Discover the wonders of a tempurpedic mattress

How long have you owned the mattress you presently sleep on? Does it povide you with the quality of sleep you deserve? Do you ever wake up with any type of sleep soreness whatsoever, do you toss and turn or suffer from back pain? Have you ever heard of a Tempurpedic mattress? There are a number of reasons why people might be considering the feasibility of investing in a new sleep system. Maybe you've been considering it yourself for whatever reason. If you have been or know someone who may be in the market for a new mattress, then a great place to start that comes very highly recommended is a company called Tempurpedic. They have literally revolutionized the sleep industry with their mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers made of viscoelastic memory foam material. To make a long story short, in the 70's, NASA developed a memory foam material to relieve astronauts of the pressures of high levels of "G force" in which they had to endure. Tempur pedic, a Swedish sleep system company, proposed an idea to NASA years later, and were granted permission to bring something new to the sleep world. What came out of this was the Tempurpedic mattress.

Because of them, there are millions of people now experiencing a new level of sleep quality night after night. Many millions of dollars were spent researching and developing this visco elastic memory foam material, and it carries with it, a number of amazing features. For one, it's viscoelastic properties, and for those who are not sure what that means, it simply has the ability to return to it's original shape. For example, you apply a force with your hand to it and it will completely mould to every contour of your hand, but once you remove the force (your hand), it will return to it's exact initial shape. It also carries with it, tempur sensitive qualities, which changes the firmness with varying tempuratures.

Below a certain tempurature, the mattress will become firmer, but your body heat will soften it where it needs to soften in order to relieve all pressure points in your body. Your body will sink into the Tempurpedic mattress evenly. So you guessed it, not only are they temperature sensitive, they are also pressure sensitive. Those are not the only qualities of a tempur pedic mattress. They are also energy absorbing, body conforming, durable, hypoallergenic and considered the most comfortable mattress in the world. Please do not take our word for it, go out and try one out for yourselves. After a decade of these mattresses being on the market, Tempur Pedic wanted to bring an even better product to the table and now introduces the new Nimble Pedic mattresses, claiming to have surpassed the tempurpedic mattress. I haven't had the chance to try one out yet, but when I do, you'll be the first to hear about it. The Tempurpedic matress sleep system can be a little pricey, but when you consider all the time you spend in bed, and how much your life will improve due to a perfect sleep night after night, how can you deprive yourself of that? You may think you are achieving a perfect night's sleep on your inner-spring mattress, try one of these Tempurpedic beds, and you will be almost sure to change your mind. But be careful, because many foam companies claim to make a top quality visco elastic foam mattress. The difference comes in the density of the foam. Tempurpedic foam has a density of approximately 5.3 lb/cu foot, as opposed to most competitors coming in at about 4 lb/cu foot. This makes a considerable difference in comfort, durability and body conforming quality levels. I can go on all day about how great these mattresses are, and about how there is never a need to flip them, and how they have a skid proof bottom to prevent shifting and so much more they can offer you to take your sleep quality to levels you never thought were possible. However, nothing will be justified until you take one for a test drive, which will be your first step to achieving optimal sleep quality. You will ba amazed at the effect a quality night's sleep will do for you, your mood, and the overall way you feel all day long.

Beds where is the best place to find one

Finding a decent dealer when getting selected products such as heavy duty bed frames or adjustable king size beds is a thing that no party should ever take for granted, learn to value the resources that supply good bed buying facilities and record their contact info for possible future purchases. The bed experts will be capable offering you a good deal of useful niche advice on issues such as getting the most competitive prices on wrought iron bunk beds and how to acquire the best product warranty as you are getting a bed, such quality bed info will hopefully ensure you get hold of the best item for your requirements. Most bed info with the assistance of the net can be acquired in the United Kingdom, Canada and a ton of continents, home improvement directories should offer you the contact information of nationally focused bed portals so buying beds from your global area is quicker and more effortless than ever before. A great deal of bed associated tips you will find online are focused on assisting individuals to find chosen bed merchandise including wrought iron canopy beds and , coming across this type of bed info can often come to be very arduous indeed. It has to be said bedding is a topic that covers a large area of different bed products such as heavy duty bed frames and adjustable hospital beds, say that a consumer wanted expert advice on a particular sector of beds, lets suppose a product like water bed rails, this can freely be acquired with the help of a bed specialist. The way to find out if a bed website might be able to help you with your particular bed search, pretend for a moment a wood toddler bed is your specific item, is to discover if the site contains a categorised bed section and a good number of bed write ups, if in fact it does supply this type of things then obtaining a bed that is suitable will be easy, if however the site is about a common interior design topic then it is unlikely you will come up with your required bed targeted help. This bed search tip is especially valuable, instead of simply using a research term like "beds ", you should make use of a more specific search engine phrase such as"bed and bedding suppliers" or "antique bed dealers", in doing this your results are going to be highly targeted to your particular bed needs A great many websites will contain specific sectors focused on beds, if you desire a full loft bed or a wood bunk bed plan you just locate the most appropriate bed section.

Digital globes

Globes are the spherical version of a map. Their spherical shape allows them to represent the earth perfectly. Globes were always in used as navigational tools as well as to understand various earth’s processes and phenomena. The earliest globes were traced to the fifteenth century. Like maps, globes also show accurate directions, dimensions, distances, shapes and sizes of all the countries in the world. Most globe-makers use high quality geographic research and cartographic abilities to design globes.

