Cancer new alternative therapy

: Created in the amazonian forest, by a Brazilian monk, a new natural treatment to cure and to prevent cancer, seems to be an interesting alternative in the fight against cancer. The priest affirms, he has obtained real results in several types to cancer : cancer of breast, cancer of uterus, cancer of stomach, cancer of skin, cancer of prostate, etc. The formula is simple, cheap and easy to prepare it in house and even though extensive clinical studies do not exist on this procedure, it seems to be a sensible alternative to try ALOE Vera - One of the components of the formula is Aloe Vera (sбbila) whose medicinal properties have been investigated for a long time : “It has been proved that Aloe Vera is effective in cancer in animals. In fact, in 1992, the U. S. Department of Agriculture approved the use of Aloe Vera for the treatment of soft tissue cancer in animals as well as feline leukemia. There is strong scientific proof that, in vitro, Aloe Vera suppresses the growing of cancer tumor, stimulates immune system response, raises tumor necrosis levels, and promotes healthy tissue”. “Aloe Vera helps to lower the damage done to the body by treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, which destroy healthy immune system cells that are very important for the body's recovery. With the use of Aloe Vera, the immune system is boosted, tumors shrink, metastases are reduced so the cancer does not spread, and new” “In 1997, University of San Antonio researcher Jeremiah Herlihy, Ph. D., conducted a study to observe any negative effects of drinking aloe daily. Rather than exhibiting negative effects, however, test animals receiving daily aloe showed a remarkable reduction in leukemia, heart disease, and kidney disease. Dr. Herlihy concluded, "We found no indication of harm done to the rats even at high levels." In fact, the aloe-drinking animals actually lived 25 percent longer than those in the control group” Other components are bee honey and "caсazo" (rum, or any distilled liqueur). HONEY Medicine may be increasingly high-tech, but the latest wonder treatment which is being offered to patients is — honey.

Last week, it was announced that bandages soaked in manuka honey are to be given to mouth cancer patients at the Christie Hospital in Manchester to reduce their chances of contracting the MRSA superbug and to lessen wound inflammation following surgery. This is just the latest study investigating this particular type of honey's healing powers. It is used routinely at the Manchester Royal Infirmary for dressing wounds, and other research has found it can fight gum disease, ease digestive problems and soothe sore throats. All honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a substance once used as a wound disinfectant in hospitals — it comes from an enzyme that bees add to nectar. It also contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which boosts its anti-bacterial properties. This was recognised by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who used honey to help heal burns and sores. Aloe, bee honey and rum are mixed and a syrup is obtained that must be consumed daily. It is important to use "fresh pulp of the plant Aloe Vera, including the rind. (to retire the thorns).

Nonextracts or commercial products of Aloe Vera. In order to avoid the poisonous effect of the plant Aloe Vera, the treatment must be alternated : 10 days of treatment, 10 days free or of rest. Never long treatments. The treatment can be used single or complementing chemotherapy processes. An ample and detailed description of the treatment can be found at : The Miracle of Sharing Other Diseases This treatment also can be useful for autoimmune and digestive diseases. (irritable bowl syndrome, ulcerative colitis, esophagitis, peptic ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, mouth lesions, sore throat, lupus, etc.) Remark All information is general in nature and is not intended to be used as a substitute for appropriate professional advice and the reader assumes all risks from the use, non use or minuse of this information.

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Exploring the explorer

Released in 1990 and is continually being manufactured at present, the Ford Explorer is a midsize sport utility vehicle that is crafted by the Ford Motor Company. Since its introduction, the Ford Explorer has never failed to be the best-selling midsize SUV in the United States. Also, its claim to fame is that it is one of the vehicles that is instrumental in turning the SUV from a special-interest vehicle to become one of the most popular vehicle types out on the road. The Ford Motor Company is certainly proud of this vehicle because amongst many vehicles in its segment, the Ford Explorer was one of the nominees for the North American Truck of the Year Award for 2006. This vehicle was released in March 1990 as a 1991 model, and it replaced the Bronco II. The make of this vehicle was based on the Ford Ranger compact pick up truck and it held a 4.0 liter 155 horsepower V6 engine that held a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Ford Explorer was made available in four trim levels and this included the base XL, the XLT, the Sport which was a two-door version, and the upscale Eddie Bauer. This vehicle offered automatic headlights, fog lamps, an automatic transmission as standard equipment, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, a center roof console with compass and outside thermometer, special wheels, and a special grille. Come 2001, the Ford Motor Company then introduced the Explorer Sport Trac which was mainly a small pick up bed behind the four normal SUV doors. As per the latest changes done to the Ford Explorer, this vehicle now sported a new, stronger base, a new interior, redesigned rear suspension, and power-folding third-row seats.

Also standard for this vehicle is a tire-pressure monitoring system and electronic stability control. It also contains power running boards that retract when the vehicle is in motion. It will hold a 210 horsepower 4.0 liter V6 as its base engine. It has more power, an improved fuel economy, low emissions, new advanced safety technologies, class-leading interior quietness, improved ride comfort and a bolder styling.

The Ford Motor Company certainly bothered to take time to facilitate a safe driving and experience in the 2006 Ford Explorer. It has ten standard advanced safety technologies in it among which seven of these are new to the mid-size SUV class. This includes AdvanceTrac® with class-exclusive Roll Stability Control that helps out in preventing accidents from occurring. It also has side-impact roll over protection and new safety technologies that assist in altering frontal-impact protection. Phil Martens, group vice president of Ford Motor Company’s Product Creation department was noted to state, “We are fortunate to have the largest base of SUV customers in the industry. The input of more than five million owners helped influence the changes we made to the 2006 Explorer. The result refines what has made the Explorer such a success, while improving everything from the towing capacity to the choice of interior trim.

