Selling art online does it work

If you are interested at all in art and photography, you will no doubt have noticed the huge number of impressive looking online galleries all over the internet. Judging by the numbers of signed up artists and photographers they seem extremely popular. But do these online galleries actually sell the work they display? Well yes, quite often. It is a fact that many artists do very well selling art and photography on the internet. However, as with any offline gallery, showing work simply provides the opportunity to be seen by a larger audience thereby increasing chances of making sales.

That said, the internet is a gateway to a worldwide audience and by joining an online gallery an artist has the potential of tapping into it. A word of caution though; some galleries are far easier to find than others. This is very important because no matter how attractive the layout of an online gallery appears, if customers can't find it then the artwork is not going to be seen. So where are the best places to sell art online? Well, there are now many options open to both professional and aspiring artists and photographers. It all depends on individual objectives.

For high visibility, joining one of the larger online galleries who get many thousands of visitors daily might be a wise consideration. A visitor count is usually provided somewhere on the homepage of these sites. There are some excellent ones to choose from but each is slightly different in terms of selection and joining procedures, how they assist in promoting work and how work is displayed on the website. Also, attention should be paid to areas such as who takes payment for work sold and how money is received after a sale. Commission taken from a sale is another important factor and can vary from 0% to 40+%. Can one really make any money from selling art online then? The short answer to that is 'probably'. A good indication is whether the art sells in the 'real' world or not. If it does, then it is likely to be also successful online. If an artist hasn’t yet ventured into selling, then there is nothing to lose by dipping a toe in the water by joining an online gallery. One place to test the waters is eBay but another word of caution here. If work is already selling at top end prices, it is very unlikely that these can be commanded on eBay. It is very important to avoid dropping prices for the purposes of selling on eBay too, or anywhere else online for that matter. Current customers won't like it. It devalues their purchases and also makes them feel they have been ripped off by paying higher prices. That said, some artists are making a good living on eBay with its phenomenal number, and still growing, of daily visitors. What about fine art and photography prints, do they sell well online? Well, yes actually! Very well. In fact it would be fair to say that although the art print market is very competitive online, with huge websites offering everything from impressionist style canvases to Disney posters, there is still room for original art and fine art photography prints. The fact is that whilst people may be hesitant to spend a huge amount of money on an original artwork without seeing it 'in the flesh', prints are a safer gamble as they are much more affordable. As more and more people become comfortable with shopping online for a variety of goods, this can only help online art sales too.

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Preparing your house for the baby

Getting ready for a newborn is very much exciting. There is so much to do to keep your baby comfortable and happy that sometimes you might not know where to begin. You have to make your house cosy, clean, and comfortable for the baby that is safe from any hazards or harmful illness. Here are some tips to help prepare your house for your new arrival. 1. It is important to make your home and surrounding child safe. Child’s curiosity knows no bounds and they grow very fast. Put all sharp objects in a place where the child cannot reach. Keep all electrical fittings covered. You may need to buy a special car seat for your new baby. 2. Store all chemicals up and away, properly sealed and labelled. Commonly used substances like detergent, aftershave, alcohol can be toxic to the baby. A locked storage space like high cabinets is best. 3. Disconnect electrical rollers, hair dryers from the plug point, when not in use. Look at your corners, there may lay some unnecessary wires, sockets etc. Throw them away. 4. Store all the plastic wrapping materials, dry cleaning bags, plastic food wrap away from the children. They are a common cause of suffocation. 5. You may require a cradle for the baby to sleep beside you after birth. A diaper changing table you may need-a firm hard table with a soft mattress that you can the little one while changing diaper. It is better if you add some drawers to it so that you can keep baby’s clothes, creams, shampoos, medicines inside it. 6. It will be difficult for you to feed, change the baby at night, so you may find it safer and more practical to have a few well-placed lights. 7. When you are buying toys, make sure they do not have small parts or sharp edges. Rattles, squeeze toys and teethers in big sizes are good for the baby. 8. You may want to purchase a pram to take your newborn for a leisurely walk. Be sure to buy furniture that is flame resistant 9. Even if you breastfeed the baby, you may need baby bottles, a sterilizer to keep it sterile and a formula milk for emergency. 10. You will need some linen items, and baby clothes to keep your baby warm and comfortable. You may need several sets a day. . With today’s hectic schedule, having a newborn baby can feel overwhelming for parents. Preparation will make it easier.

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Danger danger 5 tips for using a public pc

: There's a guy in New York who may have got into your personal business. If he did, he probably looted your online bank account. Juju Jiang is serving time now after pleading guilty. But for a couple years, he bugged public computers with software that logged keystrokes. He used it to capture usernames and passwords. Some he used to steal money; others he sold on the web. He got caught when he manipulated a victim's home computer while she was present. She watched incredulously as he methodically searched her computer. He was using GoToMyPC, which allows travellers to manipulate their computers from afar. The victim had used GoToMyPC previously from a public machine. Jiang stole her username and password. Spying software can easily be placed on public computers, such as those in Internet cafés, airports, libraries and other public places. With spying software, a criminal can grab your passwords and usernames. Ultimately, you could lose your money or have your identity stolen. That should tell you enough to be wary of public PC terminals. Software is Unobtrusive Spies usually use software because it is invisible to the untutored eye. Hardware to do virtually the same thing also can be used, by placing it between the keyboard and computer. But using it is too obvious in a public place.

The software programs, however, can record a victim's every keystroke. The keystroke loggers can then e-mail the collected information on a set schedule. Or it can be downloaded. Other software programs take screen shots of places you go. These, too, send their collected information via e-mail. The spying programs are inconspicuous. Unless you know how to look for them, you'll never see them. But don't forget there are other threats besides spy programs. Here's how to stay safe: Here are five things to consider when you sit down in front of a strange computer: Check for Spy Programs Download X-Cleaner Spyware Remover at spywareinfo. com. Put it on a floppy disk.

If the public computer you use has a floppy drive, insert the disk and run X-Cleaner from the floppy to check the hard drive. You do not have to install X-Cleaner. Erase Your Tracks When you use an internet browser, it keeps records of where you went. When you finish surfing with Microsoft Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options. On the General tab, click Delete Files and Delete Cookies.

Then click Clear History. If you're using Netscape Navigator, it's a little more complicated. Follow these steps. • Check the settings before going online.

