Honest vs labored advertising

When you receive a letter from a friend you want the letter to mirror the exact thoughts and feeling of your friend at the moment he wrote it. You prefer sincerity to an artificial effort to disguise or color his sentiments. Just so with a newspaper article, a magazine tale, a novel or an advertisement. Honesty and spontaneity must be there before the attention of a reader will be thoroughly captured. This is the fundamental virtue of an advertisement. When it is not spontaneous it is labored and artificial, therefore ineffective and when it is not natural it is mechanical and unattractive. An honest outright effort that rides rough over the rules of spelling and grammar is more effective by far than the elegant production, faultless in grammar and expression, but pretentious and artificial in effect. Suppose you are advertising—say spring over-coats.

Hold up the coat. Look it over. Feel its texture, its linings — run your hands in its pockets and note its cut and finish. And its price is very low. All these points are flashed on your mind and you make mental notes. You cross-question the salesmen about the styles of spring overcoats-which are likely to be popular. You go back to your desk full of overcoat information, and bursting with this intelligence, you proceed to fix up an ad on spring overcoats. This information will help a lot in organizing the content that you will include in your poster, brochure or flyer. You could consider talking about the spring coat in your marketing material as you would in a conversation with a customer.

Provide them with the details quickly and easily and if he likes to laugh, a short joke or story may help you in your sale. Short, snappy, and catchy sentences are the sentences that strike readers. Thus, clean, artistic outline cuts, full of action to harmonize with the text, should be used. Pictures would also help enhance the material. A picture of a well dressed man wearing the coat can help to wonderfully emphasize the points you desire to bring out. Thus, a neat cut, complete selling scheme has advantage over over-designed ones. From start to finish it is carefully thought and carried out. How much better is it than the usual whitewash of advertising which simply brings people in only to be disgusted with the unpreparedness of things? So, to be a successful business man, make sure you use ads that are neat, fresh and not overlarge with crisp, convincing text.

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10 essential steps you need to take to succeed with any affiliate program

After you have joined an affiliate program, there are several crucial steps you will need to take in order to succeed. Without taking the steps outline below, your chances of succeeding will be limited. By simply following these guidelines, you will be able to increase your affiliate commissions and earn some money you can live on. A lot of people fail with affiliate programs because they do not have the necessary affiliate program information. Generally, the best way of succeeding with affiliate programs in to choose a niche; create a useful and content-rich and keyword-rich website on the specific topic of your niche, and add in your affiliate links and AdSense ads. So what is the critical affiliate program information you will need to know, and the steps you need to take for you to succeed with your affiliate program? 1. Set your objective of how much you want to earn. You will need a goal to work towards. How much do you want to earn per month? It also helps to visualize what you want to achieve with this goal. Pay off your car? A holiday? You must start with an achievable amount, and gradually increase this amount. 2. Find a niche that suits you and your interests. Your business is a long term commitment, thus you will need to get involved with an affiliate program in a niche that interests you. The internet is full of affiliate program information; make an effort to do your research and find the best niche to suit your interests. 3. Select a lucrative niche. You will need to have affiliate program information about how profitable any opportunity you are interested in will do. Your goal is to make money, and you need to establish how profitable your business will be. The internet has information about profitable niches, and you will need to know these before you decide the best opportunity for you. 4. Another critical affiliate program information you will need to have is the reputation of the affiliate merchant. You need programs with good reputation and high quality products or services that will be easy to sell. 5. Create a useful, motivating, content-rich and keyword-rich website which search engines will pick. Offer some free tips and tools on your site; make your visitors want to come back to your site. This is very critical because more visitors to your site mean more sales and more money for you. 6. Place AdSense on your site. If you have a website with a lot of visitors, you can easily earn some money from AdSense. 7. Get Links. This is very important affiliate program information you will need to always remember. Linking to other sites will help improve the ranking of your site. One way links are more important that reciprocal links. 8. List your website in major and niche directories. 9. Write and distribute articles. This strategy extremely essential; and it is a cost effective way to market your affiliate program. 10. Be Patient! It normally takes a few months of consistent effort before you can start to see any benefits. Do not be discouraged, do not give up. Your efforts will start to show after about three months as search engines will start to send traffic to your website. Outlined above is crucial affiliate program information you will need to know if you want to succeed and make some money as an affiliate. By simply following the recommendation above, you will see your affiliate growing gradually. A lot of people fail because they do not have the important affiliate program information they need and the guidelines on how to succeed. As a result, they do not know how to earn any money or increase their affiliate checks. These steps can help you increase your earnings.

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How much money can you make selling ebooks

One of the most common questions we get at Ebook Architect is “how much money will I make selling ebooks? Well, like most businesses the answer will depend on many different factors. For example the amount of time you put into the promotion of your ebook will have a direct consequence on sales and market interest in your ebook topic is another important factor. People who are good at picking good ebook topics and promoting their ebooks usually stand to make a lot of money with ebooks. How Much Money You Ask? Some Ebook entrepreneurs lose money in the course of a year while some make hundreds of thousands of dollars. More realistically however is somewhere in between these two points. Many ebook authors make between $5,000 and $20,000 a year. How to Maximize Ebook Sales The best way to ensure optimum sales is to constantly promote your ebook. This may mean staying in on weekends and staying up late during the week. Some of the best ways to promote your ebook include buying advertising from large advertising portals such as Google and Yahoo, partaking in link exchanges, writing articles for websites and Ezines, building an information dense website and writing great ebook sales pages. Accomplishing all of this is no minor feat. You should expect to be in product development for between 1-6 months and then the promotional aspect may take another 4-12 months. It’s not necessarily an easy job but as stated above the payoff could be substantial. Worst Case Scenario Even if you decide half way through the process that ebook entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea, you will still have written an ebook and be selling it online. That makes you an author; congratulations. Not only will you be an author but your ebook may give you some extra pocket change on a monthly basis. If nothing else, it will be a good learning experience. You have nothing to lose, so why not give it a shot?

