Getting your marketing message across with cd business cards

Getting your marketing message across with CD Business Cards CD Business cards allows any type of business that dynamic look. Hand out your business card on disc and see the expression on your clients faces. CD Business cards are aimed to provide your prospect with as much information as possible. Perfect for leaving a lasting impression at conferences and trade shows. Imagine handing out your businesses executive summary or PowerPoint presentation integrated within your CD Business Card. The cards come complete with a PDF and PowerPoint viewer. Your existing PowerPoint presentations can also be converted to flash. Flash converted presentations come complete with a dynamic control panel. Imagine the possibilities you can do with your standard PowerPoint converted to the more dynamic flash. Your have ready made presentation content converted to the more advanced flash. CD Business cards can come complete with your business logo, images, sound and even short video clips. CD Business cards are a sure must for any business wanting to leave an impression. Business card shaped discs are perfect as they are square, light and unique. Cards come complete with a photo glossy label complete with your company logo and details. The benefits of cd business cards over paper business cards Business Cards VS CD Business Cards Paper business cards do not leave the same impression that CD business cards do. CD Business cards have that WOW factor. CD business cards are not thrown away they are passed on. CD Business cards give you that professional image. They allow more valuable information to be left with that potential customer. CD Business cards will outshine any paper business card. CD Business cards are small , light and futuristic For more information on cd business cards visit cdlivecards. co. uk

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3 foolproof ways to soar through a recession

Winners are ALWAYS looking for ways to grow their business. They trust their company, trust their customers to come through for them, and realize that a financial crunch offers advantages that aren't available during better economic times. 1. Get More For Your Advertising Bucks When the economy makes a turn for the worse, it just makes sense that your advertising will give less of a return than during and economic boon. Sure there’s a lot less money being spent, but you don’t have to have to watch your profit margin plummet! Think about it... advertisers are feeling the recession just as much as you are, and are more desperate for clients. It’s the perfect atmosphere to negotiate your way to lower costs - even if you are already getting a good price. Every advertising penny you can save, is that much more profit you’ll earn on the products. Have you thought about getting free publicity? Local newspapers are always looking for something of local interest. Make the news! Publicity is free, but a wonderful way to get your business in front of potential clients. Do your advertisements really need to be as big as they are? We tend to think the big is better, but the facts are that short ads with 11 words or less often generate higher response than large ads. Give it a try, and trim some costs right off your advertising bill. 2. Take Advantage Of Big Ticket Sales Not all of your customers suffer during recession. Remember that there are always people who are thriving financially, so don’t be afraid to make big ticket sales offers. Additionally, when money is tight, people who place a lot of stock in your product will value it even more. Think about ways to create products similar to yours, but with much higher prices. Internet marketers often create members only sites and sell their products at much higher prices. Hey, they’ll obviously make fewer sales, but the people who really value the product will buy. Each sale will net an immensely higher profit. Think about it like this... even though the sales are fewer, the actual profit may be even greater than when it was sold at a lower price. 3. Maximize The Customers You Have Your customers already know that you have great products and provide satisfactory service. They trust you to come through for them. Think about it... it’s much easier to make sales to someone you already have a relationship with. Use every opportunity to increase your sales volume within the customer audience you already have. Do you have a product that goes with the one they are purchasing? Offer it to them at the register. It’s a proven and effective method for increasing sales. You may be shocked at the additional sales you can generate from those who are already buying from you. Copyright 2006 Cutts Group, llc

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10 things you should know before buying a business in california

: The decision of buying a business is a very crucial one and should be made only after reviewing all the information available. A buying decision should be made only after all the doubts and uncertainties are removed and you are able to anticipate all of the obstacles that stand before you. There are some essential points to consider when considering the purchase of a California business.Following are 10 important points, which if kept in mind, can help you as a business buyer to capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves before you.

  1. Purchase the assets and not the entity:Unless there are intangibles of the business for sale which are not transferrable and represent substantial value, attempt to buy the assets rather than the entity itself. This is important so that you are not exposed to any liabilities of the business before you acquired it and so that you receive an increased tax basis equal to the amount of consideration you pay rather than what the business may have paid for the asset long ago.
  2. Employ Professionals: In order to ensure that the financial and operational representations made to you by the seller are accurate and complete, it is imperative to hire a competent business broker, attorneys, or CPA to assist you with respect to your required due diligence. Furthermore, once you are committed to the purchase and obtain an acceptance of your Letter of Intent (see below), hire a lawyer familiar with business disposition and acquisitions to review the contracts and related documents.
  3. Submit an Offer to Purchase through a Letter of Intent:A letter of intent (LOI), typically non-binding, is a two or three page document between the buyer and seller of a business which details all of the material terms and conditions to which both parties would be willing to commit to. It is prudent to discover whether the parties are capable of achieving an agreement BEFORE employing the expensive services of professionals such as attorneys and CPAs, to conduct due diligence and prepare/review documents. Thus, if the parties can “hammer out” the key terms, the professionals can later focus on consummating the transaction.
  4. Accounts Receivables:Often times a key asset of any business is its accounts receivable and there may be a substantial balance outstanding at the time of closing. It is not recommended that you purchase the accounts receivable as an asset of the business (in fact, is not typical for the California business buyer to acquire any cash or cash equivalent items in an asset sale); however, you ought to attempt to collect the accounts receivable on behalf of the business seller in order to remain in contact with the customers after the sale and ensure a smooth transition. If you do purchase the accounts receivable you should do so at a discount, the amount of which is dependent on the seller’s past allowance for bad debts, with a right of offset against monies due the seller for uncollectible accounts.
  5. Discover the facts and circumstances surrounding the lease:The continued success of the business is often entirely dependent on the existing location of the business (to ensure the maintenance of the existing customer base or the retention of key employees). Accordingly, you must determine the remaining term of the existing lease and if not substantial, confirm with the landlord whether you can obtain a new lease on terms and conditions similar to the past before you buy a California business. Learn whether the seller has a security deposit with the landlord, and if so, that the landlord is so notified in writing.
  6. Determine whether there are any prepaid expenses:As mentioned above with respect to the security deposit relating to the lease, prepaid expenses and deposits are usually not included as part of the assets purchased from the California business seller. Therefore, it may be advantageous to define the assets of the business quite broadly at the time you prepare your LOI. If these items are not included, then make sure you get a schedule of “closing adjustments” from the seller and escrow so that you can budget accordingly -- since these items are prorated through closing and tacked onto the closing costs.
  7. Pay attention to Bulk Sales Laws and Sales and Payroll Tax Obligations:Many states require that the buyer (or escrow agent) of a business publish notification of the business sale to creditors in order to receive the business assets “free and clear” of creditor claims. Similarly, the law in many states allow for the taxing agency to pursue the business assets of the seller for any unpaid taxes unless the seller obtains a “tax clearance certificate.”
  8. Obtain Seller Indemnity and Right of Offset:No matter how diligent you are in reviewing the business seller’s records and all available information, there is still a possibility that you will be presented with a claim against the California business which arose before the closing. In that case, it is important to obtain an indemnity provision from the seller of the California Business in the Asset Purchase Agreement. Moreover, if the seller is financing any portion of the transaction, a right of offset will provide the buyer with the right to offset any such claims against monies due the seller.
  9. Negotiate for a Management Assistance Period:In order to ensure a smooth and orderly transition of the business following the closing, negotiate for the business seller to remain available after the sale to provide short term training and necessary introductions to customers, clients and vendors. In addition, make sure the business seller remains available thereafter for in person or telephone consultations for issues and matter overlooked during the training period.
  10. Familiarize yourself with Seller’s Employees:Before closing escrow and removing the due diligence contingency, meet with each of the business seller’s key employees to ensure they have a desire to remain with the business after the sale. Thus, you can include a provision in the Asset Purchase Agreement that as part of your due diligence, you are entitled to “announce” the proposed California business sale to all employees of the business within 48 hours of the closing to meet and interview the employees to determine, to your reasonable satisfaction, that the employees are willing to continue their employment with the business.
Many times buyers get confused and intimidated by all the procedure involved in the acquisition of a business, especially those who are venturing into the market for the very first time. Hence it is very important that you obtain proper guidance and before investing your valuable money. About the AuthorQuantum Business Solutions Network is a full service Southern California business consulting and licensed brokerage firm. Quantum Business Solutions Network is comprised of professionals that combine valuation, financial, marketing, legal, accounting, tax and transactional structuring expertise to initiate, execute and consummate business acquisition and divestiture transactions.Copyright© Copyright 2007, Quantum Business Solutions Network. All rights reserved. This Article is Copyright protected. Republishing & syndication of this article is granted only with the due credit, as mentioned, retained in the republished article. Permission to reprint or republish does not waive any copyright.

