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Mixing Tradition and Development at the Ballybunion Golf Club – The Old Course When it comes to the ideal golf vacation spots in Ireland, the Southwest area is riddled with amazing golf courses filled with great links and stunning views. In these parts you will see Ireland's most sought after golf course all eager to line up for some tee time, the Ballybunion Golf Club, particularly its old course. Many popular names in the world of golf have experienced the wondrous allure of Ballybunion and have continually used it as a warm up course to unwind and relax before The Open. Names like Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Tiger Woods and Tom Watson has registered in its log book and has provided great reviews and comments to this wondrous and mesmerizing Irish golf vacation spot. Being the millennium captain of the Ballybunion Golf Club, Tom Watson said that it is one of the best and most beautiful tests of links he has played in, having played there since 1981. Here in the old golf course, you will find very challenging links where the winds are constant factors and the land is surrounded by the captivating view of the Atlantic. Opened in August 18, 1893, the Ballybunion Golf Club has had its shares of ups and downs. In its early days, the Ballybunion Golf Club did not enjoy the popularity it does today and has fallen into financial oblivion. Its first 8 years reeled the course to its all time low and was soon revived only by the changing of the officers of the club. As more developments and land links were laid out, the reputation of the Ballybunion Golf Club grew and grew. By 1926, the course had plans to extend to a full 18 holes, barely a year after, those plans were realized. Its national level of recognition started in 1932 when the Irish Ladies Championship was held there. Five years after, Irish Mens Close Amateur Championship followed suit. Its first most significant level of competition came at 1957 when the course was chosen as the venue for the Irish Professional Championship. Soon after, waves of other competitions and golf organizations recognized its high quality links and have given it high accolades. After more than 60 years, the Ballybunion Golf Club finally got the recognition it so rightly deserves and things were never quite the same. Golfers now come in droves from all over the world to experience what the lucky Irish people have had for more than a century now. The Ballybunion Golf Club would always be recognized as Ireland's greatest golf vacationing spot. But aside from its majestic and amazing rolling dunes, and the mesmerizing backdrop set by the Atlantic Ocean, the tradition and culture that has made Ballybunion Golf Club what it is today is what keeps the people coming in. Plus, it has world class amenities that can cater to the needs of so many golfers from all over the world. There you would find a newly built clubhouse that has a dining room that can seat 120 persons, two bars and some very relaxing lounge areas. There is also a Pro Golf Shop that carries every golfing needs that you may have. Also, being a championship golf course, you will be able to find some practice facilities such as; Putting Greens, A Sand Bunker Practice facility, Driving Range, and a Chipping Green. Ballybunion Golf Club is located at Sandhill Road., Ballybunion, Country Kerry, Ireland. For the greatest golf vacation spot in Ireland, this is a century old choice for the pros.

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Play the Game of your Life in Waterville Golf Club, An Irish Luxury Every Golfer should Experience Earning a well deserved 92nd rank in the 2005 edition of Gold Digests top 100 golf courses outside of the United States of America, the Waterville Golf Club represents clearly what golf links should be. Its not only a golf course, it’s a mystical retreat where one can rediscover the passion for golf and play the game with pure enjoyment, plus having the beauty of nature surround you in each and every hole. Rated as one of Irelands longest links courses, the Waterville Golf Club has a total of 7,311 yards of pure golf heaven. You will find many scenic views as you play the game allowing you to have peace of mind and a deep appreciation for its design and culture. Located in Ireland's famous and amazingly beautiful Ring of Kerry, the Waterville Golf Club is surrounded by hills sprinkled with cottages and the Atlantic ocean and the Ballinskelligs Bay in its sides. Playing golf at the Waterville Golf Club would expose you to strong gusts of winds that can provide a very challenging game. The course also is a combination native grasses, sand dune gores, sod faced bunkers, firm fairways, and fine putting surfaces that is made even more difficult by unpredictable and constantly changing weather. A link course that is already a hundred years old, the Waterville Golf Club is in the top 5 golf courses in Ireland and is also in the top 20 golf link courses all over the world. But aside from its world class course, Waterville Golf Club also offers a lot of amenities and services that could make every golfer feel like royalty. There you will find the elegant Waterville Golf Club clubhouse filled with everything a golfer would ever need. Showcasing a collection of impressive classic golf memorabilia and golf photographs and arts that makes up the ambience and the aura that is unmistakably a golfer's paradise. There is also a restaurant that offers great Irish dishes and fresh seafoods that can captivate even the most discriminating and picky eater. There is also a bar that offers the best pints in all of Kerry. Adjacent to the clubhouse is a pro-shop where you can find every golfing equipment that you may need. There is also a golf school nearby with golf pro's that can teach you the basics and the different secrets to playing golf. Looking for accommodations? You don’t even have to go far. You can spend your entire golfing vacation right in Waterville Golf Club. The Waterville house is an 18th century manor rated 4-stars for its excellent service and features. Situated in a forty acre property beside the Atlantic, the Waterville house has 12 suite bedrooms, a steam room and sauna, health facilities with a gym and massage room, a billiard room and even a golf practicing area. There are also private rivers and lakes for those who want to have a little down time fishing for salmon and sea trout. Ireland has always been known for its great golf courses, many pros flock to their ocean side golf links not only because of the great games they would be able to play, but also, the warm welcome they receive and the great services and accommodations they will get.

