15 ways salespeople can get motivated

First, recognize that motivation is an inside job. The word motivate means to impel, inspire, hope, stimulate, incite, propel, spur, goad, move, induce, prompt, instigate, fire, provoke, actuate, cause, egg on, drive, excite, and to trigger. Don’t wait for someone to motivate you, here are 17 ways you can motivate yourself. 1. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime goals. A goal is a goal if it’s writing. Goals get you going in the direction that’s right for you. 2. Listen to a motivational tape. Record into a tape recorder your favorite quotes, anecdotes and personal success stories. Play back your tape frequently. Nothing is more motivating than the sound of your own voice. Try it! 3. Get motivated to make better telephone calls by buying Art Sobczak’s new book, “How To Sell More In Less Time With No Rejection.” To order call Art at 402-895-9399 or visit his web site businessbyphone. com. 4. To overachieve every quota you are given take this advice. First write yourself a check dated for 12/31/04 payable to yourself and write how much you want to earn on the amount line. Make three laminated copies and put one in your briefcase, auto console, and home office. Second, always aim higher than the quota you are given. If you adjust your aim, the results will follow. 5. Buy an inspirational book of quotations and keep it in your car. Read three quotes daily. Remember - inspirational words usually inspire us. 6. Invest 15 minutes daily to read books and articles about the selling profession. This is gourmet food for your brain. Don’t skip a day. 7. Get a mentor, preferably one outside of your company. The truly successful people never go it alone. 8. To jack-up your sales performance, prepare your own laminated cue cards. Create cue cards for making appointments, your 12 best questions, for handling the price objection, and for asking for the order. Each cue card should be prepared word-for-word. Your performances will sky-rocket. 9. Buy a composition notebook for your car. Record your successes, failures, and daily observations about your selling environment. 10. Read the “The Ancient Scrolls” an inspiring book by Tim Connor. To order call 800-222-9070 or e-mail him at Tim@TimConnor. com. 11. To get motivated about improving your personal financial situation, set a personal net worth goal and write it on a spread sheet, then review it monthly. Self worth increases proportionately with net worth. 12. Tell your family if you achieve 110% or more of your annual sales quota - you’ll take them anywhere they want to go on vacation. 13. Tell your family when you reach a new monthly sales record milestone, you’ll take them out to celebrate. 14. Select one song that really gets you moving and play it every morning as you back out of your driveway. 15. Make a dinner date with your spouse tonight then go some place special. Every day is a great day, especially if you don’t see your name in the obituary section of the paper. When you’re motivated you can make every day a masterpiece. Free - eCourse The Art Of Closing The Sale. Use this link to get started right now: http:// kickstartcart. com/app/javanof. asp? MerchantID=39581&ProductID=1791340 Free White Paper - How To Make Sure Your Next National Sales Meeting Is Better Than Your Last One Use this link to get your copy Link http:// meisenheimer. com/articles/whitepaper. htm Free Can you pass this Professional Selling quiz? Use this link to find out. http:// meisenheimer. com/articles/quiz1.html

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Secret shopper business

Secret Shopping is a good part time business for stay at home moms, students, retired folks, or just about anyone who wants to make a little extra income. It's simple to get into this business and you can work the hours you want. Secret Shoppers might be on duty at your local grocery store, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, video stores, theaters, banks, government agencies, even the local mall! Maybe that casually dressed young woman complaining about her hamburger order at the local fast food restaurant is a Secret Shopper checking out how they handle customer complaints. Or that surly looking teenager returning a video a day late to the video store is a Secret Shopper observing how the workers handle unruly customers. You never know exactly where an assignment will take you! This is a fun and exciting job for the adventurous who like dealing with all types of people.

Duties: You will pretend to be a regular customer. You will observe the designated business and how they treat consumers. Then you will compile your findings into a written report and submit it to your companies district headquarters via e-mail or regular mail. They will submit your findings to the companies management for further evaluation. Skills: Be detailed oriented. Very observant. Know the local area well. Equipment: No special equipment is required. Startup: Zero Pay: Paid $15 and up per shopping trip. The company you work for will usually reimburse you for travel cost or any items you purchased with your own money. Potential Income: Varies. Note: A few states consider Secret Shoppers similar to Private Investigators. Therefore, in these states they actually require Secret Shoppers to be licensed and follow certain rules and regulations. Links: Secret Shopping Business Would you consider sharing your opinions about various stores, companies, and shops with a research panel or other companies interested in consumer information? Secret Shopping might be the perfect job opportunity for you. Click Here! http://hop. clickbank. net/?xy123/shop4pay The Top Twenty Arts And Craft Home Business Ideas Get In On This Hot Profitable Business Click Here! http:// lulu. com/bblee/ BB Lee is the editor of SmallBizBits Home Based Business Newsletter. Visit: http:// geocities. com/smallbizbits for your free ebook bonus!

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Why and how to work with a consultant

A good consultant provides specialist abilities and experience, innovative ideas, second opinions (reality checks), unbiased appraisals, and new approaches. A good consultant will leave you with tools, plans, and materials, and will transfer knowledge and resources to help you use them. Avoid making mistakes and wasting time and resources. A small investment and timely, professional advice can mean savings and increased revenues in the future. Adding the services of a consultant can make a difference when time or human resource constraints would otherwise mean a lost revenue, market, promotion, or funding opportunity. Know your limitations and expect a consultant to know theirs. You may have someone on staff who will volunteer to create advertisements, a website, or a marketing plan--but if they aren't truly qualified, you could be paying later to undo damage or make up for missed opportunities. A good consultant will also refer you to other specialists or obtain the services of subcontractors when they need to complement their own expertise.

