How to make promotional postcards work

There are three phases in the postcard creation. The first is the planning stage. This phase is used to create an idea of how your postcards would appear, what materials are to be used and what content will be suited. The phrase being the end in mind can be applied. The phase may mean consider the business goal. If it is to promote a product or a service, be it. If it is to maintain the market standing of the business, then, postcards must be used to attain the purpose. The second phase is the production. In this phase, little by little, the concept will materialize. Tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker can be used to bolster your postcard design. Finally, we have the printing process.

There are two choices available in the printing process. The first one is the doing it yourself. Here, you can use your desktop printer and begin making your printouts. If you are already satisfied with the paper, color, brightness, contrast, and the content has already been proofread several times, then you are ready to print. On the other hand, if you choose to go outsourcing, you can go for a skilled commercial printer which is offering quality postcard printing services.

You know you get the right one when you worry no more about your postcard printing needs. The commercial printer knows exactly what to do with them. Not only that, the moment you receive them, they are exactly the way you want them to be. Now, your postcards are ready for mailing. You can mail them in the conventional way via first class mail. Aside from printed postcards we also have online postcards. These postcards are affordable and easy to distribute. To create, you just have to choose from the wide-array of available postcard templates. After that, put in your promotional content. Be sure that it reflects you company and call to action. Then, you are ready to send it to the recipients. Viola! In just a matter of seconds your e-postcards are sent. Fast, easy and worry-free!

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Perfect ways to upgrade your gmc cooling system now available at the most convenient auto parts store

With the wide variety of replacement and aftermarket auto parts available in the market nowadays, you can virtually do anything imaginable to your car. Your vehicle can be as good as new with these auto parts that are at par with the original part's quality and performance. GMC Parts are among the easiest to locate in the market with the abundance of stores catering to domestic car users' needs. There's one store that gives you just what you need conveniently, fast and efficiently, Auto Parts Deal. This store is one of the most trusted dealers of top quality auto parts, including the best line of replacement GMC parts as well as BMW Parts and Toyota Parts. Among the millions of automotive parts offered at Auto Parts Deal are high quality cooling system parts for GMC trucks, GMC vans, and GMC Sport Utility Vehicles. These parts are perfect for your cooling system upgrade as they are made to endure wear and tear and extreme temperatures under the hood. Believing a tough and dependable GMC vehicle needs equally hard working auto parts, the store delivers only the finest line of GMC Parts that could reinforce GMC's performance. Parts of the cooling system are among the most important parts of your car since they make possible combustion in the engine.

The fuel system stores and transmits fuel to the engine where it is mixed with air, vaporized and burned in order to produce energy that would propel the wheels to turn. If your GMC engine is running hot, check the cooling system of your vehicle. The thermostat might be broken, the coolant might have leaked, or perhaps something is wrong with the radiator, the water pump, the gaskets and the hoses. Vehicles such as the GMC trucks and SUVs require higher quality cooling system parts since these vehicles work harder. They are usually used to haul heavy loads or carry cargoes. When the cooling system parts have finally taken a toll on the vehicle's performance, get new and high quality cooling system parts. Usually a larger and more efficient GMC radiator is being used on high performance autos like your GMC. This is especially required if you have upgraded the engine. The GMC Radiator is the one on charge of dispersing heat absorbed from the engine; thus, it must be at its best working condition all the time to be able to keep the engine at normal temperature more efficiently. Likewise, parts such as your GMC coolant tank and GMC radiator fan must be kept in excellent working condition.

They perform special tasks too that cannot be simply ignored. The coolant tank when worn out or damaged could cause the coolant to escape from the vehicle; thus, the engine won't be cooled. A good quality GMC Radiator Fan is also very helpful to the system's proper functioning. As it draws more air into the radiator or the engine, it helps improve the engine's performance. Replacing the radiator fan of your GMC or adding an auxiliary fan can bring significant changes to your auto. Getting these auto parts is easy and convenient at Auto Parts Deal, your most trusted and experienced auto parts dealer in the country. With thousands of other parts offered in this store including body parts like GMC bumpers, doors, door handles, grill and tailgate, you have nothing to worry about your car part needs.

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Researching a car thats right for you

Researching your new vehicle is a daunting task in today's world. Once you have narrowed your next vehicle down to 2 or 3 choices it is time to research. Take out a sheet of paper for each vehicle and write down pros and cons for each one. Also on each sheet of paper list the attributes which are most important to you. This list might include: MPG - if you put a lot of miles on your car this factor could make a big dent in your wallet if you pick the wrong car. Engine power - HP is a big factor for many people out there. Price - nothing needs to be said about this one. Interior space Repair costs - consider the average costs to repair a fender-bender. Insurance costs - this is often overlooked by buyers and can catch you by surprise. Standard options. Anything else, which is a factor to you. The idea is to custom tailor your list to meet your needs. If you don't care about engine power then leave it off your list. Now how do you get the information which is on your list? Here is a list of excellent resources to use in your search. Offline: Consumer Reports Magazine Auto Week magazine Your local newspaper's auto section Local dealers Online: Consumer Reports - requires a subscription just like the magazine. Edmunds. com Kelly Blue Book NADA guide book Car. com After your research is done you should have a clear picture of which car is right for you. What do you say? Clear as mud? Well take a step back and if you have 2 vehicles which are comparable you will then have to resort to one of the following. Go with your gut feeling. You know the one which says get the Porsche not the Yugo. Ask your wife, husband or SO. (you might want to let them in on the decision a little earlier than this if they will be driving the car too.) Flip a coin. Ask your god for some divine intervention? Good luck!

