Health sanatorium

Enjoy nature at its best. Matheran is a one of its kind hill station near Mumbai, India (About 100 km. away). Matheran literally means jungle on top. All vehicles (Except emergency vehicles) are banned here. The only modes of transport are on Horseback, by man-pulled rickshaw, or on foot. Every one living in cities needs this sort of change once in a while. Situated near Monkey point it is equidistant from Dasturi (Car park) and the Market away from the crowd where there is just you and nature. Two old heritage bungalows have been taken over and remodeled and two more bungalows have been added. All bungalows face a lush green forest.

Each bungalow is divided into 2 or 3 units. The place is pure vegetarian and even alcohol is prohibited. The units have been specially modeled for 4 people and consist of a double bed, a sofa-cum-double bed, a modern toilet, a fully equipped kitchenette and a verandah. Apart from this there is a large compound, which can be used for recreational activities.

Games like carom and badminton are available. For further details you can contact the Mumbai office situated at 204 Venkatesh chambers, Prescott Road, Fort on +91-022-22070548 (11am to 5pm on Weekdays and 11am to 1pm on Saturdays) or email at cdtrust@gmail. com. The trusts rules apply. Note - This trust is a public charitable trust.

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Bicycle clothing what cycling gear to wear and when

Avid cyclists know there is a wide-range of cycling gear available to choose from. Determining what you will need means asking yourself some key questions. • What gear is required by law? • What gear will provide the most comfort for the bicycling I plan to do? • What equipment is best for the summer/winter conditions? Cycling store employees should be able to help you answer these questions as you look to purchase new or updated cycling clothing. What gear is required by Law? Nearly every government has a regulation or law requiring helmets for cyclist. Some states require them for all riders while others set an age requirement. A good, well-fit helmet could save your life. Whether mountain biking or street cycling, a helmet is a must have for anyone riding a bike. Though not specifically required by law, many state cycling groups recommend wearing reflective clothing when biking as well. This is another safety benefit, ensuring you are able to be seen by cars and pedestrians. What gear will provide the most comfort for the bicycling I plan to do? Having a variety of clothing for cycling is recommended as what you need is based on how long your ride and wear. Cycling shorts are great for longer rides. They help to keep you cool while you are exerting yourself on the roadway. Quality cycling shorts are made of special material made specifically for comfort and moisture control. They usually have a padded seat for extra protection and comfort for extensive riding. Choosing a sleeveless cycling jersey to help keep you cool on long-rides is also recommended. Mountain bikers who ride through brush and trees should look for a long-sleeve cycling jersey to protect their arms from abrasions. Cycling shirts or jerseys worth their salt will be made of synthetic fabric that is comfortable, lightweight and moisture resistant. This will ensure that, whether long or short-sleeved, the jersey will help a rider maintain a good temperature. What equipment is best for the summer/winter conditions? Avid bicyclers hit the road during all kinds of weather, especially if the bike is their primary form of transportation. For cold days, a cycling jacket or a wool cycling jersey will keep you warm against the cooler air while still keeping you dry by sweeping the sweat away from your skin. Windproof jackets are also available for wind and rain protection. Coupled with cycling pants or knee warmers, which keep your knees and legs warm and flexible, these items will help you have a pleasant ride, even when the weather is less than ideal. As the weather warms, your cycling apparel should mirror what you would wear on long rides. Good cycling or bib shorts and a sleeveless jersey will keep you comfortable and cool. You may want to carry a lightweight, compact cycling jacket with you in case your ride goes later in the evening than you anticipated or you start out your ride early in the morning. There are a number of jackets available that can be easily stowed when the temperature rises. Cycling jacket made of breathable material that incorporates ventilation, like mesh vents, in the fabric are ideal. There are many choices in bicycle clothing and not all of them are necessary. Depending on what kind of bicycler you are, you may find that less is more. But, if you are seriously into cycling, then choosing a variety of bicycle clothing is in your advantage – you will feel much more apt to get out there on your bike if you have all of the proper equipment, including comfortable clothing that helps to keep your body temperate and dry. ~Ben Anton, 2007

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Boxer briefs drawing more values

: Boxer briefs, they are a type of men’s underwear. Boxer briefs are the production that denotes the compromising character between boxer shorts and briefs. In the other word we can mention it as the perfect blend of boxer shorts and briefs. These are comfortable to wear and affordable and available in wide range in the market. This particular segment of underwear cut like tapered boxers, but it fits likely briefs. Boxer briefs have got a good advantage of providing support and coverage in a way that also supports the lower abdomen. Boxer briefs can be worn under all type of clothes. But these are just perfect under tight pants. Athletes are using boxer briefs in a large amount due to its above qualities. You can found good boxer briefs in stores right now. Many websites are dealing with boxer briefs are now online and you can browse through their segment to select one for your purpose.

Men’s are using boxer briefs to redefine their looks. This can certainly add more sex appeal to your personality. For anyone who thought that sexy ends at 40, boxer briefs are the ultimate for him. Wear one of those and feel the difference. Boxer briefs are coming in various ranges. Companies are offering their product that are made of high quality fibers and can last long.

