Burglar alarm security system

The Advantages of a Burglar Alarm Security System A home could be the most valuable property for a lot of people. However, a common home does not typically feature drawbridges, ramparts, moats, and thick walls of stones which will serve as primary defenses from unwanted visitors. So, it is much better if you could make your home safe and secure with devices with fewer features yet is as effective. This is not a problem today since home security systems or house alarms have been developed to provide utmost home security. It enables homeowners to protect their homes from burglars and criminals. House alarms installation even leads to increasing the safety of a family as well as the property and belongings. Nowadays, the burglar alarm system has become a very efficient device with great demand. This safety alarm is being featured as an electronic device that contains sensors; it is connected to the main control panel either through a hardwire or narrowband RF signal with low voltage. When connections between the signal and the unit were made, screaming alarms are created to elicit response from those who will hear it. The sensors that are very common for burglar alarms are those which indicate the opening of doors and windows. The latest designed systems are chiefly hardwired to be more cost-effective. However, retrofit wireless systems are also more economical and quicker to install. Burglar alarm systems are created to serve different purposes. It includes alarm systems which can handle fire, intrusion, and simultaneous safety alarms. The features and designs range from built-in to small noisemakers. But there are available complicated designs that are equipped with hi-technology having a multi-zoned system that are computer based. Many of the designs being conceptualized are very portable and appropriate in protecting your house and even your vehicle. The burglar alarm efficiency will depend on the type of zone being triggered; zone's number, time within a day, and other installed aspects in the monitoring scheme. These systems are capable of initiating various actions or calling the fire department, ambulance, and police department immediately upon instructions. Well, you can try calling the product supervisor to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the burglar alarm. Other functions also include calls on the owner's provided telephone number lists to contact them in case of emergency and check if the premises are secured. Some zones are capable of making phone calls locally at the oil heating company for system inspection or directly contact the owner giving specific details about the area that are getting flooded. There are also burglar alarm systems being attached to video surveillance systems for instant remote monitoring. The desired outcome of your burglar alarm system causes a specified alarm output and quickly responds whenever the sensors identify valid conditions which have activated the alarm. The unit's ability in communicating back to its monitoring system is truly a crucial aspect for determining the efficiency of the alarm. Just remember that there are insurance companies as well as local government agencies requiring alarm system codes upon its installation. They can also acquire the third party's certification which inspects the quality and efficiency of your alarm systems. If ever you have an independent certification, make sure that it meets the qualification levels beyond promotions and offers of its dealers. This will ensure that your alarm system is efficient, reliable and have high quality. It is very important to obtain these qualities in a burglar alarm system to avail its advantages, but most of all, to protect you from unwanted losses in the future.

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How to create sizzling speech and book titles

Publishing Guidelines: You are welcome to publish this article in its entirety, electronically, or in print free of charge, as long as you include my full signature file for ezines, and my Web site address in hyperlink for other sites. Please send me a courtesy link or email where you publish to. Thank you. ___________________________________________________________ TITLE: How to Create Sizzling Speech and Book Titles AUTHOR: Sandra Schrift COPYRIGHT: ©2006 by Sandra Schrift. All rights reserved Format: 60 Characters per line ___________________________________________________________ How to Create Sizzling Speech and Book Titles Do you know the name of the book that was written in 1937 and outsold every book except the Bible? It was How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is a great title that is timeless because it focuses on two benefits that most of us want all the time: winning friends and influencing people. Another example: What’s Holding you Back? Thirty days to Having the Courage and Confidence to Do What You Want, Meet Whom You Want, and Go Where You Want by Sam Horn. The benefits are: having courage and confidence to meet and go where you want. Five ways to design your speech and/or best-selling book titles: 1. Use alliteration [the same letter starts successive words] Monday Morning Mindfulness Living Your Life Sense and Sensibility 2. Ask a question Are You Getting the Love You Want? Does Everything Get Better After Fifty? Have You Hugged Your Kids Today? 3. Write a Rhyme Niche and Get Rich The Cat in the Hat Be Funny and Make Money 4. Use words such as "How", "Secret", "Power" How to Succeed in the Speaking Business How to Write a Novel in 100 days or less The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret The Power of Now 5. The Rule of Three Monday Morning Mindfulness No Honor, No Guts, No Glory Shake, Rattle and Roll Tell me a Story After you craft your sizzling speech title, you then need to tell stories to your audience so that you grab and hold their attention. As an engaging speaker, you will want to relate your story to your content. Your own personal stories will make your content very vivid and interesting. Screenwriter, Robert McKee says, Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact. Most of us delineate our thoughts visually, so use very descriptive words to help the audience see what they hear from you. Use coaching stories that relate to the needs and interests of your audience. For example, if you are trying to enroll small business clients, tell exciting stories about how your satisfied clients benefited from your coaching sessions. It’s okay to be funny. If you think funny thoughts, you will live and relive your story as you tell your story. It is best to be in the now. Your words need to create an image in the audience’s mind so that they will remember your story. When telling your stories, be dramatic, maintain eye contact, use theatrical gestures, vary your tone and above all … Be a Model of Excellence!

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Secured loans what are the benefits

There are a number of benefits to taking out secured loans as opposed to unsecured loans. First of all, if you are a home owner and have the ability to offer security to a bank or other lender, then you will have a much better chance of getting credit. Lenders are always very worried about risk, and the biggest risk from their point of view, is that you will be unable to pay back the loan. Therefore, if you have provided them with some form of security, then they will be far more willing to lend to you. Your Credit History This is true even if you do not have a perfect credit history. The fact of the matter is that lenders will be willing to overlook your poor credit history simply because you have the ability to provide them with security against the loan. More Available Capital Another advantage of secured loans is that you will typically be able to borrow far more than on a secured basis. Most people will have a couple of thousand pounds in unsecured debt, usually from bank overdrafts, credit cards and perhaps student debt. Other than this, if you need to borrow larger sums, you will pretty much require security. And the value of the property that you have to secure loans against will set the limit to how much you can borrow. Less Risk Involved Because a secured loan carries far less risk for the lender, they will be willing to offer you far more attractive terms and conditions regarding the loan. So even though you are borrowing far more money, and require a much longer time for paying it back, you will have lower interest rates, less severe penalty charges and generally speaking, a more generous loan agreement. Conditions of a Secured Loan There are conditions attached to secured loans however. First of all, you must be a home owner in order to qualify. If you do not own your own home, you will not be able to offer the bank security and will not qualify for these loans. There is also the fact, that should always be borne in mind, that securing a loan over your home places your home at risk. If for some reason you become unable to keep up with repayments, then the lender will have a right to take possession of your home and sell it in order to recover the amount borrowed. Therefore, you should consider carefully if you can afford a loan before taking it out.

