, especially too early, you might get your hand stapled to your ear. 6. Listening is key. Here's how you do it: Look into the person's eyes with a slightly sad frown. Nod slowly and knowingly after they say each sentence. Resist the urge to offer your wonderful opinion - this part is called "shutting up". Wait until he stops talking. Count to 10. Then say one carefully chosen sentence which is either insightful or encouraging. Repeat until cool. 7. To take lunatic handling to the state of the art, try to get him to analyze the triggering event and why it was so extroardinarily evocative. 8. To really bring it on home, get your nutcase to commit to monitoring his reactions, so that if another triggering event occurs in the future, he will be ready with a better, more adaptive behavior. This might include removing himself from the situation with a planned excuse like, "Pardon me but I must leave this meeting unexpectedly because my dry cleaning is ready." Copyright 2005 Mark Meshulam

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Nutrition tips to improve fat loss

Incorporating these fat loss tips will improve your nutrition program. Start off slowly and add one a week, you don't have to adopt all of them at once. Before long, you’ve cleaned up your nutrition program and on your way to reaching your goal. Trendy diets, fads and the infomercial product of the month, are not going to help you reach your weight loss goals. A well thought-out nutrition and exercise program will. Eat breakfast Proven time and again, those who eat breakfast are more successful at controlling their weight than those that don't. Plus, when doing strength training exercises (and you know you should be), it's even more important to make certain you fuel those muscles after an overnight fast. The perfect time for burning fat because glycogen, blood glucose and insulin levels are all low. Unfortunately, it may also be perfect for burning muscle, because glycogen levels are low, and levels of the catabolic stress hormone cortisol are high. If you skip breakfast and eat lunch at noon, you’re not only in a highly catabolic (muscle wasting) state, you’re also sending an unmistakable starvation signal to your body. Eat less sugar Start reading labels! Sugar is hidden in almost every commercial food item. A single tablespoon of ketchup gets 3 of its 4 grams of carbs from sugar. A 12 oz can of cola has a staggering 40 grams of sugar, and ALL of the carbs in a cola are sugar! Why does that matter? Simple sugars are digested very quickly and cause a rapid spike in blood sugar. Your body then releases large amounts of insulin. Insulin quickly clears the glucose from the bloodstream leading to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia.) Low blood sugar causes cravings, hunger, weakness, mood swings and decreased energy. These cravings for sugar result in a vicious cycle of ups and downs in blood sugar levels throughout the day. Eat More Often Studies have shown that those who eat 4-6 smaller meals per day have less body fat than those eating 2-3 meals a day, even if both groups eat about the same number of calories. This is because of maintaining steady blood sugar levels. Too much insulin activates fat storage enzymes and forces fat in the bloodstream into fat cells for storage. High insulin levels also inhibit enzymes that promote the breakdown of existing stored body fat. You can manage your blood sugar and insulin levels by choosing fewer simple carbohydrates, more complex carbohydrates, eating fiber and having your carbohydrates with lean proteins approximately every three hours. Eat protein Be sure to include enough protein for your level of activity (you are exercising…right?) Protein speeds up your metabolism because your body has to work harder to digest, process, and utilize it compared to fats or carbs. The "thermic" effect of protein is one of the reasons that a higher protein diet is more effective for fat loss than a diet high in fat or carbs. Too much of any food can be stored as body fat, but protein is less likely to be converted to fat than any other nutrient. Eat nothing from a box The closer your food is to nature the better off you are. Have you looked at the ingredients list in most packaged food these days? You need to be a scientist to figure out what half the ingredients are. Stick to real, wholesome foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, etc. Eat your vegetables I don't mean fast food french fries. Try to get as many vegetable servings into your meals as you can. It's nearly impossible to over eat vegetables. They are full of fiber and will help keep you full between meals. They also contain loads of antioxidants. Raw is great, steamed is another good way to have them. Hold the heavy cheese sauces please! Eat protein and carbs together If you want to keep your blood sugar in check, then don't eat your carbs by themselves. Strive to always have balanced meals of protein, carbs and healthy fats. You'll feel better and your muscles will thank you. Prepare your own food Best for several reasons…It's cheaper than eating out, you know exactly what you are eating, and it saves time. It takes no more time to cook up 6 healthy chicken breasts than it does to cook one or two. Make things easy. Prepare them over the weekend and your lunches for the next few days are done. While you are at it, put on a pot of brown or wild rice, or bake up some sweet potatoes and you're good to go. Drink water LOTS! Most people are already dehydrated. Strive to drink a gallon a day. If you drink a lot of coffee, then you need an extra 8 oz for each cup of coffee. Exercise will put more demands on your fluid levels. You need water. Drink 50-75% of your body weight in ounces of water. Add an additional 16 oz for strenuous exercise. No complaining! Get more exercise Get some exercise on most days of the week, and alternate between strength training exercises and cardio training. If you are a beginner, shoot for two weight workouts a week and progress to 3 or more depending upon your goals. Get in as many cardio sessions as your schedule will allow, but aim for at least 3. Commit to adopting these nutrition program changes and you'll be well on your way to reaching your weight loss goal, whether it's ten pounds or many more. Sound nutrition and exercise will always succeed in the long run. Don't give into the temptation of fads. The information contained in this article is strictly for informational purposes and is not intended to provide medical advice. If you are sedentary or over 40 please get clearance from a doctor before starting an exercise program. © By Rick DeToma

