How to read a vehicle history report

Old cars don't die, they just get resold. If you're buying a used car, whether from a dealer or someone who put an ad in the paper, you'll want to know as much about it as you can. Even without anyone trying to deceive you, the vehicle may have problems you can't see from a simple visual inspection or even a short test drive. A vehicle history report prepared by a third party is one way to know what you're getting. Combining information from state DMVs and RMVs as well as police reports and other sources, a vehicle history report can give you a comprehensive overview of where the car's been. Here are some things to look for-or look out for-when you get a report on a vehicle. None of these things is necessarily a reason not to buy a car, but you shouldn't make a decision without asking about anything you see on a vehicle history: • Many owners. The more garages a car's been in, the less likely it's been lovingly cared for all its life. Not everyone is as assiduous about car care as you are. Rental cars and former taxis, for example, will often have undergone a lot of abuse, although they tend to be quite inexpensive. • Location, location, location. Some parts of the country are more car-friendly than others. Winter storms (with their accompanying salted roads) can be rough on cars, as obviously can floods, excessive heat or even sea air. Cars that have been where these are common may have hidden damage. • Name and description. Be sure the car in the report is the same as the car you're looking at. Carefully reviewing the vehicle description is one way to avoid various types of vehicle fraud, like VIN cloning. A cloned vehicle involves using a vehicle identification number (VIN) from a legally owned, non-stolen vehicle to mask the identity of a similar make/ model stolen vehicle. Carfax reports include detailed descriptions of the vehicle, so you can make sure the car you're reading about is the same as the one you're looking at. • Suspicious markings. Keep an eye out for records of body work that might indicate a prior unreported incident. Vehicle history reports from Carfax are the most comprehensive available. The company's database contains more than four billion records from thousands of public and private sources, including all Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) in the United States and Canada and thousands of vehicle inspection stations, auto auctions, fleet management and rental agencies, automobile manufacturers, and fire and police departments.

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Getting all of the discounts available on a car insurance policy

When buying car insurance, there are many important things to consider. In order to become a smart and savvy car insurance consumer, and get the best rates possible for your policy, you need to understand what insurance companies do, and how to best communicate with them. Insurance companies are in the business of taking risk. The amount of risk they take to insure you and the rate they will charge you are based on a number of variables. Your driving experience and history, where you live, your age, how many drivers and vehicles are on your policy, what discounts are applicable to you, and numerous other variable are all used to determine the rate or cost for your policy. There are numerous discounts available for the consumer on car insurance policies today. A multi-car discount will lower the premium on each vehicle on the same policy. Some companies will sell you a separate policy for each vehicle and still give you the multi-car discount. Keep in mind there can be overhead or additional cost for each policy, so having all of your vehicles on the same policy could save you money. Most insurance companies will give full time high school or college students with a 3.0 or higher grade point average a discount.

This discount could be as high as fifteen percent on the primary vehicle that the student drives. If the premium for the student driver is one to two thousand dollars per year, a good student discount could be a savings of one hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars per year. Multiply that by the number of years in school, and that will add up to a huge savings. Some insurance companies will give you an occupational discount depending on your educational background and job title. Teachers, Medical Professionals, Scientists, Engineers, Computer Professionals, and other jobs that require a college degree, license, or certification. An anti-theft discount can lower the comprehensive (theft & vandalism) portion of the policy premium. This is generally considered to be a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) based system where your car can be located via a satellite if it is stolen. Department of Motor Vehicle certified mature driving courses are available for senior citizens and can lower your premium as much as ten percent. And of course, maintaining a good driving record will allow your insurance carrier to give you a good driver discount and keep your rates down.

All car insurance policy owners should check with their current carrier to see if they are getting all of the discounts that apply to their policy. Copyright 2006 Barry Brenner

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Baby birth announcements announcing a new addition

Getting ready for a new addition to the family is a very busy time. New or experienced parents would like nothing more for everything to go smoothly. However, there is a long list of tasks to complete before baby arrives. If parents want to share their excitement with friends and family, a baby birth announcement is one of the most important tasks to complete. It may be difficult to decide the style of baby birth announcement to send out. One great idea is to choose a style that coordinates with your nursery. Lots of work has already gone into making the nursery ready for baby. Choose a similar style for the baby birth announcement and save time deciding on a theme. Another great idea for the birth announcement is to include a photo-that is if the parents have time.

It can be difficult to get a great picture and can take some time. It is important to be patient when taking pictures but eventually a shot worthy of the baby birth announcement will be taken. A photo taken with parents and new baby are a great way to share with everyone the new family entity. If it is too difficult or too time consuming to take a picture right after baby birth, send the announcement first and then send pictures at a later date. There is a standard for what type of information should be included in the baby birth announcement. First the parents names and then the new baby’s name should be included. Information about the baby that should be put in the announcement includes birthday, birth weight and height. This should all the information friends and family need to learn about the new baby. It is important to remember that birth announcements are not a request for gifts. Gifts are something that should be taken care of with the baby shower before baby’s birth. However, some friends and family will send gifts, and may even send them before the announcements are sent. When ordering baby birth announcements, it is a good idea to order thank you notes that coordinate with the theme. This way the parents will be ready to send thank you notes when gifts arrive. A new baby is such a happy and busy time. Choosing the right baby birth announcement is the perfect way to share the happiness with friends and family. For a wonderful selection of baby birth announcements and baby shower invitations, as well as thank you notes, visit Dependable Printing.

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Payroll puerto rico unique aspects of puerto rico payroll law and practice

: The Puerto Rico State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of State income taxes deducted from payroll checks is: Department of the Treasury Bureau of Income Tax Intendente Alejandro Ramirez Bldg. Paseo Covadonga, Stop 1 P. O. Box S-4515 San Juan, PR 00905 (787) 721-2020 http:// hacienda. gobierno. pr/ Puerto Rico has no State Income Tax. Therefore, there are no State W2's to file, no supplement wage withholding rates and no State W2's to file. The Puerto Rico State Unemployment Insurance Agency is: Department of Labor and Human Resources Bureau of Employment Security Prudencio Rivera Martinez Bldg. 505 Munoz Rivera Ave. Hato Rey, PR 00918 (787) 754-5262 The State of Puerto Rico taxable wage base for unemployment purposes is wages up to $7,000.00. Puerto Rico has no provision of quarterly wages on magnetic media. Unemployment records must be retained in Puerto Rico for a minimum period of five years. This information generally includes: name; social security number; dates of hire, rehire and termination; wages by period; payroll pay periods and pay dates; date and circumstances of termination.

