Affiliated net announces the launch of peeker video ads

Affiliated. net, an Ad Network focused on ‘Web 2.0’ technologies, is announcing the initial launch of its first video ads combined with animations. Their unique approach has broken records and drastically increased CTR% and Conversion rates online. They have ‘broken free’ from embedded video, and create customized videos for advertisers and major brands. The approach is likened to many TV Networks, which they have termed “Peeker Ads”. The advertisements ‘peek’ or animate onto webpages much like you see on major TV Networks now. The new approach online is unobtrusive and visitors seem to enjoy watching these video ads to learn more without having to leave the page or open a new window. “This approach is interesting as it has increased eCPM drastically when compared to any other form of creative,” says Ricky Ahjua, Director of Online Marketing at Affiliated. net. “The advertisers love it because it is customized video produced for their product or service. Video right now is very hot and publishers are ‘cashing in’ as well because of the new found space these peeker ads present. These give publishers the ability to instantly plug into true targeted video advertisements that are generating click through rate percentages 20% and higher. It is a new frontier of online advertising.

” Affiliated. net seems to have perfected the process, utilization and monetization of video advertisements and brings videos quickly and efficiently to any campaign to increase and enhance online campaigns. They are definitely on the front edge of the wave; large advertisers such as Google. com and MSN. com are both looking into like technologies. Merchants and Publishers get these videos peeker advertisements absolutely free when they partner with the Affiliated, letting Affiliated shoulder the cost of production while increasing ROI and conversion rates for merchants, in most cases for a revenue share partnership. “Publishers are often constrained by limited tools and services provided to them by their networks” says Chris Kautz, Director of Business Development at Affiliated. net. “Affiliated’s videos are provided with customizable players and peeker ads to blend in with sites and give a variety of options as to a video’s look and feel.” They have complete control over how many times these videos are played for a viewer, delay time, positioning and so on. These are merely the first options available, after the initial run of these videos; more options will be gradually added for the publishers benefit. Affiliated. net is constantly working to improve its offerings and provide more options for its partners.” About Affiliated. net: Affiliated. net has taken the next leap in Affiliate Marketing and produced the highest responding vehicle on the internet today - Video! We have opened the world of online video advertising to Publishers & Advertisers with the launch of a Web 2.0 Ad Network. To learn more about Affiliated. net visit affiliated. net.

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Baby shower invitation wording made easy

Having a baby shower for a friend or family member is a wonderful event willed with the joy of welcoming a new life into the world. It can be a lot of fun planning for the baby shower event. Picking a theme, deciding on decorations, making a guest list and so on. While this takes some work and planning ahead of time it is often a labor of love and one that can be joyous. However, despite this fun many people struggle when they get to the baby shower invitation wording. It is easy to be at a loss for the right words to put on the baby shower invitation. It does not need to be so difficult though and by following some simply guidelines this can also be very fun. Finding just the right words to write on the baby shower invitation can feel like a real accomplishment. The following steps are suggestions that will help in finding the right wording for a baby shower invitation: 1. Use the Theme - If a theme has already been chosen for the event this will lend itself to writing the invitation easily. Try to pick up on the theme and use it to help write the words. For example if the theme is a stork bringing a cute baby you can easily write something like "Look at what the stroke is bringing". Also try to use the theme to express the tone of the event. If the theme is informal then you will want the wording on the baby shower invitation to reflect this. 2. Rhymes - There are tons of nursery rhymes and fun kid songs that can quickly be adapted to make a very fun and easy baby shower invitation. For example use, "Row Row Row your boat, Gently to the Baby Shower" or some other rhyme that one can easily change the words for. Some suggestions might be Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty, or Baa Baa Black Sheep. 3. Poems - Poems are another great source of baby shower invitation wording that can easily be adapted to the event. For example everyone know the "Roses are red…". By simply changing this to baby rattles are red, onsies are blue I love baby (insert name) and I bet you will too! 4. Quotes - Famous quotes about babies can be a wonderful source of wording for baby shower invitations also. These are so easy to find with the power of the internet. Just type in something like famous quotes and babies, or newborn and discover what comes up. 5. Internet - Another great resource for finding a fun baby shower invitation wording can be the Internet. Search for terms like baby shower invitation. Find some catchy themes and wording from these online samples and then make your own using these as a guide. Be careful to not copy exactly word for word the online invitations but use them as a template and then spice it up with your own version. Don't forget to also include the basic information. Things like the name of the guest of honor, when and where the event will take place. It can be helpful to include a small map for those traveling to a new place they have not been before. This will ensure that they arrive on time and in a calm happy mood ready to celebrate the baby to be. Some other optional ideas to include might be places where the couple has registered for gifts. It can also be helpful to the organizer of the shower to include a way for guests to RSVP. Make sure you include a date to RSVP by and a phone number and contact name. As important as the wording for a baby shower invitation can be the artwork and presentation can be equally important. Including fun graphics, clip art and other add-ons that can help carry the theme for the event can be lot of fun. The main tip is to plan ahead and leave yourself extra time to complete the task. This will help you relax and simply have fun with the invitation. You can easily master baby shower invitation wording if you simply relax and have fun. Baby shower invitations written in love will express the right wording no matter what.