If you really need a comfortable one then you cam buy ribbed cotton boxer briefs. These are available in all shapes and sizes and can offer you more satisfactory result on a long run. Athletes that are using boxer briefs, drawing more good results in their professional career. Now it’s your turn to draw good values into your account. Wear boxer briefs to feel relaxed. The comfort zone you are searching for is right there. All you need to browse and purchase.

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Organization tips how to set up your database

What's in a Name? Everything. What do you do with all the contacts you make in your organisation? Do you: Collect business cards and throw them in the bottom of your desk drawer hoping one day one of these people will ring and do business with you? Have any system for keeping information on your clients and prospects? Do you enter all their details into your database so that you can communicate with them in the future? Do you enter all your clients into the database with information about what they've bought from you and conversations you've had with them? I'm astounded that so many business people keep no comprehensive records of their clients, general contacts and prospects. Your database is a goldmine. It is the most important item in your business. A great system will be able to do the following: Generate a letter, fax or email directly from the program to the contact. Record all contact details and any communication you have had with that person including phone conversations, meetings, emails, promotional information, and sales made. Be able to select any particular group of people, ie. everyone in a specific area, all your "A" clients, prospects, strategic alliances. A reminder system for follow-ups. Which Database Is Right For You? Well, that depends on your organisation. Now there are various databases, eg Microsoft's Access and Lotus' Approach. However specific contact management software can offer far more features, including a "hotlist" to remind you when to follow up. These applications include: ACT Goldmine Maximizer I personally know very successful businesses that use ACT and Maximizer. At The Office Organiser we use Maximizer which we find very good. Speak with successful people in your field and ask them what they use. You may find that there are specific databases that have been designed for your industry. The key when choosing one of these systems is to have a look at their functions and get someone who knows all about the software to set it up and train you in its use. You could also delegate/outsource the task of the initial keying in of data to another team member in your organisation or even a secretarial service or temp. A special note for Salespeople If you are an employee and your organisation has no database, I suggest you invest in one. It will be the wisest business investment you can make. Most salespeople promise everything and unfortunately do not deliver. They rush from one appointment to another and forget to follow through on their promises. If they had some way of keeping in touch with clients and prospects via using their database as an effective marketing and follow up tool, they would increase their sales dramatically. Lorraine Pirihi

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Change and performance training may not be the answer

Introducing new products or services, bringing new people on board, developing a new process or procedure, installing new equipment, change seems to be the one constant in business today and change always seems to drive a need for training. In conducting training needs analysis at any level, we need to understand that training may not be the solution, at least not the whole solution. Training is normally employed with the expectation of changing individual performance. While training can, and does change the ability of individuals to perform, on-the-job performance also depends on other factors that form a complex interconnected human performance system. For any system to produce a desired performance output, there are always a number of factors that must be managed. Six-factors for human performance The following is a six-factor system model for human performance. In principle if you manage all six well, you will get the desired performance. If you ignore any of the six, the desired system performance becomes less likely. Training can indeed be an important part of a system solution, but if other parts are not provided, training may not be effective. 1. Make expectations clear: The expected outputs, and actions to produce results, must be made crystal clear. These include vision, values, mission, roles, goals and objectives, action plans, milestones and standards. If you don’t tell them what is expected, don’t expect results. 2. Provide necessary resources and conditions: No one can produce the expected results if they do not have the process, methods, tools, materials, space, time, money, and people to do the job. A workplace that is badly designed, uncomfortable or unsafe also makes it difficult to perform. Given the means, they can deliver performance. If not... 3. Measure the performance of the system: In order to determine if expected results are being achieved we need to measure the performance outputs. It might also be helpful to monitor in-process indicators, which affect system outputs. Using metrics we can identify progress toward targets, verify performance as desired, or identify problems and opportunities for improvement. We all pay attention to what gets measured. 4. Communicate progress and results: Continuous and visual feedback on the performance and results achieved by the team and system allows for quick recognition and correction of problems and implementation of improvements. If individuals do not know how well the system is working it is difficult to achieve the desired results, much less make improvements. Performance knowledge empowers improvement. 5. Provide appropriate incentives: Consequences are important. Positive rewards for good performance, congratulation, recognition and celebration, promote and encourage the behaviors that produced the results. Take care to avoid negative consequences for positive performance, or benefits for negative performance. If it felt good, they’ll want to do it again. 6. Develop necessary competency: Competency is the ability of an individual or team to successfully perform a specific task or activity. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can hire a competency off the street. More often development through training and practice is required. Competencies are built through learning activities, and through experience. A competency requires skills, knowledge, and attitude sufficient to do the job. A competency has observable measurable outputs and behaviors. An individual must have the capacity, both mental and physical to learn and to perform the task or activity. If you’ve got the skills and knowledge you can do the job. The next time you ask how to improve performance, take a systems approach and remember to consider how to manage all six human performance factors. We get exactly the results we manage for. -- You have permission to publish this article free of charge, as long as the resource box is included with the article. If you do run my article, a courtesy reply to hsommerfeld@automatedlearning. com would be greatly appreciated. © 2004 Howard Sommerfeld

