Aromatherapy the scent through your skin

Scents play a big role in our lives. Some fragrances may recall memories or transmit sensations. Who has not felt better after going to sauna with eucalyptus smell? Or associated flowers` scents to the feelings of calm and peace? Aromatherapy took advantage of this basic human instinct to treat diseases, provide well being, skin care and relaxation. It can be defined as the therapeutic use of essential oils for prevention and/or auxiliary treatment of physical, psychological and energetic problems. The true Aromatherapy consists on the therapeutic application of 100% essential oils in baths, massages, compresses, diffusions, internal use, etc. Before being used, the essential oils are frequently dissolved in neutral lotions such as vegetal oils, cereal water or cereal alcohol.

This preserves chemical properties and chemical/physical activity in the human body. According to "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils", the favored technique of aroma therapists is the massage, because it ensures that the oils are absorbed in the skin and into the blood stream. On this method, the essence is diluted into base oil (jojoba, avocado, peanut, soy, peach kernel oil, etc). Another book, "Aromatherapy: Healing for the Body & Soul", emphasizes the importance of rubbing the oil in the skin. The author, Kathi Keville, claims that the human touch warms the body, relieves stress, relaxes and encourages deep breathing. Benefits Aromatherapy is known for bringing well-being and stress relieve to people, but this is only one of its possible benefits. This therapy can affect the body chemistry; the emotions and attitudes; and the ability of the body to function. The book "Aroma Therapy: Healing for the body and soul" cites a wide range of therapeutical uses for Aromatherapy: - Reduction of pain, inflammations and spasms; - Stimulation of the immune system, hormone production and blood circulation; - Skin infections; - Heal of respiratory and digestive problems; - Emotional problems, like depression and panic. Precautions Some essential oils, like camphor, thuja and red thyme, can cause damage to the patients due to their high toxicity levels, which can cause severe dermal irritation. Essential oils should not be applied directly at the skin; they should be diluted in a carrier oil or cream. It is also suggested to do a patch test on the skin before using the essential oil, because some people can be very sensitive or have allergic reactions. Some oils, like the lemon and the verbena, when exposed to the sun, may cause spots. The "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils" warns that pregnant patients or the ones who have diabetes, high blood pressure and epilepsy can not be massaged with some essential oils. It is recommended that they inform the therapist about their condition. It also adverts that essential oils should not be used at home to treat serious medical or psychological problems. Oils properties The oils have different properties. Some of the most common essential oils are: · Calming - chamomile, lavender, geranium; · Uplifting - ylang ylang, clary sage, rose, neroli, lemon, fennel; · Energizing - rosemary, thyme (white), grapefruit, cinnamon; · Cleansing - rosemary, tea tree, lavender; frankincense; · Decongesting - eucalyptus, pine, tea tree, peppermint; Profession Although nowadays Aromatherapy has become a widespread practice around the world, it is still considered a complementary medicine in the majority of the countries. In France, Aromatherapy is part of the formal education in Medical schools. During history, medicinal and aromatic plants were used to purify and scent places, scare away evil spirits, treat skin and other physical disorders as in the use of infusions, in the mummification process in ancient Egypt and Roman baths. According to The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), the organization that promotes and supports the practice of this method, there is no licensure or laws for Aromatherapy in the US. NAHA determined that to become an aroma therapist is necessary to be graduated in a course of at least 200 hours. Some professionals incorporate the training of this technique with their licensed work. It is the case of many massage therapists, acupuncturists, doctors and nurses.

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Critical essay step by step guide

During your studying process you will be given a large number of written assignments that you will have to complete obligatory. They are supposed to develop necessary skills within you, such as to generalize or to specify. All these factors will increase your salability on job market in the future. Completing such assignments you will learn to develop your own approach to the problem and analyze objectively. You will face the necessity to write a number of papers that will require critics from you towards different matters and objects.

Going through the materials you are required to analyze you can either agree to some of the ideas expressed by the author or disagree with him. You also might partially agree with the thesis statement and do not approve the evidence he gives. It doesn’t matter to your tutor whether you agree or disagree, you should stay critical to the matter you research. You have to be neutral to the subject and depict the situation as objectively as it is only possible. Objective criticism is an inseparable part of any essay. The essay structure should look like this: 1) A brief introduction that includes a thesis statement; 2) The main body that contains all the evidence and arguments relevant to the question; 3) Summary paragraph.

Whatever point of view you take, you should support your statement by trustworthy evidence and logical chain of facts. You may support or disagree with the statements provided in the initial material, but you should remember to back every one of your facts up by solid evidence. Your argumentation is a vital part of your written assignment. It is not only critical essay, where you are supposed to show coherent and logical scheme of evidence.

This ability is extremely important in argumentative essay. According to my experience, students consider simple statement of the fact a valuable motivator to change an opinion of the reader. It is not so, if to look closer. Argumentation you give should be duly structured and each fact you state should be supported by a reliable source of information. Facts do not appear out of the air, we take them from information sources you analyze. If you have a choice to make, choose a topic that you are acknowledged with. To get a successful paper you should work on the topic that is familiar to you. It would be better if you avoid discussing modern problems and issues in your paper and do not put them in the center of your essay. It is very hard to find a trustworthy source when there are millions of opinions and none of them is supported by good proof. It is also quite impossible to describe the general state of things in a five paragraph essay, so it is better to avoid modern subjects that appear on the news too often.

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Cosmetic surgery in a nutshell

Cosmetic surgery, like other forms of elective surgery, involves a physical change to one's appearance. Also known as plastic surgery, there are two kinds: cosmetic and reconstruction. The latter involves returning an individual's sense of self after some form of injury and/or illness. The former allows the ability to overcome the physical characteristics one was born with. In a way, the former represents the forefront of how changes in technology can allow changes to the human body. This surgery comes in all types, from the use of prosthetics as in breast augmentation and liposuction to non-invasive forms of surgery like laser hair removal or even laser correction of the eyes to eliminate the need for eye glasses. None of this comes without a price however. Besides financial concerns, it remains the responsibility of the individual who will undergo such surgery.

For this reason, they do need the support of those around them. This is the kind of support that not only affects their decision, but their ability to assimilate the surgical changes to the body. In the case of surgery for cosmetic - as oppposed to reconstruction - purposes is the issue of aesthetics. Those around them need to understand the significance societies place upon appearance. How the appearance of someone can alter how they are perceived not only as a person, but as a human being. Surgery for aesthetic reasons, provides people with the opportunity to overcome stigmas associated with their appearance. However, what remains most important is that it's a choice.

