Steal your way to ebay auction success

Stealing, well not really: If healthy competition is considered stealing, then there goes capitalism out the door. Obviously, there are thousands of Ebay sellers making good money selling good products at good margins, so why aren’t you? Their secret – They Know Where To Get The Products. My secret - find the auction sellers and you’ve found the suppliers. Most sellers are lazy - I know I was. I copied and pasted descriptions of the products straight from my wholesale suppliers website. Took their pictures too, with their website URL splashed at the bottom. I shouldn’t have been surprised, within a couple weeks my competition went from 2 to about 8 auction sellers of the same product. The average selling price dropped from $50 to $30 and my margin dropped 50% to 20%. Most Ebay sellers won’t be so dim as to include a picture with their suppliers website address on it, but many will use their suppliers descriptions. If you take a section of this description and Google it, you may just find your supplier. Remember to try various segments of the description and to use quotes. Now once you have found your product, your next goal is to force that supplier out of the market. Take a good look at their descriptions; record their keywords, could their images be improved. Improve the content: Use Overture https://signup. overture. com/signup/ss/ols/signup. do, to improve keywords, and be sure to include them in your title. Also remember to include any popular misspellings of your product. Improve the picture: Use the Google image search to find alternate pictures of your products (remember to ask permission to use them). If you can’t find any take one yourself with a quality camera. Consider hiring a professional if it’s worth it. Sometimes a quality picture matters more then other times, for instance with jewelry a quality photo is imperative. Remember not to let anyone steal your supplier from you, don’t use any content or pictures that would guarantee you a similar fate.

Do you shop online it s easy

: I hope many of you prefer shopping online instead of going to a store and queue up to avail all the discount benefits during holiday seasons when there is huge rush and shopping becomes a havoc. Even manufacturers and sellers are launching their websites so as to sell their products. You can easily purchase with online discount coupons and codes. Discount coupon is a ticket or document that could be exchanged in return of a purchase of a product. These coupons are issued by the sellers as a part of sales promotion. You can easily get these coupons through newspapers, magazines, emails or internet. Features of discount coupons Discount coupon allows the retailers or sellers to award the consumer with some sort of discounts and rebates. This helps the retailer to get the customer back to its product. These discounts could be limited to specific products or could be unrestricted. 1. Discount coupons carry a limit and as such they cannot be used more than the number of times specified.

2. These have a start and end date. 3. Coupons provide discount to the total price of the product. 4. These provide discount to specific products or specific category of products. 5. Coupons can be limited to a specific customer and can also be set so that it is used over a minimum amount. A discount coupon has attributes such as a name which you define while you create a coupon, a start date, an end date and a use count that is number of times it can be used.

How online coupons work? 1. You need to find the suitable coupon from the shopping website and click on the corresponding link. 2. After you finish your purchase, you have to enter a coupon code during the check out process. 3. The place where you enter your coupon code varies from retailer to retailer. It could be anywhere from the shopping cart to the billing page.

4. You will find a box to enter coupon code, promotional code, savings code where you have to enter the coupon code. 5. You have to make sure that your discount coupon is reflected in your order before you confirm your order. Finally, shopping this way can help you save many bucks. Visit our website

When payment matters

When everything's settled after the seller has posted a product in eBay, there's only one thing that needs to be accomplished: payment mode. When selling something, the most important thing a seller must consider is how he or she shall be paid. This is a very risky decision since a lot of fraudulent activities in eBay involve payment. PAYPAL This is the most common way of paying a seller on eBay. PayPal is an online business that facilitates the transaction of transferring a monetary amount between a merchant account and an online buyer. Because it is electronic, it is basically a paperless transaction. It was in October 2002 when PayPal was purchased by eBay. Before, PayPal was just a choice of most eBay users, whether it's a buyer or a seller. The other choices that time involves eBay's subordinate, BillPoint. However, due to a relative percentage of PayPal, being the most widely used mode of payment by almost fifty percent of eBay buyers and sellers, eBay had eventually phased out BillPoint and concentrate more on PayPal. Right now, there is another company that is in the same line of business like PayPal. This competitor is known as BidPay. There had been reports that a number of eBay buyers and sellers resort to this kind of payment scheme. ESCROW For high-priced items, eBay recommends that the method of payment should be with an eBay approved escrow service like the one that can be found at escrow. com Buyers and sellers should take note that there are fake escrow companies lurking in eBay. Hence, it's important to detect if the escrow company that the buyer and the seller deals with is approved by eBay. EBay recommends that sellers, as well as buyers, should only contact eBay approved escrow companies like escrow. com for Canada, U'.S., and U. K. eBay users; escrowaustralia. com. au for eBay users in Australia; escrow-europia. com for eBay users in Spain and Italy; ebay. iloxx. de for German eBay users; and tripledeal. com for eBay users in France, Netherlands, and Belgium. EBay strongly warns its buyers and sellers not to do transaction concerning wire transfers like the Western Union. This is a very unsafe mode of payment because it does not guarantee the concerned person that the process will be smooth. So, it's best for every seller and buyer on eBay to opt for the mentioned payment methods so as to be sure of an honest and reliable business transaction. Besides, eBay will protect the sellers and buyers if the transactions were made under these approved eBay mode of payment.