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Cosmetic procedures in brazil

Many people think of body sculpture as an American interest. In truth, it is world wide as seen when discussing cosmetic procedures in Brazil. Cosmetic Procedures in Brazil Cosmetic surgery is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world. If you are unhappy with the way your face or body looks, it's now easy to obtain surgery to correct your problem areas. With techniques ranging from using injections to plump up areas to dramatic surgeries to remove entire sections of skin and fat, cosmetic modification can be called one of the fastest growing industries today. In fact, getting cosmetic surgery done has become so popular that some patients have started scheduling their procedures in different countries. They can benefit from cheaper rates and also combine their surgery with a vacation. For example, we can look at Brazil. While many people think of Rio de Janeiro and Carnival when they think about Brazil, there are also other reasons to go to this country. Brazil is home to some of the world's most accomplished surgeons, and having your cosmetic procedures in Brazil can be an interesting vacation experience. Travel agents who specialize in these “cosmetic vacations” are happy to set everything up for your trip, including both the relaxing aspects and surgery portions of your vacation. When searching for a travel agent to set up your treatment vacation, or for a surgeon yourself, be sure to find out as much as you can before getting on the plane. Often, surgeons and hospitals in other parts of the world are credentialed differently, and may not have to pass the rigorous inspections that those in the United States have to pass. Most reputable doctors and services will be happy to present you with information about your surgeon's experience and degrees. Cosmetic procedures in Brazil are an especially good choice, as there are over 3,500 members of the Brazilian Society of Cosmetic Surgery, and each of them must pass strict requirements. Most of the surgeries in Brazil take place in Rio de Janeiro. Most often the surgeon will speak English (if not, translators are available). This city is also considered a safe place for your vacation and recovery after surgery as long as you stick to the areas specified. Hey, ever city has its bad areas. Choosing to have a cosmetic procedure in Brazil is a great option for those people who would like to combine the experience of cosmetic surgery with a trip to a beautiful resort area. Travel agents and other services who deal with these sorts of trips are available and able to help you make the proper choices of doctors and where to stay. Just be sure to obtain plenty of information about your doctor and procedure before you consent to having it performed, and you'll have a great time!

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Business card here to stay

For as long as I have been alive (all of 27 years) business cards have been a very popular way to solidify a contact. Printing of the cards has gotten to be more quality for less money and so everyone and their brother has a business card. When I was real young it was a phone number and maybe a fax number if the office was real up and coming on the technology scene. Now technology has taken over business to the point that it is a valid question whether or not there will be business cards in the future. Are they really necessary?

Well at one time yes it was a great idea and people actually held on to a business card and used them as a contact card that they would pop in their rolodex. Now no one has a rolodex and it would take just as long to look someone up in the online yellow pages than it would to flip to the right rolodex file to look up a name and a number. So basically I think that they are out as we know them. That is not to say that they are out for good.

No technology has a way of finding a way to stick around. Now we are seeing business cards in the form of mini cd-roms that not only have the name and address but also a personal introduction to the person and work of the giver as well as a overview of the company for which the donor works. This can be as simple as a pdf file or as complicated as an animated tour with interactive features. We are also seeing things like an electronic business card that can be sent to one another with wireless connections between portable digital devices.

This is becoming the thing to do and the business card can automatically update a contacts list in that person’s default email software. So the little paper business card that used to be all the rage is phasing out but the concept is not dead. Rather it is taking on a life of its own with technology and ingenuity being its vitality. Who knows maybe in the not too distant future we will have holographic business cards that can be sent from the chips in our wrist that also contain all the other information that we used in our daily life including our shopping lists and bank account information.

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Ncaa mascot mayhem continues jonathan munk

The future of the 17 remaining schools on the NCAA’s list of colleges with “hostile and abusive” nicknames and logos will probably depend on how good the relationship is between the school and the associated tribe. Florida State escaped a costly rebranding two weeks ago, citing support and an ongoing positive relationship between the school and the Seminole tribe. The University of Utah also sent in an appeal to the NCAA yesterday, in hopes of being taken off the offenders list as well. In their appeal, the U of U stated they no longer use Ute warrior mascot, cartoon imagery, feathered headbands for their drill team, Indian “cheers,” or “Redskins” moniker. Between these and the U’s positive relationship with the Ute tribe, I expect them to be able to continue using their current logo. The University of North Dakota has not been so lucky.

UND suffered a setback yesterday in their appeal to continue using the “Fighting Sioux” name and logo. A Sioux tribe from the state called UND’s logo “an affront to the dignity and well-being of the members of Spirit Lake.” More than 70 Spirit Lake tribe members approved the resolution, and the Tribal Council is expected to approve it by Friday. This resolution is likely to force UND to change their logo and nickname unless some other support from another Sioux tribe can be found. For the schools not fortunate enough to be taken off the “black list,” re-branding will be expensive. There will probably be plenty of discussion about who should pay for the new logo design, uniforms, promotional products, etc. Hopefully the NCAA will have made enough money selling “hostile and abusive” university merchandise on their website ( shopncaasports. com) to aid in costly re-branding efforts.

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Popular uses of the internet

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology and the power of globalization. Societies are becoming more inter-connected. Thoughts from different cultures are shared through the use of Internet chat rooms and web postings. Study results also track the most popular uses of the Internet: “this year's study shows that e-mail is the top task conducted online, followed by general surfing, reading News, shopping, and seeking entertainment News.” (Chang Joshua (2005)) It can be summarized that the Internet is now being used for common, everyday tasks that would have normally taken more time to complete. Internet shopping is becoming popular amongst users in developed nations, as it is more efficient to ‘shop on the Internet’ than to go physically into the stores. The Internet provides a virtual environment where consumers’ demands are met with supplies.

