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Google Adsense: Rules Surrounding Invalid Clicks and Being in Control What Is So Important About An Invalid Click and How Will It Affect Me? More than anything, an invalid click is a big no-no and it will get your account terminated faster than anything else. Having said that, an invalid click is when a publisher clicks on their own ads to add to their earning potential . It’s also when a publisher asks others to click on their ads just to raise their revenue. It also raises the advertiser’s costs and Google won’t tolerate this. Google Adsense has state of the art technology and they know what’s going on. Invalid clicks also happen when someone uses robots to click on ads or automated software. It is any deceptive practice used to click on ads. Invalid clicks are also unnecessary as there are plenty of money-making opportunities with valid clicks. With an optimized website, useful content, and attractive ads, there’s no reason for anybody to even entertain the idea of using invalid clicks. Having Control Over Your Adsense Account You the publisher, have complete control over the advertisement that runs on your site. You can choose to run only image ads, only text ads, or a combination of both. Google recommends that you choose a combination of both to maximize your earning potential, but the decision is yours. When making your ad decision, you also have the freedom to choose which type of ads run across your entire account (image or text) or you can narrow that decision to what type of ad might run on a particular page. As of right now, you are not able to differentiate your image ad click rate from your text ad click rate. You can of course, differentiate your click rate from one site as opposed to another site. Say, for example, you run only image ads on one site and only text ads on another site. By setting up channels to track both sites, you can see which site has the better click rate. Of course, you have to take into consideration there would be more factors than whether you were running text or image ads. The content, the placement of the ads in general, even the color could make a difference. Refer to the Google Adsense Support Site for specific instructions on how to enable or disable image ads. Remember, it’s all up to you! Word Count 403

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Reduce pimples by treating your skin

A SCENE FROM "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," where Professor Sprout, the herbology professor, asks the students to collect "bubutober pus" during a lesson to give to Madam Pomfrey, the school nurse: "This'll keep Madam Pomfrey happy," said Professor Sprout, stoppering the last bottle with a cork. "An excellent remedy for the more stubborn forms of acne, bubutober pus. Should stop students resorting to desperate measures to rid themselves of pimples." "Like poor Eloise Midgen," said Hannah Abbott, a Hufflepuff, in a hushed voice. "She tried to curse hers off." "Silly girl," said Professor Sprout, shaking her head. "But Madam Pomfrey fixed her nose back in the end." Admit it—haven't we all tried to pull off an Eloise Midgen and resorted to drastic measures to drive acne away? While we may not have the capabilities to curse pimples off our faces, there's certainly a long list of worse ways to remove acne. What exactly causes acne? While it is true that stress, cosmetics and detergents (such as harsh shampoos and toothpaste) aggravate acne, they are not the direct sources of your pimples. They will only make worse an already existing condition. And do not blame your diet—chocolate and French fries will not cause acne—or your crush for the huge blemish on your nose. They have nothing to do with it at all. Hormonal imbalance The usual culprit behind acne is an imbalance of hormones, which causes the production of extra sebum and therefore, pimples. This could be because of your genes (if your parents were pimply in their childhood, you know who to blame) or other circumstances that could lead to this imbalance—puberty, menopause, pregnancy and monthly periods among them. So if you have a friend who has effortlessly clear skin, curse the genetic lottery and take better care of your skin instead of trying to imitate his/her (lack of) routine. While others go directly to the source and have hormone treatments in order to lessen their acne, this can be costly and impractical in minor acne cases—sort of like swatting a fly with a nuclear bomb. Some treatments, like birthcontrol pills, have undesirable side effects such as weight gain and headaches. The more dangerous side effects include clots in blood vessels and an increased risk of breast cancer. Males who take birth-control pills suddenly find themselves saddled with a pair of breasts (while some do this intentionally, that's an entirely different story.) A good skincare regimen will not only prevent more pimples from popping up, but will delay the onset of wrinkles and freckles. Simply washing your face just doesn't do anymore. In our more polluted environment, you will have to learn how to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin at least once a day. Applying sunscreen even when you're not going out in the sun is also important because indoor lights also contain skin-harming rays. So if you're planning to spend extended hours in front of the computer for a term paper, make sure you've slathered on some SPF. Old staple If you're really going for a direct treatment of the pimple, you might want to check out an old staple: Benzoyl Peroxide. However, Benzoyl Peroxide apparently isn't just a spot treatment. According to Dr. Bernadette Arcilla of the Philippine Dermatological Society, when faced with acne, you should treat the entire affected area with Benzoyl Peroxide, but don't overdo it! Too much of it (say, a huge dollop on top of the blemish) will dry out not just the pimple, but the surrounding skin as well, causing more damage. "The best way to apply it is to spread it evenly over the affected area, so that not only will the pimple dry out, but future breakouts will be prevented as well," Dr. Arcilla said. Before buying a tube of treatment, said Dr. Arcilla, take note of the concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide before applying it—PanOxyl, for example, has three variants: 2.5 percent for mild acne, 5 percent for moderate acne and 10 percent for severe cases. The latter is best left for body acne, such as pimples on your back and chest, while facial acne is adequately treated by the less concentrated variants. Again, overdoing anything will cause more harm than good so always start with a smaller concentration. Dr. Arcilla also advised patients to use medication daily—not just on a pimple, but on the entire affected area. "You should treat the skin, not the pimples. Pimples are just a symptom of something bigger," Dr. Arcilla said. "And if you treat it early, you can prevent scarring due to more blemishes." Instead of treating just the surface, go for an acne management program. In the long-term process (which combines a good skincare regimen and acne treatment), pimples won't be gone in a week, but there is a significant 30- to 40-percent reduction of acne in one to two months. The process can be expedited with the help of your dermatologist, who can help you create an acne management program for yourself. This does take a lot more time than quick fix-acne treatments, but the results are permanent, at least. Now, isn't that better than cursing pimples off your face?

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The contour years

Replacing the Ford Tempo is the Ford Contour. It strictly competes with the Honda Accord, the Chrysler Cirrus, the Dodge Stratus, and other compact and mid-size sedans. This vehicle is crafted and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in the United States and has been made available in a couple of trim levels including GL, LX, and the sporty SE. This vehicle exudes performance, refinement and an overall execution. This vehicle has a standard dual airbags and optional features comprise of antilock brakes, and traction control. Also, this vehicle’s other features are bumpers that could withstand a five mph impact, and a base engine that was a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that could produce 125 horsepower that works well with a 5-speed manual shift or the optional electronic 4-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle suffered from several mishaps in several of its parts.

The automatic transmission had a faulty manual lever position sensor. If the parking brake cables held some ice during the winter month, this will not allow the brake to release. Its dashboard lights were somewhat faulty with the charge warning lights glowing. Since its production in 1995, it already suffered from performance faults. The list included front seatbelt anchor tabs cracking, fuel-tank filler reinforcements leaking, the metal shield on its plastic fuel-filler pipe developing stating charge during refueling that could be an ignition source, passenger airbags inflator body cracking, overheating at head lamp and wiring-harness terminals that could result in open circuit for instrument lights, parking lamps, and tail lamps, front coil springs fracturing as a result of corrosion in several extreme environments, and owner guide manuals not being sufficiently clear. However, because of these mishaps, the Ford Contour underwent several drastic changes so as to fully facilitate a greater driving experience for its users.

