Following acne skin care regime

The basic fallacy about acne skin care that most of the people commit, is to understand the role played by the skin in the human system in isolation. God has created a total, complete and perfect machine in the form of human body and he has covered it with skin for valid reasons. When something is wrong with the parts (organs) inside, the complaint regarding their malfunctioning is reported through the skin. The digestive organs only react to what we have given to them. Their reporting system is fair and without any blemishes. The combination of rich carbohydrates and protein in great number forces the toxins to the surface of the skin and form acne and pimples. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that if you apply some lotion or balm and in the process some pimples disappear, do not think that you have achieved something.

A host of other pimples are readying themselves for the attack on the surface of the skin, they may however change the strategy and appear on other parts of the body. Because, the royal battle is going on within, on the part of the affected body. As a natural healing process of skin, the post inflammatory acne changes start surfacing. By adopting some medical and herbal practices you can speed up this healing process. The understanding and knowledge about the type of acne is important in the treatment of acne. Also, constant exposure to the sun can cause severe skin damage and delay the healing of your acne. Thus wear a good sunscreen and be protective to heal your acne. Common skin problems include rashes, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dry and oily areas, reddish-brown blotches.

In acne conditions, skin care is not only its external medication, but we have to clearly understand and be conscious about the food intake – foods that aggravate the condition and foods that benefit. The former are acid producing foods. In the later category come minerals, especially iron-rich foods. To say something about one of the ancient remedies prevalent in most of the Indian households — the juice of raw papaya, being an irritant is useful in several skin disorders, including acne.

It is applied with beneficial results to swellings to prevent pus or warts and pimples formation. The juice as cosmetic, removes freckles and brown spots due to exposure to sunlight. It is worth mentioning certain simple aspects and instructions to understand and follow a good acne treatment regime. 1. Avoid tight clothes, they are known to cause body acne by trapping sweat. 2. Use a sun-blocker by wearing a hat. 3. Dab the face dry, carefully. Do not apply pressure. 4. Use make up that do not clog the pores. 5.Think well before buying any over the counter products. Be even more careful, if they are introduced recently in the market. Let your skin not be the experimenting ground for the product. It is better to go by the advice of the dermatologists in these matters.

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Taking care of your car s battery

Every car comes with one, but some motorists act as if this particular component is completely maintenance free. What am I talking about? Your car’s battery. Technological advances have made “maintenance free” batteries standard equipment on virtually every vehicle produced today. However, the term “maintenance free” is a misnomer, one that can leave you stranded if you do not perform proper and regular maintenance.

Battery maintenance isn’t difficult to do, so let’s take a look at what you can do to keep your car running. Before discussing battery maintenance, please make sure that your battery is, in fact, the sealed type. If it isn’t, then the “maintenance free” label certainly does not apply and you will need to add water on a regular basis. Unsealed batteries are easy to spot as they have small vent caps on top of the battery which can be twisted open. You will need to periodically add distilled water to maintain water levels; more so in the summer months as water tends to evaporate quicker. Do not let your battery run low or run out of water as the battery’s cells can be ruined. If your battery is of the sealed variety, then the “maintenance free” label is still only partially true since the term only extends to you not needing to add water to the cells as you would with an unsealed battery. With any type of car battery - sealed or unsealed - you must do the following to help keep it working properly: 1. Clean the cables. Disconnect the cables from the battery and clean them with a wire brush that has been doused in a home made mixture [the mixture combines one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water]. Use this same mixture to clean off the top of the battery; use a small and clean paint brush to apply the solution where needed. 2. Lubricate the posts. A small dab of petroleum jelly on each post will help keep your cables clean and free of corrosion longer. In addition, the jelly will make it easier for you to slip the cables back onto the battery. 3. Check connections. Besides the connection between the cable and the posts, make sure that the battery hold down bar is securely in place. Not all cars have or need a battery hold down bar, but if yours has come so equipped, you will need to put it back in its proper place. That’s it! Car battery maintenance is an easy task and one that should be performed on an annual basis. If you keep your battery properly maintained, you will extend its life and greatly reduce the chance that your battery will fail you at an inopportune time. Yes, the “maintenance free” label is incorrect, so please don’t be lulled into forgetting to do something that should never be overlooked.

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Affirmative action

Affirmative Action The history of the growth of equality for African Americans in America has been one of great accomplishments followed by many small gains and many set backs as well. The outlawing of slavery did not instantly make all blacks equal with whites in America. It took many subsequent legal actions as well as hundreds of social efforts, big and small, to slowly make the progress we have seen today. But even in this day and age, in a new century, there is an ongoing battle against racism. It seems we need leadership to guide society to true equality as much now as ever in our history. The abolition of slavery only began the long hard struggle for African American culture to become a true part of what it means to be an American. That is because even though the legal definition of slavery had been thrown down, the attitudes and cultural systems in place to keep the races separate and to deny black people rights equal with whites had to be addressed one by one. Slowly over the decades, we have seen big changes but many came at a great cost. From the legal granting of the right to vote to African Americans to the civil rights movement to school desegregation, each step forward came with resistance, great difficulty and significant sacrifice from leaders and ordinary citizens alike to make each step toward true equality a fact. Of all the efforts to “level the playing field”, none has been more controversial than the Affirmative Action program. In its beginning, it was intended to be a supplement to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Over time it had become clear that despite removal of laws that enforced segregation or discrimination, there seemed to be a natural segregation in the work place that was keeping African Americans from getting a fair chance at jobs because of the prejudices of an employer, even if that prejudice was not officially recognized in the company charter. There were two significant executive orders that made affirmative action a reality. The first was Executive Order 10925 signed by President Kennedy on March 6, 1965 which was the first law to make mention of the phrase. This was followed by much more sweeping Civil Rights Act which was signed into law by President Johnson. Together these laws attempted to correct by legal means the disparity of opportunity that existed in the workplace for people of color by instituting a system of quotas that employers had to meet to satisfy federal affirmative action minority employment levels. But as is often the case when the government attempts to impose right attitudes via legislation, these laws often created as many problems for minorities as they cured. Nevertheless as the application of the quota systems began to become widespread, it did open many doors for African Americans that would not have opened due to racial prejudice and silent segregation that was keeping the African American community from reaching its economic potential. In truth, nobody really liked this kind of imposed fairness system. For whites, they felt the sting of an artificial system of judgment that was sometimes called “reverse discrimination”. While there was some justice that the white community got a taste for what it felt like to loose out on opportunity due to the color of your skin, it did not help the country in our goal of growing together to become one “color blind” community. Affirmative action was a mixed blessing for the African American community. While it did its job in the short term to opening doors that were closed due to racism, it is not the ideal solution. That is because it did not fulfill Dr. King’s vision of a world where a man is judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. We can hope that we will grow to that point as a culture and look back on affirmative action as an unfortunate but necessary provision to help us grow and mature as a truly integrated culture. PPPPP 682

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Casinos ou culture singapour attire les touristes

: Depuis que Singapour a rйduit ses exportations de composants йlectroniques, cette derniиre cherche aujourd'hui a dйvelopper son activitй touristique pour compenser. Pour cela Singapour mise sur ses casinos et jeux vidйo importйs. Selon le co-fondateur de Lonely Planet Guides, si Disneyland a rйussi travers le monde а s'imposer et а rйunir chaque jour des millions de touristes, la Chine peut espйrer alors prospйrer grвce а ses casinos. Toutefois, Singapour dispose d'un important handicape: elle n'a pas de Angkor Wat ou de Taj Mahal comme investisseur. Depuis longtemps, cette ville est surtout rйputйe pour ses innombrables centre commerciaux et ses promotions annuelles "Singapore sales". Vis-а-vis des йtrangers, Singapour dispose d'une image peu flatteuse en matiиre politique. En effet, elle est surtout connue pour ses passeurs de drogue, son taux important de vandalisme, ses coups d'йtat politiques et son interdiction de vendre des chewing gum. Culturellement parlant, son dйveloppement a surtout йtй refreiner par les multiples restrictions dont notamment la libertй d'expression et la censure de films et piиces de thйвtre.