For example, research has shown that shopping on the Internet can result in lower search costs and better product selections. This is because the shopper has the ability to analyze prices from various stores without having to travel distances. The shopper can now shop online for goods that are for sale in a foreign nation, and rather than having to travel to the country to receive the goods, the consumer can order online and get it delivered efficiently. According to the Ernst and Young Survey ('Internet Shopping' 1998), prospective shoppers viewed price savings and selection as more important benefits than convenience, which was ranked third. However, using the Internet we have the capacity to achieve both, having the ability to offer shoppers convenience as well as better prices. Not only has the Internet achieved a more equitable trading environment for consumers, it also gives us the potential to communicate more effectively and efficiently. For example, the cost of sending an email is generally cheaper than posting a letter in the mail, especially for people wishing to communicate internationally. Furthermore, an email can be sent immediately after it is written, and does not need to go through official procedures such as the Post Office and a mail box. The recipient of the email is able to access it from anywhere, as it is a virtual communication tool, as opposed to having a physical mail box where the letters are delivered. Thus, clearly, an Internet communication tool such as the Internet is extremely valuable, especially for travelers who need to be able to be interconnected with their ‘old’ lifestyle whilst journeying to experience foreign cultures.

The power of the Internet not only extends to people who need the convenience of shopping, and to be able to easily communicate with associates and friends, but the Internet also provides an environment for News sharing and encourages people to be updated with the News. Unfortunately, as there currently isn’t any appropriate ‘virtual filtering system’ software out there, although there are many News articles available, they are from the perspective of international media institutions. However, the Internet is constantly changing and is becoming more accommodating to the individual as opposed to just catering to international corporations. Many academics believe that the Internet is a form of communication for people who want to express their own opinions and who don’t want to be repressed by the wealthy, whom are often seen as domineering as they hold too much power in a capitalist society.

Furthermore, many teenagers would also confirm that they have had many positive experiences with the Internet as they believe it is a place for them to ‘escape’ from the pressures of reality and enjoy the entertainment that this system has the ability to provide. Computer games, although some would argue that they actually distract people from reality, provide the opportunity for individuals to express creativity and challenge themselves. Interactive computer games provide an environment where individuals are allowed to explore foreign surroundings and take risks that will result in no harm to the game player. The Internet appeals to the younger generation not only because of entertainment purposes, but young academics have also agreed that the Internet creates convenience to research and university students. This is because many different articles can be found on a specific topic, and not only is the opinions of academics read, but people with unique experiences and in different professions are also heard and critically analyzed. Being an academic myself, I strongly believe that the Internet provides a great environment where people are allowed to share their thoughts and beliefs whilst remaining anonymous.

In conclusion, popular uses of the Internet have largely contributed to the advancement of society. More people are now turning to this phenomenon in order to have an efficient lifestyle where the maximum number of tasks can be achieved everyday. Although some would argue that people are becoming too reliant on the Internet, others would argue that it is a freedom of choice and it is the individuals’ choice to be able to choose how much they should be using the Internet per day, and on how dependent they want to be. Ultimately, the Internet is a tool that is effective when used appropriately and effectively and it is at the discretion of the individual. As quoted by Schipper, “the Internet is a tool that has both good and bad sides; let’s weed out the bad ones.” Bibliography: Ernst and Young (2000) 'Global Online Retailing' survey, Stores, Section 2, January Chang Joshua (2005) ‘Online Shopping: Advantages over the offline alternative.’ [Online] http:// arraydev. com/commerce/JIBC/0311-07.htm Schipper George (2005) ‘WI on Globalization’ [Online] http:// wupperinst. org/globalisation/html/lit_global. html By Bernice Ly

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Email and newsgroup etiquette

Email Etiquette In order to effeciently communicate on the Internet it is critical to understand the unwritten rules of email communication. Please use these tips as a guideline to online email communication. 1.) Unless you are using encryption, Internet E-mail is not secure. 2.) Do not use all capitals in email exchanges, it is considered SHOUTING and is considered rude. 3.) Keep in mind that the Internet is international, words and humor can be perceived differently by different cultures. 4.) When replying to messages be aware of "cc:" field. Recipients listed in the "cc:" field will receive a copy of the post. (The "bcc:" field sends messages blind, meaning recipients don't know that someone else has received a copy of the email or been carbon copied) 5.) Use emoticons :-) or to indicate expression. 6.) When forwarding email be sure not to create a loop in the system. In addition, be sure not to setup auto-responders to reply to every email, or endless loops will be created. 7.) There can be costs associated with Internet connectivity and downloading emails. Do not send attachments that take a long time to download, without the recipients consent. 8.) Include in the "subject" line a heading that relates to the message body. 9.) Use 4-6 lines for your signature line, this is an opportunity to highlight your business or company information, but don't be ostentatious.. Mailing Lists & Newsgroup Etiquette In order to participate in news groups, you must have an understanding of newsgroup etiquette. 1.) Be familiar with lists/newsgroups prior to posting, read posting. 2.) Keep in mind that newsgroups and mailing lists are frequently archived and that posts will be preserved. 3.) If you are replying to a message be sure to include the text of the original message which you are replying to. Use ">" indicators if your mail program does not do this for you. 4.) Don't get involved in flame wars (or material which is personal and unproductive). 5.) Keep in mind that the Internet is international, words and humor can be perceived differently by different cultures. 6.) Use 4-6 lines for your signature line, this is an opportunity to highlight your business or company information, but don't be ostentatious.. 7.) When responding to a post, keep the subject line the same, so that it will appear in the same thread. 8.) Cross posting to multiple lists is often prohibited. Read posting guidelines. 9.) Expect delays in moderated forums, each posting must be approved. 10.) Anonymous posts are unaccepted in many newsgroups. 11.) Be aware that some people use aliases when posting to Usenet groups to avoid SPAM (unsolicited email). Also keep in mind that anything goes on unmoderated Usenet. 12.) Most lists don't allow for binary attachments. Resources - Library of Emoticons - http:// instant-messaging-software. com/instant-messaging-emoticons. htm Library of Email Acronyms - http:// email-software. org/email-acronyms. htm Email Client Software - http:// messaging-software. net/e-mail-client-software. htm

