Google wallet v ebay s paypal

: A new online payment processor is in the works to compete against Ebay’s Paypal system. Tentatively called Google Wallet, the new system is being developed by the Mountain View, CA, search engine giant and is expected to have an official launch date by early 2006. Choice is good and soon consumers may have a viable alternative to quirky Paypal. Rumors of the new payment processing system from Google surfaced online in June 2005. Speculation has been rampant as to when or even if the new system would be released, but now it appears that a beta version of the program will soon be made available. Google Wallet, if successful, may become a great alternative to eBay’s Paypal system. In October 2004, the entire Paypal system collapsed for five days, although Paypal insisted that they were only “intermittent issues” that “would soon be addressed.” This outage coupled with what many have long considered to be terrible customer service issues, e. g., unauthorized charge backs to members’ accounts, onerous fees, and “customer-no-service", has made Google’s timing especially sweet. Related to Google Wallet, is a recent rumor that Google may take direct aim at the likes of eBay and Craig’s List and start an online auction/classified listing site. All of this is good news for you, the consumer, as competition heats up in the payment processor wars.

Stay tuned...these are exciting times in which we live!

Awesome birthday gifts for anyone

There are plenty of ways to surprise anyone with an awesome birthday gift and there are an unlimited number of ways you can show your love, affection, or friendship with fun gifts that are perfect for anyone! Chances are that you have had the experience on more than one occasion the difficulty of finding the perfect birthday gift for that special someone. Whether you're unsure of the person's tastes or you just don't know what the other likes there are all sorts of problems that you may run into. However, there are always certain birthday presents that are always perfect and just right no matter who you are! Cash and Gift Cards Who says that money can't buy happiness? There are all sorts of ways to be creative when you are giving cash as a gift. You can put it in a cute birthday card or you can find a box to put it in. Likewise, gift cards are also another great way to say "Happy Birthday," to that special person in your life. Getting a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant is usually always an exciting feeling and you are certain not to go wrong when you choose to buy a gift card for the friend, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend in your life! However, if you are going to go this route then you may want to think about just how much you will be putting on the gift card. For example, the most important thing to think about is how much stuff the amount of money can buy that you'll be putting on the gift card! Unique Gift Ideas There are plenty of unique gift ideas that anyone can buy that'll express creativity and fun. For example, have you ever thought about giving a trampoline as a gift? How about an above-ground swimming pool? Of course you'll want to make sure that the person you are buying these things for has the proper space, but they make great gifts nonetheless. Trampolines are awesome gifts because most of them hold up to 450lbs, which would be great for children and adults! Likewise, most everyone loves to swim and would take advantage of an above-ground swimming pool for their birthday! Funny Birthday Movies Unless the person you are buying for doesn't like watching television and movies at all, it is probably a safe bet that you'll be able to get away with buying funny movies for your chosen birthday gift! You can always buy a bunch of funny and interesting movies to give, or you can buy 1 or 2 movies and combine those with other small and fun birthday presents! A whole hodgepodge of gifts will go over better than nothing at all! Hopefully now you have some interesting and unique ideas for birthday presents for whoever you are buying for. There are all sorts of things out there for that special person in your life, but gift cards, cash, and unique birthday gifts are almost always certain to bring a smile to their face!

The stress of car boot sales

Spend the whole day before the event organising your clutter. In and out of the loft, back and forth to the shed. All those arguments about what can and can't go. Clean your clutter. Well you do want a good price for it at the car boot sale! Check that your car can carry the huge weight of the clutter to your local car boot ... Check your cars tyres, check the petrol gauge. Complete all the rudimentary checks would normally undertake before going on a journey with half a ton of extra weight in the back. Pack your car with the newly identified clutter. Repack your car several times with the newly identified clutter until it actually fits. Unpack your clutter when you realise your partner will not be able to get in the car. Optional - Repack your car but leave several items out so your partner can get in the car. Or, buy a bigger car (or van, or lorry). Plan your route. Take into consideration the extra time needed to travel this distance. There will be several thousand other cars doing the same journey. Congratulations! - So, you're ready for the off in the morning. It's only taken you all day to sort the clutter and the car out. Set your alarm clock for 5 o'clock in the morning – this is the very latest time you should look at getting out of bed. Car boot sale day … It is morning and you now ache from all the hard work you accomplished the day before. Well, the day has just begun (although it may still be dark). Be sure to make yourself a hearty breakfast. If you're going on your own you won't be able to leave the rear of your vehicle to get some food as someone might steal your clutter and your car (or parts of the car to sell on their stall). Panic – you suddenly remember that you will need a table to set out your clutter on. The pasting table you used to decorate the bedroom. The rails you used to hang your clothes on whilst you decorated your bedroom. These are the perfect car boot sale accessories! The journey to the car boot sale … You now set off on your journey to the car boot sale. A few hours later and a few miles up the road you realise that it's a bit foggy. It is not foggy. It is the fumes from all the cars on the road in front of you. Eventually, you make it into the field where the car boot sale is being held. It is muddy. Did you bring an old pair of boots? Have a quick look round to see if anyone is selling some. The car boot sale … You pay your pitch fee and you park your car. It's not so bad. The grass will grow again – some day. Time to set up and wait for the first customer. But before you can get anything out, herds of strange folk come up to you and ask very forward questions. Like, "do you have any toys?". These people are dealers, they prey on the unsuspecting, looking for the ultimate bargain. Now the following is more than likely to happen, considering this is Britain and here comes the rain. Did you bring the brolly? Remember, people pay less for soggy goods. The customers flock by and some even stop to have a look. You feel uncomfortable. These people are looking at your personal belongings. They may be old but they are part of your history. Are they judging you? All you want is to get rid of the stuff and maybe earn enough money to recoup all you have laid out for the day. Counting the cost of the car boot sale … The sale of your clutter goes quite well – not always the case. The average booter will take between Ј15 and Ј30. (Then spend it on buying more clutter). The obvious wear and tear on your poor vehicle or the time used to complete this exercise is not even included. So the whole day has cost you a fiver. Well, at least you got rid of that unwanted clutter. All you've got to do now is find a place for the new clutter. And what about all the stuff you didn't manage to sell? It's been a long day. No! It's been a long weekend! Did you really need all that stress? The average cost for the day is as follows … Takings: Ј30 Petrol: Ј10 Entrance Fee: Ј10 Lunch and snacks Ј5 Other clutter purchased Ј10 Profit: -Ј5 Seriously though, boot sales are a tried and trusted way to buy and sell but there are alternatives. Try ubos. co. uk.