The Puerto Rico State Agency charged with enforcing the state wage and hour laws is: Department of Labor and Human Resources 505 Munoz Rivera Ave. Hato Rey, PR 00918 (787) 754-2119 http:// dtrh. gobierno. pr/ There is no provision for minimum wage in Puerto Rico. The general provision in Puerto Rico concerning paying overtime in a non-FLSA covered employer is one and one half times regular rate after 40-hour week except under contract, custom, nature of work. There is no provision of new hire requirements in the Puerto Rico law. There is no provision of rules for direct deposit for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has no Wage and Hour Law provisions concerning pay stub information except that employees paid by direct deposit must get a voucher showing all deductions. Puerto Rico requires that employee be paid every 15 days. In Puerto Rico there are no statutory requirements concerning the lag time between when the services are performed and when the employee must be paid. Puerto Rico payroll law requires that involuntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by next regular payday.

Puerto Rico has no general provision on when voluntarily terminated employees must be paid their final wages. There is no provision in Puerto Rico law concerning paying deceased employees. There is no provision of when unclaimed wages should be paid in Puerto Rico. There is no provision in Puerto Rico law concerning record retention of abandoned wage records. There is no provision in Puerto Rico law concerning tip credits against State minimum wage. In Puerto Rico the payroll laws covering mandatory rest or meal breaks are only that all employees must have 1-hour meal period after 3rd and before 6th hour of shift unless agreed otherwise. There is no provision in Puerto Rico law concerning record retention of wage and hour records therefore it is probably wise to follow FLSA guidelines.

The Puerto Rico agency charged with enforcing Child Support Orders and laws is: Child Support Enforcement Program Department of Social Services P. O. Box 3349 San Juan, PR 00902-3349 (787) 767-1500 Puerto Rico has no provisions for child support deductions. Please note that this article is not updated for changes that can and will happen from time to time.

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The top 10 reasons why my coaching business is not slow

A mentor of mine recently commented that "coaches keep complaining business is too slow." In response, I reported that things are the opposite for me, and that I am rarely slow. He asked me to present him with "The Top 10 Reasons Why My Coaching Business is Not Slow," and here they are: 10. I place great emphasis on business development. I get bored easily. (Typical ADD!) If I’m not continually challenging myself with developing new products, new services, new marketing techniques, and new speaking engagements, I get bored. I have a menu of products and services and I continually add to it, based on what my clients and prospects have told me they want and will buy. 9. I make the most of my newsletter, which has about 2200 subscribers and grows daily. I give my subscribers valuable information, whether or not they choose to take advantage of my pay services. But I also don’t hesitate to make them aware of what I have to offer. If they buy, great. If they don’t, I don’t take it personally. At least I know I am putting out some good into the world and reaching a ton of people. 8. I keep my professional network & strategic alliance partners in the loop. Many of my clients come from referrals. I feel that it’s very important to maintain regular contact with people who are referring clients to me, or who may refer clients to me in the future. I always acknowledge referrals and offer my thanks and appreciation. 7. I write down all my ideas. I wish the government would pay me to sit in a room all day and generate ideas! I’d truly succeed. I am constantly dreaming up new and exciting workshops, programs, and products. I can’t implement them all at once, but I do write them down so that I can access the ideas when the time is right. 6. I’m happy making my living helping. I continually remind myself of why I am coaching and what it means to me. I keep a "Happy Folder" where all the good feedback goes and I review it when I feel down. I work for the money. I coach because I love it. I coach ADDers because they're fabulous people. 5. I focus on marketing, not BS work. While it’s impossible to stay clear of what I call "BS work," I continually remind myself that things like web updates should only occupy my time when absolutely necessary. I’d rather spend my non-coaching time getting new clients. 4. I’m authentic and rarely attract an incompatible client. If I know that I won’t work well with a potential client or that the relationship will not be satisfying to one or both of us, I refer the client to another coach who is better suited for the job. I would rather spend my time with – and make my money from – clients whom I know I can make a difference with. 3. I have an excellent team in place. It took a while, but I finally embraced the idea that I can not, and should not, be doing everything. Delivering the coaching and developing the business are my strengths. I prefer to let others utilize their strengths in all other areas. 2. I have decided to make this coaching business work, and damn it, I will make it work! I used to think that the word "failure" didn’t belong in my vocabulary. I came to realize that failure is inevitable. It will happen. And when it does, I am just one step closer to finding a solution that works. 1. I welcome the occasional "slow down" of business. When things are slow, I use it as an opportunity to create more opportunities. "Slow" periods give me the time I need to focus on and follow through with marketing, client recruitment, and product development. Which of these can you do, right now, to move your own business forward?

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The ultimate sales tip give up the need to sell

Most business people will tell you that selling is not their favorite activity. Let’s explore a way to look at the process of sales a bit more favorably. Whether we like it or not---“we’re all in sales”. Most of us have an internal dialogue about both selling and closing that is less than positive. Most of us approach the sales portion of our business hoping we’re not “coming off like a salesman.” Most of us hate to be sold to. Most of us have to sell to live. Most of us realize that in order to keep our business afloat, we need to sell. I suggest that you give up that need to sell. Please notice that I didn’t ask you to give up the commitment to sell, but rather the need to sell. The hardest time to do anything is when you need to. In the revised edition of his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, the noted psychiatrist and author Victor Frankl coined the term “Paradoxical Intentionality”. He defines “Paradoxical Intentionality” as “The twofold fact that fear brings about that which one is afraid of, and that hyper-intention makes impossible that which one wishes.” In other words, if you need to do something it makes the task much more difficult. Frankl’s thesis can best be illustrated by an example with which we all can identify. The last time you needed to get to sleep because you had something important to do the next morning… how easy was it to get to sleep? The last time you needed to stay awake for the end of a film… how easy was it to stay awake? So I repeat… give up the need to sell. Be committed 150% to making the sale but avoid becoming tied to the “outcome” of making the sale. This is contrary to what many of us have been taught. However, if you view yourself as a “problem solver” rather than a “maker of sales” this concept will make much greater sense. I define a problem as, “something that exists when there is a difference between what you have and what you want.” My definition of business is, “The ability to solve other people’s problems and get and make a profit.” Closing is “the ability to create an environment in which the prospect can come to the conclusion that our product or service will solve his/her problem.” Based on these definitions, our job becomes a process in which we first uncover whether the prospect has the type of problems our business solves. Next we have to find out if the prospect truly believes that a problem exists (and it’s important to let the prospect be the judge.) If the prospect believes that there is a problem, and that the problem is likely to cause monetary or emotional sacrifices, he or she will be more open to having someone who can be trusted help solve the problem. In other words, the prospect begins to close the deal. Your prospect will begin to convince and influence you that there is a need for your help. He or she will become the source of the sales presentation and the close. As backwards sounding as this may seem… it’s really the way it works. Because the responsibility of convincing and influencing is assumed willingly by the prospect nearly all of the stress and negativity we associate with selling literally disappears. Use this approach to selling and you’ll see a big difference. Instead of a day filled with trying to sell things to people, you will get to solve people’s problems. This is a much more enjoyable way to approach the selling part of your business. In summary… give up the need to sell and think of yourself as a magical problem solver. Copyright 2005 Ike Krieger

