Are alternative medicines effective

A growing number of people have become interested in alternative medicine to treat illnesses. Alternative medicine as a practice has created a significant amount of controversy both inside and outside the traditional medical field. Alternative medicine refers to a treatment or substance that is unproven under the application or accepted scientific standards. The most common types of alternative medicine include herbs, supplements, therapies and activities that are outside traditional medical practice. Some of these raise questions about their safety and effectiveness. Acupuncture, massage, meditation, herbal tea, and plant extracts are popular among devotees of alternative medicine, but many traditional doctors believe these treatments are ineffective or even dangerous. Alternative medicine has become increasingly popular as more people face the aches, pains, and illnesses that accompany aging. In some cases, individuals have not obtained a cure with traditional medical approaches and turn to other options to treat their illness. In still other cases, people feel very strongly that natural methods of treatment are better than traditional medicine, so they look for answers from alternative practitioners instead of the family doctor. There are risks associated with alternative medicine.

Some of the risks arise through the use of untested, ineffective, and even unsafe substances. The manufacturers of these substances sometimes exaggerate the claims of their effectiveness. They may misrepresent the science related to the material to convince consumers to buy the product, even if its use can endanger a person’s health. Some herbal remedies are advertised as being able to improve memory, raise metabolism, or cure cancer and heart disease. In reality, the remedies may cause harm if taken at high doses. Another risk is that someone with a serious disease like cancer will not receive traditional and proven treatments, preferring to use alternative methods that may not be effective. In these cases, people are risking their lives. Sometimes, patients may be using alternative treatments, but not telling their doctors about them. This can lead to dangerous drug interactions.

If a traditional doctor is unaware of the substance a patient is taking, medications that produce harmful interactions may be unknowingly prescribed. It is possible to recognize potentially risky alternative treatment. If a treatment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While this is a clichй, it is often very true in situations involving alternative medicines. Be careful of products labeled ‘miraculous’ or ‘ancient remedy.’ If you are thinking about treatments such as acupuncture or reflexology, check the qualifications of the practitioner before being treated.

Ask about the training received, and research the treatment to determine if it has been scientifically tested and found to be effective. It’s a good idea to ask your doctor about an alternative treatment you are considering. Trained medical professionals have the experience and education to help you make safe decisions about your health.

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Waiting for the mazda cx 7

For the past months, Mazda, the automobile company, had been featuring the upcoming vehicle that would be joining the Mazda vehicle line up. This new vehicle has been named as the Mazda MX Crossport during its concept phase. Upon its introduction, it would then hold the name Mazda CX-7. This vehicle has already been receiving many praises for its Zoom-Zoom exterior styling as well as its driver oriented interior even if it is just in its concept stage. Jim Sullivan, the president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations (MNAO), has stated, “Mazda President Hisakazu Imaki is committed to bringing new products to market and expanding our line of vehicles. The addition of the Mazda CX-7 is great news and a critical step forward for us in North America. To successfully grow our business, we have to be true to our core values and for any vehicle to wear the Winged-M logo on the grille, it must have the soul of a sports car. I am convinced this vehicle will deliver.” This vehicle is built in Hiroshima, Japan and it will be sold first in the United States and in the rest of North America. The Mazda CX 7 is actually mounted on a new platform that is not used by any other vehicle yet. However, it uses the front suspension of the Mazda MPV minivan as well as the rear suspension of the Mazda 5. As for the rest of its components, most, including the turbocharged engine, actually come from the Mazda Speed 6. There will be no options for transmission systems for only one will be made available and that will be the 6 Speed Sport automatic. The power of this vehicle comes from the 2.3 liter MZR engine. It can actually produce some 244 units of horsepower at 5,000 rpm and some 258 pound feet of torque at a very low 2,5000 rpm. What are the features of this Mazda CX 7? The list includes a fully independent suspension, four wheel ventilated disc brakes with standard four-wheel anti lock braking system, the dynamic stability control, the traction control system, an active torque split all wheel drive, a computer controlled coupling and a front wheel drive. Interested parties or Mazda aficionados could simply go and visit Auto Parts Information. This online store is one of the leading online suppliers and dealers of quality and durable Mazda parts, auto parts, and accessories at discount prices. It has a wide range of Mazda auto parts that includes fuel tanks, hubcaps, lights, mirrors, radiators, starters, corner lights, and clear corners among many others. There are also auto parts available for Mazda models like the 323, the 626, the Miata, the Millenia, the MPV, the RX7, the RX8, and the Tribute. All of these are available for customers and guest in great discounts and wholesale deals at http:// innerauto. com.

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Mpv mazda s popular minivan

In Japan, the Mazda MPV is known, marketed, and sold as the Efini MPV. This vehicle first made its way to public knowledge in 1989. It was constructed to be a rear wheel drive vehicle. Later on in 2000, it came back with a more modern front wheel drive. Originally, the Mazda MPV was designed in its every minute detail as a minivan. This was destined to be sold to the American market.

The Mazda MPV was first constructed using Mazda’s best platform that time. The company used the Mazda 929’s HC to be able to develop and start out the Mazda MPV’s LV platform. Later on in the design and construction process for this vehicle, the Mazda MPV was equipped with a V6 engine and an optional all wheel drive. This vehicle features traditional hinged doors instead of the sliding rear doors.

Making waves with the press, the Mazda MPV then earned its way to being named a part of the Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list for two consecutive years – 1990 and 1991. This magazine also featured the Mazda MPV as one of their “vehicles for the coming (fuel) crisis”. However, on the other hand, the Mazda MPV made a big unwanted splash with crash testers. Out of the four stars that a vehicle could receive from the Australian ANCAP crash test, the Mazda MPV only received one little star.

As for the American IIHS crash tests, the vehicle received a poor “Marginal” rating. The sales for this vehicle went really well however it rapidly declined come the period when other automobile manufacturers started constructing and introducing to the market all wheel drivers and V6 engines. In 1996, this vehicle underwent a refreshing. The I4 engine went into retirement and it was replaced with a similar engine – a 2.5 liter unit. Come the year 2000, the Mazda MPV came with a front wheel drive LW platform that was based on the Mazda 626. This set of Mazda MPVs was considered to be the second in this model’s generation. It came this time to be more traditional than the first batch. It held sliding rear doors and a front wheel drive. However, what was different for this generation includes a rear seat that folds flat into the floor and rear door windows that are rolled down. In 2002, the changes for the vehicle included a change in power by using the Mazda AJ 3.0 liter V6 engine along with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

This now has the capacity to produce 200 horsepower and 200 pound feet of torque. Other than that, upgrades included a larger grille that sported a single chrome bar at the top, a more aggressive look and new headlights and tail lights. All genuine quality Mazda MPV parts like a/c condensers, bumpers, carpets, wheels, radiators, hoods, and catalytic converters to name a few have been made available for customers and Mazda owners in great discounts and wholesale prices at http:// centerautoparts. com. The proven reliability of Mazda Parts and Mazda Auto Parts’ collection keeps customer loyalty for years.

