Top 10 reasons why ebay auctions fail

Are you finding that auction after auction fails to attract any bidders or buyers? It happens to the best of us sometimes – take a good look at these things to see if any of them could be making your bidders avoid you. The starting price was too high: People don’t want to have to make a high bid before anyone else has – you should always start your auctions low and let the bidders bid them up. The fixed price is too high: If you’re just selling with Buy it Now, then of course your items won’t sell if they’re too expensive. Try reducing the price a little each time the item fails to sell. No picture: Most buyers are reluctant to bid on something without a picture, and that goes even more for high-value items. Think of it from the buyer’s point-of-view: would you want to bid on an item when you’ve no idea what it looks like? You had a reserve: Reserve prices scare away buyers like you wouldn’t believe, not to mention costing a percentage of your final sale price. Avoid them like the plague. Bad spelling and grammar: If your titles are spelled wrongly, then no-one will find your auctions. If your descriptions are incoherent, then no-one will know what you’re talking about. Always run your text through a spelling and grammar checker before you put it up on eBay. Too much for shipping: You might be expecting people to pay more for shipping than they’re prepared to. Give them a few cheaper options that will take longer, or use cheaper materials. Negative feedback: If you got negative feedback on your last transaction, expect things to be slow for a while. Try selling cheap things for a while to get your account back in good standing. Nasty terms: Don’t write things all over your auction like “I will only accept returns in PERFECT condition” or “Serious bidders only, no timewasters!!” This is entirely unnecessary and just makes you look difficult to deal with. No PayPal: Many buyers simply avoid any seller who doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method – they can’t be bothered with the hassle of anything else. Even if you don’t like PayPal, you should accept it if you want to business on eBay. The items were bad. You will have to accept that there are some items no-one wants – perhaps they were hyped to begin with, but now people had heard that they’re useless and stopped buying. Before you come to this conclusion, though, check everything else you can, and check if anyone else is managing to sell it. If you’re sure, try to return the items, and buy in some new stock. When selling on eBay is so much trouble, you might start to wonder: should I just go and sell my stuff somewhere else? In the next email, we’ll take a look at the various alternatives to eBay that have sprung up over the years.

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Find make up suppliers and make up artists on beautyfinder co uk

: Beautyfinder is a leading directory offering visitors the most complete list of makeup suppliers & make-up artists throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland, with all our entries reviewed by hand. The Beauty finder directory has over 3000 cosmetic, make-up and beauty companies listed which includes cosmetic and makeup suppliers and make up artists. Beautyfinder. co. uk also provides a comprehensive listing of cosmetic make up suppliers as well as Wholesale Beauty Productsin the United Kingdom and Ireland.. The Beautyfinder directory includes a comprehensive search engine allowing visitors to easily find leading makeup artist offering wedding and bridal make-up treatments as well as TV and film makeup and special occasion make-up services. We also list Mobile Beauty Therapists who specialize in offering permanent & semi-permanent make-upservices. The Beauty finder directory also lists make up artist colleges & training schools extensions that offer both long and short term make-up training courses, as well as upcoming makeup artist events and the latest makeup products and supplier news and beauty tips.

Beautyfinder. co. uk offers businesses both FREE and paid business listing and marketing solutions as well as banner advertising to improve brand awareness for larger companies. To get a FREE 1 month trial listing in the Beautyfinder directory Click Here . If you are a makeup artist, a cosmetics company supplier or makeup artistry training school which offer makeup and cosmetic training courses in the UK or Ireland this will increase your online brand awareness and gain you more potential clients looking for makeup services and make-up training courses. Beautyfinder. co. uk

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Address lables useful tips

Making address labels for letters and parcels can be a real chore. It’s something that has stood in the way of all sorts of people, whether they are large-scale eBay sellers or simply office workers who need to post a big batch of letters. What you might not have realised, though, is that making address labels can be easy when you know how. The best way to do it is to compose your letters using a Mail Merge function in the first place, such as the one that comes with Microsoft Word. This means that your addresses are being stored not in the documents themselves, but in either a spreadsheet or a database. The documents then contain a ‘field’, which is a special area where the program knows the address should go. Once you have split your addresses from your documents in this way, you should find it much easier to make address labels. All you need to do is open a page and insert a lot of address fields, with a ‘next record’ field in between each one to tell the software not to put in the same address twice. Word has a wizard to help you do this: just go to the File menu, then New, and then choose ‘Mailing Label Wizard’ from under ‘Letters and Faxes’. Point it to your database, and you should be good to go. The final step in making address labels is a physical one. Sure, you’ve got your fancy software that can make mailing labels, but unless you want to cut the addresses out from pieces of paper and use tape or glue, you’re also going to need to get some sticky labels and put them in your printer. You can obviously find them at any good office supplies or stationery store, but make sure to get a size that Word knows about, so it can lay the labels out correctly for you. You can check the label sizes Word has available in the last stage of the Mailing Label Wizard, after you point it to your database – don’t worry too much, though, as few manufacturers will bother to make labels in a size incompatible with Word.

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Webconference services in 8 languages

Since its beginning, Tele-efficiency offered WEBconference service in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. Now, it increase its linguistic offer to include 8 languages. Even if European languages are mainly present as German, Italian and Dutch, Portuguese has been also added to surround America Latina with Brazil. But it is indisputably a Chinese interface which is a breakthrough for WEBconferences. Have a look at chinese.

tele-efficiency. com The forthcoming Olympic games in Beijing does not explain by itself the interest of Tele-efficiency for China. In fact, it is the fast growing economy of China which justify the set-up of remote meeting tools between Chinese and occidental business peoples, commented Michel Dionne, CEO of Tele-efficiency. He added: "If the medium is the message, WEBconference means network and synergy". The negotiation of commercial agreements usually requires many talks. It is where WEBconference becomes interesting to reduce traveling, to facilitate exchanges and to accelerate conclusion of agreements and their follow-up. Nevertheless, it is the tip of the iceberg because technology transfer and project management benefit equally from WEBconference. The cost of WEBconference services is usually based on per-minute and per-participant rates. However, Tele-efficiency offers a free 30-day trial period followed by a fixed-rate quarterly or annual service contract that includes an unlimited number of meetings with a maximum of 25 participants simultaneously. The address of the international portal is: tele-efficiency. net.

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Economics psychology s neglected branch

