Christian sympathy gifts

Death is universal, but accepting the loss of a loved one is the most difficult thing in the world. Although comforting words from friends and family can soothe a grieving heart, many find that their belief in God and His sayings can bring ultimate peace and help heal the pain. Christian sympathy gifts like a Bible, rosary, angel candle, collection of quotes based on God's tender reassurance and compassion, or music CDs composed to bless the grieving Christian's heart can comfort the mourner and remind the family of God's presence. Some unique Christian sympathy gifts are an angel of remembrance figurine, inspirational books designed to encourage and uplift the bereaved, memorial candles, pewter crosses and memorial photo frames engraved with scriptures. Another unique Christian sympathy gift one can present to a grieving family is an angel pin that a distressed family can cherish for many years. Some of the best sympathy gifts can be an inscribed passage from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, reminding us of the eternal cycle of life or lithographic prints of a traditional Irish Blessing or the timeless prayer for Serenity. Some of the inspirational books like In the Arms of God, Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief, Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul, When God Doesn't Make Sense, and Mourning & Mitzvah also make fitting bereavement gifts. A wide variety of inspirational Christian artwork also makes perfect gifts to bring comfort to those who are grieving. Christian sympathy gifts not only bring comfort to your friend or loved one as they grieve, but also confirm their faith in God. Words of compassion paired with a comforting book based on Bible scripture indeed heals and provides faith to a mourner, and he would also feel your prayers each time he uses these heartfelt gifts.

Aquatic bath tubs more than just a dip

Bathing is an important part of a decent living. For thousands of years, various cultures and societies have given attention and significance to the experience. Nothing compares however to the experience of soaking in an aquatic bathtub after a long day. It is a perfect combination of luxury and quality, of leisure bath and healthy water immersion. What Is an Aquatic Bathtub? The aquatic bathtub provides for a more relaxing and soothing experience than any ordinary tub out there. It is like having your own spa in the comforts of your home.

It is all about hydrotherapy. What Is Hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is one method of treating a disease through the use of water. It is deemed to be used by ancient Greek doctors. This method is more commonly known now as the spa therapy. They are very popular now. Hydrotherapy or spa treatment can be used to address various problems. The warm water can relax spasm, very useful in alleviating sprains, muscle sprains, fatigue and backache. Sitting in hot water alone, or a sitz bath, is effective in treating swollen hemorrhoids. Physiotherapy is another area that makes use of water. The buoyancy of water allows an ailing limb or strained muscle to be moved or exercised, as there is less pull of gravity when immersed in a tub of water. What Is a Whirlpool Bath? Whirlpool is a special feature in most bathtubs to have an effective hydrotherapy experience. It is water spinning in a circular motion around a central area. Heat is used together with this whirlpool bath, to effect a stimulating treatment or massage in an aquatic bath. Additional Features to Consider In deciding over an aquatic bathtub, there are hundreds of selections to choose from, with more than 1,500 distributors worldwide. There are premium designs that come with many luxurious features. There are the economical ones that will provide the basic needs of a spa treatment. 1. Two-Person Bathtub A roomy bathtub will definitely spell comfort. Spacious bathing will dispense with unnecessary adjustments. 2. Support Features Seek an aquatic bathtub that has raised seats, arm rests and lumbar support. These features should be secured to enjoy a long soak. 3. Neck Pillows Neck jet pillows and shiatsu back jet system are some of the most sought-after features. Hydrotherapy jets are installed to provide also the ultimate massage experience. 4. Lighting Chromatherapy lighting will add more than to the aesthetics. This is a desirable bonus to the hydrotherapeutic experience. 5. Continuous Waterfall This adds to a peaceful ambience as one rests in a relaxing bath. The sound makes the bathing the ultimate calming experience. 6. Remote Control Since this bath is about relaxation, some manufacturers have already provided for floating remote control. Any features of the aquatic tub can be turned off and on without having to move from the relaxed stature. The selection provides a wide range of style and sizes. The features are made even more user-friendly now. Anyone can configure the features to focus on a specific area of discomfort. With these features to watch out for, getting an aquatic bathtub is really a must. It is like having a hot spring in the confines of the household. Anyone can take a dip, any time of the day. Just do not miss out on the aquatic bathtub experience. Whatever it is that may be discerned by the budget and by the desires, make sure to get one. Get a quality one, in keeping with the true hydrotherapy purpose of getting more than just a dip.

Bottled water direct from the tap

Copyright 2006 Linda Symonds Almost everywhere you go today, you see people carrying a bottle of water. Over the last decade the bottled water industry has enjoyed explosive growth and many of us, it seems, have fallen in love with the taste, purity and convenience of bottled water. There is no disputing the popularity of bottled water; but is it really better than good old tap water? Bottled water is simply water from some source that has been placed in bottles for sale. The source of the water could be the natural spring pictured on the label, or it could be filtered municipal tap water. The bottled water industry would like us to believe that bottled water is more pure than our own tap water, but a good quality water filter installed in the home will provide water of equal and even better quality than bottled water. A study by Ohio State University found that 39 out of 57 bottled water samples did indeed have "purer" water than unfiltered tap water. However, 15 samples had significantly high bacteria. For water quality, that is at best, no better than what you would get from your tap with a water filter, bottled water is expensive; often costing more per gallon than gasoline. Purchasing one $0.69 cent bottle of water per day would add up to $248 per year. Filtering your own water at home would cost a cent of two per day or about $8 per year - saving $240. In these busy times, the convenience of bottled water has become a major selling point. It's so easy to simply reach into the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of crystal clear water. It has zero calories, zero fat, and we can sip it no matter where we may be for the day - in meetings, at the supermarket or in the classroom. When we're finished with the plastic bottle, we just drop it into the trash or the recycle bin. But what if, instead of throwing that plastic bottle away, we took it home and refilled it from our own tap. We'd have a renewable supply of bottled water for just a few cents per bottle and we'd be diverting that plastic bottle from the waste stream. It's so easy to do and takes only a few extra minutes. The cost savings, along with knowing that you really are drinking good quality bottled water are worth the effort. To start bottling you own water, you'll want to be sure you have installed a good quality water filter. A good quality, reasonably priced water filter, costing about $30, can be installed in just a few minutes directly onto your tap and provide pure, clean drinking water. Washing the bottles is important. Bacteria can build up in the moist are around the cap of the bottle so you'll need to wash the bottles before reusing them. Either pop them into the dishwasher or wash them in the sink with soapy water. Rinse and dry the bottles as much as possible, particularly around the rim. Refill the bottles and store them in the refrigerator. They'll be cold, clean and ready when you want them. If, after a few uses, you find that the bottles begin to look tattered, invest in a few good quality reusable sport bottles. They are attractive, durable and easy to clean.