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Safe tanning with the use of tanning booths

Sunless tanning has become a hugely popular way to achieve a golden glow without having to put up with the harmful rays of the sun. There are many ways in which to enjoy getting some color into your skin without having to travel on a far flung holiday and risk your health in the burning summer sun. From the popular sun bed to tanning lotion and crиme, you can now enjoy a healthy glow for your face and body without having to rely on the weather, spend a fortune on a vacation, or burn in the sun. With today’s high quality tanning solutions you can enjoy a golden glow that oozes natural beauty, so you won’t have to worry about your tan looking fake or unnatural. One very popular way of achieving a fabulous tan without putting up with the sun’s harmful rays is through the use of tanning booths. When you use tanning booths you will enjoy an even, all-over tan that looks totally natural and gives you just the level of color you are looking for. Use a booth to get a tan for any occasion Whether you want to achieve a natural looking tan for a special occasion or whether you just want to enjoy a year-round healthy glow these booths offer the ideal solution for your tanning needs. You can enjoy increased confidence and a real radiance as you show off your tan, and the great thing about using these booths is that you can get the color you want for your skin without any fuss or hassle. Getting that golden glow takes next to no time. So, even if you have limited time to get yourself looking great for a special event or occasion, you can rest assured that through the use of these sunless tan systems you can achieve the perfect look in plenty of time. Using these booths couldn’t be easier, and the results you get are absolutely fantastic, which is why these systems have soared in popularity over recent years. Use these booths in the salon or at home As with many other sunless tan systems, you can enjoy the use of these booths in specialist salons, where trained staff will show you how to use them effectively in order to get just the look you are after. For those confident to use these booths themselves, you can also get a range of models for use in the home, which means that you can enjoy a quick and simple way to get a beautiful tan in the privacy and comfort of your very own home. As with all tanning systems, it is important that you use these booths responsibly and with care to ensure that you get the best results. With proper usage, you will find that these booths are convenient and simple to use as well as very effective. You can select from a range of makes and models to suit your needs, and you will enjoy some excellent discount prices on this equipment when you shop online – not to mention a great choice.

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Many kinds of banks many kinds of accounts

Sometimes looking into opening an account or accounts in banks can be confusing. There are so many types of banks and bank accounts! Which banks are right for you to open anaccount in? Which types of accounts do you need to open? Below are some simple explanations of several types of banks and the accounts you can open. One will surely be right for you! There are many kinds of banks: 1. Savings Banks – these banks can also be called “Thrifts”, and are businesses that are for-profit. Savings Banks take deposits of money, invest that money, and pay the depositor interest out of the money made from those investments. Some Savings Banks give credit to depositors. 2. Credit Unions – these banks are non-profit financial institutions. A Credit Union is owned and controlled by those doing business there. Membership is needed to get into a Credit Union, normally determined by where the person works, their location, or possibly where the go to church. 3. Commercial Banks – these banks used to only deal with businesses, but have extended their services to individuals. Commercial banks offer individuals most of the same services as other types of banks. 4. Savings & Loans – these banks usually provide savings accounts. Money deposited into these banks is then loaned out to local residents in the community, normally for home loans. 5. Investment Banks – these banks do just what the name says…they invest. Investment Banks buy and sell stocks and bonds and give investment advice to its clients. These banks do not accept deposits, make loans, and are not insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Company). There are many kinds of accounts: 1. Savings account – this type of account is probably the most basic account offered by banks. You deposit money into a savings account and earn interest on that deposit based on the APR, or Annual Percentage Rate. 2. Checking account – this type of account allows for depositing, withdrawal, and the writing of ‘checks’ to pay bills and for purchases. Many banks now offer ATM or debit cards along with the standard checkbook when you open a checking account. 3. Certificate of Deposit – this type of account, also known as a CD, is for deposit only. You don’t touch the money deposited in a CD for an agreed upon amount of time, ranging from 6 months to several years, and you will earn a guaranteed amount of interest. If you do withdraw the money before the agreed upon date, many banks will charge you a fee. 4. Money Market account – this type of account is similar to a savings account. The interest rate of a money market account is higher than the traditional savings account, but the minimum balance is typically $10,000 or more! These are the basic kinds of banks and accounts available. Look around, and shop around, for a bank that is right for you.

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How merchant accounts can save you money

We all know that accepting credit cards is the key to online sales. Unfortunately, most merchants are unaware that acquiring a merchant account can actually save them money. And in many cases, big money! For this experiment, we will use a fictional character named Bill. Bill owns and operates a great online resources for marketing tools and resources. Bills website is a membership based website, and therefore could potentially be approved for both third party processing and an internet merchant account.

