Vertical platform lifts in homes

Vertical platform lifts are primarily used by individuals who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. They are used to transport a mobility device and its rider up and down the stairs. They are often found in residential settings, but many businesses also use them. This includes places like churches and schools. A vertical platform lift is designed to support the weight of a mobility device, such as a mobility scooter, and its rider. Most do not support less than 500 pounds and many can support as much as 750 pounds. In many cases a 2 people will ride the vertical platform lift at one time. This is common among husbands and wives, as well as caregivers. Some models are able to travel distances up to 12 feet.

Since most vertical platform lifts are intended for outside use they are water resistant and weather proof. Many also feature a battery backup to make sure that even if the power goes out that the device can still be used. If you intend to install the vertical platform lift in a public area or if you are worried about young children playing on it, it is a good idea to invest in a keyed lock. Most distributors can outfit the porch lifts with locks if they do not already come with one. They are controlled by use of either a set of call buttons or a remote control. Vertical platform lifts are used by many millions of people. They are like having your own personal elevator and can also be used to transport goods up and down the stairs.