Pisces If you’re a Pisces, you probably have a lot of friends, as you have an accepting and malleable nature that makes it easy for other people to be around you. A Pisces is more likely to go with the flow rather than swim upstream to try to change people or their environment. They can be more emotional, rather than rational and analytical. They don’t thrive in highly disciplined environments. Nine-to-five jobs are anathema to the Pisces nature. They are drawn to situations where they can use their artistic gifts and their appreciation of art and nature. They love luxury and pleasure. They can think on their feet and an enjoy new situations and change. They are happiest in the fields of music, literature or art. Who’s the ideal partner for the Pisces. Not the rugged, caveman type, for sure. A relationship with a Pisces will be meeting of the mind and spirit, less so than the body. Pisces are cerebral and not intensely sexual. The need to be courted gently. They are intensely loving and loyal and have a monogamous nature. Don’t abuse this rare creature. If you’re a Pisces, you may find yourself occasionally being walked over or taken advantage of because of your fluid nature. You may need to find ways to assert yourself that’s in harmony with your psyche. Because you tend to go with the flow and live in the moment, you might have a money-management style that can leave you short of funds at times. You may need to be stricter with yourself to ensure that doesn’t happen. Next time you’re drifting around a department store, just do a quick tally of everything before you get to the cashier. Put at least half of it back, if not more. Chances are it will still be there the next time you have money in your pocket!

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Maintain and upgrade your ford vehicle through ford parts online s high quality performance ford parts

Ford vehicles are known for their toughness and reliability; however just like other vehicles you see on the road, they are subject to regular car maintenance and occasional repair. Its original Ford parts may wear down over time and so you would need to replace them. However, you too can replace stock parts and equipments in your Ford vehicle to upgrade its performance especially when your car or truck is already old. One of your most trusted online auto parts dealers is http:// americanbodyparts. com. This store is dedicated to giving you top quality replacement performance Ford parts. These parts greatly affect how your vehicle performs and usually, they carry out the most critical tasks. Keeping them in excellent form and working condition is a must in order to bring out your vehicle’s maximum abilities all the time. Some of these performance parts are also designed to give your Ford auto an outstanding exterior look. They can set your vehicle apart from ordinary cars you see on the streets and highways. Take for example the Ford wheels and tires. The quality of these parts, the size or dimension and how they are positioned greatly affect ride quality and handling; however, they too can give your car a sporty, luxurious or rugged look, depending on what kind of wheels you get for your vehicle. Ford Parts Online, as your number one Ford Parts Discount store offers these performance parts in very affordable deals, giving you the best satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the store’s available performance parts for your Ford’s engine and electrical systems as well as some insights on the said systems’ function and components. Ford Engine Parts Available at Ford Parts Online are heavy duty Ford Explorer timing belt cover, Ford F150 Pickup harmonic balancer, Ford Mustang timing belt cover with oil pump. These parts along with other performance Ford Explorer parts, Ford F150 pickup parts and Ford Mustang parts are designed to endure extremely hot temperatures under the hood so you can expect them to last longer and perform better. The timing belt cover gives protection to the timing belt. Its task is very important since the timing belts are among the engine parts that easily wear out. The timing belts or timing chains, though simple in design (it looks like a bicycle chain), performs very essential task too, which is to synchronize the movement of the camshaft with the crankshaft. Without proper timing, there could be too little or too much air-fuel mixture entering the engine for combustion. On the other hand, the crankshaft is the one that converts the straight line motion of the pistons into rotary motion. The turning motion is then transmitted to the transmission and ultimately to the Ford wheels. Ford Electrical Parts The major components of your Ford’s electrical system are the Ford battery and the Ford alternator. Many think that the battery is the main source of power but it is not. It only stores the power produced by the alternator. When the engine is running, it is the Ford alternator that supplies electricity to all the parts of the vehicle that needs it such as the Ford lights, the horn and other electrical equipments. On the other hand, when the engine is not running, the battery takes charge of supplying electricity to all auto parts that need it, such as the Ford starter, which is used to spin the engine over so that the pistons can draw in fuel and air mixture into the cylinder. There are three sections in an alternator that generate three separate voltages in one revolution or cycle (each phase is shifted by 120 degrees from the next phase). Each phase has its own windings, each of which also has its own pair of diodes. Each of the windings and diodes can fail at a time. Although the alternator may still be able to charge the battery when one of the winding/ diodes fails, power stored by the battery would not be enough to supply for the car’s electrical needs. This means you have to limit the use of the AC system and some electrical parts. However, you don’t have to wait till the alternator finally surrenders. Replace your old or worn out Ford alternator with Ford Parts Online’s top quality replacement alternator. Offered in the store are premium quality alternators for almost all Ford models. For other performance parts, go visit this number one Ford Parts Discount store’s website. Just click through the link and see for yourself their best quality Ford parts and their exciting deals.

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How to get deals on airline tickets

In order to get the best deals on airline tickets you should plan to buy your ticket several months before your departure. Many airlines will offer discounted rates if tickets are purchased this far in advance. At a minimum, tickets should be purchased three weeks before your departure as this will also ensure superior seating. Another advantage of buying tickets early is that seasonal price increases will not affect you. Flying on weekends is best avoided. It is far superior to leave during the week and ideally you should leave early in the week from Monday through Wednesday. Saturdays also often have cheap rates, so traveling on a weekend can work for you providing you do it differently than most people who are traveling just for the weekend. Typically, travelers can expect to pay an additional $40 on weekends if they are doing the standard Friday to Sunday trip. It is also essential to avoid travel during peak seasons. Peak travel seasons such as Christmas, or other holidays will not only delay your flight times and force you to confront crowds but also will cost you more. Don’t be afraid of the red eyes. You can save a lot if you’re willing to travel the late-night route. Many of these flights are under bucked, and flights can be purchased at a significant discount. Another trick is to check standby fares. In many cases airlines will offer tickets and a great discount for flights that are under booked. Another consideration is how long you plan to stay at your destination. Many airlines will give discounted prices assuming you stay at your destination for longer than a week, and return within a few months. While many people believe the direct flights are the cheapest it is often cheaper to go to your final destination via connection hubs. You can save as much as $1000 when you are willing to take connecting flights. Using connecting flights is ideal for people who travel light and do not carry a lot of luggage. There is a window of opportunity every Wednesday morning when airlines release information on their new fares and seating plans. If you are quick you can find the best prices at this time. Call for rates at 12:01. The Internet is a huge boon for travelers as it gives us the luxury of seeing flight data from multiple vendors in a way that even travel agents and airline ticketing agents could not a decade ago. But understand that posted Internet prices are not always the cheapest. In many cases you can contact a travel agent to find better deals. You can also sometimes find discounts at the airlines by calling them directly rather than purchasing a ticket from and online aggregator. It also doesn’t hurt to check newspapers as a sometimes you can find consolidators who by many tickets and can provide cheaper flights. The most important thing is purchasing your tickets early. If you are buying last minute and in a rush you’ll find that you often paid double to triple what you pay if you buy your tickets well in advance. Many sites like Expedia and Travelocity will list the best rates from all the airlines that offer flights from your current location to your final destination. It is important to use the services and compare them against each other. However, these services will often not have airfares well in advance when you can get the best deals. In these cases it is best to contact a travel agent directly and see what kind of deals they can get for you.

