Benefiting from anger management groups

Benefiting from Anger Management Groups There are thousands of people in our world today who suffer daily with emotional problems, one being anger. Learning to deal with anger-related issues can be an extensive and challenging battle. Many people assume they can work through such issues on their own. If they are committed to changing, perhaps they can. However other individuals find anger management groups to be quite beneficial. Anger management groups provide a safety net for people affected by anger-related issues. Here is a place where they can feel comfortable and free to talk about their problems, knowing they will not be judged or criticized. Anger management groups are designed to provide support and encouragement for those who are trying to control their anger and make positive changes in their lives. Because the group is composed of a number of people, dealing with similar issues, it is easier to share and talk about experiences with anger. Knowing the group will understand gives an individual freedom while sharing. Realizing the group is there to offer support provides a sense of comfort while sharing. Anger management groups are designed in various ways. Some anger management groups are set up for the sole benefit of the individual who has the anger problems. Although this problem affects many people, they need to address it themselves, to help them own up to their anger and uncover details about themselves. This individual might also attend an anger management group for families. If their anger is spilling over onto a family, definitely the family members are being affected and also need help and support. There are also anger management groups for couples. Sometimes a couple may have issues with anger. It may actually involve both individuals, who each need to work out their problems. Anger management groups for children are in place. Designed perhaps differently, these groups or programs are put in place to offer encouragement to children with behavioral problems caused by anger. There are all sorts of anger management groups. Then there are anger management camps and retreats. These are designed to offer affected individuals time away from their normal environment. Incorporating fun and interesting activities with anger management support, this group setting provides necessary tools for dealing with anger-related issues. There are anger management camps for girls and boys. Then there are separate programs for girls or boys. These camps are also designed to accommodate different age groups; 12-17 is a typical age group. Although designed different from a normal support group, these camps are really anger management groups. With a growing need for anger management in society today, anger management groups are becoming popular, even in areas such as the workplace. Larger schools may offer support groups for children suffering with anger-related issues, either individually or at home. Pastoral care organizations offer anger support groups for people within their congregation who need encouragement and understanding when dealing with anger problems. Thousands of people are benefiting from anger support groups. For anyone who is attempting to work through anger issues on their own, it would be to their benefit to locate an anger management support group in their area. Attending a group such as this would make an immense difference in their lives and the lives of all those around them. Attending an anger management group might prevent anger from turning into violence.

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A review of article submitter pro

The days of tediously submitting your articles to article directories one by one are over! Imagine this scenario. There you are, in front of your keyboard, proud as punch after putting the finishing touches to your latest article. Feeling good? Great.

But, if you are going to submit this article to multiple article directories your work is far from over. In fact, you’re not even close. Unless you’re a magician, that is. You’ll spend hour upon hour manually copying and pasting to submit your article to all the sites that accept articles. What a drag! What a waste of time that could be better spent on other projects or writing more articles. If you wish you had some help on occasions like this, you’re not alone. The good news is that I think I’ve found a wizard for you. It’s called Article Submitter Pro, and it is an incredibly powerful software application. With Article Submitter Pro, you choose which web sites you want to submit your article to. Next, Article Submitter Pro determines the requirements for each site, formats your article to satisfy those requirements, and fills in as much of the forms as possible.

I was amazed at just how accurately it does this. I submitted one of my articles to over 100 article databases and the fields were automatically filled out correctly almost every single time. As a result I was able to submit to all these sites in a tiny fraction of the time it would have taken manually. You can also create multiple bio boxes. Do you want a different bio on each article?

No problem. Or would you like to submit a random bio with each submission? Again, Article Submitter Pro delivers. And don’t worry over whether the bio should be merged with the article or in a field by itself – the software works that out for you, too. With this software you can also grab an article off your website and fill in all the text fields perfectly, ready for submission, in next to no time. Now let’s look at management ability. One of the problems I have had in the past is remembering which sites I’ve submitted to and which ones I still need to do. This software keeps a record of all the articles you've ever submitted, and it’s virtually impossible to accidentally send the same article to a submission site twice. There are just a couple of areas that I feel Article Submitter Pro needs some improvement. Firstly, the web site says you can store your login information for each article submission site, but that feature seems to have been disabled in the current version. And it would be such an advantage to have it do just that. Secondly, when merging the bio following an article, the software sometimes inserts your bio twice, requiring you to edit out one of them. In conclusion, this software is superb. At $167, Article Submitter Pro is worth every dollar. The many powerful features far outweigh the few areas for improvement. It promises to help you submit your articles to hundreds of sites quickly, and it surely delivers on that promise. I’ve already saved loads of time. But more importantly, I’ve had tons of traffic pouring in to my web site. And my sales climbed immediately. In fact, Article Submitter Pro paid for itself within just a few days.

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Article writing the 5 benefits of writing a your article

Writing articles is a great way to promote your business, no matter what kind of business you are in, writing articles work for you. Many people don't realize the power of writing article, or the influence that an article could bring. It is common for people to hear about writing articles and submitting them to article directories, but it is not so common for people to do it. Since even writing one article takes time, the lazy internet marketer won't do it. But those that are willing to take time to write and submit them will truly generate a good amount of traffic to their website. Article Authors recognize and understand that this technique is powerful, that's why they will take their time and write a decent article and submit it to Article Directories. Here are some benefits that you will get will you start now and submit your articles. Submitting your article to article Directories won't cost you a dime It won't cost you anything to submit your articles to article directory. It takes time, but it won't cost you anything other than that. But this method of driving traffic to your website will have a long term affect. You will be recognize as expert in your field When you write decent articles that filled with valuable information, people respect you, they will think you as a teacher because you know something that they don't know. You could generate more sales Do you realize that writing an article is similar to writing a sales copy? Although both have different purposes, but it is the same principle "One drives traffic, another generate sales". If an article would help you generate more sales, are you willing to do it? You could build a good opt-in list I really like this one, writing an article could help you build your opt-in list. You simple add your link to your article and grab their email address. Of course, you'll need to be more natural way. A great example is articleunlimited. com; you'll find an article e-course when you sign up for it. An opening opportunity to do joint ventures or find a business partner I know a friend of mine have used this method to find his partner. Since he wrote many articles, people who found his articles are interested in what he is writing, and they offer an opportunity to him to be joint ventures or business partner. You could do much more with you article if you take the time to write one. It doesn't have to be 1000 words long, it depends on the information that you gave out, that's what all matter the most. Writing articles is great way to drive traffic to your website. Don't underestimate the power of article writings. The more you write, the more you enjoy writing it, and the better your article will be.

