How to tackle the three major stresses associated with every home based business

Owning your own home-based business is by and large a very rewarding, exciting endeavor. You can set your own schedule, and be where you want, when you want. You can oftentimes forego the commute to a "regular job" and save money on gas and other "niceties" that are expensive in the work-a-day world, such as lunches, parking fees, etc. There are unexpected pitfalls and disadvantages, though, in the owning and operating of a home-based business. Some are psychological, some are emotional, and others are purely physical. The unexpected stresses of a home-based business are really one of the major obstacles that need to be overcome by business owners. Many new business owners are unprepared for just how much stress is involved, actually. Home-based business stresses usually fall into three overall categories: Psychological : Employees, Finances, Legal, and Operations Emotional: Family, Friends, Change of Personal Routines, Personal Disruptions, Isolation Physical: Sedentary Lifestyle, Poor Eating Habits, Overwork Many business owners, in order to prevent the psychological stress will have plans in place for dealing with these particular stress factors, prior to their occurrence. This is a proactive approach that is infinitely better than having a reactive approach to these occurrences. Each business owner should have a financial plan in place for the times when orders or clients are few and far between (slow times), as well as a good accountant to call when necessary. Each business owner should also have a lawyer who they trust and can turn to for advice if necessary (we do live in a very litigious society). And each business owner should have a plan for sickness among employees and hiring and firing protocols firmly in place. Machinery and replacement of business supplies should also be well planned in advance, and purchased according to well laid out plans for expenditures. Leadership skills will need to be developed, as a new business owner who is used to being part of a team, will find working alone and "being in charge" a somewhat difficult transition at first. Books on leadership skills abound and it is a good idea to do readings on the development of these to proactively avoid the psychological stress that comes with this change in roles. Working alone and making decisions alone is quite different from the conformity and decisions made within a group. If a proactive approach is taken, the psychological stresses of a new business can easily be prevented, or at least lessened. The emotional stresses of a home-based business are usually a bit more difficult to ascertain and tackle when they occur. Some of these stress factors can come directly from well-meaning family and friends, unfortunately, and the approach is of course, much different. Since a home-based business is directly tied usually to the home life of an individual, there is less chance to escape these stresses, than with a traditional method of employment. A new birth in a family, a death of a loved one, illness, or simply a change of schedule of another family member, can greatly impact the daily workings and routine of a home-based business. In addition, family and friends may view the business owner as "being at their disposal" all day now, as the business owner is now "home" much of the time. These well meaning individuals may call or visit all the time, and also expect the business owner to take care of their needs before the needs of the business. This is simple human nature, but is very distracting for the business owner. The only way this can be successfully overcome is to make plans well ahead of time for any changes in routine, if possible, and adjust the schedule accordingly as the changes occur. Well meaning family and friends need to be told with certainty that there are "business hours" and "personal hours" and a business owner needs to remain firm in their resolve in regard to these issues. Stressing over emotional stress will just escalate an already stressful situation. Another unexpected emotional stress comes many times from the feeling of isolation and loneliness that business owners may experience. Business owners many times are unprepared for the time they now find they spend alone within the parameters of their home-based businesses. A home-based business owner, while relieved to leave the workforce, sometimes does not realize that the workforce provided social opportunities that are now missing from their lives. Many hours may be spent alone each day, which can lead to loneliness and even depression in some cases. The best approach to combating this type of isolation is to actively plan social opportunities. Planned outings with family and friends should be made regularly. Business owners may also join community groups that expose them to other business owners or others within the community. The local Chamber of Commerce and other volunteer groups are a great way to make connections for the business and also enhance the social experiences of business owners. No one can exist in a void, so the social aspects of a business can't be ignored. Finally, owning and operating your own home-based business brings with it some purely physical stresses. Like most office jobs, a home-based business can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, as owners may spend most of their days in the running of the business, either slumped in an office chair, or hunched over a computer, depending upon the requirements of the business. Because of the long hours involved in any business, business owners may also eat "on the run", grabbing whatever is at their disposal, rather than planning meals, which compromises their nutrition. The sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits can lead to weight gain and other physical ailments associated with poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles: high cholesterol, lack of energy, loss of muscle tone, and a deficiency of vitamin D from being indoors more than usual. The sedentary lifestyle is the easiest however, of the stresses to avoid or to change. All it takes is a dedication to an exercise routine that includes some form of daily physical exercise, and an adherence to a diet that is well planned and nutritious. Just some planning is needed and some will power in order to stay focused on achieving physical activity daily and good nutrition. It would be beneficial, if at all possible, to join a gym or health club, as the physical and emotional stresses can be avoided by belonging to one, as a gym also provides social opportunities. Even a simple walk each day can increase exercise, exposure to sunlight, and create social opportunities. A tendency to do too much each day, is a syndrome many business owners fall prey to also. Overwork can leave anyone run down, and open to many diseases as the immune system becomes compromised. A business owner is of course, very excited and energetic about the business, which can lead into this syndrome of overwork. A schedule should be maintained to combat this syndrome, with set hours for "doing business" and set hours for "relaxation" included in each day. Trying to do too much all the time just leads business owners into a decrease of productivity, rather than an increase of productivity. As you can see, having a home-based business, while very rewarding in many ways, can have many deleterious effects on the physical, mental and emotional states of business owners. Many business owners fail to plan for these changes, and yet, if planning is done, the negative effects can be minimized to a great degree. If a business owner takes care of themselves and their own needs, overall, the business will also profit from this positive behavior! A happy, healthy business owner means a happy, healthy business!

