Groove network good but how good

If you are in a business that passes documents around to be reviewed and edited over and over before they are ready to be posted for advertising or for a client, then you have probably already heard of a software solution to help keep your “floating” documents organized from Groove Network. You may not be aware that there is another option out there. In this article you will be presented with some basic information about the differences in collaboration software from Groove Network and NextPage. Idea behind collaboration software. The central idea behind having collaboration software is that it allows business professionals to work directly with other business professionals by allowing them to work together to create business documents, presentations, and budgets. Most collaboration software is centralized. This allows business professionals to work on the same documents at the same time from different locations. Some centralized collaboration software solutions include Groove Network, Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, and Filenet.

Groove Network Advantages. There are a few advantages to using centralized collaboration software such as Groove Network. The main advantage being that they work very well for team collaboration. Groove Network’s software keeps all files, projects, and data in one centralized location that everyone who is working on the project can access. This allows them to review and update the same document that everyone else has used, which essentially keeps everyone working on the same page. Drawbacks to Groove Network.

While the collaboration software solution provided by Groove Network is very useful and beneficial, there are a few drawbacks to using it. The main disadvantage being that Groove Network’s software requires the use of an IT infrastructure. Another potential drawback is that it requires an extensive amount of installation time. Other collaboration software options out there also require everyone you work with to have the same software in order to share information. All of these drawbacks to centralized collaboration software can be very expensive and inconvenient. Are there any other options? An alternative solution to the centralized collaboration software is NextPage. NextPage 1.5 Collaboration Software tracks documents with Digital Thread technology. Say, for instance, that you are working on your company’s budget. You want to make sure that your facts and figures are correct so you send your spreadsheet to several of your co-workers for review.

They look over the spreadsheet and make the necessary changes. They then return their spreadsheet version to you, and with NextPage 1.5, you simply merge the document versions together into one. NextPage 1.5 lets you see all of this visually via a graphical version history. With the graphical version history, you would always know where the various versions of your spreadsheet are stored, what changes have been made, who has reviewed your spreadsheet, when the revisions were made, and how the revisions fit together. NextPage makes it easy to see where the document has been and what revisions have been made. So what are the major advantages of using NextPage? The major advantages to using NextPage’s collaboration software include the following: Do NOT need a centralized server Do NOT need an IT infrastructure Installation can be done in a matter of minutes Will work with associates who are NOT NextPage subscribers Solves document management problems where they originate In conclusion, if you are in a business that could greatly benefit from using collaboration software, look at and evaluate the possible software options out there and see which one will be of the most benefit to you in your company. I have presented a few ideas for you to think about and get you started in your decision. So get out there and organize your document management!

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How to profit from initial consultations

"I'd love to work with you, but…" How many times have you heard these words? As a professional service provider looking to grow your business, isn't it sometimes frustrating to hold an initial session with someone who you'd love to work with but the potential client has a whole list of reasons why s/he would love to work with you, but…? As in, "I'd love to, but.."-"I can't afford it." Or "I'm not sure if it will work for me." Or "I'm going to try to work on it by myself and will get back to you." Here are some tips and strategies for overcoming the dreaded "I'd love to work with you, but…" syndrome. These are gleaned from my own personal experience in building my coaching business, as well as tips & strategies I learned in the SalesCoachTraining. com program. I'm happy to share these with you because I really believe it is much easier to run your business when you can afford to do so because you have enough clients who pay you well. So, there are 10 steps to consider: From the beginning, make sure your potential client has a need for your service and can afford it. I can't tell you how many times professionals hold a free consult, and then find out, after the 30-45 minutes is over that the potential client can't afford the service. It might sound a bit severe, but if you're in business to make money, you need to make certain you're spending your time in the most profitable ways. Consider cutting down the length of your initial consultations. When I first started out, I used to offer full initial sessions of 45 minutes or more. Now I offer 10-15 minute sessions. Within this time frame I can tell if the prospective client and I are a good match. If the client doesn't sign up I won't feel bad or annoyed since I didn't invest a great deal of time in the consult. If you are having trouble converting initial consults into paying clients, it may be because you're "giving away" too much at the beginning and the client is not left wanting more. Frame the call. At the start of the call, gently instruct the client that at the end of the allotted time, they will be called upon to make a choice about the next action. Help the client recognize that you are happy to assist them in making a decision and that you aren't tied to the outcome of their decision. The simple words, "I'm here to help you make the best decision for you and I'm not tied to any particular outcome." have gone a long way to create trust rapidly and easily. Listen carefully. Spend the time with the client listening "under the surface" for larger themes and bigger issues. Put forward one or two insights that come from your deep listening. Take care to avoid offering too many solutions or too much advice. Reflect back. Near the end of the allotted time, take a few minutes to summarize what you heard and what the client sees as desired goals. If appropriate, take this time to let the client know how you've helped other clients with similar concerns. Take the lead. If you'd like to work with the client, say so. Let him/her know that you really enjoyed spending time with him/her today and you are excited about being able to help him/her reach their goals. Don't push. If a client asks for more time to make a decision or wants more information give only as much time as you are comfortable. It's good to ask in this case a question like: "Is there anything more you would like to know about me that would help make your decision easier or clearer?". In this way, you keep the dialogue open and find out what concerns the client may have. Don't take it personally. If the client doesn't sign up, despite your best attempts, let it go. Somehow s/he was not a match for your business and this is ok. By going to shorter consults you can do more of them in a day. Sometimes you do have to go through a certain number of No's to get to Yes. Avoid adjusting your prices. It's not worth it for you to drop your prices just to get the client. I have had clients ask for my fees and then say, "Wow. That's really high." In the past, I would have responded back in some way. Now I just agree. "Yes, they are." And, if applicable, I might follow up by offering a product or group coaching option that might better suit their financial constraints. Practice and practice some more. Initial consults flow more easily and proceed more satisfactorily the more you practice them. Aim to make a lot of contacts and practice these skills. You'll find your confidence and success grow exponentially. Dr. Rachna D. Jain is a sales and marketing coach and Director of Operations for SalesCoachTraining. com. To learn more or contact Dr. Jain directly, please visit http:// salesandmarketingcoach. com, and sign up for her free newsletter, Sales and Marketing Secrets. © 2003, Dr. Rachna D. Jain. All Rights in All Media Reserved. Reserved.

