The whole truth about natural acne treatment

Acne can happen to anyone. It shows up primarily in the face and can cause embarrassment and even avoidance of going out in public. Some people only experience light, occasional break-outs. Unfortunately for others, this problem can go on for years and requires treatment. There are several choices when it comes to healing yours. A dermatologist is recommended for severe or frequent blemishes. Natural Acne Treatment is the ideal remedy for milder cases. Natural Acne treatment is simple. Changing your diet or taking herbs and vitamins to cleanse and provide additional nutrition could be enough to clear your skin up. You should eliminate sugars, oils, and fats from your diet as much as possible. They are not part of a good balanced diet and are all unhealthy to begin with. Drinking water instead of sugary soda and eating a vegetable snack instead of you usual chips is not a difficult change to make. The healthier you are overall will reflect the health of your skin. It has been debated that diet has no effect on acne. Diet alone is not a suitable natural acne treatment. However, modifying your diet in addition to taking certain vitamins can clear up your skin. Taking certain vitamins is a great natural acne treatment used by many people. Zinc can prevent acne from ever occurring. It also heals existing blemishes. Vitamin A in low doses reduces the production of your skin's natural oil, called sebum. Certain herbal blends can also help to benefit your body and your skin. The advantages to natural acne treatment are that you avoid ever having to see a dermatologist, your body will benefit from healthier eating, and you are not exposing your skin to harsh chemicals. Visiting a dermatologist to take care of your acne can get expensive. It usually requires many follow-up visits and paying for prescriptions. This can also be time consuming and overall just not worth it if your acne is not severe enough to actually require it. Not consuming greasy foods will keep your system clean, which is beneficial to your overall health as well as your skin. Typical acne medicines contain ingredients that can cause your skin to be sensitive to sunlight or even worsen your condition. Modifying your diet and taking vitamins are not the only options that you have as natural acne treatment. You could suffer from stress-induced acne. Ways to reduce stress in your life can differ from person to person because everyone gets stressed out by different things. Exercising and getting plenty of rest could help to calm the stress in your life. Perhaps taking a walk or practicing yoga would help you to relax and clear your mind to be stress-free. A life without stress could be a life without suffering from acne. Natural treatment may not be the answer to your acne, depending on the cause of it. Experimenting is an easy and painless method to try, and it could save you a lot of money if it is right for you.

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Building affiliate marketing websites online the easy way

There are some myths in affiliate marketing, which attract a lot of people to it believing they are true. First is they think managing an online business is easy and second, they think that one can make a fortune through online marketing in an instant. Probably not even 10% of those who are into affiliate marketing became rich overnight. There may be some who fortunately achieved overwhelming success in just a short span of time after setting up an affiliate program, but not a majority of them can confidently say they only had luck. Anyone who is successful in this kind of business would say he worked hard to get to where he is right now. Success in affiliate marketing takes time and hard work, but it’s worth it. If you are planning to start an affiliate program, one of the things you have to consider is having your own website, not just an ordinary website but a professional looking one. How do you build an affiliate marketing website? What are the easy steps to build one? First, you must have already decided on the theme or niche of your website. It would be better if you already have an idea what products or services to promote as this would help you plan the design and lay-out of your web pages. The next thing to do is to choose a domain name and get it hosted. The domain name is a unique name used to label the actual address of your website on the Internet. In deciding what domain name to register, look into the type of products you are endorsing and the theme of your site. Having the right keywords in your domain name would give you better chances of drawing more visitors to your website. Also, choose a top level domain or extension, such as. com because it is more popular. In selecting your web host, consider the security of servers and up time guarantees. Now, you can start creating your webpages. Don’t be disheartened when you know a little in this field. There are page generation tools and fast launch sites available online; you just have to search for them. Countless online sources could help you build an affiliate marketing website, though you might need time to study and learn the whole process. This is one of the reasons why your site or the products you are going to promote must match your interest. Building your marketing website for the first time would be a lot more fun if you know very well the theme of your site. If you don’t have time to make your own website, you can use templates or purchase readily available websites. The latter, however, is a more expensive option. Creating an affiliate website on your own would be cheaper and more interesting. In the process of building your website, you may also increase your knowledge in Information Technology and the use of computers, softwares and the Internet. As you educate yourself in these fields, you are increasing your advantage against other affiliate marketers. It helps a lot, though, if you already know the basics in web page development like programming languages and graphics softwares because you can make your site extra corporate-looking, more convenient to use or easier to navigate. Furthermore, if you are knowledgeable and skillful in this area, you can already concentrate more on the content of the page rather than the design. The key to draw visitors to your website is to have high quality content; thus, the next thing you must pay attention to in building your marketing website is this. There may be several other factors that contribute to the success of your affiliate marketing site, but a good content tops the list. This is precisely the reason why users choose to enter your site. They want to get information and so when they don’t find it, they would definitely go elsewhere. Write interesting articles related to your theme as this would make them frequent your site. If you have already looked for affiliate programs that complement your site, add links to the business sites and other very good informative sites. Links contribute to how well you will be listed in major search engines as well. Also, create pages for the products you are endorsing, but don’t just promote the products by putting hyped-up ads. Keep your readers interested by injecting lots of relevant and useful information. This would make them click the link to the business site and buy the product. Remember that no good content means no frequent visitors, no sales and ultimately, no commission. Make your site simple yet not without a touch of class in order to make it appear more of a business website rather than a personal website. This would be pleasing to the eyes and more interesting to browse. To help you with the design, you can check some successful online stores to get an idea on how you can make your site look better. Make sure you don’t place too many banner ads since these could distract some site users; and thus, instead of clicking your ad, they might just leave your site and look for other interesting websites. After all, banner ads are not the only means of advertising your products. Now your website is complete, submit its URL to major search engines to increase your traffic. Grow from where you started. Learn about use of keywords for search engine optimization and apply them in your content. Update your site regularly or add new webpages. Make sure to inform your prospects about the latest updates in your site. You can use newsletters to accomplish this. The Internet offers a huge source of information about just anything, make use of it. Continue to educate yourself on how to improve your website and soon you’ll find yourself successful in affiliate marketing.

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Green air filters for your car

Alright, all you soy sipping, yogurt eating, diet doing, hybrid driving, environmentally eccentric folks from Vancouver: listen up. You may be causing more damage to the environment than you already know. How so? Your Audi’s air filter, that’s how. Yes, it is true: if you keep your car long enough you will be performing under-the-hood maintenance which will include changing your air filter at least once a year. Keep that same car for ten years and that is ten years of stuff clogging North America’s landfills. And you call yourself earth friendly? Tsk, tsk! All kidding aside, there is an environmentally friendly way whereby if you follow just one small, but important step you can achieve oneness with nature, if not with your wallet: replace your car’s disposable air filter one final time with a reusable air filter. Reusable air filters, or performance air filters as some like to call them, are a true “green” item. No, the air filter isn’t green itself, but the result is the same effect: you can replace your car’s air filter one final time with a reusable air filter that should outlast your car. Environmentally friendly air filters are on the market and they have several key benefits to them, including: You replace your car’s disposable air filter once and for all with a reusable air filter. Environmentally sensitive landfills are permanently rid of an extra ten or more disposable air filters that you would have used. Your reusable air filter will cost approximately 2 or 3 times the price of a disposable filter, however you will get that money back and ultimately save in the long run. Your car will actually perform better as reusable air filters help your engine breathe better. Better breathing for your engine means better performance. You may realize a slight increase in fuel mileage as a better performing engine means a more efficient engine. All in all, you can show yourself to be environmentally responsible and save yourself some many in the process of doing the right thing. Reusable air filters are truly a green friendly product and are worth being placed in your car the next time you change your air filter.

