How to build a survey

Anyone who has built a survey knows that it can be a hard, and arduous process. It takes an understanding of how research is done, to create a truly effective survey. The most important step in creating a good survey is knowing what it is that you want to understand, and building your questions around that. Now lets look at what a good survey should contain. 1. First you need to look at what it is you are trying to discover or achieve with this survey. Or in other words, what's the point of the survey. Also, you should figure what action will be taken as a result of this survey. 2. Now you need to picture in your head what kind of visuals will this survey produce. Graphs, tables, charts should all be formulated to help you achieve your end result, or action. So think about what your final data will look like and how it can be used to achieve your desired outcome. 3. With an idea of where your going, it's now important to figure out how your going to get there. So ask yourself "how easy is it going to be to get the appropriate information from my respondents?" If it's too hard, then you need to revise your questions or technique. You can do this by changing the question or the method. 4. It's time now to look at the questions your going to ask. Are the questions in the proper order? Does one question have an effect on the following question? Do the questions provide answers that are relevant to the survey as a whole. 5. Write down multiple versions on the same question. These questions make up the heart of the survey, make sure that you are using the right ones. 6. It's important to test your questions before coming up with your final survey. Pretest the survey on 20 or more people. This should give you an understanding of the abilities of the survey. Also, you should time your survey. A good survey takes only 10-15 minutes to administer. 7. After pretesting the survey, look at the respondents answers. When reviewing the responses ask yourself: Did the answers make sense? Were the respondents unsure about anything? Did the respondents have any questions about the survey? Were the questions understood? Was there anything surprising in the responses? 8. With this information in hand you're now ready to make the official survey. Once the survey has been re-tooled, pretest it again to make sure that the efficiency of the questionnaire is maximized. However, creating a survey is only half of the story. Once you’ve put the right questions together and in the right order, you need to decide on how you’re going to administer the survey. Each method of distribution comes with it’s own type of response. You need to look at all the different ways of reaching your respondents. Surveys by phone, email, mail, online, or in person can yield different types of responses. It’s worth your time to sit down and consider which of these methods would most likely suite the needs of your research. Once you’ve settled on the method of delivery, and you’ve administered all of your surveys, it’s time to collect and sort through the mass of data you’ve received. How this is done, and with what technique you will accomplish this, is up to you. There are lots of options out there, but it’s important to look into the ones that will help you accomplish your overall goal. It’s crucial with any survey to always keep in mind the big picture. Remember during every stage of development, distribution, and collection to make sure that your research needs are being met.

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Volkswagen touareg achieves world altitude record

BlueTooth technology is now available for almost all 2005 BMW models providing a new standard of convenience for in-car hands-free calling. This is BMW's second major in-car communication/entertainment initiative for the 2005 model year. Likewise, Sirius satellite radio as a factory-installed option can also be availed according to the carmaker. With a compatible Bluetooth cell phone, drivers can place calls, answer calls and select numbers from the phonebook by simply using the multi-function steering wheel or dashboard controls. It provides wireless connection between select compatible cell phones and the vehicle for hands-free calling. A compatible Bluetooth phone is required once and the owner must complete an initial pairing procedure in order to create a private wireless connection between phone and vehicle. All subsequent connections occur automatically.

Up to four pairings may be held in memory. Shipped fully activated, Bluetooth equipped vehicles needs no further activation or installation. BMW conducts a variety of compatibility test on all available Bluetooth phones on the market to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. It must be noted that not all available Bluetooth phones are compatible with BMW’s Bluetooth option. A complete list of all approved phones for every major cellular service provider will be available on all BMW centers Standard equipment on the 2005 5 and 6 Series models as well as the M3 Convertible and X5 4.8is, Bluetooth technology is included in all other vehicles equipped with BMW Assist or a Premium Package. It is not offered on the 7 Series, which comes standard with a fully integrated portable cell phone. Some early production 2005 model 3 Series cars are not equipped with Bluetooth. Consult a BMW center for specific availability. For all of your BMW parts and accessories needs, one online store stands unique among the rest where you can get superior quality BMW replacement parts. Just go to http:// partstrain. com/ShopByVehicle/BMW and choose from the wide array of BMW parts.

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Brainteasers or how many crazy interview questions does it take to get hired

You've looked at all the job interview tips and techniques. Did your homework and studied all the potential employer interview questions you may be asked. Plus, you've practiced your answers in front of the mirror and in a mock interview. Yep, you're a well-prepared candidate ready to show your stuff. What more does an interviewer seeking a great candidate want?

Well, for starters, they may want to know: ** How many quarters - placed on top of each other - would it take to reach the top of the Empire State Building? ** How many piano tuners are there in the world? ** What does all the ice in a hockey rink weigh? ** How many gas stations are there in the US? ** Why are manhole covers round instead of square? ** If you had to get rid of one state, what would it be? ** How do they make M&Ms? Before you sit there scratching your head and wondering if you've entered the interviewing Twilight Zone, realize that it's becoming more and more common for interviewers to ask these kinds of brainteaser questions. Why in the world are they using brainteasers in interviews? Because they're looking to get a feel for how you process information - how well you work through a problem. The first thing you should do with a brainteaser question is NOT focus on coming up with the right answer. There may not be a right answer. Instead, in your mind, divide the problem up into sections (Well, first I would . . .) and then brainstorm a logical solution out loud. Employers want to see that you're smart and can reason through real-world business problems and come up with solutions. You might want to practice some brainteaser questions before the interview so you'll be prepared if one comes up. You can even do this while enjoying a snack. Before you pop that handful of M&Ms into your mouth, ask yourself: "How would I make these round candy treats with chocolate on the inside and a coating on the outside?" Hmmm. How would you?

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Physician expense insurance covers all your physician related expenses

Physician Expense Insurance – sometimes called the regular medical expense insurance - is a form of health insurance that covers the expenses incurred on the services of a physician other than surgery. No human has ever lived on the earth without even a bout of illness and a subsequent stay in the hospital. On the other hand, healthcare expenses has always been at the higher end and an extended stay in a hospital due to some ill health is going to set one back by thousands of dollars if not higher. True, one cannot check destiny. The best thing one can do is to remain prepared for any such occurrences. It is where healthcare insurance – here physician expense insurance – offers one a helping hand. It has been explicitly conceived to take care of all physician related expenses minus surgery. The physician expense insurance pays for doctor’s hospital visits or number of visits to a doctor’s office. The policy reimburses a definite amount per visit and also specifies the number of visits possible for a particular illness or injury. Most of the physician expense insurance requires the customers to pay a set-amount called the deductibles on the covered expenses before the company starts paying back for the medical costs.

