Affiliate programs selecting the best

Marketing products and services through the Internet is unquestionably easier and more rewarding compared to traditional marketing methods. With the millions of people worldwide getting online each day, there’s an enormous possibility for a merchant to sell his products and generate huge income. However, merchandisers are not the only ones who can benefit from online marketing. A booming industry nowadays, provides great opportunity as well to individuals as affiliate marketers. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate marketer doesn’t need to have his own products and services to sell. All he needs to do is to refer people to the merchant’s business site for them to buy the products and thereby, earn a commission. The key to an affiliate marketer’s success is to choose a good affiliate program and to employ excellent marketing techniques in promoting or selling the products to consumers. Why good and not the best affiliate program? There is no best affiliate marketing program, as one program might make one affiliate marketer a millionaire and the other a frustrated marketer. In other words, it can be a success to one and a failure to another.

But there certainly is a good affiliate marketing program to start with. How to make it best would now depend on you. But before you think how you are going to make it best and financially rewarding, first think about how you are going to land on a good affiliate program with the thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities abounding in the Internet today. Try to look into the following tips and suggestions on how to best select the affiliate program that’s right for you. Information, that’s you need in order to make the right choice. It is helpful when you have already focused your search to a specific interest, which may be the theme of your website (if you already have one). In this way, you would be able to direct yourself towards a program that really matches your needs, wants and resources. It would be easier for you to eliminate options that are not suited to your own criteria for a good affiliate marketing program. You can join affiliate forums and learn some tips and get suggestions from experienced affiliate marketers. However, be wise enough to weigh their ideas before you buy them. The Internet Affiliate marketing program networks are good places to look for choices. Here, merchants and affiliate marketers like you meet. The merchants advertise their affiliate programs to interested affiliates who sign up in the network for free. Third party affiliate program networks are helpful since they provide you with access to a large number of advertisers (merchandisers) simultaneously. You can easily track and compare their sales records, performances, benefits, products and services. So now you have choices, the next question is which among those options is the right one. Here are some things to consider in deciding which to take and which to reject. First is the quality of the products and services. As an affiliate marketer your goal is not only to make visitors of your site click the link to the business site; but more importantly, to promote the product so they would buy it. If the customers are not convinced upon going to the business site, then you don’t earn. Make sure the products you are endorsing are worthwhile or in the business context, saleable. Ask yourself: if I were the customer, would I buy it? Would I recommend it to my family or good friend? If you can’t convince yourself or your family and friends to buy it, take a look at your next option. Another is the affiliate program or the merchandiser’s history. Look into their previous and present sales data, their proven and tested affiliate marketing systems and their partners’ experiences with them. Although, success of the program really depends on you, this one is still very important. The sales records don’t only show how good the affiliates are, but they speak about the products’ reliability, market availability and the company or the merchandisers’ reputation as well. Moreover, look into and carefully study the company’s compensation plan. Your purpose for joining the program is to earn, so make sure you’ll be paid for all your efforts fairly. If you do not have much time to promote intensively the affiliate products by creating banners, graphics and articles, choose affiliate programs that help you create these for your web site. It would be great if the company provides training on how to effectively market products online. Remember that affiliate marketing is a partnership, so make sure your partner is able to support you as you help him promote his products and services. Take down all the advantages and disadvantages of each program you are considering so you can clearly see the difference among your options; then later, compare the advantages of the programs with your own checklist. Take time to gather all the info you need to choose the right program. Remember an informed choice is the best choice.

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Must have accessories for all backyard activities

Must Have Accessories for All Backyard Activities Backyard activities, there are literally an unlimited number of them. Whether you enjoy the water, playing sports, or just relaxing, there is likely at least one backyard activity that will appeal to you or to your family. While backyard activities are nice, there are many that require the purchase of equipment or additional accessories. If you are interested in participating in a popular backyard activity, you may want to first examine the equipment or supplies that you may need. One popular backyard activity that many enjoy may not really even be considered an activity. When relaxing, many individuals are taking a small break. However, in addition to using relaxation as a break from many other activities, there are others who use it just for the purpose of taking in a piece environment. Many enjoy just sitting outside alone, reading a book, doing homework, or working on other projects. While it nice to relax outside, you will need to have the proper equipment. This equipment often includes patio or lawn furniture. While patio and lawn furniture is most commonly used for relaxation, it is also important for other activities, such as eating or outdoor crafts. In fact, whether you regularly participate in backyard activities or not, it may be a good idea to have patio furniture on hand. If you do not already have lawn furniture, you may want to start looking for some. You can easily find a selection of patio sets or picnic tables online or at most retail stores. In addition to patio furniture, you may also want to bring a small pillow or blanket outside. Depending on the amount of time you plan on staying in your backyard, you may also want to bring out a few snacks and drinks. Whenever you are outdoors, especially during the summer, it is important that you pick your drinks and snacks wisely. During the hot weather, you are advised to stay away from caffeinated beverages or sugary dinks. Instead of a sports drinks or soda, water may be a safer and healthier alternative. As with your drinks, you may also want to avoid snacks that are high in sugar. Aside from lawn furniture and snacks, most of the other equipment and accessories you will need will depend on what you are doing. For instance, if you are planning on swimming, you will want to look into purchasing pool accessories and pool supplies. Depending on the type of pool you have, these supplies may include, but should not be limited to, pool toys, pool furniture, lifesaving devices, pool fixtures, and pool cleaning supplies. For more information on the accessories and supplies available for pools, you may want to visit the website of an online pool retailer or your local pool supply store. Even if you are unable to have a pool, you can still enjoy a number of different backyard water activities. Many individuals, especially teenagers, enjoy playing with water balloons or water guns. For a more relaxed water activity, you may want to look into purchasing a water sprinkler. Water sprinklers are a nice alternative to swimming pools. In addition to purchasing water guns, water balloons, or a sprinkler, you may also need to purchase a garden hose. Garden hoses are available for sale at most retail stores, including hardware stores, sports stores, and traditional department stores. Outdoor sports games, in addition to swimming and other water activities, are also enjoyed by many. If you or your family is interested in playing backyard sports, you may need to purchase some sports equipment. The equipment that you need to have will all depend on which specific games you are planning on playing. For instance, if you are interested in playing volleyball, you will need to purchase a volleyball and a volleyball net. In addition to volleyball, other popular backyard sports games include baseball, softball, soccer, and kickball. Whether you and your family decide to participate in one of the above mentioned backyard activities or another, it is important that you have the needed supplies and equipment. A baseball game just isn’t the same without a glove; in fact, it may even make the sport dangerous. That is why it is important that you know what accessories are needed to make your next backyard outing safe and enjoyable. PPPPP Word Count 716

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Honest riches thank you rich jerk review

