When and how to cancel an ebay auction early

One day, you might decide that you want to end an auction early. Before you do, though, you should consider why you want to do it: cancelling auctions upsets buyers and upsets eBay, and there might be a better to way to get what you want. I Want to Change my Listing. If you just want to revise your listing, you don’t always need to end it. For listings that have more than 12 hours left to run and haven’t received any bids, you can revise almost everything. You can remove the Buy it Now price or reserve price, change the duration of the listing, or add listing upgrades. If the listing already has one or more bids, then you can still add upgrades, or add to the description. You add more pictures too, if you want to. Once the listing gets into its last 12 hours, however, what you can do becomes far more limited, even if it has no bids: you can only really add to the description.

It’s a very bad idea, by the way, to cancel one listing and ask bidders to bid on another listing for the same item instead. The chances are they’ll be annoyed with you, and won’t bother. The Item is No Longer for Sale. Perhaps you sold the item to someone else, you lost it or it got broken. Whatever happened, if you no longer have the item to sell, you should remove your listing – in fact, this is just about the only situation when eBay allow you to. However, you need to make sure you get the listing removed quickly – if you leave it to the last 12 hours, eBay will refuse to let you remove it, whatever has happened. This might seem cruel, but it’s there to stop people from backing out in the last few hours because they want to try again for a better price. So How Do I End My Listing Early? You can do it at this page: http://offer. ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI. dll? EndingMyAuction. Just type in the item number and hit ‘Continue’. Now, be very careful. The option you almost certainly want to choose is ‘Cancel bids and end listing early’, NOT ‘Sell item to high bidder and end listing early’. You’ll be asked to choose a reason why you ended the listing, and then it will end. Your bidders will be emailed to let them know what happened. Note that ending a listing early because it looked like it wasn’t going to get a good price is against the rules, and eBay could come after you and get upset. Speaking of breaking the rules, if you’re selling software on eBay, did you know that there are special rules that apply to you? Plenty of sellers have no idea, and are being caught out every day – that’s why our next email will explain the rules clearly for you, just in case you need to know.

Look to car auctions for a great deal

Planning to buy a car from an auction place? Be very careful while making your decision about buying the car from an auction place. There are various ways you can purchase the car from an auction place. You must be aware of public auction. There are other ways available too. Let us try to understand various types of car auctions available to you. Wholesale and Manheim Car Auctions - this car auction is not for you. Wholesale or Manheim car auctions are meant for auto dealers, the licensed ones. Common man like you and me can't even attend this auction. Salvage auctions - again, not meant for common public. These cars are in such a poor state that a mechanic or a pro in the industry can only dare buy cars from such auctions. Don't ever think of bidding for a car in salvage car auction unless you are a pro in the same trade. Government or Police car auction - here the cars for sale are those which have been discarded by the government agencies or those which have been confiscated by the police. General perception is that one can get a car at a lower price in such auction. You may be grossly wrong. First, the cars may be in such a horrible state that you may need lot of money to restore its original condition. Secondly, you may never know about the history of the car. Ensure that you have run through Carfax history report for the same. Last thing to remember - you may have to shell out commission to the auction agency over and above the bid price. Always keep almost 15-20% extra money ready than your bid amount Online auctions - relatively a new concept in car auction. This concept caught up with the advent of internet, and caught fire through ebay motors, their car auction site. Online car auction offers the convenience of buying the animal from the sitting comforts of your home. However, don't get carried away by the claims and other bids for the car. It may be a frame work by other bidders. Problems with online car auctions lies with the fact that you have to bid for the vehicle you haven't seen. It is always better to run a price check in the local market for a similar car model. If you still decide to enter into any of the auction processes through any of these, look for history report and VIN for the car in question.

Ebay selling tools

eBay Selling Tools to Make Life in eBay Businees Easier While eBay continuously upgrades and updates their eBay selling tools, there are various companies out there that are offering, third party eBay selling tools. Most of them are web-based instead of downloadable, getting you to pay a monthly fee instead of just buying the software. First let’s take an overview of the eBay selling tools: These are tools and links to help Ebay sellers get the most from eBbay. Most of these Ebay selling tools are free to download or have evaluation copies for you to try. The eBay Turbo Lister – is an absolute godsend to anyone that sells a lot of Ebay items or regularly sells the same things on Ebay. This eBay selling tool is 100% free and allows you to create your Ebay auction listings offline. Once you have finished creating your eBay auction listings you simply upload it to Ebay and it's done Hammer Tap Deep Analysis - Deep Analysis TM is an eBay selling tool that sifts through the masses of auctions to help you pinpoint the hottest-selling items up for bid in your niche. This tool help you find out how likely specific products are to sell. You can also narrow your search down to find the most successful brand or product feature in the eBay auctions. Deep Analysis uncovers the market trends that will unlock the secrets to knowing to successfully close more auctions and higher auction success rates. Discover which day of the week to end your auction listing, find out whether or not to use a reserve, choose starting prices that attract more bids, and much more. Deep Analysis provides a well of data so deep that you can discover how to make even more money than the top sellers. click the link for more information from Hammer Tap's website. So onwards to those third party eBay selling tools. Know what these third party eBay selling tools can do for you . There are plenty of companies out there offering third party eBay selling tools. Most of them are web-based instead of downloadable, so you pay a monthly fee instead of just buying the software. Here's a quick rundown of the key players in third party eBay selling tools.. Andale (http:// andale. com) - offer lots of small products instead of one solution that does everything: you can take your pick from a lister, image hosting, counters, analysers, a gallery, a checkout and an email manager. Their price plans for these eBay selling tools can be quite a maze, but reasonable enough as long as you don't go and use everything. Andale's real claim to fame is that they've been introducing these eBay selling tools for so long. You can be sure that they’re not a fly-by-night organization. Many eBay sellers have been using their free counters for years, now. They also have a positive reputation for being very responsive to customers, and will often talk to you directly on their forums and implement any suggestions you might have for improving their software. Vendio (http:// vendio. com) - offer two editions of their software, Sales Manager: a Merchandising edition and an Inventory edition. The difference between this two eBay selling tool is that the Merchandising edition is designed to make it easier to list individual auctions, while the Inventory edition is for sellers who sell many of the same item. They offer a pay-as-you go price of 10c per auction. They also offer software called Tickets Manager, special software for people who sell lots of tickets on eBay. ChannelAdvisor (http:// channeladvisor. com) offer their software in three versions: Enterprise, Merchant and Pro. Enterprise and Merchant are both designed for very big businesses, though, and the chances are that the Pro version does everything you'd want. It offers all the standard bulk listing and inventory features, as well as the unique feature of being able to create auctions from an Excel spreadsheet of your inventory. The cost is high, though, at $29.95 per month. … And Many, Many More… eBay somehow maintains a comprehensive directory of all third-party eBay selling softwares. If you are that much interested, and have a few days to kill, you can browser through them anytime. You can look either for complete solutions or for each part of what you want individually. The choices you have for these eBay selling tools are so wide and daunting that you’ll surely find something that’s applicable for you.

