Instantly quit smoking with acupuncture

Acupuncture is a highly effective quit smoking method for all, and specially for those people who had been unsuccessful with other methods to stop smoking. People who go for acupuncture treatments are usually keen on quit smoking beliefs. Although they have failed with all previous programs, this 3500 years old Chinese remedy promises quick relief from chronic smoking habits. Acupuncture works most effectively on human body to reduce chronic smoking habits Acupuncture is based on the belief that “chi”, a vital energy force flows through 12 key channels around the body. Within these channels, there are at least 365 acupuncture points, which can sometimes get blocked preventing the smooth flow of vital energy, thereby leading to chronic habits. Acupuncture for stop quit smoking does not involve any “magic” acupuncture points. At least five needles are taken and inserted into the ear [particularly in the cartilage and not in the ear canal] and a few on the hands and wrists. With the needles pricked to your skin, you are left to relax for 30 to 45 minutes. These pricked needles provide significant effect on lessening cravings for smoking. Treatments involved in acupuncture To become a non-smoker, you have to follow a series of sessions. These sessions also focus on physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms occurring in the patient during the acupuncture treatments. While the needle-pricking treatments are going on you are also advised to undergo treatments with herbs. You can apply a mixture of oil of cloves and wintergreen, extracts of evodia fruits and Sichuan lovage rhizomes in the acupuncture points to get faster stop smoking results. Other advantages of acupuncture - tips on stopping smoking Acupuncture tips on stopping smoking not only relieve you from permanent smoking cessation but also works advantageous for you. After the acupuncture series is over, even cigarettes taste foul. It takes a nasty burnt taste and you can thus proudly redefine yourself as a “non-smoker”. Acupuncture therapy for stop smoking also reduces side effects of nicotine withdrawals like depression, cravings and anxiety. While the body actually improves in blood circulation and de-congesting the lungs, you also start feeling truly optimistic. Acupuncture is a definite method that helps you to quit smoking miraculously within a few days. Try it out to experience instant success even if you are a chronic nicotine-smoker.

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Karaoke software for inevitable singing

Before karaoke came in this world, people used to sing with the accompaniment of people playing music instruments. The singing is not complete without them. Singing in those times was quite odd because of the lack of resources. Then karaoke was introduced. This innovation in the singing world leads to better appreciation of people to music. Singing became the most sought hobby and activity of every citizen. They became addict and indulge in singing through karaoke. Karaoke was pioneered by the Japanese. The word karaoke was derived form two Japanese words, kara meaning music, and oke, a word that means orchestra.

The karaoke became a phenomenon. Karaoke already reached different countries including the most powerful and the hardest to penetrate, the United States of America. Karaoke is being used in different languages and dialects around the globe. Americans are so much indulged with karaoke. Almost every household has their own sot of karaoke which they use during parties and some occasions. They use karaoke to entertain their guests and visitors. Even without any occasions, still they use karaoke for their own entertainment. Karaoke provide and offer much enjoyment.

They can relax when they are singing in karaoke. Karaoke singing serves a activity to strengthen relationships, to build ties between each and every one. Before you can enjoy and have fun in karaoke, there are lots to prepare first. You need to have compact discs and tapes that are installed with songs, which are of much cost that usually holes our pockets. We also spend in buying players. So karaoke singing is quite a burden for our wallets, but despite these, we still patronize karaoke because of the joy and entertainment it brings. In the birth of the cyber world, the access to karaoke entertainment was made easy. Karaoke is just in front of us, right in our computers. It is just a click a way. It is only a matter of some finger movements. You can convert your computers into a karaoke machine by karaoke software and programs. You can download and have this software with charge or free of charge. Karaoke software may be in the form of song, lyrics, music or in the form of downloadable pictures and images that can make as backgrounds. Karaoke software that is in the form of song, supply and offer singing and entertainment without limitations. You can have as many songs as you want. So can have and create your own archive of songs. Amaze your friends with these songs for you can download it where ever and when ever. If the karaoke software is in the form of lyrics, it gives you lyrics of your favorite songs. You can make your own book of lyrics through this software. There are also software that provides pictures and images that you can make use as backgrounds of your monitor. This will add to the enjoyment and relaxation of karaoke singing. You can also make slides through this pictures and images. Converting your much loved computer into a karaoke machine through the help of karaoke software, will add savor to your life. This will give you much entertainment. Your karaoke enjoyment and relaxation will be just as easy as single flick of your fingers. Karaoke software is now offered in the market. They are two inches away from you. So what are you waiting form? Start surfing the now and download this karaoke software for your convenience.

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Bad airline food now this

: Airline food has long been the scourge of the industry. Literally! With customer expectations low, few expect that the meal they are served onboard an airliner will rise to the level of even a family style restaurant. On the other hand, corporate jet catering is a whole different animal. With delectable entrees, delightful soups, outstanding appetizers and snacks, and the most decadent desserts imaginable, the passenger on a private jet expects [and pays for!] food akin to a five star performance. Not anymore. Today, in-flight caterers providing exemplary service and dining options is almost a thing of the past. Thanks to the rise of fractional jet operators who demand a narrow menu and smaller portion sizes, the quality levels with many in-flight caterers has nosedived. In addition, Air Chef, the largest provider of in-flight catering to business jets in the world, continues to snap up poorly performing caterers across the US. Now, corporate flight attendants must call a 1-800 number to place their order with an inexperienced and unknowledgeable clerk. Forget customer service and forget special orders...

these do upset Air Chef! With the bad name associated with the company, Air Chef is apparently seeking to distance itself from even its name. Air Culinaire, a caterer with operations in four different cities is now part of the Air Chef network. Now for the rub: word has it that Air Chef, in a bid to sharpen its image and to stave off the growing ranks of ticked off corporate flight attendants -- their bread 'n butter -- the caterer will be changing its name to Air Culinaire. Corporate flight attendants aren't amused by Air Chef as evidenced by their comments on the Corporate Jet Catering site as well as on Cabin Managers, a forum that is also tied in with the Corporate Flight Attendant Community. By the way, Rita's Catering of Boston is another Air Chef flight attendants know this and are fleeing to the competition as fast as they can. Hey, Air Chef: do you get it?