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Trade show tactics revealed

Being part of a trade show gives small business a chance to experience economies of scale and to mix around with the big guys. This may also be the most stressful period for the PR Dept. head as he will hope that R & D people will be able to bring out the latest prototype of the company’s new and “hot” product to a large audience. Top management may plan to use the trade show to increase profitability and market share. Here are some tips: The purpose of participation: Before deciding whether you company should be part of this trade show, there must be a meeting of top management about the demographics of their target audience and the overall impact of the trade show. If the trade show is to launch a new product, then it should be obvious that all promotional literature and samples of the new product be ready. On the other hand, if participation in the trade show is just to create awareness and corporate visibility, then through prior research, ensure that the neighboring booths (your competitors) do not steal your “thunder”. Consider co-sharing your booth: Co-sharing your booth with an alliance can be positive if there is synergy. It can also help lower the cost of booth rental and introduce your services to your alliance’s customers. However, the dangers of this approach is that one exhibitor may garner more exposure and publicity which may cause some dissent; there is also the issue of the signage and the “overall feel” of the booth that has to be agreed by both parties. The Multimedia experience: It is logical to prepare a multimedia experience for participants because there will be many booths shouting for attention. Trade shows are normally chaotic in nature. Thus make enquiries about the installation of large projector screens and platforms before committing yourself to the trade show. Advertise with the trade show organizers: The trade-show organizers will be promoting the event in the various media and your company should find out if you can tag onto this media blitz. A common method is to offer your company’s new product as a prize for the event’s grand contest. Logistics Management: Have you been to an exhibitor’s booth and asked for brochures and be given the reply that they had run out of supply? Similarly, you discovered that the chart displayed at the booth and the information provided in the brochure was not the same. What was your impression of the credibility and level of professionalism of the organization? It is essential that all information in the brochures and promotional materials be checked for accuracy and their supply sufficient for the entire event. Trade visitors will remember the organization by these items. Train your sales staff well: If you need to get temporary staff to help out, ensure that they are well drilled about the new product and the company’s business philosophy. They must be forth-coming with their replies to enquiries from the public. They should not just wear the company’s specially designed T-shirt and hand out flyers! Feedback forms: It is not realistic to expect “record sales” during the trade show. It is also important to create a rapport with the trade visitors by encouraging them to fill out feedback forms with their personal particulars. This will entitle them to a gift. The gifts must also be designed so that the organization will be remembered even after the trade show is over. Networking: Use this opportunity of being part of the trade show to network with other trade show participants. Set aside some time to interact with them and understand their business and services. You may form future alliances. Build up the morale of your team: Being part of a trade show can build up the morale and teamwork of your employees. Remember to rotate the duties of each member like handing out brochures or manning the booth. It is also important that they understand that the image that they convey to trade visitors during the event will go a long way in creating brand consciousness and corporate positioning.

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Nadaguides editors release favorite summer vehicles for 2006

NADAguides ( NADAguides. com) is one of the leading sources of information on vehicles on the World Wide Web. And just recently, this source of vehicle information has released and announced the favorite summer vehicles as per the likes and favorites of their editors. ‘Fun in the Sun Vehicles’ is the name given to such a list. And for this year, 2006, the editors of NADAguides have chosen vehicles that they claim would surely bring about thrills. The editors hand-picked the vehicles themselves and they picked the best vehicles in seven categories that were separate from each other. With the wide range of vehicle choices at present, the editors surely had a grand, yet hard, time looking for the best for each category. Just imagine how it would be like choosing the best Infiniti car parts for your vehicle. The favorite ‘Fun in the Sun’ new car for this year is the 2006 Pontiac Solstice GXP convertible. The lead auto expert at NADAguides, Mark Perleberg, even commends the vehicle by saying, “This year it’s all about having fun and the 2006 Pontiac Solstice GXP is definitely an enjoyable ride.

” Going to the sport utility vehicle, or SUV, segment, the editors had chosen the 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. It was even a unanimous favorite among all the editors. With this vehicle’s abilities to tread on on-road and off-road, surely, it is not much of a surprise that it was picked. As per the highline exotic ‘Fun in the Sun’ vehicles, the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT received the spot. Even Don Christy, Jr., who is the president and the CEO of NADAguides, found this vehicle to be a dream. He even states, “The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is a thrill-seeker’s dream.” The mentioned three vehicles are just about half of the whole list. The 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible took the spot for the ‘Fun in the Sun’ collectible car. For the motorcycle segment, the 2006 Suzuki M109 was pronounced as the group’s favorite. For the favorite recreation vehicle, the 2006 Fleetwood Gearbox S4 300 FS was picked. And the Party Cruiser 32-I/O in the Sun Tracker series was chosen as the

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5 simple ways to overcome shyness