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What s the new c6 corvette have over the last c5 model

-Side impact air bags -DVD Navigation -OnStar -XM satellite radio -Friction contact on the road is larger -Drivetrain can withstand more horsepower -Brakes are heavier -Lighter engine -Lighter exterior -5” shorter But longer wheelbase -Open grill in front “A Corvette is not about transportation, it’s about inspiring and fulfilling dreams” The new Corvette was decided to boast a performance level of the current Z06 model. Chevrolet wanted the base model to be as powerful as their current 400 hp top of the line Z06. Along with this added horsepower, they wanted speed. Comfortable top speed in the 180 mph range. The easiest way to accomplish this was through reducing drag. But there were some problems. The new back tires were wider and the front has an open grill. That kills your drag coefficient in the wind tunnel testing. Also, the decision was made to go with integrated headlamps that were so small; they weren’t even available for the team to use in the design. They had to be made new. The functional rear spoiler integrates the third brake light and there is a diffuser that directs air past the exhaust tips. The car was shortened by 5” increasing the chances of drag-induced turbulence at the end of the car. But not everything was negative. The car was narrower and had lower ground clearance. The engineers not only tested this design extensively (almost 500 hours in the wind tunnel), they tested several models to come out with the current rendition. Weight also needed to be shed to gain additional performance. Using more aluminum in the body structure was the biggest move GM made to reduce weight. The car had new aluminum parts to brace the main frame to improve crash worthiness. Also, the side impact beams were changed to aluminum instead of steel. The latching mechanism in doors was changed to an electronic version, which sheds weight, but also was new innovative technology. I thought they just added the new latches because they were real cool. The body panels were also changed to a different type of material. Fenders are made from different material than the bumpers and that’s different from the hood. GM looked at 5 different types of plastic composites. The main panels are made out of a polyester sheet-molding compound that is reinforced with fiberglass. The 15% smaller new hood is 35% lighter, but 40% stiffer. The neat thing about all this technical analysis is that they made the car lighter, shorter, but stiffer. Let me tell you about the glass. The rear glass is pre-curved, as you know. But the area behind the mirror is flatter. This eliminates distortion from hot and cold days. The side mirrors also were redesigned to reduce wind noise. They look pretty much the same, but the team spent long hours in the wind tunnel just tweaking the side mirrors. The other neat feature with the glass is the roof panel. The removable roof panel is polycarbonate, thermoset for the painted tops or transparent. It’s the same tooling to make the panels, just different materials. There’s more to making the corvette fast and fun. That part is the engine. I’ll explain some neat things the team did on this new LS2 engine in my next article.

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What you need to know about autoresponders

What You Need To Know About Autoresponders The Internet is a great place for business these days. There are hundreds of thousands of companies on the Internet, eagerly anticipating your business. With most companies dealing with hundreds and hundreds of customers on a daily basis, some wonder how they do it. When you break down the basics, you’ll see that most use autoresponders – very nifty tools that can help you with a variety of tasks. Once you have an autoresponder set up on your website, you can make money even if you aren’t there. You can be out with your family or doing other things, while your autoresponder draws visitors to your website and makes you some money. Normally, people don’t buy anything on their first or second visit to a website. Most like to shop around, compare, and find the best deal for their money. Autoresponders can be thought of as cheap salesman – as they will follow up your potential customers and keep their interest sparked. When someone visitors your website and likes what they see, they will normally sign up on your customer list. If you don’t have a customer list, you should invest in one immediately. A customer, or opt-in list, is the heart and soul of your company. This list will contain each and every one of your customers, and is also the main database for an autoresponder. Autoresponders can be used to send out preset messages anytime you wish. One of the best on the net is automatic-responder. com they offer a free trial account. They can inform your customers of news, upcoming products, and answer most questions. Autoresponders can be thought of as salesman, as they will let customers know about products, what features the products have, and how the customer will benefit from using the product. On top of that, autoresponders will also keep your customers up to date and follow up with them to ensure that they feel special. Simply having a website isn’t enough these days. There are millions and millions of websites out there on the Internet, hundreds of which are offering the same products and services that you are. You have plenty of competition, no matter what you may be offering. To succeed this day and age, you’ll be stand out among the rest and offer your customers more than competitors. Having the edge over your competition means you’ll get more traffic – which results in more sales. Although autoresponders can help you a great deal, they can’t do it all themselves. They will handle virtually all of your email related tasks, help you gain traffic, and keep your customers informed with everything going on in your company. To get the most from your autoresponder, you’ll need to make sure you use it every chance you get. They are very handy programs – and can make your business life easier than ever before if you let them. (word count 477)

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Consejos sabios para lenar el alma

Aquн te presento una lista de consejos para que no te sientas vaciу, y observar al pasado con una sonrisa. Las he obtenido de una persona que estaba al final de su vida y sintiу que hubiera hecho muchas cosas diferentes y ha recetado una serie de consejos para aquel que este interesado en cambiar. 1) Habla menos; escucha mбs. 2) Escucha a las historias de tus abuelos a cerca de su juventud. Cuando ya no este, revivirбs sus llamas por sus memorias. 3) Invita a amigos para cenar o picar algo, a pesar de que tu casa no este en condiciones. 4) Come mucho chocolate. 5) Invita amigos con chicos a tu casa a pesar de que hagan liу. 6) Siйntate en el pasto a pesar de que ensucie tus pantalones. 7) No compres algo solo porque durara mucho tiempo o porque es practico, hazlo porque quieres. 8) Quйdate en cama relajado si te sientes enfermo y no pretendas que el mundo no puede continuar sin ti por un dнa. 9) Prende las velas que tienes de adorno en el salуn y dйjalas encendidas. No las dejes sin uso en el armario. 10) Comparte responsabilidades de la vida con un compaсero, no solo las expensas. 11) (Para las mujeres) En vez de esperar al embarazo a que se termine, disfruta cada momento en tu corazуn. Aprende que la vida dentro de ti es la ъnica oportunidad que tienes de ayudar a Dios a crear magia. 12) Deja que tus hijos de abrasen y besen cuando quiera que lo deseen. No los detengas por ninguna razуn como: "mas tarde", "ve a lavarte las manos", "deberemos comer" o demбs. 13) Di las prуximas dos frases lo mбs seguido que puedas: "Te Amo" y "Lo siento." 14) Deja de preocuparte por quien te quiere o no te quiere, o que tiene quien o no tiene. 15) Valora todas las relaciones humanas personales. 16) Juega con una mascota cuando puedas. Riete y corre con ella y toma parte en sus juegos. 17) Pasa el mayor tiempo posible con la gente que te quiere. 18) Deja de transpirar por todos los pequeсos detalles y problemas sin sentido de la vida. 19) Toma cada momento, mнralo y dйjalo. Nunca volverб de nuevo. La persona que escribiу estos sabios consejos se llamaba Susana, y tenia una hija de seis aсos. Susana enseсo estos ideales bбsicos a un conocido mнo y yo los he tratado de seguir tambiйn en honor a su memoria. Creo que puedo decir que convertirб a quienquiera que lo haga en una mejor persona, un mejor esposa o esposa, y en general una persona mas feliz. Inclusive ahora creo que D'os ha bendecido a cada uno de nosotros, y deberemos aceptar estas bendiciones e intentar buscar sentirnos mas fuertes fнsicamente, mentalmente, y emocionalmente. Recuerda que todos tenemos la suerte de estar aquн, y aprovechar vivir la vida de la mejor manera posible, asн que consejos para esa receta nunca estбn de mas.

