Champagne all about the fizz

When it comes to celebrations like weddings, christenings, birthdays, engagements, garden parties or even if you have to launch a ship, there is only one thing that will fit the occasion, champagne. In fact whatever the event you can bring a sense of significance to any get-together by serving up a chilled bottle of this fizzy treat. Champagne is a sparkling wine produced by inducing in the bottle secondary fermentation. This creates the bubbles which make the drink special. Many consumers call all sparkling wines champagne, but according to official EU rules, only those produced in a specific French ‘champagne’ region are legally allowed to call themselves champagne. Most champagnes are a mixture of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, although there are those that are made from 100% Chardonnay or Pinot Noir grapes, or from a unique house recipe. Champagne as we know it is usually a brut (this makes it fairly dry in taste). There are other sparkling wines, such as cava but they cannot officially be called champagne because they are not from the French region. Initially wines from the region of champagne were still, the first sparkling wine was produced in the 16th century.

There are now more than 100 champagne houses and 15,000 smaller producers in Champagne. More than 300 million bottles are produced every year and out of this France exports approximately 55%. The biggest consumers of this bubbly liquor are the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. Champagne is popular because it is seen as the drink of the rich and famous. This is where the vintages come in. The mention of “Cristal” at celebrity parties has led to the drink becoming more sought after. It is also synonymous with Royalty and events such as the Ascot races, the Henley regatta, and prestigious garden parties. Also major motor sports grand prix events have bought into the champagne life-style by allowing winners to celebrate by spraying the drink at trophy presentations.

The sight of this expensive and majestic fluid going to waste has heightened the appeal of the drink and the idea that it represents success and celebration. Champagne should always be served cold and poured into a champagne flute. True etiquette says that the glass should never be more than a third full. One point to be careful of when drinking champagne is that alcohol is absorbed into the blood more quickly than drinking still white wine. So be careful!

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Tips on balancing work and breastfeeding

While many new moms have the best intentions to continue breastfeeding after returning to work, a new survey found that nearly one-third (29 percent) of new mothers who breastfeed stop prematurely due to work-related issues. These issues include having no designated place to pump (57 percent) and no place to store pumped milk (27 percent). "While the health benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother are undisputed, returning to work can leave breastfeeding moms feeling overwhelmed and frustrated," says Sue Huml, international board-certified lactation consul-tant and member of the Lansinoh Breastfeeding Advisory Board. "While many mothers may fear returning to work will disrupt the breastfeeding routine they've worked so hard to establish, it is possible and common for women to breastfeed and return to work outside the home. It does take planning, commitment and flexibility, however," advises noted pediatrician Dr. James Sears. Dr. Sears and Sue Huml offer some tips to help moms successfully ease the transition back to the office and continue to breastfeed while working: • Invest in a Quality Electric Breast Pump: Many women find that using an electric breast pump helps to keep up their milk supply better than manual pumping and allows for pumping enough milk to have on hand while they are at work. "Look for a pump where you can control the speed and suction, which can enhance the milk flow by mimicking your baby's natural sucking pattern," adds Huml. "The Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump is quiet, which is good for being discreet, and uses a patented system that keeps condensation/breast milk from getting into the tubing and damaging the motor. It also comes with an instructional DVD." • Stock Up: If possible, mothers should start pumping and freezing their milk about a month before returning to work. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags are specially designed for freezing expressed breast milk safely. • Talk with Your Employer: It is important to talk to your supervisor about your pumping schedule and work out a designated area that is safe, clean and private, where you will be able to pump without being disturbed. You can also point out the many benefits of breastfeeding for the employer, such as reduced absenteeism. Most moms create a pumping schedule that mimics their baby's feeding schedule. As a general rule, it is best to pump every two to three hours that you will be away from your baby. "Whenever you are not working and can be with your baby you should breastfeed exclusively in order to maintain and build up your milk supply," adds Dr. Sears.

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Essential supplies for your new baby

As every parent has surely discovered, you are never quite prepared for the arrival of your new baby. No matter how much time and effort you might put into preparing yourselves and your home for your new arrival, there are always a few things that tend to get overlooked. This is not without good reason, mind you. It is such a wonderfully exciting time for expectant parents, so naturally you are going to be less focused on trivial day-to-day matters. For all of the expectant parents our there, this article is for you! The nursery is the first place to start when you are preparing your home for your new baby. The crib is likely the first major piece of furniture you will purchase for your child. Be sure that the crib you purchase meets all of the mandatory and voluntary safety guidelines. You will also want to invest in a quality crib mattress, as your baby will be spending upwards of 70% of his or her first year on it. Bedding is another consideration, and very much a matter of personal preference. Just don't forget to pick up a mattress cover! A changing table is another option, but not entirely necessary. Alternately, a baby monitor is an absolute must-have for your child's nursery. The next area to focus your attention on is that of baby supplies. While most people have a reasonable idea of what their children's needs are, it is a good idea to pause and reflect every so often. Baby supplies are very popular, and there are so many choices to make. Be sure you purchase mild baby soap and shampoo, as chemicals and fragrances can have a terrible impact on a baby's fresh skin. A high quality, all-natural, moisturizer should also be used. Some parents are keen on using baby powder to help keep their baby's bottom dry. Try to find a baby powder that does not have a talcum powder base. It can be terribly dangerous if inhaled, so be on the lookout for one with a cornstarch base. After all of the necessary supplies and furniture have been secured, it is time to think about fun and entertainment for your baby. While the world itself will provide hours of fun and discovery for your child, certain toys and playthings can considerably enhance their experiences. A mobile is an excellent toy for new babies, as they spend a lot of time in their crib at that age. Some soft, fluffy toys are also nice, especially if they are designed to provide some sensory stimulation of some sort. Teething toys are an absolute necessity as your child grows older. There are some wonderful toys on the market for young children, just be sure to consult the consumer reports for information about recalls and other possible dangers associated with children's toys.