If higher the deductible in your policy, the lower will be the premium amounts. But, as the healthcare costs sky rocket by the day, the premium is also bound to climb the upward spiral, both offering no solace for the common man. As there are many players vying for their share in the physician expense insurance pie, customers may find themselves in a dilemma regarding whom to select from the competing lot. This requires a bit of common sense as well as brain scratching. Every insurance provider will boast that they are the best in the business. But it is the customer who should use his/her discerning senses to pick the right physician expense insurance provider. Hence, before deciding on the physician expense insurance provider, one should do a bit of research regarding the advantages of a particular player and the physician expense insurance coverage details. Information regarding various schemes and premium can be obtained from the physician expense insurance company website. Also, one can go by reference; sometimes one could get a more practical review from a person who is a current client of the particular physician expense insurance policy. The amount that a customer may have to shell out to pay the physician expenses depends on the type of physician expense insurance policy he/she has. The more coverage your physician expense insurance policy provides, the less the customer need to pay from his/her pocket. And this has a direct bearing from the screening you have done while selecting your physician expense insurance policy. It is all about being smart and rational.

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Remanufactured toner cartridges vs oem original manufacturer cartridges

I have worked in the toner industry for over six years, and in that time have seen a good deal of change within the industry. The remanufacturing industry began as a drill and fill operation. Components were not changed; the cartridge was cleaned and refilled with toner. This led to poor print quality, defects, and cartridges that leaked toner into machines. Some companies continue with these practices today, but most have made a legitimate effort at selling a quality product. Quality remanufactured toner cartridges are now available. Remanufactured toner cartridges can actually exceed OEM quality and yield.

Extensive testing and R&D have enabled this industry to produce cartridges that will not only save the customer money, but also provide a better product. As the customer, what should you ask potential vendors about their remanufactured cartridges? 1. What yield and density did the cartridges achieve in testing? The yield is the amount of pages the cartridge produces before running out of toner. Make sure that the testing is performed at 5% page coverage. This is the industry standard. You can ask if they used a toner head, this is the best way to achieve 5% page coverage. Be careful with companies that just give you the OEM yield, they may not have actually done any testing. The density measures how dark the text is. The density is usually between 1.3 and 1.6. Ask how many cartridges they test to achieve their numbers. Testing one cartridge does not give an accurate measurement. Also, ask how often they test their toner/drum combinations. Suppliers change toner qualities and continued testing is important to ensure quality. 2. Does the company change any components? Ask if the company changes the drum, wiper blade and mag roller. These components are all very important to print quality. Some lower yield cartridges do not need to have their drums changed if they are properly tested, but anything over 4,000 pages should, at least, receive a new drum. 3. Does the company use a universal toner for all printers within a manufacturer? Some suppliers try to save money by using one toner per printer model, i. e. one toner for all HP cartridges. This may not effect print quality, but it will effect yield. Each model of printer has different characteristics, which means different toners. An example of differing characteristics is the fusing temperature of the printers. 4. Are all of the companies cartridges post tested? Some suppliers do not want to invest in all the printers, or do not do enough volume to make this affordable. This is the most important step. These cartridges have to be rebuilt by hand, which introduces human error. Forgetting one step can cause failures that can only be picked up in post-testing. 5. Does the company replace the label on the cartridge? Some companies leave the OEM label on their cartridges; this is a copyright infringement. Other companies do not have any labels on their cartridges. This is legal, but can be confusing if you have different model printers. See if the company replaces the label with a new descriptive label, which should have the machine that the cartridge goes to on it. Be careful of any company that will not provide you with this information. Many companies still do not have proper testing methods because of the cost. Also, beware of inexpensive cartridges. In the long run these will probably cost more, due to failures and poor print quality. Being informed is the best way to insure that you are getting the most for your money. Companies that supply a quality product will not hesitate to answer any questions you have. Companies that refuse to answer or give someone the proverbial run round probably do not have the answers. Good luck and I hope that this article can help answer your questions and save you some money. Donald Broda Senior Production Specialist brtoner. com donald@brtoner. com

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Currency trading the future of investment

Forex Trading, meaning Currency Trading, is a world wide, little known market, which will become the most popular source of income for investors in the very near future. It is open for banks, rich investors and small ones alike and, depending on the sum of money they are willing to risk, the earnings demonstrate this is the best way to start getting rich. Why choose currency trading over stock, real estate or futures trading? The currency trading advantages are speed, liquidity, commission-free transactions, increased safety, short-term trading and great earnings. Let’s study each of these advantages in other trading systems: -Speed: Currency trading is instant due to a large amount of transactions while future trading implies a longer time to trade certain commodities, agricultural products, financial instruments and goods (contracts need to be written and signed) -Stock traders must pay brokers a certain fee for each transaction made. The brokerage fee is available for all futures transactions, but not in the case of currency trading. In currency trading brokers earn money by studying and profiting from the difference of price between sold and bought currencies. -Liquidity: The currency market is opened non-stop, anywhere in the world giving currency traders the chance to trade whenever they find the opportune moment and prices. This is a characteristic attributed only to currency trading. -Safety: while other trading systems are based on speculation, on the fluctuation of price, on slippage and market gaps, currency trading is controlled with the help of built in safeguards that limit slip-ups. -Short term trading, like currency trading, is more efficient for profit making than long term trading. Day trading does not increase speculation, risk and does not imply that the broker’s commission will reduce any profit made. Anyone can start trading currencies. This means Currency Trading is easy therefore making money is easy! The potential profit that can be made by buying and selling currencies and with a minimum capital for investment is amazing. Currency trading techniques are available online for learning for those interested in doing so, but the best choice would be to let a broker do business for you. Tricks and traps are everywhere for inexperienced and the best way to avoid loosing money and time is to hire a broker who knows how the currency market works and how to increase your venues. Let someone else do the trading for you! The Currency market is very vast and it involves traders all over the world. Therefore the market can not be monopolized, cornered in any way for a single beneficiary. There are many participants, many banks involved and currency trading is a global phenomenon. The amount of business done during a particular period of time by the Currency market is 30 times bigger than that done by the US Equity markets. The average sum of money exchanged during one day of transactions with many currencies goes over 1.6 trillion US$. The impressive numbers don’t stop here. The Currency market predictions of growth in the futures are over 2.0 trillion US$. These facts together with others (like the lack of physical location or centralization of any kind) offer the Currency trader safety. Trading currencies allows investors to make money quick and efficient, with little risk and in a big way! So what’s keeping you from becoming a Currency trader?