Toutefois, avec la nouvelle gйnйration de chinois et l'influence des indiens et autres asiatiques qui commencent а voyager partout а travers le monde, Singapour a commencй а travailler sur le projet de nouvelles attractions, incluant deux nouveaux casinos ou encore un parc sur le thиme du Studio Universal, et un йquivalent des bateaux mouches franзais, mкme si aucun de ces projets n'est particuliиrement singapourien. Ainsi, Singapour se "dйmocratise" et se modernise avec l'ouverture de clubs et de cinй-clubs oщ l'on peut voir le film new zйlandais Lord of the Rings. De plus, la fameuse sociйtй de location de films Blockbuster a ouvert ses portes et l'on y trouve а Singapour nombre de films indiens de Bollywood, afin d'attirer d'avantage de touristes indiens. Ce mкme mois, quelques jours auparavant, Singapour a autorisй les courses automobiles йquivalentes aux cйlиbres Formule 1, espйrant ainsi attirer les touristes de l'autre continent. Citigroup, le groupe en charge de ce projet, espиre gйnйrer un bйnйfice compris entre $150 et $200 million par an, et montrer par lа mкme que Singapour a changй. Mettre un circuit de Formule 1 est une idйe brillante mais reste encore loin d'кtre une idйe typiquement nationale, ce qui, au final, risquerait d'enclencher une rйaction inverse а l'objectif tant attendu. Quant aux casinos, ces derniers devraient ressembler а ceux dйjа prйsents а Macau afin d'obtenir un bйnйfice de prиs de $37 milliards de dollars par an. Face а ce changement radical, la population locale reste sceptique, voir pessimiste. Pour eux, la mise en place d'un circuit de Formule 1 n'est qu'un moyen d'obtenir une publicitй gratuite.

Concernant les casinos qui devraient voir le jour d'ici quatre ans, ces derniers se sont rйunis pour signer une pйtition allant a l'encontre de ce projet, justifiant les mйfaits des jeux sur les familles et les joueurs compulsifs, en ajoutant par ailleurs que ce concept attirerait d'avantage la population locale que les touristes. Des intellectuels et reprйsentants de communautйs tels Paul Thйroux , romancier et йcrivain pour l'йquivalent du Guide du Routard, dйplorent cet engouement de la part de la ville. Pour eux, Singapour cherche а devenir une ville moderne et effacer toute son histoire et culture, pour faire place а une ville "que l'on trouve partout" , ce qui reprйsenterait йgalement la fin du quartier de Chinatown, cйlиbre pour ses magasins .

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The best kind of advertising

He was a little old man, and he was confused. All around him were huge, confusing technological marvels, and he had no clue what he was really looking for...or at, for that matter. I was on commission, so the higher-end merchandise meant a bigger commission for me. I began by asking him what he was trying to do. It was simple. He had a huge record collection (you remember records, right?), and he just wanted to sit and listen to Bing Crosby, The Andrews Sisters, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra...artists like that. This led to one of my next questions. Were any of the records 78's? Yep, he had a bunch of those. Well, in that time and place, the standard reply was that it was very hard to find anything that would play a 78 rpm record. Most people were looking for high-end sound reproduction also, so that cut out the few units that would play 78's. In talking to him a little more, I learned that he didn't care that much about sound quality, he just wanted something that would make Dean Martin sound like Dean Martin or Peggy Lee sound like Peggy Lee. I also learned that he was on a fixed income and didn't have much money, but, as he looked around at the systems valued at several hundred dollars, he made it plain that he was willing to pay whatever was necessary, but his means were limited. Well, after talking to him, I assured him that I had exactly what he was looking for, and walked over to a unit that was almost hidden behind a big entertainment center. The price was about $89.00 if I remember. It played 33's, 45's, and 78's, had good sound quality, had an AM/FM radio, played cassette tapes (I'm showing my age here) and it was light. He had also mentioned that he would have to get it in his car as he lived several miles away, and would have to get it in the house as well when he got home. This seemed to hit the spot with him. In fact, he became very excited. He had not been able to listen to his favorites for a couple of years apparently. It felt good to have helped him out even if I didn't get much of a commission on the sale, but I soon forgot about the event. A few days later, however, I came in to work, and one of the clerks called to me and said, "There's a guy over there who has been waiting for you all morning. He was here when the store opened, and said he would wait, even though you weren't coming in for a couple of hours." I looked over, and it was the little old man. I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something was wrong! He lived pretty far away, and wouldn't have come in unless something was wrong with the system. He saw me, and as he started towards me, he proclaimed in a loud voice that carried across the store, "Don! That system you sold me is GREAT! It's exactly what I wanted. I've been listening to my favorites for days. It was so easy to get into and out of the car, too. Thanks for thinking of that. I just wanted to come over and tell you how much I enjoy the unit you helped me pick out. Thanks for not pushing that expensive stuff on me. I know you didn't make much on the sale, so I really wanted to come in person and tell you thanks!" He shook my hand vigorously and walked smiling out of the store. There were several customers in the store who heard his remarks, and I am sure a few friends of his who heard similar remarks from him as well. Even if they didn't come to see me, I am sure some of them went to other of our company stores near to them. Flyers and newspaper ads are nice, but few types of advertising are more effective than the enthusiastic comments of a satisfied customer. Copyright 2005 Donovan Baldwin

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How to replace your sales script with a conversation