Ebay selling secrets unveiled

If you want to take advantage of the eBay phenomenon and start your own eBay business, then the first bit of eBay selling secret is for you to start selling part time. It can be a great way to make extra cash while learning the tricks and familiarizing yourself with the eBay selling secrets you need to eventually expand your business. It will take some time to learn the inside eBay selling secrets that the top sellers know. Understand that eBay will take some work. There are no eBay selling secrets that focus on get-rich-quick scheme. For your Ebay business, all you need is internet access and a product to sell. Don't worry If you don't have a product. An eBay selling secret on what item to put up for sale is by starting off selling old or odd items from your home like most people do. Others go to garage sales and picking up great deals, then selling them on Ebay. Some purchase from companies that offer low prices and discount deals. From among the many eBay Selling Secrets, here are among the top 10 you should know: 1. Research! By doing research, you make sure that there is a need for the item that you are selling. Do this by running a search for your item and see how many items are turn up from the keyword search. 2. List your item in the right category! There are categories for the items to be put up for sale on eBay. The purpose of this is to have an organized tracking system for the products for sale. It is an eBay selling secret to put your item in exactly the right category where it belongs. 3. Keywords and descriptions are critical! It is an important eBay selling secret to use appropriate keywords to describe your product. Be specific in your descriptions. Your descriptions are critical to avoid any future problems or potential returns by buyers. 4. Photos in your auction is needed! The eBay selling secret of using photos of the products during auctions with photos guarantee more sales than those that don't have photos. By having a photo of the actual item, more buyers may take up interest. This eBay selling secret also helps to build more trust between you and the buyer. 5. Make the Buying process Easy! Sign up for PayPal! Signing up for PayPal is another eBay selling secret that would gain you more buyers for your item. If you want to make your auction easy for the buyer, then PayPal it is. 6. List your items during "Hot Time" buying Periods! It is an eBay selling secret to time your auction so that it ends during peak buying times. Here's a reference: Eastern Time Zone, list your auction between 9pm-11pm Central Time Zone list between 8-10pm Mountain Time Zone between 7-9pm Pacific Time Zone list between 6-8pm. By knowing these Hot Time buying periods, your products will likely get great exposure. You'll see the glowing sales you'll gain after the auctions. 7. Make an "About Me" Page or better yet, create a Website from Free Hosting Sites! Having an "About Me" page in eBay is an eBay selling secret which let potential buyers get to know you. Getting a free webpage from many companies is also a way to promote yourself 8. Positive Feedback is Important Having positive feedback is a necessary eBay selling secret. eBay buyers looks at your feedback ratings before looking up your listings. To get positive feedback, make sure to keep a good customer service and customer relations. 9. Decrease Postage and Shipping Costs! Don't underestimate or overestimate your shipping costs. It is an essential eBay selling secret to be prepared and to determine its costs beforehand. 10. Don't put any ad that would scare your potential buyers away! Never put Reserve Prices and Buy-it-Now in your product listing. Instead of getting buyers, you'll more likely scare them away. These ads can cause you to lose money on an item. final auction price. It is an eBay selling secret to get buyers who'll keep bidding at your products. These unveiled eBay selling secrets and those others you will learn eventually will help you become a successful eBay seller.

Knowing all about sports memorabilia auctions

Sports memorabilia auctions are highly attended functions. Some of these auctions are designated functions for a specific community cause. But no matter the cause or purpose if you are a collector it is a chance for you to add to your collection. We have reached a moment in our history where it is necessary for you to take advantage of opportunities when they become available. Auctions may come and go but when there is a chance to find the specifics that you have been looking for don't let it pass you by. No matter what season of the year, auctions are usually well attended. These functions are attended by individuals, retailers, wholesalers and just plain curiosity seekers. In the smaller communities sports memorabilia auctions are the highlight of specific seasons.

It is something the hometown folks look forward to year after year after year. Other entities in the community plan events to complement and to feed off of these special auctions. Sometimes a celebrity is invited to help boost the attendance. When this is the case a small fee may be charged at the door. This fee helps to provide ample security and other safeguards and overhead expenses during the event. What we are finding is that schools churches and community organizations sponsor some of these auctions as fundraisers. Proceeds from these auctions sometimes provide additional help for social and community endeavors such as scholarship funds, extra resources for hospitals, and special needs for the local schools.

In fact much of the merchandise that is sold at these auctions has been donated by members of the community. These donations in many instances can be tax write-offs for the businesses or individuals who give to the cause. These sports memorabilia auctions provide ways to pay for new sporting equipment for the local football teams, and other athletic needs in the schools. A twofold purpose is served the first is to provide for the need that has been designated and the second is to give you the chance to buy merchandise that may have been hard for you to find. Some of these auctions generate additional money by charging a small fee to participate.

You are given a number so that you will have a vehicle that you can use to bid. Believe it or not some of the more sophisticated sports memorabilia auctions are by invitation only. You will find the most expensive, sort after and least available merchandise at these auctions. You must register for these auctions and provide assurance that you are able to pay for the merchandise if you are the winning bidder. There are specific qualifications such as having good credit, monies available and appropriate financial resources to get into these kinds of auctions. Things so that these auctions may be a one-of-a-kind portrait of a sports hero, a cap that a sports hero wore or any number of other things such issue, goals, socks and so on. These are not general public auctions but are geared to the upper echelon. Some of these auctions have specific purposes such as raising money for certain health issues and research. If you take a closer look at the whole sports arena a lot of good is done for a great number of people using various facets of the sports world.

The sports memorabilia auctions are just one of the avenues used for the common cause.

Ebay shipping 10 tips to start right

There are about as many different ways to ship ebay items as there are ebay sellers. That being said, there are many eBay sellers who don't ship using the correct packaging or the least expensive service. These 10 tips are written to help sellers get started shipping their ebay items correctly. 1) Always Pack the Item Properly The biggest mistake you can make when shipping an item is to go lighty on the packaging and send an unportected item. Buyers will instantly leave negative feedback if the item arrives damaged due to bad padding. Make sure you look into the proper packaging for the item you are shipping - a book is different then a china doll, and both require proper materials. 2) Never Pay For Packing Materials Right behind improper packing is over paying for shipping materials. There are far too many sources of free boxes and free padding to need to buy them. I have been a powerseller on ebay for 4 years and not once have I paid for packing materials. EBay and USPS offer free boxes, UPS offers free shipping labels. Local retailers will generaly have old boxes lying around also - this is perfect for those large items. 3) Ship Promptly After the Auction Closes So you've just spent $400 on the newest game console - purchased it from an eBay Seller. Do you want to wait a week just for the seller to ship the item? Neither do your customers. Always ship the item as soon as possible after the auction is closed. 4) Box the Product Before the eBay Aucton is Over It is a good habit to get into packaging your items before the auction is finished. This makes it exceedingly easy to ship within a day of the buyer paying. Shipping quickly will grab good feedback more than anythign else. 5) Use UPS Ground Shipping for Large Items It is generally the best to use UPS ground for anything that weighs more than 10lbs. It is very inexpensive to ship large items with UPS. Though slower than USPS, it is far more cost effective on larger frieght. 6) Use USPS Priority Mail for Sending Small Items Anything less than 10lbs is best shipped with priority mail. Priority mail is very fast, and very inexpensive for small things. Shipping with priority mail is also very good for your buyer, as it will get them their item quickly and effectively. 7) USPS Media mail is Best for Shipping Media Items If you are shipping a book, cd, dvd, or any other item that fits in the media catagory - it is probably best to ship with media mail. This is a very cheap service, and is great for the items it is meant for. If your item is expensive, however, it may be better to use priority mail to please your buyer. 8) Include a Thank You Note in Each Package This is one of the most overlooked methods of creating return customers. You need to ship the package anyhow, why not attempt to get another eBay purchase out of each customer? Almost all of the big players on eBay use this tactic. 9) Use Paypal to Print Shipping Labels Printing eBay shipping labels from Paypal is one of the easiest and most time saving features availible to new sellers. Larger eBay sellers might want to look into furthor automation, but for everything under 50 packages per week - electronic labels from Paypal are the way to go. 10) eBay Shipping Takes Getting Used To - Don't Quit Not everyone gets into a rythm immediatly. Shipping on eBay can be a trying task - but keep going and you'll soon be rewarded with happy customers and efficient practices. It is important to learn and rethink and establish you're own personal best practices. With time, anyone can ship like a PowerSeller.

