Tricks and tips in poster advertising

A poster is a visual representation comprising of whatever a person wants to convey to its readers. If done effectively, posters can influence or entice readers to make an action. Advertising through posters necessitates a business owner to consider some tricks and techniques in order to catch the attention of its prospects. Although a simple poster always do the trick, it is still essential that you do something unique and different in order to please your readers. Here are a few pointers to consider: Use different posters. As much as possible don’t use similar posters. Your readers will get bored if you use the same posters all through out your advertising. You don’t need to change your poster every week but you can try a monthly change or even a quarterly change. Try using different poster sizes. Large posters can easily grab attention but when the space is limited you obviously cannot post your large poster in such a small space. For this reason, you can print your posters in varying sizes. Small posters are often great for smaller boards and they can be easily squeezed in-between posters on crowded spaces. Simplicity is the key. It is important to keep your design simple. Do not be tempted to fill your poster with so many images and text. Keep in mind that crowded posters can look like a blur from a distance. Your goal is to get noticed and stand out among other posters and the best way to do this is to us simple design, text and content. Clearly state your benefits. A good marketing material is one that is able to clearly state the benefits of the products or services to its customers. It is not important to only say how great your products are but to also let the readers know how you can meet their needs and wants. Be nice. In posting your posters make sure that you are not covering up someone else’s posters. If there is little space left on a board for you to post on look for old and expired posters. Don’t just cover up other posters. Respect other’s space. Remember that you will be in that board for long so as long as you respect other’s posters they will likewise respect yours. Finally, just like a man who wants to furnish his room, you need to take a good look at your poster before printing it. Take a look at the space where you will put your products and services then run in words and images accordingly. Keep in mind that if you crowd it too much it can be unattractive to your readers and if you leave a lot of blank space it can look scanty and unprofessional. The point is to fill your poster with just enough words and illustration to make it eye-catching and substantial. For this reason, it is important that you carefully study the advertising space at your disposal. You should have a good idea of how the poster will appear in print. Remember that you are producing your material for your business, so make sure you are getting a job done well.

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The hottest new advertising craze to hit the internet pixel ads

I generate traffic to my website through traditional channels such as writing articles, submitting to directories, link exchanges, Search Engines, etc. I also have supplemented this traffic through paid advertising methods such as Pay per Clicks (PPC), paid inclusion, and banner rotations to name a few. I remember a few years ago when I could target a high traffic keyword through the Pay per Click search engines for .01 cents a click. Wow! Those were the days. Now, you’re lucky to get that same keyword for less than a $1.00 a click. While some of these advertising methods bring decent traffic, most are becoming oversaturated with advertisers, which automatically brings the price up and the effectiveness down. Recently, I stumbled across another advertising method that is affordable (and sometimes free) that is highly effective. In fact, I’m seeing these sites Alexa rankings shooting from 800,000 to the 1,000’s in less than a months time. The upward trends on the Alexa charts are without a doubt astonishing. This new type of advertising is called Pixel Advertising. Go to any of these pixel websites and you will see a multitude of small boxes. Each box is usually equal to a 10 x 10 pixel in size. The costs of renting these boxes are ranging from $5.00 a box to $25.00 a box, and some of them are actually free. Simply select the quantity of boxes you want and upload your image. The “BEST” part of this is that your image will stay on that site for up to 10 YEARS! The demand for this type of advertising exposure is in high demand and these sites are popping up all over the Internet. My suggestion is to find one of these sites that are just getting started and offering the free or low cost pixel boxes. (Example: http:// best-pixel-ads. com) Get your image on these sites and sit back and wait approximately a month for the traffic to get going good. As the traffic surges, the free spots will not be available any longer and the cost of the pixel boxes will rise. You have nothing to loose and absolutely everything to gain. This type of advertising is sure to get oversaturated and less effective over time, but at the moment, it’s the cheapest most effective advertising method on the Internet today.

