Chinese herbs

Chinese herbs are a separate category of medicines altogether and rightfully so. They can strengthen the immune system, inhibit the growth of tumors, manage blood pressure and increase sexuality – indeed, the range is very wide. There are numerous herbs, including those that are considered common and those that are the jealously guarded secrets of traditional Chinese herbalists. Here are some examples of Chinese herbs and what all they can be used for: Ginseng is a commonly available root that has a flair for healing and rejuvenation. The Korean ginseng, for example, stimulates the cerebral cortex and counters exhaustion and extreme infirmity. It helps to replenish depleted energy and body fluids. It can also stimulate the sex glands and is capable of removing toxins from the body. The taste is mildly bittersweet. The black and red Reishi mushrooms are other examples of prized Chinese herbs. They can strengthen the immune system, increase vitality of white blood corpuscles and accentuate the impact of anti-oxidants. These mushrooms also have a calming influence on the mind. They alleviate insomnia and female sexual dysfunction. The Lotus seed is yet another indispensable Chinese herb. It tones the kidney and spleen and eases diarrhea. It stimulates appetite and has a sweet to neutral taste. The Licorice root comes as a blessing because it can detoxify the body, invigorating and cooling it down at the same time. It acts as an analgesic and can regulate the action of other herbs. It can also be used as a natural sweetener. Ginko biloba is a distinguished herb and arguably the oldest in traditional Chinese medicine. It has proven beneficial effects on the heart and lungs. It is used to treat coughs, asthma, and chronic allergic inflammation, and is one of the best herbal nutritional supplements available.

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Baby shower gift baskets practical but perfect

So you have received a special invitation to attend a friend's baby shower party, now headache time wondering what gift to purchase for the expectant mother. Do not worry you will have no problem in deciding as the list for what to buy for new born babies are endless. The best idea worth considering when giving presents is to give several of them in a baby shower gift basket. You will be certain that one of the goodies you placed into the basket will surprise and excite the receiver. In a Gift basket expect to find all sorts from blankets, undergarments, changing pads, teething toy, soft toys, hats, sleeping gowns, cuddly bears and more. Contents of a gift basket are very useful for mum-to-be for when she brings the new arrival home. Your particular gift basket can be made up by yourself but if you prefer there are people who are trained in this department and fully aware of the needs of mother/baby. Expect to find gift basket organizers to be mothers themselves which is better as they know what is best to help mother when raising the baby. Baby gift shower baskets are a wonderful present to bestow. The variety of essentials contained in the basket for baby's well being is warmly welcomed.

Themes and styles are normally used in the presentation of a Baby shower gift basket. You have bath time goody baskets filled with towels, comb, hairbrush, baby soaps and smellies like talcum powder. Then we have the beddy bye creel laden with hanging mobiles, cuddly toys, bedding, and fairy tale books. Prices of a gift basket differ; total cost depends on items chosen to fill the baby shower gift basket. White lemon and peach are colours that trail behind blue and pink for most popular shades behind a theme. If the sex of the baby is unknown when you place your order for the baby gift basket then opt for white or lemon this way you can not go wrong. Baby shower gift baskets can be bought online if time is a problem for you. Online shopping for gift baskets is so simple you even get to see what is included in the baby gift basket before you make a purchase. Prettily packaged, gift wrapped and tied with bows is how the finished product looks. Do not forget to place a card inside with a personal greeting from you to mother and baby wishing them both well.

I would like to put my penny worth in and break tradition. I would fill the basket with envelopes containing gift vouchers for different mother/baby shops. This way no headache trying to decide on what gifts for inside the basket and no headache for the mother in returning presents that are not to her taste. A happy Mother-to-be is one with a fist full of vouchers before the birth or after. That's what I call getting it right.