When not to use buy now

As you get more experienced on eBay, you might be tempted to use fixed price auctions, just so you can budget better. It’s often more reassuring to know that either you will make a small profit on an item instead of having to wait and see whether it makes a big profit or a big loss. However, you should be aware that there are some times when you really shouldn’t use ‘Buy it Now’. In the Holiday Season. The market goes absolutely crazy just before the holidays – and that’s why you shouldn’t list items using Buy it Now. Do you really want to wake up one morning and find that all your stock has been bought up, the current highest bidders on your rivals are bidding double what you just sold them for, and the people who bought your item have relisted it with a starting price higher than what they paid? Of course you don’t. I would recommend that you stop listing anything as fixed price as soon as you get into December, unless you have a lot of accumulated stock that you want to get rid of for low prices. When an Item is In-demand. If an item is selling within a few hours each time you list it using Buy it Now, then you really ought to consider using a normal auction format instead. The chances are that the final price you’d get would be much higher than whatever you’re charging now. When You Have the Only Item on the Market. If you have a hard-to-find item that no-one else is currently selling, then it makes no sense to use Buy it Now. You’ll be surprised just how high buyers will go on things that are truly rare, and how upset they’ll be if someone snatches it away from them using Buy it Now. It’s only fair to give everyone a chance to pay you more and more money, isn’t it? If Your Item Doesn’t Sell. If you keep needing to relist your item because it consistently fails to sell, that might be the time to give up on listing it in the fixed price format. Buy it Now only works for things that people always want – traditional auctions involve them more with things that they wouldn’t usually buy. You might end up with a slightly lower price than you wanted in the end, but at least that bad item will be off your hands. If No-one Ever Buys From You With It. It’s simply not worth having a Buy it Now button on every one of your auctions if nobody ever touches the thing: it’s just sitting there, costing you money for each listing. When it comes down to it, Buy it Now is expensive, and you should only use it in auctions where you really think it will help the item to sell. Now you might not have noticed, but there’s another ‘alternative’ auction format that often goes ignored: the multiple-item, or ‘Dutch’ auction. In the next email, I’ll show you how these auctions work, and explain why they could be good for your business.

Ebay users the importance of knowing and following all ebay rules

eBay Users: The Importance of Knowing and Following All eBay Rules Are you an eBay member? If so, do you consider yourself to be a relatively new eBay member? If you have just recently started buying or selling on eBay within the past few months you may be. As time passes, you will likely become more aware of how eBay works. For instance, if you are an eBay seller, you may find new ways to improve your eBay listings or if you are an eBay buyer, you may find new ways to get great deals. One thing that you will likely do, overtime, is learn more about eBay’s rules. As you likely already know, eBay is considered one of the world’s most popular online marketplaces. eBay gives internet users, like you, the option to buy and sell online. While giving all internet users the ability to buy and sell is nice, it can make for some problems, particularly concerning security or inappropriate content. That is why eBay, like all other online marketplaces, has developed a set of rules or guidelines that you must follow, whether you are an eBay buyer or an eBay seller. You should not only familiarize yourself with those rules, if you haven’t already done so, but you also need to follow them. If you are an eBay seller, one of the most important eBay rules that you need to abide by is prohibited items. Although just about anything can be sold on eBay, there are a few restrictions. For instance, alcohol, drugs, pornography, and stolen merchandise are just a few of the many items that all eBay sellers, including you, are prohibited from selling. Another eBay rule that you must follow, as an eBay seller, is to pay all of your eBay fees on time. eBay has a set pay schedule, which you will be notified of in advance. To be able to keep on making a profit selling merchandise on eBay, you will want to make sure that you pay your eBay fees on time. If you are an eBay buyer, instead of an eBay seller, you will also have to know and abide by all eBay rules. One of those rules is bidding only on items that you intend to buy. If you place a bid on an eBay auction or if you agree to buy an item listed in a “Buy It Now,” listing format, you must do so. That rule is stated in eBay’s guidelines. If you do not feel that you can pay for the items that you bid on or agreed to pay for, it is best if you stay away from eBay for the time being. Another eBay rule that you must follow is being honest with your purchases. If you don’t receive an eBay purchase, it is fine to report that, but give it a few extra days for your item to arrive. Although eBay scams are often associated with sellers, many buyers are beginning to stir up trouble. This involves reporting that they had not received an item, when they actually did; thus resulting in a refund, as well as the purchased item. In most cases, you will find that it is relatively easy to get caught breaking eBay’s rules. That is why it is advised that you not only know all of eBay’s rules, but that you also abide by them. Should you not, you may end up suffering the consequences. One of those consequences involves having your eBay account temporarily suspended or even permanently suspended. In rare, but serious cases, the authorities may be contacted or legal action may be taken against you. In all honesty, the action taken depends on the parties involved. Despite the varied consequences for breaking eBay’s rules, it is extremely important that you take the time to examine all of eBay, including the sites rules, restrictions, and guidelines, before you get yourself into trouble that is difficult to get out of. For more information on eBay’s rules, visit their help center, speak to an experienced eBay user, or try and contact eBay’s customer service department. Word Count 674

