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Homeopathy has had its fair share of critics over the past few years. an American illusionist, James Randi, offered money to anyone who could prove, under laboratory conditions, that homeopathic remedies cured ailments. No-one has risen to the challenge. However that does not make it irrelevant. The new controversy about the efficacy of alternative, or complementary, medicine proves this is a subject where strongly-held opinion is prevalent. Homeopathy has been around for some 200 years, the founder was a German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) who had great success in treating epidemics of scarlet fever Villages treated with his prophylactics entirely escaped dreaded epidemics, including the plague.

What Homeopathy also seems to be weighed down with is the anomaly that Homeopathic remedies don't contain any remedy at all. Many people seem to believe that Homeopathy was similar to Herbalism The fact is that Homeopaths take a substance and dilute it over and over again, until there isn't a single molecule left. The Journal of the American Institute for homeopathy in May 1921 reported the success of the homeopathic approach in the flu epidemic. A Dr McCann, from Dayton, Ohio reported that 24,000 cases of flu treated allopathically had a mortality rate of 28.2 per cent while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05 per cent. The eminent's caught up in the furor amongst others are Michael Baum, a professor of surgery urging that NHS funds should be used for conventional treatments.

Prince Charles arguing that alternative medicine should be given a bigger role and further adding fuel to the fire, Dr David Reilly, lead consultant at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital (GHH) dismissing the letter writers as elderly scientific gentleman damning what they do not understand. The testing regime also is not as rigorous as for chemical based treatments because the side effects are, at worst, mild compared with the potential impact of new drugs. That is why these are significantly assessed for potential contra-indications. Homeopathic remedies are cheaper to produce and many of the ingredients are not patented.

What should be good for patients and the National Health Service is not necessarily good for the big drug companies who depend on licensed drugs for their profits. The cost is minimal in the context of the multi-billion-pound health budget. In relative terms, so cheap, that it is possibly an obstacle to wider availability. But homeopathy should not be an either-or option, on cost grounds or as an alternative to other courses of treatment. The GHH treats patients suffering from, among other illnesses, cancer and depression.

If homeopathy works and benefits patients (as it clearly does), we should be sufficiently open-minded and content to support it as a complementary treatment in tandem with conventional medicine. Furthermore when on the 8th December 2003 the worldwide vice president for Glaxo SmithKline said that the the vast majority of drugs - more than 90% - only work in 30% or 50% of the people they are prescribed for. Alarming perhaps, but surprising? A spokesman for the Association of The British Pharmaceutical Industry (trade association for companies in the UK producing prescription medicines) at the time was also quoted as saying that they often did not know why and conceded that the answer very likely lay 'in a persons genetic make up', so quite clearly conventional medicine does not have all the answers. Another key issue is also the active participation of the patient.

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Great detailing products for the do it yourselfer

Thanks for visiting and finding my article. What follows is information that I have pulled together from several sources. I hope you find it both interesting and helpful. Who makes the best quality detailing products or where can I get professional quality detailing products for my own car seems to be what a lot of people are asking. You may be able to get the best products on the market or the same products that auto detailers and the serious hobbyists use. It is quite well known that if you intend to win auto show competitions you need the best quality detailing products to get that mirror finish. Young men also know that if their car is not looking at its best, their chances of getting a date will be tough.

No one wants to go out with someone with a dirty car. For most people, their car is a reflection of themselves and are very particular of its appearance. Do it yourselfers have asked if there is a special product they can use on their car to make their baby shine. You can find some excellent products online and they will ship them direct to you. One line of products was the American Shine Product Line of auto detail products. It is easy to order online and it comes within a week. The 'Gift Pack,' the Tire Dressing and Carnauba Liquid Wax are all good. After following the instructions, the results were great. The Rubber and Tire Dressing had good shine, but did not have the stickiness, which would attract dirt or blowing dust.

The Carnauba Liquid wax was not difficult to use and gave a good shine, but you must make sure the surface has been properly cleaned first. To insure a proper wash, we used carnauba car wash soap, which is recommended. Although these products are usually made for street rods, motorcycles and customs, these products also worked great on a motor home and a 4-door maroon Ford with mild oxidation. The results were all on their website stating they were pleased with the shine. I want to thank you for visiting. Go ahead and look around for additional tips and information.