They are also updated regularly to take note of any changes in the world’s political, social, or environmental conditions. Digital globes are those which use advancements in digital technology for representing the earth better. They have digital images over and inside the screen that keep changing as per the user’s requirements. The images, derived from satellite images, are made to appear on the screen, which is similar to a picture screen of a television. There are also digital raised-relief globes with clearly defined mountain ranges and water bodies.

There are also celestial digital globes available. However, digital globes are not generally meant for commercial applications. Virtual globes are also digital globes that can be viewed on the computer or any other interface. These may be simple globes used for classroom teaching, or they can be highly technologically advanced. Some virtual globes use state-of-the-art technology like satellite imaging and multiple GIS databases for real-time coverage. Virtual globes can be online or offline.

These days, the application of virtual globes has become so common that they are also being fitted in cars in order to make navigation easier for the driver. They can provide detailed information, right down to a street’s name. Another kind of digital globe is the hyperglobe that uses virtual reality to present spatial effects. These are used for visually depicting certain geographic processes and phenomenon such as the earth’s inclination, space travel, and satellite technology, through three-dimensional geoid visualization, animation, and real-time presentations. These also have interactive cartometric tools for making the data globally available.

Selecting furniture for a play room

The furniture you choose to put in your play room depends mostly on your family’s definition of “play room.” If your play room is for a toddler to have lots of running room, your furniture will differ greatly from the play room designed to give adults the feel of a sports bar atmosphere. If your play room is designed with a mobile child in mind, you probably will not need much furniture. An appropriately sized table for the child to sit at while coloring or drawing, playing with puzzles or doing crafts is a must along with a sturdy chair. A good toy box that could double as a hope chest for the child later is another good furniture item to include in the room. Throw in a couple of chairs for the kids to wallow on and your furniture needs are met! A play room for older kids will differ in its furniture needs. A table with sturdy chairs will still be vital. Older kids who like to watch television or movies and play video games will also need a solid entertainment center or tv stand on which to hold the tv set. You’ll need more seating for older kids, too. They tend to have more friends visiting and will require more seating area. If your play room is for adults, furnish it accordingly. In addition to any favorite games, like pool or billiards, you will want your play room to have quality furniture in it too. Select a nice sofa or sectional with plenty of seating. Select coffee and end tables that can move quickly to accommodate snack trays or your favorite board game. If you are going to have video games in your play room, make sure your seating is placed for good game play. If your play room is going to be used for hobbies, make sure your furniture is suited for the hobby of your choice. If your hobby is scrap booking, you will need a good, comfortable desk and a nice chair. A hobby such as needle point would require a comfortable chair with good back support and good lighting. If writing is your hobby, your “play room” may take on the look of a home office instead. Invest in good furniture that includes a computer desk and a comfortable chair. No matter what your family’s definition of “play room” is, you can utilize it best and get the most enjoyment from it when you furnish it according to its intended use. Don’t put a lavish sofa in your play room if it will be subjected to frequent spills and gooey drops of food. Likewise, don’t expect to be comfortable on furniture that is way past its last legs. Know your space, know your needs, and know your budget. When you take those things into consideration, you will make good decisions regarding the furniture and accessories you select for your play room and you can concentrate on what the room was intended for – having fun!

Hall cabinets benches and accent chests increasing in popularity

I remember the 70's very well. Hallways in houses and apartments were almost always decorated the same way. There were two options. Option one was no decoration at all, just barren hallway. Option two was a variation on the theme of family pictures cascading down a staircase wall in a forty-five degree line. You remember those houses, don't you? Like me, you may have even lived in one. A hallway, entry way or foyer decorated with family pictures.

Wow, doesn't that take me back... Nowadays, thankfully, family pictures are framed and sitting on tables in the "family room" or hanging on the walls in this most comfortable of family sanctuaries. No longer do people feel the need to assault visitors and guest with the grimacing mug of Uncle Charley as soon as they enter the house. The welcome replacements to family pictures have been hall cabinets, benches and accent chests. Hall cabinets, benches and accent chests, whether alone or with a picture or mirror above, are an excellent way to decorate entry ways, foyers and hallways. From Bombay chest beauties to settees and chaise lounges, more people are starting to realize that having one piece of furniture in areas such as these makes a tasteful statement about a home's overall decor.

Pieces such as these can set the mood for visitors and guests and often are a telling mark of the style and preferences of the owners. I have an accent chest in my home that sits in a smaller hallway connecting two rooms and a gorgeous, hand painted three door cabinet in my entryway, above which I have placed a framed print. I have had more compliments on these two pieces than any other, although I have been complimented on my overall style many times. Since these pieces are often the first that people see, the warming effects they lend to an area is especially appreciated. Isn't it time you took that 8x10 of the most recent family reunion and placed something a little more elegant in your entryway? Pick put something that reflects your individual style and tastes, and put that picture somewhere where it will be seen often by those who can truly appreciate it.

