Westinghouse tx 47f450s lcd hdtv

Westinghouse TX-47F450S LCD HDTV For the bargain hunter, this TV of good price and average features surely appeals. Our test revealed that the Westinghouse TX-47F450S as average and that marks are based on picture quality. In fact most of its marks are within Goods, Very Goods and then some Fair. These are the marks since the picture quality isn’t that great. A co-judged of mine remarked that David Letterman looked washed out, color of a Caucasian acquired a pinkish color and we thought that the TV didn’t give much justice to the Return of the King DVD. The image quality may suffer, but at least this set makes up lost ground on its audio. When I tested this for that low and quite sound, the TV has managed to upset my ears. When the volume is set to a comfortable level, somewhere a third level up, sounds from the TV are good on my ears as they sounded clear and okay. And expect loud to be louder on this TV. Before when I need to heighten up the sound, all I need was a subwoofer. But certainly not today as this TX-47F450S takes audio to a whole new level. In fact of the nine high definitions TV sets that we scouted in April 2008, all of which are 46-to 47 inch sets, the scores for this TV is commendable and even better for a TV coming from its class. Menus on this TV are almost flawless, save for some minor problems. Every option on the video menu is grayed out. The remedy is to exit out of the program settings and change the set-up to User mode. That way the options that you need will be available for you. Minor blips like that undercut some of its finer details like the user-friendly menu that’s easy on the eyes and recognizable icons. Easy to access regular inputs are seen at the side of the TV, but no short-cuts for inputs for temporary hardware add-ons. If you pay attention to the overall view of this HDTV you will notice that it is almost identical to Westinghouse’s previous HDTV release. Though the manual and the remote leave much to be desired, other aspects help make the TX-47450S a great choice. With the remote alone, you will notice that it is not comfortable to hold in your hand as you watch hours of television. The closely located buttons will means lots of errors when you are channel surfing or trying to go to a specific station. The design of the remote is also cluttered and it will be a while before you have accurately memorized where the important buttons are located. The manual is almost unnecessary are you will find yourself online anyway looking for a printable copy that is better than the print out they included. The instructions were not very clear and some of the wording was too light to read at times. You may spend hours fumbling with the sheets as you attempt to understand just what was written to show you. The Autosource automatically changes the setting when you connect a device. This is a great choice for you since this is cost-efficient. Though the Westinghouse TX-47F250S doesn’t match with the best, its average features and great sound makes it a good buy. Perfect if you don’t have a surround stereo sound system. Word Count 559

Pioneer pdp review

Pioneer's PDP-4280HD review Pioneer's PDP-4280HD looks like a very nice product when it comes to high quality HDTVs. It came out fourth during the tests on image quality. Although this is just a 720p model, it proved to be one of the best in its category by showing a great image with amazing details. Unfortunately, the price for this product is about $2700 dollars so it might turn out to be too pricey for a HDTV that hasn’t got 1080p resolution. The features that come with this product are amazing: it has USB port that you can use to see photos or listen to your favorite Mp3 music, four HDMI ports, Cable Card slot which help your TV receive broadcasts that are scrambled without using a set-top box. Also, you can use your headphone if you like because it comes with a headphone jack, especially if you don’t want to scare your neighbors at night with your horror movies. The picture-in-picture video option might prove to be a bit hard to use if you don’t read the manual first. Unfortunately, the PDP-4280HD doesn’t allow watching two programs at once but you can watch, for example, a movie on a DVD and a TV show. Another wonderful aspect when talking about this device is the fact that it supports HDMI CEC; this option lets you control each of the components that are connected through the HDMI. Actually CEC means Costumer Electronics Control and can be easily accessed with your remote. Also, this amazing HDTV also has an option for TV Guide, so you can be sure that you don’t miss your next favorite show. The TV guide has an on-screen option that will help you find whatever you wish to see. This guide has many options that you can use to plan and record your favorite television shows and movies. Other useful options include the Power Save which is very important if you care about your carbon footprint; this option will turn off your TV after 15 minutes without signal have passed. When it comes to sound, Pioneer has it all: connections for an amplifier and external speakers. So if you really want to scare those neighbors, you can upgrade your audio system and make some noise without using an external receiver. Although you won’t obtain great sound quality because the terminals are only for speakers and a subwoofer, the noise you make can be pretty satisfactory. The whole design complicates the setup because the coaxial and HDMI are facing down making things really hard to install. Also, you will find them at the back of the model, so you might need more time with the physical setup. When setting up things in the menu, you might find that they are a bit too complicated and it tends to keep your progress slow. The text is tiny and the instructions will definitely make you ask for a second opinion because they are very confusing. It also comes with a manual, but it will rather make you tired than teach you anything because they made it too complicated. If you wish, you might like to get a copy of the online manual. At least there you can use the search option in the PDF. Keep in mind that you need to register on the site if you want to take a peak in that online manual. Now on to the remotes: the Pioneer remote is one of the most comfortable you can get your hands on. It can be programmed and has large buttons that glow in the dark. With its great design, older buyers and those with problem eye sights can easily use this remote with a minimum of trouble. The Pioneer PDP is a good option for people who can afford a $2700 HDTV with only 720p. Although, at first, it may seem a bit average, this HDTV is top quality, at least when it comes to the image. Word Count 656

The samsung fp t5084 review

The Samsung FP-T5084 review This product is one of the best on the market when speaking about quality at a rather low price. The Samsung FP-T5084 makes other HDTVs look unaffordable for their quality because it is only $2400. Its aspect is also very shiny and it will look exceptional in any room. So, if you want to obtain the best quality for the best price, you might want to take a look at this product. When talking about visuals this HDTV knows how to draw its fans. High definition scenes are amazing; real colors, without any artificial traces will make you feel like the characters are alive. Also, the skin looks remarkably natural, so we can definitely say that everything looks real. When watching rich color scenes, you may be surprised to see how this HDTV blends everything very good and manages to bring out detailed images. When tested on standard-definition quality, the Samsung FP-T5084 managed to get a good score, making everything smooth with minimum pixilation. So, with a good visual score this HDTV manages to be the best solution at an affordable price. It sure has better visual quality than other products which can be bought with the same price. Menu features are various: it has predetermined settings like Standard or Movie mode, which look a lot better than choosing the DNIe. When enabling the DNIe you may notice vivid images with rich color; however, they also look artificial so that’s not a very good option. Some may like it; it depends on your taste. The DNIe actually means Digital Natural Image engine and it helps create the right atmosphere by improving the color aspect and reducing background noise. It also has motion processing which gives a great visual percept to any pictures by making them look sharper. You can choose the desired image settings in the OSD menu; it has RGB option, offset controls for the White Balance section and a menu called My Color Control; the menu is very useful because it helps you set the pink, green, blue, and white tones. My Color Control menu ensures that you set each color, so you will surely reach the desired image quality. The design is quite eye catching. It has a shiny look with a chrome touch that will make it suitable for any elegant room. A disadvantage is the fact that things in your room may reflect on the screen, this might distract your attention when watching darker scenes. When talking about the sound quality, there isn’t much to say. Speakers can be found on the TV sides. The sound is ok but the not best audio quality on the market. Sometimes it makes the audio a little bit confusing, so it’s not the best option when looking for the best audio score. The Samsung FPT5084 also sports one feature that should be included in all big screen television sets. This screen comes fully equipped with Screen Burn Protection and it helps to prevent the burnt in look that takes over a screen if you leave the TV on long enough. A few different options are available and these allow you to choose the method you would prefer to help keep your screen in top health. One option known as scrolling will add designs that move across your screen so that no one section will be stuck on the same color, program or image. Another option called “white” will place white screen that will protect from burnt in movies that you may leave paused for a long period of time. You might ask yourself why this product scored so much if it’s not the best. We don’t think it’s the best, we think it’s the best affordable HDTV. It’s solid, has a very nice design, and the price is suitable for any pocket. Of course, picky costumers might not choose it, but if you want the best you can get for a small price, this is your option. The Samsung FP-T5084 gets the job done, and it does it above average, which is very important when comparing it to other products out there. Word Count 684