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Caffeine causes wrinkles

If you have any intentions of maintaining healthy, wrinkle-free skin, you need to reform your body from the inside out. A good start is refraining from drinking caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and soda. Caffeine, an addictive substance contained in numerous beverages, removes moisture from your skin. When your skin is dry, it is much more prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles. Since caffeine also acts as a diuretic, it also encourages more frequent urinations. These urinations contribute to the depletion of moisture within your skin. Although you can re-moisturize your skin using moisturizing lotions, we recommend tackling the problem from its source. Those of you who are serious about maintaining excellent skin should drink plenty of water, fruit juices (unprocessed) and coconut milk.

These beverages will keep your skin moisturized and will thus leave it less prone to developing wrinkles and fine lines. Since these drinks also aid in keeping many of your organs healthy, your skin will look better than ever before. As many of us know, numerous internal problems are reflected in our skin. We encourage everyone to start dumping their caffeine beverages in lieu of healthier and less problematic drinks.

The numerous problems which stem from caffeine consumption are endless and are not worth the hassle. If you are concerned about dumping caffeine all at once, we recommend gradually reducing consumption until you are no longer dependent. At that point, you can substitute your caffeinated drinks with healthier alternatives. Good luck on your journey towards a caffeine (and wrinkle) - free lifestyle!

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Ping for your blog foreign language or marketing tool make it happen

When experts start talking about ping for your blog, there are two things that usually happen. First, if you are unfamiliar with the term, you likely tune out right away. If you don’t tune out then you probably know all about ping for your blog and understand it is a smart way to market your blog. Ping for your blog is indeed a great way to market without really having to do a whole lot. What could be better than sitting around letting a program do your marketing for you? To understand the concept of ping for your blog, you need to know what the term “ping” means. By definition, ping is a computer network tool that is typically used on TCP/IP networks. The Internet is a TCP/IP network, so ping is used on it frequently. Ping works by testing whether a host is operating correctly. It sees if the host can be found on the network of the host that is doing the test. For example, one host will test to see if another host can be found on their network and if the host is working properly. To be more technical, it sends ICMP packets to the host and “listens” for replies. While the whole concept of “ping” can be quite confusing to someone who knows little about networking, you should know how it can affect your blog. Many types of blogging software are automatically set up to ping one or more servers at a time. This typically happens when you create a new posting or when you simply update your blog. Even if you update more than once a day, each time you do, the system will likely ping a few servers. This really means that when you update or post, a signal is sent to a server which then creates a list of the newly updated blogs and you will be included in that signal. The thing to know when you are a blogger is that when you allow your blog to be a part of this process, you will be getting your blog to a larger audience. What happens is that when your blog is added to that list of newly updated blogs, people will be able to access it more frequently. When someone visits their recently pings page, your site will likely show up with a link to it as well. When there is an index of pinged data, you will likely get even more traffic than normal. In layman’s terms, this means that without any effort on your part, you are gaining more recognition. When your blogging software does not have the capabilities to ping, you may think that you cannot capitalize on this process. In truth, you can still gain all of the advantages even when your software does not ping. To do this, you will need to visit a site with a pinging service such as Ping-o-matic. It can be used to ping the most popular services available, allowing you the same advantage as every other blogger. The process for using these services is very easy. All you need to do is tell them your blog name and its URL address. It really is that simple. Usually you will provide no other information. You won’t have to supply your name, address, or any other personal information. Now that you know what ping means and how it affects your blog, you should agree that it is certainly not a bad thing. It can really help your blog get the most exposure out there. The great thing is that you can have all of these advantages without even doing any work. See if your blogging software offers this type of service. If it doesn’t, try visiting a site such as Ping-o-matic to get the most from the ping. Most of the services are free. You might want to be wary of those that charge a fee and are not popular choices. Ignoring this easy marketing tool is a grave mistake. Although you may not personally see a large leap in traffic, it can certainly work for great blogs that have a substantial amount of quality content. Try it for yours to see what it can do for you.

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A new way to make money online