Bill starts off processing his business with a popular third party processor who offers him the following plan: Start Up Fee - None Monthly Fee - None Transaction Fees - 13.5% (Initial or One Time), 15.0% (Recurring) Bills sets up his business with this popular third party processor and charges $30 per month. He has built an extensive reciprocal link exchange directory, has purchased some PPC advertising on a few of the best search engines, and has reached a excellent spot in the content based search listings for the top 5 search engines. His customer base has grown from zero before accepting credit cards, to 150 members, is just one month. Bill can’t believe his success at internet marketing, and is planning on building even more web based resources and tools for his website, thus increasing the value and content. He is ecstatic at the initial results, so let’s take a look at Bills numbers: $30 (Per Membership Sold) x 150 (Memberships Sold) = $4,500.00 $4,500 x 13.5% (Initial or One Time Transactions) - $ 607.50 $4,500.00 (In total sales) - 607.50 (Total fees) = $3,892.50 (Net profit after all processing fees have been deducted) Ok. Well Bill certainly had an excellent first month accepting credit cards with his new business venture. But let’s see how Bill would have made out if he would have secured an internet merchant account for his new business: Start Up Fee None Monthly Fee $15.00 Discount Rate 2.35% (Initial, One Time or Recurring) Per Trans Fee .30 cents Gateway Mo. Fee $15.00 AVS Fees .10 cents Now the first thing we see is that the merchant account company is showing us more fees. This may be disheartening at first sight, but we should really explore what these fees are, and how they affect our bottom line. Start Up Fee: This remains the same. Bill paid zero to get setup with his new merchant account, just as he paid zero to get setup with the third party processing account. Monthly Fee: The third party processor offered us no monthly fees, yet we must pay $15.00 with the merchant account company. Discount Rate: The merchant account has labeled one of their fees as “discount rate.” These fees are the fees Bill will pay as a percentage of each transaction. They are similar to the main fee charged by the third party processor. This fee when charged by the merchant account company is substantially smaller than the high percentage charged by the third party processor. But we will wait till the end of this experiment to see who offers the better comprehensive deal. Per Trans Fee: The merchant account company charges Bill .30 per transaction he processes through his merchant account. Of course, we have already established that Bill will pay no per transaction fees with the package he received from the third party processor. Gateway Monthly Fee: Because Bill will also need an internet payment gateway for his merchant account to work online with his website, he will also be paying $15.00 a month for his Gateway Monthly Fee. AVS Fees: The AVS fee stands for Address Verification Service. Bill will want to use this service, to help reduce potential fraud, and customer chargebacks to his merchant account. He will now pay an additional per transaction fee of .10 per transaction. Let’s see the numbers behind processing with a merchant account as opposed to a third party processor: $30 (Per Membership Sold) x 150 (Memberships Sold) = $4,500.00 $15.00 (Merchant Account Monthly Fee) - $15.00 $15.00 Gateway Monthly Fee) - $15.00 2.35% (Discount Rate) x $4,500.00 - $105.75 30 cents (Per Trans Fee) x 150 (Memberships Sold) - $45.00 10 cents (AVS Fees) x 150 (Memberships Sold) - $15.00 Total Fees (With Merchant Account) = $195.75 $4,500.00 (In total sales) - 195.75 (Total fees) = $4,304.25 (Net profit after all processing fees have been deducted) With the merchant account, Bill was able to keep substantially more of his sales for himself, as profit. Bill could use these extra resources to advertise more, expand his operation, and even hire someone to work for him, even if only on a part time basis. The point is that that the better deal in credit card processing is always with a merchant account as opposed to using a third party processor. Most third party processors leverage the high levels of risk and chargebacks they must face everyday, by charging enormous fees and rates to their entire customer base. Third party processors are synonymous with Adult related websites. This is the reason for their increased exposure to risk. They must charge high rates to overcome the losses they are subject to by processing for a category of merchants that, unfortunate as it may be for them, falls into a certain level of risk and fraud that most other merchants do not. Because the merchant account company restricts its clientele to only companies with non adult related content, they are able to offer an entrepreneur like Bill, selling online content through his membership based marketing website, a much better deal in credit card processing. $4,304.25 (Net Profit with Merchant Account) - 3,892.50 (Net Profit with Third Party Processing) = $411.75 (Total Savings with Merchant Account) This experiment has shown that the average website owner can save substantially by choosing wisely when it comes to their credit card processing solution. We have proved that most any entrepreneur can and will save substantial amounts of money by using a merchant account for their online credit card processing, as opposed to processing with a third party processor. In our little test, Bill saved $411.75, and that was just in the first month alone. Remember, that the third party processor will charge more, 15.0% to be exact, per transaction, once the customer is charged on a recurring basis. This means that for the second month, Bill would have paid even more to his third party processor; $675.00 to be exact! And that is just on the first months returning 150 customers. Every time Bill has a recurring payment processed through his third party processing account, he would be subject to a 15.0% transaction fee on all those sales. Not a very thrifty choice for credit card processing. As with any business decision, be smart. Compare rates and plans, and make sure the “simple” setup is really worth the cost. In most cases, your Merchant Service Provider can setup your merchant account in as little as 24 hours. This is faster than your third party processor, and adds even more value to the otherwise already vastly superior deal you are receiving with your very own merchant account. Make the decision that is best for your business, and best of luck! Please visit Josh Greth at CardStreet. com. Copyright 2003 Josh Greth. All rights reserved.

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A guide to safe deposit boxes

One of the more common banking services that is commonly overlooked is the safe deposit box. These boxes can be used to keep your valuables safe within the security of a bank vault, and may either be available at a discount or entitle you to a better interest rate if the safe deposit box is rented from a bank where you have other accounts. There are some drawbacks to the rental of safe deposit boxes, however, so it's important that you consider both the pros and the cons before making the decision to rent a box for your valuables. To assist you with this, you'll find more information about safe deposit boxes in general below as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with box rental. How safe deposit boxes work Safe deposit boxes are designed with one thing in mind… keeping their contents safe and secure. The boxes themselves are often made of steel or other metal alloys, and are designed with a double lock that requires two keys to open. Upon rental of a box, the renter is issued one of the keys to the box, and the other key is kept by the bank. In order to access the box, the renter has to use their key to unlock one of the locks while the banker uses the other key to unlock the other. Should the renter lose their key or have it become damaged beyond use, a fee must usually be paid to get a locksmith to come in and drill out the lock so that it can be replaced. Boxes are usually rented for either 6 month or yearly terms, though some other rental terms may also exist. Advantages of safe deposit boxes Obviously, the rental of a box is intended to keep whatever you place inside safe from theft; the metal box is locked in place within a bank vault, and likely isn't going anywhere without the right keys. The location and construction of the box also help to protect your valuables from natural disasters and fire, even moreso than a personal or home safe. Depending upon the bank, there may also be other advantages of renting a safe deposit box such as special rates for having multiple accounts and services from the same bank or discounts offered on the rental of additional boxes or other services. It's best to shop around at different banks to determine what might be available in the way of rental benefits before deciding upon a single bank, as any offers may vary from one bank to the next. Disadvantages of safe deposit boxes Just as there are a variety of advantages to renting a safe deposit box, there can also be several disadvantages that you should consider. Since the box is located within the vault of the bank, you can only add or remove items during regular banking hours… and some banks may limit the hours during which boxes may be accessed further. There is also the matter of the box rent itself, which may vary from bank to bank but which must be paid either monthly or every time that the rental term begins. If you lose the key to your box, the fees associated with replacing it adds additional cost to the inconvenience as well as the time that it takes to replace the lock. Other aspects of safe deposit box rental may also prove inconvenient depending upon your personal situation, so it's important to carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding to rent a box. You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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Did you hear the one about the funny quiz that was walking past a graveyard