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What would you do with 40 extra hours a month

I am going to show you a way to easily get an extra 40 hours a month and what you need to earn per hour to achieve your yearly financial goals. Have you ever asked yourself what your highest income producing activity is? If you're like most people you probably go about your day-to-day business never really thinking about the moment-to-moment activities that consume your day. Here is a way to help you get a perspective on where to spend your time 365 days minus all holidays and vacation days leaves us with 238 days that most people work in a year. That leaves each one of us with approximately 238 days in order to earn the income we desire. If you figure an average of working 10 hours a day you absolutely must be doing activities every hour that line up with this chart. $25k = you must be earning $10.50 for every hour of work. $50K = $21 per hour $100k = $42 per hour $250k = $105 per hour $1 M = $420 per hour $5 M = $2100 per hour $10 M = $4200 per hour What are you spending your time doing? Are you focused on the real money makers or the real time wasters? Are you making it easy for yourself to be a high-income earner or are you doing the things that can be done by someone whose income goal or ability is less than yours? If you pay someone $5-$10 an hour for 10 hours a week to do everyday tasks for you, you will end up with an extra 40 hours a month that only cost you $200-$400 to get. How much more money could you earn with 40 extra hours a week? How much more time could you spend with your family and loved ones. Would that be worth $400 to you? I can tell you that when you start to look at each hour this way, you'll stop doing the small stuff and you'll start doing the real high producing stuff that yields results. Just look at your most recent 3-5 days and count the number of hours you spent really making the big bucks vs. all the stuff that creeps up on all of us. What you discover will amaze you. People often asked me what the next step would be if they wanted to achieve more income so here are just a few thoughts for you to ponder. 1- What skills must I now learn in order to command that income per hour? Please be brutally honest with yourself. 2- How long will that take? 3- Am I committed to doing that? 4- What beliefs about myself must I have in order to achieve a higher income? 5- Am I committed to changing my internal beliefs? 6- Am I prepared to take action now? 7- Who can guide me the fastest to reach my desired income/revenue? The secret is putting it all in the right order and right sequence now! To You Having It All

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Cisco ccnp bsci exam tutorial using distribute lists

To be successful on the BSCI exam and in earning your CCNP, you've got to master route redistribution. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because configuring route redistribution is only half the battle. Whether it's on an exam or in a real-world production network, you've got to identify possible points of trouble before you configure route redistribution - and you need to be able to control redistribution as well. You may have an OSPF domain with 100 routes, but only need to redistribute 10 of them into a neighboring RIPv2 domain. You've got to know how to do that, and one method is the use of a distribute-list. A distribute-list is an access-list that is used to determine what routes can and cannot be redistributed. Distribute-lists let you specify what routes will be filtered from the process.

You can use standard or extended ACLs, and you can filter routes that are coming into a routing process or being injected into another process. In the following example, R1 is redistributing RIP routes into OSPF, but only wants to advertise network /24 to other OSPF routers. An ACL will be written to match that particular network, and then the distribute-list will be written under the routing process. I'm going to show you the IOS Help output for the distribute-list command, and please note that routing updates can be controlled at the interface level or protocol level.

R1(config)#access-list 24 permit R1(config)#router ospf 1 R1(config-router)#redistribute rip subnets R1(config-router)#distribute-list 24 ? in Filter incoming routing updates out Filter outgoing routing updates R1(config-router)#distribute-list 11 out ? Async Async interface BRI ISDN Basic Rate Interface BVI Bridge-Group Virtual Interface CTunnel CTunnel interface Dialer Dialer interface Ethernet IEEE 802.3 Lex Lex interface Loopback Loopback interface Multilink Multilink-group interface Null Null interface Serial Serial Tunnel Tunnel interface Vif PGM Multicast Host interface Virtual-Template Virtual Template interface Virtual-TokenRing Virtual TokenRing bgp Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) connected Connected egp Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) eigrp Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) igrp Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) ospf Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) rip Routing Information Protocol (RIP) static Static routes R1(config-router)#distribute-list 11 out rip Using distribute-lists does guard against routing loops, but they have other purposes. You may have a network segment that should be kept secret from the rest of your company; a distribute-list can filter that segment's network number from the redistribution process. In this way, distribute-lists serve as a basic form of network security. (Very basic. I wouldn't sell that firewall on ebay if I were you.) Keeping such networks out of routing updates and routing tables throughout the network has the side effect of reducing routing update overhead as well.

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The computer desk an important essential

More and more people have become technologically savvy and purchased home computers. In many homes, a good desktop computer is now considered a necessity, which hasn’t always been the case. One thing that often goes overlooked, however, is the computer desk. When you purchase your computer, you should spend as much time looking for the right computer desk as you do looking for the right computer. There are many factors to consider when purchasing your computer desk. You should keep in mind how often you plan to sit at the desk to use your computer, the location it is going to be in, and whether or not you plan to use it for other purposes. If you are an avid computer user, as most people are nowadays, you will probably spend a fair amount of time sitting at your computer desk, so it is important to make sure it is comfortable for you. The desk should be high enough so that your body isn’t in any kind of strain or uncomfortable position when you use it. If the desk is too high, it would make looking at the monitor and using the keyboard uncomfortable for long periods of time, same thing if it was too low. You may also want to consider a desk with a built-in keyboard drawer, especially helpful if you intend to do a lot of typing. Your comfort should definitely be a high priority. Another key factor is where the desk will be located in your house.

You should try to select a computer desk which will blend in well with your existing dйcor, especially if it is going to be placed in a high traffic room, such as a den or family room. Some computer desks are made so that you can close them up, hiding your computer from view when it is not in use, making it particularly good if it is in a plain view area of your home. It is also a good idea to match the wood or color of the desk to what already exists in the room. Measuring the space will give you a good idea of what size computer desk will fit your room, making it easier to adjust before you actually purchase a computer desk, bring it home, and find out it is too large for your space. For those of you who are trying to set up a home office, you should also think about other uses of the computer desk. If you plan to use it for other than computer purposes, you should try to buy a larger desk with more room to better accommodate your needs. In all the excitement of purchasing your home computer, it is easy to overlook the importance of a good computer desk. You should research different types of computer desks so that you can make a well-informed purchase, one that will suit your needs for years to come.

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Three ways to jumpstart your it career

We all get stuck in ruts from time to time, and that happens on the job as well. You've thought about doing something different with your information technology career, but just haven't quite gotten around to it yet. Sound familiar? You can make 2006 the best year yet for your IT career. There are several simple steps you can take to accelerate your career - but you have to take the step, not just think about it! Learn something new. One of the biggest reasons you get tired of a job is that you're doing the same thing every day. If you happen to love what you do, that's great, but if not it's time to break out of the box. Besides, learning a new skill adds value to your career. If you've been doing server work for a long time, take the time to learn some Cisco skills. If you're an Exchange specialist, learn some Linux skills. Get certified. Not very many of us get to work for the same company for the rest of our IT careers. The only job security is the security you give yourself, and one of the ways to get that security is to add professional certifications to your resume. Certifications such as the MCSE and CCNA get you noticed and help you stand out from the crowd. Ask yourself what your resume would look like if you were laid off today, and then take steps to improve yourself and your professional standing. Be prepared to take one step backwards in order to take multiple steps forward. You may be in a situation I was in a while back when my employer saw me as strictly a server guy. I wanted to get on the Cisco side of things, but there was this perception that I was "only a LAN guy". I had to leave that company to get my shot. There was some short-term financial pain, but in the long run it was the best career move I've ever made. People get typecast in every field. In his book "Often Wrong, Never In Doubt", Donny Deutsch writes about a job candidate who wanted to become a junior ad executive, but couldn't break in with his current employer - which was an ad agency! He was typecast in a support role, so he applied to other ad firms and was quickly hired. Sometimes you have to look outside your current situation in order to create a new situation for yourself. Don't be afraid to take a step backwards in order to open up new possibilities for yourself. There's an amazing career out there, waiting for you - if you have the courage to make it and take it.