Online purchase of flowers

To a great extent our day to day life has a great relation with the existing and developing computer trends which has in many ways made our life a bit easier in some sense of the term To particularize on this context I take the opportunity to focus on the online shopping system which offers more or less every kind of thing on sale. The online sale of flowers is a great opportunity which everyone should grab as it remains only a buttons distance away. Cotton products in the virtual market for sale with an easy payment mode and in all varieties, sizes and colours is a news which everyone will be interested in and will check in and can make their shopping experience feel real. There are also helpline to assist on special choices made with special colour and special designs. The type of products on sale ranges from items like bouquets, gifts, chocolates, to teddy bears, greeting cards and other gift items. Free shipping facility is provided for delivery of domestic orders. You are also given the facility to send flowers the same day and can get a refund if not satisfied with a money-back guarantee scheme. The payment policies are made convenient and easy for the customer. The online shopping has emerged successful with its customer friendly approach. Payments can be done by credit card which is handled via secure server and a high level secrecy is maintained. With developments rushing in, the payment mode will be done easier with “electronic cash” transfer service.

Optimize returns from your online free trial campaigns use phoneconfirm

: The Current State of Online Free Trials in the e-Business Scene Every year, hundreds of e-business websites worldwide employ online free trial campaigns to promote their goods and services. These campaigns usually run for a limited trial period, often up to 90 days. During this trial period, these companies offer free goods and services, aiming to convert responders into paying customers at the end of the trial. Some service companies even offer a limited period free trial as an ongoing company policy. Upon offering a free trial, each company wants to draw only genuine customers who complete an online form to register. These forms are simple, requesting only key information, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, and some personal preferences about products or services. Beyond that, most companies do very little to verify the user.

The campaign goes as planned, and the company meets its free trial commitments. Along with the genuine customers out there, the marketplace is full of people who are “on the prowl” waiting for these opportunities to make fast gains. These include e-newsletter signups, ROI calculators, signups for marketing material, drawings, and free service trials. And the competition is not far behind, always finding ways to dilute the impact of the campaign. The Real Issue Many online users routinely abuse free trial campaigns by creating multiple accounts and registering one-time signups multiple times. Or, competitors sign up under false identity to prevent even the best-managed companies from deriving full benefits from their trial campaign investments. This online deception results in financial loss due to poor online verification of a user’s identity. It is common knowledge that if this issue is left unresolved, - % of the intended reach is taken away by non-genuine customers and competitors, making campaigns less effective and even quite risky. This not only impacts the expected yield from each campaign, but also strains resources, adversely affecting the level of service to genuine customers.

This e-business issue has been widely recognized, and website owners are looking for solutions to minimize the problem. The PhoneConfirm Solution PhoneConfirm. com provides an affordable solution that helps website owners derive full value from their trial campaign investments for all types of online e-businesses. Using PhoneConfirm’s proven Automated Phone Confirmation Service, predators and competitors are discouraged from signing up for free trials of a product or service, greatly improving the quality of the marketing leads. PhoneConfirm’s solution is based on two important facts. First, any phone number is easily traceable. Next, while multiple email addresses can be quickly and freely obtained just in a few minutes (using various email services), it is much more complicated to obtain a new telephone number. For most people, it is not worth the trouble to confirm a phone number just for a free service usage.

So, most potential fraudsters are immediately discouraged and drop the idea to commit the folly. How PhoneConfirm. com Works The trial campaign subpages of a company’s website links to their potential clients via the PhoneConfirm Service. From the information provided online by the customers, Phone Confirm verifies the user’s phone number, generates a unique PIN number, and records it, drastically reducing the shipment of marketing material, free goods, or free trial services to junk users. PhoneConfirm automatically dials the phone number at the same time that the end user is registering for a transaction. PhoneConfirm immediately calls the number to confirm that the phone number represents the person that is interacting with the website through PIN entry. Any discrepancy results in automatic blockage, and the transaction is reported to the website for further disposition.

The result is a reduction in fraud, decreased unauthorized system accesses, and a significant cost savings compared to a traditional, manual telephone confirmation process. The Benefits of Using PhoneConfirm. com PhoneConfirm’s fraud protection service adds an important layer to real-time identity confirmation, reducing fake users drastically. It enables secure account updates and protected changes (such as passwords), reduces labor and service costs for manual phone confirmation, and adds another confirmation record for the transaction. PhoneConfirm. com is both easy to set up and use. They will even help customers set up service. PhoneConfirm’s verification service helps websites derive the full benefits from their campaign investments. During on-line campaigns, websites can even use the PhoneConfirm logo on their forms to further discourage unfair use of free offerings.

PhoneConfirm Support Services PhoneConfirm. com is a globally recognized brand name well known for its non-stop, innovative, and cost effective online phone verification services. PhoneConfirm is professionally managed and is fully committed to providing superior pre - and post-sale support services to its worldwide customer base through qualified and experienced marketing, engineering, and technical support teams. PhoneConfirm’s policy is to provide its customers the highest possible quality through continued research and innovation in both products and support.

Fantastic new wireless technology explodes across the planet

Bluetooth does not describe a dental condition in which a patient has blue teeth. The term “Bluetooth” signifies a special new technology, a technology of the 21st Century. The devices with Bluetooth technology allow the user of such devices to conduct 2-way transmissions over short distances. Usually the distance between the communicating Bluetooth devices runs no more than 150 feet. . The individual who has access to two or more devices with Bluetooth technology has the ability to carryout such short-range communications. One big advantage to having access to some of the devices with the Bluetooth technology is the opportunity one gains to conduct a “conversation” between mobile and stationary technological items.