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36 the benefits of baby massage

РПаЎ±б>юя %'юяяя$яяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяямҐБ` рївbjbjЛsЛs .©©вяяяяяя¤шшшшшшшФФФФаВошшшшшУУУACCCCCC$°h 2gшУУУУУgшшшшЫ|У шшшшAУAшшшмP6¶аЎЖФЭ A’0ВJзJJш@УУУУУУУggч УУУВУУУУ„ђDђшшшшшшяяяя36 – The Benefits of Baby Massage Many cultures have used massage as part of baby care for centuries, and research shows it can have many benefits. Not only does massage enable you to learn about and respond to your baby's body language. But it is also a wonderful way to make your baby feel safe and secure by showing that he or she is loved and cared for. There are no hard and fast rules for baby massage, other than to ensure you are doing it safely. Your baby and you will discover together what works best for you both. Please bear in mind that massage is something you do with your infant, not to your infant. It is strongly suggested you seek guidance and education on massage techniques from a qualified baby massage therapist, midwife, or other healthcare professional to ensure you are doing it safely. A ten minute massage, two or three times a week assists in strengthening the parent-infant relationship, babies love it and it can assist in alleviating baby ailments too. In today’s society, parents have heavy workloads and both their jobs and at home which can directly affect quality time spent with children. Infant massage, an age old tradition, is simple, free, can be administered almost anywhere and has a host of emotional and physical benefits for both parents and baby. A child with a strong sense of attachment is more likely to grow up confident, assured and happy. The parent-infant attachment is rooted in the very early months of life, so by its very definition infant massage has a deep effect on the emotional well-being of the infant and can be used to attain a sense of security for the growing child. The emotional benefits of infant massage, such as quality, one-to-one loving touch, can also be experienced by fathers. #e•±ПцS Ъ Ю FѓЇЙЬЭjklанс6<ЮабвфеЩеЩеЩеЩеЩеЩеЩеЩеЩНеНефеѕеѕефеєhАH!hбуh

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8 reasons mlm distributors fail

There dozens of reasons why any one individual might not be successful with his/her network marketing business... or any other business for that matter. Here are a few that I can think of right off the top of my head: NOT TREATING IT LIKE A BUSINESS... Network marketing or MLM is just another method of distribution of a product or service. It is a "business" in every sense of the word. Many new distributors do not realize that all the same skills and dedication to effort, that are required to be successful in any business, are needed in their MLM business. UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS... Unfortunately, this industry has the reputation of making it sound too easy. Distributors, in their eagerness to build "any" type of organization, paint too rosy a picture to convince a prospective distributor to come aboard. This is a disservice to the industry, the recruiting distributor, and to the prospect. Experienced and successful distributors do a lot of "sifting & sorting" to find the right prospects for their organization. They require that the prospect jump through a lot of qualifying hoops to become part of the team. NOT BEING TRAINABLE... If you cannot, or will not, take coaching and instruction then MLM is not for you. Surprisingly, those with strong professional selling skills are often the worst choice you can make for potential team member. They often think they must "re-invent the wheel" to conform with their selling experience. Your successful upline "knows" how to work your business. Follow their lead and duplicate the already successful system. POOR CHOICE OF UPLINE... Your choice of your upline sponsor is critical to your success. Most new distributors give little or no attention to this important detail. If you sponsor is not a good trainer, or is not willing to implement the systems necessary to support YOU... then you have the wrong sponsor. Your sponsor, in the truest sense of the phrase, is your "partner in success". A bad one can stifle your success... a good one can skyrocket your profits and greatly shorten our learning and selling cycle. If you have a sponsor who is not serving your needs then work upline until you find someone who will give you the support you need...and have every right to expect. POOR CHOICE OF COMPANY/PRODUCT... Always look at the product first. If you would Not "willingly" buy the product and enjoy it's benefits... why do you think anyone else would? Marry the product with your own interests and needs. If you are interested in wellness, health & fitness, etc. then select a company who has a leadership position in these product lines. Don't try to sell something you can't get enthusiastic about... and which does not fill a proven need in the marketplace. Never mistake the "comp plan" for the opportunity... the opportunity is in the product. The most lucrative pay plan in the world will not pay you a dime if you cannot sell the product... and the customers do not willingly re-order. NOT DEALING WITH CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS/SERVICES... Your success or failure with any MLM will be greatly determined by the "consumability" of the product. If the product is a "one-time" purchase the success of the MLM model is doubtful. Residual income depends on the consumability of the product. YOUR OWN LACK OF DISCIPLINE & PATIENCE... No business becomes successful instantly. MLM is no different. You should become involved with any MLM only if you are willing and able to commit a minimum of one year of hard work to the building process. YOUR UNWILLINGNESS TO COMMIT MONEY & TIME TO BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS... Building any business requires a certain commitment of time and money to succeed. You must make available a minimum number of hours per week to "work" the business... and you must be willing to invest the money necessary for advertising, supplies, lead generation, etc. MLM is NOT a get-rich scheme, despite the wild claims made by some. Network marketing IS a business that requires the same level of dedication that getting to the top of any Fortune 500 company takes. With MLM, however, YOU own the company and there is no arbitrary boss determining your worth. © Copyright 2005 Thom Reece All Rights Reserved

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A couple of tips in getting a better deal on