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Hemraj india

With experience of over 25 years in the field of spray drying, Hemraj - India provides to their clients very cost effective solutions in supplying world-class equipment with full technical and service back up. During the last 7 years Hemraj - India has successfully supplied and installed more than 35 PSD (pilot) and ISD (industrial) series spray dryers and over 30 glass laboratory spray dryers. We have exported our spray dryers to more than 9 countries. vist our site http:// hemrajindia. com Glass Laboratory Spray Dryers : A compact laboratory spray dryer with a maximum temperature of 200 maximum liquid flow rate/ evaporation capacity of 2000 ml per hour. The unit is ideal for product research and development and sample preparation in many industries. The unit incorporates all parts necessary for the spray drying process and allows control of inlet temperature, liquid sample flow, drying air flow and compressor pressure. The internal compressor activates the cleaning needle and the frequency of cleaning can be controlled. The M1 spray dryer is manufactured using the highest quality materials including 316 stainless steel, PTFE and borosilicate glass 3.3. A screw cap assembly allows for easy mounting of the atomizer directly on to the drying chamber. The atomizer and AL series nozzle is quickly dismantled for cleaning. http:// hemrajindia. com Pilot Spray Dryer : M. O.C.:Stainless Steel including the supporting structure {skid mounted) with castor wheels. GMP / Pharmaceutical standards are observed in manufacturing like avoiding crevasses, smooth finish, guards provided for electric motors, use of food grade silicon gaskets etc. Operations - Co-Current & Counter Current.: Powder Collection - Spray Dried powder can be collected under cyclone as Single Point Discharge or optionally under chamber and cyclone as Two Point Discharge system. This gives flexibility to check particle size under chamber and Atomization - Two types of nozzle system are provided i. e. Pressure Nozzle and Two Fluid Nozzle Features :Both exhaust and supply blowers are provided so the drying chamber is maintained under a slight vacuum hence minimizing powder loss A cleaning door is provided on the main chamber for ease of cleaning The spray dried powder samples produced will be very much representative as of any industrial size spray dryer and hence the plant can also be used for producing small batches for sampling or for scale up Optional Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system can also be provided. Optionally available in Flame Proof construction for evaporating solvents instead of water using nitrogen. http:// hemrajindia. com Industrial Spray Dryer : M. O.C.:Product contact partsS. S 316.,Support Structure M. S. Operations - Co Current & Counter Current.:Powder Collection - Spray Dried powder can be collected under cyclone as Single Point Discharge or optionally under chamber and cyclone as Two Point Discharge system. This gives flexibility to check particle size under chamber and cyclone Atomization : Two types of nozzle system are provided i. e. Pressure Nozzle and Two Fluid Nozzle Features : Both exhaust and supply blowers are provided so the drying chamber is maintained under a slight vacuum hence minimizing powder loss. A cleaning door is provided on the main chamber for ease of cleaning. Applications : Spray drying can be used in a wide range of applications where the production of a free flowing powder sample is required. This technique has successfully processed materials in the following areas Nutsche Filter Dryers : Vessel Features : Wide variety of filter media and pore-size offerings. ASME : Section VIII Coded, butt-weld construction with fittings welded both inside and out. Materials of Construction : 316L Stainless steel, other alloys including Hastelloy, Titanium, etc. available (any machinable metal) Optional Coatings : Teflon, Halar, Kynar and others Ports : NPT, Sanitary, ANSI Flanged, others as required. Fittings / Components : Slight Glass, Inspection, Temperature, Pressure, Feed, Drain, Purge, Vent, Relief, Sampling, Instrumentation and others. Finish : 2B mill finish standard; Optional pharmaceutical grade mechanical polishes and electro polishing available. Agitator : Pneumatic or Electrical with interchangeable shaft extensions and impellers, Crane Type 8 standard seal. Heating / Cooling : ASME jacketing, internal coils or electric heating jackets. Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryer with Agitator : o minimize contamination and exposure, high purity chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, specially solids, etc. are effiently filtered, washed reslurried and dried in this portable lab scale Nutsche filter device with special manually turned agitator, Design allows withdrawal of filter cake utilizing removable bottom head and filter support assembly. The unit can be pressurized to aid solvent removal. Drying can be enhanced by adding vacuum and heating capacity. Unit size as shown is 6” in diameter with 4 liter capacity-alternate sizes are available. ASME certification is optional. Offered in stainless steel, Hastelloy, or alternate metals ; pharmaceutical grade mechanical and electro-polish finishes; Teflon or alternate Coatings. Custom design features include temperature control options, jacketing, valving, special porting, sprayers, slight glasses, instrumentation, pumps, alternate mixer types, etc.,plus a wide variety of filter media. http:// hemrajindia. com Reaction Systems: Flat or round base design. Single jacket for temperature control. Double jacket with outer vacuum for best possible heat insulation. Wide range of bottom outlet tap designs. High quality stainless steel support stands. Wide range of ancillary glassware. Extensive range of stirring options. PTFE, glass and stainless steel impellers which can be Halar or Fluorine coated. Three reaction Systems with "Huber" heater / cooler supplied in India. Wiped Film Molecular Stills and Evaporators (Short-part): Designed for separations of heat-sensitive, high molecular weight or viscous materials. Through put range of 0.1 to 1000kg/hr. Fractional Column Distillation Systems and Components: Designed for purification, fractionation and solvent recovery. Through put of range of 0.1 to 500kg/hr. For purification, fractionation and solvent recovery. Sized for small to mid-sized processing, pilot plants and laboratory work.1” to 12” diameters, 0.1 to 50kg/hr throughput. Batch or continuous configurations. Wide range of packagings and internals, system designs and materials, including stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, etc. Offered as: individual components, basic system or complete turnkey engineered systems Peristaltic Pump : Applicable pump heads: YZ1515x, YZ2515X, YZ1515W, DG-4 High torque and low power consumption Timing Function, realizing simple auto dispensing and filling Half currently locking Memory Function, storing the running parameter automatically At normal lab conditions Dispensing & Filling Systems: ne filling unit consists of 4 basic channels. Max 16 channels (4 units) available Control each channel separately. Control back suction angle uniformly. Easy to use. Each channel is separate. Easy to maintain. Flow rates calibration and stop filling when short of bottle 128 x 64 graphic LCD displays current running status Computer control available through RS485 communication. And customized software available on customer's requirements. Pharmaceuticals & Packaging Machines: Capsule Filling, Blister Packing, Tridimensional Packing, Coating, Bottling line, Liquid Filling, Encapsulator Pilot Spray Dryer Trial Facility : Please note that we do have trial facilities available for your specific products at our workshop in our pilot plant, you are more than welcome to come visit our facility and witness a trial. We have successfully conducted over 300 trials on a variety of products and sold many working units all over India and abroad to a variety of industries including zinc oxide, acrylics, PMA's, flavours and fragrances, vegetable dyes, pharma, API's etc. our client list includes M/s. Indofil Chemicals, M/s. S. K. Flavours and Fragrances, M/s. Oriental Aromatics, Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr. Reddy's, USV ...and many more vist out website http:// hemrajindia. com" Spray Drying : Spray drying begins with the atomization of the feed liquid into a spray of fine droplets. Various methods are used for atomization these include using a high speed Rotary Disc, a Pressure Nozzle or a Two Fluid Nozzle. The atomized liquid is usually sprayed into a drying chamber along with a hot gas stream, either in a co or counter current flow. Consequently, the liquid's solvent is evaporated, leaving behind the product in a form of spherical powder. The dry powder is separated from the gas stream and collected at the bottom of the frying chamber or outside of it by means of a cyclone. Thereafter the exhaust gas is treated to meet environmental requirements and is released into the atmosphere, or in case of a closed system, de-humidified, reheated and lead back into the drying chamber.

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Using presentation folders for a more professional look

Using presentation folders for a more professional look in the business world can do amazing things for a business. Presenting something to a client that looks professional and organized will speak volumns about the buisness before the folder is even opened. Taking advantage of the many options of presentation folders allows almost any business, of any size and budget, to use presetnation folders to take their business to the next level. The look that presentation folders bring to the table can mean everything to a business and a client. Materials that are presented in a neat, professional manner will grab the attention of the client and give them a sense that the business has their stuff together and really knows what they are doing. It is the first impression made on a client and speaks for the business before anything or anyone else does.

What is inside can be truly ground breaking, but if it isn’t presented wisely the client’s attention can be lessened. Overall the look of a presentation folder says the business really cares about their work and wants to put forward a professional image. Some other great perks of presetnation folders is that they can be made to a businesses specifications. Customized with a logo or company name, so the work is immediately recognized. They are also a nice way to put everything together so it is easy to carry and look through.

The client will have everything right there without having to flip through handouts or review notes. Most folders also have a place for a busines card, as well for additonal convenience. Since presentation folders can be customized they are easy to buy in bulk. This cuts down on costs and allows them to be used for a variety of needs, from employee handouts to business meetings. A little custom printing and the folder goes from a office supply to a business tool.

