Foggy motorcycle ride

Beach, chilly fruit shakes, summer babes in hot bikinis and summer escapades – pretty sure you are missing them all. Summer lovin’ is left behind let’s give winter its chance to freeze us. Chillin’. Freezin’. Glazin’. Winter time is fast approaching. Skiing will just be as fun as decorating the streets and homes with glitzy lanterns and greetings for the Christmas season. The frostiness of the fog seems to overwhelm children. We can see them playing around nosily and merrily. Even lovers are enjoying the warmth of every cuddle. Some even manage to go on skiing - they seem to melt every hail. The town may seem vivacious and feisty. Nevertheless, will this be a good season for motorcycle riders? Foggy motorcycle ride may equate to danger lest, it is pretty scary. In fact, a lot of riders prefer to winterize their bikes. Nonetheless, there is a small fraction who still wants to ride hard on a snow time. If you happen to have a long ride on a winter, for instance, from San Francisco to LA, you will probably get to discover fog banks. How scary can it get? Well, it’s as scary as plunging your motorcycle into it. It can mean death. How? When you have low visibility chances are you will not be able to see the horizon, the path as well as possible danger. This is especially true when making a turn in a curve, when making a quick stop. By the time you have stopped, you have no idea whether it is reliably vertical or at the right angle. Sometimes, it is too late to check it. You may have found your bike falling to the banks. There has been a recent findings solicited from various studies. Findings showed that people tend to gradually increase speed while driving in the fog. Fog covers the cues and makes them unreliable. This circumstance can lead you to an awful accident. Imagine the crash then the splash. Whew! Terrible! Every time you ride, take into consideration the danger which you are susceptible of and be prepared for it. With the right motorcycle accessories and apparel you can combat the freezing coldness of winter and reduce the risk of injuries. Prevention can save you from getting the most that you can get out of the situation and in this case, the most means your very end. Keep safe while enjoying your ride!

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Have good scents about feeling clean all day

Body odor, bad breath, smelly feet. At one time or another, we've all been plagued with a scent less fragrant than flowers. Never before have personal-care products been so well-stacked against stink. And when it comes to fighting foul odor fast, natural products do the job just as well as those more dependent on chemical ingredients. Here are some tips to protect against the most unpleasant of body odors using natural products. * Shower power: A shower is a great pick-me-up that can make you smell and feel fabulous. Ingredients like rosemary, cucumber and peppermint will awaken the senses. Aveda's Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash is a gentle yet effective way to "come clean" without drying out your skin.

* K. O. the B. O.: When it comes to deodorant, look for what is left out rather than what's put in. Many deodorants contain aluminum chlorohydrate, an ingredient that is believed to clog underarm pores, and propylene glycol, which can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Try Nature's Gate Organics Fruit Blend deodorants, which combine certified organic fruit, floral and herbal extracts with baking soda to neutralize odor. * Hair affair: Ingredients like ammonium sulfate are harsh and can strip hair of its natural oils, making it dry and brittle. Use a light and fresh shampoo like The Body Shop's Nettle Oil Balance Shampoo, which helps reduce excess oil with nettle leaf, a natural astringent. Locks end up luscious, soft and clean. * "Scent-sible" scents: An all-day fragrance is one that's subtle, not super strong. Fragrances that center around earth-inspired ingredients are enhancing without being overbearing. For hundreds of years, Acqua di Parma has offered a cologne that balances the natural sensuality of Sicilian citrus, lavender and Bulgarian rose.

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The birth of gpt s

Our economy is built on advertising, which is becoming increasingly more problematic. Corporations are spending billions of dollars annually on advertising methods that are no longer effective. Eighty percent of all US homes now own Tivo, where skipping through the commercials is just a push of a button away. Most new cars are now being delivered with (commercial free) Satellite Radio's already installed. New, stricter laws involving telemarketing are continually being put into place and the rising cost of stamps are making direct mail advertising cost prohibitive. Traditional means of advertising are becoming progressively more ineffective. So what's an advertiser to do? In these economically challenging times more and more people are flooding the internet daily, looking for ways to earn money to either supplement their income or replace it. Family is (thankfully) becoming the cornerstone of our lives once again. The age of "you can have it all, family AND the career" and "the children just need quality time, not quantity" has drawn to a close. In today's world mom's want to stay home and raise their children.

Dads are quitting high pressure, long work-day jobs. They are trading them in for lower income jobs then looking for ways to supplement their salary or replace it altogether so they can spend more time with their families. As this trend continues to evolve, corporations have begun to stand up and take notice. Throughout history marketing agencies have kept a continual eye out for rising trends, so it's no wonder that this particular trend has caught their attention. Advertisers have found a way to capitalize on this media enriched trend of people looking to earn money on the internet.

PR firms will tell you that the best way to advertise any product or service is to capture your target audiences attention. This is best accomplished by using either humor or incentives. Companies want you to view their advertisements and the more enjoyable this experience is, the more people will be willing to view them. On one hand companies need exposure to their advertisements, on the other hand people want to earn money from home over the internet… Are you starting to get the picture here?

What better way to advertise than to find a way to pay the 'advertisee' to try their products and services? Hence, the GPT sites were born. What are GPT sites? GPT stand for Get Paid To, as in Get Paid To take surveys or try new products or services. Instead of spending all of that advertising revenue on the old, more traditional media (television, radio and print), advertisers are now allocating more and more of their advertising budget towards internet advertising. GPT sites are basically the middle man that introduces the advertiser to the advertisee. Advertisers pay GPT site owners to deliver leads to them.

They are looking for people to read about their product, give their opinions about their products and try their products and / or services. That's where the advertisee comes in. The GPT site owners find leads to connect with the advertisers. They accomplish this by paying a large percentage of their earnings from the advertiser to the leads they supply them with. GPT sites typically host a variety of offers on their webpages, including free offers, surveys, service and product trials, paid to read emails, and cash-back shopping. Earning money on these sites is not only simple, it's actually very lucrative. This is how it works; You sign up at the GPT site, once logged in you'll find a list of offers. Most GPT sites organize their offers in categories, either freebies or paid trial offers. Freebie offers are 100% free and do not require a credit card.

These are usually surveys to fill out, a request for more information about a home business opportunity, or signing up for a newsletter. They pay anywhere from .40 cents to $3. Trial offers typically do require a credit card, but are far more lucrative. Some trial offers don't actually cost anything (unless you fail to cancel by the end of your trial period). Others cost anywhere from $1 to $5 for paid trials or shipping and handling charges. The profit margin on these types of offers is very high, paying anywhere between $10 and $30, occasionally more. Once you have completed an offer you simply mark it as complete using the link provided.

Depending on the offer, your account will be credited anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Most GPT sites pay monthly, however there are a few that do pay daily or weekly.