Q. My company publishes a monthly employee newsletter. My boss asked me to write a funny quiz. I'm not exactly a stand-up comic. Help! A. Ah, the funny quiz. Lucky you! It's not often that a company has an official sense of humor that they are willing to display for all to read. This is going to be a great assignment for you! A funny quiz is typically one where the questions and answers have no real purpose other than to make the quiz taker laugh. Although almost anything goes, there are some taboo subjects. Off hand I'd say that anything that pokes fun at a specific person, or groups of people, as well as anything that's anti-semitic, racial, sexual, political, or religious should be off limits. Remember, what one person thinks is funny can offend someone else. Even seemingly innocuous subjects like "hillbilly" or "redneck" jokes might not be funny to someone who lives in the mountains or the deep South (like I do). You can think of a funny quiz as a series of one-liners with multiple-choice punch lines. Because you are writing for a company publication you have a built-in "affinity group" as there is bound to be some common subjects that are company related and could be made into something funny. For example, if you work for a software development company then you might have a question that asks: What's longer: A CEO's week or a programmer's week? If you're not laughing then you have never had a programmer tell you that the project will be ready in a week. You need to walk a fine line even when using subjects like this in your funny quiz. Say that your company just posted a 4th quarter loss because a new software product missed its launch date by a "programmer's week". It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that you are about to tick off a lot of people if you add that question to your funny quiz. Try to avoid wornout jokes or cliches. A funny quiz should be funny, not lame. For example, still on the software train of thought, a question like... Q. How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb? A. None. They don't do hardware. older than the mystery meat in that Tupperware container in the back of the lunchroom refrigerator. No one is going to laugh at that one. No laughing = not a funny quiz! The best thing to do is to keep an eye out for humorous, safe things to poke fun at and then write a funny quiz question. My advice is to start right now and don't wait until one hour before deadline. The only thing that's less funny than a lame funny quiz is no funny quiz at all!

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Recordable dvd primer

Picking your way through the ton of information available on recordabel, or DVD can be a nightmare. To help you out, we’ve done our best to distill it into this summary. There are five recordable versions of DVD; DVD-R for General, DVD-R for Authoring, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. None of the formats is fully compatible with the other although there are drives which will read, a nd in some cases write to more than one format. DVD-R for General and DVD-R for Authoring are essentially DVD versions of CD-R. And DVD-RW is a DVD version of CD-RW. All three formats can be read in standard DVD-ROM drives and in most DVD video players. The difference between DVD-R for General and DVD-R for Authoring is that DVD-R for General is a format intended for widespread consumer use and doeasn’t support ‘professional’ features such as piracy protection or duplication in mass duplicators. The Pioneer DVD-RW drive which is the most popular PC device for writing to DVD uses the DVD for General format. And as as the case with CD, DVD-RW is essentially the same as DVD_R except that it can be erased and written to again and again. DVD-RAM is slightly different as it is a sector based disc which mounts on the desktop of a PC when inserted into a drive. Files can then be copied to it in the same way as any other mounted media. Some single-sided DVD-RAM discs can be removed from their caddy and inserted in a DVD-ROM drive which will then be able to read the content of the disc.

There are DVD video recorders which use the DVD-RAM format. This enables themn to pull off clever tricks like time shifting – where you can watch the beginning of a programme you have recorded while you are still recording the end on the same disc. DVD+RW is the newest format and not supported by the DVD Forum (link), the body which sets the standards for DVD. However, it is supported by some of the biggest electronics and computer manufacturers, and is therefore likely to stick around. It is also the format used by Philips in its DVD video recorders (link).

Despite not being authorised by the DVD Forum, DVD+RW is claimed by its supporterd to be compatible with more DVD video players than DVD-R and DVD+RW writers are found in PCS from quite a few manufacturers.

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Photoshop secrets of the pros

Photoshop: Secrets of the Pros is a book that features one-on-one competitions between twenty top artists and designers. Designers include some of the most talented web, print, broadcast, 3D designers in the world. This friendly competition was called the Photoshop Tennis. Sounds like another tiring outdoor game? It’s not an outdoor game and it’s not tiring. Well, it may be tiring in a way but not, at least, for those skilled designers. The Photoshop Tennis was invented by Jim Coudal, founder of Coudal Partners, a Chicago advertising and design agency, one summer before the September 11 terrorist attack. He and a friend “whacked” a file back and forth to kill time. Then he invited designers he knew to play in official matches.

Photoshop Tennis is an on-line game in which players are mostly web designers. The object of the game is to add one layer of design on an image document that is sent back and forth by two players. Only one image document is used. Players are allowed to put different layers of designs such as background and foreground. Results are posted on a website in real time. The game ends whenever the players decide to end it or if it takes hours the decision will be based on the number of votes. After the four test matches and four official matches were completed, designers from ad agencies and design shops visited his site.

Some of them contacted Coudal for a chance to play in a match. The book PhotoShop: Secrets of the Pros is all about this type of competition. It is the first book to feature such game. As explained by the author of the site http://photoshop. digitalmedianet. com/articles/viewarticle.

jsp? id=22104, in Photoshop Tennis in this book, two designers take on one another over the internet over a ten round or volley period. In each volley, the designer either creates a new theme (in the initial volley), or they take what has been sent to him or her and start playing off of what was previously created. The competition results to a different appearance each time out. Programs used in this competition range from Illustrator and Freehand to Flash to 3D Studio Max and Maya. The designers used the basic tools and the basic commands like, brushes, and fills instead of shortcuts. The book is not about web designing, it is about the 10 different competitions played by 20 professional designers. It is about teamwork and adaptation of different styles from their competitors.

One thing that is frustrating about this game is that sometimes it takes hours for a player to finish his work while keeping the other player waiting and it will only take minutes for the other player to destroy the art work. You can tell a story out of it but most of the time players tend to make his own story. Next thing you’ll notice is that the story of the image focuses on the destruction of the flow of two different stories.