Planning the perfect party or event

The top ten tips of planning your own party Five do’s of party planning 1) Do – prepare so you can be a guest at your own party Prepartion is the key to success so plan, plan, and plan. You will have to plan everything down to the last detail if you want to create the wow factor. Plan details such as -Invitations - props to create atmosphere -Venue - parking -Catering - level of noise -theme/style - entertainment -Hire equipment - licence for alcohol -Table decoration - lighting -event schedule - get your timings right on the night 2) Do-organise, organise, organise Organise your event; there is nothing more disappointing than a disorganized, chaotic event both to the guest and the host. Organization will provide a well orchestrated, smoothly run enjoyable event. If organization is not your strength either delegate or use tools to help such as lists, diaries, timetables or a party planning service such as ballbellesevents. co. uk. 3) Do-add a theme or style as it gives the event focus Decide on a theme or style, it enables the event to be planned around it and gives the whole event focus and cohesion. For example do you want the event to reflect your personality or a special occasion so that you can make the event memorable for all the right reasons! 4) Do-plan ahead and stick to timeframes Keep to timeframes especially if you want a choice of items and entertainment for your event. The invitations should be sent out with enough time for people to RSVP but not too early that they will forget about it altogether. Equipment hire definitely needs to be ordered well in advance especially if it is more specialized such as casino tables or live bands Catering is also well worth having organized and ordered in advance otherwise it ends up looking as if you have thrown together a few frozen sausage rolls and watery quiches. It goes back to planning and organizing well in advance and doing everything in a sequential order. 5) Do-delegate Delegation is essential to allowing the host the luxury of feeling relatively stress free and relaxed on the evening. If you know family and friends that are willing to help and they have particular skills then delegate that task to them. If someone within your family and friends is a great cook then get them involved in the catering. If another family member has an interest in flower arranging then you may wish to involve them in the table decorations. Definitely delegate as many tasks as you can but a word of caution will be to check regularly on progress and oversee the final items. Try to give clear instructions and timescales to others as they may not understand your schedule or vision. Five don’ts of party planning 6) Don’t-panic, keep your cool If you follow the top ten tips then the party will run smoothly. If you indulge in panic then you end up being incapable of enjoying yourself on the night. Try to keep all the planning and organization simple and definitely keep it within your capabilities. Remember to keep the event in perspective as even if it is an important the focus is for people to enjoy themselves including you. 7) Don’t-exceed the budget Stick to your original budget. When setting the budget for your party ensure that a realistic budget is set and that everything you want to provide such as catering, alcohol and entertainment are included in your calculations. Shop around and get the best price from the suppliers for your money without compromising on quality. If on a small budget then keep it simple, adding a few luxury items such as snacks, drinks or decorations will definitely add to that wow factor. 8) Don’t-try to achieve the impossible Throwing money at something doesn’t equate to success, people will appreciate the small attention to detail rather than showy extravagance. The lavish showbusines events are usually organized by experienced professional party planners with plenty of expertise. So don’t plan something that is going to make you feel out of your depth or enlist the assistance of a party planning service. ballbellesevents. co. uk. 9) Don’t-underestimate Always be sure of the numbers of guests and all of their special needs such as dietary requirements. Always check the resources before the event and that your suppliers are still able to do the job required as there have been occasions when the caterers have been unable to provide the food and guests have had to eaten Chinese take away!! Also check timings and the event schedule for the night and try and stick to it as there is always someone who drinks too much or turn up unannounced or things just take longer than anticipated. 10) Don’t-forget yourself If the event is a special occasion don’t leave your personal preparations to the last minute as you may well be needed to sort out any last minute problems at the event. Above all – don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Kitchen shortcuts for busy families

Do you need to save some time in the kitchen, but are not quite ready to tackle a lot of freezer cooking just yet? Here are some shortcuts that work for my family, and might just fit with your family, too. Most of the meals my family eats start with the basics, like chicken and beef. A lot of grocery stores lower the per-pound price on meat when you buy in larger quantities. I buy 5 pounds of beef and 3 pounds of chicken at a time. All 5 pounds of beef get thrown in a pot and cooked while I’m cooking dinner that evening. The chicken also gets diced up and cooked. I then divide the beef into sandwich bags, 2 cups each. The chicken gets divided into approximately 1 Ѕ cups each. I never thaw out meat in advance now, because it only takes 4 minutes to thaw one of our pre-cooked bags in the microwave. As our lives have gotten busier, we have definitely learned to simplify our meals. I am the queen of one-skillet meals and simple dishes. My family enjoys tacos in a pan, goulash, macaroni & cheese with hot dogs, and a ton of other easy dishes. Keep a family favorites cookbook, and add to it when you find any new and easy recipes you would like to try. Determine the ingredients that you use on a regular basis, and keep stocked up on them. Make vegetables the easy way. Most dishes are even better when veggies are thrown into the mix. We try to eat vegetables every evening, so I have become pretty creative in slashing the task in half. Don’t be afraid to throw vegetables into skillet meals, or mix them up with dishes. This will save on washing an extra pot. My family just recently discovered steam fresh vegetable bags. They steam in the microwave in a matter of minutes, which makes the task of adding veggies to the menu even easier. Look for them in your grocery store’s frozen vegetable isle. There are plenty of ways to save you time in the kitchen, and spend a little more time enjoying meals with your family. Try out different techniques, and stick with what works. You don’t have to feel guilty for not making fancy dishes, as long as your family enjoys what you cook. In this day and age, you should feel good about the fact that you are cooking for your family, instead of eating out.

Visco memory foam mattress

A visco memory foam mattress gets it's name from the visco-elastic material developed for NASA in the early 1970's in conjunction with the space program. The astronauts in the space program were facing incredible g-forces, at take-off and re-entry, and the materials that were available, at that time, weren't sufficient to cushion their bodies. Of course, they weren't looking for a memory foam mattress, they needed seating that was more like a big, overstuffed recliner. Visco memory foam was developed from foam that had some unique characteristics, such as being open celled and able to return to their original shape and resiliency after being compressed. You may have seen the commercial with the 30 ton steam roller smashing a mattress flat and how it slowly returns to it's exact original shape...or maybe you're more familiar with the picture of a hand above a mattress with the hand print still showing on it. Both illustrations are meant to show you the slow recovery of visco memory foam. Because the billions of cells, in a visco memory foam mattress, are open, air can slowly escape from them and pass into other cells that are adjacent. As you lie on a visco memory foam mattress, it "melts away" from you until your body is completely and evenly supported over it's entire surface. That's what has been termed by some as feeling like you're floating in space. (Even though I love my mattress, I've never felt like that was a good explanation of how it feels) A visco memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive, so it reacts to your body temperature by softening where your body is in contact with the mattress. If you have an injury, with a fever, the mattress is softer under that place on your body. In the beginning developments of this material, it was too expensive to be used for residential consumer mattresses and pillows. Over time, the manufacturing costs have been whittled to a point that a good memory foam mattress is as reasonably priced as a good innerspring mattress and there is no comparison in the comfort of the two. Memory foam is now being combined with other materials to meet the needs of the vast multitude of consumers who are looking for: a better night's sleep relief from back, neck or leg pain relief from a partner's restless movement better circulation a compromise to a softer feel for one person while maintaining the support the other person is used to from a firm mattress Schedule some time to do some memory foam mattress pricing comparisons and you'll see that you can, affordably, be sleeping on a mattress that is great for your body, health and your budget.