In 1995, the Ford Contour reduced its chrome stripes on its bumpers and its body had been colored. The front seats were now recessed in the back so as to improve rear seat leg room. A year after, the traction control and heated mirrors were no longer an option. The remote fuel door release was removed. Made available were interior trunk lights, tilt steering wheels, and power antennas. The year 1997 made the Ford Contour sport new designs in its front and rear ends. The roof line was altered and the rear deck shorted so as to further improve rear seat headroom.

For the last year of its production, 2000, each trim level received different changes and restyling. The 2000 Ford Contour held a DOHC 24-valve V6 engine with aluminum block and heads. It had a Ford EEC-IV engine control system with port fuel injection. It had a power of 170 bhp at 6250 rpm and a capability of 165 lb-ft. of torque at 4250 rpm. It sported a transmission of a 5-speed manual. It held a curb weight of 2910 lb. The Ford Contour’s wheelbase was 106.5 inches and a length of 183.9 inches. http:// premiumcarparts.

com provides Ford Contour owners and Ford enthusiasts a complete line of the highest quality Ford auto parts like Ford Countour parts.

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Simple steps lead to successful books

Like most first time authors, I figured that once the word was out that I'd written a book, the world would beat a path to my door wanting to buy it. I'll admit I gave little thought to marketing until the day my first printing of Handbook To A Happier Life was delivered. In a panic, I called a published author I knew and asked, "What do I do now?" She suggested several books about book marketing, which I bought immediately. I was on my way. Success in book selling is a three step process: 1. Write the book. 2. Print the book. 3. Sell the book. That last one can be bit tricky:-) Space does not permit me to go into all the details of my process or to list the many people who helped, however, there are a couple of very important points I learned early on which made all the difference. The most important thing I learned was to identify my reader. As much as I hated to admit it, not everyone would buy my book. My early feedback told me entrepreneurs, network marketers and salespeople were buying my book. I began to ask myself focused questions as to how I could best reach these people. I set goals. After all, if you don't have a goal, how will you know when you've succeeded? I took specific actions daily. That's important. Consistent action will make all the difference. There were days when I was ready to give up but I kept taking action. I refused to give up. Another important point. Never, never, never give up! One day, a door opened. I had located a distributor who was selling to the market I wanted to reach. They reviewed "Handbook To A Happier Life" and it was put on a recommended reading list. It went into eight printings with almost 100,000 copies sold and was translated into several languages, and then sold to a big publisher. I knew all along that once people saw this book, they would want to read it. I firmly believe most books will sell once you have taken the time to clearly define your market, set your goals and commit to taking daily action. And more action - keeping in mind that there are many places you can sell books besides bookstores. Go for it! The Best Business Card You Ever Had "Keep in mind Jim, this is a great business card." That was my first lesson as a new author and it has served me well over the years. On a lark, I sent 20 copies of my new book to the presidents of several big direct sales companies. The result was a glowing testimonial from the president of one of the companies, along with an order for 250 books. Was it worth the cost of giving away the 20? You bet it was! I like to think of giving away books as planting seeds. You never know which ones will spout or when. Many professional speakers and coaches willingly give away their $12 paperback book (with a cost of a $2-$4) and attract clients and bookings worth thousands of dollars from it. Others obtain high priced consulting contracts using the book as a door opener. To receive a FREE "Successful Self-publishing" e-book, visit http:// writepublishselllyourbook. com

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Book review a history of the world in 6 glasses

: World History is a long and complex topic. Though many accomplished authors such as Bill Bryson and H. G. Wells have attempted to condense history into a single book, very few have succeeded. There is just too much of it. Attempts to boil down the last 10,000 years have resulted in either superficial books with very little depth, or great textbook like tombs too inaccessible for the casual reader. Happily, A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage succeeds where others have failed. Standage's book does this by sacrificing the breadth of every possible topic for an impressive depth and focus. Instead of trying to sum up the complete history of man, this book spotlights a single topic, in this case beverages, and then takes the reader on a journey through time to see how his topic interweaves the past. Standage is a delightful writer, mixing his light hearted style with exceptional historical savvy not just on the topic of drinks, but throughout. Despite my now positive opinion of this book, I have to confess that when I first picked up A History of the World in 6 Glasses, I did not expect to enjoy it. Not only am I skeptical of any book claiming to sum up the antiquity of man in 300 pages or less, but I myself do not drink any of the 6 beverages this book discusses. As such, learning the history of these drinks did not sound immediately appealing.

However, what I quickly learned is that this book is not a history of 6 drinks, but rather just as the title states, a history of the world, told through the story of 6 drinks. As the book points out in the introduction, second only to air, liquid is the most vital substance to man's survival. The availability of water and other drinking sources have "constrained and guided humankind's progress" and "have continued to shape human history". Throughout time, beverages have done more than quenched our thirst; they have been used as currencies, medicines, and in religious rites.

They have served as symbols of wealth and power, as well as tools to appease the poor and downtrodden. A History of the World in 6 Glasses is broken down into six sections, one for each drink, the first of which is beer. Man's first civilizations where founded on surplus cereal production, much of which was brewed. Ancient day beers were high in vitamin B, a vitamin previously only obtained through meat. This allowed the population to focus their nutrition efforts more and more on cereals, effectively ushering in the transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers. Additionally, because early beers were boiled (to convert more starch into sugars), the beer was significantly safer to drink than water. This significant improvement in lifestyle "freed a small fraction of the population from the need to work in the fields, and made possible the emergence of specialist priest, administrators, scribes, and craftsmen.

" Not only did beer nourish man's first civilizations, but in many ways, made them entirely possible. Wine, the next beverage in the book, played a major role in the flourishing Greek and Roman cultures. As wine did not originate from the Mediterranean, the Greek's desire for this drink opened up vast seaborne trade, which spread their philosophy, politics, science and literature far and wide, and still underpins modern Western thought. A History of the World in 6 Glasses points out how these advancements originated and grew at formal Greek drinking parties, called symposia. The Romans, who absorbed much of Greek culture, continued the strong use of wine. As the book notes, if you trace the wine drinking areas of the world on a map, you will find you have traced the Roman empire at its height. After a thousand years of hibernation, Western civilization was awakened by the rediscovery of ancient knowledge, long safeguarded in the Arab world. However, in an attempt to circumvent this Arab monopoly, European monarchs launched massive fleets into the sea. This age of exploration was greatly enhanced by the Arab knowledge of distillation, which made a whole new range of drinks possible.

A History of the World in 6 Glasses describes how these condensed forms of alcohol (namely Brandy, Whiskey and Rum) were so popular, especially in the new American colonies, that "they played a key role in the establishment of the United States." The fourth beverage presented in this book is coffee. Because of its sharpening effect on the mind, coffee quickly became the drink of intellect and industry. Replacing taverns as the sophisticated meeting place, the coffeehouse "led to the establishment of scientific societies and financial institutions, the founding of newspapers, and provided fertile ground for revolutionary thought, particularly in France." A History of the World in 6 Glasses goes on to recount the intricate effect coffeehouses had on Victorian culture, going so far as to dedicate an entire chapter to what the book calls "The Coffeehouse Internet". Even though the inception of tea date back many thousands of years, it didn't take hold upon western culture until the mid-seventeenth century. Once established as England's national drink, the importing of tea from first China and then India led to trade and industrialization on an unprecedented scale.