When you purchase a house or a vehicle these are some of the biggest investments you may encounter, so make sure you have some skills and information in regards to negotiating a good deal for yourself. When purchasing a vehicle there are several pieces of information that you should be armed with when you make your purchase. I will discuss briefly about the purchase of used vehicles in my next article. Please be aware that the salesperson has specific information relevant the price and is not willing to tell you everything concerning your purchase. So be ready for them. Here are some tips in purchasing new vehicles that you should keep in mind. 1. Take time in making a purchase; pursue your search when salespeople are not on the lot. Try looking for a vehicle on a Sunday afternoon, late Saturday afternoon or even early Sunday morning. This will give you time to analyze prices, rebates and the type of vehicle you would like to purchase without any interruption. You have a clear thinking process at this time. 2. Know how much you are going to spend each month out of your budget for your new vehicle. Will you be able to afford a car note of $550 month? This should already be calculated before talking to any salesperson. Stand firm on what you can afford and do not be conversed into a vehicle you do not want or can not afford. 3. Be aware of information about price reduction such as how long the vehicle has been setting on the lot; you can see this information by opening the door and looking inside of the door panel. This will tell you when the vehicle arrived on the lot. The longer the vehicle sits the more they want to get rid of it. This could be a benefit tool for your negotiation process. 4. Look at the rebates carefully; you should obtain the good rebates as well as the dealer. For example: A cars’ original price is $30,000. The MSRP=the manufacturing suggested retail price which is $27,500-this may be what the dealer paid for the car. Then there is a dealers’ manufacturer rebate that the dealer also receives that they may not past onto you. This price may be for example $1,500.00. Now the price of the vehicle is down to $26,000. The dealer also is provided a benefit for moving a car fast (aggressive sales) in a particular time frame. This could be $500 to $1000 for them. You may not see this benefit either. Now you can negotiate on the price of $25,000 or $25,500. There is also a dealer cost which should be factored in at $500 to $1000. The dealers do not want you to know about this as well. So, the called true dealer price may be $24,500 to $25,000. 5. At this price you may make an offer of $24,500 to $25,500 on a $30,000 vehicle and may pay $4500 to $5000 less on this vehicle if your credit is good and it may be more. Remember they need to sale this car and you are in control not them. Always remember they need you more, their incomes depend on it. So use every analytical tool you have. 6. Negotiate the price of the car not the monthly payment; you will see the difference and this will work out for you long-term. 7. Get at least 3 or more quotes from other dealers on the particular model of choice. This will assist you in getting closer to your price. 8. Calculate your payment and look for hidden prices or interest hikes. 9. You do not need the extra, extra warranties for the paint job or other parts on your vehicle most of these are already covered. You can protect yourself with extended warranties but not all the mumbo jumbo the dealer is talking up. 10. In most cases you do not have to put down a down payment even if your credit is marginal. The dealer still makes money on you depending on several variables encoded in the contract you sign so be careful. So keep your cash in your pocket if at all cost. 11. Try to purchase your vehicle during the closing of the fiscal year, generally around October, the dealers are trying to get rid of old stock to purchase new stock and you could benefit from this. 12. Finally, you can search CarInfo. com or other Websites for more tips and information on purchasing and beating the dealers at their own game.

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2006 easier organizing for your new year

Use these New Years Organizing tips whether you have a file 'system' - or not! If your business end-year falls in June, just use these same tips in July. In January set up a Tax Box to hold all your 2005 tax documentation. Set up an archive box (for a lot) or a file tray (for a little) marked Taxes 2005. While sorting your mail put all W-2's or 1099's, and any tax-related material in it. You can set up colored file pocket folders in your Tax Box for Forms, and Personal, Business/Employer, or Investment/Real Estate documentation. Many people create His, Hers, Ours, and Internal Revenue Service folders in addition to their financial files. If you have a filing system, but, you're bogged down in old records: Pull last year's financial files (e. g., bank statements) and business or employment expenses (e. g., receipts) and income (e. g., invoices) or any tax-related item. Sort prior years' tax and legal or financial documents into boxes marked by year. 2006: EASIER ORGANIZING FOR YOUR NEW YEAR Use these New Years Organizing tips whether you have a file 'system' - or not! If your business end-year falls in June, just use these same tips in July. In January set up a Tax Box to hold all your 2005 tax documentation. Set up an archive box (for a lot) or a file tray (for a little) marked Taxes 2005. While sorting your mail put all W-2's or 1099's, and any tax-related material in it. You can set up colored file pocket folders in your Tax Box for Forms, and Personal, Business/Employer, or Investment/Real Estate documentation. Many people create His, Hers, Ours, and Internal Revenue Service folders in addition to their financial files. If you have a filing system, but, you're bogged down in old records: Pull last year's financial files (e. g., bank statements) and business or employment expenses (e. g., receipts) and income (e. g., invoices) or any tax-related item. Sort prior years' tax and legal or financial documents into boxes marked by year. As you are taking 2005 files out of your office system, make the replacement 2006 file folders for all of your regular home and personal business or financial (e. g., credit cards) and legal (e. g., insurance) documents. Now, you have separate files for current financial documents in the New Year and a working Tax Box for April 15th that will automatically become your Tax Archives. If you do not have a working file system for your Home, Small Business, or Business with Employees, let me recommend the shortest distance between chaos and a fully indexed color-coded file system. 75 % of all home and small business filing systems is the same. That's why I use the Home and Small Business file kits you'll find at Organizer-Extraordinaire. com in my own personal productivity consulting practice. You'll spend more money driving to the store and buying blank labels and supplies than it costs you if you use the file kit that matches your needs. I like quickly setting up the standard 75 %, and then customizing the blank labels for new titles in my client's file system. If you've had organizers before, you might be surprised that they didn't use File Kits. Your office file system project will take three times as long without them. Using these kits with (or without) an organizer makes it easy to save your time and money. I recommend you select and set up the file kits for 2006 that fit your needs. Then, follow the same tax and archiving tips above for the working file system - because now you have one. Just setting up the Tax Box will help you start the New Year out right, but it's no substitute for an ongoing paper management system after April 15th. Very best wishes on organizing the 2006 of your dreams! If you like, sign up for more free time-saving tips at http:// organizer-extraordinaire. com As you are taking 2005 files out of your office system, make the replacement 2006 file folders for all of your regular home and personal business or financial (e. g., credit cards) and legal (e. g., insurance) documents. Now, you have separate files for current financial documents in the New Year and a working Tax Box for April 15th that will automatically become your Tax Archives. If you do not have a working file system for your Home, Small Business, or Business with Employees, let me recommend the shortest distance between chaos and a fully indexed color-coded file system. 75 % of all home and small business filing systems is the same. That's why I use the Home and Small Business file kits you'll find at Organizer-Extraordinaire. com in my own personal productivity consulting practice. You'll spend more money driving to the store and buying blank labels and supplies than it costs you if you use the file kit that matches your needs. I like quickly setting up the standard 75 %, and then customizing the blank labels for new titles in my client's file system. If you've had organizers before, you might be surprised that they didn't use File Kits. Your office file system project will take three times as long without them. Using these kits with (or without) an organizer makes it easy to save your time and money. I recommend you select and set up the file kits for 2006 that fit your needs. Then, follow the same tax and archiving tips above for the working file system - because now you have one. Just setting up the Tax Box will help you start the New Year out right, but it's no substitute for an ongoing paper management system after April 15th. Very best wishes on organizing the 2006 of your dreams! If you like, sign up for more free time-saving tips at organizer-extraordinaire. com

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The problem with monster jobs

: As everyone knows Monster. com is the leader in job marketing. They provide an avenue for millions to post and read resumes. However there is a problem with these huge job searching companies. That is that when you are looking for a job in a specific area the first 10 or so jobs listed are national job listings.

