An introduction to acne problems

Acne is the most common skin disorder with over 10% of people aged 25 - 44 suffering from acne at some point, and over 85% of people aged 12 - 25 experiencing acne at some time. Importantly, acne can become infected if ignored, creating scars, and pockmarks that become permanent blemishes on your face. I don't want this to happen to you, so I’ve detailed some excellent treatments on the website below… Acne is a disease called seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands, under your skin, become contaminated with either of the following: • Dirt • Dead skin • Excess sebum oil • Acid waste • Bacteria • Toxic matter Under normal circumstances, the sebaceous glands release oil that is excreted through your pores onto the skin surface. This release of oil helps to keep your skin moist and lubricated, protecting your skin from the environment. If the pores on your face are blocked, this creates toxic oil that cannot be excreted from your skin. This results in inflammation, a pimple or a spot, as the more toxic oil tries to reach the surface of your skin. If the pore walls burst under the skin, white blood cells move in to digest the collagen around the pores. And this happens; scars can be caused on your face. To avoid scars, an acne-cleansing program is recommended, and this should begin before you get acne or as soon as acne appears. You must prevent your pimples and blackheads getting to the point where they get severely infected and burst. Acne is an extremely complex condition, involving many parts of the body, usually only appearing on the face and elsewhere on your skin. Acne is a sign that you have problems elsewhere within your body and can be caused by a toxic colon, poor digestion of food, weak liver and other conditions that cause the blood to carry too much toxicity. To clear acne, it is not always possible to try one treatment and expect the acne problem to be solved. However, it may be possible to use a special cream and have your acne diminish or clear within days – it depends on the type of acne and the severity of your acne as to which acne treatments will work best for you.

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A guide to international car shipping

International car shipping is the service you will undoubtedly require if you want to transport your car over a long distance. As the name suggests, it entails a company putting your car onto a ship at one destination and then ensuring it’s safe arrival at the other side. Depending on the company you choose to complete this service for you they may also be responsible for getting your car to and from the shipping docks. Some companies offer a door-to-door service. Many different people and organizations enlist the help of a shipping company for several different reasons. Individuals use shipping companies to transport valuable vehicles, antique cars that can’t be driven over longer distances and even just to transport the family car to a new home while they fly. Companies may use a shipping company to move their fleet cars during a relocation and showrooms obviously use them for transporting their cars from the manufacturers to there showrooms. Recent years have seen a massive increase in imported cars, especially from Japan, where top quality and high performance cars can be acquired for some of the lowest prices imaginable. This increase is also seeing many more individuals needing an international car shipping company to bring the cars into the country. What is included in the price you pay for international car shipping? As with most things the price you pay for your international car shipping is pretty much dependant on the car shipping company you choose and before you make your final decision you should be very careful that you have been comparing like for like.

Some shipping companies will include a number of value added services that the cheaper company may not offer. In order to be sure you are getting the best deals make sure you read all of the terms and conditions on the site. Here is a short guide to selecting the most cost effective international car shipping company for your needs: 1. Get quotes from as many companies as possible. 2. First of all you should consider any services that you definitely require; perhaps you have to have door to door delivery in which case you would only consider those companies that offer door to door delivery in their price. Be sure to exclude anyone who doesn’t offer any of the essential services you require regardless of how cheap their prices are. 3. Now write down which services and extras each of the companies remaining offer. Also write down the price. 4. Remove any international car shipping company that is way overpriced unless they offer something significant that the others don’t. Also remove any company that offers very few of the services you would like (not essential, but preferred). 5. You should either be left with one offer that is noticeably cheaper than the others while still offering the same products. If so, this is the most cost effective solution for you. Alternatively, if the prices are all similar and one offers many more services, that is the most cost effective solution. 6. If, however, there are several international car shipping companies left with similar prices for similar services then it’s time to ring back and get them to offer you that little something extra.

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How to reduce wrinkles and look years younger

Would you like to reduce those worrisome fine lines on your face and look youthful again? Here are some helpful tips. As you get up there in years, certain problems are going to crop up and one of them is wrinkles. They can show up around your eyes, forehead, cheeks and neck. You can get rather depressed when you look into a mirror. Take heart, there are answers. Maybe you cannot stop time from marching on, but you can reduce the signs of the aging process and look better than ever. Here is what happens and some suggestions to follow. Why Do You Develop Wrinkles? As a person ages, the skin undergoes significant changes.

The inner layer of the skin begins to thin and the cells begin to divide more slowly. Fat cells begin to lessen or die beneath the dermis. The network of collagen fibers and elastin which provide a sort of scaffolding for the surface layer begin to loosen and unravel. Skin then loses its elasticity. It tends to droop and forms furrows. The oil secreting and sweat glands atrophy, and the skin cannot retain its moisture. Therefore, it becomes dry and scaly.

