Audi exhausts and other fine parts

: Long lurking in the shadow of two German luxury auto giants, Audi has quietly been gaining ground as sales of Mercedes vehicles continue to lag. Within the next few years, Audi is likely to surpass Mercedes and sneak up right behind BMW. These are heady days for Audi, but they aren’t too many years removed from the time when critics called the cars “warmed over” Volkwagens. Times are a changing and auto fans know it. Let’s take a look at some of the best selling accessories for the Audi lover’s car! 1. Custom Tail Lights. Altezza [or Euro] tail lights continue to remain popular with the aftermarket crowd. On older model Audis, including the 90 and 200, these parts look the best as newer models reflect the latest design standards. 2. Car Covers. Ask any owner of a classic Audi how they maintain their car’s appearance and they will tell you: wash, wax, and cover. That’s right, washing and waxing alone are not enough. Keeping your car’s paint protected can only be fully accomplished by covering it with a custom fitted car cover. The more layers the better too for maximum protection. 3. Hood Protector. Some call them car bras, while others call them hood protectors.

Regardless, you can protect your grille and give your vehicle a special look with a custom fitted car cover. Select only those that are durable and designed for the exact Audi model you own. 4. Wheel Protectors. There isn’t a whole lot that is worse than a set of dirty wheels on an otherwise immaculate looking car. It kind of reminds you of the handsome guy who wears an expensive Ralph Lauren button down shirt that has been yellowed by underarm stains! Wheel protectors can keep your tires looking great and keep your wheels looking shiny. 5. Performance Chips. Who says you have to be satisfied with your horsepower? A performance chip can help your engine run smoother and more efficiently without taking away from fuel economy.

An increasingly popular aftermarket part sought by motorists everywhere. 6. Performance Exhaust. Borla and other brands have developed replacement exhaust systems that can help your car produce more power, achieve greater torque, and increase your fuel economy. These stainless steel parts are made of the same material that builds airliners, so you know that they have to be tough. A nice bonus is the one million mile warranty you get with the system! Audi aficionados also customize their cars with custom sized floor mats, reusable air filters, performance rotors, heavy duty shocks, and mostly any other part imaginable. Truly, this German make has made a name for itself as evidenced by the award winning Quattro, long a world leader in handling.

If you own an Audi, you have a car that is certain to give you many years of driving enjoyment. Outfit your Audi the way you want with high quality performance and replacement parts sold through your favorite online wholesaler.

Online Audi exhausts and other fine parts

A few clicks from the jackpot

Casino gambling has transformed into a major industry across the world. For the past decade casino gambling has seen to expand its boundaries far beyond the limits of Las Vegas. Today Casino gambling has been legalized in more than forty-nine united states and hundreds of different countries. As a result there seems to be an increment of about $100 billion in gambling revenues since the 1990's. Today Gambling has taken more different forms than an enclosure where people would come, gamble, drink and head home. Internet gambling represents one of the fastest growing segments of online activity with more than seven hundred web sites now providing users the opportunity to wager on everything from casino games to sporting events. According to Internet research firms, the industry will pull in $15 billion in world-wide revenues this year alone. Whether you are interested in Poker, Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, Progressive Slots or any other of the many great casino games, you can easily gain access online. It is just the matter of having money to play, access to the Internet, and you're ready to go. Today, the age of computing gives you almost anything that you could wish for with just a click. There are millions of available websites that not only provide you with all of your favorite casino games, but also with guides and training programs to teach you how to win online. Online casino games are action packed and just as exciting as playing in a land based casino. There is also a wide variety of games to play. Online casino games are fun and easy to use, and if you ever get stuck most casinos offer excellent customer care. The best part of playing online casino games is that you don't need to leave the comfort of your own home to have a good time. You don't have to be a member of a club, or spend a fortune on travel and hotels. Now you can play Poker, Blackjack, and all of your favorite casino games from your living room. And fortunately for gamblers playing online is safe and secure. Giving your credit card information to an online casino is just as safe as using your credit card at a hotel or restaurant, and in most cases safer. Online casinos are highly regulated and committed to customer service, which results in a safe, fun, and fair entertainment. So be confident in your deposits and take advantage of the casino bonuses - usually the more you deposit, the bigger the bonus you receive. This does not mean you need to wager more, you can cash out whenever you like – the idea is to receive the maximum amount of bonus money. At a time baseball seemed to be the most entertaining American pastime. This has changed. In recent years, attendance at casinos has nearly tippled the attendance at all major league baseball games, with around a hundred and thirty million people visiting casino's every year. The Internet could be your chance to hit it big!

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Banks pump billions to calm the markets

Fed joins global bid to ease credit crisis xginibriere. com The Federal Reserve and central banks around the world yesterday took the extraordinary step of pumping more than $100 billion into financial markets riven by a credit crisis, the largest such intervention since the September 11 terrorism attacks. xginibriere. com xginibriere. com In a rare public statement, the Fed said it wanted to ensure financial markets had enough money to continue operating in an orderly fashion. xginibriere. com "In current circumstances," the Fed said, banks "may experience unusual funding needs because of dislocations in money and credit markets." xginibriere. com Financial markets are reacting seemingly overnight to the jarring end of an era of easy money, when higher-risk borrowers enjoyed nearly unfettered access to huge sums at low interest rates. The market for subprime mortgages, to people with less than perfect credit histories, cracked first and remains the most seriously impaired, but other types of credit such as corporate junk bonds and mortgages backing commercial property are also under duress. xginibriere. com So far, the central bankers' strategy of rapid, severe intervention shows signs of working. Earlier yesterday, European stock markets posted losses of as much as 3 percent, and it appeared US markets would follow suit when the Dow Jones industrial average began the day with a 212-point decline. But as the Fed pumped money into the US system through the day, stocks began to rally, and the Dow finished the day down just 31.14 points, at 13,239.54. Despite the tremendous, sudden investor anxiety and wild market gyrations and losses, the Dow actually ended the week up -- just barely -- with a 0.4-percent gain. xginibriere. com "Within the stock market there has been massive dislocation, and the Fed provided everyone a little room to unwind," said Kevin Cronin, chief investment officer at Putnam Investments in Boston. If lenders had been unable to continue providing credit, he said, then interest rates would have exploded, potentially leading to a widespread reduction in economic activity. xginibriere. com The Fed "wanted to let the air out of the balloon," Cronin said. xginibriere. com The Fed yesterday loaned $38 billion to US banks to help them finance credit and lending operations, on top of a similar $24 billion the US regulator provided Thursday. Earlier yesterday, central bankers in Europe, Japan, Asia, and Canada made similar moves. xginibriere. com The central banks' actions enabled lenders to have enough money available to loan to investors to buy, sell, or hold securities as they would normally. Without such additional funds, a shortage of credit could cause markets to seize and prices to go haywire. xginibriere. com "Central bankers did two things," said Art Hogan, chief market analyst at Jeffries & Co. in Boston. "They added much needed liquidity to the market and signaled that they stand at the ready for a system that may or may not need more help." xginibriere. com More problems seem to arrive daily. Yesterday, shares of Countrywide Financial Corp. fell nearly 3 percent one day after the biggest US mortgage lender said credit problems among its own borrowers are worsening, and it anticipated more difficulty funding loans. Separately shares in Washington Mutual Inc., the big savings and loan, were down 2 percent a day after it said it faces risks from lower market liquidity. xginibriere. com Yesterday's stock swings capped three weeks in which the Dow Jones industrial average often moved at triple-digit levels in each trading session. The turmoil reflects uncertainty about financial markets even though the economy itself appears to remain stable, according to economists and traders. xginibriere. com "The fundamentals, underlying inflation, economic growth rates, US employment growth, are still robust," said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at Global Insight of Waltham. "The markets are panicking a little, but it's still a financial story. As long as the central banks succeed in calming markets down, I don't see this spreading to the broader economy." xginibriere. com The volatility still poses longer-term strategy questions for the Fed. One is whether to lower interest rates, even though this week Fed policy makers elected to keep their benchmark lending rate at 5.25 percent, arguing that inflation is a greater risk to the economy than the credit shortage. But by lowering its interest rate, the Fed would make it cheaper to borrow money. That would ease pressures on the real estate sector and other investments by, for example, lowering the overall cost of transactions such as buying a home or refinancing a mortgage. xginibriere. com Richard Yamarone, chief economist at Argus Research in New York, said he suspects the Fed will simply try to hold the line on interest rates. He noted that in its statement to the markets yesterday the Fed made a point of mentioning the current interest rate of 5.25 percent. xginibriere. com "They're saying to the markets, 'Listen, we're giving you some breathing room, but we're still sticking to our guns' " on the interest rates, Yamarone said.

