10 headline writing tips that will instantly boost your advertising response rates

Copyright 2006 Brian Maroevich Even the most powerful advertising copy on the planet is useless without an effective headline. An effective headline determines whether or not your prospective customer will read the next sentence of your sales message. You must grab your reader’s attention with something that appeals to them and forces them to want to learn more, otherwise you won’t make a sale. Whether you have a successful headline or you are just starting to write your next ad or sales letter, here are 10 Headline Writing Tips That Will Instantly Improve Your Advertising Results: 1. Put your prospects name in your headline. Everyone wants to see their name in "The Headlines". This will definitely grab their attention and get them to read your ad or sales letter. 2. "Use Quotations" around your headline. Quotation marks create the perception that your headline is a testimonial and has credibility. And credibility, in turn creates more believability, and this can significantly increase response to your ad. 3. Don't make your headline to "BIG". Many advertisers believe that bigger headlines get a better response. Bigger is not always better. You want your headline to be in a readable and believable size compared to the rest of your ad. A big headline can reduce your credibility because it looks to “hyped up.” 4. Don't end your headline with a period. This creates a pause in your readers mind and they may decide to move on to something else. People have been trained to pause at a period. But if you end your headline with an "!" exclamation point you will ad excitement to it and your reader will want to move forward with your ad (this is a good rule of thumb, but it's not a law. I've seen and written ads with a period in the headline and it's worked.) Another technique is to leave your headline open ended or use "..." to get them to move into your body copy. 5. Use one, two, even three subheadlines. Subheadlines below your main headline can be very effective in building intrigue and excitement in your reader. Each subheadline should be smaller compared to the main headline and the subheadline before it; ultimately your reader will end up in the main body of your ad or sales letter before they know it. 6. There are many advanced techniques for producing great headlines but what I’ve found to be simple and effective is to use the best benefit your product or services provides as your main headline, and then ad “How To…” to it. For example, if your best feature as a web developer is getting websites built and online within 3 days, the benefit of that could be..."How To Attract New Business Worldwide While You Sleep Starting In 3 Days!” 7. If you use "$" dollar figures in your advertising use this tip: If you help people save or make an extra $2,500 with your product or service, attach a decimal point to it: $2,500.00. What looks like more money, $2,500 or $2,500.00? Conversely, if you are stating a price for your product, put as few "0's" in the price as possible. For example, if your product costs $2,500, you don't want to print, "$2,500", or "$2,500.00". You want to print something like $2,499. This looks less threatening. 8. Combine a grabber with your headline and you might get amazing results! Grabbers are small gadgets and trinkets that are attached to your letter or report that get your prospects attention like: million dollar bills, real money, string, magnifying glasses, pencils, fake checks, bubble gum, poker chips etc. The key is to tie in your grabber with your offer in a clever way. Also, if you combine a headline above and/or below your grabber you'll really ad power to your advertising. 9. Make your headline newsworthy. "How To Get Your Tax Refund In 10 Days!" is a pretty good benefit oriented headline, but you could test a newsworthy approach like..."Local Tax Planner Gets Clients Over $1,000,000.00 In Tax Refunds!" 10. Use a testimonial as your headline...Get the most detailed and specific testimonial you have and use it as your headline. For example, "I made an extra $32,000.00 In Six Weeks, and another $10,000.00 in Two Days!" is a prime example of a specific testimonial. This makes it very appealing because it's real, it's newsworthy, and I can attach a real name to it.

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Ebay business 101 for newbies

Are you fairly new to eBay business? Or is just planning to enter the world of eBay business and test its waters? You have nothing to fear. Here are simple startup tips for you, newbie. Entering the eBay business means that you are setting up shop on eBay and become a seller. It is easy and risk-free. All you need to have is a computer, an internet connection and an inventory of items to sell.

No startup costs are expected of you. Even if you’re at home, you can monitor your eBay business easily enough. You can also do marketing online, right within eBay. Starting out As a newbie seller, you have a fairly good chance of succeeding in the eBay business by starting out with items that you know and have experience with. Take it from the experts, when you start with products you are knowledgeable about, you are right on target regarding its value. However, if the items you are supposed to start with do not fall in the line of your expertise, there’s no cause for worry. You only have to research about the items you have to know their value.

There might be several odds and ends in your house that are fairly in good condition but not needed anymore. Or you might know of family and friends who have possessions they want to get rid of. You can also buy discounted products, seasonal and specialized items and crafts then resell them. The eBay business has no limit on what products you could sell, as long as there are buyers interested. Have a photo, make a sale Once you have set-up shop in the eBay business, start the ball rolling by letting customers know of your merchandise. Do this by taking pictures of the products you are putting up for sale. The photo alongside your item listing is free. A 35-cent paid photo post of your product is offered by eBay - a scheme called Gallery. It works by having a thumbnail photo of your product along with its listing on the search results. Be aware that most customers in the eBay business prefer to see the photo of the product for sale.

Most often, your listing will get hits largely because of photo attachments. People need to know they are buying something that exists. You may find that once you upload more photos for each of your product listing, the demand for your products increases. Close-up and high-quality photos of your products are likely to bring you great sales outcome. Price ‘em right Upon seeing your product, the next thing potential buyers on the eBay business look up is the price. Note that in the eBay business, it is necessary to remind you not price your item too high, or else buyers may lose interest. With a reasonable starting price, you only need to have two bidders to set off a higher price. The principle in the eBay business, with regards to setting up the starting price, is that the lower you set the price, the more potential buyers bid on it. You can even get them so attached to the item and inspire a need to be the bidder who gets the item.

For how long do you list up your product? As a seller, listing a product in the eBay business involves meeting qualifications to use one-day period listing and paying necessary fees for 10-day listings. There are several factors to know how long you should list an item in the eBay business: - Longer period listing gives potential buyers more time to see your item and place bids - Listing depending on your selling volume. - Limited period of listing if you are selling products related to certain events Other things which sellers in the eBay business need to do to generate more profits: - Regularly checking out the hit list for your items to know if you are getting more traffic. More traffic means more buyers. - Have a detailed product description on your listing to minimize numerous buyer inquiries - Proper handling of payment and shipping. Be aware that 3 out of 4 buyers on the eBay business prefer paying with PayPal. - Keep your buyers, happy and satisfied with your products and overall service. - Lastly, keep tabs on other eBay sellers’ experiences in the eBay business for you to learn and succeed.

