The business of publishing

Congratulations, you're published! But what exactly does it mean to be "published"? Besides the fact that your work is finally in print and your college alumni has asked to interview you for their newsletter it also means fame and fortune, right? Well, ok, maybe not on the level of J. K. Rowling, but at the very least you can expect a call from Oprah, right? I hate to be the one to break it to you but you're probably not even on her radar screen.

The truth about publishing is really stranger than fiction and the truth is: getting published is only half the battle. The other half is to keep your reality check in balance so it doesn't bounce. While publishing is all about creative expression, it's also about business and it's those business savvy authors who will succeed in the end. Now you don't have to be an MBA to be a keen business person, you simply have to understand that the choices you make relative to your books future should be based on strategies that will enhance sales not just drain your pocketbook. So, how do you do this? First, take a long, hard look at your reader.

At Author Marketing Experts, we always create a reader profile for each book we promote. This reader profile will tell us where to find buyers for the books we represent. Taking this first step helps us sort through our choices when it comes to book promotion and make decisions on behalf of our authors that are sound and will help leverage sales. There are times when it's a waste of resources to do a nationwide radio or TV promotion.

In fact, some of our programs don't include any outreach to broadcast media. Why? Because as alluring as it might seem to appear on the Today Show, what's the point if your audience doesn't watch morning TV? And, if your audience isn't watching this show, the chances are slim they'll even consider you anyway. What? More rejection? Who needs it! As you embark on or continue your campaign, ask yourself a few tough questions. First, what's your ultimate goal for this book? If it's just to give away at family reunions, that's great! But then you'll probably want to nix any marketing. If your book is an arm of your business and you have speaking engagements lined up through the end of the year. You probably don't need to spend a lot on marketing since most of your sales will come from your speaking engagements (i. e. back of the room sales). On the other hand, if you wrote this book to grow your business or to leverage your credibility then you will probably want to dial yourself into your industry through enhanced media exposure. For fiction authors this area becomes a little tricky. First, you need to determine your long term goals. By long term we mean: do you want to stay in this business or was this book just "something you wanted to do." If it's a hobby, then treat it as such but if this is going to be your career, then you need to keep your message out there on a continual basis, through venues such as author events, talks, signings, print and broadcast media. Make sure the choices you make, make sense for your book and aren't just made because you've always dreamt of being on Oprah. I've known authors lured into inappropriate marketing plans by big, flashy names and promises of stardom, wasting thousands of valuable marketing dollars and heading in a direction that wasn't right for them. If you're serious about your work, ready to let go of your muse and face the task at hand with some business savvy, then you're really ready to get published. Below are some guidelines that will help further your success! 1) Reader profile: create one of these at the beginning of your marketing campaign and keep refining it as you move through the process. Refine and redefine who and where your audience is and how to get to them. 2) Time commitment: determine what you can and can't reasonably do. If you have a full time job it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to commit yourself to forty hours of marketing a week unless your boss is on vacation. 3) Investment: how much are you willing to invest in your future? Are you willing to invest money without seeing much in return knowing that you are building a foundation or do you want to see immediate monetary results? Most authors don't see a return on their investment for a year or more. Are you committed enough to yourself or your project to keep this investment going? 4) Reality check: what's realistic for the industry you're in? Are you latching onto a fad or something with more longevity? Are you getting into a brand new market that will require lots of reader education? Or are you trying to go mainstream with a non-mainstream topic? While this is an admirable goal, it can be like swimming upstream. 5) Budget: while we encourage authors to invest in their future, we've also seen a number of people go into heavy debt, quit their jobs and even sell their homes just to promote their book. While that kind of dedication is certainly admirable, remember that although you have the potential to make a great deal of money it's not going to be overnight. The lure here is of course that "If I stick with it, this next sale will make me famous." Well, maybe or maybe not. If you've been plugging away for a while without any significant success get a professional to give you some honest, constructive feedback about your plan, your market, and your book. It might be that a poorly designed cover is the reason you're not making sales, or a topic that's fallen off of the public's radar screen. In the meantime as you're waiting to hit the big time you'll still need a place to sleep and Uncle Vinnie's couch will get old real quick. 6) Burnout: we hear this term often, even to the point of being overused. What we're really talking about here is author burnout. We've found that the average author only markets their book for ninety days. That means ninety days of day and night marketing, radio interviews at 3am and a book signing every weekend. On day ninety-one they are so tired, so discouraged and so broke they quit. You can avoid this by giving yourself realistic goals and a realistic timeframe in which to complete them. There's nothing in the world like seeing your book in print. If approached realistically, objectively and with sound business sense, it can be one of the most exciting times in your life.

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Art to part in plastics molding dreams into reality

An introduction to Injection Molding. Every plastic product you see needs to be shaped, and the most common method is Injection Molding. Most people using their computer to read this give no thought to how all those plastic parts were formed. Or how complex and expensive it is even to produce a ballpoint pen. Just about every part made of plastic these days is formed using some kind of an injection mold, from tiny precision parts that can barely be seen to large automotive exterior parts. Just about every industry relies on some kind of injection mold for their products. Injection molding is the forcing of molten plastic into a shaping cavity.

An injection molding machine has three basic components: 1) Injection. Plastic pellets are fed into a hopper and then heated up. Once they are melted they are injected under extremely high pressure into a mold. 2) Mold. This is a custom designed tool for shaping and cooling the melted plastic. Two halves are precisely designed with cavities for the shaping of the part, channels for cooling the molten plastic, and an ejection system. 3) Clamping. This is the part of the machine that holds the removable mold in place, keeps the two halves together during molding, and opens the mold for part ejection. Molds are complex and must be of heavy-duty construction since they are subjected to a considerable amount of pressure. They are usually carved/milled out of aluminum or steel blocks and contain many different parts such as the mold base, clamp plates, support plates, ejector plates and pins, guide pins, sprue puller pins, and of course, the two cavities with channels for the molted plastic flow, cooling and/or secondary heating units. The mold is the most expensive part of injection molding, with molds ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think about that next time you use that cheap plastic pen. Injection molding started to catch on in the 1920’s and was used for simple products such as combs, toothbrushes, and simple industrial parts. As the science of plastics and machining technology grew, molding became an increasingly popular way of manufacturing. With todays computer-controlled milling and molding machines, just about any idea or design can be shaped into plastic. Ever wonder how they make hollow plastic spheres? Rotational molding is a mold in which after the plastic is injected, it is spun around at high speeds and then quickly cooled. Scissors and screwdrivers are made by insert molding. The metal part is suspended in the mold while the plastic flows around it. How about those plastic bottles and food containers? Those are made by blow molding. There are also other processes such as thermoforming and extrusion. Injection molding, turning dreams into reality. For more information and history on Injection Molding, please visit my blog at: http:// injection-molds. blogspot. com