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How to find a professional editing service

A professional editing service will be one that meets the demands of the company or business, perfectly. To find a qualified editing service for your needs, consider the following services that they should be able to provide for you. While it is nice to search out a freelance provider, they too must meet the demands that you have for them. Here are a few things that are virtually mandatory for them to provide for you, the business owner looking for an editing service. 1. They should provide quality work. The work should be right on target and free from any mistakes. This goes for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation. The writer or proof reader must insure that there are no problems with the flow of the piece as well. 2. It should make sense from start to finish. It is important the piece flows, but it also must make good, logical sense. If the tone is off, the proof readers should be able to guide the copy into being correctly written. 3. It should be guaranteed work. For this reason, it may be necessary to double check work. Regardless, there is no point in looking to a company or a freelance agent who will not provide quality work 100% of the time. 4. The price needs to be right. Let’s face it. Sometimes it is nice to pay a lesser fee, but it is also important that the piece be of good quality. Choose a price that is lower but the quality of the work must stilll be high. It is either right or wrong in this case. 5. A good relationship should be forged. If you can not communicate with the freelance agent or the company, then you have no business with them. They need to be available to answer your questions and fill your needs. It can be difficult to find this quality of work, but it is necessary in order to have a properly written piece. To find the right professional editing service, you may need to check out several then decide.

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Let us see what a school management software school erp can do for schools

1. Complete organization of data within the school. Manual work most of the time is Redundant, Incomplete, Improper, Not available when required. Dependency factor is always high in this case. Further handling old files is difficult and unhealthy. Hand written data is sometime not readable. 2. Streamlining the educational process : The manual way of working gives us total freedom and flexibility …which results in a less protocol or standardized way of working. An IT solution helps in proper documentation and stardardisation of education process by setting up protocols for each and every process of schooling. We document and manage much more information than the manual process. Accessing the documented information is again a very easy process. 3. Effectively increasing the productivity and efficiency of the office management staff. Schools experience that the productivity of the same office staff increases after implementation of IT solutions. They can work out things well in time and are free to take care of the other smaller issues in school management. The same office work can be handled by less staff thereby allowing the rest of the man power to be deputed in other productive works. 4. Reducing the paper work to a great extend thereby making you eco friendly and the process cost effective. In a school since we manage information of thousands of users at a time against a number of transactions and activities, the paper usage in very high for collection, saving and distribution of such information. Moreover the multiple copies of the data multiplies the usage. An IT solution with a good mechanism for the information processing and sharing saves a significant amount of paper for the school which in tern in not just cost effective but is eco friendly as well. 5. Strengthening relationship with parents by maintaining a proper information system. Communication and transparency always play a key role in forming a healthy relation ship with parents and also add to their satisfaction. Properly working information system helps us making better use of parent teacher meetings as the crucial time of personal interaction is not consumed in just accessing the basic information and setting up the agenda. Some schools are also using their web sites and portals to keep their parents informed about the latest in the school and facilitating their knowledge sharing with smartly designed tools. 6. Saving a lot of Man hrs, which directly means saving a lot of money. Automation of basic procedures in school save a lot of man hrs which directly reflects to expenditure of the school. FEE, Admission, Payroll, stock 7. Increasing the reach and effectiveness of teachers by making them work on their core issue of imparting education instead of working on data management and admin related issues in the school and while at home. 8. Automation of important units like fees, library and stock can effectively eliminate any ambiguity and loss of property and liquidity of the school. 9. Reducing a lot of communication cost on various communication based processes in the school. If planned properly a single point school management solution. solution can eliminate redundant entry of data at various units in the institution. You can visit our school software website for more technical details.

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What do your business emails reveal about you

I am a huge fan of email. In fact, if you do business with me the bulk of our communication will not be through the telephone, but via email. Email is quick. Email is convenient. Email takes less time than long-winded telephone conversations.

Most importantly, email gives me an electronic record of my communications with clients, employees, partners, and vendors; which makes it easy for me to refresh my quickly-aging memory by easily referring back to our electronic conversations. As someone who receives and sends a couple hundred emails a day I have to tell you that I am constantly amazed at how poorly written and unprofessional most business emails are. I receive emails every day from fellow entrepreneurs that don't even contain full sentences. They are often rife with spelling and grammatical errors or typed in all capital letters, and sometimes, are virtually illiterate. One email I recently received from someone trying to sell me an expensive piece of equipment actually read, "tom-- what you think -- ready to buy?" First off, the name is "Tim" and secondly, what I think is: I will take my business elsewhere. Thank you, drive through. Why should you worry about how your emails are reviewed by their recipients? Because in business, you are constantly being judged by your customers, your employees, your investors, your partners, and your peers.

If your emails give the impression that you don't put much thought into the composing of the message or that you're too busy to be bothered or that you are a total idiot who can't even use a spell checker, what do you think that says to the person on the other end? Email is quickly becoming the business correspondence medium of choice for the reasons I covered above, and if you don't take the time to learn how to effectively use email in a professional manner, it will come back to haunt you. There are rules that should be followed when sending business emails. The website Email Replies gives 32 tips for email etiquette. Culling from that list and adding a few of my own, here are Tim's Top 10 Rules of Email Etiquette that every entrepreneur, executive, and employee should follow. Make It Short And Sweet An email isn’t a letter from camp, so don’t drone on any longer than necessary. Keep in mind that reading an email on a computer screen is harder than reading printed communications, so keep it brief and to the point. Use Proper Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation This is not only important because improper spelling, grammar and punctuation give a bad impression of you and your company, it is also important to make sure your message is not misconstrued. Emails with improper punctuation (a comma and a period every now and then would be nice) are difficult to read and can sometimes even change the meaning of the message. And, if your email program has a spell checker do everyone a favor and use it. Include a Signature Block In Every Email A signature block in an email is the same as the signature block you would use to end a letter. You should include your name, title, company name and address, telephone number, email address and website address. Reply Quickly This is my number one pet peeve: people who take forever to answer email. Fast response is especially important if the email is from a customer or contains time-sensitive information. Customers send an email because they wish to receive a quick response. If they did not want a quick response they would send a letter or a fax or talk to your voicemail. Each email should be replied to within at least 24-hours, and preferably within the same working day. If the email can't be answered in full immediately you should at least send a reply saying that you have received their email and that you will get back to them ASAP. Read Every Email Before You Send It There's no better way to embarrass yourself than through a hastily sent email. A lot of people don't even bother to read an email before they send it out, as evidenced by the many spelling and grammatical errors most emails contain. Apart from this, reading your email through the eyes of the recipient will help you send a more effective message and avoid misunderstandings and inappropriate comments. Do Not Discuss Confidential Information Sending an email is like sending a postcard. Once it leaves your computer, the end user can do whatever they want with it, so if you do not want a documented record of your comments or the information shared with others, don't send it. Moreover, never make any libelous, sexist or racially discriminating comments in emails, even if they are meant to be a joke. There have been court cases where email correspondence was used as evidence. That's a road you do not want to go down. Don’t Use ALL CAPS In email terms, IF YOU WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS IT SEEMS AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING, so please tone it down. ALL CAPS are hard to read and can trigger an angry reply if the recipient mistakes the intention of your email. Emails should be written in standard sentence style. Turn the Caps Lock off and back away from the keyboard. Avoid Abbreviations and Emoticons In business emails, try not to use abbreviations such as BTW (by the way) and LOL (laugh out loud). The recipient might not be aware of the meanings of the abbreviations and in business emails these are generally not appropriate. The same goes for emoticons, such as the smiley :-) and his depressed pal :-( . If you are not sure whether your recipient knows what an acronym means, it is better not to use it. Don’t Use Backgrounds or Silly Graphics I actually received an email from a fellow entrepreneur that had an animated smiley face waving a gloved hand in his signature block. If the email had come from Walt Disney I wouldn’t have been shocked. Coming from a small technology company, I had to wince. Not much to smile about there. Remember That Email Is A Formal Business Communication You wouldn’t send a formal letter to a customer that lacked a salutation, a well-thought out body of text, and a signature. You should use email in the same manner. A proper business email should be structured like a short letter. It should have a salutation, the body of the message, a sign off, and a signature. Next time we’ll discuss email issues that should be a concern to larger companies. If your company doesn’t have a formal email policy, you should. Tune in next week to find out why. Here's to your success,