You are uniquely qualified to handle many aspects of your own business. Hiring a specialist, when necessary, can free you to do what you do best and make the most of your resources. HOW TO WORK WITH A CONSULTANT Find a specialist with experience in your industry! Get to know the consultant(s) and work together informally to help them prepare a proposal that addresses your objectives. You can often get some good, free assistance in clarifying these objectives. Don't waste the consultant's time if you aren't serious about evaluating their proposal, and don't seek so many proposals that none of the consultants who respond have a good chance to be hired (You should generally keep the number of applicants in the running to four or fewer). Do expect the consultants to ask good questions and learn about your business. Avoid consultants who say they have immediate solutions or feel ready to talk about details, design, technology, or implementation before they have begun to understand your business and objectives°™look for a careful approach! Clarify your specific goals and larger objectives, and state these in writing to the consultant when you request their proposal. Remain flexible about these goals, since you are paying for the advice of the consultant about these matters--perhaps some of your goals could be refined or modified! Prepare a rough budget range for the consultant. A good consultant will not simply bid the maximum amount, but should give you a few price options depending on the scope of their services. They will tell you if the budget is truly unrealistic and can help you re-evaluate your objectives or propose dividing the project over multiple phases. Maintaining an open dialogue about budgets and prices is preferable to developing an adversarial relationship during the bidding phase, which can lead to misunderstandings, wasted resources, and poor outcomes for the project. Remember to include your own monetary and human resource costs in your internal budget estimate. Also allow for any costs associated with materials, transportation, or other expenses that a consultant may need to pass on to you. Clarify how expenses will be handled. Clarify the timeline for the project. Remain flexible about the deadline, if possible, and realize that a fast-approaching deadline may impact the price quoted by the consultant. Expect the consultant to prepare a project outline that meets this timeline. Realize that it is not uncommon for a project with an unrealistically short deadline to end up being finished long after the same project would have been if you had allowed an extra few days or weeks from the start. Sign a written contract with the consultant. This can often be as simple as signatures on the proposal submitted by the consultant, if all important matters were covered in that document. Establish a project manager or producer to be the main contact for the consultant and to be responsible for all major decisions. Make sure this person has the knowledge and authority to make decisions and allocate necessary resources. The consultant should also assign one person from their staff who will have final responsibility for decisions and will handle most communication with you. Maintain regular communication during the project, between project managers/producers on your staff and the consultant's. Expect to be shown incremental progress and to be asked to give your approval at major project milestones. Make sure you formalize these important decisions in writing--these milestones and approval areas should usually be agreed upon at the beginning of work. Do, however, trust your consultant and avoid micro-managing every detail and piece of work. Before the project begins, agree upon cost and deadline implications of any change requests made by you, or changes to the scope of work, should these be necessary. Change requests and "scope creep" are common causes for disagreement and strained relations between clients and customers--recognize that "minor changes" add up quickly and can sometimes make the project financially untenable for the consultant. Conversely, if both parties have communicated well, and been realistic in their objectives, you will often find that a good consultant will make an extra effort on something, just to make sure you are happy with their services. If something does go wrong with the project and relations begin to be strained, agree to take a break from the work for a couple of days or more. It will often be far easier, afterward, for both parties to understand the other party's point of view, to reach compromise, to correct a misunderstanding in a way that is satisfactory to all, and to get back to work. Finally, make sure you will know how to use (and update, where relevant) new materials, documents, and plans created by the contractor. Include resources for training in the budget. IN CONCLUSION By following these guidelines, you should be well on your way to good results on your next project! While these may at first seem like a lot of unnecessary rules, or barriers to a speedy completion of your project, they will actually prepare for smooth and timely completion. It is much better to be clear about things from the start than to have to repeat work later; or worse, have a major disagreement which will strain relations and prove beneficial to neither party. There are many good consultants available who can bring specialist expertise and good management skills to your projects. A little extra help and relevant information might be a great investment in your future success. Best of luck with your work! (Seattle, USA; August 2004)

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Supercharged secret 2 credit card utopia

INTEREST BEWARE, THERE’S SAFETY IN NUMBERS! Note: The following is part 2 of a 5 part series, Over the course of these 5 articles, I am going to introduce you to several methods for maximizing the use and benefits of the best Credit Cards and offers on the market today. This information, when used in conjunction with one another, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I like to call this approach, the “5 SuperCharged Secrets to Credit Card Utopia.” SECRET 1: I AM THE CONSUMER. AND I HAVE LOW-RATE SUPER-POWERS! SECRET 2: INTEREST BEWARE, THERE’S SAFETY IN NUMBERS! SECRET 3: TURBO-CHARGED KILLER RATE SAVING INFORMATION! SECRET 4: YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, AND I’LL BUY SOME MORE BEER! SECRET 5: LIVING IN CREDIT CARD UTOPIA Without further Ado, let’s continue with Secret #2: SECRET 2: INTEREST BEWARE, THERE’S SAFETY IN NUMBERS! 1) This secret method isn’t for everyone. I would venture to say that this turbo-charged low rate secret is really for those with reasonably good credit. But with that said, you may have good ENOUGH credit, and it doesn’t hurt to TRY. If you don’t succeed, then you’ve been blessed with the one thing most people don’t have, and that’s a GOAL… You know what you want, better credit, and there are TONS of resources out there to help you get from point A to point B, much faster then you can imagine. When you get there, this method is for you for sure! Work towards this! It’s worth it. 2) If you have pretty good credit, it’s time to use it to your MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE. Do you like to shop at Costco®? I do. I LOVE shopping at Costco®. I know it costs me a membership fee every year, but I save money like CRAZY! Why? Because Costco® can buy in bulk, and get huge deals from their merchants. You see, there’s safety in numbers. Costco® Members enjoy the benefit of pooling together their buying power, and extracting huge savings from vendors and suppliers. 3) And here we go! Secret #2 revealed: Take that concept, and apply it to Credit Cards! Interest Rates beware, because there’s safety in numbers! I’m talking about the big BLUE! I’m talking about American Express®. Now, most of us who have not yet climbed on board to AMEX® are comfy with having a Visa®/MasterCard® in our wallets. I know. I was one of you at one time. You think it’s better, because Visa®/MasterCard® are more widely accepted. Right? I’ll grant you that in some smaller “ma/pa” operations, you may not be able to swipe your BLUE. But other than that, AMEX® is widely, widely accepted everywhere…Worldwide. 4) Go check it out for yourself. AMEX® is generally available at all nationwide chains like department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and many, many other fine establishments. My wife and I spend money, just like you do. We use AMEX® as much as we can, and we don’t have a problem with the ability to swipe it virtually everywhere. 5) I believe, firmly, American Express® is using the concept of pooled membership, to give you KILLER interest Rates, and amazing perks too. I believe that the benefit of this pooled power is passed on to you, as a member of American Express®. How do I know this? Because I’m a member, and I can attest that the interest rates are low, low, low! For example, as of today’s date, my American Express® Blue (no annual fee, by the way) is carrying a 9% interest rate (I also get balance transfer checks all the time…See Secret 1.) 6) Are there lower rates out there? Well, maybe. But, I don’t care. I like the fact that I don’t have to go shopping for a low rate. I just KNOW that American Express® IS the lowest, if not one of the lowest. It’s just so much less work for me as a consumer, to be a member of AMEX®. No more shopping around. 7) Go with the Credit Card Company that takes care of the CONSUMER FIRST! . I don’t mean to sound like a commercial. I also have a Citibank®, and other fine credit cards in my wallet, and our website provides information on ALL major credit card companies, not just AMEX®, so I have no vested interest in one over another. But the secret knowledge here is that American Express® seems to have the BUYING POWER to consistently give consumers some of the lowest interest rates on the market, and that’s what makes them the BEST. 8) Check it out for yourself. Do your own research. Don’t rely solely on this writer’s testimony. Go look around. Compare all the benefits, and the rates, and the rewards programs, and you’ll see. AMEX® has no competition. Not for the consumer, anyway. And in Credit Card Utopia, we always go with the best. As powerful consumers, we come first. We NEVER settle for less. We’ve enjoyed providing this information to you, and we wish you the best of luck in your pursuits. Remember to always seek out good advice from those you trust, and never turn your back on your own common sense. Publisher’s Directions: This article may be freely distributed so long as the copyright, author’s information, disclaimer, and an active link (where possible) are included. Disclaimer: Statements and opinions expressed in the articles, reviews and other materials herein are those of the authors. While every care has been taken in the compilation of this information and every attempt made to present up-to-date and accurate information, we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. The author will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through this site.