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How to give yourself a 20 000 year raise without asking your boss

Why without asking your boss? Two reasons, one, he or she will most likely say no; and second, he or she will probably have you committed for asking. So what do you do. Give the raise to yourself. Impossible you say. Chuck and Sue are crazy. Not at all. Here's how. You know we love the Creative Real Estate niche of Lease Purchasing and you know we believe it to be the perfect home-based business. But, did you know you can use these same methods in your spare time to give yourself that big raise. Ask yourself, "What would I be willing to do to earn an extra $20,000 in a year". The answer may surprise you. And no, you don't have to become a hit man (or woman) to earn this. You just have to be willing to take a look at Lease Purchasing. Some background before you think we've completely lost it. For every 100 calls Sue makes on For Sale By Owner property, she either speaks with or leaves messages for about 60%. That's about 60 people she puts the concept of Lease Purchasing in front of. Out of that 60, approximately 10 will develop into true prospects. From these 10, 2 or 3 will develop into property we are willing to take on. The others may become consultations or manual sales. (Please keep in mind, these numbers will vary a bit depending upon your particular area and current market conditions). Gee, you say, that sounds like a lot of work. Not really. Consider making those calls over a 3 month period. That's the equivalent of a call per day. Why a 3 month period. Because you're only looking to do one deal a quarter. Next question. How does this translate into a $20,000/yr. raise? Simple. On a typical single family house, we look for a $5000 assignment fee on average. Well, let's do the math. 4 x $5,000 = $20,000. Yup, a $20,000 raise on 4 deals per year. Is this realistic? Absolutely. In fact, we may be conservative on that raise for you. You may well decide to do five or six or more deals in a year. All it takes is knowing how to structure your deals, having the proper contracts and a willingness to want to give yourself a raise. You can find all this information at our website at: homebusinesssolutions. com/products You're right. Chuck and Sue are crazy. Crazy like a fox. Copyright 2004, DeFiore Enterprises

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Old europe s new shine

As European Union leaders meet in London to wrangle over European Union budgets and the Anglo-Saxon versus the French model, global investors have already voted and have been handsomely rewarded. Many American investors seem to have written off Europe as a quaint low-growth low-return destination. This sort of attitude has caused them to miss some great opportunities. Let’s look at a few. Ireland was always seen as on the fringe of Europe. Its population of 4 million people (the United Kingdom is 15 times larger) was always viewed as a bit of a laggard. Into the 1960s, citizens had to pay for secondary education, and as late as 1987, Irish gross domestic product was only 69% of the average of the nations that eventually formed the EU. The unemployment rate was 17%. Suddenly, its economy took off. Average GDP growth rates in the 1990s were 6.9%, and by 2003, Irish GDP was 136% of the EU average with an unemployment rate of 4%. How can we account for this remarkable turnaround? As usual, it is not due to one event, but rather to a confluence of policies, timing and action. In the late 1980s, a grand deal was struck: Labor would moderate its demands, freer trade was pursued and corporate tax rates were brought down to zero for multinationals investing in Ireland. Education was also noticeably improved for its relatively youthful population, especially in the technology area. Within a short time, Ireland became the low-cost production base in Europe, and the money flowed in. Foreign direct investment was the key, and now 1,100 multinationals – many in the tech sector – established manufacturing and R&D operations in Ireland. More than 25% of all American investment in Europe goes to Ireland and Dell is its largest exporter. This, in turn, led to an export boom. The stronger economy also sharply increased labor participation, especially among Irish women. The resultant rise of Dublin as a booming city and a major financial hub also led to a tourist boom with more than 6 million annual visitors. Instead of talented Irish workers migrating to the U. S. for opportunities, they were coming home in droves. You can see how every action spins off and helps build sustained growth and momentum. Every action led to another in a virtuous cycle, but the key ingredient for success was undoubtedly massive inflows of capital – capital from foreign direct investment, from EU subsidies, from exports, from stronger domestic capital markets and from migration. Good pro-growth market policies together with sizable amounts of capital can lead to economic miracles. The challenge for Ireland now is to maintain its competitiveness and momentum in the face of greater competition and higher costs plus a potential property bubble. Congestion in Dublin, which represents 33% of the population and 40% of GDP, is a bottleneck on growth. The New Ireland Fund is a closed-end fund that has done quite well. Over the last ten years, it has an average annual return of 13%, and during the last year, it was up more than 35%. It trades at a 10% discount to its net asset value and is managed by the Bank of Ireland Next, let’s take a quick look at the host of this week’s EU summit, the U. K., which has benefited greatly from its openness to the world. London has grown in the last 20 years by 800,000 to reach almost 7.5 million. There are 300 languages spoken in London, and the number of nationalities is approaching 100. The U. K. is one of only three European countries, together with Sweden and Ireland, that have given workers from Eastern Europe free access to its labor markets. Since last May, 175,000 have accepted the invitation. The iShares MSCI United Kingdom Index is up 12% over the last 12 months. While the American discussion of the flat tax doesn’t seem to go any further than the local Starbucks, many of the countries of Eastern Europe have already adopted one. The flat tax, combined with Eastern Europe’s low cost structure, access to new EU markets, and a strong work ethic have led to a surge in growth. Because Eastern European stock markets are thinly traded, why not use the iShares MSCI Austria Index as a proxy? Austria serves as a gateway to Eastern Europe and functions as its financial, transportation and logistical hub. Austria has also cut its corporate tax rate from 34% to 25%. The Austrian ETF is up 40% over the last 12 months. Germany’s GDP growth has been anemic, but the iShares MSCI Germany Index is up 16% during the past year. The reason, firms such as ABB and Siemens are not waiting for the politicians to tell them what to do. They are searching the globe for opportunities and winning big contracts. Even the broadest European indices are doing well. The iShares MSCI EMU Index is up over 15%, and the iShares S&P Europe 350 Index is up almost 16% during the past year. By comparison, the S&P 500 is up a little better than 6%. Don’t buy into the media’s no-growth, no-opportunity label for Europe. It has some of the world’s best multinationals and controls 40% of the world’s wealth. Especially as U. S. markets continue to churn without making any forward progress, a new investment in “Old Europe” could be a wise move for your portfolio. For more information go to http:// chartwellasia. com or call 877-221-1496

