What to think about when buying a treadmill

Treadmills are some of the best artificial walking and running machines, and they can be used either in a gym or at home. They work by moving an electrically-powered belt around quickly in the opposite direction to your walking or running, allowing you to exercise your muscles without actually moving. The effect is like going for a long walk, only without having to brave the elements, hurt your feet or worry about where to go. At its most basic, a treadmill is little more than the belt, a handle and an ‘on’ switch, but treadmills can potentially have many more features than that. The best treadmills know can be programmed to time you as you run or measure how much distance you would have covered, and alert you when you have done a certain number of minutes or miles. Some models are also capable of counting the exact number of steps you have done, the number of calories you have burned, and many other things besides. If you’re thinking of buying a treadmill, there are two things you absolutely must do. Firstly, you must measure the space where you’re planning to put it and take the measurements with you to the shop, as treadmills that look quite small there will suddenly seem a lot bigger once you get them home, and might not even fit through your door (measure that too, by the way!). The second thing you need to do is to make sure to try out the treadmill in the showroom before you buy it, no matter how silly you might feel doing it – treadmills are expensive, and not every one is suitable for every person. As the shop probably won’t take it back once you’ve used it, you need to make sure that it’s right for you before it ever comes through your door.

Stationary bikes improve muscle tone

Although the personal trainer at the fitness club will say differently it is imperative to note that even low intensity workout on the stationary bike will produce health benefits and be less likely to produce injury. The inactive population is often led to believe that there must be sore muscles and a lot of agony associated with the daily workout but not so! Part of the reason to exercise regularly has only glancing relation to improved muscle tone and cardiovascular improvement. Much of the reason has to do with stress reduction and improved range of motion. Flexibility and balance can be improved and maintained as well. In fact there is only one real rule to keep in mind when exercising. That is simply that you didn’t get out of shape over night and it is probably best not to try to get in shape over night. The good news though on this topic is that measurable aerobic improvement can be obtained in about one month after beginning any aerobic activity. Think of it. Almost no other self-improvement project can be successful in so short a time as an aerobic fitness program. It is nearly instant gratification when compared to body building for instance. To achieve the competitive well defined muscles required of this sport takes approximately two years of four to six hours per day. Much of that is painful by the way. Stationary bikes can be successfully incorporated into the more demanding athletic workout. It can provide valuable cross training benefits to any athlete. For most it is used as a stand alone workout. Few of us has the time to invest in a fully evolved regular workout. At least for a long term consistent matter it becomes a luxury. But if cross training , weight training and triathlon are words that don’t apply to one’s fitness level don’t despair. It may be time to start stationary bikes reviews. Exercise can be fun and beneficial.

Stationary bikes save you money

If you have decided to use a fitness facility when riding stationary bikes consider factors that can make that more enjoyable. And consider factors other than price if at all possible. Save money by not eating fast food as often and use the money saved to pay for a club that is better for your purposes or even to rent an apartment with a fitness center over one without. This helps you save money for that fitness center membership and cuts back on the bad foods you eat. Both of which are good for those intending to use stationary bikes Remember if you join a fitness club that is across town you’ll spend valuable time and money just commuting. In the end you’ll also lose the stress busting effects of exercise when you’re caught in traffic on the way home. You may find that the light enters the room at a more appealing angle in the morning or that you can watch the stars in the evening. Maybe there are people you like to visit with at certain times of day or perhaps crowds to be avoided at other times. Whatever it is that makes you enjoy the very same stationary bike at different times is something that will keep you biking and that consistency will pay off handsomely. Be sure to take snacks with you to the fitness center, spinning on stationary bikes can really get the appetite going and you’ll find it much easier to ignore the temptation of the smoothie bar or a fast food restaurant if you’ve brought something that is both healthier and tasty that you like. A good food item could be a pita stuffed with lettuce, and other veggies and a package of your favorite salad dressing to top it off. If you want to add a little protein take along some peanuts to eat with it. Don’t forget your water bottle. To find a good facility with plenty of stationary bikes for its clients you can always check online for stationary bikes reviews to see what people are saying.

Benefits of an elliptical trainer workout

: Elliptical trainers are ideal for getting in shape and losing weight. When you workout on an elliptical trainer there are two important benefits:

  • Low-Impact Exercise
  • Upper and Lower Body Workout
  • It is for those reasons that elliptical trainers are growing in popularity. Treadmills sell more in total numbers, but elliptical sales are growing at a faster pace. They are particularly appealing to the baby boomer generation that is looking for an alternative form of exercise and workout that lessens the impact on aging joints. Low-Impact Exercise The two most popular forms of exercise are walking and running. But the facts are running, and to a lesser extent walking, cause stress to your body through continual impact. In fact, runners can apply as much as 2.5 times their body weight to their joints with each stride. This is why runners and walkers often suffer from ankle, knee, hip and back injuries. Especially if they workout outdoors on concrete or asphalt.