Constant facial expressions form characteristic lines. Gravity makes the situation worse and contributes to the formation of drooping eyelids and jowls. Also, eyebrows tend to move up as someone ages perhaps because of forehead wrinkles and the skin has less of an ability to repair itself so wounds heal more slowly. There are other forces at play that can make your skin suffer, such as : 1. The sun damages collagen fibers and causes an accumulation of abnormal elastin. Metalloproteinases, or enzymes, are produced that are able to repair most of the damage, however, it is this repetition of the rebuilding process that is done over and over again that causes skin problems. 2. The sun's UV radiation promotes oxidation. This also leads to the development of skin abnormalities. 3. Cigarette smoking causes the thickening and fragmentation of elastin, reduces circulation and the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the skin, and leads to less Collagen formation and reduced water content in the skin. Lastly, smoking compromises the ability of the skin to fend off free radicals causing cell destruction. 4. Air pollution – Ozone may be a problem for the skin. It may cause depletion of Vitamin E in the skin which is a vital antioxidant. 5. Rapid weight loss – This can cause fine lines since it reduces the volume of fat cells which cushion the face. This will cause the skin to sag. 6. Heredity – You may have inherited some skin characteristics from your parents. Wrinkles are the most noticable signs of aging. As tissues sag, these lines form a type of canvas that is covered with cracks that have varying depths. As time marches on, they deepen and reach the dermis. As the dermis loses its elasticity, it becomes slack which leads to the formation of more pronounced wrinkles over 0.05 mm in depth. Here is the normal progression of wrinkles characterized by age group: 20-25 – Vertical wrinkles on one's forehead and even between the eyebrows may already be visible. Fine lines at the external edges of the eyes are not yet noticeable. 25-40 – In the epidermis, wrinkles begin to deepen. They are less than 0.0005 mm in depth. They are caused by the superficial drying out of one's skin as well as the slowing down of cellular renewal. 40-50 – Fine lines around the lips, crow's feet, furrows alongside of the nose and the line between the eyebrows are all beginning to deepen. The skin loses it elasticity and the facial contours are not less well defined. 50 and over – Hormonal secretions end as menopause appears and this speeds up the aging process. The skin's surface begins to modify and intermediary lines are replaced by ever deepening furrows. The older you become, the more wrinkles you get. You can minimize this damage by taking good care of your skin. Anti Aging Skin Care Treatments: here are a few promising treatments for sagging skin. There are some new wrinkle creams and topical lotions, like Avotone or Revitol, that contain natural ingredients that may help lessen this problem. For example: 1. Argireline - this is a safer alternative to Botox. It is not derived from any poisonous substance, but from naturally occurring amino acids. This element relaxes facial tension because it is able to reduce the excessive release of neurotransmitters which are also known as catecholamines. These make your facial muscles become tense. If your muscles are not tense, they do not contribute to wrinkles. Also, it may slow down the degeneration of elastin and collagen which normally occurs with aging. 2. Dermox SRC - this is a specially tested serum that helps to control wrinkles, increases the synthesis of collagen, and restores the skin's surface. 3. DMAE - it has been indicated that this antioxidant is able to function as a cell membrane stabilizing agent. It reinforces the skin's foundation of elastin and collagen, makes cells live longer, and helps avoid cell dehydration. It may also assist in the healing of scars, which includes acne scars, and helps to flush out excessive lipofuscin from skin cells reducing age spots. How Can You Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles? There are many things you can do to reduce the wrinkles that you already have and minimize future occurences. These include: •Stay out of the sun •Avoid smoking •Use a very good topical anti-wrinkle cream •Drink plenty of water •Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits •Exercise By following these steps regularly, you will be taking important actions to help maintain a youthful appearance while reducing the onset of aging skin.

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Planning procedures for building effective management systems phase ii

Part One of Series: http:// bizmanualz. com/articles/01-13-05_systems_discovery. html/?src=ART42 Next Week: Development Have you ever had the opportunity to watch the construction of a large building? The daily progress from foundation to top floor is truly amazing, and if you’re like me, you wonder “how does it all happen?” The answer: it takes a lot of planning. The Planning Phase A complex construction job clearly requires planning in excruciating detail to orchestrate materials and manpower. Inadequate planning can result in waste, delays and a shoddy end-product. Building an effective management system is equally dependent on executing a strong planning phase. This article is the second of five that describe how to build such a system in your organization. Writing Procedures The planning stage is arguably the most important step in any large-scale project. If you fail to plan properly, everything else will likely follow this failure. Just as a construction contractor wouldn’t dare start ordering materials or pounding nails without a plan, your firm must avoid moving too quickly into the actual development phase of writing procedures that are the basis of an effective management system. Business Assessment Using the construction analogy, the first step is typically a survey of the parcel of land on which to construct your building. You’ll examine such conditions as utilities, roads, property grade and soil. In a management system development project, we call this step a GAP Analysis, because it articulates what the “gap” between current reality in your organization and your stated objectives. Recall that the objectives and measurable effectiveness criteria were established in Phase I – Discovery. The results of the Gap Analysis are used as inputs to produce a project plan. Planning the Project The Project Plan details the materials and tools that will help management control the project as well set budgets and schedules. Most of us are familiar with the components necessary to manage the conversion of a bare piece of land into the architect’s vision: drawings, bids, permits, contracts, work orders, and inspections. But what is required to develop a management system? Your project planning phase includes producing these components that will greatly ease the Development and Implementation Phases (III and IV, respectively) and make for an overall solid structure: Project roles and responsibilities Organization chart Activities, resources, dates Reviews structure Status reports Document control and format Process map Compliance requirements Training, implementation, testing and audit plans Review the Process Map Before concluding the Planning Phase, a review is conducted of each component with emphasis on the process map and effectiveness criteria to ensure alignment with identified organizational goals. This check will help eliminate project drift in the coming phases. The Planning Phase takes from 2-4 weeks.

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Conveyor system

Conveyor system is a material handling equipment. It is extensively deployed to transfer load from one place to another. Conveyor system expedites the movement of materials between people or automated equipment or between people to automated equipment. Conveyor system can efficiently move every kind of material. It can easily move wood, metal, cardboard and plastic. Conveyor system is crucial for warehouse operations, manufacturing, commercial and distributive applications. Conveyor system is used in all industrial sectors such as airport, cement, environment, manufacturing, sugar processing etc. To implement different usages conveyor systems have different categories and components. They are classified as belt conveyor, gravity conveyor, hytrol conveyor, unit load conveyor, roller conveyor etc. Drivers, pulleys and belts are the integral components of conveyor systems that facilitate smooth functioning of the operation. Conveyor system either run or power or on gravity. It is absolutely essential to choose the right conveyor system as it is directly related to productivity. What kind of product is to be handled i. e. its weight, form, width, height etc, should always be kept in mind. Advantages of conveyor system: Better space usage. Flexible product routing. Reduced manual material handling. Increased production output. Reliable and cost effective solutions.

