To the affiliate marketer using an ad tracker is key

There’s a lot of money in affiliate marketing. This is true, however, only to those are seriously and zealously working on his affiliate program. Success in affiliate marketing varies in every individual affiliate and for the most part, it depends on his will and perseverance. No matter how good an affiliate program is, it will not prosper if the affiliate marketer does not pay the price of hard work. One must exert extra effort especially on the aspect of promotion. Nothing will happen if the links or banners would just lie idle in a web page, an affiliate must be able to convince the visitor to click it and proceed to the business site to buy the products. No click-throughs means no income for an affiliate marketer. You can actually generate a full-time income by means of affiliate marketing and you can do it at home, and yes, even while you sleep. You must have a good web site to begin with.

It must have good promotional and informative contents, pleasing design, inviting banner ads and all other important elements in an affiliate marketer’s web site. It would be great if you have exhausted other means of advertising such as newsletters, email marketing, message boards and ad listings such as Google AdWords. You just have to go online once in a while to check your site and update it and to watch over the development of your marketing program. Does this sound so easy? It can be this easy if you have planned your affiliate program well and have taken all the steps towards success carefully and diligently. Now, there’s a tool you can use to help you go through the program with ease and confidence, the Ad Tracker.

For many experienced and successful affiliate marketers, the Ad Tracker is a key to a successful affiliate marketing program. What precisely is an ad tracker? It is a marketing tracking software or program that allows you to trace and take note of every click-through made by visitors of your site and by other customers who got your referral link. There are ad tracking service providers as well, so you will just have to pay them to do the tracking for you. With the ad tracker, you can keep an eye on the progress of your marketing campaigns even offline. This tool or program is especially helpful if you are engaged in several affiliate and pay-per-click programs and have placed ads in emails, pop-ups and pop-unders, message boards, auto responders, Ezines, forums, several web sites, surveys and various ad service providers. Of course, you don’t want all your efforts to be put to waste so you want to make sure you are getting paid for your hard work. Likewise, you want to make sure every dollar or cent you disburse in your advertising campaigns is wisely spent.

With the help of the ad tracker, you will know accurately how many and which of your links where clicked on, how many clicked on your links, how many of your emails were opened and how many of those who opened your email clicked through the business site and purchased a product, how many products were purchased, which of your banner ads or links brought the most leads and sales and many other pertinent facts and figures you need. Sales records and all data stated are necessary in any business as this could determine if your affiliate program is still worth continuing. This would also help you determine which of your marketing strategies is most effective and which is most beneficial for each product or service you are promoting. Every decision and plan you make must be well grounded on facts. That decision or plan of action may not be the best, but it is something not to regret about when you had valid reasons for coming up with such decision or plan. You cannot just decide to terminate your affiliate program, just because you don’t earn big in an instant. If you are serious with affiliate marketing, again and again, keep in mind that your success lies mainly on promotion and your hard work. If you don’t seem lucky enough to convince many of your site users to buy the products, don’t be disheartened and jump into a conclusion that your affiliate program is a failure. If it works for others, it could work for you, too. Know whether your advertising techniques are effective or not, which works best for your program and which doesn’t. Get an ad tracker to help you know all these and you’d surely be on the right track towards success!

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4 things all articles must have don't forget!

4 Things ALL Articles Must Have - Don't Forget! The importance of articles in today’s websites and internet based companies are immeasurable. They dictate a lot in the success and the drive of traffic into one’s site. It has become a key element in making a site work and earns a profit. A website operator and owner must have the good sense to include articles in his or her site that will work for them and earn them the many benefits articles can give to their site. Articles have been known to be the driving force in driving traffic to a website. Articles are a factor in giving site high rankings in search result pages. The higher a site ranks the bigger slice of the traffic flow pie he gets.

With a huge number in traffic flow, there are more profits and more potential for other income generating schemes as well. But, it is not just about stuffing your site with articles; they have certain requirements as well. These requirements must be met to obtain the maximum benefits an article will provide for your site. A well written article will catch the eyes and interest of your customers and keep them coming back for more. They would also be able to recommend your site to others. Here are some tips to help you and assist you in making your articles.

Below you will read about four things all articles must have to make it successful and helpful in making your site a profit earning and traffic overflowing site. • Keywords and Keyword Phrases. An article must always be centered on the keywords and keyword phrases. As each website visitor goes to a site, there are those who are just merely browsing but actually looking for a specific something.

When this happens, a searcher usually goes to a search engine and types in the keywords they are looking for (e. g. Toyota Camry, Meningitis, Tax Lawyer and Etcetera). It could be anything they want. The Important thing is that you have an article that has the keywords that are related to your site. For example, if you maintain an auto parts site, you must be able t have articles about cars and their parts. There are many tools in the internet that provides service in helping a webmaster out in determining what keywords and keyword phrases are mostly sought out. You can use this tool to determine what keywords to use and write about. • Keyword Density Know that you have your keywords and keyword phrases, you must use them fully. An article must have good keyword density for a search engine to “feel” its presence. Articles should at least have ten to fifteen percent of keyword density in their content for search engines to rank a site high in their search results. Getting a high rank is what articles do best for a site. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used on an article. The number varies depending on the number of words used in an article. An effective article must have a keyword density that is not too high or too low. With a very high density, the essence of the article is lost and may turn off a reader as well as the search engines. It comes off as overeager. A low number may be ignored by the search engines. • Good Article Content Like what is stated above, you cannot just riddle an article with keywords. They must also be regarded as good reading materials. Articles must be able to entertain people as well as provide good information and help for their needs. Articles should be written well with correct spelling and good grammar. If you want people to trust you, make your work good and well thought out. People respond well to figures, facts and statistics. Try to get great information and as many facts as you can. A good and well written article will boost your reputation as an expert in your chosen field or topic. As more people believe in you. They will be able to trust you and your products. • Linking Articles And another important thing to remember. If you are going to submit articles to ezines and/or contribute your articles to newsletters and other sites, DON’T ever forget to include a link to your site. A little resource box with a brief description of your site and you should always be placed right after your articles that you have submitted. If people like your articles, they will most likely click on the link directing them to your site.