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Contact lenses or spectacles

While plenty of people still wear glasses, there seems little doubt that they’re on the way out. There’s no doubt that putting them in and taking them out can be scary at first, but once you’re used to it they are much more convenient than having bulky glasses on your face, not to mention almost invisible, even to people who get close to your eyes. Vanity isn’t the only reason to wear contact lenses, though. For many people, it is simply more practical – they work better for sport or any kind of manual work, for example, where glasses could easily get damaged. Contact lenses are also not subject to the many things that can go wrong with glasses, such smashing, breaking, or being affected by the weather (when they get rained on, for example). If you’re just entering the world of contact lenses, though, it can feel like a bit of a maze. What should you get? Hard lenses or soft? Daily lenses or monthly? Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The easiest question to tackle is probably that of hard lenses. While hard lenses are still used in many parts of the world, this is mainly down to reasons of habit – people who are already using them are unlikely to switch.

To the new user, hard lenses offer no advantages, and they are incredibly uncomfortable until you get used to them. It is much better to simply go with soft lenses. When it comes to the question of whether daily disposable lenses are better, however, there is some controversy. Once you factor in the cost of cleaning solution for monthly lenses, there is little difference in price, but some people simply prefer not to buy and throw away so many lenses. Ultimately, though, daily disposables tend to be thinner and therefore more comfortable, as well as costing you less if you happen to lose one, which makes them better suited to the beginner.

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Credit card applications is it safe to apply online

Are you wanting to apply for a new credit card but feeling hesitant to perform the credit card application online? If so, you need not be concerned. Advances in the technology of secure e-commerce have made online credit card applications literally safer than filling out a paper application and mailing it through the US Postal Service. Here’s why. SSL Technology First, banking institutions that offer online credit card applications use the most up-to-date technology to ensure that their web sites are protected against intrusion and data theft. This technology is known as SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a transmission protocol that “encrypts” any data sent between the bank and your computer, such as all the personal information you need to fill out when applying for a credit card. Encryption What exactly is encryption? It is a sophisticated mathematical process that disguises data by altering the bits of information in ways that are undecipherable to others. You have probably done encryption in your childhood days when you sent messages to friends in school using a secret language such as reversing the alphabet, so that A meant Z, and Z meant A. That early game was actually a form of encryption. In the early days of the Internet, encryption used 40-bits, which meant that a character of data could be transformed into another character in any one of 2 to the 40th power ways, which is approximately 1 trillion ways. But as large as that number is, computer security experts realized that people, including criminals, who had access to very powerful computers could crack 40-bit encryption in a short period of time, ranging from a few days to a few seconds depending on the power of their computers. Therefore, in the late 1990s, a much more powerful type of encryption was introduced using 128 bits. This means that each character of data can be altered in any of 2 to the 128th power ways, a code which represents an astronomical number of possible variations that would take on the order of 20,000 years to break using today’s fastest computers. The use of 128-bit encryption has thus completely altered the safety of data. Two Encryption Keys Required Furthermore, today’s encryption methods use what is called the “two-key” algorithm whereby the sending computer and the receiving computer use both a “public” key and a “private” key to encrypt and then decrypt any data exchanged between them. The process is complex to explain, but suffice it to say that the two-key approach makes it impossible for all intents and purposes for an outside party such as a criminal to capture and interpret any data transmitted between two computers over an Internet site using SSL technology – because the criminals will not have both keys. Online Credit Card Applications - No Safer Method In short, SSL technology virtually guarantees that if you fill out a credit card application over the Internet using a bank’s secure application page, all your personal information can never be stolen or broken into. Compare this to a paper credit card application which you send via the US Post Office. Think about how many mailboxes are broken into each year and how many pieces of mail are somehow lost – and you will now realize that applying for a credit card over the Internet is actually the most secure method you can find. So if you want or need a new credit card in order to expand your credit capabilities or to get bonus points or travel rewards, the best thing to do is to go to one of the web sites that allows you to compare credit card offers, then click through to the secure web site for the bank you choose to fill out their online credit card application. You will also benefit from this because your application will be processed within minutes and you can often get an immediate approval rather than waiting weeks as you do when you mail in a paper application. All in all, rest assured that computer security experts are working hard to protect consumers from crime and identity theft as Internet banking, e-commerce, and credit card payments are increasingly processed online. Copyright 2005 Ed Vegliante.

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Engage the interviewer on a personal and business level

In today’s tight job market where hundreds, if not thousands, of applications are received for each position posted, you need to try just about anything to be remembered by the person who interviews you. You can take some initial steps to be remembered and noticed by creating an outstanding resume and a professional cover letter. You can also be the epitome of professionalism when your interview is scheduled. However, this is not always enough. Be friendly and personable When you finally get to your interview, start looking for areas where you can engage the interviewer on a personal level. Most, if not all people who conduct interviews will talk about a previous position, their family or maybe their hobbies. If you find that they have something in common with you, spend a few minutes talking with them about that. You can start your conversation with the interviewer by asking if they are having a good day or if they are having a hard time filling the position. Try to connect with the interviewer beyond just answering questions. If they are having a hard day or have been unable to fill the position, commiserate with them and maybe relate a similar story from your past. If you find that you have a hobby or previous job in common with the interviewer, spend a few minutes talking about that topic and try to relate to the interviewer. Once you have found something in common, you can carry that through any additional interviewers at the same company. When interviewer number two comes in and you start talking with them, you can say something like, “I was speaking with Mary, the first interviewer, about…” Don’t bad mouth The one major thing you want to avoid is bad mouthing a previous employer or any other business. If you start talking with an interviewer and find that you both worked at the same place years ago, refrain from making any derogatory comments about that company or about your supervisors. If you find that your interviewer talks about one of his company’s competitors in a derogatory manner, don’t join in. Your goal is to be the epitome of professionalism in the face of any circumstances. It also looks bad to bad mouth any other company when participating in an interview. The interviewers might see you as a negative person who might cause problems even if you are just talking about the local grocery store. You also never know when one of your interviewers might have a family member or spouse working at the place you are bad mouthing. Remain positive All in all, when interviewing for a job you must use all of your skills and take advantage of any opportunity to make yourself shine. You should always maintain a positive attitude and be as friendly as possible throughout the interview. You never know when you might be one of the top candidates for a position and the company decides to choose or not choose you based on your personality. Look at your interview as a learning experience where you get the opportunity to make friends; just relax and be yourself.