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Hemraj india

With experience of over 25 years in the field of spray drying, Hemraj - India provides to their clients very cost effective solutions in supplying world-class equipment with full technical and service back up. During the last 7 years Hemraj - India has successfully supplied and installed more than 35 PSD (pilot) and ISD (industrial) series spray dryers and over 30 glass laboratory spray dryers. We have exported our spray dryers to more than 9 countries. vist our site http:// hemrajindia. com Glass Laboratory Spray Dryers : A compact laboratory spray dryer with a maximum temperature of 200 maximum liquid flow rate/ evaporation capacity of 2000 ml per hour. The unit is ideal for product research and development and sample preparation in many industries. The unit incorporates all parts necessary for the spray drying process and allows control of inlet temperature, liquid sample flow, drying air flow and compressor pressure. The internal compressor activates the cleaning needle and the frequency of cleaning can be controlled. The M1 spray dryer is manufactured using the highest quality materials including 316 stainless steel, PTFE and borosilicate glass 3.3. A screw cap assembly allows for easy mounting of the atomizer directly on to the drying chamber. The atomizer and AL series nozzle is quickly dismantled for cleaning. http:// hemrajindia. com Pilot Spray Dryer : M. O.C.:Stainless Steel including the supporting structure {skid mounted) with castor wheels. GMP / Pharmaceutical standards are observed in manufacturing like avoiding crevasses, smooth finish, guards provided for electric motors, use of food grade silicon gaskets etc. Operations - Co-Current & Counter Current.: Powder Collection - Spray Dried powder can be collected under cyclone as Single Point Discharge or optionally under chamber and cyclone as Two Point Discharge system. This gives flexibility to check particle size under chamber and Atomization - Two types of nozzle system are provided i. e. Pressure Nozzle and Two Fluid Nozzle Features :Both exhaust and supply blowers are provided so the drying chamber is maintained under a slight vacuum hence minimizing powder loss A cleaning door is provided on the main chamber for ease of cleaning The spray dried powder samples produced will be very much representative as of any industrial size spray dryer and hence the plant can also be used for producing small batches for sampling or for scale up Optional Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system can also be provided. Optionally available in Flame Proof construction for evaporating solvents instead of water using nitrogen. http:// hemrajindia. com Industrial Spray Dryer : M. O.C.:Product contact partsS. S 316.,Support Structure M. S. Operations - Co Current & Counter Current.:Powder Collection - Spray Dried powder can be collected under cyclone as Single Point Discharge or optionally under chamber and cyclone as Two Point Discharge system. This gives flexibility to check particle size under chamber and cyclone Atomization : Two types of nozzle system are provided i. e. Pressure Nozzle and Two Fluid Nozzle Features : Both exhaust and supply blowers are provided so the drying chamber is maintained under a slight vacuum hence minimizing powder loss. A cleaning door is provided on the main chamber for ease of cleaning. Applications : Spray drying can be used in a wide range of applications where the production of a free flowing powder sample is required. This technique has successfully processed materials in the following areas Nutsche Filter Dryers : Vessel Features : Wide variety of filter media and pore-size offerings. ASME : Section VIII Coded, butt-weld construction with fittings welded both inside and out. Materials of Construction : 316L Stainless steel, other alloys including Hastelloy, Titanium, etc. available (any machinable metal) Optional Coatings : Teflon, Halar, Kynar and others Ports : NPT, Sanitary, ANSI Flanged, others as required. Fittings / Components : Slight Glass, Inspection, Temperature, Pressure, Feed, Drain, Purge, Vent, Relief, Sampling, Instrumentation and others. Finish : 2B mill finish standard; Optional pharmaceutical grade mechanical polishes and electro polishing available. Agitator : Pneumatic or Electrical with interchangeable shaft extensions and impellers, Crane Type 8 standard seal. Heating / Cooling : ASME jacketing, internal coils or electric heating jackets. Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryer with Agitator : o minimize contamination and exposure, high purity chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, specially solids, etc. are effiently filtered, washed reslurried and dried in this portable lab scale Nutsche filter device with special manually turned agitator, Design allows withdrawal of filter cake utilizing removable bottom head and filter support assembly. The unit can be pressurized to aid solvent removal. Drying can be enhanced by adding vacuum and heating capacity. Unit size as shown is 6” in diameter with 4 liter capacity-alternate sizes are available. ASME certification is optional. Offered in stainless steel, Hastelloy, or alternate metals ; pharmaceutical grade mechanical and electro-polish finishes; Teflon or alternate Coatings. Custom design features include temperature control options, jacketing, valving, special porting, sprayers, slight glasses, instrumentation, pumps, alternate mixer types, etc.,plus a wide variety of filter media. http:// hemrajindia. com Reaction Systems: Flat or round base design. Single jacket for temperature control. Double jacket with outer vacuum for best possible heat insulation. Wide range of bottom outlet tap designs. High quality stainless steel support stands. Wide range of ancillary glassware. Extensive range of stirring options. PTFE, glass and stainless steel impellers which can be Halar or Fluorine coated. Three reaction Systems with "Huber" heater / cooler supplied in India. Wiped Film Molecular Stills and Evaporators (Short-part): Designed for separations of heat-sensitive, high molecular weight or viscous materials. Through put range of 0.1 to 1000kg/hr. Fractional Column Distillation Systems and Components: Designed for purification, fractionation and solvent recovery. Through put of range of 0.1 to 500kg/hr. For purification, fractionation and solvent recovery. Sized for small to mid-sized processing, pilot plants and laboratory work.1” to 12” diameters, 0.1 to 50kg/hr throughput. Batch or continuous configurations. Wide range of packagings and internals, system designs and materials, including stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, etc. Offered as: individual components, basic system or complete turnkey engineered systems Peristaltic Pump : Applicable pump heads: YZ1515x, YZ2515X, YZ1515W, DG-4 High torque and low power consumption Timing Function, realizing simple auto dispensing and filling Half currently locking Memory Function, storing the running parameter automatically At normal lab conditions Dispensing & Filling Systems: ne filling unit consists of 4 basic channels. Max 16 channels (4 units) available Control each channel separately. Control back suction angle uniformly. Easy to use. Each channel is separate. Easy to maintain. Flow rates calibration and stop filling when short of bottle 128 x 64 graphic LCD displays current running status Computer control available through RS485 communication. And customized software available on customer's requirements. Pharmaceuticals & Packaging Machines: Capsule Filling, Blister Packing, Tridimensional Packing, Coating, Bottling line, Liquid Filling, Encapsulator Pilot Spray Dryer Trial Facility : Please note that we do have trial facilities available for your specific products at our workshop in our pilot plant, you are more than welcome to come visit our facility and witness a trial. We have successfully conducted over 300 trials on a variety of products and sold many working units all over India and abroad to a variety of industries including zinc oxide, acrylics, PMA's, flavours and fragrances, vegetable dyes, pharma, API's etc. our client list includes M/s. Indofil Chemicals, M/s. S. K. Flavours and Fragrances, M/s. Oriental Aromatics, Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr. Reddy's, USV ...and many more vist out website http:// hemrajindia. com" Spray Drying : Spray drying begins with the atomization of the feed liquid into a spray of fine droplets. Various methods are used for atomization these include using a high speed Rotary Disc, a Pressure Nozzle or a Two Fluid Nozzle. The atomized liquid is usually sprayed into a drying chamber along with a hot gas stream, either in a co or counter current flow. Consequently, the liquid's solvent is evaporated, leaving behind the product in a form of spherical powder. The dry powder is separated from the gas stream and collected at the bottom of the frying chamber or outside of it by means of a cyclone. Thereafter the exhaust gas is treated to meet environmental requirements and is released into the atmosphere, or in case of a closed system, de-humidified, reheated and lead back into the drying chamber.

