Acne skin care 8 simple tips to follow

Commonly affecting the skin condition of people between ages 12 to 24 is a disease called acne. The cause of acne is hard to determine. However, over secretion of the sebaceous glands is pointed as the cause to trigger most acne outbreaks. Pilosebaceous units are the combination of the hair follicles and oil glands in the skin. Except for the surface of the palms and the soles of the feet, pilosabaceous units are found on the skin tissue throughout the body . They are responsible in secreting the oily substance called sebum. However, due to many factors (e. g. hormonal imbalances, stress and the skin's natural condition) the oil glands may be induced to produce more sebum than normal. When this happens, the excess oil plugs the skin pores.

This process brings about bacterial infection and stimulate the reaction of the immune system. In the end, acne inflammation results. Acne can strike at any skin type. An oily skin type is most subseptible to acne. Dry skin on the other hand, may not be as susceptible but serious outbreaks may occur during winter. Normal skin is equally susceptible to acne but the level of severity may not be as high. Presently, acne is not yet totally curable but can be remedied with several acne skin care methods. Many seek the help of topical medications, which are applied on the surface of the skin.

However, employing the use of acne skin care products like "pore strip pads" may remove whiteheads and blackheads but they would not have any effect on the excess sebum produced. Nevertheless, for remedy and prevention, it is best to employ the following 8 simple tips: 1. A healthy, well-balanced diet must be observed. Therefore, your food intake must incorporate all the essential nutrients the body needs for efficient functioning. 2. Drink plenty of fluids like water, juices. Minimize the intake of carbonated drinks. 3. No make up is recommended. 4. Wash your face with mild soap and water. The logic is to not remove the dirt (as the majority of acne-inflicted person perceive) but to remove the plugs on the skin pores, which may be a combination of dead skin cells, bacteria and hardened sebum. Although dirt is not truly the cause of acne, it may contribute to further infection through its interaction with skin debris and particles and extra oil in the skin. 5. Use topical cleansing pads that may contain one or the combination of the following: salicylic acid, sulfur and benzoyl peroxide to remove excess oil. Another way to minimize the presence of extra oil in the skin is to wash the face with the hottest water you can withstand. 6. Minimize the use of harsh cleansers and use acne skin care items that exfoliate mildly. Do not scrub vigorously to the affected areas. 7. If your hands are dirty, refrain from touching your face. 8. If you have long hair, tie up your hair so that it is kept away from the face. This is especially so if the weather is hot and you have been perspiring. Preventative acne skin care steps are just as important as the treatment of acne itself. With prevention, at least, you know how to ensure that your acne problem does not escalate and spread to a bigger infected area.

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Buy youtube views

Rule YouTube When you browse through videos at YouTube, which do you usually click first: one with around 10 views or one with around 75,000 views? If you’re normal, then you’re much more likely to click on YouTube videos that have a lot of clicks already. The logic is simple. The more views a video has, the more interesting the video must be. After all, why would a video gain so many views if it’s dull or uninteresting, right? Indeed, the bandwagon mentality works very well at YouTube – so why not use it to market your videos at YouTube? Increase YouTube Views If people are more likely to view a YouTube video that already has thousands of clicks, then increasing your YouTube video’s views will work in your favor. The more hits your video has, the more viewers are likely to watch it. If YouTube videos are a core component of your marketing strategy, this could only be a brilliant move on your part. There are two main ways by which you can increase your YouTube views. There’s the call-for-help way in which case you’ll ask your friends, your acquaintances, your friends’ and acquaintances’ friends and acquaintances (etc, etc, etc) to click on and watch your YouTube video. This will require countless telephone calls and emails, of course. Naturally, it will also take some time before you see your YouTube video’s views snowballing. On the other hand, you can increase YouTube views by purchasing YouTube views at http://buyyoutubeviews. com/. Why Buy YouTube Views? Buying YouTube views is far more practical than asking friends, acquaintances, etc. to view your YouTube video. By investing a small amount, you can have as much as 150,000 views on your YouTube video in 48 hours. After 48 hours, other people are going to notice your video and think: “Wow, this video has so many hits; I’ve just got to see what the buzz is about.” In result, your YouTube video will get even more views than you have initially paid for, and more and more people are going to be exposed to the marketing message contained in your video. At http://buyyoutubeviews. com/, you have a choice among six different YouTube views packages. Ten thousand views cost $40; 25,000 views cost $60; 50,000 views cost $100; 75,000 views cost $125; 100,000 views cost $170; and 150,000 views cost $200. It is apparent that the more YouTube views you order or buy, the more money you will save. Moreover, the more views you buy for your YouTube video, the more attractive and appealing your YouTube will be to other YouTube viewers.