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Coffee websites and the importance of expert knowledge

The biggest problem with searching for coffee products today is the fact that there are so many coffee items to choose from, it is for this reason that you would do well to consult a coffee specialist or at least check out a coffee website. Whilst you are looking for gourmet coffee or an associated food and drink accessory it is essential that you utilize the huge number of reviews that are provided by many of the better coffee related websites or directories, in other words if you are hunting for an italian coffee maker or a german coffee pot , finding some first hand info from a coffee professional is bound to give you an advantage over other shoppers. Heed this word of warning though, be particularly wary if the so called "coffee specialist" gives a product guide however also has a buying button on the very same web page, for instance if you should come to find a really neat review guide on white coffee tables and there does happen to be a "purchasing" link then the chances are the person who originated the review is clearly selling coffee products and such under a pretence. The trick is to look at coffee reviews from specialists who are genuinely interested in this specialist sector of food and drink. The ideal coffee review site will contain a varying variety of reviews on subjects including how to locate the highest quality coffee for your requirements or best coffee product comparisons, furthermore if the writer has many articles more on subjects like bunn easy pure coffee pots or bunn espresso machines but does not provide the reader any clear means in which to get these food and drink products then without a doubt this free coffee guidance is most likely compiled by somebody who just writes and reviews the subject of coffee out of sheer interest. The coffee manufactures might often contact reliable comparison directories the minute they launch a brand new model, say for a minute some new world coffee blend baskets have just been launched, it is certainly worth the manufacturers sending out a free coffee product for review simply because they can be certain that if the coffee reviewer gives their products the ok then sales of their product are bound to increase. Sourcing advice on new coffee items is fairly easy however the typical food and drink buyer may need some assistance, depending on the coffee products you want enter these types of search terms into the search engines but ensure you use inverted comma's, for example "write ups on bunn coffee makers" or "gourmet coffee sampler bag kit reviews", this will ensure you locate the exact information you need and also this without wasting too much time.

Yet nother interesting point about coffee write ups is that if you find them in trade journals then most often the products will be given away for free in contests, don't forget that these type of places are given a stack of coffee focused products to check out, Even I won 12 months supply of gourmet coffee beans which I subsequently sold so that I could buy an antique coffee grinder, all because I was looking for product guides on modern coffee table plans, these product reviews are so valuable I cannot stress it enough.

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Pharming another new scam

Pharming is one of the latest online scams and rapidly growing threat that has been showing up on the Internet. It's a new way for criminals to try to get into your computer so they can steal your personal data. Phishing and pharming are related online scams but pharming has evolved into a much more sophisticated trick. Phishing scams involve sending you bogus e-mails that look like they are from a bank or another online business. The ideal thing the criminal wants you to do is click on an e-mail link that takes you to a web site that looks authentic. Then, the instructions ask you to enter your password and account number.

Once you do they get your sensitive personal data and they help themselves to your money. The new pharming scam is similar to phishing scams but with a bit of a new twist. The pharming scam works by actually redirecting your Internet browser. That just means when you type a legitimate website address into a web address bar you are redirected without your knowledge to a bogus site that looks identical to the genuine site. Once you log in with your login name and password, the information is immediately captured by the thief.

The real danger of the new pharming scam is that you no longer have to click an email link for your personal information to be stolen. You can obviously see how serious this scam could be. So to avoid becoming a new victim of the pharming scam here is a list of recommendations that may help you. • Always use a secure website when you submit credit card or other sensitive information via your Web browser. The beginning of the Web address in your browsers address bar should be "https://" rather than just "http://" • Log into your online accounts on a regular basis. Check your bank, credit and debit card statements to ensure that all transactions are legitimate. If anything looks suspicious, contact your bank and all card issuers immediately. • Regularly check that your browser is up to date and new security patches are applied. Go to the Microsoft Security home page at http:// microsoft. com/security/default. mspx The easiest way to stay updated is click on the "Get updates for Windows automatically" link. • Always report an entire original phishing email with its original header information intact to the Federal Trade Commission at spam@uce. gov. Then, notify the Internet Fraud Complaint Center of the FBI by filing a complaint at https://rn. ftc. gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup? Z_ORG_CODE=PU01. New security measures must continually be added to the Internet because criminals probe for any weakness they can find. Be aware of the latest online pharming scam so you won't becoming a victim of this new threat. Copyright © 2005 - Spyware-Information. com - All Rights Reserved.

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Forex and its strategies

Forex or FX, no matter how you may call it, it all refers to foreign exchange. Forex basically deals with buying and selling of currencies, or in other words currency trading that is made available at the ongoing price in market. It involves investing money in the foreign currencies and earning profit by selling them at the higher price. That is to say, that you are extending the one you are holding, only to buy the other one for a lower price. Forex trading market can also be termed as the largest financial market of the world and thereby also makes available the most lucrative options as well. Also, with technological advancements, forex trading signals can be accessed online. It is the introduction of these forex signals that have increased its popularity considerably, as it is readily accessible at the comfort of the home of various investors. There are various companies that provide forex trading signals over the Internet. For this, a person first has to sign himself up with the website of that company and submit a yearly or monthly fee as these services are made available on paid basis only.

Most websites that offer a trading platform makes available the forex signal trading system. This involves sending of newsletters about the daily market trends by a professional broker, trader or a market analyst to its members. These are very helpful as the basic purpose of every trader is to provide profitable deals in forex by utilizing all the information that is made available to him. There are different prices that are charged for these forex signals services and the services are also made available accordingly. While some of them will send the email, others will keep you updated by its forex alerts via cell phones. Live charts are another feature that is made available in some higher subscription services. Generally the minimum amount of subscription is a minimum of $100. Though forex is a highly lucrative market, still it has equal risk involved, so it is important to have forex strategy system to ensure that you are not losing more than earning. Optimization of risk in accordance to your reward is important to make sure that you into successful trading. Every forex trading strategy must follow a disciplined approach along with taking risks. That is to say, limiting the risk, while making the best and the most constructive market moves possible is essential to become a successful trader. Another technical analysis or forex trading strategy is the one that involves deriving “resistance” and “support” levels. The base for this is that forex market will generally trade below its level of resistance and also above its levels of support. In case the resistance or support level is wrecked, the market is also anticipated to follow the same direction at that time. These levels can be decided by assessing the resistance in previous years, unbroken support in the market and by analyzing its chart. Hence, to become a successful trader it is better to follow forex strategy system.

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The gift of online dating

The advent of internet technology and business ideas that find expression within the paradigms of the industry, have resulted in enhanced interactions between people from all over the world. The interactions may be with different intent, but the opportunities to be tapped are always many. The reason for online dating being a profitable indulgence, personally, is that it is basically a dedicated process. The online dating concept aims at match making via a dedicated dating system that is put into place to offer visitors and members the chance to meet other interesting people who are narrowed down according to the preferences specified at the time of registration. There are a number of free online dating sites too, but they should be used with absolute discretion and only after conducting preliminary research. The sole purpose of the online dating effort is to enable the members who access the site regularly to meet new and eligible matches, an opportunity of a lifetime. This comes from the fact that the members can specify the geographical location of the prospect sought. The term by itself is very exciting to imagine and online dating seems the answer to the aspirations of men and women from around the world to meet their dream partner. Online dating enables members to narrow down their search for company, by saving on time and effort. The pros of online dating include the fact that you do not have to indulge in expensive and unnecessary socializing at bars or discotheques.