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How to start a vending machine business

If you’ve been considering your business options, vending machines are certainly worth putting on the list. There are some nice profits to be made. Vending machines can be owned or rented by a store owner or by an entrepreneur that distributes the vending machines among store locations. Once you obtain the vending machines you want, you need to find locations for them and keep them stocked with merchandise. If you own your machines, the profits you make are usually shared between you and the business that is housing the machine. The main types of machines include candy, pop, and snack vending machines; but there are other types too such as postal service machines or lotto machines. As a vending machine operator, you will need to convince other businesses to allow you to place your machine in their outlet.

Of course the higher the percentage of the profits they make the more enticed they will be to have your machines. You will have to get used to the word “No,” and not worry about it though. When approaching a business where you would like to place your vending machines, make sure you are talking to one of the decision-making people. A common mistake is speaking to an employee rather than the owner or a manager that is in charge. Be ready to have 90% of the businesses you approach tell you no, but remember that leaves 10% that will tell you yes. That means if you approach 100 businesses in a day, 90 will say no and 10 will say yes and that 10 has the potential of earning you a substantial income. So don’t worry about the 90%. Instead focus on the 10%. Once you get the yes, you need to focus on determining the best location for the machine so that you optimize your revenue. Entrances and exits are always great spots. So are restrooms, lunch rooms, near the coffee maker, and next to other vending machines. You might also consider near a cash register, ATM, or in a waiting room. You need locations where people stop or gather and where they might potentially be looking for a snack. Bulk candy machines, and toy or gumball machines do well when they are placed where there are kids, and where those kids are standing still waiting for their parents. That’s why you’ll often find them in the front of a restaurant. These machines are mechanical. The money is placed in the slot and in return a ball, gumball, jewelry cap, or a handful of candy are released. The profit margin on these machines is very good. Your cost per item runs from Ѕ cent to 5 cents depending on your supplier, and your machines charge from 25 cents to 50 cents. The machines themselves are also a lot cheaper then soda type machines. However to make a full time living on these machines you will need to have many in place. The soda and snack vending machines are definitely capable of providing a full time income. The advantage to these types of machines is the demand for the product. Combine that with good strategic locations and you’re in business. In fact many companies will actually contact you looking for the placement of a vending machine, especially in lunch rooms and places where the public might gather. And once you’ve got your machine in their business they are unlikely to ask you to remove it unless you are providing very poor service to the company. After all they aren’t interested in dealing with repairs and stocking of these machines; they just want the convenience. There are also specialty machines that you might consider such as those found in restrooms that sell hygiene products, condoms, medicine, and other toiletries. These machines do well in airports, bus stations, and truck stops. Vending machines make a great business. There is plenty of opportunity and you require no special skills other than it’s helpful to be a little mechanical. So why not give it some consideration?

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It s not what you think

My work in organizations involves dropping habitual ways of perceiving in order to contact a fresh and subtle perceiving “under the surface” of what is going on. That deeper sense of perceiving allows the emergence of what I call the Engaging Leader, or the genuine expression of myself and the collective. If we want to develop a deeper, subtler, way of perceiving situations, we need to be relaxed, open, confident, not expecting or demanding anything in particular. And we need to make friends with ourselves—not just casual friends, but intimate friends. Balancing our inherent feminine and masculine. The feminine – the magnetic part of self that desires to be nurtured in all areas of your life.

Is committed to trusting experiences that reveal self-knowledge. Seeks clarity, truth and authenticity beyond roles, masks and defenses. Feminine in male and female is both firm and yielding, requiring a need to go inward and trust the essential parts of who you are. Inherent intuition is feminine in nature. You see, brilliant people rarely take the time to reflect on what they do. Reflection assists you in learning from the future as it emerges. When we are not consciously aware of our evolving self, we can get stuck in an old self-image.

Often we get caught up in the speed and pressures of daily life, and our mind and body become disconnected. The mind is off thinking about something and the body moves towards one goal after another on auto-pilot. When we start to slow down, we might notice that mind habitually ignores the body. It jumps around, wanders disembodied and ungrounded. Or mind gives body a hard time — expecting, demanding, judging, and manipulating. The Engaging Leader has presence as a natural expression, a natural creativity.

We aren’t interested in struggling to squeeze out a product that is more clever than the next person’s. All we need to do is allow our innate creativity to come forth. It is a dance of discipline and openness. It is a balance of form and freedom. We create boundaries and forms that allow for the most space and freedom of expression. We journey from stiffness to ease, from skepticism to delight, from seriousness to play. This is a step-by-step approach that creates a base of trust. People learn to trust themselves and the situation. They cease to be locked into a solid sense of me and them, or “othering”.

With soft eyes we see the field or the space. Then we see that the space itself is dancing. We experience each other beyond credentials, opinions, and concepts. We experience the basic healthiness and integrity of our community. We are ready for genuine communication and insight. It is an invitation to begin by letting mind’s attention simply rest, focus, on how the body feels. We pay attention to sensation. We relax, slow down, become familiar with ourselves. We drop the habit of judging.

We feel genuine appreciation, even wonder, for simply being present in the body this very moment. A deep sense of well-being comes from feeling at home. We bring mind and body back together by paying attention to sensation in a full, nonjudgmental way. We begin to feel a sense of presence, of being right on the spot without an agenda. Presence of being is our home. Quieting our thoughts is the opposite of struggling to experience something pure or perceive something special. The purpose is not to dwell on a particular state of mind. It is to be, in a simple and straightforward way, with the everyday beauty, boredom, tension, joy, lethargy, and speed. You have thoughts of your successes, your relatives, your coworkers, the driver who cut you off in traffic this morning, sounds from the neighborhood, how thirsty you are, pain in your legs, fear of failure, fears for your children, and. You are aware of basic dignity, an insect that has landed on your arm, thoughts of basic goodness, thoughts of chores that need to be done, all thoughts.