Budget decorating ideas include fun and style

Budget decorating ideas are among the most creative decorating that anyone can come up with. After all, it’s easy to create a design with limitless funds, however, when we must come up with low budget decorating ideas, we really need to use our imaginations. It is also important to stay organized when decorating on a shoestring budget. Therefore, you may want to follow these steps for decorating on a budget, and making sure that you stay within the amount that you can afford, while still living in style. * Your first budget decorating tips are to decide on your budget, and to pace your decorating to allow yourself to come up with the money you need as the decorating happens. Don’t forget to include the money for accessories in your budget. * Decorating on a budget happens one room at a time, so give each room a priority on a numbered list, and then start with room number one. * In your chosen room, have a plan for the room, including its style, color scheme, and overall atmosphere. Try to come up with a completion date that you’ll be able to stick to. * Home decorating on a budget can be trying at times, so make sure that you alternate big projects and little projects so that you don’t get too tired, or frustrated because you can’t see the difference you’re making. This will do wonders for your confidence and motivation. * Budget decorating includes careful measurements. Try drawing a plan of the room that is to scale. Include all windows and doors, and choose a focal point in the room. Measure all of your furniture and create furniture cut-outs that are to scale, so that you can move them around your room drawing until you find an arrangement that appeals to you the most. Don’t forget to take ceiling height and traffic flow into consideration. The key is to remind yourself that just because you’re using budget decorating ideas, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live in good taste!

A luxury featherbed delivers the ultimate sleep experience

Today's luxury featherbeds are not your Grandma's featherbed. In her day it literally was a bag of feathers. There are many featherbeds available, the majority are made of 95% duck feather 5% duck down (not considered luxury). Feathers are flat with a hard quill, down is the soft undercoating from the bird's breast. Goose down is better than duck down, the down clusters are larger, and at least 50/50 down/feather is better than mostly feathers, which are hard and "crunchy", and they tend to leak out of the best featherproof casing over time. There are some truly luxury featherbeds available using white goose down and feather, with larger percentages of high fill-power goose down, and even all down. The fill-power is the measurement of the down cluster's ability to loft up after compression.

The higher lofting downs make puffier featherbeds. 650 fill-power or higher goose down for a featherbed is luxury quality. More down in your featherbed means a more luxurious look and an incomparable level of comfort. A down bed with all white goose down would be softer and the puffiest. More luxury to sink into. The most common styles are baffle box, 3 compartment, or channel . It is better to have a baffle box to keep the filling from unwanted shifting, and at least a 3" - 4" baffle. Always use a featherbed cover to protect your featherbed or down bed. Choose one that will accommodate the baffle construction to allow the filling (especially if it is a high percentage of down or all down) to loft up, and with zippers on 3 sides for easy removal. Fluff up, and turn over your featherbed weekly when you wash the cover.

Send your featherbed to a down bedding specialist for cleaning every 3 or 4 years and for renovation after 7 - 10 years. Another good idea is to invest in some extra deep fitted sheets so that you get the full loft of your featherbed. A too tight fitted sheet will pull the featherbed down making it flatter. This would defeat the purpose of having a high down content luxury featherbed. An investment in a quality featherbed or down bed is well worth it since it will deliver an unparalleled level of comfort for life with proper cleaning and renovation. Purchasing from a down specialist ensures a wide selection to choose from and knowledgeable staff. Choose a specialist that offers expert cleaning/renovation services so you will have your luxury featherbed for life.

Newest home appliances combine style with substance

Performance and style are converging in the kitchen as high-function appliances that incorporate seamless and stylish features are becoming available. Consumers have increasingly demanded sleek, stainless steel refrigerators and ranges that pack the punch of a restaurant-style kitchen, and now new dishwashers are coming on the scene. The newest dishwashers from Kenmore Elite®, for example, incorporate the high-tech design and ease of use of an MP3 player control pad with the best cleaning performance on the market. Innovative Design, Revolutionary Features Personal electronics have become an extension of individual style, and as such, manufacturers are incorporating greater choice and style into their products. This is evident in the growing selection of sleek and colorful cell phones, MP3 players and even kitchen-top appliances. These aesthetic qualities are increasingly making their way into larger home appliances, with washer/dryers now on the market in colors such as "Pacific Blue" and "Champagne," and the new SmartTouch™ control pad on Kenmore Elite® dishwashers, which allows users to select a cleaning cycle with a single touch. The stylish new feature offers seamless controls that not only make selecting a cycle easier, but also make cleaning a snap, allowing users to clean the dishwasher's front panel with just one quick wipe. On the Forefront of Design and Function With this convergence of function and style, kitchen appliances are no longer cumbersome or plain boxes hidden in closets or corners, but instead, powerful conversation pieces that people proudly display in their homes. According to a Soap and Detergent Association survey, consumers rank baked-on cleaning performance as the number one unmet need in all home appliances. Another survey of more than 1,200 mothers, by Sears, Roebuck and Co., showed that, when it comes to dishwashers, moms want a superior cleaning machine that doesn't sacrifice appearance. Examples of appliances that meet this demand for high performance in a stylish package are the Kenmore Elite dishwashers featuring revolutionary TurboZone with Rotating Spray Jets™. These machines, offering both style and unmatched cleaning abilities, have an updated, highly powerful system that utilizes 24 rotating spray jets to blast away baked-on, tough-to-clean messes no matter the size or shape of the dish. Because intensified cleaning action is only provided in the TurboZone area, every corner of a baked-on dish is cleaned with these intense jets, while the rest of the load receives a gentle wash. Tough-to-clean items do not need to be loaded face-down, so dishwasher space is maximized. The new dishwashers take the work out of doing dishes while delivering water and energy savings and first-rate style, including classic to modern color choices of white, bisque, black and stainless steel. Time - and Trouble-Saving Tips While function - and fashion-forward appliances help ease time spent in the kitchen, other ways to keep your kitchen running smoothly include: (1) Every one to two months, add one cup of vinegar to an empty dishwasher after it fills with water at the start of the cycle to remove buildup. (2) Run the dishwasher before you go to bed each night and unload it first thing in the morning. This will keep your kitchen neat and keep dishes from piling up. (3) Clean stainless steel appliances with undiluted vinegar. (4) Cleaning the interior of your dishwasher, including the rotating arms and all drawers and baskets, will remove grease and lime scale deposits that build up inside.

