Alternative medicine is holistic western medicine is reductionist

: The major difference between alternative medicine, or what I'll call holistic health, and Western medicine, is in approach. A Western doctor, or MD, sees his duty as searching out disease, diagnosing it, and treating it. If he does that correctly and effectively, he's done his job. Most often, this means the doctor prescribing a pharmaceutical drug or a surgical procedure to remedy the situation. The patients is passive in all of this. A holistic health practitioner sees her duty as an educator and a facilitator. She feels that the body can heal itself, and it doesn't necessarily need outside influences (drugs, surgery) to heal from an illness or to prevent an illness. In holistic health, the patient is an active participant. This is the best and the worst thing about holistic health! The patient is actively involved in the healing process.

Everything you know about your body says that this is the right approach. It makes so much sense. That's the good part. The bad thing about this is that it is HARD WORK for the patient. In most cases, the patient must make changes to their lifestyle. Change your diet, do more exercise, stop using sugar, do these stretches, stop negative thoughts, meditate twice a day, etc. Making lifestyle changes is immensely difficult. The only time it's easy is when you are faced with a life-threatening disease. When you find out you have lung cancer, it's pretty easy to quit smoking. However, it's far too late by that time.

Lifestyle changes need to come before the illness becomes manifest. Let's examine one of the big differences between holistic health and Western medicine: holism versus reductionism. Holistic versus Reductionist This is a major shift in perspective. Taking a holistic perspective means that you cannot understand a single problem with a single part of the human body without looking at the whole person. We use the short-hand “mind, body, spirit” to refer to the whole person. This is not how a Western doctor is taught to see a patient. He sees the patient as the disease. “This is an epileptic,” it is not a whole person who has epilepsy. He feels that he can administer a drug or perform a surgery that will cure a person's liver without making any difference to the rest of the person.

Of course, this is never possible, so when the inevitable “complications” arise, the Western doctor deals with those one at a time, often causing additional problems for the person, whether in body, mind or spirit. Even those three parts of the person are treated by separate people in Western society. The body is the domain of the medical doctor. The mind is the domain of the psychiatrist. Spirit is left to the priest, rabbi or pastor. There is no overlap in roles, except for referrals from one to the other.

In our bodies, of course, there is tremendous overlap. A loss of connection to God or the universe will cause no end of mental and physical problems. Mental stress causes many physical diseases, as we well know. Who can coordinate between these in the Western system?

No one. Problems falling “through the cracks” between mind, body and spirit is a common failure of Western medicine. A holistic practitioner understands the interconnections between mind, body and spirit. They work on the connections, and, although the practitioner may not be an expert in all three, they focus on the overlaps rather than ignoring them. In my opinion, a holistic approach is better in almost every case for almost every person.

Understanding the linkages between mind, body and spirit is essential to understanding how to stay well and how to heal. Western medicine can play a part within the scope of holistic health by offering emergency solutions to problems that arise quickly and need to be fixed immediately.

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Best merchant services

A High-risk merchant account is a merchant account service provided to internet merchants that have been declared "high-risk" by Visa and MasterCard. This is owing to the nature of their businesses, that have a high credit rate or a high turnover but also, an increased risk of fraud and chargebacks. Characteristically, it's very hard for high risk and non-US businesses to obtain a merchant account. High risk merchant accounts offered by different service providers allow International Merchants to privately process their credit card transactions and have the proceeds sent to an offshore bank account. The fees are higher for offshore/high risk credit card processing. Credit card processors are likely to reject you if your business is considered high-risk. The aim is to locate a credit card processor that gets you approved and has you up and accepting credit cards quickly and efficiently, with either a high risk merchant account or an international merchant account. Examples of high risk merchant accounts include pharmaceuticals, telemarketing, infomercials, travel industries, online dating, replica, gaming etc. Some of these are considered more high risk than others.

High risk merchant accounts are available with international banks. A merchant has to do the following to obtain a direct account if their merchant account is considered high risk: 1. Incorporated in the bank’s jurisdictions (this requirement is based on credit card operating regulations) 2. Have 6 months of existing processing history (preferable the last 6 months) 3. Chargebacks in the last 6 months must be less than 1 %. 4. Pay the required set up fees 5. Provide principal’s passport, business incorporation documents - some jurisdictions require a local nominee director’s passport and a utility bill of the nominee director. This is done to avoid cross border issues. 6. The merchant website has to be in compliance to Visa and MasterCard requirements These merchant accounts can also be classified as offshore high risk merchant accounts, international merchant accounts, and high volume merchant accounts. The other option if you do not have processing history and you do not want pay the expensive of incorporation in the bank’s jurisdiction, you can always get a third party merchant account. A third party merchant account’s underwriting is less stringent and is set up much faster than a direct account.