"It is impossible to describe any human action if one does not refer to the meaning the actor sees in the stimulus as well as in the end his response is aiming at." Ludwig von Mises Economics - to the great dismay of economists - is merely a branch of psychology. It deals with individual behaviour and with mass behaviour. Many of its practitioners sought to disguise its nature as a social science by applying complex mathematics where common sense and direct experimentation would have yielded far better results. The outcome has been an embarrassing divorce between economic theory and its subjects. The economic actor is assumed to be constantly engaged in the rational pursuit of self interest. This is not a realistic model - merely a useful approximation. According to this latter day - rational - version of the dismal science, people refrain from repeating their mistakes systematically. They seek to optimize their preferences. Altruism can be such a preference, as well. Still, many people are non-rational or only nearly rational in certain situations. And the definition of "self-interest" as the pursuit of the fulfillment of preferences is a tautology. The theory fails to predict important phenomena such as "strong reciprocity" - the propensity to "irrationally" sacrifice resources to reward forthcoming collaborators and punish free-riders. It even fails to account for simpler forms of apparent selflessness, such as reciprocal altruism (motivated by hopes of reciprocal benevolent treatment in the future). Even the authoritative and mainstream 1995 "Handbook of Experimental Economics", by John Hagel and Alvin Roth (eds.) admits that people do not behave in accordance with the predictions of basic economic theories, such as the standard theory of utility and the theory of general equilibrium. Irritatingly for economists, people change their preferences mysteriously and irrationally. This is called "preference reversals". Moreover, people's preferences, as evidenced by their choices and decisions in carefully controlled experiments, are inconsistent. They tend to lose control of their actions or procrastinate because they place greater importance (i. e., greater "weight") on the present and the near future than on the far future. This makes most people both irrational and unpredictable. Either one cannot design an experiment to rigorously and validly test theorems and conjectures in economics - or something is very flawed with the intellectual pillars and models of this field. Neo-classical economics has failed on several fronts simultaneously. This multiple failure led to despair and the re-examination of basic precepts and tenets. Consider this sample of outstanding issues: Unlike other economic actors and agents, governments are accorded a special status and receive special treatment in economic theory. Government is alternately cast as a saint, seeking to selflessly maximize social welfare - or as the villain, seeking to perpetuate and increase its power ruthlessly, as per public choice theories. Both views are caricatures of reality. Governments indeed seek to perpetuate their clout and increase it - but they do so mostly in order to redistribute income and rarely for self-enrichment. Economics also failed until recently to account for the role of innovation in growth and development. The discipline often ignored the specific nature of knowledge industries (where returns increase rather than diminish and network effects prevail). Thus, current economic thinking is woefully inadequate to deal with information monopolies (such as Microsoft), path dependence, and pervasive externalities. Classic cost/benefit analyses fail to tackle very long term investment horizons (i. e., periods). Their underlying assumption - the opportunity cost of delayed consumption - fails when applied beyond the investor's useful economic life expectancy. People care less about their grandchildren's future than about their own. This is because predictions concerned with the far future are highly uncertain and investors refuse to base current decisions on fuzzy "what ifs". This is a problem because many current investments, such as the fight against global warming, are likely to yield results only decades hence. There is no effective method of cost/benefit analysis applicable to such time horizons. How are consumer choices influenced by advertising and by pricing? No one seems to have a clear answer. Advertising is concerned with the dissemination of information. Yet it is also a signal sent to consumers that a certain product is useful and qualitative and that the advertiser's stability, longevity, and profitability are secure. Advertising communicates a long term commitment to a winning product by a firm with deep pockets. This is why patrons react to the level of visual exposure to advertising - regardless of its content. Humans may be too multi-dimensional and hyper-complex to be usefully captured by econometric models. These either lack predictive powers or lapse into logical fallacies, such as the "omitted variable bias" or "reverse causality". The former is concerned with important variables unaccounted for - the latter with reciprocal causation, when every cause is also caused by its own effect. These are symptoms of an all-pervasive malaise. Economists are simply not sure what precisely constitutes their subject matter. Is economics about the construction and testing of models in accordance with certain basic assumptions? Or should it revolve around the mining of data for emerging patterns, rules, and "laws"? On the one hand, patterns based on limited - or, worse, non-recurrent - sets of data form a questionable foundation for any kind of "science". On the other hand, models based on assumptions are also in doubt because they are bound to be replaced by new models with new, hopefully improved, assumptions. One way around this apparent quagmire is to put human cognition (i. e., psychology) at the heart of economics. Assuming that being human is an immutable and knowable constant - it should be amenable to scientific treatment. "Prospect theory", "bounded rationality theories", and the study of "hindsight bias" as well as other cognitive deficiencies are the outcomes of this approach. To qualify as science, economic theory must satisfy the following cumulative conditions: All-inclusiveness (anamnetic) – It must encompass, integrate, and incorporate all the facts known about economic behaviour. Coherence – It must be chronological, structured and causal. It must explain, for instance, why a certain economic policy leads to specific economic outcomes - and why. Consistency – It must be self-consistent. Its sub-"units" cannot contradict one another or go against the grain of the main "theory". It must also be consistent with the observed phenomena, both those related to economics and those pertaining to non-economic human behaviour. It must adequately cope with irrationality and cognitive deficits. Logical compatibility – It must not violate the laws of its internal logic and the rules of logic "out there", in the real world. Insightfulness – It must cast the familiar in a new light, mine patterns and rules from big bodies of data ("data mining"). Its insights must be the inevitable conclusion of the logic, the language, and the evolution of the theory. Aesthetic – Economic theory must be both plausible and "right", beautiful (aesthetic), not cumbersome, not awkward, not discontinuous, smooth, and so on. Parsimony – The theory must employ a minimum number of assumptions and entities to explain the maximum number of observed economic behaviours. Explanatory Powers – It must explain the behaviour of economic actors, their decisions, and why economic events develop the way they do. Predictive (prognostic) Powers – Economic theory must be able to predict future economic events and trends as well as the future behaviour of economic actors. Prescriptive Powers – The theory must yield policy prescriptions, much like physics yields technology. Economists must develop "economic technology" - a set of tools, blueprints, rules of thumb, and mechanisms with the power to change the " economic world". Imposing – It must be regarded by society as the preferable and guiding organizing principle in the economic sphere of human behaviour. Elasticity – Economic theory must possess the intrinsic abilities to self organize, reorganize, give room to emerging order, accommodate new data comfortably, and avoid rigid reactions to attacks from within and from without. Many current economic theories do not meet these cumulative criteria and are, thus, merely glorified narratives. But meeting the above conditions is not enough. Scientific theories must also pass the crucial hurdles of testability, verifiability, refutability, falsifiability, and repeatability. Yet, many economists go as far as to argue that no experiments can be designed to test the statements of economic theories. It is difficult - perhaps impossible - to test hypotheses in economics for four reasons. Ethical – Experiments would have to involve human subjects, ignorant of the reasons for the experiments and their aims. Sometimes even the very existence of an experiment will have to remain a secret (as with double blind experiments). Some experiments may involve unpleasant experiences. This is ethically unacceptable. Design Problems - The design of experiments in economics is awkward and difficult. Mistakes are often inevitable, however careful and meticulous the designer of the experiment is. The Psychological Uncertainty Principle – The current mental state of a human subject can be (theoretically) fully known. But the passage of time and, sometimes, the experiment itself, influence the subject and alter his or her mental state - a problem known in economic literature as "time inconsistencies". The very processes of measurement and observation influence the subject and change it. Uniqueness – Experiments in economics, therefore, tend to be unique. They cannot be repeated even when the SAME subjects are involved, simply because no human subject remains the same for long. Repeating the experiments with other subjects casts in doubt the scientific value of the results. The undergeneration of testable hypotheses – Economic theories do not generate a sufficient number of hypotheses, which can be subjected to scientific testing. This has to do with the fabulous (i. e., storytelling) nature of the discipline. In a way, economics has an affinity with some private languages. It is a form of art and, as such, it is self-sufficient and self-contained. If certain structural, internal constraints and requirements are met – a statement in economics is deemed to be true even if it does not satisfy external (scientific) requirements. Thus, the standard theory of utility is considered valid in economics despite overwhelming empirical evidence to the contrary - simply because it is aesthetic and mathematically convenient. So, what are economic "theories" good for? Economic "theories" and narratives offer an organizing principle, a sense of order, predictability, and justice. They postulate an inexorable drive toward greater welfare and utility (i. e., the idea of progress). They render our chaotic world meaningful and make us feel part of a larger whole. Economics strives to answer the "why’s" and "how’s" of our daily life. It is dialogic and prescriptive (i. e., provides behavioural prescriptions). In certain ways, it is akin to religion. In its catechism, the believer (let's say, a politician) asks: "Why... (and here follows an economic problem or behaviour)". The economist answers: "The situation is like this not because the world is whimsically cruel, irrational, and arbitrary - but because ... (and here follows a causal explanation based on an economic model). If you were to do this or that the situation is bound to improve". The believer feels reassured by this explanation and by the explicit affirmation that there is hope providing he follows the prescriptions. His belief in the existence of linear order and justice administered by some supreme, transcendental principle is restored. This sense of "law and order" is further enhanced when the theory yields predictions which come true, either because they are self-fulfilling or because some real "law", or pattern, has emerged. Alas, this happens rarely. As "The Economist" notes gloomily, economists have the most disheartening record of failed predictions - and prescriptions.