” Locating Ford Explorer parts and Ford parts is made available 24 hours a day at carpartsmax. com online store.

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Recycling computers in the us

It's a logistical nightmare. Trying to balance cost against environmental consideration. The recycling industry has exploded onto the scene throughout the western world. With dwindling resources and high raw materials prices, we're being forced to recycle more, but in the world of Computers, this means a lot of transportation to get obsolete household computers recycled. We were recently contacted by a Company based in India with a view to the logistical issues associated with recycling computer hardware. The idea was to transport computers from householders back to a central location for processing.

The problem? Balancing the cost of recycling a computer system against the cost of transporting the old hardware. In America, many recycling companies have implemented a 'ship to' service for old or obsolete hardware. It's a great way of cutting down on costs.

If you can off-set the cost of employees and overheads against the cash value of old computers and their constituent component value, then you're at least breaking even. You can then offer a service free of charge on the basis that the old hardware is shipped to you at cost to the consumer. The logistical nightmare starts when you try to collect the computers using in-house employees. The costs of drivers and vehicles can add up quickly and result in negative equity. Off-setting these costs means that the recycling company has to charge the people wanting to dispose of their old hardware. Government run schemes use local municipal waste collection points to containerize the old computers, which the recycler then collects, but with some being 400 miles from the municipal waste collection point, the cost of driving that distance can quickly mount up. In effect, the costs associated with these collections have to be passed onto the government run authorities running the waste collection centers.

With America being so large, there's also the carbon cost, where driving such a distance results in what is known as a 'carbon footprint' being put on the old computers, before they've even been recycled. This footprint remains with the constituent materials when they're used to manufacture something else. So even before the new product ends up in the shops, its' got a pretty large carbon footprint associated with it. In America and it's constituent states, it's the author's belief that recycling of computers really has to be considered state wide rather than Country wide. If a recycler is in New York, then his or her business shouldn't stray over the state line. That way, costs and energy consumption are kept low and the carbon produced by the business will remain low.

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Secured bad credit loans make sense

Secured bad credit loans used to be viewed with a bit of contempt in times gone by. Now they make total sense, and consumers should be glad. Official UK statistics show us why! According to CreditAction. org. uk 'At the end of December 2005 the total UK personal debt was Ј1,158bn. Total secured lending on property in December 2005 was Ј965.2bn. This has increased 10.4% in the last 12 months.' This is during the time the average UK household debt is Ј7,786, and that is excluding mortgage debt. Average domestic borrowing via credit cards, motor and retail finance deals has grown 5 fold in as many years. Yet the median home price in the United Kingdom in Late 2005 worked out at Ј186,431 (source: Office of Deputy Prime Minister). The figures tell their own story. The considerably higher interest rates levied on credit cards, motor and shopping finance (store cards and the like) bite a considerable chunk from the typical person's monthly budget. The one sensible way out of this is fairly clear. Consumers need to convert the high interest debt into low interest debt by making use of their property by way of security. Even if people's credit worthiness is quite low it makes more sense to pay off the same amount of money at a reduced interest rate by means of a secured bad credit loan. Now new lenders are becoming available which take into account all circumstances. This fresh market for secured bad credit loans has opened up in the last decade or so, and it has grown outside of the traditional ground of the High Street financial institutions. As long as borrowers have property then they may borrow as much cash as they like to pay back existing debts. Nor do consumers have to pay the outrageous interest that used to be the case with people whose credit worthiness was not the best. Would it not make more sense to pay Ј60 a month in paying off that debt than Ј150 every month servicing precisely the same amount? Secured bad credit loans provide that chance. Improvements in financial credit handling assessment mean that providers are quite prepared to consider secured bad credit loans where they were not acceptable in the past. The self-employed, especially, are not treated as they used to be, notably with the fresh attitude towards self-certification. Three years of audited books are no longer mandatory from those who like to work for themselves. People with CCJs, IVAs, those who have defaulted on past or current debt agreements and even discharged bankrupts are now usually considered in today's evolving world of finance. Increasingly consumers are taking bigger financial risks, especially people in business and the entrepreneurial minded. The secured bad credit loans market is evolving to take account of that because it needs to. Of course, people should not consider secured loans if they are not altogether certain they can meet the repayments. Those people should consider unsecured loan products (which are more expensive). But, as CreditAction. org. uk states, the average price of a property in the UK is 'Ј186,431 (Ј195,319 in England). British yearly house price inflation rose by 2.5 percent. Annual house price inflation in London was 2.2 per cent.' Putting all that capital to proper use by means of a secured credit loan is an option most consumers should think about, whatever their credit standing.

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The red phone management consulting in 30 seconds or less

Modern business faces complex problems; management often calls upon highly-specialized consultants to help them address these difficult problems. If you're ever called to help identify these most pressing issues, one of the easiest and quickest ways to start is to talk about the "Red Phone". You know which phone I'm talking about -- it's the red phone that sits on it's own special corner of the desk. Lights flash when it rings; when you answer it, the person on the other end isn't in a good mood, he's not pleased, he thinks everything is your problem and he wants you to fix it! (And ... he's right! It is your problem and you do need to fix it!) What I want to know is -- when this phone rings, 1) Who is it on the other end, and 2) what are they upset about? This tells you a managers hot spots, his points of pain. These are the frustrating tribulations that vex his day. If you can identify who's on the red phone and what they're calling about, you've identified the most pressing problems a manager deals with. Of course, there likely isn't a real physical "Red Phone" -- but people know what you mean when you talk about it! Find out about these calls -- and you'll cut through all the clutter to identify the areas you should address. Spend your time and direct your efforts to solve these problems -- or even just ease them some -- and you'll have the greatest chance of success.

