Weaving in the 19th and 20th centuries chelaberd rugs

Caucasian weaving of the last 180 years is a complicated affair. There is an extraordinary multiplicity of influences in the area; culture, ethnography, politics, religion, geography and climate have all influenced rug weaving in the region. In recent years, the fine quality of rugs has caused much study of weaving in this area and there is now a well-organized body of scholarship. In general, the designs and colors of Caucasian rugs are not in themselves sufficient to determine the place of origin with absolute certainty. There are, of course, some particularly well-documented designs which have been traced to source, but they represent only a small part of the exceptionally wide range of designs found in Caucasian weavings.

The one important factor in determining the regions from which specific carpets originate is the type of wool used, and the length of pile. Heavy wool rugs are good insulators and the sheep reared in the mountainous districts grow heavier, shaggier and have longer fleece than those reared in the lowland areas. The rugs woven in the mountain villages have a richer, longer and heavier pile, and their colors tend to be hotter. Thus the areas which produce long-piled rugs are Kazak, Gendje, Lesghi, and several varieties of Karabagh; medium piles are found on Talish, Lenkoran and Daghestan weavings, and fine low pile on Shirvan, Kuba and Baku rugs. As to the proliferation of designs, there are some 350 different tribes in the area, speaking approximately 150 different dialects. The south-west, in the Armenia-kazak area, is peopled by Christian Armenians; in the south-east are Tartars of the Mongol descent, and Persians; to the north, the principal tribes are the Shirvans, Dagestans, Chechens and Lesghis, and to the north-west are Cherkesses (Circassians).

There are, of course, cultural and ethnic overlaps in all these areas. To give some indication of the difficulty in ascribing particular designs to specific locations, the Russian scholar S. Zerminov, in his study Azerbaijan Carpets, gave the names of 123 villages in the southern and mid-Caucacus which produced carpets of distinctive design. For the whole of the Caucacus, we would probably have to multiply this figure by a factor of at least four. Many of the schematic animal motifs found in Caucasian weavings can be traced back centuries, and are probably of Scythian origin. For convenience, it is possible to divide the Caucacus into ten weaving areas : Kazak, Karabagh, Gendje, Talish, Moghan, Shirvan, Baku, Kuba, Daghestan and Derbend. It should be noted, however, that the generic name Kazak is often applied to a wide variety of Caucasian rugs, which have not necessarily been woven in the Kazak district.

Chelaberd rugs are often referred to as Eagle Kazaks. Although the design of these rugs shows an affinity to Kazak rugs, structurally, they are undisputedly Karabagh. The thick yarn used by weavers in these two areas creates a superficial similarity to the weave patterns of the two types. The products of this area have one of the few distinctive Caucasian weaves, consisting of two weft threads after every two rows of knots. The Kazaks, on the other hand, all appear to have an irregular number of wefts, from two to four, after every row of knots.

Chelaberd rugs were made in the southeast Caucasus, bordering northern Persia. The Caucasus mountain range stretches from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea in the area of modern-day Azerbaijan and southern Russia, and it is in the villages of these mountains that some of the most highly collectible rugs originated. The most collectable rugs and carpets from this area are those woven between 1800 and 1900. The late nineteenth century is the last hurrah for village and nomadic rugs. By the early twentieth century, they no longer used natural dyes, and the designs and weaving were much less appealing. Chelaberd rugs were predominantly made in traditional sizes such as 4’ x 6’ and 5’ x 7’…runners of this size were seldom woven in this tribal village. As a result, Chelaberd runners are very desirable and highly sought out by collectors. The best nineteenth-century Caucasian village rugs exhibit the inventiveness of the cottage-industry weavers who created stylized versions of traditional design elements and used local materials to their best advantage.

During this time, the use of natural dyes was still a practiced art, resulting in vivid colors. Design motifs such as sunburst medallions, dragons, and temple arches appear in many of the best village rugs. The origin of the name “Eagle Kazak” has several explanations. The medallion design in the center of the carpet is referred to as an Eagle design. There is some resemblance between these medallions and the Russian double-headed eagle. The other (less accepted) theory comes from the definition of Chelaberd itself. Some claim that Chelaberd means Eagle in the local dialect, a blend of Armenian, Russian and Arabic.

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Heater core problems cold snap solutions

Doesn’t it figure, that the very first time you have a problem with your car’s heater core is when you need it the most: in the middle of a horrible cold snap. Frost on the outside and frost on the inside -- giving new meaning to air conditioned discomfort. Cranking up the heat means billows of cold air filling your car’s cabin instead of the soothing and relaxing heat you should be feeling…ugh! Sounds like a job for your mechanic, but it may be something you can repair yourself. Please read on for more information. Playing with the heat settings does no good and a check of the coolant, hoses, and connections reveals that everything is okay. So, what is the problem? More than likely your Ford heater core has died. You jump in your car and head directly over to your Ford dealer to get a price on a new heater core. Within moments you are gasping for air as the man behind the counter looks over his computerized inventory and quotes an outrageously high price for a new heater core.

For a moment you don’t know whether to whack the guy over the head or start driving around with a portable heater you plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. Quickly you dismiss either option and decide to take matters into your own hands. Fortunately a heater core isn’t all that difficult to change yourself. For most cars, a heater core can be reached by pulling out the dash or checking under the hood adjacent to the firewall, locating the unit, yanking it out, and replacing it with a new one. Naturally, you will pay gobs of money through your dealer’s parts department, but you have other options besides visiting the dealer or making a futile trip to your local junkyard: shop the internet. That’s right, online auto parts wholesalers carry Jeep heater cores and heater cores for just about any make/model of car out there. Best yet, when shopping with a wholesaler like the Heater Core Experts, you can save big bucks. By purchasing direct from the manufacturer, a first class wholesaler will turn around and sell a heater core to you for less. A lot less than what Mr. Parts Dealer would charge and without you having to pay for labor costs either. Yes, you could always ignore the problem and hope that Spring comes early and stays forever, or you can sell your first born child and head over to your dealer’s part department and hope they have mercy on you…they most certainly will not! Better yet, shop online for an OEM replacement heater core that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications, save big, and get warm!

