Buy golf accessories at unbelievable prices

Buy Golf Accessories at Unbelievable Prices Playing golf without accessories is a bit like eating bread without butter - possible, but really yucky! Golf accessories can include the basic must-haves like balls and cases for your clubs to the high-end, nice-to-haves like handheld computers for keeping scores or tailor-made gloves. As you may imagine, not only are these accessories terribly expensive but frills quickly become necessities in no time at all. So how can a golf addict buy these accessories at reasonable prices Local golf club stores, as anyone will vouch, are quite expensive. So the alternative is to check out the local classifieds in the good old newspaper or online websites like Craigslist and eBay. Keep track of flyers in your neighbourhood supermarket and keep one ear cocked for gossip and word-of-mouth information. The moment you hear that someone is getting rid of their golf accessories, swoop in for a killing. You can get great discounts and unbelievable prices when others are spring-cleaning or upgrading their golf accessories. You get good, durable equipment and accessories for a small fraction of the retail price or almost for free. If you have a mentor who wishes to discard their collection of accessories or if you are friendly with a senior citizen who is no longer capable of playing golf, well, you have hit a gold-mine. You can either purchase or borrow your choice of golf accessorise at little or no cost. Let camaraderie and networking also help you along so that when someone is moving home or is picking up a new sport you can ask them for their set of golf accessories. Who says that all good things in life, especially a neat set of golf accessories, are necessarily expensive?