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New car pricing looking into the crystal ball

You just landed your first promotion and you need to celebrate! What a better way to celebrate your new salary by purchasing a new car. It’s time to start spending your hard earned dollars on a valuable new vehicle purchase. But, how do you know you are paying the right value for your car? It’s important to remember when trying to look into the future that a new car depreciates 20% of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. New car pricing can be difficult if you are looking with foresight into the future, and each consumer guide will quote you various prices on the same make and models of cars. It’s hard to decide where to begin, but let’s take the guessing out of new car pricing, and begin by contacting AutoDiscover who will offer you the best rates across North America. The 20% depreciation won’t hurt so badly when purchasing your first new vehicle because you have already gotten it for a deep discount with AutoDiscover’s top consultants who can negotiate almost any rate, for any car. They are proficient because they know how to negotiate the best rate (unbiased) with tough negotiation skills and thorough research. You will receive from their superior services a new car at an extremely low rate. A luxury worth every penny saved to help pay for your next designer suit. Imagine, you can spend more time working on the issues that matter instead of negotiating with the dealership. A step up, and a step head, you will be ready to move into the future! Contact an AutoDiscover Consultant today and let them offer you the best car buying services on the market. New car pricing will never be the same and you will love the low rates they are able to offer! It’s time to rub your crystal ball and start moving towards the future in your new plush interior vehicle.

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Nlp in training the power to facilitate

How can NLP help to design and run a course that has a positive result for everyone, including you, the trainer? Deni Lyall outlines the processes, gives plentiful advice and shares her personal experiences. I have a degree in electrical engineering and loved mathematics at school – a logical lady I felt. So there I was, one summer afternoon, listening to the voice of my coach gently encouraging me to walk along an imaginary timeline on the carpet of the hotel room. This was to help me with the problem we were exploring!

I took one step and looked at him quizzically. What was supposed to happen? Another step, another look. And another and another. Then suddenly it happened. For some reason I felt a calmness go through me and the situation seemed to be settled. I knew it would be OK in the autumn. This was my first experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and, I have to say, I left that room feeling somewhat bemused.

In the following years I heard more about NLP and realised that it is an emotive subject. Should I mention my experience with it to other people or not? Rather than being sceptical about something I knew very little about, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to find out more. Eventually I found a small group of like-minded people and a good trainer. Fourteen months later I had successfully completed both practitioner and master practitioner training. For me, NLP is a very useful addition to my toolkit. It’s a little bit like the pizza slice a friend recently bought me; I don’t know how I managed without it and it’s handy for more than just pizza, but I’ve still kept all my knives. Rather than allow NLP to take over, I have integrated it into my toolkit and used it to enhance what I already do. Put simply, NLP is about using the language of the mind to allow you to consistently achieve the outcomes you want. It comprises some philosophies, some tools and techniques, and some methodologies. With around 2 million bits of data coming to us every second we generalise, delete and distort the information to cut it down to a reasonable amount. To do this we use our experiences, our values and beliefs, our attitudes, our use of language, our memories and ‘metaprograms’. The information that is left is internally represented in our mind, which then produces our (emotional) state, which in turn affects the way we behave. NLP helps to provide choices as to how that information affects us. It also helps us to understand how and why others may react differently to the same information. NLP is a large topic with many aspects to it and I don’t intend to cover the theory here. There are many good books, tapes and courses on the subject. As a trainer, though, I have found it very useful in three main ways: • my own self • interacting with participants • training design MY OWN SELF A key aspect of NLP is about choosing how to react to what’s happening to you. Therefore when I am training I make sure that I choose how I am feeling about it. I want to be in the best frame of mind for training so that I can confidently handle the situations that I am going to come across during the workshop. First, I am always positive about the outcome. I put myself into the future, at the end of the workshop, using the present tense in my thoughts. I see the participants enthusing about what they have learned and I look around the room with all the workshop outputs. I hear laughter and good comments about what they have learned, and finally I feel very satisfied with what I have achieved. I understand that not everyone will feel like this about the training, but I focus my thoughts on the people who will feel like that. How does focusing on negative thoughts help you? It just makes you feel unhappy! Tips • Make sure the feeling you have about the workshop is the one you get when you are feeling very satisfied and happy with something. Get the feeling first by recalling a past experience. Now keep the feeling, then imagine being in your successfully completed workshop. • Imagine hearing good comments about the workshop in the voice from someone you respect. • Usually making the picture big, colourful, bright and close up gives it more impact.

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Tips for entrepreneurs opening a restaurant

As entrepreneurial enterprises are concerned, opening a restaurant is by far one of the hardest endeavors to undertake. While the rate of restaurant failure isn't nearly as bad as it's purported to be, restaurants do fail at a much higher rate than many other types of self starter business. For that matter, even franchised restaurants (usually the smaller "fast food" variety) have a failure rate just a few percentage points below self starters. So what, you may ask, can entrepreneurs do to increase their chances for success? Here are three tips to succeeding in the restaurant business that successful owners adhere to. The first of these is location. Yes, there are some restaurants located in out of the way areas that do succeed on word of mouth, but those instances compared to the instances of restaurants failing because they are in bad locations are miniscule by percentage.

The safest bet is to always make sure there is plenty of traffic where you want to open up. Established areas are best, but consequently, most expensive. Don't get in over your head with a lease that will bury your chances for success from the get-go, but don't choose an out of the way location because it is cheap. Try to find some middle ground. The next tip is to concentrate on solely on the things that will make people want to come in, and more importantly, want to come back. I know this sounds a little too simple, but it involves a lot more than just good food and a nice atmosphere. The key is to turn out great food, provide a great atmosphere and to have exceptional customer service, day in and day out. Whether you run a sandwich shop or a high end bistro, getting these three elements together and doing so consistently is paramount to success.

The third tip is to find and culminate good business relationships with your suppliers. Having a supply chain you can count on will allow you to concentrate on what's important, which is running your business while at your business. You'll need to find food distributors and a restaurant supply distributor you can count on. Food distributors that are able to deliver on time and are committed to bringing you quality products every time will help you to produce consistently good food that your customers want and eventually come to expect. A good restaurant supply company can make all the difference between having a smooth operation that allows you to run you’re back of house effectively and having to deal with subparts equipment. Of course, there is a lot more to the restaurant business than these basics, but in the end, the basics are what separate successful restaurants from failed restaurants.

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Reduce long distance rates by internet shopping

Do you discuss vital business affairs with your clients sitting far way from your office? Do you want to stay in touch with your relatives, college kids and friends? Does the thought of paying those expensive long distance rates ever force you scrap the idea altogether? Do you have to finish your conversation in a hurry to save money? There are better ways to save money on your long distance bills. Do you remember the days when you could pick up your phone and dial a number directly? You may not be old enough to remember the days of direct dial long distance. Along about the 1980's with the breakup of Ma Bell, 10-10 numbers and the long drawn out process of dialing an 800 number and typing in code after code in order to call someone, became synonomous with long distance as new phone companies and new calling plans exploded into the marketplace.