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County Sligo Golf Club: The Jewel of the Northwest of Ireland When a vacation is coming up, golfers eagerly anticipate the time where they can load their gear and race to the courses. But for some who have worked the daily grind, these precious time will be spent on something truly worthwhile that would be the stuff memories are truly made off. Some of them save up and go to Ireland. Why Ireland? Simple, they have got some of the best golf courses, whether it be links or parkland courses, that the world have ever seen. Many golfers have discussed the fabulous games they have played and this has made the popularity of Ireland with regards to their golf even grow so much more. Situated 8 kilometers northwest of the town of Sligo, you will find a century old golf course that has tested many seasoned golfers and have continually to do so. Founded at Rosses Point, the County Sligo Golf Club started in 1894 as a nine-hole links course and was soon developed as a full 18-hole course a dozen years later. Today, this mature golf course has been the site for many prestigious events such as the West of Ireland Championship which calls the course its home. The club has also been chosen as the host for the Irish Close Championship, the Interprovincial Championships, and the Home International Championships, cementing its stature as a world class golf course. One of five beautiful golf courses found in Sligo, the County Sligo Golf Club golf course is a natural beauty that is encompassed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a range of mountains on the other. The fresh breeze from the ocean is a welcome accompaniment as you play along the course, but this same wind could get treacherous as strong gusts can greatly affect the game play. This has been a great challenge for many skilled and seasoned golfers and also a great teacher for the novice. And since it’s a vacation, you're family can tag along as well. Sligo town offers a wide variety of attractions and activities for the whole family. The kids can be taken to the biggest birds of prey sanctuary in the whole of Ireland and watch these predators swoop down and soar in their homes. You can also take them to the Woodville farm where rare animal breeds and historic farms can be visited. You may also take your family in a horse ride whether it is a run in the beaches or a slow ride through the scenic views of this side of Ireland. True family fun for adults and kids are assured and you get to enjoy nature's best. But what would an Ireland vacation be if you don’t get a chance to savor a true Irish meal. A number of restaurants are just waiting to serve you the finest that this side of Ireland has to offer. Choose from a wide array of specialties and get a chance to be a witness to great Irish cuisines. A golf vacation doesn’t have to mean that you need to leave your family behind. No vacation would be fun without them. Going to Sligo would be the best choice as you get to play golf in some of the greatest courses in the world and have the chance to do a host of activities as well with your family.

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Mount Juliet Estate: A little Something for Everybody, From Golf to Fishing to Equestrian Rarely would a person find a place so peaceful amidst today's fast paced lifestyle. But this estate has been developed with tranquility in mind and a place where one can unwind and just enjoy life the way it was meant to be. With 15,000 acres of lush greens and landscapes, there is a host of activities that a whole family can truly enjoy, so when one is thinking about a golf vacation trip in Ireland, this is the spot for you, the Mount Juliet Estate. A property and house that was built in the latter part of the 1770's, Mount Juliet is a dedication by the Earl of Garrick to his wife when he bought the property. In the early stages of the 1900's the property were sold to the McCalmont family, from then on, more renovations were done and in 1989 a luxury hotel was opened. By 2002, the place was then a Conrad Hotel. One of its major tourist attractions is a championship 18-hole golf course designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus himself. Opening in 1991 with a match between the designer and another legendary golfer, Christy O'Connor Sr., the mesmerizing and well-designed challenging course has made a name for itself and has been the venue of many games from professional and amateur golfers worldwide. Mount Juliet has been the scene for so many major golfing events and was the venue for the 2004 World Golf Championships featuring the World's fifty best golfers. Crowds to the said event turned up in the thousands as major golfing names like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Thomas Bjorn played a thrilling game that was decided only at the last hole. As each year pass by, more features and extensions are being done to the golf course to make it more challenging and appealing to its members and to those who play there for major titles. This just proves Mount Juliet's dedication to pursue golf excellence and to provide their members the utmost service and the greatest facilities there is. This course is the only one in the whole of Ireland that has been chosen as the "Big Bears" signature course, Jack Nicklaus took many pains in his design and personally overlooked the construction of the project. After a days round of golf, a golfer can look forward to retiring to the Juliet House which has been bestowed in 1999 with the AA Hotel of the Year award. Mount Juliet Conrad prides itself in providing the highest international standard in service and fine dining served in a warm, welcoming and relaxed way. If you came with your family or your friends, you can also enjoy a plethora of activities aside from Golf. Mount Juliet Estate can provide other activities such as roaming the estate on the back of a horse. With 1,500 acres of lush greeneries and scenes to explore, riding on a horse would certainly be a calming experience, a peaceful activity one would cherish in their memories forever. When you are finally decided to go on a golf trip, finding a golf vacation spot in Ireland is not that difficult. With all of the natural beauty that has blessed thie country, you can be sure that you will have the time of your life, like what many people have experienced in Mount Juliet.

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Killarney (Killeen) Golf and Fishing Club: Experience Playing In This Old and One of a Kind Golf Course Situated in the Southwest of Ireland, the Killarney (Killeen) Golf and Fishing Club is blessed with one of the most beautiful golf landscapes in the world. It is comprised of wonderful golf courses with a natural lakeside to add to the beauty and is also considered as the “Nearest Golf Club to Heaven”. Killarney Golf and Fishing Club has a magnificent backdrop of the MacGillycuddy Reeks, the highest mountain range in Ireland, and lies three unique lakeside courses that can accommodate beginners in golf as well as professionals. Golf has been played in Killarney since the 19th century. Since then, they still provide and in fact, improved the course to share it with golf aficionados from all over the world. The wonderful game of golf can never really be truly enjoyed if you haven’t played in Killarney Golf and Fishing Club before. Killeen is one of the courses in Killarney and is considered as the jewel in the crown. It has been reopened in 2006 and offers spectacular lakeside scenery and will also provide a challenge to long hitters. It offers water features on nearly every hole and fast greens. Nick Faldo is only one of the three players to finish the Killeen course under par. But then again, that was before the changes in 2006. Today, the Killeen course offer a more challenging course that will definitely test your skills as a golfer. Killeen has a difficulty level that is recommended for advanced golfers. With tight tree lined fairways, and water features on nearly every hole, it will test your golfing skills to the limit. Adding to the challenge are large, fast undulating greens. This course proves to be an equal balance between beauty and challenge. Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is known to be one of the oldest, internationally recognized, and well established golf clubs in Ireland. It has over 1,700 members from around the world and is still increasing. The Club’s location is one of the most enviable locations in the world. Killarney has a long golf history. It was founded in 1893 and since then, it went through a lot of development and renovation until it became one of the best golfing locations in the world and it hosted a lot of high profile golf events throughout the years. Killarnet Golf and Fishing Club have a wide range of amenities that will satisfy your golfing needs. They have a pro shop where you can purchase the latest high profile golf clubs in the market and other golfing apparels that you would want to purchase as souvenirs. Killarney Golf and Fishing Club also have a place for beginners and advanced golfers alike to learn or improve their golfing skills. The Killarney Academy has helped countless golfers improve their skills in playing the wonderful game of golf. They are also known to build fine golfers in the world with world renowned instructors to help their students achieve that perfect golf swing and perfect golf form. If you plan on staying in Killarney for a few days, then you should consider staying at their luxurious accommodations that will rival the best hotels in the world. Another feature that Killarney offers is the Clubhouse. They have parking spaces for guests, they have practice facilities where you can improve your swing, this is also the place to hire caddies, and they also have a locker room facility to accommodate your needs as a golfer. The Killarney Clubhouse also has a restaurant that is known to serve first-class cuisines and let you fully relax after a long game of golf with your friends. Playing golf has never been as enjoyable. Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is definitely the place you have to be to play golf and also be on the nearest golf club to heaven.