The text, hyperlinks embedded on the article and headers should remain unaltered. This article must not be used in unsolicited mail.

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Interior of recreational vehicles

Interior Of Recreational Vehicles The recreational vehicles and camping cars are getting popular amongst the adventure freaks. With these vehicles, one can experience the comfort and luxury, despite of the camping site’s rough environment. The interior of the recreational vehicles plays a major part in a comfortable stay. A recreational vehicle normally comprises of a bed, bathroom, small kitchen area, and some storage space. A luxurious recreational vehicle may comprise of a living room with table, TV, kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and a master bedroom with a large and cozy bed. The bathrooms are spacious and are fitted with a shower. The toilets are generally the portable ones, which can be detached and cleaned at a sanitary station. There are several terms involved in the interior of the recreational vehicles. The toilets generally have a Black water tank in which the waste water from the toilet is stored. The kitchens of recreational vehicles have the Grey Water tanks. These are used to store the waste water from the shower and kitchen sinks. The most important equipments in the interior of the recreational vehicle are the generators and the converters. The generator can be petrol, propane or diesel operated. It generates AC voltage, which is very useful in dry camping and in the middle of the travel. The converter takes the AC voltage from the generator or the campsite hookups and converts it into DC voltage. This voltage is used by the electrical equipments in RV. House batteries turn out as one more source of DC voltage source. The batteries have a smaller capacity of 12 volts DC. The batteries are charged by the vehicle batteries. The inverters take the DC voltage from house batteries and convert into AC. This voltage is used by the electronic equipments which need an AC voltage.

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Calculating lease payments do your own arithmetic it s easy

: Calculate Lease payments…it's easier than you think There is no uniform method in the car industry to calculate lease payments because many car manufacturers develop their own mathematics to calculate lease payments. But, the two most widely used are the ones based on level payments and the one based on what is known as a money factor. And knowing how to calculate either one will help you equalize your negotiation challenge with the car dealer. Most common…..level payments In many ways this has a lot in common with any loan, or even a mortgage on a house.

But a car lease is different because it has two parts, as follows: The residual value This is what the car will be worth at the end of the lease. Assume the car costs $20,000 and the lease contract states that at the end of the lease it will still be worth $12,000….that $12,000 is called the residual value. It's the intrinsic value of what resides in the car. If the interest rate quoted is 4% then every year the lessee (that's you) must pay the dealer $4% of $12,000 or $480/year, or $40/month. Depreciation If the car costs $20,000 and the residual is $12,000, what about the other $8,000? That's considered a loan, and any banker (call one up and ask one……or use the Internet) will tell you from his little book that to repay an $8,000 loan in 36 monthly payments will cost $236.19/month. Add that to the $40/month residual interest payment and you get the calculated lease payment of $276.19/month.

Money factor calculations This concept embodies some smoke and mirrors. It is mathematically unsound but is used because it is easy to figure out without calling a banker and works fine for a 360month lease even it if it is slightly inaccurate $20,000 car money-factor calculations Divide the $ 8,000 loan by 36 (the term of this lease in months) and get $222.22. Don't ask me why. Then take the 4% interest rate, change it to .04 and divide it by 24. No one knows why to use 24, it just seems to work regardless of the number of months in the lease. Don't ask why, just do it. If you ask your former high school math teacher about it he will faint when you tell him this money-factor method is widely used in the car industry. This gives a money factor of .04/24 = .001666 Now multiply this money factor times the cost of the whole car of $20,000 plus the $12,000 residual (isn't this really wild?) and we get .001666 x $32,000 or $53.33/month. Then the total lease is $53.33 plus $222.22 or $275.55. Now you see that the money-factor calculation is really mathematics black art. These two calculations, level payment and money-factor, are not precisely the same for several reasons.

They differ only by $276.19 minus #275.55 or $0.64. The $40.00/month in the level payment method is based on a typical bank loan in which the payment is made at the start of the month. In a car loan it is usually made at the end of the month. In addition, some car leases require the first payment up front, which also changes the dynamics from a 36-month payoff to a 35-month payoff. Finding accurate residual values This will take a little homework and shoe leather. The Internet may not be the best place to try to get this information.

Surveys show that 60% of people looking to buy or lease a car do some searching on the Internet. This has made the manufacturers less willing to disclose residual values. In fact, some of the Big Three (GM, Ford, Chrysler) will not print them in quotations previously offered by dealers. You have a legal right them (Reg. M Consumer protection, U. S.) before signing a contract. Ask for the residual value and it must be given, but likely it will be handwritten or verbal. Residual values from the Internet Although the Internet is jammed with car sites offering residual values, they are mostly approximations. The largest automotive database I know of ($50,000 annual license fee to use) offers differing residual values for each of four different geographical areas of the United States.

