How your diet and acne condition are related

What you are is what you eat! Whether this statement holds good in the case of acne has been a topic which has been under rigorous research. Some people believe that certain foods cause acne while others think vice versa. But, it is very much possible that acne may be the result of food allergies in some cases. In such cases, the prevalent notion is that skin acts as an elimination organ. When you eat a food that you are allergic to, a toxic reaction occurs which leads the immune system of your body to set up defenses against it. Thereafter, the body starts expelling out the toxins from the food leading to inflammation on the skin in the form of papules and pustules. According to a research published in December 2002 issues of Archives of Dermatology, certain high-glycemic foods cause acne. These food stuffs lead to high production of insulin in the body, which raises the male hormones. As an effect of rising hormones, there is excess production of sebum in the body which ultimately leads to clogging of pores thereby causing acne.

Foods such as grains, milk, processed food, bread, french fries and potato chips are the main culprits in this case. The experts suggest a switch over to a lower-glycemic diet. A lower-glycemic diet would contain the following: 1. Cereals that contain bran, barley and oats 2. A lot of fresh vegetables and fruits 3. Lots of water, herbal teas and vegetable juices And a lower-glycemic diet would not contain the following: 1. Walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, and filberts 2. Large amount of dairy products and milk 3. Sodas and other aerated drinks 4. Potatoes Vitamin B5 is considered to be a very important part of a nutrient rich diet. It is commonly found in foods such as pork, beef, chicken, eggs, saltwater fish, potatoes, wheat and fresh vegetables. The variety of foods is large, but the problem is that 50 % of the vitamin is lost during milling of grains and sadly, the average American diet lacks in fresh vegetables. Diet may not be the particular cause of acne and rosacea but can obviously help in the prevention and elimination of the same. Hot and damp foods such as sugary cakes, cookies, sweets, alcohol, chocolate, fried and greasy food, dairy products, peanuts, coconut products, fats and oils, generally trigger acne. The link may not be direct but it is always advisable to stop the intake of these believed-to-be acne causing foods. A healthy and well-balanced diet keeps your body healthy and the health inside radiates outside on your skin.

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Need to have to succeed in affiliate marketing

Have you ever wondered if what you know about Affiliate Marketing is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on Affiliate Marketing. The idea of being mere passengers on a ship meant to sail to the farthest points does not appeal to people who like to put their destiny into their own hands. They have the desire of maneuvering the ships themselves, of being able to be the ones to take it anywhere they want to. Being aboard a ship on its way to a particularly great destination is something each and every one of them dreams of, and the knowledge that they have the capacity to steer it themselves is what makes them actually want to. Perhaps this is the reason why more and more people are succumbing to one of the most popular businesses around – affiliate marketing. It is because in this business, there are no bosses to order the employees around. There are no deadlines to meet and no clutter of work do to. One only needs to be equipped with the tools needed to succeed in a business such as this, and he is bound to get what his heart ultimately desires. Just what are the things needed to be able to succeed in affiliate marketing? What must one have within himself to be able to do well in this industry? There is a lot of competition involved in affiliate marketing, and to be able to rise above the norm, one must be equipped with just the right stuff necessary to propel him forward. There are five things one must ultimately possess if he wants to achieve the glory he is yearning for in this business, and these five things are a must for him to possess to be able to stand out among the rest. 1.The very first quality one must possess if he wants to try his hand in affiliate marketing is the willingness to learn and be trained. Treading through unfamiliar territory is scary stuff if one is not properly equipped, and he might get lost amidst a jungle of the unknown. Learning the tricks of the trade is also an important aspect of the game, and one’s willingness to know it all will give him far better advantages in the business than he could ever imagine. 2.The second quality one must possess is the willingness to invest time and effort even if direct results do not seem at all apparent. Although several months may pass without good news, it is important for one who has his foot in the industry to hold on and wait. It is this quality which would save him from giving up after investing a lot of himself in the business. See how much you can learn about Affiliate Marketing when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don't miss out on the rest of this great information. 3.The third quality one must possess is self-determination. If one wants to conquer the affiliate marketing world, he must have the ability to push himself ahead. Never having to say die is a quality each and every affiliate marketer should possess, and the ability to motivate oneself into scaling greater heights is an ability which would actually take an affiliate marketer there. 4.The fourth quality one must possess is discipline. If one knows how to teach himself to work everyday with all the energy he can muster, then he is close to achieving what he has set his heart to having in the first place. 5.The fifth and last quality one must possess is optimism. Negative attitudes and hearsays should not discourage an affiliate marketer from pursuing what he has to in order to make life better for himself and for everyone concerned. Neither should anyone influence his attitude toward the business, because once in it, it is a must for him to be the captain of his ship and the master of his soul. The ingredients to success in a business such as affiliate marketing are diverse and manifold, but the most important thing one needs to be able to make it big lies in himself alone. It is he who has the capacity to do everything to be able to realize his prospects, and the desire which fuels his heart in doing so is the gasoline which should keep the engine going. Affiliate marketing is all about putting one’s fate into his own hands. The right attitude is the key to being able to steer one’s ship into that part of the ocean where a certain kind of serenity can be found, one that permeates the atmosphere as the ship sails calmly on. Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what's important about Affiliate Marketing. Click http:// article-ecommerce. com/

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Driving on the wrong side of the road

On which side of the road do you drive? Depends if you're a Brit or an American. If we go back far enough, some two thousand years ago, to the time when the Romans occupied Britain, we'll find a clue about driving habits back then. Archaeologists have unearthed a well-preserved track leading to a Roman quarry near Swindon, England. The ruts in the road on one side are much deeper than those on the other side, as would be the case if their carts were going IN empty and coming OUT with heavy materials such as stones. The ruts suggest that, at least in Swindon, the Romans drove on the left. In fact, some believe that ancient travelers on horseback rode, for the most part, on the left side.