Click Edit and Preferences. Click the arrow next to Navigator and select History. On the right, find Browsing History. Change "Remember visited pages" to 0. • Click on the arrow next to Privacy and Security. Select Disable Cookies and Disable Cookies in Mail and Newsgroups. • When you finish surfing, click Edit and Preferences. Click the arrow next to Navigator. Click Clear History and Clear Location Bar. Go to Privacy and Security on the left side and click the arrow. Select Cookies. Click Manage Stored Cookies. On the Stored Cookies tab, click Remove All Cookies. • Now go to Advanced, in the left-hand panel. Click the Arrow and click Cache. Click Clear Memory Cache and Clear Disk Cache. Protect Your Passwords Browsers also track passwords. Before going on the web, if you're using Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options . On the Content tab, click AutoComplete.

Clear the four boxes. When you finish surfing, again click Tools > Internet Options . Go to the Content tab and click AutoComplete . Click Clear Forms and Clear Passwords. If you're using Netscape, click Edit and Preferences . Click the arrow next to Privacy and Security . Click Passwords . Clear the box next to Remember Passwords . When you finish browsing, click Passwords again, under Privacy and Security. Click Manage Stored Passwords.

Select the Passwords Saved tab and click Remove All. Netscape has a feature similar to AutoComplete. It saves data entered into forms. To disable that, under Privacy and Security, click Forms. Uncheck "Save form data from Web pages when completing forms." When you finish browsing, return to the Forms page. Click Manage Stored Form Data. Click Remove All Saved Data. Cleaning out the browser will ensure that no one can track your surfing or grab your passwords with saved data. But a keystroke-logging program will still catch your passwords. Probably the best password protection is a temporary password. Use it while you're on the road, then discard it. Don't Rely on Encryption There are a number of encryption packages on the market. They can be used to encrypt email. However, they encrypt the mail when the Send button is clicked. That's too late if a key-logging program is on the computer. It will make a record of the password and message as it is being written. Use Some Common Sense Public computers may be secure. But you really have no way of being sure. You can secure your home or business computer, but you can't be certain of what has been done with a public machine. Approach these machines with care.

Don't do any banking or stock trading on them if you can avoid it. Avoid credit-card transactions. Use a temporary password if you must check your email. And ask your system administrator how to "expire page views." If you're just surfing, that should not be a problem. But avoid sensitive business if you can. There might be a Juju Jiang watching.

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Credit over the limit

Imagine you had a credit card was a $500 limit, and in the run-up to Christmas, you nearly maxed out your card. Before taking that last shopping trip of the season, you went online to check your balance and saw that you had $19 of available credit. "No matter," you say to yourself, "I'll pay the balance in full when I get my Christmas bonus from the office." The only other charge you made was for a couple of mochachinos at the local coffee house, but two days later you were shocked to learn that you somehow went over your credit limit! Worse yet, your card company hit you with a $29 fee! The Mochachino That Broke the Camel's Back This can happen a lot easier than you might expect. In the above example, you may have recently "paid at the pump." Oftentimes a gas station charges your card only $1 at the point-of-purchase and applies the remainder of the charge to your card later that day (or the next day). Let's say you had $17 in gas that you forgot about. That would reduce your available credit to $3 ($19 - $17 + $1 for the refunding of the temporary charge). Then when you bought two $2.50 drinks, you pushed your balance to $502, exceeding your credit limit by $2, and receiving a whopping $29 fine. It happens all the time. The real question should be, "Why do credit card companies let this happen?" After all, couldn't they just reject your card at the coffeehouse? The gas station reserves the funds on your card even before it charges them, so shouldn't you not be able to buy the coffee and go over your credit limit? It depends. Some people would find this embarrassing fate more horrible than the $29 over-limit fee, particularly if the second coffee was for a romantic interest or client. But the reality is that credit card companies exist in the world to make money. There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to be aware of the fees and expenses associated with your card and do your best to avoid them. Tips for Avoiding Over-Limit Fees 1. Use a separate card for your gas purchases. Since "pay at the pump" can distort your true balance, it is wise to use one card exclusively for gas. This can be an actual gas card or just a regular card card that you designate as your own gas card. It might be okay to have some recurring charges (cable bill, subscription charges, etc.) also on the card, but don't use it to make "discretionary" purchases. If you have $200 of recurring charges on your card and you typically spend $80 a month on gas, this means you'll only need a card with a $300 limit. Then again, $500 would be better for a little cushion in case you spend more on gas - either because you take a trip or because gas prices to through the roof! 2. Check your balance on a daily basis. If you maximize the benefits of your credit cards by nearly maxing them out each month and then paying off the balance in full, then you need to spend a little more time making sure managing your cards. Check your balance online every day and look at the itemized charges. Sometimes charges don't show up right away, so be on the lookout for anything that's missing. And if you do use your card for gas, make sure you keep your gas receipts so you know how much you really spent when your statement still says "$1." The Real Cost of Exceeding Your Limit No one likes paying $29 extra for a couple of coffees, but the even greater cost of going over your credit limit is the damage it does to your credit. Many card companies begin charging you the maximum interest after just one overage - and not the card you went over on. An entirely unrelated company might also jack up your interest rate, even though you've always paid your bills on time with them, so do everything you can to avoid going over. Credit cards are wonderful tools, but they come with serious responsibilities. You should be using a credit card to your advantage - whether that means getting an interest-free loan every month by paying your balance off in full, or just the simple security and satisfaction that having extra buying power at your fingertips can bring. But when you start paying $29 fees and higher interest, you are letting the powerful tool wield itself against you. Be a smart consumer, but also check the over-limit fees and practices of cards before you sign up for them. No one intends on exceeding their credit limit, but it does happen to most people, so be aware! Sincerely, James

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Berkely california real estate

