Drawing the human figure tips for beginners

Figure drawing is challenging. The act of rendering the human form accurately on paper can be intimidating and frustrating if you try to tackle everything all at once. It is for this reason that you should take things one-step at a time and most importantly, practice! The following article will provide you with some of the basics for understanding how to approach your next figure drawing project. The very first thing you will need obviously is your drawing supplies. Drawing does not have to be a very expensive art form. You can get started with a pencil and paper if you so desire, but there are certain supplies that will produce better results.

It is quite difficult to recommend the perfect materials as every artist is different and therefore will have different preferences. Only time and experience will tell you what materials work best for your particular style. Your choice of materials will also depend on the chosen subject matter. The best advice would be to get a variety of different pencils and papers and simply experiment.

You will eventually come to like certain materials over others. Get your self a pad of newsprint paper. Newsprint paper is fairly inexpensive and excellent for practice drawings, although you should not expect these drawing to last very long. They will more than likely yellow over time. For your permanent drawings, a good quality paper is recommended. Strathmore is a good brand to look into.

You may want to start with a medium textured paper as it has enough "tooth" to hold a fair amount of medium, but smooth enough to allow for detailed work. You will also need a good size drawing board that is smooth and flat for your drawing surface. Before you even lift a pencil, you should have a basic understanding of human anatomy. When you study anatomy, you will learn more about the construction of the human body and its proportions. You will also have a basic understanding of the muscles and tendons and how they direct and control the body. There is no need to get carried away and memorize every muscle, bone, and tendon in the human body; just a fundamental understanding should suffice.

Getting the proportions correct in your figure drawing is one of the biggest challenges you will face as a beginner. It is for this reason that a unit of measurement was established using the models head. This is the distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. 7 Ѕ to 8 heads is the standard measurement that has been developed for the height of an erect figure. This measurement can vary depending on the subject so you may have to make adjustments to your figure drawing. You should realize that the measurement of 7 Ѕ heads corresponds to the figure when it is standing erect. If the pose of your figure changes, adjustments will obviously have to be made.

Artists will often use a pencil to take the head measurement. Stand a reasonable distance from your subject. Grab your pencil from the bottom as if you were holding a hammer and extend your arm out fully in front of you toward the subject. Try and keep your head as still as possible.

Make certain that you are standing in the same spot each time you take measurements. Now closing one eye match the tip of the pencil with the top of the subjects head. Place your thumb on the pencil and slide it down until it matches with the bottom of the subjects chin. You now have taken the "head" measurement of your subject, which will now serve as a reference for measuring the rest of your subject.

When deciding on the type of pose for your figure drawing make sure you choose one that looks natural. Your model will be holding his or her pose for a long period of time and should be comfortable and relaxed. Give your model adequate time to move around and get settled. The more relaxed and natural the pose, the more believable the final drawing or painting will be. If your model looks uncomfortable or awkward, your painting or drawing will reflect that as well. There are number of different lighting situations that you can create for your figure drawing or painting. Will you be working indoors or outdoors? If indoors, will you be working in a room that has natural sunlight or will you be using artificial light? What direction will the light source come from? Will there be multiple light sources?

If you are a beginner, you may want to create a lighting effect that strikes your model from only one direction and illuminates your figure only partially, thereby creating more shadow. This will make for a much easier figure drawing. As you gain more experience, you can then move on to more complex lighting effects. When you begin your drawing, you should not be overly concerned with getting every detail correct in your figure or other objects that make up your drawing. Many beginners fall into this trap and ultimately wind up with a drawing that is out of proportion or that just looks wrong. Study your subject, squint your eyes and try to locate the basic shapes that make up your subject. Figure drawing and painting is a vast subject and this article only touches on some of the basics. You should definitely take classes or workshops and practice your figure drawing with live models. Purchase a few good books on figure drawing and anatomy.

Join discussion groups and ask questions. Most importantly though, keep practicing and never give up.

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Las maquinas tragamonedas

: Si estas atraнdo por los juegos de azar, aquн te presentamos lugares recomendados en los cuales encontraras modos de pagos que te beneficiaran y demбs consejos. Siempre que juegues en maquinas tragamonedas deberбs asegъrate de jugar a max bet de una maquina progresiva. Esto es, ya que muchas maquinas solo pagan el jackpot (gran premio) si haz jugado max bet. Por eso, no debes tomar el riesgo, de jugar en maquinas progresivas si no si de todas formas no ganaras el jackpot. Verificar las reglas de cada maquina progresiva es esencial antes de apostar en casinos en lнnea. Las maquinas tragamonedas son emocionantes tanto en lнnea como en vivo, ya que sus ganancias son dictadas por un sistema de nъmeros al azar posicionados en programaciones de casinos. Siempre debes asegurarte que el sitio que elegiste apostar es serio y ha adquirido buena fama en su trayectoria.

Si apuestas, es casi seguro que disfrutaras la emociуn del desafiу de poder ganar el gran premio que ofrecen las tragamonedas. Las maquinas progresivas son las ideales ya que el pozo incrementa a medida que mas apostadores eligen aquella maquina para hacer sus apuestas. Es asн como puedes observar como las maquinas aumentan su pozo y mбs y mas jugadores las eligen. Las maquinas tragamonedas son muy populares debido a sus increнbles premios, solo invirtiendo una o dos monedas puedes ganar cientos miles de dуlares. Es asн como muchos jugadores son famosos por haber ganado el jackpot en las maquinas progresivas.