A History of the World in 6 Glasses describes the immense power of the British East India Company, which "generated more revenue than the British government and ruled over far more people", wielding more power than any other corporation in history. This imbalance of power had an enormous, far-reaching effect on British foreign policy, and ultimately contributed to the independence of the United States. Like most of the drinks discussed in A History of the World in 6 Glasses, Coca-Cola was originally devised as a medical drink. More than any other product, Coca-Cola has stood as the symbol of America's "vibrant consumer capitalism". Rather than shrink at the challenge, Coca-Cola took full advantage of the challenging times it found itself in, gaining ground through the depression, and then traveling alongside our soldiers into WWII, becoming a global phenomenon.

According to the book, Coca-Cola still accounts for "around 30 percent of all liquid consumption" today. A History of the World in 6 Glasses makes it clear that the history of mankind is a history of our consumption. Whether we are drinking "liquid bread" in Mesopotamia, pondering revolution in a Coffeehouse in Paris, or throwing tea leafs into the ocean in Boston, these drinks have had a profound impact on who we are. As Standage says in the introduction to his book "They survive in our homes today as living reminders of bygone eras, fluid testaments to the forces that shaped the modern world. Uncover their origins, and you may never look at your favorite drink in quite the same way again." I highly recommend this book to anyone thirsty for knowledge about the world around them... or even if they're just thirsty for a good drink.

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Five ways to make your organization innovative

Creative ideas are what turn ordinary companies into market leaders. These companies see the end result first and then build a path to achieve those results. A safety zone needs to be established. Often, failure is punished but success is not rewarded. We must remember that failure is the second cousin to success. We learn from our mistakes. Creativity and innovation are key elements that propel businesses to the top. Without either, your company comes in second at best, and no one remembers No. 2. While being No. 1 certainly doesn't guarantee continued success, it is definitely better than being forgotten. Here are some ways to keep your company at the top: * Foster a business climate that's open to innovation and creativity. Innovation is the ability to come up with ideas and solutions to pressing problems. It is the process of producing something that has value and did not exist before. Creativity is the ability to take that new idea and make it valuable in your customers' eyes. Realize that every problem has a solution, although the solution may not be in plain sight. * Become No. 1 with your clients. The more satisfied your clients are, the more business you'll have in the future. Realize that the only commodity your clients know is you. Since you are the catalyst providing the solution to their problem, you are accountable for fulfilling their needs. As a result, you need to invest time in keeping the channels of communication open. * Create a partnership with clients. Clients recognize partnerships when the companies they work with function as problem solvers. Remember, value is something you produce by the acceptance clients place on what you do for them. * Create a partnership with employees. Asking people to be creative and then shooting down their ideas creates a rift in your organization. Instead, show people that bringing their imagination on the journey is welcome. Information wealth flows directly from innovation, not optimization. * Implement next-generation approaches. Replacing "rules" with "roles" will free your employees from the "we have always done it this way" syndrome. The secret is not knowing the formula; it is applying information in a way that works for your employees and benefits your clients. James Feldman is a motivational speaker and business consultant.

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Why so many states are legalizing gambling

There are currently 13 states that have legalized gambling and they have over 450 casinos between those states, and they bring in 72 billion dollars a year. From this money states get extra money for road repair, schools and many other things that a state needs money to fix and maintain. In the last 10 years there have also been a large number of Indian casinos being granted licenses in states that do not have legalized gambling, which means the only place t gamble in those states is in the Indian Casino, and they do not pay taxes on that money. Many states are waking up and realizing that there is a very profitable business out there that they are not getting any revenue from, and not only does it bring money into the state it also creates thousands of jobs for each casino that opens. So for a state with a high unemployment rate this means more people are working and less of the stats money needs to be spent on these people, again a win for the state and the people.

It also means more money for the state to feed kids a hot meal at lunch and the money to put new books in the classrooms and maybe to build more schools. This money is also used in some states to hire more police officers. Legalized gambling besides bringing in more money to the government in taxes also brings money into the community gamblers will use services such as hotels, restaurants and other local attractions while they are in the area. This can bring a major boost to a small starving economy separate from that of the casino. Another reason why many states are pushing to make gambling legal is to attempt to wipe out the illegal gambling business. Many people feel that if gambling is legalized there is no reason for people to go to sleazy and dangerous back room casinos. These type of places are becoming harder and harder for the police to find and as soon as they do find them, they will either pack up and change locations or another will just take their place. Another bad thing about illegal casinos s that there is no one monitoring to make sure the casino is not cheating their players. In many cases police have raided illegal casinos and found that all the table and card games are rigged for the casino to win, and if this is ever discovered the casinos operators have in the past committed murder to keep their secrets, and most people fear for their lives and refuse to cooperate with the police.

Legalized gambling is monitored to make sure both the player and the house are playing an honest game. Do not let all of this make you think that gambling has no downside. A lot of this money has to go to treatment for people, who develop gambling addictions, and most cities with a casino do usually see a rise in crime in those areas, so more police officers are not just a luxury it is a necessity.

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Kill bills

Get Rid of Some "Extras" The key to financial freedom is building wealth. The key to building wealth is eliminating all your extra bills so you have money to save. The average consumer's credit report carries quite a burden from these bills as well. Let's start with what hurts the most. Eliminate any habits you currently have. Most habits cost money and if it's a habit it can't be healthy for you in the long run anyway. Smoking, drinking, candy, coffee, collecting junk, etc. You will be surprised how much cash you pocket if you just quit 1 or 2 of the above (if any apply of course). By giving up a habit you are not only saving money and maybe even your health, but you are also gaining self-discipline helping you mature financially. Food: Dine In or Carry Out Let's look at the two separately AND together. If you eat out once a week, even at $25 you are spending $100 a month. Pretty simple math. Let's say you get carry-out (drive-thru) 3 times a week at $5 per visit. This equals $60 a month. These figures are below average, but even so, this is $160 in 1 month that could be used to eliminate some smelly debt. Pack a lunch for work. Try cooking at home. It's a fraction of the cost, it tastes better than "fast food" and it is usually healthier. If you can't eliminate eating out then try cutting it in half for starters. Grocery List (or lack thereof) Many consumers head to the grocery store with no plan or list. BIG mistake. This is what grocery stores are designed for. Go ahead, walk down each aisle and tempt yourself with row after row, shelf after shelf of junk food, extra stuff that you don't need. A list could save you 50% alone - that much more to wipe out those irritating loan payments. A grocery list serves two purposes. It saves you quite a bit of money which you notice immediately. Secondly, it allows you to be more prepared for the upcoming week, month or however often you shop. You can make out a daily meal plan ahead of time so you know exactly what you need to purchase and approximately how much cash you will need. Sell Some Stuff Everyone has stuff lying around collecting dust. Remember the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure."? You could probably knock out a couple of stagnate bills with some of those collectibles sitting in a box in the closet. You would be surprised to know that an object you have absolutely no interest in could sell on an auction site and pay off that hospital bill that's been chasing you around like a mad hornet. Cash, Cash, Cash Only buy with cash. Plastic looks the same when you spend it. Dollar bills disappear and you will feel the impact when you start to get a shortage of it. Start a cash envelope system - at least one for gas, food and clothing. Like any new system, it will take a few times before you get the right amount in the envelopes. You will start to notice a large impact on your budget though and will find it worth while. If you buy something with cash you don't owe on it. You might think a little longer about it too when you hold on to that $100 bill. If you apply the various techniques and ideas in this article you will start to knock chunks off your overall debt. This will get you closer to achieving financial freedom and your credit report will begin the long awaited healing process. Start today! To read more about how you can get your online credit report free with no obligations, see what is on your file and clean up your credit report go to http:// cleancreditonline. com