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Credit card logos for your website

If you own or operate a website in conjunction with your business, consider posting a Visa logo, or even Visa / Master Card logos on your website. Visitors browsing the site will be more apt to linger and shop when they know you offer the convenience of buying on credit cards. To display Visa or Master Card logos on your site, you will need to apply for a merchant account. This is a special account set up by a financial lender that allows you to accept credit payments via credit and debit cards at your point of sale. For website owners, this is a terrific way to get customers to buy now and pay immediately to avoid the risk of losing a sale or late payment. While some website operators simply have customers dial a toll-free telephone number to make automated purchases, more and more vendors are choosing to open a merchant account to facilitate customer sales online. It’s easy to apply for a merchant account so you can use visa and credit card logos on your website.

Simply work with Merchant-Account-Quotes. com so they may find the best merchant account provider for you. Many are merchant service providers are waiting to accept and approve your application. When approved, you can start promoting the fact that you now accept credit payments by posting a prominent ad for a Visa logo or combination Visa and Master Card logos. Customers are conditioned for this uniform display, and they will be looking for it when they visit your site. Make it easy for visitors to find the Visa and Master Card logos. Place them in an prominent area of your website. Depending on your site layout, this area for credit card logos might be somewhere near the top or side navigation bar. Or you might want to put the logos at the bottom of the page if the page is not terribly long, and if you are reasonably sure customers will read to the end and thus find the Visa and Master Card logos.

Another way to promote this service is to feature it in a box somewhere at the side of the home page, or on each page of the site. It shouldn’t be too large, as though a Visa or Master Card logo were the most important detail of the page. But neither should it be too small, where many hurried customers could easily overlook it. When copying it onto your website page, check before making it live to ensure the graphic image is clear and well defined. A sloppy credit card logo can be a total turnoff for customers in search of professional vendors. Adding Visa and Master Card logos to your company’s website marks you as someone who cares about customers’ needs and technologically competent. Find out how you can add these credit card logos to better enable your business to conduct e-commerce while observing contemporary payment trends.

Your customers will appreciate the courtesy of credit payment options, and may show their gratitude through repeat business or positive word-of-mouth referrals.

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How important are domain names

The term domain name may seem like a highfaluting term that has meaning only for computer wizards and for those who spend days and nights in their computers. The truth is that the term domain name is a simple geek term referring to the address of a website. To make it simpler, domain names are essential to websites in the same manner that names are important to people. Can you imagine people being addressed or being called using a series of pin numbers instead of their names? Remembering names is already a problem for most people so you can just imagine how chaotic it would b e if people do not have names but just numbers. This works the same way with websites which are addressed using domain names instead of a series of numbers commonly referred to as IP address. Like most numbers, IP addresses can be hard to remember and they are permanent meaning a new IP address for a new web hosting company.

While an IP address is just a series of hard to remember numbers, a domain name is something that can be given character and can be easily remembered. Try to browse the internet and if you want to know the domain name of the site being viewed, look at the browser bar. The last word or series of letters after the domain name is the domain extension under which the website address is registered. Examples of domain extensions are com which refers to a commercial domain, org which refers to a non-profit domain and even no or fr which stands for France or Norway and which refers to the country domain. The extension domains are usually preceded by a period which is read as dot. Both the name of the website, which I called the sub domain and the domain extension make up the complete domain name of a site. People who are abut to register their domain names should think carefully about the name because domain names are unique and it is what gives the website a unique characteristic. Domain names are unique because they are controlled in a centralized database. Having your own domain name does not come free because with registration comes payment. By registering your domain name, you get the exclusive right to use that domain name but only for a certain number of years depending on the policy of the company where you bought your domain name. When that period expires and you want to continue using the domain name then you can renew your contract. When choosing your domain name, you can use a maximum of 67 characters made up of letters from A to Z or number from zero to nine or a mixture of both numbers and letters as well the hyphen. The maximum of 67 characters already includes both the sub domain name and the domain name extension. SO if you want to have an easy-recall website then you better start thinking about a witty domain name, The key is to make your domain name catchy, easy to remember and more or less gives the user an idea of what the website is all about. However, you can already register a domain name even if you do not have a website. On the other hand, registration of a domain name does not carry with it a website. While some domain registering companies offer web hosting, you can register your domain name with them and choose from the various web hosting companies. Never attempt to register a domain name which contains a trademark or name already belonging to another, unless you want to be prosecuted as a cybersquatter.

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Hassle free holiday baking 6 easy days to perfect christmas cookies

Like many people, I love the idea of making a large assortment of Christmas cookies during the holidays, but I find it difficult to find the time to get it done. As a working mother, cookbook author and webmaster of Christmas-Cookies. com ( http:// christmas-cookies. com ), I am a very busy woman, but baking Christmas cookies every year is a must. Over the past few years, out of frustration and necessity, I have developed a system for organizing my Christmas baking. This system allows me to make a large variety of holiday treats without taking too much time out of my busy schedule. By dividing the tasks up into 6 days, I can spend a couple hours each day getting this done, and on the 7th day, relax and enjoy giving and eating some delicious Christmas cookies.