Fixing plastic wall cladding and ceiling cladding

: You can make fixing wall cladding and ceiling cladding easier and do work of better quality by following certain standard procedures. We look at certain key procedures in the following sections. There is no attempt to include all the finer points. Instead the aim is to give an overview and indicate some key points that need attention. The first step is to fix the bottom and top edge pieces, by screwing them to the wall. Next comes the task of sliding the cladding sheets into these pieces. Once the sheet is in place, the horizontal joints are attached to the vertical ends of the sheets and screwed into the wall. Next comes fixing internal and external angles at corners, and around doors and windows. We look at these fixing steps in a little more detail below.

Top and Bottom Edges All four edges of all sheets must be secured to the wall. In most cases, J edges, H joints and internal/external angles can do the job. Where necessary, Maxbash Skirting can be used at the bottom instead of a J edge. For very uneven walls, two-piece joints can be used between sheets. Where only wall cladding is being installed, the top edges can also be secured using a J edge.

If ceiling cladding is also being installed, you might prefer trapping the top of the wall cladding sheets with the ceiling. Alternatively, a 2-piece internal corner is used as a coving. Good quality silicone beading is used between the wall and J edge/Maxbash skirting to seal them permanently to the wall and floor. Fixing Cladding Sheets Flex a cladding sheet into the top and bottom J edges and fit a one-piece H joint to the vertical edge of the sheet, leaving necessary space for any expansion in the sheet. Secure the joint to the wall. Now flex in a second sheet into the J edges and H joint and fix a joint on the other vertical edge of the sheet. Continue the procedure till the walls are fully covered. Silicone sealant is used between sheets and J edges/H joints to seal the sheets. Corners Corners are typically fixed using internal and external angles.

If the corners are not square, a universal angle is used. This type of angle has a flexible center that can be bent to a desired degree. General The above outline is intended only to give a general idea. There could be finer points that need to be mastered to solve specific problems in actual working. For these, you can refer to the instruction manual that comes with the sheets.

Do take the trouble to go through the manual carefully. It could mean the difference between quality work and less-than-perfect work. Conclusion This article outlined how cladding sheets are fixed to walls. The typical procedure is to screw the bottom and top J edges first, flex a sheet into them, fix an H joint to the vertical edge of the sheet, add the next sheet into this joint as well the its own J edges, and so on. Corners are fixed using internal and external angles. Good quality silicone sealant is used to ensure waterproof sealing of the entire surface.

Kitchen counter top materials

Kitchen counter tops are one of the most used items in your kitchen. Whether you are preparing the evening meal, storing appliances, or just enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning, kitchen countertops serve many uses. Aside from multi-uses, kitchen countertops are an important aesthetic element of the kitchen. There are a plethora of styles, types, edges, and materials for countertops. Selecting the one that is right for you can prove to be a challenge. An excellent starting point is to research online as well visit home improvement stores to determine what style, cost, and material fit your budget. Kitchen counter tops are available in a wide selection of materials and finishes. One of the most popular materials is Formica counter tops. These are easy to clean and maintain, not to mention easy to install and even easier on the wallet.

With a wide selection of color, Formica counter tops are available to match nearly all color schemes that a kitchen may have. Granite counter tops are another popular type of kitchen counter top. Be prepared that granite counter tops cost significantly more than the Formica counter tops. Granite counter tops are more durable and even scratch resistant than Formica. Slabs of granite are used for the counter top. They are polished and generally available in a variety of edges, such as bull nose, blunt cut, or even knife edge. As you can see, granite countertops can offer more variety in the form of looks than compared to a Formica counter top. A third option for a counter top is the tiled counter top. Similar to tiled floor, it is laid as individual tile and arranged in a number of patterns and color schemes. Installation of this type is more time consuming and difficult than the previously mentioned counter tops. Aside from installation, tiled counter tops can easily show dirt within the grout. It is important to seal the grout and tile after installation to help prevent the visibility of dirt and to allow for easier cleaning. New kitchen counter tops are a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. With a wide range of pricing, materials, finishes, patterns, and more, rest assured you will be able to find a new counter top that is not only functional, but also practical. Be sure to shop around and compare prices when you are looking to make a purchase for a new kitchen counter top. In the end you will not only save money on your purchase, but you will have a new kitchen counter top to complete your kitchen. The permanent link to this article can be found at http:// countertops. ez-search. us/Articles/Kitchen_Counter_Top_Materials. php


Windows are an essential part of any home, office or any building because they allow natural light to come inside. Apart from that, windows enable us to look outside without actually having to leave home. However, there are times when there can be too much light coming in at a certain time of the day, and other times when we need privacy; hence, the need to cover the window. This is when blinds come into play. Blinds have become increasingly popular compared to curtains, especially in offices and public buildings.