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Unique faberge eggs

Unique Faberge Eggs Faberge Eggs have always been special to me. I’ve been searching them out at art auctions since I was in my early twenties. I did a term paper on the Faberge Company and their history of making eggs for the Russian Tsars between 1885 and 1917. The first Faberge Egg that I ever found at an art auction was actually quite by chance. The Faberge Egg was not one of the advertised items and was actually a bottle topper. I instantly fell in love with it and took it home from the art auction for one hundred dollars. I saw an advertisement for a tropical Faberge Egg from a collection St. Petersburg. It was set to be up for sale at an art auction in New York City. I knew that I was going to be unable to purchase it, but I wanted to see it in person and at least put in one of the lower bids. The tropical Faberge Egg at that art auction in New York City ended up selling for over six thousand dollars. That is out of my price range, but I was happy just to have been in the same room with this masterpiece. The eggs themselves are just exciting to be near. The first Faberge Egg was made in 1885. I know that it will never turn up in an art auction, but hopefully I will see it someday in an exhibit. The first one was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III and was given to his wife as an Easter present. The surprise inside the egg was a golden hen in a golden yolk. The hen was wearing a tiny crown with a ruby hanging inside. The antique Russian Faberge Egg that I found at an art auction recently was so detailed. The silver enamel egg has rubies and eagles and is marked with Faberge hallmarks. I was able to win this egg because I was bidding with someone else’s money. The best eggs always end up with the richest people. The piece that I want in my collection is a genuine Lillies of the Valley Faberge Egg. I found one at an art auction I went to ten years ago. I was unable to buy the one I saw, because I didn’t have the money at the time. I’ve been saving for the time that I see another one. The Lillies of the Valley Faberge Egg is covered with pearls and pale pink enamel. The egg is on a stand that has legs of matte green-gold leaves with rose dewdrops. The gold-stemmed lilies of the valley have green enamelled leaves and pearl flowers. I will look for this egg at every art auction I ever attend. This Faberge Egg is delightful. It is surmounted by an Imperial crown of rose crystals. There is a pearl knob that reveals the surprise of this egg. The surprise is portrait miniatures of Czar Nicholas II and his two oldest daughters. The portraits are framed in rose crystals and backed with gold panels. I have heard a rumor that one will be at an art auction next year in Miami. The last art auction I attended I purchased a Faberge Egg called the Imperial Clover Egg. It was for my personal collection and I won it for under a thousand dollars. I felt like it was quite a steal at that price. The Imperial Clover Faberge Egg was originally made with a four leaf clover inside of it that had portraits of the four daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra. The portraits went missing during the Russian Revolution. The egg that I bought at the art auction had a stem of clovers standing upright. Two clovers in green enamel and the third, a four leaf clover, was done in diamonds. The diamond four leaf clover is a pin that can be worn. 645

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Having problems finding cheaper tickets easy tips show you how

Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure you will always want to find the cheapest travel deal available. Looking for cheap airline tickets or bus tickets can be easier than you think. Your first question is which mode of transportation are you looking to travel by. After you have decided that then you are ready to start researching different travel deals. If you decided you are traveling by plane there are a lot of competitors to compare deals with. Some airline tickets can be rather expensive so don't take the first deal that you find. Do your homework and use your resources to find ways to save money on your travel. There are many web sites that will show you the rates of several different airlines. After you have compared all the rates and you're still not happy with the cheapest available tickets there still may be another option.

Some travel web sites will offer you an option to name your own price. The trick to this is not to suggest a price that is 50% lower then the suggested price. This will definitely decrease your chances at getting a cheaper ticket. You never want to go less then 40% off. An example would be that if a suggested ticket price for a roundtrip were $400.00 you wouldn't want to suggest a price for anything under $260.00. The total after taxes and fees would be around $290.00 or so. If you are successful at naming your own price you can save up to a hundred dollars and sometimes more on your tickets. Saving money on bus tickets can be just as easy. Once you have found a bus carrier near you find out what kind of specials they might have. Sometimes you can save money on your bus ticket if you purchase it in advance. Depending on the Bus Company you can save almost half the regular cost of a bus trip if you purchase them online and more then a week ahead.

There also might be some other deals you can find such as free companion fare on short trips, senior citizen discounts, and some children under a certain age can ride for free. Most people don't think about taking a bus when they plan to travel far. However it you are planning on only going a short distance you will probably save more money if this is an option for you. When you are looking to travel it shouldn't put a hole in your wallet. After all you want to save as much as you can so you will have extra spending cash during your trip. Just remember that finding discount tickets for your next trip can be easier then you originally thought.

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How to make more by working less

Copyright 2006 Donna Gunter Thanksgiving rolled around last year and I decided that I needed a break, so I decided to pay a visit to southern California. I've been entertaining this fantasy for the last few months that I'd like to move there in a couple of years, as I'm a big fan of sunshine and warm (not hot) weather. I discovered, much to my dismay, that not only does it get chilly in the San Diego area, but it had snowed in the mountains just prior to my arrival. For the most part, however, I was able to hang out in slacks and short sleeves and managed to avoid wearing any winter clothing while there. Every time I go on vacation, I am challenged about whether or not to bring my laptop with me to check email and/or do a little work. On this trip, I brought my laptop under the rationalized guise that I needed it to look up the different tourist destinations I wanted to visit, and having my laptop along would let me get online to view this info, if I so desired. In the back of my mind, however, I had also planned to check and respond to any email as well as continue to refine my strategic plan for the upcoming year. Well, I amazed myself on this trip, and I can credit my hotel for this. I never even took my laptop out of its case! My hotel didn't make it easy for me to plug the laptop into a phone line while also having access to an electrical plug, and since getting online would have required me to rearrange my room somewhat, I was just simply to lazy to be bothered to do it. I was initially a little annoyed at this inconvenience, but then began to think of it as a gift. I can't tell you the last time when I've been disconnected from a computer and online access for 5 days in a row--that's a personal record for me! Amazingly enough, I didn't even suffer any withdrawal symptoms! In the weeks prior to my departure, I had been struggling with some ideas about restructuring my business and combine all of my business under one roof. I had been racking my brain about how to do both without driving myself insane and was only succeeding in giving myself a headache. When I'm at the point of being stuck or feeling overwhelmed, I won't cut myself any slack and take a long or extended break. Instead I continue to plug away, becoming increasingly frustrated and stuck and not accomplishing anything, and then resenting the fact that I'm not taking any time off. Not a particularly productive way to be, is it? Intellectually, I know that to be true, but won't own up to that fact in the moment. During this trip, I had a pretty big breakthrough about this issue, and the answer came to me crystal clear during the week--on the plane, in fact. I discovered something that I'd always heard but had never found to be true for me until this profound occurrence. Are you ready....drum roll please......if you want to make more, you need to work less. That's the big secret. It was only my getting away and not thinking about my business that I found the clarity I needed to move forward. Had I given in to my inner work demons (and they were quite vocal before I left) that were trying to convince me not to go away but spend this "vacation week" doing all the stuff on my to-do list so I could catch up on all of my back-logged tasks, I believe I would still be beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to move forward with my ideas that will help me grow and expand my business. I know that the extra "chi-ching" in my bank account is just around the corner. Try this principle of working less and see if you make more--I'll bet you'll find it as useful as I did.