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Advice on dealing with a defective car seat and getting help

The automobile market can be intimidating, and if you are just starting out in the wonderful world of wheels you may need advice on buying your first car. There are so many options for car buyers: new or used, red or blue, sports car or SUV, two or four doors…and that is just for starters! Also, as a new car buyer you need to be wary of advice on buying your first car, because there are still quite a few snake-oil salesmen out there in the automotive market looking to sell you a lemon. Following you will find some solid advice on buying your first car. The first consideration for anyone who wants to buy his or her first car is usually whether to buy new or used. Many first car buyers are young people who are just starting out, so the necessity of buying used is often present. Advice on buying your first car new from a showroom is fairly straightforward: buy from a reputable dealer, research the best type of vehicle for you, and seek out the best deals including free extras, low interest and rebates. However, if you plan to buy a used vehicle, where should you look to avoid getting taken advantage of? Most car dealerships also sell “gently used” cars, usually those that have been previously leased. When these are out of your price range, there are also many used car lots with lower-priced second-hand vehicles. Look for a car dealer who is willing to do all the necessary repair work to get your first car in top running condition, and who also has all the necessary certifications to be in business. Ask whether you can talk to other people who have bought cars from the dealer and find out if they have had major problems with the vehicle. Always test-drive a car before you buy! When it comes to the car itself, there are a number of things you should check out on your first car. You can examine the tires, the body and the interior on sight and look for possible problems. When considering the tires, be alert for rips and gouges and demand replacements for poor tires or ask for a lower purchase price. Also, uneven wear on tires indicates an alignment or suspension problem, in which case you should tell the dealer to perform the repairs before you will consider buying. On the body of the car, a few dents and scratches won’t affect the performance - but several of them could indicate the car has been in an accident. Also, rust along the bottom of doors or on the frame can attack the structure of the vehicle. Excessive rust is a bad sign. Check the interior of the car thoroughly for missing mirrors, frayed seatbelts, loose knobs and switches that don’t work. Test the audio system as well. Any of these points can be used as a bargaining tool to lower the asking price! With any used vehicle, you should always obtain a used car report such as those from CARFAX. This information will tell you whether there are any outstanding liens, holds, or fines associated with the vehicle, and whether it’s been involved in an accident. What is the best advice on buying your first car? Take your time, and have fun. With some careful research and a bit of the right knowledge, you can soon say, “This is my car!”

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How to start your successful money making business

Are you fed up with work? Maybe your boss is a grade-A pain in the behind. Well, don't fret about your current situation; it's time to look for an alternative route to income. That company office cubicle isn't the only way to earn a living. These days there are opportunities opening up all the time. With the World-Wide-Web in full swing, many individuals are turning to the Internet in search of a money making business.

Have you ever considered this new-age road of opportunity? If so many others are doing it, then why can't you? It's time to size up the options at hand. It's time to look beyond "the man" for other business ventures. That money making business of your dreams could be just around the corner. What does it take to have a successful money making business? Well, this can be a rather in-depth issue. However, there are some basic factors when considering a personal business. First of all, can you afford to get it started? Second of all, do you really think it is a money making business?

These things aren't too difficult to figure out. We can all see everyday what business ventures pan out and which ones do not. A lot of this is common sense. Will a coffee shop make money? Now, this should be a no-brainer. The entire planet has now witnessed infinite coffee shops flourish with success.

If you are from Oregon or Washington, then you certainly know where I'm coming from. Five years ago I would have never thought that a rather small town could have a dozen coffee shops that do well. I was clearly wrong. I witnessed infinite coffee shops in Oregon turn a constant profit. The key is great coffee, and the right location. If you are pondering a money making business in your future, these are factors you should seriously consider. What product or service are you offering? Why should customers come to you instead of your competitors?

And of course, location, location, location. Is it time to upgrade your career and begin your own money making business? Maybe you're wanting to profit more and take fewer directions from others. This is completely feasible nowadays. It's prudent to use the Internet to your advantage.

Exhaust this source as much as you need. It's a great vehicle to success. Everyday someone begins a new money making business with the Internet's assistance. Get online and do some brain storming.

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How to get your husband to back your home business idea

"Please -- Pretty Please!! I really, really want to do this." From the sounds of things you'd think a parent and a child were in "one of those" arguments. But it's really a wife trying to persuade her husband to let her work from home. Getting your husband to back your home business can, at times, be as hazardous as those black diamond ski slopes. This past week there has been a very active discussion on one of the work-at-home mom listservs about how to get support from a husband who isn't even close to being thrilled about your home business idea. Here are a few answers.

Men are getting very comfortable with the two income situations that women have begged to have for many years now. When mom and dad are bringing in two checks every couple of weeks, the pressure of keeping that job and worries of downsizing aren't nearly as scary when they know their wife is helping with the finances. The idea of mom staying home and starting a business that may or may not make money any time soon is enough to turn a man white with fear. If your husband is one of those who has reservations about you wanting to come home and hang out your shingle, start by showing him a couple facts. · Who will love and raise your children more? Mom or another caretaker?