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Fsbo you can save thousands in 7 easy steps

1. Determine Your Market Value: Some of leading edge real estate brokers offer a free over-the-net home evaluation. Online; city and county tax records, Realtor. com, bank on line home evaluation tools. Local legal business newspapers. 2. Preparing Your Home To Sell: The idea is to have the best home on the market in your price range. Hire a home inspector; get all repairs complete, spruce up landscape add fresh mulch, flowers. Clean windows, touch up painting. Move to storage all extra furniture clothes garage/basement stored items. 3. Make The Most Of Low Cost Real Estate Brokers: Discount or minimum service real estate brokers (some are internet based) offer a low cost option to place your home in the MLS at $200 to $500 it’s a steal. Pay the extra charges for additional photos and virtual tours these will place your home higher on the web page searches. 4. FSBO Marketing & Advertising: Get an 800# call capture system a pre recorded message to capture buyer information, use it on all signs and ads. Advertise in newspapers only on the major real estate ad day. Open houses piggyback on area realtor open houses. 5. FSBO Paperwork: Hire a real estate attorney. Mortgage brokers will qualify your buyers. The State Real Estate Commission has all the required forms. Title companies/closing attorneys handle all the closing paperwork. 6. Working With Real Estate Agents: Buyers Agent, the fastest way to sell is to co-operate with real estate buyers agents. Offer to co-broke, co-operate or broker protect for a quicker sale. Cost is normally 2 Ѕ% to 3% of sale price sometimes you can get as low as 1 Ѕ % to 2% if the agent sees a quick easy deal. You can save this money by selling yourself, weigh the cost benefits of a quicker sale versus 2 to 3 months more on the market. 7. Close And Move On: Buyer selects closing attorney, Title Company, Mortgage Company, Survey engineer and pest control inspector. Your job is to have a marketable title be legally able to transfer the property, complete all agreed on repairs, move out (leave a clean home), sign all necessary paperwork, grab your check and move on. There are costs to sell your home properly and quickly. In the end a savings of 3% on a $275,000.00 home is $8,250.00 in your pocket a nice prize for not a lot of effort. It’s a good start toward your daughter or sons college tuition next year.

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Plus size fashion skyrockets

America's plus size community is expanding. Studies show that the average dress size in the United States is already size 14. Furthermore, according to a research company, the sales of the plus-size women's clothes increased by 7 percent. These are evidences that the population of the plus sized people are indeed growing. To remove the idea that skinny is the only way to be beautiful, there are have been many fashionable clothes that are made for the plus size person. Plus size clothes no longer hang in the end of the rack but are a whole new category of clothes.

Indeed, a perfect 10 is not needed to sport the latest trends in fashion. Clothes for plus size people are differently designed. These target the possible problem areas that a typical plus size people may encounter. Here are some reminders to keep up with the plus size fashion • Keep accessories near the neck and sleeves. Scarves and stoles have worked wonders in the whole outfit. These divert attention from flabby arms and/or broad shoulders. For an illusion of slimness, wrap it around or across your shoulders. • Do not highlight the problem areas (arm, hips and waist) with bold prints, bright colors and accessories. Horizontal stripes are not recommended if they are thick because they will only make you look wider. Thin horizontal stripes are fine because from a far they seem to look like a solid color. NOTE: color and pattern are not as essential as shape and fit. • Embroidery is suggested to be near the skirt hemline. Cover the hips, if it is a problem area, with long tops • Tops should slightly clingy to the waist to provide a slimming look. However, it shouldn't be too clingy or too loose either. Never wear anything that would make you look like that you are wearing a tent. Wide necklines are suggested. * Choose fabrics that fit great and give structure. Fabrics that cling at the problem areas are of course not recommended. Heavier fabrics and heavier weight cotton are the ones suggested for plus size women. These fabric controls the body shape rather than body shape the clothes. * Choosing the right hairstyle is also essential to prevent highlighting puffy cheeks and adding on a slimming illusion to your face Following these reminders may aid the average plus size person in choosing the right clothes and accessories for them. Here are some basic items that would look fabulous on those plus size women. 1. Wide-leg trousers. Be sure that it fitting on the your body's widest part and would just flow straight down. 2. V-neck tops. This kind of tops makes your neck look longer. Thus, making you look taller. 3. A-line skirts. This kind of skirt gives you the hourglass figure. It also goes great with a lot of other clothes. Today, plus size does not mean fat. It has already established its reputation in the fashion scene that it can be both sexy and sophisticated. In fact, more stores have added plus sizes in their racks to cater to more customers. Indeed, the plus size fashion skyrocketed in the market. Fashion has a great impact in ones society. Sometimes, we cannot escape that society would somehow dictate what looks good or not. However, with the right clothes and right attitude, your feeling gorgeous and sexy wouldn't be so hard in any size.

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Satellite internet service provides more speed

Dial up is the slowest way to connect to the Internet for people who do not have access to DSL or cable. The fact is that people in rural areas are not connecting with cable or DSL because the services do not extend that far out of local areas. This is frustrating for people who need to work at home or have a need for a fast computer. If you buy a new computer these days, you want a Internet that has some speed. Satellite Internet service is the way for people to have the speed they need for that new computer. When you buy a computer that has everything you want and need, you want to be able to use it in a way it was designed for, fast connections for downloading and uploading. Many rural residents with lightening fast satellite Internet service have replaced dial up and are reaching the potential of their computers. The speeds are faster than cable or DSL and allow you to do more things online that you could not do with dial up, cable or DSL. With satellite high-speed Internet, you are always connected to the Internet, therefore there is no waiting to connect. People who live in cities or rural areas that want to use Voip as their phone will need DSL or high-speed Internet to use this service.

If you use the Internet Voip phone system, a high-speed connection is the only way to use the phone system in real time. This is just another reason for people to have a satellite Internet service. You will find that many satellite services are following Hugesnet and offering their high-speed Internet connections. If they can match up speed wise, they are a good bargain. The only thing you have to consider is the connection speed, downloading and uploading times.

The best thing to do before selecting a satellite Internet service is to compare speed charts for downloads and uploads. If you would choose a service that is priced cheaper than another service, you may find out that the service is a little less than what you could get somewhere else. You also need to select a satellite service that gives you good television service. Some companies do not have reliable reception in certain areas or weather conditions.