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The 2008 cadillacs are a cut above the rest

The rise of the fall may be the arrival of the 2008 fleet of Cadillacs. With six distinctive models available, chances are there is at least one that will find its way to the top of many shoppers' wish list this year. And that's why we'as America's foremost online luxury-lifestyle magazine-deemed it our duty to provide this special luxury-service announcement to our esteemed readers. The venerable automaker offers drivers a premium package of looks, performance, and service like no other. The 2008 Cadillac XLR Roadster has lovers of refined luxury and demonstrable high performance cooing and wooing over this awesome automobile's features. This vehicle's appeal inside and out is curb-superb.

There is a 4.6-liter Northstar V8 with 320 horsepower. The "Rad Cad" sets on 18-inch aluminum wheels and has a power retractable roof, adaptive cruise control, and so much more. Its base price is $79,600. STS. This is Cadillac's six-pack as there are six separate 2008 STS packages. There are three V8 and three V6 variants. Five of the six include the word "luxury" in its name. However, it is doubtful that the STS V6 package, with a base price of $43,135, does not have a bevy of deluxe features too. The V6 Luxury Performance and the V8 Premium Luxury Performance packages begin at $48,890 and $60,745, respectively. DTS. Three of the five DTS packages contain the term "luxury" similarly to the STS batch. All DTS variants feature 4.6-liter Northstar V8 engines. The Performance option has higher horsepower and a six-speed automatic sequential hydraulic shift package, which Cadillac calls a Hydra-matic automatic transmission. Shift if you dare or cruise debonair. Base prices range from $42,590 to $50,150. CTS. The 2008 CTS offers a direct injection 3.6-liter V6 and all-wheel drive steering to enhance maneuverability and stability. A Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround sound system keeps the music in tune, while a double sunroof, while a double sunroof expands horizons. The CTS' base price is $32,990. SRX. Crossovers are either super-size station wagons or undersize SUVs. Take your pick. While crossovers are commonplace sights on America's roads, it was a bold step for the pedigreed manufacturer to enter the fold with its compelling line. The SRX models come with V6 or V8 engines. The V6 is a five-speed Hydra-matic automatic transmission, while the V8 is a six-speed. Both are available with all-wheel drive. Bases prices are $37,695 and $44,690. The Escalade may be the most popular transporter of the "uber-bling" crowd. However, there are a lot of soccer mommies and daddies who may beg to differ. The spacious SUVs are presented in three ways, the Escalade, the Escalade ESV, and the Escalade EXT. All models are offered in AWD and offer a dizzying array of standard features and optional packages. The Escalade's base price is $55,640; the ESV's is $60,160; and the EXT starts at $55,155.

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Meeting others through online dating services

: Dating services, especially those online, are a good way to connect with other persons for friendship and dating purposes. Through a dating online service you are immediately able to network with hundreds of persons via e-mails, chat rooms, video and audio recordings, and later – telephone. Keep the Date Simple Once you’ve found someone through a dating service that you would like to meet in person, setting up a first date might be in order. Because this will be your first meeting, keep the date short and simple. One or two hours in duration, at the most. If the two of you hit it off, you can always extend your time together.

However, if sparks don’t fly you avoid the uncomfortable situation of having to suffer through a longer, more involved date. For instance, instead of eating out and going to see a movie, choose one or the other. Your first date should be one where the two of you have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better. A noisy, distracting environment such as a party or dance might not be the best choice. Instead, make plans to meet at a restaurant, or even a coffee house like Starbucks.

Trendy and fun, with a casual atmosphere that is relaxing and conducive to easy conversation. Until you know for sure whether the two of you like each other in person as much as you did online, avoid sharing your address or personal information such as where you work, etc. Arrange to meet at a public place, each providing your own transportation. Take Precautions There is always the chance that the person you came to know online misrepresented themselves. Therefore, inform friends and family members about your dating plans. Tell them who you are meeting, and where. Also mention the name of the dating online service where the two of you met, the person’s e-mail address, telephone number, etc. Reputable web site dating services such as All Link.

com provide restrictions and guidelines for your benefit online. But when it comes to meeting someone in person, it is your responsibility to be prudent. While chances are the date will be enjoyable, the need to ensure personal safety make taking precautions essential. You may have been honest in representing yourself online through the dating service. But you won’t know for sure if your date did, until after the two of you have met.

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Six reasons why distance learning makes sense

More and more people are finding that knowledge really is power, and that they can accomplish their education goals online. Best of all, these online learners are finding that degrees from accredited colleges and universities are increasing their earnings potential, giving them greater responsibility in their professions, and best of all – giving them the chance to accomplish a key goal without completely interrupting their existing lives. There are many reasons to consider distance-learning programs for your goals - Instructors who have taught distance-learning courses originating in the United States to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Europe, report these as the top reasons distance learning makes sense: Make a strong future from investing time today - Many of distance learning students are on assignment in foreign countries, and while working full-time on their jobs, they use their evenings and spare time to earn bachelors and masters’ degrees that have a direct impact on their future job opportunities and professional advancement. Certify your knowledge - Many distance learning students have years of experience in their professions, and just lack of college degree that proves their knowledge. Distance learning gives these working professionals a chance to share their in-depth knowledge while at the same time earning degrees that illustrate their expertise. Get to your educational goals on your timetable - While distance learning programs have scheduled classes online and you interact with instructors, you can move as quickly as you want through many courses. Likewise, many instructors will work with you if something comes up in your life that takes time away from school. Pick up more marketable skills - The depth of distance learning courses has become impressive in recent years, thanks to the Internet’s performance increasing in many parts of the world – and most importantly – schools offering courses that deliver skills immediately marketable. Start a new career - Distance learning is great for anyone looking to get into an entirely new field – one that they have been looking at for years, or one that has sparked their interest lately – in either case distance learning gives anyone the flexibility to take their careers in entirely new directions without stopping their lives in the process. Connecting one-on-one with instructors - Learning on-line gives students the opportunity to interact with their instructors to a greater depth than is typically possible in larger, more traditional classroom settings. Bottom Line: Distance Learning is growing by 33% a year worldwide according to market estimates from International Data Corporation and the U. S. Department of Education. Universities worldwide are working to tailor their programs for this exciting new approach to learning. Chances are there are programs available today that will get you to your educational goals.