After all, God rested on the 7th day! You don’t even have to do this on 6 consecutive days. Most of the steps can be done days and even weeks in advance, giving you a great head start on your holidays. Day 1 Search your books, recipe cards, and favorite Web sites and decide what recipes to make this year. I usually mix my traditional family recipes with a few new recipes for variety. 6 to 12 different recipes makes a nice assortment, depending on how many people you have to feed and how much time you have to spend baking. Write down the name of each recipe on a piece of paper, as well as the source of the recipe so that you can look it up later, such as the Web site URL or page number in a cookbook. Print out the recipes that you find online, and set aside the books or recipe cards you’ll need so that you can access them easily on Day 2. Things you may want to consider when making your selection are: difficulty of the recipe if you are a novice cook or will be baking with children, cost of special ingredients such as chocolate or nuts, if you are on a budget, whether the cookies keep well or can they be frozen, if you’d like to do your baking ahead of time. Day 2 Consulting your list of recipes, create your shopping list. Calculate roughly how much of each ingredient you’ll need in total by adding up cups of butter, number of eggs, and other common ingredients. Include in your list: All of the ingredients for the cookies. Check what you have at home for freshness. Nuts and shortening will go rancid after a few months, and baking powder and baking soda lose their effectiveness, so keep this in mind: out with the old, in with the new! Fresh ingredients are the key to good tasting cookies. Any baking tools you may need. Consider replacing old worn out tools or adding a new tool to your collection each year. Anything you may need for decorating such as food coloring, colored sugars and jimmies, or pastry bags for piping frosting. Containers like plastic tubs, cookie tins, or even cardboard boxes to store your cookies in. Make sure you have containers that are large enough to hold a complete batch of each cookie (look at the yield of your recipe if you’re not sure). If you plan to parcel them out for gift-giving, make sure you have enough containers for each recipient. Organize your shopping list according to store, such as: grocery store, kitchen or home store, cake decorating supply store, etc. Day 3 Go shopping! Lay out your plan of action so that you go to the grocery store last of all, so that you can take your refrigerated ingredients home as soon as possible. Of course, if you live in a very cold climate, this is not too much of a worry. When you get home, wash your new baking tools and put all the non-perishable ingredients in one place so that you can easily get them out on Day 4. At my house, I have a designated baking cupboard that gives me easy access to everything I need on days I decide to bake. You can do Day 3 weeks before you plan to bake as long as you: Freeze your butter or shortening, and buy the perishables such as eggs and cream cheese just before you plan to bake. Day 4 Today you will just make the dough for your cookies, but you will not actually bake them! Most cookie doughs can safely be refrigerated for days or frozen for weeks before you need to make the cookies. The reason for doing it this way is because when making several different kinds of cookies at the same time, it’s very efficient to make all your dough at once while you have all your ingredients and baking tools at hand. If you do have a particular recipe that can’t be frozen, identify it and plan to make it on Day 5. Remember to bring refrigerated items like butter, eggs, and cream cheese to room temperature before you start to assemble your recipes. Take them out of the refrigerator at least a couple hours before you plan to bake. To make this process even easier, I’ve developed a system for making dough assembly-line style, which you can read more about in my article about the Cookie Assembly Line ( http:// christmascookiesareforgiving. com/assembly. php ). Wrap each ball of dough in plastic wrap, identify it by writing the name of the recipe on the plastic wrap with a felt-tip marker, and refrigerate it or freeze it. If it is a slice-and-bake refrigerator cookie, form it into a log instead of a ball, according to the directions in your recipe. Make sure to keep your recipes in a handy place so that you don’t have to search for them on Day 5. Day 5 Today is baking day! Check your recipe: if you have to work with dough at room temperature (as recommended for most cookie press cookies) then take your dough out ahead of time and let it warm up to room temperature before you begin forming the cookies. If you have frozen your dough, allow it to thaw in the plastic wrap and only remove the plastic wrap once it has reached the desired temperature. If you remove the plastic while it is still frozen, then condensation will form on the dough and that will add too much moisture. Start with the recipes that call for the lowest oven temperature and pre-heat your oven to that temperature. Remove dough from the refrigerator, line your baking sheets with parchment paper (no greasing!) and prepare the dough for baking as called for in your recipe. You may have to roll out the dough and cut it with cookie cutters, or fill it with some kind of filling, or place it in a special pan like a mini-muffin pan or a Madeleine mold, or simply slice and bake the rolls you made on Day 4. Once all the cookies that are baked at the lowest temperature are completed, raise your oven temperature to the next highest to bake those cookies, and so on. Even if you have some of the handy stackable cooling racks, you will surely run out of space to cool several batches of cookies. Placing a double-thickness of aluminum foil on your countertop is a good substitute for a cooling rack when you run out of space. Once your cookies are completely cooled to room temperature, line your containers with waxed paper and place your cookies in the containers one layer at a time, with another sheet of waxed paper in between each layer. Then return the containers to the refrigerator if they will not be eaten for a day or two, or you can leave them out at room temperature until the next day. If they won’t be eaten or shipped for several days, you can wrap the entire container in plastic wrap and freeze your cookies for up to 2 weeks. You can freeze them for longer than this if you wrap the cookies in small stacks of 5 or 6 before placing them in their containers. Defrost the cookies at room temperature, leaving them wrapped until they are thoroughly defrosted. Many of your recipes may be completed at this point if they don’t require decorating. Day 6 Day 6 is decorating day. For many of us, this is the most enjoyable step in the cookie-baking process. Decorating should always be done no more than 2 days before the cookies will be eaten, ideally the day or even the morning before. Now you will make your various frostings and icings, or prepare your melted chocolate for drizzling, or dust with powdered sugar to decorate your cookies as directed. If your cookies are not to be eaten immediately, make sure that the icing or melted chocolate has thoroughly set and hardened—a process that may take several hours—before stacking the cookies back in their containers, again separating the layers with sheets of waxed paper. Cookies that have been frosted with a buttercream-type frosting cannot be stacked. They should be stored in a single layer with a loose covering of plastic wrap. Day 7 Relax and enjoy your holiday, because your Christmas baking is done! Copyright 2004 Mimi Cummins. All Rights Reserved.

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Why should i use electronic signatures

This is a rational question with rational answers, but not everyone has the time or the tenacity to sit down and read the Electronic Signatures In Global and National Commerce Act (“ESIGN”), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”) or the stacks of other regulations and guidance that make this technology not only legal, but also stress the vital importance of adopting electronic signature technologies. Today the average American office worker consumes (12,000) pieces of paper a year, with an average annual printing expense per employee ranging from $600-$2000. Storing paper and retrieving stored paper is also quite costly. The U. S. government estimates that (1 Lbs) of paper costs ($19) a year to store and manage. At that rate, assuming your business stores only 60% of the paper printed by your employees, your business is spending $1,500 annually per employee on paper storage alone. There are obvious other costs associated with paper, for example the costs associated with faxing, shipping, receiving and time factors such as waiting for a job to finish printing or waiting on a package to arrive. In the end all businesses feel these costs, but most look at it as a fixed cost of doing business. In reality this is a variable cost of doing business based on old fashioned processes, and the United States government along with virtually every other developed country has passed legislation and regulations encouraging businesses to change the way they do business today, and take advantage of new legal and secure alternatives. All businesses are looking for a competitive edge, and electronic signature technologies can and will play a vital role in helping businesses find and achieve this competitive edge. Look at the simple cost savings your business can achieve by eliminating some of the hard and soft costs mentioned above.

