Keeping that life insurance

Divorce - moving on and keeping that life insurance! Did you know that your life insurance policy could still cover your ex even if you two are divorced and no longer wish to be apart of each other's lives? Insurance policies have a lot of fine writing when it comes to this. You don't want to ignore your insurance decisions because it may end up making you pay more than you could ever imagine. The laws are different for every state, so you will want to check out what it means for you and your mate, because you may find yourself in the middle of some expensive complications. If you have a good insurance agent, you may be able to protect yourself from this. You will want to make sure that you think carefully about your insurance options when it comes to your mate.

First, you need to think about your life insurance. When you have something that involves a lot of money, you will want to make sure you know exactly what it is that you are signing. When it comes to getting your spouse of your policy you will want to talk to agent right away. As soon as the papers are filed, you should see what you have to do to take them off the policy. Some states will make the policy invalid as soon as the divorce goes through. You may also need to replace them and get a change in the policy. You can take your ex off and place your children or others as the beneficiary. Changing you beneficiary isn't hard and came be done within minutes. Think about who pays the premium.

If your husband wants he can stop paying or cash in the policy and leave you with nothing if anything happens. To protect the children, make sure that your divorce states that they keep the policy with the children as the beneficiary and make sure that he or she shows proof to it each year. The only thing is that if a policy lapses, they don't have to reinstate it. You may be about of the money, but your ex may be responsible to repay all the premiums that were paid. If you would like to name your children as the beneficiary, you will want to open a trust fund and then name the beneficiary the trust. This way your ex will never see the money. They are not allowed to give the money to the ex, but place it into a trust fund that the children can collect at 21 or 18, whatever the agreement happens to be. Make sure that you have all your bases covered so that your ex doesn't get any of the money. Think about the medical insurance.

In some states you can stay on the policy for 36 months after the divorce is final. You child can be covered until they are adults when it comes to most policies. The key is to make sure that you know your HMO limits. If you move, your ex may not be covered or for emergencies only. Homeowners will give you some surprises. The things that are covered may only be those of the named insured. Therefore, if your wife or husband has the insurance in their name, then your stuff will not be paid for if a fire or other damage happens.

When you move you, make sure that you take everything to your name. You will want to take anything that you would miss if it were unable to be recovered. Your auto insurance is another things that you will want to think about looking over so that you know if you are covered under your ex's.

Move on emotionally

Divorce, move on emotionally ' Divorce is one of the major chances of life that you may be affected by. You may suddenly feel like your whole world is collapsing. You need to deal with certain issues like the money, the children, your personal changes, and how you can adapt to divorce. First, you have to realize that there is life after marriage. You can bring a new life and not be tied down a marriage that just can't work. You need to start the divorce process by admitting that it is truly happening to you. You need to get out of your denial stage and accept that things will be different. Don't expect your mate to come running back, because they have made their decision. Why should you let them come back if they are able to cause you so much pain? If someone can cause you that much pain then they aren't worth it. To get moving onto something better, you need to learn when grieving is acceptable and when it is not. Take your time grieving. There are many steps that you will have to go through to get to the point of acceptance. You will be shocked, then confused, then angry, and then so on. You should take months to lie in bed and contemplate where your life is going. You can spend a weekend in bed, and then on Monday get up and go to work and hold your head up high. You need to take just a little bit of time to examine your life and then you have to focus on your life and your children. You can't just stop being a mother; you have to focus on the children. You got to get things together or you will never be happy. You need to make sure that you are productive during your days. Once the divorce is final, you do what you need to do to be happy and focus on the things that matter in your life. Don't just give up. Once you have accepted your fate, you do not need to be so negative about it. You can be single at any age and still find true love or happiness. You need to take the negative things and then turn them into something positive. Leave the past in the past and focus on the present and future. Enjoy what you have and look forward towards the future. You should not hold grudges, because it will effect the children. You want to make sure that your children will be able to make a smooth adjustment. You will also want to forget about regret. You shouldn't regret your marriage because there were so many good memories that you had. If you had children as a result of the marriage, then you obviously wouldn't want to regret them. To start the moving on process you need to be a bigger person. Even if you want to yell and curse and be difficult, remember that you have children and ask yourself what they would think of you if they saw you acting like that. You need to be a role model for your children. You can't show them that you are upset, because they look at you as their guardian and protector. Once you have regained yourself you can then begin to plan your new life. You can purchase a new home, buy a new car, and rebuild a life that is completely what you want. You have complete control over everything. You have so much freedom and you should advantage of the freedom. Change your appearance, redecorate the house, do whatever it takes to find yourself.

