Lease a private jet and travel in the lap of luxury

: If the executives of your company have to travel regularly, leasing a private jet can help you in your business to a great extent. Whether you are concerned about time, flexibility, safety or privacy, a chartered executive private jet seems to be the order of the day. Luxury private jets are the signature of high-flying business people. Leasing a private jet for personal use is also beneficial. The cost of leasing a private jet may be a little high, but the safety and time-savings that they offer easily justify the cost. Leasing a private jet has several advantages: It’s Hassle-freeWhile using commercial flights, you have to go through the mandatory time-consuming security check-ups. Removing shoes, unpacking and repacking carry-on luggage, standing in queues takes up a lot of time. You may even be required to arrive at the airport several hours early. On the other hand, imagine no luggage or security checks, no removing your shoes, no queues and no delayed planes. With private jet charter; pilot, crew members and stewardess are available for you 24/7. Your chartered private jet is waiting for you to take off, rather than you waiting for your flight to take off. Save Precious TimeTime is money for top corporate executives.

Being stranded at a commercial airport for several hours is a complete wastage for time. Executive’s time is valued at and its wastage can’t be justified at any cost. Therefore, executive private jets become the best option. It’s time efficient and maximizes productivity of the employees by saving their valuable time. Luxurious InteriorOn a private charter jet you are offered a luxury which you can never dream of receiving in a commercial plane. The seats are extremely comfortable with plenty of leg room. They almost look like a comfortable living room with TV, phone lines, computer as well as fully stocked bars. Apart from that, the oxygen flow in the interior of a private jet is much superior. On a commercial plane, pilots often reduce the oxygen level to minimize costs aggravating the effects of jet lag. Guarantees ConfidentialityExecutives of giant companies have a busy life.

They like to work when flying. Now commercial flights don’t make it possible. After all it’s like risking your company’s confidential information by working on a laptop which half a dozen people can see. Traveling on a private jet ensures the confidentiality of your business. You can work or even conduct business meetings aboard with a relaxed mind without being bothered about spying eyes. Additional ComfortYou can have menus and drinks customized according to your needs and demands.

If your trip is for pleasure your favorite forms of entertainment are also arranged. Stay groundedHold a conference inside the cabin, or talk to people on the ground. As majority of the private jets have excellent, sophisticated communication equipments, you can always stay in touch.Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure on a private jet you are assured personalized service in every aspect of your travel. It truly is the ultimate way to travel. Enjoy the opulence and luxury of a private jet, save time and have peace of mind.

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Planning the perfect barbeque party

Planning The Perfect Barbeque Party No barbeque would be complete without guests and proper outdoors weather. Plan ahead of time, checking with your potential guest for scheduling conflicts and issues. Finding a date and time that is suitable for everyone should not be to far as long as you everyone enough advanced notice. Alternatively, be sure to check the weather for that type of year. If you live in a climate that cannot be predicted, then you may want to have a backup plan just incase unusual weather comes. You cannot predict things like rain and thunderstorms ahead of time, but you can make sure that you hold you barbeque during the time of year that will be pleasant to your guests. A barbeque in cold weather may hold more negative memories of trying to keep warm rather then good memories of family and friends. Barbequing has been around since early cavemen figured out that food tasted great after being cooked on an open fire. Perhaps one of the main memories attached to a family barbeque is what was on the menu that day. Barbequing opens a whole array of types of foods available. The type of foods you serve should largely depend on your crowd and the event in which you are celebrating. With the wide range of possibilities, you are sure to find at least a few items that will please your crowd. Make sure that you prepare ahead for your barbeque. 12 to 24 hours before you plan on beginning the party, make sure to thaw, prepare, and marinate the meat you will be cooking. Once you have the meat stored away, soaking up the marinate, then you must start thinking about what types of side dishes you will be having. If you want a completely tradition barbeque, you may want to stick with traditions sizes. Traditional barbeque sides include potatoes and potato salad, baked beans, and coleslaw. Your traditional condiment bar should include pickles, relish, and onions. These foods are typically severed at barbeques because they are easy to prepare and store until the event happens. You may want to cook other items, but any barbeque is complete with just the items listed above. A themed barbeque may present more opportunities to hold a festive event. With a themed event, you can splurge on the atmosphere and decorations. Matching tablecloths, napkins, and plates can be found at any local store. You can also match your dйcor to the party. For example, a luau could simply be creative colored utensils, leis, and Tiki torches, all of which are extremely cheap. You can even reuse the Tiki torches later! Your party area should be set up before guest arrive. It only takes a few minutes to get everything ready, but the reaction you get from your arriving guests may make you feel like you were preparing and decorating all day. Depending on the situation, you may or may not want to have the food already cooking on the grill. The smell will surely be inviting if you start cooking ahead! Barbeque Recipe Ingredients: 5 pounds pork spareribs 1 cup water 1/3 cup butter or margarine 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup dry mustard 1/4 cup chili powder 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon paprika 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspon cayenne pepper Instructions: Place spareribs on broiler pan. Cover with foil. Roast at 400 degrees F. for 1 1/2 hours. Meanwhile, combine remaining ingredients in medium saucepan; mix well. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer for 30 minutes. Brush sauce on ribs. Broil 5 inches from heat for 7-10 minutes on each side. Serve ribs with additional sauce. (Word count 618)

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How to make a joint venture successful