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The contour years

Replacing the Ford Tempo is the Ford Contour. It strictly competes with the Honda Accord, the Chrysler Cirrus, the Dodge Stratus, and other compact and mid-size sedans. This vehicle is crafted and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in the United States and has been made available in a couple of trim levels including GL, LX, and the sporty SE. This vehicle exudes performance, refinement and an overall execution. This vehicle has a standard dual airbags and optional features comprise of antilock brakes, and traction control. Also, this vehicle’s other features are bumpers that could withstand a five mph impact, and a base engine that was a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that could produce 125 horsepower that works well with a 5-speed manual shift or the optional electronic 4-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle suffered from several mishaps in several of its parts. The automatic transmission had a faulty manual lever position sensor. If the parking brake cables held some ice during the winter month, this will not allow the brake to release.

Its dashboard lights were somewhat faulty with the charge warning lights glowing. Since its production in 1995, it already suffered from performance faults. The list included front seatbelt anchor tabs cracking, fuel-tank filler reinforcements leaking, the metal shield on its plastic fuel-filler pipe developing stating charge during refueling that could be an ignition source, passenger airbags inflator body cracking, overheating at head lamp and wiring-harness terminals that could result in open circuit for instrument lights, parking lamps, and tail lamps, front coil springs fracturing as a result of corrosion in several extreme environments, and owner guide manuals not being sufficiently clear. However, because of these mishaps, the Ford Contour underwent several drastic changes so as to fully facilitate a greater driving experience for its users. In 1995, the Ford Contour reduced its chrome stripes on its bumpers and its body had been colored. The front seats were now recessed in the back so as to improve rear seat leg room. A year after, the traction control and heated mirrors were no longer an option.

The remote fuel door release was removed. Made available were interior trunk lights, tilt steering wheels, and power antennas. The year 1997 made the Ford Contour sport new designs in its front and rear ends. The roof line was altered and the rear deck shorted so as to further improve rear seat headroom.

For the last year of its production, 2000, each trim level received different changes and restyling. The 2000 Ford Contour held a DOHC 24-valve V6 engine with aluminum block and heads. It had a Ford EEC-IV engine control system with port fuel injection. It had a power of 170 bhp at 6250 rpm and a capability of 165 lb-ft. of torque at 4250 rpm. It sported a transmission of a 5-speed manual. It held a curb weight of 2910 lb. The Ford Contour’s wheelbase was 106.5 inches and a length of 183.9 inches. http:// premiumcarparts. com provides Ford Contour owners and Ford enthusiasts a complete line of the highest quality Ford auto parts like Ford Countour parts.

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The surprising truth about cold calling

: OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 1 "Cold Calling is a Numbers Game" When all you know is the traditional way of cold calling, selling is indeed a numbers game. Yes, you can call people over and over. You can also chase them until they listen just so that you go away. Have you ever wondered how someone came up with the "numbers game concept?" It was really about the rejection we constantly experience when making cold calls. The boss just said to call someone else, and so we did. The idea is that if we call a hundred people a day, then we should squeeze out at least a few good leads. However, there’s a better and easier way of getting your product or service message across -- all on one call. If you simply change your cold calling approach, you'll make fewer calls and more sales. How? By engaging in conversations. Yes, that’s right. Just talk to your normal tone of voice, and without the usual sales pitch approach. When we focus on relationship rather than salesmanship, we’re calling with the anticipation of meeting someone new. We’re looking forward to a pleasant conversation to find out whether we can be of service. The other person subtly but powerfully feels this mindset. You’re no longer meeting with defense and resistance right from the start. That will dramatically change the way people respond to your cold calls. OLD COLD CALLING GURU MYTH # 2 "Use a sales script" People can tell when you're reading from a script, even if you think you're pretty good at it. There's just nothing personal about a sales script, and people pick up on that. Being artificial immediately tags you as a typical salesperson. Therefore, if you can learn to get your message across in a different way, then you'll eliminate the negative triggers that can lose your sale within seconds. So once again, the best way is to begin with a conversation. Anticipate a dialogue, not a monologue. People will respond much more positively. When you allow a conversation be natural and to "breathe," they know you’re present and listening. T hat feels good to someone who is having to "fend off" salespeople who are really just talking billboards. OLD COLD CALLING GURU MYTH # 3 "Focus on closing the sale" Are you "going in for the kill" with your closing sale technique? If you are, you could end up killing your deal instead. Old cold calling sales techniques do nothing more than pressure potential clients. They feel like they’re being chased. What do most people do when they feel chased? They run! They naturally want to retreat away from that pressure -- and that pressure is you. So learn to avoid the "push-pull" dynamic between you and the potential client. You'll actually find the sales process moving forward much more naturally (and more often) than when you’re forcing things. In this old myth, the idea is that if a sale is lost, it’s usually at the end of the sales process. The truth is that it’s often lost at the beginning of the cold call. When all you’re doing is going for a sale, the other person can sense it, no matter how well you think it’s camouflaged. When someone senses this sales pressure, "The Wall" goes up and the defenses come out. So stay away from focusing on making the sale. Rather, your goal is always to discover whether you and your potential clients are a good fit. I can’t tell you how useful these new ideas have been in my own life, and in the lives of hundreds of others who have tried it. It’s not always easy to shed the old cold calling myths. Nevertheless, it’s worth it. With a little practice, you’ll come to a place of actually enjoying your cold calls and getting better results.

