Affiliate marketing an industry full of opportunity and enterprise

Opportunists and entrepreneurs everywhere have been looking for new and original ways to prise money away from big industries, and earn their own share of the Internet revolution. However with the potential for new and exciting online ventures seemingly depleted by the range of industries and businesses that have already been created. However there is one industry that is already in existence, creating large volume of money for people everywhere, which is constantly growing and is always in need of extra people, and that is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs work by rewarding website owners for choosing to host a variety of advertising materials on their sites. The affiliates are paid on a commission basis; neither party pays any money to one another in the initial transaction. Affiliates are instead paid as and when they attract a new customer to the primary site. The affiliate-marketing program is one of the most succinct and successful online advertising opportunities. It is a program that runs on efficiency and simplicity, but in a way that works incredibly well for both parties. Industries and internal sectors have thrived thanks in part to their involvement in an affiliate program. The affiliate marketing industry is a cost-effective way for small and large companies alike to reach out and expand their zone of influence.

Online sports betting is a form of gaming that has been revolutionised since being introduced to the unrestricted realm of the Internet. By infiltrating a large number of sites, the banners have attracted the attention of literally thousands of people. On the other hand the affiliate industry is a thriving source of income for millions. In the world of sports betting, affiliates have been reaping the rewards of the huge financial success and popularity of the industry. Individual affiliates can earn anywhere up to 35% of the money generated by each of the players that they introduce. With this revenue lasting for the entire lifetime of a players on the site, then an affiliate has almost unlimited earning potential, akin to that of the industry whom they represent. With the two industries working in perfect harmony, each helping the other in order to generated extra custom and revenue, the sports betting affiliate program has become an industry to be reckoned with. Unlike most of the other online industries there are no specific personal requirements to become an affiliate either, all that is needed is a website and the will to host and advertise a secondary site.

There are no tricks and no strings attached, which is why so many industries and individuals alike have flocked to sign up to the amazing opportunities created by affiliate marketing.

Online Affiliate marketing an industry full of opportunity and enterprise

Get more sales with these 5 proven headlines

: It's important to realize that headlines work best when they appeal to your reader's interests (not yours). And not only can they *grab attention*, they can also make your message easy to read, convey your main selling points, and lead your customer to a sale. Over the years copywriting pros have used several headline formulas that always work well. Here are my fab five: 1. The Question: "Are You Worried About Your Financial Future?" A question headline automatically gets your readers involved in your message, because they answer it in their minds.

Many people will read further into your letter, ad, or Web site copy just to find out what answer or solution you provide. Again, make sure the question focuses on the reader's interest, not yours. A bad example would be: "Do You Know What New Product We've Created This Year?" (No one cares but you!) 2. The How-to: "How to Get Thinner Thighs in 30 Days." How-to headlines work very well, because people love information that shows them how to do something. (Thousands of book titles begin with "How to....") Think of the benefits your product/service offers and then try creating some "how to" headlines email newsletter. 3. The Testimonial: "Jane Smith's Consulting Is Pure Magic -- Our Sales Have Increased by 30%!" Why not let your clients do the selling for you? Their commendations can go a long way in convincing others to use your services. Tip: To appear credible, always include your clients' full names and the cities they live in. 4. The Command: "Boost Your Business Today!

" Turn your most important benefit into a commanding headline, such as "Make More Time for Your Family," "Look Younger Instantly!" and "Get 7 New Clients This Month." (By the way, throwing a number into your headline is another good tactic. And readers seem to like odd numbers as opposed to even.) 5. The News: "Introducing Our New 'Rest-Assured' Tax Service!" Caution: This only works if you truly have something big to announce that is of interest to the reader.

(Something that will make her life or business better.) Don't try to make news out of something that's not. Once your readers know you have something they're interested in, they'll take the time to read your entire article, brochure, letter, ad, e-zine, or Web page. So put some TLC into creating headlines that entice!

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Liposuction reshaping the buttocks

While men tend to gain weight around the waist, women tend to gain it in the buttocks. The procedure known as liposuction can make you smile instead of groaning when looking in the mirror. Liposuction – Reshaping The Buttocks The buttocks are one of the first areas to go out of shape on both sexes, but with women in particular. Exercise is supposed to help, particularly squats. If you have done squats, however, you know they can be brutal and leave your knees feeling 100 years old. Dieting also seems to have no effect. If you are in this situation, liposuction may offer a solution. Anatomically, the buttocks act as a protective fatty pad that allows each of us to sit and balance. Given this pedestrian fact, it is somewhat surprising that they have been the objects of attraction since the dawn of civilization. The Greeks in particular produced numerous statues and paintings prominently featuring the buttocks as the aesthetic of the art. They even had a word to describe the perfect buttocks: callipygian, which came from the Greek words for “beautiful” and “rump”. As you know, this positive view carries on today although the size of the rump is a question for many. There are a variety of reasons to consider liposuction on the buttocks. Some people wish for a reduction in size and shape of their buttocks, as they feel the area is too large. Others want more sculpted buttocks to show off, either in pants, dresses, bathing suits or in the buff. One problem area of the buttocks includes the sacral fat pad, a bulge of fatty material located just above the buttocks in the lower back area. Surgeons consider this pad to actually be part of the buttocks, and liposuction can remove unsightly excesses in the area. Another problem area on the buttocks is the “banana-shaped bulge”, located just below the buttocks above where the hip meets the buttock area. This bulge can also be removed with liposuction procedures. Doctors will use a small cannula when working on the area, as larger tubing can cause ripples and bumps in the buttocks. Obviously, you do not want people to have the words “ripples” or “bumps” come to mind when looking at you. A third area people look to address is the crease in the horizontal plain of the buttocks to create a more defined look. Unfortunately, this is not possible with plastic surgery as the bone, nerves and muscles prevent shaping. Those attempting to undertake the procedure risk reoccurring pain and nerve damage. Whatever your reason or goal, liposuction can provide stunning results that will leave you smiling. Make sure to select a plastic surgeon with experience performing the procedure, as this type of surgery has a definite artistic bent to it. You are strongly encouraged to view before and after pictures with the surgeon to get an idea of what you can reasonably expect in your situation.

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Payroll oklahoma unique aspects of oklahoma payroll law and practice

: The Oklahoma State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of State income taxes deducted from payroll checks is: Oklahoma Tax Commission Withholding Tax Division 2501 Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73194 (405) 521-3155 oktax. state. ok. us/oktax/ Oklahoma allows you to use the Federal W-4 form to calculate state income tax withholding. Not all states allow salary reductions made under Section 125 cafeteria plans or 401(k) to be treated in the same manner as the IRS code allows. In Oklahoma cafeteria plans are not taxable for income tax calculation; not taxable for unemployment insurance purposes. 401(k) plan deferrals are not taxable for income taxes; taxable for unemployment purposes.