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Buy to let mortgages long term investment on the concrete structure

Buy to let mortgage market was worth Ј21.8 billion in 2004 and accounted to 38.2 % of commercial market in the same year. The buy to let market has grown more than any market as a whole – which is remarkable. Such a strong market spells nothing but benefit to mortgage hopeful. Buy to let mortgage was a constructive effort by The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) to encourage growth in the private rented sector. Buy to let mortgage is a specialized product for a special mortgage product. However, there is little difference between this and other mortgage products. If you understand the various details of buy to let mortgage, there is no way that you won’t be successful in your attempt. Every buy to let mortgage will undergo the usual mortgage guideline. The lender will check your credit worthiness, value of your property, the amount of down payment before he approves your buy to let mortgage.

Buy to let mortgage have emerged as an increasingly popular mortgage in last few years. They are marked lower interest rates and have added to their attraction. Also rental income is more dependable form of income than other investment forms. The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) operates a buy to let scheme which is supported by a group of lenders. There are other buy to let mortgage lenders who operate outside the scheme and you don’t have to go through any ARLA agent. A buy to let mortgage lender would ask for your rental details along with your income. There are some mortgage lenders who will allow you to add your rent to the salary, while other will base the buy to let mortgage entirely on the rent.

Any previous mortgage will have a say in what you can borrow with buy to let mortgage. Different lenders will have different criteria which apply also for the amount you can borrow. The maximum that you can borrow will be anywhere between Ј150,000 to Ј1m per property. Buy to let mortgage can be taken on more than one property with maximum up to 5 properties.

But more than one buy to let mortgage would not be possible on the same property. Buy to let mortgage lenders usually lend 85% of the property value. Buy to let mortgage entails down payment. The down payment varies from 15%-25%. The larger down payment you can avail the better deals. There is a little variation in the rates of buy to let mortgage and other mortgages.

The rental income formula varies but usually rental income should be 130%-150% of total monthly repayments. The interest rates offered for Buy to let mortgage are fixed, variable, capped, tracker, capped, discounted. According to the inclination of the borrower, any interest rate type can be applied for. Always ask for quotes and compare. This will enable you to sort out buy to let mortgage that corresponds with your expectations. Research is fundamental in every loan process including buy to let mortgage. Buy to let mortgage is a secured loan which means that it is secured on your property.

Late repayment will show in your credit report and inability to repay can lead to loss of property. Think before you apply for buy to let mortgage. First check affordability and then apply for buy to let mortgage. Since it is a long term investment, you have to be careful about making payments on time.

Since you have rental income, it will enable you to payments during difficult circumstances. You can take deposit form tenants to make prevent making arrears. We good record with buy to let mortgage will open doors for more investment as buy to let. Before Buy to let make sure which property you are buying and whether it is compatible with the area. The neighbourhood should be such where there is considerable scope for letting it out. Plan out how much you are ready to pay for the property, keeping in mind expenses like down payment, stamp duty, evaluation fee, solicitor’s fee and other expenditure like remodeling to enable anticipated usage. A few years ago buy to let mortgage was something which would cost you higher interest rate, larger down payment and expect large penalty for changing mortgage. However, the buy to let orientation has changed considerably. Buy to let mortgage has considerably moulded itself to become more consumer friendly. In such a stable mortgage market, there is great scope for expansion.

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Understanding document management

The term "document management" and "paperless office" is the subject of countless articles and books. Everyone wants to achieve this lofty goal but not everyone understands what the terms really mean. Before you can embark on the journey of achieving total document management, it's important that you have a good basic knowledge of the terms and concepts that go with it. Once you start investigating the various software solutions that are available you're going to run into some document management abbreviations, acronyms, and general terms that you might not be familiar with. Here is a "cheat sheet" that will help you to understand the material that you'll encounter as well as the conversations that you'll be having with document management solution providers. Electronic Document Capture (EDC) This is the generic term that refers to the entire process of converting paper documents into their electronic equivalents. It covers concepts such as scanning, text recognition, image conversion and indexing for later retrieval. In other words, it is a catchall phrase for the entire document management process. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) OCR is a process that recognizes the printed words that are present on a physical document. OCR is generally used when processing documents that are printed in "normal" printer or typewriter fonts. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) This process is similar to OCR but is generally capable of also processing certain handwritten documents on special forms. It can also recognize and process "tick marks" and bar codes. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Sometimes referred to as Document Management (DM) or Document Management System (DMS), this term encompasses not just the electronic conversion of paper documents, but the management of electronically created documents including word processing and email. EDMS systems are used to locate and display documents as well as to maintain different versions of the source document. Electronic Record Management System (ERMS) Also known as Record Management (RM) or Record management System (RMS), this term refers to systems that are used to insure that important records such as payroll, human resources, patient records, contracts, etc, are stored and available during their useful lifetime. Web Content Management (WCM) Also called a Content Management Systems (CMS), this term refers to software that is used to store and publish content to a web site. A CMS separates the web content from the underlying HTML design so that any authorized person can publish or remove content from a web site without having to know HTML. Workflow Management (WFM) WFM systems are used to management document preparation in a structured environment where certain preparation, review, or approval steps have to be done in a defined order. WFM systems direct the documents to the correct people, in the correct order, until the entire process has been completed. Knowledge Management (KM) These systems are used to make the total legacy "knowledge" of an organization available to everyone. KM systems eliminate the need for employees to "reinvent the wheel" when dealing with questions, processes, or any other issue that has already been dealt with by someone in the organization. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system is a good example of a valuable KM system. Now that you have an understanding of the basic terms that you will encounter, your next step is to determine the type of document management system that best meets your requirements. After that you can begin the process of identifying the available solutions and pick the one that meets your organization's needs.