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Baby cribs safety checklist

Congratulations! You’ve got a baby on the way! Once your baby has arrived, one of the most important parts of your new life together will be getting a good night’s sleep — you in your bed, the baby in a safe and comfortable crib. At first, you may want your newborn to sleep in a bassinet by your bed, making it a little easier for breastfeeding moms, but have a crib ready by the time your baby can roll over. Your baby will spend more time in the crib than anywhere else, so safety is of utmost importance. What makes a crib safe? * The bars or slats of the crib railing should be no more than 2-3/8" apart, close enough together to prevent your baby’s head from slipping through or getting stuck. That crib in the attic may be a beautiful antique, but it probably does not meet this safety standard. Secondhand older cribs may also have splinters or lead paint as well as slats that are too far apart. * Cribs with cutout designs along the rail may look pretty, but your baby’s arm or neck could get stuck in them. * The crib must be sturdy. Your child will sleep in a crib until it’s time to move into a regular bed between the ages of 2 and 3. When shopping for the crib, give it a good shake to see if it wobbles or rattles. * Construction materials should be stained or painted hardwoods like maple, ash, beech or oak. The use of inferior woods can potentially weaken or warp the slats. Some metal cribs are also very sturdy and secure. All finish materials must be lead free and non-toxic. * For safety, the dropsides must be at least 9" above the mattress support when lowered. When the side is raised, the top must be at least 26" above the support at its lowest position. You should have no trouble quietly raising and lowering the side rail easily with one hand, since chances are you’ll have a sleeping baby in your arms. * Make things a little easier on your back by choosing a crib with an adjustable height mattress. A newborn can rest higher in the crib, while a baby who can sit up needs a lower mattress so he can’t climb out. You can change the height of most mattresses by simply raising or lowering the mattress support. * Check the hardware on the crib for sharp edges or points or anything else that could hurt your baby. * The mattress should fit snugly into the crib. If you can fit two fingers between the side of the mattress and the crib, it is too small. Keep an eye on foam mattresses; over time, they may break down at the edges and leave gaps. Check the mattress support to make sure there are safety clips that lock the hangers into their notches. * Use nonflammable and hypoallergenic bumper padding attached to the inside railings of the crib to cushion all four sides and prevent your baby from sticking an arm or leg through the railings. Securely fasten the bumper pads to the sides of the crib in at least six places. Be sure to remove bumper pads when your baby becomes more active. * Follow assembly instructions carefully. Periodically tighten all nuts, bolts, and screws and check teething rails for cracks. Check the mattress support hooks regularly. * Don’t place a crib against a window, near curtains or drapery cords, or near furniture that could help your baby climb out. * Crib toys need to be removed from the crib when baby is sleeping. And remove mobiles when baby is able to grab at objects. Federal safety guidelines went into effect in 1973, but only since 1991 do most cribs meet all mandatory safety standards (16CFR part 1508) as set by The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the voluntary standards (ASTM F966 and F1169) as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The Juvenile Products Manufacturers’ Association (JPMA) certifies cribs that meet the safety standards. For more information on crib safety and other nursery equipment, contact the Consumer Products Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772.

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Webconference applications for management

Problems Moreover, the absence of a management representative at a meeting (albeit due to an important situation such as negotiating an important contract) is not uncommon. Consulting your colleagues helps you to take better decisions for the company. To conveniently hold meetings anytime and anywhere (also in small groups), make use of Tele-efficiency's superior service. Solution The statutory meetings that are planned by the president are automatically scheduled in his Outlook calendar, after which he asks the participants to confirm their availability. During the meeting, he introduces the other presenter who gives a PowerPoint presentation and submits a document on the screen, which is also transmitted to his coworkers. If there is an absentee, the meeting is integrally recorded, both voice and images, and emailed to the absentee, along with the hyperlink and password so that it can be replayed. The voice over Internet software, Skype, along with the instant messaging presence indicator, allows the members of the management team to know, at a given moment, their coworkers' status, i. e., if they are with a "connected," "no show," "not available," or "do not disturb" signal. Results If some of the management personnel are frequently traveling, they can participate in the meetings via the Internet from their hotel room, airport, or an Internet cafй, or even from home. Moreover, even if they are absent, they can watch the recorded meeting and share their views with their colleagues. By knowing the availability of the management personnel, at a given time, the president can schedule a meeting; also, he can be signalled during the meeting about someone's changed status of availability, as well as of a new arrival.

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Reverse cell phone search

Tracking down the identity of an unknown caller is not as hard as you might think. Although you could find out the information you want for free, a lot of your success will depend on luck. It is far easier to get a membership at a private reverse cell phone directory because you are guaranteed to get what you want -- owner details, like name, address and wireless service carrier. People need to lookup phone number details for a variety of reasons. Whether you are concerned about the kids your teenager has been hanging out with, or need to stop a very annoying prank caller, or even need to stop a harassing stalker, conducting a reverse cell phone trace is a very legitimate means of investigating a questionable person -- especially if you suspect your significant other may be cheating on you. But again, in order to find out an unknown person's identity for free, you're going to have to be lucky. The only way you can find his or her private information is if they have willingly put it up on the Internet. That way, you can find it by doing a search with their phone number on the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Otherwise, your only option is to make a small investment with a real cell phone database that allows you to conduct reverse lookups on virtually any phone number. The reason that you can't find cell phone details online for free is because of the transitory nature of a cell phone number's life span. People are always changing cell numbers, and as a result they are just too difficult to track on a consistent basis (for free). Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date cell phone database is simply too difficult and costs too much money for it to be available online for free. People are also worried about having their phone numbers out in the open for telemarketers to exploit, so the government has made it very difficult for people to uncover cell phone number details. But don't worry, accurate and current reverse cell phone number lookup directories do exist and are very affordable. The best ones will allow you to purchase a lifetime membership for unlimited searches, or, if you don't feel the need for unlimited access, you can make a smaller investment for just one lookup. They will allow you to do a free preliminary search to see if the information you are seeking is available in their database, at which point you can decide whether or not you want to get it.

