Acne know about whiteheads and blackheads for clear skin

Every talk about acne includes terms such as whiteheads and black heads. What are they and why are they called so? Let us find out. Acne develops on the hair follicles that have sebaceous glands attached to them. These glands produce an oil called sebum. Because of certain reasons the sebum changes in quality and quantity giving rise to scales on the hair follicle. This blocks the skin pore causing acne. This blockage is the beginning of acne. The first stage of this blockage shows as blackheads and whiteheads. These are also called as comedones. A comedone is a sebaceous follicle that is plugged and filled with sebum, dead cells etc. An open comedone is called a blackhead because of its blackish appearance. A blocked comedone is referred as white head, which is a small bump in the skin with skin like color. A whitehead has closed mouth and the blackhead has an open mouth. What to do if you have blackheads or whiteheads - do not squeeze them yourself. That may leave permanent scars and also infection. Best is to approach a dermatologist who will pick them open if required under sterile conditions. Please note that acne scars can permanently disfigure you. As far as basic care is concerned, wash your face gently with slightly warm water and mild soap to remove excess sebum and dead skin. Do not be harsh on the skin. Please note that acne takes time to clear. Apply any topical cream that may be prescribed by your dermatologist. Acne treatment requires patience. Many of us hurry to get rid of acne and create further inflammation. This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article

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Lincoln s version of luxury

The Lincoln Continental is a vehicle that is crafted and manufactured by the Lincoln brand of the Ford Motor Company in the United States. This is a line of luxury cars, and for most of its lifetime, the name, Lincoln Continental, has often been used in reference to the Lincoln flagship that displayed four doors. This vehicle was initially developed as Edsel Ford’s personal vehicle. This vehicle has often been rated as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever crafted the world over. This vehicle has been substantially updated in the middle of the 1990s decade. It received more rounded lines thus exuding a more aerodynamic exterior. For 1995, it reigned and received a reputation as a unique Lincoln vehicle and was recognized as a luxury car. Its V6 engine was replaced through the addition and use of the same DOHC Modular V8 that was installed at the rear of this vehicle. Constant updates were made and in 1998, it displayed a new exterior. After a year, side airbags were put in place and the vehicle gained more power. The last of the Lincoln Continental kind was manufactured in 2002 and was replaced by the Lincoln Zephyr.

For the last set of changes, the Lincoln Continental delivers comfort with its fullness that is packed with technology, and computer electronics that are applied to it. This has allowed drivers to tailor suspension dampening and steering effort so as to suit their own personal taste and style in driving. It costs lesser than the Cadillac and the Lexus luxury sedans and could consider the Buick Park Avenue as its competitor. For the last year that it was crafted, it came with the standard features like leather upholstery, self-leveling rear suspension, anti-lock brakes, traction control, side impact air bags, dual front air bags, and a memory system for the driver’s seat and mirrors. It held a 4.6 liter V8 engine that powers the front wheels with a four-speed automatic transmission. What was given as an option is a Vehicle Communication package that includes a hands-free voice-activated, digital/analog Motorola Timeport phone, however this requires a Sprint PCS plan. It has v! oice-activated news, weather, sports, and stock quotes. With the Safety and Security Services, or SOS, button, it can summon emergency roadside assistance and it also activates automatically if the air bags are deployed. The Lincoln Continental sports the Lincoln waterfall grille that blends neatly with the headlamp clusters. It also has a brightly trimmed front end with massive tail lamps that seem to wrap around the muscular rear quarters. The front fenders, hood, and deck lid has been specifically made with a sheet-molding compound that is very resistant to dents and damages. Overall, it exudes a round, organic, yet solid and impressive impression. Lincoln Continental owners and Lincoln owners need not worry about their Lincoln Continental parts and auto parts like engine parts, hoods, mirrors, and wheels, for these have been made available on the internet with http:// partsship. com online store.

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How to choose a good car tint shop

Most metropolitan areas have an abundance of tint shop choices. In the San Francisco, CA area alone, there are 30 different tint shops within a 25 mile radius. How does a consumer choose the tint shop that does quality work? What is the difference between a "Dr. Tint" and a "Quality Window Tinting"? We at TintCenter suggest that you do a little research. First compile a list of 5 potential tint shops that are likely to do good work. Ask your friends an co-workers who have tinted their cars which tint shops they chose, look in the Yellow Pages and mark down the tint shops with large professional advertisements, or come to TintCenter. com and get price quotes from a local tint shops. Once you have this list in-hand, its time to interview each dealer: - How long have you been in business at this location? Do you have other shops in the area? Good tint shops prosper despite other local competition by offering good service at reasonable prices. You should find a tint shop that has been in business for 5 or more years at the same location, this shows a stable business that will be there years down the road if somehow the tint goes bad. Often times successful tint shops also open car tinting branches in neighboring cities. Although the installers may not be the of the highest quality since opening new shops means training new employees; however, branches are a sure sign of a successful tinting business. - What types of films do you carry? What warranty do you offer on your work? Quality tint shops carry complete lines of window film from one or multiple window film manufacturers. They should carry dyed, hybrid, and metallic window films in a variety of colors and darknesses. Beware of tint shops that only carry one or two types of film, and sells them aggressively. They may have acquired this film on sale, and may not be thinking of your unique requirements and concerns. The warranty on the car tint varies depending on the window film you choose. TintCenter recommends that you install only window film backed with a lifetime warranty for materials and labor. Most films don't guarantee color and fading, it is recommended that you also choose one that does. For the warranty to take effect, remember to get only legal window tint for your car. Illegal tint automatically nullifies any manufacturer's warranty. Make sure you get a manufacturer's warranty card from the dealer with the date, the window film used on each window, and the total cost of installation. - Can I visit your tint shop? Can you show me a sample of your work when I'm there? Tint shops can sound like the best shop on the phone, but 15 minutes on-site should tell you all you need to know. Good dealers pay attention to customer service. They should be happy and willing to spend the time to talk to you and explain how their shops work. Remember, if they don't spend time with you know, will they spend time with you when there is something wrong with your tint job? A tint shop's work area should be indoors and clean. Their tools and window films are organized in a professional manner. If the tint shop is outdoors or in a parking lot, this is a negative since it is critical to remove all dust and dirt from the windows before applying window film. Now take a look at a car they have already tinted. Pay attention to side-windows. The window film should be applied to the inside and be completely flush against all 4 edges of the window. Now look at the window film itself. Don't worry if the film itself looks slightly streaky and discolored, window film takes a couple weeks to dry out and become completely clear. If there are bubbles of air under the film or the film itself is not complete flat against the window, this is a sure sign of sloppy tinting. Finally, take a look at the rear window. Is the window film applied in a single piece or is it cut into strips that surround the defroster lines? The most skilled tint shops always apply film in a single piece. Now look at the borders of the rear window, in many cars there is a black 'frit' edge on the window, Make sure the window film looks securely attached to the frit as well. Finally, get price quotes from each dealer for the exact darkness, color, and type of window film you want. Never compromise because there are plenty of other dealers out there that will offer your perfect tint. With these price quotes and your research on each tint shop, make the decision. Refer to the cost of car tint article to help you rank the dealers. After you make your decision, remember to always make an appointment with the tint shop before you tint your car. Even if they say "drop-ins accepted" or "bring it over any time", you want you tinter to be calm and prepared for you when you arrive and not rushed. Tinting may take a couple hours to half a day, so either arrange a ride or go to a nearby coffee shop with a good book. Enjoy!