: The main problem was that sales scripts ended up cornering the person I was calling into a "Yes" or "No." And that made me feel sleazy and just fed the negative "salesperson" stereotype. It seemed too unnatural to pick up the phone and immediately pitch what I had to offer. I felt I was assuming way too much when the person didn’t even know me. Now I want to share with you how my entire approach has changed thanks to Unlock The Game. I spent one whole night studying your audio, video, and e-book materials from the Mastery program, and the next day the lightbulbs starting popping in my head. I realized I shouldn’t be putting pressure on the other person by trying to lead them to say "yes" to my product or business opportunity. I also realized that my mindset was backward. Mentally I was trying to get the appointment, but I was struggling to avoid using words that would give that away. And that was the conflict that was eating at me—I had a HIDDEN agenda, and the people I called picked up on the fact that I wasn’t being genuine. So I shifted my thinking to what you suggest: "Focus on getting to the truth of whether there’s a fit or not instead of the getting the sale." Once I began thinking that way, I realized that I had to first see if the person was open to the CONCEPT of another business opportunity before discussing whether they were interested or not. In other words, I had to take a step back on the call, be humble, and begin with a new opening phrase. So here’s how it goes: "Hi, my name is Ben, and we haven’t met yet." (This is great because it disarms any suspicion they might have about me.) Then I say, "I’m just calling to see if you’d be open to the IDEA of a different kind of supplemental business where can generate income with minimal capital investment." (When I ask if they’re open to the IDEA first, people seem much more relaxed and open to talking to me about it.) And that’s all I start with, because after that the conversation flows naturally to the end conclusion of whether we can work together or not. Now I don’t have to feel nervous about getting to the next piece of my script because we just move into a natural conversation. In fact, I’ve thrown out my script entirely and just begin the conversation as I’ve described it above. And here’s what tends to happen now: The other day I called a lead and used exactly this approach. The conversation flowed naturally and he seemed interested in the business opportunity. My first instinct was to try to "close" him as I’d been trained to do. Instead, I remembered what you said about not putting pressure on the person as you near the end of a conversation. So I used the natural phrasing you suggested and said "Where do you think we should go from here?" And he suggested we schedule an appointment to move things forward! I love this approach because I can sell without being aggressive! Also, people respond to me not as a salesperson but as a human being. I’ve had people book appointments and refer me to other prospects because they want to help me out. I’ve also found that when someone doesn’t want my products or service, I come away from the call with no rejection at all. There’s no doubt at all that my business has grown since I’ve been using your Mastery program. Sales Mini-Lesson Take-Aways Here are some key take-aways from Ben’s story that can help you get on the right track: * Change your mindset from trying to "close" the appointment to "opening" the conversation. * Throw out your linear, step-by-step sales script and create a natural opening phrase that doesn’t put pressure on the other person. * At the end of your initial call, don’t try to "close" for the appointment. Instead, ask, "Where should we go from here?" * Learn to think of yourself as a problem-solver rather than as someone who’s simply selling something. * Focus on creating a two-way dialogue rather than just making your pitch.

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Newborn colic

Colic in Newborns After nearly nine months of staying in the mother’s womb, an infant is finally brought out into the world. It is here that the job of both parents becomes challenging, as a baby will cry for more than three hours daily making it impossible to get the much-needed rest. Doctors refer to the long excessive crying of a newborn as Colic. Until now, research is unable to pinpoint why this happens. There are various theories that explain this. The first is when the baby ingests air during breastfeeding. Another claims that the infant is drinking too fast which leads to gastrointestinal pain. It is also possible that the food being eaten by the mother is the cause while some claim that the baby’s newborn’s immune system is not yet able to adapt to life outside the womb. Regardless of what caused it, doctors believe that this is very common among newborn children. This means there is nothing to worry about since this will gradually disappear in the next few months. Parents should take it as the first step in nurturing and caring for a child. Some believe that if this did not happen, the period of adjustment will be more difficult. There is single solution to take care of a colic baby. Sometimes, this idea will work while at times it doesn’t. Here are some of the things that parents can try to find out if it works on the child. 1. If the newborn is in the crib, perhaps getting it out and holding or rocking it in one’s arms can do the trick. Sometimes singing a song is effective, as the baby will once again fall asleep. 2. Making the baby burp after breastfeeding can also prevent the infant from waking up. 3. The baby may be hungry so it is time to breastfeed. If the infant is full and the arms are sore from carry, maybe going for a ride in the car or in the carriage can make it go away. 4. The baby’s sensitivity to noise can make it wake up again and cry. This can be prevented by not making too sounds. Playing a CD of classical music can help make the infant get enough rest. 5. Giving the newborn a warm bath can also help it stop crying. The parent should make sure it is not too hot because this could be too much for the infant’s skin. 6. It is never too late to give the newborn a pacifier. This will make the baby think that it is still sucking onto the mother’s breast when it is feeding time. 7. Since Colic is associated with gas pains, the parents can also try using Simethicone drops, which has been proven to be effective for making the newborn stop crying. 8. Lastly, the mother should make some changes in the diet. This is because the food being consumed may produce gas, which is converted to milk and passes to the child. Colic is nothing serious because it is not even classified as a disease or a disorder. It is part of the growing phase of becoming a parent until the newborn is able to stand and even speak for itself. This is just one of the many challenges that anyone will face should the couple decide to have a family.

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It service contracts recurring revenue is absolutely critical

One-shot deals are for amateurs. The pros insist on IT service contracts. Otherwise you’re going to have a whole bunch of people that call you once or twice a year and in the meantime, you’re sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring. You’re doing nothing proactive. They’re taking none of your advice. They’re doing no long-term fixes to make their networks any more reliable.

They’re doing nothing to improve their ROI or how they’re getting back investment on their IT investments. They’re doing no kind of strategic planning with you. Nothing’s making rhyme or reason, and you’re just waiting for the phone to ring. And when they want you, when they say jump, they expect you to be there immediately. One-shot Deals are for Amateurs. The pros are going to insist on IT service contracts. Whether you succeed or fail at this next fork in the road is going to come down to whether you have good IT service contracts and whether they are a big part of your business. So, how can you build a solid business foundation with recurring revenues? There is no basis for knowing that your company is going to be able to continue in operations for the next couple of quarters and the next couple of years if you don’t have that recurring revenue in the form of IT service contracts IT Service Contracts are Everything. That’s the value of your business. The recurring revenue is key. Everyone who’s in Virtual IT is to think long and hard about whether they even want to take on clients anymore who don’t want to sign their IT service contracts.. The recurring revenue is absolutely critical because those are the clients that are raising their hands and saying I want to have a long-term relationship with you. Those are the ones that allow you to invest and grow in your business. Without those kinds of clients, it’s very hard to plan growth. It’s very hard to make hiring decisions. It’s very hard to make any kinds of decisions on where your business is going. The Bottom Line about IT Service Contracts Think long and hard about only taking on clients who need a service agreement and who see eye to eye with you on the value of one. IT audits need to be as comprehensive as possible. Copyright MMI-MMVI, Computer Consultants Secrets. All Worldwide Rights Reserved. {Attention Publishers: Live hyperlink in author resource box required for copyright compliance}

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Trading in the forex market

Trading In The Forex Market Before venturing into the Forex market, you must have some pointers that need to be taken into consideration. Getting involved in Forex trading with little or no experience at all will just result in painful outcomes. You may lose most of your capital and become frustrated in the proce4s because you are thinking that it is so easy to make money. That is one of the common misconceptions in Forex trading. Though there are lots of money circulating, it does not necessarily mean that you can make easy money out of it. As every other endeavor in life, the rewards will came after you have worked hard for it. The key on mastering the Forex market relies on commitment, discipline, patience, and hard work. Forex traders are conducting transactions based on a set of rules. These are usually called a trading system. It will exactly tell you where you need to get in and out the market in order to make profit. One unwritten rule is following your system; make it as your daily code. Creating such system is the first step that you should take. You need to create a system that will fit your personality; otherwise you will find hard time to follow it. You can base your system on technical indicators like the mechanical system or based on experience and discretionary system. The next step is trying it on a demo account. It is an account with virtual or “play money”. It is an excellent choice in testing your trading system as there is no money at risk. You can figure out how your system will work as far as trading is concern. For how long should you stick to this demo account? It is advisable that you stick on it until it produced consistent and good results. You just need to be patient; remember that your goal here is to have a perfect trading system that you can use. While practicing your system in a demo account, you must be aware of your emotions while trading. It can affect every single decision that you will make regardless of what you are trading. Now you are on the go creating a live forex trading account but with limited funds. At this stage, you will now be seeing if you are really comfortable using your system. Remember that different systems can produce different results. If you obtain the same good results like you have obtained in the demo account, then you are ready for the next step. If you did not, then you might opt to create another system. Always remember that you need to do things right and always be honest to yourself. The last stage is the real one—trading in a real account with sufficient funds. In this stage you now have the confidence to yourself and to your system as well. You can now expect that your strategy will now produce consistent and profitable results. Only few traders are failing at this point. Being a Forex trader is no joke at all. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, discipline, and the necessary education. By completing the aforementioned steps, you have a chance to produce profitable results. But just be honest to yourself about the results obtained in every stage. Develop your trading strategy and be a successful Forex trader. Word count 562