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Top 10 ways to turn clients into raving fans

Do you find great joy in being a coach? If so, you will find that your enthusiasm is contagious and will attract clients. Be sure to develop a superb and supportive community. Enlist them in building a practice and in supporting you as you go down the coaching road. Embrace change.

It is your constant companion as you build your coaching business. 1. Be someone that they really enjoy as a person and as a vendor. 2. Call your Client each quarter to ask if they’re having any problems or challenges with their organization. 3. Continually improve your product or service. 4. Keep your client informed about future changes and upgrades about the product/service they bought. 5. Keep your client informed about what the media and other clients are saying about your service/product. 6. Educate your client on making the most of your product/service. 7. Do the unexpected, again and again. 8. Create a “special client-only” club or group that gets extra things e. g. autographed books, audio tapes, and special invitations - anything worthwhile. 9. Be 6-24 months ahead of the competition - and stay there. 10. Use high tech, low tech, no tech to keep your name in front of your clients. After all, they are the ones who will bring you the business. -- Publishing Guidelines: You are welcome to publish this article in its entirety, electronically, or in print fre*e of charge, as long as you include my full signature file for ezines, and my Web site address (http:// schrift. com) in hyperlink for other sites. Please send a courtesy link or email where you publish to sandra@schrift. com. Thank you.

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Email punctuation pointers

When sending email messages, it’s easy to get in a hurry. But, remember there’s a huge difference between dashing off a note to a friend and sending a message to a customer or colleague. When sending email in a professional environment, the message should be professional. And, that includes using proper punctuation. (Phooey! You were hoping I’d say you could break all the rules, weren’t you?) There is one area of email that gets a little foggy. This is the rule that deals with punctuation at the end of sentences (e. g., periods, question marks, exclamation points). In typed letters, there are two spaces after the punctuation at the end of the sentence. This originated from typewriters, which needed this space to create a distinct break between two sentences. Computers allot space proportionally. So, a break can be created with only one space. In emails, you will see two different formats. Some people will use only one space after punctuation that ends a sentence. They will also use only one space after colons. Other people still use the two spaces. Example Those who prefer one space consider those who use two spaces to be “old fashioned.” Those who prefer two spaces consider those who use one space to “not be conservative or professional enough.” The decision as to whether to use one space or two is entirely up to you. The only rule to follow is that you must be consistent. Either use one space throughout the message or two. Don’t mix and match. You want the message to appear as though you know the rules and made a conscious choice. You don’t want the message to look as though you have no idea what the rules are, so you just randomly added spacing. While you may be able to choose one space or two, you don’t get to make choices about other punctuation. All of the other old rules are still in effect. In case I’ve whetted your appetite for more information on punctuation rules, here is another tip. Fanboys When do you use a comma to separate two thoughts in a sentence, and when don’t you? The quick answer is “FANBOYS.” This is an acronym which stands for the words: • For • And • Nor • But • Or • Yet • So When any of these words connect two independent clauses, you need a comma. That’s nice. Now, what in the world is an “independent clause”? It’s a phrase that can stand alone. In other words, it has a subject and a verb. It can be a complete sentence all by itself. For example – The conference call has been cancelled, and it will be re-scheduled next week. A dependent clause cannot stand alone. It doesn’t contain both a subject and a verb. Therefore, it’s dependent on the rest of the sentence. You don’t use a comma to connect a dependent clause to an independent clause. To say it more simply, if one of the phrases cannot stand alone (doesn’t have a subject and a verb), then you don’t need a comma. For example – The conference call has been cancelled and will be re-scheduled next week. Whether you’re ending a sentence or checking for FANBOYS, take the time to punctuate properly. Your customers and colleagues will respect you for it.

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Electric rc car v s nitro rc car making the choice

At this stage of reading this valuable information, its assumed that you already have a fair understanding of what radio controlled vehicle racing is in general and rc cars racing in particular. If you don’t, a good place to start would be to go to our website RCCarsSecrets. com and read the basics about understanding your RC Car. If you already made that journey, then you would be at a stage when you would have to choose the kind of car you want to experience your speed thrills in. Rtc rc cars are a great bet and so are rtc rc trucks. The fundamental choice however is should you go in for an electric rc car or do you want to go for a nitro rc car. Both types of cars have their own advantages and disadvantages as do rtc rc cars or even rtc rc trucks for that matter. To make that decision you need to do some proper soul searching and identify that one goal that you want to achieve in the world of rc cars racing. The reason for that is quite simple, the skills that you learn coupled with the investments that the sport calls for makes it unviable to broad base one’s learning. To put it simply, its better to not become a jack of all trades and a master of none. These are what we believe are the fundamental rules of life applying not just to rtc cars and rc trucks, but to every walk of life! If you are just starting out and looking forward to honing you skills on the control, then its automatic choice to go in for an electric rc car. They are easier to source, easier to maintain and above all require just a basic ability to handle the controls. This means that steering the car and maneuvering it through a winding track is that much easier and is a good learning ground to understand the nuances of “distanced control” because you are not physically present in the car steering it. On a softer note, literally, electric rc cars are quieter than any other type of rc cars. On the other hand, if you already have acquired a fine ability to control your rc cars and want to take your skills to the next level, and also if you are looking for a speed rush, then the nitro rc car is just the right one for you. What makes the nitro car different from the others is it’s ability to provide extreme levels of acceleration in very short bursts of time. The speed freaks you see all across the town are not only good at what they do, but what makes them that good is the super powerful nitro rc cars they are using. If you can make your mind now about which rc car to go in for, then the objective of this article has been served! Did we just hear the revving of your RC mechanical marvel?