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E commerce and drinking water

April 25, 2006 E - Commerce is coming of age with millions of new customers from internet sales for a wide variety of products. Advances in web site design, payment mechanisms and delivery systems have met the increased demand for online ordering. With the advent of on-line ordering firms like Amazon and E-Bay, what started out as a small business has morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry. The key to success in the field of E Commerce ist he offering of high quality products coupled with state of the art technology to ensure ease of ordering and secure payment mechanisms. The bottled water industry is an ideal beneficiary of e-commerce technology because of the large number of customers served and the frequency of transactions and purchases. E-commerce Defined E-commerce is similar to other forms of commerce except that it involves the buying and selling of goods over the Internet. E-commerce sites range from a simple web page highlighting a single item to dynamic fully developed on-line catalogs featuring thousands of products. The common theme and benefit in e-commerce sites is instant purchase, instant payment (if desired) and instant gratification for the customer. Over the years, the e-commerce web has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry yearly, with significant growth projected over the next 5 years. A defining characteristic is that all ecommerce web sites accept a type of online payment, whether through a third party or directly with a merchant account.. E-commerce: The Wave of the Future The internet is changing world view of shoppers. Instant gratification is a reality. Utilizing e-commerce allows customers the ability to quickly take delivery of the goods they require and desire. In addition, the Internet is perhaps the best sales tool ever invented as it allows customers to browse endlessly in privacy. They can return and order again and again without ever leaving their home. Most experts agree that it is only a matter of time before all sales-oriented companies will have some sort of e-commerce presence in order to remain competitive and the development of software and tools to improve the productivity of e-commerce sites remains strong. As more and better technology is developed, e-commerce will greatly expand. Secure Payment and SSL(Secure Socket Layer): The Heart of the System SSL(Secure Socket Layer) has been the de facto standard and heart of the system for e-commerce transaction security, and it's likely to remain so well into the future. SSL is basedon encryption. SSL encrypts data, like credit cards numbers (as well other personally identifiable information), which prevents unauthorized use. An SSL protected page is identified when the address begins with "https" and there is a padlock icon at the bottom of the page. SSL Certificates The SSL certificate resides on a secure server and is used to encrypt the data and to identify the Web site. The SSL certificate also helps to prove the site belongs to who it says it belongs to and contains information about the certificate holder, the domain that the certificate was issued to, the name of the Certificate Authority who issued the certificate, the root and the country it was issued in. In general, e-commerce users are urged to avoid sites that fail to use and display proof of SSL Ceritifcates. The Bottled Water Industry and E-commerce The bottled water business is actually two lines of business: Local delivery water and private labeled water and each is an important subset of the total business. Local delivery water is defined geographically and usually comprises rental or sales of coolers and delivery of 5-gallon and small package (12, 16.5 and 20 oz.) bottles to customers located within a limited distance from the water source. This business includes a customer base of consumers and businesses in the defined geographic area who take periodic delivery of water. The key to success in this line of business is the production and efficient delivery of the highest quality pure water. Private labeled water involves the development and production of high quality custom labels with a clear branding message. This line of business is national in scope and includes a strong element of branding and advertising. The key to success in this line of business is the design and production of a label of the highest quality with a clear branding message. Each line of business has different requirements for e-commerce. For the local delivery business, establishing and meeting delivery schedules is critical with the most advanced sites offering delivery programs that offer the customer choice of delivery schedules and the ability to modify deliveries as conditions warrant. For the private labeled line of business design flexibility in the form of interactive tools for the development, proofing and production of labels is critical. Another critical aspect of the private labeled line of business is fast and cost effective delivery through national carriers. A Culture of Customer Service The best e-commerce site will not produce results without support of an effective customer service organization. E-commerce tools and capabilities must be complemented by a customer service culture that includes rapid customer feed back, human (as opposed to voice mail and e-mail) interaction and clear communication. It is presently impossible to totally remove the human element from e-commerce and the human element is a critical part of the customer satisfaction process.. Best and Powerful Features There are many varieties of e-commerce sites ranging from the simplest static site that offers very limited features to full featured dynamic sites based upon the latest database technology and access. No matter what the level of technology however, the site should combine ease of use with the most powerful features available. An effective bottled water e-commerce site should include the following minimum features. General Features •Multiple-Recipient Ordering (allows multiple user shipments in a single transaction) •No Shopping Cart “Shoving“ (gives the user maximum flexibility before check-out) •Login Systems for Wholesale and Retail Customers (with remembered billing and recipient party data) •Code Maturity (provides for reliability and stability of the site) •Future Arrival Date Provisions (mandatory for scheduling deliveries and shipments) •Order History and Fast Loading of Orders •Automatic Shipping for Retail and Wholesale Accounts Private Label Features •Interactive and Customer Friendly Label Configurator (allows for user development of labels and artwork) •Proofing Capability (allows the user to repeatedly review label design before purchase) •Multi Layered Design ( allows for choice of color, shading and label features) E-commerce lends itself to rapid fulfillment of orders and increased customer satisfaction when the site utilizes powerful state of the art tools and features coupled with a culture of customer satisfaction. On a user friendly powerful site, water orders for both local delivery and private labeled business are safe, convenient and fast. E-commerce vendors that maintain a culture of customer service will guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Is email marketing right for your business

Is Email Marketing Right For Your Business? Deciding whether or not email marketing is a good idea for your business can be a difficult process. The concept of email marketing is very simple to understand the process of determining whether or not it is right for your business can be significantly more complicated. This is because you have to consider a number of different factors before making your decision. You should consider your target audience and their propensity to use the Internet, whether or not your message can be effectively states in an email and whether or not your message is likely to be misinterpreted as spam. All of these factors are important and can help you determine whether or not email marketing is right for your business. One of the most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to invest your money, energy and time into email marketing is your target audience and how likely they are to use the Internet regularly. This is important because an email marketing campaign is not worthwhile if members of your target audience are not likely to use the Internet to purchase or research the products or services you offer. Even if the use the Internet for other purposes it is not worthwhile because they will not be likely to become online customers for your products or services.

