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Promoting the Free Flow of Energy through Acupuncture There are many different ways that we can help ourselves naturally. For some people, they do a lot with their diets and perhaps meditation but for others, they may need a bit more of a natural boost. One way that we can help ourselves to heal and to rejuvenate is through the process that is known as acupuncture. Although this method of healing is thousands of years old, it is still revered as one of the basic ways to take care of ourselves and to balance the life force that is within all of us. What exactly can acupuncture do for you? According to traditional Chinese medicine, we all have an energy within ourselves that is known as Chi. This energy flows freely through us and is the essence of what we actually are on the inside. Chinese medicine identified roughly 14 channels through which this life force flowed. From time to time, however, we may experience a blockage of the free flow of this life force which causes problems in us that range from minor aches and pains to serious illness. Whenever we experience an imbalance in our Chi, acupuncture is able to bring our body back into a balanced state again. By stimulating various acupuncture points on our body, it can send energy and increased blood flow to other areas of our body. For example, the palm of the hand and the web of the thumb can be used to help with headaches. There are over 2000 of these acupuncture points that are found throughout the body that can help in numerous ways in order to promote good health and to aid in healing the body of the problems that it experiences. Whenever our body is in balance and flowing properly, it does not hold disease in easily. This is also seen in the pH balance that is in our body and just goes to show exactly how important it is for us to stay within the lines of physical balance. So, if you are experiencing pain or sickness, acupuncture may be up to bring you back to a state in which your body can remove it from itself. By using acupuncture as a basis for a natural, healthy life, you are giving yourself the opportunity to be free of disease and the problems that imbalance creates.

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Diapering 101 how to fold and use cloth diapers

Let's skip right past the great diaper debate and assume that you've read what there is to read, done your soul-searching, and made your decision - and for your baby, it's nothing but natural against that tender skin. Whether your decision is ecological, economical, or based on something else entirely, you've decided on cloth diapers for baby. Now it's time for Diapering 101 - how do you turn a rectangle of cloth into a comfy cover for the little cherub? Wash the diapers first First things first. Never diaper your baby in a brand new cloth diaper straight from the plastic wrapping. Between the natural cotton and the manufacturing process, new diapers have a 'waxy' coating that cuts down on their absorbency and can irritate baby's skin. Toss all your new diapers into the washer and run them through five or six cycles with detergent, bleach and the hottest water you can muster. If you've got a clothesline and a sunny day, that's the best way to dry them. Folding Diapers You thought you had made your last choice when you picked cloth, did you? Think again. There are even more choices in 100% natural cloth diapers than there are in the disposable diapers aisle at the supermarket. Pre-folded, padded, flat-folded, nappy-style, all-in-ones, all-in-twos - it's enough to make your head spin just trying to absorb it all. Add to that the choices in diaper covers - plastic pants? Nappy covers? Wool covers? Velcro, pin or one of the novelty diaper fasteners? For the purposes of this Diapering Baby class, we'll assume that you're using plain old flat-folds - a simple rectangle of absorbent cotton that may have a quilted layer running down the middle for extra absorbency. Here are several different methods of folding diapers, courtesy of moms, grandmas and the DyDee Company. The Angel-Wing Fold 1. Lay the diaper lengthwise on the changing table. Fold the sides of the diaper in to the middle to form an absorbent pad. 2. Fold a few inches down at the front. 3. Unfold the sides at the back of the diaper, fanning them out. 4. Place the baby on the diaper, and pull the front up between his or her legs. 5. Holding the front against his belly, bring both sides of the back around to the front, and pin in place, pushing the pin through a few layers of diaper. You don't have to go all the way through the diaper so that the pin is against baby's skin. Bikini Twist High-Cut Fold 1. Lay the diaper flat on the table. 2. Turn ONE END of the diaper completely over, twisting the diaper at the midpoint to form an absorbent pad. 3. Put the baby on the diaper (or the diaper under the baby, whichever is easier). 4. Pull the front of the diaper up between baby's legs. 5. Pull back corners of the diaper around the baby, over the front corners and pin securely. Double-Diaper For Heavy Wetters 1. Use one regular diaper and one infant size diaper. Lay regular diaper on table. Place infant size diaper in center. 2. Fold sides of infant diaper in, then fold sides of regular diaper in to cover the infant diaper. 3. Fold a few inches of the diaper front up, then fan the back of the diaper out to form angel wings. 4. Plop the baby in the middle of the diaper, and proceed as for the angel wing fold. Whichever fold you choose to use, cover the whole thing with a diaper cover, smooch the little tyke and send him back off to play with a warm, dry bottom.

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Traps for young and old entrepreneurs

It’s common knowledge that most small businesses fail within 5 years. These statistics are mindblowingly depressing for people looking to start up a new venture. So what goes wrong? No-one starts out with the intention of creating something that isn’t sustainable. In fact most people would be adamant that they weren’t going to be one of those statistics. Most business owners start out as technical expert in their field.

For example – an engineer decides to start their own company after working for someone else for several years. He/she knows plenty about engineering, but not a lot about running a successful business. Most of us learn as we go, hence the high rate of business failure. There are many things that can undermine a business.

Here are a few: Getting wedded to a single idea and sticking with it too long. How long has it been since you updated your offer? That can be as simple as delivering your product or service in a new way. Those people who are married to the single, same idea for a along time will fnd themselves left behind in the marketplace. Remember, new ideas are the currency of entrepreneurs. Schedule time each quarter to brainstorm new ideas for your business. Keep it fresh and keep your customers interested. Believing your own b. s. Without wanting to burst your entrepreneurial bubble, sometimes we can believe so strongly in what we are doing that we ignore other (differing) opinions. There is a difference between following your instincts and going forwards with blinkers on. Generally, business owners are genetically wired to be optimistic. Just remember that an alternative view is also likely to be based on sound reason, and it’s a great idea to understand what those reasons are. Ignoring your cash position. Why don’t the customers take up your products/services more quickly – as you planned in the forecasts??? Welcome to the real world. It’s often the case that business owners are overly optimistic about sales, particularly of a new offer. In the event that this happens, your reserves of cash will be your lifeline. Knowing exactly how much cash you need to run your business from week to week is step one in avoiding this trap. Step two is obviously having the cash you need, plus extra in reserve, to survive for 6 months with low or no sales. How does your business stack up on this one? Letting Unproductive Employees Linger You are a business owner right, not a Human Resources manager? Wrong. If you employ other people then one of your key activities is managing and coaching the performance of the people that work for you. If your employees: a) want to do their jobs b) know how to do their jobs, and c) love working with you then you are unlikely to ever have an issue. However, there will be times when your employees just aren’t working out as you had hoped. Have you ever stopped to notice how draining it can be dealing with “staff” issues? But taking action is difficult and uncomfortable – so you let the situation drag on. Don’t get me wrong. I am the strongest supporter of ensuring that everything possible is done to provide employees with the tools they need to be successful. But when this process is exhausted, then it’s time to take action. Check out what’s legislatively required in your state/country and take the action you need to. Selling too hard. If you find yourself selling an idea or product too hard to too many people, perhaps it's time to listen to why they are not buying and learn from that, rather than trying to become a better salesperson. Do you have mechanisms in place that allow your customers to provide feedback? Do you ask your customers what else they want before you go and create something new? Not setting up support structures. Admitting that you need helping some areas is the responsible approach to business management. Hire people and services to handle the stuff that you’re not good at, or don’t have time for. Most entrepreneurs do better when they are fully supported, it’s amazing the difference that taking the pressure off yourself can do for your energy levels and focus. Running a successful business requires wearing many different hats – it’s a very unique person that can wear each hat with the same level of skill. Acknowledging that we all have strengths and weaknesses is vital in a business environment. Recognising the impact of this and taking the appropriate action to support your “weaker” areas is the first step in creating a business to last the distance. Doing it all yourself is not a recipe for success.