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Work from home office policies

It has come to our attention that self-employed people have somehow escaped the burden of "office policies". No longer. Now even work-from-home hermits can revel in the burden of "office policies." (This is part three of a series that began at http:// thehappyguy. com/hermit.

html and continued at http://thehappyguy. com/pajamas. html .) Every office needs office policies, if for no other reason to keep employees from scratching each others' eyes out or "borrowing" company equipment. The home office is no exception. If you are wondering why somebody barricaded alone in his basement needs a policy to keep him from stealing his own office equipment, you have obviously never sat alone in your basement 23 hours a day, day after day, in front of a computer screen that freezes every now and then just out of sadistic spite. Policies designed to keep employees from scratching each others' eyes out are even more important in a home office. In a corporate setting, spiteful employees go home at night and forget the objects of their loathing. But when one detests oneself, office politics often gets too personal to just forget. And that pest even follows you into the shower...when you take one, that is. Here are a few guidelines you can use to formulate practical home office policies, just in case you get the hankering to live the glamorous life of the work-from-home hermit. Every office has rules against sexual harassment. Due to legal requirements, you must adopt a zero tolerance policy for such insensitive advances. If your spouse complains about such a policy, seek legal council. Divorce can be ugly. Office romance is another story. Most companies permit office romances, as long as there is not an actual office involved. In the home office, romance is encouraged, mostly to avoid the legal repercussions mentioned above. Generally, spouses do not frown on home office affairs, either. In fact, they usually approve such morale-building long as this function is not outsourced. Inventory control in the home office is key. Large companies have policies like: "It is forbidden to remove paper fastening devices from company premises, except within envelopes being disseminated through official company channels." Home office inventory control should focus instead on "consumables". Here is recommended wording for your policy: "Stop hoarding the cupcakes. Leave them in the kitchen." In major corporations, absenteeism is a serious problem. Most companies have policies against calling in sick every day. The reverse is true in home offices, where employee omnipresence has been proven to cause psychological trauma in overworked computer keyboards. Most companies have policies on showing up late for work. Most work-from-home hermits do not know what this means. No policy required. Many large employers encourage car pooling. Please resist the temptation to car pool to your home office. The SUV might have a great sound system, but it just won't fit through the dining room door. Pets are not permitted in most office settings. In your home office, roaming animals are an important customer service feature: "Yes, I agree. Your report should claim that profits are swollen, not stolen. Must've been that darn cat frolicking on the keyboard again." Many companies expressly forbid employees from viewing objectionable content on the Internet. Seasoned work-from-home hermits know that ALL content on the Internet is objectionable, especially after 23 hours in front of the computer screen. Confidentiality is sacred with large employers. Employees are forbidden to divulge information they see pass over their desks. In the home-office, policies are required to prevent hermits from divulging what they see when they pass out under the desk. Mostly dust bunnies. My wife enforces this policy. I was asked recently by a survey company if my business is wheel-chair accessible. I responded, "My business is a website. Why would you want to roll a wheelchair over my website?" Maybe I need a policy on that. A final word on office gossip. Don't. If gossip in the home office gets out of control, whose feelings are going to get hurt? Right! And who else's? Right again. If self-inflicted humiliation is not for you, maybe you are more cut out for a job that involves policies against "removing paper fastening devices from the premises".

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Fix your credit report to get a loan

We're not on this planet for very long, so while we're here, we might as well enjoy it. So you should buy things. Sure, you're smart enough to not run out and buy whatever catches your eye, but you want to have nice things. You deserve them. Want to own a car or a house? You'll need a loan, and to get a loan you have to get your credit checked. One thing that you will be surprised about is how many credit reports out there have big mistakes on them. Does yours?

If you are not sure, you need to find out right away. You need to get a copy of your credit report every 12 months and check it thoroughly. Why? Because mistakes can happen, and they do happen all the time. Why do mistakes happen all the time? The answer is actually fairly simple.

Often it's just a matter of human error. Perhaps they accidentally mistyped a piece of information somewhere in your past or perhaps they mistyped someone else's information but accidentally put it on your file. It happens a lot. So what can you do about it? Again, the answer is simple. You need to get a copy of your credit report and go over it with a fine toothed comb. Identify the parts that are accurate and the parts that are inaccurate. When you find inaccurate information you need to highlight it clearly. Then you need to find supporting documents and information to prove the inaccuracy. For example, if your credit report shows that you have been renting since you moved out of your parents' house but you actually bought your own house a few years ago, you may want to provide them with some of your mortgage papers and particulars to prove what is accurate. Then write a polite letter of explanation that clearly details the points you want to clarify and send it off to the credit bureau. When they receive your request, they need to investigate each claim before they fix it. This is because they get many people who file bogus claims of inaccuracy all the time. It can take a while to get everything squared away, but when you do it, you can enjoy the peace of mind that should you need a loan, you'll have an accurate credit report to work from and to back you up. And, with an accurate credit report, you'll be able to quickly identify any identity theft problems that may occur. So don't lose sleep over your credit rating. Instead, contact your credit bureau and get a copy and check for inaccuracies.

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What you should know before you outsource your project

When it comes to what you should know before you outsource your project, you must first know what it means to outsource. When you outsource a project, you are bringing in another person or company to do the work for you. This occurs in a variety of fields, depending on the company’s needs. When a company chooses to outsource it usually means a few different things. First, it may mean that they simply do not have the time for that specific project, maybe they have found themselves overwhelmed with work. It may also mean they do not have the capabilities to perform that specific function. Both of these reasons are common reasons why a company would choose to outsource a project. When you have made the decision that your company must outsource a project, there are a few things you must know.

First, you will need a clear and defined outlook on every aspect entailed in the project. No matter what type of project it is, if you choose to outsource, you must have all information readily available for the contractor. Your next step is to find and identify a contractor that is appropriate for the project you have in mind. For example, if your project is a complete web site, you will need to outsource to a contractor that is well versed in all areas of site design from graphics to scripting and everything in between. Once you have found one or more contractors, interview and screen them with extreme care.

All business you outsource is a direct reflection on you and your company and not the contractor per se. Make sure the chosen outsource contractor can provide you with an adequate amount of references and a solid portfolio of accomplishments. Speak with the contractors about their goals and the philosophy of their business. You should also obtain proposals from the contractors outlining all potential timelines, charges, and fees. When you outsource a project, you are choosing to place your trust, time, and money in someone you do not necessarily know personally. Therefore, you must use extreme care and use all your investigative skills in finding the appropriate contractor to outsource your project.

It is important to look closely at a few different contractors and outsource your project to the one that can provide you with the best quality product within your time frame and within your budget as well. Permission is granted to reprint this article as long as no changes are made, and the entire resource box is included.

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When fuel pumps give up the ghost

Cruising down the highway at 70mph in your ‘98 Bimmer you notice a strange sound coming from somewhere underneath your car. You proceed down the road a few more miles before exiting and making the turn into your subdivision. The sound magically disappears and you dismiss it as something that must have wedged itself underneath your car and then worked itself free. However, your car engine buckles, hesitates and then dies as you make the turn into your driveway. Fortunately, you made it home. Unfortunately, your fuel pump has gone to auto parts heaven. Sure, we can dream that your fuel pump died just as you got home. How convenient. In all likelihood the problem would have surfaced while you were on a long trip, on a Sunday afternoon, miles from no where. Fuel pump failures can happen without warning and without any engine codes signaling the problem. In other words: when it happens you are SOL. Replacing a fuel pump is a job that many weekend mechanics would feel comfortable with doing provided they are at home and have the right tools on hand. Still, you will be working with gasoline which will require you to prop your car up and then drop the gas tank down to replace the pump. I did say that the fuel pump is located inside of the gas tank, didn’t I? Oh, yeah, one small need to have the replacement fuel pump on hand before proceeding with the work. You can go to a local auto parts store and have your pick of low priced generic pumps that just may last you a few years. Chances are that once you have gone to all the trouble of installing the low priced model, you would have wished you put in a Bosch fuel pump or given your Bimmer a BMW fuel pump even though it would have cost you plenty to buy one, right? Well, not exactly. By shopping online you can turn up some very good prices provided you select the name brand fuel pump and that you buy it from a reputable dealer. Ebay may work well for buying dolls and trinkets but your automobile parts should come from someone you can trust. Once you have the right part on hand you can continue with the job. Follow your owner’s manual instructions to get the job done and done right. Your Bimmer will be glad, particularly if you remember to install a new fuel filter with your fuel pump.