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9 steps to get out of debt part 8

Step 8 - Getting Insurance Most people are only one major disaster or a few weeks of unemployment away from bankruptcy. If you have done all this work to get out of debt, you don’t want it to all be in vain, just by one major crisis hitting you or your family. There’s nothing you can do to totally protect yourself from every type of catastrophe, but there are steps you can take to significantly reduce your risk. The first half of this article is going to be on insurance, and we’ll start with the type of insurance that is most likely to save you from being completely wiped out, medical insurance. This is one a lot of people choose not to buy because it’s quite often very expensive. This is a very dangerous decision, though. You never know when you will need medical care and we all know it isn’t cheap. Even if you are in perfect health, medical conditions can pop-up over night. You could wake up tomorrow and either have a major internal problem show up, or possibly have an accident and break a bone. You can easily rack up bills in the thousands, ten thousands or even hundreds of thousands from a single incident, and you never know when one will strike. Once this incident occurs, it’s usually too late to get insurance. If medical insurance is available through your employer this is usually the cheapest option, however you can still get insurance if your employer doesn’t offer it. The next cheapest option is most likely to get a group plan from another organization you belong to. Some examples would be a credit union or NASE. If you can’t find a group program, you can still buy insurance as an individual, it just typically costs more. The best way to reduce the cost is to go with a plan that has a high deductible. You may end up paying $2000 or so if you have a major incident, however it won’t completely wipe you out. If you own a home, you most likely have homeowners insurance because your mortgage company has required it, but if not, be sure to get it. If you rent, you may think you don’t need insurance on your property, however if a disaster was to hit the apartment complex or other place you live, you can still lose all of your possessions. You may think the apartment’s insurance will cover your losses, but it won’t; you will need renter’s insurance. This is usually fairly affordable. If you own a car, you are required in most states to at least have liability insurance, but depending on the value of your car and whether or not you can afford to replace it if you were in a wreck, you may also want full coverage to cover any damage to your vehicle. The last type of insurance I would like to mention is life insurance. This is something many people overlook, especially younger couples. If you are single and are not responsible for supporting anyone you may not need this insurance, but if you are married and have children or anyone else you are responsible for caring for, this is something you are going to want to have. To determine how much insurance you need, I suggest calculating how much your family would need to get by with you gone and multiplying that by fifteen. This will most likely be a shockingly high number, but it will allow you to support your family indefinitely by allowing them to live off the interest from this money rather than the principal. You’ll learn more about this in the next article.

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What exactly is an intel centrino mobile notebook

There has been a lot of confusion over the use of the term Intel Centrino and what it actually means. An Intel Centrino mobile notebook is actually a combination of Intel products, including what is marked as the Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor, put together to create a wireless networking, high performance Intel Centrino mobile notebook. When wireless networking became popular, Intel introduced the Intel Centrino mobile notebook concept to make it easier for people to get a wireless networking computer. Instead of fishing around for the right parts and the like, Intel effectively made a package that would give them these things they were looking for. The specifications for an Intel Centrino Mobile Notebook cover an Intel chipset, a Pentium M Processor (often referred to as an Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor) and Intel PRO/Wireless Network Connection. In fact, any Intel Centrino Mobile Notebook is basically an all Intel machine. Practically all of the internal parts will be Intel parts.

The Intel Centrino Mobile Laptop processor is an Intel Pentium M Processor. Confusion between the Pentium M processor and Centrino is common, but the Pentium M is part of the Centrino package. This processor is a variant on the Pentium processors from their desktop range, but with lots of different technologies and additions, making them quite different from the desktop versions. There are a number of Intel Centrino mobile laptop processors offered with the Sonoma revision of Intel Centrino mobile laptop technology. Intel Pentium M processors 780, 770, 760, 750, 740 and 730. They also offer Low voltage models in the 778 and 758 as well as two Ultra Low voltage models, the 753 and 733J. All of the Intel Centrino mobile laptop processors use 90nm manufacturing process, 2MB of L2 cache and various other technologies, including the Execute Disable Bit with the models that have a J at the end. The Intel Centrino mobile laptop processors have some specific benefits which make them suitable for the mobile environment. One of the most obvious of the Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor is the low volatage design. Low voltages allow Intel Centrino mobile notebooks to have lower power consumption, lengthening running time. As well as this there is technology to raise of drop the voltage of an Intel Centrino mobile notebook as necessary, further saving power. Intel Centrino mobile notebooks also come with the Mobile Intel 915 Express Chipset. This chipset specifically designed for Intel Centrino mobile notebooks provides many new features that the older Intel Centrino mobile notebooks did not offer. Some of the most notable are the addition of SATA, PCI Express X16 for graphics, PCIe for the other cards internally and DDR2 400/533MHz. It is desgined specifically with the Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor in mind. For Intel Centrino mobile laptops SATA provides an increase in the performance of hard drives and DVD drives. This technology allows for faster transfer of information which speeds up all applications. PCI Express X16 is a breath of fresh air for those who are looking to get better graphics from their system and in particular, those who would like to play 3D games, which using the more recent Intel Centrino mobile notebooks has become more feasible. The internal PCI Express should also allow for speed increases for parts, and helps to pass more strain away from the Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor. Most beneficial for the Intel Centrino mobile laptop is the addition of DDR2 400/533MHz memory. DDR2 not only offers speed increases over the older DDR, but most importantly for mobile technology is that it consumes less power, just like the Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor. Power saving is an everpresent concern for laptop users who have to work with limited battery life. Intel Centrino mobile notebooks also include technology for wireless networking. Although this is nothing new, the technology has been improved and updated, supporting the latest technologies. There is much increased security from the newer Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG and 2200BG which increase security, have higher performance, better ease-of-use and better power management, allowing power saving. In short it is a fully featured card that gives everything you could need. It is specifically aimed at meeting the stringent needs of the business user who chooses an Intel Centrino mobile notebook. The benefits of the Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor and Intel Centrino mobile laptop technology are clear and although you can get the same things from other combinations of parts there is a certain comfort in the combination. It allows you to be fairly certain of what to expect from your laptop and how much it will perform. Intel Centrino mobile notebooks have been around for a while now and on the whole there is a good reason they are so popular. The Intel Centrino mobile laptop processor in an Intel Centrino mobile laptop has become almost synonymous with mobile networking for laptops.

