Cheap domain transfers

You may decide to transfer your domain for not getting adequate services for the money you are spending. A domain transfer is in effect a domain registrar transfer as it means the transfer of the name from one registrar to another. Nowadays you have got more than a hundred registrars to choose from. For transfer of domain, you should apply to the gaining registrar, as it is responsible for the operation. It is the duty of the gaining registrar to ensure that the application for transfer by the domain owner is a valid one. The validation usually is in the form of an email sent to the admin contact that requires a reply.

In some cases, however, signed faxes are used. Losing registrars these days may resort to 'double-checking.' In this case, they will perform additional security checks if you seek transfer from them. The losing registrars may ask you to reply to an email, or dispatch a notarized letter.

There are a large number of registrars that provide cheap rates for transfer of domain names. Most of them charge less than $10 for the first year and adds another additional year to your present registration term. Moreover, many of them have special prices for bulk domain transfers if you have more than one name to transfer. Some of the registrars offer complete email for all new domain registrations, transfers and renewals. Get your own personalized email address and 25MB total storage.

They are absolutely free. If the transfer fails for one reason or the other, they will refund your fee. The rate of discount sometimes depends on the domain you want to register because some domain extensions are costlier than others. GoDaddy, TopBusinessDomains, LuckyRegister, IndiaInternets, Domain Names help4u, 2CreateAWebsite, Namecheap, and RegisterFly are some of the places where you can look for cheap domain transfer.

Translation of a domain name to ip address explained

The introduction of the domain name into the world of virtual reality brought some transformation not only in such dimension but even to the lives of most people. Today, many people are looking for some ways that will help them get their own domain names. And as years go by, many companies and individuals are into it. Some of them are purchasing domain names, and the others are selling it, and some are even finding answers on how to translate a domain name to IP address. But despite this fact, still many people are not aware that this thing exists in the real world. So to let them know the nature behind this thing, this article is written.

Speaking on how to translate a domain name to IP address, it is very important that the concept of the Domain Name System plays a large role here. The DNS is such a powerful tool that really contributes a vital part in translating a domain name to IP address, for the fact that it is the primary function of the Domain Name System – to translate a domain name to IP address. So if you are asking how the domain name is translated to an IP address, the answer mainly lies on the operation of the Domain Name System. Speaking of the Internet Protocol or IP address, it is noted as a 32-bit integer. So if somebody wishes to send a message, it is important to include the destination address, but most of the people today rather prefer to assign machines pronounceable and easily remembered domain names.

For such reason, the Domain Name System is largely used. Aside from translating a domain name to IP address, the Domain Name System also allows independence from knowing the physical location of a host. And speaking of a host, it can be moved to a various network while the users are still using the same logical name. In the process of translating a domain name to IP address, it is then necessary to remember that the Domain Name System is a distributed database by the TCP/IP applications to map a domain name to IP address. It is also noted that it serves to provide electronic mail routing information. With that, each site on the web whether it is university department, company, campus, or even department within a company, for example, holds it own database of details and thus runs a server program that other systems across the internet can query. By translating a domain name to IP address, the clients and servers will be able to communicate with each other. And through the process of translating a domain name to IP address, it is considered that the system then accesses the DNS through a resolver.

The resolver then gets the domain name and then puts back the IP address or get the IP address and search for the domain name. The translation of a domain name to IP address then involves the functioning of the TCP for opening a link or sending a datagram by using the UDRP. Thus in the translation of a domain name to IP address, everything is in control and everything is in use.

The most expensive domain name in history

Has everybody heard of this young entrepreneur, Andres Kello? He's the guy trying to break the World Record for the most expensive Domain name ever. Price Tag? How about 12 million plus one dollar. From the proceeds of the sale, at least $4,000,001.00 is pledged to charity. Another $4 million is promised to be given away to his supporters. The official record is held by Business.

com at $7.5 million. The unofficial record stands at $12 million and reportedly is credited to Sex. com. Imagine that! Mr. Kello believes that the sell of his Domain name is a small price to pay compared with the fees that some big businesses pay for 30 and 60 second ads on Super Bowl Sunday. He thinks once the sale is made, the media will be flooded with reports. Everyone will log in to see what this site has to offer and who finally decided to take a chance with that kind of advertising dollar. He may have a vailid point. I'm curious right now, and maybe just a little jealous that I didn't think of such a great idea.

I love the charity factor that he has woven into this project, even though with that kind of money, I think he should commit at least half of the sale proceeds. Either way, it's a big gift and I'm sure many people will benefit. Mr. Kello also claims that he will not just quit and walk away with his small fortune, but will continue to come up with bigger and better ideas to top this project. I hope this thing really does happen. Maybe this idea will fuel the rockets in all our brains to propel more thoughts to new highs and make this world a better, safer, and more peaceful environment for our generation and those that will exist many years from now! For more information and a chance to get in on the action, please head on over to BillyReeves. com. See Ya! Barberman

Reliable hosting wide selection

In addition to the many conveniences and headaches brought on by our increasing reliance on the world wide web, this new form of communication, advertising and commerce has brought with it an altered mindset for the new consumer; we want it fast, we want it now, we want it perfect. From small ecommerce web sites to large organizations, reliable hosting is the key to ensure that customers and viewers see the same site at the same speed every time they visit their favorites. Reliable web hosting services provide the space, along with support (often 24/7) and the all important bandwidth. Reliable hosting is key to success in that it gives the consumer a consistent experience while preventing down time, that could cost the company in question hundreds, and maybe thousands in revenue. There is a fine selection of reliable web-hosting services online.