Customization can be done to add the business name or logo to the folder, add a title or other information to the cover or even change the binding on the folder. Buying in bulk then customizing as needed cuts down the cost emensely. Presentation folders are a great business asset. They have many advatages and so many uses that they are a must have for nay buisiness that wants to advance. They are also a cost effective way to get a professional, polished look.

Using presentation folders can help a business rise above competitiors and make an image for themselves.

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Getting a forex trading education

Many Americans are interested in getting involved in forex trading. Before doing this, you should get a forex trading education. You should never get into forex trading without forex trading education. With the proper forex trading education, you can be on your way to making a tidy profit. First you need to understand what forex trading is. Forex is short for foreign exchange. Forex trading is the simultaneous exchange of one countries currency for another countries currency. By doing so at the right times, you can gain a profit. A forex trading education can teach you how to do this.

The first part of a forex trading education is to learn the market background. The foreign exchange market is always changing. With forex trading education, you will learn how to monitor these changes to be beneficial for you. The next part of your forex trading education is to learn about risk control and risk management. You learn to control yourself and not over invest at the thrill of the chance of making money. You will also learn how to cut your losses (how to exit losing trades before your losses exceed your limits). You will always lose money when you first begin forex trading. This part of your forex trading education is absolutely crucial to whether you will make it big or end up in a hole. Another important part of your forex trading education is to learn how to open and manage your forex trading account. Your forex trading education should first have you practice with a demo account. This way you learn the ropes by practicing forex trades with play money. There is no risk involved, but it is just as realistic as the real thing. Your forex trading education should also let you know when you are ready for the real thing. You should then, and only then, open up a live forex trading account. There are many ways to get a forex trading education. The best place to get a forex trading education is online. There are many free websites available that let you open free demo accounts to practice your forex trading. There are also free seminars that are avaiable at random times. The best thing to do is to get some advice from someone who is a current forex trader. They can give you some down to earth insight on the subject of forex trading. Now that you know a little bit about forex trading it is time for you to go out and get a good forex trading education. Don't rush into it and take your time. There is a lot of money involved with forex trading. It is best not to get ahead of yourself.

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Can you make money without money

When I ask why you don't start your own business, I always hear, "I don't have money to start a business." This is a common excuse people give for not starting their own business. There is truth in the statement. You actually need money to make money or to start a business. But the question is "Do you need a lot of money or little to start a business?" and "Whose money do you use?" Yes, I admit that it does take money to make money but it doesn't need to be your money! Recently, one of my friends closed his restaurant business due to staff problems. But he quickly jumped to another business opportunity. The business idea is so good that I want to share with you. He is now running a training company. He focuses on corporate training. Basically, what he needs to do is to bring in famous trainers to his workshops. Market and promote the workshops and get people sign up for the workshops. How much money do you think he needs to invest to organize one workshop? From getting the speaker to marketing, from selling tickets to renting a venue? It will definitely cost a lot of money! Even if you only talk about marketing. You know how much money my friend put in to organize a workshop? Close to zero! How could that happen? How on earth that he doesn't use his own money to organize a workshop but all the profits go into his pocket… Here is how. He got the idea to look for sponsors for his workshop. After a few rounds of searching and corresponding, he managed to get big companies to be the sponsors for his workshop. For companies to become my friend's sponsors, they need to contribute money to promote the workshop. This single idea helps my friend to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing. Not only that, his sponsors also help him to market and sell tickets for his workshops. He also can leverage on the sponsors' client databases. Of course, my friend doesn't mind to give some commissions to the sponsors from the sales of tickets. It's only a small fraction of the whole profit. By making such an arrangement, a lot of work is off-loaded from my friend. It's like having a well-oiled machine working for you without much of your involvement. My friend doesn't need to invest a big sum of money for his workshops. Someone else will pay for his workshop expenses. Does this sound like an excellent business idea? Of course, it does. This is what I call ideas at work. Making money does not necessarily require huge capital, it's all about coming up with ideas that other people are willing to invest in. As Napoleon Hill once said, "One sound idea is all that you need to achieve success." And also stressed by Robert Kiyosaki "Money is an idea."

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Why should you get an online college diploma

The rise of the internet has brought about a wealth of resources and information for people all over the globe. Now, many people are even turning to the web to get a college education, receiving online diplomas entirely via distance education. Acquiring an online college diploma is fast becoming a popular way of furthering educational goals, and many mba degrees can be obtained entirely online. What’s more, there are many benefits to obtaining your degree online versus attending a traditional classroom setting. Whatever your reasons for attending an online institution, there’s no denying that it’s becoming a popular alternative to traditional education. For students, it’s very hard to juggle a job with school and family life. That’s what makes an online education so attractive. Students have the ability to fit their coursework into a schedule that works for them, while still holding down a full time job and taking care of responsibilities at home.

Getting an online college diploma offers students a chance to obtain a college education without shirking their other duties. This works especially well for older students who didn’t go to college right out of high school and instead chose to pursue a career. Whether you work best at two in the afternoon or two in the morning, online diplomas offer the convenience and flexibility you need in your busy life. For other students, the idea of sitting in a classroom is not very appealing. Many potential students desire to obtain a degree, but are turned off by the thought of having to work at the pace of others.

By choosing to obtain a degree online, you have the ability to work at your own pace. Whether you want to focus and complete your coursework ahead of schedule, or feel that you will need extra time during certain portions of the class to truly master some of the more difficult concepts, an online degree provides you with the flexibility and options your desire. Additionally, with online diplomas you are still receiving the same level of education you would in a traditional classroom. Oftentimes, the scope of your degree program even allows you to learn more information than you would in a classroom. Because students are not limited by geography, you also open up wider connections to network and are able to obtain assistance and support from your teachers and classmates via internet chat rooms, forums and of course e-mail. These methods of communication allow for quick feedback, and you can’t beat the convenience. If you’re interested in getting an online college diploma, you don’t have to worry about the level of respect you’ll receive from other colleges or employers. In most cases, online diplomas are still well respected in the workforce, and as long as they are properly accredited you will have no trouble furthering your education at other colleges or universities, whether online or off. So, not only do you reap the benefits online university diplomas offer in terms of convenience and networking opportunities, but will still receive the same level of respect you would if your degree came from a traditional brick and mortar facility.