These new phone companies offered long distance phone rates significantly lower than the Baby Bells. That is why a lot of people under the age of 30 have never had the ability to direct dial a long distance telephone number. If you have the right long distance carrier, you won't have to worry about your long distance rates. If you use the right company, you will always be able talk more and still pay less money than what you pay right now. You can save money even if most of your calls are intrastate long distance or international long distance.

Recently, as matter of fact, many long distance calling services have earned a bad reputations due to surprise billing increments and unjustified monthly fees. Those factors put tremendous financial burden on the consumers. That's why most people have turned their backs on so-called sophisticated and cost-effective long distance calling services. When choosing your long distance carrier, get the facts. Never trust the marketing copy of any carrier. Instead, always, but always read the fine print! Most companies don't want you to read their fine print. If you did, you would likely change providers.

There are certain factors that you should always consider when shopping for a long distance provider for your home or business. * Your Calling Patterns - Consider the long distance rate your current long distance carrier charges you for making calls at different times of the day. Do you make most of your calls during the day, night, or on weekends? What is your average volume? Do you make long distance calls mostly within your state, outside your state, or to other countries? * Monthly Fees - If your long distance carrier promises 10 cents a minute, look for any additional long distance rates, such as, monthly fees or surcharges you have to pay to get that long distance rate. * Minimum Charges - Look for minimum charges for each long distance call. If every call has a 50-cent minimum, even a two-minute call can cost you 50 cents. On 'up to 20 minutes for a dollar' long distance plans, a one-minute call or a message you leave on an answering machine is a dollar. In effect, this charges you for time you're not even on the phone.

* Billing Increments - Some long distance carriers (like AT&T, Sprint and MCI) bill in 60-seconds increments; if your long distance call lasts one minute and one second, you're charged for two minutes. This unused time can add up, especially if you make many short long distance calls or when you get a recording. Programs that bill at six-seconds increments and six-seconds minimum call lengths (like http:// GotoLongDistance. com) more accurately reflect your actual calling time and save you money every time you place a long distance call. * Climbing Rates - An ad may say that all long distance calls up to 20 minutes cost a dollar. Look for information on what happens to the long distance rate structure after 20 minutes. The long distance rate may increase dramatically. CoVista Communications, a leading name in telecommunication services, has developed new and innovative calling plans that are making waves in the boardrooms of their competitors. They have introduced direct dial long distance rates, as low as 3.9ў per minute within the USA, that will make many competitor's CEO's lose sleep.

And, they have introduced a unique toll free long distance service that at the same low long distance rates per minute for incoming calls that will cause any CEO who purchases services from CoVista to jump for joy. With their automatic online billing facility, you be able to know the amount billed for all of your phone calls instantly. You can also opt for their outstanding AUTOPAY billing option to avoid the hassles of paying the bills monthly. (To utilze the AUTOPAY billing option, your bill has to be over $20 each month.) Whether you AUTOPAY or pay your bill manually, you can count on CoVista to provide prompt billing services. Before deciding on CoVista Communications (GoToLongDistance. com) or any other phone company, you should still get the facts and read the fine print. You can compare the calling plans of CoVista Communications and their top five competitors at: http:// gotolongdistance. com/compare. htm The time has come to stop worrying about how much your phone calls will cost, so that you can focus your mind on those things that are really important in life: expanding the reach of your business and renewing ties with your friends and family.

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Counteroffers should i stay or should i go

If “resignation” is the word that strikes fear into all employers, then “counteroffer” is the one that strikes fear into an employee’s heart. “What should I do? They’ve matched my offer?” It’s Friday afternoon. You walk into your boss’ office and ask the question that has sent scared many a managers —“Do you have a minute,” you ask. At that moment, he knows you’re resigning and if he/she wants you, they will have to fight to keep you. “Why? We love you. Please stay! Don’t go! What do we have to do to keep you?” Recently, two people who accepted an offer from a client of mine called me to tell me that they accepted a counteroffer to remain with their current firm. The one who had been with his current firm for twelve years seemed to make a decision that made sense; the other, however, had pleaded to get a fulltime job and leave consulting. His assignment was ending and he said he wanted the stability of a fulltime job. Earning $45 per hour without benefits, he accepted a small increase in his hourly rate, rather than a fulltime salary of $93000 plus bonus and great benefits from an employer that he kept begging me to get him to see for a job that he said he loved. Why? He told me, “They need me. (as though my client didn’t.; as though the loss of revenue for his consulting firm and the difficulty they would have replacing him quickly at the client didn’t bother them a wee bit). ” Between the moment you quit and your departure date, your employer may try to persuade you to stay. Your mentor in the firm calls to talk with you. Your colleagues ask you to lunch and want to know why you’re going, where and for how much. Your boss’ boss asks to meet you. You are now the most important person at your company. You’re asked, “What will it take to keep you?” And this goes on for two weeks. The pressure to accept a counteroffer can be enormous. The monetary offer can be tempting to stay. The promises to rectify everything that ticks you can be enormous. Yet, let’s look at what is going on from an employer’s perspective. Your resignation is coming at an untimely moment; they are not prepared to replace you with someone who can step up and do your job. The cost of replacing you in dollars and effort (how many resumes will need to be read and people interviewed before they hire someone who they will need to train—AND they may have to pay a higher salary than what you were earning plus a fee to the search firm for a person who doesn’t know what you know. Can you see it’s not about you, personally) is large. At the time you decide to change jobs, write down the reasons why you want to leave—I’m bored. I want to make more money. My boss is a micromanager. I want to learn something new. I want to work closer to home—write down the reasons and put them in a place where you can find them at the time you give notice. Then, before giving notice, find the list and review it. Do not be seduced by the emotional response you may receive. Remember, the money they offer may only be your next raise pushed up a few months. Listen carefully to the promises that are made and remember that nothing is being put into writing; it is just the desperate effort to keep someone who was taken for granted for so long who they are now forced to remember they have underpaid, treated poorly and need to accomplish their objectives. Few counteroffers should be considered, let alone accepted. I fully expect to see the consultant’s resume online again in a few months because the core issues that caused him to look for a job were not resolved. Jeff Altman Concepts in Staffing jeffaltman@cisny. com © 2005 all rights reserved. For other articles by Jeff Altman, go to newyorkmetrotechnologyjobs. com; for help with hiring staff, email Jeff and let him know how to best reach you.

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National hiv testing promoted by americorps

The idea of taking control of your own health is a big part of the National AIDS Fund AmeriCorps program. It was the first national AmeriCorps Program focused solely on HIV/AIDS. The program grew out of President Clinton's initiative to encourage young people to serve communities in exchange for educational awards and a small living stipend. The program is funded through a unique partnership between the federally funded Corporation for National and Community Service and private supporters including the MetLife Foundation. Members provide community-based HIV-prevention education, HIV testing and counseling, and quality-of-life assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS. This contribution directly supports the AIDS service infrastructure-ensuring that individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS get critical services. By providing HIV prevention and care services, members (most of whom are young people) serve as powerful peer educators, administer HIV counseling and testing, and provide case management and supportive services.