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Benefits of liquid vitamins

Benefits of Liquid Vitamins Vitamins and minerals can be absorbed by the body in a number of ways. They first enter our body through the food we eat. Secondly, we can take vitamin supplements to increase the amount of pertinent vitamins and minerals. There are different methods of taking medication and one of the most common methods is absorbing it in its liquid form. Do the advantages of liquid vitamins far outweigh its disadvantages – if there are any? Read on and find out. Better or Easier Absorption for Kids Although liquid vitamins may taste worse than vitamins in flavored, chewable tablet forms, they are however easier to absorb. There are numerous cases in which children have problems with choking, breathing and swallowing simply because of their inability to absorb medication or vitamins in this form. This is the same problem as well for adults who have lost their ability to control their jaws or are unable to digest anything that is not in liquid form. Liquid Vitamins are More Effective Because of its form, liquid vitamins can be assimilated immediately into the blood stream for a more systemic administration of the vitamin and its average absorption rate is approximately 90 to 98%. It is also three to five times more concentrated than vitamin pills and this lead to higher bio-activity and greater therapeutic benefits. The Link between Antioxidants and Liquid Vitamins Have you ever wondered whether or not liquid vitamins contained oxidants as well? Vitamins E, C and A are examples of antioxidants and they are commonly found in vitamin supplements but what about liquid vitamins? And the answer is an absolute YES. Liquid vitamins must in fact contain such antioxidants or they’ll prove to be ineffective compared to other vitamins. Remember that the most important of all antioxidants – Vitamins A, C and E – are not internally produced by the body so they must be a regular fixture in our diet. Antioxidants are our main defense against effects of damaging oxidation reactions. Antioxidants are our best weapons against suffering from any form of cancer. Without it, we are basically weaker and less healthy. Liquid Vitamins versus Digestive Acids One reason why people refuse to acknowledge the benefits of liquid vitamins is because of the supposed destruction by digestive acids of any vitamin or mineral that it does not recognize as part of the process of digestion. The opposite is, in fact true. Our digestive system actually prefers or is able to better absorb liquid vitamins and minerals rather than those made in pill or capsule form. A vitamin pill or tablet has to be digested completely before it can benefit the human body. It must be broken down into absorbable nutrients or only up to thirty percent of it will be absorbed by the human body. Liquid vitamins however provide a better and easier solution for the digestive system. Because it does not depend in any way on mechanical digestion, an estimated 90% of it can be absorbed directly by the body. It’s vital to remember that digestion does not mainly function to destroy vitamins and minerals but rather to transform them into substances it can use to improve the general constitution of the body. Liquid Vitamins: Toxic or Not? Another problem posed is the amount of colloidal minerals found in liquid vitamins. Are they harmful or not? In truth, even plants and fruits contain a trace of such minerals in them. Apples, for instance, contain 3-5 mg of aluminum as it’s one of the most abundant elements that can be found in the surface of the Earth. But do you hear anyone telling you that apples are dangerous to your health? On the contrary, what we are more likely to hear is that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And so it must be with liquid vitamins as well. Containing a slight amount of colloidal mineral doesn’t mean it’s bad for our health right away. Colloidal minerals, are above all else, naturally occurring elements and can not therefore be avoided. You Have a Choice At the end of the day, however, it’s still up to you whether or not you wish to take vitamin supplements in liquid or solid form. What really matters is what you prefer and which will ultimately work better for you.