Ebay powersellers 3

What it Takes to become one of the eBay PowerSellers Ebay. com considered as the online auction giant continues to ride high on the Internet scene. It's membership has currently reached to more than 100 million members. Among this membership, approximately 4% of the people has a designation that's distinguished by the amount of volume they produce. They range from $1000 to over $150,000 in gross sales each month. These are the eBay Powersellers. Want to know what strategies and techniques these eBay Powersellers employ in order for them to come up with high sales volume? Take a deep breath and start learning! Ebay Powersellers are serious - they are dead-serious about their business. In every Powerseller operation, you'll find organized systems and "assembly-line" techniques. Even if a Powerseller have not invested thousands of dollars to operate, he treats his business as if it has. Ebay Powersellers are focused - they focus intensely on listing, packing and shipping with a schedule for each task on different days of the week. Ebay Powersellers are organized - being able to make it to the Powerseller level means that they are deeply organized. They develop processes to ensure that the listing, packing and shipping of items sold are delivered promptly. Ebay Powersellers delegate - as their business continue to grow, powersellers hire assistant to do tasks that don't requre his attention anymore. By delegating the repetitive tasks he can focus more on product acquisition and marketing. Ebay Powersellers use Dutch auctions - from selling one-of-a-kind knick-knacks found at yard sales the powerseller now sell a volume of the same item through Dutch auctions. He uses these kinds of auctions in order to save time. Even the packing and shipping of products are achieved a lot faster. Ebay Powersellers do efficient work - Being aware that time is money, a Powerseller is extremely efficient. Doing Dutch auction is evidence of his efficiency. A powerseller know that time-efficiency is a powerful way to leverage your time and profits. Ebay Powersellers "Bulk List" their auctions - they make use of bulk listing software or auction management serivce in order to dramatically organize their time. This also helps them in smoothly running their eBBay operation. Ebay Powersellers use clearly focused photos - they know that using clear photos or scans of the items they are selling is a key to successful selling. An eBay Powerseller honestly show all flaws an item may have through these clear photos. Most of them even do their own picture-taking of items for sale which turns them somewhat into semi-pro photographers! Many powersellers have a makeshift studio with optimum lighting and background available all the time for quick shots when they need to e-mail an additional photo to a bidder. He have a Digital Camera handy for photographing 3-dimensional and large items. He also have scanner for copying paper and other flat items. eBay Powersellers use headlines with key words and no fluff - they know that the use of descriptive words in the headline is essential. They also realize the importance of projecting keywords in order that the search engine picks up on his listing. eBay Powersellers also know how to write thorough and detailed item descriptions. Ebay Powersellers know that they need to have their own websites. They also choose the easiest way for a bidder to pay - by offering a variety of payment options. Ebay Powersellers also know when to offer discounts on multiple items - Powersellers realize the value of a good customers and from time-to-time create discount schemes to let his customers know that they are special. Ebay Powersellers do not mind making money! - eBay Powersellers have a healthy attitude towards making money and has no issues against it. They recognize that having an eBay business is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make a part-time income. As opposed to traditional ways of earning, earning income through the eBay business is powerful and realistic. Ebay Powersellers enjoy their work-at-home lifestyle - they relish and appreciate the freedom of doing home based business. Ebay Powersellers are willing to invest in their business - in order to continue improving in the eBay busines, eBay Powersellers do not hesitate to invest on high quality gadgets and equipments. They know that these high-tech gadgets and equipments will help bring them more profits for their business. Ebay Powersellers stay up-to-date on auction trends and changes - they buy books on online auctions, participate in eBay message boards and forums and stay tuned for eBay announcements. This way, they will never be caught off guard regarding new changes and policy that might affect their business. As connected to this, eBay Powersellers are always looking for better ways to do things because they know that they need to improve on their business constantly. Knowing the following may surely give you the tip-off you need to be the next eBay powerseller. Are you ready to be one of the eBay Powersellers?

Ebay selling 1

Secure your eBay Business with eBay Selling Tips As eBay continue to expand and ride high on the internet world, there are more and more ways to get into the the business of eBay selling and becoming successful with it. eBay is surely a great way to test a new product. For budding entrepreneurs, though, eBay is their sole storefront. eBay selling is probably the best thing to happen since men got involved in the intricacies of the wide, wide Web. What's appealing in eBay is that it lets you get into e-commerce, but takes a short cut and do not go through tedious process of setting up your very own e-commerce site. Here are tips for you as you wade into the waters that is eBay selling. There are seven tips in here which will help you get started on eBay selling successfully. Chances are that once you master these eBay selling tips, you are on your way to becoming an eBay PowerSeller. 1. A picture IS worth 1000 words - For successful eBay selling, make sure any products you list on eBay are accompanied by professional quality photographs. This plainly means that a photo of the products you are selling on eBay is the key to having bidders and buyers. Sure, you also need to write a thorough and detailed product description but that's not enough. Photos are tangible evidence that there is a product and you, as its seller can be trusted. It’s old-fashioned, really but people dolike to see things before they buy them. Usually, they even base their decisions depending on the picture they saw. 2. Do your eBay research - when you are getting into eBay selling, it is important to spend some time researching before you list a particular product. Research on products that are similar to those items you plan to sell. Follow up the bidding rates staked on them and the starting price set. Researching also informs you what particular items in eBay selling business have high demand. The information you have unearthed through research will help you gauge the interest for your product and help you determine how much your products might be worth. 3. Learn all about shipping - once you enter into the eBay selling scene, shipping is one of the major issues you need to know about. Shipping issues in the eBay selling business are directly under the control of the eBay seller. There are some methods of shipping which are relatively better than others when you're into eBay selling. You need to find the best method of shipping for your product in terms of expense and reliability. Once you come up with the best shipping method, specify that in your eBay productlisting. Of course, don't forget to include the shipping cost as part of the overall shipping information. This information is directed for potential buyers. 4. Pay as much attention to the writing of your eBay product listing as you do to your item's pictures - in eBay selling, you need a powerful eBay product listing. The trick involved is to write strong eBay listing that combine search engine friendly keywords and phrases. Manage to put concrete and thorough details about the product in a way that will entice people to bid on your product. Be honest, though. Indicate exactly what are the products' strenghts and weaknesses. Be truthful if there are damages on the item already. This is a way of building trust in eBay selling. Take the time to craft your eBay listing. 5. Offer a full slate of payment options, including credit cards - in eBay selling, the more payment options you offer to prospective bidders, the more bidders your product will attract. Once you get plenty of bidders placing a bid on your products, you will know that your eBay selling venture is successful. 6. Focus on getting positive feedback first - Feedback really matters in the eBay selling business. Having a consistent record of positive feedback will likely bring you more prospective buyers and more bidders who will make it a habit to always look up and bid on your products and be willing to pay higher prices. Better to hold back on placing high-priced products until you have established a successful track record as an eBay seller. 7. Be business-like - When you get into eBay selling, treat your being an eBay seller seriously. Act professionally and endeavor to always provide the kind of superior customer service that will build your reputation. Make sure that you are following all the business rules that apply, such as registering your business and properly charging and remitting taxes. eBay selling is just like any other business, to become a success in it follow all the rules. Seek to get customer satisfaction in every transaction you do. This will translate itself into increased eBay sales - handsome profits for you!

