35 attachment parenting

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According to attachment theory, a strong emotional bond with parents during childhood, also known as a secure attachment, is a precursor of secure, empathic relationships in adulthood. Attachment parenting describes a parenting approach rooted in attachment theory. Attachment theory proposes that the infant has a tendency to seek closeness to another person and feel secure when that person is present. In attachment theory, children attach to their parents because they are social beings, not just because they need other people to satisfy drives and attachment is part of normal child development. Dr. Sears’ attachment tools, also known as the seven B’s, is a style of caring for your infant that brings out the best in the baby and the best in the parents. The B’s include birth bonding, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, bedding close to baby, belief in the language value of your baby’s cry, beware of baby trainers and balance. Dr. Sears reminds the parents of his patients that AP is a starter style, and that there could be medical, environmental, or family circumstances that could prevent parents from practicing each of the seven B’s, and that they are to be a tool to get parents off on the right start. It’s not to be considered a strict set of rules, but encourages responsive parents by recognizing their baby’s cues and level of needs. He again emphasizes the phrase “tool” over “steps.” A tool can be individually chosen based on its usefulness, whereas a step implies that each must be used in a correct order to get the job done. He encourages parents to stick with what’s working and adjust those tools that aren’t. This process will help parents design their own parenting style unique to them that helps baby and parents plug into one another. !5:;O[i¤µ№С+lw“ДдеѕїАцкбЦОЦОЦОЦОЦОЦОКЖВѕЖѕ·¬h—25hАH!mH sH h­8Vh­8Vh$boh)T~h­8Vh—25h—25mH sH h—25h—25mH sH h­8VЃmH sH h—25h—25ЃmH sH hO|ЊЃmH sH !Њ -xїАттттттр-D`MЖ яшьяgd—25Аэ,1ђh°Р/ °а=!°"°#ђ $ђ %°°Р°РђР†њ@@ся@NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA@тяЎDDefault Paragraph FontRiуяіRTable Normalц4Ц l4Цaц(kфяБ(No List4U@ўс4—25 Hyperlink >*phяB^@B—25Normal (Web)¤d¤d[$$Аяяяя!Њ-xїВ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂЊ-xїВљ@0ЂЂЂ?@0ЂЂЂh‹0ЂjЛ0ЂАА А р8р@сяяяЂЂЂчр’рр0р( р ррB рSрїЛя ?рВВ!ВВx~p¦B¬Eяяяяяяяяя„Р„?юЖР^„Р`„?ю.Ђ„ „?юЖ ^„ `„?ю.Ђ„p„?юЖp^„p`„?ю.Ђ„@„?юЖ@^„@`„?ю.Ђ„„?юЖ^„`„?ю.Ђ„а„?юЖа^„а`„?ю.Ђ„°„?юЖ°^„°`„?ю.Ђ„Ђ„?юЖЂ^„Ђ`„?ю.Ђ„P„?юЖP^„P`„?ю.x~pяяяяяяяяgG”…ldЊt­@°їZ•?A€°їpРvMА~ЛC.…ld$9ё! рE;pРрE;tXК@Z•?џ_dbЊt­@tXК@gG”~ЛC.pРѕ}i$9ё!џ_dbed/mA€е я+АH!RJ!—25­8V$boЊg})T~O|Њ"=Г9_Ця@ЂмЋА0@яяUnknownяяяяяяяяяяяяGђ‡z ЂяTimes New Roman5ђЂSymbol3&ђ‡z ЂяArial"с€рРh 3§† 3§†(?(? р ґґЃЃr4ЅЅ2ѓрHP)ря?дяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяя—252яя«Attachment parenting, a phrase coined by pediatrician William Sears, is a parenting philosophy based on the principles of the attachment theory in developmental psychologyKelly Lyons Tim Erwayюяа…џтщOh«‘+'іЩ0ђ?LXlx„” Ёґ Фамшд¬Attachment parenting, a phrase coined by pediatrician William Sears, is a parenting philosophy based on the principles of the attachment theory in developmental psychologyKelly LyonsNormalTim Erway3Microsoft Office Word@@nґЎЖ@nґЎЖ(?юяХНХњ.“—+,щ®0”hp|„Њ”њ¤¬ґјtд ЅЁ¬Attachment parenting, a phrase coined by pediatrician William Sears, is a parenting philosophy based on the principles of the attachment theory in developmental psychologyTitle юяяяюяяяюяяя !"#юяяяэяяя&юяяяюяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяRoot Entryяяяяяяяя АF@јyФЎЖ(Ђ1TableяяяяяяяяWordDocumentяяяяяяяя.SummaryInformation(яяяяDocumentSummaryInformation8яяяяяяяяяяяяCompObjяяяяяяяяяяяяqяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюя яяяя АFMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord. 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Lg phones

LG Phones help to marry technology that is at the forefront of the cellphone industry with unique and cutting edge designs. The cellphones and various accessories are very advanced compared to some other cellphone companies. They are popular within the United States and abroad. LG is working to bring its customer base connectivity at high rates of speed utilizing EVDO and HSPDA technology. At this time it is in the lead as the quickest growing cellphone company in the country. LG holds over twenty-seven percent of the domestic market in cellphones with sales of over nineteen million cellphones just within the CDMA market. Another 2.2 million GSM cellphones have been sold for use. Their cellphones are offered in a variety of colors, styles, and platforms by which to be used. Benefits Offered to Customers by LG Customers that are unsure about their next cellphone purchase are able to take the cell phone chooser test. The test will choose the five top choice in cellphones based on the customers answers on the test. There are twenty questions that ask what the customer is looking for in their next cellphone. LG stays on the cutting edge by offering special interest phones to customer such as the Iron Man phone and Prada phone. Automatic touch sensitive screens are a popular feature of LG phones. The goal of LG is to intermingle entertainment with a classy case. Some Current LG phones being Offered The Chocolate by LG has become a favorite of LG customers everywhere. The Chocolate is filled with features and has a slender design to it. The keypad is sensitive to the user's touch, a top notch music and video player, and 1.3 megapixel camera with camcorder round out the phones features. LG Fusic allows the user to carry along music to any destination. It is the only cellphone in America to utilize an FM transmitter. It's speed is perpetuated by EVDO connection with quick download times and the ability to get the most up to date music. Added features to the phone are Bluetooth capability and it is a one stop entertainment system all within the packaging of a cellphone. V by LG offer the most up to date in strides in cellphone technology. The V by LG uses V Stream for allowing users to view video footage from their phone and the capability of download. The V comes equipped with a cutting edge MP3 player and speakers. A miniSD storage card allows the user to file away pictures and videos to watch at a later date. The VZ navigator employs GPS technology to let the user know where they are and give directions when requested. The LG Migo keeps parents in kids in touch throughout the school and work day. There are a host of speed dialing features along with an emergency key in interest of child safety. The child is able to get through to someone in case of an emergency. Parents can determine the range children can travel with their MIGO phone. If a child moves beyond that range the parent is alerted.