The entire concept of online dating is centered around people from all over the world grouped into compatible age groups. This enables well-designed and structured interaction and eliminates the need for formal introductions by friends and family members. The system enables people of all ages to interact with one another in a private and low profile environment. Online dating enables you to tap technology to provide a choice that no offline resource could ever offer. There are dedicated online dating resources that cater to communities all over the world. The concept is designed to attract the prospects for you and enable you to avail of quality listings that are in accordance to the preferences emphasized by you. Online dating forums have grown along with the idea.

The unique ability to establish contact with people beyond geographical constraints widens your horizons.

Online The gift of online dating

Educate children the fun way with inquisitive teacher supplies

Teaching children can be difficult if no one is having fun. Both the teacher and children can be miserable. That's why so many teacher supply stores have opened on the Web in recent years. Many teachers have discovered that adding a few inquisitive (and fun) educational supplies to their classrooms brings better learning and a happier atmosphere for years and years. You can make learning fun for your students and improve morale for an entire classroom using just a few of these. Success Training that's not "Boring" Find teacher supplies that bring learning to life. What's better - reading from pages in a book or seeing the real thing? Children today are programmed to learn from what they see and hear. They watch television and videos, they play video games, use computers, etc. All these activities focus on seeing and hearing - not reading. Sure, children must learn to read their school curriculum. But why not add some interesting visual objects to the classroom to enhance what they are learning. Here are some examples: *Spanish Class: For an elementary Spanish class, give each child a Spanish beanbag. Have them read some Spanish text or memorize some words, and then allow them to shake the beanbag when they know the answer to a question. Another idea for this class is to teach them some songs in Spanish and let them make up simple skits using the Spanish language. *Math Class: If you teach an elementary Math class, use flash cards and have students compete to see who can tell the answer first. Students love games and competitions! You can also divide them into teams and give the winning team a reward. *History Class: For older students, use study slides with important events to teach dates, places and names in history. These help to simplify the memorization process when many dates and events must be studied for a test. *Algebra Class: If you teach an algebra class, you understand that some kids love it, some hate it. There are great books for teachers and parents to show you how to help all students learn algebra. One example is the helpful book titled "Helping Students Understand Algebra Step by Step." *English Class: For elementary English students that are just learning to read and write, use Phonics programs to boost learning. These have been proven by experts to work for years. All these classroom supplies and learning materials can usually be found easily at an online teacher supply site. And, there are many other classroom supplies and teacher resources to aid you such as congrats stickers, charts and seals, crowns, reward ribbons, teacher's aid DVDs, posters, maps, games, projectors, classroom furniture, etc. Helping Children Strive to do their Best Using unique educational supplies, you can actually boost the morale of your students and create a great learning atmosphere. This helps you interact with students and get to know them one on one. You can help them achieve success in your class and many others to come. Use these products to create an environment where kids can excel. Set individual goals for each student on a weekly basis. Reward them for reaching their goals. If possible, have a set "game day" once a month where you and the students play a game just for fun. They will love you for it! Students need to know that their achievements are getting noticed. Use teacher supplies such as stickers and achievement ribbons to show them how proud you are. If you have a student that doesn't want to participate, allow him/her to be the one in charge on the team occasionally. Remember, leaders want to do their best and they expect it of their teams as well! These are just a few ideas to get you started with fun learning. You can find hundreds of teaching products and educational help aids at online teacher supply stores, and often at a great price.

Online Educate children the fun way with inquisitive teacher supplies

Lenders do not really trust you

Whether you are selling or buying a home, you should always go through an escrow period. Part of the process involves the establishment of a lender account since they do not trust you. Lenders Do Not Really Trust You Escrow is not a process that is used only in real estate transactions. It is often used in business transactions to create a safety zone for the transfer of something, often business secrets or intellectual property. In the case of real estate, escrow is used to create a centralized, impartial company or agent that can collect documents as specified in the real estate transaction documents. This is simply called escrow, and is not a lender account. An lender account is a bank account. It is an issue for a buyer to deal with as it is tied to any home loan on a property. The lender does not really trust you even if it agrees to give you a home loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result, it demands an bank account be established, an account which it controls. The lender uses the bank account to make sure certain bills are paid, debts that might otherwise cause the lender problems if not paid. These debts and liabilities include homeowners insurance, private mortgage insurance, and real estate taxes such as property taxes. The lender will specify the definitive costs to be covered in loan documents. Each month, the borrower is required to make a deposit to the bank account. The lender takes said money and pays the relevant debts and liabilities related to the real estate. Depending on the loan and the lender, the borrower may be required to keep a cushion in the account. A cushion refers to a minimum balance. The cushion is required to make sure there is money to cover the bills if the borrower fails to make the monthly payment. Lender accounts make sense from the perspective of the lender. Buyers need to make sure they understand the payments required as large cushion requirements can seriously impact a buyer’s cash flow.

Online Lenders do not really trust you

Virtual casinos the new era of gambling

Las Vegas, it is a city built in the midst of a dessert. Geographically, this city would not have been suitable for habitation because of its harsh climate. But despite of all these, the place has been a paradise to some people, the gamblers. What should have been a dry and barren land became a haven of wealth, and abode of the world’s greatest structures. All that is good in Las Vegas owed itself to one vice, gambling. Gamblers from all the corners of the world come here to place their bets in every casino, bluff every poker game, pull lucky levers of slot machines, and enjoy the thrill roulette. This thriving industry has set this city as one of the most exciting city of the world. However, Las Vegas has found itself a competition. But not from another gambling cities like Monte Carlo and Macao. It is in the Internet.

Online gambling has also fints its way in the dotcom business. The main reason of this business success is a thriving millions of potential bettors around the world connected by World Wide Web. Unlike going to Las Vegas or any other gambling city, gambles would not pay for airplane ticket and high room accommodation rates in a five star hotel found in the city. All they need to do is to sit down in front of their PC Screen and enjoy the clicking of the mouse while being thrilled of the coming results in the online gambling. In online gambling, gamblers need not to worry to store their cash in the vault. Every monetary transaction is done through bank transactions. The industry extends its benefits to the financial sector from the bank fees in every transaction.

Online gambling has also finds its own adherents in the Internet. These enthusiasts gather in an online forum discussing about gambling and the odds of the house. There are also gambling sites, which the gamblers called the rogue sites. These are sites that would not allow the credit won to be withdrawn immediately. Some sites would only allow a certain quota of the credit earned or a certain time so that bettors will have no other choice but to place the bet until they can meet the requirements of withdrawal.

This would eventually make the house always in favor of the odds. Online gambling forum warns online gamblers to these rouge sites. While the gambling industry is promising, it has also their nemeses which lead its way into its downfall. One of this is the gambling site operators themselves.