Why? Because since most people are right-handed, horsemen would be able to hold their reins with their left hand and keep their right hand free - to offer in friendly greeting to a passing rider or to defend themselves with a sword if that need arose. A Change to the Right In the late 1700's, a shift from left to right occurred in the United States, when teamsters started using large cargo wagons pulled by several pairs of horses. Since these wagons had no driver's seat, the driver sat on the left rear horse holding his whip with his right hand. Seated on the left, the driver naturally preferred that other wagons pass him on the left so that he could be sure to keep clear of the wheels of any oncoming traffic. That was accomplished by driving on the right side. The English, however, kept to the standard of left side driving. They had smaller wagons and the driver sat on the wagon, not on the horses as in the States, usually on the right side of the front seat. From there he could easily use his long whip in his right hand without entangling it in any cargo packed behind him. In that position, on the right side of the wagon, the driver could judge the safety margin of passing traffic by keeping to the left side. Countries that became part of the British Empire adopted the keep-left rule too, although there were some exceptions such as Canada which eventually changed from left to right to accommodate easier facilitation of border crossings to and from the United States. Political events in France had a large effect on citizens' driving habits. Before the Revolution of 1789, the aristocracy drove their carriages along the left side of the roads, forcing the peasants to move to the opposite side. But once the Revolution started, these nobles desperately tried to hide their identity by walking (or occasionally riding) on the right side like other peasants. By 1794 the French government had introduced a keep-right rule in Paris, which later spread to other regions Napoleon I conquered throughout much of continental Europe. It's no wonder Napoleon favored keep-right driving, as he was left-handed and his armies had to march on the right so he could keep his sword arm between him and any who dared approach him aggressively. In Europe, countries that resisted Napoleon kept to the left and eventually Russia and Portugal made the switch from left to the right early in the 20th century. Austria and Czechoslovakia changed also when occupied by Nazi Germany at the end of the 1930's, and Hungary followed suit. Today just four European countries still drive on the left side including Britain, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. Japan also drives on the left, though never considered a British colony.

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How to clean a dirty aquarium

A fresh water fish tank requires about 30 minutes to an hour of work a week depending on the size of the tank. Waht you will need: 1) You will need a clean 5 gallon bucket that has never had chemicals or soap inside of it. 2) A hose or gravel cleaner 3) A bag of natural or synthetic sea salt I have split the work into two parts the tank which needs to be cleaned ever week on the same day and the filters which can be cleaned every 2 or 3 weeks. The very first thing you have to do before you start cleaning your fish tank is to unplug your tanks heater if you have one. The heater can not be allowed to be removed from the water while it is hot so make sure to leave it unplugged at least 20 minutes before attempting to remove it. The water help cool the glass on the heater if removed it could crack, or the glass could totally shatter. You should also remember to never stick your hand inside of any fish tank before making sure the heater is not only off but unplugged from the wall. A small crack in the heater could be more then enough to cause a shock to you that can be fatal. After the heater has ha time to cool you can safely remove the heater from the tank or it the heater is submersible you can just push it down to the bottom of the tank. Now take any decorations you may have placed in the tank, so all you have are the small gravel at the bottom, this will allow you to get any dirt that those decorations may have been covering up. Now if you do not have a gravel cleaner you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands wet. You will need to stir up the gravel to get the dirt that has settled between the gravel into the water, and start removing the water into the bucket with the hose. Do not throw out the water you will still need it to clean the filters. If you have a gravel cleaner, push the plastic tube into the gravel until it hits the bottom of the tank, then start a siphon into the bucket, every second or 2 move the gravel cleaner over an inch or 2 and repeat this process until either you have removed 15 percent of the tanks water of you have cleaned all the gravel. Now at this point you can clean the Aquariums filters. The insides of the filters are used to grow bacteria, that help break down the nitrites and nitrates that are in the water from fish waste and uneaten food. To make sure we don’t kill all these Aquarium friendly bacteria, we clean the filter materials and sponges in the dirty water that I also full of the bacteria. Take everything out of the filters and rinse them of in the bucket of dirty Aquarium water, then give the sponge a couple of squeezes in the bucket and reassemble the filters, and put them back on the tank. Now before adding the water sea salt must be added to the tank. All water has some amount of salt in it and to replicate the natural habitat of the fish there must be salt in your tank as well. Add approximately 1 cup of sea salt for every 50 gallons of water. Now you can add water to the tank, but you must make sure the water is the within a degree or two of the temperature of the water in the tank. A drastic change in the tanks temperature suddenly can throw the fish into shock and kill them or weaken their immunity and help give them a fish disease. I recommend filling the bucket with hot water and checking it regularly till it is the same as the tanks temperature, then slowly add the water to the tank, start the filters and the heater. Cleaning the filters only needs to be done once or twice a month, but the water in the tank must be cleaned on the same day every week.

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How to apply for a job online

In an increasingly online marketplace, applying for jobs often means sending your resume and cover letter electronically. Some companies have online application forms right on their Websites. Here, you can choose the job you wish to apply for, plug your work experience, skills, and education into online fields, then submit this information with a single click of a button. Online application forms differ from another and will require different information. For example, some companies ask that you "copy-and-paste" your resume and cover letter into two fields.

Others ask that applicants fill in multiple fields such as "work experience," "education," etc. Still others ask that you do both-submit your resume and cover letter, and fill in fields that require the same employment-related information. Whatever type of online application form a company might have, be sure that all your information is posted in one field or another. Don't be afraid to repeat information, especially if the form requests a resume and a separate breakdown of your work history. Your information will be automatically uploaded into an online database, where hiring managers will likely scout for keywords. The more times your keywords come up, the better.