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Has free advice increased in value

Has Free Advice increased in Value? To answer that question you would have to consider the source of the advice. If the source has a perceived value then the advice has value as well. In the past free advice was rooted in the adage, “you get what you pay for.” Indicating that advice was nothing more than opinion and had little or no value. In today’s Internet world – that adage isn’t as true as it was in the past. Many internet sites offer advice from professionals to peers, route advice from professionals to professionals and in some cases, professionals are managing the sites themselves. Take PbxInfo.

com for example. On an average day at PbxInfo. com, two dedicated servers in Northern Virginia heat up and present over a 1,000 page views by eight am and close out the day with over 79,000 page views. Why all the visits to the site? What are the visitors looking for? The answer, simply put, is advice and information. Once a small community of niche professionals, PbxInfo. com has developed into a culture that welcomes, shares, and contributes knowledge about every facet of telecommunications, telecommunication manufactures and isn’t stopping there.

It has continually grown to include Portal sites, where one login account allows members to move from portal to portal and ask questions about systems, read archived posts, read articles, or view telecom related white papers. With so much offered, it’s no wonder PbxInfo. com has steadily grown from a small community of 10 to 20 registered users in the last quarter of 1998 to over 15,000 registered telecommunication professionals this year Rick Cruz, the founder and owner of PbxInfo. com LLC, has a vision in mind of what PbxInfo. com will become. His vision is a One-Stop shop for telecommunication students, technicians and managers alike. PbxInfo’s 360-degree model is designed to assist telecommunications professionals in every phase of a telecommunications project. PbxInfo’s System Comparison allows for system research, PbxInfo’s Buy-Sell program allows for RFQ’s and RFP’s to be developed and introduces buyers to sellers, PbxInfo’s MarketPlace allows buyers to find used or refurbished systems and equipment vendors to post items for sell, The forums allows system owners/technicians to ask questions about programming and features of a particular system or general telecom questions, The portals break system manufactures into Avaya, Cisco, and Nortel. And finally the Job Portal allows job seekers and employers to communicate. The power of the site can be measured in the straightforward comment of one of its administrators, Charles Carter (President of CS2Communications. com), “If you hire a tech that has a pbxinfo account or if your existing tech creates an account, it is equivalent to having a tech with 15 thousand telecom friends. If your tech doesn’t know the answer, one of his friends will – that’s powerful, that’s power in numbers and that’s value.” Another aspect of PbxInfo. com is that it doesn’t bombard its users with advertisement after advertisement. The site breaks even on the books by accepting donations from its users. Although it has an advertising marketing strategy, it’s non-obtrusive to the visitors and members. The marketing strategy follows a concept that many surfers would find refreshing; “If a member is looking for cheap headsets and sees an ad to the left for ‘Cheap Headsets’ then the member will click and be more likely to buy. If a member is looking for information about a system and a pop-up about ‘Cheap Headsets’ takes over their screen – that is just frustrating. The site is here to assist our members, not frustrate them.” Maybe that’s why the site has been so successful – it is focused on information/advice and the delivery/access to that advice beyond everything else. Rick, at this very moment, is managing several projects to make navigation of the site even easier. What does Rick see for the future? “I see this site becoming the premiere telecommunications website on the internet. We’ve had over 29 Million hits during the last 4 quarters and I have just finished a campaign that might double that number over the next four quarters.” It’s obvious that PbxInfo’s advice, while free, is awashed in value. Maybe it’s time for a new adage with respect to free advice. I’ll offer one; “free advice is worth a million – if it’s right.” Article by Charles Carter cs2communications. com

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Atms how does the retailer decide

ATMs or Automated Teller Machines, are an essential part of modern life. In many families both the adults work, making it impossible to reach the bank to withdraw cash. ATMs do make this possible. ATMs are of two basic types, hole in the wall machines set into a reinforced bunker, and retailer cash machines, standing in shops and other premises. Retailer cash machines may be front or rear-loading. Why are there so many ATMs? Retailers want one in their premises. ATMs attract customers and over half of the money withdrawn from a retailer ATM is spent on the premises. There are some costs involved, with the retailer paying for phone line costs and power consumption of the ATM, so there has to be substantial benefits for so many retailers to be clamoring for an ATM. Retailers have several choices. They can choose which bank network the ATM is connected, though the ATM will process transactions from customers of all banks. The retailer can also choose to load the ATM with their own cash takings, saving bank charges and loading charges from Cash in Transit companies. This depends on the retailer having sufficient high quality notes to load the ATM once or twice each week, few people want to be doing this on a daily basis because it must be done with the premises in a secure condition and out of opening hours. As an alternative to loading their own cash, retailers are increasingly asking the ATM providers to organize cash loading. A security company will survey the site, talk to the retailer about what is required in terms of security procedures, and assume responsibility for loading the machine. The security company may require a secure room, like an office, where the can work on the cash cassettes. Retailers have a choice between front and rear loading machines. Rear loaders have to be accessible from front and rear, so are usually inserted in a solid wall, with an office or store room at the rear. The safe opens at the rear and they are loaded from the rear, so the store can stay open while the ATM is being loaded. Rear loaders are much more secure, from a cash loading perspective. Front loading ATMs take up less space, but the security procedures when the ATM is being loaded are more intrusive. Some security companies will insist on shutters being down and the shop empty while the Cash in Transit crew are on the premises. Other companies will only insist on this while the ATM safe is only actually open. The retailer must balance the inconvenience of locking the store while the security company are working, against the alternative inconvenience and security concerns of doing the job themselves before or after normal opening hours.

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Don t make money because of money

Since you are on our way into generating online multiple income streams, let’s talk about “money” (income = money). When you plant a tree, you need a seed and you need to know the seed well; know the type of seed you are planting and know how to take care of it. The same theory applies into generating multiple income streams; you need to know the “money” as well. You have to learn how to be friends with “money” so that more “money” will be our friends. Living in a competitive, stressful, with a high standard of living country, you need money, don’t you? You spend money almost every day in your life. So you have to work in order to earn money. If you don’t work, there will be no money for you to spend.