You have seen on email like this email before with a list of 5 to 10 people on a list and you are to pay the paypal Email's $1 the bump the top one off and add your name to the bottom of the list. If you think about it it sounds like a great idea. but there is one problem not everyone is honest they just add their name to the list or even put it at the top and send it off in hopes it will bring in some money. THAT HAS NOW CHANGED WITH MYMONEYLISTS. COM mymoneylists. com is a collection of lists joined by several people. mymoneylists. com is run website based and you can join any list you want. But in order to add your name to the list you must pay the top listed username or you don't get added. They enforce the play HONESTLY AND FAIRLY rule. There is absolutely No catch, that was it. mymoneylists. com watches over every list to make sure everything is on the up and up and no one can cheat the system if you don't pay you can't join a list. It's certainly worth $6.22 and 6 minutes to send it out. This program WORKS, all you have to do is try it, and waste some pocket change. You could find $6.22 lying around the house. There is absolutely nothing you could lose. Just follow the 3 basic steps below to make thousands in just a few days, weeks or months, it all depends on how many posts of this letter you put on the message boards or send it as e-mails. Note: I'm not saying this is going to make everyone 800 grand but lets say even if 1 person out of 200 tries this program you are still going to make 40,000 dollars anywhere from 1 month to 6 months max!!!!!! You can also copy this letter and e-mail it to some of your friends and associates just remember to change the? SL= to you list number. It's a guarantee that some of them will be interested and give it a go. The more they do the more you make in the long run. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Go to the resource link at the bottom of this page signup for an account and load funds with paypal Once the funds are in your account join this list It's certainly worth $6.22 and 6 minutes to send it out. This program WORKS, all you have to do is try it, and waste some pocket change. You could find six dollars and 22 cents lying around the house. There is absolutely nothing you could lose. Just follow the 3 basic steps below to make thousands in just a few days, weeks or months, it all depends on how many posts of this letter you put on the message boards or send it as e-mails. Current List : Spot And User 1 . marky5 2 . ladiesMan 3 . hotstuff 4 . sexyDevil 5 . b4y2 2. After joining the mymoneylists. com list they automatically send $5 to top listed username they then removed his/her username from the list and moved everyone else up one spot and add your username to spot 5 or spot 10 depending on how big of a list you joined. After joining the list go to the My Account page and select the my lists link and click on the promotional templates this page is your personal template for your list. Copy it and save it to a file. 3. After completing the instructions take that letter template and go to (Google, Yahoo) and type in (Making Money Message boards, Money Message boards, Money forums, Free money forums or anything along the lines of forums). Now start posting your copy of this message at least 200 times to as many unique message boards as you can, or more. The more times you post this at a unique board, the more money you will make. You can e-mail your message to as many people you can but remember, the more you post and e-mail the more money you make!

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The simple system for finding a killer product and identifying a hot niche

Creating your own products is not difficult. However, it does take a little time to get it done, create a sales letter for it, work on the site, test it out, etc. Since you may be short on time (and money), one method you can use is to start by looking for existing products that you could acquire resell rights to or become an affiliate of. You can go to clickbank. com and browse through their Marketplace for a product you can affiliate with. I like clickbank because they automatically (and instantly) transfer your commissions into your account. You don't have to depend on the product owner's schedule to receive timely commissions. And, you can become an affiliate of all of their products at no charge. You could also go to google. com (or even Yahoo) and search for sites selling recipes, recipe books, cookbooks, etc. and look for sites you could affiliate with. It would be to your advantage to work with sites/products that offer a generous commission (at least 50%.) Tip: As you look through these sites, pay attention to how professional the sites look, how convincing the sales letter is, and also how soon after the sale they send out commissions. If you personally feel good about the site, see some great testimonials, and feel that you would want to do business with that company, you've probably found a good business to affiliate with. (Let me also point out here that if you do have some experience with creating your own products, feel free to do so. It doesn't have to contain 100 pages. It can be only a few pages, as long as you provide solid, valuable information.) Finding Your Niche When trying to figure out which niche to go after, the questions you want to ask yourself are... What do I love to do the most? What am I most passionate about in life? What subjects do I have strong emotional feeling towards? What am I naturally good at or have an instinct for? (Provided it's something you enjoy doing!) If I were to wake up in the morning and choose to do one thing, what would that be? What would express my creative intention and bring out the best in me while doing it? How can I benefit myself and others if I were to express my creative intention? To some, the answers may come very easily. And for some of us, it may require a little bit of soul-searching and self-discovery to get there. If you're having a hard time finding the answers, just get your mind going in that general direction by pondering on the above questions, especially before you go to bed at night (and until you fall asleep.) The power of focus is such that it will get your mind working in the background (while you're sleeping) to bring the answers to you. For now, you can simply start by asking... "What are my favorite hobbies, interests, activities, etc." Or... "What are some things I don't know yet but have a burning desire to learn more about?" Start a list and add all your favorites to it.

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Exercise can make you wealthy