    With every step there is a degree of shock absorption. This shock can be felt throughout your entire body. Elliptical trainers reduce impact through their elliptical motion. Your feet never leave the foot pedals. There is no reverse action, or significant impact. Consequently there is virtually no shock absorption to your joints.

    The motion of an elliptical trainer simulates the natural path of the ankle, knee and hip joints during walking, jogging or running. And yet you still get a weight bearing workout, which builds bone density, and inhibits the onset of osteoporosis. With a treadmill you are constantly lifting your feet and impacting the treadbelt with every stride. Treadmills are designed to absorb some of the impact, but there is still that constant jolt to your joints. Upper and Lower Body Workout In addition to the low impact exercise, elliptical trainers workout both the upper and lower body simultaneously. By exercising several muscle groups at once you are able to optimize your workout.

    By involving more muscle mass in your aerobic workout you increase the efficiency of your workout. When you exercise both the upper and lower body on an elliptical trainer, you utilize the quadriceps, glutes, chest, back, hamstrings, triceps and biceps. By exercising more muscle mass you attain the following benefits:

  • Improved fat mobilization
  • Build muscle endurance
  • Burn more calories and fat in less time
  • Reduced perceived rate of exertion
  • Regarding the reduced perceived rate of exertion, studies have shown that an elliptical trainer workout will often be perceived as less strenuous due to the combined upper and lower body exercise. The perception is that you get more results with less effort. The benefits of an elliptical trainer workout have resulted in increased sales for both residential and commercial use. They are gaining in popularity at health clubs, and where several years ago you may have seen one or two, you now see rows of ellipticals. If you haven’t used an elliptical you need to give one a try. If you are thinking about home fitness equipment, seriously consider an elliptical trainer. The benefits surpass those you receive from a treadmill, and you will be doing your body a favor.

    Living healthy with exercise bike

    The popularity of the exercise bike among many exercise machines is that exercise bikes moves almost all the back and leg muscles of the user while riding. Resistance on the exercise bike can be adjusted to intensities that will suit individual’s aerobic needs from the gentle to the more rigorous. The versatility of the exercise bike makes it adjustable to different requirements of the exerciser. Some prefer the slow pedaling at higher resistance levels; others need spinning the wheel at lower resistance levels while some would want to use different resistance alternately. It can also suit the exerciser requirements that would need a more forward leaning position, an upright position and the recumbent position. When doing the exercise for the first time, a health professional should always be around to provide a safe program for the patient.

    Knowing the patient’s optimal heart rate is crucial in determining the program and to prevent injuries. Aside from the exercise programs the health professional will also determine the correct posture and resistance that are needed. They are also trained to spot potential difficulties that could cause more problems that someone not trained will not. Normally, these kinds of programs should be done three times a week for at least 20 minutes each. The patient is always required to start slowly especially for those who are not used to the rigors of exercising. One of the main objectives here is to raise the patient’s heart rate from 60 to 85% of the patient’s maximum heart rate. For people who would prefer to have the exercise at home instead of going regularly to the gym, an exercise bike is a convenient machine, as it requires very little space. Some exercise bikes are collapsible so that it does not continue to occupy spaces when no longer in use and be tucked away under a bed or a closet. Exercise bikes can be as inexpensive as a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousand depending on the features and other benefit that it offers. In lieu of the exercise bike, an ordinary bicycle can also be used. The bike is mounted on a trainer (which is very cheap and is very easy to install), where the rear wheel of the bicycle is raised and the exerciser uses this as a stationary bike. Trainers can be bought at most bicycle retailers. There are many benefits that the exercise bike can provide but it is especially effective for people who have back ailments. Riding a bike on the roads, running and jogging is good at strengthening the back conditions of patients but it can also injure the spine, this is why a stationary bike is a popular alternative. Some ailments that could benefit best from an exercise bike are the Spinal Stenopsis and the Osteoarthritis. Exercise bike are good at strengthening back muscle groups, the leg, calf, the hamstrings at the back of the thigh and can also work the abdominal muscles. Exercise bicycles can also improve the flexibility of muscles and ligaments. It can also aid to a very large extent the range of movements of the muscles that otherwise can develop spasms and stiffness. Exercise bikes can help reduce the stresses of the muscles at the lower back, and with regularity of use can promote circulation and cardiovascular health.

