Samsung hp review

Samsung HP-T4264 review Although this is not the best quality HDTV, when comparing the price and the performance with other HDTVs it proves to be a very good choice for the average buyer. Other products in its category have a higher price and setting them up might be difficult. With its excellent quality and easy to set up structure, this product managed to be one of the favorites. Although this product has some problems with color rendering, any other features work very fine and the picture quality is not bad. But for only $1400 this great product is one of the most affordable HDTVs on the market. You won’t have problems setting up this TV because everything can be found in the back. Everything points outward making things easier to install; other HDTVs create problems when installing them because most of their inputs are facing down and that creates a difficult access. Other extra options you get are: headphone jack and USB port for pictures and music from external devices, another S-Video port, and one extra HDMI connector. These are a lot of options for a TV this cheap, that’s why it’s one of our favorites. You even get some access inputs on the side of the TV, so things won’t get complicated when you want to plug in something else. Easy set up system is a good advantage when it comes to HDTVs because most people don’t have technical knowledge and may spend a few hours figuring out where most of the connectors are. The menu set up is also easy and smooth. If you can’t read things from the menu, you have an opacity option to make text more visible. When searching for sources, the Samsung HP will automatically skip the ones you don’t have; but you can rename your own with the select option. You have a picture-in-picture option; however it doesn’t allow you to watch two things at the same time because the HDTV has one tuner. Unfortunately many of the HDTVs today don’t have options which allow watching two programs at once. The designers may leave out the extra tuner because they assume that most people will be using a DVR or similar recorder, making an additional tuner unnecessary. However, this assumption will give a lack of options to those without these recording boxes. Most HDTVs out there on the market have a native 720p resolution for their plasma screens; three of them can handle a 1080p signal - they convert the signal downwards and display it at its best quality they can handle. However, the Samsung-HPT4264, cannot manage the signal but this isn’t such a problem because you can set any Blu-ray or HD DVD player instead. If you choose to set the Blu-ray or HD DVD you should choose the lower resolution for the best quality. Because of this, this product obtained a lower score overall. The remote control is a little uncomfortable but it can be programmed and the light up function for buttons. If you have problems with your grip or pain in your wrists, you may need to buy a universal remote so that you can put aside the official remote. Overall, the Samsung HPT4264 is unique in that its price is cheaper than most but it still manages to give you plenty of options and great quality usually seen in TV’s that cost a lot more than this one. The biggest issue with the Samsung HDTV is the picture and viewing quality. While its not the worst, there are many other big screen TV’s that offer a clearer screen and better views. With a good score in image category this product managed to situate itself in the first categories. Considering its price, it is a good option if you want something cheap with a good image quality for your home. Although more expensive products would have better performances, this one has an amazing price for its quality and will make any buyer satisfied. Word Count 660

Vizio vp42 review

Vizio VP42 Review Although this TV doesn’t have burn in protection facilities, it has an amazing image quality and the price is really affordable. This is one of the best affordable TVs with a great price. It does cost less than any product in its category; however, who would have thought that, when considering image quality, it will be on the second place. This is one of the best TVs when it comes to picture quality; a perfect choice for a picky person with a low budget. Although the image quality is great and it couldn’t get better for this price, this HDTV actually lacks 1080i or 1080p capabilities. You might get tricked and think that it actually has 1080p even if you have a lot of experience. If this is a feature that you need to have, you will be disappointed because it’s easy to purchase this TV without being aware that it lacks this option. It is not clearly marked to alert potential buyers that the 1080 capabilities are featured in this product. This great HDTV managed to score high with its video quality. It just looks extremely good. However, a little annoying problem was the fact that facial details were a little glossy but that’s not even noticeable. Other than that, this TV behaved very well on all the other tests and managed to impress us. The menu is similar to the one found on the Vizio Gallevia GV42LF LCD so if you had one of those you will manage to set up this one. Otherwise, you will need to spend a little more time with your new HDTV because everything is a bit difficult to set up. Inputs aren’t very accessible and the on screen menu can be very annoying; it has a very small text with annoying colors which make everything difficult to read. Another odd thing about this TV is the fact that as soon as you ran the setup wizard, the TV doesn’t let you run it again, so be careful with the settings you choose. It doesn’t have many features; it has no headphone jack, no USB port so don’t think that you can listen to music or see any photos on your TV from an external source. Most HDTVs have this option but the Vizio VP42 missed it. Also when searching for channels, it might have problems finding them, even if you know it is receiving them. You will notice that it cannot really identify all the channels there. A great big screen TV, the Vizio VP42 may be passed over by experienced users who plan to do a lot of things with their flat screens. Unfortunately, with the lack of so many key features such as a simple headphone jack, they may look elsewhere for good and affordable plasma’s and HDTV’s that have a lot more options and features. Although you have the picture-in-picture option, you might find it very difficult to use as they forgot to put a button for it on the remote control; this is very annoying sometimes. Like all the plasma sets out there, this one also has a problem with burn-ins. Unfortunately, the manufacturers made no features to prevent burn ins and this only happens to this plasma TV, all the other out there have some sort of burn-in protection. A representative from Vizio, however, will make sure that you don’t worry about these things because, they say, the Vizio TV has no problems with burn-ins. Considering the very small price, you might want to take that chance and buy this amazing TV. When it comes to remotes, the Vizio VP42’s remote isn’t the best I ever saw. It has a lot of small annoying buttons which will give you a hard time. Also, they didn’t make it programmable and there is actually no PiP button. Another disadvantage is the fact that it doesn’t glow in the dark, making things a lot harder. Considering the disadvantages and the advantages, my conclusion is that this TV is worth buying. You will never find this quality for such a small price. It is a great option for any home, and it might prove to be a better investment than other products which are more expensive. Word Count 705

