How to cure agoraphobia

Many people in the world have a disorder known as agoraphobia. This disorder brings on extremely strong panic attacks when in crowded places. Most agoraphobics eventually wind up trapped in bed or institutionalized. The definition for agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder. The main manifestation of the disorder is a fear of having an embarrassing situation that the person can not escape from Someone with Agoraphobia will sometimes have panic attacks when they are in a situation where they feel trapped, uncomfortable or when they are not in control or are too far away from their comfort zone, which are usually their homes. In extreme cases an agoraphobic may only be able to exist in only a room or two of their own home and may even become unable to get out of bed. Sufferers of Agoraphobia are often overly sensitive to bodily sensations and over react to everyday occurrences, like climbing a flight of stairs. The effort it takes to climb stairs can cause a full blown panic attack, because their hart rate rises as does their breathing. The sufferer may see this is the onset of an attack and actually causes the attack to start, instead of seeing it as a natural reaction to climbing stairs. With the invention of the internet many agoraphobics have found they are able to have contact with the world while still at home in their "safe place" and one thing that many agoraphobics have in common is that many of them enjoyed being able to gamble with other people in online casinos. Many doctors feel that online casinos is a great form of therapy for people suffering from agoraphobia because they can interacts with several people at the same time, and it gives them the ability to interact and be relaxed at the same time and in many cases the agoraphobic has been able to lessen their fears and eventually leave their home with the goal of eventually getting to a real casino with other people. But after October of 2006 when president George Bush Signed the Unlawful internet gambling ban into law he took away the best form of theory doctors have found to help Agoraphobics re-enter society. Doctors found that in games like poker and blackjack where the player's game depends on the moves of the other players; have a tendency to be better for patients rather then on online roulette or craps game, where you can easily have no interaction with other players. The interaction is healthy because the agoraphobic is not concentration on themselves they are actually concentration on the game and the other layers moves. For a sufferer of this disorder this is a huge step in being able to re-enter society, but unless the online casino ban is overturned doctors will have to find other ways of helping their patients.

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Magic cards

Magic has been around for centuries. It has even been associated with medieval times in stories of Merlin and King Arthur, which has made religious people believe that this was evil. And people who knew it and practiced it were considered to be heretics and were burned at the stake. Now who would ever imagine that magic has now gained a more favorable popularity? With more than a handful of famous magicians amusing innumerable audiences, magic has never been this much loved before. This popularity has made a lot of people yearn to learn some magic tricks. One of the most basic is the use of magic cards. A deck of cards is one of the most common props used by magicians. There are many forms of magic tricks a person can do with a deck of cards. Here's what one aspiring magician has to learn in manipulating magic cards: The first thing that a person must learn is how to shuffle. This is done using both hands and by having a certain amount of cards on each hand. Then alternately put one card over the other until all the cards are in one stack then putting them together to form a uniform pile. After that, one can start performing certain tricks that will both fool and amaze the audience. Some well known magicians can make a cigarette go right through a deck of cards while others can make a card float in the air with no visible strings attached. The most basic trick that anyone can master however is letting someone pick a card and after shuffling it, picking that same card the person selected moments ago. There are so many other tricks one can do with a deck of cards and all it takes is some time to get to know these tricks, practice it then show off to friends. Other than using magic cards, there are so many other tricks, which involve other props or paraphernalia such as a coin, a hanky, or even a small ball. The use of cards in performing a trick is merely an execution of various optical illusions and manipulation, which just goes to show that the hand is quicker than the eye. Cards can be bought at the local specialty store or ordered online. Sometimes these come with other special packages that will make tricks more fun to perform and watch. One secret that either a newbie or an expert can benefit on while using a magic card or just about any magic props is to not reveal the secret of how the tricks are done.

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Dodge magnum rt 2006 car review

The new Magnum is a great looking car that will get your neighbors talking as you rumble around the block. The unique styling of the Magnum will also attract gawkers in the form of 18-22 year old guys pointing for their friends to “check that out”. And a few people will approach you as you are filling up the gas tank to ask, “Does it really have a Hemi?”, with only a vague notion that it somehow makes the car better. The Magnum is offered with many different engine sizes (either a 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder) with your choice of horsepower output of 190, 250, 340 and 425. The price of the vehicle also corresponds with the engine size starting at $30,345 to the expensive STR-8 model for $37,320. A big part of the mystique around this car is the Hemi engine. The Hemi is short for hemispherical combustion chamber, which creates more efficient fuel burning and allows larger valves for better airflow. Basically, it produces more power than an engine with its displacement would normally produce. (There are also drawbacks to the Hemi, which is why it isn’t the only engine that Chrysler produces). The interior of the car looks much more expensive than you’d expect for the price of the Magnum.

Since Mercedes bought Chrysler, the Dodge vehicles I’ve sampled have had a sharp improvement in interior quality. While on the road, the car is very solid and the seats are comfortable even on long highway runs. As much as I like the looks, after driving it a while I really have to question the design concept that the Magnum offers. It is a station wagon built to transport a lot of people and a lot of stuff. But mating this with a powerful engine with the taught racing-like suspension is uncomfortable for both. It is like having a Corvette tow a small trailer, and you are in the trailer and the Corvette driver is 15 years-old, pushing the car to its limits.

(Only an actual Corvette has a much more comfortable suspension than the Magnum). Even driving on smooth roads, the steering is very darty and difficult to control. And with a large car, all that weaving and road feedback is exaggerated for the passengers and everything you’ve stored in the back. I like having a navigation system, but figuring out how to use it with the steering wheel controls made me frequently refer to the user’s manual. In spite of the high horsepower and low-end torque I played with when starting from a full stop, the RT model I drove averaged 20 MPG on the higway. What I presume to be the target market for this car, those 18-22 year-old guys that I mentioned, will probably love this car. And as much as I love driving sports cars, the darty steering and sharp suspension make it too uncomfortable without any spectacular payoff. The 0-60 sprint is fun for a little while, but I’d pass on buying a Magnum as a daily driving vehicle.

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Jeep commander stuck in a sales rut

Jeep, there is only one. As far as the Commander goes, it isn't living up to expectations. In fact, the model is flailing with sales levels well below what they should be. What's wrong with the Commander? Will DCX dump the model? Just months after its much publicized release, the 7 passenger Jeep Commander is a major disappointment for DaimlerChrysler to the point where it has become an albatross around the automaker’s neck. Stung with bloated inventories in excess of 100 days – an industry killer – the Commander is now commanding discounts of over $5000 per vehicle.