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Dromoland Castle Golf & Country Club: What Playing Golf Should Be Playing golf is one of the most fun experiences you will ever have. Golf is even considered as one of the best games in the world. It is a game where you and your friends and family can have fun and meet new friends. However, playing a good golf game requires you to be in a good golf course with great amenities and services that would be fit for a king. When playing golf, you will be playing with elegance and dignity. So, in order to play a great golf game, you should be in laying in one of the best golf courses in the world. One such exotic location is the Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club. This particular Golf location is deemed as the number 2 in the best new European golf courses in 2004. First of all, the Dromoland Castle is located in Ireland. Ireland is a known location where beautiful natural landscape is present and is obviously one of the perfect locations for golf courses. That’s why many tourists flock in all around the year for their golf vacations. In the past two years, Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club went through a transformation thanks to an investment of 5 million euros by the owners. The project was also undertaken by the late Irish golfing legend J. B. Carr and one of the best golf architects in the world, Ron Kirby. Dromoland in the past was considered as one of the best country estates in Europe. Now, with a golf course, it gets even better. Here are a few details that you can consider if you want to take a closer look at Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club: Forthe gentlemen, the course distance is 6,824 yards with 72 pars, 72 SSS, and 126 slopes. For the ladies, the course distance is 5,242 yards with 72 pars, 72 SSS, and 124 slopes. As you can see, the Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club has a great golf course that you can ever play in. The scenery itself is also one of the key features on why Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club is one of the best golf courses in the world. With lush rolling tree lines landscape with the castle as a backdrop, it provides a very relaxing scenery that is worth playing in. One look at this golf and country club will definitely make you want to play golf over and over again. If you finished a session of playing golf with your friends, you and your friends can relax at The Fig Tree Restaurant. This restaurant is in the Club House of the Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club. The atmosphere here is relaxed and has a smart-casual dress code. The Fig Tree Restaurant serves choice and quality menus that you and your friends can surely enjoy. Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club also offers a place where you can learn how to play golf or improve your golfing skills. The Dromoland Castle Golf Academy is integrated with modern golf practice facilities. It houses 9 driving range bays with fully enclosed teaching bay. They also provide one of the best golf instructors in the world. David Foley, Dromoland Castle’s resident resort PGA Professional will be available to teach from complete beginners to seasoned golfers on how to play the game and how to improve the way they play. Dromoland also has other activities that you can enjoy. They have first-class accommodations, spas, tennis courts, fishing, shooting, and boating. Whenever you want to try other activities, Dromoland Castle can offer you a wide range of activities that you can surely enjoy. So, if you ever want to vacation in a golf course that offers one of the best courses in all of Europe, you should consider Dromoland Caslt Golf and Country Club. This is a place where golfing will truly be an enjoyable experience.

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Tralee Golf Club: Heavens Link Course in Earth A game that is centuries old, golf has grown extremely popular that many lands have been clipped and mowed, mountains and sand dunes sculptured and traps are set and trees are moved just so man can have a golf course that they can have fun on. More than just a stick and a ball, a quiet round of golf has forged many partnerships, bonded new friendships and has given a sense of peace and relaxation like no other. As each man develops the passion for the game, playing in his local golf course wouldn’t just suffice. The golf links in Ireland would pose a great challenge to his ability to play the game with its treacherous winds and fantastic sand dunes. A golf vacation trip in Ireland is definitely in order and as soon one has the time and has saved up the money for the trip, a dedicated golfer would never pass up the chance to play in a vacation golf spot in Ireland. And when it is indeed time to pack up your bags and golf equipment, there is definitely one golf links course that should be on the top of every list, the Tralee Golf Club. Its designer itself, the legendary Arnold Palmer said that the Tralee Golf Club was the most ideal piece of land he had ever seen for a golf course and he shared the glory with God saying that he designed the first nine holes and God did the back nine. Every golfer is advised to play the course twice, the first one for the game and the second one to enjoy the scenery. The Tralee Golf Club was first instituted in 1896, with a nine-hole course in Tralee. Then after a year, another nine-hole course was started in Fenit found on the southwest side of the Barrow Harbor. In 1984, Arnold Palmer designed the present course in Barrow. He earned lots of creditsa for his design as he used the natural flora and landscape without having to barely alter the land. This created a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind course that 5 holes in the back nine situated along the Atlantic Ocean. But aside from playing, you can also enjoy your vacation spending time with your family and friends in the Tralee Golf Club Clubhouse. There you can find a restaurant that provides a remarkable and amazing view of the golf course and its terrain. You can have meals consisting of fresh seafoods and steaks which are the local specialties. Brought to you by a gracious staff, you can have a very memorable dining experience. Just finished playing, a pint of Guinness can be best enjoyed in the bar where glass walls provide a pleasant view of the links as you discuss the day's game. You may also lounge at the balcony for the same stunning view and have your meals there as well. But aside from that, the Tralee Golf Club also provides world class amenities that you can definitely enjoy. You can use their roomy dressing rooms with locker facilities. Relax in the steam room and rinse off in the specially designed shower areas. The Tralee Golf Club club shop offers also everything you may need to make your game enjoyable. There is also a putting green and a practice area to hone your skills and play that game of your life. With all of what Tralee Golf Club has to offer, it is certainly a golf vacation spot many golfers would keep coming back to.