The pride luxury line

Over the past 20 years there have been many changes around the world. We have seen the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the connection of millions through the internet, and the boom and bust of the dot com bubble. There have also been tremendous changes and advancements in the home mobility equipment industry which has greatly benefited those who are, or those who take care of people who are, mobility challenged. One company that has helped to lead the charge in refining and developing medical technology is Pride Mobility Products Corporation. They have devoted millions to researching, engineering, and testing home mobility equipment with the customer's well being at the center of their heart. No product leaves their doors with out being fully inspected and evaluated One of the areas that they have helped to spear head is the lift chair industry and they have several well known and quality lines of lift chairs that are suited to fit the needs of millions of Americans.

One of Pride Mobility's most deluxe lines of lift chairs is the Luxury Line. There are over 20 chairs in the Luxury Line. All of the chairs in the Pride Luxury Line incorporate a state of the art lifting system with an elegant and well built hardwood frame. Most include a lifetime warranty on the steel lift frame, and a 7 year warranty on the rest of the mechanical parts. The luxury line incorporates an environmentally friendly foam that uses very little petroleum in its production.

The use of this foam in no way degrades the sitting experience and actually greatly improves it because it is so comfortable. The chair itself is flame retardant and can withstand contact with an open flame for up to 12 seconds. Depending on the model they have a seat width of 18 inches to 26 inches and can support between 300 and 375 pounds. There are many different lift chairs in the Luxury Line that offer special added features. The Pride LL-670 Lift Chair Bed includes a mattress that is designed to fit on top of the lift chair making it much more comfortable to sleep. The Pride LL-571 has flip open armrests that offer drink holders as well as a place to store things like remotes and books. Another model with functionality and comfort in mind is the PMR-570T. This chair has removable armrests that make transfer into and out of the chair much easier. All of the models offer superior comfort and quality.

The lift chairs manufactured by Pride Mobility Products are some of the finest in the industry. They are all designed with comfort and usability in mind. The Luxury Line goes one step farther and establishes an incredibly high standard that is used as a benchmark for other companies in the home mobility equipment industry. With all the added features and luxuries it would be easy to think that a lift chair in the Luxury Line was very expensive, but this is not the case at all. The Luxury Line is very well priced and offers comfort that can not be matched.

How can you save money on your grocery bill

I work part-time at a widely known drugstore. I wanted to do an experiment and I asked my manager for his help. We picked a week randomly from his log. We added up the sales from the cosmetic counter and the first register. That way we could get varied items including personal care, cleaning items and food. We took the totals from items that were only cleaning and personal care products. The average order turned out to be 25.00 for that week.

Now I would like to address an issue I have heard from others that requested information about switching stores for better safer products but said they couldn’t spend $50-$60 a month. I know for a fact, ( I see the same people on the days I work) that these customers come in every week spending an average of $25 dollars a visit. Now if you changed your store and purchased similar items for 30%-40% off, you would be saving money. So let’s get the money facts.

Say you spend 20.00 a week on average for personal care, cleaning products of all kinds and some nutritious snacks. This is being very frugal. 20.00 times 4 weeks is 80.00. Take that 80.00, put it aside and switch stores. Purchase only the items you need and you will have an extra $20-$25 at the end of the month. Now times that $20-$25 by 12 (a year) and you will be saving $240.00 - $300.00 a year. Wow that’s a good amount of money. Now wonder if you got paid to refer others like a restaurant or book. Say you refer 8 friends and family and you do this in a month. Now you are earning almost $500.00 for that month and saving an average of $270.00 a year. Add those two figures and you now have an extra $770.00. Let’s look at a bigger picture. Say you help 8 every month for a year. It’s 6,000.00 for helping others, then 13,200.00 in bonuses and 7600.00 in residual income equaling 26,800.00. That is not including others helping others. That could add another 26,800.00 making the total 53,600.00 in part-time work, not to mention a $400.00 car payment every month. So now you can see the advantage of residual income and the idea of saving money and helping others. It is very simple and easy. Email me and I can show you how you can start today. That's just the money side. I can show you how our everyday household products can help clean your home environment. I can show you how they can help you and your family have healthier lives. Email me for more information.

Die eigenschaften eines samojede

Wer sich ein Hund besorgen will, wird meistens zum Labrador oder Golden Retriever zurьckgreifen, denn diese Hunde sind bekannt als gute Familienhunde, die brav sind und hцrig. Doch wer sich mal an einer anderen Rasse wagen will, sollte sich ьber die Rasse des Hundes genausten informieren, denn jeder Hunderasse bringen seine besonderen Eigenschaften mit sich. Viele werden den Hund nur nach seinem ДuЯeren beurteilen und sich ein Hund nach seiner Schцnheit urteilen, doch nicht immer soll die Schцnheit eines Hundes seinen Charakter wieder spiegeln. So wie zum Beispiel beim Samojeden. Viele werden noch nie etwas vom Samojeden gehцrt haben, oder ihn je gesehen haben, denn der Samojede ist noch ein relativ seltnere Zuchthund. Der Samojede wurde relative spдt "entdeckt" und als Haushund eingefьhrt. Doch wer erstmal einen Samojeden zu Gesicht bekommt, wird sich sofort in ihn verlieben und eins haben mцchten. Der Samojede sieht aus wie ein Husky, hat jedoch viel weicheres und volleres Fell. Die Farben seines Fells sind immer in weiЯen, bisquiten oder cremigen Farben, seine Augen sind immer mittel bis dunkelbraun.