Blinds are the best choice because they give the best overall coverage and protection, come in various styles and colors, and can be made to fit all size of windows. Blinds also last longer than any fabric material, are easier to clean, easy to maintain and, most importantly, they can protect your furniture and carpet from the bright ultraviolet light of the sun. To get your money’s worth, do not settle for second-rate blinds. Getting blinds is an investment; they should last until you get tired of them or until they have worn out beyond their years. Getting the right blinds to suit your taste is also important, because they are going to be ‘hanging’ around for awhile. Blinds should also be easy to handle, which means opening and closing them should be a breeze. You will be dazzled by your choices when you are actually on the hunt for the perfect blinds, as there are literally hundreds of different styles and colors to pick from, ranging from simple to exotic and funky. Whatever you fancy, choose the blinds that best suit your home or wherever you intend to place them, and make sure the color is also in perfect coordination with the color of the walls and tiles. The following are types of blinds you can choose from: --Vertical window blinds – these may not be the best choice of blinds because they can easily break if not handled carefully, and changing them can also be a bit troublesome. However, they are still widely used because they are a cheaper alternative and e --Plantation shutter window blinds – newly constructed homes now have opted for this kind of blinds as a standard choice because they are easy to clean and gives a homely touch. The only drawback is that to open them all the way you need to stand clear; h --Roman shade window blinds – these are great since they come in various fabrics and styles, but lack in 100% protection. They do not block out enough light, as we would like, especially in more private rooms like the bedroom. If you are thinking of purchasing blinds remember to look for the kind of material you would like, whether it be wood, plastic or bamboo, and also if you would prefer the cords or cordless types.

Importance of bathroom remodeling you never thought of

I remember someone once said, "If you want to know how clean anyone is, visit their bathroom to see what it looks like". Many people will laugh when they see such statements as such, but it is the reality. This statement is subject to debate, but there is a lot of truth in it. You see, for you to think about bathroom remodeling, you are among those rare individuals who know the importance of their bathroom, and who will not fall prey to the above statement. No doubt, it is a sign of cleanliness to want to remodel your bathroom. There are many people who don't care about their bathrooms. Such people end up embarrassing themselves because when visitors come into their houses, they are likely to visit the bathrooms. In such cases, if the bathroom is not in a good shape, you would end up with a negative impression in the mind of the visitors. Apart from visitors coming to your home, it is also beneficial for you to remodel your bathroom - for the sake of cleanliness and livability. This will help you because like the popular statement goes - "cleanliness is next to Godliness". A clean bathroom is fun to have as it signals cleanliness. Looking at it closely, it is in your bathroom that you wash up to reveal your cleanliness. If it is not in a good shape, then how can you clean up yourself with it? Wouldn't it end up making you dirtier than you were before you used it? Also, bathroom remodeling gives your home more value than how it is before bathroom remodeling. This means that if you are to sell your house, it will cost much more because of the remodeling you did to the bathroom. Since you cannot move the bathroom to your new house, it will be included with your sale and will attract more money, especially if you did the bathroom remodeling well.

Care and maintenance for butcher blocks countertops and kitchen islands

The wood is widely considered the healthiest building material in the world. The solid wood represents a reliable, sturdy material that can last very long without requiring excessive protection. However, wood is a natural living material and, unlike man-made materials, it reacts to different environments in specific ways. We would like to draw your attention to the basic maintenance instructions for the solid wood countertops, island tops or butcher blocks. Following these directions will result in having a great looking, easy to maintain custom countertop that will last for many years. Tops with a Mineral Oil Finish The panel must be oiled carefully on top, bottom and sides, giving a special attention to the end-grain area, as the section that the wood is most likely to absorb humidity through. Each cut or drill you make in the panel (either for size adjustment, sink cutout or other purposes) must also be oiled thoroughly. Proterra mineral oil (Hesse, Germany) is a product that we recommend for kitchen tops applications given that it was specially designed to come in contact with foods. For situations where there is a great deal of humidity involved (like sinks, water faucets, etc) the mineral oil only will not assure the best protection and it is advisable to use polyurethane or any other similar finishing instead. With a soft brush, oil the wood generously on all sides or simply pour a small quantity of oil on the wood and then spread it with the brush. Let the wood soak the oil for about 20-30 minutes and then remove the excess with an absorbent paper towel. When the top is first installed, it is advisable to apply 2-3 successive coats of oil, after which, the oil can be applied once several months or whenever needed. Every time you sand the area to remove scratches or cut marks, a new coat of oil must applied. Maintenance In order to keep your wooden top clean, periodically scrape or brush away any food residues existing on its surface, wash with warm soapy water and dry it well using either a dry cloth or paper towels. Apply a new coat of oil any time needed. Alternatively, you can warm up a 1:4 combination of beeswax and mineral oil until the mixture becomes homogenized and then apply it uniformly on top’s surface, thus getting supplementary protection against both stains and humidity. Avoid setting your wood top next to extreme heat sources like stoves unless there is appropriate insulation between the heat source and the top. Avoid spilling vinegar on a wood top having a mineral oil finishing, as it can cause cupping or cracking. Do not use corrosive chemicals or excessively harsh detergents on a wooden top having a mineral oil finishing, as they can cause irreversible depreciation. Repairing If properly installed and sealed and periodically oiled, there is no reason that your top won’t last a long period of time in the same good shape it was when new. Sometimes however, due to poor maintenance and improper environmental conditions, some problems might arise; it is our duty, therefore to inform about these problems and the way to solve them. · Cupping and warping Are prone to appear whenever there is a significant difference of moisture between the topside and the bottom side of the panel. If possible, place the top on a flat, hard surface, concave side facing down. On the convex side, uniformly place some fairly heavy objects. It will take up to 12 hours until the panel will straighten completely, after which, oil it abundantly on all sides. If it is not possible to manipulate the top, simply apply generously mineral oil on the concave side until the panels straightens. In this case, however, you might need to repeat this operation several times to obtain the desired result. · End splits Will manifest whenever the panel is placed in an excessive dry environment without being properly sealed. To repair, mix wood sand with a small amount of water-based wood glue and fill the cracks thoroughly. Allow 15-20 minutes to cure, sand the area with a 120 grit sand paper and then oil the top freely. · Scratches, cut marks and food stains Can be removed by sanding uniformly the affected area, brushing away the resulting wood dust and applying a new coat of mineral oil. The finger-jointed panels can be sanded to a 3/8” depth, while for the continuous lamella panels and the end-grain butcher blocks, there are no such restrictions. Tops with a Polyurethane Finishing A solid wood surface finished with polyurethane based finishing requires no maintenance at all. However, scratches, cut marks and other damages will be difficult to repair; therefore extra care is required.