Berkeley, California, is located in Alameda County, 11 miles NE of San Francisco, California. Berkeley is a vibrant, intellectually-energetic city with a population of 102,743. At its center is the world-renowned University of California at Berkeley, home to current and would-be Nobel prize winners, several cultural and art museums, performing arts, and the Golden Bears football team. Home to ‘California Cuisine’ – a neoclassical style of cooking that incorporates fresh, seasonal ingredients--a term invented at Chez Panisse, the legendary restaurant in North Berkeley founded by famed chef Alice Waters. Berkeley Homes Homes in Berkeley reflect the eclectic and diverse style of its residents, from popular Arts and Crafts era bungalows nestled in the Berkeley Hills to newly restored Victorians that surround the university and downtown areas. Designer of the Hearst Castle in San Simeon and California’s first female architect Julia Morgan firmly set her roots here, and you can still see her historic buildings—designated as landmarks—throughout Berkeley, including the Berkeley City Club and the Julia Morgan Theatre—a small arts production company. Berkeley properties pool is 44,955 residential properties which include newly built properties. The median age of real estate in Berkeley is 1941, with an average Household size of 2.84 people. 8% are one bedroom homes, 31% are 2 bedroom homes, 36% are 3 bedroom homes, 18% are 4 bedroom homes, and 7% are 5+ bedroom homes. Berkeley Mortgage Statistics Homes With No Mortgage - 29% Homes With Mortgage - 71% First Mortgage Only - 54% First & Second Mortgage or HELOC - 18% Berkeley Area Real Estate Tax p>Berkeley Real estate Tax: Median Real Estate Taxes (2000) were $3,004 comparing to 1999 Median Family income $ 70,434. Compare to USA median yearly Real Estate Tax $1,300 and USA median Family Income $42,000 (1999). Berkeley School District: Berkeley has a wide range of private and public schools that boast one of the nation’s highest test scores and attrition rates. Among them is the unique Ecole Bilingue which specializes in a French immersion program for children up to age 14. Children make up 14.1% of Berkeley’s population and a dizzying number of cultural and extra-curricular programs are available to them year-round. Berkeley has 14,513 of under 18 years old residents, or 0.27 kids per one worker, or 0.32 kids per one household. Berkeley Real Estate & Berkeley Homeownership There are 17082.9 or 38% one person households, 15284.7 or 34% two person households, and 6293.7 or 14% three person households in Berkeley, California. Median residents age is 32.5, Senior citizens (65+) make up 10,484 or 10.2%% of Berkeley population. Large employees abound in Berkeley, including the University of California, the Bayer Corporation, and the Power Bar company to name a few. There are 54,674 workers (over 16 years of age) in Berkeley. Of these, 52.83% drive to work. Approximately 18.58% of workers in Berkeley take public transportation. An estimated 14.9% walk to work, taking advantage of beautiful and much-needed civic improvements such as the new pedestrian bridge that links the Berkeley Marina and the shoreline to the city. Berkeley—with its proximity to San Francisco—and a year-round temperate climate makes it a popular place in which to live, work, and thrive. Median Berkeley homeowner's housing expenses are 20.8% Crime in Berkeley (2003), crimes per 10,000 residents per year Violent Crimes - 90.13 Robberies - 39.13 Aggravated Assaults - 48.86Property Crimes - 846.29 Burglaries - 121.18 Larceny-Thefts - 605.1 Motor Vehicle Thefts - 120.01 Invest in Berkeley Properties When making a decision about buying real estate in Berkeley California area, you should consider the city’s vast ethnic diversity. These statistics indicate a high level of multiculturalism and tolerance. Events that celebrate the city’s many different ethnic communities include the now institutional“How Berkeley Can You Be” and an annual Native American Pow Wow. Near Medium City - Near Large City - San Francisco, California Berkeley Zip Codes - 94702, 94703, 94704, 94705, 94706, 94707, 94708, 94709, 94710 Berkeley Area Codes - 510 White population - 59.17% African-American population - 13.63% Asian - 16.39% American Indian & Alaskan - {-}% Hispanic (of any race) - 9.73% Median Family Income (1999) - $ 70,434% Population Below Poverty Level - 18.97%

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Finding a mortgage in louisville

Louisville, Kentucky is a charming city located in the heart of the Bluegrass State. The University of Louisville is noted for its academic prowess as well as for fielding several top sports teams including football and Men's basketball teams. Homeowners enjoy the area because of its smaller city feel coupled with a big university influence. Your mortgage Louisville awaits you if you seek to live in this historic city. Mortgage Louisville consists of those companies offering lending options to local residents. There are several ways to find out which Mortgage Louisville companies are available to you. Here are some suggestions.

1. Your phone book. The yellow pages lists businesses in Louisville that provide mortgages for qualified homeowners. Among the companies listed with be mortgage brokers, banks, credit unions, savings and loan associations, thrift institutions, and mortgage companies. 2. Your Network. Friends, family members, work associates, and just about anybody you meet can be helpful in your quest to locate Mortgage Louisville companies. Ask your neighbors who they used. 3. Your Realtor. The person selling your home may already have a list of Mortgage Louisville companies. A good realtor will present this list to you before you even have a chance to ask for it! 4. Your Employer. If your company is well known in the community, they are likely well connected and can help steer you in the right direction. 5. Your Church. Many churches and other nonprofit organizations are there to help you spiritually as well as with your temporal needs. 6. The Internet. Yes, a search of the internet will more than likely turn up some terrific results. Enter “Mortgage Louisville” in the search parameters and top institutions are likely to turn up in the results or in the ads that are served up with the results. 7. The Better Business Bureau. Yes, your local business association will know exactly who the top lenders are in Louisville. They can also warn you away from those who have had complaints against them. Your new home is your treasure and with a little bit of research and an inquisitive mind, you will turn up Mortgage Louisville companies in short order. Start your search today and be in your house before the next basketball season begins!