Here is an interesting fact: a child's self-concept is formed by the age of seven years old. Most caregivers, while they may enjoy children, cannot give a mother's love. More and more studies are being done on the importance of young children having that hourly contact with mom. · Now look at your paychecks minus expenses. There is a wonderful book called, "Two Incomes and Still Broke: It's Not How Much You Make, but How Much You Keep," By Linda Kelley. There are exercises in this book that can help you figure what you and your husband, both working outside the home, are actually making each month. Some couples even find they are losing money because of daycare costs, taxes, commuting, etc. To get a better idea of what those costs would be visit: http:// bizymoms. com/cart/careers/bizymoms_calculator. html · One lady I've talked with, lets call her Sue, told me that if a woman ever came up against a husband who would not let her start her home business -- do it anyway. This is something Sue had experienced when she started her home business. Doing something on your own is very liberating, and some men hate the fact that you aren't depending on them 100% of the time. Don't get into a power struggle with him, show him often that you still love him and need him, and hopefully he will come around. Sue has continued her business from home and her husband is finally supportive of her. Well, maybe not 100% of the time -- but it's close enough. Don't be afraid to get your husband involved with your business. The fact is -- a home business takes time to grow. For awhile, your husband will be the only financial support for the family. Your home business will need to turn into a team effort. Make sure he's not afraid to tell people what you do and what type of services or products you offer. Word of mouth will be your best form of advertisement. The more people there are talking up your business, the sooner your business will grow into a successful, money-making, home-based endeavor. If starting a home business is your dream, getting your husband's approval will be one of many road blocks. Don't let these types of situations get you down. Press on and turn your home business dream into a reality. [ Submitted with ArticleSubmitter Pro - http:// proxylate. com/article_submitter_pro. shtml ]

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Loans can help you make money

Did you read this title and thought to yourself, “Is it a trick? Is it a scam?” Let me assure you that it is not a trick and it is not a scam. It is very real. What is it, you’re asking?

What crucial knowledge am I lacking to help me borrow money to make money? Here it is: It’s an age-old investing strategy called leverage. Leverage is using a little force to generate a big motion. Investment gurus have been doing it successfully for years in margin accounts to borrow stocks, make money on them, then sell them. The difference in price is their income. But this is not a crazy investment scheme. It’s a tried and true method of investing that you’ll feel completely at ease with. And if you own a home, you’re already doing it! When you bought your home, you paid a certain amount for it and although you have been enjoying it over the years, you (like many other people) probably hope that your home will increase in value so when you sell it you’ll make money. Who doesn’t want to do that? So here’s where a secured loan comes in. A loan, when used to improve your home, can help you increase the value of it. And often, the overall value of your home increases at a greater rate than the amount of the loan! That’s great news. And that’s leverage! So you should get a secured loan and build that addition, put on a roof, get new windows, or give your house a paint job. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be helping to increase the value of your home, which is an investment you can enjoy until you decide to sell. And a secured loan lets you do that inexpensively. This is because a secured loan is a loan that uses the guarantee of an asset to help you secure a loan. When a lending institution is deciding whether or not to give you money, they look at the potential risk they will take. If you have nothing to offer them but your credit rating, the risk is higher than if you have a home, a car, some stock certificates, or some art. Anything of value will help them reduce the perceived risk they feel because they can potentially take the asset and earn back their money by selling it should you not be able to make payments. So if you want to make money on your home, and most people do, you should consider getting a UK secured loan to help you leverage. Get the loan, improve your house, and sell it for a greater amount.

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Ergonomic awareness has become an important factor for employers and employees

Thanks to Wojciech Jestrzebowski, a Polish scholar, who introduced the term Ergonomics back in 1857 we know more about how we can incorporate the use of equipment to help with some of the daunting work duties that may take its toll on our bodies in the long term. It has only been in the recent years that companies have taken notice and have implemented ergonomic equipment in the work place. Thanks to these employers we can now lead a healthier, happier life with less body pains, and strains than before. Computer work stations have advanced significantly throughout the years as people sit at them more and more. The incorporation of a good ergonomic chair and ergonomic computer work station can be a heaven sent for those who are lucky enough to have one. Repetitive motion is one of the larger concerns when it comes to computer users. The repetitive motion disorders develop because of microscopic tears in the tissue. When the body is unable to repair the tears in the tissue as fast as they are being made, inflammation occurs, leading to the sensation of pain. Repetitive motion injuries are among the most common injuries in the USA . Thankfully there are ergonomic solutions that can aid with many of the repetitive motion jobs that we face in the work place. Pushing or pulling wheeled loads has also taken a turn in the ergonomic lime light in recent years. With more and more published articles and proven methods on how we can push or pull more effectively.

And with equipment like the Cart Mule® which motorizes the cart or carts making the task easier for one person to do without the normal physical aspects of pushing or pulling heavy wheeled loads. Most workers do not realize the nerve, tendons, muscles and supporting structures of the body they may be injuring beyond repair when lifting, pushing, pulling, holding or carrying objects the wrong way. As ergonomic equipment and products come into play more and more in the work place we will find a healthier, happier society. As equipment and products evolve into ergonomic helpers, we will find workers who become more productive in the work place, a worker that feels good and is without pain and stress will call in sick less often, work quicker and more effectively. When a worker is without pain it can cause mood changes for the better thus being in a better mood around fellow workmates, which in turn will make a more pleasant work environment. More job applicants are becoming aware of the ergonomic benefits that come along with ergonomically designed products and equipment, and have been known to look at these products in the work place the same way they do health benefits and pay scales. Being aware of the potential risks their body could sustain if a company is not current with the products that can alleviate these risks. Many workers are now turning away good paying jobs for jobs with a lower pay scale, but that incorporates ergonomic equipment. Recognizing the human investment in a company, most employers have the desire to take care of that investment by providing a good quality work environment. Most Employers are learning that this promotes a more valuable company as a whole. Most employers will readily take into consideration a product that will create a safer environment when asked. If there is a viable need and employers are made aware of products that can solve that need, in most cases employers will pursue purchase of better equipment so their associates will have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