In Oklahoma supplemental wages are taxed at a 6.65% flat rate. W-2s are not required in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State Unemployment Insurance Agency is: Employment Security Commission Unemployment Insurance Division P. O. Box 52003 Oklahoma City, OK 73152 (405) 667-7138 http:// state. ok. us/~okdol/workcomp/index. htm The State of Oklahoma taxable wage base for unemployment purposes is wages up to $14,300.00. Oklahoma has optional reporting of quarterly wages on magnetic media. Unemployment records must be retained in Oklahoma for a minimum period of four years. This information generally includes: name; social security number; dates of hire, rehire and termination; wages by period; payroll pay periods and pay dates; date and circumstances of termination. The Oklahoma State Agency charged with enforcing the state wage and hour laws is: Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division 4001 North Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105-5212 (888) 269-5353 state. ok. us/~okdol/ The minimum wage in Oklahoma is $5.15 per hour. There is also no general provision in Oklahoma State Law covering paying overtime in a non-FLSA covered employer. Oklahoma State new hire reporting requirements are that every employer must report every new hire and rehire. The employer must report the federally required elements of:

  • Employee's name
  • date of hire
  • state of hire
  • Employee's address
  • Employee's social security number
  • Employer's name
  • Employers address
  • Employer's Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
This information must be reported within 20 days of the hiring or rehiring. The information can be sent as a W4 or equivalent by mail, fax or electronically. There is no penalty for a late report in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma new hire-reporting agency can be reached at 800-317-3785 or on the web at http:// ok. gov/oesc/ Oklahoma does not allow compulsory direct deposit Oklahoma requires the following information on an employee's pay stub:
  • itemized deductions
  • Oklahoma requires that employee be paid no less often than semimonthly; monthly for public sector, qualified nonprofit, and FLSA-exempt employees. Oklahoma requires that the lag time between the end of the pay period and the payment of wages to the employee not exceed eleven days. Oklahoma payroll law requires that involuntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by next regular payday (by certified mail if employee requests) and that voluntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by the next regular payday or by mail if employee requests it. Deceased employee's wages of $3,000 to the designated beneficiary, surviving spouse, children or guardians (in that order). Escheat laws in Oklahoma require that unclaimed wages be paid over to the state after one year. The employer is further required in Oklahoma to keep a record of the wages abandoned and turned over to the state for a period of 10 years. Oklahoma payroll law mandates no more than 50% of minimum wage may be used as a tip credit. In Oklahoma the payroll laws covering mandatory rest or meal breaks are only that minors under 16 must have 1-hour rest period during 8-hour shift; 30-minute rest period after 5 hours work. There is no provision in Oklahoma law concerning record retention of wage and hour records therefor it is probably wise to follow FLSA guidelines. The Oklahoma agency charged with enforcing Child Support Orders and laws is: Child Support Enforcement Division Department of Human Services Capitol Station, Box 53552 Oklahoma City, OK 73152 (405) 522-5871 okdhs. org/childsupport/ Oklahoma has the following provisions for child support deductions:
    • When to start Withholding? Immediately after receipt of order.
    • When to send Payment? Within 7 days of Payday.
    • When to send Termination Notice? Within 10 days of termination.
    • Maximum Administrative Fee? $5 per payment; up to $10 per month.
    • Withholding Limits? Federal Rules under CCPA.
    Please note that this article is not updated for changes that can and will happen from time to time.

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    Getting a mortgage quote online

    If you are interested in buying a home then you are certainly shopping for a mortgage quote from a variety of different lenders. This is important because when you have more than one mortgage quote you can compare the different lenders and find the one that is best for you. Frequently, the average mortgage quote online will be lower than the average mortgage quote from your neighborhood bank. Since every penny counts and you want to save as much money as possible, get a mortgage quote online as well as from your neighborhood lenders to find the best deal for you. The following suggestions will help you find a mortgage quote online as well. Mortgage Quote Tip #1 Bid for Quotes The best way to get a mortgage quote online is to visit the sites that ask for some general personal financial information and then submits it to various lenders. Then, all of the lenders respond with a mortgage quote for your personal financial situation. Once you receive the mortgage quote it is up to you to forget it or contact the lender that provided you with that particular mortgage quote. Mortgage Quote Tip #2 Professionals You want a professional and real mortgage quote, so make sure you are dealing with a professional company that will provide you with a legitimate mortgage quote online. If not, you will be wasting your time and risking your investment by dealing with a sketchy company. Mortgage Quote Tip #3 Realistic While you want the lowest mortgage quote possible, you need to make sure the mortgage quote is realistic within the scheme of things. If you receive a mortgage quote that is several percentage points lower than the lowest mortgage quote you have seen, you might want to question it. While there are many reputable online mortgage quote companies, there are those out there that are not professional.

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    The entrepreneur s checklist

    I was asked the other day what personality traits I thought were important to entrepreneurial success. I immediately gave my preprogrammed reply about passion and dedication and hard work. After taking some time later to ponder the question a little deeper (I normally operate in shallow waters), I came up with a more detailed checklist for entrepreneurial success. This is by no means a definitive list, but I'd be willing to bet that if you don't have at least a majority of these traits, your chances of business success will be greatly diminished. You must be self motivated. If you don't have the wherewithal to bounce out of bed each day without your spouse drenching you with cold water, chances are you don't have the self motivation or discipline required to be an entrepreneur. Business demands that you take action based solely on your own volition. You have to do a hundred things every day that will not get done unless you make yourself do them. border="0"> You can't be afraid of hard work. If you think working for someone else is hard work, try starting your own business. You will be required to give every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears you can muster and then some. You will have to work long hours and be on call 24/7, at least in the beginning. If the mere thought of hard work makes you tired, maybe you should just keep your cushy day job. You should have experience in the type of business you plan to start. If you can't locate your car's engine you have no business buying an oil change franchise. The most successful business owners have prior experience in the industry in which they have set up shop. Consider working in an industry at least part time for a year before jumping in with both feet. You must be able to climb back on the horse. I always say: "If business was easy, everybody would do it." Starting a business is hard work and the odds for failure are against you in the first few years. If you want to ride herd on your own business, you must be willing to fall off your horse and get back on a few times without giving up. You need the support of your family. When you start a business you may have to spend more time away from the family than you like. The business may also put a strain on you financially. You will have enough obstacles in your way without having to worry if you have the support of your family and those closest to you target="_new"> alt="The eBay Motors Mastery Kit" border="1"> You must have a thick skin. If your feelings are easily hurt, keep your non-threatening day job because business is not for you. Many days in business, rejection waits around every corner and you must be able to handle rejection without taking it personally. You must interact well with others. Being an entrepreneur requires interacting with a variety of people, from your own employees to vendors to customers to investors. You must have the ability to effectively manage people without offending them; the ability to accept good advice from mentors and politely discount the bad; the ability to overlook mistakes or quietly rectify them; and the one I have trouble with: the ability to tolerate incompetence without losing your cool (at least not on the outside). The deeper your pockets the better. The number one cause of business failure is a lack of money. Before you start your business you should have access to enough capital to see you through until the business can sustain itself. You must be able to delegate. Running a business requires the performance of dozens of simultaneous tasks and it's foolish to try to handle them all yourself. You must learn to put your trust in others. If you can't dish out responsibility without worrying over the result, your business growth will be limited. Previous business ownership is a plus. Prior business ownership is not a prerequisite, but it can't hurt. Many successful entrepreneurs have the skeletons of past businesses rattling around in their closet. Another of my sayings: Business is a lot like marriage: you learn a lot from the first one that may come in handy the second or third time around. With that kind of advice you can see why I didn't go into marriage counseling. Here's to your success! Tim Knox