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Buying tips for used cars

Resorting to buying used cars is not a bad idea. For some people who cannot afford to buy brand new cars, second hand cars offer valuable alternatives to saving money for other important matters. In fact, in a 2005 survey, more than 60% of people surveyed are becoming more open to procuring used cars rather than brand new. Attractive as it may seem, before you decide to make a purchase of and used cars models, there are some things you need to know and advice that will help you make the most of buying used cars. Below are some recommendations that you may want to follow to secure your finances and optimize your car buying experience. • Research Police Records Do some searching on the web or through your Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or local police. These agencies will be able to help you track the legal history related to the used car you are trying to purchase. Stolen cars reported to police agencies are tracked for possible resale. Consulting a police agency would save you from potential headache and probable involvement in the sale of illegal or stolen item. • File a Vehicle History Report The recent hurricanes gave us a new idea of how the business of used cars works in this diverse marketplace. Cars that are completely submerged in water and totaled are sent to motor shops for remodeling and washed to bring it anew. An interesting example to cite is through ordering a CARFAX Vehicle History Report. This verification and research policy empowers consumers to choose the right products for them and optimize the use of used cars. • Take note of the detailed damage and its extent The history report will provide details about the level of damage including but not limited to internal and external corrosion, broken parts such as frame damage due to accidental or intentional dilapidation, fluid leaks, corroded electronic main parts and accessories and tarnished frames and the location where the car was originally purchased and dismembered for resale. Additionally, particulars about the source of damage like due to natural phenomenon such as hurricanes and flooding are detailed as well. • Try Browsing for Online Best Buys Take an online survey of some of the must and best buy items on the net offering used car models and brand new models. Some reputable websites offering these kinds of services like http://Car. com and invoice Dealers offer reasonable car package and discounts which will allure you to buying new cars instead due to their competitive and reasonable prices.

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Debt collection

If you have a credit card, you may have heard from debt collectors more than once, reminding you that you are late with your payment. Most times you may find them annoying reminders. While debt collection is subjected to a regulation known as the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, you are not dismissed from your obligation to pay your debt. The collection agency or the originator can file charges against you should you fail to settle your outstanding balance. Many companies employ the services of a third party provider of debt collectors to contact and remind their clients about their debts. Debt collection services include, following up on clients through all means of communication tools, like fax, telephone call, mail or email. They are the ones who contact customers and remind them to settle their outstanding balances. Most debt collection agencies or companies operate under a “no collection, no pay” principle, meaning that if they cannot collect for the client, they will not be paid for their services.

A long list of companies that need this kind of services include those outside lending companies such as banks, credit and insurance companies, The list also includes cable operators, water, heat and electricity providers, telephone companies, etc. These debt collection services ease the burden for their client companies in going after delinquent customers. But it is imperative for companies to choose the right debt collection agencies. After all, these debt collectors communicate directly with customers and operate on behalf of the company. The debt collectors must maintain an air of courtesy. They must not in any way harass the customer, and they must proceed with their tasks observing ethics and confidentiality. They must also properly identify themselves and not cause undue inconvenience to the customer. Customers, under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act are protected against harassment from debt collectors.

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Choosing the perfect retirement home

Making the decision to move from the comfort of your own home into a retirement home is not one to be taken lightly and needs a lot of thought and preparation. So what should be you be looking for? Peace of Mind Whether you are able to live without assistance or need extra care, you want to know that you're going to be getting the best and most secure facilities on offer to fit within your lifestyle. Modern day retirement developments are thought out very carefully with special attention paid to detail, from the style of the property and its natural surroundings, to the distance from local shops, hospitals, transport and social aspects such as meeting clubs and restaurants. Security entrances, 24 hour care lines, smoke alarms and lifts are generally included and designed to make you feel secure and protected. A house manager is also a reassuring presence. Whether you need them or not, from keeping an eye on your apartment to answering any questions you might have, they are there to provide assistance. Independence Special attention isn't just paid to the local amenities and facilities outside your home. In order to live as independently as possible, you need access to everything you'd expect in your own home such as enough space for storage, right down to the types of tap fittings used and the heights of units. These small details mean that you can continue to look after yourself well into your retirement. Assisted living is a great option for those who can maintain a good degree of independence and are well enough not to need a full time care home but need a bit of extra help. Many retirement developments offer assisted living for those that need it while still allowing its residents a high degree of independence. Comfort To be comfortable, you need to feel at home, relaxed and secure. This is mostly achieved by choosing a good quality retirement apartment but extras such as laundry rooms and residents lounges also offer you companionship and conversation when you want it and fully equipped guest suites for when friends or family wish to stay overnight. Cost Cost of living is obviously high on the agenda for many people. While it's usually tempting to go for the cheapest option, that's not always best. Try to find somewhere within your budget with a clear cost structure so there are no hidden costs. Various service charges including garden maintenance, water rates, the use of the care line, the house manager etc can soon add up causing a great deal of stress and worry. You want value for money in a location suitable for you, with the facilities you need and a clear idea of what extra charges you will need to budget for. Energy efficiency should be high on the tick list too because the more efficient a property, the less costly it will be. Location If you are planning to retire it usually makes sense to choose a location where you already have some form of connection. For example, some people might select a location to be near to family whilst others might select a location which is close to their friends. Many choose to retire to a location because of the countryside - or indeed that very popular option, to be near the sea. Many people select a location on the basis that it is the place where they feel comfortable and of course "gut feeling" may well play an important part in that judgment. Finally, whatever grounds you might give for selecting a retirement apartment or flat it really is worth looking around to see what's on offer. One of the best places to start is by going to the largest builder of retirement homes in the UK as they have extensive resources on their website to help the retirement home hunter. Happy searching!

