Picked up anywhere by air ambulance and transported to hospital of choice

Air Ambulance and Transported to Any Hospital of Choice Whether you have pre-existing medical conditions or are as healthy as a horse, you never know what might happen. When you are close to home, you know just where to head in an emergency. If a medical emergency should arise, you would travel to your trusted local hospital to receive superior medical treatment near friends and family, but what happens when you are away from home? Whether you are traveling a few states away or halfway around the globe, you can rest assured knowing that you can be transported to the hospital of your choice quickly and conveniently without experiencing outrageous costs. MedjetAssist is a company that offers excellent service for travelers at reasonable rates. A family can secure air ambulance transportation coverage while traveling over 150 miles from home for an annual fee of only $350. An individual pays only $225 for a year's worth of coverage. What a small cost for peace of mind. What makes MedjetAssist so different from other medical evacuation services? Like other medical evacuation services, MedjetAssist sends an air ambulance and medical staff to pick you up from the hospital to transport you to another medical facility. The difference lies in the details. MedjetAssist allows the patient to determine the hospital of their choice as the final destination. Most medical evacuation services require the transit to be deemed medically necessary. With MedjetAssist, it does not matter what the reason. MedjetAssist will be there to pick you up. Upon hospitalization, the nature of the injury or illness does not matter. Most other medical evacuation services have specific conditions that apply for patients to be transported by air ambulance. MedjetAssist is different. MedjetAssist has a global network of staff that can coordinate air ambulance transportation upon request from members. The fee for such transportation is extremely expensive for someone who does not have coverage. Medical transportation via air ambulance can cost between $10,000 to $75,000. As a member of MedjetAssist, you will not be charged this enormous fee. It is easy to see why this coverage is a good investment. MedjetAssist also offers short-term coverage. This type of coverage is perfect for someone planning a trip several miles away from home. Maybe you are a homebody most of the time, but you have decided to spend a month away from home in a foreign country. You've already made the plans and purchased the tickets. Do you need to pay for an entire years worth of service? With MedjetAssist, short-term coverage is available. This type of coverage starts at a mere $85. Considering the cost of just one trip in an air ambulance, this service could really save a bundle of money. Ask your travel agent about MedjetAssist service when planning your next trip away from home. It is comforting to know that you are protected regardless of where you travel around the world. The minimal investment will save a bundle if you should ever need to be transported by air ambulance and evacuated to your local home hospital. MedjetAssist offers excellent coverage at an affordable price.

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The power of ebay store newsletters

eBay Stores come with a very powerful feature: store newsletters. When buyers add your store to their favourites, you can offer them the chance to join your mailing list. You can then send highly targeted emails to people who you know were at least interested enough in your products to add the store to their favourites. How Do I Send Them? First, you need to get some people to sign up for your newsletter – this will happen with time, as people buy from you and browse your store. Once you’ve got a few subscribers, it’s worth sending out a newsletter. To send store newsletters, go to My eBay, click ‘Manage My Store’, and then click ‘Email Marketing’. Once you’ve done that, click the ‘Create Email’ button, and you’re away. All you need to do now is write an email subject and a message, choose any items you want to include in the email, and specify who you want to receive it. The subject and message can be something relatively generic, like ‘here are my latest deals’ – it’s the targeting that’s important, and eBay’s is powerful. You can choose to only send an email to people who’ve bought from you in the past, or only to people who’ve opened your email before.

It is important to note, though, that you can only send one email per week to a mailing list. The Ups and Downs. The downside of store newsletters is this: they’re expensive. A basic, $15.95 per month store only comes with 100 emails, while $49.95 comes with 1000. Even the $499.95 anchor store only comes with 4000! Extra emails for all stores cost 1 cent each. That’s $1 per hundred extra emails. If your mailing list has a significant number of people on it, then that’ll get really expensive, really fast.

Surprisingly, though, it can often be worth it, despite the cost. It’s very rare to send out a newsletter to a mailing list of a hundred and not get at least one sale, and you’ll often get three or four, even to small lists. Measure Your Success. Each time you send an email, eBay produces a report telling you how well that email did. You can view these reports on the ‘Email Marketing’ page by clicking the subject line of an email you sent. This report will show how many people received your email, how many opened it, the number of clicks it generated on your items and your store, and the number of bids and Buy it Now purchases that resulted from the email. Some of the numbers might be too low, though, as many people use email software that displays email in plain text format and so stops eBay from collecting statistics. Also, you will notice that you’ll have more success if you send out emails regularly, as people will start to expect them, and react in a more open way – don’t expect the Earth from your first email.

By now, you’re probably getting pretty good at selling on eBay – isn’t it nice to have all those satisfied customers? Not to mention the money… However well you’re doing, though, there’s always room for improvement. The next email will give you ten tips for being an even better seller.

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Homemade baby shower favors

яюKeyword: homemade baby shower favors Word Count: 428 Keyword Density: 9/2.1% Save Money and Add Personality with Homemade Baby Shower Party Favors Baby showers are a lot of fun, but they can also be very expensive. If you are looking for a way to cut down on the cost of your upcoming baby shower, you might want to consider making homemade baby shower favors. Homemade baby shower favors can be very simple or extremely elaborate. If you are looking to save money, you might lean towards simpler things. If you are more interested in adding some personal elements to your party and cost isn't much of a concern, homemade baby shower favors can be a great way to let your personality shine through! Thank and Reward Your Guests with Party Favors Baby shower favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your shower and bringing gifts for your new baby. They can also tie into the party itself if you use them as prizes for the winners of your baby shower games. Homemade baby shower favors can be personalized for each guest, either with their name or with a picture of them. A fantastic idea for unique homemade baby shower favors is simple picture frames with a baby picture of each guest inside. This idea requires some planning, but it yields spectacular results. First, buy an inexpensive, undecorated photo frame. Then glue some tiny plastic baby-themed decorations all around the outside of the frame. Alternatively, you could paint the frame with the colors or baby-themed pictures of your choice. Then comes the challenging part: finding baby photographs of your guests. This isn't too difficult if most of your guests are family members. Just look through old family photos or ask other family members for old photos. Be sure to use copies and not the originals! These homemade baby shower favors can be used as place cards at the table, or you can leave the names off of the frames and make a game of everyone trying to guess which picture belongs to whom. You can make much simpler homemade baby shower favors with similar positive results. A plastic bag filled with candies and tiny plastic baby bottle decorations can be a cute and quick party favor. Simple cardboard boxes can be decorated and filled with mints or scented tea light candles for more sophisticated homemade baby shower favors. No matter what type of homemade baby shower favors you decide on, you can count on them being a hit with your guests. You'll not only save money you'll show your guests that you appreciate them, too.