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Ball joints and your car s suspension system

An important part of your car’s suspension system is its ball joints. Made of extra tough steel, ball joints act as the pivot point between two parts: the suspension and your car’s tires. Ball joints help support your car’s weight and, as is the case with some vehicles, ball joints may be used to help set the alignment. Let’s take a closer look at this key component of your car’s suspension system. Enclosed in a steel housing, ball joints are used on the front end of almost every car, truck, SUV, and minivan. As might be expected, ball joints are subject to a lot of wear and tear, so to properly protect them ball joints are housed in an enclosed boot to keep dirt away from the joint assembly. There are two types of suspension systems that use ball joints. The first is a conventional system that uses an upper and lower ball joint.

The second is called a MacPherson strut system that uses a single lower ball joint and an upper strut bearing. No upper ball joint is needed as the upper strut bearing does the job instead. Maintenance for ball joints has changed over the years for most cars. Many vehicles come equipped with ball joints that are permanently lubed, so lubrication is not necessary nor is it even possible as the pack that holds the lubrication is permanently sealed.

When ball joints wear out or are damaged, you can find replacement ball joints that come with lubrication fittings; in this case you would need to lubricate your ball joints on a regular basis as in when you change your vehicle’s oil. When performing an inspection of your car’s suspension, your ball joints should be looked at too. Have a complete wheel alignment performed and make certain that the ball joints are not worn. If the ball joints wear out and are not changed, you will soon experience uneven tire wear or unreliable steering, such as wandering. Clearly, worn out ball joints are a safety issue that must be tended to and fixed immediately. Ball joints are developed for the specific make/model of your vehicle. Many models share the same suspension system as other models within the brand, but to be sure check your vehicle’s repair manual for the right replacement ball joints. Certain manufacturers, such as Moog, develop ball joints for many makes/models and can be used by mechanics that prefer this particular product. Check online to find out more information about Moog ball joints and whether they are right for your car. Remember: ball joints are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension system. Annual check ups of the suspension can head off costly problems which can also impact your safety.

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Download accelerator 2008 accelerate your internet

You browse the Internet, find interesting files, applications, open source software, movie trailers or even your favorite band's songs. And you wish you could use them whenever you want and so you decide to download it. Ever wondered what happens when you click on download? You send a request (few bytes of data) to the hosting server seeking its permission to access the file (or rather send you digital data). This request signal will be replied with an acknowledge signal from the server followed by the actual data requested for. There is much more of communication engineering involved, but let’s not dig deep into it. Now that the actual transmission is taking place, what are the facts about the speed of transfer and data rates of transmission? There is considerable variation of speed with the type of connection you use. If its dial up that you are using, you are actually sending digital data along with the voice data (at the same time). A s a result, they share the bandwidth available and so the speeds are slow. Whereas now we are using ISDN (Integrated signals digital networking) which was the major reason for the big boost in internet speeds. Gone are those days when we were using 144Kbps to 2Mbps. At the present moment the data rates we experience is tremendous, thanks to Broadband ISDN. Of course there has always been a tradeoff between bandwidth and speed. But to be light on our pockets, we started using download accelerators with moderate speed internet (why pay for the 332 Mbps connection and use only a fraction of the bandwidth?) These accelerators are smart workers. They do the same function as every other downloader but in a more efficient way so as to utilize whatever we have to the fullest which makes us feel that the speeds have improved. They split the files internally into smaller parts and download each part simultaneously using many connections within the allocated bandwidth (which is provided to you by your ISP). These are advantageous as: - the bandwidth limitation you faced is circumvented. - the smaller size of faulty files and so fault tolerance. - better speeds.

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Participating in a poker tournament

A poker tournament is series of scheduled events and rounds. The winners of each round compete to finally lead to one sole champion. There are several tourneys organized online and in casinos. The rules for a particular poker tournament is kind of similar in rules applicable for a poker game, but the tact and strategy to be employed for a winning hand in tourneys is quite complicated and challenging. Every move should be meticulously and skillfully played. A poker tournament can be of the following main types:- • The sit and go poker tournament or mini poker tournament:- Single table poker tournament and multiple table poker tournament • Scheduled poker tournament • Satellite poker tournament • Rebuys poker tournament The sit and go poker tournament has not many rounds and it is less formal, it may be just a single table or in some cases multiple tables are player. The buy-ins for mini poker tournament is not very high and it is quite affordable. The number of buy-ins in a mini poker tournament decides the amount of prize pool. At the end of the game the prize is divided between the first three players or as per what the tournament guidelines are. In a sit and go poker tournament the number of buy-ins allowed increases with each level. The site with which you play your poker tournament online decides your profitability. You need to do a bit of comparison study of the ranking of the sites before you decide to play in a site. A scheduled poker tournament are very formal and can be compared to those that are organized in the World Poker Tour Championship and World Series of Poker and many of the online sites also offer scheduled tournaments. The time schedule and the organization of the tables are prefixed. Multiple rounds need to be played to finally catch up with the championship in such tournaments. A Buy-in poker tournament is that in which you just invest a small sum in the tournament and for the remaining of the games you use the play money that you get from winning the first table. But in Re-buy poker tournament you exhaust your chips and you get more chips with more money to play any further. Most tourneys do not entertain re-buys. A satellite poker tournament is on in which you get an entry in to another tournament by winning in the game. The entry to the next tournament is the prize for this poker tournament!