What went wrong? Plenty, especially if you read what the pundits and prognosticators have to say about the new Jeep. No vehicle introduction should be problematic however, as for the Jeep Commander this model has fallen well short of sales goals. There are many reasons why the Commander may be failing to live up to expectations including: High Fuel Prices – Gasoline pushing past $2.50 per gallon cannot help any SUV. With the Commander’s three thirsty engine choices, the price at the pump can be painful. Yet, the even bigger Chevrolet Tahoe is selling well despite high fuel prices. Dated Styling – Jeep mentions the Commander’s “heritage exterior design” as one of the chief draws for the vehicle. Take one look at the Commander, and the styling cues of the 1984 Jeep Cherokee quickly come to mind. While some vehicles successfully incorporate “the look” of an earlier model without copying the style, the Commander looks awfully like the earlier Cherokee, only stretched out. Personally, I find the style to be dated and awkward. Cramped Interior – Put the Commander up against the next biggest Jeep, the Gran Cherokee, and you will see that the interior space is just about the same. This is bad because the Commander comes equipped with a third row of seats so there should be more room. Many have complained that only two small children could fit in the last row which, incidentally, does not completely fold into the floor like the “stow ‘n go” feature on the DCX minivans. Overpriced – Fully loaded Commanders are retailing for well over $40,000. While this price range can be expected for the likes of a Yukon, Tahoe, or Expedition, it can’t for the Commander. Of course, the Commander is bigger than the Gran Cherokee which is priced just under $40,000. However, if you put the two models side by side, many would say that the Gran Cherokee is the better of the two. So, will DaimlerChrysler actually discontinue the Commander? That isn’t likely. Instead, look for big rebates to remain in place and production to be permanently cut back. For the long term, DCX will need to give some serious consideration as to whether the Commander will remain part of the Jeep line up. In my opinion, if it does, it needs to be seriously overhauled in order to compete in today’s marketplace. In all, the Commander is a costly mistake for the automaker. During these times of strong and aggressive competition, the Commander is a misstep that cannot be ignored by DaimlerChrysler. Goodness knows the Commander is being ignored by Jeep faithful who are spurning the model altogether.

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High gas prices inspire con artists

The high price of gasoline brings out the worst in some people. It also brings out the gullibility in others. A spate of rip-offs have been uncovered recently, all designed to take advantage of people's desperation to lower their fuel bills. Texas based company BioPerformance, Inc., was shut down in May for being an illegal pyramid scheme and marketing a "magic gas pill" that wasn't magic at all--unless moth balls are magic. Drawing on the desire for cheap gas at a time when gas prices are at record heights, BioPerformance claimed to have a "magic gas pill" that would increase fuel efficiency by 30% and reduce harmful emissions by half. In independent laboratory tests at the University of Texas and a university in Florida, the gas pills were discovered to be nothing but moth balls! Moth balls not only won't improve gas mileage, they can actually hurt your car's engine instead of helping it. Moth balls are also deadly to people, although the Bioperformance bottle claimed the pills were non-toxic. "These claims are bogus," said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. "The pill does absolutely nothing to improve gas mileage. The company is merely a smokescreen to trigger the recruitment of more and more paying members into what appears to be an illegal pyramid scheme.

” Along with promoting a product that is dangerous, BioPerformance was found to be an illegal pyramid scheme masquerading under the disguise of a multi-level marketing company. In legitimate multi-level marketing, profit comes from how much product a person sells; in illegal pyramid schemes, profit comes from recruiting more people into the program. According to the BioPerformance website, at the time the company was shut down, it had 4,500 members in Texas and $25 million in sales. All that was built in just five months, which goes to show how desperate people are to save money at the gas pump. You must be careful, there are very few product on the market today that will help you get better gas mileage. Bioperformance is one of the worst cases and fortunately, they've been put out of business and their owners are in serious legal trouble.

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Baby expense when money is tight and baby s on the way

: As you probably know, baby expense should be high on your list of things to plan for, before the baby comes. There is no cheap way to have and raise a baby: it takes sweat, work, lots of cash, patience, and more to have a happy, healthy baby. Some studies suggest that you will spend anywhere between $150,000 and $200,000 for your kids by the time they are 18 years old, not including private schools, special lessons, or college. But if you waited until you had enough money, time and energy to have your baby, you would probably end up without any children. Here you'll find a few ways to ease the finances, so that you can enjoy your new bundle of joy. 1. Get health assistance - if you don't have health insurance, and can't afford it, doctor's bills can ad up really easy. But there are options out there for people just like you. This baby expense will probably be one of your biggest, so don't be afraid to ask for assistance if your family needs it. 2. Breastfeed your baby, if possible. It's free, it's convenient, and it might help against breast cancer. It's recommended as being the best form of nutrition for baby. If you can't breastfeed, don't feel guilty.

Try to apply for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children): http:// fns. usda. gov/wic, a program designed to help middle and low income families with educational resources and food. You can also save money by buying formula in bulk, clipping coupons, and accepting free samples whenever they are offered. This is a baby expense you can't do without. 3. Diapers - Some diapers are better than others, but most are basically the same. Store brand disposable diapers can be just as good as the name brand, for several dollars less than their name brand counterparts. You can save even more, if you use cloth diapers instead of disposable. As with breastfeeding, it's a little more work involved, but well worth it. 4. Diaper Rash Prevention - instead of taking action after your baby got a diaper rash, prevent it with a drop of olive oil applied to their bottom every time you change their diaper: it works wonders (you should check with your doctor first).

5. Baby food - When it comes to baby food, a blender is your best friend: it will help you keep this baby expense at its lowest. Not only is it much cheaper, but it's so much healthier! Save the little baby food jars for quick trips, or special occasions, and give your baby pureed food made by you. You can cook a week's supply on the weekend, put the blended vegetables in the ice cube tray, for a few hours, and then place them in a freezer bag. Depending on your baby's appetite and age, you can microwave one, two or three cubes before meal time. It's quick, healthy and inexpensive. 6. Clothing - There is no need to buy expensive designer clothing for you little one. Do you think anyone will really notice that your baby is wearing Tommy Hilfiger? Babies look cute in anything: don't waste your money!