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Funny tee shirts are the ultimate in self expression

It was Mark Twain who said, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." That saying still rings true, as our society has developed into one that uses apparel as a way to convey one's social status. Simply flip through the pages of a woman's fashion magazine to read breathless coverage of the fashion statements being made on the couture runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. Listen to a gaggle of high school girls decrying the must-have fashion accessory of last season as "so last year." Even men aren't immune to the whims of the fashionistas - particularly those fashion moguls who were once (or still are) hip hop moguls. If both men and women use apparel to convey social status, they also use it as a means of self-expression. The fictitious fashion editor in "The Devil Wears Prada" always accessorized with a white Hermes scarf. Donald Trump is known for his colorful neckties. And Woody Harrelson is known for wearing hemp.

Beginning in the 1960s, T-shirts became a means of self-expression. Back then, plain white T-shirts transformed into tie-dye works of art proclaiming the rise of "flower power" and urging, "Make love, not war." Soon, messages began appearing on T-shirts using silk screening or screen printing. Bands began selling branded T-shirts to their fans at concerts, and young people began wearing band T-shirts as a symbol of their personal identities. For the past few decades, graphic tees have also been used as promotional and branding tools. Whether the word "Gap" is emblazoned across the front of a T-shirt or a depiction of a favorite Disney character adorns the wearer, the T-shirt has become a means of marketing a product or brand. This branding may have begun at the corporate level, but soon became personal. From the humble beginnings of tie dye and peace symbols, T-shirts have evolved into a lasting trend of people wearing their beliefs, philosophies, and senses of humor on what are termed "graphic tees.

" Graphic tees can range from funny T shirts and joke shirts to party shirts and even rude shirts. Indeed, graphic tees are standard issue for college kids, those who want to speak their minds, and those who consider themselves outcasts. During times of political controversy, funny tee shirts take the place of (or are an adjunct to) bumper stickers. The boldness and bravado of the wearer is evident for all to see. Some people think that graphic tees fall into the category of "rude clothes," while others consider them a form of free speech. Indeed, instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can wear your political beliefs, spiritual beliefs, sense of humor, or sense of outrage emblazoned upon your chest. There's no doubt that funny tee shirts, joke shirts, party shirts, and even rude shirts are the ultimate form of self-expression. It seems like, once again, Mark Twain got it right!

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Calibrating your pedometer

There are literally hundreds of pedometers on the market, and while many will do all sorts of things, some of which have nothing to do with walking or running, they all are designed to do at least one thing: measure how many steps you have taken and use that to compute how far you have traveled. If all you are interested in is how many steps you have taken, then clip that pedometer to your belt and start walking. But if you want to know how far you have walked or run in a day, or a week, then you must give the pedometer some information about yourself. Specifically, the pedometer must know the length of your stride. This article will tell you how to gauge that length to properly calibrate your pedometer. First, a caveat: your stride length will vary considerably during your routine depending on certain factors. For example, your stride length will be longer when you are running than it is when you are walking.

Your stride is likely to be shorter when going uphill as opposed to walking on a level surface. Walking with a group of people may cause you to move at different speeds and at different stride lengths as you compensate for the movement of your partners. Walking a dog will give you strides that go from very short to very long depending on the whims of your dog, but that is for a different time. So, one of the steps will be to compensate for these differences, if necessary. Okay, let’s begin the calibration process. You will need some place where you can measure out a distance of about 60 to 70 feet (18.3 to 21.3 meters). The sidewalk in front of your home is good, or a large parking lot or school yard.

And you will need a measuring device such as a 100’ tape measure. You should plan on measuring at least four stride lengths: normal walk, brisk or fast walk, jog, and run. The procedure will be that same for all of these. Select a starting point and mark it; then walk normally for ten paces and mark the end. Measure the length with the tape measure and record the result. Divide the result by twelve to give you the number of inches in each step. Repeat this procedure for a brisk walk, a jog and a run. For all of these you might want to begin a few paces behind the starting point that you established earlier so that you are moving at the proper speed for that stride for all ten steps. If you know that you will be walking, and just walking, at a regular pace during your routine, then you can just use the stride length for walking that you calculated. Read the instructions for entering that information into your pedometer. If, however, you will be walking part of the time combined with running or jogging then you will have to use an average of the measurements that you took of all of these strides.

Simply add the totals that you calculated and divide by four, or the number of strides that you measured. This gives you a number that is less than your running stride, but longer than your walking stride. Some pedometers will give you the option of entering a stride length for both walking and running, but this means that you will have to tell the pedometer when you are walking and when you are running. That seems like a lot of trouble to go to if you do both of those things during your regular routine. So, we will make an adjustment for that. There is one more step to complete in this process. Drive your car along your regular path to determine the correct distance of that path.

Then walk the same path using your pedometer. If the pedometer gives you a distance significantly longer or shorter than that which your car’s odometer registered then you will have to adjust the stride length that you entered into your pedometer. If you are registering a a distance that is longer than that measured with your car, then you must reenter a stride length a few inches shorter. Similarly, if the distance measured by your pedometer is shorter than your car’s odometer, then add a few inches to the stride length.

Once you have done this over the course of a few days, then you will have a result which will give you a pretty good measurement of the distance traveled during your routine. You can use this information as a great motivator as you walk or run further in your daily routine. Now that you have properly set up your pedometer, clip it to your belt and start walking!