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Is working from home all it s cracked up to be

Is working from home all it’s cracked up to be? I’ve worked from home for the last 27 years so I guess I am entitled to make some observations about how it works. There are some critical issues that you would need to consider – 1. Discipline. Working from home means working – not staying. And the temptations for walking away from the work can be compelling. Kids come home with great news so that’s a good reason. A movie on TV I want to see – well that’s pretty compelling. How about when I’m not in the mood. You know – the words aren’t flowing, the mind feels like porridge, there’s no-one to see me. It’s easy to simply find an excuse and justify it with a catch-up clause. I’ll work later when everyone has gone to bed. I’ll get up early. Yeah. I work from home because I like the flexibility. I can take a break to listen to my kids – they are both away at university now – but I watched them grow up – and I got the chance to grow up with them. I can goof off if I feel like it – but you have to face the facts that the work has to get done. If you take time out for some other activity – you have to put it back. I smile when I read about all the guys who work in their pajamas at home – seemingly for the odd moment in between drinking coffee and goofing off. About how easy it all is. Garbage. If they are successful I’m pretty sure the reason why they are in their pajamas is because they haven’t slept for 3 days and don’t have time to change. I know there have been days when I’ve got to writing at 3am and been so busy that I’m still there as suppertime – dressed for bed. It’s just been too busy to change. 2. Flexibility. Working from home allows enormous flexibility – often the cause of so many home business failures. I like to work a lot. If I worked in an office away from home I’d be frustrated. See – working from home allows me to go to my office when ever I want. I can watch my wife in the kitchen, listen to the TV in the den, stroll through to grab a cup of coffee and watch my wife painting – (you can see her stuff at http:// veebauer. com). I can get up at night and go to work if something is buzzing in my brain. I can go to work at 3am and no one minds because I’m home when everyone else gets up. I can work late if I want and that’s ok. But you will notice the word WORK a lot in my story. It’s vital to make the flexibility work for you and help you increase your output – not tempt you away from the work to be done. 3. Organization. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to take over the rest of the home as office space. It usually starts on the dining room table – I may need to spread out some work so I can organize it. Then some goes through to the TV room because I’m going to proof read or catch up trading or sketch an outline while the commercials play on the screen. Then I leave all that behind when I go back to my office to do something there. It’s very easy to get buried when you work from home. So you either have to have a spouse who will shove you back in your hole occasionally – with all your stuff, or you end up lost. You have to stay organized – ( My wife wants to know how come I can’t follow my own advice …hmm) 4. Focus. You have to keep the faith. In spite of the distractions it is essential to keep the focus on output. You must be able to measure what you have done and how much closer to the end result you are. Sometimes it’s easy to get confused between effort and results. We are taught to work hard and we will be rewarded. Perhaps one of the biggest lies told. Results come from the right work being done properly – not from effort. Don’t get me wrong. Effort is necessary – but it doesn’t stand alone. That means that busy work is to avoided at all times – and busy work is that stuff that needs to be done but doesn’t move us towards the end result. It’s often a convenient distraction from doing important stuff because it’s easy, risk free and routine and maybe makes us feel good. Do that when the real work is finished. When the end result is closer than it was. 5. Loneliness. Working from home can easily create a feeling of being isolated. Guys go to work – talk about the game, customers, the boss, the secretary, the news and so one. Don’t let them fool you that’s its all work. There is a feeling of community in a public work environment. You don’t have that at home. You are usually alone. Working. Alone. Worrying. Alone. You must be prepared for dealing with that. And there are solutions. Maybe alone is ok for you. I think it’s great. I can get on with stuff and no-one is poking his head into my office wanting to gab about something. But then my wife and kids think I’m a bit strange anyway and it’s safer for the public if I don’t go out. You can also maintain contact with others through the phone of visits if you feel the need to share. That’s what the telephone is for – Conclusion Working form home is a life style – not really a work style. I don’t commute in rush hour traffic, don’t ever get home late for supper, see a lot of my family. I don’t have to pay office and parking rentals and I get to be my own boss – and I’d never change it.

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Industrial safety

Industrial safety is important for all employees on a daily basis and working in an area without safety awareness may result in serious bodily harm or possibly even death. Industrial safety is a key factor in running a company and there are many aspects to consider when providing overall safety for your employees. You must ensure that employees have special equipment and procedures to ensure eye safety, ear safety, head protection, fire prevention and respiratory protection. Here are ways to ensure you (or your employees) are protected in each of these areas. Eye Safety - Any injury to the eye can be very serious and possibly cause permanent eye damage to the victim. It is important to make sure your eyes are covered at all times by wearing goggles or other forms of eyewear. Make sure the goggles you are wearing provide protection around the sides of your eyes as well, otherwise flying debris may come in through the side and puncture your eye. Ear Safety - Ear safety is important because without it, our ear drums would be severely damaged from the loud noises constantly occurring in the workplace. Ear plugs and ear muffs are the most common forms of ear protection, however there are other alternatives as well, such as disposable hearing bands. By wearing these pieces of equipment, you are not only protecting yourself from loud noises, but also from flying debris which may enter the ear and possibly cause infection. Head Protection - Protecting your head is easy and can end up saving you a lot of pain if an unwanted situation does occur. Wearing protective head gear can be as simple as putting on a helmet or hard hat before entering a location where there may be falling objects. Head injuries may result in brain damage, but you can significantly decrease the chance of serious injury by wearing head protection. Fire Prevention - Working in an industrial area means that there is always a possibility that a fire may occur. If a situation like this arises, you will want to be prepared and the best way to do so is by having a fire extinguisher on hand at all tomes. Fire extinguishers are the best way to eliminate or control fires until the fire department arrives. Respiratory Protection - Working in an area in which the air is constantly filled with pollutants can be dangerous and may ultimately result in serious respiratory problems for individuals working in these areas. A simple way to protect yourself from poor air quality is to wear a respiratory mask when working in these areas. Wearing a face mask can greatly decrease your chances of suffering from respiratory problems in the future. Other Safety Wear - Other forms of safety wear which are critical in industrial areas include work boots and gloves. These are important in areas which you will have hands-on contact with dangerous equipment or areas where you may possibly drop the equipment onto your feet. It is important to research and follow all safety rules when working in an industrial area. Everything can change in a split second and you want to ensure you are as prepared as possible for any situation which may arise. Sentence Summary: This article discusses safety issues regarding industrial companies and ways to ensure the safety of individuals working in these areas. Safety equipment and safety wear are also discussed.