Start exercising

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, start exercising One of the best ways that you can make yourself feel better physically and emotionally is to start getting active. This is true for anyone and especially for someone that is going through a life changing experience. This can include anyone that is having a hard time going through a divorce. When you are emotionally drained and depressed, you will start to feel the affects that it can have on your body. You need to keep a positive outlook on life and to do that you will have to make sure that you are keeping yourself healthy and fit as well so that you can find a way to make the most of your future and get started on your brand new beginning in life. You can do many different exercises to get your life moving. You will want to make sure that you are physically healthy enough so that you can start an exercising routine. You can do many different things. You may want to try and do something that is outside of the house if you are tired of being stuck inside all day long. You may want to do a few different things so that you can get in shape. You may decide to join a gym if you are looking to get in shape. You can join a healthy club or a spa to get some of the exercise that you are looking for. Most of the time these places will have different machines and all types of exercising equipment for you to try. You can use these resources as much as you would like so that you can get started rebuilding your life by exercising. Another way to get out of the house and get some exercise is to start running or walking. You can do this in your free time. It may be in the morning or the evening that you like to get this accomplished. Either way, as long as you are getting your body in motion and moving about, you will start to feel better and more excited about getting on with your new life. Exercising is anything that keeps your body moving and in motion. You want to make sure that you are doing the exercises that make you feel good about who you are and what you are doing. You want to keep in mind that you are trying to make a new life for yourself and with the right exercise, you can feel great and may even start changing the way that you look as well. You can drop pounds and make your body look lean and more in shape so that your mental state will be better off. You can exercise with a friend to make it more fun and to give you the extra support that you may be needing to get on the right track. You can start to feel better and get your life back on the right path after your divorce. You will not want to sit on the side lines anymore and get back into the swing of life. You want to do these great exercises so that you can get out of the rut that you are in. You should not be afraid of a little bit of hard work and determination. With the right exercise plan, you can transform your body into a new person. You will feel better and this will make you more open to ideas and ready and willing to have more fun in your new life that is waiting for you.

Find out about keeping the house

Divorce, find out about keeping the house When comes to keeping the house, you have to be realistic. Can you really buy them out, can you afford the payments of the house? It's completely unreal. You should also think about who will get the children. If you don't want the children to be with you completely, then don't expect to get the house, because the house usually goes where the children are. You shouldn't ask for custody because of the house. Children are not leverage in a case. They should not be used so you can get whatever it is that you want. One of the biggest reasons why someone will sell the house during the divorce is because neither one of them can make the payments alone. If one of you can, you can take advantage and buy out their half or you can sell for your advantage again. If you want the house, ask the other to move out right away. This way you will have a better chance of getting the house, as well as, the other party losing the house since they forfeited over to you. The one who moves out will be seen as very generous person who just gave the other the house. Ask for a removal. This will allow you to have temporary absence, but remember they can also file for a temporary stay in the house, after the other has left. You should have a plan if you lose the house. You're not guaranteed the house; so don't act like you are. But if you run your business from the house or within the house, you will get the house most likely just because it would be an inconvenience that is unnecessary. It will prove that you have more value towards the home. You want to make sure that you never leave the house or it will leave your possession. You will want to consult your lawyer on other tips on how to keep the house. You will want to make sure that you don't suffer financially just to keep the home. Some of the things that you will need to keep in mind is who will fix the things around the house. Do you have the ability to pay for the pairs or can you do them yourself? If you do get possession of the home, you should change the locks. This way you can't have them entering the premise without your permission. You will want to change the locks as soon as they move out. This way they can't harm you during the proceedings. You may even want to install an alarm so that you know that no one can open a window and get in. If you feel that your life is in danger, don't fight over the house. However, as a mother or parent you have the right to protect your children and want to stay in the house. When it comes to disputes that include property, you have to ask yourself if it is worth it and why you are pushing the issue. To get the house, you will want to think about going through medication. You may find that you will have to give up more things for the house, but you have to wage the house against the other possessions. Usually, if you get the house than you get practically nothing else. You may get child support and alimony, but you don't get any of the other possessions in most cases. When it comes to divorce proceedings, make sure that you don't have anything to hide. If you do, have a backup plan so that you can clear your name and the courts may be more likely to give you the house. You will want to think about the children as well when it comes to the custody of the house.

Stay away from romance movies

How to rebuild your life, stay away from romance movies Rebuilding your life after a divorce is not always easy. You will find that many things will come up and make it difficult for you to get through them. You will want to make sure that you are making the right decisions so that you are able to make the best of your new life that has been changed so dramatically. Getting the things in life that you want in life is not always, what you get. You may have to do some things in order to make them happen. We all do not have the life that we want all of the time. Sometimes we make mistakes and we have to deal with them. The same will go for marriages. Some work out while others do not. There are many people that go through a divorce and they will have to make the changes in their life that get them through their hard times. You should avoid some things when you are going through a divorce. You will defiantly want to stay away from romance movies. You have to be willing to stay out of any movie theater or renting any video that has any type of romance in it. You will only be making your situation worse and you will have problems that are more emotional if you do this to yourself. You do not want to make this mistake because it can make your healing process much worse than what it already is. You will want to watch movies that are upbeat and positive. You need to find things in life that are going to make you feel good about yourself and how you deal with your divorce. You will want to make sure that you are getting out the house as much as you can. It would be a great idea to go out with friends or with you to a movie theater. You can catch a new flick or a classic comedy from time to time and help you with your outlook on life. The best types of movies to watch when you are going through a divorce are comedies or about people that have gone through much worse and ended on top. You want to see success stories so that you are able to keep the feeling that everything is going to be good again and that are going to get better. It is amazing how a movie can make you feel good about yourself and the situation that you are in. If you are renting movies for you to watch at home, you will want to keep them light and upbeat. Make sure that you are watching movies that make you laugh. Invite some of your best friends over and make a big bowl of popcorn. This is a great way to spend an evening so that you can feel good about yourself. You will want to be able to sit back and relax while watching a movie that will keep you positive and feeling good about yourself. You can rebuild your life when you are able to keep a good way of thinking. You do not want to have any contact with movies that are depressing in any way or sad. You want to stay focused on the good things in life and what is out there waiting for you. When you are sure of yourself and what you are going to do to make the situation better, you will be able to come out on top. You will have a better chance at making the future better and brighter for you after a divorce if you keep those comedies coming and throw the romance movies out!