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How to fix bad credit in as little as two to three years

A person's credit record has a lot of influence on his or her purchasing power, and on his or her ability to get loans on a favorable basis. Thus, if you have a bad credit rating, then you must undertake all the necessary steps in order to repair your credit and get a fixed bad credit. The first step that you need to take in order to fix bad credit is to obtain your credit report from the rating agencies, and check it for the errors, omissions, or misinterpretations. This will empower you by giving you the knowledge you need to dispute claims future lenders make about your credit. To fix bad credit, you must make all your payments on time, and you should also take up a steady and reliable job. If you are able to show your income stability and your regular payment behavior to the lenders, then you may fix bad credit in a period of only 2 to 3 years. You can even consult a credit counseling agency to get a fixed bad credit. These credit counseling agencies are organizations that have a number of people who are trained and experienced in the field of credit. There are also the commercial credit repair companies that help you fix bad credit. However, they charge a fee for the same. However, you must always keep in mind that you are the one who has to do all the work in order to fix bad credit. Even though the credit counseling agencies can help you, you would not be able to benefit unless you know more about your credit report than anyone else. By contacting credit bureaus, making corrections on your own, and by repaying all your debts, you can fix bad credit on your own. Talbert Williams 2000-2006 All Rights Reserved

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Thank catholic schools for faith in every student

Their high achievement comes as they spend half the money of Indiana’s public schools. While government schools scream about small cuts in their state funding, Catholic schools will celebrate the great work they do with half the per-student spending of their counterparts. This is Catholic Schools Week, when schools nationwide will showcase what they do for millions of children. Criticisms that Catholic schools skim the top talent aren’t true. Many take all comers. The difference? They don’t let excuses explain away poor achievement. This year’s Catholic Education Week theme – Faith in Every Student – perfectly sums up the goals of these schools.

I point to my alma maters, McAuley High School and Assumption Elementary School in greater Cincinnati. Both draw heavily from blue-collar families. Both have long offered a high-quality education that rivals some of the city’s best schools. Both rely on parents and alumni to fund new facilities. Surprisingly, Catholic schools frequently are less annoying than public schools that nickel-and-dime people to death with sales of wrapping paper, candy and other things that no one wants. This comes after they tax us to death.

(Why do they need more money? Half of our education dollars never make it to the classroom, but get sucked up in education bureaucracy.) St. Paul Elementary, where my daughter Meredith attends kindergarten, strictly limits fund-raising to very few events. Focus on those and the school will get enough. If you can’t afford the tuition, even if you’re not Catholic, these schools usually find a way for your children attend. They offer scholarships. High schools frequently allow students to sweep floors or wash dishes to offset tuition and to get work done less expensively At my high school, these low-skill student workers freed our maintenance workers to do the high-skill work of taking care of the building. Compare that building to Marion High School, both of which were built around the same time, and you’ll see what a huge difference it has made. McAuley looks amazing. Marion High School is falling apart because maintenance wasn’t a priority. Now the school corporation is sending taxpayers an avoidable multi-million-dollar bill. Catholic schools don’t fit every student. Students with special needs may not find the proper resources. Some schools may have education methods that don’t suit specific students. Some families may find that Catholic teachings clash with their own. This is why I hope that Catholic Schools week inspires not only those who attend Catholic schools, but everyone who wants the best for Indiana’s children. Lutheran schools, which are common in Fort Wayne, do excellent work. Other Christian schools, whether denominational or non-denominational, are multiplying as parents become frustrated with public schools that challenge their religious teachings. Actually, private schools are the proper places for morality-based teaching. Catholic schools trace their roots back 100 years, when public schools taught religion that was hostile to Catholicism. Instead of griping, Catholic parents put their kids in their own schools. Problem solved. Public schools have their place. But we cannot expect each school to be all things to all people. Private schools have a vital role to play for our children. So could charter schools, if Indiana stops sabotaging them with restrictions. Indiana could encourage more private schools and home-schooling by offering tax incentives to anyone who pays for a child’s education. Despite public-school belly-aching to the contrary, this would leave more money for public schools because they would have fewer kids to educate and more opportunities to specialize. Regardless of your religious beliefs or your devotion to public schools, please say thanks to Catholic schools. They demonstrate the amazing things that happen when we put faith in our children. by Sheri Conover Sharlow Libertarian Writers' Bureau http:// writersbureau. org

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Best supplements to gain weight