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Play the Best Golf Game of your Life in Fota Island Golf Club Playing the best golf game requires skills and practice. However, there is one thing that you should also consider in order to play a magnificent golf game. This is to play in a very relaxing environment where you can concentrate on your golf swing with professional-like skills and accuracy. Besides, if you play in a golf course beside a busy freeway with noisy vehicles passing by, you will lose concentration and will result in ruining your golf swing. It is true that there are golf clubs located all over the world. However, few of these golf clubs have high quality standards to bring the best out in your game. One such place that you can definitely concentrate on playing golf and at the same time relax is the Fota Island Golf Club. Located in Cork Harbour, which is only a few minutes drive from Cork City, Fota Island is a world renowned golf club that offers the one of the best golf courses in Europe. A golf vacation here would truly be worthwhile. Firstly, Fota Island Golf Club is a very traditional golf course. It is a sister property of Mount Juliet and both is known to maintain the highest standards in golfing to ensure golfing enjoyment the whole year. Fota Island Golf Club lies in the heart of a 780 acre estate integrated with good quality woodlands and landscape that will surely make every golfer want to play every single day. This golf course is comprised of a challenging par 71 championship course in the traditional mode. It has pot bunkers and undulating putting surfaces to meet the challenge of every golfer around the world. Golf was first played in Fota Island in 1886. And, during those times, it was continually developed and became one of the premier locations in golfing. In 1993, Fota Island Golf Club was further developed by Christy O’Connor Jr. (Irish Ryder Cup), and Peter McEvoy (two-time English Amateur Champion). Fota Island is considered as essentially a resort course and hosts a number of tournaments which includes the Irish Club Professional Championship. Fota Island was then purchased by the Killeen Group (owners of Mt. Juliet Resort in Kilkenny). Since then, developments have started to take place and the course has been upgraded to European Tour standards. In November 2004, Fota Island Golf Club was purchased by the Fleming Group. The Fleming Group also improved the course by renovating some of the holes and also maintained the greens and reseeded the trees surrounding the golf course. Today, the Fleming Group has already invested in the construction of hotel and residential developments in Fota Island to complement the golf course. With a magnificent course plan, Fota Island Golf Club definitely lives up to its name as one of the best golf destinations in the world. The Fota Island Clubhouse has all the amenities that you can ever ask for. Inside, you will find that the clubhouse is more like a first-class hotel instead of a conventional golf clubhouse. On the first floor, you will see an informal bar and the reception area. Upstairs you will see a fully seated restaurant that serves only the highest quality meals with the highest and freshest quality Irish produce. Other amenities you will find in Fota Island Golf Club will include locker rooms, and a fully stocked pro shop with products in the highest professional standards. Fota Island Golf Club is definitely the place to be if you are looking for the best quality golfing experience. So, if you plan on going on a golfing vacation, you should consider going to Fota Island Golf Club.

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Take a Shot at One of Ireland's Pride, the Beaufort Golf Club The competition to be regarded as among the best golf courses in Ireland is fierce. Ina country where there is only about 6 million people, Ireland has about 410 golf courses that caters to golfers from all over the world. They offer both parkland and links golf courses and is a premier golf vacation spot where game styles and accommodations vary. Situated in Killarney and is a part of the Churchtown Estate, the Beaufort Golf Club is a parkland championship course that is engulfed by the renowned McGillycuddy Reeks Mountains that provides spectacular scenery laden all throughout the course. Along the scenic views, the ruins of the Castle Core sit beside the 13th green. Entering the course, you will see two hundred year old trees lined up. With its exceptional mild climate and the natural drainage of this par 71 course, playing in the Beaufort Golf Club will most certainly be very enjoyable. The first nine holes can be found at the west side of the avenue while its back nine provides more eye candy as they are nearer to the highest mountains in Ireland on the south side. Measuring 6,587 yards, the Beaufort Golf Club is a great alternative for the many beautiful link courses that abound in Ireland. You could also lounge around in their cozy clubhouse that permeates an aura of mixture of tradition, history and modern developments. The clubhouse is easily located being nearby to the main house of the club. Beyond it is a formal rose garden and inside the clubhouse, you will be able to see the practice putting green. Here you will be able to find many facilities that you could go to for all your golf needs, fine dining or maybe just a couple of pints of Guinness. Just 4 miles from Killarney, Ireland's most vibrant town, the site for the Beaufort Golf Club is in a valley that was said to be created 10,000 years ago by the Ice Age. Getting there is easy but living the warm welcome and the great environment can be pretty hard. You and your family will be able to enjoy a golf vacation together. It doesn’t matter if not all of you plays golf. The rich culture and history of Ireland and the town of Killarney coupled with its many fine dining restaurants and countless points of interest can cater to all the needs of the group. The nearby Killarney golf course also can offer you an alternative choice as you can alternate from each course to the other for variation. Both are just stone's throw away from the town of Killarney and can be easily gone to everyday. After your round of golf, you can just go back to the town, dress up and explore the many wonders and forms of entertainment that the town offers. Going to Ireland for a golf vacation trip can be quite costly. But with all the wondrous sites, great accommodations and the warm welcome you will get will make every penny spent truly well worth it. You can check out the internet for contact information to the Beaufort Golf Club or you can just visit their website. You may also talk to your local travel agency or to any other online agency to see about travel golf packages to Ireland.

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Doonbeg Golf Club: Designed by Golf Champion Greg Norman to be Played by You Proudly standing up as Irelands newest link course amidst the many century old courses, the Doonbeg Golf Club was opened in 2002 and was designed by Greg Norman himself. With just four years of experience tucked under its belt, Doonbeg has made itself a world class golf course combining luxury and links golf. Set on the cliffs high along the coast, Doonbeg Golf Club has found a treasure of a land to place its course and have instilled luxurious accommodations to cater to every golfer's whims. Greg Norman himself was rendered speechless with the beauty of the landscape and has deemed it incomparable to all the golf courses he has been to all over the world. Tucked into one of Ireland's coasts, the Doonbeg Golf Club has found a treasure in its property. Just opening its fabulous lodge this year, the Doonbeg Golf Club lodge is Ireland's newest premier luxury destination not only for golfers, but for those who want a luxurious vacation. A mere 45 minute drive from Shannon, the lodge offers a golf shop, fine dining, a pub, a spa and luxury suites. Convincing your wife and family to join you in your dream golf vacation in Ireland would not be a problem when you show them the brochure to the fabulous lodge that houses the guests. More than just simple accommodations, each guest gets a private residence that could be a person's home away from home. Experience a unique experience as each suite is individually designed to cater to every needs of a discriminating golfer. But each and every suite has its own fireplace designed living room, kitchen that is fully equipped, and is designed to cater to every family needs. There are also cottages which vacationers can rent to achive full isolation and serenity, truly the Doonbeg Golf Club provides a chance to escape and live life to the fullest. Being a member in the Doonbeg Golf Club also opens a lot of benefits and opportunities, you don’t only get to play golf but you also get to enjoy: · The chance to be an owner of cottages and club suites at The Lodge that can be used for personal travels or as a home when in Ireland. · Being provided with use of members only amenities such as the members clubhouse, living room, locker room, pub anddining room. · The privilege of nominating other potential members to the club. · Discounted rates at the suites and cottages and you get priority in bookings at the golf course. · Members only tournaments. · Storage of bags. · Advanced reservations and members-only tee times. · And so much more. There comes a time when a seasoned golfer would look far beyond his area. Playing golf has always been known as the gentleman's game and was enjoyed at its early days only by the aristocrats of Europe. If you still want to experience the luxury and the heydays of golf, Doonbeg Golf Club is the place to go for your golf vacation trip in Ireland. Check out their website or call your local travel agencies. This could be the best golf travel spot in Ireland that you can spend your much earned money and vacation time in.