Improve your body exercise

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, improve your body exercise When it comes to divorce, it can be very painful. It is one of the most challenging things that you may ever go through in life and it's ever harder when you have children in the mix. Divorce can also be seen as an opportunity to start a new life. You can do everything all over again, but hopefully learn from your mistakes. There will be many things that you will have to overcome when it comes to the divorce process. You will want to move on and with some respect. If your husband or wife left you, it can be very difficult to deal with, so you may start to try to find comfort in unhealthy behaviors. You will want to avoid the drinking, smoking, drugs, and overeating. Those who are seriously depressed with notice that they tend to eat more because they are overwhelmed with feelings. You don't want to do anything that will jeopardize your health. In fact, you should get hobbies to fill the time and maybe take away the feelings of emptiness. If you do things that take a good amount of focus like solving puzzles or exercising, not only will you keep your hands off the goodies, b ut you will also be able to stimulate your mind and body. When it comes to exercise, some people will start because they feel that their mate left because of their appearance. There is nothing wrong with your appearance. Some people just fall in love quickly and just as quickly out of love. You should never start exercising with the intensions of brining them back. This will not only hinder your weight loss when it doesn't work out, but why would you want to go through all of that for someone else? If you feel the need to lose weight and get healthy, then it should be because you want it for yourself. Since this is a major way of dealing with your pain, you will want to have someone there for you all the way. You want someone to talk to about the divorce and someone who is willing to encourage you to get healthy. This person can be a close friend or family member. All you need from them is complete support. You may want to see if they would like to go to the gym with you so that you can have some competition. Competition will keep you going with pace and it will make you work out harder. This person will comfort you through the divorce and they will allow you to stand on your own. When it comes to weight loss, you will notice that your entire life can change. You may begin to realize that you are a lot stronger then you give yourself credit for. If you are able to exercise and burn off all the pain and hurt that you are feeling, it won't take as much time to move on. If you can get your feelings out, you will find that you will be able to let go, move on, and build a new and wonderful life for yourself. Rebuilding is hard and it can be frustrating, but if you have someone near you to help you pull through then you are among the lucky ones. A divorce can take so much out of you, but if you do not allow it to get to you or bring yourself down, then you will be able to stand a much stronger and independent person. You will be able to find strength in yourself and it will be a great comfort when the divorce is final. Your marriage may be over, but you have just been given an opportunity to rebuild the perfect live for yourself.

How to talk to your children

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, how to talk to your children If your child is young, you will want to talk to them about your divorce with your partner. You may want to leave the talk up to the parent that is closer to the child if they are in their teens or older. A child, at any age, will have an issue with their parents during a divorce. You will want to be careful how you handle the situation because you never know what may happen and what the child might do to react to the divorce. To a small child, divorce is the hardest. Their entire world seems to collapse They will become enraged and scared. They won't know what to expect, until you talk to them, they will feel like they have just become an orphan. When it come to a divorce with children involved, you will want to make it as quickly and do a lot of damage control. You will need tot talk to them about how they feel and you can learn how to support your child through this. How to you tell your child that daddy/mommy is moving out? You should talk about your break up and the divorce as soon as you know that it will go through. You will need to tell the child what is going to happen so they can expect everything and not be affected by surprise or shock. You need to make sure that they understand that your marriage did not fail because of them. You will want to tell your child that they are still loved and that nothing, other than sleeping arrangements will change. The kids need to know that they aren't losing a parent. If you find it hard to be together with your partner, then you may take your child aside and talk to them with another that loves them very dearly. You may want to ask the babysitter or someone whom they are close to so that they can receive support. You should also try to make the talk quick and easy. You will need to give your statement and a little definition of what means. Tell them how the divorce will effect their lives and you should be as honest as possible. You need to tell them why you are getting a divorce, explain the word divorce, and then tell them how it will affect their relationship with their parents. Make sure that you don't say anything bad about your partner. Just tell your kids that you feel that the two of you would be better apart. The kids are smart and may agree, but they will be angry and scared because they do not feel secure. Don't ever say anything about the divorce that is negative, even if you are on the phone in a different room. You never know how it will effect their lives. You should not just tell your kids how you feel and about the divorce and then never talk about it again. You need to encourage them to ask questions for the next couple of months. Smaller children will find difficulty so you will want to make sure that feel safe and secure even if one of their parent's move out. Some of the questions that you need to be prepared to answer are What's a divorce, Why are you two getting a divorce, Do you still love them, and they may ask you to see the other parent. All of these questions need to be answered as soon as possible so that they can feel secure again. You may want to ask their teachers if they are acting up and for any tips or news that may suggest that the child is having a hard accepting the news.