This text is a chapter of the book "Successful Joint Ventures" soon to be released on the market. Question: What was your first successful JV, and what were the steps you took to make it successful? Hello. This is Valerie Vauthey speaking. I am the CEO & Founder of the fastest growing coaching company in North America and Europe: MyPrivateCoach. com I would like to share with you a few of my experiences regarding business and more specifically with Joint Ventures. I have started, grown, and sold FOUR Joint Ventures so far and I just started a new one. Out of the first four JVs, 3 were a great success and 1 was a failure (though I did not lose a dime, let's say I just did not make money). Looking back at what made the JV successful, I think I can now reasonably well understand why one went astray and did not generate the forecasted revenues. The first JV I ever started was a high-tech company which applied the artificial intelligence concepts to financial markets. Because I was not a techie person, the critical part of this JV was to find a 50/50 partner who would be the techie side of the business. I would be the sales and CEO side of the business. This is the #1 CFOS (Critical Factor of Success): Finding the right partner. The right partner is the one who brings what you do not have and are not able to acquire easily. This requires a high-level of self esteem as one has to accept his or her limits. The right partner is also somebody you know well. Not a person met at a fair or on an online network and with whom you only exchanged a few emails. It is easy to get excited when we meet somebody online and find that we share a lot of elements but always do your homework and learn as much as possible about the other person before jumping in the bath as we say in French. If you do not find the right partner, then your JV is dead before even having started! What's the worst that can happen when you choose the wrong partner? Well, you can be mislead. And this is easy to do! Since this partner knows things you don't! You can also be lied to when a partner who is supposed to bring a sales pipeline or access to hundreds of thousands of people, reveals him/herself as a nice speaker with nothing in the basket (another French expression ;o) One of the mistakes I have made and from which I have learned is that I used to believe my partners and follow them blindly. One time, I was approached by a potential partner who seemed extremely well connected and whose role would have been to spread the word while I would be the captain on board, the visionary. We did have a vision...but the millions of contacts? never materialized! That's ok. We will all make a mistake here and there. As long as we learn from them it is a lesson of life and we will remember it. So remember: choose a partner you know preferably choose a partner who has experience your partner should have an experience and a skill set you do not have your partner should have access to a network of people you do not know choose a partner who can prove what he/she says when it comes to sales pipeline and large distribution lists #1 CFOS Good Example: To start my latest JV, I chose Kimberly Wells, one of our great coaches on board at MyPrivateCoach. I have the vision. She has the skill set. We are totally complementary. The vision was to start an online boot camp company attractively priced at 99 cents a day. I had known Kimberly for quite a while. We had had time to exchange and discover each other! After 6 months of brainstorming and work, we launched 30dayBootCamp. com and we started selling our first bootcamps within days. #1 CFOS Bad example: Two years ago, I started a website with a person I barely knew but who made me believe he had access to literally millions of addresses. Needless to say, these addresses did not exist. Now that I know how hard it is to build a meaningful subscribers list, I know why! I wasted my time on this but no money. Maybe my female intuition was talking to me while I slept! It still qualifies as a failure to me. The #2 CFOS in a JV is timing and vision. People who start a JV tend to be in a hurry. They want to succeed yesterday as opposed to tomorrow. A JV is not a "regular" company where you have a CEO who drives the team. In a JV, as commonly understood today, both partners have technically the same power. Because both parners can pull the company at the same time, it is important that your sense of timing be the same. Do you want to make 1 million within the next 6 months? Does your partner want to make 10 millions within 12 months? Do you want this to be a side business? Does he/she want this to be HUGE company? As you can see, if you do not have the same perception of things (vision and timing) you are doomed to failure. So remember: choose a partner who has the same grand vision about what the business should become (a side-business or the next Microsoft) choose a partner who thinks like you when it comes to timing: when do you want success to become true? #2 CFOS Good Example: With Kimberly Wells on 30dayBootCamp. com, we have the same vision. We want to become the reference when it comes to bootcamps and online self help. We also have the same timeframe as a reference: we are giving ourselves 12 months to meet full success! #2 CFOS Bad Example: With my not-so-successful JV, we had a major difference of perception when it came to the vision and of course to the timing. I had another company to take care of, I did not have the same sense of urgency as this person had. These two major (and should I say "critical") differences collided and we stopped working together. This leads us to another point: how much time do you have? One important point when you start any company for that matter, is the TIME issue. This will be our #3 CFOS. One common cause of JV or busines failure in general is the lack of time or a poor time organization. If you are planning to start a JV on the side while taking care of your family, a time-consuming job and a intensive social life, chances are you will not succeed. Does this sound tough? tough love maybe! But it is critical that you allocate all your energy and time to your new business venture. A new endeavor requires your full attention. What about finding a balance between your personal life and your business? I personally believe that there is no balance to be found in the first few months you start a business. YOu need an understanding spouse and family environment and go for it. Work hard and do not listen to those who sell seminars and expensive teleclasses trying to make you believe you can become rich and famous without working hard. A key reason for failure is giving your time away to other people or projects. Be focused! ONLY ONE NEW BUSINESS AT A TIME. Don't you worry. As soon as your business takes off the ground thanks to your hard work, you will be able to re-establish a nice personal/professional balance. So remember: you need to focus on ONE project at a time to be successful you need to have ample time to start and grow your business do not look for life balance when you start a business. It is very hard tomaintain and will be an energy drainer do not spend your time and money on online programs which do not offer one-on-one support #3 CFOS Good Example: You start a business like my last JV (30dayBootCamp. com) while you are conducting another business. You allocate clear time slots for this venture. YOu write them down as busy time and never schedule anything at that time. For 30dayBootCamp, I allocated more time at the beginning than now of course. But I always sticked to my resolution when it came to time management. Now, this JV has taken off so I have reduced my time allotment for this project but I still stick to an organized pattern. #3 CFOS Bad Example: My not-so-successful JV was a victim of this CFOS. I simply did not allocate enough time and resources in general to this project. Maybe because somewhere deep deep inside me I did not believe in it. So, suppose you have found the right partner, you share the same vision, the same timeline and you can allocate the same amount of resources... What's still missing to make this JV a big success? You still need: a great product, a target market and a great networking ability (or enough cash in the bank to hire a great publicist!). Would that be enough? Well not even. YOu see, having the best partner on earth, the best product and a market waiting for you is not even enough.. According to venture capitalists, on a scale from 1 to 10, an idea only represents 1! They like to say that what matters most is "Business Planning". Indeed, only when you have understood the inner details of your vision will you be able to execute and become successful. So our #4 CFOS is Business Planning. You cannot improvise when it comes to business planning. If you don't know how to write a meaningful business plan, then hire a specialist. I have been teaching how to write business plans for the past few years and I can say that only professional business plans get funded. Not looking for funds? Not a problem! YOu still need to thoroughly understand what your product will be, your market, your competitors, your execution plan, your marketing challenges, etc..... So remember: you need a great product you need a target market (unless you are wealthy enough to create your own market) you need a business plan #4 CFOS Good Example: for my first high-tech startup, the one which developed a software based on artifial intelligence concepts, I wrote a complete 50 page business plan. Only then did we uncover tricky aspects of our business model. This helped us raise the money we needed and find the clients we wanted! #4 CFOS Bad Example: I cannot talk for myself because I always do what I preach but I will talk about startup failures. In the late 90's, VCs were easily showering with dollars any person with a great idea. Business Plan? not needed. A one-pager maybe but that was pretty much about it. Hence staggering sums put down the drain with countless startups. An idea is not enough, you need a plan! There are other factors of success when you start and grow a JV. But if you do your homework right, write a business plan (and insist on the parts you dislike most, this is where you are likely to find business traps), look for and find a great partner and are ready to work hard towards achieving your goal, then you will have put all the chances for success on your side and you will be on your way to an amazing and rewarding journey! ##### Publisher's Box ##### © Valerie Vauthey. Business Coaching at My Private Coach Valerie Vauthey is the CEO & Founder of My Private Coach. She can be contacted at info@myprivatecoach. com. Get a taste of coaching FREE today, schedule your first free session! This article may be published without the consent of the author so long as the publisher's box is included in the post. ##### End Publisher's Box #####