Best Supplements to Gain Weight In the world of gaining weight, people are always in debates what are the best supplements to gain weight fast, easy, and healthy. There are those who stick to the traditional routines such as workouts and proper diet while there are also those that rely on more conventional ways such as the use of weight gain supplements to ensure that they are getting what they need to gain some more weight. Experts say that both ways — the traditional and the conventional ways—could work if a person really wants for gain weight. However, certain guidelines must be followed religiously to ensure that there will be no complications in the future. Why use weight gain supplements? Before, the only people that are into weight gain supplements are those who are so much into body building. In fact, majority of the best supplements to gain available in the market were made especially for those that make bodybuilding as a life and as a career. These supplements are being used by the bodybuilders especially if they have upcoming competitions. But, as time went by, people—even those who are not into body building—have been trying various gain weight supplements because they believe that gaining weight is one of the easiest way to achieve a firm and sexy body. So, what they do is take up some of the best supplements for weight gain and enroll to a gym or fitness center that offer rigorous workouts. Through regular workout and physical activities, people who have gained weight can lose some the way they want it to be. If you are one of those who are looking forward to gaining weight to achieve the society’s ideal physique, then you should try using weight gain supplements. Weight gain supplements are those that being use by people to complement or boost their weight gain. These may come in forms of beverages, tablets, and the like. In the market today, some of the best supplements to gain weight include weight gainers which are usually protein shakes that provide sufficient supply of calories in the body, spectrum flaxseed oil which is high in Omega 3 good for having enough supply of essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the body, multi-vitamin and mineral packs that helps converts the food to vitamins and minerals readily absorbed by the body’s tissues and hormones, creatine which enables the reuse of the body’s stored energy and shows results as soon as possible. Glutamine that helps increase a person’s muscular volume by enhancing the immune system, liver tablets came from high grade beef liver which is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, and testosterone boosting supplements that works well for people who are way beyond hormonal production. Before buying Experts say that that best supplements to gain weight are those types that can help a person reach the target calorie intake everyday. To avoid using products that can cause you side effects in the future, make sure that you: - Read the label of the supplement thoroughly to ensure that you know that ingredients from what you are about to take. - Consult your physician about it before you finally buy and use it to make sure that you know how much of these supplements should you take. - Conduct a research what to look for in a weight gain supplement and where to find the best supplements to gain weight on the market today.

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Sprucing up your garden with solar

Fountains are a popular addition to most landscaped yards. Solar fountains give you the benefit of traditional fountains without running up your electrical bill every month. Sprucing Up Your Garden With Solar Mention solar power and people get an image of large, bulky solar panels on the roof of a home. This stereotypical view is really incorrect as large panel systems are now going the way of the dodo bird. Current solar technology is all about small size and unique applications. Heck, they even make them for kayaks now. Solar fountains may sound like a fairly complex landscape addition. They really aren’t. Solar technology has advanced to the point where most landscaping items are now best run on solar technology. This includes solar lighting used for paths, overhead lighting, bird deterrents and general ambience. At their root, solar fountains are incredibly simple pieces of machinery. The solar aspect of the piece is simple the power generation for the pump. Practically all solar fountains look the same as regular fountains. The energy source is simply a small panel system either connected directly to the fountain or placed in a location that gets plenty of sun. The type of system is dependent upon the amount of flow you want to move with the pump. Solar fountains range from incredibly simple to complex applications. You can buy floating solar pads that you simply put in a pool. The panels look like black pads and power a small pump that sucks content out of the pool. More sophisticated solar fountains include entirely contained systems as well as systems that move massive amounts of the pool from low points on your property to higher areas where gravity takes over. There really is something for everyone in this area. Much like solar lighting, solar fountains are a cost saving addition to your landscaping and provide soothing ambience. Plenty of quality models exist, so give them a look.

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Improve strength for golf to reach your true potential

Strength for golf is a term you’ve all heard by now. It’s all over the television during professional tournaments, and golf instructors are now throwing the term around. What makes strength for golf so important and why should you listen? Let me briefly explain. The golf swing is traumatic to the body! I can’t put it any simpler than that. When you are swing an object that is over 3 feet long at over 85 mph, there is a physical cost. The physical cost is undo stress on the major joints of the body. The lower back is the most common area to get injured, along with the hips, shoulders, knees and even wrists. If your body is physically weak and restricted (low level of flexibility), you will have a minimal chance at playing good golf and staying injury-free as well. How many times have you gone to the range or the course, only to come home with your lower back stiff, aching or in pain?

What about other body parts? I’ll be you’ve felt your hip joints or maybe even your shoulder joints at some point. If you saw a slow motion video of the human body swinging a club, you’d be shocked. The body is put in some torqued positions throughout the swing. When the body is weak it breaks down. That’s a fact! In comes strength for golf!

By working your golf specific muscles, you will not only improve your swing mechanics quickly, but your game will transform. You will feel like a different golfer on the course. Your playing partners will be in awe. You may think I’m hyping this up, but all the above is true! You will quickly realize this has been the missing link to your golf game improvement all along. And don’t ever think it’s too late to start a program of strength for golf.

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The fuel of stress anxiety and depression

