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iPod Repair Service Centers If you are contemplating on putting up your own business, why not try to learn the ins and outs of iPod repair service center? If you will scout the net, you will find that very few offer iPod repair service. In fact, your State doesn't even have one. Although Apple have some offices in some States that offer iPod repair service, third party are not discouraged to put up their own iPod repair service center. * About the Apple iPod Repair Warranty Apple iPod offers one year warranty for newly purchased iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video and iPod shuffle. This warranty includes replacement of the entire unit for iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video and iPod shuffle that has factory defects, iPod repair service for screen repair and circuitry repair, and refurbished unit replacement for battery repair. When the one year warranty expires, owners of iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video and iPod shuffle may avail of the $59 battery replacement service. This is not a battery replacement service, actually. The $59 serves as your fee for receiving a refurbished iPod with a new set of lithium batteries. If you require other iPod repair services other than battery replacement, you have to pay at the cost of almost half of the cost of a brand new iPod. For instance, if you would like your first generation iPod to be repaired at the Apple iPod repair center, the iPod repair service fee is as much as the cost of a brand new third generation iPod. So some iPod owners just buy a new one instead of having their old iPod repaired. With this costs, this is the reason why many iPod users are looking for iPod repair service center that can do the job that Apple iPod center does, but at a cheaper cost. * Why Not Put Up Your Own iPod Repair Service Center? You can offer iPod repair services such as battery replacement, screen replacement or microdrive replacement. Some online iPod repair service centers offer iPod screen repair service for just a hundred bucks for fifth generation and iPod video and fifty to seventy bucks for first to second generation monochrome iPods. This is much cheaper compared to the $200 plus iPod repair service fee that Apple iPod center offers. If you want to tap the repair market which still has a few competitors to spar with, you might learn the iPod repair market by studying the activities and services being offered of your future competitors. Services that you can offer: - screen replacement - battery upgrades, - audio jack repair - hard drive or microdrives upgrades * Online iPod Repair Centers -- TECHSTORE Techstore has opened its iPodRestore program for those those who care for their iPods more than their own mothers. With its Full-Restore plan, a box specially designed to carry your iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video or iPod shuffle will be sent to you, which you need to ship back, with your iPod unit in it, to the iPod repair center of iPodRestore. This costs for $29, which already includes the overnight from iPodRestore to your home and then to your home back to iPodStore and from iPodstore back to your home, and an estimate of your iPod's condition. After iPodRestore receive your iPod, a technician will call and email you within 24 hours with a repair diagnosis and service repair price. You can opt to hire them to fix your iPod or ask them to send your iPod back to you at no extra cost. They also offer Self-Restore program if you want to do the tinkering by yourself for $10. You have to supply your own iPod repair materials for this. - iPodMods. com iPodMods. com works like iPodRestore program but its approach in transporting iPods for repair differ in some ways. iPodMods. com does not charge any fee for diagnostic testing. They will email you instructions on how to send your iPod to their iPod repair and testing center. Of course, the iPod owner bears the cost of the shipping. iPodMods. com offers all types of iPod repair services such as battery replacement, hard drive or microdrive repair and upgrades, iPod screen repair, and earphone and jack port repair.


The Clash of MP3 Players and iPods In the music universe, being number one means having the best of everything. From storage space and versatility to style and functionality, engineers have been moving towards the realization of that need. Not since the mp3 players and ipods have we seen the most amazing array of music devices available for audiophiles and techno rats. It is interesting to note that MP3 players and ipods have always been mistaken for each other. And as hard as the brand managers try to differentiate their product from competitors, society has the last say on which product makes it and what its nickname will eventually become. MP3 players and ipods started out fairly the same; both are portable, audio players designed to eliminate the need for compact discs. MP3 players and ipods play a variety of music file formats from WAV, MP3, WMA, and MPEG to name a few. Both can also work as file storage devices. However, MP3 players are flash drive storage devices only. They have a limited capacity of up to 1 GB whereas ipods give the user a choice between a flash drive and a hard drive that can store up to 60 GB in memory size. The competition between MP3 players and ipods extend to the capabilities of the devices. The features offered by MP3 players include an audio player, storage device, voice recorder telephone directory and an FM radio. Though it sounds like a fully loaded car, you are actually limited in terms of accessories. The wildest thing you can do to MP3 players is change the neck strap. Ipods have a wider selection and gives you more freedom to personalize it. Aside from being audio players, there are ipods that can show your pictures with its small LCD display. And with the latest ipods that play videos, you will always have something to keep you company on those stormy nights, alone in the car. Ipods also give its user the freedom to dress up or dress down their units. There are websites that offer stick-on covers for ipods like the ones at Decalgirl. com or Ipodstyle. com. Ipods can also be used as a slight PDA since some fanatics have tinkered with these digital players and used it to upload their address book and calendar from their computer. Other accessories available to this device include waterproof cases, headphones, dock, speakers, a home clock/radio system, battery pack, cassette adaptor, media reader and FM transmitters. The list goes on and on as more people find ways to enjoy their ipods. With technology changing as often as the months do, it is no wonder that the once prized MP3 players are now only second – bit players to ipods. From just being portable audio devices, they have come out of our pockets and have invaded clubs. The most favorite accessories of hardcore music junkies are these docks that serves as a “mixing table” for tunes right from their ipods’ playlist. Club disc jockeys have a field day with this device since they can create new dance floor beats with their trusty ipods bringing in the crowd thus spawning a new generation of digital mixers. Even club patrons can get into the action by downloading their favorite tunes and taking it to the mixing table for a spin. MP3 players are not yet obsolete. It still is the next best thing to ipods and as long as there are people willing to make do without the extra features, MP3 players will always be around. If you are tight on the budget but would still like to carry your tunes around without lugging the heavy compact discs then this is the device for you. Yet, hands down to the winner of this clash of the best audio device – the ipods. More than a just an audio player, ipods have established itself as the icon of the digital age. Its popularity, ease of use and huge potential has taken the music industry by storm. It has taken a life of its own because it has created numerous gadgets and applications that appeal to the geeks, yuppies, artists and fashionistas. As more and more people fall in love with ipods, engineers will continue to work and deliver us the accessories that we can use to fully enhance our beloved toys.

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Reviews on the iPod There are many things that people say about apple ipods. iPod reviews are posted all over the Internet and there will always be good or bad reviews available for the interested reader. Here are some of the summarized iPod reviews available on the Internet: Pros of iPod Throughout the years, music lovers have acknowledged the crisp sound produced by the Apple iPod. iPod reviews have always attempted to describe the different music experience is always felt by the listener and every record song seems to be played live. Aside from this, here are the features that people have written in their iPod reviews. Things that they love about Apple iPod: 1. Apple iPod reviews claimed that the hard drive can hold more than five thousand songs. Now, this number of songs is enough that a user would not be able to listen to the same song twice. 2. Apple iPod reviews reveals that the hard drive boasts of a forty gigabytes of storage space. 3. Apple iPod reviews comes with an ergonomic design which is the Click Wheel. Using the Click Wheel, users can easily browse through the controls of either fast forward, play, reverse, pause and stop. Apple iPod users can even access the menus using the Click Wheel. 4. Apple ipod reviews also counted the long battery life of up to 12 hours as very helpful to the image of Apple iPod. What is the use of storing about 5 thousand songs inside teh Apple iPod if the battery would not last until all the songs have been played. 5. Apple iPod reviews also listed the capability of users to set up play lists on the Apple iPod. 6. Apple ipod reviews also lists the shuffle function as one of the most notable function of the iPod. It creates a sense of randomness in the play list avoiding boredom for the user. 7. Apple iPod reviews revealed that the Apple iPOd is an excelent audio player. This is due to four reasons: a. The menu system of the Apple iPod is super-intuitive. b. The sound quality is great. Although, other users contend that the Apple iPod would be better sounding through the use of other headphones. c. The storage size for the Apple iPod relative to its size is a bonus. d. Lastly, but definitely not the least, they consider this the most important; thousands of accessories of the Apple iPod to choose from. Cons of iPods 1. Apple iPod reviews revealed that post sales services of the Apple iPod are not good. The service warranty of Apple iPods does not cover "abuse," which by itself is a very general term. Service stores of the Apple iPods sometimes argue that the malfunctioning of the iPods was caused by the abuse of the user. 2. Apple iPod reviews have also revealed posts that after the warranty of the iPod expired, weird things started to happen to the iPod. The Apple iPod is supposed to be skip-free, with enough battery life to last and a robust hard drive. After the warranty year, however, it was reported that the ipod started skipping, the hard drive usually failed and the battery life suddenly became somewhat shorter. 3. Apple iPod reviews have also revealed that the Apple iPod seem to have a software bug or design flaw. Tracks being played are meant to flow continuously from one track to the next. The Apple iPod, however, sometimes blanks out for a moment between tracks. 4. Apple iPod reviews also revealed that users wish that Apple would make the video player more perfect. Doing so would shatter the competition and make Apple iPod the number one music player. 5. Apple iPod reviews also mentioned that users have an occasional problem with the iTunes. Also, the computer which has a MAC OS sometimes have difficulty recognizing the iPod when plugged. It also occassionally freezes up. 6. Apple iPod reviews also revealed that Apple iPod are easily affected by static inside a coat pocket. This cause the Apple iPod to randomly switch off occassionally. 7. Apple iPod reviews also discussed that the battery life expectancy of the Apple iPod is realistic only if the user would avoid using the back light and the equalizer of the device. Based from the Apple iPod reviews, the music lovers uses other products simsilar to the Apple iPod such as Creative Jukebox 3, Nuvo MP3 players, Archous Jukebox, Rio, Fist MP3 player, Creative Muvo2. Creative Zen Xtra, Creative Zen Touch, Sony minidisc player, Siemens SL-45 MP3 player, and Sony WM-D6 Pro.