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Seven top things to know before you contact your web master

Save yourself time and money mistakes. Get your Web site sales copy writing ready before you contact your webmaster. 1. Know what is the number one thing you want to sell. The number two, and the number three. 2. Know your preferred audience who will come looking for your book. 3. Make a list of your Web targeted visitor's reasons to want you book or service. Answer the question, "Why should I buy your book?" "Why should I use your service?" Benefits are what sell your book or service, while features help explain them. . 4. Make a list of your book or service features. Add these to your Web sales letter after your bulleted benefit points. 5. Write your book's sales letter for your home page if you offer only one book and no service. 6. Write a sales letter for each product or service you offer. Use a long one for your Web site because people need man reasons to make a buying decision. Appeal to their emotions too. Write a short sales piece for email promotions. 7. Make your home page compelling with benefit-driven headlines or testimonials as a link to lead to your sales message. Your visitors don't need your story. You won't need to write more than one Web site when you follow these seven tips. Judy Culllins c. 2005

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How to decide which health insurance is best

There are so many numbers of insurance companies and they all have so many different plans for health insurance. Choosing a plan, which can be termed as best, is simply a tedious task. It is not as easy as it used to be. It’s true, but there are some points which can help us to decide which plan is going to be good for our health or our family’s health or for our employee’s health. If you are the owner of a business then you can easily know how costlier is it to take care of the health of your employees, since the prices of the health insurance are touching to the sky day by day. Many people generally complain about the cost of providing health insurance to their employees and close relatives, but in fact majority of them does not even give time to select the insurance plan. They depend on their broker. If their broker says that this plan is good then they believes on his statement without seeing how? The fact is almost all the insurance companies have different plans for different clients. So why should we pay more for the plan which is also available for a lower rate than the plan which we have opted. The major thing before going for a health insurance just decides from early that how much is your budget. Can I go for some different options or not? The answer to this question you can get from consulting different people from different companies. One more important thing ask your broker about the benefits which they are going to serve for you. And also one important point is whether the plan you are choosing has enough number of providers or not? Actually no health insurance company covers every health plan, so we should at least require some good number of insurance companies in our hand. This will give us some extra benefit of changing the company if one plan does not suit us. Hopefully these guides will help mass for deciding about the health insurance.

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Composite credit report score simplifies mortgage issues

Do you want a mortgage loan for your new home? Trying to qualify for a new mortgage can be very tough, especially if you aren’t aware of the effect your credit report score has on your ability to get approved for loans. One of the first things a lender looks at to determine your suitability for a mortgage loan is your credit report, or FICO score. This is a composite score that gives a quick glance at your overall responsibility rating when it comes to finances. It has to do with how well you maintain repayment plans, how well you keep the ratios of your overall debt to income, your stability in employment, and many other things. Basically, the better your credit report score, the more likely you are to qualify for the loan you want. Of course, there are many things that a lender considers before reaching the decision about your suitability for a mortgage loan. Employment stability is one. Lenders know that people who stay in the same field of work will more likely stay employed, and therefore will be more likely to repay their obligations. So, even if you have changed jobs recently, if you have kept a progression of advancing within the same field, or have simply changed employers but kept the same basic job with each, your ability to be approved for a mortgage loan should not be hindered much, unless there are negative reasons for your changing jobs.

As a matter of fact, now that automated credit report scoring has come into the lending business, less discretion gets used in determining who qualifies for what credit rate. This is supposed to ensure more objectivity in the loan approval process. For this purpose, the automated credit report score is used to give lenders the ability to boil the entire process down to review of only your overall score. Unfortunately, this can close out some borrowers from getting loans of the amount, or interest rate they would like.

Its even possible that a prospective borrower with enough income could actually be denied a loan he could afford due to a low standardized credit report score. For this reason, its imperative that prospective borrowers be diligent about improving their credit report scores and paying their bills on time. In this way the problem of disputing a low credit report score is alleviated. Since there are five key factors that go into the composite credit report score, knowing what they are can help consumers to take control of their financial destiny by making them able enough to change things in their favor.

The very first thing that affects your overall credit report score is how well you repay your debts. Even a person with low income who carefully ensures that all his debts are repaid on time will be able to maintain a high credit report score. And timing is everything. A recent late payment is worse than several late payments some years ago. Next, collection accounts and public histories are important to your credit report score. This means accounts that go into collection, foreclosure, and bankruptcies are harmful to your score. Ensuring these don’t show up on your credit report goes a long way towards improving your credit report score. And therefore, the accuracy of your credit report becomes more important than ever. Consumers need to check their credit reports at least yearly and make sure the information therein is accurate. Credit report scores below 620 will require remedial work to bring up to an acceptable level. This may take extended amount of time, perhaps years. But its worth it. You must build a positive credit history that shows extended time of handling your finances in a responsible way in order to bury old negative information.

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Looking for a motorcycle loan

The motorcycle is an economical means of transportation, when compared to other vehicles. Because of the smaller engine, a motorcycle offers good mileage and is convenient to use for errands. All these make it a desirable possession for all of us. However, a not-so-good credit history may prevent you from owning a bike. The Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans can prove to be quite helpful in such situations. Why Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans? The Bad Credit Motorcycle Loan is the easiest way for all cyclist enthusiasts out there to get the bike of their dreams.

