An introduction to collecting car brochures

Ever since the first car was made manufacturers and tuners have been producing literature to promote their products. One of the most interesting aspects of collecting auto brochures is that they provide a unique social history of the time they were produced. For example if you have a brochure for a Volkswagen Beetle from the 1960's you will find information about the time in which it was produced like hairstyles, clothing and popular decor of the time. Add to this, the fact that most brochures can be bought inexpensively and take up little space to store (unless you get obsessed!) you have the basis for a popular and rewarding hobby. However, as with all collecting there are many ways (especially as a beginner) that you can come "unstuck" and end up spending your hard earned money on inferior, fake or incomplete brochures. Over the coming weeks, amongst other things I will cover the purchase, safe-keeping and suggested themes for brochure collections and provide an analysis of a number of my favourite brochures both expensive and in one case commonly available for less than Ј4 or $8! Hopefully you will find my articles both a valuable resource and one that improves your knowledge of this area of collecting.

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Addicted to oil you bet your lipstick

In his State of the Union speech earlier this year, President Bush said America is "addicted to oil." Correct, but hardly a surprise. We generally think of oil products as the stuff that powers cars, trucks, SUVs, planes and trains. However, transportation accounts for only about half of the petroleum we use. What we rarely think of is all the other products in which oil is a key ingredient, such as lipstick. Petrochemicals are also used in the aspirin that relieves headaches and prevents heart attacks, the crayons our kids use - even diapers, DVDs, cameras, bandages, balloons and golf balls. Three-dollar gasoline is one thing, but consider what our lives would be like without deodorant, perfume or toothpaste (yuck). Can you imagine no vitamins, antiseptic, house paint, syringes, pacemakers, baby strollers, garbage bags, candles or panty hose? (Well, actually, I could do without panty hose.) But you get my point. Petroleum is used much more in our daily lives than in just filling our gas tanks. Actually, we're addicted to "foreign" oil. Today we import about 60 percent of our oil and petroleum products-much of it from unfriendly countries such as Venezuela. There are other options. America has ample reserves of oil and gas but much of it is locked on federal lands. Only Congress can vote to open these lands to exploration. This June, the U. S. House of Representatives passed the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act to allow exploration in the deep waters off our coasts, while giving states the authority to determine how close exploration is allowed. The Senate, however, is waffling on the terms of the bill. In May, the U. S. House voted to open just 2,000 coastal acres of the 19 million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil exploration. The U. S. Geological Survey estimates that this area could produce enough oil to supply us with 1.5 million barrels of oil per day lasting 25 years at a minimum. That's enough to replace 30 years of imports from Saudi Arabia-and plenty of lipstick. The U. S. Senate, however, hasn't voted for a stand-alone bill to open ANWR since 1995, when President Clinton vetoed it. Being "price gouged" on sunscreen? Thank the U. S. Senate for keeping us addicted to foreign oil.

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Utility trailer dump trailers car hauler equipment trailer gooseneck trailer

Texas Bragg Trailers has set their standards that are known for manufacturing the quality range of utility trailers and car haulers. All its products like car hauler, dump trailers, equipment trailer, gooseneck trailer and utility trailer range from big dual tandem to little Bragg, have proved to be extremely durable. With the passage of time, the clients have proudly witnessed the superior quality of their manufacturing and have appreciated their range of products. The specification of design for every trailer is an important point of concern which should always be checked at. Undoubtedly, a lot of skills and workmanship goes into the making of each trailer and this is the reason that Texas Bragg Trailers are considered as the best in the market. There are basically two types of trailers that include enclosed trailers and open-air trailers.

Car hauler is another name that is used for open-air trailers. These car haulers are normally used to transport cars from one location to another. Also, you can haul motorcycles, ATVs, farm tractors, and lawn equipments with the help of these car haulers. A Utility trailer can be used for both contractors and home owners. A Utility trailer is a multipurpose trailer which is available in different sizes. Before buying it, you need to check your load requirements. There are different utility trailers for different purposes like hauling of golf carts, lawn mowers, vehicles and many other things. Equipment trailers are another variety of trailers that are used for the transportation of small tractors, excavators and skid loaders. Dump trailers are famous for the use of small household purposes, irrespective of the fact that they are related to your commercial or household purposes.

There is a variety of dump trailers available in different types of weights, models and sizes. A gooseneck trailer is also an important variety of trailers that has been introduced especially for heavy loads and towing of equipments as these trailers have an enhanced stability and tighter turning of radius. No matter whether you are opting for car hauler, dump trailers, equipment trailer, gooseneck trailer or utility trailer, there are few points that you should always mind before making your choice. The capacity of the trailer to carry the load along with maximum weight of the tongue should not be neglected. It is better to determine the weight of the items you are preparing to tow before actually doing it. Weight is also an important determiner to decide the number of axles that will be required by your trailers. Besides weight, the size of the items that are expected to tow, its purpose along with the budget for the load are some of the aspects that one should consider before deciding the kind of trailer that is required by them. So, be careful while making the choice of utility trailers and car haulers as they should meet suit the specific requirements of your load. For more information on equipment trailers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers, utility trailers and car haulers, you can visit TexasBraggTrailers.


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Five sections of your copy guaranteed to get read

Only about 20% of your copy is going to get read. The rest will simply be scanned. I'm sure you've heard the statistic before. It's nothing new. While it might sound frightening or frustrating, it's a fact of copywriting life. So what do you do next?