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Cheap iPod Anyone? Having an iPod these days is not a status symbol anymore. For those like me who works for the web and designs graphics with high MB file size, iPod nano, iPod mini, or iPod shuffle is an investment. With iPods's 6 to 60 GB capacity, it is a dream of every techie. You can save all of your important files in a small, sleek and very elegant iPod. But of course, a $300 to $400 ++ iPod nano or iPod video costs too much for some of us. If you want to have a cheap iPod and wouldn't want to settle for anything less (and go for the cheap flash audio players around), then you may need to read my suggestions below to be able to have that cheap iPod that your money can buy (and your conscience to allow). GO FOR REFURBISHED No one would notice that your iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle was bought from a cheap iPod refurbished e-store. In fact if you buy a new iPod, it will look the same like the refurbished cheap iPod after a few months of use. No one would try to look for your receipt just to know you bought your iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle from an Apple store and not from a cheap iPod store, or would they? Also, if you bought a new iPod from an Apple iPod store and then the time came that you needed an iPod battery replacement, you will need to pay Apple iPod store 59 bucks for a refurbished iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle, only this time, with a fresh iPod battery. cheap iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle costs for about $190 to $250 from the cheap iPod or refurbished iPod e-stores. BID AT EBAY Try your luck at Ebay and you might get a cheap iPod that costs only $250 for a brand new line. Many people bid their equipment at Ebay because they need the money far better than the equipment immediately and badly. So most of the times, Ebay sellers sell cheap iPod and part ways with their sleek and sexy iPod because if the immediate need for large sums of money. You can bid for cheap iPods at Ebay simple by searching "cheap iPods" or sale iPods. There is a chance that you might get a cheap iPod for a brand new iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle. Take your chance at Ebay, you may never know, you might get that cheap iPod that you want for as cheap as 100 bucks! BUY YOUR FRIEND'S USED IPOD All of us have friends who can afford to buy a brand new iPod without the need to starve for a few months of saving or can buy a Porsche car and still remain mortgage free. If you don't have this kind of friends, your friends maybe have this kind of friends. Apple iPod regularly changes their models; regularly as in every 6 months since the last two years. iPod fanatics do not want to be caught tinkering on their old and already cheap iPod, they want to have the latest model in the market. These kind of people, your friends or your friends friends, will gladly sell their 3 month old Apple iPod for a cheaper price. Cheap iPod doesn't always come in a persons way that easily, so grab the chance when someone offers you a cheap iPod for sale! GO TO EXCHANGE CENTERS There are some exchange centers on the net or on local newspapers that offer cheap iPod, brand new and refurbished, in exchange of any items of, more or less, equivalent amount. If you have some items that are still of superb condition and might interest those people who are selling cheap iPods, offer your equipment or items in exchange of the cheap iPod. If you think you don't need your 3G celfone, you can have it exchanged to a person offering brand new but cheap iPod. Or if you have two items that you think with their selling amounts combined could match that of the cheap iPod, then you can part with those items. Remember to test first the cheap iPod before you make the exchange.

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Apple iPods on Parade At the time when everything is going digital and the technological world had been bombarded with digital this and digital that -- digital camera, digital camcorder, handhelds, digital celfone, laptops -- Apple Computers saw nothing much digital in audio technology, except maybe for the compact disc players. In 2000, Apple had decided to tap this unchartered market, with Jon Rubenstein as the Chief Engineer of the iPod project. A year after, released the first generation of Apple iPods. GENERATIONS OF APPLE iPODS Currently, Apply iPods come in three iPod names. Technical specifications of these Apple Ipods differ either in storage capacities or in exterior design, weight, and size. As of February 7, 2006, the Apple iPods are classified into the following: - iPod (Original) (Capacity: 30 GB and 60 GB) - iPod Nano (Capacity: 1GB, 2GB, and 4 GB) - iPod Shuffle (Capacity: 512 MB and 1GB) Two years ago, in 2004, Apple released Ipod Mini (4 GB and 6 GB in various pastel colors). iPod Mini's marketing was discontinued in September 2005 and was replaced by iPod Nano, which was 62% thinner and has a color screen. Since Apple iPod's release in 2001, Apple has sold 42 million units. Which is why Apple iPods has been constantly re-engineered to cater the growing demands for faster, sleeker, and feature-packed Apple iPods. Apple iPods have evolved from monochrome (black and white) screen, the first generation, to its color screen with video player, the fifth generation of Apple iPods. APPLE iPODS ON PARADE 1. Apple iPods (Original) 1.1. First Generation of Apple iPods Criticized for being costly for an initial release, the $399 First Generation Apple iPods were, nonetheless, instant hit. Apple iPods, after the October 29, 2001 release, dominated the digital audio player market, quickly overtaking sales of MP3 players (such as JukeBox and the NOMAD). The first generation of Apple iPods was designed with a mechanical scroll wheel that was divided in four buttons that worked as Menu, Play or Pause, Back, and Forward. Apple iPods' scroll wheel has become a prominent design and feature of Apple iPods. 1.2 Second Generation of Apple iPods This was the first generation of an iPod that was compatible with Microsoft Windows OS. Although it also had the prominent scroll wheel feature, the mechanical wheel of first generation was replaced by a touch-sensitive wheel, now know as teh "touch wheel." 1.3 Third Generation of Apple iPods The "ultrathin" Apple iPods were shown to the public on April 28, 2003. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced these slightly smaller, and with beveled edges iPod series to the public as the third generation line of Apple iPods. Aside from being ultrathin, this was the first set of Apple iPods that had a built-in Hi-Speen USB connectivity. 1.4 Fourth Generation of Apple iPods If third generation Apple iPods were called ultrathin, I don't know what to call the fourth generation of Apple iPods which are slimmer than the ultrathin line. The sleek and trendy design had skyrocketed Apple's sales, and made the name iPod synonymous with digital audio player. This generation of iPod was introduced with the monochrome screen; but after a few months, only, it was marketed with a color screen and thus named: iPod photos. 1.5 Fifth Generation of Apple iPods Apple launched in October 12, 2005 the fifth generation and was quickly known to the public as video iPod or iPod video, although Apple refer to it as the Fifth Generation iPod 2. iPod Nano 2.1. iPod Mini Digital player manufacturers such as Creative and Digital Networks released digital audio players smaller than that of iPods sometime in 2003. Their Zen Micro and Rico Carbon products were starting to attract a number of supporters and this had prompted Apple to create their own line of small iPods; thus, the birth of iPod Mini. The 4 to 6 GB storage of iPod mini was made possible by using Microdrive hard drives. 2.2. iPod Nano On September 7, 2005 Apple announced that marketing of iPod minis would be discontinued to be replaced by a thinner and color screen iPod, which Apple named as "iPod Nano." 3. iPod Shuffle Apple iPods were known for using Microdrive hard drives. Although most of iPod's competitors were already using flash memory for their digital audio player, Apple didn't jumped the flash bandwagon immediately. Apple waited until 2005 to release an iPod using flash memory instead of Microdrive, and named it "iPod Shuffle." Keeping up with the taglines, "Give chance a chance" and "Life is a random," iPod shuffle plays music in random order although users can still play songs in order that has been set in iTunes. iPod Shuffle has no screen. Its size is as small as a pack of chewing gum, and weighs less than an ounce.