In this article, which is the last of a three-part series, we will explore the financial aspect of fitness. About 80-90% of my adult clients know that exercise is beneficial to the body, but do not want to spend their time “fooling” with it. They feel their day will be more productive and they will be much happier if less time is devoted to exercise. “Why spend an hour of my day doing something I hate?” they ask. What I spend the next several weeks showing them is just how exercising will result in more productivity by giving them more energy. I show them how exercise will make them healthier, happier and yes, improve their finances… and in less than 30 minutes a day. My program is based on a full-body routine that uses the butt to stimulate the brain for improved energy, body mechanics, weight loss and productivity. Clients demonstrate and report a new vigor for life. Because the program is movement efficient, it can be done in a small space and in a short amount of time with little to no equipment. Combination movements such as lunge with press, squat to row and single leg hip rotations combine strength, flexibility and balance while including a cardio component for improved circulation and endorphin release. These routines can be done in less than 10 minutes depending on your pace and on resistance used. The routines are ideal for busy entrepreneurs, busy parents and/or stay-at-home parents. Basically, this routine is for anyone who feels overwhelmed and does not have time to exercise. So, you can see the benefits to your health and how convenient the routine can be…so, how will it help someone financially? First, this exercise will help you gain confidence because of how you feel, perceive yourself, and ultimately how you look. This, in turn, can help you approach your current occupation differently, i. e. new ideas and changes in daily performance can lead to increased output. This can all mean raises and/or promotions. Harv Ecker in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ( millionairemind. com) discusses creating your own circumstances at work. He recommends speaking to your superior and developing a situation in which you can be paid based on your results. Energy and productivity improvements can help someone in this situation to achieve better results. As you continue to produce good results, then your chances to make more money will obviously improve. How about if you work for yourself? Then you can appreciate the need for being efficient and productive on a daily basis. The benefits of creativity and thinking more clearly due to exercise could have profound effects on your bottom line or bottom dollar (pun intended). Internet marketers are always looking for new and creative ideas and ways to get information across to potential or current clients. Actually, they are usually the first to report lack of time and issues with a big internet butt. Taking 7-10 minutes once or twice a day could have a huge impact on their internet relationships and sales. If you are more excited and energetic about your work, then wouldn’t you want to learn more about your area of expertise, so you could be that much better? Personally, I tend to want to gather as much information as possible when I am excited about a topic or area of interest. Learning more information and thus, becoming more of an expert on a particular topic can only improve the possibility of being more successful in that given area. Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen in their book One Minute Millionaire, ( oneminutemillionaire. com) talk about doing something you love or are passionate about and by doing so you will figure out ways to make money doing it. Alex Mandossian, ( teleseminarsecrets. com) continually instructs his students to ask themselves and those around them “What am I good at?” In other words, do what you are good at and passionate about. Exercise can help you become more passionate and excited about learning by improving that energy and productivity. I am always stressing to clients how they need to change their “script” when it comes to fitness and exercise. I tell them if they change beliefs they can change their appearance. Harv Ecker would call it changing their roots to get better fruit. Exercise is improving this “inner you” way before it changes the “outer you.” The biggest benefit to my exercise program is changing the way you feel both mentally and physically. This can have a dramatic effect on whatever results you are looking for in life… mentally, physically and/or financially. How many times have we seen the changes in a co-worker who has become more fit? He/she gets comments, attention, and more than likely a raise or promotion. Why? The first answer would be because that individual has come out of his/her shell, looks and feels better, and now the boss has seen the change and decides to reward it. If we are honest about it though, we will see that this “achiever” changed his/her “inner self.” That person now has more energy, confidence, creativity, gets more done each day and ultimately, deserves to be rewarded. Reward yourself… mentally, physically and financially. Begin an exercise program. It may be as simple as 7-10 full-body exercises once to twice a day, a 15-minute walk during your low energy point of the day or a routine you do every day that gives you the confidence you deserve. Start today! Your mind, body and bank account will thank you. “If you're proactive, you don't have to wait for circumstances or other people to create perspective expanding experiences. You can consciously create your own.” - Stephen Covey Copyright 2006 John Perry

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Finding a payday loan

When deciding on loans, make sure to do plenty of research. It is important to compare all the possible offers you have to choose from. Many times a payday cash advance from a loan agency is often one of the best choices as far as getting a low APR and finance charges. One aspect of payday loans that makes them appeal to almost anyone is that even if you have bad credit or no credit almost all companies that offer payday loans will still offer you a payday loan no fax, meaning they will give you the loan without conducting a credit check. This makes payday loans appealing because almost every other type of loan involved a credit check to make sure the person is free of delinquent accounts in the past.

Payday loans can be acquired by anyone, even those with a bad credit history. However, keep in mind that payday loans are meant to be paid back within a short period of time. The idea of a payday cash advance is that you receive a payday advance prior to receiving your pay check. Once you have received your next pay check you are expected to pay back your loan. The amount of money you can receive as a payday cash advance depends on how much money you make. If you have a high income you have a greater chance of being allotted a higher payday loan. The amount of your payday loan is completely dependent on your income because that is what will determine whether or not you will be able to pay back your loan and in what amount of time. Since payday loans are meant to be paid back within a short amount of time, it is important to companies that they do not lend an employee more money than the person will be able to pay by their next payday.

To obtain a payday loan in most cases, all you have to do is complete an application form. The form will ask for basic information about you as well as information about your job and income since the loan amount will be based upon that information. Some people choose to ask for a certain amount of money when applying for their loan but others allow the loan company to decide how much money will be offered to you. So if you are in need of fast cash before your next payday, look no further than a payday cash advance. Not only will you be able to pay your bills and take care of expenses quicker, you will be able to do so with low interest rates and a convenient payback time that keeps you debt free.

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All about balance transfers

What is a balance transfer ? A balance transfer can be explained simply as a balance transfer! When a balance is transferred usually from a credit card, but possible from a bank account or loan to a credit card with a offer interest rate (usually 0%) for a set period. It does not have to be the entire amount. The card receiving the balance will an interest rate for a set term, normally 6 months, but can be 9 months or even a year. Take a look at the current balance transfer deals currently available at http:// search4-credit-cards. co. uk/balance_transfers. html. This will give you a flavour of the typical kind of deal available. Should I apply for a balance transfer ?

It is important to remember that a balance transfer does not mean that the debt has gone away. It just means you are not paying interest on it. You will still have to maintain payments. This may seem obvious but many people do not get this straight in their mind. The basic criteria for getting a balance transfer is when you regularly have an outstanding balance after making your monthly payments.