Sharp aquos lc review

Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U review When the Sharp Aquos LC52D92U is first unboxed and unfettered from all of its packaging, you will find that you need help in moving your new HDTV around the room to its correct viewing position. This television set, which can cost upwards of $5300 weighs in at over 70 pounds and after completing the attachments, that weight jumps to over 90 pounds. While many TV’s of this size can be heavy, one good reason to grab a friend to help with your new big screened electronic gadget is to prevent damage to this product. You will have to place the television first down so that it is lying flat on the delicate screen. Once it is in place, you will now have to connect the speaker system and table stand. Once these items are in place, they will add an extra 20 pounds to your new TV. This product didn’t manage to make a fantastic impression with its cabinet and auto dimming backlight. LC-52D92U has good performances but far from best although you might expect something excellent for this high price. The market has better products than the Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U when it comes to visual quality and other extra options. This TV managed to get a score below average because it lacks many things when it comes to video performance: details are pixilated (a scene with a moving train managed to disappoint the jurors because things became very pixilated at one point).Standard definition managed to get an average score but this HDTV managed to show more pixilated scenes than many from its categories which have smaller price. During HD-DVD and Blu-ray tests the result was very unsatisfying as scenes were having contrast and brightness problems. However, sometimes, the contrast was very good showing the best detailed pictures on a 1080p but it doesn’t manage to keep the same performance for all scenes. Unfortunately, you will notice the pixels during some scenes and people’s skin has a red tendency if you take a closer look. The color quality is very good, when taken alone, the colors are amazing, but during scenes the performance is far from what we expected. When it comes to sound, things begin to improve because audio quality is way better than video quality. The sound is really excellent, especially when listening to an orchestra, because it manages to make a clear difference between high and low sounds like no other sound system found on HDTVs. You will experience a unique feeling when watching musicals or concerts because you almost feel like you are near the music players. This HDTV really managed to impress everybody with its audio quality. The remote is also one of the best, compared to other hard to handle remotes; it also has a wonderful design and its size is just right. Buttons’ arrangement is comfortable and everything is well organized in a way which helps the user remember where buttons are; this makes surfing on the remote for volumes or channels smoother. This is very useful because you cannot access the on screen menu without the remote; the only buttons found on the TV are power, channel and volume, so expect to use the remote more frequently. The settings found on the on-screen menu are various; however, a disadvantage is the fact that you don’t have any RGB controls. Other options may include setting up the black depth level and another for motion blur. There is also an option for surround sound, which makes the difference when it comes to sound score. This HDTV lacks other things like an option for the user to make setting combinations for different programs they watch. This is one of the HDTVs that look good on the outside because it has a great and stylish design, but it only manages to have an average performance when it comes to graphics. Other products would do better and may have a lower price. The $3000 price is a bit too much to spend for such a poor performance. The Sharp Aquous LC52D92U presents some of the best contrasts that will give you greater picture quality not usually found in 1080p. However, this great feature presents a down side to this HDTV as it shows that the processor is weak at the very least. Word Count 715

Toshiba regza 42hl167 hdtv review

Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 HDTV Review Toshiba is a company known for releasing great electronics but the Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 HDTV is not one of them. This flat screen has a great bargain price, but a few problems such as the lack of picture in picture left a lot to be desired. The colors are also hard to watch as they ruin perfectly good TV shows and movies that you happen to be watching. Scenes that are supposed to look dark but still viewable are almost completely black and the characters on screen look like large blogs of color too hazy to pay attention to. Bright colors such as sunlight will also make it hard for you to see what is happening on your screen. When most consumers buy an electronic gadget they want it to do certain things and have good capabilities. The Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 however, will not add much to your home as it lacks even the most basic features. While it may have been an expensive option and hard to get feature a few years ago, almost every television set now comes equipped with picture in picture. The Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 somehow decided to get rid of this feature. Another simple but missing piece of technology is a jack used to plug in your headphones. Many consumers use this jack as a way to comfortably listen to the TV without waking or disturbing other members of their household. This is especially true for late night viewing. A USB port is not a standard feature but it can be found on my models of flat screens and HDTV’s but it is also absent from the Toshiba design. This port allowed users to connect portable gadgets so that they can view pictures and listen to music. On the plus side if you have a Toshiba high definition DVD player, you can use your HDTV to control it with ease. You can also use the built in controllers to turn automatically turn off the TV at a preset time. You can also control your children’s gaming consoles by putting a limit on how long they can play video games. The Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 does have its good points but the cons far outweigh its pros. When you attempt to do an initial setup of this new HDTV you will run into more than a few problems along the way. The input connectors like the coaxial are not easy to work with because their downward facing position makes it hard to reach. You will have an easier time with the audio and composite connectors as they can be found the side of the HDTV. When you want to change a source such as turning the TV from cable or satellite to DVD, you will have to search through every single input and that includes the input that are empty. You can easily use the remote to switch the mode but you will still have to go through an extra process. The manual which is usually a problem for many electronics is one of the saving points of the REGZA up to a point. The instructions are easy to see and easy to read, and they offer clear and precise steps to get your HDTV up and running. However, if you want to go online to quickly search for a section that you are having trouble finding, you will notice that there is no downloadable version online. Word Count 570