Receiving an online college diploma can help you achieve your educational goals in a convenient manner, and allow you to juggle multiple responsibilities much more effectively than a traditional classroom setting would allow. The benefits to receiving online diplomas are endless, and students everywhere are turning to the internet to further their education. While traditional learning institutions will never be abolished, the internet offers multiple opportunities to succeed in your educational goals, and provides a flexible environment for you to do so.

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Treatments coping with colon cancer

Patients who receive a diagnosis of colon cancer quickly become depressed and have a lot of unanswered questions about their future. The most important thing for them to realize is that they are not alone and that their friends and family are there to provide love and support. When dealing with any type of illness, including colon cancer, family and friends are the first thought of a positive support system. Understandably, these same people may be experiencing a lot of emotional pain and anxiety themselves, which stems from seeing their loved on suffering from an illness. If, for these reasons, a cancer patient cannot find support at home, it’s a good idea to join a local support group or become involved in an activity that they enjoy.

If their health allows it, a cancer patient should continue living life and enjoying every day as possible. While quality of life is very important, making sure to take time out for rest is one of the key points for successful recovery from any illness. Immediately following diagnosis, a colon cancer patient may want to visit their local library or research the internet for educational resources, of which there are plenty available. This information will help the patient to become better informed and allow them to be more involved with their treatment. It’s important to know, and understand, what is happening to the body during an illness, treatments and recovery.

It is equally recommended that a patient remain involved in his/her care for as long as possible. This can be achieved by conducting research, asking the physician a lot of questions and preparing for best and worst case scenarios. Depending on how advanced a cancer patient’s illness is, several treatment options are available. If a patient decides to move forward with treatment, he/she may also wish to consult another physician for a second opinion in order to confirm the diagnosis and recommended treatment. The best outcome is to eliminate the cancer completely but, if that is not possible, the doctor may be able to stop the cancer from spreading or to relieve the patient‘s symptoms and discomfort. Assuming the patient’s health will allow it, and he/she wishes to pursue remedies, the main method of treatment is surgery. Depending on the location and size of the cancer, a doctor may be able to remove all or part of the colon.

If a polyp is the only cancer that is known to be present, it may be all that needs removing. In some cases of colon cancer, the patient must wear a permanent colostomy following surgery. This occurs if the cancer is so advanced that it forces the doctor to remove the entire colon. Another common approach to treating colon cancer is for the patient to begin a series of chemotherapy treatments. This process involves the intake of medicines to help fight the cancer cells, which can either be taken orally or delivered through the patient’s veins. This option is often most useful to rid the patient of any lingering cancer cells following surgery. In addition, chemotherapy may be used to control the growth of cancer, relieve symptoms and prolong life. Radiation therapy, often used in conjunction with chemotherapy to help combat various other cancers, is not a treatment used to help colon cancer patients after surgery. This article should not be construed as professional medical advice.

If you, or someone that you know, is concerned about the possibility of cancer, you should seek medical attention immediately. A medical doctor can discuss various options, prevention and treatment possibilities should the presence of cancer be detected. A series of tests may be conducted in order to confirm, or rule out, any such diagnosis and can only be done by a medical doctor.

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Download free ringtones to your cell phone

: Getting free ringtones has never been easier, Now all you have to do is visit this website Free and select your carrier, input your number and get free content straight to your cell phone in seconds. Free content to your cell phone, whats better than that? Free ringtones, free games, free wallpapers anything thats supported by the publisher you can straight to your cell phone. There is no credit card required and the content can be downloaded straight on your cell phone, no need for expensive phone to computer cables and the hassle of knowing where to put the content on your phone. Its all done online through your phone, You will get a msg telling you the content you chosen is ready for download and thats it you download the free content and enjoy.

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What to expect at the cisco testing center

Candidates can register for the CCNA exam (640-801 exam or 640-821 INTRO or 640-811 ICND ) at Pearson VUE or Prometric testing centers. In order to do their best, candidates should know what to expect at the testing center for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. Since testing center guidelines may vary from one center to another, we recommend that the candidates call the local testing center to check about the guidelines. Here are some points providing information on what you can expect at the exam center: Re-certification: If you have taken a Cisco CCNA certification exam before, find out your Cisco ID and specify it before you start with your registration. This will ensure that you get proper credit for the exam and will help avoid any duplicate records. Reach before time: We strongly suggest reaching the test center before time. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the appointment. Sign the logbook: You may be asked to sign-in the logbook upon arrival as well as upon departure. Do check on this. You must carry your identification: You will be required to show a valid identification (ID), perhaps including a recent, recognizable photograph. If the supervisor questions your ID, you may be required to show another ID. You should check the testing center guidelines on identification and take all supplemental identification documents with you. Generally Accepted Identification: Passport Photobearing driver's license with signature National/Military identification card The following MAY not be accepted as valid ID: Credit Cards (Please check with test center) Private identification cards Any expired ID Read the testing center regulation form carefully: You will be provided with a Testing Center Regulation form by the supervisor. Read the regulations carefully and comply with them during the test. Sign the confidentiality statement: The supervisor is responsible for asking you to sign the confidentially statement at the test center indicating that you will not reveal exam questions to other students after the test. Supervisor sets up your test computer: The supervisor will ensure that the Cisco certification test displays on screen before handing over the machine to you. Ask for sheets for scratch work: Scratch papers will be provided to you at the testing center. These are sometimes only available on request. Ask for some blank scratch sheets to do calculations and rough work. Jot down important points and tables (such as powers of 2, binary representation tables etc) before exam starts. This can be a big time saver. Do not take the scratch paper out of the testing room on completion of exam. Items not allowed in the testing room: The candidate is not allowed to bring in the testing room personal items such as: Books, revision sheets or notes: The exam is closed book Cellular phones & alarms Food or drinks may not be allowed Calculators Your session may be audio and video taped: Do not attempt to talk or communicate in any form to anybody in the testing room. Your session may be taped and can lead to immediate disqualification . On exam completion: You will be explained by the supervisor what to do when you complete the exam. If not, or if you are unclear about what you should do, ask it yourself before beginning the exam. Do not take with you the the testing material from the testing room: Return all of your testing materials, including the scrap paper, on the completion of your exam to the supervisor. Certified copy of the exam result: Your supervisor will give you a certified copy of the exam report on completion of the test. This will list your score indicating strengths and weaknesses in the various test areas. Ask the supervisor for the certified copy, if you do not get it.