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In car entertainment can soothe passengers

Imagine turning "Are we there yet?" into "We're there already?" A growing number of families are doing just that by adding rear-seat entertainment technologies and other conveniences to their vehicles in time for the summer vacation season. In spite of the increased cost of fuel, Americans are expected to hit the road in record numbers this summer, just as they have in virtually every year since the late 1950s. In fact, estimated annual miles driven by consumers reached 1.7 billion in 2004, nearly three times the miles logged during the 1960s. Yet, in spite of the growing allure of distant theme parks, beaches and interactive museums, families still face the challenge of keeping kids happy while strapped into their seats. "A bored child can make any drive seem harder for everyone," said Mark Boyle, director of marketing, Aftermarket, for Visteon Corporation, manufacturer of a broad range of mobile electronics technologies for passenger vehicles. "Making the driving experience more comfortable is an important goal for automakers, dealerships and consumer products manufacturers-and we're seeing the results in the form of truly innovative entertainment technologies." One of the most recent products-Visteon's Dockable Entertainment featuring Game Boy® Advance-marries the popularity of in-car movies with the 750-plus game titles available for Nintendo's wildly popular Game Boy® Advance platform. The system can be seamlessly integrated into the car's headliner, but also can be removed in a matter of seconds for use in another vehicle, outdoors or anywhere else. The system is offered with wireless game controllers and wireless headphones. Automotive industry studies have shown that video games rank among the most appealing in-vehicle entertainment options, along with movies and music. Combining all three in a single platform (the Visteon system also plays MP3 files) demonstrates the lengths to which manufacturers are going to answer consumer demand for more relaxing road trips, according to Boyle.

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Baby proof your home frequently asked questions

: Keeping your baby safe at all times is one of your greatest concerns and responsibilities. There is so much to consider and it is very easy to overlook something that might be fairly obvious to some but escape others. Things like covering electrical outlets, putting up baby gates and turning pot handles to the rear of the stove are discussed in this article and is presented in a question and answer format. Q. What is the best way to approach baby-proofing our home? The best way is to see your home from the eyes of your child. It is recommended that you get down on your hands and knees and crawl around your home. This will enable you to see hazards you might not have recognized at your full height.

Are electrical outlets in baby’s reach or are there electric cords hanging down that your baby can pull on or get tangled in? Does your furniture have sharp corners? Are there precious items at your baby’s level that should be put up out of reach? Q. What is the most hazardous situation for my baby? Any situation that places your baby in harm’s way is the worst situation for your baby. The most hazardous situation for your baby is choking or anything that might cause him to stop breathing.

The most hazardous situation for you baby is one that caused an injury that could have been prevented. Q. What are some things I need to consider when I am baby-proofing our home? There are many things to consider. Your baby is a quick mover so it is never really safe to leave him unattended if at all possible. Consider putting up all valuables and breakable items out of reach of your baby’s. Anything that is small enough to fit in his mouth should be removed. If in doubt as to whether any one item is small enough to fit in your baby’s mouth and pose a choking hazard take an empty toilet paper roll. If it fits inside the tube it go in his mouth and possibly harm him. Q. Why do I need baby safety gates? Baby safety gates can be placed in doorways or at the top and bottom of staircases. The gates can prevent your baby from getting into the kitchen or bathroom. They can also prevent your baby from tumbling down the stairs or climbing the stairs and falling. The mesh or the holes in the gate should not be large enough for your baby to put his toes through to climb the gate.

Gates now are being made to operate hands-free or one handed. There are gates being made with the bars going vertical instead of horizontal reducing the chances of your baby being able to climb the gate. Q. What are electric outlet covers or locks? Electric outlet covers look like plastic plugs when they are inserted and prevents your baby from sticking his fingers or something else in the outlet and getting a serious shock. Electric outlet lock plates can replace typical outlets and in order to insert anything into the outlet the plug has to be inserted and turned. Q. It was suggested to me that I have motion alarms on our doors and windows, why would I need them? Some kids are very active and able to do things you would be very surprise about. Children have been known to open windows and fall through screens and become seriously injured. There are many news stories where toddlers have gotten up in the night and unbeknownst to their parents open the door and go outside.

Some are found wandering around and others are not so lucky. Some windows now come with a mechanism to prevent the window from being opened more than an inch or two. The alarms will alert you to the door opening and you can intervene before something tragic happens. Q. What kind of baby-proofing products are available? There all kinds of baby products available and most are reasonably priced. There are motion sensors, corner cushions for sharp corners on furniture. There are electric outlet covers, cabinet and drawer locks of different types and cord retractors for window blinds. Q. Is there anything available to protect my baby from getting in between banister posts? There is netting available that can be attached with screws that will prevent your baby from getting between the banister posts.

This product is similar to the deck netting available for outdoor decks. Q. Are there baby proofing checklists available? Yes there are baby-proofing checklists available. You can locate them online and they are printable. Specialty stores, hospitals, and pediatricians are all possible sources for such checklists. Q. How can I baby proof my nursery? You can baby proof your nursery by keeping your baby’s crib away from windows and blinds cords.

Put outlet protectors on all outlets. Make certain to dress your baby in sleepers rather than using blankets. When your baby begins sitting up place the mattress in the lowest position. Do not put stuffed animals or pillows in the crib with your little one, they could nestle up to them and suffocate. Q. How can I baby proof my kitchen? Put all cleaners or chemicals up out of reach of your baby. Make sure all drawers and cabinet doors. While cooking put all pot handles toward the rear of the stove. Do not allow electric cords to hang over counters where your baby can pull on them.