However, if you have a target audience who is very likely to use the Internet to purchase the products or services you offer and to research these items, an email marketing campaign is a good idea. In this case it is absolutely worthwhile because you will be providing information which the members of your target audience will find useful and which they may already be looking for elsewhere. Next you should consider the products and services you offer in an attempt to determine whether or not your message can be effectively stated in an email. This is important because if you offer a product or service which is difficult to explain the emails you use for marketing are not likely to be understood or well received by the recipients of your email distribution list.

This is important because you want to be able to convince potential customers of the need for the products and services your offer, not make them feel more confused. Finally, an important concept to consider is the possibility that your email messages will be viewed as spam. This is a very important concept because emails which are viewed as spam are not likely to be well received by the recipients and may not ever even make it to the recipients if their spam filters tag these emails as spam. Even if the emails do reach the intended recipients many Internet users have grown accustomed to weeding out spam rather quickly and will be quick to delete, without reading first, emails which are suspected to be spam.

In determining whether or not your emails are likely to be viewed as spam, it is important to consider the subject of your business and therefore the emails you send out. This is important because certain subjects such as weight loss pills are likely to be viewed as spam more quickly than other items. If you are in the business of marketing products or services which would likely cause your emails to be deemed spam, orchestrating an email marketing campaign may not be worthwhile. Word count 571

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Become an absolute whiz at giving gifts

"Darling, I LOVE IT! Its a perfect gift!" How often do we actually hear those words when we give a gift? Not often enough? Too right! The same goes when you receive a gift. How often do you say those words? You really want to love the nightgown that you have just unwrapped on your birthday morning, but it's hardly going to make you gush and swoon with excitement is it? So what is the perfect gift? Naturally there is no such thing as the perfect gift.

Getting it right depends on numerous factors. Not every person will be like your teenage son who hints two months in advance about the newest video game that he MUST have! We all want to be experts at giving gifts. At the very least, we want to hit the mark once in a while!

The easiest place to start is to understand the differences in the way men and women gift shop for each other. Here is a selection of interesting facts that you may not know: 1. Women give Christmas gifts to more people than do men. The average difference is 12.5 versus 8. 2. Women devote more time to selecting the appropriate gift, 2.4 hours per recipient versus 2.1 hours for male gift shoppers. 3. Women are more successful in finding desired gifts. 10 per cent of women's gifts are returned to the shop, as opposed to 16 per cent for gifts given by men. 4. Speed - men move faster down the aisle and spend less time looking. 5. Lists - in supermarkets men rely on them less and make more impulse purchases. 6. Decisions - when a man has something he wants he buys it. If a man takes an item of clothing into a changing room he is more than twice as likely to purchase it as a woman. 7. Price - most people check price tags, but men are less likely to do so than women. 8. Men also seem to take it as a point of pride that price does not worry them and they are much more likely to be persuaded to take a more expensive item. 9. When a man and a woman shop together the man almost always insists on paying. 10. According to observations in a home wares chain store - when a woman shops with another woman - average time in store eight minutes - when she shops with children - seven minutes - when she shops alone - five minutes - when she shops with a man - 4.5 minutes. Yet women insist on asking men to go out shopping with them. Well we really are from different planets are we? Shopping for a gift should not be treated as a chore. It can be an enjoyable experience if you plan in advance. Here are a few points to consider before you hit the stores: * Has the recipient of the gift mentioned anything in the last few weeks or months about what they want. It could be anything, not necessarily meant as a hint. You could be walking past a store with a friend when she stops and mentions how gorgeous those pair of shoes are and she wishes she could afford them. Bingo! If she still hasn't invested in them by the time her birthday comes along, then there is your perfect gift. (Only if you can afford it of course) * What are the recipients interests? If he is a sports fan, then a couple of tickets to the next big game wouldn't go amiss. If he is a fan of a particular music band, then why not get him a personalized t-shirt with the band on it? * Women love gifts that show commitment to a relationship. That does not mean go out and buy her a vacuum cleaner. If you are not quite ready to propose, then a nice piece of jewellery will guarantee to make her putty in your hands. * Men like practical gifts. Women have a habit of buying for a partner what they would like to receive themselves. Little keepsakes, snow globes, teddies etc are for giving to your girlfriend on her birthday. Men will appreciate receiving a teddy bear with 'I love you' on it's little t-shirt but they really do not know what to do with it after the occasion is over. Its quite likely that poor little teddy will be relegated to the bunch of stuff gathering dust in his garage. Now if you bought him some power tools, they are certainly less romantic, but they have a use and to a man, that is more important. * People enjoy receiving gifts that are more expensive than the giver can afford. It's strange but true. When we receive a gift from a loved one that seems or is really expensive, it makes us feel cherished. An expensive gift is on the same level as a well though out cheaper gift. So if you are unable to invest time in finding a perfect gift, then be prepared to break out the plastic. Finding a perfect unique gift to fit people's personalities isn't always easy but there are a few free services out there dedicated to helping you find them. They do this by having thousands of gift ideas from the best merchants online all in one place. You can search the websites by category, if you already know what you want to buy, by occasion, or by recipient. When you have made a decision on the gift you are interested in, you simply go to the merchants website to make the purchase. The advantage of using these free services is simple. Firstly, with these services not concentrating their efforts on trying to shift their own products the web surfer can have a completely unbiased opinion on the products they view. Secondly, they give access to thousands of products the web has to offer all in one place giving the customer more choice. Although sceptics would insist that some holidays we celebrate today have been fabricated by the card and giftware companies to sell more products, we all enjoy receiving a valentine's card don't we? And I will definitely be getting my mum something for mother's day . . . . Have a happy Mother's day! Here are a couple of websites with thousands of gift ideas http:// nayoby. com http:// gifts. com COPYRIGHT Alma Campbelll © 2006

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Things you should know about buying a house part 2 of 3

Houses do evolve with time (and sometimes very quickly). So your stepbrother has visited the house and told you it was fine and that you should save a couple of hundred bucks and not get it inspected, especially since it's only 3 years old? WRONG!!! Professional house inspectors are trained to look for details usually overlooked by regular home buyers such as insulation, traces of moisture, suspicious cracks, electricity and plumbing. They can also usually give you an idea of how much it would cost to bring any of these up to code. Finally, a good inspection done by a professional can usually pay for itself by using it as a bargaining tool. Shrink your mortgage.