Each member engages in what the academicians call "service learning" or "experiential learning"-activities that often foster a lifetime of commitment to community service. During the 2005-2006 program year, six cities host AmeriCorps members at the following service sites: • Charlotte, North Carolina, • Chicago, Illinois, • Detroit, Michigan, • Indianapolis, Indiana, • Tulsa, Oklahoma, • Washington, D. C. Every year, the AmeriCorps teams work with community mobilization efforts in these six cities to promote National HIV Testing Day. Because it is so important to both prevention and treatment to know your HIV status, organizations such as the National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health departments join forces with local health advocates and AmeriCorps members to promote the testing campaign. Each year, the day is promoted as a way of getting people who are at risk of HIV infection to learn about their HIV status. It is estimated that approximately 250,000 Americans are living with HIV but are unaware of it. The campaign for this year shares the message "Take the Test, Take Control" with a diverse group of people and communities nationwide.

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The pablo picasso museum malaga

The Pablo Picasso Museum in Malaga is a wonderful tribute to this great and innovative artist of the twentieth centuary. It had been a long time desire of the artist himself, as well as his family, that he should have a presence in his birthplace city of Mбlaga. The Picasso Museum is one of only three in the world dedicated exclusively to the artist. He was one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century being as he was both an innovator of artistic styles and techniques and thus changed the course of modern art. The Picasso Museum is located in the historic city center and is housed in the wonderful 16th. centuary Palacio de Buenavista. The majority of the permanent collection is exhibited in the Palacio de Buenavista. This large, noble house is typical of Andalusian architecture of that period with its blend of Renaissance and Mudejar influence. Christine Ruiz Picasso, the principal donor of the funds, had expressed her wish that the building should be of typical Andalusian architecture and this indeed is a fitting monument to house the great man's works. In its twelve halls, the Picasso Museum displays amost 200 works of art which constitute the permanent collection. The art gallery also include 4 other halls for temporary exhibits. Completing the museum facilities are an assembly hall, a library, an educational department and an investigation and a promotion center. The main collection is principally made up of works donated, or on loan, from Christine Ruiz-Picasso, daughter-in-law of the artist, and her son Bernard, grandson of Picasso. The museum opened with 204 permanent works of which 133 are due to Christine’s collaboration. An additional 49 works are on free permanent loan for a period of 10 years. Another 40 pieces are on loan from Bernard for the period of one year. Of incalculable value, this collection consists of works and paintings that Picasso gave to his family members and the majority of the exhibits in the collection have not been seen in public before. Among the numerous works to be seen for the first time are Olga Kokhlova con Mantilla (1917), Madre y niсo (1921-1922) and Retrato de Paulo con Gorro Blanco (1923). Exhibitions. 24th. Oct. 2005 Picasso, ceramics and traditions. This exhibition brings together some of Picasso's astounding ceramics and those from the past milenia in the mediterranean which so influenced him. There are 56 original works by the artist and 36 from different historical periods ranging from antiquity to the 19th. centuary. 13th. March.-11th. June 2006. The Picassos of Antibes. In 1946 Picasso was offered one of the great rooms at the Castle of Antibes to use as a studio. He was so pleased with the offer that he exclaimed, "I'm not only going to paint, I'll decorate the museum too!" The resulting series of paintings reflected the jubilation of liberation. Picasso later added sculptures, graphics and ceramics to this collection thus forming the base for the first French museum dedicated to him. This exhibiton will comprise a selection of these most outstanding works, none of which have been seen in Spain before. Address of the Picasso Museum Palacio de Buenavista c/ San Agustнn, 8 29015 Mбlaga, Espaсa For more information on all of the above visit the Website of Picasso Museum museopicassomalaga. org Tel: (34) 952 127600 Fax: (34) 952 127607 Opening hours: Tuesdays - Thursdays: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Fridays - Saturdays: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Sundays and Holidays: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. December 24th and 31th: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Closed Mondays, December 25th, and January 1st. Entrance fees: Collection: 6,00 euros Exhibits: 4,50 euros Combined entrance: 8,00 euros. Ticket Desk will remain open until half an hour prior to closing time.

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Our house is a danger zone

Home is where the heart is, so they say. But for 20,000 Americans each year, home is where the heart stops beating. According to a 2002 study, that's how many Americans fall victim to fatal injuries in their own homes. At this rate, it will take just 14,750 years for clumsiness and carelessness to wipe out the entire population. Fortunately, al-Qaeda is not aware of this statistic and remains fixated on ka-booming things instead of creating mass clumsiness and carelessness. But is it true that home is no longer a safe haven? Is home really a foreboding lair of unpredictable dangers? Has home become the very place where we are most likely to look evil square in the eyes and say, in all sincerity, "AAAAARRRRGGHHH!" My home is. We have a smoke alarm in our home. Smoke alarms are supposed to be the good guys, right? They warn us about impending suffocation by smoke-breathing fire. Not ours. Our smoke alarm warns us of slightly warm soon-to-be-toast. It lets out an ear-splitting screech. Yes, split-ear injuries are becoming commonplace in our home. And the toaster is an obvious accomplice. How else would the smoke alarm know to attack just as the soon-to-be-toast warms up? Diapers are becoming dangerous, too. Aside from the obvious hazards of unsanitary suffocation when a toddler in a dirty diaper won't stop squirming and wriggling, and makes her way across your face toward the couch, there is the parent factor to consider. Not long ago, I had been looking after the kids all morning. Having just waged diaper-change on Little Sister for the third time that morning, and believing I had won, I was ready for some fresh challenges. When my wife chose that moment to walk into the room, I thought her timing was particularly fortuitous. Just how fortuitous, I was about to learn. As I headed toward my office to get some work done, she sniffed the new diaper. Making a funny face..."Pee-ew! She did this on your watch. Here, you take her." I hightailed it to my desk, "No way. I just changed her. You take her." "She's all yours," she insisted. "No more dirty diapers," I cried, ducking behind a chair. "Somebody call 9-1-1. My wife is chasing me with a loaded baby!" Having children at either end of toddlerhood opens up all kinds of opportunities for injuries. It seems they each take their rolls very seriously. Little Sister drops as much food on the floor as she can get her fingers into. And Little Lady is only too happy to help her little sister slip on that food later. Of course, Little Sister is very polite, and she quickly reciprocates by grabbing Little Lady to hold her balance. Have you ever been grabbed by a 14-month old baby-toddler? She makes a pit bull's bite feel tender as a gentle ocean breeze. And she always knows just the right places to grab, so that any family member can easily compete with the smoke alarm in volume, tone and free-style split-ear injury creation. Yes, the home has become an ominous booby trap, launching its attack on families where they least expect it. When even the toaster and the smoke alarm collaborate on home insurgencies, can all-out warfare be far behind? But I will have the final laugh. Just wait 'til I rewire the smoke alarm. Who needs to warned about smoke, anyway? In this house we need to be warned about dirty diapers. Hey, I feel a new invention coming on.