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Investing in dividend paying stocks

I was recently interviewed for a press release through a financial question and answer format. One of the questions asked of me in the interview was: Where do you think the stock market is headed over the next five years? My Answer! Charles M. O’Melia: No one knows! There is an old Chinese proverb that goes something like this: “He, who could foresee events 3 days in advance, would be rich for thousands of years.” On a long-term basis I have only witnessed expansion and progress. I believe that to be the nature of our American economy and our American way of life. And as our economy goes, so goes the stock market and I see no reason to change that belief. Who would have thought the expansion in China would generate 5 billion dollars of business for GE? The US companies listed on the New York stock exchange have the ability to profit throughout the global expansion of business around the world. And, an investor can profit without the necessity of having to own an overseas fund or companies to profit. Up until that question, the thought of what the market was going to do tomorrow (or for that matter, 5 years from now) have never concerned me. I never gave it a thought (Well, maybe a little!). There just isn’t enough concern on my part whether we are heading for a bear market or a bull market, or if the markets are heading sideways. When you own a portfolio filled with companies that have a history of raising their dividend every year, and a systematic approach of adding more shares to the portfolio through the dividend reinvestments every quarter, plus having a simple savings plan with an opportunistic buying approach of adding even more shares to the portfolio every quarter, it really doesn’t matter. I am always buying more shares. Sometimes I pay too much for one of my companies; sometimes I receive a great bargain. But no matter which, bargain or expensive, my income from those companies always continues to grow and grow and grow and grow and grow. Sometimes, the dividend yield of one stock may be 5.15%, and the following year or two (even with two dividend increases during those two years) the dividend yield would drop to less than 3%. This, for example, may mean the stock price would have risen from the 30 dollar range to the 60 dollar range. I have found that when that 5.15% dividend yield drops to around 1%, the company’s stock in question becomes so high that the company usually has a stock split, as well as a dividend increase. Right now, the DOW seems to be having trouble breaking that 11,000 barrier. And, right now, I can’t help thinking back, way, way, back. For those of you who don’t remember the late 1960’s, early 70’s, the DOW barrier was 1,000. Oh, what a tough time that DOW 1,000 barrier was! I remember thinking – it’s going to break it this time. Back in 1966 was the first attempt (rose to 985) and it kept on trying to break 1,000 for the next 6 years. When it finally broke 1,000 (it reached 1,050 or so in 1972), it immediately fell back. It took another 10 years before the DOW broke the 1,100 barrier. Six years for the DOW at 985 to break 1,000. Another 10 years to break 1,100. A total of 16 years to add a mere 115 points on the DOW. So, is the 11,000 barrier in the DOW today similar to the 1100 barrier of times-gone-by? Will 11,000 on the DOW become a 16 year barrier? Could be! Then again, maybe not! I don’t know! “He, who could foresee events etc.” In the meantime, I will continue watching my dividend income continue to grow and grow and grow and grow and grow! To find the LINK for the complete financial interview visit: http:// thestockopolyplan. com You have permission to this article either electronically or in print as long as the author bylines are included, with a live link and the article is not changed in any way. Please provide a courtesy emailto: charles@thestockopolyplan. com telling where the article was published. (Word Count 706)

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Microsoft great plains partner selection overview

Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Solomon and Axapta are Microsoft Business Solutions ERP applications, serving to the whole spectrum of vertical and horizontal markets. Assuming that you already have one of these systems installed and implemented we would like to give you - IT director, Database Administrator, Programmer, Software Developer, Controller your options in supporting/upgrading Microsoft Great Plains for your company It is always good idea to install everything on your own - however Great Plains requires combination of computer networking, some programming, good accounting/distribution/logistics/reporting background - so it is not a surprise that Microsoft Business Solutions requires their customers to have specially assigner Microsoft Great Plains Partner/VAR/Reseller to serve the account. First Scenario. Due to the recession your former MBS partner went out of business, leaving you without support and you lapsed in payment annual enhancement fee. This is very common scenario - in fact Microsoft Business Solutions introduced direct quoting to the companies like yours - just to insure that you have an option to pay this required maintenance fee. In this situation - you can not get new version/migration tool, etc. until you get your company reinstated in MBS enhancement program. What you need to do is these: 1. Find reasonably inexpensive MBS partner and switch to it as your MBS VAR - it is very easy to change your VAR - you compose the letter stating that you would like to switch to company ABC as your MBS VAR, sign it and fax to your new VAR. 2. MBS Promotions – Microsoft has promotion programs for orphans like your company to be re-enrolled into annual enhancement program, usually with small additional charge, for example in October 2004 you could get your reinstatement for 20% of the software list price (normal price is 16%) Second Scenario. You need to migrate from Pervasive SQL/ctree to Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE. It is known fact that Microsoft decided to breach contract with Pervasive Software and stop supporting Microsoft Great Plains 7.5 and earlier versions on Pervasive SQL 2000. You need to migrate to MS SQL Server ASAP - or you will be out of support 1. As in the first scenario - select your MBS partner or ask you old partner to give you the quote on Migration tool (k$1.5-k$2) 2. Migrate on your own - or send your data to migration specialist - your partner may provide these services - normal price is 8 hours of consulting fee Third Scenario. You have bunch of Great Plains Dexterity, VBA, SQL customizations and need upgrade and your former GP reseller is not providing customization upgrade services (due to the fact that all developers were laid off several years ago) 1. Locate customization partner. Usually you have to find small nation-wide VAR, who serves you via remote support. Switch to this partner 2. Ask for customization analysis - most of the old customization pieces should be migrated to new technologies, like Dexterity to SQL and Crystal Reports, web publishing, eConnect, etc. Don't pay for upgrade "as is" - you will lock yourself with the problems Also couple of hints about how do you switch the partner. It is actually more easy than you may think - you just send to your new proposed partner the letter in free format saying that you would like to switch to you as my Microsoft Business Solutions partner - and this is it.

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Long term debt problems

Debt counsellors Debt management companies can offer an excellent service for large amounts of out of control debt. If you are having difficulties keeping up with any repayments, then do seek advice from a debt counsellor. They are professionals and know how the creditors work. If you have your debt management plan accepted, a singular monthly payment is made to the debt management company, who in turn pay your respective creditors with monthly payments. The monthly payments that the debt management company pays to the creditors, is negotiated on your behalf by the debt management counsellor. Negotiations are all to do with the amount of debt you are in, amounts you can afford and the term you have left. Most creditors have different policies for handling situations like this. Depending on the creditors terms and conditions and the counsellors negotiation skills, some credit agencies reduce and even freeze interest rates for the term of your loan, some companies extend the term interest free with a lower monthly payment. It really does depend on the creditors and there policies as to what deal you will receive. A debt management programme can take a long time to clear any outstanding debt. However programs like this are often an excellent solution. Your debt is handled by professionals, this relives the stress of debt and gives you piece of mind knowing you have a professional taking care over your debt. There are a couple of things you need to be wary of. Some debt management companies require a monthly fee which can be quite costly. Others require a one off start up fee. It is best to look into debt management company’s policies before committing to a debt management plan. Charity based companies are usually the best http:// cccs. co. uk offer a service for free. CCCS only use the interest from your monthly payment to your creditors as payment. Bankruptcy When an individual is deemed bankrupt, it means the individual has become insolvent. Personal insolvencies in England and Wales are dealt with usually under the Insolvency Act 1986. When the court is satisfied that there is absolutely no hope of the debt being paid, a bankruptcy order is issued on the petition of the debtor (which is you) or one or more of your creditors who are owed Ј750 or more. The official receiver investigates the financial affairs of the debtor for the period before bankruptcy and is appointed to act as trustee from the date of the bankruptcy order until a trustee takes control. Bankruptcy is by no means the best way of dealing with your debts. When an individual becomes bankrupt there are severe restrictions placed against a bankrupt person, for instance: • Acting as a director of a company, starting, managing or promoting a company without the consent of the court's • Continuing to run a business in a different name from that for which the bankruptcy was made without informing all associates doing business with you • Obtaining credit of Ј250 or more without disclosing to the creditor, your bankruptcy Upon bankruptcy all banks will be informed of your insolvency, bank accounts will be closed, all future assets lost, and all hire purchase items will be returned. In effect you will be left with nothing but the home you live in. However you will be debt free. Only as a last resort should you opt for bankruptcy. The ability to obtain a new bank account or any future credit will be considerably harder to achieve for a term of around 7 years. Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a legal process for UK residents with major debt problems. An IVA can be arranged with the help of professional insolvency practitioners. An IVA can be effective at curing debt problems without many of the negative aspects that can be produced by bankruptcy. An IVA is an especially viable solution for those with equity to protect. Depending on your circumstances, IVA’s can write off a high percentage of your debt. If you keep up the arranged monthly payments, you can be debt free in as little as five years. You the client agree to the details of an IVA with your creditors at a creditors' meeting. A 75% majority vote, in favour of an IVA is needed for an agreement. With an IVA you can avoid any legal actions, freeze all interest charges, remove CCJ’s and design a programme of manageable monthly payments based around what you can afford. You also avoid the penalties associated with bankruptcy as mention earlier: • Acting as a director of a company, starting, managing or promoting a company without the consent of the court's • Continuing to run a business in a different name from that for which the bankruptcy was made without informing all associates doing business with you • Obtaining credit of Ј250 or more without disclosing to the creditor, your bankruptcy However, IVAs are usually only suitable for those with unsecured debts of at least Ј20,000. Although an IVA protects you from the stigma of bankruptcy, where all details are advertised publicly. If your application for IVA fails, you could still be made bankrupt. You will also be charged for the cost of the IVA; however this would be added to the debts.

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Coping with diabetes

Every day, in the United States, more than 2000 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed. Type II diabetes, the most prevalent form of diabetes worldwide, often shows few or even no symptoms! After eating, food is broken down into what is known as glucose, a sugar carried by the blood to cells throughout the body. Using a hormone known as insulin, made in the pancreas, cells process glucose into energy. Because cells in the muscles, liver, and fat do not use insulin properly in the body of a person with type II diabetes, they have problems converting food into energy. Eventually, the pancreas cannot make enough insulin for the body's needs. The amount of glucose in the body increases, and the cells are starved of energy.

This starvation of the cells, paired with the high blood glucose level can damage nerves and blood vessels. This leads to complications such as kidney disease, nerve problems, blindness, and heart ailments. There are a lot of factors that can help to attribute to diabetes cases - lifestyle, environment, heredity - and those who are at risk should be screened regularly to prevent diabetes. Those that are already diagnosed with diabetes should aim to keep their glucose level under control. But how do you know if you have type II diabetes? After all, it has few symptoms, often no symptoms in some patients.

