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Effective Acupuncture Treatments before Surgery There are times in which our health necessitates us going in for surgery for one reason or another. For some of us, it may be what is referred to as a routine procedure but for others, the surgery that we are going through may be life altering and very severe. Regardless of why we are going in for the surgery or of how severe the treatment, acupuncture is one way that has been used to help us to get through the process easier. What different things can acupuncture do for us when we need to have surgery? Acupuncture has actually been used for thousands of years but it is only recently become popular in the westernized world. As more people are using the procedure, they are finding that it benefits us in many different ways. One of the ways in which it benefits us is through pain management and by keeping our body in a balanced state. The entire concept of Chi, the energy that flows through our body and of the balance that needs to exist in all things is what brought about the art of acupuncture. Now, they're using this ancient Chinese medicine in order to help us when we are undergoing surgery. Acupuncture can be administered before and after surgery as a way to reduce the amount of pain that an individual is feeling. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes administered during surgery in order to keep the individual from feeling some of the pain of the surgery itself. Not only is it available to block pain to a certain extent, it is able to help us to heal so that we have a shorter recovery time that involves less pain. It also keeps us from having to take too much pain medication during that time. Another thing that acupuncture is able to do is to reduce the amount of nausea that is experienced by women who are undergoing breast surgery. Nausea is a fairly common side effect that is felt by these women but acupuncture is able to overcome some of the discomfort and negative experiences that they may have. As we continue to learn more about the benefits of using acupuncture during surgery, it's hard to tell how frequently it will be used in order to control pain and to help keep the body in a balanced condition.

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Do not buy flood damaged cars

There are many flood damaged cars being sold on the market. Usually, flood damaged cars, SUVs and trucks are placed in salvage yards. Some though, are made spick and span and put into the car market and they will be up for sale. But the problem is, there really are no tell tale signs of flood damage that would give them away. This is because the cars will be restored so they would look almost like new. The damages caused by the flood would be erased or covered. After the changes, the cars will then be sold to unsuspecting buyers who thinks they are getting a good bargain.

Fact is flood damaged cars are being moved by unscrupulous merchants. Consumers can and should protect themselves against being taken advantage of in the auto market. Luckily, there are several things consumers can do to protect themselves from buying flood damaged cars. The best things a consumer can do to be sure if a car is flood damaged or not is to get the history of the vehicle. You can do this by submitting the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car to a website which provides vehicle history information. What these websites do is search a nationwide database of car information then gathers research on the car's title, maintenance record, registration, and odometer. You will instantaneously know if the vehicle has been stolen, has had a troubled past, or has had its odometer rolled back through the report that the website will return. Just a little research on a car's history will reveal if it has been salvaged, flooded, rebuilt, or is basically a "lemon.

" Prospective car buyers should be aware of flood damaged vehicles being sold on the car market. Why shouldn't you buy flood damaged cars? Well simply because water leaves a lasting damage. Even if the devices and machines requiring electricity will restore it, it will probably fail sooner or later because mold and mildew aren't' easy to remove. And when a car is flood damaged any warranty warrant is voided. Below are several things you can do to check if a car is flood damaged: Check for moisture and dirt. Flood damaged cars usually have moisture trapped and dirt inside the lights. Dampness can also be seen inside the compartment with glovesF, console and trunk so you better inspect these spots. Dirt, which can also be a sign of flood damage, can also accumulate under the hood. Moisture can also accumulate under the seat. Of course, rust is another telltale sign of flood damage. Smell the car Mildew can be easily detected by smelling. Mildew often forms on soaked fabrics so sharpen your sense of smell when you're on the lookout for a new vehicle. Also try to detect other smells that could be caused by flood damage like spilled oil or fuel. Check if components match Mismatched component could mean that the component are changed hurriedly after the car has been salvaged from a flood. So try to see if the carpet, seats and stereo components looks too new for the car. Also try to check if the car has been titled several times from different states, which is usually a hint that its owners are trying to erase the questionable and negative history of the car by looking for spots where disclosing defects is not required or is easily evaded. Cars that are titled several times are usually salvaged or totaled. Test drive Of course the best way to check the performance of a car is to take it for a test drive. Check the electrical system including all the lights and the sound system. Ask an expert Have an expert mechanic or technician check the car. Have a second opinion if you may. Expert mechanics and car technician can detect flood damaged cars easily than ordinary people. Remember that in buying a vehicle, never ever take a chance. Buying a damaged vehicle can cost you more than your money. It could also bring serious accident even death. If you suspect that someone is selling you a car that has been flood damaged immediately say no then walk away. The dough you will save in buying a flood damaged car will quickly go away by the headache it will bring.

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You are what you eat

Eat Right. Your Skin Will Thank You. You know that too much alcohol and smoking can dehydrate and take oxygen away from your skin, risking its health, right? You know that sitting in the sun too long can damage your skin and that by not getting enough rest, relaxation, and exercise your skin can suffer too, don't you? Did you also know that by not eating the proper foods you could be damaging your skin as well? Here are some foods that can help you maintain healthy skin and nourish skin that's been damaged: Fish, Beans and Oils Many of you have heard me preach of the vital role essential fatty acids play with aging skin, as EFA’s are required to maintain skin elasticity. Denying your body of the 'good' fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, can cause your skin to wrinkle prematurely. Good sources of EFA’s in your diet are fish, especially salmon, and nuts like almonds and sunflower seeds. The best sources of EFA’s also come in flax seed oil, coconut oil and borage oil, which can be incorporated into your cooking or as a daily supplement. Vegetables Got acne? Spinach and other dark green vegetables are antioxidants that can reduce the inflammation of pimples, and orange vegetables such as carrots and peppers, are high in beta-carotene, which turns into Vitamin A in your body to heal damaged skin. Winter vegetables are packed with beta-carotene. I encourage you to stock up on your squash. Your skin will love you for it! Berries Blackberries, plums, strawberries, blueberries and prunes are all included in the group of fruits that can help you keep your system toxic-free, and thus help your skin look radiant and healthy! Be sure not to throw out wilted veggies & spent fruit. Simply puree them in your blender, making your own alpha-hydroxy, anti-aging face wash! You really don’t need to spend a fortune on high end products when all the sought after ingredients are already in your fridge. Be sure to read on for your free monthly recipe. Turkey and Chicken (White Meat) Your skin's cells cannot be repaired without protein. Don't or can't eat meat? Nuts! No, I mean eat nuts for protein. You can also substitute meat with egg whites or soy products to get the protein you need as well. Water, Water, and More Water If there is any substance in the world that your body just can't get enough of, it's water. Since your body consists of approximately 80% water, it only makes sense that you need to replenish the water in your body, especially if you exercise a lot or live in a dry climate. Sodas and caffeinated drinks dehydrate your skin. If drinking water is challenging, slices of cucumber or oranges with mint sprigs create a refreshing spa beverage that you can keep refrigerated or fill up your sports bottle when on the go. It is true that you are what you eat, so eat well, live well, and look totally awesome! Be sure to visit your local farmer’s markets or natural food grocers for organic foods, free of hormones and pesticides. By doing so you’re eating optimal quality foods and supporting a sustainable environment.