No state of mind is important. Everything is equal. Everything is simple, accepted clearly and precisely, as it is. The foundation, the method, and the results of quieting your thoughts are the same. The foundation is your natural disposition to be as you are, to be with your world and your experiences as they are. The method is a reminder to relax and be natural in this way, bring humor to any situation. And the result is settling down with the natural processes of your body and mind, so that your human qualities of intelligence, warmth, and power can be strengthened and evolve. We begin to realize that each moment can be mined for joy. Organizational life may seem to some like a relatively odd place for spiritual growth; it is however rich with opportunity. So much can go right and wrong. "Stuff" happens: unwanted complications come your way, the service you've been waiting for is long delayed and when it does come it is unsatisfactory, your bright idea is claimed by someone else, your working conditions are lacking and the royal "they" are not fixing them, try as you might you don't seem able to satisfy anyone, this one is angry at you, that one is disappointed, and the other one is not paying you the attention you feel you deserve. Right away in our habitual thinking we can only be miserable -- there are no choices. We whine in the washroom and complain in the coffee room, make up stories in which we are either the hero or the victim, take revenge, do less than our best, comfort ourselves in righteousness, question the quality of our relationships with others, sabotage our contributions to our organization and to the world, attempt to build ourselves up by putting down others. The beginning of spirituality comes with the awareness that we can see things not as the way things are, but as a choice. As we recognize choices, we are invited to abandon victimhood and righteousness; we accept responsibility for our condition and for the condition of our systems, we accept our place as co-creators of these conditions.

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Be noticed

With business cards, that is. They are one of the most powerful weapons in marketing your business or company is through the use of your business cards. Many people have not been using their cards effectively in making them achieve some results and sales to their site and business. With the many people using their business cards as a marketing tool nowadays, there is no guarantee that yours is the ones that they will notice. How do you make them stand out and be the important tool that they are? Use full color printing. Full color printing was expensive before but not anymore. With the many printing companies offering full color printing, you can already an inexpensive printer that give high quality prints. Prices now have dropped because of the abundance and stiff competitions. Have a tagline. This is a one-sentence benefit statement. Just pretend that you are writing an ad for a newspaper or a billboard. Sine you only have a limited space to write your tag on, think of something that can describe best what you want to say. This will likely catch the attention of the ones reading your cards. Put a picture on your cards. Studies have shown that people have the tendency to keep business cards with a photo on it. It could be a picture of you, your products. Better if it’s a combination of them both. Putting on a picture is highly recommended because they get attention. Do not use business card templates. There are many websites offering already-made business card designs that are called templates. The problem with using them is that many people may have used them already. Thus, using them on yours will make your business cards appear just like everyone else’s. So much for standing out. Let a professional do the designs. It will take a lot of time if you will be designing your card yourself. And chances are, you would not be happy at the results. Leave the designing to the professionals and let them do their work. You do your part in selling the product and service. Try to follow these tips and see the change in the result it will give you. Sometimes trying out different styles and techniques, even though risky, can bring more positive than negative results. Try to find the ones which will work out for you and make the most of what business cards can do. For comments and inquiries about the article visit http:// losangelesprintingservice. com

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Are you cut out for massage school

Over the past few years a definite trend has emerged regarding holistic and alternative medicines and therapies. People are becoming less eager to rely on prescribed medication and are looking for ways to maintain health and wellbeing in more alternative ways. For that reason, massage schools are becoming more common and there are many more prospective students. If you are considering attending a massage school for yourself it is worth reading the following information to help you make the right decision for your future. Firstly, massage therapy is a form of holistic therapy and therefore an element of science is involved. An example of where this is required is regarding anatomical knowledge. While you do not need to know this prior to your course, it is important to remember that there is a degree of scientific learning to be done. However, this must be balanced by an artistic flair as this type of therapy is an art form in itself. Training in massage does not give you the ability to perform treatments on any individual or area of the body. In fact, there are over 100 different types of massage currently being carried out, many of which require specific training or knowledge.

For example, an Indian Head Massage is very different from a Swedish Body Massage, and an individual trained in one would not be bale to perform the other without further training. However, if you do not know the specific area of massage you would like to be trained in, undertaking a massage therapy course is possibly the best thing to do as it gives you a basic, and sound, understanding of the body and how massage works. In addition to this you will learn how to perform different massage techniques, and be given an insight into the more specific forms you may wish to go on to specialise in. Individual massage schools require different qualifications and experience from their students before allowing them to enrol. However, generally you will require a high-school diploma, and any education undertaken after high school can be beneficial. Equally important though are the personal attributes of candidates. You will need to be calm, patient and personable in order to put your future clients at ease, and so these traits are very important to the massage schools. If you feel that attending a massage school is right for you, you can find information about the different schools available on the internet. Massage can provide you with a great new career and a new challenge so I would like to wish you the best of luck for your future as a massage therapist!