This has to be a consideration as well when deciding on the type of Internet satellite you want to have in your home. High-speed satellite Internet service is nice to have if it works all the time. Dropped signals are rare with some providers, but are common with other providers. Since you need something reliable, you have to compare and maybe even check with neighbors to see if they have satellite to see if they have a preference for a specific provider. You want to have a fast connection and reliable service to use you computer the way it should be used.

Nothing less than fast will give you the true benefits of the newer computers today.

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Choosing a video game system which one is best for kids

In the old days, choosing a video game system for children wasn't all that hard. After all, parents didn't have to worry about games carried by systems like Atari (there was nothing threatening about Pac-Man or Space Invaders). Today, however, with the proliferation of games with mature content available on games supported by the major system manufacturers, parents want to know which system carries the most kid-friendly games, ones that the young ones will enjoy and one that parents will not regret spending money on. Let's start with the Sony PlayStation 2, the best-selling game console on the market today. There are literally thousands of titles available for this system, which cater to every age range. There are approximately 600 games for the PS2 that have the "E" rating, meaning that it is suitable for players ages six and above. However, many of these games are too complicated for young children to play. Games that children ten years old and above can enjoy are rated E10+, while those that are rated EC (Early Childhood) are of course, suitable for the very young. The PS2 carries about a dozen E10+ games, including movie-based titles like Shrek Super Slam for PlayStation 2 and Chicken Little. EC titles that little ones can enjoy include Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet, Eggo Mania and At the Races Presents Gallop Racer. Nintendo's GameCube console continues to be popular because it carries titles that are popular with children. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) lists 263 video game titles rated E for the GameCube, and these include some of the most popular and beloved among the children of today and years past, such as Sega's Sonic GEMS Collection, Nintendo's own Mario Party 6 and Mario Tennis. The Legend of Zelda series and several Pokemon titles are available exclusively on the GameCube as well. Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 video game consoles likewise have many, many titles that are rated E; the Xbox with approximately 270 games and the Xbox 360 with so far about a dozen -- but count on the number of Xbox 360 titles to increase since it's a new release. Some games published by Microsoft exclusively for the Xbox and the Xbox 360 and which have the E rating are Astropop and Feeding Frenzy. However, remember that most game publishers release crossover titles, or games that are available on multiple platforms. For instance, Eidos Interactive's LEGO Star Wars (rated E) is available for the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox; Activision's Madagascar (rated E10+) is available on the same platforms, while Global Star Software's Dora the Explorer (rated EC) is available on the PS2 and Xbox, but not on the GameCube. What about parental control options? Among the four systems, the Xbox and the Xbox 360 have the most efficient parental lock functions. Parents are able to set limits on the games and films to be played on the systems. If you set the system to play only E-rated games, kids won't be able to play DVD's or games that have Teen, Mature, or Adults Only ratings. The GameCube also has a parental lock feature, albeit a less effective one. Users note that all it does is tone down certain effects that might be troubling for children (for example, the amount of blood seen in games) but do not block the playing of games at all. It doesn't even screen or bleep offensive language. The parental control function of the PlayStation 2 is even worse -- it doesn't allow parents or anyone to restrict access to video games at all. The most parents can do is to set the PS2 to prevent their kids from watching DVD movies with inappropriate content. When it comes to price, the GameCube comes out tops. Available for only $99, it's significantly cheaper than the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, whose prices range from $150 to $199 (or more if bundled with game titles). The Xbox 360, being the newest of the bunch, is the highest-priced. For $299, you get the system and a wired controller. For $399, you get a wireless controller, a headset that players can use to talk to other people online, a 20 GB hard drive that is loaded with game-related videos and music, and a remote. Parents should go out and try each system personally as well as look at the different titles available for them before deciding which one to buy. Factors such as number and age of users at home, game title availability, and budget should also be considered. Each system has its own pros and cons, and families will differ in their preferences: some will be content with the limited but popular games of the GameCube; some might prefer the wider offering of the PlayStation 2 or the Xbox; others might opt for the high-tech features of the Xbox 360. But all things considered, making the right choice will provide hours of wholesome, fun, and worry-free entertainment for the little ones and for their parents as well.

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Laptop batteries and laptop battery care

Laptop Batteries are essential for keeping a laptop running properly. In many cases, businesses, whether personal or corporate, depend on laptops for business dealings day to day. There are a number of ways to properly care and maintain a laptops main power source, the battery. Battery construction of laptop batteries is very different from other traditional electronic device batteries. A brief overview of the construction of laptop batteries will help provide insight into factors that affect the life and care of laptop batteries. Laptop batteries are constructed with a number of crucial components to regulate charge and power supply to the laptop. A thermistor measures the charge of the battery and regulates how much charge the laptop sends to the battery.

When the battery is fully charged, the thermistor tells the laptop to stop charging. Safety fuses and breakers in the laptop battery also help prevent overcharging and aid in overall functionality of the laptop battery. So there is an essential communication that must occur between the components of the laptop battery and the laptop itself to ensure proper function of both the computer and the power supply. Laptop batteries are becoming more advanced that other types of batteries.

In the past they were constructed of NiCd or NiMH which provided less power and did not recharge well. Lithium polymer batteries are the newest revelation in battery technology and they are leaps and bounds beyond old metal batteries. They provide the right amount of power and charge in a fraction of the time of metal batteries. The advantages of lithium batteries make new laptop batteries more practical. Lithium batteries therefore help improve the life of laptop batteries and also make them a more valuable battery for the money. There are a number of precautions to take to ensure safe and practical function of the laptop battery.

Some laptop batteries can become overheated from charging which can create a fire hazard. It is important to place the laptop battery in a location that is free of flammable objects such as paper or furnishings. In general, it is good to avoid extreme temperatures for proper optimal function of a laptop battery. Battery life of a laptop battery depends greatly on how the laptop is used. A laptop battery will not last very long without being charged. A useful method to extend battery life is to close as many unnecessary programs as possible. By closing programs that will not be needed will save useful battery life. These are just a few pieces of information about laptop batteries that will help the user understand how to care for laptop batteries and how to manage laptop battery life. There is much more information about laptop batteries, including battery construction, battery charging and much more.