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Don t lose email leads in your spam filter

Chances are you could be missing important business opportunities if your email Inbox utilizes a spam filter. Take a few minutes now to investigate your email screening procedures for messages received from unknown senders. You might even discover a new client hiding among the spam! Email inquiries from new business prospects, which by definition are unknown and unexpected when they arrive in your Inbox, can take a detour to your spam box without your knowledge. When was the last time you did not receive an email sent by a client or friend? Failed email delivery can be quite common. Usually the sender just emails you again until you receive the message. Now imagine a situation where somebody (like a prospective legal client) sends you an email that you don’t receive, but they don’t tell you about it. Attorneys or paralegals frequently contact a number of experts via email and engage the most qualified candidate who responds first. You miss out on a potential engagement if the email inquiry does not show up in your inbox. Here are five easy steps to protect your email, receive incoming leads and avoid technical nightmares: 1. Check your spam box often if you use automated email filtering. Microsoft Outlook 2003 and AOL give you the ability to control the settings and security levels for your incoming email. 2. Add a response form to your Website. Your Webmaster can set this up so that you are automatically alerted with an email recognized by your server. 3. Update your “safe” and “blocked” sender lists often, especially if delivery is controlled at the ISP level. Add a law firm’s email domain to your approved email list when you get a new client from the firm. 4. Separate business from personal correspondence by using two different email accounts. 5. Avoid downloading free software or clicking on unsolicited ads. If you do, you may find yourself subject to a virus or malicious Adware attack.

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Did you know that weather is affecting your weight

Did you know that there is a difference in weight between LA and New York? If you are thin in New York good chances that you are thought of as fat in LA! It is only about maybe 10 lbs in difference. In New York every women you see has real curves, there is not as a size 2 in the bunch. Yet in LA, every one of those women from New York would start feeling fat within minutes of stepping foot off the airplane! One of the main factors is probably due to the weather. Yes! We are going to blame this on the weather! There is not a time of year, in LA that you cannot be comfortable wear a bathing suit. What that means is, there not a time in the year that exercising and dieting ever truly stops. Now get this juicy fact, the more clothes you take off in LA, the more looks you are going to get, but in New York, the more you have on in clothing, the more looks you're going to get. It is like a dress code that no one really knows about, but it turns out to be true fact.

All because of the changing of seasons, you cover it up, curiosity starts happening in the minds of the men. Here is what you need to do to be notice in LA. You must be wearing, tight jeans, carrying this year's purse and, on your feet, this season's shoes. Turning that around and head for New York, its a dress that gets the looks. Why? It is because of their weather. What you wear can covers up a multitude of sins, meaning those extra few pounds that would make you invisible back in LA, makes you a hot mama in New York! Those who visit both sides of the coast feel it is healthier for all women to visit the coast opposite of where they may live now. It would open your eyes to the fact that not being a size 0 is not the end of the world. Think what a field trip would be like for teenage girls who feel they are either too fat or too thin? How about getting them visit the opposite coast line of where they live now? There would a change in attitude when they get to see that its better or worse depending on where they are from. Those in the middle of the West and East coast, well I don't know what it is like for them but be warned not to visit Miami anytime soon. There they don't wear anything but bikini tops and short shorts. It has been said that a very buff size 0 from LA felt fat, when she got off the plane in Miami. What this really means ladies, whereever you might live; it all boils down to this. Be happy with who you are, diet and exercise under a doctor's supervision, and don't worry about what other women size may be. Ask any man, they love us, no matter what size big or small we may be.

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Skin care and the physiology of the skin