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How to find the crowd in your niche market

The largest problem with getting leads involves working the hardest way possible Vs. working the easiest way. The vast majority of businesses today markets backwards, and then they act all surprised when there's no response. The vast majority of business owners do this. They Create or have services or products from their company and they expect to go out and find people to sell their products or services to. This is a huge mistake. This method of trying to make money can work if you have an unlimited capacity for spending money, wasting time, and have no concern for risk. If you're like most of us, we who want to do things a little more safely and cheaply. There's is one positive way to make a large income. Find Your Market First. Find Out What The People Want. Then let them buy what they've told you they want. You must not spend any time thinking about the product or service you will render until you've discovered the market. A perfectly matched message to the right market is the best and safest way to go. I am stressing the market to you in a strong way and not the product or service. You must decide what market either you, or someone else you choose to work with knows throughout. You have to find markets that really, really want things. There are literally thousands of potential tightly niched markets out there. Your first job is to find them. find what people want before you even begin to think about what kind of products or services they might buy from you. There are some bad products or services out in the world today that very surprisingly sells extremely well. This has baffled most common cultures and they are still selling. You must "find the crowd" first before getting into that wishful thinking you have the best products or services. Find them and find out what they want. Pick a group you thoroughly understand that you can share your passion with. Your credibility with. Finding a target market, one you understand completely will allow you to know people's wants. Then start building your business around your findings. The most common hurdle businesses face are they think they have the next big thing next to baked bread. Then they ask themselves, "who is going to buy it?" Do you believe that everyone will line up to do business with you? Not Hardly! One of the most damaging mistakes is people reading the old "Road-To-Riches" books taught in marketing. This is the reason why the majority of people in their own businesses don't last two years. Finding a market of interested prospective customers who respond to you is the greatest lesson learned ever! Listen to them tell you what they want. Let them buy whatever they want to buy. Imagine having no bothersome counseling. No product samples. No taste testing. No advising. Just good old selling. You show them your product or service and they buy it. Then once they are sold you get them to refer friends and family and you go out and sell more. Your customers do not want a sales counselor. They just want a house, car or piece of equipment etc... Being a pushy salesperson is the greatest toughest challenge there is. No one believes anyone's sales pitch. No one cares about your "professionalism" or how long your company has been in business. No one wants to hear how your company will solve all their problems and make their lives better. You must constantly look for the one out of a million people who actually want what you're selling or want to invest in your services. Period! You have to fight everyone by being an adversary. And until you rearrange your thinking about finding the market first, you'll always be in this needless battle. Copyright © 2005 Abe Cherian You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on your web site as long as the byline is included and the article is included in it's entirety. I also ask that you activate any html links found in the article and in the byline. Please send a courtesy link or email where you publish to: support@multiplestreammktg. com

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Chapter ten

The following is an excerpt from the book The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille Published by Broadway Books; June 2006;$24.95US/$32.95CAN; 0-7679-2056-2 Copyright © 2006 Clotaire Rapaille The German Code for Germany is perhaps best illustrated in a story. Lego, the Danish toy company, found instant success with their interlocking blocks in the German market, while sales foundered in the U. S. Why? The company’s management believed that one of the primary reasons for their success was the quality of the instructions they provided inside each box that helped children build the specific item (a car, a spaceship) that a particular box of blocks was meant to build. The instructions were quite a breakthrough in the field: precise, colorful, and refreshingly self-explanatory. They made construction with Lego blocks not only simple, but in some ways magical. If one followed the path through the instructions, tiny plastic pieces methodically turned into something grander. American children could not have cared less. They would tear into the boxes, glance fleetingly at the instructions (if they glanced at them at all), and immediately set to a construction project on their own. They seemed to be having a wonderful time, but they were as likely to build, say, a fort, as they were to build the automobile for which the blocks were intended. And when they were done, they would tear their fort apart and start over from scratch. Once purchased, to Lego’s dismay, a single box of Lego could last for years. In Germany, however, Lego’s strategy worked exactly as intended. German children opened a box of Legos, sought out the instructions, read them carefully, and then sorted the pieces by color. They set to building, comparing their assembly progress to the crisp, helpful illustrations in the instruction booklet. When they were finished, they had an exact duplicate of the product shown on the cover of the box. They showed it to Mother who clapped approvingly and put the model on a shelf. Now the children needed another box. Without even knowing it, Lego had tapped into the Culture Code for Germany itself: ORDER. Over many generations, Germans perfected bureaucracy in an effort to stave off the chaos that came to them in wave after wave, and Germans are imprinted early on with this most powerful of codes. It is that imprint which makes children reach dutifully for the instructions, and it is that code which prevents them from immediately destroying their neat construction in order to build it anew. Lego’s elegant, full-color instructions had tapped into the German code in a way that assured repeat sales. Excerpted from The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille Copyright © 2006 by Clotaire Rapaille. Excerpted by permission of Broadway, a division of Random House, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Author Dr. Clotaire Rapaille is the chairman of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide and has used this decoding approach for thirty years.. He is the personal adviser to ten high-ranking CEOs and is kept on retainer by fifty Fortune 100 companies. He has been profiled in many national media outlets, including 60 Minutes II and on the front page of the New York Times Sunday Styles section. He lives in Tuxedo Park, New York.