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Memoirs of a los angeles visitor

I always wanted to find out how the movie stars retain their youth. It seems that they never get old and they are always at the elixir of their youth for a long time. One of the reasons why I visited Los Angeles is to find out this secret. Apparently, this seems to be an open secret. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons make sure that youth and body contouring can be for anybody as long as they pay. With today’s technology, a number of innovative and increasingly safe procedures help preserve hour glass figures. There are increasing numbers of Los Angeles Plastic Surgery patients, and there are demand for all the plastic surgery options across the spectrum. In Los Angeles Liposuction, Tummy Tuck and Face Surgery are very common, in addition to the obviously famous Los Angeles Breast Implants. The stigma which was attached to the plastic surgery practice has long gone, and now more patients will catch up. Within face surgery also, there are numerous options now with Chin replacements being famous in Los Angeles Rhinoplasty is also famous. So the next time you are visiting the city of angels, consider a nip and a tuck. Maybe that’s your extreme makeover.

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Getting a fast loan online

In this world where it seems like everything needs to be done right now, being able to get a fast loan online is a definite convenience. Unfortunately, many individuals don't know exactly how to go about getting a fast loan online or whether or not getting a fast loan online is safe. They may wonder about the possibility of identity theft, as well as whether the loan would be as expensive as a loan from a bank or finance company. Below, you'll find some basic information about getting a fast loan online that will hopefully explain the process further and put your mind at ease if you've found yourself worrying about some of these same items. Advantages of online lending There are several advantages to getting a fast loan online that can make it a viable option to traditional lenders such as banks and lending companies. Since the loan is handled online, you're able to research and apply for your loan any time of the day or night from the comfort of your home. Interest rates are often competitive with those offered by real-world lenders, and good rates can be offered to individuals from a variety of financial backgrounds and credit histories. Additionally, because the transaction is handled online many lenders are able to make loan decisions within a matter of hours, if not sooner. The Online Lending Process The process of getting a fast loan online is a relatively simple one. Without going into too much technical detail, the borrower submits their loan application via the online lending website. The details of the application are then processed, either by computer or by hand, and the application is sent for review by a customer service representative. A copy of the applicant's credit report is requested as one of several factors used to determine interest rates and loan terms. With many online lenders, so long as the applicant has sufficient income to make payments on time and collateral such as sufficient home equity, there's a good chance that the applicant will be approved and offered a good interest rate on their fast loan online. Safety and Security With the concerns that many people have about identity theft and the safety and security of their personal and financial information, they may wonder whether it's safe to apply for a fast loan online. If you're one of these people, you should rest assured that online lenders do everything possible to protect your personal and financial information from those who would hijack it along the way. From encryption and security software to a staff of customer service and technical employees, lenders who offer a fast loan online want to make sure that your information is safe and that your lending experience is a pleasant one. -- You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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Choose luxury cars and best car quotes

Determining exactly what constitutes a luxury car gets tricky because the criteria seem to vary. For example, you may define it according to a certain price range or manufacturer, or the technological and comfort features a vehicle offers. Nowadays there are also more than just cars to consider…luxury now abounds in many SUVs, wagons, compacts, and even pick-up trucks. Remember the old saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?

Luxury varies by individual, so let's define a luxury car as one that offers the most in the way of convenience, creature comforts, and drivability to a specific driver. Entry-level luxury cars can cost in the neighborhood of $35,000 to $40,000. This category attracts people who want the prestige that comes from driving vehicles made by automobile makers known for high quality. Examples include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, and Lincoln, to name just a few. Some manufacturers not generally considered producers of luxury cars also make high-end models with enough bells and whistles to be considered luxurious. In any event, comfort, convenience, and great engineering in varying degrees ultimately determine luxury. Things such as quality leather seats, thick, lush carpeting, real wood trim, quiet, stabilized ride, a solid build, and a smoothly purring engine with enough power to never be sluggish constitute luxury for most drivers. In this age of technology, each year brings a new tool, and now we can navigate by watching an in-dash screen, listen to incredible sound systems that completely surround us in the car; and even let our cars parallel park themselves. Even more importantly - safety features continue to evolve as well. 24 Hour Car Quote is the Guaranteed free service that has helped people get into the car of their dreams and can help you too! Get your 100% Free Car Quote(http://24hourcarquote. com/) from the closest authorized dealer in your area within 24 hours.

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Braising 101

: The results of braising are comforting, healthy dishes that retain the nutrients of the ingredients and require little fat. For braising, foods are slowly cooked in a relatively small amount of liquid in a covered pot on top of a stove or in an oven. This is closely related to stewing, although with less liquid and bigger pieces of food, usually. Large saucepans are ideal for braising. The versatile Dutch oven is my favorite and can be used on top of the stove or in the oven. Contrary to the general rule that healthful foods should be prepared as close to mealtime as possible, braised dishes are often times better when prepared the day before. This waiting period allows the flavors to meld. In addition, when these dishes are refridgerated, any fat forms on the surface allowing easier removing when reheating.

How to Braise

  • Start with sturdy cuts of meat and season them well.
  • Brown on all sides and transfer to a plate.
  • Add an aromatics, such as onion and celery and cook them according to the recipes instructions.
  • Return meat to the pan, pour in the liquid, and bring to a boil.
  • Cover the pan and cook over low heat.

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    How a business credit card can benefit your business

    Business credit cards are certainly becoming the way to go these days. Ever wonder if they might know something that you don't. Many businesses are using them, and it may be time that you look at what it might be able to do for your company. This article will show you a few ways that you can benefit from using either a regular business credit card or a small business credit card in order to benefit your business overall. It is good to know that competition between the credit card companies has caused them to come up with some really original ideas about how to get new customers, and with hundreds of companies to choose from, there are also a great number of possible benefits available. Here are a few of those ways. Keep Business Separate From Personal Records This has got to be a major reason for getting a business credit card. With yourself, or others in your business possibly using their own personal cards, the possibility of losing receipts, or having duplicate records, or transactions being lost, or even double reimbursements, etc. increases. By issuing business credit cards to those individuals who may need them, the records of all pertinent financial transactions remains centralized in your monthly credit card statements. Keep Records In One Place While this was mentioned in the point above, this is especially helpful to the small business owner. Getting your own small business credit card and making your purchases with it enables your transactions and record keeping to become simplified. Another great feature is that if receipts are lost or misplaced, it really does not matter so much, also making it easier at tax time. Some credit card companies may even put all your employees business credit card transactions on the same bill. Another great feature of this plan allows your accountant to write far fewer checks. Select Card For Its Benefits This is where a business credit card can really bring some profit. Of course, all of it is based on the amount of spending that your business has. You will want to look over all of the various options that are offered to business credit card owners, and then match the offer with the benefits (s) needed. Receive Travel Benefits Whether the company has employees that travel on the ground or in the air, benefits can be received in the way of air miles, gasoline credits, or just plain monetary rewards. Some of the better cards may even give you as much as 20,000 air miles - just for signing up. High Cost and Bulk Discounts By making repeat purchases, your company can save some real money in terms of rewards given. An example of this could be where your fleet of vehicles buys its gas. Using the same credit card for all of your vehicles through the same gasoline company can bring some real savings to your business. Rewards In Office Equipment Other credit cards give rewards in terms of occasional computers and other office equipment. These kind of options, of course, make it wiser to get all of your companies' business credit cards from the same company, too. If you are in need of a small business credit card, it certainly will pay to look around before you make your move to sign up with any particular company. Without the card, it goes without saying, could you get, 5% cash back on your purchases, or air miles, or the convenience of single monthly financial reports? How about free equipment, and so many other things. The rewards are yours for the taking, and so is the convenience, and the simplicity.