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Market your cookbook

Divine recipes, luscious photographs – this is your first cookbook and you look forward to those big royalty checks. So what's your marketing plan for this book? What are you doing to increase sales? New writers often think the publisher arranges for all publicity. Not true. As the writer, you have most at stake so it will benefit you most to take a proactive stance when it comes to promoting and selling your cookbook. Much of the research can take place while you are planning and writing your book. Visit bookstores and study the cookbooks that are on the shelves. Note the different types of cookbooks and who are writing them. Discern which books are your direct competition for sales. Create ways to make yourself stand out. After your book is at the publisher but before it is released contact magazine editors, ezine publishers and website owners. Ask if they will review your book and wait for a reply before you incur the cost of shipping. Write articles or offer excerpts from you cookbook to magazines that cater to your audience. Tap your local newspaper for interviews and reviews. Pick up the phone and ask for a feature reporter (look for bylines in the features, lifestyle, or Sunday special sections) and offer yourself up as the subject of an article. Build a website using your name or your book's name as the domain. Take all those published reviews, articles, newspaper features and anything else anyone has said about your book and link to it, or excerpt it. You can also use quotes from reviews in any press release you send out. Once your book is published call bookstores as far as you are willing to travel and offer to do a book signing, cooking demonstration or reading. Do not give up. Keep calling and planning and promoting. Bring along giveaways to book signings. Have bookmarks, recipe cards, or notepads printed up with your name, website and book cover prominently displayed. Don't stop with bookstores. Check out cookware stores and gourmet shops that will stock your cookbook, and who might even welcome you to demonstrate your recipes on a busy Saturday. Ask all your friends to help spread the word by joining food-related discussion lists, setting up book signings in their local bookstores, and writing reviews of your book. Contact television and radio stations to see if they are looking for a feel-good news story or if you can be a guest on one of their shows. Having a new cookbook out or being a local published author is newsworthy, but how do you keep the marketing effort up long term? Find a way to connect your recipes with events. Dessert cookbooks are easily linked with holidays like Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and weddings. Healthy food cookbooks are great for January (New Year's resolutions), spring (getting ready for summer clothes) and right after a new medical report comes out about the danger of fat, meat, sugar, wheat allergies and junk food. If you want ongoing coverage from local, regional and national news media send out announcements on your expertise. Include any food science and nutrition background you have to widen your appeal as an expert. Donate your cookbook as a prize or to be auctioned off for charity. Not only will the lucky winner learn who you are, but so will all the other readers, listeners and viewers as the contest or auction is promoted for the weeks leading up to it. The key to marketing your cookbook is persistence. Try everything above, then go back through the list again and again. Marketing your cookbook successfully can be likened to making a snowball. You start with a few individual ideas, add on more each day or week, and soon you've got a snowball whose momentum will carry you, and your cookbook, out into the world.

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Blood pressure medications a concise guide

High blood pressure is unfortunately something that most people have to deal with as they age. This is especially true for the average person in the western part of the world. The national average for high blood pressure is approximately 24% in the United States with most other Western countries within close proximity of that number. Medication is the most frequent form of treatment outside of individual lifestyle choices. However, there are a wide variety of drug types used to treat high blood pressure and they each approach the problem in a unique fashion. A physician will prescribe the type of drug best suited for the needs of the individual patient. DIURETICS A diuretic is a medication that reduces the amount of water and sodium in the blood. The reduction in water helps to reduce the overall pressure on the walls of the blood vessels and as a result lower the overall blood pressure. A diuretic is usually prescribed in addition to another type of medication as opposed to being used a sole treatment by itself. Diuretics are often called “water pills” and the physician may refer to them as such. BETA BLOCKERS Beta blocks work to reduce the heart rate and lower the blood pressure by inhibiting the bodies “fight / flight” response. Essentially a beta-blocker blocks the ability of epinephrine and norepinephrine to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This action prevents the increased heart rate and high blood pressure, which is a direct result of that stimulation. The beta-blockers prescribed for high blood pressure have a calming effect and give the person a greater tolerance for stress. ACE INHIBITORS Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, or ACE Inhibitors, as they are commonly known helped to reduce blood pressure by preventing the hormone Angiotensin II from forming. Angiontensin II normally constricts the blood vessels as well as acting on the brain to increase the need for salt and hydration. ANGIOTENSIN ANTAGONIST Angiontensin antagonists target the same hormone as ACE inhibitors, described above. However, rather than inhibiting the production of Angiotensin II it blocks its effect on the cells of the heart and blood vessels. These medications are also referred to as ARB’s, which stands for angiotensin receptor blockers. This is a newer type of medication which helps to modulate the renin-angiotensin system which has a big role in maintaining the bodies overall blood pressure and the volume of blood in the body. CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERS This class of medications reduce the overall level of calcium in the heart which in turn reduces the blood pressure since the level of calcium dictates the force with which the heart pumps blood. Individuals with a weak heart (cardiomyopathy) are advised to not take a calcium channel blocker. ALPHA BLOCKERS Alpha-blockers bring blood pressure lower by limiting the nerve impulses sent to the blood vessels, which allows the blood to pass more freely. Whereas the beta-blockers affect the heart to decrease blood pressure, the Alpha-blockers affect the blood vessels. ALPHA-BETA BLOCKERS The Alpha-Beta class of drugs combines the effects of both the Alpha-blockers and the Beta-blockers, and thereby bring about lower blood pressure. See the descriptions for both to understand how they work. NERVOUS SYSTEM INHIBITORS Nervous system inhibitors work at the level of the brain as opposed to the circulatory system. Essentially this class of drugs reduces the nerve impulses sent the blood vessels thereby allowing them to be more relaxed which results in lower blood pressure. VASODILATORS A vasodilator works similar to many of the other drugs by relaxing the blood vessels and as a result lowering blood vessels. However, these medicines do not target the hormones or the heart directly. There are a large variety of these types of drugs and they act in different ways.

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Whipped shea butter its many uses

Shea butter, also referred to as karite, which means “life” has been used across the African continent for centuries. It hails from Central and Western Africa. It’s actually a nut fat, as it’s obtained from the fruit of the kernel. Shea nuts are picked by women, then par-boiled, and sun-dried for a week in order to dehydrate the nut. This increases their storage time. The next step is to crush the dried fruit, in order to remove the skin. When the shea butter is hand crushed like this, it retains all its numerous vitamins and minerals and the nutty, smoky scent is naturally preserved. The color ranges from off white to gray to golden brown to green, depending upon the maturity of the nut. It’s always refined at least once, in order to remove dirt, bits of gourd, or leaves, objects that would not be fun to apply to your skin. In Africa, shea butter is often used as a cooking oil. Shea butter can also be used as a hair conditioner, as a way to prevent sunburn pain, to soothe cracked, dry feet and hands, especially during those skin-drying winter months or for those of you who live in a dry climate.