Often these services host in a specific region. There is a multitude of web sites on the internet advertising the services of one or another reliable hosting company. Luckily, there are also a couple out there to help you choose what is right for your company. Netcraft and Web hosting Inspector are two examples of such sites. Web hosting Inspector provides a comprehensive spreadsheet listing independent test results, awards, rankings services and prices for various reliable web hosters.

Though helpful, Web hosting Inspector feels a lot like paid advertising. A better choice is Netcraft. Netcraft supplies a lot of the same info as Web hosting Inspector, but also gives in depth analysis regarding down time, a fate worse than death to any e-commerce entrepreneur. Very often, these companies are run from private homes, a low cost, high return way for the internet savvy to make an income. However, the very “under the radar” nature of some of these businesses makes it all the more crucial that sites such as Netcraft exist, providing checks and balances to an otherwise turbulent industry. You cannot have a company on the internet without a reliable hosting provider, with a team of dependable customer service. Their services are important to keep your e-commerce site consistent; visually consistent, service oriented and most importantly, consistently lucrative. As the use of the Internet increases every day, with more people than ever before utilizing the World Wide Web to find products and services they need, reliable web site hosting becomes a bigger issue.

Consumers will not continue using companies who have web sites that are slow loading or are constantly having technical difficulties and down time. It could be the death of a growing online company to have a site that’s unavailable for any legthy time frame because of a server problem. The choice of a reliable web site hosting company is then imperative. Online companies along with individuals will want to select a reliable web hosting company that also offers great customer service, fair and competitive pricing plus first class management.

There are some suggestions you will want to remember when looking for a reliable web hosting company. If you are seeking quality and reliability you will want to do a some research before you make your final decision. When you are ready to start a web site either for business or personal needs, you need to find a reliable hosting service. The reason for this is because that will be the place you keep the web pages for viewing by consumers and possible business clients. If you are just starting with an online presence either as an e-commerce venture or even as an individual you want to first understand the basics of web hosting. A server is a computer that gets the requests for pages or files from the Internet. When someone types in a domain name a server somewhere is accessed.

It then shows the requested pages or files to the computer requesting the information. Another way to look at a reliable web host is, they are a landlord renting you space on their computer to others. You then have a choice between shared hosting or dedicated hosting. The difference is evident in the name. A shared host shares it’s server with more than one client and a dedicated host has one client on it’s server. Dedicated servers normally are used by e-commerce sites that require a large amount of space disk space and more personal management plus cost a little more. As the Internet is growing so is the number of companies offering hosting services and the more competitive the market is becoming. Some offer inexpensive monthly prices, some even offer free hosting. As a business free web hosting may sound like a great solution however; having a website that is also shows advertising that may or may not compete with your online business is not a very good idea.

In general a free web host does not have the quality of customer service a paid reliable web hosting company would have. These servers are also normally crowded with personal web pages and have limited options. Many have technical issues that may include down times which could have a negative effect on your new business. These are all factors you need to consider. Paying more for a reliable web hosting company is a better option. You want to make a good entrance into the web and if you are already established you want to keep your appearance and your clients experiences positive. Another issue to think about is future expansion. A reliable web hosting company can offer a multitude of services and packages to grow as you do. When choosing a reliable web hosting company think of it as a long term business arrangement. Before looking into reliable hosting options make a list of what is going to be important to you. This not only in regards to the web site, but to other aspects such as budgets, what you want to accomplish, short and long term goals.

All these factors need to be considered. Sit down with other companies about their relationships involving several different reliable web hosting companies. This may give you a great place to start your search. We mentioned budgets which most start up businesses need to deal with. A word of caution here, a reliable web host may not necessarily be the cheapest but you will get what you pay for. Reliable web hosting can be found at a price to fit just about every imaginable budget.

Getting a domain name for top value

Wherever you look at, there are several various means for getting a domain name that is right along with many ways to look for inspiration for a new domain name to register. In fact, certain sites provide some solutions for getting a domain name which is right and good, but despite such availability of some resources, still many people are blind and deaf when it comes to the issue of getting a domain name. Due to such fact, this article is written with an attempt to enlighten the minds of those who are acting as blind and deaf to the true test in getting a domain name that you won’t regret. So if you are interested to know some ways that will help you in getting a domain name that is right and good, you should then know that one of the best moves is to think first as many keywords and key phrases as you can. Accordingly, this is the first move that most people take in getting a domain name for a website. Phrases are said to be much better than single words alone. Today, 67 characters are the maximum number of characters allowed in getting a domain name. But even if the 67 long domain names are allowed today, it is still much better that you keep your domain name shorter, to avoid certain confusion and mistakes. If you are getting a domain name for a new web site, you should then begin by jotting down what your web site will be about, maybe in a paragraph or two. Knowing the intent and the content of the web site will greatly contribute in getting a domain name that is right and good.

So it is just a nice thing to consider that you address the essentials of what your web site will be about. And once that you have decided on the content of your web site, it is now time for getting a domain name search program to help you in your desire of getting a domain name. In some instances, when you have the desire of getting a domain name for an existing web site, it is necessary that to know that your alternatives will be more likely limited than if you are beginning from scratch. In such case, there are times that if your domain name is very generic, there is a great possibility that you will find one or many other web sites that are already using it, and the matching domain name long since gone. So if such case happens, with your desire for getting a domain name that is right, you should then decide whether you will make a bid to purchase the domain name that you love, look for another option, or to use the brainstorming ideas before getting a domain name. And right now, there are new rules in getting a domain name with regards to the 67 characters.

Other domain name holders choose to have long domain names for some profits, but most resources recommend shorter domain names. So if such confusion happen in you, it is better that before getting a domain name, you do some brainstorming and so register the chosen domain names while you still can.