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Accidents what do you do

Accidents could happen anytime. In fact, even if you are the careful driver or even if you are the reckless driver, you could actually meet accidents on the road. Sometimes, it even happens right on your street just as you are pulling away from your garage. What do you do when you get involved and be part of a traffic accident? According to the Consumer Protection Association of America, they are continually developing a list of suggestions to help drivers anticipate what they actually need to know when they have to deal with a traffic accident. This organization is also continuously increasing public awareness on traffic safety. The president of the association, Dr. Ray Bruce, state, “These tips (on dealing with accidents) can make a big difference in everything from protecting yourself and your passengers to ensuring that you won’t be without a car while yours is in the shop.” Always have an emergency kit in your glove compartment. This should include a cellular phone, a pen, a paper, and a disposable camera. These would be to take important information about the scene. There should also be a card carrying information about your medical allergies or conditions that may require special attention. In the trunk, there should also be cones, warning triangles and emergency flares. If you are involved in minor accidents and there are no serious injuries, move your cars to the side. Do not stay on the road and bother oncoming traffic. If you do such a thing, chances are that there might be more traffic accidents headed your way because of your vehicles obstructing the road. On the other hand, if the car cannot be moved, make sure that you warn other motorists by setting out your hazard lights, cones, flares, or warning triangles. Exchange information with the other parties involved. Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance companies, policy numbers, drivers license numbers, and license plate numbers. Also, take down the description of each car, the year, make, model, and color. The location of the collision and how it happened should also be recorded.

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Plus size cocktail dress making a legendary entrance

So what exactly is a cocktail dress? My mom tells me that a cocktail dress I one that ends around your knees as opposed to being full length. But does it count if it hits mid calf? I have always been confused on this. My mom calls anything around your calf tea length but I think she made this up a long time ago. Or her mom made it up and she just stuck with it. I looked up cocktail dresses on the internet and they seem to be in all shapes and sizes, they just aren’t full length gowns. There is a wide array of things available out there. Cocktail dresses for garden parties, some more appropriate for weddings. I think the word cocktail dress encompasses a lot. I even found websites devoted solely to plus size cocktail dresses, or so they claimed. I was intrigued when I saw these sites claiming to be devoted solely to plus sizes so I investigated. The do have some very nice things; however you can understand my confusion when I see that half of the models are stick thin. This sight says it caters to plus sizes, leading you to believe that the dresses are for larger women. But then you look at the dress and the girl wearing it can’t weigh more than 110 pounds. I admit I am not exactly sure what constitutes a plus size but I am pretty sure it is not a size two. For some reason I finds this kind of angers me. The culture in the US is one that makes 12 year old girls anorexic and puts 8 year olds on diets. I feel this situation is just another example of what is wrong with our society. A girl goes on a site claiming to cater to people wearing here size, and of course wants to see what the dress will look like on someone like her, only to be confronted with a thin lizzy string back at her. Well I wonder how that makes her feel?

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Rubber stamping clipart save money by sending your own artwork direct to a stamp manufacturer

: By following a few simple guidelines you can save money by creating rubber stamp artwork that a stamp manufacturer can download without any design input, stamp manufacturers love it when artwork arrives that is ‘ready’ for production. You may currently be paying $12.00 for an unmounted, mass produced stamp in the shops, buying the same size stamp direct from a rubber stamp manufacturer will be about $9.00 and be custom made for you! The following design guidelines assume that you have scanned a drawing into your computer or have located a piece of artwork and imported the image. Design Guidelines The easiest stamp to make from a manufacturing point of view is one where the artwork has a line thickness that does not fall below the minimum required. The minimum line thickness that is recommended is 0.2mm (0.00787 inch or 0.57 point), if it does fall below this, the ‘wall strength’ of that part of the stamp is compromised and may become distorted. Having said this, you can convert an image with fine lines to one suitable for stamp making.

Computer programs work with image data in a number of different ways, for example programs like CorelDraw work with both Vector images (lines) and Bitmap images (pixels), CorelDraw is also the preferred program for making rubber stamps from images. When scanning a drawing into your computer it will always load as a bitmap image, (a bit like a photograph in a newspaper). This can be sent directly to a stamp manufacturer as long as it is a black and white scan and the line thicknesses do not fall below the minimum. If the lines are too thin you can convert the bitmap image into vector data by applying a trace to the image. Programs that have tracing ability place a vector line around the lines or can be set to follow the lines, these lines can then have a thickness applied to make them suitable for rubber stamp making. Complex drawing and illustrations can also be made into rubber stamps, these may not contain many lines and look more like photographs. It is best to send a few different options of these to your stamp manufacturer, one option would be to increase the brightness of the image then convert the bitmap to a simple black and white image. Here it is best to select a rubber stamp manufacturer that is familiar with these types of images, see below recommendations.

File Formats All images that enter your computer have an extension relating to what format they are in. You may have an image from a scan, a clipart disk or downloaded from a clipart service. Some are. eps and. wmf files (Vector line format more common for logos or line drawings) and others jpeg an. gif (Bitmap pixel photos and illustrations) Both image formats can produce excellent stamps, however simple images are always best in. eps and. wmf format to allow you to easily manipulate line thickness in the event the lines are too thin. Online Clipart Services There are many online clipart services that provide excellent clipart for rubber stamping, the best images are from services that are subscription based that charge a yearly or per image fee. If this does not suit and you really want to save money you should find out which service your rubber stamp manufacturer belongs to, it costs nothing to search through the clipart service that he belongs to as he will be the person downloading the images. This bit of lateral thinking and finding the right manufacturer will save you lots of money because you will never have to pay for the clipart. Clipart. com is one of the best services that some manufacturers subscribe to, I estimate that over 3 million images at Clipart. com are suitable for stamp production and they are fine with manufacturers using the images for rubber stamps. The craft stamp industry is very large indeed and most people are still buying stamps that are mass produced because they don’t know how to get a ‘custom made’ stamp manufactured.