In the 21st Century, it is predicted that stress and stress related illnesses such as depression and anxiety will become the biggest killers. Despite significant advances in housing, standards of living, quality of food, and medical science, the pressures all of us have to face in today’s world are as demanding as any pressures experienced by our predecessors. Why are these illnesses on the rise? And why do some people become so ill through these illnesses, they can find it hard to function? Well they sure don’t happen overnight! You don’t suddenly wake up one morning and feel stressed or depressed. It’s not like flicking on a light switch! And by the same rule, if you’re suffering, you can’t just wake up one morning, flick off the switch and say “Great, I’m better now.” Many people who don’t suffer from these illnesses often say to sufferers: “Come on, snap out of it.” If only it was so easy! Should anyone say this to you, please forgive them as it’s just a lack of understanding. It’s very hard for people to understand how you’re feeling if they haven’t been there. The fact that these illnesses don’t suddenly happen means we can draw some parallels with illnesses such as heart diseases, some cancers and strokes. Because these illnesses don’t just suddenly happen either. If we look at heart disease, it’s often the result of damaging behaviors practised over many years. Behaviors such as smoking, lack of exercise and a diet high in saturated fat. Strokes are a result of similar behaviors and cancers too, particularly heavy smoking and drinking as you know. So how do stressful illnesses such as stress, depression and anxiety compare? Stress is also the product of harmful mental habits and behaviors. These habits and behaviors are developed and practised over years – since childhood in most cases. These are the mental processes that enable us to make sense of our lives and the circumstances we’re faced with. When we reach adulthood, we perform them automatically because we’ve learned these behaviors by repetition. Think of it like learning to drive a car. Initially, the skills required to control the vehicle needed conscious thought. It seemed really difficult didn’t it? But once we’ve performed them for sufficient periods, we drive on auto-pilot. We’ve mastered the required skills by repetition. Here’s the key: if we eat healthy food, take regular exercise, cut out harmful behaviors such as smoking and drinking, we improve our health and drastically reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and strokes. We are repeating good habits, habits that will give our physical well being a huge boost. It’s exactly the same for stress. What’s important to understand is that not everyone becomes stressed or depressed – even when tragic and traumatic circumstances happen to them. Just like people who lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid harmful habits and behaviors, people don’t become stressed or depressed because they have learned effective habits and behaviors that prevent stress from arising. This is very good news if you suffer from these illnesses. Because just as we can learn habits and behaviors which cause us to become highly-stressed, depressed or anxious, we can learn the habits and behaviors which stop these terrible illnesses in their tracks. And the more often we make use of them, we’ll soon begin to perform them automatically and our mental health will benefit enormously. No more feeling stressed out. No more feeling unable to cope. No more anxiety and no more depression. EVER. I’m living proof of this. For 5 years, a series of traumatic events sent me spiralling into an anxiety-induced depression nightmare. I came out of it by learning the natural skills that starve these illnesses. The more I used them, the less anxious I became. They’re now as natural to me as driving a car, and I’ve completely eradicated anxiety and depression from my life. You can do it too.

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Online pharmacies empowering the consumer

If your computer has an Internet connection and you have access to a credit card number, a prescription for nearly any medication could soon be on its way to your home. With the latest developments in information and internet technology, a consumer can now buy drugs online in just a click of the mouse. Thanks to online shopping, people have been empowered in terms of their choice and ability to procure medicines and other health products. Consumers can now easily buy drugs online. One of the advantages of doing shopping online is being able to maximize the use of the Internet to find the best deals available for the products and services that one needs. Simply type a name into a search engine and in just a few clicks, a consumer could be ordering a drug for losing weight or fighting depression. The drug will be made available in the fastest way possible, sparing the buyer the time-consuming effort of going to several drugstores to canvass the most reasonable price. One would also be able to avoid any discomfort that comes with asking about so-called “medicines for private use” in public drugstores. These online pharmacies also help remove the inconvenience and cost of standing in line and spending gas to travel by car to the local drugstore. While most internet pharmacies only sell prescription drugs, some online drugstores do not require a pre-written prescription. A tie-up with local hospitals and clinics allow these online medicine vendors to get the prescription straight from the doctor via email, fax, or teleconferencing. A growing number of customers now order drugs from such pharmacies to avoid the inconvenience of visiting a doctor’s clinic. Many of these online pharmacies actually employ their own in-house physicians who, in turn, offer their services to a patient who communicates with them online for consultation and to get a prescription. Like other health care promotions on the Internet, the availability of prescription drugs via online pharmacies offers potential benefits to consumers, including convenience and value. Once consumers buy drugs online, they will be given easy connection to a world wide web of reputable companies, products and price comparisons. It also gives them access to those that aren't so reputable. They can even reach some doctors who prescribe medicines over the Internet. Any time a consumer plans to order medicines online, they have to make sure that they are getting quality products from reputable sources based on a prescription from their own personal physician. Whether a consumer wants to buy drugs online for arthritis and osteoarthritis pain medications such as Soma, Tramadol, Buspar or Viagra; or if he or she is more interested in finding chronic pain and pain prevention medications such as Ultram and Fioricet --- a consumer can now buy those drugs online. However, one should exercise caution before planning to buy drugs online. Specifically, it’s important to determine whether one needs to see a physician before ordering medication. Before a consumer makes a decision to buy drugs online, it is always best to consult a doctor about one’s medical condition and appropriate treatment or medicines. As the demand for and the cost of prescription drugs rise, many consumers have turned to the Internet to purchase drugs. Many such pharmacies are, in some ways, similar to community pharmacies, although the main difference is the method by which the medications are requested and received.

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Hair drug testing

During the last 20 years, both schools and employers have regularly implemented drug testing. Urine tests are usually the most common form of screening; however, many people have devised methods to beat these tests and created products used to make the appearance of the drugs. Synthetic urine and masking chemicals are widely available, and they can be effective in blocking even the most severe cases of drug abuse. Because of this growing market, many employers have chosen to use hair follicle drug testing instead. Hair drug testing costs much more than sweat, saliva or urine tests. However, the benefits often far outweigh the costs. Employers find hair follicle drug testing to be less invasive and it can often detect drugs as much as twice as far back as other testing methods.

Hair follicle testing can also reveal if an employee has recently stopped using drugs in order to hide their usage. Another advantage is the fact that it’s usually harder to mask drugs in the system with this form of testing. The hair follicle drug test requires taking a small sample of the employee’s hair. An official within the company can often collect the hair on-site which is less embarrassing than the collection of urine. The sample is sent to the lab where it is first washed before being tested. This is done to minimize the chance of drug chemicals that may have originated from external sources affecting the test. Urine testing is still commonly used by employers to screen existing or prospective employees for drug use. However, many are beginning to turn to hair follicle drug testing.