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Saving money with government auctions

Government auctions are where items that various government agencies have seized are sold, often at excellent prices. With a little knowledge, you can save some money with government auctions. Here is some basic information and tips to help you make the most of government auctions. What items are for sale at government auctions? Usually, big ticket items, such as vehicles, houses, land, boats, airplanes, computers, etc. Where have the items come from? Usually, the items have been seized by a government agency. Items might be seized in a raid, repossessed due to unpaid taxes, etc. Agencies that seize and sell items include the FBI, IRS, police departments, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), etc. How are items sold? Depending on the auction, items may be sold at an internet auction, at a fixed price, or at a conventional auction. How can I find out about items for sale? There are many ways to find out about items for sale. Searching the internet will provide you many websites that list government auctions. Some of the sites require a paid membership, others are free. Tips for buying at government auctions Look carefully at items you wish to bid on or purchase. Items are almost always sold as is, meaning that if it does not work as you expected it to, or other problem, arise, you cannot return the item. If there is a preview for the auction you plan to attend, take advantage of it. In some cases, the items will not be available for review during the auction, so it is advisable to attend the auction preview to look at items you are interested in. What other auctions can I attend to save money? You may also want to check out foreclosed property auctions. Items at these auctions have been seized by a bank due to non payment of the loan on the item.

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The importance of resistance training for women

Importance of Resistance Training For Women Many women nowadays are into resistance training. Many get into resistance training programs engaging into sports. Resistance training is important for women. It allows you to be active and have a healthy body. You may also gain the needed strength and physically built muscles. Before you start lifting weights, you should know the proper ways on how to execute the exercise. Many women seriously encounter injuries when they incorrectly lift weights. It is important that you get rid first of the excess weight that you have by walking or jogging. You may also purchase weight loss equipment such as treadmills, cross bar platinum, and nutrition boo guides for a better health. Women usually do not have the natural muscle structure that most men have. They may not also have the same strength to carry heavy loads or the same resistance that men have. What more if you get older? Your body may no longer have the same strength when you were still young. This happens because of the lifestyle you have or just because of aging process. Your resistance may have just decreased and your body tends to weaken. You can benefit many things when you get into resistance training. Even if you are not an athlete or a body-building enthusiasts, you can get into resistance training programs. Having an active body and well-toned muscles can provide you the more strength and good resistance. You can do some workout outdoors like walking or jogging to get a better blood circulation. You may also do some stretching and warm up exercises to allow the blood nutrients go to the muscles and joints of your body. Muscle stretching also helps in lessening the risks of injuries and muscle pains after the work out. Muscles tend to sore and get strained if you are not well warmed-up and do the proper stretching techniques before the work out. In addition, muscle stretching also gives you more flexibility. You will be able to execute exercises comfortably and effectively. It is advisable that you do repetitive stretching and warm ups. Repetition of exercises makes your muscles and joints more enhanced and more adapted to the motion you are executing. When you are ready to lift weights, you should first work on your larger muscles then the smaller ones. You may then finally go to the muscles that are isolated. You may execute push-ups that can enhance the upper muscles of the body. Before doing triceps extension exercises, you should first focus on the larger muscle groups such as the muscle found in your butt. You may execute exercises like repetitive squatting, box step-ups, and lunges. You may also work on your quads which is the muscle found on the front thigh. You may perform repetitive squatting and lunges as well. You may also use the leg extension machine and the leg press machine for a well-executed exercise. You should always remember that you work on the opposite muscles. Muscles tend to get imbalanced especially if the amounts of exercises you do are not equally distributed. When performing triceps extension, it is advised that you also do bicep exercises. If you work out on the chest and the stomach area like crunches, it is important that you do back extension exercises to get a balanced upper muscle toning. Always take a rest after your resistance training work out. Allow your muscles to cool gradually so that you will not feel any sore or strained muscles. After the resistance training, you will see that you are more ready and physically fit for many kinds of sports.

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Bolster your willpower with stop smoking hypnosis therapy

What is Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy? If you're a smoker, you've no doubt been alerted — by family members, doctors and even perfect strangers—to the dangers of smoking. Cancer, emphysema and heart disease are only some of the health issues associated with long term smoking habits. If you're ready to quit, but just can't find the willpower, you should strongly consider a stop smoking hypnosis program. The process of stop smoking hypnosis therapy includes manipulating your own subconscious into helping you break the psychological addiction to smoking cigarettes. The sooner you are able to quit smoking, the sooner your health risks will be reduced. How Does Stop Smoking Hypnosis Work Stop smoking hypnosis therapy is conducted by a hypno-therapist who has been trained to provide suggestions to your subconscious mind. By replacing your natural cigarette triggers, such as driving or eating, with subconscious reminders about the positive effects of quitting smoking, the hypno-therapist gives your own willpower an internal support system. Hypnotherapy can undermine your natural predilection to smoke by sublimating your cravings and improving your confidence in your ability to quit. Stop smoking hypnosis can also be administered at home via CD or through other audio technology. The use of hypnosis to cure the habit of smoking has varying results, depending on your susceptibility to being hypnotized, but many people adamantly proclaim that the therapy allowed them to quit smoking with virtually no withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Advantages of Stop Smoking Hypnosis There are many advantages to participating in a stop smoking hypnosis program. While there are a profusion of products on the market to help you quit smoking, including nicotine patches and gums, hypnosis therapy has some unique benefits. Some of these benefits include: * Significant decrease in health risks if the therapy is successful * The treatment is completely drug free * Therapy can be completed quickly and has no long-term cost involvement * Stop smoking hypnosis therapy can also boost your confidence in other areas of your life * Therapy focuses on the positive, instead of resisting something you love, you're trained to be happy about getting rid of something that is hurting you. * Therapy can be tailored to address your personal smoking triggers and habits How to Find a Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program There are many outlets by which you can locate a stop smoking hypnosis problem. Many therapists advertise on the internet, while some can be found in the phone directory. Finding the right therapist to help you quit smoking is a matter of personal preference. You can find help at http://stop-smoking-methods. org If you are uncomfortable meeting with someone personally, or if there are no therapists locally, there are many stop smoking hypnosis programs available on cassette and CD that can be used in the privacy of your home. Whatever course you choose, you should feel happy with your decision to quit smoking. As the commercials say “Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.”