Holly Mann is an army veteran. When she returned home, she wanted to make an income from home, so that she could simultaneously take care of her children. After successfully making websites, she put her experience into one e-book, and now sells it for just twenty dollars! Save your Starbucks money for a few days, and you've just got a new ebook! And you've improved your health as well! ;-) Here is all the content on the e-book: Chapter 1: Make Cash Now With No Start-Up Money This chapter explains what affiliate programs are and a method you can use to promote your products: free! On Holly's LiveJournal group for ebook owners, one individual shows how he made over $500 through this advertising technique. On the LiveJournal group, you can find out how to more effectively use this technique. Chapter 2: Profiting From Product Reviews This chapter is one of the most loaded and most useful ones. It contains information such as how to find your perfect niche, how to write product reviews, and where to submit that review. I loved this chapter, but be aware, you will have to spend a small amount for some services. I spent $30.67 for the services, but they were dead useful. They all came with a 'free trial' version, which I used to experiment. All my expenses have come so far from here, because most of your initial work will be here. Chapter 3: Website Design In this chapter, you figure out which website builder's to use, where to find a designer, and where to get "turnkey websites" (premade websites ready to use for making a profit). The only idea I appreciated in this section was the blog section. It showed me how to make a blog at http://blogger. com, but if you decide to make a blog, definitely use WordPress. It is the best blogging program in the World Wide Web. I love it, even this free version. Eventually, you have to get your site hosted. When you decide to take that step, my suggestion is to use I plan on upgrading to their cheapest plan. Even though its only $2.99/month, it provides everything you need to start a small site. Chapter 4: Content Is King - Building Your Online Presence This is an awesome chapter. It shows you the last program that made up my $30.67. She calls it a cash goldmine, and it is. This program helps you find 'key phrases' with few competitors and many searches on the major search engines. In addition, you find out how to increase your site's search engine ranking for free and how to get free traffic to your site. These two things really are free, and work well. They don't involve you getting spam emails, weird offers, or anything like that. Here's a hint: good writers will love this! Chapter 5: Profiting Per Click, Per Sale This chapter tells you how to use AdSense and other programs like it to get traffic to your site. AdSense is a great tool to make cash. What you do is put ads on your site - you've seen them everywhere, they say Sponsored by Goooooogle. When someone clicks on these ads, you get money! This chapter also exposes an alternative to AdSense which can make much more money than AdSense. Once you have your site up, this becomes an incredibly useful chapter! Chapter 6: Search Engine Optimization Here's a quote from the e-book: "The purpose of optimizing your website is so that search engines can easily search your site, navigate through it and categorize it. As well as creating a graphically appealing, informative site for your visitors, you need to concentrate on building a strong keyword-based theme throughout the site." This is essentially what SEO is, and Holly's e-book clearly explains how to utilize this technique. You may find more complex guides and programs for SEO on the Internet, but these will cost at least double of Holly's e-book. This is a very useful chapter, and when used with Holly's LiveJournal Forum, can be make your house a cash machine! Chapter 7: Tricks to Get Your Website a Higher Ranking I'm in love with this chapter. She doubled her revenue with this free technique. It also shows you where to get free e-books, articles, pictures and recordings whose copyrights have expired. Honestly, does it get better than this? Even if you just want to read a bunch of books, buy Holly's e-book for an instant library! ;-) Chapter 8: Website Statistics & Tracking This chapter shows you the best website staticstics program to use. "It provides precise, detailed information about each site visitor, where the person is from, how long the person stays on each page, entry pages, exit pages, key words used to reach your website, referrals, etc. so you know exactly what advertising techniques are working for you and what you should improve on."- quoted from Holly's e-book. Its of no use until you have your site up, but right now I find the Blog Stats that WordPress provides enough. Remember If you just get the $5/month hosting service, you get a multitude of tools not available in the $3/month service. One of those tools is a detailed website statistics and tracking program! So you can host your site and get the tools too! Chapter 9: The Money Is In The List You might have seen this chapter's tactics in use before. Have you ever signed up for a free newsletter or ezine? This chapter tell's you how to be on the giving end of the newsletter/ezine. You can't utilize this chapter's ideas with a free blog, which dissapointed me. I hope to expand to a hosted blog, which has many more capabilities. But imagine the power of this tool. Lets say you have 1000 people on your list. You have a new product which costs $50 to buy. You send out a newsletter about this product, and 5% of the recipients buy your product. You've just made $2500! Chapter 10: Advertising Your Website This was a somewhat pitiful chapter. Its not in-depth enough to be of much use, but at least it gives you a basic overview of how to use AdWords to your advantage. For a review on the best and most complete guide to AdWords, check out my Beating Adwords Review. Trying the pay-per-click game can be dangerous if not done correctly. You might just be losing more and more on clicks and not converting. You really need to find more resources for pay-per-click. Chapter 11: Power of Press Releases This chapter explains how to get traffic after you've done the things in the previous chapters. Once you have done SEO, and designed your site, you send out a free press release to tell the world that "Big Gaming Co." is out and ready for business! This is a useful tool, and Holly directs you to where you should go for free press releases, and paid/preferred ones which get up faster and probably have better placement. Chapter 12: Dropshipping & Wholesalers Holly gives some good resources for dropshippers and wholesalers. "Dropshipping is where you sell products on the Internet and forward the orders to the dropship supplier. The dropshipper ships the product to your buyer, as if it came from you."- quote from e-book. I've tried out the whole ebay business so I have some experience in this. From what I've heard, most e-bayers, and the people influenced by PowerSellers don't trust dropshippers very much. I would read up more on this matter before you try it out. Chapter 13: Ebay Advertising Tricks Holly shows some nice tricks she uses with ebay to generate more traffic. I liked this section, since it could be easily utilized if you're an ebay seller. But hear me out - starting an ebay business is a very time-consuming task! Consider your time restraints before starting an eBay business. Read some other books for ebay selling - this is not a how to sell on eBay section. I hope this gives you a good overview of what to expect from Holly Mann's ebook. You can expect a high income with your online business, but only after hard work.

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Chew slowly and digest the rules

It’s hard to understand all of “the rules” and fine print on all of our policies since we have limited time. But it’s imperative you take the time to become familiar with your coverage. Go through your mortgage, note, insurance, bank statements, employment contract, tax deductions, shareholders agreement—at least once, then briefly once a year after that. You don’t need to review all documents at once; take one every few days until you’re done. Don’t trust others to make the right wealth building decisions for you instead of taking responsibility yourself, a pitfall too common for too many people make. You’re responsible for your own finances. Responsibility is the freedom to respond.

Case in point: One of my mentors is very well known and respected. He invested his entire retirement fund with an investor. The investor was featured in a publication and bragged a lot throughout the interview and raised some red flags. The FCC found out he was no longer successfully trading and had indeed lied to his family and the public about his company’s trading history. My mentor lost all of his savings for retirement with this investor and it took him years to get back on his feet.

Eventually he was standing again, because he took responsibility. Insurance—know your policies intimately Whether it’s homeowners, investment, car, health or another type of insurance, you need to know exactly what you’re covered for. There are always exclusions and it always seems like the exclusions apply to you. Know what you’ve got.