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A project management rule collaborate

Really collaborate. Make it your rule to plan with those people who will be the performers of the plan. Don’t wait ’til the project has gone south to get their help. Start out that way. Continue collaborating as the usual way you work through the project. Do your workplans, resources, and performance metrics offer a solid readout of what is going on with your projects’ performance?

Do you Plan your Work then Work your Plan, or are you simply envious of those who do? Are we using project management as a data repository for tasks or are we using it as our monitoring and control tool? Hopefully, project managers are using their project management for both. Students who master Project Management PM learn to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable growth in return on investment ROI, economic value added, sales growth, customer satisfaction and retention, market share, time to market, employee satisfaction, and employee motivation. When you think of a business manager, typically, you’ll think of someone who oversees a specific functional business area—for instance, a sales team manager, or the manager of the accounting department. These folks tend to manage ongoing or frequently repeated processes such as ensuring that the sales team meets its monthly quota of cold calls to prospective clients, in the case of the sales manager. Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter, on your website or in your print publication provided you include the resource box at the end. Notification would be appreciated but is not required.

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Recycling computers in the us

It's a logistical nightmare. Trying to balance cost against environmental consideration. The recycling industry has exploded onto the scene throughout the western world. With dwindling resources and high raw materials prices, we're being forced to recycle more, but in the world of Computers, this means a lot of transportation to get obsolete household computers recycled. We were recently contacted by a Company based in India with a view to the logistical issues associated with recycling computer hardware. The idea was to transport computers from householders back to a central location for processing. The problem? Balancing the cost of recycling a computer system against the cost of transporting the old hardware.

In America, many recycling companies have implemented a 'ship to' service for old or obsolete hardware. It's a great way of cutting down on costs. If you can off-set the cost of employees and overheads against the cash value of old computers and their constituent component value, then you're at least breaking even. You can then offer a service free of charge on the basis that the old hardware is shipped to you at cost to the consumer. The logistical nightmare starts when you try to collect the computers using in-house employees. The costs of drivers and vehicles can add up quickly and result in negative equity. Off-setting these costs means that the recycling company has to charge the people wanting to dispose of their old hardware. Government run schemes use local municipal waste collection points to containerize the old computers, which the recycler then collects, but with some being 400 miles from the municipal waste collection point, the cost of driving that distance can quickly mount up. In effect, the costs associated with these collections have to be passed onto the government run authorities running the waste collection centers.

With America being so large, there's also the carbon cost, where driving such a distance results in what is known as a 'carbon footprint' being put on the old computers, before they've even been recycled. This footprint remains with the constituent materials when they're used to manufacture something else. So even before the new product ends up in the shops, its' got a pretty large carbon footprint associated with it. In America and it's constituent states, it's the author's belief that recycling of computers really has to be considered state wide rather than Country wide. If a recycler is in New York, then his or her business shouldn't stray over the state line. That way, costs and energy consumption are kept low and the carbon produced by the business will remain low.

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Is a housing bubble brewing

In the 1990s, dot-com mania swept the nation, and swelling investment portfolios were the toast of the town. The real estate market is surely today’s version of that hot topic (Internet searches for “housing bubble” turn up almost one million hits). The public is fascinated and seduced by the enormous wealth potential created by an appreciating asset held by two-thirds of U. S. households. What will happen if this appreciation stops, or worse, if housing prices collapse? How We Got Here Home prices have risen about 11% annually since 2002. Northeastern states lead the charge — appreciating about 20% annually—with the South’s 9% annual rate bringing up the rear. Most investors don’t realize that stocks have in fact been appreciating more than real estate since 2003. The S&P 500’s annual rate of return alone is about 18%. Many investors—still stinging from out-sized losses suffered during the dot-com crashes—understandably gloss over the stocks’ superior return. Real Estate, for investors reluctant to reenter the stock market, is today’s new “hot dot.” The cause for real estate’s recent growth is twofold—increased household formation and a declining mortgage rates. The former is an issue of demand outstripping supply: new housing construction rates have remained relatively constant since the 70s while family demand for new homes has skyrocketed by about 75%. As a result, prices have been rising annually by about 6.5% since 1970—buffered by legislation in 1997 exempting the first $500,000 of profits from any home sale. In addition, most real estate investors enjoy a full deduction of mortgage interest (carrying charges) for their investment. Imagine modern investing if stock prices garnered the same tax benefits! The mortgage rate decline adds fuel to the real estate fire—falling by more than a net amount of 1% between 2001 and mid-2003—reducing monthly payments for home ownership almost 20%. Adjustable rate mortgages fell even more, with three-year adjustable rate mortgages down about 1.25%, reducing monthly cost by 35%. Lower rates increase the number of qualified first-time homebuyers while prompting many homeowners to refinance and withdraw funds accumulated in their “equity piggybanks”. The general cry among today’s economists and financial advisors is that our economy is now driven by newfound “borrowed money.” While outstanding mortgage debt relative to household income has climbed 9% since 2002, these same households are simultaneously using their mortgage debt to restrain credit card borrowing—realizing a 10% decline in credit card debt to household income, if not more. Households are shifting from expensive credit card debt to cheaper, more tax-efficient mortgage debt and reducing the cash flow needed to regularly service it. Most U. S. households today dedicate an estimated 13.5% of after-tax income to all debt service, down from 14.8% in 2000. This decrease won’t cause a one-time bump in consumer spending, but should have a longer-term effect on consumers’ disposable income. With the prospect of stabilizing mortgage rates, we see no further benefit accrued from the recent spate of mortgage refinancings. A Soft Landing The looming specter of higher interest rates threatens to reverse the real estate appreciation trend. As the Fed drives up short-term interest rates, those seeking adjustable rate mortgages are experiencing a sharp rise in entry-level home ownership costs. Longer-term fixed rates have hardly risen, but the Fed hasn’t completed its plan. Prospects of increases in both short-term and long-term mortgage rates will serve to increase mortgage financing costs, impacting a first-time home buyer’s ability to qualify for loans and bringing the “refi” market to a screeching halt. This tide of real estate appreciation will ebb as soon as we see upward pressure exerted on interest rates. Regardless of how mortgage rates change, the general pace of real estate appreciation will taper. To maintain the recent appreciation trend, two highly unlikely outcomes—federal legislation encouraging new real estate leverage or a steady drop in mortgage rates—must occur. Look instead for softening real estate demand with a corresponding drop in real estate values. That said, we do not believe there is a real estate bubble or foresee a drop in real estate prices large enough to upset our economy and financial markets. Conclusion Investors expecting a continuation of recent real estate growth trends are in for major disappointment. Without lower interest rates, favorable changes in tax policy, or unexpected demographic shifts in population, real estate price appreciation will return to its traditional long-term 6.5% return rate. This reversion may not take place until real estate prices stage a pullback, and in certain parts of the country, this pullback may be more pronounced. Rest assured that no drop in real estate prices will resemble the dot-com bubble that burst in the 1990s, leading us to believe that, when compared to real estate, investing in the stock market may offer better potential over both the short - and long-term.