Lg electronics 50pc3d plasma hdtv review

LG Electronics 50PC3D Plasma HDTV review The LG Electronics 50PC3D Plasma HDTV with the 50 inch plasma screen is an average product when it comes to HDTVs. Although it received an satisfactory score at the tests, it has a good design and the price is low. When speaking about the color quality, tones and brightness this HDTV manages to make them look ok. Although when you look at the skin color you may notice some pixelation, the overall quality is good and the skin looks quite real. When watching something that shows light and strident colors, the LG Plasma HDTV manages to polish them and brings out a nice combination without hurting your eyes. Also, the night scenes are really fantastic as this HDTV has good quality when it comes to black or darker spots in movies. This LG Plasma HDTV also comes with many connections like three HDMI inputs which are similar to the ones found on the Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD. Keep in mind that it comes with a nice USB port that lets you use a flash card reader or a thumb device. You can also see high quality photos on the TV. Another great feature of this Plasma screen is the remote control which has controls for any slide shows and lets you manage your photos manually. So if you simply want to view some photos get comfy and operate everything with the remote control. The swiveling technology is like the one on the Samsung FP-T5084 but easier to use. Make sure you loosen the little bolt from the back if you want to swivel your TV. When reaching the back of your TV you can see the plastic half loop which ensures that your cables are packed together. An eye catching feature is the design of the display setting buttons, which is very elegant and futuristic. The buttons will only become visible when you touch the pad under the bezel. Although this TV is rather average in quality, it has an organized structure that makes it very easy to use. You can adapt the colors and harmonize the aspect by using the on-screen display menu. The adaptable features are the red, green, and blue colors which can be found in the color temperature menu. You can also choose from the predetermined settings if you don’t know how to adapt things manually. The options are: Standard, Mild, and Dynamic. They change to different levels of contrast, brightness and vividness. Although the Dynamic color looks most appealing, it makes things look a bit unnatural, so you might opt for the other two predetermined settings which look more realistic. The option that lets you choose two customizable setting could prove useful if you want to switch from one to another without manually choosing all the settings. All of these can be made by using the touch pad or the remote. The remote’s design is not very eye catching as the buttons may seem a bit uncomfortable to use and it has no light (this will also prove uncomfortable in the dark). The audio quality received a good score during the tests. Also, keep in mind that the speakers are on the sides of this TV and will make the panel design a little bigger than others from the same category. This will usually give a false view that the TV is bigger than others of similar size and shapes. The sound is very good and the LG Company guarantees your parts and labor warranty for two years, which is a good deal as most of the other producers offer less. The LG Electronics 50PC3D Plasma HDTV has standard quality and may be a good TV for someone who doesn’t want to spend large sums of money on HDTVs. The sound quality may be a great advantage when choosing this product. However, if you want something extraordinary, you may be a little disappointed. So if you are looking for ok quality and not for best quality, this might suit your taste. Word Count 665

Samsung ln46a550 lcd hdtv

Samsung LN46A550 LCD HDTV User-friendly and a certified eye candy--two reasons why this TV set is an excellent choice. Save for some minor slips like images on shown on the set that’s lacking detail and user’s manual isn’t completely helpful, the Samsung LN46A550 is almost a complete package. It is easy to see that this TV is almost perfect. First up is an image test. We scouted nine 46- and 47-inch high definition sets. And among these; it is the one from Samsung that got attention. This set particularly got a high rating for its Blu-ray discs. The set makes pictures look like they’ve come straight from 35mm print as shown when we viewed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Vizio’s VO47LF and the Syntax-Brillian’s Olevia 747i followed the ratings of the Samsung. Speaking of audio, the TV’s audio system isn’t primed for high-end sound experience. But if you’re in for talk and regular shows, then the set’s audio will just be fine and you can omit the surround sound stereo. However, if you prefer to listen to deafening sounds of your movies, an external gadget can easily be used to improve the sound quality. Yes, this TV is easy to use. It has an icon-based on-screen menu that can be understood easily. Need help? Then there’s an explanation about the menu as well. When you need to check up on options for the current input, all you need to do is to access the separate tools button on the remote control. This works just like your pc’s mouse. There’s more; when you need to play a connected device, the easy-to-use LN46A550 instantly switches the input to that source. A major feature of the Samsung is the convenience factor. Much of the controls that need to be used can be used automatically, without the need of a few extra steps. One of the only problems that you will find involves the remote control. It has backlit buttons that are large enough to be viewed by almost everyone, however if you like the picture in picture option and use it frequently, you will have to go through the menu option each time, there are no buttons assigned to it. Another issue with the remote is that you cannot use it to control other electronics such as a VCR because there is no way to program it. With large and easy to see buttons, you’d think that the remote control is perfect. Not quite. Missing is a helpful PiP button for your easy access to Picture-in-Picture. Also, that ratio button is mislabeled. Who will immediately know what a P-Size is? Playing your devices like DVD will be tasking as well since it isn’t programmable. Well you can still play these devices if you want to, granted that you use the brand’s proprietary Anynet technology. The HDMI ‘s Consumer Electronics Control channel will make it possible. The set-up guide and bilingual manual is supposed to facilitate that easy set-up. But the opposite happens. The guide is difficult to comprehend for the non-techie person and the manual is long and too complicated. While the price of some flat screen TV’s are too high due to a bad product, the Samsung offers enough options to justify the price. So why is the LN46A550 such a good buy at $1500? That’s because of its features. Its USB port is helpful when you view pictures and listen to music. On the side of the set are the easy-to-access HDMI, S-Video and the USB. Want to change the angle of the set for viewing pleasure? Then you can do that as well, as the set can swivel on its stand. Reasons such as these help make the set a well-rounded HDTV and a winner. Word Count 627