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5 lessons your kids will learn by starting a business

Kids need to be kids and enjoy their time as children. But, at the same time, as they get older, they also need to learn to make money and function in our society as responsible adults. Oftentimes, they get a job at a Burger Joint, where they learn how to listen to a boss, and how to work with others, but then they may also have to give up some extracurricular activities, study time and time with family. Not terrible things, but enough of a challenge that many families are helping their kids start their own businesses. Why? Let’s compare the lessons your kid is learning working at a burger joint verses starting a business. 1. Responsibility. Burger Joint: Yes, it teaches responsibility. You need to show up for work and do a good job or your boss and co-workers will get mad at you. Entrepreneur: Teaches you responsibility as well. You need to work hard or you won’t get paid. 2. The Value of a Dollar Burger Joint: You learn that time is money. Entrepreneur: You learn that creativity, ownership of responsibility and hard work is money. 3. How to Market Yourself Burger Joint: Teaches you how to fill out an application and go on an interview to market yourself. You do this once and then you’re done. Entrepreneur: You have to market yourself and your business on an ongoing basis if you want to make any money. 4. Customer Service Burger Joint: Service with a smile or your boss may reprimand you. Entrepreneur: Service with a smile or you don’t get repeat business and your income drops. 5. Banking Skills Burger Joint: You learn how to collect a paycheck and how to deposit it into the bank. Entrepreneur: You learn how to budget for advertising costs, taxes, and expenses and weigh them against your profits. You learn to deposit your income into the bank and write checks to cover expenses. You learn how business works. As you can see, both options have benefits. As for which option you’ll choose? That’s up to you and your child.

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Are homeowners due a refund

According to U. S. Government Auditors more that 45% of all home mortgages and 75% of home equity loans contain miscalculations or errors in favor of the lender. These errors are costing homeowners to be overcharged billions of dollars per year, and with the number of home mortgages being refinanced because of low interest rates, the figures can only increase. This problem presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs that would like to enter into the Mortgage Auditing Industry. As a mortgage auditor you will help homeowners recover refunds from errors that are due to them, these refunds average $1500 per homeowner. CMRS is looking for people willing to become mortgage auditors. No special skills are required to become an auditor and all processing and calculations are done by CMRS auditing specialist. So if you have the ability to market a program that will allow you to earn a substantial income, then mortgage auditing is for you. To find out how you can start a successful career as a Mortgage Auditor, and start earning an income you can be proud of. Visit Consumer Mortgage Reduction Services website to find out more at http:// consumermortgagereduction. com

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Which spam filter is best for you

With the number of spam filtering solutions increasing each week it's getting tougher for consumers to make informed choices in their purchases. There are 3 basic types of spam filters: Integrated Standalone Online We'll look at each type of spam filter and at the end you should be able to decide what spam filter is right for you. Integrated spam filters This type of spam filtering software is the most common. Once installed it sits "on top" of your existing email software and installs a new set of buttons into your email software. In future when you collect email you'll see options for marking email as Spam, marking the email as Not Spam, Bounce the email back to sender, etc. The description and position of these buttons varies from one product to the next but their purpose remains the same. Most integrated spam filters automatically place suspected junk email into a separate folder on your PC for you to review or delete later on. The newer integrated spam filters are also "intelligent". They can basically learn the difference between what is spam and what is not and delete the junk email you don't want. The most popular integrated spam filters are: iHate Spam Spambully Spam Inspector Integrated spam filters are most popular amongst people who want a one click solution to collecting their personal email and filtering junk email at the same time. Advantages: One click solution. Disadvantages: Software specific. Some work with Outlook and Outlook Express only. Standalone spam filters These are less common than their integarted counterparts but that doesn't make them any less useful. A standalone spam filter is basically a separate piece of software installed on your PC that you use to check your email for spam. Standalone filters have the big advantage of being able to preview your email on the mail server before it's downloaded to your PC. This one single feature has the huge benefit of allowing you to just download the email that you want as opposed to downloading all of your email, including the spam, and then sorting through it. Using a standalone spam filter is a little more work simply because it's a separate piece of software that you have to run before you open up your email software. Most standalone filters do allow you to configure them so that your standard email application is opened once you've chosen what spam to filter. This suits some people and not others. The most popular standalone spam filter is: Mailwasher Pro Advantages: Doesn't rely on specific email applications to work properly. Disadvantages: Two step process. Load standalone filter and then your email application. Online spam filters There are really two types of online spam filters. One is for business use and one is for home use. A typical example of a business type product is iHate Spam server edition where the software deletes junk email directly from the mail server before the end user even sees it. Large companies employ this type of technology. Home users will be using Spam Arrest or similar. Spam Arrest offers an inventive solution to spam whereby any email sent to the users account has a challenge request sent back to it which the sender must authenticate. The automatic junk email software used by spammers can't currently deal with this type of response. Any failure to authenticate the challenge email results in the junk email being left to die in cyberspace. A user is authenticated with Spam Arrest only once for security just to make sure the software doesn't become a nuisance. The most popular online spam filter is: Spam Arrest Advantages: Users are guaranteed to only receive the email that they want or requested. Disadvantages: Any techncial problems with the Spam Arrest server and you have no defense against spam. Now you've seen what spam filtering options are available to you just ask yourself which one suits you most. If you're still not sure drop by http:// spam-site. com and check out our product reviews - we have something for everyone.

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Gaming laptops the five essential features to consider when buying a gaming laptop

Gone are the days when you would have been laughed at if you walked into an all-night LAN party carrying your trusty laptop and expecting to hang with the giant computer towers standing at everyone’s feet. The gaming laptop computers of today sport huge, crisp LCD screens, cutting-edge video cards and full-size keyboards. Not only can these gaming laptop computers hang with the standard clunky computer tower, but they can also be ordered fully custom to meet the exact specifications of any gamer. Since there are so many customizable components in these laptops, a standard practice has been to create what some call a “system builder.” This is the page where you get to add and subtract components through drop-down menus in order to create the best gaming laptop computer for your needs and your budget.