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The devestating effects of carpal tunnel syndrome cts

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a devastating disorder that is one of many listed under the general term, “Repetitive Strain Injury” (RSI). Of all repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome is the most recognized and prevalent among the general populace. And due to this recognition, many people are concerned about being afflicted with carpal tunnel and its debilitating symptoms, a concern that should be on the minds of anyone that is involved in work or recreational activities that require extensive use of the hands, especially in static motions such as “gripping” and/or repetitive motions like typing, clicking a computer mouse, assembly, etc. Below is a list of the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and a list of steps that can be taken to help prevent this terrible and devastating disorder that has reached pandemic proportions. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms: · Tightness, discomfort, stiffness or pain on the front side of the hands/wrists. · Tingling, numbness and/or paresthesia (Pins & needles) affecting the thumb, index, middle and one-half of the ring finger. The thumb and fingers do not have to be affected simultaneously as symptoms will often vary and move around. (Example: The thumb and index finger may be numb one day and the next day the numbness and tingling in the thumb and middle finger are more noticeable.) · Loss of strength in the fingers/hands. (Grip Strength) · Pain, aching, swelling, and diminished coordination and dexterity. · A need to stretch and/or massage hands, wrists and arms. · Assuming a defensive posture in order to protect sensitive hands/wrists. Because carpal tunnel syndrome and its symptoms are something that everyone should be aware of in this day and age of computers, video games, personal assistant devices and other “technological advances”, it is important to take the necessary steps in order to prevent carpal tunnel from developing in the first place. By implementing the following steps, you can greatly reduce your risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome as well as stave off many other repetitive strain injuries that are caused in the exact same manner as carpal tunnel, such as Guyon’s Syndrome, Trigger Finger and Tendonitis of the hands and wrists. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention Protocol: · Task Variation: It is wise to vary tasks throughout the day in order to keep the force and duration of the specific motion to a minimum. If a typical workday involves 5 types of activities; instead of doing task #1 for 1.5 hours and then moving on to task #2 for 1.5 hours, etc., it is best if task #1 can be performed for 30-minutes and then task #2 is performed for 30 minutes, and so on, repeating tasks #1-5 every 30 minutes until they are completed. If this is not possible for the type of work that is required, ask the employer health director to implement a task rotation schedule where workers perform a different type of task every 1-2 hours throughout the day, making sure that each task is different enough that it does not tax the same muscle group(s) in the same manner as the previous task or the next task. It is still important that in these 1-2 hour shifts that mini-breaks are taken for 2-3 minutes every 30 minutes. Implementing task variation is very successful tool in keeping productivity high and repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome to a minimum. · Task Requirement Limitation: The ‘task requirement limitation’ protocol sets a limit on the duration and force of a given job or task, making sure that workers are only required to perform a certain number of repetitive movements or a certain amount of force over a specified period of time before a break is required. Implementing a mini break for every 30 minutes of work activity is very important in order to prevent muscle hypertonicity and fatigue from setting in, the main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. · Ergonomic Systems: Ergonomic systems and tools are important in helping to reduce the amount of stress and strain that is inflicted upon the body, but ergonomic systems and tools by themselves cannot prevent or “cure” injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. · Mini-Breaks: It is very important to implement short breaks every 30 minutes of work activity in order to reduce stress and strain to the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. These breaks only have to last 2-3 minutes, but are key in allowing the muscles to relax, which helps to prevent a muscle imbalance from occurring and developing into carpal tunnel syndrome. Even more important in carpal tunnel syndrome prevention, is implementing the following activities into these mini-breaks. - Stretch: Stretch the short, restrictive muscles in order to lengthen them, which, reduces pressure on the underlying muscles, blood vessels and nerves. (Example: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Stretch the muscles on the front of the forearm that flex the fingers, hand/wrist.) - Exercise: Strengthen the weak, underdeveloped muscles in order to help shorten/tighten them. Performing strengthening exercises to the muscle groups opposite to those that are short and tight allows the muscles on both sides of the joint to return to a more natural, balanced position. The strong, short muscles are lengthened and the weak, long muscles are shortened, creating equality and stability around the entire joint. (Example: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Strengthen the muscles on the back of the forearm that extend the fingers, hand/wrist.) NOTE: Of all the ideas listed, the ones that are most important in preventing and eliminating repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome are mini-breaks, stretches and exercises. By simply being aware and implementing a few simple techniques at work, individuals can prevent repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome from occurring and experience many years of good health without ever being affected.

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Drugstore hemorrhoid medications

There are many drugstore and alternative Internet products for treating hemorrhoids. Most of the products are not made to cure or eliminate hemorrhoids but to give you temporary relief of itching, pain, swelling or bleeding. I don't recommend using any type of product that is not natural or that comes from a drugstore. If the product contains petrochemicals, additives, coloring, dyes, or other chemicals, which enhance its appearance and feel, I would not use them. Most, if not all, of these chemicals will be absorbed into your body where your organs of elimination will have to deal with eliminating them. All products whether drugs, drugstore medications, or natural formulations use chemicals, substances, oils, and herbs that have the following properties: Anesthetics - suppresses pain and gives relief…any name with the suffix "caine" like tetracaine Analgesics - suppresses and give pain relief - some of them are Anacin, Tylenol with Codeine, OxyContin, Darvocet, Ultracet Vasoconstrictors - helps to narrow or constrict hemorrhoidal veins…any name with the suffix "rine" like phenylephrine Lubricants - provide lubrication in the colon to relieve constipation - mineral oil, flax seed oil, castor, oil olive oil Astringents - help to tighten tissue, which have been pushed out by hemorrhoid action - zinc oxide, witch hazel, calamine Keratolytics - help to remove excess hemorrhoidal tissue. They are compounds of sulfur and salicylic acid Many of the drugstore medications have anesthetics. They can aggravate and irritate the hemorrhoids you're trying to eliminate. If you are using one of these drugstore medications, consider using a more natural remedy. In 1975 Carl I. Flath, wrote a book called The Miracle Nutrient - How Dietary Fiber Can Save Your Life. In his book he talks about the effectiveness of drugstore suppositories, "Suppositories quickly work their way up in the rectum beyond the location of most internal hemorrhoids, and so are of limited value in reducing local pain. As antiseptics they are essentially worthless, since the surface areas they are supposed to protect are under constant exposure to new bacteria…. Anesthetic agents do offer temporary relief from local irritations and pain… Neither the suppositories nor the ointments, however, do anything whatever to correct the basic cause of hemorrhoids-constipation."