Toshiba 46xf550u lcd hdtv

Toshiba 46XF550U LCD HDTV The highly expensive High Definition TV that has underwhelming features is found lacking when it is compared to others of its kind. It isn’t readily understandable to us how Toshiba might consider its 46XF550U to be already worth selling for two thousand five hundred dollars. With the forty-six and forty-seven inch High Definition TVs included in our 2008 tests for image quality, the model came in at number 5 out of the 9 contenders. The judges that we had for image-quality have noticed an overly yellow color for the people appearing in our “According to Jim” segment. Though another judge had found that the clip had a bit too much graininess in it, I personally had been quite awed with the quality of the Mission Impossible 3 movie segment in the Blu-ray format. I, however, considered the Return of the King movie segment shown in standard definition DVD to have been quite negatively affected by its having a bit too much of an oil-painting feel in it. The 46XF550U possesses a variety of good extra features such as the set tuning in to the DVD player whenever you have just turned it on. This automatic feature works for whatever source is connected to the set at the time. Another good extra is the TV being able to turn on its stand. This feature helps when you’re watching the 46XF550U HDTV from odd directions. This feature also gives you better access to the input ports found right at the back of the HDTV set. These same input ports, though, are pointed towards the bottom and this lessens their accessibility. The model 46XF550U is compatible with the Regza-Link type of the HDMI Consumer Electronics channel, also known as the CEC channel. This allows one gadget to manipulate another gadget. The remote control for the 46XF550U possesses a good enough feel and layout to it. The remote control buttons seem to be in need of backlighting but aren’t. The control possesses an element not seen in others like it. In switching to mute, pressing mute the first time only halves the volume of the sound. To fully be muted, it has to be pushed one other time. The menus for the TV are displayed in the center of the screen. This coupled with the menus being solid blue make that feature not too appealing. The choices such as ‘Theater Settings’ and ‘Auto Aspect Ratio’ are also not really given explanations for. The remote control’s button to bring up the information displays a box that seems too low from where it probably has to be. This makes it quite likely that displaying it would cover up some key part of what you’re viewing. As of the present time, the manual for the 46XF550U model still cannot be found anywhere online. This just means that no easily searchable version of the manual is available right now to help one readily find the explanations for those options mentioned above. The printed manual is bulky, is actually written in two languages and has seventy-four pages of it set for the English text. The manual is illustrated in tiny but helpful pictures. No stand-alone guide exists for quickly setting up the 46XF550U model HDTV. The Toshiba 46XF550U LCD is an HDTV system that a lot of extras and features that makes it a great buy. However, the price alone means that many consumers will avoid it in favor of big screen TV’s that have a fairer price. If you have an entertainment system setup, make sure that you connect them to this big screen TV to get the best use out of it. Once you turn on your gadgets such as a VCR, Stereo or DVD player, the TV will automatically switch to it, and you can avoid having to search for multiple remotes to switch the input options. Had the 46XF550U model been a TV sold at bargain prices, then buying it might be something worthy of consideration. However, due to the high price that it has, buying the 46XF550U is a very unwise decision. Word Count 678