Better still, if possible unless you are feeding your baby keep him out of the kitchen. Q. How can I baby proof my car? You can baby proof your car by making sure the car seat your baby will ride in is installed correctly and that it is the correct one for your baby. Remove all loose items that could become missiles in a crash or quick stop, and place them in the trunk. In Conclusion The bottom line of baby proofing your home and your car is to be mindful that the most common things can be hazardous to a baby or small child. You can obtain a checklist of things to look for when baby-proofing your home. Window blinds cords should be shortened and outlets should be covered. Look at your home and car through your baby’s eyes, you might be surprised at hazards you miss when you are looking from adult height.

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Gemstones and our affair with them

Gemstones are precious or semiprecious stones that are used in jewelry for adorning the body. They are highly valuable and beautiful crystalline rocks or minerals that are cut and polished for use in jewelry. They are valuable because of their beauty, rarity, and durability and are long lasting and can be passed on as heirlooms. The types of gemstones available are amazing. There are several that are widely used in jewelry, such as a diamond, garnet, beryl, emerald, sapphire, quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, opal, peridot, ruby, spinal, tourmaline, topaz etc. These are beautifully colored and are extremely attractive.

The shape of a gemstone is determined by the natural crystal structure and how it is developed. To be able to mount them into the precious metals such as Gold, silver etc., gem cutters shape them into various shapes, ensuring they reflect light and this adds brilliance to the cut and polished stone, making it highly attractive and valuable. Gem cutters take a scientific approach to cutting a gem stone, depending on the original shape of a gemstone, going by the refractive index of each gemstone, to understand how light rays bend as they pass through the stone. In ancient times, gemstones used to be identified only by color, but now the chemical properties of the gemstone are taken into consideration.

The chemical formula, specific gravity, hardness, and refractive index are looked at for identification. For example, the green color of an emerald is caused by small amounts of chromium and vanadium. The darker the green color of the emerald, the rarer it is, and the more expensive. Gemstones are considered as birthstones too and this superstition has its origin to ancient times. There are many that follow and strongly believe the superstition of wearing the gemstone that is attributed to be their birthstone.

It is their strong belief that not all gemstones are suitable to every human. Just as all types of water is not drunk and all types of air is not inhaled, similarly all types of gemstones are not considered to be good. The nine gemstones, the ruby, pearl, emerald, yellow sapphire, coral, blue sapphire, diamond, cat’s eye, and hessonite are said to provide enlightenment and power. A main factor for determining the value of the gemstones is water. Water is used to refer to the color and transparency of a gemstone.

The value of a gemstone by and large is determined by the color, clarity of a stone, cut, and carat weight. These are called the 4 Cs. Apart from this, the rarity of a gemstone is taken into consideration too. Gemstones are now set in various metals and sold as ornaments to adorn different parts of our body, like bracelets or bangles for the wrists, necklaces or chokes for the neck, rings for the fingers, and so on. There are watches available for both men and women, that are studded with gems and which cost an arm and leg. The cost is no deterrent when the look is aesthetically pleasing and exotic.

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The cost of miscommunication

Using jargon, technical terms, abbreviations, and specialized vocabulary in email messages is filled with peril. This language can lead to miscommunication. And, this misinterpretation of terminology can be expensive in many ways. 1. It can affect your professional relationships. 2. It can make you, or your company, liable. Relationships Miscommunication can jeopardize business relationships. Using jargon can crush the rapport you have worked so hard to build with customers or coworkers. To read more on avoiding miscommunication visit: http:// keepcustomers. com A reader who receives an email message filled with technical terms and industry jargon may have several reactions – none of them good. For example, the reader may become irritated, aggravated, or mad. It’s a natural human reaction to become defensive when you encounter something you don’t understand. The reader may also think you’re trying to be condescending, or that you’re trying to show off. At the very least, the reader will become frustrated. The person may, or may not, bother to ask you to “translate.” Why subject your customers or coworkers to that type of treatment? Don’t take the chance of ruining a good relationship with people by sending them information they cannot understand in email messages. Liability If a customer misunderstands information you have provided via email, and then acts upon it, who is responsible if something goes wrong? There are liability issues involved with miscommunication. For example, let’s say you are providing financial data to a customer, and he/she misunderstands that information. If the customer makes a decision based on the miscommunication, it could lead to costly mistakes. The “cost” to the customer may be monetary. The “cost” to you may be a loss of credibility. Misinterpretations can be expensive and embarrassing. To learn more ways to avoid misinterpretation visit: http:// keepcustomers. com. Why take the risk? Don’t put yourself or your customer in a risky situation. Try to use clear wording and avoid potentially confusing technical jargon.

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I m ok you re not ok why you ll probably never be rich

I can already tell a few things about you. You're the kind of person that doesn't let a little hard work hold you back. How do I know? The people who want everything to be easy, read the title of this article and quickly move on to the next article. You're probably also fed up with reading articles and web sites that promise you'll get rich doing next to nothing, not have to learn anything new, and can be a complete simpleton. Am I exaggerating? Don't most of the business opportunity sites you read promise exactly that?

That you can have no training, no talent, no ambition, no desire to do anything -- and STILL earn a six figure income? I'm not exaggerating one little bit. Somehow that bizarre "do nothing" approach to business has gotten rampant on the Net. Deep in your gut, you know beyond a doubt that such methods are just drivel. No wonder Internet business opportunities have been trending downward for the past five years. As a cousin to Rich Jerk, renowned Internet millionaire, I don't mince words when I tell people what it will take for them to earn a huge income online. * You MUST have ambition and not be afraid to WANT the BIGGEST things in life -- big house, nice car, best neighborhood.

People who don't want and don't dream don't get rich, unless they discover gold in their backyard. * You MUST be willing to learn new methods. Case in point, the promotion methods 99% of web sites use are so badly outdated it it's almost funny. Then WHY are they still using these methods? Simple. They're either too stupid or too lazy to learn knew methods. If YOU make the effort to learn better, up-to-date promotion strategies, you'll walk all over everybody else. * STOP being easy on yourself. If you don't have millions in the bank, you AREN'T OK! You need a swift kick in your motivation.