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Have Nothing Else To Do? Watch iPOD TV Shows! Boredom. It’s man’s worst enemy, especially during breaks. Everyone may have an ample supply of various reading materials, ranging from books to magazines to alamanacs, simply any reading material that may take the boredom off your shoulders. This was the primary reason why the television was invented by an inventor. Boredom certainly met its match. This is not highly unlikely, but it’s still, in a way, unlikely, for not everyone has television sets. So, if you’re one of those television-less people, then you look for other media of entertainment.

The ipod is a solution to your problems. The population of those who do have a television set is certainly outnumbered by the population of those who have an ipod. If you have an ipod, good for you, if you don’t, that’s too bad because you’re missing a lot. A lot is inclusive of the experience of watching your favorite tv shows on an ipod. Yes, you read that right. You can now watch your favorite tv shows on your ipod, by way of the ipod tv shows.

NBC has made it a point to be associated with the itunes, and be included in the itunes website, being one of the most surfed website ever made. It is because of this said affiliation that you can now watch quite a number of NBC shows on your ipod. These shows will be listed as available on the itunes website, so that things will be a lot more easier for you, for all you have to do is click wherever it is that the word Download! is located. After a few minutes, you can now enjoy ipod tv shows and watch the said ipod tv shows while shopping in the mall or while waiting on the subway train to get to your destination. You can also use your ipod and watch your downloaded ipod tv shows, at the same time, chasing the deadline on that full report your boss has been pestering you with for weeks.

This is certainly a way of mixing business with pleasure. The available ipod tv shows are Law and Order, which is perfect for the pre-law people, and also for those who have a calling to participate in the law; the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which is a brew of serious topics for conversations, and laughs that give you and endless supply of gas; the Office is also available, this ipod tv show narrates to you the possible events that may happen in an office (which is very obvious, given the title); the show, Surface, can also be downloaded; the same thing goes with Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, you probably know this guy already, who doesn’t? Conan O’ Brien is a fantastic host. In this ipod tv show, you get to know more about your favorite artists, actors or actresses, at the same time, cannot stop gasping for air, for the laughs that this ipod tv show offers come so unexpectedly; Monk also is an ipod tv show; and another is the show Battlestar Galactica, which , reading the title, gives you a notion that it occurs in the vast outer space and that there is an inevitable battle. Simply, a variety of very good, probably the best, ipod tv shows that you can enjoy. This concept, however, is not entirely new to the Apple industry. Though, what makes it somewhat new, is that it is now a full-pledged application which is very user-friendly. There are various programs that are involved in the ipod-tv-shows mania, but the most talked about program is the MrTVpod. The MrTVpod is a new, though not the newest, but new all the same, program that lets you manage your downloaded ipod tv shows in the tv shows category. This, however, is not approved by the itunes.

This prohibition is caused by the fact that, with this MrTVpod, you can just save any video in the category and declare these said videos to be ipod tv shows, for use on the new 5th generation ipod, which is also referred to as the ipod video. Itunes decided to go against the MrTVpod’s flow because they wanted, and still does, to keep their authenticity well intact. Another probable reason could be their avoidance of a competition. This program, the MrTVpod is available for download for Mac Os X and the Windows. So grab an ipod now and start enjoying those ipod tv shows that you love most.

Cry; get mad; laugh; all of these are offered to you be ipod tv shows.

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How to turn an iPod into a Remote Control The Apple Ipod Users of the Apple iPod could not get enough of the music experience. These are some of the features of the Apple iPod that makes it so attractive to music lovers and techies: 1. The Apple iPod have so much space available of up to forty gigabytes that it can store up to about five thousand songs. 2. The Apple iPod also comes with the ergonomically designed Click Wheel wherein you can do fast forward, play, reverse, pause and access the menu with ease. 4. The Apple iPod can be used up to 12 hours non-stop due to its long life battery. 5. The Apple iPod was also designed in such a way that you would have the ability to set up your own play list and it also has a shuffle function to introduce randomness during playing. iPod Hacks Through the years, however, the Apple iPod has been modified by techies by using iPod hacks, bent on providing more power to the user in terms of customization and personalization of their Apple iPod. Strictly speaking, iPod hacks are anything that gives changes to your iPod in terms of appearance, either in terms of software or hardware. Various firmwares that provides iPod hacks, are available on the Internet websites like the iPodWizard that is capable of changing the graphic and text of the Apple iPod. Some users of the Apple iPod are already content with their iPod simplying playing music, however, some people use iPod hacks because they seem to want more. Turning an iPod into a Universal Remote Latest technology capabilities have provided a user power to modify his Apple iPod. These iPod hacks can even transform a normal Apple iPod into a universal remote. The Apple ipod can be used to control any home electronic equipment in your house. It can control your television, DVD player, Media Center, even a robot. This is the power of iPod hacks. Simply put, you can use a Pocket PC to possibly record the waves an infrared remote produces. Transfer these waves to your iPod and start changing your TV channels. You now have a new universal remote control. The following are required before starting this example project of iPod hacks: 1. An Apple iPod 2. A Mac or Personal Computer with a sound recording software installed. 3. A Pocket PC, could be a Pocket PC 2002 or 2003. 4. A total remote software and IR device The following procedure guides you through changing your iPod into a remote control using iPod hacks: 1. The most important element in this iPod hacks project is the sound or wave to infrared converter. First, install the total remote software on the MAC or PC. This software is meant to extend the range of the Pocket PC to include consumer IR capabilities. 2. Record the infrared signal by using a sound-editing program that can modify sounds and remove channels. An example of such sound-editing program is the SoundForge. Input the infrared signals from your remotes to the PC by using the software. Input all infrared signals of the home electronic equipment that you want to control. You can observe if you have recorded the sound effectively if you'll hear weird beeps or pulses. This is basically what an infrared signal would sound like. Using the SoundForge, you can actually view the pulses and signals on a graphic representation of the wave. Do not forget to increase the right channel. Then mute it. The process through the IR device would not function properly if you missed this important step. 3. Convert the signals into sound files (actually saved as WAV files). 4. On the Apple iPod, make a new playlist and add the WAV files to the playlist. 5. Now, you can test the new universal remote. Use the Apple iPod to play the sounds through the converter for remote controlling any home electronic equipment. This basic example of iPod hacks is obviously very easy to understand. Softwares are already available that users can use to modify their Apple iPods. iPod hacks are still, however, very risky with regards to its effects on your iPod device. Unless handled by a professional technician, the Apple iPod could malfunction if the modification is not right.

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The Pleasures Of Getting A Free iPod We all know that an ipod is expensive. The new releases of APPLE ipods are really unaffordable for normal people. But if you are only after listening to songs and don’t really care about videos, playlists, etc, I suggest that you buy the ipod shuffle instead. It is the cheapest ipod out in the market today but it already cost thousands of pesos. It is already expensive considering people without big paychecks. So if it is expensive, why would you want to have it anyway if you can’t afford it? It is not even a necessity anyway. We don’t exactly need it to live and you are not obliged to buy one. But having an ipod would be a big benefit because it brings you wireless entertainment. Plus considering its uncanny portability, it is really a must have gadget. It can play hundreds of songs even though it is just a small box. The ipod is simply an amazing and entertaining device. Imagine a gadget that has the capability to play songs, organize playlists, and show videos. But let us go back to reality here, the reality I was mentioning earlier. These devices are definitely not cheap and it will be hard to buy one. You will really have to save for it. You might even have to cut short on other stuff and limit your meals. These high prices deprive of people of their passion to listen to music. But what would you feel if someone would give you a free ipod? Now, you do not have to spend your own money and savings, instead it would be given to you for free. That would be wonderful, won’t it? But the question there is, where in the world will you get a free ipod? Nowadays, many people use this free ipod as a gimmick. They could attract many people for the promise of a free ipod. Most of the promos include a free ipod as one of their prizes. If you would only join, you would have the chance of winning a new and free ipod. I guess that they are including a free ipod as one of their prizes to invite more people to join the promo because almost every people want an ipod inside their pockets. If you would be one the winners of the free ipod, you will definitely be excited about it. If you think about it, a device worth thousands will be yours for free, it is like a gift from heaven. A promise of a free ipod can also be use for advertising. You can advertise a certain event of maybe a product given that if they but, they might win a free ipod. Many would be buying your product or will be going to your event. Another example is, if you a restaurant and the number of customers are low, try on giving a free ipod a prize in a raffle and that they can acquire the raffle tickets only if they ate at your place. Next thing you know, there will be a sudden increasing in the number of your customers. The results may be shocking. You would be surprise see that many people would be eating at your place because they want to have a chance on winning that free ipod. A free ipod brings wonders to your life. Now, it is no longer just a device for entertainment but for business as well. But why and how does a free pod do this? As we all no, gadgets is the in thing today and the ipod is one of the front runners in that category. Although we hate to admit it, it is human nature to want what is in. Even if people can’t afford it, they really still crave for it. That is why a free ipod is so attractive and catchy for those poeple who want it but don’t have the money to purchase it. But is it all about being in? In my opinion, a free ipod is attractive because it will bring you entertainment with comfort because it is portable and is easy to use. You can listen to music and watch videos with one click. This is like the extreme gadget for music lovers. And music doesn’t only include those of the rich, it goes all the way down to the middle class and the poor. And for their love of music, a free ipod is all that’s left for them to have this magnificent device and enjoy music.