However, if you notice an increased thirst or hunger, a change in weight, or blurred vision, getting tested for type II diabetes is necessary, as only your doctor will be able to help you find the treatment steps necessary to being able to manage your life with diabetes. Simple changes such as eating right, managing your weight, and keeping your blood sugar level under control may be enough. However, you doctor may prescribe diabetes-regulating medications to assist you in controlling your type II diabetes. Diabetes is a serious ailment with extreme consequences if it isn't treated properly.

But if you follow your doctor's advice and maintain both your lifestyle and blood sugar levels, you can help to prevent the more serious consequences from occurring. This article is for information purposes only and is not meant to treat, diagnose or prevent any ailment or disease. See your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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The advantages of taking an online nursing course

With so many quality nursing programs available online, the advantages of taking an online nursing course are many. If you are considering this type of program and are curious to know more of the benefits, read on. Any Type of Nursing Degree is Available Online No matter what type of nursing degree you are interested in obtaining, you can find it online. From an entry-level Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to a Registered Nurse (RN) degree, or even a master's or PhD program, you can find it online. Online Nursing Programs are High Quality You need to do a little research on this, but many online nursing programs are accredited. The accreditations you want to look for are through either The National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission or The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). These professional nursing organizations review each program before giving it their approval. Also, before you enroll, verify that the program will count toward your state's licensing requirements. Most accredited programs will. Learn at Your Convenience One of the advantages of taking an online nursing course is that you can learn from the convenience of your home and often on your own schedule. Many programs offer courses asynchronously, which means that you study materials on your own time and submit assignments by the due dates. This means that if you want to attend class at midnight, for example, you can. More Options The advantages of taking an online nursing course are many, and another good example is the wide range of programs available. When attending traditional schools, you are limited to the degree programs offered. However, with online learning, you can choose from a wide range of programs. This allows you to tailor your learning to your interests and career goals. Expand Your Network When you learn online, you meet people from all over the globe. From a networking perspective, this is great news. Additionally, you can develop friendships with people from different cultures and perspectives, which can greatly enhance your ability to relate to others—a necessary nursing skill.

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An easy gift for many occasions

It can be very hard to find that one perfect gift for someone. How many times have you pondered over what to buy for a 36th birthday or an 18th anniversary? Chances are that you’ve been thinking way too hard! Go to any local retail store and start browsing. What you’re looking for is some type of a cup, bowl or canister. Something that is deep enough and round enough to have a plant potted inside. Now start being creative—have you thought of anything yet? This is such a neat way to make a simple gift into a very creative and meaningful one. For example, for a birthday, you could find a mug that says “happy birthday grandma” on it and plant grandma’s favorite flower inside. Other ideas would be to find a cute canister of some sort or to find a small, rubber, child sized boot. Look for any original object that isn’t a pot that could hold a flower. Then, head to your local florist (or certain retail stores) and choose a plant or flowers that will fit inside your new “pot”. Now plant the flowers and add a bow and voila!! This thoughtful gift will be enjoyed by the recipient and everyone else at the party! For more great gift giving ideas and money saving tips, visit us at MomOnABudget. com.

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The easy way to make a special present

We all know someone who is difficult to buy a present for. Someone who has everything they need and would not appreciate ‘normal’ gifts. Often this will be your parent or an older relative or neighbor, and they can be a problem to buy something for. Well, this is a simple way to make a unique gift that they will be happy to accept. When you take the time to produce something that relates only to them and their interests it will always be happily received. The idea is to make a picture that includes something that they are especially interested in. This could be a hobby or any other interest they have. This is a quick and easy technique. You simply choose your theme (their hobby or interest), paint a silhouette of it onto a colored background and frame it. You could paint a colored background onto a canvas panel or use already colored paper. I noticed my local art store had colored card that had a range of colors merging into each other, this would be ideal for this technique. The theme of your silhouette is really the creative part. The easiest thing would be to use their hobby as the theme. Look through some copyright free clip art until you find an image that you could use for the outline of the silhouette. If they like fishing it could be a fisherman/fish/fishing fly. For a golfer it could be a set of clubs/golf hole with flag. For someone who likes to cook it could be related to cooking. If they are keen church-goers a silhouette of their church may be appreciated. A lot of people like to receive a silhouette of their home. For car enthusiast a silhouette of their car is a good idea. In which case you could use a digital camera and take a picture of their church, home or whatever you have decided to include in the picture. You really can use your imagination for this. When using clip art you have a huge range of options (probably too many!) to choose from. You don’t have to be great at drawing! Also, you can use a computer graphics package to blend together two or three images for your final silhouette shape. Be sure to adjust the size of the final image to make it the correct size for the painting surface you have chosen, and print it out. As this is a gift you can make it whatever size you choose. Once you have painted or found a suitable background, then trace around the outside edge of the image for your silhouette shape. Use carbon paper for this. The silhouette shape can be painted in using acrylic paints – don’t make the paint too thin though! Another alternative is to use a permanent marker, not a normal marker as it will fade over time, and that would be disappointing for the person receiving the gift. Silhouettes look very effective and traditional in black. However you could use a darker shade of one of the colors in the background for an alternative look. For example if the background was a pale green the silhouette could be in a dark green. This all adds to the uniqueness of your gift. If you are using a colored card it will be better to use a permanent marker as the water in the paint may cause the card surface to buckle. Fill in the silhouette shape and leave to dry. Then frame the silhouette picture. **A distinctive gift for a special person.** This type of personalized gift is always appreciated and shows that you have put some thought, time and effort into the present. Another major benefit is that no one else will be giving exactly the same gift! This is an excellent technique if you can’t find a suitable card. You can make your own special card. It is most effective if you choose a very simple shape for the silhouette when using this method in card making. Cards are generally a lot smaller and look best when you use less detailed shapes. Use this system and say goodbye to gift buying problems for that hard to please someone.

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How to become a successful freelancer designer on the contest forums

Do you want to know the best method to become successful as a Freelance Web, Logo & Template Designer? This article will help you save hours hunting around for the best forums and techniques to succeed! There is no better way of improving your skills, getting recognised and building up ideas than to compete in the Graphic Design Forums. With so many different contest forums on the web it is difficult to pick out the ones that are best suited to for you. There are literally hundreds of web sites offering freelance services and forums. A good way to help you decide is to think about what kind of results you wish to get out of joining. Some people join to compete against other designers in the hopes of winning competitions and receiving financial rewards.