Give up? What difference does it make if only about 20% will be read anyway? It makes a world of difference. Especially if you understand that there are some sections of your copy that are practically guaranteed to get read. If you know what these are and work to reinforce them, you'll see your conversions increase dramatically whether your copy is geared toward online or offline promotions. HEADLINES Headlines have always been and will always be the most important section in any copy. They are the first thing to get read and have the greatest impact on whether any of the other copy gets read. Those stories you've seen floating around the Internet about marketers who have made minute changes to a headline and tripled their conversion rates are true. It happens all the time. In fact, it's happened to me. Headlines and sub-headlines can guide your visitors to read deeper into your copy. If you set up a structure of progressive headlines (http:// marketingwords. com/articles/articles_progressheadlines. html), you'll have a better shot getting your point across. Pay a lot of attention to your headline. It's the powerhouse of your copy. CAPTIONS Captions started with newspaper journalists. When they would run a picture with a story, they would add a few words underneath to explain what or who the picture was of. People got into the habit of looking for the captions in order to relate the importance of the image with the information they were receiving. This still holds true. Captions in advertising pieces are highly read. Don't waste the space! FIRST SENTENCES When you scan something -- an article, a book, a newspaper, a magazine, a website -- what do you read? Almost everyone reads the first sentence of each paragraph. These sentences are vitally important in order to get your potential customers interested enough to keep reading. If you create exceptional first sentences, one of two things will happen. One: The prospect will be more likely to continue reading the copy. Two: The first sentences in each paragraph will be enough to convince him/her to buy. FIRST IN BULLETED LIST Just as with the first sentence in each paragraph, people also almost always read the first entry in a bulleted list. If it hits home, they might keep reading. But, knowing that you have their attention for at least one second, always make sure your first bullet point is extremely powerful and enticing. PS's Writing a direct mail or Web sales letter? The PS is another hot spot. Take advantage of this real estate. Repeat offers, remind readers of bonuses, reinforce guarantees or recap limited-time offers. This section is the final pitch before your reader either acts or trashes your copy so make it count. Have you noticed something about these five sections? Why do you think they are virtually guaranteed to get read in any piece of copy? They are unusual. They are limited. They stand out. They are eye-catching. You only have a limited number of headlines and sub-heads in copy. They are almost always offset by bolding or underlining so they easily catch the eye of the reader. Captions only appear when there are images. They do not appear all throughout the copy. First sentences are also rare. Only one sentence in each paragraph can be the first one. This tells the reader to keep going or jump to another section that might be of more interest. First entries in bulleted lists are unusually formatted and catch the eye of the reader. PS's? There's only one, and since it's the last thing on the page, most often, it stands out too. These rare elements give you five guaranteed shots at building curiosity, promoting benefits, generating interest and closing sales. If you haven't done it before, now is the time to review your copy to be sure you're making the most out of these opportunities. by Karon Thackston © 2005 http:// copywritingcourse. com

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Finding low cost bonds

If you've been considering investing in bonds, then you probably know that the best way to get the most out of bonds is to buy them early for a low price. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find bonds early… and even when you do they're not always in the price range that you're looking for. Luckily, it is possible to find low cost bonds without spending all of your free time searching for them; it's simply a matter of knowing how to look, knowing what to look for, and knowing when to find a little bit of help in your search. Below you'll find tips and information on how to maximize the effectiveness of your search and track down the low cost bonds that you're hoping to find. Defining “Low Cost” One of the first things that you should do when beginning your search for low cost bonds is to determine exactly what you consider a “low cost” bond to be. You should settle on somewhat of a fluid definition, enabling you to take the cost of the bond in context with the time remaining until maturity and the potential that the bond has for growth. Make sure that any of the bonds that you might consider purchasing are well within your means to afford them, and be willing to consider at least a few bonds that are pricier than some of the others if they are potentially high-yielding bonds early in their lifespan. Using the Internet to Enhance Your Search When searching for your bonds, you should consult the financial sections of newspapers and other financial publications as well as leading financial news and trading websites online. Newspapers and print publications can give you an idea of what bonds are available for purchase and how much their value is as of publication, whereas the financial and trading websites can give you up to date information on the current costs of the bonds as well as their history and links to any related news. This will help you to determine if the potential yield of the bond is worth the money that it will take for you to make your initial investment. Search Smarter, Not Harder As you continue your search, make sure that you don't forget to take advantage of some of the advanced features of leading market brokerage websites. Many modern sites enable you to do specific searches for bonds within a certain price range or that have a certain amount of time remaining until their maturity. By utilizing these specialized search features, you can find bond investment opportunities that you might otherwise have overlooked… and because you can set the price range that you're searching in, you can be relatively certain that whatever results come up will be within the limits of your low cost parameters. Seeking Professional Help If you're still not finding the low cost bonds that you want, you might want to consider finding and consulting a market analyst to assist you. These analysts are experts in locating stocks and bonds with the best potential, and they can advise you on some of the best investments that you can make so that you'll be able to get the most out of your purchase. Keep in mind that market analysts are paid for what they do, so you'll have to spend a little bit of money to retain their services… in general, though, the results that you get from hiring an analyst far outweigh their initial costs. -- You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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Pricing your home for best exposure and results

A fair market price can mean more money for you in the least amount of time. Proper pricing leads to: • More potential buyers • More agent interest • Fewer showings • Higher offers • A faster sale • More profit for you The most important thing you can do to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time is to price the home correctly. Far too often, people think “I’ll just put it for sale at this amount, and if it doesn’t sell I can always reduce my price”. The problem with this type of thinking is that nobody will even come and look at an overpriced home. Every realtor wakes up in the morning and immediately checks all the new listings in their market. They know when a home is overpriced and would never bring a client in to see that home. They are looking out for the best interests of their client. When a listing is new this is the time to create some “buzz”. If it is priced properly you should get at least 7-10 showings in the 1st 2 weeks. If it is not, you will be lucky to get 1 or 2 showings, and maybe no showings. Now the home sits and sits on the market racking up the dreaded “Market Time’. After 120-150 days you finally decide to reduce your price. At this point even if you reduce it enough to bring it into fair market value, realtors will begin to wonder if you are now desperate, you will start to get unreasonably low offers that you would never consider. Another 60-90 days go by, you drop the price again, more bad offers come in. But by now you are actually considering some of these offers. Since that is all that you have seen and you have to sell, prices that were never a consideration 6 months ago are now prices you actually have to consider. You finally accept one of these offers and sell below market value. All this could have been avoided by properly pricing your home in the first place. Today’s consumers are very knowledgable, they research the areas they want to live in, research market values before they even begin looking. The odds of selling your home at an inflated price are almost non-existent. Properly pricing your home makes all the difference in a smooth enjoyable selling process or a long, frustrating ordeal.