Rebuild your credit

Divorce - How to rebuild your life - your credit Your life is not over when you are going through a divorce. You are in for the ride of your life. You will have a bumpy road ahead, but you have to make sure that you are able to take on this challenge head on. You need to make sure that you are ready for the world that is ahead of you and what you need to. You will need to think about more than just the emotional support that you need when you are going through a divorce. You need to worry about your finances. You will want to have a great credit standing so that you are ready to go on with you life on your own. You need to make wise choices for your finances and to keep your life together and on track. You will want to start with your credit cards and find out how to keep them in control. You want to make sure that you are canceling your credit cards that are in both you and your ex partner's name. You want to make sure that you are terminating them first so that you are not going to have any battles over charges. You will then want to make sure that you are getting rid of the credit cards that are not good for you. This will include any of the cards that have a high interest rate or that have annual fees added to them. You do not want to be paying high interest on a credit card that you may or may not need for a big purchase at some point. You will want to make sure that you are finding ways to lower your interest rates on your credit cards that you do keep. You can do this sometimes by simply asking the card companies to do it. Sometimes if you are a good customer they will help you with your interest rate and give you a break. You may want to think very carefully before you decide to use your credit cards on some of the items that you purchase. You need to make sure that you are in need of this purchase before you decide to make the transaction. You will need to contact all of your creditors and make sure that you are informing them that you are divorced and that you are not going to want your ex to have access to your accounts. In some of the cases, you may have to close your current accounts that you both have. Sometimes they may have to arrange for you to have a new account set up so that your information is the only thing on the account. This will help you keep track of your credit so that you are not going to be responsible for any purchases if any that are not by you. You will need to start building new credit for yourself. You may want to think about how you are going to do this. You want to make sure that you are making the right choices so that you are able to keep your credit in good standing and make a new path for you to go on. You want to try and find a way to pay off your old credit cards and loan amounts so that you are starting with a fresh and clean slate. Another good idea is to open up a bank account or savings account so that you can get on your way to saving money for yourself that you will need later on. You will want to make sure that you are able to put a little bit of money away each week or month so that you can start building up your good name. This will be a huge help for you later on when you may try to open up accounts for credit cards or for bigger purchases like a home, car, or to get any type of loan for any reason. You will see how this will also help you build a stronger financial security net for yourself as well. You will want to try and keep on track as much as you can. Avoid buying anything that you do not need and keep your spending to a minimum. Once you have achieved your goal of building up your credit and getting back on the right track, you will see that you can start your way to a better and more secure financial future.

Listen to music

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, listen to music often There are many things in life that comfort us when we are not feeling so great. We can do or find ways to make life seem a little bit happier and for some people, they depend on these things to get through the hard times. One type of hard time that a lot of people deal with is the fact that they are going through a divorce. This is a hard time for a lot of people. It is one that many people turn to music for comfort. Divorce is sometimes a depressing time in a person's life and they will find that many emotions go through their body. Sometimes people have a hard time figuring out a way to move past this hard time and get on with the things that are most important to them. Sometimes people will hide from the rest of the world and want to be left alone. They will use this time to think things over and make decisions about important things. One way for some people to think is to use music. A lot of people turn to the power of music to help them cope. Some like to listen to the sad songs or the ballads. These songs may have a meaning to them and help them feel like they are not alone in this type of situation. Other people may like to listen to rock music. This type of music may keep them feeling upbeat and happy. This can be a way for them to get past the hard times and move on with the good things that are ahead. Other people may find that gospel music is the way to beat the hard times of divorce. This type of music has soul and purpose and may be the one thing that can help a person find their way and get back to their once happy life. This type of music has a lot of strong meanings to the words and many people find comfort in this and it will guide them to where they want to be in life. This is the spiritual way of getting in touch with music and your inner being. Singing is another great way to find a form of release through hard times when going through a divorce. They will sing and feel a lot better about who they are and what they are doing. This is something that a lot of people will use as their escape techniques. Music and singing is something that they can do to feel free and feel good about them. There is nothing wrong with singing even if you are out of tune. Sing in the shower if you are afraid someone will hear you. Keeping a positive attitude through a divorce is very vital to the outcome of your life. You will want to make sure that you are doing what you can to keep a good outlook on life. For some of these people, music is just the way to go. It will help them find out more about who they are and what they want from life. Some of the most important and interesting ambitions are invented through the power of music. Listening to some great tunes will help a person stay focused and secure in their life. Over a period of time, listening to the right music can help a person feel better and more confident in life. Anytime you get the chance stop to listen to the music that you feel comforted by the most. It is something that can help to change your life for the better.

Setting up a new house

Divorce, moving on and setting up a new house When it comes to the divorce, you may not get the house. In fact, neither of you may end up with the house, so you will need to learn how to move on and set up a new house for your comfort. Maybe you will look for an apartment, condo, or you may find yourself wanting to purchase a home. You will want to be sure that you know what you want in the divorce. You may want the house, but not fight for it and lose it. You may also want the house and get it, but then you realize you can't afford the place by yourself. You may end up single, with children, and no income or little income. It can be hard for you to move on and purchase a home. If you have a less painful divorce and still talk civilized to your ex, you may want to ask them to keep their name on the house. If you have a co-ownership, you will both own the house and you can both continue to pay the taxes and the mortgage. This is very rare, but there are some couples who that in sake of the children. The judge will also take that in mind when it come to the child support. However, it may just be best if you get a smaller house. With a new and smaller home, you can sell your other home, stay somewhere near the area, and still be able to avoid your home. It's like trading your car in, it will help pay for the next one. It can be easy to trade down. With the downgrade, you children may feel like they have just lost their security bubble, but if you tell them that you are going to try to make everything feel like home and ask them to give the move a shot, and then you can begin to make a new home for your family and friends to enjoy. The first step to making a new home is to try to make everything seem a little familiar. The children will appreciate the thought and effort. You will to match the color of their rooms and try to make their rooms like similar to the original. This way the kids will have a safe haven once again. If the kids are open to the divorce, then you may want to give them the change to decorate their room. When you decorate the rooms like they would like, they may have an easier time excepting the divorce and the kids will be fine. As for the rest of the house, you can decorate it the way you would like. If you would like to have certain colors in your home, then go for it. If your kids are older than you should involve them in the decorating process so that they feel more comfortable in their room. You can place the furniture anywhere in your home and you can do whatever you would like with the home and not have to worry about what your husband or wife would think because it doesn't matter. You will want to make sure that your kids are involved in the process of sitting up home so that they can get use to the house and being away from their original home and friends. If you have any children still in school, you don't want to move out of the school district because you don't want to uproot the kids. You will want to make the move as smooth as possible for the children.