This type of page can be overwhelming to someone just starting the gaming laptop shopping process, but it is very manageable if you take it just one component at a time. The Gaming Laptop GPU This is the heart of a gaming laptop computer. The GPU – graphics processing unit – is a component that will make or break your gaming experience. If your GPU isn’t up to snuff, your games won’t play. Without getting into specific models since they change all the time, the key is that the graphics card not share resources with the computer. A gaming laptop video card must have its own memory on board. Generally speaking, standard off-the-shelf laptops will not have this feature. The two current makers of laptop video cards are nVIDIA and ATI. Without the Screen, You Don’t Have Much What good is a gaming laptop without a screen that can actually render your games? Now certainly, you can connect an external monitor, but if you can’t actually play on your gaming laptop without that external monitor, then your laptop isn’t all that mobile. While the technology and terminology for LCDs (liquid crystal displays) could take up an entire article in itself, there are a few key points to keep in mind when choosing from available LCD options for your new gaming laptop computer: native resolution, aspect ratio, rise and fall time, contrast, viewing angle, and size. Native Resolution. The native resolution is simply the setting at which your screen will render the clearest images. Since games are constantly in motion, slightly soft edges may not bother most gamers, but keep in mind that while this is your gaming laptop, you will likely also use it for other things like surfing the Internet. If the resolution isn’t comfortable, you aren’t going to enjoy using it. Aspect Ratio. As you probably know, a movie theater screen and a TV screen have different proportions. Likewise, there are widescreen format gaming laptops and there are laptops that have a standard aspect ratio – like that of a TV. A widescreen format gaming laptop has advantages and disadvantages. Many games today do not have a widescreen mode. This means that the game may stretch across the screen and become distorted or you may run it with black bars that fill in the sides. There are ways to get around this, but if you want an out of the box perfect experience, the widescreen format may not be for you. That said, a widescreen LCD does offer plenty of screen real estate for web surfing and other type of computer activities, and a game played in a wide format setting offers an expansive field of view. For this reason, there are some very loyal widescreen-loving gamers out there. Do your best to find a balance between current and future technology and what your computer habits are beyond gaming. Even with its limitations, the widescreen format is found on most of the best gaming laptop computers. Rise and Fall. The phrase ‘rise and fall time’ is used to describe how fast the LCD can respond to changes. In the past, LCDs have been plagued with the inability to render images as fast as computer games can spit them out. This presents a major problem for laptop gamers because if they can’t see the images properly, they can’t play the game properly. This lag can mean the difference between playing to win and barely playing. Fortunately, gaming laptop LCDs have come a long way and they are only getting better. While once it was impossible to game on a laptop screen, the gaming laptop LCDs of today offer 25 milliseconds or less rise and fall time while generally off-the-shelf laptops have 40 milliseconds or less rise and fall time. Contrast. If a gaming laptop LCD has poor contrast, that means that the black areas aren’t quite as black as they should be and the white areas aren’t quite as white. This is important to a laptop gamer because you have to see the game properly – as it was intended to be seen – in order to compete effectively. Look for a contrast ratio of 400:1 or higher in a custom gaming laptop computer. Viewing Angle. This is an often-overlooked LCD feature, but it must be considered if you are building a gaming laptop computer. Many high quality LCDs on the market are difficult to see clearly at any angle other than straight on and at the right height. This can be a big drawback to gaming on a LCD screen because a screen with poor viewing angles won’t allow others to watch the screen as you play and also hurts your view when doing something as simple as adjusting your seating, which can require you to then adjust to position of your laptop screen to see it properly again. But gaming on a laptop does not mean that you are doomed to have poor viewing angles. There are LCDs on the market that have amazing viewing angles – up to 120 degrees. These screens not only allow gaming onlookers, but they also allow you to use that giant, crisp screen to do things like play movies and even make presentations. Size. In a gaming laptop computer, size is everything. Most gaming laptops are large, robust pieces of electronics. Having a machine of this stature means you also get to have a large screen. The best gaming laptop computer LCD screens out there are at least 15 inches. A crowd favorite is a 17 inch widescreen (even with the challenges that widescreens present). Largr 19 inch laptop screens are just starting to be talked about with consumers expecting to see 19 inch or even large models on the market in the near future. The best way to really get a feel for what laptop LCDs are all about is to take a trip to a local box store and play with the LCDs on the display laptops while keeping in mind what you have read here. While these laptops are not custom gaming laptops, you can see what the sizes really look like, what different resolutions look like, and what the viewing angles truly are so you can start to develop your own preferences. The RAM – What Type and How Much? The RAM (random access memory) found in laptops is called SODIMM (small outline dual inline memory module). The RAM is responsible for your processing power. If you are shopping for a custom gaming laptop, you will generally be offered DDR2 RAM with the choice of how much you want in your computer. Most high-end games being released today need 1GB of RAM for optimum, lag-free game play. Some people are going with 2GB to ensure that they can run multiple applications along with the game and not experience any slow down in response time. This is a large investment and you want to be able to use this gaming laptop for some time in the future. Most custom laptops are user upgradeable, but this should be left up to professionals. The CPU – Not Just Mobile Technology The CPUs (central processing units) found in many custom gaming laptops are identical to those found in desktops. These chips require a great deal of cooling power, which in turn can make your laptop louder than light weight, lower power ultra portables when the fans kick on and it can become somewhat warm to the touch. Don’t be alarmed by this – it is normal. And with these desktop processors comes screaming power! Don’t waste your money on the latest CPU release that likely has an inflated price tag (and that price will likely come down before long). Stick with a current CPU speed that is offered by a reputable custom gaming laptop reseller, and you really can’t go wrong. The Gaming Laptop Hard Drive This is the final component to consider when building a gaming laptop. Laptop hard drives come in a variety of speeds and capacities ranging from 4200 to 7200 RPMs and 40 to over 100 GBs. For the most part, this is user preference. Whenever possible, go for a 7200 RPM hard drive, but if you need a capacity not offered in this speed, it’s okay to go for the 5400 RPM drive. Take a look at your current computer, and buy your capacity based on this. Also keep in mind that with many custom gaming laptop manufacturers, you have the ability to upgrade or add another hard drive at a later date. At the end of the day, gaming laptop computers are all about power. Don’t expect a twelve-pound notebook with a desktop processor, numerous fans, a giant heatsink, and independent video card to last on battery power all that long. But do make sure to enjoy the jawdrops that you’ll get as you walk into your regular LAN party location with your new, screaming-fast gaming laptop computer. Crack that puppy open, fire it up, and stand clear of the drool as you take on your favorite game with fellow gamers gathered around to take in the action. Gaming is not just for desktops anymore!