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    Converting a domain name to ip address it s so easy

    We all know that as the number of people who cater to domain name and some of the domain name services increase, some transformations under the domain name industry were being made and thus brought certain bangs to the lives of most people everywhere else in the world. An evidence for such claim is the many people who are searching some possible means that will greatly aid them in getting their own domain names. In fact, many people today are engaged in selling, reselling and in buying domain names, and some of them are even finding solutions on how to convert the domain name to IP address. Speaking on how to convert a domain name to IP address, I am sure that many of you are still not aware that this thing exists in the world of the internet. So to let you know something about how to convert a domain name to IP address, this article is particularly written.

    When it comes to the ways in converting a domain name to IP address, it is interesting to know that the Domain Name System or DNS plays a very vital role in this area. It is in converting a domain name to IP address that the Domain Name System takes a great part. Well, it is greatly for the main fact that the DNS is such a powerful tool that is designed to contribute a large factor in converting a domain name to IP address. And as its main purpose or function, the DNS takes hold of everything when it comes to converting a domain name to IP address. Since the DNS is converting a domain name to IP address, it is then a nice thing to know that the IP or the Internet Protocol address is a 32-bit integer. Along with that, it is interesting to know that if you wish to send a message you should then include the destination address. However, due to some transformations in the world of domain names and the internet, many people today preferred to assign machines pronounceable and easily remembered domain names. And for such operation, the DNS largely takes part.

    Aside from converting a domain name to IP address, the DNS also grants independence from knowing the physical location of a host. And in terms of the host, it is noted that it can be moved to a different network while the users are still applying the same logical name. In the process of converting a domain name to IP address, it is considered that the DNS is a distributed database by the TCP/IP applications to map a domain name to IP address. Aside from that, the DNS serves to provide email routing information. So by converting a domain name to IP address, the clients and the servers will be able to communicate with each other. And so with the process of converting a domain name to IP address, the system will then be able to access the DNS through a resolver, which lets the resolver to get the domain name and return back the IP address or get the IP address and search for the domain name. For that matter, the process for converting a domain name to IP address involves the functioning of the TCP for opening a link or sending a datagram through the UDRP.

    It is then understandable that everything is really in control when converting a domain name to IP address.

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    Studying your study environment

    How familiar is this scene, “Sweetie, have you done your homework? Yeeeees Mom, I am finishing it right now!” You peek around the corner only to find the TV on, dim lighting,, and your student plopped on the couch, eyes glazed over, half asleep, but sincerely holding on to that vocabulary list or calculator, as if trying to channel the information into their mind. If your student isn’t quite old enough to realize the comfort that comes with studying this way, careful, it’s probably coming. If this scene is indeed familiar to you, don’t worry. It’s familiar to many families all across the country. The problem is that most students are never taught the practical and necessary study skills required to succeed in studying, test taking, and retention. While there are many issues we could raise with this scene, we’re going to discuss what’s probably the most overlooked study skill that will help your student improve the way they study, and in turn improve the way they perform in school, setting a study environment.

    The most obvious problem with our student’s study habits is that it, in no way-shape-or-form, mimics that of their test-taking environment. Your memory uses triggers to recall information, whether it is words, pictures or noises our minds naturally make mental associations between information intake and the environment in which it is taken. It’s similar to when you hear a song that makes you remember high school, or see a painting that reminds you of a vacation you once took. You never purposely made those connections; your brain did it automatically. It’s the same with studying. Many students will put forth an effort to actually make triggers in order to remember information, like using acronyms or word associations. But there are many of other connections our minds make and we don’t even realize it. Studies have shown that if students could study in the exact environment that they test in, performance would rise drastically. Why? It’s because our minds remember environment. Using this information, we can deduce that if in class you are sitting up straight, at a desk, with no distracting noises or voices, this is how you should study. While it is very rare to be able to study in the exact same environment you take tests in, every effort should be made to make it as close as possible. This may mean turning off the television, sitting at a table or desk instead of sitting on the couch, and even turning off the television. (Unless music is classical, which has shown to be beneficial when played softly in the background, music should be omitted too.) Improving your study environment can almost guarantee better performance. Sometimes the smallest effort to improve any aspect of studying, whether it be environment or something else, can make al the difference on test day and even contribute to remembering it long after. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books written on study skills, promising improved performance. Chances are each and every one has something good to say, but all the books and tips in the world can’t help a student that studies in front of the television eating cookies. So often all we need is that small incremental step in the right direction to drastically improve results in the end. It’s much more effective to attempt small or practical study goals. Improving your study environment is a seemingly common sense improvement, but is overlooked by many parents. By making this effort you will be setting your student on a track for improved study habits that will stay with them and yield results for years to come.

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    Always compare prices

    If you are anything like me, you have to abide by a strict budget in order to see all of your bills taken care of each month. Most months there aren't extra dollars laying around to be spent freely on anything you want. Sure, you might splurge on an occasional coffee or two, but for the most part the money you earn goes right to keeping you living each month. I have discovered a small but significant way to help curb my expenses and allow for a small amount of 'fun money' each month. Compare prices. It sounds simple and obvious, but my spending habits changed drastically once I began to always compare prices. One of the biggest areas that I benefited from learning to compare prices is in grocery shopping each week. Rather than just running off to whatever store is closest or more convenient to me, I began to really search the ads and flyers to determine which stores would give me the best deals on the items I needed. I began each week by making a list of all of the grocery items I needed and then I only allowed myself to compare prices for those things. I didn't let myself just go to the store and fill my cart with whatever caught my eye. No, I had a list and I took time to carefully compare prices.

    It was amazing the money I saved by purchasing items at stores with the lowest prices. Learning to compare prices benefited me in other ways than just my grocery bill. Take going to the movie theature for an example. I took time to compare prices of the different show times and I began to see movies only in the afternoon when the prices were more reasonable.