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Finally a law firm that gives it best in terms of offshore corporations

"Panama Legal is the best law firm in Panama. The company specializes in providing legal solutions for Offshore banking, offshore corporate activities and asset protection. The firm consist of a team of experienced and reputed lawyers who are specialists in different areas. Panama Legal can represent your company to establish your offshore asset protection scenario. Information shared by the company with the law firm is kept strictly confidential. The firm is so transparent in its dealings that the site even displays the licenses of its lawyers on its website.

Panama Legal can make arrangements for you to visit the law firm to meet the lawyers, discuss any arrangement or to visit your bank. Arrangements of accommodation and transport will be made by Panama Legal. The law firm can also help you check out your bank account in Panama and also help you to get a new bank account anywhere in Panama. In case you have a corporation in Panama and you want to set up a Panama stock brokerage account Panama Legal can get you the best results. You can then make all your transactions online and also manage your accounts online. You will also be able to start a stock brokerage account in a reputed bank in Panama. Panama Legal also helps its clients with real estate. In this direction the firm helps its clients with all the due diligence and legal procedures involving the buying and selling of property. When it comes to issues regarding asset protection there is no better firm than Panama Legal who can handle the procedures.

All the transactions handled by the firm on behalf of the clients are kept confidential. In case you are looking for asset and estate protection then you should look no further than Panama Legal. This is because the firm devises the best strategies which help you to protect your assets in the present and in the future. You do not have to travel to Panama physically in order to open a bank account in the country. You can then even send wire transfers online once you have opened a bank account.

You can safely trade in stock online from anywhere in the world. In case you want a Panama passport, the firm can help you with this and other immigration options. This passport will help you travel to neighboring countries as well. "

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Custom vinyl decals and magnetic signs give you a competitive advantage

If you own a small - to medium-sized business, you likely face stiff competition for customers or clients. In such a competitive marketplace, the business that comes out on top is the one that uses every means available for creating brand awareness and advertising its products or services. Even if your marketing efforts include splashy media campaigns, costly pay-per-click search engine marketing, and direct mail pieces, you should also take advantage of less expensive means for sustaining awareness of your company. If you don't have a large marketing budget, it's even more important to find creative ways to build awareness of your company and get the word out. One of the best ways to advertise is through the use of signage. Huge billboards might be cost prohibitive, but there are a variety of less expensive types of signage that can bring customers into your retail store, drive traffic to your website, and create an awareness of your products and services. Best of all, high quality customs signs can be ordered over the Internet at a fraction of the cost of creating custom signs locally. What follows is an overview of the types of signage that is available and how you might incorporate it into your business. Custom Vinyl Decals: If you own a retail store, your doors and windows are essentially premiere advertising space. When you create a custom vinyl decal for your door or window, you have a powerful advertising mechanism. Custom vinyl decals are also ideal for bumper stickers, so if you belong to a booster club, are advocating for a political cause, or want to provide a giveaway to your customers, you can design your own bumper Custom Window Lettering: Lettering with your business' name on it is important for your storefront, but vehicle lettering can be an even better advertising bet. When you have custom vehicle lettering, you are advertising your business whenever you or your employees are behind the wheel. You can customize these vinyl graphics to incorporate your logo, your business name, your website address, your phone number - or anything else you want potential customers to know. Custom Banners: Whether you're having a sale or another type of event, custom banners draw attention to your business. When you design your banner, you can include your logo and have access to a wide selection of colors, fonts, special effects, borders, and graphics. Magnetic Signs: If you need signage that is temporary, magnetic signs provide you with inexpensive yet valuable advertising. For example, if you or your employees use their personal vehicles for deliveries or to call on customers or clients, magnetic signs can easily be attached to the vehicle and then taken off at the end of the day. Other Types of Signage: The best custom sign companies can produce a huge variety of signage. In addition to custom vinyl decals, window lettering, banners, and magnetic signs, they can also do everything from custom wall lettering and custom wall graphics, to boat lettering and registration numbers, to license plates and digital decals. Virtually every business that advertises - from network marketers to franchisees - can utilize these inexpensive marketing methods to spread the word without breaking the bank.

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The basics of starting an online business part 1

The main thing about starting an online business is having a product to sell that customers want to buy. You can spend all the money you want setting up an elaborate website with colourful graphics. If the product is not enticing to customers or if you don't advertise it in the appropriate way, your online business will not make any money. Just as you would with a brick and mortar business, you need to start with a business plan so that you know what you need to do in each step of the process. In most cases, you don't need as much money to get started in an online business as you would with a regular business. For one thing, you don't need to rent office or warehouse space and you don't need to have as many employees. Many of the successful online businesses only have one employee.

This is because these people operate out of their home and use part of the basement to store the inventory. Since all the business is conducted online, they only need a computer with an Internet connection to connect with the customers. An online business starts with setting up a website telling customers about your product. Since customers can't actually touch and sample the product, it is the words you write that will do the selling for you. Even if you purchase Adwords and advertise your product on other sites, when potential customers come to your site they need expert articles about the product that will convince them to buy. The cost of setting up this business is the purchase of a domain name and web hosting, which don't add up to very much money. Then you have to spend time building your site by adding more pages or products.

If you already have an existing business, you can make your presence known by having a website. This helps to draw customers into your store because they will want to examine the product themselves. It will also give you more exposure to potential customers farther away from you when they can order the products they want online and have them shipped to their addresses.