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Finding the best credit card

When you start your hunt for the best credit card what you're really searching for is the best credit card for your particular situation and needs. You may, for instance, be someone whe travels a lot for business or pleasure. Travel credit card discounts may be the best credit card option for you. You may be someone who has bad credit. There are credit cards especially designed for folks like you - these would be the best credit card options for your circumstances. If you are a shopaholic, for example, the best credit card for you might be one that gives rewards in the way of incentives and percentages back on purchases. Of course, there are some things that make a card the best credit card for many, if not most, credit card users. These are the ones with the lowest APR (annual percentage rate) and the lowest annual rate. Some cards - in fact, many - have no annual rate at all. One such card may prove to be the best credit card for you, assuming that there aren't hidden fees that ultimately cost you more than you've saved in lower APR or annual fee. Keep in mind, though, that the better your credit history, the lower the APR you're going to find on a credit card. If your credit is poor the best credit card you're going to find, unfortunately, is going to be one with a higher than average APR. That is, until you improve your credit standing. There are alternative credit cards for this situation, too. Other factors to consider in determining the best credit card for you is whether you generally pay off your credit card debt each month or whether you carry over a balance each time. The reason this is an important factor in deciding the best credit card for you is that some credit cards offer a grace period on this carryover - others do not, and, in fact, tack on hefty penalties for doing so. Fleet, AFB Industrial and Wachovia Bank all have twenty day grace periods on their credit cards - clearly the best credit card choice for those who don't pay the balance each month. All other factors being equal, of course. Another best credit card factor to be considered is whether you typically use your credit card for cash advances. This rate can vary considerably, and some even have no fee attached to a cash advance request. This, like anything else, depends on credit rating. USAA's best credit card offer for cash advances, for example, is a free cash advance. It's highest percentage fee is nine percent. Fleet and Wachovia both charge four percent. The other important factor in determining your best credit card is how much traveling you do. If you're flying the friendly skies on a regular basis a credit card that lets you rack up credits for each flight you take may save you more than opting for one that doesn't whose APR is lower, or the annual fee less costly.

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Gaining commitment or compliance from your team some guidelines for team decision making

Copyright 2006 The National Learning Institute Rob worked as a qualified, but junior physiotherapist in a busy hospital. He along with three of his colleagues were asked by their manager to discuss amongst themselves how they would like their rosters to be organised (i. e. who would do what shifts etc.) and put forward their proposal. Rob and his colleagues were very happy with their final choices as they had considered all of their personal and professional needs and felt that their decision was the best for all. A day before the new rosters were to start, Rob found out by rumour during his lunch break that their roster recommendations were not to be implemented. Worse still, the rosters decided on by their manager did not suit any of the four. This decision by their manager resulted in a severe lowering of morale within the team and created a culture of mistrust with management. In future, they would be very wary of any suggestion from management. Ever been a member of a work team where the manager threw a difficult problem over to the team to solve only to see the manager implement a completely different decision to that of the team? If the implemented solution affected the ongoing congruence and cohesiveness of the team, how did this make you feel? Why does this happen and is it a legitimate management strategy for group decision making? Often this occurs because the manager does not understand the importance and nature of group decision making within teams. It can also occur because of the manager’s feeling of comfort with one particular style of group decision making irrespective of the circumstances or context of the problem. Decision making within groups ranges on a continuum from “by the leader with little or no discussion” through to “complete consensus”. Here are the stages along that continuum: • By the leader with little or no discussion • By the leader following group consultation • By an “expert” (either within the group or advice received by the group) • Averaging (e. g. using a mathematical process to assess options, then averaging) • By a minority (can be through personal or positional power) • By majority vote • Consensus Surprisingly, each has its place and can be a very successful method. As a manager, the method of group decision making you decide on, depends on whether you want commitment or compliance from your team. Of the seven methods, only “consensus” is most likely to produce commitment to the team decision. Using the other six methods will bring compliance (because you are the manager). Commitment will then depend on: • How well you are perceived as a leader • How effective (for all concerned) is the final decision Much has been written by managerial experts about the “appropriateness” for managers to use consensus decision making in order to build staff morale. This is also supported by the study of jury decision making where it has been found that juries required to make unanimous decisions consider the evidence more carefully and thoroughly and report higher levels of juror confidence in the ultimate decision, than juries operating a majority verdict system (American Judicature Society http:// ajs. org/jc/juries/jc_decision_research. asp) Managers should also consider that although it generally takes a lot longer, consensus more often comes up with a better result. Again in the legal system, a recent study of the difference between judges’ opinions of the outcome of 48 trials (ranging from a day to five weeks duration) and the ultimate outcome decided by the actual juries using the consensus method, resulted in only three differences. (Law Reform Commission of NSW http:// ajs. org/jc/juries/jc_decision_research. asp) However, if you do not need commitment, but merely compliance, then it can be legitimate and effective to choose a method other than consensus. Sometimes this may be necessary because of time, context or other pressures. For example, it would be inappropriate (and quite hazardous) for an army officer to hold a group consensus meeting with the troops on how to hold back the imminent approach of the enemy! Irrespective of which decision making approach you adopt, the most critical point for managers to remember is: “Always inform your team beforehand how the decision will be made.” For example, if you decide that in a particular case, this is your decision to make but you would like the input of your team in order to make an informed decision (by the leader following group consultation), say so. You will find that if you do this on all occasions, then the team will become more involved (and ultimately committed) to both the decision making process and the decisions themselves. You should also consider what your preferred style of group decision making is and most importantly, how appropriate is it for the current situation. Think for a moment about the last 5 or 6 meetings you have run with your team where there was a critical decision to make. What style of decision making as a leader did you adopt? What style do you feel most comfortable with? My suggestion is to read the list again prior to each team meeting and decide at the outset what method you will adopt for this decision. This will prevent you from becoming locked into your natural or preferred method. Above all, having decided on a method for this decision, stick with it. In the case of Rob’s manager (whom I mentioned at the start of this article), we can all probably see that she adopted consensus as the most appropriate and effective method, but then changed her mind after the event. Initial commitment was certainly lost, grudging compliance was gained and my bet is that staff morale would be very low for some time to come.

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Engineers make great inventors

Or is it that inventors make great engineers? Either way, they go hand-in-hand. Engineers of virtually any specialty get paid to experiment with the technologies of today and add in improvements of their own. In the process, they often create new, useful inventions that may be eligible for a patent. Engineers invent new technologies for the rest of us. There are many engineers (otherwise known as inventors) in history. I’m sure you’ll recognize the names of a few. For instance, take Leonardo da Vinci. He drew plans for several flying machines, including a helicopter and a hang glider as well as many military machines. In addition, da Vinci may have made a great civil engineer as shown from his plans for a 720-foot bridge that was recently turned into a reality. Another engineer/inventor is Eli Whitney. He invented the first cotton gin. Whitney is also credited with the creation of interchangeable parts. Oddly enough, the ability to interchange parts is thought to be a much more important and long lasting invention than the cotton gin (although that is all he is usually remembered for). Orville and Wilbur Wright, otherwise known as the Wright Brothers are credited with the creation of a practical airplane. They actually wrote a patent application in 1903 which was rejected. Eventually, patent #821,393 for a “Flying Machine” was granted to them in 1906. Fast forward to today, when inventors are rewarded for their labors with patents that can bring in large sums of money. A large number of the patents awarded today are granted to engineers. And the number of patents applied for keeps growing each and every year in the U. S. If you choose this career field, you will no doubt be exposed to patents and quite possibly even apply for one yourself. Who knows? You could make history!