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Making bath time fun and safe for your baby

As your baby grows larger, that little tiny counter top bathtub will become a thing of the past. But, putting a baby into a big bathtub can be frightening for both of you. Here are some ideas to make bath time fun and safe for you and your little one. Take a bath together Your baby will love having you play and splash with her, especially if she is a little afraid of the big bathtub. This works best when baby is old enough to sit up on her own, so you don’t have to hold her the entire time. Buy a bath ring Bath rings are great for babies who can’t sit unsupported just yet, because they keep the baby from slipping down into the water Try an inflatable bathtub Inflatable tubs fit snugly down inside your bath tub. They are soft, with big puffy sides that help keep baby upright. Plus, these tubs make the large tub seem a little smaller and less overwhelming to the baby. I found this to be a great way to transition my children into the big tub. Buy lots of bath toys If your child is a little fearful of the tub, the best way to deal with the fear is to take his mind off it. There are loads of toys for the bath, from a plain old rubber ducky, to battery operated fish that swim around, to paints designed for writing right on the walls. Find the right combination of bath toys, and only let him play with them in the bath, and you should be able to turn bath time into the favorite time of day. Color the water There are some great bath time products that can color your bath water. Children are delighted to be able to pick the color of the bath. It’s a great way to teach colors, too! A couple of final words about bath time - be sure you are using children’s bath products. The last thing you want is a child who is already fearful of the bath getting soap or shampoo in his eyes. Plus, adult products can be drying and cause skin irritation. And, never leave baby unattended in the bath, not even for a second. The bath can be loads of fun for your child, but only if it’s safe, too.

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Pressure washer concrete cleaning equipment

: Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaning Equipment Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaning EquipmentBy Lance Winslow Cleaning concrete is tough and there is an easy way and a hard way. There is one thing you need to understand when you are pressure washer cleaning concrete; the concrete cannot always be made to look brand new again after it has been stained. You can always get stains lighter or bleached but completely removing it is very difficult, sometimes you get lucky, but if you are looking for perfection, chances are you will be underwhelmed. So when talking to customers let them know up front and explain this to them otherwise they will be asking for a job that just can't be done unless the entire concrete slab is ripped up and re-poured. Let’s talk about equipment that is needed for this type of work. Remember safety is always important when working with a pressure washer. Some times there are chemicals involved in cleaning some stains. Thus, you should always use some type of eye protection. Also, when you are using chemicals you need to wear jeans to protect your legs. Chemicals made for concrete are very strong and should not be toyed with. Would a person rather work with dry feet or wet? It is recommended that you get rubber waders or some type of rubber boot. They will keep your feet from getting wet and keep them from getting burned by the 250 degree water. Orange cones are also important to have for this job. These help make people visually aware that you are there if you are in a high traffic area or where there are a lot of contract workers at say a newly constructed house that needs the concrete cleaned. This makes everyone around you safe and you are helping prevent accidents. Of course you are going to need a Hydro-Twister for this job. You can technically do the job with a wand but it will take a lot more time and water, not to mention you can cause streaking if you are not using even strokes across the slab of concrete. Most of the new hot water pressure washers have an option of a hydro twister type unit but if you don't have one and or you need a second unit we recommend that you go to buy one. When buying a hydro twister buy the larger of the two. There my be only a 5 inch difference in surface coverage but it is well worth it when you are trying to save time without cutting corners. Especially if you are cleaning concrete at a construction site or a large retail type box store, there is a lot of concrete and the faster you clean it the more money you will make. Think about it. "Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; WorldThinkTank. net/wttbbs

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Liquidators play a crucial role in the online and retail marketplaces

Today's marketplace is extraordinarily competitive. Whether you sell merchandise online or in a brick-and-mortar retail store, the prices you pay for inventory can mean the difference between profit and financial ruin. Sole proprietorships and small, family run businesses often have the most to gain - or lose - in the game of inventory acquisition and resale. Thankfully, liquidators have stepped in to fill the gap by providing businesses with high-quality inventory at wholesale prices. What Liquidators Buy and Sell In essence, liquidators buy surplus inventory. Sometimes their merchandise comes from a large retailer's overstock, while at other times they buy discontinued items or excess stock from manufacturers. They also buy closeout merchandise when a retail store or supplier goes bankrupt, as well as other circumstances where inventory liquidation comes into play. There are a number of reasons why large retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers appreciate the services that a liquidator provides. For example, a liquidator will buy a huge quantity of merchandise, giving the original owners the ability to dispose of their entire excess inventory in one fell swoop. There are also times when a supplier or manufacturer does not wish to impinge upon their existing wholesale or retail markets, and turns to a liquidator to ensure that the merchandise does not go through existing sales channels. As for the types of products that liquidators carry, the only limit is your imagination. Apparel, sunglasses, wedding gowns, and footwear are often in stock, but you might also find flooring, automotive parts, shelving, and other items. The Buyer's Advantage For etailers or discount retailers, liquidators provide an incredibly inexpensive source of inventory. Because liquidators pay only pennies on the dollar, even the most expensive items sell at a fraction of their wholesale prices. While some liquidators only sell pallets of a single item, small sellers can take heart in knowing that the best liquidators often sell in much smaller lots. For example, you may only have to buy 50 belts, 20 evening dresses, or 10 wedding dresses. For the buyer who is an eBay seller, who sells at flea markets, or who has a small discount store, the opportunity to buy in small lots is a godsend. It's extraordinarily difficult to find sources for high-quality, inexpensive inventory, but liquidators enable even the smallest business to sell at a profit. And, when liquidators have closeout sales, you can often get free shipping with a minimum order. Bridging the Gap One of the biggest problems that etailers and discount retailers have is finding a reliable source for products. One of the biggest problems that manufacturers and suppliers have is finding a single middleman who will pay cash for excess inventory. Liquidators serve both constituencies, bridging the gap between those who have the merchandise and those who need it for resale. Ultimately, they allow small sellers to stay competitive and make a profit, while enabling suppliers to maintain a positive cash flow and stay afloat.