    Pro and home gym equipment

    Exercise has become an integral part of everyday life of most people. An individual spends at least some part of his life in exercise. Exercise can be done with equipment or without equipment. Gym equipment helps in exercising a specific part or group of muscles or organs of the body. Today a wide range of gym equipment are available in the market. The most common gym equipment are multigyms, treadmills, swiss balls, dumb bells, bar bells, rowing machines, exercise bicycles, balance boards, abdomen exercisers resistance bands and punching bags. There are various facilities, equipment associated with gym equipment like heart rate monitors, sauna baths, swimming pools etc. A multigym consists of incremented weight plates that move up and down on steel guides. It usually consists of attachments for exercise of chest, arms, thighs, calves, shoulders and pectorals (sometimes called wings or pecs). Treadmill is an equipment used for running without moving any distance. It consists of a conveyor belt which slides on rollers on which the individual can run or walk. Swiss ball or yoga ball is a rubber ball of 50 to 85 cm which is used to develop balance and exercise the abdominal and back muscles. Dumbbells and bar bells are the traditional gym equipment. They consist of variable or fixed free weights attached to a small or long bar. They are lifted against gravity to tone muscles like biceps, triceps, forearm muscles, chest and shoulder muscles etc. They usually come in pairs. Rowing machines are gym equipment designed to stimulate rowing in water. They are used to exercise pecs and back muscles. Exercise bicycles are stationery bicycles with resistance discs for wheels. They are used to exercise thigh and calf muscles. Balance board consists of a board fixed on a bearing. It is used to develop balance. Abdomen exerciser consists of an inclined board with leg rollers for doing sit ups. It is used to exercise the stomach and abdomen muscles. All the above equipment except free weights have attached electronics to monitor number of cycles and other parameters. Resistance bands are elastic bands and in these the resistance of the band to stretching is used to exercise muscles like quadriceps and deltoids. Punching bag consists of sand filled cushioned bags or other rugged material bags for practice by boxers. They are either hung from the ceiling or fixed on a stand. Most professional gyms have the above mentioned equipment along with other facilities like swimming pools, sauna baths, steam baths etc. For a home gym, a multigym with a few dumbbells and barbells are sufficient for workout of the entire body. The starting price of a multigym is around 1500$. The cost of other equipment varies according to the make.

    Whole body vibration consumer basics

    Whole Body Vibration exercise is becoming a popular method of training, and for good reason, not only can vibration training work your muscles in a way that conventional training cannot, but also using a vibration machine has numerous proven therapeutic benefits too. As more and more companies appear on the market each week, most giving conflicting information, it becomes difficult for consumers to know who to believe. In this article I hope to share some basic information backed by evidence as a guide for consumers when purchasing a Whole Body Vibration machine. The first thing you need to understand before buying a vibration machine, is that there are basically just two types of vibration machines available, pivotal and vertical. A pivotal vibration plate vibrates from a centre axis in a see-saw like action. A vertical vibration plate vibrates straight up and down in a jack hammer like action. Both machines have proven benefits, and there is very little, if any, evidence to suggest one method is better than the other. As a consumer you will find marketers will tell you one method is better than the other, if you find this, ask for evidence and don’t take just their word for it. Personally I prefer pivotal vibration, with vertical vibration I feel there is too much unwanted vibration in the head, however I know others that prefer vertical vibration. I always suggest trying both methods first and see what you prefer. Pivotal platforms are sometimes referred to as oscillating platforms, as vertical platforms are sometimes referred to as lineal platforms. Both platform types can have two variables that can be adjusted to produce different vibratory effects. The two variables of a vibration platform are, 1. Amplitude (vertical displacement) 2. Frequency (platform speed) By adjusting either of these two variables we also change things such as, the number of times per second our muscles contract, the amount G force exerted on our body, the degree of difficulty in stabilising, the flow of blood through our body etc. Research and common sense tell us that different frequencies will have different effects on our body. Depending on what effects you are hoping to benefit from, will determine what frequency you should run your machine. Next it is important to understand the recommended, researched, and safe variables when using each type of vibration platform. For pivotal vibration the frequency range should be between 1 and 30Hz, the amplitude range should be no greater than 6.5mm (13mm maximum displacement). For vertical vibration the frequency range should be between 25 and 50Hz, the amplitude range should be no greater than 3mm (6mm maximum displacement). If you find a platform that has listed specifications outside of this range, chances are the specifications are incorrect, or the machine could likely produce harmful effects. Today the biggest threat to consumers appears to be coming from the pivotal machine market. For this reason, and for the fact that I prefer a pivotal unit, I will now discuss pivotal machines only. When purchasing a pivotal vibration machine, you should always ensure the platform has a full range of frequency, many machines being sold on the market today only reach frequencies below 20Hz. Such machines often make claims based on research that was performed on frequencies beyond the limits of their machine. Below is just a small sample of extracts from studies on a pivotal unit, indicating the frequency that was used. The frequency of the vibrations used in this study was set at 26Hz Adaptive responses of human skeletal muscle to vibration exposure. In a parallel experiment (Bosco et al. in press) it has been noted that during vibration at 30 Hz the EMG signal of the biceps brachii muscle reached its greatest activity, thus this frequency was chosen in the present study Influence of vibration on mechanical power and electromyogram activity in human arm flexor muscles. The treatment group underwent whole body vibrations at a frequency of 26 Hz New trends in science: The use of vibrations for enhancing performance Objective: To test whether training on a high-frequency (28Hz) vibrating platform improves muscle power and bone characteristics in postmenopausal women. Conclusion: Reflex muscular contractions induced by vibration training improve muscle power in postmenopausal women. High-Frequency Vibration Training Increases Muscle Power in Postmenopausal Women The whole vibration stimulus from the sole of the left and right feet was 3 minutes one time (shake frequency 25Hz) X 3 sets with a set interval was 10 minutes Effect of Whole Body Vibration Stimulus and Voluntary Contraction on Motoneuron Pool Vibration frequency was gradually increased during the first minute from 0 to 26 Hz and maintained at that frequency for the remaining five minutes. Acute Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Lower Body Flexibility and Strength Vibration was with an amplitude a=1.05, a frequency of 26Hz, and hence a peak acceleration of 147 ms, or 15g. Acute Physiological Effects of exhaustive WBV exercise in man As you can see, a large number of studies suggest using a vibration platform at higher frequencies is beneficial for increasing muscle and strength. Therefore it is this one of the benefits you are looking for, it is important your machine can produce these higher frequencies. Not only that but, as you can see below research also suggests that the higher range of frequencies have far more benefits than the lower frequency range. 5-10Hz Optimum frequency range for, Balance and Stability 11-16Hz Optimum frequency range for, Relaxation of muscles Injury rehabilitation Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage Mobilisation of joints Healing scar tissue 17-22Hz Optimum frequency range for, Muscle strength Improved Co-ordination Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage Incontinence 23-30Hz Optimum frequency range for, Muscle strength Hormonal changes Neurological stimulation Increased mobility Increased bone density (low amplitude) Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage Decreased lower back pain Improved muscle tone Ensuring a pivotal machine has a full range of frequency is just one of many factors you should check before buying a vibration machine. Other factors include ensuring the machine can give you a frequency reading, ensuring the machine gives an accurate reading of frequency. For more information and information on other factors please read more on our website.