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Detagged domains

What is a DETAGGED domain name? We get asked this question regularly. Only UK domain names can be detagged. A domain name that has been DETAGGED is no longer hosted on valid name servers. What happens if there are no longer valid nameservers showing against a domain name?

If no valid name servers are showing this means that any services such e-mail or a web site will no longer work. Who can DETAG a domain name? Only a domain registration service or agent can DETAG a domain name. This happens if the relationship between domain name owner and agent expires, for example if the registration fee or renewal fee is not paid. When are domain names detagged?

Domain names can be detagged at any point after registration. Detagging signifies the end of the relationship between the registration agent and the registrant. It is not necessarily an indication of whether a domain name is paid for or not. How can I tell if a domain name is DETAGGED? You will probably notice that the email or web site associated with the domain name has stopped working. You can check the status of any registration by doing a WHOIS look-up that will indicate that the domain name is DETAGGED. How can DETAGGED domain name be retagged? To restore a DETAGGED domain name, the registrant will need to pay a tag change fee of Ј15+VAT as of January 2004 to nominet via a registration service. Nominet charge a higher fee to deal direct with the owner. Can I register a DETAGGED domain name? A DETAGGED domain name is still registered to the original registrant, and it remains as such until it is either renewed by the current registrant, or it is cancelled. Once cancelled, it immediately becomes available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis. How long does it take for a DETAGGED domain name to become available for registration? Nominet contact the owner of each domain that is detagged and confirms if they wish to renew or allow each name to lapse. If the domain is allowed to lapse then the domain name will be suspended after 21 days and then cancelled between 6-8 weeks after that. For further information please visit Nominet http:// nominet. org. uk By Clare Lawrence 29th September 2003 Clare is the CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK Domain name registration service.

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Who needs a firewall

You do! Read more to find out what a firewall is, how it can keep you safe, and how to get one. A Firewall is, actually, pretty much the same as its non-tech definition. A firewall, in building construction, is set up to contain or prevent fire from traveling from one side of the wall to the other - an extra bit of protection, if you will. A firewall on your pc does, essentially, the same thing. Seven Design Avenue describes a firewall this way: A firewall is a safeguard utilized by many Local Area Networks (LANs) or Wide Area Networks (WANs) to protect the network from unauthorized access from the outside. They are basically gates that verify the users before they leave or enter the network by way of a User ID, Password or IP address. bytown internet explains it another way: A Firewall is a system which limits network access between two or more networks. Normally, a Firewall is deployed between a trusted, protected private network and an untrusted public network. For example, the trusted network might be a corporate network (ie: Queens University), and the public network might be the Internet. A Firewall might grant or revoke access based on user Authentication, source and destination network addresses, network protocol, time of day, network service or any combination of these. These settings are normally controlled by the Network Administrator. So how can a firewall help you - the average, home user? By giving an extra level of blocking protection against spam, viruses and other malware. Those lucky enough to be running WinXP SP2 (that's Windows XP, Service Pack 2) already have a built-in firewall that they can use. All they have to do is turn it on. Here's how to make sure you have SP2 and your firewall turned on: How do I know if I'm running Windows XP? Easy enough. On your Desktop, right-click once on My Computer and choose "Properties". The little window that pops up should tell you which operating system you are running. If not, you can also open My Computer and choose Help: About Windows from the taskbar at the top of the window. Ok, I'm running WinXP - how do I know if I have Service Pack 2? The same way we just went through! Both of the ways listed above will tell you if you are running Service Pack 2 (or sp2). Great! How do I make sure my firewall is turned on? First off, go into your Control Panel (usually found on the Start menu). Find the "Security Center" and open it up. You should see the firewall as one of the security features offered - simply make sure it's switched to "On". I don't have Windows XP or Service Pack 2 and I have no plans to upgrade any time soon. That isn't a problem. There are other legitimate, and trustworthy firewall sites on the Internet (of course, there are some of the other kind, too!). From homecomputersafety. com

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10 ideas on creating exciting event themes

10 Ideas On Creating Exciting Event Themes If you are trying to plan an event that is different and entertaining, you may find that it is not always easy. You will sometimes run into a brick wall when it comes time for you to choose a special theme for your occasion. You will want your event to go as well as possible. You want to have the perfect theme that will grab everyone's attention and have him or her excited about coming to your party. The one thing that you will have to do when you are trying to figure out a them for your event is think about what type it is. You should think about what the event is being held for and something that is associated with it. Once you find out what your event is for, you will then be able to quickly think about different things that you can do to make it great. You want to have a theme that will stand out and get them interested in your party. There are many different ideas that you can use for creating exciting event themes. You can do something fun for the kids. You will want to make a kids event jammed packed with fun and entertaining items. You want them to keep their attention on the event and busy while they are there. You can use some fun colors and keep the event decorated in an upbeat manner so that the kids have a great time. Another idea for kids is to have special characters there. You can hire certain cartoon characters and other fascinating entertainers to keep the crowd motivated and happy to be there. You can also incorporate a child's favorite type of project or hobby. You can use sports and many other fun filled activities to keep them from being bored or getting out of control. Third, you can have a costume party. This is a great way to get people to have fun and get a little bit wild for a great time out. Your event will be fun and leaving your guests wanting more. For the fourth ideas you can have some really great games to play. Anyone that goes to an event wants to do something fun and exciting. They do not want to be sitting in a corner all night talking to one person. Have some great games that will keep the guests happy and motivated to have even more fun later on. The fifth reason can be dancing. Usually everyone will love to hear music and you can hire a DJ to play everyone's favorite music and they can dance to great tunes that will keep them grooving all night long. This will surely add some fun to your event. You can have everyone dance and even come up with a contest to keep him or her moving along with the beat. For the sixth reason, you can use decorations to make the event great. You can find many different things that will bring life and entertainment to your event. For the seventh reason, you can make your own special designs and theme your party any way that you want. You can use different colors and objects to add some fun and flair to your event. For the eighth reason, you can use food to create a great theme for your event. You can use any type of food that you want and make your party special. You can have different foods from different ethnic backgrounds to help you with your party planning. You can use any or all-different types of unique foods to make the occasion a little different. Surprise events are a great way to have a theme. This is the ninth creative way to make your event more exciting to everyone. You can make the party a surprise for someone and use this as your theme. This will be a lot of fun to keep it a secret and to have someone pleasantly surprised about your event. The tenth idea for your event is to have it as a charity event. This is something that you can bet will bring a lot of different people to your event. You can raise some money for a very special cause in your life and one that you care a great bit for. You will be able to have everyone that attends your event pitch in and donate some thing towards the fund.