So if you are into card making or scrapbooking and want to find that ‘special stamp’ you should find yourself a manufacturer, it doesn’t matter where they are in the world as unmounted stamps are thin and lightweight and can be posted easily. A network of stamp manufacturers that offer stamps made from online clipart services can be found online, stampsearch. com. au have various manufacturers that will make unmounted stamps from clipart or from your own artwork and send the finished stamps anywhere in the world.

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Learning to dance at home

Learning to Dance at Home There are many ways in which a person can learn to dance if he or she is of the mind to do so. The problem is that many people shy away from learning to dance, despite a sincere desire to do just that out of fear of being seen in the learning process. This is such a sad reason to avoid bringing the joy of dance into your life and one that can be so easily avoided if you are willing to make the efforts that would be required. First of all, you can learn to dance within the comfort of your very own home. You do not need a dance hall or studio with mirrors to learn to dance even though they are helpful to the process. In all truthfulness it is quite possible to learn to dance at home without even procuring a teacher. There are many DVDs and instructional tapes and videos on the market that can teach the basics of many different styles of dance. If you aren't sure what type of dance you are most interested in, it isn't a terrible idea to begin by ordering some DVDs in order to find out what specific type of dance interests you most. The really neat thing about doing this is that you can being the learning process in your very own home with the curtains drawn and no one will ever need to be any wiser. Of course if you are going to learn at home you might want to clue your spouse or partner in and see if he or she would like to join you on the path to discovering the joys of dance as a form of entertainment as well as a means of bringing an extra level of physical activity into your life. The really good news is that this sort of physical activity won't feel like exercise and if you play your cards right with your partner it just might lead to other forms of physical activity. Keep in mind that many people find dance to be a very romantic precursor to other romantic pursuits. Backing away from the romance department you can even find a great and occasionally merciless audience in your children. They also make great practice partners and guinea pigs and if you control the allowance, then you might even manage to squeeze out a compliment or two to help your potentially wounded ego through the event. Kids are great fun though when it comes to dancing and (younger kids anyway) are almost always willing to kick back and have a laugh at mom or dads expense. If you want to make a really fun afternoon of things, challenge your kids to a 'dance off' you just might be surprise at who is the last one standing. Learning to dance at home can be a rewarding experience if you apply the things you learn. Not only do you get the benefit of a new hobby but also you manage to do so without the uncertainty and insecurity that is often a common part of lessons. Having an audience can be a frightening thing, however, once you've passed the child test you should be ready for the most ruthless audience any dance studio can give. You should also keep in mind that other students in the class (should you ever decide you are ready to take an actual class) are probably just as nervous about their level of skill as you may be. 588

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Natural ways to treat depression

Depression is a medical condition that affects the mind, often leaving the person suffering from it feeling hopeless, without ambition and unable to focus. Left untreated, this condition can adversely affect academic achievement, family life, friendships and careers. People tend to seek help from a mental health professional who may prescribe mood balancing drugs. Most, however; use an alternative form of medicine for a more natural treatment in tandem with drug therapy. Milder cases of depression can be treated solely with natural remedies without the need for prescription drugs. Therapy is a great way to restore balance in your life. Seeking help from others who have similar issues will provide a support system to discuss issues, understand symptoms, and develop techniques to feel better. Often talking is very cathartic and can help alleviate stress and loneliness, which may cause feelings of depression. Therapy that involves personal expression has been found to provide an outlet for pent-up feelings and can be a positive way to articulate deep feelings and emotion. This can take many forms.

Dance is a great outlet for this as well as other movement therapies such as martial arts. Martial arts teach focus, self awareness, and control which can greatly benefit someone suffering from depression. Using art as a form of therapy is another expressive form of therapy. Whether it is sculpting or painting or any other variation of art, it’s a way to expose feelings in a tangible way. Relaxation techniques help a person focus and gain a sense of serenity. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise that melds the body, mind, and spirit. It promotes good health, a positive self image and teaches relaxation. Meditation is also a good way to relax and unwind. It reduces the heart rate and clears the mind, allowing more focused thought. Acupuncture has grown in popularity as a means to treat depression. By using various pressure points, it is believed to enable a calming effect and promote a healthier emotional balance. Hypnosis is also popular as a means of getting to the core issues of why someone is depressed and leaving them with a sense of well being. Certain dietary changes and supplements have been reported to be helpful in the treatment of depression. Adding fish oil, Zinc and B vitamins are found to help the body regulate chemicals that may trigger depression. Exercise is also very important. Keeping active will rejuvenate the body and keep it fit, promoting a healthier lifestyle and better self image. Working out several times per week can calm the senses and invigorate the body. Depression does not need to be debilitating. Making a few changes to your daily routine will help promote a sense of well-being and help alleviate symptoms of depression. If you continue to have feelings of depression or have severe symptoms like suicidal thoughts, consult a health care professional immediately.

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Learning is a lifestyle why you can t turn your back on learning

In today’s society, everyone must think about “Future Proofing” them selves. There was a time when leaving school marked the end of learning. Unfortunately, it's not like that today. What you know, understand and can do when you start work becomes quickly outdated. Everyone needs to keep learning so that they can cope with changes, new developments and standards at work. There is a special need for healthcare workers to keep their skills sharp.

According to The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, educational activities in the healthcare profession should be, “… focused on developing a multi-perspective and the tools associated with it, including leadership tools, appropriate feedback mechanisms, and strategies for conflict identification and resolution.”* You have heard the saying, “use it or lose it” in many different ways. Well, learning is like any other skill; you must use your learning skills often to keep your brain fine-tuned to the prospect of learning. It's essential to: •Exercise your skills – read, watch, listen, work with other people, ask questions, solve problems, share ideas, take courses. •Be organized – make sure you've got everything you need, including time and space •Get support – Be bold in asking for help •Review what you learn – forgetting is easier than remembering •Recognize what motivates you – keep going by reminding yourself why you're learning and what you want to achieve in the end. Take inventory of your skills at least twice a year. Set goals to develop your technical and interpersonal skills to be the most valuable asset to your patients and your team. Watch for next month’s article on how to set and achieve “SMART” goals. As Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), US (German-born) physicist once said, 'Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.' * J Contin Educ Health Prof 1997; 17(4):224-227The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions , Volume 17, Issue 4, Fall 1997. "Changing Lives...One Career at a Time."