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Which printer manufacturer should you choose

A question people frequently ask is "which brand of printers is the best?" The main manufacturers for inkjet and laser printers are Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, and Dell. Without picking one clear winner, here is a rundown of each one and some pros and cons of each: Hewlett Packard - there is a reason that this name is synonymous with inkjet printers, laser printers and inkjet cartridges in general. HP has long been the leader of the printing industry in terms of size and selection of their machines and printer ink. But just because HP is the biggest does not mean they are the best. Something that has grown in popularity is individual printer ink cartridges for each color. From both an environmental and an economical standpoint, people like the idea of just replacing one individual color when it runs out instead of having to buy a whole new cartridge. This is something that HP was slow to adapt and they just recently introduced it on some of their Photosmart printers. At the same time, HP has also been decreasing the amount of ink in their cartridges. Their previous printer cartridges held anywhere from 20-40 ml of ink, while their newest cartridges hold as little as 5 ml in some cases. The cost of printing can still be low for HP users who do their own refilling, but it will mean more frequent refills for customers. So, as a trade-off for a vast selection and other benefits, you must consider the long term costs of operating an HP printer before buying. * Pros - availability, dependability, name recognition * Cons - no individual ink cartridges on almost all models, long term costs Epson - along with Canon, Epson spearheaded the do-it-yourself photo printing movement with their collection of Stylus Photo printers. With Epson printers, you are going to find a large selection of photo machines and a good amount of entry level and high end machines. Epson has a limited number of multifunction inkjet printers, but the models that they do have are usually pretty popular and well-received. Based on customer feedback over the years, we have found that some Epson printers can require a little more maintenance than their counterparts in regards to running cleaning cycles for the print cartridges. So, this is something to consider when buying an entry level model from Epson. One downside with Epson is that you are unable to refill their ink cartridges. * Pros - good photo printing, individual ink cartridges * Cons - some maintenance issues, can't refill cartridges, machine may not last forever Canon - Typically, Canon users are the most loyal to their brand. There was a period when Canon had a relatively small selection compared to other major brands, but the inkjet printers that they did have were always very popular. Most of the time, the top photo printer on the market will be a Canon model. For a while now, Canon has had individual ink tanks for their machines, and in general they have the lowest overall cost per page. Although their selection of inkjet and photo printers has grown recently, Canon still seems to prefer quality over quantity. So just know that although you might see a limited number of Canon printers in your local stores, what is available is likely of top quality. One downside is that there are some Canon inkjet cartridges that cannot be refilled. So for the newer machines the only product available is Canon brand ink. * Pros - excellent photo printing, reliability * Cons - some lack of selection/availability of machines All Others - the three other main manufacturers of printers are Dell, Lexmark and Brother. Dell has become a big player in the market, simply because of their ability to sell directly to such a large number of people. Both Lexmark and Dell (who has Lexmark manufacturer products for them) tend to focus on inkjet and multifunction machines, so if you are looking for a photo printer then they are most likely not the manufacturers for you. Lexmark does have a selection of some quality all-in-one machines, but both the machines and the products for them can be hard to find. Also, Lexmark/Dell currently do not have individual ink tanks for their machines, so even with our remanufactured cartridges the cost of ink can be as high or higher than Hewlett Packard's. The good news is that you are able to use ink refill kits on Dell/Lexmark ink cartridges or have them recycled, so there are some benefits to their cartridges. Brother tends to focus more on laser printers and fax machines, so their selection for home users is pretty limited. Like Lexmark, they do manufacturer some quality all-in-one machines, but their lack of selection and availability is one downside.

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Accredited online degrees give students more flexibility

: Earning one of the many available accredited online degrees enables you to graduate from some of the nation's highest ranked universities without ever leaving your home state. Graduating with a bachelor's degree or certificate from a prestigious university by going through any of their online courses is equal to attending class on their physical campus, except you can live at home, and keep your full time job. Many adults are working professionals who struggle balancing family, work and other obligations or commitments. However, with technological advancements in the last decade in education online, many are choosing to earn their accredited online degrees simply because they can do so without being constrained to the restrictions associated with a classroom based program. You can now obtain a high-quality and prestigious accredited degree online. With so many accredited colleges and universities offering online education degree programs, you have a wide variety of options to choose from when deciding on a specific course of study. Nearly every subject available through traditional on-campus programs is also offered online. Degrees in accounting, finance, business and marketing are very popular with today's working professionals who have decided to go back to school and finish earning their degree.

There are also many adults who have decided to pursue their master's degree and even doctorate degrees through accredited online programs. The number of available options is exponentially better than they were even five years ago. You can also pursue degrees in nursing, journalism, health sciences and criminal justice. The options really are almost limitless. Although some accredited online degrees require you to take a few courses on site at a campus location, the majority of them are 100% online programs and can be fully completed from your home or any other location with an internet connection. If you have ever had an interest in another field, whether professional or not, accredited online degree programs are a great option. Once you have enrolled, you will receive a personalized course of study with ongoing guidance from the online school's faculty and advisors. You will be treated with respect and dignity, and you won't be just another student paying good money but receiving little attention. Many schools offering accredited online degrees do require weekly attendance and participation.

This is a common requirement, however, and is also relatively easy to fulfill, especially since you can fulfill this requirement at any time of day. Whether it's early in the morning before your day starts or late at night after everyone has gone to bed, you can earn any of the accredited online degrees when it is most convenient for you and your schedule. This article is originally published here: Accredited Online Degrees

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Starting your own check cashing business

If you are currently thinking about starting your own check cashing business, there are things that you first need to consider. The path leading from conceptualization to realization can be a scary and uncertain route, and it is difficult for most people to know the proper steps to take. In this article, we will give you the information that you need to know before starting your own check cashing business. The first and often most difficult hurdle in starting your own check cashing business is the initial investment. On average, the start-up costs for a check cashing business can range anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000, and unless you have a substantial savings, you will need to have solid credit in order to secure financing. In addition to paying for a location and having funds available to actually cash checks, there are many other expenses that you may not think of initially. For example, you need to figure in the cost of computers, furniture, monthly expenses (electricity, heat, etc.), employees, insurance, rent, advertising, licenses, and fees just to name a few. In addition, by the very nature of dealing with money, a check cashing business needs to have certain security measures in place to keep both your assets and employees safe. This may require hiring the services of a check-scanning company (such as TeleCheck), security cameras, alarms, and special glass to protect your workers. As you can see, your start up investment will play a large role in determining future success.

The second thing that you must do before starting your own check cashing business is to acquire all of the proper licenses and permits. It is advisable that you check with your local and state authorities to make certain that you possess all the necessary documentation needed to operate a business. It is also worth mentioning that you will have to comply with the federal and state government’s usury laws, which are in place to prevent financial outlets from charging exorbitant interest rates. Let’s say that you have cleared these first two obstacles; what step should you take next? You should now turn your attention towards hiring responsible, and more importantly, honest employees. It is crucial in a check cashing business to hire only the most trustworthy of people, so you should take any safeguard necessary to ensure this. This step should include an extensive interview as well as background and credit checks. Do not rush this part of the process just so you can open up your doors to the public. This is one instance where your patience and sound judgment will definitely pay off, and it could end up saving you a lot of money that could otherwise be lost to employee theft.

Starting your own check cashing business is a difficult and involved process. By covering all of your bases and following through on the information provided above, you should find yourself well on the way towards operating a successful and profitable check cashing business.