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Studivz gegen facebook was ist der unterschied

Wer zum ersten Mal auf die Homepage von Facebook gelangt, wird dich sagen, dass Facebook ja genau wie StudiVz aussieht, doch wer sich erstmal angemeldet und ein bisschen im Facebook rumgeschnьffelt hat, wird schnell merken, welche Mцglichkeiten es bei der internationalen Version gibt. Facebook hat im Grunde genommen dieselben Basis Funktionen wie StudiVz. Wer sich bei Facebook anmeldet, baut zu aller erst seine Profilseite auf. Jeder Benutzer verfьgt ьber solch eine Profilseite. Die Profil Seite beinhaltete mehrer Informationen, die man je nach Geschmack verдndern kann. Mit Persцnliche Daten, allgemeine Daten, Berufs Information, Studiums Information, Profil Foto und weiterem kann sich nun jeder Benutzer vorstellen In Facebook wird jede weite Mцglichkeit als Applikation dargestellt. Seit Mitte 2007 kцnnen externe Programmierer ihre Programme, also Applikationen, in Facebook anbieten. Der Schwarm an mцglichen Applikationen ist unendlich. Mittlerweile gibt es ьber 3.000 neue kleine Programme in Facebook, mit denen Facebookbenutzer interagieren kцnnen. Doch manche Applikationen wie Pinnwand, Fotos etc bleiben als Standart Applikation. Es existier die so genannte Pinnwand, die als Standart Applikation im Profil vorhanden ist. Auf dieser Pinnwand kцnnen nun Freunde Nachrichten hinterlassen. Die Nachrichten befindet sich auf dem Profil, ist also fьr jeden Besucher lesbar. Wer eine persцnliche und private Nachricht verschicken will, kann den Nachrichtendienst von Facebook benutzten. Die allerneuste Neuheit bei Facebook ist der aktive Chat. In einer kleinen Leiste sieht man welche Freunde im selben Moment online sind und kann sie in einem kleinen getrennten Fenster ansprechen. Eine weitere Applikation ist der Blog, Notizen, die man verцffentlichen kann. Auch gibt es eine Funktion zum Planen von Events und Gruppen, in denen Freunde zu Gruppen und Events eingeladen und Fotos hochgeladen werden kцnnen. Freunde kцnnen durch einer Einladung der Events deren Kommen bestдtigen oder absagen. Facebook verfьgt zudem tausende von weiteren, nьtzlichen oder auch wenigeren nьtzlichen, Applikationen, wo ein jeder Benutzer sein Profil persцnlich gestalten kann. Auch gibt es eine Menge von Spiel Applikationen, wo ein Facebook Benutzer einfach kostenlos los spielen kann. Facebook ist ebenfalls ein interaktive Fotoalbum fьr einen selber. Wer die Geburtstage vom letzten Wochenende am liebsten seine Freunde zeigen will, kann sie einfach und schnell ins Facebook stellen. Durch das "Taggen" von Freunde und Facebook Mitbenutzer, kann man diese mit den Fotos verbinden. Auch gibt es die Mцglichkeit private Videos hoch zuladen. Eine weiter Spezialitдt von Facebook ist die Mцglichkeit sich nicht nur an Gruppen zu beteiligen, sondern ab nun auch sich als "Fans" zu outen. Sдnger, Prominente, ja sogar Politiker sind in Facebook prдsent und kцnnen als "Star" geaddet werden. Zudem gibt es auch das Network System, in dem man sich zu einem Network zuordnet. Wer in Deutschland lebt, kann sich zum Germany Network beifьgen, doch ein Network muss nicht obligatorisch ein Land sein. Die Netzwerke, in der die Benutzer auf Facebook eingeteilt sind, kцnnen ebenfalls Universitдts-, Schul-, Arbeitsplatz - und Regionsnetzwerke sein. Durch diese Netzwerke kцnnen Kontakte geknьpft werden, die jedoch nichts mit Freundschaft und Daten zu tun hat. So wie zum Beispiel der Marktplatz. Auf dem Marktplatz kцnnen Kleinanzeigen aufgeben und einsehen werden. Der Besucher kann sich so direkt auf Arbeitssuche gehen, eine Mitbewohnerin suchen oder gar alten Tisch von der Oma verkaufen. Das besondere bei Facebook ist die Update Option, eine Beobachtungsliste, die alle Neuigkeiten ьber Freunde aufzeigt. So ist man immer auf den laufenden, wer mit wem sich angefreundet hat, welche Fotos geaddet wurden und wer einen neuen Pinnwandeintrag bekommen hat. Facebook hat StudiVz um einiges ьberstiegen. Die Mцglichkeiten sind unbegrenzt, der SpaЯ unbeschreiblich.

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Work from home successfully through the internet and network marketing

You've probably heard or read plenty about the Internet and network marketing. Network marketing often gets a bad "rap" because so many thieves and greedy people have abused this type of business. But for all those who have given network marketing a bad reputation, there are plenty of others who are successful through hard work and perseverance. If you can forget the negative things you've heard and find a team of network marketers with similar goals, you can realize the same success that thousands of others enjoy every day - and work from home doing what you love. Learn the Principles of Network Marketing Before getting started, do research to learn the basic principles of network marketing so you will know what to expect. Network marketing gives you the freedom to become "your own boss" without limiting your potential to create a steady cash stream. Network Marketing with Others The first key to success with network marketing is to learn to recruit others. Spend time getting others involved in the business so you can enjoy profits from their efforts as well. Some network marketing companies will recruit people for you. With these types of businesses, you may pay more on your initial investment, but will enjoy the benefit of marketing experts promoting for you. Receive a Residual Income Second, set goals that will enable you to receive a residual income. This is an income that you receive on a regular basis, even after the work has been done. You might recruit several individuals to work with you. If they are successful, you'll receive a recurring income from their efforts. So it behooves you to encourage and help them every step of the way. Grow Your Network Third, you must learn how to grow your business or network. When you work from home, you can use the Internet and network marketing together to grow your business. The Internet opens doors of opportunity you might never have in your local town. For example, in your hometown you might find 10 to 20 people who are interested in network marketing. On the Internet, however, you can find thousands of others just like you! You can promote using many avenues online without spending a fortune. Also, email is a free avenue of communication for you and your network marketing team members, and it's a great tool in finding new prospects. Find a network marketing company that already has a profitable business model in place for their business. The company should be able to provide proof that it is working well for others with no gimmicks and hype - just good business strategies. A popular type of network marketing today is global resorts networking, in which you can purchase trips to beautiful destinations at wholesale prices. You can do what you love, work from home, and take vacations that most can only dream about. Start looking online for a work-from-home network marketing opportunity that works for you. You can realize success and meet other great people as you reach your goals.