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Calibrating your pedometer

There are literally hundreds of pedometers on the market, and while many will do all sorts of things, some of which have nothing to do with walking or running, they all are designed to do at least one thing: measure how many steps you have taken and use that to compute how far you have traveled. If all you are interested in is how many steps you have taken, then clip that pedometer to your belt and start walking. But if you want to know how far you have walked or run in a day, or a week, then you must give the pedometer some information about yourself. Specifically, the pedometer must know the length of your stride. This article will tell you how to gauge that length to properly calibrate your pedometer. First, a caveat: your stride length will vary considerably during your routine depending on certain factors. For example, your stride length will be longer when you are running than it is when you are walking. Your stride is likely to be shorter when going uphill as opposed to walking on a level surface.

Walking with a group of people may cause you to move at different speeds and at different stride lengths as you compensate for the movement of your partners. Walking a dog will give you strides that go from very short to very long depending on the whims of your dog, but that is for a different time. So, one of the steps will be to compensate for these differences, if necessary. Okay, let’s begin the calibration process. You will need some place where you can measure out a distance of about 60 to 70 feet (18.3 to 21.3 meters). The sidewalk in front of your home is good, or a large parking lot or school yard. And you will need a measuring device such as a 100’ tape measure. You should plan on measuring at least four stride lengths: normal walk, brisk or fast walk, jog, and run. The procedure will be that same for all of these.

Select a starting point and mark it; then walk normally for ten paces and mark the end. Measure the length with the tape measure and record the result. Divide the result by twelve to give you the number of inches in each step. Repeat this procedure for a brisk walk, a jog and a run. For all of these you might want to begin a few paces behind the starting point that you established earlier so that you are moving at the proper speed for that stride for all ten steps. If you know that you will be walking, and just walking, at a regular pace during your routine, then you can just use the stride length for walking that you calculated. Read the instructions for entering that information into your pedometer. If, however, you will be walking part of the time combined with running or jogging then you will have to use an average of the measurements that you took of all of these strides.

Simply add the totals that you calculated and divide by four, or the number of strides that you measured. This gives you a number that is less than your running stride, but longer than your walking stride. Some pedometers will give you the option of entering a stride length for both walking and running, but this means that you will have to tell the pedometer when you are walking and when you are running. That seems like a lot of trouble to go to if you do both of those things during your regular routine. So, we will make an adjustment for that.

There is one more step to complete in this process. Drive your car along your regular path to determine the correct distance of that path. Then walk the same path using your pedometer. If the pedometer gives you a distance significantly longer or shorter than that which your car’s odometer registered then you will have to adjust the stride length that you entered into your pedometer.

If you are registering a a distance that is longer than that measured with your car, then you must reenter a stride length a few inches shorter. Similarly, if the distance measured by your pedometer is shorter than your car’s odometer, then add a few inches to the stride length. Once you have done this over the course of a few days, then you will have a result which will give you a pretty good measurement of the distance traveled during your routine. You can use this information as a great motivator as you walk or run further in your daily routine.

Now that you have properly set up your pedometer, clip it to your belt and start walking!

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Online texas holdem poker strategy maintain focus at the poker table

There’s no doubt about it, some people are just better at poker than others. They appear to win consistently and seemingly at will. So this leaves many with a few questions which linger on the mind. Could it be that poker is only a game of chance with no other forces to play upon besides the fickle Lady Luck? What makes a good poker player a great poker player? Is there a way in which I can be a more successful poker player? If these questions have been yours at one time or another, then you’re certainly not alone. Millions of average poker players would like to enhance their gaming skill, and there are tons of products out there selling every day which promise to make you a better poker player.

Poker players and wannabe poker gurus spend hard earned cash every day to learn the one secret which will transform them into poker pros in twenty four hours or less. Let’s face it, if skill came in a can, and Lady Luck in a bottle, we’d all be poker pros. Sadly, improving your poker game just isn’t as easy as opening a can or a bottle, but don’t lose hope, there is something you can do. The main problem which plagues poker players is the lack of focus. Focus is the key which can turn mediocre poker players into successful poker players. When a player loses focus, they will most certainly lose the game to someone who has maintained theirs. The main causes of loss of focus at the poker table are: Focusing on talk rather than the poker game: Talking during play is without a doubt the toughest habit to kick, and is the biggest consumer of our poker time attention. Poker time chat is something that’s expected, especially among friends, so it’s tough to quit without appearing rude. Tone it down over time, and you’ll see your poker winning streak improve. Focusing on food rather than the poker game: Food is essential to all human beings, that’s a fact we’re all familiar with. However, food shouldn’t be your focus while playing poker. Instead of munching during the actual game, grab something to eat before play begins, and during breaks in play. Focus off of food leaves more focus for poker. Focusing on alcohol rather than on the poker game: Now here’s where I’ll lose some of you for sure. If you really want to improve your poker game, leave the drinking of alcoholic beverages for post game chatter. A clear mind places smarter bets, and also puts you at an advantage over your inebriated poker pals. Focusing on a personal issue rather than on the poker game: We all have issues at one time or another in life. Bringing them to the poker table isn’t helping anyone but your opponents. If you have something pressing on your mind and can’t set it aside, then leave poker for another time. This may sound a little harsh, but it’s the truth. Focusing on a local distraction: This could be anything from your friend’s bad toupee, the barking of a distant dog or the tv upstairs. Filter out the ambient non poker essentials. Forget the toupee, the dog and the tv. It’s poker time pal, let’s get down to it! Focus in itself is a skill. Any skill can be developed over time if diligently practiced. The five focus stealers we discussed will kill your poker game if you let them. By developing a razor sharp focus, you can cut them off before they become a persistent problem.