You need to get in there and FIGHT for what you want. I could go on, but those 3 tips are ALL you need to succeed. Have boundless ambition, learn the latest strategies, and stay motivated until you make them work for you. You know what the main difference is between the self-made millionaire and everybody else? The millionaire set her sites on wealth and didn't quit until she achieved it. Yes, showing up every day is 90 percent of the game. Come armed and ready to do battle -- every day. I'll see you at the Country Club.

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Thinking about a payday loan

Not everybody is fortunate enough to win the lottery. If you're like most of us, you have to work for living to put food on the table and a roof over your head. At times you find yourself with a little extra cash to splurge on something nice, but other times you find that an emergency or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity requires more cash than you have on hand. What can you do when that happens? The answer is simple. Payday loans. Payday loans are bridge loans from lending institutions who will put money directly into your bank account and then on payday will take out the money they sent you (plus a little bit extra for interest) to help you pay for that emergency or take advantage of that opportunity. How do I get my money? All you need to do is to go online and type "payday loan" into the search line on your Internet browser. You should be able to find a number of web sites that can help you. When you go onto one of these web sites you'll be asked to fill in a little bit of information about yourself and they use this information to confirm who you are. Then they'll deposit the money right in your bank account!

It usually takes a couple days and in some cases you may have to fax some additional information (like identification) before you get your money but it doesn't take long… and it's really easy! How to I pay them back? Obviously, at some point they're going to want the money back, because they are not a charity.

So you let them know when your payday is and when that day comes around they will automatically take out the appropriate amount of money plus a little interest from your bank account and loan is paid off. It's that easy! So next time you find yourself faced with a emergency or you need a loan to take advantage of that one-time opportunity, or you have simply just not budgeted enough to carry you through to the next check, a payday loan to help you.

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Rapport how to build it with your team

I've often heard managers say - "My door is always open, come and talk to me anytime." You have to accept the fact that your team won't always do that. They might not want to bother you or they may feel that they should know the answers to their questions and they'll look stupid if they ask. And how many times have they approached you and you've been on the phone or "too busy?" It's your job to get out and talk to them. I've also heard managers say - "I sit with my team in an open-plan office so I'm always available to them and I hear what's going on" - OH NO YOU DON'T! It's important to get out of your office or up off your seat and mix with your people on a regular basis, don't wait for them to come to you. Pull up a chair and have chat and don't just talk about business, find out how they're doing on a human level. That doesn't mean prying into their personal life, but your team members want to feel that you're interested and care about them as a person. It's also important that they feel free to chat amongst themselves so don't stifle that. A team who have good relationships with each other are a productive team. Many business owners and managers aren't comfortable about speaking to their team members unless it's about business. I've worked for many managers who knew nothing or very little about me on a personal basis. One of my colleagues once told me that our manager had asked him if I was gay. He'd come to this conclusion because there didn't seem to be a woman in my life. At the time he was coming to this conclusion, I was going through the break up of my fifteen year marriage to my wife. However my manager didn't know that nor would he have been able to handle it if he did. That doesn't suggest he was a bad person, he just didn't know how to make that human connection and sadly he didn't try. Perhaps you're not comfortable speaking to your team on a human level, however, I would ask that you consider the importance of your communication and rapport building skills. Your success as a manager is highly dependent on your ability to listen and speak with your people. Human beings crave attention and acceptance and they want to know you care. If your customers and your team members feel that you're interested and care about them as individuals, then it becomes so much easier for you to achieve your goals. Successful entrepreneurs are excellent at building rapport. When you meet them they don't necessarily talk about themselves, they ask you questions. I've met several successful business people and I'm always impressed and flattered by their interest in me. You can practise your rapport building skills any time, particularly in your personal life. In the locker room at my local health club, I notice that many of the guys don't speak to each other. I always make a point of saying hello or passing the time of day. If they don't want to talk then that's fine. However, I find they usually do and I've had some interesting conversations. And forget what your mother said about never speaking to strangers - always speak to strangers! Speak to everyone you meet and practise your rapport building skills - taxi drivers, people in trains, aeroplanes and anywhere else you come into contact. I sometimes have to push myself to do it but I'm always glad when I do.

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Managing project risks part 1 don t be snared by these 6 common traps

When your enterprise decides to undertake a new endeavor -- whether it's designing a new training program, planning a new service, or revamping an existing product -- this endeavor is called a project. It involves people, funding, resources, schedules, requirements, testing, fine tuning, and deployment, plus a host of other activities. You may have seen this phenomenon by now: projects are risk magnets. Why is that? There appear to be several factors involved. Managing project risk is a process that seems to be poorly understood by business owners and project managers. As a result, projects frequently experience problems with understaffing, schedule overruns, cost overruns, and unmet requirements. This article (the first of a series) explains six common traps that, when not fully recognized, can lead to unpleasant surprises.