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Purchase order financing for start ups and established businesses

If you are a new business and you get a request for a huge order, it's exciting, isn't it? You start mentally adding up all the money you will make, all the supplies you can buy, all the business you can get after that. Then when you talk to the manufacturer of the product, and discover they need partial payment before shipping, perhaps even some when you place the order and the rest on delivery, you realize you'll have to refuse the order. Since you are a new business, you don't have the credit history that will allow you to have payment terms and you don't have a bank line of credit. If you are an established business and you get a huge order, you also might have to refuse it. You might not have a good credit history or might not have a large enough line of credit with your bank. There is a solution, called Purchase Order Financing. If your customer is established and has good credit, you can get a Letter of Credit or an advance of funds on the purchase order.

This advance will pay for the raw materials, parts, finished goods, packaging, shipping, inspections, etc. This is especially important for wholesalers, distributors, importers and exporters and is suitable for many different types of consumer goods. Obviously, if your company management has a history in the industry, it will help the investor feel more comfortable with your company. Your supplier has to have a good record of producing the goods and delivering on time, too. P. O. Financing pays for the actual costs of filling the order, it doesn't give you any extra money, it is not for operating costs, etc., so it might be 40%-70% of the invoice amount (depending on your profit margin). The P. O. financier usually has to be paid when the product is delivered to your customer. There is a small fee for this service, it varies with each job and the time frame involved, but is usually 1%-5%. Once the product is delivered to your customer and you issue an invoice, you will want to factor that invoice so the P. O. financier is paid back by the factoring company. Since factoring gives you around 80%-90% advance, the supplier will be paid in full and you will get the rest of the advance. Then when the bill is paid, you'll get the rest of it minus a small fee of 1%-5%. When you work with a good broker, that broker will find the best P. O. financier for you and then get you set up with the best factor so everything will flow smoothly for you. This will allow you to grow your business, accept more orders, build up a good reputation with suppliers, customers and banks, and fill all your dreams of being a business owner. You will eventually get to the point where you will be able to keep your business growing by using a factor for all or most of your invoices and will be able to fill all small and medium size orders with the capital you have. You will probably need P. O. financing only when you get another huge order. The last thing you want to think of when you get a call for a big order is that you can't accept it.

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Getting involved in the development industry

Australia is blessed with an incredible pool of talent and experience, across a broad range of industries, and it is this expertise that could provide significant and sustainable benefits into the communities where a development initiative is targeted. The challenge for many firms and individuals wishing to participate in development activities is in understanding the intricacies of the process to secure involvement. Activities through agencies such as the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, are usually let through a public, competitive tendering process. Adding to this challenge is the fact that in almost all cases, the process is different for each agency. Myth – that the development industry is different. Well of course it is, as are all industries – different clients, different products, different channels to market, different cultures, different environments, different risks etc. What makes it the same is the need to ensure client needs are met, if not exceeded, and that products and services are as desired/needed, not imposed. So how do you get involved? Is it luck? It is skill? Is it people, products or services? All and more I am sure. A key step often required is the need to demonstrate experience, understanding, value, sustainability of strategies etc to those assessing a tender. Reality Check - Successful tenders must be compliant to the requirements of the request, must be price competitive, and need to find the balance between the technical requirements of the response and the selling nature of the process. One of the most important aspects of development initiatives is their ability to produce sustainable outcomes into the communities within which the activities take place. Consequently, learning from past activities assists to shape the style of future initiatives. For firms or individuals seeking participation, understanding how such learning could modify development approaches is a critical step in determining the type and level of involvement to target. Fact – learning from past activities continues to shape future interventions. The Development Market Today The following points are some key observations about the directions [approaches] being taken in the provision of development assistance. These directions have the potential to impact on any strategy organisations and individuals might adopt to enter, maintain, or increase their involvement: Funds are being diverted from government aid agencies to other government departments for sector-specific programs There is a continuing trend to devolve more decision making to the offshore post of the donor country, away from the ‘central’ headquarters An increase in donor co-ordination and collaboration where, for example, the USA [through USAID] and Australia [through AusAID] might align program approaches to avoid duplication and other associated impediments, into a sector-wide approach A trend seeing more assistance being aligned to foreign policy where, for example, security and regional stability could influence aid disbursement Bilateral donors are opening their markets, allowing for individuals and organisations to compete for once closed opportunities There is an increasing trend for a move to larger activities, such as sector-wide approaches, as opposed to specific project interventions Scale and global reach is likely to be an important criteria in winning and managing major programs Relationships and networks in country with donor representatives, recipient governments, local organisations and development professionals are becoming increasingly important. Opportunity/Approach/Success Factors Opportunities for involvement exist across a whole spectrum of activities, from short-term review/assessment activities in Australia, to short-term offshore assignments for individuals or teams, to long-term offshore assignments for individuals or teams, to overall project management which might include technical inputs as well as sub-contracting of activities. Organisations such as The Development Executive Group (http:// developmentex. com) are a valuable resource for individuals and firms to identify opportunities, individuals and potential partners. This Group provides a range of free information and support services to individuals and companies, including project information updates, a weekly development newsletter and employment opportunities in the development sector. An immediate key success factor is the consideration of which level of involvement for a particular opportunity is likely to deliver the best result with the minimum of risk – for the organisation, the client, the stakeholders and the recipients of support. Many of the larger activities, such as programs, facilities and sector-wide approaches, often have sub-components that will be let out – meaning the overall project managing firm could be ineligible to perform the services within a sub-component. The key principles to securing sub-component involvement is often identical to that required to secure the overall project, as there will be a call for tender using the same or very similar process to that used by the funding agency. Consequently, all levels of involvement in the development arena are likely at some point to require interested organisations/individuals to participate in a competitive tendering round. This is often the case regardless of the size of the resultant budget. Reality Check - Tendering efficiency and effectiveness remains critical. Tendering skills alone, while critical, are not the sole success factor – in fact tendering well in the absence of other key activities/initiatives may prove insufficient. Key considerations for success, in addition to compiling a winning tender include: Having the winning product – the team, the approach, the methodology, and the response to the requirements of a tender Ensuring advance positioning – research, preparation, resources Maintaining adequate promotion – often the key here is relationships, and certainly past achievements Being in the right place – knowing the clients and stakeholders and having an international presence Offering the right price – must be competitive and offering value for money. The tender response is often the most challenging aspect (apart from implementation of course), addressed by ensuring appropriate preparation and analysis is conducted in advance. The tendering timeframe usually falls within a 4 – 8 week period and generally responses would be required to address key criteria including the team, approach and methodology, management, and price. Reality Check - Preparation must commence prior to the public call for tender if a realistic chance of success is to be expected. These thoughts are by no means exhaustive, though they do cover some core principles relevant to successful business development and tendering approaches. http:// globizdev. com