Even the most confident people have situations that cause them to be shy. Even famous personalities and very successful business people experience shyness at times. (if only they knew the best ways to overcome shyness) Shyness is nothing to be ashamed of and you can overcome it when you learn the right way to go about it. The problem is that you have not been exposed to accurate, proven ways to deal with shyness. Shyness can be defined as having difficulty creating a rapport with other people. For many people, shyness can mean having a hard time thinking of things to say in a social setting. For others it can include physical symptoms of apprehension. For most people, it involves a combination of the two. Social behaviors that come easily to the average person such as smiling, making conversation, maintaining eye contact, and a relaxed posture are extremely difficult for the shy person to achieve. Making friends and attending social functions may seem like a nightmare to a shy person. No one wants to stand in the corner alone, but a shy person may lack the ability to approach new people. You can learn how to overcome shyness and build confidence by developing new habits and social skills. Shy people may have to exert a large amount of effort in order to start a conversation or attend a party. Determination is a key factor in learning how to overcome shyness. 5 Ways To Overcome Shyness: 1. Some of the components of shyness are lack of self-confidence and anxiety around others, difficulty carrying on a conversation, and a lack of knowledge about the expected behavior in social situations. Shy people can be very intimidated by people in general. Learning how to overcome shyness may seem like an insurmountable task, but help is available to you through several sources. 2. You must first determine why you are shy. There are always underlying reasons for the way a person reacts in certain situations. Next, try behaving in a confident manner in private and practice until you begin to see results in public. Walk confidently and speak firmly and soon you'll find yourself behaving the same confident way in social settings. As ridiculous as it may seem, forcing yourself to act as if you are not shy can be very helpful in learning how to overcome shyness altogether. 3. One way to boost your self-confidence is to always look your best. Looking great makes you feel great and does wonders for your self-esteem. Reduce your fear of rejection by always imagining the worst outcome possible in every social situation. Then if the outcome is less traumatic than you imagine, you won't dwell on the rejection near as much. Observing strangers and acquaintances and how they relate to others can be a great tool in learning how to overcome shyness. 4. If you are having difficulty overcoming shyness, join clubs or go to events that interest you. It's a lot more comfortable to engage in conversations with those who have common interests. The initial conversation will be much easier since you'll already have a topic of conversation that interests you both. 5. If you do not have the confidence to approach someone new, then smile and try to be approachable. Most people are receptive to a smile and a friendly face. You could also consider taking someone that you are comfortable with along to lessen your anxiety. Shy people are extremely reluctant to take the risk of approaching new people. If you want to learn how to overcome shyness, you may have to make an effort to be outgoing initially, but soon your new habits will become natural and easy. There are numerous resources available to you if you need help overcoming shyness. Professional advice and tips on how to overcome shyness can be very beneficial if you are having difficulty taking that first step.

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Free online games will the bubble burst

Online games are a new rage on the Internet. Everybody believes that there is a lot to be earned with online games. I wonder how? You develop games, or license them create a website and try to make it popular amongst millions of others. Lot of money and effort is needed to get noticed on the Internet. And after all that you offer free games. Where is the money? Online games and advertisements - Look at this scenario. A player has arrived to your website. He/she has downloaded a game and begun playing it. Some advertisement banners are running around. Do you expect the player to click on the advertisements or play the games for winning?

Obviously the players are focused on the game and are totally unaware about the rest of the web page. I do not believe they will click on the advertisements. If they do that, it means that your games are not good enough. The other method of getting revenue is subscription based website.

With so much of free stuff floating around, why should I visit your paid site, pay you and play? Why should I not save money by searching for free games? Internet is very deceptive in some ways. Most of the people believe that if one subject is very popular there is lot of money in that. But this just is not true. Money does not come from popularity of the subject. For getting, money, you have to make people pay. for that your content has to be extremely unique, your advertising expense huge and your running cost quite big. If after that you make money, you should consider yourself lucky.

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Online game rivalry ends with real life murder

There is another sad but real story. Two Lineage players of warring clans meeting face-to-face in the city resulted in violence and death. This is the third murder crime relative to MMO in my memory. Several days ago, I have reported a 13-year-old boy accused of murdering and robbing an 81-year-old woman for money to play online games in Vietnam, and a 17 year old Chinese boy lighted classmate on fire to be a Fire Mage. At this time, the tragedy happened in Russia.

The website of russiatoday reported it with a meaningful title "Online game rivalry ends with real life murder". Is MMO-related crime a serious social concern? What should government and MMO developer do? If you have an opinion on this news, feel free to leave a comment. The details are as below: A young Russian man has been charged with murder after an internet game jumped off the screen onto the street. It's alleged he killed an internet gaming rival after they met face to face in the city of Ufa. Violence on screen isn't harmful to anyone. But when virtual reality and real life collide an innocent game can end in tragedy. It all started when two clans, the Coo-clocks, made up of mostly students, and the so-called Platanium with more experienced gamers of over thirty, started fighting to wipe out each other on screen. 33-year-old Albert used to spend hours in front of his computer. On the web he had his own clan and a dozen of warriors. Just days before the New Year in a virtual battle his clan killed a member of the hostile Coo-clocks. Days later the enemies agreed to meet literally face to face in the real world. Their confrontation led to tragedy. Albert was badly beaten and died from his injuries on the way to hospital. "I think they have confused the game and reality. And after we buried him on December 31, they continued to threaten us," Albert's sister Albina says. The alleged murderer hasn't shown regret and hasn't justified himself. 22-year-old student just calmly explained why he killed his opponent. On the web each of the clans had its own hierarchy and rules. "Beat everything that moves, and everything that doesn't move - move and beat!" this is one of the rules of the Coo-clocks clan. In this case the rule applied to real people in real life. Members of the internet Coo-clocks clan continue to harass the family of the murdered man, threatening to kill his sister, who hasn't turned on the computer for days. In an unrelated case another gamer in his twenties came to Moscow from Ukraine to meet his rival. The confrontation ended in with the Moscow man being beaten to death. And a twenty-year-old from Petrosavodsk killed his grandmother after she interrupted his game calling him to eat. However, internet experts say these cases shouldn't be lumped together just because some people can't handle the situation. "Not many talk about the benefits of internet games for disabled people who don't have a chance to communicate with others like themselves or able-bodied people. Nobody mentions the benefits the internet can offer in education," says Aleksandr Kuzmenko of a computer game magazine. With more and more people logging on to get their fix of virtual reality the experts say incidents like these are rare, and want it to stay that way.