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Wanted 20 000 workers recruitment crisis on boomer exodus

The estimated shortage of 10,000 workers across the ACT could double over the next three years when large numbers of baby boomers retire. Public service job cutbacks in Tuesday week's Federal budget, tipped to cost Canberra up to 3000 positions, is likely to have little impact on the capital's worsening skills drought. Today, The Canberra Times begins a three-part series on the extent of the ACT skills drought, which is worse here than anywhere else in Australia, and what could be done to fix it. ACT Chamber of Commerce chief executive Chris Peters said business growth in the territory had been stalled for 18 months due to insufficient workers. "About two years ago staff shortages were No13 on businesses lists of concerns. It's been No1 for about 18 months, so it is the major impediment to business growth." The ACT Skills Commission and the chamber's research shows the ACT will continue to be hardest hit of all Australian states and territories from a shortage of skilled and unskilled workers. Access Economics research shows the ACT's population is biased towards the 45 to 59 age group. The demographics report compiled for the Skills Commission says the retirement timing of this age group and especially those aged 50 to 54 will have an even greater impact on the ACT workforce than it will nationally. Access Economics expects increasing labour force participation rates up to 2010, with a reversal of that trend from 2010 to 2015 and a sharp reduction in participation after then because the main part of the baby boom generation will have reached the age of 65. ACT Skills Commission chairman Derek Volker warns that today's delays will become tomorrow's disaster when too few people are available to look after elderly folk. "It is not a skills problem, it's more a people problem and if we don't do something about it, it could turn into a crisis not too far down the track." Home Help Service ACT, a not-for-profit organisation that provides in-home support to the elderly and frail aged, could place 20 people immediately in its stretched ranks of carers. Canberra employers scouring the country and overseas for employees are competing with the remainder of the western world which is suffering a skills drought. Mr Peters said three factors contributed to the territory's exceptional worker shortage: Having both the lowest unemployment (2.4 per cent) and highest participation rates in Australia, which meant there weren't too many stay-at-home mothers, or unemployed, to fill job vacancies; The ACT and Adelaide had Australia's two fastest aging populations; and Older public servants in a former superannuation scheme had to retire before 55 to maximise their superannuation benefits. "Canberra has the highest percentage of public servants than anywhere in Australia and they retire a decade earlier than the rest of Australia." Mr Peters said Federal budget cuts in two weeks were expected to cause a net loss of 1000 people from the Commonwealth Public Service. At best those leaving would have wide-ranging expertise. "It depends on what the mix is I expect the mix will be fairly broad, which would be widely welcomed by the business community, but all of those won't solve our problem." Shortages are in all sectors, from engineering, health, trades, services and construction. Multinational construction company Bovis Lend Lease said employers were competing with unprecedented building in the booming Middle East countries, and project directors could command salaries of up to $300,000. Hays senior regional director for Canberra Jane Donnelly said financial controllers and managers on salaries of up to $100,000 and $130,000 were in demand following the meltdown of global financial markets last year. "Within the banking sector they are far more aware of the risk associated with certain products, they are seeking people with extensive risk analyst-type skills." Mr Peters said the shortage meant people were finding the service in places like restaurants, hairdressing salons and workshops slower. "If you have an accident driving home tonight in your car, typically your car will sit on the panel beaters shop floor for two weeks until they can get to it. That's now. In three years time that [timeframe] will double."

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Cisco ccna certification the joy of hex

Cisco certification candidates, particularly CCNA candidates, must master binary math. This includes basic conversions, such as binary-to-decimal and decimal-to-binary, as well as more advanced scenarios involving subnetting and VLSM. There’s another conversion that might rear its ugly head on your Cisco exam, though, and that involves hexadecimal numbering. Newcomers to hexadecimal numbering are often confused as to how a letter of the alphabet can possibly represent a number. Worse, they may be intimidated – after all, there must be some incredibly complicated formula involved with representing the decimal 11 with the letter “b”, right? Wrong. The numbering system we use every day, decimal, concerns itself with units of ten. Although we rarely stop to think of it this way, if you read a decimal number from right to left, the number indicates how many units of one, ten, and one hundred we have. That is, the number “15” is five units of one and one unit of ten. The number “289” is nine units of one, eight units of ten, and two units of one hundred. Simple enough! Hex numbers are read much the same way, except the units here are units of 16. The number “15” in hex is read as having five units of one and one unit of sixteen.

