When to buy aftermarket motorcycle parts

How do we know when to buy aftermarket motorcycle parts and when not to? This is a hard question. But to boot, we are the ones who will decide when shopping for motorcycle parts. Thus, we must know how to choose cleverly. We have to do it after evaluating each of the possibilities available. The rule of thumb though is this, if you are looking for a replacement or improvement part, you consider the availability of the motorcycle parts, second is your budget and other aspects about the purchase. Some riders are confused and perplexed in deciding whether to buy OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts. First, we have to know the difference between the two. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) parts do not necessarily mean Original Manufacturer (OM) parts. Riders might have noticed that many motorcycle manufacturers do not manufacture every part of their motorcycle. They usually have the motorcycle parts designed and manufactured by other independent companies. However, these motorcycle manufacturers install them in their machines or put them in their own packaging to be sold as OEM motorcycle parts. Aftermarket motorcycle parts on the other hand, are replacement parts that can perform as well as OEM parts. In addition, they can be of equal, higher or lesser quality with OEM parts. They are produced by companies other than the original manufacturer. Aftermarket motorcycle part is usually resorted to if it will be used as a replacement part or if you want to customize your bike. What are the things that you must consider before purchasing the same? First, make sure that your guarantee period is over. There are states that render your guarantee void if you have an aftermarket motorcycle part installed by an unauthorized mechanic. Based on my observations, high performance parts and devices such as carbon fiber, titanium, aerospace aluminum parts and gizmos, can be had as aftermarket motorcycle parts. Another valuable observation I got was that equivalent aftermarket Suzuki motorcycle parts are cheaper than OEM parts. In addition, they can slash down the price to 70% compared to OEM price. When you are buying aftermarket motorcycle parts, be sure you are getting at least the same quality as that of its OEM counterparts. You can do this by searching for current reviews about brands and performance. You can find some in the Internet. Moreover, you can consult your trusted mechanics and seasoned riders. Enjoy the new look!

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Popular cosmetic surgery procedures

Cosmetic Surgery is gaining popularity in the United States and all over the world. Cosmetic surgeons are practicing their trade with great frequency and the persons undergoing cosmetic surgery are normally quite happy with the results. There are many procedures that are categorized as “cosmetic surgery”. Here are several that are extremely popular: Liposuction – Also called lipoplasty or body sculpting, liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that removes pockets of fat from the body. These pockets of fat are hard to get rid of in most people. These problem areas, sometimes referred to as “love handles” and “saddle bags”, create a poor self body image. With liposuction, these areas of fat are literally sucked out through a small, practically painless incision. Symptoms that may occur after liposuction is performed are swelling, bruising, and sometimes pain or numbness around the incision site(s). In many instances, those having liposuction return to work after only a few days! An approximate cost for this cosmetic surgery is $2,000, but it varies greatly from area to area and is dependant on how much fat is to be removed. Breast Implants – Sometimes called breast enhancement or breast augmentation, this cosmetic surgery consists of sliding saline-filled bags between the chest muscles and the breast tissue. Many stay in bed for a couple days after having breast implants, but in most cases, those having this procedure can return to work in less than a week. No vigorous exercising should be done right after this surgery. An approximate cost for this cosmetic surgery is $3,000, but it varies greatly depending on the expertise of the surgeon and the location. “Nose job” – For this cosmetic surgical procedure, a surgeon reshapes the patient’s nose in any way desirable. It is done by removing the skin and completely changing the structure of the nose, including bone and cartilage. Most patients stay home and rest for at least a day or two, while bruising and swelling are worst for the first three days after surgery. The bruising will normally subside in about a week, but the swelling may be noticeable for several weeks. In most cases, the patient is back to their old self (with a completely new nose) within three weeks. An approximate cost for this cosmetic surgery is $4,000, but it varies greatly on the location and expertise of the surgeon. Facelift – As we age, the skin of the face tends to sag and fold. This type of cosmetic surgery takes the skin of the face and stretches it toward the scalp, tightening and smoothing it. Bruising and swelling is common after this procedure. The bruising can fade in around two weeks, while the swelling could last a bit longer. Numbness of the face is common, as well, and can last several weeks. For the first several days after a facelift, it is important to take it easy, rest and stay out of the sun. An approximate cost for this cosmetic surgery is $5,000, but can be more. Botox injections – This cosmetic procedure is used to smooth wrinkles and “frown lines” around the eyes. Botox injections paralyse the forehead muscles, so there will be less movement. Swelling, bruising and numbness are common after botox, but no recovery time is normally required. Most get the injections and are back to their daily routine immediately! A Botox cosmetic procedure needs to be repeated every 4 months or so, as the effects are not permanent. An approximate cost for this cosmetic procedure is $300-$400 per treatment, but can be more. Blepharoplasty – Better known as eyelid surgery, this cosmetic surgery reshapes the eyelids. Its purpose is to remove bagginess and tighten the loose skin around the eyelids. Swelling and bruising is normal, with the swelling going down after a week and the bruising fading after about ten days. Some side effects of this procedure are blurry vision, dry eyes or frequent tearing. An approximate cost for this cosmetic surgery is anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000, depending on location and the amount of reshaping the surgeon has to do. Although all of these procedures can be costly, they are worth the investment if you are unhappy with aspects of your appearance. One may be right for you. Ask your doctor about cosmetic surgery today!

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Why party hats are great news for partygoers

The must-have accessories comprise everything from sheriff's stars to bandanas, but the most significant and well known is the cowboy party hat. There are numerous more kinds of hats. There are many other hats that are also very popular, particularly funny hats such as the Jester Hat or the Stovepipe Hat. They more often than not get lots of laughs from friends and family. The Jester hat is very colorful and playful and can come with those fun little bells on the tips of it. Those who wear these hats will be heads and shoulders above the crowds and will guarantee to stand out. What better place to demonstrate your best costume accessory -- the cowboy hat -- than at a Wild West Theme Party. The variety of cowboy hats in various shapes, colors and materials makes for interesting viewing in photographs taken at these events and parties. When it comes to parties on the beach, bikinis and cowboy hats seem to be the present preferred choice. Kids aren't absent out of this fashion churn. There is a great collection of children's cowboy party hats available at online party stores across the UK. If the guests can put it on their heads and it looks fun then it becomes a party hat!. You'll find that there are all kinds, even a rubber chicken hat, accessible to purchase for your next party from plenty of trusted online suppliers. Western themed parties are gaining status among kids of all ages. Casual and fun, they're the ideal way to celebrate a birthday or welcome the launch of summer party or birthday celebration.. Western parties can be considered with both boys and girls in mind, offering a little incredible fun to everyone and a chance for your child to invite all of his or her preferred classmates. You will find there are a variety of types of crazy hats that the community like to wear. While most of these hats intended for occasions where you will need to brave the elements there are others that you can wear for fun. One type of hat that you can wear for fun is that of crazy hats. At this point you are probably saying that only kids like wearing clothes and crazy hats that make them look silly. You would then find that you are wrong as there are plenty of adults who will wear these crazy hats especially at costume parties, Halloween parties and just for fun to please their kids. To find the diverse crazy hats you can look for sources that will provide you with this help especially online as they are many specialist suppliers who can offer a huge range and fast delivery. Whatever hat you choose with all these points considered it is sure to be a fun party with plenty of great photos and stories to tell.