While some companies-especially large ones have online application forms, many others simply ask candidates to e-mail their application materials to the appropriate person or to a general employment address like "hiringmanager@anycompany. com." Here, caution is warranted. Be sure to send your resume and cover letter exactly as the hiring manager requests. Some employers prefer that the resume and cover letter be attached as separate documents (usually in a Text Only format or as Microsoft Word documents). Other employers want the cover letter to be in the body of an e-mail, but the resume to be attached separately.

Still others prefer that both the resume and the cover letter be pasted into the body of an e-mail. For the latter, be sure that your documents are easy to read. Resumes, which have a rather complicated format, often look messy when they are transplanted into the body of an e-mail. Says recruiter Beth Camp: "If you e-mail a resume, it has to look as good as a written resume. I would advise sending a resume both as an attachment and in the body of your e-mail." This is a good way to sidestep a possible formatting fiasco. Another way is to send your resume and cover letter electronically, then to send hard copies as well. Some jobseekers opt to purchase domain names and to create their own Websites for the purpose of putting their resumes (and other application materials) online.

The advantage of formatting your resume using HTML and making it a static Web page is that anyone can see your resume in its proper format simply by visiting your Website. Thus, instead of mailing or e-mailing your resume every time you want someone to see it, you can simply give the interested parties the right web address and they can find it for themselves. An added bonus of having your resume on a Web page is that you may attract the interest of recruiters and employers whom you hadn't even considered. To make downloading your resume easier, you may want to include on your Website copies of your resume in PDF (portable document format) and Microsoft Word files.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to putting your resume on a Website. One downside is that your information becomes accessible to everyone, even unwanted visitors. For this reason, you should never disclose your home address, social security number, or any other personal information. Another downside is that not all hiring managers will go out of their way to visit your Website. Even if your resume is only a click away, many hiring managers would nevertheless prefer that you mail or e-mail it. In terms of how you send your application materials, it would be unwise to go against the explicit wishes of an employer. For example, don't send an attachment when copy-and-pasting is requested. Some companies shun attachments because they fear getting a virus, or because they don't have compatible software, or because they simply don't want to be bothered with the extra step of opening a document. When assembling your application materials and putting them into an e-mail, don't fill in the "to" field until you are finished. It's all too easy to accidentally send a half-finished e-mail to a company, thus eliminating your chances of making a decent first impression, and most likely, of getting an interview. If you were asked to copy-and-paste your resume and cover letter, be sure to scan the final outcome at least once for formatting problems, then to use a spell checker a final time. If you are attaching your documents, be absolutely sure you are attaching the right versions (i. e., the company-tailored and updated versions) to the employer. Also, be sure that they are labeled in a professional way. One jobseeker laments his decision to save different versions of his resume under headings like "Resume for Strategic Sourcing Jobs." Says the jobseeker: "I was applying for three different types of positions. But I didn't want every prospective employer to know that. By labeling my outgoing resumes the way I did, I pretty much broadcasted the fact that I didn't have a clear career direction." Probably the best strategy for saving your resume is to do so under your name only (example: Simone Piette resume) or under your name and the name of the company (example: Greenfield resume from Simone Piette). Be sure to say in your e-mail what you have attached, and also, what software you've used. For example, you might say in the body of your e-mail: "Please see my attached resume in Microsoft Word version 2002." Before a hiring manager even opens your e-mail, she should know exactly who you are and which job you are applying for. In the "Subject" line, write your name, the position name (and job number, if listed), and the contents of your application (example, "Simone Piette resume and cover letter for Executive Assistant Position"). If you've been referred to a position by another person, be sure to "cc" (carbon copy) or "bcc" (blind carbon copy) your reference when you apply. That is, add that person's e-mail to the "cc" or "bcc" field, which will enable that person to receive an exact copy of the e-mail you're sending to the hiring manager. The reason you want to "cc" or "bcc" your referrer is because you want to keep him in the loop. After all, if someone has offered to help you, he should know what stage you're at in the application process. (Note: Some e-mail programs don't offer "cc" or "bcc" fields, in which case you'll want to e-mail your reference separately.) Finally, be sure to save a copy of your outgoing e-mail in your "Sent Mail" folder, just in case the e-mail doesn't go through and you need to send it again.

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How to find the right debt consolidation agencies

How to Find the Right Debt Consolidation Agencies Debt consolidation agencies and services offer a solution for debt management, debt consolidation, and advice on managing debt. There are several courses one can take to consolidate their debts. One way to avoid late fees on debts, or else shut-off notices is to ask family members or friends that may offer you the money. Of course, you will need to repay the debt; however it is less risky than if you borrowed the money from a debt consolidation agency or else some other source. If you own a home, you may want to consider refinancing, since some lenders will offer you a debt consolidation solution attached to the new loan. Some banks or mortgage lenders will search for loans that roll your monthly payments into one bill, which is the same effect you will get if you get help from a debt consolidation agency. You could also call your creditors and ask for leniency or else more time to repay the debts. Many times creditors prefer to deal with the customer than with the collection agencies. The reason is that they have hopes that you will remain a customer if they give you a chance. On the other hand, there are creditors that could care less if you have enough money to pay your bills or even enough money to survive. The greedy souls are out to get their pay and will attach additional fees to your debts. Debtors are protected under the laws; therefore, if you are in debt and are looking to consolidate your bills, then check out the laws at the local library before resorting to a debt consolidation agency. Anytime you have the upper hand and are armored with knowledge, the consolidation agency in question will have a harder time trying to take advantage of you.