    While this only saves me a few dollars each time I visit the theature, it adds up when you compare prices for all the movies you see in a full year. I'll admit it, I love coffee. One month I decided to compare prices of buying a coffee at a local coffee shop with making my own cup of coffee at home. Not surprisingly, I can save a lot of money by just making my own coffee. I found that I can even let myself purchase some of the best beans that are sold and I still come up with money to spare when I compare prices with local coffee shops. It is small changes like going to an afternoon movie or brewing my own cup of coffee that have really changed my budget.

    I had no idea the amount of money that could be saved simply by learning to always compare prices.

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    Pet insurance guide pet insurance is vital for your pets

    Pet insurance covers all veterinary costs in case your pet is ill or needs some care. Several insurance policies also pay a sum of money if your pet dies, lost or stolen. Insurance companies offer complete dog and cat insurance coverage at very competitive rates. Generally pet insurance policy pays for unexpected illness, accidents, injuries, or some other emergencies viz. doctor visits, prescriptions, x-rays, lab fees or diagnostic tests etc. Pet insurance is an easy way to cover all unexpected expenses of your pet. The pet owner will have to pay some amount against any claim. Pet insurance doesn’t pay for preventive veterinary care or elective veterinary care. Usually pet insurance is available for cats and dogs only but sometimes some special insurance is available for horses also. In developed countries all pet owners cut their pets’ expenses with the help of pet insurance. Details of each and every pet insurance policy are different and policy coverage is also dissimilar from policy to policy. There are three main categories of pet insurance policies out of them first covers each condition or event, second offers highest value on total annual payments whereas the category is the cheapest that gives limited payment for some specific condition and it ends after one year of the treatment. Cost of each policy plan is different and you can select the best as per your pets’ requirements. Best time to have a pet insurance policy is when your pet is little. You may also insure your pet in the age of 8 weeks but it is very difficult to get maximum coverage after middle age. Getting a new insurance policy in the middle age of your pet is very much expensive because at that time you’ll not be able to claim for existing health treatments. Internet offers a quick as well as an easy way to shop for a pet insurance policy. It also helps in reducing the premiums. Not only pet insurance it also offers insurance for your car, home or life.

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    Bartending pro tips part 1

    In a bar, you will find an interesting and diverse community of people who will seek out fine bartending, not only for the relaxation and camaraderie, but also for a familiar and comfortable environment where they are recognized and accepted. For many people, in this competitive and aggressive world, a bar may be a sole source of sustenance for those basic things that are so essential to us all as humans. We are, after all, social beings. Who doesn’t recall an episode of the television series “Cheers” when every time one of the leading characters would walk in, the entire bar would erupt in the chorus of “Hey Norm?” Few of us are entitled to such a universal form of recognition and instant acceptance from bar patrons, but an excellent bartender can provide almost the same sort of experience for customers. I bartended to work my way through both undergraduate and graduate school, and have gone back to it several times when I grew weary of corporate life. The money (if you do it right) is about the same anyway, and, admittedly, it is tiring and demanding, like any job, but it is a heck of a lot more fun! Every bar is different in its nature and appeal (strip bar vs. a restaurant’s cocktail lounge), so this is not a “one size fits all” but, for the most part, if you follow these few words of advice, you can make it both enjoyable and very profitable! 1. Welcome all of your customers as though you know them and introduce yourself. Remember their names and welcome them, using their names, the next time they visit. (Keep a legal pad if you need too, “gray beard, thick glasses, name George, drinks Bud”…and any quirks you can note that will help you recall. Failing that just say “Hey good to see you again!” Just think of it like if you were having a party in your own home.. It’s easy! 2. Always keep in mind what their drink of choice is and be prepared to offer them their preference. You should already know the names and preferences of your regulars. 3. If a customer comes accompanied by a date or companion, treat them both as if they are royalty, address the customer as in “Wonderful to see you again, Mr. or Ms so and so (if they are a regular). And what can I do especially for your guest?” Be sure to use the finest glass for their friend. If you treat them with that sort of respect, you cannot only expect a nice tip, but you can bet that they will be back over and over, and looking for you. 4. Yes, do remember jokes. Remember them when you hear them and study them on the Internet. Internet jokes are so boring that most of us just delete them, but ahhh…the telling of a joke is just that, it is the delivery and the story telling that makes it both interesting and amusing. Be prepared to have at least two new ones on every shift. 5. Your smile and your obvious enjoyment of both your job and your customers are worth a lot more than tossing bottles about or doing circus tricks. If you can do it, well it doesn’t hurt, but most folks are there for a drink, company and the respect and recognition that they don’t receive in day-to-day life. 6. Depending on the policy of your employer, when customers come in for the first time, and have just one beer while reading the newspaper or looking around, and then start to leave, slide them a free beer/drink and say “I am glad that you came in and I have enjoyed your company,” (calling them by name, of course). “My name is so and so, and please do come back.” Pay for that beer/drink out of your tips if you must; you will get it back, ten-fold. 7. Remember that these are customers. They are not really your buddies, so stay professional. 8. Though you will have many opportunities for intimate encounters, stay focused on your career and that you are there to make a living. Don’t ever forget that “one night stands” are never just that in the bartending world; the customer you became close with will likely be sitting on the other side of the bar, within a few days, regardless of how much you regret that moment. Tips 9-13 are not listed due to article length constraints. Please visit our website listed in the resource/bio box for part two of these bartending income generating tips or look for Part 2 of this series on this website titled: Bartending Pro Tips Part 2: How to Make Money and Have Fun With a Career In Bartending!

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    Why most people don t really want to heal part 2