Your family will support you

Divorce - How to rebuild your life your family will support you Anytime you find yourself in a bad situation, you can normally fall back on the support of your family. You can always rely on them to be there for you when you most need them. You may want to use his or her help if you are someone that is going through a divorce. This can be a very difficult time and you may need to find a way to get them to help you through it. There is nothing better than getting started on your new life after divorce. You will want to make sure that you are able to depend on some of your family members and get the help that you are expecting from them the most. You need to be sure that you are getting all the help and support that you can from anyone that you trust the most. Your true family will help you through the hard times. They will see you through anything that is making your life difficult. You should not have to worry about too much when you are in the company of family that will give you what you need to get you through this situation. You will want to make sure that your family knows and understands that you are serious about your divorce and that this is hard on you and your children if any. Once you have made it very clear that you need to have support and love from your family, you will want to make sure that they have your best intentions in mind. When you are sure that you can be guaranteed that your family will comfort you and that they really do have your best interests in mind, you will feel better and be able to open up to them a little more. This is something that is very crucial to the future that you will have. Most of the time we can count on our family members to help us through rough patches in our life. This will include things like a divorce. When we need to have some help with kids or even financial support, we can usually count on the help that we get from our parents and other close family members. They will usually go the distance to make life a little bit easier on you and your children if you have any. They will not want to see you suffer and they will go the distance to make your job a little easier. Sometimes your family is the only thing that you have in life to depend on. When you find yourself in a bad situation, you will want to lean on someone as much as you can. This will be your method of help and support for getting on with your life. You will want to be able to talk to someone when you need to about anything that goes on. You will also want to be able to confide in them and not have to worry about them telling your secrets. Your family is there for you no matter what. Their goal is to help you and comfort you in your time of need. There is no reason why you should be worried about your future when you have the love from them that is necessary for you to be happy. Make sure that you are making family time with them to keep in contact. You can all meet once a month for diner or a cup of coffee. This is a great way for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones and also get out of the house.

Write a journal

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, write a journal Sometimes things happen and we are not very sure how to deal with them. One of these things may be that we are going through a personal problem like a divorce. This is a time when there are so many emotions going on and you are not sure what is going on in some cases. There are many feelings that you may be hiding deep inside and you are looking for a way to release them. When this is the problem, you may want to consider writing a journal to take care of the issues. You can build a new life for yourself if you are able to write down your feelings and things that you would normally keep to yourself. These things will include the daily reminders that you have to endure and how they make you feel. You may want to include what you are going to do in order to make these reminders seem a little bit easier to cope with. You will be surprised at how writing it down on paper can help the situation a little more. A journal is also something that you can use to comfort your feelings when you are ashamed to do so any other way. You may want to make sure that you are including everything that has happened since your divorce started. You can make sure that you are keeping track of the daily things that make you sad or things that you do to make yourself feel better. As you are writing you will see that your true emotions are coming out and that you are finally able to make some head way on rebuilding your life for the better. You can write in your journal anytime that you want and make the most of it. You will find that when you are expressing your feelings on paper you will be more able to find out how you are really feeling. You will be able to look back on your journal and see what you are going through and how you are coping with the changes that are being made in your life. When you are writing a journal it is important to be honest. You do not want to write anything that is not true. After all this is something that you are using to let your true feelings come out. This is a way for you to express who you are and what your intentions are. You want to make sure that you are keeping this journal in a safe place so that no one else will be able to get your private thoughts. You do not want others to know how your personal feelings are affecting you in some circumstances. A journal can help to make you feel more confident in the way that you are feeling. You will want to make sure that you are using this journal to make your divorce go better. You will be able to look back on your journal and see how much you have improved over time. When you are continuing to write in the journal all the time and every time you want to express a certain feeling. You will be able to see the progress that you have made so that you can see how much better off you are now that the divorce is over with. You will see the beginning and everything in between on your wild and amazing journey that you have been taking. You can make a journal for anything that you want and it is a good method of counseling for anyone that is going through something in his or her life that is difficult.

Your children

Divorce - How to rebuild your life - your children One of the most important things to think about when you are getting divorced is the child that is involved. You want to make sure that you are able to keep them out of the conflict if any between you and your ex. You want to make sure that they are getting the most attention from both of you that is possible. This will make them feel loved and wanted so that they do not feel as if this is their fault. You will want to make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps to keep your children out of the line of fire. You want to keep them safe from all of the problems that can occur during a divorce. You have to make sure that you are helping them through this difficult time and getting them any help that they may need to deal with these pressures. You will want to keep the lines of communication open with your children during a divorce. You want to make them aware that you are there for them at all times and you are going to make everything all right. You have to keep a strict eye on the children that are in the middle of a divorce and make sure that they are not having any bad feelings about this situation. You need to do a lot of reassuring so that they are not negatively affected by the divorce. If necessary you may have to seek counseling for your children. You may want to take them to talk to a professional and let them sort through any problems that they may be having because of the divorce that you are going through. They may feel rejected, at fault, sad, depressed, or guilty. No matter what type of feelings they are going through, they may need to talk to someone so that they are able to get help and feel better about what is going on around them. You are going to want to find out if they have any questions about what is happening to them. They may want to get some things out in the open and are just too afraid to ask them. This is the time to make it clear that they are allowed to feel how they want and to and that everything will be all right. This is going to comfort them and help them to get their fears out in the open. You may want to set the children down with you and your ex so that the children are going to be able to talk to both of you about what is going on. This is a good way to make sure that everyone is being honest and that the other parent is not telling the child anything that may be untrue or hurtful towards him or her. It is important to keep any negative remarks banned from the children's ears during divorce. You do not want to be saying anything bad about the other parent to the child. This will only make the child more confused and may even scare them. Make sure that the children are keeping a close relationship with both sides of the family as long as it is a healthy relationship. You want to make sure that anything that can stay the same does stay the same. You do not want to be making too many changes in the child's life. If you can, try and keep them in the same school or as close to their original surroundings as possible. You do not want to take everything away from them because this may be the only feeling of security that they have. You may want to try and share custody of the child so that the child is able to have both of their parents any time they need them. You do not want to make any divorce or custody battle ugly. This will only complicate things and make them harder. It is necessary to keep things simple for the children. You will not want to make any child feel uncomfortable in the situation of divorce.