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Trade writing for cash

Often considered as “plain Jane’s” of the print world, trade magazines prove that there is more to a market than just a pretty face. Trade magazines are written for a specialized audience and typically focus on one specific area or industry. Even the ads reflect this focus. They assume the reader is familiar with the material that’s covered and though it can be quite technical, they aren’t usually written in a scholarly manner – this is good news for writers seeking to ad power clips to their portfolios. Trade magazines provide a large, open and lucrative market for freelance writers because with so many competing magazines there is always a huge need for content and being an expert isn’t a prerequisite for industry publication. Try putting “trade magazines” into a search engine such as Google. com and you get well over 250,000 hits. Now try “consumer magazines.

” At 86,000 hits it’s easy to see where the markets lie. Now is the time! There are literally thousands of FREE trade magazines available by subscription on the Internet and more become available every day. They cover every subject and every angle imaginable. They are also some of the best paying markets in the business. Get Your Money Where Your Trade Is Or Isn’t! You don’t need to be an expert to get published in trade magazines as long as you are very familiar with what your target magazine is buying. The ABA Journal for lawyers, pays between $400-$2000 per article and requests that all material be centered around the law, or practicing the law, but they also buy pieces focused on legal news, current trends, the business of running a practice and technology for lawyers. This leaves room for writers who don’t happen to be law experts to find a niche’ in this publication. Can you write about the newest technology or software that would be appropriate for law office staff? Can you offer a fresh approach for making a waiting room delay more enjoyable for their clients? Across The Board is a non profit magazine for leaders in business, government and more. It’s 60% freelance written and pays between $50 -$2500 for articles, essays, book excerpts, humor, personal experiences and opinion pieces. They also buy reprints. No expertise needed here! An article focused on the positive philanthropic policies of a fortune 500 company or the uplifting personal story of some one helped by such an organization would be right at home in this venue. Of course, if do have an area of expertise consider exploiting it in the trades too. The American Journalism Review – at 80% freelance written, covers expose’, ethical issues and personal experiences. Paying between $1500 and $2000 per piece for 2,000-4,000 words. Online, in the news and real time media focuses all apply. Looking for Markets - in all the right places As I said earlier the Internet is an incomparable resource of markets specifically for trade magazines and below are my two favorite places to shop for FREE magazines to find markets: Free Magazine Trade Source is one of the most comprehensive sites for you to subscribe to trade magazines that you would like to target for article publication. They literally have hundreds of free publications. TradePub. com is another excellent source for FREE trade magazine subscriptions. They also have hundreds of high quality magazines to chose from - it's amazing really. Don't abandon what you know to work either Writer’s Market currently has a list of 550 paying trade markets listed with contact information, rate of pay and a description of the types of submissions accepted and there are many others only a mouse click away. And many other writer's website have market listing that include trade market information. You can look for more places to find writer's markets on the Resources for Writers page. With their plain industrial covers and unilateral focus trade magazines have been the unattractive sibling of consumer oriented magazines for a very long time. It’s a reputation undeserved in the freelance writing market. With no true need for specific expertise in most publications maybe it’s time for us all to take a second look at the lucrative opportunities available for freelancers that write for trade publications.

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Printing equipment safety guidelines

Thirty percent of reported accidents are manual handling accidents. These accidents include transporting and supporting of loads, awkward positioning, and unstable materials that are difficult to hold. It rarely results to death, but accidents like this can end up to major injuries such as fractured back or arm. It also results to damage and loss of construction materials. Back sprain or strain, which can lead to chronic conditions, is the most common injury. Others include muscular spasms and strains, abrasions and cuts. In 1974, the Health and Safety at Work act was implemented and required employers to apply safety measures. And because of the increasing risk of injury, the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 was imposed and pointed out that if employers cannot eliminate manual lifting they must at least find a way to reduce it. These accidents were also investigated. The elimination of risk of such accident lies in the employers and manual handling risk assessment tools. The directors should take the responsibility of training and educating his subordinates, as well as appointing people to take care of a certain area.

Employers should comply with the guidance on regulations regarding manual handling operations. This regulation was revised to update workers and employers with the improvements of knowledge and avoidance of risk of injuries. To assess manual handling risks, certain tools were developed and factors were considered. These factors include tasks, worker, load and environment. Assessment should be comprehensive and consistent. Some heavy equipments and tools are advisable because it is safer and can decrease the company’s cost due to accidents.

Sites or workplace must be well lit and clean. It should be free from waste, hazardous materials and obstructions. Everybody should observe good housekeeping. Performance and safety kits and devices should be well monitored. Everyone must comply with the control measures and all activities should be carefully planned.

There is also the Manual Handling Assessment Chart (MAC) Tool, which was developed so that workers will be able to identify high risk workplace. Also, this tool is designed to assess the risk factors caused by lifting, carrying and team handling activities. It aims to help workers and employers to interpret and understand the risks, and to categories them according to certain levels. Manual handling accidents not only cause physical damages to human, it can also cause loss of money, work delays and risks the reputation of the company. A complete application of safety rules and good management will result to effective and productive work environment.

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Download mp4 for iphone

If you're lucky enough to be one of the early Iphone owners, there's a good chance that you'll want to download some movies for it, which come in MP4 format. If that's the case there are a few things you will need-a computer, internet access, and obviously your Iphone. Check out the rest of this article to find out how to go about the rest. In order to make sure you don't spend 3 months downloading each movie, there are a few prerequisites-firstly, you'll need a fairly modern computer-it doesn't have to be some big gaming powerhouse, but as long as it's not more than say 5 years old, and of course you will need the fastest internet connection you can find. It is possible to download the MP4s using dial up, but it will literally take you weeks. It's also worth noting that at this point there is no way to download stuff like this directly to the Iphone, so you will need to make sure you have the required space free on your computer, so you can save it there and transfer it to the Iphone.

The other essential you are going to need to have to download the MP4s for the Iphone is somewhere to download them from. This sounds obvious, but is often the hardest piece of the puzzle to crack. You'll find the MP4 download sites on the net fall into 2 distinct categories - Sites that are unregulated and dangerous, letting people upload whatever they want with no regulation, so you have some losers there uploading viruses and stuff, and the other category which is just normal websites trying to make a living. Traditionally, people get their downloads from torrent sites, but they fit directly into the first category.

People have no idea how dangerous it can be to use those kinds of sites-not only because of the dangerous software, but because they are in fact illegal. People go to jail for this. The newer and probably the safer kind of site are the ones that have started to appear over the last few months-they offer generally a wider selection of downloads than the torrent sites, and they are certainly safer for your computer. The way it works is that you would pay them a one off admin fee to secure your membership, and in return they would grant you unlimited access to their download library. The membership will usually last for lifetime, which will literally give you thousands and thousands of downloads for the price of that one off fee. Hopefully you have found this article useful and will now be able to safely download MP4s for your Iphone.