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Where do you start when you want to feel healthier

Copyright 2006 Douglas Alp Many amazing things will start to happen to both your mind and your body when you decide to start putting a better quality of food and nutrition into your body. When the nutrition entering the body is of higher nutritional value than the quality contained within the body tissue, the body begins to discard of the lower grade materials and your body begins to rebuild it’s cells and tissues with the higher quality material now entering your body. When you start putting better substances into your body, your body will naturally start it’s own detoxification process. There is usually a noticeable symptoms which indicate the detoxification process has started. Just as when one stops drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks one may experience headaches. This is just the bodies riding itself and discarding toxic residue of caffeine from the tissues and transporting it through the blood stream. Detoxifying the body and the removal of toxins is an incredible and desirable process that assist the body in rejuvenating itself. Because we live in a toxic environment detoxification is a desired requirement for a healthy body. Detoxification comes in many forms and there are many different programs that help cleanse the body of toxins. Basic detoxification will begin with your diet and as you change your diet to a healthier diet you will notice your body starting to detoxify itself. Illustrating how your body does this naturally and how your body knows what to do to repair itself to be in an healthier state of being. Your body primarily relies on your organs to detoxify your body. Organs such as the bowel, kidneys, liver and lungs are the primary detoxification organs. The liver acts as a filter for the removal of foreign substances and wastes from the blood. The kidneys filter wastes from the blood into the urine, while the lungs remove volatile gases as we breathe. Depending on how many toxins you may have in your body will determine how long the detoxification symptoms last. Symptoms such as headaches, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, constipation and lack of energy can last up to three weeks before leveling off. This is just the natural process and takes a lot of energy for the body to accomplish this cleansing. Once your body is actually rid of the toxins your energy will increase to a stable and strong energy level. By combining a detoxification programs with a total health program, you can restore your health to an optimal level and look younger in the process. When your body is assisted to eliminate toxins, then your health is restored and your energy and vigor are revitalized. Many different approaches to detoxification and wellness will work, even though they can approach the problem at different levels. Any program that augments detoxification will improve health and help restore your body to it’s optimal high energy state of well being.

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Involving your kids with your home business

Working from home while caring for toddlers can be an extreme challenge. Trying to find the time to work on your business, without depriving your toddler of the love and attention they need can be hectic. Often times, work at home moms find that either their toddler is spending too much time in front of the TV or that the business is neglected. So, how do you get your business thriving while still being a good mom? I can tell you from first-hand experience that maintaining a deep level of concentration on work in a home business for long periods of time is next to impossible. Nap time does offer some reprieve, but any break from the kids is usually short lived. Even with older children, summertime introduces new challenges with kids running in and out of the house all throughout the day. Set business ground rules and share them with your kids. Your kids need to be aware that you operate a home-based business and know how to act accordingly. Set out basic rules that will allow you to operate your home-based business as professionally as possible, such as how to answer the telephone, how to answer the door, and how to act when clients are around. Include rules that will help make the time you spend working on your home-based business more productive, such as not touching Mommy's desk or not interrupting Mommy while she's in her office. However, from both a business viewpoint and from the human relations viewpoint, it's best to have a clear understanding with each of them as to what kind of things they will and should do (answer the phone, open mail, pack and ship merchandise, etc.) and what they definitely are not to do (make payments to people without your authorization, make agreements, deals or contracts without asking you). Such advance agreements can avoid a lot of aggravation and make everything go much more smoothly. Include your kids in your home-based business. No matter what kind of home-based business you run, there's something your kids can do, and making your kids a part of your home-based business can be a great opportunity for you to spend more time with them and teach them things such as handling money. For instance, one home-based business owner I know takes her age 7 and 9-year-old kids with her when she goes around replacing the products in dispensing machines, and has them count and organize change. If your kids are working in your home-based business, I believe you should pay them. This is not only a great way to teach your kids the value of labor, but can be a business tax deduction for you as well. Find creative ways to combine your home-based business and your kids. If the client is agreeable, for example, you could hold a business meeting at MacDonald's, for instance, or some other restaurant that has a play area for kids. If a client is coming to meet with you in your home, perhaps she could bring her children so your kids could play together while you meet. Take your kids with you when you go to buy more office supplies or run other business-related errands. Give your toddler his own office. Most moms find that their toddlers want to be like mom as much as possible. So, set your toddler up with a table and chair next to yours. Make sure you have good office supplies for them. A coloring book, a few sheets of paper, crayons and a pencil are basic essentials. If possible, an imitation computer and play phone would be ideal office equipment. Then sit at your desk and work beside your child. Remember that a toddler requires a lot of praise, so be sure to look over at your child's work and compliment it from time to time. Also keep their attention span in mind. Keep your child's office time limited to a half-hour and only do this once a day. It keeps your child from getting bored with the "game". Be sure to reward your child for working and allowing you to work with some quality time afterwards. If you have two or three kids with age range of 3 to 5, you will definitely be up to your neck. While often restless and cannot stay put for a minute, it does not mean that toddlers cannot be trained to cooperate with you while you are working. I know of a friend who was able to manage these ‘coyotes’ perfectly during their supposed ‘office hours’. My friend installed three tiny office desks beside her own office desk. These tiny offices were complete with a toy telephone, bunches of coloring books, Nursery Rhymes, Bible Stories, Children’s Picture Books, a generous stack of ‘writing paper’. Their snacks and beverages are prepared and kept in the refrigerator for them to go and pick it up whenever they are hungry. When mom is sitting at her desk working, the kids are instructed to work silently at his or her own desk. Everyone must show the ‘assignments’ to mom during breaks. Breaks are timed every hour, to allow the children time to play with each other and with Mom. After two weeks of firm implementation, the children automatically reported to their own little office space after breakfast and everyone silently did their own share of what mom has assigned them to do. I would like to share with you some of the tips I have discovered to help manage your home office with children in your midst. Since children of different ages pose different challenges, I will present my tips in terms of age groups. OLDER CHILDREN AND TEENS We will look at older children first since they pose the least challenge to our work productivity. Children, who are old enough to understand the idea of schedules and chores, are old enough to understand the needs of your home business. Explain to your children that you do your work at home so that you can be near them when they need you. But also be sure they understand that you must do your work so that you will have the money necessary to keep your house, feed the family and to provide them with money for entertainment. Once your children understand the necessity of your work, then outline a work schedule and explain it to them. Do make sure they understand that emergencies are definitely an acceptable reason to interrupt your work. Then make sure they understand that between hours x and y, you will be doing work --- and then hold them to respecting your schedule. INFANTS Infants will never understand your needs for work. But fortunately, babies do well under a schedule or routine. Instead of expecting your child to work around your schedule, schedule your work around the needs of your baby. It is simple. Babies eat, sleep and poop. Sometimes they play. Fortunately, babies sleep more than they do anything else. Nap time offers the best advantage for getting your work done. Get your baby into a routine of eat, sleep and play, and you will experience unexpected levels of productivity. TODDLERS Develop a routine with your children for meal times, nap times, and play times. Work these times into your work schedule and adhere to them. If you fail to keep appointments with your children, your children will have less respect for your work and do more to prevent you from the completion of your work. Don't be afraid to let your children sit in your lap while you are working. It helps them to feel wanted and it helps them to be a part of your daily life. There are times when it is okay for them to be sitting in your lap while you work, and at other times you need them out of your lap. Don't be afraid to tell them to get down and go play or read a book so that you can resume your work. Permit your children to have their toys in your office. Often they will sit contently and play while you work. Just knowing you are near is enough to keep them happy. Be prepared to take an hourly break to deal with your toddler. Try to do potty breaks at your hourly break and to do drink refills. This can help your child grow into a routine that will work well with your home business. At each break, spend a few minutes with your child giving hugs and kisses and talking with your child about what he or she wants to talk about. Toddlers don't always do well with the routine, so be prepared to take a few minutes when needed to give the attention that your child so desperately needs in the moment. IN CONCLUSION I hope these tips serve to help you in the challenge of operating a successful home business. My home business permits me to fulfill my financial obligations *AND* see my children grow up. I would never contemplate trading my home business for another kind of business. Even with the added challenges of dealing with toddlers in my home office, the upsides far outweigh the downsides. Growing my own home business with children around has definitely given me a new respect for all people who successfully run a home business with kids in the work environment. I tip my hat to you... You deserve it! Scheduling daily time with the kids will help you remember that your kids are just as important as your home-based business activities.