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The secret to a beautiful lawn

Actually, having a beautiful lawn isn't much of a secret at all. Here's how it works: 1. Plant the right type of grass for your area 2. Use the proper fertilizer as directed a couple of times a year 3. Keep well watered during the growing season 4. Never mow shorter than 1/3rd the present heigth Select grass seeds that grow well in your area. Being a native Southern Californian, I was very partial to a Dichondra lawn. Imagine my surprise upon moving to Oregon to learn it simply wasn't possible to have a Dichondra lawn in Oregon due to the colder winters. Plants and seeds are available by catalog according to the zone you live in. Proper Fertilazation In order to have a lush, healthy lawn you are going to have to feed it with the proper nutrients. You will find the right fertilizer for your lawn at your local garden store. Follow the simple directions and you are good to go. Fertilizer is available in both liquid and dry form. I have had good luck with both. A word of caution. When it comes to fertilizer, more is NOT better. At best, over fertilizing will burn your lawn. Watering As to how much water your lawn needs varies somewhat depending on grass type. In general, applying one inch of water per week is the recommendation when there is insufficient rainfall during summer drought. An inch of water can be measured by marking the side of a tuna or pet food can placed in the lawn. The best time of day to water your lawn is in the early morning hours. If using a timer, try setting it for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week or every other day. Mowing For a healthy lawn, never cut more than one-third of the grass blade in any one mowing. If the grass gets ahead of you because of a busy schedule, move up the cutting height of your mower to the highest setting. Catch the cuttings with a bagging unit, rake the lawn with a leaf rake, or use a mulching blade. Then move the cutting height back to normal and cut the lawn again a few days later. For more information on planting and maintaining a beautiful lawn, look for a good book on the subject in your local garden supply store.

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Emagrece sim weight loss diet pills fda warning

Amidst confusion and controversy over the safety and efficacy of Emagrece Sim, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally released a formal warning to consumers. The warning states that the use of Emagrece Sim and Herbathin Dietary Supplements may be harmful. In fact Emagrece Sim, also known as the Brazilian Diet Pill contains a cocktail of dangerous ingredients, some of which are controlled substances and found in prescription drugs. The side effects of the use of Emagrece Sim may be serious and the FDA is advising that use could result in injury. The drug is made by Brazilian pharmaceutical companys Fitoterapicos and also Phytotherm Sim. http://1drugrehabcentre. com reports that all efforts are currently being made to stop further shipments of Emagrece Sim from entering the United States although the task may prove difficult. The current demand for weight loss drugs is almost insatiable in the majority of the country however the FDA hopes that by alerting their field staff, they may be able to contain much of the traffic. Although Emagrece Sim is currently the focus for authorities, experts are saying that there is a growing problem with potentially dangerous products entering the U. S. market. Like Emagrece Sim, the unknown quantities and quality of many drugs that claim to assist people with weight loss, is becoming a serious problem.

Emagrece Sim actually contains a drug called Fenproporex, a stimulant that the body converts to amphetamine. This means that aside from the immediate health risks of taking Emagrece Sim, people may unwitting find themselves failing urinalysis testing for amphetamines. The drug comes in pill form and is available in a range of strengths although all levels of potency have now been outlawed says http:// rehabcentreinfo. com . Unfortunately Emagrece Sim is still available on the internet, but the emphasis is now on educating people of the dangers of this weight loss formula before irreversible damage is done.

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Know the types of online pharmacies

Among the most popular services on the Internet today is none other than the ones offered by online pharmacies. These sites are generally developed to dispense or sell prescription medications such as drugs for pain and stiffness reliever of muscle spasms via the Internet. As of year 2000, the total number of websites that are authorized to cater the pharmaceutical needs of online consumers range from 300 to 400. Records show that almost half of these sites are based on the United States. Setting aside the popularity of these websites, statistics provided by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy shows that there are an estimated figure of 200 US-based online pharmacies that operate without requiring prescriptions from their clients. This only shows that despite the convenience and benefits that consumers can get from ordering and purchasing medications via the Internet, there are still some risks involved in such method of acquiring prescription drugs. Nevertheless, the decision on buying medications on the Internet still lies on the consumers. As long as they are cautious on which website to choose, they are sure to have a smooth experience in buying medications via online pharmacies.

In line with the popularity of Internet drugstore, consumers who are new to this type of service website should know that there are two types of online pharmacies. These two types are the actual pharmacy and the pharmacy affiliate. In actual pharmacy, there is a presence of a local or brick-and-wall drugstore, wherein these two are the same or operating as one company. There are some actual pharmacies on the Internet that give option to consumers to have their prescriptions refilled by other legitimate foreign online pharmacies so that they can take advantage of the lower price offerings. On the other hand, a pharmacy affiliate does not have a local or brick-and-wall pharmacy as its counterpart. Instead, a pharmacy affiliate refers its orders directly to a licensed walk-in pharmacy or contains backlinks that direct consumers to other websites that are authorized to dispense prescription medications.

Operations Requirements There are certain requirements that online pharmacies should meet to be able to conduct operations via the World Wide Web. Below are the following qualifications that Internet pharmacies should accomplish before operating: 1. Pharmacy license that is given with an authorized pharmacy board or licensing body. 2. As for US-based online pharmacies, a DEA-issued authorization for controlled substances. 3. Complete and existing contact information, including a mailing address and phone number. 4. A secured personal and financial information. 5. A fair and sound privacy policy. 6. Requires prescription before dispensing medications. When the above mentioned requirements are not met by a certain online pharmacy, they are then considered as rogue websites that offer illegal pharmaceutical services to consumers. The United States' FDA strongly advises consumers to avoid these websites in order to prevent acquiring health complications and experiencing financial issues. Although the benefits and convenience of rogue online pharmacies may sound and appear appealing, it is still safer to avail the services offered by legitimate Internet pharmacies.