Choosing a perfect domain name

Registering a domain is an easy task, but most of the people are not aware of the process of registration. If you have chosen a domain name, then check it on the ‘whois’ to know, if anyone else has not registered it, and if it is available to you, then register the domain as soon as possible. Make sure that your domain name is a memorable one. Mostly the best domain names had been taken already by the dot. com sites. Avoid the trademarked names, it is unethical and also the companies, who have spent plenty of time and money on creating and building their brands, are now trying to get their names back. The pending legislation would soon make it very hard to register the trademarked name of someone else. A memorable domain name is the best one, because it sticks in the mind.

A perfect business name is a nice choice. If you choose a phrase or sequence of the words that describes your product, is also a good one, for example, officestationery. com. The domain names that arouse a visual image can also be used as these are easy to remember, like GreenValleyResort. com. Short names are much better than the longer names, but if adding the length makes is more memorable, then you can choose the longer one. You should make sure that your domain name is easy to pronounce, and soon you will hear people talking about your domain name many times a day, in conversation, on the phone, or in other radio ads. It is better to avoid the name that only works in print, and also needs to be spelled out when spoken aloud to be understood. You should be wary of selecting a domain name that contains the homophones, for example – TwoStars. com, TooStars. com and 2Stars. com, all sound exactly alike, but these are three different websites. Do not use the shady characters, spaces are never allowed, and also the name can’t start or end with a dash. The length can up to 63 characters. You should make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy and reliable domain registration service provider.

All about the invalid domain name

Invalid domain name is one of the common cases that happened under the domain name arena. Many machines have often noted some invalid domain names and that some errors on the domain name operation often surfaced. Speaking of the invalid domain names, many resources have noted that if an invalid domain name is detected, you will eventually receive a message indicating the errors. These invalid domain name messages therefore play a somewhat important role in the place of the invalid domain names. Some of the conditions that cause the emergence of the invalid domain name messages are greatly stated in most resources and one of those is when the Domain Name Service or DNS host name or the DNS domain name specified in the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol or TCP/IP properties contains invalid characters, which then makes an invalid domain name. Also noted is when there is a particular problem with the internet service provider’s Simple Mail Transport Protocol server. This mentioned thing is said to be a server that is applied for outgoing mails. And another reason for invalid domain name message is the situation when there are invalid characters or spaces in the Computer Name box. Outside of these grounds for invalid domain names messages, there are certain resolutions that most of the experts recommends for such dilemma. So, it is considered that if the main reason for the invalid domain name message is the DNS host or domain name contains invalid characters, it is important to you check that the DNS host name and the DNS domain name contain contains only valid characters. For particular mention, so to prevent the invalid domain name message, is to know that the valid characters for the DNS host name and the DNS domain name are letters A-Z, numerals 0-9, and the hyphen. However, there are also some instances that the period contributes a part for preventing an invalid domain name message since this is also used as a separator. In verifying the domain name system, many things or steps are involved and most of those are greatly technical. However, if the cause of the emergence of the invalid domain name message is that there is certain problem with the SMTP Server, it is important that you wait for a moment of time, and then try to send the message again. And if you still receive the invalid domain name message, it is a right move to better contact your Internet service provider or ISP. Such are just a few of the principles the surround the case for invalid domain names. So if you are really interested to know everything about it, you better try searching some resources that provide some of the technical procedures.

Domain name generator come up the best names

Here comes another innovation in the field of domain names with the emergence of the domain name generator. If you are familiar with the domain name generator, it is a general view that the domain name generator is a program that can generate the chosen domain names typically from the provided keywords and by using particular theme or domain name category. Since the domain name generator’s primary function is to generate the desired domain names, the domain name experts have considered that it is indeed a very tough task to generate domain names with the absence of a special software tool that could make the functioning of the domain name generator easier and quick. Some of the experts even considered such absence of the software as a real nightmare. But what really is the main reason that they designed such software tool for the domain name generator? For so many reasons, the domain name experts designed such software tool for the domain name generator with a primary purpose of providing a much flexible and private service for the domain name holders in which many of the web-based services simply cannot offer. As such, they named their software for the domain name generator as “Available Domains Pro”. Speaking of this software tool for the domain name generator, it is considered that this software is a feature-packed, convenient and fast domain name checker that locates catchy domain names for personal or business web sites and then manages them. And in terms of the domain name generator with this software, the domain name generator then can function well and give the expected outputs to the domain name consumers. For the domain name generator’s function, it is considered that for the domain name generator to generate domain names, the effort of the domain name consumers is highly needed. So to mention, the domain name consumers should feed the domain name generator with the necessary keywords and optional domain category or theme. Then, it is important to click the generate button for the domain name generator’s function. After such steps, it is given that the domain name consumers should then check the resulted domain name list for or soon to expire available domains. And in terms of those soon to expire domains, it is considered that the lookup link popularity should be clicked for soon to expire domain names and as domain name consumers they have the right to snap those domains if they are really great. And one-last strengths of the domain name generator with the software is that it can predict Domain Deletion Date, so the consumers can track domain names that delete soon.

