Acne can i treat my acne by removing surface oils

Most of us believe that when we get acne, we must be having oily skin. How can dry skin have acne? We believe that acne and oily skin are inseparable. These ideas are wrong. Removing surface oils and trying to dry the skin to make acne disappear will not work. Unless your skin is oily, no drying will help. With oily skin also , one can only keep the skin dry, but can not treat acne by drying the skin.

It may hurt you more. You can treat your acne in other easy ways. Here is how? Acne and Benzoyl peroxide- If you have only blackheads or whiteheads, there is nothing better than Benzoyl Peroxide. If that is not suitable for you try salicylic Acid formulations. These are OTC products and if you have patience, they will get rid of your acne. Don't squeeze out your acne. That will enlarge your pores and may scar. Let it dry with the formulations slowly and after some time some discoloration may remain that will go away. Acne and retinoids - For severe acne, get antibiotics and retinol creams. The antibiotic will stop the bacteria P. acnes from spreading and retinol will dry the skin and remove the block that is causing sebum to accumulate in your pores and causing acne. Acne and AHAs - AHA formulations loosen the dead skin cells and remove them. If you regularly use AHA formulations, your acne may never get a chance to form. Acne forms only if the gland is blocked. AHA opens the gland and may work as a good preventive. Please consult your doctor about the above options. This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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Simple tips on using private label articles

Article marketing is by far the best free method of promoting your business and increasing opt in subscribers and your sales. Content is king. You can say that again. That is why writing articles is one of the most utilized Internet marketing media today. But how if you are not comfortable writing your own articles? Many marketers just do not know how to put their thoughts into words.

Many of them need more than just little assistance, whether it is because of lack of writing abilities, time restraints or they need a writer with knowledge of a topic they aren't familiar with. That is why there are high demand for private label articles these days. Although you cannot claim copyright to the articles and there are a few other restrictions, they are free for you to use as you wish. Depending on how these articles are used, the results can be good, bad, or downright ugly. Private label articles can increase your website traffic, sales, and subscribers, as long as you use them correctly. By using them, you can gain a big advantage over other marketers. Unfortunately, many marketers simply copy and paste the article and submit it to article directories, as is, with no personalization. There are some reasons why you should alter a private label article. 1. Most directories require you to submit your own unique article. At the very least, you should change the title. Most directory software will search their database automatically for duplicate titles. If the title of your article matches one in their database, yours will be rejected. 2. If you want to use them as content for your own website, remember that search engines don't really appreciate duplicate contents. Don't forget, unique content is also important to people who visit your website. They look for fresh information. Here are several tips you may use to make a private label article becomes unique: 1. Change a word or phrase with another one that has similar meaning You may consider to use a book with title "Dictionary of Appropriate Adjectives" to find similar adjectives for particular noun. For example, "famous writer" can be changed into "top writer" or "well-known writer". 2. Add more items on a list If on a private label article you find a list that shows something like tips, examples, steps or facts, why don't you add more items on the list? 3. Change the structure of a sentence This technique is very simple. For instance, if there is a sentence like this: "Forums are one of the best places to find writing ideas". Change the structure of the sentence above so it becomes: "The best places to find writing ideas are forums". 4. Change the position of two sentences or paragraphs Another similar technique is by presenting a list of items in a different order. 5. Combine two different private label articles The easiest way you can do is by putting the opening or the closing paragraph of a private label article to another one. You may combine the methods above. Don't limit yourself. Use synonyms, thesaurus, add a sentence here, subtract one there, add a quote and so on. Many marketers load so many links in their article that it becomes one long ad. Not only you will get rejected, but eventually banned if you do it often enough. Finally, consider being a member of more than one PLC site. With $150 a month, you can get quality, no-strings-attached content from 3-4 sites. Even if you can use only 50 articles, you're getting them for $3 each. That is a great bargain.

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Dealing with henry hard nose the tyypical insurance adjuster

Most adjusters function like Henry Hard-Nose of Rock Solid Insurance Corporation. They’re thick skinned and difficult to deal with. Below is a typical verbal exchange a month or so after you and Hard-Nose had last met in an attempt to settle. At that time he had taken the position that the injury to your shoulder was not as serious as your attending physicians Medical Report stated it was. (Question: Do they fight what your attending physician wrote in their report? Answer: Yes, absolutely! Take it from Dan, who was on that firing line for over 30 years). The following is a typical verbal settlement exchange after your last meeting had ended “up in the air” - - slowing floating around out there in outer space.

You first - - and here’s the counter argument you should make: “Look, with all due respect, you are not a doctor. You’re no medical expert who has the know-how to second-guess my doctor. When we last met you said my shoulder was ‘only a bruise’ as opposed to a dislocation. I have again talked to my doctor and he remains firm about the accuracy of his original diagnosis. He states that I absolutely suffered a dislocation of my shoulder. But, even apart from his analysis, I’m the best judge of my own injury - - that is, how painful my life has been, and the suffering I’ve had to endure“. At that point Hard-Nose will always attempt his usual tactic of interrupting your logic but stiffen up, wave him off and say, “Look, let me finish.

You owe me that because it was your insured who flew through a Stop Sign and bashed into me. You and I both know he’s one hundred percent at fault and if this talk about settling for my “pain and discomfort” gets any more one-sided I’m gonna be left with no choice but to hire myself a lawyer.” Hard-Nose will stiffen up! Now, you proceed, “How is it sir, that its been over three months since this accident and there are times when I still suffer excruciating pains? How is it that I can’t lift things like I used to? The truth is it hurts, it bothers me and it has disabled me. I’ve been enduring it but it’s been awful and it has disrupted my life terribly. My shoulder is not a ‘mere bruise’ to me sir. Neither does my doctor say it is. He states that my shoulder was definitely dislocated and it will take several more months to clear up”! All of the above is an example of your central approach to the predictably belligerent, difficult-to-deal-with adjuster. You should be firm and aggressive but not hostile. Yours should be a thoughtful presentation that relies on the power and persuasiveness of a sound demand adequately documented and properly communicated. The three crucial questions you must ask Hard-Nose are:(#1) How much will you pay me for the damage to my motor vehicle and all other provable property damage? (#2) How much will you pay me as a fair settlement for my provable lost wages and medical expenses? (#3) How much will you pay me for my disability and my “Pain and Suffering”? In most instances Hard-Nose will head for the hills - - unwilling to give you a straight answer. He’ll sidestep and do a slow waltz by asking you a loaded question like, “Okay, what do you think your claim is worth?” Such a question is predictable because Hard-Nose prefers that you’re the one who makes the settlement demand first. Why? Because you may ask for less than what he was preparing to offer! And also because, if you make an excessive demand, he won’t have committed himself to an offer which will have left no room for further negotiations. In other words, Hard-Nose is in his best position to exercise “command and control” over the manipulation (and setting) of the dollar amount to be paid when it’s you that makes the settlement demand first, rather than he making the settlement offer. Don’t provide him with this advantage! To win this crucial “game” he must suspect you’re close to obtaining a lawyer to handle your case so you should insist on the offer (one that’s realistic and made in good faith) to come from him before you make your demand. Why? Because at that point it’s all about who gets to control the value of your claim - - you or Hard-Nose? It’s not sufficient for Hard-Nose to merely come up with a phony offer. You must insist upon, and hold out, until he makes the first offer and that it’s a realistic one. Then, and only then, is when you should respond with your own first counter-demand. Up until that point never let him know what you’d be willing to settle for. If you do you’ll lose control and that could cost you big bucks! To learn more about how to handle and evaluate your motor vehicle accident claim, read Dan Baldyga’s latest book AUTO ACCIDENT PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE CLAIM (How To Evaluate And Settle Your Loss). It can be found on the internet at http:// autoaccidentclaims. com or your favorite bookstore. Copyright (c) 2003 by Daniel G. Baldyga. All Rights Reserved DISCLAIMER: This claim tip ~ DEALING WITH HENRY HARD-NOSE ~ THE TYPICAL INSURANCE ADJUSTER is intended for background information. It’s purpose is to help people understand the motor vehicle accident claim process. Dan Baldyga makes any guarantee of any kind whatsoever NOR purports to engage in rendering any professional legal service, substitute for a lawyer, an insurance adjuster, or claims consultant, or the like. Where such professional help is desired IT IS THE INDIVIDUALS RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN IT.