With bad credit motorcycle loan, people suffering from bad credit status can avail substantial amount of money and drive away on their magic-on-wheels. Not only that, using bad credit motorcycle loan people can go for improving their credit score, which can be very beneficial for future loan prospects. Be cautious With so many variants flooding the market, motorcycle buyers tend to be confused. They should ask the right questions before signing on the dotted line, like: Is the interest rate fixed or variable? What happens if a payment is late by some days? Does the interest rate increase? How long is the term on the motorcycle loan? What is the down payment requirement to get the motorcycle loan? Is full coverage insurance required? Specifications This is a secure loan with the bike you buy with the loan amount being the collateral. The amount of the loan usually covers most of the cost of the motorcycle. The loan amount that can be availed is usually in between Ј5000 to Ј20000. The interest rate of bad credit motorcycle loan depends upon various factors like value of bike, monthly income, repayment ability of the borrower etc. The repayment duration is always flexible, but one should be cautious as interest rates may be higher later. Regular payment of loan installments is a must because lenders can take legal action against you in case of non payment.

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Stop chasing success and let success find you

One of the major problems that many business entrepreneurs have is that instead of following their own goals, ambitions and interests to gain success, they choose to chase after success by working to establish themselves in a hot business market that may not be of any interest to them. Although it is possible to achieve success by running a business that holds little interest to you, before long, you will find that this sort of venture will drain your ambition, and ultimately have a negative effect on you both personally and professionally. Think about it: What would keep you more motivated - Being in a job you enjoy, or in a job that you find boring? Not a difficult question to answer right? Naturally having a job you enjoy is something that almost everyone strives for; however, the problem that many new business entrepreneurs are faced with is that they have a hard time figuring out what they want out of life. Thus, they proceed to fumble around in different professions, desperately groping around in the dark for their one true calling. This leaves them constantly chasing after a success that is always two steps ahead of them. To avoid this from happening to you, the following 7 key points will help you stop chasing after success, so you can use your interests to let success find you. 1.Find your life’s purpose and true calling: Remember when you were a child and you had such high hopes for your future, when you used to dream about all of the great things you would do once you were older and able to make your dreams a reality. Well even if this was not one of your childhood fancies, it is time for you to take a serious look at those dreams you lost and hid away in the back of your mind, and find out how you can make them work and grow in your business. 2.Did you choose your work or did your work choose you? Surprisingly, many people fail to take this into consideration, and instead choose to keep their focus on making fast money with the current popular market. By following this type of career, you have given all of your business power and control to a market that can offer you nothing but quick cash until that market dies, or you lose interest and move on to search for hopefully the next big thing. 3.Are you using your natural talents or “gifts” that you enjoy and do so well? Ask yourself if you are using your expertise to benefit your business. Your talents will help make you creative, innovative and keep you challenged. It is your “gifts” that make you an expert of a particular field. Use this to your advantage, and success will find you. 4.Are you ignoring your passions and values? Most people have values, and regardless if these values are religious, personal or so on, the values that you follow say a great deal about your character, and your passions. Therefore, if you are running a business that you don’t believe in, and that is personally unfulfilling, you will never achieve the success you are after, because you don’t have faith in your own business. 5.All of us have gifts but sometimes many of us have a difficult time identifying them: Finding your own talents may take time, but it is time well worth spending. If you have a hard time thinking of things you are good at, make a list of all the times you did really well in school, sports, arts and various life experiences. It may also help to speak with those who you are close to. Often your most trusted friends and family can clue you in on what you excel at. Another option is to begin by exploring options in business fields you like. 6. How do I find my life's work? You can find your life’s work by making a list of all the goals you wish to accomplish, and by discovering how many of these goals are similar. Keep in mind that your life’s work is something that you enjoy whole-heartedly, and is a continuous goal that you will always trying to be working towards. It should not be something that can be achieved quickly. 7.Be able to connect who you are with what you do: Once you know your life’s work, it is now time to go out there and discover the business opportunities that speak to your ambitions, values and interests. Remember, when you like something and are truly good at it, you will soar to fantastic heights. The bottom line: Use these seven key points as a guideline to get yourself on the right track. Love what you do, put everything you have into it, and let success find it’s way to you through your wise decisions and passion for your work.