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The end of a dream what economic factors are stimulating self directed investment market

The 40 Year Plan is Over What is truly driving the market of self directed retirement investing? Is it the buff real estate market? Or are there other economic factors? Unbeknownst to 98% of working people, the 40 year plan is over. Statistics show that by age 65 less than 2% of Americans can truly retire in comfort without the help of family members or the government. The lackluster performance of the stock market over the past 6 years has dashed many people's hopes of retiring early. It used to be that you could get a great education, get a great job and settle with a company by 25 years of age, keep your nose clean, work your way to the top, invest in your companies stock and by age 65 retire the company you sacrificed for will take care of your retirement and medical expenses for life. For many now this is just wishful thinking and a pipe dream. Today's norms: The harsh reality is: Corporate down-sizing (e. g. Gillette, Ford, and GM). Corporate bankruptcies - Enron, Worldcom). Company's robbing company pension plans and judges are allowing it to happen just ask people working for the airlines, illegal insider stock trading, age discrimination, companies cannot afford to pay health insurance premiums because they have sky-rocketed and people are living longer. Other forces: World Instability, unfettered nuclear proliferation, Sept 11th, natural disasters all cooked together. Yes, the poor performance of the stock market, lower interest rates and the real estate boom have contributed greatly to people looking for alternative investment strategies such as self directed investing of retirement funds in real estate. The Internet, information proliferation, people's ability to share information, online financial software, and real time stock quotes. Benefits of investing with self directed ira funds: • Stimulates the economy… It is great for recession proofing an economy. Money from retirement funds keep construction crews working • With the ability to look outside the stock market, you may find alternative investment vehicles that are safer with higher returns which will allow you to make up for lost time. • The government and taxpayers do not have to pick up the tab in order to help someone maintain their lifestyle during retirement. • Permits true retirement diversification and wealth accumulation in tangible assets. • Global investing… With your self directed IRA, you can invest in international real estate. Granted self directing your retirement portfolio is not for everyone. But what are your legitimate alternatives?

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Finding fast online loans

Fast online loans can be a godsend… the money that you need delivered to you when you need it. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find fast online loans, especially for those individuals who have less than perfect credit. Of course, a large part of the problem with fast online loans can sometimes be finding them… many people are unsure of which websites can be trusted with their personal information and may be hesitant to send identifying and financial information over an internet connection. Luckily, there are several things that can be done to make finding fast online loans that much easier; it's all a matter of knowing what to look for and what to avoid. Finding the websites Before you can apply for fast online loans, you have to know where to find them. Luckily, this is where your friendly neighborhood search engine comes in. Using search engines to look for specific loan keywords is a good first step, since the search results are ranked based upon how trusted of a site it is by the search engine and how relevant the result is to what you were searching for. Care should be taken when considering applying for fast online loans from the lenders from advertising blocks on the result page, however… after all, those ads show up because the company that they represent paid to have them included in the advertising listing, not because they are the best match to your search terms. Inspecting the lender's site When you reach a potential lender's website, you should take a moment to look at the general site layout and what information the lender makes readily available. Ideally, there should be plenty of information about the fast online loans that the lender offers displayed on a website that features a professional-looking layout. If the website looks like it was designed too quickly or is full of spelling errors, you might be better off taking your business elsewhere. Applying for the loan When you finally find the lender that you feel confident enough about to apply for one of their fast online loans, you might take a few moments and wonder whether or not your personal information is safe. You shouldn't worry, though, because almost all online lenders will utilize the best security and encryption technology that they can find… guaranteeing that unscrupulous individuals won't be able to get their hands on your identifying and financial information. Many lenders will also follow up loan applications with phone calls to confirm your information, and to assist you with any needs that you might have concerning the online lending process. -- You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

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5 super wealth building tips pave the way to financial freedom

There are so many things involved with building wealth that it would take much more than one article to explain it all. So, we've put together a simple five-step guide to help you get a great start in building wealth for a lifetime. Step 1: Set Specific Goals Goal setting is a task that can be easily put off - especially when you are extremely busy in day-to-day activities. However, goal setting is the first and one of the most important steps you'll take to achieve wealth. Set both short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals may be daily, weekly and monthly goals. These should reveal where you would like to be financially by a certain time in the near future. Long-term goals include the amount of wealth you would like to accumulate within a year, two years, or maybe even five or ten years. Both types of goals are necessary to build wealth. Without goals, you are wondering blindly with no care or thought of what's ahead. This pattern of life is sure to leave you empty-handed! Step 2: Create a Business Plan Every successful business from the past and today started with a plan. Your business plan should illustrate where you are now, where you plan to be in the future, and how you're going to get there. Write these few notes down on paper. Then, fill in the blanks to create a rough business plan. It's easier than you think. *Your current income *Business profits and expenses (if you already own a business) *Business budget (or personal budget if working for someone else) *Capital needed upfront to promote and operate business *Plans to acquire the capital needed (source of capital) *Spending plan (promotions, supplies, inventory, online expenses, etc.) *Expectations (What results do you expect from your initial efforts?) Creating a business plan is a necessary step to build wealth through your own business. Even if you don't own a business, you should write down a similar plan to reach your personal wealth goals. Step 3: Avoid Harmful Debt Debt is the one of the key reasons many people never accumulate wealth. But remember, there are two types of debt: harmful debt and necessary debt. Harmful debt is the debt you create for things you do not need such as excessive shopping, luxury items, expensive cars that you can't afford, etc. Necessary debt is a debt most people must have to live, such as a mortgage, car loan (affordable), medical, college, etc. These debts are a part of life for most families and will be for many, many years. However, even these types of debts should be kept well within your income limitations. If you can only afford a $250/month car loan, then shop around until you find one at this price. Don't give in to the temptations and pressures to buy the fancier, more expensive car with a $450/month payment. It's not worth the risk! You may ask, "I thought these steps were for building wealth?" As it happens, debt is the opposite of wealth. The more debt you have, the less wealth you will accumulate. You can't save money or invest money that belongs to someone else. If you earn $3,000 in income this month, but owe $2,000 in loans (before everyday living expenses), you can't possibly have extra money to save. You must either earn more or sell some items to pay off your debt. You should avoid this "debt trap" if you intend on building wealth for the future. Another type of debt is one for your business. You may take out a small business loan to get things started or to promote your business. If you are uncertain about whether the business will bring profits, try to avoid business debt until you have tested it a while. Step 4: Develop a Personal Plan Above, you developed a business plan. Now it's time to create a personal plan. What tasks will you do daily to build wealth? Put yourself on a schedule and a strict budget. Work toward your goals daily by making a list of things to do and marking off each item on the list as you complete the tasks. In your budgeting, include a set amount of money you will put away in savings (savings account, IRA, stocks, bonds, etc.) If you plan to invest, be sure to diversify your investments. Choose only one or two high-risk investments and several "safer" investments such as mutual funds or bonds. Step 5: Stay focused on the Goal, not the Circumstances No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, keep your eyes on the wealth-building goal ahead. Even if sales are down in your business, don't stop dead in your tracks. Remember, businesses have ups and downs. If you remain steadfast toward your goal during the slow times, the busy times are bound to be much better than ever. Your income will grow and you will have the extra money needed to reach your wealth-building goals. In a nutshell, building wealth does not happen over night with one get-rich-quick program. It happens with consistent labor toward the goals and tasks you have created. You can build wealth for your future if you do not waver from these basic truths that have worked for millions of others!