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Boss cologne review

: Boss Cologne Review Helps You Choose Your Product There are many different cologne products available on the market to select from. One popular one is Boss Cologne products. When choosing which product you want to buy it is very helpful to read a Boss Cologne review. This will give you an idea of what others think about the particular product in the line. What do you look for in a good Boss Cologne review? The first thing you want to look for is the length of the review. A good review will be more than a paragraph or two. You want to research until you find one that has some length to it. A person that has used the product line will have more than just a couple of paragraphs to say about it. Where is a good place to find a Boss Cologne Review? There are many websites that offer product reviews. In addition, you can search the Internet for good product reviews on blog sites. Bloggers love to let other people know about various products and services.

What products are in the Boss Cologne line? There are many different products available in the Boss Cologne line. Some of the fragrances for women include: Boss, Boss Femme, Boss Intense, Boss Intense Shimmer, Hugo, Hugo Deep Red, Hugo Boss and Hugo Pure Purple. Some of the fragrances for men include: Hugo Dark Blue, Hugo Energise, Hugo Hype, Boss, Boss #6, Aqua Elements, Elements, Boss in Motion, Boss in Motion Black, Boss in Motion Blue, Boss in Motion Green, Boss Selection and Boss Soul. There are many available for you to choose a product. Gifts Sets Available in the Boss Cologne Line Boss Cologne has many different men and women gift sets available in their product line. Reading a Boss Cologne review will help you decide which gift set is best to give to a friend, co-worker or family member. They have a huge price range, so you are sure to find one that fits your budget and your wallet. Boss Cologne Aftershave Line When reading through a Boss Cologne review, I found out that Boss Cologne has an aftershave product line.

These are designed for men to use after straight razor or electric shaving. The scent choices and prices were varied and would also make a great gift for someone special. The aftershave colognes came in both liquid that you can splash on your face or in the spray bottle. Pricing Boss Cologne Product Lines The pricing of the Boss Cologne product lines varied. There were some at the low end of the price spectrum for thrifty shoppers that want a name brand at an affordable price. There were additional product lines at the higher end of the price spectrum as well. When shopping for Boss Cologne products make sure that you are getting a good price. If the price seems extremely low, double-check the shipping and handling fees. Some online shops offer very low product prices and make up the cost difference with extremely high shipping and handling fee charges.

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Credit cards are like loans

Credit cards! If you're like most people, you probably love them some times and hate them other times. They can be a great way to manage your finances and they can be a terrible bill to get every month. But credit cards aren't all bad. If we could live our lives without them, we would. But we can't. The world is simply not built that way anymore.

More and more often, companies require credit cards as the best way to receive payment or security, rather than cash or checks. But a credit card is just a loan. Few people realize it as such, but that's all it is: Simply a loan that you can use if you want, but you don't always use. A credit card is like a constant line of credit that is represented by the piece of plastic you carry in your wallet or purse. It says to the shop owner that someone has checked you out and deemed you worthy to receive a certain amount of credit line in order purchase the product offered for sale. Used wisely, a credit card is an excellent financial tool. The first advantage a credit card offers is the ability to manage your finances. This means that you can buy things you want or need and defer payment until you choose. If you have a credit card that provides you with reward points or rebates or discount opportunities, an advantage that credit card offers is to help you leverage your current purchases by building up points or generating discounts on the money you spend. The third advantage a credit card can offer you is the additional layer of purchase protection.

Some credit cards come with an extra insurance package so that purchases you make it any retailer are also covered by the credit card. The fourth advantage a credit card can offer you depends on the credit card you get. Some credit cards offer travel insurance, car rental insurance, and even concierge services for a small fee. Depending on how busy your life is, or how often you travel or rent a car, having these advantages built into your credit card may be a wise financial decision for you. A credit card is just an ongoing loan to you represented by a piece of plastic. But used wisely, this loan can offer you much more than other types of loans. Credit cards are not always bad. Consider whether you should add a couple to your financial portfolio.

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Embroidered t shirt is an ideal vehicle to convey your messages

: Embroidered t-shirts are not likely to be a big surprise for most of us. T-shirts have been used as a media for messages for some decades now. In recent decades, these casual wear have been increasingly free in expressing their opinions on everything and everyone (and in making suggestions for improving the world and our lives). For businesses, embroidered t-shirts offer another media for enhancing awareness about their brands. T-shirts go everywhere these days, even into formal offices, and your brand also can go to all these places. T-shirts are symbols of informality and a simple enjoyment of life, and associating your brand with these kinds of symbols can prove beneficial (provided your business is not a stuffed shirt kind of business). T-shirts provide an opportunity for conveying striking and memorable messages. The color of the shirt can be simple white, stunning black, scintillating orange or any other kind of color. The lettering and logos can also be any color and pattern. Enjoy the freedom of expression offered by this combination. Select a shirt color that suits your brand and its chosen colors. Lay out the logo and message in a striking manner.