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Mobility electric scooters freedom for the elderly

There would not be much excitement in life if you had to spend it sitting in a chair or lying in a bed every day. Relying on somebody else to perform simple tasks for you, such as getting a drink of water, can make you feel like you are nothing but a burden to others. If you or someone you love needs a boost maybe electric scooters are what you should be investigating. It wasn't too long ago that the elderly and handicapped relied exclusively on others for their care and entertainment. But with the recent advancements in scooters many seniors or disabled people can now grab hold of some of their freedom again. Cheap electric scooters can allow the formerly bed-ridden or chair-ridden to travel as if they actually had legs that worked again. No more depression due to lack of independence.

Returned is the ability not only to get yourself a glass of water, but to go out and get the morning newspaper or even take the dog for a walk. Getting out in the fresh air is something that may not have been possible for many without the assistance of electric scooters. Some people think of scooters as belonging in a sports category, but it's all recreation and assistance. In my neighborhood there is an elderly gentleman that cruises down the sidewalk with his control lever in one hand and his dog leash in the other. Without his electric scooter there would be no fresh air for him. There would be no walking the dog or talking with the friendly neighbors he runs into (figuratively, not literally). He's free once again to roam the streets with his best friend Fido. What a great feeling that must be, to get out of the house for a short time each day when it used to be impossible.

There's practically nowhere a person can't go these days with the help of these magnificent little vehicles. There are a wide variety of scooters available to the public these days. Besides electric types there are gas, utility and foldable models. They all have their advantages under certain conditions.

Kids love the compact and easy-to-handle foldable or Razor scooters. They are very cheap, often under $100, and make getting places a snap. They are also very inexpensive to operate once you own one. Kids use their scooters as motorcycles, but a scooter is so much more than a miniature motorcycle, they are a means of obtaining freedom for the elderly. Gas powered scooters are more powerful, allowing the driver to travel further distances away from home. There are even larger touring models manufactured for the sole purpose of long distance travel. The touring types are bigger and heavier, and they consume a little more fuel, but they allow for long distance travel unlike the foldable, utility or mobility models. Utility scooters are becoming very popular with different types of institutions such as school campuses, professional sports stadiums, golfers and big businesses. Have you ever seen a person driving a cart in a school parking lot, going from car to car looking for parking violations? In all probability they were driving utility scooters.

And golf carts are just a modified version of this type. It's hard going to any large institution these days without running into a utility scooter of some type or another. The electric models are very versatile and are used to perform many functions. They are used in the foldable and utility types most often.

But perhaps where they perform their greatest task is in assisting the elderly or disabled. It wasn't too long ago that these mobility vehicles had a very limited distance, but with the advancement of batteries and their capacities they can now be used for an entire day before needing to be recharged. They can be driven all day and then plugged in at night for recharging while everyone is fast asleep. Then in the morning they are ready to perform their duties again for another day. What a wonderful gift to those that no longer have the ability to get around on their own. Mobility electric scooters are different than the gas powered models. For one thing they will have at least 3, but usually 4 wheels. The reason for the extra wheels is stability. It's not too hard to lose your balance on a 2-wheel variety, but it's almost impossible with 4-wheels. With the extra stability that 4 wheels adds it makes the mobility electric scooters very safe for travel in and around the home. These handicapped models are bigger and heavier than other types which allows for better control and more storage. Electric scooters are here to stay. If chosen carefully it can become one of the best purchases ever made for the handicapped, disabled or elderly.

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Successful html email marketing campaigns and lotus notes issues

As the online world changed in the nineties from informational to commercial and highly competitive, marketers embraced the new technology and the need has arisen to send graphically appealing newsletters and marketing messages. You have only seconds to capture attention, and the right picture will grab quicker than the right copy, as they say, "a picture can be worth a thousand words". Just ask your clients if they would use plain white paper, rather than letterhead, to send an offline message to prospects and customers. Today, the vast majority of all email clients can render (that is, display) HTML emails fairly well. Notable exceptions are older versions of Lotus Notes and pre AOL pre version 6.0. So whereas a few years ago the answer to the question was rather complex, today it really comes down to message purpose, subscriber preference and multipart messaging. Studies show that roughly 95 percent of commercial messages sent today are sent as Multi-Part MIME. Multi-part MIME is an older protocol that allows you to send both text and HTML versions of an e-mail in a single package, kind of like a sandwich. The recipient's e-mail program then displays the HTML version, if it is capable of reading that, or the text version, if it is not. MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and is an internet standard for the format of e-mail. Virtually all human written Internet e-mail and a fairly large proportion of automated e-mail is transmitted via SMTP MIME format. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and if nothing else, you'll learn a few more acronyms if you stick around. Internet e-mail is so closely associated with the SMTP and MIME standards that it is sometimes called SMTP/MIME e-mail. Folks, while nobody can really agree on numbers and stats, we all agree on this: HTML Email Doesn't Work Properly for Millions of Recipients. HTML email breaks in a wide variety of email inboxes. This isn't due to your creative abilities or lack of HTML knowledge - it's due to the fact that the email client your recipient views your email in routinely breaks your message. I feel like this is worth defining, as I know a lot of people get very scared when we talk about clients and servers, but will not admit it. An email client (some "big picture" folks also call it Mail User Agent) is nothing but a computer program that is used to read and send e-mail, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, etc. A mail server (also called a Mail Transfer Agent or MTA, or a mail exchange server) is a computer program that transfers electronic mail messages from one computer to another. Most of the time, since nobody has time to learn all the acronyms and terminology coined by those "big picture" people, we are used to know a mail server as the entire contraption (wires and all) that runs the program. Depending on the email system, your HTML images may be blocked so recipients see a blank white box and/or your live hotlinks may not work properly. AOL 9.0, Outlook 2003, and Gmail are most infamous for blocking and/or breaking HTML, "for security reasons". Another big offender for not letting HTML through is Mel, the guy that works in the corporate IT department. Many corporations have IT departments who can't wait for the day when all attachments and all HTML emails are eradicated. That is because in their world, anything that is not pure text is spam, virii, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, pure evil(ware) that makes mailboxes grow and users growl. As a consequence, most of those cubicle inhabitants - the end users - who have to sign a hundred page policy before they start getting busy on those corporate e-memos, are unable to view and/or send HTML messages, whether the feature is turned off at a server level, or on their computers. Everything else aside, there is no bigger offender here on Earth than Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is notorious for its refusal to handle Multi-Part MIME the same way the rest of the civilized world does. For your amusement, here is a definition of Lotus Notes that was created by one of those "big picture" executives: "Lotus Notes is a commercial workflow and groupware software package that also provides application developers an environment for quickly creating cross - platform client/server applications". Still with me? Don't be scared. For the purposes of this article, Lotus Notes is an email client. Ok? If you work for a company that uses Lotus Notes as the email system, don't even think about sending newsletters other than in text form from it. Besides the fact that as a general rule, I always recommend to marketers the use of a professional permission based email marketing service, in the Lotus Notes case you just have to. If you communicate to the B2B market, particularly large professional services firms, large lawfirms, many Global 2000 companies, HTML email compatibility will be a thorn in your side, as a lot of these companies use Lotus Notes. The issues include: - Older versions of Lotus Notes (under R5) convert HTML emails to a Lotus Notes Rich Text format. Lotus Notes versions under R5 also do not recognize Multi-Part MIME messages (HTML and text combined in a single email). - Some companies may be deploying later versions of the Lotus Notes client, i. e., R6, but using an older version of Lotus Notes/Domino server such as 4.6. In this example, the recipient's email client would also render an HTML message incorrectly. So for a recipient to view a properly rendered HTML email, a company must use both the Lotus Notes client and server of R5 and above. Here are some quick tips you can take if you have a significant Lotus Notes subscriber base: 1. Include a link at the top of HTML emails named "View Web Version" or something similar. The link sends recipients to a web hosted HTML version of the email (either on the email technology provider's server or the sender's server). 2. Also include an "Update Preferences" link and provide a web site update form that then enables recipients to choose to receive Text rather than HTML. 3. Create complete Text versions for those who prefer not to receive HTML or cannot view HTML. 4. On opt-in forms, include an option to receive a Text version and potentially list tips (i. e., "If you are using Lotus Notes versions below R5, select Text"). In conclusion, I will say it again: Folks, don't try this at home. Instead, always outsource email marketing to one of the many professional services. Advantages are: No blacklists and established relations with the major ISPs, ensuring maximum deliverability (plus, you don't want to be called a spammer and banned from everywhere). They also make it easy to create, send, and track permission-based email, have advanced reporting, message scheduling, the ability to create unlimited lists, bounce back handling (extremely important), subscription management, newsletter templates and many other major industry-standard features. The service I use for my company can be tried free for 15 days, here: http:// bsleek. com/emailmarketing/