In the Northeast U. S. it offers one set of values for the western half of a certain State and a different set for the eastern half. Therefore the only reliable residual value is the one you get from the local dealer you intend to deal with. But this also can become confusing. For a while, Chrysler published a percentage residual for the car, but different percent residuals for any accessories you intended to add. So there was no single residual % for the entire car until all the accessories were added in, stirred and shaken, and out came a number. Divide that number by the MSRP and there was the residual percent. Good luck. Internet sources for residual values Residual values on the Internet are really an average. Manufacturers are uniform in not giving out residual values to third parties, so one has to wonder where the Internet sources get them.

Best source for a residual value Depending on whom you lease the car from, use whatever means of calculation it uses. Ask for it ahead of time, before you intend to appear and negotiate a price If you buy a Ford, you're in for a surprise as it is rumored it uses still another method. But to get close to all of them use the level payment method described above. To get the same answer as the dealer's quote, always remember to add in the extras: license fee, first payment up front (sometimes) option to purchase, State taxes, fresh air in all the tires, and any other accessories. Copyright 2006 by Beacon Data LLC All rights reserved

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Sports rundown

: Football and More If you are a big fan of football games, then you probably follow one ore more football games which has its own league and teams coming from different countries. The most popular of them is the American football by the National Football League. American football owes its popularity to several television partners such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN and NFL Network. With such a wide coverage, you’d think you would have had enough but since there are some people who still miss some games, you would find them prowling the Internet for more information. Again, stop prowling because you can find them all here on this site. If you’re an Aussie, I bet Aussie rules will be the main choice of football. This one is governed by the Australian Football League and has its own following in their country, although it is not considered their favorite sport. Sports Galore One winter sport that some sports followers will want to get information is bandy, a forerunner of ice hockey. In other countries, the same game is played but with a different name such as hockey with ball or ice ball or ice ball.

But for big fans of ice hockey, they need not look further than this site because they got this sport covered as well. Rugby is another contact sport that many individuals have an affinity for. There are tournaments set for this game which many people will want to watch play for play. And it will not be surprising to find that citizens of Australia and Great Britain comprise majority of Internet users who check out linked sites listed on this page that provide information on it. These are just some of the highlights on this site and it would be good to check out other sports which you will hardly miss if you continue going to this page for updated information any time you want. Find the latest information at Free Bet

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Free annual credit report from all 3 reporting agencies

Anyone who wishes to apply for a credit card, mortgage loan, car loan or debt consolidation loan needs to be familiar with his/her credit report and the information contained inside. So, just what is included in a credit report? The answer is an entire listing of an individual’s payment history for the past 7 years, current debt load and any public record information, such as judgements, bankruptcy and/or foreclosures. These factors, along with a debt to income ratio, combine to create a FICO score. This is a number that potential lenders use to calculate the interest rate that will be paid during the life of the loan, which is usually determined by any determinable credit risk. Most consumers are surprised to learn that they are permitted to request a free copy of their credit report, every 12 months, from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. These include Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. These are the three agencies that respond to credit report requests from banks and other potential lenders. They supply the credit report, which is used to determine whether or not a loan is approved, the amount of any loan granted and an interest rate. While the credit reporting agencies are not involved in the actual credit decision, they are the ones who provide the information that leads to that decision.

These days, many businesses promise to provide a free credit report, but there is almost always a subscription requirement or paid service that must be honored before the individual can receive their free credit report. One website, however, is much different. Once every 12 months, consumers may visit http:// AnnualCreditReport. com and request instant online access to their free credit report from each of the three previously mentioned credit reporting agencies. Upon viewing each credit report, which may be slightly different from each of the reporting agencies, individuals will be able to review every entry and confirm their accuracy. If anything is determined to be incorrect, including an account balance, status or payment history, the consumer has a right to dispute that information with the credit reporting agency directly. At the time that a dispute is lodged, the agency will launch an investigation to determine whether or not the entry needs correcting. At any time during the year, if an applicant is denied credit, he/she has a right to receive a free copy of the credit report from the agency who supplied the information to the denying lender. The lender must supply the name, address and telephone number of the credit reporting agency that supplied the applicant’s credit report. Within 60 days of the notice of denial for credit, the applicant may request a free copy of his/her credit report. A final consideration recommended to all consumers is that, in order to prevent identity theft or any type of fraud, a credit report should be monitored every six months.

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Forex how to handle a string of investment losses

Everybody hates to lose and unfortunately no one is blessed with the ability of foresight, therefore losses are an unavoidable part of trading. When we enter a trade we will either be right, or wrong, and even if we broke-even we'd still be classed as being wrong - as nobody enters into a trade just to break-even! When unsuccessful traders encounter a string of losses they begin to engage in self-destructive patterns that help them escape the pain they are experiencing. Bring to light these self-destructive actions that can help you realize what you are doing before it takes hold of your physical health. If you find yourself already engaged in these patterns hopefully this article can help you to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

What are the destructive patterns? If you find yourself caught in a string of losses or a bad performing week/month be sure to monitor your behavior. It is during this time that you will be at your most vulnerable. You will begin to indulge in activities that at first seem harmless, but upon excessive use (or in time), begin to cause physical damage to your health. Ask yourself the following question: during drawdown periods do I find myself over-indulging in these activities: Food (especially junk food - e. g. chocolate, ice-cream, chips)? Sex (includes viewing pornography)? Alcohol? Drugs (includes excessive smoking)? Laziness (find it difficult to wake up in the morning)? Entertainment? All of the above taken in excessive doses can be detrimental to your own physical health (some even in small doses!). These activities above during your losing period are only covering up the pain of confronting the true issue, and your body tries to rid the emotional pain by trying to "fix" it with physical pleasures. Unfortunately it is going about it in the wrong way, so what should you do? Firstly... REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND STOP IT! You need to realize what you're doing and you need to STOP doing it immediately! You can either decide to stop, or you'll be forced to stop when your body eventually breaks down and prevents you from any form of movement. It will be much more beneficial to you in the long-term if you can decide to stop *NOW*. Once you have stopped you now need to figure out a way to solve the pain - not by cutting out or neglecting it, but by staring it in the face. Bring your problems out into the light, be honest with yourself. There can be no growth without pain; you are experiencing the emotional pain, now it is time to find the error and therefore your growth. Begin Your Review The review process begins in two separate areas: You & Your System. Here are some checklists for you to go through to find out where the problem could lie: "YOUR SYSTEM" CHECKLIST Was your system thoroughly tested prior to trading it (or paper traded if you do not have the capacity to program your system into back testing software)? Did you test with out-of-sample data? Do you even have a system???? If you do not, how do you even know if the method that you are trading is even profitable?? Is your system's code correct? Did you over-optimize your system? (What have we discussed about over-indulging?) Did you paper trade your system prior to placing capital on it? Did you trade with a small amount of capital prior to placing the rest of your funds on it? Do you know the system's limitations? Did you properly drill your system? (See our blog article on why I am the system designer from hell) "YOU" CHECKLIST Is the current drawdown you are exhibiting with your system normal? Are you comfortable with your system's historical drawdown performance? Are you fully aware of the risks involved with your system and the instrument(s) you are trading? Are you trading with funds that you are comfortable risking? Are you relying too heavily on your performance? Have you set realistic goals? As you can see there are generally two areas that you need to explore: the mechanical aspect - your system - and the emotional aspect - you. Both can be responsible for making the way you feel the way you do. It will either be an error on the system's side with how the system was tested and/or programmed, or it can be your own psychological profile not being comfortable with the system's performance. Your Answers = Change = Your Growth What steps should we now take? Now that we have begun a corrective process where we have stopped the evil nature of our over-indulging ways to take control we should continue our "corrective nature" by invoking our findings and taking ACTION in correcting our errors. If the problem was mechanical - fix it, if the problem was emotional either go about setting up new thought patterns, or change your current system. The answers lie in whether you need to expand your knowledge in system development, or whether you need to grow emotionally as a person. Unfortunately there is no easy road, and even if there was everybody would be doing it. Hopefully this article has made you ponder over some of your behaviors during drawdown periods, be sure to keep an eye on yourself and as always take care of your body, because there's no use in making all the money in the world when you don't have the physical capacity to enjoy it