Others join up to learn from their professional competitors and slowly build up their skills and reputation. The problem with competing for money is that unless you are a well established and talented designer with loads of previous experience you are unlikely to win many if any competitions. How do I know this? Well, I tried to do that exact thing for over a year and it rarely paid off for me. It is important to understand that top professional designers with years of experience will be regularly showing of their creative skills by submitting their superior designs. They have a system in place for quickly and professionally come up with brilliant designs to meet the clients specifications. However, don’t let this put you off as competing against the professionals will help you to improve your own works. When looking at current submission think of how you could improve upon that design. I am not saying rip off their designs, as this will lead to your account being banned from the forums. Simply acknowledge their work and come up with something equally as original based on the guidelines set by the client and submissions already present. Here are some useful design forums to look at: http:// sitepoint. com http:// namepros. com http:// designcontests. net Next weeks article will focus on these forums in more detail. We will also discuss how to successful build up a reputation.

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Solar gadgets gotta love them

It has been claimed that our nation is infatuated with a variety of things from civil rights to freedom. Bah! If we are honest, we will admit we are infatuated with gadgets. Solar Gadgets – Gotta Love Them Forget the oil addiction, our biggest weakness as a nation is we are fools for gadgets. If it peels an onion 56 different ways, we have to own it. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself one question. When you go to a fair, how many gadgets do you end up bringing home? Be honest. There is no shame in it. In fact, I believe there is an argument to be made that a particular subject matter, whatever it is, isn’t mainstream until it includes gadgets. If this is true, solar energy may finally be a real alternative. Most of us have far too many gadgets, particularly small personal gadgets. Cell phones, ipods, pdas, Bluetooth, I have them all. I find it somewhat ironic that all these small gadgets that are to make my life easier make me look like Sherpa walking around. Regardless, the digital age has one problem and you already know what it is. Gadgets require power and they always run down when you need them most. This, of course, results in you walking around with a power converter in your hand looking for a convenient outlet of some sort. Instead of looking like a junkie trying to find a fix, you can use a very useful new gadget. Solar power packs are the latest and greatest thing when it comes to gadgets. Yes, I said solar. The packs come in a variety of forms, but they tend to look like the black folders for your compact discs. The packs are thin and light. When you are outside, you just unzip them, lay them in the sun and plug your power hungry gadget into them. The packs will put a charge into your gadget and you’ll be ready to go. Finally, solar power we can use on a personal level. I guess it is here to stay.

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Adult adhd entrepreneurs sneaky little killers

Being an entrepreneur and having adult ADHD symptoms means one thing: you've got to be ten times more vigilant about not getting distracted... Because the challenge with working on your own--especially if you have adult ADHD symptoms--is overcoming distractions. It's the little stuff, those sneaky little killers, that will destroy you! What do I mean by "sneaky little killers?" Let’s say you’re working on one project for the day. Let’s say your project is a simple project like putting up a webpage, just as an example. How can you get something like that done without getting distracted? When you have to: feed the dog, do the dishes, go to the post office, answer your messages, file some paperwork, get some lunch, dryclean your suit... If you have adult ADHD symptoms, you know how deadly these things can be. And if you have adult ADHD and you're an entrepreneur, like me, it's these sneaky little things that will prevent you from ever getting to your really important work, ever achieving the Big Picture... Either that, or you: forget to eat, don't answer your messages, throw your paperwork away... Sound familiar? If you have adult ADHD symptoms, it will! What can you do? There is a simple technique that's worked for both myself and my clients like a charm, and you can make it work for you. Especially if you have adult ADHD symptoms, this can be absolutely essential. It’s called outsourcing, and you can do this at home or at work (if home is work, so much the better). How? Here's two examples that anyone, even with severe adult ADHD symptoms can use, both at home and work: Technique #1: Outsourcing at Home: "Outsource the Dishes." Actually, this applies to any housework including cooking that you don't have to do yourself. By the way, outsourcing can mean to other people in your family, too. That’s okay. You have to do things a little differently if you have adult ADHD symptoms. Outsourcing means paying someone else to do the things that get you distracted. Maybe you’re talking about your kids. You say, “Hey, how much would I need to pay you a week in order to take care of the dishes every night?” Or, walk the dog, go to the post office, etc. These are things you can also ask a partner or roommate to do, too. Think about what your time is really worth, then imagine what you could get done if you didn't have to think about these sneaky little killers anymore. Be creative about it! Who can help you, and benefit as well? Technique #2: Outsourcing at Work: "Outsource the Paperwork." I’ll give you an example for this one. My friend is building a home, and that means getting new mortgages, filling out applications, getting all the necessary information to go on a loan application of multiple pages. It takes time and it’s a huge distraction. So, he paid his bookkeeper to do it and really, it has changed his life. Is that really his bookkeeper’s job? Is that what he hired his bookkeeper originally to do? No, its not. But he found someone who would happily deal with the paperwork. This is a good example of being creative (which is actually a very common trait in people with adult ADHD symptoms). --So there are two concrete ways entrepreneurs with adult ADHD can make their lives less cluttered and distracting. Even if you don't have ADHD symptoms, this is very helpful; but I've found for those dealing with adult ADHD it's an absolute lifesaver. But, what if you can't pay for outsourcing? What if you're an entrepreneur with adult ADHD symptoms but you don’t have a lot of finances to pour into this technique? Not everyone has the immediate resources to pay to get things outsourced, but you still have to contend with your ADHD symptoms... What happens then? It is very possible for people with adult ADHD to do outsourcing without a penny, and in fact it's one of my favorite ways to do it. My article "Adult ADHD Entrepreneurs: 3 Magic Outsourcing Tips" talks about this in detail and you can find it through my resource box below.

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Take control of your allergies

(NC)-For some people, allergies are a seasonal condition, recurring for several weeks at the same time period each year. This condition is called seasonal allergic rhinitis. In the spring pollen levels rise as trees and flowers begin to bloom causing sneezing, runny nose, itchy watery eyes and nasal congestion. For others, these allergy symptoms are a daily nuisance that can occur throughout the year, a condition known as perennial allergic rhinitis. Fortunately, you don't have to be a helpless victim to these seasonal or perennial allergic symptoms.