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The three largest factors in your interest rate

There are three major factors that affect how much you pay for a loan. Understanding these factors can save you time, money and frustration. 1. The Federal Reserve Discount Interest Rate. Banks and other lending institutions borrow money from the Federal Reserve Banks. The discount rate is the interest rate a Federal Reserve Bank charges eligible financial institutions to borrow funds on a short-term basis. This rate is set by the boards of directors of the Federal Reserve Banks. The discount rate has a direct effect on the “Prime Interest Rate”, which is the interest rate on short-term loans that banks charge their commercial customers with high credit ratings. You can get live information on the current Prime Rate at FedPrimeRate. info. Of the three major factors that affect your interest rate, this is the one you have the least amount of control over. 2. Your FICO Score and Credit Report. There are companies that gather and sell information about information on where you work and live, how you pay your bills, and whether you've been sued, arrested, or filed for bankruptcy. They are called Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs). The most common type of CRA is the credit bureau. Potential lenders will get your credit report from the credit bureau. The FICO score is a method of determining the likelihood that credit users will pay their bills. It condenses a borrowers credit history into a single number. You can protect your FICO score and credit report by paying your bills on time and not over-extending yourself. You also have the right to have false information removed from your credit report. 3. Lender Business Factors. Banks and other lenders are in business to make a profit. They also exist in a competitive market. Like all businesses, they will balance their profit margin with competitive factors. If they charge too little, based on your credit history and the prime rate, they risk going out of business. If they charge too much, they risk losing you to a competitor. Therefore, in order to get the best deal you can, you should shop around. Keep one thing in mind when you are shopping around. One of the things that affects your FICO score is the number of times your credit report has been accessed in a certain period of time. Therefore allowing too many potential lenders to run your credit report in a short period of time could be counterproductive. Three or four is typically a safe number. If you request an on line quote from several lenders, they won't typically run your credit report until after they have made their initial quote. (You must explicitly provide a potential lender with permission to run your credit report. For that, they usually need your Social Security Number.) In summary, the three major factors you pay for a loan are the prime rate, your credit history (FICO score) and business conditions such as competition. In order to get the best rate you can, you can do two things, keep up a good credit history by paying your bills on time, and shopping around for the best rate.

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Performance driving burning rubber

: This is part of a possible small series of articles we are writing for the performance minded individuals, you can find more at Spool Motorsports. com Articles Here at Spool Motorsports. com we recognize the many and different types of driving styles there are... drag racing, circuit, time attacks, drifting, rally and thousands more. So let us help you transfer some of the styles that are universal back to your daily driving of your sports car. So let's start with burning rubber! Don't you love it when you smash on that throttle, squeal those tires and burn 'em rubbers? Yeah, well what you just did is waste precious seconds from which ever run you are making. Why you may ask? Your car doesn't move when you "burn rubber", it just stays in one place, spinning tires while the rest of the world passes you by. So you are going to ask me why do I see professional drivers doing just that part? Well the main reason and I don't think you might understand are those cars that drive at the highest speeds possible don't really use 1st or 2nd gear like a daily driver does.

The gear itself is going to be "tall", which means that it takes a lot more gas and higher RPM to make the car move in 1st or 2nd. Consequently, the tires will screech no matter what they do or not they won't be able to keep the engine running at such high RPM's. But what if you are drag racing? Ah yes the famous burn outs. Now let's take in consideration that they use an extremely soft compound on their tires and the purpose is to warm them up so that they become "sticky". Now look at what happens when there are going to launch for their run... Any tire spin is a fatal mistake. So are their benefits of such behavior in a normal daily driving car? That depends on your compounds.

Your tire manufacturer wants those tires to last long so that you can say you spend $200 dollars on tires and had to replace them after 6 months. So the compounds, comparatively speaking, are a lot harder. You would have to create such a burn out that you are literally destroying the tires more than you would ever want too, but if you have the money... So there it is a basic look at the pros or cons of burning rubber or burnouts. Now you’re educated and can either use our advice or throw it out the window. Leave your comments and such, or join our small community (hopefully to be big) at Spool Motorsports.

com Forums to have your say... Tell them Rex sent you.

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The most promising spaghetti straps dresses

The style of neckline holds the dress it in its proper place and provides support to it. It can be either with straps, strapless, halter, etc. Whole sole decision regarding it is yours. If straps are the choice, then again it can be of tank top style or thin spaghetti strap. Strap is a piece of material that goes over the shoulder and supports a dress. Thin spaghetti strap is the choice of many due to its womanly pattern. It possesses an exquisite quality of revealing shoulders, arms and dйcolletage. It is so lightweight that a woman does not even feel its presence on the body. The exclusive wrapping pattern of spaghetti straps is its enamoring quality. There is a trivia about spaghetti straps i. e., it is named so due to its resemblance to the pasta. But unluckily this fun and flirty thin shoulder style has the shortcoming of not enhancing busty women. It is not their style, as it gives protruding shape to them, thus looks awkward.

They should either opt for cap sleeves, off the shoulder or strapless. Thin spaghetti strap is for skinny women having thin shoulders and shapely arms. If you fit in this criterion then thin strap is there to emphasize you. This style also creates problem when worn with bra. Straps of bra are wider than them and will end up showing off your bra straps, which looks very weird. There are solutions to overcome it. For instance, do not wear bra with them but it is not a comfortable option for all. Another option is to wear strapless or adhesive bras with them. It will not be seen under them, but it also has a problem, as they do not provide the same amount of support. Mainly it troubles large bust size women. At last came a very strong solution, which has solved the problem of petite and full figure women both i. e., built in bra. Spaghetti straps dresses starts coming with built in bra, which is an appropriate solution to it. But spaghetti straps dresses do not require bras with lingeries because they do not require any kind of support. Some have in built bras but many do not have need of. Spaghetti straps dresses are perfect to be worn in parties, weddings, prom, ball, cocktail, etc. These are very adjustable in nature and can be tightened and loosed quite often as per the convenience. Regardless of so many distinguishing attributes of spaghetti straps dresses they are considered indecent in some institutions on the grounds of modesty. Spaghetti strap and other bare shouldered dresses are banned there. But this entire thing also could not lessen craze for them. Enjoy the flavor of these dresses in summers as they impart much movement to body and less strap irritation. A style that gives a complete feminine feeling.