You can get most of your baby clothing at yard sales or second-hand stores. 7. Toys - they are big business, but you don't have to feel pressured to get the latest and most expensive models. My kids were happy with everyday items as their toys: empty shampoo bottles (make sure they are cleaned and rinsed very well before handing them to your baby), plastic bowls, plastic containers from food products (margarine, sour cream , etc.) that they could stack up, etc. Also, buy some toys that will help with your baby's development, are durable, and are age appropriate: a baby expense worth the money. 8. Wills - Get a will or update your old will. Name a guardian for your child and the trustee of your child's inheritance (often but not always the same person). Without a will, the court will name these individuals and also split up your assets in accordance with state law which may not be the way you would wish. Please don't try to avoid this baby expense: your kid's future might depend on it. A simple will that includes a trust for minor children costs between $150 and $250.

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Doctor notes a part of school

Fake Doctor Notes are becoming increasingly popular nowadays amongst teenagers due to many reasons. As you are reading this article, you might not realize that there are actually many teenagers out there who are desperately looking for time to indulge in their own hobbies. Why? This is because many teenagers are pressurized with their own respective study timetables, which leaves them almost a negligible amount of time for their own hobbies. Besides that, there are some students who are just naturally weaker in their studies. It is not due to a matter of intelligence.

But rather, it is a matter that these students who just need more time for revision purposes. To put it bluntly, there are many students who actually go to school on certain days to just kill time. Look at the following example: Jack is an excellent student in History and Math. Unfortunately, he is weaker in his Biology. He has a Biology test on Friday. However, he needs to attend school on Thursday which coincidentally has History and Math lessons as the majority of his timetable. Jack did not have enough time for revision on Thursday night. Even though Jack has tried his best, he still flunked the Biology test. If you are a student who belongs to Jack’s category, I empathize what you are going through. But now, with the increasing trend of fake doctor notes that are available online, it is possible for people like Jack to do well now. These students can have any day off as long as these students feel that they do not have sufficient time preparing for the examinations! Fake doctor’s excuses can be created after you have downloaded the template online. Once the students have given these “doctor notes” to the teachers, they are entitled to a day off and they can do whatever they wish to do! With the availability of such fake doctor’s notes, students are able to play truant to maximize their studying potential, engage in healthy sports or to even commit to their favorite hobbies once in a blue moon. Young children experts claim that teenagers should not be undergoing too much stress as this can be destructive to a teenager who is going through adolescence.

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Los nombres detras de las bandas de musica

Muchas bandas de mъsica son nombradas a partir de diferentes situaciones, personas o cosas que jamбs te haz imaginado. Aquн te contaremos todas las historias detrбs de las bandas de mъsica mбs famosas de la historia. Los orнgenes de las bandas de rock y seudуnimos de artistas son un misterio que te revelaremos aquн. Diviйrtete! 1) Los Bee Gees: Los hermanos Giba primero tuvieron en mente el nombre de " Los Rattlensnakes" para su banda. Luego tuvieron la idea de honorar las iniciales de los dos hermanos Giba y un amigo cercano y uno de sus primeros soportes, DJ Hill Gates, quien no tiene nada que ver con el fundador de Microsoft. Es asн como Los Bee Gees fueron nombrados luego de las iniciales Bill Gates. 2) Bob Dylan: Su nombre original es Robert Zimmerman, y era demasiado largo y ademбs el era un fanбtico de Dylan Thomas. 3) The Doors: Primero fueron nombrados Psychedelic Ranger. Luego fueron inspirados por una cita de William Blake: "si las puertas (doors) de la percepciуn serian lavadas, todo aparecerнa al hombre como es, infinito." 4) Elton John: Su nombre real es Reginald Dwight. Tomo su nombre artнstico de otros mъsicos britбnicos, Elton Dean y John Baldry. 5) Elvis Costello: Naciу llamado Decнan Patrick McManus. Cuando comenzу su carrera musical, adopto un alias creado por una combinaciуn de Elvis Presley y Lou Costello, simplemente porque representa lo opuesto de el otro Elvis. 6) Eurythmics: Su nombre es originado en un sistema de instrucciуn musical de 1890 que se focaliza en respuestas fнsicas. 7) Everything but the Girl: Se inspiraron en una propaganda de ropa britбnica que vendнa todo menos a la chica (Everything but the girl). La implicaciуn era que todo estaba en rebajas menos las cosas de chica. 8) Green Day: Si fumas marihuana y luego te relajas todo el dнa, has tenido un dнa verde (Green Day). 9) Guns and Roses: De los nombres de Axl Rose y Tracii Guns. 10) Marilyn Manson: El seudуnimo del lнder de la banda mezclo dos de las celebridades favoritas americanas: Marilyn Monroe y Charles Manson. Otros miembros de la banda usan los pseudonimos Ginger Fish, Twiggy Ramirez y Madonna Wayne Gacy. 11) Nirvana: En el budismo significa el estado de bendiciуn perfecta obtenida por la destrucciуn de uno mismo. 12) Pet Shop Boys: En la disco gay "underground" habнan los cuartos oscuros en los cuales no sabes con quien estas teniendo sexo. Una variaciуn son los Pet Shops: no sabes con lo que lo estas haciendo. 13) Queen: Una palabra que caracteriza a los travestis y la realeza. Connotaciones perfectas para el nombre de la banda en los ojos de Freddie Mercury. 14) Ramones: Una historia un poco "freaky". En el principio de su carrera, Paul McCartney se llamaba a si mismo Paul Ramone. 15) R. E.M: "Rapad Eye Movement" Movimiento rбpido de ojos, que es un estado de sueсo. 16) TLC: Las iniciales de los apodos de los miembros de la banda son T Boz, Left Eye y Chilli. Tambiйn sugiere los acrуnimos de "Tender, Loving y Care". 17) UB40: La banda fue desde un principio relacionada con temas polнticos y fue nombrada a partir de un formulario de desempleo en britбnico. 18) U2: Un tipo de aviуn espнa usado por los estados unidos, Bono explico una vez que U2 creciу de pensamientos de interacciуn con la audiencia... como en "you too" (vos tambiйn). 19) Velvet Underground: Nombrados a partir de un titulo de un libro de sexo desconocido que uno de los miembros de la banda habнa encontrado tirado en la calle. 20) XTC: Esta banda de punk fue formada en 1976 antes de que usar drogas sea popular. La banda habнa cambiado su nombre original Star Park luego de mirar a Jimmy Durante clip en el que dice:"Estoy en Йxtasis!" 21) Yeh Yeh Yeh: De acuerdo a Karen O, la inspiraciуn de esta banda de Hip hop vino de la frase Newyorkina que significa "Whatever".