The number “289” in hex is nine units of one, eight units of sixteen, and two units of 256 (16 x 16). Since hex uses units of sixteen, how can we possibly represent a value of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15? We do so with letters. The decimal “10” is represented in hex with the letter “a”; the decimal 11 with “b”; the decimal “12” with “c”, “13” with “d”, “14” with “e”, and finally, “15” with “f”. (CCNA candidates will remember that a MAC address of “ffff. ffff. ffff” is a Layer 2 broadcast.) Practice Your Conversions For Exam Success Now that you know where the letters fall into place in the hexadecimal numbering world, you’ll have little trouble converting hex to decimal and decimal to hex – if you practice. How would you convert the decimal 27 to hex? You can see that there is one unit of 16 in this decimal; that leaves 11 units of one. This is represented in hex with “1b” – one unit of sixteen, 11 units of one. Converting the decimal 322 to hex is no problem. There is one unit of 256; that leaves 66. There are four units of 16 in 66; that leaves 2, or two units of one. The hex equivalent of the decimal 322 is the hex figure 142 – one unit of 256, four units of 32, and 2 units of 2. Hex-to-decimal conversions are even simpler. Given the hex number 144, what is the decimal equivalent? We have one unit of 256, four units of 16, and four units of 4. This gives us the decimal figure 324. What about the hex figure c2? We now know that the letter “c” represents the decimal number “12”. This means we have 12 units of 16, and two units of 2. This gives us the decimal figure 194. Tips For Exam Day Practice your binary and hexadecimal conversions over and over again before you take your CCNA exams. Binary math questions come in many different forms; make sure you have practiced all of them before exam day. The number one reason CCNA candidates fail their exam is that they’re not prepared for the different types of binary math questions they’re going to be asked, and that they aren’t ready for hexadecimal questions at all. You don’t have time to learn how to do in on exam day. You’ve got to be ready before you go into the exam room, and the only way to be ready is a lot of practice. Finally, make sure you read the question carefully. You’ve got hex, decimal, and binary numbers to concern yourself with on your CCNA exams. Make sure you give Cisco the answer in the format they’re looking for.

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Overcoming rejection

now that I am have swum a few laps in the online dating pool, I am cogitating another one of Karen's crackpot theories of life. it's about rejection. or not hitting it off. or not being compatible. or refusing to compromise. which could all be the same thing, more or less, depending on how you look at it. anyway, here's my theory: it seems to me that the intensity of the reaction a person has to a 'rejection' is inversely proportional to the trust they have in their concept of a higher power. stay with me one this one ... I think I can link it all up so it makes sense. let's say a person has little belief in anything more perceptive, orderly, or organized than himself. he does not pray or surrender or feel his connection to any type of creator/source/deeper order/life force. he relies only upon his thinking for guidance, and does not believe in any type of bigger picture than what he can perceive with his five senses. when a person with that consciousness thinks he has met his one and only, but she does not share his perception, then everything goes out of whack in his world. his life feels wrong, like it is departing from its path. he tries to reason with her, to convince her that she should stay, that she is making a mistake, because without her, his life seems empty. she may consider their plight to be a simple case of incompatibility in some important area, but he perceives a personal rejection, and feels as if there is something wrong with him that he needs to fix. I cannot imagine a more powerless and helpless position to be in than feeling like there is something wrong with you that will keep you from ever having what you want, and not knowing how or being able to force yourself to fix it. by contrast, let's look in on a person of faith, be it religious, spiritual, or contemplative/experiential. when she gets the memo that a new prospect does not feel the same kind of potential for a healthy and growing partnership that she does, her reaction happens on a different level. she may feel some grief or sadness, but she does not perceive his opinion as a statement of judgment about who she is. she does not go on a campaign to woo him back. she does not start a self-improvement campaign to fix all her flaws. she simply accepts that her time with him was brief, and her trust in a higher power allows her to relax, because she does not feel that she is at the wheel and took a wrong turn and had better get herself and him back on track. she trusts that the partner she is seeking will not require convincing. she surrenders to the bigger plan, knowing she may only have the capacity to see a step or two ahead of where she is, but never doubting that she will arrive at her destination. aware of the comforting and continuous presence of her inner guide, she does not feel alone, abandoned, or out of place. she lets go, and allows herself to experience her emotional response to the loss, and then moves on. so if I was going to give any advice to my fellow swimmers, it would be this: focus more of your energy on cultivating a relationship with a higher power bigger than your mind and senses, and less of your energy on finding your perfect match. then you can marvel in the graciousness of letting people come and go from your life, as they are wired to do, and you will feel the freedom to do the same. copyright 2006 karen alonge

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There is always hope for anxiety

Anxiety can be a life-altering occurrence. It can happen without our knowledge and can change a life forever. That is not to say the changes are for the worse. If we are aware, early on, that we are experiencing stress and dealing with anxiety then we have a great opportunity to promote positive behavior. This positive behavior can then dominate our lives.

There are varying effects anxiety has on the human body, mind and spirit. Anxiety can often times be a silent killer. Stress and anxiety go hand in hand and both promote heart problems, respiratory problems and can cause us to age more rapidly than if we were to have a healthier, slower paced lifestyle. Yoga, deep tissue massages, and even routine exercising can be beneficial in reducing anxiety. All it takes is a phone call, a minute of searching the Internet, or even a chat with your physician or pastor to begin the process of healing.

Once you have discovered on your own or been diagnosed by a physician that anxiety is the culprit for what ails you, the healing process is as difficult as you want it to be. Being in denial about anxiety is a step in the wrong direction. When you discover you have symptoms of an illness (serious or otherwise) and all physical elements are ruled out you must look long and hard at how you are living. There is part of us that most are not even aware of until our health plummets and we are forced to look more closely at how we live. Most of us can fully benefit by slowing everything down and easing up on what we cram into one day. Sometimes it is as if we have to fill each moment of everyday to the bursting point in order to feel as if we have accomplished something. Stepping back and doing nothing is a challenge. And it is challenge well worth the effort and one we must take into serious consideration. Slowing down is the first step to forcing out the anxiety that is easily accessible to all of us as humans. Forming a plan of attack on the urges and pitfalls that lead us further into the darkness of anxiety is essential. The war against anxiety begins with the acknowledgement that it exists. When you replace stressful, anxious behavior with positive, relaxed behavior you have the beginnings of a beautiful life.

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Which criminal justice degree is best for non traditional students

Non-traditional students are almost always those who are already employed and are seeking higher education to climb up the corporate ladder. Their main problem is how to get a degree of one’s choice without having to disrupt one’s existing situation. Usually that boils down to a single question: how to get a degree without having to give up one’s job and without having to relocate? Previously, before the age of distant learning and online education had come upon us, answering this question satisfactorily almost always depended on one’s luck. If you were lucky you could get admission into one of the night schools or evening schools in your locality, continue with your education and still maintain your job and without relocating.