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Stop wasting money each month on high credit card interest payments

Do you know what your credit card is truly costing you and how to lower credit card interest rate? Many people assume that they do, but aren’t familiar with the hidden fees that many credit card companies are charging. In fact, if you don’t keep close tabs on your credit card, you may end up paying hundreds of extra dollars per year—without ever really knowing it! And if you’re trying to budget your money, those hidden fees can add up! Let’s take a look at some of the most common credit card fees, and then talk about how you can avoid them. Grace Periods In the past, we could always count on grace periods before we ever had to start paying interest. For example, if we charged our card to the limit, and could get it paid off before the grace period expired, then it would be like a free loan—we wouldn’t have to pay any interest. Unfortunately, the credit card companies are making this harder and harder to do. For starters, many of them have reduced the traditional 30 day grace period to 20-25 days. If you hold a credit card, but didn’t realize this, then you’re likely paying interest without even knowing it! What’s worse is that more and more credit card companies are eliminating grace periods altogether. That means if you charged lunch today at noon, at 12:01 pm, you would be already paying interest on it. How about your credit card? You need to take a close look at the fine print and find out what kind of grace period you have. If your credit card company has reduced it significantly, or eliminated it altogether, you should seriously consider canceling it and getting a more user-friendly card. Late Fees When is the last time you checked to see what amount your credit card company charges you for a late fee? The truth is that these fees have doubled in just the past ten years, and that, combined with the reduced grace period, means that the credit card companies are raking in a lot of dough on late fees! If it’s possible, you should try and send off the check (or electronic transfer) the day that you receive your credit card bill. There are three reasons why it’s important never to be late. The first is obvious; you will want to do everything in your power to avoid a hefty late fee. Next, if you are late, it will likely be reported to the credit agency and you will have a bad mark on your credit report. The third is the direst, and we’ll discuss it below. Interest Rate Hikes Did you know that if you are late--even one time—on your credit card payment, the company will in all likelihood raise your interest rates? That’s right; one late payment gives them the right to do it. What’s more, that isn’t just limited to your credit card payment. Any late payments from any lender that show up on your credit report gives them the justification to raise your rates, so be careful! Why continue to pay high charges and interest rates at 15-20% when it is so easy to find 0 interest rate credit card offers for periods of 12 months for balance transfers and purchases. Not only can you find a 0% apr introductory offer, but you will also find cards that include reward offers. Most people are aware of the air miles reward offers, but you can also find cards with rebates for gas and supermarket purchases and a host of unique product offers. It is crazy that we can continue to waste huge amounts each month on interest payments. I suggest that you take action today to get a grip on your credit card charges.

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Development procedures for building effective management systems phase iii

Part One of Series: http:// bizmanualz. com/articles/01-13-05_Systems_Discovery. html? src=ART42 Part Two: http:// bizmanualz. com/articles/01-18-05_Systems_Planning. html? src=ART43 Next Week: Implementation Before beginning our discussion of The Development Phase, let’s recap. In Phase I (Discovery) we learned how your organization specifies the project mission, objectives and effectiveness criteria. Phase II (Planning) entailed setting requirements for project tools, budgets and schedules to manage your project. Strong Policy and Procedure System Now, I’m no entertainment mogul, but The Development Phase reminds me of producing a Hollywood movie. When we sit in a theater and watch the latest blockbuster, we see a finished product and assume it was made pretty much as it looks. And we would be wrong. Making a movie, much like the process of building a strong policy and procedure system, is a non-linear process with a tremendous amount of “behind the scenes” support. Management and Project Leader Just as every great movie is guided by a talented Director; your effort to build an effective management system requires a skilled Project Leader. The role is especially critical in the Development Phase because it is during this stage that the time, effort and expense of the entire project cast is involved, and much like the actual shooting phase of a film production, it can consume up to 50% of your project cost. What skills make a strong Project Leader? Besides the obvious qualities of good organizational, communication and time management skills, I include policy and procedure or process development expertise. Depending on your staff, this may require an outside resource. Policy and Procedures Document Control You might be surprised to learn that movies are seldom shot in "linear sequence"... that is, from start to finish. For a number of reasons, the director will organize scenes into groups that are filmed "out of sequence," then edited into their correct place. Similarly, your firm will want to conduct the Development Phase by organizing related processes into a grouping and then completing these before going on to the next set. Your development work will begin by establishing a policy and procedures document control flow and format (think of these as setting the stage). Next your assigned writers will craft the actual documents from base materials (refining the script). Then a process walk through is performed and tested for compliance and effectiveness (Dress rehearsal). Once this process grouping is completed, you move on to another set. Development Process At the end of a film, I’m always amazed at the long scroll of credits after the actor’s names. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to make it all happen, and your development process is no different. You’ll rely on valuable support documents such as job descriptions, forms, technical manuals, training programs and reference material to develop your new management system. Documentation, Assessment and Review A motion picture can’t be released until all the scenes are shot and edited. Likewise, you will want to complete the process documentation and a review of ALL your processes as a completed system before moving on to the next phase – Implementation. The Development Phase should take 2-4 months, depending on the number of processes, compliance requirements and skills of the writers/reviewers. Next time, we will look at the implementation phase, and see just what is involved. You have permission to publish this article free of charge, as long as the resource box is included with the article. If you do run my article, a courtesy reply to sean@bizmanualz. com would be greatly appreciated. This article is 592 words long including the resource box. Thanks for your interest.