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Getting your forex feet wet

Getting Your Forex Feet Wet The forex or foreign exchange market is a very volatile market. Trades here are the largest and fastest in the world. Upon entering the forex market, you can feel right away how difficult and complicated it can be. Becoming successful in this field requires patience and money, it is a difficult market to master and requires years of experience to become very successful. If you are interested in this field it is recommended that you should first get oriented on the conduct of the forex market by taking classes that offers forex trading courses. Success in this market and becoming a profitable forex trader depends on a lot of practice and experience. You may experience losses, but it is a part of this volatile market. Learn from your mistakes and find out how you can cope with them. With experience and practice, you can be sure that you can minimize your losses and increase your profits. Practice first with forex trading software to enable you to get some of the feel of the real market. These kinds of software can simulate forex markets and will give you some simulated cash. By doing this, you will get the idea on what to expect in the forex market. Once you know the feel for the forex market, it is wise that you should open a mini forex trading account. Now you are dealing with real money. Although you might risk losing money, mini forex trading accounts only requires a small investment of money. It can also give you a small amount of profit. This means that you will be able to enter the world of forex trading without risking too much money. This is a great way to gain experience and can really give you the feel of forex trading. The key to mini forex trading is to enhance your skills until you are ready to trade with the biggies. To start a mini forex account, there are some characteristics you should know: • Required minimum account deposit • Recommended account deposit • Traded in 10,000-unit currency lots • A default margin • Leverage up to 200:1 Mini forex trading has little disadvantages than a regular forex account. Of course it can only make small profits but the risk in regular trading is much larger. Because of only investing small sums of money, mini forex trading tends reduces the risk of your loss. You can always make another deposit if you lose. In mini forex trading, you can also use the same software used by regular forex traders, this can work in your advantage. It will be like trading like the big traders only you are just trading in small amounts. The mini forex trading account is ideal for beginners or novices that are just starting to enter the world of forex trading. It can develop your skills, trading strategy, and technique without the thought of losing too much money. Therefore, it eliminates fear of losing. Mini forex trading also builds your skills required when you join a regular forex trading account. Mini forex trading can also acquire you the proper discipline a forex trader has to have. Another great feature of starting a mini forex trading account is that there is no maximum trade volume. You are able to trade 10,000 units or even 200,000 units even if the standard size of a mini forex account is 10,000 units. By trading this way, you can gain much needed skill that is required for forex trading. It can also improve your existing trading strategy and a very good way to familiarize about forex trading while using real money. Here, the risk is real and the money is real. This is an effective way to learn forex trading. Word count 630

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The benefits of family meal planning

Are you ready to save some time, feed your family healthier meals and save some money along the way? These are just some of the benefits of family meal planning. Let’s look at all of them in a little more detail. Eat Healthier Planning your family meals will cut down on your trips to your favorite fast food restaurant and the amount of pizza you have delivered to your door. Food you prepare at home tends to be much healthier than hamburgers with fries, fried chicken or pizza. When you plan your meals include some lean protein like chicken breast, as well as some salads and vegetables. Your entire family will benefit from the healthier meals. Save Time How much time are you spending now running to the grocery store a few times a week. I used to run to the store at least 3 times a week to buy something to fix for dinner. Planning your meals out for a week at a time and then putting together a grocery list with everything you need to cook those meals will cut your trips to the store down to one a week. This alone will save you a few hours each week. Plus you won’t be standing in front of your fridge and pantry every night trying to come up with something you can fix with what you have at hand. Save Money All that eating out and having food delivered can quickly add up. By preparing more meals at home you will save quite a few dollars each week. In addition, you will save on your monthly grocery bill, since you will be making a list of everything you need for the week and won’t end up buying extras that just go to waste. I used to throw out food almost every week before I started meal planning. Less Stress You know the routine. It’s 6 pm, everyone in the family is starving and you have no idea what’s for dinner. Trying to come up with something to cook from what you have in the kitchen while your kids are tired, hungry and screaming isn’t one of the most fun family activities. You will be much more relaxed about dinner, when you know exactly what you are going to cook ahead of time and known you have everything you need in the house. Quality Time Together Meal Planning also encourages everyone to gather around the dinner table each day. Who could resist the delicious smells coming out of the kitchen? Dinnertime has always been a great time for families to gather and share news and experiences of the day. Parents and children can pay each other undivided attention. Cook some dinner, set the table and don’t forget to turn off the TV. Make dinner a daily family tradition again. I encourage you to give meal planning a try. I am sure you and your family will see the benefits within less than a week. Don’t have the time or patience to plan your family meals? Let us do it for you!

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How to keep food fresh naturally

How many times have we brought food and then forgotten about it only to remember it because it begins to stink? Against this, you cannot do anything, but you can ensure that your food lasts longer and keeps fresh. How? There are many things you can do, such as regularly clean your refrigerator and regularly check the food in there and also that you keep in the cupboards or anywhere else. But its not just about checking them. This cannot prevent anything. All you will be doing is throwing away food items before they stink up the entire kitchen. So, what can you do to keep the food fresh? Practical List of Tips for Ensuring Food is Cleaner and Fresher: 1) Spread some cloves on and around the marble surface of your kitchen, and also spread some cloves under the sink. Why? The Cloves keeps ants away. 2) Place some bay leaves inside your bags of dough, rice and the rest of the packs that insects prefer. Why? Bay leaves keep insects and other such lice away from food products. By placing bay leaves inside the packets, we ensure that insects do not reside there. But please remember to change the bay leaves once every three months. 3) Place half a potato in the refrigerator. Why? If there is any kind of bad smell from food or cooked items, the half potato will absorb it. To make sure that this works, remember to exchange the potato every three days. 4) Store eggs with the pointed side down. Why? Storing eggs with the pointed side down keeps them fresh for a longer period. 5) Place a few cubes of sugar in the jar where you store American cheese. Why? When you place two or three cubes of sugar with the American cheese in an air tight jar, the sugar absorbs the moisture and prevents the cheese from getting bad. 6) Do not store tomatoes and cucumbers in the same draw. Why? Tomatoes give out gases that cause cucumbers to rot faster so make sure that you keep these two apart. 7) Do not store apples along with the rest of the fruits and vegetables. Why? Apples give out certain gases that cause fruits and vegetables to rot. 8) Place slices of apples or raw potatoes in the bread compartment or jar. Why? By adding a few slices of raw potatoes or apples with the bread, you ensure that the bread remains fresh for longer than usual. 9) Store radish in a vessel along with some water. Why? You should store radish in a vessel along with water because water will keep the radish fresh and crisp for a long time. For the same reason, if the radishes have shriveled, place them in a jar of cold water. Water will restore the radish to its previous splendor. Conclusion: Here, I have presented only a few of the more practical actions you should follow to ensure that the food you and your family consume remains fresh and tasty.