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Managing project risks part 1 don t be snared by these 6 common traps

When your enterprise decides to undertake a new endeavor -- whether it's designing a new training program, planning a new service, or revamping an existing product -- this endeavor is called a project. It involves people, funding, resources, schedules, requirements, testing, fine tuning, and deployment, plus a host of other activities. You may have seen this phenomenon by now: projects are risk magnets. Why is that? There appear to be several factors involved. Managing project risk is a process that seems to be poorly understood by business owners and project managers. As a result, projects frequently experience problems with understaffing, schedule overruns, cost overruns, and unmet requirements. This article (the first of a series) explains six common traps that, when not fully recognized, can lead to unpleasant surprises.

Here's what I've observed over many years as both a project leader and participant: 1. Each project differs in some way, shape, or form from the last one. If all your projects were exactly the same, you could simply use a cookie-cutter approach to crank 'em out without losing any sleep at night. Although projects may share some similarities, a new project could very easily introduce several new, unfamiliar elements that can completely throw off your sense of balance - often without your even realizing it until it's too late. 2. Projects are often constrained by finite conditions. Initially, you might hear limitations such as, "We only have $1,200 and three weeks to have you complete all 18 training modules for this project." (What? You're thinking that based on the requirements you've heard so far, this project should take a year and a half and cost three hundred grand!) Speaking of constraints, it's not unusual for project sponsors or clients to ask for 1) low cost and 2) fast completion and 3) high quality and 4) many features in the final project deliverables. Although it's understandable to want the greatest value for the money, unless the project is blessed with an infinite schedule and an unlimited budget, tradeoffs become necessary. Usually it's only possible to achieve two or three out of four of these goals on a typical project. The tradeoffs might constrain the number of features, limit the quality, or both. 3. People chronically underestimate their time and effort. Whether it's because of a perceived social stigma or a cloudy crystal ball, people typically have a difficult time deriving realistic project estimates. Given the number of project unknowns, coming up with accurate predictions can be tricky. (Smart project managers know this and frequently add buffers derived from records of actual past experience, commonly known as "fudge factors," to project bids.) To complicate matters, people often feel pressured to further "reduce the truth" -- that is, to minimize whatever their already low calculations tell them it should take when they put together a bid. Whenever management pushes people to underestimate this way -- perhaps for fear of losing the project -- the risks can easily overwhelm and even destroy the project's success. 4. Project requirements are typically fuzzy at the beginning. Whether you're talking to a client, your boss, your colleagues, or your clients to figure out what the project should produce, whatever they say initially may sound as clear as a bell in some areas but very sketchy in others. Getting clarification on the fuzzy parts might entail many conversations with many people, and much more time than anybody ever imagined. 5. Requirements invariably shift over time. The minute after you've cemented the requirements with everyone's agreement, "scope creep" begins. This means that the project needs may expand, shrink, or morph into something altogether different! These situations arise because the very act of creating something new can produce a result (or a series of results) that may exceed or differ from what people were capable of imagining at the start. And even when the team guards against it, pressure to include "add-ons" can stretch the scope beyond its limits. 6. Nearly everything else about the project is dynamic! Aside from the requirements changing, many other things can stop, start, or fluctuate during the project. Experienced people may leave and new people may come on board. Budgets could get chopped. Schedules might get slashed or -- sometimes even worse -- delayed. Resources may evaporate or not materialize in the right forms. Politics can sneak in and remove support, or require skipping critical steps such as testing. The list goes on and on. Studies of failed projects have revealed how difficult it can be to detect all of the red flags in advance. Unbridled optimism can block everyone's ability to see clearly. Yet turning down an iffy project may be better than letting egos rule. What to do? As we've seen, projects can involve several highly dynamic variables. They often operate under tight budgets and schedules. People tend to miscalculate time, effort, and resources. Requirements frequently expand, shrink, or change. And shifting circumstances can pull the rug out from under everyone's plans. Add these together and many projects will cook up a recipe for failure. But it doesn't have to be that way. You and your team can learn to avoid project pitfalls by paying close attention to the cause-and-effect relationships among these six important keys! Copyright 2005 Adele Sommers

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Life s true roi

al debt load and ROI, whether the industry as a whole is in a slump, whether there are too many partner or legal problems, whether future demand will materialize and so on and so forth. While these questions are certainly relevant, the most important question that a small or medium-sized business owner should ask him/herself is: "How else can I make a living and would I like it?" Yes, the advantages of being a corporate employee are great. Easy work, fewer hours, no stress, more security and all for more money than your struggling business (for now) can provide. But do you really want to go back to that? My grandfather was an architect who built boring glass boxes in overcrowded and polluted cities for obnoxious, cheap and arrogant millionaire and billionaire bosses and clients. My grandfather was also a poet who loved to write short, life-affirming sayings that raised the soul and redeemed the human spirit. He was on his way to making large amounts of money building these glass boxes, until one day he could no longer handle it another minute, so he stood up in a meeting while the billionaires were bickering, declared that he was quitting, packed up his office and drove home to my grandmother and their two young children. The conversation at home went something like this: "What the heck were you thinking?" "I cant go back Alice, I just cant. That world is slowly killing my soul by the minute. I want to breathe, I want to live, I want to smile and I want to laugh." "How are we going to afford the mortgage and the BMWs and the vacation home and the kids college funds and ..." "We will figure it out tomorrow." They figured it out. Grandpa turned his love for poetry into cute little life affirming sayings that he wrote in greeting cards and on the headings of agendas and in small self - published books that barely sold enough copies to pay for the paper they were printed on. In his best year, my grandfather made just enough money to barely creep over the poverty line. Many years afterwards, seeing me stressed out over some inane thing or the other at the big corporation I worked for (in one of those big glass boxes), my grandfather said: "Are they killing your soul Charlie? Are they taking away what makes your heart fly and your mind shine and your eyes sing?" (I told you Grandpa was a poet). "I think they are, Grandpa." I said, almost in tears. "You will only be here for a short time, Charlie. Dont let anyone take away your joy for even one minute of your precious life." (Once again, I told you Grandpa was a poet) This brings me back to the topic of this article. Yes, Business owner, you should do all the analysis that you can to decide if you should keep your business alive. There are lots of services, ranging in price from free to millions of dollars, that will help you decide if there is a future for your business. But in your analysis, when adding up the pluses and minuses and comparing financial and personal gains and losses, do one thing. Add the issue of "How else can I make a living and would I like it?" to the equation and give that topic an important score in your analysis. Grandpa never regretted having less money for a much more fulfilling life. Nor did grandma once she realized how much happier the whole family was once they were living a less stressful and more simplified life in a healthy and scenic part of the country. One year after his decision, and in celebration, my grandparents burned their "___ Hours til the weekend" and "___ Days til retirement" gag calendars they had received when Grandpa had started his corporate career. So dear reader, before you throw in the towel, I, the business consultant, and my grandfather, the lover of life, professionally advise you to make sure the towel remaining is better than the one you want to throw away.