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Web copywriting

Web Copywriting Within this article on Web copywriting, we will look at copywriting in general and how to succeed in this particular niche of copywriting. Copywriting is a growing field but some of the greatest growth is coming in the niche of Web copywriting. There is a great deal of demand for Web copywriting today as more and more people realize the importance of good web content. This is critical for two reasons and explains why there is such a demand for Web copywriting. The first reason is that there are more than 4 billion web pages out there according to Google and this number continues to grow in leaps and bounds every day. With such a large number of web pages, it is very hard for your website to get noticed if you're writing average content that no one wants to read. The second reason that is important to have good web content is that it will give you a better chance at having your website indexed. The way that websites are indexed is that search engines have search bots go through and find different web sites. The search bots analyze the page and look for particular keywords. To truly know what you should write when developing a website, you need to have some knowledge of Web copywriting. There are many different factors that go into getting your website indexed and noticed by the search bots so this is where experience in this arena can greatly help. If you have experience in Web copywriting, you will find that you will have a great deal work available for you. You can write Web content for websites as well as sales letters and other types of marketing materials for websites. In addition to the reasons that you must write good web content, this content must also be easy to read for your prospective audience so that the traffic driven to a client's website can be converted into sales. Web copywriting will continue to grow in leaps and bounds due to the difficult nature of this task. You must work to get your website noticed by both search engines as well as human audiences. This is a difficult task because you're writing for two audiences as opposed to one and making sure that you can sell at the same time. Hopefully this article and Web copywriting has given you some good information if you are thinking about going into this field. There are a great deal of opportunities and it is a very flexible and high-paying occupation due to the fact that you can work from around the world if you have an Internet connection. You'll want to take some time to read more about the field so you have a better grasp of how you should write for people. Any person can write Web content but it takes a strong copywriter to write content that can sell as well as get indexed. This is a field which will take a great deal of time to learn so be sure to expand your Web horizons as well as you can.

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Ad copy sparklers 10 ways to spark interest in your customers

: Add a little sparkle to your ad copy and increase your sales. Get started today with one or more of these tried and true techniques. 1.Hand Written Letter. Write your ad on a piece of paper scan it, optimize it, then publish the ad on your web page. Your sales will always increase when you add a personal touch. 2. Publish Famous or Respected Customers. Listing famous or respected customers who have purchased from you on your ad copy spark interest and trust.

Others will think that if these people bought from you then they should also trust your business and purchase your products. Make sure you get permission from your customers before listing them on your website first. 3. Show Before and After Photos. First show the problem picture. Besides this show the picture which show how your product solves the problem.

4. A Review. Including a review about you, your business and or your product will instill respect for you with you customers. Increasing credibility increases sales. 5. Show Value. When offering free bonuses in your ad copy also list the dollar value beside each bonus. 6. Hire an Endorser. Hire a famous person to endorse your product or service. Make sure the person is well known to your target audience. Include their picture along with their statement on your ad copy. 7. Include Your Picture. Showing people that you are not hiding behind your ad copy will increase their trust. Also include your contact information below the picture and a brief statement or quote.

8. Donate Percentage to Charity. Tell your potential customers on your ad copy that you will donate a specific percentage of their purchase to a specific charity. Doing this will show them you care about people. They may just buy your product to donate to that charity. 9. Ask Yes & No Questions. Ask potential customers plenty of yes and no questions in your ad copy. The questions should remind them of their problem, show how your product solves their problem and make them think what will happen if they don’t purchase your product.

10. Offer a Prize. Tell your potential customers they will receive a free prize if they find the five words in your ad copy that are misspelled or spelled backwards. The longer you can keep someone reading your copy the greater chance of them purchasing

Online Ad copy sparklers 10 ways to spark interest in your customers

College interview general preparation

Lets first think of a college interview, what is it really, why do they even bother to take the time and personally meet each applicant, and what kind of power a good interview has. You have probably conducted your own national college search, and already know your preferences. Colleges have interviews for one simple reason, it works, it works for them – some data shows them that the applicants they personally meet and talk with, on average, succeed in their programs and have been succeeding in their program for some time now. So they know it works. But what is “it”? the college interview is the “it”, and it is no different than a job interview. The college interview was not thought of as a mean to intimidate potential students, to keep them away, to embarrass and humiliate the next graduates of this college, it is meant for one simple, and very important, reason – to meet and evaluate the motivation and potential of the young person applying to the college. And that’s all it is. There is nothing personal or evil in it, other from the fact these people want to know what you are made of and how serious you are. You need to think of it as a part of your campus tour. So a college interview is basically like a thoughtful conversation with someone you never met before and that wants to know who you really are, what you went through in your life and where you are heading.