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5 ways to raise capital for your business

Raising capital to start a new business may seem like a daunting task, but it need not be overwhelming if you follow a few basic business practices. If you have a viable idea that will net a return for your investors and prepare a compelling business plan the chances are good that you can find investors to join you. If you're thinking about getting outside or equity capital to help fund your business, there are some things you need to do first, that can make your business more attractive to investors. Follow these simple ideas, and you'll be well on your way to raising the money you need. First, always talk to a qualified business attorney (not your family lawyer). There are a lot of laws pertaining to how equity capital can be raised from the public, and the laws change often. You need someone who understands not only these laws, but also how to make sure that any business contracts are written to protect you and your business, especially the fine print. 1. Taking your company public. Although security laws in the U. S. have made it easier for companies to go public, and offer stock as a way to raise needed funds, this is still probably the most risky choice. It is usually not a recommended option for very new or very small companies. Because of the number of legal issues involved, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney beforehand is vital. There is also a lot of stress involved in running a public company, and a considerable loss of autonomy and control. Before making this choice, be absolutely sure that this is the wisest course of action for your business. 2. Getting money from relatives. Yes, it can seem like begging, and it's a difficult thing to have to swallow your pride. Surprisingly, in a recent survey, almost 30% of entrepreneurs said that they raised all or part of the capital they needed through family members. If this is your choice, make sure that you have your attorney draw up a regular business contract. When approaching family members, talk to them about their investment the same way you would any other outside investor. Tell them about how much money they can make, not about how much you need their help. And make sure that you keep to your end of the agreement. 3. Using your savings or credit cards. This is the most common way for entrepreneurs to raise needed business capital. Before choosing this method however, talk with your financial advisor. You want to look at the long-term consequences of using your savings, life insurance or credit cards, especially in the event that your business venture fails, or does not bring in the projected return on investment (ROI). If you do end up financing your project using credit cards, make sure that you shop around first, and find the card that will offer you the best rate and gives you the most "bang" for your buck. 4. Venture Capital and Angel Investors. Before even looking for venture capital, look at your company from an outsider's point of view. Ask yourself these questions: Does your company have a solid track record? (Most venture capitalists don't invest in start up companies). Does your company have the potential of becoming very large in the next five to seven years? (People don't invest in your company out of the goodness of their hearts. They're looking for a return on their investment -- the larger the better.) Does your company own a good percentage of its market, or does it stand to gain a large percentage in the next 12 to 18 months? (Contrary to popular belief, your company doesn't have to be involved in high tech to attract venture capital). If you can answer yes to the above questions, your next step is to find a venture capital firm whose ideals and goals are in line with yours. Your next step should be to look at your "circle of influence" and see if you know someone who can give you a personal introduction to someone at the venture capital firm. (People invest in people, not just companies.) 5. Potential or Current Employees. Surprisingly, one of the most common ways (especially for new companies) to raise equity capital, is by inviting your potential or current employees the opportunity to become investors. With this method, not only do you get a really committed workforce, but many equity employees are also willing to accept a below-market wage in the beginning (especially if you do the same). There are other benefits, but this choice is not without its pitfalls as well. Again, before going this route, talk to your business attorney, and put policies into place that plan for potential problems. For example, what do you do if an employee's work becomes substandard? Or an employee quits and goes into competition with you after learning all of the company secrets? Putting a risk management plan into place and considering all contingencies is your best bet for this option. No matter which choice you make in looking for equity capital, by planning ahead, doing your homework and following the advice of your attorney, you'll increase the probability of raising the money you need and making the relationship between you and your investors a profitable one.

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Here you re going to learn several ways to save money every month by lowering your monthly bills

Has debt got you down? If so, you’re not alone. These days getting into debt is easy. Getting out is not. Buying lottery tickets and hoping to “win the big one” is not the answer. No matter how much money you owe, and no matter how tight money gets, remember that life is too short to spend time worrying. Therefore, the real "secret" to getting completely out of debt is actually very simple: Make the commitment, then take action! If all you do is sit back and talk about getting out of debt, and just complain about how hard it is being stuck in debt - and never actually do anything about it - an amazing thing will happen... NOTHING! You won’t get out of debt overnight – after all, you didn’t get into debt overnight, either. But you can change the way you think. Our mind is very powerful. And when life seems to be out of control, the simplest thing you can control is how you think! There’s an old saying: “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results!” That’s especially true when it comes to getting out of debt! You need to start with small steps. Take out a notebook and write down your goals. Write down the small steps you will take to reach your goals. • Cut out unnecessary expenses • Think of inexpensive ways to have fun • Consider selling valuable items you don’t need • Get a part-time job • Start an online business Think hard, write down everything you think of, then decide which steps to take first. And most importantly, go ahead and do them. Nobody every got rich by sitting on the couch and thinking! Without making the commitment to getting out of debt, you never will. On the other hand, you CAN live the life you've always wanted. And if you make the commitment - and don't let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in your way - you, too, can live a life without debt!

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Is there any way to get out of debt

In this era where we are bombarded daily with commercials on television, radio, billboards, through email, not to forget the flyers slipped under the car's wiper blades while shopping at the mall, it's no surprise that so many of us find ourselves endlessly in debt to the services and products offered by others. How can we refuse, when we're baited with the juicy orange carrot of '0% APR' up to a certain amount or for a specified time, or 'no money down' and 'easy installments' of just so much per month? Before we know it, we're in debt. We have credit card payments, consumer loan payments, car payments, a home mortgage, and only enough money coming in to pay the minimum amounts each month. Then, we start noticing a different set of ads being directed at us from every marketing angle imaginable.

Get a home equity loan and pay off your credit cards, some suggest. Start your own home business using our 'unique, proven' system, and all your financial problems will be gone before you know it. But, are these really the solutions that most of us so desperately need? Far too many of us are as quickly bought by these financial rescue ads as we were bought by the ads that inspired us down the road to financial trouble. And, when we've tried more than one and found ourselves still dealing with monthly minimum payments or even possibly just finding ourselves deeper in debt for having tried so many systems, we end up asking ourselves what were doing wrong. Some who are financially struggling do take the route of taking a loan to pay off the loans already made with others, and get the instant gratification of available credit all over again. Or building a home business that does generate a positive return of some sort, giving them more financial freedom to spend freely on themselves and their loved ones. But, by doing this, are we really resolving the problem? And, what about those that don't have or want these options - regardless how many happy testimonials from clients are shared?