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Buying new and used cars online

Buying new and used cars online is a great way to open up your options when it is time to buy your new vehicle. Too often individuals simply go to their neighborhood dealership, find a car they like, get financing and ride home in their new or used car never realizing they may have paid way too much for that particular vehicle and could have found the same thing online significantly cheaper. So, if you are in the market for a new or used vehicle consider shopping online instead of the traditional dealership. When you begin your search for new and used cars online you should keep in mind there are literally thousands of online car sellers and while many of them may be legitimate, there are some that are not. Because of this risk you need to take extra care in choosing which online dealerships to trust and those to avoid. However, don’t be alarmed because it is relatively easy to spot the really great websites that sell cars as opposed to those that are simply out to get your money. Websites that sell new and used cars online are generally very well laid out, have a lot of options, not to mention a feedback page where you can read about different experiences from past customers. In addition to this, many are rated by car magazines, car directories and the like. Additionally, when you find a car website you are interested in you can look it up in a search engine and find different reviews about individuals’ past experiences. This is perhaps the best way to find anything online, reviews on other websites about particular sites.

Once you feel comfortable with several websites you can begin shopping. When you begin shopping you will notice you have the option of searching within your zip code, searching particular cars within your zip code or a certain area, and many other search options for a vary wide or narrow search. Of course, the wider you leave the search options the more options you will have. Regardless, you can search comfortably from your computer for the car you want and that includes from exterior color to interior and extras. When you find the car you want online, then you will have the option to buy. Of course, there are a variety of ways you can purchase the vehicle online. Some allow you to buy online; others allow you to contact the seller to arrange payment if the site is representing private sellers, sometimes you will be directed to the dealership where the car is located as well as a variety of other payment options. The best thing about buying new and used cars online is you can find the best price and just the car you are looking for without the hassle of salespeople trying to change your opinion on certain cars or talk you into something you are not interested in. Go ahead and search some car selling websites and you will surely become an automatic fan.

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Ebay ebook success tips avoid spoof emails

One of the things I have noticed as I have increased my sales volume on eBay is the increased volume of spoof emails I have received claiming to be eBay or PayPal. They do this to try and gain access to your eBay or PayPal account, and sometimes even to try and get your bank details. I therefore felt that my next article should be on spotting and avoiding spoof email as it will surely be a problem that all you ebook sellers are going to have to deal with too. Spotting spoof email can initially be quite tricky. After all the address appears to be a PayPal or eBay one and the often use eBay and PayPal graphics to make the emails look even more authentic. However, once you have had a reasonable amount of spoof email come your way, you soon realise that they all generally stick to the same format. Below are some of the most common spoof emails. 1) Ebay / PayPal Account Suspension:- These claim that your account will be suspended by a certain date if you do not take action. Some look more genuine than others. They ask you to click a link which directs you to a false eBay login screen where the spoof company then tries to steal your eBay Username and Password. These are relatively easy to spot because you are unlikely to receive an email on this subject from eBay or PayPal unless you have committed a serious violation of policy. Even if you believe you have been suspended it's always best to be safe and logon to eBay manually through your internet browser. 2) Ebay / PayPal Unauthorised Access:- These claim that someone has been making attempts to access your account from another IP address. Some even give false IP addresses and locations from where your eBay account was apparently accessed. These are obvious spoof emails because the fact that you have accessed your account from a different IP address does not constitute someone else trying to access your account. It could simply be you accessing your account from a different computer. 3) Unpaid Item Reminder:- These send you an unpaid item reminder for an item you haven't even purchased. For example a few days ago I received one for a $2000 camera. Surely I wouldn't forget if I had purchased an item like that. If you click on the links in this email you are directed to a false eBay page which tries to steal your eBay Username and Password. 4) Question about Ebay Item:- These are one of the trickier spoof emails as it is likely that you do receive questions about the item. Some even have an eBay ID link embedded in the email so that they look more authentic. However, most of the spoof emails do not state which eBay item the query concerns. Furthermore, the questions often do not make much sense and include phrases such as "How much is your last item?" The best way to make sure you do not get caught out is to log into eBay manually and then answer the question through my messages. 5) PayPal payment Sent:- These spoof emails again look a little more genuine. They claim that an unauthorised PayPal attempt has been sent. I received one today saying that I had sent $400 without my knowledge. They then have a link saying if you did not authorise this payment "Click Here" which then leads you to a spoof PayPal page where they try to get your User ID and Password. However, when you make a genuine PayPal payment they do not usually mention anything about it being unauthorised. If they did suspect it to be unauthorised they would probably just hold the payment. 6) Ebay PowerSeller Confirmation:- I received a couple of these before I actually was made a PowerSeller. They do look genuine but instead of directing you to eBay to enter your Username and Password you are directed to a spoof website. The best way to make sure the email is genuine is to go to the eBay PowerSeller page and login at http://pages. ebay. co. uk/services/buyandsell/powersellers. html. If the email is genuine you will be recognised as a PowerSeller here. If you are not then you know the email is spoof. Beware that this is only some of the spoof email subjects you may receive. The people who write them will always be thinking of new ways to steal your ID and Password and as a result new spoof emails are surfacing all the time. Below is a list of the common things to look for in emails to identify them as spoof. 1) Ebay ID / PayPal Name:- If the email addresses your either by your eBay User ID or your actual name it is much more likely to be genuine. Most spoof emails simply address you as the email address to which the email has been sent. For example a genuine email from eBay is likely to say "Congratulations ebookcavern..." whereas a spoof email is likely to say "Congratulations sales@theebookcavern. co. uk..." 2) From Email Address:- Although this is not a dead certain way of identifying spoof email on some it is noticeable. The spoof emails will claim to be from eBay or PayPal and in a large majority of them when you check this out the email address looks genuine. However, some of the from email addresses do not look so genuine. For example I recently received a spoof email claiming to be from the PayPal address: service@paypal. comservicepaypal. com which made it pretty clear that this email was spoof. 3) Excessive use of eBay / PayPal images:- Many of the spoof emails in an attempt to look genuine use eBay or PayPal images in the email. However, some use excessive amounts of these and when compared to a normal email from eBay or PayPal and so can be easily identified by this. 4) The Hyperlink:- This is the link that the email is trying to get you to click on. It is also the best way of identifying whether the email is spoof or not. If you scroll over the link or right-click and view the properties you should find out what the actual link is. If this link is not part of a PayPal or eBay domain then you can be sure it is spoof. If you identify an email as spoof using the above criteria then you must not click on any of the links inside it. If it is an eBay spoof email forward it to spoof@ebay. co. uk and if it is a PayPal spoof email forward it to spoof@paypal. com and then delete it. Remember it is always better to be safe then sorry so take precautions such as logging into eBay and PayPal manually through your internet browser and regularly changing your password. You can also read eBay's guide to spoof email at http://pages. ebay. co. uk/help/confidence/isgw-account-theft-spoof. html. Stay safe and Good Luck!!!