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Christian dating

There are many people who consider Christianity a crucial pre requisite for a lifetime partnership with another person. As there is considerable demand for Christian minded people to find a partner, there has been an increase in the number of Christian dating sites that have emerged on the Internet. There are generally strict guidelines before people can become members of Christian dating sites and for this reason the sites tend to have a lower membership count than many of the general dating sites. The upside of this however is the fact that the clientele is more targeted so you can be assured that you will only be looking in a market where you are sure that the people online will have the background that you are interested in. There are free and paid Christian dating sites with the free sites earning their income from the advertising that is displayed on the site. These sites allow you to post a picture of yourself and your profile giving other members the chance to see what your interests are. When a suitable candidate is found the members can make contact with one another and determine if they would like to interact further after corresponding online. This offers a safe environment and also makes it a lot easier for those people who are too shy to make contact with others in offline dating situations, such as parties, clubs and so on. Many Christian dating sites also arrange events where people can meet one another in a safe environment, such as dances, dinners and in some instances holidays or weekend travel. Christian dating sites cater for all age groups and personal situations, from young singles to elders and those who have lost their partners through bereavement or divorce. If Christianity is an important aspect of your lifestyle then Christian dating sites might be just what you are looking for.

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Student loans should be last resort

Student Loans Should be Last Resort Student loans are both a blessing and a curse to college students all across the country. On one hand, student loans allow you to have the money you need in many cases to attend college at all. On the other hand, most college students, particularly those entering college for the first time have inflated opinions of their starting salaries upon graduation and the bills they will face while living in the real world. In fact, most freshmen college students have no real concept of the limits of money in which to base their decisions as to whether or not they can realistically expect to repay those funds once they've graduated college. The sad truth is that many college graduates find that for the first 10-15 years after they have graduated college, they are essentially indentured servants to their student loan debts. There are many reasons for this and different college graduates will find different things about their student loans when the appropriate time comes. First of all, those taking out student loans need to understand that a college degree does not guarantee a high starting salary. Beyond that, a college degree is no guarantee that there will be employers lining up to take your name and number upon graduation. The truth is that most college grads take anywhere from 6 months to a year to find a job in their fields and even then the starting salaries are often far less than anticipated. Part of the blame for over-inflated expectations is the fault of universities attempting to validate their high tuition rates by displaying average starting salaries of only those that have successful offers in the field of study immediately upon graduation (which usually indicates a history of working with the company or another company as an intern prior to being hired) and not those students who have no prior work experience in their chosen fields. Part of the expectations is students reading job advertisements for experienced workers in a field and assuming that an education will provide the experience that employers require. Regardless of the reason, most starting salary expectations are not realistic in light of the current market. The problem is that for many students a student loan is the difference in receiving a college education or not receiving one. For these students, there is no option. The price they will pay (with interest) for having student loans in order to get through the educational process will repay itself over the course of a lifetime if they are wise about making the necessary payments and stay on top of things such as consolidation loans and making payments on time. Student loans are a great tool for those who have no other options when it comes to attending and affording to attend a university. On the other hand, for those who do not have an absolute need for the funds a student loan can provide they can prove to be problematic when trying to establish your career and your lifestyle upon graduation. This is a tool for education that should be used sparingly at best. Whether or not you choose to take out student loans in order to fund your college education it is a good idea if you exhaust all other available resources first. Check out your options for grants, scholarships, and work-study programs before leaping into student loans to pay for your education. 572

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Algebra again

Getting online Algebra homework help is pretty similar to getting Algebra homework help offline or in a real classroom. Getting Algebra homework help online or in an offline classroom seems to be a more effective way of learning than the more unorganized ways of getting Algebra homework help by asking a friend to pitch in or taking assistance from a parent. Systematic Algebra Help The most important thing to consider is that students must be encouraged to study in a systematic, formal manner regardless of the fact that they learn online or offline. In both online and offline classrooms, they tend to follow an organized course outline with proper learning interventions and takeaways. This ensures that they learn Algebra concepts more effectively and more quickly . Instant Algebra homework help One of the most important elements of effective Algebra homework help is instant and immediate feedback and this holds true if students learn in an offline or an online environment The feedback they receive is customized to their specific problem and is given in real-time. This is a huge advantage over other forms of distance education or asynchronous E Learning. However, with online synchronous E Learning getting Algebra homework help and feedback in real-time has become possible. Such instant feedback has been shown to improve retention and quicken the learning process. Such simultaneous reactions in real-time also offer another benefit. It improves the motivation of student and helps them to keep pace with the rest of the class. This is one of the biggest advantages of online or virtual classrooms that offer Algebra homework help – a sense of belonging and a community feeling is fostered in each child. Such an inclusive feeling is often lacking in students of distance education who don’t use a synchronous online classroom for getting Algebra homework help. Interest wanes quickly in such students and they are quickly de-motivated. Alternatively, online synchronous study substantially increases enthusiasm to get Algebra homework help. Disciplined Algebra homework help Online and offline classes offering Algebra homework help are held at regular times and dates. If students attend these classes regularly, then it instills discipline and some form of regulation in the life of the student. Such discipline is often lacking in other students of distance education. Such classes help students to prioritize their learning and study schedules which allow them to keep aside some time for free play and relaxation. Just in Time Algebra homework help One of the biggest advantages of online as well as offline classrooms is that students get just in time, just enough Algebra homework help. Students of higher education feel this is particularly helpful because there are some students who might feel overwhelmed or over awed with all the new types of advanced Algebra concepts . If such concepts are taught a bit at a time, in small controlled doses, it helps provide Algebra homework helpin a timely and in a more effective manner . Both forms of Algebra homework help – online and offline – come with their own set of disadvantages as well as differences. However, both the online as well as the offline mediums of getting Algebra homework help have some very real benefits from which every student should be able to benefit.