But when talking to a stranger about this you can allow yourself to be casual and say some things that you can not say in a college interview, you have to think of how you want to present yourself, and how not to get dragged to the pleasing “tell me what I want to hear” mode. Preparation will get you a long way, it is the absolute key in getting through the college interview successfully. There is no such thing as over preparing for this, and in fact, if you do this the proper way, you will need to tell yourself at a certain moment that its time to stop preparing. Let’s go over some of the points in the preparation procedure, things you will want to look into while getting ready for your college interview. Try and know who your contact is – a simple thing, try and get the name (or names of the persons) that will be conducting the interview, when you will start the interview you will have a nicer way to present yourself and greet the interviewers than most applicants do. It will also show that you prepared in advance and that you are serious about getting this position, this will set you off in the right tracks. When you do your initial national college search, you can also look for the contacts interviewing applicants.

No potential harm here. Only good can come out of this one. Research - can I stress this enough? College interview success – research, research and more research. Lets ask ourselves one basic questions, if someone wants to get into his favorite spot team (any position) will he (or she) not know the names of past hero’s? The teams greatest moments? Its accomplishments? Or course the candidate will know. And you need to show that you are the same, your motivation and enthusiasm to get in to this program will shine when you provide enough evidence to prove you know everything there is to know about the place itself. Ways to get information, research the college web site, search engines for other information, people name search will give you some knowledge about the teachers and their accomplishments, any publications of the college itself are also good. If you are reading this while doing your national college search, you can enjoy the opportunity to add something to your list. Even the ordinary campus tour can give you a chance of finding a little more about the place. In researching the college you can study materials of the college. College’s course book online, find interesting questions regarding the courses. Some students seem to think that asking questions at the interview might seem presumptuous, but in fact it makes you seem interested and sophisticated. Here are some questions you might consider asking The programs you might be interested in majoring in, construction on the campus and new facilities, financial aid, How the school treats AP tests, how they compare this college with national colleges, the campus tour, school advising, ask interviewers about their opinion of the school, what they like best, and why the courses are better than in other places (no example or names, just say other places). Your answers – take a look at our “college interview questions” section to familiarize yourself with the potential questions you may face, and practice with family member or friend, keep answers short and sweet, know what you are saying and do not get too personal. Talk slowly, and think about each question before you answer, even if you have been practicing for this particular question for the past two months. Never cut someone when they are talking, not even if you are extremely excited about your answer. Promoting yourself – think about a few strong points you got, and that you want the interviewer to remember about you, no need to mention these in every answer, but three or four times (with reference – “as I already told you, I think I am very good at managing people… that’s why I took the school paper publishing project”). If you have a problem identifying traits you want to promote – read your resume or application form again carefully and mark the points you think are worth focusing on. You can also try and add some humor to the interview, say something about the campus tour, and your impression of the college.

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An easy gift for many occasions

It can be very hard to find that one perfect gift for someone. How many times have you pondered over what to buy for a 36th birthday or an 18th anniversary? Chances are that you’ve been thinking way too hard! Go to any local retail store and start browsing. What you’re looking for is some type of a cup, bowl or canister. Something that is deep enough and round enough to have a plant potted inside. Now start being creative—have you thought of anything yet? This is such a neat way to make a simple gift into a very creative and meaningful one. For example, for a birthday, you could find a mug that says “happy birthday grandma” on it and plant grandma’s favorite flower inside. Other ideas would be to find a cute canister of some sort or to find a small, rubber, child sized boot. Look for any original object that isn’t a pot that could hold a flower. Then, head to your local florist (or certain retail stores) and choose a plant or flowers that will fit inside your new “pot”. Now plant the flowers and add a bow and voila!! This thoughtful gift will be enjoyed by the recipient and everyone else at the party! For more great gift giving ideas and money saving tips, visit us at MomOnABudget. com.

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Boxty irish griddle cakes

Being of the Irish persuasion, I offer this great recipe for Boxty. Boxty is a traditional Irish dish, and has been around for many a year. I especially like this dish with butter and a dollop of maple syrup for my breakfast. I do not have the usual "required" nutritional evaluation, but in my way of thinking, I can live without it to just have the pleasure of enjoying this fine old traditional side dish. Boxty (Irish Potato Griddle Cakes) 8 Servings (Halve this recipe for smaller families) 1/2 lb raw potato 1/2 lb potato, mashed 1/2 lb all-purpose flour 1 Milk 1 Egg Salt and pepper to taste Grate raw potatoes and mix with the cooked mashed potatoes. Add salt, pepper and flour. Beat egg and add to mixture with just enough milk to make a batter that will drop from a spoon. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto a hot griddle or frying pan. Cook over a moderate heat for 3-4 minutes on each side. Serve with a tart apple sauce: or as part of an Ulster Fry, with fried bacon, fried sausage, fried eggs, fried black pudding, fried bread, fried soda bread. An old poem says: . Boxty on the griddle, boxty in the pan, if you can't make boxty, you'll never get a man. (The accuracy of the poem is uncertain.)