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Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen Course, A Perfect Complement to the Famous Old Course of Ballybunion Getting a booking in the old course of the Ballybunion Golf Club can be quite difficult especially in the peak season. A long list is filled up months before the season and most of them are seasoned golfers looking forward to the difficult yet very relaxing links. But if you don’t get the chance to have some tee time on the old course, you may find that the Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen course, its new course, can be quite as challenging and some might say its more challenging. Designed by Robert Trent Jones SR., the Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen course features spectacular yet difficult long links dotted with enormous sand dunes, which means you have to make the ball fly when you play to the number of greens that has been elevated in these treacherous course. While scores of golfers from all over the world flock to Southwest Ireland for the old Ballybunion Golf Club course, local golfers tend to prefer the new Cashen course. Many low handicapped golfers have also expressed their preference for the new course, but the old still remains as a must go to and play course for all golfers, for maybe at least once. The Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen course has traditional links and like the old course, it is exceptionally unique, and is set with the greatest sand dunes found in golf courses world wide. Both are also designed along the Atlantic Ocean offering a calming back drop. The Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen course is also a private members only club like the old course, but they do sometimes allow limited public access during weekdays. Limited guest plays are also allowed but must always be accompanied by a member. The Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen course has set booking conditions so that other golfers can be accommodated as some of them come from different parts of the globe. Some of the conditions are: · All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable. · Bookings not paid by the due date will be removed from the list · Payment in full must be given 28 days after reservations has been made. · Payments can be done via cash, cheque or credit cards. · A handicap limit is observed. 24 for males and 36 for females. · The certificate of handicaps should be presented on the day of reservation. · A group of four would only be the allowable number in each play. Being one of the most sought after golf clubs in Ireland and the world, members, guests and visitors are expected to follow a dress code that would met the clubs high standards and should be neat, tidy and clean. You will not be accepted in the club if you were the following: · Sleeveless, singlets and shirts with no collars. · Outfits with slogans. · Shorts that are not tailored. · Untucked shirts · Leisure or track suits. · Also, pant legs should not be tucked inside the top of the socks. Carts are now also available to be used around the Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen course, it will only set you back 3.50 Euros for each cart for each round. You can also ride on buggies in the Cashen which is prohibited on the old course. When it comes to golf courses, the Ballybunion Golf Club has more than a century of experience in the industry, whether it’s the old or new, you can be sure that you will get one of the more satisfying golf vacation trips in Ireland that you'll ever have.

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Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club: Irelands Secret Treasure Playing a round of golf can be a very relaxing activity and more and more people have been hooked on the game and have seen it as a form of therapy, an exercise and a means to discipline one's self. This is because the game requires an intense concentration and focus. Plus the game is played on a natural course laden with the beauty of nature. One country that has truly elevated not only the game, but also the way a golf course should be. Ireland has been blessed with the many natural beauty of nature that has allowed it to be shaped and molded to golf courses that has indeed been a sight to see and a joy to play in. With the hundreds of courses that are sprinkled all over Ireland, it's hard to choose which one to go to for a golf vacation in Ireland. But then again, there are usually some that stands out from the rest, just like the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club. Proudly the last golf course the legendary Irish golf course designer Eddie Hackett designed, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club built a links like course that needed about 250,000 tons of sand. Sadly though, Eddie Hackett never saw the end of the construction as he died before it could be finished. A new designer was hired to oversee the construction. The change designs that he did resulted to poor reviews when the course was opened in 1998. The owners had to reshape and redesign the course under the tutelage of a famous American designer, Ron Kirby. By 2003, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club was leased by Universal Golf Consulting Ltd. And took the reins in developing the course and making it more playable and constructing a new clubhouse. This led to the success of the club attracting more members and visitors. With the developments made, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club is now recognized by the Irish PGA as one of 5 tournament fixtures in the calendar of the professional tournaments. The course's concept was to provide a venue where in professional and seasoned golfers could enjoy a challenging round of golf but would be played by beginners and novices as well. The course should also be able to host championship tournament games as well. The Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club has succeeded in doing so and this is founded by the scores of people who come every year and the number of tournaments held there. Sandwiched by amazing views like the Kenmare Bay below it and the Caha Mountains and MacGillycuddy Reeks towering over it, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club has a course that can calm the most troubled souls. Aside from the course, the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club also has world class amenities and facilities like a newly redecorated all-inclusive clubhouse, a practice driving range, and a fully stocked pro house where you can find all your golfing needs and souvenir items. Choosing and finding a golf vacation spot in Ireland could seem to be a very daunting task, but with a little research and taking the time to see what each has to offer, you can definitely picture yourself teeing off amidst Ireland's great natural beauty and the warm welcome of the Irish people.