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Getting to know cmyk

You may wonder why colors are grouped into different modes. And no, there’s no racial discrimination involved. For the nature of design to flow in an organized manner, there are primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, etc. If you are not familiar with the family of colors, here is one way of understanding how they are grouped and how they are used. The most common color groups are the RGB, HSB (Hue, Saturation and Brightness), CMYK and CIE L*A*B. Vector and bitmap graphics are always associated with the RGB and CMYK, so we must familiarize ourselves with these modes. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

The letter K was taken from the last letter of the color. The first letter was not used because there are other colors that start with the letter b. in this way, confusion of the colors will be eliminated. CMYK colors are the inks used in the printing process to produce full-color photographs and designs. In the principle of graphics design, these colors are called subtractive colors. When you combine two of any of the first three colors (cyan, magenta and yellow), it will produce the three primary colors (red, green and blue), called additive colors.

In other words, CMY is the product of combining RGB and RGB is the product of combining CMY. When the CMY colors are mixed you will have black. But there are still other colors produced from CMYK. Graphics files are best printed in the CMYK mode. CMYK is referred to as the standard color model, or the four process color, used in offset printing.

Why do we use CMYK color model? We use this type of mode because it produces the greatest number of printable colors. But it is not applicable to all types of printing, particularly when only a single color is needed and when the spot inks, such as metallic silver and gold, are used. All display devices, such as your computer monitor, use the RGB (red, green, and blue) mode. CMYK is based on printing and ink absorbing into paper. Before you can have your graphics printed in CMYK mode, you must first convert the RGB colors into CMYK colors.

This is done through color matching. Color matching is the process in which colors are used to produce another color without altering the original color. You can also convert the colors using the Adobe Photoshop or a desktop printer. In converting colors during printing you must have different sheets of film for each color. The sheets must be arranged in the CMYK format.

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Baby monitor technology

Having a baby can be a nerve wracking experience for new parents - not the nine months of pregnancy, I'm talking about after the infant is brought home from the hospital. It's always the same thing, by the time they have their third child they have it all figured out, but with number one it's a learning thing. Baby monitors help you hear your baby's needs without you having to be in the room with the baby. Some baby monitors are portable, or "mobile" and are small enough that you can carry it in your pocket as you do your daily chores around the house. Depending on your price range it's best to have a base unit that plugs into the wall. The receiving unit can be like your portable phone, you can carry it around with you, and plug it back into the base unit to be recharged.

Some people find that their baby monitor can be interrupted by cell phones, mobile phones, computer networks and even your neighbors baby monitors. Be aware of any potential interruptions before you put the monitor into official use. Also, make sure you get a monitor with a receiving unit that emits a tone when the battery is going low so you won't be caught with a dead battery. Another consideration before purchasing a baby monitor is the range the monitors have. If you have a more regular sized home say 1,800 you probably won't have any problem with a conventional baby monitor. If you live in a home that has square footage of 4,000 or more, or if you live in a multi level home you may need a specific type of unit. There are baby monitors available that actually feature what is called a "sensor pad". The pad is placed underneath the crib sheet and picks up any movement the baby may make.

Some physicians recommend these types of monitors for premature babies.

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Excessive credit card debt

Excessive credit card debt Excessive credit card debt Most people advocate the case of credit cards, quoting the benefits and convenience that arises from them. However, there is another group/line-of-thought that strongly opposes credit cards. The reason being ‘Excessive Credit Card Debt’, which is one of the most serious problems faced by the credit card holders and credit card industry. However, you can’t pull the shutters on the credit card industry just because of a few irresponsible people (or even if it’s more than few). That is not a solution for beating excessive credit card debt. Moreover, you can’t overlook the benefits associated with the credit cards. The issue of excessive credit card debt can be looked at from 2 angles. First is addressing of the excessive credit card debt problem at the industry level and second is the addressing of the excessive credit card debt problem at the individual’s level i. e. at the credit card holder level. The first method involves increasing awareness of the excessive credit card debt problem to the masses. This is more or less being done currently too. However, there should also be an effort to tackle this problem of excessive credit card debt at an even deeper level. This means trying to devise a mechanism to nip the problem (of excessive credit card debt) in the bud. This mechanism should actually be a part of the overall system. A lot of thought needs to go into devising such a mechanism. Case studies should be taken up, statistics gathered and a proper forum formed (with representatives from the credit card holders and from the credit card suppliers). As of now, the credit card suppliers just seem to be engaged in coming out with new products and getting customers enrolled to those products. There is little attention paid towards addressing the problem of excessive credit card debt in the real sense. Something like attending mandatory seminars on the root causes of excessive credit card debt could be made part of the credit card application process. Another way of dealing with the problem of excessive credit card debt could be: developing a system for calculation of applicable credit card limit at the individual level i. e. no standard/product-based credit limits. Then there could be mechanisms for proactively warning the users about excessive credit card debt (based on their credit card usage) or even imposition of early restrictions on noticing the first signs that lead to excessive credit card debt At the individual’s level, the treatment of the problem of excessive credit card debt would include following of best practices (on credit card usage and avoidance of excessive credit card debt) by the individuals themselves. A checklist or a set of questions could be provided to individuals for recognising the first signs of excessive credit card debt. So, the problem of excessive credit card debt can surely be dealt with by putting together some serious thinking at a broader level together with discipline at the individual’s level.