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Saving money on your grocery bills

How is your grocery bill month to month? Do you end up spending more than you wanted every month? If you are at all like me, a working wife and mother, grocery shopping and meal time can be a stressful and time consuming endeavor. And, if getting the meal on the table for a descent price is not enough, there is the health issue that factors in. Attempting to provide healthy meals that will not empty the pocketbook can be difficult to find! With some great tips, you will see the benefits you receive when you start shopping smart and eating at home. It is worth it! The following are easy ideas to help you save money when you go to the grocery store and when you are at home cooking. Be creative If you forgot or forget something at the store think about what else you might be able to use. For example, I have forgotten to grab butter (a staple item) and potato soup was on the menu for the night. I substituted olive oil for butter that night and it worked great! Use leftovers For example, if you have stuff left over from week one, use it the next. Use up all salad stuff and things that can go bad, even if you have to create a new meal that is not on your meal plan. Wasted food = wasted money. Be a smart shopper! I think that often people are not prepared when they do go grocery shopping and end up spending more money than they intended to on food that is not healthy for them. Remember the stuff from the meal plan information (below)! First, do the preparation work at home. Look at the local ads before you go. Make meal plans according to the ads from that week. Second, be flexible! Recently, while at a grocery store, I saw a special on good quality split chicken breast. They were $1.48/lb. which was a savings of $1.41/lb. off what they normally cost. When I saw them, I had never bought split chicken breast and was not sure of the differences when comparing them to regular chicken breast. So, I asked the guy behind the meat counter. He explained that there was a small bone in the back of the meat that could easily be cut or picked out. I was sold! After cooking the meat to make the meals, I think I actually like this cheaper meat better! It was juicier than my normally boiled chicken breasts come out. Third, do not go to the shops hungry! Why does it seem that you rush off to the grocery store and once there, while shopping for food, you suddenly realize that you are very hungry? This almost guarantees that you will spend money on food that you do not need and is most likely not healthy for you. Be prepared When you leave to go shopping, pick a time where you do not feel rushed. This will better help you to stick to your list and to eating better foods! Have staples on hand Here is a list of things to have on hand for cooking and baking. These are the items I have found most helpful. Look through the list and decide what items your family uses, then add and subtract items as it makes sense for you and your family. Honey White Flour Wheat Flour Cornmeal Quick Oats Shortening or Lard Oil (olive or grape seed are best) Potatoes Yeast Frozen Vegetables (whatever is cheap and your family likes) Mustard White Sugar Brown Sugar Vanilla Herbs/spices (like garlic, cumin, ginger, parsley, oregano, etc.) Bouillon Cubes (Chicken) Bread Crumbs Soy Sauce Worcester Sauce Butter (tub) Sticks of Butter Cornstarch Start meal planning! What is a meal plan, you might be thinking. A meal plan is exactly that, putting together a plan for your meals. Decide what you are going to eat and putting it in to practice. There are many reasons to have a meal plan. Here are a few of those reasons and why they are important. Save money through a meal plan! Make a meal plan according to ingredients. Put recipes and meals together so that ingredients are not wasted because they are not needed and are, therefore, unused. Save time through having a plan and shopping lists - When you go to the grocery store, you will have a list to go from and will not by unneeded or overpriced items. Spend more time together as a family - With a meal plan, you will consequently eat more at home. Dinnertime is a great opportunity to talk and spend time together. Take advantage of this! Save energy - With a meal plan you will make fewer trips to the grocery store. A meal plan enables you to stop thinking about what you will make for dinner that night, what ingredients you still need for it, and how to put it together. A meal plan helps you to be organized! Eat healthier - You will not be going out as much with a meal plan ready for you, this will help you eat healthier foods at home! You will eat a better variety of foods since you have thought about it ahead of time. You can plan for healthier meals and start to understand what is going into your body. Thinking through the food you eat will automatically make you more aware and hopefully help you make wise decisions!

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No download casino games online casinos poker rooms sportsbooks

There are 2 variations of internet casinos. Online casinos that let players download their free software on the computer. The games can be played after installing the casino and signing up as a fun or a real player. No download casinos that can be played in the browser instantly. The casino games don't need to be downloaded.

After signing up the player can gamble as a fun player for virtual casino cash or as a real player for real money. Most online casinos do offer their players a free cash bonus to play with. Extra money to play after the signup. Some internet casinos offer special high roller bonuses and have higher table limits than other online casinos. There are many no download casino games available like poker, blackjack, slots and even progressive games with jackpots. This jackpots can reach over one million dollars.

Most no download casinos that are also know as online flash casinos don't have that many games as the download versions of the online casinos offer but the graphics and the sound have the same great quality. Poker players can play their favourite games in online poker rooms. The player need to download the software and install it on the computer. After signing up the games can begin.

Players from all around the world can play for example the very popular texas hold'em poker an other poker games like omaha. And the games can be played for real money. The internet poker rooms even offer tournaments for players to win real cash prizes or to win seats for poker world championships like the Monte Carlo Millions or The WSOP, the world series of poker in Las Vegas. Internet sportsbooks offer wagering on almost any sport. Players can bet on football, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennnis, boxing, soccer and other US and european sports.

The players get live betting lines to be informed about the current standings and the live odds. Online sportsbooks also give away free bonuses after signing up. Regardless if playing casino games or betting on sports, online gambling is fun and exciting. Please visit our website to find great online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks.

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Sticks and stones break my bones and arthritis always hurts me

On September 30, 2004, Merck & Co Inc (MRK) recalled Vioxx due to negative clinical trial results. Recipients of this drug seem to experience increased experience of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, or intestinal bleeding. Both the American Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine stress the dangers of this prescription drug. European and American cardiologists recognize the implicit dangers of this highly marketed arthritis prescription. This does not have to happen to you when safe natural and effective arthritis pain relief might provide relief! Did you know that pharmaceutical drugs have their history embedded in herbal medicine?