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Benefits of cd duplication

Benefits Of CD Duplication The process of CD duplication is the means of making several copies of CDs of various types without doing a replication of many. The term is used to describe the need and use of short run quantity copying of various types of CDs. Most CD duplication is done for quantities under 500. The value and quality of the duplicate is high, with the sound quality being very good and matching the quality of the original. There are many benefits to CD duplication, including: 1. Its less expensive to do CD duplication than it is to do a full replication, especially when the demands are much lower. 2. In most cases, during a replication there will be a minimum amount that is actually more than needed. By using CD duplication, you can actually eliminate this extra replication. 3. Believe it or not, it can actually be much faster to use CD duplication than a full CD replication run. There are other things that can cause you to take a second look as well. With most cases, CD duplication will cost more per CD than that of a full run replication. In the long run however, this may still be much lower. Not all will look like the original either, as some will have blue or even black burn marks on them that make them appear to be duplicates. CD duplication, never the less, is a widely used system of replicating CD's in a very effective and timely manner. The technology is always improving as well, so you can look for updates in the quality of CD duplication systems as well - which is great news for those who enjoy CD duplication. (word count 278)

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Mexican family night menu

--------------------------------------------- Chicken Enchilada Casserole Recipe --------------------------------------------- This is a Tex-Mex casserole dish that will be eaten up so fast. It is petty simple to make. It is assembled just like a Lasagna dish. Only differnece is that we use Corn Tortillas. Happy Cooking! Ingredients: * 10 - 7 inch corn tortillas * 1 lb. chicken, cooked and shredded * 1 lb. Cheddar cheese, shredded * 1 pt. sour cream * 1/2 cup chicken broth * 1 packet taco seasoning * 1 cup mayo. * 1/4 green onions, chopped (garnish) * 1 can Rotel, drained (garnish) Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 2. Cook chicken, shred, and cool. 3. Mix shredded chicken, sour cream, chicken broth, taco seasoning, mayo, 3/4 of cheddar cheese, and salt & pepper in a bowl. 4. Lightly grease a 9x9 casserole dish. 5. Place 2 corn tortillas on bottom of the casserole dish. 6. Cover with chicken mixture. 7. Repeat until all tortillas are gone. Note: The final layer should be 2 tortillas. 8. Place drained Rotel and remaining cheddar cheese on top. 9. Cover with foil and bake for 45 min. 10. Remove foil and place under broiler for 3-5 mins. 11. Garnish with chopped green onions. Tips from Chef Bek: * Boil your chicken to prevent from overcooking. * If Rotel is not available, use a can of Mexican Stewed Tomatoes. -------------------------------------- Black Bean Corn Salsa Recipe -------------------------------------- Salsa does just not have to be served with the traditional tortilla chips anymore. This black bean corn salsa is a great addition to any meal, or dish. Best of all, it is a fat free and low calorie accompaniment. Happy Cooking! * 1 can black beans - drained and washed * 1 can corn - drained * 1/2 cup diced red onion * 1/4 cup diced jalapenos * 1/2 cup chopped cilantro * 1/4 cup fresh lime juice * 2 large tomatoes - diced * 2 cloves garlic - chopped * salt and pepper to taste Directions: Wash all your veggies, drain all your canned goods, and cut as described. Combine all into a plastic or glass container. Chill in the refrigerator at least 8 hours, or overnight, before serving. Tip From Chef Bek: Do not use a metal container to store the salsa. The acids in the lime juice and tomatoes will have a reaction with the metal. Serving Suggestions: * Serve with warm tortilla chips. * Serve as a sauce for fresh fish. * Wrap in a warm tortilla with chicken, sliced avocado, and lettuce. * Place inside a breakfast omelet. * Add to a bed of mixed greens with some crushed tortilla chips. Happy Eating!

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Easy summer grilling success

Summer evenings are so beautiful, you just need to move outside. Clean off the grill and prepare to enjoy these long leisurely evenings. Here are some tips to be sure your next barbeque is a success! 1. Heat the grill. If using charcoal, allow plenty of time for the coals to reach the proper temperature and be tinged with ash. Spread the coals out in an even layer. You can make a double or triple layer on one side of the grill and a single layer on the other for better heat control. 2. A flavorful aromatic smoke adds to the aroma and penetrates the food to add a distinctive flavor. You can use wood chips that have been soaked in water and apply directly on top of the coals. Or pick fresh herbs from your garden such as rosemary, marjoram, thyme, bay leafs or oregano and lay onto the coals. Do not use green wood, or any wood that has been treated for use as lumber. 3. Lightly oil the grill surface or spray with Pam. Or oil the food lightly. Careful, too much oil will cause flare-ups. 4. Pre-heat the grill with the lid closed for 10 or 15 minutes. On charcoal grills, the coals should be glowing red with white ash forming, this can take a little longer. 5. Choose a good piece of meat. Meat that is higher in fat marbling will produce a juicer BBQ product. Much of the fat will cook away during cooking anyway. Excess fat on the outside of the meat should be trimmed, this fat does not help the moisture content of the food and will cause flare-ups. 6. Brush the food with a water or vinegar based marinade and place the meat or vegetables on the grill. Be careful not to overcrowd the food. Ideally meat should be marinated for 1 hour or more before grilling. 7. Use pieces of meat less than 1 – 2 inches thick. Grill on a hot grill and keep the lid down except when brushing with marinade, checking for doneness, etc. 8. Cook on one side for half the cooking time, then brush the top with additional marinade and turn to cook the other side. Avoid turning more than needed, as this can prevent caramelization. 9. Keep a spritzer bottle handy to help deal with flare-ups. If flare-ups occur, move the food to prevent burning. Usually, moving the food is enough to control the flare; however, your can spritz with a fine mist of water if needed. 10. Barbeque sauces usually contain a lot of sugar and will burn if applied too soon. Apply sauce as the food is almost ready to remove and cook only long enough to just set the sauce - 10 minutes or less. 11. Use a meat thermometer to check doneness. Avoid pricking the meat unnecessarily as juices will drain away. 12. Enjoy!