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Cash back credit cards a good idea or a sneaky way to get you to sign uprevised

Learning About Cash Back Credit Cards: Good or Bad Idea? Getting a credit card that offers cash back always sounds like a good idea. What could be better than getting cash back on all the purchases that you make with your credit card? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, there are cards that give you free cash, but it is usually only around 1% cash back. However, free money is free money, right? Well, sometimes. If you like to buy a lot of things in one month, this kind of credit card probably sounds great to you. However, you need to keep in mind that they are not going to give you cash back on every purchase that you make. Even if they claim to give you cash back on every purchase, they will only give you up to a certain amount per transaction. The company also has a strict limit on the amount that they will give back to their customers. If you read the little, bitty print on the form that you signed, you will see a paragraph with their limits in the terms and agreements. This is another way to try to draw in new customers for these companies. It is a good credit card to have and sounds great in theory, but they will have to check your credit rating before they will give you their card. Research different credit card companies to see what they are offering. You may be surprised to find a cash back credit card that offers you just what you need and want with a high cash back percentage, few limits on the amount they will give you back, and instant cash deposits when you make each purchase with their card. Although these credit cards seem like a great thing to have, some companies will need your credit rating to be great too. However, there are credit card companies that offer these cards to people with a low credit rating to help them rebuild their credit. Research all of your options. What should your decision be? If you have a good credit rating, then this card is a great option for you. Research different card companies – there are cards out there that offer you up to 3% cash back and impose very few limits. If, however, you have a bad credit rating, you may want to find a credit card that will help you rebuild your credit.

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Cash back and rewards credit cards offers you can t refuse

The competition to get your credit card business has heated up so extensively that banks are literally paying you to take a credit card from them. Nearly every major issuing bank now offers a credit card that gives you bonuses for using their card. Consider the following offers you can find today on Internet sites where you can apply for a card online. Cash Back Credit Cards These cards return money to you in the form of checks. Many of the cards offer deals like 5% cash back on purchases at grocery stores, drug stores, and gas stations. In most cases, the stores are the major chains where you probably shop anyway. On top of that, these cash back cards usually offer 1% cash back on all other purchases. Some cards offer even higher cash back percentages for specific gas stations or for buying specific grocery or drug store products. A quick bit of math will prove how valuable this cash back proposition can be. Let’s say you’re a family of four with two cars. You spend $600 a month at grocery stores, $100 at drug stores, and $200 at gas stations. If you pay for these purchases using your credit card instead of cash or a paper check, that’s $900 per month on which you get 5% cash back. That comes out to $45 per month returned to you. Let’s say that in addition, you use your card to make another $500 in other purchases that qualify for 1% back; that adds another $5 to your coffers, for a total of $50 per month, or $600 per year back to you. Not too shabby for just using a credit card. Rewards Credit Cards Some credit cards offer you rewards such as bonus points that count toward gift certificates redeemable at top name stores, such as Best Buy, Home Depot, and Macy’s. Other cards offer you rewards in the form of Frequent Flyer Miles to use on any airline. Let’s say you use your card to charge $1000 per month on items that you normally would pay cash for. Rather than simply spending your money, now you also get gift certificates to buy merchandise, or frequent flyer miles to tune of 12,000 per year. And some of the cards also offer you a bonus the first time you use the card – so in the case of miles, you can get an extra 15,000 miles, for a grand total of 27,000 miles in one year -- enough for a free ticket to anywhere in the US. Maximizing Your Card Usage Of course, the key to taking advantage of such cards begins with choosing the one that best fits your normal purchasing habits. Compare online credit card offers and find the offer that makes sense for your lifestyle. If you have a large family and buy lots of groceries, maybe the 5% cash back cards are the best. If you fly often and can benefit from the frequent flier miles, apply for those cards. Then be sure you maximize your card usage to boost your returns. Use your card everywhere you can. Arrange to pay your regular bills using your credit card, such as your gas and electric utility bills, your doctor and dentist bills -- as many regular monthly bills as possible using your credit card. Still More Amazing -- Sign Up Perks What’s truly mind-boggling is that many banks are also offering great incentives to sign up for their card. You can find offers where you not only will you get cash back and/or rewards, but the bank also has 0% APR financing for 12 months on new purchases and sometimes on balance transfers, and to boot, no annual fee. All in all, today’s credit card issuing banks are hungry for your business and have become highly competitive in creating promotions to attract you to apply for their card. It is truly impossible to imagine why anyone would not apply to get one of these cash back or rewards credit cards when you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Copyright 2005 Ed Vegliante.

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Visit family without backsliding

You know all the growth you've done since your last family visit? And those vows concerning different ways you'll behave with them this time? Well, here's the catch: no matter how good your intentions, you may be at risk of kissing some of that great progress good-bye, at least temporarily, when you're with your family. Here are some tips for greatly reducing that possibility! If visiting family is a challenge for you, for holidays or at any other time, don't leave home without first reviewing this vital tips!

While there is a chance that you might slip back into habits you don't want to repeat, the good news is that there are ways to reduce your chances of backsliding - and strategies for bouncing back when you backslide anyway. The secret to using these tips is to recognize that there are certain long-standing patterns of interaction in your family that are unpleasant for you, but which they and you are used to you playing a role in these patterns that you no longer enjoy filling. Why people lapse back into these undesired patterns to begin with is an article in itself. How to avoid being triggered - and what to do when you are caught in a trigger dance - is the focus of this article. The biggest key to visiting family without backsliding is to develop your own personal "Triggering Response Plan." This plan has two main parts to it. The first has to do with the planning you do prior to visiting. The second is the action areas to focus on during the visit itself.