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Keep fit for life at any age

Scientists now know that it’s usually more dangerous to not stay active, no matter how old you are. And you don’t need to buy special clothes or belong to a gym to become more physical. Most people don’t get enough physical activity. Here are some reasons why they should: * Lack of physical activity and not eating the right foods, taken together, are the second greatest inherent cause of death in the United States. (Smoking is the number one cause.) * Physical exercise can help people feel right and enjoy life more. * Regular exercise can halt or put off some diseases like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. It can also perk up your mood can be a direct result along with helping depression. * Being active can help people stay independent and able to keep doing things like getting around or dressing themselves as they get older. There are four types of physical activies you need to do to have the right assortment of physical activities. 1. Get at least 30 minutes of activity that makes you breathe harder on most or all days of the week. That’s called “endurance activity,” because it builds your energy or “staying power.” You don’t have to be active for 30 minutes all at once. Ten minutes of endurance activity at a time is fine. Just make sure those 10-minute sessions add up to a total of 30 minutes most days. How hard do you need to exercise? The right level of effort is described this way: If you can talk while exercising without any trouble at all, you’re not working hard enough. If you can’t talk at all, it’s way too hard. 2. Keep using your muscles. When muscles aren’t used, they waste away at any age. How important is it to have “enough” muscle? Very! Muscles step-up your metabolism, allowing you to burn off more calories during the day when your body is at rest. Using your muscles may also make your bones stronger, too. 3. Do things to help your balance. Every now and then walk heel-to-toe. When you walk this way, the toes of the foot in back should almost touch the heel of the foot in front. 4. Stretch. Stretching can help keep you flexible and will be able to move more freely. Stretch when your muscles have warmed up. Never stretch so far that it hurts. So, make physical activity a part of your everyday life. Find things you enjoy. Go for brisk walks. Ride a bike. Dance. Work around the house and in the yard, take care of your garden, climb the stairs, or rake your leaves. Regular day to day chores around the hous can keep you moving and active.

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The gingerbread nightmare

Do you ever see those beautiful gingerbread houses during the holiday seasons that are so beautiful? They look so simple, and look like such a fun project to do with the kids making gifts for grandma and grandpa. I could just feel it….soft Christmas music in the background, the warm, spicy smell of gingerbread filling the air, the cozy warmth of the fire on a snowy day, and my children and I building these luscious goodies sure to bless our family and friends, and all inexpensively as well. That was the fantasy. Where was my mind? How could I forget about the little thing we call REALITY? Ever notice how professionals make things look easy?

That’s the very mark of a professional. The first reality check was the store. Money was very tight and these looked like a great way to give a quality to gift to several loved ones. After we did the shopping for the candy and the ingredients for these gingerbread houses, the bill totaled nearly $75. I almost fainted. (We could have bought some great gifts with that, or even bought beautiful gingerbread houses). As for Christmas music, the children insisted upon the Chipmunk’s Christmas carols.

Have you ever listened to more than 1 chipmunk song at a time? Have you ever noticed what that does to a brain? The fire was nice, but then we had the fights over whose turn it was to stoke the fire. Two boys can fight over anything, and anything involving work makes a worthy fight indeed.

We started with the dough, and that part turned out! It was SO delicious… fact we had to make more because after all of us eating dough, there wasn’t enough for the houses. So….back to making more dough. This particular dough had to be chilled, then rolled, then you cut pieces of the house out from a paper mold with a knife. Ok, got that part. We put it in the oven for baking, and half of the pieces burnt terribly. The other half were perfect, but you can’t build a house with half the parts. So…..we had to make MORE dough.

By now, we’re not having fun anymore. It’s getting late and mom is beginning to want to get this mess cleaned up now. We finished making new house pieces and it was like midnight, I had long put the children to bed and was cranky now at this point. The only thing to do now was to let everything cool (including tempers), and attempt the decorating tomorrow. Whew….new day, it’s a wonder what a little sleep will do ya. Now we make the hard frosting that will act as glue to hold the pieces of the house together, time to build. Time for the fun to begin, boy are we ready! We begin assembling the house, and half the roof piece breaks in two on one of the houses. On the second house, we find the pieces to not match correctly. On a third house, we overcome all these first two obstacles, and now have great difficulty getting props to hold the house together while the “glue” dries, and it’s repeatedly falling apart and causing the oldest child to have a temper tantrum in frustration (mom too). Somehow through this fiasco, we end up with 1 viable house. (The others became, hard dog biscuit type things for the family pet). Oh well, she needs her Christmas goodies too, right? We frosted the house and each child decorated half. The end result? A $75. UGLY gingerbread house that only a grandma (with apologizes from mom), would take and not be too insulted by. But, we did accomplish one of our goals….it was a memory. A memory we fondly call “The Gingerbread Nightmare”.

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Three b s of buying for baby

What could be better than welcoming home a precious newborn? Buying a fabulous new wardrobe for that little one of course! Few can resist the temptation of spoiling a new baby with hip and trendy clothes all designed with the littlest fashionista or heartthrob in mind. As you start your shopping adventure, keep in mind that baby will need the three B's in their wardrobe. That's Bargain, Black Tie, and Boutique. Let's start with Bargain. Bargain clothes are the "cheap, but comfy-we're not leaving the house today anyway" pieces. These are often layette items and come via hand me downs, baby shower re-gifting, or the clearance rack. They are the old stand-bys that you don't mind getting stained with spit-up, strained peas, or any other baby "goo". However, they are nothing that you would have your uber adorable baby wear as you introduce her to the world.

They do come in handy though and are available in 3-packs at your local "big box" retailer. Buy as many of these pieces as you see fit, usually at least 7 items. On the other side of the wardrobe spectrum is Black Tie. These are the "spent too much, but it's a special occasion and doesn't she look like royalty" outfits. There are so many buttons and bows that you fear diaper changes and the dry cleaning bill even more.

Once this frou-frou outfit has been bought and worn, there's only one thing you can do-take pictures, lots of them. Your little cherub will most likely never wear this again and you'll need to immortalize the moment to help justify spending all the grocery money. Plan on buying one-maybe two of these pieces depending on your social calendar and appetite for picture studios. You can find these dresses and suits at specialty stores and especially around the holidays. If you can find something fantastic at your local re-sale shop consider yourself lucky and go for it. And don't forget to take pictures! Last, and the obvious favorite, are the Boutique pieces. These goodies mix practical with precious and round out your little ones wardrobe. They're comfortable, one-of-a-kind, and easy care.

You'll be the envy of the playground and can expect lots of "oohs" and "aahs" at your neighborhood block party. Boutique items make great gifts and are a hit at friends' baby showers. Boutique pieces cost a little more than Bargain, but nowhere close to Black Tie. These onesies, tees, and loungewear pieces are well worth the extra cost as they liven up the rest of baby's otherwise drab ensembles. Shop for pieces that have personality. They need to scream "Johnny" or "Sara"-whomever you're shopping for. When you reach into the dryer and are immediately reminded of his mischievousness or her never-ending smile, you will inevitably smile yourself. Savor these early years, revel in your child's uniqueness, and buy as many of these pieces as you can afford.