Many - perfectly valid - arguments have been presented to the contrary regarding surgery for cosmetic purposes. However, the fact remains that human beings have been altering their appearance for quite some time now. Cosmetic surgery is significant, not only for what it can achieve, but because it's a choice made by the person undergoing it. It's a personal decision about one's own body. Another consideration for the individual, outside of their support system, is that they should do as much of their own personal research as possible into the different kinds of surgery available for each procedure. For example, the current surgical techniques employed and the potential legal restrictions, as is often the case with silicone prosthetics. In addition, weighing the pros and cons of each technique. Finally, the surgeon themselves. An initial consultation is always recommended, as with any form of elective surgery.

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Mergers and acquisitions assessing information technology critical ingredient for success

Merging companies or acquiring a new business is almost always an incredible challenge, regardless of the circumstances. Decisions such as how to procure financing, provide due diligence and foster positive reactions to the change usually get made quickly and under a tremendous amount of pressure. Often the last thing on anyone's mind is getting a handle on the information technology (IT) in place at both companies. Knowing in advance the software each company owns can help companies ensure that the business they are buying or merging with has a clear title to the technologies being used. In addition, companies can assess that the technologies are scalable and will provide growth opportunities in the long run. Answering basic questions about the software each company owns can play a vital role in the success of any merger or acquisition. Key questions to answer include these: • Are both companies using the same operating systems? • Can mission-critical databases be merged? • Which applications can be used by employees at both companies? Not only does a sound software asset management strategy help companies ensure the success of a merger or acquisition, but it can also help save money by optimizing investments across the companies while providing needed business clarity. The following guidelines outline the steps companies can take in advance of a merger or acquisition to assess IT assets: 1. Review the policies and procedures around software purchase, deployment, usage and recovery for both companies. Then develop a combined set of policies and procedures for the new organization. The Business Software Alliance has made available a useful template for software asset management policy available for download at http:// bsa. org/resources/upload/Sample-Organization-Software-Policy. doc. 2. Use an appropriate software-inventory tool to discover what software is installed on PCs, workstations and servers; who is using each asset; and where the software resides. 3. To help avoid legal difficulties after the merger or acquisition, make certain both businesses are using legally licensed software by matching the installed software with software licenses that have been purchased. 4. Use both organizations' software inventories as a baseline to design a plan for ongoing software management once the merger or acquisition is finalized. Instituting the right policies from the time of considering software acquisition all the way through to its deployment, use and retirement can not only provide peace of mind and greater assurance, but it can also help distinguish a company's technology from that of its competitors, get more value from its technology investments, reduce manpower and production costs and ultimately improve its products and services.

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Recovering from the loss of a business recovery reversal and coping strategies

Losing a business is overall, akin to the "death" of a loved one. So much of a business owner's personality and hard work have gone into a business, that when tragedy strikes, for whatever reason and the business is forced into bankruptcy or to close, the emotions felt by the business owner are nothing short of serious and all encompassing! Since losing a business is considered a "major life stressor", along with divorce and the death of a loved one, a business owner that loses a business can be just as emotionally devastated. With this in mind, it is appropriate for the business owner to take into account the five stages of grief that do occur in a major life event or "stressor". These stages are according to the work of renowned Swiss born psychiatrist, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Denial. This stage is a healthy stage when the individual asks the question, "Why Me"?, and develops strategies to develop defenses against the impending stress. Anger or Resentment. Blame occurs in this stage. Bargaining. This is a "truce period" where an individual makes "deals" in their minds, if "only" things don't play out the way they are bound to do so. Depression. This is the real grief phase, and an individual will primarily feel discouraged and hopeless. Acceptance. This is where reality is dealt with and the process of "going on" begins. Withdrawal from others may occur temporarily here. Although Dr. Kubler-Ross developed the five stages primarily to be used when dealing with terminal illnesses that lead to death, her work can readily be applied to many major life stresses, including the loss of a business. In addition, not all individuals go through each stage routinely in order, with some skipping stages, or staying in one stage longer than others. Business owners that suffer the catastrophic loss of a business need to allow themselves the same flexibility and time for acceptance that other major life stressors require. They need to work through the five stages until the fifth stage, acceptance, is reached. They also need to put the loss into perspective if they can, and determine just "why" and "how" the business faltered and eventually failed. With defeat, sometimes knowledge is attained, and if a business owner can work through the stages of grief successfully, and use the knowledge attained for enlightenment, then perhaps they can successfully start another business in the future, and achieve better results. Business owners should make a list after they are on their feet again of exactly "what" went wrong, and methods of prevention in the future, as they can then use this to their advantages. The list can include such information such as: Why the business failed overall: Was it the wrong type of business for the wrong type of clientele? Was it targeted incorrectly? Was it too unusual to succeed? Was the marketing of the business incorrect? Were the expenditures too great? Was the business plan and outlook faulty or realistic? What mistakes led up to the failure: Did the business grow too quickly or too slowly? Were there actual methods in place for prevention, or was the business "reactive" rather than "proactive"? What can the business owner correct/rectify in the future? This is the most important question, and a list of all methods that may be used as a measure against future failures should be made. Business owners need to give themselves time to heal and sort through their feelings, though. Any loss is so emotionally draining, that jumping right back into the "business fire" with another business is not necessarily a good idea until the business owner has recovered their energy and worked through their feelings of grief completely. Defeat can be a learning experience, and many successful business people have also experienced their fair share of defeats and loss of businesses. Turning the "negative" of the loss of the business into a "positive" learning experience will soon find the business owner recovered and moving onto the next positive step in their entrepreneurial lives!

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Comparing google s search franchise to mccormick s spice franchise

Google has a competitive advantage. In fact, one might even say it has a franchise in web search. I wouldn't say that. I mean, Google does have a franchise; but, it doesn't have a monopoly on web search and never will. There are real problems with Google's model that are often overlooked. It does a poor job of finding certain sites that are difficult to describe in keywords.