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Easing credit card worries

Credit cards getting you down at the moment, wish there was a way to ease the burden for a short while and save yourself some money in the process, well read on and find out how. Balance transfers could be the answer to your prayers, some of the introductory deals on balance transfers are really good, some are offering 0% interest rates for a free period of time anything from 6 months to a full year, some of the credit card companies also offer a low interest rate for the lifetime of the account, which will properly be the best option if the amount you transfer is a large amount and you will not have it paid of within the 0% interest free period. Most credit card companies are jumping on the band-wagon and introducing the 0% deals, as most people want to save some money where possible and the fact that they don’t have high interests rates has to be a good thing. One word of warning is check that once the 0% interest free period is finished that the APR is lower than your previous card, there are some good credit cards out their including the Capital One No Hassle MasterCard this card offers you a typical APR of 6.9%. If you where thinking of taking out a loan from a bank it may be cheaper to look at cash withdrawals through your credit card, handling fees are a lot lower than they have been some credit card companies are offering handling fees between 1.5% and 2% some banks can charge up to 20% on loans under Ј2000 so keep this in mind before you head off to the bank. One way to make money while you spend it is Cash back credit cards how good does that sound, you can receive money back usually between 0.5%-2% on all the money you spend, the only thing to watch is the APR is usually higher around 3-4%. This card is ideal if you can pay off your credit card before you incur the interest charges, so depending on how much you spend on your card will depend on how much cash back you receive. Those are just a few ways in which you can save some money on your credit cards, just make sure you check the 0% cards out properly as you don’t want to be costing yourself money, just watch what you’re doing and you’ll come out of these deals with some extra cash.

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Teacher orhan seyfi ari s mark on the history of education

Teacher and Idealist in Teaching and Education.. the late Orhan Seyfi Ari 12 Dec 1918 - 17 Dec 1992 Teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari's teaching, education reforms, this educator's mark on educational and cultural history, his teaching, idealism, in education cultural reforms made him people’s Teacher of Teachers. Editorial Halkin Sesi, 27 Dec 92: ‘...a luminary to many teachers…’ They named a street after this teacher... They hailed this teacher, his teaching, from Australia, Cyprus, Turkey, England... In poetry they sang of the teacher of teachers... Teacher Ari’s teaching, school administration, educational leadership and reforms got this teacher invited in even retirement to give cultural and educational talks, view overseas teaching, teachers, schools. A research writer wrote “Such nice things I have heard!” about this teacher, his teaching ~this teacher has left his mark on history of teaching, history of education, reformers - statesmen attended teacher Ari’s funeral, educators, teachers, school children bearing flowers... Teacher Ari was a country boy; the pupils’ and people’s, ‘teacher of teachers’ (epitaph on his tomb), was born in Lapithiou, Paphos, in the, then colony, of Cyprus and raised with his cleric and teacher father Avni Esq.’s liberal views. His education & training was British: after secondary, high-school, education in Nicosia, he qualifying in school teaching at Teachers Training College, Morphou, the teacher of teachers also studied, and at a college was teaching agriculture, later mostly English, sometimes Greek, and, a scholar versed also in divinity & theology and interested in western & eastern philosophies & reformers, ethics – he wrote socio-political articles in Turkish, was reasonably versed in Arabic and in Latin. With a keen interest in teaching, education, teachers’ continuing professional development through additional educational teaching courses and teachers’ seminars in England and Cyprus - in other disciplines mostly self-educated, well versed in pedagogy & educational philosophy (both western philosophy of education and theories & methods of education, and eastern) attaching importance to self-regulatory and self-improving systemising, practically beneficial as well as cultured and enjoyable teaching inspiring learning - and educational social psychology, teacher Orhan Ari, with highest praise for his teaching, school administration, educational leadership, some intellectual-literary, social influence, from quarters cultural, religious, political, educational, especially on, but not limited to, Turkish Cypriots, has left his mark on history of teaching, history of education, cultural, ethical, social progress of Cyprus. The ‘teacher of teachers’, had been an elementary teacher, secondary school teacher, head teacher, lecturer; was a witty occasional socio-political columnist, in teaching circles and his club a debater on teaching and education, a thinker - in circle of friends mystic, poet. Teacher Ari in spreading literacy, knowledge, light by teaching, education, was a true, courageous, leader to people ~this teacher’s extraordinary motivating skills had made him a choice also of British education authorities in pioneering educational social cultural efforts to advance the population ~he worked with village heads bringing water-roads-electricity, was active in preserving historic buildings, had interest in efforts of religious authorities to establish a cultural and educational basis for literacy teaching and improved education in orphanages - and in youth morality.. and now the young school teacher was debating, convincing, popularising secondary education, getting students, teachers, more and bigger modern schools with science laboratories and journal subscriptions, as well as finding and enabling research on, and collections of, poems and other literary otherwise lost works and to folk interested giving also their first taste of poetry.. when, while now Cyprus has a higher rate of literacy than in the United States and highest percentage of university graduates in the European Union, except for such efforts in their communities, many weren’t even interested in education. Writers have seen teacher Ari as an eminent school.. Institute of Commonwealth Studies – Institute of Advanced Studies – University of London have archived this teacher in their library.. an overseas academic’s condolences are to the entire community of this teacher... Teacher Ari was popular in both the Turkish and Greek communities during and after teaching at British schools classes composed of, e. g., English, Armenian, but mostly Turkish & Greek Cypriot students ~a Cypriot Greek author’s book refers to the beloved memory of this teacher, a Turkish Cypriot’s poem refers to this teacher as bringer of light to, waker up of, people who buried this teacher in their hearts - continues to inspire teacher Ari and his teaching... After the island’s independence, while in the course of his community's adapting to the Turkish system of education he appears to have been officially perhaps less appreciated, upon his peacefully passing away - as a cleric of a couple of years in his retirement to make ends meet, the press having praised his patriotism, the Leader of the Parliament of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus described him as having made both the state and the nation proud as "A successful modern educator.. who will be, with love and respect, remembered always..." Acknowledging his wife Suzan Ari (whose own death brought many condolences – including from overseas university teaching staff) as his great helper, teacher Ari had successfully pursued idealism in cultural & school teaching and education with a sense of duty as in his verses: "Since to mourn and remember us there is someone That's what counts - we can assume our duty to've done" After his death a street was named after Orhan Seyfi Ari in the Marmara district of Nicosia, in the Turkish sector, Cyprus.