According to noted soapmaker/author Susan Miller Cavitch, in her 1995 book The Natural Soap Book, writes: “Shea butter is gentle enough for babies and people with sensitive skin. It soothes and softens dry chapped skin, while nourishing all skin types. I have come to rely heavily upon shea butter for its effectiveness.” She was using this wonderful substance, and including it in her homemade soaps, long before most people in North America had even heard of shea butter! The texture of this life giving butter is smooth and creamy. However, since the early part of this century, a new way to make shea butter even more luxurious and soft is to blend it with high quality plant and seed oils in order to create a whipped cream like texture which glides onto your skin. Whipped Shea Butter can be made by those who know which combinations of oils and shea butter can be whipped together to create that natural moisturizer your skin needs and yet not be too heavy/greasy.

Properly made whipped shea butter is light, creamy and fluffy and resembles Cool Whip yet doesn’t need to be refrigerated. In 2003 Google’s search engine returned only 80 matches for whipped shea butter. Nowadays, it’s over 2000! However, for those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful product, whipped shea butter is always 100% natural, containing only shea butter and vegetable/plant/seed oils and an antioxidant such as vitamin E. It can be found unscented or with added fragrances/essential oils. Whipped Shea butter doesn’t have any type of wax, water, preservatives, or petroleum/mineral oils. Whipped Shea Butter is always light, creamy and fluffy, making it easily absorbed into your skin. This is one of the most versatile products available as it can be used as a hair conditioner, makeup remover, all-over moisturizer, softens cuticles, and always soothes dry or chapped skin. Lighter in weight than plain shea butter, whipped shea butter is a sumptuous yet economical way to pamper the body’s largest organ – your skin.

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Looking to lose weight

What are you doing to shed the extra pounds? Wouldn't it be wonderful to take a magic pill and let the fat melt away? The thing is, ephedra has been used to help people lose weight for years, but the weight doesn’t come off JUST by taking the pill! You have to work hard at losing your love handles, one pound at a time. You could follow in other people’s footsteps and take ephedra to help you along the way. It has helped millions of people in the battle of the bulge. The fact remains, if you don’t get moving and clean up your diet, chances are you are going to be disappointed with the results when you finish that bottle of ephedra.

If you are looking to take ephedra for weight loss, you also need to make a lifestyle change. Read on for some great suggestions and tips on how to effectively lose the weight, and keep it off. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Ephedra can help! On average, one pound of fat burns 2 calories per day. One pound of muscle burns on average of 50 calories a day. This means that if you add some resistance training to your workouts you could burn ALOT more calories thereby increasing your weight loss while not having to deprive yourself of valuable nutrients. Increasing muscle mass is key in the battle of the bulge. There is so much confusion on how to eat right, exercise, and lose weight. First of all, you need to be sure you are eating the right foods, often enough, and in the right portion sizes.

It is a good idea to find out how many calories you should be consuming in a day based on your body size, current activity level, diet and fitness goals, and also your gender. It is a good idea to divide meals into 5 or six smaller meals a day instead of the outdated three square meals a day. This allows the body to maintain a balanced blood sugar level throughout the day which will decrease cravings, making it easier to control your eating when you do sit down to your next mini meal. Consuming high quality foods will give you the energy you need to get through the day, maintain an exercise schedule and build muscle while you lose fat. Eating the wrong foods will not allow you to build muscle and lose fat which is what you want to do. Remember, one gram of protein or carbohydrates is equal to 4 calories. One gram of fat translates to 9 calories! Fat should not be eliminated entirely, but you must consume the “healthy” fats such as olive oil, or the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids found in fish such as salmon. You also want to ensure you are consuming adequate proteins to allow for muscle building. You don’t want to be losing muscle along with fat while you are dieting. Eating this way does NOT mean you have to give up the foods you love.

Moderation is the key. Recipe makeovers work GREAT as well! To begin building muscle, a training schedule of three weight workouts per week should begin. It is advised to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. It is also a great idea to find a personal trainer who can give you a few lessons on what muscle groups should be targeted, how often and in what order.

A trainer will also be able to offer invaluable insight into exercising using proper form to ward against injuries. If you are looking to only lose a few pounds, this kind of training and eating schedule should bring fast results. If you need to lose a little more weight, then a cardio session or two each week on top of the three weight training workouts per week would be a speedy way to increase the rate of weight loss. Remember, ephedra can help, but YOU have to make the change! Start today!

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When it comes to menopause you are what you eat

This Article May be Reprinted in it’s entirety provided the resource box is left intact with an active “clickable” link. Did you know that Japanese women tend to suffer hot flashes only about 1/3 as often as American women? Or that those following a vegetarian diet also complain of hot flashes far less than the rest of us? Of course, you don’t have to give up the steaks just yet – but doctors and nutritional professionals suspect that the difference is largely due to the use of soy products in the diets of these women, and several women have now realized that by incorporating some soy in their diets, their symptoms of menopause have abated considerably. In fact, altering your diet in small ways can have the greatest positive effect on your body as it transitions to menopause and beyond. For instance, by staying away from hot drinks, you’re not giving your body reason to “heat up” and produce a hot flash. At the same time, reducing your caffeine intake (which often comes in the form of hot drinks, including coffee and tea) will naturally help you sleep better at night, which will keep your mood and mental state healthy.

Lastly, replacing these drinks with water and juice will keep your bones and muscles well-lubricated, prevent osteoporosis from settling in, and temper your general aches and pains. We know it’s no easy task to give up coffee, but think of the endless benefits of this one relatively minor change to your diet. In fact, one of the most commonly complained about symptoms of menopause these days is the weight gain that seems to come along with it. Put simply, your body isn’t burning calories in the same way it once was, so if you don’t change your diet – even if it’s already a healthy one – you’re bound to gain a few pounds around the waist. Changing your diet now, simply by avoiding a few foods that are bound to make other symptoms worse, while increasing the foods high in certain vitamins while remaining low in calories, will help you to maintain your figure while giving your body the nutrients it needs to fight off some of the worst symptoms of menopause.