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Automatic wealth the internet makes it possible

Attaining wealth and prosperity is a dream most everyone has, but few ever achieve it. Why? The average person is stuck in a rut with a job they dislike and overwhelming debt. This cycle is hard to break, but many people are breaking out and achieving their financial goals through the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for millions of people to create automatic wealth, and there's still room for you! Here's how you can discover your Internet wealth dreams. Create Wealth, Not Just an Income With the Internet, the opportunity is there for you to create automatic wealth, not merely an income. You can build one automatic business or several until they reach prosperity - right from your own home computer. The Internet creates the ultimate wealth package because it's so vast in the number of people that use it, but yet, so personal in that one little niche market can earn you a fortune. You can choose from thousands of business ideas and pick one small market to target for your business. A small market online, however, can mean big dollars for you because it might contain thousands or millions of prospects around the world. The Internet connects you to the outside world and doesn't limit you to those who drive or walk past your local store location. Automated Business Another reason it's more feasible to achieve automatic wealth online is because you can have an automated business. Automated means it can run on auto-pilot once you design your website and set things in motion. You can receive automated payments through online forms. You can automate an e-zine (email newsletter) to your customers. You can automate electronic products by email such as e-books or training materials. There are a number of ways to create automated wealth with an Internet business. No Longer Wait for Paychecks Another advantage of an Internet business is you can receive daily payments through your website. Many online business owners accept credit cards or use a third party payment processor such as PayPal or StormPay to accept payments from their customers. Through these venues, money goes directly into your account. This gives you a steady cash flow for your business so you can have capital for your income, business promotion, and inventory. Tips to Build Automatic Wealth *Use your free time at home to surf the Internet and find business opportunities that interest you. *Join with one or a few others who are already successful so you can learn the basics of online business. Even if you need to make a small investment, it could be well worth the training you'll receive. *Decide on a business that's right for you and schedule daily times to work on your business - promoting, analyzing, and building. *Keep building until you've acquired enough automatic wealth to quit your day job! Whatever Internet business you choose, remember that it takes patience and consistency to build an online business, just as it would any other type of business. The main differences are that you can work from your home as you're building the business, you can set your own work schedule, and you can earn a lot just by reaching a small niche market for almost any popular product. Start today with your new online business, and you too can soon realize your dreams!

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How to reduce stress and boost your productivity

Hi! Did you know that 60-90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related illnesses? Stress is costly in terms of our health, relationships and performance. When you’re affected by too much stress your body wears down and you get sick. I find that highly disorganised people seem to be more susceptible to sickness as they are always under extreme pressure, running from one disaster to another. Gary’s Story Gary has a business, employing 7 staff. When he contacted me he was at a point where the stress from his business was so bad, that he would constantly wake up 3 or 4 times a night worried about everything …his cash flow, staff, lack of clients and the affect all this was having on his personal well-being and family life. By working through exactly what the key issues were, the common denominator was his lack of personal organisation. He didn’t use a diary, had no way of planning and kept everything ‘in his head’. Often his staff were idle because he hadn’t spent time training them. Being a perfectionist he felt it was easier to do things himself. Gary didn’t exercise and was overweight. He was constantly tired and uptight causing him to be moody and also very negative . His family and his staff would avoid him. He was spiralling downhill quickly but luckily he realised before it was too late, that it was time to get help otherwise he could lose his business, his family and even his life! Step by step and week by week Gary has got a grip on the stress by using simple ways to reduce the pressure in his life and you can do this too. 7 Practical Tips to Reduce Stress 1. Get Organised Learn how to manage yourself and your time. This includes how to plan and prioritise. You can do it the slow way by reading books or attending seminars or you can accelerate your results by getting coached. 2. Exercise Regularly Exercise at least three times a week. Try swimming, running or walking. Your body needs regular activity. 3. Eat Healthily Feed yourself healthy food and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and you’ll have heaps more energy. 4.Learn to say ‘No’ Become more discerning about what activities you are prepared to do or participate in. If you’re already overloaded, let people know. 5.Delegate or Outsource Do what you do best and get rid of the rest. This applies to work and home. 6. Avoid Procrastination Stop worrying about what may or may not happen if you make a decision, just take action. The Final Word I bet you probably knew all this, didn’t you? Well my question is, if you are continually stressed what actions do you take on a regular basis to change your situation? If you’ve got a grip on the stress in your life, …that’s great, if not changes need to be made otherwise too much stress can dramatically impact on all areas of your life. Have a great week Lorraine Pirihi

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Sarbanes oxley act and legal risk for companies

Sarbanes Oxley is not only the original Act, but also all the interpretations in the new (after Enron and World Com) legal and political context. There is no room to "forget" to include legal proceedings after Sarbanes Oxley. The Act imposes a number of new disclosure requirements designed to enhance visibility. - Disclosure of financial information prepared in accordance with (or reconciled to) generally accepted accounting principles... that reflect all material correcting adjustments that have been identified by a registered public accounting firm in accordance with GAAP and applicable securities laws. - Disclosure of all material off-balance sheet transactions, arrangements, contingent obligations and other relationships with unconsolidated entities. - Disclosure of codes of ethics for senior financial officers and, if a code of ethics has not been adopted, the reasons why the issuer has not done so. - Real-Time Disclosure (§ 409). Under the Act, issuers will be required to disclose to the public, in plain English and on a “rapid and current basis,” such additional information concerning material changes in the issuer’s financial condition or results of operations as the SEC determines, by rule, is necessary or useful for the protection of investors and in the public interest. And, disclosure of the legal risks ( legal-risk. com ): - The “whistleblower” protection for employees who assist in investigations of securities fraud claims against their companies (§ 806) ( sarbanes-oxley-act. biz/SarbanesOxleyAct. htm ) - An issuer may not discharge or discriminate against an employee who assists in an investigation, or participates in a proceeding against the issuer, regarding any conduct that the employee reasonably believes constitutes a violation of securities laws or constitutes fraud against the issuer’s shareholders. - Retaliation against Informants (§ 1107) - It is unlawful to knowingly and intentionally retaliate against any person, including interfering with the person’s lawful employment, for providing a law enforcement officer with any truthful information relating to the commission or possible commission of a federal offense. A violation of this provision may lead to fines and imprisonment for up to 10 years. - The destruction, alteration or falsification of documents (§ 802) - The destruction of corporate audit records (§ 802) - The White-Collar Crimes (§ 903, 904) ( sarbanes-oxley-act. biz/SarbanesOxleyAct. htm ) - The "mistakes" or "omissions" in the certification by corporate officers (§ 906) It is a criminal offense for the chief executive or chief financial officer of an issuer to file certifications of periodic reports, as required by Section 906 of the Act, knowing that the periodic report accompanying the statement does not comport with all of the requirements of the securities laws, as attested to in the certificate. A "knowing" violation of this provision carries a maximum punishment of a fine of up to $1,000,000 and imprisonment for up to 10 years. A "willful" violation of this provision carries a maximum punishment of a fine of up to $5,000,000 and imprisonment for up to 20 years. Companies have to explain to their investors all the risks, otherwise their public statements are misleading. And, if shareholders lose money, they will blame the company for hiding information. The worst nightmare for companies is called Class action. - A lawsuit against a corporation is granted class action status by a judge - All shareholders receive a letter alerting them of the litigation - Attorneys advertise the terms of the award in major newspapers, and encourage shareholders to contact them - Law firms issue press releases announcing the filing of a securities fraud class action - Lawyers in class action cases keep about one-third of any negotiated settlement or jury award, so they do not want money from the shareholders - If you are a shareholder, you lose nothing and you have much money to expect The negative publicity is a disaster for any company (and for its stock price).