Setting realistic goals for your ebay business

Setting goals sometimes seems like a useless task. It would seem if you want to do something, you just get to it and finish. Though that sounds easy enough, I think there is more to it than that. Having something to work towards is important. If everyone’s business plan, or goal, were simply, “Make More Money” most businesses would not succeed.

Though you can’t practically say, “My eBay business is just like Microsoft”, I believe it is a mentality that gets us where we want to be. Success is measured subjectively, relative to each person. For some, hitting the million dollar mark is success, while for others it is the simple fact of being able to quit their job to stay at home and have that freedom. It’s important to establish what it means to be successful for you. Don’t just think about it, write it down. Know what you want, and don’t forget it. Ideas in our head almost always seem to drift away if we don’t manifest them somehow and sometimes immediate action isn’t possible… so simply write it down. The practical thing to do, however, when it comes to eBay, is to measure your current business, or, if you’re just starting, to know how to measure it. This means taking into account your total sales and everything that goes along with that, such as your eBay fees, Paypal fees, what percentage of auctions ended successful compared to how many items were listed and the average price each item sold for. If this sounds overwhelming, take a step bank and look at the whole picture. If you’re an established business, it’s as simple as measuring each statistic above within any given time period. Take auctions listed each week, month, and depending on how old or young your business is, each year. If you’ve just started, each week you list, measure these statistics after each of your listings end. This way, you’ll know which items are selling well, where you can change certain aspects of your business, and, most importantly, how much profit you’re making. One of the most important parts of measuring your business statistics is to know eBay fees. I sometimes get excited about how much I’ve sold and looking at the price on My eBay, think that I did well. Then I pay my eBay fees and realize I did not do quite as well as I had thought. If you have an accurate knowledge of eBay fees, this will increase your potential for profit. Of course, you’re wondering what all this has to do with setting a goal for your eBay business. Pretty much everything. If you know your business inside out, you can set realistic goals that you’ll know which areas of your business to improve. Making more money as a goal, then not knowing how to get to that goal, leaves you stagnant, and, worst of all, making the same amount of money. So, define what success is to you and write it down. Then measure every aspect of your business, whether you just finished your very first week of listings ever, or you’ve been in business for a few years, or ten years. Then use that knowledge to meet realist financial goals in accordance with your own definition of success.

Ebay sellers how to deal with difficult customers

eBay Sellers: How to Deal with Difficult Customers If you are an eBay seller, you will have to do business with eBay buyers. As traditional retailers do, you may also have a problem with some customers. While the majority of eBay buyers are more than pleasant to deal with, there are some who can “ruffle your feathers.” While your first thought may be to give a difficult eBay buyer a piece of your mind, you may want to refrain from doing so, especially if you rely on eBay to generate income for yourself and your family. When it comes to dealing with difficult eBay buyers, one problem that commonly arises is with your current auction listings. It is not uncommon to get an eBay message from a buyer requesting that you lower your price on one of your listed items. In fact, it is not uncommon for an eBay buyer to mention that other eBay sellers have the same items listed for less. If and when this ever happens to you, you will want to keep your cool. You should simply state that you are unable to lower your asking price. Kindly suggest to the eBay buyer in question that if they are looking for more affordable prices, they should consider doing business with an eBay seller who offers more affordable merchandise. The decision as to whether or not you want to lower your eBay prices is yours to make, but you should never feel pressured into doing so. Another situation that commonly arises on eBay, concerning difficult eBay buyers, is the payment process. There are many eBay buyers who make the mistake of assuming that all eBay sellers accept the same methods of payments, but not all do. One of the most common methods of payment accepted is PayPal. If you currently do not have a PayPal account, you may want to look into doing so. Regardless of what methods of payments you do accept, you are urged to outline them in your auction listings. Yes, eBay has a section for that, but, unfortunately, not all sellers make their way down to that section. Should you have a buyer that wants to make alternative arrangements, you need to use your best judgment. If you cannot reach an agreement, eBay should be notified. One of the other common problems that arise on eBay, with difficult eBay buyers, is those who refuse to pay. With eBay, if you bid on an auction and win it, you are responsible for making payment; however, that doesn’t mean that everyone does. When trying to request payment from a non-paying eBay buyer, you will want to stay professional when doing so. By simply sending a few reminder notices you should still be able to keep your positive image. If you haven’t heard anything from your non-paying eBay buyer, you may want to contact eBay after about a week. eBay has a process that allows you to get your fees back, as well as a process that will gives non-paying eBay buyers a negative feedback rating. It is also not uncommon for an eBay buyer to be unhappy with the item that they purchased and received from you. If this happens, you need to also use your best judgment. To prevent a problem from occurring, you will want to make sure that you provide a detailed description of whatever you are selling, as well as numerous pictures. It is also advised that you outline a return policy, whether or not you actually have one. Should you have intentionally or unintentionally mislead an eBay buyer, you should make the situation right; however, stand your ground if you are being scammed or “taken for a ride.” The above mentioned situations are just a few of the many that you may come across as an eBay seller. No matter what situation arises, you are advised to use your best judgment and also keep your cool. In the end, you will be glad that you did. Word Count 658