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Top 10 reasons home based businesses fail

Something For Nothing Syndrome Let me be perfectly honest with you, there is no such thing as something for nothing, but you already knew that didn’t you. Then why are there so many home based business and success programs being sold by way of TV info-commercials, ads in magazines, newspapers, and the especially the Internet? I personally think that we would all like to think that there is a shortcut to success but deep inside we all know that is success is earned. Success would not be success if you could simply purchase a home based business system for $49.95 that is completely automated and all you do is collect the money, yet I have personally seen thousands of internet sites and info commercials claiming they have a fully automated system, plug in and you will be wealthy by just paying your $49.95, presto you’re an instant success, no real efforts required, they even guarantee it. People are purchasing these programs every day and they are disappointed everyday. I will even admit to you that I have purchased these programs and had them piled up in my drawer (anybody else?). I am not saying that you must work your life away, but I am saying that focused and leveraged efforts are “key” to success. Let’s compare a home based business with a weight loss program. Weight loss programs are everywhere and they range from real programs that teach the truth, which is healthy eating and exercise are required to get any real results, to magic weight lose plans that all you do is take a pill and you are magically transformed with no effort. There are some good weight lose systems out there, but the key ingredient is you and the efforts you put forth. So the truth about your home based business will be the very same, the key ingredient is you and the efforts you put forth will determine your success. If you are broke and looking for that magic pill to save you, it does not exist, do both of us a favor and stay at or go get a J. O.B. If you approach your home based business with a focused and committed attitude, understanding that a business does require work and capital (money), you are well on your way. The great thing about the home based business industry is that you can get started with minimal funds compared to other more traditional brick and mortar businesses. Not Understanding Capital & ROI Capital is the money required to start and operate your business. Remember Rule #1, there is never something for nothing. Understanding how much capital is going to be required to start and operate your business until profits are realized is an important factor in the success of any business. Once your capital needs are identified you can begin to calculate your ROI “Return on Investment”, or should we say “Return on Capital”. So for example, if your business will require $20,000.00 to start and operate until profits come in and that business will generate $100,000.00 net profit the first year then you would have achieved a complete capital payback and a 400% return on capital first year. Wall Street would fund this business model all day long. The home based business industry really does offer this type of return, that is if you understand your capital requirements and have a business plan that provides leverage. For example most brick and mortar businesses do not pay back capital first years, so no profit is realized for several years! The challenge with a home based business is that thinking you can purchase a business for $49.95 on the internet and then make a million dollars, frankly is a fantasy. In fact, let’s look at a franchise for example, a $200,000.00 capital outlay is not uncommon to purchase a franchise, that franchise would then usually produce net profits in the neighborhood of $50,000.00 per year. Might make it more understandable to offer a specific example. So in this franchise example, it would take four years just to break even and start producing a return on capital, not very exciting is it. If success was easy it would no longer be success. Look for opportunities that can produce a reasonable ROI first year, and that require a minimal capital investment. Any businesses that can produce a 1st year capital pay back, while also producing a first year net profit is always a winner. Look for a home based business with great ROI potential, this will be best accomplished with leverage. Expect to capitalize your business properly and understand your business plan. Ask yourself how much capital will be required and how long will it take to pay back that capital and to then realize a net profit. Remember the more leverage you have the more net profits you will keep. Gross sales are important but I would rather start a business with gross sales of $100,000.00 year and that produces a net profit of $60,000.00 (60%) over having a business that has gross sales of $1,000,000.00 year and a net profit of $60,000.00 (6%). They both produce the same net profit, but the business with the larger gross sales will in most all cases be 10 times more expensive to start (a lot more money up front) and will have more employees (and taxes) and require a lot more of your time to manage. So the return on your time in a business is what you make an hour. The larger the lever built into your business model, the more you make per hour spent. Listening To The Wrong People Why is it that if we are learning to golf we have no problem taking lessons from the Golf Pro at the Country Club, or if we were learning to Skydive we would be insane to learn from any one but the Jump Master. Yet when it comes to learning to earn a substantial personal income we usually make the mistake of listening to family and friends most of the time, or we actually think we are qualified to teach ourselves, this is called the school of hard knocks. If you are looking to earn $100,000.00 a month then doesn’t it just make sense you would look for a person or better yet, a team of people that have already achieved this level of income and then learn from them. We would never have our friends or family teach us how to jump out of an airplane. The challenge we do have is unlike in golf or skydiving were we know where to go for expert advice, where do we go to learn to earn a substantial personal income? Well a franchise system is one place where a successful business system is taught to you by other successful people, but we all know that a franchise requires a large up front capital outlay. When evaluating a home based business system look at the training and support, make sure the individuals doing the training are at a high “personal” level of success in that business. Most companies have customer support teams that are just hourly employees reading information from manuals. They are not qualified to teach you how to reach the level of success you are looking for, or worse yet you can only e-mail your questions or complaints to them. You should look for a home based business system that allows for the top income earners within that system to be the trainers. This way you are learning from the people who are getting results. Ask yourself, will I have the telephone numbers of the people with whom I will be doing business, will I have access to the top income earners on a daily bases if necessary. Or will there be a $49.95 kit sold up front, only to find out that if you want to access the real training and support, it will cost you an additional $5,000.00 or so, let alone the other capital you will need to operate your business. I will not mention any specific companies but they are doing info-commercials every day. Does the home based business you are considering have mentors and coaches who are successfully operating the same business, and do you have access to them for the price of the business, no hidden costs? Remember e-books and online kits are usually designed to make the person selling them rich, not you. If you can not get the company on the phone before you purchase, please be very careful. Make sure that the company is registered in the United States and they are required to follow US law, there are a lot of these companies whose headquarters are offshore, ask yourself why? Websites without phone numbers are designed to make the company money, without doing any real training and support. When you purchase a franchise they always include the training and support as without it they know you will probably fail. It is usually not even an option to leave it out and why would you? Make sure you understand how much training and support is included in the business system, an unlimited amount would be optimum. Live training from real people that are successfully operating the same business is the very best, e-mail only support can drastically limit your learning. You deserve to be trained by the best make sure it is included, otherwise you are probably wasting your time! Marketing, Marketing and Marketing You can have the best products in the entire world or provide the best service in your industry, but unless people know about your products or service, you will be out of business. There are many ways to market your business and they can be very simple and inexpensive or they can be complicated and very expensive. Make sure to keep it as simple as possible and understand your conversion rates. This means that if you spend $1,000.00 a month on advertising and that generates 100 potential customers and 3 purchase your product. You have a 3% conversion rate. You should also make sure that your profit from those 3 sales provides enough revenue to pay all of your costs (including advertising) and still provides you with a net profit. Finding products that have a substantial profit can make this process much easier. Repeat business can also be instrumental to your profitability. If your customers return and purchase again you have made a profit without any additional marketing. Repeat business is essential to a successful business and marketing system. It is possible to operate a profitable business with no repeat business, but why not look for a business with repeat customers built in! When considering a home based business the simpler the marketing the better. Poor Environment Management Working from home offers many benefits such as no commute and no day care costs, etc. The flip side of this coin is that distractions can exist that you do not find in an office setting, such as crying children, barking dogs, the television, you get the idea. The trick is to balance your environment. It may take a little practice but by no means is it difficult with a little planning. So take advantage of all the positive that a home based business provides, while learning to manage your environment, working from home can prove to be an enormous advantage over the rat race. So create a workspace that is a dedicated resource and set some simple rules so that you can create a professional office environment at home. Creating this environment is key, make sure you have good equipment. If you are constantly struggling with your equipment you will not be focused or efficient. You can involve the rest of the family and make it positive for everyone. It just takes a little communication and cooperation to have a successful environment. Be creative and have fun! Having A Closed Mind Entering the small business arena can be a change of pace. If you are operating a business for the first time as an owner rather than working as an employee it will be imperative that you keep an open mind so that you can learn new concepts and not look upon new business concepts that you may be unfamiliar with as risky. Anytime new information or concepts are presented keep an open mind and be a student of the information before you form any conclusions. Be informed and educated before you make judgments. If you are a seasoned business professional coming from a large corporation it is also important to be open minded as operating a small business can be completely different. A strong ego can keep you from learning new things. Remember the only requirement for being an expert is results, so look for results not at the age, color, or gender, of the person teaching you, just their results. Be coachable and trainable and become a student of your industry. Network Marketing and home based businesses can offer huge leverage if you just keep an open mind. A lot of major Corporations sell there products through Network Marketing, and these concepts are now taught at major universities. GM sells cars this way now, so just because you are not familiar with a certain type of business or compensation plan don’t judge it until you have learned all there is to know. It may be the best way for you to get in the game if you lack a lot of capital (money). Poor Product or Service Selection Selecting products or services and more importantly focusing on the profit potential is a critical component. Yes it is always exciting when you can work with products or services that you are passionate about, but please remember to look at the net profitability and your overall plan. So if your product has a substantial profit margin you have a much better opportunity to succeed. Look for products that can be drop shipped to your client and products that will also provide you with substantial net profits. This way you can focus on marketing and running your business. Understand that Service businesses can be more difficult depending on the service and if you are required to provide the labor. In most cases with services you will do the labor, but you may be able to market other people’s services, this would be our recommendation. With any service businesses you may find you have just purchased yourself a J. O.B. Always look for others to do the bulk of the work so you can grow quickly. Pick suppliers that have large capacity. As you identify your products or services choosing ones that allows for repeat business will also be a key ingredient for a profitable and successful business. Fear of Rejection Fear of rejection is usually caused by low self-esteem and the lack of self-confidence. A business can not be profitable without sales. Remember that when a potential customer rejects your product or service he/she is not rejecting you they are simply rejecting a product or service at that point in their life, they may very well become a customer at a later time, so stay positive. The most successful people in sales are the ones who receive the most rejection as that means they have also sold the most products or services. The home run champion is always high in the strike out count as well. Through practice and good training you will master this skill and be a successful home entrepreneur. Please do not fall into the trap we discussed earlier were you are told the system is fully automated and you will not talk to anyone. If it was that easy we would all be rich. Businesses require sales and those sales involve people and more importantly contact with these people. Home based businesses are no exception. If you are afraid to sell then a J. O.B. may be a better choice for you, preferably not one is sales. Sales drive every company and the relationship you build with your clients will keep you in business. Look for home based businesses that will provide you with warm contacts through your marketing efforts so you are not cold calling. Cold calling is painful especially for people new to sales. Be determined to develop reasonable people skills if you intend to go into business. You may not currently have them but you can easily learn these skills if you posses self confidence and are willing to do a little practice. No Leverage If you do not understand leveraging then you might as well dust off your Resume’ and hit careerbuilder. com. Leverage is the only way you will create real wealth in your life. A business owner leverages his time by hiring employees, these employees leverage his time. This is why service businesses where you do the work have no leverage without employees or someone else doing the labor. A manufacturer that uses distributors is an example of leverage. A franchise that sells it’s system and collects a portion of profits is leverage. An author, who writes a book once and sells it over and over again, is leverage. An actor who stars in a film and the film is shown in theaters all over the world is leverage. Leverage can be created in many ways but if you ever want true wealth you must create a lever and the larger the lever the more wealth. Leverage is the key, so look for leverage in a system you can learn or create leverage in the business you decide to run but find leverage and your profit will multiply equally to the size of your lever. Inadequate Planning Creating a plan to achieve your goals is paramount. This should include a “DMO”, “Daily Method of Operations”. Focus efforts can produce the best results just like the magnifying glass focuses the suns rays and creates fire, your efforts can be focused for best results. Having a precised plan with measurements is imperative, for example to say your goal is to improve sales, is a goal without a measure. Instead say your goal is to increase sales 30% in the next 90 days, this is an example of a goal with measure and a completion date. You can clearly measure if you have reached your goal as well as track its progress along the say. Set your DMO and follow it while consulting your goals on a daily basis and make sure you are doing all necessary to meet your objectives. Managing your time is important but focused effort and balance will propel you to success, don’t forget to relax and have fun. By focusing your time, you will surely get better results in all areas of your life. In conclusion: We want to make sure you have the knowledge and information, to you make these important decisions. Our Mission is to provide all the support and resources you require to assist you in making an intelligent decision about the perfect business opportunity for you. If there you are looking for that perfect business and do not currently have one, and what you’ve learned makes sense then revisit our site for further information, or e-mail us at info@ultimatesuccesssystem. biz. I wish you all the success in your endeavors. Cordially, Bart Saxey The Ultimate Success System Team ultimatesuccesssystem. biz