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Quality at a cheap price

Quality At A Cheap Price There has never been a better time than now to have your audio book, music project, computer data, or CD-R business card duplicated. Unlike the days gone by, these processes are cheaper than ever before - even for those on a budget. Over the last several years, the costs of blank CDs have dropped quite a bit. The retail chains such as Office Max, Staples, and Best Buy run specials on blank CDs where you can purchase a 50 CD-R spindle for under $20. You can even find similar deals on Froogle, such as a 50 pack spindle of blank CD-R disks for less than $12. Those interested in CD duplication at home, will find that many of the newer computers come packages with a CD burner included at prices under $500. If you already own a computer and want to add an internal CD burner, several retailers have brands for under $50. You can also purchase an external CD burner for all your needs for under $100. Making cheap duplications of CDs even more affordable are the powerhouses such as DiscMakers, Oasis, and CDman, all of whom specialize in duplicating large quantities of CDs at low prices. Not only do these powerhouses offer superior quality at a great price, but they also give great deals on graphics, CD inserts, and jewel cases as well. With cheap prices, you can get everything you need at a price you can't argue with. If you've copied CDs in the past, you can quit paying high costs and save yourself a ton of money. Those who offer CD duplication at a cheap price are great at what they do - saving you a ton of money for your CD duplication needs. (word count 288)

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Question when is a credit card better than cash answer when it s stolen

For many people, bring up the term, “credit card,” and they’ll roll their eyes. Most of us understand the powerful pull that pulling out the plastic has on us. It’s almost addictive, the ability to pull out your credit card and use it to charge anything, anywhere, anytime. Many money counselors will advise you to lock your credit card up and go on a cash basis if you’re having a hard time with your debt. But what many people don’t realize is that carrying credit can be a lot better than carrying their cash and here’s why: the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA). If you’re carrying your plastic and lose your wallet, you’ll never have to pay more than $50 of unauthorized charges to your credit card. Depending on how much cash you carry along in your wallet, this can save you some money in the unfortunate event that your wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

According to the FCBA, if you report that you’re credit card is lost or stolen before it’s used again, you’re not responsible for any of the unauthorized charges. Otherwise, the maximum amount that you’re legally responsible for is $50. Something else to consider, if only the number was stolen and not the card, then you’re not liable for any of the charges that the “number” thief puts on your credit card account. Keep a list of your credit card numbers along with contact information for the credit card company some where handy but separate from your actual credit card. This way in the event that your card is stolen or lost, you can more easily take care of reporting your loss. Hurry, those minutes saved might save you $50! For more information on what to do if your credit card is lost or stolen, take a look at what the FTC has to say at http:// ftc. gov/bcp/conline/pubs/credit/atmcard. htm

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American civil war

The American Civil War took place in 1861 to 1865 in the southern United States; also in eastern, central and southwestern regions. The outcome of this bloody civil battle was the defeat of the seceding CSA. The primary leaders in the War were the well known Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Both of these men were corageous leaders, and huge names of their time, as well as ours. Casualties of the war include: Killed in Action: 110,100 Total dead Toll: 359,500 Wounded: 275,200 The war claimed more American lives than any other conflict in history, with approximately 560,000 total killed which at the time was a stagerring 1.78% of population and over 970,000 casualties which again is a staggering 3.09% of the population. Often times debated, the causes of the http:// civil-spot. com - civil war, and even the name of the war itself, are still really left up in the air. When Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 seven states existed: These states were: South Carolina (December 20, 1860), Mississippi (January 9, 1861), Florida (January 10, 1861), Alabama (January 11, 1861), Georgia (January 19, 1861), Louisiana (January 26, 1861), and Texas (February 1, 1861). Lincoln was not even on the ballot in nine states in the South. Several Leaders from South Carolina had long been waiting for an event that might unite the South against the anti-slavery forces. As soon as the election returns were certain, a special South Carolina convention declared "that the Union now subsisting between South Carolina and other states under the name of the 'United States of America' is hereby dissolved." By February 1, 1861, six more Southern states had seceded. As a result on February 7, the seven states adopted a provisional constitution for the Confederate States of America and established their capital at Montgomery, Alabama. On March 4, 1861, less than a month later, Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as President of the United States. He stated on this date that he had no intention to invade southern states, but would use force to maintain possession of federal property. The South, especially South Carolina, ignored this plea by Lincoln, and as a result on April 12, the South fired upon the Federal troops there were stationed at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. The firing continued until the troops surrendered. This significant event is what many feel was the start of the American Civial War.