The Bluetooth car kit underlines the plus side of having access to the Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth car kit sets the stage for a “conversation” between a mobile and a stationary electrical gadget. For example, the Bluetooth car kit permits a cell phone in the garage to communicate with a home computer. Thanks to Bluetooth, a car driver with a cell phone could sit inside a car and send a message to a home computer. By the same token, Bluetooth technology could allow a car to send a message to a personal computer.

Such a message could inform a car owner that the motor vehicle sitting in the garage needed an oil change, rotation of the tires or some other routine procedure. Not all of modern automobiles come equipped with Bluetooth technology. So far only Acura, BMW, Toyota Prius and Lexus have chosen to provide the consumer with this special feature. In order for the car owner to benefit from the potential of Bluetooth technology in a motor vehicle, all of the devices with that technology must use the same type of profile.

For example, if a car audio system contains devices with the Bluetooth technology, then any of the communications that take place between those devices require Bluetooth equipment that uses the same profile. Such restrictions typically specify that the Bluetooth car kit will work only if all of the inter-device communicating involves equipment that operates under the hands-free profile. In other words, a Bluetooth car kit would not be expected to allow a cell phone with a headset profile to communicate with a computer that had a dial-up networking profile. Of course Bluetooth technology is not confined to the automobile. It has also been responsible for allowing young teens to listen to music from an iPod, while at the same time being equipped and ready to handle any number of cell phone calls. On other occasions those same teens might choose to use the Bluetooth technology to send selected images from a digital camera to a home computer. The Bluetooth technology has demonstrated the ability to lay the groundwork for creation of a mobile entertainment system. It could also facilitate the quick assembly of an operating and mobile office space. The father of the young teen who was listening to a iPod could very-well be the traveling business man at the airport, the man who must wait for a delayed flight.

Access to the Bluetooth technology would give such a man the ability to set-up a temporary “office” in the airport terminal. Once that same traveling businessman had reached his destination, and once he had settled in a motel room, then he might use the Bluetooth technology to send signals from a laptop computer to a printer server. Both younger and older adults have demonstrated that Bluetooth technology is definitely a technology of the 21st Century. Who could guess that the Bluetooth technology got its name from King Harold, “Bluetooth,” of Denmark, who lived back in the 10th Century? King Harold sought to unite the countries of Scandinavia, much as the Bluetooth technology helps the different types of informational devices to work in unison.

The day i was nearly defrauded on ebay

I have been reading lately about many cases of people, who are the victims of conmen on the internet auction website Ebay. I myself had a negative experience a number of years ago when a man tried to steal Ј170 from me. I was one of the lucky ones as I managed to get the money back. I had been having lots of fun buying and selling on Ebay for a number of months, without any problems at all. I regularly sold second hand mobile phones and was making a fair amount of money for very little effort. If I ever bought anything that cost over Ј100, I would always meet the seller somewhere, normally just off the motorway. I managed to purchase what I felt were some real bargains and also sold off many items which I no longer needed or wanted. This fun and easy way of earning cash was soon to come to an end. Maybe I am a bit of a fool, but it came as quite a shock when it happened.

On one particular day, I was scouring ebay, looking to purchase another second hand mobile phone, which I would then re-sell, hopefully for a profit. I eventually found an advert for a buy it now phone, with the asking price low but not extremely low. It was available for only Ј170, I believed I could quite easily make a profit of at least Ј50 at this price. On the advert there was a mobile number, which I could phone if I had any questions. I duly did this and a man calling himself Tony answered. I asked him the general type questions, which he was happy to answer. He sounded and seemed really nice, however stated that he was unable to meet me as he was unable to drive, as he had yet to pass his driving test. The alarm bells should have started ringing, but for whatever reason, they didn't. As his house was a long way from where I lived, I reluctantly agreed to pay via a bank transfer. He assured me he would post the phone that very day via Royal Mail Special Delivery to arrive by noon the next day. He seemed very genuine, they always do your thinking and that was that. As you will no doubt have guessed, no phone arrived the next day or in fact any day. I tried contacting Tony via e-mail, text and by phoning his mobile phone, there was no reply. I realised what a fool I had been, however decided to go to the police. They were very helpful and about half an hour later I had a crime number, however was warned that it was very unlikely I would ever see a phone or receive a refund of my money. The police advised me to be very careful as they regularly have complaints from people who have been defrauded on ebay, I was not alone! Outside the police station I sent Tony a text with the police crime number. To my shock he phoned me straight away swearing at me but eventually agreed to refund me the money, if I stopped the police action against him. I was very lucky, I am sure many other people as the police stated, never get their money back.

Starting a small ecommerce business

With a little knowledge, skills, and determination, anyone can start an ecommerce business. In this article, I'll go over a few of the basic components that you'll need when starting your ecommerce business. 1 – Product or service If you don't have your own product or service to market, you can market other people's products, either via affiliate programs, dropshippers, or network marketing programs. Once you've found a top quality product or service to market, you're ready to get started! 2 – Shopping Cart software To sell products online, you will need some kind of shopping cart software, to facilitate online ordering and order processing. I recommend Oscommerce - It is free, very flexible, and feature-filled. 3 – Online Payments To sell online, you'll need a way to accept online payments. The easiest way to do this is via Paypal. However, Paypal is not the most convenient for your customers – it's better for them if you get a merchant account and accept credit cards. 4 – Communications Even in ecommerce, communication with your customers is very important. At the bare minimum, you should have an email address and physical address for your customers to contact you at. Ideally, you should also have a toll-free number. 5 – Webhosting Of course, you'll need a server to host your website and software on. There are many reputable hosts that offer everything you'll need for under ten dollars. Use a web host rating website to find a good host. 6 – Marketing Many small business owners fail at one of the most important points – marketing. If you don't properly market your website, you won't make any sales, and your business will fail. The key is to utilize marketing methods which are effective and profitable for your business. Experiment to find what works best, but here are a few tried and true methods to start with: pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, article marketing, shopping comparison websites, email marketing, and joint ventures.