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Information about debt consolidation loans with bad credit

Finding debt consolidation loans with bad credit can be quite a task… after all, a lot of lenders don't want to take a risk on someone who is such an obvious credit risk. Luckily, however, a lot of lenders will take that risk; it's simply a matter of knowing what they're looking for, and how best to approach them for a loan. Asking around to see which banks and lending companies offer debt consolidation loans with bad credit is a good start, and from there it's simply a matter of presenting yourself in the best possible light in order to improve your chances of getting the money that you need. Debt consolidation at a glance Before applying for debt consolidation loans with bad credit, it helps to know exactly what debt consolidation is. Basically, consolidating your debt means that you're getting a loan that will be applied toward your outstanding debts… either paying them off completely, or paying off a portion of the debt to make the rest more manageable. This leaves you with the loan payment as either your only payment to make or at least one of a few payments to make, and making it easier for you to repay fewer debts than when you had the larger amount. Debt consolidation loans with bad credit are almost always secured loans, meaning that you've got collateral (such as a car or real estate) on the line to ensure that you repay what you've borrowed. Getting the most from your loan To get the best value and lowest interest rate when trying to get debt consolidation loans with bad credit, it's best to use your most valuable property as your collateral and ask for considerably less than its total value. This insures that the lender will get their money back one way or another, and usually makes them much more willing to issue debt consolidation loans with bad credit. Paying off as much of your debt as you can before applying is a good idea, too… it shows that you're serious about getting out of debt, and are making a legitimate effort. If it looks like you really want to fix your debt and credit problems, then you're more likely to be eligible for lower interest rates and better terms for debt consolidation loans with bad credit. Shopping around for the best value Even though you're applying for debt consolidation loans with bad credit, it doesn't mean that you have to accept the first offer that comes your way. Shop around with several lenders and compare their rates, seeing what terms one lender offers and whether other banks or finance companies can offer you something comparable. This will help you to get the most out of your money, and ensure that you have less to repay. -- You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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Having the right exercise wheels for your chinchilla

Having The Right Exercise Wheel For Your Chinchilla With a cage for your chinchilla, they should also be some chew toys, a television and a wheel for exercise. This way they'll have plenty of things to do while they're in the cage. In order for the wheel to fit in properly, you should measure the door of the cage. Even though your pet will still get their outside exercise, a cage is strongly recommended for exercise inside. Sometimes, your pet chinchilla may not adapt to the wheel right away. Don't fret--sometimes it may take them a while to get acclimated, especially since it's new to them. Older chinchillas don't adapt to change very well and it may take them longer to get used to it. It may take them weeks, or even months to get acclimated to the device. When they do, they usually like it and take to the wheel well, especially when they realize that it's benefiting them. Anything that benefits them is good, and they try to keep a positive demeanor. Another aspect of having a wheel in your pet's cage is safety. You have to make sure that they are able to exercise on a running surface. The surface should be solid or made from mesh. The measurements should be no more than 1/2" X 1/2". Anything more than that can result in the chinchilla having leg, foot or toe injuries. Their lower extremities are very delicate and can result in amputation if not attended to properly. As with chew toys, the wheels should not be made of plastic. Plastic can harm your pet by causing issues with their intestinal area. The pet can chew and ingest the plastic pieces which can cause this. If you use a wheel with spokes, you are asking for trouble. Not only can your pet chinchilla face injury to their arms or legs, the risk of having their limbs amputated increases. Even your pet can sense when there's danger with these type of wheels. When that happens, they're reluctant to exercise on them. These type of wheels are not recommended to be installed in their cages. If you do use them, you are not looking out for your pet's best interests. Another type of wheel, called a safe wheel, has screws in the inside center. They seem to have more fun on this type of wheel because of the decreased danger. The recommended measurement for a wheel is 12", even though there is some debate about that. Most people seem to do ok with that size wheel. Pet stores normally sell the wheels with the spokes, which as stated in the previous paragraph is dangerous for chinchillas. There have been reports that the wheel may cause your pet's spine to curve, because there's only so much room; of course, that's probably remain to be seen. If you find abnormal issues with your pet after getting on the wheel, you should stop until your find out what's going on. If you are unsure about what type of wheel to purchase, contact your local pet store or consult with your local veterinarian.

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What is debt management

: Debt Management is a very simple financial concept hire a qualified Debt Counselor or certified Debt Management Company to pay your unsecured debt. The Debt Management Company you hire will relieve and eventually reduce your debt by managing your assets effectively and negotiating with your creditor regarding interest rates and monthly payments. This is not a loan so you are no obligated by any contract or other binding paperwork associated with a Debt Management Plan. When choosing a Debt Management Company you want to make sure and beware of several things. First, make sure the company registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been rewarded the "Reliability Program Online Seal." Second, beware of any companies who want to charge more than $50.00 a month to open your account and work with your creditors.

Third, make sure the company is able and willing to answer all your questions, if you feel that the company is "beating around the bush" don't waste your time; find another company. Last, if you feel pressured by the Debt Management Company, run, more than like that feeling will not go away. Once you choose a company and feel comfortable working with them. They will get you started on your way to a debt free future.

There are several steps that are generally followed by Debt Management Companies. The first step is listing all your creditors and the amounts owed for each. Remember, not all creditors are eligible to be included in a Debt Management Plan. The second step is listing all incomes and expense i. e. mortgage, car payments and cost of living payments. The third step is deciding how much of your income is available to contribute to your Debt Management Plan. Your Debt Counselor will try their best to settle any debt and eliminate interest rates. The fourth step is reviewing and approving your Debt Management Plan. Make sure you understand everything and read the fine print. This last step is crucial; it ensures that you're not in the dark regarding the amount of money being paid out. As with any financial product there are advantages and disadvantages working with a Debt Management Company.