For this reason, there may still be a market for web search in the form of specialized niche directories and in some of these "social search engines" (e. g., Stumble Upon) for many years to come. I'm not suggesting any of these services will be as successful as Google; I'm sure they won't be. I am simply pointing out that there is a difference between a need and the means by which that need is satisfied. Even as the dominant search player, Google will only have a franchise on the means (keyword search); it will not have a franchise on the need (finding stuff on the web). Also, Google can not, at present, rightly be called the dominant search player. There is no dominant player in search. Google is the leading search player. It is also the catalyst for many changes in search.

But, it is not yet the dominant player in search the way McCormick (MKC) is the dominant U. S. spice producer. Looking at McCormick's franchise is actually a pretty good way of evaluating Google's. Why do I say McCormick is the dominant player (domestically) in spice, but Google is not yet the dominant player in search? There are a few reasons. McCormick has a 45% share of the U. S. retail spice market. Its closest competitor has a 12% market share.

We may differ about exactly how the web search pie is carved up. But, I think we can agree that Google's share of the market is less than 45%, and that at least two of its competitors have a share of the market greater than 12%. So, Google's position differs from McCormick's in two material respects (already). Google has a smaller slice of the pie, and the search market is less fragmented than the spice market. The spice market is an upside down funnel. The few producers are at the top. They feed their products through three distribution paths: retail, industry, and restaurants. In each case, the shape of the upside down funnel remains intact, because the widening happens at the very end. The ultimate consumer of McCormick's product doesn't get to choose from all available spices. His choice is always indirect. He picks a grocery store, a food product, or a restaurant.

Then, must choose from the spices that particular supermarket chooses to carry, or the restaurant he frequents chooses to use (and/or make available). In search the story's a little different. There is still something of an upside down funnel shape in search. Although, it is less pronounced than it was a few years ago. Search results are fed through dependent sites that searchers visit. But, it is the searcher who chooses the dependent sites. A few of these dependent sites account for a large part of all searches. That is very different from the spice market, where no supermarket or restaurant chain accounts for a large part of all spice consumption - none even comes close. So, the searcher has a much bigger role in choosing his search provider than the spice consumer has in choosing his spice provider.

Even though it is true you are sometimes searching without knowing Google is the search provider, the situation is nothing like it is at McCormick. When eating a meal you aren't thinking about McCormick. Quite often, however, you are using a McCormick product. Whether it was in that package of spices you used to cook a meal at home, or in that manufactured food product, or in the dish you ordered at the restaurant, you are a consuming a McCormick product. What matters as far as the investor is concerned is that the ultimate consumer of McCormick's product rarely makes an active, unfettered choice to consume that product over all other competing products (or even many competing products). The closest he comes to making such a choice is at the supermarket; though even there, the decision of how much shelf space to allocate to each company's products was made for him. To use Google, the first time searcher must make an active, unfettered choice. Finally, there is the matter of infrastructure. This consists of two parts: production and distribution.

McCormick has an existing production infrastructure which is helpful as far as costs are concerned, but isn't especially valuable. It could be duplicated by a new entrant with deep pockets. McCormick's distribution infrastructure is almost impossible to duplicate. It is worth far more than it cost McCormick to create it. Prying McCormick's customers (situated at the narrow of that inverted funnel) away from the company's products would not be easy. This distribution infrastructure gives solidity to McCormick's spice franchise in the U. S. In some instances, it will also help McCormick aboard (as some of the company's customers are expanding globally and will be inclined to stick with McCormick in their overseas operations). Google's production infrastructure (the algorithm and the index) is easy to duplicate and will become even easier to duplicate in the future. There isn't much of a barrier to entry here. Google may currently offer the best search service around, but there is no reason to believe this will always be the case.

Distribution is very often the most valuable part of any franchise (it is usually the part that is hardest to duplicate). So, the natural question is: in the world of search, if you build it will they come? Will the best search engine always attract the most searchers? Probably not. That's good for Google, because it won't always be the best search engine. Google has a great brand. Whatever value is in Google comes from that brand. That brand is what will keep searchers from flocking to the inevitable newer, better search engine.

All of Google's revenues are ultimately dependant upon attracting searches. Getting those searches requires two things. First, millions of people must make the active, unfettered choice to search Google. Then, those millions of people must keep searching with Google. The brand is the key to step one. The service is the key to step two. Search customers are sticky. But, they probably aren't as sticky as we think.

It's very easy to take immediate action on the web (just click a link). Switching away from Google isn't like switching away from Windows. That leaves the brand. True, when you think search, you think Google. But, is that brand worth $120 billion? No - and neither is Google.

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Panama gets a new cruise port in colon

Introduction - Today it was announced that Panama is opening a new cruise ship port and terminal in Colon on the Atlantic side. The port will open in Dec. 2008. At the present time there is a cruise terminal in Colon to receive ships for a day stop only. Ships generally not passing through the canal will stop at Colon disembarking passengers for tours, shopping trips etc. The ships will generally pull in during the morning and leave at dinnertime. Colon is the second largest duty free zone in the world second to Hong Kong. It is simple for one to take a tour from Colon to the Panama Canal.

Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas - Royal Caribbean has announced that it will be deploying one of its modern ships by the name of Enchantment of the Seas. This cruise ship is 80,000 tons and was built in 1997 and refurbished in 1999 and again in 2005. It is not a flag ship of the line, yet still quite a respectable cruise liner. The boat was stretched out when refurbished in 2005 and is now 990 feet long, roughly as long as an aircraft carrier. The ship carries 2446 passengers and has a crew of 760. There are 6 hot tubs, three swimming pools, a rock climbing wall, spa, gym, full beauty salon, jogging track, and of course it has a rock-climbing wall. How can you cruise without a rock-climbing wall?

There is a casino, 10 bars, and the ship has 11 decks extending above the water. This is no slouch of a boat. The itinerary of the boat will be Columbia, Aruba and Curacao with 17 such one-week cruises planned during the first season. Discussion - Okay so now Panama is going to become a cruise port. The major ports in the general region, broadly speaking, are Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale. Many people in Central and South America have difficulty getting visas to go to America. To take a cruise starting or terminating in the USA one must obtain a visa to go to the USA unless they are able to travel to the country without a visa. Most of the countries are not this way with Argentina being the exception. The visa process involves waking up early in the morning to go stand online at the USA Embassy waiting to go in for an interview.