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Putting patterns on porcelain

Today there are many options for putting colorful patterns onto porcelain china. Some, like decoupage, waterslide decals and air-dry paints like Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel are within the reach of any home crafter. Others, like dye sublimation printing, transfer printing and hand-glazing high-fired pottery require substantial investment in equipment and are best suited to well-capitalized businesses and artists’ cooperatives. The two classic ways of putting patterns onto porcelain, hand-painting and transfer printing, still exist today. In addition, there is a high-tech version of waterslide decals used commercially which consists of screen-printing decals with glazes and applying the decals to the porcelain. In each case, the pottery is high-fired before decorating to at least cone 6. [Cone is a measure of heat absorption resulting from heat applied over time. Cone 6 translates to between 2165 and 2269 degrees F (depending on how fast the kiln heats – or ramps – up).] Such high-firing produces the hard almost-translucent quality of genuine porcelain. Then the piece is decorated and lightly fired repeatedly to melt and fuse the glazes to the porcelain.

Incidentally, the term “porcelain” has been applied more and more broadly as new techniques developed. Ask any potter to define “porcelain” and he will likely give you the classic definition. To a potter, genuine porcelain is high-fired (cone 6 or higher) white clay that is at least somewhat translucent. It has a large proportion of kaolin clay, with the remainder being primarily feldspar and silica. This clay composition accounts for the pure white gleam of porcelain.

Artisans who paint porcelain (rather than actually make it) refer to three grades of porcelain: hard-paste, soft-paste, and bone china. They all contain kaolin but only hard-paste has feldspar and silica and is high-fired. The high temperatures cause the body and the glaze to fuse. When hard-paste porcelain is broken, it is impossible to distinguish the body from the glaze. Soft-paste porcelain adds ground glass or frit (material for glass that is not yet fused and vitrified) and is fired to between cone 01 and 1 (1999 to 2109 degrees F). Because soft-paste porcelain is fired at lower temperatures, it does not completely vitrify and remains slightly porous. When soft-paste porcelain is broken, you can distinguish a grainy body covered with a glassy layer of glaze. Bone china has bone ash added to the kaolin and vitrifies (becomes glass-like) somewhere between cone 2 and cone 5 (2034 to 2205 F). Though not as hard as true porcelain, bone china is more durable than soft-paste porcelain. The bone ash greatly increases the translucence of the porcelain. Finally, go to a tile store and look at their “porcelain” tiles.

If you turn them over, you will see base clay ranging from white to brown to gray. The definition of “porcelain” in the tile industry has nothing to do with the clay content or level of firing. Rather, tile manufacturers define as “porcelain” any tile fired to the point where it absorbs less than 3% moisture.

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Cash back credit card how it works and who it benefits

Cash back credit cards seem like magic to those who use them. Who would have ever thought that you could actually be paid to shop? Cash back credit card programs work that simply; a percentage of every purchase you make is set aside for you as points. When you reach enough points from your purchases, you can pull that cash out of the fund. That cash can then be applied directly to your cash back credit card balance, or you can request it in the form of a check. The best cash back credit cards will offer up to 3% cash back, but 1% or less is most common. How it Works It is easy to believe that cash back credit card companies have hired the wrong person to do their math. It's anti-intuitive to think that a credit card company that lends you money will give you even more money the more you shop! In actuality, cash back credit cards benefit the credit card company as much, if not more, than the consumers who use them. The reason cash back credit cards work so well is that they build strong customer loyalty. When a customer knows that he has the potential to gain a significant amount of cash back from his purchases, he will be more inclined to use a particular credit card for all of his shopping needs. What's more, will likely stick with the same credit card company over a long period of time so that he actually gains points. The more money you spend on your credit card over a longer period of time means the cash back credit card company will reap the benefit of your interest month after month. Thus, in reality, the cash that you receive back from your purchases may equal out to the interest that you have been paying over a given period of time. What to Expect The best cash back credit cards will offer you up to 3% of the total of your purchases, but most programs offer 1%. Look out! The higher percentage of return may also mean that you are receiving a higher interest rate. You may also be locked into a long-term plan with the credit card company if the benefits look too good to be true. Therefore, when you enroll in a cash back credit card program, make sure that you have taken the time to research how many dollars you have to spend in order to start receiving cash back. Where to Find a Cash Back Card Nearly every credit card company will offer some sort of cash back option. If you are with a credit card company now and are not sure whether they offer a cash back credit card, simply ask! There may be incentives that you are not even aware of. Cash back credit cards help to relieve some of the guilt suffered by shoppers. When you know that a percentage of every dollar you spend could be returned to you, you may actually even feel motivated to shop more. Cash back credit card companies benefit from knowing that shoppers do feel guilty about making large purchases. But, if shoppers know that they could be rewarded for the large purchase (even if the reward is only a few dollars), they can rest easy. Again, the best cash back credit cards will offer about 3%, but may come with heavy restrictions. Take the time to do ample research into what cash back credit card programs are currently available to you.