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A healthy colon is imperative for keeping the body healthy and detoxified

With today's active life style's and less than adequate eating habits a healthy colon is imperative for keeping the body healthy and detoxified. Part of the reason so many Americans have an unhealthy colon is the lack of fiber benefits to their diet. Having a healthy colon is the key to long term health and finding good colon healthy recipes is one way to help keep your body healthy. Constipation, digestive distress, and mucous in your stools are just a few signs that your colon might not be completely healthy, and a healthy colon is absolutely necessary for a healthy body. Don't let an unhealthy colon become a breeding ground for toxic poisons, parasites, disease and death. Colon therapy can also help rid the body of parasites without a need for the heavy drugs usually prescribed to treat them. There are a number of colon cleansing products on the market today that will cleanse the colon as well as expel parasites. Diets of saturated fats, meats, sugars and processed foods contribute to impacted feces along the inside of the colon wall. However, eating a diet with insufficient fiber is like cleansing dishes without a sponge. A healthy diet full of fiber and probiotics (good bacteria and yeast), plenty of rest and water, and regular exercise keeps your colon healthy. The problem is that no one who eats a "normal" diet is able to escape the gradual formation of caked deposits and build-ups on the lining of the colon. Many people might be amazed and disgusted at what actually comes out of an average "healthy" person during a colonic treatment. If you want to prevent colon toxicity, chronic disease and premature aging, cleansing your colon is essential. Colon cleansing is the best defense against colon toxicity developing, as well as maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Take charge of this important bodily function: Get started cleaning your colon today. There are several products that we believe work very well for getting and keeping a clean and healthy colon and digestive tract. A colon cleansing can actually assist in weight loss as well, in fact some have reported up to a twenty five (25) pound loss almost over night. A normal healthy colon is the cornerstone of a sound nutritional program assuring normal assimilation of nutritional supplements as well as dietary food nutrients. A healthy colon is truly essential to one's overall health, especially when you consider that literally everything you eat ends up in your bowels as toxins. One of the most important things you can do to keep a healthy colon is to cleanse your body of toxins, pollutants and impacted fecal matter. The recommended amount of fiber everyone needs to maintain a healthy colon is generally between 20 and 35 grams of fiber a day. We place significant importance on the products we use to brush our teeth, wash our hair, and cleanse our bodies. Find out as much information as possible, and speak to people who have actually used colon cleansing products and services. The elimination of undigested food and other waste products are as important as the proper digest and assimilation of food stuffs. Psyllium husk and bentonite clay based herbal colon cleansing products are safe and we recommend them as part of your overall getting healthy plan.

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Willow tree figurines hand carved sculptures with a religious theme

Willow Tree figurines are the perfect gift for someone who is suffering in some way. These figurines are hand sculpted and are designed to comfort and heal by bringing out emotions with each and every figurine. One of the Willow Tree figurines is called Generations and features a mother and father looking down on a baby. Although it is in the style of the Holy Family, this Willow Tree figurine also invokes memories of your own family. Willow Tree figurines are also perfect gifts for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and births. For the student or teacher, what would be a better gift than a Willow Tree figurine featuring a person reading a book.

Entitled “Love of Learning”, it brings the message of open books – open minds to the recipient. Other Willow Tree figurines include Birthday Girl, Hope, Friendship, Hero and Two Alike. The Promise figurine from Willow Tree features a man and woman dancing, as in the first dance at a wedding. This particular figurine is 9 inches high, but most of the figurines are only half that at 4.5 inches in height. When you log onto the Willow Tree website to shop for Willow Tree figurines, you can shop by occasion, season, brand or new items added to the catalog. The selection of figurines that Willow Tree offers is quite large and the prices are reasonable. The idea behind the Willow Tree products is that the figurine is intended to communicate beyond words.

It is supposed to be personal and allows the recipient to decide what the meaning behind the figurine is. Willow Tree has been in business for 40 years. It is part of the Catholic Supply Inc. of St. Louis. It is owned and operated by a Catholic family that serves many parishes in and around the area. Willow Tree figurines are one of the brand names of products offered by this company. In addition to buying a Willow Tree figurine, you can also purchase angels, keepsake boxes, nativity scenes, ornaments and plaques. Willow Tree figurines hope to bring a message of peace and hope to all who buy and receive them. They enrich the recipient with warm and sympathetic thoughts. The love of people is embodied into each and every Willow Tree figurine with the hand sculpting. Willow Tree figurines are meant to enhance the dйcor of any room in the home and make ideal gifts at any time of the year.

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Heart worm, fleas and other parasites

Heart worm, fleas and other parasites Heart worm, fleas and other parasites in dogs need to be eliminated by following appropriate medications in them. Many products have come up in the commercial fields to protect the dogs from heart worms, fleas and other parasites like hook worms, whip worms, round worms, lice, ticks etc. Among the heart worm, fleas and other parasites, the fleas produce the hyper sensitive reactions in the affected animals. Hence, the animals infested with fleas start severely scratching of body. Many times, the scratching is so severe and the skin becomes more hyperemic and dermatitis occurs in the affected areas. Animal will not lie down or sleep comfortably due to the constant bites by the fleas. Hence, animal looks as if affected by some severe skin disease. If the animal is not properly attended for this tick bite problem, there will be often secondary bacterial invasions in these sites and there may even be a bad smell emanating from the skin areas. Close observation of the dog is highly essential to rule out the occurrence of fleas disturbing the animal to a greater extent. Similarly, the skin of the animal needs to be tested for the presence of ticks, lice etc. For this, the hair materials need to be separated and the close observation with patience is required for the proper diagnosis. In many incidences, if anemia is present, the blood protozoa need to be ruled out in addition to the hookworm problems. The clinical problems like anemia, loose motion, pot belly etc. might be recognized by the dog owners themselves and however, the dog needs to undergo the routine health related examination involving fecal examination, hematological examination and blood smear examination. Many commercial products have come up in the market, which are useful to deal with all these conditions by single dose. Drugs like ivermectin are highly useful and are available in both injection and oral form in addition to the solution form that can be applied on the skin. These drugs in dogs can lead to the prophylaxis of these conditions also.

