Clickbank super affiliate marketing tactics revealed

Clickbank is one of the largest and most popular marketplaces for digital products (ebooks and software). It has the advantages of: - having thousands of products under several categories including - all products are digital. This means that the product can be downloaded immediately rather than having to wait for it to be shipped. - signing up as an affiliate to any product within the Clickbank marketplace is extremely simple Despite these advantages, most Clickbank affiliates struggle to make a few hundred dollars per month. However, there is an elite few "super-affiliates" that are making well over $1,500.00/month. These folks are using Clickbank to create and grow a successful online business with affiliate marketing. How can you as new Clickbank affiliate achieve this? The following is a summarized lists of what would be required is the knowledge of how to: 1) The ability to find the most profitable products. With thousands of product available, you have to be able to sift through the crowd and find the products that: (a) Pay good commission - at least $20.00 (b) Are in great demand - You can find out which products are in demand by doing thorough keyword research. (c) Have a good sales page - try to promote products that you have brought because that means that the sales letter was good enough to convince you to purchase. 2) Create your own affiliate websites (sending visitors straight to the merchants website through your affiliate link is common, but terrible mistake). Tips: * One of the best kind of affiliate sites to create is a review site! ** When creating affiliate sites, think about ways to make your site unique 3) Create landing pages with an opt-in mechanism which allows you to capture the names and addresses of visitors. This is very effective. When you capture your visitors information, you can follow up with them, which has been proven to increase your conversion ratio. 4) Once you have captured the names of your visitors and have built a substantial subscriber list, you have to how to convert them into buyers... and even better... long term customers. 5) Get FREE *targeted* traffic to your affiliate sites. There are a number of strategies which are free but are proven effective in getting quality traffic to your site. These include: (a) Writing articles and submitting them to article directories (b) Posting at forums and online boards (c) Using signature files in emails and forums (d) Surf for traffic exchange sites These are some of the techniques currently being used by a handful of Super Clickbank Affiliates. These are the techniques you need to learn to start seriously increasing your earnings online.

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How to get perfect chinese symbol tattoos you truly deserve

Chinese symbol tattoos are very popular today because they are really beautiful. And because most of us in the Western Hemisphere cannot read Chinese symbol, Chinese symbol tattoos become an “exotic” form of expression. So how to get perfect Chinese symbol tattoos you truly deserve? Unlike most other tattoos which you can pick up and get inked from tattoo parlors, Chinese symbol tattoos need to be carefully prepared before tattooing. First, you need to use custom Chinese symbol translation service to translate whatever you want to express. And resist the urge to pull over the Chinese waiter and ask him to write out the Chinese symbol for you. He may not know exactly what meaning you really want and may unintentionally give you the wrong symbol. Second, the Symbols need to be custom designed to make it worth inking. Without Custom designed Chinese symbol Tattoos, there are many ways to screw it up. The typical Chinese symbol Tattoo mistakes include missing strokes, being inked back forward and defaced Chinese symbol Tattoos. The last two mistakes can not be undone.

The laser removal is the only way to remove the bad Chinese symbol tattoos. Chinese character symbols are complex and can easily be mean something other than intended. Get the wrong one… and your new tattoo can be a permanent source of embarrassment to you! So do not make the same Chinese symbol tattoo mistakes many other people have been made. Use the custom Chinese symbol translation and design service to get the Chinese symbol tattoos you truly deserve.

So what is Custom designed Chinese symbol Tattoos? Custom designed Chinese symbol Tattoos is writing the Chinese symbols in calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy has hundreds of year’s history; Calligraphy is one of the highest forms of Chinese art. Chinese calligraphy shows the 'abstract' beauty of the line. The Rhythm, line, and structure are more perfectly embodied in calligraphy than in painting or sculpture. Writing Chinese symbol without calligraphy could be bored and humdrum. Whereas Writing Chinese symbol in calligraphy can create stunning visual effects. Moreover, Custom designed Chinese symbol Tattoos also include stencil outline. So what is a matching stencil? Most people don't realize that every tattoo design has a matching stencil. To apply tattoos on the skin, the tattoo artist needs both a good clear reference of the actual design, and well drawn stencils (line drawings) as the "blueprint" for the actual tattoo. When you get tattooed, your tattoo artist will use stencil outlines to trace the artwork onto your body. Stencil outlines are vital for inking Chinese symbol tattoos as it can prevent tattooists from making mistakes while inking. Having your body inked can be a very rewarding experience which can last for the rest of your life. Many people who have Chinese symbol tattoos feel that they are very much symbolic representations of their inner feelings and personality. That is the power of choosing a Chinese symbol tattoo that represents your true self, so it is of the up most importance to take your time and select custom designed Chinese symbol Tattoos that speaks to you on a symbolic level. "Below Are Just A Few of the Benefits You Could Be Experiencing When You wear custom designed Chinese symbol Tattoos" * Increase Your Self-Confidence... Knowing Your Tattoo Looks Awesome! * Become The Center Of Attention When Out In Public! * Make you different and stand out from the crowd * People Will Come Up To You And Comment On How Cool Your Chinese symbol Tattoo Looks! * Attract The Opposite Sex Hearing Them Whisper How Sexy You Look! * The Chinese symbol Tattoo is a way of your self expression Don’t hurry your Chinese symbol tattoo by going to a tattoo parlor, skimming through the binders and getting inked. You will regret it later. Yes, you can get a tattoo removed, but removing unwanted tattoos is a very expensive, lengthy and painful ordeal! You are wise to research your best possible options before going through with it.

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Do lifestyle funds provide greater security

With the stock market stubbornly refusing to settle down and smooth out, Wall Street has been scrambling to come up with "product" they can sell to gun shy investors. One such new concept is the Lifestyle fund; an extremely diversified package designed to be the single fund in an investor's portfolio. There are two general types of these funds, in which assets are spread out across a wide range of stocks and bonds. In one, securities are held directly, in the other, assets are held through other funds. Fidelity’s Freedom 2030 is an example of the first type. It targets a specific retirement date, and the cash and bond stakes rise as that date approaches. This type of fund has created a perception among investors that its value will not drop and that it is safe. But, in fact, these are no safer than a standard mutual fund.