Numerous documents are required, reasons for the trip, why you are not a risk for overstaying the visa etc. There are fees involved, which are about $165 a person. Many people do not wish to go through this process. Many others are willing to go through the process but are unable to get the visa for various reasons. Additionally people have been complaining about the treatment they get from USA immigration being unpleasant when they arrive and depart America. This has been hurting the cruise industry in the USA in a big way. Check cruise prices and it is common to see discounts of 50% most of the time from the USA ports of departure. This will give the cruise companies a chance to recover a market they have been missing out on in recent years which is the Central and South American market. It will also give Panama a chance to gain some tourism dollars. People taking cruises frequently come in a day or two before the cruise and stay a day or two after the cruise to see the local attractions.

The word we got was that the other cruise lines would follow suit and begin originating cruises from Panama as well. One could expect to see a bustling cruise port like Miami in the near future is what we were told to expect. We welcome the cruise industry and see it as having a positive effect. Remember this port is not designed to attract the USA tourist dollar. While some USA tourists will come here the overwhelming majority of the cruisers will be from Central and South America. It is cheaper and easier for the USA resident to take a cruise departing from: Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, Tampa, New York, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Puerto Rico. This is not going to give the USA some sort of leverage to use on Panama to get them to do what they want like weaken banking laws etc. If the Caymans Islands or the Bahamas did not comply with the USA regarding bank or corporate laws the USA could make like very difficult for anyone cruising to these destinations with lots of searching, long delays clearing customs and immigration etc. Places like the Caymans and Bahamas have heavy cruise and tourism industries that provide many more jobs than the banking industry. If you have ever been to the Caymans not many locals work in the banking sector.

The new cruise port in Panama has no applicability to the USA since the passengers will not be subject to USA immigration and customs since the cruise boat will not be originating, terminating or traveling to the USA and the passengers will by and large not be Americans. We are expecting to see a lot of South and Central American destinations like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Aruba, Curacao, and Columbia. On longer cruises of 10 days or longer the cruise ships could travel to some of the popular Caribbean destinations like Nassau, Caymans, and Jamaica etc. Panama has very wisely chosen to go after the Central and South American tourism market. Is there going to be a Disney Amusement Park in Panama? Stay tuned.

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Why you need to have your prices upfront

How much do you charge? I don’t know. I’ll have to check with my brain. Huh? In nine out of ten sites, customers will not be told upfront, how much the customer is expected to pay for a product or a service. The website/brochure will hem and haw, and not tell you what you really need to know: How much does the damned thing cost? In the earlier, more foolish days, we tried to keep our prices a mystery. As a result, we’d have dozens of inquiries. All the inquiries turned to custard. Once people found out how much we charged, they just went elsewhere. So why not get those customers to go elsewhere, in the first place? Why not get rid of the tyre-kickers? Why not display your prices upfront? Yes, I know; You probably don’t want to do the price upfront thing, because you don’t know what to quote. I mean a print quote depends on paper, binding, and so many other variables. So make it easy for me. Show me three different quotes for a book, for instance. Show me three different books and tell me how each book had different specifications, and what each book cost. Then, cunningly, put the testimonial of the customer that placed the order. It’s a waste of your time, not to put prices upfront. Putting prices upfront, saves your time, effort and gets you qualified customers. Ask me. I just got off the call where the customer paid his hourly consulting fee (which was upfront on the site). To read more: http://5000bc. com

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Dress up to compliment your look

The most awaited night is approaching! Prom night! Excitement is all in the air to shop for that most uncommon, alluring, sassy prom dress. Dresses to make you stand out from others on that magical evening. Formal dresses worn during these celebrations are reinforcing the glam world.

They are beautiful than ever with designs that could be worn on or off the stage. You can find manufacturers & suppliers online to facilitate you shopping as you could spend more time in selecting that perfect cocktail dresses. This is the time when don’t want to compromise on looks or in quality. Try out at wholesale sites that go for exclusivity at great prices. Wholesale sexy dresses offer lowest pricing.

Its not that you get a price guarantee only buy you get to choose from a wide collection of wholesale sexy dresses. Also with wholesale dresses, some free gifts come like matching shawl or scarf. Exclusive manufacturers are also there who produce wholesale bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns. Buyers can explore different varieties of designer short formal dresses to evening dresses at online wholesalers and retailers. Now, it depends upon individual taste & preferences to pick from a large galore. Having a fancy for figure hugging short formal wear or spaghetti strapped long gown with middle or side slits? Well, all your needs meet at our online wholesaler.

It’s the best to start your search from wholesale sexy dresses to wholesale prom gowns or wholesale cocktail dresses. They have a good display of formal wears, bridal & bridesmaid dresses and prom gowns. Dresses are original since these are produced in limited numbers & can guarantee of exclusivity that formal dresses will be rare to find out. Vibrant shades of colors add to the beauty of the formal gowns. In these collections, elegant formal dresses with definite waistlines, sexy corset necklines, figure enhancing slim gowns and wholesale prom dresses with satin lined chiffon fabrics are the main attractions. But strapless prom dresses and modest formal dresses, halters and necklines with draped front are also very much seen in prom nights. Dresses are divided into different categories.

Click on that respective category and get a closer look of the outfit. As changing fashion offers you a wide collection to pick from, you can also go for classic styles. Like you’ll find A-line silhouette and elegant sheath short formal dresses in the section of wholesale sexy lingerie and bridal gowns. Shoppers can place order for their chosen dress through the order form given in the website. You can place order online or can call at the numbers given below and for faster delivery of your formal dresses.

All orders will be delivered right at the customers doorsteps through their shipping facility. Modes of payments are also stated in the website itself. For any further questions, you can always call upon the numbers given. Colors are very important as they somewhat reflect your personality & mood. You can choose from trendy colors like lilac, Victorian lilac, burgundy and more pulsating colors or can go in for contrasting monochromatic colors of black and white or steel gray.

Wholesale sexy lingerie suppliers also offer great clothing styles in urban wear clothing, hip hop clothing and designer wholesale apparel. Okay, your dress for this enchanting night has been decided. But it isn’t all. Now it’s time to look for matching accessories. This list will include shoes, purses, wraps, jewelry, make up and hairstyles. Prom dress shopping also includes the trip to the salon or day spa and a good grooming session. People usually begin their prom dress shopping before they have even been asked out. This all should be well prepared in time and not to be left for the last minute. Make sure that you have a plenty of time to shop for your prom dress so that you can have some time to perform any alterations that might be needed and to have the dress pressed and ready to go. It would be wise to try it once as soon as you receive your dress. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing to look for that special prom dress.