    Wrestling workout equipment

    If you are training for professional or amateur wrestling it is very important to have the right equipment that helps you to gain wrestling strength. The following can be helpful for getting started: Brief Workouts The workouts should never exceed 35 minutes in duration, as If they do, you aren’t working hard enough to complete your workout. The ability to recuperate from the workouts, and therefore develop more strength, is increased when you complete your workout within the stipulated time. Long and strenuous workouts will eventually cut into your body’s ability to recuperate, and lead to over-training. Using Machines and Free Weights There is a common misconception amongst athletes and coaches that you must use free weights when strength training. Free weights are great! So are machines! Your muscles don’t know the difference. The intensity is the most important thing when trying to improve your strength for wrestling. The tool that you use to get there is not. I like certain exercises for certain muscles. It also depends on injuries that a wrestler might already have. You can work around and injury and still give the body a thorough strength workout. If you have access to Hammer Strength machines, I highly recommend that you include them in your wrestling strength workout. Using thick bar The thick bar is usually a hollow metal tube that you put free weights on the end of. A thick bar forces you to hold on tightly when performing exercises. It develops fantastic forearm and hand strength. It should be part of every serious strength-training program for wrestlers. You can do curls, reverse curls, rows, and presses with it. The Trap Bar The trap bar another piece of equipment that helps to gain wrestling strength. The trap bar is a hexagonally shaped bar that allows you to perform dead lifts with maximal stimulation of almost every muscle vital to improved wrestling performance. An exercise that will make your entire body stronger.

    Getting the most out of your treadmill workout

    : You know what makes exercising on a treadmill so effective in losing weight and getting in shape – the ability to adjust the incline. With the push of a button you can adjust the intensity level of your workout to any degree. If you live in a flatlander state like Illinois and you run or walk outside, you’re stuck at one level. With a treadmill you can simulate running or walk on hills or mountains, and that is where you start getting the heart beating and the calories burning. Breaking Out of the Exercise Rut For those of us who exercise regularly, we tend to get into a rut. And once you get stuck in a rut you reach a plateau.

    You find that you are not losing any more weight, and you are not getting in better shape. By changing up your routine and the intensity of your workout you can reach new highs in your personal fitness. That is why hill and interval training are such popular programs on the treadmill. In fact, one of the hottest trends in exercising and weigh loss is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This new form of aerobic exercising manages to get the maximum results in less time. And for us who struggle to find the time to exercise, this type of workout is very attractive.

    Treadmill Are Ideal for Interval Training High Intensity Interval Training requires exercising at high intensity levels for 1-3 minutes, and follow-up with a recovery period that is approximately 2 to 3 times longer. HIIT can apply whether you run or walk. It just is a matter of raising the incline level and getting the heart beating faster. Treadmills are ideal for aerobic workouts like High Intensity Interval Training. You crank the treadmill up to a high incline for several minutes then reduce the level and slow down to a walk or slow jog. You can either use existing hill or interval programs on the treadmill (most at least have hill training), or you can manually control the workout to a level you feel comfortable with. The important point is get out of the rut. Experiment with different speeds and incline levels. As you start getting comfortable at a certain level for a certain period, increase both the incline and the period of time. The benefits of breaking out of the rut is burning more calories, getting in better shape and breaking up the boredom of your exercise routine. If you plan to increase your level of exercising, make sure you are physically in shape to handle the intensity.

    You may want to check with your physician first, particularly if you are just starting back into a fitness routine.