Cira domain name whois privacy standard information

Have you heard about the new standard for domain name whois privacy that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority or the CIRA has recently announced? If not yet, then here it is. Recently, numerous reports have noted that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority has proposes a new standard for the domain name whois privacy. In their proposal, it is considered that the new policy for domain name whois privacy will provide all the dot-ca domain name owners with an enhanced domain name whois privacy safeguards, bringing the domain name whois privacy policy in line with the currently enacted Canadian privacy laws. Today, the new proposed domain name whois standard becomes the hottest subject of a general public consultation. And this domain name whois policy will see the CIRA to pursue in collecting complete information from dot-ca domain name owners, however, it will create only a little amount of the details that are available to the general public in its web-based domain name whois lookup directory. Along with such introduction, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority itself have assumed that this new domain name whois standard will ensure greater privacy protection barriers under the dot-ca regime than are recently accessible with so many other internet domains just like the dot-com. In some reports about this matter proposed by the CIRA, it is noted that the president of the CEO of CIRA had mentioned that this new standard for the domain name and whois privacy is all about protecting the people’s fundamental right to privacy in the virtual reality. Along with that statement, the president of the CEO of CIRA also mentioned that since the internet is a wonderful and transformative force, it is then right to take some great care to ensure that such dimension serves the people, and not the other way around. With such main reason for introducing this new standard for the domain name whois privacy, the group further maintains that this policy then sets a new standard among the internet domains. And in particular, the new standard for domain name whois privacy states that for those who register a dot-ca domain name, it is only the domain name, registrar’s name, registration date, “last change” date, notice about adjustments in status of the domain name and server IP numbers/names will be accessible through whois. It further holds that the policy for organizations with dot-ca designations will not be changed, so the same date will continue to be accessible through whois. And lastly, the new policy holds that CIRA will pursue to ensure that all registration data is available to law enforcement agencies.

All about the dns domain name system

We all know that in the world of domain names today, the presence of the DNS domain name system is very much significant. It is interesting to know that the acronym DNS actually stands for Domain Name System/Service/Server. However, I will be using the term DNS domain name system here to provide you with a clear knowledge about the meaning of this particular thing. The DNS domain name system is actually a powerful tool that contributes a great part in the domain name process. It is often described as an internet service that translates or transforms the domain names into an IP or Internet Protocol address. Aside from knowing such basic function of the DNS domain name system, it is also interesting to learn that a basic possession of the DNS domain name system is caching. This property takes place in situations when a server welcomes information about a mapping, it caches that information. Therefore, with such function, a later question for similar mapping can use the cached output, and will not result to additional questions to other servers. And generally, the DNS domain name system applies the caching to optimize the cost of the search. But how does the DNS domain name system caching works?

In terms of caching, it is very nice to know that every server has a cache for currently applied names along with records of where the mapping data for a particular name was taken. So when a particular client is asking the server to determine a certain domain name, the DNS domain name system then does check if it has the power for a domain name, and if it does, the system doesn’t need to cache the information. However, if it has no authority for a domain name, the DNS domain name system then checks its cache whether the domain name has been resolved currently, and if yes, the DNS domain name system reports the caching data to its clients. There are some instances that the DNS domain name system cache can be examined when the system cached the data once, but didn’t adjust it. Due to the reason that the information about a certain domain name can be changed, the server may have inaccurate data in its caching table. There is a certain value known as the Time to Live or known as TTL which is applied when to age the information.

So whenever an authority responds to a request for a domain name, it then involves a Time to Live value in the answer which indicates how long it assures the binding to linger.

New domain names for everyone

During the early days of the domain names, there were only three of the biggest domain names that exist on the web. These three commonly noted domain names include the. com,.net, and. org. However, today as many of the domain name companies continue to rise and as the number of the domain name consumers increase, many new domain names were then added and other new domain names are still formulated. Maybe a few years from now, we can definitely see more new domain names on the web for the reason that those proposed new domain names today are said to take function for the future. Generally, there are actually so many new domain names that are recently in action. Due to the continuous effect and emergence of the new domain names, the picture then became more and more complicated. From the conventional domain names like the. com,.net, and. org, which are known as the Big 3, here came the Country-level top domains as one of the new domain names ever developed. The Country-level top domains are generally under government control, with the aim of adding level of toughness and stability that a third party might find difficult to match. Then next in the line of new domain names are the Country-level top domains that are masquerading as something else. They are only made international by agreement, and many noted that as such, they are just there by contract. After the introduction of such new domain names, here are the alternative top-level domain names which involve the. aero,.

biz,.coop,.info,.museum,.name, and. pro. These mentioned new domain names are created by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN and so these are considered as the seven new international domain names. The making of these seven new domain names are probably intended for helping the people in finding the right domain names for them.

Having such new domain names, the domain name industry is still not satisfied with the effect. So just recently, it is reported that ten organizations have applied to the net’s ruling body and they proposed for nine new domain names under the net domain name. The report further mentioned that if the proposal will be approved, the new domain names will be the first added to the net since the year 2000 when seven novel domain names as it is mentioned above were set up. For particular emphasis, the new domain names proposed by ten organizations include. asia,.cat,.jobs,.mail,.mobi,.post,.tel,.travel, and. xxx. It is considered that the last three of these new domain names were so called sponsored domain names that are created with the intention for a particular sector of the industry or administered by a trade body or other representative groups. And all of those new domain names proposed to ICANN will also be sponsored. Recently, those proposed new domain names are scrutinized by independent experts and if it approved, those new domain names should then be active by early 2005. And lastly, each organization paid $45,000 to submit their application for a new domain.