The ebay item listing rules

Because eBay is such a huge marketplace, with members from all walks of life, in almost every single country around the world, it is no wonder that there are many scammers lurking about. In order to better protect the buyers, eBay has specific rules concerning the items that can be auctioned off on the site. These rules must be followed, or the person posting the item for auction can be banned from the site. Even though there are numerous categories, items that are put up for auction really only fall into one of four categories at eBay: Prohibited, Questionable, Potentially Infringing, and Approved. Approved is the simplest category to define and understand. An approved item is any item that does not fall into one of the other three categories.

That is fairly simple, right? After the 'approved' category, however, it starts to get a little harder to understand - with the exception of prohibited items. A prohibited item may not be auctioned on eBay for any reason, under any circumstances. Prohibited items include alcohol, drugs, animals, tobacco, human remains or body parts of any type, lottery tickets, and governmental property. There is quite a bit more on the list, and that list can be viewed at the eBay website. Questionable items are those that are not prohibited, but are not necessarily infringing. Adult material falls under the 'questionable' category. Tickets of any type may also be questionable.

Law enforcement related equipment, as well as guns, knives, and other weapons are questionable items. Artifacts, food items, batteries, all hazardous chemicals and materials are also on the list of questionable items. You can auction questionable items at eBay, as long as those items meet certain conditions. Potentially Infringing items are those that violate copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights. These items are almost always some type of media, such as software, DVDs, and CDs, but the list contains other items as well, such as counterfeit items and illegal recordings. You can find out more about 'potentially infringing' items at the eBay website as well. If you are unsure as to which category your item falls into, you should contact eBay with this question before setting up the auction. As a buyer, you should carefully consider the consequences of purchasing items that fall under one of the three categories above.

In some cases, it may be very illegal to have some of those items in your possession - no matter how they were obtained. Before making such a purchase, or bidding on such an item, you should find out more details about the item in question, and then get some legal advice.

Selling on ebay find a reliable wholesaler for free

If you want to make money selling on ebay, you should look at finding yourself a wholesaler in the field you are selling in. A wholesaler is the 'bridge' between the manufacturer and the retailer. Quite often the manufacturer doesn't want to deal with individual retailers because of they may only sell hundreds of their product, whereas the wholesaler can sell thousands. Because of this, they only mark up their prices probably around 15%. Wholesalers have only recently found the power of the internet, with more and more are shifting from having just an online prescence to having a full e-commerce site. And that's good news for the retailer. Due to the nature of the wholesaler, they won't deal with end consumers, and only deal with 'traders', but that doesn't mean they won't deal with you. Provided you are going to be buying in bulk, in general the wholesaler will sell to you. Being a trader simply means you're not going to keep the products you buy. If you're selling on ebay as a hobby that still means you're a trader. You don't need to set up a company, the same way you don't need to when you sell at car boot sales. So now you know what a wholesaler is, how do you go about finding one. Buy a wholesaler list from ebay, right? Wrong! Those lists may contain thousands of companies, but accurate are they? In my experience, not very. Out of interest I bought a list, and 90% of the wholesalers listed aren't in the country you're interested in. Very few had websites, and some just had mobile phone numbers as the contact, which were not in service. Don't waste your money. They are out of date as soon as they are put on the cd, or in the PDF. You have a couple of options. The simplest is to pick up the Yellow Pages (or visit Yell. com). You'll be suprised how many there are on your doorstep. Just pay them a visit explaining that you're starting to sell online. Some do require letterheads etc, but many don't. All it takes is a visit to find out. The other way is to visit a trader directory website. There are a few on the net, but most of them require you to pay to see the wholesalers listed. I think this is backwards. It's like asking you to pay every month for the use of the Yellow Pages. The right way to do it is to have free access, but if any payment is required, it should be from the advertiser. There is another benefit to the advertiser/wholesaler too, and that's their page ranking. Search engines look at how many other sites are linking to their site, and more specifically, sites that are related (by theme/topic etc) to each other. Having similar sites linking will improve the page ranking of those sites, which will make them appear higher in search engines. But I digress. When you find a wholesaler, visit his site. If he's in the UK, he needs to have a contact name, address and number on their site (as required by section 4 of the Business Names Act, 1985). If they are a registered company, their company number needs to be visible also. You can use this to check how long the company has been in business and their registered address. Give them a call and have a chat. If they're legit then they'll welcome the call and quite happily answer any questions. Check the terms and conditions. Because they sell in bulk, there may be a minimum order quantity for individual items, or a minumum order value. This can be as little as Ј50 or as much as Ј1000. You may need to register to see the wholesale prices. This shouldn't pose a problem. Once you've got the prices, compare them to similar items on ebay to see what kinds of profit you can make. I've found prices for the same item can vary quite dramatically between wholesalers. This is because wholesalers get discounts from the manufacturer depending on the amount they can sell. The more they sell, the bigger the discount. Build up a good relationship with them if possible. Some online wholesalers are very friendly and offer what feels like a personal service. If you are regular, they may provide an even higher level of service.