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Bad credit debt consolidation loans unsecured vs secured debt consolidation loans

Getting out of debt is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are many options available to people hoping to eliminate or reduce high consumer debts. Before filing for bankruptcy, which is more damaging than having excessive debt, consider other alternatives. For example, acquiring a secured or unsecured debt consolidation loan is one method to becoming debt free. Ways to Eliminate Unnecessary Debts There are many ways to reduce debts. Some people prefer to eliminate debt without obtaining a loan. In this case, getting second employment or seeking a higher paying job may provide you with the extra cash to pay down balances. There is no easy way to reduce debts. Furthermore, eliminating debts take time. Because of high finance fees, paying double the monthly minimum may not result in a significant reduction. However, debt consolidation loans have lower rates, which mean lower finance fees. What are Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans? Unsecured debt consolidation loans are granted by banks and other financial institutions. These loans are not secured by property. Hence, they are also termed no-collateral loans. Getting approved for these types of debt consolidation loans are not easy. If you have too much debt, the majority of lenders are hesitant to extend you additional credit. On the other hand, if you have a very high credit score and earn a sizeable salary, obtaining an unsecured debt consolidation loan is feasible. Overall, individuals with a superb credit rating know how to use credit responsibly. Besides, these individuals will not risk injuring their credit rating. The disadvantage of unsecured debt consolidation loans is the higher rates. Because, lenders are taking a gamble, be prepared to pay a high interest rate. Still, lender rates are low in comparison to typical credit card rates What is a Secured Debt Consolidation Loan? A secured debt consolidation involves collateral. To get approved for these types of loans, the lender will request a valuable piece of property. A vehicle title or boat title may serve as sufficient collateral. If you own a home, consider obtaining a home equity loan or line of credit for the purpose of consolidating debts. These loans do not require a high credit rating. However, applicants with good credit will receive prime rates. Avoid defaulting on secured loans. Failure to pay will result in the lender taking full possession of your property.

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Credit card debt consolidation program

: Credit card debt consolidation program is the process of taking one loan in order to pay off many other loans. This provides the ease of paying one loan with secured or fixed interest rates. Many companies provide credit debt consolidation services and it is advisable to consolidate credit card debt because credit cards carry high interest rates than those of an unsecured loan from a bank. Today, more and more credit cards are used because these are the safest method of payment to sellers and there is less risk of being theft. But while you shop with the help of credit card you have to make timely payment with amount due. This sometimes creates lots of stress while you are in debt because of credit shopping and the creditors are constantly calling you up one after the other. A good way to escape of such headache is to go for a credit card debt consolidation whereby all loan debts taken by you shall be treated as a single creditor. It would then become easier to pay off one single creditor rather paying many creditors.

While you need to pay many creditors you all have to keep a record of the amount to be paid and the due date whereas by taking a debt consolidation you need not worry for that. At the same time with the help of debt consolidation you can have lower interest rates in form of lower installments. You also don’t get those annoying phone calls by your creditors since you are not supposed to interact with them. You can take these loans either with security or without security whatever you could afford. There are many website that offer online loan services or you could directly move to a local creditor as per your requirement. In any case you should always be careful that you are not cheated on any grounds and terms of debt consolidation are very clear to you. Debt could be very hectic but it could be made simpler by taking a debt consolidation loan.

If you wish to know more about debt consolidation visit our website credit-card-debt-consolidation-guide. info

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7 ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is a major event. Prepare for your wedding anniversary celebration in advance so that everything goes smoothly. 1. Start off right. Get up before she does to prepare a quick breakfast. Serve her breakfast in bed. You might want to plan out the menu and buy the necessary things you need to cook a great breakfast the day before your anniversary. Take a shower after that and return to her side. On the other hand, if you are the sort who makes a major mess of the kitchen whenever you cook anything or even when you make a cup of tea, then skip the breakfast in bed part. She might have a fit when she sees the kitchen after that. 2. Present her with a bouquet of roses. Order the roses a day or more in advance and have them delivered right to the doorstep. She might chide you for wasting money, but she would be secretly very pleased with that romantic gesture. 3. If your kids are still young, book a babysitter in advance. You don't want your night to be ruined by crying babies at your table in the restaurant when you are trying to have a romantic candle lit dinner for two. Do go for a candle light dinner. Just the 2 of you in a favourite restaurant. 4. Relax together and take a break from your regular routine. If you both can, take a day's leave from work. Make your arrangements in the office in advance. If you can't try to go home early for a change, so you can spend more time together. 5. Don't forget the anniversary gifts. There is a different gift for each year or marriage. You might want to go with the traditional or modern gift this anniversary. Check that out at http:// anniversary-rings. net/wedding-anniversary-gifts. htm 6. Each year, give your loved one a wedding anniversary ring to signify that year of marriage you have just shared together. You can find that perfect anniversary ring at http:// anniversary-rings. net 7. On your 10th wedding anniversary, have a party. Invite those who are dear to both of you to attend. In the presence of everyone, renew your wedding vows and exchange a pair of wedding anniversary rings, to commemorate the event. Here is more information about the 10th wedding anniversary. http:// anniversary-rings. net/10th-wedding-anniversary. htm