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Enniscrone Golf Club: Perfectly Mixing Golf and Relaxation Imagine a place where you can play golf and at the same time take a look at the scenery and feel relaxed. Besides, golfing should be played with maximum concentration in order to focus well on your shots, you should be surrounded with serenity an calm. If you play golf in a place where the scenery is breathtaking, you will see that you will improve your game. Playing golf in the country with a backdrop of mountains, trees, and rolling hills is definitely much better than playing in a golf course beside a busy freeway. If you are looking for a golf course that offers relaxing scenery and great courses, Enniscrone Golf Club is the golf club that you should visit and vacation to. Enniscrone is known to give golfers from all over the world as a picture of life. With rugged dunes, bracing wind, clear skies, and one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and all of it in the backdrop of the Nephin and Ox Mountains, the golf course is definitely one of the best golf courses in the world. Just imagining what it would be like playing in Enniscrone Golf Club is enough to get you to the phone, get a plane ticket to Ireland and make reservations in the Enniscrone Golf Club. Enniscrone Golf Club has two golf courses. One is The Dunes, which is Enniscrone’s flagship Championship course and the other is the Scurmore Course. The Dunes has 73 pars, with a total of 6,949 blue yards, 6,814 white yards, and 6,372 green yards. The Scurmore course has a total of 72 pars, 6,734 blue yards, 6,240 white yards, and 4,680 green yards. As you can imagine, Enniscrone Golf Club has one of the largest course in Ireland. Getting to Enniscrone Golf Course will be by road from Dublin. To get there you have to take the main Dublin-Sligo Road and turn off at Collooney just before Sligo. From here, it will take you about 40 minutes to get to Enniscrone. You will pass through the towns of Ballisodare and Dromore West before you make a right turn for Enniscrone. From Dublin, it will take about 3 hours and 15 minutes of travel. The Enniscrone Golf Club is one of those places that you can recommend to your golfing friends and family without the fear of disappointing them. This particular golf club is one of the premier golf destinations in Europe. It is even considered as one of the best golf courses in Ireland where you can truly enjoy playing golf. The Enniscrone Golf Club mixes golf courses with nature. The natural landscape of Enniscrone and the imagination of the golf course architect have made this golf club a one of a kind golfing destination where everyone can truly enjoy the game of golf. If you get tired playing, you can easily sit back and relax in their club house while eating their fine cuisine and at the same time, watching the relaxing scenery. So, if you want to go and play in a golf club where it has scenery of nature and a mix of well-designed holes, you should consider going to Enniscrone Golf Club. In this golf club, you can experience being one with nature while playing your favorite game with your family and friends or you can always play a relaxing game alone.

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Cork Golf Club: The Irish Augusta Ireland's golf courses have been receiving many accolades in the past year and have even been regarded as one of the five best countries to golf in. Offering a variety of parkland and traditional link courses, you can pick blindly among the courses that dot the whole country and still get a great course to play in. Many of these amazing golf courses have been the venue of international professional tournaments with its championship courses and great accommodations. The warm Irish welcome alone would make you feel right at home. Its heritage in golf is unquestioned as a number of golf courses are "mature" dating back to the late 1800's. One of these is the Cork Golf Club in Little Island, Co. Cork. Established in 1888, the Cork Golf Club was redesigned in 1927 by the renowned golf course designer Dr. Alexander Mackenzie, who designed also other famous golf courses like the Augusta National, Royal Melbourne and the Cypress point to name a few. Throughout the course you will see many mature trees and various patches of gorse growing and making the course look more natural. The estuary of the River Lee, Lough Mahon provides the scenic Background that stretches on almost the entire course. Cork's limestone quarry affects the course and provides a play that is similar links courses with its crisp heath like playing surface. Like wine, the age of the Cork Golf Club has made it more palatable and more enticing to golfers. With finely manicured greens carpeting the par 72, 6,731 championship course, the Cork Golf Club course can offer the same if not better game play as any other premier golf course in Ireland and even the world. But it's not only the golf course that makes the Cork Golf Club a success and a favorite. Its clubhouse and other facilities as well are world class and have been handed with accolades by many golf enthusiasts and experts. In 2004 alone, the prestigious All Ireland Award for Clubhouse presentation was given to the Cork Golf Club. Its deluxe and top quality service restaurant has a full bar and top notch dining facilities with fantastic food as well. It is open seven days a week and offers a great way to end a day of playing golf. In the clubhouse you will also find their roomy and well-designed changing rooms that have fantastic facilities for both members and visitors. A bit of stretching, practice and warm up before the game? The Cork Golf Club also has practice facilities like a perfectly maintained and manicured putting green as well as a practice ground for your swings. There you will also have the chance to rent some clubs and, caddy and golf carts as well. Then you can just go their Pro shop if you want to buy some souvenir shirts, caps, bags that have the clubs logo on it. You may also purchase any equipment you need to play your game. There you may also be able to get the chance to talk to the club pro for some pointers or enroll in some short classes to get some tips to improve your game. Many people have grown a passion for golf. This has led them to grow the need to play challenging games to test themselves. Make a vacation out of that need, golf vacation spots in Ireland are abound and one of this is the Cork Golf Club.

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Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort: The Melting Pot of Luxury, Service and Of Course, Golf In 2002, the prominent Conde Nast Traveler Magazine's People's Choice Awards named the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort as the number one European resort. Just looking at the pictures of this luxurious place would make anyone agree and have the urge to pack up their bags and go straight to the airport, even though you're not even a golfer. Set in County Limerick in Ireland, the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort is a luxurious five star golf vacation spot that has a championship golf course - it is the host of the 2007-09 Irish Open, world class suites and dining facilities, sight seeing, shopping, fishing and numerous other activities that will make your stay here most memorable and pleasant. With the ultimate high standards in facilities and service plus some of Ireland's most amazing views and landscapes, the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort is a vacation destination that many people will never pass up. In the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort 840 acre property, you will find that there is no idle time. Its deluxe castle-hotel provides any visitor with the feeling of being royalty, its Robert Trent Jones Sr. designed golf course can offer the ambience of pro golfing, and the Adare manor Spa, Adare Manor Equestrian Center, cross-country trail, a number of fine dining restaurants and bars will provide round the clock activities you, your family and your friends will truly enjoy. For serious golfers, the accommodations and the many facilities are great bonuses, but their sights are certainly set on the 18-hole championship golf course that was opened in 1995. Measuring a total of 7,125 yards, the Adare golf course was designed by celebrated golf enthusiast and designer Robert Trent Jones Sr. and this was the last course he designed. Many claim, in an international level, that this was one of his finest designs and creations. The superb landscape is dotted with glorious mature trees, and Irish flora and a number of aquatic features like a 14 acre man made lake with nine holes alongside its shores. Setting aside its astounding golf course, although it’s a bit hard to do, the first thing you will see and take your breath away is the castle hotel that provides sophisticated settings and exclusive accommodations. Setting your foot inside the manor, you will immediately notice the wood and stone hallways, and the high ceilings covering the sky. As you enter your room, you will definitely gasp in awe as the rich wood furniture and elegant decorations welcome you in. Each room has world class five-star amenities which includes an elegant marble bathroom, cable TV, direct dial telephones, and 24-hour room service for starters. When you want luxury, sophistication, comfort and a great round of golf each day, a vacation to the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort would be the best decision you'll ever make in your life. Not every one of us will be able to play like pros and win championships. But we can play in courses that they prefer to play in and live life like the pros. This is what the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort can give to you, the chance to live like champions.