Design your landscape like a professional think layers

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a nice, neat looking yard and a breathtaking professionally landscaped one? One of the unspoken secrets of the pros is using layers in their designs. If you have any doubts about that, go to some of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods where you live and really look at the differences in those landscapes and the ones in the more middle-class areas. Big difference. Right? You can look at world-class and famous gardens such as Canada's Buchart Gardens or the Missouri Botanical Gardens as well and you'll see it there, too. It's layers! Of course, there are many other elements about a design other than just using layers of plants, but this is the one that makes for a spectacular garden and landscape versus one that is attractive but somewhat mundane. In using layers, you'll find for example, large shrubs in the background or maybe some of the tall slender Italian Cypress-type trees, but in every part of the design there will be other shorter plants and flowers in front of those. So if you think your small little yard can't look amazingly beautiful and get a lot of attention from the neighbors, think again! One example that could be used in a smaller landscape and get that gorgeous, lush appearance would be to have the tallest shrubs say, against your back fence (maybe Red-Tipped Photinia or a Privet Hedge with 2-3 tall cypress-type trees either in front of the hedge or off to the side, and then in front of that could be some Japanese Boxwood, kept to about a 4-6' height (depending on the height of the hedges in back) and then to compliment the layers, maybe a statue or birdbath surrounded by smaller shrubs (such as dwarf Youpon Hollies or dwarf Pittosporum or flowers as an alternative). Corners are wonderful for creative landscaping. One of the favorite corners in my own landscape is one between my back gate and the house. I've put two 4x6 pieces of trellis there (one on the fence, the other on the house to make a corner of trellis) and it is covered with lush beautiful ivy. In front of that is a birdbath on which I cemented a 20" angel, and the birdbath is surrounded by small Youpon Hollies flanked by a beautiful hot pink Sage Bush and deep green Lariope. Simple, layered, inexpensive, but striking and very finished looking! If you have a center-of-yard type garden design such as flowers or a ground cover around a tree for example, and you have several plants there, the same "layering theory" would apply: large plants nearest the tree and smallest at the borders of the planting. I hope you have found this theory helpful and will apply it in your own landscape design. I think you will see an immediate difference!

Choosing the perfect rustic cabin accessories

Many people these days are finding themselves longing for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Even as the world seems to become smaller, as technology grows more powerful by the day, people long for simpler ways. With great technology, after all, often comes great complication, and with great complication often comes great stress. For this reason, people are buying or leasing vacation homes at a remarkable rate. And what better place to find a simpler life, whether it be as a place to retire, or just a place to spend a weekend, then a rustic cabin? Of course, if you are planning to buy a cabin, you will need to find the right rustic cabin accessories to fill your new space. When you are looking for rustic cabin accessories, there are a few principles you should keep in mind: simplicity, functionality, and atmosphere. The first principle, simplicity, is most likely the most important of all. Luckily, it is also usually the easiest of the principles to grasp and put into action. All of your rustic cabin accessories should have a simple elegance to them, from lighting fixtures to doorknobs.

A quaint piece of decoration can go a long way in a rustic setting to make your cabin feel like a warm and relaxing place to be. For instance, a simple vase of dried flowers, or a few wood carvings here and there can make your cabin beautiful without running the risk of making it too flashy. Rustic dйcor is about elegance through simplicity. The second principal you must follow is functionality. This works into the rule of simplicity well, as things that are simple are very often also things that are functional. When choosing rustic cabin accessories, you must always be sure that your choices will not hinder the functionality of your space. Small, subtle decorations are best, as they will also be unobtrusive.

If you can find decorations which also serve a practical function, then so much the better! For instance, a set of nicely painted mugs can be hung from a mug rack, to add to your dйcor while also adding function. Finally, you have the principal of atmosphere. You might say that atmosphere is the say in which the principals of simplicity and functionality interact in a room.