Does it Make sense to you? Without being aware of it, you are working for money!!! This means that money is your boss!!! We are humans; do you wish to have a non-living object to be your boss? No, of course! Do you want to work for money? You want money to work for you isn’t it. Therefore, I have come up with this slogan “Don’t Make Money Because Of Money”. What is the underlying meaning of this slogan? Well, it serves as a reminder to us. In our daily life, We regret to see that many of us “Make Money Because Of Money” For instance, we invest because we want to make profits (money), we buy lottery because we want to win prizes (money), we bet because we want to win money, and we work because we want to get salary (money). Everything we do is for the sake of money. Ask yourself, what is the meaning of life if everything you do is for money? Seriously, there will be no meaning at all!!! Money is the root of all evils. Don’t let money blind your eyes. Then you will ask if we are making money not because of money, why are we still making money? First of all, try asking yourself; is “money” everything to you? If your answer is “YES”, I’m sorry to say that you will never find the answer to the former question. If your answer is “NO”, Congratulations! You are on your way to succeed in life. If you want to be successful in life, always remind yourself with the slogan (it is free of charge) and I believe you will find the answer to the above question one day (perhaps in this website). It is your choice to agree or disagree with me. But we believe most of you will agree. That would be great!!! If you agree with me that “Don’t Make Money Because Of Money”.

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How to triple your online profits with just 7 simple articles

Hello everyone, today let's touch on the single biggest profit generator you MUST have to earn BIG money online. I call it the MAGIC minicourse. If you don't have your own multi-part, automated minicourse then you are throwing sales and profits away. When you wake up, do you go down to your closest busy sreet corner and begin handing out $20 bills - day in, day out? That's what you are doing by NOT giving your traffic a chance to get your valuable, automated e-minicourse. Maybe you've tried writing your own minicourse -- or worse yet, can't find the time to put one together...the good news is that the formula I've found to work best is very simple to follow, no matter how good a writer you are. Now, developing your own automated, profit-producing minicourse is easier than developing 7 articles - but you HAVE to know the system. So what is the magic system? After trying 14 different formulas for creating a minicourse email series that actually converted readers into customers I had pretty much given up hope. I finally broke down and decided to look at someone I KNEW had a system that worked. That system ended up to be this one: http:// create-e-mini-course. com Turns out I was doing a bunch of things wrong. In fact, pretty much everything I WAS doing was directly the opposite of what works - figures right? Hmmm. Sounds too good to be true? One thing I was doing wrong was trying to educate rather than create anticipation. You see, I thought the more information you throw at someone, the more likely they are to love me and buy my product. Know what? Dead Wrong! The fact is that the average surfer is CONFUSED by all the information and choice they see. They want clarify NOT pages of information. They want answers not a story. So, how do you use this information to make your e-minicourse more successful? Tip 1: Write less, be clear and arrange your information the way your buyer wants to see it. Tip 2: You need to strategically place the single biggest desire your prospect has in each lesson - 1 per lesson only. Remember you are trying to UN-CONFUSE your visitors. Tip 3: You need to include a case study and testimonial Tip 4: You can (and MUST) advertise your product well, but it must be done in a very specific way. Tip 5: Tell your reader WHAT to do and leave the HOW to do it as the "bait" to purchase your product. It's a formula that works everytime if applied just right. This all may sound complicated, but it is actually quite simple if you can see it in action. If you are still confused, and want to get it right now, then immediately go and get this clear book: http:// create-e-mini-course. com What makes this information so valuable is that you can simply copy the template included in this ebook, apply it to your market and in hours have your own powerful, automated money machine 24-hours per day, 7-days a week. Wouldn't you rather be spending your time on something ELSE while your online business works for YOU?

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Overcome your anxiety

Everybody at one point experiences anxiety when faced with a stressful or worrying situation. Anxiety is the feeling of fear, apprehension and worry, accompanied by nausea, palpitations, chest pain, and breathlessness. Sometimes this can interfere with your normal life. Excessive anxiety can be linked with other psychiatric conditions, such as depression. Anxiety can be in many forms. It may be a fear of snakes, a fear of heights or stage fright, or it could also be nonstop worry about your parenting skills or constant fretting about success at work, etc. Components: Anxiety is said to have four components: Cognitive components: This imposes fear of uncertain danger. Somatic components: When faced with a frightening situation your blood pressure and heart rate are increased, you tend to sweat, and blood flow to the major muscle groups is increased. The somatic signs of anxiety might include pale skin, sweating, trembling, and pupil dilation. Emotional components: The emotional components of anxiety cause a sense of dread or panic, nausea, and chills. Behavioral components: This would lead to both voluntary and involuntary behaviors, and you maybe directed at avoiding the source of anxiety which is quite common. Types of Anxiety and the symptoms: There are various types of anxiety - Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety and specific phobias. Anxiety Disorder is very common throughout the world. It is a chronically recurring case of anxiety that can seriously affect your life. People with this disorder feel afraid of something but are unable to articulate the specific fear. If you are constantly worrying, and have a hard time controlling your worries then you might be suffering from anxiety disorder. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety disorder are: • Muscle tension • Heart palpitations • Dizziness • Fatigue • Shortness of breath • Sweating • Nausea • Cold hands • Jumpiness • Difficulty falling asleep • Hot flashes or chills • Diarrhea and irritated bowel syndrome Anxiety can make you cranky and irritable. You may get tired easily and often suffer from insomnia. It is very important that you seek professional medical help. For the initial diagnosis of this problem, a good assessment is required by taking a standardized interview or questionnaire procedure with expert evaluation. There should be a thorough examination to find out the cause that could have triggered this condition. If the patient has a family history of anxiety disorders then this could be a possibility. Treatment: You can get help and come out of your fear. There are four types of therapy that have proved to be helpful and they have been used successfully to address the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Behavior Therapy: Here you are made to face your fear in a planned environment, and using different relaxation techniques, you are made to accept and overcome your anxiety and panic. This helps you to become more confident about managing fear and anxiety and also prepares you to face any kind of inducing situations. Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This is the most popular and effective type of psychotherapy to overcome your anxiety. The goal is to understand your thinking process and help you to develop coping skills before your anxiety takes over. This helps you: • Challenge false or self-defeating beliefs • Think positive Psychodynamic psychotherapy: This therapy helps those who have fear because of unconscious mental conflict. You are made to uncover the conflict as a means to stop the fear-causing anxiety and panic. Alternative therapies: Different therapies have been developed for treating anxiety, like EMDR - a therapy that utilizes rapid eye movement, repetitive sounds and tapping to reintegrate an “out of sync” brain. Even acupuncture is being used to treat anxiety. All these therapies depend on various subjective factors, such as therapist competence. It is advisable to go to only a well known and experienced psychotherapist. Self help and relaxation techniques also play an important role in relieving anxiety symptoms. Improving your eating habits and reduction in caffeine and sugar intake also helps. Exercise and a relaxation technique such as yoga, is also very helpful. Try to reach out to your friends and family and share your troubles; do not let it get accumulated before it hits you hard. Anxiety is very common and you are not the only one, so don't hesitate to seek help.