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Ceann Sibeal Golf Club: Europes Most Westerly Golf Course Set in Europe's third largest island, the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club can be found on the Western most part of Ireland and is blessed with astounding natural beauty composed of rolling dune terrains and steep and sharp cliffs that juts to the ocean. When it’s a golf vacation in Ireland that you want, the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club should always be on your list. Encompassed with some of Ireland's tallest mountains which include the popular Mount Brandon, the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club offers a variety of challenges to many golfers. Each and every play in its par 72 traditional links, 6,696 yard course is a totally different experience. This extremely wide and open course has a river that runs through it, a daunting task for some golfers to cross, plus adding the fast wind factor and the dune grasses that abounds in the links, poses a great test to many seasoned and pro golfers. The Ceann Sibeal Golf Club was founded in 1924 aqnd has been designed by Eddie Hackett and Chris O'Connor Jr. Going to the course alone offers a magnificent landscape and scenery that can take anyone's breath away, the dingle probably offers the must serene and virginal scenery in all of Ireland. The course itself has been painstakingly shaped from the vast un-spoilt landscape of Ireland. Challenges and hazards come naturally in the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club with a twisting burn that runs across the entire course. Each hole promises a different vista like bays hidden in corners revealing a fishing village, magnificent topographies rolling and swaying with the lands, and a mesmerizing view of the Blasket Islands of the Atlantic Ocean. A day in the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club would offer an experience even a seasoned traveling golfer will never forget. In case that you have been saving up to experience the greatest golf vacation in Ireland, this is a place that you can seriously consider. Ireland is a bastion of golf courses and each one provides a different attraction, but if you want serenity and total oneness with the beauty of nature taking in both the splendor of land and sea, the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club is a perfect choice to spend that dream golfing vacation of yours. When you finally have earned your vacation and have saved up to experience the tee time of your life, head on out to Ireland where a number of golf courses have been specially designed to challenge even the most experienced golfer. Aside from the golf course itself, you will get a chance to experience the great Irish hospitality and culture. Dotted with numerous sites and attractions, you can take your whole family with you to share a once in a lifetime experience. Many splendid and warm hotels are ready to provide you with the Irish welcome that is renowned all over the world. Plus, after a day of golf, you can go out and live out a wonderful Irish day. If you need more information, you can just log on to the internet and check out the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club site and confirm your booking and check out the course fees. You can also go to many Irish travel tours and see how much they are asking for a wonderful Ceann Sibeal Golf Club golf vacation in Ireland.

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Donegal Golf Club: Welcome to a Great Golfing Experience Golf is a game of patience, smarts, dedication, discipline and a whole lot of fun. While many have shunned away from golf because they may think it’s a boring, slow-paced game, this view has changed quite a lot with so many people now playing the game. Golf courses are now seen as a venue for relaxation and a way to relieve stress. That’s why so many overworked weekend golfers have set their sights to having a dream golf vacation. And one of the more popular countries that have emerged as a Mecca for golf vacations is Ireland. With its mesmerizing natural beauty and the landscape that was seemingly created for the game of golf, many golf courses have been erected and patronized both by local and tourist golfers. It is no wonder that some of the golf courses in Ireland has been celebrated as among the top golf courses all around the world. One of these is a golf course found in the northwest area of Ireland in a town called Donegal. The Donegal Golf Club was founded in 1959 and was erected in the edge of the town at Tullycullion. It stayed there for 14 years until it moved to the Murvagh Peninsula were it is situated until today. It has been the venue of prestigious championships such as the 1979 Irish ladies Close Championship and the 2003 Mens Irish Close Championship, a testament to its great design and world class amenities and facilities. This full 18-hole championship par 73 golf course is measured at 7280 yards and is a classic links. The course is expansive and wide open and is mostly made up of low dunes. The play is hard and fast on this course but the scenic ambience allows a player to stop for a while and just soak in the view. The Atlantic Ocean gives out a stunning scenery as well as the mountains that are easily seen in the other side of the course. Before you go out to challenge the course, you can hone your skills and warm up in what the Donegal Golf Club boasts as the best practice facilities in Northwest Ireland. There you can find facilities such as a driving net, a chipping green with bunkers, a putting green, a driving range with an automatic ball dispenser and there is even a par 3 Junior course. The Donegal Golf Club's course Pro is also all too willing to provide lessons for beginners and novices. Conquering the course is one thing, but at the end of the day, you can get the chance to enjoy the club's facilities and just relax and soak in the events of the day. You can go directly to the locker room and freshen up with its state-of-the-art amenities and wonderful service. Visitors lockers are available and shower facilities are first rate. After freshening up, you can go to the restaurant for a hearty meal of sumptuous Irish cuisine. Or if you want, you can take your golfing buddies with you are meet some of the locals at the bar for some drinks. Keep your memories alive of your golf vacation trip at Donegal with some logo embedded clothing at the club's shop. When it is finally time to pack up your bags and head on to Ireland, the Donegal Golf Club should always be at the top of your vacation golf spots in Ireland list.