Evolve a strategy to distribute the shirts to get your message to the right kind of people. Your brand will soon get to the notice of all the right prospects! Embroidered T-Shirts Become Messengers In 1948, presidential candidate Thomas Dewey produced the "Dew It for Dewey" t-shirt and in 1952 came "I Like Ike" t-shirts. Film stars appeared on TV wearing these t-shirts. Other factors also influenced the trend and gradually, the t-shirt gained acceptance as normal wear.

Embroidered t-shirts with sports team logos and messages, identifying their wearers as the team fans, are hugely popular. This is an excellent example of the relationship between t-shirts and brands. In this case the popularity of these shirts would appear to come from the demand side – from the team fans. Such fan loyalty, however, will be available only to teams that perform well, however. Advertisers were soon attracted to the new medium for sending out their brand-building messages.

Embroidered t-shirts have been displaying advertising messages for two or three decades now. The most striking trend with embroidered t-shirts has been the increasingly humorous and wacky messages that they display. These have reached a level where many people find the messages offending. One thing is for certain; embroidered t-shirts with all kinds of messages and/or pictures are here to stay. Conclusion Embroidered t-shirts have become messengers for many different kinds of messages. Politicians distributed t-shirts that tried to influence voters to vote for them.

T-shirts embroidered with sports team logos have become hugely popular among the team fans. Advertisers have used embroidered t-shirts to build their company brands. And people in general have used embroidered t-shirts to express their own views about everything, in increasingly humorous and wacky ways.

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Electronics an evolution and revolution

I often find myself thinking about the ways in which my everyday life has changed over the past twenty years. Usually, I take a step back and wonder how my mother - who passed away seventeen years ago - would view today's world. Aside from the geopolitical changes that have taken place in the past twenty years, and the ways in which the landscape of our city has changed with explosive growth and development, there are the wondrous developments in electronics that have changed the ways we do business and the ways we spend our leisure time. Twenty years ago, I started using my first PC at work. I recall having to put in a floppy disk every time I wanted to do any word processing. It would be another six years before a friend told me about what he thought would be the next big thing - something called the World Wide Web. Today, of course, it's crippling when my DSL goes on the blink; my work grinds to a halt and I marvel at just how dependent I am on the Internet.

I look around my house and see all kinds of electronics that I couldn't have dreamed of twenty years ago. Sure, I had an Atari way back when, but I never would have imagined that Pong would evolve into a myriad of video games that my family could play on the PlayStation, Xbox, and GameCube. Yes, I had a VCR, but I never would have conceived that the VCR would make room for the DVD player, and that my TV screen would grow to such large proportions. Nor could I have imagined that my TV would host such a myriad of systems: PlayStation, Xbox, DVD player, and DVR recorder. And then, of course, there's the digital revolution in cameras.

Not only can I take photos and share them via the Internet, but I can also run slide shows on that same TV. I can take my digital camcorder, burn home movies onto discs and send them to relatives half a world away. What's even more amazing to me is that virtually all of the electronics consumer goods that I own have been given to me as gifts. I've been fortunate enough to enjoy the bounty of an electronics revolution that I couldn't have imagined twenty years ago. Which, of course, leads me to wonder what the next twenty years might bring in the wondrous world of electronics.

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Online dating precautionary measures

: The idea of online dating sounds interesting and very welcome in the modern. It's just sitting at the comfort of your desk with a computer and there you are the world is open for you. It is not without its dangers. More and more cases of sex pests, pedophiles and many other otherwise social evils are reported on daily basis. Before developing intimacy with someone you meet on the internet, you may be forced to rethink your moves and the necessary precaution you need to take so that you don't become a victim of situations. rethink about your moves, situations and the other options available. It may occur to you that the person may be married already, looking for some extra fun on the side; in this kind of a situation you only end up feeling wasted and disappointed for having wasted your feelings on people who have no space for you legally in their lives. With intentions of varying nature, women all over are running scams against men. They pretend to be attracted to them and ask for financial favors. They disappear the moment their financial desire is quenched. The person you are chatting could be anything you can imagine. There are all sorts of online scammers.

remember, you don't know them personally! Single mothers have become victims of pedophiles on the net who they meet online in the name of dating and end up messing their families. All this has been been heavily published and in the local and international dailies. Needless to say we have all heard of the rampant cases of date rapes and even kidnappings occurring when people meet strangers they thought they knew well from the internet. With people like this lurking everywhere on the internet, it is imperative that users be aware of measures to avert possible dangers. Some of these measures include: 1)Listen carefully to your instinct. if your your conscious is clear go on, otherwise stop and forget the whole issue.

your instinct is always right you can not go wrong this way. 2) Take your time before giving your mobile no. and residential addresses. 3) Meet in public places, where you find so many people such that in case of anything you can control the situation or raise an alarm 4) Do not give your personal contact details e. g. telephone numbers (even cellphone numbers), addresses etc. With todays technology finding somebody through a phone number is a matter of only a few clicks over a period of several seconds. 5) Learn some self defense skills. You might be accosted physically and these will come in handy. 6) Do not talk about your kids online, post their pictures or divulge any information about them, say for example what school they attend and the likes. 7) When going out on a date for the with someone you met online, ensure that you meet in a public place at a "safe"

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Signs of depression

When it comes to treating depression, the best course of action is a treatment program that is initiated before a depressive illness becomes too severe. Therefore, it is important for a person to understand and appreciate the telltale signs of depression. When a discussion turns to the signs of depression, many people slough off the talk, concluding that they do not have to worry about the signs of depression let alone the disease of depression. In point of fact, a majority of people will experience at least one major depressive episode at least once in their lifetimes. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand at least on a basic level the signs of depression. One of the major signs of depression is a sudden lack of energy. A depressed person will find his or her self feeling lethargic nearly all of the time.

Coupled with the feeling of lethargy as one of the signs of depression, a person afflicted with depression will find his or her sleeping habits distorted. As signs of depression go, the distortion of sleeping habits of a person who is depressed can take to divergent forms. On the one hand, a person may find his or her self sleeping far more than had historically been normal in his or her life. On the other hand, a person afflicted with depression may find his or her self having a hard time to sleep. (Lack of sleep can further aggravate a depressive illness. While sleeping more than normal can impact a person’s life on a number of levels, it will not necessarily directly aggravate a depressive disease. However, as has been mentioned, being unable to sleep in a sound and appropriate manner will accelerate the symptoms of a depressive illness significantly.