    THE STORY SO FAR... At a metaphysical lecture facilitated by Guy Williams, Guy made the comment that most people don’t really want to heal. What most people want, according to Guy, is to stop hurting. In Part 1, we met the ego, and discovered that the most effective way of letting go of our limiting and outmoded beliefs is to accept that there is no need to change these beliefs because they’re actually working just fine. What we have, on the other hand, is the option to _upgrade_ our beliefs and to make more elegant choices. For most of us, healing is a big, scary, and uncomfortable prospect. Healing requires that we do two very simple, yet incredibly unappealing tasks. First, we must accept that we are responsible for creating our own illness: Our thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions are directly responsible for the imbalance and dis-ease we are experiencing in our physical bodies. Second, we must be willing to change our lives and eliminate the thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions that created and supported the imbalance and dis-ease, replacing them with new choices that support balance and health. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ILLNESSES The first step to healing is to accept that we created our illnesses in the first place. This can be a difficult concept to swallow. So many of us are invested in the prevailing Western scientific medical view of reality that we can’t quite understand how we created our illnesses. Most illnesses are caused by viruses or bacteria. If we catch a cold, or get the flu, how is that our responsibility? Someone sneezed on us in an elevator, and now we’re laid up in bed for a week. We’re so helpless against the various flu strains that there’s even an annual cold and flu season every year. Every ad for cough medication, every news report on flu vaccinations only serves to reinforce the belief that we’re helpless victims of forces beyond our control. The only way to avoid getting sick is to avoid human contact for six months of the year. But what about the people who don’t bother with flu shots, and don’t avoid human contact and yet they also don’t get sick? Are they just lucky? They’re being exposed to the same bacteria and viruses that we are. How is that that they stay healthy? Could it be that their thoughts support perfect health and a strong and functioning immune system, while ours somehow invite illness? What about hereditary or genetic disorders? How can we be responsible for these? Or is it just possible that our belief in heredity is what creates hereditary diseases? If we believe that because heart disease “runs” in our family that we are “at risk” for a heart attack, how does that belief become our reality? Of course, in the case of heart disease, there are so many other contributing factors, such as diet and exercise that have as much, or more to do with the health of our hearts than heredity does. It may just be possible that what we inherit is not a genetic predisposition to heart disease, but the nutritional and lifestyle habits that actually result in heart disease. We inherit behaviors from our families as well. We’re responsible for our choices, and we’re responsible for any dis-ease that results from our choices. I have a friend who “inherited” a degenerative neurological disorder that affects her feet and makes it difficult for her to walk. Every doctor she saw told her that she would be in a wheelchair by the time she was 40, and there was nothing she could do about it. She knew how her relatives had lived out their lives with this disease, and decided that this was not an acceptable life for her. She refused to accept the diagnosis, and began to explore alternative therapies. She made radical changes to her diet and lifestyle, and very quickly noticed a radical improvement in this chronic, progressive, degenerative condition. According to the best medical experts, she shouldn’t be able to walk today. However, because she took responsibility for her illness and changed the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that created her illness, she has been able to reverse it. Many conditions result from negative thinking and limiting beliefs. Unexpressed anger, regret, grief, and other painful emotions can manifest as chronic, painful, and sometimes terminal illness. In order to heal these conditions, we must identify the negative thought or belief that is at the core. The challenge, however, is to identify and release the negative thought without triggering the ego. All too often, we punish ourselves for having negative thoughts in the first place--we beat ourselves up for beating ourselves up. This only reinforces the negative thought and destructive patterns. We must accept that every belief we hold, no matter how negative or limiting, serves us in some way. This goes for our illnesses and dis-eases as well. Before we can heal, we must become aware of what benefits we get from our illnesses. DISCOVERING AND ACCEPTING THAT OUR ILLNESS SERVES US Every choice we make, we make because it meets a need. We created our illness because it gives us something that we believe that we want. What is the payoff we get for being ill? What are we getting out of this situation? No matter how painful or debilitating the illness, there is _always_ a benefit. Objectively, we may have made a rather unskillful bargain, of course. We may feel that we’re paying much too high a price for the benefits we receive. But until we identify the benefit—until we become aware of what it is that we get out of being ill, we can never truly heal. Healing requires that we identify what it is that we get out of being ill, and then become aware of our beliefs surrounding this need. We must be willing to give up these benefits, or recognize that we can meet these needs in less debilitating ways. When it comes to minor illnesses such as the cold or flu, often we get sick because we haven’t been listening to our bodies. We’ve been working too hard, and under too much stress. We haven’t been taking care of our physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. The only way that we will take any time for ourselves is if we’re too weak to get out of bed, so that’s what we create. I have a friend who has a rather intense family history, with enough drama and intrigue to fill a prime-time soap opera. A number of years ago, she experienced a rather significant identity crisis. An inheritance set her up financially so that she could do whatever she wanted to do with her life. The fact that she could do whatever she wanted with her life meant that she had to actually choose what she wanted to do with her life, and this created a great deal of stress. She began to have anxiety attacks, and soon developed acute agoraphobia, finding it very difficult to leave her house. She’s struggled with this condition for many years. The payoff of this condition is that she has an iron-clad excuse not to face her fears and do something with her life. All of her time and attention is focused on her condition and her anxiety. We may find it difficult to accept responsibility for having created our illnesses because we created our illnesses to avoid having to take responsibility in the first place. Illnesses and injuries are often cries for attention and validation. When we’re ill, injured or otherwise in pain, we’re entitled--and even expected to think only of ourselves. We are excused from our responsibilities to others. We don’t have to go anywhere we don’t want to go, we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do. And we can expect other people to do things for us and we’re under no obligation to return the favor. We can cancel plans at the last minute, or even simply not show up, because we were in too much pain to fulfill our social obligations--and we don’t even have to call to apologize. Within reason, we’re able to complain to others about how we feel, or put on a brave face, enduring the pain (but also making certain that everyone knows that we’re a martyr to our pain and we don’t want to ruin everyone else’s good time). Either way, our illness is making us the center of attention, and this makes deposits in our Validation Accounts. Granted, the deposits are very small, and the cost is extremely high, but for many of us, this is the only way we believe that we can receive validation and attention from others. Healing means that we will have to give up our “special” status. We will no longer be entitled to be the center of attention at all times. We will no longer be able to demand that other people notice us and pay us special attention. We will be expected to do things that we may not particularly enjoy, in order to meet our personal and social obligations to others. If our illness is a chronic disability, healing means that we will once again have to work to earn a living. If we believe that the only way that we can earn a living is doing work that we find repugnant and draining, where is the incentive to heal? And, could this belief be one of the primary reasons we created our disability in the first place? Sometimes it’s more important to keep our handicapped parking privileges than it is to heal and have to (or even be _able_ to) walk an extra block to the supermarket. Please know that there is nothing at all wrong with that choice. We are free to choose to keep our illnesses and our dis-eases. These conditions meet very important needs for us, albeit at a considerable cost. We may not really want to heal, and that’s a perfectly acceptable choice. Of course, once we accept responsibility for having created our illness, and become completely aware of the costs and benefits, we may realize that we can, in fact, meet those needs more effectively in other ways. When we realize this, we are truly ready to heal. THE COURAGE TO HEAL Healing is a very threatening process because it requires that we make significant, often dramatic changes in our lives, and change is always threatening. On the most fundamental level, safe equals familiar. When our most basic, physiological needs are being met, we’re often able to overcome minor concerns about the unknown and embrace change without feeling threatened. When we’re in pain because of dis-ease, however, our most basic needs are _not_ being met. When our Physiological Need account is overdrawn, all of our need accounts are put on red alert. When we’re in pain, we’re most definitely not feeling safe, and _any_ change will be a threat. To make matters worse, the behaviors that we will have to change—often eating, drinking, and/or smoking—seem to be the few reliable ways that we can make deposits in our Safety Accounts. On an intellectual level, we may understand that the only way to truly heal and be free of the pain of our dis-ease is to alter our behavior. However, when our safety needs aren’t being met, we act on instinct. The very thought that we have to give up the few things that give us pleasure makes us feel even _less_ safe. What happens next is that we often retreat into victim consciousness. We long for the magic wand that will miraculously make the pain go away and let us continue with our lives exactly as they are, because that’s the only option we can imagine that lets us feel reasonably safe. When we escape into fantasy, of course, we avoid any personal responsibility. We also give up all personal power, and lose the ability to heal. In order to truly heal, we must accept each healing crisis as a call to awareness. When we’re in pain, all we can do is find some way to alleviate the pain. This is an essential first step. Healing requires that we address our safety needs, and we can’t do this until our physiological needs are being met. Healing isn’t about stopping the pain; healing is about what we choose to do once the pain has stopped. Healing is not about pain management; it’s about safety management. In order to change our behaviors and allow our bodies to heal, we must learn how to manage our Safety Accounts. For example, we might have an emotional attachment to sugar. Anytime we feel stressed, unhappy, or otherwise unsafe, we can always rely on a candy bar or some ice cream to make us feel a little better. If we are at risk for diabetes, however, eating sugar poses serious health risks. Of course, the thought of having to give up sugar makes us feel unsafe, and in order to replenish the balance in our Safety Account, we dive into a pound of Godiva chocolates. The only way to break this pattern is to learn to manage our Safety Account. We must discover other behaviors that help us to feel safe that do not involve eating sugar. We can use the “Present Moment Awareness Safety Exercise” (see “The Relationship Handbook” page 48) to manage our general stress levels so that we’re less likely to give in to our cravings. We experience the truth that we can meet our needs in many different ways, and so we do not feel threatened and unsafe by the thought of limiting or excluding sugar from our diet. And, of course, we apply AWARENESS, OWNERSHIP and CHOICE to create new behaviors that support our health. Now, anyone who has struggled with attachments or addictions will tell you that while the theory is very simple, simple isn’t the same thing as easy! Throughout the process, we also have to be careful not to trigger our egos (as we covered in Part 1). We must take small steps, validating and rewarding ourselves for each elegant choice, no matter how small, and avoid punishing ourselves for not being able to change our behavior patterns instantly. We did not create our dis-eases overnight, and we won’t be able to heal them overnight, either. We must accept that healing is a gradual process, and in this acceptance is one of the keys to healing. We generally do not need to make drastic, immediate changes in order to heal. We can make gradual changes in our behavior and our beliefs, and the more gentle we are with ourselves during the process, the more successful it will be. Healing does not have to be difficult. It’s just that for most of us, as soon as we stop hurting, we lose interest in actually healing.