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Custom designed playing cards

Playing cards are not just for playing cards any more. The backs of the decks are no longer just designs or pictures. People have figured out that they can use them for getting messages across or sales pitches. There is a variety of uses for the space on the back of playing cards. Custom designs are used to personalize the cards on a variety of occasions.

There are photo decks that are created for birthdays, weddings (small decks make great wedding favors), and holiday scenes. You can put a picture of your child, your pet, your parents, your spouse. You can send pictures of your new car, new home, or retirement on the cards as well. Announcements of births, a move to a new home, or any other special event that you want to let people know about can be added to the backs of the cards. You can use your own graphics, business logos (with written consent from your company), and geometric designs. There is no limit to what you can do. There are various uses for custom designed playing cards. They can be used as wedding or party favors, greeting cards, and announcements of special events. They can be as advertising using company logos. They can be used in corporate training providing positive statements for employees. They can be used as business cards, as souvenirs for a family reunion or a bazaar. They can be personalized for individuals creating a unique way to give them your best wishes.

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Golf course management

Playing a good round of golf comes with a lot of good golf course management. Sure it is great to know how to have a great golf swing, but if you haven’t got course management, then you haven’t got a game plan. Have you ever noticed a professional golfer standing beside their caddie in a discussion about the next golf shot at hand? You can rest assured that they were not talking about Larry King live, unless he was in the pro-am the day before and he was leading the tournament. They are discussing the previous results and golf placement on where they hit their golf shot the prior hole before in the practice round or regulation round. Course management is what they are talking about. Every golf shot is tagged to the nearest yard. If you want to play a good golf shot, you have to know your distance and what type of situation you’re up against. This is where good golfers with a good course management excel over their competition.

Taking all the great golfers and great golf swings into consideration, without the proper knowledge about distance, wind, uphill, downhill and all the great earthly weather that is always a surprise at times can be quite demanding to the best golfer at times. If you think that all you need is a great golf swing and a great set of golf clubs, you should rethink your game again. A lot of great golfers fall prey to a golfer with better course management. These same golfers with good course management do not need to out distance their competitor. They just need to place their ball where the next golf shot is a walk in the park.

If you haven’t got a clue about course management, your handicap is going to soar into the high double-digit figures. When you are talking about the shot at hand, you must take in consideration the prior distance and weather condition on your previous shot with the club selection at hand. Was the golf shot uphill with a wind behind you or against you? When choosing a golf club, one must ask a series of questions before making a formal decision. Do I want to play my next shot over a sand trap? Do I want to play my next golf shot with a pitching wedge or a 7 iron? In other words, do I want to fly the golf shot into the green, or place it where I can bump and run the next golf shot into the green? Course management requires the golfer in paying attention to golf holes that are next to the hole that they are playing. They are constantly looking for good golf position for the next hole before they even tee up the golf ball.

They are also checking out greens as far as slope and surrounding sand traps. Knowing where pin placement is, way before you’re sitting out in the middle of the fairway will definitely help on club selection. You may decide to play less club, because of the simple fact of a two-tier green and the pin is sitting on the bottom level. You would never have that knowledge at hand if you did not eye the situation on the prior hole unless you played it once before. It is called course management. Take a good look at the golf terrain and conditions that you are playing in and pay attention to golf holes that you walk by. Knowing the golf terrain well in advance will make it a lot easier on golf club selection and help drive confidence going forward.

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Objective meditations what is reality

Is reality a projection from within the mind, or is it an “altered lens” into the outside world? Let’s look at the altered lens theory first. Obviously, we are not all looking at the world with the same lens or viewpoint. If that were possible, and we had a consistent moral code of ethics, we would have world peace. Imagine no wars, conflict, divorce, or crime.

It does make you think that John Lennon might have been thousands of years ahead of his time, when he wrote the lyrics for his song, “Imagine.” Although, we may not agree with every word, the thought of global harmony captivates the mind. Is this a reality? At this moment in time, it doesn’t look possible. Peace agreements seem so close, and then, an assassination, or a suicide bomb, changes everything.