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Help i don t know what to name my business

If you are just starting your business, or if you have just developed a new product or service for an existing business, one of the first questions you need to answer is, "What should I name it?" And while you may feel pressure to make this decision quickly, I caution you to not make it lightly. What kind of things should you take into consideration when choosing a name? Don't Use Your Own Name Well, first of all, use a name other than your own name. I often see service business professionals opening up shop and simply using their name, and the title of the service they offer. For example: Joe Smith, Accountant. I made this mistake myself, early on in my business, operating as Debbie LaChusa, Marketing Consultant. Why don't I recommend this? Because your name means absolutely nothing to your prospects. Often you only have a split second to get a prospect's attention. Make the most of that split second by having a name that communicates something of value about your business. Or a name that tells your prospects what your business is all about, or represents a benefit you offer, or how you deliver your service differently or better than your competitors. Create A Meaningful Name for Your Business When I was operating without a business name, I remember calling prospects and clients, and having the receptionist ask, "Debbie with what company?" I realized relatively soon that if I wanted to be taken seriously, and I wanted to be quickly understood, I needed a company name. I was trying to build a business after all, and I wanted people to recognize who I was and what I offered. So I started using the name, DLC Marketing and I incorporated to make it official. Now I at least had a real business name, and when I contacted prospects they took me seriously. It was amazing the difference it made in the number and caliber of clients I was able to land. All of a sudden, I was a company, not an individual. Mind you, nothing else had changed. My services were still the same. I still worked out of my home. I still did not have a staff (although I had to hire partners to help out with all of the work!). But suddenly I came across differently when calling on prospects. But even then I thought, DLC Marketing, Inc. still isn't a great name. What does it tell people about what I do? It tells them I do marketing, and certainly I, or my web site copy, could explain my services and how I was unique. But what if they never got past the still somewhat nondescript name? Choose A Name That Communicates An Idea So I started thinking about how I could name my business differently to communicate my unique selling proposition more clearly. And that is when I came up with the name 10stepmarketing. To avoid having to re-incorporate, and because 10stepmarketing is a service I am offering that is closely related to the marketing consulting services I offer through DLC Marketing, Inc. I have chosen not to re-name my business, but to rather just market using the 10stepmarketing name. The initial response has been amazing. Suddenly people instantly want to know more about what I do. They ask questions and they want an explanation. That never happened with the other names I was using. You see, the name 10stepmarketing communicates an idea. Something the other names did not do. So the prospects I encounter that resonate with the idea it represents immediately want to know more. Is 10stepmarketing a great name? I don't know. But I do know it is strategically focused on the services I deliver, and I am almost embarrassed to say that my previous business names were not (I am a marketing consultant after all. I should know better!). And I can't argue with the response I have received thus far. (C) Copyright 2005 Debbie LaChusa, 10stepmarketing

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Tax on foreclosure

The impact of the housing market and the tighter lending standards has put the homeowners into a dilemma. Lending crisis continues to shake out, it has affected homeowners particularly those who have used creative mortgages. Long-time homeowners who refinanced their properties based on increased value too could find themselves in tax trouble with foreclosures. The increasing foreclosure rate in the country resulted from the collapse of the subprime loan market. These Subprime loans were sold forcefully to gullible borrowers. Today the real value has suffered and equity has taken a record beating. According to the recent data it exhibited that neighborhoods with home prices less than $250,000 are taking the worse beating, on the other hand, higher-prized communities remain relatively unscathed.

As debt cancelled by lenders is considered taxable income, taxpayers who lose their homes might be left with a higher than expected tax liability. It is reported that there might be some legislative relief from D. C. President George W. Bush announced his support for a proposed amendment to provide relief from discharge of indebtedness income for taxpayers who lose their primary residences to foreclosure. The President calls on congress to change a key housing provision of the Federal Tax Code so it does not punish families who are forced to sell their homes for less than their mortgage is worth. The current tax law counts cancelled mortgage debt on primary residences as taxable income. The President also proposes temporary relief to ensure that cancelled mortgage debt on a primary residence is not counted as income. Bush's proposals would make it easier for adjustable rate mortgage holders to refinance using the recourses of the Federal Housing Administration, a Depression-era agency created to help low and moderate income Americans to afford homes. An estimated 60,000 homeowners are behind payments because their mortgages have reset. They can refinance with FHA-insured loans, as they do not insure refinanced loans from borrowers who are currently delinquent. As part of the mortgage package, Bush said he would support legislation currently pending in Congress. This could temporarily change tax law to let homeowners avoid paying taxes on forgiven debts in loans restructured by financial institutions. He also urged the Congress to modernize and improve FHA so more homeowners could qualify for mortgage insurance. This programme will only benefit those with good credit who have lagged behind refinance for a Federal Housing Authority (FHA) secured loan. This relief is proposed only to give homeowners a time-out from foreclosures. The scheme does not guarantee recovery to all consumers and community organizations that have been urging for a six-month foreclosure freeze. This scheme focuses more on rescue loans and the release of more funds for credit counseling agencies. The freeze will only provide suffering homeowners time to get their bearings. The government tries every way it can to control the rise in foreclosure rate. Bush's proposal is to help delinquent borrowers avid foreclosures.

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Juice fasting

Fasting is one of oldest and effective ways of burning huge amounts of accumulated waste products in the body. Previously, people used to fast by drinking water only throughout the day. Experts say that fasting on juices, both vegetable and fruit, is much gentler and beneficial in normalizing all body processes. Juice fasting involves intake of juices diluted with water every hour or two from morning to night. Avoid taking solid foods or other kinds of liquids, especially canned juices if you are on juice fasting. The total juice intake in a day should be about 7-9 glasses. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and enzymes contained in these juices supply much needed nutrients for the body’s own healing activity and thereby speeding up the recovery process. While on juice fast, ensure that your bowels are flushed out regularly.

Juice fasting is known to have many advantages. It is the safest method to detox one's body by cleansing and eliminating those cells and tissues, which are dead or damaged. It reduces the cholesterol levels; treats symptoms of allergies, acne, and headaches by flushing out toxins -- making one feel good and healthy. Juice fasting can be done with almost any fruits or vegetables that are eaten raw. Best veggies for juice fasting are tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and carrots. A combination of apple and carrot juice or apple and tomato juice i. e. a combination of a fruit and a vegetable is a healthy and nutritious drink. Huge varieties of fruits and vegetables can be used in combinations or separately. They give the body its daily calories and enhance health. First, peel the off skin from vegetables and fruits. Rinse in filtered water.