They have no relevance to you and waste your time being there. Why should we be subjected to viewing these? There is no reason.I recently have moved to West Virginia and started a career here. I have found an excellent job and love the area. I tried Monster. com first, because honestly who doesn't put their resume on Monster when they need to find a job. My resume was on there about 2 months and I had found nothing even close to a "good" job. I decided I would need to look at a more localized job search engine.

I decided to pick a few states I wouldn't mind moving to and decided to check out there State Chamber of Commerce sites. Usually this was a good place to start, however sometimes the sites were not very impressive. I finally looked at the WV Chamber of Commerce page. After a few click throughs I stumbled upon a site developed in WV. It wasn't flashy but it did provide a ton of information. The site was called VCLink. It had job postings, opportunities, and even a place to upload my resume.

My resume was on for a week when I received a call from my current employer trying to schedule an interview with me. One Week! Just for kicks I left my resume on Monster. It have had my job for 6 months, so tack that on the initial 2 months and after 8 months I had received one decent job possibility. That is the problem, Monster is too big to handle specified job searching. Sure they can help someone looking for "some job somewhere," but not someone who knows what they want and where they want it. So if you know what you want try and find a small localized company to assist you in your job hunt.

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Fashion jewelry how to familiarize yourself with it

Fashion Jewelry: How to Familiarize Yourself with It Are interested in updating your appearance, fashion wise? If you are, your first thought may be to buy a new wardrobe. While new clothes are a great way to update your fashion appearance, did you know that clothes are not all that fashion includes? Fashion also includes fashion accessories, like jewelry. If you are looking for a relatively easy and affordable way to update your fashion, you may want to think about buying new fashion jewelry. When it comes to buying fashion jewelry, there are many individuals who wonder what is the best way to go about researching fashion jewelry, particularly the “hottest,” jewelry trends at the moment. In all honesty, there are an unlimited number of different ways that you can go about doing so. A few of those ways are briefly touched on below. One of the easiest ways that you can go about familiarizing yourself with the latest in fashion jewelry trends is by turning to the internet. Online, you can find a large number of online fashion websites. Many of these websites offer fashion tips, as well as cover some of the latest fashion trends in jewelry, as well as other fashion accessories. If you are looking to not just own any piece of fashion jewelry, but the latest piece of jewelry to hit the stores and make a splash, online fashion magazines are the best way to go. In keeping with fashion magazines, you can also learn about the latest in fashion jewelry by buying printed fashion magazines. Many individual, possibly just like you, prefer buying printed fashion magazines, as opposed to reading online fashion magazines. It is hard to explain, but some people just prefer seeing things in print. The only downsides to buying fashion magazines to learn more about fashion jewelry is the cost of doing so. While affordable priced, fashion magazines can get expensive overtime and they may not necessarily cover fashion jewelry; therefore, you may want to skim through any magazines that you want to buy. Another easy way that you can go about familiarizing yourself with popular fashion jewelry pieces and styles is by going shopping. Window shopping is a great way to learn about new, popular pieces of fashion jewelry or fashion jewelry sets. If you are shopping in a storefront retail location, you will likely find the popular fashion pieces, including fashion jewelry, displayed in the window of a fashion store or positioned on an elaborate display. In addition to traditional window shopping, you may want to think about trying to shop or at least examine fashion jewelry pieces online. You may want to visit the online website of a popular fashion store or a well-known jewelry store. One of the biggest signs that a piece of fashion jewelry is popular or in style at the moment is if it is displayed on the front page of an online retailer’s website. This is a great way to quickly find information on what is hot and what may not be so hot in the world of fashion jewelry. As you can see, you have a number of different options when it comes to familiarizing yourself with the latest trends in fashion jewelry. Whether you are interested in complimenting your new wardrobe with fashion jewelry or if you just want to experiment with it, you have a number of fashion jewelry research methods at your fingertips. Word Count 566

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Panasonic 42 plasma tv th 42pwd7uy reviewed

The Panasonic 42 plasma TV TH-42PWD7UY has the best gradation in the industry as well as superior contrast. This Panasonic 42 plasma TV screen is long-lasting compared to other tvs. Consumers are able to get an excellent picture without the use of hdtv. The TH-42PWD7UY is reviewed as one of the top in the market. The picture quality is well worth the money spent. Because it is an industrial line model it doesn't come with a speaker or a remote. It might be complicated for beginners to understand the hook ups of this Panasonic 42 plasma TV. You'll get an amazing picture and top quality, but newbie's may want help to install it. Beginners you may easily want to have the store set it up for you. Most retailers will do this. In conclusion this Panasonic plasma TV will give you the best for your money. The special features on this model are advanced beyond the average features offered. This is a tv that performs above the rest.

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Vitamin supplements for preventive health

Taking a megadose of vitamins for preventive health is still being researched. There are hopes that certain vitamins will be proven to prevent certain diseases and disorders from developing. Yet, there are many in the medical community who believe that vitamin supplementation will never take the place of modern medicine, and “miracle”statements will never be made about vitamins. However, what cannot be disputed are the medicinal properties found in vitamins, and more specifically in antioxidants. Antioxidant vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene--which is a compound of vitamin A. Mineral antioxidants include manganese, zinc and selenium. These antioxidants work together to protect the body from free radical damage.

While it is virtually impossible to rid the body of all oxidative stressors, antioxidants work as a team to greatly defend the human body and boost the immune system. Vitamin C protects proteins in the body, while vitamin E protects the fat in cell membranes. Beta-carotene protects our bodies from free radicals which are formed by ultraviolet light. Selenium enzymes station themselves close to the energy producing part of our cells, while zinc stands guard and stops free radicals which may have slipped by unnoticed by the other antioxidants. Why are these combination of antioxidant vitamins important? There is an array of diseases which are thought to be connected to free radicals.