Dell w3207c hdtv review

Dell W3207C HDTV Review The Dell W3207C is a feature packed 32 inch LCD high definition that is well worth its price of $1200. It has received great scores and passed every test it has been put through thus far. The W3207C also features a beautiful design that will look good in every home. Included in its design is both an NTSC and ATSC tuner for analog and digital signals. When all signals change to digital in the near future, you won’t have to worry about getting extra connectors to still view broadcasting channels. When viewed under a steady test of different lighting situations, the Dell W3207C passed easily. Even the brightest fluorescent did not obstruct your view on screen. Regardless of the harsh lights, it was easy to see bright and beautiful colors in varying contrast. The Dell W3207C features a color scheme of silver and black and this makes it stand out beautifully in a way that an all black HDTV would not be able to. The TV is lifted off the floor by a base that matches the two toned color and it the base moves and turns for easy viewing and free movement. The remote is also two toned to match the TV and its design is more reminiscent of a portable media player than a basic remote control. It also has a central control pad that is similar to the touchpad of the iPod player. Instead of soft touch control, the pad moves using four different buttons. While the remote is nice to look at, it unfortunately will not allow you to use it as a universal remote for other electronics such as a DVD player. Even with this small fault, the remote is structured and organized to prevent confusion and to allow ease of use. When you pull up the menu on the HDTV you will find that it is as easy to use as the remote controls. Square controls on the right side of the TV are easy to reach if not to read. You can find it difficult to see what the label reads, but a quick glance at the instructions will soon clear up any confusion involving the controls. The only real issue that makes itself present in the Dell W3207C, concerns the audio capabilities. As you listen to what is being played, you will notice that the sound is not as exciting as you hoped it would be. In fact it is down right flat but the use of the Surround XT can give the sound a small boost. The speakers are supposed to be the very same ones placed on their previous model but the sound in the Dell W3207C seems a lot more inferior. The sound was not as clear or crisp and adjusting the audio controls did not do much to improve the sound. The only other difference between the speakers is that you are not able to detach them like you could with the previous models. The inability to place the speakers around your media room in key locations is also a bad feature in the W3207C. For a good HDTV at a reasonable price, this is definitely a great option. The design is beautiful, the remote is easy to use and setup is a snap. Picture quality is exquisite and you will be able to enjoy anything you choose to watch on this flat screen TV. Word Count 567

Samsung fp t5084 plasma hdtv review

Samsung FP-T5084 Plasma HDTV Review A closer, more personal inspection of the Samsung FP-T5084 Plasma TV reveals that it's a product that boasts of good performance and notable features at a very reasonable price. With rich colors and crisp display of details, this plasma TV could be considered a very good bargain at $2400. Housed in a sleek cabinet, the 50-inch TV set has made its way to the Best Buy section of its category. Skin tones and other natural colors appear very much realistic especially in high-definition images or scenes in programs like The George Lopez Show. Vivid tones and details are excellently displayed in animated films like the Corpse Bride. Baseball games in standard-definition mode make the oranges and greens appear more saturated giving way to a above-average score for the FP-T5084. The test also reveals that this TV is able to display fine details in dark areas. Images too, show very little hint of pixels, which is very good. The on-screen display (OSD) shows the controls for the color temperature for easy management of display settings.. This showcases a White Balance section that includes adjustable settings like RGB gain and offset controls. There is also a menu to set pink, green, blue and white separately via the My Color Control mode. Samsung's Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe), which comes with the FP-T5084 make images sharper and more vivid with add-ons like noise reduction, color enhancement and motion processing features. When set to function, DNIe really made the picture look sharper and brighter, although it became a bit more unnatural. When enabled, the DNIe is good in a way but the TV's Standard and Movie mode presets still make viewing with the FP-T5084 more natural and thus more preferable. When it comes to the back connectors, the Samsung FP-T5084 implemented them in a sleek and convenient design. They added two composites, S video hookups and video input connections. There are also three HDMI hookups which are perfect for gamers as it means less time of having to remove cords to attach game cords for select consoles. The remote control is easy to use and designed to look like the remotes of other electronics such as a DVD player, so you may already be familiar with the layout. While the remote is easy to hold and comfortable, some of the buttons are cluttered to closely together and this can cause you to press the wrong control on many occasions. Other buttons are smaller than some consumers can bare and they may be too hard to see. The Samsung FP-T5084 has a great menu system and placed near the bottom, it is easy to access. However, its small size may confuse some users until they adjust to its placement. Using a variety of color options such as cool and warm, you can easily set the colors to the adjustments that are best for your eyes and home. The Samsung plasma screen also has a long list of great features that will allow you to get the picture just right. The gamma system uses a 7 code selection, while the black colors have just 3. You can also adjust the colors using the color control but amateurs may want to avoid using this option. Although not fully featured and not state-of-the-art, the Samsung FP-T5084 is the HDTV set that has proven its quality in performance and has furthermore gained points with its inexpensive price tag. Word Count 569

Vizio gv52lf hdtv review

Vizio GV52LF HDTV Review The Vizio GV52LF HDTV is a 52 inch behemoth that offers great value for its $2200 price tag. When viewing the HD and SD on the screen you see a crisp image that is free of most viewing flaws found in similar models. This Vizio receives high marks for the luster of the image onscreen and it is the only HDTV to receive such a good score. One reason for the great of this HDTV has to do with the colors. It offers crisp and vivid tones that seem just right regardless of the image onscreen. In many instances, a TV will show bad or horribly wrong shades for a character’s skin tone and object in and around image will also seem off color. With the Vizio GV52LF HDTV you can go from setup to TV watching without having to adjust multiple options to get the colors just right. The four different HDMI ports will allow you to create a great media room as it lets you connect cable boxes, HD players, and even an HD digital video recorder (DVR). The Vizio GV52LF HDTV has speakers that were built into the unit but then even if you turn the volume up to full power, you will still feel that the sound is not as great as it could be. The Vizio also takes care to stray away from the solid black HDTV’s by adding a splash of color with the gray shades. While the TV unit is all black, below it are the speakers that shine with a lustrous grey tone. Unfortunately, if you take a closer look, the Vizio appears to be a bit more bulky on the bottom and that is not seen in similar models. The remote control is backlit and easy to see in the dark so that you can control the HDTV without turning on the lights. On the very top of the control are a series of buttons featuring different numbers. In the middle is a circular button that you can use to navigate. On the very bottom are the input buttons that will allow you to switch to different electronics connected to the Vizio GV52LF HDTV. The remote is almost completely black but like the HDTV unit it has sleek grey designs to match. You will be able to easily control and setup the TV using a well written and detailed instruction manual that is included in the packaging. You can walk through the simple setup and you can also learn everything you need to know about the remote control. When you compare the menu onscreen to similar HDTV’s you may notice that it looks a little out dated but it does come with great features to make up for its bland look and design. You can easily view a second channel using the picture in picture. However, the Vizio GV52LF HDTV also has a picture by picture feature to allow side by side viewing of two channels instead of one box within a box. The menu also includes temperature controls that will allow you to change the colors to tones that you find more pleasing than the factory settings. To use the picture in picture and picture by picture controls, you may be frustrated to learn that they do not have their own buttons on the remote. You have to find them via the onscreen menu each and every time you would like to use them. Word Count 574