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What is being frugal really about

To many people, the word frugal brings many thoughts to mind -- most of them unpleasant. They think of Mr. Scrooge or the 60's mom that could make a chicken stretch through four meals. Often, we are so caught up in making others think that we have plenty of money that we forget that we don't. In fact, most of the people who scoff at living frugally aren't well-to-do. They are the ones that are struggling financially. They wouldn't even consider letting others think that they are frugal. It is the well-to-do and those with money that often really understand what frugal living is. It is being in control of our money.

This is a characteristic that most successful, and wealthy, people display. They understand that we control our money, it does not control us. But don't think that it is easy. Frugal living is quite hard. It takes a lot of thought and discipline. Money is a tough lion to try and tame. It will seem to beat you back every time. But if you look at living frugally as a challenge with great rewards, you will be able to handle it just fine. Frugal living gives you the ability to own a vehicle without having an auto loan. You are one of the few that can go shopping without a credit card. If you are frugal and wise in your money decisions, you can have everything you want, without the stress and emotions that come with debt. To be frugal, you have to make a commitment. You can't simply be frugal once a month and see results. You have to train yourself to be frugal in every situation. You have to make it a part of your daily routine. Look for ways to recycle and cut waste and spending. The one secret that will keep you frugal lies in setting goals. Once you have identified what you want to achieve, it will be easier to be frugal. You are working towards something. Make a budget and track the things you do that are making your dreams reality. One of the largest problems that many consumers face is shopping. To be frugal you have to decide to not shop anymore -- at least for things you don't need. The frugal shopper knows exactly what he needs and he looks at all of his options. Being frugal means that you make do with what you have. You use all of something before you buy a new one. You don't have to give the things you love up. All you have to do is see that they fit in your budget. If they don't, you may have to put them on the back burner for a while until you free up some room. Frugal living isn't about doing without, it's about doing better. Know where your give and take is. If you care deeply about your wardrobe, but not so much about your food, spend less on food and keep your clothing the way you like it. One of the best features of frugal living is that it is based on you. Yes, I can tell you that frugal people save the twist-ties off of bags of bread. But if you have no use for those twist-ties, they are wasting your time. Being frugal is make the best of what you have, not what I have or others have. You are cutting your spending in order to save for your goals. We all do it in different ways. Frugal living is essentially living beneath your means. You are saving and not spending every cent you make. It's a challenge, but one that makes you a better person. It teaches us, and our children, self control. Many successful businesspeople come from very poor backgrounds. They are successful because the frugal life taught them how to sacrifice and exhibit self-control. Answer these questions: What if you lost your job tomorrow? What if you were injured and could never work again? What if you lost all of your investments? Are you able to survive to live as you are right now? These are tough questions. You need to work to have answers for them. Living frugally will give you the security you need.

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Mortgage crisis giving more woes to the economy

The economic scenario seems to be getting worse as the financial sector continuously reporting huge losses from exposure to the mortgage market. Even the residential sector, the commercial real estate sector, and sectors like credit cards, auto loans are moving to a negative territory and are quite at risk. However, default mortgage rates this year have already shaken the financial sector. And now it is expected that millions of adjustable rate mortgages will reset, giving higher interest rates (according to the new loan agreement), which is just impossible for the homeowners to pay. But the homeowners, who are having $600 billion of subprime adjustable rate mortgage loans that is the ARM, are about to reset at higher amounts during the next eight months. Its not all the mortgages that are in trouble but homeowners who default or fall behind on the payments are a problem. Now the situation is such that this mortgage crisis is forcing people to get out of their homes, besides hampering the economy as a whole.

It is expected that the housing slump may get worse by more empty homes in the market, causing prices to plunge by up to 40% in real estate spots, such as California, Florida, and Nevada. According to a recent report by the Goldman Sachs, the estimated industry wide losses from declines in the market value of subprime mortgage related collateralized debt obligation, to be almost $150 billion. Moreover, the third quarter write-off settled down at $18 billion from the financial firms but some firms indicated that the write-off in the fourth quarter would come to $22 billion. However, the losses could even hit $300 billion, as estimated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This worse situation of the housing sector is resulting into bigger problems, that is the unemployment and the higher consumer losses.