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Making the most of long distance phone services

Long Distance Providers Long distance phone service is offered by many companies. You should have a basic understanding of long distance calls and then choose the company that best suites your needs. Once you switch long distance providers, it will take several days to activate your service. Your service will only be activated on the one particular line and not on any of your cell phones. Once the service is activated, you can make direct long distance calls from only that phone line. If you need instant access consider using a prepaid calling card. Calling cards work from any touch tone phone and require that you dial an access number and authorization code (PIN) to use their service. The switched long distance service uses different technology for establishing a connection to the destination number. This is the most reliable service that you can get, and usually the rates for this service are a little higher than those of calling cards. A Third Party Verification (TPV) is required when signing up online. By dialing the number shown on the form, the TPV will record your voice granting permission to switch your long distance provider. This will act as an electronic signature for your long distance agreement. It usually takes 3-4 business days to activate the service. This period may vary, depending on your local phone company and other factors. You will be given a 700 test number to dial from your line. There is usually a message, saying that your service is activated. The number and message vary by carrier and rate plan. You may dial your long distance numbers directly one your service is activated. Your local phone company will not change and you continue to receive a bill for those services. In addition, you will receive a separate bill for your new long distance provider. If you are running a business, you might want to go in for a toll free number. Toll free numbers allow the cost of a call to be charged to the party that receives the call. For the party that places the call, there will be no charge. Toll free numbers are usually used by businesses to allow their customers to reach the company free of toll charges. A basic knowledge of what long distance providers offer can help you in choosing a service that meets your needs.

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Bwcc20 do s and dont s of coin collecting

Do's and Don’ts of Coin Collecting Coin collecting is something that takes time to learn. The most important thing to remember is that you are doing it for the right reason - if it is a passion, then it is something worth pursuing. Collecting just for profit may work but it usually is not enough in the long run. A person really has to think about this since many people who have tried it for that reason have lost focus and failed. Successful coin collectors take a lot of time to learn everything there is to know about numismatics. Good sources of information are magazines, newsletters and brokers who can pass on information and news, when it happens. By using the resources a person can act fast before other collectors who want the same thing get the information first. If a person tries to collect without knowing the basics, he will never succeed in this hobby. Knowing how to grade coins can also help the collector know the true value of the collection. This knowledge will be valuable if the owner decides to trade for something of greater value or it can prevent scamming and wasting money for something of little value. Be vigilant! One of the virtues that coin collecting can teach a person is patience since the collection may take years to complete. Some of the well-renowned collectors in the world have spent many years before reaping the benefits. Learning to think like a collector is very important. Being too eager is not good because the collector could be tempted to purchase or trade the wrong coin which could prove to be costly. Think twice about using the information given even if that came from a reliable source. Coin collecting can be difficult especially if the person is just starting. A person, more than likely, can’t afford to buy items worth more than $10,000, so it is best to start small and study the market for three to six months so that he can be comfortable before going after bigger prizes. Coin collecting is similar to sports - it takes time to excel at it and goals, both short and long term, have to be established. By following the rules and using common sense, the person can become one of many other successful coin collectors.

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Ohios lost covered bridges

Ohio’s Lost Covered Bridges Covered bridges have been around since ancient times. In Babylon, some 780 years before the birth of Christ, people have used the practicality of covered bridges in their lives by using roofs and ceilings to protect important bridges from the deteriorating effects of the weather. They also served a militaristic purpose as covered bridges are good spots to defend a palace from invading forces because stone walls and ceilings were obviously perfect in stopping arrows and spears. America came to love this style of building bridges since the early nineteenth century when Theodore Burr built the first one in New York. People were fascinated by the practicality and durability these bridges offer. Two more were built in Oregon after the first one but unfortunately floods destroyed them a year after they were built. That did not deter the rest of America from adapting the style however, as the succeeding years since that time saw the building of thousands all over America which ushered the era of the covered bridges. Covered bridges were the best and most practical solution in connecting towns and villages growing on both sides of a river. Ferries were the norm before bridges became common but they were not good for a developing economy. Owners of ferries could charge whatever they want because they had the monopoly in transportation. This led to a growing demand from local townspeople to build bridges. The local governments at the time, seeing the importance of bridges, then started to put the construction as their top priority. Putting on roofs and walls made to protect the bridges was seen as protecting the taxpayer’s investment since covered bridges lasted up to three times longer than ordinary, exposed ones. They also serve a myriad of purposes, from providing temporary shelters for travelers stuck because of bad weather to a rendezvous point for secret lovers. No matter what the purpose, the rest of the country fell in love with covered bridges that the ones left now are protected by law and seen as historic pieces worth preserving. There were at least 12,000 covered bridges all over America at one time and there were around 3,500 of them found in Ohio. However these days, because of rapid commercialization, the availability of new construction materials, and the durability of cement-made bridges, wooden covered bridges are slowly disappearing and have become very hard to find. Some of the historic covered bridges were moved to private estates and parks, while others could no longer be found. Vandalism and arson have also played a role in the destruction of covered bridges in Ohio where at least 10 were destroyed in the last 20 years. However these days great effort has been made in protecting and preserving these bridges. In Fairfield County, one can still see a covered bridge built in 1883. Though it was moved and partially reconstructed, the same materials and styles were used to preserve its historical integrity. College campuses, private lands, fairgrounds, public parks, and government-owned lands are a few places where you can still find a few of these bridges still being used. Covered bridges in Ohio are treated as public property and therefore maintained and protected using public funds. Form 3500, only over a hundred covered bridges are left in Ohio where people are now taking on the fight to preserve them. Ohioans has enjoyed and benefited from covered bridges since they were first made, and now the great-grand children of the state are doing the best they can to stop the slow disappearance of these historic landmarks that has helped shape the economy and history of America.