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How to spice up your next salmon dish

Salmon has become one of the most popular fish to serve. People love the taste, and salmon cooks quickly, making it a great option for both weeknights and weekends. Besides convenience, salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein, containing all the essential amino acids, making it a great source of nutrition for the young and old alike. If you want to prepare salmon, remember to purchase the freshest fillets you can. Keep the fish refrigerated until you are ready to cook it, and always prepare it on a clean, dry surface. In order to eliminate a strong oily taste, remove the skin as soon as possible. If you are looking for a great way to liven up your salmon dish, you may want to try my Salmon Magic. This seasoning blend is a flavorful combination of dill, mustard seed, herbs and spices with just the right amount of salt and sugar, creating a versatile blend for all salmon recipes.

The distinct flavors enhance the natural goodness of salmon or any other type of fish, shellfish or seafood. Whether you are grilling, sautйing, baking, broiling or poaching, Salmon Magic will add just enough flavor. To get you started, here is one of my favorite salmon recipes. It's simple, and it will definitely spice up mealtime. MAGIC BAKED SALMON (Makes 1 serving) 1 salmon fillet 2 teaspoons Salmon Magic Unsalted butter, melted Heat oven to 450 F. Lightly brush the top and sides of the salmon fillet with melted butter. Lightly brush a small sheet pan with melted butter. Season the top and sides of the salmon fillet with the Salmon Magic. If the fillet is thick, use a little more Salmon Magic. Press the seasoning in gently. Place the fillet on the sheet pan and bake until the top is golden brown, and the fillet is just cooked through. In order to have moist, pink salmon, do not overcook. Serve immediately. Cook time: 4 to 6 minutes.

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Credit cards for small business

For those that own a small business, having a credit card specific to small businesses can be a huge help to the company in a great many ways. However, if you are not careful, it could also have its downfalls as well. It is important to understand what the credit card company is offering, how you can take advantage of it, and everything that is involved with it. In general, a lot of small business owners see an offer and do not hesitate to apply and charge, without reading over the conditions and terms set forth by the company. This is where many small business owners make their very first mistake. If you fully investigate the credit card and know what you are getting into, it could have a lot of excellent rewards that could benefit the company. If you choose to apply for and receive a credit card for your small business, you should make certain that you take full advantage of the security aids they provide you, for example, prevention in overspending by employees and yearly consolidated statements. Another excellent benefit of these types of credit cards, specific for small businesses is that you have the ability to closely watch your statements on a monthly basis, as well as use one method of payment for your entire outfit.

These monthly statements will offer you a rundown of all charges made the credit card, this allows you to better understand where the money within your business is going. This will further allow you to made adjustments on where the money should be going, how much should be spent, and helps in creating a budget easier. Another excellent feature of a small business credit card, is that they allow you to receive a number of cards, that are perfect for handing to your employees that need to use it for company business and expenses. You have total control over this and can set the limit on those credit cards to your desired level, making certain that they cannot spend more money than you tell them they can. As with all credit cards, there are always a downfall, if you allow any overspending rather it be you or your employees, it could seriously damage your personal rating within your credit report. It is important that you be strict and in control on all aspects of the credit card, set limits with the company, and ensure that the balance is paid off in full each month.

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Check credit free score

Check your Free Credit Report and Be Wary of your Score Want to know your financial creditworthiness? Have a credit check and determine your personal credit score. Credit check is usually done to verify whether you are eligible for a loan or on any other forms of credit based on your past credit performances. This will reveal your past as well as your previous credit transactions with different lenders and how you deal with it. Thus, a credit check is the reflection of your past credit performance. It works like a report card, which reveals whether you have "passed" or "failed" in a particular subject. Credit checks are done by lending institutions such as credit card companies and banks on individuals who wish to apply for a loan or any form of credit. In addition, credit checks could also be done by a homeowner whether an individual would be a good tenant or not, as reflected by his or her past credit performance. Insurance firms also run credit checks on individuals who wish to avail of their insurance policies. You can obtain your credit report containing credit-related information from any of the three major credit-reporting agencies. Furthermore, you can obtain your personal credit reports for free as stated in the FCRA or the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Under this Act, every individual is entitled to receive a free credit report from any of the three major credit-reporting companies in the United States once a year - Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Your free credit report contain your personal information (such as your name and address), how you paid your past and previous bills, and any delinquencies you have committed such as late payments as well as if you have filed for bankruptcy. To obtain your free credit report, you need to fill up the required form through a centralized credit report website on any of the three major credit bureaus in the United States. You will be required to provide some basic information, which includes your name, permanent address, your social security number, and your birth date. Your credit report is important in securing yourself against any attempts of identity theft such as credit cards misuse and other forms of fraud. In addition, you must update your credit report regularly as lending institutions would be using such reports to determine if you are worthy enough to be awarded with the loan you have applied for. After you received your free credit report, you should read each section carefully. All aspects must be included in computing your credit score. So make sure you have paid attention to all of them. Check your report for any discrepancies and make sure that you have not missed any payments at all. Your credit report also comes with the list of individuals or business entities that you have requested credit information from. You may also check to see if such names or entities are familiar with you. Your free credit report would be used in running a credit check to you when applying for a loan or any other forms of credit. Thus, make sure that it is free of discrepancies or erroneous entries. Keep in mind that this report will reflect your credit performance - ensure that you do not stumble anywhere so that your loan application would always be a success.