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Why every franchise should use electronic ufoc distribution

: In today’s world time is very important, if not everything. Time to prepare, time to market, time to close, time to roll out, and many other time related events can determine in great part whether a franchise venture is successful or yesterdays news. Franchises have been burdened, or perhaps mandated is a better choice of words, to comply with Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (“UFOC”) law for 25+ years. During this 25+ year period the UFOC has changed dramatically, and the legal bodies controlling its function and purpose have also changed, but one thing has remained constant over these years, and that is UFOC’s are expensive. They are very expensive to create, super expensive to produce and distribute, and unbelievably costly to store and audit. UFOC’s are one of the single greatest expenses new franchises face, and for the first time there is a cheaper and more effective way to do business. It is legal, it is safe, it is secure, it is encouraged and it will make an existing franchise more efficient and lower the barrier to entry for new franchisers. This revolutionary technology has only been around for 135 years, so it is about time the legislators let franchisers take advantage of the savings. What is this new technology you ask? It is electronic signature capturing, and New Hampshire was the first court system to rule on the validity of electronic signatures in 1869, it was in relation to the telegraph and signing for invoices for goods shipped by railway cars, but it was and is legal, so why not use it in other forms of business?

In the 1980’s businesses and courts started to ask this same question, and voilа there was the fax machine. The fax machine got the proverbial electronic signature ball rolling again in business, but the Internet will take it to its rightful level of use in business. Practically everyone has access to the Internet now. Public libraries, schools, businesses and 100’s of millions of homes have Internet connectivity available to them on demand. The fax machine was certainly prevalent, but it could never have the wide spread use and functionality that the Internet offers, and therefore the Internet is the best logical way to spread the use of electronic signatures.

Franchises may send their UFOC electronically to potential franchisees. They may do this by building internal delivery systems, or they may use external delivery services. The delivery method will depend on the size and nature of the franchise, but the purpose will be the same, cut costs and reduce time to close business. Any franchise that is not actively looking for an electronic UFOC delivery service is going to be left behind. Electronic delivery will shorten sales cycles by allowing franchises to start the 10 day waiting period immediately, and open up additional markets by reducing the cost of entry. Franchisers that embrace electronic UFOC delivery will save money and time in multiple ways. Take a look at the following chart. Costs Associated with a 150 Page Paper UFOC’s (1) 150 + Ink + Paper + Wear and Tear on printer = $3 (2) Binding = $1 (3) Outbound Overnight Shipping = $20 (4) Inbound Overnight Shipping = $20 (5) 150 Pages 1 Year Storage Using Government Estimate = $19 (6) Labor @ 2 Hours for Total Process – Sending and Receiving = $40 (7) 2 Days Opportunity Time for Best Delivery Option = $Unknown Total Cost of Using Paper = ($103.00) Costs Associated With Paperless UFOC Using Electronic Signatures Labor @ 15 Minutes for Total Process = $5 Sending File Electronically = $5 Delivery Is Immediate = No Lost Opportunity Costs Total Cost of a Paperless Transaction = ($10) Total Savings Using Electronic Signatures vs. Paper = $93.00 per UFOC The FTC has issued several Informal Staff Opinion Letters to electronic signature companies acknowledging that these services comply with the current FTC rules.

PrivaSign. com, located at http://privasign. com/laws-cfr-ftc. asp is one of the companies that received such an opinion letter, and additional companies may be found at the http:// ftc. gov website. By utilizing an electronic signature and UFOC delivery service, like PrivaSign, franchisers will save hundreds and potentially even thousands of dollars a month delivering their UFOC’s, and capturing new business. Franchisers who are slow to adapt new electronic signature methods will undoubtedly lose business to the faster and more aggressive franchises. Speed and timely delivery of materials will allow technology savvy franchisers to approach and win more business. In today’s franchise world prospects generally look at multiple franchisers before selecting which one is right for them. Therefore the franchiser who has the fastest response time, and the first chance to earn a potential franchisees business is more than likely going to win. Electronic UFOC distribution combined with an efficient electronic signature capture service is the right choice for virtually every franchiser. Explore the market and try out different providers to discover which one is right for you. The cost savings, the time savings and the efficiency gained by using electronic signature technologies is worth the effort.

By: Jason McKay

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6 questions to ask when choosing a home equity loan

So you need some money for unexpected expenses. The roof took on a leak, the deck rotted through and a new family addition tightened living space. You bought too much Christmas on credit now the bills are overwhelming. Junior got accepted to that Ivy League school. Tapping into your home equity can help ease your financial burden.

Before deciding on borrowing ask yourself a few questions first. 1. Do I need a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit? If interest rates are low, a loan is a smarter choice. You can borrow the full amount at once ant get a fixed rate on the entire amount. The advantage allows you to know how much to budget for monthly payments. On the other hand, a line of credit will let you borrow from a revolving line of credit with variable interest rates. You access the money just like a checking account by writing a check for the purchase. Then the amount used is paid back. If the rates fluctuate, your payments will also. 2. Are there restrictions on how I use the borrowed money? Most loans and lines of credit can be used for a variety of things. Whether you want to consolidate all your debts into one, do some home improvements or pay for college tuition, an equity loan or line of credit can be the answer. Be sure to ask yourself if you can afford the extra payments. Is your budget flexible enough? Will adding another payment won’t over-extend a tight budget? 3. How do I find the best interest rate? Your best bet to determine the variety of interest rates offered by financial services companies is to shop around. Ask questions. Try to find a company your comfortable doing business with. Look for ones that don’t charge application fees. Ask about charging a penalty for early payoff. 4. What is the term of the loan? Is it better to get a 5- 10- or 15 year term? You’ll want to determine what your financial future strategy is when deciding on the term of the loan. If you’re planning to retire soon, you may want to ask for a shorter term. The longer your loan terms, the lower your monthly payments. 5. Are there any tax advantages to borrowing with a home equity loan? There are many good tax advantages to home equity loans and lines of credit. The interest is tax deductible on your federal income tax. Be sure to consult your tax advisor before applying for a loan to be certain of the deductions. 6. Is the loan application lengthy and how long before I get an answer? More and more lenders are allowing consumers to apply for loans over the phone or on the Internet. It can take as little as 10 minutes for the application process. And many pre-approvals can be delivered in a few hours. Final approval often takes any where from 5 – 10 days while evaluating your house is taking place. Often the entire process can be completed without leaving your home with final documents and checks being sent through the mail. Tapping into your home equity to ease financial burdens can be a good idea. Do your homework. Shop around. Set up your budget. Use the money for what you need.