Top 5 internet online auction sites

Best Online Auction Sites If you want to buy or sell products on auction sites, it makes sense to look for best sites. You might be interested in narrowing it down to the top 5 internet online auction sites. This gives you a good start without being overwhelming. When you look for the top 5 internet online auction sites, you will find that different sources will give you different answers. What remains the same is that eBay is consistently on top of the list. If you are looking for a site that almost everybody has heard of, try eBay. EBay offers a lot of useful information to the buyer and the seller. The success of the seller adds to the success of eBay, so they give the seller a number of tools to help them get a good price. Yahoo! auctions ranks is another site that is consisently in the list of top 5 internet online auction sites. Amazon. com auctions, UBid. com, and bida-lot. com are also highly rated for sellers. While it's important to sell at a site where there are a large number of buyers, remember that competition is also much tougher at sites like eBay. Check out the sites to make sure there is a market for what you are selling, then consider the competition for your product. While eBay may seem to sell anything, it doesn't mean that everybody who lists an item there sells it or gets the price they want. Check out the top 5 internet auction sites. Narrow it down to auctions that have a market for what you're selling. Find the site that works best for you, and make some money with auctions.

Make cd's sell on ebay

Can you really make money selling new release CD's and DVD's on eBay? Being an active eBayer, I am often being asked about products to sell. A common question is "Where can I purchase products such as new release CD's DVD's and Video Games for Playstation and Xbox at a 75% to 100% discount. Well folks, this sort of discount on this type of merchandise. It is not available from Wholesalers or Dropshippers. The reason is, being the competitive nature of the electronics industry, and simple supply and demand.

There are two types of buyers on eBay: those that sell stuff as they would in a garage sale and those that constantly buy and sell merchandise for profit. If you're from the first category you don't have to worry too much about what products to sell: you only have one or a couple of stuff any way. If you are selling products for profit, however, there are some strategies that can help you generate increasing profits. There are also two categories of expert eBay sellers: the ones who buy large quantities of products and resell them and the ones who deal with original, hard to find, niche products. Let's have a look at the first category: Usually, when you buy large amounts of identical or similar items, you get a discount. This is true with most goods and it stands at the basis of numerous eBay business strategies. You can then take the products and list them for a higher price than what you paid, but also lower than the prices available in stores. Finding the right balance is essential, as you want to generate enough profit without listing a discouraging high price. You choice of products to sell is very wide here, and specializing on a certain type of merchandise is usually dependent on your personal choices. The second group of eBay sellers deals with rare items or niece merchandise. Some examples of products that can be sold are china vases, antique books, action figures, model airplanes, archeological discoveries, meteors etc. The market for these products is smaller and more exclusive, but the prices are also higher and just one sale can bring you a small fortune. Niche markets are hard to enter, compared to selling cameras, DVD players or balloons. In order to start your business selling rare items you need to become an expert in the field, if you want to reach success. Still with the incredible popularity of these products and their ease to package and ship, people want to sell them. So where can you find these products at a great price? Liquidators! Yes that's right, Liquidators! What exactly are Liquidators? You Ask. Well, a Liquidator is a company who buys surplus, over runs, bankruptcies, and going out of business inventory etc. They purchase this merchandise for pennies on the dollar and in turn pass this saving on to you. There are many Liquidators who would have just what you are looking for. There are General Merchandise Liquidators who basically purchase and sell all sorts of general merchandise. And, there are Liquidators who specialize and only purchase and sell merchandise in a specific niche, say electronics. An Electronics Liquidator would purchase products from music stores or department stores with an electronics dept or movie rental stores or electronic stores that are going out of business, declaring bankruptcy or who have overstock. From that inventory they would have some of the latest CD's, DVD's and Video Games. Liquidators are similar to Wholesalers and Dropshippers in that you will have to become a member to have access to their inventory. Most require no fee to become a member, while others may charge a nominal fee. However, Liquidators have a set number of units you must buy in order to get a great price. A Liquidator will purchase inventory in bulk and therefore will want to sell the merchandise in cases or lots. So, Yes You can make Good Money Selling New Release CD's, DVD's and, Video Games and the likes on your eBay auction by choosing the proper supplier. And remember that selling on eBay is all about research. You must research the product you are interested in selling. What is the best price for the item? What is the best selling price you can get for that item? Also, research that item's market to see just how many people are selling this product.

Ebay business

EBay Business 101 for Newbies Are you fairly new to eBay business? Or is just planning to enter the world of eBay business and test its waters? You have nothing to fear. Here are simple startup tips for you, newbie. Entering the eBay business means that you are setting up shop on eBay and become a seller. It is easy and risk-free. All you need to have is a computer, an internet connection and an inventory of items to sell. No startup costs are expected of you. Even if you’re at home, you can monitor your eBay business easily enough. You can also do marketing online, right within eBay. Starting out As a newbie seller, you have a fairly good chance of succeeding in the eBay business by starting out with items that you know and have experience with. Take it from the experts, when you start with products you are knowledgeable about, you are right on target regarding its value. However, if the items you are supposed to start with do not fall in the line of your expertise, there’s no cause for worry. You only have to research about the items you have to know their value. There might be several odds and ends in your house that are fairly in good condition but not needed anymore. Or you might know of family and friends who have possessions they want to get rid of. You can also buy discounted products, seasonal and specialized items and crafts then resell them. The eBay business has no limit on what products you could sell, as long as there are buyers interested. Have a photo, make a sale Once you have set-up shop in the eBay business, start the ball rolling by letting customers know of your merchandise. Do this by taking pictures of the products you are putting up for sale. The photo alongside your item listing is free. A 35-cent paid photo post of your product is offered by eBay - a scheme called Gallery. It works by having a thumbnail photo of your product along with its listing on the search results. Be aware that most customers in the eBay business prefer to see the photo of the product for sale. Most often, your listing will get hits largely because of photo attachments. People need to know they are buying something that exists. You may find that once you upload more photos for each of your product listing, the demand for your products increases. Close-up and high-quality photos of your products are likely to bring you great sales outcome. Price ‘em right Upon seeing your product, the next thing potential buyers on the eBay business look up is the price. Note that in the eBay business, it is necessary to remind you not price your item too high, or else buyers may lose interest. With a reasonable starting price, you only need to have two bidders to set off a higher price. The principle in the eBay business, with regards to setting up the starting price, is that the lower you set the price, the more potential buyers bid on it. You can even get them so attached to the item and inspire a need to be the bidder who gets the item. For how long do you list up your product? As a seller, listing a product in the eBay business involves meeting qualifications to use one-day period listing and paying necessary fees for 10-day listings. There are several factors to know how long you should list an item in the eBay business: - Longer period listing gives potential buyers more time to see your item and place bids - Listing depending on your selling volume. - Limited period of listing if you are selling products related to certain events Other things which sellers in the eBay business need to do to generate more profits: - Regularly checking out the hit list for your items to know if you are getting more traffic. More traffic means more buyers. - Have a detailed product description on your listing to minimize numerous buyer inquiries - Proper handling of payment and shipping. Be aware that 3 out of 4 buyers on the eBay business prefer paying with PayPal. - Keep your buyers, happy and satisfied with your products and overall service. - Lastly, keep tabs on other eBay sellers’ experiences in the eBay business for you to learn and succeed. -30-