Although many people use different methods such as purchasing urine from a “clean” individual to beat a urine test, they are unable to beat the current masking procedures currently used in hair drug testing. Some products claim to be able to mask drugs in hair samples, but these are usually inaccurate or completely false claims. Hair follicle drug testing is a less invasive and more effective method than other choices.

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Picking up the pieces of a shattered mind

For some, it is easy to visualize the Human Mind as a single, cohesive unit with all parts collectively working to run the rest of the body. This is the way the mind works for most people. The process is smooth, clean, and seamless. However, most people who are not mental health experts fail to see that the mind is a fragile thing. An appropriate metaphor for mental health would be a beautiful porcelain tea set from the Ming Dynasty of China.

You lose just one piece and the set automatically loses all value. In a similar manner, damaging or losing one aspect of a person's mental health can create permanent damage. The human mind, however, is a ferociously adaptive thing. The constant barrage of stress and anxiety over the course of human evolution has given people a rather potent talent for recovery. People pick up the fragments of mental health and attempt to move on much the same as before the trauma. Most people find ways to get over their problems without outside help, alleviating the stress that caused the problem initially.

In other cases, people require counseling to help the self-repair process start. However, in the case of dissociative identity disorder, the adaptability of a person's psyche can, itself, pose a problem. Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is probably better known in pop culture as “split personality disorder.” The causes of this particularly dynamic mental health disorder varies from patient to patient, according to most studies. For some, extreme cases of stress and anxiety push the personality of the patient to the breaking point, forcing the mind to adapt by developing a stronger personality.

In other cases, the incredible unwillingness of a person to perform a task required of them forces the mind to create a personality better suited to handling the task than the original. In most cases, the “split” is caused by extreme emotional and psychological trauma, with some instances having physical trauma acting as “insult” to the earlier emotional and mental “injury.” The difficulty in detecting DID lies in the fact that the various physical and psychological signs can often be easily misdiagnosed. Memory lapses are just as likely to be caused by stress and anxiety as they are by personality B taking control from personality A. A prolonged state of acute sadness can be a sign of the patient developing depression, or it is possible that personality C is reliving emotions from a past trauma. Since the personalities can interact with one another and address the patient directly, it can sometimes be mislabeled as an advanced form of schizophrenia. The fact that the more overt symptoms are not constant (different symptoms can appear at different times) also makes it difficult to accurately diagnose DID without prolonged observation. Treatment for DID generally focuses on integrating all of the personalities until there is only one left, which may or may not be the original personality. The process is a slow-going one, which makes full use of a wide range of therapeutic and counseling techniques, as well as psychoactive medications. In general, the use of drugs is used to alleviate related symptoms, but the disorder itself can only be tackled in the battlefield of the mind. The problem is that therapy and counseling can often stir up some emotions and memories that the patient would rather suppress. Indeed, in a large number of cases of DID, the personalities began to take form in the patient's mind after a traumatic event was suppressed. As the patient's original personality begins to deal with the actions of his other personalities, his own resurfaced memories, and the internal conflicts that emerge when attempting to reconcile the fragments, the process only gets harder. The process also involves helping the patient learn how to adapt to various situations without resorting to creating an alternate personality to handle it. Often, the treatment and counseling for DID can take years, with some patients never actually achieving full recovery. A good number manage to reintegrate into society with only one personality, but they are seen as the exceptions that prove the rule.

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Irrational fear chill out

While the whole world was masquerading in scary and outrageous costumes during Halloween, a team of scientists was making progress with the latest study on irrational fear. Results of this study are expected to expand current knowledge about treatments for major medical problems concerning irrational fear. “We're taking all of what we learned from the basic studies of animals and bringing that into the clinical practices that help people. Things are starting to come together in a very important way,” said Stephen Maren, a psychology professor from the University of Michigan. The National Institute of Mental Health revealed that about 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. Being a basic primal emotion, fear is a key to evolutionary survival which we share in common with animals. Aside from genetics, traumatic events are closely associated with the development of overwhelming and needless fear. Ted Abel, a fear researcher at the University of Pennsylvania considers fear to be a funny thing.

“ One needs enough of it, but not too much of it,” said Abel. According to Armi Rowe, a Connecticut freelance writer and mother, she used to be one of those rational types who are usually calm under pressure. She is not afraid to downhill ski the treacherous black diamond trails of snowy mountains. One day, however, while coping with some serious illnesses in her family, she felt fear closing in on her while she was driving alone. She thought that the stab of pain on her chest was a heart attack and called 911. Later on, it was learned that what happened was an anxiety attack.

With the help of counseling, self-study coping exercises and introspection, Rowe learned to manage such attacks early on. David Carbonell, a Chicago psychologist specializing in treating anxiety disorders, said that there's a trick to panic attack. “You're experiencing this powerful discomfort but you're getting tricked into treating it like danger”, said Carbonell. There is a possibility that by learning how fear runs through the brain and body, scientists can improve on how to dampen fear. Amygdala, an almond-shaped part of the deep brain, is the fear hot spot. New York University psychology and neural science professor Elizabeth Phelps said that amygdala is not the one responsible for all fear response but acts like a burglar alarm that connects to everything else. It was found that a certain chemical reaction in the amygdala is vital in the way mice and people learn to overcome fear, according to Emory University psychiatry and psychology professor Michael Davis.