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Software piracy

Software Piracy It's Best To Avoid It At All Costs Like electronic identity theft, computer viruses, and the spread of other computer crimes, software piracy is on the rise. The problem with software piracy is that software costs make this illegal activity appealing to the end user. After all, who is it going to hurt? Rich software companies?? This article investigates software piracy as a whole and the impact that it has on the computer using industry. The most vulnerable victims of software piracy are software businesses or independent programmers who create and distribute commercial software or shareware. We described shareware in another article, but because both commercial software and shareware require payment, they're the target of pirates who seek to make these kinds of programs free to use. Depending on their binding legal agreements, licensing typically allows the use of a single program on a single computer. This set up is usually fine for a user who uses software at home on one computer. But in an environment where there are five, ten, twenty or more computers, buying a license for each computer can be down-right costly. So costly that the temptation to pirate a little software here and there can be pretty tempting. Co-workers are familiar with this temptation and they're often the ones who "share" purchased software among those who need it. However the same temptation also prompts others to knowingly or unknowingly buy bootleg copies of commercial software or registered shareware. As tempting as it is, it's still illegal and the punishments/fines for sharing commercial or registered software is too much for one to bear. In recent news, "Yahoo China loses music piracy case (AP via Yahoo! News) A court has ordered Yahoo Inc.'s China subsidiary to pay $27,000 for aiding music piracy, the company and a music industry group said Tuesday."1 Additionally, "EU lawmakers approve prison terms, fines for major commercial piracy (International Herald Tribune) EU lawmakers voted Wednesday for legislation that would set prison sentences and fines for large-scale commercial piracy, but exempt patents and copying carried out for personal use." 2 Fortunately, there are alternatives. Schools can research student versions of commercial software or ask for a school discount. Just because school rates aren't advertised, it doesn't mean that they aren't available. Freeware or open source software (also described in another one of our articles) is another alternative to pirating commercial-ware, as well as shareware. And using older versions of programs could additionally reduce the costs associated with commercial versions. Up until recently, public opinion held little faith in freeware or open source software - often regarding it as low-quality knock-off's of better known commercial products. But if you take a good look at what's being offered at no cost, you may be in for a big surprise. The quality of today's freeware and open source software created a strong rift among the commercial community and it's literally driving the competition bananas! So much so, that even some well known software development corporations have joined the cause and built a few freeware open source products of their own! If you can remember that there are hoards of alternatives to costly commercial software (and you make the effort to get it), you'll discover that you can keep up with the rest of the computer industry at a significantly cheaper cost than if you attempted to pay your way down the software aisle. Software piracy just isn't the answer. Word count 572 1 Source: http:// news. yahoo. com/s/ap/20070424/ap_on_hi_te/china_yahoo_music_piracy_2 2 Source: http:// iht. com/articles/ap/2007/04/25/europe/EU-FIN-EU-Piracy. php

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What you should know about good credit and bad credit

Although the vast majority of adult Americans (and many minors, as well) have some kind of credit to their name or have accrued debt, remarkably few have a strong understanding of how this affects them in their daily lives. Credit ratings are earned through the accrual of debt and how these debts are paid, be they paid on time, paid late, or if payments go into default. Typically, a person gathers debt in one of three ways: credit cards, automobiles, or homes. Most people build their credit rating (or ruin it) by using a credit card (or cards) that are easily attainable by someone without a credit history. When the individual pays their balance in a timely fashion, a positive rating begins to build. Conversely, when debts are left unpaid one's rating plummets.

Most ratings range between 500 and 800 points, with 800 being excellent and 500 being poor. The better a person's credit rating, the lower their interest rate will be. For example, a young person just beginning to build their credit history will tend to have high interest rates between 12 and 22% APR (Annual Percentage Rate --- the actual amount the borrower pays in interest annually). After establishing themselves as a reliable borrower (via on-time payments), the individual will usually find themselves paying rates in the single digits. When it comes time to make a major purchase, such as a vehicle or house, it is especially important to have achieved a high credit score. Large purchases are usually done with a long-term loan and/or a sizeable down payment. When a buyer has a good credit rating they usually get a low APR as well as being required to put forth a smaller down payment. When a buyer attempts to make a large purchase with poor credit, they not only must put more money down, but will usually pay a much higher interest rate and may even have to pay this higher rate over the course of a longer term loan.

For example, whereas a buyer with excellent credit may put down a 2% down payment ($2,000) on a $100,000 house and get a 30 year loan at 6%, a person with poor credit may be subject to putting $5,000 to $10,000 to get a similar interest rate (and may still need to extend the loan by an additional 5 to 10 years). Each additional year amounts to several hundred extra dollars paid in interest alone. By these simple figures, it's easy to understand that a good credit rating saves the buyer money in both the short AND long term, therefore paying back debts in a timely manner is the best investment.

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Class meetings

This article describes the process of conducting class meetings with students in a school, however, there is great applicability for office meetings held with employees, and even family meetings as well. Class meetings should be held regularly and not simply be used for addressing problems, although problem solution is a valid use of class meeting time. The purpose of class meetings is to increase students’ positive involvement with school, the teacher and each other; solve class problems; learn to think; build confidence, specifically in verbal ability; and bring relevance and usefulness to classroom instruction. In a classroom, there are basically three types of class meetings. There is the social-problem-solving meeting, concerned with addressing some social behavior in school or the breaking of some classroom rule. There is the open-ended meeting, which is concerned with useful learning and the open discussion of a stimulating, useful and provocative subject. Finally, there is the education-diagnostic meeting, which is concerned with how well the students understand the concepts of a particular part of the curriculum. Teachers need to be somewhat directive in the first meeting and thereafter as needed. Rules need to be established prior to the first class meeting or can even become the subject of discussion for the first class meeting. These rules need to be maintained throughout or discussed as a class if a need arises to change or alter the rules.

During class meetings, teachers must be warm and enthusiastic, keeping blame, punishment and criticism out of class meeting time. Class meetings should be conducted regularly—not only when there are problems to be discussed, perhaps three times a week. Meetings should be conducted with students seated in a circle so everyone can see each other interaction is enhanced. The length of these discussions should be appropriate for the age of the students—roughly their age multiplied by two is acceptable. No one should be allowed to criticize or put down another student. The open-ended meeting should be used most often, even in environments where problems and behavior issues are the rule rather than the exception. Any intellectually important topic, both related and unrelated to school, could be fair game for discussion. Students are asked to discuss any thought-provoking question.