THREE PLANNING AREAS PRIOR TO VISITING: 1) "Trigger Dance" Preparation, 2) Logistics Planning & 3) Self-Care Planning. TRIGGER DANCE PREPARATION: A "Trigger Dance" is a pattern in which two or more people interact in such a way that one or more of them gets upset or otherwise loses their sense of wellbeing (that is, is triggered). 1) List the family Trigger Dances you expect could occur during this visit; 2) Describe your traditional role in each of them; 3) For each Trigger Dance, make a list of three alternatives to your usual role (these could include ways you might prevent the dance from starting, ways you could respond differently once the dance starts but before much damage is done and/or ways you could take better care of yourself after the damage is done); 4) List how these of your potential new dance steps might rock the family boat; 5) Based on this information, decide which boat-rocking risks you're willing to take should that Trigger Dance occur. LOGISTICS PLANNING - Decide ahead of time: 1) Where you'll stay during your visit; 2) Who you'll visit and for how long; 3) Which activities you will participate in; and 4) Who you want to spend more and less time with during these activities. SELF-CARE PLANNING - Make some commitments to yourself ahead of time for some excellent self-care. Self-care activities include: meditation, prayer time, naps, eating something healthy, exercise, walks, meetings, support system phone calls or visits, journal writing, surrendering control, abstaining from anesthesia, reading, laughing, listening to music, or visualizing white light protecting you and your family. FOUR ACTION AREAS DURING YOUR VISIT: 1) Day-Beginning Activities, 2) Trigger Dance Responses, 3) Dealing with the Unexpected, and 4) Day-Ending Activities. BEGINNING-OF-DAY CENTERING ACTIVITIES - Start the day with quiet time seeking guidance and wisdom, and reviewing your self-care priorities and your Trigger Dance response plan selections. TRIGGER DANCE RESPONSES - When you feel triggered: 1) Take a time-out (it's really okay to graciously bow out of a family interaction, especially when you already know how it's going to end!); 2) Try responding differently (with more love and less anger, with more vulnerability and less controllingness, with more directness and less beating around the bush, with more compassion and less judgment, and/or with a boundary instead of resentment); or 3) Hold off responding differently and just practice observing how this interaction or Trigger Dance happens in the first place. DEALING WITH THE UNEXPECTED - Be on the lookout for: 1) Family Trigger Dances - or contributing behaviors of your own - that you never quite understood before; 2) Spontaneously and naturally acting in new, wonderful ways that you didn't know you were capable of; 3) Not needing to intervene with someone you'd planned to because they've already changed. END-OF-DAY REJUVENATION ACTIVITIES - Celebrate the changes you made. Even if others didn't respond joyously to the new you, you still deserve credit for being more authentic and genuine. Best wishes in using your Triggering Response Plan to prevent backsliding on your next family visit! Copyright 2005 Willingness Works

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A flower a day keeps the doctor away

Gourmet food is expensively delicious not only for its quality ingredients and taste, but also for its aesthetics. Aesthetics in food are making a big comeback in today’s restaurants, and for good reason. An experience involving one sense unwittingly involves more than one. So while we eat, we may think that taste is all that our brain is processing, but it’s a much richer experience than that. The smell and the sight of the food are major points in the eating experience. One of the most natural and most appealing ways to brighten up and beautify a dish is the simple addition of an edible flower! There are many varieties which are edible, and add a subtle flavor into your dish. Cooking with flowers, though, is a cautious process, as you must be completely sure that what you are serving is neither poisonous nor chemically treated. Once you have chosen your flowers safely, the options available for cooking are very wide.

While I don’t recommend you start viewing bouquets as scrumptious salads and chewing away upon receiving a gift, it is worth realizing the value of flowers as a garnish and ingredient to complement a slew of recipes. The absolutely most important factor when deciding to cook with flowers is to be sure that the variety is edible, and not poisonous. While this article shall provide general guidelines, do confirm before the use of any plant in your food that it is, in fact, edible. The safest bet for edible flowers is those that will eventually grow into the vegetables and fruits that we already know and love. Often the flowers of vegetables, fruits, and herbs offer a reminder of the plant they come from, in a more subtle flavor. Examples are the basil, chive, garlic, and lemon flowers.

These are good garnishes for dishes which may already use the fruit of the above-mentioned flowers. The chamomile flower is very gentle and pleasant also. Other flowers that come from plants we know are the arugula flower, the mustard flower, the squash flower (which can even be fried and eaten on its own), and the sunflower. Edible flowers are not limited to those which later blossom into fruits and vegetables. Some of the prettiest flowers have petals which we can eat. Specifically, carnations, dandelions, jasmine, rose, lavender, violets, and daisies are edible. Some of these add a beautiful aroma to the dish, and a very romantic bite.

Such flowers are perfect to add to a salad, because they add sharp color, which always makes a salad more appealing, along with a delicate flavor. There are important rules that absolutely must be followed when using flowers in cooking. The importance of certainty in the safety of the specific flower is of utmost importance. Never use an ingredient in your cooking that you are not sure is safe. Remember that many flowers are poisonous, so be certain of the identity of the flowers you have chosen to cook with. Once this step has been checked, we’re ready to move on to the next rule of flower cooking. This rule is where you get your flower from.

Do not buy flowers for cooking from florists, unless specifically grown for eating purposes. Most flowers for a florist are not grown as comestibles, and thus are not treated as comestibles. The products which these flowers are treated with are not to be consumed. Thus, either find a florist who specializes in growing flowers for eating purposes, or grow your own! Growing your own flowers for food entails basically the same rules as growing flowers for aesthetic pleasure, but be sure to avoid pesticides, and use natural methods of keeping bugs away: plant a variety of flowers near each other, as this equilibrium may help ward off bugs; remember that lady bugs are a good bug that eats many pests, so know your friendly bugs; smearing some garlic and coffee grinds into the soil often keeps pests at bay as they hate the sharpness and bitterness of these foods. Lastly, use only the petals of flowers, as the pollen may cause allergies, and is often bitter.

Especially for first-time flower cooks, use small amounts, as any food new to the digestive tract should be introduced slowly and easily. Now that we are ready to cook, let the ideas roll in! Usage of flowers is so varied; they can accompany anything from hors d’oeuvres to dessert. Flowers are perfect garnishes for salty and sweet dishes, and petals add a nice flavor and look to salads. Try making a salad mix of veggies and fruits, and throw in some flowers as well. This will add to the beauty of such a varied salad, and will add a unique flavor to the sensation of the combined sweetness and saltiness. Herbal butters have never looked prettier with flower petals mixed into them, and most batters will only be upgraded with a flower mixed into them. Imagine the beauty of crepes with some lavender flowers spread throughout!