How many payments are there in a year? The answer is it depends. If you pay monthly, there are 12, if you pay bi-weekly, there are 26 (or the equivalent on 1 extra payment / year) which goes a long way to reduce your capital, especially in the first years, when most of your payment goes on paying interest. Do you have a little extra cash in the end of the month?

Even ridiculously small amounts, applied monthly on your capital will save you thousands of dollars when done over 10, 15 or 25 years. Make sure when you choose your mortgage plan that you won't get penalized for doing so and that you tell your lender to apply the money to your capital as using it as a little deposit towards your next payment often even get you any interest, let alone help in any way. Owning real estate does have it's advantages. Choices: as the owner, you can decide whether to select a building that matches your current needs, has enough room for future expansion or maybe is large enough for you to lease parts of it. Equity: every month, your payments are applied to paying down your mortgage and building some equity which could be useful eventually to secure a loan for new equipment, to finance an acquisition or simply as an asset. Appreciation: not withstanding any unforeseen occurrences, your building should appreciate with time. This appreciation could, just as the above mentioned equity, be used to get better financing conditions. Power: as the landlord, you are the person in charge of deciding how to finance the building, picking the tenants, choosing the decorations, selecting entrepreneurs for the work to be done, improving the building. You even have control over your rent's rate. You make your money when you buy, not when you sell. One extremely important factor to consider before making your decision is that you make your money when you buy but realize it when you sell. Paying more than the fair market value, not taking into consideration your cash flow factors (mortgage, interest rates, insurance, taxes and repairs VS incoming rent, other income possibilities such as parking for example) or letting your feelings dictate a purchasing decision may negatively affect your exit strategy for year if you are not careful. Though appreciation is quite probable, I suggest you don't factor it in when crunching your numbers: if the deal is still a good deal without factoring in appreciation, you are likely to make a favorable ROI (return on investment) when you decide it's time to go for your exit strategy. If you absolutely need appreciation to justify your purchase, be extremely careful as no one really knows what will happen in the future and, in the present, you may be paying too much. Discuss the situation with a real estate agent know for his or her integrity such as Anne-Marie Perno with whom I often do business ( I will include a link to her website in the resources box below). Pay off your house in 12 year: doing this you could actually get it for free. If you understand but most important if you use my preceding advice about crunching the numbers before you buy and only buying a house that makes sense financially, then sell the house after 1 year in Canada, 2 in the US and repeat the process 5 more times, you could very well end up with a paid for mortgage and your dream house. This is something worth looking into, especially with the: Tax advantages of flipping houses. Since I'm not a CPA and that all situations are unique, I strongly suggest you meet with a competent financial advisor who will help you evaluate your particular situation. For now, keep in mind that in most situations, you will be able to use some of your expenses as depreciations to reduce your taxes or some of the rent as a personal income. What I do know for a fact though is that in most places, you can keep 100% of the profit (the difference between purchasing cost including cost of renovations and selling price) if you obey to some guidelines such as not doing it more often than once every 1 or 2 years depending on where you live and, in some places, reinvest your profits in purchasing a more expensive property.

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Soiree casino comment organiser votre soiree a domicile

Plusieurs choix s'offrent а vous. Vous pouvez soit faire appelle а une sociйtй йvйnementielle qui se chargera alors de vous fournir les tables professionnelles de chaque jeux ainsi que leur croupiers ( ou croupiиres) formйs spйcialement pour vous. Oui mais voilа, reste la question du prix : environ 200 euros/ euros par table selon les organisateurs pour seulement 4 heures de plaisir. Quand vous savez qu’il faut au minimum 1 table pour le poker, 1 pour le Black jack, 1 pour la roulette et autre, les 4 heures de plaisir peuvent devenir un vйritable gouffre financier. L’autre option consiste а se procurer ces йlйments. L’avantage, c’est que l’йvиnement peut кtre renouvelй а tout moment et le plaisir du jeu durer autant que vous le souhaitez durant la soirйe. Ou se procurer les tables de jeux et cartes adйquates ? Vous pouvez vous procurez le site e. bay. fr, actuellement en vente pour 100 euros le set complet de salon. Actuellement 36 sets sont disponibles. Il comprend tous les jeux de cartes et de roulette, les jetons etc… Une excellente affaire. Sur Shopping. kelkoo. fr, un set de 3 jeux de tables tous feutrйs, 1 tableau tournant de roulette. Il comprend les jeux Roulette, de Blackjack et de dйs avec les rиgles du jeu. Ces jeux se jouent а l’aide de jetons de couleur. Son prix : 79 euros Sur Maximiles. com, une mallette comprenant tous les jeux tous les jeux de casino ainsi que tous les jeux de dйs et de cartes classiques. Elle inclut : 1 tapis de jeux d’йchec en velours, 1 tapis mousse double face velours (roulette + blackjack), 1 jeux de cartes, 5 dйs, 30 pions de jacquet, 32 piиces d’йchecs, 200 jetons en plastique, 1 roulette luxe, 1 plateau de jeu de jacquet. Son prix : 2860 maximiles. Et pour corser vos jeux et rester fidиle au principe du casino, multiplier vos jeux de cartes dans vos sabots !! Jusqu’а 4 jeux pour la Bataille et 6 jeux pour le Blackjack Pour embellir votre soirйe, n'hйsitez pas а concocter vous-mкme votre repas! La Pizza peut кtre de mise mais voici pour vous une recette sortie tout droit d'un des plus grand restaurant du cйlиbre Casino de Montrйal! En entrйe, offrez vous un des plats suivants : Bouquet de fines laitues et lйgumes confits, quelques chips et vinaigrette de vieux xйrиs ; Soupe de homard et son sabayon au safran ; Consommй de canard aurйolй de sa mousse cappuccino, raviole de cuisse et foie gras ; Gaspacho de fenouil et tomates, fondant de crabe aux nioras et lйgumes confits ; Cylindre de foie gras de canard confit, gelйe de vin doux aux cubes de pomme ; Duo de foie gras de canard, l’un froid en gelйe de vin doux, l’autre poкlй aux figues. Pour vos viandes : Magret de canard grillй et son jus tranchй d’huile d’olive, poкlй de pвtes fraоches au moыt de raison et viande des Grisons ; Filet de boeuf marinй а l’йchalote cuite au vin rouge rйduit, cassolette de pommes de terre nouvelles et tomates confites au thym, Longe d’agneau cuite en terre d’argile, coulis de tomates confites au jus et йpices, carrй rфti servi avec une mitonnйe de lйgumes. En Dessert: Palette de glaces et sorbets tout en "nuances" Moelleux au basilic et son coeur coulant au citron, sorbet aux framboises et sauce au pistou ; Gвteau chaud au chocolat et sa perle fondante а la vanille, glace aux pacanes et tire d'йrable. Alors, а vos fourneaux !!!