Armed with this fabulous but functional assortment of clothes your precious little one will be ready to "WOW" the world. You can help make this wardrobe investment last by taking time to read care labels and buying clothes a little roomy. Also look for features like lap shoulders for easy on and off and snap bottoms that can accommodate extenders that will help extend the life of the clothes and make diaper changes a breeze. Have fun shopping for the three B's and let yourself splurge a little.

After all, having complete strangers exclaim, "she's the cutest thing I've ever seen!" is one the greatest joys of being a mom.

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Spinach salad with strawberries

This Spinach Salad may be prepared before the serving, but the dressing for this Spinach Salad with Strawberries may be prepared few hours before serving. Take a large salad bowl and sprinkle sesame seeds of spinach in the bowl. Add some strawberries to the salad. After you have done this, combine the dressing ingredients provided below and shake well in a screw-top jar and chill. This is a very simple Spinach Salad to prepare with Strawberries. After you have parepared the dressing pour chilled dressing over the mixture of spinach salad and strawberry in bowl and toss to distribute well. The ingredients for Spinach Salad with Strawberries.

Take1/2 teaspoon Toasted sesame seeds 2-3 cus of fresh strawberries, hulled and halved if large About 6 cups of Fresh Spinach torn leaves 1/4 cup Olive Oil 1.5 tablespoons sugar 1/8 teaspoon Onion powder 2 tablespoons of Red wine vinegar 1/2 teaspoon Dried dill weed 1/8 teaspoon Garlic powder 1/8 teaspoon Dry mustard Enjoy this Spinach Salad on your table.