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Learning online why we need education directories

You may have noticed the proliferation of online learning degree and certificate courses being offered by Colleges and Universities across the Globe, in particular the US and UK. As we all know, the world is market driven and much of the activity we now see is due to massive demand by students of all ages for accessible education. Even traditional 'old' colleges are embracing the need for convenient online education and you will find surprising courses available in modern formats from many of the most respected institutions in the world. Where there’s both a demand and a strong market, you find sellers and resellers appearing in the middle to help satisfy the demand of both supplier and consumer. In education, for once the middle-man website has a useful service to play that adds value without increasing the costs of tuition. By displaying a wide range of choices, categories, locations, so called middle-men websites can help consumers select from the burgeoning array of available colleges, courses, finance options, locations etc., without charging the consumer a dime! The symbiotic relationship also helps the education course providers by bringing visitors who are already interested in the type of course they have to offer, when there are 'student-places' available. Many Colleges and Universities are only able to properly service a maximum number of students and therefore accept leads from middle-men websites only up to the required capacity, after which until more placements become available, the flow of visitors is reduced or channelled to alternative institutions which still have capacity to take-on students at that time. You will also find that many US institutions only accept US resident students, likewise some Canadian, British, French etc colleges.

As most of these colleges advertise in international space i. e.: the world wide web, you can see the importance of applications being directed properly by relevant country, language, skills-niche. This is where and why so many directory-style education websites exist today, they offer a useful service. You might be reading this article on a website that offers information on various colleges or very specific courses. Take your time and look around.

Visit the choices available and take a considered view of where you decide to study. With so much choice available, you will most likely find what you are looking for somewhere close by.

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Microsoft word templates will save you time in your small business

One of the issues that most small business owners overlook when starting out in business is the use of technology. Whilst computer technology may require a significant investment when starting out; Overtime, if your systems are built correctly they will in fact save you very large sums of money, in particular in the area of staff wages. When I first started my business, One-on-One Personal Computer Training, I started out with a $3,000 Credit Card, which when you talk to any business adviser or business-coach is absolutely the worst thing you could do. One of the issues I have been most conscious of is the cost of having a large number of staff. The way I achieved a high level of efficiency in such a competitive market was to automate as many of the day-to-day tasks as I could. The best tasks for business automation are those that are repetitive. As soon as I mention the word Business Automation, most technophobes will put up a barrier and go into a minor or major fit. Business automation can be as simple as creating just a few Microsoft Word templates. Business automation doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a huge plethora of software developers and toiling day and night to build some monsterous and complex system. It can and should be simple so that you as a business owner can in fact do it yourself.

Let me explain! Microsoft for all its good and bad issues, has provided business one of the most awesome tools - Microsoft Word allows you to build templates that you can reuse as many times as you wish. What Is A Microsoft Word Template? Essentially, a Microsoft Word Template is like any traditional word document, the difference is that it is designed to be reused as many times as you require. Why not create a normal word document then. Well, the difference is that when you use a Microsoft Word Template, you can store the template under the New dialogue box, so that each time you want to use the document you go to that one point and it will be available.

Did you know that you can even create your own folders in the New dialog box? If you didn't know this, all you have to do is to simply create a new folder where all your templates are stored. On each of our company's computers we have a special folder called one-on-one where we store each of our templates for use by our staff What Sort Of Templates Might You Need? This is one of the key questions I get asked the most. The most common templates I see small businesses require are items like Sick Leave Forms, Leave Applications, Order Forms, Sales Letters, Purchase Order Forms and so forth. One of the reasons why I chose to build Microsoft Word Templates in my business was to ensure a level of continuity of contact with our customers. By building a series of Templates such as: - A Company Letter Head - A Company Fax Sheet - A Company Leave Application - A Company Thank You Letter - A Company Weekly Timesheet - A Company Sales Letter - A Company Visitor Sign-in Sheet - A Company Purchase Order Form - A Company Order Form By having these forms in a central place I have ensured that my staff don’t need to be recreating these styles of documents each time they have to send a letter or fax. Further to this, I know that certain sales letters used by my staff will achieve the sales outcomes that I am looking for. By using a Microsoft Word Template, they know that when they get and enquiry that they can simply fill-in the customer details and the letter is done. In our sales letter templates we use Microsoft Word’s Fill-in field to prompt our staff for key information like the Customers Name, Address and Company Name ensuring that the information does get put into the letter. Once they have completed that they simply press the Print button and its ready to go to the customer. As a business owner, knowing that that’s all my staff have to do to achieve the sales makes me feel far more comfortable than them having to write their own customised letters each time a customer enquires about our training. Microsoft Word templates are an incredibly useful tool in automating common documents that your staff maybe creating and I believe that this is the first process that all business owners should be using in automating their business.

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Lcd plasma tv s popularity

As time goes by, televisions are becoming one of the needs of many people all over the world when it comes to entertainment and relaxation gadgets. Millions of homes have television sets. Everyday, people are watching their favorite programs on TV. They have been dreaming of a perfect modern television that will best fit their rooms and would provide them with the best picture. Of course, they like to have a flat screen displayed with excellent image quality and large screen sizes perfect for a home theater system, like those seen in movie theaters. Therefore, electric companies manufacture high-technology television to provide the consumer the best convenience ever! It was really a great advantage for huge electric companies to manufacture and sell their products since the people are addicted in televisions. Various kinds of televisions are released everyday by manufacturers.

LCD or liquid crystal display plasma television is one of them. LCD TVs look cool with their cutting-edge look alone; it can impress friends and neighbors. Even better, LCD TVs are innovative. LCD TVs come in more sizes than any flat-panel technology, allowing you to enjoy watching them nearly anywhere: the family room, a home office or even in the kitchen. There are plenty of LCD plasma Televisions that are sold in the market. Although the price is high, people are still interested in purchasing these items.