) Another of the signs of depression is a change in appetite. As with sleep patterns, the signs of depression associated with appetite can take two very divergent forms. On the one hand, there are people who are suffering from depression who reduce their intake of food markedly. At the other end of the spectrum, one of the signs of depression can be overeating, particularly when a person is not actually hungry. One of the signs of depression is a growing lack of attention to personal hygiene and grooming. A person who is depressed loses interest in his or her personal presentation. In addition, these people sometimes feel that they simply lack the energy to work their way through their typical hygienic and grooming routines. The signs of depression also include a person losing interest in activities and pastimes that he or she once enjoyed. One of the signs of depression related to loss of interested in pastimes and activities is isolation. A depressed person oftentimes will isolate his or her self from friends and family members for extended periods of time. One of the signs of depression includes disorganization. A person who is depressed may seem scattered and absentminded. That person may also become less than diligent in the management of his or her finances.

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What you don t have an ebay store

In fact, you might not even have heard of eBay stores. Read on to find out what you’ve been missing. eBay stores come at three levels: Basic for $15.95 per month, Featured for $49.95 per month or Anchor for $499.95 per month (yes, that is typed correctly: almost $500). The best place to start out is with Basic (you can even get a month’s free trial), but if you like what you find then you should upgrade to Featured quickly, simply because it has so many extra features. Note that you must have a feedback rating of at least 20 before you can get an eBay store. But what is an eBay store? Basically, it lets you list a set of fixed price auctions together on one page for much longer than auctions usually last – and most sellers with eBay stores list the items at a slightly lower price. It’s like a list of your special offers. You can put your logo on the store and write a little about your business and policies, and your customers can search your store for anything they might want. Buyers can click through to your store using the door symbol next to your name. A good way to look at it is that it’s a little like having your own e-commerce site outside eBay where you can list your items more long term – except it’s all done for you without you having to learn a new system.

Items in eBay stores can be listed for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days, or you can list items permanently, paying monthly for each one. So you Want an eBay Store Now? You can visit eBay stores at http://stores. ebay. com. Go there now and click the ‘Open a Store’ button on the right of the screen to start signing up for the free trial. Then there are a few steps to go before your store can open for business. Step 1: Pick a theme. You can have whatever design you want on your store, but to begin with pick something from eBay’s options that you think would be appropriate. Step 2: Add your store’s name, description and logo. You can pick one of eBay’s pictures for the logo or upload a logo of your own if you have one. Don’t worry, you can always change this later. Step 3: Choose your subscription level, and then click ‘Start My Subscription Now’. Your store is ready! Remember that you can customise it more at any time. Listing items in your store is just like listing items on normal eBay using ‘Buy it Now’, except that the durations you can choose from for the store are much longer. By now, you’ve probably spent enough time in eBay that you’re starting to get used to it – but then again, you also might have been a victim of fraud by now, or at least seen fraud happening to others. The next email will tell you how to fight eBay fraud.

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World cup 2006 preview croatia

Outright Odds: 66/1 Group F Winners: 6/1 Croatia enter their third successive finals and will look for a repeat of the heroics of 1998 rather than the embarrassment of 2002. They topped a difficult qualifying group which included Bulgaria and Hungary and remained unbeaten over 10 matches which included home and away victories over fellow qualifiers Sweden. Under manager Zlatko Kranjcar Croatia are a different team to how neutrals will remember them from their 1998 exploits which saw them reach the semi-final. Gone are flair players such as Zvonimir Boban, Robert Prosinecki and former Golden Boot Davor Suker. They have been replaced by more functional players such as the Kovac brothers, Marko Babic and Dado Prso. Like fellow qualifiers Serbia & Montenegro, Croatia’s success stemmed from a strong defence where they kept six clean sheets in 10 games and conceded just five goals in the process. Another strength is a number of the current Croatia squad are based in the Bundesliga, with Josip Simunic and Niko Kovac at Hertha Berlin, Babic based at Bayer Leverkusen and Ivan Klasnic contracted to Werder Bremen. Croatia have unearthed a talent in midfielder Dario Srna who has developed a knack for scoring crucial goals. The Shakhtar Donetsk player scored both goals in the two 1-0 wins over Sweden in the defining matches of the group. Key striker Dado Prso scored five goals in qualifying, his country’s joint top scorer with Srna. He burst into prominence when he netted four goals for Monaco in the 8-3 Champions League thrashing of Deportivo La Coruna. He made his international debut eight months prior to the match but has since become an automatic choice in attack. Croatia have gone about their business quietly and confidently and despite their unbeaten qualification efforts, will remain unfancied by many to make any impact in the finals. That will suit them fine as former coach Mirko Jozic blamed the pressure on the class of 1998 for the dismal failure of the 2002 squad which saw them lose 1-0 to Ecuador in their final match. Finally, they face favourites Brazil in their opening match so will not have to worry about facing the reigning champions in a crunch group decider. If they can take anything from that game they will be in pole position to reaching the second round. Recommended Bet Despite the apparent toughness of the group, Croatia are more than capable of qualifying from it given their recent showings in qualifying for the finals. With one of the meanest defences in Europe and a host of players plying their trade in Germany they are a sound bet to follow Brazil into the last 16. Croatia to qualify from Group F @ 5/6

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Taking your golf game to the next level