It is estimated that almost 100,000 financial services jobs related to the credit and lending have already been lost, from local bank loan officers to traders dealing in mortgage backed securities. And moreover, this kind of countless job losses would curtail consumer spending that makes up two-thirds of the economy. However, thousands of workers of the housing industry could loss their job and it is expected that this would affect the car dealers, retailers and other dependent on the consumer paychecks badly. Other indication shows that borrowers who took out loans in the first six months of this year are already falling behind on their payments as compared to the borrowers who took out loans last year. And this is making it harder for would be buyers to get new mortgages. This is infact, is a frightening indication for the homebuilders with projects going begging on the market, and also for the homeowners desperate to unload property to avoid default on their loans. Besides these sectors, there is one more vital sector that is foreclosure. The number of homes in foreclosure is expected to move high after more than doubling during the third quarter as compared to year earlier, to 446,726 homes nationwide.

This is one foreclosure filing for every 196 households in the nation, a 34% jump from three months earlier.

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Online casino bonus money some restrictions may apply

Today, virtually every online casino will give new players a bonus to entice them to play. Some casinos offer No Deposit Bonuses; others may match your initial deposit giving you a 100% bonus. There are even a number of casinos that will give you 125%, 200% even 400% of your initial deposit. How do casinos stay in business while still giving away “Free Money”? Well, as with most things that sound too good to be true, there are restrictions. In this article we’ll look at the most common online casino bonus structures and what you’ll need to do to actually cash out that nice bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses A very popular way for a casino to attract new players is to offer a no deposit bonus. In this situation, the player is required to download and install the casino software then create a new “real player” account; some casinos also ask you to register a valid payment method. Next the new account is credited with the “free money”. Typical amounts given are $10 to $15, usually just enough for the player to try a few of the games. To cash out the free money the player will usually have to wager the bonus amount some number of times (Twenty times the original deposit is a typical number). Further, there is usually a maximum amount that can be cashed out, say a $50 max. cash out on a $15 freebie. So, by all means take advantage of the no deposit bonuses, just don’t expect to get rich doing so. Deposit Bonuses Deposit Bonuses are the most common online casino bonus. This is a bonus you’re given for making a real money deposit. Casinos are much more generous with these types of bonuses because the players have already deposited some of their own money. It’s not uncommon for a casino to match first deposits of $200 to $300. Many casinos also offer deposit bonuses of over 100%. For example, some casinos will give you $200 for a $50 deposit (a 400% bonus). As usual, there are restrictions that apply to these types of bonuses. Typically, you’ll have to bet or “play through” the bonus amount and the deposit amount some number of times (10 to 15 times), before you can cash out. With this type of bonus, once the play through has been met there should not be a maximum cash out amount. Specific Game Bonus With this type of bonus, the casino is giving you a bonus that can only be used for certain games. This is typical when a casino has just launched say a new slots version and wants to get people playing. You may get a “no deposit bonus” or possibly a larger then normal deposit bonus. Again, there will be play through requirements and if it’s a No Deposit Bonus, there will probably be a maximum cash out amount.

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What is rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is a type of cosmetic surgery designed to repair or reshape the nose. As one of the most prominent features on your face, your nose has a large bearing on your appearance and can impact how you feel about yourself. Individuals who are displeased with the size or shape of the nose can benefit from rhinoplasty because of the opportunity it offers to completely alter the appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty has the ability to increase or reduce the size of the nose in its entirety, removing a bump, altering the shape of the bridge or the tip of your nose, narrowing the nostril openings, and modifying the angle between your nose and your lips. Rhinoplasty cannot be successfully performed until the nose has stabilized and nasal bone has stopped growing.

This typically occurs around age 14 to 15 in girls and age 15 to 16 in boys. Any surgery performed before this point runs the risk of having to be redone once nasal growth has ceased, since the nose has the potential to continue to change and develop until that point. Rhinoplasty is occasionally performed on younger children in the case of severe trauma to the face, so that the nose can be restored as close as possible to its original shape and size. Most rhinoplasty procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

There are exceptions to this rule, though. Patients undergoing severe reconstructive surgery may be monitored overnight to ensure that no complications arise. Individuals seeking to have their nose “set” after a bad break will occasionally receive local anesthetic only. During the procedure the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision either inside the nostrils or through the columella, the external strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. The skin is then separated away from the framework of the nose itself so the doctor can access the underlying cartilage. In order to reshape the nose, the soft flexible cartilage and bone are manipulated into the proper position and shape.

Depending on the desired results, tissue may be removed or added to change the angle or contour of the nose. A chisel or file may be used during the procedure, most frequently to remove a hump from the bridge of the nose. Once the nose has been sculpted into the desired shape, the skin is resituated and the nose is splinted to protect it. Nasal pads may be used for the first few days following the surgery to pack the nose and protect the delicate septum. Rhinoplasty, as with all other surgeries, is not risk-free. In addition to the standard bruising and swelling, patients should be aware of a number of potential side-effects that could result from the procedure.

These include an infection of the nose, nosebleeds, numbness, scarring, and a reaction to the anesthesia. Some patients report the bursting of small blood vessels on the surface of the skin and hematomas, or collections of blood that pool under the skin. The possibility also exists that a follow-up procedure will be necessary in order to remedy an over-correction or under-correction of the nose. When successfully performed by a highly-qualified surgeon, rhinoplasty can dramatically improve the appearance of your nose and improve your self-confidence. If you are considering rhinoplasty and would like more information about this procedure, contact a reputable cosmetic surgeon in your area and arrange for a personal consultation.

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Superb beds to create a truly homey bedroom

Beds are plainly the first furnishing one should have in a bed room. Beds are purchasable in different sizes. There are twin, full, king, and queen size beds. With the numerous sizes, one does not have to be controlled in determining the exact type of bed for their room. Beds are also made either of fine-grade wood or alloy. Since it is the feature of the bedroom, beds must be given decent importance and decoration. You want to dress it up with the best and most dashing cloth, since it is the most salient thing that you will see when you move into the bedroom. One of the more frequent items owners put in to emphasize their beds is the bed cloth. Bed linens put a feeling of quality and class in any sort of bed. Bed linens can be developed out of cotton, silk, polyester, and linen which is considered the most expensive.