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The opportunity to explore different career paths

Parents, educators and legislators want to give students the highest-quality educational foundation possible and today's career and technical education programs can play a key role in assuring educational excellence for many students. Career and technical courses give students the opportunity to explore different career paths, to find out if the jobs involved are appealing and to discover which opportunities are best suited to their individual talents. The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) wants to ensure that students and their parents are aware of the value of career and technical programs. These programs can be a student's first exposure to the real-world aspects of a career field. They allow a student to build the strong skills that every employer considers essential: the ability to communicate well, an understanding of time management and promptness, problem-solving skills, and the ability to function as part of a team.

Careers in hotel management, food service, engineering, biotechnology, agriscience, recreation, nursing, and graphic design represent challenging, high-paying jobs, and the demand for skilled workers has never been greater. The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that average annual salaries of technicians in some medical fields are more than $44,000 a year, while dental hygienists can earn more than $58,000. Annual incomes of chefs and bakers reach $40,000. Motorcycle technicians earn more than $29,000. Engineering technicians can earn more than $40,000 and biological science technicians can earn more than $38,000. What's more, a number of career and technical programs include internships, apprenticeships or co-op employment, which combines work and classroom study as part of the curriculum. Thus, students can get hands-on experience, have a chance to earn while learning and, best of all, gain a foot in the door of a potential future employer. Career and technical education is an essential aspect of high school education, one that enhances academic achievement and provides the skills needed for success beyond high school. These courses prepare students for college and the workplace.

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Criminology and forensic science

How to Use Criminology and Forensic Science to Effectively Solve Crimes There are a number of ways in which an individual is able to couple criminology and the practices of forensic science in order to catch a criminal. In some cases, the individual is profiled through criminology and matched up to the forensic evidence left at the scene of the crime. However, there are a number of other ways in which the two genres are used together in order to bring about justice within the penal system. Criminology is the study of how science and environment affects the criminal mind, as well as the interaction between individuals or communities and the criminal element. Forensic science is the area of study in which individuals are able to transform one small piece of information into something of substance. In many cases, forensic scientists are able to use pieces of forensic evidence and what they learn from this piece in order to effectively illustrate either a link between and individual and the crime or an alibi for the individual wrongly accused of a crime. A few major career focus areas for forensic scientists exist. Criminology areas of expertise range as well, although they are all trained by learning similar material in school. Forensic science fields are especially diverse and offer unique benefits within each one. Together, the members of the forensic science and criminology teams are able to work together in order to piece together their separate information to come up with one solution near completion, based on the facts they have all gathered. For example, a police officer working as a criminology expert may be able to psychologically profile a suspect, but they would require the help of a forensic scientist in order to match carpet fibers from the crime scene to carpet fibers in the suspect’s home or vehicle. By linking together all the separate notions that each individual is able to learn, a complete or near complete timeline of the suspect and crime can be composed. With enough evidence, this can be taken before a court and the trial will begin against the alleged suspect. Some of the categories that exist for individuals involved in forensic work include medical examiners that inspect corpses, crime laboratory analysts that are able to look at the chemical and biological makeup of pieces of evidence, crime scene examiners, and those that assist in a technical or academic capacity. Through the combination of these different branches, coupled with the work of criminologists, crimes can be pieced together in a more logical and straightforward way, in order to illustrate to juries and judges the events of the crime and suspected individual. This is especially important because in serious cases the jury has to be in agreement that there is no reasonable doubt on the part of the individual defendant’s role in the crime. In other cases, the defense will use the forensic evidence in order to clear their defendant of the charge or charges against them. By using virtually irrefutable evidence of a scientific nature, the jury and the judge are able to clearly see how crimes are or are not linked to the suspect.

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Machine exercises that suit beginners

The aim for beginners to weight training must be to lay the foundations for the intensive workouts that their bodies will eventually be subjected to. Obviously successful bodybuilding involves bringing together disparate elements such as nutrition and rest but choosing the right exercises is crucial. In this article we'll outline the machine exercises that will enable new bodybuilders to develop the general strength and body conditioning needed. Initially beginners should aim to complete two sets of ten to twelve reps but after a few weeks, when you have developed sufficient control and basic strength, experiment with one set of six to eight reps to failure. This will maximize your muscle growth and give you the impetus to move on to the next stage of development. Before long you'll find the use of this single piece of equipment restricting, so later in this series of articles we'll pull together a muscle boosting program that utilizes other equipment to take you to the intermediate level. In the meantime, get to work with these exercises in order to get used to working your muscles. Start off training four days per week and work body parts on the following basis not forgetting to incorporate rest days: Day 1 - Biceps, Back, Abs Day 2- Hamstrings, Shoulders, Abs Day 3 - Quads, Forearms, Calves Day 4 - Triceps, Chest, Abs The exercises recommended for beginners are as follows: CHEST: Chest press UPPER BACK: Lat pulldown, cable row SHOULDERS: Shoulder press, upright row, cable shrug, lateral raise, front raise TRICEPS: Kickback, pushdown BICEPS: Standing curl LOWER BODY: Leg press, leg extension, calf raise, lying leg curl