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7 great computer user tips for windows users only

An Easy Performance Enhancement If you’re using the NTFS filing protocol on your system, instead of FAT32, you can get a bit more speed by disabling Windows® Indexing. The downside to this is that searching your drive for a specific file might take a moment or two longer, but everything else should run faster. To disable this feature open My Computer and then right click on the drive you wish to reset – usually C-drive. Now click on Properties and then uncheck “Allow Indexing Service.” It will take Windows® a few moments to accomplish this task, based on your processor speed. If you have other hard drives, perform the same process for them. After this is done, it’s a good idea to empty the Recycle Bin and then Defragment your hard drive(s). FREE Software If you have a system and it does not have an office suite, such as Microsoft Office, and you don’t want to pay several hundred dollars to have one, try Open Office. This is a great alternative to other suites, and it’s free! Simply direct your browser to openoffice. org and follow the instructions for downloading and installation. Make no mistake, this free office suite is an extremely powerful set of software tools – easily a match for any competitor. Internet Explorer (Microsoft’s Internet browser) is unarguably the standard in computers. This is why hackers develop so many malware applications to invade it. If you use a different browser, you have much less chance of an invasion by malicious software. There is a great alternative available, and it’s free. You can download a copy of Firefox at mozilla. org/products/firefox. You can even move your Internet Explorer settings into Firefox automatically – so you don’t lose your Favorites, etc. Laptop Printer Fix If you’re using a laptop that is running Windows® ME, and you’re having trouble printing through the USB, try this simple fix. Go to the website for the company that manufactures your printer. If you use a Hewlett-Packard, for example, go to HP. com and download the appropriate drivers and install them. ME has drivers that recognize the USB printer is present and attached, but not the drivers needed to make it print. Which drivers you download and install will be dependant on your printer. After installing new drivers, update the printer as necessary in the Control Panel. Save $$$ When Shopping On-line If you’re making a purchase on-line, and you know the item you want to buy, you can easily compare pricing all across the Internet. This can amount to a very substantial savings. At this writing, I went to mysimon. com and typed in that I wanted to buy a printer: a Canon PIXMA iP4000. The service instantly checked the Internet and returned prices ranging from $62.00 up to $286.00. This kind of price spread is not at all unusual, especially for computers and electronics. The My Simon website service only checks pricing, it does not provide a platform for purchasing anything, though it does link to such places. It also gives a rating for the sellers and other users’ input regarding their experiences with the company. You can order the results of the search for your product by price, so that you can quickly find the lowest price from the highest rated dealer. Windows® XP Professional Only A feature of Windows® XP Professional, that is not available in the Home Edition, is the ability to encrypt files. This encryption prevents others from opening the files in the folder you encrypt. To encrypt one or more a folders, follow these easy steps. Click Start, then My Documents. Now locate the folder you wish to encrypt and right click on it and choose Properties. On the General tab, click on Advanced. Put a tick mark in the box for Encrypt Contents to Secure Data. Click okay two times and the confirmation dialog box will appear allowing you to select the folder, the folder and all files, and/or the subfolders within it. Now you'll be able to place files in this folder (or folders) and since they're encrypted, others will not be able to access them. Internet Safety You should never reveal your username or password to anyone who e-mails you and asks for it. This information is frequently asked for by an Internet scheme called “phishing.” In a common phishing scam, you receive an e-mail that looks quite official. It usually appears to come from a bank or credit card company. A common title for these e-mails is “We need to verify your account information.” Another is “Please logon to your account and verify your settings.” If you do click where instructed, you’ll end up on a site that appears to be the real one. If you fill in the username and password for of your on-line banking account, you can expect serious problems within twenty-four hours. If you believe that a company or business that you do on-line business with really does require your information, then simply contact them. This way, you will know where you are sending your information, and what it will be used for. CD Burning Error Fix Burning music, video, and data CDs has become quite popular over the past few years, and the evolution of the supporting technology has yielded hardware and software that is better than ever – and very reasonably priced. CDs offer a great place to store substantial amounts of data in a small, easily retained format. They also give us new control over aspects of our entertainment. A relatively common error received during CD burning informs you that the CD cannot be burned, or that there was an error during burning. Of course, you could actually have a defective CD drive, but this is usually not the case. If you receive a message indicating that your CD cannot be burned, go to the website of your CD drive manufacturer. Look for the list of CD types (manufacturers/numbers) that are compatible with your device. Most often, you’ll find that your CDs are not listed. The two types that seem to have the least difficulty being burned are manufactured by Sony and TDK. These cost a bit more, but they burn very reliably. Along the same lines – H-P has introduced a new CD burner. This new burner requires the use of special CD blanks, but after you burn your data into the CD, you can flip it over and close the drive again. Then you can use the laser to burn a title for the CD directly onto the CD itself. It’s new technology, but perhaps it will catch on and we’ll see newer, better such devices in the near future.

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How to barbeque perfect bbq ribs

If you are grilling BBQ ribs on a regular charcoal grill, then you’re probably frustrated when you find that your ribs are tough instead of “meat falling off the bones” tender. If this is the case, then you can learn how to barbeque perfect ribs easily by preparing your ribs properly in advance, before you ever place them on your grill. Most master grillers prepare their ribs first, before cooking them on a charcoal grill. This is why some grillers cook perfect ribs every time. Usually at a BBQ event, guests see the cook placing the ribs on the grill, never knowing that work was done beforehand to get the ribs ready. Those new to grilling assume that the cook is just brushing sauce on the ribs, and then cooking them until done directly on the grill and this isn’t always so. To prepare your ribs, first bring a large pot of water to a boil. You should do this the day before your BBQ event or dinner. Add a bit of salt to the water, and then bring it down to a simmer. Add your ribs, cover and simmer them for 1 to 2 hours and then carefully remove them from the pot. Your ribs should be tender and juicy now, but you shouldn’t place them on the grill just yet. Place them in a large bowl, add your BBQ sauce, cover and refrigerate this overnight. This provides ample time for the ribs to marinate in the sauce, to produce that rich BBQ flavor that everyone loves so well. The next day, light your grill and let the coals die down to warm glowing embers. You should never BBQ your ribs over an open flame; this can burn the sauce and ruin the flavor of your BBQ ribs. Once the flames have died down, brush some more sauce on your ribs and place them directly on the grill. Cook for 10 minutes, brush some more sauce on the top of the ribs, turn and cook the other side for 10 minutes. Continue cooking the ribs in this fashion until they are fully done, turning your BBQ ribs every 10 minutes while adding fresh sauce at every turn. Once your ribs are done, place them on a serving platter and serve while they are still hot. Your guests will go crazy over your delicious, juicy and tender ribs. This is the proper way to cook perfect BBQ ribs. If you just throw the ribs on a grill, without preparing them first, then your ribs will be very tough and not very good no matter what type of sauce is used. BBQ sauce is used to add flavor, not to cover up inferior cooking. Don’t you owe it to yourself and to your dinner guests to go that extra mile, ensuring that your ribs are not only tasty, but also mouth watering tender? You’ll be known as the best BBQ rib griller in your area. Especially if you combine your juicy and tender ribs with your very own homemade BBQ rubs, sauce or marinades instead of using those pre-bottled sauces provided in local grocery stores.

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American women really don t like you

Any man who has dated Asian ladies who live in the United States, has witness the wrath, jealously and prejudice of American women towards Asian ladies. I know I have, as have many of my friends. The stereotypical has some merit: American women can’t compete against the Asians’ sexuality, American women feel threaten and some American women simply think Asians are stealing their men. These all bear some truth. My experience is first hand. I dated many Asian ladies and have heard the comments. If we frequent a typical American club, I have had my dates threaten by American women in the restroom. In time, Asian clubs sprung up in the United States. At an Asian club, American women are welcome. I have never seen an American lady being threaten by Asians in a typical Asian club.