These diseases can include heart disease, arthritis, cataracts, cancer, and even early onset aging. It is thought if individuals have a high intake of these vitamins that it can greatly lower their chances of acquiring one of these diseases or disorders, or slow down the degenerative process. The problem with stating that a specific vitamin has stopped the formation of a disease is that we do not know if the disease would have occurred in the individual if he or she was not taking them. It is pure speculation. Therefore, vitamin supplementation should be looked at as health insurance for the body, as science will probably never say it is a “cure” for many illness and disease. Yet, we do know that vitamin supplementation does prevent deficiency diseases, such as scurvy. Only time and research will unravel the mystery of vitamin supplementation for preventive health. For more information about Vitamin Supplements, visit http:// MamasHealth. com

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Natural liver support cleansing products

The liver is involved in thousands of biochemical mechanisms making it second only to the brain in importance and complexity. Natural health practitioners are also acutely aware of the detrimental effects on the liver of modern living, with its chemicals, excessive fat intake, pesticides, hormones, and stress. This suggests that we as a culture are in need of liver support. You should consider liver support supplementation if you: • Have a history of a Fatty Liver • Consume Alcohol • Consume Tobacco Products • Have been taking Medications/Drugs • Are exposed to Environmental Toxins or Chemicals or Second Hand Smoke • Have a history of Liver or Gall Bladder Problems Dandelion Dandelion root enhances bile flow, thus improving conditions such as liver congestion, bile duct inflammation, hepatitis, gallstones, and jaundice. Dandelion increases bile flow by affecting the liver directly to cause an increase in bile production and flow to the gallbladder, and exerting a direct effect on the gallbladder by causing a contraction and release of stored bile. Dandelion's hepatic tonic effect may be attributable to the high choline content. Milk Thistle Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used since Greco-Roman times as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver problems. Several scientific studies suggest that active substances in milk thistle (particularly silymarin) protect the liver from damage caused by viruses, toxins, alcohol, and certain drugs such as acetaminophen (a common over the counter medication used for headaches and pain; acetaminophen, also called paracetamol, can cause liver damage if taken in large quantities or by people who drink alcohol regularly.) Many professional herbalists recommend milk thistle extract for the prevention and/or treatment of various liver disorders including viral hepatitis, fatty liver associated with long term alcohol use, and liver damage from drugs and industrial toxins such as carbon tetrachloride.

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Calcium the key to quick weight loss

Are you dieting your way to bone loss? Are you aware that the diet you follow may be depleting your bones of essential nutrients and increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis? Popular diets may promise quick weight loss, but calcium and other important nutrients are often missing from the menu, which can lead to bone loss. And women who consistently limit what they eat to avoid gaining weight may undermine the health of their bones, according to a study by ARS researchers in California. (1) The study looked at the eating behavior of women between the ages of 18 and 50 and found that those classified as "restrained eaters" had significantly lower bone mineral density and bone mineral content (key indicators of overall bone strength and health) than women who said they weren't concerned about what they ate. "Exercise and eating a well-balanced diet with adequate calcium, are two of the best ways to keep your bones strong and healthy." advise the researchers. Calcium is not only good for your bones but can help you maintain a healthy, low fat diet too. There has been increasing media coverage about numerous studies showing that a diet rich in calcium helps reduce body fat. Why is calcium important in weight loss? Calcium is a fat burner. High-calcium diets seem to favor burning rather than storing fat. Researchers say this is because calcium stored in fat cells plays an important role in fat storage and breakdown. Calcium changes the efficiency of weight loss . In fact, study after study has shown that the people with the highest calcium intake overall weighed the least, and the people with the lowest calcium intake had the highest percentage of body fat. (2,3,4) When overall calorie consumption is accounted for, calcium not only helps keep weight in check, but can be associated specifically with decreases in body fat. A low daily calcium intake is associated with greater tendency to gain weight, particularly in women. (5) Researchers found that adolescent girls who consumed more calcium weighed less and had less body fat than girls who consumed the same amount of calories from other sources. (6) Previous studies have shown that a higher calcium intake can block body fat production in adults and preschool children (7), but this was one of the first studies to show that it might have the same effect in body-conscious preteen and teenage girls. But aren't dairy products fattening? Some dieters consider dairy products to be fattening, but the evidence suggests the opposite is true. Consumption of calcium-rich dairy foods can actually help to reduce and prevent obesity. Over 20 recent studies show that milk products actually contribute to weight loss. A new study in obese adults, presented at the First Annual Nutrition Week Conference, showed that increasing calcium intake by the equivalent of two dairy servings per day could reduce the risk of obesity by as much as 70 percent. (8) The study provided clinching evidence that calcium in low-fat dairy products can help adjust your body's fat-burning machinery and help keep your weight under control. In another study, obese subjects placed on a high-calcium diet, with yogurt as the calcium source, showed markedly greater fat loss than those on a low-calcium diet. (9) Numerous studies have shown that dairy calcium is more effective in reducing body fat than other forms of calcium. (10) Why does diary calcium work so well? Researchers believe that other nutrients found in milk products act in synergy with calcium to reduce fat more efficiently. Glycomacropeptides (found in whey proteins derived from milk) in particular, are known to create feelings of satiety and fullness and decrease food intake. (11,12,13) Foods that are a good source of calcium include cheese, milk, ice cream, baked beans and other dried legumes, dried figs, broccoli, most dark-green leafy vegetables, and soft fish bones like those in canned salmon. Disclaimer: If you are under 18, pregnant, nursing or have health problems, consult your physician before starting any weight loss plan. The information here is not provided by medical professionals and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician before beginning any course of treatment. References: Dieters May Lose Bone Density. April 1999; Agricultural Research magazine Regulation of adiposity by dietary calcium. Zemel MB et al. [2000. FASEB J 14:1132-1138.] Regulation of adiposity and obesity risk by dietary calcium: mechanisms and implications. Zemel MB. 2002. [J Am Coll Nutr 21: 146S-151S.] Effects of dietary calcium on adipocyte lipid metabolism and body weight regulation in energy-restricted aP2-agouti transgenic mice. Shi H et al. [2001. FASEB J 5:291-293.] Calcium intake, body composition, and lipoprotein-lipid concentrations in adults. Jacqmain M et al. [2003. Am J Clin Nutr 77:1448-1452.] Higher dairy intake is associated with lower body fat during adolescence. Novotny R et al. [2003. Poster Presentation, Experimental Biology Meeting, April, San Diego, CA.] The role of dietary calcium and other nutrients in moderating body fat in preschool children. Carruth BR and Skinner JD. [2001. T Int J Obesity Relat Metab Disord 25:559-566.] Calcium and Dairy Acceleration of Weight and Fat Loss during Energy Restriction in Obese Adults. Zemel MB et al. [Obes Res. 2004 Apr;12(4):582-90.] Dairy (yogurt) augments fat loss and reduces central obesity during energy restriction in obese subjects. Zemel MB et al. [2003. FASEB J A1088:679.3] Calcium and Weight: Clinical Studies. Heaney, R. P., Davies, K. M., Barger-Lux, M. J. [Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 21(2), 2002, pages 152S-155S.] Cholecystokinin decreases food intake in rats. Gibbs J, Young RC, Smith GP. J Comp [Physiol Psychol 1973 Sep;84(3):488-95] Cholecystokinin antibody injected in cerebral ventricles stimulates feeding in sheep. Della-Fera MA, Baile CA, Schneider BS, Grinker JA. [Science 1981 May 8;212(4495):687-9] Peptides with CCK-like activity administration intracranially elicit satiety in sheep. Della-Fera MA, Baile CA. [Physiol Behav 1981 Jun;26(6):979-83]