Os commerce

Executive Summary eCommerce platforms are being commoditized. Enterprise level solutions are coming down in price and new open source solutions are being made available to anyone with an internet connection for free. The most robust of these open source solutions is OS Commerce (OSC) – a community driven eCommerce solution that is flexible, scalable, and user friendly. As eCommerce becomes even more a part of mainstream retail, OSC will provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the functionality and capabilities of the big boys. This brief examines some of the advantages of OS Commerce and provides insights into how it can help your business. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Maybe so, but you CAN get an eCommerce platform for nothing. Offered for free at oscommerce. com, this eCommerce solution provides tons of bells and whistles and provides a user friendly interface to manage the administrative portions of the store. The code is based in the PHP scripting language and runs on the Apache web server – a user also needs access to a SQL database to initially upload the files that manage the categories and products within the admin section. Now that sounds complicated, but really anyone can do it with some concentrated effort. Much of the documentation online regarding OS is very thorough and provides step by step plans on how to get your store up and running. Any newbie to this type of work will likely come across some roadblocks, but the OS Commerce community forums are only a click away to start trouble shooting. The solution is community driven, meaning that like minded OSCers are ready to help out their peers with answers to posted questions. Yes, at times this can be extremely frustrating waiting for an answer, but it is very rewarding to overcome a technology bug on your own. Contribute to the Cause The best part of OSC is the number of contributions that can be added to your site at any time. Again, there is no cost for these enhancements and upgrades – just the need to be patient in your installations. In most cases, contributions are located on the OS commerce community section and are downloadable via zip files. After opening the file, read the “read me” file which will walk you through the file additions, subtractions, and code changes needed to make your enhancement work properly. If you explore the OS platform be sure to upgrade with the following contributions. Ultimate SEO URL’s by Chemo This cool contribution allows the site owner to create static URL’s out of a database driven site. This will dramatically help in search saturation as more pages are able to be indexed. Its no secret that search spiders like traditional urls better than ones that are dynamic and this contribution helps achieve that. Easy Populate No need to input product data manually, this contribution allows you to import data from a basic excel file into your store. A true timesaver! Featured Products If you have an ecommerce store – certain products are more attractive to sell than others. This contribution allows you to tailor the featured products that you want to showcase within both your home and category pages. Final Thoughts on OSC Myself, I am a marketer. But after learning OS I really feel like I have some programmer blood in me! This platform is easy to use and perfect for a small to medium size business in getting online. Yes, there will be headaches along the way but stay with it and you will overcome them and soon have an ecommerce store to bring you in a new revenue stream. Craig Smith is the founder of Trinity Insight LLC - a management consulting firm for the E-Commerce sector.

Introduction to meditation

Today we live in a fast-paced world. Things happen so quickly that more often that not, we do not have the chance to react to the things thrown at us. We somehow lose the ability to think things over in favor of lightning-quick decisions. But it shouldn’t be so. Every one of us needs to slow down a little from time to time and be calm. Otherwise, stress will build up and will affect how we deal with the people around us, not only in the workplace but also at home. The practice of meditation is a way for us to be still for a while and let our minds become focused until we become calm enough to deal with the daily pressures of life. Some may think that meditation is a completely religious practice. While it is true that a lot of religions, especially Eastern ones, take meditation as an integral part of their practice, it is not necessarily the case. In fact, more and more people who aren’t necessarily religious get into meditation. People practice meditation for a variety of reasons.

While we already mentioned that it helps us become still in this fast-paced world, other people meditate for health reasons and to attain a higher state of consciousness, among others. So if you think that life is stressing you out, it’s probably time for you to slow things down a little bit. Your mind is probably too distracted with so many things to consider and to think about. Meditation can help you calm down and let you be stress and worry-free. Meditation to Improve Concentration Today, there are a lot of things that help in keeping us entertained. In the internet alone, there are a multitude of websites that do such that like video sharing sites, gaming sites and other websites which cater to our interests. While there is nothing wrong with entertaining ourselves, a problem arises with our constant need for distractions. Because of that, it becomes difficult for us to focus on one thing. We do not need to take extreme measures to help us focus. There are practices which can do the job for us. It includes the practice of meditation. People take up meditation for different purposes and improving concentration is one of them. There are several methods by which meditation does its job. One is through breathing exercises. Even an exercise that is as simple as being aware of the times we inhale and exhale can do wonders to our ability to concentrate. While it may sound easy, it can be quite difficult especially if one has to deal with distractions such as outside noise. Another method is by reciting a mantra. A mantra is a phrase or a sound that is recited repeatedly. For Catholics, praying the rosary is a form of a mantra. The repetition becomes the center of the meditation to which the person’s attention becomes focused. There are other more methods by which meditation can help improve concentration. However, the two mentioned above are the most basic and could help beginners start out with the practice. Breathing and Meditation Breathing is an integral part of meditation. Proper breathing is required in many practices of meditation and is therefore an important tool to be possessed by people who wish to perform this activity. The practice of proper breathing while meditating helps a person relax while doing the exercise. Proper breathing is achieved by inhaling through the nose, letting the diaphragm (not the chest) expand and exhaling through the mouth. Doing this slows down a person’s heart rate which leads to a relaxed mood. Breathing also plays a significant role when a person aims to improve his/her concentration. This is done by focusing the mind on the act of taking in air and feeling it pass through the nostrils until the air is finally exhaled through the mouth. While this may sound easy, it can be quite challenging when done for the first time. Then there’s the method for increasing a person’s awareness. Just like the concentration technique mentioned above, it involves putting one’s attention to his/her breathing. But instead of focusing on the act of inhaling and exhaling air, it is the sensation of breathing where the person trains his/her thoughts. The feeling of the air passing through the nose, filling the lungs and expanding the diaphragm is the sensation that a person should look for. It helps him/her feel how it is to be truly alive. This article has shown how important breathing is in the practice of meditation. It is no wonder, therefore, that the two are inseparable activities that a student of meditation should learn. Meditation and Dealing with Fear and Phobia Every person has a phobia of certain things, be it of heights or speaking in front of people. While most people overcome their fears, some are crippled by it. This therefore prevents them from doing things that they would otherwise find enjoyable. Meditation is one way for people trapped by their phobias to finally get out of their shell and start living the full life. A definition of fear is that it is the anxiety caused by a perceived danger. It is the state of mind by which a person foresees something wrong happening either to him/her or the people around him/her. Meditation helps in overcoming a person’s fear by altering his/her state of mind. There are several ways by which this practice can help people achieve this. One such way is called mindfulness meditation. By training the person to live in the now, his/her attention is veered away from the future where that person perceives the danger. Besides, it is only a mere perception and such event may or may not actually happen. Visualization can also help a person cope with fear by making the person imagine what he/she will do in case the perceived danger comes. By being mentally prepared for such an event, the person will be able to deal with the future situation better. Again, fear is a mere state of mind. Facing it, therefore, needs some alteration in the person’s perception of what may or may not happen. It can be achieved by the practice of meditation. Meditation and Pain Anyone who has heard of the expression about the power of mind over matter will easily understand the benefit of meditation on people suffering from different forms of physical pain. This article will deal with several methods by which meditation can help in alleviating a person’s condition. Concentration techniques in meditation can help in easing a person’s suffering by keeping his/her mind away from the source of the pain. Usually, the pain is magnified because people choose to focus on it. If their attention is trained somewhere else, the pain becomes more manageable. Another method is called mindfulness meditation. This involves being aware of one’s present condition and accepting it as such. If a person accepts that he/she is currently in pain, dealing with it would be much easier. Then there’s visualization. It could be considered as a form of self-hypnosis. It is done by creating an image of the pain and imagining it moving away from the body. As suggested by these methods, they do not actually take away pain from the person. Rather, they make dealing with the pain much easier. This is also the reason why methods like those mentioned should be coupled with the proper medical advice. In fact, consulting one’s doctor is advised before even trying the meditation exercises out. Otherwise, there will be a risk of overlooking more serious conditions that could be causing the pain. Along with the proper medical advice, meditation can help improve a person’s tolerance for pain.