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Are you playing checkers or chess as a leader

Simple Ways To Improve Your Team’s Performance If you are a leader trying to create a positive work environment, hold off on buying posters and new carpet for your work area and take look in the mirror. Did you know that 70% of how your team members feel while being at work comes from you, the leader? Did you know that as the leader, your actions and emotions are transferred to your team members? So what can you do to generate a work place that team members feel motivated to do their best? Just a few simple things will make the difference. First of all, make sure your team knows that your role is to make them successful in their role. If they know and believe this, they will be open to trust you and act on your vision of the future. Next, make it a point to smile and be upbeat and positive. As the leader, you influence more than 70% of how team members feel while at work. And if your team can share in your new attitude, they will perform better and provide better service to their customers. You do have the ability to transfer your emotions to your team, so make sure they are getting the more productive ones. And finally, empower your team when and where you can. One of the most common reasons people leave a job is because they do not feel that they have input and control of the things that take place around them. If you can give your team members the ability to make small changes to procedures that may assist customers, give them that ability. If the time of day they arrive and leave work is not important, let them set their own schedule. Just a few simple changes in the way you lead will make a significant impact on how happy and productive your team is. So take a look the mirror and make some changes today. Go to our website at LeadershipMentor. net and you will find audio session available to listen to free of charge. Don’t leave Leadership to just happen, start to learn as much as you can today!! Kreg Enderson Leadership Coach/Mentor LeadershipMentor. net