Obtaining a random number is still an arbitrary. Many skeptics believe that online gambling programs can be manipulated. Other gambling sites counter this skepticism by publishing their audit of odds and even announcing the higher probability of winning of the bettor. Not to mention also the rouge sites who are sharking on the bettors’ money leaving them always empty handed. These are few issues that greatly affects the business. But there is no greater adversary of the business than the US government itself. Everything has been changed after 9/11 bombings. The Wire Act has been promulgated to combat money-laundering cases. Money laundering has already been outlawed in the US and some parts of the world.

It is believed and an accepted fact that laundered money is the source of funds for terrorist and other criminal syndicates. The anonymous nature of the bettors can be potential way of harboring fraudulent money transactions. With this reason, has reached its darkest period when it was outlawed in the US. Major Internet site follow suits by removing any advertisement promoting online gambling. However, online gambling has also won some allies in the US Congress because of its potential cash cow for tax. Rep. Barney Franks, Robert Flex, and Jim McDermott passed different congressional bills that would legalize and regulate operations of online casinos. It is yet to be known if these bills can pass the US Congress. But online casinos have already lost millions in terms of a potential market in the US. While the US is hostile to online casinos, the European Union and some Caribbean Countries welcome it as one of its thriving and growing industry. The outlawing of the online casinos in the US prompted Antigua and Barbados to present its case to the World Trade Organization. Thanks to the laws in trade liberalization, WTO favored them and rejected any claims by the US that is only protecting public safety in outlawing it. The case is currently in a debate in WTO court. If the US Will loss the case, they will be forced to legalize and pay indemnities to the affected countries as will be ruled by the WTO Court. Online casinos may be the greatest rival to the traditional brick and mortar, but it is yet to be seen if the worldwide public will accept it without any skepticism. Not only that, online casino has still to win its case to some countries, especially in the US, which outlawed them. It is yet to prove that this industry is not a vessel of fraudulent transaction. Online casinos may not yet equal its success to the real casinos; however, it will eventually replace little by little the traditional ones. New technological innovation has also paved way to the new era of gambling industry.

Online Virtual casinos the new era of gambling

Flowerless no problems grow your own organic flowers

Liquid feeds Compost tea is easy to make, pick your compost (stinging nettles, goat/sheep manure or homemade compost) then fill up an old pillowcase with you organic material. Tie the pillow case and attach a weight, a couple of bricks will do nicely. Sink this in a large water filled container, cover the container and leave for a couple of days. Hey presto you now have a light liquid feed, you can leave it longer if you need a strong liquid feed, the left overs in the pillowcase can be used as a bedding mulch If you go fishing or are creating large quantities of good compost you will probably be using lots of worms or maggots, the liquid build up in worm colony containers can be used as a liquid feed, it needs to be diluted though ten parts water to one part worm excrement. This feed is an excellent source of phosphorus and potassium. Organic fertilizers Bird manure is a super source of nitrogen the catch is that fresh bird manure can burn the roots of your flowers, you need to leave for a couple of months and then mix with hoof and horn, alternatively you can use the bird manure pellets that are now being sold. This mix is ideal to create strong growth the best time to apply this is in spring or early summer, you will get a gradual release of nitrogen and in turn create strong shoot and leaf growth. Wood ash is a great source of potassium it can be added directly into your soil or your compost heap Bone meal creates very good root growth it is best used as a base dressing prior to planting, good source of phosphate Propagation of seeds and cuttings Making an organic potting mix is quite easy and most importantly does not need any additional fertilizer. One of my favorite organic materials is coconut coir sometimes called coconut peat, you can save on watering by as much as 50% if you use this I also find it is far superior to common products like peat moss. Free draining materials like perlite promote good drainage but also allow precious oxygen to flow to the roots You need to add the coconut coir and perlite together in equal measures, this is best done by hand, ensure there are no lumps in the final mix. That’s it you now have a perfect organic potting mix that can be used to propagate seeds and flower cuttings

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Fad diets what next

When you’re trying to lose weight, there are bookshelves, websites and TV shows full of people trying to sell you a dream. They say that you can lose weight quickly and easily, without any hard work, because of their new discovery. If a few people try it and it works for them, the press report it, and before anyone’s had time to investigate the health implications or the long-term effects, we’ve got a fad diet on our hands. Fad diets, basically, are diets that attempt to help you lose weight by making drastic changes to what you eat or some other element of your lifestyle, often telling you to only eat one thing or to avoid certain kinds of food completely. Now, I’m not saying that they can’t help you lose weight, as many of them can – people on Atkins-like diets, for example, really do lose weight very quickly. But what people don’t think about is the long-term. So you’ve lost all those pounds on a fad diet, great. What next? You have a choice: either go back to your normal diet, or keep eating in a completely crazy way. If you don’t want to keep on eating lettuce (or whatever) for the rest of your life, then you’re stuck, and you’ll just have to go back to your bad old ways – and a few months down the line, all those pounds have come back, and you go on the next fad diet.

This is known as yo-yo dieting, and is even unhealthier than just being fat, as it increases your risk of heart disease and all sorts of other conditions besides. In the end, if you want to lose weight, you should work out a diet that works for you – it doesn’t have to completely traditional; as long as it’s something you can stick to for the rest of your life.

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Female genital cutting fgc an introduction