    Fitness equipment machines what you should know

    Being fit, healthy, and flexible is not always easy. It takes regular exercise and eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In addition, any exercise program that you choose such as push-ups stretches, jogging or walking takes discipline. The same discipline applies to using fitness equipment. If you are the type of person that prefers using fitness equipment for your exercise routines, here are few tips to consider before purchasing. Do not believe what you see and hear. You will need to assess whether all the advertised claims are true. Fitness equipment will claim for example, that you will lose will lose several pounds off their weight in as little as seven days or that you will decrease your pants size in one month. To lose such weight in seven days or decrease a pant size in such short time is nearly impossible, even with the assistance of dietary supplements. Be skeptical about claims that say you will be able to burn a tremendous amount of fat in a specific area of your body, such as the hips, thighs, waist just by applying a specific type of ointment or lotion, etc. The only sure way to burn fat is by changing what you eat and exercise.

    Before and after pictures of people who claim that they were able to lose weight because of using such and such equipments may or may not be true. If ever they are, their experience is purely personal and that is no assurance that your unique body weight, body make-up will also undergo the same change they went through. It is also always advisable to read the fine print, whether it be fitness equipment or anything else. Though you believe that the fitness equipment you are planning to purchase is a good one, reading the fine print really would not hurt as it may say that you also have to decrease your calorie intake and not just rely on what the machine could do for you. There are advertising statements that say you could pay off the fitness equipment in a number of easy payments or by paying a mere thirty-nine ninety-five a month. Do not forget to inquire about shipping and handling costs and include that in your calculation. In addition, add-on the required sales tax, delivery fees, set-up fees. Know all the details before you purchase. It is best that you consider asking about details on their thirty-day money back guarantee. Though this sounds good to you as the consumer, it may or may not actually be a good deal, if for example you are going to return the item. You may actually end up paying large shipping cost, return to stock costs, etc. Make sure you contact their customer service hotline. The customer service hot line should have a toll-free number as well as a customer service representative in case you have problems with your fitness equipment. As stated above, to be fit, healthy and flexible takes more than just fitness equipment. It will take discipline to exercise and a healthy diet.

    Review of the new 2006 smooth elliptical trainers

    : Although Smooth Fitness has been selling elliptical trainers for a number of years, it is only recently that they manufactured their own models. In the past they private labeled machines from companies like Kettler. In fact, their popular Smooth CE is a Kettler built elliptical, which they have sold literally thousand. They recently introduced three new models, the CE 2.1, CE 3.2 and CE 74, which are built at the same Taiwanese plant as their treadmills. The Smooth CE elliptical can attribute its popularity to being a solid and reliable machine. It has a very good service record. It is build with a 40 lb. flywheel and an eddy brake system. Both contribute to a fluid and smooth motion, which is what you want in an elliptical trainer. The new Smooth ellipticals utilize the best qualities of the CE elliptical. In addition, they have improved on several important features.

    For example, the new models are equipped with pivotal foot pedals. The major benefit of an elliptical trainer is the low impact. The pivotal foot pedal further reduces strain and impact by aligning your feet with the elliptical motion. Each new model has an upgraded console and display over the older CE. The programs are a vast improvement, and provide challenging workouts.

    They include an “Interval” program that combines higher intensity routines with alternative cool downs. Smooth offers the advantage of selling direct and only on the Internet. They are the only fitness equipment company that sells solely online. This offers two benefits. In general, you are getting a better value.

    You also are dealing with a company that specializes in online sales, fulfillment and service. Regarding the discount value, obviously there is a savings when a company does not incur retail costs and the overhead from commissioned sales staff. But don’t get caught up with the exaggerated mark downs on their web site. Because you are buying direct you are probably saving about 5%-10%, not the 30+ percentage they suggest. But you also save money from not having to pay a state sales tax (Exc. PA). When compared to buying in a fitness specialty store, the savings can be substantial. If you are considering purchasing an elliptical trainer we suggest you spend a minimum of $1,000. Anything less will potentially have some service issues if used on a regular basis. The Smooth ellipticals offer a good value at the $1,000 - $2,000 price range.

    Trampolines the super fun way to exercise and play

    Trampolines are a great way to play and enjoy the outdoors while getting good exercise and burning away all those extra calories. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, trampolines are recommended not just for play parks or recreational areas for kids, but for the home backyard as well. A great time can be spent together with family and friends in jumping away on a trampoline. Jump Away For Work And Play Trampolines give those of us not into exercise so much the chance to work and play. Jumping up and down on the trampoline is not only fun, but a good way to burn away calories and remain in great shape. A trampoline that has been set up outdoors in the lawn or play area can be great fun for the entire family or just for friends who drop in for a workout. Even adults find jumping on the trampoline great fun and some are quite nostalgic about the games one can have on the trampoline. Trampolines – What Are They Made Of? Most trampolines have steel frames for support and have synthetic fiber that can resist the heavy weight of a person jumping on them. Made up of triangular pieces of fiber, the trampoline material is made up of high quality, which is designed to withstand great pressure. The steel frame is also weatherproofed and is generally not known to warp or bend. Firm stitching in place ensures the material does not tear, even when kids use it in a rough manner. They can be easily installed for outdoor use and can withstand most rough weather conditions. Some trampolines are even known to have survived hurricanes when left outside the homes in bad weather. Health Benefits Of Using A Trampoline Some of the health benefits of using a trampoline include lower risk of illness and increased agility amongst children. Small children learn to coordinate faster and become better at balancing themselves as they learn to jump up and down on the trampoline. Growing children attain greater flexibility and even adults will find that trampoline jumping is a surefire way to burn away all those extra calories. Besides these benefits, the trampoline is a good excuse to take the kids away from the television and into the outdoors.