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    Shopping for a payday loan

    You wouldn’t consider buying a new pair of shoes, a bicycle helmet, or an extra pair of jeans without trying them on first to make certain they fit. After all, a pair of shoes that is two sizes too small will never fit and they amount to money wasted. Shopping for anything – products or services – is pretty much the same. The smart consumer does some research, tries a few on for size and makes sure that the purchase ultimately meets his or her needs in a variety of ways. Finding the right payday loan to fit your needs is essential. You don’t want to end up paying $50 in loan fees for something you could have gotten for $20 from another lender. And, just as shoes come in all sizes, shapes and colors, there are numerous variables associated with payday loans – items like the amount of time you have to pay back the full amount, the loan fees that are involved, and whether or not the lender will allow you to roll the loan over if you can’t pay it back on time and how much that will cost. Repayment Times - When you are searching for a payday loan, you need to examine how long the lender allows for the loan to be repaid. Time is a major factor to consider. For example, you just had a major car breakdown and it will cost $500 to fix it. You just got paid last week and don’t get paid again for another 25 days. You have already paid all of your regular bills and have just enough money left to feed your family for the rest of the month until payday rolls around again.

    You know that you could pay to have the car fixed on your next payday, because you have fewer standing obligations to meet with that check, but in the meantime, you have to get the car repaired immediately so you can get back and forth to work. There are dozens of payday lenders to choose from, but about half of them only loan money for 14 days maximum. That doesn’t do you much good, since your payday is 25 days away. Therefore, you need to consider only those payday lenders who can make loan arrangements extending out 30 days. That gives you time to get your paycheck and pay back the loan on or before the due date. Loan Cost – A survey of Internet payday loan websites reveals that the average loan cost is $25 per $100 borrowed.

    At this rate, an individual borrowing $500 would actually pay the lender $625 (the amount loaned, plus loan costs) at the end of the loan period. There are a few sites that advertise loan costs as low as $10 per $100 borrowed, in which case the total cost for borrowing $500 would be $550. However, some lenders disguise their actual fees by quoting a rate per $100 and tacking on an additional fee as well. For example, a fee of $25 per hundred, with a $10 additional fee, actually amounts to $35 per $100 borrowed, for a total cost of $675 for a $500 loan. Borrowers should carefully examine the stated loan costs and any fine print that identifies additional fees carefully before entering into a loan agreement with a lender. Be aware that, if your bank account does not contain sufficient funds when the lender attempts to withdraw the amount you agreed to pay, the lender can also charge bounced check fees, which range from $15 to $30. The good news is that increasing numbers of lenders doing business on the web has resulted in some very competitive payday loan terms being available.

    But, remember to shop around and find a good fit. Borrowed Amount – The amount that you can borrow from an individual lender is also a factor that needs to come into play in your decision regarding which loan to take. Some lenders loan up to $1,000, $1,200, or even $1,500, depending on the size of your monthly income. Others may only lend up to $500 and, in fact, the average size loan made from Internet payday lenders is $500. How much you apply for should relate directly to how much you absolutely need and how much you can afford to pay back without having to roll the loan over and incur additional loan fees. Reputable lenders – One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a payday loan is the reputation of the lender. Investigate online and see which sites are recommended most frequently. If a lender is not licensed to make loans in the state where the business is situated, that can be a warning sign that the business is not the most reputable. Remember, if you get an online loan, you are going to be giving this entity your account numbers and you don’t want to give that kind of access to a business that doesn’t have a good track record already established. Ultimately, payday loans can serve an excellent purpose in an emergency situation, especially for those who don’t have a good credit record or haven’t used credit before and don’t have a credit rating. However, just like everything else you shop for, make sure you get the right loan for your situation and circumstances.

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    What is shorting stocks

    What is “Shorting Stocks”? The whole idea of shorting stocks is to make money from stocks that are going down in price. When you short stocks, you are essentially selling stocks that you have borrowed, in other words you do not personally own them. First, you need to have a margin account in order to sell stocks short. A margin account allows the broker to extend credit to you, based on Federal guidelines.

    You must have at least 50% of the amount involved in short selling the stock as cash in your account. This shows that you have sufficient funds available to buy the stock back should it go against you. Lets look at an example. ZYX Co. is trading at $23.00 You would need $1150 in your account to short sell 100 shares. You would receive a credit of $2300 less commissions. Overall, you would have a credit balance of $3450 in your account. ZYX Co. goes to $18.00 You’ve made $500. Your credit balance is still $3450, but the market value of the stock is only $1800. So your equity is $1650 ($3450-$1800). Your paper profit at this point is $500. Although you will always pay interest on money you borrow from the broker, you may be able to negotiate a better rate if you’re a preferred client or have a sizable account. You will also be charged by the broker for any cash or dividend payments on your short positions. Assuming you are an average person without any insider information, the best time to short sell in general, is when the overall stock market is in a down trend. Even the best stocks go down in Bear Markets. If you’re just starting out, take small short positions, never short a stock that is rising in price, and use stop-losses to avoid big losses on your short positions. To learn more about various investing topics, checkout choose-to-be-rich. com

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    How to brighten up your home with these flower arrangement ideas

    A beautiful flower arrangement piece can become the focal point of the room you choose to decorate. It's truly fascinating how we can combine different flowers to create a mesmerizing bouquet. With the vast selection of colors, fragrances and shapes, you can create or readily buy a flower arrangement piece that will speak to you and others walking in the room what you want to communicate. First thing to do is decide where you will be placing your flower arrangement. Will it be placed on the floor in your hall, on top of a piece of furniture? What about the space where your arrangement will sit? Will you need a finished piece that is tall, round, wide or full? What is the decor of the room you've selected that will contrast powerfully with your flowers? Don't limit your creativity! There are several design styles you can choose from and we have included a variety of design here for you to get those creative juices flowing.