Not everyone owns a home or, for the ones that do, may be leery about the idea of taking out a massive loan to pay off many smaller loans. Not everyone wants to start a home based business, they just want the freedom that comes with not having a lot of debt every month. And, most importantly, the quick fix solutions to life's financial troubles doesn't give any insight into how we got ourselves into this financial situation in the first place, and how to avoid it now that we have the spending capital that comes with available credit again. So, for the many of us who are seeking a genuine solution to our financial woes, what is the answer we're looking for? The answer may be a lot closer than we think. It first starts with developing awareness of where our paychecks are going and to whom. Yes, the ol' balance sheet thing, where we keep a detailed log of our spending activities. And, where we determine by simple addition just how much we presently owe to those who have loaned us money for life pleasures and necessities. Now that we know where we actually are, we can now determine just where we want to be. But, just doing this doesn't solve the problem. Rather, we've managed to illuminate it, so what do we do from here? For starters, get the financial knowledge that we so desperately need to stop the growing cycle of debt building, and start eliminating the troublesome debts that consume our paychecks month after month. Fortunately, this knowledge is not that hard for us to find, if we know where to look. There are non-profit organizations advertising on television and radio that are devoted to helping people consolidate there debts, and this is a start. Other sources require a purchase of there educational media or encourage membership in their organization for a nominal fee, and the information provided can be more than worth the small investments if the teachings are taken seriously and applied to one's real life budget. Maybe the solution is literally as simple as the way one teacher on the subject puts it: "If you don't want to make the hole that you've dug for yourself any bigger, then stop digging!" Sure, this may mean having to do without some of the latest technological gadgets, or having to discipline yourself into putting a small amount of the monthly paycheck into a savings account. But, any step that will allow us to keep more of the money we've worked so hard for is a step in the right direction. Then, comes the focus on eliminating the burdensome debts that are already weighing us down. And, it may take awhile. But, isn't the freedom to do what we want with our money worth the effort and time? After freeing ourselves from the obligations to creditors and banks, the money once spent on debts needs to go somewhere. Maybe it's now time to consider investing this money into stocks or real estate or, possibly, even a business that in time will generate a positive return on our money. This, too, will require some education into the what and how of making wise investments. But, the information is as readily at hand for those who are ready as the solutions to relieving debt. Then, comes the need to assure ourselves that we won't fall back into the monthly drag of giving away our money to the advertisers that so diligently entice our attention. Resisting the urge to buy into costly items is one way of dealing with this. But, in a land of prosperity such as ours, is it really necessary to live frugally? There may be yet another way. How about buying the assets that will generate an income that we can then spend on these desired possessions? Not necessarily a novel or new concept, but.... How many of us struggling monthly with debts ever considered the possibility that we really have the opportunity to reach this point? Regardless our present status in life, what can we really achieve with just a little awareness, thoughtful planning, and the knowledge of what to do and when to do it? For those who are seriously looking, there is a way out of debt. And, though each person's situation may be slightly different, the steps that are outline above have been used and proven to be effective by countless individuals who live financially happy lives. Just check out their ads!

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The internet phone is all a buzz among technology buffs

Years ago, a telephone was dialed manually and it featured a handset that we used to talk to our friends and family. While that telephone still exists today, the internet phone is changing the way people talk - literally. An internet phone is a process by which voices are routed via the internet for, what is often, considerably less than the cost of a conventional telephone. An internet phone can process incoming calls, audio and video conferences, etc. In addition, the internet phone can be used anywhere that has the capability of connecting to the internet, including on a vacation. In fact, the internet phone allows individuals to travel worldwide and still be able to make or receive phone calls. Even with all of it’s benefits and the many advancements of technology, the internet phone does have a few drawbacks. For example, quality challenges are sometimes present as there may be delays or scratches in the connection. While conventional telephones are connected to reliable telephone company lines, internet phone users do not have the same advantage. Power failure does not necessarily affect conventional phones, but where an internet phone uses a modem to connect calls, a power failure could result in the loss of a connection.

The only exception may be if the individual has a notebook computer and operates his/her internet phone via battery backup on their computer. Another drawback to the use of an internet phone is the difficulty in routing emergency calls. In fact, some locations may result in an impossible connection to an emergency call center. There are plans in place, however, to correct the problem by implementing the technology that would allow successful emergency calls. The security of internet phone calls may also be in question as the majority of calls are not supported by encryption. This makes it easier for anyone to overhear or gain access to the conversation, even without permission or the knowledge of the talking parties. As the popularity of the internet phone continues to grow, the creators will continue to implement improvements that will keep their customers chatting. When the internet began years ago, nobody could have envisioned a day where faxes, phone calls and mail would be exchanged via the world wide web. Today, all of that has changed. Where there once was only postage fees for mail, e-mail is now free.

Where there once was fax paper and toner, there are now ways to deliver faxes directly to an e-mail box. And, where there once was dialing a phone, there is now dialing into an internet connection and video conferencing. As the internet expands with each passing day, the internet phone is sure to grow with it.

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Cooking jobs

Cooking Jobs Some may like cooking enough to do it for a living. Some cooking jobs may cover the titles of; apprentice cook dietary cook first cook grill cook hospital cook institutional cook journeyman/woman cook line cook second cook short order cook Most of these type jobs don’t require formal education and can be learned under another professional. The tasks involved with cooks in this area may include but are not limited to: - Prepare and cook complete meals or individual dishes and foods - Prepare and cook special meals for patients as instructed by dietitian or chef - Schedule and supervise kitchen helpers - Oversee kitchen operations - Maintain inventory and records of food, supplies and equipment - May set up and oversee buffets - May clean kitchen and work area - May plan menus, determine size of food portions, estimate food requirements and costs, and monitor and order supplies. - May hire and train kitchen staff Cooking for a living can be progressive and it may be something you find fulfilling. Knowing there is unlimited cooking potentials may keep your interest peaked. As you proceed to learn all you can about cooking, it is a good idea to have a personal goal in mind. Where would you like to be as a cook? Then don’t be afraid to pursue this goal. Cooking can be more than a job, it can be a part of your life.