Here is a quick guide to help you take it to the next level. If You Shoot Over 100 If you currently shoot over 100 you are probably new to the game. Golf is game that takes plenty of practice and understanding. At your level, you're probably very excited to just get out to play. You always have a big grin on your face because you've found a new hobby that gives you a little exercise and gets you breathing some fresh air. Unfortunately, shooting over 100 will get old very quickly especially if you're a competitive person by nature. So your smile will start to turn into a frown and you may end up giving the game up. It is quite easy to break 100 if you know what to do. What to Do To Break 100 If you're new to the game you have not ingrained any bad habits yet, so before you do, take some lessons from a qualified pro. It's usually quite easy to teach you the proper fundamentals of the golf swing because you're eager to learn and never second guesses the teacher. If the relationship between the student and teacher is good, the speed at which you will see results is very quick. Usually within a month or two the "over 100" shooter can easily take 10 - 20 shots off of their game. Once you break 100 on a regular basis you'll start to see the game differently. Although shooting in the 70's is a few years into the future it may be attainable because taking lessons initially has given you a great start on the game. If You Shoot Over 90 If you currently shoot over 90 you're someone who has to play more often. You're probably playing about 20 - 30 rounds a year and most of these rounds are in corporate tournaments. Corporate tournaments are a definite game wrecker. The usual scramble format leads you to just bashing the ball as hard as you can trying to get that one drive that helps your team. Unfortunately this leads to a HUGE slice with the driver which doesn't help your team at all. I know it's fun to try and hit the ball as hard as you can but If wailing away at it was the way to play good golf, everyone would be a pro. You will also find the short game very difficult. Although the short shots around the green look easy they quickly become a nightmare to you because of the amount of touch that's required. What to Do To Break 90 For starters, you have to get out to the course more often. You can still play in corporate events but you have to do so with a new attitude. You have to quit trying to be the hero and start actually helping your team. This can be done by swinging easy and trying to get the ball in the fairway or the middle of the green. If you swing easier and try to become more accurate you will be amazed at how many of your shots the team actually uses. You would greatly benefit from weekly lessons. The lessons would not only give you a better swing but they would get you out to the range and course on a regular basis. Finally, you have to take at least one short game lesson to see how easy it can be. This will create a better understanding of the short game which will then make practicing it more enjoyable. If You Shoot Over 80 You're the kind of person the major club manufacturers love. You think that you can "buy your game" so every opportunity you get to try the latest and greatest clubs you take it because you don't think that your swing is the problem. So you buy that new driver and for a while you hit it great. A few weeks later that great new club isn't so great anymore and it's back to your old game. This leaves you scratching your head because you thought you had it and now it's gone. At some point in your golf career you probably have taken 1 - 3 lessons and you always try every golf tip you hear about. Because of these constant changes in both your swing and your clubs you never really have the opportunity to get used to anything so you are left in a state of limbo always thinking that the elusive 70's are just around the corner. What to Do To Break 80 In order to break 80, you have to admit that it's not the clubs. It's about developing a repeatable swing and a great short game. To create this repeatable swing and great short game, you have to work with a qualified teacher on a weekly basis. You're going to forget trying different tips and quick fixes because you will destroy the changes the teacher is trying to make. This whole process is not going to be easy because you basically have to re-learn the swing (making changes to your swing may cause you to hit some very poor shots at first because you're not used to it and you're in between swings). If you stay determined, you'll start to hit some shots that will totally amaze you. These amazing shots are telling you that your hard work is paying off and pretty soon you will be playing in the 70's. If You Shoot Over 72 You have a great swing. It'll still go astray on them from time to time but you can usually get it back rather quickly. You usually make a few mistakes in a round that you just can't seem to let go of. This creates stress and pressure that effects the rest of your game. Your short game may not be as good it could be. You know this but actually finding time to practice it is sometimes a challenge. Finally, you may be taking the game a little too seriously causing you to try to hit every shot perfectly. This may lead to second guessing your swing which is definitely trouble when you are on the course. What to Do To Break Par You have to find the time to do some serious work on the short game. If it's difficult to make it out to the course you can always chip and pitch balls in your backyard and putt on an indoor carpet every night. This dedication to the short game is what will allow you to still shoot good numbers when your swing is not at it's best. It will also reduce pressure on your approach shots because if you can get the ball up and down regularly it's not that big of a deal if you miss the odd green. When you do work on your full swing try to work on the weaker clubs in your bag and hitting the ball from poor lies. Also, forget distance. At your level you are probably long enough. Concentrate on never swinging over 80% of your ability. If you can resist the temptation to hit the ball too hard your miss hits will not stray to far off line eliminating the need for that miraculous shot to get you back it the game. Finally, have fun out there. If you lighten up a little you will reduce your stress levels allowing you to switch into automatic mode instead of having to grind it out all of the time. Until next time, Paul Wilson

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Green tea and weight loss

There’s recently been a LOT in the weight loss news concerning green tea. Green tea’s weight loss effects have been causing more and more people to start sipping the ancient Japanese brew. But just how does green tea help you lose weight? And does it really work or is it all just hype? This article gives you the real facts about drinking green tea to lose weight. Advantages of Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss: 1) Green tea revs up your metabolism A study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a metabolism 'boost'). The researchers also concluded that that over a 24-hour period, green tea extract increases the metabolic rate by 4%. These effects are probably due to the high concentrations of catechin polyphenols found in green tea. These work to help intensify levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis (the rate at which your body burns calories). 2) Green tea inhibits fat absorption and helps glucose regulation Experts tell us that the catechins in green tea help to inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells. Green tea may also act as al glucose regulator. It helps to slow the rise in blood sugar after a meal. This prevents high insulin spikes (lots of insulin promotes fat storage) and the subsequent fat storage. 3) Green tea may help reduce appetite Scientists at the University of Chicago found that green tea caused rats to lose up to 21 percent of their body weight. Rats injected with a green tea extract lost their appetites and consumed up to 60 percent less food after seven days of daily injections. This may have something to do with the blood sugar regulating effects of green tea. 4) Green tea can help you save calories on your morning brew. We are a nation hooked on our java. Be it the regular double-cream, double-sugar standard or that mocha, dappa, frappucinno, the calories we ingest just to get our morning caffeine is wreaking havoc on our waistlines. If you want to save mega-calories in the morning but still get your caffeine fix, try substituting green tea for coffee. Or have a green tea in the afternoon instead of that 700 calorie mocha-chillate dream. You’ll definitely notice the difference in your waistline after a few weeks. So there are 4 ways that green tea can help you with weight loss. But how much do you actually have to drink to get these amazing metabolism boosting effects? Experts vary but the general consensus seems to be that 3 – 5 cups of green tea per day is optimal. Doing this can help you burn an extra 70 calories per day which amounts to 7 pounds per year. Pretty good for not exercising or cutting calories, right? However, 3 – 5 cups can be a lot for some people, so you might also want to consider green tea extract, green tea pills or a green tea patch. Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea For Weight Loss: #1) Green tea is not a magic bullet While some people will tell you that green tea is the be-all-end-all for weight loss success, I think the keyword here is balance. You’re not going to eat 5000 calories a day, drink a cup of green tea and make it all go away – it just isn’t going to happen. A healthy diet and increased exercise will go a long way in helping you lose weight and keep it off. #2) Be cautious of the caffeine if you have health problems For some people that have heart troubles, high blood pressure or stimulant sensitivities, the caffeine in green tea may not be the best idea. If you’re worried about the caffeine from green tea, try taking green tea extract. Most green tea extract is made from decaffeinated green tea so you can still get the weight loss benefits without the caffeine. If you think the caffeine may be a problem, make sure to consult your doctor before starting green tea for weight loss. Also make sure to consult your doctor before starting green tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Bottom Line: Green tea helps you with weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate, regulating your blood sugar, suppressing your appetite and giving you something else besides that high calorie, high sugar coffee beverage to drink in the morning. While it's not the magic bullet, it can definitely give you a boost in weight loss and in your overall health!