LCD technology is constantly evolving. LCDs today employ several variations of liquid crystal technology. The first Liquid Crystal Display, which appeared in the early 1970’s are, considered the original fixed-pixel displays. LCD televisions have made huge headway in HDTV home theaters.

They are capable of powering front projectors, rear-projection TVs, and flat-panel displays. These televisions come in projection and flat panel technology. Liquid Crystal Display technology is constantly evolving. LCDs today employ several variations of liquid crystal technology. LCD televisions uses essentially a fluorescent back light to send light through its pixel design, which contains liquid crystal molecules and polarizing substrate to give form to light and color. The "liquid" crystal in an LCD is actually used in its solid state.

This technology has become very popular in flat panel television screens and projectors for home theater design. People like to purchase LCD televisions because of its modernized features. LCD or liquid crystal display have sleek flat panel screen design and has clear picture. This unit consumes less energy. LCD televisions are actually lighter than a regular TV and can be mounted onto a wall. LCD TV supports HDTV compatibility, and can be used as a computer monitor and as a television for your home theater design. A lot of retail stores and online stores are selling LCD plasma television. If your 'e looking to purchase a LCD projector or LCD flat panel screen online buyers guides will be able to help you choose a reliable and trusted LCD television merchant. If you want to shop for this item online, just check out the trusted online merchants for discount prices.

LCD television manufacturers today are competing in the marketing terms of sales and product quality. They have been improving and creating variety of modern television to fit the convenience of home entertainment. LCD televisions manufacturers like: JVC, Sharp, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Hitachi and Phillips have become very popular because of their top-quality and great warranty deals.

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Your credit scores again

It's important for every consumer to learn what a credit score is and how to improve it. Most consumers do not know what their credit scores are, but these scores are used in dealings with such diverse agencies as credit card companies, home equity lenders, auto loan lenders, and finance companies when considering appications for credit or loans. Credit scores are usually calculated by a computer model created, most often, by Fair, Isaac & Company (or "FICO," leading to the common generic term "FICO score"). A credit score is intended to be a predictive summary of a loan applicant's credit history. A low score can mean denial of a credit card or loan, or if the application is accepted, a higher interest rate. Also, some lenders use credit scores and other information to set the "price" for processing a loan.

Statistically, low credit scores also correlate with other risky behaviors such as fraud and auto accidents. There a many factors affecting the final credit score. Payment history accounts for 35%. A credit score is negatively affected by a history of late payment of bills, accounts sent to collection agencies, or declared bankruptcy. The more recent the problem, the lower the score -- a 30-day late payment a month ago has more effect than a bankruptcy five years ago. Outstanding debt accounts for 30%. If the amount owing is close to the consumer's credit limit, this will likely to have a negative effect on the credit score. A low balance on two cards is better than a high balance on one. Length of credit history accounts for 15%. The longer the accounts have been open, the better. Recent credit report inquiries account for 10%. If the applicant has recently applied for many new accounts, that may negatively affect the score. Promotional inquiries do not have any effect. Types of credit in use accounts for 10%. Loans from finance companies generally lower the credit score. FICO finds this more important when there is less of other types of credit information about the applicant upon which to base a score. Although this is a general guide as to what credit scoring companies deem important, it should be noted that some companies may consider different factors. Credit scores range from 300 to 900, with an average of approximately 750. According to the model, as the score increases, the risk of default decreases. Studies by the loan industry show a direct correlation between low scores and high default rates. Therefor, it may be difficult for an applicant with a low score to convince a creditor to offer an affordable loan, or even any loan at all. But just as credit history can vary from credit bureau to credit bureau, so can a credit scores. It is possible to have a high score with one credit bureau (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) and a low credit score with another, just as it is possible to have a clean credit history with one bureau and a sullied record with another. However, extremely wide-ranging credit scores are uncommon, though variations of up to 100 points have been noted by some lenders. To get an accurate picture, lenders often take the average of all the applicant's scores. Narrow ranges of 20 or 25 points are more common. Consumers may obtain their credit scores from credit bureaus by paying a fee (the Federal Trade Commission sets the fee). The bureau must provide the score, the range of possible scores under the scoring model used, four key factors that affected the score, the date on which the score was created, and the name of the entity that provided the score (such as Fair, Isaac). Note that the score and the scoring model provided may vary from those a given lender uses. Federal law allows consumers three freee credit reports every year. If you get your credit score from one or more credit scorers, remember that the score may vary from one credit score company to the next. Fair, Isaac offers several reccommendations to consumers seeking to improve their credit scores. Pay bills on time; make up missed payments and keep all payments current. Maintain low balances on credit cards and other "revolving debt". Maintain the "balance-to-limit ratio" of credit cards below 50%. It is usually better to carry smaller balances on several cards than to pile everything onto one card. Apply for a new card if necessary, rather than piling all purchases onto one. Pay off debts rather than transferring them to a new account. Don't close a rarely-used credit account without opening a new one, as a history of wisely-used credit boosts the credit score. However, do not apply for new, unneeded credit cards just to increase available credit. Loan applicants should not give up seeking credit just because of a low credit score. Sometimes credit reports contain errors, and it is possible to obtain a copy of the report, fix the problem, and explain the situation to the lender. The majority of lenders will override credit scores if they feel an applicant is a good credit risk despite a low credit score.

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9 secrets to get a date after one hour and 15 minutes of flirting online

If you are trying to pick up women online and just can't get at least one date a week you certainly need a little help. Just read this article and start using these online flirting success tips and they will help you to get that first date much faster. You don't want to spend too much time online because you really can't feel the chemistry until the first “real world” date. However, you can get the women you're talking to to be interested in you and set her “ on fire” just to get to know you better. Keep in mind that women feel attraction for a very different set of reasons than men do. Where men focus more on looks, women focus more on personality, self esteem, power and confidence. So, what are the secrets to get a date after one hour and 15 minutes of flirting online? 1. Make your replies simple and use easy questions. Concentrate on the conversation, not on getting a date. Remember that flirting is a way of connecting from the heart and acknowledging someone. Most women want to know what kind of person they are going out with. 2. Women always fall for men who are a little bit unreachable. Think of yourself as special and know what you deserve. 3. Be yourself. The underlying key to all flirtation is confidence, the magical charm that makes others want to get to know you. 4. Be funny but in the same time a little bit arrogant. It creates a wonderful, entertaining challenge that women just love to engage in... If you make a naughty, fun comment, something she is NOT expecting, then something magical begins to happen: she feels a spark of attraction, curiosity, intrigue because you're obviously different. 5. People like people who are interested in them. So when you engage someone in conversation make sure you spend at least 62% of the time listening to THEM! 6.When you are talking about you, tell enough just to get her trust but keep a little mystery about you. 7. Never ever make yourself to available. In one hour of online conversation you have to make her believe that you're confident, that you're intelligent and funny. Don't stay any longer or you risk to become boring. 8. Find an excuse and just go, but not before you let her know that you're interested in her. Set another online date but not for the next day. You are a busy guy! Let her heat up a little bit. :) 9. At the second date (online), after 15 minutes of talking, just say “Hey, I have some spare time this evening, can we meet? I just want to... convince myself that you are real.” This way, she will be surprised and won't have to much time to make the decision and you will run less risk of being rejected. If she is interested in you but she already has something fixed for that evening, she will ask for a date another time. If she don' t, just say, next! Good luck and have fun!