Common ebay scams to be on the lookout for

Common eBay Scams to be on the Lookout For Are you looking to start buying on eBay? If you have never used eBay before, you may not necessarily know that it is relatively easy to fall victim to an eBay scam. While eBay is considered a safe place to shop online, there are a number of eBay scams that you should be on the lookout for. Knowing what these scams are, before you start shopping on eBay, will help to reduce or completely eliminate your chances of becoming a victim. Before we start to examine some of the most common eBay scams that you should be on the lookout for, it is important to mention why those scams exist. eBay is considered an online market place or an online auction website. Just about anyone with an internet connection and an eBay account can start eBay sale auctions. This is what makes it possible for scammers to trap innocent shoppers like you. While eBay does work to combat these scams and eliminate the individuals behind them, there are some people who slip through the cracks. That is why you will always want to be on the lookout for eBay scams. Speaking of common scams to be on the lookout for, one of the most common scams involves selling a product that the seller actually doesn’t have. This type of scam is sometimes difficult to spot, but there are signs that you should look for. When posting an eBay auction, an eBay seller should have pictures of the item or items that they are selling or at least accurate descriptions. With some items, such as books, CDs, or movies, eBay sellers are given the option of using a stock photo; one that is provided by eBay. All other items should have a genuine photo, taken by the seller. If not, you may want to refrain from making the purchase, as it may mean that the seller isn’t even in possession of the item or items that they are trying to sell you. In addition to selling items that they don’t even have available, another common eBay scam involves lying about the items that they do have. For instance, there are some eBay sellers, although a small number of them, who claim that they have an item, like a car radio, which is in brand new condition, but it isn’t always. It is not uncommon for some eBay seller to outright lie or strength the truth a little bit. Unless you have a watchful eye, you may not find out until it is too late. That is why it is advised that you not only purchase items from eBay that are accompanied by pictures, but that you also examine those pictures. You will want to try and see if something really does look new or if it is in “like new,” condition. Another common eBay scam that you will want to look for involves those who want your personal information. This type of scam is implemented in two different ways. First, there are a small number of sellers who tell you that they need your credit card information, but they shouldn’t. Whether you pay by PayPal, personal check, or money order, you shouldn’t give out any personal information to any eBay sellers, even if you are buying an item from them. If you are not using PayPal, just send a check or money order to the address given to you, nothing else needs to be done. The second eBay scam that involves trying to get your personal information is phishing. Phishing scams are increasing in popularity, making it easier to fall victim to one. With phishing scams, a scammer sends out an email that looks like it is from eBay. The email is often accompanied with a message stating that something is wrong with your account and that you need to click on the attached link, sign in and fix it. This is a scam. What they are trying to do is get your eBay account information. Once that has been done, they may have access to stored personal account numbers, as well as the ability to use your eBay account to make fraudulent purchases. The above mentioned eBay scams are just a few of the most common ones that you may run across. Although there are those on eBay who are trying to scam or take advantage of you, the chances of falling victim to a scam on eBay are actually quite low, as long as you proceed with caution. Word Count 749

Tips for selling on ebay

Ok, so you have decided you are going to sell an item in ebay be it a dvd, stamp collection or whatever. How should you go about getting the best possible price? First of all you should do some research into what prices similar items have been fetching. You can use ebay’s ‘completed listings’ tool to do this. This shows you what has been sold and at what price and is split down into product categories. This will give you a good guide as to what price you can expect to achieve. The next important step is your opening price. You do not want to set a high opening price that will scare off bidders.

It is far better to open with a low reserve and hope this attracts several bidders. It is a fact that people are drawn to items with bids on them already. Having several bidders can lead to competitive bidding and you are more likely to receive a higher final price. To restrict the chance of the item going for a very low price you should set a reserve price – if this is not reached then the item will not be sold. Consider using a ‘buy it now’. Some bidders do not like to wait until the end of an auction and would rather ‘impulse buy’ in the knowledge they have won the auction.

Other bidders enjoy the thrill of the auction. If you have more than one of the product it may be worth considering selling one item on a buy it now and one as a normal bidding auction – this will cover you both ways. Having a good description and photo is very important. I have seen countless unsold items where the product was probably very good but a terrible photo make it look awful. If appropriate, use a scanner for eg stamps, but for larger items take photos using a digital camera and keep taking pictures until you get a good photo. A good photo is worth a 1000 words! Bidders are instinctively drawn towards items with photos and away from those without.

Give as much information as you can as to condition, age, manufacturer, model number etc. If you were selling a tv for example, tell the viewer that it is a Phillips 32” flat screen tv model number P2350, two years old put in perfect working order. Finally, make sure you give all the details for post and packaging. I’ve been caught before when buying a small item where I thought the postage would be pennies; the seller didn’t disclose the postage cost until after the auction and I had a nasty shock. I’m not the only person this has happened to so make sure you disclose your postage and packing charges or you may lose some potential bidders.

Sourcing for cars to sell in ebay car auctions

Selling high-priced items such as ebay car auctions is getting more and more popular these days. In fact, according to ebay motors, a vehicle is sold very 10 seconds, a car part or accessories is sold every second. Over 10 million shoppers visit ebay motors every month looking to buy cars or car parts. The reason why ebay car auctions are popular among ebay sellers is pretty obvious since the profits per sale are high. You only need to sell 1 to 2 cars on ebay motors each month to make a handsome profit. So how do you find cars to sell on ebay motors? Basically I have used 2 ways.

Car Dealers Believe it or not, there are still a lot of car dealers who are still advertising offline via the usual marketing methods such as advertising in car magazines, posters, tv and radio. From my personal experience, the main reason why these car dealers do not sell on ebay motors is not because they do not know about ebay. It is because they do not have technical knowledge of uploading photos, putting auction description and such. One car dealer I know of have not touched a computer in his life! So this is where you can come in and offer your services and in return if the car is sold successfully on ebay motors, you get a commission. I don’t need to tell you even if it is a just 2 percent commission, you could still get a few hundred dollars easily. Classified Ads If you flip through your daily newspapers, you can probably find a lot of people trying to sell their cars in the classified ads section. Some of these people have been advertising for quite a while which could mean they did not manage to sell their cars. You could contact them and offer to sell their car. Since they could not sell their car, it should not be too difficult to convince them to give you a shot at selling it. In return, you arrange with the car owner to receive a small commission for your work. The above 2 methods have worked well for me. The good thing about both methods is you get to pick which cars you want to sell particularly for classified ads. If you have been on ebay motors for a while, you will realize certain types of cars sell better and more easily than others. Examples are classic or vintage cars. Basically cars that are rare or unusual. One thing you have to note is most car dealers will probably not give you a exclusive time period to sell the car. Therefore in your auction, always state the car is on sale on other sites or other ways and that you reserve the right to end the auction early.