    The pros and cons of owning your own treadmill

    While treadmills are a great alternative to real running and complicated exercises, however, they are not without their downsides. To start off with, treadmills can be very expensive, especially if you buy one with all the luxurious special features. By the time you add in sales taxes, delivery charges and all the rest, you’re looking at a pretty significant chunk of change. Of course, there’s nothing saying that you need to get one with absolutely every feature around – if it’s your first treadmill, you’ll be absolutely fine with a more basic model, whatever the salesman might tell you. The next problem is that treadmills can be very large, and there might not be space in your house. Again, this problem is quite easily solved, as long as you keep your wits about you and realise exactly how big the treadmill you’re buying is, instead of just blindly choosing one that takes your fancy and hoping for the best. There are surprisingly small treadmills on the market for smaller homes – all you have to do is look for them. Some people complain of loud motors on some cheaper treadmills, and it can be annoying if you’re not used to it. A good solution is to put on the TV or listen to some music, which also helps with the boredom that many people experience when they just run on a treadmill and do nothing else at the same time. The final point is one that is important to people who are training for actual races. As treadmills have no wind resistance, they are quite unsuitable for training for real outdoor running – you should be getting out there and doing it on a track instead. While a treadmill can come close to simulating wind resistance if you adjust its slope gradient, it’s not good enough for serious training, and you might injure yourself if you run a race after only training on a treadmill.

    Horizon treadmills great product lousy service

    There is a general consensus in magazine ratings of treadmills that Horizon treadmills offer a great fitness package for exercisers at any level. With a range of great workout features, including a specially cushioned running belt and easy to use interactive controls to help you get the most out of your workout, consumer reports of treadmills almost uniformly rate Horizon treadmills in a positive way. There is however one exception, something that throws a spanner in the consumer reports: treadmills are only as good as the customer service that supports them, and magazine ratings of treadmills report that this is where Horizon treadmills fall short. While the magazine ratings of treadmills produced by fitness equipment experts might not be concerned with the customer service offered by a treadmill manufacturing company, the same is certainly not true of consumer reports. Treadmills are, like any other electronic device you might buy for your home, subject to faults, and while Horizon treadmills, for the most part, offer a reliable product and might not display many of these flaws, they are sometimes susceptible to them. While Horizon treadmills might provide a great workout when they work, an important point is raised by consumer reports: treadmills that remain broken for a protracted period do not provide the optimum workout and with poor customer service, broken treadmills don’t get fixed fast.

    Though they usually rate Horizon treadmills positively, magazine ratings of treadmills report that the company’s customer service is not as good as the machine itself. One reviewer points out that Horizon treadmills are one of the best available in their price range – unless they break. While magazine reviews usually cite Horizon treadmills as being reliable, it seems that when they fail securing replacement parts and a repair person to fit them can be difficult. There is little as frustrating as having to stop working out when you are on course to meet your fitness goals. While there is little doubt that Horizon treadmills offer a combination of features that add up to a great workout, but the reliability of the company’s customer service is an important part of the treadmill package. If Horizon treadmills are the one for you, be sure to find all the relevant repair contact numbers before you happen to need them, and if the Horizon treadmills’ service is unsatisfactory, be sure to stand your ground so that you can stay on course with your fitness goals. A great treadmill and great service should go together, but don’t always seem to.

    Fitness rowers reviews

    It's important to read the fitness rower reviews before investing in them. Fitness rowers give a complete workout and are high impact cardio vascular machines. They help in cutting the flab as well as toning the body. The fitness rowers simulate the action of rowing in water (like rowing small boats). Therefore there is exercise for arms, legs and the whole body.

    Fitness rowers give washboard abs (or abdomen) and make the butt more clenched. However they have certain disadvantages. They are very pushing for the joints and the knees, thus people who suffer from arthritis of the knees and the joints should avoid it. Instead they should go in for the low impact cardio vascular machines. Before using the fitness rowers, one should seek the advice of the doctor. When you get the go ahead from the doctor, you'll find many reviews which can tell you which fitness rower will work the best for you. The fitness rower reviews show the comparison between the various fitness rowers that are available in the market.