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How to choose film for crafting scrapbooks

How to Choose Film for Crafting Scrapbooks Pictures make up scrapbooks, since the photos is what delivers a story. Of course, you need journals, lettering, titles, captions, dates, names, etc, yet the photos will make up your book. To create photos for scrapbooks it is wise to choose the proper film speed. Film as on its label the marks ISO and ASA. If the ASA mark has a high number behind it, the quality of film is good in particular settings only. For instance, if you were taking pictures outdoors where the sun is reflecting brilliant light, you would likely use the ASA 64 to 125 films to avoid sunlight exposure that affects your film. If the light is low, you would use ASA 400 to 800. If you are capturing movement, use the film with faster speed. The downside however, using this film you may pick up grit and the specific details may be lost. You could use slower speed to pick up the details, yet the film will not do well when picking up motion. Therefore, you need recourse. Medium film speed is in the range of 64 to 125. The film may blur motion, yet if you take a few steps, you can avoid blurring. For instance, if you are taking a picture of puppy, try holding the camera steady. You can practice a few steps to catch your puppy in action. Better yet, trying supporting your puppy against something to encourage stillness and quickly snap your shot. The fast speed film includes 200 to 400 ASA. If you are snapping shots in low-lighted areas, use this film. The fast film will capture motion and will not cause blurring. The best outdoors film where the light is glaring from the sun is the 200 ASA series. This film will not blur when capturing motion. When snapping shots try to make sure, the subject is relaxed before taking the picture. You can choose lighting also to catch special affects in your photos. For instance, lighting can catch background effects, including silhouette figures. The 400 ASA series is great for using in low-lit areas. The film is also great to use when you are snapping photos that involve replicated motion. The problem is when you enlarge the photos you may see course, or gritty background. ASA has the series 800 to 1600. The film works best in low-lit area. The 1600 series is best used in areas where darkness shadows low light. You may have course or gritty texture still. The day you intend to capture photos for your scrapbook, you should consider carrying along with you a variety of film for all occasions. When you start to take, your pictures consider props, backgrounds, position, directions, etc. If the subject is small, you want to move closer in position to snap your shot. Professional photographers often tilt their camera, change their direction, or angle and so on. Sometimes the photographer will stand, kneel, or sit when snapping shots. When you prepare to take photos for your scrapbook, try to work as a professional would so that you achieve the best results. Professional photographers use the “Law of Thirds,’ when snapping photos. The law states that you should move your, subject to the right or left third. This means you do not move the subject to the center at all times when capturing pictures. When you snap shots outdoors, you may want to use a flashcube. If you have one of the newer cameras, likely the flash is built-in. Work your camera so that you become familiar with the flash actions. When using “fill flashes,” i. e. the outdoor flashes make sure that your subject is at a distance before snapping the shot. (15 feet)

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The surefire way to get out of debts change your spending habit

I’m sure you have been told about the availability of debt consolidation companies, programs and services that can help you get out of your debt problems. Especially since these debt consolidation companies are growing and coming up like nobody business, with more American getting into debt problems nowadays. The ease of getting credit and loans certainly did not help American from getting into debt problems. But the biggest question is can these debt consolidation companies “really” help you get out of debts? Debt consolidation is only a method, or rather a system to help you get out of debts.

The ultimate work hard has still got to be done by you. Be honest with yourself now, Are you in debt because you overspend or because you spent beyond your capabilities? Well, it’s really a no-brainer: you will not be in debt if you don’t over spend! I’m sure you agree with me. And if you don’t know yet, overspending is a habit. To me, it’s just like smoking - a bad habit. Like buying gums to help you quite smoking, Debt consolidation companies is just a tool to help you break off your bad habit, the hard work has still got to be done by you. Take quitting smoking for example, if you think you have successfully quit smoking because you have make the first move to buy a quite smoking gum, you are just been naпve – period. It’s just the first step forward to correct your habit, and the hard work is yet to be done. Going back to debt consolidation, I’m trying to say that debt consolidation is only the first step to work back your financial health. You still got to put in effort, be discipline and keep to your financial plan such that you can clear your debts and live a debt-free life again.

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Tips on how to lose weight

Are you overweight? Do you want to gain confidence by feeling happier about your appearance? If these answers are yes, read on. These free weight loss tips could solve all of your problems. I had major problems when I was growing up, I liked all of the wrong types of food and drinks. I especially liked fast food, especially pizza, curry and chips. I was also rather partial to various snacks like chocolate, peanuts and crisps. I also drank large amounts of alcohol, this was something which would give me a boost of confidence. The result is that I have had an ongoing problem with my weight for as long as I can remember.

I realised that this had to change and in my early twenties, I decided to do something about my weight issues. As you may read, I eventually managed to reach a weight I was happy with, however even now aged thirty-two, I have to be very careful what I eat as I seem to gain weight very easily. During those first twenty-one years of my life, I had tried many diets, however I was always looking for a way of losing weight without having to resort to starving myself or by having to do huge amounts of exercise. I am sure you are thinking, haven't we all. I had other things in my life, which were a concern for me, I suffered with a stutter from the age of four, I had a bald patch on my head from birth and I was also quite short for a male at only five foot four. These combined with my worries over my weight affected my self confidence. To make myself happy, I would binge and comfort eat, which would only add to the problem. I would feel guilty for hours, after eating for only twenty minutes. By the age of twenty-one, I had had enough. I decided it was now time to attempt to lose some weight. I then went about formulating my own form of diet. I realised I had to cut out these wrong type of foods I was eating and to also drink far less alcohol. To say this was difficult was an understatement, however I knew that I had to be strong and to fight off my urges and cravings. I decided that life would not be worth living if I stopped eating all of these types of food and drinking the alcohol and this was the plan I had: Breakfast For breakfast I would eat properly for example, a bowl of cereal or a couple of slices of toast. Lunch For lunch I decided that I would also be good and eat something like a healthy salad bowl or some pasta. In between meal snacks It was obvious that I had to stop eating in between meals as this I believed was the main factor why I was overweight. Evening meal Lets have some fun, this was the meal where I allowed myself some pleasure as I decided that I could basically eat what I wanted to, including pizza, my favourite. For exercise I decided to ditch the car, wherever possible, and walk to more places. I also started taking my children to the park more often. At the park we would play games such as football, cricket and baseball. It is amazing how much weight you can lose by having fun. These things in time helped me to lose a lot of my excess weight.

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Magic diet pill coming

Have you heard of the over the counter diet pill Orlistat? A joint FDA advisory committee voted 11-3 to recommend approval of this diet aid. The agency usually follows the recommendations of its outside panels of experts, but the final decision is still to come and could take months. In that time, people should consider the facts and their options regarding weight loss. Orlistat is a fat blocking pill that will be obtained without a doctor’s prescription. Its action is to render 25% of one’s fat intake indigestible and therefore it is eliminated. Unfortunately, the ‘elimination’ of the undigested fat is somewhat unpleasant: oily, slick stools, diarrhea, and anal spotting. Does 25% less calorie digestion really sound worth it? Is this just another way for drug companies to make millions of dollars while taking advantage of people’s need to be slim? Is there really a magic formula to obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight? Why is it that people don’t want to hear that the old ‘tried and true’ method of pushing away from the table and exercise? Have we become so lazy?