Panasonic th 42pz700u review

Panasonic TH-42PZ700U review Although this HDTV isn’t very affordable and hasn’t got any cool or new features, the visual quality is very good. Other may seem more reasonable for this price, but if you really want to amaze your friends with all the visual details and great sceneries, you have to buy this product. When speaking about visuals, this is the best there is. It has amazing high definition view, with great details and superb picture quality. You will be impressed by the way people’s skin and hair looks. This 42 inch plasma got a bigger score than any of the other products in its category. It is the highest resolution plasma you can find on the market right now. The standard definition broadcast test didn’t give this product an excellent score. The colors aren’t as bright and shiny as people expect them to be. For example, the Vizio VP42 managed to get a bigger score in this category as its colors were more lively and real. However the Panasonic TH-42PZ700U does a pretty good job with the standard def DVD. The black colors are amazing and deep; they bring out the excellent quality of this product. Most of us pay more attention to the color, graphics and options that a TV comes with but the black and white of the images should also take closer notice. The most important thing to get a good visual quality is to know how to set the TV at its best performance. Unfortunately, the menu isn’t very helpful, everything is very hard to handle. It takes a big amount of time to set the language. In the menu where it shows English language, when you click”ok” you might notice that nothing happens. Usually, these menus are intuitive but this one isn’t at all. It actually has a little button; you will probably notice it after a long time of searching. Using that button will approve your selection, otherwise it will change it and you won’t even know why. Like the manual options this is more annoying that anything else, as it should save automatically or give you an easier way to make your changes permanent. When you reach the menu where you can label input devices, fortunately you can skip some of them and move on. However, if this was done automatically things would have been better and faster. It’s not a major problem, but most of these options are automatic now, so it’s very strange that Panasonic only added the manual options. The good thing about this product is that you can set everything up very easily. Physically speaking, this product isn’t like the ones that take 3 hours to install after moving away all your furniture. It has a single coaxial connector; you will find it facing down. Also, other features include extra component video and S-Video inputs. A great aspect is the great card reader which can be used to see the photos right out of the camera. Speakers are on the side, and you can almost miss them because they are hidden in the HDTV’s design. The placements of the speakers are sleeker than you would normally see as they were built in and designed to blend perfectly with the frame. Speaking of design, this TV has a great elegant design, like any well respected brand, Panasonic chooses the classic glossy black for the TH-42PZ700U. The remote control is big and heavy, it almost suggests this product’s high quality. However, it has a particular design as one half is full of buttons. But you shouldn’t worry about control, everything will run smooth because it is designed for you comfort. Overall this product is amazing; it brings out the smallest details and has a highly improved visual quality when compared to other HDTVs. It doesn’t have many features, but why would you need them if it shows perfect pictures at the best quality you can buy. Although it’s a little bit pricey, you should buy it if you are looking for video quality. Word Count 670

Syntax brillian olevia 747i lcd hdtv review

Syntax-Brillian Olevia 747i LCD HDTV Review The universe maintains its balance with the Syntax-Brillian Olevia 747i LCD HDTV's awful design and great image quality. On one hand, the Olevia 747i could be far ahead of its time. On the other hand, it might just be a little too far ahead. Check out the on-screen menus. The 747i gets points for originality with its bolt-shaped interface when you access the remote's menu. Cute though it might be, you'll be wishing it were less cute if it meant actual practicality. The display is sorely lacking. Something as simple as adjusting the picture quality can be taxing, what with the way the 747i displays just one video option at a given time. One thing the Olevia 747i has going for it is its impressive picture quality. For that alone, it lands on the third spot out of the nine 46-inch and 47-inch HDTV sets tested at that point, hot on the heels of the Vizio VO47LF (second place) and the Samsung LN46A550 (first place). A few note-worthy hitches mentioned were the graininess in a few images, and at one point it seemed like Dave Letterman received an unseemly tan in The Late Show clip. Not to make it seem like this set only had bad things to offer. One viewer credited the set for showing a clip of According to Jim and making it look very natural. The 747i gets top points for sound quality as well. The set poses no difficulty in projecting either quiet or loud sounds, with whispers coming off cleanly and clearly, and music that you can rock out to. The Olevia 747i's speakers are removable, giving users the option to mount them somewhere else for a desired effect, or to connect additional external speakers to the TV. The remote gives the 747i an added charm, with its brilliant backlighting feature that activates with a press of a button. The buttons are well-spaced and big enough to make life easier for the avid TV surfer. Besides the most basic features, operating the Olevia 747i can be a pain. The ill-thought design reaches all the way to the back of the set that even locating something as simple as the AC power connector becomes a chore. The quick-start guide is virtually wordless and helpful only enough to tell that it was behind the TV. The operations manual isn't even on paper. Instead, it's a PDF file that comes along with the CD. And just when you thought it couldn't get more difficult, the PDF file comes in bitmaps of text instead of actual text. Virtually nothing is printed on paper, and the digital information provided is difficult to navigate. A pleasantly surprising feature of the TV set is the Welcome wizard that appears the first time you turn on your TV. This application asks you if you'll be doing your viewing at home or in a showroom. Unfortunately, this highlights a notorious flaw in most TVs these past few years. They're engineered to look fantastic in a store, but wait until you set it up at home. While it is a great HDTV that offers good quality for your money, don’t expect to see anything new. This Syntax Brillian Olevia 747i does not have features or a design that makes it stand out from the rest of the TV’s on the market. It is however, seamless and will look great in the room of your choice. However, you will find the included speakers and they can be attached to the sides easily. If you choose to hook up the speakers, they will make the entire screen seem bulkier than usual. This should be a lesson to Syntax-Brillian and all other HDTV manufacturers. Between easy-to-use or sleek and bizarre, users will always prefer the former over the latter. The bottom line, however, is in its performance and image quality. At that, the Syntax-Brillian Olevia 747i LCD HDTV gets it right. Word Count 653

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