Here's what I've observed over many years as both a project leader and participant: 1. Each project differs in some way, shape, or form from the last one. If all your projects were exactly the same, you could simply use a cookie-cutter approach to crank 'em out without losing any sleep at night. Although projects may share some similarities, a new project could very easily introduce several new, unfamiliar elements that can completely throw off your sense of balance - often without your even realizing it until it's too late. 2. Projects are often constrained by finite conditions. Initially, you might hear limitations such as, "We only have $1,200 and three weeks to have you complete all 18 training modules for this project." (What? You're thinking that based on the requirements you've heard so far, this project should take a year and a half and cost three hundred grand!) Speaking of constraints, it's not unusual for project sponsors or clients to ask for 1) low cost and 2) fast completion and 3) high quality and 4) many features in the final project deliverables. Although it's understandable to want the greatest value for the money, unless the project is blessed with an infinite schedule and an unlimited budget, tradeoffs become necessary. Usually it's only possible to achieve two or three out of four of these goals on a typical project. The tradeoffs might constrain the number of features, limit the quality, or both. 3. People chronically underestimate their time and effort. Whether it's because of a perceived social stigma or a cloudy crystal ball, people typically have a difficult time deriving realistic project estimates. Given the number of project unknowns, coming up with accurate predictions can be tricky. (Smart project managers know this and frequently add buffers derived from records of actual past experience, commonly known as "fudge factors," to project bids.) To complicate matters, people often feel pressured to further "reduce the truth" -- that is, to minimize whatever their already low calculations tell them it should take when they put together a bid. Whenever management pushes people to underestimate this way -- perhaps for fear of losing the project -- the risks can easily overwhelm and even destroy the project's success. 4. Project requirements are typically fuzzy at the beginning. Whether you're talking to a client, your boss, your colleagues, or your clients to figure out what the project should produce, whatever they say initially may sound as clear as a bell in some areas but very sketchy in others. Getting clarification on the fuzzy parts might entail many conversations with many people, and much more time than anybody ever imagined. 5. Requirements invariably shift over time. The minute after you've cemented the requirements with everyone's agreement, "scope creep" begins. This means that the project needs may expand, shrink, or morph into something altogether different! These situations arise because the very act of creating something new can produce a result (or a series of results) that may exceed or differ from what people were capable of imagining at the start. And even when the team guards against it, pressure to include "add-ons" can stretch the scope beyond its limits. 6. Nearly everything else about the project is dynamic! Aside from the requirements changing, many other things can stop, start, or fluctuate during the project. Experienced people may leave and new people may come on board. Budgets could get chopped. Schedules might get slashed or -- sometimes even worse -- delayed. Resources may evaporate or not materialize in the right forms. Politics can sneak in and remove support, or require skipping critical steps such as testing. The list goes on and on. Studies of failed projects have revealed how difficult it can be to detect all of the red flags in advance. Unbridled optimism can block everyone's ability to see clearly. Yet turning down an iffy project may be better than letting egos rule. What to do? As we've seen, projects can involve several highly dynamic variables. They often operate under tight budgets and schedules. People tend to miscalculate time, effort, and resources. Requirements frequently expand, shrink, or change. And shifting circumstances can pull the rug out from under everyone's plans. Add these together and many projects will cook up a recipe for failure. But it doesn't have to be that way. You and your team can learn to avoid project pitfalls by paying close attention to the cause-and-effect relationships among these six important keys! Copyright 2005 Adele Sommers

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Online games are you game for this

Who has not heard of online games these days? Internet has opened up a whole new vista for the entertainment and gaming industry which is booming and going strong with huge annual growth rates of 40-45% year on year. All you need to play an online game is a home computer and broadband connection. You don’t even need spare time; it sucks you in. Well, if you don’t have a computer at home but still want to play, don’t loose heart; you can play them on your cell phone. Online Games and Pass Time Innovative online games, apart from the traditional chess, poker and Mahjong, are real brain teasers. While these are games which need two players, who you find always online, there are still more which can be played individually. Games such as solitaire, crossword, sudoku are individual games. Gaming Softwares and Techniques Some online games require you to download and install their softwares before you can begin play. These softwares help save your personal settings for those games. But mostly, you can play any game without having to download anything at all. When you log on to play a non individual game, you will be automatically matched against someone who is better than you are. It is frustrating to loose a match, albeit against an unknown player. If you wonder, all but you are skilled, take a look here. There are softwares called as ‘game cheat’ available to help you on the instant! Game cheats level out the playing field and soon you can play with experts without them knowing whether you are using a software aid. How do you benefit from game cheats? Turn on cheats when you begin playing. Cheat predicts obstacles and opportunities and suggests the best move for you. It can also tell you the next possible move of your opponent, with dependable certainty. You can buy them from their websites for charges not big if you are serious on winning online. Some companies give away trial versions which you can upgrade later. These softwares can be availed for games like game cube, X-Box and the PS 2; and are being continuously upgraded. A word of caution while playing online games would not be out of place. Play on trusted websites only as most gaming sites install spywares scrupulously onto your hard disk.

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Free ebooks equal free money

Do you know the secret to making money with affiliate marketing? Many smart affiliate marketers earn revenue by creating free special reports (or ebooks) that discuss a specific topic. These guides contain links to high-paying affiliate products. So whenever someone reads a free ebook and purchases product from an affiliate link, the marketer earns a sales commission. But what if you don’t know how to find a topic for your free ebook? If this is the case, here is a tutorial that will help you get started with your free money-making ebook. As you probably know, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate revenue from an Internet business.

Unfortunately, it is hard to get people to purchase from an affiliate link. Many times, they go to your website and check out your information. Then most of them leave without purchasing products through an affiliate link. The problem is you haven’t had time to explain to them the value of the products you are recommending. The solution is you can create a guide that discusses a hot topic related to your product. In this report, you discuss the topic and then provide a solution to the major problem that that is experienced by your readers. Obviously the affiliate product will be the solution to their problems. So how do you write one of these special reports?

In truth, it is very easy to write a 5-15 page special report that is in high demand by readers, while having a potential for a high affiliate income. The first step is to look for a topic. One of the best ways to discover a good topic is to explore forums that cater to your niche or product. Then read up on topics that people have posted. Many people will post comments on forums looking for answers to particular problems.

All you need to do is find a topic where you can easily create at least five pages of content. The next step is to find a related affiliate product. Most of the time, somebody has already created a product that provides a solution to the problem that people are having. All you have to do is look for this product and become an affiliate.

The best part is most affiliate programs have marketing material which you can use to help create your content. After looking at the forum and support material, you can easily create your special report. In this free ebook, you will discuss the topic in general terms. You will talk about the problem and ways they can find the solution. Your content will focus on the pain they are experiencing from this problem. Then mention the solution to their problem which is your affiliate product. In your special report, you want to provide useful information while gently persuading the reader to check out your affiliate link. The key is to talk about the benefits of using the product, without being too pushy or salesy.