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End debts without security unsecured debt consolidation loans

Debts, loans, unpaid bills, increasing expenditures, your lenders calling you again and again and troubling you, these all will leave you with nothing but stress, tensions, anxiety, sleepless nights. But what to do, your past demanded you to take debts or loans for one or the other reasons. Now your present is not allowing you to pay these loans and manage your finances properly. Adding to your troubles, you don’t have any collateral to offer to pay off your debts by through debt consolidation loans. Here comes the concept of unsecured debt consolidation loan to take out you from the ever-expanding trap of debts. Unsecured debt consolidation loans are personal loans, which are for combining all your existing debts into a single debt. This largely affects your monthly expenditure on interest payments, as these loans come with comparatively lesser rate of interest. The only thing which pinches in the minds of borrower while taking an unsecured debt consolidation loans is the higher interest rates. This is because of the fact that the risk of the lender is not secured. So the lender charges a slightly higher rate of interest to cover up that risk.

But this only demerit of an unsecured debt consolidation loan is not comparable to the benefit which it offers. These are stated below: • Consolidates multiple debts into a single debt. • You need not to have any collateral. • Relieves you from the tension and stress of loosing your asset. • Fixed repayment period, which helps you become debt free within a set period of time. • Less formalities and paper work. • Faster process of approval. • You just have a single creditor to deal with. • Opportunity to improve the credit score. With an unsecured debt consolidation loan you can borrow amounts ranging from ₤1000 to ₤25000 for a period of 5 to 10 years. People falling under CCJ’s, bankruptcy, arrears, defaults can also apply for these loans. Beware of the loan vultures in the market as that may lead you to nothing but more debts and higher interest payments. It is always recommended to search before you apply. Your unawareness could lead you to pay a higher interest rate when you can get a lower one. These days almost all the banks and lending institution are coming up with their websites. There are also certain broker websites where you can compare lenders and loan packages. You can take help of these websites to study different quotes and get the best deal for yourself. Unsecured debt consolidation loans are loans for you when you want to get rid of your debts and cover up your bad credit history without risking your property. So go for unsecured debt consolidation loans and get the feel like the freedom like bird in the open sky.

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Actions speak louder than word

The written word and verbal communication each have their own unique styles. Moreover, each has its own time and place. When we write, we stay within strict guidelines of grammar and syntax. A written correspondence often conveys a serious or urgent message, or is reserved for special occasions such as wedding invitations and thank-you notes. When we speak, we are more informal and imprecise. Grammatical rules are not always obeyed and tone, mood and urgency are relayed in the inflections of our voice or in our body language. Let’s look at the following for an example of this difference.

The written word: “Kindly remit the requested amount forthwith.” Oral style: “Please pay your bill right away.” These not-so-subtle differences are the reason why it is better to prepare your speech from outlines rather than attempt to deliver carefully worded, fully written out speeches. A written speech will often sound stilted and too rehearsed while a speech given from an outline will be far more conversational in tone. This will help you to build a rapport with your audience and to infuse your speech with humor, anecdotes and other details that require the timing and intimacy of real conversation. An outline will help you to stay on course, to cover all of the important points you wish to make, and to keep track of statistics and other vital details. Your speech will still be accurate, but by using an outline instead of a prepared manuscript you will entertain your audience, not bore them. Typically, oral sentences are shorter than written sentences; we use fewer words when we speak than when we write. In fact, more than half of our speaking vocabulary is made up of only 50 simple words. The oral style is also more personal. People are referred to more often, and words such as “I,” “me,” and “you” are used frequently. When we write, we have a tendency to take ourselves out of the message being relayed. Even if the purpose is to persuade or argue, it is at times considered more impartial, and therefore more credible, to speak from the point of view of the third person. This is not the case when we speak. In public speaking we want to appear as though we are having a one-on-one exchange with our audience members, even when we are speaking to a room full of people. It is more acceptable to come from a personal, more passionate perspective when we speak. We make it personal because that is what our audience will understand; we need it to become personal to them as well. Public speaking is the art of perfecting the oral style, using the subtle nuances of conversation and pairing them with research and persuasive details. Being a strong writer is vital to career success in nearly every field and is an important talent to nurture. But being able to recognize when the written word is needed and when a less formal, conversational oral style is needed will make you an outstanding presenter as well as a powerful writer.

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Everything about private money loans