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Unsecured loans and debt consolidation

Consolidating debt through an unsecured loan is one of the main purposes of unsecured loans. Especially for tenants and in general non-homeowners, eliminating debt by means of an unsecured loan is the most common way of doing it. As debt keeps growing, bills keep pilling up; a solution to this financial menace needs to be found without delay. Default and Bankruptcy are not an uncommon result of financial troubles and their consequences are dreadful. It is very difficult for someone who is in debt to repay with his own resources without generating more debt in the future. This is what is known as the vicious circle of debt. Unsecured loans are a great opportunity to avoid the effects of this situation while at the same time reducing debt in order to get debt-free in a short time. When you obtain an unsecured loan, you can use the money to pay off credit card balances, services and medical bills, store cards, other outstanding loans, etc. Bear in mind that since you don’t have to pay everything as soon as you receive the money, you can decide which debts are more onerous and cancel those first. Unsecured loans do not require an asset to be used as guarantee for the loan; this is the main reason why tenants and non-homeowners qualify for these loans easily. It may seem as this type of loans have been especially designed for non-homeowners. However, the truth is that homeowners usually get better deals, even for unsecured loans. This is due to the fact that the ownership of a property increases the overall credit of a person and thus, reduces the risk involved for the lender. Should you decide to apply for a loan, be especially cautious about APR, prepayment penalties, repayment process and other fees and costs. Though you may think you’re about to get a great deal because the rate is lower than every other loan, other fees may rise the overall cost of the loan and you’ll end up paying more than with those other options. There are many banks and financial institutions providing unsecured loans. Everyday, more and more lenders arrive at the market of unsecured loans. The loan industry is growing and you should take advantage of this fact. Many options are available for those seeking an unsecured loan. You’ll soon find out that most lenders have their own online site with online applications to be filled in order to apply for a loan. You can also make use of loan quotes and compare rates and other conditions. The wisest thing to do is to find an online company that offers a variety of lenders dealing with unsecured personal loans. There are few of these, but they present you with the possibility to access many lenders from a single site without having to find them all. You’ll be able to obtain quotes from all of them and compare before making a decision.

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Are you a bookworm

Most of us like to read and gain knowledge. A book can simply help once cause. It can be your best friend in your spare time, while traveling or may be a late night friend. Book can help you advance your knowledge about a subject and increase your general knowledge. Regular book reading can also help a person master his language and improve on communication skills. If you are a bookworm and just can’t do without them stop buying new books. You can start a book sharing club with your friends and colleagues.

Book sharing club can certainly help as it is not always possible to spend money on books. A book sharing club will certainly help you save your resources and money. Today one can find different types of entertainment books online. These books are specially designed on the basis of different age groups. There are books available for children and for adults. Children’s book store Children usually like entertainment books. Today one can find wide varieties of children book in the market. You can help your child specialize his skills with the help of following books • Painting book • Decoration book • Puzzle book • General knowledge book • Do it yourself book Are you interested in writing books? Reading and writing book are two different ends of the same world. But they both have one goal of imparting knowledge. People write as a hobby as well for business. If you are thinking of being a writer you could try out any of the following field. • Write short stories or novels • Writing non-fiction books • Write poetries • Write useful tips about different stuffs • Write informative Articles • Write newsletters • Write inspirational stories • Write autobiographies • Write how to articles You could also write various informative articles make them as booklets and give them for free or cash.

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don t touch it and other simple nature friendly advice

Each summer, I visit the Chequamagon National Forest in Wisconsin. An amazingly beautiful and lush forest, this place is my sanctuary. I stay at a low-key resort, in a cabin overlooking Lake Namekagon. It’s a breath of fresh air - quite literally - to spend two weeks each year at this place, away from bustling streets and busy people. It’s like a different world. Or, at least, it was. I had a very different experience this past July. Upon entering our cabin, my fiance and I were greeted by a large television, equipped with Direct TV. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a TV-lover, through and through. There was, however, something strange about having to look around the television to see the lake.

We overlooked this; after all, we don’t own the cabin. Some resort-goers might crave 500 channels before they crave hiking and fishing. Convinced that the TV (both the sight of it and the temptation to watch it) would put a damper on things, we went out on the water. As I started the old, rented pontoon boat, something occured to me. We were no better than the TLC, MTV, and MSNBC addicts. Yes, our boat was used for the enjoyment of the outdoors; however, it left a muddy, green wake behind it. Yes, we came to the resort to get away from everyday conveniences and to surround ourselves with nature, but we were staying in a cabin - not a tent or a sleeping bag. We cooked our breakfast every morning on a fairly modern stove, we drank coffee made in a Bunn coffeemaker, and we turned on the electric heat if the cabin got too cold. It turns out we weren’t roughing it; we were faking it. Since this realization, I’ve been troubled. I don’t understand where our appreciation for nature went. I don’t understand how misguided travelers - myself included - consider themselves to be experiencing nature, when really all we’re doing is glancing at it between commercials. Granted, everyone experiences nature in a different way. For some, glancing at it through a window - or on a TV screen - might be enough. I’m concerned, though, that by accepting this as a legitimate way to experience nature, we are missing something. Or, perhaps, we are missing everything. On a basic level, there is something satisfying about feeling a different kind of air on your skin, and about feeling the crunch of leaves and dirt beneath your feet. Where city lights don’t corrupt the night sky, we can see stars in a new way, and the level of darkness is foreign and exciting. There more to this simple human/nature combination than deep satisfaction, though. There is a danger present in the ways we currently explore nature. It is common for travelers to hop on boats, jetskis, waverunners, or ATVs to travel through lakes and forests. In these cases, vacationgoers are experiencing nature - while leaving a trail of pollution behind. And what about our cabin? Built in the middle of the forest, trees had to be removed in order for the resort to exist. There is an inherent disconnect, here: the resort was designed to house nature-loving travelers who want to see the forest’s natural beauty, and yet in order for the resort to exist, some of the forest had to be cut down. Instead of experiencing untouched and unscathed nature, vacationers are experiencing a forest marred by human interference. This is the way with us. We, whether intentionally or accidentally, can’t help but tinker with nature in its natural forms. Even when we attempt to truly experience it, we are also hindering it. So, we must consider some simple pieces of advice if we wish....(read the full article at the link below)

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How to execute an equity improvement