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Are you communicating without polycom

Are all of your business associates, partners and clients always in the same room at the same time? Probably not. For this reason, it is not unheard of to use telephone meetings as a way of communicating. Ordinary handset speakerphones used to be the best way to do this, until now. Enter Polycom. Polycom, a world's leader in providing communication solutions, has introduced some of the best technology in audio video conferencing. As most speakerphones allow you to speak to others in different locations, Polycom offers a way to communicate verbally and visually. While other products on the market seem to be able to deliver a similar convenience, Polycom offers a variety of telecommunications products to allow for "real" interaction. The Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 is the first wideband conference phone with breakthrough technology. Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology makes the VTX 1000 the first conference phone that adapts to each meeting environment.

All participants can feel free to speak from any area in the conference room and they can be heard as clear as when speaking right into the microphone. When coupled with the Polycom VSX 7400, participants can actually see each other as they communicate verbally. Since the VSX 7400 is a visual component, all parties must have this capability to be able to interact visually. Most businesses rely on meetings and conferences for day to day activity. With Polycom, you can be in many places at once without ever leaving your office. Although convenience makes the day easier, quality makes it worth while.

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Focus on your home business goals

As you begin your new home business you will find there will be hundreds of distractions that will fight for your time and attention. If you are new to working from home you will have to deal with such issues as family interruptions, friends, neighbors, television, radio, visitors, email and phone calls. You must structure your time and set a schedule to work on your home business. If you were working for someone else you would not expect your friends and neighbors to stop by for a visit. You must clearly explain to the people you know that this is your job and your can not stop to chat simply because you are home. People may think that your job is less serious because you are working from home. You must remind yourself of the reasons why you choose to bring your profession home.

Was it to have more free time with your children, to earn more money than your previous job paid, to create more freedom for yourself and your loved ones? Remember your home business should be treated as a real job. You are the person who makes the decisions now. You must organize your time without someone else telling you when you should work and take care of your business. Schedule a portion of your workday to answering emails and written communications and returning important phone calls. One hour in the morning and one later in the day should be fine.

Be sure to be consistent so you do not get distracted from your other tasks. Focus your time on your most productive activities and find a third party to assist with less important tasks if you need to. When you are first getting started and perhaps you are in the middle of working on a project - and you don't quite know if it is going to be the success you hope for, it is very easy to get distracted and go on to something else that looks more promising. You will learn with experience what types of projects and tasks excite you, which are the best fit for your knowledge, skills, and resources. But in the beginning when you are first getting started for the first time then this can be a bit confusing, understand this is normal. The most important thing for you is to take what you have now and turn it into a success. It is more important to finish what you start than it is to jump from project to project. When you jump to another idea or project you have to repeat all the things that you did on the last idea or project. You may find that it is easy for you to start your work but you have a problem with sticking to it until it is finished. Make a promise to yourself that you will do your best to finish the projects you start before you begin the process of starting something new. Do your best to work on something you believe in. Get excited about your work. Be sure to break down the tasks involved in getting large projects up and running. If you approach the smaller tasks individually they will be easier to handle than if you tried dealing with them all together. Take care of your health by exercising and eating healthy food. The better you feel and the healthier you are the more you will be able to focus on your business. Write down a list of the goals you wish to acheive with your home business and the time in which you want to achieve them. Try making a list of the top 5 things you want to accomplish, then set a timer for 20 -30 minutes. When the timer goes off drop what your doing and Move on to the next task. Exercises such as this can keep you up and excited As you work towards a deadline. It will automatically set your mind to focus on what needs to be completed in a specified time. Take a break every 2 hours, go for a short walk and get some fresh air, talk to a friend on the phone or read a few pages of a motivational book. The success of your home business is entirely and completely up to you and the decisions you make. Success is within your reach when you keep your focus on your goals.

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Whirlpool baths the way to good health

For hundreds of years, mankind has recognised the soothing, remedial effects of bathing. Several decades ago the medical profession acknowledged the benefits of hydrotherapy and began to prescribe the use of whirlpool baths as an effective treatment of many common physical ailments, a course of action that is now often used in clinics and hospitals around the world. Hydro massage relieves the effects of stress, balances your bodies negative reaction to tension, relaxes muscles, lowers your heart rate and helps blood pressure and circulation return to normal. Like a tightly compressed sponge, a tense muscle retains less fluid than one that is relaxed. This lessens the circulation of blood and increases the pressure placed on your heart.