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10 ways to develop your latent leader

latent (adj.) – Not visible or apparent, but capable of developing or being expressed; dormant. Everyone has leadership qualities. The visible difference lies in the degree those qualities are developed. Each individual chooses their own path and determines to what degree skills are developed and how those skills or qualities will be expressed. There are born leaders, but even those people evolve their approach to leadership over time. Leadership skills are valuable in every crack and crevice of life.

You could be the most successful person in your field and you will still face an endless stream of problems and situations that require you to seek new and innovative strategies for dealing with them. A leader approaches problem-solving with an eye on the future. Whether you’re leading yourself, your family, or a vast enterprise, it is important to develop the skills necessary to move forward with confidence. I have included here what I consider to be the Top 10 Ways to Develop Your Latent Leader. 1. Know your purpose. Everyone has a unique purpose in life. Too often, people settle for what life brings them rather than creating the life of their dreams. You can design your life around purpose if you have a clear vision of what that purpose is and where you are headed by pursuing it. No matter what your current situation, there is a way to bring it purpose and meaning, building from there. 2. Commit to goals. With a clear vision and purpose, goals can be established that provide the road map to be used when implementing plans. There will be regular forks in the road presented to help you refine your vision and goals. Unless you have your road map ready to refer to, there is a good chance you will continually end up in the weeds trying to find your way back to the path of choice. 3. Manage your reputation. Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets. Effectively managing that reputation requires an understanding of how the reputation was built and how it is best maintained or enhanced. The effective leader sets an example to follow and that contributes to their reputation. Your reputation can be parlayed into tremendous success if it is managed and used wisely. 4. Open-minded. Leaders know that they don’t have all the answers. In the book by Jim Collins “Good to Great”, the first quality demonstrated by leaders of the most successful companies in the study was humility. These leaders were open to suggestions and knew that their success was dependent on a group effort. To have sustained success, you have to be open to all possibilities. 5. Continuous improvement/innovation. Along the same lines, leaders are in a never-ending cycle of improving themselves and whatever they touch. They read the latest material in their field of study expanding their territory in whatever ways they’re lead; provide a wealth of information as a resource for others; are continually educating themselves; and seek innovative ways to expand their horizons. 6. Demonstrate collaborative problem-solving. The master-mind experience can be very powerful. The process of collaboration transcends the concept of “two heads are better than one”. When a leader begins to employ the ideas of people outside of their familiar decision-making track, innovation becomes commonplace. Collaboration can be applied in every area of life. 7. Grow other leaders. The best way to develop leadership skills is to teach others to be leaders. It is easy to get bogged down in daily activities and inhibit your own growth and the growth of those you lead. When a person begins to develop their latent leader, there is a change in their thought process. It is no longer enough to just get the job done – it must be done right with awareness of consequences. 8. Be decisive. As a leader, others will look to you for direction. You must weigh your options using the resources you have to work with and make the best decision. Sure you will make mistakes and, in hindsight, see that a different decision might have produced better results. Remember that there is tremendous value in those errors in judgment as long as you take the time to learn from them. 9. Learn from mistakes. The leader takes responsibility for mistakes made. Period! Mistakes are an enormous investment of resources and should be used for all of their value. If you take mistakes seriously, spending the time necessary to determine the root cause that created the opportunity for the mistake to be made, you have turned a costly mistake into a potential gold mine. This is where innovation lives. 10. Realize your full potential. In every individual there are untapped resources. The human potential has only scratched the surface. Each of us has a “sweet spot” where the lines between work and play merge. We have bordered on genius. Our job is to design life so that we spend increasing amounts of our time in excellence. The leader accepts nothing less than the best from themselves and others. Leadership styles are as varied as the leaders that employ them. In order to begin to develop your latent leader, start anywhere on this list. Determine how you might use a new or different approach to a situation or problem you’re facing. Once you have experienced a bit of success, it will get easier to use a more innovative and creative approach to problem-solving. The leader will no longer be latent!

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Mortgage debt elimination 7 things you must know

The prospect of mortgage debt elimination is something that many Americans are dealing with today. If you are concerned about your current debt situation, constantly trying to eliminate debt from your life, you are not alone. In fact, over half of all American households have trouble meeting their minimum monthly obligations, driving them further and further into debt. Only apply for the loan when you are ready. Refinance your current home mortgage. If current mortgage rates are below the rate you are now paying take advantage of the lower monthly mortgage payment. Mortgage loans will be secured by your house. Secured debts usually are tied to an asset, like your house for a mortgage. If you stop making payments, lenders can foreclose on your house. Unsecured debts are not tied to any asset, and include most credit card debt, bills for medical care, signature loans, and debts for other types of services.

Morgage Debt Elimination shows that if you fall behind on your mortgage, you must contact your lender immediately to avoid foreclosure, dont wait 2 or 3 months. Most lenders are willing to work with you if they believe you're acting in good faith and the situation is temporary, please tell the truth. Some lenders may reduce or suspend your payments for a short time, mortgage debt elimination shows you that when you resume regular payments, you will only have to pay an small additional amount toward the past due total. Other lenders may agree to change the terms of the mortgage by extending the repayment period to reduce the monthly debt. Ask whether additional fees would be assessed for these changes, and calculate how much they total in the long term. If you and your lender cannot work out a plan, contact a housing counseling agency. Some agencies limit their counseling services to homeowners with FHA mortgages, but many offer free mortgage debt advice to any homeowner who's having trouble making mortgage payments. If your financial problems stem from too much debt or your inability to repay your debts, a credit counseling agency may recommend that you enroll in a debt managements plan (DMP). A DMP alone is not credit counseling, and are not for everyone. Call the local office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development or the housing authority in your state, city, or county for help in finding a legitimate housing counseling agency near you.