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Hlw to double your debt collections

Believe it or not, the success of your attempt to collect a debt is usually decided right at the beginning of your phone call – with the very first thing you say after the other party says hello. Knowing exactly what you are going to say – and handling the call in an organized, professional manner is the foundation upon which collections are made or lost. A professionally executed collections call has four parts: Part One is The Open – how you identify yourself, your company and the problem. And, how you place that problem before the debtor. Don’t ask him when he’s going to get around to paying you, or why he is putting you off. If you do you’ll be at a disadvantage right off the bat. Instead, put the debtor in the position of having to explain himself. Say something like “What are your intentions toward this bill?” Part Two: The Facts. If the debtor doesn’t agree to pay the bill early on, move into the next part of the call: asking questions about his situation. It’s important to make a smooth transition here because you don’t want to alarm the debtor. Say something like: “Let me just fill out an extension form for you.” Then you can start asking about his job, whether his wife is employed, any outstanding loans he may have, credit cards, etc. Part Three: The Dun – Once your questioning has given you the information you need you can show the debtor a way in which he or she can pay the debt. You now know, for instance, that he can afford to put it on his MasterCard, or that she could qualify for a bank loan. Now you’re in position to make your demand for payment (the dun). Part Four: The Close. Whether the debtor has agreed to pay or not, there is also a specific way you should close the call. And I don’t mean “Gee, thanks. Have a nice day!” or “You’ve got your nerve!” Use an open-ended question designed to put the debtor on the spot; something like “Do I have your word on that?” If he has refused to pay or continues to dodge the issue remind him of how serious the situation is. Make it clear that the problem must be resolved. Be professional. Don’t insult him. Save any threats of legal action until you’ve contacted the debtor several times without success and see no other option. Never threaten legal action unless you fully intend to follow through, otherwise you could be accused of harassment. Collection calls are sometimes a necessary part of the billing process. Making the effort to learn and use as many collection techniques as possible will bring you better results and greatly improve the health of your bottom line. (End) Editor: This article is offered for free use in your ezine, print publication or on your web site, so long as the author resource box at the end is included. Notification of publication would be appreciated.

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Mr cheapie s frugal budget tips

So you feel like a hamster spinning your wheel? The faster you run, the faster the wheel spins. Just when you get a raise, you notice the price of hamster wheels jumps! Mr. Cheapie is here with his super-charged budget-cutting tips. One of the biggest wastes of money is restaurant meals. You can cook a meal at home for about 2 cents a plate. Just put leftovers in the microwave, and Presto! Those same leftovers cost a lot more at a restaurant. They call it "the buffet", and they sell it to you for $10.95. Consider also the steak dinner that costs, say, $7 at home. At the restaurant, you pay $13.95 for the same meal. Or, if you want fancy napkins, $39.95. Plus tax. Funny thing about eating at home; you don't pay tax. But step into a restaurant, and guess who jumps in: "Hello, my name is Taxman. I'll be your waiter tonight. Would you like to start with something to drink? Perhaps a very nice glass of wine? That will be 50 cents, plus the price of the wine, of course." "Why would you tax my wine?" Mr. Cheapie wonders. "It's not like the government made it." "Who do you think keeps this country free and safe so that you can enjoy your wine?" Taxman demands. "Do you think Saddam Hussein would let you drink wine if he was still in power?" "I don't see how he could stop me." "Hah!" Taxman replies. "He has spies everywhere. He knows you drink wine and he has targeted this very bottle to self destruct." "Actually, I don't drink wine. His spies must run on the same technology as his scud missiles," Mr. Cheapie muses. "How about a steak dinner?" "An excellent choice," Taxman beams. "That will be $1.73, plus the price of the meal." "Now what?" Mr. Cheapie demands. "Are you saying that Saddam is targeting my steak." "Of course not," Taxman giggles. "We have him locked away. But watch out for North Korea." "Why?" "North Koreans are starving," Taxman explains. "They don't have steaks." "Ah, so the North Korean government wants to take my steak and give it to their citizens." "Not a chance. That would violate the official North Korean policy of starvation for all. They would never feed your steak to the people. But they would hold it up to taunt them," Taxman grins. "Then they would throw it into the fire to fuel a nuclear missile trained on this very table you are sitting at." "Which is why you need to tax my steak." "Exactly," Taxman nods. "It's like a security deposit." "That's right," Taxman smiles. "It's protection money." "You understand," Taxman winks. "It's your tip." "That's what I sa ... no it's not! It's national defense," Taxman insists. At home, you never have to tip the microwave. But, at the restaurant, your waiter expects 15%. Mr. Cheapie has discovered a legal loophole to save 15% on your restaurant bill. According to a national Mr. Cheapie survey, your plate usually has 15% too much food on it. Set aside 15% of your meal. When your waiter comes to collect his tip, pay him in food. Your waiter raved about today's special, so Mr. Cheapie is sure he will appreciate having some for himself. If Taxman is your waiter, don't actually give him the food. Just taunt him with it -- then mail it to North Korea. Then they won't have to blow up your table to get it themselves. Why pay for national defense when the postal service can protect your freedom to eat for just the cost of a stamp? Aren't you glad Mr. Cheapie offers such useful, free advice?

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The basic knowledge about call centers