In the United States it is estimated that about ten thousand girls are at risk of this practice. FGC in a variety of its forms is practiced in Middle Eastern countries (the two Yemens, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Southern Algeria). In Africa it is practiced in the majority of the continent including Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Upper Volta, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Mozambique, and Sudan. Even though FGC is practiced in mostly Islamic countries, it is not an Islamic practice. FGC is a cross-cultural and cross-religious ritual. In Africa and the Middle East it is performed by Muslims, Coptic Christians, members of various indigenous groups, Protestants, and Catholics, to name a few. Definition: FGC is a term used to refer to any practice which includes the removal or the alteration of the female genitalia. There are three main types of FGC that are practiced through the world: Type I or Sunna circumcision, Type II or excision, and Type III or infibulation. These three operations range in intensity, from the "mildness" of Type I, to the extreme Type III. Type II is a recent addition to FGC. I will explain in the next sections what each of these practices involve, and outline some of the short-term and long-term effects that they have. Type I -- Sunna Circumcision The first and mildest type of FGC is called "sunna circumcision" or Type I. The term "Sunna" refers to tradition as taught by the prophet Muhammad. This involves the "removal of the prepuce with or without the excision of part or all of the clitoris (See the World Health Organization definition). Type I is practiced in a broad area all across Africa parallel to the equator. Fran Hosken enumerates the following countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, and Tanzania in East Africa to the West African coast, from Sierra Leone to Mauritania, and in all countries in-between including Nigeria, the most populous one. There are also reports of Type I taking place in areas of the Middle East such as in Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Type II - Clitoridectomy The second type of FGC, Type II, involves the partial or entire removal of the clitoris, as well as the scraping off of the labia majora and labia minora. This takes place in countries where infibulation has been outlawed such as Sudan. Clitoridectomy was invented by Sudanese midwives as a compromise when British legislation forbade the most extreme operations in 1946. Type III - Infibulation or Pharaonic Circumcision The third and most drastic type of FGC is Type III. This most extreme form, consists of the removal of the clitoris, the adjacent labia (majora and minora), and the joining of the scraped sides of the vulva across the vagina, where they are secured with thorns or sewn with catgut or thread. A small opening is kept to allow passage of urine and menstrual blood. An infibulated woman must be cut open to allow intercourse on the wedding night and is closed again afterwards to secure fidelity to the husband. Hosken also reports that infibulation is "practiced on all females, almost without exception, in all of Somalia and wherever ethnic Somalis live (Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti). It is also performed throughout the Nile Valley, including Southern Egypt, and all along the Red Sea's Coast. FGC is mostly done in unsanitary conditions in which a midwife uses unclean sharp instruments such as razor blades, scissors, kitchen knives, and pieces of glass. These instruments are frequently used on several girls in succession and are rarely cleaned, causing the transmission of a variety of viruses such as the HIV virus, and other infections. Antiseptic techniques and anesthesia are generally not used, or for that matter, heard of. This is akin to a doctor who uses the same surgical instrument on a number of women at the same time without cleaning any of them. Effects of Female Genital Cutting: Beyond the obvious initial pains of the operations, FGC has long-term physiological, sexual, and psychological effects. The unsanitary environment under which FGC takes place results in infections of the genital and surrounding areas and often results in the transmission of the HIV virus which can cause AIDS. Some of the other health consequences of FGC include primary fatalities as a result of shock, hemorrhage or septicemia. In order to minimize the risk of the transmission of the viruses, some countries like Egypt made it illegal for FGC to be practiced by any other practitioners than trained doctors and nurses in hospitals. While this seems to be a more humane way to deal with FGC and try to reduce its health risks, more tissue is apt to be taken away due to the lack of struggle by the child if anesthesia is used. Long-term complications include sexual frigidity, genital malformation, delayed menarche, chronic pelvic complications, recurrent urinary retention and infection, and an entire range of obstetric complications whereas the fetus is exposed to a range of infectious diseases as well as facing the risk of having his or her head crushed in the damaged birth canal. In such cases the infibulated mother must undergo another operation whereby she is "opened" further to insure the safe birthing of her child. Girls undergo FGC when they are around three years old, though some of them are much older than that when they undergo the operation. The age varies depending on the type of the ritual and the customs of the local village or region. Justifications: In various cultures there are many "justifications" for these practices. A girl who is not circumcised is considered "unclean" by local villagers and therefore unmarriageable. A girl who does not have her clitoris removed is considered a great danger and ultimately fatal to a man if her clitoris touches his penis. One of the most common explanations of FGC is local custom. Women are often heard saying that they are unwilling to change these customs since they have always done it this way and are not about to change. Oftentimes the practitioners are kept ignorant of the real implications of FGC, and the extreme health risks that it represents. Family honor, cleanliness, protection against spells, insurance of virginity and faithfulness to the husband, or simply terrorizing women out of sex are sometimes used as excuses for the practice of FGC. Some people believe that FGC is a barbaric practice done to girls and women in some remote villages in foreign countries of the world. However, up until a few decades ago, it was still believed that the clitoris is a very dangerous part of the female anatomy. Who can forget S. Freud who stated in one of his books entitled Sexuality and the Psychology of Love that the "elimination of clitoral sexuality is a necessary precondition for the development of femininity." As recently as 1979, the "Love Surgery" was performed on women in the United States. Dr. James E. Burt, the so-called Love Surgeon, introduced "clitoral relocation" (i. e. sunna circumcision) to the medical establishment. He believed and acted upon the idea that excision does not prevent sexual pleasure but enhances it. Dr. Burt practiced in Ohio for almost ten years before he was exposed after which he gave up his license. Because of the large number of cases of FGC and some of the deaths it has caused, FGC is now outlawed in some European countries (Britain, France, Sweden, and Switzerland) and some African countries (Egypt, Kenya, Senegal). Eradication: It is also important to note that even though FGC is currently illegal in many countries in Africa and the Middle East, this has not reduced the number of the girls that are mutilated every year. The governments of these countries have no way of monitoring the spread and practice of FGC. The United Nations, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization have considered FGC to be a violation of Human Rights and have made recommendations to eradicate this practice. However, trying to fight FGC on legal terms is ineffective since those who practice it oftentimes do not report it. FGC is also widely practiced in villages and remote places where the government does not have an easy access. A better and more effective approach would be a cooperation on the national level as well as the international level. The UN and the WHO have already taken the first step in abolishing these practices. Countries also need to have rigid laws that deal with FGC cases. This is also insufficient by itself. Anthropologists, educators, social scientists, and activists have to go into these villages and areas and educate the practitioners of the dangers of FGC. Female Genital Cutting can only be abolished by a grassroots approach which would take into consideration all aspects of a particular culture and try to work within that system of beliefs to eradicate this practice. In many cultures, FGC serves as an initiation rite, and any efforts to eradicate it must take this into consideration. Some of the most successful eradication efforts have taken place in areas where FGC was replaced with "initiation without cutting" programs whereas a girl still goes through some initiation rites but this time, without any blood. On the United States level, there are many efforts that are being made in order to abolish the practice locally and internationally. The National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), a networking organization have brought together social scientists and medical practitioners from all over the world who are fighting FGC as well as male circumcision. NOCIRC has also founded the FGC Awareness and Education Project in August 1996. One of the goals of the project is to create an FGC Module which will provide information and training material to health care professionals. NOCIRC has also organized the International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations. The Research, Actiona & Information Network for Bodily Integrity of Women (RAINBO) has been conducting research and grass-roots programs internationally as well as in the United States on women's reproductive sexual health as well as on female genital mutilation. On the National Level, Congresswoman Patricia Shroeder introduced H. R. 3247, a bill to outlaw FGC in the United States in the fall of 1994. The bill was then combined with The Minority Health Initiatives Act, H. R.3864. This bill was then combined with H. R. 941 on February 14, 1995 which was to be cited as the "Federal Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation of 1995." The bill was passed in September 1996. Some overdue effort is being made to abolish FGC, but there is still much work to be done. Educating ourselves, as well as others is a way that we can begin acting upon the convictions that human rights should not violated, and that violence against women is intolerable. Many people are still unaware that practices such as FGC are still widely practiced, and only an awareness can bring this inhumane practice to a halt.

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The pill one way to transform yourself from flabby to fabulous

As they say, beauty is only skin deep. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What's essential is invisible to the eye. These are just some beauty quotes that I can come up with off the top of my head. These quotes are supposed to pertain to how beauty is not supposed to be based just on how one looks. Unfortunately, a lot of people are more interested in appearances than what's inside. What with all the ads showing men and women flaunting their perfect bodies. This is what drives people to take drastic actions to conform to the norm.

Research shows that 55% of American adults are overweight, thanks to their fast-paced lifestyle and the ever-popular fast food chains. There have been a lot of weight loss products introduced over the decades, from exercise machines, sauna machines, fat-melting body creams, to the increasing popularity of the weight loss pill. Most aim to ride the get-thin-quick bandwagon, but, unfortunately, these weight loss produce mixed results. These past few years, tons and varieties of wacky exercise machines have invented and sold in the market. Exercise machines like ab-rockers or stationary bikes that can turn into stair-climbers were created to make working out in a gym accessible at the comfort of the consumers' own homes. Sauna machines were made to emulate the effects of saunas to make you lose weight by sweating off all the fat. Fat-melting body creams were invented to melt the fat on specific target areas in the body. These were all good and well-thought of inventions, however this entailed for the users to set aside time use these inventions apart from their busy schedule. Enter the weight loss diet pill. These pills were made for two different functions: to suppress the appetite and to burn fat. Some weight loss diet pills help in blocking fat from being absorbed by the body and in naturally expelling these fats.