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3 million in 6 months with adsense

Source: hazstore. info (( articles. hazstore. info )) The Power Play Interviews: Markus Frind - $3 Million in 6 Months This is the first in a series of Internet Success Stories that you will begin to see on the Power Play Blog. Hope you enjoy them! Markus Frind, the creator of Plentyoffish. com is a success story worth noting, as he has managed to take a niche formerly ruled by giant corporations and give it his own brand of marketing savvy. A case of David vs. Goliath, where the little guy comes out on top in the end. Markus is the top "individual" adsense publisher in terms of pageviews. Lets find out what some of his secrets are as he shares some advice with our readers. Feel free to comment! Markus, what is your experience in computer programming and how did it prepare you for becoming a webmaster? The average pageviews a day is around 14 million for the last week. I'm getting another 80 million pageviews a day from users polling the site to see if they have new messages. Really intensive bandwidth wise! When I go to your website, I notice that the ads are targeted to my region, yet I have not even registered - can you explain to our readers how you accomplish this feat? I'm just using ip2location. com - Basically i take your IP, look it up in the database and it tells me what your city is. I then bring up a list of users in your city, nothing magical about it at all. Are most of your visitors coming primarily from search engines (SERPS), or are you finding that they come from other avenues? Do you actively advertise in the media? Search engines account for something like 2% of my traffic. The vast majority of my traffic, like any other site with over 5 million pageviews a day comes from word of mouth, and repeat visitors. The services on your site seem to be offered at no cost to the registrants. Is there some advantage you have over your competitors that allows you to do this? I've developed new algorithms that allow me to create a mega site for next to no cost. Several years ago I created algorithm that was thousands of times faster then the algorithm used in the 1990's to find a string of 22 prime numbers. At the time a professor used several super computers and hundreds of regular computers over the course of several years to find a record. I did the same thing on 1 computer in 2 weeks. Fascinating! Are there any other sites you currently maintain, or is plentyoffish. com the only one? Its the only site at the moment. I've got a few other sites I registered for friends so they could learn to do marketing/affiliate stuff. At this point i think 1 site is enough. Any tips for those looking to create a profitable endeavor on the internet? IF someone else thinks what you are doing is a cool idea I'd say it isn't... Find something no one else thinks is important and build up a site with big traffic in that area. Also keep in mind, sites that have low monetization today but have traffic may be the gold mines of tomorrow. In the internet world anything and everything will be monetized at some point and traffic is king. Traffic is King - very wise advice, Markus. One last question - How do you find the time to maintain such a large commodity on the internet? Surely you must have some other interests in life besides programming and website monitoring? It only takes a hour a day on average, but its very tiring work. I spend the other couple of hours reading and seeing what is going on.

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Pro environment paper

The thinning of ozone layer is already a great threat to humanity. The use of CFC containing products, the emission of carbon monoxide and the exposure to toxic wastes must be limited if not shunned. One simple contribution to mother Earth will be the use of pro-environment paper. One ream or 500 sheets of paper uses approximately 6% of an average size tree. Imagine the waste of natural resources if we keep on wasting so much paper.

People needs help to carry on a healthy and sound environment. Thus, we can achieve this through cooperation. Recycling is no longer a problem. Paper can now be bleached to achieve the brightness of virgin paper.

Gone are the days of dingy gray ‘left-over’ paper. It is amazing how used paper can still look clear, smooth, bright and white after undergoing the recycling process. Paper can be recycled twelve times at most. This is before the fibers become too short and no longer appropriate for further use. It is good to know that you are helping the environment without sacrificing the quality. Portable printers as well as professional offset presses have already adjusted to the sweeping change. Printers become more and more experienced and the discovery of different methods to ensure the best results made it more demandable. Recycled paper used to cost a lot more. But now the price is down. This is because the demand is getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps, people are already more cautious and conscious of the world and the impending hazards. Some grades of recycled paper cost lesser than virgin paper. Others are far lesser. With regards to virgin paper, specialty paper is more costly than conventionally used grades. To get the best priced recycled paper it is advisable to plan ahead and take advantage of time. Another, you can also take advantage of a wide-array selection of recycled paper. Los Angeles brochures, newsletters, letterheads can be printed in these recycled high-quality paper. We all know that varying printing projects need varying paper considerations. Thus, it is advisable to seek professional recommendations coming from printing companies.

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Smartphones beyond voice to information and entertainment

Smartphones are poised to become the information center and entertainment device of choice. Increasing adoption and usage of smartphones bodes well not only for smartphone makers but also for the wireless industry as a whole. Investments in shares of wireless technology companies and wireless service providers have been particularly profitable in the post-dot com era. The wireless industry is in a sweet spot of the technology space. Bountiful business opportunities exist as wireless usage continues to increase in both developed and emerging markets. And driving this usage higher are new products such as smartphones whose capabilities are being augmented by the deployment of third generation (3G) wireless networks.

Feature-Rich Smartphones. Smartphones are more than mobile phones. A smartphone is a mobile phone with built-in functions of a personal digital assistant. Smartphones pack a diverse range of features and functionalities into the handset that makes them a mobile information center and entertainment device for the user.

Smartphones commonly include features such as web browsing, e-mail, and multimedia capabilities. Certain models have enough horse power to run complex software applications such as enterprise customer relationship software and car navigation programs. A full-featured QWERTY-type keyboard, MP3 player, and Geo Positioning Systems capability are becoming common among higher-end smartphones. Instant messaging is a cool feature making its way into the mainstream. Smartphones, A Growing Segment of the Handset Market.

Smartphones represent a small, yet rapidly growing, segment of the handset market. According to Strategy Analytics, smartphone sales at 17.5 million units in 2004 accounted for 3% of the worldwide sales of 684 million handsets. However, this represents a significant jump from the 8.2 million units sold in 2003. The demand for smartphones is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years. By 2009, the number of smartphone units sold is estimated to reach 125 million or 16% of total handset sales worldwide. This implies a 48% compound annual growth rate in smartphone unit shipments over the 2004-2009 period. Smartphone Early Adoption Led by Asia and Europe. Adoption of smartphones has been particularly rapid in Asia and Europe. The aggressive deployment of advanced wireless networks in these regions has encouraged early adoption of smartphones.

The Asia Pacific region currently accounts for about 37% of global smartphone sales with South Korea and Japan being leaders in smartphone usage. The European market accounts for 27% of global smartphone sales. Analysts expect smartphone sales in Europe to exceed sales in the Asian market in the coming years. North America’s market share in smartphone sales was expected to reach 25% by the end of 2004.

Nokia, the 800 lb. Gorilla of Smartphones. Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is by far the dominant global smartphone manufacturer. The Finnish company is currently estimated to command half to two-thirds share of the global smartphone market. Nokia recently introduced its feature-rich Nokia 7710 smartphone in Europe and Africa. The wide-screen Nokia 7710 smartphone includes a full Internet browser, an integrated music player, a camera with 2x digital zoom, and a FM radio. One of the nifty features of the Nokia 7710 smartphone is its ability to make weblogging mobile.

Users can post pictures and text from the Nokia 7710 smartphone directly to the web through the ‘moblog’ client. Nokia is also expected to introduce the Nokia 3230 smartphone in the first quarter of 2005. The Nokia 3230 smartphone features a video recorder and ‘Movie Director’ that will allow 1 hour of video to be captured. Nokia is now increasingly looking at software licensing deals to help differentiate itself from its competitors. Nokia has recently signed licensing deals with Macromedia and RealNetworks. Nokia is also said to be working on handsets that will receive wireless television feeds. Smartphone Investment Implications.