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The weaker sex can pack a mean business punch too

Judging from the title itself, you’re probably expecting a men-bashing article about the kind of injustice that men cause women and about how women should learn how to hold their can of pepper spray in hand (facing the right direction, of course, unless the women plan to blind themselves) the moment they catch a whiff of a MAN. Well….er, no. Not really. I am here to explain and give some good examples of why and how women can do what they want to do in business and reap full benefits of the structure that they have chosen to adopt. I want to encourage them and tell them that women can make good business owners. Women in business are better in dealing with people, i. e, business will be better simply because of the fact that women have higher levels of emotional intelligence (EI or EQ). What does emotional intelligence have to do with business? A whole lot, if you ask me. Let’s, first, define emotional intelligence in the business context, shall we? EQ is defined quite loosely as ‘social skills and ambition or self/personal strength’. If a person have high EQ, he or she (staying safely on the fence for now, until conclusion) is better able to deal with problems at work, better at finding solutions, is better able at controlling emotions and regaining strength after a down fall. They can communicate better with others, winning them brownie points easily, in terms of bringing in the business. It seems that a person with high EQ (man or woman) is 67% more likely to be successful in business. And considering the fact that women, generally speaking, have higher EQs, we can safely say that they are better as business people. In order to be successful in business, you need 1/3 of IQ, 1/3 of social skills and 1/3 of drive and ambition. And here’s another reason why I think women are better business people. According to the Millionaire Mind, ‘being honest with people’ and ‘getting along with people’ is ranked #1 and #3 as the needed ingredients for becoming a millionaire. And isn’t it a coincidence that women have both these skills as naturally as they come. Don’t believe me? Think about it. Being honest with people. “That client is such a bitch. I don’t want to do business with her” and “Sweetheart, stop messing with my kitchen”. Getting along with people: “Did you know that Sarah just had an abortion and then she was dumped by that godawful man who has a tattoo on his behind? Imagine that…and did you know that……blah blah blah”. Now, that’s what’s called getting along with people. Ok, there’s something else that you may want to look at if you’re still not convinced. How about this? SQ stands for social skills and since social skills make up for 1/3 of the ingredient of being successful in business, get this. Women score an average of 103 for SQ as compared to males who got an average of 96. So, women are better at social skills and emotional intelligence and viola! We have already won 2/3 of the battle. Conclusion Let me repair some of the damage that I may have done with this article now. Men have better IQs. This article was prompted by an email from a friend who started a cake-baking business from home. She quit her job of 8 years after she had her first child and decided to start the business from home, hoping that it could get her the kind of income she had when she was in the corporate world. Within 3 months after starting the business, she was still making loses. And despite the countless emails from me (of course, I persuaded her to stick with it), she decided to quit her business and rejoin the work force because there was stability. In her email, she also mentioned that she (and women, in general) is just not made for the business world. She said she will rather get the monthly check instead of wondering whether there’s any business tomorrow, the next day, the next week, the next month! And because she felt so discouraged, I decided to write this article to prove to her that women can really pack a business punch – but only if they stick with it and persist. The reason why she gave up her business – she lacked ambition.

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Fuel efficient ford cars the new trend

With gas prices soaring straight into oblivion, automobile customers and the rest of the auto market are looking for vehicles that would save their pockets from getting into trouble. Studies and research have found out that the numbers are showing that customers are leaning towards those vehicles that would assure them that they would not have to spend much on gas. The market is actually looking for vehicles with smaller engines. This is because with smaller engines, owners would not need to have to refuel much for these types of engines only consumes a little amount of gas. This is actually a trend that has been seen in the sales of two Ford Motor Company vehicles – Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan. According to the sales of both vehicles, starting January up until the middle of May this year, the sales of these vehicles that held four-cylinder models almost doubled. In fact, sales for both have taken more than 20 per cent of all Ford vehicles’ sales. George Pipas, the manager of Ford’s Sales Analysis, states, “Along with the Fusion and Milan, the increase also includes Focus and Escape. Clearly, higher gas prices are increasing consumer demand to look at more fuel-efficient vehicles and powertrains.” Indeed, the whole analysis shows that the auto market is now turning towards vehicles that are more efficient when it comes to fuel mileage. Of course, it also shows that people are becoming concerned and are becoming greatly affected by the whole gas price surge. Pipas adds, “For February of this year, the Fusion’s rate for the I4 was 41 percent, meaning that 59 percent of Fusion sales were for models with a V6. In March, the four-cylinder rate rose to 47 percent, and in April the rate jumped to 53 percent.”

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Tips to shopping for a computer chair

If you spend any significant amount of time sitting at the computer, you are going to need a good computer chair. With so many to choose from, the selection process can be quite daunting. In an effort to help ease the process, this article offers the following valuable tips to selecting a quality computer chair that will fit your every need. A quality computer chair will offer some type of cushioning for your comfort. If you spend hours sitting in a char with little or no padding, you will know why it is important when you stand up. Always look for a computer chair that is comfortable when you sit and easy to get in and out of. Individuals vary in their personal taste for features, but many prefer that their computer chair also have cushioned arm rests. This will make time spent at the desk even more comfortable when you need to rest your arms as opposed to having them dangle from the side of your chair. Another popular feature found in a quality computer chair is that of adjustable height. This just makes good sense for the obvious reasons, but especially if you are not the only one using the computer chair in your home or office. When it comes to selecting a computer chair, the cost may play a large factor. While we all appreciate the value of a hard earned dollar, you truly will get what you pay for when it comes to finding a quality computer chair. When shopping, take into consideration the amount of time you will spend using the product and how it’s comfort will benefit you. This will help you to decide whether or not the price is right. If you are going to start a home based business, you will need to have a home office. This should be a special room in your home that is separate from any other so that you will not be distracted. The essential parts of any office are a desk, comfortable chair, a computer, printer, scanner, fax machine, telephone and some paper and a pen. As you progress in your business, you may need to add a filing cabinet or other organizational unit but, for now, the basics will help to show you how to start a home based business. Of all these items, the only one that will have a real impact on your comfort level is that of the computer chair. It may only be a small piece of furniture in your home, but it’s impact can be large if you choose wrongly.

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Consolidate debt with home equity as security

: In these days, hard to find a person with zero debt and most people have more than one debt. You may have high interest credit card debts, loans and mortgages. If every month you find hardship to clear the needed repayment or you need to borrow from someone else in order to meet the monthly repayment, which is yet creates another debt, you are having financial difficulties. These are the signs of financial crisis and you need to react fast to find a solution to handle your debts in order for you to prevent trapping into financial crisis. One of the solutions for this problem is debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is simply the process of combining all accumulated debt from all the various creditors into one smaller, more manageable payment. If you own a home, you can get a debt consolidation home equity loan. With your home as the collateral, you could apply for a home equity loan and consolidate all your debts into one inexpensive and affordable monthly payment with low interest rate.

A debt consolidation home equity loan is a secured loan where your property will be security against the loan. These home equity loan in general will have much lower interest rate and it has various repayment period to choose from. You can choose the package with repayment period that have monthly payment that meet your financial affordability so it won't burden you. The lender will have a lien on your house until you pay off the home equity loan in full and because of this, the equity loan is easy to be approved. While you will continue to own your home as loan collateral, the debt consolidation loan will keep the creditors away and keep you out of bankruptcy.