Wholesale for ebay sellers

The Dynamics of Wholesale for EBay Sellers! The success of the online market has been surging for years now; the demands for such marketplace is still increasing and many are now loving to utilize the online places for buying, selling and reselling goods and commodities. One example of these successful online markets is eBay. If you are accustomed to browsing the Net, you must have come across eBay. It is an online site where you will find people buying and selling goods as well as services worldwide; eBay is known for managing online auctions and shopping websites to facilitate this. Everyday, millions of items and services are being listed, bought and sold daily in eBay; these includes collectibles, appliances, computers, furniture, equipments, vehicles, etc. Aside few years back, wholesaling has found its way to eBay. It is believed that there are over 100 million registered users in eBay worldwide; hence, you can all conclude that millions of consumers are searching for merchandise on eBay. With these figures, you can assume that there is substantial market for any wholesaler, manufacturer, importer or distributor. Thus, wholesale for eBay sellers has been quite popular among eBay users. One reason why wholesale for eBay sellers is good is that it has a very good turn over; some auctions last only for few days which mean seller will need more merchandise. Now, if you’re interested in offering wholesale for eBay sellers, here are some tips that you might want to consider: • Investigate. Yes! You need to know which products are in demand on eBay; this way, you will know which items those eBay sellers are interested in buying wholesale and what you will wholesale for eBay sellers. • Research Closing Prices. Next thing you should do for great wholesale to eBay sellers is to conduct a research regarding the closing prices of auctions on eBay. This is to know how much any merchandise is usually sold on eBay and in turn you’ll know how much you should wholesale for eBay sellers your commodities. • List Your Wholesale in Directories. Basically, you cannot contact an eBay seller directly; hence, for you to have a good outcome in wholesale for eBay sellers, you should get your wholesale business listed in directories and eBooks that most eBay users use. Now, if you want to have a successful wholesale for eBay sellers business, you need to understand what the motivations of your target customers are so you can maximize your sales. You can base your analysis through your customer’s needs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for good deals on wholesale for eBay sellers you should be at all times careful in your analysis of the wholesale products and the seller offering the commodities. Here are tips that an eBay seller should take when looking for wholesale for eBay sellers products. • You should determine the direction of the eBay business. Be sharp and analytic; when a seller started selling used clothing won’t mean that the seller wants to build eBay business selling used clothing • Next thing to do is to decide whether the eBay business or the wholesale for eBay sellers products will be based on volume or price. EBay sellers looking for wholesale for eBay seller products should know whether they’ll be conducting lots of auctions for low-priced merchandise or instead sell fewer, but higher-priced items. • You should investigate the eBay marketplace for best wholesale for eBay sellers products. You need to see whether the wholesale product you plan to sell is viable; used the number of similar “wholesale for eBay sellers” products being sold and listed on eBay. • Test out your market. You may try your market by placing a small order and see the result. There are lots of ways for you to find the best deals on wholesale for eBay sellers; every eBay sellers has their individual way of getting their products sold and also selling it. But the first and best thing to do if you want to be successful in wholesale for eBay sellers deals is market research and lots of it. You can do your research in your own and manual ways; but using market research tools for wholesale for eBay sellers that are available on the Internet is proven to be more effective. In this process, you’ll need moderate amount of investments but the information that is compiled and presented is indispensable to profitable wholesale for eBay sellers business. Having a clear understanding of how wholesaling works in an open market like eBay along with reliable research will give you the chance to multiply your chances of having a successful wholesale for eBay sellers business.

Ebay training courtesy of learnkey

As we all know, eBay is the world’s largest trading community. eBay has millions of transactions conducted daily. Knowing how to find your niche on eBay entails several eBay training so that you'll know how to make money on eBay and build a store on eBay Making Money on eBay training and Build a store on eBay training are brought to us by Learnkey. We will have an overview here of these eBay training courses for us to know what's more applicable and bring us on the road to success for our own eBay selling business. In Making Money on eBay training course you’ll learn the keys to online auction success. Adam Hersh, an expert instructorfor eBay trainings reveals bidding tips and pricing strategies. He also unveils how to title, describe, photograph and present your items which is guaranteed to fetch top bids. Here in Making Money on eBay training, you’ll also learn how to authenticate items and securely settle transactions to protect yourself from fraud. This course's conclusion let's you understand the concepts of confidently buying and selling on eBay. In Building a Store on eBay training, the introduction delves and explains that many small business owners are reaching a marketplace of millions of potential customers by building online storefronts on eBay. By building a storefront on eBay, you suddenly face the tremendous responsibility of inventory, pricing, packaging, auctioning, etc. In the Building a Store on eBay training course from LearnKey, you’ll quickly learn the critical steps to set up and operate your own successful eBay store. Erica Wadley, the expert instructor for this topic, has created an eBay store that has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products while generating more than 99% positive customer feedback. She takes you step-by-step through the process, such that at the conclusion of this eBay training course you have a clear understanding how to easily build and manage your own eBay store. eBay SuccessKit Learnkey hands out this eBay Success Kit, as part of the two-part eBay training course. The eBay Success Kit includes everything you’ll need to know about starting and operating a profitable eBay business. This kit contains two complete LearnKey video courses on DVD – Making Money on eBay and Building a Store on eBay along with the workbooks you'll be needing. With this kit you’ll learn step-by-step how to run a successful eBay business from experts who have done it! eBay is the world’s largest trading community with millions of transactions conducted daily, it is necessary that we go and have a piece of the eBay pie. Want to have a complete overview of this eBay training courses? eBay Training Course Outline Session 1 Section A: Online Auctioning Keys to Success Adam Hersh Online Auction Sites eBay Auctions Other Market Places Section B: eBay's Site Home Page Exploring Categories Searching Buying Auction Items Placing Bids Section C: Auction Items Event Auctions Charity Auctions Memorabilia Big Ticket Items Prohibited Items Section D: Listing Auctions Creating a Sell Item Advertising Real Estate Choose Category Suggested Categories Category Strategies Titling Items Abbreviation Create Title Section E: Auction Description Details Purchase Conditions Appearances Description Text HTML Text Controls Reuse Scheduling Section F: Pricing Price Options Fees Starting Price Reserves/Low Prices Buy It Now Section G: Auction Features Private Auctions Pictures Picture Layouts Listing Upgrades Counters Payment Methods Shipping Feature Statics Session 2 Section A: After the Auction Follow up Shipping Non-paying Bidders Bidder Management 2nd Chance Offer Relisting Payment Services Section B: Feedback Core of eBay Responding Getting Feedback Feedback Violations Section C: eBay Services Benefits Conveniences Promotions Services Tab Buying/Selling Tools Trade with Confidence Authenticate Items ID Verify Section D: eBay Stores Benefits Store Levels Featured Store Anchor Store Store Section Section E: Auction Management Marketplace Integration Inventory Management Image Management Sale Management Storefront/Checkout Tools Order Management Preferred Solution Provider Section F: Powersellers eBay Recognition Levels Benefits Maintaining Status Section G: Trading Assistants Requirements Finding Clients Fees Limits Section H: eBay Life eBay Community eBay Plans Making money on eBay Training - eBay Training, Course 2 Sessions - 4 Hours of Training eBay Training Instructor - Expert Adam Hersh has sold more than 50,000 items on eBay and other auction sites. He was the first named eBay trading assistant. He has sold more items, received more positive comments. He'd been an eBay member longer than any other trading assistant in New York City. His business has been featured already on several publications, including Smart Money, Readers Digest, and Business Week. He was selected as eBay's collectible seller of the month in September 2003, and featured in the Collectibles Sellers Newsflash. Make eBay training through Learnkey count. It will also be a good opportunity for you to attend more eBay training and help you become successful in the eBay business.