Most affiliate products have a sales page, so you can leave the convincing to the referral site. As long as you do a good job pre-selling your readers on that particular product, they will arrive at the site ready to buy. Free ebooks or special reports are a great way to earn long-term affiliate income because they can be easily distributed and provide quality value to the reader. As long as you focus on creating good content for your reader, you will see your affiliate revenue increase.

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Why you need to find out more about dvd rental by mail

Going out every time you want a DVD rental can be so taxing, that is why it is so fantastic that there are places where you can get a DVD rental by mail. These guys make renting movies almost too easy and fast, who needs brick and mortar movie stores now? Not me that is for sure! I don’t know about you but the late fees are what get me every tie I try and go to a movie rental store in person. It is so hard to remember that you have a movie due back. I mean, how often do you have them tot take back and we are all so busy and we all have so many things on our minds. That is why I do all my renting from online movie rental places. This way I never have to worry about late fees and I can take my time watching the DVDs. That takes such a load off of my mind!

And I can actually enjoy the movies now. When you are an online movie rental membership that allows you to take part in DVD rental by mail you will be able to rent as many movies as you want each month and you can send them back whenever you get around to it. There is never anything to rush about and never any worries because you didn’t get to watch the movie yet. If you have a hectic schedule you will be able to relax and take your time because there are no penalties for sending your movies back weeks from now even. You can put off your watching for a couple of weeks and that won’t matter either. No matter what you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have no deadline to stick to, your time is your own again. And look at it this way: Blockbuster and those other regular DVD rental stores are not ever going to bring their movies to your door. They expect you to get in your car and pay the zillion dollars for gas to drive there even though it is out of your way. Getting DVDs by mail is much easier because you get to choose your shows online and then have them shipped right to you. The farthest you will ever have to go is your front door! Things don’t get much more convenient than that. Don’t you love what you can do with the Internet? I know I sure do! When it comes to getting your rentals by mail it doesn’t matter if you watch two movie a day or one every 6 months you are still going to love being a member of an online movie rental store. They are cheaper and easier to deal with and they won’t run your life like those other stores will. These types of rental services will change your life and make it a whole lot simpler not to mention way more fun.

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2 minerals are crystals

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What are your goals for the next 30 days

Being a small business owner often means wearing a number of different hats. How many of you act as the CEO, the general manager, the accountant, the salesperson, the computer technician, the secretary, the receptionist, etc…? Sound familiar? Many entrepreneurs try to chase too many targets at once and end up overwhelmed rather than focusing on their business. They spend all their energy carrying out daily tasks leaving little time for the most important part of their business - their own business! To avoid this, spend some time focusing on your business and decide which strategies will be most helpful in developing your own marketing plan.

In order to grow and succeed in your business, you first need to have a crystal clear idea of what you want to do and where you want to go. In other words, have you defined your objectives? And more importantly, have you put them in writing? This was actually a new concept for me. In the French culture we are not used to doing this and when I tried to teach it to some of my French clients, they just thought I was nuts! But I understand why because it took me a while before I decided to give it a try. My thoughts were that I had always managed to get what I wanted without the need to write my objectives down. But since so many people here were already applying this concept to their business, I decided not to be stubborn and give it a go too. Wow! Since I have been using this concept everything has moved so much faster! Writing my objectives on a weekly basis and being very specific in each area of my business has given me the opportunity to create strategic alliances with other entrepreneurs, triple my database, double my revenue last year and write a book. I am now also working on numbers of new projects with people who I could never have expected to meet or work with just a couple of years ago. Now my big dreams are a reality! I love the way people do business in the US. I don’t know if you realize it but you are very lucky. You have all the tools to succeed, but do you use them? When you write your objectives on a weekly or monthly basis it makes you actually work on them and act faster. If you are not specific and just say, “I will have money, or I will have more clients,” then yes, these things will come, but the question is ‘when’? You don’t have any deadline to accomplish them by! But if you decide that by May 30th you will have 6 new clients, you will then do something in order to get those clients instead of praying or waiting to see if this will happen. In my last networking event, I asked my members, “What are your goals for the next 30 days?” Some answered without hesitation while others had to think about it. And somebody told me, “Thanks Biba for reminding me that I need to work on my goals, I had actually forgotten about it”. I found that the best way of incorporating time for your objectives and marketing plan into your schedule is to set up an appointment with yourself. And whatever happens, even if there is a client emergency, never cancel this appointment with yourself. Make a decision that once a month or once a week you will spend an hour or two working on your business, focusing on: strategies to get more clients, new products or services to offer, special campaigns to make more sales and writing articles to post on your newsletter, newspapers or ezine directories to promote your business. The more links you get, the more traffic you will receive on your website (by the way, do you have a website? If not this should be one of your objectives for the next 30 days). Do you have a newsletter? This is the easiest and cheapest way to communicate on a regular basis with your clients and prospects, in order to promote and grow your business. This can be another objective for the next 30 days. Take the time to plan strategies that will help to grow your business. Consider yourself as your most important client. Do for yourself what you do for your clients. Your business needs all your attention, all your energy and all your dedication. Your future and your success depend on it. If you need help with organizing your ideas or working on your marketing plan, join my boot-camp starting on May 3rd. And just as I have done for my previous clients, I will help you too save a great deal of time and money. If you are ready to boost your business and to take action, check the program NOW, at: - http:// startyourdreambusinesstoday. com/bootcamp. html © 2006 Biba F. Pйdron

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Teas and your health

There are many teas that have been drunk throughout the ages. They are basically infusions of plants, usually the leaves and sometimes the flowers, by boiling them with water. Teas can be drunk hot or cold and are used for a variety of ailments. Teas of different sorts are drunk worldwide. The official tea that we drink is the second most popular beverage and grown in the mountainous regions of China, India, Sir Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, Georgia, Japan, Kenya, Malawi and Taiwan. The tea we drink is taken from the top leaves and the buds of the Camellia Sinensis tree. These leaves are specially dried and then crushed for maximum flavor. Tea is a mild stimulant, with small amounts of caffeine. It has far less than its counterpart coffee.