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How to find the right debt consolidation agencies

How to Find the Right Debt Consolidation Agencies Debt consolidation agencies and services offer a solution for debt management, debt consolidation, and advice on managing debt. There are several courses one can take to consolidate their debts. One way to avoid late fees on debts, or else shut-off notices is to ask family members or friends that may offer you the money. Of course, you will need to repay the debt; however it is less risky than if you borrowed the money from a debt consolidation agency or else some other source. If you own a home, you may want to consider refinancing, since some lenders will offer you a debt consolidation solution attached to the new loan. Some banks or mortgage lenders will search for loans that roll your monthly payments into one bill, which is the same effect you will get if you get help from a debt consolidation agency. You could also call your creditors and ask for leniency or else more time to repay the debts. Many times creditors prefer to deal with the customer than with the collection agencies. The reason is that they have hopes that you will remain a customer if they give you a chance. On the other hand, there are creditors that could care less if you have enough money to pay your bills or even enough money to survive. The greedy souls are out to get their pay and will attach additional fees to your debts. Debtors are protected under the laws; therefore, if you are in debt and are looking to consolidate your bills, then check out the laws at the local library before resorting to a debt consolidation agency. Anytime you have the upper hand and are armored with knowledge, the consolidation agency in question will have a harder time trying to take advantage of you.

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The five

Payday loans are also called “cash advance loans,” “check advance loans,” “post-dated check loans,” or “deferred deposit loans.” But they all pretty much mean the same thing. In the case of online companies, you apply for a loan through the Internet. If you’re approved, the money is wired overnight into your checking account. The loan is usually for one to four weeks — until your next payday.

When the loan is due, the company takes the amount you owe — plus a fee — out of your bank account. You can “roll over” the loan to the next payday, but you have to pay another fee. But there are some facts you need to be aware of. You won’t see these in the ads for payday loans. And you may have to search the “fine print” on the company websites to find them. I call them the Five Hard Truths About Payday Loans. Hard Truth #1: A payday loan will not solve all your problems Remember, it’s just a short-term loan. And the quicker you can pay it back, the better. Don’t keep rolling over the loan and racking up the fees. But you’re an adult. You can decide for yourself how you’ll use the loan money and if you can pay it back when you get your next paycheck. Hard Truth #2: You can’t get an unlimited amount of money Don’t expect to get thousands of dollars with a payday loan. Most loans you get will be about $100 to $500 — enough to get most people through a crisis until the next payday. Some payday loan companies advertise that you can get $1,000. True, but don’t expect to get that much the first time you do business with them. Once you become a regular customer, they may raise the amount you can borrow -- as long as you’re making enough in your job. Which bring us to … Hard Truth #3: Not everyone can get approved Here’s the deal. They’re called “payday loans” because they’re for people who have jobs and get a regular paycheck. If you don’t have a job — or other income like Social Security — you’re not going to get one of these loans. Also, your job has to pay you enough. If you earn about $1,000 to $1,200 per month, you should be okay. But these companies have other requirements you have to meet, and for good reason. They don’t know you, they’ve never met you, so why are they trusting you with their money? Because you prove you can pay the loan back. So you’ll need to show them you have a job or other monthly income … you’ll need a checking account … you need to live somewhere and have a phone number … and you can’t be a complete deadbeat on the run from the law. Sound reasonable? Sure. And don’t worry too much about credit problems. They care more about your current ability to pay back a loan than about your past troubles with credit. That’s a relief! Hard Truth #4: These loans don’t come cheap In general, you’ll pay up to $30 for every $100 you borrow. Now, some pencil-pushers will tell you that’s like paying an annual percentage rate of 390% or 780% or some such number. They’ll say it’s outrageous when you compare it to getting a mortgage at 6% a year, or paying 18% on your credit card charges. Okay, but you’re not taking out the loan for a year — just a few weeks at most. So look at the cost of taking out the loan as a service charge. You alone can decide if it’s worth it to you. Want an example? Let’s say you have three bills due on Wednesday, but you don’t get paid until Friday. If you pay your bills late, you get hit with late charges. If you write the checks anyway, and there’s not enough money in your account, the checks will bounce and you’ll have to pay fees for that. Bounce one check and it might cost you $60. Bounce three checks and it’s $180! Now compare that with paying, say, $50 or $60 to borrow $200 to cover your bills until payday. It makes a lot more sense to get the short-term loan now than to get hit with all those charges later. What about “overdraft protection”? Your bank would love to charge you extra for the service of covering you when you write checks for more than you have in your account. And why not? Some overdraft plans charge fees as high as $35 per overdraft! It’s a huge money-maker for banks. In fact, the biggest banks earn about $1 billion a year on overdraft fees. What your bank doesn’t want you to know about payday loans is that they may be cheaper than the bank’s overdraft protection plan. No wonder so many banks are raising a fuss about payday loans — it’s competition for them! So before you think about using your bank’s overdraft protection plan, take a close look at the cost. You may find that a payday loan will save you some money. Hard Truth #5: All payday loan companies are not the same. It would be nice if you could just pick any payday loan company and know you’ll get a good deal. Sadly, that’s not the case. I've scoured the Internet looking for the best companies. I've looked at what kind of loans they make, what their fees are, what kind of service they offer, and whether they’re easy to use. After reviewing dozens of these websites, I’m happy to report that you have some good choices out there. There are also some questionable companies, but we’ll leave those for the authorities to deal with. If you do your homework, getting a payday loan may be just what you need, saving you money in the long run. Wishing you all the best in solving your cash flow needs!