ДuЯerlich hat der Samojede eine groЯe Дhnlichkeit mit einem "Knut", einem Baby Eisbдr, besonders wenn der Samojede ein Welpen ist. Ein Samojede sieht einfach zum "kuscheln" und "lieb haben" aus! Besonders das Lдcheln des Samojeden sind den meisten Menschen sehr sympathisch. Samojeden haben auf ein "typisches Samojeden Lдcheln", das das Tier als freundlich und liebvoll kennzeichnet. Doch man sollte einen Samojede, seinen Charakter und seine Bedьrfnisse des genausten kennen, bevor man sich fьr ihn entscheidet. Der Samojede stammt aus Sibirien und gilt als Kulturgut der Nomaden, wo er zuteil die Rolle eines Schlittenhunden, zuteil die Rolle eines Wachhundes und zuteil die Rolle einer Nanny ьbernahm. Der Samojede wurde als Familienmitglied der Nomaden angesehen und sollte die Kinder hьten, sauber halten und sie nachts warmhalten. Die Hunde wurden hochgeschдtzt und durften als Wдrmequelle mit in den Zelten schlafen. Unter allen heutigen Hunderassen ist der Samojede eine der дltesten und kommt dem eigentlichen Ursprungsbild am nдchsten.

Aus diesem Grund haben sich viele seiner damaligen Eigenschaften beibehalten und prдgen den heutigen Samojeden stark. Der Samojede ist sehr "Samojede" geblieben! Der Samojede ist also ein sehr menschenfreundlichen und besonders Kinderfreundlicher Hund. Er liebt es von Menschen umgeben zu sein und in deren Nдhe zu bleiben. Manche werden auch immer versuchen, bei dem Menschen zu schlafen. Samojeden haben einen sehr positiven und freundlichen Charakter.

Sie lieben es zu spielen und zu schmusen. Sie sind auf keinen Fall aggressiv. Freundlichkeit ist eine seiner herausragenden Eigenschaften. Doch trotz seiner eleganten und liebenswьrdigen Erscheinung ist er ein robuster Naturbursche und Arbeitshund geblieben, hat sich noch viel vom ursprьnglichen Charakter, dem Temperament und dem Aussehen seiner Ahnen bewahrt. Wenn er im Freien ist, ist er nicht immer gehorsam, er braucht viel Auslauf und wird immer wieder gerne Vцgel und Katzen nachjagen. Auch seine natьrliche Neugier provoziert ihn, Unsinn zu treiben.

Aus diesem Grund muss man den Samojeden viel Abwechslung und Auslauf anbieten. Wird der Hund nicht ausreichend ausgelaufen oder fehlt ihm an etwas, kann der Samojede neurotisch wirken und neigt zur Zerstцrung seiner Umgebung. Also wer sich richtig und ausreichend um seinen Samojeden kьmmert, kann so eine gute Bindung mit ihm aufbauen. Dies ist dann auch die Basis einer richtigen und vertrauensvollen Erziehung. Denn der Samojede hat eigentlich einen sturen und eigenwilligen Kopf. Doch sobald es sich an den Menschen verbunden fьhlt, wird er alles fьr ihn machen. Also nicht mit dem Samojede pokern , sondern ernst nehmen und mit Verantwortung handeln.

Going on a picnic pack a comfortable seat

Going out with you family for a picnic trip can be a very soothing activity and the perfect opportunity to spend some more quality family time in a healthy country environment. If you are planning taking your family out, you need to think about keeping them as comfortable as possible, in order to fully enjoy the experience. To do so you need not only delicious food, a good table and a jolly picnic table, but you might want to add some extra comfort by using good picnic chairs. Sitting on the floor eating a great picnic meal under a tree is great, but if you want to add extra comfort to your trip, picnic chairs are the right way to go. Obtaining good picnic chairs is an asset not only to your family’s outdoor picnic activities but also to your garden and exterior space’s decoration. They are traditionally used for picnics, camping trips, fishing and several other outdoor activities but, if you invest in stylish good quality picnic chairs they will certainly add to the comfort and character of your outdoor setting. Most picnic chairs are specifically fabricated in order to be light-weighted, durable and easy to carry and that is why most picnic chairs are made using specific techniques that make them easily foldable. Picnic chairs are easy to find; they tend to be widely available on the market and on specialty outdoor activity stores; they come in all kinds of materials, colors and styles. Such styles can go from simulate and antique weathered appearance, exquisite high class picnic chairs to unique pieces of outdoor furniture with classical appeal to help combining modern styling with character and comfort. The variety of available materials is impressive and you can easily obtain picnic chairs made from all types of durable plastic fabric to a wide selection of aluminum based pieces or even picnic chairs with sturdy steel frames. They tend to be made of durable and resistant materials. Most of the times picnic chairs are meant to be portable and durable, but them also need to be comfortable. When you go out on a picnic you want to spend quality time and what use does a chair have if you cannot sit there comfortably? When buying picnic chairs always keep in mind the need for portability but also comfort as you will find many uncomfortable models in the market. From super sized chairs for extra sitting space to children’s sized small picnic chairs, they came in all sizes to accommodate your family members. In specialty stores you can find very functional picnic chairs with special compartments, drink supports and even picnic chairs with mini tables attached – those are very handy if you do not wish to carry a table with you, they can serve both as picnic chairs and tables. An obvious option for extra comfort and extra pleasure, picnic chairs will take care of your family’s sting needs in all kinds of outdoor events.