яюHow to Execute an Equity Improvement When considering home equity loans, borrowers often take out loans to increase equity on the home. The loans are then utilized to improve the home, increasing the value. The homeowner may consider drops in market value and additions to the home to prepare for the drops. On the other hand, few borrowers consider home equity loans to payoff high interest on secure loans, consolidate their bills, and so forth. There are various types of home equity loans available on the marketplace. Some of the loans are low interest and low monthly repayments; however, others may have higher rates of interest and mortgage payments. Still, comparing the differences can help you see that, despite the rates, few equity home loans have more to offer than others do. Loan rates often fluctuate with loans, since the lender adheres to the prime rate rules, Treasury bill, treasury notes, treasury bonds, federal rates and funds, and other rate controller rules. Thus, lenders are controlled by government and federal regulations, as well as few others, since competition is involved. Thus, the government and federal reserve control inflation in the economy. Many of the equity loans online offer several packages, which include the fixed rate loans. These loans are less apt to change rates as often as the adjustable rate loans. Therefore, it makes sense to checkout the different types of loans offered, comparing the difference in product, rates, terms, and so forth. Most investors will keep up with the rate changes in the economy, since these people take out equity loans for profit. However, standard homeowners care less about the rate changes, thinking it will not affect them one way or another. But don t be fooled if you are considering loans. If you are considering loans, it makes sense to keep up with the rate changes whether you are borrowing for profit or borrowing to save your home.

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So you want a american pit bull terrier

You've made up your mind, it's the American Pit Bull Terrier you want as your companion. Are you ready for this breed? Read this article and then decide if you want to go ahead with your decision. Does your lifestyle fit the ***American Pit Bull Terrier lifestyle? These dogs are packed with energy from head to toe. Craving a good run like a champion athlete. Exercise is critical to a heathy, happy bulldog. High energy is their middle name and is a large part of their personalities. Play, work, and activity is something you must be able to give these dogs If you're a couch potato you should find another breed to live with. Do you have the security? American Pit Bull Terriers are the Houdini's of the canine world. Able to leap tall fences with a single bound, dig under them with amazing speed and stealth, and unlock gates that adult people would have trouble with. Escaping will happen if you don't take the precautions to secure their living area. You should have 6' privacy fence, beware of dog signs, hot wiring at the top and bottom of the fence, out door housing that keeps them out of the sun (even if they live indoors), and supervision are required for these dogs. You can't leave them alone for long outside because one of two things may happen: 1. They escape. 2. They're stolen. Are you prepared for the scrutiny of neighbors and friends? American Pit Bull Terriers are notorious. They have a bad name and the misinformed public is out to get them. It seems like everyday another "Baby mauled by pit bull" story runs, diminishing your choice of breed. People will dislike you for your choice. Some may even try to kill your dog. Others will direct comments at you, vulgar, hateful comments, and friends and family may also be in conflict with your choice. Be prepared for some rude behavior and protect your dog by teaching food refusal from strangers. Can you train your dog? There are two methods of training. One is to train your dog by showing it how to sit and lay down and then quitting. The other lasts forever. Real training is life long training that starts when the puppy arrives at your home and ends with death. Unless you're prepared to work with your dog 5-10-15 minutes per day, everyday, all week, every week, all year, every year, you may want to rethink your decision to get a Pit Bulldog. Actually, if you're not prepared to train your dog, you should rethink getting any dog. Training is a fact of life and must be done in order to prevent a lot of trouble down the road. If you can not control your dog, you don't need one. Can you afford them? Dog food, vet bills, training, leashes and collars, and dog houses all cost money. Money you may not have right now. A quality dog food can cost as much as $800 per year. Do you have this kind of extra money to spend on food? If not, wait until you do before you bring home that puppy. Do you want a American Pit Bull Terrier to impress people? If this is the case, stop! Do not, repeat, do not bring one home. You're doing yourself and the dog a great injustice. American Pit Bull Terriers are in demand because of their all around strength, agility, great looks, and mystic. Breeders are pumping puppies out like unleaded gasoline. Puppies are being neglected and bad breeding practices are producing unstable dogs. Beware before you make any final decisions. If I may point you in a different direction. Every day there are thousands of great bulldogs put down because no one will adopt them or they are deemed "unadoptable" by shelters. Consider a Rescue Dog. People who love this breed have created rescues for these dogs and hundreds of dogs are available for adoption. Rescues are a win-win-win way to go. You give a dog that would otherwise not have a home, a home. You give your money (which in most cases is a small adoption fee) to the rescue so they can continue their work, and you get an awesome dog that will 9 times out of 10 deliver more than any pure-bred dog could on their best day. In closing, before you run out and buy a American Pit Bull Terrier, think about your options, make sure you have what it takes to provide and care for the dog, and take your time to find a dog that matches your desires.

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How will you pay for skilled rehabilitation in the nursing home

One of the most frustrating events for individuals facing rehabilitation is thinking that their insurance is going to pay for everything and finding out that their insurance will not pay for the complete services required for a successful rehabilitation. Nursing home skilled units want to be assured that the necessary steps will be taken to assure that they will be paid. Nursing homes are most familiar with Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Managed Care Plans, Medicare Preferred Provider Organization Plans, Medicare Private Fee-for-Service Plans, Medicare Specialty Plans, federal employee health program, military health program and railroad retirement programs. If your patient has one of these, they will be highly considered once that payer source is verified. Medicare Part A is the primary source of insurance that will pay for a skilled nursing home stay. Medicare pays 100% of day 1 through day 20 and from day 21 up to day 100 Medicare will pay everything less $114.00 per day co-pay as long as the resident is making progress towards their rehabilitation goals. If, Medicare is managed through a HMO (Health Management Organization) it usually pays 100% of the rehabilitation stay. The HMO determines the length of stay by the assessments provided to them by the nursing home rehabilitation staff and the level of independence required where the resident will reside after their rehabilitation stay.