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The citi mtv platinum select visa card for college students is good news for college students

The Citibank Students Cards cater to the needs of students and is more than a debit card for the students. One among them is the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students, which facilitates particularly those college students who pay off their credit card balance on time and manage to keep the balance low. Benefits Of The Card The Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students promises to be a rewarding experience for the students with high GPA’s. Higher GPA’s will give you higher points. The Thank You points that you earn can be utilized for MTv merchandise, airline tickets, gift cards and CDs. The credit card enables you to achieve a solid education and gain smart spending. The card has a reasonable annual percentage rate (APR) convenient for building a good credit. You can also avail the opportunity to use your points towards MTv special events and for other fun purposes. Absence of any annual fee makes it easier for the student to save money. The card enables students view/check their accounts and pay the bills online. The card also has provisions for theft protection as well as travel insurance. In case, you live away from your home, the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students gives you the option of visiting your family and avail a discount on the airline tickets. Other Benefits The card comes handy if you require quick cash or desire to save a balance on another high interest-rate credit card. Moreover, you can avail of a 0% annual percentage rate (APR) on the balance transfers and a 0% interest rate on the cash advances for the initial six months. Each and every purchase you make with the card enables you to obtain points. You can conveniently earn 5 points for spending 1 dollar at your favorite haunts, like video rental stores, bookstores, restaurants, record stores and movie theatres. For purchases elsewhere, you can earn one point for spending one dollar with the card. The Thank You Redemption Network of the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students further makes it possible for you to earn 2000 Thank You points twice a year for possessing a good GPA. You can, however, earn a maximum of 75000 points each year. The rewards expire in the duration of 5 years. You can save 10% at the MTV store in New York City and mtvshop. mtv. com. If you are able to make timely full payments each month, you will be receiving 20 free of interest days in each billing cycle. Bonus Points The card brings for you other advantages like many Internet account related services, emergency card and cash replacement, lost and stolen card reporting, auto rental insurance and legal as well as medical referral services. It also gives the cardholder the facilities like free access to credit education tips and tools, lost luggage assistance, fraud and security protection services, discounts on auto rentals, up to $1000000 travel accident insurance and more privileges.

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A brief history of distance education

Distance education has afforded generations of students the opportunity pursue their educational goals outside of the traditional school system. It has allowed countless students the ability to further their education, while allowing them to maintain their obligations to their families and employers. While distance education is not for everyone, it has certainly stood the test of time. The following is a brief timeline of events related to distance education. • 1840 – Isaac Pitman begins teaching shorthand by correspondence in the UK. • 1858 – The University of London creates its External Program. • 1883 – New York State authorizes the Chautauqua Institute to award degrees earned via correspondence. • 1891 – The Colliery Engineer School of Mines renames itself International Correspondence Schools. • 1892 – The University of Chicago starts administering the first university courses by mail. • 1906 – The Calvert School of Baltimore becomes the first primary school in the United States to offer correspondence courses. • 1916 – The National University Continuing Education Association is created in the United States. • 1921 – Pennsylvania State College begins broadcasting courses on the radio. • 1933 – The University of Iowa begins broadcasting courses on television. • 1950 – The Ford Foundation begins offering grants to create and develop educational programs for television broadcasting. • 1967 – The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is created. • 1970 – Walden University is established. • 1974 – California State University offers a Masters degree via correspondence. • 1982 – The National University Teleconferencing Network is established. • 1984 – The personal computer is named "man of the year" by Time Magazine. With the advent of the personal computer and the development of the internet, distance education has evolved into an extremely important element of modern education. Most every university in North America offers courses online, while an entire cottage industry has formed around the concept of online education. There are countless online courses available to members of the general public. The wonderful thing about online education is that there are no borders, and prospective students worldwide now have access to the same opportunities. Online learning has the ability to make the world a better place. In some ways, it already has.

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Some true blue aussie christmas traditions

Christmas would have to be my favorite time of the year. I remember my white Christmases in Europe as a little girl. There was the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and gingerbread biscuits, and my parents drinking eggnog as we decorated our tree. Snow glistened outside and groups of children with their lanterns alight could be heard singing Christmas Carols as they moved from house to house in exchange for chocolates and sweets that residents would throw out their window. That’s when the mad scramble began trying to look for sweets in several feet of snow. I sometimes yearn for those magical, mystical years and reminisce especially when I listen to Bing Crosby’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”. Our way of compensating for the lack of cold weather in December is by having Christmas in July celebrations with all the trimmings including weather close to that of the northern hemisphere (well almost – anything north of the Tropic of Capricorn hasn’t been included, sorry). In Australia many of us still write cards with snow and ice scenes, people ice-skating on frozen lakes and pictures of cute reindeers. Not only would Santa melt from the heat wearing his red winter woolies, his reindeer would die of heat exhaustion working in such sweltering heat! No reindeers and sleighs for us – we have ‘six white boomers’ (boomers: large kangaroos) thanks to a song by Rolf Harris from the ‘60’s. I’ve seen our Santa pulling a surfboard wearing sunscreen, board shorts and hat, zipping through the southern skies.