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The seven deadly sins of business people 3 gluttony

If you read this introduction already, just scroll down and start reading about Gluttony, otherwise it is recommended that you read the introduction bellow. Let’s analyze how these common vices can affect your business and your overall income. You may think that the concept of deadly sins is a religious one and do not apply to you, but you may call them negative tendencies if you want. The fact is that you can find them in more or less intensity within most people. You may not realize that one of these tendencies may be affecting you until I show you the details. If you realize that there is a problem, I will also give you the solution so you can fix it. I will explain and compare now the most common negative tendencies among people with their corresponding opposite virtues.

Before we start, I need to tell you something . . . I. Most sins arise from: FEAR. II. Most virtues arise from: LOVE. III. Sins, vices and negative tendencies demonstrate weakness, while virtues demonstrate strength. In my opinion the biggest virtue of all is COURAGE/CONFIDENCE, because it is the direct fruit of love, which dissipates fear and sow all other virtues in human’s hearts. This is a series of articles about this subject. The whole series contain the following articles . . . 1. Pride 2. Envy 3. Gluttony 4. Lust 5. Anger 6. Greed 7. Sloth – Gluttony – This negative tendency is related to the desire to consume more than what we need. It doesn’t have to do with food only, but also with many other aspects and areas of life. When you mention the word gluttony, people often think about eating a lot. This doesn’t necessary has to be the case. If someone wants too much of anything, if someone wishes excess, that’s gluttony. This sin is destructive because excess is always destructive. Almost always when people seek excess in an area of life, they will neglect other important aspects that are also important and necessary. I will give you a few examples. Let’s say that some people wish to be really, really wealthy. They love money, businesses and finances. Their dream is to be billionaires. All they do is to think about how to get more money. They have no friends or don’t care about them. These people do not relax. They do not have fun. Making money is their definition of having fun. They do not do any exercise. They barely eat or sleep. Business/making money is their obsession. It is their everything. That’s gluttony. Now, let me make myself clear. Sometimes, people need to concentrate for a few years on an area, so they can accomplish a goal or objective. A start up may require their owners to focus on it and forget about everything else for a few years. Sometimes you have to concentrate on what you are doing for a while until it starts producing results. The example above refers to people that want excess. They want more than they need. Not only that, they do only one thing, neglecting other important areas of life. The point is that life, like nature, is not only about one thing, but many. Some of these obsessed people do get what they want. The problem is that when you have more than you can consume, the excess is often good only to share it or give it away. That’s what many extremely wealthy people end up doing, sharing their wealth like Rockefeller did. You may ask how is gluttony distinguishable from greed? The glutton may share some of their money from time to time. They are not concerned with running out of cash. That’s why many gluttons actually become very rich. The point is that they want more than they need. Greedy people do not like to share anything. They want to get their “fair share” or a bit more. The greedy individuals do not really get obsessed with getting a whole bunch of something, but with not losing what they already have. Many greedy individuals are also gluttons though. That’s why you see that they want more and more and they suffer if they have to share a cent. Let’s get back to gluttony. This sin doesn’t only apply to money nor food but to everything else. Some people simply work too much and they don’t do it out of necessity, but choice. Work is their drug and they dissipate many of their other problems working. They have three jobs and they are thinking about a fourth one. Again their house is paid off like their cars, their businesses are ok, everything is ok. They seem to have no financial problem. They don’t fear to lose anything. They just want more. “The sky is the limit.” These people are workaholic. They do nothing else but work. The same happens with study, work and any other area of life. When your life spins around one area only or a few ones, but nothing else, you may be getting into gluttony ground. If all you do is to think about money, work on your businesses, read about investments, try to acquire more wealth, etc, etc; you are off balance. If you spend all your waking life only thinking about money, you are off balance. Some people simply like businesses for the sake of it. I like businesses for three different reasons. Number one I like to add value to other people’s lives. Number two business is a hobby for me. Number three I like to make money. I like money and wealth. For me money is a tool, not the goal. I compare money, business and life with a car, traveling and gasoline. Life is traveling, business is the car, money is the gasoline. Money is the tool that help me use another tool (business) that help me achieve the goal. The goal is to enjoy life. I can’t achieve the goal if I am obsessed with the tools. Some people need tools: money, wealth, etc. They are very poor, so they start up confused. They get obsessed. They get many, many tools, but they don’t achieve the goal, and at the end they realize that they have far more tools than they need so they give them away. To be obsessed is not the same as to be passionate. It is as the saying goes: “Greatness requires sacrifice.” You must focus on the goal though. If you want money, what do you want it for? Your answer to that question is your goal. Now, remember that what truly matters is not the goal either, but the purpose. You can learn more about this on my other series titled: “The 7 secret keys to wealth.” Many people after reaching their goal, still feel empty. That’s why they constantly set new goals. They do not realize that there is a common component behind most of the goals they set. To understand this better read my other series mentioned above. Gluttony is the sin that opposes moderation or temperance. In other words balance. The problem with these sins or negative tendencies is that people who practice them often can’t see it nor perceive it, so they think they are ok. Once they receive the result of their attitudes, they get mad and frustrated, because they can’t understand the reason, they can’t see it! A good way to help people see, is to describe each of these tendencies little by little, so they can understand where they are missing the point. Some of these tendencies are very subtle. For example, in the case of gluttony, some people may want to have multiple streams of income, which is good, but many people fail on this project for the following reason . . . They want to have too many streams of income and they don’t give the necessary time nor effort required to make any source of income really profitable. They jump from one idea to the next for months or years without settling down on anything specifically. They do not maintain a balance between starting a business and keeping it. They start one and another and another, but most of their time and effort is focused on starting businesses not keeping them profitable. Some people have just one business, but they are unsuccessful because they focus too much time and effort in one area of the business only, neglecting other important areas. They may spend most of the available resources on the product development section, neglecting some other areas like advertisement and customer support. You may have only one business. Your life may be pretty much balanced, but you may still find some troubles because of this. On this example you may fall victim of gluttony and not notice it. If you are dedicating excessive time and efforts to an area and leaving other important aspects to run crazy, the disorder may increase fast within the business. It is as this analogy goes: Most people’s lives are made of twenty rooms. Most people spend most of their time in one or a few rooms. They keep that room clean and pretty. In fact sometimes it shines more than necessary, but don’t visit the other rooms, because you won’t like what you will see. That’s the main idea behind gluttony. Keep most rooms relatively clean. Do not try to make one room perfect while leaving all others getting dust. The problem with the glutton is that he/she often feels something is really wrong. They may think that there is only one thing they want in life, but life is not about one thing only, it is about many things. So, when they get what they want (excess) it will not satisfy them, because they will still be striving to succeed in many other aspects of life that they lack so much. Even if they could get excess in every area of life, it would still be sad and frustrating, because excess is never good and always destructive. The secret is to keep a balance in everything you do. Moderation is the virtue that gluttony opposes. If you maintain a moderate attitude in everything you do, you will keep this negative tendency away. When you start to get excessive and obsessive, you start to move into gluttony ground. When you realize that you want more than you need, it is good to understand that you won’t need that much. Sometimes it is hard to control this tendency, but not impossible. Some people know they are gluttons, but they can’t quit it. They know that they want too much, that they want more than they will be able to consume and they maintain that attitude. The problem with this sin is that it is subtle. It turns something good into something bad easily. For example, adding value to other people’s lives is good. You can do this through your job, business, work, creativity, services, innovation, productivity, etc. On the other hand, if you add too much value to others and neglect your own life, you may get sick or too tired. This may prevent you from adding all the value you could have added in the long run, if you would have kept it balanced since the beginning. Generosity is a good thing. If you are too generous and you give away everything you may end up without anything. You may say: “Am I not supposed to reap what I sow? Why is it that I have nothing? Why if I help everybody it seems that nobody is interested in helping me?” Yes “you reap what you sow” and “what is around comes around.” You may have many blessings that greedy people do not have. Many individuals may come to you and help you, but you don’t realize that you keep giving everything away to others. In my opinion, it is an irresponsible act to give away to others what you need to cover your own necessities. Some people think that by being too generous they will be blessed and they will become rich. Excessive generosity can act against you the same way that greed does. Evil people will come to you and will try to take advantage of you, if you don’t stop them, they will ruin you. Would you give the things you and your family need to friends and strangers? If your friend needs some chairs and you can not afford to purchase more chairs would you give your friend your chairs even if you have to sit on the floor for weeks? If you want to turn something good into something bad all you need is an excess of it. Take your favorite song and listen to it 7,000 times continually and repetitively without stopping. It will make you mad. You will hate it forever. Repetition is torture. Excess is destructive. LESS IS MORE! That’s the opposite of “the sky is the limit” and “more is better.” We live in an era of consumerism. Our society is guilty of this sin. More is produced than what is needed and a lot ends up in the waste facility growing dust and pollution. Our society believes that lack of something is bad, but excess is good. What’s the point in that. Excess is only good to share what you don’t need with others who have nothing. We need abundance, but not excess. You can be prosperous and wealthy without having excessive wealth. Remember that money is only a tool, not the end on itself. I like money and riches. I don’t preach against it. Do not get me wrong here. The desire to have too much though can make you poor forever. Why? Because you will never feel that you have enough to fit your definition of too much. You may often move the line up a few levels. When was the last time that you reached the horizon? You can’t do it, because once you get there, you discover that there is a new horizon. The wish for excess is like mirages in your sight. You will never feel that you have enough. You may not realize that reaching the goal is not what truly matters, but achieving the purpose. Goal and purpose are not the same thing. For example eating can be pleasurable, but the real purpose is to keep you alive. The food may be tasty. It can make you happy, but if you eat too much you can get sick. Work is a blessing, but if you work too much, you may hate it. Business is good and making money is great, just keep the excess under control. Moderation is the keyword. I will have to finish this article now, otherwise I will type excessively. I typed too much already. If you read the other articles on this series, you will realize that the common characteristic behind this negative tendencies is: selfishness. If you are absolved with yourself, you will show one or more of these tendencies on your daily actions. The solution is to live a less selfish lifestyle. By changing your attitude, you may change the outcome of your actions. You may be amazed at the results and you will feel happier and successful. EasyWebRiches © 2006