One advantage is the company can lower or eliminate the high interest rates and fees associated with credit card debt. The company can also settle your debts for nearly half of the balance. You only have to make one monthly payment instead of five or ten. The biggest advantage is you will no longer have to communicate with creditors via mail, phone or Internet. One disadvantage is that creditors to not have to agree to participate in your Debt Management Plan or lower your interest rates. This would still allow some of your creditors to communicate with you and take legal actions against you and still charge you interest and other fees regardless of payment efforts. Also, any settlement agreed upon between your Debt Management Company and your creditors will show on your credit report. Keep in mind that this is your decision so it is important for you to be comfortable with it. Ask around, see if any of your friends have worked with a Debt Management Company or know anyone who has. Remember, your Debt Management Company will get your started but it is up to you to finish it. Hopefully you will learn how to make educated financial decisions, which will keep you on a debt free path.

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Best way to eliminate credit card debt 3 tactics for lowering bills

Eliminating credit card debt is a top concern among millions of consumers. However, many people fail to outline a realistic strategy for reducing debts. There are many approaches that will put you on the path toward becoming debt free. Each person must assess his or her own situation and create a plan. Here are three tips to help you become debt free within a few years.

Recognize the Problem and Alter Spending Habits Before you can take the necessary steps to reduce and eliminate credit card debt, you must first acknowledge excessive spending and resolve to change your lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people choose to live beyond their means. Furthermore, many acquire excessive debts because of trying to “keep up with the joneses.” Credit cards serve a valuable purpose. They are great during emergencies and when you are financially strapped. However, if you are charging more than you can afford to pay, this creates a huge problem. As you endeavor to eliminate debts, be determined to stop using credit cards. Do not cancel credit accounts. However, you may consider cutting your cards or storing them away. Pay Double, or Triple the Minimum Payment If you are hoping to reduce credit card debts, you must be willing to pay more than the asking minimum payment. In fact, paying only the minimum will make it practically impossible to become debt free. Instead, attempt to double, even triple your monthly payments. If possible, make a large payment toward reducing your balance. This method is most effective. Obtaining a lump sum of money is challenging. You may choose to use a tax return or bonus money received from work. Getting a part-time job may also provide you with the extra cash. If you own a home, take advantage of your home’s equity. Home equity loans or cash-out refinancing generally present homeowners with enough cash to payoff high interest credit cards and other debts. Use a Debt Management Company If you need assistance with managing large debts, think about contacting a debt management agency. Trained debt management specialists will review your credit and outline a plan for reducing debts. Furthermore, the company will contact creditors and negotiate a lower interest rate. By doing so, a larger portion of your monthly payments will go toward knocking down the principle balance. Thus, helping you achieve your ultimate goal of eliminating credit card debt.

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How to break the news of divorce to your kids

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for your children. No matter how old they are, the divorce will be hard for them to understand and eventually to accept. Some children in fact harbor hopes that their parents will get back together even after several years of living apart. Many children feel that they are the ones at fault when their parents break up. Although this may seem illogical to adults, children can find associations in the most incongruous of things. As often attested by revelations during therapy, children often feel that they could have done something to prevent the break-up in the family. There are those “what ifs” and “could have beens.” If they were good and obedient children, would they have prevented the split? If they did not get into trouble in school, would their parents stay together?

One of the crucial moments that parents should take note of and prepare themselves is the way that they will break the news to their children. Although explaining it properly will not necessarily lessen the pain of knowing that their parents will be splitting up but at least a proper explanation will help prevent misunderstandings especially in what caused the break up in the first place. Remember that young children are very impressionable. Everything that you do, whether you want them to see or not, can mean something. It is important that you tell them what’s going on to avoid misrepresentations. Below are some tips on how to break the news of the divorce to your kids.

Never make them feel that they have to choose. Divorce is a traumatic experience as it is without asking the children to choose sides. This will put them right in the middle of marital trouble. This is not fair because the kids are not really part of the problems that you and your partner are having. Pressuring them to judge who is right and wrong can worsen the trauma that they will be experiencing. Still, during custody battles, choosing sides cannot be avoided. Although in some cases, especially if the children are a bit older, they are asked to choose which parents they would rather live with. Never badmouth your partner Remember that whatever happens, your partner is still a part of their lives, someone who they need to respect and love. Whatever troubles that you have in your relationship should not affect the children in any way. As long as your partner is doing his best to provide for the kids and is a good father, there is no need for them to know what a rotten person he can be sometimes. Explain clearly. Although your children will not necessarily understand completely what is going on, there is no need to create fantastical explanations. Just tell them the truth, that you are going to start living apart and they may have to live with each of you separately or live with one parent for the rest of their lives. Consider their feelings and try to talk to them about it Divorce can be painful for the couple as they are the ones directly involved but you must remember that kids are very vulnerable and they are not as resilient as adults. It is not enough that you tell them what’s going on. You also have to ask them what their feelings are about what happened. This way, you are able to address their fears and insecurities right then and there. As mentioned before, kids often feel that it is their fault that their parents are breaking up. You have to reassure them that this is not true and they were not in any way at fault. Tell them that it’s ok for them to talk to you about it. Children will have questions about what happened. They might not be able to verbalize it just yet but they will eventually reveal what bothers them about the situation. Encourage them to come and talk to you if they have additional questions. Tell them that it’s ok for them to tell you how they feel and they will be very much welcome to ask you anything they want. Keeping the communications line open will help ease the tension and clear up a lot of potential sources of misunderstandings.

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How to install and run phpadsnew

What is phpAdsNew? It is great script written in PHP which can be used to manage different ad campaigns on your website. PhpAdsNew supports banners of any size (including flash banners), pop-ups, text ads and many different types of rich media ads. Using this script you can manage third party ads, e. g. ads from banner exchanges. And the good message is that this script is free. How to install phpAdsNew?

First, ensure that your web hosting provider offers PHP support (PHP 4.0.4 or higher) and MySQL database (3.23.3 or higher). Then download the zip or tgz package and unzip it to your hard drive. You can use WinZip or Total Commander to do this. Now upload the files to your web host. Change the permissions of the config. inc. php file using "chmod a+w config.

inc. php". Create new MySQL database with any name, e. g. phpadsnew (or use existing database). Now you are able to run the installer. Point your browser to http:// yourdomain. com/phpadsnew (or another folder where you copied the files). Follow the instruction on the screen and finish the installation process. Another and easier solution how to install this PHP script is to sign up for a quality web hosting service which offers pre-installed PHP scripts. Then easily go to your control panel, find the section with pre-installed scripts and select phpAdsNew. The installer will do all the job for you. All you need to do is to choose the script you want to install.