The increasing adoption of smartphones augurs well not only for Nokia but also for other smartphone manufacturers like palmOne (Nasdaq: PLMO) and Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM). palmOne recently introduced the GSM edition of its Treo 650 smartphone. Research in Motion recently released the latest model in its BlackBerry 7100 series, the 7100g. The incorporation of additional features and functionalities that make smartphones the portable information center and entertainment device of choice has bullish implications beyond just manufacturers of smartphones.

Wireless service providers like Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) should see their average revenue per user being buffeted with increasing use of value-added services that smartphones enable. Then too, the increasing adoption and usage of smartphones will require the rollout of 3G wireless networks in earnest, translating into business opportunities for wireless network equipment providers such as Ericsson (Nasdaq: ERICY). Notes: This report is for information purposes only. Nothing herein should be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities or to give individual investment advice. This report does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation, and particular needs of any specific person who may receive this report. The information contained in this report is obtained from various sources believed to be accurate and is provided without warranties of any kind.

AlphaProfit Investments, LLC does not represent that this information, including any third party information, is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. AlphaProfit Investments, LLC is not responsible for any errors or omissions herein. Opinions expressed herein reflect the opinion of AlphaProfit Investments, LLC and are subject to change without notice. AlphaProfit Investments, LLC disclaims any liability for any direct or incidental loss incurred by applying any of the information in this report.

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How to start your online business in a matter of few minutes and still rake in thousands of dollars every month

Would you like to rake in $10,466 per month without having your own products? 1. So What Is It? It is called affiliate marketing. It, as a matter of fact, is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your online business and rake in thousands of dollars every month. 2. What’s Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing simply to say is promoting other people’s product and in return you’ll get certain percentage of the merchant’s item if and only people who buy the merchant’s item buy through your link. So we can say some sort of online multi level marketing. Why I said that? Because many of these programs have 2-tier which means you can refer another affiliate below you. Whenever he or she makes sales you’ll get certain percentage of those sales. 3. How do I get started? Well, first off, you have to identify which niche you want in? For example if you are a maniac golfer, then the chance you’re more likely to promote golf equipment rather than fishing equipment. Then estimate the competition, go to Google and type in your appropriate term for example “beginner golf guide” and see how much sites on that subject already exist? For me personally, I don’t care much about the competition if you have more crowded competition that means you’ll need to wait longer to make profits and so vice versa. It’s just that simple. However, be sure to do something you really love, because in the end it will be life and death of your business. 4. Let’s Find The “Eager-To-Give You Money” Merchant Now you should have roughly figure on which niche you want to in. The next thing we’re going to do is find potential merchant that could bring you the potential income you always dream of. To faster the process we are going to choose them from affiliate programs directory. Affiliate programs directory is site that already does the hard-work for us in selecting which one the potential merchant, so you just need to pinpoint which one you want to embrace. Some of the best are: associateprograms. com 5staraffiliateprograms. com 5. Skyscraper Website versus “Mini” Content Site As the time writing, there’re 2 current opinions: The first state in order to get money from affiliate program you have to build skyscraper site and fill it with hundreds of content while The second state in order to get money from affiliate program you have to build multiple stream of mini site Which one that works? Both work, it is ultimately up to you which one you want to adopt for example of the first one in action you can see http:// sage-hearts. com which has been running by Rosalind Gardner while the second one you can see http:// dominatesearchengine. com which has been running by Anik Singal (Actually, I haven’t ask their permission to cover their web site in this article but I bet they wouldn’t mind) Both is very respected and highly acclaimed both affiliate marketer and internet marketer. Here’re the pros and cons: If you decide to build mini site then you’ll have to forget the possibility of getting traffic from generic search engine. If you decide to build skyscraper content site then you’ll have to invest considerable amount of time and energy to build it. Don’t re-invent the wheel there’s no point in doing so just follow what already works. Examine both of their sites carefully and see which part you can adapt to your business model. (But mark my words don’t copy them words-by-words!) 6. Ready to Drive Traffic? Now you have proven business model at your disposal, it is the time to drive traffic to your site. I’d recommend first off you start by going to build reciprocal link campaign. Reciprocal link is the act of exchanging link between two sites in hope to send traffic to each other. Let’s put it into action… Once again type in your keywords on search engine, next click on each of the site you found, if you like this site then examine it carefully. Are they having something like “submit URL” or “add URL”? If they have click on the link there should be simple self-explanatory instruction to exchange your link with that website but what if they didn’t have one? Just contact them through email or phone and ask if they’re willing to do reciprocal link with you. What’s great about this method? Here’s what will happen… Let’s say after doing reciprocal link for one month in the end of the month you get 30 links. Each one refer one people per day to your site, now you already have 30 people visit your site without you doing a thing. In one month you will get 900 people visit your site on completely auto pilot. That’s the beauty of reciprocal link-) What happen if you can manage to get 200 links? 7. Final Note Like any of other endeavors if you expect some results it means hard work and persistence. Don’t expect result in a week I tell you that wouldn’t happen but expect in a year or so. Trust me though it seems long far away at the beginning but in the end your perseverance will pay off many times.

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Italy beats hawaii as the best honeymoon destination

: Ask any bride-to-be and she'll quickly tell you that honeymoon dreams come true in Hawaii. This tropical paradise has been king of the hill when it comes to honeymoon destinations for nine straight years. But this year, the king was dethroned. Instead of finding Hawaii as big kahuna, Italy took the lead. In previous years, Italy ranked third, but in the 11th annual Modern Bride survey for 2007, it surpassed Hawaii, followed by Tahiti, Costa Rica, Mexico and France.

The 11th annual survey was conducted through a network of 6,000 luxury travel agents who ranked their 50 favorite honeymoon spots. The results appear in the magazine's August/September issue. But what doesn't appear is the answer to the question "why?" According to Hawaii's state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, the trend has been building over time. The number of honeymoon couples traveling to the Aloha State fell to just over 200,000 as of June this year.

That's a 1.2% drop from 2006. Hawaii certainly has beauty and a playground with enough adventure and romance to keep couples busy for weeks. But Italy is beginning to be appreciated for many of its unique features. Venice For instance, Venice charms young and old alike with magical waterways stretching throughout the entire city. The gentle trickling of water through the canals is romantic on its own. Add to that a dreamy gondola ride and you've set the mood for the entire trip. Truth be known, Venetians travel by gondola because there are no cars, not because of the romance! You also won't find any motorbikes or motorized scooters.

Why no cars? Because there are no roads to drive them on! What you will find in Venice is gorgeous scenery along with palaces, museums and art collections. Open-air food markets are also plentiful and make for wonderful shopping. Or, of course, you can dine at any number of restaurants where you'll delight in truly authentic northern Italian cuisine. You won't want to leave without participating in Carnival. Remarkably, the term "carnival" comes from the Latin "farewell meat!