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Family health up in smoke

If you don't want to stop smoking for your own health, you might have an incentive to stop smoking if you learn just how your smoking affects those around your smoke such as your family and other loved ones. What's really worse about second hand smoke than the damage smokers bring on themselves is that so many of the second hand smoke victims are children - those unable to make the decision to avoid the harmful effects of the smoke for themselves. These little folks who depend on your for their health care are the ones most adversely affected because you won't stop smoking. Second hand smoke is also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). It is a combination of the smoke that comes from the burning end of your cigarette or other tobacco product, which is called the sidestream smoke and the smoke that is exhaled by the smoker, called mainstream smoke. Over 400 chemicals are part of the mix in secondhand smoke. Over 50 of these chemicals are proven or probable as cancer causing agents in humans. The term for these is carcinogens. Second hand smoke is everywhere - whether you are home in the presence of a smoker, or in the workplace (though this is becoming increasingly uncommon) and in public places such as restaurants, bars, casinos and bowling alleys. While many U. S. states have begin to outlaw public smoking it's generally for restaurants where those under 18 are present.

Bars are still prime places for secondhand smoke, as are bowling alleys and casinos. If you don't stop smoking those who smoke along with you second hand will have an increased lung cancer and heart disease risk. Children will be the ones most negatively affected by this second hand smoke. Kids have lungs that aren't completely developed as yet and because of this they are far more susceptible to secondhand smoke and it's negative ramifications. They are also the ones that have absolutely no control of the environment in which you've placed their health. Children and infants who are exposed to second hand smokes suffer from sudden infant death syndromes (SIDS), bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma far more often than those who have non-smoking parents and adult family members.

In the U. S. alone 3000 people succumb to lung cancer as a result of secondhand smoke, even though are people who never smoked or stopped smoking. Death by coronary heart disease thanks to second hand smoke occur in 35,000 Americans each year. Children develop asthma as a result of secondhand smoke at the rate of 8000 to 26,000 each year. Bronchitis numbers are even worse - 150,000-300,000 - and these are children younger than 18 months, up to 15,000 of whom will have to be hospitalized. Only 40 percent of those who don't smoke or stop smoking have no evidence of bodily harm due to secondhand smoke. The most disturbing fact about how your failure to stop smoking effects small children is that the median state figure for children in each state affected by secondhand smoke. The highest percentage is found in Kentucky, where more than a third of children are harmed.

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Hyaluronic acid the natural face lift

If So What Is It and What Does It Do? In Yuzuri Hara, a village in Japan, ten percent of the population is 85 or older. Diseases of aging, such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's, are virtually unknown. People rarely see a doctor and their skin rarely shows signs of aging. They live long, healthy active lives. As reported on the ABC News program 20/20, researchers have discovered the ‘magical’ ingredient that appears to keep people in Yuzuri Hara young. It is hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the carbohydrate foods that are unique to the hilly terrain of this village. http://abcnews. go. com/onair/2020/PRIMETIME_japanyouth_001102_feature. html The Times Newspaper (UK) reported 'New LIFE in OLD BONES: Researchers are looking for the genes involved with osteo-arthritis, which may lead to more effective, targeted therapies. Some studies have also shown positive results from injections into arthritic joints of hyaluronic acid, a component of the bodies own lubricant fluid, which seems to delay the need for a joint replacement.' What Is It? Hyaluronic Acid; or HA is a natural substance that is plentiful in our bodies when we are born. It is found in all human connective tissue. What Does It Do? HA occurs naturally in the deeper layers of our skin (the dermis). It helps to keep skin smooth and "plump" through its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It lubricates the joints. HA plays a critical role in the rapid repair of wounds and other skin conditions. Improves eye-sight 1. Moisture Retention The ability to retain and hold moisture is the secret to youthful, healthy, vibrant skin. Aging robs us of this innate ability to hold in moisture. As we get older our bodies produce less and less HA. The drop in HA starts at around the age of 18-20 years. But after the age of 40 the down slide becomes apparent. Skin starts to lose its elasticity and lines and wrinkles appear. HA also supports the formation and maintenance of collagen, an important connective tissue. Collagen degradation is believed to cause a decrease in skin tone and elasticity. Healthy, youthful skin comes from the inside. By replacing the components that naturally deplete with age, we can reverse the signs associated with aging. HA supplementation puts back in what is naturally lost to restore radiance and youth. 2. Joint Lubrication HA occurs throughout the body in abundant amounts in many of the places people with hereditary connective tissue disorders have problems such as joints, heart valves and eyes. Hyaluronic acid abnormalities are a common thread in connective tissue disorders e. g osteoarthritis 3. Wound repair Another important part of good skin is the ability to quickly heal wounds. This ability is slowly degraded with age. In part, it is due to the slowing down of cell mitosis, crucial aspect of cellular repair and regeneration. A possible contributing factor is also the decrease in the amount of HA available in the body. 4. Vision HA makes up 80% of the human eye - it is present in the vitreous humor of the eye and assists in vision. HA is a shock absorber to the retina thus helping to prevent trauma to the eye. Anti-aging products that use Hyaluronic Acid There are two types of HA anti-aging products: Those that are applied externally in cream form Those that are taken as a health supplement and work internally, providing moisture to the inner layers of the epidermis. By reaching the corium layers of the epidermis, you penetrate, like no topical application is able to. This provides essential HA components to the cell level where it can work effectively, whilst still moisturizing the skin and reducing wrinkles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information on Hyaluronic Acid supplements and skin care products go to: http:// naturesremediesuk. com

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The 4 step check for skin cancer detection

Moles can turn into cancerous melanomas so it's important you check your moles regularly and talk to your doctor if there is any sign of danger. Follow this 4 step, A-B-C-D, guide when checking your moles and if any of the points are true, be sure to take appropriate action. Asymmetry: If one half of the mole does not match the other half. A mole or birthmark that has skin growth which increases in size should be examined by a doctor. Border: If the edge of the mole is ragged, notched or blurred. Moles with skin cancer may have uneven borders.