How to run phpAdsNew? Go to admin interface and create at least one zone. Zone is the place on your website where the ads will be displayed (e. g. top banner on the home page can be zone 1, bottom banner on the section page zone 2 etc.). Then create a new client. When you're done, create new campaign for this client.

You can set up the zone(s), limit of banner / text ads / rich media... impressions, when the campaign will start and finish, the frequency at which the ad will be shown and many other options. Ok, we have some campaigns now and they are sucessfully running. But every advertiser wants to check the results of his campaign. From this reason phpAdsNew has very detailed stats section. Your advertisers (or you if you use this script to manage your own ads) will be able to see how many times was particular ad viewed by the website visitors and click through rate (how many % of visitors clicked the ads). In addition, you can watch weekly and daily stats. Stats can be exported to *.csv file (data from *.csv files can be opened by software like MS Excel on your computer). I hope you will find these information helpful when you will start using phpAdsNew.

If you will need some advanced functions I suggest to open phpAdsNew/misc/documentation folder where are stored three *.pdf files with very detailed description of this script. The first one, administrator-guide. pdf, will help you with the installation process and configuration. Developer-guide. pdf is for advanced users with PHP knowledge. The most important file is user-guide. pdf which will provide you by all the functions.

Btw. this file has 109 pages. Good luck!

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Give the right graduation gift

Do you know someone that is about to graduate from high school, college, or another important milestone? If so, it is important that you, the graduate's friends and family, bless the graduate with the perfect graduation gift. In selecting a good graduation gift the first and most obvious thing to consider is the age and stage of life of the graduate who will receive your gift. An eighteen year old finishing high school will probably appreciate a different gift than a thirty year old graduating from medical school. Keep this in mind before you head out to purchase a graduation gift. The age of the graduate is not the only important thing to consider. Keep in mind the goals of the graduate. If the graduate is finishing high school, are they heading to college or have they chosen to begin working full-time?

Perhaps they are taking a year to travel the world before they head off to college. Consider these goals as you attempt to buy the perfect graduation gift. Does the graduate have his or her own living space that will need to be filled with furniture or appliances? Consider too the needs and tastes of the graduate.

If the person you are purchasing a graduation gift for does not like anything in black or gray, then perhaps you should stay away from gifts in those colors. Does your graduate love sports? Consider getting them a gift that will fuel their love for sports. If your graduate is about to travel the world you can get them a suitable gift like new luggage or a camera to take photographs.

In general, people will enjoy a unique and personal gift that fits them more than they will enjoy a general gift that may not fit their needs at all. So in your brainstorming and your shopping for a graduation gift try to be as personal to the graduate as possible. Honor their important accomplishment with a graduation gift that they will enjoy and cherish for years. Stay away from gifts that are temporary in nature like gift certificates or money and instead give gifts that will last. Many of us remember the special time that graduation was. We remember the joy of being surrounded by family and friends on our special day and we remember being celebrated by the ones we love. Perhaps you even remember some of the best or worst gifts you were given. If so, let the gifts you were given serve as reminders as you attempt to purchase the right graduation gifts for others. If money is an issue for you, consider making a unique gift for your graduate. A memorable and loved gift does not have to be an expensive one, it only has to be one that was heartfelt and intentional. So whatever your budget, the most important thing is to keep the graduate in mind.

Once you have made or purchased the perfect graduation gift, wrap it and gift it to your graduate with love.

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How to prepare for tests and guarantee an a

These five tips will help you get A's. Read each tip carefully an start applying them today. 1. Create a timeline. Once you determine the day of the test work backwards. Budget a specific amount of time every day. Consider other homework, projects and time needed to study for other classes as you create your schedule. 2. Review a little each night. Do not wait until a test is announced to begin preparing for your test. Consider what would be easier – reviewing for 5-10 minutes a night or cramming for three hours the night before a test and only remembering a fraction of what you studied? 3. Don't just re-read notes or the text. Ask questions. Create flash-cards. Redo assignments. Create time-lines. Play games. Re-write your notes. Get someone to quiz you. Find websites online that review the same material. Make up questions that you think will be on the test. Create new outlines of the material by writing some specific topics and filling in the details from memory. Studying should be an active process, not just time spent re-reading something. 4. Ask the teacher what the format for the test will be. Will it contain multiple choice, true-false, short answer, essay, diagrams, graphs, equations, etc.? Will any information such as a periodic table or equations be provided for you on the day of the test? Do you need to bring a calculator? 5. Visit your teacher or tutor for extra help. Bring questions that you may have or ask for ideas regarding the best way to study for a particular assessment. Go to live-etutor. com to learn more about online tutoring and watch a virtual tour inside of our online classroom. All tutors are screened, qualified and ready to help your child get better grades!

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The history of the bonsai tree

Everybody has heard of the Bonsai tree but very few people know anything about the history of the miniature shrub or where the tradition came from. Bonsai is a Japanese term which, in its native language, translates to mean “tray gardening”. This term describes exactly what bonsai is as it is a tree which is grown in a small pot or tub enabling it to be kept indoors. These trees are not always genetically predisposed to be small and so they are kept this way through careful pruning. The ability to care for a bonsai tree, keeping it small and healthy, is an art form in itself. The trees are commonly pruned in to an aesthetically pleasing shape, another reason why they are seen as works of art and not just as plants.

The term bonsai is widely known and understood and yet the art was originally found in China, by the name of penjing. The Japanese art of bonsai stemmed from this and so is actually more modern than the Chinese. However, the Japanese version is the one which is more widely known. Discoveries have been made in Egyptian tombs of sketches showing miniature trees in pots. These are thought to have been kept for decorative purposes and the pictures date back to 4000 years ago! After this time there is evidence to suggest that trees were transported in the caravans of Asia as they travelled around as they were used for their medicinal properties should someone have fallen ill. The art of bonsai as we know it stems from the Chinese art of penjing, which is a 2000 year old tradition. It was brought to Japan somewhere between the 7th – 9th centuries by the Imperial Embassies to Tang China. Initially it was enjoyed only by the nobility and was not a hobby which was enjoyed by the masses. However, over time it began to filter down through the social hierarchy and became something which much of the population enjoyed. The practise of pruning and shaping miniature trees is still in place in both China and Japan. However, the Chinese tend to keep them for outdoor displays and so, although still smaller than normal trees, they are somewhat larger than the Japanese versions, who create the pieces of art to be displayed primarily in the home. For anyone considering turning their hand to this hobby, it is well worth reading up on the subject beforehand as the trees require careful nurturing. It is not just the leaves which require trimming, the roots need to be tended to also and the amount of water they require is practically an art form in itself. Information on this is widely available on the Internet, meaning that anyone serious about trying this should be able to do so successfully.