10 ways to save time and money with packing and shipping on ebay

One problem with eBay is that unless you are careful you can end up spending far too much time on routine tasks such as packing and shipping. Not only is there the time spent wrapping the items, but also when you take them to your local post office to have them weighed, stamped and posted. As someone who never seems to have enough time I have adopted some time saving measures which frees up my time to do other things. 1.Buy Stamps in advance. Many of the items that I sell are similar, CDs , audio tapes and books. Therefore I know exactly what the postage is for these items and I buy in advance a quantity of stamps for the various denominations that I use. I can then pack, stamp them and just drop them into the post box without the need to wait at the post office counter. 2.Get a set of scales Of course one really helpful piece of equipment is a set of postal scales. Not only does this save you time by allowing you to pre stamp packages but it is also very useful when you are listing an item. You can quickly and accurately calculate the exact cost of postage for each item. This can save you making those errors of under estimating the true cost of posting an item or having to make a special journey to the post office just to find out what it will cost to post. 3. Buy packaging materials online A thriving industry has grown on eBay offering packaging materials. It really is a case of selling spades to miners, but as a result the competition in this field is very fierce. This means that you can make considerable savings if you go to the Business, Office and Industrial Category and look in Packing and Postal supplies. Also many of the major stationers such as Staples and Viking offer a good 24 hour service and often have some attractive special offers or gifts to make an even better deal. Most offer free postage for orders over a certain quite low amount. 4. Whenever possible use padded bags. If it is suitable for your products one of the great time savers is the use of padded envelopes. They come in a big range of sizes and thickness and are suitable for a wide range of products. It is much easier and quicker just to pop something into an envelope and seal it than putting something in a box, put in padding and using tape to seal it. Also these days padded envelopes can work out cheaper than other forms of packaging. 5. Hold a stock of Post Office Forms These days forms control our lives and it is no different with the postal authorities. Normally if you are a regular postal user your local post office will be happy to supply you with a stock of the forms that you might need. The ones I keep handy are customs declarations, recorded International and national forms and supplies of airmail and fragile stickers. Completing these and applying them to your packages before you go up to the post office can save considerable time. 6. Use Rubber stamps I also have a selection of rubber stamps with First Class Mail, Do Not Bend, Small Packet Rate, This saves the time rather than writing these phrases over and over again. 7. Pre print return labels I would never send out a packet without a return address on it. Over the years that I have used eBay I have had about 5 parcels come back to me because they were undeliverable for one reason or another. If I had not had a return address label on them they and the contents would have been gone forever. You can of course order a pack of name and address labels from the local printer but I have found the most cost effective is to use the sheets of plain labels such as Avery, the 65 labels to a sheet are ideal and print them off as required a sheet at a time. I then just stick one of these on to every packet I send out. And of course it also makes you look a little more professional with your packaging. 8. Pick the time that you go to the post office There are always some times in the day or days in the week when your local post office is liable to be more busy than others. If you ask the counter staff I am sure they would be happy to tell you when these times are likely to be. Also they would also be able to tell you the times they would expect to be less busy. If you use this information you can cut down the time you spend waiting in line at the post office. 9. Copy addresses from Paypal notification. Whenever you get payment notification from Paypal it will contain the name and address of the buyer. I always highlight and copy this and using my labelling software I paste this into the label template this saves having to write or type the information in. I always print my labels on the AveryL7160, 21 labels to a sheet paper. 10. Compare prices There is plenty of competition to ship larger items and it is worth comparing prices for the various shippers and couriers to get the best deals. In my experience with smaller items it is difficult to beat the Post Office but for items that need to be shipped fast or weigh over 2 Kgs (4 1/2lb) it is worth looking for the best deal.

How to check an ebay seller s reputation and why you should do it

When you buy something from an eBay seller, you are giving them your money and hoping that you will get something in return. However many guarantees of safety eBay might make to you, nothing is certain: if you just give your money to scammers all the time without doing any checks then the chances are you won’t get all of that money back. That’s why you should always check the seller’s reputation, or ‘feedback rating’. This is a quick and easy-to-read summary of their history as an eBay seller, which gives you some idea of whether or not you should trust them with your money. Buying anything is a calculated risk: you want to minimise that risk. How to Check Feedback Ratings. On each item’s description page, there is a box in the top-right hand corner about the seller, with the title ‘Seller information’. This contains the seller’s name, their feedback score, and their positive feedback percentage, as well as any stars they have earned.

Different coloured stars are given to eBay sellers depending on their rating, in this sequence: yellow, blue, turquoise, purple, red, green, shooting yellow, shooting turquoise, shooting purple, shooting red. Anyone with a ‘shooting’ star is an experienced eBay member who you should be able to trust. If you click on the seller’s name, you can get to a more detailed view of their reputation – their ‘member profile’ page. This page shows the total number of people who gave them a positive or negative rating, as well as a breakdown by time. You can also see a complete history of all the comments that have ever been left about them, with the most recent first. What to Look For. You might assume that anyone with a very high number can be trusted, but that isn’t always true. It is more important to look at their positive feedback percentage – and you should really consider anything below 99% to be a red flag and investigate further. Take a look through the first visible page with the most recent transactions: are there any negative comments? What do they say? Take others’ experiences into account, as they could happen to you if you deal with this person. Be careful not to punish sellers unfairly, however, if they did bad things in their past on eBay but have improved since. You should look at the breakdown by time and ignore any negative feedback that was left a long time ago. Equally, though, you should sit up and pay attention if a seller seems to have been left an out-of-character amount of bad feedback in the last month or so. Now that you know who to trust, it is worth learning a little more about how the different kinds of auctions work, so that you don’t accidentally slip up and make yourself and your feedback page look bad. Our next email will be about the different kinds of auctions you can expect to encounter during your time on eBay.