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How to change your engine oil you can do that

Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson Who changes their own oil anymore? Not me but thought it was a good idea to teach my teenage daughter how to in case she wanted to save some money by doing it herself. To help her out I wrote out step-by-step instructions on how to go about it, you may find that these simple to follow steps can help you as well. Below are the exact list of steps she followed to actually change her car's oil. I created a list of tools and material she would need to gather before starting. Check your owners manual for type of oil and amount needed. All auto parts stores will assist you in finding the right oil and filter. I explained that it was a good idea to run the car's engine for a few minutes before she drained the oil because warm oil drains faster than cold oil. Always park the car on a level surface, engage the parking brake and turn off the engine. It may be necessary to raise the front end in order to get under. If so, use two stands, one on each side for a sturdy foundation. I told her to place the new oil under the hood so she would not forget to add the new oil back into the engine. I've heard of people forgetting. Next to locate the oil drain plug on the underside of the engine. Check your owner's manual for the exact location. Place the oil drain pan under the plug and loosen the plug with a socket wrench and turn counterclockwise to remove drain plug. Remove the plug by hand and be careful of the rush of hot oil. Wearing gloves is a good idea. Let the oil drain into the pan. It is a good idea to replace the drain plug gasket at least every other oil change. Reinstall the plug by hand then tighten with a wrench or socket and be careful to not over tighten the plug. This could cause a leak and/or make it difficult to remove the plug later. Locate the existing oil filter. Again, check your owner's manual for exact location. Place the oil pan underneath the filter to catch oil. Use an adjustable oil filter wrench to unscrew the old oil filter. Use a rag to wipe the area where the filter mounts to the engine. Using your finger add some new oil to the rubber seal of the new filter. Screw the new filter into place by hand. If you're not strong enough use the adjustable filter wrench, don't over tighten. Once all of the old oil is out and you have installed the new filter and tightened the drain plug it's time to add the new oil. Locate the oil filler cap on top of the engine and remove it. Place the funnel in the opening and pour in the new oil. Replace the cap when you're finished. Run the engine for a minute, then check the dipstick. The owner's manual should show you a diagram of where the oil level should be. Add more oil if necessary. Check the area around the oil drain plug and the filter for oil leaks. Tighten the plug or oil filter if you find leak. Use rags and/or newspapers to wipe away excess oil. Pour the used oil into a plastic container after the used oil cools. I use old plastic milk containers. Lastly, dispose the used oil at a recycling center, an auto repair shop or county land fill. Never pour it down the sewer or directly on the ground. That's it! She was able to change her car's oil with little help from me and she keeps these instructions in her glove compartment for future oil changes. By doing this herself she was able to save $20. Good luck.

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Kids and trees grow with the environmental three r s

Every day in America, each man, woman and child generates nearly four pounds of trash. That's over one trillion pounds of solid waste or 365 trillion pounds each year. It's a staggering statistic when you consider the environmental effect that much garbage has on our fragile ecosystem. As adults, it's easy to forget the importance of the 3 R's our world depends on-reducing, reusing and recycling-for the health and safety of future generations. It's those future generations--our children--that will bear the consequences of today's environmental mismanagement, unless an effort is made to improve upon current behaviors. For the third year, one hotel company is stepping up to the task, helping kids to think globally and act locally by educating them on how to properly care for the environment. With help from The National Arbor Day Foundation, Doubletree Hotels is distributing an environmentally focused lesson plan that provides the framework for taking would-be waste and recycling it into artistic treasures to thousands of elementary school students in the U. S. and Canada.