This question should have relevance in their lives and could be related to the curriculum. Educational-diagnostic meetings are always related to the curriculum the class is studying. This type of class meeting can be used by the teacher to assess whether or not the teaching strategies being used are effective. Teachers can ask the students questions to determine how much they know about an area already covered in class. This should never be used to evaluate individual students but only as a way to determine what the students collectively do and do not know. Educational-diagnostic meetings can be used prior to a unit of study to determine what the students already know; after a unit of study to determine what was learned and ideas for application; to examine the students’ perceptions about learning specific information and its usefulness; or to evaluate specific learning or communication skills, possibly vocabulary increase. Since teachers can have a vested interest in wanting their students to have mastered material the teacher has taught, it might be useful to switch classrooms with another teacher to conduct education-diagnostic meetings to prevent any teacher bias. During social-problem-solving meetings, students are included in the problem-solving process.

The teacher or a student would identify an issue that needs to be discussed and resolved and the students are a major part of brainstorming and contributing to find the solution with the teacher acting as the facilitator and leader. In this way, everyone in the class takes responsibility for problem resolution, while at the same time students are learning valuable life problem solving skills. All problems pertaining to the class as a whole or to any individual student in the classroom are appropriate for discussion. A student can bring up a problem or the discussion can be initiated by the teacher. Dr. William Glasser says, “The discussion itself should always be directed toward solving the problem; the solution should never include punishment or fault finding.” The teacher conducts the meetings in a nonjudgmental fashion.

He or she may reflect what has been said by the group but should avoid giving his or her own opinion. Students are, however, allowed and even encouraged to express their opinions. It is helpful for other students to hear how they are perceived by their peers. In order for each student to feel important and heard it will be helpful to have a “talking stick” or some other object available. In this way, whoever has the floor to speak will also hold the talking stick. No one else is permitted to speak until the person with the stick is satisfied that he or she has been heard by the others. Then the stick is passed to the next person with something to say. Class meetings are a wonderful way to give your students the gifts of confidence and problem solving skills. They also help share the responsibility with the students for figuring out solutions to day-to-day situations that arise in the classroom.

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Baby announcements guide make some stylish baby announcements

Baby announcements or birth announcements generally refer to cards that are sent out to the family and friends immediately after the birth of a baby. These cards usually announce information like the name of parents, list of siblings, baby’s name; date of birth, time, weight and length. Baby announcement is an easy way to share family’s happiness or joy with other friends and relatives. These are normally designed in blue to represent a boy and pink for a girl. You can also include a photograph of your baby along with baby announcements. Choice of birth announcements depends on the nature and features of baby. These are very special for you as well as the receiver because it shows your attachment to them. You can easily represent your family by selecting a special card for someone very special.

Baby announcements can be of different styles such as traditional, classic or contemporary. Some people prefer customized baby announcements. You can also add some messages or notes like God have blessed us with a son/daughter or we’re proud to announce the birth of a child. Parents described their child as an angle of love, miracle, gift or moon among stars. Sometimes parents use their own creative skill to make baby announcements.

They buy empty borders or frames and insert a beautiful picture of newborn with a special note. They can also add some images of bows, lace, baby pinks or blues, booties and bonnets to make a wonderful baby announcement.

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Bad breath halitosis

Bad breath (Halitosis) is widespread and quite common. You have probably discretely stepped away from friends or colleagues with bad breath. But it can also be a shock to realize that others, for the same reason, may be edging (discretely) away from you! How can you know if your breath is offensive? Try this simple bad breath(Halitosis)test: Lick the inside of your wrist and wait 4 seconds. Now smell your wrist. If you don't like what smell, your breath does not smell good either. Easy, no? An accurate and portable diagnosis! What causes bad breath? · Not enough water in your body, dehydration. · Gum or tooth problems/ disease · Intestinal/ stomach disorders, yeast infection · Use of medications · Stress Remedies for Bad Breath (Halitosis) 1. Water - yes, water! Many people suffer from chronic dehydration because they don't drink drink the 8-12 glasses of water a day that the body needs. This common form of dehydration causes much common bad breath. You can improve your breath - and give a big lift to your health - simply by drinking enough water. 2. Recently eaten food that hasn't been brushed out can quickly smell bad. The "cure" then is to simply brush or floss. For gum disease and decay you must visit your dentist. And for improved oral hygiene, put a few drops of Oil of Oregano on your toothbrush or to swish it in your mouth as a mouthwash. Did you know that Oil of Oregano is antibacterial/ anti viral/ anti fungus and anti parasite? It seeks out these health impediments everywhere in the body. At the first signs of infection, Oil of Oregano is your great first line of defense. 3. For disturbed digestion you should see your doctor. But for mild problems such as GERD and acid reflux, take probiotics in the form acidophilus or kefir. For worse stomach problems try ј cup of Aloe vera before breakfast. Do this for at least 3 weeks. For my friend Peter this completely healed his stomach ulcer! Most GERD are related to the H pylori, which is a bacteria found in meats that haven't been thoroughly cooked. If you like your meat rare, take Oil of Oregano on a regular basis as a preventive measure. 3. When you are under too much stress your digestive system doesn't circulate enough oxygen (the energy goes into a fight or flight mode). This makes your digestive tract a breeding ground for the wrong bacteria - and for bad breath as well. Be sure to introduce deep, relaxed breathing throughout your busy day. 4. Eat raw parsley, chew on anise seed or cardamom, nutmeg or fennel - they're natural breath fresheners that don't just mask odors, but actually freshen the breath. 5. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and whole grains; avoid white flour products like white bread and pastas, as well as sugared juices and sodas. 5. You may have an undetected yeast infection. Find out for yourself by performing a simple self-test for yeast/candida overgrowth. 6. Chew your food well and do not drink fluids with your food. Take no food two hours before bedtime and try to not take food for 12 hours after dinner. 7. Eliminate as often as you can. Try to have three bowel movements a day. If you need some help, try 4 ounces of prune juice with 4 ounces of magnesium citrate. (My R. N. friend Marie calls this "The Bomb".) For more help try 2000 mg. of vitamin C with electrolytes every hour. Do this for 4 hours or more, until you start to have loose stools. (This also works well for headaches and boosts your immune system. 8. Drink at least 2 cups of kefir a day. This helps your intestinal flora regain its natural balance of bacteria. Remember - fresh, clean breath is a reflection of good health, and health is an ongoing process. Stick with it! Follow my suggestions, and keep a log of what you do and the effects you see. This simple tracking process can help you pinpoint what is truly effective. You will be inspired by your own success! Warmly, Pieternel van Giersbergen.