Yes – he’s our man! A far cry from the drunk Santa I remember riding in the back of a ute (ute: utility vehicle) in the country many years ago. Last seen swigging on a long neck (long neck: tall bottle of beer) trying to articulate “ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas to all” as the ute slowly drove down each street in my neighborhood. Carols by Candlelight are a tradition ‘down under’ during the weeks leading up to Christmas at many venues around towns and cities of Australia. Christmas lunch here in this great southern land is a different experience. As Christmas Day closes in the temperature continues to rise as does the humidity here in Brisbane. You know Christmas is here when you start hearing the continuous shrill sounds of cicadas (large winged insect) on hot, cloudless days. I know many still insist on cooking the turkey, other roasts as well as roast vegetables and gravy in the stifling heat (I did until recently), as well as fruitcake and custard. Not everyone has air conditioning here so a cool breeze is often top of the wish list. So what is a traditional Christmas lunch down this way? 1. Prawns (prawn: shrimp) for the barbecue – on ice and with lemon wedges; 2. Fresh Fish from the market – arrive very early (if you’ve never had this experience before you’ll know what I mean when you do); 3. Tossed green Salad, bowl of beetroot with onion, and some asparagus; 4. Snags (snags: sausages), lamb chops – lamb cutlets if you can afford it; 5. For ‘afters’ (afters: after lunch) Beach towel, togs, thongs, sunscreen, cricket bat and ball (thongs: cheap rubber open sandals, togs: bathing costume); 6. An esky full of beers (esky: receptacle to place all alcoholic drinks – on occasion you may get lucky and find room for other items but don’t get too excited); 7. A few bottles of drink coolers for the girls; 8. Wine for the more refined; 9. More beers for the esky; and 10. A laid back attitude. With lunch done, we look forward to our the great tradition of spending Boxing Day watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, The Boxing Day Test cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), or by spending the day lazing at home or spending it down the beach. Having been outside once today, I’m very aware of how hot and humid it is and apparently it’s not going to get cooler any time soon. So as I sit here looking at the cloudless sky and writing this article, I am indeed “Dreaming of a white Christmas, if only in my dreams!” Merry Christmas and safe holidays everyone from Brisbane Australia.

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Actress shannon elizabeth is america s sweetheart

What does actress Shannon Elizabeth, animals, and Christine Santos have in common?, They are all angels sent to us by some high power. Animal Avengers began rescuing and helping the cute critters of the world about 2 1/2 years ago and have three branches, all on the west coast in the gorgeous San Fernando Valley, LA, and South Bay. I sat down (ok, we sent e-mails back and forth) with Ms. Christine Santos recently and she gave me so much great information that I wish I had more room for a longer story, but maybe next issue. Animal Avengers began when actress Shannon Elizabeth and her husband helped a poor sick dog, but knew that they wanted to do more and as they say, the rest is history! Christine Santos is the South Bay Coordinator for Animal Avengers, a team leader, kennel coordinator, and the person who oversees the medical/health issues for the kennel dogs. (Who can say holy cow and when are you getting a medal of honor?) One of Christine’s favorite times working with Animal Avengers is when they participate in massive adoption days at large venues and people come from everywhere to welcome fur-faced creatures into their lives, homes, and hearts.

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Paradigm shifts in cancer treatment

A paradigm is a sort of cultural, consensual pattern of thought or model of something. For example the ‘current consensus in scientific medicine’. Paradigms change, like the impact of Galileo’s work on disproving the flat-earth theory or Copernicus’ heresy that the Earth moves round the Sun. These new ideas met a great deal of resistance from orthodox philosophy but eventually gave rise to a changed perception of the world we live in. We live now in a time of ‘paradigm shift’ which creates fundamental changes in our assumptions about the world, and even this contributes to modern stress! Although our physical sciences have discovered new fields of quantum reality, medical science is lagging far behind. Philosophy has traditionally been an important part of medical practice since the medieval days of Paracelsus, even Hippocrates, an ancient Greek (and originator of the Hippocratic Oath). How we perceive the world and our part in it is central to how we perceive the role of dis-ease and our reaction to it. One of the present problems of finding effective cancer treatment within Western scientific medicine is a ‘paradigm gap’. There are different perceptions of the world at work speaking incompatible languages. These have deep roots in our philosophy. This gap is presently condemning millions of people world-wide to suffer treatments for cancer that are often as destructive as the disease itself. Paradigm 1: The mechanistic view This can be traced back to Descartes and other scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton. The universe is a vast machine and we are all cogs, all with our part to play in its function. The healthy body is a well made clock and if it goes wrong we simply take it apart and tinker with the insides until it goes again. If it breaks it doesn’t really matter because there are plenty more where that came from. Nothing exists unless it has been proven through logical methods. cancer: something had gone wrong with this body, it has a lump. Cut it out and throw the lump away. Paradigm 2: The anthropomorphic view This paradigm is central to the philosophy of Darwinism and others who helped set humans as ‘apart and above’, or at the head of other life forms. Humanity is the supposed crown of creation, we are created to lord it over every other creature as ‘head of the food chain’. The planet is ours to dominate and exploit to our own demands. We must conquer every mountain and battle against disease. We are the most evolved and dominant species in a process of natural selection. We exist for no purpose and have just evolved through sheer luck. In this world our media fantasy industries create pigs and fish that can talk human. Animals are anthropomorphised through culture to have the same needs, desires and dreams as humans. The animals, forests, oceans and environment around us exist purely for our convenience. This paradigm is human self-centred and exploitative to everything including ourselves. cancer: something has gone wrong with this body, it has grown an enemy inside it. I will root it out and battle with it. Paradigm 3: The Gaian view (an emerging paradigm) This paradigm started with Einstein and the science of energy. Its inception combines an age when we saw the first images of the Earth as a whole entity from space. James Lovelock and his search for life on Mars is a central figure in its development through his identification of the Gaia Hypothesis regarding Earth. This planet we inhabit is a self-balancing, homeostatic system similar to our own as single biological entities. It maintains the optimum conditions for life despite our best efforts to pollute it. Our bodies are a miracle of biology, constantly flexible and adaptive but easy to harm. Anything we do to it or each other, we do to ourselves as we are part of the same ‘web’ or ‘circle’ of life. We exist for a purpose but do not yet know what it is. We are part of an evolving cycle of life, a happening miracle. Cancer: something has gone wrong with this body, it is trying to tell me something. I will listen to it and get help to understand why it has happened and what I need to learn and do to get better.