How to determine what s really selling on ebay

If you want to make the most money you can on eBay, then you need to know what sells. But how can you find that out? The Manual Way. If you’re just starting out, you might find it easier to simply go to your category, tick ‘Completed listings’ in the left-hand menu, and then click the ‘Show items’ button. Sort them by highest price first, and there you have it: the items that sell for the highest prices. In most categories this will change often, but it’s still useful to know – if you think you can get an item quickly for less than the kind of prices it is selling for, then go for it. eBay's search interface can be slow and hard to use, however, and you’re unlikely to discover everything you could learn this way. There’s more than one way to do things, though. The Statistical Way. If you’d prefer to do a little hardcore statistical analysis to determine what’s selling and what not, then don’t worry – you can do that too. eBay make all their market data available to third-party developers through what’s called a ‘programming interface’ – this basically means that you have a wide choice of programs that can take market statistics from eBay and analyse them for you. Type ‘ebay analysis’ into a search engine for a long list. In my opinion, some of the best eBay statistics tools out there are made by Andale (http:// andale. com). Andale are one of the oldest and most established sellers of services for eBay. However, their solution is web-based, and you may prefer to buy a piece of software that you can install on your computer, such as AuctionIntelligence. These automated programs will almost do everything for you, and come with help and tutorials. You should be aware, however, that eBay charge them for the data, which means that they will never give you their programs for free. Keep Your Finger on Pulse. If you want a quick, big-picture snapshot of what people are looking to buy on eBay, then go to http://pulse. ebay. com. This is a page where eBay list the top 10 most searched for words, and the top 5 largest eBay stores. Looking at it, it’s easy to spot current trends. For example, right now all of the top stores are selling media items, either books or music. That suggests that these are good things to be selling, at least if you want to shift volume. Right now the word ‘ipod’ is at number 4, and ‘ipod mini’ is at number 6 – there are a heck of a lot of people out there looking for a cheap iPod or iPod mini. If you could find a good supplier for them then you could make a lot of money. If you’re having trouble finding suppliers, though, don’t worry: there’s more than one way to get hold of things to sell on eBay. The next email will give you a few tips.

Ebay millionaire reveals his secrets to derek gehl a review

"The Insiders Secrets of an eBay Millionaire" is a complete study of the techniques to make a reasonable living on eBay. Derek Gehl and Brandon Dupsky have teamed up to develop a detailed system on how to navigate eBay, find the right products, enjoy profitable online auctions and strive to become a Power Seller. Every tip and trick that Brandon has used on eBay to generate his 8 million dollars in sales last year, were apparently told to Derek Gehl. The only part that was difficult for me is the time it took to study and digest the material included. There is so much information you will probably have to return to the books until they become second nature. The author’s claim that you will be up and running on eBay in 24 hours, is a little ambitious. Take your time and really let the information sink in. The following background was supplied by the authors: "You may have heard of Derek Gehl CEO of The Internet Marketing Center, a company with over 40 million dollars in internet sales. Brandon Dupsky on the other hand tends to fly under the radar. He is a regular guy from Nebraska that started selling a few odds and ends from his garage. Brandon then turned the internet business into one with sales last year of 8 million dollars. Derek convinced Brandon to reveal his secrets on how to become an eBay entrepreneur". Their study is full of details that anyone interested in eBay auctions as a hobby or a home business should try. It demonstrated to me how you can start from nothing and move forward into a profitable eBay business. I spent years learning what works and what doesn’t work for me on eBay. The authors have drastically reduced the time it will take you to become an eBay success. The course materials are considerable. Their base is a 237 page manual and 4 audio-CD’s, all filled with tips on building an eBay business from scratch. Each audio-CD has a read along transcript with margin notes. These notes are excellent since they highlight the most important topics that were addressed on each page. There are also 4 bonus CD-ROMs with instructions on more advanced eBay buying selling techniques. The CD-ROMs answered my questions about how to attract more bids on my products, how to create better listings that brought more bidders to my auctions, and how to set up a simple payment and shipping system. These steps are very important in establishing yourself on eBay. If you already have an internet business like I do, the authors have some good ideas on how to tap into some of the 2,000,000 visitors who come to eBay daily. "The Insiders Secrets of an eBay Millionaire" delivered on its pledge to me and will teach you the fundamentals needed in order to grow into an eBay authority. It logically takes you through the steps, from finding a product to completing an auction. This package will be something that you refer to time after time and I suggest you take notes as you go along. If anything, you may have to read all of the material again before you will be able to absorb all of the information about eBay auctions. The authors go into a lot of detail and I was pleased with what they revealed to me, a successful eBay Power Seller. In Derek’s Gehl’s introduction, he tells you that you can’t afford not to have this information and I agree with him. For me, this was a good source to learn more about eBay and I am making the most of it. Some people have asked me if there was some way to improve on this product and I can honestly say not much. I was pleased about the information that I learned from the authors because I have been selling on eBay since 1999. The only unanswered question I have is how Brandon Dupsky manages his various weekly auctions. I would have preferred an in-depth study on how he accomplishes this very involved task. If you are interested in growing an eBay business, this is a comprehensive course that will be very helpful. I give it a high rating.

I m new to ebay what scams are out there

I have been looking at the possibility of doing some Ebay trading. And, since I have been on the Internet for a while, I decided that I should see what Ebay scams, if any, was floating about. Why? It is always good to be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly of any online venture. And since, I’ve seen all sides – it’s wise to have cautious optimism. Wholesale List Scam With this scam, the wholesaler gives you a photo of say, a computer monitor or DVD – the buyer is under the assumption that they are buying a monitor or DVD, right? Wrong? You may only be buying a wholesale list. This is what they call a “bait and switch”. They are hoping that the individual is in a hurry or cannot read English well, and they blindly buy. Rule of thumb: read everything before buying. Note: Wholesale List scams are very common for monitors, laptops, camcorders, DVD players, flat screen televisions and mp3 players; cutting-edge electronic devices. Fake Money Order The buyer sends the seller a fake money order, a bad check – and the seller sends the item before the money order or check has been successfully cashed. Seller is out the item and the money. Credit Card Chargebacks The buyer pays with a credit card through Paypal. Once the buyer has received the item, the buyer initiates a chargeback. This is where the novice come in, if you do not have proof that the item was sent – you are out the money, the item, and you have to pay a chargeback fee. Rule of thumb: Send your item through UPS, or certified mail to protect yourself. Fake Escrow Scam The scammer says that they want to buy your item, but they want to use an escrow service. The purpose of the escrow service is to add a layer of protection for the buyer. They will hold on to the money, and once the buyer has received the item from the seller, the escrow service will release the money to the seller. This is where the scam comes in – The buyer will request that you use the escrow service that they, so they say, have used with other transactions. The escrow service is a front – set up by the buyer. Email Ebay Scam The email Ebay scam – is an email that says it has come from Ebay. The email will state that it looks like your account has been compromised and they would like your to verify the information, for your protection, of course. Never click the link. Open a new Internet session and manually type the information to get into your account. Other email scams, include the fake payment received email. You will receive a payment-received notice, that looks authentic, but be aware, it could have been sent by the buyer. Never send anything, until you have verified that the payment has been received and the info received is valid. To conclude, when you are looking at any new venture, it is always good to do the research and be aware of what you may be up against. It hard enough to start any business – and you definitely don’t want anyone running off with your hard earned money. Being aware – can keep your business moving forward.