" Similar to Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, Carnival began the practice of throwing huge parties in order to use up all the meat, eggs and butter before the fasting of Lent started. To make Carnival unique, Venetians wore masks to disguise themselves. This way they could participate in all types of debauchery without being found out. While Carnival today is much more civil, the enormous levels of fun still run high. Capri Another unique destination in Italy is Capri. An island (as is Venice), this region has wooed the world for decades. Countless movies have been made on Capri, emperors have visited and honeymooners have strolled along her hillsides.

Part of the allure of this island lies in the aromatic fragrances that overtake you as soon as you arrive. The scent of ripe natively grown lemons in addition to the intense perfume of indigenous basil, marjoram, oregano, parsley and thyme waft through the air with every breeze. It's something almost everyone is pleasantly surprised by. One of the most popular attractions is The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) - a must-see. As daylight enters through an underwater opening located immediately below the entrance to the cave, the light is filtered by the water. The red tones are absorbed, leaving only the blue ones to pass into the cave. The result is an astonishing aura of blues that simply defies words. Whichever you choose as your top honeymoon spot, you'll find plenty to do and see. Cruising to your destination offers the flexibility to see more of the region for less than you might think. Explore online first and then decide which location will offer more of what you and your spouse-to-be will love.

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Make 50k a month with an online dating site

It has been well documented that online dating is a phenomenon which has changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Two out of every five singletons in Europe and the USA aged 25 - 40 have used an on line service to either find a partner, or simply to enhance their social lives by making new friends. This exponential explosion in the dating sector has meant that many companies owning and operating the sites themselves have come from a standing start to generating significant revenues in a matter of just a few months. It is possible to make a small fortune from online dating but, then again, it's just as possible to lose your shirt. For every successful site, there are five others which simply 'got it wrong'. If you follow these few basic guidelines, you could join the cyber-revolution which has not only become a lifestyle choice in itself for a great many consumers, but an extremely profitable market for webmasters to enter. 1. Niche works. Yes, we all know the names of the global dating sites which dominate the sector, but if you want to create a site that attracts millions of members, you are going to need very deep pockets just to get on the first rung of the ladder. There are a great many very successful sites that either cater to special interest groups such as bikers, military personnel etc or geo-targeted sites that cover just one city or state. The advantage of this kind of concept is that it is much easier and cheaper to promote than a service which attracts all-comers. The sophistication of online marketing, particularly the various pay-per-click search engines, enables you to target your audience very specifically thereby maximising your return on investment without having to overly stretch your financial resources. 2. Don't over-complicate the design of the site. The primary aim of the homepage should be to encourage visitors to register with your service, not to marvel at your use of different colours or design features. Stick to just two colours (one should preferably be blue - the colour of trust) on a white background and avoid flashing buttons at all costs. 3. Keep your proposition simple. If a dating site looks so complicated that only 'teccies' can use it, you'll lose most of your audience as soon as they land on your homepage. The most successful dating sites tend to offer a very basic system of picture profiles and secure messaging. People sign-up, create their profiles, upload their photos and start sending email messages to other members with whom they think they might be compatible. It's easy and you don't have to have a degree in computer sciences to do it. But there are many sites out there which offer a bewildering array of features - video profiles, psychological profiling and the like; all very expensive to integrate and manage and most, to be frank, are a complete waste of time and money. 4. Offer a free trial. This might seem rather ironic in an article which purports to tell you how to create a profitable business, but in order to get your members to pay you a subscription fee, you have to get them to register with your site in the first instance. If you let people have a look around, browse through the database and perhaps send a couple of messages to other people, they are far more likely to want to subscribe than if you ask them to do so straight away without giving them a taste of what your site can offer. 5. Populate your database as quickly as possible. People follow other people when they join dating sites and if your site looks like it hasn't got many members, then people will give it a wide berth. When you launch, it's well worth you doing a limited email marketing campaign which offers a free subscription to founder members. Remember, the hardest part of creating a successful online dating business is to get your first 100 registrants - you want them there in week one and the quickest way to do that is to offer a freebie to your first sign-ups. You're not losing money - these are the most important members and without them your business will not get past first base. 6. Spend your marketing budget wisely. You don't have to throw money at a dating site in order to promote it effectively - you just have to be smart. Establish an affiliate programme with one of the main networks operating in your country as soon you launch your site. Affiliates are third party web-sites which refer traffic to your business on a revenue sharing basis. You don't have to pay affiliates to join your programme, you just offer them a percentage of any subscription revenue which they generate and this is the most cost-effective way of promoting yourself. And you should also avoid generic search-terms when you instigate pay-per-click campaigns on the major engines. Keywords like 'dating' and 'online dating' are expensive to bid on and convert less well than niche terms which are more applicable to the actual concept of your site. If, for example, you are running a dating service for singles living in Chicago, keywords like 'Chicago dating' or 'singles in Chicago' will be relatively cheap to bid on and will yield a far better conversion rate than the more general terms. 7. Offer good customer service. Remember, your members are real people many of whom will not be as computer savvy as you are and when any of them contact the site with a problem (a forgotten password or log-in difficulties are usually the most common), you should endeavor to respond as soon as you are able. An unanswered message is the easiest way to actually lose a member so don't ignore or put off answering the mails that you will inevitably receive. 8. Communicate with your members. I've left this point until last but it it just as important as anything I've mentioned above. A weekly newsletter to your database will encourage people to log-in to their accounts on a regular basis (particularly if they are able to click through directly from the email to the site without having to log-in) and will also help to foster an emotional bond between your business and it's paying customers. Every business to consumer online entity should have a human face and site owners who ignore this do so at their peril. So there you have it; take heed of the eight snippets of advice that I have outlined above and you too can reap the substantial rewards on offer in this exciting and vibrant market sector.

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The pain when you gain delayed onset muscle soreness