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Tricks to eat fast food

Nowadays, the easiest and the cheapest way to dine-in is at the fast food restaurants. Such restaurants are available everywhere. It's the handiest restaurant accessible in the neighborhood. Those who can't cook due to their tight schedule mostly order their meal from fast food restaurants. They just ring the delivery service, and the food will be delivered in just a few minutes, ready to be eaten. What an easy life. Apart from its convenience, fast food is also known as unhealthy and a weight gainer. High calories, sodium and fat are the culprits of its unhealthiness. It's often lack of important vitamins and minerals too. If you are among those who are reluctant to eat fast food, here are some tricks to help you eat nutritious and less fattening fast food. * Don't eat big size food (there are some restaurant selling big size food, such as McDonald's Big Mac). * Choose the healthiest foods available in the menus. This will help you maintain your diet, as you will not be tempted to unhealthy food. * Eliminate high fat and calorie sauces and dressing of your food. * Instead of taking sodas, change it with water or low fat milk * Eat not more than 1,500 calories a day Here are some menus for the day which consist of less than 1,500 calories: Breakfast Your 300-350-calorie breakfast: * Muffin (150 calories) plus scrambled eggs (16 calories) * Croissant with egg and cheese (350 calories). Avoid sausage as it will increases 260 calories * Egg sandwich (300 calories). All sandwiches usually contain 300-350 calories. Avoid bacon as it has more than 300 calories. Lunch Your 400-450-calorie lunch: * Grilled chicken (400 calories) * Four chicken nuggets and small portion of french fries (420 calories) * Grilled potatoes with chili sauce and cheese (395 calories) * Sandwich with chicken inside (300 calories) and salad with low fat dressing ( 125 calories) * Individual chicken popcorn (450 calories) * Two slices of thin flat slight cheese pizza (200 calories each slice). The most important thing in consuming pizza is to eat thin flat slight pizza with less topping to minimize the calories (unnecessary for vegetables topping). Dinner Your 500-calorie dinner: * Plain hamburger, 1 portion of french fries (children's package) and diet drink (530 calories) * Three slices of pizza by reducing the fatty cheese (500 calories). * Original chicken breast and mashed potatoes (500 calories) * Meatloaf (310 calories) with potatoes salad ( 200 calories) * Marinated grilled chicken sandwich (470 calories without mayonnaise) If you want to make another choice, here is the list of some healthy fast food you might want to choose: *Single hamburger (regular or children's size) *Fruit or fruit and yogurt *Whole wheat rolls *Baked potato (with vegetables instead of cheese, butter or sour cream) *Low fat deli sandwiches on wheat bread or on pita bread *Wraps on whole wheat tortillas (without dressing)

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Clear readers reading glasses with an invisible presence

When faced with the reality of having to wear reading glasses some people will try anything to avoid them. There is another option that allows you to wear reading glasses, but keep it low key so others may not even notice you have them on. Clear plastic reading glasses have an invisible look to them. For those not happy with the idea of wearing reading glasses this may be their answer. The idea of plastic frames can turn some people off. In the past plastic frames were quite heavy as compared to metal frames. However, the technology today has allowed for the creation of lightweight plastics, like zyl or TR-90 memory flex plastic. TR-90 memory plastic also offers an added benefit of being flexible that makes frames much more durable. Memory plastics have the ability to form to the wearers face to provide a comfortable, custom fit with every wear.

Clear plastic reading glasses do not have to be avoided simply because they are plastic. Just look for the special materials available that make them very comfortable to wear. Clear plastic reading glasses offer a clear frame as the name suggests. The plastic frames are good for stronger prescriptions because they offer more coverage for the edges of these thicker lenses. To ensure a light feel combine the lightweight plastic material frames with lightweight lenses available from your doctor. Clear plastic reading glasses are available in full size or half size as well as many different styles. The invisible allure of clear plastic reading glasses is what keeps them a popular choice for new wearers. Choosing reading glasses can be difficult especially when you do not want them in the first place. Clear plastic reading glasses offer a lightweight, invisible option for people not wanting to draw attention to the fact that they are wearing them.

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Don t be afraid to ask questions about your health

If we fail to ask questions when we have an appointment with a medical professional, we may not be getting the full value from the visit. Asking direct, relevant questions of a doctor is not an imposition. It is our right and is also in the best interests of the doctor to provide all of the information we need. Forgetting to ask questions during an office visit is a common occurrence. This can be a stressful and hectic time and being distracted is normal, especially if we are not feeling well. It is helpful to write down any questions that you may have before your appointment so that you do not forget to ask. You may also want to discuss these questions with a friend or family member.

Another person may be able to add insight by seeing things more clearly than we can at the time. Don't assume that you are causing a problem by asking questions. Most doctors appreciate patients who ask good questions. Feelings of fear, embarrassment or inadequacy are not good reasons for failing to ask the about things you really want to know. If you don't ask, your doctor may assume that you understand, or that you do not care to know more. He or she cannot guess what your concerns are. As you know, television and magazines are saturated with advertising for various medications. Such conditions as high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, high cholesterol and even erectile dysfunction are being targeted by pharmaceutical companies with new medications. The information supporting these products encourages viewers and readers to “ask your doctor about (name of product).” Essentially, these companies are putting pressure on doctors to prescribe their medications. But, in a way, the pharmaceutical companies have made it much easier to initiate a dialogue with your doctor. It is no longer unusual for patients to ask doctors about something they have read or heard about. Consequently, the dynamic between patient and doctor is changing. Doctors are becoming conditioned to hearing questions from patients and they are obliged to respond. Finally, if you forget to ask a question or think of one later, call back and ask! Your doctor should prefer, if you do have health questions, that you get the proper answer rather that guess. Guessing could be hazardous to your health.