Divorce - How to rebuild your life - counseling Going through a divorce can be a hard time to go through. It may be difficult to find the right road and get back on track to a normal and healthy life. Sometimes people find that they are going through a messy divorce and it is hard for them to cope with the things that are gong on around them. When this is the case, it may be necessary for them to seek some form of counseling so that they can feel better emotionally and physically. Taking the time to get better after a divorce is crucial. You have to be willing to make the most of your life and if that means that you need to seek the treatment from a professional, then that is what you have to do. You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed for this reason. You will want to make sure that you are getting the stability in life that you deserve so that you can find a way to make it through this somewhat difficult time in your life. There are no guarantees that when you get married you will have a happy life. You are promised the world and sometimes you end up loosing some of it in the process. You can wind up sad and alone if your marriage does not make it. The divorce may or may not be your fault but either way; you need to find the inner strength to make it past the hard times. Many people will find it hard to make it through all of the situations that come with divorce. They may find it hard to be around old friends, family members and even dealing with work can be a chore. You may not be able to find the ability to take on the challenges that you were once able to take care of no matter what. When this is something that you have to deal with, you may want to find a counselor to get you through the hard spots. You may be able to get some valuable information that will help you with your ordeal. You can find many of the counselors in your area to help you with your problems. You may find that you can get a counselor through your church or local community organizations. A lot of times there are community workshops that are available for you to participate in so that you can get the help and the satisfaction that you need from a good source of support. The team effort of support that you get from your family and friends will be a big help too. If you have some people to help you through the difficult times, you should take advantage of the support and love that they are willing to give you. This can be a huge help to you when you are going through this huge change in your life. You will have to learn to accept help where it is needed and be grateful for the angels in your life that are there to help you through it. There is no reason to turn down counseling when it is offered to you. If you are in need of support, you should take it and be grateful for it. There are many people that are going through the same troubles and like everything, this time will eventually pass and everything will return to normal. You will not have anything to worry about when you know that you are supported and helped with the effort of a great method of counseling. You deserve to feel good again and this may be the one thing to help you.

Avoid sex with the ex

Divorce, rebuilding your life, avoid sex with the ex Divorce is something that no one wants to face. It is a hard situation that many people have to find the strength to get through. Sometimes there are hard feelings between the two couples and sometimes the couple will still get along very well. It is hard to tell what is going to happen and sometimes you just have to see how it goes. The ball is in your court and you need to make the best choices that you can. One thing is for sure; once you are divorced, you do not need to be having an intimate with your ex. This is not something that is wise because of the issues that will come along with it. You want to break your ties so that you are free and able to move on easily to better and bigger things. You will want to remain friendly with your ex. This is for obvious reasons. When things go a lot smoother, you will find it to be a lot easier to get things accomplished. You really can kill them with kindness however you do not want to be so kind that you are jeopardizing your health and well being for any reason. You do not want to get involved with the complicity of having sex with your ex when you are trying to rebuild your life and make something better for your future. When you are trying to rebuild your life, you want to do the right things. You need to make the right choices for you and you family so that you are not putting anyone's well being at risk. This will also include your ex. When you are still carrying on an intimate relationship with your ex partner, you will find that you may be setting either one of you up for a very big fall. This is not something that you should be doing at this stage of the game. A divorce is something that can be very complicated and when you are combining sex with your ex, you are only making the situation more complicated. You need to make sure that you are severing these ties and making it very clear that you are not interested in this part of your life anymore. You need to of course make sure of this before you file for divorce but having a physical relationship is not the only thing that matters with a marriage. You need to have all the factors there so that you can have a successful relationship that works for both of you. There are so many things to worry about when you are trying to rebuild your life after a divorce. You do not want to have to deal with too much when you already have so much on your plate. You want to be careful and make the wise decisions that you know you can make. You have to be willing to let the physical side of your relationship go so that you can free your mind and body up for the next chapter in your life. There is so much life out there and when you are divorced, you are able to take it all on. You should not be holding on to the past even if it is comforting at the time. You want to get out there are find out who you are and what your goals and dreams are in life. This is the only way that you can make your new life a huge success. This is going to be worth the self-control that you have when it comes to refraining from having sex with your ex.