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5 tips to drinking beer responsibly

Being the most popular alcoholic beverage in existence, beer is everywhere. In certain situations, it is readily available and may present a problem for anyone who is not familiar with its side effects or being responsible in this situation. TDrink minimal quantities. If you find yourself drinking more than would be used in a social situation, alcoholism may be a lurking illness. The best way to avoid addiction is to drink minimal quantities and know when to stop. TDrink beer at home. The best way to drink beer responsibly is to simply drink it at home.

This will eliminate the danger associated with driving or getting into a confrontation with others. TDo not drive. If you have consumed beer, it is best not to drive. Not only may it be illegal, but also dangerous. If you need to go somewhere, walk or have someone to take you. TIf you are away from home and have been drinking, give your keys to a friend, designated driver or call someone to pick you up. If you need a ride home, you can call a friend, family member of even a taxi. Anytime that you are under the influence of alcohol, it is pertinent that you not attempt to operate an automobile. This could not only endanger your life, but those of others as well. TNever leave your drink unattended in a public place. This is especially true of restaurants, bars and/or anywhere that alcohol is served. Leaving your drink unattended may leave you susceptible to someone placing a substance in your drink. If you get up to dance or go to the restroom, order a new glass of beer when you return. If you are just mingling, take your drink with you. In the United States, an individual must be 21 years of age to purchase and/or legally consume beer. When purchasing alcohol, photo identification is required. This can be in the form of a driver’s license or other similar form of identification, which features a photo and birth date of the customer. A number of retail grocers, in the United States, prohibit the sale of beer before 12 p. m. in the afternoon. If you, or someone that you know, is believed to have a drinking problem, consult a local treatment center for diagnosis and therapy to help overcome the illness. Alcoholism is a disease that often requires professional medical care, which is why proper treatment is critical to its cure.

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Home espresso machine

The coffee craze has swept the nation! Starbucks are popping up on every street corner, in grocery stores, book shops, shopping malls, and even libraries. This coffee fever has spread to fast food restaurants, cafes, and restaurants, who are striving to provide their customers with a wider variety that black coffee in a Styrofoam cup. Since everyone is walking around sipping espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and every other coffee creation in existence, it is no surprise that the coffee business if a booming enterprise. If your yearly coffee budget has left you aghast, consider alternatives to buying those tasty espresso fixes. Many individuals find that the purchase of a home espresso machine can save them enough to pay for the machine many times over. You do not have to have professional barista training in order to run a home espresso machine, as most are incredibly simple to use with perfect results each and every time.

Instead of running out and buying a fantastically expensive espresso machine that you think will provide you with the best results, consider researching the most appropriate machine for your specific needs. A simple search on the World Wide Web will provide you with a great variety of machines that are geared towards individuals with a wide variety of needs. For those individuals with smaller kitchens or limited countertop space, the stovetop varieties of espresso machines may be the best option. These machines are not electric and work on the principle similar to that of a double boiler. Although these espresso pots are not equipped with an element that froths milk, they can produce a great cup of espresso nonetheless. Another option that is quickly becoming more and more popular is a machine that runs off specially designed pods. These pods contain the coffee ingredients and are inserted into the machine and the espresso is brewed. Pod espresso machines have come onto the market in the last couple of years, but are just reaching the height of their popularity.

Instead of hassling with grinding coffee beans or spilling ground coffee, these pods are mess and maintenance free. Also, many of the top name brand coffee producers are making pods with their signature blends, allowing you to enjoy the rich taste without the mess. If you are interested in directly recreating the fantastic espressos produced in your favorite coffee shop, turn to a professional espresso machine made for commercial purposes. Although these machines are often the priciest, largest, and loudest machines on the market, they are the ultimate luxury for those individuals wanting espressos at home. However, keep in mind that you do not have to spend hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars on a top of the line espresso machine to make excellent espressos in the comfort of your own home.

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Do you have all of your garden supplies

The garden season is close to beginning. If you have made a list it’s a good start. Here are some kid friendly garden supplies that should be on every kid gardener’s list. Garden pruners are like scissors. They are needed to cut branches back and even harvest fruit and produce.

There are different sizes from the smallest to larger branch pruners often called shears. A sturdy strong set of garden pruners is best. You also might want to consider the grip. Have the kids check out the grip before buying to make sure it fits their hands. A garden rake is a great clean up tool. It can also be great for sifting out rocks in a freshly tilled garden bed. Not all garden rakes are created alike. You have to find one you like and one that you can grip and use. There are several different types of rakes. There is a stiff rake, the kind used mostly in the garden. This usually has a horizontal set of teeth that aren’t retractable and flexible. This makes them strong and gives them the ability to be used to scrape the surface of the garden bed to remove rocks and other debris. A lawn and leaf rake is usually a flexible rake that can be retractable. It is used mainly for cleaning up leaves in the fall. Sometimes called a shovel, this little dandy of an item makes a child’s gardening experience a little easier. It has a versatile use. It can be used in almost every phase of the garden from transplanting to weeding to harvest time. A good pair of garden gloves is good for those tough to tackle jobs such as rose handling, thorn bush picking and other jobs that could require covering up the hands in some sort of protection. Certain plants give off chemicals that could be irritating to the skin. These could include, but isn’t limited to, the nightshade family (tomatoes, peppers and potatoes), onions and some herbs. Wearing garden gloves can help protect a child from these irritations. While some home and garden stores may carry kid sized gloves more likely they only have adult size. But luckily the women’s garden gloves are more likely to carry a smaller size and possibly neutral colors if necessary. Find gloves that fit snugly but do not constrict movement too much. You want the hand to be able to move freely and breath correctly. You can’t have a garden with the plants, right? You can’t have plants without seeds. Sure, you can buy plants already to transplant. But starting with seeds can be more rewarding and cost efficient. So buy a few seeds and start the garden today. The right soil make the difference between a mediocre garden harvest and a great harvest. There are many types of soil including germinating mixes to start seeds to top soil. Choosing the right soil can be daunting. Just read the instructions on each type to see what is best for your garden. While a garden journal isn’t an absolute necessity it can help the kid gardener in future gardening endeavors. A child can put down his or her thoughts on the garden, experiences and even make the garden supply list in the journal. You can either make the garden journal or buy it. Regardless of where you obtain the garden journal it’s a must for long term kid gardeners.