The HMO utilizes a Nurse Case Manager and a Medical Director who is a physician to make this determination. Secondary insurances with Medicare Supplemental Coverage will usually pay the $114.00 per day co-pay from day 21 through day 30 up to day 100 depending upon the tier level of the insurance plan and some tiers will some times pay up to 120 days. It is important for you to know what your insurance will cover. If you have the resources you can of course pay the Medicare $114.00 per day co-pay privately. Most states offer a Medicaid Program for individuals who meet the financial eligibility and medical need criteria. Please contact your State’s Department of Human Services Income Support Division (local Medicaid office) to see if you or your loved one meets the criteria for assistance. Most individuals fear that they may loose their home or all of their income and assets if they apply for assistance. There are laws and regulations in each state that provides Medicaid to protect the home or homestead and to protect the spouse from poverty. There are also attorney’s that specialize in Elder Law that can help you protect your income and assets and plan for the transition to State Medicaid Assistance when you or your loved ones resources become exhausted.

Nursing homes generate income from providing rehabilitation services to keep financially afloat. They check to see that they will make a profit from providing the patient the services they need. That means that everything the patient needs in the way of treatments, therapy and medications must be covered by your insurance before they agree to accept a patient from a hospital. The nursing home will also want to get an understanding of the patient’s cognitive status and psycho/social-well-being to see that they are appropriate for their facility unless they have a contract with the discharging hospital. Keep in mind that not all nursing homes are adapted to serve all types of patients.

If you or loved one has some behavioral issues, related to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or psychiatric problems they may not be accepted for admission. You may need to find a nursing home that specializes for those types of paient needs. Understanding your insurance benefits and your needs will get you the services you require for a successful rehabilitation stay.

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Introduction to fishing

The Thrill Of The Catch If you haven't fished before, you don't know what you're missing. If you did, you would be a fisherperson. Not only does it bring you closer to nature, there's the thrill of the catch. Imagine standing on the bank of a stream on a beautiful day, your rod bending under the weight of a good catch. This one's a fighter and you take your time, allowing the fish to tire itself out before reeling it to shore. When you finally land it, you realize you've just caught the biggest fish of your life. It's a great feeling and 1 you'll never know until you give fishing a try. Learning How To Fish Now that I have your interest, perhaps you realize that you don't have a clue how to go about fishing. Well, that's what I'm here for. If you want to learn to fish, here are 5 easy ways: * Ask a family member or friend who is an experienced angler to take you along the next time they go fishing -- they will be thrilled to have a new fishing buddy * Research online -- there are hundreds of websites with instructions on fishing gear, bait, and fishing tips * Go to your local library and check out how-to fishing books and magazines * Check your local conservation or wildlife service -- they often hold a fishing day where beginners can learn the basics of fishing. * If you go on vacation in fishing country (which is darn near anywhere), check with local fishing stores -- they often know local professionals who will teach you how to fish. When To Go Fishing Anytime is a good time to fish; you never know what you might catch. Some species are more active near dawn and dusk when they are feeding, while others will bite any time of the day. Certain times of the year are best for certain species. Fishing is a pastime you can enjoy all year round. Getting Your License Fishing licenses are required in most places, which you can buy at fishing tackle stores or Conservation and Wildlife Centers. The cost varies by location. Licenses for children are usually not required. If you want to fish on private property, be sure to get permission from the owner. Otherwise it is trespassing. Pack Up And Head Out If you've read this far, it may be a sign you're getting interested in fishing. Just follow the above instructions and soon you will be enjoying your favorite new hobby.

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What is the best digital camera for me

There is so much to consider when looking for the best digital camera to suit your needs. It is important to decide what features matter the most to you. The main factors, apart from cost, in assessing which is the best digital camera for you are as follows: • Size and weight • Resolution • Level of Control • Options and features The size and weight of the best digital camera for one person varies greatly to that of another. If you want a camera that is lightweight and will slip into a pocket or purse then a ultra-lightweight cameras will probably be the best digital camera for your needs. These are often the least complex of the digital cameras as they offer point and shoot simplicity and are the best digital camera for beginners. At the other end of the size and weight scale comes a bulky 1? pound SLR camera for the ‘serious’ photographer who wants the best digital camera with all of the accessories to take the perfect shot. The resolution you need can narrow down which is the best digital camera for your requirements. The resolution affects the detail of an image for printing quality and the higher the resolution the greater the detail. The best digital camera for printing standard size pictures has a lower resolution than if you want to create oversize prints. The best digital camera for being able to edit and manipulate your images is one with a resolution of 5 or 6 mega pixels so that you can crop the images with photo editing software and still print them out full size. The amount of control that you have available will also be an issue in finding the best digital camera. Some people think that the best digital camera is one they can use in an automatic mode and let the camera do the work. Others choose the best digital camera that allows them more input in the creative process by manually adjusting the focus, speed, aperture and other settings. A simple point and shoot camera is the best digital camera for people not wanting to make any setting changes but the range of manual controls available on other cameras varies with make and model. The latter will require more research to find the best digital camera to meet your requirements. The next part in deciding which is the best digital camera to buy is to assess what, if any, additional features you would like. Here are some suggestions: • Audio annotation to add commentary to your images. • Burst shooting which allows you to take multiple pictures in rapid succession for fast moving action shots. • Macro photo capability that focuses on extreme close-up detail for images of flowers, insects, etc. • Movie mode with audio to take short videos. • Panoramic stitching function, often included in a camera's software package, which joins individual images into a multi-photo panoramic picture. • Weatherproof casing The most important aspect in choosing the best digital camera for you is ensuring that you are comfortable using it and have some fun taking pictures.