Since we sold all of our investment positions on October 13, 2000 and preserved our capital, Fidelity Freedom 2030 has lost 39% (through 2/21/03). Do you think that’s an isolated incident? I’m not picking on Fidelity, but here are some of their other Lifestyle funds with returns over the same period: Fidelity Freedom 2020: -34% Fidelity Freedom 2010: -22% So much for perceived safety. The other Wall Street bright idea is the fund of funds (FOF). It sounds good, but it actually creates a double layer of costs; the cost of purchasing the fund itself, and then the expenses of the mutual funds the FOF purchases. Take for example, the Enterprise Group of Funds. It shows an expense ratio of almost 2% plus a sales charge of 4.75% according to Morningstar. Tack on the underlying expenses and you’re paying out more than 3% a year in investment expenses. If you’re a new investor (with less than $10k), and have your account at a discount broker, you can add a minimum of 1% per year in fees just for the privilege of having an account. That brings the total up to 4% in annual expenses. Talk about adding insult to injury. FOFs are sometimes being touted as the only fund you need no matter what the investment climate. So, let’s compare to see how the Enterprise fund of funds performed during the same period as mentioned above for the Freedom funds: Enterprise Group of Funds: -35%. The bottom line is that no matter what type of mutual fund you choose, or what anybody claims it will do for you, you must be vigilant and see if it does what you were told it would. In investing, there is simply no such thing as a sure thing. Sure you need to know how to recognize a good investment. But just as important—maybe even more important—you must know when to recognize that a good investment idea didn't work out, cut your loss, and sell.

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Oakland california real estate

Oakland, California, is located in Alameda County, and is 10 miles E of San Francisco, California. Oakland has a population of 399,484. It is in the San Francisco Bay Area region, and enjoys close proximity to San Francisco. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge links the two cities together. Concentrated efforts have been made in the preservation of precious Victorian homes. The beautiful results can be seen in downtown Oakland’s Preservation Park, as well as throughout the city and in the picturesque Oakland Hills. The city’s homes follow different architectural styles, but two are dominant—the Victorian, and the Craftsman. See fine examples of both in Rockridge, a pedestrian friendly Oakland neighborhood well-served by public transportation. A BART commuter train station is here, flanked by a European-style public market, ethnic restaurants, and boutiques.

Another neighborhood is Elmwood—to the North—and borders the University of California. Homes in both neighborhoods are in high demand. Oakland properties pool is 150,787 residential properties including Oakland new homes. Median age of real estate in Oakland is 1950.

Its average household size is 3.38 people. 10% are one bedroom homes, 34% are 2 bedroom homes, 36% are 3 bedroom homes, 14% are 4 bedroom homes, and 4% are 5+ bedroom homes. Homes With No Mortgage 23% Homes With Mortgage 77% First Mortgage Only 58% First & Second Mortgage or HELOC 19% Oakland Real estate Tax: Median Real Estate Taxes (2000) were $1,762 comparing to 1999 Median Family income $ 44,384. Compare to USA median yearly Real Estate Tax $1,300 and USA median Family Income $42,000 (1999). Oakland School District: Children make up 25% of Oakland population. Oakland has 99,759 under 18 years old residents, or 0.59 kids per one worker, or 0.66 kids per one household. There are also many private schools, including the new addition of a Spanish bilingual school for preschool to the elementary levels. Oakland Real Estate & Oakland Homeownership There are 48251.84 or 32% one person households, 42220.36 or 28% two person households, and 22618.05 or 15% three person households in Oakland, California. Median residents age is 33.3, Senior citizens (65+) make up 41,788 or 10.5%% of Oakland population. There are 170,503 workers (over 16 years of age) in Oakland. Of these, 71.98% drive to work. Approximately 17.44% of workers in Oakland take public transportation. An estimated 3.73% walk to work. Public transportation consists of the bus, as well as the Bay Area Rapid Transport trains, which is headquartered in Oakland. Median Oakland homeowner's housing expenses are 22.5% Crime in Oakland (2003), crimes per 10,000 residents per year Violent Crimes 140.51 Robberies 61.93 Aggravated Assaults 69.14 Property Crimes 566.48 Burglaries 114.35 Larceny-Thefts 314.18 Motor Vehicle Thefts 137.95 Oakland is an ethnically diverse city in a region that offers temperate climate most of the year. Civic life thrives here, with many museums and educational institutions that call Oakland their home. Many beautiful highlights include Lake Merritt, Oakland’s own Chinatown, and the Oakland Hills with its stunning views of the San Francisco skyline and the bay. When making a decision about buying real estate in Oakland California area, you should consider the following statistical data: Near Medium City Near Large City San Francisco, California Oakland Zip Codes 94601, 94602, 94603, 94605, 94606, 94607, 94608, 94609, 94610, 94611, 94612, 94615, 94617, 94618, 94619, 94621 Oakland Area Codes 510 White population 31.29% African-American population 35.66% Asian 15.23% American Indian & Alaskan Hispanic (of any race) 21.89% Median Family Income (1999) $ 44,384% Population Below Poverty Level 19.15%

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Local taxes

Local taxes are an even further extension of the federal income tax withholding, just on the local level. Businesses that operate in a particular state will generally be able to access information their particular locality through their state's revenue office. Taxes withheld on the local level will not usually require a separate form. Local government entities will generally require that you file a copy of the state form with their local offices. Employers will generally file W-2 information and the information return accompanying W-2's with the IRS, the applicable state agency, and then with each necessary local level. Actual tax deposits are generally made on the state level, and each state revenue office will transmit local taxes to the proper tax office. There is no social security or Medicare tax withheld at this level and usually there are no unemployment taxes withheld at the local level. Businesses are liable for withholding and reporting of the wages earned by each employee, and the timely filing of such withholding and reporting just as at the federal and state level. Quite often, however, the local offices will require only an information return, as transmittal of actual tax withholding will come from the applicable state. Local tax rates are even lower than those of the state level, and sometimes are referred to as a permit tax. Some cities charge a flat fee for employees to come into their city and work, especially if they reside outside the city limits or in another city altogether.