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The importance of good nutrition in keeping your smile beautiful and your mouth healthy

A beautiful smile and healthy mouth actually can come from in addition to regular brushing and flossing a daily diet that does not lack the essential vitamins and minerals that make vital contributions to a person’s oral health. Many people overlook the importance of good nutrition in keeping their smile beautiful and their mouth healthy. The mineral calcium and Vitamin D are of particular importance to obtaining healthy teeth. These two substances work together as calcium absorption is enhanced by Vitamin D. Sufficient calcium is essential to the very structure of the teeth as are phosphorus and magnesium. Vitamin A is an essential part of the production of the tooth enamel.

A deficiency in Vitamin A can cause overgrown gums, bleeding gums and gum disease. Vitamin C because of its role in the health and function of the small capillaries that bring oxygen and nutrients throughout the body is also important to oral health. Vitamin C deficiencies can result in bleeding gums and loose teeth as well as mouth sores The Vitamin B complex is also essential to a healthy mouth as deficiencies can cause cracking and bleeding of the lips as well as open sores and lesions on both the inside and outside of the mouth. These open sores aside from the discomfort that they cause offer an opportunity for a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants to enter the blood stream. Fluoride is widely known as an important agent in the prevention of tooth decay and is the active ingredient in the vast majority of toothpastes in the market today.

In addition to acting to prevent tooth decay it also strengthens tooth enamel, working in partnership with calcium and phosphorus. Copper, zinc, iodine, iron and potassium are other minerals that are essential to good oral health. It is unfortunate but true that most people do not eat well enough to obtain all of the vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients through their daily diets alone. Failing to meet the recommended daily intake levels of vitamins and minerals can result in significant health problems. Therefore, if you find that you are consistently not achieving these intake levels in your day-to-day diet you may want to consider using dietary supplements to meet your nutritional needs. Dietary supplements are safe when used properly.

However, they should not be used as a substitute for healthy food as they are meant to complement the diet and only work best when they have real food to attach themselves to. If you find yourself unsure of which daily supplements you should include in your day-to-day nutritional plan a consultation with your healthcare professional or a licensed nutritionist can help you to make the selections best suited to your individual dietary needs and health goals. While a beautiful smile and healthy mouth are certainly aesthetically pleasing and uplifting to one’s self-confidence, attention to oral health serves a practical purpose as well. Strong teeth mean that a wide variety of foods can be eaten while a healthy mouth means that there are no open sores in the mouth that can serve as an open invitation for bacteria, viruses and other contaminants to enter the bloodstream to cause illness, infection and disease. Making sure that your daily intake of the vitamins and minerals associated with oral health is sufficient in addition to daily dental care will ensure that you can have a lovely smile. ------------------------- Note: This article may be freely reproduced as long as the AUTHOR'S resource box at the bottom of this article is included and and all links must be Active/Linkable with no syntax changes.

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Die mutter und der muttertag

Bald ist es wieder so weit, der Muttertag steht vor der Tьr und jeder Ehemann oder Kind stellt sich die Frage, was soll ich meine Mutter-Ehefrau denn kaufen gehen? Denn Muttertag ist der Tag, an dem man endlich der Mutter "Danke" sagen kann, mit einem Kuss, einem Lдcheln und einem kleinem Geschenk. Der Muttertag ist ein Feiertag zu Ehren der Mutter und der Mutterschaft. Jeden zweiten Sonntag im Mai wird in Deutschland die Mutter geehrt und gefeiert. Dieses Jahr findet der Muttertag am 11. Mai 2008 statt, am Pfingstsonntag. Viele glauben bis heute, dass der Muttertag eine Erfindung des dritten Reiches sei, dies stimmt aber nicht. Ja, Hitler hat ebenfalls die Mutter geehrt und ihnen eine wichtige Position in der Gesellschaft zugewiesen, aber die Feierlichkeit der Mutterschaft war schon den alten Rцmer und Griechen bekannt. Auch sie wussten die Mьtter zu schдtzen und zu ehren. Schon in England wurde im 13. Jahrhundert der Sonntag Laetare den sog. Mothering Day gefeiert. Napoleon machte ebenfalls einen Versuch, einen so genannten Muttertag einzufьhren, doch dies kam nie zu Stande.

Heute wird Muttertag nicht nur in Deutschland gefeiert, sondern in fast jeder Kultur, in fast jedem Land in fast jeder Religion. Ein Tag im Jahr wird die Mutter befeiert. Generell in europдischen Gesellschaften und westlichen Kulturen wurden und werden die Mьtter durch einen Muttertag geehrt. So wird in Bolivien und in Dominikanische Republik die Mutter am 27. Mai geehrt, in Indonesien erst am 22. Dezember. Auch in Israel wird die Mutter am 30, Tag des Monats Schevat (meist im Februar, siehe Jьdischer Kalender) gefeiert. In vielen arabischen Lдndern wie Libanon, Дgypten oder Marokko findet der Muttertag am 21. Mдrz statt. Doch die meisten westlichen Lдnder haben den Muttertag auf den zweiten Sonntag des Monats Mai festgelegt, so unter anderem auch Australien, Belgien, Brasilien, China, Dдnemark, Deutschland, Estland, Finnland, Griechenland, Italien, Japan, Kanada, Liechtenstein, Niederlande, Neuseeland, Цsterreich, Peru, Schweiz, Taiwan, Tьrkei, USA und Venezuela. Dass der Muttertag jedoch als nationaler Feiertag anerkannt wurde, das ist nicht so lange her. Zum ersten Mal wurde der Muttertag 1914 in den USA als nationaler Feiertag begangen. Auch England ьbernahm den mothering day 1914 und sollte von hier aus diesen feierlichen Brauch in ganz Europa ausbreiten.