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Why it is important to take care of your mind

Being healthy from a mental point of view is as important as keeping your body in shape. Nowadays, there is a trend that encourages mostly the practices for maintaining a healthy body, while the mind is left on the second place. Even so, mental illnesses are a reality and not few are those that suffer from affections that involve the mind and the soul. There is one more important thing to say on the part of the mental health: a healthy body cannot be maintained without a healthy mind. A difficulty that is often encountered when dealing with mental illnesses consists of the lack of very clear symptoms. When we suffer from a physical ailment, we often confront ourselves with all kinds of signs. We know that if something hurts, we must see the doctor or take a medical examination. But when our soul hurts, things are not quite as simple. Even so, feeling sad or depressed for days may be a sign of alarm, especially if there are no reasons why we should feel that way. Depression is one of the most widespread mental ailments. It is not very serious if it is given the proper attention. Taking medication under the doctor’s supervision and following a healthy way of life can lead to notable improvements in the patient’s mental health. Other very common mental illnesses are phobias. There are many kinds of phobia, some more serious, some less. A phobia consists of an irrational fear connected to even the more mundane things. Some people are afraid of open spaces; others cannot get into an elevator. Fear of crowds, fear of spiders and fear of driving are just examples of phobias. Some people can live with phobias without interrupting their lives, while some can get to the point of being incapable of interaction with other human beings or leading a healthy life. Fortunately, phobias can be treated through medication and therapy. Most of the time, the role of noticing that a person is suffering from depression or other mental illnesses belongs to the family. The afflicted man or woman can develop some strange habits, like eating too much or too little, disorganized sleep or anger outbursts when least expected. In such cases, the relatives must take the patient to a doctor in order to take the proper medication and live a healthy life like everybody else. The suffering person may respond differently to treatments. The doctor may try different medications until finding out what is the best for the patient. After that, things become clearer and the patient can enjoy a healthier life. Also, the patient’s relatives must work with the doctor in order to assure the ill person a proper environment to get healthy. The family can provide the suffering man or woman the proper care and understanding during the treatment. Because some of the illnesses involve long treatments and therapy, the family’s support and love are very important for the patient. The afflicted person can cope better with the ailment when feeling surrounded by loving and caring friends and family. As mental illnesses belong to the mind and the soul, within lies the strength of overcoming them and that can only be done in a friendly and supporting environment.

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Pogo game cheat

: Play Buddy offers a program which will allow you to get pogo game cheats. This will give players an edge in the games they play. Programs like Tripeak are designed to keep track of every card which is played during a game of Solitaire. If you are a player who has a difficult time keeping track or would prefer not to because you lose concentration, Tripeak will keep track of the cards for you. Tools like this make the game of Solitaire and other games much more rewarding to play. Pogo Buddy is a tool which covers a wide variety of games. This includes Chess, Checkers, Freecell, and Spades.

Chess Buddy is a software tool which is indispensable to those who play Chess. If you are apprehensive about the game of Chess, you won't be after using this software. Chess Buddy provides you with hints, and will automatically make moves for you. It generates the best series of moves, and is very reliable. It cannot be detected, and can be used in tournaments against more advanced players. You will also be able to make periodic upgrades after purchasing the game. If you need help, technical support can be contacted online and they will assist you. If you want to become a skilled player with any game without spending hours learning it the pogo game cheat will be perfect for you. There are some system requirements you will need. You will need to be using Internet Explorer 6 or higher and will also need to have Java installed on your computer. These are minor system requirements that anyone one can get easily.

Pogo game cheat is the tool that will make you a better player. It will electronically show you the types of moves you need to make in a variety of different games in order to become a winner. Online games are becoming more and more popular everyday. Some people are discouraged when faced with strong opponents they are not able to beat. Pogo game cheat is able to level the playing field, giving you the tools necessary to increase your odds of beating anyone. Because technology is constantly advancing, you will need to upgrade your software often.

Upgrading your game software will keep you up to date and ready to challenge anyone in any game. If you have difficulty with any game, but want to learn and become better, pogo game cheat is for you.

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All a dancer needs to know about patellofemoral knee pain

: Weak knees and pain underneath the knee cap is common in dancers. This kind of pain can often occur when the students are doing more jumping, or extended rehearsals, such as prior to a show or an exam. Pain underneath the knee cap is usually a 'tracking' issue, in that the knee cap is not sliding in the groove of your thigh bone the way it should. There are several possible reasons for this. One is the classic rolling in of the feet and knees, which we are all aware of. If the dancer is sure that she is not rolling, and still has pain, there could be a problem with one of the Quadriceps muscles on the front of the thigh.

'Quad' means four, and there are four muscles that make up most of the bulk of the thigh. There is one in particular that is very important, Vastus Medialis Oblique - abbreviated as VMO. This muscle is on the inner part of the quads group, and is the only part that can pull the knee cap slightly in. All of the others pull it out a little. If this muscle is not working, the knee cap can get pulled off to one side, and the under surface can rub a little too much against the thigh bone when you are jumping or bending the knees. So how can you tell if it is working properly? · Sit on the floor with the legs extended. If you can’t sit comfortably like this, then sit on a chair with the feet on the floor. · Put your finger tips on your leg 5cm (2 inches) up from your knee cap and in towards the inside thigh a little (3cm, or just over an inch). · Slowly straighten you knee completely, and see if you can feel the muscle tighten under your fingers · Test both legs to see if there is a difference, especially if you have one knee that is sorer than the other. This muscle can stop working when there is pain in the knee, even if you have just bumped it, so if you find that one is a bit lazy, it is time to start working on it. Often it just takes a little concentration and mind power to get it to switch back on again, but this can make a huge difference to your pain. More advanced exercises should be used once activation of the VMO is achieved and should be guided by a qualified medical professional.