Other weight loss pills act as appetite suppressants. It contains chemicals that trigger brain chemical discharge to create a feeling of fullness, thereby reducing appetite and food intake. The best weight lost pill is one that works for your body and doesn't cause any side-effects while you use it. Of course, before you go out to buy over-the-counter diet pills, it is best to consult a health professional to see if weight loss can be done naturally through exercise or simply by dieting. However, in cases of people who are clinically at risk of being obese, prescription weight loss pills called anorectics are used as part of a comprehensive weight-reduction program. Like always, this is paired with regular dietary counseling to establish a well-balanced eating habit. Anorectics are only allowed to be used for a short period of 12-16 weeks as they have manifested addictive properties after prolonged usage. For a list of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved weight loss pills, please refer to their official website, or ask your doctor for more information.

The truth is, weight loss doesn't happen overnight. It takes time for the body to adjust and look the way we want to. Weight loss diet pills can only do so much. Many health professionals recommend that its use be paired with a good exercise regimen and a healthy diet. More importantly, you must have the discipline to rigidly follow the routine so you'll look ship-shape in no time.

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Cranberry juice for cavities be careful of what you re buying

Researchers at the University of Rochester have published information showing that the cranberry may be effective at preventing tooth decay. The research focuses on the inhibiting effect of some compounds found inside the cranberry against a key bacterium blamed in the formation of cavities. “Scientists believe that one of the main ways that cranberries prevent urinary tract infections is by inhibiting the adherence of pathogens on the surface of the bladder. Perhaps the same is true in the mouth, where bacteria use adhesion molecules to hold onto teeth,” says Dr. Michel Koo, an oral biologist and food scientist at the university's medical center. While this may sound like good news for those who are looking for natural ways to support their body, it’s very important to understand what’s in cranberry juice before making a purchase. Always remember to read the labels. Most cranberry juice is cranberry flavored apple juice. Sometimes it is also mixed with grape juice.

Other ingredients may even include high-Fructose corn syrup. Towards the end of the ingredient list is found cranberry concentrate. While, drinking apple juice and grape juice is probably a dietary improvement for most people, juices that are made with so much processed sugar are clearly little more than cranberry flavored juices. They’re unlikely to contain significant amounts of the compounds that make cranberries useful in the prevention of tooth decay and tend to contain large amounts of the compounds that are blamed on tooth decay. Purer forms of cranberry juice have a very strong flavor. Some people can develop a taste for unsweetened cranberries, while other people can only handle cranberries when blended with some other juice. If choosing a cranberry blend, be sure to read the ingredient label and avoid juices that are sweetened with processed sugars and diluted with juices that are mostly the sugars that lead to cavities. Further research will be necessary before cranberries can actually be promoted as a preventative for tooth decay.

However others sugars such as Xylose, are already used in “sugarless gums” because of their proven ability to inhibit bacterial development on the surface of teeth. Such gums are of course called sugarless because they do not have sucrose and glucose which are the sugars associated with cavities. Cranberries have also been shown to have beneficial effects for people with chronic urinary tract infections. The compound believed to be responsible for this is a simple monosaccharide sugar called Mannose. Identified in Harpers Biochemistry as one of eight sugars necessary for normal cellular function, Mannose has also been shown to prevent bacterial infection and development. These necessary monosaccharide sugars can all be found in a single dietary supplement. It also contains the other sugars identified in Harpers Biochemistry, based of their importance in biological functions. This can provide a more convenient choice for people wishing to improve their diets by increasing their nutrient intake while limiting the intake of food compounds which are not beneficial to good health.

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Quick party planning checklist

: Make yourself a gorgeous party planning journal with a scrapbook or plastic three-ring binder that has a space to insert an inspirational picture. Keep cutouts from magazines of ideas you love about decorating, themes, menus, and recipes. Keep notes about your party afterwards so you remember what worked well and what to do differently next time. Your personal party scrapbook will be an invaluable assistant to help you avoid party stress. Here's a quick party planning checklist: Party Invitations -- Create dramatic invitations. Your friends pay more attention to a written invitation than a phone call. -- Send your invitations early and request an RSVP. -- Tell your guests what to wear so they feel comfortable. Causal fun or dressy elegant.

-- Tell your guests what to bring so they don't have to think about it. If you say something like "We're collecting unwrapped toys for our local ...," your guests won't feel like they need to go shopping for you, too. List a specific dish type if you plan a pot luck. Food -- Check catering prices. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that you can have your feast delivered for about the same price as purchasing all the ingredients. Get your order in writing or faxed to you. -- Make a list of all ingredients you need and shop early.

-- Prepare some of your dishes a few days before your party. -- Plan for vegetarians and special needs diets. Flowers and Decorations Think about your home's color scheme when choosing flowers. A large poinsettia makes a big impact and costs less than florist bouquets. Add tree branch cuttings from your garden to extend grocery bouquets. Use curling ribbon as filler. Tie candy canes around a can and use for a floral arrangement. Candles Make sure that candles won't damage your surfaces. Larger candles burn longer and you don't have to worry about watching them during a long party.

Keep candles high and out of the way from children and your guest's hair. Enjoy yourself and relax. Everything doesn't have to be perfect. Your guests will have fun in a home decorated for a special event.

Friends appreciate a good time and will remember your gracious efforts to ensure a good time. Copyright © Jeanette J. Fisher

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Disability human rights and social responsibility by dr shanker adawal