(1) Gigabyte (“GB”) of hard drive space costs ($.50), and this (1) GB of storage will store (100,000) pages of single spaced text. This is the equivalent of ($19,000) of storage savings, ($11,000) of printing savings, and countless savings on time and miscellaneous expenses. Using electronic signature technologies will allow your business to send the previously printed materials securely and immediately to anyone anywhere in the world. Once they receive the file the recipient can legally electronically sign the file, which allows your business to act immediately, and never wait for a package to arrive from the client or prospect again. This simple process will have wide ranging effects on your business, and the businesses you work with. Sales and production cycles will be shortened, employees will be more efficient, and complying with strict federal and state guidelines will become increasingly easier as your business processes move toward electronic communications and storage. In the end the decision is not whether to move to an electronic format, but which format is right for your business. Some may feel that electronic signatures are too expensive or complex to implement into their business, but this is no longer the case.

There are several pay-as-you-go services on the market today that will allow you to send files and capture secure and legal electronic signatures regardless of your budget. For larger corporations these pay-as-you-go services offer fast, affordable convenience, and in many cases these services offer better options and are easier to use than large and complex in-house solutions. You can do a Google or Yahoo search to find a list of electronic signature service providers, and determine which one is right for you. There is also a helpful competition analysis put together by PrivaSign. com, which you can review at https://privasign. com/esign-competition-analysis. asp. Have fun and explore all of your options. The goal should be to become more efficient, and during this process your business will certainly save money, become more productive and save time.

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Blackjack profits a player turned 25 000 into 500 000 quickly how did he do it

Blair Hull was a successful blackjack player, and he turned $25,000 into $500,000 - but he didn’t do it playing blackjack. He used his blackjack skills in a game with far higher stakes and made a fortune. Blair Hull actually became a trader, trading in the financial markets - and many of the worlds top financial traders are blackjack players. Why? Because blackjack gives you the skills to succeed in financial trading. If you are able to play blackjack successfully, you can make money by trading as well - as you already have all the skills needed to succeed. Blackjack Success is down to the Following: 1. Playing when the odds are in your favor 2. Adjusting the bet size 3. Using a system, and rigidly applying it with discipline 4. Playing non emotionally, and with focus Just as most players in the casinos lose, so do most traders in the financial markets - and the reason is all down to not having a plan, and executing it with discipline. The Key to Success in the Casino, or in Financial Trading is: Trading method + Play the odds + Execute with discipline = Financial Success Most people can’t do this. They play or trade emotionally, with no specific money management, and a lack of discipline - and end up losers. So, is it hard to become a financial trader? No the basics are relatively easy - as the following example shows: Become a Trader in a Few Weeks In 1984, Richard Dennis conducted an experiment that taught 14 people with no previous experience to trade in 2 weeks. The Result? - They all went on to make millions in profits and earn 80% annual returns! To learn a trading system (the system only had a few rules, and could be learned by anyone of average intelligence) is not hard, as Richard Dennis’s experiment showed. Interestingly, Dennis put the success of the group not down to the system he gave them, but on the discipline, and money management skills he taught them. Make the Move to a Higher Stakes Game If you want to read the story of Blair HULL, then the book “The New Market Wizards” gives a fascinating insight into the crossover of skills - and how he quickly and successfully became a winner in trading. The Edge you can get in Trading, is far Bigger than in Blackjack Blackjack and trading are “games” where you need to deal with odds and probability - and get them on your side. You then need to apply your method coolly, and non-emotionally, to make big profits - and you already have the discipline to succeed - you just need to learn the basics. The difference between the games, is - the rewards are much higher in trading. Trading financial markets represents one of the few ways to make real wealth quickly - and is the ultimate test for anyone. You Have the Skills - Now Apply them for Huge Profits You may not make as much money as Blair Hull - but you can, with the skills you have, be very successful. In blackjack the edge you get is 4% at most - and this will not make you rich - but in financial trading, you have unlimited profit potential. You already have all the skills necessary, so learn the basics of financial trading - and start playing for far bigger profits

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Tai chi chuan the ancient path to stress free living

When I began practising Tai Chi in 1991 the thing that struck me about it was its power or at least the promise of its power. What I went on to witness and discover was that there was nothing mystical or particularly esoteric about the power of tai chi it was more just a case of doing it, following tai chi’s unique set of principles and just witnessing what arose within me. When I practice my form (sequence of movements) it is never exactly the same but it is always beneficial. Tai Chi means “the supreme ultimate” and Chuan means, “fist” so Tai Chi Chuan is in fact a martial art despite it’s reputation for just being a gentle meditative exercise. When practiced as a martial art Tai Chi is both effective and powerful (but this takes a lot of practise to even glimpse especially when you learn that in Tai Chi, the main focus is to use the power of the mind in unison with the energy and power of the body to release force in whatever direction you want). The benefits of Tai Chi are immense and include improved co-ordination, circulation, posture, balance and well-being.

Because tai chi is practised slowly and with a relaxed focus the nervous system becomes calmer and so do you. This meditative effect gives you a clearer perspective mentally and in today’s fast and hectic world this can only be a huge resource. In fact the stress relieving attributes are one of the main reasons why people start Tai Chi as it gives them a calm mind and real sense of physical emotional and spiritual health Tai Chi started a long time ago so it’s had time to develop and evolve into what we see today. This slow process of change which has happened to tai chi over the centuries is mirrored in the way tai chi is practised i. e. at a meditative pace with no rush to complete it’s intricate and engrossing movements. The softness and flow of tai chi make you relax (you just can’t help it!) but it’s a rejuvenating kind of relaxation. At the end of a Tai Chi class people are buzzing with Qi (life-force), as the practice encourages your energy to flow and tension and blockages just seem to dissolve away. It all sounds very blissful and beautiful, which it is but you do have to put a little effort in to get the results. It’s hard to get your head around that something so graceful and elegant can be used for self defence too, but then again there is an old Chinese saying that ‘the best fighters never fight’ i. e. if you have no enemies internally or externally then there is no need for conflict. The philosophy behind Tai Chi (Taoism) is really useful too and includes the theory that if you fight force with force any conflict will get worse. It teaches yielding and flexibility to overcome any situation. This can diffuse a situation leaving room for negotiation and dialogue. When you take something like that into your daily life then you have gained a distinct advantage. Yielding encourages listening and when you listen you gain more information and it is easier to see where someone is coming from. In the workplace such a strategy would create less stress for everyone! Part of the physiological aspect of tai chi includes the effect it has on our brain, our lymphatic system and our joints. Recent neurological research has found that tai chi practice encourages the brain to perform more effectively. This is partly due to the brain receiving more oxygenated blood (as the breathing technique in tai chi improves lung capacity and elasticity) but also because the meditative, calming effect of tai chi changes the brains frequency from beta (active normal waking waves) to alpha (receptive between sleep and awake waves which are related to improved ability to learn and remember). The lymphatic system is partly responsible for detoxifying the blood and is stimulated by the gentle muscular work in tai chi. The soft relaxed movements of Tai Chi massage the lymph nodes improving their function and boosting the immune system. The joints of the body are often where aches and pains first creep in so maintaining healthy active joints is important at any age. Because the load bearing joints of the body are kept in strong alignment throughout Tai Chi and are never abused nor greatly impacted upon, their health and function is protected whilst the circulation of blood in and around the joints is increased. All in all Tai Chi offers us a unique way to combat stress and learn new and valuable skills. Matthew Rochford B. A. Senior Instructor, The Devon School Of Tai Chi Chuan.