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Aspartame causes cancer in rats

Rats given varying doses of aspartame -- the second most widely used artificial sweetener in the world -- experienced a statistically significant increase in the incidence of malignant tumors, lymphomas and leukemias in a study slated for publication in Environmental Health Perspectives. The study's authors are calling for an "urgent re-evaluation" of the current guidelines for consumption of this compound. "Our study has shown that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogenic compound whose carcinogenic effects are also evident at a daily dose of 20 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of body weight," the authors write, "notably less than the current acceptable daily intake for humans." Currently, the acceptable daily intake for humans is set at 50 mg/kg in the United States and 40 mg/kg in Europe. More Than 200 Million People Aspartame is found in more than 6,000 products, including carbonated and powdered soft drinks, hot chocolate, chewing gum, candy, desserts, yogurt and tabletop sweeteners, as well as some pharmaceutical products like vitamins and sugar-free cough drops. More than 200 million people worldwide consume the sweetener. It has been used for more than 30 years, having first been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1974. Earlier research on the carcinogenicity of aspartame performed by its producers has been negative. In the latest study, investigators administered aspartame to rats by adding it to a standard diet. They began studying the rats at eight weeks of age and continued until the spontaneous death of each rat. This study followed more animals over a longer period than did earlier research. Treatment groups received feed that contained concentrations of aspartame at dosages simulating human daily intakes of 5,000, 2,500, 500, 100, 20 and 4 mg/kg body weight. Groups consisted of 100 males and 100 females at each of the three highest dosages, and 150 males and 150 females at all lower dosages, as well as controls. The experiment ended after the death of the last animal at 159 weeks. At spontaneous death, each animal underwent examination for microscopic changes in all organs and tissues, a process different from the aspartame studies conducted 30 years ago and one that was designed to allow aspartame to fully express any carcinogenic potential. Extensive Evidence of Malignancies The treated animals showed extensive evidence of malignant cancers, including lymphomas, leukemias and tumors at multiple organ sites in both males and females. The increase in lymphomas and leukemias may be related to one of the metabolites in aspartame -- namely methanol -- which is metabolized in both rats and humans to formaldehyde, the authors speculate. Both methanol and formaldehyde have shown links to lymphomas and leukemias in other long-term experiments. "In our opinion, previous studies did not comply with today's basic requirements for testing the carcinogenic potential of a physical or chemical agent, in particular concerning the number of rodents for each experimental group (40-86, compared to 100-150 in the current study) and the termination of previous studies at only 110 weeks of age of the animals," the authors conclude. Copyright 2005 Daily News Central

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How to stop panic attack symptoms

: There are many techniques and ways people can stop panic attack symptoms. You must examine and understand exactly what causes a panic attack. In order to stop panic attack symptoms from overtaking you, a good understanding of your body's stressors and the things that can bring your body's stress levels considerably down is necessary and helpful. A careful self-examination is key here as nobody knows your own body and mind better than you. A panic attack is a specific episode in which a person experiences intense anxiety and/or fear that can last for minutes or even hours. Panics attacks manifest themselves in many ways, including but not limited to: shaking, sweating, feeling that your heart is pounding uncontrollably, shortness of breath, chest pain, cramping, dizziness, nausea, hot flashes, chills, choking, and tingling or numbness in your extremities. In order to stop panic attack symptoms, one has to understand the triggers of a panic attack. The trigger may not be obvious, however, which makes it more difficult to ascertain. You might experience an extreme fear over nothing at all or even a fear of having a panic attack itself. There really is no surefire way to understand the entire scope of what contributes to your panic attack without careful evaluation with a medical professional and possibly a psychologist.

No Reason to be Embarrassed Many people, however, do not see their doctors or bother with a psychologist because they are embarrassed of the symptoms of a panic attack. Others do not seek professional help because it makes them feel inferior or “crazy” to see a psychiatrist. Pride is not a symptom of panic attacks, but it is a byproduct at times of a person's desire to remain “normal” at all costs. Some doctors prescribe medications for panic attacks such as Paxil or Zoloft.

In order to stop panic attack symptoms, you may want to consider talking to your doctor about these medications or other methods. Always follow the advice of your medical professional and the regulations set forth by the drug companies as it is important to utilize any medication properly. Never stop taking a medication suddenly without the advice of your physician and never start taking medication without the advice of your doctor, either. As with anything in life and in the world of health, nothing beats the expertise and advice of a qualified medical professional. I will always recommend you consult your doctor.

Do your homework and study everything you can about panic attacks and anxiety. By doing this you have already started the process to ending your anxiety and panic attacks. I recommend a book and audio called “A Guide to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety” I have placed a link at the top of my site where you can take a look at it. This guide has help many. Feel free to visit some of my sites Stop Anxiety Attacks and Stop Panic Attacks

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Aerobic training how doing it properly can improve health

A lot of people nowadays are using various medications and going on crash diets to lose some unwanted pounds and improve their health. Because of this phenomenon, the benefits of aerobic exercises have been overlooked. Two of the more famous forms of aerobic exercise are running and jogging. Doing these activities lead to improved physical appearance, healthier heart, and elevated moods. The primary benefit of this kind of exercise is a healthy heart. The human body responds to the increased need for oxygen that comes with running or jogging. As aerobic exercise takes place, the circulatory system responds by pushing itself harder which prompts the heart to beat faster. Just like other muscles in the body that receives a healthy dose of workout, the heart becomes stronger with regular aerobic training.

A stronger heart pumps blood more efficiently and improve blood flow to many parts if the body. Because of a healthy heart, climbing stairs can be a breeze and walking or running long distances may less difficult. One's body therefore becomes more efficient in handling everyday tasks that can be encountered. Like other physical activities, regular aerobic training can give a healthier looking body to individuals who engage in them.

For people who workout regularly, the muscles become more toned and lean because fat is burned off. In addition to these physical improvements, greater muscle density contributes to bone strength and reduce the risk of breaking bones as one gets older. Medical studies also add that moderate or intense physical activities may prompt the body to produce substances called endorphins. These substances are produced by the brain that may elevate one's mood and eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety. This effect is called by many health experts as the “runner's high.” However, individuals who want to engage in aerobic training should consult health professionals or train with a professional instructor. Because improper or too much training may do more harm than good. Extreme exercise may increase the production of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These hormones aid the body in switching to a more efficient fat-burning metabolism to preserve glycogen in the muscles and aid blood vessels in the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. However, stress overload can occur if an individuals does not dial down the intensity even for short periods. This may cause an increase in white blood cells that eliminate bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells. When the intense exercise is finished, the number of immune cells may decrease. It is theorized that any viruses or bacteria present in this stage may multiply and cause infection which may weaken the immune system. Aerobic training and other physical activities should be done properly to avoid ill-effects that improper or over-training may bring. Individuals who want to engage in such activities can begin aerobic training by walking or jogging five minutes in the morning and another five minutes the evening. The next they they can add a few minutes to each aerobic session. Soon, they could be walking briskly or jogging for 30 minutes a day and reap the benefits of regular aerobic exercise.