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Instant approval credit cards the advantages of applying online

Getting instant approval for a credit card – and sometimes getting immediate access to use it – can now be done in less than 60 seconds. No muss, no fuss like the old days when getting a credit card took a month or more. If you weren’t aware of how instant your approval could be, now is the time to find out. Internet Technology and Security – Behind the Scenes of Instant Approval How did the instant approval credit card come about? The answer is that the Internet has completely changed the way card-issuing banks can research consumer information and make a decision about an applicant’s credit worthiness. Nearly every major financial institution that issues credit cards – including Chase, CitiBank, American Express, HSBC, and others – now allows you to use the Internet to fill out their application online with complete security, submit it with the click of a button, and then count the seconds while they make their decision. And in most cases, if your credit is good to excellent, you will be approved instantly and a credit card will be on its way to you within days. Behind the scenes, instant approval credit cards use the speed of the Internet and the sophisticated communication networks created for the banking industry. When you submit your application, banks can now easily verify your identity and check with one or more of the three national credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union – to ensure that your FICO score meets their application criteria. (Your FICO score is a mathematical calculation performed by each of the credit bureaus that rates your credit history on a scale of 0 to 800.) The Benefits of Instant Approval If you’re wondering why you might want to take advantage of this instant approval service to get your next credit card, there are several good reasons: 1. Many banks periodically offer special promotions on their credit cards, such as 0% APR on purchases and/or balance transfers for a specified period of time or bonus travel miles on airlines. These are offers you may not hear about if you don’t browse the Internet looking for instant approval credit cards. 2. There can be a value in knowing quickly if you will be approved for a credit card if you find yourself needing additional credit for your business or personal needs. Using paper applications and the US mail will usually take 4 to 6 weeks before you know if you are approved. 3. You can sometimes get immediate access to a portion of the credit line for which a bank approves you. For example, some banks will offer you $300 to $500 that you can tap into immediately using a code they give you. 4. Applying for a credit card using a secure Internet site can actually be safer than filling out a paper application with your personal information and mailing it. Secure Internet sites use 128-bit encryption which is considered unbreakable in the computer security field. (You can tell when you are at a secure Internet site because your web browser contains a small icon that looks like a lock down at the bottom of the page.) A Sensible Advantage So the next time you are pondering your credit card needs and feel that you can benefit from a new credit card, consider looking into an instant approval card. In today’s fast-paced world, you may agree that this new form of getting a credit card makes a great deal of sense for consumers. Copyright 2005 Ed Vegliante.

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The 7 principles of business integrity

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters. - Alan K. Simpson If I were to ask you which attribute is the most influential in regard to the success of a business, would you know immediately which one is the most important? Based on my many years as a business owner and entrepreneur, I have discovered that at the very top of the list is the distinguishing quality of integrity. Without integrity at the helm of a company, a business is usually short-lived. In fact, when business integrity is present throughout the deepest layers of a company and not just at its surface, it becomes the heart and soul of the company’s culture and can mean the difference between a company that succeeds and a company that falters. The Internet’s Immeasurable Impact on the Marketplace! The importance of integrity has always existed among the business community, but in recent times has been shown as falling short. It is the Internet’s immeasurable impact on the global marketplace that is now making the expression of integrity, reliability and credibility extremely important. Furthermore, the consequence of global competition means that customers will simply not consider a company that shows any less than the highest level of integrity. Since there is a wealth of competitive companies easily available and accessible via the Internet, there is in fact no need to accept anything less than the best. Where Does Integrity Start? In an effort to build upon a foundation of integrity, the first requirement would be to establish excellent rapport with clients. Based on many years of study, the best and most practiced method for achieving rapport is by way of Relationship Marketing. Just as it sounds, Relationship Marketing is founded on the single and most critical characteristic, known as “Integrity.” However, achieving true integrity with clients often leaves many an entrepreneur bewildered, grasping for techniques and strategies that guarantee their futures. But integrity is not something that can be grasped and then simply used. Integrity in its essence must be so ingrained within the nature of an individual, its company and the team members, that it remains steadfast no matter what. Without question, others sense it and find it very attractive. The True Nature of Integrity! Now you are probably asking yourself, what is the true nature of integrity? There are in fact some very basic principles that surround the qualities of business integrity. At its core, integrity begins with a company leader who understands the qualities of integrity which then filters down throughout the company into every department and every member’s approach and attitude. In recent research performed by the Institute of Business Ethics - an organization which is among the world’s leaders in promoting corporate ethical best practices, it was found that companies displaying a “clear commitment to ethical conduct” almost invariably outperform companies that do not display ethical conduct. The Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, Philippa Foster Black, stated: “Not only is ethical behavior in the business world the right and principled thing to do, but it has been proven that ethical behavior pays off in financial returns.” These findings deserve to be considered as an important tool for companies striving for long-term prospects and growth. The following 7 Principles of Business Integrity are the basics of integrity and a good starting off place to consider. By integrating each of these principles within a company environment, the result will be nothing short of a major rebirth of the enterprise. Principle #1 Recognize that customers/clients want to do business with a company they can trust; when trust is at the core of a company, it is easy to recognize. Trust defined is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of a business. Principle #2 For continuous improvement of a company, the leader of an organization must be willing to open up to ideas for betterment. Ask for opinions and feedback from both customers and team members and your company will continue to grow. Principle #3 Regardless of the circumstances, do everything in your power to gain the trust of past customer’s and clients, particularly if something has gone awry. Do what you can to reclaim any lost business by honoring all commitments and obligations. Principle #4 Re-evaluate all print materials including small business advertising, brochures and other business documents making sure they are clear, precise and professional; most important make sure they do not misrepresent or misinterpret. Principle #5 Remain involved in community-related issues and activities thereby demonstrating that your business is a responsible community contributor. In other words, stay involved. Principle #6 Take a hands-on approach in regard to accounting and record keeping, not only as a means of gaining a better feel for the progress of your company, but as a resource for any “questionable “ activities; gaining control of accounting and record keeping allows you to end any dubious activities promptly. Principle #7 Treat others with the utmost of respect. Regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions, always treat others with professional respect and courtesy. While it is most certainly an integral and positive step for a small business to recognize the significance of integrity as a tool for achieving its desired outcomes, that is only the beginning. What must truly be recognized for true success is that while certain precise universal principles lead to business integrity, it is in the overall mindset of the company and the unfailing implementation of these key elements that an enterprise is truly defined. A small business that instills a deep-seated theme of integrity within its strategies and policies will not only be evident among customers, associates and partners, but its overall influence cannot help but to result in a profitable, successful company. By recognizing the value of integrity, and following each of the aforementioned 7 principles for achieving integrity, your success cannot be far off.