Mice never learn to counter their fears when that reaction is deactivated. D-cycloserine, a drug already used to fight hard-to-treat tuberculosis, was found to strengthen that good chemical reaction in mice. When combined with therapy, it produces the same effect on people who have a fear of heights, and is now being tested in survivors of the World Trade Center attacks and the Iraq war. Recent studies have shown that people easily recognize fear in other humans faster than other emotions. Other studies have suggested that bodily functions change just by being very afraid. One study found that very frightened people can withstand more pain than those not experiencing fear. Another found that experiencing fear or merely perceiving it in others improved people's attention and brain skills. According to Carbonell, since the normal response for dealing with a real threat is either to flee or fight, the best way to deal with fear when the threat is unreal is to do just the opposite: “Wait it out and chill.”

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Get profits online

From: Express Profits Online Everybody would love to make lots of money quickly, working from home, and only doing a few hours of work per week. I've spent the past two years trying to find a great way of doing this. Only over the course of the past few months have I found any "get rich quick" programs worth buying. I've been trying to make money online for a long time. I had a few small websites, but they never made much more than a few hundred per month. It was easy money and didn't require much work on my part, but I knew there were people out there doing better than I was and I knew I could do as well as them. Now, I've seen a lot of "get rich quick" programs. Most of these people make claims about earning $2000/day with Google or something similarly insane. Almost all of these people are complete liars. Even if they were making $2000/day with Google AdSense, it'd be because they had high - traffic websites with a lot of quality content. I'd know, because in one whole month, I never even made half of what they promised I'd make daily with their programs. Maybe you've already been scammed by one of these fraudsters. Anyway, I finally got sick of what was being offered. I decided I'd look through the all of the "get rich quick" programs I could find and see if there were any that were actually legitimate. I found that there were owners selling their programs for well over $100, but the information in them could be found almost anywhere online for free. Additionally, they all contained out-of-date information, had no e-mail support, no money back guarantees, and broken links in the downloads section. In conclusion, almost all of the programs I found were completely useless. The owners knew it, but they couldn't care less about their customers since they didn't offer refund policies! Amazingly, while looking through all of the programs, I actually did find a few legitimate programs. They were run by ordinary people like you and me, and they had found some great methods of making money from their home by doing very little work. I spent some time working with those programs, and my income is now ten times what it used to be. These programs provided a large amount of great information on how to make extra money on your computer doing very little work. Numerous customers had provided great feedback and reviews for their products. Many of them have started to make money just days after buying

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Seven tips for buying diy corian style counters

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, you don't want to skimp on your countertops. Much more so than appliances, poor quality countertops will prematurely age your kitchen. But if you've been shopping around and looking at Corian pricing, you may be put off by the expense of Corian solid surface kitchen tops. What you may not know is that you can save thousands of dollars by installing your Corian counters yourself. In fact, there are kits available that make it relatively easy for the do-it-yourselfer to install high quality Corian style counters. But how do you gauge reputable companies?

Here are five tips for picking a winner: 1. Customization: The company you choose should make your Corian style counters to fit your kitchen's specific size and shape. They should come with a 1-1/2 inch front edge, and be prepared and ready for joining at the intersecting corners. 2. Selection and Pricing: The company should have a wide variety of Corian colors from which you can choose, and should offer samples at a minimal cost so that you can make your final selection. The pricing should run about 50 to 60 percent of what you would pay to buy Corian counters and have them professionally installed. 3. Communication: You should be able to send the company a drawing of your kitchen layout and the dimensions of your countertops by fax or email. The company should then review your information and provide you with a list of the materials you will need to install your Corian style counters. They should be available to answer questions throughout and after the installation process. 4. Shipping: The shipping charges should be based on your location, and be shipped using a dependable and reputable carrier. Your Corian style counters should be packed in a wooden pallet that is fully enclosed and covered with top boards, plywood ends, and cross-bracing on each side. The crate should have a form core that will absorb any shocks encountered during shipping. 5. Instruction: While installing Corian style counters isn't exceptionally difficult for a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, it does require precise instructions. Ideally, the company you choose should provide written instructions (either on their website or in a booklet), as well as a DVD demonstration video. The best companies also hold Web seminars to help you learn how to install your solid surface kitchen tops. 6. Warranty: The company you choose should offer a ten-year warranty, providing you install the countertops according to their instructions. Most companies require that you keep leftover material from the installation, since replacement material won't be an exact match to the Corian colors you chose. 7. Testimonials: Corian style counters are a big investment, even if you choose to install them yourself. Look for testimonials from the company you're considering, as well as any media coverage they may have received. If they have a solid track record of satisfied customers, chances are you'll be able to count yourself among them.

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A pre vacation checklist get your house in order

Whether you are leaving on a long-awaited vacation, an extended business trip or a weekend getaway, preparing to head out of town can often be both time-consuming and stressful. The last thing you want to do is add to the to-do list. However, taking care of household responsibilities before you leave can make your return home much more relaxing and alleviate stress while on the road. This way, you won't feel a wave of panic-on the beach or in the boardroom-when you remember that you forgot to feed the dog or pay an important bill. Here are four tasks you should take care of before leaving home and some time-saving ways to check them off your list. Make home look like you've never left.

Whether you're 100 or 1,000 miles away, your house should appear inhabited as a safety precaution. To do this, purchase low-cost timers that can be programmed to turn on and off radios, televisions and lights. Piles of newspapers next to the front door can be a clear indication that no one is home. Avoid this by holding subscriptions and mail with the postal service (downloadable forms are available online at usps.

com) or opt to receive bills electronically through bill payment services to permanently reduce clutter. Take care of business. To avoid missed payments for utilities and other important bills, set up automatic bill pay before you leave. Using a Visa card is an easy, convenient and secure way to pay household bills such as utilities, cable TV and insurance when you're traveling. This time-saving tool can benefit everyone, especially frequent business travelers who are often away from home. Choose a one-time payment or automatic payments to ensure that your bills are paid on time every month no matter where you are. More information is available online at visa. com/billpay. Prepare your pets and plants. If your four-legged friend isn't leaving town with you, hiring a pet sitter or making reservations at a kennel will help your pet receive the proper care.