Nothing is more frustrating than the pain and discomfort that occurs in the days that follow a workout. The common muscle soreness and stiffness experienced one to two days after a workout may be so uncomfortable, particularly to the new exerciser, that it may discourage future workout attempts. As someone once said after her first workout, "What’s the use of getting fit if I can’t even get out of bed in the morning?" Every exerciser, regardless of experience, deals with sore and stiff muscles following a particular workout. It is important to understand why this occurs and what to do about it in order to deal with this common, although irritating, phenomenon. Why do I feel so much pain after a workout? The typical muscle soreness experienced in the days following a workout is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and is characterized by stiffness, pain and sometimes weakness in the exercised muscles. The soreness can last several days after a workout, with the height of the pain occurring about 48 hours following the workout activity. Studies report that DOMS is most likely the result of microscopic damage or tearing of muscle fibers with the amount of damage correlated to the intensity, amount, and kind of exercise that occurs. DOMS is also related to an individual’s exercise history, and is most typical among those who are either starting out in an exercise program or those who change the intensity or type of exercise. DOMS appears to be strongly affected by eccentric muscle actions. Commonly referred to as the "negative" part of an exercise, eccentric action occurs when a muscle resists while it is forced to lengthen. This action happens in movements such as descending stairs, downhill running, and landing a jump, or with the lowering movements in exercises such as squats, lunges or pushups. Although there is no conclusive proof, researchers have suggested that DOMS may also be related to inflammation that occurs in and around a muscle. Swelling may occur following exercise, which increases pressure and causes discomfort. But I can’t get out of bed…How do I deal with this? Although no surefire documented method exists to entirely get rid of DOMS, some treatments may temporarily alleviate some of the discomfort, such as application of ice, ultrasound and anti-inflammatory medication (aspirin, ibuprofen). Massage may also reduce some of the symptoms, but this method has not been proven. As the saying goes, "time heals all wounds." DOMS usually dissipates within 3 to 7 days following exercise with no special treatment. Severe pain lasting longer than this time frame may indicate an acute injury and should be treated by a medical professional. How can I prevent this from happening again? There is no known technique or drug that entirely prevents DOMS. However, there may be some things you can do before you exercise to keep DOMS at a minimum. Popular fitness theory suggests warming up thoroughly then gently stretching both before and after exercise. Training with your limitations in mind is always a smart idea, building intensity over time rather than attempting an all-out effort on your first try. The good news: The best prevention is regular exercise. Studies have demonstrated that continued training acts in a preventative fashion to reduce muscle soreness. Regular endurance training, specifically, has been shown to be a method of preventing the onset of DOMS. The typical soreness experienced after training, or DOMS, is part of the process of getting stronger and reaching your fitness goals. The best method to reduce this somewhat frustrating part of starting or modifying a fitness program is none other than consistent effort.

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Taking control of anxiety attacks

Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety attacks can attest that the condition can be very debilitating. Shortness of breath, palpitations, numbness, nausea, and the feeling of being trapped are all part and parcel of having an anxiety attack. Fortunately, there are ways of preventing an attack, foremost of which is identifying its cause. What causes an anxiety attack? An anxiety attack can be triggered by a number of reasons including illness, social events, or even memories of past situations. It is very important to know which situations trigger your attacks so you can take precautions to make them more manageable. For example, if going to social events like corporate parties triggers an attack, bring a friend with you to help you feel comfortable about the situation.

Most importantly, consult your doctor for medications or therapies that can help minimize your anxiety. Preventing an anxiety attack There are several methods you can use or activities you can do to minimize your attacks or prevent them from happening like the following: - Changing your diet People who have switched to a more vegetable-dense or whole grain-based diet reportedly feel better than those who consume red meat. Scientific research shows that aside from keeping the body healthy, vegetables and whole grains release endorphins and other feel-good hormones in the body that promote a sense of well-being. On the other hand, people who eat red meat have been found to have a lot of stress-inducing hormones in their bodies that can trigger an attack. - Avoiding caffeine-rich and alcoholic substances Caffeine and alcohol can increase chances of attacks as well as certain drugs. Instead of taking coffee or alcoholic beverages for a quick pick-me-up, try substituting them with fresh fruit juice. Juices are healthy options that can give you a quick energy boost like caffeine without the danger of triggering an attack. - Exercising regularly Exercise and physical activity triggers the release of endorphins in the body which promotes a feeling of happiness. Aside from this benefit, exercise, particularly cardiovascular activities, also prevents attacks by providing an outlet for the release of stress and anxiety. Cardiovascular exercises also strengthen the heart and body so it can withstand attacks easily with minimal symptoms. - Practicing relaxation methods Certain activities like meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and massages can reduce anxiety and stress levels in the body. They can also help you focus on good sensations and feelings that can improve your sense of well-being. You can try carrying relaxing aromatherapy oils like lavender and chamomile for a calming sniff when you feel an attack coming. Listening to soothing music, reading inspirational books, or drinking herbal teas can also soothe your frazzled nerves. Although these prevention tips can help you ward of an anxiety attack, nothing beats talking to your doctor. A health professional specializing in anxiety disorders can help you understand your condition and provide you with treatment therapy. Along with the prescribed medication, you can also ask your doctor about group therapy for anxiety disorders.

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Acid reflux heartburn simple steps to relief

You've seen the advertisements: Acid reflux is a horrible disease that can cause damage to the oesophagus and lead to cancer. Are these claims realistic, or simply exaggerated to sell over the counter medications? The fact is that doctors don't even agree on the causes, treatments, and long-term risks related to heartburn, so you can believe what you want about the ads. Heartburn is the uncomfortable feeling resulting from acid reflux, or GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease (try saying that out loud a few times). It can feel like a burning sensation (hence, the name), but can also feel like pressure in the chest, which is why it is sometimes confused with feelings associated with heart attacks. Acid reflux occurs when the muscle between the stomach and the oesophagus gets weak or relaxes at the wrong time. The result is that the stomach contents, including the acid, move up into the oesophagus. Because the oesophagus doesn't have the protective lining that the stomach does, the acid literally burns the oesophagus. What Works? Several non-prescription drugs may be effective for mild to moderate acid reflux, such as antacids, which neutralize stomach acids. These include well-known over the counter medications such as Tums and Rolaids. Another option is H2 receptor antagonists, which reduce the production of stomach acids. These include Axid AR, Pepcid AC, Tagamet HB, and Zantac 75. Pepcid complete is the only of these that combines an antacid with an H2 receptor antagonist. Which is the best treatment? One study found that Pepcid complete performed better than either an antacid alone or an H2 receptor antagonist alone. Prescription drugs prescribed to treat acid reflux are called proton-pump inhibitors. These include Aciphex, Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, and Protonix. While these are equally effective, one study did find that Nexium may heal esophageal sores faster. Homeopathic Remedies Combined with homeopathic remedies, heartburn may be treated effectively with less reliance on over the counter or prescription medications. Together, these solutions may provide the answers where just one solution fails to deliver on the promise. Natural options that may help reduce GERD include deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), which may bring fast relief and help heal damaged lining. Aloe Vera juice may also act quickly to bring relief. For those with chronic problems, Gamma-oryzanol (rice bran oil) may be useful, as could choline, pantothenic acid, and thiamin. These natural solutions may provide more effective short-term relief as well as provide long-term dietary benefits. Why Try a Homeopathic Remedy? The benefits of natural solutions is that they are often less costly and reduce the chances of becoming reliant on a particular solution. Natural solutions include treating the cause as much as the affect, and experimenting with diet and alternative treatments may help lessen the cause of the problem. Additionally, all of the homeopathic remedies mentioned above can be used along with over the counter or prescription medications. Does Acid Reflux Cause Cancer? Studies on acid reflux and cancer vary. One study showed that chronic acid reflux increased the chances of oesophageal cancer by as much as eight times. Another study determined that the risk of cancer is not nearly as much as was once thought. Chronic acid reflux can lead to Barrett's oesophagus, or BE, which has been thought to lead to an increase in cancer. A study conducted by a group of medical doctors found that the risk of cancer from BE is not as much as previously thought, stating that BE will not cause cancer for most people. What is not questioned is whether or not acid reflux is uncomfortable. Chronic GERD is difficult to live with, and experimenting with both traditional medications and natural remedies may be the best solution. As research continues on the causes and affects of GERD, additional options are likely to come along.