Hostgator reseller hosting for beginner

With proper web hosting reseller plan, you will only require just a little knowledge in maintaining user accounts, and focus on marketing work to sell more hosting account and generate good revenue from it. When talk about reseller hosting, we always consider the profit margin. Its always the biggest concern, and we always asked ourselves how much should we earn to have good income. Frankly speaking, having 10 customers will not give you good income. This is real world business and I really mean serious business. Aim for 10 sign up on the first week running your web hosting reselling. And aim to hit the 100 accounts in less than two months time. You can create multiple hosting package to choose from, at least two package. And allow customer to upgrade their account if they want to. And you can earn more this way. To promote your hosting plan, you can setup a nice website and offering user to sign up online and paid through credit cards. Don’t worry about billing gateway thing, hostgator provides the reseller account with billing software included as well. And you can receive payment directly and the account will automatically setup after they sign up. Its simple, and require very little efforts. This is one of the best reseller hosting I ever come across, and more details found here http:// hostgatorreview. org/hostgator/hostgator-reseller/ about hostgator reseller plan. Alternative marketing strategy is to invite friends or business partner to use your hosting plan, offering web design services and hosting services, join web hosting forums and promote your hosting plan, put advertisement through google adwords or other PPC network. And there is lots more marketing strategy that you can think of. When your hosting company is new, focus on generate revenue. The more revenue you got, the faster you can grow. Once you are ready, upgrade your reseller plan and you can sell even more.

How relevant is your ecommerce web site design

Ecommerce web site design can spell either success or doom for any business. In this internet age it is imperative to have an online site for advertising, selling or buying a product or service. There are numerous ecommerce websites doing business on the World Wide Web. Your website’s ecommerce design must be relevant to all the different elements needed for designing a good website. If you want to add a personal touch to your site, you can design your own site. However you can also get professional help from the numerous website designing companies to get your online business site designed. Select a good web design company which has high credibility to design your ecommerce web site. The purpose of any ecommerce site is to generate business for a product or to promote a service.

Ecommerce web site designing is not an easy task and is not done overnight. There are some basic simple rules which you need to follow to make a good website. First of all ensure that your website is compatible to different types of browser and operating systems. The purpose of an ecommerce site is to generate business leads, and if online surfers using different browsers and operating systems cannot even view your site properly, you will lose out on a significant number of prospective clients.

Think about this aspect before you actually go about designing a website. It is said that pictures have the ability to communicate messages which sometimes even words fail to say. Pictures have a very strong ability to portray strong emotions. Silence they say is sometimes stronger than words. Put up relevant pictures on your site to put forward an idea. Take care that you do not put up any irrelevant and outdated pictures on your website. Color combination of a website is very important. Choose the color to be used in your ecommerce web site design only after a very careful consideration. Colors in an ecommerce site must not be garish and at the same time must not be too dull, so that it does not even invoke any response from visitors to your site. Choose a color pattern which is appealing to the eye, but at the same time refrain from going over the top. The navigability and the functionality of ecommerce web site design are of big importance. Your site may be the best visually looking site ever made, but if it does not have proper functionality and navigability, no one is even going to give your site a second glance. No visitor is going to wait and search for information in your site if it is not properly navigable and functional. Take care of the contents in your ecommerce web site design. Good and relevant content is a great means of bringing visitors to your site. Check out for yourself and see if the content in your site is relevant of not. Also see if all the links are properly placed or not and whether visitors are immediately transferred to the page that has the relevant information for their query. Make your best effort in satisfying the visitor to your site. Consider yourself as a visitor to a site and think what all things you would want to see in a site. Users are the king in determining if a website will work or not. Take care of the user and try to satisfy his or her needs in your ecommerce web site design.

Ecommerce with quality budget hosting and free software solutions

Want to have an online store but can't pay the fifty bucks a month or more for a real ecommerce hosting solution? Why not get your store and take credit card payments for under ninety dollars a year? So you have something you want to sell right? Ebay is good and every other marketplace online, and there are thousands of them, but you just want your own little e-store. You want to experiment and learn some things and maybe make a little or even alot of money but the common ecommerce hosting solutions are a bit out of your desired price range. In this article I will quickly go over some easy and very affordable choices you have to get to your intended goal.