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Increase your winnability by probability

The Internet is replete with games of chance. Most of us will give a slip to the sites luring the potential players simply because it is believed that the chance of winning such games is one in hundred, if not thousand. For instance, with slots, you are not sure if the desired combination will ever turn up. And with bingo, you are always left wondering why the other player is always winning but you are left with just one number short? ‘Chance’ is always the overwhelming factor in deciding the winner. But a little knowledge of mathematics can perk up your winnings.

The law of probability can in fact help you in deciding the winning combination in online slots and online bingo. While playing online bingo, the players are so engrossed in playing that they tend to forget to study the game. Remember, in order to increase your chances against the best in the business, you have to become the best. And this can be achieved only by studying while playing the game. The most common observation that is missed by the players is that of the first ten numbers called, barring one or two, most of these have different digit endings.

Most of the games are short ones, i. e., not more than twelve to fifteen calls long. It becomes all the more important for a good player to choose the card with number ending in different digits. The logic behind choosing different digit-ending numbers is the complex maze of law of probability. This is explained thus.

Let’s say that the first number called in a game is L-24, then the probability that on the next draw, the second number will not end with the digit 4 is increased. This is true because there are more balls left having different ending digits than there are balls with numbers ending in 1. If the next number is I-37 then the probabilities are increased that the next number will not end in 4 or 7. For the first six numbers called in a game, the probabilities clearly favor different ending digits for all six. From the seventh number onwards, the probabilities favor pairing up one or more of the ending digits. This then accounts for the finding that approximately 60% of the first ten numbers called in any bingo game will have different digit endings. Clearly, the law of probability is a sure winner in any game of chance!

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Aloe vera an effective medicine

Aloe vera is a very useful plant. It is very often used as a medicine to treat skin conditions such as burns and eczema, where it can help to stop the pain and reduce swelling. It is also very pleasant and soothing in its smell, which is likely why you will have heard of it: it is very often used in soaps, shampoos, and similar products. This is not the only way to buy aloe vera, however. It is also available in capsule and gel form, as well as in juices and drinks, creams and lotions. However, scientists are not altogether in agreement on the effectiveness of aloe vera as a medicine.

It is difficult to research the effects of aloe vera properly, because it is such a complicated herb. Aloe vera contains 75 different nutrients, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, sugars and acids. Supposedly, it can help with muscle growth, be anti-bacterial, aid digestion, heal wounds, and much more – but then alternative medicine always tends to claim too much when it comes to its remedies. It is widely believed that aloe vera is effective against the common cold, although no medicine has ever been proved to cure it. You should also be aware that aloe vera, although it is a traditional remedy, can have side effects. Reported side effects include liver dysfunction, burning sensations, allergic reactions, nausea, strangely-coloured urine, and dermatitis, although all of them are rare. Some studies have shown that, while the aloe vera does relieve pain, wounds treated with aloe vera can take longer to heal than usual, making it an undesirable treatment in many situations. There are also many conditions you can have which mean that you shouldn’t take aloe vera. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, allergic to garlic or onions, or have kidney or heart disease, you should avoid aloe vera. It should never be given to children or animals, as it can be poisonous to them.

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Apple ipod mini

The Apple iPod Mini Owners of the original Apple iPod clamors for more from the makers of the iPod music experience. The latest ipod player available in the market comes in a smaller and leaner frame, and is marketed in a rainbow of colors. This is the Apple iPod mini. The Apple iPod mini has a platform of MAC or Windows OS. Some original Apple iPod users have already seen the Apple iPod mini with a new four gigabytes harddrive space for a US$ 249 price tag. It is not a secret that an additional of US$ 50 will get you a fifteen gigabytes iPod that would store somewhere around 2,700 more music files. That is a lot more than the Apple ipod mini. This is because harddrive space is so much important for Apple iPod users, the original Apple iPod have so much space available to the user of about forty gigabytes. This amount of space can store more than five thousand songs. Aside from this, the original Apple iPod also has a longer battery life. However, criticizers should consider the frame of the Apple iPod mini. It is slender and is more styled, that which made it seem more functional and more attractive to the eyes and has a more ergonomic feel to the fingers. To most people, it would not be the ideal music player, but to the 99,000 or so Apple iPod mini users, they beg to disagree. The Too Sexy Apple iPod Mini The Apple iPod mini is compared to a US$ 1,200 purse from Chanel. This is because the US$ 249 Apple iPod mini, with its variety of five colors, brings out class and posh. It has an anodized body made of aluminum and weighs about 3.6 ounces. It measures about 2 inches in width, 3.6 inches in height, and only about half an inch in thickness. It does not look like it at first glance, but the Apple ipod mini is almost like a featherweight than the original Apple iPod. It is also silky to the touch and smooth. It also fits wonderfully in your palm. This is the reason for the premium price tag. The Apple iPod mini also has no external moving parts. You will notice that underneath the smaller 1.67-inch LCD screen lie the light touch-sensitive and highly ergonomic Click Wheel. This Click Wheel is the one which incorporates the Apple iPod mini's other controls. The control's buttons are located on the pad itself. This is much different than the original Apple iPod's four function buttons that is located above the scroll pad. Anyone who is familiar with the software for the iPod knows about the seamless integration of iPod with iTunes. In no time, you would be cruising with the tunes. The Apple iPod mini behaves just like exactly as other newer generation Apple iPods. It now even packs a battery life of 8 hours. The original Apple iPods have a longer battery life. Besides the smaller physical dimensions and the new warm minimalist choices of color, which can be gold, silver, pink, green and blue. A major difference observed between the original Apple iPod and the Apple iPod mini is the harddrive space capacity. The Apple iPod mini has a tiny Hitachi harddrive that can hold about four gigabytes of music. Music files include AAC, Audible, MP3, WAV and AIFF. This is enough storage for a number of Apple iPod mini users. Apple iPod users usually prefer to carry an entire library of music any time of the day. Rather than manually selecting and transferring specific songs to the Apple iPod mini. The Apple iPod mini can only hold as much as a fraction of the forty gigabytes music collection. The Apple iPod mini also has accessories that include the earbuds, a USB 2.0 cable and a FireWire dock connector, an AC adaptor, a belt clip, and the Apple iPod mini software. The Apple iPod mini could have been more lenient by adding a dock or armband to teh package. The US$ 29 armband is a great help for joggers who want to listen to good music while jogging and carrying the very lightweight and effectively skip-free Apple iPod mini. Conclusion To summarize, the Apple iPod mini has a sleek styling, it is a small size and has an excellent integrated Click wheel. It has a possible disadvantage to the user, though, that is the price per megabyte which is much higher as compared to the original Apple iPod.