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How does propecia finasteride help in the treatment of hair loss

Finasteride was initially marketed to treat prostate conditions under the name Proscar in 5mg pills. It was known to inhibit the formation of DHT, a major contributor to both prostate cancer and male pattern hair loss. Subsequent research showed that a 1mg daily dose of the same drug was sufficient to control hair loss for 83% of men after two years of treatment. Since 1998 this version has been marketed under the brand name Propecia and it remains the only prescription drug approved by the FDA specifically to treat hair loss. This approval extends only to men's hair loss because of the dangers finasteride presents to unborn male fetuses. Women of child bearing age should therefore consult with their physician before considering the use of this drug.

The main purpose of Propecia is to halt hair loss and maintain what hair coverage is left. It is therefore popular with younger men who want to control hair loss at an early stage. Men of all ages use it in combination with minoxidil to achieve a hair loss strategy that both halts hair loss and encourages new growth. Propecia works by interfering with the process of androgenetic hair loss which usually follows this process: High levels of an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase occur in cells of the hair follicle. This enzyme converts testosterone into DHT. DHT causes miniaturization of robust terminal hairs. This results in fine, soft vellus hairs that provide limited scalp coverage. The growth phase gradually shortens until these hairs are lost permanently. Propecia inhibits the formation of DHT and over a period of several months reduces levels of DHT sufficiently to minimize its effects on the hair follicle. As with any drug, finasteride can cause side effects to a minority of users. The FDA trials reported a 2% incidence of varying side effects but these tended to lessen as the body adjusted to the drug over a period of months. Although Propecia or cheaper generic versions are easily obtained on the internet it is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of your doctor, at least in the first instance. You can find out more about Propecia and other hair loss treatments at the site listed below.

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Anadrol oxymetholone the strongest oral steroid

Anadrol-Oxymetholone is a synthetic steroid hormone originated by Syntex in 1960. Primarily, Anadrol-Oxymetholone is used for the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia, in addition to energizing muscle growth in malnourished or underdeveloped patients. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug has approved Anadrol-Oxymetholone for human use. Afterwards non-steroidal drugs known as ‘Epogen’ were originated and proved to be more effectual in treating anaemia and osteoporosis without any side-effect. In spite of this, Anadrol-Oxymetholone remained available in the market, and finally established a new use in treating HIV wasting syndrome. While corrected as a Schedule III drug under the Controlled Substances Act, Anadrol-Oxymetholone has been available thru prescription. Anadrol-Oxymetholone produces both androgenic as well as anabolic effects. Anadrol-Oxymetholone is the strongest oral steroid available on the market. Anadrol-Oxymetholone is the strongest androgenic steroid available, which is very effectual in promoting extensive gains in body strength by meliorating protein synthesis. Due to this reason, it is often used unlawfully by musclemen and jocks. Anadrol-Oxymetholone has a very high affinity for water and fat retention. Lots of athletes make use of Anadrol-Oxymetholone to protect joints under heavy loads. Anadrol-Oxymetholone raises the quantity of red blood cells (RBC), letting the muscles to soak up more oxygen. As a result, the muscles acquire higher stamina and performance level. The common side effects of Anadrol-Oxymetholone are liver problems, acne, hair loss, abdominal pains, headaches, gynecomastia, hypertension, heavy water retention, weight loss, decreasing strength, nausea, bloating, deepening of the voice, growth of facial hair and clitoral hypertrophy. Eventually, there is also a major risk of the appearance of estrogenic effects for e. g. gynaecomastia. Due to its 17a-alkylated arrangement, Anadrol-Oxymetholone is extremely hepatotoxic. Its permanent usage can cause various serious ailments including hepatitis, liver cancer, and cirrhosis. It also blocks natural testosterone production. The normal dosage is 1-2 tablets with maximum of 4 tablets a day. In order to get additional benefits from Anadrol-Oxymetholone, jocks normally stack Anadrol-oxymetholone with other anabolic steroids. Lots of users will combine it with drugs such as nandrolone, boldenone and testosterone to promote their gains.

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Stair lift safety

A stair lift is a device that helps those with disabilities or people who have trouble walking go up and down the stairs. These units work by sending a chair or small platform up and down the stairs along an attached track. Stair lifts are generally very safe, but there are some things you should keep in mind when using one of these devices. Stair lifts are very helpful pieces of medical equipment; unfortunately to children they may look like toys. It is very important that you do not let young children use these devices unsupervised or in any manner other than the way that is recommended by the manufacturer. If your stair lift is in a public area, or if you will not always be there to supervise your unit you may consider purchasing a stair lift that can be locked with a key. This is the best way to guarantee that your stair lift will only be used in the way it was intended. Make sure that the stair lift you purchase has a seat belt or other restraining device.

This is a very important safety feature and, just like the seat belt in your car, it works better if you use it. Stair lifts are designed in such a way that they move slowly and very smoothly, but it is always better to air on the side of caution. By using the seat belt you guarantee that you will not fall or slip out of the chair. Another safety consideration is the weight capacity of the unit. It is always important to honestly access your weight, or that of a loved one, and consider any expected growth when you purchase a stair lift. If you are just at the maximum weight limit, it is almost always better to get the next size up. This ensures that you will always be able to use the unit and that you can use your stair lift to carry your belongings up and down the stairs without worrying about exceeding the weight requirements. By following these simple guidelines you will get many years of trustworthy and safe service.

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Used air compressors

Used Air Compressors: The Best Places to Find a Great Deal Buying a used air compressor is a lot like buying a used car. Air compressors can be as expensive as cars, and it’s tempting to try and get the best deal possible by buying a used machine. Unlike cars, though, the market for used air compressors is not as big. The technology for air compressors hasn’t changed much in the last decade, and air compressors last between 10 and 30 years depending on quality. Business owners often invest in a new compressor and hang onto it until it completely dies, or they will lease or rent one, or more, from rental companies at a cheaper price. If you are looking to save money, however, and the thought of buying a used air compressor appeals to you, there are a variety of places that you can turn to for a deal. First, you can buy used air compressors directly from the manufacturer. Buying a piece of used equipment from the manufacturer is more reassuring because it’s more likely that the information that they provide you will be accurate. They, at least, are likely to know about their own products. Terms and conditions vary, but in some cases, purchases may come with different warranties or guarantees. Unfortunately, your purchases are limited to the specific brands the manufacturer produces, as well as the price of that specific brand. Your ability to compare prices is greatly reduced. Unless you are looking for an air compressor made by a specific manufacturer, this may not be your best source for a great deal. You can also buy used air compressors from companies that specialize in air compressors specifically. Some of these companies have been in business for years, are knowledgeable about the products they sell, and may even have maintenance guarantees and toll free numbers for assistance. These companies also provide more search options, so you can find used air compressors by a variety of manufacturers at a variety of prices. Finally, you can buy used air compressors either from auction sites on the Internet or from bargain companies that may specialize in a variety of different products. You can also buy from individual owners. These purchases often entail very few, if any, guarantees. In order to make a wise decision, you have to be self-educated about used air compressors and know exactly what you’re looking for. While this route involves the most potential pitfalls, it is also a way to find the best deals. Assessing your needs and your knowledge about air compressors will help you decided which route is the best for you to take in purchasing a used air compressor.