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The benefits of water ionizers

You are able at this point to make the most of one of the most important and abundant natural resources of our planet – Water. The majority of our body is comprised of about 70% water and our brain is composed of about 80% water. A large portion of our body's functions are regulated by water, the pH balance, the waste removal system, the body's temperature are all affected heavily by our water intake, both the amount and the quality. You can drink normal tap water, but then you will be losing out on almost all its benefits and you will also be receiving many things that you would not get in ionized water, unfortunately none of those things are beneficial to your health, in fact they can endanger your health. Water ionizers are different to water filters because the water you get from an ionizer has undergone an improving scientific alteration, while a filter merely filters out harmful elements from your tap water. Water undergoes a scientific process to become alkalized, micro-clustered and ionized. This process occurs within the actual ionizers. This is a unit that is attached to your kitchen water supply and will dispense ionized water at the touch of a button. The unit is easy to attach and the benefits it will provide you with are immeasurable.

The water enters the water ionizer chamber and undergoes the process of electrolysis or ionization. This process causes approximately 70% of the water flowing into the ionizer to become OH - , which is alkaline water. The other approximately 30% of the water is converted to OH+ , which is acidic water. The acidic water can be collected and utilized around the house and used on plants, while the alkaline water is for drinking and cooking. Alkaline water, produced by the water ionizer, helps to enhance the taste of food cooked in it and it enhances all the natural benefits of drinking water. Ionization also changes the molecular structure of water, leaving it with just 6 or 7 molecules per cluster as opposed to the average 12 or 13. This allows our body to become hydrated more quickly. This faster hydration helps to regulate our temperature.

The alkalinity of the water can help to move our body's pH level closer to the level that it should be. The additional hydration of water from water ionizers can also help the digestion system to digest our food better and help our waste removal system to function better by helping the organs to function more efficiently. This allows the body to get rid of more toxins in our body, which can leave us healthier and can help us to lose weight as the high intake of ionized water has been linked to the gradual decrease in fatty deposits in the body. A water ionizer is a good investment to make because it can eliminate the contaminants from the water flowing into your house, while also ensuring all the valuable minerals are still passed through to you. The unit is small and easy to use and the investment you make in will be repaid many times over in the benefits you receive by drinking this improved water.

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Heavy breathing ill effects of environment

As I write this, I am less than two weeks away from my highly anticipated family vacation. We will be going with two other families, so the usual abundant memories should be double. However, being the fitness enthusiast that I am, there is a bit of anxiety about visiting the “Happiest Place On Earth”. This is due to the fact that the Los Angeles metropolitan area has placed #1 on the list for most ozone pollution for the fifth consecutive year. As well, it has a detrimental amount of particle matter (soot, among other things) and is also the smoggiest city in the U. S., according to the American Lung Association. With this information I am betting that the fit folks of Los Angeles either seek shelter while working up a sweat or they endure burning lungs and reel from inadequate amounts of oxygen while exercising outdoors. Air pollution can greatly impact an individual's cardiovascular efficiency in many ways. This is due to the pollutant’s (e. g., carbon monoxide, ozone, etc.) ability to infiltrate the respiratory system. During normal breathing, most people will use their nose to channel oxygen to their lungs.

This route serves as a filtering vessel utilizing your mucous membranes to snag particle matter as well as soluable gases before they can penetrate through to your lungs. When someone is performing a higher impact activity (e. g., running), there is an inclination to begin mouth breathing. This act bypasses your body’s natural filtration process and more pollutants are received into the lungs. From the lungs, the pollutants will circulate throughout the body via the bloodstream. The results include bronchial vasoconstriction (airway opening becomes smaller), lung tissue can be compromised from alveoli damage and the capacity for oxygen transport is decreased. The exercising individual will experience less oxygen entering the bloodstream, which will result in an inadequate supply of oxygenated blood to the muscles. End game is that the physical performance of that individual will be substantially compromised.

If you find yourself visiting a city with poor environmental conditions, your best bet is to pay the drop-in fee at the nearest gym; this fee can range from $7.00 - $15.00 per day. While the average healthy adult can withstand up to a 15% increase in carbon monoxide, cardiac and pulmonary patients can be adversely affected by as little as a 5% increase. Children are also more susceptible to ill effects. And, exposure to these pollutants can stay in the bloodstream for hours. That means if you were around an unusual amount of toxins in the morning (commute traffic, cigarettes), your afternoon workout could be more labored than usual. While every city or even small towns can have their own form of contaminants, it is up to you to make wise decisions when choosing a safe environment in which you perform your exercise. Cleanest U. S. Cities (Ozone%) Ames-Boone, IA Bellingham, WA Brownsville-Harlingen-Raymondville, TX Colorado Springs, CO Duluth, MN Cleanest U. S. Cities (Particle Matter) Santa Fe-Espanola, NM Honolulu, HI Cheyenne, WY Great Falls, MT Farmington, NM SMOGGIEST CITIES Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, CA Fresno, CA Bakersfield, CA Visalia-Porterville, CA Houston-Baytown-Huntsville, TX Merced, CA Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Truckee, CA Hanford-Corcoran, CA Knoxville-Sevierville-La Follette, TN Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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Drug addiction riding behind mental illness

Drug addiction, despite being seen by many as some sort of failing of the mind, is not listed as a mental health disorder. Substance abuse has escaped that category despite the fact that comparatively less troublesome ailments or sicknesses like social anxiety disorder and (in some circles) insomnia are listed as possible or acknowledged mental health conditions. The facts known about drug addiction show that it is a biological and physiological condition, with the body craving the effects that these narcotics have on the brain. The divide between mental disorder and drug addiction is a very thin, blurry line, but there is a line. However, recent research is starting to reveal information that is making this line seem even thinner and more blurred than it already is. It would appear that drug addiction and mental conditions, such as social anxiety disorder and depression, are not as distinct form one another as initially thought. In layman's terms, when one person shows signs of being a drug addict, there's usually some sort of mental health condition riding the coattails, though not everyone who's crazy is a junkie, and not every drug addict is insane.