    Use these as a guide to creating your own flower arrangement style. Pictures of the flower arrangements below can be found at our site. Bud Vases A bud vase with a single stem or several stems of your favorite flower(s) is a simple but elegant flower arrangement piece. Cut your flower stems to about twice the height of your vase. To enhance your flowers beauty, also include some linear foliage. One tip I will give you with bud vases is to be imaginative. If you don't have a bud vase, recycle any beautiful glass containers you have lying around the house such as perfume bottles or any other. Basket Arrangement A basket flower arrangement brightens up your favorite room very well. They make perfect gifts for a housewarming occasion, birthday, or to send and cheer a loved one who is sick. Baskets come in all sizes and shapes and if you are designing your own basket arrangement, you can find the one that will be perfect for you. There is so much you can do with flower baskets - let your creativity run wild! Garden Arrangements Don't these flower arrangements look like you've picked them from your garden? After years of living in the city in an apartment block, I have now the great fortune of living in the suburbs and I've taken great pains to create a heavenly garden filled with white and red roses, carnations and lilies. With greenery surrounding their flower beds, my little garden looks like a little paradise. Centerpieces And Table Arrangements The trick for a successful centerpiece or table arrangement is not to make them too tall as to obstruct views across your dining table. Choose or create the piece to generate the mood you want to achieve. Flowers at your table will enhance the dinning experience.

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    Thousand islands bass fishing adventures

    One of the most popular sports in the United States is bass fishing. Thousands of articles had been written about this sport, from tips to testimonials to experiences. Thousands or maybe millions are hooked in this sport. You can usually find them basking on their bass fishing in great lakes and rivers or other aquatic formations in the United State. One of the ore popular fishing venues for bass fishing is the Thousand Islands. This is a group of more than 1,000 small islands in east central North America, in St. Lawrence River just east of Lake Ontario, to be particular. Most are part of southeastern Ontario and the rest are part of northern New York; and many of these islands are privately owned. It has been estimated that there are as many as 1,700 islands, but an exact count is difficult because of the large number of tiny islets. The largest is the Wolfe Island (127 sq km/49 sq mi) in Ontario.

    The islands have been a popular summer destinations since the mid 1800's. Because of these, Ontario’s most important scenic and recreational attraction is its waters. The province is home to some 250,000 lakes and has thousands of rivers and streams. Four of the Great Lakes are the Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The extensive shorelines of these lakes provide a natural playground for the people. Lake Simcoe, Muskoka and others, are very accessible lakes from the north of Toronto. They are also popular vacation centers. Ontario also shares with New York’s one of the greatest scenic attractions in North America, the Niagara Falls. The Thousand Islands make a patch work of the river as it leaves Lake Ontario. The islands cater to large rocks, hold farms, estates, and summer cottages that can cost millions of dollars. Now, because of the popularity of it as a vacation and fishing destination, there are islands where in resorts and lodge houses are put up for the accommodation needs of the tourists and bass fishing enthusiasts. You will find also a lot of establishments that sells and rents gears and boats to be used for their bass fishing. Restaurants are abundant if you finally get tired of eating your catch. Ontario’s fishing activity can be divided into commercial fishing and recreational or sport fishing. Although fishing was an important economic activity in the 19th century, the commercial catch is relatively small today. Like other fishery problems; overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction, and the introduction of predators have greatly reduced catches. Thousand Islands being very rocky are places that small mouth bass species love to stay and live. The beautiful scenery and the rocky background of Thousand Islands, bring adventures to bass fishing aficionados and lovers. They loved to go there not just for bass fishing but also for sight seeing and camping. There, they tried to commune with nature and feed their imaginations. A large part of Canada’s freshwater catch comes from Ontario. The major species of fish caught during recreational fishing are perch, smelt, walleye, and smallmouth bass. While the colorful fall foliage draws an annual pilgrimage of tourists to the area. It is the fabulous bass fishing of the Thousand Islands region that attracts the attention of anglers competing in Thousand Islands for bass fishing. The water is clearer, and baitfishes are abundant. The bass always make access to the bait and make feeding better. Because the zebra mussels have cleared up the water, vegetation is more widespread, which means the bass have better overall habitat. Both the largemouths and smallmouths are thriving. While the bass may be both larger and more abundant, they are still found in the same areas discovered by touring pros. In St. Lawrence, those areas include Lake of the Isles, Goose Bay, Chippewa Bay, and the rocky coves and points around the Admiralty Islands. In Lake Ontario, the key spots are Fox and Grenadier Islands, and Chamount Bay These characteristics of Thousand Islands of Ontario make the place greatly known for bass fishing. The geographical aspect, location and richness of its great lakes and rivers make bass fishing a sport or hobby very inviting.

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    Best recipes strawberry orange smoothie

    Looking for a tasty fruit smoothie? Make this Strawberry Orange Smoothie in just a few minutes. It’s delicious and really good for you too. If you like strawberries and orange juice then this is a great fruit smoothie to have for breakfast or lunch. Strawberries and orange juice are healthy and very nutritious so you’ll be getting a health boost when you drink this wonderful smoothie. Just add a little ice and some honey and you’ve got yourself a quick yummy drink. Strawberry Orange Smoothie 1/2 cup chopped strawberries 1/2 cup orange juice 1/2 cup crushed ice 1/4 teaspoon honey Directions Combine strawberries, orange juice, ice, and honey in blender. Blend until smooth. Garnish with sliced strawberries.

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    Simple happiness

    If you aren't happy, why aren't you? Chances are it is because you want something which you do not have, objects or conditions. This is probably not a good enough reason and a review of your situation and perceptions may be in order. You may have seen video of children in very poor countries laughing and playing, unconcerned that they should have more to be happy about. They are happy because they are playing, because they have their friends and family, and some food to eat that day. Everyone has the right to be happy, and if they can be in their situation, shouldn't you? "Happiness consists more in small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom to a man in the course of his life." - Ben Franklin (1706-1790) Happiness is inside us, in our minds, in our thinking. It is not external material things or experiences, but the enjoyment of our thoughts and feelings. This is good because our thoughts, and therefore our happiness, are up to us. Start by reviewing the things that you have to be happy about and dwell on these. Don't overlook the little or basic things that you take for granted. Make a habit of substituting unhappy thoughts with happy thoughts. Whenever an unfavorable picture enters your mind, eject it and replace it with a pleasant one. We all have some nice experiences to recollect and there are usually little pleasures around us most of the time. You can even imagine enjoyable experiences, and it will have a similar positive effect. "Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you." - Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) Establish good principles and conduct yourself according to these principles. Love, or at least be tolerant of, your fellow humans. Don't strive too hard for that which, in the end, will not make you happier.