Samsung ln t5281f review

Samsung LN-T5281F review Although $4500 may seem like a lot of money to spend on a HDTV, the amazing features that enhance the quality of this TV might justify the amount of money you are about to spend. During the video tests, this product managed to impress with its minimal pixelation in the background scenes. When it comes to high definition videos, the Samsung LN-T5281F managed to have an excellent score. Skin tone is amazing, and physical features make everything look so realistic; however, it doesn’t manage to bring such natural skin colors like the Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR or the Vizio FV52LF do, but it managed to get a good score for natural looking skin colors. The brightness and contrast levels are ok, nothing is wrong, and our Samsung managed to score above average. Details are really good, especially in the dark areas, even if you watch a movie with a poor quality. However, when switching on standard definition, like a football or baseball game, everything gets pixilated and has subpar color. Another good advantage when testing this TV was backlighting, which made sure that the HDTV shows deeper and better quality blacks than the ones brought by a fluorescent backlight. You can test this by using the option in the on-screen menu which lets you set something on only half of the screen; you will surely notice the big difference between default settings and your current settings. However, make sure that you turn on the feature because its default setting is off. There are various presets for you to choose from, like Dynamic or Movie mode; the DNIe setting, which means Digital Natural Image engine, reduces the background noise and makes images more detailed with its contrast enhancement. You will also find options like White Balance (with RGB settings for color temperature) and My Color Control with settings for each of the colors pink, blue, white, and green. The audio quality is good but, unfortunately, not excellent. You cannot hear the lows very clear when comparing Samsung LN T5281F with Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD. It proved to be very disappointing because the sound is not as rich and full like the one brought by Pioneer Kuro PHP-5010FD. There are various inputs that you get: three HDMI, two composite and two sets of component. The USB port ensures that you can watch pictures or listen to music on your HDTV. When analyzing the remote, most buttons are black; only few have back light and some of them are colored. The remote is black and has a wonderful and stylish design. Compared to other remotes, this one has smaller buttons but they have a well organized structure making any surfing smooth. The Samsung LN-T5281F is incredibly similar to their T5265F model, but it is missing a key feature that is present in most HDTV’s and that is the ability to operate in 120Hz. However, this newer model also sports features missing in the 65F models. One of those features is the local dimming capability. Using the dim option, Samsung hopes to recreate the CRT so that you can have great performance from this gadget, and while its good, its not as great as what the CRT could offer. The HDTV’s design is elegant and glossy with a narrow bezel, but not the thinnest available bezel. It also has a blue LED indicator for power which has the shape of an arc. Another great feature known as the LED Motion Plus, will allow you to reduce the lag on your screen. It does work well but if you’re not careful, you will eventually be left with dull shades of color on your screen. If you are looking for a good performance TV, this is one of the best products; however, the price may be too high for the average buyers, so this product may not have many fans a first. However, if you wish for something with a lower price and good performance the Samsung FP-T5084 might be the best solution for you. Word Count 667

Mitsubishi lt 46244 lcd hdtv review

Mitsubishi LT-46244 LCD HDTV Review This television can pass when talking about TV qualities but its very high price is not that reasonable. Mitsubishi LT-46244 holds a number of average qualities that deserve a discounted price. It’s not an awful appliance so the price $2500 is truly expensive. For our judges’ verdict this television’s image quality deserves a good review since it ranked fourth place from among 46-47 inch HDTV sets which have been tested, and it got a 3.6 points difference from the outstanding score of Samsung LN46A550. The price of this TV is really a big deal though since it can already buy two Samsung television sets. But the flaws are visible when it comes to color, it produces low quality images but it is still better than LG 47LBX Opus though. The wavy or unstable pattern as seen in Vatican Wall of the movie Mission Impossible 3 appeared too bluish. This was described by the judges as excess brightness and blurriness. It gathers a good review when it comes to the appearance of the menu as shown on the screen with added icons. But it is still flawed. For instance when you adjust video setting the menu disappears instantly so it takes a long time to change something about the menu again. LT-46244 can be spin which is a convenient feature since you can see the rear parts of the TV without too much effort. This is handy in the part of the user especially when you are accessing inputs of the television which are difficult to run and use. Another nice feature it has is: the USB port for picture slide presentation and a power-saving option. Also, the LT-46244 integrated speakers are dreadful. A simple sound coming from it was unclear. For very expensive price, it should perform better than that. But it also has a good quality: the set’s documentation. It provides a fast set-up manual where you can start learning from the simple things to complicated ones which are all explained in plain and clear English. Some excellent features in the Mitsubishi LT-46244 is XVColor, a recent technology that allows your new TV to show a lot more color than an old analog could ever hope to present. This feature will make the most of your high definition. The Tru1080p is another great feature that works to make sure that your signal is showing the highest and best definition that it can at all times. As you are watching TV, the signal from the broadcasting network will flow through your lines without the need of conversions that can slow and freeze your image. The one unique product of the Mitsubishi LT-46244 are the color schemes and options. There is a wide variety and selection of ways that you can adjust the images on screen to make sure that every object is colored to your own unique perfection. A color 4D video option reduces noise to prevent fuzzy pictures and lines. An advanced filter will leave the screen crystal clear, while the perfect color option will allow you to adjust multiple colors individually. The full colors can each be adjusted to create unique image and color blends that are perfect for each consumer. This LT-46244 would be sold reasonably at $1600 but with its original $2500, it’s just too much for a gadget that is less than perfect. Word Count 558

Lg 47lbx opus lcd hdtv

LG 47LBX Opus LCD HDTV The LG 47LBX Opus LCD HDTV comes equipped with a stand, which allows it to swivel and its use of music coming from the USB along with its photo capabilities are not really enough to offset the 47LBX HDTV’s inferior image quality capabilities. The overall casing of the Opus is beautiful but when it comes to actually using this gadget, you will be disappointed as it has little to offer the average buyer. This 47LBX LCD HDTV model from LG should rightfully be skipped if you’re intending to get really good images. And, really, who isn’t after getting really good images from one’s HDTV set. With the nine High Definition TV sets that we had reviewed last April 2008, the 47LBX Opus had gotten into eighth place when it came to displaying overall image quality. When it came to the picture’s details and the quality for brightness and contrasts, the HDTV set could only be considered fair. It was quite clear that it was able to display color quite expertly enough. However, a bad aspect was that it also made the flesh tones for Caucasians display a rather reddish tint. Depending on what you happen to be watching at the time, the color fluctuates and will eventually distract you from your television shows. However, the sound capabilities for the 47LBX Opus were quite remarkable when you consider that sound is necessary for a TV audio system. To make movie soundtracks as good as they should be, you would still need to use a distinct amplifier as well as employ some speakers. The subtle sound effects as well as the spoken words for the beginning scene of Phantom of the Opera were heard quite distinctly enough. The high volume organ blast, though, had a hard time passing through the speaker quite well. You have to find a perfect volume setting, and if you turn it up to much the sound will come out muffled. Some good accompaniments to the 47LBX coming from LG include a port using USB capabilities that allows you to look at your own photos as well as play your own music. The LG 47LBX HDTV also has the ability to rotate on its stand. This allows you to view the screen from a variety of angles. This feature of the HDTV set also allows you to readily gain access to the HDTV set’s back. The input ports that can be found on the back of the set are oriented outwards; this allows for more convenient use. Most of the HDTV’s are not extremely heavy but it can be daunting to pull out and turn the entire TV when you want to plug in audio and video wires or to connect portable electronics. The LG 47LBX’s accompanying remote control is also quite acceptable. This remote control, however, comes without any backlighting features. The grip for the remote control is something that is also comfortable enough for the user. The main buttons are also placed where they should be and are considered to be quite easy to find. Some specialized buttons for the control of the backlight of the LCD also exist; these are the ‘Bright+’ and the ‘Bright‘ buttons. Due to SimpLink which is the LG version of the HDMI Consumer Electronics or CEC channel, the remote control can be used for other gadgets that make use of the SimpLink system. This comes all without need for any specialized programming. Menus of the LG 47LBX HDTV are displayed quite attractively. These are clear and have high readability and the menus function exactly as how they are expected to function. The manual that comes along with the TV is quite thin and is in thirty-two pages. It is a sort of Reader’s Digest simplification of the whole manual. The whole manual is something that is inside the CD that comes along with the TV and this manual is read in the PDF format. Taken as a whole, the LG 47LBX HDTV set’s high price as well as the not too impressive visual capabilities of the TV set make buying the product not quite an attractive choice. Word Count 687