Apothecaries offered medicines with medical care. The cost of medical help was expensive(sound familiar), so many families made home remedies. However, today's pharmaceuticals derive from the the medicines stirred and pounded by the apothecary in the mortar by the pestle. "The history of Merck & Co., Inc. can be traced back to Darmstadt, Germany, in 1668 when an apothecary named Frederic Jacob Merck opened a chemical firm.

" If curious about Merck's history, learn more about it here: http://tinyurl. com/4m4ft. Further historical proof is found in 1792, Alexandria, Virginia. Three Hundred homes nestled near the Potomac River; on Fairfax Street, Edward Stabler, a Quaker pharmacist, started a family business which operated until 1933. To this day, many of Stabler's herbs, potions and paper labels in his apothecary desk. Stabler like other apothecaries of his day prescribed Native American Indian remedies like witch hazel for external treatment of inflammatory conditions. Today, most patients visiting a doctor go for cold and flu symptoms or joint and muscle pain. Modern prescriptions provide relief, but sometimes with side effects. Now, you can get temporary relief from minor arthritis pain by using remedies derived from all natural ingredients.

For example, the non greasy, penetrating and topical cream referenced below, brings soothing relief quickly. Further relief comes from Boswellia serrata, used in India for centuries as a proven pain reliever. Although pharmaceutical drugs may cause side effects, other studies indicate that glucosamine, a common recommendation for arthritis discomfort, has no effect. You might consider reading this October 2004 study by researchers at the University of British Columbia: http://tinyurl. com/676h6. Whatever choices you make, take time to research, and then take action. Despite these debates, the American Journal of the American Medical Association has considered glucosamine effective when promoting cartilage formation for your joint health. So, why not get some spring back in those steps? You can find relief using high quality natural alternatives to side-effect laden drugs.

One manufacturer with years of experience has natural alternatives. This company started in 1955; read about this remarkable company, its philosophy and contributions here: http://tinyurl. com/3ma7w. To read more about these natural and effective alternatives to arthritis, type the product numbers found below into the search box found here: http://tinyurl. com/4zg4x. Pain Relief - 20667 Read the label: http://tinyurl. com/5p5y6 Read the product information sheet: http://tinyurl. com/4zy2h Joint & Muscle - 20669 Read the label: http://tinyurl. com/68zll Read the product information sheet: http://tinyurl. com/4ngkb Joint Health - 20668 Read the label: http://tinyurl. com/6jgo9 Read the product information sheet: http://tinyurl. com/58odo Sometimes too much information brings confusion; on the other hand, too little information leads to unwise choices. Good health involves your wisdom, discipline, and desire to feel better. As a friend reminds me, I remind you, "Think healthy", and choose your medicine carefully. Always read every label closely. The natural alternatives offered in this article provide you with a safe, natural, and effective arthritis pain reliever. The Internet serves a library of information and resources. We all have to be careful about self-diagnosis and prescription. Read wisely by cross-referencing the content. These articles may be of further benefit as you search relief for your arthritic pain. You may read the source for these references by reading the entire article in the Echievements article library: http:// echievements. com/articles/2534. "Vitamin C and Arthritis" http://tinyurl. com/6z4jr "The link between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis in men" http://tinyurl. com/63z5a "Ice beneficial in treating gouty arthritis" http://tinyurl. com/6nk4l "Genetic Factors Play Small Role in Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief" http://tinyurl. com/6gadt "Benefits of exercise decline over time in osteoarthritis sufferers" http://tinyurl. com/6ynwc "Vegan diet may be helpful in rheumatoid arthritis" http://tinyurl. com/6cm2x

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How to pick a winning ball team

As the air starts getting warmer and the days grow longer that can mean only one thing, Baseball season is about to begin. With a month till the seasons first game I already hear people talking about what players are looking good in spring training and what team is going take the championship. This is especially true for the Betting fans. Here are the top things to remember when betting on baseball in order to have great and merry experience. 1) The most important thing to remember when trying to pick a winner before the season starts is the off season. What did the players do? Usually players will go to some warmer climates like Mexico or South America and play ball, but it is also not uncommon for a player to site around getting fat and lazy. Then right before the season begins they will push themselves at the gym. This is bad because it is the best way to get injured, and I am sure that if you check out most players who have early season injuries you will find this to be the case. So check out what players did what. If you can find a team where more then half went south to play for the winter, then this is a team to watch. If most of the team went on vacation or sat around you may want to bet against this team. 2) The next thing to think about it off season trades and pick ups. This means looking at what teams have many new players or players new to their team. If a team has too many new players what happens is you have a team that does not play as a team. When a team has been together for a few seasons each player can almost predict what the others are going to do and there is a unity that a new group of players just does not have. 3) The next step is to look at individual player skills. Does the team have good pitching and good hitting? Because you cant win without both. What good is having great pitchers who can stop the other team from scoring if your team can't score? 4) Pre-season is also a good sign of what the team is going to do. If in pre-season the team seems like they are still playing from the season before this is a team to watch, but if they seem like they never played together before this may be a year to look at another team Keep these things in mind when trying to pick your team to bet on for the season, but remember this is just a guide. Players who trained and played in the winter also get injured and sometimes new players can get it together quickly.

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Say yes to doing the dishes

There are many chores dreaded by most members of any household. In fact, probably every household chore is held in dread by someone in every family. It does seem, however, that some chores, for whatever reason, always rank near the bottom of the preference list. These highly dreaded chores are the ones that people will do almost anything to trade with someone else or get out of all together. Silly deals are made so that one person will clean another's room for a month in order to get out of cleaning the toilet one time. For some reason, doing the dishes seems to be one of the things most families hate to do. Perhaps people hate doing dishes because it comes at the end of a relaxing meal or a stressful day, or maybe people would rather choose another chore because of the way dishes make your hands shrivel like dried fruits. In any case, I have never quite understood why people dispise doing dishes so much. If you think about it, doing dishes is much easier than many other household chores. It is not nearly as hard as pushing a vacuum or scrubbing a toilet and it requires absolutely none of the mental focus that dusting around tiny, breakable figurines takes. So why not choose doing the dishes and let your other family members fight over the really hard chores? Doing dishes is also a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day. Put on some good jazz music, light a few candles and enjoy the peace and quiet of doing the dishes in a space all to yourself. Take time to think back on the events of the day and reflect upon areas that your life that are going well. Especially if you are married, offering to do the dishes after dinner can be a great way to spend a little time with your spouse and connect after a busy day that took you in separate directions. Take that time away from the kids each day and be intentional with asking questions and caring about the details of each other's lives that can so easily be left unshared. You'll be amazed at what doing dishes will add to your marriage if you make it a special time each day. So the next time your family gets into a debate about what chores each person will do, surprise everyone by volunteering to do the dishes. They will be glad you did and you will too when you discover how easy and relaxing time spent doing dishes really is.