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Ten must knows when renting a car

Most of us use the convenience of a rental car when traveling and generally select a car rental at random right outside the airport or train station. Now things are different you can arrange to rental a car online and specify your pick up and drop off point. There are directories where many companies are featured and you can easily compare the services as well as pricing of different car rental companies. As a discerning consumer it would be a great advantage if you kept in mind: 1. That you need to keep the paper work ready before renting a car. You need to be over 25 years old, have a valid driving license, have an ID card that is universally accepted, your social security number may be required too. Before you make arrangements, check whether your driver’s license is valid where you intend to go. Otherwise be sure to apply for the requisite permissions. 2. Find out whether the car has currently valid insurance and whether it has passed a road test recently. Ask specifically whether the car’s papers are in good order and when it was last serviced. Consider opting for damage coverage many rental companies make the offer for a nominal amount. 3. Check what the rental charges cover and whether there is an extra charge payable for drop off and pick up of the vehicle. Some companies offer the service for free while others do charge an extra amount. 4. Always ask for confirmation of booking and read through the terms and conditions thoroughly. 5. Check what the refueling options are. Most rental companies offer conveniences like getting a car with a full tank or filling the fuel yourself. You need to decide what is most feasible. 6. Always comparison shop for good rates. If your dates are flexible ask about special offers and discount periods. Rental companies also run promotional schemes so be sure to know what is on offer and how it will benefit you. If you book early you will get better rates than closer to the date of use. Rates also vary depending on the kind of car you wish to rent. Ask whether you are eligible for any discounts. 7. Choose a car that will fulfill your needs. Find out about luggage storage and racks , how many the car will seat comfortably, and whether or not the heater/air conditioner are working. 8. Most companies will not accept cash so make arrangements to carry a card with a low limit for making payment. Also if your company has a regular contract with the car rental then use their relationship to make arrangements. You will get superior service as well as a god rate. 9. If you are traveling with a companion decide whether the companion will drive the rental car too. If yes ask the company what their policies are regarding an additional driver. 10. Take down the 24/7 numbers of customer service and numbers where the car rental people can be contacted on an emergency. The keys areas in car rental are good customer service, flexibility, great vehicle selection, and excellent terms and conditions. Rent a car that makes your trip easy not a nightmare.

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Money doubler madness

After being around in the background for a while, money doublers suddenly became a huge craze on the internet. Forum message boards sported hysterical testimonials like "I Cycled!" and "I Got Paid!" I wonder if they call it a craze because it only crazy people fall for it. Well, I’m certainly not crazy, on the dull side of sensible I’d say if I was pressed on the subject. I am not given to trusting people and you won’t find me accepting a free lunch. So why did I get involved? I put it down to an unattractive little green mean streak of greed. Once that little green fellah gave me a nudge, there was no stopping me; I went from weakness to weakness. I thought that it would be safe to join one of the established programmes, so I joined the Easy Chair Club’s My Magic Doubler. I invested $100. Their server crashed and they closed to new members with bewildering suddenness. I wondered if I was their last ever member to sign up. My natural mistrust of human beings became even deeper and I resolved not to make a similar mistake in future; I would not be tempted to join another money doubler. Some days later, I received $120 back from Easy Chair Club. I had not doubled my money, but I was in profit. I began to like the human race a little better and to think maybe money doublers were not such a bad idea. Double Bot caught my attention. People were getting paid out and, best of all, they had what they called a "spam" section on their forum where members could discuss money making opportunities (ie other doublers). I invested $50. After my success (I did not see it as a lucky escape) with My Magic Doubler, I was feeling confident. At this time Matrix Twisted was about to launch. This was my chance to get in at the very start of a doubler and make some big money, so I funded my account with $50. The difference in time zone meant that I would have to buy shares in the middle of the night. Regrettably, I slept through the excitement of the launch. I also missed the trauma of the instant crash and the first howls of "Scam!" I began to feel less confident and more like a Jinx. Cycle It Fast had already been re-launched and people were getting their money doubled within hours. Strangely, once I had taken the plunge and invested, things changed and I reckon it would have been better named Cycle It Extremely Slowly. Instead of cycling times being expressed in hours, they rose to days and then weeks. Cycle times are no longer mentioned. I think the wheels fell off the day I joined. I decided Cycle It Fast would have to be a long term investment. I still had Double Bot for quick profit. I was surprised to note, when I visited the forum, one day that the popular "spam" section had been removed and posts along the lines of "10 days and I haven’t cycled" and "Where is my money?" were appearing. I started to feel a little uneasy. I was disappointed but not surprised when the Bot hit the rocks. How strange, it had been doing so well before I joined. I asked for a refund but I think admin were too busy baling out. Anxious to recover my losses, I invested $50 with Profit Sharing Hits. Money doubling with advertising hits on top. What could go wrong? I was stunned when the members’ forum disappeared overnight and Admin announced that a re-launch was necessary. I again got that eerie feeling of being the last one in before the doors closed. After several emails from me, a reply arrived from Double Bot. As admin had not got round to refunding my money before they re-launched, they were offering me a choice of paying them a 35% fee to process the refund or reinvesting in the Bot even though doubling had stopped. That is the absolute end! Pass me that albatross and call me Jonah. It seems that any doubler that takes me on board will immediately sink. I might as well go and throw my money straight into the sea, at least I’ll get some fresh air at the same time. I have learned my lesson. I’ll concentrate on my Plug In Profit Site and will not waste any more time or money on these stupid doublers. Wait up! I just got mail and there’s a money tripler about to launch. Now that’s different…