Get new clothes

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, get new clothes and feel good Okay, so you have just gone through one of the most painful times of your life, what do you do now? Well the grieving is over. You need to get out of your gloom and move on. You have been given an opportunity to rebuild your life. You have found yourself suddenly single, but you don't realize just how much you have. You may see your life as shattered, but you should look at it as a clean slate. You need to get back in with the crowd and mingle like you never skipped a beat. The first step to getting over a divorce is to make subtle changes. The first thing that a woman will change about her is her hair. Hair is special to women. When you feel like you have gone through a change, you feel the need to change your hair because it represents whom you are. Then you should head straight to the mall and purchase some outfits. You are no longer married, and nor should you look like it. You can wear the tighter shirts and the shorter skirts. You do not have to go from conventional to streetwalker, but if you spice up your wardrobe you will feel better about yourself. When you wear things that are beautiful, you will feel beautiful. You will feel so much about the way that you look. You should wear colors that you normally would not wear. You should purchase things that seem out of your style just to find yourself. Maybe you already know who you are, and that's great. You didn't allow yourself to be dragged down by the divorce. However, you maybe a little confused. You may not know exactly what you want from life and for your future. That is okay to be a little confused about things. However, if you go out and you purchase something that your mate would not have liked, you will suddenly feel better about yourself. Go to the mall and purchase a fancy dress and go to a place that you wouldn't normally go with your ex. It may be the opera, a play, dinner, and so on. You will be able to experience something new or do something that you love and you will look good too. Being single is not that bad. You can be whomever you want and wear whatever you want. You have so much freedom. You should take advantage of purchasing clothes without having to have a talk with your partner. Your money is now your money to do whatever you would like. Regardless of age, if you begin to date sooner than later you will be able to get over the divorce quickly. You don't need the emphasis on commitment or even sex. All you need is to get back in the game. Go out to dinner. This way you aren't at home mopping and you may even find someone who is fun to be with and that will show you how to love again. You do not need to have an expectation about anyone, but you never know where Mr. Right maybe. You should never rush into a committed relationship right after you have gone through a divorce. If you do, them you may be setting yourself up for more pain, however if you just purchase an outfit and have a casual night on the town, you will find that moving is a lot easier than you thought it would be. So get up, put on that new sundress and have a great day enjoying life. With subtle changes of style, love, laugher, and fun can be just around the corner.

Get a new pet

Divorce, rebuild your life, get a new pet So what happens to the pets when it comes to the divorce? Some care so much about their animals that it could be devastating when the lawyers speak of them like property. The value of the pets that we place in our hearts can sometimes be hard when it comes to being apart. If you are in the battle of your lifetime and your mate wants to fight dirty, they can go for custody of the pets. They use the pets like leverage, much like children. The key to making out like a bandit in a divorce is to found what one person wants and then act like you need it or want it more. Usually the courts will give pets to the one who is more passionate or emotionally attached, which can be easily faked. Ex's go for the pets because they want to hurt you as much as possible. If you have any children or pets in a marriage you are more than likely to have an ugly divorce. Like the children, the courts will ask themselves what is best for the pet. If your spouse gets the home and the yard, more likely they'll get the dog. If the pet only knows that one home, they are more likely to get the pet because they have an emotional attachment to their secured home. However, some judges will go on the fact of who had the dog first. If you gave it to your girlfriend and then over the years became attached it, the attachment doesn't matter. Sometimes they look at pets like property. Who has the right it property? Well, the answer is, the one who owns it. They will not share the pet. This is because it's actually unhealthy for the dog. The dog will become confused easily and they won't have their security and may develop some emotional or aggressive behaviors. Most of the time, the wife got the kids, the house, and the pets. This is because they feel that the children need the house as security and the family pet needs the children for security as well, so they all go together. This is one issue that has been addressed over the years, and the father has gotten all three. If the judge can't think about the pet's interest, maybe you or your spouse should start acting properly in the divorce and instead of trying to get it all, give up the things you really don't want. If you don't like the dog, don't take the dog. If you don't the cat, don't ask for it. Don't fight over something that is just going to hurt you both in the long run. However, there are people who lose their pet and need to rebuild their life with a new one. There is always going to be hurt feelings about losing the original pet, but getting another one will help you deal with the loss, it won't replace the animal, but it will allow you to begin the process of moving on and letting go. You may need some time to think things over. It's hard to replace a pet that you were so close to. It's like losing a child or best friend. However, if you get another pet, not just another dog or cat, but any type of pet that will comfort you and be there for you then the divorce will be a lot easier to cope with. If you are thinking about a new pet, you should go to the shelters. They have animals that have been rejected and hurt and they will bond with you. You are more likely to bond with them because you can understand their situation. You may find that a pet from the shelter will be exactly what you need.