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    Better than botox is there a safer substitute

    Rejuvinol Product Purported to have Great Anti-wrinkle Promise. Women since time immemorial have always looked for ways to enhance and prolong their beauty. This of course becomes more difficult as they age. As women are living longer more productive lives, it is understandable that they want any advantage to put their best face forward. Exuding confidence and success for today's women seems to also include looking one's best . This interest in radiating ageless beauty has given birth to a burgeoning beauty industry focusing on ways to ease the effects of aging skin. But at what cost is the yearning for the timeless beauty?

    I once heard my mother tell us "that achieving beauty was painful." But are today's women enduring a range of procedures like plastic surgery, chemical peels, and Botox far beyond the bounds of their predecessors? Botox has become all the rage because of its ability to smooth out some wrinkles. Nevertheless, Botox has recently come under question because of concerns about its toxicity.

    Furthermore, many women don't want to undertake the injections necessary in Botox treatments. Moreover, havoc and health problems are being widely reported in the media recently in association with Botox. A get deal of concern is focused on Botox treatments in the hands of unqualified, unscrupulous, and misleading professionals. "New Topical Treatment with Anti-wrinkle Benefits Emerges without the Controversial Side Effects of Botox Treatments" Is there a safer way to have a more youthful facial appearance without risky face lift surgery, chemical peels or Botox Injections? Some women are sharing their success and positive experiences with a topical treatment featuring high quality anti-aging ingredients known as Rejuvinol. What is Rejuvinol? Rejuvinol is an anti-wrinkle cream with premium products developed by a company known as Optimal Therapeutics. The ingredients of Rejuvinol are widely purported to have significant wrinkle smoothing and anti-aging effects. From reports that I have read Rejuvinol utilizes a morning and evening treatment to insure optimal results. For instance many leading doctors open to natural herbal supplements suggest that products like green tea, ginseng derivatives and sun screens may be very beneficial with anti-aging properties. Upon checking the ingredients of Rejuvinol I noticed these products were present. Perhaps even more significant is the widely noted active ingredient in Rejuvinol known as Argireline. Argireline is reported as having properties resistant to the process of skin wrinkling -- especially on the face. Is Rejuvinol the Answer for Safe Anti-wrinkle Facial Smoothing? For some like Andrea M. a 37 year old triathelete, living in South Florida, Rejuvinol is a welcome alternative to Botox. She claims "Even though I religiously slather myself with SPF 30 prior to heading outdoors, I still manage to get obvious sun damage, especially the lines around my mouth and eyes. Since I started using the Rejuvinol System three months ago I am astonished to say that the lines have been diminished by at least 60%. I am ecstatic with Rejuvinol." With all the controversy, costs, safety issues, and anxiety associated with cosmetic surgery, skin peels, or Botox a product like Rejuvinol is an alternative women should consider. Imagine women being able to get the wrinkle smoothing benefits of Botox without all the associated risks. More information on Rejuvinol can be found at Amazon or BODeStore. com.

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    Avoid these five common weight loss mistakes