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Download free ipod song

Downloading free Ipod songs is not as simple as you may have first assumed. When you first begin to search for free stuff to download to your Ipod, you feel like there are all kinds of websites just waiting to cater to your every need. Sadly, some of these free sites may wind up with you in trouble with the law, and also there is a good chance of damaging your Ipod too. Check out these tips to stay safe and legal! Tip 1 Try and stay secure. It's very easy to get carried away when looking for free stuff to download, and some of the more unscrupulous sites will rely on this and use their downloads to infect your computer with spyware and viruses etc. When you use these sites quite frequently you will find that the things you download are not what they claimed them to be. This is because people upload their viruses and spyware and change the names to a popular file, in the hope that someone will download it by mistake. Tip 2 Try not to break the law. No matter what people say, it is illegal to download from the torrent sites like that. It can be quite obvious as some of them look very shady, but then others try very hard to give the illusion of respectability. The authorities get a little bit better at tracking downloads like that all the time, so the risk of illegal downloads is more each day. Do you really want to end up in the slammer just to get a free song? Tip 3 Take the time to find a legal site. The hardest thing about trying to find a free Ipod song download site is finding a reliable site that you can trust and is 100% legal. The main problem is that the illegal sites don't really like to admit that they are breaking the law or that they operate in a grey area-that would get rid of their visitors pretty sharp, and most of them use their visitors to make money by clicking ads or something like that. Thankfully there is a much safer option these days. Lately there have been more and more of a new kind of download site emerging. These sites have excellent collections of Ipod songs, games, movies, anything you want really, and the downloads are all very high speed and in very good condition. The catch is that you have to pay an admin fee before you can get access, but it's usually not too much, maybe $20 or $40 or so. The fee then usually entitles you to a lifetime membership, allowing you to download anything you like as often as you like! Believe me it's easy to get $40 worth of free downloads once you get access to the inside of the sites! Hopefully I've made you think twice before using the shady download sites that are all over the web-follow my tips and make sure you stay safe!

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Myspace layouts for ages and interest groups

Are you over the age of 45 and wondering if you should get into a social networking website? You dont have to worry about finding others around your age group. These sites are no doubt designed for people who are from the younger generation but you can give it a shot. You never know, you just might fit in well and make some friends as well. Instead of just hovering over the site dont change your mind, if you were to look in deeper, you will find there are many who are around your age and who are here to reconnect with their old friends and keep in touch with their near and loved ones. Similarly, the MySpace layouts used by most members are also suitable for people across all ages to incorporate into their own pages. They can use these to display their hobbies or interests and get involved in forums related to the same. They might create a page with MySpace layouts that others were unable to find making them popular around the site. Some of the social networking websites tend to seem complicated and at times people who are interested might take look at their friend's page and be confused, not knowing what these MySpace layouts are or how to use them. But if they were to ask around or seek the assistance of a member who has used MySpace layouts it will seem pretty easy and they too will learn how to maneuver through the MySpace layouts website.

This way, they too can surf around the various websites that house MySpace layouts and choose one to fit their personality. This is therefore a perfect place for people who have some time on their hands and willing to take the help of others and learn how to find their way around the internet and become a pro on the networking scene. Serving as the perfect platform for them to interact with people much younger than them, and by giving them an outlet to release all their talents and skills, they can use the MySpace layouts to show off to the world that they are still young at heart. Not only do the social networking sites give older people a chance to mix with the youth, it also helps them spend their idle time. Surfing through the MySpace layouts can be a lot of fun and help kill a few hours that one might have on their hands. If you have a page, and have had no time to update or make any changes owing to your work commitments, you might be tempted to do so during weekends. Free time available will be spent on the MySpace layouts sites, trying out the different backgrounds. As long one does not go in for harsh or gory MySpace layouts, they can be assured their page will look unique and beautiful.