Domain name hosting requirements

Are you familiar with domain name hosting? Well, I know that not all people are familiar about this thing, so it is then a nice move to present the overall idea behind the domain name hosting. So here it is. The domain name hosting is basically a service that gives the domain name customers with space on the domain hosts computers which are known as the servers. But why these are called as servers? It is perhaps for the main reason that they serve the information that they hold to the web. As such, anyone that is accessing the internet can see their site. Essentially, the term domain name hosting is somewhat synonymous with the concept of web hosting. There are some typical instances that the domain name hosting companies offer e-mails to go along with the domain name hosting account. With this function, the domain name holder then is allowed to welcome an e-mail by applying their domain name. Today, as the concept of the domain name rapidly becomes so common in virtual reality, many of the companies that cater to domain name hosting are now operating online with several products and pricing that vary globally. However, it is still an important consideration to know that a particular domain name hosting company that you are using has been around for a while as these companies regularly come and go. In relation to that, most of the domain name consumers, especially those domain name registrants are now pointing their Domain Name System to a domain name hosting company. So for that matter, most of the domain name hosting companies attaches the requested domain name on the code that the user then uploaded to their site online, and this process is usually done through the FTP or File Transfer protocol. With that, it is then great for the domain name hosting companies to allow the internet users to fully access the server and so to view the web site. And since there are multiple companies of this sort, it is then nice to know that the domain name hosting companies are usually offering several levels of service. In particular, the small companies on the web that have no multiple mode for traffic usually don’t use up much space on the server and even not a lot of bandwidth for the main reason that many of the internet users today are looking at the web site. So, it is then understandable that a small domain name hosting account is not very expensive. On the other hand, those large websites then offer a lot of server space and a lot of bandwidth. The cost for this kind of domain name service is accordingly very much expensive.

Domain registration why you need private whois service

Privacy is the control of one’s own personal information, control over what others know about one, and control over how others may use or exploit the personal information. Policies and practices for protecting privacy aim towards minimizing the collection of personally identifiable information. Therefore, the basis of privacy is anonymity, where no personally identifiable information is collected. Making compulsory, the disclosure of personally identifiable information, as under current WhoIs policies for domain registration, cause privacy to be undermined For free speech, privacy is critical. For instance, if people are forced to disclose their identity, they are reluctant to fully express their ideas on account of fear of persecution. The protection of anonymity further enhances the one-to-many characteristics of the Internet through which an individual's speech can reach a global audience. Privacy and data protection laws may apply to domain registrars' WhoIs services and registrars' participation in thick registry WhoIs services in various countries, particularly in the European Union's member states. Current ICANN regulations require that the Private contact information (WhoIs Info) of each domain registration be included in a publicly accessible Database. The WhoIs database is the collection of information gathered by a domain name registrar from domain name registrants. The purpose for which the WhoIs system is accessed includes: 1. To find out whether a specific domain name is unregistered and currently available 2. To identify the person or organization responsible for a domain registration or website on the Internet 3. To support technical operations of Internet Service Providers or network administrators, including assistance in tracing sources of Spam or denial of service attacks 4. To collect names and contact information for the purpose of marketing 5. To aid government law enforcement, other than intellectual property When a WhoIs search is conducted, the information that is currently available about the domain name registrant leads to the name and address of the domain name owner. However, when a domain name is registered, the personal contact information such as name, address, email address, and even phone number might be made freely available. The domain registrant would not know who collected his/her WhoIs data, the reason for which the information was collected, and how the collector is likely to use the information This implies that the private information is displayed and made available to whoever wants to see it, at any point of time. Now it is possible to protect one’s private WhoIs information by switching the "public" domain registration to a "private" unlisted registration through a private whois service. A private whois service protects the private information and shields against its misuse. Hence, one is protected against: - Spam, - Identity Theft, - Data Mining, - Name Hijackers, - Etc. It works in a similar way to having one’s phone umber "unlisted" and it prevents people from gaining access to one’s address, phone number and other such private information. A private whois service works by: - Protecting the private information - Relaying important communication - Providing greater control Protecting the Private Information This implies that the private contact information is not exposed and is held confidentially, and protected by the Domain Privacy Protection Service. Instead of the individual’s contact information, their contact information is displayed to provide with the highest level of protection against spammers and identity theft. Relaying Important Communication Without a private whois service, those involved in spamming can obtain email addresses through harvesting and then use these for sending spam mails and redistribution to marketing firms. The email addresses can stay on record with various spammers and marketing firms for several years. With a private whois service, the visible email address is constantly changing, so it will change within a specific period of time and the previous address will not work for the spammer. The Domain Privacy Protection Service secures and maintains the real email address on record so that important information regarding the domain is received. Providing Greater Control The individual or organization subscribing to the private whois service retains full legal ownership and control over the domain registration. It is possible to sell, renew, transfer and change settings to the domain name just the same as otherwise. The domain control panel provides real-time access to easily manage the domain name.

Expired domains targeted website traffic

An average of 19,260 domain names expire every day. This number has increased tremendously since the same time last year when expired domain name figures were more like 1,200 daily. The expired domain name market is becoming increasingly popular with webmasters, who are locked in a fierce competition to stay one step ahead and get all the best domain names. The question is why do webmasters find someone else's old domain name so interesting? What happens a lot of the time is people register a domain name, or purchase it for a year, they develop a web site and advertise it, to get targeted traffic. This takes a lot of time, money and effort, then due to unfortunate circumstances they may forget to re-register their domain, either they have lost interest, over looked a reminder that domain renewal was due or changed their e-mail address during the year that they used to register. Then just like that the domain name is up for sale. Because of this, the domain, or address that they have created and all targeted traffic with the domain name becomes available for purchase. Thousands of these expired domain names are available every day. There are several tricks to knowing how to find these domain names, and how to know which domain names are valuable and which are not, and, most importantly, how to get to them first.