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Don t wait for the perfect situation to pay down your debt

The number one reason people don’t get out of debt is they don’t try. This may apply to you. You want to, but never seem to do it. You put it off for whatever reason. You want to wait for your life to be just right before you make the attempt. You tell yourself, when I get the new job, when I receive the next promotion, or when I get my next raise, I’ll go to work on my debt. (c) 2004 David Wilding Perhaps you are waiting for some artificially set date. You tell yourself the first of the year will be a good time to start or when you get back from vacation. Whenever it is, it is always in the future. I call this “perfect situation procrastinating.”. This allows you to put off any action, while you wait for your situation to be perfect. It reminds me of a story I read the other day about a mother registering her daughter for kindergarten. The mother, a school teacher, took her daughter to register for kindergarten. They were greeted by the kindergarten teacher near a table outside the room. On the table she had some paper and crayons. The mother stood back while the teacher did, what the mother recognized as, a simple screening of her daughter’s abilities. The teacher asked the child to choose her favorite color crayon and write her name on one of the pieces of paper. The mother hovering in the background, knew her daughter could not only spell her name, but the names of all her family members. She was pleased her daughter would do so well. However the child just stood and stared at the crayons. The teacher again asked her to choose her favorite color and write her name. The child remained still. Her mother knew she could do this but stayed back to allow the teacher to handle it. The teacher then put her arm around the girl and told her it was all right, she would learn to write her name during the school year. As the little girl and mother rode home the mother asked her why she didn’t write her name. Her daughter responded, “She asked me to write my name with my favorite color and there was no pink crayon.”. The little girl, very capable of doing what was asked of her, didn’t do it because the situation was not perfect. Many times we are the same way. As you get ready to tackle your debt, do that of which you are capable, not waiting for the perfect situation. While it is important to have a plan, it is more important to just begin. A plan may be adjusted as you go, but if you continually adjust your start date, you will never put your plan into action. So, start now, don’t wait for your pink crayon.

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Improving conversion rates

You have optimised your website and attracted a large number of inbound links by one means or another. The results of this are that your site now appears on the first page of the top three search engines, Google, MSN and Yahoo, for your chosen keywords or phrases. You have cracked it! Now you are getting hundreds of visitors a day to your website. Unfortunately very few are staying to browse your site and even fewer are purchasing your products or enquiring after the services you offer. You must look closely at your site to find the reason behind this if you wish to improve your conversion rates. There are two immediate actions you can take. Have you optimised your site for the search engines or your visitors? You should always optimise your site for your visitors as they will provide you with your income not the search engines.

The search engines are simply a means to an ends. It is better to have twenty visitors to your site 15 of whom purchase a product or service than it is to have 500 of whom only 5 make a purchase. When developing your site keep in mind your potential customers and put text into the site that they will appreciate, like and find informative. Never write your copy with the search engines in mind and those omnipotent algorithms. Algorithms do not make enquiries or purchases people do. If your copy is attractive and readable and encourages real people to contact you or buy a product then it is highly likely to be equally attractive to the search engines. When writing your copy you should not be trying to ‘sell’ your product or service with blatant over the top advertising. Be more subtle. You are fulfilling a wish or a need or solving a problem so be informative. People have carried out a specific search so the need is already there you have to now give them the information they need to convince them to purchase of you. So as always the content is the key to making sales as well as attracting the attention of the search engines. You must work hard at getting this content right. The second line of investigation is to analyse your sites visitor statistics carefully Look at each visitor and how they arrived at your site. That is what search terms did they use? What page did they land on? What pages did they navigate through? What page did they exit on? What area of the World or country did they come from? If they made no enquiry or purchase, look at their search phrase, and where on your site they went, and attempt to calculate why they left without making that enquiry or purchase. Was it because their search was not appropriate for ypour actual product or service? Do you not perhaps provide your service to their particular area? Did they miss or could not find exactly what they wanted on your site because of badly designed navigation paths? Or is it perhaps because the text is simply not up to standard? If you think it is a structural problem then you can alter this so that people find it easier to navigate to places on the site that they actually want. It may also be a matter of your content so you can change this. By constantly monitoring your site’s statistics you can dramatically increase your conversion rates, that is, convert more of your visitors into paying customers. Finally do keep note of what you do so that you can accurately monitor the changes you make to find out if and by how much they are making a difference.

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Free iphone downloads

If you own an Iphone, the chances are that your are going to be interested in getting some free downloads for it. The Iphone is already outstripping the early successes of the Ipod, and looks like it may go on to become one of the most successful electronic devices we have yet seen. This article will show you how to make the most of your Iphone. Iphones are a tremendously versatile piece of kit. Not only is it a cellphone, but it will also allow you to listen to music, much like an Ipod would, and also watch movies and play games on the move-and if that wasn't enough, it can even access the internet. It really is quite an achievement. Like the Ipod before it, you are able to transfer all your existing CDs and DVDS to the Iphone, but perhaps the best part is that you can download media from the internet to use with your Iphone. If you know where to look these downloads can often be found at no cost at all! Most people simply use the torrent sites or peer to peer sites as they are known, to obtain their free downloads. This seems like a great idea at first, and they have been very popular for a number of years now. Did you know that using sites like that is illegal though? It's recommended that you check the law in your area and your own rights before downloading anything at all. If that wasn't enough to put you off for life, torrent sites can be very very dangerous for your computer. Many torrent sites are a popular place for hackers and identity thieves to hang out, so there's a good chance that your next download will contain a lot more than you bargain for. It's not unheard of for hackers to use torrent sites to enable them to get innocent web users to download their viruses and trojans etc. Scary stuff. Thankfully, as technology progresses, there is now a wonderful alternative to the peer to peer and torrent sites. The way these new sites work is by asking you to pay a one off fee, and then allowing you access to their huge database. The downloads are usually unlimited, so once you are a member, you will be downloading there for the rest of your life. As well as that, you usually find that the servers etc are very fast, and these sites can offer tremendous value for money. Sites like these are definitely the way to go if you are looking for free Iphone downloads. Downloading free stuff for your Iphone can be tricky, and can land you in jail or kill your computer if you aren't careful-hopefully this article will help you find out what way to go.