It can leave you feeling tired and aching, reducing your precious energy levels and making you feel irritable and lethargic. Whirlpool hydro massage eases tense muscles and increases circulation, allowing the bodies cells to receive much-needed oxygen and energy-producing nutrients. Metabolic waste products are removed and your blood count increases, resulting in even better oxygen distribution. Relaxing in a whirlpool bath will help dissolve the tensions that build up in every day life, your heart rate will settle, warm circulating water will help ease the nervous system and slow the natural rhythm of your body resulting in deeper breathing and a peaceful revitalising nights sleep. Remember that your body has to last the whole of your life, so relax, lie back and let the soothing sensation of whirlpool hydrotherapy help you to look after your most precious possession.

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Paternity testing are you raising someone else s child

The dawn of the DNA test Back in the 1700s, the best way to determine paternity was by a good hard look and the child, followed by a good hard look at the father. Enough coincidences and maybe a relationship could be proposed. A hundred years later, eye color was discovered to be a paternity identifier. This theory has had its flaws exposed because of recent DNA advances. We now know that eye color is determined by at least six alleles, or genetic markers. Paternity testing has become a lot easier and affordable over the past few years due to advances in DNA science. Although an estimated 200,000 DNA tests are conducted each year by states needing to sort child-support and welfare issues, few people are willing to conduct their own at-home paternity test. Few people realize the simplicity and convenience of an at-home paternity test. How does a home DNA test work? Paternity testing requires a painless sample from both the child and possible father. Even without a sample from the mother, DNA paternity test results are up to 99.9999% accurate–that’s one-in-a-million odds your results are incorrect. Most companies provide a free home kit for you to provide the samples and require you to send the kit back to the laboratory with the accompanying fee. Because many companies are aware of the discomfort of drawing blood from a child in order to get a sample, buccal (mouth) swabs are being accepted as an alternative. By gently massaging the inside of the child’s mouth, cheek cells are collected. These cells are then sent to the lab for testing. Labs analyze up to sixteen genetic markers of the child and match them against the markers of the alleged father. Because each of us receives half our genetic markers from each parent, the results of DNA paternity testing are still accurate without the DNA information of the mother. Most labs will have results in 10 days and charge about $290 for a basic paternity verification test. What else can a DNA test do? DNA kits can also be used to analyze siblingship, establish cousin or grandparent relationships, determine twin zygosity (i. e. whether twins are fraternal or identical), identify ancestral origin, verify Native American decent, assure parents they left the hospital with the right baby, and most important, provide legal evidence – be prepared to pay a bit more for legal tests. Legal tests can be used to settle adoption issues, settle child-support disputes, and provide information for immigration files. How to choose a DNA laboratory Accreditation is a vital part of choosing a laboratory. Accredited labs have an annual audit and inspection, undergo internal and external reviews, and have their equipment calibrated for accuracy. Look for an ISO and/or AABB certification. Accredited labs will have a good reputation and near 100% track record for court cases. Look for hidden fees. Some companies will charge you for the kit and then charge you again for the results. Also, double check when you order your kit that you’re only buying the results you need. Ask about privacy. Make sure that your identity and intentions are kept secure. Enjoy piece of mind Be confident that the questions you have can be answered. DNA testing is safe and stress-free. Find a free kit and an information packet and you’re on your way to getting the piece of mind that you deserve.

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Simple treatments for backache

Cold Treatment Cold packs helps with bruises and swelling. For the first 48 hours after back symptoms start, apply a cold pack (or bag of ice) to the painful area. Lie on your back with your knees bent, and put the cold pack under your lower back. Do this for 5-10 minutes at a time, several times a day. Heat Treatment Heat increases blood flow, which helps in healing. However, do not use heat on a back strain until 48 or more hours after back symptoms start. Use cold treatment first (see "Cold Treatment" above). If used sooner, heat can make the pain and swelling worse. Use a moist heating pad, a hot-water bottle, hot compresses, a hot tub, hot baths, or hot showers. Use heat for 10 minutes at a time. Do this several times a day. Be careful not to burn yourself. Braces or Corsets Braces and corsets support your back and keep you from moving it too much. They do what strong back muscles do, but they won't make your back stronger. Spinal Manipulation** This treatment, done by a professional such as chiropractor or physical therapist, uses the hands to apply force to "adjust" the spine. This can be helpful for some people in the first month of low back symptoms. Check with your doctor about spinal manipulations.

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Choosing a juicer

There are many advantages to eating fruit and vegetables raw. Water-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin C) are destroyed by heating, so there will be less vitamin C in a cooked carrot than in a similar raw carrot. But for some nutrients, cooking (and juicing) is more nutritious, because it makes the nutrients more easily assimilated. Cooking and juicing breaks down tough fibres and allows the digestive juices to work more effectively on the vegetable. This is particularly important for someone who is elderly, ill or who has impaired digestion. For example, research has shown that we absorb approximately 3-4% of carotenoids from raw carrots and 15-20% from cooked carrots.