But there was yet another luck factor involved – whether the particular degree you were looking for was being offered in night or evening schools in your locality or not. If not, bad luck. If yes, well you were lucky! Today that situation has changed dramatically. With distant learning and online education becoming more of a norm rather than an exception, almost anybody can get college degrees today without too much of a hassle. Of course, work and study you still have to do but getting the opportunity to do so is not such an issue anymore. All you have to do is to get admitted into one of the many online degree programs that are now available in almost any discipline you want -. from astronomy to zoology with criminal justice very much there in-between. Online degrees now enable employed people - people who have to continue with their jobs to maintain home and hearth - to try and become more qualified without disrupting the rest of their lives in any significant way. Today, online degrees are available for almost every single field within the broad field of criminal justice. These online degrees are best suited to meet the educational needs of non-traditional students, allowing them to continue part-time or full-time work. No on-campus visits are required. Participants in such online programs can learn about crime causation, criminal justice issues, forensic science, juvenile justice, law enforcement, courts, corrections, homeland security, law – you name it, you get it. And if you are careful about choosing the right online program, you can rest assured that the online degree you will get will be in no way inferior to any on-campus degree. Professional faculty members who are specialists in their own fields conduct online courses over the Internet. Non-traditional students can earn a degree in criminal justice online, from their homes and workplaces, and they can learn and earn valuable college degrees at their own time and at their own pace. Non-traditional students should, therefore, look at what they are presently doing, what degree can help them rise up the career ladder, which type of degree will enable them to cash in on their on-the-job training and experience to earn credits and reduce the overall time taken to get a college degree, which college or universities offer the best and most cost-effective degree in the subject of their choice, and so on, to take a call on which online degree they should go for. All that they will need is a computer at home or easy access to a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and the willingness to study and work beyond the basic demands of their jobs. For non-traditional students, online degrees in criminal justice that have some bearing on their existing professional calling are the best way out!

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About the ironman elliptical trainer

All About Smooth Elliptical Trainers More then likely you have heard about Smooth elliptical trainers as the Smooth elliptical trainers are not only one of the best selling elliptical trainers over the Internet, but also are one of the highest rated manufacturers right now. Smooth elliptical trainers are made by Smooth Fitness, who added several more models to their Smooth elliptical trainers product line. We are going to help you find out all about Smooth elliptical trainers and what makes them so great, so you can see why Smooth elliptical trainers are one of the hottest products out there today. The first thing that you will more then likely notice about Smooth elliptical trainers is the great price that they have for all that the Smooth elliptical trainers offer. Smooth elliptical trainers do not fit into a budget buy or expensive price range, but instead, the smooth elliptical trainers are actually mid priced. You will not find a Smooth elliptical trainer for over two-thousand dollars, however, you can compare the features of Smooth elliptical trainers to more expensive models form such manufacturers as Precor and see that despite the large price gap, they have many similarities. This is why you really get your moneys worth form Smooth elliptical trainers, because they can compete with other elliptical trainers that cost over three-thousand dollars. Smooth elliptical trainers have patented technology as well. You can adjust your elliptical motion based upon your height. This might not seem important, however by not having your bodies motion correctly aligned with the machine can actually keep you form burning off more calories then if your body was properly aligned with the machine. Proper alignment with your bodies motion also decreases the risk of a possible injury which makes smooth elliptical trainers safer to use then most. These features also add to why Smooth elliptical trainers are so great and also gives Smooth elliptical trainers an advantage over other machines. Some other useful features that you will find on Smooth elliptical trainers are electromagnetic braking, upper body arms which will help give you a full body workout, pulse sensors built into the hand grips, as well as having a high weight capacity. All of these features are what makes Smooth elliptical trainers so desirable by consumers. Another great feature is the noise control that smooth elliptical trainers have. There have been many satisfied customers who have claimed that the machine is completely silent. The reason for this is, is that Smooth elliptical trainers use whisper mechanics. The electromagnetic brake system also has no motor and less parts then regular brake systems, which means that the chances for the brake system to have problems is greatly decreased on the Smooth elliptical trainers. Not only do Smooth elliptical trainers have a very good warranty, but because of all of the fantastic features and the use of up to date technology, the Smooth elliptical trainers have received very good ratings. Because Smooth elliptical trainers carry such a high value for such a low cost, Smooth elliptical trainers are recommended for people who cannot afford the high end elliptical machines and are on a slimmer budget. With the Smooth elliptical trainers, you can get a high end machine at the fraction of the cost.

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Leverage balance transfers

The competition is alive and well between credit card companies, every company is working hard to invent new and exciting ways of attracting applicants to apply for a credit card with their company. No matter where you go, you will likely be given some sort of offer with any number of credit cards. For example, a credit card could inform you that they will offer you an unheard of interest rate with for an extended period, or another could offer you rewards of cash back on any item you purchase using their credit card. You will see these types of attractive advertisements often, you should bear in mind however, that even though these offers may sound extremely good, typically they do not offer these things for the consumers interest, instead they offer them to attract business. Consumers often benefit from the fierce competition between credit card companies. Studies show that the average United Kingdom resident owes approximately Ј1,140 in debt with credit cards. Typically, this is for one or more cards and each card will carry a unique interest rate. The competition has led companies offering credit cards to offer a balance transfer at a 0% rate, this is in hope that they will attract consumers to apply for their credit card and transfer their existing debt onto theirs.

You may be wondering, what exactly is a balance transfer? This is the practice of taking the balance you owe on one card and transferring it to another. Typically, this is done to help you save money on the amount of interest you currently pay on the debt. Now before you run out and apply for that credit card that offers a 0% balance transfer you should be aware that usually that rate is only a promotional one. You will want to make sure that you understand what the rate will be once that promotional rate ends, as well as understand how long you have to pay the payments interest free. Another thing you should do, is compare the cards that offer them, the reason for this is that one card could offer a longer balance transfer term than another. The ideal card will allow you enough credit that you will be able to transfer all of your existing debt to one card. This will allow you to have only one payment monthly with 0% interest. In essence, you will be able to pay the debt off at a faster rate because none of the payment is applied towards interest.

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Grill your steak the right way

No matter what you preference in a steak, maintaining good moisture should always be your goal. When searching for a good cut of beef, look for a cut with good consistent marbling. Fat equals flavor so very low fat content in meat will tend to dry it out and have much less flavor. You should not have to coat a great piece of meat with sauce just to get flavor, in fact you should avoid using a sauce at all. You want to see visible grains of fat running through the meat but not large pieces of fat. If you do see larger pieces simply trim them off. As you cook your steak the fat will melt and naturally tenderize the meat. After removing the meat from refrigeration seasoning the meat with generous amounts of salt and pepper. Many other herb and spice combinations can be added to your taste just be sure you have plenty of salt and pepper in addition to any other seasonings.

Allow the meat to come to room temperature before grilling. When grilling your steak first make sure that you have your grill nice and hot. This will give the outside a nice crust and will also help seal in its natural juices. If you fire flares up at any point, move the meat off the flame. While you want a hot grill, you do not want direct flame on the meat for any extended time period. The worst mistake that most grillers make is to continually flip the meat time and time again. Continually flipping the meat does nothing but cause the meat to dry out. Flipping the steak over and over does not make you a grill master, doing it right, does. In the end you will flip your steak 3 times which will mean you have cooked both sides twice for 3 minutes on each side.

For cross-hatch marks on your meat simply turn it 45 degrees when flipping. Total cooking time should be roughly 12 minutes. This will achieve a medium rare steak depending on how hot your grill is. Because every grill it different you will need to experiment to get the desired results. There is no exact way to tell when the steak is done. Without cutting the meat open and risking the release of its juices, the best way is to either press the meat to judge its tenderness or use a meat thermometer.