Linen sheets are effective for hot climates because they tend to cool, and they can also last for a long time. On the other hand cotton sheets are good for any type of season, and they are considered a toughened fabric. These sheets should be washed through machines on a warm setting, bleached only using non chlorinated bleach as specified by washing instructions. Vintage linens then must be hand washed in warm water using mild soap. You should also consider the placement of the bed in your room. Situate the bed against the middle part of the wall, or opposite the entrance to the room.

This makes the headboard the focal point of the room once one enters the room. If you cannot place the bed against the middle portion of the wall, then place it on the part of the wall which is sufficiently extended and spacious to contain the bed. There are also limitations in placing the bed. You cannot just place it anywhere you wish. Specifically, you cannot place the bed under a window, especially if the window will be opened frequently. A bed under two windows is more feasible. To complement the look of the bed, you can put some essential pieces of bedroom furniture such as dressers, cabinets, and night stands. Other bedrooms host chairs, loveseats, and benches where one can place extra linen and clothes, and of course, provide a nice place for guests to sit. In choosing a bed, avoid shopping online as much as possible. You need to try the bed yourself in order to appreciate how it feels lying on it. One of the best ways to determine the right texture of the bed is to place a hand on your back and try to move it while lying. If the hand can move easily then it means the bed is too hard. If you are having a difficult time moving your hand, the bed is soft. If your hand can move with little resistance then the bed is good enough for your comfort. In buying a bed, do not hesitate to spend. You need to pay more in order to have a more quality item. People tend to be tightfisted on buying bedroom furniture and accessories, believing that they can settle on less expensive materials. But in reality what they are getting is a poor quality bed. So if you have some space in your budget to afford another thousand of dollars or two, then do so! You will be benefiting from a more durable and stylish bed in the long run. You also have to take into consideration the space that the bed will take up in the room. Beds should not eat half of the bedroom. The bed's size, for one, should be big enough to take substantial space in the room. It should not be oversized though for the room since it could take space more than the room can offer, leaving you with little space to add other essential furniture like drawers, writing desks, and night stands.

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Hispanic immigrants demonstrate illegal not in spanish dictionary

Hispanic immigrants demonstrated by the thousands about what they claim is their right to become citizens of the land of the gringo. While we welcome the effort of everyone who wishes to become a citizen of our free and frazzled nation, we did note that there appeared to be no distinction made between immigrants who reside here in placid legality and those who do so with anxious illegality. We looked into the matter and discovered that the word “illegal” is not in the Spanish dictionary. We entered the English version of the controversial term in an online Spanish-English dictionary, which returned the following result: “Spanish Matches: Sorry, no Spanish matches found.” This seemed too easy an explanation of the nationwide regard for the subject as “mum’s the word,” so we decided we had inadequately pursued the matter and went at it again. We then learned that there is indeed a Spanish word for “illegal,” but, expectedly enough, it’s spelled slightly differently than it is in Ingles, as “ilegal.” We were also able to determine that the entire illusive concept in the lingua of the demonstrators is “inmigrante ilegal” Why, we wondered, hadn’t the distinction received at least a tip of the sombrero? Of course, we immediately realized that many of the illegal immigrants have been in America for so long they forgot the Spanish term for themselves. Once we understood the nature of their nascent plight, we immediately felt irrepressible sympathy for them. Imagine only feeling right at home in a country where, rather than being welcomed as a full-fledged citizen, you’re still considered just another inmigrante ilegal. Is there an intelligent way to resolve the border dispute? And, by the way, we take “intelligent” to include mutually considerate. We even take it to mean considering the welfare of the bottom-line-bent companies that have grown accustomed to paying the low wages these indisputably noble wannabes will toil away for? Here is our charitably inclusive resolution. We agree to legalize all the ones who got here just by hook or underground crook and would likely never make it back. T his step will delight them. In return, the ones who were able to scrape together enough money to buy false papers agree to go back to their Hispanic homeland, which will make those who oppose their presence at least less vehement. Finally, since we all know that the inmigrante ilegals who consent to leave will return as soon as they can swing the purchase of another set of workable papers, the American companies that depend on paying a wage that’s an outrage, such as Tyson Foods and Whatever Farms, will rest content. Surely, they and the American economy as a whole can get along for the relatively brief period a handful of the deportees find themselves legally out of the country. The only other intelligent approach we can think of is to interview the inmigrantes one by one and begin citizenship proceedings for all the ones who seem to be upright, hard-working folks and deport all the ones who appear to be downright hard-working criminals.

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12 different types of stock

Different Types of Stock The different types of stock are what confuse most first time investors. That confusion causes people to turn away from the stock market altogether, or to make unwise investments. If you are going to play the stock market, you must know what types of stock are available and what it all means! Common Stock is a term that you will hear quite often. Anyone can purchase common stock, regardless of age, income, age, or financial standing. Common stock is essentially part ownership in the business you are investing in. As the company grows and earns money, the value of your stock rises. On the other hand, if the company does poorly or goes bankrupt, the value of your stock falls. Common stock holders do not participate in the day to day operations of a business, but they do have the power to elect the board of directors. Along with common stock, there are also different classes of stock. The different classes of stock in one company are often called Class A and Class B. The first class, class A, essentially gives the stock owner more votes per share of stock than the owners of class B stock. The ability to create different classes of stock in a corporation has existed since 1987. Many investors avoid stock that has more than one class, and stocks that have more than one class are not called common stock. The most upscale type of stock is of course Preferred Stock. Preferred stock isn’t exactly a stock. It is a mix of a stock and a bond. The owner’s of preferred stock can lay claim to the assets of the company in the case of bankruptcy, and preferred stock holders get the proceeds of the profits from a company before the common stock owners. If you think that you may prefer this preferred stock, be aware that the company typically has the right to buy the stock back from the stock owner and stop paying dividends. [Insert Your Resource Box Here] (Words: 331)

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