Here are certain lifestyle changes recommended by the allergy experts at Claritin that can help you reduce your symptoms and control your allergy: (box text under Lifestyle Changes Keep pets out of the bedroom or even outdoors if possible. Replace your humidifier, vaccum cleaner and furnace filters often. Wash bedding weekly, place zipped covers over matresses, box springs and pillows. Remove dust collectors, such as carpeting, old drapes and overstuffed furniture. Avoid cigarette smoking in the house. Remove house plants that may be a source of mould and dust mites. During pollen season, close the windows of your home in late afternoon and on hot, dry, windy days. Schedule outdoor activities for late afternoon or evening when pollen release is at its lowest. Non-sedating antihistamines can help you reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and let you perform normally. Make sure to look for the words "non-drowsy" on the package to ensure that it's a non-sedating medication. Keep informed of pollen levels in your area when planning outdoor activities or to pre-treat your allergy by tuning in to the Claritin Pollen Forecast every 28 minutes past the hour on the Weather Network. For more information on how to control allergies this season call 1-800-665-1507 or visit claritin. ca.

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Where you can buy your camping gear and supplies from

Where You Can Buy Your Camping Gear and Supplies From Are you preparing to go on a camping vacation or even just a short camping trip? If you are, have you already gathered all of your camping gear and your other needed camping supplies? If you have yet to do so, it is something that you may want to soon think about doing. If this is your first time trying to find and buy camping gear and camping supplies, you may be unsure as to where you should make your purchase or purchases from. What you will find is that you have a number of different options. Both camping gear and camping supplies can be purchased from a number of different locations. For information on where you should buy your camping gear and camping supplies from, you will want to continue reading on. Before examining where you should buy your camping supplies and camping gear from, it is important that you know that there is a difference between the two. Camping gear is a phrase that is regularly used to describe items that are essential to camping, like tents, sleeping bags, hot plates, and so forth. On the other hand, camping supplies is a term that is often used to describe items like food, toiletries, and so forth. In your search for camping supplies and camping equipment, it is important that you know there is a difference between the two. As for buying your camping gear, you will find that camping gear is sold at a number of different locations, including both on and offline. One of the best places to buy camping gear from is stores that are often referred to as sports stores. Sports stores are stores that regularly sell sporting equipment and gear, like camping tents, baseball bats, fishing poles, and so forth. Sports stores are one of the best places to buy camping gear from because they often have the largest selection of products to choose from. For an even larger selection of products, you may want to check out some online sports store retailers. Department stores are also another place where you can buy camping gear from. A large number of department stores, especially those larger in size, regularly have camping tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear pieces available for sale. While the selection may not be as large as the selection found in many sports stores, you may find that the prices of camping gear sold in department stores is significantly lower. It is also important to mention that department stores are often referred to as “one stop shopping centers,” as they often have a number of items for sale. In keeping with that, you can often buy a large number of your other needed camping supplies, like food and such, from department stores. In addition to department stores, camping supplies, like food, toiletries, and so forth, can be purchased from grocery stores. Grocery stores are nice, especially for food, as they are based on food. This means that you have a large selection of food and drinks, many of which are appropriate for camping adventures, to choose from. In fact, in the summer months, you may even find local grocery stores that have camping snack displays set up. These displays make it easy for you to find easy to transport camping food and drinks. As previously stated, a large number of camping gear pieces can be purchased online. If you are looking for the best bargains or the largest selection of products, you may want to think about shopping online for your camping gear pieces or even some of your camping supplies. Even if you don’t want to buy your gear and supplies online, you may still want to think about using the internet to read product reviews or at least research what you should or shouldn’t bring with you on your next camping adventure. As you can see, you have a number of different options when it comes to buying camping gear and camping supplies for your next camping trip. Before you start shopping online or head on down to one of your local retail stores, you may want to think about creating a camping gear and supplies checklist for yourself. A checklist will help to ensure that you and your camping party are fully prepared for your next camping adventure. Word Count 720

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Ionic air purifiers is it all just hype

Ionic air purifiers have been hurtled into the spotlight with the advent of the Sharper Image air purifier, called the Ionic Breeze. Despite a round of advertising that has wearied rather than enthused consumers, many other manufacturers have joined the ionic air purifier market. So are ion air purifiers actually any good? The main selling point of ionic air purifiers is the silence with which they are said to remove particles from the air. This is due to the lack of circulating fan in this type of air cleaner, as the Sharper Image air purifier, the original ionic cleaner, relies on electrostatic plates to circulate the air. Independent tests have shown, however, that this reliance is somewhat misplaced – while a fan-assisted air purifier can process a room’s air within one minute, this ionic air purifier has a turnover rate move only an estimated couple of cubic meters per hour. Some ion air purifiers have added extra features to increase the effectiveness of their cleaning power. Some manufacturers have added negative ion capabilities, which claim to neutralize the potency of airborne particles without actually drawing them into the filter itself. The Sharper Image air purifier now comes with an OzoneGuard, which claims to convert a significant amount of dangerous ozone into oxygen, but this arguably is a relatively useless feature, as much of the dangerous ozone that might be in your home would be generated by a different kind of air purifier. There is no doubt that ionic air purifiers do have some air cleaning capacity, but this is likely to be insufficient as to make a real difference to the quality of the air in your home, particularly if there is an allergy or asthma sufferer under your roof.

While ion air purifiers might be better than nothing, you might be better advised to spend your hard earned money on an air purifier that has been tried and tested, and been proven to reliably remove a significant amount of airborne particles from the atmosphere in your home. The ionic air purifier is not this type of air cleaner. Ionic air purifiers – are they worth buying or not? Maybe not.

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The blonde joke s on us the dumbest woman on earth was not a blonde

I've lived my entire adult life with "dumb blonde" jokes. Whoever started them, probably spawned by pornographers allured by Marylyn Monroe types (probably with dyed hair), should be locked up in a room with a hundred blonde professional women on a month-long sabbatical from bad bosses. Think he'd make it out alive? I think he (or she) definitely be a changed creature after that month. He'd gain a new understanding of blondes, that's for sure. If you really want to know the truth of it, the dumbest woman to ever walk the face of earth had dark hair (likely, though we may never know for sure.) She was, without a doubt, the dumbest woman to ever live.