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Define port forwarding

Port forwarding, often referred to as. tunnelling. is the forwarding of network ports from one network device to another. This is commonly done using a NAT (network address translation) enabled router or server and another computer within the local network. The main purpose of using port forwarding is to allow hosts outside your local network who doesn. t have their own public IP address access to some services running on machines within your LAN. Port forwarding is easy to set up on a router since the management interface allows for easy configuration. In some cases this easy configuration feature might be a problem since most routers cannot provide complex customization for port forwarding and other services. In such case a Linux box can do the job. With Linux, port forwarding is configured by adding iptable rules with a DNAT target to the PREROUTING chain and a SNAT target to the POSTROUTING chain. After doing so iptables will use the existent masquerade table to rewrite packages so they will reach the desired host in concordance with the port forwarding rules you provided. This is similar to OSX and BSD, however ipfw is used. In most cases ipfw is already compiled with kernel. With port forwarding you can use a router to connect to the Internet and also run a web-server or a FTP server on a computer with your LAN. By using port forwarding you can instruct the router to forward all information that comes on a specific net port (such as 80 for the web-server or 21 for the FTP server) to a host within the local network. This means that if an outside host try to make a HTTP request towards the public IP the router has, it will be sent to the machine known to handle such request within the LAN. This is done in a transparent manner, meaning that the network client is not aware of the fact that he is accessing a machine found somewhere in the LAN. Applications of such methods are widely used both in business environments and in small home networks. With more and more devices in the home needing to be connected to the internet or to each other, the router has become a very popular device worldwide. In such situations port forwarding is used to allow access within the network for applications that require access on a specific port, such as games or multimedia streaming software. eaming softwaR. th port forwarding you can use a router to connect to the Internet and also run a web-server or a FTP server on a computer with your LAN. By using port forwarding you can instruct the router to forward all information that comes on a specific net port (such as 80 for the web-server or 21 for the FTP server) to a host within the local network. This means that if an outside host try to make a HTTP request towards the public IP the router has, it will be sent to the machine known to handle such request within the LAN. This is done in a transparent manner, meaning that the network client is not aware of the fact that he is accessing a machine found somewhere in the LAN. Applications of such methods are widely used both in business environments and in small home networks. With more and more devices in the home needing to be connected to the internet or to each other, the router has become a very popular device worldwide. In such situations port forwarding is used to allow access within the network for applications that require access on a specific port, such as games or multimedia streaming software. Forwards are possible with larger networks. This is done when one router or server forward packets to another router or server that delivers it to the host that should handle it. Such methods are rarely used in small home networks, but can become useful in larger networks whether or not they are connected to the Internet. Port forwarding can be more secure than using other methods such as a DMZ (demilitarized zone). When using a DMZ all the ports of your machine are forwarded, thus you are no longer truly behind the firewall. Port forwarding provides you security by only allowing access to ports you specifically select.

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Free birthday ecards how to select for family

For all of us family is very important. We share very deep bond and affinity with our family. Our parents, our siblings and our children are the people who make our world apart from our spouse. How to wish family members on their birthday with free birthday ecards? Let us find out. Birthdaty ecards for father and mother - please look for subdued colors. Prefer nature as the image background. Try to get free ecards with large font sizes and look for text that is heart warming. Birthdaty ecards for brother - you grew up with your brothers. You know their color choice better than anybody else. Send ecards that translates your feelings as closely as possible. An ecard written with some text about the childhood spent together will be a good choice. Birthdaty ecards for sister - do not select very bright colors. Warm colors would be preferable to cool colors, as they look more emotional. Use text that talks about a brother/sisters love for sister. If your sister has any special preference, try to find a card accordingly. Birthdaty ecards for son and daughter - pour your parental love in the ecard. Let the ecard be very warm looking with text that describes a parents love. Use bright and very cheerful colors. The text should be funny with a message for your childs future. For every family member, you should select different type of ecards to wish a happy birthday. Your relation with them, age difference and their preference would help you look for the ecard that would make them enjoy your birthday wishes.

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What exactly is an insurance credit score

Insurance credit scores, more commonly referred to as insurance scores, are used by insurance companies to determine how risky a person is and how much that person will have to pay for their insurance. The use of these insurance scores has made headlines in recent years because many people consider their use to be very controversial. As a result of the publicity that this practice has received, most people now know that insurance companies are using credit information but there are a lot of misconceptions about this practice. The biggest misconception that people have is that it is their credit score that is being used by the insurance companies. That is not the case. Insurance scores and traditional credit scores are very different. A credit score is a tool that a lender would use. It uses information in a person’s credit report to generate a number that tells the lender how likely a customer is to successfully repay a debt if they were to be lent money. The higher the score, the less risky a person is and the more likely they are to repay a loan. An insurance score, on the other hand, is a tool that an insurance company would use to predict how likely a person is to have a claim on their homeowner’s or auto insurance. Much of the same information is used to calculate an insurance score but the score is intended to predict an entirely different thing.

Everybody has both an insurance score and a credit score and the two scores can be very different. Another misconception is that if a person pays their bills on time that they will have an excellent insurance score. The truth is that paying your bills on time only gets you so far. For a credit score a good payment history usually guarantees that a person will have an excellent score. However it is much less important in an insurance score. Only 30 to 40% of an insurance score is made up of a person’s payment history. The remainder is calculated from the types of accounts a person has, the balances that a person carries, and the number of times that a credit report has been pulled recently. The other major misconception is that an insurance score cannot be changed. It is possible to improve an insurance score significantly by closing certain types of accounts, spreading balances over accounts appropriately, and by opening favorable types of accounts. However, before a person attempts to manipulate information on their credit report they should consult the help of a professional.

Since insurance scores and credit scores are different it is possible that making a change on a credit report will positively impact one score while lowering the other. Companies such as InsuranceScore. net are good places to go for information about insurance scores and they usually offer a complete service to improve a score in a safe and effective manner. It pays to be educated about insurance scores, how they work and to take steps to improve a score. With many insurance companies a person with a good insurance score pays up to 54% less for their insurance than a person with a poor score.

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Is organic the way forward

There is a growing public perception that companies are ignoring health and environmental concerns in their quest to maximise profit and in doing so they ignore other equally important issues such as environmental concerns and local communities. Businesses such as GuideMeGreen. com and the co-op offer a real alternative for people concerned with these issues and with businesses that combine a strong ethical dimension in tandem with making profits. Here are some of the main features of organic farming: • Organic farming severely restricts the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides. • Instead, organic farmers rely on developing a healthy, fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops. • Animals are reared without the routine use of drugs, antibiotics and wormers common in intensive livestock farming. Synthetic dyes and ingredients such as Sudan1 were in the national news in February and can cause cancer. See food. gov. uk for further details. Genetically modified (GM) crops and ingredients are not allowed under organic standards. Why Buy Organic? It has never been easier to shop for organic food, and there has never been so much choice. Every food category now has an organic alternative. It's also common sense; organic food is good food. Good to eat, good for the environment, good for the small-scale farmers and the farm workers who produce it. Chefs across the country are committed to using organic ingredients because plants from healthy soils and organically fed livestock provide us with more flavorful food. Organic foods allow true flavour to shine through unlike other non-organic foods that look and taste good but are often full of E numbers and artificial flavourings and ingredients. By supporting local, sustainable and organic farms in your local community you also support the larger community of which we are all a part. By eating organic food you are providing the healthiest choice for your family and supporting the farms that provide us with healthy and ecological neighbourhoods. The ‘go local’ food movement is flourishing – over 15% of people buy organic food locally and this number continues to rise as the number of farmer’s markets, box schemes, cafes and restaurants serving organic food increase. GuideMeGreen helps you to find locally produced foods which are fresher, healthier and more economical. It cuts down on transport costs and ‘food miles’ where an average shopping basket can include fruit and vegetables transported from all over the world.