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Custom bench cushions add some color to your outdated furniture

If style, quality and comfort are the top three characteristics you search for when selecting the outdoor furniture for your home, then, comfortable, decorative outdoor benches are the furniture for you. Quality benches make fantastic accents to any space. Custom made benches are available for both inside and outside your home. You can find different styles, sizes, colors and many other varieties to choose from to satisfy your needs and personal style. Outdoor benches are phenomenal pieces on any front porch. Since front porches are meant for relaxing and enjoying the weather on those beautiful spring and summer evenings, most people use these outdoor benches for relaxing. Due to the contouring of the seats, they are extremely comfortable to sit in. A terrific addition to any indoor or outdoor bench is the custom bench cushion. Not only do they add that extra splash of color to your home or garden, but they also give your bench a soft cushy feel. You can either order these cushions on line, or you can take some initiative and make them yourself. If you enjoy sewing or creating your own furnishings, then making them yourself may be for you. In order to custom make your own bench cushions, you need four yards of upholstery material of 60 inch width, 3 yards of matching ribbon of 1 inch width, approximately 10 yards of standard quilt batting, some heavy-duty thread and a pound of polyester fiberfill. The first thing you should do is find the appropriate size of your material by referring to the cutting pattern. Trim out the front and back pieces and also a sleeve piece of 13/1.5” X48”. After that, pin all the pieces together and stitch them. For a sleeve, you need to form an inch wide, double turned hem by the side of the longer edge. To make it easy, you can lay the cushion half (bottom) with right side up on a plain surface and cover it with the face up sleeve. Thereafter, put the remaining cushion half on its top with face down. It is necessary that the seam that is opposite to the sleeve piece must not be sewn. It is done to leave space for accessing the quilt batting. After, it is turned right side out; whole cushion is stacked inside it. Place the padding evenly and whipstitch your glider rocker cushion. Now, two 1.5-yard pieces are formed out of 1” ribbon. These two pieces must be folded in half. Attach them to the edge of your cushion at the fold. After the pads are created, tie all the four strands to the pipe at the bottom of the seat. Thus, your custom bench cushions are ready

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Bring a world of color with blinds

As life's color pallet becomes larger and larger, consumers can say good-bye to bland rooms. The availability of thousand of colors and new acceptable color combinations can enhance any room in the home without the need to spend thousand of dollars in new furnishings and accessories. Now we can use those items that once were thought outdated by the integration of new ideas and colors widely available to all thus creating a unique ambience. As dйcor goes, while white will continue to be the most popular paint color, the more diverse selections are moving at greater speeds, and this applies to all categories, including window treatments, such as blinds. We are today able to take a plain white color room furnished with plain furniture and turn it into an eye catching space through the use of colorful window treatments, such as vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, roller shades and roman shades, which are readily available for visualization by visiting on-line retailers who display a full array of product lines and colors on the Internet.

This modern capability gives the consumer the tools to design a specific scheme to fit the specific use of any room in the home or office. It is recommended that the window treatment is selected first then followed by the selection of accessories which will turn the bland space into the desired setting. A plain, white room can also be enlivened through the use of stained wood blinds such as mahogany or other so called medium colors. The use of dark stained colors should be limited to specific situations that call for their specific use. Should a light blue room use a dark colored blind, the contrast can be quite striking and powerful.

On the other hand, often these rooms will go the basic route of white blinds, which will diminish the distinction of the otherwise beautiful room. Oftentimes we find ourselves dealing with a darkly painted room with a wall color which, for whatever reason, we do not wish to replace yet we wish to change its appearance and effect. This change in appearance and/or effect can be achieved by the use of vivid colors that allow exterior light into the room. Vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, roller shades and roman shades can all aid the consumer in creating the desired atmosphere by the availability of thousands of colors and also their operational features which allow the full control of light. Another important factor to be considered is the use of window blinds or shades that incorporate translucent materials and fabrics with varied openness factors. When effecting change in these difficult spaces, consideration should be given to objects which will further achieve the desired result, i. e. the use of art work or pictures with colors similar to the chosen window treatment which will bring the room together as a pleasing expression of the individual taste. If pictures or art work are to be used, consider the use of spot lighting in order to magnify the uniqueness of the space. Lighting that indirectly reflects on the window blinds can add a certain glow to the room as a by-product thus further enhancing the decorating look without additional monetary expense.

The desired change can also be magnified by painting a single wall within the room with a different color than the other walls. The addition of this extra color will enhance the complete appearance and create a welcome, unusual look which will spread the attention to the complete room and de-emphasize any particular items. In other words, a sense of blending is brought forward by the addition of the painted wall. The ideas expressed in this article should only be construed as additional considerations to be allowed into the thought process and not as a primary fashion statement. Personal tastes are different from person to person and primary emphasis should be placed on pleasing the individual taste and the specific requirements of the room in question. No longer is necessary to employ the services of professional designers or decorators when television programs and the widely used Internet can provide us with a multitude of ideas to fit the specific needs of the average individual. In summary, the use of blinds in conjunction with other previously mentioned ideas, can help you convert that lightly used room into a pleasing setting.

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Outsourcing it asset retirement