    After you have gone thru a thorough comparison, make the decision to buy the fitness rower. If done properly and without pushing yourself too far, then this machine is great for a whole body workout. You can use the air rowers both at the gym as well as at home. The home models are more compact and can be easily folded away under the bed or some such similar way. That's why it's great even for small spaces.

    Thus if you are looking for the home versions of the fitness rowers, look for a review such that the reviews of the fitness rowers help you in the purchase decision. Ask your gym instructor as well a the personal trainer to give you tips for buying the best fitness rower.

    Incline treadmill review

    Most people buying a treadmill want one with an incline (also called treadmill elevation). It used to be that incline on a treadmill was a bonus feature. However today, most motorized treadmills come with an incline option. The difference seems to be in the amount of elevation available. If you're looking for an economy treadmill (under $1000) you'll probably find most treadmills only come with a 10-12% incline (however that can be enough for most people - especially for those new to treadmill exercise). When you get into the mid-priced treadmills ($1500+) you'll start to see elevations of 12-15%. And in most premium treadmills you'll find inclines of 15%. If you're in top shape and really want a challenge, then you'll probably want a 15% incline. However if you just want a treadmill for gentle walking, a 10% elevation might suit you perfectly. Of course, the mother of incline treadmills is the incline trainer. This is a treadmill that also gives you much more elevation than normal treadmills - up to 30%. You've probably heard about the Bowflex Treadclimber. The Bowflex Treadclimber is a hybrid stair climber and treadmill. TreadClimbers have two separate, smaller treadmill belts (one for each foot) that you walk on. These individual belts also move up and down, meeting every step you take. Nordic Track also has an incline trainer available - called the Nordic Track X5. This machine has only one treadbelt (like a treadmill) and offers elevations of up to 30%. An incline trainer treadmill is way more than most people need. But if you want to burn as much as 500 calories in 20 minutes, you can do it with with one of these units. While incline trainers are excellent for burning calories, the downside is you're going to pay for them. Prices start at around $1600 for basic models. Because of this, these trainers are used mostly in commercial settings like gyms or office fitness facilities. So why the big deal about treadmill inclines? Walking on an elevation can help super-blast your calorie burn. You can burn up to twice or even 3 times the calories by walking on an incline vs. walking on a level surface. Plus if you're looking to build intervals into your workout, walking on an incline for 30 seconds to 2 minutes can be a great way to interval train and boost your post workout calorie burn. So in general an elevation on a treadmill is a great tool to have. It can help you get in shape and burn calories much faster than simply walking on a level surface. Regardless of which incline percentage you choose, just remember to wear high quality running shoes and enjoy your workout!

    Treadmill buying basics

    Treadmills are a large investment financially and in your fitness, therefore much thought and preparation should go into the purchase of your new treadmill. Having your treadmill motor blow up or your belt warp severely after only a few months use is not something you want, so here are a few basic treadmill buying tips. Warranty - Any treadmill brand worth its weight will offer a nice warranty on their product. Usually the motor, parts, and labor will be covered under different warranties. Make sure you get at least a 5 year warranty on you motor. After the treadmill purchase make sure you abide by the warranty and send in any user registrations if required. Walking Surface - How big is the surface you actually walk or run on? My first treadmill had a 16 inch width that seemed fine in the store, however after further usage I found myself always aware of where the sides were and extra careful not to "step off the edge".

    Make sure the width of your treadmill will be comfortable for everyone in your household (I prefer 20 inch widths) and also the length is long enough for the long legged members of your family. Weight Limit - Most treadmills have a weight limit. Too much weight can put a strain on the frame, belt, and especially motor of the treadmill. Make sure your potential treadmill has a weight limit to accommodate all of its potential users to avoid putting undue wear and tear on your new treadmill. Test Things Out - Get on your treadmill and give it a test drive. Does everything work as the advertisement states? Try the heart monitor if it's a feature, does it appear to be working properly? Is the treadmill quiet to your liking, or will it be an annoyance when home?

    Are the displays big enough for you to see easily? Safety - Make sure your new treadmill has an emergency stop mechanism. This can help prevent serious injuries during malfunction or accidents. Additional Features - Treadmills come in many shapes and sizes with various features. Some additional features you may look for are a water bottle holder, calorie counter, book stand, incline, and preset and programmable workout routines. Once you've made your final treadmill buying decision, make sure you shop around for the best price for your new treadmill. Getting all the features you want at the price you want makes for happy treadmilling!