Online Myspace layouts for ages and interest groups

Cash back on everything you buy can add up

Maybe it isn't so bad to be broke while in college, I hear that's what you're supposed to be. None the less, I still feel like maybe something is out of place when 8 year olds have better cell phones than I do and spend more in Dairy Queen than I do in a grocery store. I find myself yearning for more cash in my pocket. Actually that's a lie. I'm yearning for any cash in my pocket. I've thought of a few ways to acquire said cash, but the problem is most of them involved working more. Call me lazy but I feel like holding three jobs is enough already.

That leaves me with two possibilities. Get real good at gambling real fast, or get a cash back credit card. Seeing as how I can't lose as much money with the cash back card, I'm leaning towards it. Though I bet if I defaulted on enough payments it would be pretty pricey for me, but I get to keep my knee-caps intact. Besides, Vegas is a long way from here and I don’t have a Flyer Miles card either. But I digress. Cash back cards work pretty simply. The customer spends money, and gets some percentage of it back.

The typical return rate on such a card is 1% on most purchases, and 5% on selected purchases. What the selected purchases are depends on the card. Some offer the 5% for things you buy from the company's partners. Many are targeted at gas station purchases, supermarket purchases, or drugstore purchases. It varies, and its best to buy according to your own tastes. Think of how much money you spend in a month. Rent, phone bills, internet bills, television bills, utilities, groceries, gas. Let's say your rent is $500 a month. Phone is another $25. Internet, $25, cable, $25, $100 on utilities, $200 for food, and $125 for gas. So we'll pretend that your bills add up to $1,000 per month, disregarding a vehicle, car insurance, your membership to that one website, yes that one, etc. If you had the minimum cash back percentage, over one year, just on these bills that are probably much smaller than anything in the real world, you could receive $120 back only for using a particular credit card. Odds are you use one already, so what is there to lose?

And the main reason for getting a cash back card is, of course, the cash. Although you will probably never actually see the cash, you will receive a check or credit to your card and not have to endure the embarrassment of paying for your date’s dinner with a gift card. I could go on for pages with scenarios showing how much a person could benefit from a cash back card. Or I could save my fingers and your eyes and not do that. Instead I may just apply for one. I recommend you do the same if you are also made fun of by small children with bikes that cost more than your car. Or if, you know, you just want some more cash. Either or.

Online Cash back on everything you buy can add up

Good traders get educated

For anyone interested in Forex Trading, training is essential. There are numerous online Forex courses, Including Seminars, Webinars, Home Study , e Books and DVD's to name a few. In truth, with all the information needed to trade forex, it would be silly to initiate trading without first getting educated to some degree. Choosing education can be tricky as many people are willing to take your hard earned money for minimum amount of basic Trading advise, which can normally found for free on many sites. However there a few sites that will actually take a novice and show him how to trade forex up to a professional level. Forex Trading courses will usually teach a little Fundamental but concentrate mainly on technical analysis, teaching investors on how to read charts, and understand indicators to placing trades and understanding the importance of money management . With the introduction of the Internet, Trading Currencies is getting very popular, online brokers are offering clients Charting packages, Demo accounts and tools to entice them to set up an Account and start trading with them. These online Brokers also incorporate free charts with live streaming information normally for free, in hope that when the customer starts trading for real they will upgrade the account with them. If used properly these demo accounts are also a good educating tool, mistakes can be expensive in Trading, a wiped out demo account can be a bit of an embarrassment but less painful in the pocket if the account being used only contains virtual money. Trade a Demo account properly with the right education and a novice trader should see their account get bigger and bigger which will give them the confidence to start trading for real.

A large amount of traders who dont use demo accounts will wipe out their real account in the first few months, many never to be seen again. A trader spending a little on education first, will no doubt save money and stay in the game longer.

Online Good traders get educated

Improve dating solve quizzes

Every one of us who are attempting to date has many queries. All center on one common question - how do I improve my dating results? This goal raises many questions. What is your dating personality? Are you liked by the opposite sex? Do you look lovable? Do you know about online dating? Do you know about preparing your online profile?

How do you write emails? What is your dress style? What is the first impression you leave? Do you know how to chose a dating partner? How do you behave on a date and so on? Dating is both an art and a science. With right guidance, you may find answers to many questions. For that you have to read articles, speak to friends and think. What if we put thinking as the first priority? Think about everything yourself and try to get answers yourself. That will make you alert to many issues and equip you with quick intelligence to handle every situation. That will also raise questions in your mind such as - why do I want to date this particular person? What if he/she is not right for me? How do I find out that before asking for a date? Quizzes that are devised around the subject of dating, love and personality do precisely that. Please believe me that no quiz will ever give you the correct answer. You are a very complex person and no questions can find out precisely about you. But they can serve a great purpose. The questions can give you ideas. The questions of a quiz will make you think. Remember unless a question is asked, you will not think of the answer. So try as many quizzes and tests as you can on dating, love and personality. Read the questions and think about them. Once your mind begins active thinking, you will get clues to many of your queries automatically.

Online Improve dating solve quizzes

Online museums aim to captivate xbox generation

Any parent concerned that the hottest new video games are the only activities that can hold a kid's attention can take heart. Young adult fantasy novelist R. J. Nimmo says parents actually can encourage learning by combining children's computer skills and their fascination with fantasy-themed games. A great place to start, he says, is by logging on to the Web sites of the larger science and natural history museums. "Today, museums are increasingly using their online presences to appeal to the level of sensory stimulation - to say nothing of the interactivity - demanded by the 'Xbox generation,'" said Nimmo, an expert on entertainment for children and young adults. Nimmo says museums are bringing their collections to life for online audiences by offering an exciting program of online stories, games and activities.