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Spiders could become an impotent man s best friend

There is a lot to be said of the effects that spiders have on humans. There's the psychological aspect, which often instills terror. After all, these beautiful creatures tend to be utterly alien in appearance to most humans, with their eight legs, arachnid body structures, and strange forms. Spider venom is also something that causes intense reactions, even though most spider species don't have venom that is potent enough to kill a human being. Sure, their venom is often very similar to nerve toxin, but only rarely will they be concentrated enough to be lethal to a human. However, if recent research and speculation is to be believed, spiders may soon become also find connections to human sexual health. It is no secret that the Brazilian wandering spider, perhaps the most venomous spider in the world, has bitten humans before.

It was noted that male victims often suffered various side effects to the neurotoxin-like venom. Among the more notable side effects included uncontrollable and highly uncomfortable erections, though these eventually led to impotence if the venom wasn't countered quickly enough. However, this side effect has prompted some researchers to look at the venom, to find out what component actually causes the erections and to see if a substitute for sexual health drug Viagra can be derived from it. The fact that the erections were described to be “unusually prolonged” suggests to some that the venom might, in fact, be more effective than Viagra. However, this is only recent research. There are only a few pharmaceutical companies that are delving into this area of research, for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is that these erections (and other, potential sexual health benefits and impediments) are considered a side effect of the venom.

This means that isolating the core toxin alone might not lead to what the companies are looking for. Another problem would be obtaining the venom itself, which is a daunting task. Despite being a known species, Brazilian wandering spiders are not known to be easy to catch, and the possibility of being bitten while attempting to grab one is relatively high. There are other spider species that cause similar effects with their venom, but these species were found to be in even more remote locations than the Brazilian wandering spider. This has not daunted some research groups, though. In theory, only a few specimens are needed to be caught in the wild; just enough to be able to successfully breed them in captivity. The venom itself can be marketed as an alternate for sexual health medications such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. While Viagra is effective enough in a large number of cases, there are some patients who do not show any appreciable effects due to the drug.

There are several factors that can contribute to it being ineffective, often forcing doctors to recommend either Levitra or Cialis. However, the latter two have also been found ineffective in most cases where Viagra has failed, with some rare instances where the new drugs caused further damage. It is believed possible that a sexual health drug derived from the spider venom might be a working alternative to the above medications.

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How to know and help a drug addict

What is drug addiction? Drug addiction is a brain disease affecting the emotions and behavior. It is distinguished by drug craving, seeking, and use. A person addicted to drugs will persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences. Drug-seeking may become compulsive in large part as a result of the effects of prolonged drug use on brain functioning and, thus, on behavior. How quickly can drug adiction happen? There is no easy answer to this.

How quickly a person becomes addicted to a drug depends on many factors including the biology of your body. All drugs are potentially harmful and may have life-threatening consequences associated with their abuse. There are also vast differences among individuals in sensitivity to various drugs. While one person may use a drug one or many times and suffer no ill effects, another person may be particularly vulnerable and overdose with first use. There is no way of knowing in advance how someone may react. How can you tell if someone is addicted to drugs? If a person is compulsively seeking and using a drug despite negative consequences, such as loss of job, debt, physical problems brought on by drug abuse, or family problems, then he or she probably is addicted. What are the physical signs of abuse or addiction? The physical signs of abuse or addiction can vary depending on the person and the drug being abused. For example, someone who abuses marijuana may have a chronic cough or worsening of asthmatic symptoms.

Each drug has short-term and long-term physical effects. Stimulants like cocaine increase heart rate and blood pressure, whereas opioids like heroin may slow the heart rate and reduce respiration. Are there effective treatments for drug addiction? Drug addiction can be effectively treated with behavioral-based therapies and, for addiction to some drugs such as heroin or nicotine, medications. Treatment will vary for each person depending on the type of drug(s) being used, and multiple courses of treatment may be needed to achieve success.

How do I help somebody That is addicted to drugs? Professional help is the best help. There are many types of drug rehabilitation programs available. Research which one will be best suited to your needs and contact them. You will find people ready and willing to help.

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Amateur radio operators heroes

Amateur radio is a hobby and has over 600,000 radio operators in the USA alone. The hobby is about communications and various ways of communicating via radio waves. What most people do not know about the hobby and the people that are operators is that they are one of the most used groups in a disaster situation. The amateur radio community has networks set up all over the world that can be activated quickly if there is a disaster anywhere in the world. Amateurs worked weeks at the site of 9-1-1 in New York side by side with rescue crews supplying communications. When there is a disaster such a hurricanes or tornadoes or the likes of 9-1-1 then one of the first things to go away is the local communications. Phones go down and electricity and the only thing left is amateur radio operators that can operate from a battery and a piece of wire for an antenna.

Many operators were involved this last year in all the hurricanes that we had. The amateurs had hurricane watch nets up all over the world just watching and reporting the advance of these storms. Once these storm passed the radio operators set up nets to pass traffic for rescue groups as well as passing health and welfare traffic to people trying the get in touch with relatives in the stricken area. It is always great to get a message out to someone that says we are ok and we are alive. Amateur radio operators are the eyes of the National Weather Service. If you do not believe that then just ask someone that works for the weather service. Every National Weather Service office in the USA has amateur radio operators on duty any time that there are storms in the area. The weather service does have a great radar but the radar cannot see the storms like human eyes can. Some where in this country there are amateur operators watching storms and reporting what they see to the National Weather Service almost any time of the day and night. These radio operators have been trained in storm watching so that they will be able to send reports that the weather service that can used immediately. From that point all the reported storm data goes out to weather radio and local radio and TV stations for broadcast to the public. These amateur radio operators may or may not be heroes but they are always there when needed to warn the public of danger. The kicker to all this is that the operators buy all their own radio equipment and give their time to keep the public safe. Always doing the job in the background at no cost to the public. Usually this service gets no recognition for saving lives. Heroes? You decide.

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The better way to building your adsense empire online through adsenselover

Adsense is really making a huge impact on the affiliate marketing industry nowadays. Because of this, weak affiliate merchants have the tendency to die faster than ever and ad networks will be going to lose their customers quickly. If you are in a losing rather than winning in the affiliate program you are currently into, maybe it is about time to consider going into the Adsense marketing and start earning some real cash. Google is readily providing well written and highly relevant ads that are closely chosen to match the content on your pages. Adsenselover. com and picmoney. com both are the real path to your success through Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing concept. You do not have to look for them yourselves as the search engine will be the doing the searching for you from other people’s source. You do not have to spend time in choosing different kind of ads for different pages. And no codes to mess around for different affiliate programs.