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About a child s view from behind the lens

According to the article “Photos by a Four Year Old” by Mike Rowehl which was posted last December 23, 2004 at bitsplitter. net, the author was taking a picture of the Christmas tree at his parent’s place when his four year old niece spotted him and wanted to take pictures too. So, he released her unsupervised for about half an hour just to see what was on his phone when she came back. Personally, when I first saw the pictures, I was a bit surprised. Are those pictures really taken by a four year old girl? I agree with what Mike has felt initially upon seeing the images for the first time. I also asked myself if his niece actually knew what she was doing.

As a young one, I didn’t expect that she actually knew what to capture and the plus thing was – there was creativity in the way she took her images. The picture that I love most from among the three is the picture of her reflection in an ornament on the Christmas tree. I was curious about what came out of her mind and had this idea as a good subject. It’s truly creative, in a way, even if the photo is not that perfectly taken. With this picture, I also agree with Mike that his niece definitely understands what she’s doing. What she did was to go out of her way and find subjects that didn’t only look interesting but pointed to an understanding that she was creating something. Quite impressive, right? Indeed, if the joy of sharing photos online is all about capturing the random everyday events in our lives, then even a photo taken by a four year old or even younger must be pure gold.

After all, this young, creative mind has her own definition and interpretation of art that only she can comprehend.

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Technology for travelers

If you’re a tech head like me then choosing the right bits if kit to take with you traveling is a very important decision. I like to be wired into the world and well entertained when I am sitting on a 12 hour train ride or some hotel room on a stopover – it makes the time pass much faster and I can actually get some stuff done. But what should you consider packing for your trek and how can you possibly fit it all in? As with any type of packing for travel, selecting which pieces of technology to take with you should be determined by weight, size and utility. Less is more! That means taking the smallest and lightest of everything you need. If you want some computing power on your travels, then a laptop would be the obvious choice. But do you need all the computing power that a laptop can give you or could you escape with just using a tablet or a PDA? When you are lugging around 6 pounds of laptop for miles and miles, the thought of a nice little 200 gram PDA become mighty attractive. If word processing the main reason for taking a computer then consider a PDA with a fold out keyboard. You will be thankful for the weight and space it saves. Alternatively some tablets are more powerful than many laptops and offer the same software options so that might be one other consideration. Your camera is another consideration. Do you need the 35mm SLR with 4 spare lenses? Unless you are going somewhere that justifies the weight of that, then you might be better off with any of the myriad of small digital cameras available on the market. Many of the newer models are up around the 6 megapixel and above mark meaning the quality of shots is getting very good. If you desperately need music, then consider any type of MP3 player that can double as a digital photo storage device. iPods are a good choice and nice and light and the fact that you can store any data such as digital photos on them means you can cut down on packing other storage devices. One of the big things that you are really going to need for all of your gadgets is insurance. Aside from the fact that a person with a lot of gadgets has a lot more to lose when they get robbed, stuff also gets knocked around a lot when you travel. Make sure you get insurance that covers you for the cost of a new replacement of anything that is lost, damaged or stolen. A few minor considerations at the time of purchase can save a traveler a lot of heartache with gadgets. If you can describe your gear as small, light, useful and insured then you should have a pleasant trip!

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Credit free report score

Free Credit Report: Know About Your Credit Score For Free When it comes to applying for a loan, applying for a credit card and applying for certain jobs, you will see that all of these things have one thing in common. All of these actions will require you to have a good credit score in order to qualify. A credit score or a credit rating is what banks base their decisions in approving you for the loan of for a credit card. Sometimes, there are companies that also look at your credit rating in order for you to qualify for a certain job. Your credit report will contain all your credit history. It will show if you have been paying your loans and credit card bills on time and it will also contain information about your monetary judgments, your tax liens and even bankruptcy. It is a fact that many people don’t know what their credit score or credit rating is. Because of this, they will often get negative credit reports because of applying frequently for credit cards and loans and getting rejected because of bad credit rating. Because of this reason, it is important for you to know your credit rating. This is why it is necessary for you to obtain your own copy of your credit report in order to know about your credit history and know if you have a good credit rating or a bad credit rating. You obtain a copy of your credit report through credit reporting agencies. The credit reporting agencies makes your credit report and gives you your credit score. They make their reports based on the creditor's reports about your credit. If you weren’t paying your credit card bills or your loans on time, the creditors will give you a negative credit report to credit reporting agencies. Sometimes, a bad score can be caused by errors on the report. For this reason, it is very important for you to find out about your credit history by applying for a credit report from credit reporting agencies. The document will contain all kinds of necessary information about your credit payment history. It will contain your identifying information, such as your name, address, current and previous address, date of birth, national security number, your previous employer, and also your spouse's name if you are married. It will also contain your credit information with banks, credit card companies, retailers and also other lenders. The credit report can be viewed by creditors in order to determine if you are worthy of getting approved for a loan. It is also a document that can be analyzed by landlords and employers for your credibility. Your credit report will be provided by the three major credit bureaus in the United State, namely; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The reports can be ordered at the same time. Also, these reports can be obtained for free, once a year. There are also companies that provide credit reports for free. However, these companies use their own system and are usually inaccurate. So, if you haven't applied for a credit report before within the year, you can obtain one through the three major credit bureaus in the United States. You can even order all three credit reports for free. By doing this, you will not only know about your credit history and credit rating, but you can also compare it and know about certain errors made.