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Free iPod Video Converter: Easy video conversion at no cost With the video features of iPod, you can now enjoy watching video files in the palm of your hand. Free iPod video converters are frequently downloaded by iPod users to make file conversions easy and fast. Here are some of the free iPod video converters you can find online. Free iPod video converter is an easy and completed way to convert all video formats to iPod video. By using free iPod video converter you can automatically enjoy videos in your iPod from different video files like DVD, VCD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM, RMVB, ASF, VOB, and DivX. Its key features include being clean and free without any adware or spyware. Free iPod video converter supports all popular video formats while completely stable and fast. Free iPod video converter's interface is easy to use that helps you set up conversion process easily. The final video that you see in your iPod is also excellent in video and audio quality in using free iPod video converter. ID3 Tag can be derived from the input files easily while batch processing is supported which can process an unlimited number of files at one time. Other features are detailed hypertext markup language (HTML) is included, and the installing and uninstalling is very easy. Free iPod video converter also allows you to drag multiple sources files regardless of format from Windows Explorer directly at one time. You can also download for free a Xilisoft iPod video converter 2.1 which is a powerful software for iPod video conversion. This Xilisoft iPod video converter can also convert all popular video files to iPod video files including: AVI to iPod MPEG to iPod WMV to iPod MOV to iPod RM to iPod RMVB to iPod ASF to iPod 3GP to iPod DivX to iPod Xilisoft iPod video converter 2.1 also converts audio files including WAV, WMA, MP2, AC3, RA, and OGG. Its encoders and decoders are built-in. This iPod video converter offers multi-threading and batch conversion with an adjustable setting such as video size, bit rate, frame rate and others. This iPod video converter also supports preview which the user can use prior to actual conversion process. You can check on the Internet for the availability of a free downloadable Xilisoft iPod video converter. Other iPod video converter that are free for download include PQ DVD to iPod video converter with which you can convert DVD to iPod video, DVD to MP4, and gives support to DVD subtitles. Free Cucusoft iPod video converter suite is an all-in-one solution to iPod MP4 video conversion. It includes Cucusoft iPod video converter and Cucusoft DVD to Ipod converter that help you to convert video and DVDs to iPod MP4 format. You can also download iPod Media Studio - an iPod video converter that allows iPod users to put DVD directly to your video iPod and enjoy its 2.5" LCD monitor. The Super DVD to iPod video converter is one of the fastest DVD to iPod video converter software with which you can covert almost all kinds of video formats to iPod MP4 video format. MovKit iPod Video converter is a handy and powerful iPod video converter that makes easy conversions of all video format to iPod video and audio formats. WinXMedia AVI/MPEG iPod converter is a powerful iPod video converter converts AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG4, and YUV), MPEG and WMV files to iPod video and audio formats. WinAVI MP4/3GP/iPod video converter is a powerful but easy to use MP4 video file conversion utility for iPod and portable video devices that can convert almost all video formats to iPod and Sony Play Station Portable. Magicbit iPod video converter is also powerful in video and audio conversion for your iPod. Super Video to iPod converter is a professional video to iPod converter software that supports the latest industry standards. Lenogo Video to iPod converter is a professional video to iPod converter software that converts all video formats to iPod MP4 format. A-one iPod Video Convertor automatically converts almost all formats of video files such as DivX, XviD, RM, RMVB, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, MOV, ASX, SVCD, and VCD stream formats into iPod MP4 format. Other free iPod video converters are Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter and Xilisoft iPod Video Converter. These video converters are free to download for period of time. If you wish to buy, the prices may vary for the different iPod video converters but its prices usually range from $30 to $40.

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The "Get Productive" Guide For New iPod Owners (GUIDE TO THE MAXIMUM IPOD EXPERIENCE) So you have got an iPod as a Christmas or birthday present. It looks good and holds true with its claim of a thousand songs in your pocket, huh? But do you know that iPod could do much more for you aside from entertaining you? To all new iPod owners, here is a guide on how to be productive with your iPod. New iPod owners could find a sleek, sexy personal data assistant with their iPod. Read on below to learn how to sync contacts and calendars from your iPod to your computer, or use it to transfer soft files, of any format, to your computer, and read sticky notes. * Add VIPs All the stored information in your computer about the important people in your life that you know such as phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, company name, birthdays, and other personal information, you can transfer it your new iPod. If you're a Mac user, it is quite easy to sync your Address Book with your new iPod. If you're a Windows user, you can use Outlook Express or Microsoft outlook to sync your contact details in your new iPod. * Sync Schedule Scheduled for a meeting with the top bosses tomorrow? Or have a date with the lady of your dreams on Saturday? You can sync your alarms and schedules from Mac's iCal with your new iPod. For Microsoft Windows users, your new iPod can work with Microsoft Outlook to sync schedules. * Take and Read Sticky Notes You do not need those yellow sticky notes to write anything that pops up in your head (since they always get lost, anyway) like, what are your deadlines for the day and the coming week, your grocery lists, driving directions, etc. You can take all your sticky notes inside your new iPod and carry it with you all the time. Your new iPod can hold a total of 4096 characters or (4kb in total) for each note. So, keep in mind to keep your notes briefly so won't run out of character lines if you sync it with your new iPod. How can you sync sticky notes from your computer to your new iPod? Here's how. 1. Open your notepad or any word-processing application that can save the file into. txt. Type a new note to create your grocery lists or those bulleted to-do's that you have been laying aside for a few weeks already. Or if you want to keep an important email message or want to put in your new iPod lyrics of the songs from your new iPod's playlist, just copy the text and then paste it in a notepad. 2. Save document in. txt file. 3. Connect your new iPod to your Mac or Microsoft Windows computer. 4. Since you're a new iPod user, you might have not set your iPod for disk use. But if you are a techie new iPod user and already did this, skip this step. To new iPod users who have not set their new iPod for disk use, enable this feature by doing these: 1. Open your iTunes program from your computer and then open iTunes preferences. Mac users should click 'Preferences' from the iTunes menu, while Microsoft Windows users should choose the 'Edit' menu first before clicking 'Preferences'). 2. Find the iPod tab, click it, and then a new pane will open. Click in the iPod pane the Music tab. 3. A Select the "Enable disk use" checkbox, then click OK. 5. Open your iPod volume that appears on your desktop (Mac) or in My Computer (Windows) to display three folders: Calendars, Contacts, and Notes. 6. Drag your text file to the Notes folder on your iPod to add it. * Use the iPod as File Carrier If you haven't already figured it out by now, you can use any iPod model as an external hard drive, allowing you to copy files onto it and shuttle items from one computer to another. This comes in handy if you need to work on projects at the office or school and at home, or you want to transfer your digital music collection from your old computer to a new one. Here's how to enable this feature. Show me how: 1. Connect your iPod to your computer. 2. Open iTunes (if it isn't open already), then open iTunes preferences (Mac users, choose Preferences from the iTunes menu; Windows users, on the Edit menu, click Preferences). 3. Click the iPod tab, then click the Music tab in the iPod pane. 4. Select the "Enable disk use" checkbox, then click OK. Your iPod should now appear as a mounted volume on your desktop (Mac) or in My Computer (Windows). To copy files for transport, simply drag any file onto the iPod volume icon, or double-click the volume, create a new folder (or folders), and copy items to it.