Drinks will look sharp with flowers frozen into ice cubes, while teas are delicious with aromatic flowers. Adding some rose jam to your tea is also a delicious option of sweetening your tea, so think of the jams you can make from flowers. Once you start cooking with flowers, you can be so much more creative in your cooking, with results that all notice and love. Every cook likes to heighten her experience and always looks for new ways to improve and change. Flowers are a wonderful step to this, as they are easy to cook with, add beauty and aroma, and help the imagination flow to create more and more interesting recipes. Flowers have long been used in cooking, and what luck that the fashion is coming back. Our dishes will be tastier, more attractive, and richer in aroma.

Learn which flowers you can cook with, and, upon buying them, be sure that they have been grown to be eaten and stick to using the petals of the flowers. Keep in mind that many flowers used as garnishes are often only decorative. For instance, many live flowers used to decorate wedding cakes are not for consumption. However, when you are cooking with flowers you know to be good for eating, let your imagination run, and you will create a myriad of dishes that are enhanced and beautified by the flower garden you have added into them!

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Free genealogy search

Free Genealogy Search: The First Step in Discovering Your Family's Ancestry If you are interested about rediscovering about your family's history like most people are, then you should research or hire a genealogist to do the search for you. However, you have to consider that hiring a genealogist right away can be very expensive as well as researching for your family's ancestry alone. It will also take quite a long time to get to your goal on finding the root of your family's history. However, there is a much cheaper way to start searching for your family's history. Although it will only offer limited results, it is a great way to start your search for your family's history. It will also save you a lot of time and money because it's free and it's available in the most popular technology today, which is the internet. The internet contains different genealogy websites. You will find a few websites that will offer free genealogy search. Although these free genealogy websites will only offer limited information, it will serve as a great start to find out about your family's genealogy. Also, free genealogy search websites will serve as a stepping stone on your search for your ancestors. With this kind of website, you will never again have to leave your home and search public libraries for old newspapers and old public records that may contain information about your family's history. Here, you can search for your relatives and obtain copies of available documents for free and right at the comforts of your own home. Since free genealogy search websites don’t contain all the information you need, you can consider gathering what information you can and once you meet a dead end in your search, you can say that it's time for you to hire a genealogist to do the work for you. You can provide them with all the information you gathered and the genealogist will pick up where you left off. This will lessen the fee for their services as you did some work for yourself. However, the cost will also depend on how far back you want your family tree to be. Always remember that the farther back in the past your family tree is and the harder it is to find documents, the more expensive the fee for the genealogist will be. Free genealogy search websites are only there to give you a bit of push on your search for your ancestors. You have to remember that free genealogy search websites only contains limited information. And, if you want a more comprehensive search and a proper family tree, you should consider hiring a genealogist to do the work for you. They will be able to know what documents to find and where to find these documents. They will also furnish you a copy of the original documents and they will also make a family tree for you if you want them to. Searching for your genealogy is a fun activity. So, start uncovering your family's mystery by searching for the preliminary information first in free genealogy search websites and continue with a more comprehensive search with a genealogist.

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5 tips to increase your chances of actually achieving your new year s resolutions

Even in January, more and more people forget about the well-meaning resolutions they made on New Year's to improve their lives. Here are five tips from my new book, Inside Every Woman, Using the 10 Strengths You Didn't Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now, to turn resolution road kill into a thing of the past. 1. Stop being a commitment queen. Eliminate one or two items from your busy schedule to free up time to pursue your passionate interests. Which will they be? 2. Do something even if it's wrong. Ninety percent of success is showing up. Whether you're selling an idea, trying to land a new client or learning how to paint, the point is, you have to show up. What idea will you pursue this year? 3. Plan for growth. In life, as in business, when you neglect growth, the passion inside you cools. Plan not only for a bigger house or an updated vehicle, but for inner growth. Try to reinvent yourself on a regular basis. You don't want to wake up five years from now and greet the same woman in the mirror. You want to see a new person who has transcended former boundaries. 4. Challenge your obstacles. Let go of the notion that you don't have enough time, energy, money or discipline to do what it takes to succeed. When you challenge that thought you will magically make more things happen. 5. Stick with it and endure. Many women who fail in reaching their goals simply turn back too soon. The path is long and the terrain is tough. When your endurance is tested and you're tempted to give up, remember this: You will miss not only the gold at the end of the rainbow, but also a wealth of other treats along the way. Here's wishing you a Happy New You. And remember: We are women and we can do anything!

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The safest way to buy discount contacts

If you're looking to purchase contacts online at a discount you're going to have to do some due diligence in order to protect yourself and your pocketbook. Just like any other product you may purchase online you are going to find individuals and or businesses that really don't have your best interest in mind. I'm sorry to say that there are a lot of dishonest, sneaky and unscrupulous people out there looking for their next victim to cheat out of their hard earned money. Don't you be one of them! In this article we will arm you with some helpful information that will help you to find the honest legitimate discount contact dealers that will bend over backwards to service you. When you start your search of discount contact stores or dealers it is essential that you look for merchants with a great business model. Also of the utmost importance is finding a dealer that puts your health and vision first. In fact, they should have it as their mission to protect your vision and your wellbeing because if you think about it that is exactly what they are doing. Keep in mind you are literally putting your eyes in their hands and as these merchants are part of the eye care and the medical optical industry, they need to be dedicated professionals who see it as their duty to provide the best quality lenses for your eyes. The length of time that a discount contact dealer has been in business is a good sign of their quality. Have they been in business for a decade or so, or did the company just start up last year? What is more, when searching for discount contact outlets, look for the ones that promise such things as customer satisfaction, quick shipping, no membership charges, reliable shipping, low rates, and other additional benefit features. Considering these are your eyes they are definitely worth the time in research to finding a dealer online that can provide you with all of these features and more. Trust me they are out there even though locating them will require a little time and effort on your part.