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The reality of online entrepreneurship

Who doesn't want to run a business from their home and wear a bathrobe to virtual business meetings? Since the go-go days of the dotcom boom, the ideal of starting an online business has drawn many to try their business legs in the challenges of online commerce. And indeed, the statistics are attractive: Fifty-five percent of American households are wired for the Internet, and nearly a third, or 32 percent have made a purchase online, according to the US Census Bureau. There's buckets of money being made online, but who's making it and who's not? When one speaks of "making money online," one creates an image of simply turning on a computer and getting money out of it as if it were an ATM machine. In fact, the Internet, and all the commercial features of it, are merely tools in the entrepreneur's toolbox that should be used alongside other, more traditional tools. When you're building a house, sometimes that high-tech, laser pointing thingamabob is great, but sometimes you just need a hammer. And so it is with online business, and supplementing all that high-tech with old-fashioned business, or in many cases, supplementing old-fashioned business with some high-tech, is what it takes to be successful. Success online comes not in replacing the old with the new, but blending them together. With a few high-profile exceptions, most businesses that "make money online" successfully aren't exclusive virtual sales companies, but instead, they use the Internet as just one of several sales channels. While people are buying things online, they enjoy having the Internet as an option—but don't want it to be their only option. More often, the Internet is used as a vehicle for researching products that will actually be bought in an actual brick-and-mortar store. Creating a virtual business doesn't mean that it should be exclusively virtual. The most successful online businesses are those that have promoted themselves offline as well as on, through traditional media such as television and newspaper as well as via clickthroughs and email advertising. Yahoo! is an excellent example of a fabulously successful online company—but what do we remember most when we think of Yahoo!? The silly yodel from their television commercials. Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when starting an online business, is not to get lost in the online mystique. The Internet revolution has, and continues to bring us all manner of useful tools and techniques for commerce, but if you want to get customers to visit your new online boutique, you have to actually change out of your bathrobe, get out of your den, and actually talk to some people face-to-face.

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Stock lawnmower parts for greater availability of lawnmower

Depending on the type of your lawnmower, you will need to stock different parts in your house. It may be possible to get these parts off the shelf from your friendly neighborhood dealer. But to ensure continued availability you need to have these parts with you, where you can get it easily. You will be able to save a Saturday, when you normally mow the lawn. These parts are not costly and one will always be able to afford the investment in the lawnmower parts. Parts For Gas Engine lawnmower For your gas engine lawnmower you need to stock larger number of parts and consumable than the electric or battery operated lawnmower. This is so because, the lawnmower has many numbers of parts and when upgrading their products the companies do not bother to make spares for the earlier products. In such cases, you may have to on a hunting expedition to get these parts. It is better to stock them instead of the expeditions. The parts that you can store are 1. Spark Plugs: Spark plugs of lawnmowers are different from the plugs of your car and are not quickly available and are the first thing to go wrong. So have a plug handy. 2. Belts: Just as the spark plugs, belts have a habit of breaking down, when required most. (May be Murphy’s laws is applicable here too). Belts are easy to change and you need not stop you lawn maintenance just because the belt has broken down at 7 o’clock in morning when no shop is open and your lawn needs maintenance as your guests are coming by 10 o’clock 3. Blades, Mulching Kits, Shafts, Adapters & Accessories: You can also stock them for continued use of your lawnmower 4. Make a stock of hardware necessary for fixing small problems with lawn mowers and small engines. 5. Throttle and choke cables, battery lead etc. should also be stocked. Parts For Electric Lawnmowers Electric lawnmowers require less number of parts than the gas engine counterpart. The following parts may be maintained for electric lawnmowers 1. Fuses and fuse holder: These are the easiest and cheapest parts to store. You may store them along with other electrical items. 2. Cables and cable winder spares: The mess after the cable winder breaks down should be seen to be believed. A cable winder will not accept any joint in cable and cable if it gets damaged, should be replaced or shortened 3. Switches tools and connectors are also parts to be stocked. Parts For Battery Lawnmower Such lawnmowers require least parts to be stocked. You may stock only the switches and battery leads etc. Therefore, if you stock above parts your lawnmower will serve you for long periods.

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Chamomile oil

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to maintain health and well being. Chamomile oil is one of the commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy. It has relaxing and sedative benefits and smells of fruity apple and straw. It is prepared through steam distillation of the flower. Benefits of using chamomile oil Mental - Calms the mind and eases fear, anxiety, anger, worries and tension during times of physical and emotional stress. Brings peace and patience and enhances overall feelings of calmness and relaxation. Chamomile herb, taken in the form of tea, helps in treating insomnia. Physical - Provides a nervine action, relieving pain associated with the nerves such as neuralgia, headaches, toothache, and earache. A gentle relaxant for menopause and menstrual cramps and pains. Chamomile is a good remedy for gastrointestinal problems. Provides relief to those suffering from gastritis, diarrhea, colitis, peptic ulcers, flatulence, and inflammation of the bowels. Also useful for genito-urinary tract problems. Possibly useful for liver problems such as jaundice. Has mild effect on children facing teething problems and earache. Skin - Chamomile is also used in treating skin problems, providing soothing calming and cleansing action -- useful for burns, blisters, inflamed wounds, ulcers, boils, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, wounds, and hypersensitive skin problems. Also used for dry, itchy skin, puffiness and allegeric conditions in general. Reportedly smoothens out broken capillaries, blisters -- improving elasticity and tissue strength. It can also be used to lighten fair hair. Using Chamomile oil • For bath or massage, add 10 drops to a warm bath for relaxation. Diluted with a carrier oil, it can be massaged in, and used as a compress for headaches. • It is also an excellent household disinfectant. • A calming massage of Roman Chamomile diluted with a carrier oil relaxes sore overworked muscles or inflamed joints. • Diffuse fragrant Roman Chamomile in a Crystal Diffuser to ease headaches and nervous tension.

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6 practices for achieving excellent self care

Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) often feel like they are running behind schedule, and just don't have the time get everything done. As a result, many ADDers end up sacrificing their own self-care in order to scratch off items on their to-do lists. Those who skimp on self-care, however, will find themselves slowed down in the end. It's nearly impossible to be an effective parent, spouse, friend, or worker when you are not operating at your best. And you can't be at your best when you are not taking care of yourself! The following strategies are small changes that ADDers can employ to practice excellent self-care. 1. Cover the Basics Eat right, exercise, and get enough rest - we hear it all the time for good reason! These are the basics that our bodies and minds need to stay fit. Making even small changes in these areas will increase your energy levels and ability to focus. Please talk to your doctor if you need some guidance in these areas. 2. Schedule in "Down Time" Every Day With or without ADD, life is hectic. But ADDers frequently report feeling like they are on "over drive" or "high speed" throughout the day. And this applies to mental activity, as well as physical activity! It's extremely hard to make progress when operating in this mode. Learning how to slow down and recharge may take some time, but the benefits are well worth it. Try meditating, sitting quietly, or taking a peaceful walk by yourself. Feel free to start small - just 5 minutes a day will make a difference - and increase your down time as the practice becomes more comfortable. 3. Choose Great (Not Just Good) Doctors >From general practitioners to dentists, make sure that you have a friendly and reliable doctor who can help. Adults with ADD, especially those taking medication, should make sure they have GREAT doctors. Don't settle for doctors that make you feel uncomfortable. When choosing a doctor, talk to friends and family and find out who they recommend. Make sure the doctor listens to your feelings and concerns, and answers your questions. If you've been to a doctor a few times and they never remember your name, face, or circumstances, it may be time to find a new doctor. The extra effort that is sometimes required is worth the stress and frustration that you save yourself in the end. 4. Indulge in Your Passions Life should be about more than to-do lists! What do you love to do? Paint, sing, visit the theatre, rock climb? Schedule in regular time to indulge in the activities that you are passionate about. It will help keep you happy, positive, and motivated! And you deserve it! 5. Surround Yourself with Happy & Helpful People One of the best ways to stay happy and positive is to surround yourself with others who are happy and positive. Energy is infectious, and we absorb others' positive energy just as easily as we absorb others' negative energy. Surround yourself with people who will see the good in you, instead of those who are overly critical or quick to point out your challenges. 6. Don't Tolerate Things or Situations that You Don't Have To When adults with ADD feel weighed down with day-to-day life, they often feel like they lack the necessary motivation to make big changes. Things like bad relationships, undesirable living spaces, or unfulfilling jobs seam easier to tolerate than to change. But making these types of changes doesn't have to be all-consuming. When large goals are broken into small steps, progress becomes more realistic and less draining. It's difficult to be happy and healthy when life is full of things you tolerate, instead of things you love.