If you choose not to press the meat, you can use you hand as a guide. For instance if you take you index finger and touch the fleshy part of your palm right under your thumb, that is what rare should feel like. Conversely if you touch you pinky to that same part of your palm that is the consistency of well done. So from finger to the next starting with your index finger and ending with the pinky it would be: rare, medium-rare, medium and well done.

Herb rub: 1 tablespoon dried thyme 1 tablespoon dried oregano 1 tablespoon kosher salt 2 teaspoons freshly cracked black pepper 2 teaspoons mustard powder 2 teaspoons paprika 1 teaspoon onion Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. Brush the steak lightly with olive oil and rub in herb rub.

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Tradewinds 2

Tradewinds 2 is an adventure game wherein you get to sail to different ports and trade different commodities for money. Along the way you are bound to meet pirates who are out to get you. There are also ports which are inherently unfriendly so you need to capture them before you can dock. Your default ship can be loaded with a maximum number of canons and a variety of special ammunition. As the game progresses and you save up more money, you can opt to trade in your old ship for a newer, better one. There are several different ships available at different times. Each one has its own special abilities and it is up to you to decide if the trade is worth it. Buying and selling goods is quite simple at first glance but as you go along, you will realize that you can get more out of the game. For business-minded people, you probably will like the virtual experience of living the swashbuckling life of a pirate while making a whole lot of money. Hard core players have been known to keep a notepad beside them to note when and where to go to sell a certain product for the greatest amount! Well into the storyline, a trading complication is introduced into the game: contraband. Certain products will be considered illegal in certain ports and if you do not pay attention to such details, it might be your doing. You can also earn more money by doing special tasks for the governors. These tasks add to the flavor and complexity of the game. The graphics are not really spectacular although they are enough to give you a very enjoyable game experience. The game play requires a lot of reading as exchanges between characters are written down on scrolls. You don’t really get to hear them speak. If it were not for the background music and the awesome canon explosions, I would have to say that the sound effects are a bit on the lame side. The game’s system requirements are: 400 MHz processor; Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP; 64 MB of RAM, and DirectX 7. All in all, I would say that how much you will enjoy the game depends on you. You can choose to play it shallowly, without paying attention to the details. Or, you can be meticulous and enjoy a much better overall experience. I suggest you try the second one.

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What is narcissism

A pattern of traits and behaviours which signify infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance and ambition. Most narcissists (50-75%, according to the DSM IV-TR) are men. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is one of a "family" of personality disorders (known as "Cluster B"). Other members of Cluster B are Borderline PD, Antisocial PD and Histrionic PD. NPD is often diagnosed with other mental health disorders ("co-morbidity") - or with substance abuse and impulsive and reckless behaviors ("dual diagnosis"). NPD is new (1980) mental health category in the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM). There is only scant research regarding narcissism. But what there is has not demonstrated any ethnic, social, cultural, economic, genetic, or professional predilection to NPD. It is estimated that 0.7-1% of the general population suffer from NPD. Pathological narcissism was first described in detail by Freud. Other major contributors are: Klein, Horney, Kohut, Kernberg, Millon, Roningstam, Gunderson, Hare. The onset of narcissism is in infancy, childhood and early adolescence. It is commonly attributed to childhood abuse and trauma inflicted by parents, authority figures, or even peers. There is a whole range of narcissistic reactions - from the mild, reactive and transient to the permanent personality disorder. Narcissistic Supply is outside attention - usually positive (adulation, affirmation, fame, celebrity) - used by the narcissist to regulate his labile sense of self-worth. Narcissists are either "cerebral" (derive their narcissistic supply from their intelligence or academic achievements) - or "somatic" (derive their narcissistic supply from their physique, exercise, physical or sexual prowess and romantic or physical "conquests"). Narcissists are either "classic" - see definition below - or they are "compensatory", or "inverted" - see definitions here: "The Inverted Narcissist". The classic narcissist is self-confident, the compensatory narcissist covers up in his haughty behaviour for a deep-seated deficit in self-esteem, and the inverted type is a co-dependent who caters to the emotional needs of a classic narcissist. NPD is treated in talk therapy (psychodynamic or cognitive-behavioural). The prognosis for an adult narcissist is poor, though his adaptation to life and to others can improve with treatment. Medication is applied to side-effects and behaviours (such as mood or affect disorders and obsession-compulsion) - usually with some success. The American Psychiatric Association, based in Washington D. C., USA, publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR), 2000. Click here to read the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria for the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The international equivalent of the DSM is the ICD-10, Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, published by the World Health Organization in Geneva (1992). Click here to read the ICD-10 diagnostic criteria for the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The DSM defines NPD as "an all-pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration or adulation and lack of empathy, usually beginning by early adulthood and present in various contexts." The ICD regards NPD as "a personality disorder that fits none of the specific rubrics." It relegates it to the category "Other Specific Personality Disorders" together with the eccentric, "haltlose", immature, passive-aggressive, and psychoneurotic personality disorders and types. The DSM specifies nine diagnostic criteria. For NPD to be diagnosed, five (or more) of these criteria must be met. (In the text below, I have proposed modifications to the language of these criteria to incorporate current knowledge about this disorder. My modifications appear in bold italics.) (My amendments do not constitute a part of the text of the DSM-IV-TR, nor is the American Psychiatric Association (APA) associated with them in any way.) Click here to download a bibliography of the studies and research regarding the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) on which I based my proposed revisions. Proposed Amended Criteria for the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Feels grandiose and self-important (e. g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements); Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion; Firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions); Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation - or, failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious (Narcissistic Supply); Feels entitled. Demands automatic and full compliance with his or her unreasonable expectations for special and favourable priority treatment; Is "interpersonally exploitative", i. e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends; Devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with, acknowledge, or accept the feelings, needs, preferences, priorities, and choices of others; Constantly envious of others and seeks to hurt or destroy the objects of his or her frustration. Suffers from persecutory (paranoid) delusions as he or she believes that they feel the same about him or her and are likely to act similarly; Behaves arrogantly and haughtily. Feels superior, omnipotent, omniscient, invincible, immune, "above the law", and omnipresent (magical thinking). Rages when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted by people he or she considers inferior to him or her and unworthy.