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Making a gift basket is fun and easy

Anyone can make a gift basket and you’ll definitely have fun doing it! Your basket, any container of your choice, should appeal to your recipient. The contents should also appeal to your recipient and should be customized for the occasion or the individual. So gather your ideas and head off to find those special gift items. Remember, your basket and the contents do not have to be expensive; rather you want the recipient to know that you took special care in making a unique gift. Gift baskets are great for all occasions: for the new baby, a wedding, birthdays, get well, housewarming, special holidays or “just because I’m thinking of you”. Be creative when selecting the “basket” and determine how much you will place in it to insure you select the right size. If your gift is for an adult, select a wicker basket, a gift box /bag, or a hobby/themed container. Themed basket ideas would include a range basket for a golfer, a tool box for a gardener or a handy person, or a specialty ceramic piece to capture your theme. If the gift is for a child, make it fun! Select a dump truck for a little boy; a girl would love colorful purse. With basket in hand, you now need to fill it with what your recipient likes. Candies, nuts, cookies, cheese, crackers, coffees/ teas or a favorite bottle of soda or wine are snacks you must include! But remember to leave room for the personal gifts. Consider a book for the book lover, a DVD for the movie buff, mugs for the coffee aficionado, spa items for someone who likes to unwind or special hobby gifts for the chef or fisherman. Remember that you are creating a gift that is personal and unique, so select items carefully. You now have the basket and the gift items, but you’re not creative and have not done this before, so how do I make the basket presentable? Fear not, it’s easy and fun. Place the largest item(s) in the back of the basket, heaviest in the center and arrange the remainder of the items in the front and sides of the basket. A little tissue in the bottom to assist in arranging, a little tape (very little) to keep the gifts in place, a bow or colorful cellophane and you’re finished. Gift baskets are great for all occasions: for the new baby, a wedding, birthdays, get well, housewarming, special holidays or “just because I’m thinking of you”. The items to put it all together can be found in your home, at your favorite hobby shop, stores or on the internet. Make it special, make it personal and remember have fun doing it! When you present the gift to that someone special, they’ll appreciate it even more because you made it yourself. http:// proxylate. com

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The many uses of rubber stamping

Rubber stamping is a convenient way for individuals to mark letters, packages, account invoices and even bank deposits. While some are commercially made, other rubber stamping units can be customized specifically for the owner. An example would be an address stamper, which features a name and mailing address and is used on mailing envelopes. There are many uses for rubber stamping and below are just a few of the examples that these handy products are designed for: Mailing. Rubber stamping is commonly used by business owners and individuals who wish to stamp a package as fragile. If insurance is purchased on a package, the postmaster will usually stamp the package as ‘insured’ Bank Deposits. Individuals or businesses who wish to stamp the signature line of their check often use rubber stamping. Many businesses stamp ‘For Deposit Only’ and follow it with the account number. Return Address. Many individuals and/or businesses enjoy the convenience of rubber stamping on the outside of a mailing envelope. When most people have to write their name and address in the top left hand corner, others use the rubber stamping technique to save time when mailing one or 1,000 letters. Billing. Companies who are in the business of billing and/or collections often use rubber stamping to indicate when a bill has been paid by stamping ‘Paid’ on the account. Organization. Some companies and entrepreneurs find that the use of rubber stamping helps them to better organize their files Scrapbooking. One of the world’s most popular hobbies, scrapbooking often involves rubber stamping for fun and added color to each page. Rubber stamping products are commonly found at office supply stores, but are also readily available online. There are a growing number of companies who provide customized rubber stamping products, including everything from the basic models to the self-inking stamper. With so many choices ranging from sizes, customization and ink color, rubber stamping products are available to fit almost any budget. With personalized products, most companies ask that individuals and/or businesses allow additional time for their stamps to be created and shipped.

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Success on the internet 3 crucial steps

There are at least 3 important steps to a successful plan when working on the internet. These 3 steps can be applied to just about any plan, and when coupled with the right amount of determination and perseverance, will result in success! But remember, you must persevere through the dry spells and difficult times. Everyone has hard times and this is just a fact of life. The key is to keep working toward your goal and never give up. Three Important Steps 1) Develop the Right Philosophy. The first point is to develop the right philosophy. How you approach your business (and life) will determine your success or failure. Try to always be growing and expanding your horizons in some way. You might want to think about continuing your education or contributing to your local community in some way. (Make sure to set-aside enough money for personal development.) Success University has a faculty of over 50 of the best personal development coaches available. Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley are but a few of the coaches. The tuition is very reasonable. Most successful people do not blindly follow someone else. They learn, evaluate, and make the necessary adjustments in their approach to career and life. Excellence is the goal, and continuous training and instruction are a very important part of the process. As you continue to grow and develop, be sure to find other individuals who can help in the process. Good mentors are hard to come by, but indespensable when it comes to personal growth. 2) Decide What You 'Really" Want. Determine your true inner desire and then do it! If you don't really desire to accomplish what it is you are currently doing, when the difficult times arrive you will simply quit. It's a fact of life! Thousands of dollars are lost by people who invest in ill-suited programs which they soon quit. The inner desire and the "real" interest were not there in the first place. Always be successful you must first determine your true inner desire. Identify what it is that you really want in your career and life. The answers to these questions will lead you to success. Always make sure you are committed to achieving what you desire. A lack of commitment is a sure way to insure you spend money without sufficient return on your investment. You always want a positive cash flow within 3 months of starting your business. 3) Take Action. Do your homework, but by all means step out and do something. Not just anything, mind can actually be busy and not accomplish anything. Everything you do either takes you closer to, or farther away from your desired result. Clearly see your target and take a straight line approach to reaching your target. Little diversions can be deadly to your business. While you are doing mindless tasks someone else is taking consistent action. Consistent action in the right direction will produce results. It is the law of sowing and reaping. You reap what you sow. In other words, you get what you deserve not what you need. Plant enough seeds and you will find growth. Ask enough people and someone will join or buy what you are offering. Never leave the sight of a goal without taking action. I look forward to seeing YOU at the top! Bob Blessinger is a Director with Success University. http://bbb. successuniversity. com/new He is dedicated to personal and professional development and coaches hundreds to success on an ongoing basis.