Why is this world not ready for a Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, or Martin Luther King, Jr.? Do we, as a species, need to grow, and mature a little more, or can we make small changes in this world now? You can make small changes by bringing out the inner calm you have developed through meditation practice. If you are still not sure how to proceed, demonstrating acts of kindness to everyone you meet, will do. At the very least, following the Golden Rule is good for you, and everyone you come into contact with. Remember, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you". - Luke 6:31. This action will bring your lens into focus. On the other hand, a projection is a creation from within the mind’s eye. This, in turn, gets impressions by receiving images from outside the body, and judges everything. This classification, and judgment, creates a biased frame of mind that reacts to a world created by the same mind. The problem is - these judgments solidify into concrete beliefs, resulting in a reality of pre-conceived notions. I refer to this as, The Cycle of Judgment Theory, and hope that you clearly understand the cycle. The result of the cycle of judgment is dangerous, as there is no room for objective viewpoints. Everything is classified as black or white, and there is no room for a “gray area.” This particular viewpoint, with concrete beliefs, has no room for change and will not negotiate. So both realities exist - creating more realities with potential opposites. This explains why we see people justify atrocities. Whenever you meditate, and are able to find objective viewpoints that are good for your mental health, always beware of judgmental people who have no ability to reason or open their mind.

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The women on steroids suffer from body image disorders

The women on steroids experience many psychological effect and body image disorders. The women on steroids ruin their figures and femininity. The women on steroids develop male features, such as facial hair growth, breast shrinkage and increased size of the clitoris. They lose their beauty and delicacy, with hairy, course and dry skins, deep voices, big grown noses, and widened up jaws. Often they stop having normal periods. Since Rachel McLish started a new trend winning the Ms. Olympia in 1980, more and more getting into bodybuilding and steroids. According to a study by McLean Hospital researchers, there is a widespread abuse of steroids in many women bodybuilders. The collaborated Study, authored by Amanda Gruber, MD, a researcher at McLean Hospital’s Biological Psychiatry Laboratory and Harrison Pope, MD, PhD, chief of McLean’s Biological Psychiatry Laboratory, articulates that Bodybuilding is a dangerous activity for women who have or are at risk for developing eating or body image disorders, and the activity of muscle building puts women on steroids. The women on steroids may experience psychological effects, such as aggressiveness, depression, anxiety and uncontrolled bouts of anger.

The women on steroids become horny; testosterone makes women horny, extremely horny and aggressive. They literally become big strong aggressive females with deep voices, hairy bottoms, and big enlarged clits. Often clits (clitorises) of the women on steroids become as big as thumb, and whenever they aroused, their clits become erect and stick out just like penises. Some women on steroids reveal that this condition often results in more frequent and more intense orgasms.

The women on steroids often have hair growth on the chin, chest, around the nipples, and the buttocks - especially the lower inner glutes and around the anus, which often make these women pluck hair out of their chins, shave their chests, and do extensive bikini or Brazilian waxing. Often the women on steroids have the innards of their lower abdomens irritated and swollen because of the excessive use steroids, and they suffer from chronic constipation, water retention, and intestinal gas problems. The women on steroids often have quick and heavy virginal discharges, but this condition goes way when they stop taking steroids. The women on steroids also develop manly body order, as testosterone effects the sweat glands in men. This condition also vanishes when they stop taking steroids.

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What s the real cause of acne

Most acne medications only mask the symptoms of acne and does nothing to stop the real cause of acne. This is why acne sufferers buy acne products month after month (year after year). And every time they stop using the product acne would come back again and again. What you need to do is find out what the real cause of acne is and stop it. So What's The Real Cause Of Acne? Acne occurs when your body contains more toxics than your kidneys and bowels can remove. (Your kidneys and bowels are the two primary channels of elimination that your body expel toxics and waste products through.) These toxics can be the accumulation of fat stored chemicals the liver can not wash out or there may be a problem with fat digestion, fat accumulation, food allergy, or even the accumulation of hormones that your body produces. Once these toxics build up, your kidneys and bowels can get overloaded and clogged up, causing it to not function properly. When that happens some of the load will be dumped onto your liver. One of your liver's main roles is to metabolize pile up fat into usable energy for your body. This means, your liver will be doing some of your kidney's work. So now, your liver gets overloaded and it too will not work at full capacity. What happens when your bowels, kidneys, and liver gets overloaded? When that happen your body will expel toxins through your lungs and skin (your secondary channels of elimination). And this is when acne occurs. This is when your skin starts to breakout. So whatever the toxic source is that‘s causing this problem, acne is a sign that your bowels and kidneys are overloaded with toxins, waste products, or hormones. It is a sign that your liver is growing weaker in its detoxification abilities (and it will continue to grow weaker if you do not do what it takes to get rid of the toxics in your body). So if you think that acne is your only problem, think again, your liver, kidneys, and bowels are getting weaker every time you breakout. Houa Yang is dedicated to helping acne sufferers get rid of acne fast and stop it from ever coming back without any acne medications or prescription drugs. For details visit: http:// howtogetridofacne. com © 2004 Houa Yang

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Tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most useful products in nature. It has been used by some Aboriginal People in Australia for many centuries as one of their most useful medicines. Tea Tree oil is derived from Melaleuca Alternifloria which is a narrow-leafed paper bark tree that is native to certain parts of Australia. Some people think that it is called the Tea Tree because Captain Cook, who sailed from England in the 17th Century, used the leaves to make a tea from when they first voyaged to Australia, hence the name Tea Tree. Captain Cook found that it was good at combating scurvy a disease that many of his crew suffered from at that time due to a lack of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

Australia has more than 300 different kinds of Tea Tree, but only one of them is used to make the oil which is now world famous. Tea Tree Oil first came to prominence during the First World War in the early 20th century. Australian soldiers were seen to be using the oil to treat their infections. They had a great deal of success with this. During World War Two, Tea Tree Oil growers were exempt from National Service in Australia as their contribution to the war was to produce Tea Tree Oil for use by its troops. Tea Tree oil has a number of fantastic properties making it an excellent treatment for many complaints. These are all external uses as Tea Tree oil should not be taken internally. Tea Tree oil has been shown to be effective against Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. It is extracted as an essential oil by steam or water distillation from the leaves and twigs of the Tea Tree.