Using your home as collateral to get the debt consolidation home equity loan is a security to the lender. But you need to aware that at any time if you can't afford to make payment to your home equity loan, you may lose you home. Hence, after consolidate your debt with the home equity loan, the first thing you need to do is to control your current and future expenses especially your credit cards, it is advisable that you don't use any of them in times of temptation. This is because once you consolidate all your debts with home equity loan, you credit cards will back the maximum credit allowance for you to swipe again and if you continue using it without a control, it will thereby increasing your debt again and put you right back into the hot water. Beside the low interest rate, longer repayment period and easier to be approved, a home equity loan is tax deductible.

Normally, if you add your first mortgage to a new debt consolidation loan, and the total does not exceed 100% of the appraised value of your property, the interest you pay will be fully deductible. You can consult a tax consultant for further information on this matter. In Summary Don't let your high interest debts drag you into financial crisis. If you own a home, you may utilize the benefit of a home equity loan and consolidate all you debts into one smaller and more manageable payment under this home equity loan.

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Understanding ebay s vero program

‘VeRO’? What on Earth is that? Well, it’s a very scary eBay program that can get your auctions shut down, that’s what it is. VeRO stands for ‘Verified Rights Owner’. It is the eBay policy that deals with complaints about your auctions from companies who own copyrights, patents or trademarks on the items you are selling. Unfortunately, it is often abused to remove items from eBay that are perfectly legitimate to resell, simply because the copyright owner doesn’t want people getting their hands on them. If the copyright of something you’re selling is owned by one of eBay’s 5,000 verified rights owners, be prepared for trouble. eBay have given these companies the right to remove any auction from eBay that they see fit, and, say eBay, “eBay cannot require the rights owner to provide you with the exact reason of the request to remove your listing”. Worse, eBay may even suspend your account, or give your real-world contact details to the company in question. Why Do eBay Do This? Basically, they do it to avoid getting sued, or even getting threatened with being sued. There is a law called the DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) that means that eBay must either take these auctions down when it asked to or take full responsibility for them from that point on. eBay doesn’t want to take any responsibility for your auctions. It’s not worth worrying too much about it – 99% of the VeRO program is aimed at stopping fake brand-name goods or pirated media being sold through eBay. Big companies also seem to get quite upset when eBay sellers take the company’s ad copy, logos or professional pictures and use them for selling on eBay. If you’d like to take a slightly patronising quiz about copyright to help you understand eBay’s policy, go here: http://pages. ebay. com/help/tutorial/verotutorial/intro2.html. So Who Are These Companies? There’s a complete list available here: http://pages. ebay. com/help/community/vero-aboutme. html. This list includes everything from the Microsoft and Adobe to Chanel and Nike, not to mention the RIAA (recording industry association) and MPAA (motion picture association). Most of the companies, understandably, deal in software, media or fashion. eBay Say I Violated VeRO and I Want to Appeal. Use the link at the bottom of this page: http://pages. ebay. com/help/confidence/vero-removed-listing. html. That’ll get you to eBay’s VeRO Seller Appeal Form, where you can put your case to them directly. You are supposed to take it up with the company that complained about you first, however – and sometimes you might find that they just back down, which makes the whole thing a lot easier. If you have no luck getting any response from eBay by email, it’s not really worth trying to phone them – you’ll find they’re most responsive if you use the ‘Live Chat’ feature or write them an actual, real-paper letter. You’re best off being nice to eBay: they have absolutely no obligation, after all, to ever let you sell anything at all. On a happier note, have you ever heard of eBay Anything Points? No? Well, you’re not alone. The next email will explain what these little-used points can do for you.

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SafeHarbor; eBay's Own Scotland Yard. SafeHarbor are the eBay police department. If you break the rules, commit fraud or try to buy something you're not supposed to, they'll be after you. When You Don't Pay. This is the most common rule buyers break - it's all too easy to just change your mind and try to get out of the auction. eBay regards every auction as a contract, and will punish you if you don't go through with your end of the deal. If you decide not to pay then expect to get a few nasty warning emails from eBay threatening you with banning if you do it again. Not to mention, of course, that you'll get a big negative 'DID NOT PAY' feedback comment from the seller. So There Are Things You Can't Buy on eBay? Yes, there are: more things than you'd expect. It makes sense that you can't buy firearms, for example, but you also can't buy fireworks - eBay are worried about the risks of sending them in the post. Laws in many countries mean that you can't buy alcohol or tobacco. You can't buy illegal or prescription drugs, stocks and shares, or lottery tickets. No underwear, either. You can't buy any little pet puppies or kittens, as animals are banned. If items infringe on copyright, like pirate CDs or software, then they're not allowed either. eBay's policy is controversial, not least because it is somewhat random in its enforcement - and there have been accusations that they're more responsive to the copyright concerns of big businesses than to auctions for items that might actually be dangerous. If they do decide to go after you or the seller, though, they will cancel the auction and may also suspend your accounts. Fraud. eBay runs remarkably well considering how unregulated it is, but there are still fraudsters. If you are a victim of fraud - for example, you pay for an item that never turns up - then SafeHarbor will investigate for you. eBay's standard purchase protection will give you up to $200 back if your claim is successful. Be aware, though, that this can take a few months. In addition, if you paid by PayPal, then they can usually reverse the transaction relatively easily and get you more (if not all) of your money back. This is another reason why many buyers prefer to use PayPal. Some sellers are a little scared of the effectiveness of the refund system, as they can send out items in good faith only to find that their buyer was fraudulent and the transaction has been reversed. If you're worried about fraud, as a buyer, you should always use PayPal. What's that? You don't know how to use PayPal? Well, luckily for you, the next article is all about using PayPal to improve your eBay life.

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Having mascots

Having Mascots, Minglers, Entertainers At Your Next Event - How To Find & Work With Them Planning a great party does not have to be that hard. All you really have to do is find a way to make your event great. You will find that when you get the great ideas to make your party special, you will get an over whelming response to the event and it will be a great time that is had by all. One of the best ways to make a great event even better is to have some kind of great entertainment. You will want to find someone to come to your party and make it great. You can get any type of entertainer that you would like and it will be a great addition to your party. You should think about the type of party you are having. Who will be the guests and what type of party is it going to be? These are things that you will want to think about so that you can make the most of the great time. You will want to bring out someone that will entertain all of your party goes and keep them interested in the event. If you are looking for an entertainer to come to your party, you can check out the phone book. There are plenty of party entertainers that are listed there to help you. You will see that there are plenty of different options and you will need to choose the ones that will give the crowd a great night of fun. You can get comedians, musicians, and even guest speakers. No matter what type of entertainer you decide to get, you will be able to hire someone to help you keep everyone there and having a great time. If you do not want to hire an entertainer, you may want to find a mingler to get the party going. You will see that a mingler will keep the people talking and keeping them moving. They will be able to talk to the guests at different times and getting the guests ready for a night of entertainment. The mingler will be great for you so that you have time to sit and relax at your own party. You will of course want to talk to the guests and make them feel welcome as well as having some time out for yourself. One great idea to have at your next event is to have someone to keep the crowed entertained and get them involved in the fun. You can have an entertainer that will bring the crowd up on stage and keep them involved. This is something that you can do easily and with little time and expense involved. You can usually find these people in the phone book or you can go online and find the help that you are looking for. You can even work with your entertainer and bring more fun to the party. You can be a helper or get someone from the crowd to help as well. Either way, you will see that when you are able to get the guests having fun, you will be setting the stage for a successful party that will be a great time and memory for everyone. This is a great opportunity and one that you should do any time you want to make your next event the most that it can be. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your friends happy. You want them to talk about your event for many years to come and the best way to do that is to keep it interesting and exciting.