We’ll tell you which foods to add to your diet if you’re suffering hot flashes, vaginal thinning, aches and pains, or emotional symptoms of menopause. In addition, of course, we’ll share the secrets of which vitamins and herbs have been proven to keep your mind sharp and your bones strong as you age through menopause and beyond. For instance, foods high in potassium, including most fruits, will help you keep your mind sharp while promoting healthy water flushing throughout your body (which will reduce cramps and bloating), while keeping your muscles and bones lubricated and strong – including your needy joints and your thinning vaginal walls. In short, this is the time in your life when “an apple a day” couldn’t ring more true! Also, oily fish, including salmon and tuna, and vegetable oils, are often recommended by nutritionists for anyone wanting to keep their minds sharp. But these oils are also useful in helping keep your muscles from drying, while helping your digestive system. In fact, everything from Vitamins C and E to herbal remedies such as Dong Quai and Wild Yam Root are discussed in this book; remember, not only American women suffer menopause – you’re far from alone. Every woman in the world goes through menopause sooner or later, and we all have our own ways of treating the symptoms unique to us. We’ll explore the countless ways in which these small changes or additions to your diet will not only combat the unique symptoms you’re going through, but the ways in which you can identify these symptoms quickly to lead a healthy, long life far after menopause. But let’s talk about soy again, briefly. It’s been in the news, and for good reason, but where do you start? Many of us would buy a chunk of tofu, which, let’s face it, can be tasteless, but it doesn’t end there, and again, you don’t need to move to Japan to figure out how to add it to your diet. You don’t need to give up eating cheeseburgers to enjoy the occasional veggie burger, but adding some soy to your diet has made the symptoms of menopause much more tolerable for millions of women. If you’ve not eaten many soy products, don’t hold your nose just yet – in addition to helping your symptoms, you may find that you actually like it! Copyright © 2005 Dawn M. Olsen. All Rights reserved

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Get a massage in bradenton

Bradenton, Florida, just south of Tampa Bay on Florida's west coast, is a great place to get a fantastic massage therapy session. That's right, in addition to Bradenton's fantastic weather and abundance of fun things to do you can also receive a perfect massage. So, whether you go to Bradenton for a business trip, an unforgettable beach vacation, or a job related family relocation you should take the time to get massage therapy. Massage in Bradenton is widely available from independent State Licensed Massage Therapists, Licensed Massage Establishments, and several world class Day Spas. Massage in Bradenton is an experience that is memorable and enjoyable and something you'll want to repeat over and over. Whether your goal is to completely relax with a slow, soothing massage, relieve muscular pain and chronic tension, have a more comfortable pregnancy, or improve your sports performance Massage Therapists in Bradenton can help you achieve your goals. In fact there are several types of Massage in Bradenton. The most commonly offered massage techniques in Bradenton are: Esalen Massage - characterized by long, slow, Tai Chi like tissue lengthening strokes along with gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movement, sculpting of deep musculature, and cranial balancing. Personal attention takes precedence over pure technique. Swedish Massage - relaxing massage using gliding strokes, kneading, friction, and striking strokes along with gentle stretching and rocking. Deep Tissue Massage - massage of the deeper musculature and connective tissue to release chronic tension and pain. It's often a firmer massage that is appreciated by experienced clients. Hot Stone Massage - many people think that this is perhaps the most relaxing and luxurious massage you can get. Heated stones seemingly melt away stress and tension. Neuromuscular Therapy - a specialized, advanced pain relief technique targeting specific trigger points in muscles, tendons, and attachment sites. Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage - massage for the mother-to-be helping her to decrease pain and discomfort throughout the pregnancy. Lymphatic Drainage Massage - specifically used for decreasing swelling and edema as well as improving the circulation of the body's lymph. It's detoxifying and some think it improves the immune system too. However, in addition to the more commonly practiced massage techniques your Bradenton based Massage Therapist might also practice some other well known massage therapy techniques: Myofascial Release Trigger Point Therapy Sports Massage Medical Massage Acupressure Ortho-Bionomy Aromatherapy Massage Rolfing You might even want to try a special treat when you get a massage in Bradenton like Couple's Massage where a couple can receive their massage together in the same massage room with two massage therapists. During the couples massage each member of the couple can choose to receive a different massage from that of their partner. Or, for the true massage therapy enthusiast some Licensed Massage Establishments and Day Spas offer what they call Four Hand Massage, Duo or Tandem Massage, where you can be massaged by two massage therapists at the same time. Massage in Bradenton is also very convenient to receive. Massage in Bradenton is available on an incall basis at a Massage Therapist's office, salon, or clinic, in a Licensed Massage Establishment, or in one of many conveniently located Day Spas. Massage in Bradenton is also available on an outcall basis in your Bradenton area home, office, or hotel. No matter where you are in Bradenton a great massage is just minutes away. Massage in Bradenton is relaxing, stress reducing, pain relieving, and performance improving so get one today. You'll be glad you did!

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Wooden houses

РПаЎ±б>юя ')юяяя&яяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяямҐБ5@ рїкbjbjП2П2 "­X­Xк яяяяяя€2222222FЋЋЋЋўFэ¶єєєєєєєє|~~~~~~$іR”ў2єєєєєў22єє·є"2є2є|є|,8228є®рt ч6ЖЋЬ 8|Н0э8™ж™8FF22228™2L0єєєєєєєўўFF¤к¤ FFкPrimary keyword: Wooden, housesSecondary keyword: bricks, stones, chips, cement, wood, weather, floorings, longitivity, climate, construction, technically, castlesPage title: Wooden housesSub title: HousesA house is the abode of the human kind. A house is a place where people unwind after a hard day of work, relax and are just themselves. In a house there is no stretch and deadlines to be met. Owning a house is every man’s dream and a large part of one’s income is invested in buying a house for the family and own self . A house is a life time investment. A house is built basically of bricks, stones, chips, cement and of wood. yes there also exists wooden houses. Like the regular brick and cement houses wooden houses are also built on a laid plan but are not as concrete as the former one. Wooden houses are generally found in the hills and in the cooler climates. Tropical or rainy climate is not suitable for the construction of wooden houses. In cold and dry weather countries wooden houses are more common than in tropical countries where wooden houses will be a mere waste of money. Wooden houses are built with planks of wood joined together. Their plan and layout is technically different from that of the brick houses. Their floorings and walls are also done up of wood. The cost of maintenance wooden houses is much higher than the maintenance of concrete houses. Wooden houses are generally built in the area which are prone to earth quakes and land slides. That is because wooden houses cause less damage to life and property if a natural calamity strikes than the concrete houses. Therefore one is more likely to find wooden houses in the earth quake belts of the world. In the cold countries we are more likely to find wooden houses. The climate of such countries is suitable for building wooden houses. The dry and cold climate does not weather wood much and thus the longitivity of the house is maintained. Wooden houses are also warmer compared to the brick houses. Thus in cold climates it keeps people warmer as wood does not easily become cold and heat is trapped in the house. Wooden houses are expensive and have become a possession of the rich and famous who build wooden castles for them selves. People buy expensive wooden houses and farm houses which become the symbol of their aristocracy. No matter what the houses are made of when they are filled with the laughter of people it becomes a heaven for the family. 23PRVX_ajlw‚Ћђ›ќҐ±ІѕїЙКРТ зРї±РзРї±ї±ї±ї±ї±ї±ї±їзї±Рљ…sїb hќ3:h8ПCJOJQJ^JaJ#hќ3:B*CJOJQJ^JaJph)hќ3:hќ3:B*CJOJQJ^JaJph,hќ3:hќ3:5ЃB*CJOJQJ^JaJphhќ3:CJOJQJ^JaJ hќ3:hќ3:CJOJQJ^JaJ,hќ3:hќ3:B*CJOJQJЃ^JaJph/hќ3:hќ3:5ЃB*CJOJQJЃ^JaJph ҐїСТ 8 6ЌФ„къъъъшрррррррр$a$gdќ3:gdќ3:кэ 7 8 «ЊЌ Fѓ„кпЮНЮпЮпјпјпј hќ3:h‹|“CJOJQJ^JaJ hќ3:h37(CJOJQJ^JaJ hќ3:h8ПCJOJQJ^JaJ hќ3:h‰~ЈCJOJQJ^JaJ 1ђh°Р/ °а=!°"°#ђ $ђ %°њ@@ся@NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA@тяЎDDefault Paragraph FontRi@уяіRTable Normalц4Ц l4Цaц(k@фяБ(No Listк яяяя ҐїСТ86ЌФ„м ?0ЂЂ(?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂp?0ЂЂp?0ЂЂp?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ?0ЂЂ ҐїСм My0ЂMy0ЂOy0ЂOy0Ђ …ч к к кlw­ём м Тм м яяshraddhasunsoftL ћbе37(ќ3:Ђn^‹|“‰~Ј8Пя@к ШлЃк @@яяUnknownяяяяяяяяяяяяGђ‡z ЂяTimes New Roman5ђЂSymbol3&ђ‡z ЂяArial"q€рРhО‰ў¦­ўFzpzp!р ґґЃЃr4dе е 3ѓрH)ря?дяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяЂn^яя&A house is the abode of the human kindshraddhasunsoftюяа…џтщOh«‘+'іЩ0Њђ?ИФиф , HT`lt|„д'A house is the abode of the human kindf ho shraddhas thrahraNormalasunsoft2nsMicrosoft Word 10.0@zҐT@р§џc3Ж@Ж2ч6ЖzpюяХНХњ.“—+,щ®0hp„Њ”њ¤¬ґјДчд PERSONALsе A 'A house is the abode of the human kindTitle юяяяюяяяюяяя !"#$%юяяяэяяя(юяяяюяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяRoot Entryяяяяяяяя АFP#ч6Ж*Ђ1TableяяяяяяяяWordDocumentяяяяяяяя"SummaryInformation(яяяяDocumentSummaryInformation8яяяяяяяяяяяяCompObjяяяяяяяяяяяяjяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяюя яяяя АFMicrosoft Word Document MSWordDocWord. 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The importance of analyzing your home business competition