The oil is a water-white liquid or pale yellow-green. It has a fresh, spicy and slightly camphoraceous smell.

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Blunders the comic book industry brought on themselves

What has gone wrong within the comic book industry and can it be fixed? The rape and pillage, in the eyes of some, may have left the comic book industry gasping for life support. It seems that for an industry that has seen so much success, the history of comic books, has apparently been confounded by seemingly dumb mistakes. The first could have very well been the coining of the name "comic books". The earliest versions of the so-called half-tab (for half tabloid) reprints of the Sunday funnies (the comics) became known as "comic books". This led to the thinking in general, that comic books contained comic or funny material, which we all know, is a far stretch from reality. Comic books can be very somber, dark or adventurous magazines. It has often been suggested that there should be another term coined to better describe this literary package we all know as comic books. To date, no other user-friend term has been suggested for use in the comic book industry.

A second misdirection came when magazine prices started to rise. Instead of increasing comic book prices, like other successful magazines did, the comic book industry decided to cut pages to keep the then current price tag of 10 cents. This brought on the impression that comic books were "cheap" by definition, and neglected the fact that a dime was a lot of money at one time (steak & eggs cost 35 cents). This presented the image that comic books were just for kids.

It also made the product increasingly less viable for retail merchants to stock. Why take up the same shelf space, when a higher priced magazine would do more nicely. Again the perceived value of the comic book was loosing credibility. Then as the 1950s rolled around, an individual by the name of Dr. Frederick Wertham, published a book entitled "Seduction of the Innocents". Through the use of unscientific research and assumptions, he stated that all the nation's ills were directly related to kids reading comic books (ah hmm, what?

). Central to his thesis, was the misassumption that comic books were strictly for kids. The more adult material, it was irrationally assumed, was aimed at our sweet, naпve innocent children. Yes, we do have to protect our children, but it still bothers me to no end, that certain self-righteous individuals believe their lot in life is to make the rest of the planet adhere to their own personal beliefs. If this were the case, then our great country would have never been founded. With this wildly irrational attack on the comic book industry and many congressional leaders jumping on the bandwagon, comic books were gaining a bad reputation. The comic book industry publishers at this point, could have banded together and declared that comic books, like movies, were not "just for kids".

It should have been stated that the wide range of comic book genres represented was target to as wide a range of readers. All but one of the publishers (William Gaines, publisher of EC Comics) buckled under to this Congressional Investigation and the Comic Code Authority was created. This governed the content of comic books and ensured that for the next 15 years or so, the literary content would not rise much above that of pablum for the mind. Therefore another slide into incredibility for the comic book industry took place.

Can the comic book industry be saved? Very possibly, but when the individuals in charge of the saving are as eager as ever to make the same mistakes all over again, what will the outcome be? They don't even appear to be cleaver enough to make new mistakes.

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Ameriglide vertical platform lifts

Many people today who use wheelchairs or just have trouble walking have discovered the wonders of Ameriglide Vertical Platform Lifts. Ameriglide manufactures only the highest quality home medical equipment that has been thoroughly tested by experienced engineers. Vertical Platform Lifts or wheelchair lifts, as they are often referred to, have helped many Americans retain their independence and liberty. In older times if you were in a wheelchair it meant that you had to design your entire home around that fact. Elevators were reserved to those who were immensely wealthy or to commercial structures. This made it very hard for those with disabilities. It meant that you would very likely have to sell your home if you did not have some means of entering and exiting your home at ground level. All that has changed, however, and having a vertical platform lift is like having your own mini elevator. It is no longer necessary to get rid of your home simply because you can not navigate your outside steps. These lifts can safely and carefully support a good deal of weight and can be customized to fulfill virtually any needs.

The best part about it is these devices allow you to remain independent. It is possible to go out for a drive, check the mail, or take a stroll through the neighborhood without any outside assistance. These things, that seem so small to those without disabilities, can mean the world to those of us with them. Vertical Platform Lifts are also a way for us to sleep better at night. This is because we know that in the event of a fire or if something happens to us our loved ones can still get out of the house if they need to.

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Decorating with coat racks and vintage clothing for a unique accent to your home

When most people think of coat racks, they think strictly of hanging coats, hats, and scarves. But coat racks can be a lot more than just a place to keep clutter off the floor. They can also provide you with an opportunity to display your own, unique decorating tastes. One of my favorite ways to decorate with coat racks is to display vintage clothing on them. Wall-mounted coat racks work particularly well for displaying vintage hats and bonnets. And floor-mounted coat racks are a natural for cloaks, gowns, shawls and scarves. Don't go cheap when using coat racks as a decorating accent. True, you can pick up a generic wall-mounted coat rack for under $10 and a floor-standing one for under $30. But if your goal is to create an eye-catching accent, don't expect a cheap one to have the effect you want.

Bent wood, rattan, wrought iron, or brass give you the best eye appeal in a floor-standing coat rack. And look for furniture-quality solid hardwood in wall-mounted coat racks. Don't settle for generic, dime-store coat hooks on your coat rack when you can easily combine the beauty of brass and porcelain or get the rustic strength of wrought iron. You can find wall-mounted coat racks with rosemaling, or other styles of decorative painting. These always add to your accent, as do such features as a plate rack or decorative shelf on top that allows you to display other collectibles. And a mirror, whether etched or plain, on your wall-mounted coat rack is always a big plus. Not only does it enhance the beauty of your accent, but it provides a much appreciated service to your guests of letting them check their appearance after coming in from outdoors.

