Feminine and fun golf accessories for her

Feminine and Fun Golf Accessories For Her This last bastion of male dominance has been forever shattered, ruptured and disfigured beyond all hopes of redemption. First the board room, and now the playground. Ever since this all-man, macho sport was invaded by women; things have never been quite the same again. So men are not really surprised that there have been multitudinous golf accessories designed exclusively to keep the fairer sex, well, fair. Golf caps were never important golf accessories for the players from Mars. However, shade from the sun is critical for the Venus golfers. So you have designer caps and custom tailor-made shades, all color coordinated down to the Nth hue. And this is just for caps. You have the same mind-boggling variety in golf umbrellas, glares, sun-block and other things that make this sport so feminine these days. If a lady’s delicate legs and pretty muscles tire themselves out driving a golf cart, well, you can see how a motorized caddy is almost a life-saving golf accessory now. Tight-fisted housewives may not pay for a caddy and they will not expend extra energy in navigating and peddling a bulky golf cart. So a motorized caddy with simple push-button on-off switches is suddenly the most important thing on the greens today. And don’t faint with shock if you see pretty, pink customized golf carts puttering all over the course. And of course separate His and Hers washrooms, coordinated outfits for both golf partners, pink tees, and other excesses are almost common-place now.