After extracting the juice, dilute it with water in equal parts. Make sure that your juicer does a good job of extracting the juice. Consume the juice immediately after extraction. Before you start your juice fasting, consult your GP in case your body does not agree with juice fasting. Foul breath, a coated tongue, and a bad taste in the mouth are said to be the first symptoms to appear when one fasts. These symptoms can be felt till your body has cleared out all wastes.

In short, exclusive diet of juices of vegetables and fruits is an effective way to restore health from diseases, cleanse and regenerate tissues and rejuvenate the body.

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Autism and adhd linked to vaccines

In a study review conducted by David A. Geier, B. A. President, MedCon, Inc., and Mark R. Geier, M. D., Ph. D. President, The Genetic Centers of America, the authors present a clear correlation between Thimerosal (a mercury based preservative used in vaccines) and spectral autism and possibly ADHD. Thimerosal is an organic mercury compound that is metabolized to ethylmercury and thiosalicylate and has been present since the 1930s as a preservative in some vaccines and pharmaceutical products to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination. One cited study showed that there are distinct similarities between autism and mercury exposure in their effects upon biochemistry, the immune system, the central nervous system structure, neuro-chemistry and neurophysiology The National Toxicology Program (NTP), U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Statement on Thimerosal states that symptoms of Thimerosal exposure include mental retardation in children, loss of coordination in speech, writing, gait, stupor, irritability, and bad temper progressing to mania. The FDA in 1999, under the recommended childhood immunization schedule, determined infants might be exposed to cumulative doses of ethylmercury that exceed some federal safety guidelines established for exposure to methylmercury, another form of organic mercury. Additionally it was noted that routine administration of childhood vaccines expose children to more than 100 times the Federal Safety Guidelines for orally ingested methylmercury. In another study, mice were injected with ethylmercuri-S-cysteine (EMC) and found that the extent and distribution of cell damage was highly predictable, and selective necrosis of the small granular neurons was a constant finding. Thimerosal crosses the blood-brain and placental barriers and results in appreciable mercury content in brain tissue. In another report the authors concluded that the elimination of methyl - and ethylmercury is very slow, especially in man and primates, and consequently there is a considerable risk of mercury accumulation. The authors also found that the glutathione system is involved in the metabolism of Thimerosal or its decomposition products. And that certain individuals are genetically more sensitive to Thimerosal due to genetic factors in their glutathione system. Brain scans of children with autistic spectrum disorders show damage in areas similar to areas damaged by mercury. These areas tend to be areas that have minimal glutathione levels. In addition, these areas typically have higher testosterone concentrations. Testosterone has been shown to increase Thimerosal neuronal toxicity whereas estrogen has been shown to reduce Thimerosal neuronal toxicity. According to John Hopkins University the increased incidence of ADHD could represent an alternative manifestation of vaccine-associated neuro-developmental toxicity as ADHD. In a closed meeting where the findings of the Vaccine Safety Datalink analysis were discussed a participant, Dr. Johnston, stated: "This association leads me to favor a recommendation that infants up to two years old not be immunized with Thimerosal containing vaccines if suitable alternative preparations are available." "Forgive this personal comment, but I got called out at eight o'clock on an emergency call and my daughter-in-law delivered a son by C-Section. Our first male in the line of the next generation, and I do not want that grandson to get a Thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on." Recent other studies report no correlation between vaccines containing mercury and autism. At least one of these studies was lead by Thomas Verstraeten, who failed to disclose to "Pediatrics" as per the journal’s requirements that he is employed by GlaxoSmithKline a vaccine manufacturer that produced Thimerosal containing vaccines. In conclusion parents taking their child for immunization should insist on vaccines that do not contain mercury preservatives, such as Thimerosal. In addition chelation and other natural detoxification programs are known to remove heavy metals from the body. Once heavy metals are removed from a child’s body it may be possible for them to recover from the affects of the poisoning. For more information on heavy metal poisoning and detoxification visit the author’s website at Whole Earth Health. Copyright Scott D Saunders, Whole Earth Health LLC

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The power of the chi life nourishment and better sex life

Many things has been said about the Chi, the Chinese word for “internal energy.” Some say it is the “power within” that emanates from the air we breathe and transforms into a life force within our body. In Eastern beliefs, the chi is responsible for self-healing, self-recovery, and self realization. All life in the universe is inspired by the chi, it is the life force or vital energy that is present in every living thing. According to Chinese beliefs, the chi also enables martial artists to accomplish physically impossible feats like breaking bricks with bare hands and feet. Once the chi is manipulated, performing such feats would be easy. In addition, the chi is also seen as the force that controls the entire universe. This life force is called 'pneuma' in Greece and 'ki' in Japanese.

What is the chi? And where did it begin? History says that in A. D. 527, an Indian monk named Bodhidharma traveled to China. The purpose of the journey was to teach his fellow monks exercises to develop and strengthen their bodies. In his journey to China, Bodhidharma wrote a book entitled “Xi Sui Jing.” This book was about breathing and meditation, it is believed that this book taught the power of the chi. Bodhidharma, is also the author of a book entitled, “Shi Bao Luo Han Shou” (The Eighteen Hands of Lohan). Historians consider this book as the first manual on offensive and defensive combat movements. This book gave birth to “Kalirapayat,” believed to be the mother of all martial arts. These facts explain the close similarity of the postures in Chinese martial arts and yoga. Both traditions focused on the lower abdominal region as the center of all human energy (chi, pneuma, ki). Martial arts and Yoga were both developed to promote a healthy body, increase lifespan, and attain a state of bliss.

The chi, according to traditional Chinese medicine can be developed by breathing, chi meditation, and visualization. The Chinese discovered that the chi travels in the human body through channels called meridians. These channels are the pathways of positive and negative power—the 'yin' or 'yang', the basis of the direction in which the chi flows on the body. The 'yin' energy comes from the earth and flows from the feet to the torso, the arms, and the fingertips. 'Yang' energy flows from the sun to the 'yang' meridians from the fingers to the face, or face to the feet.

Meridians are found in the teeth, organs, tissues, and other parts of the body. Through these meridians, the chi enters the body and flows deeper to organs, blood vessels, glands, and other body parts. This flow of the chi gives these body parts life, nourishment, and energy. The chi as stated can be developed by breathing, chi reflection, and visualization. These entities can be achieved by undergoing activities that includes meditation like tai chi, yoga, and martial arts. These moments of stillness may bring short periods of relaxation and improve one's self-esteem. Activities that aid in developing the chi also improves one's libido and overall sexual health. People who frequently undergo yoga, tai chi, and martial arts training partake in physical and conditioning exercises.