This is the amount you should look to transfer to another card. This will mean that for the period of the offer you will pay no interest on the balance (provided you make the minimum payments). You should be very wary of taking up a balance transfer, if your overall debt is increasing. A balance transfer is not a green light to spend more money. The money you save should be used to decrease your debt. What should I look for in a balance transfer ? You need to be aware of the following when looking for a balance transfer card Good things Length of offer period. Offer Interest Rate. The zero or low interest rate charged on the balance. Possible transfers from loans and overdrafts. On some cards you can transfer from existing loans and overdrafts and still get the offer. Bad things Cut-off period for the balance transfer offer. Hidden Charges on transfers. Some banks will charge a handling fee on the balance transfer. How long the offer is valid for ? There is usually a cut off point from the account opening when the offer is no longer valid. Be very aware of this otherwise you could end up transferring a balance to a higher rate !! What about new purchases ? Unless there is also a 0% interest rate on new purchases then you should avoid making new purchases on a balance transfer card. This is because the banks will look to reduce the balance transfer debt quicker than the new debt. Provided your credit history is reasonable, there is nothing stopping you having several cards for different purposes. A good way is to have a card, which specialises in 0% on new purchases (see http:// search4-credit-cards. co. uk/purchase_apr. html) and another card for balance transfers. What happens when the balance transfer period finishes ? When the balance transfer offer period finishes the debt will revert to the typical variable APR. The lenders hope at this point that the cardholder will retain the card and some of the debt, so they can then start charging interest and making some money! So take into consideration the low interest rate credit cards (http:// search4-credit-cards. co. uk/low_apr. html). However, there is nothing stopping the disciplined credit card holder from switching to another balance transfer deal and closing the account. The cycle then starts again. Always allow 6 weeks to 8 weeks before the end of the offer period to apply for a new card. This means you can get the balance transferred to the new card before the lender can start charging the higher rate. You have to be organised to do this, but if you are it does work. People who regularly switch balances are know as card tarts. The Golden Rules There are three things to look out for with a balance transfer card As mentioned previously, the unsuspecting can get caught out when spending on a balance transfer card. Maintaining regular payments. If you miss a payment you incur some penalty, so be aware. To be safe set up a direct debit. The interest rate applied when the offer period finishes. Good luck with your choice.

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The best closet organizers

The Best Closet Organizers Most of us can use some assistance and guidance when it comes to organizing our closets. A search on the internet or at your local home improvement store will offer you many different options to choose from. You want the project to look great when you are done as well has keep all of your items well organized. However, it can get costly once you start adding everything up. You can get discounted items to organize your closet, but are they going to hold up over time? So how do you find the best closet organizers out there? There are pros and cons to every type of closet organizer material. Some of them are very inexpensive but can’t hold large amounts of weight. Others are very study, yet they are also very expensive. You are going to have to access your individual closet and then find quality products that fit your needs as well as fit your spending limit for Operation: Closet Organization. Taking the time to read product reviews is a great way to find out the value of each one. You can find these reviews on the internet from people who have purchased them. You can also find so great reviews on closet organization products from Consumer Reports, a magazine that gives you reviews on most anything you can possibly thing of buying including items for your home and vehicles. A recent review by Consumer Reports involved a test of nine different closet organization kits. The price of the kits ranged from $210 to $670. Some of the closet organization kits did quite well in this study while others proved to be difficult to install or being of poor quality with drawers that don’t open and close properly. Some of the closet organizer kits they tested didn’t come with all the required parts to assemble it properly. However, customer service for all of the manufacturers were very friendly and willing to send out the missing parts to complete the project. The top ranking closet organization system is from Rubbermaid. It is also one of the least expensive closet organization kits on the market about around $300. It can be purchased online, at retail stores including K-Mart and Wal-Mart, or at some home improvement stores. Stanley is another very popular brand of closet organization products. They are more expensive than the products from Rubbermaid but of equal quality. You can purchase Stanley closet organization products on the internet or at the popular home improvement store Lowe’s. Make your dream of having an organized closet with everything in place a reality! Don’t be in too much of a hurry to purchase the cheapest products out there. You will likely be disappointed with the results when it comes to quality and durability. However, the highest priced closet organizers aren’t any better than some of the more reasonably priced products. To save yourself money and get products that will last, compare different brands and read information about the pros and cons of each one. You can also purchase an entire custom closet organizer system from a particular manufacturer to save money. Organizing your closet can be fun as well as beneficial to you on a daily basic. Ensure that you get the best products at the best prices by seeing what the market place has to offer you. Don’t get caught up in name brand hype or trying to cut corners or you will be disappointed. Word Count 578

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10 steps to happily ever after

Do you know what all happy and healthy marriages have in common? In every one of them you will find two people committed to making each other happy. You will find a man who cherishes his wife and puts her needs above his own, and you will find a wife who respects and trusts her man. We live in very selfish times. Pop-psychology messages are everywhere in the media encouraging us to love ourselves, do right by ourselves, and generally please ourselves first. If you really want a happy marriage, don’t buy into that type of self-centered thinking. Instead, try these 10 time-tested techniques and experience the happiness, peace, and tranquility of a healthy marriage. 1. Make time for each other. It’s so easy in our hyper-busy modern lifestyles to forget to set aside a little time to enjoy each other’s company. Start a weekly tradition of setting a date for the two of you to be together doing something you both enjoy. Keep it simple. Take a nice walk together. Sip coffee together in a cozy coffeehouse. Talk to each other, reminisce, and get to know each other again. 2. Take time off from each other. Give each other space and time to work on hobbies and personal interests. When you have an interesting project to work on, you will feel more fulfilled and you will be a more interesting person. 3. Make little romantic gestures. Remember to compliment your spouse. Leave a little love note for them to find once in awhile. Celebrate the day you first met. Send flowers for no particular reason. You should continuously make little deposits in your spouse’s emotional bank account. The return on your investment will be incredible. 4. Fight fair. Don’t argue in front of other people. Don’t insult each other or each other’s families. Never threaten divorce, and never go to bed angry. Let the little things go, and don’t make a big deal out of every disagreement. Before arguing, think; is this really going to matter in the long run? 5. Take interest in what interests your spouse. Watch their favorite shows with them. Read their favorite book, so you can talk about it with them. Encourage them to develop their talents. 6. Listen to your spouse. Husbands, remember that women need to express their feelings. Be a good sport and just listen. Don’t interrupt, or get distracted. Empathize with her. Let her know that you can relate to what she’s feeling. Ladies, please remember that the kind of talk you might like to have with your husband does not come naturally to most men. Just be patient. It’s not a good idea to “unload” on him right when he comes home from work. 7. Accept your spouse for who they are. Practice total acceptance. Don’t hold your spouse to your expectations; you will only succeed at building resentment. 8. Express your commitment. In little ways, you can, and should, renew your vows to each other over and over. Your spouse will feel comfortable and secure knowing that you are truly committed to the marriage. True closeness will only happen when all doubt and insecurity is replaced by confidence in the relationship. Let your spouse know that you really are in it “till death do us part.” 9. Trust in each other. Don’t be suspicious. Don’t snoop through each other’s belongings. To help ensure the trust, be honest with your spouse in all things. Never keep secrets from each other, not even little ones. 10. Make it your aim to be your spouse’s best friend. Appreciate your spouse for who they are. Loosen up and have fun with each other. If you are practicing the steps above, you are on your way to being your spouse’s best friend – the ultimate relationship in marriage.