It also has small amounts of vitamin A, B2, C, D, K, and P. there are also trace amounts of some minerals. Overall it is good for your health. It is recommended that about 3 cups of tea and more should be drunk a day to get the healthful qualities of this beverage. There are 4 common forms of tea are: Black tea White tea Oolong tea Green tea Black tea is the most common form of tea and is known as the famous “English tea” as this is drunk predominantly in Britain and the Western world. This tea is drunk hot but can also be used to brew the famous iced tea. It is made from the leaves of the tea plant and is completely fermented. This results in its darker color. It is more of a stimulant than the other teas and a more intense taste. Sometimes it is drunk with lemon but most commonly with milk. White tea comes from the bud of the tea plant. It undergoes little or no processing (fermenting or oxidizing) this brings out the antioxidants but will reduce the stimulant quality of this tea. Because the buds can only be harvested in the spring season this tea is not so common and fairly expensive. Oolong tea is fermented more than green tea but less than black. Research has shown that this tea helps the digestive system and is good for metabolism. Green tea is also not fermented like white tea but is made from more mature leaves so is much more common and affordable. This tea was predominantly drunk in the Orient namely Japan and China, but is gaining new ground in the West as research is showing the beneficial properties of this form of tea. Again it has more antitoxins (flavonoids) and is less of a stimulant. Added to this it has vitamin C and fluoride. Tea Houses are becoming very popular especially in fashionable areas of Europe like Paris. As more research comes to light we will hear more about the benefits of this popular drink. So the next time you relax with a good refreshing cup of tea you can rest assured that your favorite beverage is also good for your health.

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Use of firearms for personal safety and defense

For many years, firearms have been considered effective defensive weapons. If you think things through you will realize that due to the deadly potential of guns they are really a poor choice for personal protection for the vast majority of people. The use of firearms is unwarranted in most circumstances. Their use in any situation can have grave consequences. The use of a gun in defending one from an assault could be considered “excessive force” in many jurisdictions. It would be up to the victim to prove that a life-threatening situation occurred and deadly force had to be used. Please bear in mind that nearly 80% of all the assaults in our country are committed without weapons of any type. Increasingly it is taking place that even when the victim is not charged of a crime for using a licensed gun they could find themselves on the losing end of a civil lawsuit. The intent of personal protection devices is to only distract and disable the attacker and be able to escape to get help.

It is also known that most people using a gun for defense don’t know when to pull the trigger and when not to pull the trigger. Professional law enforcers have to go through intensive training in shoot and no shoot scenarios and yet they still sometimes get caught up in legal problems. Believe it or not, using a handgun can actually be less effective at stopping an attacker than using self-defense devices such as defensive pepper spray or O C spray. Besides, assailants have been known to kill or seriously injure someone in a matter of minutes after they had been shot defensively, even many hours after being shot with so-called man stopper ammunition. A firearm used defensively can be taken away from the intended victim and used against them. Even though it is a fact that defensive technology devises could be used by an assailant in the same manor against the victim, the consequences are not as potentially lethal. Sometimes the emotional trauma and psychological effects of a victim shooting another person can be devastating.

Even veteran law enforcement officers are many times affected, especially if the perpetrator is killed. Many victims are unprepared for the intense emotional aftermath of killing someone [even in self-defense] and whose agenda was to only protect him or herself. This scenario is a very real possibility when firearms are used. When there is a presence of a gun the crime sometimes escalates the likelihood for death or serious injury.

Once a firearm is introduced by the victim, its use is the only action remaining and an innocent person may be injured or killed; and as previously mentioned, the use of the gun by the victim [ justified or not] is subject to legal litigation. Maybe the victims will not be charged with a crime, but it would be very likely for them to find themselves at the wrong end of a long and costly civil lawsuit. Last, but not least there is large burden on the gun owner to properly secure their firearms. There is always the possibility, no matter how secure the gun is kept, a child or teenager could get their hands on a firearm with tragic results. In closing, I would like to mention that firearms can have a legitimate and useful role in self and home defense, but only [and I stress only] if the person is fully trained on the use and handling of the firearm, totally comprehending the responsibility and consequences of the use of a gun and has the psychological toughness to use a firearm for the purpose of self-defense.

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Making money with resale rights

Do you believe that you can make money-selling product, when you do not have the initial capital to buy the products that you intend on selling? How can someone possibly get product for free to sell on the web and make money? The answer does not require a PHD to figure out, going wholesale is the way to do this. When wholesale comes to mind the first thing mentioned is resale rights. The basic idea behind the resale right is for you to find out exactly what it is you plan on selling first and foremost, this will be your plan of action. Then you will need to have a place for you to sell the said items, this can be done on Internet auctions such as ebay. You may also run the business out of your home without the said auction sites. You will not be a sole business person in this endeavor however, as you are going to need the product to sell.

This is where the wholesaler comes into play. When you can prove the business id and the proof of the ebay account you can easily get an account from the wholesaler to receive goods from them to sell online. How this works is quite simple, you place the product on the market and set up the sale. This then will be sent to the wholesaler for approval, once you get the approval of the sale it shall commence. The likelihood of you having the space to keep a large amount of the product in your home, of course depending on what you are selling. There is the possibility for you to have your stuff stored at the very place that you have purchased from. This no doubt ably will come at a cost, it will be minimal however as the product is already there in the first place. This will be on more of a percentage basis than a fee or charge. If you think about it you are buying from a wholesaler anyhow, spending a little on storage by way of a percentage is a small price to pay. It would cost you far more to rent out space to store the goods that you are selling.

So when you sell the product to a client, you will in turn pay for the goods sold, pay the percentage for the storage and what ever is left belongs to you. This is an excellent way for you to develop a great relationship with the wholesaler, and get a business off the ground and successful. So as you can see, getting on the resale right bandwagon is clearly the way to go when starting a new Internet sales business.