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7 ways to manage breaks as a home based business owner

This week during a coaching session, one of my clients shared her ongoing struggle with managing "breaks" throughout the day. Whenever she felt the need to get up from her desk and stretch her legs, she found herself in the kitchen. As a result of this habit, she is now 20 pounds heavier, very uncomfortable and extremely unhappy with herself. Unfortunately this phenomenon is all too common among entrepreneurs who transition from the outside work world to working from home. Home business presents challenges not normally experienced while working in the corporate or "outside" world and managing breaks is a big one. When you work outside of the home, a break might be spent by a water cooler, in a lunchroom, or outside on a bench chatting with a co-worker. When you do spend your break in the company lunchroom, you seldom find a fully stocked fridge and cupboards chock full of food at your disposal. When you work from home, your break locations aren't quite as extensive and because it's very unlikely you would spend this time sitting in a bedroom or talking to yourself in the bathroom mirror, the kitchen is the most logical destination. How you spend your breaks at home requires a little creativity and A LOT of discipline. By giving yourself options, setting limits, and creating healthy habits, it won't take long for you to re-direct yourself when you find yourself drifting towards the kitchen. Here are 7 simple options to get you started: 1. Grab your remote telephone, head outside for a lawn chair and call a friend. This not only addresses the "break" issue but also combats the feelings of isolation that often affect home-based business owners. The important thing to remember here is set limits for yourself. Institute a 15-minute break rule and enforce it, otherwise you can lose an entire afternoon. 2. Pick up your mail. Whether the mailbox is at the end of your driveway or just down the street, this is the perfect opportunity for you to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. 3. Play your favorite CD and listen to song that takes your mind completely off your work. Enjoy a cool class of juice or a tasty cup of tea while you immerse yourself in the music. If you're feeling a little sluggish, pop a lively tune into your boom box and kick up your heels! There's no better energy boost than a good boogie! 4. Take a walk around the block. Take your puppy with you and light two candles with one flame. Get to know your neighbors, keep your pet healthy, and enjoy the great outdoors. 5. Meditate. There's nothing like a midday meditation to free your mind and relax the body. The benefits are immense and impact all areas of your life and business. 6. Set kitchen hours. Establish certain times throughout the day when the kitchen is off limits and stick to them. 7. Sweep the entryway or vacuum the living room. It may not be exciting but it will give your mind the break it needs, and will save you time elsewhere so you can spend it with family and friends. A few little cleaning breaks throughout the day really add up. What other ideas come to mind for you? Your success and wellness all boil down to discipline, creative thinking, and being gentle with yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you've created habits that are counterproductive. Instead, seek solutions and take appropriate action. It's all about developing structures and processes and when you realize you have the power to design your own activities, you will create amazing results for yourself. 2006 © Laurie Hayes - The HBB Source

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Important things to remember when choosing a metal bar stool

Anyone who has been looking knows that choosing a metal bar stool can be a bit of difficult experience. Unless you’re exactly sure of what you want this may be a bit scary for some buyers. You don’t have to worry anymore as we will make things as easy as possible for you to make the proper decision. Once you have all the facts the choice really comes down to what your gut tells you to get. There’s a ton of different types of metal bar stools that are made by all sorts of manufacturers on the market today. This is a great thing because you’re surely going to find something that catches your eye and fits into your dйcor perfectly. The main and most popular types of metal barstools you’ll find today are constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. These are all exceptional metals with very different traits. The hardest decision you’ll have to make when choosing a metal bar stool is whether you want all metal or part metal and part fabric. Lets start with with stainless steel bar stools. This has quickly become the most popular for a couple of reasons. Number one is that it won’t rust and resists corroding. Number two it’s incredible durability. These two main traits make it perfect for use in restaurants and other businesses that have a lot of traffic. It also makes it perfect choice for busy households. You can spill drinks and food all over it and simply wipe it up without worrying because this metal can handle it. Because of it’s strength it will take years of abuse with no sign of break down and very little maintenece. Aluminum bar stools are very popular for two reasons also. The main one being how lightweight the metal itself is. Like stainless it is also not going to rust. This makes it a perfect choice for areas or kitchens where the stools are going to moved around a lot as they are easy to handle. Any restaurant or business can benefit form these great qualities that make them easy for their customers to use. Wrought iron is very popular because of the properties of workability. It can be made into any design and has become a hot metal for constructing intricate furniture with lots of great detailing. Bar stools made of wrought iron are very strong and sometimes very ornate. If you want a very traditional look with great details this is the metal you want your stools made from. In most cases stools made with this metal will have some sort of fabric seat or back. This metal is so strong the stools can have very thin legs without you having to worry about them collapsing. The finishes are often a little bit duller with tones of silver, grey and bronze. This makes them a great asset because it’s easier to tie them in with your dйcor. A great metal for stools. This should make choosing a metal bar stool a lot easier to do. Take the information we’ve given you and figure what type suits your needs the best. There’s nothing better than a beautiful metal bar stool to liven up any room in your home.

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