There are many benefits for picking up an expired domain name, unlike a new domain name, the expired name already has traffic that can come from search engine promotion, directories, forums, back links and a whole host of other promotion methods. Webmasters are using this to their advantage, either selling the domains for a profit, selling a web site with traffic already entering the site, or use as valuable sub domains for their own enterprise, thus increasing traffic to their own sites. Quite often webmasters will register with an online service that notifies them daily of pending expiry of domain names, that will soon be up for purchase. This can keep a web master that desired extra step ahead of competitors.

Competition for expired domain names, especially one word, catchy. com names is fierce, as they are in high demand and easy to remember, having most likely been around for a long time. So it is not surprising that some of them can be very valuable, for instance, a domain name could sell for $1M, yet it only costs $10 to re-register. Benefits for acquiring an expired domain name are numerous, depending on what you want to do with it. For a small sum of around $10-$15 you have the potential of increasing traffic to your web site instantly, saving you a considerable amount of time, money and bother. It could be the cheapest targeted web site traffic around.

Put some lipstick on that pig domain name forwarding

Have you heard this phrase before, “Put some lipstick on that pig, and prettier her up.” Well, have you got an URL that is long and ugly. Maybe you have an affiliate link or maybe you have multiple URLs that you want to point to the same place. In this article, I am going to step you through the process of getting the URL and forwarding the domain name. First, for the sake of this article, we will be using GoDaddy. com to handle the forwarding. Buy your URL(s). During the buying process, if you do not already an account with them, you will set one up. Next, login to your account. In your main screen, there will be a list of your URLs. Put a check in the checkbox of the URL you want to forward. There will be a button that says “Forward Domain Names”. Click the button. You will be taken to the forwarding domain names page. To the right, there will be a textbox asking for the URL that you want forwarded by the “prettier URL”. The next option is to mask the original URL. The purpose of this is to hide the original link from the user. The next option is to enter a masked title. This masked title will show at the top of the browser. The next option is the Masked Description Meta-Tag. This option is to enter a different description of the site. And lastly, there is an option for Masked Keyword Meta-Tag. Here you can enter in some new keywords. After you have entered in the information, click the “Save Changes” After you have saved your changes, allow up to 24 hours for the change to take effect. Usually it happens within a couple of hours. When completed, your user will click the “prettier” URL and they will be forwarded to the original site. Example: http:// myprettylink. com | -> http://username. myaffiliatesite. com/somefolder/anotherfolder/home? c=12345 Maybe you want to sell a product from ClickBank. You will get an affiliate link. Now you want to track how much traffic you are getting for a particular ad. What you can do is use a tracking site to keep a count of the traffic. Go to the tracking site and setup the tracking link. Then take the tracking link and have it forward by a “prettier” URL which will forward it to the original link. Example: http:// myprettylink. com | -> http:// trackersite. com/track? username=1234&ad=4321 | -> http://username. myaffiliatesite. com/somefolder/anotherfolder/home? c=12345 If you want to a more visually appealing and easier to remember URL for your long and cryptic URLs, then domain name forwarding is the trick you need. Domain name forwarding is a great Internet marketing technique. It allows you uniqueness when displaying an affiliate links or referral links. When the user sees the link, it will be less ominous than a longer link. Check out my resource box. Both links are forwarded to another site.

Choosing a website domain name the right way

Many people today are building their own websites for some reasons. Many build websites for a simple online brochure and some are for online stores. That is not bad though. Your website is one of the important factors in your business. So whether you are building it as a simple online brochure or an online store, naming it is somewhat like as important as naming your own child. So it is just a nice move to invest in naming it and to make it as a brand, and you will later on find out that it stays with you for a long long time. When you decide for your website domain name, you should then note some of the necessary considerations for you to pick up a great website domain name.

It is just important to know that a website domain name speaks a lot on the internet. So for your website domain name to be easily remembered by the visitors, you must then do something to make it happen. In choosing a website domain name, it is interesting to know that a certain consideration for your company’s name is one of the best tips for getting a great website domain name. It is often considered that if you have a company, try to look for a website domain name that involves the name of your company. Aside from that, it is important that you think for some website topic keywords that you can include in your website domain name even for at least one keyword. Furthermore, you should then be aware if the website domain name that you choose describes the content of your website.

It is somewhat awkward to find some website domain names that do not fit to the website content, right? Other experts also put some emphasis on the awareness if your website content can be categorized in an internet directory like the http://DMOZ. org based upon the domain name. And you should then ask if your website domain name involves some words that spelled variously in different parts of the world, like the word color and colour. So for you to not put some level of confusion to the part of the visitors, you must then register both versions of such website domain name.

Since there are so many new websites today and the number of new website domain name registration increase every month, finding the right website domain name might be tough. Thus you must then keep a few website domain names in mind or even just a combination of words when you are still searching for a domain name. In fact, purchasing a domain name today may be expensive in case that you do not find any that is available. The domain name extension is also that necessary in choosing the right website domain name. You should then be aware of the types of the domain name extensions or top level domain names and also its uses for you to pick up the right one. With such given facts, maybe one of the wise moves in choosing a website domain name is to choose those website domain names that are not applied by any other company with another extension. It is in fact a common notion that no one will be able to register the other domain name extension with your website domain name when it becomes well-known.