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The iPod Ad's Silhouetted Success Apple has sold about 250 million tunes from its iTunes Music Store and 10 million iPods. With the release of updated iPod models, Apple has launched a new iPod ad campaign in different national and international magazines, billboards and in the Internet. The new set of iPod ad features a variety of vibrant colors and design schemes with a black silhouetted figure of a person dancing with or simply enjoying an iPod. Cropped versions of these iPod ads can also be seen in updated Apple iPod web pages. The new style is very different and colorful compared to the usual simple, white advertising they are popular of in the past. The colorful and silhouetted iPod ad campaign of Apple makes the white iPod earphones very recognizable. An iPod ad is being run by 3 a mobile operator in the United Kingdom. It is the first ever 3G mobile video ad campaign for the Apple iPod. The iPod ad runs for 14 seconds that features the ever famous silhouetted dancers from the brand's campaign concept. iPod ad has become very popular indeed that in the Simpsons episode entitled "Thank God, It's Doomsday," Homer Simpson noticed in the Gospel for Less shop this iPod type of ad. On the other hand, the copying of the idea has gone wild as Apple threatens to sue Music Channel Fuse over their new ad campaign that looks just like the iPod ad campaigns. Music Channel Fuse and its owner Cablevision's Rainbow Media are threatened by Apple's lawyers with a lawsuit unless the music channel stops the campaign. In the similar campaign, figures of people in silhouette are watching while television with the colorful background. The campaign may mirror iPod ad campaign but Fuse takes the idea to a very different direction with one of their ad versions showed a man apparently masturbating while one showed a man doing a beer bong. Rapper Eminem and Music group Black Eyed Peas also rode with the sucess of iPod ad campaign's bandwagon, as the former was featured in a version of an iPod ad rapping and appearing on screen. Also, the latter and their song "Hey Mama" from the album "Elephunk" became more popular after the song was used in another iPod ad campaign. The song was selected for the iPod television ad campaign by Apple and the creative team at TWBA Chiat Day. They thought the song was appealing and would definitely attract the attention of the viewers. Apple ad is also reported lately to be included within iTunes soon. The testing advertisements are sure to lure advertisers interested in reaching million of iTunes users. But, many users are not excited about this because they have been used to an Apple ad free iTunes. As much as the Apple ad will appear only on the lower left corner of the iTunes Library, this can still prove to be risky. iPod ad in iPod pages, posters, magazines, and billboards have been popping up all over key cities around the world. This also proves that Apple is aggressive with this new iPod ad push. As a matter of fact, Business 2.0 has included the U2 silhouette iPod ad campaign in its 2005 Smart List. The annual tip of the hat to the brightest minds in business of this magazine has given their nods to Apple in its unique idea of advertising iPod. The iPod ad was a collaboration of lead singer Bono of U2 and Apple CEO Steve Jobs. They happen to be long time friends who worked closely for this iPod ad campaign. They both contributed to the ad campaign and their efforts in advertising iPod paid of quite well. At the same time, Apple's iTunes Music Store made the exclusive release of U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. With the success of the iPod campaign, the album also hit the charts for weeks after its debut in November 2005.

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iPod Video Cases: Durable, functional, fashionable protection for your iPod iPod is Apple Computer's brand of portable media player that provides a simple user interface designed around a central scroll wheel. The standard iPod model has media storage devices including a built-in hard drive while the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano use flash memory. It can serve as an external storage device when connected to a computer. Over the years, the line up of iPod has continuously evolved to the iPod models of today. The iPod has five generations to its name while iPod mini has two generations. Apple also introduced over the years other iPod models including iPod shuffle and iPod Nano. To protect any of these iPod models, iPod video cases are now readily available in the market. It is made of different materials including deluxe leather that features a rich leather exterior in black, brown, dark brown and saddle with complimentary stitching. These have unique textured exteriors as well that give your iPod a nice look. These iPod video cases are designed to fit both the 60GB and 30GB iPod models with video. The iPod video cases will keep your iPod securely closed with a tab and post closure. When it is opened, you can see that it has a built-in protection for the screen which is the most easily damaged part of your iPod. iPod video cases help prevent scrapes and scratches that will not only deteriorate the look of your iPod but can be damaging in the long run as well. The outside of iPod video cases are sturdy with layers and the insides are cushiony to protect your iPod from impact due to improper handling. iPod video cases also features a soft grip material to keep it from slipping from your hands. iPod video cases can be Speck armband cases, aluminum hard cases, flip cover cases, leather pouches, core cases, crystal clear hard cases, silicone skin cases, and more. Examples are: A protective crystal clear hard case can help protect your iPod video from scratches in many ways with its built in lanyard or neck strap, attachable swivel belt clip and belt loop. Iconic characters can also be featured in your iPod video cases. You can take your pick from Superman, Batman, Homer Simpson, Darth Vader of Star Wars and Tweety Bird with its see-through back so you can see the shiny side of your iPod. There are iPod video cases that are made to encapsulate your iPod video for protection and fun with its vibrant colors. It is made of strong tear resistant material and includes a screen protector and detachable belt clip for optimal performance and easy usage. With more iPod video cases being released in the market each week, you can find more and more features of these products and professional evaluations to check if they can measure up to the standards of iPod users. Leather iPod video cases offer a snug fit with quality leather to protect your iPod not only from impact but from dust, finger prints, and scratches as well. iPod flip video cases are also trendy in its ultra-slim design that fits your iPod like a glove. There is a multi-use soft clip on the back that easily snap into a belt or an armband. iPod video crystal cases are quality clear cases that forms a protective hard case around your iPod. It also comes with a clear belt loop, detachable belt clip and lanyard for carrying convenience. iPod video soft skin cases protects your iPod from scratches, knocks, dusts and even bad breath while still providing free access to your controls and connections. iPod aluminum video cases are made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that features a form-fitting design. Neoprene cushioning inside protects your iPod from harmful scratches and shocks. Any of these iPod video cases can be bought at around $10 to $40 a piece. iPod video cases also provide iPod headphones' jack and hold switch even when closed. The cutouts in these cases can give you easy accessibility to all ports for your convenience while giving your iPod's much needed protection. These iPod video cases are also made fashionable with different basic and vibrant colors and designs, durable with its protective materials and functional with its special features for different iPod models.

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Great Things Behind iPod Commercials Since the advent of the Apple iPod, Apple is continually making iPod commercials as part of their advertising campaign. iPod commercials is another way of marketing their product. Though the Apple iPod has gone a long way in the market, the iPod commercials is a sure way of boosting the sales of the Apple iPod. In fact, one of the evident effects of iPod commercials to customers is that they just keep noticing them. A user even wrote an article on why Apple does not tell you the music. This is from the HP ipod commercisl. Another notable one from a list of ipod commercials is the ipod commercial released last Spring of 2005. This ipod commercial depicts people roller skating, break dancing plus a robot voice. A background song called "Technologic" played by Daft Punk which is from the album "Human After All" is being played on the background. This breakdancing sound was the reason that this one from the iPod commercials was called the Breakdance commercial. Music played a strong figure in all iPod commercials. In fact, it was the moving force in depicting the emotions or themes that the director aims to express with the iPod commercials. It is synonymous with the role of the Apple iPod in the lives of the user, which is music. There are other songs that was played in the background in some of the newer iPod commercials. The songs include: 1. "Jerk It Out" by Caesars. This was from the iPod Shuffle commercial, this is the one with the arrows. 2. "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz. This song was played in the Rollerskating iPod commercial. 3. "Mr. Lee" by The Bobbettes. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called "Mashup." 4. "Work It, Shake It" sung by by DJ Assault. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called "Mashup." 5. "I Love to Polka" sung by Jimmy Sturr. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called "Mashup." 6. "Orange Blossom Special" was sung live by Charlie Daniels Band. This song is from one of the iPod commercials called "Mashup." The ipod commercials were so hip that some even premiered or was shown in the MTV Music Video Awards. The iPod commercials are continuously being aired on other television and cable channels. There was this iPod commercial where you can see a Cowboy bar that includes square dancers. The background music was as usual very hypnotic. The music was found out to be "The Boogie That Be" which was sung by Black Eyed Peas. If you would search the Internet for this iPod commercial, you would notice that there is no single mention of the commercial or the song used in the iPod commercial. The reason for this is that the management is cross promoting the HP branded iPod along with the Apple Music Store. It is evident that the goal is not only to promote the iPods but also to sell music. After all, music is the heart of all Apple iPods or even HP branded iPods. One of the iPod commercials, "Mash Up," had an ad that includes the URL "hp. com/music." But similar to the other iPod commercials, users can not find any other part of the site where they list the songs that was used in the commercial. The iPod brands have a habit of burying the iPod commercials on their website, oblivious that the iPod commercials are their ticket to higher sales. The facts are there about iPod commercials fanas only have to search and dig for it. The iPod brands forgot to include put all of these facts in a website that is convenient for viewing by iPod users. Having a website would further promote the iPod commercials that would in turn further increase the sales of their iPods. The iPod brands should also consider the transfer of iPod commercials to your iPod. DVD to iPod technology is already available from the Internet. One particular DVD to iPod software is the iPod Media Studio. iPod commercials also belong to the iPod users. The DVD to iPod technology is a feature that every iPod user dreams to be able to do. Unfortunately, iPod brands do not provide this technology feature. The iPOd Media Studio gives these capabilities to the iPods.