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Empowering your emotional health

There is a phenomenal rise in the growth of fitness clubs and gyms. People have become conscious of their body image that they are willing to go through the extra mile just to achieve that sculptured body. Almost every fitness buff wants to achieve the same figure displayed by models in the pages of the magazines, on billboards, on television, and on movie screens. People try to find sensible and sustainable ways to achieve and maintain a physically fit body. Yet what is often overlooked is the need to take care of another important aspect of their well-being: their emotional health. Having a healthy mind and spirit go well with a healthy body. Emotional health is considered an integral part of man's overall wellness. Neglecting your emotional health can damage your physical health in the process.

Research has shown that one of the leading contributors to illness is stress caused by unresolved emotional issues. Psychologists believe that feelings or emotions such as fear, joy, sadness, anxiety and anger are mental responses to events, circumstances, people, or our own thoughts and memories. They course through our conscious and unconscious beings at all times, whether at critical junctures or during seemingly inconsequential moments of our lives. Biologists, on the other hand, tell us that our emotions are rooted in self-preservation, triggering physiological reactions that enable us to find food, escape danger, and reproduce. Author Daniel Goleman pointed out in his work, Emotional Intelligence that “...all emotions are, in essence, impulses to act, the instant plans for handling life that evolution has instilled in us.” Emotions have also evolved into facial expressions and body language so that each member of the group can signal his or her wants and needs to other members. As John D. Mayer, a leading expert in the study of emotions, has remarked: “Emotions convey information...about relationships.” Our emotion can be so powerful that it can even make us sick. It can also be a means to gain healing. Emotions are relayed to the immune system through the autonomic nervous system. When people experience anxiety, depression and other painful emotions, the immune system can be affected and may cause risk for a whole host of illnesses. In the same way, having a healthy emotional outlook in life can boost the resistance against disease. Mayer has emphasized that people can reason with emotions in the same way they reason with cognitive information. It can be said that a person can actually solve emotional problems just as mathematicians solve math problems, Mayer said. However, he also acknowledged that some emotions, such as grief and anger, can be harder to reason effectively with than others. Oftentimes, identifying the various emotions at play can be extremely difficult. Not many experts agree that human beings are born with a full range of emotions. Instead, they theorize that people were born with instincts and urges, along with an innate capacity for feeling. As people grow older, they acquire personalities and nurture relationships with others, thus, helping these instincts and urges develop into full-fledged emotions. Emotional health consists of five key components: 1. Being aware of your emotions. Emotionally healthy people are in touch with their emotions and can identify and acknowledge them as experience. 2. Being able to process your emotions. After connecting with their emotions, emotionally healthy people develop appropriate ways of expressing them. 3. Being sensitive to other people and their emotions and having the ability to empathize. The ability to identify their own emotions enables emotionally healthy people to identify emotions in others and to have an intuitive sense of what it feels like to experience them. 4. Being self-empowered. Emotionally healthy people honor their emotions, which empowers them to fulfill their goals. 5. Being in healthy relationships. Using their emotional intelligence and empathy, emotionally healthy people build and maintain strong, functioning relationships. Just as emotional health can affect a person's physical health, the same is true with one's lifestyle making a direct impact on emotional health. Vitamins and minerals stimulates the production of chemicals in the brain. These are known as neurotransmitters that regulate our physical and mental health functions, including the way we process emotions. Minor deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to depression and irritability. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies also hamper our ability to concentrate and stay motivated. Definitely, unhealthy foods can adversely affect emotional health. Excessive intake of caffeine also causes physiological and psychological side effects that are often seen in people suffering from anxiety, while a diet with too much sugar has been linked to depression, aggression, and impaired judgment. Many experts believe that people with strong spiritual fervor tend to have healthier immune systems and were less prone to anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. It can be surmised that the faith of religious adherents gave them an enhanced sense of well-being which helped reduce their levels of stress.

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What will a chaw user learn from a dentist dallas tx area

: The first thing that a chaw user will learn from his Dentist Dallas Tx area isn't really news: he needs to quit chewing! What he will learn that he may not already know are the staggering statistics for various diseases that are directly contributed to this habit. Tobacco in any form contributes to the increased risk of developing cancer of the mouth, nasal cavities, larynx, pharynx esophagus stomach, liver, kidney, bladder and more. Cancer of the mouth is particularly difficult to treat and may require disfiguring surgery. Chewing tobacco, or chaw as it is often called, also contributes to periodontal disease which causes a large percentage of preventable tooth loss in adults. The use of all tobacco products contribute particularly to the development of cancers of the head, neck and mouth. Each year about 30,000 people learn that they have mouth and throat cancer.

Statistical incidence of tongue and throat cancer among chewing tobacco users is dramatically higher than it is for even the most addicted of smokers. Prolonged contact of the mutagens in chewing tobacco with gingival and mouth tissues makes the use of this product far worse than that of other tobacco products. Most users are aware that there is some risk from chewing tobacco but they probably aren't fully aware of the staggering numbers. Similarly, many chaw users have accepted the cancer risks but may not be at all knowledgeable about the increased risks of periodontal disease and tooth loss associated with this product's use. The use of smokeless tobacco can result in: - Small white precancerous patches or mouth sores called leukoplakia - Bleeding and receding gums - Tooth decay and tooth loss Many are actually using chewing tobacco as a means to avoid smoking without realizing that the risks of chaw are far worse.

To make matters worse there appears to be an even greater risk of periodontal disease and cancer when both tobacco and alcohol are used. Typically, users of one are users of the other. In addition, the use of smokeless tobacco can narrow your blood vessels putting strain on your heart, increase your heart rate, give you high blood pressure, cause irregular heart beat, and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. Most folks shrug off the risks of these highly addictive behaviors with a simple "something will get you" attitude. But the truth is that there are many people who survive these diseases.

For them there is more of an "I wish I would have listened when I was younger" attitude. Early detection is crucial to surviving these diseases. Avoiding them is of course the best approach, however. What a dentist Dallas Tx or anywhere will do is examine his tobacco users more carefully for precancerous lesions and discolorations. This is often the first person including the patient to notice the telltale signs of these cancers. People who are considered to be more at risk for the development of these cancers are likely to have more rigorous examinations than many.