Small businesses can refer to their individual states' Department of Revenue, Department of Industrial Relations, Employment offices, or Small Business Administration for direction and assistance in complying with all state and local laws. Additional information may be obtained thru the IRS website at irs. gov . There are numerous publications that provide direction and instructions for small businesses such as IRS Publication 15, Circular E Employers Tax Guide, and links to individual state and local websites.

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How to create a report for more consumer response

Most companies focus on developing a brochure, a slick 4 color tri-fold brochure with pictures, the name of their company, phone number, etc. That's actually how people treat it It's just a brochure with very little meaning. It's treated with low perceived value and usually ends up in the garbage. Most brochures developed are full of "me too" or copy focused on the company itself. How can you promote your company or establish some type of expertise and put it into a vehicle like a consumer guide or report that the consumer will want to read? You can develop it in an informational format. You put your expertise, knowledge, background, and years of experience down in print. In other words, a 12-page "Inside Secrets" type of report that relates to the service you want to render has a much more valuable meaning to the reader than an actual fancy brochure. It also now becomes a book. Even if it's a report, you can call it a book. It doesn't matter. It's a different look, feel, value, pages than a brochure. It also provides advice. This report will be skimmed over, read and saved or passed along to others. You will want to treat the title of your report like you would the headline of an ad. You want to create a title that keeps your prospect interested. It should tell them what's in it for them. It should give them a big benefit. You'll also want to entice them into getting a copy of it now. You don't want to title your book or report "Acme Company- We Value Your Patronage" your Company For Life. You don't want to come up with a title that gives them no reason to call you. You don't want to put your company name in the title. If anything, put your company name underneath the person's name so you are listed as the author of your report or book or consumer awareness guide. You can also add a photo on the cover. This also gives you credibility and makes you be recognized as an expert in the field. Your report or book needs to be written from your consumer's side, not your side. It needs to be written from their vantage point. They're going to understand that you're educating them about the industry's weaknesses. You tell them right away, "I know there are some unethical companies, but before you make any choices, please read on to find out the key ideas you need to know before", etc. You become their advocate and advise them about picking the right company. You will be perceived as "educating" them instead of "selling" them". Try not to use the words "me", "we" "I" and "us." Try to use the words "you" and "your" as often as possible. - Your reader doesn't want to hear about your company. They want to hear about what your report can do for them and educate them. Then they'll want to know about your company. You'll want to create this copy so it doesn't look like advertising. It has to position you as a helpful friend and expert in the field. Don't be touting your company or recommending your company. You need to describe the actions necessary to fulfill the promise that's in the report. For example with this headline, "10 Easy Steps to Making Sure You Don't Get Ripped Off By A Contractor", then spell out those 10 steps. Wet their appetite. Tell them what to do, but not necessarily how to do it. What happens is they will contact you for more of your advice. The final step should be to contact you for more information. Give them a check list or flow chart of the process so you are educating them. Try not to use too much industry lingo because they may not understand it. You may even have a copywriter prepare this report. You want to avoid using an advertising agency because they're more inclined to do fancy brochures and try to stick in some logos and other things that really aren't needed. You want to have it printed nicely. You want to have it professionally laid out and typeset by a printer, but don't make it look like a brochure. It doesn't have to be printed in 4-colors and on high glossy stock. You can print a cover on heavier weight paper with the actual report saddle stitched (stapled) and folded. If you want, you can make the cover a different color. That's as expensive as you want to go. You can make this report on white paper with black ink, folded and stapled in the middle. You want to make it at least as long as necessary to convey perceived value. 12 pages is usually a good amount, double spaced. You can still fit that report into a #10 envelope if you need to. In conclusion, there are really only two reasons why anyone does anything. It's to gain pleasure or avoid pain. You want to be sure your report's title appeals to either one. If not, re-write it until it does. By Abe Cherian Copyright © 2005 You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on your web site as long as the byline is included and the article is included in it's entirety. I also ask that you activate any html links found in the article and in the byline. Please send a courtesy link or email where you publish to: support@multiplestreammktg. com

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Working at home isn t all fun and games

I enjoy telling people that I “work at home.” I can see that wistful look in their eyes, and I can hear it in their voices when they say, “That must be nice.” And then for about five minutes, they do a little daydreaming about what it would be like to “work at home.” I never explain to them about the measure of self-discipline it takes, and how great are the temptations to take a “break” and reorganize my sock drawer when I find myself faced with working on a project that is less than interesting (or worse yet, “not as profitable” as other projects). Why burst their bubble? Let them daydream awhile….

Working at home can be all the wonderful things that those people daydream about. Setting my own hours, working at my own pace (project deadlines permitting), running to the market at 1 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon when there’s nobody there---these are just a few of the plusses of working at home. For parents (whether it is the mom or dad, or both working at home), being able to adjust their working schedule to school schedules, being able to take the kids to the orthodontist or to soccer practice, working at home is a definite plus. For people who don’t work at home and who want to work at home, it is probably hard to think of even one minus. But the fact of the matter is, the minuses do exist---in abundance. It is not my purpose here to ruin all your hopes or plans to establish yourself as a work-at-homer. In fact, I do encourage you to follow that dream and be your own boss. However, I want you to take just a few minutes to take stock of your situation and once and for all decide if working at home really is in your best interest. First, and obviously, you have to have a job skill that is amenable to the at-home environment.