    Mistake #1: Not changing your calorie plan as you lose weight. The fallacy of the "1200 calorie diet" plans and the like. Most people fix their calorie intake to a given number and expect to lose weight at the same constant rate over a period of weeks. Hence, dieters look for 1000 calorie or 1800 calorie diet plans on the internet. The fixed calorie diet plans don't work. If you burn 3000 calories a day at the start of a diet, after a week or two of losing some weight, you are no longer burning 3000 calories. Now you might be burning 2800 calories. If you fix your calorie intake in the face of a decreasing calorie expenditure, your weight loss will slow down more and more as you lose weight. If you want to lose weight at a constant rate, you must repeatedly: decrease your calorie intake to accommodate the calorie expenditure drop increase your calorie output by exercising more do both I would like to note that you must set realistic slow weight loss goals. If you go for fast weight loss you would not be able to sustain it for a long period unless you go extreme in the calorie reduction and exercise a lot. For people who have to lose more than 20 pounds (10kgs), the goal should be a loss of no more than 2 pounds or 1 kg per week. People who need to lose just a bit of weight should go for weight loss of 1 pound or half a kilogram per week. Why does my calorie expenditure drop as I lose weight? The most important factors are: You weight less. A smaller body burns less calories both at rest and while active You may involuntarily burn fewer calories. Dieters often lack energy and move less Calorie restriction suppresses the metabolic rate You have less body fat, which may further suppress your metabolic rate These major factors contribute to an ever-decreasing energy expenditure as one loses weight. The more a dieter cuts calories, the bigger the calorie expenditure drop. The leaner the dieter, the greater the calorie expenditure drop. Now you must understand that if you want to succeed in losing weight, you have to make changes in your nutrition plan. I recommend burning more calories, because being more active facilitates smaller calorie restriction and milder calorie expenditure drop. It is very difficult to estimate the rate of the metabolic drop. Here is the general rule: the bigger you are, the smaller the rate of the metabolic drop. The more weight you lose, the more you have to cut calories or increase exercise. If you are overweight you might need to cut just 10 more calories for every lost pound, while if you are lean you might have to cut 60 calories for every pound lost. I picked these numbers just as an example. Mistake #2: Overreporting the "extra" calorie expenditure of exercise Most people count the calories they spend exercising as "extra" calories. There is a difference between calories burned while exercising and "extra" calories burned exercising. Here is an example: you burn 300 calories on the treadmill instead of your usual activity (watching TV at home); in reality, you have to subtract the calories you would have spent watching TV from these 300 calories to calculate how many additional calories you burned. Let's say that watching TV, you would have burned 80 calories. In this specific case, you have expended 300 calories while exercising, and 220 "extra" calories. Calorie counters mindlessly add the calories burned exercising as "extra" and in some cases, this practice can significantly influence the calorie calculations. Hence, calorie software counts the part of your usual activities that overlaps with the extra activities twice. How to estimate the "extra" calories burned exercising? In order to make the calculations more accurate, I shall first introduce the concept of MET values. MET values are a convenient way to calculate the calorie cost of activities. MET values are multiples of the resting energy expenditure per time. In plain English, a MET = 3 means burning 3 times more calories than resting. A MET = 1 signifies how many calories you burn at rest (your Resting Metabolic Rate or Basal Metabolic Rate). Whatever you do, you burn calories at a rate of at least MET = 1 with the only exception being sleeping which has MET = 0.9. During the day, most activities include sitting and walking which have MET values between 1.2 and 3. Your total daily energy expenditure is calculated by multiplying your Resting Metabolic Rate by the average MET of all your activities. Is your head spinning? Let's use a real world example. Consider a female person with a Resting Metabolic Rate of 1200 calories a day. One day has 1440 minutes. Our example lady is burning 1200/1440 = 0.84 calories per minute at rest, which signifies a MET = 1. Let's say our example woman just returned from an aerobics class, where she exercised for 30 minutes. General aerobic class training has a MET = 6. Our example lady has just burned 30 (minutes) x 6 (MET) * 0.84 (calories per minute) = 151 calories while exercising. Suppose our lady would have chatted on the internet instead of exercising (MET = 1.5). In this example, the woman substituted chatting on the internet with aerobic exercising. Remember, that every time you do something you substitute one activity for another. In order to get the extra calories, we have to subtract 1.5 (chatting) from 6 (exercising). Now let's calculate the extra calories: 30 (minutes) * (6 - 1.5) (MET value) * 0.84 = 113 calories. Let's consider what a standard calorie counter would have done. First, it will assume an average calorie burn rate of 1 calorie per minute. Then the counter will find that exercising for 30 minutes will yield 30 (minutes) * 6 (MET) * 1 (calories per minute) = 180 calories. The calorie counter will add these 180 calories to your daily expenditure without considering that a part of these 180 calories is already accounted by your usual activities. Do you now see the difference between 113 calories and 180 calories? If that woman spends 5 hours a week in that aerobics class, the standard calorie counters will overreport her calorie output by: (180-113) * 10 = 670 calories a week. The woman will be fooled that her metabolic rate has dropped while she just overestimated her calorie expenditure. Enter weight loss plateau, wasted time and efforts. Do you have the time for trial and error calorie estimations? Remember these two rules: Report only extra activities to your calorie counter. If your walk to your office every day, do not log "walking to office for 30 minutes" as an extra activity. Consider only unusual activities that contribute to extra expended calories! Always subtract the calories you would have burned instead of exercising. A general rule is to subtract from 1.2 to 1.5 from the MET values. In some cases, you need to subtract a greater MET. If you substitute 30 minutes of bodybuilding (MET = 6) for 30 minutes of slow jump rope (MET = 8) then the additional MET would be 8 - 6 = 2. How to find the MET values of activities based on standard tables? In order to make the above calculations, you need to know the MET values of activities. Standard tables give: name of activity, duration and calories. Standard tables assume an average calorie expenditure of one calorie per minute. To find the MET you just need to divide the calories by the duration. Example: "Bicycling, stationary, general", "20 minutes", "140 calories" MET of "Bicycling, stationary, general" = 140 / 20 = 7 I know these calculations are somewhat tedious and in many cases the standard calorie calculations are close to correct. However, in some cases they can significantly over or under-calculate the calorie expenditure of activities and compromise your weight loss plan with daily miscalculations. Mistake #3: Training with light weights and lots of reps I have seen countless number of ladies come to the gym, get the lightest possible dumbbells, crank out some hundreds of reps and go home. Most often, these women do not get the results they want. The problem with this type of training is that it does not burn many "extra" calories unless you spend a considerable amount of time in the gym. Hefting Ken and Barbie weights in the gym has a MET value of 3, which means that it burns 3 times more calories than resting in bed. Almost anything you do during the day has a MET value of 1.2 to 2. Browsing the internet on your computer has a MET value of 1.5. Realize that almost anything you do during the day (average MET = 1.5) has about 50% overlap in calorie expenditure with training with very light weights (MET = 3). If you pump super light dumbbells in the gym, only about half of the calories burned are "additional". Of course, you can burn a considerable amount of extra calories training with light weights but you have to really extend the duration of this type of training. Curling 5 pound dumbbells for 4 sets of 20 reps and chit-chatting for 20 minutes in the gym is not going to burn many extra calories. Remember the rule: the less intensive the activity (smaller MET), the greater the calorie expenditure overlap with casual activities; the less intensive the activity, the more time you have to spend doing it to expend a good deal of extra calories. Always subtract a MET of 1 to 1.5 to arrive at the additional expended calories. Mistake #4: Using "average person" calorie estimations You can find all kinds of tables showing the calorie cost of different physical activities on the internet. These tables don't show your calorie expenditure. They actually tell you the calorie expenditure of an "average person". These tables assume you are an average person that burns one calorie per minute at rest. Yes, we covered this in the first part of the article and it needs repeating. Most men burn more than one calorie per minute and most smaller women burn less than one calorie per minute at rest. In reality, these standard tables overestimate the calorie expenditure of smaller people and underestimate the calorie expenditure of bigger than average people. Combine this with the common mistake of counting all burned calories as "additional calories" and you have a wide range of possible miscalculations. Mistake #5: Going on very low calorie diets (VLCD) Research has shown little to no difference in the weight loss rate of 1200 calorie diets and 800 calorie diets. The 1200 calorie threshold is the point where further calorie restriction does not yield faster results. Diets in the range of 800 to 1200 calories a day suppress the resting metabolic rate from the very first day and after some weeks on these diets, the metabolic rate has dropped by up to 20%. This metabolic drop is just a consequence of the calorie restriction factor; other factors such as the level of leanness may further depress the calorie expenditure. A big percentage of the quick initial weight loss on a VLCD is water. VLCDs create an illusion of fast fat loss, while in reality most of the weight loss is water. It is hard to continue a very low calorie diet for a prolonged time because the harsh calorie restriction makes you hungrier than ever. People on VLCDs often lack energy and move very little. When you stop the diet, you are prone to instant overeating. Eating a very low calorie diet is the ticket to yo-yo dieting. Instead of using very low calorie diets, I recommend diets with a mild calorie restriction and an emphasis on exercise. Overweight people who know what they are doing can employ VLCDs for a limited time. It is important to get enough vitamins and minerals from supplements, because such low calorie diets are woefully inadequate in nutrients. Water intake should be high. Bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes must stay away from very low calorie diets because the large calorie restriction causes a greater proportion of the weight loss to be muscle loss. If you want to automate these complicated calorie calculations, try our training and nutrition software Fitness Assistant FREE for 30 days. Get your trial copy at x3msoftware. com

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    How to choose the right wrestling shoes