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Gas grills give warm parties to your friends and families

Gas grill is a device or surface, always fueled by gas and is used for cooking food. If you want to warm up your weekends by cooking delicious dishes for your family and friends, then you should immediately get a gas frill for yourself. When you want to purchase gas grills, you can either arrange the grills as per your choice right in the shop or allow the mechanics to choose the grills for you. Advantages of gas grills Gas grills are advantageous, as they do not lead to air pollution. Since they are quite small in size, so you can fix them almost at any corner of your home. Unlike the electric grills, the gas grills do not require electrical points near to the place you want to install the grills. The gas grills are flexible and can be carried from your home to the garden to prepare food for al fresco parties. There is even no risk of receiving electrical shocks in case of mishandling. Factors needed for choosing the gas grill For those who want to purchase the gas grill, here are some tips that will help you choose the gas grill. While you are purchasing the gas grill, you should pay attention to the quality and try to get a grill with ceramic briquettes and lava rocks. Choose a gas grill with double heat control so that you can easily control the burners. Try to look for a model with drip tray so that cleanup becomes easier. The gas grill should contain heat-deflecting panel so that heat can spread evenly. While you should avoid gas grills with side burners as it only increases the price, you should get the side shelves nevertheless. The side shelves are very handy for containing plates and other containers. The main factor to be considered for gas grills is the nature of the grills. You can get gas grills with hinged, stainless steel grate and wider bars as it prevents less amount of food to get spilled over the flames. If you are opting for porcelain-coated steel grates, then remember they are easy to clean but have a typical tendency to break if falls down. Cast iron grates, on the other hand, require much more maintenance because they have a tendency to rust, but they assure to sear meat in an excellent way. You can choose a gas grill with any of the following types of grill that will suit your purpose best. You can cook a whole range of barbeques in the gas grills. Ranging from searing meats, roasting fishes, to preparing sandwiches, burgers, pastries and cookies, gas grills serve your purpose of treating people with delicious culinary delights.

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Insuring your diamonds 413

Insuring Your Diamonds Insuring a diamond takes a bit of thought, planning, and shopping around. Diamond insurance isn’t like purchasing car insurance. It is quite different. Depending on the state that you live in, there are basically three different types of policies that will cover diamonds, and all insurance policies that cover diamonds are considered Marine type policies. The first type of insurance policies for diamonds is an Actual Cash Value policy. If the diamond is lost or damaged beyond repair, the insurance company will replace the diamond at today’s market value, no matter how much you paid for the diamond to begin with. This type of insurance policy for diamonds actually is not that common. The most common type of insurance for diamonds is Replacement Value insurance. The insurance company will only pay up to a fixed amount to replace the diamond that was lost or damaged beyond repair. This does not mean that they will pay that amount – it means that they will pay up to that amount. In most cases, the diamond can be replaced at a lower cost. The third type of coverage offered for diamonds is Agreed Value. This is sometimes called ‘Valued At.’ This type of coverage is very rare. In the event that the diamond is lost or damaged beyond repair, the insurance company simply pays you the amount that you and the company agreed upon. This is the best type of insurance to have, but it is rarely offered. If you can’t get Agreed Value coverage, Actual Cash Value coverage should be your next choice. Your rates will be determined by the value of the diamond, the type of coverage that you select, and the area that you live in. If you live in an area with a high crime rate, you can expect to pay more for your diamond insurance coverage. It is important to remember that insurance agents are not qualified jewelers, and jewelers are not qualified insurance agents. It is best to get a certificate for your diamond, and to provide the insurance company with a copy of that certificate. This leaves the insurance company less room for arguments over the actual value of the diamond. Don’t rely on separate coverage to cover your diamond. For instance, if you diamond is stolen from your home, it is probably covered on your home owner’s insurance policy – but the diamond probably won’t always be in your home, and once it leaves your home, there is no coverage. (word count 413)

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How to organize your christmas baking without going crazy

There is nothing more comforting than the smell of Christmas cookies fresh out of the oven. As a little girl, I remember eagerly watching my mom, as she would carefully remove the hot cookie sheets from the oven. I couldn’t wait to help decorate with the homemade frosting, the cinnamon candies and the multi-colored sprinkles that would make each cookie design come to life. Those were different times then. Mom didn’t work outside the home and family lives weren’t as hectic as they are today. Today, it seems like there is a mad rush from Halloween to Christmas Day and little time to simply enjoy the moments shared. You can enjoy the fun times of homemade holiday baking by planning ahead of time. Christmas cookies make delicious, thoughtful gifts and are a great way to involve children in the festivities.

First, let’s look at the calendar and start planning with enough time. The first thing is to decide if you are going to bake holiday cookies for home, for entertaining or if you are going to be giving them as gifts and how many. Allow yourself plenty of time to start getting things together. Late October isn’t too early.

Next, let’s decide how many varieties of cookies to bake. A variety is nice, but too many can be overwhelming. I like to bake three to four different types of cookies. This way, I can make larger dough batches ahead of time, and still have a nice display. Once you’ve decided how many different kinds you are going to bake, the next thing to do is pick your recipes.

Whether you use your own Christmas cookie book or find recipes on the web, make a copy of each so that you can keep them all together. This makes it simpler than flipping around from the various cookbooks and will also help to make sure your cookbooks don’t get soiled, either. Now it’s time to gather your ingredient list. Determine how many cookies you want to make of each recipe and then adjust your ingredients accordingly. Make one list of all ingredients, so that shopping can be done in one trip without forgetting important items. Let’s review the recipes to see if there is any dough that can be made and frozen ahead of time. This will be a huge time-saver as later on, you will simply be able to defrost the dough, bake and decorate. Since you have all already shopped for the ingredients, set aside an hour or so to mix the dough recipes.

Let’s get out that calendar again and pick a time to set aside for the actual baking. Since we’ve already prepared the dough, all we need to do is organize our decorations. It’s best to just do one type of cookie at a time, this way you won’t have to go back and forth between cookies. Whether it’s during the week or on the weekend, clear off everything else from that day except for your baking. This way, you’re not rushed and can simply enjoy the day. If you will be involving children, this is a great time to just enjoy very special moments together. These special times come once a year and sometimes once in a lifetime.