It seems that anything worthwhile is worth working for. People put more time, effort and money into maintaining their vehicle than their own body, which is irreplaceable. When something goes wrong with one’s vehicle, it’s relatively easy to fix it up or replace it. The human body, as amazing machine as it is, can only take so much abuse before it shuts down. It’s time people start to put the same effort into their own health. Not only would individuals benefit, but the collective benefit as a community of health care users would be substantial. In the time it would take to visit the washroom several times a day while using this diet pill, one could make a significant caloric expenditure in the form of exercise. See the following chart for an example of ways to burn calories: Activity (10 minutes) 123 lb. female 170 lb. male Cycling (5.5 mph) 36 49 Cycling (9.4 mph) 56 74 Running (8 min/mile) 113 150 Running (11.5 min/mile) 76 100 Stairmaster 88 122 Walking (3.5 mph) 45 59 X country skiing 80 106 Rope jumping (slow) 82 116 Rope jumping (fast) 100 142 Call me crazy, but I think I would enjoy some of these activities far more than sitting on the commode. This exercise, coupled with sensible eating could make a real difference in a person’s long-term health. Orlistat is recommended to be used for six month intervals, however, many people believe if a little of something is good, more is better. The potential for the abuse of this drug is high given some people’s compulsion to be thin. It seems there is a serious lack of common sense and self-control. Our grandparents, who perhaps lived a more physical life without many of the modern conveniences of today, had the right idea in terms of maintaining a healthy weight. It’s not rocket science. If one eats too much, one cannot look like a supermodel. If one moderates eating and does some exercise, one has a fighting chance to look their best. If you are considering the use of this drug once it hits the market, perhaps you should think again. In the time before its available, do yourself a favor and try to change your lifestyle to incorporate more healthy habits. The use of Orlistat does nothing to address the root of the obesity problem. See what you can do with your body and its composition prior to going to the drastic measures this drug suggests. Find something enjoyable in the form of exercise and see how you feel. My clients often tell me that the main reason they are sticking to their new routine is how great they are feeling. The additional benefit of exercise is how their body composition and weight is changing. If you are seriously considering a lifestyle change and don’t know where to start, perhaps consult your doctor or a personal trainer to get you on the right track.

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The air of home

In the chilly days of winter and early spring, we tend to spend more time indoors, shutting doors and windows against the frosty chill. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that the air in our homes is constantly under attack, and without the stabilization and freshness of outside ventilation in winter, it becomes, not only stuffy and stale, but downright dangerous. Many unnoticeable factors contribute to this toxic air. Consider a quiet room with peaceful music playing, soft candlelight, and fragrance soothing the air. Sound inviting? Unfortunately, candles, especially if they are scented, release toxic soot, carcinogens, and even lead (from wire wicks), that flood the air with enough pollution to ruin computers and furnishings, as well as affect breathing. For people with asthma, lung, or heart disease, the damage is even more pronounced. Fragrance oil candles and container candles don’t burn cleanly and are even more dangerous than open-flame candles. If you must burn candles, choose unscented candles with no petroleum products and wire-free wicks. For aromatherapy, choose diffusers and enjoy cleaner air. Another unsuspected source of air pollution is the family pet. Pet dander (skin flakes) is a nearly invisible pollution that your pet releases as it grooms, releasing dander and proteins from saliva into the air. Bath pet frequently, using dander-reducing shampoo and follow up with an anti-dander spray. Dust home surfaces and vacuum frequently. Use a vacuum that does not release dust back into the air. It is wise to wear a dust mask when cleaning. A clean pet and a dust-free home will help both pet and family to be healthier. Speaking of dust, it contains another invisible pollutant that invades every home . . . microscopic bugs called dust mites. Feasting on shed human and animal skin cells, these fecal-producing dust mites thrive in warm and humid places like beds, furniture, and carpets. Allergies and asthma testing proves that 80% of patients test positive to dust mites. To make your home safer from these unwelcome guests, vacuum and dust thoroughly, weekly, with a vacuum that filters dust and does not allow it back into the air. Using hot-water washing and high-heat drying, launder all bedding weekly. Don’t forget to launder stuffed toys as well, and avoid non-washable stuffed toys. Use anti-allergen covers on bedding, even box springs, and place High-Efficiency, Low-Pressure air filters on heating units and air conditioners. Dehumidify the air, including closets and cabinets, to between 30-50%. Another benefit to dehumidifying the home is that lower humidity helps control yet another elusive air pollutant . . . mold. Flourishing in humid spots like damp basements, refrigerator drip pans, air conditioners, garbage pails, shower stalls, and closets, mold is a common allergic trigger. At least once a quarter, clean drip pans to prevent refrigerator fan from blowing mold spores into the air. Eradicate visible mold with non-toxic cleaning products, and use HEPA filters in air and heat systems. Use exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom and open windows on low humidity days to refresh household air. Besides the kitchen drip pan, other home furnishings contribute to unsafe air. Dust and clean heating units and oil burners, checking for foreign objects in heating elements. Avoid kerosene space heaters. Keep chimneys clean and steam clean carpets. Even new carpets and upholstered furniture pose a danger from out-gassing (gases released from heat), as does painting, solvents, sealants, etc. Be sure to obtain good ventilation when using these products. Be aware that ventilation brings its own set of problems, one of which is pollen. Install filter screens over windows to avoid as much pollen as possible from entering home. In addition to cleaning, ventilating, and filtering, there is another, much more pleasant, way to clean the air in your home . . . houseplants. Not only to they contribute to the humidity balance and oxygen level of the home, but they clean pollutants, gasses, and toxins out of the air. A plant for every 10 square yards of floor space will both cleanse and beautify your home. Plants should be away from drafts and placed in appropriate lighting for their requirements. Ten of the most effective at ridding the air of off-gassed chemicals and contributing to humidity levels are: Areca palm, Reed palm, Dwarf date palm, Boston fern, Janet Craig dracaena, English ivy, Australian sword fern, Peace Lily, Rubber plant, and Weeping fig. Some of these can even survive in dark corners, as they originated in shady tropical forests. Taking these safety precautions and adding houseplants to assist you in the ongoing battle against toxic air in your home will help you protect your family and add to their comfort. As you and your family snuggle in on these chilly days, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be breathing safer, fresher air. Copyright 2006 Dr. Eileen Silva