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Beauty and fragrance look gorgeous every day of the week

When choosing women's perfume, facial make-up, hair care and skin care products, be sure to select those that best fit your personality and schedule. You are unique, and so are your skin tone, hair texture, and body fragrance. What works well for another might not work well for you. So, let your individuality come to life when choosing beauty products. Here's how. Skin Beauty -- Deeper than You Think! You've heard the phrase, "Beauty is only skin deep." But, is it really only skin deep? Let's delve beneath the surface and take a look at what's beneath the skin that you and others can see. Every day, you probably put at least a thin coating of foundational make-up on your face. Perhaps you use powder to remove the shine. Then, you put on lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, etc. You spray hairspray on your hair, and it most likely ends up on your face without your realizing it! All this beauty "stuff" clogs your skin pores. So to bring out the true beauty of your facial skin, you should take time each day to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. It's like giving yourself a mini-facial every day. Do this at night before going to sleep to give your face a break from the daily "beautifying" routine. Women's Fragrance Tips Find that perfect fragrance that works well for all occasions - work, parties, dinners, and even love and romance! But, be sure to choose only one fragrance if possible. Using two or three women's colognes can cause a fragrance clash if you're not careful. The scent of one fragrance can get into your clothing, skin or hair, and totally change the scent of the other. To choose a great women's fragrance, search for women's cologne or women's perfume that blends well with other beauty products you may use on a daily basis such as hairspray and shampoo, make-up, lotion, etc. It's best to eliminate all other fragrances if planning on wearing perfume or cologne. Choose unscented lotions and hair care products for the best results. Also, choose a women's fragrance that is subtle and pleasant. Your personal body space is within an arm's length from others. Beyond this point, no one should be able to smell the fragrance you are wearing. Choose a great fragrance that does not have a strong scent, and then wear it sparingly to avoid overkill. Where to Apply Women's Cologne or Perfume Dab just a little of your perfume or cologne on various areas of your body, from the feet to the shoulders. Since fragrance rises and disappears, it will rise from your lower body and become noticeable to those closest to you. Keep in mind that these things can affect how your body reacts to certain fragrances: diet, skin type, beauty products you use, clothing detergent, and your home's usual scent. So, try out your new fragrance at several locations to make sure it still has the scent you want. Buying Skin Care, Hair Care, and Fragrance Products The availability of beauty products has increased tremendously over the years with Web stores opening up everywhere online. You can often find all the products you need online - and at a discount. There are men's fragrance products such as men's cologne, women's perfume or cologne, skin care products, hair care products, etc. available that you can buy for yourself or as a gift any time of the year. Use these tips to find the perfect beauty and fragrance products for you - and captivate everyone that comes around!

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Do you have the balls do the fitness ball workout

Regular physical activity and exercise is essential in weight loss, weight control, and improved health. Exercise when incorporated into one's daily regimen may help reduce heart disease, cancer, certain types of diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. In addition, exercise may also improve brain chemistry and reduce anxiety. Because of its physical and mental health benefits, many people have incorporated exercise in their lifestyles. However because of money constraints, certain individuals are not able to go to the gym or purchase the necessary equipments. One of the best options these individuals can consider is using a medicine ball and fitness ball. These equipments which has become popular among many health and exercise enthusiasts.

A medicine ball is a heavy exercise equipment, about the size of a basketball or volleyball. This ball is often sold as five to 15 pound balls. This ball is often used for circuit training and plyometrics programs. The weight of the medicine ball allows exercises to be performed in a dynamic manner, or what fitness experts terms as explosive movement.

Medicine balls are often used by professional boxers to improve the strength of their abdominal muscles. Other athletes use this ball to increase core strength and improve the strength of their arms, chest, and leg muscles. Medicine ball exercises are most effective if training closely mirrors the movements within a sport. Things to be remembered in performing medicine ball exercises include: Perform warm-ups thoroughly before starting a medicine ball routine; Ensure ample space and a competent partner when doing drills; Medicine ball exercises, like other types of power training, should be done before heavy aerobic or anaerobic training if done in the same day; Do not choose a ball that is too heavy, replace it if it slows down the movement of the exercise; Complete one to three sets of eight to 10 repetitions for each exercise; and Take extreme caution when doing exercises that require standing positions and throwing the ball behind the head. Improper execution of this exercise may hyper extend and put unnecessary stress to the spine. A fitness ball, also known as Pilates ball, stability ball, Swiss ball, and gym ball is made of elastic rubber which usually has a diameter of 14 to 34 inches. Instead of exercising directly on a flat surface, exercising with a fitness ball provides instability that create tension to certain muscle parts. These muscles gain strength as they try to maintain balance. With frequent training, these muscles may become stronger and gain mass overtime. In addition, fitness balls works effectively while causing minimal strain or injuries. Many fitness experts reveal that fitness ball exercises, if executed wrongly may cause injury. Nonetheless, training on a fitness ball is one way of working out many hard-to-reach muscles. Adding a fitness ball in a fitness program may help surpass some difficult levels involved during exercise. Studies show that by simply sitting on the ball, stabilizer muscles are activated, these muscles are essential in improving one's posture. Fitness balls come in different sizes. Individuals who want to engage in fitness ball training should choose the correct size to achieve their health goals. The following list shows the appropriate ball size to height ratios: Ball Diameter Height 30 cm – 11.8” Under 4'6” 45 cm – 17.7” 4'6” to 5'0” 55 cm – 21.6” 5'1” to 5'7” 65 cm – 25.5” 5'8” to 6'1” 75 cm – 29.5” 6'2” to 6'7” 85 cm – 33.5” 6'7” and up Regular exercise coupled with nutritious diet are vital components of good health. Individuals who seek to improve their health should seek the advice of health professionals to maximize the effects of exercise and healthy food regimen. Obtaining the right information from experts is important to improve one's health. Good health is a lifetime journey and is one of the components of a happy life.

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Pourquoi vos enfants veulent voyager avec vous

Comme vous l'avez surement constate, les adolescents ont la facheuse tendance a rechignez pour partir avec vous en vacances. Pour cela, il vous faut vous preparer a un travail de longue haleine afin de les convaincre. Une fois l'adolescent convaincu, le plus dur reste a faire. Il faut alors lui trouver des activites qui le distraieront. Vous etes dans le Sud de la France par exemple? Ils ne savent pas quoi faire? Rechignent mais n'ont pas d'idees?