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Action games the thrill is addictive

When you watch live action on movie screens, you get excited. Combined with sound effects the action can be a real thrill. Some actions that we watch takes the breath away. How about Action games on computers? Some of the makers of action games make great animations and may include a story line. Stories always attract us. Tell a story and everybody will listen. The action games on computers use this very well to produce games that can take your breath away thinking of the imagination and artistry applied by the maker. Adventures, space fights, planes colliding in mid air, think of any action and you will find it used in a game. Most of these games are free online. Action games give great thrill and despite called for teenagers they are for the family to enjoy them together.

Action games test the response of the player and sharpen the judgment. Such games are not pure fun. They can help as training tools if used properly. Other free online games that are currently becoming very popular are - Arcade Games, Board Games, Card Games, Casino Games, Strategy Games, Sports Games, Shooting Games and, Puzzle Games. Most of the online games are free. Look for a good website and play the games. They are a fabulous way of enjoyment. As I said in the heading these games can become addictive. Take small doses and life will be a joy.

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Modern golf drivers hitting farther

A month before our big golf tournament this summer my partner made me go out and buy a modern 460cc driver. He said it would help my game and help the team. Being a team player, I bought the new driver and took it to the driving range and quickly learned a few things. I had a hard time consistently hitting the ball, but when I got a solid hit, the ball went farther and I had more control. I made a few calls, got some advise, came back to the range, practiced what I learned and then thoroughly enjoyed the club all summer. Here are the three things I learned that helped me hit the ball and increased my distance off the tee. 1) Tee the ball up higher. With the larger head modern driver you need to tee the ball much higher than you are used to with your old driver. Use three inch tees and set the ball up so the top of the driver is about one third of the way up the ball. Halfway up the ball for the old driver and one third up for the modern driver. Because the ball is higher off the ground you will need to move back from the ball an inch or two to keep from hitting the heel side of the club face. In your normal position the ball will be at the heel of the club. Experiment moving away from the ball an inch, hit the ball, look at the ball mark on your club face. Continue to adjust until the ball marks are generally centered on the club face. 2) Hit the ball on the upswing. With every other club in the bag, except your putter, you hit the ball on the down swing. At least you should. With the modern driver you hit the ball on the upswing. 3) Move the ball farther forward. Move the ball forward, toward the target, in your stance to insure hitting the ball on the upswing. I used to play the ball off my left heel and now I play it just left of my left big toe. Depending on your stance, you may need to move the ball even farther left of your left foot. You need to move the ball up so the club hits the ball on the upswing. If you want an enjoyable driving experience, get one of these modern golf drivers, use these tips and drive the ball farther with more control. Copyright © 2006 QTEBNK. COM

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Golf secrets to dramatically improve your game

Every amateur golfer is constantly looking for golf secrets to dramatically improve their game. Yet they are not very easy to come by. The competitiveness of the game will not allow the professionals to easily share all their valuable secrets. Since the golf game is all about making the correct golf swing, a golf secret related to the swing would be considered pretty valuable. This article carries two valuable secrets related to the golf swing. Firstly, the following simple realization can go a long way in improving your golf game.

It is the simple fact that a golf drive is a very unnatural movement for the body. Because of this, the body naturally resists every effort we try to make towards perfecting our golf swing. Realizing this and taking steps to condition the body so that swinging a golf club becomes as natural a movement for the body as possible, is a golf secret that will improve any game in leaps and bounds. Conditioning of the body will involve exercises designed to strengthen your key ‘golf muscles’. The second golf secret I will share in this article has to do with stretch exercises.

For a better golf game, stretching before the game should be part of your warm-up. Carefully warming up before the stretch exercises so that your core body temperature is raised will help you avoid injury which is common with people who are careless about warming up or totally ignore itv altogether. Warming up does not have to be an elaborate thing. You can for example walk very fast from your car to the practice range. The shoulder joint is the first you should stretch with movements like arm circles and arm crosses. The hamstrings and lower back are also very important areas of the body for a golfer.

You should slowly ease into toe touches starting off with slightly bent knees and slowly straightening them. Another important golf secret you should note is that stretching exercises should be repeated again after the golf session ends. Spending a few minutes stretching your muscles which you will have just put through a lot of stress will be a great help. This will prevent a lot of soreness and tightness of muscles. These are valuable golf secrets that will transform your game.