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Maximize loose cubic zirconia profits with these viral marketing tools

Loose cubic zirconia adds shimmering beauty to any piece of jewelry. If you own a jewelry business, you realize that offering affordable cubic zirconia jewelry can add to your bottom line. Customers are often amazed at how gorgeous CZ stones can be and how they can own more jewelry for less when shopping for cubic zirconia jewelry. But no matter how beautiful and affordable it may be, cubic zirconia jewelry will not benefit your retail store unless you market your business properly. Use the viral marketing tools mentioned below to skyrocket your loose cubic zirconia jewelry sales. Know Your Customers Before you can market to your customers, you must get to know them. What are their buying patterns? What types of cubic zirconia jewelry do they usually buy? Do they like simulated stones, synthetic gems (lab created gems), or other types of cz stones? Do they want their loose cubic zirconia mounted on gold or silver jewelry? Use software to track your sales and the types of jewelry purchases made by your customers. You can now buy software made specifically for the jewelry business that will keep up with inventory, customers, vendors, invoicing, and so forth. The software will enable you to group your customers according to what types of cubic zirconia jewelry they have purchased. Then, you can market to each group according to what they bought using direct mail, e-mail if online, and maybe even telephone. Educate Your Customers Cubic zirconia customers often buy the jewelry for the great price only, but they might not know a thing about it. Your job is to educate your customers about this wonderful diamond substitute. Create mini-brochures that offer information about cubic zirconia. You can include facts about loose cubic zirconia and the jewelry-making process, different grades of CZ stones such as cubic zirconia AAAAA and CZ AAA. You can even give facts about simulated stones and synthetic gems. Educating your customers will help build trust and will also build the value of your products once customers understand the great quality contained in cubic zirconia jewelry. Marketing Your Jewelry Store Whether online or off-line, your jewelry store customers must be reminded of your business frequently. Don't assume they will come back to you for their next jewelry purchase. Take action! Develop mini sales flyers in full color to mail out once a month. Use small classified ads in the local newspaper to gain new business. Create a postcard campaign offering monthly and holiday specials to your past customers. Start a gift registry and gift reminder service. With the reminder service, promise future discounts on the holidays or occasions given by the customer just for joining. When their anniversary or spouse's birthday arrives, your store will remind them and offer a discount automatically. When business is slow, you can use the slow time to rearrange store displays or if online, to update your website. This will help improve sales in the future. When ordering items wholesale, consider colorful assortments of loose cubic zirconia, simulated stones, and lab created gems that will enable you to create eye-catching displays in your store. Even if you have an off-line jewelry store, you can use the Internet to your advantage. Develop a website that targets your local area and surrounding towns. Use the website to gain new customers in your area as well as build trust with those who visit your store. A website can say many things and offer many displays (photos) for such a minimal price! Use it to your advantage. Taking these viral marketing steps will help you accomplish the three main steps of growing a business: increase repeat business, find new customers, and gain greater sales transaction amounts through up-selling. Use these tips to turn your loose cubic zirconia jewelry into years of success!

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Test taking stratagies

These twelve tips will help you get through any test and as long as you prepared adequately for it, you will certainly get an A. Come to the test prepared and feeling confident that you know the material. Make sure that you are not very hungry or very full and that you are well-rested. Avoid eating sugary or processed foods before the test. Avoid items such as candy, carbonated soft drinks, junk foods, and fried foods. Snack on fresh fruit or veggies immediately before to get your mind off the test and give you some sustenance. Breathe. Relax. Imagine yourself acing the test. It is amazing what a little positive imagery can do for you. Read ALL of the directions carefully. Reread them again once you have finished. Look through the test to see what types of questions are asked, how many questions, if there are any major essays, if you have choices about questions that you can answer, etc. Make sure you know how much each section is worth so you can budget your time. If the test involves specific equations, conversions, dates or anything else that you must memorize, write it on the top or margin of the test paper as soon as the test is handed out. Remembering complicated equations and dates before you have answered any questions is a lot easier than trying to remember them after you have answered half of the test questions and you brain is starting to get tired. Answer all easy questions first. This will help you get into the test taking mood and build confidence. Circle the numbers of the questions that you really have no idea about. You can come back to these later. Often times questions you answer later in the test might trigger something and help you answer a question that you were previously stuck on. Narrow multiple choice answers down to the two you believe might be correct by crossing off the ones you positively know are not correct. This will improve your chances of guessing the right one. True-False questions are often a favorite of some teachers and can be quite complicated at times. Keep in mind that every part of a true-false statement must be true in order to answer it as true. If any part is false, mark the entire statement false. You may want to underline the portion of the statement that you believe is false. If there are negatives in the statement such as “no or not”, and you are still not sure whether to mark it true or false, try re-reading the question without the “no or not”. Decide if this statement is true or false then answer the opposite on your test. Words indicating absoluteness (never, always, entirely, every, only, none) often tend to be used in false statements. Try to construct concise answers that target the question and prove to the teacher that you know the material. Get right to the point in the first sentence or two of your answer. The rest of the answer should contain proof that you know what you are talking about. Give enough evidence to support your thoughts but don't over-answer the question. Writing a lot of fluff will usually leave the teacher thinking that you are writing for the sake of filling the space and that you really don't have a good handle on the correct answer. Before you begin writing an essay, make sure you know exactly what the question is asking. Try to restate the question in your own words. If you can't do this with confidence, make a quick visit to the teacher and have him or her clarify it for you. Once confident in what the question is asking, take a few moments to get your thoughts together and write some notes in the margin or even create an outline on scrap paper if you have time. If you find that you are running short on time and still have some open-ended questions left to answer, write something rather than leaving the space blank. Create a brief outline to show the teacher that you do know the answer, but you didn't have enough time to write an entire essay. You maybe able to get say more in an outline form than you can if you were only able to write a few opening sentences of your essay. Partial credit is better than no credit at all. Once you believe you are finished with the test, reread everything again to be sure that you answered every question fully and completely. If you have time, cover up your answers with your hand or another sheet of paper and ask yourself what answer you would give if you had to answer the question again. Compare this answer with what you have already written down. Only change the original answer if you find that you made a silly mistake or originally misinterpreted the question. It is usually best to go with your original instinct when you are truly unsure of an answer. Be neat. The last thing a teacher wants to do while correcting mounds of tests is to spend time deciphering what a student has illegibly written. Go to http:// live-etutor. com for to learn more about online tutoring and schedule a tutoring session for your child. All tutors are screened and qualified.

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