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Stress and anxiety in post modern society

What would you normally see inside today's offices and homes? Desk jobs, televisions, remote controls, personal computers and laptops, lawn mowers, and other contraptions that are all designed to make life easier. Despite these factors, stress and anxiety has been overwhelming among many individuals. Stress is defined as an organisms total response to environmental demands or pressures. In human beings, it results from interactions between individuals and the environment that they occupy which they perceive as threatening their well-being. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a multi-system response to a perceived threat or danger. It is composed of biological changes, personal history, and social situation.

Mental ailments like stress and anxiety may weaken the immune system and make it more susceptible to many forms of infections. This condition has become an inevitable part of life and may cause one to be physically and emotionally drained. The causes of stress have not been properly concluded by health experts but suggest conditions that may lead stress and anxiety may include the following: Health problems. Chronic illness like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and many more. Relationship problems. Not having someone to share problems and inhibitions may cause emotional stress. Emotional problems. Unexpressed or uncontrolled anger depression, grief, or low self-esteem. Environment. Uncomfortable, overcrowded, crime-invested, polluted, or noisy surroundings Employment. Unhappy, dangerous, too demanding workplace Social situations. Poverty, loneliness, racial, gender, age, sexual, and other forms of discrimination Developmental changes. Becoming a teenager, leaving home, getting married Physical or emotional problems. Many stressed individuals self-medicate by using anti-anxiety drugs that are out in the market. These drugs are designed to calm and relax individuals with excessive anxiety, nervousness, in a short-term basis. It is also used to treat mild and temporary attacks of anxiety as well as clinically declared cases of social phobias and other forms of phobias. However, use of these forms of medication may bring side effects that include sedation, sleepiness, depression, lethargy, dizziness, and many more. Other reactions may include changes in heart rate, blood pressure, bowel changes, and severe skin rash. Because of the side effects of many over-the-counter and prescription medication, many health experts encourage individuals suffering from anxiety disorders to include exercise and nutritious diets in their lifestyles. These activities are safe and effective ways to improve mental and physical health and are considered by many as a natural stress and anxiety. Many medical studies point out that exercise, especially aerobic exercise (jogging, brisk walking, and jumping rope) as one of the best method for stress relief. This is possible because these activities promote of the production of endogenous morphines or endorphins. These are substances that is produced by the brain that might work as the body's natural pain-killers. It said that endorphins might be capable of elevating one's mood, self-esteem, and mental functioning. Exercise however should be done properly to avoid over-training and fatigue. Too much exercise may do more harm than good. If exercise and diet adjustments do not work, stressed individuals may use medications for stress relief. Before taking them stressed individuals should consult doctors to clarify drug interactions and side effects that may occur while under medication. Understanding stress and anxiety is essential for treatment and improvements in one's health.

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Craft show organizing 101

You’ve done it! You’ve signed up to do a craft show….now what! Where do you start? This is a dilemma most first time craft show participants (sometimes even us veterans) feel shortly before the show. I am going to give you a few basic tips and some tricks of the trade to help make your show go smoothly and hopefully successfully. The first and most important thing is to be sure to read the rules and regulations of the show. The last thing you want to do is show up and set your table up with fancy lighting only to find out that you weren’t allowed to use 1000 strings of lights. Take careful note of whether or not they supply an electric source, exactly how much space you are allowed to use and whether there are any display restrictions. While you are preparing your display area, it is a great idea to tape off the size of your allotted space either in your basement or garage (use your living room if you have to) and set up your entire display prior to going to your show.

Especially if it’s your first show. Be creative! A flat table with your hard work displayed on it isn’t going to draw much attention. A nice display doesn’t have to be expensive either. Cover some shoes boxes with fabric, get some plastic crates and put some moss and twigs around them, use small shelving units you can pick up cheap at a discount store…use your imagination.

Scatter smaller items randomly throughout your display, people are more likely to notice a small item they see several times rather than many small items in a basket. Once you have your display set up how you like it, you now have everything you will need for the show right there and ready to pack. You will be less likely to forget things this way too. Label your boxes or totes and load them into your vehicle in the order that you’ll need them. You won’t need that box of bracelets before you need the box with the table decorations.

Some other items you will want to bring are: tissue paper to wrap your items in (even if they aren’t fragile, some people prefer to have their stuff wrapped); bags to put sold items in; shims (you never want a wobbly table); scissor, tape, extra pens; markers; sales pads; tape measure; string; glue; first aid kit; extra price tags; rubber bands; paper clips; mints; copy of your inventory; small stapler; screwdriver; small hammer; business cards; business card holder; extension cords; extra bulbs; power strips; duct tape (tape cords down); notepad; calculator; display wire; a sign with your company name; and a copy of your sales tax certificate. I know some of it sounds strange, but you’d be surprised. Now, for yourself, you are going to want to bring some things too. Aspirin, tissues, paper towels, camera (take a picture of your booth after its set up); cooler with soda and water; small snacks; comfortable shoes; cell phone; chair cushion; deodorant; extra socks; jacket or sweater; sunscreen; water bottle; wet wipes; and extra change of clothes (you never know what could happen) and a GREAT attitude. I also recommend buying an inexpensive canvas apron and sewing or fashioning some pockets that can be Velcro’d shut to put your money in. That way you are more free to move around and not tied to a table.

Make sure you bring PLENTY of change. It is a good idea to price your items to include tax and round up to the nearest dollar – that way you don’t have to worry about coins. Another great thing to have is a guestbook. You can make your own or use one similar to those you see at wedding receptions. It’s a great way to sign people up for your mailing list.