It just isn’t their nature. The crowd in these clubs are usually Asian ladies and American men. There are many Asian ladies in the U. S., especially from the Philippines. A lot of these ladies arrived via meeting an American G. I. I really don’t know the percentage, but there is no doubt that most Filipina ladies have a military connection in some way. They met in the Philippines, got married, and came to the United States with their military husband. Consequently, you’ll meet Asian ladies in clubs who are married. If you mingle with Asian ladies that frequent the clubs for any length of time, you will eventually meet ladies who are unfaithful. This unfaithfulness is how Filipina ladies are branded as whores by American women. This doesn’t carry the same stigma for American women who may do the same. Hypocrisy is always evident when behaviors of the two cultures are compared. What the American GI has discovered is now catching on with non-military men. Asian dating sites have sprung up all over the internet. Some of these sites try to exploit the Asians’ sexuality. However, there are many Asian ladies who want to meet a sincere gentlemen for a relationship. As attractive as Asian ladies may be, American men are also captivated by the Asians’ behavior towards men. A man’s dream of having a wife who wants to please him, appreciates his love and treasures his efforts in making a home seems to have been found by American men in the Asian culture. You’ll hear American men call these values “traditional values” because at one time these were the values that held the American family together. The tired argument about these women being a servant to their husband, is one sided. Do these women like serving their husband? Yes, most do. But not as slaves. They are not forced to do so, but have the desire to please their man out of appreciation and love. These ladies are doing what they want to do. I repeat, they WANT to please their man, do things for him and show their appreciation. In turn, these men are happy, want to provide for their wife and have no desire to look elsewhere for this appreciation. It’s chemistry that once prevailed many years ago in the United States and has been lost in the myriad of women rights in American society. Why do Filipina women want to marry a foreigner from another country? I’m not going to argue the fact that these ladies want a better life. It’s probably true. I will argue that most women, no matter the country, want to marry in to a better life. Again, it is the hypocrisy of who you are that makes a behavior negative or not. Most women, in the United States, need to look in a mirror before judging ladies from other cultures. Besides wanting a better life, most Asian ladies want better treatment. In a Filipina lady’s eyes, men from the West treat women better then men from their country. Is there truth to this? The feed back I get from the ladies at my website is yes or at least they perceive it to be so. I’m sure the social status of your family makes a difference of how you are treated regardless of your gender, but I’m talking about the average Filipina lady. The difference is simple. In her country what she does for her man or husband is expected without appreciation. Here in the United States, most men come to expect a lady isn’t required to serve him, to want to please him, and love him for who he is. When an Asian lady does, his appreciation is certain. For an Asian lady, the man doesn’t have to be super rich or look like a movie star, just treat her well and show his love. It’s a merry-go-round with respect and love as it’s focal point. She wants to please him, he loves her for pleasing him, she loves him for showing he appreciates her love and so on. All the above words, statements and my observations have their exceptions. There is no doubt, there are bad men in every country. There is no doubt that some women only are in it for the money or to get a free pass to the United States. These are the exceptions and it is this minority that the media and others will use to blanket a whole culture in a negative light. I’m sure most of you have seen in print or on the news about “mail order bride” scandals or “mail order bride” mistreatment as if this defines all courtships and marriages that develop through the internet. If a few instances defines the standards, then just getting a marriage license in the United States should have a warning imprinted in gold. No matter if a couple met through the internet or at the neighborhood church, you have your share of scandals and mistreatment. The last culture of experts that needs to be giving advise about how to meet and marry a women is the United States – is there any other country whose divorce rate is higher? The Philippines does not condone online dating sites. For that matter, it is against the law. I’m not going to quote their law here, but it has to do with moral issues. Again hypocrisy!. If the Philippines are so worried about women rights, there are other issues they could concentrate on besides taking away a women’s right to find happiness, love and a better life for herself. She wouldn’t be looking elsewhere, if the Philippine government took care of her needs. Should I complain? Probably not, or most Filipina women would not be joining online dating sites to meet American men. My objection to this law is how it is used in the Philippines as a political vehicle rather then sincere concern for women’s rights. Hypocrisy, it is everywhere, isn’t it? I started this article to comment on why a lot of American women despise Asian women. Not all American women, but a lot. But the discrimination doesn’t stop there. It is evident in the media, politics and indeed in their own country. The people who are forgotten, are the couples themselves. Why not just ask them? If two people who found each other are happy, in love and want to be together, why does the media and politician think they know better. More then likely, it isn’t about what the couple want, but more about politics and sensationalism to sell news. Take your hatred, your narrow minded views and negative publicity elsewhere and let us find love – even if we find it on the internet.

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Roulette der unterschied zwischen amerikanischen und franzфsischen roulette

: Das Roulette ist ein Glьcksspiel, das in jeder Spielbank wieder zu finden ist. Sie wurde mit der Zeit zum Symbol der Glьcksspiele und ist ein fester Bestandteil jedes Casinos. Sowohl in Casinos als auch im Internet bildet das Roulette das beliebteste und bekanntest Casino Spiel weltweit. Das Wort Roulette ist ein franzцsisches Wort und heisst auf Deutsch „kleines Rдdchen". Roulette gibt es in zwei verschiedene Versionen. Zu den zwei bekanntesten gehцren das "Amerikanische Roulette" und das "Franzцsische Roulette".

Dabei handelt es sich eigentlich um das gleiche Spiel, mit den gleichen Spielregeln. Beide Roulette Versionen beinhalten die gleiche Roulette Bestandteile. Das Roulette, das Spiel, besteht aus einer "Roulette", die Roulettemaschine, einer Kugel und einem "Tableau", einer Tabellen Tisch mit verschiedenen Ziffern und Wettmцglichkeiten. Um den Unterschied zwischen der "Amerikanischen Roulette" und der "Franzцsischen Roulette" besser verstehen zu kцnnen, muss man zu aller erst die Geschichte des Roulettes kennen. Der Erfinder der Roulette Das Spiel Roulette wurde nicht etwa von einem Glьcksspieler oder gar Casino Spieler erfunden, nein eher von einem Mathematiker.

Um das Jahr 1649 bastelte ein anerkannter franzцsischer Mathematiker an seiner Zykloide Theorie. Sein Name war Blaise Pascal. Blaise Pascal wurde 19. Juni 1623 in Clermont-Ferrand Frankreich geboren und verstarb am 19. August 1662 in Paris. Er wuchs in einer amtsadeligen Familie auf und genoss eine wohlhabende und gute Erziehung. Blaise Pascal sollte als franzцsischer Mathematiker, Physiker, Literat und Philosoph bekannt werden. Sein mathematisches Talent war schon in seinen jьngsten Jahren nicht zu ьbersehen. Als Jьngling beeindruckte Blaise Pascal die hцheren Kreis von Mathematikern und Naturforschern um den Pиre Mersenne in Paris.

Schon im Jahre 1642 erfand Blaise Pascal seine erste Rechenmaschine, die er als die „Roue Pascale“ taufte. Roue heisst auf Franzцsisch das Rad. Die „Roue Pascale“ ermцglichte zunдchst nur Additionen, spдter auch das Subtrahieren von Zahlen. Er erhielt sogar einen Patent fьr seine Erfindung, die ihm jedoch keinen Reichtum erbrachte. In den spдteren Jahren befasste sich Blaise Pascal viel mit Zahlenordnungen, Zahlenkombinationen und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnungen. Das Thema " Gewinnchancen im Glьcksspiel" befasst ihn sehr. Um dieses Thema baute Blaise Pascal verschiedene Theorien auf und arbeitet zu groЯteils mit Wьrfelspiele.