    A Quick History Lesson About The Sport of Wrestling Wrestling is the world's oldest sport. Evidence of wrestling can be traced all the way back to ancient Egyptian times. The first Olympic wrestling match was recorded in 708 BC. The earliest form of wrestling proved to be a violent contest between two combatants. But much of the brutality was eliminated as the Romans introduced a less violent version of the sport. Wrestling remained popular throughout the Middle Ages in countries such as England, France, and Japan. Wrestling continued to increase in popularity as it found its way to America by way of the early colonists. The sport was also quite popular among Native Americans. The “catch-as-catch-can“ style finally developed into the modern form of collegiate wrestling today. The first national wrestling tournament took place in New York City in 1988. The first modern day Olympic Wrestling Match was held in 1904 in Saint Louis, Missouri. The first NCAA Wrestling Championships were held in 1912 in Ames, Iowa. Some Important Considerations When Purchasing Wrestling Shoes Finding The Correct Size The first thing you should do is measure your foot to determine your normal shoe size. A typical pair of wrestling shoes will generally run one half to one full size larger than your normal shoes. Keep in mind that your new wrestling shoes will probably stretch somewhat after a few practices. Remember, the fit should be fairly snug. Brand Selection When shopping for wrestling shoes, you can rely on “battle tested brands” such as Asics, Nike, Adidas, Infinity, and Brute. You can purchase these popular brand name shoes online or at typical “brick and mortar” stores. A good quality-wrestling shoe will normally last a year or two. It all depends on how much you wrestle. Keep in mind that comfort is extremely important. Look for a shoe that features a good rubber sole and high ankle support. The higher quality wrestling shoes are made out of a lightweight material that breathes well. It is recommended that you try on several different brands to find the one best suited for you. Don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson for help. If you are still not sure which shoe to purchase, try to get a recommendation from your coach or your teammates. Color and Style Many manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors to choose from. Select a color that agrees with you and goes well with your other equipment. Choose either a split sole or a non-split sole shoe. Split sole shoes tend to be a little more comfortable and provide better traction. Price Wrestling shoes generally range in price from $30.00 up to $125.00. It is recommended that you purchase a more affordable style if you are new to the sport. If you are operating on a really tight budget, you may want to consider purchasing a used pair. You might even try to strike a deal on a used pair of shoes with one of your teammates. The Internet is also a good place to locate and purchase used wrestling equipment. Some Key Points To Remember… Your wrestling shoes must have a nice snug fit to them. Make sure that you have selected a pair, which features a strong sole and high ankle support.

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    New beauty products can wipe away signs of aging

    While beauty may only be skin deep, there's no reason to give up on your skin - or your beauty - as you age. While the Fountain of Youth doesn't exist, many of today's beauty products are taking breakthroughs in biology and chemistry and using them to create formulas that can wipe away signs of aging. While the anti-aging products of our mothers' and grandmothers' generations may have been little more than promises in a package, today's formulations truly have the potential to repair and rejuvenate our skin, giving us a more youthful appearance. Here are some examples: Anti-Wrinkle Serum - Women who want to look younger don't have to go through the drastic measures of going under the knife for a facelift or having Botox injected into their skin. Instead, they can opt for a serum that uses amino peptides that literally relax facial muscle contractions, bind water to the skin, and promote collagen synthesis. When antioxidants and botanical extracts are added, damaged skin is repaired and the serum serves to reduce both the depth and number of wrinkles, increase the skin's moisture, and improve skin tone and smoothness. Face Lift in a Bottle - Many women question whether facial masks simply give us the illusion that we're helping our skin, or if they really have a lasting positive effect. Well, using the right facial mask can definitely make a long-term difference. For example, a facial mask that increases collagen production, oxygenates skin cells, and stimulates cellular regeneration will make fine lines less noticeable. In fact, it can even imitate the muscular response to facial exercises, so that you face literally begins to tighten and become firmer. Eye Firming Formulas - We first show signs of aging around our eyes. That morning puffiness doesn't seem to go away, and those shadows under our eyes get darker, not lighter. One of the culprits is fluid retention, and an eye firming formulation that has what can best be described as a decongestant effect while utilizing a polymer that bonds water to the skin can both ease the puffiness and make the skin around the eyes more elastic and smooth. Firmer Skin All Over - Unfortunately, signs of aging aren't only apparent on our faces, but are evident all over our skin. Again, anti-aging peptides can do a tremendous amount to smooth and firm the skin, as well as to lessen wrinkles and to increase collagen and elastin - substances that make our skin suppler. Because our skin thins out as we age, ingredients that make skin thicker will also reduce signs of aging. To this end, trapping moisture in the skin is key. While cutting edge beauty products can repair skin, reduce wrinkles, and less the signs of aging, we can also lend ourselves a helping hand by changing our behavior so that we don't do further damage to our skin. Using sunscreen, eating anti-oxidant rich leafy green vegetables, and getting plenty of sleep can help Mother Nature preserve our most beautiful attribute - our skin.

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    Easy fall propagation techniques

    As a home gardener, fall should be a very special time for you. Fall is the best season of the year for plant propagation, especially for home gardeners who do not have the luxury of intermittent mist. The technique that I am going to describe here can be equally effective for evergreens as well as many deciduous plants. The old rule of thumb was to start doing hardwood cuttings of evergreens after you have experienced at least two hard freezes. After two hard freezes the plants are completely dormant. However, based on my experience it is beneficial to start doing your evergreen cuttings earlier than that.

    So instead of doing “by the book” hardwood cuttings you’re actually working with semi-hardwood cuttings. The down side to starting your cuttings early is that they will have to be watered daily unless you experience rain showers. The up side is that they will start rooting sooner, and therefore are better rooted when you pull them out to transplant them. To prepare an area in which to root cuttings you must first select a site.

    An area that is about 50% shaded will work great. Full sun will work, it just requires that you tend to the cuttings more often. Clear all grass or other vegetation from the area that you have selected. The size of the area is up to you. Realistically, you can fit about one cutting per square inch of bed area. You might need a little more area per cutting, it depends on how close you stick the cuttings in the sand.

    Once you have an area cleared off all you have to do is build a wooden frame and lay it on the ground in the area that you cleared. Your frame is a simple as four 2 by 4’s or four 2 by 6’s nailed together at each corner. It will be open on the top and open on the bottom. Just lay it on the ground in the cleared area, and fill it with a coarse grade of sand. This sand should be clean (no mud or weed seed), and much coarser than the sand used in a play box. Visit your local builders supply center and view each sand pile they have. They should have different grades varying from very fine to very coarse.

    You don’t want either. You want something a little more coarse than their medium grade. But then again it’s not rocket science, so don’t get all worked up trying to find just the right grade. Actually, bagged swimming pool filter sand also works and should be available at discount home centers. Once your wooden frame is on the ground and filled with sand, you’re ready to start sticking cuttings. Wet the sand the day before you start, that will make it possible for you to make a slit in the sand that won’t fill right in. In this propagation box you can do all kinds of cuttings, but I would start with the evergreens first. Taxus, Junipers, and Arborvitae. Make the cuttings about 4” long and remove the needles from the bottom two thirds of the cuttings.