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Christmas decorating create a lifelike santa in your bathroom

If you love to go all out with your Christmas decorating, here is a whimsical, original idea for your bathroom: Materials needed: White shower curtain, canvas, or fabric (a new canvas drop cloth works great) Shower curtain liner (to protect curtain from moisture) Projector* Permanent black marker, preferably a thick one Paint pens Paint Fiberfill or cotton balls Santa hat Black felt (about one yard) 2 red hand towels or red fabric *If you can draw, you may not need the projector. If you are not artistically inclined, and do not already own a projector, see if you can borrow one. Let's get started! If you're using fabric instead of a shower curtain, you'll need to make it standard shower curtain size, which is about 72" x 72". Cut the fabric 73" x 73", fold each side over one half inch, press into place, and hem each side to make smooth edges. Purchase plastic rings (usually found near the curtain rods) and sew them to the top for shower curtain rings. If you don't already have a second rod, pick up a tension rod. They are inexpensive and simple to install. The next step is finding a great picture of Santa Clause. Look in coloring books, storybooks, or online. Once you find a picture you like, blow it up on the projector until Santa looks life-sized. Hang the fabric or shower curtain on the wall or a door with thumbtacks or straight pins, and project the image onto it. Santa's knees should be about 6" from the bottom of the shower curtain. Stop at the knees and do not draw the rest of the legs (you will see why later). Next, trace the image with a permanent black marker (put paper behind the curtain to keep marker from seeping through). Fill in the details for Santa's face as well as other intricate areas with the paint pens. Fill in his suit with paint. Nearly any kind of paint will do, but craft paint is the least expensive. In order to create a three dimensional effect, use fiberfill or stretched out cotton balls for Santa's hair and beard. Apply with regular school glue or use fabric glue. Use a real Santa hat instead of painting one. These can be found at dollar stores and discount stores for very little money. Simply stitch the hat onto the curtain from the backside, or attach it with fabric glue. Add a piece of black felt for Santa's belt. A real buckle makes a nice touch. You can remove a buckle from an old belt that you no longer wear and thread the felt through it, or you can purchase a used belt at a thrift store and simply remove the buckle to use it for this project. Stitch the felt into place or apply with fabric glue. Hang the curtain and tuck the bottom edge inside the tub. Santa's knees should line up closely with the edge of the tub. Here's the really fun part: Fold the red towels in half lengthwise and stitch or glue the sides together. If using fabric, cut to the size of regular hand towels (not fingertip towels) and proceed as directed above. Next, arrange the towels so that the attached edges are in the middle instead of along the side then press into place with a warm iron. This seam should face the shower curtain so it won't show. Stitch or glue the towels to Santa's knees. Santa now has three-dimensional legs that swing when the curtain moves! Make mittens and boots from the leftover black felt. Attach the mittens to the curtain and the boots to the towels. Another neat idea is to set a pair of boots outside the tub and tuck the "legs" into the boots. This looks terrific and makes the effect even more dimensional. This idea is best used in the guest bathroom or on the day company is coming, after everyone has showered, if used in the main bathroom (otherwise, you'll have to keep moving the boots each time the tub is needed). To make your shower curtain even more festive, wrap small empty boxes to look like gifts and attach them to the curtain, or sew on tiny plastic ornaments or candy canes. Just use your imagination. This is a fun, yet fairly simple project to complete, and you will get lots of compliments on this unique, whimsical decorating idea.

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Postal service wants 5 cents an email

You may have received an email about how the US Postal Service is trying to push through a bill that would allow them to charge 5 cents per email. I can understand why people would think that it's true. The Postal Service had nothing to do with the email being sent and they aren't going to give you anything for the 5 cents. Sure sounds like a government agency. The email is a hoax. What's amazing to me is that it started in 1999 and is still making its way around the Internet. If you haven't seen the email, you can see an example of the email and more information about it on the Urban Legends Reference Page (http:// snopes.

com/business/taxes/bill602p. asp). I wouldn't be surprised by the Postal Service wanting to do something like this, which is one of the reasons this email has been mistaken by so many people as being real. The U. S. Postal Service currently has an electronic postmark available to businesses who want to use it. You send your email through the Postal Services servers and they put a postmark on it for a price. It works similar to snail mail - you send email to their server and it may or may not make it to your recipient. USPS website (http:// usps. com). If you want to know about a bill before the Senate or Congress, go to the source. You can check on any bill before Congress or the Senate at Thomas - The US Congress on the Internet (http://thomas. loc. gov). If the Postal Service did put a 5 cent tax on email, it wouldn't be the end of the Internet. There are a number of ways to communicate without using email. Prior to the Internet groups used Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) to communicate and trade files by dialing into a central computer and establishing a connection over a phone line. Yahoo Groups and Topica Groups are basically doing the same thing now, but over the Internet. These BBS systems allow people to trade messages without the use of email. Something I'm looking into for my ezine is Really Simple Syndicator (RSS). The idea behind this is to post headlines on my website and a program running on your computer would read these when they're available. No email needed. With the problems of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) blocking email, even from trusted sources, in the future it may be a necessity for ezine publishers to continue to publish. I know it's old fashioned, but there's always the option of using the Fax and Phone to communicate. Finally there's the possibility of a private Internet that bypasses government involvement altogether. Most of you that work for a company of any size are using an intranet - a company-wide Internet that is only accessible to people who work for your company. An extranet is an intranet that allows access from people outside the company. By connecting the extranets, it would be possible to create a private Internet.