Your rustic cabin accessories should each help promote your atmosphere of relaxation and warmth. Any accessory that does not add to these themes should not be included at all, particularly if it serves no real purpose in your space. When it comes to rustic cabin accessories, the last thing you want is to have too many objects cluttering your space. The atmosphere should be clean, neat, and uncluttered, which is best accomplished with a rather minimalist approach. Also, be sure not to use accessories with loud colors that will stand out or draw attention too much to itself. Your space should have a feeling of harmony to it, and loud accessories will just become a distraction. Copyright © Jared Winston, 2006. All Rights Reserved.

How to get cheap or discounted mini blinds

Many of us love to have discounts for our purchases regardless what we are buying. However, there are many occasions when the discounted goods may not be of good quality, and that is a tradeoff that consumers sometimes suffer. Thus, it is very important that as consumers shopping for mini blinds, we should seek out good quality mini blinds at the lowest price, and not just shopping by looking at the price and compromising on the quality. You can purchase mini blinds from hypermarts like K-Mart, Wal-mart at very low prices -- often for less than US$20. But before you buy them, please do check the quality first. You'll be pleasantly surprised... Sometimes if you're lucky, you can find a couple of gems among the discounted items. Alternatively, you can shop online. Indeed, it's advisable for you to do your research on the Internet first before you buy. One good place to start is to visit the manufacturers' Web sites e. g. Bali, Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Louver Draper and Comfortex. From there, you can do a comparison on the different types of mini blinds - aluminum, vinyl, wood, faux wood, or even custom-made, to see which is most suitable for your needs.

On the Internet, you can easily compare the types, the materials, the colors and the designs that are available from the various manufacturers. You can see which type of mini blinds you want and you can take note of the type and check them out at your local stores. Depending on what you need, you may notice that it is much cheaper to buy over the Internet. To save costs even further, you can opt to take the measurements and install the mini blinds yourself, instead of hiring someone to do these for you. This is not as difficult as it sounds actually. The mini blinds can be easily installed and the online retailers will ship the step-by-step installation instructions together with your mini blinds. Doing your own installation is the one of great ways to get discounts on mini blinds. Do give it a try if you can! Copyright 2006 Taylor Fox

The bedroom refuge

Is your bedroom a haven — a sanctuary where you can rest and rejuvenate? If not, here are some suggestions for making your bedroom into the room that provides peace of mind along with bodily comfort. Your bedroom reflects who you are. So the first question is, how do you see yourself? Imagine yourself in different settings. Does traditional furniture — classic Queen Anne, Chippendale, 18th and 19th century European antique styles — give you a feeling of stability and continuity? A canopy or sleigh bed in rich cherry or mahogany, with Pachabel playing on the stereo hidden in your carved armoire, may be the perfect romantic touch you’ve been seeking. Perhaps the setting that makes you feel warm and cozy comes from country furniture — the rough-hewn rustic look or the distressed finishes of cottage styles. Homey fabrics, like chintz, linen or denim, and accessories like handmade quilts, needlework pillows, rag rugs, and framed watercolors with outdoor themes may support your vision of the perfect place to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

The casual contemporary look leans towards light glowing woods like maple or dramatic pieces in dark stains like espresso. Clean lines on popular styles, such as Mission furniture, make for a sophisticated yet warm space. Japanese prints on the wall and flower arrangements in colored glass vases may make this your favorite room in the house. One step beyond contemporary is the look of modern furniture for those who love the linear design of retro, Art Deco, or an eclectic mix of styles. Fabrics are simple, and leather pieces work well. A lacquered platform bed and low sleek pieces can mix well with bold colors and richly patterned rugs or bedding, or show off a collection of black-and-white photographs on the wall. Whatever style calls your name, ambient lighting in a bedroom enhances the mood. Put a dimmer switch on the main light in the room, or think about lamps that goes on and off to a clap of your hands.

Have at least one bright light if you have a "work" corner in the bedroom that hosts a computer or project table, and a good reading light near your armchair or by the bed if you like to read in bed. To keep the peaceful atmosphere of the bedroom, hide TVs or computers in an armoire so they’re not in view except when being used. Scented candles, fresh flowers, and a beautiful decanter to hold your drinking water are wonderful touches for any bedroom. The most important part of the bedroom is often ignored for too long. Is your mattress the right one for your back and for deep healthy sleep? Upgrade to a new pillowtop or possibly a larger size mattress for the ultimate in bedroom comfort. And if your bedroom haven is just too wonderful to leave in the morning, how about installing a "morning bar" with a coffee maker and small refrigerator? Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Decorators turn to stone surfaces for elegance

It's not hard to see why stone surfaces add a look of refinement and elegance in home dйcor. Stone can complement virtually any type of interior design or outdoor landscaping. While stone flooring, exposed brick walls and exterior stone walkways are pleasing to the eye, the price of real stone may be out of reach for many family budgets. Happily, new manufacturing techniques are now producing specialty coatings that look and feel like authentic stone inlays, at a fraction of the real-stone price. One of these high-quality decorative stone coatings, E-Z Stone from Henry Company, provides the same look and feel of granite, quartz and other stone surfaces without breaking the bank. The stone coating can beautify aged concrete surfaces such as walkways, steps, garage floors, patios and pool surrounds, as well as resurface that old worn-out kitchen countertop, all of which are costly to replace.