You will be able to concentrate on providing good and quality content, as the search engines will be the ones finding the best ads in which to put your pages on. You are still allowed to add Adsense ads even if you already have affiliate links on your site. It is prohibited, however, to imitate the look and feel of the Google ads for your affiliate links. You can filter up to 200 URLs. That gives you a chance to block ads for the sites that do not meet your guidelines. You can also block competitors. Though it is unavoidable that Adsense may be competing for some space on web sites that all other revenues are sharing. Owners of small sites are allowed to plug a bit of a code into their sites and instantly have relevant text ads that appeal to your visitors appear instantly into your pages. If you own many sites, you only need to apply once. It makes up for having to apply to many affiliate programs. The only way to know how much you are already earning is to try and see. If you want out, all you have to do is remove the code from your site. The payment rates can vary extremely. The payment you will be receiving per click depends on how much advertisers are paying per click to advertise with the use of the AdWords. Advertisers can pay as little as 5 cents and as high as $10-12, sometimes even more than that too. You are earning a share of that money generated. If your results remain stagnant, it can help if you try and build simple and uncluttered pages so that the ads can catch the visitor’s eyes more. It sometimes pay to differ from the usual things that people are doing already. It is also a refreshing sight for your visitor once they see something different for a change. Publishers also have the option of choosing to have their ads displayed only on a certain site or sites. It is also allowed to have them displayed on a large network of sites. The choice would be depending on what you think will work best for your advantage. To get an idea if some Adsense ads you see on the search engines has your pages, try to find web pages that have similar material to the content you are planning to create and look up their Adsense ads. It is important to note that you cannot choose certain topics only. If you do this, search engines will not place Adsense ads on your site and you will be missing out a great opportunity in making hundreds and even thousands of dollars cash. It is still wise to look at other people’s information and format your Adsense there. Just think about it as doing yourself a favor by not having to work too hard to know what content to have. Topic to be avoided includes gambling, firearms, ammunition, tobacco or drugs. If you are being offered more cash in exchange of doing Adsense with these kinds, it is just like signing your own termination paper. With all the information that people need in your hands already, all you have to do is turn them as your profits. It all boils down to a gain and gain situation both for the content site owners and the webmasters or publishers. Make other people’s matter your own and starting earning some extra cash.

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Spa filters everything you need to know

Spa filters are one of the most important parts of the spa, although they are generally forgotten about. It is very important to change your filter on a regular basis, because that is what keeps bacteria, dirt, bugs, and all other kinds of nasty things out of your spa. The spa circulates all of the water through the filter to trap these contaminates. How often you change your filter depends on the type of filter you use, but normally you should replace it every year or two. Below are the three types of filters you can buy, however you should check with the manufacturer as to what type of filter they recommend you should use with your particular spa. The most common type of spa filter is the sand filter. As the name suggests, this type of filter uses a specific type of sand (and gravel) to remove contaminate particles from your water. The only problem with a sand filter is that it will not remove all particles on its own. To help, you have to add something to the water to cause the smallest particles to clump together into bigger particles, thereby allowing the filter to remove them. You should also note that the sand in the filter should be replenished every few years of regular use. These filters must be backwashed to be cleaned. The second type of spa filter is the cartridge filter. The cartridge filter uses a folded polyester mesh or paper material to trap the particles contained in the water. The more mesh that is used and the more folds used, the more thoroughly this type of filter cleans the water. You can often buy cartridge filters right from the manufacturer of your spa, or you can get filters made by third parties, usually at a discounted price. The third type of spa filter is the Diatomaceous Earth filter. This type uses fine mesh AND Diatomaceous Earth (DE) particles (which is simply ground up fossils). This filter works the same way as the others, trapping contaminate in the mesh and DE. Some places have laws governing the removal of DE, so you need to take that into consideration. The DE filter has to be backwashed to be cleaned, and then a new coating of DE has to be applied to it. To make sure the water in your spa is properly filtered, you should run it EVERY day for at least an hour. That way, even if you aren’t using the spa, the water is still being thoroughly cleaned. Finally, to add to the life of your filter, you should make sure that all individuals using the spa are relatively clean before getting in. The more contaminates you put in, the harder the filter will have to work, thus shortening its lifespan. These contaminates may include hairspray, sweat, deodorant, hair, skin lotions, dirt, and even dead skin cells. In fact, people themselves are the major source of spa contaminates. Insist that those intending to use the spa shower beforehand. This can lead to a large savings on spa filter maintenance and replacement.

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Shaw laminate flooring experience a new dimension in laminate flooring

Shaw laminate flooring offers a lot more options when it comes to choosing laminate flooring than other manufacturers. The revolutionary product that Shaw has brought to the market allows you to install new flooring with the look of hardwood in record time. This is the ultimate in glueless laminate flooring so that you don’t have any mess to clean up nor do you have to wait before you can walk on the floor. You can install Shaw laminate flooring and walk on it right away. Shaw laminate flooring and Shaw hardwood flooring are manufactured to last into today’s busy households. With the wide ranges of colors available, guests to your home will find it difficult to determine whether you have hardwood floors or whether it is engineered hardwood in the form of laminate flooring. Shaw hardwood floors are available in prefinished and unfinished boards and you can get a large variety of different kinds of wood.

With Shaw laminate flooring, you can have the look of hardwood without the expense. Visit the Shaw website to get tips about choosing your laminate flooring and how to care for hardwood flooring. You can browse the showroom from the comfort of your home as you look at the different flooring samples. This feature helps you make up your mind about whether you want to choose Shaw hardwood floors or choose from the many colors of laminate flooring that Shaw has available. Learn about the changes that have occurred in laminate flooring so that you are no longer able to claim that it is fake with just one look.

When you are considering Shaw hardwood flooring, knowing what to ask for when you visit the showroom will put you one step ahead. In order to help you choose the best flooring for your needs, the sales person will ask you about the room, how you use it, the style of your furnishings and whether or not you have children or pets. The answers to these questions will help the salesperson give you the best advice about the type of hardwood flooring that would be best for you. Depending on your circumstances, Shaw laminate flooring may be the best option. In order to get the proper amount of Shaw laminate flooring, you do need to have precise measurements. Many of the retailers that sell Shaw flooring will do a free home estimate for you if you sign a contract that you will buy the laminate or hardwood flooring from them.

This way you know that you will get the proper amount and not run the risk of needing only one or two planks to finish your room. If you are not sure what color of Shaw laminate flooring would go well with your furniture, you can even take home a few samples to help you decide which one you like the best.

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