To prevent returning home to overgrown landscaping and dead house plants, make arrangements to have your yard cared for in your absence. For short trips, set a timer for your sprinklers and consider placing house plants in shaded outdoor areas near a sprinkler. Or ask a reliable neighbor to feed your pets and water your house plants. Give yourself a break on energy costs. Before leaving, turn off your water and gas and unplug common appliances such as microwaves and televisions. This will both reduce unnecessary usage and prevent damage caused by energy surges. Consider setting your thermostat 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature or simply turn it off. If you'll be away for an extended period of time, turn off your pilot light for maximum savings.

From putting lights on timers to setting up automatic bill pay, following these tips can minimize pretravel stress and help make your return home sweet.

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Very cheap car insurance it exists but you have to know what to ask for

When someone tells you that they have very cheap car insurance then you need to be cautious. What kind of insurance profile does that individual have that would give them the benefit of very cheap car insurance? People will often complain about their car insurance rates to a friend or neighbor and too often that neighbor or friend will claim that their insurance is much cheaper. That may be true for a number of reasons. We don’t all drive the same cars. We don’t have the same driving records. We have different ages of drivers. There are a whole lot of variables in the criteria that make up the car insurance rate.

Rating Criteria Credit Reports – Most of the insurance companies use credit as part of the equation when setting rates. Some people do not understand the relationship. Actuaries have come up with the statistics that prove credit to be a significant rating factor. There is a stability factor and relationship to accident frequency that coincides with the credit history. Vehicle Types – This can be kind of tricky. Some newer vehicles actually have better rates than the older vehicles because of all the safety features. Some vehicles have high theft rates. Make sure that you get the vehicle identification number of any new vehicle purchase and give it to your insurance company to obtain your new rate. Rating Territory – You are stuck with this one unless you move to another geographical area. Driver Info – The driving records and ages of your drivers will play a significant part in your rate. Discounts – There are several ways to discount your car insurance. Purchase the home policy with the auto policy to get a multi-policy discount. Good student and drivers training discounts are available to young drivers with some companies. Retirement discounts and discounts for taking a mature driving course are available for senior citizens. The cheaper rate is really up to you. Do your home work and ask your insurance company a lot of questions.

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Cisco ccnp bsci tutorial comparing ospf and isis hellos

While studying to pass the BSCI exam and preparing to earn your CCNP certification, you'll quickly notice that while OSPF and ISIS are both link-state protocols, there are a lot of differences between the two. One major difference is the way the two protocols handle hello packets. Hello packets are imperative to keeping OSPF and ISIS adjacencies alive. Since they are both link-state protocols, neither of them will send updates at any specified time. Hello packets are the only method by which routers running OSPF and ISIS can see that a neighboring router is still available. OSPF gives us some great options when it comes to keeping routing table size down via the use of stub and total stub areas, but to OSPF, a hello packet is a hello packet. ISIS routers are capable of sending two different types of hellos - Level 1 and Level 2. ISIS routers are classified as Level 1 (L1), Level 2 (L2), and Level 1-2 (L1-L2). By default, Cisco routers are L1-L2 routers; this means that every ISIS-enabled interface will send out both L1 and L2 hellos. If one of the interfaces is forming only an L1 or L2 adjacency, there's no reason to send out hellos for the other adjacency type. For example, if R1 is forming an L1 adjacency with R2 via its ethernet0 interface, there is no reason to allow the router to transmit L2 hellos. To hardcode a router interface to send only L1 or L2 hellos, use the isis circuit-type command. R1(config)#interface ethernet0 R1(config-if)#isis circuit-type level-1 Note: To configure this interface to send only L2 hellos, the full command is "isis circuit-type level-2-only", not just "level-2". This configuration would prevent L2 hellos from being transmitted out ethernet0. While this does save router resources and prevents unnecessary bandwidth usage, there is also no way an L2 adjacency can be formed - so double-check your network topology before using this command!

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Microsoft great plains implementation intercompany processing overvew for consultant

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains is feasible option for large corporation, if it is looking for budget solution. Microsoft Great Plains has MS SQL server as it’s database platform, which makes it scalable from the data side. When you are dealing with corporation, you may find the situation, when it has multiple subsidiaries. In this small article we will give you a hint on how intercompany processing module works in Great Plains Select System->Intercompany, then choose originating company ID and for each company you plan to have intercompany transaction, setup Originating and Destinating companies due to and due from account. This solution seems to be too simple on the first glance. It really is simple – it should allow you simple balance sheet consolidation (you just need to eliminate due to and from accounts in each company you consolidate). Let’s now look at transactions. Intercompany transaction are enabled on General Ledger and Accounts Payable modules level. GL. Open GL transaction, check intercompany checkbox, when entering transaction debit and credit lines, select the company, save transaction in the batch and print batch edit list. You should realize that system automatically used due to/from accounts to balance transaction in the destination company. Accounts Payable. Open Accounts Payable transaction, check intercompany checkbox, enter transaction as normal, then open distribution and change company in PURCH distribution type. Save transaction to the batch and print batch edit list. You should see that system used due to/from accounts to balance transaction in the proper company Multicurrency. Originating and destination companies should have the same functional currency for intercompany transactions. Multicurrency has more complex effect on intercompanies transactions and is outside of the scope of this small article. Happy implementing! You can always appeal to us to help you with your system. Give as a call 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum. com

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