As for finding vintage hats or clothing for your coat rack, here are some places to try. Most larger cities have at least one vintage clothing store available. You can also find vintage clothing in many estate sales. And more and more second-hand stores gather vintage clothing donated to them into a special area. Or you can look for reproduction vintage clothing and hats from merchants who specialize in supplying the participants of living history events with clothing and items from daily life of the eras these participants portray. I've found Renaissance festivals and Civil War Reenactments to be especially rich sources of quality reproduction vintage clothing (and many other interesting items useful for decorating).Both events attract a large number or merchants who specialize in reproduction vintage clothing and other items of those times. And you can find many of these merchants on the Internet, as well. Be aware, though, that while you can usually find a greater variety of items through these merchants in brand new condition, the prices for reproductions can be expensive because of the amount of labor involved in faithfully reproducing construction techniques from a pre-mass production era. In looking for vintage hats to display on a wall-mounted coat rack, you can either go for a single era, or go eclectic with vintage hats from a number of eras and styles. And don't forget the eye appeal of including one hat in your collection that drapes a ribbon down beneath. Or consider dangling a vintage umbrella or cane from one hook to create various lengths of items hung from your coat rack. And the hats you use don't necessarily need to be formal. Some of the most effective hats I've found for decorating have been the well-worn, but extremely unique, vintage hats of everyday laborers. For a floor-standing coat rack, avoid reproduction or vintage clothing that really needs a hanger for it to look its best. Look instead for drapey items such as cloaks, gowns, shawls, and scarves. Experiment with interweaving a colorful scarf or shawl among dark and elegant formal wear. Or try hanging a coat or gown by the shoulder instead of by the collar for a casual, asymmetrical look. Include a vintage purse. Or, depending on the effect you want to create, consider the effect that draping some vintage silk stockings or lingerie could add to the accent you create. The options are endless when it comes to combining coat racks and vintage clothing. Just use a quality coat rack that does justice to what you display and let your imagination, and your decorating taste, be your guide in selecting items to display on it.

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Why you need a gutter

If you’re like most people, you don’t give your home’s gutter system much thought. And that’s unfortunate because it’s crucial to maintaining your home’s integrity and value. The system serves no purpose until it rains, but when it does, a properly installed gutter system is the only way to ensure that the rain water won’t collect on the roof or worse, run down alongside the walls of your home. When rainwater is uncontrolled, it can get in between the vinyl siding, wood or other material that covers your home and protects it from the elements. Water running uncontrolled down the side of a house can also get behind window frames and other openings and cause further damage that’s often expensive to repair. In much the same way as it directs a bowling ball down the end of the lane a gutter system along the perimeter of your roof carries water away from your home. Water that is allowed to flow towards the home’s foundation rather than away will slowly erode the foundation, which over time can impair its structural integrity. It can also cause a considerable amount of erosion. Sections of gutter are attached to the roof using hangars. There are straight sections as well as inside and outside corner sections.

In places where the gutter attaches to a downspout, a piece called the drop outlet connects the horizontal pieces to the vertical. Open ends are covered with end pieces. To ensure that water flows away from the house’s foundation it’s advisable to position a splash block at the bottom of the downspout. And finally, to keep the system maintenance-free, it’s wise to invest in a leaf screen which will catch leaves and other debris before they clog up the gutter, which renders it useless.

Finding a gutter system to complement your home is easy because they’re available in a wide assortment of colors and materials. Next time you’re outside, take a good look at the gutter. If it’s in need of repair, don’t delay!

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Obesity isn t the only problem with today s youth entertainment

Parents are desperately trying to lure their children away from video games and the TV for fear of obesity. Many children today are substituting good reads for TV remote and game controllers. Cindi Brown, a daycare owner expresses “Children who read at an early age seem more content with a good book and do not rely on TV and video games for entertainment as much as non-readers.” Evelyn Petersen, author of 8 books for early childhood and parenting, a writer in newspapers for over 20 years, “Detroit Free Press” and “KRTN Wire” previously, as well as writing for weekly parenting columns for the “Nashville Tennesean”. Also has been published in “Children and Families" magazine comments “Many first grade teachers are noticing that children who stare at the TV screen for hours each day are often damaging the muscles in their eyes so they cannot “track” their eyes to left to right as you read.” While many parents are often too busy to take time to read to their children, it is associated that “children who are read to, are children who read,” as commented by MaryAnn Kohl, author of over 15 books on creative art for children, and a columnist for many parenting magazines including Scholastic's “Let's Find Out.” Early childhood reading is considered a key element in a child's success for their future. Sue Reszka has been teaching in preschools for 25 years and has found that “children that have the opportunity to experience books at a young age, have a much easier time when learning to read on their own. Reading to children at an early age helps them learn new words, relate the spoken word to the printed word, develop listening skills and an understanding of what words mean. Books let children experience whole new worlds, people, places and ideas. The greater the variety of experiences a child has, the greater the chances that he/she will succeed.” While often children don't want to read books because their either consider to childish for their age or not entertaining enough, a current release from LH Publications and Productions has been found to entice readers of all ages while secretly unveiling a lesson or two in each story. Mysterious Chills and Thrills by author Laura Hickey is an anthology of spooky twists of fiction that weave the age old question of “what if” that many generations can apply to their own lives. Mysterious Chills and Thrills shows promise to delight kids across the nation at a price to please parents. With book reviews such as “A young person's thriller written in their own language, 5 stars” and “Age appropriate for children six and up, these stories will have you chilled and thrilled!” from “Book Review Cafe”, Mysterious Chills and Thrills isn't your average sci-fi children's book. Funny, creepy and educational, it's a triple threat of a gem of a book for kids to start reading at a young age. This holiday season remember, good readers promote communication and SOLIDIFY important skills for life. Mysterious Chills and Thrills can be bought as an e-book or paper back book at http:// laurahickey. com for ages 9-12. # # #

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