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Fashion school in milan

The Advantages of Attending a Fashion School in Milan Milan is also known as the fashion capital of the world. This is the place where it all happens. In Milan, the biggest offense you can commit is having an imitation purse. This is the reason why people who want to learn about fashion often dream about attending a fashion school in Milan. So what can you get from attending a fashion school in Milan? 1) Experience – Being in the center of the fashion capital means that you have the chance to see your education in action. You have a chance to see just how fashion works in the real world. Experience is something that you truly need when you want to be the best at something. Attending a fashion school in Milan is like attending boot camp in the middle of Iraq. Experience will help you get the best jobs because experience is the best teacher around. Experience will teach you how to react in certain situations. Experience will teach you what to do and how and when to do it. 2) Competition – Since Milan is the fashion capital, it is only natural that people all over the place are competing with each other for the top spot. This would help you become more competitive when you are in the business. You will learn how to deal with the intense pressure of having competition breathing down your neck. You will learn how to respond to criticism by improving your work. Stiff competition is the best thing that can help the development of your talent in fashion. By going to a fashion school in Milan, you are putting yourself through the test of the flame. 3) Discipline – Because of the high expectations of fashion schools in Milan, you will learn how to discipline yourself and this will help you succeed in life. Fashion, although it involves creativity, requires a lot of discipline in order to master. You will need to avoid various distractions and concentrate on your work. By learning how to do this, you can be sure that your talent will bring you to the top. 4) Opportunity – When you go to a fashion school in Milan, you will be opening your doors to all sorts of opportunities. Attending a fashion school in Milan means having the opportunity to scout the industry for when you graduate. Because of this, you will be ahead at finding a job within the fashion industry. You will be able to establish connections and get to know the players. A good fashion school in Milan will also be able to supply you with some contacts in order to get you started with your career. Now that is helpful. 5) Resume – If you are trying to look for work in the fashion industry, the name of a fashion school in Milan would be a fine addition to your resume. Everyone knows about Milan, and most people would equate it with high quality fashion education. Here is a little secret about resumes – companies rarely read them. Basically, if a company is hiring, the boss will just skim through your resume for any interesting detail. Having the name of a fashion school in Milan written in your resume may be just what you need to find your dream job. There are so many things that studying at a fashion school in Milan can give you!

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X ray pictures fantastic but limitation to find gum infection root canal infection

Cheekbones, narrowness of jaws, the position of teeth and the formation of the hard palate make the taking of accurate x-ray pictures a challenge. For these reasons x-ray pictures of teeth and jaws quite often fail to disclose the presence of infection or what kind of treatment might be required, contrary to generally accepted views of most dentists and patients. Cracks in teeth are almost never visible on x-ray pictures. The extent of bone loss around a tooth, though felt to indicate the severity of its infection, does not do so. Doctors Basker and Stern, in separate studies, reported that 85 to 100 percent of dental granulomas and redicular cysts do not contain bacteria. This does not mean the tooth itself is not infected. When the dentist removes or treats a tooth but the patients continues to have a toothache, it may seem the wrong tooth was removed. The pictures in this chapter show how a second tooth is often involved.

Because lateral canals can contain infection, dentists have been taught to advise root filled teeth be x-rayed each year or two. None of this implies the use of x-ray pictures is to no avail. Quite the contrary, good x-ray pictures often disclose disease conditions which should receive immediate attention if the patient's health is not to be jeopardized. Both pointed out that the visual areas of abnormalities on x-ray pictures are not necessarily areas of infection harboring bacteria. Dr. Stern stated that, for the most part, such visible areas are lisions that have been identified as radicular cysts and granulomas. The granulomas are reactive lesions caused by bacterial destruction originating from an infeced root canal that opens into that area. Experiments indicate the granuloma is a response of cells to the bacteria in the root canal, but, at the same time, bacteria cultures taken from the areas of lost bone at the root end of the tooth have proven negative 85 to 100 percent of the time. These studies are yet another substantiation of discoveries made by Dr. Price in this regard some 45 years previous to the publication of the Baskar and Stern articles. These are numerous other types of pathologic conditions which challenge the diagnostic ability of dentists. Some of these conditions are misinterpreted as tooth infections, but as descriptions of them would require complicated explanations that are not germane to the purposes of this book, I mention them only to further indicate the number of difficulties inherent in the use of dental x-ray pictures in the interpretation of dental pathology. Copyright 2006 SSLI Health Group

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Safe weight loss part 1

Safe weight loss is about maintaining health whilst losing weight, it is not about losing weight rapidly; this has never worked and never will. This article is to be published in two parts over two days and will be stored in our news blogs archives for future viewing. Aim for one pound (450 grams) each week because this level of weight loss is sustainable and you will not regain the weight later providing you adjust to your new healthier lifestyle. Slow weight loss is the safest and most effective approach. A good weight-loss program helps you to lose weight gradually -- about one-half to one pound per week initially and improving to one pound each week. Gradual weight loss promotes long-term loss of body fat, not just water weight that can be quickly regained. Diets are only half of the program because no program works without sufficient light exercise. Most people leading moderately active lives need about 15 calories per pound to maintain their weight. For example, a 200-pound person would have to eat foods containing no more than 3,000 calories each day to maintain his or her weight. To lose one pound, a person must burn 3,500 calories more than consumed.

For example, reducing calories by 300 per day and increasing daily activity to burn off an additional 200 calories should result in a weight loss of one pound per week. A Good Balance When limiting calories, you still need to satisfy basic nutritional needs. Eat a variety of foods every day. Choose from each of the five food groups - dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables and breads - and allow for an occasional treat. Balanced food plans encourage making wise choices about everyday food; choices you can make to achieve and stay at your proper weight for life. Evaluate Your Eating Pattern You should also evaluate your eating patterns. Sometimes six small meals a day can help you control your hunger. If you prefer to stay with eating three main meals, always plan for some low-calorie between-meal snacks like an apple or a carrot to satisfy hunger between meals. All foods and beverages can be consumed in moderation. Try to cut down on foods high in fat and sugar, or substitute with low calorie and low fat foods and beverages. The choice is always yours. Most successful weight-loss plans call for a reduction in both calories and the amount of fat eaten. Exercise. Determine what type of physical activity best suits your lifestyle. You should work your way up to regular aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging or swimming, since it is a key factor in achieving permanent weight loss and improving health. Aerobic exercise works the body's large muscles, such as the heart, and should be moderately vigorous, but not exhausting, to be most effective. For maximum benefits, most health experts recommend exercising 30 minutes or more on most, preferably all, days of the week. I disagree with this because as you exercise and become fitter the amount of exercise that you do will become inadequate compared to your fitness level. My weight loss program recommends three sessions of ten minutes each week to start. Try to incorporate some simple calorie-burners into your everyday routine. Even the most basic activities (such as taking an after-dinner walk, using the stairs at the mall instead of taking an escalator, or parking farther away so you have a longer walk) can get you prepared for more aerobic activities. Part 2 of this article will follow. This article is © copyright David McCarthy 2005. It may be reproduced only in its entirety with no changes or additions.