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Wake up to the facts about a good night s sleep

(NC)-Just about everyone has heard that sleep is important to health and well-being, but did you know just how important it really is? The fact is, the human body can survive without food and water longer than it can without adequate sleep. Assess your own sleep needs and test your Sleep IQ with the quiz below. 1. Do you know the cause of your stuffy nose, puffy eyes, and sneezing when you wake up in the morning? nothing, it's normal the onset of a cold my bedding Answer: c It's often dust mites, mold, and mildew lurking in your bedding that cause these allergic reactions. Dust mites, mold, and mildew thrive in the damp and moist environment of your feather and down pillows and bedding. These fills trap moisture and create a clammy atmosphere that allergens love. Wool, however, is hypo-allergenic and absorbs moisture then releases it quickly into the environment keeping you and your bedding dry - all night long. Wool's remarkable ability to absorb moisture is important as the average person loses up to a pint of moisture a night while they sleep. 2. Do you know why your joints are achy and stiff in the morning? not enough sleep excessive tossing and turning all of the above Answer: b Excessive tossing and turning is often the cause of aches and joint pain. According to an Australian study, the average person tosses and turns 45 to 50 times per night. This disrupts sleep and causes joint pain. The study also showed that participants who slept on a wool mattress pad reduced their tossing and turning by more than 50 percent. Participants also had a lower, steadier heart rate. A wool mattress pad cushions the body's pressure points like shoulders, hips, and ankles making it the ideal choice for a restful night's sleep. Natura World, naturaworld. com, North America's largest manufacturer of wool bedding, produces mattress pads filled with pure wool encased in 100% unbleached cotton, designed to give you a healthier night's sleep. 3. Is it hot in here, or is it me? What is the solution? sleeping in different beds getting different covers for each of us a wool duvet Answer: c The sleep scenario that couples often report is the "too hot too cold syndrome" with one partner curling up to keep warm and the other partner kicking off the covers to cool down. A Natura wool filled duvet is the perfect solution. Wool regulates to each partner's body temperature, keeping both comfortable all night long. Natura World, naturaworld. com the largest North American manufacturer of wool bedding, has a complete collection designed to eliminate the breeding ground for common sleep allergens. Natura's pillows, duvets, and mattress pads are filled with pure wool and encased in 100% unbleached cotton. Natura's wool bedding collection is available at Home Outfitters, or for a retailer near you, call 1-888-NATURA3. Natura World is concerned about your health, so if any sleep condition lasts for more than two weeks, consult your doctor.

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Workout shoes shoes for strength training

I've always worked out in just a plain pair of tennis shoes. Rarely to I see or even think that using special shoes would make any difference at all. However, I began to think of better shoe support when I started doing heavy squats. This prompted me to do a little research in specific type shoes for working out that would give me better ankle support and put my feet in a more level position for squats and leg presses. After some Googling around, I came across the Otomix brand of shoes. There's virtually nothing on the net about workout shoes. There's even less in bodybuilding forums about the subject.

Yet soccer players have special shoes, and so do most other athletes. Tennis shoes are great for running but they didn't seem to be wonderful when it came to squatting and doing other heavy leg exercises. These shoes ( a few versions are available) sell for around $95 on average depending on the website you find, and the sales being offered. With some clever searching, you can find a great price. I ordered my Otomix Ultimate Trainers online and was pleased to see many e-mail and tracking notifications about my order. According to Otomix, these workout shoes were specifically for: Ultimate Trainer has been designed specifically for weight training and incorporates the new High Performance Bodybuilding system. The HPB system provides a combination of comfort and support utilizing a special wrap around strap adjusted by our innovative lacing system. This shoe is a must for the serious bodybuilder. Note: Their shoes run a half size small compared to your true shoe size. They suggest that you order a half size larger. Quickly I opened the box and found everything intact and in brand new condition. I was ready for my leg workout. Adjusting the laces properly is a must. It came from the factory like most shoes. It wasn't laced thru each of the holes. I fixed the laces and found the shoes to fit nicely and very snug. I felt ankle support and was able to tighten them like a snowboarding boot but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. I headed off to the squat rack. Doing squats is something I enjoy. Honestly, I enjoy them a bit more now with full support for my feet. These shoes were great first time. NO break in period was necessary. They were comfortable, gave strong ankle support and allowed me to do full squats without any annoying feet issues. I felt like my feet were flat and firmly place on the floor with good traction. Moving onto the leg press, same thing. NO odd arches, no slippage, and good solid firm foot placement for a good pressing motion. I only use these shoes on leg days. That is really where I want the support. I do not wear them outside for walking around. They are just like gym gloves. Used in that environment as appropriate. The soles of the shoe are good for traction in a smooth, flat gym environment. These particular shoes are not made to be worn as a street shoe. That would be a big mistake. You'd wear out the tread in days and be out $100 very fast. However, in the gym, where they are meant to be, these shoes were incredibly superior. My overall reaction and opinion of my Otomix workout shoes are very favourable. I would recommend them to anybody looking for some comfortable, high quality, long lasting footwear that is designed specifically for the gym.