These choices will be based on a combination of good, quality budget web hosting and a couple of the many free ecommerce software solutions out there. An easy and free way to take credit card payments online is to get a paypal account. Paypal provides many solid services to online merchants and is easily the most popular online payment gateway available. They offer integration with ebay auctions as well as buttons for people to purchase things from you and also a fully customizable shopping cart. Go to paypal. com to find out more. If you only have a few products to sell Paypals shopping cart may work well for you. You can just stick pictures and information about your products on a web site and add Paypal buttons for each product.

Certain hosting providers have a spot on their hosting control panels to easily install ecommerce scripts. With the click of a mouse you can have a full featured ecommerce solution ready to add your products to. Usually this includes stuff like product reviews, new products, specials, paypal or other payment gateway integration and news letters. One of my favorite free ecommerce scripts is called osCommerce. Most web hosting companies provide easy installation for this. Good web hosting is usually between $70 and $120 a year. Add a payment solution like Paypal to this and some good products and you have your site. Now you have to market it. Thats another article altogether though.

It pays to be popular as 3 launches revolutionary concept

3, the UK's leading mobile media company, is shaking up the mobile market yet again with the launch of a revolutionary service that, for the first time, pays customers to receive calls and texts. The new pay-as-you-go price service from 3 - called 'WePay' - will see customers rewarded with a cash credit for calls and texts they receive. So with 5p per minute for calls received and 2p per text received, it really does pay to be popular on 3. Customers claim their cash credit each time they purchase a new WePay Top-up voucher - the credit can then be used to purchase any 3 services, from texts and calls to buying music tracks and watching TV on their mobiles. For example, when a customer receives a five-minute call, they earn enough credit to send two texts, or send a picture message or watch the highlights from two episodes of Coronation Street. Graeme Oxby, 3's Marketing Director, explains: "It pays to be popular. Anyone who regularly receives calls and texts could end up much better off by moving to 3. You pick up, we pay up; it's as simple as that." "The introduction of WePay means we've raised the bar on rewarding loyal PAYG customers and at the same time created a way for everyone to enjoy music and TV on their mobile." WePay is the next development in 3's mission to bring better value to UK mobile users. The pre-pay market is notoriously complicated with a plethora of tariffs and special offers. In response, consumers have had to adopt increasingly sophisticated strategies to find the best value, from only using their mobiles off-peak to owning several different handsets on a variety of networks and tariffs. Continental Research's Autumn 2005 Mobile Report suggests that as many as 5.9 million consumers in the UK now carry more than one phone. 3 devised WePay, in combination with low outbound call and text rates and the largest range of 3G handsets available on pay-as-you-go, to create a compelling reason for consumers who make and receive a lot of calls and messages to move to 3, port their number and use 3 as their only network. It currently takes at least seven days to port your number in the UK, whereas in other countries such as Ireland and Pakistan, it takes just a couple of hours. Marketing Director Graeme Oxby continued: "Because the process can be slow, only a fraction of people on PAYG port their number when they get a new phone. Our new reward for picking up calls and texts makes it worthwhile for consumers to move their number." As part of its new Pay-as-you-go service, 3 will also launch a range of stylish new handsets designed by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli for its PAYG customers. The WePay tariff is available from 1 February 2006. How it works… A customer on WePay who receives 100 minutes of calls and 50 texts a month will earn Ј6.00 credit. He or she can claim their cash credit when they purchase a new WePay Top-up, and the credit can then be used to purchase any 3 services.

E commerce solutions

When you have a small home-based business, and are basically just starting there are many ways to make a large leap ahead. One of these great methods is to sell online merchandise. An online store can be set up relatively easily and e-commerce has been proven to be quite successful. There are many sites online these days that make e-commerce an excellent decision for your business. Microsoft now offers a great service known as Bcentral, and is offering great deals on server and hosting packages that run on a monthly scale, or basis. This is a great tool for the individual that is looking to delve into the e-commerce field.

If you have an idea for a catalog, and need tools to get it up and running such as templates, and logo creators this could be your solution you’ve been waiting for. Not only will you receive the templates and the graphic creators, but also you will receive the quaint shopping cart in the top right hand side of the page. Having the opportunity to track and control orders and sales is made very easy as you will receive automated conformation through e-mail. Being able to become a member in the PayPal system is also a good idea, as you can never have enough payment options attached to your site. This just increases your chances of sales. You will also be given the opportunity to keep track of customer traffic to your site as well.

This makes for a very handy service indeed. Another great service is provided by Ebay, the stores offer a very popular alternative and have a sliding fee scale to fit most businesses needs and budget. The basic service is for the smaller of the businesses that have a smaller volume of traffic. This does not mean that you will not have access to some great tools for your site. You will not be able to keep track of the flow of traffic or sales with this service and there is a very limited directory, yet it is still a good service for someone who is just starting out. The next level of the ebay service will provide more for the business that may be needed as time goes on. It places your priorities in relation to the product you are trying to sell; knowing exactly what the consumer is looking for makes it easy for them to adjust your targeted areas.

You will get some traffic reports and sales figures, but not many. The third and final level of the ebay store program is exactly where you want your business to be placed. This is the premier spot or the center stage. This is the place where the bulk of the strongest traffic will be located.

This will give you a much stronger shot at making those sales.

Get your share of internet money

: Imagine a business that doesn’t require thousands of dollars in startup costs – no inventory, no rent, no franchise fees. Imagine a store with the potential to start earning money for you from day one, where you can sell anything under the sun without having to worry about stocking a single item. Imagine being able to run a store in your PJs without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Imagining it? Here’s the reality. You can build an ecommerce storefront to cash in on the internet money making craze in just a few hours – but it takes planning, promotion and the sweat of your brow to make it into an ongoing source of internet income.

We’re in the second wave of an internet money explosion. Unlike the first, the one that made a few people who were in the right place at the right time very very wealthy, this one is open to anyone who has the right qualities. Those qualities are the same ones that made names like Sears & Roebuck household words – vision, persistence and good old-fashioned elbow grease. The increasing ease of internet publishing has made it possible for anyone to have a fully functioning store online and in operation in less than an hour – and for less than $100. Storefront malls like Yahoo Small Business, CafePress and others let you get your own business started with full supports with just a few mouseclicks and a credit card number.