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The immune boosting power of colostrum

Bovine Colostrum is the form of "milk" taken from dairy cows, within 24 hours of giving birth to a calf. The liquid is known for its high protein immunoglobulin and antibody contents, and numerous immune and growth factors that can be highly beneficial to humans. Although many animals have some sort of colostrum, a lot of scientific research conducted in the last decade has shown that the combination of immune and growth factors in bovine colostrum are almost identical to those in human colostrum. Research has also shown that the substance of bovine colostrum is not species specific, and can work effectively to benefit humans as well as other mammals. Colostrum is highly beneficial to humans because of the fact that once puberty has passed, out bodies gradually produce less and less of the important immune and growth factors that help us heal damaged body tissue, and fight off dangerous diseases. It is due in part to the loss of these essential immune components, our bodies age and eventually die. Colostrum is the only completely natural source of these vital components, and has demonstrated the ability to kill viruses and bacteria, stimulate tissue repair (especially that of the bowel lining), stimulate fat utilization for fuel, optimize cellular reproduction, and ultimately slow down the aging process.

Taking Colostrum is especially important for those persons who were not breast fed at birth. Those of us who were formula fed, and missed out on the natural benefits of breast-feeding may have immune and digestive systems that are somewhat compromised. Colostrum can help in restoring these systems to optimal functioning levels, no matter how old we are.

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Are allergy shots effective

Itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing are all common symptoms which a vast majority of us experience as allergy symptoms at specific times throughout the year. Many individuals do everything in their power to avoid allergies including changing their diets, staying indoors or taking vitamin supplements. These may contribute to fighting allergies, but there is another effective way to do so. Immunotherapy or allergy shots are gaining popularity. Getting an allergy shot can be scary for some people, so we thought it would be best to fully explain allergy shots and address some common concerns. How Do They Work? Allergy shots contain a small amount of the substance which you are allergic to. If you are allergic to pollen, a small amount of pollen would be added to the shot.

The amount is small enough so that it does not cause you to suffering from allergy symptoms, but enough so that you body gets used to fighting the allergen. Therefore, the next time your body comes in contact with that substance, it will be familiar with fighting it off and you will most likely not suffer from allergies. Are Allergy Shots Safe For Everyone? Although most people will have positive results from allergy shots, they are not right for everyone.

Allergy shots are not recommended for individuals suffering from severe heart problems, asthma or other respiratory problems. Also, children under the age of 5 should not be exposed to allergy shots for safety reasons. What Is The Procedure? Once you have decided that you would like to get allergy shots, you will receive a shot 1 or 2 times a week for about 6 months. Afterwards, your maintenance shots will require you to get one shot a month, year round for about 3-5 years. Once you have received allergy shots on a regular basis for a couple years, you can discuss it with your doctor and they may tell you its okay to stop getting them at that point. What Are The Side Effects? Although allergy shots are effective for many individuals in eliminating allergy symptoms, certain individuals may experience some harmful side effects. Some people may experience feelings of shock when the shot is initially injected, others may feel light-headed or nauseated.

For this reason, doctors are required to keep patients in their office for at least 20 minutes after receiving each shot in order to ensure the patient’s safety. Some people swear by allergy shots while others criticize the effects or claim they don’t work effectively. If you are considering receiving immunotherapy, contact your doctor to discuss. Your doctor will give you more insight in order for you to determine if this is something you really want to do.

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What is endometriosis and what are endometriosis stages

What is endometriosis and what are the endometriosis stages? These are frequent questions since nearly 7 million women in their twenties to forties in the USA alone are affected with this painful and life-altering condition. The pain, cramping and other symptoms that can accompany the endometriosis stages can range from mild, to moderate, to so severe that the woman can hardly function day to day. What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is defined as the abnormal growth of endometrial cells that spread to areas in the body where they do not belong. Endometriosis tissue islets or implants can grow in the fallopian tubes, within uterine musculature or the outer surface of the uterus, the ovaries, pelvic organs, colon, bladder and the sides of the pelvic cavity. As the menstrual period approaches and begins, these implants swell with blood and bleed into the surrounding areas and tissues. The problem is that there is no place for the tissue and blood to go, and the result is inflammation and pain. What is endometriosis and its causes? While the causes of endometriosis symptoms are unknown, it appears that high estrogen levels in women contribute to having endometriosis. Endometriosis is more common in the industrialized countries, and women in the USA have the highest levels of estrogen of any country in the world. It often runs in families, and endometriosis incidence is higher in women with poor immune system function. Emotional issues are often involved as well in women with endometriosis. And in all these causes, hormonal imbalance is a common theme among the various factors. What are the endometriosis stages? According to Dr. Stanley West, reproductive health physician and author of "The Hysterectomy Hoax", the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has categorized endometriosis stages into these stages: Stage One - few endometrial implants, most often in the cul-de-sac in the womans pelvic area. Stage Two - mild to moderate levels of endometrial implants affecting one or both ovaries. Stage Three - moderate levels of endometriosis with implants in several reproductive areas, perhaps in one or both ovaries. Stage Four - the most severe of the endometriosis stages with widespread endometriosis implants throughout the pelvic area. The more widespread the endometriosis, the more likely fertility problems will be experienced. Anyone wanting to know what is endometriosis should learn more about the natural approaches recommended by naturopathic physicians and avoiding more drastic measures such as hysterectomy. Endometriosis ceases to be a problem after menopause, but menopause may be many years away. Although endometriosis is a difficult condition to treat, there are steps any woman can take to reduce the suffering that comes with the various endometriosis stages. Understand the consequences of hormone imbalance, how excess estrogen levels in the body happen, how to reduce unhealthy estrogen levels and the critical role that natural progesterone performs in helping women regain and maintain hormone balance. If you or someone you know is asking about what is endometriosis and what are the endometriosis stages, read about the successes of Dr. John Lee and other physicians using natural progesterone in reducing endometriosis symptoms and helping women get their health and their lives back again. Copyright 2005 InfoSearch Publishing

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Valentines day party games elementary kids