That's good news, he says, for parents looking for an educational way to keep "Tomb Raider"-obsessed kids entertained. "The big draw with myth-inspired games like 'Tomb Raider' - especially for younger players - is that they can go on epic quests through ancient lands while doing battle with assorted mythic beasts," Nimmo said. "Museums' online activities let kids explore similar themes based on actual history instead of pure fantasy." Nimmo - whose latest novel, "The Ancient Egyptian Ennead," is set in Egypt in the time of the pharaohs - has posted on his Web site several links to and descriptions of museums with the best online presences, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum. He says virtual museum-going has several advantages, including: * Economics. "Going online to any museum is easy - and it's free," Nimmo said. "You can visit the world's great cultural and archaeological treasure houses all from the comfort of your own living room." * Access. "If you live somewhere remote or have a large family and travel is a chore, virtual museum-going can be a huge advantage," Nimmo said. "Online access provides a fun and practical alternative. And best of all, there are no queues to see popular exhibits or to use the restrooms!"

Online Online museums aim to captivate xbox generation

What is so great about an email follow up

If you are in business, any kind of business then it is important for you to learn how to make the customers and clients happy. The first rule of doing this is to make them feel listened to and appreciated and the easiest way to do that is to use an email follow up every tie you get a message form one of them. This can be done in one of a couple different ways, it does not matter which one you choose as long as you do choose one kind of email follow up. These days the most common kind of email follow up is the autoresponder kind. With this kind of email follow up you will use a special kind of software program, one that will take all of the hard work and wasted time out of having to send follow-ups. With an autoresponder service all you have to do is tell it what to say when someone sends you an email and it will do it to perfection every single time. This is the easiest and the fastest way to deal with email follow up. There is only one drawback to an email follow up sent with an autoresponder service software program and that is that it is not at all personal. The same message will get sent to every single person that sends you an email to that address. That is why it is best to use these kinds of email follow ups simple as a first resort. It will let the clients and customers know that you will get back to them in a certain amount of time and that you did actually get their message in the first place. This is important to people so make sure to do it right. Then when you have the time you can get back to them with a more personalized email follow up. This can be in response to their questions or problems or it can just be another email follow up letting them know that you have not yet solved the problem but you are working on it. If you have any sort of timeframe you will want to put it in this email follow up in order to put the persons mind at ease about what is going on. There are all kinds of reasons for people to use an automatic email follow up and not automatic email follow ups. What you have to do is learn when which kind of email follow up is most appropriate and which ones are going to make people more mad at you! Different businesses require different kinds of responses so talk to some of your peers in business, what do they do and what works for them in terms of email follow up/ You should also ask them what has proven disastrous, perhaps that way you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes as they did, that is always nice!

Online What is so great about an email follow up

Lunch means so much more than fast food

Lunch is the forgotten stepchild of the meal day. We spend a fair amount of energy planning dinner, and we (sometimes begrudgingly) spend some energy making sure we eat breakfast. But more than one of us has looked at the clock at noon, realized we are hungry and then scarfed down whatever was available and easy. Too often, that means fast food, vending machine food or – for some people – nothing at all. And this is truly unfortunate. Nutrition experts tell us again and again that eating three meals and two snacks a day is the surest path to good nutrition and a balanced diet. And even if you are eating lunch, a hamburger and fries doesn’t get you very far on the path to good nutrition. So, how do you change this?

Lunch is a tough one for people who work outside the home. Sure, you can pack leftovers from dinner, but what if there aren’t any or you didn’t like dinner in the first place? Making a sandwich and adding some fruit sounds easy, but that’s just one more thing to do in the morning and if you’re in a rush, it’s one of the first chores you’ll discard. Here are some tips to bring lunch back into focus on busy weekdays: *Do plan for leftovers, if possible. If you like what you’re making for dinner and think you wouldn’t mind having it for lunch tomorrow, set aside some before everyone else gets fed. Put it into the fridge and your family will never know a portion of the entree is missing. Best of all, you’ve already done the work. Add a piece of fruit and yogurt and there’s lunch tomorrow. *If you must have fast food, stay away from fries, most hamburgers, anything breaded and fried and most salads. Yes, I said salads. Sure, you’ll get some nutritional content from the lettuce and all the other goodies on the salad, but the dressing might have as much as 30 grams of fat in it, most of it saturated fat. Stick with light dressings or even keep a bottle of dressing in the fridge at work. Otherwise, stay away from fast food salads (and they’re never that good anyway). Try a grilled chicken sandwich, sans fries. *If you’re out and about running errands and get hungry, stop at 7-11, and grab a bottle of milk, some trail mix or a granola bar and a piece of fruit. It might not be gourmet, but it will get you through to a small snack later and then dinner. *Keep lunch items at work. There are many things you can keep in your desk that are shelf stable and still healthy. How about tuna packets and crackers? How about some fruit in its own juice? Nuts, trail mix and granola bars are all good choices. Stay away from sodium-laden canned soups and noodle bowls. Not only can they provide you with more than the maximum sodium you need for one day, they also won’t provide the complex carb and protein boost you need to get you through the afternoon and keep you from stalking the vending machine later for an unhealthy snack.