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Importance of high fiber and low fat foods

The easiest and most effective changes that you can make to your diet is to eat more fiber rich foods, and fewer foods rich in fat. Why boost fiber intake? There are many reasons to boost the intake of fiber while controlling fat, including increased exercise, decreased your weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The fact of the matter is most people consume too much of the bad stuff – things like sugar, salt and fat, and not enough of the good stuff – like vegetables, fruits, and whole foods. This means that many people are not getting sufficient fiber in their everyday diets, and they may suffer a variety of heath effects because of it. Well, before you can eat more fiber you need to know where that fiber comes from. You should get in the habit of reading nutritional labels. This will be one way to start the high fiber count and low fat. Most packaged and processed foods in the grocery store must carry these labels, and they label such things as fiber, fat, calories and nutrient values. Getting familiar with these nutritional labels is a necessary first step to getting rid of the fat intake and increasing your fiber. Ok! Increasing fiber and decreasing fat is certainly a great goal, it is best to take things gradually until your body has time to adjust. Those accustomed to low levels of fiber often experience bloating, cramps, gas and abdominal pain when suddenly boosting the amount of fiber in their diet. However with time and increasing levels slowly you will decrease some of these side effects. Some of the foods that are highest in fiber, usually contain more than 7 grams per serving, include foods such as dried beans, legumes, dried peas, dried fruits, nuts and sunflower seeds. These foods can be great sources of fiber. Most vegetables or fruits can also be sources of fiber. Most of these foods contain from 3 to 5 grams of fiber. It is also very important to take fiber content into account as you do your grocery shopping. Reading labels and choosing high fiber foods is the best way to make a long term commitment to healthier eating and better overall health. Choosing the right cereals that are rich in fiber is a great way to increase the level of fiber intake while still getting that breakfast every morning. Most of today’s cereals that contain wheat bran and oat bran can be great sources of fiber. Lots of people have the assumption that cooking or heating up vegetables and other fiber rich foods destroys their fiber content, however this is not the true. While it is true that overcooking certain vegetables can result in some loss of nutrients, cooking has no effect whatsoever on fiber content. So enjoy what you eat, but make sure that you think first about those fiber foods and low fat meals. http:// exercise-diet. com.

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Wheelchair travel tips

Traveling on Holidays has always been fun. Actually, it has become one of our itineraries during this most anticipated season of the year. But you know what guys; even disabled persons love to travel. They love to stay out of the confines of their wheelchairs, enjoy their lives to the fullest, and realize that there’s still a wonderful world that’s waiting for them out there. However, there are certain considerations for wheelchair users to make in preparing and planning for a travel. According to the article “The Disabled Wheelchair Traveler – Holiday Tips” at apparelyzed. com, the author has put together some travel tips which will hopefully help in planning a holiday for a wheelchair user.

Most of the tips are common sense but there may be a few you hadn’t thought of! To sum up, traveling tips where presented in this article for these people in terms of locations and hotels, flights and travel, and medication and mobility. In choosing where to go and stay, if you book your hotel directly by telephone, email the hotel and ask them to confirm your booking by sending you a booking confirmation reference code. This will be an evidence of your booking when you get there, just in case for some reason the hotel denies a booking was made. This truly happens! In choosing the plane for your trip, remember that not all airline companies are equal when it comes to the disabled traveler. Regarding your medication and mobility, some airlines will require a “fit to travel certificate” from your doctor and a letter to say you are taking specific drugs. The letter from your doctor may come in handy if you are stopped by customs as well if you are on powerful medication. Honestly, it was through this article when I finally realized how really hard it is to have a disability. I thought having a wheelchair is just enough for someone to continue to live normally but then, it’s certainly not! Instead of being given due concern by “more normal” people while traveling, there is still a bit of discrimination among them.

Let’s face it; we can never do away with our being rude to these people sometimes. After all, everybody deserves to enjoy everything this world can offer. Whether you are disabled or not, you must always take extra effort in taking care of yourself from unexpected incidents especially during travel. It’s better to set certain bounds on your activities to avoid unwanted things to happen. As for persons having disabilities, take your time to enjoy but always remember that your actions are a bit limited already compared to others.

There you have it, you can now pack your things and have a good time!

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Roller coaster rides

Whenever one sees an amusement park, thoughts of one's childhood and youth would easily come back. One would then reminisce about old times with their friends and going to such amusement parks. Bringing back memories of childhood is also a flashback to all those games and rides, clowns and magicians, and all the wonderful things we enjoyed as young ones. Amusement parks are built to entertain and provide enjoyment to people. These parks are usually located near places or communities where local residents and tourists can converge. These amusement parks have different attractions and events that help increase the fun and excitement of the place. People from all walks of life gather to visit these amazing parks and try to win teddy bears, experience 3D movies, go inside a haunted house, and of course, to take a ride on those humongous and hell-raising rides. Unfortunately, not all children are allowed to ride all the best amusement rides available. Children can go and ride on mini-ferris wheels, bump cars, swan rides, or those types of slow, safe rides that were specifically designed for children.

The real deal is experienced when older children and teenagers get to ride on the tallest, and scariest ride of them all: the roller coaster. In every amusement park, there is this one major thrill ride that every teenager and roller coaster maniac hopes to ride on. Roller coasters vary in size, speed, loops, and tunnels --- all of which are guaranteed to give the rider the ultimate rush. At the start of the line, the rider automatically feels the fear and anxiety as they await their turn in riding their favorite roller coaster. Displaying mixed feelings of worry and fear, combined with excitement and the adrenaline rush, these riders always muster enough courage to face this breathtaking ride.