What is private money used for? Private money is generally used as a bridge: a way to get from point A to point B. It is generally a short to medium term solution (1-6 years), and there is nearly always an exit strategy going in. It is used for all types of real estate secured financing: commercial retail, restaurants, hotels/motels, marinas, elder care facilities, industrial, agricultural, raw land, land development, construction, rehab, multi-family, single family homes, manufactured homes, and floating homes. For a list of our loan programs. Some providers of these loans are rocklandcommercial. com, californiaprivatemoneyloan. com, and interestratepolice. com What are the interest rates? Private money rates generally range from 10 to 15%. The rate is determined by looking at a combination of factors: (a) LTV ratio, (b) strength of borrower, (c) condition/desirability of property, (d) actual cash-in or real equity contributed by borrower. Typically our rates fall in the 12-13% range. A list of our loan guidelines may be found here. What fees are involved? Private lenders charge a loan fee generally equal to 5% of the gross amount of the loan. We also charge a doc prep fee ($500 or more, depending on the size of the loan), a property inspection fee ($500 or more, depending on the location of the property), and a collection account setup fee which is based on the size of the loan. There are no hidden junk fees. Can the fees be paid from the proceeds of the loan? Yes, if there is enough equity in the project. This is frequently the case. Is there a pre-payment penalty? Generally there is a 3-6 month minimum interest clause for our loans. With a 3 month minimum interest clause, for instance, it means that if a borrower repays a loan in 3 months or more, there is no penalty. If the borrower repays the loan, for example in 2 months, then the borrower will have to pay an extra month's interest out of escrow at closing. Why would anyone pay those kinds of rates and fees for a loan? There are many reasons whey a borrower would choose to use private money over a cheaper institutional option. For example, professional real estate investors like to use private money when buying because they are able to make offers which are not constrained by long timelines and numerous rigid conditions. Often times speed is a very significant factor in completing a profitable transaction and in those cases it often makes sense to pay for a short-term private money option rather than loose the deal. Frequently the condition of a property won't allow for the initial financing with conventional money, and in those cases private money may be used. Often the type of property is a factor: banks don't like lending on raw land and lots, but private money lenders are more inclined to do so. Cash leverage is another factor. Fairfield Financial, for example, loans based on the true value of a property, not the purchase price, so sometimes we lend 100% of the total acquisition cost for a property. The structure of the deal may be a factor. Most private money lenders allow the buyer to establish their equity through the mechanism of a seller carry back; banks won't do this. The list goes on and on. What is the most common use for private money? Most common loans are probably construction, rehab, and land development loans. We have an entire FAQ devoted to these loans: see the Rehab and Construction Loan FAQ. How fast can private money loans close? In a matter of one or two days, but more typically, you should figure on 1-2 weeks. (Keep in mind that it is only possible for the lender to move quickly if the borrower, broker and other third parties are moving quickly as well.) Is an appraisal required? Some private money lenders require them. Evidence of value is a critical part of the private money loan process. However, it is in my opinion that a good set of comps is just as effective in establishing value as a good appraisal. Many of our borrowers are professional investors, and i feel that they are qualified to perform the value analysis. This allows us to streamline the process. However, it is important to note that putting together a god set of comps is hard work. As a mainstream mortgage broker, I don't see much of this type of thing. Why should I be interested in private money? To be perfectly frank, it is my belief that mainstream mortgage brokers are being squeezed out of the industry. Lenders are ramping up their operations to better provide online loan sourcing directly to borrowers. We saw a similar thing in the travel industry over the past years. The travel agents that have survived, and even thrived, are the ones who effectively established niches within the industry. It is my belief that the same will be true for mortgage brokers. Plain vanilla loans can be easily processed in an assembly line fashion which easily translates to the world of the novice and a web browser. Niche lending, on the other hand, tends to be a hand-crafting of sorts, and cannot be easily automated. Look at private money. There are no absolute rules. Many factors must be considered in making a decision and frequently those factors are intangible. Ultimately a high degree of thought work and common sense is involved. Private money will always be a people process. So if you tell me, "I am not interested in private money because I don't do unusual loans," I say to you, "You might want to reconsider." As a mortgage broker bringing A transaction, how do they get paid? It is simple. The broker brings the lender a borrower. The lender prices the loan to them. (Think of yourself as a wholesale buyer.) You price the loan to your client, adding your fees as appropriate. You stay involved in the loan (or not) as you choose, and prior to closing, you submit a fee demand to escrow and receive a check directly from the title company. How do I go about doing a private money loan? Go to one of these providers and call a representative: rocklandcommercial. com, californiaprivatemoneyloan. com, and interestratepolice. com There are basically four steps. First, run the concept by them. You may call and discuss the loan with them, or you may e-mail a summary, or you may use our online loan submission engine, which will walk you through the process. If they like the project concept and feel that the numbers are acceptable, they proceed to the next step. They review a complete loan packet. They ask that this be sent via overnight mail or delivered to the office (fax copy is not acceptable). If all this checks out, They ask the borrower for a deposit (generally $500). This should be in the form of a cashier's check or money order. They provide a conditional loan commitment letter at this time. If the property checks out, They draw up the documents and close the loan through escrow. Is the deposit check refundable? If they close the loan through escrow, the deposit is applied as a credit to the loan fees. If they don't close the loan because (a) the borrower does not or cannot perform or (b) the project upon inspection is "significantly" different than as represented, They keep the deposit to reimburse us for our costs. Otherwise, if they fails to perform for any reason, they return the deposit to the borrower. What needs to be included in a private money loan package? A private money loan packet is generally fairly straightforward. For a list of our packaging guidelines, please visit: rocklandcommercial. com, californiaprivatemoneyloan. com, and interestratepolice. com Written by Jeff Chaney an experienced private money originator from Manhattan Beach, CA that lends nationwide. He can be reached at 800-572-4080

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Soiree casino comment organiser votre soiree a domicile

Plusieurs choix s'offrent а vous. Vous pouvez soit faire appelle а une sociйtй йvйnementielle qui se chargera alors de vous fournir les tables professionnelles de chaque jeux ainsi que leur croupiers ( ou croupiиres) formйs spйcialement pour vous. Oui mais voilа, reste la question du prix : environ 200 euros/ euros par table selon les organisateurs pour seulement 4 heures de plaisir. Quand vous savez qu’il faut au minimum 1 table pour le poker, 1 pour le Black jack, 1 pour la roulette et autre, les 4 heures de plaisir peuvent devenir un vйritable gouffre financier. L’autre option consiste а se procurer ces йlйments. L’avantage, c’est que l’йvиnement peut кtre renouvelй а tout moment et le plaisir du jeu durer autant que vous le souhaitez durant la soirйe. Ou se procurer les tables de jeux et cartes adйquates ? Vous pouvez vous procurez le site e. bay. fr, actuellement en vente pour 100 euros le set complet de salon. Actuellement 36 sets sont disponibles. Il comprend tous les jeux de cartes et de roulette, les jetons etc… Une excellente affaire. Sur Shopping. kelkoo. fr, un set de 3 jeux de tables tous feutrйs, 1 tableau tournant de roulette. Il comprend les jeux Roulette, de Blackjack et de dйs avec les rиgles du jeu. Ces jeux se jouent а l’aide de jetons de couleur. Son prix : 79 euros Sur Maximiles. com, une mallette comprenant tous les jeux tous les jeux de casino ainsi que tous les jeux de dйs et de cartes classiques. Elle inclut : 1 tapis de jeux d’йchec en velours, 1 tapis mousse double face velours (roulette + blackjack), 1 jeux de cartes, 5 dйs, 30 pions de jacquet, 32 piиces d’йchecs, 200 jetons en plastique, 1 roulette luxe, 1 plateau de jeu de jacquet. Son prix : 2860 maximiles. Et pour corser vos jeux et rester fidиle au principe du casino, multiplier vos jeux de cartes dans vos sabots !! Jusqu’а 4 jeux pour la Bataille et 6 jeux pour le Blackjack Pour embellir votre soirйe, n'hйsitez pas а concocter vous-mкme votre repas! La Pizza peut кtre de mise mais voici pour vous une recette sortie tout droit d'un des plus grand restaurant du cйlиbre Casino de Montrйal! En entrйe, offrez vous un des plats suivants : Bouquet de fines laitues et lйgumes confits, quelques chips et vinaigrette de vieux xйrиs ; Soupe de homard et son sabayon au safran ; Consommй de canard aurйolй de sa mousse cappuccino, raviole de cuisse et foie gras ; Gaspacho de fenouil et tomates, fondant de crabe aux nioras et lйgumes confits ; Cylindre de foie gras de canard confit, gelйe de vin doux aux cubes de pomme ; Duo de foie gras de canard, l’un froid en gelйe de vin doux, l’autre poкlй aux figues. Pour vos viandes : Magret de canard grillй et son jus tranchй d’huile d’olive, poкlй de pвtes fraоches au moыt de raison et viande des Grisons ; Filet de boeuf marinй а l’йchalote cuite au vin rouge rйduit, cassolette de pommes de terre nouvelles et tomates confites au thym, Longe d’agneau cuite en terre d’argile, coulis de tomates confites au jus et йpices, carrй rфti servi avec une mitonnйe de lйgumes. En Dessert: Palette de glaces et sorbets tout en "nuances" Moelleux au basilic et son coeur coulant au citron, sorbet aux framboises et sauce au pistou ; Gвteau chaud au chocolat et sa perle fondante а la vanille, glace aux pacanes et tire d'йrable. Alors, а vos fourneaux !!!