Ebay sellers why you should have an about me page

eBay Sellers: Why You Should Have an “About Me,” Page Are you an eBay seller? If you are looking for ways to make money from home, there is a good chance that you may be. When it comes to working from home or making money from home, one of the first places that people turn to is eBay. The only problem is that to make money on eBay, you must be a successful seller. There are a number of steps that you can take to become a successful eBay seller. One of those steps involves creating an “About Me,” page. If you are relatively new to selling on eBay, you may not know what an “About Me,” page is. An “About Me,” page is a webpage that allows you to write anything that you want about you, the items that you sell, or type of services that you offer. Due to the possibility of being scammed on eBay, a large number of eBay buyers want to do business with someone that they feel they can trust. One of the best, yet easiest ways, to go about creating trust is by creating an “About Me,” page. Although it may seem simple to you, it actually means a lot in the eyes of many eBay buyers. And, to be a successful eBay seller, public perception is everything. As it was previously stated, if you are interested in creating an “About Me,” page, there is a section where you can write whatever you want to write. If you want to be a successful eBay seller, you will want to give information that you feel could be useful to you. For instance, if you are selling on eBay because you are a stay at home mom or dad, you may want to write that, but in a professional matter. Explaining your purpose for being an eBay seller is a great way to get an eBay buyer to see you as a person, just like themselves. If you consider yourself to be a fulltime eBay seller or if you specialize in a certain type of product, like kids clothing, you may want to mention that in your personalized “About Me,” section. In addition to the samples outlined above, you will also want to add in anything else that you may find useful or something that you think will grab the attention or trust of potential buyers. When making your own personalized “About Me,” page section, it is important that you use your best judgment. Look at it from the perspective of an eBay buyer; what would you like to see on your own page? In addition to your own personalized section, there are some sections that eBay automatically includes on a seller’s “About Me,” page. One of those items is a summary of current items available for sale. For instance, if you have a number of auctions currently going, those auctions will be summarized on your “About Me,” page, for everyone to see. All visitors are provided with a link to the auction listing, the current highest bidding price, as well as a short description of what is currently available for sale. In a way, having an “About Me,” page may also increase your chances of getting a sale, since a visitor to your page may see something that catches their eye. eBay “About Me,” pages also commonly include information on feedback. If you are an established eBay seller, particularly one that has a good feedback rating, this may work out to your advantage, as visitor will be able to see that you are reputable eBay seller. If you have a number of feedback ratings, only a certain number, most commonly the recent ones, will be shown. This includes positive, negative, and neutral feedback ratings from your past eBay transactions. Having an “About Me,” eBay page is completely optional, but, as outlined above, there are a number of benefits to having one. With an eBay “About Me,” page only taking a few minutes to make, you are advised to at least give it a try. After all, you may be surprised with the results. Word Count 679

Ebay motors

eBay Motors is currently one of the seven specialty sites of eBay, catering specifically to buyers and sellers interested in automotives and vehicles. First launched by eBay in 2000 as an effort to boost sales in its automotive auction site, the site has undergone many changes to become what it is now. Positioned at first as two separate sites, eBay Motors was combined with the eBay Auto-trader site and launched as one site under its current name. The company also added a slew of services to attract more users. Although the move upset some of the affected sellers, it proved to be a wise strategy as it boosted the sales of the auction site. eBay Motors is currently one of the most popular online destinations for buyers and seller of automotives, parts and accessories. eBay Motors also goes beyond cars and trucks auctions: The complete category list includes motorcycles, powersports, boats and other vehicles such as buses, commercial trucks and even aircrafts. eBay Motors is truly the best one-stop online auction shop for anything and everything about motors. Like other eBay sites, the eBay Motors' special site is designed to make the buying experience very easy and convenient for the user.

eBay has successfully created a simple process that works across all of their specialty sites, and eBay Motors is no exception. Online auction and buying experience doesn’t get any easier than the popular Find – Bid/Buy – Pay method. For the buyers, the Search function and the Category list both serve as an excellent starting point. If the buyer has a specific idea of something that he’s looking for, the search function is probably the quickest way of finding it. If not searching for something specific though, browsing through the categories may be the best option for prospective buyers. Browsing also has the added advantage of seeing items or options that the users wouldn’t have seen using the specific search function.

“Surprising discoveries”, as the eBay search help page says. Then the buyer can proceed to the actual bidding for the item or, if the seller of the item allows it, buy it directly through eBay Motor’s Buy It Now feature. Buy it now is an eBay-wide feature that was introduced by the company as an alternative to the normally used bidding process. With Buy It Now, you can buy an item instantly at a seller-defined price without going through the bidding process. Paying for items you bought can be done through different methods, depending on the seller.