Put it on with love and be a queen of the prom! For more information, just visit: - http:// smcfashion. com Tags: wholesale sexy dresses, wholesale sexy lingerie, wholesale lingerie, wholesale prom dresses, wholesale dresses, wholesale evening dresses, wholesale cocktail dresses, wholesale bridesmaid dresses, wholesale prom gowns, wholesale evening gowns, wholesale party dresses

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How to earn cisco s ccnp certification

Congratulations on your decision to earn your CCNP certification! As a CCIE, I can tell you that Cisco certifications are both financially and personally rewarding. To earn your CCNP, you first have to earn your CCNA certification. Then you're faced with a decision - take the three-exam CCNP path, or the four-exam path? They're both quite demanding, so let's take a look at each path. The four-exam CCNP path includes the Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks exam (BSCI), Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks exam (BCMSN), Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (BCRAN), and Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT) exam.

The three-exam path combines the BSCI and BCMSN exams into a single exam, called the Composite exam. I'm often asked what order I recommend taking the exams in. After earning your CCNA, I recommend you begin studying for the BSCI exam immediately. You will find the fundamentals you learned in your CCNA studies will help you a great deal with this exam. You're going to add to your CCNA knowledgebase quite a bit when it comes to OSPF and EIGRP, as well as being introduced to BGP. I don't have a preference between the BCMSN and BCRAN exams, but I do recommend you take the CIT exam last. You'll be using all the skills you learned in the first three exams to pass the CIT. It's a very demanding exam, and it's a little hard to troubleshoot technologies that you haven't learned yet! The CCNP is both financially and personally fulfilling. Once you complete your CCNA studies, take a little breather and then get started on your CCNP studies. The more you know, the more valuable you are in today's ever-changing IT job market.

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Microsoft great plains remote support overview

Microsoft Great Plains is now standard mid-market ERP application, serving the whole spectrum of businesses. In the case of mid-size business we usually see strong IT team with SQL querying skills plus accounting department is already trained to use Great Plains and needs minimal help in figuring out on how to use new Great Plains version and features. In this situation company may leverage it's work force strength and minimize ERP application support cost. This is the goal of Microsoft Business Solutions and the philosophy of future computer systems. In this situation - in our opinion - there is no need to have expensive local support when consultants are coming to you on regular basis and spend at least four hours onsite, charging somewhat close to $200 per hour. Also, please take into consideration the fact that consulting companies have to train new hires to do the job, and formal training should be supplemented with serving to real customer. Below we give you your options to support Great Plains with minimized support cost.

Minimizing upgrade/migration cost. It is not a secret that Microsoft Business Solutions VAR has to maintain it's cash flow. It is often conflicts with your interests. Have Great Plains partner to trigger you Microsoft promotions on Migrations/Upgrade/Placing you back to enhancement program. Do not succumb to reseller attempt to sell you migration with list price.

Local Partner - is it the best and cost effective way? First, place yourself into local partner shoes. When he is fighting to win your business - he is competing against other local vars - they are using traditional sales&marketing techniques: trade shows, expensive permanent sales people to do cold calls and then presentations onsite. This will drive following hourly consulting rates to the sky. Nationwide small partner usually does its marketing over the internet and this is only few percent of the revenue. Another thing to consider - nationwide partner doesn't have to come to you and have onsite meeting - it is all done over the phone. Do you have complex customization? If you do - you need to know that local partners are making substantial revenue on customization upgrade.

At the same time they do not specialize in customizations - they have to deal with broad range of issues with their clients. I would guess - you would rather appeal to specialist who is dealing with customizations on the daily basis. The same comment is relevant for upgrade and migration. Do I need consultant? It is probably good idea to have consultant to do the upgrade.

We strongly recommend you to use consultant in the following cases You have Dexterity customization You are doing migration from Pervasive/Ctree to Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE, especially when you have third-parties without migration tools You have a lot or ReportWriter Modified Great Plains Reports You have old version of Great Plains: Dynamics or eEnteroprise 6.0 or prior - in this case you can not appeal to Microsoft Technical Support - it is discontinued Your Great Plains has more than 20 users and you have to have upgrade done over the weekend - if it fails - you have business problems You don't have support - in this case you have to select your Microsoft Business Solutions Partner and pay for the annual support/enhancement plan - you will get new registration key and will be ready for the upgrade Good luck in self-support and if you have issues or concerns – we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

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Work from home typing great opportunity for stay at home moms

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make extra money without too much effort, work from home typing jobs offer a great opportunity to put money in your pocket, and you'll barely break a sweat. The advantages should be obvious to anyone considering this job opportunity; you can work when you want, you can work as much as you like, you can work from home, you need only a computer and an internet connection and the work assignments are usually short in nature. You don't even have to be a great typist! This type of work is great for stay at home Moms and Dads, college students, retiree's etc… The key to success in work from home typing jobs is finding steady assignments. There are plenty of 'work from home typing jobs' networks online that charge a small registration fee which enables you to receive these typing jobs at home. For example, many online companies need short 2-3 line ads written on a daily basis based on a changing product or service that day. The online typing network company is the connection to all the other business's that need the typing services, which you will ultimately provide and earn money for. This greatly improves your chances of getting steady work because all you need to concentrate on is the typing assignment which you receive in your email box. All the administrative details and contacts are worked out for you. So, If you like the idea of working at home, making good money, and have a computer and an internet connection, these online work from home typing jobs may be a great option. If you want information on how to choose the best "typing jobs at home" networks, then see the links below. These companies are established, have good reputations, have good customer support and easy to navigate members areas.