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Understanding escrow

: When we talk about escrow as it relates to mortgages and real estate we are actually talking about two different topics that concern home buyers: the closing of the sale on a house (referred to as escrow) and the mortgage escrow account (a fund set aside for on-going expenses while the lender holds the note on your house). Let's take a brief look at both of these concepts so you can be better prepared when you decide to buy your first home and take on a mortgage. Escrow Buying a house is not a simple procedure. With very few exceptions, it will be the largest financial decision you will ever make and will mean that you have an obligation to your lender for many years to come to pay down your mortgage note. It is important that when you purchase a house that certain procedures, rules and paperwork be followed and signed. In almost all real estate transactions you will be dealing with a neutral third-party called the escrow holder (or escrow agent). The purpose of the escrow holder is to make sure that everything is in order so that all parties involved follow the rules and are protected. An escrow holder will make sure that all documents are received and filed.

They will also insure that all stipulations in the buying and selling agreement are met before the sale of the home is finalized. They will request a title search to make sure the home is free and clear of any liens. They are in charge of receiving the funds from the buyer and releasing them to the seller only when the sale has been finalized. An escrow agent will never give advice to either party.

They are to remain neutral. If you suspect that your escrow agent is not being neutral you should immediately inform your mortgage lender and realtor. They also will not offer tax advice or opinions on your mortgage. Again, they are there to make sure all the t's are crossed and I's are dotted - they are not there to get involved personally in any way. Escrow AccountThe second topic is escrow accounts. You can think of these as "home bank account" in some ways, even though it is not a typical bank account.

Escrow accounts are used to fund certain on-going payments that must be made over the life of the loan. Such items that have on-going payments include property taxes, insurance and mortgage insurance. Escrow accounts are usually partially funded at closing and then a certain amount from each month's mortgage payment is directed to the escrow account. When items come due, the escrow account is used to make payments on behalf of the mortgage holder. It is important to note that not all mortgages have escrow accounts. If they are needed for your loan they will be disclosed to you when your mortgage lender prepares the documents and terms of your loan.

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Cheap healthy foods watch your weight and your budget

A major issue for those who are trying to create a healthy lifestyle is the cost of healthy food. There are many products on the shelves of your local grocery store that are healthy, but most of them have a larger price tag than the unhealthy, high-fat foods. There are options. If you shop wisely, you can eat healthier than you ever have before and decrease your grocery bill at the same time. Nutritious eating doesn't need to be expensive. Less Junk = More Savings: In choosing healthy foods, keep in mind that you will automatically be spending less than before due to the absence of junk foods that you may normally purchase such as soft drinks, sugary snacks, and high fat meats. Less Waste = Less Waiste: Healthy eating is not just eliminating certain foods from your diet; it is replacing them with healthy foods. And, if weight control is your goal, you will also be reducing your portion sizes, which will mean less money spent on each meal. Less Meat, More Veggies: Reducing the amount of meat you eat and replacing it with vegetables is a great way to save money. Fresh vegetables are not nearly as expensive as meat or poultry and your body will thank you for it. Salad is another cheap, healthy food. The pre-packaged salads will cost a bit more than if you purchase the lettuce and other vegetables separately and prepare the salad yourself. Frugal Fruit: Fruit can be a somewhat expensive, but if you purchase canned fruits in low-sugar syrup or water, you will pay relatively little in comparison to fresh fruit. Apples and oranges are inexpensive compared to some other fruits and you can often find sales that will further reduce your expenses. Beans and Rice are Nice: Legumes and rice are very inexpensive and you can use either or both of these to replace meat several times per week. Save on Meat: Canned fish costs considerably less than fresh fish and still contains most of the nutrients. Canned tuna and salmon are very cheap and are very low in fat and calories if you choose the varieties packed in water rather than oil. Chicken is less expensive if you purchase a whole chicken and remove the skin yourself before cooking. Healthy food does not have to be expensive. You can purchase cheap healthy foods and not only eliminate unhealthy fat and calories, but you can actually save money if you shop wisely.

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HERB GARDENING Herbs have been around since time immemorial and served different kinds of purposes. They have been used to treat illness and flavour cooking; they were even believed to have magical powers. Do you want to have your own herb garden? Here are a few ideas on how to establish an herb garden. Plan your garden. Consider the herbs you want to plant. Think about their types. Would you like annuals, biennials or perennials? How much space will they occupy in your garden? If you want, you can purchase a book that can give you the right information on what specific plants you are planning to grow. List or draw your garden on paper first. Separate the annuals from the perennials so when the time comes that you have to pull out the annuals, you won't be disturbing the perennials. Perennials can be planted on the edge of your garden so when it is time to till your garden they won't be in danger of getting dug up. Another thing to remember is that you have to plant the tall ones at the back and the shorter ones in front. Also, provide your plants with enough space to grow. Proper position shall help you in this area. If you would rather keep herbs out of your garden (and some are quite invasive) you could have herb pots. These are large containers with three or more outlets for the herbs. Fill the pot up to the first outlet and plant it before continuing on with the filling and planting process. Usually, the herb that requires the most water is planted in the bottom hole, while the variety that requires the least, goes in the highest hole. Some Design Ideas You can consider having a square herb bed. You can have your square bed divided into four by two paths crossing at mid point measuring 3 feet. You can border it with stone or brick. A wooden ladder may also do the trick. You can lay it down on your garden and plant your herbs between its rungs. You can also choose to have a wagon wheel bed. Planting here is like planting with the wooden ladders. Plant your herbs in between the wagon wheel's wedges. Get Your Plants Growing Of course, different plants have different needs, but many of them require alkaline soil. This is the reason why you have to determine the herbs you want to plant in the planning stage. This can more or less help you find out how you should care for your plants. If you germinate your herbs from seeds, remember to follow the directions on the packet for soil, watering and temperature. Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. You just have to provide them with an effective drainage, sunlight, enough humidity or moisture and fertile soil. Even with just minimally meeting these requirements they will be bound produce a good harvest.