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Two iPod Headphones Clash On the right red corner, weighing one ounce and priced at around $80 is Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones. On the left blue corner, weighing one ounce and priced at around $30 is the Apple In-Ear Headphones. Let's get ready to rrrrrrrumble! Which do you think is the best between these two iPod headphones? For standard use, Apple iPod headphones seem to work fine. But the point will come wherein you will wonder, is there any iPod headphones out there that could offer me better sound, crisper, more booming base and has a surround sound quality? This question will prompt you to Google for best iPod headphones in the market. After seeing the search results, you will be amazed that there are handful of iPod headphones out there that have features that may seem to read too technical for you. We have tried a couple of those so called isolating Headphones and the aurally-probing ones and we come up with the Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones to see if it really is better than Apple in-Ear Headphones. The one thing that we noticed that these two iPod headphones both share is the ability to lock in the sound. The person sitting next to you wouldn't know that your iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video or iPod shuffle is actually on. He won't hear the treble or the bass sound that comes out in that light scratching sound (which are the cons of some low standard iPod headphones offered by third party manufacturers). In fact, if you wear these two iPod headphones in public, you won't hear that a car is coming or that the person beside you is being mugged. So, with this feature, these iPod headphones should be better be used in-doors or when you are playing text-to-speech notes or recorded lectures, or any listening activity that requires your full attention and focus. **Design wise Apple In-Ear iPod headphones, aesthetically speaking, looks better than Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones. Apple In-Ear Headphones has the standard Apple white and Apple sleek design that most people has come to associate with beautiful and techie gadgets. Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones look like two sets of mechanical bugs that are to buzz their way inside your ears. **Fitting of earpieces Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones fits better than Apple In-Ear headphones. Many users complain that Apple In-Ear iPod headphones do not fit their ears and always slip even if you choose the right size for you. Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones come with a foam or flex earpieces to ensure that the earpieces stays in place even if you move around. Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones, however, seem not to have the right fit for people with small ears. Putting on these two iPod headphones for the first time will give you a strange unfamiliar sensation in your ears, such as a small pressure and a feeling of not being in this world (since you won't hear any sound from the outside world). Don't worry, you will get used to it, eventually. **Sound Quality Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones produce high quality sound. You will hear the deep bass in perfect balance with the treble. White noise are blocked and you will hear every note that is plucked on the guitar and every sigh and breathing made by the singer. The sound quality of Apple In-Ear iPod headphones is disappointing. It can isolate sound, true but the bass sound cracks, especially the deep ones. You would not want to listen with these iPod headphones with fast and upbeat music because it will sound like a crackle. Best for use with country or western music. Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones' performance is far better than Apple In-Ear iPod headphones. But this good performance comes with a price, an extra $50. If your purpose for buying an isolating iPod headphones is to listen to iPod music with clearer lyrics, then the Apple In-Ear iPod headphones fit you perfectly (or if you're a transcriptionist or a student who listens and needs to understand the recorded spoken words). It is much cheaper and can do the job of isolating of sound just right.

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The iPod and the Cool Cases That Go With it Apple iPod users have always been satisfied with the music experience. Based from a survey online, Apple iPod users love the following features of their iPod: 1. The original iPod have a hard drive space of forty gigabytes. This amount of space made it possible for Apple iPod users to store up to five thousand songs. 2. The original iPod has a "Click Wheel," an ergonomic design for button controls on the iPod. Instead of the usual play, stop, pause, fast forward, and reverse, you can also access the menu with convenience. 3. The original iPod has a battery life that extends up to 12 hours. This time line is from a non-stop usage of the Apple iPod. 4. The original iPod was also built with a design that would make it more convenience for users to set up a playlist of songs. Apple iPod users can also activate the shuffle function and would introduce randomness in listening to music. The Sexy Apple iPod Mini The latest collection on the Apple iPods is the Apple iPod mini. This iPod mini is usually compared to a US$ 1, 200 Chanel bag. This is very true because the Apple iPod mini exudes worldwide class and posh with its variety of iPod case. An iPod case has a variety of five colors. iPod Case An iPod case has an anodized frame made of aluminum. Apple iPod mini usually weighs 3.6 ounces. The frame measures 2 inches by 3.6 inches, with only half an inch in thickness. Though it does not look like it because an iPod case is meant to camouflage the real weight. At first glance, it would seem that an iPod case is made of heavy metals, but iPod skins such as that of the Apple iPod mini can be weighed almost as light as a featherweight. An iPod case is also also silky and smooth to the touch. The frame of an Apple iPod mini fits perfectly inside your palm and an iPod case is meant to give you more comfort while holding your Apple iPod mini. To give it a sleek design, an iPod case has no breaks in them, meaning Apple iPod minis have no externally moving parts. Underneath the iPod case, however, is a sensitive circuitry that provides the Apple iPod user convenience in using the Apple iPods. This sleek design of an iPod case was supported by a highly ergonomic design of the control buttons. A "Click Wheel" is available for the user if he wants to play music, pause, stop, fast forward or reverse. The Click Wheel also provides access to the users for the menu. The Click Wheel control buttons are located on the pad and matches whatever the color of iPod case is. The Click Wheel buttons is a revolutionary design as compared to the original four function buttons of the previous Apple iPods. An iPod case is available in various warm minimalist choices of possible colors. Apple iPod users can choose from pink, green, silver, blue and gold. Other Features of the Apple iPod Mini The Apple iPod mini was also incorporated with a tiny Hitachi hard drive. This hard drive can hold various music files such as Audible, MP3, WAV, AIFF and AAC. It is also possible for the iPod to integrate with iTunes. There is a software that enables this integration. After the seamless integration, you would be able to cruise with the tunes. Battery life is always important for Apple iPod users. The battery life of an iPod mini extends up to 8 hours which is enough to listen to about 5,000 songs. In addition to the options available when choosing an iPod case, the iPod mini have an array of accessories that includes a USB 2.0 cable, a Firewire dock connector, an AC adaptor, a belt clip, earbuds and the Apple iPod mini installation software. Another accessory available in the market is the armband. iPod Hacking Over the years, due to technological advances, techies started to experiment with the iPod vis a vis the cellphones. They started introducing modifications to the iPod case, themes and even use. These modification were made to provide more power to the user for the customization of their iPods. To define briefly, iPod hacking is done to introduce changes to the Apple iPod not only in terms of software or hardware but also in appearance. There are many softwares and firmwares available to the Apple iPod user to introduce modifications to their iPod case etc. such as the iPodWizard.