The psychological problems tend to vary from patient to patient, though things like social anxiety disorder are common in teenage addicts, along with depression, performance anxiety, and a few behavioral disorders. Schizophrenia, bipolar and unipolar depression, and other personality disorders are also commonly observed to tag along with addictions, though not always with narcotics and other illegal drugs. Nicotine and alcohol addicts also tend to have a host of mental health problems riding in their wake as well. Some recent studies are showing that damage to certain regions of the brain may be responsible for making people more likely to develop addictions, with the amygdala taking center stage in the study's findings. This does not take away anything from the natural addictive abilities of substances such as alcohol, opioids, and nicotine, but it does serve to explain why some people appear more likely to become addicts than others on a psychological level. The studies also discovered that addictions for people with damaged amygdala are not only more prone to addiction, they are also less likely to discern from one substance to another in their abuse. Findings showed that it didn't seem to matter what the substance was or what the effects it had on the mind and body were, so long as they had the potential to be habit-forming and the subjects were exposed to it regularly. Obviously, since mental health problems such as social anxiety disorder and dissociative identity disorder can make someone more likely to become an addict, there are things that need consideration.

A number of drug addicts can and do claim that external factors forced them into their substance abuse, with several of these reasons being highly similar to things that trigger mental illness. With psychological conditions now leading to substance abuse, is there now reason to believe that those who are genetically predisposed towards mental illness are, logically, also more likely to become addicts?

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Choosing the right playground for schools churches parks and communities

For commercial use - It is important that you know a few things about your needs before we get started. It is a buyer's market so there are many different options when looking for a new playground. First, you must have an idea of the age group that the playground must be tailored to. Standard age groups are 2-7, 2-12, 2-5, 5-12, and 8-up. Next you must decide on the area where your playground will occupy - what are the dimensions of the space? And finally, what is your budget for your playground project? Keep in mind that you will have installation and playground safety surfacing as an expense by the time your project is complete. So on to the fun part - deciding on a design. There are many different pre- designed units that are available to manufacture but more than 80% of people choose to customize their playground. You can start with a simple idea that fills the limits of your project area-then add a slide here and a climber there, and the next thing you know, you've created everything that you could ask for in a playground. It is also important to note that the size of the playground needs to accommodate the number of children that are expected to be playing on it at any given time. You will find that a newer playground-with a good design-will attract a lot of attention, and it would be a shame to have overcrowding on a structure that is likely to become a safety hazard. Overall, you will want to make sure that the playground equipment has at least the basics (climbers, slides etc.). If you have no idea where to start you might also find it useful to ask the kids what they would like. Have them all create drawings of their "dream playground," then you'll know that the final design you choose is based off the ideas of what the children want. After all, the children are the ones that will be using the playground equipment the most - hopefully. Once you have decided on a design for the playground equipment you will want to make sure that you get an estimate which includes the cost, freight, tax and installation (if needed). The idea is to get all of your possible expenses laid out on paper so you will know the amount of funds you'll need to buy the structure and have it installed. It is best not to do this in reverse, which would be to get the funds first and then pinch pennies to spend no more or no less than the budget provides. In some cases this is unavoidable but with enough planning, you can arrange to raise the money that you may not have to buy the playground that your community needs. Playgrounds are very expensive but when everything is complete you will create an environment for children where they will have happy memories which will contribute to their well-being now and later in life. Austin Stanfel Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. 3039 kilgor rd. suite 130 Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 1 - (877) PLAYSYSTEMS http:// creativesystems. com

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10 tips to know before buying a rug

1. Take a photo of the room you’re decorating to the rug store. It’s easy to get distracted or excited and buy the wrong rug. Using an image as reference will keep you on track. 2. The back of a rug will tell you if it’s machine or handmade. Stiff fibres running straight up and down probably mean it's a machine rug. If the rug “packages” (crumples easily) this means it’s most likely handmade. 3. If you have trouble visualizing what a rug will look like in a room, use tape. You can even use a sheet to help you decide what size rug to buy. 4. Padding under the rug will improve the wear and absorb sound, great for hallways and areas with lots of foot traffic. It will also stop the rug from moving. 5. Be careful the pattern of the rug doesn’t clash with the curtains. 6. If the room is already decorated, use the rug to help pick out one key hue. If you’re painting or re-papering a room, a colour found in an existing rug can give you inspiration and help bring the room together. Light coloured rugs make a room feel bigger. Dark colours create cosiness. 7. With more than one rug in a room, follow these general guidelines: One rug needs to be dominant in size. All rugs should be similar in at least design/colour. Don’t clone with the smaller rug. 8. Rug corners can be a tripping hazard. You can use a triangle of strong double sided tape to stop them curling up. 9. Rotate your rugs on a yearly basis to equalize wear. 10. If you want to add a rug to a wooden floor, make sure you have an eight inch gap around the rug’s perimeter.

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