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Grandpa s knife

From the book Spider’s Big Catch Gary Anderson abciowa. com Sometimes, when I’m stressed or feel the need to refocus, I find myself thinking about my grandpa’s knife. There are people in the world who drink or take pills in an attempt to manage stress, and some folks handle their rosary beads. My grandpa whittled. My brothers and I could always tell when there was something weighing on Grandpa’s mind. He’d pick up several short sticks, sit on the porch swing, and begin to whittle. We could judge the size of the problem he was grappling with by the size of the pile of shavings at the old man’s feet. As far as I knew, he never whittled anything useful. That was never his purpose. He just took any old stick and began whittling it into a point. Then he’d keep whittling until the stick was too short for him to hold, set it down, and start on another one. I marveled at his ability to focus so intensely, just sitting there, gently rocking the porch swing, quietly whittling a problem down to size. Then, as if being guided by some inner signal known only to him, we’d see Grandpa suddenly stand up, and we knew he’d reached a decision. He’d pick up a small whisk broom that always stood beside the swing, clean up the shavings, and walk away in silence. There were also times when Grandpa’s knife helped teach us other lessons—lessons that were more difficult to face. No matter what our indiscretion may have been, we boys knew that there would come a time after we’d received our punishment when Grandpa would call us to come and sit with him on the porch steps. Holding several sticks in his left hand, he’d reach into his overalls with his right hand and pull out his old knife. Then he’d sit on the swing and begin to whittle, slowly and deliberately, never looking at us, never saying a word. Finally, after what seemed a very long time, he’d begin to talk, softly but firmly, about whatever it was we’d done, why it was wrong, and how disappointed he was that we were having to have this talk. All the while, thin slivers of wood gently floated to the floor as his knife deftly cut into the stick he was whittling. By keeping his eyes fixed on his whittling, Grandpa made certain he never saw the tears rolling down our faces as the consequences of our actions washed over us. He never tried to drive home any big point. He always spoke in gentle tones and when he was finished, he stood, snapped his old knife shut, put it back in his pocket, and turned to walk away, never quite looking at us directly. “Clean up the shavings, will you, boys?” he’d say as he slowly walked off the porch. The lesson had been learned, and there was nothing left to say. You know, people don’t seem to whittle like they used to, at least, not the way Grandpa used to, or for the same reasons. I don’t even carry a knife, and neither do most folks I know. But there are times when I’m working at the lathe in my shop—when a long piece of wood curls up from the knife and floats down to the floor—when I’m suddenly eight years old again, watching my grandpa sitting on the porch swing, whittling. I reach down, pick up the shaving and watch it curl around my finger. Then I just stand for a long moment, remembering, until a thought crosses my mind. Maybe I will get myself a small pocket knife, after all. You never know when the urge to whittle might overtake me. © 2004. Gary E. Anderson. All rights reserved.

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Discover this fascinating wellspring of health and energy

Does this sound familiar to you? After getting through a long day of work, engaging in obligatory social activities and then doing the upkeep on your house or apartment you may feel as if every last second of your time and every last drop of your energy have been spent. By that point, you just want to collapse on the floor, exhausted. Then you wake up and have to do it all over again the next day. Fortunately, there is help. You just need to know about an amazing exercise and self improvement system. This may be the easiest exercise to learn that you have ever seen. You'll feel wonderful and energized afterwards, unlike ordinary workouts. Its called Falun Dafa. I attribute the disappearance of my back pain to Falun Dafa. Another thing I feel that it did for me personally was give me the energy to get things done. You may also be excited to learn that it is something you can implement in your life very easily, without a lot of effort. What you'll want to do is visit this website: http://falundafa. org You'll want to get the book, Zhuan Falun, and exercise instruction videos. Both are available for free download. You'll want to read the book to gain the full benefits of this self improvement system. Now, you may be thinking that it might not be easy to learn all the ins and outs of these 5 sets of simple, energizing exercises just from a video. You'll find the solution for that on the very same website. There is a volunteer instructor list. Scan it for your city or one near you. The list covers most major cities around the world and even many smaller cities. The best part is that none of these volunteers will accept a penny of your money. They will show you these exercises free of charge and with no strings attached. The reason they will do this is because they have also received amazing results from this practice. For this reason, they are willing to take their own time to show you how to do it at no cost to you. So, what are you waiting for? Go over to that website and get started on what might be the most amazing and beneficial treasure you have ever uncovered in this lifetime. Discover for yourself an incredible wellspring of health and energy. This article is for information purposes only. It is not meant to prevent, treat or diagnose any health condition or disease. If you have or suspect you have a health problem, and before embarking on any exercise program you should consult your physician.

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Holidays and diets can they get along with each other

Santa Claus cookies, gingerbread men, fruit cakes, candy canes, ... need we go further? Hey, it's the holidays. We don't know about you, but some of us here have started our new diets ever so proudly, and ...whoooops! The holidays are upon us! Ouch! Now what do we do?? What comes to so many people's minds who are on the diet train? "The holidays are going to be a total struggle because, although my favorite foods will be featured attractions on so many tables, it will be others indulging and not me." or "It's the holidays! Why bother? The diet can start when the new year makes its debut." Those who can adapt with a mindset that exists somewhere in between those two extremes are in the minority - yet it's those few individuals who get through the holidays just fine and still lose weight or, at the very least, don't gain more than a pound or two. One thing we want to make clear: yes, it's the holidays. It's a festive time of year - and it's supposed to be. So let's decide right here and now that this does NOT have to be an "all or nothing" situation for you. As a matter of fact, you can use this holiday season as a vehicle to prove to yourself, once and for all, that "failing" with your eating plan is not an option. Yes, you can do this! And it doesn't have to be difficult... One thing that needs to be acknowledged is that, for most who are on a diet of some kind, the threat (yes, that's what it feels like) of deprivation sets in. You have to face the truth in this. You know, that little voice that screams within you, "Oh no! I'm in for an uphill battle - I just know I'm going to want all those foods I see on the table, and I certainly do not want to be bothered with having to say to myself, "No, you can't have that!" We all have that little retaliator within us that answers back, "Oh no??! I'll show you - don't tell me what I can't eat...I'm going to enjoy myself and no diet is going to ruin it for me!" And, of course, the other part of you says, "Bad! You're going to get fat!" Sound familiar? It's okay... relax. Instead of approaching this holiday season with this kind of mindset, let's do it differently this year. You know it is possible to enjoy yourself and still enjoy results, too. It's not necessary to approach the holidays in a state of panic. Rather than thinking, "what am I cheating myself out of?" think "let's see, it's the holidays...I'm going to be tempted with lots of goodies. The truth is that I have a choice in how I go about this. If I'm realistic about this whole thing, chances are pretty darn good that I'm going to indulge. But this doesn't mean I have to give up my concept of eating healthy." You see, if you're involved with an eating plan that has "forbidden" you to have that chocolate brownie, and you know you're going to have a brownie (or 3) during the festivities, then face the situation right now by preparing for it. What some people will do is get anxious about it all...and then when the day comes, they eat that brownie and then say, "Oh well... I did it now - it's over! I might as well go all the way and pig out!" Resolve not to do it that way this time. You see, if you resist to the point of feeling cheated and wanting to retaliate, you won't be helping yourself. It is not supposed to be a game where "sometimes you're good and sometimes you're bad." Get rid of the "Good VS Bad" mindset right now. Imperfection is okay. 1) Maintain an awareness of the portions you'll be eating. Instead of saying "I can only have this one," devote your energy to really savoring it - perhaps eating that cookie 3 to 5 times slower than you normally would. "More chews" will lead to more satisfaction. Instead of looking at that butterball cookie in that rally attractive plate and thinking "I shouldn't," instead think (before picking it up) "how long can I make that last once it's in my hand?" You see? You are creating a POSITIVE - not avoiding a NEGATIVE. 2) Moderate Exercise Take a walk when you normally wouldn't. You don't have to go crazy with exercise - just do one extra thing a day. 3) More Healthier Choices When you have a choice between that piece of cake and a fruit, instead of thinking, "I really should eat the apple," shift from a "feeling deprived" mindset to one that works better for you. Perhaps think, "It's okay if I opt for the cake. The fruit is healthier. Maybe half (or quarter) a regular piece of cake and then the fruit!" This works! 4) Understand that you're not necessarily going to live up to your expectations of yourself. THIS IS THE KEY>>>>> Don't put yourself down for it!