The largest organ of the human body is the skin. It protects our bodies from the environment, maintains body temperature, excretes waste matter, gives sensory information to the brain and regulates body moisture. We think about our skin more than any other part of our bodies, and we manifest that attention by investing our emotions and about 6 to 20 % of our disposable income into our skin (Lappe, 1996). It is worthy to consider, then, how cosmetic products affect our skin. In this article the psycho-social impact of cosmetics will be examined as well as why cosmetics are deemed necessary. The physiology of skin, how cosmetics affect skin function and the effects of synthetic and natural cosmetic ingredients on the skin will also be considered. The Psycho-Social Impact of Cosmetics Our society is preoccupied with the "culture of beauty" (Lappe, 1996) which includes the notion that our skin must always look young and appear free from blemish. Our psychological well-being is often closely enmeshed with perceptions of how our skin appears to ourselves and others. We define our self-image to include the visible representation of our skin to others, so as a result, it has become the "primary canvas on which our cultural and personal identity is drawn" (Lappe, 1996). Cosmetic companies set aside concepts of natural beauty so that flaws such as large pores, fine lines and wrinkles are brought to the fore, influencing our spending habits in pursuit of flawless skin. In the animal kingdom, most male species are endowed with colourful physical attributes so that a less colourful, but wisely camouflaged female mate will be attracted to it. Humans do not have equivalent ornamentation, so women use cosmetics, specifically make-up, to decorate their faces to attract prospective mates. The Need for Cosmetics A cosmetic is any substance which, when applied, results in a temporary, superficial change (Anctzak, 2001). We use a myriad of cosmetics on our skin, from moisturizers to lipstick. Make-up alters our visual appearance by enhancing our facial features through the artistic application of colour. It can beautify the face and be used to express our sense of self to others. Make-up can hide blemishes, scars, under-eye circles or even out our skin tone. It can boost self-esteem, make us feel more attractive and increase our social acceptability in some social situations. Using make-up can contribute to a well-groomed image, which positively influences our confidence, self-esteem, health and morale. Skin care cosmetics treat the surface layer of the skin by providing better protection against the environment than skin left untreated. Creams treat the skin's surface by imparting moisture to the skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin. It also forms a thin barrier which traps moisture underneath, thereby preventing the evaporation of water from the skin's surface. Creams also accelerate the hydration of skin cells on the outer layer, giving the skin a temporarily smooth, plump appearance. Exfoliants improve the appearance of the skin by sloughing away flaky skin, blackheads and some dead skin cells. Astringents improve skin tone and texture by swelling the pore walls so dirt and debris do not collect within. Soaps loosen particles of dirt and grime by dissolving the greasy residue left on the skin from natural skin oils, creams and make-up. The Physiology of the Skin and How Cosmetics Affect Skin Function Skin is made up of three main layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the only layer we can see with our eyes and as we age, remarkable changes occur which are hidden from our view. For instance, the skin gradually thins over time, especially around the eyes. Some cosmeceuticals can minimally re-thicken the skin, but the process of thinning is inevitable. Elastin and collagen, located in the dermis keep the skin resilient and moist, but with ageing these fibres break down to create lines and wrinkles. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation accelerates this process, and since few cosmetics can actually reach the dermis, the idea that a cosmetic can reverse this process is unfounded. The best way to prevent fine lines and wrinkles is to limit our exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation. The skin is a highly complex, dynamic tissue system. One square inch of the skin is composed of 19 million cells, 625 sweat glands, 90 oil glands, 65 hair follicles, 19 000 sensory cells and 4 metres of blood vessels (Lappe, 1996). The outermost layer of the epidermis is called the cornified layer, and is made of sheets of keratin, a protein, and squames, dead, flat skin cells. It is our barrier against dehydration from the environment. It receives its primary supply of moisture from the underlying tissue, since constant contact from the external environment tends to dry out the skin's surface. When the skin is exposed to dry conditions, the cornified layer can become dry, brittle, firm and if untreated, it can crack and lead to infection. Creams create a waxy barrier to prevent dehydration and keep the skin moist and supple. Underneath the cornified layer lie six more layers of the epidermis responsible for cell generation. The life cycle of skin cells within this layer takes approximately 28 days, so it may take three to four weeks to observe any changes at the skin's surface from using a new cosmetic. The skin surface is also home to millions of healthy micro-organisms which increase our immunity to pathogenic, or disease-causing bacteria. Thus, our desire to sterilize the skin also destroys beneficial bacteria, such as streptococcus mutans, and micrococcus luteus . Toners, for instance, are beneficial in keeping bacterial populations down, thus reducing acne flare-ups resulting from microbes which invade and proliferate in the pores. Overuse of anti-microbial agents can produce harmful results when too many beneficial bacteria are destroyed, allowing pathogenic bacteria to multiply unchecked on the skin. The skin also produces antimicrobial proteins, two of which are called defensins and cathelicidins, which increase when the skin is damaged. Perspiration, necessary for the maintenance of internal body temperature, also excretes a germicidal protein called dermicidin to combat bacteria producing body odour. Deodorants also assist in keeping the bacterial population down, thus decreasing the odours produced as they feed on the waste matter excreted by the sweat glands. Research has shown that people who wash excessively are more prone to infection and eczema as a result of 'washing" away natural bacteria and germicides too frequently (Awake!, 2004). The Effect of Natural and Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients on the Skin A natural substance is any plant or animal extract, rock or mineral which is obtained from the earth (Antczak, 2001). An artificial or synthetic substance is a substance which has been modified through chemical reactions in an industrial process (Antczak, 2001). We use a myriad of cosmetics on our skin, but before we use these beauty aids, three essential questions should be asked: What is the composition of the cosmetic? Why is each ingredient used? Do the ingredients have positive or negative effects on the skin and body? (See glossary at organicmakeup. ca) Many products claim to be safe or even may appear to be safe, but beyond the short-term benefits of using the cosmetic, are there any long term effects from daily absorption of its use? Skin used to be considered an impermeable barrier, but transdermal drugs have proven that the opposite is true; the skin allows many substances to pass through its layers into the bloodstream. Several factors affect the rate with which the skin will absorb various cosmetic ingredients. The condition of the skin, such as whether it is dry or damaged will increase absorption. Cuts, acne or abrasions also increase absorption. Other ways to absorb cosmetic ingredients is to inhale them, such as with hairspray or talcum powder, or through the mucous membranes. Moist substances are most readily absorbed and powders are absorbed the least by the skin. Many products claim to address a skin issue, such as acne or dry skin, but contain ingredients which exacerbate these problems. For instance, acne treatments may contain comedogenic, or pore-clogging ingredients. Creams that are supposed to treat dry skin may actually strip the skin of its natural oils which are useful in preventing dryness. Some contain chemicals which seep through the skin and dissolve skin oils and defat the skin (Lappe, 1996). A growing trend is chemical sensitivity, which can develop at any time, even after long term use of the same product. The ingredients in many cosmetics cause 20% of the population (U. S. data, Erickson, 2002) to develop the symptoms of chemical sensitivity. Natural cosmetics emphasize more traditional skin treatments with few of these harsh effects, acknowledging that short term beauty does not balance with long term hazards to health. The health of the skin is dependent on sound nutritional practices, healthy living and effective, safe protection on its surface. The organic make-up co. can help you achieve healthy, radiant skin by offering a complete line of cosmetics and makeup composed of all natural ingredients, with no animal, synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients. Our products are made fresh for you once we receive your order, and contain preservatives such as d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and other plant oils with anti-microbial properties. We invite you to give our natural products a try. Our cosmetics and make-up are developed on the basis of sound, scientific principles and the physiology of the skin. Our products will convince you on their own merit, since they are natural, vegan, and an excellent alternative to conventional make-up and cosmetics. Please contact us at http:// organicmakeup. ca for further information. References: Anctzak, Gina & Stephen, Dr., (2001). Cosmetics Unmasked, Harper Collin, London. Erickson, Kim, (2002). Drop Dead Gorgeous, Contemporary Books, USA. Lappe, Marc Dr., (1996). The Body's Edge, Henry Holt & Co., New York. Purvis, Debbie, (1989). The Business of Beauty, Wall & Thompson, Toronto. Awake! Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Canada, February 8 2004. By Lori Stryker, B. Sc., B. H.Ec., B. Ed. http:// organicmakeup. ca

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Eye protection should be a slam dunk

A quick-thinking tournament doctor put in a call to an ophthalmologist following the gruesome collision between Villanova's Allan Ray and a Pittsburgh player, and that call may have saved Ray's sight. The collision occurred during the March 10 Big East tournament game. "This young man is very fortunate, as he could have suffered a permanent, basketball-career-ending injury," said John Stechschulte, M. D., Assistant Clinical Professor, Ohio State University and American Academy of Ophthalmology member. Ophthalmologists agree that many sports eye injuries could be avoided simply by wearing protective eyewear. Athletes can now choose from various types of sturdy, lightweight and effective eyewear. With polycarbonate lenses and a proper fitting by an eye care professional, eyewear does not hinder performance and can prevent 90 percent of sports eye injuries. However, various sports require different types of protective eyewear, and members of the eye health care team can help athletes choose the eyewear appropriate for their sport. "Fortunately, our nation's ophthalmologists, as demonstrated by the Eye M. D. who saved the player's sight, have the skills and the training to treat patients to minimize the amount of permanent vision loss-or get the athlete back on the playing field," said Dr. Stechschulte.

"Prevention could be the most important step in preserving eyesight and keeping athletes in the game." Todd Baker, Executive Director of the Ohio State Ophthalmological Society and Director of Ohio's "Play Hard. Don't Blink" Program, adds, "We have been working with little league and softball teams for the last five years to make eye protection part of their standard equipment requirement and will be doing the same with youth basketball teams this year. We need to move toward making protective eyewear part of the sports culture, rather than waiting for cases of serious injuries to impact our habits." The Academy is the world's largest association of eye physicians and surgeons-Eye M. D.s-with more than 27,000 members worldwide. Eye health care is provided by the three "O's"-opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. It is the ophthalmologist, or Eye M. D., who can treat it all-eye diseases and injuries-and perform eye surgery.