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What to do if someone you know is diagnosed with bird flu

Bird flu is a scary and devastating disease. It has been decades since an influenza virus has had such misfortunate potential. With the virus sweeping through most of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, it is just a matter of time before it reaches every corner of the world. If the virus mutates, an even more deadly issue will be at hand. With such negative predictions, it is almost impossible not to imagine yourself or a love one at the hands of the disease. What would you do if this virus hit home?

The important thing to understand is the infection of bird flu is not necessarily a death sentence. Although a large number of deaths have occurred, almost half of those infected survived the disease. Therefore, with advanced medicine and proper care, a person may be able to live after bird flu. What you do if someone you know is diagnosed will greatly depend on how well you know the person. Is it a friend? Acquaintance? Family member? Obviously, if it is a close friend or family member, you will want to be as supportive as possible. This will be a difficult time for them and any assistance you can provide will probably be greatly appreciated. On the other hand, if you are only dealing with an acquaintance, you may feel relieved and fortunate to have not suffered the same fate. While you may feel guilt at this thought, you can consider it a wake up call to bring the risk to your attention. You may also use this time to lend a helping hand, although you do not feel emotionally obligated to do so. When someone you know becomes infected, you should also consider the source of the infection and the severity of the threat present. If a family member becomes ill while working on a family farm, you may ascertain infected agricultural animals are to blame and the threat must be alleviated. On the other hand, if no apparent cause is known, human to human contact may be a consideration. This is not only essential information for you to know, but also health professionals in your area. Currently human contact is not a transmission means; therefore, the onset of such would be of great concern. The important thing to remember is to be there for your loved ones and feel blessed that you are available to help them as opposed to sharing their fate. You will, of course, want to be careful not to become infected during this time, if it can be avoided.

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What the vitamin companies don 8217 t want you to know 8230

Do you ever find yourself asking any or all of these questions: Why do I keep spending money on vitamins and not feel a thing? Why do I still get sick and continuously feel lousy? Why is it so hard to stay “consistent” when it comes to taking vitamins on a regular basis? Which vitamins does MY BODY need? Will I be able to live life to it’s fullest as I get older? How do I know “For Sure” which nutrients I am lacking in my diet? The “New Scoop” On Vitamins… Vitamin supplements may be much more important than doctors thought in warding off cancer, heart disease and the ravages of aging—and, no, you may not be getting enough of these crucial nutrients in your diet! Vitamins are a “Key” factor in warding off the following chronic diseases: Heart Disease Lung Cancer Bowel Cancer Breast Cancer Prostate Cancer Osteoporosis And, The fact is: YOU probably aren’t getting the nutrients that you need! World class nutrition experts have been recommending vitamins for more than 35 years! “To take or not to take” is no longer the question. ALL nutrition experts and most doctors support supplementation. What To Take Is Now The Question… Optimal Health Journal lists many government surveys which state: Our diets do not provide adequate levels of vitamins for AVERAGE HEALTH – let alone OPTIMAL HEALTH! Of 21,500 people surveyed, NO ONE obtained 100% of the recommended allowance for each of the ten essential nutrients. The prestigious journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) now recognizes the importance of vitamins. It states: Most Americans do not consume adequate amounts of vitamins by diet alone. it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.” The “Real Danger” In Overdosing on Vitamin Supplements… Did you know that your body needs specific amounts of different nutrients and that it can be harmful if you take too much of a certain vitamin? Can you overdose? In a word – YES! Overdosing can be more harmful than underdosing! For example: In high doses, Vitamin C can act as a pro-oxidant causing rather than preventing cellular damage. Taking too much Calcium can cause constipation and impaired kidney function. In high doses, Iron can cause an increased risk of heart disease; also poisoning in children who take adult doses. Zinc, in large amounts can cause gastrointestinal irritation and impaired immune function. Which Nutrients Does YOUR BODY Really Need? There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to vitamin supplements… What nutritional supplements should you take? Answer that question, and go to the head of the class. People today are positively boggled by their choices…3,400 different supplements to choose from, at last count. Everyday you hear convincing arguments about why you should take each and every one of them: To prevent cancer Heighten immunity Lower blood pressure Increase energy Sharpen memory Reverse arthritis Build strong bones You want all these things, so why not take all these supplements? For one thing, you’d go broke! Beyond that, you don’t need them all! Taking too many might even hurt you! So, back to the question: What supplements should you take? With all the different products on the market today, how do you really know which vitamin supplements to take? Which ones should you be taking and in which amounts? That is the question… Even READERS DIGEST is asking: “Which vitamins do you really need?” Natural Health Magazine goes one step further and asks: “Are you absorbing enough nutrients? Their answer: There’s only one sure way to find out… HAVE YOURSELF TESTED! Top nutritional doctors use Metametrix Clinical Laboratory for nutritional / metabolic testing… Which Vitamins Do The “Rich & Famous” Take To Stay Healthy… The “Rich & Famous” rely upon their excellent health and vibrant looks to earn a living. They spend countless hours exercising, eating right and yes, taking vitamin supplements! The way they choose which vitamins to take is simple, they find out which nutrients their bodies are lacking in and simply take them. How do they do this? They take the comprehensive ION test and have customized vitamins made based on the test results. This ION test costs a doctor $545.00 which is then passed on to the patient (probably at a higher price). There is however, a simpler test that is much more cost effective… A Simple URINE Test Why Do You Need To Have A Urine Test? This testing that identifies the Exact Nutrients YOUR BODY must have in three key areas is - the essential first step…You no longer have to guess which nutrients, out of a bewildering variety of “one-size-fits-all” nutritional supplements on store shelves, you should take. Scientific analysis of an overnight urine sample can provide you with the answer to which nutrients your body must have in order to protect your body against cellular damage from uncontrolled free radicals; eliminate harmful toxins in your body; and keep your body’s immune, Vascular and Nervous systems in balance. Can you afford this kind of testing? Yes, for a cost of just $79.95 you can have this special test. Your test will identify: Your ability to handle challenges to your body’s antioxidant system The level of nutrients needed to remove toxic substances from your body Your ability to balance KEY compound that influences your important Immune, Nervous, and Cardio-Vascular Systems. Daily intake of the precise nutritional supplements YOUR BODY needs is the second essential step…When you receive your PrivaTest Analysis and the specific nutrients custom-made to match your body’s needs based on your specific test results, age, and gender, you’ll have in you hands the distillation of years of research on human nutrition, herbal medicine, biochemistry, and metabolic science. At this point in time, you now have the most powerful nutrition tool available to control your health! What Happens To The Test Results? Based on your test results, a Custom Blended Formula will be compounded from 48 possible permutations using whichever of 55 KEY NUTRIENTS you may need, in the amounts your body needs…Whatever variety of amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, chelated minerals, or protective herbals your test calls for will be there, carefully balanced to work together to provide what your body’s systems require. This custom blended formula will then be shipped to you in a 30 day supply of (30 packets of 6 capsules) and all you have to do is take 1 packet per day! The cost of the Custom Essential Vitamins is only $44.75 per month with no obligation to continue after the first month. Now You Know The Story, Here Are Some Common Questions That We Come Across… Q: How much does this urine test cost and can I get it anywhere? A: The cost is $79.95 and the test is done in the comfort of your own home. Q: How is the test administered as a home test? A: The lab sends you a simple Home Urine Test Kit with complete and easy to follow instructions. Simply, you fill our a simple questionnaire, collect some urine (all materials are supplied in the kit), and fed ex the sample back to the lab for analysis. Q: What happens after the urine test? A: The lab analyzes the urine sample, sends the results to the vitamin manufacturer who then blends a custom-made-vitamin just for you! Q: How much does the Custom-made-vitamin cost? A: The cost for the custom-made-vitamins is only $44.75 per month. (o try and duplicate this same vitamin at a retail vitamin store would cost at least $150) Q: Is there any type of commitment to continue taking the vitamins? A: None. You can cancel at anytime (A very small percentage of people cancel after they experience the benefits of feeling better and more energetic) Q: How do I get started and order my Test Kit? A: There are two ways to get started: Call our toll free number at: (877)596-0215 for more information. Send an e-mail to: orders@custom-made-vitamins. com and we will send you all the necessary documents to get started right away. Good luck and please don’t hesitate to call us anytime with any questions about this amazing vitamin breakthrough!