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Money management

Part 1 First, let me say that even if you have a better than average winning percentage you will fail to make profits if you do not use or incorporate a faulty money management system. Professional gamblers, stocks and bonds traders, arbitragers, or any similar professionals understand the necessity of valid money management systems. There are several reasons for the need of such a system. The obvious one is to decrease risk while maximizing profits. Another reason was told to me by Paul Paulson of moneykeg. com and author of Money and the Middle Man. He explains, “The reason for money management, in my opinion, is so that a bettor can comfortably utilize his edge. Notice that I did NOT say “maximize” his edge. The reason is because if you size your bets solely with the purpose of maximization, you trigger, albeit inadvertently, the biggest obstacle facing bettors – psychology. What I am trying to say is that the more you ‘optimize’ your bet size system (what I consider a money management system as opposed to a picking system where you aim to pick the “winner” game, race, etc.), the larger your potential draw downs.” By way of example, let’s say you have a bankroll of $10,000. If you ‘optimize’ your bet in a simulation using techniques like, optimum f or the Kelly criterion, then your total bankroll will fluctuate more violently than if you size your bets with a simple 1% total bankroll bet. The ‘optimized’ simulation may draw down your account over 30% in some instances while the latter will likely yield much less than that. The point is this: How will you ‘feel’ about your system after a draw down of 30%? Is it likely that you will continue using the system? Or will your “better judgment” win out as you add this picking system to the picking systems’ scrap heap? I would venture to guess that most bettors would stop betting the system if a large draw down occurred. The problem is that statistically, a system with a positive expectancy will still have large streaks of winners and losers. If you should be so unfortunate as to start utilizing your strategy just before one of those inevitable losing streaks, then you will experience significant destruction of your funds. The lesson here is to minimize your draw downs to a level where you feel comfortable. That is, use a bet size where if you experience a string of losers, (which you will) then you will still move forward and still gain that statistical advantage called ‘positive expectancy’. If you make your bet size such that each bet has no significant emotional effect, then you are practicing the proper money management. If a bettor can achieve this, then he will know what it is like to have 13 losers in a row in a good system. More importantly, he will be psychologically stable enough to weather the storm and achieve the profits he deserves for having the ability to foresee such occurrences and plan for them accordingly.” In simple terms, it is important to use a money management system that allows your bet size to be within your comfort level. Using a money management system will help your psychology withstand losing streaks. A bettor should make their bet size in relation to their bankroll small enough that there is no emotional effect on the outcome. This will enable you to stay with a system long enough to see if works. There are several valid money management systems and some schemes that are not so prudent. Many of these will be discussed in later articles. For now, we will discuss a “percentage of bankroll”. In this system, the player will risk a percentage of his current bankroll. For this discussion, we will use a 2% bankroll ratio for the bet. We like this amount because as explained above must people do not have the discipline or stomach to see large losses. As you can see in the illustration below, we start with a $10,000 bankroll so our first bet will be $200. As our bankroll increases and or decreases so will our bet size. We also make the assumption that we will have a 60% winning probability. Bull Market Sports Handicappers has an average three year winning probability of 64.65% so we will be conservative and use 60% in our illustration. This means that for every 100 bets there will be 60 winners and 40 losers. As you can see in the illustration, one can expect to net $3,493. This makes your total bankroll $13,493 at the end of 100 bets. We will now compare this to a same size bet system. We will start with the assumption that we will win 60 games with a bet size of $200. This will produce $12,000 in gross winnings. Now take the 40 losers at 220 (don’t forget the vigorish) which yields 8,800 in gross losses. The net profit will be $3,200. This is are not bad but not as good as the percentage of bankroll illustration. Some people who subscribe to the same size bet system will say it is not a fair comparison. They will say that many of the wagers in the bankroll system are greater than $200. The argument is that if you wager more than $200 you will surely show larger profits. Let’s look at this argument further. First we take the average of all bets in the illustration. Doing this will produce and average bet size of $205. If you use this bet and multiply this by the 60 winners, we get gross winning in the amount of $12,298. We then do the same for the 40 losers (again do not forget the vigorish) and we get gross losses of $9,019 for a net profit of $3,280. This is better but still falls short of the $3,485 net winnings we experience using the percentage of bankroll system. Another problem with this argument is that it is impossible to determine an average of previous bets because the bet have not yet been made. Since we do not have a crystal ball its impossible to do this. In order to make money in sports betting, you must look at it as an investment. This separates the successful gambler from the “hard luck” loser. Gambling must be thought of as investment such as the stock market. Sports betting is a grind, do not expect to make a killing overnight. People who bet large amounts either to recoup losses or to make large sums in a short period of time may have a gambling problem. If this is you and you think you may have a problem, please go to the official gamblers anonymous site and see if you are in need of help. Initial Equity 10,000 Winning Probability 60% total $ bets 20,497 Total Trials 100 Ave. bet 205 Amount of Profits + 12,452 60 win 12,298 Amount of Losses - 8,959 40 lose 9,019 Max. Runs positive 10 net 3,280 Max. Runs negative 5 Results Equity 13,493 Profit/Loss + 3,493 Nr. of Profits 60.00 65% Nr. of Losses 40.00 35% Return + 68.1% Max. Drawdown - 19.3% MAR-Ratio 3.52 Average Profit/Loss + 35 Median Profit/Loss + 181 10000 Max. Bet Size in $ Bet Size in % Trial# Profit/Loss Equity Drawdown - Return To Win / Risking of Current Equity 1 - 220 9780 - 2.2% - 2.2% 200 220 2% 2 + 196 9976 - 0.2% - 0.2% 196 215 2% 3 + 200 10176 0% + 1.8% 200 219 2% 4 - 224 9952 - 2.2% - 0.5% 204 224 2% 5 - 219 9733 - 4.4% - 2.7% 199 219 2% 6 + 195 9928 - 2.4% - 0.7% 195 214 2% 7 - 218 9710 - 4.6% - 2.9% 199 218 2% 8 - 214 9496 - 6.7% - 5.0% 194 214 2% 9 - 209 9287 - 8.7% - 7.1% 190 209 2% 10 - 204 9083 - 10.7% - 9.2% 186 204 2% 11 + 182 9265 - 9.0% - 7.4% 182 200 2% 12 - 204 9061 - 11.0% - 9.4% 185 204 2% 13 + 181 9242 - 9.2% - 7.6% 181 199 2% 14 - 203 9039 - 11.2% - 9.6% 185 203 2% 15 - 199 8840 - 13.1% - 11.6% 181 199 2% 16 - 194 8646 - 15.0% - 13.5% 177 194 2% 17 - 190 8456 - 16.9% - 15.4% 173 190 2% 18 - 186 8270 - 18.7% - 17.3% 169 186 2% 19 + 165 8435 - 17.1% - 15.7% 165 182 2% 20 + 169 8604 - 15.4% - 14.0% 169 186 2% 21 + 172 8776 - 13.8% - 12.2% 172 189 2% 22 - 193 8583 - 15.7% - 14.2% 176 193 2% 23 - 189 8394 - 17.5% - 16.1% 172 189 2% 24 - 185 8209 - 19.3% - 17.9% 168 185 2% 25 + 181 8390 - 17.6% - 16.1% 164 181 2% 26 + 185 8575 - 15.7% - 14.3% 168 185 2% 27 + 189 8764 - 13.9% - 12.4% 172 189 2% 28 - 193 8571 - 15.8% - 14.3% 175 193 2% 29 - 189 8382 - 17.6% - 16.2% 171 189 2% 30 + 168 8550 - 16.0% - 14.5% 168 184 2% 31 + 171 8721 - 14.3% - 12.8% 171 188 2% 32 + 174 8895 - 12.6% - 11.1% 174 192 2% 33 + 178 9073 - 10.8% - 9.3% 178 196 2% 34 - 200 8873 - 12.8% - 11.3% 181 200 2% 35 + 177 9050 - 11.1% - 9.5% 177 195 2% 36 - 199 8851 - 13.0% - 11.5% 181 199 2% 37 + 177 9028 - 11.3% - 9.7% 177 195 2% 38 + 181 9209 - 9.5% - 7.9% 181 199 2% 39 + 184 9393 - 7.7% - 6.1% 184 203 2% 40 + 188 9581 - 5.8% - 4.2% 188 207 2% 41 + 192 9773 - 4.0% - 2.3% 192 211 2% 42 + 195 9968 - 2.0% - 0.3% 195 215 2% 43 + 199 10167 - 0.1% + 1.7% 199 219 2% 44 + 203 10370 0% + 3.7% 203 224 2% 45 + 207 10577 0% + 5.8% 207 228 2% 46 + 212 10789 0% + 7.9% 212 233 2% 47 - 237 10552 - 2.2% + 5.5% 216 237 2% 48 - 232 10320 - 4.3% + 3.2% 211 232 2% 49 - 277 10043 - 6.9% + 0.4% 206 227 2% 50 + 201 10244 - 5.1% + 2.4% 201 221 2% 51 + 205 10449 - 3.2% + 4.5% 205 225 2% 52 - 230 10219 - 5.3% + 2.2% 209 230 2% 53 + 204 10423 - 3.4% + 4.2% 204 225 2% 54 - 229 10194 - 5.5% + 1.9% 208 229 2% 55 - 224 9970 - 7.6% - 0.3% 204 224 2% 56 + 199 10169 - 5.7% + 1.7% 199 219 2% 57 - 224 9945 - 7.8% - 0.5% 203 224 2% 58 - 219 9726 - 9.9% - 2.7% 199 219 2% 59 - 214 9512 - 11.8% - 4.9% 195 214 2% 60 + 190 9702 - 10.1% - 3.0% 190 209 2% 61 + 194 9896 - 8.3% - 1.0% 194 213 2% 62 + 198 10094 - 6.4% + 0.9% 198 218 2% 63 + 202 10296 - 4.6% + 3.0% 202 222 2% 64 - 227 10069 - 6.7% + 0.7% 206 227 2% 65 + 201 10270 - 4.8% + 2.7% 201 222 2% 66 + 205 10475 - 2.9% + 4.8% 205 226 2% 67 + 210 10685 - 1.0% + 6.9% 210 230 2% 68 + 214 10899 0% + 9.0% 214 235 2% 69 + 218 11117 0% + 11.2% 218 240 2% 70 + 222 11339 0% + 13.4% 222 245 2% 71 - 249 11090 - 2.2% + 10.9% 227 249 2% 72 - 244 10846 - 4.3% + 8.5% 222 244 2% 73 + 217 11063 - 2.4% + 10.6% 217 239 2% 74 - 243 10820 - 4.6% + 8.2% 221 243 2% 75 + 216 11036 - 2.7% + 10.4% 216 238 2% 76 + 221 11257 - 0.7% + 12.6% 221 243 2% 77 - 248 11009 - 2.9% + 10.1% 225 248 2% 78 - 242 10767 - 5.0% + 7.7% 220 242 2% 79 + 215 10982 - 3.1% + 9.8% 215 237 2% 80 + 220 11202 - 1.2% + 12.0% 220 242 2% 81 + 224 11426 0% + 14.3% 224 246 2% 82 + 229 11655 0% + 16.6% 229 251 2% 83 - 256 11399 - 2.2% + 14.0% 233 256 2% 84 + 228 11627 - 0.2% + 16.3% 228 251 2% 85 + 233 11860 0% + 18.6% 233 256 2% 86 + 237 12097 0% + 21.0% 237 261 2% 87 + 242 12339 0% + 23.4% 242 266 2% 88 + 247 12586 0% + 25.9% 247 271 2% 89 - 277 12309 - 2.2% + 23.1% 252 277 2% 90 - 271 12038 - 4.4% + 20.4% 246 271 2% 91 + 241 12279 - 2.4% + 22.8% 241 265 2% 92 + 246 12525 - 0.5% + 25.3% 246 270 2% 93 + 251 12776 0% + 27.8% 251 276 2% 94 + 256 13032 0% + 30.3% 256 281 2% 95 + 261 13293 0% + 32.9% 261 287 2% 96 - 292 13001 - 2.2% + 30.0% 266 292 2% 97 + 260 13261 - 0.2% + 32.6% 260 286 2% 98 - 292 12969 - 2.4% + 29.7% 265 292 2% 99 + 259 13228 - 0.5% + 32.3% 259 285 2% 100 + 265 13493 0% + 34.9% 265 291 2% Copyright © 2006 Bull Market Sports Handicappers Inc bmshandicappers. com - Reprints Accepted - One link must be active in the bio.