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What every woman needs to know to stay healthy

There are hundreds and thousands of articles, books, media sources and materials available in the world that tell us how to stay healthy. How many of us have time to research, read and scour this multitude of information? Further, how do we trust all the information available out there? This article has done all the work for you. Of course, not every tip or piece of worldly advice can be put on these few pages but the most important information is here. Keep a copy and hand this out to all the women you know, it is for every female person ages 1-100. From ages 1-10 Staying healthy and starting healthy habits begins the minute we are born. What can we do for those at these young and tender ages? Mothers can begin by breast-feeding. They can introduce healthy items at meal times when babies are ready for solid food. Required immunizations need to be kept up to date. From birth through young childhood, the intake of a chewable tablet vitamin supplement must become part of their daily routine. Be sure to watch what ingredients are in those children’s multi vitamins you purchase. Your pediatrician or family physician can advise you of the proper vitamin supplement needed for your child’s specific body type and physical condition. Starting with healthy eating and lifestyle habits in young childhood sets the stage for your child’s good health into middle childhood and the adolescent years. Ages 11-20 Good health is critical for young women. It’s important to remember a few key things about this age group. The young girl/woman will be experiencing a growth spurt, which may be accompanied by what is known as “growing pains”. Healthy habits will assure her full attention span and enough energy to participate in school activities and classroom learning. Her body is also preparing for the beginning of menstruation. Puberty begins and the brain starts its process of sending messages to the hormonal system and the reproductive organs begin to develop. Good nutrition along with a vitamin supplement will also ready her body for excellent reproductive health and potential child bearing. Most importantly, by the age of 20 if she has developed these few health habits, the young woman is likely to carry those into her adult years. Ages 20-39 If a female person is developmentally on course and is dedicated to maintaining optimum health, she should remain healthy into her later years. These years of 20-39 are when women become busy with careers and/or having children or starting a family. Many experts agree that this is also a time when women will postpone or neglect their own health in order to provide care for others. Remember, you are not going to be able to provide much help, care or assistance for others if you yourself are ill, exhausted or nutritionally deficient. Let’s discuss how women can avoid this trap and insure their own good health. • Eat healthy foods. Avoiding unhealthy fats and consuming raw fruits and vegetables go a long way in staying nutritionally stable. • Watch your dieting habits. While there are many diet plans out there, the simplest is almost always more effective. Watching portion size and the ingredients (fat, calories and sugar) in foods will often net the best weight loss results. It’s wise to note that losing or maintaining your desired weight means one thing, there needs to be more calories burned than what has been consumed. This can be accomplished with: • Exercise. Whether you are a regular attendee at the local gym or you workout at home, there are certain types of exercise that will benefit you the most. One exercise routine must raise your heart rate (cardiovascular health). Another should include free-weights or weight lifting in some form (bone health and strengthening). Additionally, walking, dancing and swimming can tone the body. Weight loss in pounds alone will make you happy when you step on the scales but most women want that loose skin (abdomen, underarms, and thighs) to tighten up as well. If you just can’t find the time to exercise, try these activities: • Park in the last open parking space far away from the storefront and walk. • At home, grab some large juice bottles that have the indented areas for carrying or milk jugs and do some curls. • Take the stairs instead of elevators in public places • Take a stroll through your neighborhood every night after dinner • Visit your gynecologist every year for a PAP test (more often if your doctor suggests or your last one came back with an abnormal result). PAP tests are essential towards maintaining a healthy reproductive system. They are used to detect cervical cancer and infections among other things. • Perform your own self-breast exams. • Make an appointment at age 39 for your first mammogram. • Take regular multi vitamins every day. Add other supplements including calcium, Fish Oil and Vitamin C. Do some research on the types and amounts of vitamins and/or supplements you could be taking. I found vitanetonline. com to be very helpful for this kind of information. Also, it has been found that women in these childbearing years are lacking in the amount of folic acid they need. Insufficient amounts of folic acid have been linked to birth defects of the brain in newborns. These birth defects can be avoided if a woman takes sufficient amounts of folic acid before she conceives and during the early, first trimester of pregnancy. • Not least of all, are these tips to good health that most informational sources rarely mention. • Find a spiritual path or connection. These are highly personal so I won’t offer any suggestions. Women have chosen a religion, nature, prayer, rituals, a quiet room and many others to find that place within self where they can be at peace. • Keep your mental health a priority. Talk to a professional therapist if you need some guidance or direction. • Avoid unhealthy relationships. If you are being abused in any manner by anyone, seek help While all these “tips” for the age 20-39 group will keep a woman in optimum health, most of these need to be implemented and continued into the later years as well. Ages 40-100 These are the years that many women claim that they become wiser. Some even claim that it is the best time of life they ever experienced. The tips for the 20-39 age groups hold true for women beyond 40; some exceptions would include the advice on folic acid intake, the amount of weight carried in the free-weight exercise routines, the limitations of exercise that may create falls, accidents or injuries and the PAP tests. Regular PAP test examinations usually ceases around 80 years of age but ask your doctor first. From ages 40-50 a woman can expect pre-menopausal symptoms. Again, the changes that occur in any woman’s life can never be set at a certain age. There are women that may never have any disrupting symptoms of menopause. Other women may begin menopause at age 40 others might be near 50. Some women may become post-menopausal at age 45 and others at age 52-55. No matter what the age of onset or completion, menopause happens. Be sure to talk to your doctor about remedies for the symptoms of menopause. There are hormone replacement therapies (HRT) as well as some natural supplements to ease menopause. Taking soy isoflavones, in capsule form, have recently been regarded by some women as helpful in decreasing their hot flashes. While awareness of the importance of calcium and its consumption should be well established by age 15, many older women still don’t find it a concern. Osteoporosis (bone weakness) can begin to occur as early as age 35. By the time you get into this age group of 40+ and you haven’t been caring for your calcium needs, you might expect by age 60 to see the results in your body. We have all seen the women with humps below their neck at the spine. We have seen the stooped walks and heard of women in this age group having falls that break their hips and other bone structures. This is a result of weak bones. There are also hereditary factors that play into whether or not we get osteoporosis. Take your calcium ladies. In summation: • Keep exercising but know your limitations • Continue getting mammograms • Keep eating healthy. If you like gardening, that’s light exercise and you can eat healthy too. • Stay socially active Women are living longer. We are living longer because the importance of diet, exercise, vitamin and supplement intakes and other information has become easily available. But living longer is not necessarily a good thing if the QUALITY of our lives is not taken into account. If you follow these tips and commit yourself to making healthy lifestyle choices then all your years can be filled with happiness, peace and good health.

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Poor nutrition and its impact on psychological and sexual health

Promoting sexual health is not just a matter of good hygiene or preventing infectious diseases that undermine one's sexual health. It also entails having a good and balanced diet. Good food allows the body to acquire various nutrients that are needed by the internal organs to function well. Even the skin is rejuvenated through the consumption of nutritious meals and water. The lack of a balanced, nutritious diet could possibly expose a person to several physiological problems. Women, for example, could experience irregular periods or even totally miss several periods due to overeating and over-exercise. Amenorrhea, or the absence of menstrual periods, is even welcomed by young women because they are pleased that they no longer need to use a tampon or sanitary napkin.