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Eating disorders anorexia and bulimia

The incidences of eating disorders in our society have been steadily increasing over the last few years. It now occurs in 1 out of every 100 women. Nineteen out of 20 people who suffer from eating disorders are young women between 18 and 25. Studies have found that our social habits and expectations increase the likelihood of the disorder in our young women. The emphasis on outward appearances and thinness are targeted daily through peer pressure and how our society markets its Health and Fitness Products and Services. Yes obesity is definitely a problem in our society, and we have guidelines for Health and Nutrition, but the majority of young women fail to follow the guidelines in an effort to gain immediate gratification or have had abnormal eating habits throughout their lifetime. Anorexia Nervosa: Case Study: Jennifer is 20 years old. She is very attractive and has always been an over achiever. From an early age she prided herself on her figure. She watched her diet, exercised daily and maintained a regiment of self-discipline. She has always been thin, but has never been satisfied with her weight or appearance. She continually strives to lose more weight. She is 5’ 6” and weighs 85 lbs. Jennifer is unaware of the fact that she is undernourished, therefore she sees no problem with her appearance or weight. How does this happen?? Learned behavior has a great deal to do with why this happens. Many young women develop anorexia-like patterns as our society is pressured with the pursuit of thinness. Many women are anorexic based on the eating patterns they have developed by trying to accomplish unrealistic weight goals. Fashion models, long distance runners, women athletes and dancers commonly have anorexia-like traits. An intense fear of becoming obese. Even as they lose more weight. Inaccurate vision of how their bodies appear. Feeling fat when in actuality they are very thin and emaciated. Continual weight loss. 25% or more of their original body weight. Refusal to gain weight, which would place them in a normal body weight range. Physical Dangers: A rigorous dieting regime will send the body into starvation mode. Then the physical effects will start to manifest themselves: Thyroid hormones will become abnormal. Adrenal, growth hormones and blood-pressure hormones also become abnormal. Heart functions change. The heart pumps less efficiently, muscles become weak and thin. Heart rhythms many change. Blood pressure levels fall. GI function can become abnormal. Diarrhea occurs as the lining of the digestive tract slow. High levels of Vitamin A and Carotene in the blood. Reduced levels of Protein. An increase in fine body hair, skin dryness and deceased skin temperatures. Brain activity becomes abnormal. Loss of sleep and feeling of never having enough rest. Anorexia Nervosa is hard to diagnose, because almost everyone in our society is in pursuing thinness. Denial and deception are common place for young women with Anorexia, therefore it takes a skilled professional to diagnose Anorexia. Bulimia Bulimia occurs in women of all ages, but is more common among those under 30. Bulimia is more common than Anorexia and in males. Only a small percentage of people who are Bulimic show signs of Anorexia. Case Study: Carry is a women in her late twenties, she maintain a normal weight range and obsesses about food. She starves herself then binges, when she has eaten too much she vomits. Carry, like 60% of people with Bulimia, starts to binge after a period of extreme dieting. The most popular binge foods are food that are high in sugar and fat, and are easy to eat in large amounts. (cookies, cakes, ice cream, and bread products) The side effects of the binge eating are swollen hands and feet, bloating, fatigue, headaches, nausea and pain. Physical Dangers: Fluid and Electrolyte imbalances. Abnormal Heart rhythms Kidney dysfunction which can cause bladder infections and kidney failure. Irritation to the pharynx, esophagus, and salivary glands. Erosion of teeth and dental caries. Use of laxatives can cause injury to the intestinal tract. Bulimia has been described as a socially approved method of weight control. Practiced among women in the upper-classes because of social obligations which include many dinners and parties. Both Anorexia and Bulimia are socially generated eating disorders generated by our need for the “perfect image”, resulting in self-destructive eating patterns. Listen to your Body, it is Wiser than you Think. Respect your own unique traits and Diet sensibly. Resources: WebMD http://my. webmd. com Eating Disorder Treatment and Helpline http://edhelpline. com National Eating Disorders Association http:// nationaleatingdisorders. org Anorexia and Bulimia Care http:// anorexiabulimiacare. co. uk This article is freely available for reprint provided that the resource box at the end of the article is left intact and the article is published complete.

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Lose weight in 2 weeks

So you want to know how to lose weight in 2 weeks? It won't be easy, unless you are only very slightly over your target weight, but it is certainly possible. If you want to lose weight safely, you are much better off seeing these initial two weeks as the start of a consistent ongoing program. To give yourself the best chance of learning how to lose weight in 2 weeks, keep reading. Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 1 Setting realistic goals is vitally important in this situation. If you expect to lose too much weight, you could easily end up trying an extreme regimen that will be counter productive. Magic cures don't exist in weight loss, and it is critical not to over stretch and attempt too much. By following a realistic goal, such as, say, ten pounds lost, you can make a solid achievement. Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 2 To practice a weight loss program properly, you will need to know your optimum calorie intake. Any time you are over this limit, you are setting yourself back, so make sure you know it, and make sure you stick to it rigidly.. Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 3 Perform regular exercise. Although it is possible to lode weight pure;y by dieting, you will never achieve the sort of results in a short space of time that you will by including vigorous exercise. Aerobic workouts which burn fat are easily the most effective, but do weight training as well if you want to. Your body will still burn calories, by exercising different muscle groups than usual. Be mentally prepared for the fact that you will need to do a lot of work to achieve much weight loss in two weeks! Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 4 Make the most use of free time. If you have set yourself such a close time target as two weeks, taking advantage of every spare moment makes perfect sense. Exercising can be done during short breaks in an office routine, often without anyone even realising you're doing them. If you can find ways to regularly make positive use of normally non productive time, it will help you meet your target. Learning how to lose weight in 2 weeks is simple enough – it is a combination of frugal eating and a consistent exercise program to help remove excess fat. Click the links below for some useful tips on fast weight loss.

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Energy management cutting costs across the board

Energy management is quite a hot topic these days. With fuel costs soaring and the average person not making a whole lot more, you can expect more and more people to be looking at ways to lower their utility bills. Energy management is a necessary thing to consider no matter who you are or where you are from. But, how can you lower your rates effectively? Here are some helpful hints and tips about energy management that you can take to the bank. • Make sure that your equipment is in tip top shape. In fact, have a professional come and find out if your air conditioner as well as your furnace are working at the highest quality out there. You will find that having an efficient piece of equipment can really cut down on costs. If you do end up replacing your units, make sure that you take the time to find the best energy management option available; even if it costs more, it won’t in the long run. • Proper maintenance of your air conditioners, stoves, washers and dryers as well as your furnace can save you a good amount of money as well. • Consider using the least amounts of energy possible. By using energy management consciously, you can save your money for something more valuable in the long run. Lower your heater, raise your air conditioner and turn off equipment, appliances as well as the lights and end up saving money! By taking care of your energy needs, people can realize much more efficient use that can lower your energy bill as well as help to save natural resources. When every penny counts, take the time to find other solutions for energy management as well as these. You will find outstanding ways of lowering your energy uses throughout the web.