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3 in 1 credit report getting a copy of your credit report and seeing what needs to be improved

If you are concerned about identify theft or regular credit monitoring, you likely understand the importance of obtaining a copy of your free personal credit report. Neglecting to monitor your credit may prove damaging in the long run. It does not take long for a person to access your information and begin opening accounts in your name. For this matter, consumers are advised to obtain a 3 in 1 credit report every six months. Benefits of a Credit Report Aside from protecting yourself against identify theft, credit monitoring is essential for improving your credit rating. Although lenders use credit reports to judge a loan applicant's creditworthiness, credit reports are also beneficial because they keep us informed of our credit standing. Thus, we can know our odds of obtaining a home loan, auto loan, etc. How to Get a Copy of Your Credit Report Getting a copy of your 3 in 1 credit report is simple. Furthermore, because reports are viewable online, there is no valid reason not to check your report at least once annually. Every city across the country has a local credit agency which will issue copies of your credit report from all three bureaus. However, if you prefer the convenience of the internet, there are various websites offering 3 in 1 reports for a small fee. To obtain a copy of your personal reports, you must provide information such as name, address, social security number, etc. Once your information is verified, credit reports are either sent via email, or viewable from the website. Your entire credit history will show before your eyes. Why Obtain Copies of a 3 in 1 Credit Report? If you are hoping to improve your credit rating, obtaining a 3 in 1 credit report should be the first step you take. This way, you know exactly what needs improving. The report will list all creditors, current balances, and account standing. Moreover, you should review your report for errors. If inaccuracies are present, contact the bureau and discuss clarifying the matter. In addition, credit reports include a credit score. This 3 digit number carries a lot of weight. Low scores indicate bad credit, whereas high scores equal good credit. If the goal is to improve credit score, it may be wise to improve in certain areas. For example, avoid late or skipped payments, reduce debt to income ratio, settle collection accounts, and limit your number of credit inquiries.

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Free from debt

Are you tried of going to the mail box and find many bills in there waiting for taking out your check book? Have you ever wondered if you will ever be free? Each month you pay the minimums and although you KNOW you've got a handle on it - you are not charging your credit card or accumulating new debts anymore - it seems that you will be paying the minimum fees forever. The way you pay your debts can affect how soon you will finish paying them off - even if you keep paying the same amount for debt every month. Of course you might be able to get a consolidation loan, but if you're not eligible or are not interested then there are several other things you can do. It's not always the easiest to figure out the mathematics, but there are four steps to quicker debt relief.

1. Create a list: List your smallest debts first followed by your largest high-interest debts (credit card) and then your largest low-interest debts (Lines of credit and taxes). Plan to pay the minimums on all debts with these goals in mind: 2. Small bills first: They may not be the highest interest, but every bill that you are paying some interest on means you are usually only paying minimal amounts on the principal. Multiple debts are also a sure way to bring your spirits down. Paying off small debts first is a quick way to start checking them off - and freeing your mind. 3. Move the payments along: When one debt is paid add the funds to the next debt. For example, say you're making $75 payments to a small debt. When the debt is cleared add the $75 to the next debt on your list. If the next debt had a minimum payment of $100, you will now pay $175 until it is paid off. When that one is finished, take the $175 and add it to the next payment and so on. 4. Save the cash!: Don't forget that when your debts are cleared you have set yourself up for a better financial future. The best way to take advantage of your new situation is to use all the money you were spending on debts and start investing or saving it every month. It is a worthwhile goal to get out of debt. With this strategy your debts will clear faster meaning you will pay less interest, you will see progress as you clear small debts first, and you will not be tempted to use the funds for personal use instead of debt repayment. Now you will see goal come sooner and teaching yourself discipline sets you up for a brighter financial future.

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Change voice to earn cash with e learning

Sticking my eyes to the desktop eight hours per day has been thickening my glasses year by year. My flat-mate, who is working for an E-commerce company, is also in the same situation but his currently overjoyed laugh and cheerful voice in front of the PC usually awake me at midnight when I am still in the mist of my dreams. Surprisingly because he is not an “easy to hit it off” type among my pals and hard to believe a young guy with the motto “24 hours are not enough for a day” can be addicted to online game or chit-chat. So what has oddly been happening to him really inspired me to find out the reasons. Going beyond all my expectations, it turned out that he has been using Paltalk, a pretty popular online chat tool, to find some friends in Asia to have an overview of this emergent mecca before his adventurous trip to Japan, Korea and South East Asian region. All of that information seemed not transparent enough for a doubtful mind, I decided to install this chat tool and explore by myself. Visiting some forums of languages learning was an eye-opener for me when I noticed that many people use Paltalk, Skype, Yahoo messenger or AOL not only for fun but also for teaching and learning.

An English speaking room in Paltalk impressed me much as the admin, a retired Australian teacher, volunteered to teach English for some 10 people who are mostly from Asian countries. When typing is as old as hills, talking over a microphone in this kind of voice conference can help those “students” listen and imitate the native accent. This teacher asked everybody to browse a website, read an article, pick up the microphone and raise hand to share ideas in the conference. I also joined another one as the topic was about movies – my favorite. When I was still wavering about going to see “The memoirs of a Geisha” because I had never had a profound interest in any Asian movie without Jackie Chan, one Japanese woman helped me summarize its content from the Japanese original book. From her talk, many splendid types of kimono and the ups and downs in geishas’ life really encouraged me to spend one night at the cinema and helped me know that Zhang Zi Yi, Wanatabe Ken, Gong Li, etc. are also brilliant stars. We exchanged countless thank you’s as I had a lesson about Japanese culture and she could practice to brush up her English. I am not totally into the definition of E-learning and its advantages because you can search a huge mountain of information about this aspect on the Internet.