The Basic Knowledge About Call Centers Call centers are centralized offices used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. They can provide services that can increase the productivity of several businesses. But for small businesses, call centers can provide the advantage of increasing their bottom lines. Business services call centers provide normally include order collection, customer care, telemessaging, customer service options and a lot more. These services are also offered with multi-lingual options. May it be French, Spanish, Chinese or English, several capable representatives can easily handle clientele from all across the globe, thus increasing the businesses. Usually, call centers are operated by companies aimed in administering incoming product support or information from consumers. There are open workspaces for agents, which include computers, telephone set or headset connected to a telecom switch and one or more stations for supervisors. Technologies Used By Call Centers In order to improve the company’s operations and reduce the costs, while providing standardized, uniform and streamlined services to customers, the centralization of call management is used. Apart from that, call centers utilize a wide variety of different technologies allowing them to manage large volumes of work. Such technologies facilitate processing and queuing of calls, maintaining consistency of the work flow for agents and creating cost savings for other businesses. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the technologies call centers use. This kind of technology is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet switched network. Outsourcing is another technology used by call centers, which is actually the subcontracting of a process including the manufacturing or designing of products to a third-party company. There are others who theorized that with the advancement of the society, future call centers would include technologies, like speech recognition and speech synthesis. These kinds of software are now in development and allow computers to handle first level of customer support, natural language processing and text mining to further improve customer handling, agent training, productivity and customer satisfaction. The Dynamics of Call Centers To provide a number of services to business consumers, there are categories of calls often separated into outbound and inbound. Outbound calls happen when agents place calls to potential customers mostly with intentions of providing service to the individual or selling. These calls are substantially different from inbound calls, where consumers call the call center in order to acquire information, ask for assistance, or report possible malfunction. Furthermore, the staffs working at call centers are organized into a multi-tier support system to handle calls efficiently. In such models, the first tier normally consists of operators that direct inquiries to the appropriate department and give general directory information. The second tier is forwarded with calls and handles consumers in need of further assistance. If the second tier of support cannot resolve the issue, the call is then forwarded to the next tier. There are cases, where the existence of three or more tiers is required to resolve issues. Usually, the third tier of support includes highly skilled support staffs, product engineers, or product developers. Due to the highly technological nature of the operations of call centers, close monitoring of the activities of the staff is widespread and easy. This can be quite beneficial and enable the company to better plan the time and workload of its employees.

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Wage for the new grad

Fresh out of college, most people are excited about landing that first job. Given that most grads do not have work experience or only had a part time job while studying, it is not easy to secure an executive position right away. Starting from scratch, one has no choice but to start from the bottom in an entry-level position then in time move to the top. The challenge most grads face in applying for a job is the competition. Aside from those who just graduated, there are also those who have left the previous job and are looking for a new one. According to hiring and compensation experts, there is not that much room to negotiate when one is just a fresh grad. This is because that person does not have substantial work experience as basis to negotiate for a higher wage compared to those who have already worked before. The range of the salary fresh grads get are based on the course one has finished in college. To those who volunteered to be surveyed, it was found that people who graduated from the sciences were able to get a higher salary compared to those who graduated from the liberal arts. A tip that may help a little in the negotiation process is knowing your potential and not easily giving in or selling yourself short. In the course of an interview, it will boil down to the how much you will be getting. Most fresh grads accept what is given immediately and reply “ok” ending it there. It is best to only talk about the salary when an offer has been made. If the interviewer is good, it can wait. During that time, one can try asking how much the company will give for someone in that position then be able to negotiate about that further later on regardless of the figure that was given. The applicant can then ask questions such as job responsibilities and mention that the contribution one can give to the company is more important than the salary you will be receiving showing the recruiter you are a team player. Applicants can negotiate more by doing research on how much other companies are offering for the same job before giving an immediate answer. By knowing that information, it is possible for you to negotiate the salary offered for a little more. Getting a job is not only about a salary. This includes other things that the company offers to its employees and by thoroughly checking out the other benefits and perks, it can also help in deciding whether the applicant should accept the job or not.

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Cisco ccna exam tutorial password recovery procedures

: It might happen on your CCNA exam, it might happen on your production network - but sooner or later, you're going to have to perform password recovery on a Cisco router or switch. This involves manipulating the router's configuration register, and that is enough to make some CCNA candidates and network administrators really nervous! It's true that setting the configuration register to the wrong value can damage the router, but if you do the proper research before starting the password recovery process, you'll be fine. Despite what some books say, there is no "one size fits all" approach to Cisco password recovery. What works on a 2500 router may not work on other routers and switches. There is a great master Cisco document out on the Web that you should bookmark today. Just put "cisco password recovery" in your favorite search engine and you should find it quickly.

The following procedure describes the process in recovering from a lost password on a Cisco 2500 router. As always, don't practice this at home. It is a good idea to get some practice with this technique in your CCNA / CCNP home lab, though! The password recovery method examined here is for 2500 routers. An engineer who finds themselves locked out of a router can view and change the password by changing the configuration register. The router must first be rebooted and a “break” performed within the first 60 seconds of the boot process. This break sequence can also vary depending on what program is used to access the router, but is the usual key combination. The router will now be in ROM Monitor mode. From the rom monitor prompt, change the default configuration register of 0x2102 to 0x2142 with the o/r 0x2142 command. Reload the router with the letter i. (As you can see, ROM Monitor mode is a lot different than working with the IOS!) This particular config register setting will cause the router to ignore the contents of NVRAM. Your startup configuration is still there, but it will be ignored on reload. When the router reloads, you’ll be prompted to enter Setup mode. Answer “N”, and type enable at the router> prompt. Be careful here. Type configure memory or copy start run. Do NOT type write memory or copy run start! Enter the command show running-config. You’ll see the passwords in either their encrypted or unencrypted format. Type config t, then use the appropriate command to set a new enable secret or enable password. Don’t forget to change the configuration register setting back to the original value! The command config-register 0x2102 will do the job. Save this change with write memory or copy run start, and then run reload one more time to restart the router. This process sounds hard, but it's really not. You just have to be careful, particularly when you're copying the startup config over the running config. You don't want to get that backwards! So take your time, check the online Cisco documentation before starting, get some practice with this procedure with lab equipment, and you'll be ready for success on the CCNA exam and in your production network!