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The holidays are upon us

Do difficult relatives ruin your holidays year after year? I had a colleague, Traci, who proclaimed a few weeks before Thanksgiving that the family gathering would be ruined as usual because of her sister-in-law, husband, and meddlesome nephew. She had a defeatist attitude plus she figuratively put on full battle gear ready to go to war with these despicable in-laws. I reminded her from previous conversations that you can’t change the other person, but by changing how you approach this person, you could get a more favorable response. I explained that the minute they walked in the door they would sense her hostility and react accordingly. I suggested that she pretend this is the first time they are meeting. Welcome them into her home and as the hostess, keep the conversation light. At the same time, she can make wise decisions based on their experience with the misbehaving nephew. She has a right to set boundaries and enforce them if the parents don’t. What could she do differently this time since he didn’t listen previously to not touch the computer?

Traci decided to remove the keyboard from the computer. She also denied him access to the hot tub, which he had damaged the previous year. I asked Traci why she went along with the suggestion that she have Thanksgiving at her house each year when both she and her husband had to work the day before and after the holiday. Her explanation was that her relatives expected it. Does that mean she is stuck in a rut forever?

No! I asked if she had considered going out to dinner. There are plenty of places now where you can have a tasty turkey dinner and more. Traci agreed that the concept sounded like a great solution. Well, Traci did succeed in letting go of her battle gear and having a good time. The in-laws responded favorably to her relaxed body language, and having to control the obnoxious nephew was much easier because both Traci and her husband enforced the boundaries. They turned a deaf ear to his constant whining. However, the next year, Traci and her husband decided to recapture the pleasure of the holiday by announcing to the family that they were not going to have Thanksgiving dinner at their house. They were going out to eat. Eventually someone else volunteered—the in-laws she disliked! All she had to do was bring a dessert.

The nephew was happy because he was in his own house and everyone had a good time. Here are specific examples of how hot buttons are pushed based on the four perceptual styles: Audio, Feeler, Visual, and Wholistic. In each instance the person is operating through his or her Limiting Tendencies rather than Empowering Tendencies. Therefore they are reactive and hope to get a reaction from you. Following each example is a remedy for defusing the situation. Audio: Uncle Bob is always argumentative.

He claims he is just playing the Devil’s Advocate. But eventually it triggers a shouting match because he is also sarcastic. Uncle Bob wants to evoke a reaction because simmering beneath the surface is anger and he’s looking for a way to vent. Once you react, he’s won! He now has an excuse to shout to intimidate you. He uses his temper to control others. Remedy: When you start seeing red, take a deep breath and assess the situation. If you can leave the room, do so to calm down. There is always a reason to go into the kitchen, whether it’s to check on the food or to get a glass of water. If you feel you would be deserting the guests if you got up and went into the kitchen, change the subject. If appropriate, tell a joke—getting everyone laughing is a great way to defuse the situation.

Feeler: Aunt Jane enjoys being the martyr. The driving force behind her indignation is, “After all I’ve done for you and this is all the appreciation I get?” So she will tell you her tale of woe or all of her worries. Her subconscious goal is for you to feel sorry for her and maybe even wallow with her in her self-pity—misery does love company! Remedy: Sometimes just quietly listening to her is all she needs. She wants to pour out all her problems and worries. Then steer the conversation to things she has been doing. Sincerely compliment her on her accomplishments, no matter how small. She just wants to feel needed and appreciated. If she offers to help, by all means accept it! Visual: John is frustrated with his life. It’s just not turning out the way he had envisioned it. Subconsciously he wants you to feel as frustrated as he is. He might attack ideas with “No, it’ll never work.” Or he might slip into a funk and use the silent treatment: “If you don’t know what’s bothering me, I’m not going to tell you.” Either of those actions can frustrate you! Remedy: Realize it’s a game to control you. Keep that smile on your face when you say, “I’m really sorry, John, that you aren’t having a good day. Hope you feel better soon.” Then walk away. If it’s at the dinner table, change the subject or turn your attention to someone else. Wholistic: For years Chris has expressed resentment that she hasn’t gotten her just rewards. She should have gotten that promotion, but then what do you expect? There is a glass ceiling for women! This resentment triggers irritability and moodiness. So sometimes Chris goes off and sulks. With a sour look on her face she withdraws from the others. She secretly likes the thought that others might be wondering what’s her problem. “Good, let them wonder.” When she joins the others for the holiday dinner, she manipulates the conversation so she can impose her opinion about why life isn’t fair. Remedy: Let her sulk. It’s not your problem! Otherwise when she becomes negatively opinionated, you can quickly defuse the situation by saying, “You are entitled to your opinion. You brought up some points that I will have to think about.” End of conversation! Even though you disagree, don’t get into an argument with her. You will not win! If you believe certain relatives will ruin the holiday again because they always do, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’ll get what you anticipate. So throw away the battle gear and bring out the good cheer. It is possible to have "Happy Holidays."

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Top rated moms jobs

In today's work place we can find many people who are looking for ways to get out of the day-to-day rat race. After all who wants to sit in traffic, endure the stress of the work place when you may not make enough in the end to pay your bills. In many cases these people are single parents looking for a better way to create income. Most of us would like to have more time for families and ourselves. I find that quite a few readers of my articles will say that they need to create some extra income, because they are a single mom that needs more cash to help support their families.