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Large study highlights apparent effectiveness of eft emotional freedom techniques for general anxiety disorder gad

In a preliminary study of nearly 5000 individuals over a 14 year period, it was found that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was over 50% more effective in addressing General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) than conventional methods of treatment. The preliminary nature of these findings must be emphasized, however, at the close of therapy: 63% of the control group were judged as having improved. 90% of the experimental group were judged as having improved. and, 51% of the control group were judged as being symptom free. 76% of the experimental group were judged as being symptom free. Brain mapping revealed that subjects whose acupuncture points were stimulated tended to be distinguished by a general pattern of brain wave normalization throughout the brain which, interestingly, not only persisted at 12-month follow-up, but became more pronounced. When a person brings to mind an anxiety-provoking image or thought and at the same time taps an acupoint, this appears to reduce the subcortical activation response to that image or thought, at the same time enhancing the cortical (and evolutionary superior) control of emotions. Once this elevated limbic response has been neutralized by tapping multiple points multiple times while simultaneously holding the image or thought, an anxiety-free state seems to rapidly become conditioned to the original anxiety-provoking stimulus. The principal investigator for this study was Joaquнn Andrade, M. D. The report was written by Dr. Andrade and David Feinstein, Ph. D. The paper appeared in Energy Psychology Interactive (an integrated book and CD program for learning the fundamentals of energy psychology) by David Feinstein in consultation with Fred P. Gallo, Donna Eden, and the Energy Psychology Interactive Advisory Board. And in a related study, ‘Evaluation of a Meridian-Based Intervention, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), for Reducing Specific Phobias of Small Animals’ (by Wells, S., Polglase, K., Andrews, H. B., Carrington, P, and Baker, A. H.) this study explored whether a meridian-based procedure, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), can reduce specific phobias of small animals under laboratory-controlled conditions. For details please see the public report at the following URL. Copies of this report are available for download at NoLimitEFTbooks. com under ‘clinical data’.

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Vitamins do they enhance your health and aid in weight loss

Taking vitamins and minerals is a habit that many people follow. Since so many people aren’t able to obtain all of the nutrients they need with their meals, they turn to vitamins and supplements to augment their diets. The choice of vitamins available today is wide ranging. From liquid vitamins to prenatal vitamins to products that focus on only one specific nutrient such as B vitamin. The vitamins include vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K, or the fat-soluble vitamins, and folate (folic acid), vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and vitamin C (ascorbic acid), or the water-soluble vitamins. Just about all of these vitamins can be purchased either in combination or individually for consumption, but it’s always best to consult with your physician when starting a new vitamin and mineral regime. Losing weight is not something one can do overnight. A carefully planned weight loss program requires common sense and certain guidelines. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformantion floating around and lots of desperate people are easily duped and ripped off. The leading experts now recommend that people who want to lose weight start increasing their physical activity. Just being more active in general (such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, moving around instead of sitting still, sitting up instead of lying down as well as showing some excitement and enthusiasm instead of boredom), are things that more effectively burns calories and reduces body fat. There are many different companies that offer vitamins to choose from as you focus on your physical and health goals. Choose from only the best providers of coral calcium products that offer great prices. That way you’ll be guaranteed quality and they can even be shipped right to your door.

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What is ear surgery

Ear surgery, also called otoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of prominent or protruding ears. It is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on children, since an individual’s ears typically stop growing by age five. Children and adults with severely protruding ears are often the subject of persistent teasing by their peers, resulting in psychological stress and mental anguish. Ear Surgery can eliminate this problem by pinning protruding ears back so they lie closer to the head. In fact, it is recommended that children with severely protruding ears undergo otoplasty at a very young age so the problem can be corrected before any teasing begins. Young children also tend to recover faster than do adults, making it an ideal time to perform the surgery. Most ear surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, although some doctors prefer to keep children overnight for extra monitoring. The surgery itself is usually only one to two hours long, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

General anesthetic is recommended for young children. Older children and adults will generally undergo otoplasty with just a local anesthetic to numb the ear and the surrounding tissue. A two to three inch long incision is made in the natural crease just behind the ear to hide the incision from view. This exposes the underlying cartilage, a soft pliable tissue that gives the ear its unique shape. Depending on the extent of the protrusion, the doctor will either weaken the cartilage and bend it into its new shape or remove excess cartilage to achieve the desired results. The cartilage is secured using permanent sutures to keep it from moving back into its natural shape.

Once the cartilage is secure, the incision is closed and sewn back up. Following the surgery, patients wear a thick, tight dressing to cover and protect their ears. After a few days, a more lightweight bandage can be used. Ear surgery patients may find they experience mild to moderate discomfort during the first several days of the healing process, but this pain can be easily controlled by over the counter medications such as Tylenol or through a doctor-prescribed prescription pain reliever. Recovering patients may find it difficult to sleep initially, since many people rest their head on their ears while sleeping. A soft pillow may help to alleviate some of this discomfort. Sutures are removed approximately one week after the procedure, assuming the surgeon did not use dissolvable sutures. Complications arising from ear surgery are rare, but like any surgery otoplasty is not completely risk free. Your surgeon will discuss potential side-effects of the procedure with you in advance of the day of your surgery so you are aware of what to expert post-surgery, and so you have realistic expectations of the procedure. Complications may include nerve damage that results in a temporary loss of sensation in the ears, scarring, infection, a localized reaction to the sutures used, or asymmetry of the ears. Individuals interested in learning more about ear surgery and how it can improve their appearance should make an appointment with a plastic surgeon with strong track record of successful otoplasty experience.

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Bodybuilding diet mistakes to avoid at all costs

1) Eating very little or excessive protein. Protein is the key nutrient in any bodybuilding diet plan. In order to build muscle one should consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of lean bodyweight. Less protein can actually hinder one's progress significantly and result in frustration and lack of results. On the other hand excessive protein calories in a diet can be stored as body fat or in some cases used as energy. One gram per pound of lean bodyweight spread over 6 nutritious meals is a great starting point.