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Tuscan style decorating three essentials

If Under the Tuscan Sun left you breathlessly and hopelessly in love with tuscan style decorating you’re certainly not alone. The rolling hills and the call of the earth itself seem to have imparted their presence into the psyche of those who either read the book or saw the movie. This growing trend in tuscan style decorating is similar to the which-came-first theory of the chicken or the egg. Whichever the answer, the results are genuinely inspirational. Images of our direct connection to the earth itself are born and spark a craving for the proximity of familiar faces. In tuscan style decorating we are able to reflect our passion for that connection to the earth and to what is real. All that which is old and forgotten becomes new and significant again. Elements of tuscan style decorating incorporate the outdoors within the inside confines of where we live. You don’t have to be outside to commune with nature. It instead communes in harmony with the life inside our homes. Colors in tuscan style decorating Warmth and intensity ... just as in fine Italian coffee fills the vivid color palette of this style. The earth’s hues in ranges from blistering yellow like the sun itself to the concentrated gold’s like those she hides in her furthermost crevices are used throughout this theme. Intense shades of russet and chocolate are likewise incorporated abundantly with prominent amounts of terra cotta. Other earth tones are likewise blended in tuscan style decorating harmony. Include expressions of coal black, deep pool or lake blue, and olive with hints of sea green in combination with generous amounts of rusty reds for added spice. Stone in tuscan style decorating When it comes to home dйcor, this style is literally the salt of the earth. Natural stones and rocks from the earth itself bear this evidence. Even bricks, which are made by man, begin with clay and other elements of the earth. Stone is used in tuscan style decorating very effectively in kitchens and in bathrooms. Other places where it makes a powerful statement are in fireplace surrounds and hearts as well as in foyers and other entrances. Creating a faux stone wall adds an immediate tuscan air to any room. Before choosing stone for your tuscan style decorating project, know the physical qualities of any stone you’re considering. Before you decide which stone to use where to use it, you need to know its limitations. The three most commonly used stones are granite, limestone and marble. Granite - strong, long-lasting and heat-resistant. This stone creates a stunning tuscan style decorating focal point, but is expensive. Limestone - natural in appearance, but very absorbent and stains easily. It is typically used in flooring and for shower interiors but is not recommended for areas that receive frequent traffic. Marble - soft and porous, unsuitable for kitchen countertops, recommended for bathrooms and floors. Use unpolished to best compliment this theme. Metal in tuscan style decorating True to the concept existing in harmony with the earth, the idea in tuscan style decorating is to appreciate the natural. Instead of using highly polished metals that have a shiny appearance, you’ll be incorporating metals from the past. Select basic tin pieces to create a feeling of genuineness. If you’re creative, you may even want to try your hand at making your own tin tuscan style decorating accessories. You can go as basic or bold as you like from doing a simple picture frame to a tin insert for an antique cabinet. Mix in other unpolished metals like copper, iron and pewter as well for dramatic effects.

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Home theater 4 more ugly secrets revealed

Secret #4: EVEN IF YOU GET A DEAL ON THE TV, THEY WILL HOSE YOU ON THE STAND. MOST ARE WAY OVERPRICED! What you should do about it: Shop around. Find one that isn't the one that is designed to put more money into the dealer's pants. Look off brand (not the same manufacturer as the TV.) This obviously assumes you are looking at a Hi-Def TV that goes on a wall, or more likely, on a stand. Big CRT rear screen projectors are all in one box. You want something that brings the set to seated eye level. Stand in front of a TV and move up and down and side to side. The picture will change some. Try to approximate the angle you'll sit and see how it looks to you. Don't forget you can also shop at a furniture store. Stands are usually overpriced. Secret #5: IF YOU BUY A PLASMA OR OTHER "HANG ON THE WALL" SET, YOU STILL HAVE WIRES THAT WILL DANGLE UNLESS YOU RUN THEM IN THE WALL. The ads all show the screen, but not the wire. At minimum you have power and signal wires (cable or satellite). By the way, these babies are heavy. It's not at all like hanging a picture. What you should do about it: Plan ahead. Secret #6: IF YOU SEE A TV THAT SAYS "...READY" THAT MEANS IT DOESN'T HAVE A TUNER. YOU NEED A TUNER. THEY WILL SELL YOU A SEPARATE TUNER. YOU ARE BUYING A MONITOR. Monitors don't have tuners. Since so many sets were being sold in a way that may be politely called MISLEADING, somebody changed the regulations - now it has to be disclosed. The picture may not suck, but just know a monitor should be a lot cheaper than a true complete TV. What you should do about it: Just know this. It can save you money and SHOULD. Secret #7: SOME PLASMAS AND LCD DIRECT VIEWS LOOK LIKE HI-DEF BUT AREN'T. The PICTURES don't look like High Definition because they aren't. The screens, when OFF, look the same. What you should do about it: IF YOU WANT HDTV, Pass. These sets were put out into the market as bait. Often thousands less than the original run of HDTVs, their pictures were better than you had been used to, but can't stun you like true HDTV can. There. Now you know 4 more Ugly Home Theater secrets. (There are at least 12!)

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Say it with flowers

Flowers have become universal symbols of emotions. Whenever there is a special occasion, people buy flowers to celebrate or to let someone know that they are special. People, especially men, say with flowers what they cannot say with their lips. Unbeknownst to many, the kind of flowers that you give to actually have meaning. Your Valentine’s gift for instance of red roses conveyed the message right for it means ‘I love you.’ Other flowers convey different meanings. Here are some of the more popular ones and messages that each kind gives. Read on and find out what to give your loved one the next time you buy a bouquet.