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What is a mini forex account

Nowadays many people around the world is looking for entering the world of Forex trading due to its very high profitability potential and many other advantages the Forex market has over other capital markets. But one of the main worries of the new trader is if he will need lots of money in order to be able to access this market and start placing trades. The reality is that practically anyone can enter the forex markets and place trades. You don't need to be super-rich or the owner of a big corporation. You just need a few dollars and the right strategy to start profiting from Forex trading. In the Forex world there is something called a Mini Account, and it uses a different leverage calculation than a regular (100k) account. This means that instead of trading full-size currency lots (100,000 units), you'll trade in lots that are just 1/10 the size (10,000 currency units), which in turn greatly reduces the amount of money you risk in each trade you enter. Pips in a Mini Account are worth, on average, $1 instead of the $8 to $10 value they have in a regular account.

The Mini Forex account offers up to a huge 200:1 leverage, this means that just a $50 margin deposit will allow you to trade lots worth roughly $10,000 , but the smaller lot sizes, with correspondingly smaller pip values, means that you'll be profiting less from a successful trade and also losing less if the trade goes bad . For example, while a 20-pip loss on a 100,000 USD/JPY position would be $200, the same loss on a 10,000 USD/JPY position in a Mini account would amount to only $20. The following are the characteristics of a Forex Mini Account. - Minimum required account deposit = $300 - Recommended required account deposit = $2,000 - Traded in 10,000-unit currency lots - Default Margin: set at 0.5% ($50 per mini-lot) - Leverage up to = 200:1 Contrary to what you may be tempted to think, there is no downside to trading a Forex mini account, you will be enjoying all the benefits that full-size FX account holders enjoy; including, same state-of-the art trading software from your broker, charts, resources, and tools. This mini accounts are ideal for a new Forex trader to develop a disciplined, rational forex trading strategy and technique without excessively focusing on the fear naturally arising from thinking too much about profits and losses. One more great new for the starting forex trader is that there is no maximum trade volume when you use a mini account. Although the standard trade size is 10,000 units, you are not limited to trading one lot. For instance, you can trade 10,000 units or even 200,000 units. Allowing that, as you become more seasoned and build up your confidence you can slowly increase the size of your positions to maximize profits. This ability to customize the size of the trade will allow you to have a better risk management of your money.

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Psp movie downloads review

: PsP handhelds are one of the newest and most fun ways to play games, watch movies and listen to music. PsP movie downloads are just some things that you can do on your psp besides just games. PsP movie downloads is a fun and easy. There are many places on the net were one can find psp movie downloads and psp music downloads. Some sites have you pay per song or movie basis and sometimes charge up to a couple dollars for each download. Other sites require a membership and a monthly fee were user share files. This method sometimes can be frustrating when you are in the middle of a download and the user signs off before the download is complete. I prefer to use sites that have a onetime membership for psp music, psp movies, psp games and psp software downloads. The best sites have their databases jammed pack with over a million songs, movies, games, and software available for downloading.

Some of these sites have no limit to the amount of downloads you do per day. There are some sites were the database does not have quality psp music and psp movie downloads and they might be very slow to download. I have placed a link at the top of this site for a one that has quality psp movie downloads, psp music, psp games and software downloads. You may want to check it out. Once you have downloaded some psp movies, psp music and games you can take them anywhere you go. This is great when you have places to go or have long travel times to get somewhere. It really helps to pass the time away, while your having fun either listening to psp music or watching a psp movie or just playing a new game. There are so many games available you should never run out of games to play music to listen to and movies to watch. Make sure that what ever site you choose either comes with a money back guarantee in case your not satisfied with their database of music songs, movies, games and software. I have been using the above site for over three months and never had the need to ask for my money back.

I now have so many psp movie downloads, psp music and games downloaded that I often find it hard to decide which game to play, song to listen to, or movie to watch. If you’re wise and make the right choice you will be having fun all day long with your psp. PsP Music Downloadsand PsP Movies

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Living with a latex allergy

The interesting thing about latex is that it is a huge part of our society, often without being noticed. For example, carpet backing, pencil erasers, baby pacifiers, wheelchair tires, toys, balloons, and even elastic in clothing is latex. However, most people relate latex to adhesive tape used in hospitals, which is yet another example. Because so many people have latex allergy and the number of things made from latex is growing, symptoms are on the rise. Take the healthcare industry for example – this particular area is surrounded by latex in the form of tape, surgical gloves, disposable syringes, and blood pressure cuffs. Because doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals use so much latex, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have released results of a study that show a minimum of 12% of all healthcare workers eventually deal with some level of latex allergy. Even so, the biggest concern regarding latex allergy relates to children with disability since their small, sick bodies are highly sensitive and susceptible, putting them at greater risk. Keep in mind that when it comes to latex allergy, there are many different forms of reaction, some minor and some major. For instance, a Type 1 latex allergy is considered as hypersensitive, which produces symptoms ranging from minor such as watery eyes and a runny nose to more severe problems that would include nausea and vomiting, hives, and shortness of breath.

With Type 1, the problem is that latex particles become airborne and then inhaled. For Type 4 latex allergy, the reaction is limited to any exposed area. This would include someone having surgery and the bandages being held on by latex tape. The result is a skin rash and irritation, swelling, and redness that typically lasts anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Obviously, this type of latex allergy is not nearly as serious although it is quite frustrating. Keep in mind that latex is actually a natural product that comes from a rubber tree’s sap. Because it is so flexible, strong, and costs very little to manufacture, it takes first place over many similar manmade products. If you suspect that you have a latex allergy, you can see your doctor for a thorough examination and blood work.