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Ways to expand your poker knowledge

Over the past few years, and especially of late, the popularity of online poker has been rapidly increasing. Current statistics show that there are as many as 100,000 new people signing up to play online every month. As more and more players enter the picture, the competition gets tougher. No matter how good you think you are, you will at some point or another always run into someone that is better than you. To ensure that you stay at the top of your game, it is important that you are always looking for new techniques and information to help you improve your skill at the game. Even the most experienced players can usually always benefit from brushing up their skills, and most do, that is how they stay ahead of the game. Mistakes in poker can be very costly, and it is in your best interest as a player to avoid making them whenever possible. The more knowledge and skill you have, the less likely you will be to make costly errors in your game play.

The most obvious thing to learn is the rules of the game. It is important to be familiar with all of the rules and terminology before you ever really begin to play. If you start to play a game without knowing the terminology, you are going to be lost. Every beginner should start building their poker skill and knowledge with this step.

Next to knowing the rules and terminology of the game, you also need to learn about calculating odds and betting. Calculating odds will help you determine your chances of winning a particular game. Everyone needs to learn the ins and outs of betting successfully, unless they always want to leave the game empty handed. There are many sources that can help you in your poker education.

Many online poker gaming sites offer online poker schools. These schools are designed mostly for new players to learn the basics of each game, which is a good way to learn the rules and terminology. It also would be helpful to research article databases for information as well. Many of these articles are written by poker players, and can offer valuable insight as to some of the mistakes they have made and how to avoid them. Articles can also provide you with helpful hints and tips that you can use to develop of beef up your playing strategy. There are also many valuable books that have been written on the game of poker. Some of these books may be found online as e-books, and many of them may be found for free in your local library. The internet can be a huge source of information on the subject as well. You may also benefit from visiting online poker forums where you can chat with and ask questions of other players.

If you have friends or family that play the game, they can also be a good resource. They could play a few games with you and offer insight that could draw attention to your mistakes, maybe little things that you weren’t even aware of. The more you learn about the game of poker, the bigger the advantage you will have over other players. All it really takes is commitment to learn, and a little bit of spare time. Who knows? You could turn yourself into a poker pro! Remember, you are your best critic. You should always analyze your game and look for things that you can tweak to make you a more successful player.

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Spondylolisthesis, a condition that can affect athletes in all sports that require a wide range of movement and flexibility, is a degeneration of the exterior portion of the vertabrae in the spine, reducing not only its integrity, but support, flexibility, and strength. No matter how severe the condition, a patient may experience extreme discomfort, lack of mobility, or even the loss of sensation in an extremity, typically the leg. Adolescents suffering from this condition may often exhibit few symptoms or no symptoms at all. Spondylolisthesis tends to cause great discomfort in patients and is usually brought on by physical accidents, such as falls or even automobile accidents. While it can occasionally be a pre-existing condition, but it is often worsened because of the accident. In the highest levels of discomfort, it may be necessary to treat with what is known as spinal fusion, a treatment in which the lower vertebrae of the spine is fused to the affected vertebrae and held in place with titanium screws and rods or, at times, a plate. This surgery can take a maximum of four hours and can be extremely painful for the patient. While recovering, the pain can be terribly severe and requires mobility assistance and physical therapy. While spinal fusion is painful and can take up to twelve months for recovery to take place, the success rate of this form of surgery is eighty percent, making spinal fusion the prime option of treatment for both patients and their doctors. When paired with special exercise, physical therapy, and changes in daily routine, spinal fusion can assist in alleviating Spondylolisthesis effectively. This condition is curable and can be treated if detected early enough. Speaking to your physician and an orthopedic surgeon is key, as left untreated, Spondylolisthesis can lead to loss of sensation and bone degeneration. Your health is important and if you find yourself experiencing discomfort in the back, especially the lower back, after an accident or a fall, you should speak to an orthopedic surgeon immediately about testing and possible treatment. Early detection can save both your health and your bones. Leaving it untreated is risky - a risk you should not be willing to take.

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Strivectin sd offers a safe alternative to botox

We all know that botox is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for people to get rid of those irritating fine lines and wrinkles that naturally go along with aging. It is also one of the leading reasons why so many people that you meet these days seems to look permanently surprised or unable to show any emotion in their faces. With that in mind; alternative methods for getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles have been formulated that are safer and cheaper than botox as well. One of these alternatives is called StriVectin SD. StriVectin-SD is a non invasive, safe, and effective means of doing the same thing as botox, but without all of the dangers. One of the biggest reasons why it is so safe is because it is not a solution that is compiled of poison like botox; but is based on Klein Becker’s striadril complex in which striadril is the main active ingredient. Striadril is composed of patented pentapeptides and phyllanthus emblica fruit extracts. The key component of StriVectin SD is a wrinkle reducing ogliopeptide, which is also called Pal KTTKS. In the most basic terms, StriVectin SD is not composed of toxins and poisons like botox is, which is why it is considered by many as the ‘safe alternative to botox’. When you use StriVectin-SD, you can avoid the painful recuperation period that goes with face lifts and chemical peels, and you don’t have to inject it with painful needles like botox either. StriVectin D has already shown during clinical studies that it works faster than retinol creams and without the inflammation that retinol can cause for those who have sensitive skin. Basically, StriVectin SD is currently one of the safest and most effective ways for getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps you to reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well; which just proves that it is a great investment for two reasons instead of one. Can botox say the same? Think about it; botox can cause droopy eyes, headaches, drooling (how attractive) flu, respiratory problems, and even temporary paralysis. Are you really willing to risk you health and appearance just for an expensive and temporary wrinkle solution? Why would you when there is a better solution that can give you a lifetime of wrinkle free days. StriVectin SD can take 10-15 years off of your appearance without surgery or paralysis. Knowing this; why would you ever consider causing yourself any personal harm, just so that you can get the same results as you do with StriVectin-SD? If you want to find a safer treatment for getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles that: has no dangerous side effects, works faster than retinol, gets rid of stretch marks, and is easy on the wallet as well, StriVectin-SD is the safest bet for you.