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Lahinch Golf Club: Over a Century of Fine Irish Golf Scottish soldiers of the Black Watch Regiment knew at once that they found a treasure trove in the wide rolling dunes land in the Southwest of Ireland, just approximately 2 miles from the stunning Cliffs of Moher, in 1892 and converted it into one of the best classic golf links in all of Ireland. Ranked number 27 by Golf's Digest in 2005 in the top 100 golf courses outside of the United States, the Lahinch Golf Club has continuously attracted many golfers to test its windy courses and have a great scenic experience as they play a round of golf. The first layout was designed by Tom Morris and was soon given alterations 3 decades after by Dr. Alister Mackenzie. This links course has panoramic views that have a scenic vision of the Liscannor Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. By 2004, the course underwent a major reconstruction and many members and visitors have agreed that the enhancement has made vast improvements and making it further a favorite golf vacation spot in Ireland. Each and every hole promises a challenge and especially the 4th hole and 5th hole, dubbed as Klondyke and The Dell respectively, which is deemed as historic. Great views and breath taking ambience engulfs each player taking him to a new experience unlike no other. Besides the fantastic round of golf each and every golfer, whether a local or a tourist, you get also fantastic service and amenities that is truly world-class. The clubhouse has a restaurant that serves fantastic Irish dishes and other international cuisine, while the pub offers a taste of Lahinch history and a wild array of drinks. Hotels and other points of interests can also be found just a couple of miles away from the Lahinch Golf Club. This is a vacation where you can take your family with you and have lots of fun together. You can have your game in the morning and still be able to spend some of your time with your family in the surrounding attractions. You can explore the quaint little fishing villages and the many restaurants and museums that are located in this part of Ireland. Ireland certainly knows its golf. Admittedly, Ireland is dotted with world class golf courses that can cater to different golf proficiencies. Some of them are very well-known while some are kept as Ireland's hidden secrets. Some of them are even capable of hosting and acting as venues for international competitions. But while each and every one of them has its own allure, only the Lahinch Golf Club occupies a special place in the memories and hearts of every Irish golfer and all those who have set foot on the Lahinch green. With its fantastic location, the culture and history and its magnificently designed course, you get most probably Ireland's best golf vacationing spot. All you have to do is check out the website for Lahinch Golf Club and check out the details for bookings and reservations. Many offers are being given to international tourists which comes in packages. You can choose which package would suit your needs and budget. You can also check out travel agencies locally or through the Internet. With a little research, you may be on your way to your dream golf vacation in Ireland.

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Rosapenna Golf Links, A Century of Design and Perfection Blessed with being able to be designed by four of the top names in the annals of Golf History, the Rosapenna Golf Links has achieved what many golf courses has dreamt of, beauty, great playability and near perfection. Many would say that if the heavens were to design a golf course, this would be it. Being a century old, this "mature" golf course has been the discovery and the design of one of Ireland's most famous golf architect, Old Tom Collins. Laid out in 1891, old Tom quickly shared his discovery to his fellow golfers and soon was flocked by great numbers of them to enjoy its serene beauty and its natural landscape that was perfect for a challenging links course. Two of those that tested the land were two golfing greats which shared between them 11 British Open titles. They went to the Rosapenna Golf Links in the early 1900's and added some depth to the bunkering and some length to the course but were wise to avoid with messing with the greens the great old Tom designed. For the century that has passed, the old links still remains intact, a great honor to the three masters that have superbly provided the designs. Many golfers come to this links expecting to share the glory and the magic that lies between each hole. Sharing the glory with the old links is the new Sandy Hills links of the Rosapenna Golf Links. Another feather to its cap, this course was designed by another master, the famous Pat Ruddy. Opened midway in 2003, this piece of land was sculptured by nature to be a golf course and not anything else. The original course avoided the sand dunes of the landscape preferring to just line out the bunker, the new links course by pat Ruddy went straight through them and is a course that will definitely challenge even the most seasoned golfer. Measuring a wide 7,255 yards, this course was designed with championship tournaments considered greatly. Most of the holes in this course feature elevated greens and tees, with drives that go into the natural bowls on the dune floor. The fairways maybe narrow, but the landing areas are pretty wide. The new course runs side by side with the old Morris links and offers a pleasant view of the scenery. This course has been awarded by Links magazine USA as one of the top ten courses that must be played in Ireland. Relaxing areas after a game is courtesy of the newly opened golf pavilion. It offers a very modern changing room and a wide and roomy restaurant serving the best of what Ireland cuisine has to offer. There is also a lounge area, a billiards room, a conference room and a pro shop where a golfer can get everything he needs for his game. State of the art practice facilities are also being offered by the Rosapenna Golf Links which include a wide turf teeing area, 2 putting greens, practice sand bunker and green, 6 covered bays and a lot more. The club pro also offers lessons on a variety of aspects of the game. So when you do finally decide to hop on the plane and head off to Ireland, the Rosapenna Golf Links will be waiting for you to show you what Irish golfing is all about.

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More than a Century of Pure Golfing Pleasure with the Royal County Down Golf Club Mature golf clubs with ages over a century old can be found in almost all corners of Ireland, one of this is the Royal County Down Golf Club which has a history and tradition filled with unadulterated golfing experience. Set in the amazing Newcastle where it was described as "the Mountains of Mourne sweep down by the sea" by Percy French, the Royal County Down Golf Club doesn’t only present a real challenge and test to the golfers, but also mesmerizing and astounding views from all over the place. The Royal County Down Golf Club has two golf courses to boast of. The championship links and alongside it, the Annesley Links. Both laid out alongside the Dundrum Bay and backdrop of huge mountains. While the Champio0nship links is designed to be a great challenge, the Annesley links was designed to be played by everyone, both pros and amateurs. Just recently, the Royal County Down Golf Club has announced that it will be the host of the 2007 Walker Cup match to be played by great golfers from Ireland, Great Britain and the United States of America. The Royal County Down Golf Club will only be the second golf course where this prestigious biennial event will be played, after the Portmarnock in 1991. Truly a testament to its great designs. One of the greatest accolades received by the Royal County Down Golf Club is being tagged in 2005 as number 4 in the 100 best golf courses outside of the US, this honor was bestowed by the Golf Digest. Ant it is hard not to see why. Arguably one of Ireland's best courses, the course is laid out with soaring sand dunes, profuse heather, and majestic scenes of the Mourne Mountains on each side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. One of the Great old Tom Collins design, a number of holes feature blind shots, unbelievable bunkering, and fantastic gently sloping greens. This indeed is a golf course any golfer visiting Ireland should not miss. The Royal County Down Golf Club also offers world class quality service that greatly adheres to the warm Irish welcome that greets every tourist as they enter the country. All of the service staff employed by the Royal County Down Golf Club are well trained and is very much willing to extend a helping hand. The Royal County Down Golf Club also has a changing room that can be found in the visitors accommodation area, making it easily accessible to change and freshen up after a tough and grueling day at the greens. A restaurant is also available which can provide fine Irish fare and the catch of the season. You can be able to get some drinks while you discuss with your friends and fellow players the game you have just played. Forgot your balls? Don’t have any tees? A Pro shop that is completely stocked with a wide range of clothing and golf merchandise is ready to serve you and cater to your every need. There is also a club pro that is on hand to provide lessons to enhance your game. Being dubbed as one of Ireland's greats is more than enough to entice a golfer who is keen to experience golf in Ireland. The next time your out for a great golf vacation, the Royal County Down Golf Club is just waiting for you to be played.

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