This test involves looking at a certain antibody called IgE immunoassays, which is performed through skin testing. This particular test is currently being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and while it is highly accurate for proving latex allergy, it is not designed to determine the severity of the allergy. Therefore, in addition to the testing, if you have reaction to latex, you should avoid using it, turning instead to vinyl or plastic.

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Back to school what is a food allergy what can you do

(NC)-Food allergies are becoming more prevalent every day. Severe reactions can be life threatening if not treated immediately. In many cases, a dangerous breathing condition called anaphylaxis (an-a-fi-lak-sis) can result when a substance to which the casualty is very sensitive enters the body. Anaphylaxis can happen within seconds, minutes or even hours of a substance entering the body. As a rule, the sooner the casualty's body reacts, the worse the reaction will be. St. John Ambulance, Canada's leader in safety-oriented™ first aid training and products, advises that you can detect anaphylaxis and help the casualty, if you know what to do. Signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis Itchy, flushed skin, raised skin rash (hives). Sneezing, running nose and watery eyes. Swelling of the airway. A 'lump' or 'tickle' in the throat that won't go away. Coughing. Sense of impending doom. Nausea and vomiting. As the condition worsens, a casualty may experience: Pale skin. Anxiety and/or a severe headache. Wheezing and breathing difficulties, coughing. Irregular and rapid pulse. Swelling of lips, tongue, throat, hands and feet. Shock. Unconsciousness followed by stopped breathing and heart. First aid for a severe allergic reaction When a casualty experiences a severe allergic reaction, they are in a life-threatening situation. Assess the individual and immediately call for medical help. Stop any activity and place the casualty in the most comfortable position for breathing - usually sitting upright. Some people with known allergies carry medication in the event of an attack. If the individual has prescribed medicine with them, help them take a correct dosage. Stay with the casualty until medical help takes over. Monitor vital signs and try to calm and reassure the casualty, as fear and anxiety will make the condition worse. Knowing what to do can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. St. John Ambulance offers a wide range of programs, customized for all walks of life and skill levels. Learn what you need to know from Canada's leader in first aid for more than 118 years. Contact the St. John Ambulance office nearest you or look us up on the Internet at sja. ca.

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The advantages and disadvantages of whey protein

When it comes to bodybuilding, you know that protein intake is vital to your success. Unfortunately, even if you are a big meat eater, you will find that you will not get the amount of protein - or even the right protein - in your diet without taking supplements. One of the most important supplements that body builders need is whey protein. Whey protein has many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of whey protein are too numerous to list, however, here we will discuss some of the more important advantages. For example, whey protein stimulates the lGF-1 production, which stimulates growth. When you use whey protein isolates, you will be getting about ten percent of immunoglobulin proteins that are intact.

This means that the proteins have two pairs of polypeptide chains. While that may be too confusing for the average person to understand, what it means to you is that your immune system gets a boost on top of helping your muscles to grow. No other protein source in existence contains as much branched chain amino acids. You need these amino acids because you actually lose them when the muscles catabolize. Most people don't realize that muscles are damaged as much as they are built in body building, but whey protein essentially replaces everything that your muscles are losing during and after your workouts.

Whey protein helps to detoxify the body by making the body's production of endogenous glutathione greater. This too helps to make your immune system stronger as well, and this is just another of the many advantages of whey protein. You may wonder how body builders can work out day after day, without muscle soreness. In fact, beginners often quit following their first couple of workouts, simply because they can't bear the pain. Here is another advantage of whey protein.

Whey protein isolates have protein chains that contain four essential amino acids that also act as natural pain killers. Overall, whey protein is the best protein for the body, because the body makes excellent use of it…better use of whey protein in fact than any other type of protein. But, as with anything else, there are disadvantages of whey protein. First, the best whey protein products on the market are fairly expensive, making them inaccessible to most people who get into body building. There are whey protein products that are affordable, but these are usually of a much lower quality, and are often full of sugar. Furthermore, these cheaper products are not digested as easily as a quality product. Overall, however, most serious body builders will search high and low to find a whey protein product that is of high quality, and affordable at the same time, because the advantages are so plentiful, while the disadvantages of whey protein typically only involve the cost of the product.

Simply put, you can't go wrong with a quality whey protein product when you are serious about body building. In light of how beneficial whey protein is, it is ironic that it was once considered a waste product in the process of making milk and cheese.

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A critical assessment of euthanasia

The question of whether, say, a man should have the right to take away his life granted pain and suffering have overcome him is a very important question today. A different way of putting this question is this: ‘Should a man have the right to take away his life if he ceases to function as a human being?’ This matter would have been laid to rest had it not been that it strikes at the heart of law, key matters of health, and morality. It is a subject that, if not properly addressed, can cause some nasty consequences to the lives of people and pose unwarranted danger to the stability of a society. The present question bears the amazing name “euthanasia”. Those who think that a man, for instance, has the right to take away his life under the condition stated may have some important points to put forward. Yet their points, upon closer inspection, could be seen to be overtly subjective, and, hence, moot.

A man – call him John - should have the right to function properly and contribute, in whichever form, to the collective movement of life. When this primary function is taken away, it ought not bring about a burden to people close to him or to others bearing no direct relation to him. But if his awful suffering prompts others to direct much of their time into taken care of him, then the multiplying effects are huge. The patient in question suffers severely and the others in question suffer mentally and emotionally. Consider the three children of John who are engaged in skilled jobs. Their respective companies prize them as essential toward the general success of the company. But following the terminal illness of John, they have to spend much time in looking after him. One can see that this state of affair weighs heavily on the creative capacity of John’s children. Most likely, it would sting their emotional and mental health as well as their respective financial capacities.

Furthermore, if matters of health in the society are largely supported by the state, then much money has to be spent on John to help sustain his life. In fact, the moral bases of these actions are in keeping with the fundamental tenets of human rights. Should the state or John’s children do otherwise, one could reasonably argue that the bestial character had controlled the conscience, so too passion. And this would have set a dangerous precedent since the easiness of self-centered life is sometimes valued far more than a hard life full of moral, legal and logical alertness. Most likely, others would follow the morally deficient example set by John’s children or the state; and to what extent their actions could be justified would be very hard to estimate. In this light, it is, indeed, very hard to put forward a straightforward answer in favour or against euthanasia. If one ponders over the role the helpless patient plays in euthanasia, many questions compete for selection. Is John in the right emotional and mental condition to endorse his “compassionate” killing? Are his close relations in agreement with him that he should “compassionately” die? How can one sufficiently ascertain – bitter as this may seem - that John’s close relations have not conspired to end his life in order to ease their own (individual) disproportionate stresses in looking after him? In short, who should be trusted when the matter at hand refers to ending a person’s life through another agent, whether an expert or a lame person?