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How to record meditation scripts to audio equipment

You’ve come across a few sites that offer meditation scripts and you’re really interested! Oh, what to do next?! More like, what to do first!? If you're someone who loves to meditate (or wants to start) and has loads of meditation CD's why not try something novel? Record your voice using meditation scripts. Imagine this, each visually guided session personalised through using your voice. You now have the power to adjust your rhythm, volume, tone, and pitch to exactly how you like! When you want to change the way your meditation sounds, you can easily do this by re-recording the script!

All the more power to you! Setting the Mood Before you begin your recording session check out the next 10 points first: 1. Choose the quietest room you can work from. Will there be background noise? Close off doors and windows and shut down (where possible) anything that will create background noise. 2. Pencil in some recording time in your diary and let people know you’re going to be off-line for an hour or so. 3. When you’re ready to start your session switch on the answering machine (if you have one) and reduce the ring tone volume. If possible also decrease the number of times the telephone rings before going to the answering machine. 4. Put some relaxing essential oils in an aromatherapy oil burner such as lavender, geranium or bergamot – you probably have your personal favourites - go with what you prefer. Get the full benefit of relaxation before you even begin meditating! 5. Prepare audio equipment of your choice (see - So what do you actually use to record your voice?). 6. If you’d like to, have your favourite relaxation music playing quietly in the background. 7. Read each script aloud and thoroughly prior to recording your voice. When you read aloud you’ll pick up more easily where your pauses should be and if you’re happy with the speed, modulation etc. 8. Finally – before you press the record button, take a few deep breaths – relax and continue to relax until you have a sense that you’re totally present and centred. 9. When you’re ready and you’ve practised your rhythm, speed, volume and pitch to a stage where you’re happy with it, record the first script. When you’re done, replay it and assess if you’re happy with it. You’ll soon hear whether you’re going to be happy with it. The great thing is you can always re–record the scripts. 10. If you’re unhappy with the sound of your recorded voice (some of us are) maybe your partner or a close friend (who is willing) will loan you theirs. So what do you actually use to record your voice? You can record these scripts easily by using a blank cassette and a cassette recorder. Alternatively you might prefer to record them using a voice recorder such as the Windows Sound Recorder - you'll find this on every installation of Windows. When you've completed your recording, you can burn it to a CD using a commercial CD copying program. Not only that, there are many free audio editor, software programs available for downloading on the internet - why not check out a few?

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Fighting bacterial infections

The advent of antibiotics in modern medicine had empowered and gave medical practitioners an upper hand in the fight against bacterial infection. Innovations in medical science and technology have allowed physicians to improve their effectiveness in saving the lives of people. However, the “antibiotic miracle” is also the reason why new strains of antiobiotic-resistant bacteria have emerged. Unsupervised use of antibiotics have allowed certain bacteria to adapt to the active ingredients and develop resistance. These powerful strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria present a menacing threat and danger to the health and lives of the general public.

Developing “next generation” antibiotics has become a formidable challenge for those in the medical and pharmaceutical professions. What is a Bacteria? Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms that have the ability to reproduce through cell-division. These are minute living organisms that looks like balls, rods, or spirals when seen through the microscope and can grow on any non-living surface which may not necessarily pose any danger to your health.

Some bacteria are even beneficial to one's health such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This particular bacterium helps in the digestion of food in your stomach and fights some disease-causing organisms. It can also give some nutrients to the body. In fact, some bacteria are being used to make health foods like yogurt and cheese. But there are certain strains of bacteria that when they get inside your body, you will become ill. This is called bacterial infection. These wide variety of bacteria brings about infections which range from mild to life-threatening diseases.

Bacterial meningitis is an example of bacterial infection that needs immediate medical attention. Infectious bacteria, like Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and E. coli, can mutate rapidly and produce chemicals called toxins that can destroy the cells and tissues in your body. Severe gastrointestinal problems from contaminated food is caused by E. coli while gonorrhea is brought about by gonococcus bacterium. Some infections are considered contagious such as strep throat and tuberculosis. However, infections of the heart valves (endocarditis) or bone (osteomyelitis) are not considered transmissible. Common bacterial infections include pneumonia, ear infections, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and skin infections.