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Who plays world of warcraft

World of Warcraft has developed an enormous following since its release in November 2004. It has built upon its initial success to become an enduring and hugely popular title. The demand for the game has been stronger than its creators might have expected, and it is now a fully-fledged social phenomenon, attracting all kinds of people to its world. World of Warcraft has enjoyed global success and acclaim. It seemed natural that it would do well in America, where there was anticipation for a new Warcraft title. The truth though is that it has taken off everywhere it has been released. It has been a massive hit in Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe, and has many international fans and subscribers. The game has a simple, universal appeal that transcends language barriers and geography. One of World of Warcraft’s strengths is that it appeals to both casual gamers and more experienced players.

The game has made the online multiplayer genre more accessible to people who might not normally play it. A lot of people who try the game may have regarded the genre as too complex or may not have played a role-playing game before. It is the quality of World of Warcraft and the buzz surrounding it that has drawn people’s attention towards it. World of Warcraft has a huge following on the Internet. There is an official site that is busy and informative and contains forums for the game’s subscribers. There are many other fan sites as well. It has a keen fan base made up of a broad cross section of society. People enjoy the game for all sorts of reasons, with fans citing the gorgeous graphics, addictive gameplay and unique characters as elements they find appealing. Although World of Warcraft has the visual style of a cartoon, it is a game that people of any age can enjoy. All age groups play it, from children to seniors. This leads to an interesting online environment, as younger players interact with older gamers. It is a real mix of people, as children and teenagers share the game’s world with twenty year olds and more mature, middle-aged players and older. It is a friendly, lively environment and tends to be good-natured and welcoming. The World of Warcraft universe is a happy, thriving community. There is a strong social aspect to it and players can become friends with each other. The game’s world of Azeroth follows the real world’s calendar and so they mark holidays and seasonal events in the game. On New Year’s Eve in 2005 there were parties and celebrations in Azeroth that all players could attend. It is features like this that make its world much more vivid, colourful and convincing. There is a fan convention for World of Warcraft. The game’s developer Blizzard held an event in October 2005 named BlizzCon, for fans of Warcraft and their other titles. World of Warcraft was a major part of this event, and one of the main attractions was a preview of the game’s expansion, The Burning Crusade. Some 8,000 people attended the event, which is expected to become an annual occurrence. Families went together and fans dressed up in costume as their favourite characters from the game. World of Warcraft has caught people’s imagination and this has led to a variety of creative offshoots. One key sign of the game’s popularity is the existence of Warcraft fan fiction. Players like to write fictional stories about the characters and events of the game. Fan art is also popular. People draw and paint images inspired by the game and post them in galleries online. Blizzard run their own Fan Art Program that fans can submit their art to for display. There is great creativity and beauty there. The broad appeal of World of Warcraft is such that it has infiltrated popular culture. The game has been used as an answer on the quiz show Jeopardy. It also has celebrity admirers. The comedian Dave Chappelle is a fan. Chappelle talked about the game during a stand-up performance in San Francisco in 2005. “You know what I’ve been playing a lot of?” the comedian reportedly asked the audience, “World of Warcraft!” He praised the game and expressed his delight with it. World of Warcraft then is a game that has broken new ground to appeal to a great number of people in society. With more than five million subscribers, it is now the most popular online role-playing game and has grown far beyond its cult origins. Its wide appeal speaks of the brilliance of the game itself.

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How to secure your wireless network

People have more flexible time due to wireless network. Thanks to the invention of wireless. People can now work from home while taking care of their kids or doing house works. No more stress from traffic jam anymore. Is this great? Well, there is something you should realize. Working from home while using a wireless local area network (WLAN) may lead to theft of sensitive information and hacker or virus infiltration unless proper measures are taken. As WLANs send information over radio waves, someone with a receiver in your area could be picking up the transmission, thus gaining access to your computer. They could load viruses on to your laptop which could be transferred to the company's network when you go back to work.

Believe it or not! Up to 75 per cent of WLAN users do not have standard security features installed, while 20 per cent are left completely open as default configurations are not secured, but made for the users to have their network up and running ASAP. It is recommended that wireless router/access point setup be always done though a wired client. You can setup your security by follow these steps: 1. Change default administrative password on wireless router/access point to a secured password. 2. Enable at least 128-bit WEP encryption on both card and access point. Change your WEP keys periodically. If equipment does not support at least 128-bit WEP encryption, consider replacing it. Although there are security issues with WEP, it represents minimum level of security, and it should be enabled. 3. Change the default SSID on your router/access point to a hard to guess name. Setup your computer device to connect to this SSID by default. 4. Setup router/access point not to broadcast the SSID. The same SSID needs to be setup on the client side manually. This feature may not be available on all equipment. 5. Block anonymous Internet requests or pings. On each computer having wireless network card, network connection properties should be configured to allow connection to Access Point Networks Only. Computer to Computer (peer to peer) Connection should not be allowed. Enable MAC filtering. Deny association to wireless network for unspecified MAC addresses. Mac or Physical addresses are available through your computer device network connection setup and they are physically written on network cards. When adding new wireless cards / computer to the network, their MAC addresses should be registered with the router /access point. Network router should have firewall features enabled and demilitarized zone (DMZ) feature disabled. All computers should have a properly configured personal firewall in addition to a hardware firewall. You should also update router/access point firmware when new versions become available. Locating router/access point away from strangers is also helpful so they cannot reset the router/access point to default settings. You can even try to locate router/access point in the middle of the building rather than near windows to limit signal coverage outside the building. There is no guarantee of a full protection of your wireless network, but following these suggested tips can definitely lessen your risk of exposing to attackers aiming at insecure networks.