Your domain just the facts

Your domain identifies your business in the eyes of the people searching for the product or products you are selling on your website and in the eyes of the search engines. So, is choosing a domain important? The answer is yes. I hope to enlighten you to some important elements to creating and owning a domain name. What Is A Domain Name What is a Domain Name? Your website has a unique address called an IP address. The domain name--in essence, is the IP address with a naming convention. It is far easier for people to remember a name instead of a bunch of numbers. Creating A Domain Name Many people new to the Internet and to the Internet Business, do not realize the importance of a Domain Name, they just think they can put up any creative name and people will come. If you're lucky, that may be true, but in truth, your creativity should incorporate the following tips: When creating a domain name, you should keep in mind the following tips: 1. If it is possible, go with a ".com" extension. This is the most common, and easier for people to remember. In my case, no. com was available, so I opted for the. biz. Since I'm in a business of affiliate marketing -- I felt it perfect for my needs. 2. The name itself -- Do not use dashes or numbers in your domain name--it is hard for people to remember, unless it is central to the theme of your site. 3. Keep your name as compact as possible -- the fewer words in the naming/description of your website will makes it easier for people to remember your site name, and that is definitely what you want. Protecting Your Domain Name Once you have your domain name, and your website is flourishing -- you must protect your domain. So how do you protect your domain? At the end of the year, the registrar will send you a notice that your domain name is about to expire. Inadvertantly, you may be thinking, that they just want your money, and they can darn well wait til the date it is due to get your money! Well, I wouldn't do that. There is a very legitimate process called "drop catching"-- that can easily destroy all your hard work in one instance. Drop Catching Drop catching is a legal process by which people can quickly grab domain names that have expired and use the link to create a website consisting of advertisements -- or worse yet, resell them to make a profit off of your hard earned traffic. So, it is wise that you do not wait til the last minute to pay your registration. You do not want to log-in to your site, to find an error, or find out that suddenly you are no longer in business. The rules of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), gives domain registrars 45 days after the expiration date to notify the website owner that their domain name is going to be dropped from the registry. After the 45 days, you have a 30 day grace period, then your domain is up for grabs. However .. Some domain services have created an auction process for expired names, such as GoDaddy. com, that begins the auctioning of domain names in as little of 30 days after the expiration date, to prospective buyers. However, GoDaddy. com does state to the prospective buyer in the auction process, that the original owners still have the option of reclaiming their name. What's in a name? If it's a domain name, it can be your future online. So choose wisely, and protect what you worked, or have been working for -- a business online.

Domain name sales how to do it

Domain name – this is a word that seems to affect large number of people around the world. A word that becomes a mainstream name for everybody and a word that leads to the establishment of so many businesses today. Well, these are just common descriptions for domain names, and many people often react this way when they hear this thing. Today, numerous studies have been conducted to show the situation of the domain name industry. And recently, there came a report about the domain name sales and usage that shows the domain name continues to rise. Speaking of this report about the domain name sales and usage, it has actually been reported by the Network World ISP News Report Newsletter coming from the VeriSign that the domain name sales and usage continues to rise nowadays. It is considered that as a signal of the recovery of the internet industry, both of the domain name sales and usage gave certain idea about the solid growth of the domain name sales and usage during the first quarter of the year 2004. In relation to such recent report about the domain name sales and usage, there comes a truth as the VeriSign’s Domain Name Industry Brief stated that the average number of domain name registrations reached an all time high of 64.5 million just during the second quarter of the year 2004. And according to numerous studies, such truth about the overall percentage domain name sales and usage is up to 2.4 percent over the first quarter of 2004 and is also up for 7 percent during the year-end for 2003.

Speaking of the domain name sales, there are still even more significant several statistics that shows how the domain name sales and usage soar. One of those statistics shows that the domain name sales and usage is much elevated today than it was at the zenith of the advent of the internet. In line with that, the report shows that on average, the VeriSign domain name company alone processes more than 14 billion for two top notch top level domain names, the. com and the. net queries each day. For these two top level domain names, the company processes for up to 8 billion last year and 2 billion in 2000. Here came another support for that statistics which shows that 64 percent of all top level domain names such as. com and. net domain names are link to live web sites, which are up from 61 percent a year ago. Also considerable is the report showing the situation of the domain sales and usage which states that the percentage of parked web sites, which are said so because they are not actively being used but then are associated with a domain name, has in fact dwindled from 12 percent last year to 8 percent this year. Finally, it is also explained in the report for the domain name sales and usage sake that the rates of renewal for top level domain names such as. com and. net have recoiled from a low of 45.7 percent in the first quarter of the year 2003 and then reach a new height of 72 percent in the second quarter of 2004. From such reports alone, the domain name sales and usage really grow and will continue to grow for the next coming years.

Renewing your domain name is important

Are you still wondering on how you can renew your domain name? If so, then you should how to take such process for your domain name. So below are some of the common facts about renewing your domain name. So read on. In renewing your domain name, it is important that you know the nature of the domain name renewal. Accordingly, the domain name renewal is such a process of purchasing an additional period to an existing domain name registration. Speaking of the domain names, it is commonly noted that in renewing your domain name, the domain names can have a maximum of ten years of registration term that is appended to them at any given time. Given such fact about the domain name term, it is nice to know that you can only keep your domain name by renewing it earlier than the expiration time of your domain name and in time again. But, if you encounter some domain name registrars that offer one hundred year domain name registrations, be aware that there is a great possibility that such registrar for your domain name is either a scam or a company that will take your money now and then renew your domain name for you every ten years up to the time that the set hundred years is due. It is also considered that in renewing your domain name you come to the extent of adding whatever amount of time you select the remaining period on your domain name registration. And for any of your domain names that you think on keeping, it is then a very practical thing that you register your domain name for so many years at a time. Many domain name renewal experts have considered that the longer your domain name term of registration, the lower is the costs per year. However, many domain name holders often forget to renew their domain names leading it to an expired status. In terms of the expired status, this thing can last anywhere from 0 to 45 days depending on the domain name registrars discretion. Usually, when you encounter such situation in which you forgot to renew your domain name, you don’t need to worry at all for the reason that you can still perform a domain name renewal during such period. And if the expiration date is really up, you need some additional fees for you to renew your domain if you are still interested, but if now at all, after five days, your domain name will be made available to the public and are open for everyone to register.