Car pour eux, les vacances ne sont pas un simple moment de repos c'est aussi le temps pour vous de decouvrir l'evolution peu ou pas remarque de votre enfant a cette periode, et de regler les problemes de comprehension entre vous. Bref, les vacances sont aussi l'occasion du rapprochement familial. L'objectif de cet article est donc de vous aider a trouver la meilleure occupation pour des vacances reussies a 100%. 1) Choisissez parmi les complexes tels les clubs offrant des activites distayante comme le golf, les spots aquatiques, tables de billards, tennis et basketball, et piscine. L'idee etant de partager ces activites ensemble et non separement. Les vacances sont le moment privilegiez pour regenerer vos relations avec vos enfants. Faites un effort pour decouvrir leurs loisirs, lectures, plat preferes et y participer, et decouvrir leur byorythme. L'une des options consiste a se rendre pres d'un lieu d'eau (piscine ou mer) et de prendre un balle et de jouer a l'aqua volley. Les tables de billards et les courts de tennis sont aussi une autre eventualite a prendre en consideration car le meilleur moyen de jouer avec ou contre eux. Les activites physiques sont a privilegier aux autres car l'effort physique est le plus rapide et le plus facile a executer. Cela leur permet d'autant plus d'evacuer tout le stress accumuler au cours de l'annee et de faire sortir leurs grieffs, de faзon а pouvoir se ressourcer avant la prochaine rentree scolaire. Mais ces activites vous sont toutes aussi benefiques car, en meme temps que vous decouvrez votre enfant, vous evacuer vous-mкme ce stress, qui vous rend alors plus disponible et plus a son ecoute et donc de redenir son "amie". 2) Les jeux de cartes, quant a eux, sont tres bons pour resserer les liens en fin de journee, lorsque l'effort physique se fait sentir. Prenez les avec vous lors de sorties piscines par exemple, ou en fin de journee avant les repas. Decouvrez leurs jeux favoris et apprenez en leur les regles comme le Blackjack ou du Poker. Attendez vous au depart a une reaction de mecontentement mais une fois impliques, rassurez vous vos ados retrouveront le sourire. Jouez y de preference une heure avant le diner. Quelques soient les regles que vous appliquez, gardez a l'esprit que vous etes en periode de vacances. Ne fixer donc pas trop de limites, mais n'autorisez pas tout non plus. Car meme en periode de vacances, il est important pour eux de garder certains repaires. Les deux extremes seriant tout aussi nefastes pour eux que pour vous meme lors du retour.

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Top 10 hangover cures

: The morning after the night before. You wake up on the floor of your room in the same clothes you wore last night and you can still taste the remnants of the takeaway you devoured on the way home. Upon opening your eyes you utter the immortal and too often spoken words “I'm never drinking again!”. The promise is made every saturday and sunday morning by anyone who has overindulged themselves the night before and you can gaurantee that as soon as the following weekend comes around these same people will be out drinking themselves into the same state. Of course I am referring to every drinkers nightmare – The Hangover. It simply drains the energy from you and turns you into a walking zombie. If like me you suffer with terrible hangovers then never fear because help is at hand.

I have prepared a top 10 list of hangover cures and remedies to get you back to your old self as soon as possible with minimal hassle. Cure Number 1 – The Hair of the Dog. OK so this is probably not the best way to cure the hangover. The last thing anyone wants to do after a severely heavy night on the town is to go back down the pub. This technique is simply a way of postponing the horror of the hangover by topping up the levels of alcohol already floating about in your bloodstream. This method is commonly used among students and younger drinkers who love to live the party lifestyle but beware it only postpones the inevitable. Cure Number 2 – Re-hydration This is a common mistake made among most people. Making sure to take on as much water as possible is one of the best ways to avoid a hangover. Around about 200ml of water per 30ml of alcohol is a good rule of thumb. Usually most people are either too tired or too drunk after their night of drinking and simply collapse when they get home.

So make sure you drink lots of water before you go to bed. It may mean several trips to the toilet in the night but believe me its worth it. Sports drinks are also a good idea. The taste might not always be any good but try and consume as much Lucozade, Powerade and any other “ade” you can find. Cure Number 3 - Food If you've got a steaming hangover get over to your local cafй and order a huge big fry-up. Protein is a good source of amino acids and a good hearty breakfast has loads, so you'll soon be on the road to recovery. Actually food is a good idea all round - before, during and immediately after drinking.

Food doesn't absorb alcohol, but it does increase metabolism, activates alcohol absorption, and increases the speed with which the body processes alcohol. You may not be able to keep any food down but as much as it might not feel like it it is helping. Cure Number 4 – Lots of Rest Going back to bed is an effective way to help your body regenerate and recover. The reason I say “go back” to bed is because simply staying in bed all day is not a good idea (unless you have found some poor mug to cater for your ever need). Make sure you get up, have something to eat and drink, maybe even have a shower to freshen yourself up. Only then should you consider going back to bed. Wouldn't you much rather be asleep for the pounding headache and the upset stomach? Cure Number 5 – Don't drink so much in the first place! I no it seems obvious but its true. Try and think about moderating the amount you drink during the night. Don't be conned by your mates or crack under peer pressure to have that “one more” shot or that “swift pint” before you go home.

Make sure you no when you've had enough. Cure Number 6 – Fresh Air and maybe some exercise. The second last thing you probably want to do is to crawl out from under your duvet and brave the sunlight. The last thing however would be to do any exercise.

However this is good for you as it speeds up your metabolic rate and processes the alcohol quicker. It doesn't have to be anything too strenuous just a simple walk around the block would be fine. Cure Number 7 – Headache Pills Some people swear by the notion that taking headache tablets before you go to bed is a great way to prevent a hangover or at least reduce the pain. Wrong! A better idea is to take a couple of headache tablets, preferably ibuprofen based ones, in the morning followed by a big glass of water then head straight back to bed. At least his way your head won't feel as thought there is a Frenchman living in it. Cure Number 8 – Don't mix your drinks. A good way to make sure that the hangover from hell doesn't come and invade your skull is to stick to one type of drink. Drinking spirits, lagers, shots and anything else you may get your hands on is not a great idea.

Its not big and its not clever. Cure Number 9 – Banana's Bananas have sugar in the form of fructose, they also have potassium, which is one of the things you lose a lot of when you've been out getting hammered. Bananas are also a natural antacid which helps with the nausea, and are high in magnesium which can help relax those pounding blood vessels causing that hangover headache. Cure Number 10 - Tomato's Tomatoes are full of antioxidants and vitamins and they're healthy so get munching. If you don't like eating tomatoes, drink them in a Bloody Mary.

You'll feel better in about 15 minutes. Bloody Mary -1.5 oz vodka -Dash of lemon (or lime) juice -Worcestershire sauce -2 or 3 drops Tabasco sauce -Pepper, salt and celery salt -5 oz tomato juice -Serve in a tall glass over ice If the idea of more alcohol turns your stomach why not try making a Virgin Mary, it's exactly the same recipe except without the Vodka. Special Tip Number 11 – The Sauna. This is a potentially dangerous method of recovery and will involve you having to set some sort of world record for the most glasses of water drunk consecutively. If you and a few friends take a trip down to the local sauna then stay in there for around 10mins (No Longer!) then you will sweat out all the toxins in your body. However you will have to drink as much water as you possibly can because you will obviously be dehydrated to begin with. Beware because there are some nasty side effects of you spending time in this sweaty environment. The place will smell of pure alcohol and sweat and it will not be pleasant.

This is about all the advice I can offer you except for good luck and happy drinking. You may reprint this article on your site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and the resource information remains intact. For the chance to attend a Christmas Party in London with a difference then check out the “One Night in Havana” extravaganza at the Vinopolis.

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