If you trim poodles on the weekend and think you can turn it into a full-time at-home business, then look around. Do you live in a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor and just do your neighbor’s poodle once a month (but you do it really well)? Or do you live a four-bedroom ranch house with a three-car garage that can be made over into “Donna’s Clip Joint” and happen to live in an urban neighborhood where everyone has pets? And even if you do, what about all the permits that you will need? Will you be able to pursue this type of work at home, and do so legally? The most applicable work-at-home job skills involve the use of a computer, the Internet, phone, fax, and other small business/office machines. You can hardly drive from home to the grocery store without seeing those signs nailed to telephone poles: “Got a Computer? Earn up to $2000 at home!

” Of course, you can, but can you? For the sake of argument, let’s presume then that you have a computer and an assortment of small business machines, and that you do indeed have some skill that you believe can be marketed. Let’s focus on you for a minute: Are you self-disciplined? Are you organized? Do you have the proper workspace where you can work undisturbed? Are you able to face a workday where you have no supervision or guidance? Can you work at home, day after day, without having the people contact that you would typically find “on the job”? When you have overlapping projects, will you be able to cope with the necessary prioritizing so that you get the time-critical job done on time without jeopardizing the next job in line? The list of questions goes on. And this doesn’t begin to address the “what ifs” that go hand-in-hand with working at home. What if you don’t have any work this week? What if work doesn’t come in the week after that? What if you get sick and can’t finish a project on time? What if your client doesn’t pay you on time? What if your client doesn’t pay you at all? Financial gurus recommend that we all should have three months’ wages tucked away in a “bail out” savings account so that in case of illness or work stoppage, we can “bail out” our sinking checking accounts and pay the bills, pay the rent, buy groceries. Let’s face it, how many of us really have three months’ salary bankrolled? Most of us are lucky if we have one months’ salary in a demand savings account that’s hooked to our checking account that gets dipped into on a more regular basis than we’d like to admit. If that is the case, then are you really in a position where you can handle the uncertainties of establishing and maintaining a work-at-home business? This isn’t to say that even if all these things are true, that you shouldn’t make the move to be your own boss and work at home. I’m a perfect example. I did have the fortunate circumstance that I had a husband working full-time and earning “decent” money (not a fortune, not more than enough, but “enough”). He believed in me and gave me great support while I established my business. It took me more than five years to get to the point where I can count on having work just about every day (based on a five-day, 50-week “normal” annual work schedule). During that time, I had periods when I didn’t work for five weeks or more (and even still, my primary client goes through a month-long “dry spell” while their organization holds its annual meetings). It took me over three years just to finally break the “one client” barrier (I now have five “regular” clients). The point here is that I did it; I built my own at-home business, and I now think of myself as “successful.” I don’t earn a fortune, but I “make a living at it.” I don’t think that anyone could ever honestly tell you that there is one no-fail method of how to become your own boss and establish a “successful” at-home business. The variables are endless and there is no way to provide you with a formula for how you go about setting yourself up as an entrepreneur. In the end, becoming successful and realizing your dream of working at home depends on you, and you alone. You must have a marketable skill; you need adequate workspace and supporting equipment; you must have the personal demeanor that lends itself to this type of work environment; and you must have confidence in yourself. With these things, you can be a success. You’ll be able to tell people, “I work at home”…then stand back and watch them daydream.

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9 ways to motivate yourself when you just don t feel like it

Achieving the really big goals and dreams always involves breaking it down into do-able little steps. Assuming that you've picked a goal or dream that you really love working at, then most of the steps are a delight to take. No matter how much you love your dream and no matter how much you love your work, there are going to be tasks along the way that you really don't want to do. Those pieces of work that we hate doing can be the very ones that sabotage our success. How do you stay motivated during those parts of the journey? 1) Reward yourself. Let's say that I want to lose twenty pounds. That's not too much, but it's still going to involve more days of self discipline that I feel like doing. So, I reward myself with a little treat every time I drop five pounds. I get to have one of my favorite fattening meals at the end of each five pound loss. Then I go back to my diet. At the end, I get to go on a shopping spree to buy new clothes. Come up with a reward that you can use to motivate yourself. 2) Do it for love of someone else. My teenage son proposed a deal that works for both of us. I don't smoke cigarettes and he doesn't experiment with drugs. Every time one of us is about to give in to temptation, our love for each other stops us. I can't light up knowing that he might start doing drugs because I broke our deal. He hates the idea of me dying of cancer, so he never touches any kinds of drugs offered to him by his peers. The love of someone else can motivate you to do what you otherwise might not be able to do for yourself. 3) Trade work with someone else. I've watched my kids perfect this style of motivation. My son will offer to scrub out the showers if my daughter will do the dishes for him. Hiring someone to do the work you don't want to do is actually a form of trade. Barter or pay someone else to do it for you, so that you can continue moving forward with your dreams. 4) Truly consider quitting. I'm not telling you to quit, but to really think about it. If you've got a goal or dream that means a lot to you and you've already invested a large part of yourself into making it happen, then what would quitting feel like? Is avoiding the difficult or distasteful task worth giving up on your goals and dreams? The love of your long-term goal can motivate you not to quit. 5) Share the misery. This reminds me of friends in college getting together to study for an upcoming test. Having friends along can make the experience more festive then it would have been if you were doing it alone. Is there a way to team up with a friend so that the work is easier or at least more enjoyable? 6) Just get it over with. One of my all time favorite quotes about getting past your inner blocks was written by Stuart Wilde in his book The Quickening, "Cut the shit and do the thing." Yeah it's a bit rough, but we all know those stoic tough people who simply roll up their sleeves and dive in know matter how much they may hate the task before them. Take on a soldier's mindset and just get to work doing the ugly parts so you can move on to the more rewarding parts of making your dreams a reality. 7) Get training or education. Quite often, we don't like doing something because deep down we don't think we know how or that we are talented enough. So, get the education, do the research, learn the necessary skills, or whatever else it is that you need to do to get ready for taking that next step. Once you've properly trained yourself, then you might even be enthusiastic about taking that next step. 8) Take a running start at it. Think of riding your bike uphill. It doesn't take kids very long to figure out that the best way to get that bicycle to the top of the steep hill is to build up a lot of speed before you even get to the base of the hill. You then let that momentum help to propel you most of the way up. Heck, with enough of a running start you can sometimes make it all the way up without any major struggles. If there is a way to pace yourself and reschedule the not so fun parts of accomplishing your goals until after you've completed a bunch of the cool parts, then do so. The highs of your mini successes will help inspire you to push past the parts that you are avoiding. 9) Figure out a different way to do it. This is the supreme way to avoid doing the task all together. Be creative, be smart, think outside the box. Is there any way to make your dream come true without having to actually do the specific duty that you're wanting to avoid? Sometimes you can find another way. Other times, just knowing that there is definitely no other path to your dreams other than the one before you is enough to motivate you to just buck up and get through it. What's most important is not how you keep yourself motivated but that you keep the long-term benefits of your goals in mind. If you focus too much on avoiding the uncomfortable parts of accomplishing your goals, then you won't accomplish much. Find a way to keep going and remember that all things come with a price. Pay the price so you can get on with enjoying the dream. Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge