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Home entertainment taking it to the next level

Of course, if price is no object and you’re willing to spend anything to get the very best home entertainment system, then there is a lot of expensive specialist equipment out there for you. The first thing you will probably want to spend money on is a better sound system – audiophiles are forever coming up with new ways to fill rooms with speakers, and get a better sound experience. If all the wires running across your floor would upset you, then don’t worry, as you can get wireless surround sound speakers for not too much more than normal ones. If your sound system is good enough, you might even want to have sound insulation put into whichever room the home entertainment system is in, to keep the sound from escaping and disturbing others. This means that you can have the sound up very loud without having to worry about what anyone thinks of you. When you get to the point of buying a separate TV from your normal TV just to play films on, you might think about buying a projector instead. The main problem with projectors is that they’re not much good for normal TV viewing, but if you’re planning to keep one aside and use it just for films, then it can be much better quality, as long as you have a clear wall to point it at. To take it to the next level, you might consider putting your home cinema in its own ‘cinema room’ (sometimes called a ‘screening room’), complete with sound insulation, a screen for a projector and extra-comfortable cinema-style seating. Some enthusiasts go as far as to decorate this room to look like a cinema, with red curtains, movie posters, and a popcorn machine. If you do go this far, then you don’t have to keep the home cinema just for yourself – you can invite friends over to enjoy it too, and even hold screenings of particularly rare and good films.

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Living room ideas are what make it a great space to share

Living room ideas are among the most sought-after designs that people want for the interior of their homes. Living room decorating does, after all, impact the most shared space in the home, and the place where you likely spend the most of your time together. Therefore, it is important that when you’re decorating your living room, you’re using living room decorating ideas that fit everybody’s tastes, while still being practical, appealing when guests are over, and easy to maintain. However, as so many people discover, such decorating ideas for a living room are often easier said than done. With such a long list of vital criteria, it’s not difficult to understand why! Within a room with so many different purposes, you may feel that you need an awful lot of tips for decorating a living room in order to make it livable and presentable at the same time. Don’t worry, those tips are out there, and waiting for you to use them. The following are some great living room decorating tips to help you to create a comfortable, attractive, practical space: * Be careful when selecting your colors. When decorating a living room, light, and neutral colors are frequently the safest. This way, when you want to choose or change your furniture and accessories, you’ll be able to do so with the most freedom. * The flooring, when decorating the living room, should be classic looking and durable. This frequently means waxed hardwood floors, or neutral wall-to-wall carpeting that has given flair with area rugs. * Interior decorating living room means proper furniture positioning. You’ll need to think this out ahead of time. The best strategy to use is to consider the way the people using the room will group within the space. Living room decorating ideas usually divide spaces up into two or three seating areas to provide a cozy setting no matter how many people are there. Decorating ideas for living rooms also usually direct the furniture toward a focal point in the room such as large windows, a fireplace, or a large piece of artwork. Aside from this, there is no limit to decorating ideas for living room.

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Cheap life insurance policy

A Guide To What to Expect From Your Life Insurance Policy The average life insurance policy isn’t hard to understand – you take out this kind of policy to basically get life insurance cover to protect your family. So, if you die unexpectedly, the insurer you are signed up with will pay out on the policy to give your next of kin a lump sum or an income according to the terms of your agreement. In most cases you will pay for your life insurance policy on a monthly basis for as long as the policy is in force – the payments here are usually referred to as premiums. All this may simply be common sense but there are other things you need to know about a life insurance policy before you take one out. For a start it is absolutely vital that you read the terms and conditions of any policy before you buy it as this is where you will find all the information that you need to know before you proceed. The terms and conditions will give you an exact idea of what your policy will cover you against and what it won’t. The fact is that your life insurance policy may not give you fully comprehensive cover unless you ask for it and in some cases you may need a special policy. The majority of policies will generally cover you against death by accident or illness but they will also take your past medical history into consideration before you’ll get cover for everything. So, for example, if you have had an illness in the past then you may well find that your policy won’t cover you for death that relates to this illness. Don’t, however, be tempted to lie about your medical history just to get the cover you need – if you do die and your insurer discovers that you haven’t told them the truth then you’ll invalidate your policy and they won’t have to necessarily make the payment on the policy. These particular clauses are generally known as exclusions. In most cases the majority of insurers will have the same kind of general exclusions but not all will be exactly the same. So, there are some specialist insurance companies out there, for example, that will be able to give you cover for existing medical conditions in certain circumstances if you do have problems finding a standard insurer that will help you out. These specialist insurers, as you might imagine, may charge you a little extra for being more flexible but the extra cost is usually worth the peace of mind of knowing that you have fully comprehensive cover in place. And, if you shop around for a life insurance policy on the Internet to find the cheapest deal then it’s perfectly possible to get a really good deal even if you do have an existing medical condition or problem.