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Extreme weight loss plans

Discussions about a woman's health is often too focused on being skinny or being slim. Fortunately, this attention to weight is no longer about vanity, being like Hollywood goddess, or looking like a ramp supermodel. For a good reason, women are now talking about the health implications of being obese or overweight. Normally, women are told to engage in regular physical exercise and control food consumption. However, many women still struggle with setting aside time for exercise.

The demands at work and at home also drive many women to go for every single comfort food they can get their hands on. Being confined to their small cubicles from 9 to 5 every single day makes a gym workout just another demand on their hectic schedules. As simple it may seem, for some women, working out and going on a diet are impossible tasks. Many desperately say that they just don't have the time and just resign themselves to the thought that obesity or becoming overweight is inevitable. But losing the battle of the bulge need not be every woman's fate. There are now alternatives and innovations in science and medicine that would allow women to lose weight even if they cannot give up their careers or fix their schedules. Comes in and this is not your average weigh loss diet pill. We are talking about going under the knife... Liposuction “Lipo” is for those who have the money to undergo to this extreme measure to loose weight. Usually celebrities take this easy route. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, liposuction has been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in America since 2003. The procedure involves the identification of parts of the body that are predisposed to easy formation of fatty acids like the abdomen, the arms, and the hips. Liposuction is essentially a surgical technique that involves the insertion of a probing device into the patient's body. The probe is used to liquify the fat before the doctor suctions it out. An outpatient procedure takes an hour and a half to perform. After a procedure, the patient must wear a binding wrap for a number of weeks. A significant amount of medication is required to manage the pain that comes after the operation. However, “Lipo” procedure is only limited to the removal of 10 pounds of fat per operation and, as such, is considered more as a cosmetic procedure rather than a real weight loss program. Hormone Therapy Another weight-loss approach involves taking anti-aging medicine. As the body ages, hormone levels go down, the pituitary glands stop producing growth hormones, and one's metabolism slows down too. All this makes weight gain easier and losing weight a greater challenge. The goal of this method is to bring the body's function back to when a woman was still in her 20s—the age when the body is at its peak. The procedure starts with a series of four tests that include growth hormone faction which tests the state of the pituitary gland; DHEA which checks the testosterone level; the T3T4 that tests the thyroid gland; and a daily morning temperature that is intended for checking the metabolism rate of the individual. Based on the results of these test, a mix of tablets, injections, and creams may be prescribed by the doctor. This procedure is best for people whose hormones are not in tip-top shape. The risk of this therapy are overdose and hyperthyroidism. Bariatric Surgery This is recommended for those who suffer from what is called morbid obesity---being overweight by 100 pounds or more. The procedure involves stomach stapling, which is about reducing the size of the stomach so that a patient feels full after a small amount food. The expected result is a decrease in calorie intake and the long-term reduction in weight. The surgeon creates a pouch by stapling across the top of the stomach. Then a section of the small intestine about two to five feet in length is attached to it so that food can bypass the duodenum—the first portion of the intestine. It reduces calorie and fat absorption. This procedure can now be done laparoscopically---with narrow tubes through which a small camera allows for accurate incisions and stitchings. This is best for severely obese people or who are overweight by 100 pounds or more. Aside from the same risk the comes with all major surgeries, death is an added risk in any operation for patients who are seriously overweight. Then, there is also the risk of gastric perforation (tear in the stomach wall) during or after the procedure that might lead to another surgery. Lipo-Dissolve Also known as Mesotheraphy, lipo-dissolve is a new treatment specifically designed to eliminate localized pockets of fat in the body such as love handles, underarm flabs, knee flabs, double chin, and eye bags. The procedure entails the injection of Lecithin into the flabby body part in question. Lecithin is naturally made by the body to break down dietary fats, helps maintain lipid balance. The chemical reaction causes the fat to dissolve and be expelled by the body through the lymph glands. Each session last about 30 to 60 minutes and treatments are given once weekly. This is best for people who have lean bodies. The risk of this method is only limited to minor bruising. Women should always consider their weight loss goals and the pros and cons of undergoing these medical procedures. Getting to one's desired weight and figure need not always be about sweating it out and depriving one's self of food. Sometimes, these shortcuts to weight loss might be the faster, easier alternative to lose excess pounds.

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Concrete cutting the unknown niche

What is Concrete Cutting? Concrete cutting is a process of controlled sawing, drilling and removal of concrete performed by skilled operators using special saws that use diamond impregnated blades. Unlike the old - fashioned dusty "jack hammer" method, modern concrete cutting leaves a smooth attractive finish and utilizes water so as not to create any dust or mess. There are many different kinds of concrete cutting but the most common are wall sawing, core drilling and slab or flat sawing. Wall Sawing is the process of cutting openings such as doors or windows in concrete walls, usually no more than 12" thick but in some cases up to 24" thick. This is accomplished by using a saw that attaches to a track on the wall to be cut. This process utilizes an enormous 30" or even larger diameter diamond blade that can cut 12" or more of concrete all of the way through from one side. This aspect of our business requires the most skill and cannot easily be done by your average "do it yourselfer." As stated, wall sawing may entail cutting openings in concrete foundations but may also include lowering a foundation elevation, entire foundation removal and also the cutting of concrete retaining walls in part or in whole. This type of concrete cutting requires skill and experience to cut perfectly smooth plumb and level openings with virtually no dust or mess, so it is a rather expensive service.