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Picture perfect be noticed online

Want to make your personals profile completely irresistible? Just follow our golden photo rules. 1. Visual Pleasure – It is important to have a picture if you are trying to meet people online. Statistics show that a person is far more likely to receive messages if he or she has got their photo up rather than just a description. 2. Don’t role play outside of the bedroom – there is no point in placing David Beckham or Paris Hilton pictures in as yourself because if you do meet someone you may miss your chance for them to like you just the way you are. 3. Mug Shots – I don’t know about you, but my ideal mate isn’t fresh out of Port Phillip Prison, so avoid the deer in the headlights facial expression. 4. Dress revealingly – But do leave a little to the imagination. Aim to reveal your personality, not what you think people will want to see. 5. Don’t bring excess baggage – Many people make the mistake of having a picture with their friends’ arms around them. This makes the photo appear messy and unappealing. There may also be an implication that the arms wrapped around that hottie belong to a dreaded ex! 6. Drunkk is baad – Don’t be drunk in your photo. Unfortunately this happens all too frequently, and whilst you may have chosen this photo because at the time you felt that happy false confidence, to everyone else you look really sad. 7. Be natural, naked and bare all! – Well, maybe not literally. Natural means that you don’t have to pose too hard, as fake smiles can look excruciating. Just be yourself! 8. Desperation is a no-no - Don’t try too hard. A man patting a dog holding three babies whilst cooking and cleaning is obviously an attempt to pull the chicks. Similarly, ladies don’t have to go to the lengths of watching sports in a cheerleader outfit serving beer in their photos. It’s just too keen, and desperation is a turn off. 9. Things ripen with age - Use a recent photo because that is who you are now, and who people will meet. That bleached mullet you sported five years ago may not be the image you want to project to the world today. 10. Size does matter – Don’t stand too far away. Make sure your pic is close up enough to see all of your features. 11. Have a multiple – Multiple photos are best for online dating. This enables the world to get a feel for who you are and the types of places you go. So remember - if you stick to these rules, you'll have a much better chance at attracting the person you're looking for.

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Eu domains for everybody

Cologne,10 July 2004. ICANN accredited registar Secura announces today, that the company is accepting applications for the sunrise and real time period of eu-domains (https:// domainregistry. de/eu. html). Sunrise Period You should send now to your applications to secure your rights at the new eu-domains. The eu-domains will be the most important event since the introduction of com-domains. There will be a Sunrise Period (Phased registration for those holding prior rights to a name) at the eu-domains. The Sunrise Period of eu-domains will have two phases: The EU Regulation stipulates that the registry must make a sunrise provision at eu-domains to allow those with 'prior rights' to a name to apply for registration of eu-domains in advance of beginning general registrations. The PPR states that the sunrise period (phased registration) of eu-domains will take place in two phases each lasting two months. During phase one, public bodies and holders of registered Community or national trademarks will be able to register their names. During phase 2 those who may register in phase 1 may register their eu-domains as well holders of other rights recognised under Community law or the national law of an EU member state. Eu-domains registered during the sunrise period must be an exact match for the prior right claimed and documentary evidence must be supplied to proof the right. Live Registration: First comes-first serves Some weeks after the Sunrise Period eu-domains goes live and general registrations of eu-domains will begin and registration of eu-domains will be done on a first come first served basis for any eu-domain not taken during the sunrise period.

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Bass fishing at night an effective way to fish

The classic image of bass fishing is lazing in a rowboat in the middle of a lake on a sunny afternoon. However, some smart bass enthusiasts have discovered that the best way to get great bass during the summertime months is by fishing in the dead of night. There are a lot of reasons why night fishing for bass is a great idea, so if you haven’t tried evening fishing yet, give it a shot and be prepared to reel in some winners. Summer is the most popular season for fishing, which has both positive and negative aspects for sportsmen. Because bait and equipment are in so much demand during the warmer months of the year, these goods are plentiful and easy to find as retailers stock up in order to get the best bait and tackle to their customers.

However, as fishing fans flock to lakes and streams all over the country, all too often the peace and quiet of the sport becomes quite elusive as multiple sportsmen jockey for position on the same water. The summertime crowds can take away a lot of the fun of bass fishing. If you choose to fish at odd times of the night, it is likely that you will never run into the problem of overcrowding. Because only a small percentage of bass fishermen hit the water in the dark, you should have no trouble finding a pond or a lake offering plenty of solitude and a supply of fish that is all yours for the taking. Another reason why bass fishing at night during the summer can prove to be a kind of fisherman’s jackpot has to do with the habits of the bass themselves. Bass prefer to stay cool, so they tend to head for the deepest waters that they can find during the intense heat of midday and afternoon. The deeper down in the pond the fish are lurking, the more difficult they are to catch and reel in. This can lead to fruitless afternoons of sitting in the sweltering heat and catching very little bass. However, during the cool nighttime hours, the bass come much more readily into shallow waters.