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Laptop batteries and laptop battery care

Laptop Batteries are essential for keeping a laptop running properly. In many cases, businesses, whether personal or corporate, depend on laptops for business dealings day to day. There are a number of ways to properly care and maintain a laptops main power source, the battery. Battery construction of laptop batteries is very different from other traditional electronic device batteries. A brief overview of the construction of laptop batteries will help provide insight into factors that affect the life and care of laptop batteries. Laptop batteries are constructed with a number of crucial components to regulate charge and power supply to the laptop. A thermistor measures the charge of the battery and regulates how much charge the laptop sends to the battery.

When the battery is fully charged, the thermistor tells the laptop to stop charging. Safety fuses and breakers in the laptop battery also help prevent overcharging and aid in overall functionality of the laptop battery. So there is an essential communication that must occur between the components of the laptop battery and the laptop itself to ensure proper function of both the computer and the power supply. Laptop batteries are becoming more advanced that other types of batteries.

In the past they were constructed of NiCd or NiMH which provided less power and did not recharge well. Lithium polymer batteries are the newest revelation in battery technology and they are leaps and bounds beyond old metal batteries. They provide the right amount of power and charge in a fraction of the time of metal batteries. The advantages of lithium batteries make new laptop batteries more practical. Lithium batteries therefore help improve the life of laptop batteries and also make them a more valuable battery for the money. There are a number of precautions to take to ensure safe and practical function of the laptop battery.

Some laptop batteries can become overheated from charging which can create a fire hazard. It is important to place the laptop battery in a location that is free of flammable objects such as paper or furnishings. In general, it is good to avoid extreme temperatures for proper optimal function of a laptop battery. Battery life of a laptop battery depends greatly on how the laptop is used. A laptop battery will not last very long without being charged. A useful method to extend battery life is to close as many unnecessary programs as possible. By closing programs that will not be needed will save useful battery life. These are just a few pieces of information about laptop batteries that will help the user understand how to care for laptop batteries and how to manage laptop battery life. There is much more information about laptop batteries, including battery construction, battery charging and much more.

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Deleting browsing traces from windows media player

You’ve been browsing the Internet or opening and closing media files, and you notice that you’ve left your fingerprints all over your operating system. You would think that media files that you downloaded, viewed and deleted are gone: But they’re not entirely. If you opened up your media in "Windows Media Player", it has also made note of what videos that you have watched. (This is similar for most players; however, Windows Media Player is the most common so I will only provide an example for it). Removing Traces from Windows Media Player - Open Windows Media Player - Go to "Tools" - > "Options..." in the menu bar - Select the "Privacy" tab. - Select "Clear History" and "Clear Caches" at the bottom right (You might even want to turn this feature off by un-selecting the checkbox by: "Save file and URL history in the Player") - Press "Apply", and "Ok" - Go to "Library" or "Media Library" depending on what version you are using. - Click on "all Video" - If the list is empty then you are fine, chances are will be a list of recently watched videos. You can either individually select videos that you wish to remove, or you can press "Ctrl+A" (Select All), and then press "Delete" to remove them all at once. - Done! *Note Use at your own risk - These steps are to be used as a guide, and have been proved effective under normal scenarios. Paul Ryan is not responsible for any malfunction or any other problems that occur from this tutorial. They have been tested and work, but in case something goes funny with your current configuration, he is not liable. --- You may copy this article to use on your ezine provided that all links and biography information is left in tact.

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Not too late for data recovery