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You should better purchase steroids online legally

Steroids are helpful for bodybuilders and weight-lifters. Those who want to reduce their body fat or want to gain muscle mass, can greatly benefit from steroids. There are numerous websites that are serving the people who want to purchase steroids online. However, before you purchase steroids online, you must check out, if your steroids online come directly from the manufacturers and renowned legit pharmacies. You can find a really wide range of steroids online. You can purchase a number of steroids, such as Deca Durabolin, Anadrol, Sustanon, Dianabol, Winstrol, Anavar, Equipoise and other anabolic supplements. There are so many good anabolic supplements available online, to effectively assist you gain muscle mass, increase strength and lose body fat. You literally use the fastest, low cost way, when you purchase steroids online. The online steroid stores allow you purchase steroids online 24/7. They offer you an array of steroids online. They offer you convenient way of payment, and deliver your steroids very fast. They deliver steroids worldwide, in special prices and discounts, competitive prices, and assure you complete security and privacy of product with shipping. Many steroid online suppliers promise you delivery with the lowest price right at your home. However, you need to be very careful, while you purchase steroids online. You must check out the online reputation of the steroid store that you have chosen to purchase steroids online. You must also check out the quality of steroids that you intend to purchase. You should better purchase steroids online legally. You can consult a physician, he or she can prescribe you the steroids that you intend to buy online. Make a good research on the internet to purchase steroid online legally. In many countries including United States, it is illegal to purchase steroids online, without a doctor’s prescription. So, be cautious of this thing. Internet is a pool of information; you can easily find all the relevant information on anabolic steroids and try to know every aspect of the anabolic steroids. If you have any question regarding the anabolic steroids, you can ask the steroid suppliers online. Read lots of articles on steroids, steroid use, steroid cycles, and steroid stacks, before you purchase steroids online.

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Discount sofa

: Discount sofas come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. You should be in control of what you are looking for in a discount sofa, not the retailer. By offering only limited styles and sizes at a discount price, the retailer controls what you buy. Unless you absolutely have to have a sofa today, take your time and shop around for the perfect discount sofa at a price that fits your pocketbook! When you find your perfect discount sofa at the right price, you can offer your family and guests a comfortable atmosphere and add to your room’s dйcor. Discount sofas are available in durable synthetics, natural materials, or even soft genuine leathers. Search for the discount sofa that you feel suits you and room the best. Discount sofas are available in such styles as the tuxedo, the Monroe, the park, the avenue, and the classic. Fabrics available are chenille, leather, micro fiber, suede, canvas, chintz, and many many more. Some sofas, because of their style, will come with throw pillows and some will not. However, most sofa manufacturers will offer optional throw pillows for those who desire them.

Most discount sofas will also offer optional love seats and chairs in case you decide you would like to add them to your dйcor as well. These throw pillows, love seats, and chairs will typically be made of a matching fabric including color, but some will simply coordinate with the discount sofa. Not all, but the majority of discount sofas now come with a water and stain resistant treatment to save your new sofa from certain disaster if something is spilled on them. Some are even available in ‘pet safe’ fabrics. So, take your time, do some research, and before you know it you will find that perfect discount sofa of your dreams. This article was published using Article Submitter

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Rattan and wicker furniture and tropical furniture

Have you ever wanted to get away, go somewhere tropical, comfortable, relaxing? Well, even in your own home, you can get away, with a wide variety of tropical furniture brought to you by Stix N Things. They specialize in rattan furniture and wicker furniture, for bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, and even lighting. Stix N Things has everything you need to create the tropical bedroom of your dreams. Choose from collections like Wicker Aruba in a deep, handsome chestnut color, to the Rattan Paradise collection with its padded closely woven cane accents, to the Wicker Barbados set, beautifully detailed and available in four charming colors, with several more intriguing options available. Turn your home into a tropical oasis today and start coming home paradise.