Usually Credit card and electronic checks are accepted. You can also use PayPal, eBay’s own payment system. Although in the ideal world the three-step process enumerated above should work flawlessly, actually buying vehicles through eBay Motors entails additional steps for the buyer to avoid frauds. The general rule is that the more the buyer knows about the seller and the items that’s being are auctioned, the safer the buyer will be. Getting to know the vehicle that you’re bidding on or buying means an extensive research must be done if you don’t know much about it yet. Do research on the particular model that you are interested in and make sure that it meets your needs as well as the requirements that your state has set, such as emission efficiency. It is also imperative that you have a good knowledge of actual value of the vehicle. Beware of vehicles that are listed significantly lower than that of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. As for the actual vehicle being auctioned, it would help a lot if you can personally visit and see the vehicle to ensure it is accurately represented. If this is not possible you can have an inspection service check the vehicle for you. The next important thing to know is the seller of the vehicle being auctioned. eBay Motors has an excellent feedback rating system that will let you gauge the seller’s reputation on eBay. Make sure that you get to know your seller well before bidding or fully engaging into a deal. It is also important to contact the seller and to ask more questions about the auctioned item. Make sure that he replies to your inquiry and questions. Although care should still be taken by the buyer, eBay Motors has a free Vehicle Purchase Protection Program that protects the buyer’s vehicle purchases from fraud and material misrepresentation. This is granted that the transaction is eligible. The vehicle purchase is protected for up to twenty thousand dollars or the vehicle purchase price, whichever is lower. There are also other services offered by eBay Motors for the buyers. The PayPal buyer protection program gives protection to users who use PayPal for their parts and accessories transactions. As mentioned, there are Vehicle Inspection programs that provide detailed and thorough mechanical and cosmetic inspection on auctioned vehicles. The Vehicles History Report shows facts about a pre-owned car before the buyer buys the item. Buying vehicles or parts online gives you the advantage of a consolidated data about vehicles that is very helpful in comparing various items or vehicles that you are considering. Make use of this advantage really well. Compare and always find the best price for items that you’re bidding on. The excellent and proven auction system can also give you possible big savings when buying vehicles in eBay Motors. After getting all the relevant information go ahead and place your bid. Remember that when bidding on eBay Motors you only need to enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle you wish to buy. This doesn’t automatically mean that that would be the price you are going to pay for the vehicle. eBay Motors will do the bidding for you and stop bidding and notify you through email once your indicated maximum amount is reached. Bidding on eBay Motors is just as easy and hassle free as bidding on any eBay auction site. For buyers of collector cars eBay Motors has a special feature called Roadside Assistance. Roadside Assistance provides buyers throughout USA and Canada a free 30-day roadside assistance via the Hagerty Collector Network. The free roadside assistance also covers the first $100 worth of other roadside services such as battery jump, fuel delivery, tire change and lockout service. This feature lets buyers enjoy the first 30 days of their collector cars worry free and can then later on sign up with Hagerty Collector Network if they want to continue with the service. Buying a vehicle in eBay Motors is surely not only very easy and hassle free but offers very good perks as well. If you need to buy a vehicle and choose to do it online, then eBay Motors is the place to do it.

Ebay sellers the importance of communication

eBay Sellers: The Importance of Communication Are you an eBay seller? If you just recently became an eBay seller, you may still be learning the ins and outs of eBay, particularly how to make a profit. While there are an unlimited number of tips that could help increase your chances of making a profit on eBay, like detailed product descriptions and such, there is one way that is relatively simple; having an open line of communication with all of your eBay buyers. Although you may not necessarily think about it at the time, communication goes a long way when it comes to online business transactions, particularly on eBay. When it comes to keeping an open line of communication with your customers or potential customers, there are three main situations that you should take advantage of. First, if you are selling a popular item, you may have a number of bids or even a number of questions. If your product description wasn’t very detailed, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you to have messages from other eBay members seeking more information. While some of these questions may be good, valid ones, others may seem a little bit out in left field. In fact, some eBay member questions may leave you wondering if they even looked at your auction listing. Still, it is advised that you answer all user questions in a polite and timely matter. Doing so will increase the chances of your item or items being sold. Once an eBay buyer has agreed to buy an item from you, whether it be through a traditional auction listing or a “Buy It Now,” sale, you will want to send your customer an invoice, showing the total amount of money that they owe you. After you have received payment, there is a good chance that you will box up the items sold and head to the post office. A great way to make a good impression is to send your customers an update email; an email that can let them know that their items were just shipped. Many eBay buyers like this because it gives them an estimated arrival time frame. Should you have purchased a package tracking number, you will want supply your customers with that information. It is also advised that you follow through, within a few days or a week, to see if your customers received their items. You may also want to send a personal note asking them how they liked the items and such. One thing that you definitely want to include in a follow-up message is a thank you note. You will want to thank each of your eBay customers for doing business with you. You should also state that you hope to do business with them again. In today’s society, many consumers are not thanked for their business anymore, although many wish that they still were. Sending a thank you follow-up note will only take a few minutes of your time, but it is something that your customers will likely remember for sometime to come. As it was stated above, having an open line of communication may increase your eBay profits. Why you may ask? Well, you need to think of it from a consumer standpoint. If you could shop at two different retail stores, which both had the same products available for the same prices, which store would you choose? If you are like most consumers, you would respond with the store with the best customer service. eBay is no different. With competition increasing each day, you need to be able to set yourself apart from other eBay sellers. The best way to do this is to go the extra mile for your customers. Keeping an open line of communication before, during, and after each sale will help give you a good, positive reputation among many eBay buyers. It will also likely result in return customers; customers who can help to increase your eBay profits. Word Count 656

Selling on ebay don t l k

L@@K !!! Let’s face it, 'L@@K' is really not a good beginning to an article, and it’s definitely not good to include in the Title for your eBay listing. Why, you ask? Isn’t L@@K a good eye catcher? Won’t people scrolling through the categories on eBay notice it and click through to the description, bid on your item and make you gobs of money? Well, perhaps, and perhaps people have learned to tune out the little gimmick. The reality is, a great number of people find items on eBay using the search function, and I don’t know of many people who search for “L@@K”. (Okay, in researching this article I searched for L@@K and I found 135,726 listings on eBay that recently included L@@K in their titles!) eBay only allows you 55 characters in your title to bring people to your auction, so you have to use those characters wisely. You have to include words in your title that people are typing into the search box. Words like “WOW,” “rare,” “beautiful,” “cool,” or “unusual” are a big waste of eBay real estate. What makes a good title? Well, that, of course, depends on the item you have up for auction. You have to anticipate what people will type into the search box. Many people make the mistake of thinking it’s redundant to include the category name (such as “men’s shirt”) because they placed their item in the “men’s shirt” category and they figure it’s obvious. However, since a majority of people search through the search box, if they were looking for a “Men’s large Hawaiian shirt” that’s probably what they’d type in the search box. It doesn’t matter if you placed your item in “men’s shirts – casual” or “Collectibles – Cultures – Ethnicities – Hawaiiana.,” If your title shouts “WOW – Cool Vintage Kahala Shirt – L@@K” and the person typed in “Men’s large Hawaiian shirt,” the both of you will never make contact and you will lose a potential sale. Make sure you also anticipate different words for the same item. I used to sell Lu-Ray dinnerware from the 1940s. Well, there are three different ways that people search for Lu-Ray: Lu-Ray, Luray and Lu Ray. I had to include both Lu-Ray (Lu Ray and Lu-Ray are considered the same) and Luray if I wanted to bring the greatest number of people to my auctions. The same with “cowboy boots.” To some people they’re “cowboy boots” and to some they’re “western boots.” If there’s a popular misspelling you might see if you can squeeze that in your title as well. For example, a Jack Lalanne Juicer to many people is a Jack Lalane Juicer. It’s always good to check out similar items as yours to see what others have put in their titles. See if there’s a difference between very successful auctions and those that didn’t sell. Many times it boils down to the title. Great titles bring the most people to their auctions. Flashy titles which waste precious characters are seen by no one – as in “Don’t L@@K now, but you have no bids.”