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    Electrical current as pain management

    Electricity, the natural force that Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla engaged in a bitter rivalry over due to differing theories, is quite a subject of human fascination. Like magnetism, many charlatans of the late 19th and early 20th centuries claimed to have developed devices that could do everything from increase breast sizes, to curing illnesses like tuberculosis. For the most part, these claims were fraudulent. However, recent evidence is starting to suggest that at least one claim of these clever tricksters was not entirely false in nature. In the same way that testing is being conducted to determine what effects magnetic fields have on pain management, some are theorizing that the closely-related force of electricity might also yield benefits for relieving acute and chronic pain. There is still quite a bit of controversy surrounding the supposed effects of electricity in the area of pain management, as well as a heated debate over whether or not it has any effects at all. Still, some scientists have found the idea plausible, largely due to the data obtained from testing conducted with magnetism. Magnetism and electricity have always been closely related by science, so some find it reasonable to try and discern if electrical currents, properly conducted through the body, can achieve effects similar to exposure to a magnetic field. The effect of causing pain is widely known, with death by electric shock being among the many ways that Hollywood killers dispatch of their victims. However, the main interest of the current generation of researchers lies in whether or not electrical current can dull the sensation of pain. It is no secret that a small amount of electrical current travels through the human body, though only recently has it been found that electrical stimulation of the brain can induce the release of endorphins, chemicals which can dull the pain sensation. Naturally, the current has to be precisely applied and controlled, largely due to the risks of disrupting the delicate balance of the brain. Others believe that the current itself can be used to directly fight pain, such as by hindering or blocking pain signals from the brain to the body. Market-available devices that use this method, which are largely used for back pain management, with adjustable settings to increase or decrease the current as the patient sees fit. A more intense version of devices such as this has been developed, but require being implanted deeper under the skin. The above examples apply alternating current in relieving pain. Another method, known as galvanic stimulation, applies direct current, and often finds use in treating muscle injuries or cases with major trauma to bodily tissues. The afflicted areas where galvanic stimulation is applied generally have experienced bleeding or swelling due to the injury. The direct current is believed to generate an electrical field in the afflicted area, which is maintained by both positive and negative electrical pads. In theory, the positive electrical pads reduce the flow of blood to the afflicted area to relieve swelling and pain, similar to how ice packs work. In contrast, the negative pads are believed to increase circulation and, theoretically, stimulate the healing process. Instructions for their appropriate use come with the pads themselves, though patients may also inquire about their use with their doctors.

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    Data entry at home work with your cat

    So you don’t want to leave your house, for whatever reason. Maybe you are a mom who likes to be at home with her kids (or a dad), maybe you hate being around people all day, or you want to work in your pajamas, or maybe you live in Alaska and it is just too freaking cold. However, what do you do about the money situation? You need some cash flow and realize that in order to get it you are either going to have to become a criminal or get a job. Don’t despair there is an answer for you; data entry at home. Okay, okay so it sounds pretty boring, but hey you want to work at home, what do you expect? There are very few jobs you can do at home that are glamorous. Yes, so you sit in front of a computer all day but isn’t that what you were doing anyway? Except now you can get paid for it. There are a couple things you will need for this data entry job at home; a computer equipped with a 10-key pad, knowledge of how to use said pad, and any special software specified by the company-I have been told this is normally provided if it is not widely available.

    Now to find your data entry job; well you can actually do this from home as well. There are numerous websites and message boards devoted to data entry at home. Most of these have recommendations from other house lovers like you. A lot of them also have useful lists of places to look for the best jobs and how to go about it. You can also find jobs on job sites such as Monster. com and others like it. Now you know it isn’t going to be glamorous but think about it, you can work in your pajamas, with the TV or loud music on in the background, and with no boss leaning over your shoulder giving you a hard time, sounds pretty perfect.