Christmas baking is a memorable tradition that you can start with your family. Copyright 2005 - Patty Gale

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To keep or not to keep

To Keep or not to Keep, that is the Question There are many great reasons for having a yard sale. Some people have yard sales before they move so they don't have to pack and ship belongings they aren't using. Sometimes they are updating the look of their home and sell their old belongings to make money and room for the new ones. Sometimes your children just grow like weeds and rapidly outgrow both their clothes and their toys. It could also simply be the desire to purge all those items you've held onto for so long, thinking you'd find a use for them but never did. No matter what your reason, having a yard sale is a relatively easy goal to achieve and requires just a few hours of preparation and a few more hours actually selling your wares. You'll reap both financial and emotional rewards from it. Decide on a date for your yard sale, then get to work surveying the items you have. When you're going through your house deciding what to sell, you'll have to be brutally honest with yourself. If you haven't used it, don't like it, don't see yourself using it or don't know of anyone personally who could benefit from it, then it's a yard sale item. Sort through every dresser and kitchen drawer, every clothes and linen closet, every cupboard and toy box you have in your house. Don't forget your basement, attic, pantry, entertainment center, buffet and outdoor tool shed as well. If an item belongs to a family member, don't make the decision for them. Get their input before placing an item in your yard sale box. Regardless of the time it takes to sort through all your items, make the commitment to stick with it and remind yourself on a continual basis the monetary profit and emotional relief you'll feel once your clutter has been cleared from your home. Once the sale is over, make another commitment to yourself not to bring the unsold items back into your home. Make arrangements with your local rescue mission or charity thrift store to donate the items. Most will be happy to make arrangements to pick up large donations as well as provide you with a tax receipt reflecting your generous donation. Once it's all said and done, you'll have some extra pocket change, and can breathe an emotional sigh of relief that the clutter that's been weighing you down for so long has been purged from your home. Renew your commitment to remain organized and to combat the clutter demon on a continual basis.

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Poker the stars and their following

Texas Hold ‘em is a poker game that has taken the world by storm. So what is it about this particular poker game that created such a sensation? There are several points that play into the popularity of the game, including the “star status” achieved by some of the professional players. Add to that the fact that the game is fairly easy to learn for anyone who has a rudimentary knowledge of poker – instantly allowing groups of people to gather to play in games and tournaments that mimic those World Poker Tours as seen on television. In the largest cities and smallest communities around the country, people are meeting up to play Texas Hold ‘em. Though some don’t limit their poker playing to only this one game, many groups are holding Texas Hold ‘em tournaments as their main draw.

Words like “river,” “flop” and “pocket pair” are bandied about during these poker games, just as they are during the major poker games being televised. And while the folks who play in those local tournaments aren’t likely to ever be the stars of their Las Vegas counterparts, there’s no doubt that some of the winners (and losers) are taking their cues from the World Poker Tour stars. Phil Helmuth is arguably one of the best-known poker players on television today, but it’s not only because he has won so many poker tournaments. It’s also because Phil is such a character. He’s been known to throw a fit (on television) when things aren’t going his way. He once made the comment that he’d just been beaten by someone who couldn’t even spell poker, and that those winning at his table simply weren’t playing right. Despite his attitude (which even he admits is often childish), he’s very successful and has written books on playing poker.

Mike Madison is another of the poker stars, also a winner but also a very vocal player. “Mike the Mouth,” as he’s known on the professional circuit, often spouts off to other players at the table. Both Madison and Helmuth are often chastised – both by officials and by fans – for their behavior. But it isn’t the game that makes these men noisy and obnoxious. There are some true gentlemen sitting at those same tables. Doyle Brunson is often described as a “poker legend.” Brunson is older than many of the professional players, has won some impressive tournaments, and never ceases to be professional and polite. Whether it’s on television or gathered around a table in a home in rural America, there’s no doubt that Texas Hold ‘em poker has become the game to play.

Even if it’s only in your own home town, you may find yourself being labeled the next “poker gentleman” like Brunson, or the next “poker crybaby.”

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Poker pitfalls to avoid

Of course, no one plans on losing, there would be no point to do that, but still here are some things to do if you plan that. Or better said, things not to do ever in poker if you don’t want to lose a lot of hands. Select hands poorly – If you are playing too many hands and they are mostly played when they shouldn’t, then you have a big problem. Many players do this mistake and they should correct. Do not try and hold on to a hand that practically stands no change to a draw or a pot. Calculate the odds, the pot odds and the implied hand odds and also pay attention to the persons you are playing with.

If everything is against the hand you are playing then you should fold. Also pay attention to position and game limits. The bright side of playing too many hands is not when you are the one that does that, but the others are. There will always be players that do this mistake and they have to be spotted and used accordingly. Gutshots – draw like this and you have so little chances to getting the hand and actually winning that you can say from the start that you will lose your money.

Drawing a gutshot means there is just one card to make your straight draw. For example you hold a hand of A and K and the card on the flop are J and Q. Everyone automatically draws for the straight in this situation. But, they should first calculate the odds before playing that much to go on the river because they are 1:11 to hit on the turn and 1 to almost 6 against to hit on the river. Low chances when you come to think about all that money you are playing to see the cards and considering the fact that you might not be the only one that draws for that nut straight. You might find yourself hitting your draw but losing the pot. Backdoor Flushes – these are worse than the gutshots. If on a gutshot you have some chances close to 10 on the turn and 5 on the river, here your chances are 1:20 against. A backdoor flush means that you need the perfect two cards to complete your hand and they have to be of the same suit. if you really want to draw to such a hand then you must see if there are extra outs cause if not, chance you will win are very low. Small pairs – incredible but there are some that play hands like small pairs just because they have a pair. These hands are great but only in loose games because there you will have a very strong hand if you hit, meaning you get extra cards of the same amount. If you have two 5, then you expect to get at least one more. But if you don’t then your hand remains very low and chances that you don’t hit are on the flop about 1:8, and after it they become 1:23. So drawing to this pairs isn’t such a good idea unless there are other motives.