If you want to build more muscle or you train harder OR you find that you are not recovering as fast you can slowly increase your protein intake to 1.1 grams per pound or 1.25 grams. Protein is the building block for muscle tissue and if you want to build mass OR get ripped you have to start eating more. 2) Eating the wrong types of carbs. This is one of the most common nutritional mistakes i come across. I see people who want to ass muscle and they eat anything for carbs, from chocolate bars & dohnuts to rice & potatoes! Fact of the matter is, not all carbs are created equal and you will be what you eat, eventually! Most people tend to overeat simple carbs (sugars) which give them an almost immediate rise in energy but also an equally sudden slump. A proper bodybuilding diet, whether it's for mass gaining purposes or leaning out, should consist mostly of complex carbs. Complex carbs are digested slowly and released into the bloodstream steadily over a period of time. This provides a steady source of energy for muscles throughout the day. With complex carbs there are no highs and lows in energy as they stay steady throughout the day. Imagine your energy as a line in a graph. With complex carbs, your energy is a completely straight line, always staying high. With simple carbs, your energy line is like a few mountain peaks. It has a few extreme highs but it's followed by extreme lows as well! Carbs have a very significant effect on the way the body utilizes protein. Carbs have a "protein sparing" effect ie when you eat enough carbs, your body will use the protein you give it only for muscle repairing/building purposes. If you don't give your body enough carbs throughout the day, it will automatically break down protein to synthesize glycogen for energy. It's a process called glycogenesis and it will take place when your body is running low on carbs. If your body starts to break down proteins you will enter a catabolic state and your metabolism will slow down significantly. You will also lose muscle & strength. 3) Cheating too much with the wrong foods. Cheating in any bodybuilding diet is an absolute must. Whether you are dieting for a contest or trying to gain muscle, you should set a specific day of the week where you will be able to have a cheat meal of your liking. The way you cheat depends 100% on how strict you are with your diet. Bodybuilders who are dieting for a contest are the most strict, limiting their cheat meals to once a week or once every two weeks. On the other hand, bodybuilders who are trying to gain muscle mass cheat more often, maybe 2-3 times a week. It is important however to cheat sensibly and not go overboard! If you eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting and consume over 3000 calories, what do you think will happen? Most likely, the extra calories from sugars & fat will be stored as body fat! The KEY to cheating is to do it with moderation. If you want to be a bodybuilder you should forget about eating anything you want. I don't care how fast your metabolism is! If you eat a ton of cheat meals, it will backfire on you and your progress will slow down. 4) Thinking supplements as the "holy grail". Nutritional supplements are exactly what they describe! They are there to supplement your diet in case you cannot eat enough nutrients from solid natural foods. Nothing on earth can substitute the power and metabolic effects of natural foods. Supplements provide mostly conveniency when we don't have time to cook but they are in no way better than food. Do not look at supplements as the "solution" to your lack of progress. Yes, some of them do provide an extra boost in strength or fat loss BUT if you do not have a solid diet & training program as the foundation of your bodybuilding goals, supplements will do very little for you. 5) Not eating enough fats & fatty acids. All fat is not created equal! Eating some fats can actually help you gain mass and keep your body healthy. Most people try to avoid fats like the plague but this approach can actually hinder their mass gaining or fat loss efforts. Egg yolks, virgin olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, natural peanut butter & fish oils are all excellent sources of healthy fats. These not only support a healthy metabolism & hormone production but can provide healthy calories for your bulking up bodybuilding diet. Stay away from saturated fats & trans fatty acids at all costs! They will ruin your physique and cause havoc to your body & health. 6) Not having variety in your diet. I asked a bodybuilder friend of mine recently how his diet was. His reply was typical: "You know, Kostas, chicken breasts, brown rice, steak, tuna, more rice, baked potatoes..the usual". Don't get me wrong, all of these foods are top of the line for your bodybuilding diets but you can add MORE! Eating the same thing day in day out is really boring. I have eaten so much canned tuna that i cannot even stand to look at it anymore! A bodybuilding diet is a HEALTHY diet first and foremost. Variety is very important - not only for health's sake but also for your mind's sake. Having variety will help you enjoy your nutritional program for years to come and you will also cheat less. There are so many bodybuilding recipe cookbooks out there that give you an immense amount of choices, ideas & healthy alternatives to the staples of chicken & rice. For an absolutely 100% free bodybuilding recipe e-book visit http:// bodybuildingapplied. com/bodybuilding_recipes. asp 7) Failing to track calories on a daily basis. Experts say to measure portions, measure plate fulls or just eat as much as you can (when bulking). I find all this completely wrong. In order to make real progress and see how your body is reacting to your specific diet, you need to accurately track calories. If you do not, you are setting yourself up for frustration. Knowing how many calories you are consuming on any given day can help you make necessary changes if you are not seeing the results you want. You can either keep a diary of your daily calories or you can add them up in excel. Counting calories can be a tedious process at first but you get used to it really fast. Eventually you'll be able to add everything up in your head automatically! 8) Overeating. If you are trying to gain weight be careful not to fall pray to the "experts" who say that you have to eat everything in sight. Yes, you most definately have to eat a large number of calories & meals every day but that does not mean that you have to stuff yourself like there's no tomorrow! Overeating calories & especially sugars will only make you gain body fat. You can gain a tremendous amount of weight & mass even if you eat clean foods! The only thing you have to do is eat more of them!! 9) Making big changes all at once. Changing your diet all of a sudden and following a Mr. Olympia's diet will not do you any good. You will end up gaining body fat or starving your muscles. If you want to change your diet, make sure you do so by either increasing or decreasing your calories over a period of time. Start by adding 100 calories every 3-5 days until you have reached the desired caloric intake. Once you reach the desired caloric level keep close track of your body weight & body fat percentage in order to assess whether the new changes in your diet are beneficial or not. 10) Not drinking enough water. Water is probably one of the most important ingredients for life. Over 70% of our muscles consist of water. Water is needed for all metabolic processes, including protein synthesis. It helps get rid of toxins, it is important in fat metabolism and it can reduce fluid retention. A good rule of thumb is to drink 10 cups of water per day, increasing it during the summer months and during hardcore training sessions. Even the slightest bit of dehydration can make you feel sluggish and hold you back during your training sessions. Never ignore water intake!! Copyright 2006 Konstantinos Marangopoulos

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Goal setting for personal trainers