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What s new with rfid tags on drugs

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Tags were a good security measure to come up with – or is it really? Well, the US Department of Defense came up with it and announced such matter even on the web through a post at the RFid Gazette (http:// rfidgazette. org/2004/10/pentagon_implem. html) by Jimmy Atkinson on October 12, 2004. According to the news on October, 2004, the US Department of Defense plans to use wireless tags to manage its healthcare supplies and supply chains. Further, the Pentagon had assured that the RFID tags will provide the US military with ‘global transit visibility’. RFID should simplify moving, storing and distributing essential supplies such as drugs and medical consumables from bases in the United States to wherever US forces are in action around the world. This is an innovation to much the growing active international role by the US military. All the contracts with suppliers that have been signed from October 1, 2004 are required already to feature the technology. Then during the new year of the present year, 2005, the RFID tags were already in full implementation.

This Pentagon decision of wireless-tagging is a follow-up on the wireless-tagging project carried out by the IBM. There are no reports, however, of how effective and important, the tag became for the IBM. There are two kinds of tags: the passive and the active ones. The Pentagon is using both passive and active tags. And now, they are already in use. But, I am at a loss on what wondrous results to the efficiency in supplying medical supplies this wireless-tagging thing had done to the defense corps. Does this improve the naval, ground, marine and aerial forces of the US Department of Defense’s chance for adequate medical supply? Does this solve the problem of immediate medical rescue and attention for the gallant soldiers and agents of the Pentagon? I think that before ever these wireless-tagging innovations be prioritized, the issue of adequate and sufficient medical supply for the thousands of recruits and forces be addressed first by the US Department of Defense. It’s not bad to do practices that feature technological advances to secure these drugs. It’s not even bad to find ways of efficient handling, storage and distribution. But first of all, they must concern themselves on the sufficiency of the drugs they will be handling, storing and distributing, before anything else. Now, is that too much to ask? So, what’s new with RFID tags? Does it solve the problem of the rank and file forces of the US defense corps?

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Pro biotics good bugs to treat harmful bacteria

Parasites 132 different types of parasites and worms can survive in the human body. Most do so inside your colon and small intestine. A few get into your internal organs too (lungs, liver, thyroid, stomach, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, etc) and your bloodstream and even your brain. Parasites and worms can cause of a wide range of chronic and degenerative health problems. In fact, any long-term cure for almost every disease and chronic ailment must incorporate some form of serious parasite cleansing in addition to other therapies applied. Probiotics Probiotics means “pro-life”. The digestive tract is home to over 400 species of microorganisms. Some are ‘good bugs’ and are ‘bad bugs’ or unhealthy bacteria. Probiotics are the ‘good bugs’. Two of the most common strains are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. It is believed that if a positive balance of good bacteria is maintained, the bad bacteria are less able to cause disease and irritation. They may produce substances that inhibit pathogenic bacteria, compete for nutrients with them, and stimulate the body's own immune system. Probiotics assists those with constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, flatulence, bloating, lactose intolerance and the effects of prolonged antibiotic therapy.

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Protecting yourself from identity theft is easier than you think

: Your identity is stolen when someone uses your name, social security number, or other personal information to get credit cards or loans. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports there were 9 million cases of identity theft last year with losses to consumers of more than $5 billion. The simplest kind is credit card fraud, which accounts for over 60% of identity theft. Get your free credit report Check for identity theft by reviewing your credit report at least once a year. You can get a free credit report every 12 months by calling (877) 322-8228 or online and the Annual Credit Report web site. Protect yourself Review your credit report for accounts you did not open and for account balances that are suspiciously high. Only carry the credit and identification cards you need. Make copies of the cards you carry and keep them in a safe place.

If your wallet disappears, you will have the information you need to report them as lost or stolen. Do not respond to e-mail messages or telephone calls asking for personal and financial information. Identity theft warning signs Here are the most common signs of identity theft: Your credit card statement has charges you did not make. You get bills for accounts you never opened. You are denied credit for no apparent reason. Money is missing from your bank account.

If your identity is stolen Get a copy of your credit report. Note accounts you did not open and account balances that are suspiciously high. Contact the major credit reporting companies. Ask them to place a “Fraud Alert” on your report. This alerts businesses to verify your identity before issuing credit and stops thieves from opening new accounts in your name. File an “Identity Theft Police Report” at your local police station and keep a copy. Contact companies that have reported accounts you did not open or charges you didn’t make. Send them a copy of your police report and a certified letter disputing the fraudulent charges.

Keep a record of your calls and letters.

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Tropical kids rooms decor 2

Just like the rest of the home, we like to make sure that our kids rooms have the proper dйcor that fits with their personal style and desire. Thanks to some well minded retailers there is now a whole line of tropical kids rooms dйcor that will be sure to bring bright colors and a festive feeling to the entire area. Because of the surge in tropical dйcor, the new lines of tropical kids rooms dйcor is fantastic to say the least. No matter the age or gender of the child you are sure to be able to find what you need with the choices that are available. Not only that, the newest lines are durable and high quality that will help ensure that you get the most for your money with the lasting products. It is always difficult when trying to decorate a child’s room as they tend to be very hard on just about everything that they own. This means that parents need to find items that will hold up to the child and create a lasting environment for them without breaking the bank at the same time. Tropical kids rooms dйcor brings to life the colors of the room and adds an air of excitement that any child will love. The room will be alive with a busy tropical scene that will foster the imagination and allow for the child to be free to wonder about the dйcor. Nothing could be finer. One of the finest and most popular products at this time is the great wall hangings that are new to the tropical kids rooms dйcor line.

Unlike posters and framed pictures, these fabric wall hangings are durable and highly colorful to say the least. There is a wide array of styles and colors for you too choose from that are sure to make any child the talk of the town. These wall hangings do so much for the room that you will wonder how you ever did without them. Check out the full line of tropical kids rooms dйcor and you will see that it is perfect for nearly any child. There is nothing that you can not do with the variety of items, styles and colors that are available. Any room in the home that is occupied by a child is sure to be brighter and much more appealing with any of the fine tropical kids rooms dйcor items that are currently available. Some very original tropical kids rooms decorations can be found at http:// art-ickles.

com, which sells unique handicrafts brightly colored with tropical themes. The baby bedding quilts, bumper pads, pillow covers shown in this website are of top quality, 100% hand made with the best American fabrics.

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