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Computer forensic tool kit

The Computer Forensic Toolkit Computer forensics has been garnering a lot if interest due to the increase of cyber crimes. The need for computer forensic experts is steadily increasing. As the technology continues to develop criminals and offenders find a way to catch up. The Computer has become an important part of your lives. It has changed the way we work and live. This is why it has become the target of criminals and offenders. Computer forensics helps combat crimes. It is also necessary for them to avoid mistakes and make sure that they do their job. Fortunately a computer forensic toolkit is available to make sure that they got all the bases covered. Computer forensics is complex. It needs careful preparation and procedures must be followed diligently. It may look easy in television but computer forensics takes a lot steps. If any of these steps are missed the evidence can be tampered. The evidence will be inadmissible in court and the computer forensic analyst may face a lawsuit. The right tools for the right job Like any other job we need the right tools for it. These tools are important to be able to do your job well and avoid mistakes as much as possible. If you're a computer forensic expert you cannot afford to make a mistake. Any evidence should be handled carefully and properly. Any IT professional can retrieve data but they are not trained in evidence techniques that are necessary for the job. In most cases the computer system is taken from owners even though they have provided consent. If the data and the machine are compromised the computer forensic analyst may face a lawsuit. The computer forensic toolkit reduces the risk of making mistakes while doing your investigation. It also serves as a guide and framework to be able to have a smooth investigation. It also serves as en educational guide for newcomers that will provide the technical and legal know how to a forensic investigation. A computer forensics toolkit is available online. Unfortunately it not free and costs $199. It's a comprehensive guide for both the beginner and the veteran. To keep with the continuing changes in the technology tools such as these are important for a faster and more efficient forensic investigation. Computer forensics is not exactly one of those jobs wherein you can erase your mistake and begin over. The whole tool kit can be viewed in MS word format for easier reading. The first part of the toolkit is the Introduction and Guide. It contains a comprehensive overview of computer forensics with an outline for the whole procedure. The next is Management Presentation. It is followed by forensics report template which provides a guide in making consistent reports. Essential Forensics Forms, as the name suggests contains all requisite forms for documentation. Manuals and Procedures contain all the steps done in the forensic laboratory. Forensic glossary contains all the terms. Forensic resources contain the FAQ, cost estimator, case studies and valuable tips. There's checklist to keep track of your progress. The last but not the least is the Tool Reference Catalog which contains the list of documents and software tools that you need. The toolkit will provide the know how for any newcomer and a reviewer for the veteran. Every analyst should keep abreast with the times to make sure that the criminals won't overtake them.

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World of warcraft powerleveling guide how to

: Common to most MMORPGs,World of Warcraft powerleveling guide is a means of quickly gaining experience and getting your character to the higher levels in a very short span of time. In World of Warcraft there are many techniques that can help you to reach your leveling goals. The few that are listed here work great and if you get into the habit of using them over time you will begin to level very quickly. One of the easiest ways to level your character is to get in with a group of higher level players. You will receive more experience as they will be fighting higher level monsters than you would be able to handle on your own. Simply befriend a player who is at a higher level than you and get invited into their group.

This is one of the easiest and most common ways of leveling up quickly. Sometimes a balanced group of two or three is much more efficient than soloing. This is particularly true when a Quest requires killing a certain number of monsters. Simply quest with groups when you feel it is necessary and fight solo whenever you feel you may be held back or hindered by them. In other words, use your intuitive sense to decide which is most efficient for you at any given time. There is some confusion as to whether questing or grinding is best forWorld of Warcraft powerleveling guide. I feel that this is a matter of personal preference. Some people actually enjoy the mindless tedium of spending countless hours grinding away at mobs of monsters for experience. While others prefer to mix things up with the excitement of faster leveling and story telling that comes with Questing.

You will earn more experience and level quicker in a shorter amount of gameplay time through Questing. It all depends upon how you like spending your time while playing World of Warcraft. However, if you are wanting to Power Levelin then Questing is the definitely the quicker route. Never be afraid to drop Quests that are overly long. Quests that require a ridiculous amount of traveling or time to complete are useless to players that are trying to Power Leveling.

If you are taking Quests in order to level up more quickly the last thing you will want to do is waste a ridiculous amount of time on an overly long and complicated Quest. There are quite literally thousands of Quests to choose from in World of Warcraft so move on to those that are finished quickly and require little traveling. Brian Kopp has aWorld of Warcraft powerleveling guidethat will help you decide if what queast will be the most rewarding. Power leveling is an excellent way of preventing yourself from becoming stuck in the middle levels as many players tend to do later on in World of Warcraft. Getting stuck like this can cause the game to become monotonous and boring for some. For players who want to avoid this problem,World of Warcraft powerleveling guideis the obvious choice. If you require more information or help, there are many online resources available that can provide you with more detailed strategies concerningWorld of Warcraft powerleveling guide.

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Download adware programs from lavasoft for free

Any computer connected to the Internet needs some sort of protection against unscrupulous companies and persons who use the Internet to spread malicious software. The new lavasoft. com Adware 6.0 has been designed to protect the computer from different types of Adware. Adware is short for advertising-supported software. Internet users are often tricked into installing an Adware program on their computer, and once it is installed the Adware program can take control over the computer and automatically play advertising material for the user, or download advertising material to the computer without the owners consent. It is very easy to involuntarily install Adware. A simple click on a fake X in the top right corner of an irritating pop-up add can be enough to `okay' an installation, without you ever even noticing that a program is being installed. The fact that you are using a Firewall and a good Anti-virus program does not mean that you are safe when it comes to Adware. You need a program specifically designed to detected and remove Adware from your computer, and alert you every time an Adware program tries to install itself. As mentioned above, the Adware is primarily used to display advertisements and commercials for you. Some Adware are however combined with so called Spyware.

Once your computer has been infested with Spyware, the Spyware program will monitor you action and send back sensitive information to its owner. The information is used by the Adware program to more effectively target you with the right commercials. The gathered information can include very personal details such as lists of all your visited websites, how often you visit each site, online purchases and all your online searches. Adware are used by dishonest persons and companies to track your online habits and gather information about you without your knowledge or consent. The information is normally used to target you with commercials and advertising, but can be used for more malevolent actions as well. There are also honest Adware products available, which are not installed without your consent. Adware can be a way to make it possible for a company or a programmer to provide the users with free versions of a software program, such as a popular game.