Valentines Day Party Games For Elementary Kids If you are planning a Valentine's Day party for children, games are essential. Here are some games appropriate for the elementary-age crowd. Bring in two large stuffed hearts (either pillows or just plush stuffed hearts). Divide the kids into two teams and tell them they must run to the finish line with the heart between their legs. So they won't run as much as stumbled forth. Once they return to the group, they should take the heart and give it to the next child, who puts it between their legs and so on. Whichever group finishes the entire relay first wins. Give the children a couple rolls of toilet paper and instruct them to wrap another child mummy style. This is a popular game at Halloween, but in this case they are wrapping a present. Divide the kids into two teams and time them. The team that finishes first, wins, and gets to put a big red bow on their "package". Help elementary students remember some of the great couples by having them complete the match to a famous other half. For example, if you say "Romeo" their answer would be "Juliet" (hopefully). To play this game, divide the kids into two groups and give each a buzzer or similar type item. Present the famous start of the pair. You might say, "peanut butter" and if one of the teams knows the match is "jelly" they will buzz in with their answer. Some other options are: "Eggs and (bacon)" "Coffee and (sugar or cream is OK here)" "Cinderella and (Prince Charming)" "Cookies and (milk)" Kids love those little Valentine's candy conversation hearts available everywhere around Valentine's Day. Create a heart-stacking contest, which is a lot of fun and can create some team spirit. Initially, each child will get many hearts. Plan to have a few bags on hand if you are doing this game with a classroom full of kids. Have them build as high as they can with the hearts within in a given period of time (30 seconds to a minute is plenty). If their contraption falls, they are out. Keep playing the game over and over again until you are down to two final contestants. Have everyone cheer him or her on as they try to build the highest (and longest lasting) tower of hearts. Be sure to have a prize for the winning architect. This game is always a hit with kids because what kid doesn't love a good balloon? Give each child a balloon (not inflated) and have him or her blow it up. Have a target somewhere in the room, and in this case a big heart will do, and have them let go of their (untied) balloon in the direction of the target. Whoever gets their balloon the closest to the target gets a prize. If someone gets a direct hit, that's two prizes. Keep the target on the ground to make this game easier. Based on the ages and abilities of the kids in the group, you can have them stand close or somewhat far away from the target when they let their balloon go. All kids love a good game of Bingo. For a seated game that might help the kids rest for a minute, play a game of Valentine's Day-themed bingo. The bingo squares might have pictures on them like hearts, flowers, cupid, arrows and the like. Be sure to have a prize for the winner, and play the game over and over so the kids can all have a turn at winning. To make everyone happy on this day of love, play a game of "throwing the smile". Sit everyone in a circle and have one person smile wildly at the rest of the group. Everyone else must sit as stone-faced as possible. Then the person smiling dramatically wipes the smile off their face (by literally using their hand over their mouth in a swiping motion) and "throws" the smile to the next person in the circle. That person puts the smile on, and again makes a wild, silly smile at the group, then wipes it off and moves on. As soon as someone smirks or smiles that is not supposed to be smiling at that moment, they are out. It's harder than it sounds and kids often end up in gales of laughter, even when they're trying to be serious. Word count 732

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Online mortgage refinance quotes tips to finding a better rate

Do you know the benefits on the Internet today when searching for a lender to refinance your mortgage? It definitely can be a daunting task and even an agonizing search to get lined up with a refinanced mortgage with better terms and rates. Here are some tips: Tip 1. Security and personal information No one likes unsolicited propositions and today there are companies that take your privacy very seriously. The last thing you want is to simply make an enquiry and then to be barraged with Mortgage lenders that seem to come out of the woodwork. Reputable companies will display on their web site how your personal information is used and what is collected. Never deal with a web site that does not clearly indicate how your personal information is used and what a steps they take to prevent fraud. Tip 2: Competing lenders under one roof There are dedicated companies on the internet today that are not actual lending institutions but provide you with multiple financial service providers that want to compete for your business. This is a big advantage for you in a competitive marketplace because it really reduces the time searching for a lender with a mortgage that has better rates than their competitors. Tip 3: Know your only shopping to refinance your mortgage When different lenders contact you, let them know that you are comparing their Refinance options and rates with other lenders. They don’t necessary want to lose you to the competition and may even go to better lengths to get a better rate than their competitors. Tip 4: No cost to you for information Reputable financial institutions know that they are competing for your hard earned dollars and getting information to you should not cost anything. It is only after you decide to go with a certain lender and the deal closes, then transactions complete. Tip 5: You are not committed to any lender for a quote Companies that provide you with multiple lenders and the financial institutions giving you their quotes know that you are doing comparison-shopping for better mortgage rates and terms. You are under no obligation to go with a certain lender when you receive a quote. Even when you have all the information, it is your choice to go with a certain lender or to stay with your current mortgage lender. In Conclusion, more than ever today, many companies take your privacy very seriously especially in the prevention of fraud. Instead of hunting for a lender one by one, there are companies dedicated to provide multiple lenders saving you a time-consuming search process. There should never be any cost or obligation to getting the information you need to make better decisions. Lenders will even give the extra effort knowing the competition may take your business possibly giving a better refinance deal than expected.

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What is a good home insurance policy

Home owners insurance policies are designed to protect your house and personal property against losses from the perils listed in your policy. Home owners insurance rates vary widely based on your geographic location. Areas prone to hurricanes, floods, hail, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters will generally have higher rates. Even the distance to the nearest fire department or fire hydrant can have an impact on your home owners insurance rates. Knowing Your Policy Is VERY Important Coverage for Property and Possessions Liability Coverage Theft Off Premises Additional Living Expenses What Can a Homeowner Do To Be Prepared? What Can a Homeowner Do To Save Money? Coverage for Property and Possessions Damage to the dwelling and the contents could be the biggest unexpected disaster awaiting a homeowner who has less coverage than needed. Most policies provide a stated maximum amount of coverage for the dwelling and another amount for contents. Generally, dwelling coverage is based on replacement cost, which means that in the event of a total loss, the policy will provide reimbursement, up to the policy limit, to replace the structure. Ideally, a homeowner should buy enough insurance to completely rebuild the home, known as replacement value. This figure may not be the home's actual market value or what the owner originally paid for the home. This is especially true in a depressed or an inflated market or if the home is simply not replaceable to its condition prior to the loss. Replacement cost policies, which may pay over the policy limit to rebuild the home, may be available from your insurer. To determine how much insurance to purchase, an accurate appraisal of the home for replacement cost should be made. Working with your insurance company is important in this process. Most insurers recommend or require that a homeowner insure the dwelling for 100 percent of its full replacement value. Some homes, very unique ones such as national register-types or very elaborate ones, cannot be insured for exact replacement since some features are not replaceable in either workmanship, materials or practical costs. The insurer and/or the agent is the best source for these issues. Coverage for personal property is different. Most policies provide actual cash value coverage for contents which includes depreciation, or full value contents without depreciation. Actual cash value means that if a power surge blows out a 10-year-old television set, the homeowner should know what to expect. Unlike full value contents coverage, which would essentially provide a new television set, actual cash value coverage allows the insurance company to calculate the useful life of the item and then depreciate the item to present value. A depreciated 10-year-old television set would be insured for only a fraction of its original cost. A homeowner may want to consider replacement cost coverage to be sure that the contents are adequately insured. In addition to making sure that contents are covered for replacement cost rather than actual cash value, homeowners should purchase additional coverage for items that would ordinarily be subject to loss limitations. Virtually all policies cover contents loss up to the policy limit for items that include furniture, clothing, toys, accessories such as lamps and other items which are used for decor. Explicit limitations are set in the policy for high-cost items such as jewelry, fine art, furs, electronics, collectibles, oriental rugs and antiques. If a thief comes in and steals a two-carat engagement ring, it will not be covered well enough without what is commonly known as a personal property rider to cover specific, costly items. For more information on home owners insurance visit our specialist site below.