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Get healthy quit smoking

Once you start to smoke, there is no turning back. Nicotine is one of the most addictive, harmful, and widely used class of drugs in the world. Responsible for 440,000 deaths each year, tobacco and nicotine products still sell briskly almost anywhere — from corner stores, supermarkets, and liquor stores found all over the country. Since there are a variety of health problems linked to smoking, majority of the smokers actually want to get rid of their nicotine addiction. But as with any addictive habit, this is easier said than done. Most people who quit smoking experience withdrawal symptoms that makes it hard for them to quit completely. There are certain reminders one must keep in mind when trying to quit smoking. First, try and pick a good time for quitting. Avoid quitting during the holiday season, during finals week, or right before a big presentation. Times like these gets the smoker's stress levels high, therefore making it even more hard for them to quit.

Second, the smoker may gain a small amount of weight when trying to quit, which is considered normal. Most smokers gain between five to ten pounds after quitting due to their decreased metabolism that quitting nicotine can cause. Weight gains of more than ten pounds are usually caused by those who substitute food for their cigarettes. Lastly, be prepared to try and quit for more than once. A lot of smokers are not fully successful with their first trial to quit smoking, and needs a couple more tries before finally quitting for good. Like anything worth doing, it may take a while before a person gets it done.

Preparation is needed when one decides to quit. Setting up a date; removing all tobacco products and accessories like ashtrays, lighters, matches); letting friends and family members know about it; and talking to a doctor would be the best areas to focus on when quitting. All these will help in minimizing the importance of smoking, as well as giving the smoker a chance to quit without having too much trouble. To further help a person trying o quit smoking, medications are available to help reduce nicotine cravings and may also relieve depression symptoms for those who may feel depressed during their “ordeal.” There are also nicotine patches available that provides a constant stream of nicotine to the system so that nicotine levels in one's system remains constant throughout the day. Nicotine gum is a replacement therapy that allows nicotine to be delivered to the bloodstream by being absorbed by the tissues in one's mouth.

This often works for people who have an oral fixation of smoking. Nicotine inhalers are good for administering small doses of nicotine whenever cravings arrive. Lozenges slowly dissolves in the mouth as it releases nicotine into the bloodstream. Compared to nicotine gum, lozenges deliver nicotine to the brain quicker than the patch, making it easier to respond to nicotine cravings. If one decides to quit smoking, several benefits would come along their way. It would decrease their risk of lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes, chronic lung diseases, and a variety of other cancers. By quitting, this can help stop the effects of tobacco in one's appearance, including premature wrinkling, bad breath, stained teeth, yellow fingernails, and gum diseases. By quitting smoking, this could also decrease the health risk of loved ones, or those around one's environment. Get healthy and quit smoking!

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Are you addicted to scrapbooking

Many who suddenly get the scrapbooking bug say they started when they realized that so few pictures were taken of them as cute little tykes - and they want to make things better for their own children. What ever the reason, scrapbooking has become a big business. There are estimates that over 4 million people, almost all of them women, gather for "crop-alongs" or "power layouts" every month! All these people are on the lookout for new and exciting scrapbooking ideas and share their thoughts and techniques on how to create that perfect keepsake. So many people are seeing that life is short, and they want to preserve family memories for their children. With today's ever mobile society and families spread across the country (and the world), it has become apparent that one way to keep everyone current with what's going on in your life is to utilize scrapbooks to chronicle everyday life. In simple terms, scrapbooking is the practice of combining photographs, memorabilia, and written narratives, poetry, quotations, stories, or other textual content into a scrapbook style album. A few scrapbooks are mass produced, but most are unique, singular publications. They can contain an accumulation of all sorts of objects such as newspaper clippings, magazine articles, play bills, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and locks of hair.

Scrapbooks are often embellished with ribbon or other pieces of fabric, colorful graphics, and other artwork. These artifacts of history are attached to the album pages. Many different types of scrapbooks have been made including family histories, personal journals and memories, and historical records of organizations, military units, and other groups. Personal scrapbooks provide a unique view into the thoughts, lives, and activities of their creator(s). Some of the best and most valuable scrapbooks are simple, focused documents that are directed to one single topic or subject. As stated above, scrapbooking is the fastest growing craft industry in the United States. The advent of computers has expanded the techniques available for producing, duplicating, and distributing scrapbooks. For example, some personal websites are virtual scrapbooks. If you're addicted to scrapbooking and want to have fun creating lasting memories - whether you're a beginner or an experienced scrapbooker - scrapbooking supplies are readily available from many online sites from the basic essentials to the latest product trends. Get your choice of albums, scrapbook paper packs, embellishments, stamps, adhesives, trimmers and helpful products to keep everything organized.

You can count on all the reputable online merchants for high-quality scrapbook supplies and affordable prices. To create a scrapbook, you need the right material. From ribbons and bows to photo material and albums—all the necessary scrapbooking supplies you need are available online. There are books to help you get started and loads of advice to help guide you along the way to create your own masterpiece.

There are even websites to answer your questions and the many online catalogers and merchants have everything you need to complete your project. Just point and click and you'll be on your way to making a treasured family keepsake.

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Your swimming pool could get you sued

Installing a backyard swimming pool can make those hot summers a lot more fun and relaxing, but could it get you into a lot of financial trouble too? The short answer is: yes. If you're not properly insured, and someone gets hurt in your pool, you are inviting law suits. I know what you're thinking: my friends and family are the only ones who use my pool... they're not going to sue me if anything happens. Guess again. It's not necessarily that people love to sue or even want to. They may have to. With the high costs of medical expenses today, a family that suffers a serious injury (or--god forbid--a death) probably can't afford not to sue. And if a person was injured at your pool in your backyard, guess who's technically at fault? If someone gets hurt, don't be surprised by a lawsuit: expect it. And don't think you can watch the pool every moment to make sure nothing happens. Accidents will occur no matter how relentless you are in trying to prevent them. Risks of accidents are statistically proven to be very high around backyard pools and hot tubs. This isn't to say you should pour dirt into your pool, plant a nice safe flower bed, and post "keep out of yard" signs all over your backyard. You just need to make sure you are adequately covered when it comes to insurance. Okay, you're sold. Now how do you make sure you're covered? If you own a swimming pool or hot tub, you should carry very high liability insurance, i. e. in the range of a million dollars or more. This can be tricky since many homeowner's insurance policies limit the maximum exposure of the insurer to $100,000. Sometimes you can get this raised to $300,000, but getting covered beyond that, from your homeowner's plan alone, will likely prove difficult. This is why you want to look into an umbrella plan. This is a separate liability policy in addition to your homeowner's coverage. It generally picks up where your homeowner's insurance leaves off, and you can get coverage of several million dollars. The cost for this additional coverage is usually minimal, in the neighborhood of $500 per year. This may seem pricey, but considering the millions of dollars of coverage it affords you, it's worth the money, especially if you entertain and have a hot tub or pool. One last thing to note is that you may have to buy all your insurance from the same place, which would include home and auto. If you have a pool or spa, it's probably worth changing insurers to find one who offers an umbrella plan.