And even if a medical expert approves, generally, of euthanasia and the specific case of John, how could one determine the motive at stake so as to free euthanasia of any element of suspicion? It is in confronting such questions that it becomes difficult to justify euthanasia on logical, legal and moral grounds even though some specific instances may be claimed to warrant euthanasia. For assuming the agent himself, say, John, ended his life through his own doing and not through any agent, then one may, fairly quickly, conclude that he did the right thing in order to put excruciating pain to final rest. Careful thought casts some doubts on the personal action of John. One can, for instance, ask whether John was in the right frame of mind prior to ending his own life or whether he was emotionally stable. And to say that the condition of John is irrelevant to judge the rightness or wrongness of his action may be foolish. It amounts, by a parallel reasoning, to saying that any individual knows best what condition he or she is in and has the sole privilege in correcting that condition, either to enhance life or terminate it. But this contention goes against the fundamentals of reasoning. It is purely a personal contention and does not submit itself to an objective scrutiny in order to free it of crude biases and moral dishonor. Since one can choose to do to one’s own life what one pleases – because of the subjective character of inward life – one could equally claim that it should not matter what kind of person wants to terminate life: a mad or sane person, a minor or an adult, an idiot or a sage, and so on. From this viewpoint, one can see that the previous contention is baseless.

Abnormality of any form should not be sanctioned or unduly promoted. That is why people who lack the standard human disposition are often seen as having trodden the path of gross errors and need to be corrected by appropriate means without fail. Danger awaits the society if abnormal persons or premature persons are granted the personal right – not freedom – to take away their own lives, either by themselves or through the mediation of agents. This brings to the fore the point that the sufferer acted, not according to a clear conscience or a composed will-power, but under some kind of pressure, either by being persuaded to end his/her life or by persuading himself/herself. The sufferer, in other words, did not have all the available options at his/her disposal from which to make the ultimate rational choice about the issue of compassionate death. But suppose all the available options were at the sufferer's disposal, it still might not be morally proper to end life as an interventionist procedure was induced. Think about the point that modern society is full of scientific-technogical facilities that have added a lot of sophistication to the movement of life. A person's life-threatening disease could be artificially controlled or manipulated by using complex machines or genetically engineered medication.

Simply applying the sophistication just stated could definitively end a person’s life-threatening disease. The moral dilemma that euthanasia brings about in this sense is largely connected to the question of manipulating a condition that leads to the death of the victim. Why should not death be allowed to occur naturally, thereby concluding that what happened was a noble death, a death in dignity? It seems clear that to tamper with this arguable noble death, by artfully and artificially facilitating it, is not in keeping with the natural play of human decency.

It is an endeavour that may hint at the progress and development of science and technology; but if issues about cloning are morally questionable, therefore quite a threat to the harmonization of social life, then euthanasia may be viewed in like manner in spite of the scientific-technological creativities that may be advanced in its favour. Euthanasia may engender the proliferation of all kinds of experiments about medication and medical equipment intended to justify the most effective means of stirring up mercy killing. Such practices will not serve the general interest of the society, for the issue of fame and profit may outweigh the question of selflessness. For example, the medical expert may not engage in the straightforward job of facilitating meaningful death in accordance with the patient’s wish, by an act of endorsement, directly or indirectly. The said expert may be more interested in the undeclared motive of testing a medical theory or/and the efficacy of a new drug on the victim. Once success in this area is confirmed, he/she may then continue to nourish the ego and the intellect with more experimentation on many other victims. The question, then, ought to, finally, be confronted: Should moral, logical and legal matters resolve the rightness or wrongness of euthanasia? Or, should medical and scientific-technological issues decide the rightness or wrongness of euthanasia?

If we go by the second point, then we can argue persuasively that it has been largely responsible for the evolution of human beings into the present form. And if the question of morality, law and logic were made to decide human evolution, then we, most likely, would not have been able to reach our current station in terms of advancement. But we are dealing with crucial issues about life and death, and the question of whether euthanasia is right or wrong must, for the present, lie unresolved. Perhaps, since there is no clear-cut answer to this question, the question itself need not be topical; nor should it proliferate. Those who want to practise euthanasia may then be censured.

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Make your own gift baskets

Haven’t you always wanted to give someone a beautiful gift basket, but didn’t have a clue how to put one together? Gift baskets are such a wonderful gift and can be given for any occasion. Let me tell you how to make such an amazing gift basket even you won’t believe you’ve made it! First, start with your “basket”. It doesn’t need to be your typical wicker basket, try using a toy dump truck and fill up the bucket, or use a laundry basket, a plastic container or even a purse, depending on the occasion and who it’s for. Next, find your fillers. Make sure that what you buy will fit inside your basket. You want the basket to look like it’s overflowing. Great fillers are small plants, disposable cameras, a book or a bottle of champagne (again, depending on who it’s for). Now for the fun part – decorating! Start arranging your items into the basket. Make sure to put the bigger/taller items in the back and the smaller items in the front. You can use easter grass or any other “stuffing” to prop things up or fill in the holes if you need to. Now tie on a bow and Don’t Forget The Card!! For more gift basket ideas or how to make specific baskets, visit us at MomOnABudget. com. We have more money saving tips, quick easy recipes, how to decorate on a budget and more and get signed up to receive our free email newsletter.

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Providing on demand water heating with new tankless heaters

Recently new "tankless" water heaters have come onto the market and have been saving homeowners money when they switch from their old conventional heaters. The new tankless versions have become popular for their ability to heat and provide water on demand, with no storage required. Instead of holding water in a traditional water tank, they circulate the cold water through a series of electrically heated coils that warm the water as it moves pass this heat source. This newer process of warming water requires more expensive equipment than the conventional water heater, but this money is regained in the long term with energy efficiency savings. The energy efficiency is mainly gained from no longer needing to heat an entire tank of water.

A list of tankless water heaters can be found at http:// foremansfinder. com/hvac/water-heaters. html. Since the tankless water heaters do not store hot water but rather constantly heat water as it is demanded, they do not run out of hot water. There is one exception, to this "endless" supply of heated water. The flow rate is limited. In other words if you simultaneously use more water than the flow of the water heater (i. e. 3 people showering at one time) you will receive unheated water.

Since conventional water heater stores the water together in a large tank it is able to provide water at a set temperature. Tankless water heaters differ in this aspect since they are dependent upon the incoming water temperature and the flow rate. The incoming water temperature can vary greatly from summer to winter. The capacity of a tankless water heater is generally measured by how many temperature degrees it can increase water temperature by gallons per minute (gpm). Most tankless water heaters are powered by gas to better handle the heat output and response time required. These gas powered water heaters require proper venting, normally more venting than the older, conventional water heaters required. If you are replacing a conventional electric water heater tank, you may want to add a power vent in the side of the wall.