When you initially launch your home business venture, it is vital that you take a close and unbiased look at your direct competition so as to gain the insights that will be needed. This is probably one of the most key parts of your business plan, and it is often ignored bu would-be entrepreneurs, unfortunately. If you are set to launch your home business, the first step is to analyze your competition before your quit your day job. In fact, you will to set aside a specific duration of time at regular intervals to take a peak at your competition and gain crucial business 'intel'. A few of the areas you should certainly observe include their sales copy, their unique competitive advantage and marketing/advertising postion. Do not fail to look at any of these critical areas; it is indeed essential that you cover each one of them. Be certain to talk with your competition whenever you can, realizing that most business owners, believe it or not, really do enjoy discussing their home business ventures since they are so near and dear to their hearts.

Really, it is much like parents enjoy discussing their kids in many cases. Just invite another business owner to lunch and be sure it is on you. Obviously, you may be better off talking with an out-of-town competitor as you certainly do not want them to be defensive about another competitor close by. If your home business will be limited to a certain area, then go a tad outside of it. And be certain to use the power of the web to spy on your direct competitors. This is quite common nowadays, in fact. Such services as whowhere. com can be a big help, and there are quite a few other services out there to choose from. Another way to obtain this kind of information is to purchase from your competitors. You will then get their promotional print and/or coupons, and you will learn what they charge, which specific services that they feature and how comprehensive their customer service is. If they ship a product, you will discover whether or not they ship in a timely fashion. This knowledge could give you a competitive advantage. Furthermore, you may wish to check out the quality of the products for yourself. You will probably get additional insights that you never would have considered otherwise. If their venture is a service, you can easily witness the results on your own. It may be a good idea to be honest about what you are doing when you are going about this market research with competitors, as you will wish to avoid a bad reputation with them. Remember, Your home based business venture may start off rather slowly, regularly steadily adding customers as you become more established. Alternatley, it could take off like a wildfire, swiftly becoming too hot for you to handle by yourself. How well you analyze your competition beforehand will have a lot to do with either one of those outcomes.

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Water beds and bedding facts for consumers

Bed experts will be capable offering you quite a bit of decent niche information on topics such as obtaining the best deals on twin metal bunk beds and how to get yourself the best product guarantee when searching for a bed, their bed assistance will make sure you purchase the right item for your particular needs. Many bed specialists and other folk that might work with or have some involvement with beds can easily be discovered via the regional telephone listings, there should be numerous listings of people who are associated in some way with beds and such people could save you a considerable amount of your valuable time by assisting you with your bed focused issues. A whole host of bed related searches could possibly have led you to a bed or home furnishing associated portal, searches such as "find heavy duty bed frames" or "guides on adjustable king size beds", the real trick with any interior design portal is to go immediately to the site menu, if you do this you should not be side tracked due to bed guides that are not connected to the bedding product you need. A substantial number of bed merchants should be helpful and a small minority really poor, if someone needs local bedding guidance it might very well be best to send your local sources of bed expertise a brief email, make it as clear as you can and include something a lot like this "are you able to assist me with wood futon bunk beds or wholesale murphy beds", the contents on the email depend on what type of bed item you are mostly interested in. It is a fact that your town library can be an ideal place to obtain info on bed products, advances like the web can cause us to neglect the many other home improvement resources that are presently freely accessible to all of us, take advantage of such sources of free bed data, good bed product knowledge can very often be hard to locate. Most online bedding research can uncover a vast number of products, although good bed portals will often have a ton of bed items, this might often be really overwhelming, heavy duty bed frames, antique bed frames, todays consumers have so many products to pick from nowdays, it may then be difficult to decide the appropriate item to order. You should also be aware that bed experts and other people who might buy deal with beds can easily be found via the regional phone listings, you should find plenty of individuals who are connected in some way with the subject of beds and these people could save you a vast amount of your valuable time by assisting you with your bed focused inquiries. You will see that home furnishing listings are a relatively useful source of knowledge on numerous items such as twin futon bunk beds and full size loft beds, these type of directories can be located all over the net.

Online Water beds and bedding facts for consumers

Designing with hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are suited to both casual and formal environments; they feel at home with modern or traditional and will compliment the decor of both minimalist and eclectic designs. Hardwood can be classic, rock, jazz, country, or hip hop. Today’s State-of-the-art technology coupled with an almost limitless choice of stains, finishes, styles and designs makes hardwood flooring one of the most practical and versatile floor coverings available. Their beauty is enduring and like a fine wine, they mature with age. Nature provides the inspiration when designing with hardwood floors. The abundance of natural hardwood species provides a plethora of wood grain structures, each unique and each matching a particular dйcor. Oak woods contain a lot of growth ring patterns and knots, and are best suited to traditional and rustic decors. However, adding a high gloss finish can make them elegant enough for any formal dining room. Woods such as Maple, Walnut and Birch contain very little graining and lend themselves well to contemporary and modern designs. The aesthetic appeal of hardwood is also influenced to a large extent by mineral streaking, the presence of knots and shade and color variation. These features are also used in the classification of hardwoods. Clear – This grade of hardwood is free of defects though it may have minor imperfections. Flooring in this category tends to be very consistent with little mineral streaking and knots, also making it the most expensive grade. Select – This grade is almost clear, but contains more natural characteristics such as knots and color variations. Common grades (No. 1 and No. 2) have more markings than either clear or select and are often chosen because of these natural features and the character they bring to a room. No.1 Common has a variegated appearance, light and dark colors, knots, flags and worm holes. No.2 Common is rustic in appearance and will show all wood characteristics of the species. These grades have always been the least expensive, but the recent revival of the antique rustic look has resulted in prices skyrocketing. Performance is a very important aspect when selecting a hardwood floor. Some hardwood species are less porous than others, making them harder and less susceptible to staining. The Janka Hardness Test provides the relative hardness of numerous wood species used in flooring. This rating should only be used as a general guide, as the hardness is also affected by growth region. Plank construction and finish are also important factors when determining the durability of any wood floor. Plank construction comes in two forms, solid and engineered. Factors such as type of existing subfloor and relative air humidity will determine which floor is best suited to your needs. Great advancements in finish technology have resulted in floors that are less susceptible to scratching, denting, fading, and are easier to maintain. The addition of Aluminum Oxide to the surface finish has added a measure of performance resulting in a hardwood floor that, maintained properly, should never have to be replaced.