Aside from the ride itself, another thought lingers at the back of the mind of every roller coaster junkie. In the past, a number of roller coasters have malfunctioned. These accidents have also become a source of fear and anxiety for both the avid roller coaster rider and those who are just content with watching others do the loops and turns. For some reason, the challenge and the accomplishment felt by riding the roller coaster takes away all the fear and anxiety they had before they took the ride. There are some people who are brave enough to ride roller coasters because they want to satisfy their curiosity or they gave in to peer pressure. Others just ride because they do not have any choice left, since all their friends are taking the ride.

These people are the ones who are inclined to feel and experience nausea and vomiting. Since roller coasters are often designed to take 360 degrees turns and fast drops. Nausea and vomiting are quite common in roller coasters rides. There is no way to avoid nausea and vomiting when riding on a roller coaster. Roller coasters are for the adventurous type, those people who wants to have fun and be challenged at the same time. Just be safe, and pray for your life!

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Forex software packages

If you plan to start trading FOREX online you will of course be using a software system. This system will make it easy for you to get information quickly about market prices and make trades. There are two types of FOREX software available, client based and web based. As the FOREX market is a fast moving market and you will need up to the minute information to make informed transactions, it is up to you to see you have a high speed internet connection. Dial up internet access will absolutely not work for this.

Another consideration could be the location of the servers used by your broker. If your broker's servers are located quite a distance from you, say in another country, this could potentially slow down your transmissions. If you plan to trade online you will need a modern computer and high speed internet connection. The next consideration would be which type of software, client based or web based? Web based software is housed on your brokers website. You will not have to install any software on your own computer. A web based software program will allow you to log in from any computer that has an internet connection.

A client based software program, or one that you download into your own computer will limit you to transactions only on the computer it is downloaded on. Web based software programs are preferred by most brokers who think they are more safe and reliable. Web based software tends to be less vulnerable to attack from viruses and hackers during transmissions than client based software. Any FOREX software should offer you real-time quotes and offer means to quickly enter and exit the market. These are minimal requirements of any trading software. Upgraded software packages are usually offered at an extra monthly fee by brokers. Generally brokers will have client information housed on two severs kept in two different locations. This is to guarantee client data is kept as safe as possible. If there is a power failure or a problem with one server the data is sent back and forth from the second secure server and you will not notice an interruption. Regular back ups of these servers is another way that brokers keep financial data safe in case of server failure.

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Helping you choose from cell or land line

Most of us have two phones, our cell and our land line (house phone). Realistically many people are paying two bills when one is sufficient. The cell phone is still more expensive than the house phone but with the massive increase of people signing up in the mobile world prices continue to fall. If you are working during the day the chances are you are only using your house phone in the evening. What should I do? The evening tends to be the cheapest rate for using your cell phone so you need to average out both bills. There are a number of different aspects to consider when deciding on moving to cell phone only. If you live in a large city the chances are your cell phone reception is as good as your land line but if you live in a more remote region the reception may not be all that clear or consistent. Look into the different types of cell plans available to maximise the amount of free text and talk time minutes. Check the different cell phone carriers and see what options they are offering. Too many people in this country do not look around for better value. Not all cell carriers are offering the same deals. It has never been easier to change from one carrier to another without changing your cell number. A survey completed recently by a major telemarketing company in Ireland has shown that over 68% of cell phone users make calls on their cells at home although they have a land line available to them. Two monthly line rentals to pay: No matter what way you look at free minutes and text etc you are paying two monthly rentals, one from your cell phone and the other from your land line. If you intend calling people in different states your cell phone roaming charges can be expensive unless you are on a high service plan. If you look around you will find cell carriers offering plans without roaming charges. Reliability Cell phones services are ever improving. At the moment land line is still a more steady reliable service but this gap is closing fast. People living in major cities will find little to choose from the two services provided from land and cell and the move to cell phone only in made a little easier. For people in more rural areas the decision tends to be more difficult to choose as cell phone coverage may not be as reliable as land line coverage so people have both phones. Cell phone advantage: SMS Text is a great way to minimise your spending. If you call a friend or family member on the land line it can be difficult to make the call a quick call without sounding rude. Cell SMS text is ideal fast and a cheap way to arrange a meeting place or pass a brief note and is widely used by most cell phone users. Land line advantage Currently the land line phone is cheaper than the cell phone when making calls. The coverage is generally excellent and land line telecom companies are fighting hard by reducing pricing to keep the cell phone companies at bay. Overview I myself use a cell phone for all my calls. I have the advantage of living in a large city where coverage is equal to that of a land line. I have a maximum cell plan with free talk time minutes and text. You do need to do some research and compare the two bills and see if changing your cell phone plan will make eliminating your land line any easier. With the coverage increasing all the time soon cell phones will far outstrip the land line telephone. Generally speaking if you live in an area of good cell phone coverage you should be able to eliminate your land line and save money.

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How to protect your privacy as you work at home

Copyright 2006 Harrold Swalve People choose to work at home due to the benefits such as being able to stay home with children and not dealing with a daily commute. These on their own are great reasons. However, there are potential drawbacks to working out of your home. It’s important to keep your work at home job separate from your personal life. Above all else, you want to keep your personal life private and secure. There are a few precautions you can take to maintain your privacy as you work at home. You might want to consider getting a private mailbox for your work at home job. You can rent a post office box or a mailbox from a shipping company. You should be able to find mailboxes for rent by looking in the yellow pages. The mailboxes are relatively inexpensive to rent and should provide some protection by having separate professional address. Along the same line, you might consider a having a different phone number for your work at home job. Ask the phone company not to publish your home address with your work at home phone number. You don’t want unexpected visitors showing up at your doorstep because they think your home is a business. Setting up a separate email account is a good idea for your work at home job. There are several Internet sites where you can set up a professional email addresses for free. Your computer can be your worst enemy if you don’t take precautions to protect yourself. Most likely, you will spend a lot of time on the computer and possibly the Internet as you work at home. Install anti-virus software and anti-spyware software to protect your computer files. Never reveal personal or financial information in an email or online to avoid computer scams. Supervise your children if they use your work at home computer so they don’t download damaging programs or open unreliable emails. Some work at home jobs require you to meet with clients or customers. It’s a good policy to set up these meetings at a different location than your house. For large gatherings, you might consider renting a hotel meeting room. For smaller gatherings, you might be able to meet at a restaurant or coffee house. By following these basic steps, it will be easy to keep your personal life private and your professional life safe as you work at home.

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