However, what I have told you is also called E-learning, isn’t it? My eyes would be a little tired but that is worthwhile because I have received many useful lessons. Oops, probably you are complaining of my verbosity and the irrelevance to the title of this writing. Anyway, making money is not like a knife through butter. I read some very interesting news yesterday that a ninth-grade Indian teaches Mathematics for a younger one in the U. S. This talented tutor can earn 10 bucks for every hour, which sounds very impressive. Here, long distance does not matter when they can send word files by email or Instant messenger and do exercises by talking in a voice chat conference. The interesting thing is this Indian has to use a voice changer software to enhance his voice quality as you know, Indian accent and dialect are not so easy for everyone in the world to understand. That is what we usually say “necessity is the mother of invention” and earning cash is not something out of reach. Definitely I will tell my flat-mate about those. A cool idea of making money would pop into his mind, legally, why not?

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Mother s day not nearly enough time just one day for mothers

Many take both Mother, and Mother’s Day for granted. We all have, as children growing up. Mother’s Day is more than just a Sunday to send flowers to Mom. Mother’s Day is a memorial that serves as just a fleeting moment of the year to show honor and due reverence to one we love so dear. It’s only one day, and not nearly enough. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. -- Mildred B. Vermont Eight of her twelve children had been baptized in tears of grief. For Ana Maria Jarvis the Civil War was far from civil. It didn’t seem fair that a mother should outlive so many children, yet she did. In doing so, Ana left a legacy that was adopted and championed by an unmarried daughter who shared her mother’s name. In 1905, the younger Ana would baptize her mother’s grave in her own tears and begin a quest to bring attention to the incredible gift of mothering. Two years later, Ana Jarvis sought to have Mother’s Day recognized on a national level. The second Sunday in May was the second anniversary of the death of Ana’s mother so this was a logical choice for Jarvis. Ana lobbied politicians to accept the notion of a day set aside to honor mothers. By 1911 the day was celebrated in almost every state in the union. The tradition did not stop in America either. This special holiday is now recognized in many countries around the world. More than a century has passed since the mother of inspiration passed away, and yet it is her legacy that is reflected in the admiration of multiple generations for the tradition of motherhood. The choice of a Mother’s Day gift is a common celebration of that tradition. Special care should be exercised when seeking out a gift that proclaims a willingness to attempt to pay a debt that can never fully be repaid. A gourmet gift such as an Oil and Vinegar Set can pay homage to the grand tradition of Mother’s Day in a way that brings a stroke of brilliant elegance and style to the occasion. Gifts for the kitchen or that will ultimately tempt the palate are perfect for Mother’s Day gift giving primarily because moms spend so much time in the kitchen. Gifts that aid in meal preparations or pamper the taste buds are a welcome departure from more familiar gifts. A kitchen gift may even indicate a willingness to return for a well anticipated meal with mom. Spending time with our mothers is important in maintaining closeness throughout the years. A Mother’s Day kitchen gift speaks volumes in regards to individual thoughtfulness, creativity and degree of kindness. It’s possible to become so caught up in our own worlds that we forget the moments in childhood when our jelly-stained hands would reach for mom’s and we’d gaze into her eyes wondering why we couldn’t marry her or how much we wanted to be like her when we grew up. Should you be able to take the second Sunday in May to personally express your appreciation for your Mother, be sure to take along a special gift that says you care. Then, consider investing some of your time with your mom. Grab her hand and look into her eyes and allow yourself to recapture the wonder of childhood. You’re in the midst of greatness. We owe a debt of gratitude to Ana Jarvis for her persistent call for a day to honor the esteemed calling of motherhood. I think Ana would agree that, when it comes to motherhood, a lifetime is not nearly enough time to say thanks.

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Gift baskets a gift for the person who has everything

Ever wondered what to give the “Person Who Has Everything”? A Gift Basket could be just the thing. Have you been from shop to shop and thought “Yes This is It” and then discounted the gift because it wasn’t really what you wanted. My best friend has everything and when I say everything, “I Mean Everything”. She has either been given or purchased every conceivable gadget available in the last 5 years. She loves to shop. One of her motto’s is “Shop Til you Drop, Spend Til the End”. And she lives by that rule! When it comes to gifts for my friend – she is “The Hardest Person to Buy For”. Oh did I tell you, she even has a kitchen sink on her car key tag ! It was while looking for a present for my friend that I thought “What About A Gift Basket”. I was in a specialized shop and the sign said “For the Person Who Has Everything” and the light turned on. I’m not sure if you are aware but these days gift baskets have changed. No longer are they the old style cane baskets (although there are some very attractive cane baskets available on today’s market). Today Gift Baskets came in all shapes and sizes. In fact, it is basically up to your imagination as to what a “Gift Basket” should be. You can use old shoes, buckets, calico bags, pot plant holders in fact anything that holds what items you purchase to fill the basket with. Gift Baskets are lots of fun to create and very easy to make. Gone are the days of saying… oh I’m not creative enough to make a professional looking basket. Anyone can make a professional looking basket – as long as you have some imagination and a willingness to give it a try. If you are stuck for a present for that “Person Who Has Everything” then a Gift Basket is for you! Firstly decide on a theme or if you aren’t sure then write down the interests of the recipient ie. golf or tennis, shopping etc. You could even base it around a coming event. Once you have made the list, work your way through it until you find something that stands out that would fit into your Gift Basket “theme”. For today’s basket lets say your friend loves to entertain and one of her favorite meals is “Italian” food. You could choose a selection of baskets for this theme; today we will use a large pasta bowl as our “basket” or a large cooking pot. Our basket needs to be large enough to hold the goodies that we are going to purchase so that we can then turn this into a Professional Looking “Gift Basket”. If neither of these ideas appeals to you, let your imagination take over and choose something that fits into your theme selection. Next take yourself down to the local supermarket or deli who specialize in gourmet foods. Set yourself a budget as to what you want to spend and then go about buying non-perishable items to fill the basket. Speak to the shop attendant to ensure that the items you are purchasing fit into your theme. Buy different colors and types of pasta to give variety of color and shape to your basket. Next take yourself to a department store or kitchenware shop and purchase some really great utensils to go with the other items that you have purchased. You could also add an “Easy Step by Step Guide” if they need cooking help, or send them to a “Cooking Lesson” for something extra. Once you have gathered these items, it is time to begin to assemble your gift basket. Depending upon the type of basket you have chosen you may need to fill the bottom of the basket with some shredded paper, as this will give the basket height. Place the items in the basket to give a layered effect. Layering items at different heights in the basket makes the overall design more pleasing to the eye. Use small pieces of tape to hold items in place. Next wrap clear cellophane around the outside of the basket and tie the top with wired ribbon or curling ribbon to match the color scheme of your gift. To finish off our basket make a gift tag and tuck a small item into the ribbon around the basket to give a professional look. Congratulations – you’ve done it…. “A Present For the Person Who Has Everything” – A Gift Basket!