What makes e bay stand out for buyers

E-Bay is certainly a hit to the market especially for the buyers. The concept of online shopping or bidding for that matter do not appeal too much for buyers but the emergence of E-Bay made a difference to that. Both buyers and sellers are flocking in the site in order to conduct their business there. What is the real reason why E-Bay became a hit for buyers? Well, one of the reasons for the success is the concept that E-Bay had. Auctioning is a good way to bargain the products but at the same time still have a profitable business. The concept also of people from all over the world makes it more fun. Most buyers are also looking for a sweet deal in the internet because they originally have the original price in their hands. A good yet quality bargain for customers is important because they are looking for their money’s worth.

Aside from that, E-Bay serves as an online mall or “internet shopping haven” for buyers that do not want to be bothered when it comes to hopping from shops to shops. E-Bay offers a variety of choices for their buyers which make it fun. The choices and alternatives that E-Bay offers attract customers who are always on the look out for something new and fresh. On the other hand, the transactions held in E-Bay are safer and secure if compared to other portals. In E-Bay, they guarantee the safety as well as the quality of products once a buyer has purchased it. When it comes to the design and lay-out, E-Bay keeps it simple and hassle-free which really is a priority for buyers that are not particularly technology sassy. The simple design that graces the computer screen is one of the reasons why people go to E-Bay and purchase what they want online. As others would say it, simplicity is the key and it is indeed a key to the success of E-Bay. Another factor which makes E-Bay click is the communication ability of the site. Both buyers and sellers have the chance to communicate openly with each other. Both parties could exchange views and opinions which could help both parties as well as E-Bay. E-Bay is viewed by buyers as a refreshing change against the tight grip of big companies towards buyers. In E-Bay there is freedom and choice in every transaction made.

Start a ebay business

How to start an eBay Business - Turn Your Junk into Gold Got your granny’s old items or your parents used clothing and ‘treasures’ stashed somewhere up in the attic? Do you have a few brand new or collectible items that you want to do away with but not necessarily throw out? If you answered yes to all (or to any) of the questions presented above, then you are in the right position to look into the prospect of starting a business on eBay website. Things to Remember with eBay Business Ventures: · First off, before you go all out and start rummaging for “saleable” materials in your pile and frantically categorize them accordingly – Stop! There are a few things you need to know about eBay and how you can start a ebay business; get acquainted with the site and the services it has to offer; and basically the rules and regulations that apply for both parties (buyers and sellers) particularly for the latter. eBay – the most popular method of buying and selling items on the Internet to-date. This is where you will find the convergence of people from different races meeting altogether because they need something from others; or that they have something they want to get rid off and others want it – put up for sale and for a price. Of course like any ecommerce website operating on the internet, this is also guided by rules and regulations with regards to the buying and selling of items to protect both parties (in this case, the buyers and sellers). From the legal age requirement of 18 years old and above down to the policies in shipping of bought goods; each and every clause of the rules that govern the site are boldly and clearly phrased. Primarily, by accessing the eBay website itself you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set for it, more so if you directly transact from them; thus it is imperative that you read and become acquainted with the rules and regulations that guides ebay transactions. For a complete list of the terms and conditions, log in to the eBay websites you can find online. · Secondly, After a crash-course on the policies and regulations of the site, check your items. Make sure that they fall under the categories of legal items, but if you are not sure then check the restricted items section found on the website. Here you will find a list of all the merchandise prohibited or cannot be sold from the site such as illegal items, alcoholic drinks and certain types of liquors, old relics and pieces protected by state law especially the ones obtained through illegal methods by the seller, drugs and contraband goods, firearms and other deadly weapons, counterfeit goods and the likes. Basically, collectible items such as antiques, art pieces, coins, digital cameras and camcorders, cell phones, clothing and accessories, shoes, toy items like dolls and bears, stamps, watches, baby items, business materials, vintage products, bath and body products and more are the ones commonly put up for sale on ebay. If you have an item different from the ones that sellers usually have, as long as it does not violate any policies the site has regarding the products that can be sold online, then the better since its uniqueness will generate positive results from interested buyers. · Third, Likewise it is very important that you become acquainted with the website itself, you know which buttons to click to access certain types of services, you know as to what category or selection your items will go, which buttons let you access the services provided solely for buyers or sellers - all in all you know the ins and outs of the website itself, making it easier for you to navigate. This way you will not be lost once you get downright serious to making or starting an online business on ebay. If you have abided by these three guidelines regarding how you can start an ebay business, then you are well on your way to making profits from your items. Just put your products up for sale and watch traffic for it soar as buyers start to bid on the items; great if one would actually pay the price you stipulated without having to wait for the bidding process to end. With Ebay, you no longer need to throw away various items that you do not need (whether brand new or a used item) because you can earn money from it.

How to leave great buyer feedback

So your buyer has paid on time, you’ve shipped them the item, and they’ve left you positive feedback. Everything is going great! You know that leaving your buyer some nice feedback will finish everything off, and make them glad they chose to buy from you. When you see that little feedback box, though, you might find that you have no idea what to write to make your buyer happiest. Well, here’s a guide. Don’t write “A++++++++”. Once upon a time, leaving grades on eBay buyers actually meant something. Now, though, writing an ‘A’ and filling the rest of the space with pluses seems to have become a common way of saying ‘good’. The meaning of the grades is gone entirely – no one ever leaves a B-, after all – so it’s a pretty useless thing to write. Try something more descriptive. ‘Prompt/fast/instant payment’. Did the buyer get on PayPal within hours or even minutes of winning the auction and pay you as quickly as they could? If they did, then your comment should include the words ‘prompt payment’. This is a big thing for buyers, as other sellers will really prefer to deal with someone they know will pay on time. ‘Great communication’. If you found the buyer was very responsive to all your emails, then point this out. It’s especially worth putting this if there was a problem that you had to overcome, and the buyer was co-operative and easy to work with. ‘A pleasure to deal with’. If this was one of those very easy transactions where nothing went wrong, then you should put that the buyer was a pleasure to deal with, or ‘the way ebay should be’, or just a ‘great ebayer’. ‘Great as always’. When it’s the second or third time that the buyer has bought from you, make sure to point it out. The fact that they go back to the same seller more than once and build up a relationship is a good thing for them to have on their record. The Main Rule: Praise to the Skies. Think of anything good you have to say and try to fit as much of it as you can in that limited space. Don’t worry too much about punctuation. Here’s a good example comment: “Instant payment, great communication - excellent buyer!”. As a side effect, this then gives you the power to leave slightly negative feedback for some buyers without actually having to make it negative, like this: “Paid quite quickly, communication fine”. Making very short, to-the-point comments also reflects badly on the buyer: if you just write “OK”, it means “I really wanted to leave a neutral or a negative”. Don’t do this if that’s not the meaning you intend. Don’t spend too much time agonising over what to write in your feedback comments, though – the chances are you’ll be leaving hundreds every week. You might find it worthwhile to come up with a few standard ones for different situations, and use eBay’s Selling Manager to leave feedback in bulk. Of course, before you can leave your buyer any feedback, you need to make sure they’ve paid you. Luckily getting your buyer to pay is easy, as eBay handle most of it for you. In the next email, we’ll take a tour of eBay’s checkout.