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Advanced personal adware programs available from lavasoft for free

Why use Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal? There are several good reasons to protect you computer from Adware and Spyware programs by using Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal or similar programs, depending on your specific needs and requirements. If your computer is connected to the Internet, the risk of it being infected with harmful software is very high if you do not use protective programs, such as a Firewall and Anti-virus software. However, a Firewall and a standard Anti-virus pram is not enough to protect you from involuntarily installing Advertising-supported Software, so called Adware. It is very easy to be lured into accepting Adware. If you download music from the Internet, the risk is very high that these downloads include Adware as well, and even if you refrain completely from downloading music files from the Internet you can still unknowingly install an Adware program when your are doing nothing but looking at web pages. For example, if you by mistake click on a fake X instead of the real X on the top of one of those annoying pop-up adds, your computer can start downloading and installing harmful Adware without you even knowing it. To stay clear from Adware, you need an Ad-Aware program, e. g. Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal. Ad-Aware programs like Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal are designed to search your computer for any Adware programs and remove them. Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal will also alert you every time an attempt to install an Adware program is made. By using Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal, you will stop the malicious Adware at the gate and the harmful programs will not be able to infest your computer. Compared to Anti-Adware programs only capable of scanning your computer and removing already installed Adware, Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal will provide you with a higher level of security since the Adware will be blocked before it manage to install it self. Once a malicious Adware program has been installed, it will take control over your computer and is capable of automatically display commercials and advertising materials for you. It can sometimes be extremely annoying, such as multiple pop-up windows that are impossible to close, or it can be very cleverly disguised and blend in with other commercial messages on the Internet. Adware programs can also download and install advertising material to your computer without your consent. To avoid this, you need to install an Ad-Aware program, such as Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal. Lavasoft develops many types of Ad-Aware programs to suit different types of users. Some Lavasoft programs can be downloaded for free, while other variants have to be purchased. If you start buy downloading a free version of Lavasoft Adware, you can always upgrade it later. Examples of popular Ad-Aware programs from Lavasoft Adware are Lavasoft Adware 6.0, Lavasoft Adware 6.0 Plus, Lavasoft Adware 6.0 Professional and Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal. As the name suggests, the Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal is very suitable if wish to protect your personal computer from Adware. Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal is not indented for businesses or large organisations. Adware programs are sometimes combined with Spyware programs, since the information about you gathered by the Spyware program makes it easier to target you with suitable advertisements. When your computer is infested with a Spyware program, all your actions will be monitored and information will be sent to the company or person in control of the Spyware. The data can include highly personal information such as long lists over all your online activities; visited websites, online purchases, all searches performed by search engines, etcetera. The information about you will then be gathered, stored and used without your knowledge or consent. Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal will safeguard you against Spyware as well as Adware. It is worth mentioning that there are honest Adware programs on the Internet as well. The persons and companies behind these Adware programs do no try to deceive you into unknowingly installing the Adware program on your computer. Instead, the Adware is a way to make it possible for you to download a software program, such as a popular game, without having to pay for it. Instead, the money to cover development costs etcetera will come from the companies displaying advertisements while you use the program. When you no longer wish to use the free program, you can simply remove it together with the Adware. Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal has been design specifically to suit the needs for private persons who wish to safeguard their own computers from malicious Adware. Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal will check your entire computer for Adware. Once an Adware is detected, Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal will remove the Adware. Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal is also designed to alert you every time an attempt is made to install an Adware program on your computer. This means that Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal will not only clean your computer from existing Adware; it will also protect you from any new infestations in the future. You can download Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal directly from the Internet. It is easy to install and you don't have to reboot your computer, you can start scanning your computer as soon as the installation is finished. To keep an Ad-Aware program up to date, you need to update it regularly. For Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal, free updates are available online. You can even set Lavasoft Adware 6 0 Personal to update automatically as soon as an update becomes available.

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A must know about computer and internet glossary

Computer-related things tend to have a language all their own. While you do not need to know all of it, there are many confusing words and phrases that you are going to come across sooner or later. Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that your website can send each second, as well as the amount of data that the visitor to your website can receive. If either one does not have enough bandwidth, then the website will appear slowly. For this reason, you should choose a host with plenty of bandwidth, as well as testing that your site doesn't take too long to download on slow connections.

Browser. A browser is the software (see below) that visitors to your site use to view it. The most popular browser is Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which comes with Windows. Cookie. Cookies are data files that your site can save on the computer of someone who visits that site, to allow it to remember who they are if they return. FTP. File Transfer Protocol. This is a common method of uploading (see below) files to your website. Javascript.

A common language for writing 'scripts' on websites, which are small programs that make the site more interactive. Another common cause of problems for visitors. JPEG. Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is the name of the most popular format for pictures on the web, named after the group that came up with it. If you want to put pictures on your website, you should save them as JPEGs.

Hardware. Hardware is computer equipment that physically exists. It is the opposite of software. Hosting. If you've got a website out there on the Internet, then you'll be paying someone for hosting.

It is the service of making your site available for people to see. HTML. HyperText Markup Language. A kind of code used to indicate how web pages should be displayed, using a system of small 'tags'. The 'b' tag, for example, causes text to appear in bold, and the 'img' tag displays a picture. Hyperlink. A hyperlink is when a piece of text on a website can be clicked to take you to another site, or another page on the same site. For example, if clicking your email address on your website allows someone to email you, then your email address is a hyperlink. Programming. This is when the computer is given instructions to tell it what to do, using one of many 'programming languages'. Programming languages for the web include PHP and Perl. Server. The server is where your website is stored, and it is the server that people are connecting to when they visit the site. Note that server refers both to the hardware and software of this system. Software. Programs that run on the computer, or that make your website work. Microsoft Word is software, for example, as is Apache (the most popular web server software). Opposite of hardware. Spider. Do not be scared if a spider visits your website! Spiders are simply programs used by search engines to scan your site and help them decide where it should appear when people search. It is good to be visited by spiders, as it means you should start appearing in search engines soon. Upload. Uploading is when you transfer data from your own computer to your website. For example, you might upload your logo, or an article you've written. Opposite of download. URL. Uniform Resource Locator. This is just a short way of saying 'web address', meaning what you have to type in to get to your website. For comments and inquiries about the article visit http:// webplacements. com

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