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Corporate accounting microsoft dynamics gp 9 0 future horizons notes for consultant

As we are writing this article – a lot of new ERP related information about Microsoft Business Solutions products: Axapta (Microsoft Dynamics AX), Navision (Microsoft Dynamics NAV), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Great Plains is published on the daily basis, especially with the advance of the so-called “Project Green”. We would like to be a bit pessimistic and toss in new ideas about future Microsoft MRP products development and marketing positioning as we see the development on European (including UK, East Europe: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, plus Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece), Latin American (including Brazil, where Microsoft is starting from scratch) and Asian ERP markets. • Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Microsoft Dynamics AX. This is probably the question of future positioning of these two ERPs. Axapta has modern design (the end of 20th century), while Great Plains Software Dynamics was designed in the beginning of 1990th as Great Plains Dexterity application • Microsoft Dynamics GP USA MRP market. This seems to be the stronghold of Microsoft Great Plains. Microsoft Business Solutions makes its Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 the first wave of its Project Green with the switch from Microsoft Dexterity to. Net and Visual Studio development: C# and VB, plus the increased role of eConnect (initially introduced for eCommerce web XML developers, now the middle tier to resolve Great Plains Dexterity peculiarity with generic. Net development) • Microsoft Dynamics GP European ERP Market. In Europe Microsoft Great Plains is leaving its French, German, Spanish and Dutch positions (leaving current Microsoft Great Plains clients to switch to Navision or Axapta). Microsoft Dynamics GP will stay in UK, Australia, New Zealand, LATAM: Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Salvador, Panama, Caribbean • Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft CRM 3.0 will become the CRM frontend for all the Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, including Great Plains, Axapta, Navision, Solomon. The most interesting part is Microsoft CRM integration, when you can automatically move Customers, Quotes, Orders from Microsoft CRM to accounting back end – here you have two options: use Microsoft Great Plains CRM integration (based on BizTalk for CRM 1.2 or eConnect based integration for MS CRM 3.0 and GP 9.0) • Oracle/Java/EJB/J2EE. Here we have to appeal to our third party programming expertise and knowledge/experience with Oracle Financials/Oracle E-Business Suite/Oracle Applications development and Programming • SAP MRPs. SAP is another traditional MRP market leader. For years ago SAP purchased Israel made MRP software application, now known as SAP Business One. SAP Business One is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office (what is the next step from SAP R/3 mySAP project Mendocino with Microsoft for the next few years), plus SBO is integrated on the Sales and Purchasing transaction consolidation level wit mySAP/SAP/R3. In the case of SAP – you will need customization/integration partner to help you with the above consolidation • International aspects. Well – as you can conclude from this whitepaper and our past publications – Microsoft Great Plains / Dynamics GP is not supported for non English or Spanish speaking countries. In the case of Brazil/Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro/Salvador – population speaks in Brazilian Portuguese. SAP Business One could be a good spoke/hub ERP application to be consolidated to Microsoft Dynamics GP/NAV or AX in the USA/UK/France (including Canada/Montreal/Quebec)/Germany/Europe Please do not hesitate to call or email us: USA 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 help@albaspectrum. com

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Og joint ventures 12

Joint Ventures: A Great Way to Jump-Start Your Business Before continuing to read, answer these 2 simple questions first. • Do you have an online business that you just finished making with all the links and buttons functioning properly and has an affiliate program but you need to jump-start it with no money for advertising? • Do you want your products or services in front of thousands of customers within hours without spending a penny for the offer? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then joint ventures is the best option you want. Before getting excited, you should first know that joint ventures have advantages and disadvantages. Firstly you have to know what joint venture is. A joint venture is a collaboration or partnership by two or more companies for mutual gain, usually profit sharing. It’s that simple. You might ask what makes a joint venture very advantageous. Joint ventures allow you to use other people’s web asset, like targeted web traffic. Another is that you can expand your credibility by joining up with different reputable, branded business. With joint venture you can obtain new leads to customers, get discounts on products and services, save money on business management expenses, you can have an advantage over your competition, get referrals from other businesses, save lots of time and money on advertising, gain valuable skills and knowledge, safeguard your cash flow, get rid of extra inventory of your products. Also, by saving money, you can get out of debts much quicker. With joint ventures, you can discover hidden income streams, trade unproductive products for money making ones to your partners, increase sales and profits, learn new information from experts for free, increase income by more affiliates wanting you to sign up for their company, you can offer your products at a much lower rate than that of your competitions. This is why joint venture is a great method to jump-start your business, especially if you signed up as an affiliate. What is the best joint venture partner? The best joint venture partner would be newsletter owners and website owners that are related to your website product and services. These are the advantages of a joint venture. The disadvantages are: Locating newsletter and website owners that are related to your website product or services and getting them to accept your proposal. This can be quite a task for someone who’s new to joint ventures. This is because the internet is a very big place. And finding a newsletter or website owner can be difficult for a beginner. This can also be difficult for someone who doesn’t spend much time in the internet and only has an online business for making some extra buck. To find a responsive joint venture partners try to consider these following guides: Since finding a joint venture can be difficult, you should do what most people do. Use search engines, type in keywords that is relevant to the products or services you are selling. After you typed in your search, you will get a list of results. Click on a link that you think would make a good potential joint venture partner. If it doesn’t accept your proposal then move on to the other sites. Try to focus your search on the first two pages of the results, if you come up with no results, try using different keywords. If you see a potential joint venture partner, contact them by locating their contact information in their website. If you don’t find anything on your search results, you can find some potential joint venture partners in forums, newsletter directories, newsgroups and membership sites. Write an article about your product and services and post them in article publishing websites, include a sentence that you are looking for joint venture partners. This way, a business will seek you out and not the other way around. Once you find a business, email them about your joint venture proposal, tell the business owner the benefits of joint venture. Explain to the business owner why it would be a win-win situation for both of your business. Also, people like to be complimented, do this on their business, website, products, articles and others.

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