Risk Factors Everywhere you go, there are a multitude of microscopic invaders which include bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other infectious organisms that can be found in the air that you breathe, in drinking water, or in the water that you use for washing the dishes, and that which you use in taking a bath. It can also be found in the soil, your plants and pets, on your food, and even in your own body. Although every human being is exposed to these countless bacteria, some of us are at higher risk of infection than others. Aside from a weakened immune system, there are also other risk factors for bacterial infection and illness. Age – Younger people are more susceptible to bacterial infections caused by Escherichia, better known as E. coli while older people are at an increased risk of lower respiratory tract infections from a bacteria strain called Streptococcus Pneumoniae. Nutrition – Malnutrition affects functions of the immune system. A balanced diet of nutritious foods, minerals, and vitamins is needed by the body to keep it healthy and strong against infections. Genetic Predisposition – Research reveals that some people are genetically susceptible to infections but hopefully, with the use of genetic testing, researchers can come up with drug therapies to target genetic defects. Antibiotics and Bacteria Antibiotics are powerful medicines that stop bacterial infections by killing the invading bacteria or stopping it from growing without harming the host. The effectiveness of antibiotics may vary depending on the severity of the illness, site of infection, immune status of host, and the resistance factors of bacteria. Different antibiotics work in different ways. While Vancomycin and Penicillin discourage formation of bacterial cell walls, other antibiotics such as Erythromycin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol prevent protein synthesis. Moreover, other antibiotics like Sulfa drugs inhibit bacterial metabolism while Ciprofloxacin and Rifampin interferes with DNA synthesis. Polymixin B interferes with cell membrane permeability. Prevention and Treatment In order to protect yourself from getting these infections and illnesses, you must first understand the distinction between the two. Infection comes first before you get the disease. Infection happens when these bacteria or other microorganisms enter your body and begin to reproduce by mutation, damaging the cells and tissues in the process, thus, causing you to be ill. Your immune system begins to respond to infection by allowing the white blood cells and antibodies to work against whatever is causing the infection. So, avoiding areas where you could possibly get infected is a must. There are several practical ways to prevent infections from happening, thus, staying disease-free. Simple regular hand washing with soap and water before meals, after coughing and sneezing, after using the toilet can rid you of most germs. In the absence of soap and water, there are alcohol-based hand-sanitizing gels that are available for protection. Vaccines are proven to be effective in warding off a lot of disease. Though vaccines are given as early as childhood, there is still a need for adults to be vaccinated for new illnesses. Medicines such as anti-parasitic drugs can protect you from getting malaria while travelling. Over-the-counter drugs such as antibiotic creams can minimize infections due to minor cuts and injuries. Always consult medical professionals for advice. Your doctor can perform diagnostic tests to find out if you're infected, the seriousness of the infection, and how best to treat that infection. Finally, always maintain a healthy immune profile to reduce susceptibility to infections and diseases.

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Diabetes 5 ways hypnosis can help

Diabetes is now classified as a worldwide epidemic. Blindness, kidney disease, impotence and many other illnesses are often the direct result of out-of-control or undiagnosed diabetes. Fortunately, there are several ways hypnosis can help. See which one of the following statements applies to you or someone you know. (1) As a person with diabetes, do you ever feel stressed? (2) Are you the parent of a child with diabetes? (3) Do you wish that you, your child or spouse were more motivated to exercise? (4) Wouldn’t it be great if it were easier to make better food choices?

(5) Is your diabetes causing embarrassing, personal problems? Now, since a hypnotist is by definition, a stress management consultant and a motivational coach, all of the above challenges can be powerfully addressed by using hypnosis but please note the following: a hypnotist is only part of your diabetes support team. Always be sure to have your doctor’s approval before beginning any hypnosis program that can have any influence on your medical condition. The primary method by which hypnosis helps a person with diabetes is by reducing harmful stress. There are two fundamental ways in which stress negatively affects a person with diabetes: (1) Stress robs a person of necessary personal power that is crucial in giving a person the emotional ability to make choices that benefit their health and well being. (2) As a diabetic’s stress levels increase, so does their blood sugar. This is due to the ‘fight-or-flight’ response that people experience as a result of negative stress.

When a person enters this state of mind, their body releases chemicals known as ‘insulin-antagonists’. These chemicals temporarily block the action of insulin while simultaneously causing the release of stored sugar in the liver and muscles. With the above understanding about the two ways that stress affects a person with diabetes, let’s see how that information, specifically point one (as point two is self-explanatory), then applies to the five problems listed in the second paragraph. Regarding statement one it is obvious to anyone with diabetes that having that disease is very stressful.

This harmful state of emotional affairs then makes it more difficult for a diabetic to follow their doctor’s recommendations. Also, when a person is in emotional pain, they usually reach for whatever makes them immediately feel better. This can be any addiction, though it is usually food and typically too much and not the kind that is good for a person with diabetes. Looking at statement two, it can be noted that stress packs a powerful double punch for parents of children with diabetes. This is because first, the parent is stressed out caring for an ill child and second, the child has overwhelming stress because they are not as equipped as an adult to deal with the enormous responsibility of successfully managing their disease. The parent must also then have to deal with their child’s stress. This double-whammy makes it very difficult to achieve the kind of precise care that is needed for good child diabetes management.

In statement three, the fundamental issue is exercise. Since 95% of all persons with diabetes have Type 2 and since 90% of all those persons are obese, the implications for enhanced exercise motivation are all too clear. For example, it is well documented that many Type 2 diabetics have had complete symptom remission after achieving a significant reduction in weight typically due to exercise and diet improvement. Additionally, exercise greatly contributes to one’s sense of well being and this therefore becomes a positive motivational cycle. Statement four addresses a concern that many people have, not just those with diabetes. “I wish I could just eat better!