How to pick a web site domain name for your company or law firm

Your web site is located by an IP (Internet Protocol) address such as and is accessible on the Internet by typing Instead of typing a series of numbers which are difficult to remember, you can register an easier to remember domain name which becomes associated with your IP address. Visitors typing an easy to remember domain name will be pointed to your IP address. Similar to a 1-800 vanity phone number, some domain names pertain to the subject of the web site, while others may simply be the name or an abbreviation of your firm. Lawyer-Advertising-Blog. com is the primary domain name for my blog, which is instantly obvious that it is a blog concerning lawyer advertising. When you type that domain name into the address bar of your browser, the domain name servers on the Internet know that you're looking for and take you there. You can have multiple domain names pointing to the same web site. For instance, I also registered LawyerAdvertisingBlog. com (without hyphens) which is used for branding because people never type hyphens. Because some people may remember the name incorrectly, I also registered many other domain names such as AttorneyAdvertisingBlog.

com, LawFirmAdvertisingBlog. com and others, all of which will bring the visitor to Lawyer-Advertising-Blog. com. Tips to help you pick a domain name: 1) Choosing: Choosing a domain name is a lot like choosing a name for your company or law firm. Ideally the name should be consistent with your branding. Determine whether you are branding the name of your company, product or service. Your domain name should be good for branding - short, easy to remember, and has a “ring” to it or creates an image in the mind of the consumer. 2) Trademark: Before registering your domain name, be sure to check the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office to make sure that the name has not been trademarked. You can check at uspto. gov, click on Search under Trademarks. Assuming that your choice has not been trademarked and you have now registered a non-generic domain name, you may want to protect your name by filing a Trademark or Service mark application. 3) Ownership: When you register a domain name, make sure that you are the registrant of your domain name. Some web site design firms will register your domain name with their name as the registrant. This will give them ownership of your name keeping you hostage. You can easily register your domain name yourself for $8.95 per year at 8.95Domains. com or GoDaddy. com. 4) Hyphens: There have been misunderstandings about whether to use hyphens in a domain name. First of all, the domain name you give out to the public must not have hyphens. The domain name without hyphens is the domain name that everyone will type in the address bar of their Internet browser. The reason that some people say that you should have a domain name with hyphens is to force the search engines to see keywords in your domain name so that your web site does better in search engine results. The bigger search engines can now see individual words without hyphens, however, smaller search engines may not and even the bigger ones may see a word differently than you want. Thus, the importance of using a hyphenated domain name has diminished. If you wish to use a hyphenated domain name as I did with Lawyer-Advertising-Blog. com, you should also register the unhyphenated domain name which you will forward to the hyphenated domain name. Use the unhyphenated domain name in print and advertising. 5) Extensions: Domain names are available with various extensions, such as. com,.net,.org and many other extensions. If it's really important to you, you can register domain names in several extensions, however, for most firms only the. com extension is important. If you feel that you need to use. org, you should also register your name in the. com extension. The. com extension is similar to 1-800 for telephone numbers. Most people automatically dial 1-800 even when they see 1-888. Likewise, most people will type .com even when they see. net or. org. Additionally, many people including myself simply type in the domain name without http:// or. com and press "Control, Enter". Pressing "Control, Enter" will type http:// and. com for you, automatically taking you to a web site with. com. 6) Top Level Domain vs. Sub-Level Domains: A sub level domain is a second level domain under a first level domain name and can look like yourfirm. freehosting. com. You must have your own domain name. Do not under any circumstances use a free hosting service, since free hosting services will only give you a sub level domain. No one will ever remember it and it's sort of like handwriting your own letterhead. 7) Ethics for Law Firm Domain Names: A website name should be used as an address, not a trade name which is prohibited. Advertise your web site name as an address, a means for people to find your web site, not a trade name. Like a vanity telephone number, some web site domain names can violate legal ethics. Make sure that your web site name avoids use of certain words which could create a potentially incorrect expectation in the mind of the consumer or violate one of the other ethics rules. Your domain name should not imply that you are better than another lawyer or that you can accomplish something that may not actually occur. Use of words such as "BEST", "TOP", "FOREMOST, "LEADING", "WIN" and similar words in a web site domain name could create a misleading expectation in the mind of the consumer and will violate ethics rules in most states. For instance, LeadingLawyer. com or BestLawyer. com will likely violate lawyer ethics rules by implying that you are a leading lawyer or the best lawyer. The question is by what standards are you leading or the best and in what? WinningLawyer. com or WinningCase. com may be better for a casino, because it will imply that the person who becomes a client of the firm will win money when, that may not happen and even if it does, it's an award for just compensation, not gambling. Laura Hodes in her article for the ABA Journal entitled Vanity Phone Numbers Make Your Firm Less Forgettable, at http:// htm, quoted Will Hornsby, an expert on lawyer advertising and staff counsel in the ABA Division for Legal Services, who said that while there is nothing unethical about vanity numbers, "1-800-I-WIN-CASES would be unethical because it is making an unsubstantiated claim, creating unjustified expectations that can be true but still be misleading." The same can be said about domain names. 8) Advertising Your Domain Name: Be sure to include your domain name on your business cards, letterhead, and all advertising. When advertising in off-line media, always advertise your domain name with and without http://, such as LawyerAdvertisingBlog. com. Note that when publishing your domain name on the Internet, you may sometimes want to use http:// to ensure that you create a link back to your web site. When advertising in off-line media, always advertise a domain name without hyphens.

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