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My amazing mom

My Amazing Mother – “The Arthritis Lady” From the age of 11 to age 53 my mother avoided holding hands; they were painful to the touch, so puffed up, sore and hot!!! Raising four children she, of course, had to hold our hands. She tried so hard not to let us know how painful it was but, we knew she was in constant pain. I always felt bad for my Mom and Dad because holding hands was something they missed. It was hard for her to knit or crochet, which she loved to do. Walking, bending or standing for any period of time was so painful for her. We learned as small children, my brothers and I, to do what ever we could to help around the house. She went to over thirteen “Arthritis” specialists, which were of little or no help. She was prescribed many different drugs and went through all kinds of treatments for her arthritis. She was in so much pain that she tried anything and everything to find relief. She was so desperate to find something that would stop her pain that she: Went to over 13 physicians, (“Arthritis Specialists”) She took Codeine, Darvon, Sprays and "Gold Treatments" She was placed in traction with a large weight to stretch her body, was tied to the bed and couldn't move for a week! She was put in an upper body cast for 3 months She wore shoe lifts And so much more!!! In 1980, the last year she suffered from Arthritis, my Mom spent an average of $40.00 month on miscellaneous drugs, $30.00 for a monthly doctor appointment and $30.00 on pain killers. That’s a total of $100.00 a month. I wish she could have spent that money on something she liked to do instead. All the drugs, all the doctors, all the treatments, all the money... ALL the FAILURES!!! Doctor after doctor told her that there was no cure for arthritis and that she should, “Take this medication, go home and learn to live with it”. One doctor predicted that she would be in a wheel chair within 5 years. We were crushed… My Mom, being the eternal optimist, never gave up… She went on a crusade to find a way to stop her arthritis. And she did!!! She spent many years researching arthritis, and put together this incredible program, “I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too”, that shows you in easy to follow steps how you can do what she did at home, and without drugs. I know this may sound too good to be true. But she did it... My Mom has gone through what you are going through right now. She has now been living Pain Free from Arthritis for 25 years. My Mom, Margie Garrison, is known on the World Wide Web (and elsewhere) as “The Arthritis Lady” and is now doing something she “likes” to do. She spends most of her time answering thousands of emails and phone calls from people who suffer with arthritis. She answers questions and helps solve problems. And I am not the only one singing her praises; here are just a few things other people have said… “My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and she tried what you wrote in your book and she has been almost totally pain free for a month so far. Thanks for publishing your book. Roy - Goose Creek, S. C ********** “I have purchased your book and it is a miracle from God. I really believe in it. It has opened my eyes toward the right foods we should eat to keep our bodies healthy and free from diseases. Evangeline – Culloden, GA ********** “Thank the Lord and you. Your book is my companion in my quest for health. I can’t praise it enough. You are a pioneer in the practice of prevention in Medicine. Mary B - Santa Cruz, CA ********** My friend raved to me about how your book helped him. He had taken so much Cortisone until his doctor balked at giving it to him. My friend said he spends many painful, sleepless nights, and that his life was pure misery. Now, some five months later, he has no pain, and sleeps very well. He has lost some 40 pounds and feels 20 years younger. Lewis - Oklahoma City, Ok ********** “My friend is over 80 years old. She was unable to do hand work and almost unable to walk. Now she is able to do both. Mrs. A. Jenkins - Morango, CA ********** To whom it may concern, Margie Garrison’s “I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too: is a note worthy milestone in the field of alternative treatment modalities. I agree with Margie that with proper nutrition, exercise and a positive mental attitude, not only is it possible to “cure” arthritis but also prevent it. Her book is simply and clearly written with a number of helpful illustrations. I have used it in my practice and highly recommend it. The pathway to health is up to each individual. By following Margie’s techniques, you can be “Free” of arthritis. Sincerely, Learie N. Yuille, MD Metro Holistic Health Center Southfield, Mi 48075 ********** If you are searching for relief from your arthritis pain, try this program. My Mom is living proof that you don’t have to take medication, go home and learn to live with arthritis. If you would like to know more about my Mom and her program go to: http:// cureyourarthritis. com Susan Graham susang@yoursudccesslinks. com

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Ways to maximize vitamin absorption

1. Do not refrigerate vegetables and fruits (raw and uncut) for more than two days. 2. Do not go by the advertisements that show refrigeration slowing down loss of nutrients from fruit. It can't stop the process altogether and fruits certainly do not get any fresher by refrigerating them for a long time. 3. Eat your fruits whole rather than cutting them into pieces. When exposed to air (oxygen), vital vitamins are lost. By that logic, raw fruits are better than fruit juices and pies. 4. Take a sunbath around nine am for 15-20 minutes and you do not need to pop any vitamin D supplements, except if otherwise advised by a medical practitioner. 5. Give full attention to food while eating rather than sharing the meal with your favorite soap on TV, so that your parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and the digestive system works to its optimum level. All about Vitamin Supplements - http:// vitaminsdiary. com/vitamin-supplements. htm

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A well chosen bathroom vanity will make your bathroom look great

A bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom. Regardless of how well the rest of the bathroom is decorated, it just won’t look right without the right bathroom vanity cabinet. Fortunately, there are many options for someone who wants a new bathroom vanity. For example, some bathtub supplies are very popular and durable such as bathroom vanity cabinets made almost entirely out of frosted glass. Or, if you prefer more traditional bathroom vanity cabinets, exquisite bathroom vanity cabinets made almost entirely of wood are also available. Now matter what type of bathroom vanity cabinet you choose be sure to choose one that compliments the rest of your bathroom. Considering that your bathroom vanity is the first thing noticed in your bathroom be sure to keep it clean and clutter-free.

It should be cleaned regularly, and try to keep most of your bathroom accessories and bathtub supplies off it. Tips on finding a cheap bathroom vanity. If you decide that your current bathroom vanity is not what you are looking for, consider installing a new one. However, many bathroom vanity cabinets are very expensive. Fortunately, you will be able to find many bathroom vanity cabinets that are not only inexpensive, but also compliment the look of your showers, tile, and bathroom in general. Nowadays there are a wide variety of bathtub supplies that are able to compliment any bathroom accessories. While the top-notch bathroom cabinet medicine vanity may be out of your price range, you will also find that there are many bathroom vanity cabinets of similar design and workmanship, but at much lower cost. Some things to consider in the area of bathroom vanity include: bathroom vanity cabinet, bathroom cabinet medicine vanity, bathroom, bathroom supplies, showers and tile. If you choose the bathroom vanity that is the right fit for your bathroom, your bathroom will have just the perfect touch you have been looking for.

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