The truth about my space

Copyright 2006 Karen Fusco How a Mother’s personal space, private space, and even virtual space begins to disappear, seemingly overnight and what she can do to win it back… well, some of it anyway. Everyone is talking about My Space this, My Space that, and ‘Have you visited My Space?’ Let me be the first to tell you, there is no such thing as ‘My Space’. At least, for a Mom there isn’t. The truth is, once you find out you are expecting, your space begins to vanish instantaneously. In just a few months, what once was your fine body that you could flaunt and use however you choose, is now more of a mother ship that is anything but free. Your stomach is occupied with a bundle of joy with a bit of Napoleon complex, threatening to take over and conquer all space claimed and unclaimed as their own. As a Mother-to-be, you have no idea about what you’re soon to give up. It’s time for Mothers across America to unite and take a stand against the spatial takeover that has occurred in the common household. As a Mom who once had walk-in closets, office space and a private bathroom where you could actually enjoy privacy, vow to take no more. When they began to feel their space closing on them physically, Mothers sought refuge in virtual space on the internet in chat rooms and blogs. But, that space too has been invaded. Advertising agencies have now flooded the internet with attractive, interactive websites where children can view and sample all the games and toys they can ever dream of asking for. When Moms turn on their personal computers they find all kinds of downloads that their children have so gracefully overloaded their memory with. That is, when they actually have a turn to use the computer. This is exactly what our girlfriends warned us about. But, there is hope. Today, I present Mothers everywhere with a 4-step strategy for reclaiming their space and their homes. Step 1. Sacrifice one room in your house and declare it as your children’s designated playroom. Put all the toys you may find beneath your computer, in your closet and on the stairs into this room and know that anything that goes in may never come out. You may feel like you’ve already given up enough of your physical space in the house without giving up one more room. But, trust me, giving up this room will mean reclaiming other rooms in the long run. Your children will be overjoyed with the idea of having all their toys piled up haphazardly in one place and having the freedom to throw things all over the place. If you have a teenager, the same concept applies. Because they crave independence, they will love the idea of having a hangout spot in the house. Keep them involved in the design and interior decorating (on a budget). It will be like having a tree house indoors. Step 2. Designate one space in each shared room of the house as ‘Mommy’s Space’ and make it off-limits for everybody else’s things. Whether it’s a shelf, a small cabinet or a big drawer, let the entire family know that this space is reserved for your things and your things only. If you find anyone else’s belongings in that space, remove them immediately and lovingly bring it to their attention. Step 3. Lock the door. Okay, this is a sensitive subject that we are about to address. We often hear people talk about that one time when they were little and they walked in on their Mom and Dad when they shouldn’t have. Please, save your child the trauma of realizing one day they witnessed their parents having intimate relations and lock the bedroom door (or whatever door) when you’re having that special adult-only time. If you enjoy using the bathroom in privacy, lock the door. You’d think that a closed door would mean ‘Do Not Enter’. But, for a child it’s actually a curiosity teaser. As they pass closed doors your children think, ‘Now there must be something fun going on in there or Mommy wouldn’t be closing the door to hide it from me!’ Lock the door. Lock the door. Lock the door! And explain to your children that you love them, but that it’s Mommy’s right to have some personal space. Step 4. Your computer comes equipped with functions to distinguish users. If you have a family computer that everyone uses, create a username for everyone so when they turn on the computer they can log on to their individual space. This will keep everyone’s work and online activities separate. If you use the computer for work at home, make it clear to the entire family that when Mom is working at home the computer is off-limits unless you have stated otherwise. Invest in a file cabinet with labels so everyone can have their own drawer for print-outs, supplies, and papers. Using these tips, Mothers everywhere can restore their space and sense of privacy. Establishing these simple steps will teach your children valuable lessons in respecting the personal space of others and sharing. So, spread the truth about ‘My Space’ to all of your fellow maternal friends and enjoy freedom within your home once again.

Fuel economy and personal choices

Copyright 2006 Donovan Baldwin I used to be an over-the-road, long haul truck driver. For a while, I even owned and drove my own truck. As an owner-operator, I became interested in fuel economy, and very aware of how personal choices can affect fuel economy and fuel costs. I'm off the road now, although I still travel a great deal, mainly by car. Like everyone else, I have listened to, and watched, news stories, discussions, and interviews on the present and future state of energy and energy sources. As a business man and private citizen who travels extensively by car, both for business and pleasure, I am concerned about present costs and those which might be expected in the future. Even more, however, I am becoming concerned about what might be my future, if I live long enough, and what will almost certainly be the energy future of my grandchildren, if not my children. As a result of these concerns, I have begun to think more about the changes that I and others can make to alleviate some of the coming ecological and economic problems related to fuel. Because of my experiences past and present, I have some thoughts on the subjects of travel, the operation of vehicles, and the modern driver. I would like to make a couple of points, particularly as these subjects and fuel economy meet at the nexus of choice. For years, I have watched drivers drive far in excess of the posted speeds or rational speeds for the conditions in which they found themselves. I have witnessed several situations in which the driver created or arrived at a dangerous situation as a result of this need for speed and I have had several opportunities to view the sad results of these choices. Many of these individuals will eventually either grow up or remove themselves from the gene pool. In the meantime, they will continue to drive in this manner, and many will drive this way into old age. I remember one long traffic jam in Utah that resulted from a driver's attempt to find out what his new Porsche "could do". In the words of another truck driver on the scene, "It could kill him. That's what it could do." However, let's just talk about speed from the viewpoint of fuel economy. I regularly see interviews with "the consumer" on TV. Often these people are bemoaning the money they have to spend on fuel. Daily, these people, or those just like them, blow down the road at high rates of speed when driving a few miles more slowly could result in appreciable real money savings, especially at today's fuel prices. Many of these cars are hardly fuel efficient in the first place, and, when operating at such high speeds become super-gas-guzzlers! Many of these people also rush up to stop signs and stop lights, maintaining their speed or accelerating until the last minute before treading heavily on the brake. They seem to give no thought to the fact that accelerating to a place where you are going to have to stop is equivalent to throwing money out the window, not to mention simply wasting fuel and causing the next expensive brake job to arrive more quickly. For many, the simple act of looking at what is happening ahead of them and removing their foot from the accelerator before arriving at a point where they HAVE TO STOP could result in savings in fuel and money. There are many fuel efficient cars available, including a wide and growing range of hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius I recently bought. But, there are a great many people who insist on purchasing gas-guzzling SUV's or so-called luxury vehicles, even when they are not needed! I recently took a trip in my very comfortable Prius and averaged approximately 56 miles per gallon. Interestingly enough, on the second day of my trip, I was passed by another Prius going about 70 miles per hour. The owner had possibly bought a hybrid vehicle in hopes of saving money by improved fuel economy, but apparently chose not to change his or her driving habits (they went by too fast for me to see if it was a man or a woman driver) to get the maximum possible fuel economy. I am sure that many SUV owners, as well as the rest of the public, wish they could save even a few cents on fuel. Properly inflated tires can help do this as can properly maintained cars in general. Every day, I see several cars with obvious low tires, and believe I can accurately assume that many drivers do not perform regular maintenance checks on their vehicles nor do they have regular oil changes done. In an article I wrote about a year ago, I mentioned how a service station owner had pointed out to me years ago that his number of towing calls, tire sales, and vehicle repairs had increased since the advent of self-service gas stations and convenience stores. Relatively few people then, and probably not so many today, performed the regular maintenance chores necessary for optimum vehicle life and efficiency, as well as fuel economy. These are just a few choices each of us has almost every day. Each is an opportunity to save money, lower personal expenses, and help, at least in some small way, to extend the dwindling resources available to all of us. Accepting the responsibility to make these decisions and act on them as a mature and responsible individual is a way to reduce out-of-pocket fuel costs, as well as the depletion of a diminishing supply of petroleum for fuel and lubrication of our beloved vehicles. Other choices we might make could include the use of synthetic lubricants, alternative fuels such as ethanol, particularly E85, or biodiesel. Rather than simply demanding that the government should "do something", we should tell them what to do! We can demand that they choose to help expand the development of renewable energy technology, synthetic petroleum substitutes, and alternative fuels while ending the appearance of collusion between government and oil interests. Our choices, and those of business and government, will determine the future conditions of life on this planet, as well as the current condition of our personal finances.