Online Lunch means so much more than fast food

How to use hidden cameras

Hidden cameras come in many different kinds of sizes and price ranges. These cameras are one of the most popular surveillance tools used by investigators. Hidden cameras are incredibly reliable to help catch someone in the act of a crime or theft. Hidden cameras are used by many different law enforcement agencies. Most hidden cameras are miniature cameras that allow you to watch someone’s actions behind closed doors without being in the room. The size of the cameras allows them to be hidden in many different places like hats or cell phones just to name a few. Watching someone perform a crime can give investigators the evidence that they need to solve a crime. Visual evidence is a valuable piece used to convince juries that someone is guilty. These devices are hidden in the room within a discrete place. When someone is unsuspecting of a watchful eye they will say and do things that they do not want people to see or know. This unknowing admission can lead to trouble for the person that commits these acts. Hidden cameras are small enough to be undetectable by someone not aware. These covert cameras are virtually undetectable. Suspects would never find them, unless accidentally stumbled upon, which is highly unlikely under most circumstances. It is not as simple as using a detector like it is with listening devices. Law enforcement uses many other tools besides hidden cameras but hidden cameras may be the most crucial. Numerous types of hidden cameras along with many other products to get the job done or solve the case are available at spyassociates. com. © 2005 Copyright spyassociates. com.

Online How to use hidden cameras

Using costume contacts

Looking for a change from your regular contacts? Want an option that will really have people talking? Costume contacts aren’t just available to movie costume designers anymore. Now even you can have eyes that look alien, or cat-like, or whatever you desire. Though many people think of purchasing costume contacts only to match their Halloween costumes, you can actually wear costume contact lenses just about anywhere you can wear regular contacts! There are many costume contact lenses out there that are affordable and comfortable. However, buyers should keep in mind that some lenses use a toxic paint that can cause eye irritation. You should always go with lenses made from a major contact lens manufacturer.

If you want a contact lens that will really make you stand out, try scleral contacts. Unlike other lenses, scleral lenses cover the entire visible part of your eye to create a great effect. However, these lenses are much more elaborate and expensive. Like normal contact lenses, you should consult your eye care professional to fit costume lenses, even if your vision is perfect.

A lot of people often ask if they can see while wearing these lenses, with the exception of certain white-out contact lenses, even if the lenses are opaque, a person can see. There are, however, even white-out lenses that can be seen out of. There are several warnings about the dangers of costume lenses, but the blame does not lie with the lenses. Some users wear their costume lenses for several days at a time without removing them. They share their lenses with friends, or put them in without washing their hands. Costume contact lenses should be treated with the same respect that you would treat a regular pair of contact lenses. They shouldn’t be shared and should only be worn for a few hours at a time. In order to store them, all you need is simple saline solution (or eye drops for contact lenses) and a contact lens case, which can be found in your local pharmacy. Rinse out the lenses in the solution before you insert them in the eyes. Don’t forget to wash your hands first! Soak the lenses in a disinfecing solution inside your lens case when not in use. Also, it’s highly recommended to change the solution at least once a week, if you don’t intend to use your contact lenses for long periods of time. With the proper care, you can use costume contacts to become the alien you’ve always wanted to be - any day of the week.

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The mystery of the opal

There is no other stone that has the mystery of the opal. With its fiery colors and magnificent spectrum of color it draws you in and you are helpless to look away. Every opal is different. There are no two stones the same. And every stone reflects the light differently depending on its depth and personal characteristics. This stone eludes a mystical aura without even trying. Opals are extremely popular for jewelry and it’s not hard to figure out why with that beautiful array of color.

Soft and feminine yet fierce and bold. Opal has the honors of being October’s birthstone. Back to ancient times it has been associated with magical qualities. It was believed to bring both good and bad luck. Some cultures used opals in white magic and believed they brought good fortune. Other cultures considered them a third eye that would allow you to tell the future. Opals are a semi precious stone but a black opal can cost as much as a diamond.

The amount of fire in the opal and where it comes from will determine the price. Pale opals can be purchased quite cheaply but the more fiery or red the more expensive the opal becomes. Opal jewelry comes in a variety of style and is set in both gold and sterling silver. Sometimes you’ll see triplet or stacked opals, other times they are set solitaire. They also come in a variety of different cuts. There are several types of opals: The fire opal is probably the most popular. It is translucent with fiery orange and red flecks. The colors are vivid and intoxicating. This opal is sometimes called the Mexican opal or the Cherry opal. The white opal is an opaque milky white with light flashes of rainbow colors. The boulder opal is a natural solid opal with a fine layer of opal deposited on an iron base. The water or jelly opal is colorless and transparent and has no color play. The crystal opal is also transparent, but displays a rainbow of color. It is so transparent you can see through it on a light surface. The Mosaic opal is just what it says. Small irregular pieces of opal tightly fit together. It’s a great way to use chips and is very affordable. The opal doublet is made of sliced layers of natural opal that is too thin to be used in a single set. It is bonded and set on black glass or ironstone which enhances its color. The doublet opal is much cheaper because you are buying less true opal. Synthetic opals are created in a lab and although they basically have the same properties as a natural opal by law the jeweler must tell you if it is a synthetic stone. Contrary to what you hear opals are no more difficult to take care of then other stones. You should not knock or bang them and you should keep them out of direct sunlight or heat. One thing you need to know is that opals cannot be cleaned in commercial jewelry cleaner or any other harsh chemical solution. Rather use a soft brush and water with a dab of vinegar, then rinse thoroughly. Water will not hurt your opal unless it is a doublet or triplet then you should not immerse in water. Solid stones are fine. See that’s not so difficult. So the next time an opal draws you in and wants to go home with you why not add this beautiful mysterious stone to your jewelry collection. Only then will you experience the mystery of the opal.

Online The mystery of the opal