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Long term assistance guide

Long term care basically relates to the care or assistance that is needed when the individual is rendered incapable of taking care of his own self. The people who have taken retirement from their work and are dwelling on petite pensions most often constitute this category. Human life is always standing at threshold of tomorrow. One stage of this precarious life is followed by the other and there comes a stage in everybody’s life when he needs special attention, love, care and assistance. But unfortunately, this does not happen for people today are so badly engrossed in their own lives that the old and suffering are most often neglected without a second thought. However, some non-government organizations and the government have taken the onus to help out such people in the time of maximum need. The Family Factor The family of the individual who is seeking long term care plays an undeniably crucial role. The long term care patients are generally gripped by some major illness, diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer etc that make you an oblivious and inattentive individual. There are also cases of life time ailment due to unfortunate accidents that cause spinal cord failure and the like, in other words complete bed rest. Initially the families of such patients readily provide all the assistance. They employ themselves as far as possible in giving the best care to the patient. But the problems come in the long run when the family members have to pay heed to their own jobs. It becomes very problematic for some of the families to take care of the patient then. The amount of daily expenditure is also a chief source of problems. It becomes difficult especially for a middle class family to spend regularly on the prolonged, at times everlasting ailment of one of the member. Not just this but generally it is found that several other disputes start blooming in this grim scenario. ‘Prevention is better than cure’, abiding by this wise proverb many families get the medical insurance etc. done for each and every member. This offers them great financial backing by the government. While many a well to do families provide long term care via their own personal savings. This enables them to spend whatever amount they want according to their requirement without clarifying and waiting for the external agency to help. The Role of Government The government of each country facilitates assistance to the long term care patients. The government care is meant especially for those who have not been able to make any good savings and purchase insurance policies throughout their life due to low salaries. The Veteran’s Administration (VA) is meant to provide care to all the veterans and their partners. The veterans taken care of are mainly the former prisoners of war, those with diminished income and the ones who become disabled due to their service. The Medicaid, a joint federal and state venture seeks the nursing of the elderly patients who need long term care. There is also the National Council on Aging working in the area of providing online help to the elderly, informing them about what kinds of benefits are meant for them. This nonprofit organization presents a list of around 1300 programs which are divided form state to state. The Personal Planning It is always prudent to accumulate your own money that can be used in case of any emergency. This farsightedness can make your and your family’s future happier even in the worst situations. Money is needed in all walks of life. Even if you save a single penny a day since childhood, it will be a great help in the long run. So, it is better to be wise today than to regret tomorrow.

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Winterfest educational toys

I took my family to Winterfest this past weekend. Science North, a science museum had an interactive workshop, we had to go. It was a good thing no one told the kids these were educational toys, it may have quieted the shouting, laughter and astonishment. The amazing science kits ranged from building bridges to exploding candy. The kids had to push aside the parents to get their turn playing with some awesome science toys. What I notice when kids play with science toys is the enthusiasm, the team work, the competitiveness that exudes. These aren’t just educational toys, these are life lessons. And the level of parent participation and encouragement was heart warming. Kids used K’Nex to build bridges and towers, then used steel weights to test the strength of their engineering creations in both bending and compression. These educational toys were demonstrating engineering principles that university students study, and these kids were aged 5 to 12. Next up was Magic Mud. This non Newtonian fluid swirled like a liquid in the bowl, but turned to solid rubber when you punched it. What really proved the value of this educational toy is when one boy said it was just like quick sand. The kids had the opportunity to make huge bubbles, launch air rockets and learn about rocks and mining. The biggest bang of the science toys was when the instructor heated up potassium chlorate then through in a candy as we watched the fireworks. Who knew you could make educational toys with a Pez dispenser to show how your body’s metabolism works. Many of these concepts can be experienced and studied in the hundreds of educational toys, science toys and science kits at http:// brainwavestoys. com.

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Propecia a path for hair growth

A hair loss from 20 -35 strands daily is normal and common occurrence. The problem rises when there is an excessive shedding, for this may result in complete baldness in no time. It is when thinning hair become obvious, most people become concerned about hair restoration process. And in anxiety or depression they begin experimenting with different products. It is a fact that 90% of hair loss is due to genetic problem and the rest is due to some metabolic dysfunction that goes inside our body. But medical science has successfully proved that through proper medication one can not only stop hair loss but also regrew them to some extent. One of the main reasons of hair loss is due to secretion of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It shrinks the hair follicles and decreases the amount of hair on head.

So when there is an increase in DHT secretion a human head begins loosing hair and once the DHT level in the scalp decreases, the cycle of hair loss stops and in many cases new growth of hair resumes. This is what Propecia does, decreasing the amount of DHT from our scalp. The main ingredient in Propecia is Finasteride. It directly inhibits the formation of DHT and over a period of considerable amount of time, it reduces the level of DHT sufficiently, minimizing its effects on our hair follicles. As with any drug, finasteride can also cause side effects to a minority of users.

The FDA trials reported a 2% incidence of varying side effects but these tends to cease as the body gets adjusted to the drug after a period of time. Some of its side affects or symptoms are skin rash, or swelling of lips. Propecia is available only on prescription. So the best thing to do is to consult your dermatologist before using it and do not share this drug with others.

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How does cosmetic dentistry work

There are many people who are unhappy with their appearance in the world today. Some peoples’ teeth may have been unattractive for their entire lives, whereas others’ teeth may have aged and slowly become unattractive. For these reasons, many people decide to look into cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry could be considered a dental facelift, changing someone’s appearance so that they look better and feel better about themselves. There are many techniques in cosmetic dentistry, from braces to porcelain veneers. More often than not, dentists use a combination of these techniques in order to achieve the best results. The first method widely used in cosmetic dentistry is Porcelain Laminate Veneers (also known as veneers). These veneers are specially made porcelain wafers that can be places over teeth in order to enhance their appearance. Veneers can correct unappealing smiles, reverse the effects of aging, and whiten teeth.

Many popular movie stars use veneers today in order to have that perfect smile. There are temporary and permanent veneers. People usually ware the temporary veneers while the permanent ones are being made. In terms of cost, veneers usually cost several thousand dollars, depending on the amount of teeth needing modification. Teeth whitening is another very popular way to change the appearance of teeth.

There are two types of whitening, in-office or at-home whitening. In-office whitening uses a high intensity light along with 35% hydrogen peroxide. The patient’s gums are protected, and the whitening process takes about an hour. The results are usually teeth that are four to six shades lighter than before. The at-home systems generally use between 10 and 20% carbamine peroxide.

Impressions of the person’s mouth are made in order to make trays. The trays are then fitted and the patient is told to place a little bit of the carbamine peroxide gel in the tray and ware it while sleeping. The time of wearing this varies greatly from one week to six. Some people use a combination of in-office and at-home systems. This usually has a result of 12 to 15 shades of whitening. There are three popular procedures to fix only a few unappealing teeth.