Fathers day gift baskets

Father's Day is fast approaching. It will be here before you know it! Give your father, or other special man in your life, a truly unique and appreciated gift. This year, surprise the recipient with a gift basket designed especially for him. Father's Day gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit any budget. You have the option of purchasing them off the shelf or as a custom made gift. Whether Dad is a fishing nut, racecar fan or a lover of gourmet goodies, you can easily find a basket that he will enjoy. (And, not take up room in his sock drawer.) If the special guy in your life is a movie buff, request a Father's Day gift basket created around this theme. Imagine his surprise when he receives a basket filled with a variety of treasures such as his favorite DVD (or movie rental gift card), gourmet popcorn, plenty of concession-stand type candy, movie trivia guide and a collectible movie tin. If Dad is a "golf junkie", there are many Father's Day golf-related gift baskets that will fit him to a t. or in this case, tee. Choose small themed items. maybe a book filled with great golf tips, a handy notepad or a perpetual calendar. Add to that, a bucket of chocolate golf balls, Dad's favorite nuts, snack mix and a golfer's coffee mug, filled with a variety of gourmet coffee singles. Does your Dad claim to be the "master of the grill"? If so, BBQ-related, Father's Day gift baskets are an option worth your consideration. Start with a wicker tray-type basket filled with a variety of sauces and marinades. Add items such as a small chopping board, BBQ mitts and/or utensils, smoky cheeses, a themed cookbook and a gift card for Dad's favorite grocery store. There really are Father's Day gift baskets appropriate for everyone on your list, regardless of their interests. This year, take the time to have your favorite gift basket vendor create a special basket that won't end up in the back of the closet, collecting dust!

Learning to drive at a driving school can save time and money

There are many types of driving schools available today. Although some states require drivers training before new drivers under the age of 18 can obtain their drivers license, a good driving school can also be a wise investment. It's no secret that most insurance companies have identified qualified drivers training for insurance discounts. The reason is that new drivers can be certain to learn and understand the laws of the road prior to getting out alone or with friends. In many states, a good driving school also can be certified by the state to administer the driving test. This means less time is wasted in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles! Although the drivers handbook can explain the traffic laws clearly and can be studied, it takes real life practice to become comfortable with all the traffic and safety laws.

Driving Schools exist to give the new driver the opportunity to gain experience and build a foundation of real, behind the wheel knowledge. There are many different types of driving schools. New driver schools are by for the most popular. Specialty schools however are available to train drivers for different situations. These schools include defensive driving, anger management driving, advanced driving courses, big rig truck driving, motorcycle driving and more. Each offer a different and important skill set to the learner. Driving schools are more than just driving around with an instructor.

Quality driving schools feature study materials and some even study time. Defensive and advanced driving schools train people for a much more dynamic driving abilities. These may include evasive driving techniques like hard stopping to change direction of your auto quickly, These classes and training are not for beginners but for specialized careers and those who are interested in taking their driving abilities to the next level. These classes usually include classroom and driving track training and last a day to several days depending on the depth of information to be taught.

There are also specialty driving schools like those that teach truck driving. These classes are focused more on the student obtaining enough road time and knowledge to become a truck driver. These schools focus on the career aspect of their training and work to provide all the information necessary for the student to take and pass all state certification driving tests. Another specialty driving school focuses on motorcycle drivers training. Unlike most driving schools, most motorcycle drivers training teach a much more aggressive safety aspect.

This is no doubt due to the seriousness of accidents involving motorcycles. So in the end, driving school training can benefit almost anyone of any age. From the newest, almost ready to drive teen to those of us interested in a truck driving career, there's a driving school suited to the needs of everyone. Driving schools deliver the skills and knowledge that not only can save on auto insurance but also save a life.

15 resources for tracing your family ancestry

: If you're like me, when you were young, looking beyond your mother and father to find out where you came from just wasn't important. Well, I've found that the older you get, the more important your ancestry becomes. I'm not sure why. Maybe I have a broader perspective on things now. Maybe I'm just curious as to whether there was nobility in my family. Perhaps I'm looking for some closet skeletons. Whatever my reasons, I do find tracing my ancestry fascinating. It is so interesting to learn about other people--how they lived, what they did, who they knew. But I've also learned along the way that most people haven't a clue what resources are available to them beyond the usual - interviewing family, checking birth certificates and newspapers, etc. So here I've compiled a list of 25 resources you should take advantage of if you're really serious about finding out "where you came from." 1.The obvious, of course, is interviewing family members; not only mom and dad, but aunts, uncles, distant cousins.

Start by drawing a quick family tree going back just two generations and start making calls or sending mail or emails. Here are some of the basic things you'll want to know:

  • Complete names (married and maiden names)
  • Addresses throughout their live
  • Birth records
  • Military service (when and where)
  • Marriage records (even attendants, if possible)
  • Property records (state and county)
  • Burial records (where)
  • Old pictures, especially if they have names and dates
  • 2.Family bibles. While it doesn't seem to be such a common practice these days, in the past, families kept their bible forever, often keeping record of family members, births, marriages, and deaths on pages within the bible. 3.Old family letters. Once again, with technology, we've all but lost the art of letter writing (what will our own children and grand children have to look back on in years to come?). But older generations tended to preserve letters of importance. These letters can oftentimes be of great value in tracing your ancestry. They may contain important dates, facts, and places that will be of help. Check return addresses and postmarks for information. 4.Legal documents are a great resource. Such documents include deeds (property addresses), wills (names of kin you may not have known about), marriage licenses (note the witnesses), birth certificates, voter registration, adoption records, and even judgements. Your search for these documents should begin with state and county records. 5.What about associations your ancestors may have belonged to? These would include churches, clubs, veterans groups and lodges, all of which may be able to provide background information for your search. 6.Census data. After 1840 the Census collected age, place of birth, occupation, personal wealth, education, spouse, children, hired hands, and even immigration information. Copies of the original decennial census forms from 1790 through 1930 are available on microfilm for research at the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC (http:// archives. gov/), at Archives regional centers, and at select Federal depository libraries throughout the United States. 7.Naturalizations records. For Pre-1906 Naturalizations: Contact the State Archives for the state where the naturalization occurred to request a search of state, county, and local courts records. Contact the NARA regional facility that serves the state where naturalization occurred to request a search of Federal court records. For Naturalizations After 1906: After 1906, the courts forwarded copies of naturalizations to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Naturalizations from Federal Courts are held in the NARA's regional facilities for the Federal courts for their area. Learn more: http:// archives. gov/genealogy/naturalization/ 8.Grave sites. Headstones will give dates and possible family names. 9.Libraries. Here you'll find newspaper articles (look for obituaries, and birth and marriage announcements) and books on local history (what was taking place during their life). Many libraries can be accessed online. You will also find genealogy information in several libraries, the Allen County Public Library in Indiana having the second largest genealogical collection in the US. Another good source is the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT. 10.Genealogy message boards. Google "genealogy message boards" and join in--you'll find a wealth of information available! 11.Military records. You'll find several sources online, including NARA (http:// archives. gov/st-louis/military-personnel/). 12.High school and college yearbooks. These sources can help locate a relative or provide other resources for your search. Check online. 13.Family pedigrees. These are family groups already linked in a computer system. Accessing an individual's family group sheet in a linked pedigree will also give you access to all of the records that are linked to that individual. Two great sources are Kindred Connections (http:// kindredkonnections. com/index. html) and the Family History Library (http:// familysearch. org/Eng/Library/FHL/frameset_library. asp). 14.U. S. Immigration records. Two great sources are Ellis Island Records (http:// ellisislandrecords. org/) and Ancestry. com (http:// ancestry. com/search/rectype/default. aspx? rt=40) 15.Social Security Death Index. This is a database of people whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration (SSA) beginning about 1962. The best source is RootsWeb. com (http://ssdi. rootsweb. com/?o_xid=0028727949&o_lid=0028727949&o_xt=41534187). Now that you're all grown up and interested in finding your "roots", these 15 resources should get you well on your way. It'll be a fun and rewarding adventure.