These decorative coatings can also be personalized with the use of E-Z Stone Pattern Stencils to create the effect and look of real-stone tile inlays and interlocking bricks. These inexpensive and versatile coatings can help to unleash anyone's imagination. Most homeowners can easily design their own stencils to make a family area absolutely unique, and create customized patterns around pools, in garages or basements with a simple three-step process. Decorative stone coatings can be used for indoor and outdoor concrete resurfacing projects, and can be used on a variety of surfaces, providing the homeowner with endless possibilities for home improvement.

Rugs from rughouse uk rug supplier

Rugs have been used to protect and beautify floors for centuries. Rugs were first made by hand using materials such as wool and animal hair, and they added warmth and beauty to homes all over the world. Many hours went into designing and weaving century old handmade rugs, and in years past, handmade rugs were only available to the rich. Modern rugs of all types and varieties are now affordable and available to anyone who appreciates their usefulness and unique decorative value. Rugs aren't only used to add warmth and beauty to floors. Rugs are often used to embellish walls. Rughouse UK rug supplier offers rugs of all colors, sizes, and varieties that are sure to add style and beauty to any home. Rugs turn plain floors and walls into interesting and unique works of art, and RughouseUK rug supplier has just the right rugs to make any wall or floor a showplace of beauty. Add a beautiful rug to a wall or floor, and watch the room transform into an artistically designed showplace. Rugs not only add beauty and design to floors and walls, but rugs can offset existing decor with added color and design. One type of rug that is quite popular is the sheepskin rug. It is no wonder why sheepskin rugs are becoming more and more popular to those seeking rugs for decoration and practicality. Sheepskin rugs are well sought after because they are soft, warm, versatile, and very attractive. Sheepskin rugs are appropriate for all interior designs, and sheepskin rugs can be incorporated into any decorative theme. Unbeknownst to many, sheepskin rugs are available in a wide variety of colours that will nicely match any colour scheme. Rughouse, a top UK rug supplier offers a number of beautiful sheepskin rugs for those wanting one of the warmest and most attractive rugs available in the UK to those shopping for rugs from all over the world. Try a sheepskin rug and you are sure to love the softness, warmth, and beauty these rugs provide. Flokatai rugs are Greek wool rugs made from the finest Greek wool available to Rughouse UK rug supplier. Flokatai rugs are exceptionally lightweight, and extremely fluffy. Rugs made from 100% Greek wool are becoming more and more popular because of their beauty, lightweight body, and unique design. Flokatai rugs from Rughouse UK rug supplier are sure to add a decorative touch to the floor or wall of any room they adorn. Flokatai rugs are sure to become a favorite rug in your home or office. Modern acrylic rugs are affordable alternatives to expensive designer rugs. Modern acrylic rugs from Rughouse UK rug supplier are available in a wide range of beautiful colours and unique designs that will surely make any room look rich and beautifully decorated. The modern acrylic rugs offered by Rughouse Uk rug supplier are plush and attractive as well as practical and very affordable.

Silk sheets should we all have them

There has been an increasing amount of press regarding silk sheets and bedding. It seems there is somewhat of a resurgence in the market with more and more retailers importing silk goods. So what is all the noise about? Are the retailers to be believed that silk sheets will change the way we sleep or is this just all hot air? At first glance silk sheets seems fairly ordinary, the only major difference between them and their cotton counterparts seems to be price. The packaging looks fairly similar, as do the colours. Ivory, chocolate, maroon etc. This, as I was to find out is where the similarities begin and end. Apparently there are several different verities of silk. Some are better for bedding than others. The main verities are wild silk, which is silk harvested from silk worms in the wild, Tussah silk which is usually silk from the east and has a deep tone to it and the “Rolls Royce” of silks, 100% mulberry silk. Mulberry silk has been specifically cultivated in controlled conditions. By doing this, the silk is of much higher quality than wild silks and the finished product is far superior in both finish and durability. It is generally accepted that Mulberry silk bedding is the best silk available on the market today. Only mulberry silk can endure the constant use normal bedding has. Other silks such as Habotai silk are available but they lack the durability of mulberry silk. This is usually reflected in the price. Habotai silk has been known to seem softer than it’s mulberry silk counterpart. This is because the silk is often sand washed during the production process. Although this gives a soft feel to the silk, it further destroys the already limited durability of Habotai silk. Many retailers are keen to point out the hypoallergenic properties of silk bedding and how sleeping on silk bedding helps allergy sufferers. This is mainly due to silk being an inhospitable environment to dust mites, which are a major cause of allergy related complications. In addition to the health benefits silk has the remarkable ability to keep us warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. This is achieved by silk allowing our reflected body heat to dissipate and therefore help us maintain a stable temperature. Simple, but very effective and prefect for people who tend to overheat when using conventional bedding. Other benefits of silk bedding include kindness to our skin, great durability and even an inherent safety feature! Because silk is a natural protein it is believed it is better for us to use as bedding than cotton. This is because the natural amino acids in silk are less likely to be harmful to our skin and can even help slow the ageing process! This has not been scientifically proven, but it’s worth a try even without the other benefits. Take a look at the silksleep collection of silk pillowcases at silksleep (dot) com for a few ideas. As for the built in safety feature, silk is apparently naturally fire retardant. Considering the pros and cons of using silk sheets, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The hypoallergenic qualities doubled with the durability makes silk sheets both a healthy and cost effective solution to our bedding needs. Next time you are out and about, take a few minutes and have a closer look at the silk bedding ranges now available. It may well change the way you sleep forever!

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