Um aber seine Versuche und Theorien greifbarer darstellen zu kцnnen, entwarf Blaise Pascal eine weitere Maschine, die ihm bei seiner Theorien Aufstellung unterstьtzen sollte. Diese Maschine bestand aus einem sich drehenden Zylinder und genau festgelegten Zahlenfolgen und Kombinationen, dem Modell einer heutigen Roulette. Ohne es zu wissen, hatte Blaise Pascal damit den Protomodell einer bis heute legendдren Casino Spiels erfunden. Schon bald entwickelte sich die zu einst als Versuchshelfer gedachte Maschine zum weit beliebten Casino Spiel, Roulette. Die Roulette, Blaise Pascals Maschine, sollte schnell an gefallen finden und wurde an sдmtlichen Casinos ьbernommen.

In kьrzester Zeit verbreitete sich das Roulette in ganz Europa. Bis zu diesen Zeitpunkt wurde das Roulette Spiel mit den Zahlen Kombinationen "0" bis "36" gespielt, nach dem originalem Modell des Prototypen, die Maschine von Blaise Pascal. Anfang 1800 sollte das Roulette Amerika erobern. Auch auf dem Kontinent weit weg von Europa, erfreuten sich sдmtliche Spieler an die Roulette. Doch genau hier in Amerika sollte der Wandel der Roulette beginnen. Die Roulette wurde in Amerika nun mit mehr Zahlen gespielt werden. Anstatt mit nur einer Null "0" zu spielen, wurde eine weiter Zusatz Zahl in die Roulette hinzugefьgt, die Doppeltnull "00". So hatten die amerikanischen Casinos einen besseren Hausvorteil und die Spieler weniger Chancen zu gewinnen. Das "Amerikanische Roulette" wurde somit geboren.

In Europa wurde die zusдtzliche Zahl "00" abgelehnt und man behielt die klassische Version. Die Roulette mit nur einer Null "0" ist heute als das "Franzцsische Roulette" bekannt.

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How the games of today give us a glimpse of future gaming technology

I think games in the future will be even more realistic then the games we already have with our Xbox 360s and Play Station 3s. Microsoft and Sony will more than likely come out with something even more insane like a virtual game or something and that would be the game of the century. To have a virtual game that you put on but still used an Xbox or Play Station and you played shooting games like you play online today. I think that would be the best game to come out ever. If you just thought about what we have now and just think about we will have in the future you should be amazed because with graphics and games getting so much more finer in quality and look it going to be a good future. Just like I said about the virtual game thing you could have that same idea but have just sunglasses to put on and you see everything through the lenses. That would be a lightweight piece to put on yet a whole big bang of game, if you just had that and an Xbox you would be set for playing online.

That would be a whole new online experience for most gamers. I wouldn't think that anyone had ever seen anything like that before. Also people are suggesting that they would like to be able to speak with characters from the game. The whole point of the game is to play not talk is what I think. I think if you want to talk you need to get online and play a game like Counterstrike or Day of Defeat or maybe get on Xbox live and do some Gears of War or Halo 3. That's the type of games that you should want to talk on or to. If you ever go online you will see people talking online a lot and that might motivate you to get involved. It's a lot better to want to talk to other people online then talk to a character in a game that is made to answer questions that you are going to ask unless it has a brain and can speak and think on its own. I don't think something like that would come out for at least another hundred years.

If you are the one to talk then you should just go online or get an Xbox and an Xbox live account and get started playing shooting games online or play some type of role playing game. That's if you want to talk in the game that you are playing. You can still not talk and play online or on any other game. I think playing games online like Madden and sports games are fun and you don't have to talk with other people. Most people do like the idea of being able to talk with each other especially since you can talk with people from all over the world. I don't see why someone would want to talk with a game character in a game.

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How to choose a personal trainer

In the fitness industry there is a joke that goes something like this: “The reason I decided not to become a personal trainer is that I had no table waiting experience and I didn’t want to become an actor.” This may sound humorous but, unfortunately, there is a core of truth there. Because there are no strict guidelines about who can call themselves a trainer, almost anyone who has a job or career aspiration that demands a high degree of physical fitness can hang out a shingle or get a job coaching at your local gym. In fact, it is very common for an actor, sports model, or athlete to try to pick up extra money by working as a fitness instructor, especially because there is good money to be made by doing so. While these individuals may know what works for them as far as exercise and diet goes, that does not automatically qualify them to train others or to give them nutritional counseling. What Are Your Goals? The first thing you need to be clear about when considering a trainer is what goals you have in mind. Do you want someone who can design an exercise and nutritional protocol that will help you to shed 20 or more pounds? Do you want to develop greater strength and muscularity, perhaps with the guided use of protein drinks and sports supplements? Do you want to get back into shape after a pregnancy or a long period spent without exercise? Or maybe you are trying to slim down for a class reunion, wedding, or other family event. Once you are clear on what you would like to accomplish, it will be easier to find the person who has the experience and qualifications to help you get there. Where Do I Find Trainers to Interview? There are several ways to locate trainers. Word of mouth through friends, colleagues, or your family doctor are good places to start. You might also check your Yellow Pages under “Personal Trainers,” “Health Clubs,” and “Exercise and Physical Fitness.” Another great resource is the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), one of the largest nationally recognized fitness organizations ( nsca-lift. org). Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Trainer Once you have found a trainer who look promising, you need to learn as much about their qualifications as possible. The first and most important question you should ask is “What qualifies you to be a personal trainer?” NSCA and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) are two nationally recognized certifications. A background in exercise physiology, sports medicine, physical education, or anatomy and physiology are also helpful because that tells you that this individual has made a thorough study of the body and how it works. It would also be a plus if your trainer were involved in some sort of elite exercise him - or herself, such as body building. If you need nutritional guidance from a trainer, make sure that he or she has some kind of solid education and background in the subject. Ask your prospective trainer what their goals are. If they tell you they want to star in films or have their own sitcom on NBC, they are probably not the right person for you. You will also want to know the length of time a person has been working as a trainer and how many clients they have coached. The most important thing you can request are client referrals. Speaking with people who have received fitness instruction from the trainer you are considering will give you an idea whether he or she is the right person for you. Some questions you might consider asking clients are: How long have you worked with this trainer? Has he or she helped you to achieve your goals? Do you feel like this trainer makes efficient use of the time you have together? Does this trainer clearly explain each exercise to you and help you to perform it with good posture and body positioning? Have you ever been injured when working out with this trainer? Do you find him or her professional and supportive of your goals? Starting Out: What to Expect Once you have chosen a trainer, there are certain questions they should ask you and evaluations they should perform. First, they should be very clear about what your goals are and make some suggestions as to how they can help you to achieve them. Before even beginning an exercise program they should do a complete physical evaluation of your strength, range of motion, flexibility, current exercise routine (if you’ve been working out on your own), any injuries you might have sustained over the years, and any physical limitations you might have (such as a weak lower back or arthritis in your knee or shoulder joints). Once they have designed a unique program to fit your body type, level of ability, and goals, they should be able to give you clear instructions and a clear idea of how to correctly position your body on any exercise ball, machine, or with any free weights. You will only get the maximum benefit from each exercise and avoid injury if your trainer is knowledgeable about physiology. They should be able to coach you on correct posture, which includes good head, neck, shoulder, arm, lower back, hip, and leg positions for each machine or exercise. Good posture and positioning of the body will enable you to perform exercises correctly and without pain. If something is hurting you or you feel undue strain, stop immediately and communicate this to your fitness instructor. Improving your level of fitness takes effort, endurance, and consistency, but not to the point of strain or injury. A good workout program should include enough sets and repetitions of each movement to challenge you and to fully work each body part. If you are doing two sessions per week with a trainer, they should spend one on upper body and abdominals and the second session on lower body and abdominals. In other words, they should thoroughly work each section of the body and allow it enough time to recover in between workouts. Warning Signs There are certain behaviors you should be aware of that might indicate that a trainer is not being as professional as they should be with a client. A trainer should be a good listener, always attentive to your goals. If your trainer is constantly using a lot of “I” and “me” statements, they are not making good use of your time together. They should be focused on your needs, your progress, and what you require. A good trainer should always respect emotional boundaries. Beware of trainers who want to tell you their life story, ask you for advice in their career, or pour out their heartaches and stories about their love life. You are their client, not their therapist. It is equally time-wasting to work with a trainer who encourages you to take about your own problems. In such a situation is it easy to feel sucked dry emotionally and talk your way through your hour, instead of getting the full workout you are there to do. We are all human and have our ups and downs—and we mention them from time to time—but this should first and foremost always be a professional relationship from which you need to get a certain amount of value for your physique. Lastly, a good trainer should always keep upgrading your workout. If weeks go by and someone is still having you do the same amount of sets and reps with the same amount of weight, they are not helping you to make progress. The body will eventually acclimate itself to any exercise routine and it needs to be continually challenged. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to find a trainer who will help you to meet your goals and improve your physique, energy levels, and general health. Good luck!