Vizio vo47lf lcd hdtv review

Vizio VO47LF LCD HDTV Review The latest Vizio VO47LF LCD HDTV comes like a bolt out of the blue with its impressive image quality and affordable price. At 47-inches, this TV lives up to the Vizio HDTV tradition of presenting premium image quality for a cost that blows the competition right out of the water. Not to say Vizio VO47LF is faultless. A common drawback to the Vizio line is its difficult set-up procedure, not to mention the non-movable stand and the obvious absence of multimedia USB ports. Including a stand would have been a good idea considering the fact that these types of televisions sets can be difficult to swivel and pivot when you want to reach the back hookups. Another reason to add a good base that can move is to allow consumers to set up their home entertainment centers anyway they please with a minimum of fuss. A swiveled base would make this easy as you would not have to drag the entire set back and forth to find that perfect view. Making it easier to setup would have also been a grand idea. While its not the most difficult HDTV ever to get up and running, its lack of clear instructions and many connectors can and will leave some consumers absolutely confused and how to attach certain wires. This could require them to pay large sums of money to have an outside company set it up for them. The design is decidedly simple; however, someone's lack of foresight might have resulted in the VO47LF's input panel to be located at the back and faced down, which can be inconvenient. The accessible screen on the menu can has a hard-to-read blue interface accompanied with blue text. Certain modification on screen can also be frustrating, such as the adjustable tint not allowing complete color customization. The good news is that fiddling with the input plugs of various devices and color set-ups are no longer necessary. The bad news is that switching between your DVD player, cable connection, and VCR still requires regular input changes. A button on the VO47LF's remote control allows you to chose which appliance you want to use from a list-even the inactive sources-and must be bypassed every time. The Vizio remote has buttons can let you access different input types despite having indirect button commands. A more or less average remote so far, but the backlighting feature does more than make up for it. Losing the remote in the dark becomes a thing of the past. The remote controls the set although that's about it. There aren't any programmable features otherwise. Fortunately, the instructions manual helps customers dive into the VO47LF experience with relative ease. The quick-start guide comes in the form of a large back-to-back fold-out poster. All of the manual's 76 pages are in English, easy to read and decipher. There isn't much in the way of extra features. The VO47LF is decidedly Spartan with its picture-in-picture option and a free HDMI cable. But for a high definition TV in the classic sense, the Vizio VO47LF remains true to its cause and delivers excellent picture quality. Once put to our tests, the VO47LF grabbed itself a handful of Goods, a spattering of Fairs, and absolutely no Poors. It even scored quite a bit of Superiors-a ranking that doesn't come easily from our esoteric standards. The VO4LF's strength comes in its sound quality which easily surpasses its competition. Dialogue is crisp and music clips come out packing a punch. All in all, the Vizio VO47LF carries with it terrific image quality for a package price no one should miss. Word Count 601

Samsung ln t4061 review

Samsung LN-T4061 review The Samsung LN-T4061 looks very much like the HP-T4264, after all they both came from the same manufacturer. But they don’t seem to have only the manufacturer in common because their features and technology are almost identical. On the tests, both HDTVs managed to get almost the same marks. Although the Samsung LN-T4061 is smaller than the HP-T4264, they are both the same when it comes to menu, design, remotes, etc. Another difference between those two would be the fact that Samsung LN supports 1080p and has an LCD panel, while the other uses a plasma screen. This product is a bit above average compared to other products in its category. During the tests it managed to get a satisfactory score but it’s far from being on the first places. Everything looked good but it had some problems during the standard-definition test on DVD and TV shows. The high-definition test, however, ran very smoothly and this product obtained a better mark. There were minor problems with the skin tones in 1080p but other than that everything was good. When it comes to physically setting up this product, you won’t have any difficulties because everything is accessible. The connectors are found on the LN-T4061’s back so you won’t have any problems finding them. Even if you don’t have any knowledge in technology you will eventually manage to set up the TV. This is a pretty good advantage since you need hours to set up most of the HDTVs on the market because you can’t figure out where everything is. The menu is not complicated, having a well organized structure. Also, every option is easily found and if you wish, you can make the menu opaque to see everything better. While you select the sources, it will automatically skip any source that cannot be found, this might prove a little tricky because if you have something and it doesn’t find it, you must select it from the provided list. There isn’t any option that lets you introduce your own source, if you cannot find it in the list. You also have the freeze option and picture-in-picture if you want to see something from two sources; however, you aren’t allowed to watch from different channels. The USB port lets you see the pictures from your camera on the TV; you also have a jack for headphones. Using these options you can also connect a portable music player such as an iPod to listen to tunes as you fiddle with the Samsungs controls. The remote isn’t the most comfortable and intuitive thing in the world. It’s rather long and not all the buttons have light; however, it can be programmed. Unfortunately, some of the smaller buttons may be a turn off for some consumers who may be visually impaired. The sound is good, considering the fact that it comes from an internal system so this TV won’t have problems regarding its sound. This is one of the average quality HDTVs, although images look good on it, sometimes you have the feeling that something is missing. The skin tones aren’t very real, as it tends to lighten them. Overall this is a good HDTV for someone who isn’t very pretentious because overall this will prove to be a good LCD TV that will bring satisfaction to most of its buyers. Word Count 555