However, what is not often realized by these women is that missing menstrual periods may already be a sign of decreased estrogen levels. Low estrogen levels as well as over-training can lead to osteoporosis Women who lack calcium intake can also develop a higher risk of osteoporosis or brittle bone syndrome. Osteoporosis causes a woman's bone density to decrease, leaving her skeletal system weak and vulnerable to fractures. Low estrogen levels during the peak years of bone-building through the preteen and teen years, can affect bone density for the rest of your life. Bone growth lost during these years cannot be regained. Poor nutrition can also cause other delays or problems in physical development among women. These adverse effects of malnutrition may include underdevelopment of mammary glands, hormonal imbalance, stunted growth, weakness, anemia, internal organ failure, and even difficulty in conception. Improper eating habits can also cause some women to develop psychological problems.

Anorexia and bulimia are two of the most common eating disorders reported today especially among younger women. More than just being drawn into a pattern of near-fatal under-eating. Self-inflicted starvation is a very dangerous effect of having an imbalanced sense of self-worth and self-image. Young women who believe that “she can can never be too thin" starve themselves almost to the point of death. Other psychological problems may also be caused by hormonal changes in a woman's body. These hormonal changes usually trigger symptoms of depression, sleeping difficulties, oversensitivity, mood swings, and anxiety. In extreme cases, women with psychological problems may even attempt suicide. Specifically, changes in thyroid hormone levels can cause symptoms of depression including mood swings, irritability, fatigue, lack of concentration, sleeping problems, and weight gain.

Women with eating disorders can also expose themselves to bullying especially when others see them as being different, weird, or weak. Among men, hormonal changes are also caused by poor nutrition. Over-exercise or overtraining also causes a sharp decline in male testosterone levels. Men with testosterone problems usually suffer from low sperm count, lack of sex drive, and erection problems. Indeed, food is not only for the stomach. Good and proper nutrition is also essential to male and female health, especially in the area of sexual ability and performance. By eating the right kinds and amounts of food --- plus getting sufficient rest and exercise, men and women can improve their sexual performance and overall sense of well-being.

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Hiking adventures perfect for family trips or romantic getaways

Hiking Adventures: Perfect for Family Trips or Romantic Getaways Are you interested in taking a trip? Whether you are looking to take a traditional trip with your family or go on a romantic getaway, have you ever thought about going on a hiking adventure? Hiking adventures are nice because they are great for just about everyone, as well as just about any occasion. One of the many reasons why hiking is great for both romantic getaways and family trips is because hiking trials come in a number of different formats. In the United States, you will find hiking trails that are designed for beginners, hiking trails that are designed for experts, as well as those that are at the intermediate hiking level. This is great if you are planning on hiking with your children, as you should be able to find a number of hiking trails that would be easy for them to hike. As for romantic getaways, one of the many reasons why hiking is perfect for a romantic getaway is because of the scenery. The scenery is one of the many reasons why hiking is such a popular activity. No matter what hiking trail you choose to hike, there is a good chance that you will come across a wide array of landscape. Many hiking trails are set next to rivers; therefore, there is a good chance that you will get to see some waterfalls. These waterfalls, as well as the other scenery types that you may come across are perfect for romantic getaways. In keeping with romantic getaways, hiking adventures can last as short as a few hours or as long as a whole week. Many individuals who go hiking choose to stay onsite, often at an onsite campground. This is nice, as when you are camping you are one with nature. This setting is perfect for privacy, as well as romance. As for family vacations, camping overnight at a hiking park is also nice, as it adds another fun activity for you and your family to enjoy. If you are planning on hiking with your children, there is a good chance that they would find the camping part just as exciting as the hike itself. Speaking of activities, when you go hiking, you will likely end up visiting a hiking park. Hiking parks are often home to a number of different hiking trails. In addition to being home to a number of hiking trails, as well as a campground, you will also likely find a number of other activities for you and your family or you and your romantic partner to participate in. For instance, it is not uncommon for a hiking park to have a playground or a swimming pool. This means that you and whoever else you are with may enjoy playing a few outdoor games or going for a swim. In today’s society, hiking isn’t just about hiking anymore. As you can see, from being outlined above, hiking is the perfect way to spend your next family vacation or even your next romantic getaway. If you are interested in enjoying a hiking adventure, you may want to think about making your reservations in advance. While you may not necessarily need a reservation to just go hiking, you may need one if you are interested in camping out overnight. Making your reservations in advance will help to ensure that your next hiking and camping adventure is as memorable as possible. Word Count 567

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Are loft beds bunk beds safe

If you are trying to maximize the space in your room, consider purchasing a loft bed or bunk bed to elevate your sleeping area. With loft beds, the bed is elevated on a platform with space left underneath for living, working, or playing. Bunk beds work on the same principal, but with another bed underneath the top bunk. Both are popular with children and teens, who often have limited space in their rooms; however, many parents worry about their safety. Each year, thousands of children are rushed to emergency rooms after falling from the top bunk of their bunk beds or loft beds, while many more receive less serious injuries that are not seen by a medical professional.

Typically, the main reason of injury involving bunk beds or lofts beds is horseplay and not from improperly installed beds. Before you purchase bunk beds or loft beds for your child, consider the age of the child and plan to make rules regarding the use of the bed. Although younger children are thought to experience more injuries, the most problems occur with older children who are more apt to disregard rules and exhibit unsafe or risky behavior. For the most part, bunk beds and loft beds are just as safe as conventional beds. For smaller children, consider designating the lower bunk as their bed instead of allowing them to regularly climb to the top bunk. Also, ensure the bed is properly maintained and meets all current safety regulations and standards. Additionally, approximately eight percent of bunk bed related falls and injuries that must seek medical attention are related directly to the ladder. In addition to ensuring the ladder is properly installed, instruct your child on the correct method of ascending and descending the ladder. When you begin searching for an appropriate bunk bed or loft bed for your child, choose a bed that appeals to all the safety standards. A bunk bed should have guard rails that have no more than three and one-half inches of space between the rail and the mattress.

This will prevent children from falling through the space and potentially injuring themselves. If necessary, you may need to install extra boards if the space between the guard rail and the mattress. Furthermore, the guard rail needs to extend no less than five inches above mattress so that your child will be unable to roll off the top bunk. Another thing to keep in mind is that the bunk bed or loft bed your purchase has guard rails on both sides. Even though one side of the bed will be placed next to a wall, a guard rail is essential due to a child potentially falling next to the wall and becoming trapped between the wall and the bed frame.

Again, the guard rail should be no greater than three and one-half inches above the bed frame. Also, you should ensure that the mattress purchased to fit the bunk bed or loft bed properly fits the frame. Many parents choose to use a preexisting mattress used on a child-sized bed that is smaller than a traditional twin bed frame. Children can potentially fall between the mattress and the frame in this situation, so you should ensure the mattress is of the proper size. In addition to ensuring the mattress is of proper size, you should also check that the mattress foundation is properly suspended above the bottom bunk or the space below. If the bed sits on a wooden platform, consider reinforcing the mattress with wooden slats or metal straps. This will prevent the top bunk from collapsing, especially if the lower occupant is kicking or pushing the above mattress.

By purchasing a quality, well constructed bunk bed or loft bed that meets all safety guidelines, you can make certain that your child will be safe and free from injury from the bed.

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