Not Too Late For Data Recovery As most of us already know, recovering data that is lost or damaged is known as data recovery. Data recovery can save a majority of your data information, in the form of hard drives, zip disks, CDs, DVDs, and other means of storage. Data recovery is very common these days, as it can help you get back on track after your hard drive crash or other means of destruction to your data. On the professional side of things, there are a lot of companies out there who excel in data recovery. They have technicians who are experts in recovering your data, and spend a majority of their time working on hard drives. Recovering the information from a hard drive can be a very time consuming process, all depending on just how bad the drive has been damaged. If the hard drive is damaged physical or the sectors have been damaged, some of the data that was stored on it may be lost forever. If you take immediate action and seek a repair service for your hard drive, you just may be able to save everything. In the result of a crash, virus, accidental deletion, or other disaster, you shouldn’t waste any time at all. You should always look into a company, preferably local, that can help you with your hard drive. The company will first do an evaluation on the hard drive, then contact you and discuss what options you have available with you. To safely and efficiently recover your data using software, companies have a few choices they can use. Below, you’ll find some software examples that companies use to recover lost data on hard drives. FIRE recovery FIRE is a bootable program that can immediately take action with data recovery. It can also assist with virus scans, incident response, and forensic analysis. FIRE is a very common program, widely used by data recovery specialists around the world. LDE recovery Known as Linux Disc Editor, the LDE method of recovery was originally created for recovering lost files in Linux. It is an older method of software and data recovery, which proved to be very beneficial to those who used Linux. NT recovery The software for NT data recovery provides the proper read access for hard drives that are set up with NTFS in the Windows or MS DOS environment. This software is among the most popular for data recovery technicians, allowing them to copy files from NTFS to FAT volumes. The above examples are all but a few among the software recovery methods. Software recovery can work with most hard drives, if they aren’t too badly damaged. If the hard drive has been damaged by flood, fire, or other physical damage, it will probably need to be rebuilt. Again, if you don’t waste in time seeking a technician, you may be able to get everything fixed. Rebuilding the hard drive will take quite a bit of time, as the technician will have to go through every inch of the drive and replace the parts that have been damaged. As important as your data is, it’s always in your best interest to get on the ball and don’t let any time be wasted. Time is always of the essence, especially when it comes to recovering all of your data and information. Time will always prove to be the ultimate and deciding factor with your information - which is why you shouldn’t let one precious second be wasted whenever something happens to your hard drive. (word count 583)

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The convenience of finding a date online

Dating online has become one of the easiest and most popular way for singles to meet new people. In an age where time is a huge factor, the convenience and effectiveness of meeting a date online is making it an ever more popular option for busy professional singles. For lots of young professionals, getting out into the dating world after a long haul at the office just isn't appealing. The club scene has also lost its appeal, and meeting other like minded, young singles is becoming more and more of a challenge. For singles who find themselves in this familiar predicament, dating online has great way to meet people. Technology has enabled busy singles to quickly search and filter through the many other singles who prefer to date online, and can pick and choose what type of person to pursue. The condensed information usually entered into a profile is yet another useful tool for singles to learn more about potential dates before they message, meet, or respond. The tightly packed vital personal information in an online dating profile (such as smoking and drinking habits, religion, location, age, etc.) make is fast and easy to decide if a person's personal information makes them a viable, or well suited, match. Most internet dating sites also have search features that filter out certain members based on important criteria. While this strategy (of selecting dates online solely based on the personal information entered into a profile) may seem exclusionary to some, who to date online is dependent on personal choice.

Search filters, and the decisions to message or respond to certain members is entirely made by the user him or herself. Furthermore, for some people, vital information like age and location are crucial to any potential success the relationship may have.

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How distance learning offers flexible opportunities

The opportunities for continuing education are incredibly diverse, thanks to the technology of distance learning and elearning. Because of the sheer number of people who are looking to improve themselves, it was inevitable that a large number of colleges, universities and businesses set out to fill that need. The result is that people are learning new skills, honing talents and reaching goals, all while going on with their lives. For many people, furthering education and attending classes are limited because they are already involved in their adult lives. Jobs, family obligations and other responsibilities limit the amount of time many people have available to devote to their own education. Distance learning allows thousands of people to achieve degrees from programs hundreds of miles away.

In this day of convenient travel options, it might be tempting to say that anyone can attend college or classes anywhere. Despite our mobile economy, many people simply don't want to move and don't have the time to travel great distances to attend classes. That means that their opportunities are limited to the programs that are offered nearby. Until distance learning and elearning became so widely available. Briefly, the difference between distance learning and elearning is a matter of how the course is structured. Distance learning requires that the student attend classes at a prearranged time on a regular basis. An instructor who is actually teaching in another facility (across the state or across the nation) lectures makes assignments and teaches just as normal.

The students in the satellite facility have the opportunity to interact with the teacher through two-way communications. The major advantage is that students are attending class right in their own neighborhoods, at community colleges, universities, schools and even public facilities instead of traveling to the site where the teacher is actually conducting class. Compared to distance learning, elearning is even less structured. Typically, students work at their own pace through online courses. There may be pre-recorded lectures, worksheets, assignments and tests, all viewed and completed online.

The major advantage here is that students have an even more flexible attendance policy and can choose to work through the material as quickly or as slowly as they want, though some courses do have time limits for completion. When you add it all up, both distance learning and elearning offer opportunities that simply wouldn't be available any other way. People who would otherwise be "stuck" with no way to further their educations now have an option. Find out why distance learning lets anyone go back to school. Discover what you need to look for in a distance learning program, and what you should avoid. Click http:// distance-learning-exclusive. com/

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Fabulous fitness secrets for busy moms 3 ways to exercise and save time

Copyright 2006 Pat Brill The great thing about Moms is that we are magnificent at multi-tasking. Here are some great ways to stay fit while spending time with the kids. In this article we will provide plans that will ensure great exercise for Mom, great activity for the kids, and a wonderful opportunity for bonding. One of the biggest challenges for Busy Moms is figuring out how to fit exercise into their daily regime. Children, Chores, and Commitments are the 3 C’s that are often hurdles on the way to health & fitness. Creativity, Compromise, and Control are the 3 C’s you need to get you back on track to feeling vibrant and fit. There are going to be days when you just can’t seem to find time to get out of the house and go to the gym. These are the days in which your Creativity needs to kick in full force. What do kids like? Kids enjoy activities where they usually burn their energy and yours. What more can you ask for? You have your own personal trainers at home! So, the next time your children feel restless, open the back door and participate in an exhilarating game of freeze tag to get your cardio in for the day. This will be fun, fast, and you are sure to work up a sweat and burn a few calories. You may enjoy jogging daily, but bringing it up to kids is sure to be met with moans and groans. Here’s a great way to Compromise. Tell your young children to load their bicycles and scooters into the back of the truck and take the whole crew up to the nearest track or trail. Your kids will have the chance to do something they enjoy, and you will get to exercise and still spend time with the family. Another trick that’s sure to win in your favor is to tell your adolescents that instead of doing their chores, they are welcome to join you for a game of tennis. Toddlers and babies usually love outdoor activities, so compromise with them by taking them for a ride in their stroller. Just make sure in any outdoor situation to pack on the sunscreen. Remember, although it may often appear otherwise, you are in Control of your daily schedule. Swimming is an invigorating activity that will give you that extra burst of energy to start your day off right. Your local YMCA or health club has swimming classes available for adults and children. Dive right in!