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Depression and epa fish oil does it really work

It is now no secret that people all over the western world are turning to high grade ethyl EPA omega 3 fish oil to treat a number of conditions, but can it really work against a problem that knows no boundaries of age, race or gender. It is a condition that affects millions of people at some time in there lives, it’s called depression. Depression So can high grade ethyl EPA fish oil help with depression and low moods, lets take a look at the evidence. In one study involving 20 people with recurrent depression, researchers studied the effects of the specific omega 3 fatty acid known as pure EPA. Patients involved in this study randomly received either the ethyl EPA fish oil capsule or a sugar pill in addition to the anti depressant medication they were taking. After only four weeks, six out of ten patients receiving EPA had significantly reduced symptoms of depression. The leading researcher in this study Boris Nements said “ the effect of the fatty acid EPA was significant from week two of treatment” he also noted that “ the symptoms of depressed mood, guilt feelings, worthlessness and insomnia had all improved by week three.” This particular study was carried out at the University of the Negev in Israel and was published in the American journal of psychiatry 2002. Another very high profile study using the essential fatty acid pure EPA was carried out in Scotland by doctors Peet and horribin. This study involved seventy patients who were suffering from depression that was persisting despite ongoing treatment with standard antidepressant drugs. The study lasted twelve weeks, and the background anti depressant drugs the patients were receiving was not altered during the trial. The results showed that the patients taking EPA showed significant improvement after only four weeks in all symptoms of depression, when compared to the group who were administered a dummy pill. This study was published in the Archives of general Psychiatry. Pure Ethyl EPA Omega 3 fish oil is high in two key compounds DHA and EPA. In both studies mentioned above they used ultra pure ethyl EPA that contained zero DHA. The reason for this was that they found that the purer the compound of EPA then the more effective it seemed to be. The brain has much more DHA than EPA but the studies found that EPA is much more important when it comes to responses to nerve stimulation. It appeared that the DHA maybe more important for structure and the EPA for function. Blood samples taken from people in the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan showed that depressed people have especially low levels of EPA, when compared to blood samples of people who were not suffering from low moods or depression. The lead researches from the study in Scotland both concluded that EPA is the most important essential fatty acid in the treatment of depression. These findings are backed up with two randomised controlled trials from Sheffield and Baylor universities involving DHA only, which showed no improvements in the symptoms of depression. In fact the results were significant and showed the DHA controlled groups to be slightly worse than the placebo controlled groups. Conclusion People all over the western world are successfully using pure ethyl EPA without the DHA to treat depression and related disorders. Copyright 2005 David McEvoy

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Search engine optimization and why you just gotto use it

E-commerce is a cut throat business. You have to arm yourself with the proper know-how and the tools to make your site a cut above the rest. Each day, more and more sites are clambering to optimize their rankings in websites and if you lose your guard, you may just get trampled on and be left in the abyss filled with so many failed e-commerce sites. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a term widely used today by many e-commerce sites. For the past few years and the next ten years or so, search engines would be the most widely used internet tool to find the sites that they need to go to or the product or information they need. Most people that use search engines use only the ten top search results in the first page. Making it to the first page, more so to the top three is a barometer of a sites success in search engine optimization. You will get a higher ratio of probability in being clicked on when you rank high. The more traffic for your site, the more business you rake in. But, it is essential to grab a hold of that spot or make your ranking even better. As I aforementioned, each day is a new day for all e-commerce sites to make them selves rank higher using search engine optimization. It is imperative to make your site better and better everyday. So just what is search engine optimization and do you have to use it? The answer to why you have to use it is an easy one. You need search engine optimization to be number one, or maybe at least make your site income generating. With search engine optimization you can get the benefit of generating a high traffic volume. Let’s just say you get only a turn out of successful sales with 10 to 20 percent of your traffic. If you get a hundred hits or more a day, you get a good turn out of sales already. If you get only twenty to ten hits a day, you only get one or two if not any at all. So once again, what is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is utilizing tools and methods in making your site top ranking in the results of search engines. Getting yourself in the first page and better yet in the top half of the page will ensure that your site will generate public awareness of your site’s existence and subsequently generate more traffic, traffic that could lead to potential income and business. Search engine optimization requires a lot of work to be fully realized. There are many aspects you have to change in your site or add as well to get search engine optimization. These will include getting lots of information about the keyword phrases that are popular in regards to your sites niche or theme. You may also need to rewrite your sites contents so that you could get the right keyword phrases in your site without making it too commercial but light and informative. There are certain rules and guidelines to be followed with making your site’s content applicable and conducive to search engine optimization. You will also need to collaborate with many other sites so that you could get link exchanges and page transfers. The more inbound and outbound traffics generated by sites among others are one of the components search engines uses to rank sites. Try to search the internet for many useful help. Tips, guidelines and methods for search engine optimization are plenty to be found. Read many articles that can help you optimize your site in search engine results. The more knowledge and information you gather the better. This will all help you in getting those high rankings. This may require a little time and effort in your part but the benefits will be astounding. If you can part with some money, there are many sites in the internet that can help you in search engine optimization. There are many sites that help in tracking keyword phrases that can help your site. There are also some content writers that have lots of experience in making good keyword laden content for your sites that have good quality. Act now and see the benefits garner with search engine optimization. All of these will result to better traffic and more business for your site and company.

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Time to combine your 401k plans

2006 is the twenty fifth year of the 401k investment plan. Have you had more than one job in the last 25 years? If so, then you probably have more than one 401k plan floating around. 401k plans are now over 25 years old. They seemed a unique idea at first, but now just about every employer offers one. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that they are a great way to save and earn money over the years. The issue here is whenever you setup a 401k, you usually diversify your plan with your employer. Obviously, you must invest using the current options your employer offers, which is good. Investing a little in the high risk, some in the moderate risk, and some in the lower risk funds its typically the plan. You may have been a little more open on taking risk 20 years ago than you are today. Maybe now you are a little more conservative in your investment goals. So you think you are diversified, right? Not really… especially if you have ten plans with ten different employers. Remember you tried to diversify each one when you set them up. Well, ten different plans diversified the same way means that your portfolio is not really diversified at all. One employer’s moderate risk program may be another employer’s low risk plan. Your 401k 15 years ago where you invested in “tech” stocks was probably a high risk option. Now some of those high tech stocks are the most conservative investments. The only way to manage your multiple 401k plans effectively is to combine them into one plan, under one investment portfolio and review it at least annually. One of the great things about 401k plans is they are transferable. The important thing is not ever to close a 401k and reinvest it, this is a taxable event. You can easily transfer your old 401k plans into an existing or a new 401k so you can manage your risk. This is one time when “everything under one umbrella” is the way to go.

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