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The new healthcare discount benefit plans

Copyright 2006 Gary Dunaway Maintaining good oral health, as well as correcting dental problems, is essential to a healthy lifestyle. However, a growing number of Americans are finding themselves without effective dental coverage to treat and maintain their dental health needs. This is due in part to businesses increasingly cutting back on dental benefits for their employees. As a result, people have started looking online to explore their dental benefit options. The main question people are asking is, “What’s the difference between Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans?” There are distinct differences between the way “traditional dental insurance plans” and “discount dental plans” work. As a general rule, dental insurance is utilized by large groups and businesses to cover their employee’s dental care. Dental insurance requires paying monthly premiums for defined coverage. Dental insurance is not readily accessible to individuals and families, unless provided by their employer. Some drawbacks of dental insurance include annual spending maximums, deductibles, waiting periods for certain procedures, and limitations and exclusions on care. There are also tedious claims forms to fill out and submit. Dental insurance usually covers the cost of preventive services (such as cleanings and exams) only after deductibles are met. Annual deductibles vary from $25 to $50 per covered individual, depending on the policy. The cost of deductibles should be considered when calculating the overall costs associated with dental insurance. While you are able to use any dentist, the monthly premiums for dental insurance may be as much as $30 per month for individuals and over $100 per month for family plans. Discount dental plans, on the other hand, are available for the millions of Americans that do not receive dental benefits through their work or business. Discount dental plans are designed to provide consumers access to dental networks at reduced rates. These plans, are commonly known as “referral” or “reduced fee” plans, and are not considered an insured dental plan. Discount dental plans are affordable to join and are the most widely available dental programs for individuals and families. These discount plans work differently than dental insurance plans, yet provide consumers with real and substantial savings on most dental procedures. Discount dental plans are membership-based programs that usually provide coverage on an annual basis. Consumers pay a membership fee in exchange for secured discounts on most dental services, such as dental exams, routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures, crowns, and braces. These plans typically save our members 30% to 80% on most dental procedures when visiting a participating network provider. Most discount dental plans provide a “fee schedule” with the discounted fees listed out in the membership materials to ensure consumers will receive their promised savings. While there are several differences between traditional dental insurance plans and discount dental plans, they can also be used together in certain situations to maximize savings.

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How important is breakfast

Not many people realize it but eating breakfast is the secret to staying healthy. No matter how busy you are, it’s important to fuel your body so that you can have energy throughout the day. Eating a good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. So don’t overlook this important meal. Select healthy options that fit your taste and lifestyle. The Benefits of a healthy Breakfast are: Jumpstart your metabolism from the overnight fast: Breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting periods and replenishes your supply of glucose. Glucose is your body’s energy source and is broken down and absorbed from the carbohydrates you eat. In the morning, after you have gone without food for as long as 12 hours, your glucose levels drop. When this happens, your body compensates by releasing the glucose that has been stored in your muscle tissue and liver, called glycogen. Once all the energy from the glycogen stored is used up, the body breaks down fatty acids to produce energy. Without carbohydrates, fatty acids are only partially oxidized, which can cause reduced energy levels. Works towards weight Loss: After 12 hours of sleep your body has been fasting overnight, and in the morning you are almost in the first stages of starvation. Skipping breakfast keeps your body in ‘starvation’ mode, while eating a good meal will give your metabolism a boost. If you’re trying to lose weight, the last thing you want to do is keep your metabolism at this lowered state. Eating a healthy breakfast will increase your fat burning ability. Breakfast, therefore, can boost your energy levels as well as your metabolism for the day. Increase your essential nutrients and overall energy levels: Breakfast provides a significant proportion of the day’s total nutrient intake and offers the opportunity to eat foods fortified with nutrients such as foliate, iron, vitamins and fiber. Essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can only be gained from food. Give You Brain fuel To Enhance Concentration: Eating breakfast improves your thinking ability and keeps you at top mental performance. It provides your brain with fuel to enhance problem solving and memory retention. Beat The Binges: Eating a good breakfast will keep you from getting too hungry, which will help prevent you from over eating later in the day. Breakfast eaters are able to better resist fatty and high caloric foods throughout the day. If you skip breakfast, you will tend to nibble on snacks during the mid-morning and turn to coffee for an energy boost. So what does a Healthy Breakfast comprise of? A healthy breakfast should consist of a variety of foods. It should contain complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Protein can come from eggs, beans, or soy. Fiber and carbohydrates can be found in whole cereals, grains or in fruits. A good example of a healthy breakfast might be something like a boiled egg, an orange, and a bowl of whole grain cereal with skimmed milk. No matter what you choose, eating breakfast gives you body and your brain the energy they need to carry you through the day. Be good to yourself and eat breakfast, as it will make you feel much better throughout the day.

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How to identify social anxiety in teens

Often regarded as the most unrecognized mental disorder in teens, social anxiety disorder can take many forms and manifest itself differently per person. Most parents and adults dismiss symptoms as merely shyness or teen angst that their children will eventually outgrow. However, social phobia, as the disorder is sometimes called, can grow worse if left untreated and be debilitating over time. Recognizing social phobia in teens is crucial for their transition to adulthood and you, as adults and parents, have the responsibility of ensuring that they get help. Here are several ways of recognizing symptoms of social phobia in teens: 1. Look out for extreme shyness or discomfort in your child when put in the center of attention. First-time performers normally get stage fright but excessive discomfort, passivity, or inactivity when put on the spotlight should merit further investigation. Although most people will attribute this situation to most teenagers' fear of embarrassing themselves in front of their peers, do not be complacent. Talk to your child about why he or she was unable to perform. Just remember to avoid using an accusatory tone to prevent putting your child on the defensive. 2. Observe your child's academic performance. When your straight-A child starts bringing home B or C-graded homework and exams, you immediately worry that something is wrong. But social phobia is not that obvious. In fact, social phobia leaves little clues like hesitance to recite in class, fear of being asked to report, or even downright refusing to be part of class activities. If possible, talk to your child's teacher about these matters and ask him or her to inform you if your child exhibits these behaviors. 3. Keep track of your child's friends or lack thereof. You know it; teens will spend hours on the phone, go to parties, or hang out after school. Most teens will be part of a large group or at least have a couple of friends. But teens with social phobia often isolate themselves from other people or minimize contact. They would rather attend class without homework than ask a classmate about it. They often have trouble making eye contact, initiating or joining conversations, and being part of school organizations. 4. Check your child's confidence level. Most teens suffering from social phobia often doubt if they are good enough for other people or worry excessively about how others see them. Their fear of being ridiculed, boring, or rejected are basic in their minds and they often look for signs of negative perception in others. This negative attitude towards meeting other people are so pervasive in their minds that it can lead to low self-esteem and inferiority complex. 5. Take note of your child's reaction to social situations. People suffering from social phobia exhibit physical symptoms as well, especially if they are in a social situation like family gatherings or school functions. Signs to look out for include diarrhea, nausea, excessive sweating, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath. If your teen experiences any of these symptoms during or prior to a social event, he or she may be reacting to social phobia. If your teen exhibit all or any of these symptoms, take him or her to a psychologist for a consultation and thorough examination. Chances are high that your child knows that his or her reactions to social activities are irrational but does not know where to ask for help.