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Slate tile stone

Introduction: Slate tile stone flooring is flexible in nature and can be used almost anywhere. People have been using it extensively in kitchen, front hallway, bathroom and outdoor uses such as pool surrounds and patio. One of the most brilliant features of this stone is that it has got naturally slip-resistant surfaces. The tile is also widely known for its durability and decorative nature. Origins: The slate stone can be seen in large deposits in coastal regions. Some ancient oceans have gathered silt and many other mineral elements in these areas. The silt left behind is exposed to pressure and heat to give it a shape of rugged and durable stone. This stone is widely known as slate. There are several minerals found in slate including quartz, mica and chlorite. These minerals make slate stress resistant. This slate is found in several colors and the credit goes to the mixture of several materials in random order. Slate tile flooring: Preparation: Slate tile has been widely used for flooring worldwide for both residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. The tile has an amazing slip-resistance feature. When it comes to practicality and beauty, slate tile is considered to be the optimum choice. With slate, you can never slip. The preparation of this tile consists of various stages. Gauge and calibration are two main processes involved in the preparation of slate tile. Gauge is a process that lets the edges of the slate tile to turn into square shape via precision cutting. This is a very simple process and it allows the slate tile to turn into an interlocking material. This means that the tile can be easily interlocked with other tiles. Calibration is a process that makes the back of the slate tile even with the help of machine-homing. This process is very important as it make sure that the slate tile will always lay feat during and after the installation. The process of calibration makes the tile easy to install and provides it an even walking surface. Slate tile surface: Natural face or split-face slate tile is one of the most population choices when it comes to slate tile flooring. The split is a region where the slate has been removed from the slate bed. Hence, you can be sure of the fact that this variety of slate tile maintains the natural and uneven texture. The texture makes this type of slate tile one of the most distinctive tile. If you want slip resistant flooring for your house, this is a great option. This slate tile type possesses a tactile dimension that adds up a rich color to it. Thickness: When it comes to slate tile, you can always expect a thickness variation from tile to tile. You need to consult your local flooring professionals to get an approximate idea of slate tile thickness. The thickness of slate tile can vary in a range of 3/8”-7/16”. Slate tile flooring is one of the best options if you want something that provides you look and slip resistance factor.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery risk analysis and control

In the risk evaluation phase, there are a number of key areas that must be covered. One of the most important is to understand probable threats. In an ideal world, which most of us have noticed does not exist, we would identify and protect ourselves against all threats to ensure that our business continues to survive. Obviously, we are constrained by other factors such as budgets, time and priorities and need to apply cost benefit analysis to ensure we are protecting the most critical business functions. A second important step is to identify all probable threats and prioritize them. Threats, typically, can be classified in several ways such as internal/external, man-made/natural, primary/secondary, accidental/intentional, controllable/not controllable, warning/no warning, frequency, duration, speed of onset etc. While classifying threats is helpful in terms of understanding their characteristics and potential controls, grouping and understanding by business impact is also important. Obviously, the same impact can result from a number of different threats. Identifying mission critical business processes and systems is another fundamental building block of the business continuity plan. After your critical business processes and systems and probable threats are established, the next step is to identify vulnerabilities and loss potential. This requires an extensive scan of the organization to identify vulnerabilities and then analysis to understand those vulnerabilities which would have the greatest impact on your critical business processes and the organization.

This starts to clarify and quantify potential losses, which helps to establish priorities. Following the identification of the most probable threats and vulnerabilities, an analysis of existing controls is needed. This spans physical security as well as people, processes, data, communications and asset protection. Some controls such as physical security and data backup are obvious.

Other controls required are often less obvious, but they can be identified through the risk evaluation process. Once the key building blocks of critical business functions, most probable threats, vulnerabilities and controls are identified, the next stage is to develop an understanding of the probability of threats factored by the severity or impact of the threats. This leads to the business impact analysis phase which establishes priorities for protection. The goal is to minimize threats, impacts and downtime and to mitigate any losses. Fundamentally, the goal is to protect your people, protect your data, protect your vital communications, protect your assets and to protect your brand and reputation. Overall, of course, the goal is to ensure your business continues to operate and to do it in a cost-effective way meeting standards of reasonable and prudent judgment. Bob Mahood Midwest Data Recovery Inc. midwestdatarecovery. com bmahood@midwestdatarecovery. com 312 907 2100 or 866 786 2595

Online Business continuity and disaster recovery risk analysis and control

Apache webserver a quick tutorial for new admins

Apache is one of the most commonly used web servers out there. If you are running your own cPanel server your websites will actually run on Apache. If you're new to administering a web server or just want to learn to keep your managed server under control without yelling for support each and every time it is useful to know some basic Linux commands for Apache. Unless specified otherwise - all commands listed need to be executed from the command line on your server. How to start, stop or restart Apache (commands need to be executed from the command line)? Restart: "/etc/rc. d/init.

d/apachectl restart" Stop: "/etc/rc. d/init. d/apachectl stop" Start: "/etc/rc. d/init. d/apachectl start" Where is the Apache httpd. conf file located? "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf" How many Apache processes are running on your server at any given time? "ps auwx |grep httpd |wc - l" Where is the Apache error log located on the server? "/var/log/httpd/error_log" Where is the Apache status log file located on the server? "/var/log/httpd/access_log" HTTP Codes 200 = Successful Request 304 = Successful request, but the web page requested hasn't been modified since the current version in the remote web browser's cache. 401 = Unauthorized access. Someone entered an incorrect username / password on a password protected page 403 = Forbidden. File permissions prevents Apache from reading the file. 404 = Page Not found. The page requested doesn't exist. 500 = Internal Server Error This article can be published by anyone as long as a live back link to http:// webhostingresourcekit. com is provided. (this note can be removed as long as a link from the author's resource box is provided)

Online Apache webserver a quick tutorial for new admins