Concerns over generic drugs

Concerns Over Generic Drugs Many people have concerns over the safety and effectiveness of Generic drugs as they don’t have to go through as rigorous or as lengthy clinical trials as the innovator drug. The FDA say that the active ingredient has already been though clinical trials and it would be pointless to make generic versions do the same as they are made from the same active ingredients. Bioequivalence tests are enough to ensure the drug is as effective and safe as the original as they differ so little. In most cases there is nothing to worry about as generics are tightly regulated. Generic drugs have been found to have many of the problems of the original, for example the same side effects. But some comparison studies have shown that whilst quite a number of generic drugs performed the same as the original, some differed substantially. If you are switched from a branded version of a drug to a generic and notice a change in your symptoms, especially for the worse, go to your GP who will be able to help and advise you. Research the particular drug you are on particularly any scientific studies which have been conducted and talk to others to find out what their experiences with the drug have been. Information like this will allow you to make an informed decision about your medication.