Lg 50py3df plasma tv review

LG 50PY3DF Plasma TV Review The LG 50PY3DF Plasma TV receives a big score in aesthetics compared to other brands in the same category of high quality television. Its tag price is attractive too, although it can't compete head-on in terms of performance against its competitors. This model targets consumers who give lot of consideration to affordability with a few good features. Designed meticulously, the LG 50PY3DF looks really enticing and one reason is that it is more affordable than other brands of plasma television. Tested against other TVs in its size category, this 50-inch plasma HDTV garnered an average performance rating that is equivalent to Good. However, for the low price, its features run a bit short compared to more expensive brands belonging to the same TV lineup. Tests show that the LG 50PY3DF gives strong, satisfactory color quality on standard - and high-definition images but it projects brightness and contrast that can only be considered okay or average. In TV programs like the George Lopez Show, the skin tones revealed are fairly believable while some hints of pixels are present. Game broadcasts like that of the San Francisco Giants showed a good balance of orange and green colors. Details were good too, during the dark scenes in the movie like the Lord of the Rings. In terms of connectivity, the LG 50PY3DF features three HDMI inputs compared to other brands, which have four. User can also utilize a USB port for data stored in card readers or thumb drives. This USB port allows the LG 50PY3DF to display photos in a slideshow with the packaged remote control to manage the settings and pan the photos when browsing. With some adjustments at the back, this TV model can swivel like the Samsung FP-T5084 but not as smooth. For a more organized setup, cables can be tied together using a loop that is installed at the back where the swivel bolt can be found. To adjust the display settings manually, user should look for a mini touchpad at the lower right portion that will launch the menu for the TV settings. Display settings include menus for color temperature adjustments with the colors red, green, and blue as indicators. The menu also allows the adjustment of contrast, brightness, and vividness of the display through color presets for Dynamic, Standard, and Mild. Dynamic is the most enticing preset although there is a bit of concern with how unreal the saturation is - images appear un-natural. With the Standard and Mild settings, images are more realistic. There are two ways to set the display: through the remote control or through the mini touchpad on the lower right portion of the TV. The keys on the remote control are not backlit and a bit cramped but it serves its function well with the control of the on-screen display. Stacked against other similar plasma screens the LG 50PY3DF would not receive an A plus score because it lacks some features that experienced electronic users may need. However, studies have found that most home users do not need, want or know how to use all of the extra features that are bundled on their gadgets. Considering its great price, this LG is perfect for those who wants a good plasma screen without a load of useless features that they will not use. The LG 50PY3DF TV's size is quite deceiving. It appears bigger than its counterparts because of the panel extensions on both sides where the built-in speakers have been incorporated. These speakers deliver good quality sound from tests ran on shows like the Phantom of the Opera. Each LG TV comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor - which is quite an edge for the brand since others offer only 1-year warranties. Though the LG 50PY3DF may be a bit behind in performance and features, there are still users who put emphasis on the price. These price-conscious buyers may find themselves purchasing this model especially with its demonstrated features and good sound quality, which give value for the money. Word Count 670

Pioneer kuro pdp review

Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD Plasma HDTV Review The Pioneer Kuro Plasma HDTV is quite expensive but it has amazing details and colors; this product also comes with incorporated speakers and various types of connectors. Although this HDTV has a big price (around $4500), it managed to amaze people when it showed awesome blacks and outstanding images during the tests. With its new improved colors, numerous facilities, and great sound quality it will give you a whole different feeling when it comes to entertaining. Watching TV seemed like a common hobby, but with this new HDTV you will feel like you take part in everything. Famous movies, like Lord of the Rings or Mission Impossible, seem to be real when watched at their best quality on the Kuro PDP-5010. I must mention that the night scenes look amazing, especially when watching Lord of the Rings; Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010 almost brings the Lord of Rings fantasy world in your own home. This Pioneer Kuro HDTV also transmits the most authentic skin color we ever saw, making everything more real than we expected it to be. Of course, brightness and contrast are top quality contributing to its amazing feeling of reality. The company Crystal Emissive Layer struggled to produce the most accurate and deep black ever made. They succeeded. With their new digital processing and color filtering they managed to improve the whole quality when it comes to HDTVs. Talking about black color, I should also mention that “kuro” actually means “black” in Japanese, so no wonder their black is exceptional. As I mentioned earlier, this amazing TV comes with speakers. The speakers, which offer the best audio quality, can be detached. The audio system is composed of speakers with woofer and tweeter components. So, when you are watching a musical, you will feel like being in the middle of the whole story. You will forget all about TVs with poor audio quality. The Pioneer Kuro HDTV has a simple design, which inspires elegance and originality. You cannot fail with this design, as it suits any home dйcor and tastes. You can easily place it in a den or family room or display it in your bedroom with ease and it won’t stand out. Another important aspect is the light sensor; this light sensor will actually sharpen your brightness according to the light you have in your room, due to the new technology called Optimum Video Mode. With this option, you can avoid the problems of having to adjust the colors on your screen whenever the lighting situation changes around you, such as the sunrise and sunset. The remote has a great silver color and combines on - screen display menu and submenu access. It also has shortcuts to the main functions and you don’t have to find a source of light to see your buttons, because they glow in the dark. This product has other types of connectors like the HDMI inputs, three composite ports, USB ports (if you want to see images on this wonderful HDTV, simply attach your card reader), and two component ports. After you attach any card reader, you need to select the Home Gallery option and you can see an amazing slideshow of your desired pictures. Your pictures were never that beautiful, and their quality is the best. If you want to hide the cable source, you just have to use the Cable Card slot an you won’t even notice it was there. This whole set of connectors and facilities will amaze you; however, a disadvantage is the fact that it doesn’t come with cable management aid. The Kuro PDP-5010FD is a wonderful product if you want to bring your favorite movies to life. Although the price is rather high, the revolutionary technology offers a unique feeling, extraordinary colors, and wonderful sounds. People who can afford paying $4500 on this amazing HDTV will be very satisfied and won’t regret their investment. They will change their whole opinion about home entertainment. Word Count 655