You might think about having samples to give away with your business card attached. Everyone likes something for free. If you do a newsletter, print some to give out in your merchandise bags. Hopefully you’ve found some tips here to help you and remember you started crafting because it was fun and you enjoy it, your show should reflect that. Have fun! Share your love of crafting! And smile…

you are on your way!!!

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Don t pay online free paid surveys make online surveys pay you

: Free Paid Surveys Everyday, new products and services are entering the marketplace. And before a company will spend billions of dollars on marketing, its owners need to know how much demand there is for their product and what people think of what they are trying to sell. These companies will pay good money to learn your opinion about their products and services. As a survey taker you can make several hundred to several thousand dollars a month working from home and setting your own hours. Working on free paid surveys is fun easy work that lets you set your own hours and pace. You may choose to work for thirty minutes before you go to bed each night. Or you may decide to work on your surveys while you are waiting for your kids to come home from school in the afternoons.

You may even decide to take a few weeks off from survey taking altogether. In any case, working on free paid surveys allows you to be your own boss in deciding how much work you want to do and how much money you want to make. There are several websites out there that offer access to paid surveys from marketing companies. Some may ask you to sign up and pay an initiation or enrollment fee to have access to these surveys.

But don’t get scammed into paying a fee to work on paid surveys. Businesses are looking for the opinions of average individuals, not just those with money to spare on application fees. So most companies will pay the website directly to be notified of customers that are willing to complete a paid survey. If you really want to make money on the internet while voicing your opinion, completing free paid surveys is one of the oldest and most proven way of doing it. You may be wondering how you will be paid for this type of work. Payment may be in the form of a company check, mailed directly to you, or via an online service such as PayPal. Depending upon the company you sign up with, you may be paid by the market research company that is conducting the survey, or by the company that developed the survey. Just be sure you know the exact terms of each survey before completing the assignment.

The best part about working on free paid surveys is that you are in complete control of when, where, and how much you work. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in making some extra cash, from stay at home parents, to college students, to seniors. You can complete surveys as many surveys as you want in your spare time, working at your own pace and in the environment of your choosing. If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash while keeping hours that are flexible, then completing free paid surveys may be the perfect job opportunity for you! The link below will send you to a website where you will have access to several different free paid surveys.

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Adjustable air home mattress system it s not just about your sleep

Recently, I sold a very high quality adjustable air home mattress system to a new friendly neighbor of mine (Dr. Kwan) who just moved in and also agreed to let me use his name for this article about adjustable air home mattress system. Dr. Kwan is a respectable doctor and working late in the hospital is his daily routine. Naturally, helping others can be a challenging work but it also wears down the strongest of all persons. When Dr. Kwan found out that we run a family business of selling mattresses, he was quite happy and wanted to know more of the product lines we carry. After a little discussion over a few cups of weekend tea, I suggested that Dr. Kwan purchase a good adjustable air home mattress system.

You see, Dr Kwan likes his mattress firm and solid while his wife complains of backache when a mattress is too solid. Being accustomed to such situations of my customers, I made an appointment to bring him to my store, so he can begin to understand the benefits of a adjustable air home mattress system. Later that evening, I showed him the selection of adjustable air home mattress system we had. He was pleased to know that an adjustable air home mattress system can actually enable him to set his and his wife's individual level of firmness and comfort with the push of a button. This alone can ensure that they can now sleep on the same bed but enjoy the firmness of their own preference, without the need for long term compromise.

Being able to select the firmness of his mattress of his adjustable air home mattress system, my new neighbor and customer is now eager to make a purchase and even more eager to share his new purchase with his wife. So we made the necessary arrangements and had it delivered to him on the next day. I'd like to highlight that the best thing about an adjustable air home mattress system is that both partners need not compromise on sleep quality and can wake up refreshed and in a good mood to handle the days tasks and challenges. I can even be sure that with the benefits of good sleep provided by his adjustable air home mattress system, Dr. Kwan will also be able to carry out his duties as a doctor with higher standards and effectiveness. Don't underestimate the power of an adjustable air home mattress system. It can really do wonders to your life!

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You don t always need a contractor for diy home improvements

The cost of getting repairs or home improvement done by licensed contractors are known to be high, but often necessary, mainly because most people do not have the skills or equipment necessary to make a repair in their homes or complete improvements themselves. You don’t always need to hire an expensive contractor to do a job, though. For example, often when a power failure occurs, it is nothing more than a blown fuse. Most home fuse boxes are located in basements or garages of homes. When you experience an outage, make sure you check and distinguish between blown fuses or melting wires. If you hire an electrician to simply repair a blown fuse, it will cost you a lot of money (including labor charges) to replace the fuse, when you can do it yourself for a few dollars. You can check a fuse by placing a working fuse in the opening where you think that the fuse is blown. Remember to remove the fuse and return it to its original place instead of leaving the fuse in the slot, so as to avoid the danger of fire. Note: Modern homes are equipped with breakers and when the breaker fails it will automatically shutoff the electricity. Changing a breaker is similar to changing fuses; they require little effort to replace and you usually instructions when you buy a new breaker, giving you directions on how to change it out. Follow the steps closely when doing an installation. Light switches are another minor household issue that can be easily repaired by you. Most switches last for several years before a problem occurs, but there are times when a repair is necessary. Make sure to follow the instructions when repairing the switches, and shut off the power supply to the switch, since working with electricity can be very dangerous. It is smart to cut off the circuit breakers when installing a new part. After you remove the switch plate cover, you will see screws that hold the circuit box in place. These screws will have to be removed as well. Before continuing the process, you should use a ‘neon tester’ to test the circuits for charge. This will help prevent shock. When you see the wires inside the outlet box, be careful to follow the installation instructions carefully. Once inside the box you will see two wires, one black and the other wire red. You can dust off the wires if necessary. Once you have found the wires you can begin repairing the problem. You must connect the black wire with the “brass terminal” in the circuit. The curving ends must lock clockwise before you can screw the screws into in place. Follow the same procedure for the other wire. It is imperative to read the directions carefully when dealing with electricity in your home. Home improvement is a creative journey and an investment, whether you are improving the home’s value, or repairing the home for your family’s safety. Doing some of the work yourself will save you a great deal of money in the long run, rather than paying high labor charges to a professional contractor. Additionally, repairing or improving your home inevitably increases its value. Many people feel intimidated at the idea of repairing or remodeling their home themselves. By clearing the hindrances out of your way and following instructions carefully, you will save a great deal of time and money on DIY home improvement, as well as have renewed confidence in your abilities. Contractors want to justify their high costs to you by making you believe that many of the repairs or improvements are huge jobs that require only a professional’s touch. If you are interested in DIY home improvement, do lots of research by getting manuals and books from the library, and you will know exactly what the work entails.