Studies show that undergoing such activities leads to more energy, better self-esteem, and increased testosterone levels. Additionally stretching warm-ups involved in this activities massages the internal organs of the body enabling them to function properly. Still, Bodhidharma was careful to teach his monk-students about the virtue of moderation. He taught them that even in martial arts and other physical activities, care must be exercised to avoid over-training. Some studies show that too much intense physical training may have an effect on one's sterility. An investigation by health experts revealed that over-training causes fatigue, which then temporarily reduces sperm count and quality. Specialists say that this happens because the body literally “kills” itself during training. To build muscles and improve the body, it needs to recuperate to attain normal cell development. Intense physical activities may reduce the level of hormones in the bloodstream that affects sperm production.

Medical experts believe that sperm levels return to nearly normal after about three days. They added that drinking coffee after a few hours of training may protect sperm quality because of the antioxidants that are found in caffeine. In this era of technology, the power of the chi has been taken for granted. More and more people have been busy with work and prefer to watch movies, TV programs, and video games instead of sweating out. They spend more time in front of computers instead of taking time and keep in touch with their body. These activities may lead to poor health and energy and low self-esteem.

Understanding the power of the chi and how to develop it can lead to better health and improved lives

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Need the perfect gift for a hard to please teen try a black belt

Oh, I know you can’t give someone a black belt, any more than you can give them a high school diploma or a college degree. But you can give them a nudge in the right direction along with the financial resources to make the journey. And the martial arts journey is a secret dream of a surprising number of teens and preteens. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a hard-to-please teen or ‘tween’; if you want something they’ll like which will also help them (and maybe you!) through a tough stage of their life, give them a martial arts membership! It doesn’t need to be extravagant, such as paying a whole year’s dues. Three months, one month, or even one or two introductory lessons will do. After all, the quest for a black belt will take a few years, and can only be sustained through the internal motivation of the individual. No external motivation is going to last. But if the way is mapped out, if they are gently bumped into taking the first step, and if the destination is made tangible, they are more likely to begin.

The complex chore of finding a school, talking to the adults there, breaking the news to parents or friends, and then getting the money together, can make it too overwhelming a task to attempt. If all this groundwork is done for them, though, a teen is much more likely at least to give it a try. And there are solid reasons that go far deeper than the clichйd list we’ve all heard: discipline, self-defense, higher self-esteem, etc. Yes, with a good school and instructor, these can be true. But why? How? Here are seven can’t-miss benefits of the martial arts. Can’t-Miss Benefit #1: A healthy alternative to electronics Martial arts practice is a fun, healthy, natural hobby. It makes a good alternative to kids living inside a video game, computer, television screen or cell phone. The martial arts get kids up, moving, and noticing the world around them (actually a requirement, since awareness is 90% of self-defense). I won’t trot out the statistics and details about child and adolescent illnesses, as in the areas of obesity, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, etc. You’ve heard them. But whatever concerns you may have for a teen’s health—or their future health given present habits—practicing the martial arts is a good antidote. Martial arts practice (even home practice): helps to even out moods, especially important for teens who feel emotional highs and lows so passionately, and whose hormones are often raging (MA also produces endorphins); speeds up metabolism, which burns excess calories; acts as a natural anti-drug/alcohol agent (it’s impossible to advance much in the arts when doing drugs or drinking); builds flexibility, endurance, and strength; increases red blood cell production; and lowers blood pressure. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Can’t-Miss Benefit #2: Increased respect for self and others Many kids, for a plethora of reasons, don’t believe they are entitled to be respected and appreciated just for who they are—for being themselves. Almost all kids have been teased by peers at some point about a ‘flaw’, which turns into self-consciousness and can grow out of all proportion in the kid’s own mind. This lack of self-respect and self-appreciation if left unchecked over time can manifest as either anger, or feelings of insufficiency. Through good martial arts instruction in a positive atmosphere, teens learn that they are neither more nor less ‘flawed’ than anyone else. This healthy sense of self, that to be normal is not to be perfect, is an important element in the development and maturation of teens and preteens. Can’t-Miss Benefit #3: Learning to earn their way There is a dangerous trend underway in many kids’ basic outlook on life: that they are entitled to something for little or nothing. This attitude may be caused either by things coming to them too easily, or by things being too difficult. Perhaps they may feel like failures in one or more areas of their young lives: school, socially, sports, dating, or maybe embarrassment over some family or home situation (e. g., not as rich as the ‘rich’ kids; not as poor as the ‘cool’ kids). Over time, I’ve become convinced that the more kids find themselves feeling on the outs from success, the more shortcuts will seem acceptable, even normal; and then the more easily they will give up on earning their way. I believe that as these teens work toward and earn martial arts achievements, they learn they can be successful the old fashioned way. They don’t need shortcuts. They are capable. They learn to earn their way, and this instills confidence and pride of achievement. Can’t-Miss Benefit # 4: A rite of passage Many indigenous cultures have rituals established whereby young people can prove they have earned the right to be seen as adults. Our ‘advanced’ society has a gap here, especially for those teens extremely at risk of not transitioning into mainstream society. That is, those with little hope of on-time high school graduation, no vocational apprenticeship or schooling awaiting them, or little chance of or desire for college entrance, also have little hope of proving their worth to peers and adults. That is, they have no access to a culturally approved rite of passage into adulthood. This creates a vacuum during a very critical time/stage of life. Unfortunately, those who can find no traditional, socially-acceptable way to make this passage, may turn to such things as tagging/party crews or even gangs (with their initiation ceremonies), girls to pregnancy (proof of womanhood), boys to impregnating someone (proof of manhood), and either gender to ‘anti-approval’ (vandalism, wreaking havoc in classes or at home, body piercings/ tattoos/bizarre hair and clothing styles). Earning their way up the belt ranking system—ideally all the way to black belt—offers a powerful rite-of-passage alternative for our teens and tweens. Can’t-Miss Benefit #5: Team work and etiquette Many kids have had to scrabble for respect from peers, have been teased as mentioned earlier, have had to compromise their true feelings in order to fit in, or have struggled and perhaps been made to feel inadequate in school. Any one of these situations can cause them by the preteen/teen years to have adopted an ‘each one for himself/herself, and forget the rest’ survival mentality. Martial arts instruction and practice generally requires either a whole-class or two-person team format. In both cases, each student necessarily takes responsibility for the well-being of classmates and partners. To do less when practicing potentially dangerous techniques, would put others—who have become their friends—at risk. Wholesome martial arts instruction naturally counteracts any me-first attitude. Can’t-Miss Benefit #6: Increased safety in a dangerous world While there is obviously nothing that can guarantee that our kids will always be safe and protected, the one who is better prepared will better respond to a sudden, dangerous situation, or even better handle a verbal assault or provocation. Stories abound of teenagers, many of them girls, who have fought off grown men attempting to attack them or family members. Again, this is not guaranteed to happen, but it is much more likely for those who have trained and prepared, mentally and physically. Sure-fire Benefit #7: Personal empowerment The martial arts paradox is that those who know how to fight rarely need to do so. Learning to defend oneself takes away the need to ‘prove’ ones toughness on the street, in the classroom, or at home. Learning martial arts is a counterweight to violence. In my almost 20 years of working with kids full time, I’ve found that bullies are often past victims of bullying; abusers are past victims of abuse; etc. So, we can promote the health of the kid who becomes a martial artist, as well as making them a beacon of anti-violence for their peers. In a sense, the presence of someone who refuses to become either bully or bullied, is a powerful force for their friends, acquaintances, siblings and classmates. A personal note from my wife: How to find the right school/instructor This topic really deserves a separate article, but my wife, an early-childhood specialist concerned for all children and parents, gently hinted that it would be less than helpful to leave you without some guidelines on how to choose a martial arts program. I have studied four Asian arts seriously over a dozen years in probably 8-10 settings, and have seen the best and the worst of schools and instructors. Here is how I would distill that experience and advise you to begin. • How do you feel when you walk out the door of the studio for the first time—not what do you think, but how do you feel? Is it the right one or not? • Is the would-be instructor for your teen a good fit? Or is he/she too demanding? Too sloppy? Too macho? Too competitive? Too young/old? • Are the promises they make realistic, or are they trying too hard to sell you? And how long have they been there? You don’t want a place that closes its doors as your teen is halfway to black belt. • Is there a good balance between teaching self-defense (will it work?) and having fun? • Will it promote health if your teen continues for years, even decades, or will it wear down joints—is it too youth-oriented, too dependent on external strength/size, or is it an art that can be practiced by anyone for a lifetime? A kid’s thrill at having a chance at a life-long dream—earning a black belt—may be the solution to your gift-giving dilemma, and your gift may have far-reaching benefits for someone you care about. I hope that if you’ve been wrestling with what to give a hard-to-please teen or tween, this article may help you to nudge them toward beginning a lifelong journey to better health, self-awareness and understanding, compassion and confidence.