The education initiative is an extension of the hotel's Teaching Kids to CARE program, a community outreach initiative that pairs hotel properties with elementary schools and youth groups to educate children about making conscious decisions about environmental care. This spring, Teaching Kids to CARE volunteers and children will create "litter critters," a reduced, reused and recycled representation of animals in the world hurt by litter, and will plant more than 10,000 seedling trees across the U. S. and Canada. For those parents (and mentors) wanting to engage their kids (or nieces, nephews and grandkids) in environmentally conscious activities, here are a few tips: 1. Recycling is Fun-Pass it On-Recycling isn't all about aluminum cans and old newspapers. Encourage your kids to start their own recycling program in which they share old toys, books and games with their friends and classmates. One child's trash is another child's treasure and by "passing it on," kids will learn that they can reduce waste by recycling their old things so that others can reuse them. 2. Become a Habitat Hero--Challenge your children to gather up all their friends and classmates to help clean up a park or schoolyard (with parental supervision). Whoever collects the most trash wins the "Habitat Hero" award and prize (as decided upon by you). 3. Plant a "Family Tree"--Take your kids to a garden or home store and allow them to help pick out a young tree. (Make sure to check that it can survive in your climate region.) Plant the tree in a special location as a family, assigning a different task (digging, planting, watering) to each family member. Make sure to document the activity with a photo, so kids can remember how small the tree was when they planted it. 4. You CAN Make a Difference--Encourage your children to save empty aluminum cans, then take a weekly trip to a nearby "Cash for Cans" drop-off location. Decide with your kids how best to use the money they've collected from their recycling efforts to better the environment. Options to consider include volunteering for tree planting projects, adopting a local stretch of highway to be beautified and maintained or donating the money to a local environmental organization. 5. Pulp to Paper--This fun, hands-on project shows kids how old newspapers are recycled back into fresh newspapers. Have your child tear a half page of newspaper into small, one-inch pieces. Fill buckets or bowls with one-part newspaper and two-parts water and let soak for several hours. Using a hand mixer, "pulp" the fibers in the paper until the mixture looks like mush. Take a handful of pulp and place it on a piece of felt, molding it to the size of the piece of paper you want to make, and press it firmly to squeeze out excess water. Let the paper dry for one or two days and voilа. Remember, proper waste management not only helps save the environment, it also helps save energy, reduce pollution and protect animals around the world. A small effort from your kids today can guarantee a healthier, greener tomorrow.

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Store bought chili a short history

Willie Gebhardt, originally of New Braunfels, Texas and later of San Antonio, produced the first canned chili in 1908. Gebhardt also invented the first commercial chili powder in 1896. Very little else is known about Mr. Gebhardt; he apparently sold out to a brother-in-law and disappeared from the scene. His chili powder nonetheless remains popular today. I can remember my Grandmother using that brand of chili powder when I was a kid. Another popular chili brand is Wolf Brand chili, which was founded by rancher Lyman Davis near Corsicana, Texas, in 1885. In the 1880s, in partnership with an experienced range cook, he began producing heavily-spiced chili based on chunks of lean beef and including rendered beef suet, which he sold by the pot to local cafйs. In 1921, Davis began canning his product in the back of his meat market and named it for his pet wolf, "Kaiser Bill". Wolf Brand canned chili was a favorite of Will Rogers, who always took along a case of it when traveling and entertaining in chili-less regions of the world. Both the Gebhardt and Wolf brands are now owned by ConAgra Foods, Inc. In the UK, the most popular brand of canned chili is sold by Stagg, a division of Hormel foods. Another method of marketing commercial chili in the days before widespread home refrigerators was "brick chili", in the production of which nearly all of the moisture was squeezed out to leave a solid substance roughly the size and shape of a half-brick.

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Bingo tips from bingo players

Bingo is a game of luck. It does not matter if bingo players are playing online land-based bingo, bingo is the one game where the outcome cannot be controlled or predicted. There is a lot new players can learn from experienced and accomplished bingo players. Skilled players can advise new players to keep certain bingo tips in mind when they are playing. Bingo players should always make sure they arrive early at the bingo hall. Arriving early ensures that they can get the best seat, or their favorite seat.

They can also ensure that they sit in the smoking or non-smoking area, whichever they prefer. To better their chances at winning, bingo players should play at halls when there are less bingo players present. The perfect time would be between Monday and Thursday nights, as more prefer to play over the weekend. Why does this better their chances of winning?

Because the less players there are, the better the chances of winning. This also means that the more cards they play, the greater their chances is to win. Although “play all you want” offers are great, bingo players should be careful. They should never play more bingo cards than they can comfortably watch at a time. It is important to remember that what goes around comes around. Bingo players should make sure they buy at least one bingo card per night for their neighbour. If they then find themselves without enough money to play one more game, chances are that their neighbours will buy them one more card. When bingo players win, they should make sure they throw a lucky dollar or two for their neighbours to catch. Generally, their neighbours will return the favour when they win. Players can also receive ten times more than the lucky dollar they gave their neighbours. If a neighbour bingo’s with that lucky dollar, the neighbour is sure to share the prize! Bingo players should always keep their neighbours in mind. They should never yell out loud the number they need, because their neighbours are trying to hear which numbers are being called. Another important aspect that bingo players should keep in mind is that their neighbours are at the hall for entertainment. They don’t want other people to complain to them all the time. Playing bingo can be lots of fun and a great social event if players keep these tips in mind. Players should remember the greatest tip of all – they should never stop playing bingo, because it means that they can play a game they love while they win money and meet great people!