Muttertag verbreitete sich als nationaler Feiertag 1917 in der Schweiz, 1918 in Norwegen, 1919 in Schweden, in Deutschland seit 1922 und 1924 in Цsterreich. Doch wie sieht den nun dieser besondere nationale Feiertag "Muttertag" aus? Zu meist kaufen Kinder ihren Mьttern und Ehemдnner ihren Frauen ein Geschenk oder versuchen mit der Mutter einen besonderen Tag zu erleben. Am Muttertag muss sich alles um die Mutter drehen. Das klassischste Geschenk ist der BlumenstrauЯ. Der Trend der Blumen ist und bleibt bestand und erbringt den Blumengeschдfte hohe Einkommen. So werden in der Muttertagswoche bis zu 130 Millionen Euro Umsatz mit Schnittblumen gemacht. Aber auch Sachgeschenken werden oft und gerne verschenkt. Im Durchschnitt gibt ein jeder Deutsche um die 25 Euro fьr Muttertagsgeschenke aus. Besonders gerne gehen Ehemдnner ins Restaurant aus essen. Oft wird der Muttertag unter Familie groЯ gefeiert, wobei die Mutter immer die Hauptperson dieses Tages bleibt.

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Werner buying tips for the d5920 extension ladder revealed

If you want to buy a Werner d5920 extension ladder the best place to find one at the right price may well be one of the auction sites, where you can pay the posted price or bid for it, and arrange for delivery all from the comfort of your own home. A Werner d5920 extension ladder can retail as high as $321 but you may find it online for a little more than $200 and this may even include free shipping. The Werner d5920 is made of fiberglass to offer the best in flat heavy-duty D-rung extension ladders. The rating for this extension ladder is Type II, which means it has a capacity of 225 pounds. Its maximum length for working is 17 feet. For your safety this Werner d5920 extension ladder comes equipped with guides at both the bottom and top, to make sure that the rails are securely interlocked. It also offers the Werner patented alflo joint on its rungs that keep the extension ladder from any twisting safety issues. Additional safety features of this d5920 include side rails that interlocks, slip resistant runs, and direct connection between rail and rung.

There is neither a rope nor a pulley with the Werner d5920 extension ladder. One thing to keep in mind whether you consider a Werner or any other fiberglass extension ladder is that fiberglass, while durable and sturdy is heavy. This was mentioned as the biggest drawback by one online reviewer and owner of the Werner d5920. If you're ordering online, therefore, you'll want to look for free shipping.

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How to podcast an introduction to podcasting

Podcasting is the newest craze on the internet and it continues to expand on a daily basis. Former MTV host Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer are credited with developing podcasting. Curry wrote a program called iPodder which allowed him to automatically download internet radio broadcasts to his iPod and Winer was instrumental in promoting RSS. (Really Simple Syndication). What is RSS? RSS allows people the ability to subscribe to their favorite blog or podcast and the information can be automatically downloaded to their computer. Subsequently, Curry and Winer devised a way to send audio files through RSS feeds. The term Podcasting comes from “iPod” and “Broadcasting”. However, you don’t need an iPod in order to record or listen to a podcast. Anyone with a computer or mp3 player can listen to a podcast. >From radio talk show hosts Al Franken to Rush Limbaugh, traditional radio is embracing podcasting. In addition, talk show host Sean Hannity and NPR (National Public Radio) are offering their shows in the form of a podcast.

Television is also welcoming podcasting. ABC News, CBS “60 Minutes”, TV Guide and Ebert/Roeper Movie Reviews are all available through podcasts. What is Podcasting? Podcasting is an audio file that you create on your computer and then upload it to the internet so other people can hear it. All you need is a computer, microphone and voice-editing program. Anyone can podcast. It is perfect for women, men, students, work-at-home-Moms and seniors. If you have something to say, podcasting is a great way to accomplish this goal. Do you have a favorite hobby that you would like to share with others? Are you a business owner who would like to increase customers?

Have you ever dreamed of being your own talk show host or disc jockey? With podcasting, all of the above things are possible. You could have your very own podcast up and running today. What do you need? 1. A Microphone You will need a microphone for your computer so that you can record your show. You can purchase a decent microphone at any computer store or Radio Shack. ( radioshack. com). 2. A Voice-Editing Program Voice-editing programs allow you to record and edit your show. There are two free programs on the internet that you can use. One is called Wavepad ( nch. com. au/wavepad) and the other one is called Audacity (audacity. sourceforge. net). 3. Upload Show to Website or Hosting Company After your show is recorded, you will need to upload it to the internet. You can either put it on your website or you can use one of the many hosting companies. Podblaze. com ( podblaze. com) is one company where you can host your podcast. As you can see, podcasting is very easy to start. We are at the beginning of this roller coaster ride that will hit astronomical proportions as time goes on. The only way to decide if podcasting is for you is to start. Take the first step and see how you like it.

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20 long term investments for the future

Long Term Investments for the Future If you are ready to invest money for a future event, such as retirement or a child’s college education, you have several options. You do not have to invest in risky stocks or ventures. You can easily invest your money in ways that are very safe, which will show a decent return over a long period of time. First consider bonds. There are various types of bonds that you can purchase. Bond’s are similar to Certificates of Deposit. Instead of being issued by banks, however, bonds are issued by the Government. Depending on the type of bonds that you buy, your initial investment may double over a specific period of time. Mutual funds are also relatively safe. Mutual funds exist when a group of investors put their money together to buy stocks, bonds, or other investments. A fund manager typically decides how the money will be invested. All you need to do is find a reputable, qualified broker who handles mutual funds, and he or she will invest your money, along with other client’s money. Mutual funds are a bit riskier than bonds. Stocks are another vehicle for long term investments. Shares of stocks are essentially shares of ownership in the company you are investing in. When the company does well financially, the value of your stock rises. However, if a company is doing poorly, your stock value drops. Stocks, of course, are even riskier than Mutual funds. Even though there is a greater amount of risk, you can still purchase stock in sound companies, such as G & E Electric, and sleep at night knowing that your money is relatively safe. The important thing is to do your research before investing your money for long term gain. When purchasing stocks you should choose stocks that are well established. When you look for a mutual fund to invest in, choose a broker that is well established and has a proven track record. If you aren’t quite ready to take the risks involved with mutual funds or stocks, at the very least invest in bonds that are guaranteed by the Government. [Insert Your Resource Box Here] (Words: 350)

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