Color: If the mole is a mix of brown, black and tan rather than an even color you should ensure it is looked at by a doctor. A mole that appears red or blue should also be cause for concern. Diameter: If the mole is larger than a pencil eraser (6 mm). An important sign of melanoma is a change in size. Check your body thoroughly at least every three months and if you have quite a few moles be sure to keep an eye on any changes. If any of your moles stand out from the others or if a mole starts bleeding for no apparent reason you should always consult your doctor. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to protect yourself from skin cancer, or to catch it early enough so that it can be treated effectively, so make sure you check yourself thoroughly and often.

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The Chinese culture has a significant influence on the American gambling industry. Many of todays popular casino games were introduced to American casinos by Chinese immigrants. In this review, you can read about some of the most popular Chinese gambling games that had a successful immigration to the West. Pai Gow Poker Pai Gow Poker is a hybrid of American poker and traditional Chinese tiles game called Pai Gow. The original tile game Pai Gow, which means Make 9, is one of the most ancient gambling games that are still available in cotemporary casinos. Pai Gow Poker is played with playing cards instead of tiles and it uses the traditional poker hand ranking. It is one of the most popular casino games worldwide and it can be found in almost every major casino in the US. Its online version can be played at most casinos on the internet. The object of the Pai Gow Poker is to form the highest possible two poker hands, one five card hand and a two card hand, out of the seven cards dealt to each player. Each player competes against the banker that can be either the casino dealer or one of the players who can afford paying the players winnings. Sic Bo Sic Bo is yet another popular casino game with roots that go back to ancient China. The chance game came to the States around the beginning of the 20th century by Chinese immigrants. It can be played in most land based casinos in Macau, the US and the UK. Sic Bo has an online version as well. The meaning of Sic Bo is Dice Pair. It is played with three standard dice on a special table. Each player places any number of bets on the table and then tosses the dice. The outcome is determined by the combinations of the three dice. Each combination has a different payoff according to a payoff schedule, which vary from one casino to the other. Fan Tan Fan Tan used to be the most popular gambling game among Chinese gamblers but the glory days of Fan Tan have already passed. During the 1890s, Chinese immigrants brought the game to the United States. At that time, every Chinatown in American City had several Fan Tan houses that were always full of enthusiastic gamblers. Nowadays, you can find Fan Tan in some casinos in Macau as well as in some online gaming sites. Traditional Fan Tan, not to be confused with the card game of the same name, used to be played with any objects such as coins, dried beans or small buttons on a table with a square marked on it. Fan Tan. The object of the game is pretty simple and odds are 1: 4. The play begins with the banker puts on the table a pile of objects then covers them with a bowl. Each player has to bet on one of the numbers that mark the four sides of the square, or on one of the corners of the square. After the bowl is removed, the croupier removes four of the objects each time until the last group remains. If 1 object is left, then the player who placed a bet on 1 wins the pot, and so on. Mahjong Mahjong is probably the biggest inherit of Chinese culture to the gaming world. The ancient Chinese tile game has many variants worldwide including variety of online games. According to the myth, Mahjong was developed by Confucius around the 500 BC. The game was brought to the United States during the 1920s and soon was very popular especially among women. The game was played in Chinese style decorated rooms with waiters wearing traditional customs. The American version of Mahjong was developed during the 1930s and it is played in America until today. At the same time, the National Mahjong league was founded. In addition to American Mahjong, there are Japanese, Vietnamese, Cantonese and other variations of the game, which vary from one to the other by their scoring structure, number of tiles and rules variants. In 1998, the China State Sports Commission had set a standard set of rules that will differentiate the illegal gambling game from the skill game. Mahjong Solitaire, the online version of Mahjong, gains wide popularity recently. The online version of the classic Chinese game is a matching game that uses the Mahjong tiles. Online Mahjong games can be found in many online gaming sites in variety of layouts and versions.

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Arts and Crafts Idea: Foam Sheet Glasses Case Are you a camp director, teacher, or homeschool mom looking for a new arts and crafts idea for your kids? Or maybe you are a recreation director at a senior center or nursing home and could use a new project. Either way, this arts and crafts idea will be interesting and fun for all. This glass case can be used, given as a gift, or converted into a necklace purse. To make the glasses case, you will need the following simple materials: a square of craft foam, plastic or large blunt needles, lanyard lace or thick yarn. Cut two rectangles from the foam, each 3-1/2 inches (9 cm.) by 6 inches (15 cm.). With a hole punch, make holes on three sides of each rectangle, leaving one short side unpunched. Make the holes 1/2 inch apart and allow at least 1/4 inch between the hole and the edge of the craft foam. The holes need to line up so that the two pieces can be laced together. If you are preparing the craft for small children, you should make the holes yourself. Otherwise, the crafters can do this step if you have enough pairs of hole punches. At this point the crafters can cut decorative shapes from other colors of craft foam, or you can buy sets of ready-cut foam shapes. If you are doing the craft at a special event, like vacation Bible school, choose shapes that echo the theme of the event. For instance, if the Bible school or camp has a cowboy theme, find shapes that fit well, such as boots, cowboy hats, and stars. Let the kids choose the shapes they like and glue on as desired. You might also like to provide beads or sequins to glue on as well, especially if the crafters are a little older. The next step in this arts and crafts idea is to thread the plastic needle with the yarn or lanyard lace. Yarn might be a little easier to handle, but lanyard lace is shiny and attractive. In a pinch, some teachers of small children use a bobby pin as a needle. It is certainly a safe alternative. Simply loop the yarn through the opening and use the open end of the bobby pin as if it were the point of the needle. The children can now begin to lace the front and back of the glasses case together. To turn this arts and crafts idea into a necklace purse, simply attach a piece of lanyard lace to each corner making a long handle. Kids will enjoy using this case as a place to store secret notes and small objects. If they'd rather, they can give the glasses case to a parent, grandparent, or friend who wears glasses. Either way, this arts and crafts idea will be interesting for all.

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London builders bathroom microclimate and placement part two

A suspended ceiling is very functional in the new bathroom. Good looking, it can hide electric wiring, ventilation pipes, and etc. A suspended ceiling can be of different types: metal or moisture-resistant gypsum-plaster. For the ceiling area increase, suspended ceiling boards should be mounted perpendicularly (a 90-grade angle) to the long wall or diagonally. For creation of the effect of a high ceiling, mirror boards or white mat boards with mirror fillets between them are used. A moisture-resistant gypsum-plaster ceiling can be made multilevel one of any shape: semicircle, diamond-shaped, oval, circle, zigzag lines with decorative cornice, into which daylight lamps can be installed. Spotlights can also be installed in the gypsum-plaster ceiling. Let's turn to the lighting now. A new bathroom should be lit brightly. Bright light arises bright feelings, feelings of protectiveness and joy. A simple wall lamp creates a lot of unnecessary shadows, that is why it is better to replace it with spotlights, built into the suspended ceiling. There exist spotlights of various shapes and colors, with halogen bulbs and incandescent lamps.