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How to get relief during the fall allergy season

Not only do temperatures and weather conditions change as the fall season approaches, but those annoying allergies you get every year, around this time, are likely to hit again. But don’t worry just yet, there are ways to fight the annoyance so you can be as allergy-free as possible this fall. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish whether the symptoms you are experiencing are due to a cold or allergies. The clear difference between the two is colds usually tend to be short-lived whereas allergies can run for weeks or even months. The most common allergy is pollen (also called hay fever), which causes symptoms to flare-up due to the pollen grains floating through the air. Allergies tend to occur when the seasons change and you may notice your allergies approaching at almost the exact same time every year. There are many things you can do to help ensure you do not get allergies this fall season, and here are some of the most effective prevention tips: • Close Your Windows - keep your windows closed in both your house and your car especially at night. This will prevent pollen and mold spores from entering your house and into the air you breathe. • Stay Indoors - staying indoors (with your windows shut) is probably the best way to ensure you don’t get allergies this season. Most of the pollen is found outdoors, so eliminate this allergic element as much as possible. • Use Your Air Conditioner - Turning on your air conditioner provides relief by cleaning, cooling and drying the air in your home. Dehumidifiers or air filters will also help in these situations. • Use Air Ionizers& HEPA Filters – These products remove particulates from the air you breathe. • Protect Yourself - If it is necessary for you to go outside to do yard work (or for other reasons), protect yourself by wearing a mask or a cover-up of some sort to keep you from breathing in the “contaminated air”. • Take Showers and Baths - If you are outdoors for extended periods of time, take either a shower or a bath when you return home. Showers and baths will wash away some of the pollen that is left on your body. Changing your clothes when you come in from being outside is also a good idea. If none of these things work for you and you find yourself suffering from allergy symptoms anyway, there are treatments which can help. Nasal Sprays, oral antihistamines and decongestants are all great for allergy relief. For itchy and watery eyes there are many forms of eye drops like Visine which you can purchase at any drugstore. Immunotherapy (an allergy shot) is also a great way to help with your allergies this season. Check with your doctor before using any medications or treatments since some can potentially cause harmful side effects.

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The different types of treadmills

When we usually think of treadmills, we tend to think that there is only one type on the market. However, this is very far from the truth as there are a couple of different types of treadmills. There is, of course, the home treadmill that most are familiar with. However, the other type of treadmill is the commercial treadmill, which are the ones that are usually seen in the gym. Most exercise gurus will pursue getting home treadmill. They range from cheap, manual treadmills up to the higher quality ones that are designed for those with extensive running and cross training in their workouts. Competition in the treadmill industry is extremely high. There are hundreds of brands and types of treadmills that are all competing for your money. There are folding home treadmill varieties which are great space savers as they can fold up and be put in a closet or under a bed. However this type of treadmill lacks an extremely sold form that most home treadmills possess. The other variety of treadmill is known as the commercial treadmill. This type of treadmill is used in a gym or other type of commercial setting such as a doctor's office. A commercial treadmill tends to have a higher powered motor with more horsepower than a home machine. It also has more a bulky and rugged look to it and feels extremely stable, which does eliminate finding folding varieties of commercial treadmills. Due to the intended extreme usage there is less of a warranty, roughly 3-4 years, that is included with the purchase of a commercial treadmill. When a treadmill is intended to be used as one within a commercial type of environment, then it may be only logical for you to get a commercial treadmill. However, there might be a few treadmills that are categorized as home treadmills, that might be used in other light commercial settings such as in small hotel gyms but in this case, as in all, be sure that you go over the warranty several times. There are many decent options for those needing a home treadmill. If your workout is only going to include walking for the life of your machine then a smaller, less expensive variety will do as more than capable. Avid runners and exercisers are encouraged to get a higher priced ranged home machine that will have more features and include higher length warranties. The only real difference in the two types of treadmills is that of the warranty length and the type of usage. Find out why treadmills can burn fat more efficiently than almost any other exercise. See reviews and useful information. Click ==> http:// treadmills-easy. com/

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How jogging will help you lose 10 pounds

In February, you gained 2 pounds from gobbling down chocolates during Valentine’s Day. No big deal, you think. Then June comes and surrounds you with all-you-can-eat ice cream sundaes. You gain 3.5 pounds, take a deep breath, and forget about your weight. Next, in November, you celebrate a certain holiday with family, where you can’t resist Mom’s buttery mashed potatoes and Grandma’s cherry pie. Oh no! The scale shows you’ve gained a total of 10 pounds this year. Your eyes widen — how did you get here? Thinking back, you realize that you hadn’t made any effort to lose the extra weight in February. Since you did not use healthier eating habits or exercise, the pounds kept increasing until you got 10 pounds overweight. So you decide to lose weight immediately, using better eating habits and regular exercise. One great form of exercise is jogging, “Isn’t jogging boring and old-fashioned?