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    10 life saving tips for surviving an impending bird flu pandemic

    A new killer flu virus is on its way. Ducks and geese carrying this virus are now winging their way across the globe, spreading the disease wherever they go. Started in Asia, it has now spread to Europe. Soon it will be in North and South America. So far it has only killed a few dozen humans. It is, after all, a virus that’s passed from bird to bird. Or from bird to animals. So far it can’t be transmitted from human to human. But flu viruses are crafty. They have the ability to change. This is what happened in 1918 when the Spanish Flu Pandemic swept over a war weary planet killing 50 – 100 million people – far more than were killed in the war. This time it will be much worse. After all, we now have 4 times the number of people living on the planet. And most of them live in cities. Large, crowded cities. The five largest cities in the world have over 100 million people living in them. A killer virus that can be passed from human to human, let loose in our major cities where people are living elbow to elbow, would have a catastrophic effect. And consider this…back in 1918 it was a much bigger world. It took weeks to get from one side of the world to the other. It took days to get from one side of the continent to the next. Today it takes hours. Last year more than 46 million international visitors came to the United States. If only one infected visitor passes on the virus to 2 others, who pass it on to 2 others, and so on, by the end of a month everyone in the US could be infected. I don’t even want to consider the implications if this idea ever occurs to muslim terrorists who are only too happy to blow themselves to bits in order to take out a few infidels. So what can we do? Fortunately it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some very specific steps you can take to minimize the dangers and protect yourself and your loved ones. 1. Draw up a Plan. Outline the steps you and your family need to take, both pre-pandemic and during. Identify responsibilities for each family member. Make lists of supplies required. Find appropriate sources. Develop a realistic timeline. By establishing a plan now, you will avoid becoming a victim of the panic that will grip the general population, resulting in civil chaos and pandemonium. 2. Keep Informed. If and when the virus mutates so that it is being spread from human to human, it is likely to start in Southeast Asia. Pay attention to the news. When you hear that this has taken place, it's time to act. We might only have weeks before the pandemic reaches North America, but with international travel so fast and easy it could be much sooner. Sign up for free newsletter notifications at http:// survivetheflu. com . 3. Prepare Your Child for Home Schooling. Most flu outbreaks get their start at schools. You can be certain that the schools will be closed. And if they're not, you should give very serious thought to keeping your children at home. 4. Minimize Contact with Others. The H5N1 avian flu virus can be transmitted for two days before a person is showing any symptoms and for a week after symptoms have disappeared. You never know who isn't and who might be infected. If possible you should stay home. Every time you go into an area where there are people you are at risk. 5. Wash Your Hands Often. Sneeze particles can travel across a room at 600 miles per hour. If the person sneezing has the flu, everything in that room is covered with flu virus. And when you touch anything, the virus is transmitted to your hand. Eventually it will be transmitted to your mouth. Your only protection is to wash your hands, well and often. Each washing should involve vigorous scrubbing with soap for at least 20 seconds. 6. Stock up on Food & Water. Supermarkets only have enough food for about a week or less. It's critical that you stock up on enough food to last you for the duration which could be 3-4 months. 7. Buy Enough Anti-Viral Medication for Every Member of your Family. Currently there are two drugs that can help mitigate the effects of the avian flu virus. One is called oseltamivir, or Tamiflu. It comes in a tablet form. The other is zanamivir, or Relenza, which is inhaled. You will need a prescription for either of these drugs. They should be taken within 2 days of the onset of symptoms and taken twice a day for 5 days. These drugs are in very short supply, especially Tamiflu which is considered the drug of first choice. You should attempt to secure enough for your family as soon as possible, since once a pandemic hits they will be impossible to obtain. Currently you should be able to buy them at your drug store, or you can order them online. 8. Stock up on Face Masks. You will need to wear these when you absolutely have to come into close contact with others. It's likely that any public businesses or government offices that remain open will make it mandatory that you wear a mask before entering. Make sure that your mask has a rating of N100. The more common N95 masks will not give you enough protection. There is one mask -- the NanoMask® -- which not only blocks the H5N1 virus, but kills it as well. 9. Exercise. According to the American Council on Exercise, research has shown that moderate exercise (such as brisk walking) brings about measurable changes in the immune system, sending white blood cells zipping around the body to find intruders and kill them. But after a few hours, the immune system returns to normal so it’s best to exercise regularly. 10. Spread the Word. Regardless of how much coverage the avian threat is receiving in the media, most people are reluctant to act. Perhaps if they don't acknowledge the danger they think it will somehow go away. Or maybe they think the government will look after the situation. Desperate, panic stricken people are arguably even more dangerous than the virus. The more people surrounding you who are prepared for the pandemic, the safer you will be. You'll be secure in the knowledge that your neighbors won't be eyeing your resources. So please spread the word. And don't give up, even though you may feel like the voice in the wilderness. Eventually, if they hear it often enough, some people will take notice. And then they will also spread the word. And in this way we'll all be a little safer. "Up to one billion people could die around the whole world in six months.... We are half a step away from a worldwide pandemic catastrophe." Dmitry K. Lvov, Director, D. I. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Whether or not it will happen this year, and whether or not it will be as catastrophic as many virologists are predicting, one thing is clear: There WILL be a pandemic of unimaginable proportions some time soon. We can either bury our heads in the sand and hope it won't happen, or we can begin taking immediate steps to ensure that in a worst case scenario, we've given ourselves and our loved ones the best possible chance for survival.

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    Effective document scanning

    Document scanning is the process of inputting a document from its paper form onto the computer screen. While not all computers can handle this, more and more are becoming equipped to do just that. And, when it comes to using this service, it really couldn’t be simpler. If you are in the market to purchase effective document scanning, you’ll want to consider several choices and find the best options out there first. Document scanning is necessary and can be quite good when the right equipment is used and it is used the right way. Here are some things to look for in the equipment that you purchase for document scanning: You’ll want to start by providing yourself with quality. Depending on the planned uses that you have for your document scanning system, you may need something that is quite clear and crisp in the images that it provides. Or, you may need something that is quite detailed to allow for the very important small details that you may need to have. You may just want something that will work well. Do you need color or black and white images? All of these things are the things that you’ll want to consider when considering one over the other document scanning device. Of course, you will want to consider price as well. Document scanning systems are not that expensive when compared to other computer systems. And, they can be found in various models and qualities to help you cut those costs down even more. In fact, if you do not want to bother with the purchase of a document scanning equipment, then simply go about using a document scanning service that you can find throughout your local area in such places as office supply stores and mailing locations. Document scanning really could not have gotten much simpler than it already is!