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Finding the Perfect iPod Speakers For You Nowadays, you can throw a party anywhere as long as you have an iPod and a set of iPod speakers. They are so tiny, yet they can boom the bass and shake up the place. iPod speakers are either portable, which you can carry around, or home models, which you cannot carry around because of some restrictions like, it is bigger and heavier and is therefore not handy, and it is not battery operated and work only when plugged into an electrical outlet. The portable models are battery operated and has a size just slightly larger than iPod Nano and some weighs only half an ounce! Although portable iPod speakers offer sound better than most computer speaker, it can't compete with the home only or standalone iPod speakers that can produce louder, crisper, and more booming sound, for these iPod speakers get their power directly from an electical outlet that gives much energy compared to a low voltage battery. Below are the best in iPod speakers that could rock us out of our seat with their booming sound. -iBlasting the Room with iBoom iPod speakers iBoom is the newest iPod speaker from DLO. The iBoom iPod speakers sport an amorphous shape and has a slot in the front which serve as a hub for iPod or iPod mini. The four iPod speakers only need 20 watts per channel to start producing sound. iBoom iPod speakers also has a built-in handle, an AUX in port, and can run either on AC power or a with six "D" batteries. When plugged in to an AC power, the iBoom iPod speakers will charge the cradled iPod. Design wise, iBoom iPod speakers look pretty good with a white iPod cradled on it. The plus points for iBoom iPod speakers are (1) low wattage consumption but could still produce decent sound, (2) portable and (3) charge an iPod when it is running on A/C power. - 'What's the new Black?' For Altec Lansing, the answer is still black. Altec Lansing's inMotion iM3 iPod speakers come in the usual Apple white and, now, in black. It weighs around 15 to 16 ounces only and is sized just a bit larger than the iPod. Altec Lansing is known for creating sound system that could produce sounds in different ranges from the highest pitch to the lowest bass. And now that Altec Lansing has speakers for the iPod, expect that these iPod speakers would be of high quality. In fact, these iPod speakers has a class D amplifier to create rich, audible sounds. It's quite unbelievable that these speakers could last 24 hours from four AA batteries. You can carry these iPod speakers anywhere, and play it on for an all night party even on a place where there's no power outlet, like the soccer field, basketball court, or the lakeside. The black Altec Lansing iPod speakers has the same price as that of the Apple white version. - Apple's Hi-Fi Shouts "Party!" When iPod was released in 2001, the only way you could hear the playing songs is through headphones. There were no Apple-branded iPod speakers then, yet. Third party manufacturers and developers created their own iPod speakers to answer the growing demand for off-headphones music playing. In 2006, Apple realized that it was time to create one of its own. In February, Apple released the iPod Hi-Fi. Priced at $349, Apple's eye is set on the high-end market. Hi-Fi iPod speakers, according to Apple, creates a large soundstage and has a wide frequency range. So, Hi-fi iPod speakers are not only portable speakers, they can be the only speaker for a small house or an apartment, replacing the bulky speakers with separate woofer and sub-woofers. With the sound of these Hi-Fi iPod speakers, you can shout "Party!" anytime you want. Design wise, it looks cool. It bears the traditional Apple white color. It's size is bigger than most portable iPod speakers and is the heaviest, weighs 15 ounces, in the entire line of third party developed iPod speakers Hi-Fi iPod speakers are powered in two ways, AC or DC (six D-cell batteries), comes with a small, white remote control, and built-in handles to bring it anywhere you go.

Ipod movies

Now Showing On Your iPod: Movies The fifth generation ipod created the buzz since its release. Many users have enjoyed television shows, movies and music videos played on their beloved iPod video. Hundreds of software has circulated the market to rip DVD and so users can upload their favorite movies, tv shows, music video, games and other multimedia clips. iPod movies are now the latest trend among iPod fanatics. How do you add a movie to become a part of your iPod movies? The first step is to choose what movie you want to put in your iPod movies. You can opt to download movies straight from the Internet but that might cost a bit more, around $2 USD for a movie. It is highly recommended that users download their iPod movies through the Apple iTunes Music Store. For one thing, it is not so easy to convert DVD into iPod movies because of the possibility of incompatibility with the software. Secondly, you can be sure of the quality of your iPod movies. If you still want to rip an existing DVD movie on to your iPod video, start by downloading software available on the web but be careful! Choose only those that support the iPod video format. Look for features that are easy to use and fast, brief interface and design. Make sure that all encoders/codecs are built-in. The iPod video converter should be able to integrate with all video/audio encoders/codecs. It should also support a preview function so you can be sure that the iPod movies turn out well. Examples of these are PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter, Handbrake or ImTOO iPod Movie Converter v2.1. Each of these software converts all of the popular video formats to iPod Movies MP4 (iPod video format MPEG-4) and they also convert audio files to iPod supported MP3, AAC, M4A file format. The conversion process happens automatically so all you have to do is set what format you want the movie converted then set the volume and the directory to save it in. Presto! You now have an addition to your iPod movies. But as legal issues over piracy and copyright laws are beginning to be strict, many are concerned about the future of iPod movies. Will the users be made liable for home videos or ripped DVDs downloaded on their iPod movies’ play list? The economics of iPod video distribution are very different and is dominated by the Hollywood moguls, including licensing and windowing agreements. Not to mention the progress of theatre shows to other markets like rental shops, pay TV, retail stores, free-to-air and now to iPod movies. And what about porn? The advent of 3G technology on mobile phones has also opened the gates of thrash content when sex videos started to circulate. Will the iPod movies follow suit? Will there be a regulation in the near future of what we can or can’t download to our iPod movies? It is not too hard to see the iPod movies being used for such frivolity. After all, we are free to put whatever content we want on our iPods. Aside from the iPod movies, the TV shows that can be played on the iPod video are endless. Right now, Desperate Housewives rule the iPod video landscape. Another great ipod feature is the video pod cast, users don’t just watch pod casts but they can also create their own. Eventually home movies will be added as users explore the iPod movies and its limits. To fully enjoy your iPod movies, there are accessories available for your iPod video. With its TV OUT and wide screen option, you can share you iPod movies with friends inside your living room. The video quality will somewhat depend on the file compression but over-all the resolution is a great. External speakers are also available for you to fully appreciate the audio sounds of the iPod movies you are watching. Add the optional audio cable so you can play music from iPod to your home stereo or use the S-video cable play VJ on your TV. You can also perform the same big-screen feat with iPod photo slideshows and iPod movies.

Ipod accesories

Jazz Up Your Player With iPod Accessories The ipod is the ultimate symbol of the digital age and if you haven’t heard about it, then you’ve been in cave for a very long time. The iPod is today’s coolest gadget. Having one elevates you to the status of the ipod people – audiophiles in love with their ipods. And what self-respecting ipod person would you be if you didn’t dress up your ipod with ipod accessories? Luckily there are hundreds of companies who offerthe best and amazing hardware and software ipod accessories to compliment and personalize your “baby.” Let’s start with the basics of ipod accessories: ipod skins. The first, second and third generation ipods often has to content itself with the ipod accessories of cases in leather, rubber, aluminum or fabric to protect the ipod from scratches, dust and moisture. Depending on your needs, there are covers that allow you to carry your ipod in all your activity. From water-resistant cases to sweat proof sleeves, these ipod accessories define the meaning of portable. The skins can also serve a fashionable function. DecalGirl. com has a vast array of ipod skins, from your loud colors to your favorite anime characters, anything you can think of is possible. You can even satisfy the abstract lover in you with graphic designs printed on your ipod skin. Just make sure that the ipod accessories you get have a guarantee, in case of an inferior product. The next basic ipod accessories you need are the headphones or earphones. Although the ipod box set comes with earphones, there are but a few who prefer an all-surround sound experience. Other ipod accessories for headphones include the retractable headphones, which is great to use on the outdoors. And then there are the ipod accessories of headphones with speakers, the infrared wireless earphones and water resistant earphones for those times when you can’t even take a bath without listening to your ipod. Aside from this basic earpiece, external speakers and the carry case ipod accessories are quite popular. The iBoom iPod player has a dock for your ipod player with speakers on the side. It fits perfectly for those picnics and beach outings where music is a must to liven up the party. Another brand called the iBag ipod player with FM stereo tote carrying bag adds more fun since you have the option to surf through local radio stations for more hopping beats. More ipod accessories are available to the ipod junkie via the Internet. A lot of websites do product reviews of these ipod accessories and you can get a preview of the items you want to buy through them. Among these sites are welovemacs. com, and connectingpoint. net. They have a wide range of ipod accessories for all the generations of iPods. They not only give you the price, features and product compatibility details but they also give you the pros and cons of each ipod accessory. Other ipod accessories that is a must have for any iPod warrior is the Belkin Voice Recorder that lets you record reminders, meeting and notes into your iPod. Then there’s the hands free accessory called the iPod remote and earphones. You don’t have to worry about fumbling over the iPod controls as you drive or make that last 2-mile run. A stationary version of this remote is available. Called the NaviPod IR Remote, it allows you to control your iPod’s audio from across a room. Another one of the essential ipod accessories is the iPod Dock that charges iPod at work or at home. For the car lovers, ipod accessories have been created to accommodate your music players. First of these is the Belkin TuneDok Car Holder that hold your iPod in place. Another one of these nifty ipod accessories is the Sony Car Cassette Adapter that connects your iPod to the car stereo. And not to forget is another one of those wonderful ipod accessories, the Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter. Your ipod can now play your music through the FM radio of your car. All it needs is the iPod dock connector to work. It draws a small amount of power from your iPod and doesn’t need any batteries. You can really personalize your iPod in more ways than one. These ipod accessories not only enhance your iPod but it is also the number one status symbol for any true iPod lover.

