How to get even with starbucks

I am not a patient man. Nor am I overly devious. So although I haven't personally experienced the following hijinx, I have watched a guy I know go through this ritual, several times. Plus, I hate Starbucks coffee. It's way too "acidy" and expensive for me. It's not that I'm a cheapskate, not by a longshot -- I just struggle with paying $3 bucks a cup for bad coffee. I'm much more of a "Dunkin' Donuts" kind of guy. Anyway, there are 2 proven ways of "beating" Starbucks out of your daily cup of coffee. Today I'm going to tell you one of them. And like I said, I haven't seen this done HUNDREDS of times, but I have seen it done at least twice, and my buddy's reassured me he's pulled this stunt, at least 25 or 30 times. What you do is, you go into Starbucks and order your coffee or your latte or whatever else it is you like to drink -- preferably earlier on in the morning -- and you pay for it using a $100 Dollar bill. Most of the time, they either will not be able to make change for you, or they simply aren't allowed to take large bills, and what'll happen is... Your coffee will be free! Not a marketing tip, but judging from the lines I see at literally every single Starbucks I pass... A valuable... piece of information... nonetheless! Now go sell something, Craig Garber http:// KingOfCopy. com P. S. Check out all the prior archives you've been missing, right here at: http:// kingofcopy. com/tips/tiparchives. html P. P.S. If you know someone who could benefit from this tip, then do the right thing and forward this tip on to them, right NOW!