The advertising displayed while you are using the program will help paying for programming development costs etcetera. Honest Adware programs are not installed without your knowledge and you can remove them when you do not wish to use the software product anymore. Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0 is one of several programs design to protect your computer from Adware. Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0 will scan your computer and clean it from existing Adware. The program will also alert you every time an attempt to install a potentially harmful program on your computer is made. Lavasoft.

com 6.0 has been designed to alert you of any potential security - and privacy breaches. Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0 can be downloaded for free online and most users will probably find it easy to install and use. Compared with many other Ad-Aware programs the file is relatively small and will therefore not take for ever to download, even if you are using a modem to connect to the Internet. Lavasoft.

com Adware 6.0 will begin working immediately and do not require a reboot. Using Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0 to scan your computer and clean away any suspicious software will typically take a few minutes. One drawback with the free version of Lavasoft.

com Adware 6.0 is however that it does not include all features, and you will have to pay for an upgraded version if you want to have full program access. Regardless of which Ad-Aware program you choose to use, you must update the program regularly to keep the register up to date, since new types of malicious Adware are created constantly. With Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0, updates are available for free and you can also set the program to update for you automatically.

You can configure Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0 to make it suit your own preferences. The free version comes with plenty of different options, but if you wish to have access to all possible configurations you must buy the Plus or Professional versions of Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0. If an option is greyed out in your version of Lavasoft. com Adware 6.0, it means that this option is not available.

All the changes you make concerning the configuration is saved, so it is very easy to go back to an earlier configuration if you find out that your current one does not suit you.

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Acuvue advance contacts

Acuvue Advance Contacts Just like any other contact lens from Acuvue, the Acuvue advance contact lenses offer you plenty of quality and reliability. They are a cut above the rest, offering you excellent quality and comfort for a very affordable price. The first thing you’ll notice about the Acuvue advance lenses is the addition of Hydroclear, made by Johnson and Johnson. Although other types of Acuvue lenses now offer Hydroclear, the advance lenses were the first. Hydraclear is a break through in contact lens technology, perfect for those who have problems with their lenses drying out. This technology is considered to be among the best - and ideal for anyone who wants the best for their eyes. Hydraclear is a rich moisture type element that is found throughout the exterior and interior of Acuvue advance contact lenses, helping to give them a soft, silky feel. Once you put a pair of advance lenses in your eyes, you’ll notice the benefits of Hydraclear immediately. It doesn’t dry out like other contact lenses, keeping your eyes refreshed while you wear them. Acuvue advance contacts also offer you great protection as well. They offer the highest type of UVA blocking and UV ray protection available for contact lenses. You can enjoy wearing these contacts anywhere you go, which is great for those who travel. If you like to go to the beach you can rest assured in knowing that the Acuvue advance lenses will keep your eyes protected from the sun while you enjoy the beauty of the beach. Acuvue advance contacts are made from a soft yet flexible material, which makes them a breeze to put in your eyes. There shouldn’t any trouble putting them in your eyes, which makes them ideal for anyone who wears contacts. Simply put them in your eyes, and they will automatically conform themselves to your pupils, feeling comfortable from the start. The advance contact lenses from Acuvue work pretty much the same as other contacts. You need to clean them and soak them in contact solution overnight. They are good up to a month per pair, which makes them ideal for everyday use. They normally come in boxes of 6, meaning that a single pair will last you up to 3 months. If you wear contacts, you should look into the Acuvue advance. You can buy them online, through your local optician, or anywhere else that sells contacts. They are available in virtually every subscription, which is perfect for anyone who needs a dependable pair of lenses. The Acuvue advance lenses are unlike any other type, for the simple fact that they are very comfortable, dependable - and easy to take care of. Once you give them a try - you’ll never to use any other brand again. (word count 456)

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Is depression a state of mind

Is depression a state of mind Is a mood an excuse used to avoid personal interactions? Or maybe it’s an attempt to illicit sympathy? Or is it an actual disease? Actually, it can be all of those things. Clinical depression is a major depressive disorder affecting about 7-18% of the population at some in their lives. But for most people, when they say they’re depressed, they’re referring to the depressed mood. This depression rarely lasts long. It comes and goes and is usually brought on by a number of different things. Depression affects people in different ways. Some people prefer to be alone. They cut themselves off from friends and family in an attempt to work their way through the mood in their own time. Others throw themselves into social activities, preferring to ignore it until it goes away. Still others tend to dwell on it and try to draw the people around them into a similar state of depression, embracing the philosophy that "misery loves company". There are also the people that seem to live in a state of constant depression. For some of these people, the diagnosis is functional depression and treatment would be advised. But for others, it’s more of a continual mood. Some people just seem to enjoy being unhappy. Their negative outlook of themselves, those around them and life in general keep them in this continual depression. On occasion it is an attempt to get sympathy, but for some people, it’s just the way they are.

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Math who s afraid of the big bad

Mathematics can be one of the most challenging subjects students may take, in middle grades, high school and college. But it can be one of the most fun courses to take as well. As a tutor of basic math, algebra, geometry and trigonometry I have found that some students are very reluctant in enrolling in these classes, science classes too but I will cover that in my next article. We often look at such geniuses as Albert Einstein, John Nash, the movie (A Beautiful Mind) and others and wonder what may be wrong with our abstract thinking process, why can’t we understand math and its theories and formulas like others. I say with confidence don’t be afraid of learning math; guess what, math is basically learning the formulas and remembering where and how to apply them.

You may think the guy sitting in front of you who gets a good grade on each exam, test or pop quiz every time is brilliant. He may be but most likely he has studied and remembered the formulas and learned how to apply them to the problems given. My older brother reluctantly assisted me in math and he would always get upset because I could not understand the problems early on in grade school. Now he and I jokingly laugh about those days because we both enjoy math, but I believe I am more in tune with problem solving then he, although he is an engineer. I said all that to put you at ease with math and the problem solving of mathematics. Some of us have study harder than others when it comes to math problems.