When is the best time to list on ebay

A lot of people want to know that magical time to list their item for sale on eBay. That precise moment when their item will sell for the best possible price. What they don’t wan to hear are those dreaded two words: it depends. My eBay selling experiences have always put me squarely in the camp of “Sunday night is the best time to list on eBay”. For me, anyway, it seems my items have always sold best with a 7-day auction that I began (and ended) at 7PM to 7:30PM PST on Sunday. The second best day and time for me has always been Monday at 7PM to 7:30PM PST. The worst day for me has been a Tuesday, any time. I never tried Fridays because I always perceived Fridays as being a bad time for an auction to end. The truth, of course, is that it depends on quite a number of factors, and what you’re selling is a major component to what day and time is the best. For example, if you’re selling office and business products, Tuesday through Thursday during the day might be the best times. Why? Because that’s when people from businesses might be bidding for office supplies and equipment. And, I would have a tendency to exclude Monday and Fridays because some people might be taking a three-day weekend. If you’re selling items that school-age kids might want to bid on, then the hours immediately after the school day would be good. If you’re selling items that appeal to young adults, it’s good to take a look at the television schedule. Maybe ending an auction during an episode of “Lost” isn’t the best time. Nor would a Friday night be a good time. Why is the beginning and ending time so important? It seems the bidding for items is most active when an item is just listed and several hours before the end of the auction. Of course, you’ll always get bidders between those times, but it does seem that the intensity of the bidding builds up in the last hour or two. Therefore, you’d want to have your auctions end when your target audience is at home and available to follow the last-minute bidding. (Which is why Sunday night has gained a reputation for being a good time to begin and end an auction -- most people are home on Sunday nights.) Of course, if you have items that are in high demand you don’t have to worry too much about not having enough bidders. Any time would be a good time to list your items. But, for the most part, you do want to make sure you have the most bidders as possible. Be sure you check for any special television programming that would take your bidders attention away from your auction. And, if you have an auction limited to a geographic area, make you don’t end an auction during a special event, like a concert in that area. If your item is not particularly in high demand, make sure your item’s not going to end when an auction for a similar item is going to end. You want all potential bidders focused on your item, not split between yours and theirs. As with all online selling, research is the key to a profitable outcome.

What else belongs on your ebay shipping box

The quickest answer I feel I should give to this question is this: not your handwriting! Scrawling addresses on boxes with a pen is extremely amateurish, and you shouldn’t do it. Print your own labels instead. But what should you put on them? The buyer’s address: This might sound obvious, but you need to make sure the full address is there, including country and zip or postal code. Make sure you spell their name correctly, too, as they might be a little insulted if you don’t. The eBay item number: Write this somewhere discreet and quite small, in this form: ‘Item number: 123456789’. Under the address is a good place. This makes it easy for the buyer to find the auction again if they need to look at it for any reason. Your logo: Putting your logo on the shipping box looks professional, and lets your buyers see what it is that has arrived. A good logo can make the whole package look very nice, and can help build recognition of your business. Your address: It’s worth putting your own address on the box in case the item can’t be delivered and needs to be returned to you. It looks good to write this under your logo, as it reinforces the impression that you’re a real business with a real address, not some shady operation. Stamps: If you start to sell on eBay in a significant quantity, you might consider buying a postage meter. Again, this is a matter of looking professional – it looks much better than having stamps stuck everywhere. It also saves you from having to weigh your items at the post office and buy stamps there. The ‘eBay Items’ Debate. Some sellers like to mark their shipping boxes with a phrase like ‘eBay items’, while some feel that this is an unsafe practice that could mark their boxes out to get stolen or interfered with in the post. Whether you’re willing to risk it is up to you – it’s probably better to be safe than sorry, though, and there will be few of your customers who get so many packages that they won’t know what yours is. And Inside? You’ll probably find it worth printing off a ‘receipt’ from eBay – the confirmation of payment page – and putting it in the envelope. If you want to make your customers feel even better about having ordered from you, you can also include a compliments slip, featuring your logo, your website address and a message like ‘Thank you for your order. Please contact me if there are any problems. [Your name].’ Always remember: the more they like what they get, the more likely they are to come back and order again from you in the future. In the next email, we’ll look at exactly that, using a strategy you might not have considered. You can make backend sales over and over again, simply by emailing buyers with good offers for things you think they’re going to need. See you there.

Seasonal selling on ebay

When you sell on eBay, it’s important to know how to take advantage of the kinds of markets you encounter in the different seasons. As a rule, the summer months are slow and the winter period is fast, but there’s more to it than that. It Depends What You’re Selling. Your sales won’t necessarily be slower in the summer than in winter – they might just be different. If you’re selling sports equipment, for example, you’ll probably find that surfing gear sells in summer while skiing gear sells in winter. You should make sure you are aware of any seasonal variations there will be in your particular market, and plan in advance to take advantage of them. Selling in Peak Season.

The holiday season is eBay’s peak, and the best time to be selling on eBay – the December rush is relatively short, but if you play it right then you could make half your year’s profit over those few days. In the holidays, people are looking for presents, and eBay run more advertising than usual targeted towards buyers, not sellers. Target your auctions more towards new users than experienced ones, writing easy-to-understand descriptions. If you have any items that are in demand, try listing some at auction and some with high But it Now prices, to see what works best. The chances are you’ll be surprised when the Buy it Now auctions go almost instantly and the auctions rack up bids like nobody’s business. It is important to remember, however, that most of these buyers will only buy from you once.

Selling Off-peak. For the rest of the year, the market is far slower. Don’t worry though – you can still make money. It’s a little like being a stockbroker: you can make money whether the market is good or bad, if you know what you’re doing. Remember that your target market is a little more ‘expert’: you’re mostly selling to people who know what they’re buying, and know what they want to pay. Cater to this by providing a service suitable for these customers. Show that you know what you’re selling and sell things consistently and you’ll have people coming back again and again. Here’s one extra tip that you might try. If you know of items that have a consistent value, it might be worth buying up as many as you can cheaply in the summer, storing them for half a year, and selling them during the winter rush. If you’re willing to give over a little space for storage, you can make a lot of profit for little effort.

After all, you don’t even have to take the items out of the packaging the last seller put them in. If you’ve tried searching for a few more eBay tips using the big search engines like Google and Yahoo, then you might have come across someone offering to sell you all the secrets of eBay success for a ‘low, low price’. In the next email, I’ll let you in on their little secrets for free.

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