As a web site owner I try to highlight programs that require minimal expense, but give a working person a chance at creating some additional income. Others may become successful enough to stay at home, where they can work from the comforts of their home and create the income necessary to support their family. Some will email me saying they want to join a program, but cannot even afford the 30-50 dollars required to start. I have found many programs where you can join for free giving a user a chance to create some income to start their work at home endeavor. No matter which route you take it will take some time and effort on your part to be successful. I always suggest that folks going multiple programs so they can create some fast income, but also look at an online business so they can slowly reduce their time and efforts while increasing their income.

The potential is there for all of us with the Internet. It has made it so easy and inexpensive to explore other opportunities. Make sure you do your research so you don't get involved with companies that do not have a good track record. Once you have done your research, give yourself a chance and take the next step of getting started. I always tell my kids you can't hit a home run if you're not even in the game. Don't let life pass you buy. I remember reading a phrase that has stuck with me over the years and I quote "Behind every successful man is many failures". I can tell you from my personal experiences that working from home is the best. As I write this article I am sitting next to the Gulf of Mexico enjoying temperatures in the 70-80's. It is a very relaxed environment.

I only wish I had started earlier, but hey I'm not complaining. This was my dream, yours may be different, but working at home or owning a work at home business can give you a chance at fulfilling your dreams. If your accessing the Internet you more than likely have the equipment required to work online. To read more of this article visit my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.

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How to learn more about your international airport

How to Learn More about Your International Airport When scheduling a flight, whether that flight be domestic or international, all passengers are advised to familiarize themselves with the airport that they will be flying out of, as well as the airline that they will be flying with. Unfortunately, not all air travelers know how to go about doing this. If you are looking to familiarize yourself with international airlines or airports, namely the ones that you will be using, you will find that you have a number of different options. Perhaps, the best way to learn more about an international airport is to use the internet to your advantage. You can do this by performing a standard internet search. You will want to search with the name of the international airport that you would like more information on. For instance, if you are looking for more information on Des Moines International Airport, you will want to search with the words Des Moines Airport or International Airport. Whichever international airport you search for, it is likely that your search will return a number of results. One of those results should be the online website run by the airport in question. Once at the online website for an international airport, you will find that you now have access to an unlimited amount of information; information that you were likely looking to obtain. Although all online websites will vary, you will find that most airline websites display the same information. This information may include, but should not be limited to, information on incoming and outgoing flights, air travel rules, shops and other dining establishments, parking, airport directions, and terminal locations. You are advised to examine all of the information on the site, regardless of whether or not you feel that you need to know it. As previously mentioned, it is likely that your internet search will return a number of different results. In addition to the airport’s online website, you will also find sites that discuss the airport in question. Many times, these websites are operated by travelers who frequently use the international airport being discussed. You may be able to find detailed information on low-cost dining or information on quick and easy ways to maneuver around the airport. While this information may be useful to you, it is important to remember that it is not guaranteed. For the best information, you are advised to examine the online website operated and monitored by airport staff. In addition to using the internet, you should also be able to obtain information on the airport in question by directly contacting them. If you are researching a local international airport, you should be able to find the contact information for that airport in your local phone book. When contacting an international airport for general information on their services and features, you will want to try and reach the customer service department. Customer service representatives should be willing to answer your question, where as the maintenance department will likely be unable to assist you. Although not all international airports recommend it, you could also learn more about the international airport that you will be using by visiting it. If you live within a reasonable driving distance to the airport or if you are in the area for another reason, you may want to quickly stop by. While this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the airport, you will not have access to all areas. All airports have restrictions when it comes to security checkpoints, passengers without boarding passes are not allowed past them. Stopping by the airport, may enable you to scope out the parking situations, as well as obtain informational brochures on the airport, if they are available. When it comes to international airport shopping, parking, or dining, you may also be able to receive recommendations or tips from those that you know, especially those that have flown out of the international airport in question before. Regardless of where you get your information from, you will find that are an unlimited number of benefits to knowing everything that you can know about the international airport that you will be using. Word Count 687

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The copyright debate and rss

RSS is commonly defined as really simple syndication. So, this means that any material contained in a feed is available for syndication, right? Well no, not exactly. It means that the content contained in an RSS feed is in a format that is syndication friendly, if the copyright holder allows for syndication. Offering a feed for syndication does not in fact grant any legal rights to anyone to reuse the feeds content beyond what the Copyright laws grant as Fair Use. In practice, while your feed might legally be protected, you could literally spend weeks attempting to protect the contents of your feed. Legal gray areas are introduced with Search Engines indexing feeds and RSS Feed Directories including copywritten feeds, in their categorized directories. How do you distinguish between a legitimate search engine, RSS directory and someone simply reproducing the contents of a feed for personal gain? Legally how can you defend against one and not the other? One can ask whether it is legally is it wrong to reproduce content in a feed. Morally is it wrong? Does the site have a purpose or value outside of the syndicated content? Is the aggregation of topic specific feeds in itself a value? If you use the feeds for content and label the site a directory does that make it any more legal? What about personal web aggregators? If it is for personal use, is it OK? Take a look at the following topic specific feed directories: Financial Investing - http:// finance-investing. com or Security Protection - http:// security-protection. net One could argue that the above sites do in fact provide value, aggregating and categorizing related topic specific feeds in a single location. In fact those in the security sector of the finance arena might find the above sites of significant value but what of the content creators? Laws and Technology Collide Most people publishing content via RSS support republication of feeds. Because the technology is fairly new, the laws and legalities are still murky. It is assumed that content in RSS is protected by copyright laws but let us not forget the Internet is global and their is not a centralized body governing what is right or what is wrong. Not only does law and technology collide the laws of different countries, those creating the feed and those displaying the contents of the feed may contradict each other. It is for this reason, I would advise that publishers using RSS to assume that the contents of their RSS feeds will be syndicated and replicated. Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Feed. That is not to say there are not things that can be done to protect feeds. At the end of the day being proactive is the best way to protect intellectual property. Part of feed protection is ensuring that appropriate credit is given, this can be arranged by including a copyright assignment in the final line of the Item Description field. Additionally you can include links back to your website in the Item description field. Use teaser copy in the RSS feed's Item description field, linking back to your website which contains the full contents of the post. At the end of the day, protecting the contents of a feed can be daunting and limiting. Controlling your contents to ensure appropriate credit and links are included is critical.

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