Approximately 1 billion units of computer equipment will become potential scrap by 2010 according to the International Association of Electronics Recyclers. Is now the time for your company to decide how to deal with outdated computer equipment that is currently stockpiled in empty offices and closets? Outsourcing this responsibility to an expert can simplify the process and ensure safe disposal of the equipment. However, an ill-conceived asset retirement program may expose your company to potential data security risk and environmental liability. With careful planning and the right partner, you can save time and resources, while mitigating privacy risks and environmental liabilities specific to your industry. LifeSpan Technology Recycling has extensive nationwide experience in managing the asset retirement programs for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. When selecting an asset retirement partner, it is important to work through the following five steps: 1) Evaluate Your Existing Asset Retirement Process and Goals Decide what issues are the most critical to your company, including what has and has not worked in the past. Which objectives are most important to your organization? Environmental compliance Data security Reliability and logistics Auditing and reporting Compliance with internal policies Cost Think through the ramifications for your corporate strategy beyond the immediate project needs. The vendors that you consider should carefully assess your needs in order to co-develop strategies that fit your corporate structure and objectives. If you don’t have accurate and up-to-date records of your technology assets, your first step will be to conduct an on-site inventory. Next, you’ll need to consider the various disposition options and the costs associated with each. Enterprises can no longer count on selling off their used assets at a profit because most technology rapidly decreases in value. Be aware that reselling is not a simple process. If you do decide to resell, you’ll need to be able to track the equipment and obtain proof that hard drives have been completely erased. The cost of logistics may also outweigh a meaningful investment recovery. Recycling may therefore be your best alternative. Other forms of disposition worth considering include: internal redeployment, sales to employees, and charitable donations. In evaluating which options are best for your company, you should weigh the labor required and the risk factors associated with each approach. Cost estimates for outsourced asset retirement programs can vary widely-- be sure to include retirement costs and downstream liability into your overall cost calculation. In addition, you should assess the cost of your own internal labor and expenses associated with managing the logistics of equipment removal and disposal. 2) Conduct Due Diligence On Potential Vendors Electronics recycling is a rapidly changing and growing global industry. Beware of vendors who promise to take your equipment for little or no cost. If they claim to offer “free” asset retirement, how likely are they to comply with complex environmental protection and data privacy regulations? If your equipment is improperly disposed of, it may come back to haunt you in the form of fines, clean-up costs, and negative publicity. Other factors to consider in assessing potential vendors include: De-manufacturing process and capabilities Environmental compliance record Data security safeguards Operational processes – are they well documented? Is there a robust audit trail? Shipping capabilities and processing locations – can they accommodate the location(s) of your equipment? Insurance coverage Be sure to check references and examine the vendor’s experience with other firms in your industry. Do they have a history of long-term relationships, or just a series of one-time projects? Consider a site visit to inspect their processing facilities and see first hand how they deal with materials. Finally, find out what level of support your organization will be expected to provide. 3) Consider Methods and Risks of Data Destruction Proper data destruction is critical in order to avoid industrial espionage, lawsuits, and/or government penalties resulting from improper disclosure of confidential information in violation FACTA (the Fair and Accurate Credits Transactions Act) and other laws. All asset retirement vendors should possess a baseline capability of data destruction that meets Department of Defense 5220.M standards. In addition, health care and financial services enterprises must comply with various federal laws that impose significant additional data security safeguards. These regulations include HIPAA (the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”) and GLB (the “Gramm-Leach Bliley Act”). Questions to consider: What is the vendor’s data destruction process? What are the various options available (e. g. software vs. physical destruction)? What kind of quality control mechanisms does the vendor maintain in order to ensure that the data is actually destroyed. Do they undertake a sampling process and/or disk inspections via computer forensics? What kind of on-site security systems are in place at their facilities in order to ensure protection of your equipment? Does the vendor maintain an errors and omissions insurance policy in the event that some of your data is accidentally disclosed? 4) Evaluate Environmental Stewardship and OSHA Compliance Is the vendor committed to complying with your company’s environmental policies as well as industry, state and local regulations? Environmental regulations vary widely from state to state. Does the vendor maintain a library of up-to-date summaries of these regulations that are available for your review? Do they employ a full-time Environmental Director and dedicated operations team who will closely monitor your asset retirement program? Are they registered with the EPA and are they able to provide you with a registration number? Are they approved as collectors or processors by the state in order to participate in government-supported programs? Lastly, confirm that the vendor has the appropriate facility permits such as storm water and air quality approvals. Also, find out what testing they perform on their employees for exposure to lead and other hazardous materials. 5) Assess Reporting and Tracking Capabilities There is more to reporting and tracking than issuing certificates of destruction. Anyone with a laser print can create a "recycling certificate." Certificates provide no protection if the vendor is disposing of your company’s assets improperly. Vendors should be prepared to provide you with detailed tracking reports, Bills of Lading, and inventory documentation in order to prove that the assets were properly transferred and disposed of. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (“CERCLA” - commonly known as the "Superfund law”) gives the EPA the power to impose fines and to hold your organization responsible for remediation costs - regardless of whether title to the assets in question was transferred to a third party. Make sure that you thoroughly investigate a potential asset retirement vendor’s compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental laws in order to minimize potential liability. What kind of documentation does the vendor maintain concerning its internal Environmental Management Program or “EMP”? Does the vendor have a well-documented operational process and maintain strict internal controls in order to ensure that all materials are handled and disposed of properly? Conclusion In the final analysis, you need to select an asset retirement partner that you can trust in order to mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable your organization to focus on its core competencies. LifeSpan Technology Recycling handles the full range of “end of life” issues - leaving you with peace of mind. Find out if LifeSpan is the right partner for your organization. Call 1-888-720-0900 or e-mail info@lifespanrecycling. com for a free assessment of your asset retirements needs by one of our experts.

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Computer internet security

Computer and Internet Security Issues that you Should Know Using your computer and a reliable Internet connection can be the best combination for an ideal business opportunity. You don’t need raise too much capital for your business venture. With just a reliable Internet connection and computer system (which, because of wide availability and usage, become cheaper), you will be able to start your business right away and earn hundreds to thousands of dollars every month, depending on the online business opportunity that you would prefer. However, you must be aware of the miscalculations that you can commit along your online business venture, especially when you forget to prioritize the protection of your computer system from unauthorized use and data theft. Contrary to the popular belief that a small-size Internet business will make them safe from data hackers and online intruders, there is also a great risk and danger involved once you neglect to protect your computer system, especially the hacking and computer destruction activities that are increasing significantly as the Internet evolves over the years. Most small-time Internet entrepreneurs are blinded by the fact that they are not exempted from these notorious data thieves, which is not true nowadays. According to a research conducted by AMI-Partners, almost 50 percent of small and medium-sized online businesses failed to execute even the most basic security protection, which includes the installation of anti-spyware and anti-virus programs to their computer systems. This is one of the main reasons why the Mydoom worm triumphed, affecting one out of three small and medium-sized online businesses compared to one out of six large Internet companies. This was also discovered by the ISA or the Internet Security Alliance, a non-profit organization that handles information security issues. In other words, we can conclude that even small online businesses are more vulnerable to online threats of data theft and electronic sabotage. In fact, every small online business owner must give data and network protection more attention due to the sophistication of data thieves. These thieves have now one of the advanced software programs and hardware necessary to break into the security measures implemented by data mangers. It would be a great waste of time and financial resources if your computer is left unguarded against these advanced data thieves and online hackers. You are on the verge of losing everything—including your computer, which is also a valuable investment. Thus, it is important that you should consider data security and encryption as one of your top priorities. Keep in mind that your computer system is always vulnerable to this kind of attacks, even if you are just starting up. In fact, big businesses have more chances to recover compared to small business since big business have necessary funds available to recover from mishap. On the other hand, your small business has meager funds to start with your business—and an attack will be catastrophic for your small business. There are hundreds of software providers that came up with latest solutions to guarantee the safety of your computer system. In addition, there are also Internet security services to guarantee protection of your online data against Internet hackers. By incorporating high level of encryption technology, hackers will have a hard time intercepting the data being stored in your computer system or while it is transmitted to a certain network of computer systems. Always explore your options. Prioritize what is important and avoid getting caught by a catastrophic incident that will shut down your small business at an instant.

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