India is not far behind as the statistics shows it has over 90 million disabled persons, barely one percent of whom are employed. The disability rights debate is not so much about the enjoyment of specific rights as it is about ensuring the equal effective enjoyment of all human rights, without discrimination, by people with disabilities. The non-discrimination principle helps make human rights in general relevant in the specific context of disability. Non-discrimination, and the equal effective enjoyment of all human rights by people with disabilities, is long-overdue reform in the way disability and the disabled are viewed throughout the world. The process of ensuring that people with disabilities enjoy their human rights is slow and uneven. But the good thing is it has started taking place, in all economic and social systems. It is inspired by the values that underpin human rights: the inestimable dignity of each and every human being, the concept of autonomy or self-determination that demands that the person be placed at the center of all decisions affecting him/her, the inherent equality of all regardless of difference, and the ethic of solidarity that requires society to sustain the freedom of the person with appropriate social supports. Global Scenario Over the past two decades a dramatic shift in perspective has taken place from an approach motivated by charity towards the disabled to one based on rights. In essence, the human rights perspective on disability means viewing people with disabilities as subjects and not as objects. It entails moving away from viewing people with disabilities as problems towards viewing them as holders of rights. Importantly, it means locating problems outside the disabled person and addressing the manner in which various economic and social processes accommodate the difference of disability - or not, as the case may be. The debate about the rights of the disabled is therefore connected to a larger debate about the place of difference in society. The shift to the human rights perspective is also reflected in the fact that national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights throughout the world have begun to take an active interest in disability issues. This is important since these institutions help in providing a bridge between international human rights law and domestic debates about disability law and policy reform. National institutions are strategic partners in the process of change, and their increasing engagement on the issue of human rights for persons with disabilities is a highly encouraging sign for the future. People with disabilities themselves are now framing their long-felt sense of grievance and injustice into the language of rights. Isolated injustices need no longer be experienced in isolation. NGOs working with disability issues such as the collaborative project Disability Awareness in Action are beginning to see themselves also as human rights NGOs. They are beginning to collect and process hard information on alleged violations of the human rights of persons with disabilities. While still relatively limited, their human rights capacities are growing. A similar process of self-transformation is under way within traditional human rights NGOs, which are increasingly approaching disability as a mainstream human rights issue. This is important, since these NGOs have highly developed structures, and the development of a healthy synergy between disability NGOs and traditional human rights NGOs is not only long overdue, but inevitable. States parties are demonstrably moving in the direction of the human rights perspective on disability. Recent research shows that 39 States in all parts of the world have adopted non-discrimination or equal opportunity legislation in the context of disability. States parties’ dialogue with the human rights treaty bodies is constructive in the context of their efforts to secure disability reform; a significant amount of good practice now exists on a worldwide basis, which can be usefully propagated through the human rights treaty system. The Indian Experience The human rights movement in India has boldly and categorically shifted the attention of policy makers from the mere provision of charitable services to vigorously protecting their basic right to dignity and self-respect. In the new scenario, the disabled are viewed as individuals with a wide range of abilities and each one of them willing and capable to utilize his/her potential and talents. Society, on the other hand, is seen as the real cause of the misery of people with disabilities since it continues to put numerous barriers as expressed in education, employment, architecture, transport, health and dozens of other activities. In a country like India the numbers of the disabled are so large, their problems so complex, available resources so scarce and social attitudes so damaging, it is only legislation which can eventually bring about a substantial change in a uniform manner. Although legislation cannot alone radically change the fabric of a society in a short span of time, it can nevertheless, increase accessibility of the disabled to education and employment, to public buildings and shopping centers, to means of transport and communication. The impact of well-directed legislation in the long run would be profound and liberating. One out of every ten people in India suffers from one form of disability or the other that is they possess physical or mental impairment substantially limits one or more of major life activities. In other words, 90 million of our countrymen live with, and learn to overcome in their own individual ways, problems which non-disabled can seldom understand. The law should enable not only one in ten people but also nine out of every ten people to lead their lives to their fullest potential. The law declares that disability need not be an insurmountable handicap as long as it can be properly understood and catered for. The law attempts to eradicate factors which produce low self-esteem in disabled people and empowers them to confront the insensitivity and ignorance of others. The Legal Framework A comprehensive Act known as Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act 1995 (Act 1 of 1996) was unanimously passed by both the houses of Parliament on 22nd December 1995, which got the assent of the President on 1st January 1996. The Act has 14 chapters and seeks to: a) Spell out the state’s responsibility towards prevention of impairments and protection of disabled people’s rights in health, education, training, employment and rehabilitation; b) Work to create a barrier-free environment for disabled people c) Work to remove discrimination in the sharing of development benefits d) Counteract any abuse or exploitation of disabled people e) Lay down strategies for a comprehensive development of programmes and services and for equalization of opportunities for disabled people; and f) Make provision for the integration of disabled people into the social mainstream. The Act has been in effect from 7th February 1996. Enforcement One of the weaknesses of much of the legislation has been that the enforcement of their provisions has been left to the Courts of Law without specifying summary procedures to be followed in the event of proceedings under the respective legislations. This makes it difficult for persons with disabilities who usually have limited resources and legal knowledge to participate in complicated, lengthy and expensive legal process. At the same the definition of disability as given in 1995 Act needs to be widen to protect the rights of people suffering from HIV, leprosy and internal organ failure. Currently the Act gives protection to those suffering from, blindness, low vision, leprosy cured, hearing impaired, mental retardation, mental illness and locomotor disability. There are 600 million people in the world, nearly ten percent of the world’s population, who suffer from one disability or the other. Of these, 90 million are from India. However, even then, the total percentage of the disabled people in India is just six per cent of its population while in the developed nation like USA the disabled population’s percentage is nine percent. This is not because there are more disabled persons in USA but because the definition of disability is wider in USA. Besides limited scope, there are some other lacunae in the act too. There are no guidelines and no deadlines set for non-adherence. Most government and semi-government organisations do not strictly follow the guidelines to reserve three per cent jobs for disabled and yet they go unpunished. Also, as per the Act the compensation is to be awarded to a disabled as per the financial capacity of the employer. The employers often take advantage of this clause. Also, a provision to award some temporary relieves, till the case is decided, to the affected (disabled) employee needs to be incorporated. In the age of growing consumerism and glamour this is how we view them, “Customs duties on semi-precious stones and raw cultured pearls is 5 percent while the duty on hearing aids is 15 percent. If cordless phones are charged only 15 percent duty, the disabled shell out 25 percent as surcharge on crutches and artificial limbs.” Conclusion The act has come a long way since its inception and the real danger now is that those who had been vigorously demanding its enactment might become complacent and think that the job has been done. The Act must be implemented in schools and colleges, in factories and workplaces, in transport and shopping centers. People with disabilities, and those who care for them, must ensure that discrimination is outlawed and barriers are removed as much from the physical environment as from the attitudes of ordinary people. The real battle for the right to full citizenship and active participation of disabled people is ahead. The Act is comprehensive but must be enforced with sincerity and determination. “What is disability – your frame of mind is the real disability”. Let us change our attitudes and help to change others. Make a commitment to end unfair and unfounded prejudices. Open minds and doors to people with disabilities. Repeat in speeches, writings and films three words: Disability, Equality, Liberty. Listen to disabled people. Serve disabled people. Work with disabled people. Travel with disabled people. Shop with disabled people. Have them as friends. Mere changing the Acts and passing legislation’s will not help. The need is to change the attitude of the society.”

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Online business managing your life when you work from home part 1 of 10

Now that my system is set up, all I have to do is check that my affiliate partners are sending me cash, suggest the odd joint venture to a partner, and stay in touch with my customers. I rarely spend more than three hours in front of my computer each day. But it wasn’t always like that. It took a lot of effort and a lot of work to get into the position I’m in now. When I first started, it was a bit of a struggle to organize myself. My first website took ages to launch and while the other ones went up quickly, my family went days without seeing me. Let’s be frank, if you don’t set up your business properly right at the beginning, you’re going to make your life much harder—and your income much lower. The problem is that until now, you’ve always thought of your home as a place to relax and the office as a place to focus and work. Now you’re going to have to focus at home—and that’s not an easy shift to make. You need to keep the same rhythm (without stopping to watch your favorite daytime soap!) and the same kind of discipline you had when you had to commute every morning. The first thing to do is to give yourself an office. I’m not talking about a laptop on the coffee table or a corner in the library; I mean a proper room with a door you can close and a desk full of goodies: from a computer with broadband to a place to put your safety clips. If you don’t have a spare room to start with, then use your bedroom. But if you’re serious, think about finding an office once your business gets running. The next thing you’re going to need is a schedule—a realistic one. This is one of the greatest challenges when you begin working for yourself. At the end of each day, I’d make a list of all the tasks I was going to do the next day. If I got half of them done, I was lucky. I spent weeks frustrated and grumpy. Once you get a feel for how long each task takes you, whether it’s approving a new site design, planning a new marketing program or answering customers’ emails, set yourself a timetable and keep to it. Turn off the radio, shut the office door and get to work! And at the same time, don’t get annoyed if the day ends before your work does.

Online Online business managing your life when you work from home part 1 of 10