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Distilled water could increase your energy and health

What makes up 70-80% of our planet? Water. What makes up 70-80% of our body? That's right, water. Water is the single most important nutrient you will give your body apart from oxygen. Water rejuvenates us and carries vital nutrients all round the body where it's needed. Water picks up all the leftovers, wastes and debris that the cells throw off into the lymph system and transport them out of the body via the channels of elimination.

So when you drink more water it has the double combination of feeding your body and clearing you of all the waste products that were built up in your system. Your brain needs water, and plenty of it. Without water, your brain will operate worn out, tired and sluggish. Water is the ultimate gift to give yourself to think with clarity. In addition, water acts as a kind of healthy lubricant moistening tissues and joints. When you drink, you want to avoid tap water. Tap water is more like a dazzling mix of chemicals. It contains fluoride, chlorine, and many others. The amount of chemicals in water will fill up books - it's more like a chemical soup. The evidence that fluoride is poisonous is so overwhelming that it's being pushed to be banned in many countries by action groups.

The thirst mechanism when having been turned off for a prolonged period is often mistaken for hunger. As you drink more water your thirst mechanism will return to its natural state. Not only will you begin to feel thirsty when you need water again, but your appetite will decrease. This brings us to the next big thing you need to understand about water.

If I asked you the difference between inorganic and organic minerals, chances are you couldn't tell me, right? Well let’s briefly explain the difference. It's a simple difference. Organic minerals come from plants; inorganic minerals come from rocks and volcanic sources. Organic minerals can be broken down by the body. Inorganic minerals are not used by the body and are stored until suitable water can come and carry them out. Organic minerals can be broken down by the body, while inorganic cannot. One is derived from natural plant life; one is derived from rocks, filings and small pieces of grit. Which one makes more sense to use? It’s better to get your plant minerals through the food you eat rather than the inorganic form in water. Bottled water is often taken, tested and found to have bacteria and very often isn't rated much better than tap water. Do you know the best water to use? The best water to use is the same water you use in your iron. The purest water in the world is distilled water. It's as pure as rainwater should be if our atmosphere wasn’t polluted. If you haven't yet heard that 70% of the world's population is dehydrated - you will soon, as the UN push to get proper water supply to people in the third world. The second best method of filtering is a type of filtering called "reverse osmosis". Unfortunately the standard bench top filter isn’t enough. Most of the nasty contaminants in our water simply don't have a taste. Some people feel it's a case of out of sight out of mind. This may work for things people think, yet when it comes to your body, the life of your children, the health of those you care about and the line between getting cancer and surviving it's far short of acceptable. The opportunity for energy, for vitality, for a quality of life is only known to a select few who choose to raise their standards and take action to apply what they know. New discoveries are being made all the time as new research comes out of the United States, out of Germany, and out of Australia and other countries. How does this apply to me you may ask? Well, these contaminants can kill you. Is this a reason to get upset? No, it’s simply an action signal to act smarter. The best bit is when you’re drinking absolutely pure distilled water it is so much easier to drink. It's so easy to refreshingly flood your body with purity that will flush out chemicals, clear out the lymph system and contribute to expelling excess weight in the body. Distilled water is so easy to drink and be absorbed by your body without having to flush out the other nasties first that many people report who were struggling to drink half a litre of water a day, are now drinking 4 litres a day and up, with ease! If you can’t get distilled water, reverse osmosis filtered or table water is the next best option. Many people in third world countries don't have access to a clean water supply. We in developed countries have currently almost unlimited access to clean water. My suggestion to you is to use it!

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Die mutter und der muttertag

Bald ist es wieder so weit, der Muttertag steht vor der Tьr und jeder Ehemann oder Kind stellt sich die Frage, was soll ich meine Mutter-Ehefrau denn kaufen gehen? Denn Muttertag ist der Tag, an dem man endlich der Mutter "Danke" sagen kann, mit einem Kuss, einem Lдcheln und einem kleinem Geschenk. Der Muttertag ist ein Feiertag zu Ehren der Mutter und der Mutterschaft. Jeden zweiten Sonntag im Mai wird in Deutschland die Mutter geehrt und gefeiert. Dieses Jahr findet der Muttertag am 11. Mai 2008 statt, am Pfingstsonntag. Viele glauben bis heute, dass der Muttertag eine Erfindung des dritten Reiches sei, dies stimmt aber nicht. Ja, Hitler hat ebenfalls die Mutter geehrt und ihnen eine wichtige Position in der Gesellschaft zugewiesen, aber die Feierlichkeit der Mutterschaft war schon den alten Rцmer und Griechen bekannt. Auch sie wussten die Mьtter zu schдtzen und zu ehren. Schon in England wurde im 13. Jahrhundert der Sonntag Laetare den sog. Mothering Day gefeiert. Napoleon machte ebenfalls einen Versuch, einen so genannten Muttertag einzufьhren, doch dies kam nie zu Stande.

Heute wird Muttertag nicht nur in Deutschland gefeiert, sondern in fast jeder Kultur, in fast jedem Land in fast jeder Religion. Ein Tag im Jahr wird die Mutter befeiert. Generell in europдischen Gesellschaften und westlichen Kulturen wurden und werden die Mьtter durch einen Muttertag geehrt. So wird in Bolivien und in Dominikanische Republik die Mutter am 27. Mai geehrt, in Indonesien erst am 22. Dezember. Auch in Israel wird die Mutter am 30, Tag des Monats Schevat (meist im Februar, siehe Jьdischer Kalender) gefeiert. In vielen arabischen Lдndern wie Libanon, Дgypten oder Marokko findet der Muttertag am 21. Mдrz statt. Doch die meisten westlichen Lдnder haben den Muttertag auf den zweiten Sonntag des Monats Mai festgelegt, so unter anderem auch Australien, Belgien, Brasilien, China, Dдnemark, Deutschland, Estland, Finnland, Griechenland, Italien, Japan, Kanada, Liechtenstein, Niederlande, Neuseeland, Цsterreich, Peru, Schweiz, Taiwan, Tьrkei, USA und Venezuela. Dass der Muttertag jedoch als nationaler Feiertag anerkannt wurde, das ist nicht so lange her. Zum ersten Mal wurde der Muttertag 1914 in den USA als nationaler Feiertag begangen. Auch England ьbernahm den mothering day 1914 und sollte von hier aus diesen feierlichen Brauch in ganz Europa ausbreiten.