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Internet marketing for sales leads

NO matter what business you are trying to build online, you will need sales leads if you are ever going to make sales, and sales leads are what you are trying to generate if you are marketing on the internet. In order to survive, any web site needs a steady flow of qualified leads. The aim of any lead generation campaign is to build your mailing list. Internet marketers often say "the money is in the list", which is totally true. A list of responsive buying customers that trust you is worth its weight in gold!

While spam filtering has lessened the impact of email marketing, it’s still a viable means to getting your sales messages out there. In theory, email is marketing is free, although of course its costs you in terms of your time. The theory behind email marketing is that by using a "hook" such as a free product or some other incentive, you can "funnel" interested parties onto specific products and services. When you consider generating leads via an email campaign there are basically three avenues you can explore: email signatures, joint ventures and safe lists. One word of warning though, and that is avoid spam at all cost, one spam complaint can seriously damage your online business. You should familiarize yourself with the laws concerning spam, and at the very least ensure you include a un-subscription link in ALL your marketing emails. Due to spam, it is advisable that you avoid buying leads, no matter how reputable the company, buying leads can easily lead to a spam complaint, you have been warned!

In its simplest form, email marketing is a matter of putting a signature in all your emails that contains a link to your main product. If you are looking to vastly increase your list quickly then a joint venture (JV) may well be the key you need. In its simplest form, in a JV you supply the product and a fellow marketer supplies the leads and you share the profits. Hopefully, you will then get the emails of your fellow marketer’s customers, so you can then mail them with further offers.

When considering a joint venture there are many considerations you have to think about, but the main one, before you consider contacting anyone about mailing to their list, is "what's in it for THEM", not "what's in it for me". NEVER write to a fellow marketer unless you can offer them something of value in return for their help, and that is not necessarily just a share of the profits, be inventive! Finally you have safe lists. A safe list is a list of people that have agreed to receive marketing emails in return for being able to send their own marketing email. The value of this form of marketing has never been that good.

After all you are trying to sell to people who are only interested in selling to you! You can use pay per click advertising such as overture or Goggle adwords to advertise your site and draw in interested leads. One other highly effective way of generating interested leads is posting in forums that are related to your area of business. Include a link to your site in your signature and people interested in your sphere of business will often click it if your forum post was interesting. Three other popular sales lead generation techniques are submitting articles to ezine publishers and article directories, press releases and testimonials for products in your target market. No matter what lead generation technique you employ you will need a way to capture your leads email address when they arrive at your site. The traditional method has been to use a pop up or pop under which contains some incentive to get someone to sign up. With the invention of pop up stoppers their effectiveness has dwindled and therefore unstoppable pop ups (also know as hover ads or slide in ads) have evolved. This new generation of pop ups are built into your webpage and as such cannot be stopped. Simply do a search on Goggle for "unstoppable pop up" and you are sure to find a software solution to produce these types of pop ups for you. The other alternative is to use what is called a "name squeeze page". In essence a name squeeze page is a web page whose sole purpose is to capture an email address. They generally contain a small amount of information about the product or service you are selling as a "teaser" for the reader and will contain a sign up form, with a message like "to find out more simply fill in the form to be immediately directed to further details on this amazing product". A name squeeze page not only helps build your list, this information can also be used with certain software to help personalize your site for your visitor, a technique that has been shown to increase sales. Again, simply do a search for name squeeze page generators. No matter how you generate sales leads there is one thing always to bear in mind, and that is to be effective your leads must be in your targeted market. If, for example, you are selling internet marketing products, then it's no use advertising on a site that is all about scuba diving! When you start to build your online business, ensure you include a well thought out sales lead generation strategy from the beginning. Do not make it an afterthought; this should be in place from the very beginning if you want your business to be a success.

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