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Coconut oil more than the average saturated fat

Origin: Southeast Asia, South America, New Zealand and India Description: Known as Sanskrit “the tree which provides all the necessities of life”, the Coconut Palm yields 50-75 coconuts per year and not a part of it goes unused. Coconut water contains sugars, fiber, protein, anti-oxidants and a variety of vitamins and minerals. The sap from cutting the flowers from the tree is used to make a drink called “toddy”. The fibrous husk from the tree, the coir, is used in many things including ropes, mats, brushes and potting soil. If you no longer need a coconut tree, the apical bud of an adult tree can be eaten as “palm-cabbage”, and the “heart of the palm” is a delicacy in gourmet salads. The ‘no longer’ clause due to consuming these will kill the tree. And of course, there is the white meat of the nut that can be eaten directly or used to make coconut milk, coconut cream, and coconut oil of which we will focus today. Benefits: Researchers have increasingly revisited the health benefits of coconut oil. The findings have associated it with many healthful benefits starting with weight loss due to the medium length of the fatty acid chains (aka MCT’s). Though it is considered a saturated fat, coconut oil is a different structure from the notorious saturated animal fats, and even offers benefits not available in the longer chained plant oils. The medium length of the coconut's fatty acid chain enables rapid breakdown in digestion as well as ease of use when burned for energy. These same MCT’s, along with monoglycerides, are found primarily in coconut oil and breast milk and contribute toward well-being, which includes a role in thyroid health. It has tested well in helping prevent hypothyroidism due to its evasion of rancidity. Studies show that rancidity is harmful to the thyroid as well as many cells throughout the body. (The plant oils used by mainstream food manufacturers have a high propensity toward rancidity and must be processed through hydrogenation into trans-fatty acids.) Another benefit of using coconut oil is that it supports the suppression of Candida (aka, yeast) in the digestive system. While yeast commonly inhabits your digestive system, it is kept controlled due to the body’s presence of probiotics (aka “good” bacteria). In the event the person starts taking antibiotics, prescription medications, birth control pills or maintains a poor diet and experiences daily stress, Candida yeast begins to fiercely outnumber the good bacteria, causing evidence of infection. Also, digestive disorders such as Crohn's disease and IBS can have positive results from one consuming coconut oil. The MCTs will not only be easily digested, but will also assist in the absorption of the nutrients from other foods. Blurb: While time may be limited on the amount of pampering a mother can do for herself, there are steps that can be taken to look our best and coconut oil is here to help. Coconut oil is used for treating damaged hair, dry scalp and pimples, moisturizing dry and aging skin, and enabling anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral effects throughout the body. It has also shown great reduction of keratosis polaris, rosacea and psoriasis. You do not have to pay absorbent fees for beauty products. Instead, buy a large jar of the solid oil and use it directly on the appropriate area as well as ingesting it for overall well being…it tastes great and goes down smooth! Coconut Oil (1 Tbsp) Calories: 119 Fat: 14g (Sat. Fat 12g) Information found at http:// coconut-info. net and http://en. wikipedia. org

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Sleep aids

Sleep aids are required by millions of people on a regular basis. The most common way to deal with the less serious sleep problems is to go to the doctors, who invariable offers sleeping pills, which do work for many people. However there are many more sleep aids that will help you to tackle sleep problems in a more organic and holistic way. Sleep is a necessary and vital biological function. It is essential to a person’s physical and emotional well being. Studies show that without enough sleep, a person’s ability to perform declines dramatically. It is estimated that 50 percent of the adult population is sleep deprived and these people would benefit from some good information about the many sleep aids that are available. In general it is important to get between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day. All though sleep requirements vary from person to person. Since we now know how important sleep is for us individually and for the productivity of society as a whole, it is important that we start counting those sheep. Incidentally, counting sheep is a very effective sleep aid that as been around for hundreds of years and it does work. The stress that may be attributed to longer work hours and increased commute times, unfortunately contributes to insomnia and other sleep disorders. Also some medical problems that can lead to insomnia are: 1) Over-activity of the thyroid gland, 2) Depression and/or anxiety, 3) Allergies, 4) Any illness, injury or surgery that causes pain, 5) Sexual problems, 6) Urinary, gastrointestinal or neurological disorders and 7) Side effects of certain medications. There are other things that can lead to insomnia, such as, emotional stress, stimulants, lack of physical exercise, or the lack of a sex partner. If you believe you are suffering insomnia from one or more of these reasons, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Even if you are not an insomniac, but just having some difficulty sleeping, there are many sleep aids that can help you get a good night sleep. Some of the sleep aids and helpful guides are listed below: * Avoid caffeine of all forms after lunchtime. * Avoid long naps during the day. * Avoid more than two alcohol servings at dinnertime. * Take a warm bath before bed. * Read a book or do a tedious activity (avoid T. V.). * Make your bedroom comfortable. * Develop a bedtime routine * Count sheep (again repetition). * Herbal sleep aids, prescribed by a professional herbalist * Melatonin * Acupuncture * Massage * Relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga * Reiki healing Do not take sleep medications unless prescribed by your physician. Try these time-tested sleep aids. If they do not work, then this may be an indication that you may have a more serious, medical condition. Therefore, consult your physician when possible.

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Creatine the natural bulk muscle builder

Creatine is a natural substance found in the body, therefore, is not classified as a drug. It is legal to use in the US and most other countries as it is considered a food supplement. Many athletes who want to remain legal and yet gain muscle bulk and energy, use creatine instead of steroids. Creatine is made up of three different amino acids - Arginine, Glycine and Methionine. These are produced in the kidneys and pancreas. The liver takes these three and combines them into creatine.

A person can also utilize more creatine by adding certain foods to their diet such as fish and beef. However, one could never eat enough of these alone to make a noticeable difference in the body. Creatine is used by most athletes today because it does basically three things. First of all, it pulls fluid into the muscles, thus hydrating the muscles. The more you workout, the more you sweat, the more dehydrated your muscles become. Simply put, creatine keeps the muscles wet and working.