Sharp lc 46d64u lcd hdtv review

Sharp LC-46D64U LCD HDTV Review Good quality is always what matters when buying any item. Sharp LC-46D64U LCD HDTV hasn’t been receiving good reviews when it comes to image quality. Some describe the image quality to be distorted, appalling, and not good at all. I’ve used to describing visual effects to have the quality of being oil-painted and this is not a good remark for a start. I wouldn’t be biased at all because I rate this product as an average product and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sharp LC-46D64U at the top of those bad reviews for image quality. However, the sound quality of Sharp LC-46D64U is tolerable and okay. The sound system complements the other shortcomings of Sharp LC-46D64U which a great TV should possess. If you plan to use an external surround sound anyway, the okay quality of the audio will not be an issue. LC-46D64U has Sharp's Aquos Link Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) which enables it to be connected and attached to other Sharp devices. One of its specifics called Optical Picture Control gives you the power to automatically adjust the TV’s brightness which depends on your environment, but this feature is not quite impressive. It automatically shuts down after 15 minutes when it doesn’t receive signal or the user forgot to switch the TV off because of its power saving feature which maintains quality image. Another interesting feature of LC-46D64U's is the Audio Only option which gives you the freedom to not use the TV’s sound system when connected to DVD player where you only want to listen to some music from CD’s (it just balances poor quality image it has). Over-all the Sharp is manageable and easy to use. The text on screen is understandable even if it’s used small letters, and the menu appears nice too. The menu will not automatically close while you are adjusting the video setting. In reality, video adjusting is not really a problem because it doesn’t occupy much space on the screen. As for the remote control, it’s not handy and convenient since some buttons are too small and the lights of the button don’t fit its functions at all. The controls are spaced much too closely together and remote itself, can get uncomfortable to hold in a short period of time. While there are good menu options and buttons, you will find them hard to see in a dark or densely lit room due to the lack of a back light that does not work properly. The manual which is shaped triangularly is indeed helpful despite of text-heavy quality. You have the choice to download the PDF version if you are not satisfied reading the manual printed on grayish pages. While many have complained about the lack of a hard copy manual, the Sharp LC46D64U includes there’s but it needs to have more pictures to allow users to easily work on their new flat screens without having to stop and read large amounts of text every few minutes. LC-46D64U can pass in terms of all features a television should have but unfortunately its image quality fails to satisfy the needs of the customers. This flat screen is not a bad bargain for its price, but coming from a company such as Sharp, they could have done much better in creating this flat screen HDTV. Word Count 554

Sony bravia kdl 40w3000 review

Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000 Review The Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000 is a great piece of equipment and a beautiful HDTV. However, it would be an even better flat screen to purchase if they would lower its street price of $1999. Its not a perfect HDTV but unlike some of the other models, it has very few flaws to distract from what it has to offer a consumer. For the average viewer of this television, they will be hard pressed to notice that the image quality is not perfect. The onscreen pictures look fine and offers a good view and you would have to look directly and pay close attention to notice a dull quality that is sometimes visible. In this Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000, they have saved room by joining the picture in picture and freeze frame buttons in one easy to access section. When you hit the freeze button you will immediately notice that the TV will freeze as the small PIP square presents itself. While you are looking at the picture in picture, the larger screen that you were previous viewing will freeze so that you will not miss any of the action while you attempt to take a quick glance at another channel. The only downside to the picture in picture and freeze frame mode is that Sony neglected to add multiple tuners leaving you with no option in viewing two channels at once. However, they did include a jack to connect your headphones. This will make it easier for you to watch TV without disturbing other people in your household. Most of us will not place our flat screens in high and hard to reach areas and the convenient location of the menu and control buttons means that you will no longer have to bend down to play with the controls. Unlike most models of flat screen, Sony has placed the controls on the top instead of the bottom and sides. Consumers who may have back problems can easily use the controls if they cannot find the remote right away. A fatal flaw in the Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000 involves the remote control. The design of the remote is more visually pleasing than it is useful. You will not find a menu control and you will instead have to go through other options on the remote to reach that setting. You will find that a number of actions have to be performed before you can reach the desired control that you were searching for. It can also be confusing trying to scroll through the options as it is not always clear which way you should guide the buttons if you hope to proceed. While the remote offers a lot of key issues when you first begin, it will become easier to use once you become accustomed to its design. After the initial setup and installation, you will not have a lot of use for the menu options, so its lack of a good position on the remote won’t be a problem for very long. The use of the remote may offer some problems that will resolve themselves at a later time, but the actual remote itself may cause further problems for consumers. The remote control is extremely long due to its many buttons and this can lead to difficulty when you are trying to work the controls. Overall, if you are not turned off by the problems with the remote, you will love the Sony Bravia and get a lot of use out of this great HDTV. Word Count 583

Hp pl4272n plasma hdtv review

HP PL4272N review The PL4272N isn’t the best product in the world when it comes to HDTVs, however it turned out to be a fairly good product for a low price if you aren’t too picky. The resolution is not the best you can find; the 1024 by-768-pixel keeps it from being a better option on the market. The visuals can be eye damaging, they tend to have a pink color, especially when showing people’s skin. That looks unnatural and gives an artificial touch to the whole scene. If you are a master in visual settings maybe you can remove that by manually setting your TV’s colors. The menu is quite organized and may seem familiar to the people who bought the HPLX4276N. The advantage is the fact that they are easy to understand and handle, because the menu has two options, Simple Menu and Full Menu. You might be surprised to find that there is an option called White Wash in the Setup menu and not in the Picture menu. You will not find this on previous LCDs. However, this option proves to be quite handy when you experience burn in problems and it helps you ameliorate those before they get permanent. Another disadvantage is the fact that this utility lacks any of the options that display gray sidebars in 4-by-3 mode. This is a very useful option when people want to see programs with standard definition in the original aspect ratio, otherwise it can make damage by causing phosphor aging. The same problem appears to Vizio VP42 HDTVs. Also, keep in mind that you won’t find any useful instruction about burn-in in the HP manual, although all other plasma manuals have it. Unfortunately the PL4272N lacks a lot of entertainment features that other products usually have. You can’t find any jack for headphones; it has no media slots, and no picture-in-picture. These options could have added great improvement to this product but, unfortunately, it doesn’t have them. The remote control also lacks most of the features found on these products. It’s rather large and the bad thing about it is that you can’t program it. The same thing happened with the LC4276N. You may expect many buttons on a remote control which has this size, but it’s not the case here; very few buttons compared to its size. If you’re waiting for another disadvantage, here it comes: the buttons don’t have any light; this tends to be very uncomfortable sometimes. If there is not sufficient lighting in the room, you will have to constantly find a light source until you have memorized the button positions. These modern electronics can be difficult to setup, so the HP PL4272N comes with a helpful setup wizard that takes you from beginning to end in a snap. It will walk you through the options and help you as you try to fix the colors, saturation and hue. The HP PL4272N plasma has Dynamic 3D color gamut mapping, and this feature makes it easy to adjust the colors on the screen. Using this mapping technique, you can modify the colors for electronic gadgets that have limited color choices. It is also a great option for home viewers who have visual problems viewing colors, such as an individual who may be color blind. Overall the visual quality is average, the whole handling seems quite simple, and the menu is understandable and easy to use. It looks like a mediocre product; however it will have a lot of fans due to its small price. Although this product may seem like the worse there is, it’s cheap and may be a good option if you are planning to buy more than one without expecting major quality. It’s not the best thing in the world, but maybe if you know what you are doing, you can improve video quality from the settings. If you can afford another model for a few hundred dollars more, don’t hesitate, otherwise choose this product but don’t expect it to be amazing. Word Count 667

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