Her name? Eve. Very unlikely blonde, seeing as how her issue to this very day is mostly brunette or have black or dark hair. So get the blonde thing out of your head for just a moment. You see, she and Adam were originally created equal (many women today have a big problem with that "man having dominion over women" thing), otherwise, as I see it, God would have taken a bone out of Adams foot to create Eve. He didn't. (Now, wait, all you Bible believers - you have to read the rest of this before you'll understand just when Eve lost her "equal" status.) The bone came from his side, his rib. To me, this signifies equality. Well, then what does this dark-haired woman do but sashay up to a serpent and strike up a conversation with him (precursor to flirting, I suppose?). Didn't she think it unusual that a serpent could talk?

Guess not. That was Dumb act #1. Now for dumb act #2: After a little chit chat, (Gen. 3:1..."Really?" he asked the woman. "Did God really say you must not eat any of the fruit in the garden?" Gen. 3:2"Of course we may eat it," the woman told him. 3:3 "It's only the fruit from the tree at the center of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God says we must not eat it or even touch it, or we will die.") she believes this creature (remember a serpent that can talk) when he calls God a liar, basically (3:4 "You won't die!" the serpent hissed. 3:5 "God knows that your eyes will be opened when you eat it. You will become just like God, knowing everything, both good and evil." 3:6 The woman was convinced.) Now, it doesn't look like it took much convincing, does it? How dumb is that, after the head honcho of the place, the owner, the boss (the best boss ever, one who actually loves his workers) says don't eat fruit from that tree, and a snake or serpent (that's not supposed to be able to talk) can 'talk you into it'? Dumb act #3: The dark-haired woman proceeds to eat the fruit (Adam, by the way, was right there with her - why didn't he pipe up and say "uh, hon, I don't think this is a good idea...I don't trust that serpent (that can talk, remember?). He was most likely dark-haired as well, remember. Dumb act #4: She turns and offers it to her husband. All the while the serpent is watching. I never saw a serpent grin, but I'll bet he did. Dumb act #5: They hid from God. Whose idea was that, I wonder? Dumb act #6: They look for someone to blame it on (3:12 "Yes," Adam admitted, "but it was the woman you gave me who brought me the fruit, and I ate it." 3:13 Then the LORD God asked the woman, "How could you do such a thing?" "The serpent tricked me," she replied. "That's why I ate it.") Now I don't know about you, but that conversation was a blatant manipulation, i. e. a lie, by the serpent, but not a trick. Eve believed a lie, just believed what the serpent said. (Remember this the next time a snake or lizard comes up to you and strikes up a conversation). Genesis Chapter 3:16 is where Eve, (a dark-haired woman? Again, we'll never know for sure), sold out her equality, not only for herself, but for all women from then on (3:16 Then he said to the woman, "You will bear children with intense pain and suffering. And though your desire will be for your husband, he will be your master.") They were both dumb, at that time. God didn't make them stupid, but they sure had an Adam and Eve moment. I don't think you have to have any particular hair color to be dumb. You could even be bald. So dumb-blonde-joke-tellers, get over it already. If you don't like who you are, at least quit putting others down to make yourself feel better. Interesting, that when I used to work for a company which employed mostly people of another nationality (including the boss), they could make "dumb blonde" jokes all day, which is a reference to my racial heritage, but if I said just one slanderous joke referring to their race (which I wouldn't have, even if it was legal), then that would be considered by the law to be a form of assault, among other things.) Maybe blonde jokes should be outlawed. You think? © 2005 Dianne James

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Investing in a long term strategy means long term fortune

Investors Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett have made unbelievable fortunes through long-term, value investing. Making money in the stock market can be dependent on your willingness to invest in long-term investments or buying only undervalued stocks. With a margin of safety on these stocks you will have a little peace of mind and if you are like Warren Buffett, you too may well be able to enjoy an average 22% annual gain. Even more enticing if you know that that's his record over the last 39 years! Tremendous results like this are not easily duplicated in the short term or without great experience. With some work and time being on your side it is possible to be the next Warren, but even more possible and likely is for you to become a major player on the investment scene. No seriously, you can. The S&P 500’s average long term result is a return of about 11%. Now if you aimed to beat that consistently, that would mean that you are doing very well indeed, almost well enough to live a very comfortable, relaxed existence. For example - you have $3,000 a year that you can invest purely for your future retirement. Why are you screaming at $3,000 a year? That's only $250.00 a month! Come on - you want to retire, don't you? Well, invest that in a tax-efficient retirement account that compounds interest, hitting the average 11% at least. Now have a look at your account in twenty years time and you'll find that you have an extra $178,000, thanks to compound interest - a total of $238,000. The key to the game is not so much the size of the financial investment that you are making as it is the way that you use it. Starting young and using the power of compound interest can make you a retirement millionaire in less time than you could ever have imagined. Some investors will lovingly call using compound interest simply using the “force” while others simply call you an idiot for not using it. If you are one of the one’s with the foresight to start investing now, you will be one of the one’s with the ability to brag about the general comfort of your retirement. Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham aren’t geniuses or once-in-a-lifetime lucky dogs; they are a few guys who used their money to make money. By putting in everything later in life you may make a solid return, by putting in a solid amount early in life, you may make everything.

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Buy jewelry wholesale at jewelry shows and expos 194

Buy Jewelry Wholesale at Jewelry Shows and Expos Jewelry shows and expos are great places to find jewelry wholesale. These shows and expos are held all over the world throughout the year, and no matter where you live, a show will eventually be held near you – probably within a days drive. In fact, if you live near a major city or a convention center, there will probably be several shows throughout the year that you will be interested in when it comes to jewelry wholesale. One of the great things about these shows and expos – aside from all of the gorgeous jewelry on display and the fabulous prices – is the information that is offered. These shows and expos often cover entire weekends, and related seminars and demonstrations are often included as well. There is an entry fee for these shows and expos, in most cases, but it is typically quite affordable. A good way to find shows in your area is to visit http://aksshow. com/home. jsp Another way to find shows is to visit a search engine and type ‘jewelry shows your home town’ into the search box, where your home town is the town you live in, or a major city near you. (word count 194)

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