” you wonder. Actually, jogging has almost always been a great form of exercise. Perhaps you’ve waited at a red light in your car, while a jogger waits to cross the street. Did you notice that the trim and fit jogger wasted no time by running in place, until the traffic light changed to green? Now you can become this determined person. This activity has another advantage: you can jog with others, like a friend, a group of buddies or a dog. You get each other’s company, making jogging even more enjoyable. Plus, your friends can encourage you to stick to this activity, when you’d rather give up. Jogging also strengthens your cardiovascular system. With regular exercise, your health improves and you reduce your chance of a heart attack. You also get more energy, so you can go from one activity to the next with less rest in between. Another reason to jog has to do with its intensity. Because jogging classifies as a high-intensity exercise, this exercise burns a good number of calories. As you may know, burning calories helps you reach your goal of losing 10 pounds. Besides burning calories, jogging gives you a fun way to exercise. You can wave “hello” to neighbors, whose sincere smiles provide encouragement. And who can forget the scenery you see while jogging - like a rabbit lurching in the bushes or sunflowers towering upwards. You can take deep breaths and relax while jogging. You may know that jogging is good exercise, but did you know that jogging is one of the cheapest ways to exercise? Basically, you spend money on running shoes and you’re set. You don’t need special equipment, videos, or membership to a club. But you do need the stamina and the drive to go forward to be a good jogger. Although jogging can give you a great workout, remember that this weight loss technique puts pressure on your feet and joints. Do yourself a favor and start out with a short distance, like 15-20 minutes around the park. Gradually increase the time you spend on jogging, until you reach an effective distance for your stamina. Following this gradual method will let your body adjust to jogging, your ticket to losing 10 pounds. And better yet, after you lose the weight, jogging can help you maintain your healthy weight.

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Home security the role of hidden cameras

: As most sane men will attest, often the source of inspiration comes from our spouses or significant others. I plead guilty. When I asked my fiancйe the other day what the first thing was she thought of when I mentioned "home security" she promptly replied hidden cameras to watch the children. Now that's a home security device that would have been on my list but not first. So let's look at why hidden cameras have become so popular and why prudent people have them and what exactly they can be used for. You have young children. You hire a babysitter.

What happens when you leave the house? You have older children that don't need a sitter. What happens when you leave the house? You have a nanny-a trusted part of the family. What happens when you are not there? Are you curious about what happens when you leave the business you own, after all you can't be there 24/7? Do you really trust all those employees?

Hidden cameras, spy cameras, surveillance cameras come in many sizes and shapes. There's bound to one just right for almost any situation. They are meant to blend in with their surroundings so no one would suspect they are being watched. They are becoming more popular as part of an overall home security system and a recognized way of providing home security monitoring. A book, a pair of glasses, a boombox, clock radio, wall clock, smoke detector, a motion detector all are examples of items used to house hidden cameras. Most are available with night vision capability to see in almost complete darkness. They are easy to install-most can be either wired or wireless. And they have become very cost effective.

Remember TRUST BUT VERIFY. And the only way you can do that is with another set of eyes and ears-a HIDDEN CAMERA. So if you are not sure what's going on when you are not at home or at your business-get a hidden camera and find out. If you think crime can only happen to the other guy you are wrong. The "other guy" is thinking the same thing and YOU are that "other guy". There is a reason why they call it self defense. You have to protect yourself, your family, your home and business!!

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Do you really need your own website to market online

This question is for you “newbies” out there. Ok, so you‘ve entertained the thought that you might want to be involved in or at least checkout the wide wide world of Online Marketing! Soon enough the question arises, will I need my own website? Or, does this mean I’ll have to have a website? This may even be expressed with some trepidation. One of the reasons I’m discussing this question is due to some marketing opportunities being offered on the web or elsewhere that use the pitch: ”no website needed”. What’s the reality here? Are there ways to make money online that don’t require the operator to have a website?

Well, yes there are, but after you hear about them you may think they’re not what you were referring to. First, Trading the financial markets If you know what you’re doing and have enough trading capital, yes, you can be quite successful trading a market(s) and no you won’t need your own website. I’ll bet you weren’t thinking of this. Auction selling as in eBay. As a part time activity it definitely qualifies, As a modest full time activity it might qualify. The truth of the matter is that the most successful auction type sellers usually do have their own websites and online stores. So, where does the “no website needed” pitch come from? First, it seems to come from sources that have limited experience online themselves and are therefore not credible sources. Next, it seems to come from sources that are using it as a marketing ploy to get the business of persons who are “faint of heart” or only marginally suitable to become online marketers themselves. One could say that it is being used as a sort of “half-truth” bait. There are online marketing techniques that can be used without a website. However, experience will usually show, that most of these same techniques can be used even more effectively with your own website. Usually, maximum effect, with the least required effort, is what most online marketers are striving for. Not coincidentally, our FREE 12 hour course, offered below, includes a section with exacting steps and instructions on creating your own website! You could buy a course on web site creation, but why not take ours for FREE? (It’s only one section of our 12 hour course.) What will your online marketing activities include? Physical products, info products, products or services offered as an affiliate? All of these will have greater profit opportunities if you have a website that you control to promote your online marketing efforts. My best advice is to seek out the skills you need for online marketing and GO FOR IT! The rewards are well worth it.

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