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Identity theft reporting

Secure Your Life with Identity Theft Reporting Given the chance to live a simple life where the advent of technology do not conquer humanity yet, some people will prefer to have that so. With the recent advancement, everything is beyond the control of people. Identity theft in the web world and in personal transactions is also increasing. In spite of remarkable efforts, the problem continues to exist. This is how situation is getting worse. United States initiated a collaborative endeavor with the proper authority to solve the threat brought by identity theft. Identity theft is indeed a menace in the United States society. The issue has been plaguing the state for several times. It already affects millions of US citizens. More and more victims’ everyday are filing their complaints. According to the Bureau of Investigation in the United States, the status of identity theft is considered one of their most prevalent crimes. The statistic shows that the ratio of the crime is 1:5. In other words, for every five families residing in US, one of them is hooked by identity theft. Why identity theft seems very intriguing? The crime is taking the personal information of another person without due consent, from his name down to other legal documents that a person possesses. In addition, after taking the personal information, the thief tends to use it in deceitful transactions where they can earn money. United States present several preventive measures on how to stop further misuse of your identity once you discover that someone has stolen it from you. This is the identity theft reporting. It allows you to give prior notice to the agencies and bureaus concerned. Here is how identity theft reporting works for you. 1. Contact the fraud departments where you apply the fraud alert. Fraud alert is place on your personal data when you have transaction to a particular office. Once notice a stolen identity, it will be immediately reported to you. However, fraud alert is one way to protect you from identity theft. 2. When you encounter identity theft, report the crime to the nearest local police or sheriff department in your place. Identity reporting should also be done immediately after you discover the crime. Do not let it pass for over 24 hours because you will give the thief a chance to manipulate his actions. This is worse if it already involves your credit account. 3. After you have reported the crime, be sure that you request a police report. Sometimes, this is referred to your personal statement about the scenario that happened. Be factual and honest as possible in your narration. This will serve as a basis for the authority to make the necessary investigation. 4. Coordinate with your creditor banks and notify them about the crime. Let the banks and utility companies freeze all your accounts. The police report that you asked from the sheriff will also be asked from you by the bank. Make sure that you are able to present one for them. You can be accountable for a minimal amount for your account replacement. Some banks provide you with new passbook or credit cards. Sometimes, they will also issue you new account numbers. 5. Prior to your identity theft reporting, if you monitored that somebody already made unauthorized withdrawal from your account, notify the bank right away. By doing this, they will immediately make efforts to trace the person who made the withdrawal. 6. You should i8nstyantly stop your payment to any existing accounts using your previous identity. You can alert the check verification company, as well. This will make them reject whoever will attempt to withdraw from your stolen account. 7. Aside from your account and credit account numbers, you should also make a report to the SSS office for them to issue new SS card for you. It is very important that you protect yourself from being one of the victims of identity theft because if not you will suddenly notice that you almost loose everything that you own; it can be both your reputation and your property. Do not let these things to happen before you. Act now before it will be too late!

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To the next level with google groups 2

If you haven't visited the Google Labs lately, they have released a beta of Google Groups 2 that you may want to check out. This is Google's answer to Yahoo Groups, and they've added some new features to make their service more useful. For those who don't know, such groups allow anyone to easily and quickly start their own announcement lists and discussion forums. There is no need to install scripts or anything else on a web site, and no technical knowledge beyond email and posting to a discussion board is needed. If you want, you can use Google Groups to post to and read Usenet postings as well. Of course, nothing is truly free, and Google Groups is no different.

In exchange for making the technology available to host your group, Google displays relevant text ads on your group's home page on Google. "Relevant" is determined by the content of your Google Group discussions. This is the same type of technology used by Google to display AdSense advertising on web sites and relevant text advertising on their free Gmail email service. The process to create a group is fast and painless. Just create your group's name and email address, and invite your members to join. You are able to make your group either public or private, and Google has provided a new interface so that you can see your group's postings sorted any of several different ways. The Beta 2 Google Groups also features dynamic conversations, with both Usenet and mailing list postings created within 10 seconds, and indexed within 10 minutes from post. Families, old college running buddies, online communities, and many others may find benefit in using Google Groups, and the Beta 2 release is worth a try. By Jakob Jelling http:// sitetube. com

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19 investment strategy

Investment Strategy Because investing is not a sure thing in most cases, it is much like a game – you don’t know the outcome until the game has been played and a winner has been declared. Anytime you play almost any type of game, you have a strategy. Investing isn’t any different – you need an investment strategy. An investment strategy is basically a plan for investing your money in various types of investments that will help you meet your financial goals in a specific amount of time. Each type of investment contains individual investments that you must choose from. A clothing store sells clothes – but those clothes consist of shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, undergarments, etc. The stock market is a type of investment, but it contains different types of stocks, which all contain different companies that you can invest in. If you haven’t done your research, it can quickly become very confusing – simply because there are so many different types of investments and individual investments to choose from. This is where your strategy, combined with your risk tolerance and investment style all come into play. If you are new to investments, work closely with a financial planner before making any investments. They will help you develop an investment strategy that will not only fall within the bounds of your risk tolerance and your investment style, but will also help you achieve your financial goals. Never invest money without having a goal and a strategy for reaching that goal! This is essential. Nobody hands their money over to anyone without knowing what that money is being used for and when they will get it back! If you don’t have a goal, a plan, or a strategy, that is essentially what you are doing! Always start with a goal and a strategy for reaching that goal! [Insert Your Resource Box Here] (Words: 301)

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