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Website marketing strategies one way links vs reciprocal links

The rankings that your site has in the major search engine's results, are the most important factor for the number of visitors you have every day. The good thing is that you can modify your search engine positioning with some seo methods. First of all you should know that link popularity is one of the most important issues in the ranking system. So basically if you increase the link popularity your site's rankings should improve. But, unfortunately things aren't so simple. It doesn't mean that the one who has the biggest number of links pointing to his site will be the first shown in the search engine's results.

In time, search engines have changed their algorithms, and now the nature of the links is very important. If you want increase your link popularity there are three types of links to choose from: one way links, reciprocal links and three way links. The most effective of them are one way links and reciprocal links. I will try to make a little comparation between those two and show you some advantages and disadvantages. The website marketing strategy based on reciprocal links was very powerful in the past when only the number of links counted in the search engine's eyes. But now if you don't make your link exchange wisely you won't see any results. You have too look for sites that are related to yours and ask the webmasters to place a link to your site. In exchange for that you'll have to place a link to his site on your pages too. This could be tricky because if you are not careful you could link to some sites that are not quite legit and you could get your site banned in the major search engines.

Also, if you make many link exchanges you'll never have the time to check them all to see if they are in order. So you might find yourself in a situation when you are keeping a link on your site and the other webmaster is not. This can be very frustrating. The things are different when it comes to one way links. Because of the abusive use of reciprocal links in the past, one way links have the power now. The biggest advantage of one way links is that you don't have to link back to anything.

This way you are avoiding linking to bad neighborhoods. One way links are also more longevive than reciprocal links. There are also many good and free methods to achieve this kind of links. The best one is writing great optimized articles related to your sites topic and distributing them over the net for reprinting. You can also ask webmasters to put a one way link on your site. Having great content or tools on your site will also bring you natural one way links because webmasters will link to you to offer great services to their visitors.

You can also leave testimonials for products that you used or participate in very popular forums. I can tell you from my experience that one way links are the best links that you can get on the net this times. Although reciprocal links are a bit old they still can get you some results. Both of this website marketing strategies can bring you visitors and great search engines positioning. Choose wisely!

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Celebrities like their pearls

Pearls never go out of style – they are always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint you. But this year they are a “front and center” fashion statement! Just ask celebrities like Sandra Bullok, Jennifer Anistan, or Courtney Cox. So with more people in the market for pearls now is a good time for some “pearl talk.” The pearl has always been a rather prim and proper piece of jewelry – classic and seeped in tradition. Well things they are a changing! The pearl is has had a very glamorous make over! Yes, the classic strand still exists as it always will. But we warned we are seeing some vary daring looks from the pearl this season. Extra long lengths, tasseled multi strands, pearls with semi precious stone accents, pearls on gold or silver chains. The pearl has been transformed into a fun and fashionable accessory. So if you’re going to be in the market for pearls this year here is what the Celebrities say you should know. • The glow or radiance of a pearl is the most important quality. Avoid pearls that are chalky or dull as they will be weak and may crack or peal. • The surface of the pearl should be blemish free – no bumps or cracks. Inspect under a bright light. Baroque pearls are the exception to this rule – their charm is in their irregularities. • Pearls are measured in millimeters. The larger the pearl the higher the cost. A 6 mm pearl is going to be much less than a 12 mm pearl • The least expensive pearls are the freshwaters which mainly come from China. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Average size is around 7 mm • The best way to care for your pearls is simply to wear them. The natural skin oils keep them moisturized. Do not put them on until you are done with your cosmetics. This includes hair, facial, and perfume. The residues from these products will ruin your pearls. Do not wear your pearls in the water – chlorinated and salt water will damage them. Polish with a soft cloth and never use jewelry cleaning products on your pearls. Quality pearls are not cheap but they will last a lifetime. Freshwater pearls are becoming very affordable. Not all of us will be in the market for “Real Pearls” and lucky us there are plenty of options. Swarovski makes a crystal pearl that is of the finest quality and quite difficult to tell from a true pearl for a fraction of the cost and they are available in a variety of colors. There is an endless supply of imitation pearl or costume jewelry pearls on the market. These are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors. Great fun at affordable prices. Do you think Jennifer Garner wears the real thing for bumming around? So you ask what’s “In Style” this season? Well I’m glad you asked! • Pearl rings get the green flag – from low settings to monster large solitaire pearls, they are all the rave. A pearl ring can go from romantic and simple to sleek and stunning. • The Bib Necklace makes a very dramatic statement. A broad necklace that tapers towards the back just like a baby’s bib [thus the name]. They range from extremely wide to as narrow as a Ѕ”. This style works great with a simple black dress or strapless neckline. • The multi-strand necklace is ever so preppy. They range from 12” to 18” and pearls are usually small to medium. The object of these necklaces is for every pearl to be in perfect placement. Very versatile and fashionable. • The opera length necklace simply never disappears from the fashion scene. They measure 36” or longer and they can be worn as a long single lean line, doubled up, tied in a knot, wherever the moment takes you. These long strands are terrific for dressing up a pair of jeans or semi casual look. • The tassel necklace from the footloose and fancy free1920s has made a come back, and rightly so! Today tassels are often made from tiny seed pearls or irregular baroques. They range in length fro short at 16” to navel length at 36”. The tassel necklace swings and sways with your movement making it a must have for those night of dancing. • This season for first time, we are seeing pearls mixed with colored gems such as amethyst, peridot, or topaz. They compliment each other nicely – pearls with their soft and subtle shades mixed with semi precious gems with their vibrant and bold color. Picture it – what a fashion statement! • Pearls mixed with silver is also new this season. Long silver chain dangle earrings accented with pearls, or freshwater droplets set on silver. • This season the pearl is all about the color. Pearls are available in many hues but this season the “hot spot” is “lavender” and the lavender family ranging from pale iris to plum. If you already own a beautiful classic pearl necklace its very easy to transform it into something from this season. Try adding a group of charms or pendants, fastening a vintage brooch or clip[ on earring at the bottom. You could mix various lengths or sizes of pearls together or entwine a silver or gold chain. How about mixing your real pearls with your fake pearls? The options are as endless as your imagination. Remember when you freshen your wardrobe for the spring, freshen your costume jewelry too and Make Your Fashion Statement!

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