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Stock and options millionaire principles

: INTRODUCTION Having been trading stocks and options in the capital markets professionally over the years, I have seen many ups and downs. I have seen paupers become millionaires overnight… And I have seen millionaires become paupers overnight. One story told to me by my mentor is still etched in my mind: “Once, there were two Wall Street stock market multi-millionaires. Both were extremely successful and decided to share their insights with others by selling their stock market forecasts in newsletters. Each charged US$10,000 for their opinions. One trader was so curious to know their views that he spent all of his $20,000 savings to buy both their opinions. His friends were naturally excited about what the two masters had to say about the stock market’s direction. When they asked their friend, he was fuming mad. Confused, they asked their friend about his anger. He said, ‘One said BULLISH and the other said BEARISH!

’” The point of this illustration is that it was the trader who was wrong. In today’s stock and option market, people can have different opinions of future market direction and still profit. The differences lay in the stock picking or options strategy and in the mental attitude and discipline one uses in implementing that strategy. I share here the basic stock and option trading principles I follow. By holding these principles firmly in your mind, they will guide you consistently to profitability. These principles will help you decrease your risk and allow you to assess both what you are doing right and what you may be doing wrong.

You may have read ideas similar to these before. I and others use them because they work. And if you memorize and reflect on these principles, your mind can use them to guide you in your stock and options trading. PRINCIPLE 1 SIMPLICITY IS MASTERY When you feel that the stock and options trading method that you are following is too complex even for simple understanding, it is probably not the best. In all aspects of successful stock and options trading, the simplest approaches often emerge victorious. In the heat of a trade, it is easy for our brains to become emotionally overloaded. If we have a complex strategy, we cannot keep up with the action. Simpler is better. PRINCIPLE 2 NOBODY IS OBJECTIVE ENOUGH If you feel that you have absolute control over your emotions and can be objective in the heat of a stock or options trade, you are either a dangerous species or you are an inexperienced trader.

No trader can be absolutely objective, especially when market action is unusual or wildly erratic. Just like the perfect storm can still shake the nerves of the most seasoned sailors, the perfect stock market storm can still unnerve and sink a trader very quickly. Therefore, one must endeavor to automate as many critical aspects of your strategy as possible, especially your profit-taking and stop-loss points. PRINCIPLE 3 HOLD ON TO YOUR GAINS AND CUT YOUR LOSSES This is the most important principle. Most stock and options traders do the opposite… They hold on to their losses way too long and watch their equity sink and sink and sink, or they get out of their gains too soon only to see the price go up and up and up. Over time, their gains never cover their losses. This principle takes time to master properly. Reflect upon this principle and review your past stock and options trades. If you have been undisciplined, you will see its truth.

PRINCIPLE 4 BE AFRAID TO LOSE MONEY Are you like most beginners who can’t wait to jump right into the stock and options market with your money hoping to trade as soon as possible? On this point, I have found that most unprincipled traders are more afraid of missing out on “the next big trade” than they are afraid of losing money! The key here is STICK TO YOUR STRATEGY! Take stock and options trades when your strategy signals to do so and avoid taking trades when the conditions are not met. Exit trades when your strategy says to do so and leave them alone when the exit conditions are not in place. The point here is to be afraid to throw away your money because you traded needlessly and without following your stock and options strategy. (For a disciplined and proven approach to stock and options trading, please visit http:// mastersoequity. com/) PRINCIPLE 5 YOUR NEXT TRADE COULD BE A LOSING TRADE Do you absolutely believe that your next stock or options trade is going to be such a big winner that you break your own money management rules and put in everything you have? Do you remember what usually happens after that?

It isn’t pretty, is it? No matter how confident you may be when entering a trade, the stock and options market has a way of doing the unexpected. Therefore, always stick to your portfolio management system. Do not compound your anticipated wins because you may end up compounding your very real losses. PRINCIPLE 6 GAUGE YOUR EMOTIONAL CAPACITY BEFORE INCREASING CAPITAL OUTLAY You know by now how different paper trading and real stock and options trading are, don’t you? In the very same way, after you get used to trading real money consistently, you find it extremely different when you increase your capital by ten fold, don’t you? What, then, is the difference? The difference is in the emotional burden that comes with the possibility of losing more and more real money.

This happens when you cross from paper trading to real trading and also when you increase your capital after some successes. After a while, most traders realize their maximum capacity in both dollars and emotion. Are you comfortable trading up to a few thousand or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands? Know your capacity before committing the funds. PRINCIPLE 7 YOU ARE A NOVICE AT EVERY TRADE Ever felt like an expert after a few wins and then lose a lot on the next stock or options trade? Overconfidence and the false sense of invincibility based on past wins is a recipe for disaster. All professionals respect their next trade and go through all the proper steps of their stock or options strategy before entry. Treat every trade as the first trade you have ever made in your life. Never deviate from your stock or options strategy.

Never. PRINCIPLE 8 YOU ARE YOUR FORMULA TO SUCCESS OR FAILURE Ever followed a successful stock or options strategy only to fail badly? You are the one who determines whether a strategy succeeds or fails. Your personality and your discipline make or break the strategy that you use not vice versa. Like Robert Kiyosaki says, “The investor is the asset or the liability, not the investment.” Understanding yourself first will lead to eventual success. (To understand what kind of trader you are, there is a fun and easy to use psychometric test you can take at http:// mastersoequity. com/MOE_FREE_REPORT. htm) PRINCIPLE 9 CONSISTENCY Have you ever changed your mind about how to implement a strategy?

When you make changes day after day, you end up catching nothing but the wind. Stock market fluctuations have more variables than can be mathematically formulated. By following a proven strategy, we are assured that someone successful has stacked the odds in our favor. When you review both winning and losing trades, determine whether the entry, management, and exit met every criteria in the strategy and whether you have followed it precisely before changing anything.

In conclusion… I hope these simple guidelines that have led my ship out of the harshest of seas and into the best harvests of my life will guide you too. Good Luck. (I have stacked the winning odds in your favor and removed all possible amateur pitfalls for you in the Star Trading System! Join us now at http:// mastersoequity. com/MOE_sartradingsystem. htm)

Online Stock and options millionaire principles