Muttertag verbreitete sich als nationaler Feiertag 1917 in der Schweiz, 1918 in Norwegen, 1919 in Schweden, in Deutschland seit 1922 und 1924 in Цsterreich. Doch wie sieht den nun dieser besondere nationale Feiertag "Muttertag" aus? Zu meist kaufen Kinder ihren Mьttern und Ehemдnner ihren Frauen ein Geschenk oder versuchen mit der Mutter einen besonderen Tag zu erleben. Am Muttertag muss sich alles um die Mutter drehen. Das klassischste Geschenk ist der BlumenstrauЯ. Der Trend der Blumen ist und bleibt bestand und erbringt den Blumengeschдfte hohe Einkommen. So werden in der Muttertagswoche bis zu 130 Millionen Euro Umsatz mit Schnittblumen gemacht. Aber auch Sachgeschenken werden oft und gerne verschenkt. Im Durchschnitt gibt ein jeder Deutsche um die 25 Euro fьr Muttertagsgeschenke aus. Besonders gerne gehen Ehemдnner ins Restaurant aus essen. Oft wird der Muttertag unter Familie groЯ gefeiert, wobei die Mutter immer die Hauptperson dieses Tages bleibt.

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10 ways to purchase the wrong kitchen cabinets

A couple of years ago we remodeled our kitchen. I'd like to see you just as happy with your kitchen as we are with ours. So here are ten tips on what to look out for, so you don't make any mistakes when you're looking for kitchen cabinets. 1. First, know your budget. You can't do further research until you know how much money you want to spend. Cabinets take up 40% to 50% of your total kitchen costs, and you should budget for them accordingly. 2. Measure your space. It is impossible to get a realistic estimate without having some idea of you needs. Make the measurements as accurate as you can but don't worry too much; these measurements are for research purposes only. 3. There are three types of cabinets on the market: Stock, Semi-Custom and Custom. When you buy stock cabinets, you are buying something "off the shelf", as they are pre-assembled in the factory. They are the cheapest cabinets available. Unfortunately, stock cabinets come in a limited range of sizes and styles and have few options on finishes and accessories. Semi-custom is the next step up. They are still factory-made but you have many more choices in terms of storage, design, and style. Custom cabinetry is built either in a workshop or on-site and the sky's the limit both in options and in price. Don't be intimidated by this, however. Surprisingly the price difference between semi-custom and custom is often minimal and, particularly in hard-to-plan kitchens, may be worth the money. 4. Whatever kind of cabinet you choose check out the reputation of the manufacturer. Find out if they have a good track record. Look into their warranties. How much coverage do they offer and for how long a period? For example, KraftMaid offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser which guarantees that under normal residential usage their cabinets will remain free of defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Unfinished cabinetry is not covered under their warranty. In contrast, Yorktowne offers a lifetime limited warranty on only some of their cabinet collections and a five year limited warranty on others. Among other things, these warranties do not cover: Correction of improper installation or repair of damage caused by improper installation. Replacement or repair of parts when cabinetry is used in other than a residential home. Improper storage situations where loading or use exceeds the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association standards. Damages from fire, flood, or acts of God. 5. Create a written description of your ideal kitchen. This will help you to make a budget and pick a manufacturer. If you're unsure of what is available look around for ideas. An afternoon at the library browsing back copies of Woman's Day can be surprisingly helpful. Many popular magazines publish yearly specialty issues. In addition, there are several publications dedicated exclusively to kitchen and bath design. Online you will find inspiring designs at http:// wellborn. com/design/kitchens. asp and Kitchens. com. For a free step by step design guide take a look at Modularkitchencabinets. com/. For a quick overview of the various standalone cabinets and organizers see Stacksandstacks. com/html/category13_0.htm. 6. It is a good idea to take an afternoon off to wander through showrooms. Most showrooms have fully set up kitchens so you can get a feel for their products. 7. Don't worry if, after all the magazines and showrooms, you're still not sure what you want. Take a day or two to let your research sink in. Your kitchen will begin to emerge in your mind's eye. You can also call friends and family and ask if they recently put in a kitchen. Ask them to tell you all about it. If you come up with anything I didn't tell you, let me know and I'll put it in another column. 8. Your next step is to find an interior designer. While you can design your own kitchen, unless you're a professional, it's not a good idea. A lot goes into a kitchen design; any mistakes you make will stay with you for a long time. Why not get help from someone who has made it their job to design the best kitchen for you? You can find certified designers in your area via the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Certification means the designer has completed design courses including certified training programs in room layout, storage planning, cabinet installation, plumbing, and lighting. When you hire a designer, you can expect to pay a retainer (from $300). A typical hourly fee is $50 to $75. Up to ten hours would be enough time for a designer to spend doing research and working on drawings for your approval. In picking an interior designer, you want to find someone with whom you're comfortable. In addition ask yourself: Does he or she seem knowledgeable? Are they genuinely interested and enthusiastic about your kitchen? Tell your designer about your lifestyle and your needs. Among the things he or she will want to know are your family's life style and habits. Do you entertain and how often? Do you want to eat in the kitchen? It even makes a difference if you are right - or left-handed. Find someone with the imagination and the ability to stay in budget. You don't need someone making you feel as if you ought to spend more. Your designer should visit your home in order to assess your needs. 9. Although you will have an interior designer to help you, it is important to know your materials. Cupboards can be natural woods in a variety of paints or stains. For durability, you can't beat laminate or baked-on varnish. Know that in homes with children, polyester and stainless steel finishes may not work well as they scratch easily and tend to show fingerprints. 10. There is a large variety of hardware to choose from too. There are Lazy Susans, racks, hinges, pulls and handles. There are different types of drawers and trolleys designed for ease of access that you might want to consider. Your designer should have plenty of space saving and storage ideas which will make your kitchen much more efficient. Just remember, each gadget adds to your total cost so watch that budget! These are the basics of kitchen cabinetry. Now that I'm done writing this I'll go into my kitchen and get myself a cup of coffee and I'll be happy knowing that your kitchen, when it's built, will be just as good as mine.

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The use of light to secure your home

: Lights have long been known as a means of welcome family and guests. Sailors were often welcomed home by finding that those who loved them most left candles glowing in the windows. However, today we find lights a key partner in staving off a criminal element from invading our homes. It is remarkable how effective a well thought out lighting plan can be in securing personal property. Confusion can be an ally in the security of your home.

A simple electronic timer can be an effective means of convincing burglars that you are home. When lights turn on and off at various times, a burglar may come to believe that someone is in the home and entertain second thoughts about the viability of a robbery attempt. Timers can also be used to turn home entertainment centers on and off in your absence lending credibility to the belief that there is someone inside the home. These timers can be one of the most cost effective forms of the use of light to deter both budding as well as more experienced burglars. Many homeowners have used dusk to dawn lighting as part of their home security plan. While this does provide a measure of protection it may do little to actually alert homeowners to any theft potential due to the light’s consistent glow throughout the night. Unless a neighbour sees the intruder or someone in your own home is awake to monitor events, robbers may simply approach the home in the same manner they might under the cover of darkness.