Rebuilding your self esteem

Rebuilding your self esteem, during divorce When the divorce process begins to move along, you may find that your self-esteem is completely gone. Yu need to learn how to rebuild your self-esteem so that you can move on successfully after the divorce. Moving on successfully means that you are okay not being married to them anymore. It may take months or even a year to get there, but it is a lot of work for some. Some people will take it really hard and the shock of the divorce can be devastating. You need to learn on how to focus on the positive things and learn how to appreciate what you got. You will feel a lot better about your life when you learn how to think positively. You should never beat yourself down. It's not your fault, it's not anyone's fault, you may have just had a bad marriage, it's so hard to tell what a marriage will be like until a while after "I do". Don't think about the past, but focus on the future. You will want to replace any thoughts where you doubt yourself by stating something that you like about yourself and keep telling yourself that your okay and everything will be okay. You should learn to use positive words to describe yourself like smart, beautiful, ambitious, and so on. You image of yourself will effect your life a lot. To think positively you need to think things to encourage yourself. You should use self-esteem building activities like talking to yourself in a mirror. Tell your reflection how you feel about yourself in a positive way. You should make encouraging statements and you will actually begin to feel better by doing such things. The first step to rebuilding your esteem after divorce is to let go. You need to place the past in the past and begin to think about ways that you and improve the way you feel about yourself. The best way to let go of the past is to get dressed up and go to your favorite restaurant and eat alone. If you can go there by yourself and have dinner, then you know that you will be okay. You know that you can be okay with being alone. However, if you feel extremely uncomfortable, as yourself why and then tell yourself some encouraging statements so that you can feel better about the situation and accept being alone or single is just as fine. No one will stare at you, no one will notice you and at the end of the meal you will be much stronger. You should also let go of any goal of being perfect. This will allow you to adjust and you will lighten up about the entire situation. No one is perfect, but making yourself try to be will only make things worst. This is when you should tell yourself that you're not perfect, but your perfectly fine being who you are. If you must you may need to make changes you need to be able to stand on your own. You should decide what you need to do to find yourself again and then reach out. Your level of success and confidence will rise. You should also learn that you can not isolate yourself. You need to be around people and your closest buds will not let your self-esteem dissolve. They will help you through the divorce as well as many other things. Your friends and family should be the key to finding yourself and love after the divorce. You will find the courage to move on by finding comfort in your friends.

Don't avoid the holidays

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, don't avoid the holidays Divorce is something that no one wants to do; however in some cases it is inevitable. This is something that sometimes has to happen so that a person can be happen and feel good about whom they are so that they can start living again. It is important for the two people that are going through the divorce to stay active with friends and family members and to not let it get them down. The first holiday after your divorce can be the worst. This can be the most uncomfortable situation that you could ever be in. There are some things that you can do to help the holiday go a little bit better and may even help it to be a little easier to deal with the fact that things are no longer the same and that you will have to accept that fact. No matter what holiday it is, you are going to see that things are different. You will not be the same team that you always were in the past and now you have to find a way to move on and have a great holiday regardless of this fact. You will want to make the experience as easy as you can on everyone including your friends, family and children if you have any. You may want to consider changing a few things for your next holiday after the divorce. You may have to come with the determination that traditions must change and that you can get through them. You may have to work out arrangements for the children if any and make sure that they are taken care of at this difficult time. You want them to have the best holiday that they can even if it means that you must sacrifice some things. You may want to find something else to do for your traditions on the holidays. You want to make them fun and entertaining as well as enjoyable and less painful for you and anyone else that is involved in the family function. You also need to make sure that you are taking time out for yourself. You need to keep your thoughts good so that you can stay focused on making this first year the best that you can for everyone. You want to make sure that you have your own down time. If you feel like being sad or crying, you should be able to do that alone. You may need a few minutes of each day to get yourself composed and feeling better about the entire situation. You need to make sure that your mind is free from any distress when it comes time for the family gathering. You may want to use some humor for the situation. You need to find the fun side in everything and this will include holidays after your divorce. You need to find ways to laugh even if they are stupid and childish. You want to keep a positive attitude for not only yourself, but also anyone else that may be affected. Another good idea is to look ahead. You want to stay focused on the future. Remember the first holiday is the worst and things will only get better as time passes and you are able to accept the way that things are a little better. In time you will feel more relaxed and you will not remember this first holiday that made you so upset.

Find an attorny

How to rebuild your life, find an attorney How to find that right lawyer to handle your divorce can be difficult. There are many factors that you will want to look at. Once you have gotten over the pain and hurt, you need to consult a lawyer to advise you on what's fair. Some lawyers will try to go for all they can, but if you want to have a civilized divorce (if one is possible) you will want to go after only what is fair. There is a lot of stress that divorce can bring, but if you find the right attorney you will find that you won't have to deal with so much. You need a lawyer that will ease your stress levels. One thing that you need to look at when choosing an attorney is the fee. Is it going to cost you an arm and a leg? If so, then you may just be adding more stress ontop of things. Lawyers will let you know what they costs will be, and that will depend on the difficulty of the divorce. If you don't have anyone contesting a marriage then you may just want to hire the same lawyer and get things over with. If you want to have a sensible divorce, you don't want to go with the high paid lawyers. They will go for all they can so that they can get a better fee. You need to be as open and honest as possible when you first meet with the lawyer. This way you can have a good idea of what to look forward to. You should also take their expertise in consideration too. If they have a good track record, you should hire them if you want to have a blood battle or get as much as possible. However, you can hire a lawyer outside of the divorce field. But if you get an experienced lawyer, they know the judges and how they react to certain cases. They will use all of their knowledge for your advantage. The fee may be more important than expertise, but you should know that you get what you pay for. You may also want to ask around. Your friends will know a few lawyers that will be good candidates. A good lawyer will not hide anything. They will let their clients know that they would like to be referred and they may even talk about past clients. This will convince you of how experienced and good they are so that you will hire them. Their testimony may mean nothing, but if you ask around you will be able to get a good idea of what they are really like. Some lawyers are known for being hard and so if that's what you are looking for, then you should go with a lawyer that everyone speaks of. You should also go with a lawyer that you like. It is important that you trust your lawyer. You need to be able to rely on them. You also need to know that their attitude goes along with yours. If you want a cutthroat lawyer, then make sure that have the personality to be, but if you just want to get it over with and be done than seek a lawyer who will go after what's fair. When it comes to picking your lawyer, you will want to make sure that you have one in mind that will do exactly what you want. You also want a lawyer who will have the time to deal with all the stress of the divorce so you can easily wash your hands of it all. You will want a lawyer that understands how you feel and knows what you want and how you would like to get it.

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