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Down comforters

A down comforter is a form of bedding that consists of a bag which is used to cover beds. It will often be filled with natural materials such as feathers. A down comforter could be described as a soft, thick blanket that is placed on a bed to make it more comfortable. The down is the fine feathers that can be found under the harder feathers of birds. Down is an excellent insulator, and has a number of thermal attributes. The down will capture batches of air, and this air will be used as thermal cover.

While it is excellent when it is kept dry, it will lose many of its properties when it becomes wet. The down will keep the body warm. A single down group will be composed of thousands of fibers, and these down groups will not have a quill shaft. Lofting is the process in which air is trapped, and this will allow the body to stay warm. At the same time, moisture is released while heat is contained. Because of these properties, down comforters provide a superior level of comfort that is not seen with standard comforters. Down comforters are much more expensive than other forms of bedding, and can cost as much as $600 for a Queen sized bed. Many down comforters will also be made with silk. A number of advanced models have even been designed to fight bacteria, and are hypo-allergenic as well. When you decide to purchase a down comforter, there are a number of things you will want to be familiar with. The fill power is the measurement of space that one ounce of down can fill. The amount of space that a down can fill will vary based on the product. The thread count is the number of threads that will be present in a square inch, and the baffle wall construction is the wall in the fabric that will allow the down to expand. To care for the down comforter, you will want to fluff it each day. When you shake it a few times, it will loft back up again. It is also important to make sure the down comforter is consistently aired. Even though it is possible for down comforters to be cleaned, it is best to protect it with what is called a duvet cover. If you decide to wash the down comforter, you will always want to have it dry cleaned. There are some models that can be cleaned in a standard washing machine, but you will want to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Because of the cost involved with these products, down comforters will often come with warranty that may last for a number of years. A down comforter can also be purchased in a wide variety of different designs, and you can purchase a style which matches the look of your bedroom. Not only will they look beautiful on your bed, but they will be comfortable to sleep under, and they will keep you warm on cold nights.

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Similarity breeds comedy

My last piece I talked about associating or pairing up opposites to produce funny ideas. Now we associate SIMILARITY or CONGRUITY; by puting the same or similar objects, person or animals together to engender laughter. One good example is a pair of identical twins or two person wearing the same clothes. They naturally appear "odd" or "funny" to others. People will stare, giggle or whisper some cheeky or unkind remarks uder their breath. It's a very normal response. For cartoonists, this association of similarity can spawn lots of funny doodles.

They can draw a person looking like an animal or two unrelated objects which are visually alike. The most popular is the garden hose partly hidden by the foliage and mistaken as a snake. Caricature is a visual art form that employs the technique of congruity. It doesn't look exactly like the actual person being drawn, but just a distorted or an exaggerated impression of the person and it looks kind of funny, doesn't it? Aside from visual art form, many verbal humor derives from this technique too. The most obvious form of verbal humor is the puns. A pun is a play on words, usually humorous based on several meanings of one word, or a similarity of meanings between words that are pronounced the same or the different in meanings between two words pronounced the same and spelled somewhat similarly. Following closely is another form verbal humor, called the double entendres. It can be a word or an expression having a double meaning, especially the second meaning is risque. So, similarity breeds not only contempt, but comedy too!

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Unconventional pearl jewelry the new fashion trend

When most of us think about pearl jewelry, what comes to mind is a pearl necklace or pearl earrings. Pearl jewelry has come to be associated with elegant simplicity. Increasingly, however, fashionistas are trending toward more unconventional pearl jewelry. Pearl Colors Pearls are always white, right? Wrong. Tahitian pearls are black, and freshwater pearls can be white, black, pink, or purple. South Sea pearls can be cream colored, golden yellow, and even silver. While black and creamy white pearls command top dollar, pearls in other colors can be equally lustrous and beautiful - and eminently more affordable. Pearl Shapes The classic pearl shape is round, and the rounder a pearl is, the more expensive it is. An Akoya pearl necklace, for example, is made from round white pearls, while a Tahitian pearl necklace is usually made from round black pearls. Most people don't realize that pearls actually grown in a variety of shapes, from teardrops to sticks to asymmetrical shapes. When you choose pearls that aren't in the traditional round shape, your pearl jewelry becomes a unique personal statement. Pearl Settings Once you get away from the traditional round white pearl necklace and plain pearl earrings, the fashion possibilities are endless. For example, you can select a multicolored pearl pendant with three pearls, one pink, one black, and one white. Or you can opt for pearl earrings that add a Swarovski crystal roundel and a fiery red carnelian stone. You can even choose multiple strands made from freshwater pearls, silver, Hematite, and crystals. Depending on how you overlap the strands, you can wear them as a necklace, bracelet, belt, or choker. Lately, spectacular coin pearl earrings have been catching on. Lustrous and energetic with their tropical purple color, the pearls are fairly flat and are accented with Swarovski crystals set off in silver roundels. Similarly, coin pearl bracelets can be seen on the wrists of trendsetters. These bracelets take, for example, copper coin pearls and accent them with Swarovski crystals, silver roundels, and a toggle clasp. Other Colorful Pearl Jewelry Combinations Pearls and Swarovski crystals aren't the only pairing worn by fashionistas. For a cool, colorful summer look, multicolored pearls (sometimes up to ten different colors) are combined with a dozen different colors of seashell pieces to create a vibrant necklace. For an extraordinary evening look, irregularly shaped freshwater pearls are combined with irregular shapes of bright coral and gold spacers to protect the pearls. This kind of chunky necklace is the perfect accessory to the simpler, more tailored lines in fashion this spring and summer. When it comes to buying pearl jewelry, tradition certainly has its place. But it's important to remember that pearl jewelry can also make a fashion statement, and can be incorporated into your everyday personal style.

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