Furthermore, a ‘dusk to dawn’ system will also require more frequent bulb replacement as well as an increase in associated energy costs. For the outside of your home we recommend an effective canvassing of your property with motion sensing lighting. In this set of circumstances, well placed lighting activates when movement is picked up by the light’s sensors. Lights should be strategically placed to cover all entrances to your home and should operate independent of any other lights in your home. If these lights are well positioned they can make it very difficult to for a burglar to slink onto your property without appropriate detection. This type of lighting can temporarily disorient the thief and provide you with an opportunity to get a good look at the offender without them being able to see you. It is important to remember that lights such as these should be placed out of arms reach. When this tip is not followed burglars realise the lights may be easily destroyed on a subsequent visit.

Another satisfying feature of motion sensing lighting is its ability to operate using much less electricity than traditional dusk to dawn lighting. Some homeowners have considered a unique blend of dusk to dawn lighting and motion sensing technology. In this scenario, outdoor lighting remains available consistently using low wattage. This can provide a warm glow to your property. When motion sensing technology detects movement the lights immediately switch to full illumination. The effect combines both an esthetically pleasing night time look to your home with an efficient theft deterrent. Burglaries are an ongoing issue and homeowners can provide the most effective means of thwarting robbery attempts. Those who burgle are primarily males under 25 years of age. They are typically looking for easily portable items like jewelry, cash, guns and laptop computers that can easily be sold. While force of entry can and is used in many burglaries, the primary choice of a robber is easily accessed properties.

Three of the best deterrents we know of are proper lighting, lack of ready accessibility to your home and home security systems or burglar alarms. When these three are combined, burglars are more than willing to avoid your home. You are no longer viewed as an easy target. Should your neighbourhood provide a united front by including these features in the majority of homes, you will discover a more secure atmosphere for your family. We know that lighting alone can not prevent crime nor can it absolutely assure the ultimate safety of your family, but statistics prove that a well lit property is an effective crime deterrent and is regularly used as a primary component in comprehensive home security plans.

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Bridal jewelry for the radiant bride

Finding the perfect dress you have always dreamed about is one of the most fun and important tasks a bride will endeavor. Finding the perfect bridal jewelry for the bride to accessorize with that dress is also fun and essential to completing your look. So now you have the dress, let’s choose your bridal jewelry. When it comes to selecting your bridal jewelry, keep in mind a few items. The first is the style of wedding you will be hosting. Will you be requiring black ties and evening gowns, sandals, exotic flowers and romantic nuptials on the beach? Or a simple no fuss back yard picnic wedding? What ever style of wedding you are hosting can help you determine what style of bridal jewelry you will wear. The second item to consider when thinking about your bridal jewelry is the theme or colors you will be including in your ceremony and reception.

If you are having, for instance a beach wedding or a beach themed wedding, you may want to check out several different bridal jewelry accessory options. Of course with a beach themed wedding, sea shells and white pearls or mother of pearls are a common and practical bridal jewelry choice for your wedding look. Not only will this style and type of bridal jewelry match your theme and occasion, you will be radiantly satisfied with your bridal jewelry accessory selection. You won’t need to ask your bridesmaids, mom or closest friends if that selection of bridal jewelry matches – it is the theme and occasion! You will feel confident and as a result beautiful! Another idea to help in your selection of the bridal jewelry you will wear is the season or month you decide to get married in. While glancing at all the seasons, there are some very practical and obvious choices for the selection of your bridal jewelry.

Here are some ideas broken down by seasons below. Winter Bridal Jewelry Selections – The winter months bring on the beauty of white and shimmering snow flakes. There are many options for bridal jewelry that fit the snow flake theme. If snow flakes really are not your idea of the perfect bridal jewelry, try visualizing clear swarovski crystals that sparkle and shine in the light. Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry is becoming more popular with celebrities and brides alike. If swarovski crystals are too much for the bridal look you desire – try simple white or ivory pearls. Nothing says traditional bride better than beautiful pearls. Pearls are a great selection for your bridal jewelry accessories, as there are so many options.

From a simple strand of pearls, to a glamed out pearl choker – your options are limitless. Spring Bridal Jewelry Selections – Spring time is such a beautiful and “new” time of year. The trees begin to grow leaves, the grass grows, tulips come up – you get the idea. Take inspiration from the newness of the spring months when selecting your bridal jewelry. Don’t be afraid to select bright, bold and radiant colors. Traditionally brides wear white, but tradition is not a rule or style you must follow. If you love bright green and you want that to show it in your bridal jewelry accessories – then wear the bright green. This is your day – your way! Your bridal jewelry selection can reflect that style as well.

The flowers you carry down the isle, your bridesmaids’ bouquets or the flowers you choose to decorate with can also be used to help you decide on your bridal jewelry. If roses are right up your alley – then rose flowered jewelry may be the perfect bridal jewelry accessory for you. Don’t stop with roses, consider all of your flower options, daisies, gardenias, calla lilies, just to name a few. Summer Bridal Jewelry Selections – Summer is a fantastic and the most popular time of year to get married. Use the beauty and warmth of the summer months to help you decide upon your bridal jewelry. Again, the flowers you choose to carry or decorate with can be a great consideration. Summer time also brings out the kid in all of us – vacations at the lake, picnics in the park, fireworks, you get the idea! If summer is that time of year that brings magic, mystery and fun, consider these factors when selecting your bridal jewelry. Many summer planned weddings are becoming more often fun and casual events – your bridal jewelry can reflect that as well. This would be a great opportunity to select some fun and trendy bridal jewelry to complete your wedding day look. Summer weddings many times have bright to soft pastel colors. The options for pearls and crystals are growing in colors and shapes. It is easy to find and coordinate your bridal jewelry colors with the pearl, crystal and stone color options available. Glass pearls and swarovski crystals are coming up and out with so many new colors – you can accessorize with any color imaginable. Fall Bridal Jewelry Selections – The autumn months bring on a wonderfully beautiful array of colors – new to that season in particular. If you are planning a wedding in the fall or autumn months, there are some very beautiful bridal jewelry options. Nature is always a great place to begin looking for bridal jewelry ideas and the fall season is not one to let you down. Whether you are a “nature bug” or not, you cannot deny the gorgeous beauty of fall. If you’re planning a fall wedding and would like to add some color to you accessories this is the time to do it. The beautiful golds, browns, reds and yellows are just perfect applications for your bridal jewelry. Whether you choose your bridal jewelry by the theme of your wedding, the formality, the colors or the season, you will wed – your ideas for inspiration are limitless. Keep in mind some of the ideas illustrated in this article and you will be well on your way to beautiful, radiant bridal jewelry.

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