I was one of those but it helped me tremendously. Here are few basic concepts I adopted in my grasp of mathematical knowledge. 1. Ask questions if you are unsure about the formulas and don’t be ashamed, many people may have some type of difficulty when it comes to math. 2. Study each formula carefully, in order words spend twice the amount of time studying and learning math equations from the time you are in class. Ex: if your class meets for one hour spend two hours away from class studying time on math problems. This does not mean you have to spend two solid hours studying, break your time up in 30 minute intervals. 3. If there is someone else in the class who has a better understanding of the content get with them for one on one tutoring or a small study group. This seems to help a lot when your peers tutor you and it may be fun. Keep your group around 4 to 5 members and do this early on if problems start to arise, smaller groups seem to get more done. 4. Always, always let your instructor or teacher know you are having problems. This will allow you some leverage that they are aware of any problems you may be having and may devote some additional help or sources of help to assist you. 5. You may want to study each theory or formula with a friend by conversing what you have learned with them. I found this to be very helpful. 6. Write down notes as the problems are being explained. And always try taking courses in sequential order if you can. For example take pre-algebra before algebra and algebra I before algebra II and trigonometry, well you get it. 7. Finally, a very helpful tool is Math. Com on the internet. This is a great website that breaks down problems and provides a better understanding of math.

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Ten tips to save on gasoline

Gas prices continue to be near all time highs meaning that car travel is taking a a larger portion out of each of your paychecks. AAA estimates that the cost of driving a car including all direct and indirect costs has surpassed 50 cents a gallon with that price expected to rise. Reducing the cost of driving your car can be done fairly easy simply by paying a bit more attention to your car. Here are 10 easy ways to cut the amount of gas your car uses: Purchase your gasoline when it's coolest outside such as in the early morning or at night. Gas becomes denser in cooler temperatures. Since gas pumps only measure the volume of fuel - and not the density - you'll get better overall gas mileage for your money by purchasing fuel when it's cool outside rather than in the heat of the day. Religiously check your car's tire pressure each month (make sure to purchase a good-quality dial-type gauge for yourself -- pencil-style gauges and the ones mounted on the air hose are unreliable according to federal government surveys). Under inflated tires reduce fuel efficiency by 2% for every pound they are under inflated. Under inflation also causes premature tire wear giving your tires a shorter use life. Slow down and drive at the speed limit. Cars use about 20% more fuel driving at 70 miles per hour than they do at 55 miles per hour. Avoid using air conditioning whenever possible. Air conditioning reduces fuel economy by 10% to 20%. Use the air ventilation system instead. Don't drive with open windows when traveling at high speeds. Open windows on the highway can reduce fuel efficiency by 10%. It's much better to use the ventilation system. Remove car racks and other items which make your car less aerodynamic when they're not being used. Leaving them on only makes your car less fuel efficient and costs you money. There is no need to let your car idle. Even on cold mornings, cars don't need to idle more than 30 seconds. Newer cars are designed to be driven almost immediately and letting your car idle longer is a waste of gas. It's more efficient to turn off your car and turn it on again than to let it idle for more than 45 seconds while waiting. Remove all the excess weight from your car. Many people use their car trunk as a storage space adding unneeded pounds to the car's weight. This unnecessary weight reduces the car's fuel efficiency by about 1% for every 100 lbs. For most cars, higher octane gas is simply a waste of money. Regular unleaded (approx. 87 octane or so) is the least expensive and what you should purchase. It's important to remember that octane is a measurement of how hard it is to ignite the gas, not the quality of the gas. Purchase mid or high octane gas only if your engine pings, knocks or rattles when using regular unleaded fuel. Publishing Guidelines: This article may be freely distributed so long as the copyright, author's information and an active link (where possible) are included. A complimentary copy of any newsletter or a link to the website where the article is posted would be greatly appreciated.

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Premiership betting review 1 may 2006

Chelsea officially clinched the Premiership on Saturday lunchtime with a crushing 3-0 victory over second placed Manchester United. The Blues only needed a draw to confirm the champions status but William Gallas after five minutes, Joe Cole on 61 and Ricardo Carvalho on 73 sealed victory in style as Jose Mourinho’s side retained their Premiership trophy at 6/5. Another crucial match in the Premiership was Portsmouth’s victory at Wigan Athletic. As predicted in the Walker’s Word column, Pompey’s win at the JJB Stadium relegated both Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion in what was a gloomy day for West Midlands football. Henri Camara gave Wigan the lead after 34 minutes, but Benjamin Mwaruwari’s first goal form the club on 63 and Matt Taylor’s second penalty in as many weeks on 71 ensured a 9/5 away win. Birmingham City could only muster a goalless draw against Newcastle United when only victory could preserve their Premiership status until the final match of the season. The draw was available at 12/5 before kick-off. Liverpool went level on points with Manchester United after Saturday’s 3-1 win over struggling Aston Villa. Fernando Morientes opened the scoring after four minutes but Gareth Barry levelled on 58. Captain Steven Gerrard netted on 61 and 65 minutes to ensure a 3/10 victory for Rafa Benitez’s side. Tottenham Hotspur tightened their grip on fourth place with a 1-0 win over Bolton Wanderers. Aaron Lennon struck the decisive goal on the hour for the 7/10 Spurs. Fulham won their first match away from Craven Cottage with a last gasp goal at Manchester City. Richard Dunne gave City the lead after 69m minutes but Collins John equalised for the Cottagers with six minutes left. Steed Malbranque then fired in a stoppage time winner to secure an unlikely victory at 3/1 odds. Alan Curbishley’s last match at The Valley as manager of Charlton Athletic ended in defeat as they were beaten 2-0 by 8/5 Blackburn Rovers. Steven Reid broke the deadlock two minutes before the break while a Chris Powell own goal on 65 put Mark Hughes’ side in touching distance of UEFA Cup football. On Bank Holiday Monday, Arsenal made sure Sunderland went the entire season without a home win with a 3-0 victory at the Stadium of Light. Arsenal, huge 3/10 favourites before kick-off, scored three goals in 14 first half minutes, with a Danny Collins own goal on 28, Cesc Fabregas on 38 and Thierry Henry three minutes before the break. Manchester United edged one point ahead of Liverpool as they drew 0-0 with Middlesbrough at Old Trafford. United, heavily odds-on before kick-off, saw Ruud van Nistelrooy miss a penalty after 65 minutes and the match ended level at 9/2.