The most important step in any endeavor, and the step that most skip right over, is defining your goal(s) for success. The dictionary definition of success is: Success : (n) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted The important question here is, "What is your definition of success". Let's use your a typical client as an example. They come to see you, as a personal trainer, in order to reach a goal. In this example their goal is to lose weight. OK, sounds like a goal to me....Or is it? Would you start designing a training program based on the incredibly vague goal of "wanting to lose weight". If that's the case you may as well run them on the treadmill for a while, put them on the scale to see that they lost 1/4 of a pound and claim it a success. Hey, they "lost weight" didn't they? Of course you wouldn't do that. You would ask the client a series of questions to determine a much more specific goal: - How much weight do you want to lose? - By when do want to lose this weight? - What are you willing to change/sacrifice in order to reach this goal? - How much time and effort are you willing to put in to making this goal a reality? - WHY is this goal important to you? Not having a specific goal is the same as not having a destination on any other type of journey. Would you jump in your car and start driving without knowing where you were going? Or would you jump in your car with a very vague destination, say the beach? How will you know if you're on the right track and making strides to your destination, or goal? How will you know when you've arrived? Well, unfortunately, most fitness professionals, although they do well helping their clients define their goals, don't take the time to define their own goals for themselves or their business. And without having specific goals, you're driving around aimlessly hoping to eventually end up at your goal by accident. So, it's time for some homework. What? You didn't know you would actually have to do something? You thought that just reading this series of newsletters was all you'd have to do? If that's the case, you should unsubscribe now and continue doing what you've been doing and getting what you've been getting. I mentioned in the welcoming e mail that you needed to take action to gain any results, and now it's time to take action. Answer the following questions as they pertain to your goals for you, as an individual, and your business. Be very specific with each answer, and now is not the time to be "realistic". Shoot for the stars, dream big, and all the rest of the clichйs you can think of. If you set mediocre goals you will achieve mediocre results. And we are not here to be mediocre. Its "Go Big or Go Home". After you answered the questions, write them down on a sheet of paper In The Present Tense, as if you have already achieved them. If one of your goals is to work with professional athletes you should write down: "I work with professional athletes and help them take their performance to the next level" NOT "I hope to one day work with professional athletes" The first statement will get your mind making decisions as if you were training professional athletes now, which will lead you to make it a reality. The second statement will continually keep you in the "hoping" mode. After you have written them down, post them in an area or two where you will see them every day, and every day read them aloud to yourself with emotion and conviction. This one step, as unorthodox as it may sound, will begin to change your mindset in a way that will make you more focused and more passionate about reaching your goals than you could imagine. Here are the questions: - For you to be successful, as it relates to you, as an individual, what would you be doing on a daily basis? ie: I own the largest and most successful Sports Improvement studio in the Northeast. I oversee 12 other Sports Improvement Specialists and personally work with the elite professional and Olympic athletes with great success. I promote my business proudly and I am recognized as THE Sports Improvement Specialist in the industry. - For your business to be successful, what would it "look" like? ie: My Sports Improvement Studio is a state of the art facility with the most cutting edge training equipment available. Athletes of all levels and from all sports come here knowing they will reach the goals they have set for themselves. My studio is clean, comfortable and always busy. - For you to be successful financially, what you (you're business) need to generate? ie: I earn in excess of $500,000 dollars per year in passive income which allows me to live the life I always dreamed of. - To reach this level of success, what are you willing to do? ie: EVERY DAY I take steps to make my goals a reality. The last statement on your list should always be: "I DESERVE to be rich and happy because I add value to other peoples' lives" When you are reading this list aloud AT LEAST twice per day, be sure to vividly and emotionally visualize the outcome. See yourself working within your studio with elite athletes (in this example). See yourself talking with your staff. See the studio in all it's glory. See yourself enjoying the life you always wanted. In scientific studies performed, brainwave activity was measured in Olympic athletes while they performed their specific event. They were measured while the same athlete vividly imagined performing the event. The brainwave activities were the same. Your mind can not determine the difference between reality and vivid imagination. By changing your mindset to one of success and goal achievement, the minor steps on how to get there will begin to flow to you and ideas will begin flooding your mind like never before.

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Pilates certification courses an overview

Pilates Exercises have been getting more and more attention from lots of people. Since its introduction to the American Population in the 1910’s, the exercise technique invented by the German national Joseph Pilates has caught the attention of millions of Americans to date. Pilates first started with simple springs attached to hospital beds for his first Pilates machine, and since then the machines, as well as the techniques used have improved so well. Pilates also has his share of students, who continued his “teachings” his studio and his work. Nowadays, the modern day Pilates instructor, need only a certification, that they indeed have the proper training to supervise a safe and effective Pilates class. Pilates certifications are offered by a vast number of firms that aside from offering Pilates certifications also hold classes for practitioners. A Pilates Certification course basically consists of the different basic techniques in the Pilates exercise, as well as good positioning, machine work and mat exercises. The first Pilates certification course that would probably be taught in a typical Pilates Certification class is basic matwork exercises. These are beginner and intermediate level matwork classes after which, you will be certified to teach beginner or intermediate level Pilates Class.

You won’t need a machine for Pilates matwork, which make it the highest in demand because, if you’re planning on teaching Pilates for a living, you can easily start on a low budget, and teach Pilates without using Machines. The second topic in your Pilates certification course may probably be standing Pilates; this like mat Pilates doesn’t need machines as well, but may take a bit more experience to learn because of the complicated position of standing upright, most Pilates certification schools do not teach standing Pilates until after the trainee has a certification in matwork Pilates. After standing Pilates, is advanced matwork Pilates. The Pilates certification for advanced matwork, is given later because as its name says, it is advanced, meaning more difficult moves, which entails a higher probability of someone making a mistake. It is therefore crucial that the instructor to be is well trained before he gets an advanced matwork Pilates certification. After the non equipment courses, the next course for Pilates certification would be the apparatus courses, where you’ll be certified as an instructor for certain machines. First, the would-be instructor is trained with the basic Pilates equipment, Cadillac, reformer, circle, and barrels. After the course, you will have a Pilates certification for apparatus.

Some schools offer standing apparatus Pilates certification, as a separate training program from basic apparatus training, if you want to learn it all at once, then you’ll most likely find a certification firm that will accommodate you. The last and probably the most complicated one is the training for people with special cases, like those with back, neck, knee, shoulder problems. These are more complicated situations and need more focus on. The only one that probably needs a better trained instructor would probably be Pilates for rehabilitation. Yes, Pilates can be used for rehabilitation, but to get a Pilates certification for rehabilitation, you must be certified in all the other Pilates techiniques, this is because most people that need rehabilitaiton are fragile and therefore need extra care, as well as extra training. After getting a Pilates certification for every course, the trainees should have the skills to teach the exercise techniques, as well as its Pilosophical aspects to practitioners. Some schools even teach the trainees so that after they finish each course, they will also have enough skills to modify the exercise techniques to fit their class’ needs, so that after you train, you can further improve on the teachniques that we’re taught to you and apply them as the case may be.

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Good nutrition the overlooked vitamin you need to know about

A vitamin which has received a lot of interest lately, for a host of reasons, is vitamin D. Various studies have shown the importance of vitamin D in the prevention of aggressive forms of prostate cancer, colon cancer and even skin cancer. It acts as an insulin stimulator to help deter diabetes. It can help to offset the effects of PMS as a regulator of the hormone, estrogen. It boosts seretonin which has been found to help depression. It is also important to understand the role of vitamin D in calcium absorption. Without vitamin D, calcium does not find its way to the bones. Not only does it aid in calcium absorption but in strengthening the muscles which gives added mobility to the elderly.

The significance of this can be seen when we realize that falls are the largest cause of injury related deaths in nursing homes. For all of these reasons, the importance of getting the proper amount of vitamin D is becoming more and more apparent. This, however, presents a dilemma. The single best way that we receive vitamin D is through sunshine. In recent years, it is becoming clear that Americans are not getting enough vitamin D. This has been due, in part, to the increased use of sunscreens. Sunscreen blocks the absorption of vitamin D in the skin. Does this mean we should stop using sunscreen? No, absolutely not. Some studies suggest that we spend 5-10 minutes, three times a day , in the sun without sunscreen. Other studies suggest that we spend 10-15 minutes, one to two times a day, in the sun without sunscreen.

I think it is clear that only small doses of being exposed to the sun, without sunscreen are recommended. There are some foods, although not many, which provide vitamin D. These would be fatty fish, milk, fortified orange juice and fortified cereals. Mushrooms that are sun grown are also a good source of vitamin D. Green leafy vegetables are not a good source of vitamin D. Because of this, a daily supplement is recommended. Traditionally, 200 I. U.s were the recommended dose but new studies are suggesting anywhere from 600-800 I. U.s as a minimum dose. Up to 2,000 I. U.s a day has not been shown to pose a toxicity risk but there is really no reason to take this much. Given the known benefits of vitamin D, all of us, especially as we age, should pay as close attention to this vitamin as we do calcium.