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Cisco ccnp bsci certification troubleshooting route redistribution part i

If there's one CCNP / BSCI topic that looks so easy but can lead to a real headache, it's route redistribution. I'm not even talking about the routing loops and suboptimal routing that can result when route redistribution is done without proper planning - I'm talking about the basic commands themselves. Leaving out one single command option, or forgetting what else needs to be redistributed when redistributing dynamically discovered routes, can leave you with a routing table that looks complete but does not result in full IP connectivity. In this free CCNP / BSCI tutorial series, we'll take a look at three common errors in route redistribution configurations, and how to fix them. We'll use three routers, R1, R3, and R5. R1 and R5 are in a RIPv2 domain and R1 and R3 are in an OSPF domain. R1 will be performing two-way route redistribution.

R5 is advertising its loopback,, into the RIPv2 domain. R1 sees this route in its RIP routing table: R1#show ip route rip is subnetted, 1 subnets R [120/1] via, 00:00:01, Ethernet0 For R3 to see this route, route redistribution must be configured on R1. We'll use the redistribute rip command to do so. R1(config)#router ospf 1 R1(config-router)#redistribute rip % Only classful networks will be redistributed The router immediately gives us a message that "only classful networks will be redistributed". What does this mean? Let's go to R3 and see if that router is receiving this route. R3#show ip route ospf When we get no result from a show command, that means there's nothing to show. The only routes that will be successfully redistributed with the current configuration on R1 are classful networks, and is a subnet. To further illustrate the point, a classful network has been added to R5. This network is /8, and is now being advertised by RIP. R1 sees this network as classful... R1#show ip route rip R [120/1] via, 00:00:00, Ethernet0 is subnetted, 1 subnets R [120/1] via, 00:00:00, Ethernet0 ... and R3 is receiving the route through redistribution. R3#show ip route ospf O E2 [110/20] via, 00:00:08, Serial0.31 To redistribute both classful and classless networks, the option "subnets" must be added to the redistribute command on R1. R1(config)#router ospf 1 R1(config-router)#no redistribute rip R1(config-router)#redistribute rip subnets R3 will now see both the classful and classless networks being redistributed into OSPF. ( is the network connecting R1 and R5.) R3#show ip route ospf O E2 [110/20] via, 00:00:20, Serial0.31 is subnetted, 1 subnets O E2 [110/20] via, 00:00:20, Serial0.31 is subnetted, 1 subnets O E2 [110/20] via, 00:00:20, Serial0.31 This is one of the most common errors made during route redistribution, but now you know what to look out for! In the next part of this free CCNP / BSCI tutorial, we'll take a look at another such error.

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The auto dialer virus strikes again

I've Been Infected By An Auto-Dialer Virus The Auto Dialer Virus Strikes Again - Here at Defending The Net, we receive hundreds of e-mails daily regarding various computer security issues. Because we receive so many e-mails and requests for information, we typically write an article that provides the answer. However, from time to time, we receive requests that seem important, or critical in nature, and do our best to try and help. On October 4th, we received an e-mail from a visitor we felt compelled to assist. This person appeared to have a home computer infected with the Auto-Dialer virus, a malicious piece of Malware that can cost you a tremendous amount of time, and more importantly, money. An Unwelcome Letter From a Long Distance Carrier Unfortunate results of the auto dialer virus - Our visitor received a letter from a well known long distance carrier indicating they had blocked all long distance calls from their telephone number, the reason; there were hundreds of phone calls to 1-900 numbers with fees in excess of $1,500. Our visitor had contacted his internet provider, explained to them what was going on, and the Internet provider directed them to and article located here at Defending The Net on auto-dialers. The long distance carrier who contacted him was not even his provider, they represented the company with the 1-900 number. He contacted the long distance provider and explained to them that he had no idea what was going on and that he has never dialed a 1-900 number. They explained that there was nothing they could do for him and they were going to turn over the charges to his local service provider for collection. As you can imagine, this was a very strange and stressful time. The fact of the matter is, these auto-dialers can be quite stealthy, masking themselves as legitimate software, or installing themselves in a way that keeps you unaware it has infected your system. These nefarious pieces of software can even re-program your modem to turn off the speaker so you are unaware that it is making unauthorized calls. I cannot stress how dangerous and how much of a negative impact something like this can have on your computer, and your checkbook. How Do I Protect Myself One thing you must always be aware of is what type of sites you are visiting. If the sites you visit have tons of pop-up's and banners, some of which may be less than moral / ethical, you can bet there is a high chance of getting infected with something. There are other things you should keep in mind or do on a routine basis: 1) Make sure you have anti-virus software installed and keep the virus signatures up to date. Out of date virus signatures are a major cause of computer infection; 2) Install spyware detection software, keep it up to date, and run it regularly. I run mine at least twice a day. Some of these software packages have real-time protection similar to anti-virus software; 3) If you now have high-speed internet access, like cable or DSL service, and you no longer need the internal modem for faxes or anything else, remove the phone cable from the modem or remove the modem from the computer altogether. Many people leave these devices connected and are at risk for auto-dialer impact; And, 4) If you are on a site that has a lot of pop-ups do not just click ok when they present themselves. You may be agreeing to something that can cause you problems. Conclusion If you think you have become infected with an Auto-Dialer, or receive a letter from a long distance carrier stating you owe them money for 1-900 or like calls, contact your telephone service provider right away. Also, disconnect your modem to make sure no additional calls can be placed and run your anti-virus / spyware detection software to try and locate the problem. If you can't locate the malicious software, you will need to back up all your data and reinstall your computers operating system. This is the only "real" way to feel confident you have eradicated the Auto-Dialer that infected your computer. -- You may reprint or publish this article free of charge as long as the bylines are included. Original URL (The Web version of the article): http:// defendingthenet. com/NewsLetters/Auto-Dialer-Stirkes-Again. htm

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Making money with articles picking articles for your niche site 184

Making Money with Articles: Picking Articles for Your Niche Site Pick the articles for your niche sites very carefully to ensure that you are able to successfully get traffic and gain profit from these sites. If you are going to try and utilize free website content articles, then it may be difficult for you to find ones that have your exact keywords, so you may have to either make revisions to the articles (which may not be allowed on some free articles) or base your keywords on the articles that you find (which could leave you with very competitive keywords that would take a lot of time or money to attain a high ranking for). If you are going to buy content, make sure that you let the writer know what your niche keywords are and what your specific your preferred keyword density and placement are. Remember, the wrong articles can leave you with little traffic and very low search engine rankings if they do not fit in properly with either your niche or with keywords that are easy to attain high rankings for. Word Count 184

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