Carotenoids are plant pigments that give yellow, orange and red fruit and vegetables their colour. Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants, so have a role in helping us fight old age and cancer. Juicing fruit and vegetables is an excellent way to combine the advantages of both raw and cooked. There are a lot of different juicers out there, so I decided to ask the experts at the Wholistic Research Company in the UK for more about juicing and juicers. What are the benefits of a juicer over just eating fresh fruit and vegetables? The use of fresh fruit and vegetable juices in both normal and therapeutic diets has long been established as a great aid to natural health, energy and well-being. The high mineral and nutrient content, combined with the vibrant life-energy of fresh fruits and vegetables, makes pure, fresh juice a wonderful part of a healthy person's diet.

In no other way can one consume the nutritional content of, for example, a pound or two of apples and carrots (in a glass) and then go on to eat a healthy breakfast. Fresh juices are an invaluable supplement to any person's diet. Indeed there are therapies that rely almost entirely on the power and nutrition available in juices to rid an ailing body of serious illness, even cancer. The body is stimulated by such concentrated goodness to throw off negative, pathological cellular deterioration and regain excellent health. What are the advantages of a juicer over bought juice? Making fresh juices from your own juicer provides you with the same live enzymes that are available in raw fresh fruit and vegetables.

These fresh raw foods give us more energy and sparkle than cooked, 'dead' foods, and 'dead' juices that have been sitting in a container on the supermarket shelf for days, weeks or even months. This energy (from the freshly made juice) is concentrated, and you feel it as soon as you drink it. It can clear your head and make you feel light and energetic. Juicers can vary dramatically in price, so what should you look for in buying a juicer? In order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, it is necessary first to break down the cell walls and fibres and then separate out the juice. Ideally, a top quality juicer should deliver a nutrient-rich juice on the one hand and a dry pulp of cell walls and fibres, on the other. There are basically two types of juicers: centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers.

So what is a centrifugal juicer? This is an inexpensive juicer and is widely available. It merely grates fruits and vegetables, leaving strings of unbroken cells. The juice from the cells that have been broken is then spun out at very high speed (6,000 to 10,000 rpm). Because the juice is flung out, it mixes with the air and so oxidises (turns brown) quickly.

The pulp usually remains very moist, because the process has not extracted all the juice. Not only is this more wasteful, but the juice is paler, more watery, lower in nutrient value and often quite insipid in flavour. That doesn’t sound very appetising. Are masticating juicers any better? Masticating juicers provide richer, more flavourful, nutritious juices. They are altogether more ‘serious’, although more expensive, but should be considered to be an investment in good health. They more thoroughly break up fruit or vegetables, and press out the juice from the resulting pulp inside a nose cone with a narrow opening. This is far more efficient than centrifugal action. A good masticating juicer will extract up to five times more nutrients than centrifugal juicers.

Masticating juicers - like the popular American champion juicer - use a rugged cutter, spinning at 1425 rpm. This will juice whole carrots and quartered apples speedily and with ease. There are also slower masticating juicers that use a single auger or twin gears, revolving at 80 to 160 rpm, to more gently crush smaller pieces of fruit and vegetables. They are especially useful for juicing tough fibrous greens and wheatgrass (a powerful healing natural tonic). You can also juice wheatgrass with a manual masticating juicer.

A good one can be relatively inexpensive to buy, and is similar to an old fashioned table-mounted mincer that is turned with a handle. Many masticating juicers will also make smoothies, purees, nut butters, pasta, baby foods and frozen fruit ice creams. The price of a good juicer may seem quite high, but the quality of the juice produced, and the long life of the juicer, far outweigh the initial outlay when compared to the cheaper, far less efficient models on the market.

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Icann registrar jp domains for anybody

Cologne, October 10 2004. ICANN Registrar Secura announces today, that the company is now accepting the registration of jp-domains from companies and individuals outside of Japan. The jp-domains are the domains of Japan. The jp-domains belong to the popular domains in Asia. You need a local contact to register these domain. ICANN accredited registrar Secura provides automatically this local contact in the registration process, if you have not a registered business in Japan. There are domains at. jp and at. co. jp. You have to pay for the more attractive domains at. jp 300 US-Dollars per year. It is paradox: But you have to invest 4000 US-Dollar in the first year, if you want a co. jp-domain, as you need for a co. jp - domain a Japanese business licence. In this price of 4000 US-Dollars is not only the co. jp-domain, but the business licence, the contacts with japanese authorities, the translation and everything else included. ICANN accredited registrar Secura has access to the registration system of jp-domains.

Secura can register a jp-domain at once, if the domain name is available. Hans-Peter Oswald https:// domainregistry. de/jp-domain. html

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