You should choose the type of light you need before making a renovation of your bathroom. Halogen bulbs produce sharp directed ray of light. If you need to highlight some place in your bathroom, it is reasonable to use a rotary lamp with halogen bulbs. You can get softer light out of halogen bulbs with the help of glass diffuser, preset in the shape of the lamp. Incandescent lamps produce more uniformly diffused, soft and bright light.

For a bathroom lighting mirror with the built-in lamps will also fit. The best location for the mirror is above the bathroom sink. The distance between the bottom of a mirror and the top of a sink should be about 15cm; this will help to avoid splashing. In addition, mirror is the best and indispensable material for expansion of bathroom space. Today there exist a variety of mirror types, however, the most optimal and functional of them is the mirror with lamps and shelves for various toilet articles. It is possible to add variety to the new bathroom with the help of differently shaped niches, as well as decorative glass blocks. It is also advisable to decorate the bathroom walls and floor with flowers in the pots, taking into account, that for some species of plants such microclimate is perfect for constant growth and blossoming. While making bathroom renovation one should pay attention to the following main stages. The bathroom floor. The most important and difficult subject of the bathroom renovation is the floor damp proofing. Tiny cracks can lead to a damp proofing malfunction, which will result in leakage and fights with neighbors. Pipe run. It is important to carry out pipe and new bathroom equipment assembly in a quality manner, in order to avoid leakage. Making a plan of bathroom renovation, don't forget about ventilation. If the bathroom has poor ventilation, condensate will appear on the walls and ceiling, mould will appear as a result of it, and the whole bathroom renovation will come to nothing. Bathroom renovation and decoration give place to unbounded flow of fantasy. You can achieve any effect, necessary exactly for you!

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Designing your website s directory structure

Any kid, and their grandmother too, can make a webpage. There are many "wysiwyg" webpage design applications that let you create a webpage as easy as typing text. But only a few people can create a WEBSITE. The stumbling block is knowing how to link webpages together to form a website. I have seen many websites that consist of a single webpage - about a mile long!

The first problem is that websites are contained in virtual directories. You know that your webpages can be found at yourdomain. com, but the actual path to yourdomain. com on the web server may be known only by the system administrator.

And the system administrator can move your website to a different folder, or even a different computer, without changing its virtual address. The second problem is that most people don't know how to write a relative link. Relative links have the advantage that you don't need to know the path to the webpage that you want to link to, you only need to know where it is "relative" to the webpage containing the link. Designing Your Directory Structure The first step to implementing a website is to design the directory structure. Let's design a directory structure for a simple download website. The website consists primarily of articles and digital material that visitors can download. You could just dump everything at the top level of the website. Good luck maintaining that website! To keep the files organized, you need to create sub-directories (folders) on the website. Even though the website consists only of articles and digital downloads, you need five sub-directories, as described below. articles downloads general common cgi-bin You understand what the "articles" and "downloads" sub-directories are for, but what are the other three sub-directories for? It's standard practice to provide certain features on your website, as listed below. About Contact FAQ Privacy Policy Search Sitemap User Agreement Each of these features requires a webpage. Instead of dumping the webpages at the top level of the website, or mixing them in with articles or downloads, let's put them together in a folder named "general" (I'm sure you can think of a better name). All of your webpages use certain things in common, for example, your logo graphic. If your web server provides SSI (Server Side Includes) all your webpages can share a common header file and a common footer file. You might also define all your website's styles in a common style sheet. Let's put all of these files in a folder named "common". Your contact page might use an email form. If your server provides server-side scripts, you would place the email form script in a folder named "cgi-bin". Cgi-bin stands for "Common Gateway Interface - Binary". Few people use CGI any more, and those that do don't use binary files, but the folder name has stuck as a traditional place to store scripts. Almost all websites come with a preconfigured cgi-bin folder, and the website may be configured so that the cgi-bin folder is the only folder with rights to run scripts. I would also recommend that you create certain sub-directories for some of the above mentioned directories. Most web pages contain images. You could dump all the images in the same folder with the webpages, but when you get more than about 50 files in a folder, it becomes difficult to maintain. You should create an "images" sub-directory in the articles, downloads, and general directories. The downloads directory should also have a "files" sub-directory to store the downloads. This arangement of directories and sub-directories will provide good file organization for the example website. Understanding my reasoning for this directory structure should help you to design a directory structure for the website you have in mind. Default Page Configuration Every website has at least one default webpage configured (also called the "home" page). The default webpage is the webpage that is returned when the user enters or clicks on a link containing only the domain name, without a specific file name. On a Unix or Linux web server, the default webpage will usually be "index. htm". On a Windows web server (IIS), the default page will usually be "default. asp". The website administrator, or if your webhost provides the required "control panel" feature, you can actually configure any page to be the default page. If your web server has more than one default page configured, I would recommend removing all but the default page that you intend to use. Now, let's assume that all of your webpages need to link to an image file named "logo. gif" stored in the "common" folder. The relative link on your default webpage would be as shown below. "common/logo. gif" The website file manager interprets this as "look in the folder named common for the file named logo. gif". However, the link on any webpage contained in one of the sub-directories would be as shown below. "../common/logo. gif" The website file manager interprets this as "go up one level, then look down in the folder named common for the file named logo. gif". This difference in the link may not be a problem unless you use SSI or ASP (Active Server Pages) to build your webpages from a common header file and a common footer file. Then you need a different link in the common file depending upon whether the page linked to the common file is the default webpage (where you would use common/filename) or a webpage contained in a sub-directory (where you would use ../common/filename). There are several ways to solve this problem. 1. If your website has a server-side scripting engine like ASP or PHP and you know how to program, you could implement code that selects the proper link. 2. You could use the complete path, including the domain name, on all pages. This will cause problems if you ever have to move your website to a different web host (Until all the dns servers across the planet have been updated). 3. You could put your home page in a sub-directory, for example "common", and make your default page into a re-direct to your home page. Then you would use "../common/filename" for all links. The following meta tag, placed the head section of your default webpage, will immediately redirect the users browser to your real home page. meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0,url= "http://yourdomain. com/common/homepage. htm" In this article, I showed you how to design a directory structure for your website and how to create relative links to link all your webpages together to form a website. Website visitors don't like to do a lot of scrolling, so try to keep your webpages to only two or three screens high. Please, no more websites that consist of only one mile long webpage! Copyright(C) Bucaro TecHelp. Permission is granted for the below article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made and the byline, copyright, and the resource box below is included.

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