How do dutch auctions work on ebay

A multiple-item (‘Dutch’) auction is an auction where more than one of the same item is being sold at once. There are two kinds of Dutch auctions. Without Bidding. The most common Dutch auctions are actually a combination of two auction types: they’re multiple-item fixed price auctions (Dutch Buy it Now auctions to you and me). This just means that you can offer more than one of an item at a time for a fixed price. This is very powerful if you’re selling something small in large quantities. You can just say how many of the item you have, and the Buy it Now auction will stay there until its duration is up or all the items have been sold.

Buyers aren’t limited to only buying one item at a time, either: they can enter how many they want and then just click Buy it Now to get them. If you’re selling small things loose, then this can be really great – instead of selling them in packs of 50, you can sell 24 to one person and 95 to the next. It lets buyers save money by buying exactly what they need, and it lets you offer them the flexibility to have as many or few of an item as they want. With Bidding. Dutch auctions can also be done by bidding, but the process is rather complicated. Buyers bid a price and say how many items they want, and then everyone pays the lowest price that was bid by one of the winning bidders.

Let’s say there are 10 of an item for sale. Anne bids $5 each for 4, while Bob bids $4 for 6. Anne will get her 4 and Bob will get his 6, but they will both only pay $4. Here’s another example. If there are 5 items for sale and Anne, Bob, Carol and Dean want to buy 2 each, then obviously someone is going to lose out. Whoever bid the lowest will only get one of the item. If Anne bid $5 each, Bob bid $4 each, Carol bid $3 each, and Dean bid $2 each, then Anne will get 2, Bob will get 2, Carol will get 1 and poor Dean gets nothing. So then: how much they pay for the items? Starting to sound like a particularly evil math problem, isn’t it? The answer is that everyone will pay $3, as Carol’s bid was the lowest one that won anything. If you have trouble getting your head around that, then don’t worry – everyone else does too! That’s why Dutch auctions with bidding are so rare. In fact, even eBay's normal one-item auction format has all sorts of problems, not least of which is auction sniping. Snipers are buyers who come along at the last minute to bid a few cents more than the highest bidder and win the item. Your buyers will find this infuriating – and you’re the only one with any power to help them out by stopping it. The next email will show you what you can do.

Capture the most appropriate and needed ebay selling software

For eBay sellers, selling on eBay was a great novelty and was really fun, for a while. However, once the administration and maintenance began to pile up, nothing is ever the same. The absence of eBay selling software that organizes such things seem so faraway, then. It seems that you'll be always be rushing, running and thinking. Common questions to soar up in your head are, Have the checks cleared? Have I left feedback for everyone? Was my shipping charge the right amount? Sure there are Excel spreadsheet and even hard copies in stacks of folders or record books.

Still it turns out to be a real headache. But, instead of nursing your headache and then plunging back into the rollercoaster, why not search for some eBay selling software that will help simplify things? Now, the internet is a real fountain of information. If you click on in the internet and more likely, you'll get plenty of search results responding on eBay selling software. Look for an eBay selling software that would help with your organizing troubles and foibles. Chances are that if you type eBay software, you get very relevant results. Just imagine, all of them are out them, ready to be applied. If you search in google, you are likely to find even more search results. Once you have the results, prevent disappointments by concentrating on your top priority.

This helps ensure you don't lose focus and get fancy auction graphics instead of the auction management system that you desperately need. Three Types of eBay sellinb Software There are three broad categories for eBay selling software. These three are market insight (to identify what and how to sell), auction management (to administer selling chores), and listing enhancements (to attract bids). Market Insight products software help you decide what, when and how to sell by analyzing completed auctions and generating statistics on timing, enhancements, sell-through rates and more. If you are considering selling in a new, unfamiliar category or are struggling to move your inventory, then market insight could improve your selling strategy. Auction Management eBay selling software keeps your sales administration under control. Do this by putting a framework around your eBay sales and automating repetitive tasks. Products vary in their breadth, but may include listing, payment, shipping and feedback features. If your products are selling well, but you are struggling to maintain a high level of service, an auction management system software is what you need. Once you have decided which type of eBay selling software you need most, list out your requirements in detail. How much are you willing to pay? Do you require support for international eBay sites? Which features must you have? Which features would be nice to have? Take time to get all your requirements listed accurately because it is easy to lose sight of your goals later on. Listing Enhancements cover a wide range of products and often appeal to sellers who already have a well-managed business. They include detailed bidder statistics (to fine-tune auction listing), interactive pictures or video (to showcase high-value products), and real-time chat (to provide instant customer service). If you sell expensive items or are looking for that extra edge over your competitors, then look into listing enhancements. Software versus Hosted Services The difference between software and hosted product is that, in software, you download a file to your computer (or buy a CD from a store), then run the installation program. You don't need to be stay connected to the Internet but software can be used if you are at your computer. Your auction data is stored away on hard drive. Meanwhile, hosted or online products are accessed via the web, so you can use the service from many computer but need to stay connected in the internet. By using this your auction data is stored on the vendor's computers rather than your own, and improvements to the service are available immediately - there are no downloads. Choosing between software and a hosted service is partly a matter of personal preference, but if you have a slow Internet connection, a software-based tool may be the only practical option. In using eBay selling software, be aware that there are those that may not answer to your needs. So be specific as you search for the best eBay selling software or even hosted service products that you engage for your eBay busines. It may just be the key to your success...and relaxation, too.

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