    Home gyms checklist are you in the know

    I bet you're frustrated over the long lines at your local gym. Furthermore, I bet you don't appreciate being charged an extra $45 every month for a gym membership that you might not even use any more. Well, a home gym might just be the answer to what you are looking for. Buy the home gym equipment once and you don't have to keep paying the fees over and over again. Home gyms can be a sound investment for anyone looking to install one in their basement or workout room. Let's take a look at a few tips that might come in handy for anyone looking to install a home gym in their home. 1) Don't discard used equipment, but be sure and pick up a good deal on other people's discarded equipment (if that makes any sense). Used equipment can provide you a really good deal because some people (myself not included) go on exercise binges and buy equipment that they just quit using after a month or two. Their investment can certainly be your gain. Look through classifieds and on Ebay to research the best exercise equipment that you can possibly afford. Often times, you will find that the equipment that you are after is priced very reasonably. 2) Consider buying commercial fitness equipment. A lot of the time, the regular home gym equipment that you want to buy isn't what you are used to using at the gym. Find out what types of stuff you like the best and do some due diligence. Look for commercial fitness equipment dealers and you should be able to shop for the same stuff that the local workout spot has for you. 3) Get knowledgeable about the different types of home gym equipment. All equipment is not created equal. Figure out what the different types of equipment are and what the advantages and disadvantages of buying different stuff is. There is an large array of equipment available. Make the right decisions.

    The benefits of treadmill exercises

    When we think of exercise we often think of an expensive gym filled with others. For some people they aren’t comfortable venturing to a gym and working out in front of other people. For them purchasing a piece of exercise equipment for their home is a better choice. Although there are numerous different choices in home exercise equipment, one particular piece of equipment stands out. The treadmill is an affordable choice and with its ease of use it’s perfect for almost every member of the family. The benefits of treadmill exercise are far reaching.

    Not only does it afford you the same benefits of a brisk walk but there are other elements in play as well. One of the benefits of treadmill exercise is that engaging in exercise each day helps with sleep. If you take a few moments of your time each day to use the treadmill you’ll find that you are more tired around bedtime and you’ll sleep more soundly. The body needs to nourish itself with sleep after it’s gone through a period of exertion. When considering the benefits of treadmill exercise people don’t often consider how the mood can be affected. Regular, daily exercise can help with feelings of depression or sadness. The time involved on the treadmill doesn’t have to be long.

    Even a short ten or twenty minute period each day can be very beneficial. Some of the greatest benefits of treadmill exercise can be felt when you adjust the machine. Treadmills that are run on electricity have different speed settings. If you are just beginning an exercise regime than using the lowest speed is advisable. Even at a low setting your body will enjoy the benefits of treadmill exercise including an increased heart rate and fat burning. As you grow more accustomed to the speed you can increase it slowly.

    Changing the incline of the track can also result in increased benefits of treadmill exercise. When you feel as though you are walking uphill you are focusing on the muscles contained in your legs and buttocks. For a man or woman wanting to tone up these areas this can give great results. Treadmills are one of the easiest pieces of exercise equipment to use. Once the machine is assembled it is as simple as getting on and walking or running. The benefits of treadmill exercise can be felt by anyone including more mature people who are looking for a safe and easy way to exercise. Not all treadmills are electric. There are manual versions of treadmills available.

    The benefits of treadmill exercise on a manual treadmill as opposed to an electric version are much the same. The only difference is that with the manual treadmill you will find yourself working a bit harder to get the belt to move. This in itself is a benefit because it requires a bit more exertion on the part of the person exercising. Treadmills are available in many designs and in every price range. If you really want to experience the benefits of treadmill exercise, purchase a machine today.

    Home gyms advantages of having your own home gym

    If you want to commit to a fitness lifestyle but your current lifestyle and commitments keep you from getting to the gym, then you may want to create the possibility of setting up your own home gym. I’m sure we would all like to make fitness a full time priority. However, that it becomes challenging (especially if you have daily commitments). We understand that we need to work out and be persistent with our efforts. However, we have little time blocked out to do it. This is where a home gym can be effective for you. Don’t get me wrong, gym memberships are a great thing to have as well. However, having an area to set aside to exercise can be a valuable asset to people that make fitness a high priority. In this article I would like to discuss three advantages of having your own home gym: Flexibility is a benefit that can have major impact on our lives. You will be able keep your commitment to your fitness. With Home Gyms, you can work out at any time. You will also have less time constraints to skip work outs. Home gyms are also a time saver for weekends. You can only allocate a half hour of your schedule to weight lifting and then spend the rest of the time being with your family. A perfect example of the flexibility of a home gym is when you experience an un-expected schedule change. If you wake up late and miss your opportunity to go to your gym, you could always get a quick work out at home before you leave for work. You could also use this advantage at night time as well. If you miss your morning workout, you can always work out in the evening when you get home from work. Privacy is also and advantage when you have your own home gym. I find the most important benefit to having privacy is that you get to focus on your routine. Since there is less chance of socialization (than there would be at the gym), you can really dial into your work out. Also, you can watch or listen to what ever you want while you’re working out. Finally, the best part of having a home gym is that you have control. For example, a gym membership is an expense. If for some reason life throws you a curveball where you have to cancel your membership for any reason, you can use your home set up to your advantage. Your health would not be a casualty. One downside to having a home gym is that the equipment can be expensive. So it is important to do proper research on gym equipment. You do not have to buy expensive items for your home gym if you don’t want too. You could buy basic weights and a bench to start off with and then get more equipment as your financial situation allows for it. So if you’re a person with many daily commitments and can’t make it to the gym all the time, then consider investing in home gym.

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