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Are kitchen remodeling books worth buying

Each year, thousands, if not millions, of Americans make the decision to remodel their kitchens. Kitchen remodeling can include something as simple as replacing your kitchen sink, but it can also include something extravagant, such as changing around your whole kitchen, from the lights all the way down to your flooring. As nice as it is to have your kitchen remodeled, it can get fairly expensive. That is why a large number of homeowners make the decision to do their own remodeling. When doing so, many turn to kitchen remodeling books for assistance, but are they really worth the money? Before you can begin to determine whether or not kitchen remodeling books are really worth the money, it is important to examine exactly what they are. Kitchen remodeling books, also commonly referred to as kitchen remodeling how-to guides, are books that are designed to help readers know as much as they can about remodeling their kitchens. It is not uncommon for a kitchen remodeling book to be filled with directions, including step-by-step pictures, lists of materials needed, as well as safety tips.

Kitchen remodeling books also come in a number of different formats. It is not uncommon to find a kitchen remodeling book that focuses on a number of kitchen remodeling projects or a book that just focuses on one project. Now that you know what kitchen remodeling books or kitchen remodeling how-to guides are, you can begin to examine whether or not they are really worth the money. Perhaps, the easiest way to do this is to determine what you need to learn how to do. For instance, if you would only like to remodel your kitchen by replacing your kitchen countertops, it may be worthless to purchase a big kitchen remodeling book, one that focuses on a number of different remodeling projects. Your money may be better spent purchasing a kitchen remodeling book that has a specific focus on kitchen countertop installations. When installing your new counters, or just about anything else for that matter, you will often find that there is more than one way to do something.

A detailed kitchen remodeling book, one that focuses on one project in particular, may help to give you more options. When determining whether or not kitchen remodeling books are worth the money, it is also important to focus on what can be found inside them. Many times, you will find that most kitchen remodeling books come with written directions, as well as step-by-step pictures. Although step-by-step pictures are nice, not all books have them. If you need to see pictures of what you are doing, you will not want to waste your money on a kitchen remodeling how-to guide that does not include pictures. Also if you are looking for directions on how to do a certain project, such as replacing your sink, you will want to make sure that the book you are about to purchase has exactly what you need. Unfortunately, too many homeowners mistakenly believe that a kitchen remodeling book has exactly what they need inside of it. That is why it is important that you know what you are buying. The cost of a kitchen remodeling book will also have an impact on whether or not it is worth it. Depending on where you shop, you should be able to find a collection of low-cost and affordable kitchen how-to guides.

Kitchen remodeling how-to guides can be purchased online, from most book stores and home improvement stores. You can easily find kitchen remodeling books that sell for as low as ten dollars and some that sell for as high as fifty. What is nice about purchasing kitchen remodeling books is that you can decide what you want to buy, as well as how much you are willing to pay for it. Since there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using kitchen remodeling books, you will need to make your own decision. If you have little or no kitchen remodeling experience, you may find that a kitchen remodeling how-to guide is more than worth the money.

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What you need to know about ezine advertising

By far the most effective and cost-effective way of advertising, especially for a new business is ezine advertising. It has 4 distinct advantages… a. It's easy to reach targeted prospects b. It gives results fast. Typically, you should see results within 72 hours after your ad is published. c. It's easy to test your ad effectiveness d. It's easy to calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) Most direct mail companies charge several hundred dollars per thousand mailing, whereas ezine advertising costs anywhere from five ten dollars to fifty dollars per thousand. This is definitely much more cost-effective compare to advertising in magazines. Although it is generally true that response rates to ads is better with higher subscriber count, there are exceptions where smaller subscriber lists yield higher returns. Because these subscribers are 100 percent opt-ins. Also these ezines in mention are highly informative and don't have too many ads per publication. The chances of your ads being read are very high. The click through rates will be good if your ads are relevant to the ezine content. 3 types of Ezine Ads There are basically 3 types of Ezine ads namely, Classified ads, Sponsor ads and Solo Ads. 1.Classified ads – This is the cheapest form of ezine advertising. Some publications offer free ads in exchange for your subscription. The ads are grouped in the middle or end of the publication. 2.Sponsor Ads – The ads are placed at the top of the publication. They cost more than classified ads but more effective than classified ads. 3.Solo Ads – These are mailed out separately from the main ezine. This is the most effective of the three types of ezine ads but also commands a premium. Quick Guide to Ezine Advertising 1.Before you placed your ads, check out the quality of the prospective publication. Select three good ezines and subscribe to them. From the publications you would know what kind of audience these ezines are targeting, the content, and the number of ads per publication, which are crucial to your advertising campaign. Pay close attention to the ads that run in each issue. If you see the same ad on a regular basis, chances are the ad is profitable for the advertiser. It is common sense that advertisers will continue to advertise in an ezine only if it is profitable. If someone else is already promoting a similar product like yours in a particular ezine, give it a miss. It makes no sense to have two advertisers competing in one ezine. In any case, the publisher may not permit similar products. 2.Keep your ads short. Normally, the publisher will allow 5 to 7 lines of text with a maximum of 65 characters per line. Don't sell your product or service in your ads. Generate interest and leads. 3.Write compelling headlines to draw readers. 4.Use your ads to direct prospects to your landing page, which may be a sales copy, course sign-up or ezine subscription. 5.Track response to your ads. This is crucial. Or you will have no idea if it is profitable to run the same ad again. In order to test the effectiveness of your ad, it is advisable that you run the same ad in at least 3 ezines. If you run your ad in only one ezine, and should campaign flop, you will not know whether the problem lies in your ad or ezine. Due to recent popularity of ezine publishing, and depending on the publication, the lead-time can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Factor in the lead-time if you have a time sensitive offer. Test your ads with low-subscription ezine that don't have a long waiting list. You don't want to wait in line for a few months just to test out your ad, and imagine if it turned out to be a bummer. Advertise with low-cost, low subscription count ezines for a start. Until you have a proven winner, keep to low-cost, low-subscription ezines.

Online What you need to know about ezine advertising