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Fashion marketing schools

One of Europe's Top Fashion Marketing Schools: Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing What moves the great looking fashion apparels of the world from fashion designer showrooms to retail floors, and finally, consumer hands? The answer is fashion marketing. With the teachings of the fashion industry's professionals, well-organized field trips, numerous projects, and labor-intensive internships, students of a fashion marketing course are sure to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fashion cycles, as well as the ins and outs of the clothing industry. Students of a fashion marketing course are usually trained in a wide assortment of disciplines, such as fashion merchandising and coordination, business management, marketing techniques and advertising strategies, visual merchandising, and retail management. Do you have a good fashion sense? Do you know what's in style or not? Do you have the desire and drive to take the qualities you have a notch higher - as in use them in a rewarding and profitable career in fashion? A degree in Fashion Marketing will give you a chance to become any of the following: a fashion buyer, a fashion coordinator, a retail merchandiser, a visual merchandiser, a retail store manager, or a boutique owner. Fashion marketing is a mixture of design, advertising, business administration, and a good understanding of the fashion world, as well as a sense of pop culture and what would be stylish in the days, months, or years to come. Fashion marketers connect designers and the people, all the while keeping themselves behind the scenes. As you can see, numerous job prospects await those who will venture into the fashion world. You just have to make certain that you will be able to choose the right kind of fashion marketing school, as well as a program that would give you the right kind of training for a successful career in fashion. Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing With the continuous attraction of many to the fashion industry, there is an increasing demand for fashion design and marketing schools that offer a one of a kind professional education. One of these schools is the Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing. Located in the heart of Florence, Italy, Polimoda is recognized by many professionals as one of the best fashion design and marketing schools in Europe. With its closely-knit ties and continuous collaboration with the fashion world, Polimoda maintains its ability to provide its students with specialized training that is up to date with what is happening in the contemporary international fashion. A member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes, this Italian school of fashion offers comprehensive undergraduate classes, as well as graduate design master classes in the sales, production, merchandising, and marketing sectors of the fashion world, whether in Italian or English. Established in 1986 through the proposal and financial support of the Florence and Prato city halls, a number of business organizations, and the Fashion Institute of Technology of the State University of New York, Polimoda is well-renowned for the professional courses in fashion marketing and merchandising that it offers to its students. The institution is also known for training students who wish to gain skills in fashion textiles and accessory and footwear markets. Polimoda's program for fashion marketing includes instruction and training in areas like: Contemporary Fashion and Fashion Business, Strategic-Operative and International Marketing, Psychology of Communication and Selling, Human Resources and Economic Management, Organizational Communication and Interpersonal Techniques, Retail Marketing, Merchandising and Visual Merchandising, Cool Hunting and Trends, Complete Planning of a Fashion Product, Software Programming, Information Technology, and Specialized English. Not anyone can be admitted to Polimoda, however. Slots are limited and you can get in to this prestigious institution by means of a good exam result. Applicants, whether Italian or of another nationality, should complete and pass an application form complete with supporting materials. If you are interested, you may apply online or through mail. Follow your dreams. Search for Polimoda in the World Wide Web now.

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Poker the choice of best casinos

: Poker has become one the most popular televised spectator casino games in the last few years. The television audience has more than doubled and high stakes competitive poker has generated an excitement that the gaming industry has not seen for quite some time. What makes it exciting for spectators is that the television networks have cameras focused on each player’s cards allowing you to view the hole cards of the competing players. ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker has made celebrities out of world-class poker champions. The World Series of Poker is unequalled by any other poker event in the world today, and it is considered by all to be the ultimate achievement in any poker players career, to gain that coveted title of World Champion. The World Series of Poker has attracted the interest of these world-class poker players that is making this event so popular. The World Series of Poker $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championship Event is breaking all kinds of with the thousands and thousands of players competing for the largest prize of all time. What is making this event even more popular is that players are participating in the World Series of Poker over a series of satellite tournaments that is held online. Many online poker players are trying to get into the World Series of Poker through smaller buy in tournaments called Satellites.

You can play online and match your gambling skills against players from all over the world, playing live poker games, with real people, right on your computer. You could qualify for the World Series of Poker just by playing poker on your computer. Online poker is lot of fun and not as intimidating as a private game, and there are many free tables you can sit at until you are comfortable enough to play for real money. You can play poker online, and chat with people from all over the world, while enjoying the comfort of playing in your own home, in an atmosphere you are comfortable with. With the increased popularity in online poker, many young players have the skill and experience to compete against the older land based veterans, however any additional live experience Internet players have will be invaluable as many top online players fail to make the correct adjustments for live play. For online poker players there are some things you need to know that are a bit different than the traditional land based casino poker game. The online poker game is much faster than the land based poker game. In the excitement of a faster pace game, you need to become focused on the object of winning as much money as possible and not on playing as many hands as possible. Playing too many hands when the odds don’t exist is a common mistake that land-based poker players make when they migrate to the online poker version.