    Lift chairs an aid to living a functional life

    A doctor would always recommend a chair lift to a mobility impaired patient. Immobility could be age related or due to medical problems such as arthritis, back pains, osteoporosis and many other diseases that could weaken the muscles and cause excruciating pain in the joints. Nothing could be more frustrating than feeling helpless. And this is what most people with mobility difficulties feel every time they need to move and fail to do so. Lift chairs are chairs that are specially designed to help people with mobility problems on order to sit and stand from a chair with ease. With a push of a button, the mechanism will cause the chair to move into an upright position to enable the user to stand. If a user would want to sit, all he has to do is rest his back against the tilted seat, push a button and the seat would smoothly lower into a sitting position. Getting old is a fact of life that no one can evade. Weakening muscles and movement difficulties are suffered by those who are advanced in age. Getting in and out of a chair would pose a problem to a once agile individual more so if the chair is quite uncomfortable. Asking for assistance, however, would be both embarrassing as well as confidence deflating. A lift chair is a technological advancement that would make life easier for people recovering from surgery and undergoing therapy. Women who have just given birth would find a lift chair most beneficial as sitting on a regular chair would cause discomfort. Likewise, a lift chair would be beneficial to people who have had accident and still recuperating. Those that have hip and knee joint problems as well as those that have weak muscles due to health related problems can make use of the lift chair. Needless to say, a lift chair would provide elderly people independence as the need to ask for assistance every time they would want to stand up from a seated position is eliminated. Lift chairs would make the work of a caregiver less tedious as they do not have to carry their patients in and out of their chairs. Lift chair are beneficial not only to the elderly but also to the office worker who suffer from agonizing back pains as a result of sitting for long periods of time. People would oftentimes ignore the importance of correct posture when engrossed with work. Chair lifts would offer back support that consequently reduces back strain. Lift chair can give the elderly some form of independence and people with mobility problems the chance to live normal lives.

    How to choose the pub table that is right for you

    Have you just put up the home bar of your dreams and now need a pub table so you can seat down and have a drink with friends on basketball finals night? Have you just moved to your own place and want to use a space-saving pub table as your dining table? Do you prefer to eat your meals sitting high to see out the window for a better view? Pub tables have become necessary accessories in homes with the coming of home entertainment systems and home bars. Nowadays, you can easily shop online for pub tables in different sizes, diameters, materials, finishes and style. But how do you choose the pub table that is right for you? Tips on choosing the right pub table 1. How tall do you want your pub table to be? - If you want it to be the same height as your kitchen countertop, then you should get a pub table that is about 36 inches tall and a bar stool that is 24 inches. - If you want it to be the same height as your bar countertop, then you should get a pub table that is about 42 inches tall and a bar stool that is 30 inches. - If you want to have the flexibility of varying the height of your pub table and bar stool, then you should get a metal table and bar stool with adjustable height mechanism. 2. How many people are you going to seat around your pub table? - If you are going to seat 2-4 people, then you should get a table top measuring 24 inches in diameter for cozy get togethers or 30 inches if you want to comfortably fit 4. - If you are going to seat more than 4 people, and this is usually outdoors where you will have more room, then you should get a table top measuring 42 inches in diameter. Outdoor pub tables of this size can come with holes to hold an outdoor patio umbrella. 3. What would be the best location for your pub table? - If your home bar is indoors or if you want to use your pub table as a dining table, then you should put your pub table indoors in the recreation room or den. - If you often entertain outdoors, or you simply enjoy being around in your garden or covered patio, then you should put your pub table outdoors. 4. What material, style and finish do you want for your pub table to suit your taste and home dйcor? - If you prefer the traditional old-world style, then you may opt for bevelled, hardwood pub tables in oak finish or the graceful flowing lines of handcrafted metal or wrought iron pub tables with clear glass table tops. - If you prefer the modern contemporary look, then you may opt for black metal pub tables with clean, minimalist lines and a clear bevelled glass table tops. - If you want to create the tone for viewing an exciting ballgame, then you may opt for a pub table in the themed style which shows your favorite college team logo. 5. Do you want bar stools to accompany your pub table? - What type of back do you prefer for your bar stools: high back, low back or backless? - Do you prefer the seats upholstered in fabric or leather? - Do you want the seat to swivel or remain stationary? - Do you want the seat to be 24 or 30 inches high? - How many bar stools would you need? 6. And last but not least what is your budget? A quick browse of pub table online stores shows that: - A budget of under $300 can get you a themed NCAA pub table in polished honey wood finish and with inset leather background of your favorite college football team logo. - $400 can buy a traditional pedestal pub table in bevelled hardwood oak finish, with a heavy ball and clawed feet for that majestic look. - And for a slightly bigger budget of around $900, you can get a rustic looking outdoor pub table that will be the conversation piece of your next backyard barbeque. Set in dark wood, this pub table is fashioned by hand in the saloon style, from irregularly shaped individual South American teak. Happy browsing.