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step starting your own home based business

You know them by heart – all those reasons why a home based business would solve all your problems. It’s a litany which runs over and over in your mind. • More time with the family! • You’re the boss, no time card! • No set schedule — work whenever you like! • Dress the way you want; work in your jammies and barefoot! • Making a living without leaving the house! • You’d be free – free – free! You’d enjoy the benefits; you’d have the flexibility to be there for your family, and spend more time with your children.

You’d arrange your work schedule around them... your expenses would go down, your productivity would go up. NO MORE OFFICE POLITICS! So you surf the net... drooling over the idea. You’ve read every ‘Work from Home’ site out there... at least twice. These things never work, you mumble to yourself. They never give you everything you need to succeed. If they’d just let you in on that one final secret to success; you could do it. That’s all you need; then you would make it. Well actually, there are two; Two Deep Dark Secrets. These are the last two pieces of the puzzle; the missing links; two things most new internet marketers miss entirely. These are the final secrets to getting results from your online business, the final ingredients which will allow you to become a Master Marketer. And I’m going to give them to you for free: If you’re like most of us, you have a long list of free products you’ve downloaded and maybe a few you’ve purchased that show you how to start you own home business. Have you read them? Have you really read them? And if you did, then did you read them again – maybe taking some notes? You’d be astounded by what you’ll pick up the second time around. Did you devour them? Keeping up to date by investing in informational products is a must; but it’s equally important to actually read the books and put them into practice. You don’t need to buy every new product that comes out, looking for the 'secret ingredient' that will finally bring you success. You’re the secret ingredient. The first big secret then is this; read those books you download (even the free ones). Take the good information and ignore the rest. Study the information; take notes. Then get busy! So now you are totally overwhelmed by all the work from home information you’ve downloaded onto your computer. How can you possibly implement all of this? There’s more here to do than you can ever accomplish. Okay, I’ll agree, you can’t do it all today. But as they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Which leads us to the second big secret; you can start your home based business, ‘one step at a time.’ Get the basics, either from a helpful website, or by purchasing an informational product. (You’ll probably want to purchase one or two really good resource books to get started, but check your computer first; you may have already downloaded sufficient information... all you have to do is read it.) Make a plan of action and begin setting up your business. Then follow your plan; a list of the most logical and important ‘next steps’ for your business. As you complete one phase, you move on to the next. And suddenly, you don’t have massive amounts of improvements to make; you just have one next phase to accomplish. You’ll be focused on your goals. Every day when you begin work, you’ll always know what you’re going to do; it’s the top thing on your list. You work on it until it’s completed. Then you move on to the next phase. Before long you’ll be looking back at how far you’ve come rather than wringing your hands in frustration over how far you have to go. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and now you know the first and most important two.

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Genuine work from home jobs they do exist

There are genuine work from home jobs that do not require you to set up a website and they pay well. This allows you to work from home and set your own hours. Most of the genuine work from home jobs are on contract basis, where you work as a freelancer. This way you set your own fees without setting up your own business. When you want to find jobs that let you work from home, your first concern is that they are legit work at home jobs. You want to take advantage of the benefits of working at home, but you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money through scams. Let’s face it, there are scams out there and many people think that all work at home opportunities fall into this category. However, there are many genuine work from home jobs that you can take advantage of and make a nice salary. The thing is that when most people do find genuine work from home jobs, they don’t advertise it so they can take advantage of the opportunity it presents. There are many companies that will gladly pay you to work from home because this frees up capital for them.

They do offer legit work at home jobs because they do not have to purchase equipment and they only pay for the work that gets done. Medical billing, for example, is one of the many legit work at home jobs that you can have. Doctors will send you the list of bills that have to be sent out and with only the purchase of accounting software, you can do all the billing they need from home. Then when the bills are paid, you enter it in the system and deposit the money in the proper account. You get paid either a flat rate per bill you send out and collect on or a percentage of the money collected.