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    Finding the secret can cost you

    Copyright 2006 Rapidenterprises. net Over the years I have found that online marketing and off line marketing are very similar in some ways and very different in others. In the offline "brick and mortor" world most business owners will tell you that the three most important things to running a successful and profitable business are, location, location, location. In the online arena I will tell you that the three most important factors are, Focus, Focus, Focus. From owning and operating online ventures myself over the years, as well as speaking to hundreds of others in our field it is clear that the number one reason for new marketers to fail or to take much longer than others to succeed is simply a lack of focus. The typical scenario is pretty much the same for almost everyone including myself, yes, I have "been there and done that" and it goes something like this. We come online and for a year or two we go through the indoctrination of all the get rich quick schemes and hopping from one hyped up something for nothing program to another, and following the advice from the e-books that we paid good money for. (which of course we now know were outdated, and free somewhere online) and we start trying to find "The Secret". After which that time is spent with no results we become desperate to prove to our friends and family (who cant help but snicker at you a little) that this "internet thing" works. So, how do we go about it ? Well we copy one of the hoaky programs that we were suckered into, or one of the e-books that are sitting on our virtual shelves collecting cyber-dust, you know, the ones that had "The Secret" The secret to internet sales. The secret to building lists. The secret words that hypnotize. The super duper secret to make Any website a sales machine. And on and on, and decide to sell them ourselves, knowing full well that they are junk, so much for our integrity. We put up our first free hosted purple and yellow webpage with our latest and greatest program or e-book along with several flashing graphics of fireworks and dancing horses and twenty five or thirty banners of varying sizes and offers and begin to submit the site to all of the automatic submitters that promise to send your advertisment to the world with one click. We also figure that since we recieve so many offers through email that we will capitalize on that strategy ourselves. Our first real business expense comes when we purchase one of the "secret" weapons, The Group Mailer. Next, we will buy the $15.00 email list of 5 million ready to buy customers, load them into the group mailer and with one push of the send button, we are all set and just need to wait for the money to roll in. Of course what rolled in was spam complaints, and being banned by the search engines, and losing our ISP's. I guess it's just a right of passage or something for new online marketers because regardless how many times I explain this scenario to new people and advise them that there is a better way they inevitably just have to go ahead and try the way that wastes their time and their money and generally leaves them humiliated and cynical about trying to earn income online. After this initiation most of us remember that somewhere along the line while in some online forum like the Net Marketing Forum or an online conference room, there had been this voice, someone saying that they had done exactly what you had just done, someone that was now a mentor, and now they were successful and would not mind helping you to do the same, provided that you could swallow your pride and put yourself on the line with some real focused effort to follow their guidence and to become self-disiplined and stay on track and to Not Quit. Failure is not an option. If you are smart you will leap at this chance because the fact of the matter is that you Can Not be successful on your own by yourself online. As a mentor myself my first bit of advice to new people, especially the ones that have gone through the scenario above is to Forget "The Secret" there is no secret. Marketing online is Not Easy. It takes self disipline, time management, tenacity, consistancy, persistancy. It takes knowing what you want from an online business, when do you want it? and knowing that there will be sacrifice on your part both with your money and your time in order to get what you want. It would take much more than this simple article to explain even the very basics, but ther are places online such as the affiliate classroom that will explain everything that you need to know. After deciding that this is really for you I would suggest taking these steps: Pick something that you really have a passion or special talent for that you would not mind doing or sharing for free. Find the tools and knowledge you will need in order to profit from it. Make a plan and set aside specific times during the day to follow the plan and nothing else, focus, focus, focus. Set short term and long term goals and announce them to someone, preferably an online mentor, and give them your permission to push you to reach each goal. Focus, focus, focus, while online and do not get drawn off track from your work by clicking on the new latest and greatest super duper "secret" we already know how much time and money they waste. Take baby steps or "chunk it out" as I like to call it with your projects and you will accomplish a lot more than trying to put everything together at once. Learn what you need to know When you need to know it. You cant learn everything so dont try, you will only get information overload and when that happens, Everything shuts down. Treat your new venture as a business and decide what you would want a good employee to do if they were running your business and then You do it, or fire yourself and go look for another job. As I said, marketing online is Not Easy, but it is simple. Just focus, focus, focus

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    Multimedia advertising some recommendations to improve effectiveness and visitor responsiveness

    More and more online businesses and internet marketers are recognizing the tremendous benefits and responsiveness that multimedia generates when used as an advertising medium and marketing strategy. For those that utilize multimedia effectively, significant increases in buy rates, conversion rates and subscription rates have been experienced and all within a very short period of time. However, many believe that just adding any old media content, such as video and audio onto their website will generate significant increases in visitor responsiveness regardless of content presentation, quality, and other attributes that contribute to a positive experience for the website visitor. Just so that we are clear, this assertion is very wrong and can have potentially negative consequences from a marketing and/or advertising standpoint. My philosophy is quite simple.

    Using multimedia to advertise your product or service needs to follow the same basic rules and principles as would apply to any other strategy or medium that can be used to convert prospects into subscribers and buyers. Yes, multimedia does improve conversion rates but it has to be done right and convey professionalism. This is absolutely essential. When it comes to video and audio content online, what's often been the case is that those who have tried to add this type of media content to their websites have unfortunately had disastrous results. For example, with video content, many have added videos to their webpages that are of extremely poor quality, small and ugly.

    The overall experience for the viewer - Poor. One of the biggest problems has been the fact that the videos load very slowly. Visitors are turned off completely by the fact that they have to wait for minutes, even longer sometimes in order for the video or audio file to start playing. This, unfortunately, is a result of these webmasters using cookie-cutter solutions to add video or audio content to their site without really knowing the implications and limitations. As I said, with multimedia...either do it right or don't do it at all. For those who do their research and take a little time to produce video and audio content that is of good quality, the results have been tremendous. Bottom Line: If you want to capture the attention of your visitors, you need to use top notch technology to bring your message to that person and provides the viewer with a positive experience. If you do plan on adding video and audio content to your website, here are a few simple guidelines to follow when determining what the best multimedia solution is for you: 1. Cost Effective: You need a solution that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and leaves you with great video and/or audio content on your website but flat broke. 2. Fast loading Media Content (Video/Audio) that can play almost immediately. Website visitors are fickle and inpatient so its not wise to keep them waiting when trying to view your video advertisement or listen to your audio message. 3. Superior Website Integration: Video and Audio Content that can appear to be seamlessly Integrated into your websites and emails. Viewers don't have to view video and audio ads with media player's that annoyingly pop-up on top of their internet browsers and distract them from the rest of your website. 4. Superior Customization: Video and Audio Advertisements that can be customized for your websites and emails based on your specific requirements. 5. The ability to handle a large volume of simultaneous visitors. 6. Large-Scale Playability: Viewing/Listening DOES NOT require the download of additional plug-ins. Don't make your visitors have to download any special software to view or listen to the video and audio content on your website. 7. The media content needs to be of reasonably good quality and resolution. Don't worry, you don't need Lord of the Rings quality to provide your website visitors with a positive experience. They won't expect perfect quality but you need to make sure that the content is of good quality. Of course, we can get into specific details about each one of these things but we won't get into that in this article. These are just high-level, general guidelines that you can follow when shopping around for a good multimedia solution for your business. Multimedia does have impressive results from a marketing perspective. That's why the big companies and brand names are utilizing multimedia content to sell their products and services. However, not everyone has the exact same budget and requirements and if you are looking for a multimedia solution you need to spend some time shopping around to find a solution that offers the best bang for the buck.

    Online Multimedia advertising some recommendations to improve effectiveness and visitor responsiveness