Secondly, creatine enhances actual muscle growth, making muscle fibers bigger and stronger. Thirdly, creatine helps reserve and increase muscle energy by regenerating the muscles' ultimate energy source, ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The result is that you can workout longer, with greater energy output and quicker reflexes. In double blind placebo studies, creatine has been proven to increase energy levels, resulting in increased strength, endurance levels, and recovery rates. Another benefit of creatine was discovered as well: creatine accelerates fat loss, while building lean body mass!

Muscle mass can be significantly increased in as little as two weeks. Strenuous athletic workouts dehydrate the body, tire the muscles and quickly deplete energy levels. Creatine overcomes all of these hindrances to fitness and bodybuilding by keep the muscles hydrated, building muscle size and giving that extra energy needed for a longer workout or a demanding athletic event. The result is a longer more energetic workout resulting in a bigger, stronger body with greater stamina and endurance. Now you know why athletes use this on a regular basis. At this time, clinical studies have not revealed any side effects of using a creatine supplement.

The muscles naturally contain 3.5 to 4 grams of creatine per kilogram of muscle. The muscles can hold up to 5 grams of creatine. Thus, you can increase your available creatine 25 - 30% by taking an additive. By taking 5 grams of creatine daily you are giving your body the maximum amount it can store and actually utilize. Any more than this will be excreted as waste. Most supplement companies recommend a procedure called loading where you take in about 20 - 30 grams per day for the first week of so. This is supposed to saturate your muscles with creatine. Although this may allow you to see results a little more quickly, it is not absolutely necessary.

Another good idea is to cycle the creatine, that is, to take the creatine for a month and then quit for a week and repeat. The theory behind this is that if you are taking in sufficient amounts of creatine, then the body might decide to quit making it naturally. This is a good idea to implement with all supplements as your body can either quit making the natural product or become immune to its effects. Since creatine has not really been on the market long enough to know it long use effect, it is better to stay on the safe side.

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Home decorating with a nautical theme

Home Decorating With a Nautical Theme For those who love the sea and everything it represents there is no better theme to bring into their home decorating plans than a nautical theme. The theme itself is perfectly lovely and suitable for homes and homeowners that are not so in love with the mystery and romance of the deep blue sea. For those who do love the idea of sailing off into the sunset however, this is an excellent choice for home decorating. There are many ways that a creative mind can incorporate a nautical theme into the home decorating plans. One of these ways is by using darkly stained wainscoting for the lower half of your walls along with a chair rail in order to imitate the wooden interior of finer sailing vessels. This imitates the interior of a sailboat and some powerboats. This is an impressive addition in most homes and quite ambitious in some as it is not the least expensive method of decorating. The effects however are stunning when used for this purpose. Another great idea is to use a marine shade of blue for curtains and window coverings and have them made of the same type of materials that sail covers are made of on a sailboat. If you are truly ambitious you could elect to paint the walls in this marine shade of blue and select another color for the curtains or wooden blinds instead. However, white walls are perfectly acceptable when it comes to creating the look and feel of the interior of a boat. Rope is another great tool to use in order to make the nautical theme a bit more authentic. You can twine rope around picture frames, candleholders, and all manner of other things in order to incorporate the rope into the room without having it look out of place. If you are truly ambitious you could even string a hammock in some forgotten corner of the room in order to hold coats in the wintertime or merely to authenticate the theme to some degree. Portals, clocks, barometers, and such make excellent art in a nautical themed room. Other great additions would include items such as seashells, sand dollars, model boats, and artwork depicting the sea. For many, this is where we feel most at home, we derive our inspiration, and we literally feel as though we can truly commune with Mother Nature. No nautical themed room or home is complete without a lighthouse to guide weary sailors home at the end of a long journey. Do not neglect an important feature such as this in your nautical themed home decorating ventures and purchases. If you are lost as to how to subtly incorporate this into your room you may want to look up a talented artist by the name of Thomas Kincaid. He is known as the painter of light and has managed to capture the essence of lighthouses in a manner that no other artist has been able to duplicate. One of his paintings would make an excellent addition to your nautical theme. A nautical theme for home decorating is a great way to go for many families and for many reasons. All in all it isn't the most expensive of decorative themes though it isn't by any means the least expensive either. The good news is that there are very few absolutely right or wrong ways in which to achieve the look and atmosphere you are hoping to achieve. 581

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Granite counter tops part ii

When you are looking for a counter top that is very versatile and beautiful you are going to want to look at the granite counter tops. That is one way that you would be proud to have it in your home for some added dйcor to the kitchen so that you are able to match up the colors in the room. In addition, you will be able to have all the room in the kitchen for any and all of the appliances that need to be placed on the counter top. Unless you end up buying all new appliances that, you can have under the counter so that everyone will be able to see the granite counter top that you have in your kitchen. When you are looking for a granite counter top you are going to want take your time when choosing a color and contrast of the counter top for your home. That way you will know that they granite counter top that you have chosen will be perfect for the look that you want in the kitchen. In addition, when you are taking your time to choose granite counter top you will be able to talk about how all the different counter tops are not like the granite counter top that you have chosen for yourself. That may be one big advantage to designing your kitchen your self instead of hiring someone else to do it. So it is all done with your personality and color scheme that you would like to see together.

With all the different granite, counter tops that are out there you are going to be sure to find the one that is going to be perfect for your dйcor in the kitchen. The only problem with buying a granite counter top you may end up purchasing all new appliances, puts and pans, plus dish towels for the kitchen so that you are not placing the old pots and pans and the old dish towels on the new granite counter top that you have in place now in your kitchen. Then you are going to want to make sure that everything in your kitchen is going to match all the different items that are in your kitchen. That way there, you are going to be able to be the talk of the town at your get together to show off your new granite counter top in the kitchen.

That may even be away that you are going to be on top of the rest of your friend because you chose a beautiful granite counter top for your remodeled kitchen. You will know that it is all because of the granite counter top that you chose for your kitchens dйcor that you have chosen.

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Color laser printers of today

The next printer you will ever want in your desk is a color laser printer. It is likely you would want to forget about inkjet printers already. They are cheap and the manufacturers know about that. Do you already have a black and white laser printer? This is the kind of printer that is best for home office.

Cheap and guilt-free printing with higher qualities reserved for larger office. The price is just right for the home models too. You can almost buy your own printer for the cost of a black and a color ink cartridge. What about color laser jet printers? Color laser jet works just like a black printer except that it has 4 toner cartridges. Each one has its own life. Photo printing is a must these days. It is obvious you want to print your pictures without the fear of using up all the ink. Digital cameras are rampant but getting the right quality perfect photo is the biggest challenge with these things. Then came laser jet printers.

Speed is the biggest consideration in printing. This is seen most especially in the offices. Seems everything has to speed up to keep up with the fast-paced world. Here is the scope. The price is affordable enough and if you think of the advantage that it can do for you, you would no dwell much on comparing it with other printers. If you are after the pages that can be printed in minutes, laser printers would be your choice. 8 pages per minute, no less. What’s more, some of the printers are already network ready for the home and office use. Many other kind of printers print with the same speed and also have high memories. But the problem is that they are not network ready. With the internet being a major source of communication, it is no wonder that people would want their computers and printers network ready to be connected anywhere. The combination of price and quality is really hard to beat. These are the factors that printers are basing their printers nowadays. With the competition everywhere and everybody wanting to beat the latest in the computer industry, no wonder printer manufacturers are always thinking of the latest in innovative but quality-wise printers. Is color laser printers the newest addition to the technology of today, who knows? Maybe for the moment. Until someone can think of a better model. For comments and inquiries about the article visit http:// losangelesprintingservice. com

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