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Choosing the right shoes golf shoes wedding shoes and other footwear

Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is very important if you spend much time on your feet. Whether you’re standing, walking or running, all of your weight falls directly onto the bottom of your feet. That’s why the shoes you wear are critical to the long term comfort and health of your feet and ankles. Whether you’re wearing sandals, boots or running shoes it’s crucial that your feet are supported and comfortable. Shoes with support and shock absorption will help reduce pounding on the rest of your body as you walk or run. In prehistoric times skins or hides were probably tied around the foot for protection and warmth. The sandal, probably the earliest form of shoe, was worn in Egypt, Greece, and Rome; an early form of the boot was also known in Greece and Rome. The characteristic shoe of the Middle Ages was the soft, clinging moccasin, which extended to the ankle. It was highly decorated and was of velvet, cloth of gold, and, increasingly, of leather. Today the choices of shoes are great…wonderful styles and comfort. We’ve chosen from only the best suppliers of shoes. Whether you’re looking for women’s shoes, men’s shoes or wedding shoes, you’ll find absolutely any style your looking for on the internet. You can be confident that your personal choice of shoes will arrive quickly right to your door.

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In search of the hamdog

Folks, this week’s column is the beginning of a pilgrimage for me... I mean it, this week’s column is the beginning of a truly personal pilgrimage for me, one of truly deep meaning, one of truly great emotion, and I’m not going to rest until I truly achieve what I‘m about to lay out for y‘all in the next few paragraphs. Is that not a truly inspiring beginning for a column? Why, truly it is (okay, I‘ll stop). And, with that, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty. Those of you out there who read my stuff know that I love food. I’m a big eater, and I make no bones about it. I don‘t wanna end up being one of those people that croaks one day and no one understands why. In my case, everyone will understand, and that‘s a good thing. They’ll know that it was due to my eating tons of Atomic Fireballs, Nu-Way hot dogs, Breyer’s butter pecan ice cream, Baby Ruths, Sweet Tarts, and other truly great stuff. Contrast that with a forty-five year old jogger who eats cauliflower and carrots every day, and suddenly collapses while sitting at his desk one morning. Gone, a healthy dead person cut down in the prime of his life. No one understands situations like that, people can’t deal with it, so they‘ll talk about it forever. It’s sad, because no one can understand being both healthy and dead. At least everyone will be at peace when I go shake hands with the Grim Reaper. With all that having been said, I’ve discovered a new food that I know I‘m going to love. Something that I’ll have to make a special trip to go eat one day. And that something is located at a restaurant in Atlanta called Mulligan’s, and the food item in question is called a “hamdog.” And if y’all are wondering what a “hamdog” is: It’s a hot dog wrapped with a deep fried beef patty, then covered over with chili, cheese and onions, and served on a hoagie bun. That‘s not all, either, it’s then topped with a fried egg and served with a couple of big handfuls of fries. Doesn’t it sound great? A true culinary masterpiece, and, what’s more, it has all the major food groups in it. You get your poultry from the fried egg, your beef from the pattie, you get whatever the devil is in the hot dog, you get some essential grains from the hoagie roll, and some very much needed potato vitamins from the freedom fries. A nutritional bonanza if there ever was. Man, I’m salivating just thinking about one, and I’ve got to have it. And, believe it or not, y’all can help me attain my goal of quaffing down a hamdog, and here’s how: Someone out there who’s reading this has got to have some kind of contact with Chandler Goff, the owner of Mulligan‘s. If one of y’all does, would you please let him know that I’m a big fan, and I’m very willing to make a deal with him regarding his hamdog? If he’ll just invite me up and slip me one, a freebie, then tell him that I’ll devote an entire column to doing a review of it. And not only will I review it for him, I’ll make it sound like the Elvis of foods, because I’m already quite sure that I’ll love a hamdog. I just need a good excuse to fight the traffic in order to go up to Atlanta to get one. So, if I can say that I’m going up there because the hamdog is going to be free and I’m supposed to do a future column about it, then the coast will be clear. The trip’ll be blessed, and I‘ll be on my way to Atlanta with a smile on my face. Life will have true meaning. Loyal readers, do your duty. Find Chandler Goff for me. Lay a big line of crap on him about how bad I want one of those hamdogs. If one of y’all can pull it off, I swear that I’ll go up there, eat one, and then write a column about it to let y’all know how it was. And what happens if y’all don’t find him for me? Well, if that‘s how this works out, then I’m going to do a future column about why Tiny Tim was a musical genius. I swear it on my BTO CDs. The choice, as they say, is y’alls....

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Save money on groceries part i

One universal of humanity, no matter who you are or where you come from, you have to eat. Unless you grow your own food, you will have to go to the grocery store to get it. That means money. Here are two very simple but highly effective methods for saving money on the food you buy. Save Money on Groceries: Coupons While you can find them everywhere, people rarely use coupons. If you are one of those people who does not use coupons, this phrase may change your mind. Free money. That's exactly what coupons are, free money. If someone were to put money in your hand, no matter how small the amount, you wouldn't throw it in the trash. That is exactly what takes place when you throw away coupons for things you buy; you throw away free money that the manufacturer gives you for buying their product. That $0.30 here and $1.00 there starts to add up. Save Money on Groceries: Plan Your Meals It sounds like it is unrelated to saving money on groceries but planning you meals for the week goes a long way toward helping you in this area. When you have a specific plan for what will be eaten each day, you can avoid falling into the trap of buying food that no one eats. Planning your meals does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as saying, "Monday - Chicken and pasta". From there, you know what to buy and are less likely to be tempted to stray from you money saving plan.