Most concrete cutting companies charge a minimum of $425 just to take their equipment to a site and cut. Homeowners that build additions on to their home that have basements or cellars commonly find they need to cut into their existing concrete foundation to add an entry or passage between the new and existing basements. It is much easier and in most cases less expensive to have this service performed during the construction process and not after. Core Drilling is the process of drilling perfectly round holes through concrete walls and floors. The diameters of the holes range from 1" to 12" round but average 5" for most homeowner applications. In commercial applications core holes can range anywhere up to 60" round and more. Core holes are used for "utility penetrations" such as electrical, plumbing and heating but are also commonly used for venting furnaces or clothes dryers. Although not recommended, core drilling can be performed by an advanced "do it yourselfer" and the equipment necessary to perform core drilling is readily available at your local tool rental and supply store. Most companies have a minimum charge of $250 to core a hole for you and it can take a professional as little as 10 minutes to unload his equipment, core the hole, and reload his equipment. Yet, I have seen homeowners rent the equipment and spend an entire weekend trying to core a single hole and then call a professional to complete the project. Just like with any trade a professional concrete cutter will make his job look easy. Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, is used to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces such as floors, bridge decks and pavement. Slab saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine that requires only one operator. They can cut up to 33 inches in depth but generally only 6" or less is necessary in most homeowner applications. Slab sawing is the perfect solution for making penetrations or openings in concrete floors to access and repair a broken water pipe or sewer line. When a basement or cellar is being remodeled to add a bathroom the concrete is removed to add new plumbing for the fixtures. A slab saw is also useful in demolition work to break up and remove a cracked or unwanted patio, driveway or walkway. Sometimes a homeowner might want just part of a patio or other concrete slab cut in order to alter their landscaping. Attempting a slab saw project can be very time consuming for your average "do it yourselfer" however it can be accomplished. I always recommend spending a few extra bucks and saving yourself some very serious danger and aggravation by contracting a concrete cutting professional. No matter what your project is, don't let a little concrete stand in your way. Concrete can be a homeowner's worst obstacle if he or she doesn't know that there are companies out there that specialize in removing it very quickly and neatly. To find a reputable concrete cutter I recommend that you start with the yellow pages and always check them out with your local Better Business Bureau or your local Department of Consumer Protection. To get more acquainted with the industry just do a search for "concrete cutting" and check out a few websites dedicated to the subject. Of course, be sure to visit our web site at affordableconcretecutting. com. Copyright 2005 AffordableConcreteCutting. com All Rights Reserved

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Mind your dishwasher air gap

Have you noticed your kitchen dishwasher air gap lately?. Thats the thing that mounts either directly to your kitchen sink, or the counter top. It looks like a small upside down cup with vent holes. In the event that your kitchens dishwasher drainage should back up, this little gadget makes sure the backed up water gets directed into your sink instead of your floor - and the dishwasher can empty out. It's amazing how every time you turn around, the air gap is pointed away from the kitchen sink. You want to make sure the air gap actually point towards the kitchen sink so that it can do it's job properly. If you have an inattentive spouse or house cleaners, the dishwasher air gap seems to constantly point in any direction other than the kitchen sink. In this condition if your dish washer were to back up, the water would spill from the air gap all over the place, all over the remodeled counter top, down the refaced cabinets, into the cabinets, and onto the floor - probably ruining that expensive new kitchen cabinet refacing job that looks so good. You could even wind up damaging the flooring depending on what kind you have. There might be some models of air gap that have a way to limit the air gap to point at the kitchen sink, or perhaps a way of modifying the air gap so that it can not rotate out of position, but it's the kind of thing that should not be necessary. If your dishwasher air gap has a habit of getting rotated around until it no longer points into your sink, it would be a good idea to make a habit of taking note of it whenever you use the sink - correct the situation and make sure it points into the kitchen sink. You will be so thankful you did when that dishwasher finally does back up.

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Living humour squeezing the juice from life

Rammy JohnsonFacts, oddities, incidental details: these are only some of the few things I examine in the following twenty features I have come up with concerning life and all its intricacies. Some will make you laugh, others will make you scratch your chin, but whatever your behaviour, each and every one of these twenty or so queries. 1) How come when you close a glue cap the glue sticks but this same paste does not stick to the sides of the glue tube? 2 ) Academic research has detailed reports stating that from a group of four men or women one will most certainly have a mental ailment of some kind or the other. Think about this calculation: if you have three normal friends, then you, unfortunately are the fourth one out. In other words, the fourth person with a mental illness is none other than you. 3) Why do we press down hard on the remote control even though we know that the batteries are weak. 4) Supposedly the man from the jungle lives in the jungle, yes? Then, how and where did his beard disappear to? 5) Switched those bulbs that are enclosed in tight plastic shutters? Have you noticed that whenever you go to do that there are always dead bugs inside? How did they manage to get there? 6) Still use plastic bags instead of the more nature-friendly paper ones? Ok. Then, pray tell, why can't I ever manage to open one on my 1st attempt? 7) Why, pray tell, do doctors just about to inject a prisoner with a lethal injection check that the needle is sterilized? 8) Have you noticed that if your bank account gets overdrawn, your bank will add an extra charge? Why do they do that? Should you maybe inform them that the reason your checkings account is overdrawn is because you don't have money? 9) Why don't we ever hear jokes about father-in-laws? 10) If people run into a sign near a park bench saying that the paint is wet, every one will touch it to check. If this is so, why don't these same folk verify the star count of around four billion stars so stated according to various scientists? 11) How many times will be keep coming back and opening the door to the fridge when we are hungry? Do we really think that food will appear there miraculously? 12) Notice how bullets bounce off superman's chests, but the moment the villain throws the empty revolver, this same invincible superman ducks. Shouldn't the revolver bounce off his chest too? 13) I'm sure you've heard of the evolutionary claim that mankind has evolved from monkeys. Before I am to believe this, I want to know that if this is so why are monkeys still roaming earth? 14) Why is it that when we try to catch something that is falling off a table, our hand knocks down something else? 15) Heard of the Jap airplane pilots who towards the end of the Second World War crashed their planes into American naval ships? Why did these guys even think of wearing a helmet? 16) Why do people move a vacuum cleaner over a small piece of thread again and again. Why do we pick it up, examine it and then place it back down and move the vacuum cleaner over it to give it a second chance? 17) A visit to one of the many soap shops that have sprung up all over and you'll find that soaps come in all kinds of colours. But then, why does the bubbles always turn out white? 18) Is it winter or summer wherever you are right now? Have you noticed that if it is summer we try and make the house as cold as it would be during winter, and if it is winter, we try and make the house as hot as it would during summer? 19) Is there any day when mattresses are not on sale? 20) Isn't it silly that when if wandering through one of the large shopping malls someone doesn't pay attention and the cart they are pushing smacks into your toes, and then they say sorry, all we can think of saying is that no harm was done while your toe is aching. Note: Uncanny facts and features are not novel. The fact that we humans have strange habits is not new too. But, I have pointed out some of the few irregularities that we live with. This article is for entertainment purposes alone and doesn't try and offend or create new realities. So, take it in the appropriate manner too.

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