” is a familiar refrain. Again, as a hypnotist helps a person to reduce their feelings of stress, they can then help that person to strengthen their inner commitment to making better food choices. Please note that even a small reduction in a diabetic’s long term blood sugar tremendously reduces their chances of having serious complications later on. Statement five refers to conditions that are difficult for most people to talk about. For brevity’s sake this discussion is limited to one very common embarrassing problem: impotence. Nearly 60% of all males with diabetes experience impotence. There are two concerns here: (1) There is a good chance that these people and their partners are feeling a great deal of unnecessary and harmful stress. (2) A male diabetic may choose to take a medication for impotence when that medication is inappropriate and quite possibly harmful. This concern is also relevant to those millions of men with undiagnosed diabetes. In conclusion, a hypnotist can be an important part of a diabetic’s health care team because a person can be responsibly coached by a properly trained hypnotist to more effectively deal with the above mentioned issues. Devin Hastings "Speak gently to yourself because your deep mind is always listening."

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I swear by the dry foam carpet cleaning system

I have worked as a carpet cleaning technician in Rochester, New York for the past 6 years and absolutely swear by the Dry Foam Extraction cleaning system. Experience has taught me that it is far superior to the steam cleaning method. It is a very effective low moisture and rapid drying carpet cleaning method. The Von Schrader Company in Racine, Wisconsin manufactures the equipment. They’ve been in business since 1935. How does it work? The portable machine generates an even layer of dry foam just ahead of the brush. The dry foam emulsifies (separates) the dirt from the rug fibers. A soft cylindrical brush combs and lifts the pile all the way to the base of the carpet.

The emulsified soil is then immediately extracted with a powerful built-in vacuum—all in one forward pass. Some Advantages of the Dry Foam Extraction System: · The carpet is cleaned right down to the base. The full bristle – brush lifts the dirt in an upward motion to the surface. This loosens any deeply embedded soil. The carpet is “Deep Cleaned” and the pile looks revived. · There is a simultaneous dry foam cleaning and vacuum pick-up all in one easy step. There is no need for separate machines. · The low moisture-cleaning agent uses only a 10 % water mixture. This prevents the over wetting of the carpet and backing. No need to worry about carpet damage such as browning, shrinkage, buckling, delaminating, and mildew. · Carpets dry quickly due to low moisture retention. · Dry Foam cleaning systems usually clean faster than hot water cleaning systems. · The detergent is environmentally safe and leaves carpets feeling soft to the touch. It has a popular fragrance. · The equipment is very gentle on rugs. Some observations I have made regarding Hot Water or Steam Cleaning systems: · Excessive amounts of water are applied by steam cleaning systems. Rugs become soaked. · Hot water can damage some carpet fibers. It could also cause color bleeding, shrinkage, and browning. Stain resist carpets can lose their resistance. · The detergent used in hot water cleaning systems seems to leave a residue that can attract dirt. · Carpets require more time to dry. Conclusion: I have cleaned carpets professionally for several years using the Dry Foam Cleaning System. I have received hundreds of compliments from many satisfied customers. Everyone loves it. It’s simply the best!

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Lawn furniture

If you love being outdoors, you should pick lawn furniture that you love! It should be more than practical and functional. It should add to the very experience of being outside. There are so many options in lawn furniture, and you are sure to find something to fit within your budget. Does your family host a lot of picnics? If so, there’s no doubt a picnic table in your future. Picnic tables come in a lot of varieties ranging from plastic to cast iron. This is one piece of furniture that can truly fit into any budget. If the picnic table will be used predominantly by adults, a cheaper plastic variety might suit your needs. But if kids are planned guests, think about investing in something just a little more sturdy that can hold up to a flurry of activity that usually follows kids.

If a picnic table and benches are not your style, don’t despair. Look into other tables. Choose a heavy glass and concrete pedestal table. Mix and match chairs to get the lawn furniture look you want. Or buy a set. Your lawn furniture fashion options are endless! You can find lawn furniture at a number of stores ranging from your local discount or “big box” store to the woodworker who custom designs lawn furniture specifically to your liking. And don’t forget the Internet as a source. You have a world of lawn furniture at your fingertips and can even shop from home while wearing your pajamas! No matter where you plan to buy your lawn furniture, there are a number of items you should check before making a purchase.

First, if there happens to be a model on display, try it out. Sit in the chairs. Put pressure on the table top to see how sturdy it is. Does it tip easily? There is only one way to find out! If you buy a lawn furniture set that needs to be assembled, do an inventory of the contents of the box as soon as you open it. If you find that you are missing a part, call the store immediately and let them know you will be coming for either a replacement for the missing part or returning the set you have for a complete one. Once you get the complete set, follow the manufacturer’s directions for assembly. Speaking of assembly, if the thought frightens you, ask the sales clerk if the store offers an assembly service. You can expect to pay extra for the service, but if saving time means something to you, the assembly service is worth considering. Once you have constructed your lawn furniture, you are ready to start enjoying it. Maybe you already have the perfect place in mind for it. If not, just pretend your yard is a big room. Move your lawn furniture around to experiment with placement just like you would in your house.

Once you find the spot, settle in. You’ll be happy with your lawn furniture purchase for a long time.

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What s your niche market

Knowing your NICHE MARKET and where to find your NICHE is more important than the product you sell. Most Netpreneurs take a narrow view of NICHE MARKETING as a limitation on their business, when in fact it is the POWER that provides longevity to their business. The biggest mistake most new netpreneurs make online is that they have no idea where, or what, there NICHE MARKET is and therefore, sell their product to everyone and anyone and in the end sell to no one. A common misconception is that – if you build it they will come. The truth is you have to find your NICHE and get them to come to your site. In talking to new netpreneurs the first question I ask is who are you selling to? The almost instantaneous reply and always the same answer is: ‘everyone and anyone’. The next successions of questions I then ask are: what type of product are you selling who would use your product What problem does your product solve Is your product distributed easily Who would benefit from using your product Simple questions, but not so easy for many netpreneurs to answer. If you take some time and answer these very straight forward questions you will find that by defining your NICHE you will be better equip to go straight to the source, than taking a stab in the dark and hoping it will all work out. You will also find that by defining your NICHE MARKET you will: Help define your Internet Marketing Strategy Develop products/services that appeal to your NICHE Set yourself up as an industry leader Optimise your site for search engines so your NICHE can find you easily Maximise your marketing budget where it counts. Once again I ask you: WHAT’S YOUR INTERNET NICHE MARKET? The truth can be found in your answers Gillian Tarawhiti Community Training Centre

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