But it takes far more than a ‘prime location’ to be successful as an internet merchant. The dismal truth is that failure rate in ecommerce retail is even higher than in brick and mortar stores, even if the financial loss is generally far less. The very fact that you can start your own business for so little has turned starting your own business into an impulse decision. It’s far too easy to make a decision on the spur of the moment – and walk away when it doesn’t work out. There are things you can do to avoid becoming just one more internet money failure story. Here are five tips to help you make a success of your internet store. Don’t Make An Impulse Decision Don’t jump at the first ecommerce opportunity that you see. Before you make a decision, take the time to do some research and ask yourself some questions about what you want out of your business then evaluate the best business opportunities for you. Know What You Want Evaluate the amount of time you have to put into a startup business.

How involved to you want to be? There are many different ways to cash in on internet money. It’s possible to buy into a complete setup with store, merchant account and fully stocked shelves where all you’ll have to do is promote your site. On the other hand, if you’d like to have more control, you can build a store from scratch right down to stocking the shelves. Comparison Shop For the Best Business You wouldn't buy a car without comparison shopping. Why buy a business that way? There are literally dozens of ways to cash in on the internet money boom. Do you want the jump-start that goes with name recognition and support from a parent company? Then a franchise business might be right for you. Do you want total control over what you sell and for how much?

Then you'll want a business that lets you stock your own shelves. Are you creative and want to capitalize on your artistic abilities? Look into a storefront to market your own work. The possibilities are endless.

Your hardest job is finding one that suits your style best. Pick Something You Love. The way to succeed on the internet is no different than the path to success in the brick and mortar world. It takes time and hard work. If you're starting your own business, why would you choose to do something that you don't love to do? Even if you decide to buy into a total package ecommerce turnkey store, pick a product that you love and can believe in. The better you know what you're selling, the more successful you'll be in promoting it. And when it comes to making internet money, promotion is the name of the game. Educate Yourself. No matter what you choose to sell, your main job is going to be promoting your website. The more you know about website promotion, the more successful you'll be. Spend at least a few hours a week keeping up on the latest techniques of promoting your web site and watch your sales grow as you put them into practice. The potential for making money on the internet is real. It just takes some forethought, planning and a lot of hard work. Know what you want to do. Love what you do. Believe in your abilities - and you'll find the internet money rolling into your account.

Specialized needs for a successful ecommerce solution

: An Exploding Marketplace The world has become a busy place, with trillions of dollars changing hands each year in business transactions and consumer spending. While the customary method of doing business in person or via telephone is still in use, the growing trend is to conduct ecommerce transactions on-line, with the use of computers. On-line revenues from ecommerce in the U. S. alone have grown from 24.1 billion in 2000, to over 100 billion in 2005. And, the number of on-line users in the U. S. has exploded from 124.7 million in 2000 to over 200 million. Canada’s combined private and public online sales have also experienced a boom. Up almost 40% in 2003 from a 27% jump in 2002; public sector enterprises realized nearly $511.4 million in sales.

Along with the skyrocketing use of the virtual marketplace comes the need for special tools, such as ecommerce web hosting, ecommerce software, and the ecommerce shopping cart. How Does it All Work? Ecommerce web hosting provides a business web site with special tools for doing business over the internet. Features such as extended data storage and monthly data transfer capacities, security certificates, and complex data bases are required to make a business web site run smoothly. Higher data capacities allow for the sheer size of a business site, and the enormous exchange of information involved. Security certificates make the site safe for monetary transactions, and databases such as SQL keep track of individual accounts, purchases, inventory, or any transaction. The ecommerce shopping cart allows the customer to select items and then purchase them at a virtual check out stand, usually with several payment method options, such as credit cards and PayPal.

Businesses require skilled personnel to implement and monitor these special tools for marketing goods or services on-line. There are many ecommerce web hosting firms that meet these and other special needs for a successful ecommerce solution. Acecomp. com offers experienced ecommerce web site design and hosting, and ecommerce solutions for any type ecommerce web site.

Visit them on-line at acecomp. com

What s the right e commerce package for your business

Recovering from the dot com crash in 2000, e-commerce is rising once again. Stay in the comfort of your home. Spend more time with your family. Be your own boss. The benefits of having a home business are numerous. That is why so many people are trying to run their own home business. Being enthusiastic about igniting their own income through the Internet, these people search to find how they can create their own business. Then they realize that there are so many options for them to choose from.

So, what is the best e-commerce package for you? When it comes to e-commerce packages, most online merchants have the same basic needs. The trick is to make sure an e-commerce package satisfies your needs. Causing less frustration, you should also try to find something that will be easy to use. Some important things to look for in an e-commerce package are: 1. Choose a provider that will give you a site and hosting combo. Choosing a provider that helps you set up a site and hosts it for you can save you from a lot of frustration. By choosing a website and hosting combination, you are guaranteed that your e-commerce package will not have to be manually altered. 2. A wide variety of templates While all templates can be customized, sometimes that just does not work for every business. If there is a large amount of templates to choose from, there is bound to be a template for your business. 3. Payments You need to make sure that the payment options that your e-commerce package uses will satisfy your customers needs. For example if your e-commerce package only accepts Paypal, you will miss out on the customers that do not use Paypal. This will decrease your earnings. 4. Shopping Cart Most people like to see what they are purchasing. Customers may also want to change what they want to buy. Perhaps they found something better. 5. Calculation of tax and shipping While most customers probably will not be shopping from your state, tax is not a major problem. Shipping is a different matter. Shipping must be calculated for all customers. Customers also want to see what their shipping costs will be. 6. Reports While reports are not beneficial to customers, they are beneficial for you. E-commerce packages that offer reports help you keep track of your expenses and earnings. They save a lot of frustration.

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