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Beds buying them the simple way

For decent bed advice a site that is managed by somebody like a bed manufacturer will certainly be perfect, Some of the many interior design newsgroups and blogs may also be wonderful resources for discovering good quality bed tips and info, these type of places might easily answer some thoroughly precise questions concerning items such as wood and iron beds or wrought iron headboards. This bed search tip is especially valuable, instead of simply using a research term like "beds ", you should make use of a more particular search engine phrase such as"queen and kingsize beds" or "modern headboard makers", in doing this your results are going to be highly targeted to your specific bed needs. You should also be aware that bed specialists and other people who might often work with or have some involvement with beds can easily be discovered via the regional telephone books, there will be no shortage of individuals who are in some way linked with the subject of beds and they can save you a sizable amount of your valuable time by helping you with your bed related queries. The bed experts will be capable offering you a lot of prime niche assistance on matters such as obtaining the best deals on metal frame twin beds and how to get the proper product guarantee whenever getting a bed, their bed expertise will surely help you get the best item for your needs. A whole host of bed related searches might possibly have led you to a bed or interior design associated portal, searches such as "find heavy duty bed frames" or "guides on adjustable orthopedic beds", the real trick with any bedding portal is to go immediately to the site menu, if you do this you should not be side tracked due to bed guides that are not connected to the home furnishing item you need. Now if you should need advice on antique bed platforms it will often be better to use a bed site in order to initiate contact with a bed expert, by doing this you will obviously be able to get a modest amount of bed information for free. It might very well be you purchase a wood loft bed and a little later find that the bed merchant you got it from did not supply the goods at the lowest price, to be certain that this never comes about some other time make sure you carry out an online price review or check a reasonable variety of bed merchants first, it may be a king iron bed is being sold for a certain price on one internet store however is being marketed for thirty five percent lower on another, some great deals can be found if you look around.

particular beds might not turn out to be that easy to come across, lets imagine you are wishing to buy loft bunk beds it might be that you might have to purchase your items directly from a bed manufacturer, even the top websites may not always solve every bed purchasers requirements however a large number of home furnishing products can be acquired by some means.

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How the online gambling ban helps al qaeda

Groups like Al Qaeda may very well be using online casinos to raise money for their global Jihad, but does banning online gambling really hurt them. The answer to this question is absolutely not, it actually help them. The way it helps them is easy to understand. Most of the money spent on online gambling was going to publicly owned British operators, but the online gabling ban passed by the American Congress put a stop to that. Out of fear of repercussions, as soon as the law was signed these companies sold off all operations dealing with the USA, but online gambling is still going on, so now who is getting the money. The problem with the Gambling ban is that it does not stop people from gambling online it only stops legitimate operations from getting the money and less reputable ones start getting rich. It is these small casinos that before went mostly unnoticed, that will now be bringing in the billions that will still be wagered online.

It is also these casinos that have the best chance of being a front for AL Qaeda. Some so called experts will tell you that this is not true and that it was thru owning shares in these publicly traded online casinos that terrorists were making money, but if they were buying shares of online casinos I am sure they are buying shares of Microsoft and Google. So why not ban them as well? But once again the American people seem to be getting lied to by their elected Government officials, and it is time that we the people fight back against the government. It is time we as a nation start to question and demand answers that make sense from them, after all they work for us, don’t they? If you are tired of all the lies, then there is something you can do. Jim Nickogoski the creator of the http: myspace. com/angryonlinegambler has started a web page to help fight against the Online Gambling Ban, the page also offers an online petition so you can tell the government you do not agree and you demand they reverse this unfair and unjust law. The only real way for the government to ensure that money made from online gambling is not going to fund terrorism is to work together with the online casinos to regulate the industry with licensing so you really know who is getting your money. Only then can we be sure none of our money is going to the people killing out troops and threatening the American way of life. So make your voice herd, write letters to senators, congressmen and even the President. Tell them you disagree with the law and ask them for real proof that this law is really what is best for us. In the end I am sure the law will be reversed, maybe one day the government will learn what most Americans already know a ban on something never works, even if the government showed proof that online casinos are run by terrorists people would still play in them, just because they are not supposed to be it is just human nature.

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Professional installation or sweat equity

Professional Installation or Sweat Equity? One of the biggest debates that arises when purchasing a decent surround sound system or home theater is whether or not to handle the installation yourself. For that question the answer is completely relative to the level of complexity of your system and your understanding of physics and electronics. Many of the box kits on the market today are simple to install and could be done fairly quickly (in the course of a couple of hours or an afternoon) even by rank amateurs such as myself. If you are purchasing a massive home theater or surround sound system that has very rigorous requirements in order to guarantee the type of sound you paid good money to receive it might be in your best interest to make the investment of a professional installation. It is important to remember that home theater kits come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. The fact that you could easily install a $500-$2,000 kit doesn't mean that a home theater that costs in excess of $20,000 is as simple of a matter to install (though at that price I firmly believe it should be self installing). The point is if you've paid that kind of money for a home theater or surround sound system you want to make sure that you are absolutely getting your money's worth on the listening end. A professional installation is one way to make sure of that. Installation is expensive in some cases as everything that has the word professional in front of it. One thing you can do in order to curtail that cost to some degree is shop around and compare prices, you might find one retailer that is willing to throw in free installation in order to make the sale. If the cost of professional installation makes up the difference between the lowest offer elsewhere go for it, you will have saved money and still managed the professional installation that truly is in your best interest.

Another thing you will want to do is find out whether or not self-installation might nullify any warranties. There are occasions where this is the case and you do not want to risk your warranty on a $20,000 surround sound speaker system in order to save a couple of hundred dollars on installation up front. There is a lot that can be said over the power of saving money, however, there are some risks that simply aren't worth it. For me, this is one of those risks. There is simply too much that could go wrong to operate without a warranty. While there is some degree of satisfaction that goes along with doing things for yourself there are times when the process is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

If you must install yourself (and some of us simply can't resist the urge) then you should take care from the very beginning to closely follow all instructions for installation and operation in order to get the best possible results. The problem is that too many of us never bother reading the instructions until we are stuck and at that point it is sometimes way along in the process to have to start completely over-trust me, I've been there on this one. If you are one of many people around the world who has purchased a box set of surround sound speakers or a home theater kit you should find that the installation process is simple and straightforward and shouldn't require professional expertise in order to accomplish. Consider yourselves lucky in this and get to work. Pretty soon you will be enjoying theater quality sound from your surround sound system whether you are listening to music, movies, or the latest game. Whether you choose professional installation or not I wish you the best of luck building your new surround sound system and many hours of happy listening to whatever is on the deck for today. 660

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