    Digital cameras and photography shopping tips for electronics consumers

    The majority of digital camera focused tips you will view on the internet are focused on assisting people to research specific digital camera items such as Tamron AF55 200mm F 4 5 6 Di II LD Macro lens and LEICA CAMERA Starter Accessory Kits, locating this type of digital camera guidance may sometimes be very arduous indeed. For people getting merchandise such as Fujifilm Finepix V10 5MP Digital Cameras or Olympus C770 Digital Cameras, it is best advised to speak to a variety of photography specialists before you embark on your search, you might very well be shopping for a special product like a Nikon TC E3ED 3X Teleconverter Lens or a Tiffen 72mm Lens Kit includes Digital Ultra Clear Filter but because of a lack of details take the wrong Sigma APO 70 200mm f 2 8 EX DG Macro HSM Lens. Be aware that this digital camera research tip is fairly important, instead of just searching for a research term such as "digital cameras ", you should certainly use of a longer search engine request such as"digital free people photo" or "top 10 digital camera", if you do this your results will then be highly related to your exact digital camera necessities. Now if you should happen to seek advice on S80 Digital Cameras it could possibly be better to use the information in a digital camera directory in order to make contact with a digital camera supplier, if you then do this you will clearly obtain a fair amount of digital camera guidance for free. Convenience whilst buying specific products such as Canon PowerShot G5 5MP Digital Cameras or Sony DSCP10 Cyber shot 5MP Digital Cameras is something that no person should ever take for granted, learn to value the places that contain reliable digital camera buying info and take note of their info for possible future purchases. Some digital cameras might not be that easy to find, lets say for instance you would like to buy Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ20K 5MP Digital Cameras it might be that you will have to purchase your products direct from a digital camera manufacturer, even the internet may not instantly solve every digital camera shoppers requirements however most digital photography items can be obtained somehow. Many websites will have detailed categories targeted at digital cameras, should a person require a Canon G3 or a Casio Exilim EX S500 5MP Digital Camera you just locate the most appropriate digital camera section. If you will be purchasing something like a Kodak EasyShare V610 6MP Digital Camera it will not always mean purchasing from a digital camera or photography associated website, say you are residing in California for instance, a digital camera internet directory should be able to provide you with the relevant contact info of regional digital camera suppliers who may just be able to help you to find the digital camera you need. This digital camera research tip is very valuable, instead of simply searching for a search engine term like "digital cameras ", you should certainly use of a more particular search engine request like"develop digital photo" or "free digital camera offer", if you use the internet this way your results should hopefully be extremely targeted to your specific digital camera needs. If a person is purchasing merchandise like a Kodak Performance Series Digital Camera it might not always mean purchasing from a digital camera or photography focused site, lets imagine you are living in Arizona for example, a digital camera directory may be able to give you relevant details of closely situated digital camera stores who should with any luck be able to help you to find the digital camera you require.

    Why do we need some good old fashion advice

    Problems are part of life that come in different shapes and sizes --- minor inconveniences to crisis situations that no one can even outrun or wish away. There is no other way to escape these trials of faith and sanity other that to face them head on. Among the difficulties faced by people everyday, none is so distressing and painful as a relationship problem. Often, these relationship squabbles cause so much stress and depression. The fight between couples can become so overblown that the only way for the fight to end is for a mediator to come in. Sometimes, a mediator is needed as a third party “referee” or “peacemaker.” The mediator is also expected to provide the feuding parties the necessary guidance and counseling. Still, many who are involved in a tussle refuse to acknowledge the need for counseling. Whether it is a married or engaged couple, siblings, or very close friends who suddenly became bitter enemies – the thought of seeking professional help just does not come to mind. Many are held back from asking for counseling due to the following reasons: l State of Denial – Angry people sometimes deny the existence of a problem. With stubborn pride, an angry person can just fume away and dismiss the need to control anger and resolve a problem by saying that, “...this too shall pass.” People can also camouflage or mask their vulnerabilities by refusing to seek help. They see counseling as a situation that will expose themselves for who they are --- warts and all. That kind of vulnerability is avoided at all costs and, as a result, people who need help enter into a state of denial. l Social Stigma – Most people have a misconception that only “crazy” or “insane” people go to therapy. This mindset prevents a lot of people from getting the help they need because they value more “what others think” about them rather than what they need emotionally and psychologically. They fail to see the value of professional counseling which is expected to be objective, scientific, and results-oriented. l Plain Fear – The fear of facing the truth and reliving painful experiences like sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug addiction, or trauma from violent incidents prevent people from coming to a counselor. Remembering painful memories are usually part of counseling sessions and therapy. These memories cause fear and anxiety on the part of the patient. But if a person in great stress or someone who is suffering from severe depression neglects to get proper therapy, it can be expected that the problem would get worse. Reopening a painful emotional wound is never pleasant but we will never be healed unless we learn to face and eventually cast away all painful memories of the past. Through counseling, people with serious problems can learn to adjust and cope with their present emotional and psychological struggles. l Religious Stigma - Some associate counseling with religion or dogmatic beliefs, making the act of getting counseling uncomfortable for those who are not religious or are not into spirituality. While so many people have found comfort and refuge in church-based counseling sessions, many are still wary of getting counseling there since they think they will have to become a member of the church. Some people are strong enough to face life's storms while others need to counseling to cope with problems. Either way, both take time and commitment so that one can see positive results, and hopefully, a resolution of problems that make life challenging.

    flushing season brings rust and iron stains

    It may not be a season that's celebrated, but it still comes around every spring and fall. It's flushing season: The time of year when cities and towns flush out the water mains to help remove sediment that has settled in pipes. You know flushing season is here when you see city crews opening fire hydrants around town. The problem with flushing season is that some of the minerals and sediment being flushed get into your home water system. While not dangerous, this can lead to some ugly, rusty stains in sinks and toilet bowls and especially on your laundry. So the problem then becomes finding a cleaner that will safely get rid of the stains. After all, flushing season will be back again next year. Ordinary household cleaners are not very effective against rust and iron stains in sinks, basins and toilet bowls.

    The popular oxy-based laundry additives are not good at getting the orange-colored spots and stains out of clothes, and bleach tends to lighten the stain but set what is not removed. The most effective products are made specifically for rust and mineral stains using reducing agents, not bleaches or acids. One product in particular is a specially formulated reducing agent called Super Iron Out. You can find it at most mass merchandisers, grocery stores and home improvement stores. Reducing agents work by actually changing the chemistry of iron and rust, breaking it down into a clear solution that can simply be rinsed away. They are safe and can be used on everything from toilet bowls to the kitchen sink. You can also safely add them to water softeners, dishwashers and washing machines. They will fight the rust and help prevent further stains. Super Iron Out is equally as effective at combating iron and rust stains on laundry. Used as an additive along with laundry detergent, it safely eliminates rusty stains on all washable fabrics.

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