    Dip them in a rooting compound and stick them in the sand about an inch or so. Most garden centers sell rooting compounds. Just tell them that you are rooting hardwood cuttings of evergreens. When you make the Arborvitae cuttings you can actually remove large branches from an Arborvitae and just tear them apart and get hundreds of cuttings from one branch. When you tear them apart that leaves a small heel on the bottom of the cutting. Leave this heel on. It represents a wounded area, and the cutting will produce more roots because of this wound. Once the weather gets colder and you have experienced at least one good hard freeze, the deciduous plants should be dormant and will have dropped their leaves, and you can now propagate them. Just make cuttings about 4” long, dip them in a rooting compound and stick them in the bed of sand. Not everything will root this way, but a lot of things will, and it takes little effort to find out what will work and what won’t. This is a short list of just some of the things that root fine this way. Taxus, Juniper, Arborvitae, Japanese Holly, Blue Boy/Girl Holly, Boxwood, Cypress, Forsythia, Rose of Sharon, Sandcherry, Weigela, Red Twig Dogwood, Variegated Euonymus, Cotoneaster, Privet, and Viburnum. Immediately after sticking the cuttings thoroughly soak the sand to make sure there are no air pockets around the cuttings. Keep the cuttings watered once or twice daily as long as the weather is warm. Once winter sets it you can stop watering, but if you get a warm dry spell, water during that time. Start watering again in the spring and throughout out the summer. The cuttings should be rooted by late spring and you can cut back on the water, but don’t let them dry out to the point that they burn up. By fall you can transplant them to a bed and grow them on for a year or two, or you can plant them in their permanent location. This technique takes 12 months, but it is simple and easy. -- You are welcome to use this article on your website or in your newsletter as long as you reprint it as is, including the contact information at the end. Website URLs must be active links. You are welcome to use this article with an affiliate link, http:// freeplants. com/resellers. htm

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    Give the gift of relaxation this father s day

    Selecting a memorable Father's Day gift for dad can be a challenge. But this year, you can be sure that his special day will be an unqualified success if you give him one of the most thoughtful gifts of all - a day of pampering and relaxation. The following gift ideas from Tempur-Pedic, a manufacturer and distributor of Swedish mattresses and pillows, will help your dad keep stress at bay. * Get hands on. Show dad what mom has been raving about all of these years and give him a gift certificate to a day spa. A massage is the perfect way to ease the tension that he's built up after those hard days at the office. A facial or a pedicure can be both rejuvenating and relaxing as well. * Oriental therapy. Chinese stress balls, also known as harmony balls, have provided relief from stress since the Ming Dynasty and are great gifts for dads. They're known to relieve arthritis pain and help with carpal tunnel syndrome while calming the mind and diminishing anxiety. * Tune in to his mind. Opera and classical music have a way of calming the senses. For a gift that's sure to soothe, give dad a CD set of classical favorites. * Treat him to tee. Believe it or not, spending time out on the green is a relaxing experience for many men. Golf lessons can be a great gift to help him improve his swing and focus on something other than work for a change. * The ultimate haven of tranquility. Buy him a gift you know he'll use, like a new pillow for a good night's rest. The ComfortPillow by Tempur-Pedic, for example, is made from revolutionary Tempur pressure-relieving material, which provides body-conforming support for a restful and relaxing sleep. What's interesting about Tempur material is that it conforms to your body's exact contours. When dad lies down on the pillow, pressure is distributed evenly over the entire surface, leaving him with the comfort he desires and the support he needs for a rejuvenating and therapeutic sleep. After use, the pillow returns to its original shape. This dependable gift comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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    Jazz up your basement ceiling you can do that

    Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson I helped a friend of mine finish his basement but he was not sure what type of ceiling he wanted to put in. There are several options like traditional drywall, tongue and groove boards, acoustic ceiling tiles and drop ceiling, so we analyzed each option. A drywall ceiling required that we relocate most pipes and ducts into the joist cavities, or out to the perimeter of the room. Then we would have to place a wood frame to box in around anything that was still hanging below the line of the ceiling joists. Then we would have to place wooden furring strips where extra strength was be needed. It is necessary to use the furring and the framed boxes in order to provide a solid backing for the finished ceiling treatment. Drywall seemed like a good choice because of the low cost of the material but we weren't to thrilled about taping and sanding it later. Acoustic ceiling tiles was another option, the tiles are easy to cut and their small size makes them very easy to handle. They are installed by stapling them to the furring strips but again we had to move pipes and ducts in order to provide suitable framing for a nice flat ceiling. We then entertained the idea of using T1-11 tongue and groove boards, again we would need to move pipes and ducts and the cost was a bit high. After some thought the look of this product just wasn't what he wanted. We then looked into the standard drop ceiling, it is one of the easiest solutions to covering basement joists but again the thought of hanging and cutting rails did not appeal to him and again the look of this type of ceiling reminded him of an old office building. It seemed that the cost was a factor as well. And then one day shopping with his family he saw what a store did with their ceiling and that was basically nothing. He asked the owner what they did and he said they basically cleaned the pipes and duct work, primered them and then used an airless sprayer to paint everything one color. It was perfect, we would not have to move any thing, no framing was necessary and to beat all it allowed for more head room. The one concern we had was that maybe some electrical or gas lines might not be able to be painted, so if you have doubts call a professional or inspector and ask before you paint. I will say that after the project was complete not only did this industry style ceiling cost less it really looked good. Good luck with your project.

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    Tips on effective home schooling

    With mounting concerns about overcrowding and the quality of public education, parents are increasingly considering the home schooling alternative. According to the U. S. Department of Education, the number of students being home-schooled is about 1 million and growing. While there are many philosophies and approaches to home schooling, all parents want to see their children reach their full potential. Here are some tips from SFK Media Specially for Kids Corp., the company that developed the ReadEnt at-home learning program. * Learn about your local regulations governing home schooling. Education laws vary by state and town. * Involve your child in the curriculum. Let your child choose some of the workbooks for each subject, but steer him or her to the appropriate grade level. The more your child is involved in the process, the more excited he or she will be about the subject matter.

    * Designate a separate area of your home to serve as the "classroom." It should be someplace that is comfortable and free of distractions. * Connect with other home-schooling families through community groups or online. Such groups often organize field trips, discuss approaches to home schooling and share stories and advice. * Keep your child active. It is important that home-schooled children socialize with others.

    Encourage your child to become active in sports, music or clubs, just as any child attending school. * Look for "teaching moments." For example, if you bake cookies at home, ask your child how many you baked. If you take a walk to the park, turn it into a lesson in science and nature. * Use unique learning tools to keep your student interested. SFK's Reading Movies, for example, improve reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills and are entertaining at the same time. These interactive movies use a patented technology called Action Captions in which each spoken word appears on the screen in real time, without interfering with the flow or entertainment of the movie. As a result, reading and spoken language skills develop naturally.

    The movies are available in a set of three DVDs featuring such classics as "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," "Gulliver's Travels" and "The Trojan Horse."

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