Acacia (Yellow) - Secret Love Amaryllis – describes the perfect woman, beautiful, timid and proud Ambrosia – means love being returned Basil – be careful when giving this flower as it conveys hatred Bluebell – as it means humility, bluebells is a wonderful gift when saying sorry Buttercup - conveys riches, not only of material things but of emotions Camellia – means perfect loveliness and gratitude, which would be a wonderful thank you gift. Red camellia expresses excellence while the pink variety means extraordinary loveliness Carnation – means pure, deep love. The red ones expresses passion, the white ones, sweetness and good luck and the pink one, being always on the mind Chrysanthemum - this has quite a range of meanings depending on the color. White represents truth while red conveys love. Yellow Chrysanthemums have a negative meaning, slighted love. Cornflower – represents delicacy Daffodil – means respect for a person and hope Dahlia – represents elegance and dignity Daisy – this yellow flower symbolizes loyal love and innocence Daphne – represents fame and glory Edelweiss – signifies daring noble courage Fern – conveys fascination and sincerity Forget-me-not – quite literally means do not forget me. It also signifies faithful love and good memories Gardenia - represents refinement of actions Hawthorn – conveys hope Holly – a great gift for wives and even husbands as the flower represents domestic happiness Honeysuckle – signifies happiness Hyacinth – When you want to say sorry, send this as it means “forgive me” Honeysuckle – another type of flower that conveys generous and devoted affection and happiness with a person. Ivy - means lasting fidelity, fidelity and even marriage Iris - wisdom, faith and hope Jasmine – tells the person that you are giving them to that she has grace and elegance. White Jasmine represents amiability Jonquil – If you return the affection, send this kind of flower Lavender – conveys constancy Lilac – the white variety represents youthful innocence while the purple one signifies first love Lily of the Valley – symbolizes beauty, gaiety, and happiness Magnolia – represents nobility of spirit Marigold – has negative meanings: grief and discontent Mistletoe – perhaps the reason why mistletoes are quite notorious during Christmas as it means “kiss me” Morning Glory – represents leaving or departure with affection Orange Blossom – which is often used in wedding bouquets, symbolizes chastity and eternal Love Orchid – collectively, orchids represent magnificence, love, beauty, and refinement Pansies – means consideration Periwinkle – Blue periwinkle means early friendship while the white one represents harmony Poppy – this really popular flower have different meanings for its different colors. The oriental one means silence while the red represents consolation. The white symbolizes tranquility and Consolation while the yellow represents wealth and success. Primrose – though quite beautiful, primroses have negative meanings. Generally, it conveys the message “I cannot be with you.” The evening primrose represents inconstancy. Rose – though rose will generally mean “I Love You,” each color conveys a meaning. White, for instance, expresses purity and innocence, yellow, friendship, pink happiness and red, love and passion. Even rosebuds have meaning, innocence and purity.

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Top interior design trends

Top Interior Design Trends Over the years, many looks have come and gone in home interior design. The numbers of trends are infinite and people love to mix and match trends in order to customize their look to match their personalities. But there are some hot trends that keep popping up and sticking with our modern society. The number one hot interior design trend is the French Neo-classical. It is a look that mixes the style of old money with Hollywood regency. The style focuses on restraint along with muted finishes and architectural delineation. Another look we can’t get away from is the Shanghai Modern. It is a Chinese contemporary design. It incorporates the classic curves of Asian furniture with fretwork patterns, koi and foo dogs, using them as a sort of pop art. Another hot trend is called the Enchanted Forest. As the name describes, this is a more whimsical look and is definitely not for everyone. This look is very tongue in cheek, using wood grain prints, antlers and antler accessories, trophy mount heads and gnome-like creatures throughout the home. A big look that will always stay a classic is the Americana look. This look takes objects from pre-Revolutionary times and utilizes them in the modern home. This is a broader range of interior design, covering decor from the 1770’s through the 20th century. The main focus is on red, white, and blue. These are just a few of the hot trends that we continue to see incorporated into living spaces as well as businesses. But in no way are these the only ways to decorate your home. The range is broad and only limited by your imagination

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Webquests let students explore independent ally in indianapolis schools

The Indianapolis Public Schools Click Program The Indianapolis Schools Click Program, a professional development program for teachers, helped teachers designed web based learning activities for students, called WebQuests. The Indianapolis Public School website offers a range of WebQuests, arranged by grade level (K – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 8, 9 – 12) and subject area. Many of the WebQuests connect multiple subject areas. All the WebQuests are offered free to the Indianapolis Public School community in order to enhance student learning on a variety of subjects. They are easily accessed by clicking on the relevant grade level and subject area on the website. What is a WebQuest? A WebQuest is defined as an “inquiry based activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web.” WebQuests are designed to focus learners on using information and support thinking on all levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Students are given the exact location of the information that they need in the order that they need it in order to use the learner’s time effectively. The model followed by the Indianapolis Public Schools was developed by San Diego State University in 1995. The WebQuests on the Indianapolis Public School website are best viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer. A Sample WebQuest About Dinosaurs In order to see the creative and interesting uses for WebQuests, let’s look at one particular example. This WebQuest was developed by an Indianapolis Public School elementary science teacher to help students learn about dinosaurs. At the beginning of the WebQuest, there is a clear assignment: a pair of students is going to design a poster about one of the dinosaurs they learn about in the Dinosaurland WebQuest. In order to do this, they are instructed to print out pictures and type out important information. The Indianapolis Public School students will be judged on their correct use of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, bringing in a writing element to this science lesson. The WebQuest provides students with information about Meat Eating Dinosaurs, Plant Eating Dinosaurs, and Fossils. In each section, the students are directed to look at information provided by various museums, including the Cyber Space Museum of Natural History and Exploration Technology, the Exhibit Museum of Natural History, the Dallas Museum of Natural History, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and the Royal Ontario Museum. In addition to these professional sites, Indianapolis Public School students are also directed to teacher – produced websites that give details about specific dinosaurs in addition to graphics pages like the 3D Dinosaurs Pictures Web Page. At the end of the WebQuest, students are provided with a detailed rubric for completing their poster. This rubric includes how many points the students will gain or lose for each part of the poster, including Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, Pictures, and Presentation. At the end of this rubric is a page for the Indianapolis Public School teacher to print out and complete with details about the student’s work and accomplishments. In this way, the Indianapolis Public School student works almost entirely independently from the teacher to create and present a unique insight into the subject.

Online Webquests let students explore independent ally in indianapolis schools