Dvd to ipod

The advent of DVD to iPod Technology Why DVD? DVD is the latest craze in technology breakthroughs. Since the advent of the timetable discs in the 50's, technology has reached new heights almost every decade with the release of the Betamax tapoes, VHS tapes, audio cds, laser discs, video cds, mini discs and all sorts of data storing accessories. The DVD is the latest of these data-storing acessories. Carrying Dolby Stereo sound and high end picture image, viewers and listeners can be assured of the best quality possible in movies and music records. The Features of Apple iPod The Apple iPod has always been a stand out not only in design but also in its features. Below are some of the features people love most about the Apple iPod: 1. The Apple ipod users can store and record about five thousand songs. 2. The Apple ipod users can store data on a forty gigabytes of harddrive space. The storage of the five thousand songs is not the end of it. 3. The Apple ipod users can easily manuever their way with the iPod controls because of the Click Wheel. 4. The Apple iPod users can expect to have a longer period of music and videos because of the long battery life of the Apple iPod. The battery life of an Apple iPod usually last about 12 hours. 5. The Apple ipod users can expect a more easier tuning to music due to the ability of the iPod for an easy set up of a music playlist. 6. The Apple iPod users can also expect to be happy with the shufle function providing them with random feel to the playlist. With these basic features, the iPod have increased its sales and is now number one among the MP3 playin devices. Apple, however did not stop there, they started introducing more accessories, more add-ons that eventually gave the Apple iPod an edge over other multimedia players. A feature, however, that was missed by iPod is the DVD to iPod software. The iPod Media Studio 2.0 iPod Hacks For sometime, Apple techies and fanatics have introduced many modifications to the Apple iPod. These modifications aims to help the Apple iPod user to personalize their iPods. Apple iPods has been modified by techies by using iPod hacks. Techies are bent on giving more power to the user in terms of customization and personalization of their Apple iPod. What are iPod hacks? iPod hacks are either softwares or hardwares that improves the appearance, capabilities or features of an Apple iPod. Summing it up, iPod Hacks is anything that provides modifications to the Apple iPod. One such avaialable iPod hack is a software that provides DVD to iPod capability to the usual Apple iPod. Various firmwares on the Internet offer free softwares of DVD to iPod technology. DVD to iPod Software DVD to iPod, this is the feature that everyone wishes to have, but unfortunately, the Apple iPod did not provide. The iPOdMedia provides DVD to iPod capabilities to the Apple iPod. It is the fastest software available for DVD to Ipod transfers or to move DVD's directly into your video Apple iPod. By using this DVD to iPod software, you can enjoy watching DVD movies on the beautiful 2.5 inches LCD monitor of the Apple iPod. It is currently 400 percent faster than any other DVD to iPod products on the market. Imagine this, anyone can convert any movie from DVD (DVD to iPod), and not only that; any recorded material from the television, or even movies that you recorded from home using a DV-camcorder, even a movie record from a digital still camera is possible for conversion. With 2 mouse clicks using the DVD to iPod software, convert the movies into a file that is optimized for playback. It must be optimized with the Apple iPod's built-in video player. Anyone can now enjoy movies with a surprisingly sharp and clear picture with additional quality stereo CD sound. Also, new Cyberspeed technology will allow a user of up to 400 percent faster conversion from DVD to iPod. In fact, in a span of less than 45 minutes, a user can put a complete DVD movie on the iPod. The DVD to iPod technology is the ideal solution for all frequent travellers or just to manage the kids while driving the car. Apple iPod users can store up to 100 video hours (if the Apple iPod is a 60 Gb model) or 50 video hours (if the Apple iPod is a 30 Gb model). Any video of either feature films or TV and movie content. Do not worry if the DVD is sourced from abroad, all subtitles, foreign languages, and even the quality of Dolby surround sound are supported. Users have no need for the Quicktime Pro. The DVD to iPod software would run on any PC with Windows NT, XP or Windows 2000 Operating System. This DVD to iPod software can also automatically zoom or widescreen movies with the ratio 16:9 to be able to fit on the 4:3 iPod screen. The user can even have a manual option to turn this feature off. The iPodMedia Studio is about US$ 32.95 and has a lifetime support.

Ipod workouts

An Abs iPod Workout Guide Many people believe that if they lift weights, or do those crunches, they will lose those lovehandles and have a tight, packed abs that they have been dreaming of. Which is why when those who have been religiously attending the gym didn't get the Jennifer Lopez bod that they have expected to have after twenty sessions of lifting and crunching their stomach like a curled shrimp in the gym, they pack their bags and never dared to step onto the gym's doorstep again. There is nothing wrong with going to the gym and crunching and curling yourself to have tighter and tucked abdomen. There are, however, some basic preparations that you must do first before you curl and crunch. (1) Cut out the fat in your diet starting, right... now! (2) Do more stretching, and (3) Do more cardio workouts. You can do the stretching and cardio workouts even outside the gym. Just carry your iPod, wear your sneakers and sweat and you're all set. Below are some iPod workout guides that you can work on. All you need is an iTune, determine the BPM or beats per minute of a song, and you're all set to create your own and unique iPod workout playlist. CUTTING FAT IN DIET Abdominal muscles are the easiest part of the body to work muscles on. The only reasonwhy inspite of your abs curling workout it seems that nothing works is because your muscled are covered with fat. Yes. You need to cut the fat. And the first step to cut the fat is curtail intake of fat. Go for a less fat diet (not 'no fat diet.' We all need some amount of fats in our body.}. STRETCHING WITH iPod WORKOUT GUIDE Strech to improve the elasticity of your muscles and to tighten it up in a natural way. Create a Playlist, name it "Stretching" and then select your iPod Workout stretching playlist. The best iPod workout song for stretching should be around 105 to 115 beats per minute, a song with a slow beat. Suggested iPod workout song for stretching: There You Go - Pink Three AM - Matchbox 20 Feeling So Good - Jennifer Lopez CARDIO WORKOUT WITH iPod WORKOUT GUIDE Warm up Before you do your cardio workout, have a five minute warm up first. Although stretching is already a form of warm up, it is better if you warm up by doing the stationary marching and jumping jack. BPM for warm up should be in the range of 125 to 130. Limit the playtime to 5 minutes and select by random. Suggested iPod workout song for Warm up: Can't Take My Eyes Off You Ain't no Mountain High All You Need is Love CARDIO WORKOUT Lifting weights and doing a hundred crunches won't help you lose fats. The best way to lose fats is to do a fifteen-minute a day cardio workout. Create your iPod cardio workout playlist and name it "Cardio." iPod workout songs to include in your playlist must be upbeat, lively, and with no slow or mellow parts. - Walking BPM if you were walking, brisk walking, that is, should be in the range of 136 to 140. Limit the playtime to 5 minutes and select by random. You must follow the rhythm of the song as you walk to achieve the fifteen minute minimum daily workout. Just breathe normally or as you would when you are at rest. If you're new with walking (walking for fifteen minutes without stopping) you might experience shortness of breath at first. Don't worry, as you continue with walking while listening with your iPod workout songs, your heartbeat will beat a bit slower and then will normalize. Suggested iPod workout song for Walking: You Gotta Be - Des'ree This Kiss - Faith Hill Livin' on a Prayet - Jon BonJovi - Jogging and Running Jogging and running should be in the range of 141 to 150. All songs under this category should be limited to 5 minutes also, and is selecte by random Suggested iPod workout song for Jogging and Running: Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani Hey Mickey You can repeat the Walking and Jogging and Running iPod workout songs or playlist as many times as desired.

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