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Common psychoactive treatments

In the old days, people rely on medicine men, oracles, and even the position of the stars to find a cure for various illnesses. Much for what was considered as medicine were merely based on myth and superstition. But with the advent of modern medicine, people became more aware of scientific means of diagnosing and treating illnesses. Medications, or drugs prepared in laboratories, are widely used for their convenience and effectiveness. For many years, we have used different kinds of medications in order to ease and alleviate the pain we feel in our bodies.

It has become a necessity for each home to have at least a couple of basic medications for cough and colds, fever and flu, headaches, and so on. Having these medications at hand can prevent further aggravation of an ailment when dealing with hospitals, drugstores, and doctors. An interesting kind of drug medication would be the class of psychoactive medication. Also called psychotropic substances, this specific drug is a chemical substance that acts on a person's central nervous system wherein it alters the brain's function, causing short term changes with regards to a person's mood, perception, consciousness, and behavior. These drugs can be used recreationally (entheogens) for ritual and spiritual purposes, or therapeutically for medication. Since this would be the only kind of medication that can be used for recreation, it can sometimes be abused because of the mind altering effect that it can bring, making the person feel more pleasant as he was before. But in a more medical sense, psychoactive medication are often helpful in treating psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, among many others. Although these psychoactive drugs do not affect the underlying cause of these disorders, they can serve symptomatic relief for patients who wants to live a normal life.

Anxiety is seen as the continuous tension, nervousness, or panic caused by stress or any other psychological causes. This disorder is seen in many, and is often resolved by taking psychoactive medication. Anti anxiety drugs are used to give relaxation or to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as shaking and palpitations. Causing such relaxation and sedation, a certain class of psychoactive medication called “benzodiazepines” are included in anxiety medications that depress the person's central nervous system.

“Beta blockers” also contribute to these medications, allowing the suppression of physical symptoms. Having depression can interfere with a person's daily activities, and when this situation starts to stay there for a time, a person may need medical help. Psychoactive medications can be appropriate for this kind of disorder. Antidepressants would be the specific kind of medication, offering the increase of the neurotransmitters' level in the brain. More often than not, it takes some time (from six to eight weeks) before these antidepressants take effect. When a person has trouble sleeping, they may be experiencing insomnia. Both anxiety and depression can cause insomnia, among many others. When this specific cause is known and treated, the person's sleep patterns generally return to normal. When insomnia gets persistent, sleeping pills may be appropriate.

Most sleeping pills cause sedation by depressing the central nervous system (more likely as those of anxiety medications). Although a person can sleep while under these medications, the sleep induced by the drug will not be the same as of natural sleep, since the drug suppresses brain activity. These are just examples of how psychoactive medications are commonly used in our everyday lives. It is important to know and be well-informed about every aspect of the medication, to prevent any side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and any negative impact on the body and brain itself.

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Reducing stress to improve your personal life

Reducing Stress to Improve your Personal Life When you are feeling under the whether all the time perhaps it is because you are stressed. Stress alone can cause major psychological and mental problems. In fact, stress can cause self-induced exaggerated problems. Stress causes confusion, since it targets your physical, emotional responses, and psychological aspects while causing you pain. Stress is the leading problem that everyone in the world faces at one time or another. What causes stress: Bills cause stress, especially if you do not have cash flow to pay the bills. Jobs will cause stress, since you battle to make sure your duties are correctly handled. Children cause stress. Especially nowadays, since the media, television, etc has polluted and corrupted the minds of our children by offering them nudity, violence, and other harmful actions on air. A bad relationship can cause stress. If you are in a bad relationship, it only affects your mind and physical well-being, causing you stress. There are many reasons a person can feel stressed. The upside is, you have the choice to make stress your best friend or worst enemy. What are the different kinds of stress? There are many kinds of stress that can cause you problems like the acute stress this is a short term stress problem normally, which may last shortly or could carry forward. You want to avoid overstressing self. One of the common reasons someone develops acute stress is because they are thinking of how to change things they cannot change. Only change the things you can change and learn to accept. We all deal with everyday challenges. Take each challenge as a learning experience. We all have to pay bills, work, and so on. It's a part of life. We all have to face it. Sometimes we do not have the money to pay bills. Learn to set a budget that relieves you of stress. You may loose your job. Instead of sweating the problem, do something about it. Children these days are increasing stress for parents. Many teenagers these days are difficult to manage. Today our children are plagued with mental illnesses, far more so than at one time in history. When you feel chronic stress, burned out and do not see hope, it is time to seek help. Your doctor or mental health expert can help you manage stress emerging from difficulty teenagers. How to reduce stress: You can reduce stress by managing, planning and setting goals. When you have something to look forward to, it improves your personal life. The first thing you want to consider while planning and setting goals is truth. The truth is what sets you free. Everything you do in life should uphold the truth. If you are not sure, research to learn the truth. You can take many steps to reduce stress. To improve your life and reduce stress you may want to consider education. If you lack skills, experience or education you will benefit from returning to school. You want to avoid setting traps for your memory and intelligence, since the emotions play unhealthy games if you allow it. What I mean is you want to avoid telling yourself I cannot do it. Life is too hard. Life is easier if you learn to think positive. How you can improve, your personal life is up to you. You will need to consult with your inner counselor to learn what you need, what you are lacking and the steps you can take to improve your personal life. If you are unsure, seek feedback. Feedback is the key that leads you to success.

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