The synergy of online poker and land based poker tournaments is what is creating all of the activity in televised poker. You can compete in the event from your computer or you can be competing on TV in front of millions of poker fans. Online poker is the breeding ground of a new generation of poker talent. The new model of using online poker to enhance the land based poker tournaments results in a productive relationship, and that is what makes poker the choice of Best Casinos.

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Playing multiple online poker tables

One of online poker’s biggest advantages over cardroom poker is the ability to play multiple tables at once. Try running between tables in a casino without winding yourself and annoying the other players. Almost all online poker sites allow you to play at more than one table and/or tournament simultaneously, or you can open up multiple programs if you have money at more than one site. This serves to both gratify the impatient player’s need for constant action as well as the consistent winning player’s desire to increase his hourly win rate. However, before you dive into “multi-tabling” you should follow some simple guidelines to ensure that you play well despite dividing up your attention. Firstly, and most importantly, is that you should probably employ a consistent and otherwise boring game strategy. If you like to open 3 or 4 windows at a time like I do, you won’t have much time for complicated moves and brilliant tactical plans. For starters, you won’t really be able to study the opponents at your table so you can’t make many adjustments based on their playing styles.

While playing multiple tables, you’ll mostly have to play your position and your cards. To stay focused, play in a consistent pattern and play usually play certain hands the same way. Fold your weaker and more speculative hands to save yourself difficult decisions on the flop. Players are much loose and less observant online (they’re probably playing multiple tables like you!) so you don’t have to worry about giving much of your strategy away. My next piece of advice, and it should go without saying, is that you should pay attention to the table with the biggest monetary incentive. While that may seem obvious, sometimes I’ll open up a $1 Sit ‘n Go on the side to keep myself occupied in between hands at $2/4 No-Limit Hold’em table. The most that I can win at the SnG is a few bucks, yet I’ll sometimes find myself paying more attention to it when it gets down to the especially competitive stages.

What I should be doing is paying attention to my main table, which can pocket me a few hundred dollars in a good session. If you play multiple tables, keep your attention where the money is or get out of the cheap game. If you are playing at tables of equal stakes, be sure to also divide your attention equally. Finally, don’t overlook the technical aspects of multi-tabling. While some sites are beginning to offer options to tile tables, most still do not and that won’t help you if you’re playing on multiple sites. You want to arrange the tables on the screen so that the action buttons from different tables don’t overlap. It can be extremely frustrating (and costly) to try to click “Fold” and one table and have another table pop up at the last second, making you hit “Raise” on your 7-2 offsuit there instead. Turn up the resolution on your monitor to give more screen space to tables. If you’re serious about online poker, you might invest in a larger monitor and/or video card that can fit more onto one screen.

You should also take advantage of the act-ahead “Fold” button to both speed up the game and save your attention for more pressing hands. Playing multiple tables can certainly be profitable for the winning online poker player – just be sure to do it right in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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Mesothelioma causes symptoms prevention and lawsuits

What is Mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that grows on the mesothelium, the membrane or protective sac that surrounds the various organs of the body. It guards the organs by producing a special type of fluid to promote mobility of the organs. In the case of the lungs, mesothelium fluid allows ease in the movement when taking in air. Mesothelioma tumor can start on any area of the mesothelium which can be benign or cancerous. Known to be the cause of Mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is a heat resistant fibrous mineral used in the industry as the main material in making roofing, gasket compounds, floor tiles and patching compounds. Its versatility makes it a component of various products in the market but it is extremely dangerous once inhaled no matter how small the quantity may be. Inhaled asbestos fiber can pass through the air passages which can come in contact with linings of the lungs which can injure the cells and result to pleural Mesothelioma. Swallowed asbestos on the other hand can affect the fibers lined up on the abdominal cavity resulting to peritoneal Mesothelioma. There are also evidences that link Mesothelioma with Thorotrast, a component used for X-rays but its usage has been stopped for a long time. The symptoms and signs of Mesothelioma can be very common that is why the patient may just take it for granted.

The symptoms may happen from two to three months before Mesothelioma is detected. Pleural Mesothelioma is the commonly occurring type which takes part in almost two thirds of the total detected Mesothelioma cases. The linings of the lungs and chest called pleura are the affected regions of Pleural Mesothelioma. Common signs are weight loss but not related with shift in diet, extreme tiredness, difficulty in swallowing, raspy or hoarse voice, constant shortness of breath, cough that have lasted for a long time, pain the chest or back, extreme sweating and recurring fever. For Peritoneal Mesothelioma, commonly affected organs of the body are bowel, liver and spleen with signs that are similar to bowel related diseases.

Early symptoms include pain on the belly area, recurring constipation or diarrhea, increase in the waist area, nausea, vomiting, fever and even anemia. Anyone who encounters these symptoms that have been exposed to asbestos can better consult their doctor for diagnosis to prevent further Mesothelioma complicated problems. Prevention of Mesothelioma can be best done by avoiding contact with asbestos which is proven to be its main causing agent. Asbestos is found almost everywhere may it be at home, at work or in any public buildings. Workers involved with it must take extra care and precautions to avoid contact through inhalation or swallowing.

Low rates of Mesothelioma cases are detected for the past 20 years but nowadays, the number of affected individuals has been growing to a large degree. In United States almost 2,000 new cases are detected each year. It occurs mostly with men since they are commonly the ones involved in business and cases that involve the use of asbestos. Factory workers, miners, railroad laborers, gas mask makers, insulation workers and ship builders are the commonly asbestos related victims. The patients or the individuals affected with Mesothelioma can file lawsuits against asbestos makers, manufacturers and employers since they have the duty to protect their workers from the negative effects of asbestos including Mesothelioma.

Several law firms and lawyers are now available to help the sufferers fight for their right and to attain the justice that they deserve.