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Emotional eating

Occasional emotional eating is normal. Everyone has celebrated with food before, that's what birthday parties, Christmas lunch and BBQ's on SuperBowl day and the Forth of July are all about. But emotional eating can become a serious problem when it leads to negative emotional and physical imbalances in our lives. Frequent emotional eating can easily become a destructive cycle. Emotional eating becomes entrenched in the lives of its sufferers when they use food to regulate their mood, cope with stress or overcome feelings of anxiety or boredom. This type of behaviour can easily lead emotional eaters to become overweight or obese because many of them feel hungry most of the time. "Satisfying" this insatiable hunger with food, many emotional eaters consume far more calories than their body needs and they gain a lot of weight which becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible to lose. Common signs of Emotional Eating Here are some common signs of emotional eating: Eating when not physically hungry. Eating during times of strong emotions, like anger or depression. Eating when bored. Rapid eating. Eating immediately after arriving home from work. Eating alone out of embarrassment at the quantity or type of food being eaten. Eating until uncomfortably full. Feelings of disgust, depression, or guilt after overeating. Recognizing emotional hunger Recognizing emotional hunger (as apposed to real physical hunger) is one of the keys to overcoming or staving off frequent emotional eating. Some of the characteristics of emotional hunger include: Emotional hunger comes on suddenly. One minute you're not hungry at all and the next minute you're starving. Emotional hunger often craves specific food, like pizza, candy or a cheeseburger. Emotional hunger begins in the mouth and the mind, not the stomach. Emotional hunger often accompanies an unpleasant emotion. Emotional hunger involves automatic or absent-minded eating. Emotional hunger isn't satisfied when you're full. Emotional hunger makes you feel guilty. Are you an emotional eater? To find out if you might be an emotional eater, rate yourself on the following statements about your current lifestyle (adapted from the book Fattitudes: Beat Self-Defeat and Win Your War with Weight, by Jeffrey R., Ph. D. Wilbert, Norean K. Wilbert, St Martin's Press, NY, 2000.) using the scale: 0 = Never 1 = Rarely 2 = Sometimes 3 = Often 4 = Almost Always 1. I've try to lose weight, but always fail. 2. I don't feel in control of my eating. 3. I often eat when I'm not hungry. 4. I eat food when I'm stressed or upset. 5. I eat food for pleasure or as a reward. 6. I think about food a lot. 7. I can't stay on track when dieting. 8. I binge eat. 9. I feel ashamed of myself and my eating habits. 10. Food helps me deal with feelings. Add up your TOTAL SCORE Interpretation: 0 – 10. It is very unlikely that you are an emotional eater. 11 – 20. You engage in some emotional eating but it's unlikely that it is harmful. 21 – 30. You are a moderate emotional eater and should consider professional assistance. 31 - 40 You are a heavy emotional eater. Professional assistance is highly recommended. What to do if emotional eating is a problem Here are some suggestions that may help you overcome problematic emotional eating: Become aware of your motivations for wanting to eat. When you feel like eating, ask yourself if you could possibly be upset instead of hungry. Keep believing in yourself. You are in control and have the power to make changes in your life. Develop new mood regulation strategies. For example, share your problems when anxious and exercise when you're bored. Remember support is available. If you need to, find a weight loss class, hire a lifestyle coach or engage a licensed therapist. Focus on the things that matter. Like taking care of yourself, improving your emotional well-being, eating well and exercising. Be wary of using diets. Dieting can lead to more emotional eating and won't help you to address the underlying reasons for being overweight. Love yourself for who you are and forget about trying to be perfect. Don't swallow your emotions for the sake of sparing others from getting upset. If they've upset you, let them know about it and tell them that you won't tolerate that kind of behaviour in the future. Make yourself - not a diet - responsible for what you eat. Focus on the cause and solution rather than the affect. Constantly focusing on the negative symptoms of the problem won't help you solve them. Focus on what you're going to do about your current circumstances rather than the circumstances themselves. Take responsibility for your life, stop thinking about food and LIVE! Conclusion Remember, we're all emotional eaters to some extent. It's nearly impossible not to be in America, where eating is an integral part of our celebration rituals and a fundamental aspect of our family and social life. But when emotional eating interferes with your health and happiness you know it's time to do something about it and the sooner the better.

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Indoor plants how they help us at home and work

An idea that's being planted in more and more offices, senior centers and homes is one that may surprise many people: namely, the benefits of indoor plants. Simply put, being close to plants reduces stress. Research has shown that heart rate, blood pressure and skin conductivity all benefit from the presence of plants and that people in planted offices recover from stress more quickly than those in unplanted offices. The effect is likely to be most significant in situations where the tasks being performed are repetitive or not requiring high levels of concentration. Studies in the U. S. also show that by reducing stress and improving attentiveness, plants can improve workplace productivity. A number of studies also show that plants can reduce the incidence of minor health complaints in the working environment.

For example, in one Norwegian study, after plants were installed in the trial offices, staff complaints about: • Fatigue were reduced by 30 percent • Headaches were reduced by 25 percent • Dry throats were reduced by 30 percent • Coughing were reduced by 40 percent • Skin irritation were reduced by 25 percent. Plants are also believed to have such a dramatic effect because they both improve indoor air quality and people's perception of the building. Today, horticultural therapy blooms as a profession and a practice. The American Horticultural Therapy Association reports that "horticultural therapy is not only an emerging profession; it is a time-proven practice." Nurturing and caring for plants is a highly interactive and satisfying experience for people of any age, particularly for seniors. As a way of giving back to the senior community while shining a spotlight on the healing benefits of taking care of plants, Initial Tropical Plants, the largest provider of interior landscaping and design installation to businesses in the nation, created the Grassroots Senior Healing program. The company donates plants, containers and talented horticultural employees to volunteer at low-income senior citizen centers and demonstrate the healing benefits of tending to interior plants. Interestingly, planted buildings also have less airborne dust than unplanted ones. The effect is mainly due to increased humidity and static electricity. That's because plants are slightly negatively charged compared with their surroundings and so will attract positively charged dust particles, reducing the number in the air and on surrounding surfaces.

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