This would be the less costly alternative if there is no existing roof vent. Some of the smaller and more portable single-fixture units are powered electrically.

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Save big bucks on your car insurance

: Insurance costs continue to rise, and car insurance is no exception. Depending on where you live, you can expect to see regular and sharp increases in your car insurance premiums over time. There has to be a better way! Fortunately, there is. Let’s examine several sure fire ways you can save money on car insurance. Examine Your Policy Is your policy correct? Are you listed at the right address? Even a one digit variation in your zip code can shoot your rates through the roof. Make certain that everything about you is listed correctly on your policy. Notify your insurance agent if there are mistakes.

Go Shopping For car insurance, that is. Not all companies charge the same and new companies to the market may sweeten the deal for you in order to entice you to make a switch. Change Your Deductible A $250 deductible is fine until you discover that the cost for having a deductible at this level can send your rates skyward. Instead, think about a deductible as high as $1000 to save on premiums. Pay for minor accidents out of your pocket – you will come out ahead of the game. Get Rid of Collision Coverage If your car is worth less than $3000, think about dropping collision coverage. Yes, you will receive no compensation from your insurer if your car is wrecked, but the savings you gain by discontinuing collision coverage can be set aside by you as a down payment for your next car. Pull Policies Together Do you own a home? Do you have life insurance? If so, consider purchasing all of your insurance policies through one broker as you may be eligible to receive a discount from them for grouping together your policies.

Get the Discounts If your car came equipped with certain safety and security features, make sure that your insurer knows about them. Some older model cars do not include air bags as standard equipment, however if your car has airbags and you aren’t receiving an insurance credit for them, notify your insurer to have your premium reduced accordingly. You can also reduce your insurance premiums by taking a Driver’s Education course, by making certain that all previous points that you accumulated on your license were expunged from your record, and by electing to purchase a less “risky” car – insurance risk, that is. By following the tips I have outlined in this article, you can save big bucks on your car insurance. Take control of your insurance costs and don’t assume that the insurance companies have your best interests at heart – quite frankly, some do not.

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San diego schools embrace the no child left behind program

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program is a federal law that governs elementary and secondary education and is funded by Federal Title I. Under the NCLB, school boards must ensure that their high poverty schools meet the educational needs of low-achieving students. The goal is to close the achievement gap between the high and low-performing students. San Diego Schools are committed to delivering strong standards-based education with programs that are designed to improve student achievement in the gateway skills of reading, writing and mathematics. Along with this commitment, they have embraced the NCLB program, which benefits the San Diego schools and its students as follows: • San Diego schools must provide greater accountability for results, which means an even better school district with higher scholastic achievement from its students; • The district gains greater flexibility for spending federal money, allowing them to decide where the money best serves to improve student achievement; • Parents have more options over their children, allowing them to choose a non-participating school over a NCLB school; and • San Diego schools gain an increased emphasis on teaching methods that have been proven to work. Of the 202 San Diego schools, 138 are eligible for the NCLB program. Schools are selected for the program if they have not made adequate annual progress for two or more consecutive years and serve students from high-poverty backgrounds. Annual state-required student achievement targets measure the progress of each of the 138 San Diego schools. There are currently 37 schools participating in the NCLB five-year program and designated as Program Improvement schools. The following seven schools are in their first year of the program — Clairemont High, Creative, Performing and Media Arts Middle; Knox; Pershing Middle; Rosa Parks Elementary; Wangenheim Middle; and Washington. In their second year are ALBA, Bayview Terrace, Correia Middle, Dana (5-6), Emerson/Bandini, Encanto, Garfield High, Logan, Madison, Montgomery Middle, Muir (K-12), and Twain. The third-year San Diego schools are Garfield, Marston Middle, and Pacific Beach Middle. Baker, Bell Middle, Clark Middle, Farb Middle, Hoover High, Kroc Middle, Morse High, O’Farrell Charter, Roosevelt Middle, Taft Middle, and Tubman Village Charter are in their fourth year. Four San Diego schools are in their fifth year. They are Balboa, Gompers Secondary, Memorial Charter, and Wilson Middle. Those schools highlighted above met their adequate yearly progress targets in 2005, showing remarkable improvement in student achievement. During all years of the program, parents may choose to send their children to a designated non-participating school and receive transportation at San Diego schools expense. During years two through five, free tutoring is provided to eligible students after school, based on academic need. Parents select from a state-approved list of service providers. In year three of the program, the district will intervene, making additional options and services available. The district develops plans for restructuring the San Diego schools that are in year four of the program. The plans include major reorganizations and fundamental reforms that affect the staffing and administration of the schools. Any school still in the program in year five is restructured, according to the plan developed for the school in year four. San Diego schools provide parents of children attending Program Improvement schools with information on a variety of education-related issues. Additionally, parents may request information on the professional qualifications of teachers and paraprofessionals associated with their children. Parents are asked to partner in their children’s education by participating in school events, volunteering on school administrative committees, volunteering in the classroom, and providing home support to further enable their children to learn. San Diego schools serve nearly 136,000 students. The district is the second largest in California. They are committed to improving student achievement through modernized facilities and resources, enhanced classroom learning through challenging and proven teaching methods, and involving the community in the educational process. The NCLB is just one of the many programs instituted by the San Diego schools to serve and benefit the students educational needs.

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Reaching your potential

In today’s pressured world, many teens are afraid to fail—and even—afraid to succeed. They don’t want to stick out, whether for good or bad. They want to be accepted, and just ‘fit in.’ This type of mentality will lead you nowhere but the path to mediocrity—and that is nothing to be proud of. As Douglas Malloch so aptly wrote: If you can't be a highway then just be a trail, If you can't be the sun be a star; It isn't by size that you win or you fail- Be the best of whatever you are! Each of us have different talents and different abilities, so don’t get me wrong—it’s not about being the best—but rather about being the best YOU can personally become. The hockey great Wayne Gretzky has said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Think about that. If you don’t try, you have a 0% chance of success! But if you put all your heart into something, and work hard, you can and will succeed in whatever you will. And if it turns out your best wasn’t good enough—then at least you tried—and will have no regrets and no wonders of ‘what could have been.’ The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them, into the impossible. With that in mind, let me share with you what Michael Jordan has said: “I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot... and missed. And I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why... I succeed.” So from one teen to another: I encourage you to do today what others won’t, to have tomorrow what others never will…And never be afraid to fail!

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