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Buying diamonds selecting the best company

Diamond shoppers today have more choices than ever on where to buy their diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry items. However, with greater selections come bigger potential risks and rewards. You need to do your homework and understand how to select the best company for your diamond purchase. The retail diamond market is comprised of three broad categories of diamond sources; jewelry stores, ecommerce diamond companies and diamond brokers. Jewelry Stores Until recent years, jewelry stores were the only option for most diamond shoppers. This was especially true for smaller towns and rural areas. These stores had a monopoly, much like Ma Bell with the phone systems during most of the 20th century. Jewelry stores were the only game in town and could set their prices at whatever markup they wanted. Jewelry stores depend on impulse buying so they focus on having a selection to pick from, name recognition through extensive advertising, and being convenient so shoppers can walk in and make a purchase with no education or knowledge of the product. If it looks nice to an impulse buyer, they will pull out the credit card and have it gift-wrapped. To attract the impulse buyer, jewelers built elaborate stores with polished marble floors, expensive display cases, and lighting that makes everything in the store sparkle. To pay for the stores, the decorations and all the expensive advertising, jewelry stores must maintain high markups on the items they sell. The more expensive stores have bigger inventory, higher rent and more advertising, which dictates the higher markup necessary to pay for all that overhead. E-Commerce Diamond Retailers The online shopping cart of hundreds of jewelry retailers has been one of the big growth areas for e-commerce. Shoppers can shop from the convenience of their home or work computer, look at the pictures of thousands of jewelry items online and place their order without ever talking to a human. E-commerce diamond retailers provide a list of diamonds owned by groups of wholesalers and let the shopper pick the diamond they want based on the specifications in the list. The shopper pays for the diamond in advance and then the wholesaler or the retailer ships the diamond to the consumer. The online jewelry retailers offer the advantage of much greater selection than you can find in a jewelry store and the ability to ship the items all over the country, which provides greater options for shoppers in small towns and rural areas. Due to low overhead costs, online jewelers can provide lower prices than most jewelry stores. The disadvantage of the online jeweler is that there are few safeguards in place to keep the consumer from making a mistake. Picking the least expensive diamond from a list of options often means there is something less desirable about the diamond. Without an expert adviser to help, the consumer is mostly on their own to make their selection. Diamond Brokers There is a third type of diamond retailer, the diamond broker, that differs from the jewelry store or e-commerce retailer. Like most e-commerce retailers, brokers do not own inventory and have low overhead, but they differ in that they work as diamond consultants for the shopper to find the best diamonds meeting the consumer’s requirements. To attract new clients, diamond brokers rely on word of mouth advertising. They typically have a website focused on online education and shopping advice instead of a list of inventory and the online shopping cart. Diamond brokers work with their client to find the best diamond on the wholesale market and present it to the client in the broker’s office or ship the diamond to the client to examine before they purchase. The result of the lower overhead and personal consultant service is that clients usually get a better diamond at a lower price than with jewelry stores or online retailers. To determine which company is going to be the best supplier for your diamonds, know what retailer characteristics are most important to you then ask many questions. Be sure the company you select is going to be able to provide the personalized service, expert advice, high quality diamonds and low prices you deserve.

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Buy flowers for hillary duff or your favorite teen

She loves clothes, talking on the phone, boys, teen stars like Hillary Duff, and a great pair of vintage jeans, but will your teen girl love a gift of flowers? Absolutely! In a recent survey, flowers proved to be among the most favored gifts men and women give and receive. And, since your teen is a young woman in training, there's no doubt that she will appreciate beautiful flowers, too-especially if you customize the gift to fit her special interests. When considering a gift of flowers for your teen, you first have to ask when it's appropriate to send her flowers. The answer: Anytime!

Of course, if you prefer to give flowers on special occasions, here are some ideas: * Her birthday. Birthdays are an obvious choice, but think about having them delivered at a time of day when she'll garner some special attention (unless she's the shy type who might be embarrassed by this). For example, have the flowers sent to school. Of course, it's a good idea to call the school first and find out if they have any special policies concerning gift deliveries. Include a small gift with the flowers, such as a CD by her favorite band. * For a part awarded in the school play. If your teen is a drama queen and she's just gotten her first big part in a school play, she'll undoubtedly appreciate the fact that you think it's as big a deal as she does. Send her some flowers to let her know you're excited for her. You might even consider asking your florist to use the play as a theme. If she's been given the role of Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz," ruby red flowers tied in a blue checked ribbon reminiscent of Dorothy's ruby slippers and checkered dress would be a great choice. * When she gets her driver's license. Getting her driver's license is one of the biggest events in a teen's life. Help her celebrate with a gift of flowers! Ask your florist to add a car related item to the arrangement. Perhaps a matchbox car, a pair of sunglasses for driving, or driving gloves. Or, if you're planning to give your teen a car of her own, deliver the keys with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. * For a victory in a big competition. If your teen is into sports or a member of an academic team, send her flowers after a big win to let her know that her success is important to you, too. If she's on the basketball team, ask the florist to include a mini basketball, or some other item related to the sport. If she's on the school's debate team, have a toy microphone included in the arrangement, or write her a special note on index cards like the ones she uses during the competition. Regardless of the occasion you choose, the fact that you took the time to recognize some special achievement or big day will thrill your teen. Flowers make a person feel special and they're a very easy way to let your teen know how much she means to you.

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