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Summertime fun for the entire family

For most people, summer brings with it warmer weather, longer days and special family activities. According to Donna Erickson, family lifestyle expert and author of the book "Fabulous Funstuff for Families," families can make the most of the season by enjoying simple outdoor fun together. "Summer is the perfect time to disconnect from cell phones and computers and really embrace the outdoors," said Erickson. "Whether planning a camping trip in the wilderness or one in your own backyard, spending time together as a family will be entertaining and memorable." While planning technology-free family outings might seem daunting, parents should consider the following suggestions to enjoy what the summer has to offer: • While hiking through the woods or simply exploring the backyard, design a couture nature bracelet. Wrap a strip of wide masking tape inside-out on your child's wrist and let him/her attach treasures, such as a tiny leaf, twig or dandelion, for a delightful souvenir. • Have your children help create a campfire. Turn the chore of searching for kindling and wood into an A-B-C game. Challenge your kids to scout around for fallen twigs and branches in the shape of letters to spell their names. For letters that they cannot find, have them create the missing shape by arranging rocks or branches. • Enjoy the quintessential campfire treat-S'mores. The classic combination of marshmallow, graham cracker and Hershey's Milk Chocolate has defined outdoor adventures for nearly 80 years. With a few new ingredients and a little creativity, family members can personalize S'mores to their own tastes. For a unique twist, add peanut butter and jelly or top a cinnamon graham cracker with apricot jam and coconut sprinkles. For more delicious recipe ideas, visit smoresfun. com. • Don't let a rainy day spoil your summer fun. Simply bring the magic of summertime indoors. Have your children bring their sleeping bags in the family room for an indoor campout complete with storytelling and S'mores toasted in the fireplace or over the stove. Your children can make play binoculars by gluing two bathroom tissue tubes together along the sides, painting them with poster paint and adding a string neckband. Then, hide toys and stuffed animals around the house for an indoor safari.

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Lost relatives and ancestors starting point

: Someone was once quoted as saying “It’s OK that you can’t choose your relatives, because they probably wouldn’t have chosen you either.” Sure, every family reunion has its share of spats now and then, but think of how well you can smooth things over by showing everyone the progress you’re making on the family tree. By now you should have downloaded the newest version of Personal Ancestral File see first article “Beginner’s Guide.” http:// ezinearticles. com/?Lost-Relatives-and-Ancestors:-A-Beginner%E2%80%99s-Guide&id=47241 The first step to doing your own research for finding lost relatives and ancestors is to create a four-generation pedigree chart. A great pedigree chart to use can be found at http:// heirlines.

com. Here are a few important things to remember when filling out your pedigree chart: Start with your name in line No.1. Fill in all of the males on even numbers and all of the females on odd numbers. When adding females, always use maiden names. When writing dates, use the form 05 JAN 1945, not 1/05/45 or 05/1/45. The reason for this is because different cultures code dates in different ways. For example, in the United States, they use the form mm/dd/yyyy, but in Canada, the UK, and other parts of Europe, they use the form dd/mm/yyyy. Using the standard genealogy form will allow your dates to be understood by all. Complete places with as much information as possible, even if it seems redundant or as a given. For example, when writing a place, use township, county or province, country or state.

For example: “Gwennap, Cornwall, England”. An example of a place inside the United States would be “Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts”, or in Canada “Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada”. If you don’t know the county or town, leave the commas with blank information. For example if a birth county is known, but not the town, it would be written “ , Middelsex, Massachusetts.” Remember: No information is better than Wrong information! When submitting or sharing your information, you don’t want to lead someone on a search in the wrong place, or have them assume information and add the wrong line to their tree. By following these standard guidelines, you’ll be able to better understand some of the work that’s already been done and compiled in sites like familysearch. org and ancestry. com. Before getting to that stage, it’s important to have at least your four-generation pedigree chart completed because it will serve as the launching pad for finding your lost ancestors.

Relatives may need to be contacted in order to get all of the information necessary to fill in your sheet. So go get started!

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Casinos most guarded secrets

: The secrets of the casinos are not the kind of secrets that you may think. They are not secrets like the third slot machine in every row pays out on the hour, they are more like things they do to distract you from the obvious. One of the biggest secret the casinos do not want you to know is that if you use your head and not act irrationally you can go home with some money in your pockets, unfortunately most people enter a casino and all logic flies right out of their heads. They start seeing the bells and whistles of the casinos, and people with stacks of chips and all they can think of is what they are going to do with all the money they are going to win from the casino. Using your head is the key to winning money in the casino. The first think you need to remember is that the odds of you winning the big jackpot are so outrageously against you, that it is not worth losing your hard earned money on. So by being smart and not trying to get rich on one spin of the roulette wheel, one toss of the dice at the Craps table or one go on the slot machine you can consistently win smaller amounts that at the end of the day can a large sum of money. Next time you are in the casino try going to the 10 dollar Roulette table and only play red or black.

Each win you will double your bet, and at 10 dollars a spin you can make 100 dollars in less then 30 minutes. I usually walk up to a table and wait for the wheel to land on the same color 3 times in a row then bet on the other color. Then after I have made some money I will start to play some other bets, but I only stay on the outside of the board. The odds are much better at 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 instead of 40 to 1. Using this method I have managed to turn $20 into $900 in just over 3 hrs. It may not sound like a fortune, but as I said before walking in poor and walking out a millionaire is not realistic. Next time you are at a casino look for a clock or window. Ok do not waste your time, there are none. Another secret of the casinos is that they want you to have no concept of time.

When you are gambling time seems to go faster, and if there were clocks or a window in the casino you would have some idea of how long you have been gambling and would then start to think about leaving the casino instead if losing all track of time and spending all day and night in the casino. They do this because at some point you will start to get tired but be kept awake from the adrenalin from gambling, and at this point you can't think straight, and you will start to spend money faster. Always remember the casinos are not there to make you dreams come true they are there to take you for all your money. Any time you leave the casino with some of the casinos money it was accidental. Some of the tricks the casinos use to keep you gambling are: No Windows No Clocks Ugly colors in the rugs and walls around the exits, and nice colors around the gamming areas will subliminally make you not want to go to those areas. The worse the odds of you winning the nicer the colors of that area will be. By keeping this information in mind you will not be going home from the casinos and quitting your job but you will have more money in your pocket and you will have had a good time making that money.

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