This means that they are easier for sportsmen to find and to catch. Although nighttime bass fishing can be much more rewarding than trying to snag these elusive creatures during the day, there are some disadvantages to night fishing. One problem that many sportsmen are surprised by during late night expeditions is insects. Be sure to pack some bug repellent to help you emerge from your night on the water without falling prey to mosquitoes and other warm weather pests.

Another issue to consider is safety. Spending time in a boat when visibility is low because of the lack of light can be more dangerous than boating during the daytime, so make sure to take all of the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your fishing companions.

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Seven tips to maximize savings on prescriptions

Seven Tips to Maximize Savings on Prescriptions 1. When you travel, bring a copy of your prescriptions with you. - In Mexico, only a few meds require a written prescription because most of them are over the counter there. Take your prescription with you though, just in case your medication is the one that requires a written prescription. - In Canada, a copy of your written prescription is mandatory. You will need to see a Canadian Doctor to get a Canadian prescription. Allow two to four hours for that because you'll be waiting in a walk-in clinic on a first come, first serve basis. The Canadian Doctor will need to see a copy of your written prescription, consult with you, and there will be a charge for that service. 2. Check with the Medicine Program to see if you are eligible for assistance. Here is their contact information. P. O.Box 1089, Poplar Bluff MO 63902-1089 Phone: 866.694.3893 | Fax: 573.778.1420 | help@themedicineprogram. com | themedicineprogram. com 3. Veterans should check with the V. A. for updates on what is available now. Many don't know what their full benefits are. 4. Contact the drug manufacturer. Sometimes they will give you a free treatment or a few months supply, if you can prove your need and are unable to pay for it. 5. Ask your Doctor for samples! Even if it's short term, every little bit helps. 6. Ask your Doctor if he / she knows of someone who's meds have recently changed, or if someone who died recently was taking the same pills as you. 7. Get your meds delivered by mail from Canada. Canadian medications are identical to American medications, the savings can be substantial and there are a number of generics there that are not available State side. Opening an account with a Canadian prescription service is easier than you think.

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Fuel for active lifestyles

(NC)-To many Canadians, the hot summer months represent a time for getting fit, having fun and engaging in lots of outdoor physical activity. The following tips will help you gain the essential fuel needed for an active lifestyle: Drink lots of water. Always be sure to have a bottle of water on hand in the event that you become dehydrated in the warm weather. Eat a nutritious diet according to Canada's Food Guide, packed with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables like peaches, strawberries or corn on the cob. The summer months are an ideal time to take advantage of the fresh local produce. Try to avoid the empty calories and high fat content of fast foods when you're on the run. Protect your skin with a sunblock suitable for your skin. A sunburn can cause you to feel ill and light headed, not to mention it increases your risk of skin cancer. Protect your face and eyes by wearing a baseball cap and UV protective sunglasses. Take a daily multivitamin year round that is formulated specifically for people with a physically active lifestyle, such as Centrum Protegra®. Have fun and play safe!

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Hot chili peppers to tame surgical pain

The anticipated pain of surgery, and even post-operative pain, is keeping a lot of patients from going for that much needed treatment. Although anesthesia has been effective for keeping a patient asleep, immobile, and out of pain during complicated surgeries --- it can hardly prevent pain from recurring once the patient wakes up. Due to the limitations of anesthesia, the medical and research community has been looking for a suitable substitute or alternative. Recently, scientists have made experiments on substances that are used to make hot sauce. Surgeons have tried to use the chemical that gives chili peppers their “fire” as an experimental anesthetic by directly pouring the said substance into open wounds during knee replacement and a few other highly painful operations. The experiments made use of an ultra-purified version of capsaicin to avoid infection. Volunteers were under placed under anesthesia so that they don't feel the initial burn. Treating surgically exposed nerves with a high dose of capsaicin will numb them for weeks, so that patients suffer less pain and require fewer narcotic painkillers as they heal. According to Dr. Eske Aasvang, a pain specialist in Denmark who is testing the substance, “We wanted to exploit this numbness.” For centuries, chili peppers have been part of folk remedy and heat-inducing capsaicin creams are a familiar drugstore cure for muscle spasms. Today, however, the spice is also commercially “hot” due to research showing how capsaicin targets key pain-sensing cells in a unique way. Aside from California-based Anesiva Inc.'s attempt to harness that burn for more focused pain relief, Harvard University researchers are also mixing capsaicin with another anesthetic drug in hopes of developing epidurals that would not confine women to bed during childbirth, or dental injections that don't numb the whole mouth. At the National Institutes of Health, scientists hope that by early next year, they can begin testing in advanced cancer patients a capsaicin variant that is 1,000 times more potent, to see if it can zap their intractable pain. Nerve cells that sense a type of long-term throbbing pain contain a receptor, called TRPV1. Capsaicin binds to this receptor and works to produce a painkilling action on specific pain-receiving fibers. These so-called C neurons also sense heat; thus capsaicin's burn. But when TRPV1 opens, it lets extra calcium inside the cells until the nerves become overloaded and shut down. That's the numbness. “It just required a new outlook about ... stimulation of this receptor to turn those cellular discoveries into a therapy hunt,” says NIH's Dr. Michael Iadarola. In a meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Aasvang reported that forty one men were tested and underwent open hernia repair. Capsaicin recipients experienced significantly less pain in the first three days after surgery. Another U. S. study of 50 knee replacements, half were treated with capsaicin who used less morphine in the 48 hours after surgery and experienced less pain for two weeks. Several on-going studies are experimenting with larger doses in more patients to find out whether the effect is real. “There's a huge need for better surgical pain relief,” said Dr. Eugene Viscusi, Director of Acute Pain Management at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the test sites. “Morphine and its relatives, so-called opioid painkillers, are surgery's standby. While they're crucial drugs, they have serious side effects that limit their use.”

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