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Why should you quit smoking

Why should I quit smoking? It’s a great question that sooner or later every smoker will ask themselves. We will all eventually get to that point. If you are reading this, than you are probably there now. You have been hearing it from your family and your friends, as more and more of them quit smoking, and then want to convert you. Then there is your doctor, who would make more money from you if you continued to smoke, but never the less he wants you to quit too. Your dentist may even get in on the act. “You’re teeth are getting yellow, do you smoke?” Not to mention society in general. No smoking in restaurants, office buildings, pretty much any indoor public place. Where I live, even the bars have gone smoke free. Times sure are changing. Therefore we get to the point where we ask ourselves, “Is this really worth it?” When we are standing outside in January, freezing our collective butts off, that’s when we usually ask this question. We have to leave our desks every couple hours. We make excuses like, I am going to get a coffee, might as well have a smoke while I am out. I guess the things that bother me the most about smoking is the smell. We have seen our friends turn up their noses when they come into our house. Or the kids will get in the car and say “Eww, it stinks in here”. We don’t smell it on ourselves very much, but believe me it’s there. I quit smoking about 8 years ago, cold turkey. I didn’t really miss it after a little while. During this time, I noticed a lot of things about smoking. First of all, everything smells like smoke. You’re clothes, you’re house and car. Everything you use on a daily basis smells like smoke. I always had mild allergies. The whole time I smoked they seemed to bother me all the time. After I had quit for a while, my sinus cleared up. I felt like I could breathe better than before. Overall I just felt better and healthier. Then about 2 years ago, when I had some stress in my personal life, I started smoking again. I know what you are thinking. DUMMY! So before long, I was right back where I was when I was smoking the first time. The nose problems started again. After about 1 year, I caught a cold that felt like it held on for about 6 months. Things that I know are directly related to smoking. Which led me to ask myself a question, but I changed it around a little bit. I asked myself “why shouldn’t I quit smoking”. Do I enjoy spending at least forty dollars a week to smoke? No. Do I like feeling like I have a cold for months at a time? No Do I enjoy having a hard time climbing a few flights of stairs? No. Whichever method you choose to quit smoking, remember to ask yourself these questions everyday. This will help you to stay focused on your goal. If you need more incentive, put all the money you would spend on cigarettes in a jar. Don’t count it or think about it. After 1 year, open it up and you will be thrilled with yourself. Treat yourself to a vacation, knowing you have a long and healthy future ahead of you.

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Improve your health by improving your home

The way your home looks has intense effect on your life. It can control you both physically and psychologically. Your life and achievement depends on how you think of yourself as a person. Everyone has a concept of self. Apart from the skin beauty, the most significant factors that affect the way you define the concept of self are your job, your home, how you dress and your family. Wrong environment at home can have a negative force on your health and ability to get things done in life. Home decor is one of the most important factors in creating a good home environment. This article discusses about "the effect of home decor on your health" and suggests some suggestions to keep your health in a good condition. Mental health: For many years scientists have studied the consequence of colour on mental well being.

Some colours stimulates while some have tranquilizing effect. Hence care need to be taken while selecting wall colours, as they have direct effect on your health. Red colour stimulates and excites your mind. Selective use of red will give you the energy and inspiration. Blue signifies a restful, comforting environment. Children prone to tantrums and aggressive behaviour could gain from calming effect of blue. On contrary inappropriate use of colours would lead to negative health effect. Indoor water fountain in a favourable area in your home will give positive opinion and helps focusing on your goal.

Light, music, water, air, plants, mirrors, wind chimes, houseplants and flowers will bring joy and happiness to your mind. Weight: Dining tables decor with Green themes could prevent over eating while orange stimulates the appetite and would be good for finicky eaters. Breathing: Carpets give us comfort and warmth feeling. But dust mites love to live in your carpet and the proteins from their faecal droppings when disturbed become airborne and affect your skin and respiratory system. If you suffer from asthma or eczema it is better to use hard flooring like wooden floor. Like wise while purchasing your sofas or chairs select a fabric (like leather) in which dust mites cannot inhabit. Recovering the room space by regular de cluttering and vacuuming the house will avoid breathing trouble related to allergy. Like wise closed book selves and cabinets will avert dust collection. Cigarette smoking inside the house could predispose to circumstances like asthma and bronchiolitis in children.

Heart and circulation: Red could augment your blood pressure, pulse rate and cause poor coordination. Pink has peaceful effect and relax your muscles and bring the heart rate down. Blue has the trend of lowering the blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate. Heart is a symbol of love and relationship. Decors like pairs of candles, pink quartz crystals, and objects made of materials such as porcelain, china, clay, stone or terra-cotta are believed to be helpful for heart and boost the feeling of love and togetherness. Eyes: Eyes are often considered as a part of brain and anything that affects the eyes would have a direct effect on your brain and mentality. Adequate lighting is important to avoid negative effects on eyes. Too much illumination increases your stress causing headache and irritability. At the same time low illumination will lead to eye strain causing recurrent head aches and problems like short sightedness.

Musculo - skeletal: Accidents at home rank among the foremost causes of injury and death in the United States. Most of them are easily avertable. Avoid slippery floors. Remove small throw rugs or use double-sided tape to keep the rugs from slipping. Use a rubber mat along the full length in your tub, and a non-skid bath mat beside the tub. Improve the lighting in your home. As you get older, you need brighter lights to see well. Lamp shades or frosted bulbs can reduce glare.

A night light in the bathroom can also make night trips to the bathroom safer. Avoid excess stress on your joints. Use larger or stronger joints to do things. Assistive devices can make tasks at home and work easier.

Consider using a long-handled grasper to reach objects that are on high shelves or on the floor. Make sure hinges, doorknobs and cabinet doors are functioning well and repaired. Home environment has a major influence on how you live your life. Through the simple application of interior decoration, you can exert subtle influence over your health and well being.

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Why do you need dental insurance

With you being able to insure just about anything now, you may view dental insurance as a way for greedy companies to take yet more money out of your pockets for something you do not really need. However, you are wrong. We all know how dentistry costs can mount up – even a routine check up can easily cost you Ј40 - and that is without you actually having any treatments done. Also, good dental health is not only important for our appearance, it is important for our overall health too as problems in the mouth can often be a sign that something else needs looking at health-wise – even if it just your diet. A good dental insurance policy can help cover the costs of dental treatment whether it be an emergency or a routine check up, meaning you never have to worry about the cost of keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. So, who provides dental insurance? Many healthcare cash plan providers offer cover for dentistry fees – up to a set limit – within their policies. And now there are also a select number of companies who offer standalone dental insurance. The cover offered by the insurers vary, but depending who take you take a policy out with and whether it is part of a cash plan or a standalone dental insurance policy, you can get cover that will pay for routine treatment, dental emergencies and accidental dental injuries.

Currently one insurer provides cover for serious dental problems such as reconstructive surgery including plastic surgery following a dental injury or oral cancer. Where to buy As with all insurances, the key to getting the best cover at a price to suit your budget is by shopping around. The internet has a wealth of dental insurers and policies on offer so you can take your time in comparing the policy terms and conditions – and its benefits – on a like for like basis. That way you can ensure you get the level of cover you need to keep your mouth – and your overall health and appearance – healthy, at a price that suits your circumstances.

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