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Get to know the discipline of picking the right golf clubs

Golf trainers who have been to high level training sessions, such as any PGA program, know the discipline of picking the right golf clubs. These trainers also know how to understand the effects of the body’s movement in respect to the golf club being used. Trainers act as consultants, giving important tips to their students. It is easy to fall prey to marketing hype, however. If your trainer favours only one brand, this is a sign that he may be just riding the hype. It is better to find golf trainers who are flexible in their choice of brands. This is a good sign of objectivity. Luckily, common golf players are becoming more and more knowledgeable in getting the right equipment.

Attribute this to the many shows on TV providing guides to the audience. Common knowledge dictates that golf equipment, especially golf clubs, have a very strong influence on your game. Having substandard equipment can be a headache for trainers in teaching their students. Remember, a poorly constructed golf club, for example, does not do its job well. If you work with this ugly equipment, you will be forced to compromise form to compensate for the insufficiencies of the club, resulting in poor form, and eventually, bad habits. Bear in mind that all golfers need correctly designed golf clubs in order to play the game in the right way. When you swing forward you produce a centrifugal force that leads your hands and club shaft into a linear angle that hits the ball. This is the natural motion of our bodies.

A bad golf club can and will distort this natural motion. Quality golf clubs are, aside from being efficient in design, also durable in temperament. Golf clubs, when made with high quality materials, should last you quite a while. These are viewed as investments. Substandard golf clubs tend to be cheaper and easily get broken. If you do have a good trainer, he should impart to you the importance of a good investment.

Many golf clubs out there are reasonably priced and have a very high level of quality in terms of craftsmanship. Value for money is your main goal. You need not jump into expensive brand names at once. Latest golf clubs now give you the luxury of allowing modifications and adjustments. Ask your golf instructor on ways you can adjust your clubs to your unique specifications.

You can make do with what you have. If your golf clubs are not brand new, you can most likely have it adjusted to fit your needs. Once your golf game gets better, then you can explore the possibility of buying new and better equipment.

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The consequences of over improving real estate

So you’ve found the home you want to grow old in. The location is good, the neighbors are great, and the price was just right. Now like most homeowners in this situation you begin doing minor improvements or upgrades to your home. A little paint in a few rooms, wallpaper there, new flooring in this room, granite in that room, a fixture here a fixture there. Finally you are satisfied with your now remodeled home. Time passes and you decide you want to refinance for one reason or another. Let’s assume you realized you could get a much better interest rate. (For the real truth behind current mortgage rates head to current-mortgage-rate.

com) You tell your lender about all the upgrades in your home and how great it looks yada yada. Your lender goes on to tell you about how much equity you must have in your house and due to your great LTV they could let you cash-out some of that equity. Regardless of whether you try and task-out equity, your trouble comes when the lender goes to order an appraisal. The appraiser comes out and inspects your home and heads back to the office to write his report. After analyzing the data he realizes there is problem, your home is great . . . TOO great for your area.

Your house now becomes what appraisers refer to as “Functionally Obsolescent Due to Super-Adequacy”. What this basically means is that the upgrades you’ve made to your home are superior to the houses in your neighborhood and thus the law of diminishing returns has just kicked you in seam hard. No homes in your area have sold anywhere close to what your home SHOULD be worth and without comparable sales data to prove your home’s value you’re stuck. An appraiser is not going to be able to give a value to your home any higher than the highest sale price in the area. This might not be terrible for some, but for those looking to cashout or with low LTVs this could be a deal killer. The lesson here is to always know your market area which is usually defined as your immediate and surrounding neighborhoods up to 1 mile away.

Know what homes sale for and what type of construction quality or amenities they posses before you start major renoations. If you must be Mr. and Mrs. Jones and over do it then be well aware of the law of diminishing returns.

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Junior golf training equipment

Investigating Junior Golf Training Equipment Like many sports, golf is a game that takes patience and practice. People are rarely born with the natural, raw and inherent talent when it comes to the game of golf. Rather, they need to work at getting better and better at the game. Having the right tools to help make this possible is very important to individuals that are serious about improving the quality of their game. This is why many people will look for Junior golf training equipment when they are trying to find methods to use when it comes to getting better and improving their approach to the game of golf. There are many different types of tools that Junior’s is able to offer which will help the individual that wants to make their game better on the golf course. These tools range in price as well, since their specific functions and capabilities differ. Some of these tools are as simple as devices that will help to calculate how far away from the hole the golf ball is. Despite their seeming simplicity, these are the types of tools that will help a golf player learn how to improve their game in basic, yet extremely helpful ways. There are a number of resources that an individual can utilize when it comes to finding and purchasing Junior golf training equipment. On the internet, a person can find a great treasure trove of these items at phenomenal prices. Some people are most interested in the fact that by finding items online, an individual is able to purchase either new or used Junior golf training equipment. This is an important distinction between physical stores and online stores. Rarely will physically sporting good stores offer used items. This is because many people who are shopping in the sporting goods store will want the new items, since this is what they see. Online, individuals are able to enjoy the same items, only at deeply discounted prices. This is because in most, if not all, cases individuals that are looking to sell their used Junior golf training equipment kept in it good condition and used it in order to improve their game. However, when an individual gets done learning with a specific tool, they no longer need the tool. Instead, they can pass it on to others with the hope that these others will be able to get some use out of the item as well. In addition, the seller can help to provide themselves with some extra income due to the sale of the item. With the proper Junior golf training equipment, provided to the individual from a quality source, an individual can use superior equipment in order to attain better results. In the end, the hope is that the individual will be able to have a better golf game. It is important to remember that an individual needs to practice, in addition to owning quality training equipment since the individual will need to learn how to master the physical aspects of the game as well. Together, with the right Junior golf training equipment, a person can hope to improve their game and enjoy the game more as well.

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