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The history of valentine s day

Love has many different meanings in every single language but there is a universal traditional day when people express their inner feelings for each other, either love or friendship. Valentine's Day was coined as the exchange day for those with these naturally feelings for others, throughout all cultures. The origins of Valentine's day are traced back to the Medieval era associated with the Catholic Church feast day, but love and fertility nexus with this particular date falling on February 14 comes from the ancient times of Greece, when the Athens calendar included a period between mid January and mid February called the Gamelion, a month dedicated to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera, hence associated with love and fertility. Lupercalia, the festival of Lupercus, the God of Fertility, was the equivalent in the Roman Empire and taking place on February 15, time of purification rituals. Lupercus was represented as a half-naked man dressed in goatskins. His priests sacrificed goats to the god on this day and after drinking wine, they ran through the Roman streets holding pieces of goat and touching anyone in their run including women in the belief to receive an easy childbirth. There is no written reference about how Saint Valentine became the romantic love protector, in fact the Catholic martyrologies mention three different Saint Valentines under the date of February 14; a priest in Rome, a bishop of Interamna, and a martyr in the Roman province of Africa, making even more obscure the origins of this celebration. However, in the 5th century the feast of Saint Valentine was officially decreed to be on February 14 by Pope Gelasius I during the year 496. In a later assumption, this could be just an attempt to supersede pagan holidays like Lupercalia celebrated in Rome until then.

Apart from this historical setting, the rest is just legends. Throughout time, the gift of blooming wild flowers was a common practice to demonstrate romantic love or affection between partners on Valentine's Day. Daisy flowers became a sort of "yes-no" love divination. Today, daisies have their own meaning of innocence and loyal love, associated with the fifth wedding anniversary. During the 19th century, roses took their place having different meanings according to their color or numbers of flowers given on Valentine's Day. It was during the Victorian century when relics exhumed from the Roman catacombs of Saint Hippolytus were identified with Saint Valentine.

In 1836, the relics were donated by Pope Gregory XVI to the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland, but once again, the obscure origins of Valentines (or Valentinus) and his relics are alleged to lie at the reliquary of Roquemaure in France and in Sankt Stephans Kirche in Vienna. Instead of an uncertain Saint image, the 19th century associated the figure of the winged Cupid to Saint Valentine's Day, along with and heart-shaped outline cards and paper cuts to be sent with flowers on this day, tradition remains today when a wide array of flowers can be chosen online and delivered anywhere just by placing your order via the internet.

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The origins of mother s day

Today Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is celebrated all over the world. For florists and card shops the event is one of the highlights of the year, but the roots of Mother’s Day are not commercial. Motherhood has been celebrated since ancient times. The ancient Greeks paid homage to Rhea, the Mother of Gods; and there are records of the ancient Romans worshiping a mother Goddess known as Cybele as early as 260 BC. Festivals took place in the spring which was the most fertile time of the year. The more modern way of honoring mothers began in England in the 1600s where Mothering Sunday was observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This day is also known as ‘Refreshment Sunday’, the only day when you are allowed to eat or do whatever you have given up for Lent.

Not surprisingly, families came together and took the opportunity to party with a big meal at which mother was treated as the guest of honor. Traditionally, mothers were given posies of flowers and a cake. The term ‘Mothering Sunday’ is now falling into disuse and has mostly been replaced by ‘Mother’s Day’, which is used the world over. In the USA there were several attempts to introduce a Mother’s Day as a way to celebrate peace and heal the scars of war. Julia Ward, who wrote the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, suggested the idea in 1872. But the idea didn’t really take off until Anna Jarvis campaigned for the establishment of a Mother’s Day to commemorate her own mother who died in 1905. Ward’s mother herself had tried to establish a similar holiday, Mother’s Friendship Day, to heal the pain of the Civil War. The first Mother’s Day in the USA was held in 1907 when Julia Ward held a ceremony to honor her mother. She then successfully campaigned for a formal holiday to honor mothers and by 1911 most states had taken up the idea. This was followed in 1914 by a declaration by President Woodrow Wilson that Mother’s Day should be celebrated as a national holiday on the second Sunday in May. The idea quickly spread to Canada and Mexico and many more countries throughout the world. The commercialization of Mother’s Day quickly followed, much to the disgust of Anna Jarvis who was arrested in 1923 at a Mother’s Day festival for trying to stop women selling flowers. Jarvis said “I wanted it to be a day of sentiment not profit. Ironically Anna Jarvis campaigned for many years against the commercialization of Mother’s Day, the day she had worked so hard to establish. Although she had no children of her own, each Mother’s Day Anna received hundreds of cards from all over the world. Anna Jarvis died in 1948.

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Baseball betting how to bet basics

: If you know nothing about sports and you still feel the urge to wager, baseball is the easiest sports to wager on. As opposed to football and basketball, where you are mixed up with the point spreads and other confusing calculations, in baseball betting you simply put your money on the outcome of the game. In addition, the baseball season lasts longer, which means more matches and bigger chances to go home with the winning money. Here is a step to step guide to baseball betting. The main difference between baseball betting and other team sports betting such as football and basketball is that while the latter ones use point spreads, the former uses the money line. What is a Point Spread? Point spread is the most common betting type offered in football and basketball betting. The sportsbook spreads the odd of a certain match by subtracting points from the favorite team, which is the team most likely to win and adding points to the underdog, which is the team that will raise a lot of eyebrows if wins.

What is a Money Line? In baseball betting, the sportsbook sets the odds strictly on the outcome of the match. In order to even the action, bettors would have to risk more money on the favorite and risk less on the underdog. This is called the money line. For example, if the money line is minus 170 on the favorite and plus 150 on the underdog, then you would have to bet 170 dollars on the favorite in order to earn 100 dollars.

On the other hand, if you bet 100 dollars on the underdog, you would win 150 dollars if they would eventually win the match. The difference between the minus 170 on the favorite and the plus 150 on the underdog is known as the twenty cent line. If the money line was minus on the favorite and plus 150 on the underdog, it is called the ten cent line or dime line. The fifteen cent line is also common in baseball betting. Sportsbooks also offer total bets and run lines in baseball betting. 1) Total Bets: These wagers are based on the sum of the runs scored by both of the teams. For example, if the sportsbook sets the over under total of a match as 7, the over wins if the sum of the runs scored by both teams exceeds 7 and the under wins if it sums up to less than 7. 2) The Run Line: This wager is the baseball variation of point spread. When you are betting on the run line, you are betting on whether one of the teams wins by more than one run, which is marked as minus 1.5 or stays within one run, marked as plus 1.5. Conclusion: Although the money line makes baseball betting simpler than football and basketball betting, it causes the payoffs calculation to be more complicated: 1) In order to calculate the payoff when wagering on the favorite you should add 1 to the favorite price and divide it with the favorite price.

2) In order to calculate the payoff when wagering on the underdog you should add 1 to the underdog price.

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