Headphones Headphones have come a long way in the past one hundred years. Back then they consisted of a single earpiece held tightly against one ear and was the only way anyone could listen to transmitted sound. This was before the days of amplifiers. Headphones were usually use in radio stations and not the home market. Today, however, there is virtually no one who has not heard of, or used, a set of headphones. They have literally exploded in popularity since the onset of mobile phones, mp3 players, ipods and the like. The most common used wires to connect the headpiece to the equipment and this restricted the movements of the user to within range - in other words, as far as the wire would stretch! The advent of the wireless headphones set the user free to move about whilst listening to the preferred channel. The introduction of Bluetooth technology has given the user freedom unparalleled in history. The headset ‘hooks’ on to the sound being transmitted from as far as ten meters away. Since most people carry the transmitter - be it mobile phone with radio or mp3 players - with them distance is not a problem. However, imagine being able to move around your house while listening to your favorite music without blasting the neighbors! Perhaps the best thing about today’s headsets is the quality of sound. The music is beamed directly to your ears without the distraction of peripheral noise. You truly are in a world of your own whether you are running or lying in your bed!