As with all genuine work from home jobs, with medical billing you get paid to work at home. Legal transcription is another of the genuine work from home jobs that are available. As with any job, these legit work from home jobs do require that you have training and expertise in the position you apply for. Companies will probably give you a trial assignment to see how well you work out and to make sure that you can do the job from home. Once you get started and build up a reputation, it won’t be long before you have offers for genuine work from home jobs. There are many genuine work from home jobs that you can find if you look.

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A lawyers favorite lawyer jokes

Lawyer Jokes Q: How does a pregnant woman know she is carrying a future lawyer? A: She has an extreme craving for baloney. Q: What is the legal definition of “Appeal”? A: Something a person slips on in a grocery store. Q: Why did God make snakes just before lawyers? A: To practice. Q: What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 12? A: Your Honor. Q: What’s the difference between a lawyer and a herd of buffalo? A: The lawyer charges more. Q: What do you call a smiling, sober, courteous person at a bar association convention? A: The caterer. Q: Why are lawyers like nuclear weapons? A: If one side has one, the other side has to get one. Q: What do you get when you cross the Godfather with a lawyer? A: An offer you can't understand. Q: What do you call a lawyer gone bad? A: Senator Q: Did you hear they just released a new Barbie doll called "Divorced Barbie"? A: It comes with half of Ken's things and alimony. Q: What's the difference between an attorney and a pit bull? A: Jewelry. Q: What's the definition of mixed emotions? A: Watching your attorney drive over a cliff in your new Ferrari. Q: What’s the difference between lawyers and accountants? A: At least accountants know they’re boring. Stories: 1. A man who had been caught embezzling millions went to a lawyer. His lawyer told him, "Don’t worry. You’ll never go to jail with all that money? In fact, when the man was sent to prison, he didn’t have a dime. 2. As the lawyer awoke from surgery, he asked, "Why are all the blinds drawn?" The nurse answered, "There's a fire across the street, and we didn't want you to think you had died." 3. God decided to take the devil to court and settle their differences once and for all. Satan heard this, laughed and said, "And where do you think you're going to find a lawyer?" 4. A lawyer is sitting at the desk in his new office. He hears someone coming to the door. To impress his first potential client, he picks up the phone as the door opens and says, "I demand one million and not a penny less." As he hangs up, the man now standing in his office says, "I'm here to hook up your phone." And finally: You Might Be A Lawyer If.... You are charging someone to read these jokes.

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Saving on cost of inks and cartridges

There was a news report about a woman filing a lawsuit against a certain HP printer manufacturer because she said that the inks are programmed to expire on a certain date, whether the cartridges are empty or not. HP representative counters that the reason is because the inks are degrading over time and thus causes the expiration. It is possible that the manufacturer of these inks are actually using some expertise to keep the profits up. With modern tools, who knows what these people are capable of? If these things are all true, saving costs on inks can be a challenge for the people especially those who do not have any knowledge about what profit makers are doing to their advantage. How do they save ink and ink costs? People who brought printers tend to buy the ink cartridges from the same manufacturers of these printers also. There are lots of independent sellers having selling the same kind of cartridges that works as well. Cheaper too. It does not make any difference where you buy the cartridges from as long as it works the same way and saves you more money.

Poorly made cartridges can result in poor quality prints and can even damage your printers. Checking about the ones you will use by asking the opinions of the experts would do the trick. Another option is the use of refillable inks. They can be a lot cheaper but also has the tendency for leaks as a downside. Fort hose who does not want to take the risk and regretting it in the end, the best way is to be careful and use highly recommended cartridges.

Sticking to black ink. Print in color when it is absolutely necessary, but if not, just use black ink. As you may already know, colored inks are much more expensive and some printing does not exactly require using them. For example, when printing something from the internet, do you have to use colors? Buy in bulks. If a lot of printing is require and expected, you may want to try and buy inks in quantity. A lot of great deals are given for those who are buying more at once than those who buy a little every once in awhile. Check the yield. Knowing the capacity of the cartridges you will be using is being prepared and ready beforehand.

This will save you the trouble of being unprepared when the time for the inks to expire comes. Printer inks can surely take a lot of money out of your pocket if you do not know some means of conserving them and making the most of what you have. The thing is, printers, inks and cartridges will really have problems in time. What you are doing is just prolonging what is expected. Better than nothing at all. For comments and inquiries about the article visit http:// losangelesprintingservice. com

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Internet marketing 5 reasons why your business must have an online presence

The Internet has officially changed the face of business and in case no one has done this for you already, let me be the first to formally welcome you to the “Information Age”, or should we call it the “Internet Age”. The Internet is simply not a fad or a flavor of the week. It is the real deal and it is here to stay. It may morph in one way, shape, or form however, it is here to stay and the most successful businesses are taking advantage of it. So why exactly should you take your business online? Although there are tons of reasons, here are 5 key ones: 1. It is expected. Quite simply, the Internet is one the first (if not the first) places people look to find out more about you, your business, and/or your product. They look for your website as well as information they can find out about you from other websites. Yes, I dare say it, in 99.9% of the cases, it will damage your credibility to some degree with a prospect if you cannot be found out there. 2. It is cheap. Never in history has a marketing medium been available to all businesses, no matter the size of their company or bank account that afforded them so much possibility for success. Obviously money if applied properly can increase your results on the Internet; however, you really can get started with little or no money. Skeptical, just read some of the books from the “Guerrilla Marketing” series by Jay Conrad Levinson. 3. It is immediate. Face it. We live in a world of instant gratification. We want everything yesterday. If something is not immediately available, we just may lose interest or worse yet get it from somewhere else – like your competition. 4. It is 24/7. The Internet simply never sleeps. Having and implementing an effective Internet strategy can be like having a well tuned marketing and sales force that continues to do your bidding around the clock. 5. It is global. Why limit your business to the 15 minute radius surrounding your office? Your current competition certainly isn’t and new competitors are seemingly coming out of nowhere every day. Look at the Internet as a means to allow you to share your genius with prospects who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to experience what you have to offer. So in closing, what’s the best advice I can muster up on this topic? Make a sincere effort to understand the Internet and the sheer power and opportunity it brings to your business. Create a plan of attack and get in the game. Play on the grandest court available today, the Internet! © 2005 Online Marketing Muscle -- All Rights Reserved.

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