The procedures for fixing select teeth are: tooth shaping, bonded-bridge, and resin or tooth colored fillings. Tooth shaping is when a doctor removes a very small amount of enamel from a tooth in order to shape it and make it more appealing. This is usually used for shortening long teeth, rounding off pointed teeth, or to simply make a smile follow the contour of the lower lip (which is more appealing). This procedure costs only $25 to $75 per tooth. The bonded-bridge procedure is used to replace missing teeth. The procedure usually involves taking out a small amount from teeth on either side of the missing tooth and then taking an impression or mold. From this, a bonded-bridge that can attach to the backs of the teeth on either side is made. There are resin-bonded bridges that do not fall out as easily, and there are metal bonded-bridges that are more expensive. Finally, people can get resin or tooth colored fillings.

Resin is used to fill small cavities or a chipped front tooth. Resin instead of porcelain veneers saves money as well as time, but resin needs to be replaced every so often. The final two things people can do in cosmetic dentistry are gum-lifts and braces. Gum-lifts remove gums in order to make teeth appear longer and eliminate a “gummy” smile. Uneven gum lines can make the teeth seem as though they are of different lengths that makes for an unattractive smile.

The procedure is relatively quick and painless. Braces are the last, and most common, way to get cosmetic dentistry. Braces are placed on the teeth and can straighten crooked teeth, help fix over-bites, and generally create a more appealing smile. Braces are very time consuming, and costly, but are a great option for children. Some adults do get braces, but most opt for faster, cheaper methods.

Braces run from $3,500 to $4,500, and require multiple visits to the orthodontist. Cosmetic dentistry has been described as not a science but rather an art. Cosmetic dentists use many different procedures in order to improve their patients’ smiles and overall confidence. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can be very costly, but yield great results. So, if someone has been unhappy with their smile for years, and does not know what to do, cosmetic dentistry may be the perfect option.

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3 powerful motivation tips for ripped abs

Can you see your self walking down the street at your favorite location looking and feeling great. Or as you stroll down the beach and you notice people glance over there shoulders to admire your beautiful ripped abs that belong to you. Feeling so confident in your self that your vacation seems perfect like a dream. You pinch yourself and realize that you have arrived. Everyone in this green earth would love to have six pack abs and be fully healthy. Can everyone archive this goal? Yes. We people where created for excellence so yes, anything is possible. Although some may find it difficult to reach personal goals, anything is possible if you have an optimistic and positive outlook on life. "Life is not fair" We can begin our day very positive, but by the end of the day if you are not fully focused of your objective and constantly thinking of your aspirations you can be a victim of procrastination.

We as humans tend to enjoy the path of least resistance. Justifying our excuses and having procrastinations of our objectives. Nobody said that being discipline was easy. As a matter of fact here are some examples of things we tell ourselves unconsciously that keeps us from hitting our goals: "I would love to workout, but I don't want to be sore for tomorrow's barbeque.", "I will have a free day this weekend therefore I will stuff my face with cookies and milk.", "I love the gym, I just don't have time to go anymore." The interesting thing is that we make ourselves believe such things. When in reality it is just bogus. The secret to success is not overworking but being in control of your thinking and outlooks in life. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or get in shape for bodybuilding competition, please under any circumstances don't let yourselves of any excuses. Here are some helpful mindsets that will help when you get back on track when you feel you are buying your excuses: One: Always tell your friends and family about your goals. Telling your acquaintances about your goals is great. Some will take you serious and some won't. But the reasoning behind this is that they can help you be on track. When you are genuine with people they respect that, and sometimes are willing to help you out. Two: Setting goals with a partner or friend. Often times having a workout partner or a dieting parter will make things better for everyone. Besides a little competition, a little encouragement from a workout buddy makes a huge difference. Pick someone that you enjoy being with and someone that you know will help you when you feel a bit down on your self. Friends are incredible at picking one up and making us feel great. Three: Writing down your aspirations and visions. Get a notepad right this moment, and jock down all of your goals and aspirations. On a piece of paper make a line down the middle. In one side have your "goals" and the other have "aspirations" example. Goal #1 Lose 10 pounds this month. Aspiration #1 Lose 10 pounds so I can buy a new pair of jeans, and so on. Make sure they are in detail and also try to make them very personable. Soon you wil develop these mental changes that will change your life forever subconsciously. Also Take note of the times you are at your lowest in energy and pull out your sheet and read those to you out loud. Might sound kind of weird but it works. Professional athletes do it everyday. Why not you? Getting in top shape is harder than it looks. It takes discipline and full commitment. Its rewards are priceless and the amount of confidence you get when you are watched or check out is amazing. Or even if you simply just want to live an incredible healthy lifestyle and carrying on that mindset to your family and kids, is absolutely worth it. Stay focused, stay in the fight and we will see you in the beaches of the world sporting your ripped abs.

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The benefits of meditation tips and techniques

Meditation is healthy, safe and affordable. In fact it’s free. The only expense you’ll have is a meditation mat, which isn’t especially necessary-at least from my experience. Meditation has been around for 5,000 years, and was originally a spiritual component of yoga. Through the years non-yogis adopted it, intuitively sensing and connecting the practice with greater peace of mind. Personally, I can’t say enough good things about meditation. Its use has rewarded me with less worry and much more energy. But I’ve never been one for anecdotal evidence. Let’s get to the science… Transcendental Meditation Recently, there’s an incredible amount of science tied into the benefits of meditation. The studies are endless and cover a variety of meditative practices. On Transcendental Meditation alone (mantra repetition) there are over 500 studies. Some are more noteworthy that others. A study in the Japanese Journal of Public Health found that through Transcendental Meditation, industrial workers sleep improved and their smoking decreased. Another study conducted at MERU Research Institute, in Buckinghamshire, England found that the length of time practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program correlated with younger biological age and younger functional age. Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness meditation, which asks us to focus on our breath to facilitate awareness of the present moment, is another widely studied meditation technique. After studying the effects of 8-weeks of mindfulness meditation on participants, a 2003 report in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine concluded: “A short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on brain and immune function.” Impressive, but fairly vague. To get a more committed response to the benefits of meditation we have to turn to Taiwan. In 2002 their journal Chang Gung Medicine reported that “training in MM may be a medically superior and cost-effective alternative to pain medication for the control of headaches with no underlying organic causes in highly motivated patients.” Stress Reduction and Meditation What causes these positive physical changes? To answer this, other research has looked at the specifics of what happens in the body during meditation. . Researchers at the Maharishi School of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, found that meditation has an enormous impact on stress reduction. When they examined a group who had meditated for four months they saw that they produced less of the stress hormone cortisol. They were therefore better able to adapt to stress in their lives, no matter what their circumstances were. Having balanced cortisol levels is essential to mental and emotional health. Notice I say balanced rather than none. We don’t want to completely eliminate cortisol. If we did we’d be dead. Even low cortisol levels can be dangerous. Not enough cortisol is the identifying trait of Addison’s disease. John F. Kennedy had this condition, which he denied passionately during his presidency. Yet during his term he regulated his levels through hydrocortisone (synthetic cortisol). The reverse of JFK’s condition is called Cushings Syndrome. The five most common and noticeable changes of this condition include; red face and puffy cheeks; excess fat surrounding the collar bones, muscle weakness, and hypertension. But we don’t have to have Cushing’s Syndrome to be damaged by extra cortisol. The changes we experience may be subtle variations of these. Plus, the changes caused by excess cortisol are age dependent. Young people may stop growing and teenagers can develop acne. The mature among us aren’t safe either. Since excess cortisol damages bone-tissue those over age 60 may develop fractures related to osteoporosis. So it’s evident that if we can regulate cortisol, especially through a natural process, we owe it to ourselves to try. Other Benefits of Meditation Regina Drueding, MD, is a meditation instructor at Life Circles in Utah, USA. She quotes the benefits of meditation as follows: “more energy, improved quality of sleep, decreased anxiety, lessened chronological aging, improved concentration, improved visual acuity, increased alertness and heightened immunity.” She writes: “Besides the benefits mentioned earlier, meditation results in improvement of hypertension, sleep disorders, headaches, heartrhythm disturbances, chronic pain – pain due to cancer, infertility and irritable bowel syndrome. Following meditation, mental and physical refreshment result – and benefits are cumulative with regular practice.” How to Meditate Meditation is both simple and complex. It’s like defining the color orange: When you see it you know it. Similarly, the experience of meditation is best, well…experienced. In an article in New View magazine, Shippensburg University’s Dr. C. George Boeree describes the basics of Buddhist meditation. In summary, the beginner’s technique is as follows: Sit or kneel comfortably. The hands are loose and open with the palms up, one atop the other and thumbs lightly touching. Head is upright. Eyes may be closed or open. If open they should focus on your hands or a spot nearby. Beginning meditators should count upwards to ten on each exhale. Breathe in a relaxed and natural way. Then begin again at one and repeat. Continue to breathe naturally. Continue for 15 minutes. In my personal experience, I don’t find that the specific length of time is as important as repetition and persistence. To paraphrase, 10 minutes daily beats 15 minutes once a week. This brings me to another point: We all have different personalities and as such, different meditation approaches suit some more than others. Thankfully there are many varieties of meditation. Some varieties have sub-varieties. Mindfulness meditation is one of these versatile practices. Perhaps it’s because its essence-awareness of the present moment-is so versatile. Mindfulness in our daily life can be practiced by slowing down and attending to our surroundings. What are our 5 senses telling us? We can use mindfulness in the middle of a hectic day, such as paying attention to our breathing when stopped at a traffic light. We can also use other everyday events as triggers for mindfulness. Buckling your seatbelt? Make this a reminder to return to the present. Really think about what you’re doing and the details of the experience. The more traditional may benefit from a more formal mindfulness practice. You may sit in the identical form as in traditional Buddhist meditation - on a chair or kneeling. However, you may also sit with your legs crossed. Your eyes are closed and your posture is both straight and relaxed while your head remains upright. Focus on your breath and allow mental chatter to float by without regard. Thoughts, emotions and sensations will come, but don’t be influenced by them. Keep focused on your breath. If you are getting involved with your thoughts don’t worry-your efforts aren’t destroyed. The key thing is to bring your attention back to breathing and continue. This can go on for 5 minutes to 5 hours. It’s up to you. Transcendental Meditation is another popular form of meditation. Generally, this type is practiced twice daily for a period of 15-20 minutes. Again, this technique involves sitting comfortably. Yet in contrast to basic Buddhist the eyes stay closed. Each student is given a mantra and is instructed to induce relaxation through use of this mantra. Since many of either can’t or won’t go to a formal TM class, a no-fail mantra I recommend is the classic OM. In The Heart of Yoga, T. K.V Desikachar writes that repetition of "OM" enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding. It is the shortest of the mantras, and is said to be suggestive of God. If you’re uncomfortable with the religious aspects of OM I suggest a word that has positive meaning for you, such as love, calm or peace. Calm is an ideal substitute, since vocally it resembles OM. Final Word You may never, ever choose to meditate. Yet if this is your choice it may be valuable to question why. For a long time I was reluctant because of images of the dropout hippie 60’s. Yet when I tried it the experience overcame my reservations. If you try it the same may happen to you. If it doesn’t you haven’t lost any money, and you’ve gained a new experience. Resources: Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Hay House Inc., 2003) The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh (Beacon Press, 1975)

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Buying a fishing rods

If you have an interest in fishing, there are many different types of rods on the market. Buying them can be overwhelming as you look at rows and rows of rods. But it’s important to remember that there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration before putting money on a rod. The first two things that you need to consider are what type of fishing will you be doing with the rod and how experienced are you? If this is going to be one of your first few times out fishing, you will probably want to choose a model that is specifically designed for beginners. Choose one that is easy to use, which is generally a spinning rod because they are easiest to use. You also want to consider what poundage you need your rod to be able to handle. This is when the type of fishing you will be doing comes into consideration. If you’re looking to catch pike or salmon, you’ll need something that can handle bigger fish. Whereas if you’re going to be fishing for trout, it will be best to look for a rod that is a little bit lighter and easier to handle. For smaller fish, you can also choose a smaller rod, about 4 Ѕ to 6 feet will work well. For larger fish and bait, you will most likely need a rod that is longer than 6 feet long to provide a larger capacity and give you more length for casting. Whichever type of rod you choose, you want to make sure that it fits comfortably in your hand. This might seem like a small factor but it can make all the difference when you have spent the day fishing. You want to make sure that it has a comfortable grip and that it fits in your hand nicely. And lastly, you want to test how flexible the rod is. To do this, simply make a casting motion with the rod and watch how easily the end moves.

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